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Castlevania: Darkness Never Dies


Part 1: Curse of Blood

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Part 2: Legacy of Sorrow

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Part 1: Curse of Blood.

“I say to you, that likewise there will be more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents, than over ninetynine just persons who need no repentance.”

Luke: 15. 4.

Chapter 7: Dearing assault.

Town of Aliba, Warakiya. The 19th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The Saint unsheathedhis blade. “Leave her to me.” Germaintold. “You cannot help me now.” The death rider was responsible for Abram’s death. The red lady gave forth a wily laugh. The others dispatched. She kicked the horse. The demon steed dashed through the air. She got her lance pointed skyward. Thethunder bolt struck on her command. The poltergeist king stopped her in time. Hefought Hector. He could challenge the monsters. Gravial released heavy steam. The evil horse did not react. Germain fired his pistol. He got to kill the horse before anything else might happen. Gravialwas breathing flames. The horn-playing druid got to escape. The death rider had awakened. She hurled the magnetic orb. Germain stopped time. The orb burst on impact. He must be careful. Gravial changed colour. He breathed acid fumes. The ladyhurled her magic. Germain fired his pistol. The bullets made the orbto explode. “This has to end.” He trustedthe staff. She groaned. The dead knight almost left the steed. Gravial went above to breathe the freezing mist. The poltergeist king twirled with the wand. The saint struck with the blade. Gravial neigh. The horse staggered while breathing steam. She nailed his side. Germain bent over. He must continue. Germain had to defeatthe monster.

The light of the moon shone downupon the clearing. Anna concealed her crucifix. The knight changed into his dark-breed form. Hemust play the role of the werewolf. The little witch must do the talking. Marina cradled the spell book beneath her arm. The wind played with her skirt before touching the cape. Marina kept the pointed hat.She found the outfit in that house. Annasighted.Thishad to work. They knew Dracula got some sisters to provide for him. The guards didn’t seem to pay much attention. Marina spoke to them. After a while, the leader went to knock on the door. The panel got removed. She felt like sweating to death. The others got to hide. The gate was open. “Come on.” She muttered. “Dance for the gold.” Anna inhaled. She stepped out on the meadow. Anna exhaled. The hunters got inside. Annawasadorable. The snow cracked beneath her feet. No wonder the guards got interested. “This is our chance.” The priestinhaled. “Let us go.” Thomas encouraged. The gunnerwentahead. Thomas carried their luggage. The priest pulled the hood. Ruth was ready. “Hurry.” Anna breathed. The guards watched her dance. Thomas bent beneath the weight. “Save us.” Juliusgot to fight. He better. They must reach the tunnel. The dark-breed howled his challenge.

The knights were getting closer. Marina stumbled. The dancing girl let them do as they pleased. She got to keep their attention. The gypsy would show them. Annabecame an enchantress. “Watch me.” She deserved to be adored. There was a challenge. Marina dismissed about the matter. The priest showedthe way. She would assist her friends. Julius sent her a look. She gathered. The hunter looked guilty. Julius got no reason. This was nobody’s fault. Anna came to rest. The guards applauded her efforts. Anna smiled.She wasbreathing hard. Annalikedto perform. “Come with us.” The humans offered. “Forget aboutthose idiots.” The blue fox smirked. “Let memake you happy.” Annablew a kiss. The nayad hoped her friends got inside. Marina would cast a spell.The girl began to dance. Her body gleamed with sweat. They had no mind.Marina inhaled. They would rape a woman. Anna caused the chain lightning. She released the star field. They shrieked. She showed no mercy. They had to run. Marina cast the whirlwind spell. They would sound the alarm. “Come!” They got no choice. “Follow me.” Marina encouraged. The soldiers escaped into the village. Marina let be. The others got ahead. The bats squeaked for blood. She cast the fire spell.

The crypt, forgotten city. The 19th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The coffin had opened on its own accord. “Blessed with the power of eternal youth.” She rose from within the box. “Those who oppose the prince of Darkness must die.” That was his last command. “I serve you.” She might hear the master’s voice. That was intoxicating. “ Thou arth to kill the Belmont clan.” She glorified his presence. “I hunger.” The Dark Lord condemned her to an eternity as a living dead. “Dracul!” She became his bride. “I hunger for the taste for human blood.” The thirst would continue to gnaw upon her soul. “ Thou arthnothing then aconcubine.” She got the power. The bride would hunt the opposition.

The caves, forgotten city. The 19th. of December 2098 A.D.

There was an inner gate. Julius put down the armour. The steel bars blocked the way. He got to fight. Marina released the pages toward the enemies. The little witch turned around to cast the enflamed spell. “Blast it!” The bats squeaked for blood. Ruth finally completed the rifle. She stabbed the bayonet through the rib cage.Ruth pierced the skull. The skeleton collapsed. The bats also got shot. The lady gunner spun round to throw daggers. Julius got the backpack. He attacked the bone-men. Thomas retained the armour. Hehad noticed about the watchers. They appeared above. Desmond Belmont, who challenged Dracula in 1666, described the lot. The flouting eyeballs tried to box him. He threw the axe. It split in three. The monster burned. Theychannelled electricity. “Save me!” Julius called. The watchers stunned him in place. Thomas done armour. He howled his challenge while charging up. The watchers went about. She fired the full round. The bullets made them to explode. The skeleton tried to punch her. Ruthblocked. She knocked him apart with a sudden high kick. The short green dress and leather tunic made her to look more agile. They advanced. She hitthem with the spin kick. Julius regained his strength. He threw the shuriken. “Hurry!” Anna came through the opening. “Wemust close the gate!” The red knights approached. Thomas put the envelope in front. That kept them out. He pulled the enchantress inside. Julius gotthe sword. “Make a stance!” He called. “Let me find the mechanism!” The skeletons hurled other bones. He dodged. “Watch out!” Thomas fired a boom. The guard room was like the arms depot. Julius lit the lamp before he continued. The skeleton threw bones into the air. Julius got to crush the vial. The bone-man got away. The bats came from above. “Watch me.” Anna danced to entertain the soldiers. “Bless me.” He didn’t realize she followed. Julius relaxed. The skeletons brandished with the bones. Julius made a glide. He got up to cut his throat. The monster tried to punch him. He was too late. Julius broke the skeleton. The priestsighed. Julius led the way. They climbed the staircase. The skeleton threw bones. Julius blocked. She bared her teeth.Annahad toresist the pain. The priestmust stop them. The girl shook her dark blonde hair. Hehit the candles. Julius picked the crystals. The morning-star somehow fused with his blade. The priest frowned. The edges seemed to be cut with pure flame. Julius touched the sword.“Great is the mystery of faith.” He made the sign of the cross. The fire didn’t burn his fingers. Anna arched an eyebrow. He shook his head. Evil thrivedin the shadow of the demon castle. The flurry of bones went flying through the air. This was no mere skeleton.The bone-man leapt while hurling. Julius struck. Flames tracked his slashes. The flurry got crushed to pieces. The bag of bones withdrew. Though he kept hurling. Anna finished off with chain lightning. “You will be blessed.” He told. Anna blushed. The bats settled upon her body. He doused her with holy water. She shuddered.The swarm burned. The watcher caught up. “God with us!” He cried. Anna dodged.The eye channelled electricity. Julius thought of the skull sorceress. Carmilla got the power to release the eyeballs. “Watch me!” Anna made it to stop. “Thanks!” He threw three daggers. The watcher exploded. Annablew a kiss. The priest could not accept. She muttered. He didn’t figure. “Save me.” The bats tried to bite him. Julius got the crucifix. The swarm turned round. Anna held up her arm. They clawed at her neck. The bones wentflying through the air. Julius almost collapsed. The impact sent shocks through his body. Julius groaned. “God with us!” He made it to rain with holy water. That shot him to pieces. The bats burned. Anna healed herself. They kept on climbing. The watcher channelled a blast. She screamed. The flouting eye advanced. Julius slashed with his blade. The fireball sword cut it to pieces. He helped her to get up. Anna’s hair stood on end.She looked rather wild. Anna tiedthe dark blonde hairinto a braid that she gathered behind the diadem. The priest got other problems. The skeletons jumped to punch him. He tried to parry. The knock made him to stumble. Anna pierced the ribs. They tried to tug her. Julius gathered. He stampedthe bats.They settled on her throat. She would not become a vampire. The skeleton hurled bones. Julius tackled the ring leader. The thrower collapsed. Anna danced. She trusted the swords. “They are cold.” Annatold. “So cold.” She shuddered. Julius gave his support. She inhaled. Julius had reached atop. He opened the door. The bats advanced. Anna created a meteor dash. The swarm got knocked to pieces. Julius went inside. The thrower left the inner quarters. Anna released the star field. The monstercrossed bones. He made the skeletons to spread out beforethe attack. Julius dropped the book. The meteors went home. Julius inhaled. He picked the items. He collected the gems. They replenished his energy. Anna checked the mechanism. She pulled the handle. “You closed the gate.” Julius had a look out the window. “Wehave to change the instalment.” Anna shook her head. “This is as far it goes.” She told. Juliusapproached. She told the truth. The priest made the sign of the cross. “Alright.” Anna inhaled. “Let us continue.” The girl lined her tattoos. “There might be somethingin theothertower.” That was an idea. “Come on.” He said. “We better hurry.” Anna smiled. She blew him a kiss. “Right.” She teased. “Be my guest.” Annagot serious. “This is your moment.” Julius knew.He should never forget. She really deserved his respect. Anna was much more thana harlot. “The time to fight is now.” Julius reminded. “Then let it be.” Anna made the sign of the cross. “I agree.” Julius acknowledged. He figured why the three gentlemen bethrow her ancestor. “This is for Lucy Westenra.” The priest explained. “Thank you.” Anna picked up the pose. She revealed her body. Julius swallowed. The dancing girl was adorable. He picked together. The connection was prohibited. “That rests with the Lord.” Julius got to open the gate.

The bats got defeated. Thomas was grim like the stone. He reloaded the rifle. The group had become more powerful. The soldiers remained behind. Ruth knelt in prayer. That was strange. The lady gunner belonged to the Hebrew society. Marina cast the whirlwind spell. The bats got shot to pieces. That affected the watchers. Thomas got the envelope. That was sanctified by the church. “This is the body of Christ!” The dark-breed declared. They couldn’t resist. Ruth approached. She filled them with bullets. They were made of silver. That shone in the candle light. “Beware!” Thomas cried. The watchers channelled electricity. “Blasted.” Marina collapsedUpon the floor. “Alright!” Thomas helped her to get up. “Show me what you got.” She opened the book to release the pages. “Nice.” They cut up the eyeballs. “Burn in Hell!” The knight twirled with the spear. “Twisted.” She got hit by the bones. “Leave her alone!” Ruth reloaded the chamber. “Fire in the hall!” She shot the group. “That is cold.” Marina cast the ice spell. The shards tingled on impact. “Clever.” Thomas admired. The skeletons leaped to choke him. Thomas pushed the envelope into the mouth. The skull head got shot to pieces. He got other weapons. “Cards on the table.” They approached. Thomas threw the garlic.

The skeleton reached a hand. Ruth screamed. “The Lord is one!” The dead man threw bones. Ruth got the axe. That really got useful. “Alright.” The lady gunnertrusted the bayonet. “They shall burn.” She assured. “Leave it to me.” Ruth reloaded the rifle. “Fire in the hall!” She fired the boom into the monsters. “That is the right way.” Thomas emptied his chamber. “Behold my power.” The little witch cast the fire spell. Thatwas a shield. “The Lord is one!” Ruth threw the axe. She went to retrieve the gems. They replenished the force. The watchers channelled electricity. Ruth forgot. That was a mistake. “Black water!” Marina exclaimed. Shehad to fight. They beheld her with the evil eye. The cave was pitch black. The nayad got the whip-sword. “Game over!” The grimoire became her foremost possession. “I have to remember about the law.” Ruth was a Hebrew. The candles were the only source of light. “Beware!” She reloaded the rifle. “Fire away!” Ruth pulled the trigger. They littered the floor. The cave was shrouded. Thomas breathed. The dead belonged to his species. “They shall rise at the End of Days.” Ruth touched his shoulder. He had no mind. The tears stained his face. “We must continue.” She felt pity about him. “There is another gate.” Ruth got to investigate.

The red knight hid behind his shield. Anna had to use both swords. The fox tried to slice her. “God with us!” Julius got occupied. The dancing girl kept kicking and screaming. The knight lost focus. She remained at a distance. The shield trust caught her off guard. Anna was thrown aside. The fox attacked. Anna released the blast. He stumbled. Anna got behind the shield. She trusted her swords. “Dracul!” The knight cried before he died. “Right.” Anna pushed the body aside. “God with us!” The priest got involved with the other knights. The corridor went above the gate. She kept up the fight. The bats squeaked. Anna danced before them. She made the chain lightning strike. They couldn’t make a stand. The hall was far too large. She looked down the drop hole. The others continued the fight. The sound of boots caught her attention. “Rest in peace.” Julius conquered the foxes. The trio released from the crossbow. “Let it be!” Julius threw the axe. He made it to split in three. He killed the lot. The group were not alone. The fireballs went home. Anna sighed. The priest threw the daggers. The knight burned. “Follow me!” The dancing girl encouraged. “Let it be.” They got to face the final knight. Anna presented the crucifix. “God with us!” Julius struck. He got the Stellar sword.

They found the switch. Marina struck with the whip. The fence began to rise. The group cried. “Please continue!” Ruth encouraged. The port came crushing down. “Let us do the fighting.” She went into action. Marina touched the pearl talisman. She was alone. “Alright.” Marina gathered. She must hit the switch. The gate began to rise. “Dark water!” The zombies awoke. They pushed through the ground. That was impossible. Marina kept whipping. The floor was carved from stone. They tried to disturb her. Marina made it to rain. That cleansed the cave. The bat swarm attacked her friends. Marina must open the gate. The fence crushed into place. “Dark ocean world!” The zombies emerged. She cast the whirlwind spell. “Leave me alone!” Marina continued like the berserk. The lot were disgusting. She almost had to vomit on sight. The nayad got to resist. She wouldn’t disappoint the others. Marina wished she could fill the score with the ice bullets. They went closer. The zombies hungered for her flesh. “Help me!” Marina screamed. “Pick together.” The dark-breedthrew the orbs. “You must open the gate!” The fence went in place. She got to strike. There were other corpses. The nayad inhaled. “Eternal night.” The bars slid in place. Marina screamed. “embrace me.” Shekissed her neck.

Forest of Debias, Warakiya. The 19th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The nightscape was coated in snow. Bronze waved a hand. They went abroad. Her breath steamed with frost. Yuko came closer. “I think we refused them.” Bronze shrugged. She made a wish. “We can’t be sure.” She felt watched. The fight was farfrom over. She had no doubt. Yuko had no answer. The arrows went through the air. The geisha girl got shotin the knee. “This is an ambush!” She shouted. Theywithdrew while firing. Eairwin got killed in the fight. The humans pressed the attack. The maidens kept shooting. Edmund fell fromthe Raptor. They fought back-to-back. The Centaurs got armed with spear weapons. “Pull back!” Shegot no choice. “Fire at will!” Bronzeunsheathed the sword. She led them into battle. The knight made the bats to attack. Bronzeshrieked in pain. The arrow pierced her side. Bronze almost got impaled. She fell from the saddle. The whiteness whirled. “My sister!” Yuko bent beside. She took it upon the shield. “You must call for retreat.” Edmundtold through clenched fangs. The knight got up. They couldn’t run. Bronze picked the arrows. “Shoot them!” Yuko snarled. “Let us fight another night.” Bronze was unsure. “Dracul!” She cursed. Thatwas the unicorn. “Stand!” Bronze gave them the signal. “For the Dark Lord.” She kept the sword.

The caves, forgotten city. The 19th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The undeadharlot licked her lips lustfully. “You are so young and strong.” She kissed her ear. The vampire bride had waited thislong for another victim. “Here, there are enough kisses for each of my sisters.” She giggled. The woman got infected by the pestilence. “Burn in Hell!” The little witch met her gaze. They challenged each other. “Dracul.” Her pools burned red. She might be hypnotized. “I am a vampire.” The smile exposed her fangs. The nymph sat on the floor. “Watch me.” The shroud was cut to reveal her bosom. She might untie the laces. The neck was bare. “This is the moment.” She breathed. “I want your blood.”

The nayad screamed. Julius cut through the stone rose. The seeds made the othersto blossom. Thomas mighthandle. The undead monster bound her to her will. He ran over. The demonhad noticed. Julius went for the neck. This time it was she who shrieked. The vampire turned upon him. Her eyes were on fire.The shroud was stained. “The revenge has only just begun.” She spread her cape. “The girls youlove will be mine.” Julius hurled the vial on the ground. “Your veins will have to satisfy their lust.” Julius burned the bats. “God with us!” That was not enough. Julius knew she was hurt. “Blood lust.” She made the lightning blast. “Let it be!” Hegot beneath. Even so, Julius felt chills down his spine. She was a bride. “Dracula slut!” Marinahadto gather.She hid her face. “They turned you into count Dracula’s bodyguard!” The priest exclaimed. The voluptuous apparition never argued. Julius swallowed. The hair andlips disturbed his conviction. “The count made me immortal.” Her eyes burn. “Come to me.” She smiled. “Then let us rest together.” The priest tightened his grip. “Aculus Dai!”He called. “His armies were defeated!” He got the crucifix. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost! I call you forth into the light,to cast you into the fire!” The bride vanished like acoil of mist. “Get away from there!” His friends approached. “They cannot help you.” The vampire returned. “Behold the might of the necromancer!” She might resurrect the dead. “I want your blood.” She leached with the claws. “Your death shall enhance my power.” Julius frowned. There was no Dominance. He stamped with the crucifix. She became a bat. “Hellfire!” The bride retained her human form. “Grizzly wing!” She spread the cape before the attack. “Accursed Belmont!” The flare was made of frost. Julius threw the gold Shuriken. Maxim’s item made the spell to explode. The enchantress laughed. The zombies caught him. The priest cut through the corpses. The vampire leached like a black cat. Julius barely dodged. She got the strength of twenty men. Ruth struck against the spine. “You cannot defeat me.” The gunner was scratched. Julius got to protect her. “Grizzly wing!” The lady cast her spell. She made the bats to attack. Julius doused them with holy water. “Bone to dust! Ruth pulled the trigger. “Ash to ash.” The vampire shrieked. The silver bullets might defeat the undead. She staggered. The priest would remove the head. “Hellfire!” The vampire spread her cape. Julius recognised the spell. Hegot to resist. The spell split in three. Ruth threw daggers at her. The blue bat-inhabited fireballs exploded on impact. “Curse you!” She stabbed the gunner. Julius dashed. The vampire spread her cape to release other bats. Ruth got tackled by the cat. She got to retained her human form. “Back off you devil!” Ruth presented her star of David. The dead harlot shrieked like theBanshee. “Rest in Peace!” Julius got to strike. “God with us!” Her blood oozed from within the throat. He broke the necklace. She was naked. He continued. The priestgot to remove the head. The vampireshielded behind botharms. “The thousand years have ended!” The flames erupted. Her flesh was on fire. “Save us.” Hemust escape. The vampire was alive. “Now.” She gloated. “I shall drink.” The bride burned upon approach. “Into Your hands!” Julius called upon the Lord. “I commit my soul!” There was a reason behind the morning-star. He met her, hand-to-wing. She struck with the might of the dead. Julius withdrew. “I have you.” The bride triumphed. “That rests with the Lord.” He created the sword storm. The vampire got stabbed and slashed. She turned into mist. “Drink me now.” The bats dashed. The hunters tried to assist. The dead kept them apart. The bride arrived. “Listen to the voices.” She breathed. “Embrace the power of the ring.” The fangs got exposed. Julius made the sign of the cross. “Bend before me.” She challenged. “Crimson lightning!” She caused the chain lightning. He stood his ground. The crucifix blocked the objective. Julius bit together. The counterforce was almost too much. The vampire tried to provoke him. “Blessed be.” He managed to remain calm. “Leave in peace.” The priest would not repeat Gabriel’s mistake. “You really are a virgin.” The vampire teased. “Come to me.” Her voice tingled like the sound of glasses played by a cunning hand. “I know what man desire.” Julius wouldn’t break his oath of purity. “Let me entertain you.” The vampire touched his shoulder. “Accept the vampire’s kiss.” She cooed. “Leave me alone!” The concubine wouldn’t listen. “Let us rest together.” Julius got stunned in place. The vampire smiled. “Forever and ever.” She pulled him against her body. The eyes burned. “Now.” She licked her lips. “You might kiss me.” The smile was empty. “Preserve me from the wicked One!” Julius cried. “I perish!” The scent was sweet, though bitter, like the scent of blood. “Kiss me.” She repeated. “Let me be the one.” Julius fought to resist her charm. “God with us.” He would nevergive in to lust. Julius would save the soul. “This is the end.” She bent closer. “I want your blood.” The priest made the sign of the cross. He knew it would become like this. Julius had made his choice. Death was no challenge. The priest would hunt. He would rather return to the Heaven, with the soul intact, then to rest in the vampire’s grave. “You belong to me.” The bride retained her wicked smile. “I crave your blood for sacrifice.” Julius barely managed to escape. “Hellfire!” She made him to burn. The priest screamed. “There is no escape.” She rejoiced with misery. “You belong to me.” This was unbearable. “You leave your friends to death and torment.” She got so excited. “Grizzly wing!” The batsleft from beneath her cape. “And for what!?” Julius screamed. “You couldpass in my lap.” The pain might consume both body and soul. “You have embraced death.” The bride laughed. “This is perfect.” The blast pierced his heart. “The fall of a Belmont.”She inhaled. “That isa reservoir of the power.” She bent to kiss him. The head rolled to the side. Julius lay breathing. He was grateful for being alive.

This really was Cornell’s pendant. Thomas was the oldest of the siblings. “He gave it to Ada.” The knight received his inheritance. “The blue crescent moon.” Whisp howled his challenge. He would fight. The others watched him. “Rest in peace.” Julius was the first who gathered. “Hail thee.” He told. “I salute thou.” He spoke in such a low voice. “In the name of the Lord.” The knight returned the favour. His father told the truth. The Belmont clan were their friends. This though, was a special occasion. “Let us continue.” Ruth hung up the rifle. “The citadel is still ahead.” Thomas growled. That was right. They must keep together. Julius was the leader. They reached the caves. The tunnel seemed to continue on forever. “Be careful.” Marina told. They stopped. “The water is polluted.” Thomas reached for the crucifix. She should know. The pond didn’t look healthy. “I won’t press you.” Julius got concerned. “I care about you.” Thomas frowned. They got in trouble. “I am fine.” Marina inhaled. She really was strong. “Though I cannot swim.” He relaxed. Thomas almost laughed. She made a point. “You might climb on my back.” Ruth afforded. The nayad looked upon the water. She shuddered. “Thanks.” Marina sighed. The gunner bent. She got atop. “Let it be!” Thomas leaped.

The bats hid among the stalagmites. Ruth licked her lips. The knight got above. “He should be more careful.” The nayad stirred. “The armour might take him down.” The priest might handle the situation. The dark-breed fired a boom. He already met resistance. “Behind you!” Anna shouted. The priest cast the vial. The liquid burned. Ruth inhaled. Julius got the sword. He must accept the challenge. The skeletons tried to choke him. Julius struck into the group. The girls went for the other shore. “The Lord is One.” They reached solid ground. Marina left her care. The knight might be in trouble. “Dark ocean!” The undead threw bones into the air. “Tell me.” Ruth breathed. “Where the wild roses grow.” The flower blossomed. They must be infected by the castle. Ruth threw that aside. The stone roses shot spiky seeds. She got to fire. Her bullets got turned to stone. Ruth was grateful. The infection didn’t fester. Anna danced. She created the chain lightning. The flowers got turned into compost. That wasn’t the end. The powder got spread about. Ruth fired. The bone-man got turned to stone. He crumbled upon impact. Thomas returned to throw garlic. “Stay in the corridor!” He told. “Or get lost.” Ruth frowned. She got a bad feeling. “The Lord is my God.” They stood upon the crossroad.

The fight was over. Anna could rest. Though the monsters burned,this was only a respite. Ruth found the star among the candles. The symbol changed. “How strange.” Julius frowned. The priest occupied the other shore. Thomas searched among the bodies. “Leave them alone.” He didn’t seem to notice. Anna was just the Gypsywhore. She got no ground for critics. “Tobias!” The knight howled. His species didn’t deserve this fate. Anna felt pity for him. “This is hard!” The others arrived. “They shot my uncle.” The eyes burned behind his tears. Thomas inhaled. “I am alone.” He told. Anna embraced him. There was nothing else to do. The knight snarled. “He was my father’s brother.” Anna got to release him. “I don’t know what to say.” Ruth had to reload the rifle. “That doesn’t matter.” Thomas rubbed his eyes. “Patrick and Julia are the only members left of my family.” She didn’t know what to do. “Alright.” Thomas sighed. “I claim this by right.” He put the blue pendant around his neck. That shone like the moon. Anna closed her eyes. The knight had changed. “I have the might.” He really was a dark-breed. Anna kissed him. She couldn’t help it. Anna exhaled. Thomas put her aside. He howled. Anna was a whore. She knew that now. Then again, Anna would fight.

Nobody seemed to notice. Marina used the whip-sword to get above. That was the bravest thing she ever did. The water looked both dark and polluted. Julius was thinking. The nayadwas breathing. The stench was terrible. She challenged the corpse. The nayad got to save him. “Leave him!” Marina ran. “Fight me!” She picked the head. “You devil!” The dead reached for the hunter. They met each other. The ghoul carried the head in front. Marina got to fight against the vomit. The demon had no right. “ Come to me.” The call was mental. “My arms hunger for you .” The harlot smiled. Marina shuddered. The fangs made iteven more horrible.She must fight. The thing enjoyed this moment. “Dark ocean!” Marina screamed in anguish. The undead woman spread her caped arms wide. “ Come, my bride. Let us rest together.” Marina shuddered. She would not surrender. The nayad went to face her destiny. “May you drown forever!” She shrieked. Marina shot the ice bullets. “You fool!” The monster howled. She leached with both arms. Marina created the bubble shield. “I served the Dark Lord before youwere born!” The blade pierced her heart. “He is dead.” Julius withdrew. “Rest in peace.” She finally could burn. “Let it be.” They beheld her while the vampire crumbled into ashes.

Town of Aliba, Warakiya. The 19th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The knights had to retreat. Daniella joined with the resistance. “Bless me.” She licked her lips. St. Germain fought a dual atop the tower. “We have to fight.” Tholin was in command. “Nevermore.” Poe looked like a storm cloud. “He found the fortress.” The knight looked toward the heart of the town. The fox-archers held the rooftop. They released the arrows. “Earendil have to attack.” Though they really shouldn’t be here. The plan was to strike from both sides. “That was an hour ago.” Tholin remarked. “Much might change in that while.” Daniella used her shield. “You have to keep them occupied!” Tholin encouraged. “They are giving way!” She hoped it was true. The foxes kept shooting. They got to stop them. Poe led his folk into battle. The elder ravens could not be dominated. Daniella bit together. “For Warakiya!” She called. They also got rangers. Dracula’s soldiers regained their composure. She would not retreat. “Look out!” The nayads fired their bow-and-arrows. They got the upper hand. Poe carried the chieftain aloft. The foxes got ambushed. That was a surprise. They cheered. Daniella touched the crucifix. “Forward!” She called. “Press the momentum!” This was no victory. The red knights would continue the fight. They got to conquer the wall.

The demon was dead. Germain pulled his sword out. Gravial refused to die. The knight flouted about. She made lightning strike. The saint altered time so that, each time she struck, he was able to block. Crimson blood stained the armour. The brown druid blew upon his horn. The vampire snarled behind her helmet. The magnetic orb went home. The force exploded. Germain struggled back on foot. He was still alive. That wouldn’t last. The Saint got wanted. Lightning struck. She hurled other orbs. Germain made time to run back. He was whole again. He soon realized that was a mistake. The death rider also got healed. The vampire couldn’t escape the rules. She released her own magic. The poltergeist king got beyond the evil spell. He got struck by lightning. “You are not like the others.” The vampire beheld him. “The smell is strange.” Germain smiled, although his body ached. “I shall enjoy watching you die.” Magic called the electric energy to strike down. That was incredible. The Saint dismissed. Germain got a mission. The poltergeist king sounded his horn. He forgot about the history. That was not important. Germain retrieved the staff. “The time to fight is now.” He recited. “Let us end this dual.” Germain knew that the Saints got to fight the righteous battle.

The crypt, the forgotten city. The 19th. Of December 2098 A.D.

Thecorpse burst into flame. “Satan!” He made the name to sound like a curse. The vampire had perished. He knewthat theblood lust would sooner or later get the best of her. This was too early. Some prisoners must have broken out into the fortress. “Please, oh my dear master, let me kill them.” She flouted upside down. He looked up at the playful servant. “Very well.” He said. “Do it quick, and relatively painful.” She giggled before fading. He acknowledged. She got trained in the martial arts. If only she could find them in time. The caves could belike a labyrinth. “All who oppose the prince of Darkness must die.” He got work to do.

The caves, forgotten city. The 19th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The skeletons kept the march. Julius hoped it was no omen for the bone-golem’s approach. His ancestor fought the monster in 1792. The priest had no time. He kept breaking bones. Marina went beside. She cast the magic spells for cover. His friends fought to protect the rear. The other skeletons went through the tunnels or climbed the stairs. “God with us!” The priest threw three daggers forward. “Watch out!” The bone-thrower collapsed. He took the gems. Julius leapedabove the pond. The dead got defeated. That was not the end. “Preserve us from the wicked One!” The skeletons kept rising. “Dark water!” Marina cast her whirlwind spell. Thegunner carried her above the water. “This is my business!” The knight aimed for the bats. The dancing girl released the fireballs. Julius sighed. She was adorable. The skeletons got shot to pieces. They collected the crystals. “Leave the candles.” He told. “They are the only source of light.” Thomas snarled. “You got the lamp.” He remembered. The priest shook his head. “That won’t be enough. Ruth and Anna still whispered together. “Then show us the way.” Thomas shrugged. “You are the Belmont.” He told. Julius got the map. The citadel was huge. The sketches were rather crude. “Give me that.” Ruth demanded. “I know how to navigate.” She took it from his hand. Julius blinked. The gunner had a look before she put it in her purse. “We have to continue.” Ruth informed. “This is just the cloister.” Julius touched the crucifix. “How do you know?” She hinted before. Julius had to know. The gunner reloaded the rifle. “Tell us.” Thomas growled. She shrugged. “Leave it.” Ruth told. The priest made the sign of the cross. She sighed. “I served in his military.” She repeated. “You know.” Thomas folded his arms. The nayad looked concerned. He knew the feeling. They got afraid of the power. “Thepeople spoke about this place.” Ruth inhaled. “That you told us before.” Anna remarked. The lady gunner just shrugged. “I got dispatched for work in the office.” She touched the star. “I copiedthe list of the captives.” She was sad. “The officers found out were to hold them.” Julius felt so cold. He tried to forget about the prison. The knight suddenly looked haggard. “There were transactions about the conquest.” She hung up the rifle. “The order of shadow turned the citadel into a fortress.” The tale was horrible. “The inhabitants are held in prison.” Julius made up his mind. “We have to save them.” Thomas got her by the neck. “You bastard. They are my people.” Thomas ripped at the front of her dress and tunic. “My uncle deserved to live.” She fought against the grasp. “I don’t know!” She shouted. I can’t be held responsible for everything!” She got to breathe. The hip-high boots couldn’t hide the tattoo upon her body. Thomas let her drop. “You little slut.” He growled. “That is their coat of arm.” The conversation was put to a close. “Blast them!” The watchers appeared from the abyss. Julius reached for the crystal. The gunner released her wood bullets. They were too fast. “Behold me!” Anna danced to cast her spells. The watchers channelled electricity. The nayad got the bubble. The shield gave a breather. The eyes burned red with malice. “Watch out!” Julius made a row of fireballs to fall down. “Alright.” Thomas got the wild roses. The priest might relax. Julius picked the crystals. His friends fought against the bats. “Look on me!” Anna lay prone upon the floor. The watcher hit her. “Bless you.” Julius had to use the laurels. “Kissme now.” The grey eyes winked through the messy dark blonde hair. “Leave in peace.” Julius blushed. “That is prohibited.” Anna sighed. “I know that.” She threw the braid behind her shoulders. “I like you.” She giggled. “Though I am a prostitute.” That was not the case. “Do not despair.” Julius inhaled. “You are a hunter.” No one might take that from her. “Believe.” He encouraged. “because that has no meaning before the Lord.” Anna relaxed. “Thank you.” She blew a kiss. Julius wished she quit messing around. That was her nature. He sighed. The fight was over. “I’m manos toas Domine.” Juliusmade the sign of the cross. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost.” His friends knelt in prayer. “Blessed be.” The outsiders kept behind. They didn’t have to repent. The priest knew they worshipped by another church. “For the Lord is one!” Ruth leaped above the abyss. The rest must follow. The tunnel went straight for a while. “Get behind!” The knight released a boom. They reached another cave. “Have a breather.” Ruth advised. “God with us.” Julius exhaled. He stood upon the crossroad. “Let it be.” The priest unsheathed the Stellar sword. They were in trouble. Julius made the sign of the cross. He would continue the hunt. “Blast you!” Thomas growled. He threw the garlic into the air. The bats squeaked. The swarm split up into single bats. “Die and be damned!” The knight emptied the rifle. He got to reload. “Get back!” The lady gunner released several shots. “Bless us.” Julius noticed about the quality. She got the wood bullets. The bats became impaled. They squeaked while burning. “Rest in peace.” He breathed. They must be influenced by the curse of Darkness. The zombies made their mystery act. “Let me go!” They gathered about the glamour girl. Julius felt pity with her. “Christ!” He cried. “Think of what you have done.” No one deserved that fate. “She is mine!” The knight howled. He ripped the band. “God with us.” Julius crushed the vial. “Let it be!” He got blessed by the earth. Julius made it to rain with holy water. Thee monsters burned. Julius inhaled. “I really hate those creatures.” Anna made a grimace. “They are disgusting.” She embraced herself. “Be at peace.” Julius advised. “The Lord shall guide you to the light.” Anna bowed. “Let us see what lay beyond this point.” Thomas appeared from behind the pile. He tore the band. “Be careful.” The air was so cold. Julius shuddered. “Beware of the dark.” Ruth approached. She got to reload the rifle. Julius made the sign of the cross. “Let us fight the righteous battle.” The priest inhaled. “You are the leader.” Thomas touched the crucifix.

The air was cold. Thomas touched the blue wolf pendant. He kept on guard. The knights were still there. The foxes were unlike most of the other soldiers. Thomas growled. The knights were living beings. “There are only two of them.” Anna whispered. “That should be alright.” Julius shook his head. “That rests with the Lord.” He sighed.“There might be more of them.” The knight shrugged. “They got the crossbow.” Ruth said in a low voice. Thomas growled. They would have to cross the floor to climb up the stair. The knights would have a nice aim. The foxes remained atop the balcony. “I don’t think they might help us.” Marinaremarked. “Right.” Thomas snarled. The cell archway was closed behind bars. Anna stretched her body. The bones looked to be at least 100 years old. “Let it be. Julius told. The girlgother swords. She wouldn’t dance. The others brandished their weapons. “Then let the battle begin.” Thomas growled. He changed form. Julius made the sign of the cross. “The spring of youth!” The nayad cried. “The little witch.” The dark-breed smirked. “Reveal about your sorcery.” She acknowledged the statement. “The Lord is one!” The lady gunner cradled about her rifle. Therewas naptime for the red knights. “Burn in Hell!” Thomas howled his challenge.

The foxes had noticed. Ruth threw the axe. The bats detached. Theyexploded. “Those who oppose the prince of Darkness must die!” The knights triggered their weapons. Ruth stumbled. “God with us!” Julius released the meteor. “Burn in Hell!” Thomas got the spear. “For the Lord is one!” Ruth hid behind the rising flames. That granted an edge. Anna danced. She made the chain lightning strike. The bats whirled about. Julius reached the stair. “Give us the power!” The blue fox unsheathed his sword. The girlfriend fired. Ruth hurled the daggers. The nayad cast herwhirlwind spell. “Get back you devil!” The knight became thrown aside. Julius met him face-to-face. The foxessnarled. There was a niche. That was a guard room. The chamber got carved from the stone. “Look out for monsters!” Ruth cried. They advanced. Ruth picked the axe. The leader threw bones into the air. “Watch me!” Anna was adorable. The knight was an excellent fencer. “Blast you!” The arrow hit the ground. Thomas cursed. She pulled the trigger. The dark-breed threw the stakes forward. “For the Lord is my God!” The fox grunted. The bullets went home. The red knight was dead before hitting the floor. Anna released the bolt. They got the upper hand. “God with us!”Julius killed the knight.

The skeleton reached to kill. Anna gasped for air. The undead fingers closed around her neck. She couldn’t breathe. The crucifix hanged around her neck. The bats settled upon her neck. Anna rasped. She must stamp them out. Ruth struck with the axe. The arm got broken. “Watch me!” Anna stopped time. Her power grew even stronger. The Dinasti code of arm got tattooed upon her skin. Lucy would be proud. The priest looked surprised. He noticed about the mark. That had to wait. The bats and skeletons picked up the fight. Marina cast the whirlwind spell. “God with us!” Julius threw the axe into the air. There was a bright flash. Anna danced. “You are adorable.” Julius told. “Thank you.” Anna hid behind the war force. The knight threw himself upon the bone-thrower. He got to break them. The barrage might tear them apart. Anna screamed. They might rip her naked skin. Anna felt both dark and dirty. That was actually delicious. “God with us!” Julius threw the gold Shuriken. The skeleton broke apart. Anna unsheathed both swords. She got to defeat the other bats. “This is perfect.” The dancing girl touched upon her body. “Let it be.” Anna inhaled. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord.” This was fun. “Aphroditewas so strong. She would use both swords.

The nayad picked the gems. Marina brandished with the whip-sword. “Alright.” She went into the guard room. “Wait for me!” Julius shouted. “We must keep together.” Thomas got ahead. “I know.” Marina beheld the gate. The cave was quiet. “Help me.” She got work to do. “Leave them to me.” Thomas bombed them with the wild roses. “That is a waste of time.” Marinalicked her lips. “Help me.” She heard about the mechanism. The lady gunner returned. “Right.” She looked about. “We have to use the switch.” She sighed. “This is the moment.” Marina reached the floor. “Let us work.” The dancing girl leaped for the pavilion. “Dark water!” Marina went into a ready position. The others ran to follow. She made it to snow. “The bars are gone.” The little witch closed the spell book. “We are in trouble.” She struck the switch. “God with us.” Julius made the sign of the cross. “This is a problem.” The dust got in the way. She felt at a loss. The bones remained in place. “The stones of grief and sorrow.” Thomas went inside. “You are not alone.” Ruth went along. “Look out!” The spikes hid within the wall. “For the Lord is one!” Ruth struck with the axe. “This must be important.” Thomas opened the chest. She had no mind. “There is a key!” The knight called.

Forest of Debias, Warakiya. The 19th. of December 2098 A.D.

They lay in ambush. Yuko fired with the bow. The wind made the snow to blow about. “Those which oppose the prince of Darkness must die!!” Edmund got to unsheathe the sword. She joined with the scouts. The Raptor got pierced. “It is time.” The beast riders were in front. “The hunters must die.” Bronze would fight. They approached the town. “Kill the rebels.” Yuko supported. The brave built up a depot force at the crossroad. “Then this is the time.” The gallop told of their approach. “Get ready.” Edmund instructed. The soldier made move. “Let us fight!” The centaurs cried. “For Warakiya!” The volunteers had no chance.“Fire!” Edmund becamecurious. They got the bow-and-arrow. The red knightsmight pierce the air. The band got no armour. “Those who oppose the prince of Darkness must die!” They gained the upper hand. “For the daybreak!” They pulled away. “For the new Dawn!” The Unicornmade them to fight. “Forward!” Edmund encouraged. “Dracul!” Theycriedwith one voice. The survivors rushed down the hide before the final battle. Yukowould fight. The soldiers made no retreat. The night had fallen. “You rebel scum!” Bronze was burned. “Accursed!” Yuko conjured the bats. “Dracul!” The knight would kill them. She got to spread both arms.

The caves, forgotten city. The 19th. of December 2098 A.D.

They had been here. “Excellent.” The woman inhaled the smell. Their scent was intoxicating. “So much anger. So much pain.” The master bestowed upon her. “The sign that grant power.” She would feast upon their souls. Though she got to find them. “Their lives belong to me.” They never got tired. The strength was unlike any other. Thatstanched of the flame and silver. “Accursed Belmont!” She made a fist. The lady swore to dissolve them. “All who oppose the prince of Darkness must die.” She would come, to make love. “Juggler’s gambit.” She laughed. The lady twirled in the air. “The hour of the Beast.” They would kill to please her.

They must turn the key. Julius inhaled. “Bless me.” The lock never moved. Thomas snarled. He kept picking. The knight couldn’t force it. “Rest in peace.” Julius advised. “Leave it.” Thomas threw it on the floor. The priest retrieved the item. “Let it drop.” Thomas growled. “Everything is garbage.” He made a grimace. “Just like that frozen fay.” The nayad blushed. Julius put the key into the purse. “There is nothing useless.” He was sure about the matter. “There is always a reason.” There got to be another lock. He lost the great key. “Let it be.” Thomas shrugged. “Whatever.” He muttered. “We have to find a way.” Ruth insisted. “This is the only way.” Julius made the sign of the cross. There was something strange about this cave. “That is a timer.” Anna had figured. “God with us.” Julius tightened the grip. “There is a legend about the elders.” He tried to remember the details. The story was kept in fragments. That happened almost a thousand years ago. “Leon made an oath to hunt the eternal night.” Sonya Belmont challenged count Dracula in 1476. “I carry the plight.” The group was eager. “Follow me.” Marina found the tunnel. “We should continue.” Ruth advised. They got ahead. Julius sighed. He should be the leader. They left the door. This was the only tunnel. “Strange.” The priest was sweating. “The nature is twisted.” Marina touched upon the air. “The temperature is rising.” The little witch opened her spell book. The walls were covered by the green life. “God with us.” The dank made it difficult to breathe. “I cannot continue.” Marina stopped. She got sick. “The water is polluted.” Julius touched the crucifix. “Sorry.” They got in trouble. “This is bad.” She lowered her head. “You be blessed.” He got the bread. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost.” Julius made the circle. “We must keep together.” He made the sign of the cross. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord.” Julius had no doubt. “Nothing evil might breach the line.” Marina beheld the Host. She arched an eyebrow. “For this is the body of Christ.” The priest explained. “I submit your soul.” Marina sat upon the floor. The tome lay open upon her lap. “I shall be patient.” She promised. He got no choice. Julius left her behind. “Save us.” The air felt heavy. Julius got a bad feeling. The cave was quiet. He had to run. The priest unsheathed his sword. He must find the others. They got in trouble. “Let it be.” They challenged the other zombies. The bats flapped about. Julius got above the pond. “God with us!” The skeletons had noticed. They hurled bones into the air. “Glory be You!” He presented the crucifix. “Our Father in Heaven!” The bone-men hid their faces. Julius met the group. “Bless me.” The rotting zombies lumbered to get him. Julius shuddered. They looked hungry. “Watch me!” Anna danced. She created the star field. “Curse you to Death and Darkness!” Thomas impaled the corpses. “Rest in peace.” The priest removed the head. He got to counter the bats. “Stronger we are!” Julius summoned the enflamed cross. “In the name of the Lord!” He flouted in the air. The bats got burned to ashes. “What kept you?” Ruth asked. The priest was silent. Julius couldn’t answer. The skeletons tried to choke him. The gunnerstabbed with her bayonet before releasing the cross bullets. “Bless you!” Julius called. “Marina got in trouble.” He impaled the corpse. “She is allergic.” The priest told about her story. “Alright.” Anna delivered the high kick. She broke the neck. He stumbled behind. That removed the skull. “Let me dance.” The punches broke him apart. “I shall perform.” Anna blew them the kiss. The bats approached. Julius threw holy water. The vial exploded. “God with us!” The flames consumed the swarm. Julius made the sign of the cross. “Amen.” The zombies burned. Anna caused the chain lightning before she fused with the war force. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” She healed herself. The girl blasted their faces. Julius got to present the crucifix. “Then you never shall know the hour.” He created a niche. “When the Lord descend on you.”She relaxed. He mustcleanse the cave. Julius hit the candles. He found the money. Julius left the gold. The priest let them take it. “You really are the leader.” Thomas shrugged. He got angry. “I know.” They shook hands. “The monsters jumped us.” Anna reached the crossroad. He touched the crucifix. “Alright.” The priest lookedaround. “I felt the power.” Ruth got fused with his blood. “The Belmonts might sense the shift in nature.” Julius got to explain. “That is what it means to be a hunter.” Thomas growled. “This scent is unnatural.” He snarled. “The air is rotten.” Julius felt so cold. The priest had to change his grip. “This has not about your kind.” Thomas shook his head. “The order of Shadow is a danger to each of us.” The seeks of the wicked slept in their hearts. Julius sighed. “Let us be grateful.” He knew about the brothers of knighthood.“We are alive.” The curse of Darkness made them to become like the devils of the pit. Thomas just shrugged. “For love is the key.” Anna was serious. She touched his cheek. Julius blushed. “Iam no toy.” The priest remarked. “Really?” Anna giggled. “Girls they want to have fun.” She let it go. “Where is the way?” Ruth cut the argument. She looked haunted. “Where the sky goes blue.” Thomas beheld the situation. “Quit the jokes.” The fountain was dry. “This is nota party.” The basement was covered with dust. Julius frowned. “God with us.” He left the fish face to investigate the tunnel. This was a guard room. “Rest in peace.” The bones lay about.

Julius hoped some prisoners might escape. The statues were carved by the master craftsman. He dismissed. The great eye was a clock timer. “We must step upon the switch.” Ruth sighed. The gunner went forward. Julius finally remembered about their story. “We got five minutes.” Ruth touched the star of David. “Alright.” She wenton top. “Get ready.” The trap was in place. “Come on!” Anna ran. “We must reach the door!” The fountain splashed with foul water.“God with us!” The girl told the truth. Julius made the sign of the cross.

The spikes emerged. Thomas snarled. They reached above. The rock fell down. “Hurry!” Julius shouted. This was so hard. They got above the spikes. The rock tumbled. That crushed the machinery. Thomas ran. The spikes got extended from within the wall. “Stronger we are!” Anna smashed the fence. “In the name of the Lord!” Julius threw holy water. The bats got burned to ashes. “Dark water!” They reached her circle. The priest picked the nayad. “Beware!” The guillotine might behead the lot. “Curse you!” Anna smashed the mechanism. “Blasted!” Thomas howled. They must reach the distance. The spike trap slammed in place. The knight almost got impaled. They got to wait. He made a glide. “God with us!” The priest ran above the floor. They got to climb the staircase. The ground got removed. The fire roared in place. “Dark water horizon!” Marina cast the ice spell. The dark-breed broke the barrier. “Follow me!” Julius encouraged. “This is the last leg!” The timer told they got 35 seconds. The priest got inside. “Alright!” Thomas breached the exit. He waited for the others. “Preserve us from the evil One!” Julius almost collapsed. The knight growled. They escaped. “We must continue.” He pulled together. Thomas twirled with the spear. He got ready.

The gunner would fight. Ruth stopped for a better aim. “The Lord is one!” She got the axe. The nayad looked green. Ruth dismissed. She looked about. They reached another pond. “Trust me.” Anna would carry their friend. “I won’t leave you.” They leaped above the water. “Fire in the hall!” Ruth pulled the trigger. The bats flapped about. The others went above. Julius got ahead. “This is a prison.” The stone roses blossomed. Ruth disliked the green life. The nayad inhaled. She cast the whirlwind spell. Julius made the fireball to chase and destroy. They withered. “God with us!” The ball burned out. Ruth got above. She fired. The bullets got turned to stone. Ruth inhaled. She threw the axe. “For the Lord is my God!” Her weapon caused the fire. “How clever.” Thomas acknowledged. “We do what we must.” Anna winked. That was no joke. This was no laughing matter. Ruth threw that aside. “Watch my hand!” Marina cast the ice spell. The bone menhid within the walls. Ruth used the bayonet like a stabbing weapon. “Save us!” They got ambushed by zombies. “Alright!” Her friends vanished among the sculptures. She disliked the Robbin. Ruth must reload the rifle. “Take on me!” Anna danced. “Go on.” The gunner smirked. “Entertain the people.” She got their attention.

They went down the hall. Anna licked her lips. The torches were dim. They stood apart. Marina tried to read. That was difficult. Anna sighed. The girl got what she wished. “Fine.” She created the star field. The bats got burned to ashes. They picked the gems. “God with us!” Julius threw the stone axe. The roses spread the spiked seeds. “Dark water!” The ice spell made them to wither. They got influenced by the demon castle. Anna went above the spikes. They might prevent against the other intruders. Ruth advanced. The nayad released the pages. The monsters hid behind the statues. Thomas arrived. He released a blast. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” The knight blazed. Anna danced. She used both swords. The priest opened the book. That really was impressive. The tome never got empty. The meteor crushed the bone-thrower. Julius ran to hurl the gold knives. The fight was over. Anna might inhale. The nayad collapsed. “That is poison.” Anna licked her lips. They reached the pond. “Blasted.” Thomas carried her above. She almost got jealous. He was kind. Marina got down. She cast the whirlwind spell for covered. The monsters got smashed to pieces. That was not the end. Anna bit her lip. The leader survived. She reached for the twin swords.

The bone-man collapsed. Marina hadn’t conquered. They got ambushed. She cast the spell. Julius dealt with the green life. The bats shrieked. Anna danced to create the chain lightning. The knight growled. He blazed with power. Marina gasped. He tore the corpses. “Bless you.” The hunter told. Anna touched her cheek. The compassion was strong. Marina Felt adrift. They got to continue. Marina passed the openings. The tunnel reachedthebigger cave. Dark water.”.”She breathed. The pillars looked like trees carved of stone. There must be an exit. The gunner stopped. The bolt of electricity threw her upon the ground. “What is going on? She didn’t have to ask. They gasped. The mechanical monstrosity broke the floor. “Save us!” Julius was horrified. The nayaddidn’t believe the story. The monster heaved its massive bulk. The eight legs moved like a machine. “Oh no!” The eyes burned with a malicious intelligence. Marina picked together. The flesh merged with metal plates. How could they defeat the thing? She shuddered. They got work to do. Marina got the whip-sword. The tentacles flailed about. Marina gulped. “He forgave us.” The hunter had arrived. Julius made the sign of the cross. The beast crawled on the floor. Themonster was not alone. Marina got to opened the book.

Dungeon, fortress Aliba. The 20th. of December 2098 A.D.

The strong room was plain simple. Ludwig Von Bork stood with the arms behind his back. The red dragon banner decorated the wall above the table. “What a waste.” The servants had lit the torches. “We have no more use for them.” The boyarmight dismiss about the matter. The streetlights got turned out. The rebels got to lit their own torches. “My lord Von Bork.” August Sharpy knelt on the floor. The boyar made him to rise. The lizards gave their permit. “The east gate has fallen.” Ludwig went to inspect the map. They showed him the county. “They reached the outskirts.” The fencer explained. “They are coming.” He was sure about it. “Erica got defeated.” The boyar acknowledged that statement. “Sound the alarm.” He said. This had to end. Ludwig emptied the barracks. He removed the map to inspect thecontract. “Gather to the tower.” When they arrived, he should have enough men to keep the fortress. The knight bowed. “As you wish, my lord.” He exposed the fangs. “Though we should leave the tomb.” His gaze burned red with the fires of Hell. “Thank you, captain.” The hand became turned into a fist. “Though I make my own decisions on how to defend my keep.” The knight knelt before him. “As you wish.” He repeated. “My Lord.” The boyar rejoiced in dominance.

The caves, forgotten city. The 20th. of December 2098 A.D.

There came a rumble. “Dracul!” The tunnel shook. She cursed. That creation was still alive! The ancient monster would consume her pray. She could not except the end. “They are mine.” She got so angry. Though there was nothing she could do. The beast would stop her approach. “I curse the day you came to the castle.” The mutant was the result of a genetic experiment.Dr. Frankenstein was to blame. Although the scientist worked according to the last command, his creatures often became maverick. Thedoctor was beyond her reach. The monster was not. She smouldered with hate. “Curse you.” Her master would not approve about any of this.

They walked and talked like men. Julius knew they werenothing of the sort. Theybecame the agents of evil. “Lord!” He cried. “Preserve us from the wicked One!” They spread out to cover more ground. The mechanical monstrosity was huge. The foul folk ran into the hall. The creature screamed. The stench was repulsive. Julius fought not to vomit. “Girls!” He cried. “You want to have fun?!” Julius got the sword. “Right!” Anna smirked. “Trust me.” The Gypsy girl blew a kiss. “Stay with me!” Thomas growled. He changed into his true form. The group spread out. “God with us!” The creature snapped its beak. Julius was not afraid. The knight ran. “Let it be!” The priest threw the daggers forward. The monster struck down. “Bless me!” He made it to rain with holy water. The tentacles twitched. Ruth shot the goblin. Lightning struck. “You bastard!” Thomas climbed the monster. The priest threw the Shuriken. He must keep it occupied. “Got you!” Thomas found the core. He pierced with the spear. “Blasted!” Thomas got soaked in blood. The monster twirled with the tentacles. “Save us!” The leaches sprouted from around the beak. The dark-breed got hurled away. “From the wicked One!” The ogres caught him. Julius ran beneath the claws. The troll tried to stop him. Julius threw the enflamed Shuriken. The star got buried in the chest. He gasped. The priest retrieved the weapon. the tentacle swooped to take him. Julius felt sick. The monster fed on the corpse. Anna danced to create the chain lightning. She released the star field. Leave me!” Thomas tore them apart. The girls caught their attention. The creature crawled to take him. The priest gulped. The slug left a stream of green slime. He made it to rain with holy water. The creature curled up. The ogre cracked with the whip. Julius hurled the axe. He stumbled. The monster ate him. This couldn’t continue. Thomas went from the side. The roses exploded upon impact. The creature caught him. “God with us!” The girls kept up the fight. Julius made the row of fireballs to fall down. The dark-breed smirked. He channelled through the tentacle. The creature bellowed. Thomas escaped. The priest got atop. He knelt while striking down. The beast got animated. Julius buried the blade. The angel sword would grant more power. “Save me!” The blood splashed like a fountain. Julius barely escaped. The liquid was acid. The priest presented the crucifix. He inherited the earth. The stone cross burst apart. He took the gems. Julius doused the bats with the holy water. The gold might distract the monsters. The skeletons tried to choke him. Julius attacked with his arms on fire. The monster got him. Julius had to escape. The knight revealed the Host. The creature pulled away. Marina cast the enflamed spell. The zombies burned. “They got an army down here!” Ruth screamed. Dracula’s henchmen turned the caves into a fortress. Anna climbed atop. That was a surprise. She stamped the monster. “Take her!” The orcs brandished with their scimitars. Anna buried both swords. She found the core. “Burn in Hell!” Thomas arrived. He made them to fight. Julius couldn’t rest. The goblins had gathered. He countered the attack. They looked nervous. “Come on!” The girl blazed with her war force. “Who will be the first to die?!” They feared the unknown. Thomas ran to escape. The mechanical monstrosity channelled electricity. “Preserve us!” His hair was standing on end. The monster consumed both the living and dead. The others fought as best they could. The monster turned upon them. “Leave them alone!” The dark-breed howled. They hid among the pillars. The creature struck into the columns. Marina cast the whirlwind while Anna danced. “Watch out!” Ruth climbed on the monster. She emptied the rifle. The creature tried to catch her. Her bullets drew acid blood. “The Lord is one!” Ruth made it to burn. “God with us!” Julius ran to save her. The dark-breed howled. The trolls tried to kill him. He threw the seven orbs. Julius took the gems. He threw the axe. Theymust fight. Julius forged the angel sword. The monsters cried. “Quick!” Anna arrived. The priest would keep the oath. He fought the trolls. “Keep together!” Julius reached ahead. The fight continued. Anna danced to release her energy. He noticed that the chieftain got immune to the magic. “Eat it!” Thomas forced the garlic down his throat. The head exploded. The priest attacked with his arms on fire. “Let it be!” The sword was like a pyre. Anna cried. “Bless me.” The Phoenix burned like the sun. They fled. Julius inhaled. He got work to do. Ruth and Marina hid among the columns. The monstrosity was furious. The monster raised to crush them. Ruth pierced the eye. The nayad cast the ice spell. She tried to keep in place. Julius went atop. The creature flailed with the tentacles. The priest got to impale the monster. Shewent pale. Ruth stabbed the creature in the eye. The slug went berserk. “I forgive you.” Julius acknowledged before he buried the blade into the core. He almost got bathed in blood. He made a back-flip. Juliusescaped. Herelaxed. Julius couldn’t rest. The monstersreturned. The creature chased the girls. Marina climbed atop. The beast tried to take her. “Follow me!” They got to prevent the assault. Marina bent while reading. The priest threw the three daggers. The troll might kill him. Marina cast her spell. The monster shook while burning from within. “Get away!” The monster curled into a ball. Marina got thrown against the columns. The troll hit the ground. Julius threw the meteor. The troll was turned to stone. He picked the gems. The monster struck. Julius got stunned. He hit the floor. The military cheered his situation. The laurels restored him. Thomas reappeared. “Get readyto rumble!” The knight growled. Julius bit together. He told the truth. They must continue. “Show me the way.” The eyes shone like polished gold. He snarled. “You are the leader.” Julius made the sign of the cross. The mechanical monstrosity was alive. “The thing is after the girls.” Julius got to save them. “Right.” Thomas smirked. “They are too cute to die.” Julius sighed. The knight licked his lips.

The goblins would fight. Thomas regained his human form. “Burn in Hell!” The knight howled his challenge. They were the tribe enemies. “The dark force rising.” He growled. They had conquered the citadel. He would make them to suffer. “Fire in the hall!” Ruth fired. The orcs tried to take her. Ruth used the bayonet. The knight went to investigate the rubble. The other girls got to be here somewhere. They had to be alive. Thomas revealed his teeth. The orc threw an arm around his throat. “Now you die.” The boar spit him in the face. Thomas snarled. “Talk about the spoils of war.” The tribe retrieved the nayad. “Leave me!” They touched along herloins. “Dark ocean world!” Marina cried. They tore at her attire. “Let us have fun.” The nayad blushed. The orcs laughed by her misery. “Burn in Hell!” Thomas howled with frustration. “She is not your slave!” Like the ghost of Hamlet’s father, Ruth emerged from the ashes. “Let her go!” Thegunner was torn. “Fire away!” She was grim. The soldiers gotpierced by the onslaught. Thomas smirked. They released the girl. “Alright.” The beastsunsheathed the scimitars. Marina sighed. He growled. The eyes were polish gold. “Dark water!” Marinasearchedfor the spell book. The knight knew her words of power.

The goblin beheld the target. Ruth threw the arrow aside. The blood hit the floor. “Come on.” Marina helped her to get up. The gunner wished she might curl together. She really got hurt. The arrow went deep. Ruth got hurt by the rubble. “Stay with me.” Marina retrieved the book. “Alright.” Marina relaxed. The men had to defeat the mechanical monstrosity. Ruth collected her weapons. “Dark ocean world.” The skeletons emerged. “God with us!” Julius made it to rain with holy water. The monsters went crazy. “For the Lord is one!” Ruth picked the axe. She presented the star of David. “Let us fight!” Marina cast the frost spell. They must defeat the dead. “Daughters of river!” The curse escaped from between her lips. “They are immune to magic!” Ruth pulled the trigger. She had no mind. The gunner released the cross bullets. Ruth could fight. That was alright. She didn’t need their help. The priest crushed the group. He reached for the purse. The zombie got an arm around his throat. Ruth got the star. “Blessed be.” Julius swallowed. Though he gave the salute. “Let it be.” The priest put a hand upon her forehead. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth.” Ruth met the gaze. He got the laurels. They got restored. “The Lord is with you.” Ruth inhaled. She would give him anything.

The mechanical monstrosity remembered about the eye. Anna had changed into her true form. The Phoenix could fly. She would be free! The blood of Maria and Lucy flowed in her veins. She had become their Gypsy whore. That was no problem. The Phoenix sang. She was clean. The mechanical monstrosity shrieked in grief and sorrow. She burned like the sun. They escaped. “Look out!” Ruth shouted. The goblins might fire. “You bastards!” Thomas howled. The creature was about to eat her. She caused the fire. The tentacles burned. The beast threw her against the wall. The Phoenix shrieked. Anna became herself. “Come out, little honeypot.” The soldiers gloated about her. “You are just a plaything.” The chieftain snarled. “Come on.” He removed the trousers. “You will enjoy it.” Anna hid her face. She fought to resist. “Please.” Somewhere hidden within a dirty dark corner of her heart, she craved the emotion. “Leave me alone!” Anna screamed. She was nothing but a whore. Thomas tore the tentacles. He stained the place with acid. “Make it stop!” Anna cried while they ripped her outfit. “Not again!” They slapped her. “Quit you whore.” The chieftain whipped her skin. They got occupied. “You are going to like it.” Anna sobbed. They spread her legs apart.

The mechanical monstrosity channelled electricity. Marina made it to snow. She noticed about the talismans. The cave was a war-zone. She gathered before another spell. “Fire in the hall!” Ruth pulled the trigger. She had reloaded with the cross-painted bullets. That was impressive. She went for the bull’s eye. “Watch out!” Marina cried. The beast caught with the tentacles. “God with us!” Julius had to leave them behind. “Blasted!” The knight twirled with his spear. The Gypsy was in trouble. Marina struck with the whip-sword. The creature bled acid liquid. Anna got raped by the monsters. “Dark water.” The nayad didn’t figure. Though she almost looked to enjoy. Thomas came to impaled the soldiers. “The Lord is my God!” The gunner got the axe. She was so brave. Marina cast the spell. They must work together. Julius ran to escape the monstrosity. She inhaled. They got to keep them occupied. Marina got the pages. Her paper burned on impact. The priest got atop. Anna attacked with both swords. She felt so useless. Julius impaled the monster. The blade burned like the sun in the forest. The mechanical monstrosity curled up. He refused the lightning. Marina dodged the rocks. The priest struck. Marina couldn’t believe it. The flame was pure. He made the beast to burn.

Town of Aliba, Warakiya. The 20th. of December 2098 A.D.

The buildings burned. Daniela ran down the streets. She didn’t know who brought the torch. Never mind. The foxes had gathered before the gate. The archers withdrew while shooting. “God’s death!” She cursed. The arrows made them to slow down. That gave the red knights the time to escape. “Shields up!” Daniella almost laughed. She knew that voice. Earendil had finally arrived. “For the daybreak!” The naiads kept shooting. “For Warakiya!” Henry called. “For Warakiya!” He still brandished with thebroadsword. “Forward!” Daniela encouraged. They mustEnter the fortress. The red knights escaped.They draggedand pulled the wounded. Thefigure emerged. The yellow jacket and grey trousers made up for an excellent target. “Fire!” Daniela’s mouth fell open. Thefencer took it upon the shield. She figured his status. The hat couldn’t hide his features. The red hair was like a banner to their enemies. “Sharpy!” They called with one voice. “Dracula!” He answered with a raised fist. The gauntletburned in the torchlight. “Get away!” Germain told. “Get away before he…!” The saint was too late. Daniela felt the tears down her face. The fencerthrew fireballs. She pulled the helmet down. “For Warakiya!” She wouldn’t reveal her sorrow. The horn-playing druid got his sword out.

The caves, forgotten city. The 20th. of December 2098 A.D.

They had conquered. She hung from upside down. This was incredible. She pressed together. The music died. She might have to play. Her master would love it. She would show them what she could do. No man could resist her.She served the Master. He was the apprentice. She gotfascinated by death. He got the might to make it a toil or a pleasure. She laughed. That was true. Though she learned. The mechanical monstrosity could break the company. She might do the same. Although the lady got better methods. “No man can resist my power.” The lady breathed. “There is only one Dark Lord.” She made the sign that granted force.

The mechanical monstrosity was dead. Julius fetched thegems. The soldiersleft the hall.“Blessed be.” He relaxed. They hadn’t killed each other for the spoils of war. Julius pulled at the hood. “This is a miracle.” He might replace the laurels. Between themselves, they managed to heal their friends. “That is no problem.” Thomas had a sip of the medicine bottle. The priest made the sign of the cross. “Okay.” Ruth got the map and compass. She might find the way. “This should be it.” Marina sat against the pillar while she tried to read the book. “Watch my reflection in the water.” She sighed. The little witch kept away from the pond. “Let it be.” Anna had found some other jewelleries. The knight got interested. “This way.” Ruth explained. She went ahead. The skeletons made her to stop. Julius ran around the hole. He shuddered. The carcass burned. “The Lord is my God!” Ruth got the axe. “The air is bad!” Thomas sniffed. “I don’t like it.” Julius touched the crucifix. The gunner chased the monsters. “Dark water!” Marina cast the fire spell. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Anna got the swords. “Bless you.” The priest inhaled. She winked. The caves grew larger. “Let it be!” The monsters might await atop the galleries. This was a labyrinth. The hall was the high way. Ruth and Marina almost collided with the soldiers. “Burn in Hell!” Thomas bared his teeth. “For the Dark Lord!” The red knights leaped from the balcony. “Fire in the hall!” The rangers remained upstairs. “God with us!” Julius created the ring of crosses. “Then come to me.” Anna danced to cause the chain lightning. “Let me perform.” She blew the kiss. He frowned. That was strange. The Gypsy was restored. She had no mind about the treatment. “Let it be.” Julius doused them with holy water. There was another pond. Ruth had to carry her above. The knight hurled the garlic. “Human scum.” The elf was exotic. He met her blade-to-blade. “Save me.” She was clever. The pages got shot into her body. The elf fled while bleeding. Anna pierced the fox. “You are a traitor.” The priest wept. He killed a man. “Let us be gone.” She got to breathe. “Right.” The body glistened with sweat. “God with us!” He exclaimed. The cave got illuminated. Marina cast the fire spell. They got no time. The red knights fought to the death. The blade got stuck. “Leave him alone!” Anna struck. He fell before her. “Blessed be.” Julius released the sword. He escaped. The blue fox got the shield. “Nice.” Anna blew a kiss. The knight got confused. Her charm was not enough. Their friends got busy beyond the pond. The archers went down. “God’s holy Mother!” Anna might entertain the lot. The priest got behind. “For great is the mystery of faith.” Julius made the sign of the cross. “Let it be!” He pierced the fox. “We should make out.” Anna teased. The knight was dead. Julius sighed. This wasn’t funny. The daggers found their targets. “Come on!” The Gypsy removed the head. “Glory be You.” He relaxed. The fight was over. “Our Father in Heaven.” Theothers were gone. Julius frowned. Where could they be? “Oh Julius.” Anna buried her face in his jacket. He brushed her hair. She wept. This girl deserved his respect. Julius would try to comfort. She met his gaze. Anna was about to speak when the knights took her. “Good Lord!” The priest touched the crucifix. “Look out!” Thomas returned.The knight leaped above the water. “For the skeletons!” That may be. “Julius!” They dragged her along. “Please! Help me!” That was too late. Never mind. He would find her. There was something. The chills ran down his spine. “Andrew!” Julius got surprised. The body hung from the edge. Even from upside down, the priestrecognised this man. “Leave him alone!” The thiefransacked his friend. He almost seemed to gloat above the theft. The man ripped the medallion from around his neck. “Good Lord!” Julius beheld the light magic pendant. “No!” The skeleton threw the talisman into the water. Thomas howled. The gunner fired a boom.The bone-man got shot to pieces. That didn’t matter. He got to obtain the pendant. Julius must investigate the pond. He knew it was polluted. No matter. He got no choice. This was hard. “What are you thinking?” Marina kept his arm. “Leave me.” Julius sighed. “This I got to do.” They couldn’t help him. “The pendant belongs to my family.” Julius told the story. This was too important. “That isn’t your fault.” Julius faced the floor. “I know.” Ruth tried to comfort. “I shall find it.” She promised. “Trust me.” The gunner began to undress. Julius turned. “Blessed be.” Ruth had no fear. She kept the star around her neck. The gunner leaped. She disappeared. “God with us.” Julius touched the crucifix. “Let it be.” She must survive. He got to hunt. They should find their friend. This was a mistake. Julius mustwait, hope and pray for the return. The made the sign of the cross. Julius thought about Anna. They got to find her. “Let it be.” The earth rumbled. “Look.” Marina caught his attention. “The dead wander where they don’t belong.” The hand reached from within the rose bed.“Curse you.” Thomas was taken aback. “Rest in peace.” Julius beheaded the zombie. “That isn’t the stone roses!” Marina shouted. “I know.” Julius pulled behind. “Burn in Hell!” The zombies pushed through the earth. Thomas threw the stakes. “God with us!” The priest got the crucifix. “Theystench.” The knight made a grimace. “I might smell them too.” They were repulsive. “Let it be!” Julius cried. The zombies marched. “Alright!” The sword burned in his hand. Julius almost vomited. “Dark water.” Marina cast the ice spell. They gained the upper hand. “Blast the monsters!” Thomas howled. “I shall tear you, limb from limb!” The spear blazed. The blast exploded. Upon impact. The dark-breed dashed to pierce them. “Look out!” Marina cried. “They are behind you.” The scores emerged from the other beds. “God with us!” Julius closed the grip. He burned the corpses. “Leave me alone!” Marina stumbled behind. They tore at her outfit. The little witch cracked with the whip-sword. “Bless you!” Julius presented the crucifix.

The bats detached from the ceiling. Thomas snarled. This was no bright idea. The stench made him angry. That was no excuse. The knight presented the crucifix. That created a space. The bats tried to bite him. “Protect us!” Marina released the lot. The zombies got ambushed. That was no problem. The fairies got scattered about the cave. Thomas touched the crucifix. This was incredible. The tiny dancers might stun the undead. Marina sighed. They were cute. The fairy returned to her mistress. “Perfect.” Marina managed to melt the ice. The little witch cast the flame spell. Thomas exhaled. “Fire in the hall!” The knight aimed for the bats. Thomas reloaded with silver bullets. The little witch hid within the bubble. “God with us!” The sword burned like the sun in the forest. Julius got his own strength. “Right!” He twirled with the spear. “Damn it!” Thomas snarled. The watchers flouted in the air. “Look out!” Marina shouted. They channelled electricity. “I got you.” She cast the whirlwind spell. “Screw you.” Thomas threw the orbs. “Dark water.” Marina released the fairies. “Dance!” They stunned the watchers in place. That was a breather. Thomas smirked. “God with us!” Julius made the sign of the cross. The sword burned. “She got to find it.” He muttered.

The water wasn’t healthy. Ruth got to breathe. She had to find the light magic pendant. “Luminous.” The gunner kept her lips together. Ruth felt at a loss. “For the Lord is my God!” The treasure got stuck. “Help me.” The pendant glowed. Ruth felt the power on touch. “ Dagon.” She shook that aside. Ruth tried to swim. There was a plenty of nasty sea life beneath the surface. She had obtained the pendant. Ruth got to shudder. Something moved. They might be the spawns of Leviathan. The dark ocean world.” The deep were dangerous. Ruth might relax. The monsters kept some distance. She felt so cold. “ The item is blissed.” The light magic pendant created a shield. They avoided her presence. Ruth felt unsure. “Please.” She didn’t know the way. The lungs couldn’t keep up forever. The pendant might pull her beneath. That was a mistake. There was a light ahead. Ruth reached the surface. “There you are.” The priest helped her to get up. “Thank you.” Ruth inhaled. She was naked. He but a blanket about her body. “We got no time.” The caves were cold. “I used the gold.” The coffee replenished her energy. Ruth rubbed her hair. “Where are the others?” She asked. Ruth was ready. “They are with the Lord.” Julius told. The story made her to shudder.

Underground garden, the caves. The 20th. Of December 2098 A.D.

Someone was singing. Anna felt attracted to that voice. “What is that?” The words made her cheeks to burn. Anna got up from the floor. “Keep us.” She gasped. The light was too bright. Anna couldn’t believe it. This was a Utopia. Or it had been, once upon a time. The voice kept singing. Anna had to listen. The garden should be a wonderous place. That got changed. The order of Shadow had twisted the land. There was something. she got to remember. “Lament of innocence.” Julius had told the legend about the “Garden Forgotten by Time”. This couldn’t be that place. The hunt transpired for more than a thousand years ago.

“Sing a song of ancient time.

Of Glory, death and valour.

Night is day and day is night.

Wander under the glory of the Shadow.

Maiden in the river and warrior in the grave.

Aria of Sorrow last forever.

I see you,

can you see me?”

The lady sat in the nest. Anna crawled toward her. She was not alone. Anna felt how the warmth embrace her like a summer breeze.Thosesweet-smelling flowers eased her tension. The sisters laughed and beckoned her to join. Anna fought her instincts. She had to remember. There was an image in her head. That wouldn’t disappear. There was a knight. “What is so special about you?” She looked to inhale. “Oh yes. The essence.” The smile grew even wider. “The blood of Lucy Westenra.” Anna blushed like the sun. She couldn’t escape the legacy. “Come to me.” The lady beckoned. “You want a kiss.” Anna felt so dizzy.

The caves, forgotten city. The 20th. Of December 2098 A.D.Ruth barely could breathe.

This was the end. Marina had a look inside. “Stay low.” Thomas growled beneath his breath. The nayad felt chills down her spine. Julius got behind. “Your ancestors knew how to carve in the mountain.” The dark-breed shrugged. The cave was much smaller thanthat in which they fought the mechanical monstrosity. The little witch pulled upon her cape. “Spring of youth!” The gate reminded about the entrance. “Alright.” Thomas snarled. There was another fountain out here. The pond was dry like the desert. She got to translate. The carvings were ancient. Marina inhaled. She almost bit her tongue. “Get away from there.” The little witch got afraid. He reached the base. The three elegant maidens held the fish overhead. “Daughters of river.” The water should come from their hands and the creature’s mouth. Marina relaxed. The witch licked her lips. There was nothing she could do. The gate was guarded. Thomas couldn’t face them alone. The situation was getting out of hand. They got to find their friend. Marina might distract the guards. “Dark water.” She froze. The little witch recognised the sound. “The bats have come!” The flapping of wings told of their approach. Marina shuddered. “Burn in Hell!” Thomas howled. He reloaded the rifle. “My knight in shining armour.” She cast the ice spell.

Town of Aliba, Warakiya. The 20th. of December 2098 A.D.

The siege had begun. Tholin inhaled. “Dismissed.” He told. Henry gave his salute. He rested the axe against his shoulder. “Nevermore.” Poe sat on the mantelpiece. They removed the bust of count Dracula’s bride. He shuddered. Although Lenore’s image was carved from stone.The dwarfstill felt uneasy. The thought of her return chilled his blood. Tholin had to gather. He got work to do. They’d secured the buildings around the fortress. The town got plundered. They lit the torch. The resistance fortified the church. The people might return to the village. Daniella wished to rebuild the ruins. That was none of his business. There was a squabble. The dwarf didn’t wait for the raven to follow. He dashed into the street. “Gather to me!” Tholin brandished with the axe. “For Warakiya!” He called for the others. The bats erupted from the tower. The brave kept standing. They squeaked for blood. “They walk by night.” That was the truth. The zombies stanched. “For the daybreak!” The nayads gathered. “Mahal!” He screamed for the creator to aid him. Tholin struck. The dead had no mind. Tholin got pulled aside. “Leave him alone!” Daniela had to douse them with the holy water. The corpses turned. “For this is the forest of life.” Earendil impaled the body.

Underground garden, the caves. The 20th. of December 2098 A.D.

This was how she liked it. The lady purred as the girl came crawling forth. Theygot to giggle. They want to have fun. “Dance for us.” They requested. “Dance.” The pet beheld them through grey eyes. They got a vague expression. “Yes.” She pulled back her dark blond braid. “Let me show you.” She spread her arms out. “What I can do.” She was half Succubi already. How interesting. “She smells like a well-bred educated palace concubine.” Her sisters whispered together. “I know.” She watched her dance. “Let us take her.” She smiled. “This is the moment.” The lady licked her lips. “Aria of Sorrow.” She mocked the pray.

The caves, forgotten city. The 20th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The battle sent echoes throughout the cave. Julius went above the spike bed. The lady gunner leaped over. “They are in trouble.” Ruth had reloaded the rifle. “That rests with the Lord.” Julius made the sign of the cross. “He might be careless.” They fought beneath the dome. “God with us!” The light magic pendant slept within the purse. Julius got afraid. “Let it be.” He unsheathed the sword. Julius was not the chosen hunter. The brotherhood got dissolved. Even so, the knights reached from the great beyond to guide his family. “For the Lord is one!” The skeletons awaited their arrival. Ruth used the silver bullets. The bone-thrower stepped upon the switch. He closed the gate. “Wait a moment!” The gunner called. Julius didn’t heed. He pushed her inside. They got to enter. That had to wait. “Tell me,what is the time?” Thomas smirked. “Blessed be.” The priest barely reached in time. He turned on the skeletons. That was too late. “Were the wild roses grow.” They shot spiky seeds. The bone-thrower got turned to stone. “Bless me.” They might never repair the mechanism. “This is a trap!” Thomas had no doubt. “Let it be.” The priest doused them with holy water. “Preserve us.” The liquid made them to wither. “From the wicked One.” They burned. The skeletons joined hands with the zombies. “Dark water horizon.” Marina screamed. The little witch cast the enflamed spell. “Bless you!” Julius threw the Shuriken. The corpse collapsed. The nayad got beneath the guard. Marina unsheathed and trusted with the short silver knife. Julius made the sign of the cross. She hadn’t used that before. The core got forged by the bone. The nayad slashed the throat. “Glory be You!” The zombie stumbled ahead. “Our Father in Heaven!” Marina kept on stabbing. She tore the necklace from around the neck. Julius remained behind. The bodies tried to take him. The priest stamped with the crucifix. Marina got the red gem. She got shrouded inflame. The monsters burned. Marina cried. The priest brandished with his fireball sword. She remained by his side. Marina used the whip-sword to grab the soldiers. She pierced the heart or neck. The knife might defeat the undead. Julius touched the crucifix. The little witch got stronger. They might survive. The priest made the fireballs to fall down. Marina grasped upon the shard. He relaxed. The nayad got shrouded by the eerie blue flame. That consumed the dead. “Be careful.” Julius told. “The power gems are ancient artefacts.” He sighed. “They should not be used lightly.” The priest was afraid of Gabriel’s arsenal. “Trust me.” Marina assured. “The river might dance.” She had no idea. That was thetrick. Julius could be flexible. They worked together to defeat the monsters. “Screw you devils!” The knight charged. Thomas blazed with the force. “I smell you!” He howled. “You won’t keep her from me!” Julius became concerned. The knight told the truth. They got to find her. “Come over here!” Marina cried. “I need your help!” The priest exhaled. “God with us!” There was someone ahead. “Let it be.” The cloaked figure made him to feel nervous. “Shadow rising.” Julius shook that aside. He couldn’t abandon his friends. “Leave us alone.” Julius moved when the fountain exploded. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” He got to stand up. The priest dusted off his jacket. Julius escaped the shards. That was no comfort. This got to be the use of black witchcraft. “Thisis madness.” The priest barely whispered. “We have become God’s madmen.” Julius inhaled. “That is the magma titan.” The priest thought about the necromancer. “We cannot climb the distance.” Juliusbecame responsible. He was the leader. Julius bit together. “We must open the gate.” The priest had to insist. “Alright.” The knight shrugged. “That is no problem.” Thomas smirked. “We might handle.” He brought Marina along. “Preserve us!” The lady gunner had disappeared. “from the curse!” The titan had noticed. The idol struck against the floor. The magma cooled into the stalactites. Marina hid within the bubble. She used the whip-sword like a combat cross to might grabble the titan. The little witch really was brave. “Bless you.” Julius admired her courage. The giant hit the floor. “Watch out!” Thomas howled. The flurry of magma made her to lose hold. Julius made the sign of the cross. That blocked the onslaught. The priest was grateful about the fireball sword. “Then get on the move!” The knight cried. Marina acknowledge the problem. The priest inhaled. “Watch out!” The idol hit the ground. “God with us!” They got to split. Julius wished he got the Soul ice. That was not an option. “Dark water.” The little witch cast the whirlwind spell. “Protect us!” The fairies scattered. They must find the runes. “Bless me!” The impact had no effect. Julius expected the outcome. “Daughters of river.” Marinafigured about the problem. The priest escaped from the stalactites. Marina made it to rain. “Let it be!” That was incredible. The titan shook in place. “Preserve us!” The idol kept striking. “From the wicked One!” Julius dodged the onslaught. He fought to see beyond the obvious. That was the family’s ability. Gabriel should care more about the curse of Darkness. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” He brandished with the Stellar sword. Leon had made an oath to hunt the night. The priest would make him proud. Sonia upheld the tradition. “I have to break the spell.” Julius remembered about the runes. He made the sign of the cross. The titan hit the ground. “Godwith us!” The floor shook upon the impact. The priest was not afraid. “Dark water!” Marina cried. She leaped to hook on the idol. The little witch remained safe within the bubble. The priest touched his crucifix. Julius was unsure. He felt so helpless. “Curse you Devil!” Thomas used the spear to get even higher. “Save us!” The knight collided against the chest. “God with us!” The dark-breed summoned their ancient power. He releaseda flurry of shots. Julius prayed for his salvation. The knight emptied the rifle. He exhaled. Thomas got more. He got to reload the weapon. “Preserve us from Evil.” That might be for later.

The knight slid down the idol. Thomas barely survived. The priest must help him to get up. “Look out!” The titan roared. Marina might be burned. “There is a rune!” Thomas howled. The nayad released her fairies. Thomas smirked. He got serious. The glyph marked the chest. “Burn in Hell.” That looked like a medallion. Thomas reloaded with the silver bullets. “Alright.” The idol shook the nayad. Marina lost hold. “He never leaves or abandon you.” Julius saved her life. He almost felt jealous. Thomas put that aside. The priest threw the axe. The rune burned on impact. Marina brushed her dress and cloak. “That was fine.” The witch cracked with the whip-sword. Thomas got to escape from the magma. The knight ran to retrieve his items. The titan caused the rising attack. That cooled into the stalactites. “Blasted!” Thomas charged before stabbing with the spear. She climbed upon the titan. Marina hid within the bubble. He smirked. The little witch stabbed with her silver knife. “Burn baby,burn!”She got the red gem. The giant leached. Marina released the blue flame. The titan tried to crush her. “Twisted!” Thomas pulled the trigger. The monster roared. He got the silver. The rune burst. The titan staggered. “Daughters of river.” She cast the ice spell.

Underground garden, the caves. The 20th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The skeletons threw bones into the air. Ruth fired with the crossbow. She retrieved the item. Ruth had no interest. “For the Lord is one!” She threw the garlic. Ruth found them within a hidden room beneath the guard post. The bone men were shot to pieces. She got a nice aim. Ruth waited for the others to open the gate. The lady gunner inhaled. She hung up the rifle. The wild roses bloomed. Ruth ran down the staircase. The seeds might inflict a stoned state. The knives exploded on impact. Ruth picked the gems. She reached a garden. There was no other word for it. “The Lord is my God!” She exclaimed. Ruth possessed the star of David. She would fight. Ruth was a Jew. The bats shrieked for blood. They settled upon her body. Ruth shuddered. They wouldn’t infect her. “For the Lord is one!” The star lit to enlighten her. She stood on the bottom. The gunner kept reloading. The silver bolts impaled the monsters. The quiver was empty. Ruth threw the knives. She got to defeat the bats. The skeletons reached to take her. “I fear not!” Ruth attacked like a berserk. “Even though I walk beneath the shadow of the valley of Death!” The axe removed the head. Ruth got to retrieve the gems. They turned into the rounds of bullets. Ruth got to destroy the band. The axe began to burn.

The girl blinked. Anna felt so tired. “Do you want more?” She had been asleep. The lust was burning within her blood. That was wrong. Anna just knew. Someone keptgiggling. “I do.” Their arms wrapped around her body. “Yes!” Anna was naked. She licked her lips. The trio covered her with kisses. “Come on!” They were that beautiful. “I want you!” Anna returned the favour. “You are so nice when being bad.” The trio enjoyed her company. Anna would make out. She would make out right now. That was a mistake. “Release me.” Anna pleaded. The third girl played with her hair. Anna gasped. “Be bold now.”She teased. “You want us.” Anna was held by the shoulders. The kiss went deep. She felt intoxicated. Anna surrendered to the craving. The sisters wished to play. Anna couldn’t help it. She enjoyed their touches. “Please.” The girl moaned. “Leave me.” Anna whispered. She tried to regain the strength. “Get away from me!” That was impossible. Anna was their slave. They knew how to perform. This was delicious. “Help me!” They would make her forget. “Give in to the lust.” Ana closed her eyes. “I won’t!” The dancing girl moaned. Anna wept. Her memories tried to awake. “Enjoy!”The mistress beamed with delight. “Forever and ever.” Theylaughed by her misery.

The caves, Forgotten City. The 20th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The nayad lost hold. Marina survived the impact. “Daughters of river!” She exclaimed. Marina got up into a ready position. She found the runes. “They are upon the knee-cups!” This was a problem. “Let it be.” Julius approached. The sword kept blazing like the sun. “Dark water.” They might conquer together. “Burn!” Thomas howled. The bats spread about. “You bastards!” The knight released the flurry of flames. That gave a breather. Marina sighed. She knew that wouldn’t last. The thrower released a flurry. That twisted her body. “Blasted!” Thomas smashed with the book. The flames cleared the caves. Marina got impressed. The trio grabbed her. The door was open. There was someone inside. Marina left that behind. “Twisted!” The knight got ambushed by a bat dash. “Dark water.” They made her to kneel. The axe armour would remove her head. “Daughters of river.” Marina cast the enflamed spell. The red gem burned around her neck. The pendant amplified the power. The little witch challenged the knight. “Burn in Hell!” Thomas reloaded the rifle. “Alright.” Marina sighed. The dark-breed had to fetch the wood bullets. “Preserve us!” The titan struck against the floor. Julius made the sign of the cross. “From the wicked One!” The idol towered above the priest.

Resurrection room, fortress Aliba. The 20th. of December 2098 A.D.

The order warlock knew what to do. Boyar Ludwig beheld the ritual. The resurrection room lay behind the dark church tower. Lucius Beltaine was the witch doctor. The half-brother, Freidrich Bernhard, keptat attention. The armour belonged tothe death riders. The baron rejoiced in their services. The brothers went from the Laruba mansion to protect his keep. Ludwigrequested their assistance. “To rise the dead.” The warlock made it more interesting. Beltaine had summoned the monsters. theywould obey. The magic might be a surprise for those pesky rebels. Friedrich also brought himthe reinforcements from the eastern Debias. Thesoldiers could rest to die another day. The vampires went out hunting. The combined bat and zombie assault created a diversion. That was to their advantage. The undead might cause some further disorder among the resistance. Ludwig should not underestimate their power. The Bernhardt linage had survived. They granted power to those who served the Dark Lord. The red knightshad acknowledged their supremacy. They feared the Mother of Darkness. Ludwig kept the silence. The baron blazed with anger. He was a descendant of the Dragon. “The crypt must be protected.” Ludwig Von Bork accepted this to be the last line of defence.

The caves, forgotten city. The 20th. of December 2098 A.D.

The cloaked wizard hurried down the passage. He seldom moved with such haste. This was such a foolish waste of the count’s resources. He had not survived the 2076 incident to be taken down by these… These children. The titan was his creation. That should prevent them from conquest. His apprentice was in danger. The cloaked warlock felt her through the force. The brute animal and his gunner pet almost got him already. He should not remainbehind. The dark wizard knew about this secret path. The cape whirled about while he went chanting. The warlock had something to tell her. Even so, he would make them to chase after him.

The titan roared. Julius made the sign of the cross. “Watch out!” Marina tried to help him. Julius released his meteor. The space stone collided againstthe stalactites. The priest hid the knee-cup rune. That didn’t change anything. The giant smashed against the floor. Julius stumbled. That was an earth quake. He barely escaped the magma. The little witch grappled with the whip-sword. The bubble boiled. The figure got a rune on the forehead. Julius didn’t have to climb. The attempt would kill him. The priest dropped his book. The Tempus flame engulfed the titan. “God with us!” Julius cried. The giant was stopped in time. Marina got high enough to release the fairies. He touched the crucifix. Juste Belmont conjured their kind in 1748. The magma titan tried to crush her. “He is that strong!” Marina cried. The titan grouped her. The bubble was a shield. Julius bit together. The priest consolidated his might. He prayed that would be enough. Julius got lifted into the air. The acid Cross appeared above. His image burst. The fluidCleansed the chamber. The rune changed colour. Marina cast the ice spell. The glyph was shattered. The idol titan sent her against the wall. The giant threw a flurry of magma. Julius dodged the lot. The little witch saved herself. She flouted within the pillar of water. He made the sign of the cross. That was a surprise. The titan tried to box him. Julius forged the pyre sword. The little witch grappled the monster. “God with us!” She was that incredible. Marina found the fifth rune. The glyph was carved within the side. The idol might squash her. Julius summoned the force. He leaped into the air. The house of Belmont could enchant their abilities. The priest threw the Shuriken. The weapon pierced the side. Julius reached the ground. He barely retrieved the heirloom. Marina occupied the palm. “Dark water.” She dashed to release the flame. Julius gripped the crucifix. The titan got carved upon the wrist. The idol roared. She damaged both runes. Julius put that aside. Marina tumbled to the floor. She managed to grab the leg. The giant tried to brush her aside. “Preserve us!” Julius made it to rain with holy water. “From the wicked One!” She cast the ice spell. “Daughters of river!” The wrist glyphs exploded. “Then believe!” Julius summoned the Lord. “You shall see the wonders of God!” The priest got illuminated. He leaped for the runes. The magma was no problem. Marina leaped. He pushed her aside. Julius stabbed the side with what he got left. The glyph exploded. He left that behind. They rolled on the floor. The titan went berserk. “Preserve us!” The balls of magma struck the ground. The giant kept hitting. The stalactites might trap them in place. Julius ran. He used the sword to repel the onslaught. Julius had no choice. The nayad could fight. She got the strength. The titan might break them. The priest made a glide. There had to be other glyphs. The little witch might find the runes. Shegrappled the figure. She went like Coppelia. The bubble became a shield. He went about. “Let it be!” He made the sign of the cross. “In the name of the Lord!” The seventh rune was hidden between the shoulders. He needed the gems. Marina climbed on the torso. The titan tried to crush her. Julius bent. “My Lord!” He prayed. “Into Your hands I commit my spirit!” Julius threw the fireball sword. “In the name of the Father, the son and of the holy ghost!” The crucifix burned. The titan staggered upon impact. “Amen.” The priest closed the prayer. His blade went home. The priest inhaled. The sword hit the floor. The mysticwas enough.Julius retrieved the heirloom. They got to conquer. The titan loomed above. He hit the floor. The priest barely escaped the impact. The nayad must be air-sick. “Black water.” Marina had to remain on top. “Save us!” Julius presented the crucifix. The magma exploded. The priest got hurled aside. She got above the shoulder. “God with us!” Julius had no choice. He crushed the stalactites. “Daughters of river!” Marina released the blue fire. The titan staggered behind. The little witch also got thrown away. The water bubble saved her life. “Glory be You.” Julius breath. “Our Father in Heaven.” The titan squeezed her. “Save us!” He ran to support her. The little witch pumped his hand full with the ice bullets. The giant released her. “Let it be.” The titan hit the floor. Marina twirled and tumbled. “Let it be!” She might catch his attention. Julius went around. The titan turned his head to spit magma. Marina cast the whirlwind spell. The titan got hurled against the wall. The priest threw the blade. The rune burst. “Look out!” The glyph survived. The priest ran for his weapon. Marina released a flurry of pages before grappling the giant. “God with us.” Julius retrieved the sword. He made the sign of the cross. They must live. He sighed. Julius got work to do. Marina hung on like a puppet. She grasped the shoulder. The idol titan tried to squash her. The little witch cast the ice spell. Julius threw the sword like a boomerang. This he knew how to do. The double attack struck into the rune. The titan roared. The glyph exploded. The monster began to crumble. “Mother.” She landed atop the dust. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord.” Julius retrieved his weapon. He helped her to get up. They became weary. “The fight expended my resources.” Marina sighed. “I know.” Julius felt the ace in his body. They must retrieve the gems. Julius felt much better. The jewels might replenish his energy. He got to use the laurels. “Lead on.” Marina smiled. “God with us!” Julius brandished with the sword. They got to hunt. He picked up the gold. They might come in handy. Julius looked about. The others hadn’t returned. The priest wondered about that. What kept them? Whatever the case, he would pray for their salvation. Julius sighed. The priest hit another candle. “Preserve us from Evil.” He picked the gems. “Lord of compassion.” They granted power. “You have forgiven all.” The torches were the only source of light. “You will lead us and guide us into Your Heaven.” Julius got the lamp. He hung it upon the backpack. “It is time.” Marina told. “I know.” Julius touched the crucifix.

The tunnel echoed with the battle. “Back to Hell!” Thomas cursed. Black stripes went through the air. The bolts were ordinary. They were made of steel. His armour got pined. The knight felt like a beast tried to pierce him. “You devil’s!” The red knights brought the crossbow. Thomas growled to the foxes. They fought for the Dark Lord. He banished the axe armour. The suit got company. “Eat it!” The armour kept marching while hurling the axe. Thomas threw roses into the air. The explosives caused confusion among the enemies. Thomas bit together. The leg throbbed. The dark breed picked the bolt. “Right.” That gave some relief. Though the blood stained hisarmour,Thomascould walk and fight. “Back off you devils!” The knight opened his book. The pages went to pierce the soldiers. He reloaded the rifle before he fired. Thomas emptied the rifle. They ran for cover. Whisp howled his challenge. The spear blazed. He dashed to impale them. The elves withdrew.They pulled the crossbow. He twirled with the weapon. They got no chance. The axe armour had arrived. Whisp snarled.Thomas retained his human form. He got to fight. The knights unsheathed their weapons. “Blast you!” They must resist. Thomas twirled. The red knight took it upon his shield.

Underground garden, the caves. The 20th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The door was locked. Ruth worried about that. She was alone. The garden lay in shadow. Ruth frowned. The wall seemed to be made of solid plants. “The Lord is one.” The lamps lit up the pillars. Ruth knew when she got in trouble. The lady gunner hung up her arms. “I am never alone.” She believed.Ruth was curious. “I got to remove the hedge.” She bit her lip. The Hebrew inhaled. She was in doubt. Ruth opened the book. She beheld the exit. “By the Lord of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.” The Hebrew recited from the Torah. This was so sad. The pestilence killed the green life. The wicked thrived in the shadow of the demon castle. “Hosanna in the highest!” She cried. “Blessed arth thee who comes in the name of the Lord!” Ruth pulled behind. “I Know. I am a guest. A traveller.” The Hebrew figured. “St. Germain.” The ancestors thought about this being. “Fearnot.” The druid revealed. “Tell them about this encounter.” He played upon the horn. “Tell them that Andrew Hammer is with the Lord.” Ruth inhaled. “I shall tell my friends.” She promised. The brown wizard bowed before her. “Rest my daughter.” He told. “We shall meet again.” Ruth would never forget this moment. “Alright.” She picked together. The Saint had disappeared. No matter. Ruth got to fight.

The Utopia was lush green and warm. Anna was sweating. The juices went down her body. She had no mind. The sisters kissed her nipples. The mistress looked up to smile. She licked her lips. Anna smiled. She gasped and moaned. The third girl was so good when she was bad. Anna almost giggled. She sighed. The sweat ran between her breasts. This was intoxicating. She never felt this way before. Then the shadow fell upon the nest. Someone was watching. Anna smirked. She hoped he would enjoy the show. “You have obtained another plaything.” The voice rasped likebreaking bones. The nails scratched the black board. Anna hid her ears. That was the Master’s voice. She must resist. Anna huddled together. “What is thy bidding?” The third girl crawled in the dust. “My master.” Anna knew the Dark beheld her nudity. “They are here.” The shadow breathed. “Prepare yourself before the storm.” She was afraid. Anna felt the chill. The girl had to think. This was wrong. She was no flirt.“Noromance.” She should be adored. Anna would not be the plaything. The girl began to weep. “Help me.” Anna must be careful. The sisters kissed her. They went even lower. She got to play along. His image lay beneath her body. Anna had to wait. Though she had to burn them out.

The caves, forgotten city. The 20th. Of December 2098 A.D.

They really got in trouble this time. Marina and Thomas fought back-to-back. The axe armour was her main concern. He kept hurling at them. “Mother of river!” The little witchgot to cry. She released the ice bullets. Marina had no time to celebrate. The knight ran out of ammo. The five foxes fought to breach their defences. Julius presented the crucifix. The armour covered on sight. That gave no comfort. Marina bit together. She cast the enflamed spell. Julius advanced with his arms on fire. He descended from the house of Belmont. Julius crushed the axe armour. They shared the jewels. Marina felt better. The dark-breed made a back-flip. That saved his life. Marina resisted the combat. The axe man made heavy gashes. The weapon belonged to the survivors. She tried to regain composure. Thomas finished off with a flurry of flames. She collapsed. Marina got hurt. The knight got her. She was bleeding. “Julius!” He snarled. “Come over here!” She inhaled. Julius knelt beside her. The dark breed went into the control room.Hestepped on the switch. The gate was open. Julius got the laurels. The pain was her universe. Thomas climbed the staircase. The priest touched her forehead. Marina gasped. She got up. The little witch was ready to hunt the monsters.

St. Martin’s church, town of Aliba. The 20th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The priest closed his prayers. “Amen.” He made the sign of the cross. Henry had an intake. “Glory be the Father, the Son and the holy Ghost.” The pain subsided. The healer did her best.Pabel saved his soul. The knight knelt before the mother of Christ. He dipped his hand within the holy water to make the image of the cross. Daniela was right. “Our faith, and the sacraments, shall release us from the wicked One.” Pabel got up. “Hear the words of God.” The priest was young, though his faith was strong. Pabel was built like a boxer. “You have become restored. Earendil appeared beneath the archway. That was broken. Though not even the Unicorn might enter the house of God. Henry touched his neck. He retrieved the crucifix. “I am alright.” The knight assured. “The mother of Christ heard your voice.” Earendil lowered his head. “The bite was extraordinary.” Henry shuddered. The zombies beat him to a pulp. “You saved my life.” The Unicorn was serious. “I always try to pay my debt.” Henry rubbed his face. “You don’t owe me anything.” This wasn’t the first time he tried to tell. “So it is.” Earendil never seemed to accept. “Tholin and Daniella also gave a hand.” They brought him to church. “We must defeat the dead.” Daniella touched the cross. “Right.” The knight agreed.

Underground garden, the caves. The 20th. Of December 2098 A.D.

This was her final opportunity.Though it came before he expected. This seemed so simple. Now, she would have to prove herself worthy of being his apprentice. Three years ago, she and her sisters came to pledge fealty to the Dark Lord. The great gate was opened. They madegreat deeds together. The four hunters stood at the gate. He had learned to recognize them. The vampire hunter, the dark-breed, the lady gunner and the witch.They had become strong. The summoned servants where ready to fight. They would die here. Or become enslaved. “The battle begins.” The warlock hissed. This was the hour of the Beast. “Proveyourloyalty.”

The gate was open. “Here we go again.” Marinagot excited. “Be careful.” Thomas was grim. “The scent isbad.” The lady gunner gave him a look. She kept beside. The little witch replaced her hat while reading spells. “That is alright.” She touched the whip sword. Julius made the sign of the cross. It was too quiet. Marina touched his arm. He inhaled. “Let it be.” He breathed. Julius gathered. “Let us go.” He told. The groupbrandished with their weapons. Ruth figured the map. The forgotten city was ahead. He unsheathed the sword. That was striped with flame. Julius touched the crucifix.The vegetation was luminous. Thomas carried the lamp on his backpack. He blinked. The ruined sculpture seemed to move. Julius reached for the crucifix. “Blasted!” Thomas cursed. The light was illusive. “Mother of river!” Marina cried. The gunner remained calm. Julius didn’t expect the Utopia. The soft green light made the gardento feel rather melancholy. Julius picked together. “Be careful.” He told. “This is Dracula’s curse.” He cut down the wines. “Do not touch those things.” Thomas stamped on the flowers. “I don’t like the smell.” He growled. “This istoo sweet.” Julius tried to forget. Thomas was right. The scent made himdizzy. Julius expected the naiads to play in the pools. They didn’t.Although the place was huge. This reminded about the monstrosity’s cave. “Watch out!” Ruth threw axes into the air. They got turned to stone. Julius escaped the roses. The witch chanted. Her ice spell made them to wither. Julius advanced. He cut the greeneries. Juliusthrew the stone axe. The holy water protected against the powder. Marinareleased a flurryofpages. The priest removed thecurtains. “Hi there.” Her voicewas like a beacon. Julius looked about. He didn’t see anything. Someone was singing. The voice was attractive. The priest folded his hands. The siren had special powers. Julius bit his lip. The Lord would protect him. He inhaled. Lillith ruled supreme. Something cracked beneath his boots. Juliuslooked down. “Preserve us.” He shuddered.There were bones buried beneath the flowers. “They are dead.” Marina looked pale as a ghost. Thomas howled. “My kin!” He bellowed. “They slaughtered my kin!” Julius touched the crucifix. He felt unsure. Thiswas agent bones. Thomas couldn’t know about them. The knight torethe vines. Julius chased him. He was mad.Hemade the sign of the cross. He lost sight. Ruth and Marina got left behind. The song made him to stagger. Julius made his decision. He had to know the lady’s identity. Julius went toward the centre. The glow got brighter. That was like the sun in the forest. This was wrong. They went beneath the mountains. The haunted Utopia wasto quiet. Julius heard no sound. He continued. Who were responsible?Julius cut the vines. The plantswere disgusting. Something died in here. The plants fed on them. He shook it off. Julius reached the clearing.The pond was polluted. The trio of girls layupon the pedestal. They smiled by his approach. Julius changed grip upon thesword. “Let it be.” He went into battle. They cried in unison. The Succubus leaped with her wings spread wide. Julius got the sword. She threw a fireball. Julius struck. The assault backfired. She leaped above. The demon poised in the green light. The priest tightened his grip. The Succubus was perfect. The black hair fell down her face. The large dark eyes looked out from behind the curtain.”Then let it be done.” He breathed. The leather corset didn’t conceal anything. Succubus was exposed. Julius gulped. He couldn’t help it. She was adorable. Anna’s habit prepared the battle. Succubus released a homing ball. He dodged. She delivered a series of high kicks. Julius dropped the book. The fireballs constructed a wall. She staggered. Julius struck. The ball created a shield. Succubus smirked. “Save me.” He drew sweat of his brow. Julius felt a sudden desire to be kissed by those lips. The priest inhaled. That would be her triumph. She could fly. The sisters went from the nest. They moved in a triangle pattern to throw fireballs. “In the name of the Father, the son of the holy Ghost!” Julius presented the crucifix. They mocked His image. The crucifix lit with fire. Julius blocked the attack. The fireballs went aside. “Calling from Heaven!” The Phoenix sang. She had arrived. The sisters scattered. “Be quiet you bird!” The demon gathered her rage. Julius threw the dagger. She got pierced. “Save us!” The twins stole the ring. “Burn bird!” The priest threw a vial. He got to banish the triad. “Glory be You!” He retrieved the ring. “Our Father in Heaven!” Julius gave it to her. “Thank you.” She retained her human form. Anna was naked. That was her concern. She blushed. “Get armed!” He called. Anna inhaled. She blew him a kiss before she vanished. “A pity.” The trio gloated. “Though the concubine is lackingcourage.” Julius made no comment. He knew the truth. “Stay back.” The Succubus licked her lips. “I will deal with this human slime myself.” Julius made the sign of the cross. He got the dagger and the book. The demon made a glide. She folded both arms. The black leather gauntlets protected her torso. The uppercut sent him flying. “Stay put.” The Succubus licked her lips. “Kiss me.” She bent forward. The priest stamped her. The demon screamed. She was burned. The curse absorbed her pain. That left no burn marks. The Succubus withdrew to hurl the homing ball. Julius threw the axe. That caused an explosion. “Human pest!” The kick almost removed his head. He threw the meteor. That should break her ribs. She recovered before throwing three fireballs. “God with us!” Julius struck. He might repel that spell. The Succubus then threw herself forward. Julius dodged. He could use some help. The demon emerged to fight. The kick sent him sprawling. The Succubus smiled. “Kiss me.” She threw the fireballs. “Come.” She teased. “To make out with me.” Julius repelled the spell. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost!” The priest presented his crucifix. “”Go back to the shadows!” The Succubus screamed. “Curse you human!” Her eyes blazed with rage. “You shall not escape!” Julius inhaled. He felt chills down his spine.

The cave garden still looked the same. Thomas hated to admit. He got lost. The dark-breed kept muttering. He should support the others. Julius was the leader. He prayed for guidance. The zombie threw a punch. Thomas ducked. The corpse stenched. He snarled with disgust. “Burn in Hell!” Thomas howled. He hated the undead. The anger was like a catalyst of power. The zombies pushed through the earth. The garden must be stacked with corpses. “Twisted!” Thomas turned to pump them with energy. He stopped to reload the rifle. The knight waisted the silver. He sighed. The golden ammo got a red cross painted in front. Thomas borrowed from the gunner. That was not important. Thomas supported against the lance. He obtained the morning-star item within the candle. That changed the spear. The knight pulled together. The bats flapped about. He almost forgot. Thomas released a flurry of flames. The smell revealed their presence. Thomas got surrounded by the zombies. He howled his frustration. The knight retained the image of the beast. “Back to Hell!” The skeletons brandished with their bones. Whisp gathered more power. He twirled with the lance. The dark-breed would tear them to shreds. The bats whirled about. He snarled. The stone roses blossomed.

The lady gunner reloaded her rifle. “Let it be done.” Ruth used the wood bullets. They were useful against the undead. She got to defend herself. The skeletons threw bones into the air. “Be what may be.” Ruth had become nervous. She threw the axe forward. The red fox clutched for her stomach. She was dead before hitting the floor. Ruth couldn’t rest. She got the daggers. “Kill her!” The jump-kick hit the blue fox. He fell into a heap. The bats squeaked for blood. Ruth shuddered. They settled on her body. The gunner recited from the Torah book. The monsters burst into flame. “Nice trick.” Thomas tore through the green-life. “Watch me.” He twirled to impale the skeletons. “We have to escape!” The knight presented his crucifix. “Alright!” Ruth spun with the axe. “The beauty and the beast.” The tiny wood troll was teasing with her. The zombies pulled through the ground. Ruth was forced to retreat. “I am here.” Thomas filled them with bullets. “Let it go!” The lady gunner told. “Hear the words of God!” She opened the book to make the rising flames to track forward. “Follow up!” The dark-breed encouraged her actions. “They might pull together!” Ruth cried. “I know!” Her friend howled. She chased them through the cave garden. “Fire in the hall!” This would be the final fight.

The fountain was spreading water. Anna stopped. This was the Utopia. She pulled her hair into braids. “Blessed are You.” Anna found her outfit. “Save me.” She felt like a wild woman. “For I have sinned.” This was where she stripped down for the triad. Anna kissed the crucifix. The touch made her to feel much better. The swords got pinned into the ground. “I will fight.” She re-sheathed the blades. “Though I am a slut.” Anna beheld her reflection in the water. “Let me be true.” Julius twice saved her soul. She would be forever grateful. Anna sighed. She doubted the Belmonts had use for a prostitute. Anna twirled with the ring. The gem was a gift from Charles Vincent. “Alright.” The legends told he got it from Shanoa of the order. Anna unfolded the contract. “How may I be of service?” Renon arrived. She got the purse. The man tipped his hat. Anna would be adored. The merchant beheld her with some interest. She would dance before the people. “I want my jewelleries.” Anna explained. “Of course.” Renon put her stash atop the briefcase. “Though it will cost you.” She laughed. “1000 pieces of gold.” Anna licked her lips. “Right.” She gave him her money. Renon accounted the lot. “You still owe me.” Anna inhaled. “Very well.” She got something else to offer.

The red knights cut through the ivy vines. “There she is!” The leader exclaimed. “Shoot her!” Their black stripes got stuck in the ground. “Sweet Mother of river!” Marina pulled together. She used her cape like a shield. The little witch cast the whirlwind spell. The knights spread out to cover more ground. Marina got up. She carved enough space to throw the silver knifes. “Good.” Marina fetched the hat. “Very good.” She inhaled. The little witch cleared the area. The nayad retrieved her backpack. “Come to me!” She released the fairies. They might cover her retreat. They were talking. Marina pushed through the vines. She recoiled the whip-sword. “To the clear water.” Marina gathered her magic. That was Anna. The little witch might relax. Then she noticed about the salesman. Anna sang. “Sweet Mother of river.” The Phoenix sacrificed her tears. Marina felt helpless. This was not right. “That is enough.” Renon corked the bottle. He put it in the briefcase. Marina licked her lips. She blocked her gaze. The flash might blind her. “Forever.” Anna returned. “Please.” Renon bowed. “Summon me.” He tipped the hat. “If there is anything else.” The salesman vanished. They exchanged glances. Marina shrugged. The bats squeaked.Ruth fired a shot. “Come on!” Marina used the power gem.

Outer wall, fortress Aliba. The 20th. Of December 2098 A.D.

They got pushed away. The enemies had reached the walls. “Kill them!” The zombies tried to pull back the ladder. The rebels climbed up like apes. They cut down the corpses. The bat dash made them hide beneath their shield. FriedrichBernhardt raised his lance. The lightning struck down. That clenched the courtyard. Lucius Beltaine sat cross-legged upon the snow. He spoke ancient words. The slaveraised on his command. Friedrich was proud of his brother. The knights fired their bow or crossbow weapons. The enemies stood tall. They’d conquered most of the wall. The death rider mounted Gravial. Lucius generated a sort of tombstone shield before getting up. “You must clear the outer wall.” Ludwig’s voice still rang in his ears. He would obey. The boyar was in command. Baron Ludwig Von Bork hid within the fortress. The dwarves crushed the skeletons. Friedrich exposed his fangs. He made lightning strike. That carved some space. The nayads got him.

Gravial landed upon the walkway. The horn-playing druid blew his instrument. “Curse you!” Friedrich approached. “Blood is the life.” The Saint had to die. Heunsheathed his sword. Something else happened. Friedrich couldn’t move. The steed changed colour. He smiled.

Underground garden, the caves. The 20th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The fightbegan. From up here, he gotan excellent view of the battle. They were so clever. The vampire hunters could be a threat to thefallen Dark Lord. The Succubus might conquer. She loved playing games. Though the stakes became so high. The warlock kept chanting. They answered his call. “Awake.Do my bidding.” The shambling corpses pushed through the earth. They would feed tonight. “Kill them.” The necromancer instructed. They turned to do his bidding. “Arise.” The undead fed upon his sacrifice. “By the power of magic, blood and steel, I command you.” The hunters would die. The warlock could prevent their descent.

This was the living Hell. “God with us!” Julius struck down. The fireballsgot rebounded. Succubus leaped to kick out with her hip-high leather boots. She almost removed his head. “Save us!” Julius made a back-flip. He revealed the crucifix. The demon went into the air. The priest inhaled. He might save her soul. Then again, Succubus reunited with her sisters. The trio beheld him. “Come to us.” The demon licked her lips. “We are the girls that want to have fun.” They touched her body. Julius blushed. “Tell me.” The sisters opened the corset to suck upon her nipples. “That I am beautiful.” Julius hid his face. They laughed by his misery. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost!” The blade and the crucifix blazed. Succubus snarled. She threw a homing ball. Julius hurled the vial of holy water. “Curse you!” The demon screamed by the liquid. That was a flash-bang. The blue fire lit to burn the garden. Succubus emerged above. The impact left her scarred and deformed, though she could fly. Julius threw the axe. The shield blocked the attack. “Let it be.” The sisters made a connection. The demon was furious. He didn’t get it. Marina leached with the whip-sword. She grappled at Succubus. That brough her down to earth. “Kill her!” She cried. The sisters reached for her. Marina got to release her. The priest threw the dagger forward. The living force blossomed. He managed to nail the demon. The weapon split. The five daggers exploded. Julius sighed. The little witch also got knocked out. Julius would hunt the night. Though she was an ally. The priest made the sign of the cross. “Resiturgam.” He said. They would rise by Christ. “You human scum.” Succubus was alive. “Freeze!” Marina cast the ice spell. The nayad caught the sisters. “You cannot stop us.” Succubus called to them. She might melt the ice. “Mistress!” They screamed. “Let us kill the hunters.” She went above. Marina didn’t grab her. Both sisters surrendered their power. Succubus got restored. “Rest in peace.” They died. Julius mourned their demise. She killed them. “The Master’s voice.” Succubus had arrived. “Save us!” He shuddered. Marina released her fairies. The demon went into the air. They tried to stun her. Julius leaped to attack. “Leave him!” The nayad cried. She charged the ice spell. “I know what you want.” The embrace might inflict a cursed state. Julius made a back-flip. He threw the star. The Shuriken got buried between her breasts. “Rest in peace!” Julius might glide to impale the heart. “Do you want a kiss?” Succubus grabbed him. Julius gasped. “Eternal night!” She threw him aside. Marina really got in trouble. “Then let it be done!” Julius struck with the blade. He would bring an end to her misery. “I shall make yousuffer!” Succubus revived her sisters. They went in a triangle pattern. The fireballs burst on impact. Julius got the crucifix. “Dark water!” The nayad used the power gem. The blue flame obscured the garden. “Burn in Hell!” Thomas howled. The priest exhaled. “Blessed are you.” The others had arrived. Ruth and Anna fought back-to-back. He bit together. Anna twirled with both swords. The trolls got forced aside. Ruth fired around. They turned the silent grove into a battlefield. Thomas shot at the fakes. “Mother of river!” Marina threw the silver knife. The core got supernatural powers. This was a mess. Julius used the sword storm. The women got impaled. Succubus staggered. She almost fell to her knees. Marina screamed. The trolls picked her. The fire spell removed the head. That was a boost. Marina leaped. The corpse turned to stone. Julius raised the sword. Succubus cast the homing ball. “Into Your hands!” The priest repelled the onslaught. “I commit my spirit!” Succubus jabbed him in the face. “Dracul!” She sent him sprawling. The slide-kick emptied his lungs. “Blasted!” Thomas howled. She turned upon him. He was too quick. The blast gave a breather. Her blood stained the white roses with crimson. Julius shook it aside. He got up to use the laurels. That felt much better. The demon was alive. The shroud fell upon her. The cloaked figure bent above his pray. She screamed. “You cannot fail.” The necromancer cherished her neck.Julius fought not to vomit. The entire front of the cloak got stained with blood. The gloved hand touched the crimson stopwatch item. Julius exhaled. “I know who you are.” The dark wizard hissed. “You forged the ice titan.” Marina looked appalled. “I know.” The necromancer unsheathed his machete. “You have become a remarkable young woman.” Anna blushed. “Leave me.” Marina hid her face. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost!” The priest presented the crucifix. “Let it be.” The hood turned his way. Julius sighed. That was empty. “It was I who killed Soma Cruz.” Julius felt so cold. “In the year of 2075.” There was a flash. The dark wizard approached with the sword and scythe. “They told about your demise.” Julius kept the blade. “Darkness never dies.” The wizard gloated. “They granted eternal life.” The nayad struck with her whip-sword. “He is connected to Shadow!” Marina exclaimed. They got no time. Although the trolls ran in terror, the fight was far from over. “Save us!” Julius met him in combat. “This is your turn.” The necromancer instructed. “Kill the hunters.” They answered. The earth shook. “Open bolts, chains, bonds, there is a dead voice calling.” The death spell. “That stench like the grave.” Anna went pale. “That is alright.” Ruth reloaded the rifle. The zombies got filled with bullets. Julius swallowed. The pieces got spread about. “Stronger we are!” That was far from enough. “In the name of the Lord!” Anna approached. She tried to cut them apart. “God with us!” Julius stood of the attack. “Wait for me.” Ruth got to reload. “Freeze!” The nayad got her own bullets. “You devils!” She released the ice pellets. That broke the skeletons into pieces. “Death and Darkness.” The sword burned like the sun in the forest. “Let it be!” He faced the necromancer. The undead pushed through the ground. Ruth threw the roses at them. The band got shot to pieces. They got to defeat the warlock.

The skeletons kept throwing bones. Thomas retained his human form. He might still relax. Neither of the dead belonged to the were-animals. The Dark Lord could summon the werewolves into service. Anna danced to cut up the monsters. She twirled around to release the blast. Thomas hurled the stakes. “Burn in Hell!” He impaled the skeleton. “Fire at will!” The red knights caught up. “Twisted.” Thomas growled. Black stripes went through the air. Shewas hurt. He howled a challenge. The girl got hit in her leg and shoulder. “Girly?” Thomas whimpered. The blood ran down the dancing girl’s costume. The bats went to feed. The zombies grabbed him. Anna removed the bolts. The expression told about her pain. Whisp broke from the grip. The knights fired. Anna might heal herself. She blazed with the war force. The dark-breed escaped. He met the blue fox face-to-face. The others gathered around the fight. “Leave him alone!” Anna made the chain lightning strike. She was brave. Thomas got the garlic. He caused the other explosions. The red knights attacked. He twirled with the lance. They fought back-to-back. “Let it be!” Anna knew how to brandish.

The necromancer beheld her body. Anna shuddered. “Stronger we are!” Anna was more than a plaything. “In the name of the Lord!” The black warlock bent. “By blood, steel and power!” He cast the death spell. “I command thee to rise!” The shackle of zombies left their graves. “Wipe them out.” The necromancer hissed. “All of them.” Thomas howled. “Burn in Hell!” He used the silver bullets. “Fire at will.” The warlock called the other undead. The skeletons hurled bones into the air. “Let Your will be done!” The wizard flouted above the combat. “Then so be it, you slut.” The necromancer upheld the same position. “If you cannot bend.” The shield was a bubble made of ectoplasms. “You are to be terminated.” Anna inhaled. “Help us!” She screamed. That was incredible. Anna would fight. She dashed at the dead. Thomas was there. He spun with the lance. The bats squeaked. “Curse you!” The star field burned the onslaught. She spun to impale between the ribs. The bag of bones fell into pieces. Anna struggled for air. The thrower got a choke-hold upon her neck. The dead ragged her. She would not surrender. Anna fused the force. “Blasted!” The knight buried his claws into her captors. “Stronger we are!” Anna presented the crucifix. “In the name of the Lord!”

The necromancer closed his fists. Julius made the sign of the cross. The warlock hid behind the shield. “For the Lord is one!” Ruth touched the star. “The vampire hunter, the lady gunner and the little witch.” The necromancer approached. “How very fitting.” Ruth licked her lips. They got no time. The dark warlock might resurrect the spirits of the dead. Ruth fired a shot. The cross bullets rebounded. “Your slight skills are no match for the might of the Dark Lord.” The wizard made the ectoplasms to fall down. Ruth swallowed. They moved like the slugs. Marina cast the ice spell. “Pond slut.” The necromancer hurled the scythe like a boomerang. The gunner threw herself sideways. Ruth used the silver bullets. She got to defeat the dead. Ruth grasped the star. The priest hurled the axe. That got buried among the garbs. She bent to pick the rounds. The zombies left them behind. Ruth reloaded the rifle. “For the Lord is one!” She cried. “The Lord is my God!” She stabbed the skeletons before releasing the wood boom. “You shall pay!” The zombies took her. Ruth struck with the axe. The corpses began to burn. The spectrals squeezed. She hurled the garlic. “Bless you!” Julius called. The ectoplasms got blasted into oblivion. Ruth exhaled. She read from the book. The fire cleansed the garden.

He lifted bothhands. Marina ran to strike with the whip-sword. The shield got in the way. You pond scum.” The necromancer made the ectoplasms to fall down. “Return to the men.” The sword slashed through the air. Julius threw a vial of the holy water. “You cannot resist.” He retrieved both weapons. “Terminate the hunters!” The warlock might conjure the undead. “I think “freeze” is the word.” Marina made a back-flip. The necromancer hit the stopwatch. The group got frozen in place. “Perhaps you are not so strong as I thought.” She inhaled. Marina caused the enflamed eruption. “Let it be.” Julius threw the gold knife.

The priest was untouched. The combined assault pierced the shield. The others got released. “Curse the living.” The necromancer withdrew. “Your souls belong to me!” He made the ectoplasms to fall. Marina brandished with the whip-sword. “Let it be done.” Julius presented the crucifix. The dead wizard recovered. Julius made a glide. The Shuriken went home. Marina released the pages. The dark warlock blocked the assault. Anna made lightning strike. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost!”Julius made it to rain. “Hear me.” The necromancer hid within the bubble.”There is a dead voice calling.” Marina shrieked.

Courtyard, fortress Aliba. The 20th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The monsters remained in place. They kept the fight. Daniela smashed with the war hammer. The crossbow bolt cost her helmet. The honey brown braids fell down beneath her shoulders. The snow was falling. She doused the lizard with holy water. “Let it be!” Daniela stamped with the crucifix. She crushed the ribs. Her blade broke. St. Germain brought her the hammer. He told that was her birthright. Daniela didn’t figure. Never mind. She retrieved the helm. Daniela looked toward the top. The saint fought the dual of the great. The raven was up there. “Nevermore!” The bird shrieked. Poe was his sole assistance. The two brothers came from both directions. Daniela closed her grey eyes. She felt so tired. They fought atop the fortress. She wished to climb up there. “Come on Aulin!” Henry shouted. “We got work to do.” Daniela inhaled. She picked together. He told the truth. She touched the crucifix. “I am here!” She promised. Tholin got carried away. The dwarf was hurt. “Look out!” The nayads released with the bow-and-arrows. They came to close. Daniela might be pierced. The rangers got some other weapons. Daniela sighed. She was impressed. The skeleton tried to strangle her. The lizards came to stab. She took it on the shield. “You devils!” Henry had arrived.

Underground garden, the caves. The 20th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The green-life created a barrier. The necromancer summoned the dead. “Listen.” He made the sword and scythe to attack. “The Master’s voice.” They pushed through the ground. “There is a dead voice calling.” He got to keep the hunters spread out. “Arise.” The dark warlock got enough power. “Shrouded.” They got the upper hand. That would not be tolerated. Not again. The necromancer released the ectoplasms. He might end their life. “Good.” That was glorious. Good.” The dark wizard laughed in triumph. That was not enough. “You are the accursed.” The fairies broke the shield. “Leave me.” He hissed. “Tiny fools.” They sapped the energy.

The skeletons got crushed. “Let it be.” Julius made the sign of the cross. “Die you devil!” Anna danced. She might be adored. “Take him!” Marina released the fairies. They sapped some of the shield energy. The nayad cheered. “For the Lord is One.” Ruth was reading from the Torah. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost!” Julius threw the homing ball. “Mother of river!” Marina was there. She cast the flame spell. “Accursed mortals!” The spectral got defeated. “To Death and Darkness!” The evil warlock twirled withthe weapons. “You shall not suffer a witch to live.” The law was made to punish the wicked. Marina was innocent. The Lament meant nothing to her. The priest left the case. He threw the gold Shuriken. Julius blocked the scythe. “Leave them alone!” Ruth encountered his blade. The axe burned. “You cannot strike me!” The man raised an arm to beaconed the ectoplasm. “Sweet mother of river!” Marina made a glide to throw bullets. The necromancer shrieked. The cloak got stained. “Preserve us!” Julius presented the crucifix. The shield was blue. “Look out!” Anna told. The ectoplasms fell down. “Then let it be!” Julius made it to rain with holy water. They burned. “Glory be You.” The spectrals left the crystals behind. “Our Father in Heaven.” This was a trap. He picked the gems. The necromancer restored his shield. “Listen to my voice.” He awoke the dead. Julius fought the righteous battle. The dark wizard might levitate. “Die!” Ruth shot him. The bubbled rebounded. Marina opened the spell book. The zombie reached for her neck. Ruth kept the trigger. The cross bullets pierced the skull. Julius removed the head. The little witch would live. “Did you enjoy that?” The necromancer regained composure. “You are to serve.” He reached for the stopwatch. “Into Your hands!” Julius cried. “I commit my spirit!” The priest made a row of clocks to fall down. That stopped the warlock. “Jesus!” They got to break the shield. The sword and scythe met them in combat. Marina created the bubble shield. The gunner got pressed into another dual. “Yes.” The dark wizard smirked. “Good Lord!” Julius threw the vial. The liquid stained like acid. “You scum.” The warlock hit him. He staggered. The impact felt like solid iron. “Save us!” The chill bit both the body and soul. Juliusheld the laurels. He removed the curse. They got occupied. “The time to die.” The necromancer sent the Death ripple through the time/space reality. Julius barely got away. The green-life had withered. “Then so it is!” He presented the crucifix. The priest got lifted into the air. The enflamed cross cleansed the garden. The eyes of the necromancer went burstingcold with hatred. “The Dark Lord may never be defeated.” The ectoplasms fell down. “The dead shall walk on the land of the living.” The warlock recited the grimoire. The blood shed had revived the dead. The necromancer used his power. “Fire in the hall!” The death ripple might kill them. This was madness. He waisted his life. “Rest in peace.” Julius escaped the impact. “Take a breath.” Marina released the fairies. “Great!” Ruth called. They stunned him. “Eat it!” She released the bolt. The silver disappeared within the cloak. Ruth almost got consumed by the spectrals. “Dark water!” Marina got the book. “Let it be.” The priest doused them with holy water. “That is enough.” The skeletons kept him in place. The necromancer threw the scythe and sword. Julius released through the gauntlets. The dead men collapsed. He encountered the weapons. “God with us!” Julius forged the angel sword. His blade shone bright against the blue and green. “Cursed thee.” The dark warlock restored the shield. Julius refused the weapons. The zombies spread about the garden. “You have to resist the Shadow!” Marina cracked with the whip-sword to throw icicles. She made the shamble to retreat. The little witch inhaled. She cast the fire spell. Ruth kicked at the head. Her arms were on fire. She threw the punches before the upper-cut. The flames gave an edge. Julius inhaled. He made the acid fumes to fall down. The Lord gave him the strength to continue the hunt. Their united effort broke the shield. “Hit the deck!” Ruth loaded the rifle. She aimed toward the ectoplasms. The necromancer conjured the dead. “God with us!” Julius metboth the weapons. The witch threw silver knives. “You little slut.” The wizard cast a spell. They got repelled. Ruth heldthe bolt. The priest touched the crucifix. This had to end. Julius must put him to rest. “Stronger we are!” Anna might fix the problem. “In the name of the Lord!” The gypsy’s swords removed the head. “You shall pay for this.” The warlock hissed. “He promised to make me immortal.” He burned. “This is not the end.” The wizard became consumed by his own black hatred. “Then let it be done.” Julius sighed. The priest felt so tired. Though he couldn’t afford to relax. “Let us defeat the necromancer.” Julius retrieved the sword. “Alright.” Marina inspected the clock. “Be mindful.” Julius told. “The bloodwatch might kill you.” She arched an eyebrow. “This is mine.” Marina decided. He thought of Gabriel. “So it is.” The priest dismissed. “That might use the blood plasma.” Julius frowned. He got one more treasure. He reached into the purse. “This might save you.” The jar contained a sample of Dracula’s blood. “This was a gift.” Alucard gave it to Sonia. “The blood might grant the eternal life.” Neither of them dared to use it. “Give that to me.” Marina sat into her stream. She was eager. “Yes.” Marina convulsed. Her eyes went crimson. “This is real power.” Marina smiled. “You have to pay.” Julius mourned her loss. “You might be like them.” The dancing girl re-sheathed her blades. “That is too dangerous.” Ruth arrived. “You should break it.” The nayad shook her head. “Leave me alone.” She hung the item around her neck. “This belongs to me.” Julius sighed. “The eternal night.” He felt her desire. “I am ready.” Marina cracked with the whip-sword. “Save us.” He made the sign of the cross. She returned the glass. Julius inhaled. “The garden is changing.” Anna told. He had noticed.

The armour threw the axe. Thomas reloaded with the wood bullets. “Preserve us from Evil!” Julius presented the crucifix. The axe exploded. There was another knight. “Twisted!” Thomas twirled. He summoned morepower. “I have a bad feeling about this.”Julius inhaled. “Help me!” Marina got in trouble. “God with us!” Julius cried. They met him in close battle. The knight used his shield like a battering-ramp. Thomas put down the garlic. They must escape from the blast. The axe armour came likea berserk. Thomas would handle the combat. He gathered the force. Thomas hurled the stakes. They burned on impact. The axe armour continued the death march. The dark-breed bared his teeth. The fireabsorbed upon contact. He went to retrieve the bullets. The knight left them behind. The shots might get in handy. “The Lord is my God!” Ruth had to save her. The armour tried to catch them in between. Thomas retained his true form. Whisp howled his challenge. The axe armour turned around. Whisp inhaled. The double shot might crush him into pieces. The dark-breed kept blazing. He gathered the force. Whisp would tear him apart. He snarled. Anna danced to cast her spell. She might destroy the armour. Ruthgot the rifle. “Blasted!” Whisp threw the double shot.

The garden was changing. “Stronger we are!” Anna gasped. She couldn’t believe it. “In the name of the Lord!” Julius released them of the spell. She exhaled. Anna trusted the swords. The troll lost hold. “The fight is over!” She screamed. He got turned to stone. The red knights pulled the crossbow. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Anna gathered the war force. She danced to throw the fireballs. Whisp groaned. The knight got impaled. “Watch out!” Anna shrieked. The dark-breed fell into the pond. The armour might pull him down. “Incoming!” The bats approached. She got in trouble. Whisp howledin dismay. She created the star field. Anna got the upper hand. The blue fox hit with a shield trust. She staggered. “Restiurgam!” Anna pierced the throat and heart. The red knight got the crossbow. Anna made the chain lightning strike. The knights spread about. Anna blew a kiss. The dark-breed released the double shot. The two greenscythes clipped the bats. They went for the neck. Anna wept. He got to survive. “Get away!” The red knights tried to kill her. Ruth fired a shot. She usedthe silver bullets. The soldiers hid among the plant life. Julius stabbed the ground. He made it to burn. “Rest for a while.” The priest used the laurels.

They united. Ruth licked her lips. The knight shook himself like a dog. She pulled together. He looked so funny. Though this wasn’t the time. “Leave it.” Anna glared. That was alright. Ruth shrugged. The priest was the leader. He might open the gate. The garden was restored. The pond looked bad. “Alright.” Ruth reloaded the rifle. “Let us fight.” She got other bullets. “We must open the gate.” Ruth hung up the rifle. “This is my quest.” Julius went ahead. “Fine.” Ruth got the axe. She would be ready. “Do you remember how this works?” Annaasked. The priest made the sign of the cross. “I do.” Juliusstruck the switch. Ruth bit her lip.The knights got animated. She felt cold. “This is magic!”They threw boomerang-likeaxes. Ruth enflamed her weapon.“The sign of four.” They got to hunt. Thomas fired the dual shot. The nayad cast the ice spell. She conjured the fairies. They got to stop them. Ruth fired a shot. “For the Lord is one!” Their armours broke the spell. Thomas made a dash. She hid her eyes. The lance was blazing. Marina created the bubble. She got to shield herself. “Dark ocean!” The knight kept striking. That wasn’t enough. Ruth sighed. She released the pages. That gave the upper hand. Ruth got to pull the trigger. The lady gunner then emptied the rifle.

The gate went crushing down. The priest got taken aback. Marina knew about that feeling. She created a crimson field. The nayad used the bloodwatch to might stop them in time. Marina felt ecstatic. The armour froze. The witch smiled. She exhaled. That was a rush. “I can absorb the force.” This was not the time. The other knights approached. Julius hit the switch. He was determined. Thomas had regained the human form. The dark-breed put up a circle. The Host might protect them. “The Lord is one.” Ruth touched the star. She didn’t believe. “Jesus of Nazareth isnot the Messiah.” They proclaimed the Lord. Ruth read from the book. The words of her God burned the axe armours. Thomas fired a round. “Dark ocean world!” She inhaled. This was not the Succubus. The knights might cut them to pieces. Marina would continue the fight. She cracked with the whip-sword. “Freeze!” The little witch released the ice bullets. The axe armour got stopped in place. Ruth met him hand-to-hand. “Leave her!” Marina cast the spell to might burn the garden. The knight got enough. Ruth threw the roses. They exploded on impact. She might rest. Though that didn’t last. The armours approached. Julius hit the switch. “They live!” A third group got animated.”Come on!” Thomas howled.

Courtyard, fortress Aliba. The 20th. of December 2098 A.D.

The battle continued. He hid among the columns. The rebels struggled to conquer the den. The forces of Dracula maintained the watchtower. Friedrich Bernhardt retrieved the spear. The horn playing druid decided to kill him. The poltergeist king slew his brother. The rider snarled to expose his fangs. The accursed fanatics tried to seize the courtyard. The baron managed to keep them out. “Friedrich Bernhardt.” The voice sent echoes through his mind. “Now I have you both.” That was freezing, like the wings of winter. The grim reaper appeared like a waver in the moonlight. Never the less, Death had arrived. “Uriel.” Friedrich breathed the name. “The fallen angel of Death.” There would be no escape. “Death comes to us all.” Even the necromancer might have to kneel before the scythe. “Thee must nay be vanquished.” The grim reaper showed no emotion. “The Dark Lord require thy services.” The shroud flouted in the air. “If that is what he wish.” Friedrich bowed. “Then so be it.” He knew when to ask questions and when to obey. “ No one ever escapes from me.” Death twirled the scythe. The horn playing druid met the challenge. The metal clashed. “This will not come to pass.” He told. “You cannot change fate.” Death touched him. He was consumed by the cold.

The caves, forgotten city. The 20th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The spiral insignia appeared upon the floor. “The seal has broken.” The prisoners witnessed that ritual. They screamed. He was alive. The necromancer had returned. The victims shrieked a lot. The dark warlock was riding upon Gravial. “Death’s apprentice.” The horse kept changing colour. “So it is.” They shuddered. The necromancer beheld them. “Who is there?” He would take one of them. “This might be glorious.” The dark warlock made a choice. “You.” He used the sceptre to gather power. The words were those of the ancient tongue. The necromancer kept chanting. The prisoners were helpless. The dark warlock was an alien.

Underground garden, the caves. The 20th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The gatefinally clicked in place. Julius drew the sweat of his brow. He glorified the Lord.This he couldn’t do alone. The others fought the armours. They must conquer. The trio put up the challenge. Marina brandished with the black leathered whip sword. Julius felt the chill. The core was crimson. He recognized the “Dark pain”. Gabriel’s sons used it while searching for their father. The item almost cost them everything. The nayad obtained the morning-star. Though that was unnatural. There were no answers. Julius inhaled. He touched the crucifix. “Let it be.” Julius would hunt the night. The armour got struck to pieces. He couldn’t relax. “We must repent.”The priest made the sign of the cross. “For I have sinned.” The Lord had forgiven all. They should act accordingly. He knelt within the circle. “The body of Christ.” The Host had saved him from evil. Julius would pray for their salvation. The knight waited Until he ended the prayer with the sign of the cross. “I must learn to control my temper.” Thomas sighed. “Though I don’t know how.” Julius couldn’t tell. He embraced his friend. “We shall find your kinsmen.” They might teach him the control. “There have to be a way.” Ruth was certain. The dark-breed released him. “That rests with the Lord.” Julius retrieved the Stellar sword. He left the circle. “The pollution might destroy us.” Marina licked her lips. “The water is the source of life.” She moved a hand before her eyes. “Are you alright?” Thomas put an arm around her shoulders. “The Lord shall guide us.” Julius reached across. “We must believe.” Anna tightened her grip. “Only together we might complete the hunt.” She prepared for a double attack. “That is what we have.” The gipsy was so brave. Julius acknowledged. He left them to help her. “The gate is open.” Ruth stopped to reload the rifle. “We might continue.” She was right. The priest kept at attention. “I won’t be careless.” Marina touched the bloodwatch. “Be mindful.” Julius told. “There is no try.” She shrugged. The little witch had recoiled the “Dark pain” whip. “The strength of the fairies old world.” She cherished the whip. “The black elf stone of legend.” For a moment, Julius felt cold. “Then beware of what you wish.” The clan knew about the myth. “Trust me.” Marina smiled. That never reached her eyes. “That is a powerful talisman.” Julius sighed. “There is a price.” Julius touched the crucifix. “Let it be.” Thomas retrieved the Wafer. “The ransom for many” The people told the story. Charles Taylor used it as a proof of science.“The “golden bow.””The priest left that behind. Let the men think what they wish. The Lord would be with them. The way was open. Or so it seemed. “God with us.” Julius prepared himself before the hunt. There was nothing left to do. The priest inhaled. “Let it be.” He made the sign of the cross. They had no clue about what might be ahead. Julius dropped the issue. “Leave that to me.” Ruth had to inspect the map and compass. “Alright.” She put them away. “This is the way.” The priest got to unsheathe the Stellar blade. The edges burned. He would lead their group. Then something else happened. “Julius…“Thomas began. This is a trap.” “I know.” Thomas growled. “Save us.” The priest noticed. “This is serious.” The mist lay heavy upon the cave.

That gathered into a single figure. “That is the skeleton leader.” Julius read the chronicles. The tragic prince had challenged him in 1797. “Forgive us! We do not know what we do!” Julius would release the undead. The leader cast a stick of the TNT. “Get down!” Anna cried. “Fire in the hole!” The blast discouraged his approach. “Those are dirty tricks you bastard.” Thomas snarled. The throwing stars cut through the air. “Take them if you can.” she released the fairies. “No! That is suicide.” The bone-glass did as he expected. His death ripple disrupted her friends. “Black water!” The little witch was sobbing. “They belong to me.” Julius felt pity with her. Though they got no time for sorrows. “Blast you!” Thomas fired.

The shot might pierce the armour. The dead man withdrew. The speed made his rasta braidsto twirl like tentacles. “He got another trick!” Julius didn’t need to explain. “He is elusive!” That was too obvious. The leader could teleport like a coil of mist. He reappeared somewhere else to throw more of the TNT. “You have become an accursed being.” Anna thus declared. “Rest in peace.” She met him hand-to-hand. “Get away!” The ripple might grind her into dust.

Julius knew something about the necromancy magic. The ripple was the touch of Uriel. “Leave that at peace!” Julius felt chills down his spine. “Do not look upon yourself through the eyes of a dead man.” Those were the final words of old Baxter. He shuddered. That was a long time ago. He shook it aside. That got nothing to do with Dracula’s curse. The sword resisted the attack. Though the counterforce was terrible. Julius screamed in pain. That was the static force. “Anger, hate and agony.” He bit his teeth. There was only one who could control that power. “The prince of darkness.” Count Dracula ruled in blood and shadow.

The priest used the laurels to heal himself. This was his weakness. “Forgive me.” He made the sign of the cross.”For I have sinned.” Julius inhaled. “Into Your hands I commit my spirit.” That would be alright. He was at piece. The Lord would not abandon him. Julius was certain. They took the brunt. “Watch me.” Anna danced while hurling fireballs. “The Lord is one!” She cried. Ruth brandished with the axe. The gunner made it to burn. “The blood force.” Julius acknowledged. “Preserve us!” He joined the fight. “From the wicked One!” The swords clashed together. The static force got released on impact. The fire gave an edge. Julius might repel him. The leader then reappeared somewhere else. He tossed the sticks. “Good Lord!” The priest made the crosses to block the objective. “Stronger we are!” The lightning struck. “In the name of the Lord!” Anna disarmed the monster. The sticks of TNT burst into oblivion. “Now it is my time to play.” Thomas smirked. He had reloaded the rifle with silver bullets.

The coils stenched.Thomas bared his teeth.The bone-glass was clad in a Japanese armour. He approached with a sword dash.The dynamite exploded. Anna got thrown off balance. “Take this!” The knight fired. The leader sidestepped. “Get down!” The priest shouted. “No!” The skeleton leader then fired his laser. Thomas gathered. He inhaled. How could he do that? Ruth threw the boomerang. The star got buried in his skull. “Beware!” Julius called. “About the Shadow!” The skeleton morphed into mist. The garden shook. The leader was to blame. He threw the TNT. “Fire in the hall!” Anna cried. The dead leader returned to fire the beam. “Get down!” Marina released the ice pellets. He threwthe stars. “He is burning the greenlife!” The nayad wept. Thomas snarled. The vegetation withered. The priest would kill the monster. His blade struck against blade. Thomas touched the crucifix. “Leave me alone!” Anna yelled. “Blasted!” The trolls had returned. They groped the girls. Thomas went into battle. The nayad went along. They got to support their friends. The leader left them alone. That was alright. The TNT hit the floor. The explosion split the group. Marina vanished among the plant life. Thomas snarled. “Watch me!” The trolls kept hurling rocks. Anna danced. She was glorious.

The garden lay in ruins. Anna felt no valour. The troll shuddered. She was no plaything. Though Annacontinued to dance.The stone roses blossomed. Marina released the pages. “Dark water!” The fairies spread out. “Stronger we are!” Anna made chain lightning strike. “In the name of the Lord!” She made a swing to release the fireballs.

The nayad brandished with the Black pain. Anna used both swords to remove the curtain. Ruth and Julius kept up the battle. The leader was a living undead. “Save us!” The bone-glass fired the laser. Anna licked her lips. The priest threw the gold axe in a high arch. The leader got beneath. Ruth pierced with a silver bolt. The fighter vanished while throwing the TNT. The Dynamite shook the garden. Anna picked together. She would not remain in hiding. “Accursed!” Anna made a glide. She thought about her magic. The force might distract them. “Stronger we are!” She struck with both swords. “In the name of the Lord!” Anna sent the enforced high kick. The leader turned her way. He disliked the move. The braids hung about his skull. “Fire in the hall!” Marina cried. The bone glass threw the death ripples. “Save us!” The explosion might grind her into dust. Anna shuddered. The bone-glass held his sword.

The other hunters got hurled aside. Ruth still managed to remain on foot. “The Lord is one!” The skeleton leader brandished with his sword. “Dark water!” Marina summoned the bubble. She had to protect herself. Ruth remained quiet. The gunner triggered her crossbow. The bolt pierced the undead. “Let it be.” Julius approached. He doused the bone-glass in holy water. The leader disappeared. He covered the retreat with the sticks of TNT. Ruth lost her objective. That was no problem. The bone-leader challenged her friends. Ruth ran. They were to live. She wouldn’t forsake them. The troll tried to grab her. “Accursed!” The undead got the TNT.

“Beware!” Anna shrieked. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” She used electricity. “Right.” Thomas emptied the rifle into the troll. “Nice.”
Ruth relaxed. He got turned to stone. The lady gunner barely escaped the splinters. That wasn’
t the end. Ruth caused a meteor dash. She repelled the attack. “Take this!”

Thomas released a cross blast of energy. The bone-glassfell into a heap. Ruth sighed. The dark-breed was always like that. The leader pulled together. He got the sword. Thomas hit the ground. That really was clever. Ruth fired the crossbow. She took the medicine. Ruth would fight. The bone-glass had vanished again. Ruth inhaled. The leader withdrew while throwing the dynamite. Marina got shocked. The others escaped. “Burn in Hell!” Thomas approached with his arms on fire. “Mother of river!” Marina gasped. The knight picked and threw the bone-glass into the wall. “That is another were-skeleton!” Ruth cried. “I don’t care!” Thomas snarled. The leader disappeared. Marina blinked. She cast a spell. Anna got knocked in the head. The gunner and knight got occupied by the trolls. Julius had to use the laurels. The little witch relaxed. “Mother of river!” She would survive. The skeleton leader vanished. Marina inhaled. He stenched horrible. She dodged the TNT. “God with us!” They fought back-to-back. Marina flailed with the Dark pain whip. The knight carried Anna on his back. Ruth filled the troll with bullets. She presented the star of David. The leader staggered. He got pushed against the wall. “Dark water!” Marina cast the fire spell. She exhaled. The were-skeleton began to burn. Marina watched his demise. She got the gems. The nayad felt much better. “Peace with you, my daughter.” Julius put his hands on Anna. “Rest here for a while.” Anna blinked. She was awake. Marina giggled. She couldn’t help it. Julius was the leader. “Follow me.” The vampire hunterleads them through the gate.

Forest of Debias, Warakiya. The 20th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The rebels passed them by. Why didn’t shenotice? Yuko was smouldering with hate. Everything went awry. The rabble pulled over. She snarled. Nobodycould defeat theundead. This was their fault. Bronze and Edmund had refused to listen. The boyar would not like this. Yuko would make them to pay for this insult. She received her price before they were born. The Dark Lord Dracula becamethat pleased by her services. Yuko had gained the eternal life. She might bestow the price upon the servants. Why wouldn’t they accept what she offered? Eternal youth and lust ever after. Yuko exposed her fangs. She would make them to suffer. The Geisha made a pact with the Devil. He would make her vision of the Dark to come true. She would avenge herself upon those who resistedthe prince of Darkness. The snow covered the landscape. Yuko had no mind about that. She vanished among the pine trees. The Geisha must return to the resting place. There she would be strong. The sun hid among the clouds. The accursed sunlight stripped her off the abilities. Yuko had to make the journey on foot. “Come closer.” She would need more blood. “Come to me.” Yuko beckoned the animals. They had no choice. This was the Aria of Sorrow. She might hunt the living.

The caves, forgotten city. The 20th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The knight felt weird. Her head spun. She couldn’t hold on. Memory and feelings whirled about her mind. The chanting of the necromancer filled her soul with desires and dreams she didn’t recognise. Master!” No, Not that.Never. Though the words were hollow. She could never escape. Everything went crimson. She couldn’t think. The spellthen became her reality. She wished to scream. She felt like going blind.Though she could see,he was her only visual. He chanted. She was drowning. “Master!” This time she really screamed. “I am your servant.” The necromancer laughed upon his triumph. “My master.” She was brought to her knees.

They went down the corridor. Julius got his sword. The candles were the only source of light. “Preserve us.” The priest touched the crucifix. Although they left the garden, the walls were hung with greenlife. “Julius.” Ruth asked. “Who was the skeleton leader?” Julius had awaited the question. “I don’t know.” He was only a descendant. “There are Belmont lore allocated to the chosen hunter.”Julius inhaled. “Their friends went ahead. He felt like they listened. “Christian was such a devoted student.” Julius got trained for martial combat. Though he also got schooled in the art. “The tragic prince met the leader beneath the castle entrance in 1797.” He told what he knew. “Let it be.” Richter Belmont wondered if the gauntlets might belong to Maxim’s followers. Juste never mention about them in his journal. No matter. “You know.” Julius explained. “The powers of good mysteriously starts to weaken.” The priest was afraid. “Thus the power of Dracula starts to revive itself.” He made the sign of the cross. “The count grows stronger and stronger for each passing century.” Julius looked about. He felt so cold. “The servants pay homage to his will.” The priest tightened the grip. “The prince of Darkness thus began to recruit other than the local monsters.” Ruth returned to embrace him. “Excuse me.” She said. “I shouldn’t have asked the question.” Julius released her. “You don’t have to be sorry.” He sighed. “I should know more.” They became quiet. “I wish you studied the book of Shanoa.” Thomas remarked. The priest frowned. How did he know about her? “She is not a blood relative.” They exchanged glances. “It is mine.” She turned on the ring. Thomas spoke beneath his breath. “It came to me.” Julius closed his eyes. “Echoes of darkness.” The words resounded within his mind. “That was a gift from Nikolai.” Julius said. “For rescuing the villagers from Vegol.” They travelled for a while. “Watch out!” The bats squeaked. “Leave us, you bastards.” Thomas got the rifle. He used the positron laser. The bats got shot to pieces. “Preserve us from the wicked One.” Julius proclaimed. “There is a dead voice calling.” It was an ambush. They pushed through the ground. “Let it be.” Julius beheaded the rotting corpse. “Watch me!” Anna danced to release fireballs. “You are adorable,” Thomas acknowledged. The dark-breed gave an approving look. Julius exhaled. So wished to be adored. “You really are a flirt.” Ruth remarked. The priest might support her statement. “You are Lucy Westenra.” Anna went pale with the remark. “She was Dracula’s bride.” They were not really that alike. “You don’t have to be afraid.” The hunters knew from the beginning. “Let us pray together.” Anna inhaled. “I try.” Julius would die to protect her. “Let it be.” His stepbrother told the tale of the Westenra family. Their name was Vincent, after the husband of Iris. He approached the doctor’s daughter in 1792. Their children got involved with the order of Ecclesia. “I shall be your Van Helsing.”Julius dismissed. That was not important right now. “Control yourself.” He spoke to the dancing girl, “There is no one here to bed you.” Julius thought about Edward. He was much better about this sort of thing. Then again, he descended from Quincey Morris. That was one of the most charming gentlemen of his blood-line. “I am not the only one.” Anna interjected. “Lord Godalming and Dr. Seward also had children. The Belmont clan had no connection. The Pope tried to reach out before they left the Vatican. Anna looked away. She pulled the hair down in front of her face. The priest touched his crucifix. He didn’t intend to discourage her. “Preserve us.” Julius prayed for guidance. “I am sorry.” The priest touched her shoulder. “He gave us His strength and sword, to might save the people.” The words of Exodus made her to smile. “Alright.” She inhaled. “Good Lord in Heaven.” He might feel the resident evil. “Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to agony.” The dark side could break even the braves hunter. “There is so much fear.” Julius shuddered. He made the sign of the cross. The draft was bitter. The stalactites hung from the ceiling to almost unite with the stalagmites. They reach from the floor to form a sort of primitive hallway. They stopped; this was a crossroads. Ruth touched the star symbol. She went to look. “Protect her.” Ruth must decide. She continued to searching for the potential traps. “This had to be the way. “ The gunner called. She made her choice. Julius made his decision long ago. “Let it be.” . Ruth went ahead. The priest unsheathed the blade. The others got prepared. “God with us!” The priest made the sign of the cross. Then he ran forward. The bats squeaked for blood. “Look out!” They settled to might feed upon their veins. “They might inflict the pestilence!” Julius would not become a vampire. “God with us!” The priest got the holy book. “Let it be!” He made the meteors to fall from the ceiling. The bats burned into ashes. They left the gems. Julius had to collect the treasure. “Stronger we are!” Anna danced. “in the name of the Lord!” She caused the chain lightning. “Behind you!” Thomas howled. “Fire in the hall!” He pulled the trigger. “Burn in Hell!” The bullets pierced the bats. The swarm squeaked and burned. There was an explosion of blood. Julius inhaled. “Let it be!” He made the sign of the cross. “Beware of the plant life!” Anna continued to dance. The priest almost forgot the flowers. They might turn them into stone. “They are accursed!” Julius tried to harvest the garden. . “God with us!” They cracked open. Thomas howled. He pulled the trigger. He was strong. Thomas reloaded with the wood bullets. The priest ran into the skeletons. “Beware the dead.” The dancing girl produced her crucifix. “Right.” Julius relaxed.The pair stood back-to-back. The band of skeletonshadto be defeated. “The forest might burn with the fire of industries!” Ruth twirled with the axe. “Preserve us!” Julius struck.

“Thanks!” Anna cheered. The priest made the sign of the cross. “God With us!” Julius cried. They were surrounded by bats. Thomas kept the lance. The knight gave them the double-shot. “Into your hands I commit my soul.” Julius burned with the holy fire. He got to relax.

The tunnel looked like the other cave. The formations were like fangs of stone.Thomas felt like a trap was closing in around them. “Burn in Hell!” The knight pulled the trigger. Thomas filled them with the silver bullets. He relaxed. “Stronger we are!” Anna should be ashamed. The dark-breed was calm. “In the name of the Lord!” Succubus touched her. He got sorry. Anna wished to be adored. He stepped on something. “What the… ” That cracked. Thomas frowned. “I saw that before.” “My mother used the headband.” He didn’t care.That got spun by fine gold and silver treads. The dead got his attention. “You bastards!” he snarled. “Screw you!” They turned. He threw that aside. “Right.” He pulled the trigger. They were hit. Thomas had wasted the bullets. “That is a Robin.” The girl closed the locket. “I guess.” Julius got distracted. “I feel cold.” His voice became a whisper. “Death.” Thomas growled. He felt it like a draft along the spine. “I will fight.” He reloaded the rifle. “We stand together.” He told. “We are never alone.” Julius proclaimed. The dark-breed exhaled. He recognized the smell. “Follow me!” Thomas encouraged. “They are still alive!” They were his kin. The knight touched the crucifix. He got to trace the blood. “Let it be.” Julius prepared before the hunt.

Thomas shot the bats. They burned to ashes. “God with us!” The priest made them to gather. The knight reloaded. Anna struck with both swords. “Stronger we are!” The skeletons must be put to rest. “In the name of the Lord!” She made a meteor dash to keep up. The dead men would haunt them no more. Marina brandished with the whip. She gasped. The weapon got a will of its own. That was incredible. Anna made the sign of the cross. She would be adored. Anna leaped above the water. The others got ahead. The little witch cast the whirlwind spell. She stabbed with the bayonet. “Fire in the hall!” The lady gunner filled them with the bullets. The zombies pushed through the earth. “Preserve us from the wicked One!” Julius was alone. The priest struck with the pyre sword. The floor was made of stone. That didn’t matter. “Watch me!” Anna made the chain lightning to strike. She felt released. “Behind you!” Thomas howled. She twirled to cut the neck. Anna used the other sword to impale the heart. The dead climbed through the cracks and crevices. Marina flailed with the “dark pain” whip. “You must gain control.” Anna learned much about wild magic. “Or it will tear you apart.” Marina shrugged. She stabbed with the silver knife. “Watch out!” They hid among the rubble.

This was the ancient city. Ruth barely got time to reload. The skeletons meant to strangle her. Ruth shuddered. They were cold. She couldn’t breathe. “For the Lord is my God.” The light! The star of David forced them to release her. The bolt struck down. The watcher channelled. Ruth leaped to throw three daggers. “Let it be!” Julius made the row of fireballs to fall down. They shared the gems. Ruth and Anna fought back-to-back. “Stay away!” Thomas snarled. “Leave him to me!” The bone-thrower got surrounded by the dead. “That is the ring leader.” The priest made the sign of the cross. “Precisely.” Thomas released the double shot. “Right.” Ruth licked her lips. There was no time. She got her own problems. The roses blossomed. “Burn you devils!” Anna went rogue. She turned in a circle. The flowers got hit.

They broke up to release the powder. Ruth made a back-flip. They might be turned to stone. “Let it be!” Julius threw the vials. “God with us!” The holy water might burn the monsters. Ruth got struck by lightning. The watchers were to blame. She felt like trapped within a box. “Curse it.” The lady gunner was not a mime artist. She threw the enflamed axes. Ruth inhaled. She got to reload. “Preserve us!” Anna proclaimed. The traps had turned the table.

The clicking noise told about the trap. “Sweet mother of river!” Marina barely got behind. The spikes protruded from within the stone wall. She struck. The blood whip tore them apart. “This is my department.” Thomas blazed. He dashed through the mechanism. “Impressive.” She admired the handywork. The bone-thrower reached to take him. The knight got the lance. He struck him to pieces. Marina approached. “Stay were you are!” Ruth told. “Or be stoned!” The flowers shot the seeds. Julius cut down the green-life. The bats squeaked for blood. “Black water!” They settled upon her body. Marina felt chills down her spine. “Freeze over!” She cast the ice spell. Marina couldn’t be turned. The bats would bleed her dry. “Follow me.” The candles still burned. “I can smell the blood.” Thomas snarled. She touched the medallion. The stone roses had finally withered. Anna bent so that Marina might climb upon her back. They went above the water. Her belly twisted. That was the sound of machinery. “Stay back!” Anna put her down. The nayad got up to behold the meteor dash. She crushed the mechanism. The bats left the ceiling. Ruth fired the rifle. The priest retained the lantern. He was the leader. Anna crushed the trap. The flowers blossomed. “Watch out!” The skeletons left the balcony.

Courtyard, fortress Aliba. The 20th. of December 2098 A.D.

The saint returned from wherever he went. Henry relaxed. They got down into the courtyard. Daniela and Tholin fought to deliver the den. He hoped they would get the back door open. The Centaurs waited outside. They would need their help. The group of dwarves and naiads tried to conquer the gate tower. His band was occupied at the entrance. The fox-archers fired from atop the staircase. The other knights occupied the roof. “Shields up!” Henry encouraged. Theyshould burn the entrance. The door was bound with iron. The wood might still collapse. The lizards kept the advance. They got in front of the archers. Their friends had to counter. That was a problem. Daniela got to return. She had discovered about her abilities. “Look out!” The bats whirled about. They shrieked for blood. Henry shuddered. They might be infected. “They are the undead!” The bats might change into vampires. “Fire in the hall!” Never mind. The door finally gave way. Half the group went inside the tower. They reunited at the centre. “To fight the righteous battle.” Germain acknowledged. The poltergeist would help them. “Get down!” The nayads figured about the problem. They ran while firing their weapons. Henry gulped. The lizard struck. “You bastard!” Michael cried. The soldiers spread for cover.

The caves, forgotten city. The 20th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The rite was complete. He rejoiced. The group of hunters would get their hearts ripped out. The necromancer gloatedin triumph. They had no choice. The vampire hunters would obey. He almost laughed. The Dark Lord might bestow upon him with his power. “The Shadow.” That would be glorious. “Come to me.” The dark wizard once had experienced his might. ”Excellent.” He would be elect among the nine. “Good.” The knight shuddered by his ecstasy. “Good.” The necromancer smirked beneath the hood. He was alive. The hunters were fools. “There is a dead voice calling.” The necromancer might control even the spirits of the dead.

The dead got crushed to pieces. Julius made the sign of the cross. They got other problems. The stone roses opened to release their powder. Anna danced to make chain lightning strike. “Burn in Hell!” The knight fired a round. Ruth got turned to stone. The priestrestored her life. “Glory be You.” He inhaled. “Our Father in Heaven.” The nayad cast her whirlwind spell. The watchers got confused. “For the Lord is one!” Ruth got a bolt. She fired the crossbow. “God with us!” The bats got scattered about. Julius struck with the Stellar sword. He dropped the book. “Let it be!” The meteors removed the flowers. There was another chasm. He leaped. Julius got above. The skeletons climbed to take him. The priest shuddered. “Fire in the hall!” She picked another bolt. Julius withdrew from the abyss. The stone roses fired. “Let it be!” Julius spun around to answer the challenge. The sword burned like the sun in the forest. “Amen.” He made the sign of the cross. The roses got cut to pieces. Julius picked the big gem. That replenished his energy. The skeletons kept climbing. “Look out!” The bats had gathered. Julius doused them with holy water. The others reached abroad. Marina held the power gem. The blue fire obscured the cave. The thrower hid among the stalactites. “Mother of river!” Marina threw five silver knives. They exploded on impact. The bone-thrower was not alone. The other skeletons ran into combat. “Keep the circle!” Thomas howled. “Corpus Christi!” Julius presented the Host. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” Ruth stabbed with the bayonet before she pulled the trigger. “You should remain dead!” Thomas twirled like a spear guard.

He snarled. Anna struck with both swords. “Leave us.” The priest approached the watchers. They channelled electricity. “I am here.” Marina cast the ice spell. The bats got broken apart. Julius lost the body. “Stronger we are.” She crushed the spike trap. “In the name of the Lord.”
They leapt above the stalagmites. “Make a circle.” Julius told. The monsters had arrived. “Then hope and pray!”
The undead caught up. They must stay together. He dropped the book. Julius had to defeat the green-life. The lady gunner aimed for the watchers. “Fire in the hole!” Ruth shot them into oblivion. She bent to pick the ammunition. Anna danced among the dead. The priest tightened his grip upon the sword. She summoned the war force. The monsters. “Leave her alone.” Marina released a flurry of pages. That resisted the mystics. The stone roses withered. Julius impaled the watcher. The fireball sword burned around the edges. Alright. Ruth picked up the naiad. They went above the water. The pond was so ugly. “Pestilence.” Julius touched the crucifix. The Belmont jumped. They didn’t get that very far. The monsters attacked. “Bless us.” The zombies stenched. That concealed their location. “You shall burn.” The dark-breed howled while throwing the stakes before stabbing his lance. “That rests with the Lord.” Julius and Ruth fought back-to-back. She hung up her rifle. “Forged of silver!”
She fired the crossbow. Julius made the sign of the cross. She got the axe. “Dark water!”

Marina threw the five silver knives. She slew the monsters. The fairies shone. Julius groaned. He got hit by the bones. Julius removed his cape, while brandishing the sword. The skeletons got knocked to pieces. He fell on the floor. “We cannot rest.”
Anna helped him. The corpses pushed through the ground. “The scores rise from their graves in search of flesh.”
They got in trouble. The zombies would eat them. “Fight the righteous battle!”
The stone roses withered. The bats settled upon his body. Julius stamped them out. The crucifix burned. Julius got no reason to relax. The priest went for the corpses. His friends got ahead. “Beware!” The spikes smashed into place. Anna broke through. She almost fell into the abyss.

Thomas saved her. The priest couldn’t help them. He got occupied by the zombies. “Fetch!” Ruth arrived. She reloaded the rifle. “Dark water horizon!” Marina froze the bats. “Twisted!”
Thomas crossed the chasm. He challenged the other group of monsters. Anna came to dance. The lady gunner beheaded the zombie. Julius pierced the heart. The little witch had returned. They stopped to pick the gems. Julius got in front. The throng of zombies fought to reach him. “Let Your will be done!” Julius would have none of it. He made the fireballs to fall down.

The zombies caught fire. “In Manos Tias Domine!” He made the sign for the cross. Julius sighed. “Nearer to thee; my God.” The priest prepared himself. “To hunt the eternal night.” Julius rushed forward. He would defeat them. “Fire in the hole!” Ruth and Thomas both fired. “Kiss me monster.” Anna became the phoenix. The sun bird burned the undead. She retained human form. Anna threw fireballs. Before the lightning struck. That wasn’t enough. “They are behind you!” Marina cried. The blue flame was like flash. They hunt to fight. “Preserve us!” Julius made a glide. He got beneath the bones. “Stronger we are.” Anna showed off her arts. “In the name of the Lord!” She channelled the force. “Much impressive.” The priest exhaled. He crossed the sword and dagger to might block the offensive. The zombies got cut to pieces. He slashed into their upper body. “The head and heart.” He reminded himself. “God with us!” The Belmont clan got the ability to fight the undead. “Nice!” Anna made a turned around. She blew a kiss before striking with her twin swords. “Blessed are those.”The priest made the sign of the cross. “Who came in the name of the Lord.” She went kicking and screaming. “Great.” The uppercut crushed the bat. The crucifix repelled the rest. Thomas had to reload. “The Silver and flame.” Ruth released the bolt. The bone thrower got pierced by the bolt. “That is right.”Julius shuddered though there were no demons here. “The chill of the grave.” The undead brought their own cold. Julius threw the Shuriken. The priest would hunt them. “Let us be gone.” Thomas finished reloading. He used the cross bullets. “An object of gold.”
Julius dipped his fingers. That was sort of ironic. The dark breed got armed against the Lycan.

The bats squeaked for blood. Thomas released the gold bullets. He stamped with the crucifix. The zombies stenched. “Burn you bastards!” He forced garlic into their mouths. “Alright.” The brain exploded. The armour got stained with blood and other pieces. He pushed away. The knight might be a monster, though he was not a flesh eater. The dead bent over him. Thomas attacked with his arms on fire. The skeletons threw bones into the air. “Burn in hell!” He shouted. Anna became the Phoenix. “Make no bone about it.” The sun bird was a pyre. “God with us!” The priest got surrounded by the corpses. They were rotten. “Curse the lot!” Thomas almost vomited. The Phoenix cleared the cave. “You really are such a clever girl.” Anna retained her human form. He smirked. The gypsy got to rest. “That was quite a dance.” The gems should replenish her strength. He made a grimace. There were still some bats about.

“Blasted.” They were out of reach. “You must create chain lightning.”
Ruth checked the map. “The citadel is ahead.”The priest acknowledged. “You are the Belmont.” Thomas smirked. The little witch studied the spell book. “I guess so.” That had become like a habit. He let go. The knight couldn’t use the magic. Thomas wished for a meal. Hegot to investigate the cave.

The red knights patrolled the balcony. Anna sighed. They were in trouble. “Stronger we are.” The inner cells got occupied. “In the name of the Lord.” The girl made the sign of the cross. The man-beasts were put behind bars. Thomas tricked the axe knights. That was impressive. “Come on.” Julius encouraged.”Let us go.” The dark-breed might handle the monsters. “Watch out.” Anna pulled both swords. “They remain on guard.” “They are my kin!” Thomas howled. “Alright!” She got no time. Anna reached the centre before she danced. “Let it be!” Julius ran. The right alcove got hidden from view. There might be another cell. “We must find the switch!” Ruth called. The priest got ahead. He fought to reach the guard room. “Mother!” Marina cried. “We must break the fellowship!” Thomas snarled. He got too busy. “To hunt the night.” Julius had reached atop the stairs. Anna went to join him. They fought together. Ruth reloaded. “Hurry up!” The lady gunner went to the left. Marina and Thomas went along. The dancing girl made lightning strike. The blue fox was dead before hitting the floor. “Clever.” Anna bent beneath the trust. The knight struck the shield. He might break her ribs. “God with us!” Julius pined through the body. She inhaled. Anna then turned to strike.

This was the guard room. Ruth fired. That was the axe armour. “There is a legion down here!” Thomas howled. He twirled with the lance. Ruth got the axe. The transfusion made it to burn. “For the Lord is one!” The lady gunner kept hurling daggers. The fire repelled the onslaught. Marina brandished with the whip. She kept close while using her magic. Thomas smirked. The gunner felt no triumph. The axe armour collapsed into a heap. Ruth left the gold behind. She got to find the switch. “Fire in the hall!” Marina warned. The axe armours got support. The foxes and skeletons ran from within the cave. Thomas withdrew. He tried to shoot them. “Curse you!” He snarled. Ruth pulled the crossbow. “Drop it devil!” She pierced the throat. Marina brandished with the blood whip. She killed theaxe knight. “The Lord is my God.” The gunner cried. Ruth got the star. The dead tried to rip her. The bats settled upon her throat. She stamped them out. “You bastards!” Thomas emptied the rifle. “I shall release them!” Ruth hurt. She got no medicine. There was no time. “Dracul!” The fox advanced. Ruth pulled the trigger. The silver burned his flesh. Ruth groaned. She dropped the crossbow. ”Help me.” The lady gunner huddled about herself. “Here.” Thomas got the blue cross. That restored her.

The bats burned to ashes. Marina picked the gold coins. They reached inside the guard room. The little witch made it to snow. That confused the red knights. Ruth blazed with her power. The blue cross restored her. “You won’t stop me!” Thomas twirled with the lance. “Power!” Whisp howled. “Go on!” He went ahead. Marina struck with the whip. She threw the bullets. The ice gave an upper hand. “Dark water!” She had impaled the axe knight. “Impressive.” Ruth made the rising flames to track forward. That clenched the cave. “Get away from there!” Whisp retained his human form. “They are the undead!” The skeletons hid within the niche. The red knight fired his bow-and-arrow. “Twisted!” Thomas attacks with his enflamed arms. Marina then cast the whirlwind spell. That made them to scatter. Ruth got the star of David. The bats squeaked for blood. They tried to bite her. “Sweet mother of river!” Marina created her bubble. That kept them out. She made it to rain. Marina cast the ice spell. That detained the lot. “Surprise.” Thomas reloaded the rifle. He pulled the trigger. The knight shot the bats. Marina retrieved the power-gem. The blue fire lit up the guard room. She inhaled. “Right.” She couldn’t waist more time. “Daughters of river.” Marina had stepped upon the switch.

The crypt, fortress Aliba. The 20th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The messenger got up. He bowed before leaving. Ludwig Von Bork retreated to the crypt. The rebels had not found them.He was furious. How dared they to disturb his resting-place? So be it. He still got the servants. “Harriet.” He said. “Prepare the ritual.” She bowed low. “Yes, my lord.”She unsheathed the knife. “It shall be done.” The witch opened the Grimoire. Ludwig lacked that power. He was still a master vampire. The rite might call the Hell spawn. The dead baron would release them upon the enemies. Harriet cut his wrist. She used the blood to make the circle. The witch was careful not to breach it. She summoned the ancient magic. “Open locks, chains, bonds. There is a dead voice calling.” The words fell from her lips. “blood of the vampire.” Before nightfall. “The sign which grant power.” She painted her skin. “Dracul!” They came to drink. Harriet offered her pale body for sacrifice. “Open Hell’s gate.” They would do his bidding. “Step forth, my servants.” This was the climax. The grand finale. “Find the rebels.” Ludwig had bound them to his will. “Then kill the hunters.” They crawled. He was humbled. Ludwig Von Bork was not the Dark Lord incarnate. “Leave us.” The baron would restore his glory. “Good.” He admired the witch. “Thank you, my Lord.”

The caves, forgotten city. The 20th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The gate was open. Adam never believed this day would come. Not since the castle returned. “This is our chance.” Claudia breathed. Cedric frowned. “We don’t know who is out there.” He tested the air. “We must beware of the Dark.” Cedric got a point. There was something about the scent. If only he could remember. Charles acknowledged. “I know who they are.” His friend never compromised with the power of Dracula. “The Belmont clan has returned.” He shook his fur. “To hunt the night!”They howled in unison. That was an ancient legend, though that was the true foundation for the alliance. They were not alone anymore.

The cells were open. That didn’t change their situation. Julius defeated the other red knights. He beheld the exit. “That is a timer.” Thomas had recognised the mechanism. “So let it be.” Julius removed the hood. The fur-coated camouflage jacket hid hischain mail and chest-plate. The armour was given to him by the man-beast people. That was so heavy. Julius must adapt. For now, he got other riddles to solve. Julius frowned. “We keep to my plan.” He decided. “We have to split.” Marina gave him a look. The priest sighed. Julius didn’t like thiseither. “No problem.” Julius was unsure about the man-wolves. “He became the necromancer.” Thomas glared. “They are my kin.” The priest felt so tired. “Then please go on.” Adam told. “We shall be waiting for you.” Julius made the sign of the cross. “Let it be.” He gathered. “God with us!” Claudia must close the gate. He got no worry. It was time to hunt. “Let it be.” Julius inhaled. The group had made a commitment. “They shall not take you.” Cedric assured. The clansmen changed into their true form. The priest acknowledged. “You are not alone.” Charles howled his challenge. “Thank you.” They informed them about the city. “They must be defeated.” Thomas snarled. “Even though they are blood related.” That was so bitter. “Outcasts of society.” Julius knew the feeling. His family got outload. Dracula was to blame. The people became afraid. “We shall find her.” Thomas’s eyes shone like the polished gold. “The princess shall attend herthrone.” Charles looked like a banker. “She is that important.” The man-beast was nothing of the sort. “She is our only hope.” Thomas touched his shoulder. “We have to go.” He insisted. Julius inhaled. He unsheathed the Stellar sword. “Let it be.” The priest would keep the Belmont oath. He went through the leftmost opening. “I am here.” Ruth got the axe. The little witch came along. “You have to be careful now.” Claudia told. “The caretaker’s tomb is down there.” She licked her lips. “That might still be inhabited.” Julius went pale. He made the sign of the cross. “Then so let it be.” The priest breathed. “Thanks for the warning.” Marina looked careful. She held the “Dark pain” whip in hand. Claudia smiled. The man-wolves then spread out. Anna and Thomas had already left the cave. The priest touched his crucifix. They must stay together or they would fall. He went ahead. The bats shrieked. Julius made the sign of the cross. They wouldn’t take him. “God with us!” Julius accepted the challenge. He struck with the sword. That burned like the sun in the forest. The monsters whirled about his face. He threw the gold Shuriken. “In Manos Toas Domine!” He was calling to the Heavens. The star was like a boomerang. That caused some confusion. “Burn down the mission!” Marina released the fairies. He felt the transfusion of power. “Beware of your thoughts.” That could be dangerous. “They betray you.” Julius inhaled. “Witch, be mindful about the dark side.” That was Phillip’s talk. He fought Mathias in 1347. Marina gave him that look. “This force belongs to me.” She was relentless. “It is my own.” For a moment, her eyes became pitch black. “Let her rest in peace!” Julius Stood his ground. He made the sign of the cross. “Begone in the name of Jesus of Nazareth.” Marina blinked. She was herself again. “Glory be You.” He exhaled. “Our Father in Heaven.” Julius closed the prayer. “Keep the faith.” The nayad could not descend. That was none of his business. There was no time for philosophy. The bats went for his neck. “Let it be!” Julius doused them with holy water. He would not be infected. “Mother of river!” Marina exclaimed. “The dead are rising!” They pushed through the stone floor. Julius still got the other vials. “Get away!” The zombies lusted for human flesh. Julius threw them in three. “Then let Your will be done!” The glass broke on impact. The flames went like a wave. “Thank You.” He praised the Lord. Marina brandished with the whip. The dead men and skeletons were so eager. “He is alive.” Julius attacked with the fireball sword. “The necromancer.” The priest knew that for a fact. Julius felt the cold. The dark wizard might be a living undead. No time to care about that now. He broke the thrower into pieces. That didn’t stop the rest. “Preserve us from the evil One.” The zombies would tear him limb from limb. The Lord wouldn’t allow. “Stronger we are.” Julius would not allow it either. “In the name of the Lord!” The boomerang burned. “Amen!” That beheaded the zombie. Though even without the skull, the corpse tried to rip his heart. The sword pined the female zombie. Julius shuddered. That was Cruela. “Bride of Orlock.”

He was grateful. Julius caught her before she could use any of her creative magic spell. Cruela was of the twisted bloodline. That was arcane knowledge. “Preserve us of the blood.” Hoan Lin founded the vampires of Asia. He left that aside. His friends were in need. “Wait!” Marina was left to fend for herself. That wasn’t allowed. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” The sword was ablaze with holy fire. The gauntlets also burned. Julius might put them to rest. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost.” The skeleton-men grabbed him. The third bone-man went to break his neck. “Into Your hands I commit my spirit.” He cried. They would collect his flesh, to might reproduce themselves. The priest let be. “Good Lord!” The crucifix burned like a captured star. The dead were burned to ashes. Julius worshipped the Lord. “Dead water!” That was another curse. He hadn’t heard that before. Marina caused an explosion. The blue fire threw the blood and bone sky high. Marina got hold of the gem. That belonged to the Belmont clan. The priest felt nothing about the inheritance. ”Let it be.” Julius knew that was a dangerous tool to use. Gabriel fell to the dark. “Beware of the Dark.” Although that was more than a thousand years ago, the descendants tried to repent for his evil. “Thus says the Lord.” He presented the sword. “Let my people go!” The words were spoken by the elder prophet. Julius would hark. That was the warning to a wicked people.

The cave led into the mountain. Thomas snarled. “Fire in the hall!” He shot them on sight. They reached another archway. “Were the wild roses grow.” The girls got behind. The knight then howled.The stone roses blossomed. The bats shrieked. They approached. “Never again!” Anna used her war force for protection. Thomas threw the stakes. He stopped to reload. “Twisted!” He changed into his true form. “Try this!” The lance burned. “Let us do this!” Anna created the star field. The flowers had sprouted their powder. “Then burn you devils!” The fireballs whirled about. The roses exploded. They released the spores. “Stronger we are!” Anna exclaimed. “In the name of the Lord!” They might be turned to stone. “I am Whisp.” Thomas howled. He revealed his power. “Behold me!” The double shot blazed even brighter. The stone roses began to wither. “Be gone!” Anna presented the crucifix. “Leave us alone!” The bats squeaked for blood. “Haunt us no longer!” Whisp caught up. He threw the stakes. They exploded on impact. “Follow me!” Thomas ran through the archway. The gunner cried. He snarled. Ruth got ahead. The spikes protruded from inside the wall. “Leave it to me!” Anna crushed the trap. He retained human form. The bats dashed. Thomas threw the garlic.

They reached the bottom of the steps. The cave was occupied by the group of monsters. “Stronger we are!” Anna ran into combat. “In the name of the Lord!” She got both swords. The Robin headband shone gold and silver above her eyes. “Get down!” Thomas approached. He got the rifle. The axe exploded. “Nice.” The armour burned. Ruth presented her emblem. The bats were above. Anna created chain lightning. The knight dashed to impale the armour. She got the gems. “No!” Anna cried. The dead men and zombies pushed through the ground. “Not again!” The stench was that horrible. The skeletons threw bones about. Thomas kept up. The stakes went home. Anna charged her magic. She came with the empowered martial arts. The girl would be adored. “Fire in the hall!” Ruth pulled the crossbow. She got the silver. “The Lord is one!” The bats got impaled. “Right.” Anna exhaled. They must defeat the dead. Thomas couldn’t wait. He stopped to collect the gems. “Wait for us!” Anna chased her friend. The lady gunner had reloaded her rifle. She ran ahead. Anna thought about Claudia’s advice. “Look for the caretaker!” She called. The cave never branched. The monsters would kill them. Ruth dashed. She broke the trap. Thestone roses blossomed. Anna created the star field.

This was a problem. Ruth frowned. They got past the monsters. That didn’t change anything. The went released heavy steam. “I could try.” Anna offered. “The war force might shield me.” Thomas shook his head. “That is too dangerous.” Ruth acknowledged. She wouldn’t risk her. “Then you should try your own abilities.” The dark-breed snarled. “I will not be a vampire.” Ruth shrugged. “You have no idea.” He was afraid. “Trust me.” Anna hid her eyes. “I know.” He looked ashamed. “Watch out!” Ruth shot. “Fire in the hall!” The bats had returned. “Stronger we are!” Anna revealed the crucifix. “In the name of the Lord!” Thomas howled. “There are too many!” The lady gunner reloaded the rifle. “Listen!” Anna pulled him away. They both fired. “That is enough!” Anna called. They might rest for a while. «What now?”

The went still remained active. “They might get us.” The candles barely gave enough light. Ruth beheld the outlook. She got to think. Anna suddenly dashed. She burned with the force. “You fool!” She almost got caught near the other end. Ruth exhaled. “Relax.” Thomas told. “She will get through on the next round.” Ruth prepared. She would hunt. The went was open. The steam got released. Anna vanished from sight. The lady gunner had to get through.

The bats got frozen in place. “Black water.” Marina inhaled. She touched the pearl medallion. “Glory be You.” The priest got aside. “Our Father in Heaven.” He was ready. “Alright then.” The nayad sighed. They came this far. The dead lay in shambles. She had a look around. “Good Lord in Heaven!” Julius exclaimed. They found their friends. “Beware of the dead!” The skeletons hid within the niche. Marina cast the flame spell. “Then let His will be done.” Julius released the pages. He met the bats. The cave was too quiet. “Sweet mother of river.” The pillars were shaped like green trees. “This got to be the cloister.“ Ruth broke the silence. That was not important. “They aren’t the bone pillars.” Thomas breathed. She shuddered. They didn’t reach the ceiling. “Dragon heads.” Marina would have a closer look. “Mother.” She made it to rain. That waved their lives. The skull turned to breathe flames. “Save us!” Julius made the sign of the cross. He got afraid. Marina licked her lips when casting the spell.

The entrance, fortress Aliba. The 20th. of December 2098 A.D.

The gategave way. The soldiers cheered. The chieftain called thecraftsman. Daniela sighed. She drew the tears off her cheek. The foxes kept shooting. Daniela took it upon her shield. “Nevermore!” The raven snapped the arrows. The fight was far from over. “For Warakiya!” They defended the fortress whit an almost desperate valour. Her friends died before the door. The others fell to secure the courtyard. The lizards were on retreat. Father Pabel had arrived. The priest would sanctify the accursed earth. “Follow me!” Daniela led the centaurs inside. The archers might shield their approach. She would find the staircase. Daniela looked about. “We must remove the knights.” They got to be above the ground floor. The centaurs figured. Though that was easier said than done. The bone-soldiers kept the leftmost hallway. “Retreat!” Daniela exclaimed. The lizard men and fox-archers blocked another corridor. “Alright!” She cast the frostbolt. Germain unlocked the magic. The force gave the upper hand. They got away. “Come on!” Daniela encouraged. “Follow me!” She touched the crucifix. “Keep your shields!” The bone-soldiers threw bones into the air. “Save us from the evil One!” The bones broke on impact. Daniela thanked the Lord. Although she had lost the helmet.

The caves, forgotten city. The 20th. of December 2098 A.D.

The man-wolves anxiously waited for the vampire hunters to return. She stenched with dread, Cedric could tastethe air. That was such a bitter scent. The young princess had to survive. She was their only hope. Claudia might rekindle their strength to fight. The necromancer couldn’t know the truth. “Have faith.” Charles encouraged. He and Adam watched the doors. “The oracle always tells the truth.” Cedric growled. They might be mistaken. Her words were enigmatic and confused. It wouldn’t be the first time. Claudia feared the order of Shadow. They proved their loyalty to the Dark Lord. She knew. Claudia was there when they arrived.

The dragon heads went to rest. Julius managed to pull her away. The gunner kept shaking. Marina looked pale. “Blasted.” Thomas made the sign of the cross. The cloister was quiet. That wouldn’t last. The dragon skulls waited. The children of Gabriel told of the phenomena. Julius closed his eyes. “Do not lead us into temptation.” He prayed for guidance. Ruth gasped. “Good Lord in heaven!” The priest ended his prayer. He almost couldn’t believe the sight. The nayad made a glide. She conjured the bubble. The crimson told she used the bloodwatch. The dragons remained asleep. Julius licked his lips. That was a nervous gesture. He let it be. The priest made the row of clocks to fall down from the ceiling. The Lord didn’t forsake him. The skulls got frozen in time. Julius almost collided with the nayad. She gave a hand. “Exhale.” Marina adviced. “Let me handle the skulls.” She kept the red clock. “I trust you.” Ruth cast the short cape behind her shoulders. She arrived. The heads turned. “Death water!” Marina became the heart of blood. “The Lord preserve us!” Julius reached for the crucifix. The bloodwatch was too dangerous. Gabriel Belmont almost became turned into a vampire. The priest might sacrifice himself. Though never like that. Ruth looked around. “Let it be.” Julius inhaled. He got the sword. “Rest.” The archway was the only escape. “Wait a moment.” He got to think. “I must be ahead.” The priest accepted. “You have to beware.” Ruth adviced. The priest made the sign of the cross. “God with us.” The fireball sword burned in his grasp. The forsaken cloister turned into a much larger cave. Julius advanced. He looked at the well. That was a pit without bottom. The bats made him to dismiss about the matter. The monsters whirled about. The other hunters got spread out. His friends were in trouble. “Good Lord!” Anna got her swords. “They are behind you!” Ruth released the crossbow. He turned around. That was impossible. Even so, the skeletons leaped from within the well. “God with us!” Julius struck the man. He didn’t break. The skeleton pulled back into a crouched position. That was not the way. The priest got to figure. The dead man used the bones like a club. Julius staggered. He got lost. The priest might sense the cold. “Sweet mother of river!” Marina charged the flame spell. The skeleton blocked the blast with both arms. “Beware!” Julius had figured. “They are the elite skeletons!” Ruth was ahead. She struck with the axe. That got stuck between the ribs. “I am here!” Julius fought to counter. The monster hit him. The punch sent him sprawling. “Black water!” Marina threw the knifes. “Then so let it be.” They impaled the dead. The priest got up. “Save us!” The skeleton crouched. “Rest in peace!” Julius threw holy water into the air. The vial broke. The priest managed to block the assault. The skeleton began to burn. Though he withdrew to throw bones. Julius got the gold daggers. “Glory be You!” The dead man crouched. “Our Father in Heaven!” He ran to find his friends. Ruth really was in trouble. She never managed to release the weapon. “Then eat the silver!” She fired between the teeth. The skull got thrown backward. The neck didn’t break. “Undead monster!” Julius hit the spine. “Preserve us from evil!” The sword got captured. “Let it be!” The angel sword lit the cave. The bone-man shuddered. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” The skeletons pulled him away. Julius gasped. He couldn’t breathe. They kept a chokehold. Marina cast the ice spell. They left him behind. Julius gasped. He was free. “God with us!” The priest threw the stone axe. “This is the end.” He broke the ribs. The skeleton collapsed. “Fire at will.” Ruth stabbed before pulling the trigger. The skeleton got filled with bullets. “Rest in peace.” Julius retrieved the Stellar sword. “Let it be done.” He removed the head. The others broke the spell. Julius felt dizzy with the cold. The skeleton hit him. “Preserve us.” He stamped with the crucifix. “For Warakiya!” The girls fought back-to-back. “Burn in Hell!” Thomas was forced to retreat. He tried to shoot them. “Then let it be done!” The priest cried. The skeleton slammed him into the floor. Julius felt like breaking apart. He used the laurels. “Preserve us!” The dead man tightened his grip. “You raise me up.” Julius threw the crystal. The bone-man released him. “Amen.” He collapsed in front. Julius got up to pick the gems. Julius might relax. They restored his energy. The priest would fight. The others got involved. The bag of bones met him with punches. “God with us!” Julius blocked the club. The priest kept the Shuriken. The Ninja star got stuck. Julius frowned. He wouldn’t lose the heirloom. The bats settled upon his neck. Julius got busy. They might infect the curse. The skeletons threw bones. Marina staggered. She got hit. “The Lord is one!” Ruth made the flames to rise. They got burned to ashes. “Death water!” Marina handled the bats. The bullets hit the swarm. Julius made the sign of the cross. That kept him at a distance. He struck. The fight was over. The skeleton crumbled. “Save us!” There was a rumble. The shaft caved in. Julius exhaled. The cave was empty. That was unnatural. “There should be more.” He touched the crucifix. Julius was left alone. The lady gunner hung up the rifle. Anna and Thomas left them behind. The nayad was left kneeling upon the floor. Marina held her temples. She was so exhausted. “Resiturgam.” She was cursed. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost.” Julius poured the holy water. He was afraid. The priest knew the danger. Marina didn’t belong to the church. “God with us.” The priest stamped her with the crucifix. Marina shuddered. “Amen.” She shook herself. “That was great.” They helped her afoot. “This is not the end.” Julius was certain. “We have to find the others.” He lead them behind the row of columns. “The candles are burning out.” Ruth warned. “The dark power of Dracula.” Julius channelled the force. “Let it be.” The pyre sword lit up the cave. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” That was in time. The bats squeaked. “Fire in the hall!” Ruth pulled the trigger.

The cave was so dark. They got lost in the maze. “Burn in Hell.” Thomas shot the monsters. Things were not over yet. The skeleton crumbled. Anna picked the gems. “They are the elite.” Thomas drew sweat of his brow. “They came from the bottom of the well.” She didn’t relax. “Julius made it to crumble.” The dark-breed snarled. “Look out.” He tried to count the vents. This was a trap. “The steam might kill us.” Anna licked her lips. “Let us hurry up then.” Thomas was tired. He reloaded the rifle. Anna ran. They found the niche. The girl must dance. She had released the fireballs. “Blast it!” The knight threw his double shot. That hit the bats. They got torn to pieces. “There might be more of them.” Anna touched the crucifix. “Then let them come.” He turned the bend. The zombies hid in the dark. Thomas caught the stench. “Leave us alone!” He twirled with the lance. The freaks must rest in peace. They kept coming. “The heart and head!” Anna reminded. “That is the weak spots!” Thomas howled his anger. He might tear them apart. “Be gone!” Anna presented the crucifix. The knight snarled. “Run!” His eyes shone like polished gold. Anna had reached the safe spot. The steam was poisonous. She looked dizzy. Thomas shot the undead. The monsters still tried to choke him.

The room wasn’t that large. “Behold.” Anna looked into the pond. That occupied the centre. “The miracles of God.” The walkway continued among the shadows. She observed the sheet. The field was unnatural. “This is the curse.” Thomas snarled. The ice shone in the torch light. “Dracula’s curse of Darkness.” Anna sighed. She removed her weapons. “This I must do.” She wasn’t shy. “The armour might pull you down under.” The knight shrugged. “I smell Belmont blood.” He bent above the body. “The necromancer didn’t get him.” Anna relaxed. She got to trust him. “Right.” Anna was no animator. “Be careful.” She smiled. “Will do.” Anna promised. She dived into the water. “Good Lord!” Anna shrieked. The liquid was cold. Nobody tried to grab her. That was no comfort. Anna might freeze to death. “Preserve me.” Marinahad told the truth. The water wasn’t healthy. Anna had no choice. She had to swim. The torches kept burning. They were the only source of light. The bats squeaked for blood. They went toward her neck. “Blast you!” Thomas shot the swarm. She left them behind. Thomas would pick the price. “This is impossible.” There was fresh blood upon the water. Why couldn’t he smell it? Anna wouldn’t think. She must climb on the ice.

The dragon heads spew fire. Marina blocked with the bubble shield. The door was locked. She then released the flurry of pages. The skulls were invincible. The bats got cut into pieces. Ruth met the axe armour. The priest was kept busy with the skeletons. “Come on you devils!” The sun engraving must be the key. Marina had tried to activate. The death face was asleep. She cast several spells to might awake the rune. “There is a way.” Marina lowered the shield. This was such a waste of power. The skeletons threw bones. She brandished with the whip. The dead had arrived. They lay in ambush. Marina cast the ice spell to might block the caves. “Black water.” The tomb didn’t contain them. There was no glass. That was no comfort. Marina barely got away. The dragons fired. The beams crisscrossed each other. She dodged. The skull heads might fry her. “Death ocean!” The bats settled upon her friends. They bit her. She moaned. The nayad felt terrible. They drank her blood. The flames burned the sun lock. The combination awoke the face. The eyes were wide open. The sun moved. “Sweet mother!” The door was open. Julius spoke words of Latin. He got the laurels. “Get away from there!” The priest pushed her aside. “Right.” She sighed. Julius couldn’t always be there to save her.

The crypt, forgotten city. The 20th. Of December 2098 A.D.

This was the tomb. “Here.” Julius gave her the lamp. “Keep it safe.” Ruth was flattered. “Trust me.” She breathed. The gunner prepared the crossbow. She would make Rachel proud. She challenged count Dracula in 1982. The crypt was kept in darkness. “For the Lord is one.” Ruth couldn’t translate the runes. The dark-breed might do better. “In Manos Toas Domine.” The priest was the leader. The torches got lit. Ruth bit her lip. She really disliked the smell. “This is apagan pyre.” Marina spoke. “It is cold.” Ruth shuddered. The tombs were closed. The dead rested behind the stone. “The curse is upon them.” Julius made the sign of the cross. “I know.” Ruth felt the stare. She reached for the star. “Then the dead men are walking.” Marina also looked nervous. “Then let it be done.” Julius held the Stellar sword in both hands. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost.” Ruth didn’t believe in the trinity. The Lord was one. “You rise in power.” Julius proclaimed. “You are not the necromancer.” Ruth then pulled the trigger. The silver bolt pierced the figure. That was a useless gesture. “The night watchman.” He stood behind the great tomb. There was a lamp atop his wand. Ruth had to swallow. He passed the monument. “God with us!” Julius moved to counter.

The crypt, fortress Aliba. The 20th. of December 2098 A.D.

The rebels had breached the keep. Ludwig Von Bork beheld the battle. The sunrise was near. The baron must occupy the lot. The strength might be amplified. He used the coffin as a table. The map had some potency. “Good.” The dead baron could track their mobility. “Cone here.” The shadow crawlers granted an edge. The resistance rag tags got means to outweighthem. “The resistance.” He felt their power. “All who oppose the prince of Darkness must die.” They belonged to that linage. Ludwig snarled. The witch perished. She served her purpose. “Then be damned to Death and Darkness.” The creatures were released from the underworld. The witch had refused his last command. “Thou arth to kill the Belmont clan.” The servants would obey. Ludwig Von Bork knelt to the Master’s purchase. “Hail to my lord Dracula.” That was irrelevant. The rebels had conquered. Though at an extraordinary cost in lives. Ludwig Von Bork licked his lips. “They have found the crypt.” He should have been there. The boyar would enjoy the slaughter. The fangs got exposed. “Enough.” Ludwig dismissed. He was the ring leader, the master vampire. Ludwig could control his thirst. They would feed. The Dark Lord could never be defeated. Their own lust for power would be their undoing.

The crypt, forgotten city. The 20th. of December 2098 A.D.

The queen demanded that no one was to intrude upon the house of the dead. “ Trespassers!” The night watchman beheld the robbers. The group long had walked on forbidden ground. “Thou have no right.” They must make sacrifice. “Indeed.” The cloaked man made a gesture. “We came.” He then reached inside the jacket. “And leave in peace.” The caretaker bowed. The hood was empty. “Thou have to offer.” The blood of the hunter. “Thou arth a holy man.” He pointed at the spring daughter. “Give me thy companion.” The stone walls then raddled. “She must pay.” To wake the dead. “ For what thee brought from the deep!”

The caretaker woke the dead. Julius threw back his cape. The sword went out in one motion. “She is nay to be trusted.” The night watchman sounded remorseful. “She is of elder folk.” Who was this spirit? That was none of his business. The undead caretaker then disappeared. He arrived before Marina. “Thou enforced the pact.” The wraith struck the wand. “Thy blood is forfeit.”The lamp shone with a ghastly pale light. She shrieked. The dead held her in place. “Undead fiend!” Ruth fired a shot. The skeleton broke apart. “Go!” The watchman howled. “Leave this place!” Julius was sad. He made the sign of the cross. “That rests with the Lord.” Ruth touched the front of her short dress and tunic. “Let it be.” She revealed the star of David. “Be gone.” The priest might speak the Walachian language. He could see beyond the obvious. The caretaker was dead. “You cast His mercy aside.” The war was over. “You hold a grudge.” Julius tightened the grip. “You have become an accursed being.” He would keep Leon’s oath. The women folk shrieked. Ruth and Marina came from the other side. “You can’t strike him!” The weapons went through. “Stay back!” Julius demanded. The fireball sword burned bright. That was a cleaner flame. The caretaker was a man-wolf. He ceased to be a long time ago. “This wolf is crazy.” He went for the little witch. Julius blocked the wand. “Leave this place.” The night watchman repeated. “ We made a truce with your tribe.” Julius was a true believer. “You serve the Dark Lord.” He recognised the mark. “I am Julius Belmont.” The priest revealed himself. “My family made an oath to hunt the night.” The man’s hood was empty. “Turn back now.” Julius felt the anger controlled by will. “You cannot escape the Shadow.” He met each blow. “Look!” Ruth cried. The graves were open. The burrows lay in the dark. The stench was terrible. Julius felt his hair stand on end. The caretaker absorbed the power. The wight blazed. Now he could see. His helmet got adored with the ancient pale jewelleries. The knife shone with a flickering ghoul light. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” He cried. The night watchman flailed with his staff. “Preserve us!” Julius barely blocked the offence. He struck a killing blow. “Use the flame magic!” Julius told. “Pray to the Saint for guidance!” Ruth ran to the left. The axe and gauntlets burned with fire. The watchman became invisible. Julius could feel his presence. “Mother of river!” Marina had engaged the bats and skeletons. The “Dark pain” was no ordinary weapon. “So it will be.” The night watchman returned. “Behold!” He reached his fingers. “The strength of my queen!” She would be cursed. “Lord!” Julius felt the shift in power. “Preserve us from the wicked One!” The caretaker told the truth. The fireball sword then burned like the captured star. “I shall fight in the righteous battle!” The blade breached his armour. The wight howled. Julius blocked his ears. He was so sorry. This shouldn’t be necessary. Though the watchman was beyond remorse. “Thou shall die.” The wight spoke the ancient words of black witchcraft. He trusted his knife. “Then let it be!” Julius made a back-flip. This was necromancy. The zombies raised from within the burrow. They would feed upon the living. “Rest in peace!” He would release them from the spell. “You may keep the treasure!” The holy water might cleanse the tomb. The priest was on fire. The night watchman had become invisible. “For the Lord is my God!” Ruth broke the skull. She threw a wave of the enflamed axes. The caretaker lit the candles. He embraced the witch. Marina got the power gem. She gave him a taste of the blue energy. “You cannot take him!” He made the sign of the cross. The undead caretaker got pushed to the side. “God with us!” Julius threw the gold Shuriken. The wight resisted. The priest retrieved the weapon. “The time is up!” Marina pulled the bloodwatch. “Cursed arth thee!” The wight got trapped in place. Marina blinked. “Why can’t I zap the power?” She got confused. “Do not ask.” He shuddered. The priest felt the chill of the grave. “Better not to know.” The zombies forced her in place. The watchman broke the spell. “God with us!” Julius threw the crystal in a high arch. “Accursed !” The impact hurt the wight. Ruth hurled three daggers. The watchman turned. “This is necromancy!” Julius made a glide. “Thou have fallen into folly.” He faced the blow. “I have been bestowed.” The wight stabbed his knife. “ The dead might defend themselves.” Julius dropped the book. He released the fireballs. “Nay.” The caretaker blocked the blast. “ Thou shall rot in Hell.” Julius didn’t flinch. “You have become the litch.” He had noticed. The man-wolves never dabbled in the dark arts. Julius was alone. The girls left him behind. The dead were to blame. “ Thy should have follow my advice.” The wight stabbed his knife. He went for the heart. Julius touched the crucifix. The watchman struck his wand. “Let it be!” The priest got lifted into the air. “In the name of the Father, the son and of the holy Ghost!” The enflamed cross appeared above. His fire purified the tomb. The zombies burned. “Accursed!” The watchman staggered. Julius dashed. There had to be flesh and bone. “Lord!” He struck beneath the cloak. “Save us from evil!” The caretaker was forced to retreat. “Damnation to thee!” Julius saw beyond. The Dark Lord had nothing to do with this battle. “You are not to disturb them any longer!” The priest blocked the wand. “Drown in water!” Marina got the whip around his neck. The night watchman cursed her. Julius used the laurels. The nayad cast the fire spell. She found another upgrade. The watchman was a living undead. Julius threw the crystal. That shook the wight. The sword burned like the sun in the forest. “May the Lord make mercy upon your soul!” The skull rolled on the floor. “Thou shall die!” The caretaker screamed. Then he burst into fire. They watched him burn. Julius shuddered. The little witch was about to cry. He exhaled. “We got to gather.” Marina closed her eyes. Julius tried to comfort her. “Where is Ruth?” She asked the question. “I really don’t know.” The priest thought they kept together. “She might be taken.” Julius would pray for her soul.

The caves, forgotten city. The 20th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The bats twirled about. Thomas must be careful. They lusted for blood. They had to wait. Anna was in trouble. He snarled. The knight knew he couldn’t help her. He couldn’t swim. Not within the armour. “Demon!” There was something within the water. “Burn in Hell!” Thomas might smell the presence. That thing disliked his species. The knight could fly across. He would never do. Thomas chose his destiny. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Anna danced on the ice. He whistled. She was adorable. “Blasted!” The bats approached. They settled upon his neck. Thomas howled. He disliked the lot. Thomas stamped them out. The crucifix burned between his fingers. Thomas smirked. His father would be proud. “Thanks.” Jacob always encouraged his family to use their supernatural abilities. He thought of Julius. The priest had warned him. Anger and hate would gain him nothing. “Forgive me.” That only led to suffering. “Help me!” Anna cried. He pulled the rifle. “Let it be finished!” Thomas reloaded with the silver bullets. There was that stench again. “Return into the pit!” The zombies reached to take him. “Damn it.” They were not of his kind. Thomas growled. “Burn in Hell.” The necromancer had no right. He howled the challenge. Thomas would fight.

The water was nasty. Anna shuddered. She figured why Marina disliked it. “Stronger we are!” Anna slid from the ice. “In the name of the Lord!” She swam around the block. Anna must climb atop. “Good Lord!” There was something within the water. That touched her leg. “Monster! Anna swallowed. The tentacle was slimy and wet. She got lifted above the water. Anna looked down. She would regret it for the rest of her life. “Then release me you devil!” The worm was scaled and wet. What was that attached to? The case would haunt her.

The creature, or whatever, threw her upon the ground. The tentacle vanished into the water. Anna got up. The ice was freezing. There wasn’t any supernatural about it. Anna was soaked. She hoped she didn’t get sick. “Great is the Lord.” Anna found the button. That got frozen. Anna picked the bow-and-arrows. “Do you want to play?” The sprites dwelled within the pot. She blinked. Anna got confused. The girls had to giggle. “You must kill us.” The sprites spread out. “Stronger we are!” This really was pure madness. “In the name of the Lord!” Anna pulled the string toward her ear. The sprites spread like wasps. She must remain calm. The girl only got this many arrows. “Fire in the hall!” Anna released. This had to work.

The crypt, forgotten city. The 20th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The tomb was still dark. “Sweet mother.” Marina turned away from the graves. The priest hit the candles. There wasn’t much. Marina had no mind. The treasure lay in pile. “Black water.” She felt no lust. Marina took the morning-star. She was satisfied. Julius touched the crucifix. “Right.” Marina chewed on a hair string. Ruth must be dead. That was the sole solution. Marina mourned the loss. “Excuses me.” The lady gunner stumbled from within the burrow. She looked white like a ghost. Her eyes were wide with horror. Marina exhaled. She reached fresh water. “It shall be alright.” Marina embraced her friend. The lady gunner didn’t blink. Ruth looked into the nothing. The priest touched her shoulder. He was afraid. The lady gunner kept the crystal. “God.” Ruth whispered. “The men of Mericia came upon us past midnight.” She gasped while touching her chest. “We were too few to resist.” Ruth looked even paler. “The knife through my heart.” Julius got the laurels. “Rest in peace.” He said. Ruth blinked. The nayad could breathe again. “What did I say?” She shook her head. “I must be dreaming.” Ruth inspected the crystal. “This is what I found.” Marina shrugged. She had no care about it. The nayad could relax. “We have to continue.” Julius explained. She supported the statement.

The caves, forgotten city. The 20th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The tomb got closed. Ruth felt so tired. She got to sit. “Here.” Marina held her to stand up. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost.” Julius made the sign of the cross. He barged the crypt. “The magic is weakened.” He told. “Right.” Ruth stretched her back. .“They should be left alone.” Ruth figured out. She never should search the tomb. “Accursed.” The lady gunner lusted for the burial treasure. Ruth blacked out. She felt so ashamed. “This is my fault.” She wished to forget. “We must return.” Marina whispered. “There is no switch.” Julius inhaled. “The work is finished.” He touched the crucifix. “I guess.” Ruth would fight. She hoped that the others got better luck. “We have to activate the timer.” Julius was right. The priest went ahead. He would lead them to the cloister. The dragon heads remained silent. Ruth didn’t trust that to last. She reached for the axe. The pile of bone marked the battlefield. “For great is the Lord.” Julius picked the gems. She passed the sun key. “So let it be done.” They had reached the pillared hall. Ruth fixedupon the dragons. They remained in place. “Please.” She was afraid. “Dark ocean world.” Marina touched the pearl medallion. “Lord.” Julius went forward. They would not be forgotten. Ruth sighed. She reloaded the rifle.

Grand hall, fortress Aliba. The 20th. of December 2098 A.D.

They met in the castle hall. Henry relaxed. “Daniela.”She was still alive. He might breathe.The hunter lost his friends. “Nevermore.” She returned the gaze. “Poe is dead.” Henry sighed. “Blasted.” Michael cursed. “Virginia is the chieftain of the great ravens.” Henry dismissed. He challenged the shadow demons. Daniela leaned against the wall. He noticed her condition. The armour got stained with blood. She really looked haunted. “Were is your HELMET?” Michael had to ask. “I lost it in the fight.” Daniela shook her braids. “I couldn’t retrieve it.” She wiped the grey eyes. Henry frowned. That left her more vulnerable. “That is alright.” Daniela touched the crucifix. “The fight is over.” Henry shook his head. She was so young. “Alright.” Michael shrugged. She got the optimism of youth. Things were never that easy. “The castle must burn.” They got work to do. “We have to search for their resting place.” Henry would do his duty. “The souls must be released.” They yearned to escape. He knew. The hunter made the sign of the cross. “Listen up everyone.” He called. They were at war. The land was worth fighting for. “I have to investigate the catacombs.” They heard his voice. “I need you to volunteer for the hunt.” Henry hoped that Daniela would come.

The caves, forgotten city. The 20th. of December 2098 A.D.

Something happened. “Beware!” The entirecave became awake. Adam howled his challenge. “They found the switch!” Claudia exclaimed. That much was obvious. The door was open. Charles ran through. “I don’t know if you should do that.” Cedric muttered. It was too late. They got to leave. “Come on.” Adam encouraged. “We are going home.” Cedric shrugged.

He sighed. “Come on now!” Claudia led by the arm. He was concerned. “We have no time.” They should wait for the hunters. “We can’t leave the tribe.” Adam snarled. He had decided. The man-wolf changed form. He howled. They ran to resist the order of Shadow.

The cave rumbled. Julius looked about. They had returned to the dungeon area. “They found the switch.” Marina was certain. “Maybe.” Ruth hung up the rifle. “That rests with the Lord.” He made the sign of the cross. “Sweet mother!” There was a gate in the ceiling. The boulder fell down. “Run!” Julius called. “If you want to live!” That was no problem. “Good Lord!” The chase had begun. “Black water!” The little witch tried the bloodwatch. He threw a vial. The bats burned to ashes. They couldn’t slow the trail. Julius leaped above the water. “Preserve us!” The priest didn’t recognize the cave. This might be a part of the closed hall. “Let it be!” The Lord would guide them. Julius believed they would survive. Marina shrieked. The dead men slept beneath the bottom of the well. “Fire in the hall!” Ruth emptied her rifle. “Get away!” Julius got in front to throw holy water. The bats went like a wave. “Wait!” Marina shouted. The flame spell crushed the spike trap. The boulder then fell into the abyss. That was not the end. The series of scythes blocked their way. “We must be more careful.” Marina tried to blast them. “They are too fast!” Ruth cried. “”I see.” Julius got the crucifix. He made a glide beneath the pair. “Rest in peace!” The clicking sound told him about the trap. The spikes closed him off from his friends. “God with us!” Julius made the meteors to fall. The bats left some crystals. He picked the collection. The group got behind. “Come on!” Julius couldn’t rest. “Look out!” The guillotine came smashing down.He made them to move. “Do my bidding!” Marina conjured her fairies. They lit the area. “Alright!” Ruth got beneath. The nayad got to wait. The guillotine was rising. Marina was quite short. “Mother of river!” She got beneath the mechanism. “God with us!” Then Julius made a glide. He got beyond. The priest got up to fight. The women folk appeared to either side. They would hunt the night. He leaped. Julius got above the pond. The hall was ahead. The spikes came down in front. Julius hoped they got the time. Though he couldn’t be sure. The priest got an idea. The spikes came down. Julius threw the white gold Shuriken. The Ninja star weapon burst on impact. “Let it be!” He prayed for the gems. Julius got enough. He destroyed the five traps. That gave no victory. “Preserve us from the wicked One!” The priest got no rest. Marina cast a spell. The zombies hid within the alcoves. “Daughters of river!” She froze the group in place. “Good Lord in Heaven!” Julius slashed through the monsters. “Let it be!” He took the gems. The priest inhaled. Julius felt much better. “Watch the floor!” Ruth figured about the danger. The holes made the flames to rise up. “This is a trap!” Julius made the sign of the cross. “Blast it!” Ruth cursed. “We must react!” She advanced. The axes wrecked the machinery. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost!” Julius grasped the Stellar sword. The second band of monsters blocked their progress. “The Lord is one!” Ruth held the crystal. For He is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob!” She caused another explosion. “Let it be.” Julius made it to rain with the holy water. “Then have a spin with the wind.” Marina laughed. She tried to hide behind the hand. Julius had no mind. The little witch cast the storm spell. The scythes swung to slash them. “Save us from evil!” Julius went beyond. “Death water!” Marina created the bubble shield. That was not enough. The nyad shivered. She survived. They caught up. “Wait for me!” Ruth made a glide. She barely got in time. The blades struck.She passed beneath. “Good Lord.” Julius drew sweat of his brow. The gate was open. “Beware of the shadow.” He didn’t rejoice. “Let it be.” They got to breach it in time. “God!” The ceiling gave way. “Run for your life!” He shouted. The women gathered. The boulder came rolling. They had to escape. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” Julius got the crucifix. The traps blocked the way. “Follow me!” They must leave the cave. “Fight the good battle!” That would be difficult. The rock crashed forward. “Into Your hands I commit my soul!” Julius consolidated his blood force. Then he ran like only the Belmonts could. The priest was a true descendant. “God with us!” Julius might survive. The guillotine almost cut him in half. He dropped the book. The fireballs removed the obstacles. Julius couldn’t relax. He moved. This was the final approach. “Look out!” Ruth managed to follow. She fired a bolt of silver. The arrow burst among the bats. That caused a breather. “Help me! I perish!” The priest flew above the water. The boulder made a splash. Ruth got in front. She kept Marina on her back. “Sweet mother of river!” The nayad closed about her gem. The blue flames cleansed the cave. Julius inhaled. He went the distance. This was another of those pillared corridors. “Accursed!” There was another well. Ruth pulled away. “This is it.”He got the crucifix. “They might kill us.” Marina kept juggling the ice pellets. “There are no boulder this time.” He sighed. She told the truth. The clock was ticking. “Into Your hands I commit my soul.” The skeletons left from the abyss. “They are the elite!” Ruth called. “I know.” He got a plan. “God with us!” Julius made a row of meteors to fall down. “Let it be!” He dropped the book. The fireballs collided against the dead. “Glory be You!” They broke on impact. “Follow me!” The priest attacked with his arms and sword. They burned like the sun in the forest. “Fly!” Marina cried. “The enemy is upon us!” She released the fairies. “That is too dangerous!” Julius recognized the necromancy magic. The little witch didn’t listen. “This belongs to me!” She absorbed their might. “Preserve us from the evil One.” Julius worried about her spirit. Ruth then emptied the rifle. “For the Lord is one!” The undead had to crouch upon the floor. They folded their arms in front. The silver bullets got rebounded upon impact. Julius arrived. He threw the rock. That crushed the skeleton. “Come with me!” Julius cast other fireballs. “Right!” Marina threw herself against the monsters. The shield trust and frost fused the attack.

The zombies burned. Thomas inhaled. “Come on!” That was not the end. “Take him away!” The bats got joined by the group of orcs and goblins. “Burn in Hell.” The knight hated the lot. The tribe enemies spread out to cover more ground. “Shoot him!” The chieftain encouraged. “He is not invincible!” Thomas smirked. “Then watch me.” He threw the stake. That pierced the neck. “I hate you!” The orc stumbled by the impact. Thomas didn’t wait. “That is alright.” His lance impaled the heart. “As long you die.” The goblins whipped him. “You are a slave!” The leaches made him to howl. Thomas twirled. The end came up to hit the face. “Human scum!” The goblin staggered. He spat blood. Thomas smirked. He broke the nose. “Kill him!” The triumph didn’t last. “Good Lord!” Thomas inhaled. The death curse was still in effect. “Alright.” The bats went about. “You bastards.” They squeaked for blood. “Burn in hell.”

The skeletons and zombies pushed through the earth. The knight showed his canines. “Try this!” The dark-breed reloaded with wood bullets. The bone-men got shot to pieces. “Impressive or what.” He even pierced some other monsters. “You are dead” he snarled. “Though notdead enough!” He got the orbs. That was it. Thomas noticed the ice was melting.

The sprite burned. Anna shot the lot. She at least hoped so. “Help me.” The girl was acing.

Anna felt like she was burned by the sun. That was not the truth. ”The power of Satan.” Blinded by greed, they took without questions. She shuddered. Anna might fend for herself.

She dried her tears. “Oh no.”
Anna got work to do. A final figure emerged fromthe pot. She was larger than the others. Anna got away. The bow-and-arrows burned. “Light is kind.” Anna dropped them upon the ice. “Thank You.” The mother sprite was beautiful. “Bless me.” She was the size of a child. “They held me captured.”
The great sprite was beaming. “The impressment enlisted me to force a wish.”Anna almost forgot abouttheir own trouble. “Forgive me.” She feltso sorry. “Be at ease.” The sprite told. “For you are not to blame.” Anna was restored. “Your faith is pure.” The ice melted. “Farwell, youwho love the men.” She exhaled. Anna didn’t expect this result. The switch got released. Anna stepped on top. The dancing girl finally found the mechanism. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” They got five minutes to reach home. She touched the crucifix. The Lord would guide them. Anna leaped into the water. Nothing tried to take her this time. Anna then climbed to fight.

The wolves got ahead. Marina had no mind. The night watchman made her afraid. “Mother.” The nayad was glad they conquered. “Stay away!” Ruth told. The trap was meant to burn them. She shuddered. “God with us!” Julius got surrounded by the undead. “Help us!” Marina cried. The little witch was powerless to help. “Run if you want to live!” Julius served as cover. “Alright!” Ruth used the crystal to break through. “Look out!” The bats squeaked for blood. Marina had reached atop the staircase. She cast the whirlwind spell. That blew them away. The little witch then opened the door. Ruth went inside. She got the axe. “Let him live.” Marina had a final look of their friend and leader. “Run, you fool!” Julius got the sword. “There is only a minute left.” She rubbed at her tears. Marina worried about him. “Alright.” This might be the last farewell. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost!” Julius threw the fireball. The witch inhaled. Marina ran inside. She stumbled on theremains. “Take it easy.” Ruth helped her to get up. The nayad relaxed. She tried dusting off. The floor was coated. “They fought to the end.” The lady gunner explained. “I see.” She felt so cold. “That is the battle-droids.” She whispered. “The wolves crushed them”Marina licked her lips.

This was no trap. Ruth exhaled. “The cave is too quiet.” The knight looked about. “Right.” Her friends arrived. “Together we stand.” Julius made the sign of the cross. “Alone we fall.” Ruth left that behind. The huge Robin sculptures might hide their approach. “Let us be gone.” The priest adviced. “The dark force is rising.” Marina acknowledged. Ruth picked the axe. The witch chanted. “They are ahead.” Thomas sniffed the air. “They made havoc of the cave.” Thomas reloaded the rifle. “That is your department.” Ruth shrugged. “Beware the danger.” The priest frowned. Although the robots got crushed,the floor got littered with their remains. “They have to pay for this victory.” Ruth sighed. “I see.” She figured. “Stay out of this.” Thomas snarled. “Stop it.” Anna got between. “You know that Berkeley was a death trap.” The lady gunner touched the star. She praised the Lord of Israel. “We must find them.” Thomas insisted. She inspected the marble corridor. “Wait a moment.” Ruth hung up. She got the map. “We have reached the entrance hall.” The forgotten city was ahead. “So let it be.” Julius made them to climb the steps. The bricks were made of multicoloured stone. “Save us.” The walls shone like the rainbow. Ruth doubted she might find the pot of gold. She felt sick.

The crypt, fortress Aliba. The 20th. of December 2098 A.D.

There were the voices in the tomb. Ludwig smiled. “The ladies.” They exposed his fangs. This was their grave. “Sylvia?” One child cried. “Why do you wished to become a hunter?” They were getting closer. The baron licked his lips. “Watch out Daniela!” They had noticed. Someone kept shooting. “Relax.” The male voice spoke. “That is alright.” Ludwig snarled. They broke the spell. “Accursed thee.” He hissed. The rebels got holy powers. “I got the lot!” Daniela told. “They give me the goosy.” She exhaled. “You asked why I want to be a hunter.” Why had they stopped? “Mostly because of my ancestor, father Joshua Dawn.” The boyar thus frowned. He should know that name. “You mean the Joshua Dawn?” They got confused. “Yes.” Sylvia Dawn confessed. “The priest who awoke Dracula in 1982.” She then sighed. “Why act so surprised?”Ludwig might observe the company. “You are an Aulin.” That was the truth. “I am sorry.” Daniela said. “He was such a kind man.” The boyar could not support. The priest was an idiot who thought he figured the resurrection of the body. “No one can.” Joshua Dawn portrayed the corpse of the Dark Lord. The count killed him, out of jealousy. That was according to legend. Never mind that now. They were here. The boyar would feast.

Courtyard, the caves. The 20th. of December 2098 A.D.

The cave once was the entrance to the forgotten city. The man-wolves had left it to crumble. The necromancer made the circle of power. The hunters believed in his death. That was a trap. The beasts almost tore his forces. “Open chains, locks, bolts: There is a dead voice calling.” The dark wizard chanted. “By steel, blood and power, I call you to answer.” He cut the throat. The blood of rats granted much power. “Rise.” They must not be allowed to unite their forces. “Hark your Master’s voice.” The earth shook by the witchcraft. The necromancer laughed. “To wake the dead.” Such a guest. They would kill each other. He would obey the Dark Lord.

The Robin sculptures towered so high above. “So let it be.” Julius made the sign of the cross. He felt so little. “So this is the end of the road.” Ruth smiled. That never reached her eyes. “Drop it.” Thomas barked. “We got work to do.” That was the truth. “Beware of the undead.” Julius breathed. He inspected the ground. The floor was made of multicoloured stone. “Preserve us from the wicked One.” Julius exhaled. “He will never forget or abandoned us.” Anna stepped on tip-toes to might kiss him. “That is enough.” The connection was forbidden. Julius dismissed. “The legend tells the man-wolves learned their craft from the elder folks.” The priest might believe it. The columns looked like trees of stone. “Alright.” Thomas threw that aside. “What are we waiting for?” He leaned against the lance. Julius acknowledged. “That soundslikea strategy.” The priest unsheathed the sword. Thomas made no comment. He sniffed the air. “They have been here.” Thomas frowned. “There is the Belmont blood.” Julius blinked. He touched the crucifix. Thomas shrugged. “I thought you knew about him.” The knight growled. “Is Trevor down here?” The disbelief shone on his face. “I am sorry.” Thomas gripped his shoulder. “I cannot tell you that.” He sighed. “Your tribe smell the same.” The priest thought of his cousins. Though he disliked some relatives, the bloodline survived. Julius put that aside. He would learn in time. They got their own problems. “Let us continue.” The women went ahead. Marina conjured the fairies to might lit their path. “Pease with you.” Julius made the sign of the cross. The lantern hung upon his backpack. The got to refill before he might hunt the night. Thomas chased the girls. He might see in the dark. “God with us!” Julius believed in the Belmont lore. The knight retained his true form. The fireball sword began to burn. Julius let be the candles. They might use the light. “Save us from the Dark.” He almost vomited. The stench filled the air. That accursed greenlife still clung to the walls. Julius thought about Leon Belmont and the undead parasite. That was such a long time ago. Strange he didn’t notice before. Never mind. The great gate was open. The others left him. Julius was not alone. He looked about. This was too easy. There must be more. “Let it be.” There was a shift in nature. Julius felt it. They should have noticed before. That was too late. Julius couldn’t wait any longer. “Curse of Darkness.” He knew the truth. He wasn’t Gabriel. The priest advanced. “God with us!” The sword kept burning. They had to keep together. Julius came too late. “How typical.” The gate closed in his face. “Help me fight the night!” His friends got disturbed by the shrouded figures. “The order of Shadow!” Julius shuddered. He thought of the black riders. “Good Lord in Heaven!” He figured. Julius knew that laugh. “You are of the living death.” The priest made the sign of the cross. “Then so let it be done.” Julius approached the evil wizard. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost.” The necromancer had returned. Julius felt the resident evil. “You sacrificed the Succubus.” The dead wizard made a dismissing gesture. “She failed to serve us.” He radiated cruelty. “You are not the Dark Lord.” Julius would remove the head and heart. They must be burned. “All who oppose the prince of Darkness must die.” The dark wizard recited Dracula’s speech. “Then let it be.” The priest would fight the righteous battle. “You have to save your friends.” The necromancer gloated about the case. “Permit me to entertain the lot.” Julius inhaled. “Leave in peace.” He told. “Let us fight.” The dark wizard cherished the sword and scythe. “The final fight.” The necromancer was pleased. “Then we know our strength.” He laughed. Julius made no remark. “Finish.” The dead wizard left the floor. “That rests with the Lord.” The priest got the sword. “Then let it begin.” The necromancer reached into the circle. “Though not for a while.” Julius ran to follow. He got among the pillars. The dead wizard must be stopped. Julius would put him to rest. “My loyal minion.” The evil necromancer beheld the armour. “Then you rise in glory.” The dark wizard demanded. “To do his bidding.” The black witchcraft peeked through every crack and opening. “Save me from the evil One!” Julius made the sign of the cross. “God with us!” The priest got no choice. He would fight. “Crush the intruder.” Julius felt cold. This was not another guardian. “The order knight.” Julius knew about Desmond Belmont. He got afraid. The siblings told in their journal. “

Resiturgam.” He was a priest. “Let it be.” Julius would do his duty. “You are a fool!”
The necromancer bellowed. “You cannot defeat us.” He cut the wrist. “Not when armed with the power of death.” An act of evil. “Open; bolts, chains, locks, there is a dead voice calling.”

The blood hit the floor. “By word, blood and power!” Julius ran to stop him. “Hark!”

The necromancer decreed. “The Masters voice.” The spell felt like a poison icicle. “Not him!” The priest touched his heart. “Yes.” The dark wizard gloated in triumph. The wish came true. “Lament of innocents.”Julius made the sign of the cross. “He created the Vampire Killer.”
He tightened the grip. The stellar sword was a gift from the bloodline’s Spanish connection.

“Let those who perished here, rise again to reappear.” Julius shuddered. “To rise the dead.” That was real evil. The zombies gathered around his position. Julius stood his ground. “Lord!” He made the clocks to fall down. “Father of Christ!” Julius knelt in prayer. “I believe in you.” God was alpha and omega. “Keep the lamp.” The Lord was both the beginning and the end. Julius accepted the truth. “Into Your hands I commit my soul.” They hid among the shadows. The bats squeaked for blood. “Let it be.” Julius revealed the crucifix. “God with us.” He cried. The dark wizard conjured the swarm. “Kill him!” Julius kept the stance. He got lifted above. The great crucifix then blazed behind. “Glory be You!” The burst cleansed the courtyard. “Our Father in Heaven!” The armour was clinking forward. Julius had almost forgot him.

The woman staggered behind. Thomas growled.She never fought the species. Whisp howled. “A century since the hand-to-wing.” Not everything went smooth. The lady was a vampire. The monster should do better than trying to match him. Then again, she was a real acrobat. Whisp recognized a master of the martial arts. The double knee-kick hit him in the stomach. Thomas retained human form. “For count Dracula.” The blonde punched like Freddie Kruger. The knight released his double shot. She leaped into the air. “Then die you living bastard!” The woman threw herself forward. “I don’t think so.” Thomas charged. The cross-shaped blast repelled her. “Alright.” Thomas breathed. “Alright.” The dark-breedgot the gauntlets. The woman morphed into a bat. “Blasted!” Her swarm dashed at his face. That was enough. Thomas aimed the rifle. He would shoot them. The vampire tried to kiss him upon the neck. The gauntlets kept blazing. “Curse you devil!” The knight howled. He would tear her apart. She survived through the mist. “Behold me and despair!” The vampire reappeared. She made lightning strike. Thomas got hurled away. “Then it is complete.” She laughed with triumph. The lady released the bat-flare. Thomas got up to use the garlic. “Behind you!” Anna cried.

She got the strength of twenty men. Anna shuddered. The dancing girl got taken away. “Permit the order to entertain your friends.” She spoke with a Russian accent. Anna blushed. The crisp voice got thenastytingling sound of water glasses played by a cunning hand. “Yes.” She felt the crimsonlips upon her neck. “Blood of the hunter.” The captor cooed. “You really are that young and strong.” She spoke like the brides of Dracula. Anna broke free. She stamped with the crucifix. “You cannot stop me!” The Russian witch released the cape. The lady reaped with ecstasy. “Never.” Anna closed her eyes. “I never turn to the dark side.” She laughed by her agony. The sound was too harsh to come from the softness of human lips. “Do you know who I am?” She asked. Anna shook her head. She didn’t want to know that. “My name is Valentina.” Anna touched the crucifix. “So let it be!” She made a meteor dash. The dancing girl left her behind. Anna got to find both swords. Then she could fight. Valentina became a bat. “You want them?” She asked. “If you will not turn.” Anna screamed. The wave came for blood. “You will be destroyed.” Thatdidn’t work. The lady cast the flare. Anna lost. “Your skills are no match for my power.” Anna came. She punched the monster.

The blonde woman was beautiful. The low-cut red velvet dress almost reached the floor. “Death water!” Marina broke the spell. She struck with the “Blood pain”. “I am Valentina.” The undead lady spread her cape. “The bride of count Dracula.” The blue bat-inhabited Hellfire ball went away. Marina tried to jump. The spell split in three. The bubble saved her. The vampire smiled. “Mother of river.” Marina shuddered. She couldn’t become like them. The lady pounced like a wild cat. Marina cast the whirlwind spell. The bride howled in rage. Marina exhaled. She got afraid of the power. The cat leached. Her claws gleamed like steel. The witch screamed. “Take this you devil!” The power-gem burned like the sun. “Good.” Valentina then retained her human form. “Very good.” She smiled. “You have a great power.” The Russian witch exposed her fangs. Marina remained quiet. She threw silver daggers. “Such a waste.” Valentina leached. She released the bats. “Dark water!” Marina made a glide. She reached beneath the swarm. Marina stabbed at the heart. The blonde bride got impaled. The vampire morphed into mist. The bat flare was made of frost. Marina got stunned in place. “Do my bidding!” The fairies released her. The ball of Destruction went home. She collapsed.

The courtyard got frozen over. “I am Valentina.” She blew her a kiss. Ruth touched the star. She was like the beast they met at the entrance. “Fine.” Ruth was waiting for her next move. The golden-hairedfiend exposed her fangs. “Dracul!” Valentina suddenly spread her cape. The lady gunner pulled her rifle. She shot the bats into oblivion. The undead woman shrieked. She leached. The series of uppercuts made her to go dizzy. Ruth was thrown back. “Got you!” She triumphed. Ruth shuddered as the mist reformed. Valentina bent down over her body. “Welcome.” She breathed. “To the pleasures of the flesh.” Ruth screamed. She got the rifle. The bayonet stabbed through her back. Valentina moaned. She still bent closer to the neck. She screamed. Ruth stamped the star. That symbolled the pact between Heaven and Earth. The flesh burned. Ruth kick her aside. Valentinaheld on. “No!” Ruth aimed the crossbow. The silver arrow pierced her torso. Valentina jabbed. She ducked. Ruthleft both weapons. She didn’t have time to reload. The demon attacked like a black cat. Ruth threw the crystal. The lady gunnergotSimon Belmont’s heart of fire.The rebounding fireball was a surprise. The vampire burned. “For the Lord is one!” Ruth dashed toremovethe head.

The crypt, fortress Aliba. The 20th. of December 2098 A.D.

The hunter shouldn’t have to go in front. Henry liked Daniela. The Aulin was his friend.Sylvia was right. The undead would be attracted by their presence. The nun wasn’t stupid. They lusted for blood. “That is no Upiri.” Michael breathed. He felt chills down his spine. “The red knights!” Henry shouted. The volunteers got their shields. The arrows got stuck. Daniela didn’t wait. She ran while flailing with the hammer. Sylvia kept chasing the group. She used her wand as a weapon. The sister also got holy water. Michael fired his crossbow. “Beware!” William and Roger also fired. The hunter got the others to join. The bats attacked. The knightshrieked. The shadow crawler got him. The monster looked like a praying mantis.They fed on souls. Henry couldn’t pity his friend. He was better dead then infected. “Gather!” He called. “Form a circle!” They got ambushed. The crawlers got blocked by their allies. Henry really was grateful. The insects couldn’t infect them. Daniela threw a lightning bolt. Her ice bolt pierced the heart. “Good Lord in Heaven!” The firestorm gave the upper hand. The knights retreated. “Daybreak!” Henry encouraged. “For Warakiya!” Sylvia knelt in front. She prayed for their souls. His blade was stained with crimson. Henry would banish the lot.

Courtyard, the caves. The 20th. of December 2098 A.D.

They got caught in the courtyard. The place that was quiet, echoed with the sound of battle. Adam and Claudia fought back-to-back. Half Moon and Mist had retained their true form. That should have given the upper hand. The man-beast were nobody’s pet. “Karack Warn!” Adam released the energy scythe. Claudia slashed her claws. Themonsters were of the elite. The man-wolf was sure. The skeletons ducked and parried. They used bones for weapons. Mist tried to tear him apart. The zombies pulled him away. Adamgathered more power. “Blasted!” Adam charged. “So help me God!” The man-beast then releasedthe power.

The necromancer floated in the air. Julius tried not to worry. The order knight kept marching. Julius got his own blade. The suit of armour blocked the assault. He slashed before the kill. Desmond and his sisters defeated the knight in 1666. The priest wouldn’t fail his bloodline. He got to survive. Julius sidestepped the attack. The helmet and the chest-plate were the key. The white light lit in his head. Julius pulled behind. The order knight marched forward. “Preserve us!” Julius blocked the strike. He stepped aside. The knight threw three daggers. “From the evil One!” The priest got the Shuriken. He wasn’t Maxim nor Soleiyu Belmont.“Let it be.” Julius knew he got no right to the name. The order knight approached. He leaped. He consolidated the power. “God with us!” Julius got above the knight. “Let there be light!” Julius hurled the vial. The glass got smashed against the floor. The liquid erupted into flames. The armour got burned on impact. Julius gasped. The monster grabbed him. Julius grunted. The knight struck him into the ground. “Good Lord!” The priest almost lost consciousness. The knight held the sword aloft. “Yes.” The necromancer beamed with triumph. “Perfect.” Julius was raised into the air. The crucifix blazed behind. The holy flames cleansed the cave. “Curse you!” The knight staggered. Julius rolled aside. The sword got buried among the tiles. That barely missed. “Help me!” Julius screamed. The daggers stabbed him. “That is the way.” The dark wizard was amused. The cold was the curse. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” Julius got to break the spell. The knives remained his body. The knight beheld the struggle. He got up to remove the daggers. The order knight slashed. Julius had to parry. “Resiturgam!” The priest blocked the other attack. The knight held the stance. Julius wished to hide. He was that strong. This was not the perfect offensive. Julius pined the gold knife through his chest. Then something happened. The light penetrated the crack. Julius got behind. “Good Lord!” His blade was stained. The knight was alive. There really was someone inside the armour. The strike was grounded . He had no time for the communion. “Forgive us!” He would pray. “For we do not know what we do!” Ruth threw herself in front. “You shall never despair!”
She took the blow meant for him. The lady gunner boasted no armour. She got pierced. Ruth’s blood stained the pavement. “You don’t have to do this?” He said. Julius got to know. “To love your neighbour, as yourself.”
Ruth could barely speak. Then life left her body. Her eyes were still open. Julius had to close them. The necromancer beheld his compassion. He could almost touch the distaste. Though the knights seemed to doubt. The he marched. The sword was raised and ready. Julius didn’t wait. He left Ruth to the hands of the Lord. This was his fault. The arsenal passed on. The rifle remained. The order knight struck. “Preserve us!”
Julius made a back-flip.He hurled the axe. The knight dropped his sword. Julius got time to carry her away from the battlefield. The chandelier symbol had returned. No one would disturb her ascent to heaven. “Glory be You; for the love stronger than death.”
Julius made the sign of the cross. The knight chased him. Julius returned to the battlefield. He hit the candles. The gems replenished his energy.“Serve me.”
The wizard floated above. The silence disturbed him. Julius challenged the order knight. He hurled three daggers. Julius blocked with his arms on fire. Then he threw the fireball. That exploded upon impact. The knight gathered. Julius had time for the laurels. The priest relaxed. Though he still hurt. The order knight gave no breather. Julius med his blade. The fought back and forth. Julius got pressed hard. The order knight kept marching. Julius had no choice. “Your death is assured.” This must end, or he would bleed to death. “I can tell.” The necromancer foretold. “Let it be.”
Julius threw the crystal. The gem shattered into a million pieces. The knight collapsed. A figure fell from inside the armour. Julius blinked. That was a girl. He beheld her dark skin.The sun-coloured ponytail reached below her shoulders. “Who are you?”
Julius asked. He got to figure before she died. The outfit revealed her. “The young princess has to live.”
Julius almost forgot. The priest dismissed about his wounds. While he knelt beside her. The laurels restored her. “Where am I?”She opened her eyes. “Master?” She was confused. The necromancer laughed in triumph. Julius shuddered. He really disliked the sound. “God.” Julius blocked his ears. That man was evil. “Save us.”
The priest made the sign of the cross. The young man-wolf looked both lost and confused. Julius could see beyond the obvious. The princess reached at her neck. A dark crimson aura went along her body. “From the wicked One.” Even the ponytail got framed. Julius was sorry about her destiny. The princess was cursed. “His Masters voice.” The man-wolf held an amulet in either hand. She got power. “You must kill the Belmont clan.” Julius shuddered. That was count Dracula’s last command.

He wondered if one of them might be the dark magic pendant. He had no time to ponder. She lifted into the air. The princess sat with her legs crossed while floating. “God with us!” Julius kept the sword in both hands. He was unsure of what to do. The priest couldn’t kill her. “Lady Iris!” They told her name. “Please listen to me.” She didn’t. The man-wolf presented the left hand’s talisman. A blue flame lit the caves. “No.” Julius made the sign of the cross. That was not a Lycan power. The ice blast should have chilled him to the soul. Julius hurled the fireball. Julius got to repel the magic. The blast hit a wall. The blast froze like veins of ore.

Julius revealed the crucifix. “A pure gold or silver object.” Such was the lore. She watched with distain. What was there behind that vague expression? He shuddered. “Preserve us.”
The princess channelled through the right hand’
s talisman. The flames forced him aside. He felt broken. “Let it be.”

Julius pulled together. She might burn him to the bone.

The women collided. Thomas howled. The vampire got claws like steel. “Leave her alone!” The knight growled before releasing the double shot. “Come to me.” The undead lady cooed. She blocked with the rising flames. “My arms are hungering for you.” His hair stood on end. The bride spread her cape. Thomas staggered upon the bat-dash. The knight clawed her face. “You won’t dare!” Anna dashed. She charged the punch. “You whore!” Valentina gasped. She tried to trap her. The high kicks kept her off balance. “Your blood shall be the sacrifice!” The fireball left her grasp. Anna landed on her back. Valentina vanished like a coil of mist. “Twisted!” Thomas cursed. He missed the mark. “Echoes of Darkness.” The bride laughed. That was the intolerable sound of played on water glasses. Thomas howled. He was furious. “Dark water!” The tiny witch used the bloodwatch. She looked torn. “Sweet mother of river!” Marina kept the gem. The bride got burned by the spell. She staggered. Thomas helped her. “Curse you humans!” Valentina made the lightning strike. Thomas felt shot to pieces. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Anna returned to business. “I have not forgotten.” The lady licked her lips and fangs. “Submit.” She threw the ice shard. Thomas got up to hunt.

The lady stopped. Shelooked down. Thomas fired. Valentinagot shot. She went with a bats. Anna exhaled. The bride wastoo late. Thomas released a cross-shaped blast of pure energy.The vampire wasput to rest. That didn’t matter. Anna couldn’t comprehend. “Preserve us.” This was the last blow. The lady gunner was dead. “Daughters of river.” Marina found her. She got killed by the monsters. “Rest in peace.” Anna wept. “This is the price we must pay.” He made the sign of the cross. “For being humans.” Anna cleaned her tears. “Tell me.” Marina hung her head. She was no human. “You must do what you feel is right.” She sighed. Anna blinked. Their friendhad disappeared. “She is with the Lord.” The gunner was a Jew. That was no problem. “We must continue.” Thomas persisted. “Right.” Anna picked together. “I am behind you.” Marina was ready. She seemed to be alright. “The war is never over.” Anna knew that much. “Death water!” Marina crackedwith the “blood pain” whip. “Fine.” The knight grabbed his Lecarde lance. “I will not surrender.” He growled. Marina got ahead. They returned to the battlefield. That was right. They got to help him. “Save us from evil!” The monsters occupied that space. Anna unsheathed the swords. Her charm got no place here.

The sorceress got up. Julius still argued with the necromancer. “Beware of the undead.” Marina wondered what it was about. The girl reached for the talismans. “Mother of river.” The little witch licked her lips. They got in trouble. “Curse of Darkness.” She figured. “Drown in the water!” That was her. “You are not to take her from me.” The dark wizard brandished his weapons. “Look out!” Julius called. “He might kill you!” She acknowledged. The litch made the lightning to strike. “He might resurrect the dead!” Marina saw it happen. The stench got worse. “That is rotten.” Anna approached. The witch could smell the decay. She went pale. Marina beheld the necromancer. “That is a curse.” She recognized the words. The ground shook. “I have a bad feeling about this.” Anna touched the crucifix. “Living scum.” The necromancer conjured the spiked orb. “Now you die.” Marina hid in the bubble. The ball exploded. She got hurled aside. “By blood, steel and power.” The warlock chanted. “I command thee.” He flouted above. “Hark; His Master’s voice.” The circle came for flesh. She felt the shudder. The elite group might tear them into pieces. “Then so let it be done!” Julius got left behind. The nayad leaped. The monsters threw bones into the air.

The crypt, fortress Aliba. The 20th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The vampire hunters reached the last line of defence. Ludwig Von Bork called to the knights.

Half the circle was asleep. They were not day-walkers. “Come to me, dark mother Lillith.”

Even here, the living daylight would strip them of power. The boyar unsheathed his blade. Ludwig was the baron. He would defend the keep to the last. No matter the consequences. The dawn sisters knelt on the ground. Their words weakened his state. The hour was late. The sun was rising. Ludwig was wise to remain. Theymorphed into their alternate forms.They got less strength to offer. Not without a purpose. The ghost might possess the living. The bat would feed on their blood. The wolf knocked out the hammer clansman. The bullet pierced the heart. That was pure silver. The man would never turn. The blood shed gave an edge. The baron laughed. They delighted in the slaughter. The hunters had no chance. They might be useful. Ludwig must reorganize his fort. The woman bent beside the Hammer. She used mystics to heal him. The hunters helped him to get up. They rejoined the conflict. They were the greatest challenge. Ludwig would rise the circle to kill the rebels. “You cannot stop me!” He would summon the Masters power. “Path to Despair.”

Ludwig gave the beckon. Courtyard, the caves. The 20th. of December 2098 A.D.

The living idiots! How dared they to oppose his might!? He would make them to fear him. The necromancer got the power to wake the dead. The dark wizard was tired of their game. He would destroy them. “No more theatrics then.” The necromancer would conjure the elite. They would feed upon the hunters. “Hark his Master’s voice.” He figured about their abilities. The dark wizard knew how to provide. He would break their company. “Together they stand.” He recited from the ancient Grimoire. “Though alone they are conquered.” That was the key. They would bend to his power. Though the dark-breed had to be the first to die.

The courtyard got obstructed. “God with us!” Julius made the sign of the cross. The man-wolf was alive. She cast the flame blast. Julius struck. She got the brunt of the attack. She gasped. Her eyes were wide open. “Good Lord in Heaven!” The evil curse flickered. “Resiturgam!” For a moment, she looked on him through her own eyes. They glazed over. She cast the blast. Julius got away. They beheld each other. He bowed. The ice blast collided against the floor. The impact sent the shards flying. Julius went beneath. The flame blast exploded. “Let it be.” He threw the gold knives. They rebounded against her shield. The princess cast the ice blast. Julius consolidated to get above. The combined onslaught almost killed him. “Preserve me!” The priest struck hard. She got both burned and frozen. The man-wolf fell upon the ground. She grasped the pendants. Julius was prepared. The ice blast shattered against the floor. “Right.” She retained her pose to throw another ice blast. The princess also cast the flames. Julius made it to rain with holy water. She blocked the attack. The princess was that strong. She screamed. The priest dissolved her magic. She combined the spells. Julius got beneath. The wolf cast the flame blast. Julius struck with the sword. The fireballs repelled the magic. She got scorched. “You are not like him.” The princess breathed. Julius gave a hand. The eyes glazed over. “Preserve us from evil!” She used both talismans. Julius hid behind the crosses. The barrier consumed the assault. He leaped with the sword in hand. She threw the flames. Julius blocked. She cast the ice spell. He dodged. The priest hit the candles. He left the coins. He took the gems. The bats squeaked for blood. He hurled the crystal. She threw the flames. Julius got beneath. He jumped up to defend himself. The princess got frozen by her talisman. The priest made the sign of the cross. He threw the vial. The bats got burned into oblivion. The princess broke the crystal. She cast a combined spell. Julius got hit. He used the laurels. The priest repelled the ice blast. The wall broke on impact. Julius ran to escape the pieces. The priest got cut. He bit together. The man-wolf charged before the combined assault. He figured. She might shield against everything he got. Though her magic hurt. “So let it be.” Julius would continue to block. He got above the onslaught. The princess stared into the void. She twirled. Julius held the crucifix. She threw the flames. He sidestepped. She got too close. “Good Lord in Heaven!” The priest exclaimed. Julius repelled the ice blast. She screamed. The princess got frozen into place. Julius leaped to reach her. This might be his only chance. The priest smashed the crystal. She got released. For a moment, he thought she might weep. She cast the spell. Julius was sent flying. The ground was hard. He got up to hit the candles. The rousted chicken fell into his hands.Julius ate the meal. The food replenished his health.

The princess dashed. She looked like Coppelia. She combined the talismans. Julius dodged. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” He struck with the sword. She was cast down. “Let it be.”
She fell besides the mystic orb. That rolled from the armour. Julius had other problems. The others got to take it. Julius cared about the princess. She got burned. He knelt beside her.”

She breathed. He relaxed. There was something wrong. He got up. She got the claws out. Julius forgot the danger. The wolf took to the air. She cast the ice blast. Julius dodged. The impact cracked to pieces. He sidestepped. The flame blast hit the floor. Julius leapt. He got to reach her. She retreated. The wolf cast the ice blast. Julius struck. She escaped. The flame blast got in between. Julius pushed forced her behind. She cast the ice blast. “Lord!” Julius threw himself down. He got up to repel the flame blast. She bellowed. “Release her.” The aura flickered. Julius touched the crucifix. She got up. He was ready. Julius blocked with the holy water. The ice blast broke apart. The axes split the flame blast. She fired. Julius repelled that blast. They continued to dodge and parry. “Rest in peace.”
The man-wolf combined her assault. Julius got beneath. He threw the shuriken. “Alright.” That split the magic. He dodged the flames. Julius must repel the spells. She didn’
t burn. The princess embraced herself. She bled. “Forgive me.”
The priest so wished to help her. The necromancer was to blame. He forced her to fight. They should be allies. She gathered. She threw a combined assault. Julius consolidated to reach her. The aura flickered. He held the sword. “I will not kill you.” Julius insisted. The wolf gave no answer. “Master!” She cried. “Grant me the strength!”
She used the left-hand talisman. Julius repelled the ice blast. The princess cast a spell. The flames backfired. The result was extraordinary. “Save us.”

He countered the ice blast. She whimpered. Julius inhaled. He wouldn’t hurt her. She snarled. “You are unwise to lower your defences.” Julius tightened his grip. The spell sent him flying. Julius was grateful he managed to block the magic. She got burned by the outcome. That hurt. Her body was covered in wounds. She kept on coming. Julius rolled beneath. “God with us!” He got up to face her. The ice froze her in place. The crystal broke on impact. “It is over.” The curse left her like a cloud of black smoke. He knelt the princess looked broken. “Please.” Julius felt lost. “Save her.”He wouldn’t let her die. “My name.” She shed a tear. “I am Iris.” Julius reached for the crucifix. “Iris Sealchild.” The liquid diamond hit the floor. “Good Lord in Heaven!”
The tear drop burst into light. The rainbow pierced her body. Julius hid his face. That was too bright. What had he done? The light subsided. Julius let her to mourn the events.

“Glory be You.” He breathed. “Our Father in Heaven.” The curse was broken. “Let it be.”

Julius made the sign of the cross. She was herself. The white wolf was herself. He sighed. Julius never got used to their kind. She was free. The priest hurt her. The magic was so strong. The mystic orb lay on the ground. She deserved it. Julius had no choice. He picked it up.

The skeleton crouched. Thomas presented the crucifix. The bag of bones held up both arms. He was right. They were the elite. Thomas tried to pine him. The skeleton hit with the claws. Thomas threw the double shot. The necromancer made the lightning strike. Thomas escaped. The zombies would eat the girls. “Burn in Hell.” The dead man touched his face. “Get back you devil!” That felt disgusting. Marina cast the whirlwind spell. The bats got confused. Thomas fired the rifle. The dark wizard got pierced. He lost the shield. The silver bullet burned on impact. The litch shrieked. Thomas blocked his ears. He stabbed with the lance. Thomas howled. The dark-breed power gave an edge. The skeleton got broken into pieces. “Return to the shadow.” He snarled. Anna kept dancing. She used the time stop magic. Thomas was impressed. She froze the undead. Anna was adorable. “You cannot stop me.” The necromancer broke the spell. Then again, Marina grappled with the “Blood pain” whip. The dark wizard threw a spiked ball. Marina left him alone. She hid within the bubble. “Curse you!” Thomas threw a flurry of flames. The litch got burned. He lost some power. “Rise.” The necromancer might wake the dead. “Help us.” He must be put to rest.

The necromancer kept his grasp. Anna held on. She tried to get closer. Anna stabbed the litch. “Get away!” Thomas fired the rifle. The little witch cast “Dark ocean world!” the flame spell. They got to occupy the dead. Anna attacked. The war force protected her against his magic. She kept up the punching. Marina brandished with the whip sword to release the blue icicles. The necromancer channelled electricity. Anna got thrown away. The knight broke the dead. Thomas used the gauntlets. The dark wizard shrieked. The bullets made him to collapse. “That fit!” Marina cheered. “Taste this.” The bolt sent her behind. Anna fought to breathe. The skeletons pulled her away. Their grasp was cold. Anna knew they would tear her heart. The time stop and star field saved her life. Anna sang. The Phoenix burned the monsters. “Then so it is true.” The necromancer announced. “You are the one.” Anna disliked the stare. He would not take her. Thomas shot the bats. The dark wizard moved against her bird form. Anna changed into a human. She began to dance. The necromancer channelled the spike balls. “Death water!” Marina made it to rain with icicles. The litch groaned. He didn’t stop in place. Anna dashed. The necromancer got thrown aside. “You lost!” Thomas threw the three stakes.

The stakes exploded on impact. “You fools!” The necromancer shrieked. “This is not over.” The dead stirred in their graves. “I am not alone.” He hissed. “The Dark Lord is alive again.” The warlock gloated. “There is nothing you can do to prevent the return.” Marina shuddered. Was that right? “Do not listen!” Anna called. “He speaks with the voices of the dark side!” The bats went for her blood. The lady gunner got knocked out cold. The dark wizard laughed. He had conjured the undead. Marina became surrounded by the monsters. “Now you die.” The necromancer channelled electricity. “Change is constant.” Marina believed in the whip. “You remain the same.” The bloody heirloom blocked the onslaught. “Fear me you beast.” Whisp howled. “I see you.” The dark wizard hissed. The knight retained his true form. “Right.” Marina fought the pain. “Die you vampire hunters!” The evil necromancer cursed. “That rests with the Lord!” Anna was awake. She got the crucifix. The dark wizard left. “Accursed!” He threw both the scythe and sword. “Mother of river!” Marina saved herself. The spiked orbs exploded. “Leave us alone!” Whisp tore the shroud. “Then feel the pain.” The litch cast the spell. “Put me down.” The yellow light burst from within. That was the end.

Forest of Debias, Warakiya. The 20th. of December 2098 A.D.

The weather was so cold. Yuko was the living undead. “Master take the souls.” There was nothing left. She cursed the rebels. Anger tied to the circle. Yuko would return to her grave. Theyslept beneath the catacombs. “I shall feed upon their blood.” The heirlooms were there. Yuko would open the Hell mouth. Though that might become difficult outside his castle. “Hail thee. Mighty Yoko.” She screamed. He knew her name. Yuko turned upon the stalker. She would make him to suffer. The man was obscured by smoke. Yuko hissed. That was dark. “You have agreed to a contract with Satan.”The smile was a grimace. “Your soul is forfeit.” Yuko bared the fangs. “I now enforce the contract.” The man laughed. The Shadow boiled. That shared his mirth. “Your soul is mine.” This was not the time to play games. “Begone.” She hissed. The foot was a horse’s leg. That appeared beneath the blood garb. “This is mine.” The man reached to hold her body. “The Dragon.” Yuko let down her kimono. “My Master.” She would submit to his embrace. “Oh yes.!” She moaned. This was perfect. “I will obey!” The man was a brute. The Shadow kept her. Yuko cared not. She would be the concubine. “We exist to serve.” She brought this about. Blue fires burned as Yuko screamed her Ecstasy.

Courtyard, the caves. The 20th. of December 2098 A.D.

The skeleton got knocked to pieces. Mist was no fool. He knew there would be more of them. Half Moon howled his fury. Dusk and Blue Hunter barely kept the zombies at bay. “Stop! Stand where you are!” Another concealed opening got revealed. Mist snarled. “Roger! Roger!” The super battle-droids unfolded. They were better equippedthan their counterparts. The leader figured their resistance. “Fire at will!” He told. The robots began blasting about. Mist ran for cover. They couldn’t break through. Cold fingers closed about his throat. “Fire in the hall!” The corporal kept strangling him. Mist fought to escape. This was too much.

The mystic ball restored the hunter. Julius had to stay alive. Iris kept weeping. Julius touched her shoulder. She sighed. Tears stained her white fur. “Please, don’t look at me.” Iris sobbed. “I am a disgrace to my tribe.” She buried the face into her hands. “Do not listen to them.” Julius thought of Gabriel, Maxim and Hugh. She didn’t heed. “Against the lords of Shadow, there can be no victory.” He shuddered. Julius got to heal her before anything else happened. “Let us pray together.” He used the laurels. She was weak. There came a second flash of light. Her strength returned. “Why couldn’t you let me die?” The fury princess refused his gaze. “The blood of the Belmont.” He told. “No one deserves to die.” She cleaned her face. “Is that the truth?” She met his gaze. Her eyes were beautiful. “Believe in Him, the one who sent me.” Julius touched the crucifix. He would pray for the lost one’s souls. The courtyard was quiet. The gate was open. They might continue. Julius sighed. There was a fight ahead. “Help us.” The priest reached the eye of the storm. They challenged the undead. Julius had to join them. He couldn’t leave. Not yet. Iris embraced the floor. The priest got to restrain her. “No more.” Julius was horrified. “You have to lead your people.” The princess collapsed against his chest. “The people.” Iris cleaned her tears. “The order played with me.” She shook both braids.”They hate me.” Iris kept both talismans. “They should.” She sighed. “I betrayed them.” Julius frowned. “Who are they?” He asked. The wolf closed her eyes. “The order of Shadow.” Iris breathed. “That is impossible.” Julius proclaimed. “They fell with Graham Jones in 2035. The talismans stenched like the undead. “Good Lord in Heaven!” He felt the shift in nature. They got stolen from the warlock’s grave. “Let go of Sorrow.” Julius snapped the artefacts. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” He called. “Hear the words of God!” The righteous wrath fused his body. The pendants burned in His presence. Theblack smoke polluted the air.Though only for a moment. Julius exhaled. “May that be the end of your villainy.” He sighed. Iris beheld him with her blue eyes wide open. “What was that?” The priest felt so haggard. “You really don’t want to know.” She shook her head. “Then let it go.” Julius could relax. They didn’t have to dwell on that. “I released you of the spell.” Julius retrieved the items. “The tribe is in trouble.” He got the blade. “They asked me to find you.” Julius told the story. Iris looked much better. She rised off the floor. Julius acknowledged. The princess was ready. The craftsman cared about the entire people. Things got settled. The hunters came to join him. “We became busy.” Thomas explained. “Then so let it be.” They challenged the necromancer. Thomas shrugged. He looked weary. “Oh Julius.” The nayad touched his hand. “We did it.” She smiled up at him. “The warlock is defeated.” That gave some comfort. “We continue!” Marina cheered. The priest hoped that was true. “Then let us pray.” Anna looked unsure. Though she kept quiet. “Is this the wolf princess?” Thomas asked. The priest stepped aside. Iris would make her own pronouncement. “That I am.” Iris looked proud. “I am Sealchild.” She revealed the necklace. “Minesovereign.” Thomas bent. The ruby got set into white gold. “I hail thee on bended knee.” The on knight saluted her. “I don’t rule you.” Thomas sighed. That was right. He was a dark-breed. Iris retained her human form. “This belongs to you.” Anna gave her the hairnet. The little witch helped with the braids. “You really look nice.” That made her to blush. Julius put the case aside. “You are right.” She then cleared her voice. “If the people need me.” The aura burned. “I should help.” Julius reached for the crucifix. ”Fight the righteous battle.” The lady was right. She lead to the den. “The fight is never over.” They got a hard time. “God with us!” Julius got ambushed. The scores rise in search of flesh. The priest held thesword. Iris engaged the robots. “Twisted!” The knight joined her company. Anna danced. “They are the elite!” Claudia and Cedric fought back-to-back. “Let it be!” Julius made it to rain with holy water. He got to behead the lot. They might eat him alive. “Get away from there!” Adam cried. “They are the super battle-droids!” Julius struck. “Alright.” The priest had figured. The sword repelled the blasters. Anna spun. “Tiny dancer.” The force protected her body. The robots couldn’t touch her. Marina cracked with the whip. She released the fireballs. “Look out!” The bats shrieked. They dashed for blood. Julius threw the crystal. “Take this.” Thomas bent to give the potion. “Thanks.” Charles got off the floor. “That was nice.” The dark-breed charged. “Good Lord!” The double shot tore them to pieces. Julius got hit in the head. They might strangle him. Iris threw the scythe. She got the skull. The zombie turned around. Julius threw tripled daggers. He thought about Ruth Van Helsing. The priest got to restrain himself. The skeletons had arrived. “Then remain were you are!” Marina cast the ice spell. He removed the head. The skeleton collapsed into a heap. “Save us.” The priest made the sign of the cross. The bats shrieked. Marina held the book. “Leave me.” Julius threw the axe. They split in three. The bats got defeated. He went to picked the gems. The little witch replaced the hat. She looked so weary. Marina got to rest. That was alright. They cleared the den. Julius had a look around. The great gate was locked. “Then so let it be.” He reached for the crucifix. The gate continued to shine. “They are only statues.” Anna told. “You don’t have to be afraid.”Julius didn’t answer. The gargoyles beheld him. “Save us!” The priest shuddered. He disliked them. “You need the blood to open the gate.” Iris revealed. “Blood of the beast,” she reached for the wrist. “Who will help me?” Iris extended her claws. Anna approached. “I will.” They exchanged glances. “You are a human.” Anna shrugged. “Let it be.” The men retreated. Julius made the sign of the cross. This was not a church ritual. Thomas growled. This was their magic. Julius sighed. He couldn’t get involved in the rite.

The corpses stenched. Thomas snarled. The stench almost made him to vomit. “Thank God.”

They were human carrion. Thomas was in trouble. The necromancer left them behind. Thomas howled. The zombies would tear them to pieces. Thomas retained his true form. “I hate you!” Whisp would impale the lot. He got the lance. “Let us fight.” He left the man-beasts to their ritual. “The righteous battle.” Julius made the sign of the cross. “The armours are alive!” Marina cried. They would fight them together. The little witch threw silver knives. The whip sword was like a blur. Whisp cast the double shot. The knight collapsed into a heap. Whisp cried his triumph. Anna and the wolfs kept dabbling. “Beware!” Zombies hungered. Marina cast the whirlwind spell. The skeletons raised behind her. Whisp growled. “Alright.” Thomas retained his human form. The knight fired a boom. The skeletons collapsed. “Twisted!” The bats hid against the ceiling. They went for blood. “Offence and defence.”
He released the double shot. “Then so let it be don!” Julius made it to rain with holy water. They burned the bats. The priest made the sign of the cross. Thomas howled his challenge. His arms were on fire. He would burn them to ashes. Marina released her fairies.

That was interesting. Anna opened a wound. They got to unify. Cedric held their wrists.

This was a blood sacrifice. He spoke words of power. Anna didn’

t figure. She was a gunner. Anna twitched. She felt the sorcery. The lady gunner hoped this was not a transfusion. The magic reacted. The blood stained the floor. Anna combined with the wolf. The pack gathered around. They basked in their strength. The man-wolf lusted for flesh and blood. Her friends muttered. The ritual was not complete. Now it was Iris who spoke. The rags didn’t fit the princess. She still was charismatic. The liquid manifested into the blood orbs. “Get on!” The flock ran to replace them. “May the Lord preserve us from evil.” Julius was frightened. She was afraid. The doors were pushed aside. A candle lit cave lay ahead. The rite was over. They split path. Anna healed herself. The man-wolf tied her bandage. “Then so let it be.” Julius revealed the crucifix. “The Lord is good.” Anna carried the cross around her neck. “May He bless and keep us.” The priest said in a low voice. “Let it be.”
Anna exhaled. The priest looked so weary. “You are the leader.” Anna embraced him. He looked flushed.

She giggled. Anna released him. She wished that Ruth was alive. The others were waiting.

The candles burned. Marine struck with the “blood pain” whip. They reached another tunnel. The swarm were scattered. That eerie plant-life grew upon the walls. Marina licked her lips. The plant-life was absent from the courtyard. The den got blocked by another switch barrier. Julius went to work. The group of skeletons leapt from within the well. Marina dashed. “Sweet mother of river!” The watchers channelled electricity. She cast the whirlwind spell. That gave an edge. “Look out!” The ring-leader threw bones into the air. “Fire in the hall!” Both Anna and Thomas fired their weapons. “Karack Warn!” Claudia was fast. “For the city!” The bones broke on impact. Charles gave a hand. The lightning struck. “Dark ocean world!” She cursed the monsters. The wolves got knocked cold. Marina gazed up at the watchers. Thomas fired a boom. The roses made the bullets turn into stone. “For Sealchild!” Iris threw the scythes. The impact made them to wither. Marina ran. “God with us!” He got in trouble. The zombies pushed through the ground. She cast the spell. The roses burned. “Death water!” The skeletons got her. Adam and Cedric saved her life. She opened the book to throw pages.

That was impressive. The knight was unlike most other man-beasts. Iris broke the skeleton. Thomas Lecarde was so much more. The princess knew the truth. The scent revealed him. The bats squeaked. They came for blood. Hunter Moon struck about. She released her power. Julius was right. She must protect her people. The little witch cast the flame spell. “Why do you fight?” The legends told of an ancient war. There was no settlement. “God with us!” Julius Belmont struck with the sword. “Daughters of river!” Marina conjured a bubble shield. The tribe got such a short memory. Anna pulled the trigger. The silver pierced the watcher. “They are behind you!” Thomas howled. She charged the martial arts. Anna was so strong. Shecollected the gems. The others hit the candles. Iris frowned. The group took the items. The princess knocked the lamp. Iris ate the chicken. The drumstick replenished her strength. Iris exhaled. The wolf got work to do. The fight continued. “The Lord is one!” Anna cried. She cut the flowers. Anna might be turned to stone. The priest threw. ”Let it be!” he crystal. He used the laurels to remove the curse. “Fire in the hall!” Thomas shot the bats. “Sealchild!” Iris wentfor the zombies. The people tore them apart. The fight was over. The way was open.

The crypt labyrinth, forgotten city. The 20th. of December 2098 A.D.

They reached destination. The order of shadow hadprepared. This was the queen’s crypt. They would call forth the spirits of the dead. The men knelt. They were not to be cast out. This would prove their right. They would need a catalyst to satisfy Chaos. The rite had begun. They would conjure her from the abyss. The tomb burst open. The queen’s corpse was raised.She lay upon the gold. The queen was their sacrifice. The ceremony would grant the power. “Open Hell’s gate!” The lady of the crypt would live again. “Come forth, fateful servant.” The order would serve the count Dracula. “All who oppose the prince of Darkness must die.”


A.N: This chapter is created in honour of the CV MoF title. I might make sense of the story. I got inspired by OoS and the CV the arcade. I looked forward to type the text. There is no boss list here. There might be an overkill on the weapon/items. I am trying to pay more attention to the RPG-formula titles. Belmont and co. are living people. “Blessed arth thee.” They are the Lord’s chosen hunters. Have a nice time.