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Castlevania: Darkness Never Dies


Part 1: Curse of Blood

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Part 2: Legacy of Sorrow

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Part 1: Curse of Blood.

“The Son of Man shall be delivered into the hands of the sinners, to whipping, humiliation and to death.But on the third day, he shall re-emerge for the forgiveness of sins.”

Mathew:16. 21.

Chapter 4: Wicked child.

The “Maid and dragon”, the caves. The 7th. Of December 2098 A.D.

Fingers ran over her body. “Be silent you fool.” A voice hissed. “Nobody robs a knight.” Lydia stirred. The thief fought to open her chest-plate. She felt terrible. Her head ached with drink. The man found the purse. He grunted. “This is a price.” It hung from a gold necklace. “I’ll take this one too.” The lizard said. “Let’s go before she wakes.” Lydia smirked. She struck her arm straight. The lizard hissed between its teeth. She stabbed the Sai knife into his belly. The human turn to run. Lydia fetched a Shuriken. The brute went down without making a sound. The bar was mostly empty. Only a vampire was left. He didn’t heed. The fangs were buried into the neck of the British barmaid. Lydia watched with some interest. Then she shrugged. The fox put on the plate armour. The bar maid sighed. Her eyes where wide open. Lydia fetched the purse from where it fell. She put some coins on the table. The maid could take them. If she survived. Lydia laughed. She’d seen much since leaving the isles of Japan. Lydia never grew tired of their games. She gathered. Her sorrows forgotten. Only anger remained. Lydia snarled. She made up her mind. The hunters would become the hunted. Lydia knew she was no match for trained hunters. But she would gain even.

Dragon’s nest, Ravenberg. The 7th.Of December 2098 A.D.

The cave was quiet as a tomb. So fitting. The chamber had become. Salome approached. She adored with glamorous jewelleries. The concubine was worth a king’s ransom. Her smile was mirthless. The corpse got its head turned to the opening. She cherished the pendant. Salome stole it from a dragon. She might conjure. The act would prove her worth. The Egyptian priesthood would have no choice but to accept her claim. Salome show the pendant proudly between her breast. She bowed from the waist, her hands folded. Salome would submit to the ancient gods. To Ungoliant, queen of nets. To Bauglir, the enforcer. And to Gorthaur, lord of werewolves. Her eyes burned green. She felt the lust and desire whirl up from the pit. Salome would give herself up as sacrifice to demons. Even her strong body shook withthe stress when conjuring His name. She danced on the brink of the abyss. She laughed like a harlot. Sweat covered her skin. Restrain and care withered like grass in the wildfire. Salome knew she was irresistible. All should want her in despair. “Stop this madness.” Salome knew that voice. She mocked inecstasy. “Yes!” She moaned. Salome danced. “I have waited.” The warlocks beheld her. She giggled by the Chaos. “Am I not attractive?” She asked.

They reached the dragon’s nest. Ursula licked her lips. “The home away from home.” She held Edward by the arm. The mailman blushed. He still looked at a loss. Ursula opened her lips. Would he kiss her too? Edward touched the golden hair. Ursula pressed herself tight. She gave a slight moan. He felt good. “Edward.” The dryad sent them an almost jealous look. The hunter pulled away. Ursula sighed. “That is nice for you.” Torah hid her mouth. She glared. The girl giggled. She let it drop. Victor brandished with the axe. “Let us be gone.” Ursula also was eager. “Come with me.” She would be the guide. “So let it be.” Alucard proclaimed. Ursula inhaled. She lost her locket. That had to wait. It was time to go. She went ahead. The others would follow. Ursula made a grimace. They got to be careful. “You don’t have to be afraid.” The fairy fluttered before her face. “You might tell our emotions.” That was a rare gift. Ursula almost thought it was impossible. The glow turned into an awkward pink. “I didn’t mean to offend you.” Ursula shook her head. “You didn’t.” She assured. “But don’t tell it to anyone.” She knew they might keep a secret. “Watch out!” Marcia sped right up. The icicles broke on impact. Ursula snarled. “I hate this place.” Victor kept muttering to himself.

This might be alright. At least from their point of view. Though Edward was raised with the conviction that a man might only love one woman at a time. “You shouldn’t say things like that.” Ursula told his friend. “this is my cousin’s home.” Edward sighed. He let them argue. The mailman consolidated his might to reach over the spike bed. “God with us!” The bats went in a swarm. Victor hurled the axe. That caused an explosion. Edward made the sign of the cross. They must be careful. Edward shuddered. He got so cold. Alicia brandished with the whip. The swarm almost settled on her. She presented the crucifix. The bats squeaked by His image. “Hellfire!” Alucard closed the deal. “Blasted bone-bag.” Victor crushed the skeleton. Edward tugged his beard. They tried to kill him. “Star bow!” he ran forward. He passed the tunnel. That was on the other side of the river. He dismissed. The water wave broke the skeleton. Victor bent to inspect the body. Torah arrived. She crushed the enemies. “Magic arrow!” Saria kept shooting. Edward threw the dagger. The air stanched. “Let us get away from here.” The huntsman went pale as a ghost. The corpse moved. Edward felt his hair stand on end. “Dragon’s claws!” Ursula ripped it to pieces. “They are coming.” Alucard was cold as ever. “The dead mate.” They appeared through the tunnels, hoisting the spoils of war. “in the name of Michael the arch angel!” Alicia crossed herself. The bodies put down their burden. Edward felt chills down his spine. The ragged remains raised to search for flesh. “Bless me!” Victor hurled the knife before dashing forward. The axe got put to work. Edward struck with his own weapon. Alucard and Ursula kept together. “Form a circle!” Alicia called. He pulled together. That was the best strategy. The skeleton raised from the ashes. They went to strangle her. Edward flouted in the air. He got to burn the bats. The swarm went for blood. Edward was put down. He couldn’t rest. The mailman struck with the sword. “Get down!” The fairy shone like the torchlight. He did as she told. The mate threw a box. Edward got up to remove the head. “I am here.” Saria kept at his back. Alicia and Torah fought in a similar fashion. “Rest in peace.” His cousin twirled with the whip. “Mother of trees!” Saria impaled the skeleton. The mates pushed past her defensive. Edward made a grimace. He pierced the heart before throwing daggers. He inhaled. The mailman picked the crystals. Then he removed another head. Alicia made it to rain with holy water. That gave a breather. That didn’t last. “Ball of Destruction!” Alucard delivered the high shot. Edward struck the skeleton into pieces. “Dragon’s breath!” The icicles caused a havoc among the monsters. Edward made a glide. He removed the head. Saria shrieked. “Homing ball!” Torah cast the spell. The ghost moaned before it burst into fire. Edward made the sign of the cross. That was clever. They might possess the living. “May the Saints pray for us.” Alicia flipped with the whip. The ghost exploded. Alicia stumbled. She got hit by the bones. “Blasted!” Victor roared. Victor rushed like a lumberjack madman. He cut them all down. Edward went for the sisters. “I am fine.” Saria said. Torah put away the laurels. The mailman exhaled. That was nice. “Homing ball!” The mist froze the bats on impact. Edward presented the crucifix. He almost got bitten. He dismissed. The ghost reached for his throat. Edward grunted. The Bowie made it to burn. “Dragon’s nose!” Ursula released heavy steam. That was the finalle. The skeletons fell into pieces. Edward exhaled. He collected the gems. Edward was ready to fight, although the cave was empty. “watch out!” Marcia called. Saria pulled him away. Edward shuddered. The icicles fell from the ceiling. She kept the embrace. Edward held her hand. Then he reluctantly let go. Torah hid her mouth. He shook his head. They both were smiling now. “Come to my aid.” Alucard summoned. “Do my bidding. Restore their health.” The apple really refused him. They all looked better. “I thank you.”” The tragic prince dismissed. “Thanks.” Victor smirked. “You saved my life.” Ursula shrugged. She was already on her way. “She is trying to make you jealous.” Saria told. Edward tugged his beard. “Relax.” She tried to convince herself. “when we hunted men, the whole tribe would be in your trousers.” Edward blushed. Torah arched an eyebrow. Now it was Saria who hid her mouth. Edward sighed. This wasn’t his fault. He put it aside. The fight must have told of their coming. “They won’t dare.” Ursula snarled. “They are sacred.” Edward shuddered by the statement. This was to important. “The eggs of a dragon.” Alucard mused. “That would be a great addition to his collection.” Edward felt his hair stand on end. He prayed that wouldn’t happen. The prince of darkness might achieve victory. He inhaled. “Be what may be.” Edward made the sign of the cross.. No one else seemed to protest.. “”My grandmother thought me how to be a sorceress.” Torah said. “I am a hunter.” Edward tugged his beard. She was like them. Alucard bent to kiss Ursula’s hand. He spoke in an ancient dialect. The mailman shook off. “Come on.” Victor said. “Show the way.” He smirked. “We got work to do.” Ursula gathered. “That is right.” She focused. “”Edward.” Saria stood at the opening. “Sorry to interrupt.” She licked her lips. “But I think you should see this.” They went into the tunnel. Edward tugged his beard. This really was something to behold. “This is the entrance chamber.”” Ursula told. Edward shook his head. The room was octagonal, though that wasn’t the point. The frozen river went through. The tapestries and artwork were really fantastic. “Look on all that gold.” Victor breathed. The chandeliers were the only source of light. Edward presented the crucifix. The items got forged of solid gold. “That is my brother in law.” Alucard kept her back. “Release me.” Ursula struggled against his grip. That was no statue. Edward shuddered. The body that lay at the heart of the pond, was in reality a bronze dragon. “Preserve us.” Alicia breathed.

The witch danced. Alucard kept the blade in both hands. . “The dragon leave no body.” The sorceress said. That was true. The statues beheld them. “There you are!” Draco roared. “You stole my locket!” She went for the dancing girl. Alucard admitted. She was adorable. “You are alive.” Alucard returned the gaze. He would fight. The net fell from the ceiling. Both Morris and the sisters got captured. Schneider escaped. The concubine threw the green fire. Belmont got hurled away. “Pokolh!” Alucard knew that sound. Her neck must be broken. She fell into a heap. “My young master.” The concubine laughed. “You won’t get away!” Ursula snarled. Morris cut the net. “Come.” She teased. “Let Salome dance.”” Alucard dismissed. She was shameless. “Burn in Hell.” Dinesti spat. “Beware.” Alucard told. “She worship in the name of my father.” The huntsman muttered. “Let us do this.” He said. Victor Grant went to rescue the allies. Draco already went into battle. Salome brandished with a sacrificial knife. Where did she keep it?” Alucard dismissed. The fire almost burned them to ashes. Salome smiled like a harlot. She shook with the brown hair. Arachne climbed down. Ursula roared. They were her arch enemies. “Crimson lightning!” The cloak shield might deflect his magic.

All was chaos and conflict. “Sword familiar.” Alucard got the card. “Attack my enemy!” Marcia lost control. The hunters cut free of the net. Alicia lay prone on the ground. The fairy settled above. “mother of trees!” The sword familiar removed the head. Alucardimpaled her heart. Salome burst into fire. Then she where no more. Marcia exhaled. Then the dragon awoke. The scaled shone while he spread his wings. Marcia blazed. Arachene shrieked. They tried to escape. The dragon boiled the lot. “Brother in law.” Ursula retrieved the locket. They survived. They all survived. She beamed. This was incredible. “Sister.” The voice caused echoes throughout the area. “You have saved me.” Marcia settled upon Alicia’s shoulder. She had survived. The fairy sighed with relief. “It is time to say farewell.” The dragon looked skyward. The light was too bright. When she could see, they were alone. That didn’t matter. “You have to help her.” Alucard bent beside her companion. “I am here.” Torah picked the laurels. She knelt in front. Then nothing happened. “Save us.” She touched the cross. “I don’t get it.”Torah looked ready to sob. “They doesn’t work.” She put the laurels back into the purse. “This isn’t your fault.” Saria embraced her. Marcia went dull. There were nothing left.

The caves, Ravenberg. The 7th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The tunnel lay quiet. Lydia reached over her shoulder. She unsheathed the sword. Where was everybody? The gold knight held the Katana in both hands. Something really was wrong. She heard the rumours. But that was nonsense. Not even Dimitri Blinov would be so bold. She noticedthe footsteps approaching. The orcs came from a side cave. They were disgustingly ugly. Never the less, Lydia thought they were useful slaves. The orc snarled at her. Before she could react, his comrade sent an arrow through the air. Lydia hid behind her shield. She was about to throw a shuriken when they got attacked from behind. The night cat kicked him in the head. She removed the hood. The white fur of the where-cat made her an easy target. The other Ninja delivered a series of hard punches. Her black fur shone through the rift in the tight outfit. The orc stabbed a knife between her ribs. The Ninja warrior sighed. Lydia hung up the shield. The night cat tore the brute’s neck. She then collapsed. Lydiare-sheathed her blade. She was too late. They were all dead. The gold knight checked her surroundings. She disliked the silence. She didn’t trust it. What was going on? Lydia felt watched. This was madness. She had to reportabout this situation before it really got out of hand.

Dragon’s nest, Ravenberg. The 7th. Of December 2098 A.D.

There was no use. Torah replaced the laurels. “Sorry master.” The fairy said. “She won’t eat.” Alucard gave the apple away. Torah ate it. She felt empty. “What is wrong?” Marcia asked. “Why won’t she wake?” Ursula touched the locket. “Her neck is broken.” Torah told. “She might never walk again.” Alucard made his familiar to disappear. “It is your fault!” Victor told. “You made her to come along.” Torah sighed. “He made a mistake.” She felt so tired. Saria touched her shoulder. “The salesman will not provide.” Alucard remarked. “Though I need a blue cross.” Torah gapped. He was right. “You might as well wish for the God mask.” Edward said. “The item don’t appear.” Marcia settled upon her shoulder. “I don’t care what you do.” The fairy told. “But I will stay to the end.” Torah nodded. She would too. Ursula still picked with the locket. “I have a suggestion.” She said. “What is it?” Alucard looked hungry. She didn’t meet his gaze. “The catacombs are below.” The tragic prince kept standing. “The dragon lords rest forever.” Torah closed her mouth. That would be suicide. “I shall come.” Victor told. “Alone if I must.” He was so brave. “We hunt together.” Edward said. Torah held Alicia’s hand. What if it went wrong? She was afraid. They couldn’t afford to fail.

They spoke together. She heard their voices. Though only in a vague sort of way. Alicia lay in a coma. She was adrift. Nothing seemed to matter. Though she would scream. “Fine.” Victor said. “You stay up here and guard her.” Alicia had to tell them,to warn them. “It is the only way.” Alucard told. “We cannot carry her.” They shouldn’t go there. The dragon riders almost wiped Hector from the face of the earth. “Be Your will.” Edward crossed himself. He removed the hat. Saria put it back on. “That is okay.” She told. “We shall be back before you notice.” She spoke lightly,though her face had that calm expression of people doomed to die. Heavy drowsiness erupted inside like waves of dark water. Alicia was afraid. She could do nothing. The group had left. Torah and Marcia spoke quietly together. She wished to know. That was impossible. Everything felt impossible. She couldn’t escape the pain. Now she felt like tearing apart. The witch girl tried to kill her. She didn’t know much about the humans. Alicia dismissed. She couldn’t gather her mind. She felt that drifting sense return. It lulled her to sleep. Alicia didn’t want to give in. She wished to be awake. She would never stop to hunt. Not even if she became a leopard. The Lord would guide her. She would do what she had to.

Victor looked around the corner. “Red knights.” He warned. “But they don’t look this way.” He tested the edge of the weapon. “They won’t stop us.” Victor smirked. “Just give me support.” Alucard would protest. “Relax buddy.” He told. “This is my department.” He looked forward to some action. Victor jumped down the steps.He buried the axe within the knight’s helmet. The skull broke on impact. Edward came along. He pinned the fox through her throat. ”Someday.” Morris muttered. Victor grinned. The knights pulled back to fire. The others approached. The leader was clad in a full suite of Japanese armour. The gold and silver shone in the torchlight. “That is a gold knight.” Alucard coldly remarked. Victor didn’t care. He got archers on hand. The white fox struck her blade. Victor groaned. He staggered. “Star bow!” The arrow exploded. Victor pressed forward. Although he almost fell down another staircase. “Ball of Destruction!” The foxes withdrew. Victor drew sweat of his brow. It was getting hot. He bent on one knee. The pillar missed. “Dragon’s breath!” Ursula froze in place. “I dislike this glow.” Alucard mused. Victor shrugged. He felt like in an oven. “The bats are coming in!” Saria shouted. “Blue bow!” The arrow burst. Victor felt his hair stand on end.

Saria fired. “Crimson lightning!” The knights withdrew. “Run!” Ursula shouted. She wasted no time. They got around the corner. “Grizzly wing!” Alucard blocked. The bone pillar shot fireballs. “Blue bow!” Saria fired. She froze the enemies. “Hellfire!” Alucard defeated the bats. They came from beneath the staircase. Saria kept shooting. The cave was like a chimney. Saria disliked the heat. She didn’t spot the bottom. Saria would do all she could to help them. They reached another bone pillar. They were stacked in niches along the wall. The knights kept retreating. Saria reached the platform. Arrows flew through the air. The foxes made a stance. “Star bow!” Saria fired a final arrow. Then she unsheathed her blade. They kept together. “Ball of Destruction!” Alucard removed the gold knight. The bats swooped. Saria bit her lip. Edward knocked the candle. He picked the vial. “Dragon’s tail!” Ursula slammed about. “God with us!” He created a wave of holy water. The soldiers got burned to ashes. Saria cheered. The bats killed her joy. “Crimson lightning!” Alucard snarled while making it to strike. She advanced. Saria pined through the knight. Edward hurled the axe forward. The stacked skulls broke apart. Victor screamed. She shuddered. Saria felt chills down her spine.

The pinnacle, Ravenberg. The 7th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The temple gong sent echoes throughout the shrine. The colossus was hidden in smoke. Lydiacrawled in the dust. They were alone. The shadow priest chanted from the black book. Electra and Lysander performed the sacrifice rite. They were the acolytes of the Dark Lord. She had removed the armour. The red and yellow Kimono misfit her colourings. That was insignificant. The violence hadn’t reached this far. Lydia awaited the climax. She touched the evil star symbol. The gong resounded. Their blood stained the alter. Lydia gasped. The mystic want permeated the air like rich incense. Niyou cut into his own wrist. The fox spilled her blood. The shrine was built for Dagon. Lydiafound her way to get even. The temple received many people. This rite was for those in the West. It was over now. She watched the finale. Niyou returned. He tied up her wound. “What else can I do for you?” The servants came to reset the shrine. Lydia inhaled. This was the moment. “I want to become like you.” She said. “I am an adept.” She would submit. “I wish to be a warlock.” Niyou touched her brow. Red fur mixed with white. “Are you angry?” Lydia blinked. She met his gaze. “Beware of what you wish.” The priest told. “I feel much anger in you.” Lydia felt a shudder.

Dragon’s nest, Ravenberg. The 7th. of December 2098 A.D.

The platform suddenly gave way. Ursula picked with the locket. “Save me!” Victor tumbled down. The tragic prince morphed into a bat. “Dragon’s claws!” The skeletons broke through the wall. “Blue bow!” Saria fired. The bone pillar kept breathing flames. Ursula snarled. She would rip them to pieces. Edward ran along the walkway.. He leaped. “Star bow!” Saria fired. She went along. The skeletons broke through another wall to throw bones.

“Dragon’s breath!” Ursula went around the staircase to spit fireballs. She consumed the red knights. She dodged the arrows. “Dragon’s nose!” She made them to run for cover. Saria breached the corner. “Wait a moment.” Edward pulled back. “You fool.” Ursula felt jealous about it. “You must ride on me.” Before they mightget atop,the soldiers fired. “Dragon’s tail!” She changedinto her true form to might flail about. Ursula roared. She got hurt. She struck the staircase. “Magic arrow!” Saria impaled the bone pillar. Ursula was screaming. Blood dripped from her wings. The foxes released another onslaught. She got pierced through the left side. She fell, fell forever. “This is impossible!” She heard Edward shouting. She had no mind. Ursula felt so tired. The weariness was like a burden. Ursula sighed.

There was nothing left to do. Edward crossed himself. “Forest’s death!” Saria arrived. She made an ambush upon the enemies. Her face got stained with tears. Edward would clear them away. He got no time. “God with us!”” The bats went about. The mailman got lifted into the air. The breakable cross burst overhead. The shards cleared the staircase. Edward collected the crystals. The dryad picked the arrows. “Good Lord!” He threw a vial. He burned the bats. Saria climbed down the stairway. Edward drew sweat of his forehead. The warmth was getting worse. The mailman removed the hat and coat. He put them in the backpack. The skeletons cracked the wall. Edward doused them with holy water before he went down the stairs. Saria picked an arrow. She fired. The bone-bag broke to pieces. He presented the crucifix. The mailman hit the candles. The pillar was breathing flames. Edward sidestepped. “Blue bow!” Saria fired another arrow. “”God with us!” The eerie red glow obscured his view. Edward crossed himself. The mailman doused himself with holy water. The bats settled upon his body. The gems restored his energy. The skeleton came from beneath. Edward threw the vial. They fell from the staircase. He exhaled. Saria pulled his head down to kiss him. He felt her tongue inside the mouth. Saria tugged at his beard. Edward couldn’t help it. He toyed with her nipples. Saria giggled. “Excuse me.” Edward let go. The familiar flouted in front. “My master wishes to speak with you.” She looked so frail. “They think that the dragon is about to die.” The fairy went dim. “”Preserve us.” Edward tugged his beard. They really got in trouble. “”Tell him that we are coming.” Saria told. “I shall.” The familiar said. “Beware of the fireballs.” She disappeared. Edward wondered about that. He put it aside. They must hurry. The mailman got relieved that Victor survived. Though, without Ursula, things would be difficult. He climbed down the staircase. The bone pillar fired. “Blue bow!” Saria created an explosion. He threw the cross. The skeleton broke to pieces. Edward climbed the stairway to might turn another corner. He encountered another band of soldiers. “magic arrow!” Saria had followed. She pierced the knights. The foxes withdrew. The skull heads turned. Edward threw a row of enflamed axes. The cannon got shot apart. Saria got involved. The red knights and skeletons kept standing. He threw a wave of holy water. That made them to burn. The knights exchanged glances. Edward gave them no time. The mailman hurled daggers forward. The others turned to run. Saria fired with the bow. She pierced through the heart. She went ahead. Edward picked the crystals. They went around the corner. Edward presented the crucifix. They reached other steps. The mailman leaped down upon the platform. He went in front of the girlfriend. “Get down!” Saria shrieked. The skeleton collapsed. Edward inhaled. She shot the bats. They kept climbing the stairway. Edward made a grimace. He disliked the silence. He reached the catwalk. The pillar breathed. “Blue bow!” Saria got to fire. The skeletons broke through the wall to throw bones. Edward met them in hand-to-hand combat. He shattered the bone-bags. Saria impaled the pillar. The mailman knocked the candles. He must retrieve the blue cross. That wasn’t here. “Mother of trees.” Saria breathed. “Preserve us.” Edward looked down into the sea of fire. The statues seemed to return the gaze. He tried to shake it. The mailman licked his lips. The bridge was broken. Could that be were Ursula fell? He would have to check it out. Though it got to wait. Edward climbed the steps. The bats whirled about. He doused them with holy water. Saria pierced the knight. That really was a nice aim. The blue fox got the sword and shield. Saria countered. He took it on the shield. Edward dashed. He managed to remove the head. The lava erupted. The fireball almost burned him. The bats got consumed. Edward tugged his beard. The dryad hid her face. “Let us go.” He had to leap across. The fireball broke pieces of the walkway. Edward struck to release the magnetic wave. The bats exploded. “Blue bow!” Saria got above. She fired. The skeletons went around the corner. The mailman got hurt. He groaned. The bones felt like sharp nails. “Magic arrow!” She made them to collapse. Edward knocked the candles. He went to climb down. “Look out!” Another fireball blasted the catwalk. “God with us!” The water wave saved his life. Edward went over the pit. There was only a staircase left. “Blue bow!” Saria froze the fireball. The skeletons tried to choke him. Edward made them to burn. “Hellfire!” Alucard was back. He spread the cape. “God with us!” Edward stabbed down to create the rising flames. “Star bow!” The fight was over. Edward picked the gems. “Come with me.” The tragic prince demanded. “Draco is waiting for us.” They descended the steps.Edward almost wept. “Save her.” Ursula lay on the ground. She retained her elvan form. She looked terrible. Edward closed his eyes. He couldn’t help. “I am sorry.” Ursula barely could speak. “We can’t hunt.” She tried to speak. “Please.” The blood smeared her lips. “Save my people.” Ursula reached for him. “I promise.” The mailman took it. “They shall survive.” She smiled. “Take the locket.” Ursula was so weak. “If you return to your nest, put it in the fire to summon my daughters.” Edward blinked. “They will do everything for you.” Edward knew that her blood might strengthened the family. He would ask, though Ursula moved no more. He beheld her final flight. The mailman exhaled. She really was beautiful. He put the locket into a hidden purse. Then he let go. Edward made the sign of the cross. He exhaled. The mailman got Simon’s heart of fire. Edward threw a wave of holy water. Leon Belmont swore an oath to hunt the night. He would do what must be done. The monsters squeaked before they burst into fire. Edward retrieved the crystals. They might restore his force. The mailman brandished with the Claymore. He went to support his friends. “God with us!” He cried.

There was no peace and quiet. Victor was hurt. The knee might be broken. Blood ran from his shoulder.Victor swung with the axe like a Viking berserker. The pile of corpses showed his efforts. Saria ran. She already fired. The arrows went through the air. The red knights withdrew. Victor smirked through the smashed lips. “Hellfire!” Alucard was cold as ice. “Grizzly wing!” He spread the cape. Alucardmade them to fight. Then Saria ran out of arrows. She unsheathed the sword. “Twisted!” The lava erupted. The bats swooped. Victor hurled the knife. The fireball hit the platform. The stone never melted. “Bloody Hell.” The ball morphed into a fireman. The huntsman thought that Grant Dinesti fought them in 1497. He threw it aside. “Blue bow!” Saria got the upper hand. The enflamed zombie left tiny fires behind. Victor didn’t care. He found an invisibility potion. Though it didn’t last, he got timeto remove thered knight. The stalagmites spoiled his victory. The rocks fell down. Victor smirked. The fireman was crushed. He got disturbed by the Bugbear eyeball. “Star bow!” Saria made it to rebound. The huntsman got stunned. He would die. “Ball of Destruction!” Alucard appeared. The high shot burned the Bugbear. “Let it be.”” Edward helped him up.

This could not be. “Grizzly wing!” Alucard released the mammals. He made them to attack the Bugbear formation. Cold wroth festered at his heart. Belmont could undo the firemen. He was there, in 1496, when they attacked. The goal was the blue cross. Alucard had to be whole to carry it. Grant was picked of the ground. The electrified hangman kept him airborne. The dryad released him. She impaled the eyeball. Alucard acknowledged. The girl bent to obtain her price. “Hellfire!” His familiar presented the tired huntsman with an apple of life. He should have dismissed. Never mind. She was there when he needed. He would deal with her later. The blue homing fireballs burned on impact. The hunter went for the nearest exit. The lava went by the catwalk. The flames erupted. The five blobs rebounded. They changed into their human form. “Ball of Destruction!” The zombies left a track of fires. “Crimson lightning!” The blood force made it to explode. To advance. Alucard presented his sword and shield. “Get behind!” Morris shouted. He threw the frost knives. “There are too many!” He was right. Of course. Although his rage was not satisfied, Alucard would not lead into suicide. “Ball of Destruction!” He retreated. Grant looked to have gotten into even more trouble.

The huntsman got into trouble. Saria cut him from the net. “Dismissed.” Alucard made his fairy to disappear. “Magic arrow!” Saria had no mind. She impaled Arachene. The spider woman spat acid liquid. Saria threw herself aside. The sisters climbed upon the web. “Star bow!” The dryad fired. Arachene got pierced through the neck. “Mother of trees!” The monster burned into ashes. Edward remained behind to challenge the Bugbear and firemen. Arachene stabbed with her lance. The tragic prince presented the shield. She almost lost grip on the weapon. He got the strength of twenty men. Saria licked her lips. She got trapped by the spindle. She felt sick about it. “Forest’s death!” She stabbed at her face. Arachene got confused. The dryad managed to cut free. Saria tried to impale them. The huntsman got busy. Victor cut the net. The spider women had to leave. Saria blew them a kiss. Her boyfriend hurled a wave of holy water. She giggled. The dryad couldn’t stop. The flames made Arachene to climb up. “Come on!” Victor shouted. “Let us escape while they are busy!” Alucard trusted his shield. “Hellfire!” He spread the cape. The web burned like oiled paper. “Ball of Destruction!” Alucard fired the high shot. “Magic arrow!” Saria pierced the Bugbear.

The pinnacle, Ravenberg. The 7th. Of December 2098 A.D.

Beware of the Dark. The soul became silent. The necromancer acknowledged. The rite was complete. Then he got no further use. The dark wizard permitted his absence. The figure faded among the shadows. That really was fitting. The school books told this was dangerous. The dead wizard took no heed. That was a waste of power. The necromancer got no further use for this spirit. He dismissed. The ancient one told what he must know. Let it be. The ring would not replace him. The castle’s return set everything in motion. The curse of Darkness made the dead to rise from their grave to pay tribute. What irony it was that the humans made to complete the circle. They craved for the presence of the Dark Lord. The necromancer might have laughed. The dark wizard would grant their wishes. That would be another reason to hail his name. The necromancer would make them to fear the Chaos force. He would have to leave the pinnacle. The dead wizard might surprise them. He would make them to fall. Then no one would dare to oppose. That would be his triumph. She carried the whip. The necromancer would plunge it into the crater. The clan would run. How he despised the humans. They deserved no better than to be Extinct. The necromancer would bring them to justice.

Dragon’s nest, Ravenberg. The 7th. of December 2098 A.D.

The knights would kill them. Torah couldn’t speak. They beheld her. The lyric came to her. It blossomed in her heart. Torah knew she shouldn’t grieve. But it was difficult. They were alive. She held onto Alicia for comfort. She was unconscious,though she gave some support. “It is okay.” Marcia fluttered before her face. “I couldn’t resist.” At last she could weep. “I wasn’t strong enough.” The music killed them. Torah shuddered. The music had strangled the red knights. “You did what you had to.” Marcia changed her colour. “They would’ve taken both of you.” Torah cleaned her face. She knew that,although it still made her sob. It was always the same. Things happened because of the opposing bloodlines. “Your power has awaken.” The fairy looked almost afraid. Torah felt her blood leave the face. “You must gain control.” Marcia nearly pleaded. “Of course.” Torah rubbed her eyes. She felt so tired,though Marcia was right. Was this how Soma Cruz felt in 2035? Torah put it aside. Her grandmother would be ashamed. Torah wished she could ask Saria about it. She didn’t know that much about the forest lore. Her sister might tell. At least she hoped so. Alicia stirred. They tried to ease her pain. “What is it?” Torah was no healer. She wished they would return.

Alicia stirred in her sleep. She moved and tossed. She was dreaming. They were like nightmares. Alicia had to wake. That she couldn’t. She was trapped. The magic kept her in Limbo. She was alone. Tears ran down her cheeks. Would nobody help her? Had they all abandoned her as dead? Alicia became more violent. Even in her state, she felt desperate. Alicia was alone. She had another dream. Alicia went still. She had to fight it or perish. If she didn’t, something terrible would happen. Alicia was a Belmont. She would never give up.

Realm of Dream. The 7th. of December 2098 A.D.

This was the throne room. The candles were the only source of light. She felt so cold. There stood a man at the other side of the chamber. She knew him. Her heart leapt. “Sonia! I did not think it was true, but it is you!” Something was wrong. “Alucard! I could say the same. What are you doing here?” There was something. She couldn’t think. She touched her face. The glasses where gone. Glasses? She didn’t use… She used… It escaped her. “Listen to me, Sonia. This is no place for someone like you.” She approached him. “But Alucard… “ She began. He raised a hand. What obscured her memory? “This problem concerns only me and my father. I have come to fight the lord of this castle. I cannot let my father, count Dracula, to get away with this. I must do this for my mother and the world she dearly loved. Please understand. I am the only one who can make amends for the sins committed by my father. There is no reason for you to get involved in this battle. Sonia, I could not bare to lose you. Now, turn back.” She shook her head. “Thank you, Adrian, You… You’re probably right. In fact, you have always made the right decisions. But I have no intention of going back now. Just as your father was granted strength from the evil deity, to conquer the world, I have been granted strength to fight your father. I will not run away. We all decide our own fate. It was you who taught me that.” He kissed her. Delicious. “All right, Sonia.” He helped to undress her. “Then show me this strength you believe so strongly in, for I too want to believe. Let us test this strength on me. Prepare yourself!” His eyes burned red. She wouldn’t do this. It was all wrong. This wasn’t how it happened. “You must kill Edward/Torah/Victor/Saria.” He was naked. She didn’t get it. He bent over her. No! She shouldn’t do this! His gaze blazed. She touched the crucifix. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost!” Alicia made the sign of the cross. The man pulled back. She was back on foot. Alicia retained her usual outfit. The glasses had returned. She was herself. Alicia cracked with the Undead Killer. “Incubus!” She hissed. The dream stalker demon hurled tripled claw projectiles. Alicia hurled a vial. The projectiles burned, although she got hurt. Alicia groaned. Her blood stained the ground. “Foolish wench.” Incubus snarled. “I could’ve made your death a pleasure.” Alicia shook her head. “Death is the fate of all humans.” She said. “Only the Lord, and He alone, knows the hour.” She struck with the whip. “You have no right.” The demon roared. He was hit. Then he split in three. “Be the will of God!” Alicia cracked. Fires burned and lit up the throne room. Theshrieks where terrible to hear. Blood stained his face like bloody tears. The demon spat a spiky ball of green flame. Alicia was burned. She fell to her knees. Incubus picked her up to cherish her breasts. “Saints in Heaven!” Alicia screamed. “The good Shepard gives rest!” She stamped with the crucifix. Holy fire consumed the devil. He got thrown hard against the wall. Alicia got up. She kept the vial in hand. “May the Lord make mercy upon your soul.” She hurled the holy water. “Curse you!” Incubus screamed. He shot another green fireball. “Preserve us!” Alicia threw herself aside. “In the name of Michael the arch angel!” She pulled the dagger from within her boot. “You are nothing but a slut.” The dream stalker announced. “A plaything for men.” Alicia felt chills down her spine. That was a lie.She knew it was. Although she preferred the girls, Alicia held no grudge against them. Incubus split to might counter her assault. Alicia cracked with the flame whip. Incubus staggered. He appeared in front to stab her. Alicia stamped with the crucifix. The demon hurled the claw-projectiles. She consolidated to reach atop. Alicia let down the vial upon leaping. The holy water burst and burned on impact. The demon escaped. He threw another spiked orb. “Good Lord!”” Alicia exclaimed. She threw the dagger. That created an explosion. Alicia crossed herself. Incubus got away. She doused him with holy water. He tried to stab her. Alicia made a grimace. She presented the cross. Incubus got forced to retreat. “Rest in peace.” She told before hurling the dagger. That got buried beneath the chest. Alicia dashed. This got to end. Incubus struck with a claw punch. Alicia groaned. She felt the oxygen forced from her lungs. The demon smirked. Alicia felt ready to vomit. He touched her privates. He got no right. Alicia tried to strangle with the whip. Incubus forced from her grip. Alicia made the sign of the cross. The Undead Killer left burn marks upon his flesh. The heirloom got some strength. Alicia picked together. Incubus came back. He beheld her with a lustful stare. Alicia felt dirty. “Leave me alone!” She managed to impaled him. The demon shrieked. He burst into fire. Alicia sighed. The fight was over. She might escape.

The nightmare was already fading. Alicia slept without worry or concern. She knew her soul was safe. Even if she lived or died, it would be with the Lord. She smiled. The others were beside her. She finally had figured. The fight was over. The Saints would look after them. Although this was a dream, she felt the light shine on her. Alicia recognised her presence. Marcia wouldn’t abandon her. It was a lie. It had to be the demon’s fault. She felt no regret. The Lord would make all according to His good will. Alicia passed into another dream.

The girl gasped. The fairy flickered. “Yes.” Marcia said. “I am here.” The voice spoke in her air. It was impossible. Marcia went dim. Torah caught her. Marcia had no mind. She got to listen. “It is Ursula.” She felt dull. Marcia saw through dragon eyes. Ursula left her. That didn’t matter. Marcia could still see. She remembered. Though it wasn’t her memory. The fairy remained herself,though she felt dazed. Ursula’s vision had become a part of herself. “I might guide.” Her voice was absent. Torah held her within the palms. Marcia met her gaze. She picked together. “Ursula spoke to me.” She told. Torah almost dropped her. Her face went pale. Marcia knew. “She left us in peace.” At least she thought so. “She left me her memories.” Torah touched the cross. Alicia tossed in her sleep. They forgot for a moment. Marcia was concerned about her. “What of the others?” Torah whispered. Marcia shook her head. She couldn’t tell. Torah picked with the ring smash. She beheld the opening. “The others went in there.“ She licked her lips. Marcia settled on her shoulder. “May God preserve them.” Marcia wished there was something she might say to comfort. There was nothing at all. She couldn’t tell if her sister was alive. Marcia promised herself she would figure it out.

Treasury, dragon’s nest. The 7th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The circle was complete. Pamela Reeves, Winifred Holmes and Andrea Brunton where English witches. Though, because of potion magic, they looked youthful and ageless. Simon didn’t care about such things. He revealed every bit of his 83 human years. The warlock drank from the cup of Oblivion until he was beyond the reach of time. Billiam sat to his left. He was young. He gained hisrankthrough hard work and studies. The young man was without any doubt the bestskilled member of their group. Were it not for the knowledge of the dark arts, Billiam might surpass him. Then Od was no threat. The Norwegian druid was to indulged in his merriment for anyone to fear. He talked, ate and drank too much. His affairs where widespread and talked about. “Why did we flee?” Winifred asked. “They are only vampire hunters.” Simon spoke no word. She should remember about Salome’s defeat. She was a real enchantress. Never mind. Pamela and Andrea lectured her about the statement. Billiam closed the book. He was always reading, though not this time. “Enough of this.” Od told. “We are the Order of Shadow.” He pulled with the greyish blonde braids. “Listen to me. I shall lead the ritual.” Simon acknowledged,though he would not underestimate him for a second time.

The crypt, dragon’s nest. The 8th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The statue glared from inside the niche. Edward touched the crucifix. He never got used to the images. The red glow shone upon the Claymore blade. Arachene moved out to form a barrier. Saria pulled back. Edward hid behind the circle of crosses. The monsters spat acid liquid. He got beneath. Victor hurled the knife forward. Arachene released the spindle. “Hellfire!” Alucard burned the web. The spiderwoman collapsed on the floor. “Blue bow!” Saria nailed her while Victor removed the head. Edward advanced. His friend was in danger. The axe went down. The acid splashed about. Arachenecreateda web. Saria got her. Edward took the gems. He knocked the candles. The mailman found other things. Edward took the money. The bats came for blood. “Grizzly wing!” Alucard spread his cape. Edward presented the crucifix. They didn’t like that. The arrow pierced his shoulder. Edward groaned. He stumbled. The mailman missed the ranger. Saria leaped atop. The second array came from inside the niche. Alucard went like a blue wolf. Victor followed inside. The foxes hid among the shadows. The gold knight met Alucard in hand-to-hand combat. Saria leapt like a rubber cat. Edward threw three freezing daggers. Although the angle was almost impossible, he caused confusion among the soldiers. “Blue bow!” The dryad countered. “Magic arrow!” Saria fired as fast as she could. “Saria!” Edward was back on foot. He threw the cross. Edward loved the nymph. The gold boomerangs created a fire. “God with us!” Edward got in among the monsters. Victor was down on his knees,though he kept slashing. The fairy almost forced an apple into his mouth. Edward looked about. Saria kept behind. She looked frustrated. He might tell. This was no place for music. Alucard killed the gold knight. The foxes kept together. They gathered around the pond. The lava boiled. Edward reached for the crucifix. He disliked the area. “Crimson lightning!” Alucard made it to strike. “Hellfire!” Victor threw the knife forward. The crypt was drenched in blood. Alucard fumed. Edward crossed himself. The tragic prince was hurt. His blood stained the alter. There was something not right about that. Edward had no time to consider. “Blue bow!” Saria shot into the heart of the group. “Forest’s death!” The tomb cracked to release the bats. The water wave soaked the firemen. “Blue bow!” Saria made them to freeze on impact. “Magic arrow!” She pulled the string back toward her pointed ear. Edward brandished with the sword. The zombies got cut down. “What is that?” Alucard requested. The mailman blinked. He didn’t realize. “The knight got it.” Edward tugged his beard. The fate shard hung from a leather necklace. Edward frowned. He thought there was something. “Come.” The mailman tried to change subject. “Let us go.” They went back into the corridor. Victor was gone. Edward hoped he was alive. “Beware.” Alucard pulled up the cape. The mailman knocked the candles. Then they ran into another group of monsters. The skeletons hurled bones into the air. Edward threw an arch of gold axes. That burned the bats. The Minotaur struck against the floor. The mailman dashed. The red skeletons were the real problem. The other Minotaur struck with the ball-and-chain. Saria was to quick. Edward knocked the bone-bags into oblivion. He thought the stalagmites looked like dragon fangs. The mailman threw it aside. The blood bones reached to choke him. How could Sypha break them? Edward got water in his blood. The freezing daggers broke it apart. Edward crossed himself. The pile burst into flames. “Glory be You.” He exhaled. “Our Father in Heaven.” Then he noticed. Saria got in trouble. The red skeletons lived again. She bit her lip. Edward threw a wave of holy water. He made them to freeze on impact. “Mother of trees.” She knocked them to pieces. Edward touched her cheek. There was no time. The lava boiled. The firemen returned. Even the minotaur’s got away. Bugbear made lightning strike. “Blue bow!” Saria impaled the Minotaur. The monster was dead before reaching the ground. The zombie threw the fireball. “Beware of the dark.” Edward sighed. He shouldn’t forget. The mailman hurled the ice boomerangs. “God with us!” He struck to release the water wave. He picked the crystals. The eyeball twirled around. The holy beam went home. Edward impaled the fireman. He then reached a crossroad. The lava boiled. The flame zombies gathered about. “Ball of Destruction!” Alucard pinned the Minotaur. “Blue bow!” Saria got the eyeball. Edward got ambushed by the blood skeleton. He threw a wave of breakable axes. The bone-bag got knocked to pieces. He had no time to celebrate. The bag slave hurled an explosive. “Crimson lightning!” Alucard spread his cape. “Grizzly wing!” The tragic prince slashed the firemen. The zombies burst on impact. Edward dodged the bomb. “Star bow!” Saria shot the bag slave. “Magic arrow!” She bit together. “Hellfire!” Alucard crushed the skeletons. Edward exhaled. Saria retrieved the shield. That got marked with the emerald crest of the forest temple. Bugbear tried to strangle her. He threw the dagger forward. The mailman saved her life. “Star bow!” Saria shook her head before she impaled the bag slave. Edward tugged his beard. She really was clever. “Ball of Destruction!” Alucard managed to push forward. Edward picked the crystals. He then crossed himself. The fight was almost complete. His friends fought together. That might be alright. Edward went through the rightmost passage. “God with us!” He found the blue cross. The item lay before the dragon statue. Edward closed his eyes. This was a tomb. He shook it off. That wasn’t the point. Victor got in peril. “Electra!” The warlock shrieked. Victor beheaded the witch. Edward presented the crucifix. The eyes were on fire. He tugged the beard. Edward disliked the gaze. His grab went tighter. They spoke of death. Edward shuddered. The mailman felt chills down his spine. He held the Claymore sword in both hands. “God with us!” He didn’t know what to expect.

The tragic prince cast the spell. Victor snarled. He barely managed to dodge it. “Reaper!” The warlock made lightning to strike down. The others had finally arrived. What kept them? Victor dismissed. He left them to search for the blue cross. He found it. But then the wizardry folks showed up. “Come on Lysander!” Victor mocked. “Surely you can do better thanthe bitch!” The black man was too clever.He never let him close,though he got angry. “You won’t dare to speak that way about my mistress!” He called. “Globus!” Victor threw himself sideways. He impaled upon the knife. The warlock sighed. He reappeared to punch with the enflamed fists. Victor ducked. Then he spun round. The axe hit empty space. Lysander returned. “Globus!” The spell rebounded. Victor snarled. He got to run. “Magic arrow!” The nymph fired with her bow-and-arrows. Victor cheered. The little miss pierced the spell. The impact made them to explode. Edward and Alucard approached. “You must regain strength.” Lysander told. “I shall summon the monsters to test you.” Victor frowned. He didn’t get it. Though the warlock conjured the dead. The skeletons attacked. He bit together. Victor would kill the bastard! He threw the axe in a high arch. “Globus!” It was the warlock who got him.

The huntsman was down on the floor. This was not according to his wishes.Victor Grant lay too far away to even reach the blue cross. “Hellfire!” He shot the skeleton apart. Morris fought by his side. That was how it where supposed to be. The warlock, Grant called him Lysander, reached for a book. Saria pierced his elbow with an arrow. Excellent.” Alucard would congratulate. The skeleton choked him. Alucard got the strength of 20 men. He tore the bone-bag and threw him aside. The Belmont crushed it to pieces. The dryad knocked the candles. She needed other projectiles. Neither of them would pick the blue cross. That was in good order. Whoever which should carry it, had to be at good health. Alucard would summon his fairy familiar. She might help him. “Reaper!” The warlock made him dismiss. Alucard got no time to call her. Lightning struck. He morphed into mist. Edward Morris crushed the remaining skeletons. That was good. He would need the crystals. “You really are quite the hunters.” Lysander recognised. “Your ally already cost me my concubine.” Alucard gave his salute. He saw the witch’s corpse. Or what was left of her. The demise made her burn to ashes. “That is not enough.” The black man reached for a book. “I shall make you to suffer.”

The pinnacle, Ravenberg. The 8th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The general returned their salute. The lieutenants bowed. “Hail the count.” The holograms faded. This was getting out of hand. The general Reinhardt Reich Van Deer Valk filled the command center with his foreboding presence. The necromancer had left the pinnacle. Though the general was sure he would return. The dead wizard was a traitor and an usurper. Reinhardt Reich would have him arrested. That would not happen. At least not until the assistance arrived. The general had called for other of his kind. They would appear. He got his assurance. Though in the meanwhile, the general had other fish to fry. The caves where turning against him. Reinhardt Reich Van Deer Valk had used the necromancer’s absence to fortify the pinnacle. At least those portions which he still controlled. Georgia Simonjeva still kept the railway station in good order. The traitor would not escape that way. It was essential to keep the revolt inside the limits of the Ravenberg power plant. The general kept marching up and down the command centre.Where could he be? The dead wizard would never leave for a vacation. The thought made a smile to appear upon his face. Reinhardt Reich then dismissed the matter out of hand. He evengot the Belmont clan left to consider.

Dragon’s nest, Ravenberg. The 8th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The fairy shone in the dark. Torah put down her plate. The pot-roust really got nice. That was the Belmont style. She fought a giggle. Torah cleaned her face as best she could. Marcia settled upon her shoulder. Torah emptied the bottle. She purchased to drink,though she got to use Alicia’s money. Torah was slightly ashamed of that part. The vampire hunter kept the contract within her backpack. Torah shouldn’t have opened it. She sighed. Torah wondered how long it would be until her friends arrived. She was getting quite nervous. They might be dead. Torah forced to gather. She couldn’t think like that. Marcia was still dazed after Ursula’s gift. Torah licked her lips. She felt uncertain. Alicia had begun to move again. Torah had hoped the bad dreams were over. She was wrong. Torah felt so helpless. She didn’t know what to do. If only she got better with the music. Torah saved the tree in the waterfall cave. Torah sighed. That was so different. Alicia was no tree. She had a problem. Torah bit her lip. She would have to figure out about the puzzle. Though she couldn’t remain here forever. Grandmother Yoko would expect she could master. Torah drew a tear. She still missed her. Alicia moved. She was so violent. Torah touched the cross. If only Aliciacould wake.

This was another dream. Alicia was sure about it. Though it gave no comfort. She moved in her sleep. She still couldn’t wake. Alicia so wished for it to happen. Though her conscious self was kept adrift. Even so, she was still aware of her dream. Alicia was captured in the family’s past history. She had been Sonia Belmont. She prayed for it to stop. Now she was another woman. The woman of which she got no connection to whatever. Alicia wasn’t even sure if she liked her. Though she got to watch. She had no choice. Alicia only hope she would be strong enough to resist the malice. The night waited for her. Alicia might have shuddered, though that was past her ability. Alicia snarled. She was so afraid. She moved back and forth. That was all she could do. Alicia made an oath to hunt the night. She would be like Hawken and Leon Belmont. They forged the connection. Alicia wished she got the true version of the whip. That was not a possibility. Alicia had to accept. She would use the weapons she already got in hand. The others fought the monsters. Alicia had to sob. That was none of her business. At least not for a while. Not until she woke. Alicia fumed. She had Simon’s heart of fire. She would make them to burn. But not here, not this time. She kept flouting.

Realm of Dream. The 8th. Of December 2098 A.D.

This was the marble gallery. She was alone. Tears stained her cheeks. Anette felt left behind. Though not for long. The bats gathered into a great man. Anette screamed. It was him! The man who chased her and her sister Maria when the village got besieged. It was count Dracula. The prince of Darkness approached her. His eyes burned red with flame when he reached a hand. “What a fine girl.” He smiled. The fangs got exposed. Anette shivered by the sight. “How the blood of a beautiful woman quench my body.” Fresh tears ran down her face. At the same time, she felt her resolve strengthened. “Stay away!” She called. The Dark Lord smiled. “What are you frightened of?” He asked. “I can give you eternal life and beauty.” Anette felt her whole body began to shake. “It is a simple matter. So why not rule the world with me?” The vampire spread his caped arms. Anette thought of all he had done,to her, to Maria, and to all their friends. “If I am to fall in such a cheap manner.” She told him. “I will take my life with my own hands!” That only seemed to admire his cruelty. “Fine.” He said. “But what is it that you call cheap?” He pointed a sharp claw at her. “But if you call my existence cheap, would not all this world’s, this age’s human desire, be cheap also?” She didn’t know what to say. Anette hid her face. The count triumphed by her misery. “I am probably this world’s way to its desire. Do you not think so?” Anette was crumbling. She fell on her knees. Anette didn’t care if the dress got dirty. The count reached to touch her shoulder. She quivered all over. Then another figure appeared from the mist. That was the dark priest Shaft. The traitor led the assault on Warakiya. “Count.” Shaft went on his knees before the Dark Lord. “What is it?” Dracula was annoyed by the interruption. “There are somebody suspicious in the castle.” The prince of Darkness looked to consider about the statement. “I see.” Then his eyes lit up anew. “This thing called destiny is such fun.” He turned to look on her. “Well.” He smiled. “It seems we have an interruption.” Lord Dracula reached to touch his victim. Anette pulled back. She had always been so strong. So proud of her Belnades legacy. Now, she felt like any other woman would before the undead. “So then, I see you later. Be well.” He bent forward. Anette thought of the vampire’s kiss. Instead, the count and his follower, left the marble gallery. Anette collapsed into a sobbing heap. She knew this wasn’t the end. He would return. Then he would feast. Anette would become one like them. Like the L. Vampire. She shuddered. “Save me, Richter.” She pleaded. Her boyfriend, like Maria, always jumped ahead into matters. Once she hated it. Now, she hoped that someone would come to save her. That Richter would come, and it would be over. That simply was impossible. Anette remembered about his eyes. They made her to shiver. She didn’t know if it was with fright or desire. She got to figure. The prince of Darkness would return. She was sure about it. She got to resist. Anette was unsure if she could. The Dark Lord got a sort of charm, a wicked charisma that attracted the women. He left her the costume. Anette might dress up, if she chose. No, she would never do that. Anette would not be a slave. She might hear his voice. The laugher caused the echoes of darkness. She felt her blood tingle. She almost wished for his embrace. Anette sobbed. She got to hide her face.

Alicia tossed about. The dream was already fading. She was back in limbo. Although she remembered this last encounter,it didn’t change anything. Alicia tried to dismiss about it. She also felt like fading. It was always the same. The coma sheltered her from the pain. Alicia would rather be awake. She might continue the hunt. She could teach the others how to fight the undead. She could be like doctor Abraham Van Helsing. The scientisthad always been her idol. Reinhardt Schneider met him while he was still learning his craft. They had become great friends. Then she remembered no more. The darkness took her. Alicia kept to struggle. She would not submit. The prince of Darkness wasn’t going to play games with her spirit. Alicia knew there were no more demons. That was no comfort. The curse of Darkness might possess her. Then she, body and soul, would become like the toy of evil. Alicia would never permit that. She would rather die. Alicia would have crossed herself, if only she got the strength. She felt so weak. This was because of count Dracula. Alicia knew it was the truth. The castle had returned. The abode might grant power to those which summoned in his name. Alicia felt disgusted. They were the forsaken. Whatever the cost, Alicia would break the spell.

The fairystill circled in the air. Torah let go. “Why had she become so quiet?” Marcia couldn’t tell. She could tell nothing. The human had to be awake for her to figure. Marcia dimmed. “I might translate her dream.” The sweet tingling voice was still too harsh to come from the softness of human lips. Torah shuddered. Marcia felt like hiding. The Succubus appeared from above. Marcia felt strange. The demon was absolutely adorable. Polished horns raised from within the red copper hair. The green eyes blazed with malice. The fairy tried not to look. Succubus smiled. She spread the huge bat wings. Marcia went dull. The leather corset didn’t conceal much. Torah blushed. Marcia was ashamed. She forgot about her comrades. “Homing ball!” The sorceress charged with spirit. The golden flare should’ve burned the demon into a crisp. She hid behind her wings. Marcia flew closer to might illuminate. Succubus almost smashed with the tail. It made her to think of Renon. Torah dashed. She struck with the razor rings. She drew blood of the concubine. Succubus shrieked. Then she got hold of the sorceress. The poor girl got paler by the second. But then she stamped with the cross. Succubus let go. Marcia wished she might make the apples grow. “Homing ball!”

Hidden spring: underground mine. The 8th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The necromancer stepped out into the cave. This was it. He came from the pinnacle to find this place. The dark wizard sounded the horn. “Step aboard.” The ferryman appeared from the mist. The necromancer sent him a closer look. There were rumours abroad, concerning this figure. Never mind. He gave the ferryman a gold coin. “Sure, I will take you to a nice spot master.” He gave a silent laugh. The necromancer disliked. Although he forced the virgin sacrifice to descend. She still tried to resist him. Such waste of time. The she elf should have better things to do then to fight a fool’s battle. Though she was a black elf, loyal to the memory of count Dracula. She should serve his ends. The ferryman began rowing. “Be still, you wench.” The dead wizard hissed. “You only make matters worse for yourself.” Strange, he had been like her. He hardly could remember. “I shall take you to meet your destiny.” The necromancer made a dismissing gesture. He would not be confused by the paradoxes of this creature. He could destroy him with one spell. Why didn’t he cast it? The ferryman was protected. Not even he would dare to break the law. Not yet. They had reached destination. They better. He had taken an awful risk. The necromancer must unsheathe his knife.

The crypt, dragon’s nest. The 8th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The black man kept turning the pages. Edward figured he got a shaved skull. The warlock found his paragraph. He still cradled the book. Edward tugged his beard. Lysander got surrounded by an electric field. “God with us!” The warlock went sweeping forward. Edward threw himself sideways. He made an effort to douse him. The shield cracked. Lysander threw the enflamed books. The tragic prince turned into mist. Saria hid within the niche. The mailman presented the crucifix. The book exploded. “Globus!” Lysander hurled dual orbs of pulsating plasma. “Get down!” Edward tried to warn the others. He made the orbs to rebound. “Glazer.” The warlock dropped the book. Edward blinked. Alucard picked him of the floor. The spell froze on impact. The mailman inhaled. “Reaper!”” The warlock got in pain. He made lightning strike. Alucard released the grip. Edward landed in front. He trusted with the Bowie. The warlock groaned. He got knifed. His hands burned. “Curse you.”” He snarled. Edward threw himself down. “Hellfire!” Alucard spread his cape to might counter the punch. The warlock warped to escape. “I know who you are.” Lysander reappeared. “You are not a lord of Shadow.” Edward made the sign of the cross. “Have you looked into the mirror of fate?” He asked. “I opened the tomes.” Lysander licked his lips. Edward made no comment. In 2057, his grandfather joined forces to prevent the return of Darkness. “The Father alone, knows that great and terrible day.” Edward quoted. Armageddon was no laughing matter. “Hellfire!” Alucard demanded. “Reaper.” Lysander made it to strike. “Globus.” The glyph magic burst on impact. Alucard morphed into a bat. “Glazer!” The warlock dropped his book. Saria’s music melted the ice. Lysander touched the tome. “Leave her alone!” The mailman dashed. “Reaper!” Alucard stepped in front. “Hellfire!” That was strong. “Yeah!” Saria struck with a shield trust. The warlock was taken aback. The short-sword pierced his cloak. Lysander hit her with enflamed punches. Alucard pulled her away. Edward made the crossed himself. He was 25 years old. His youth might grant an edge. Alucard struck with the sword. “God with us!” The crucifix blazed. The holy flame burned his filth. Lysander shrieked. Edward tugged his beard. The flesh was on fire. “Reaper!” Edward screamed. He felt like being hit by the whip. “Now, Belmont.” The ravaged face made the smirk even worse. “You will die.” Alucard charged like the blue wolf. “Globus.” Lysander got the power. The tragic prince got thrown aside. “Now for you.” Saria got picked by flaming hands. Edward fought to get up. The warlock smirked. “You bastard.” Victor hissed. This was impossible. Victor was alive. He crawled while leaving a trail of blood. Lysander dismissed. Edward impaled him upon the dagger. “Die!” Victor struck with the axe. Lysander staggered. “Sorry I kept you waiting.” Victor collapsed. He almost cut the warlock in half. Edward had no mind. He went to inspect his friend. There was no use; Victor was dead. “May he rest in peace.” Saria ate the apple. Edward sighed. “I need a vacation.” Alucard bowed. He made the familiar to disappear. He felt so sorry. “I know.” Saria touched his cheek. Edward relaxed. He retrieved the blue cross. Alicia would be restored. “It is over.” The visitor in a silk hat went through the wall. Edward presented the crucifix. “The poltergeist kings.” He acknowledged. “St. Germain.” Alucard bowed. The druid reached for the horn upon his belt. “The cycle has begun again.” Germain spoke like in 1499. “The Dinesti family suffers the wrath of count Dracula.” Saria looked up into his face. “Who are you?” She asked. “Call me a traveller, or guest.”” He looked sad. “I wander, though cannot change anything.” Saria pulled at his cloak. “Then bring him back to us.” She almost pleaded. Edward knew he could do nothing. The Saint shook his head. He had done what the elders requested. The poltergeist king protected the heirlooms until Sonia Belmont might reclaim the arsenal. “That I cannot do.” There were none who could. Saria closed her eyes. Edward put an arm about her shoulders. She returned the embrace. “You shouldn’t want for his return.” The mailman crossed himself. Saria let go. “He is with the Lord.” The dryad exhaled. Edward brushed through her red hair. “Though I might do something.” The horn-playing druid knelt beside their friend. “I honour his bravery.” Edward tugged his beard. What was he up to? “This I might do.” Germain to fade. “I carry him home.” The poltergeist king looked determined. “The clan knows he is a vampire hunter.” The horn-playing druid met his gaze. “His legacy shall not be forgotten.” They both disappeared. Alucard made his salute. The mailman sighed. Saria picked with the pendant. The hunt was not complete. “Come with me.” Edward had gathered. He collected the blue cross. Edward gave it to Alucard. That was fitting. Saria blew him a kiss. He exhaled. The crystals restored his energy. Edward felt much better. “Let me guide you.” Alucard informed. “Of course.” Edward brushed through her hair. Alucard might smell were they had been. Then he might show them the way back to the staircase. He left it in the hands of the Lord. “Let us be of.” Edward unsheathed the Claymore blade. He made the sign of the cross. Alucard hailed. “That is right.” Saria hid a giggle. The tragic prince sent her a glare. Then he dismissed about the matter. Edward sighed. This was enough. They must quit bickering. “God’s holy mother.” Alucard got in front. “This I must do for my mother.” He crossed himself. Edward tugged his beard. That was still a surprise. He had a deep breath. Neither was important. Alucard led back. “Mother of trees.” Saria was on edge. She retrieved the string toward her pointed ear. “Forest’s death.” The dryad prepared to fire. Edward acknowledged. He was ready to fight. Let it be. He might protect himself. Though the lava boiled, there was nothing ahead. Edward tightened his grip. There was nothing he might do to calm down.

Dragon’s nest, Ravenberg. The 8th. Of December 2098 A.D.

They went from the cave. Alucard acknowledged. It had not been in vain. They were still there. The sorceress and fairy might be captured. That was the flaw in their exploit. “Hurry.” Fernandez called. “She is still alive.” Alucard moved across. He bent to check her pulse. Schneider didn’t move. Alucard smelled her living blood. He dismissed. They were back. Though the Belmont’s chronometer told they used more than a day to infiltrate the crypt. Alucard evaluated the situation. They lost Ursula Draco and Victor Grant in the affair. Though it had been worth it. Alucard hailed the Saints which led him this far. His allies watched. “So, let it be done.” He put the blue cross against her heart. “Excuse me, my lady.” Alucard said. This should neverhappen. Alucard beheld her beauty. Alicia Schneider was so unlike her ancestors. The glasses rested upon her lap. He let his fingers to run through the golden hair. She resembled the image of his lost love. He had promised to protect her. Her face seemed so peaceful in this light. Alucard could not protect Belmontfrom himself. That was his sin. Alucard thought of another woman. One he had not seen since that night, more than 600 years ago. It had been so lonely. Alucard almost felt like crying.



Castlevania, Warakiya. The 16th. Of November 1476 A.D.

The fight was over. They both beheld each other. Alucard was impressed. She was tired. Though not defeated. “I had no idea you had become this strong. Sonia Belmont threw herself into his arms. “Oh, Adrian…” He held her close. Alucard knew of his own limitations. His own accursed state. But he had not lost the ability to love. “It looks like this time I learned a lesson.” He let her go. His beloved was serious. “Alucard, did you purposely… “ He lowered his head. “No, Sonia. You have made me believe in your strength.” She looked away. Her cheeks where red. Adrian, I’m so sorry.” She had no reason. “Do not trouble yourself about it, Sonia.” He only reluctantly let go. “Now I have to sleep.” Sonia opened her mouth. “I fear I shall not meet you again.” Now tears ran down her face. “Farewell my beloved, my beautiful vampire hunter.” He turned into a bat. Alucard at last knew why they believed. He would pray to never forget. Alucard still heard her voice. “Adrian! I will never forget you. Farewell dear Alucard.” Even in this state, he wept bloody tears. Sonia Belmont really did love him. She proved it already. They both knew. He decided not to cast the spell. Not yet. Although they would never meet again. Alucard decided. He would not forsake their son.


End of flashback.

That was so long ago. Sonia Belmont had made truth upon her promise. She tracked him down to the castle. Alucard tested her in battle. Her skills where extraordinary. Sonia Belmont held her own. He allowed her to continue. She defeated his father in a dual of the great. She went where he could not go. Where he feared to go. Sonia Belmont defeated lord Dracula upon his dark throne. And he had not become the general. She was so beautiful. Alucard mourned that he would never encounter her again. Though her spirit went with the Lord.“Alucard.” She opened her eyes. “It is you.” She replaced the glasses. This was a miracle. “Great is the mystery of faith.” Alicia Schneider said. Alucard acknowledged. “So it is.” Belmont smiled. “Thank you, Alucard. For being here. For watching over me.” He bowed low. “Thy most humble servant, my lady.” He kissed her hand. Then he helped her to stand. The others gathered. Torah Fernandez embraced her ally. The fairy danced in the air. The dryad drew a tear from the corner of her eye. Edward Morris replaced his hat and coat. Alucard stood by. They included his presence. That was more than he hoped for. “Where shall we go?” Schneider cracked with the Undead Killer. “This way.” Marcia become the guide.

The mailman was about to follow. “Edward.” Saria wouldn’t let him. “Wait for me.” She held him back. The group was about to leave. “What is it?” He looked concerned. Saria forced not to sob. “Oh Edward.” They went through so much. She rubbed her eyes. “Take it easy.” Edward embraced her. “I will never leave you.” Saria smiled through her tears. “Prove it.” She said. Edward blinked. “How?” He asked. Saria unbuckled her belt. “Make out with me.” She told. “Make out with me now.” She pulled the tunic over her head. “Please.” She cleaned her face. “I need you.” Edward held her by the shoulders. “Listen.” He said. “I would love to.” He kissed her. “But the others are waiting.” Saria began touching the front of his trousers. “They won’t notice.” Saria opened his belt. Edward tightened his grip when she bent forward to catch him between her lips. That made him moan. Saria giggled. She knew how to please. Saria moved up and down upon his manhood. She used her tongue. Edward gasped. He really enjoyed it. His hands went over her body. She sighed. Edward found the perfect place. He didn’t miss a spot. Edward groaned. Saria twitched. She was getting close. Saria never let go. Edward gave it to her. She experienced the climax. “Thanks.” She said. Edward smiled.

The pinnacle, Ravenberg. The 9th. of December 2098 A.D.

The torches burned to illuminate the area. “Anger and hate.” Niyou suddenly leached. Lydie shrieked. Darkside electricity surged through her body. “Yes.” He stated. “I feel your anger.” The voice purred with malice. “Focus and make it stronger.” He then hissed. The white fox was left laying naked and weeping upon the stone floor. “Agony is a powerful gift.” The warlock beheld his hands. Lydia looked up. She was angry. She hated him. “By each passing moment, you make yourself more and more his servant.” The red coated he-fox gloated at his accomplishment. “I hate me!” He then raged. The currents hit like a whip. “I know you.” Niyou dismissed. “You only want power. Not caring to pay the price.” She saw disgust on his face. “You will pay for your lack of vision.” Lydie screamed. The darkside electricitysurged through. There was a universe of pain. “Stop!” She pleaded. “It is enough!” Niyou smirked. “I knew you didn’t have it in you.” He kept blasting. “I wasted my time.” Lydie howled. He never stopped. “And now, you shall die.” Her anger boiled over. The black globes flew at her, entering her, fusing with her. The force sent him flying. Lydie laughed when rising. Then it died. “Perfect.” Niyou hissed. “You become my apprentice.” His voice made her to shiver.

Dragon’s nest, Ravenberg. The 9th. of December 2098 A.D.

They told their story.Torah felt at a loss. There was silence. That had to be quite a fight. How they must have suffered. Her own problems felt like nothing in comparison. Torah inhaled. She didn’t know what to say. She told them about what happened. Edward was concerned. Although Saria assured she would gain control. That was easy to say. Marcia showed the way. They reached another part of the nest. They kept beside the frozen river. The high columns made her feel like a little girl. The dragon sculptures, each in a different colour, glared down from their niches. Torah looked down at the floor. That didn’t make her feel any better. The complex patterns of multicoloured stone, only added to the ancient atmosphere. Not that it mattered. Monsters lurked in the shadows. The bat wave swooped from above. They hid among the enormous chandeliers. The gold and jewels where already more wealth then she could imagine. “Homing ball!” She charged with frost. That made them to burn. The bats were not alone. The others beasts went from set positions. Torah bit her lip. A group of skeletons broke through the wall. At least Alucard had no more concern about the tapestries. Although they were pieces of priceless art. Torah let it drop. She sights, this was the nest.

The sorceress dashed toward the monsters. Alicia whipped the bats into oblivion. “Homing ball!” Torah produced the ring smash. Saria went along. She got the sword and shield. Alicia made the sign of the cross. The dead mates appeared from behind the tapestry. There had to be other openings. Alicia put it aside. She whipped the candle. That was the boomerang cross. Alicia mightuse it. “In the name of Michael the Arch Angel!” She made the sign of the cross. Then she hurled the boomerang forward. Alicia made it to split into three freezing crosses. The mate burst into fire. There were others behind him. The bag slave hurled the skull forward. “Hellfire!” Alucard spread his cape. While Edward went to aid the sisters, the tragic prince remained behind. She appreciated that. Alicia might need some help. “Get back.” Alucard fired the high shot.. The bag slave hurled a pot-roast. Alicia got it. She was hungry. But it had to wait. They ran from the enemies. The explosion hit the hallway. Icicles fell from the ceiling. Alicia dug into the meal. Alucard beheld her while eating. She felt ashamed by her manners. “Excuse me.” She said. “Do you want anything?” Alucard went cold. Or rather, colder. “Thou know I cannot.” Alicia sighed. She finished her meal. Alicia thought she knew about him. “Have no mind about it.” Marcia settled upon her shoulder. Alicia knew. Though she felt awkward. Alicia spent much time, while in a coma, to imagine to be like Sonia Belmont. She thought to have solved the puzzle. Alicia thought of another dream. Perhaps no one might ever figure. Alicia touched the crucifix. That had to wait. Alicia must hunt. Leon Belmont demanded as much. She exhaled. Let be the will of the Lord. Alicia crossed herself. Alucard might be one of the undead. Even so, she would never stop praying for his soul.


Realm of Dream. The 8th. Of December 2098 A.D.

This was it. She reached his tomb. He was there. The lord of the vampires, count Vlad Tepes Dracula. “Thee have done well, mine girl. In fact, thou arth the first human to come this far. Thee have mine praise.” Sonia Belmont cracked with the Vampire Killer whip. “You are the prince of Darkness. Because of you, many people have died, many people have suffered.” The count smiled. “Ah nay, mine dear. I have merely done what thou men wished for. Fulfilling thee insatiable desires.” Sonia made the sign of the cross. “People must fulfil their dreams with their own power. You have been consumed by the power of evil. You no longer have the strength to determine your own fate. His eyes flashed with red flame. “Silence!” Dracula bellowed. “On the contrary. I am just the one to use this power.” His voice turned soft. Sonia tightened her grip. “I will be the king who rules over the entire world!” He reached a hand to her. “Give thyself to me, young lady.” She felt attracted. “Sonia suddenly felt she must be with him. “There might be merit in having thy presence.” She finally figured why Adrian feared him. The count’s charisma was great and terrible. She couldn’t give in. Sonia fought to gather. “My strength will be used only to protect the entire world!” She was herself, free of his control. Sonia struck with the Vampire Killer. She knew who she was. She was Sonia of the Belmont clan. She would hunt the night. Sara had not died in wain. “Prince of Darkness!” She challenged. “Prepare to suffer for trifling with so many lives!” Dracula was furious. His eyes burned. The fangs where exposed. His skin adapted an ugly blue-greyish hint. “As thy wish, girl! Then it is thou fate to kneel before mine power!” The Dark Lord spread his cape. “Hellfire!” The three large bat-inhabited fireballs went her way. Sonia threw the cross. Then she countered with the Soul flame. The prince of Darkness laughed by her effort. He had already left for another assault. Sonia crossed herself. She would never underestimate him. “Count Dracula!” She screamed. “Do not hide in the shadows!” The Dark Lord laughed.


End of flashback.

If this was the hour, Alicia hoped she would show equal determination. “ Well, well. Thou arth worthy of mine. Thee have lasted mine longer than most !“ The words caused echoes through her mind. The Dark Lord said so, after the first battle. Sonia hadn’t been afraid. “Prepare yourself!” She said it straight to his face. Dracula had not been deterred. “ I have merely been toying with thee so far. Now, it is time to be serious .” He changed form. Alicia sighed. This was getting her nowhere. Her cousin still fought. Though, she wondered how it felt.


Realm of Dream. The 8th.Of December 2098 A.D.

The fight was over. Sonia worshipped the Lord. She was so happy the Saints protected her. The Dark Lord had fallen. “Oh no!” He fell on his knees. Sonia held on to the crucifix. He had regained the human form. “Mine, losing to a woman!?” Sonia shook her ponytail. “You poor man.” She actually felt pity with him. “It must be difficult to understand why you, who possess eternal life, are about to perish.” How could she even begin to explain? “Humans are granted such a previous short life in comparison to yours. But in that short time.” She blushed. “We are able to love and to live for someone else.” Sonia beheld him with sadness. Not with hate. “There must have been a time when you too cherished the bonds with the ones which you loved.” She touched the crucifix. “We humans are not so foolish as to throw away all of that in exchange for the power received.” This was the bitter most part of it all. “There is no place in this world for the likes of you. You were already defeated when you accepted the power of Darkness.” Then Dracula began to laugh. Sonia pulled back. She didn’t expect this turn of events. “Do nay let it go to thy head, girl.” He still laughed. “Do thy really think that the likes of thee can destroy mine?” His eyes burned red with malice. “Thou arth a fool, as Alucard was. Listen to mine. Darkness will never die out as long as there is light in this world. I am the ruler of that Darkness and I will rise, again and again, as long as people like thee arth alive. Again and again, I tell thee!” The prince of Darkness kept laughing on. Sonia kept her ground. “When that happens, someone will appear before you to take my place.” She was certain. The life which she carried made her believe. “If it is my fate to again be a vampire hunter, I will be ready!” Sonia already chose that life. “No.” She changed her statement. “I will gladly accept that destiny.” Her uncle would be proud. Sonia hoped that Leon would too. She would amend for Gabriel’s sins. “So” She said. “Until your soul is saved, until all the evil desires in the world are exhausted, Goodbye, ruler of evil. Good bye, o woeful prince of Darkness.” She watched him burn in a shaft of sunlight. Then the castle began to shake. It already felt the absence of its ruler. Sonia gathered her wits. There was no time left for Sorrow. She got to get out. Before the castle crumbled upon her.


End of flashback.

She picked together. Marcia left her shoulder. The fairy went for their friends. Alicia closed her prayers with the sign of the cross. It was time to hunt the night. Alicia would be like her ancestor. Although Edward doused them with holy water, the gold skeletons refused to retreat. “In the name of Michael the arch angel!” Alicia flailed with the whip. She fused with frost. The icicle whip made the red skeletons to collapse. Then someone reached her from behind. “Got you.” The soft voice cooed in her ear. Alicia shivered. The voice was followed by a licking tongue. She gasped. That was so delicious, though she felt sick as well. Succubus drained her health. “Leave the lady alone.” Alucard held the demon by the black hair. The sword lay across her throat. Succubus tightened her grip. Alicia gasped. She felt so weak. “So it is.” Alucard removed the head. The corpse fell on the floor. Alicia almost followed. Alucard was quick. He cleansed the blade upon the leather corset, re-sheathed it and kept her up in one swift motion. He was no ordinary man. Alicia didn’t care. She pulled the glasses tight. Alucard made her to pick the crystals. They replenished her energy. Alucard bowed. He unsheathed the blade. The tragic prince presented the shield. Then he went into battle. Alicia would follow,though she got other problems. The bone pillar from across the river, had noticed about their presence. The stacked dragon skulls turned to breathe flames or to spit fireballs. Alicia managed to extinguish the fire, though she wished she got the axe. The cannon was too far away. Alicia presented the crucifix. She had a feeling they were actually laughing at her. She got a storminside. Alicia threw the dagger forward. The mystic force made the weapon to split into homing daggers. That defeated the enemy. Alicia wished to pick the crystals. She made a glide. Alicia got over the river. Although she almost slipped on the ice. The crystals werewort some effort. She managed to return. This time,she got into a slide. Alicia hit the wall. She shook with her short golden hair. She got no time. Alicia got up. She hoped that nobody had noticed about her situation. “Behind you!” Marcia screamed. The ghost reached to take her. Alicia brandished with the whip. The vision moaned. Alicia almost felt pity with him. He looked so alone. Alicia prayed she released him from Dracula’s curse. Edward managed to defeat the gold bones. The trio was picking crystals. Alucard was involved in another battle. The Succubi sisters were about to jab him. Marcia flew in angry circles about the dual. She shone a concerned blue. Alicia ran. The tragic prince morphed into a coil of mist. Alicia almost collided with the demon. She got embraced. “No!” Marcia shot for her location. The redhead reached to kiss her. Alicia stamped with the crucifix. The flames burned on impact. Succubus let go. Alicia licked her lips. That was close. Succubus reached for her. Alicia struck with the Undead Killer. The chain-whip caused tiny fires upon her skin. The demon shrieked. Alucard struck with the shield. The sister got hold. Alicia doused with holy water. Succubus lifted into the air. “Are you alright?” Marcia asked. Alicia sighed. “I am fine.” She assured. Then the tapestry got torn aside. The Minotaur swung with the axe. Alicia crossed herself. The bats came for blood. She doused herself to might save the soul. The ghost appeared to embrace her. Alicia shuddered. She felt chills down her spine. “Why do thou fight?” The grim reaper asked that question while the resurrection period of 912.. “There is always the same reason.” The answer was obvious. “Memory of Light.” Alicia made the sign of the cross. All life was at war with the Devil. Dracula was his purchase.

She picked the bow. Saria drew the string back toward her pointed air. Then she let go. “Magic arrow!” The ghost exploded. Saria acknowledged. “Homing ball!” Torah charged the attack. The magic ball homed onto the bone pillar. The stacked skulls where located across the river. Edward threw a row of enflamed axes. He challenged the Minotaur. The beast charged. The torn-out pillar struck the ground. It broke to pieces on impact. Saria threw herself away. “Star bow!” She shot the Minotaur. That made him to stagger. Edward dashed. “Homing ball!” Torah fused with frost. The bats got shattered against the floor. She went to claim the crystals. Saria still got what she needed. The dead mate came out after the Minotaur. The dryad removed the head. She landed in time to pierce the heart. The corpse collapsed into a heap. Saria hid behind the shield. The skull was hard enough to throw her off balance. The head soon raised into a full-fledged skeleton. Torah brandished with the ring smash. The slave reached into the bag. He got an explosive. “Fire in the hall!” Saria warned. “Homing ball!” The golden flare ripped the corpse. That didn’t prevent the impact. The explosion almost killed her. Saria drew sweat of her brow. The battle was not over yet.

Sadam forest, Warakiya. The 9th. of December 2098 A.D.

The dragon hit the snow. The flakes whirled by the impact. The rider sniffed the air in search of the living. He might smell their blood. He hated it. Though he was drawn to their power. They weregrowing stronger. The dark wanderers stalked the land. They left for the tunnel. The Belmont clan was somewhere inside the mountain. Though they were not the most important this time. The warlock lord saw forth to other preparations. His dragon mount lifted into the air. He would remain hidden among the shadows. “Proceed.” He rasped. The soldiers came from the demon castle. The black rider watched while the battalion went marching into the caves. He was not to become involved. “Thou arth to kill the Belmont clan.” The pale king might hear his voice. “Yes.” He hissed. “My lord.” The wanderers left his presence. The vampire hunters would be found and captured. They would never stop hunting them. The Belmont clan would pay for having killed lord Dracula. He was left alone to search the forest. The Dark Lord was with him. “You are to kill the Belmont clan.” That was his last command. The warlock lord received words from others of his kind. “Yes, my lord.” He breathed. “The chase would never ends.” Not before count Vlad Tepes Dracula was risen from the dead.

Dragon’s nest, Ravenberg. The 9th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The great gate was ahead. Edward crossed himself. Arachene climbed on the net to stab with their lances. “The mailman got no time. He fought the gold knight. She really was beautiful. Edward resisted the Katana blade. The polar fox withdrew. The torchlight got reflected by her gold and silver armour. He made a grimace. The shuriken spun through the air. The mail saved his life. Alucard put up the shield to defend against the spear trust. The spider woman spat acid liquid. Edward stabbed with the Bowie knife. The Japanese armour resisted his attack. Marcia went for the eyes. The fox blinked. This was not a dual. Edward struck with the sword. The beam tore her apart. “Homing ball!” Torah shot the bats. Edward tugged his beard. He removed the hat before throwing the cross. Arachene screamed. She got hit between the breasts. Blood ran down her olive skin. She was cute. The mailman shook his head. He replaced the hat. The mailman retrieved the cross. Edward sighed. She tried to pine him. “Leave him alone!” Saria struck with the shield. The lance broke on impact. “Saria!” She captured his girlfriend. Saria got stuck in the net. The spider woman laughed by her efforts. Edward tightened his grip. “”She is my sister!” Torah cut her free. She beheaded the monster. “Homing ball!” Torah fused with flame to might boil the knight inside her armour. The fox collapsed upon the floor. Edward made the sign of the cross. Alicia defeated the Minotaur. Succubus flew a kiss. His cousin doused her with holy water. That created an enflamed explosion. Arachene climbed on the web. She went crushing down to take him. Edward threw a wave of enflamed axes. The spider woman shrieked in agony. He tried to forget about their nudity. “Homing ball!” Torah blushed like the sun. Succubus tried to hold her. The poor girl stamped with the cross. Edward sighed. “Cross your heart.” He quoted. Simon Belmont became a poet after the battle in 1692. Never mind. Edward struck the ground to make the rising flames to track forward. The web burned liked oiled paper. Edward might relax. The bag slave raised to strangle him. The body lay forgotten upon the floor. Edward managed to stamp him out. “Glory be You.” Edward removed the hat. “Our father in Heaven.” The bag slave burned to ashes. The bats settled upon his body. Saria sang to make them wither. “Homing ball!” The freezing mist removed the swarm. Edward supported himself upon the Claymore blade. He couldn’t rest. The mailman picked the crystals. That restored his force. Edward dismissed. Alicia and Alucard fought back-to-back. The tragic prince turned to dodge the net. Alicia got around to impale with daggers. “Hellfire!” Alucard closed the encounter. He tugged the beard. There were some which survived. The dead mate hurled the crate. Edward was forced to run. The box contained other skeletons. “Homing ball!” Torah approached. “Magic arrow!” Saria pierced the mate. They might handle, though he threw a wave of holy water. That caused another explosion. Edward staggered. Succubus giggled. The mailman shuddered. She appeared in front. The demon was adorable. The burning red hair went down her cream skin. The corset exposed her shapeliness. “Preserve us from the wicked One.” Edward presented the crucifix. The bright green eyes burned with ecstasy. Her tongue went over the natural red lips. “Edward!” Saria called. He blinked. Her voice broke the spell. The demon was adorable, though he dismissed. Succubus snarled. She spread her wings. He held up an arm. Nathan Graves was right. She struck with the tail. “God with us!” She embraced to drain his health. The blade struck down between the horns. Succubus fell back, reaching for the head. Then she turned limp. Edward exhaled. He made the sign of the cross. Arachene created another web. Torah was caught. “Star bow!” The dryad made a grimace before she filled her with arrows. The spider woman burst into flame. Saria released her sister. The bats went like a wave. Edward threw the vial. The swarm scattered about. He retrieved the gemstones, though the fight was over. The sister chased the skeletons. Alicia cut the net. The fairy settled upon her shoulder. Edward went for the great gate. The pond got frozen. Even the sculptures got coated with ice. There was a crack. That went down to the foundation. “You should investigate.” Alucard suggested. “The legends tell that Simon Belmont used the holy water to break some bricks.” The cousins exchanged glances. “Get behind!” Alicia hurled the vial. The wall came tumbling down. Edward crossed himself. This was a shrine. The tiny image of St. Mary occupied the alter. “We pray at the same church.” Though the group belonged to different societies, God’s holy Mother was a model for what a Christian should be. Edward removed the hat before bending. They knelt. Saria remained at the exit. He sighed. The mailman felt safe. “Let us fight.” Alicia belonged to the Orthodox church. “Yes my lady.”” Alucard raised. He also belonged to the Eastern society. Torah led back into the passage. She was a protestant. Not that it mattered. Edward was a Catholic churchman.He replaced the hat before unsheathing the sword. Marcia led up the marble stairway. Saria got the bow. The frozen waterfall was fantastic. He dismissed. The bats kept squeaking. This was the first lap of the staircase. “Watch out!” Marcia screamed. The armed knight threw the weapon like a boomerang. Edward withdrew before hurling the vial. The axe armour marched through the flames. “Ball of Destruction!” That had an impact. The armour was alive. “Homing ball!” Torah charged. “Star bow!” They might resist. Edward dashed. His cousin threw the vial. Edward impaled him upon the sword. They got a terrible stamina. The knight threw the axe into the air. He barely survived. Alicia brandished with the whip. The armour exploded. Edward ran up the staircase. The knights were alive. Alucard retained human form. The tragic prince pierced the core. Edward doused them with holy water. That wasn’t enough.

The sisters could not aid them. They were to close. Alucard had noticed. The axe armours got defeated. Though the gold knights kept them occupied. There was another staircase behind. “Follow me.” He told the Belmont. Alicia Schneider touched him while he changed into a bat. Alucard brought her to the final staircase. The gold knight noticed. He turned to challenge. “Hellfire!” Alucard made quick work of his father’s follower. The axe armour ripped his cape. The familiar would have to tend to it. That could wait. Alucard returned to face them. Downstairs, Edward Morris carved enough space for the children to aid him. The plan was a success. He morphed into mist. “Crimson lightning!” The blood force struck down. The axe armour staggered. He turned round. Alucard struck. The armour took it on the shield. He forgot about that. Alucard cursed himself. Then Alicia Schneider was lifted into the air. The enflamed cross burst overhead. She truly was beautiful. The monsters burned. Alucard finished the work for her. The allies met each other before the final staircase. The axe armours where defeated. They shared the crystals. Marcia fluttered in front. Alicia Schneider made it to rain. Alucard crossed himself. The bats where gone. He brought the group into the light.

Forest of Debias, Warakiya. The 14th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The bolt of lightning struck down. Julius leaped to might push her aside. Ruth screamed.. That was too late. Though it was strange. The electricity didn’t hurt her. Ruth noticed that she carried the axe in hand. She even got the sheathed knife upon her belt. Anna blinked. “What is going on?”The Gypsy knelt beside her. “Is this how he create the axe lord?” Anna gotconfused. Ruth shook her golden hair before getting up. “You better ask lord Dracula about the matter.” She made a grimace. That wasn’t funny. They exchanged glances. “Let us find our friend.” Julius told. Ruth admitted. She might hear the beast-riders. That sent chills down her spine. “I hate them.” Anna spat upon the ground. Ruth cracked a smile. That never reached the eyes. “I know.” She sighed. Julius made the sign of the cross. “So, let it be done.” He unsheathed the stellar sword. Ruth picked together. He was right. Anna tried to imitate his gesture. Ruth hung up the axe before picking the Gurkha knife. This must be Grant’s property. But how did she receive it? Ruth dismissed about the matter. They had to continue. Julius went ahead. He was the leader. Ruth would follow. She could fight.. Ruth re-sheathed the knife to might retrieve the automaton weapon. She would hunt. Ruth pulled the trigger.

A.N: The road is long, though itis building for the topof the power-plant. Soon, we follow the clash of swords and the spells cast when the heroes face the necromancer. And beyond him, the cruel malice of the dark side of the force. In the meanwhile, have a nice time.

“Forgive those whichhaunt you and pray for those that are your enemy.”

Mathew: 5. 44.

Treasury track: Prayers of a Tragic Queen.

The pinnacle, Ravenberg. The 9th. of December 2098 A.D.

They gave their salute. General Reinhardt Reich marched into the communication lounge. “Hail the count.” He returned the favour. “Have they arrived?” The close-up image of the dark priest’s face appeared above. “They have.” The warlockinformed. “Good.” The smile was cold as space. “Your report about his descending, have been noted.” The general submitted. “Yes.” He was right. “Several soldiers have joined his rebellion.” The eyes where blazing. “He must be destroyed.” Shaft required. “It shall be done.” The warlock assured. “Serve the Dark Lord.” The priest told. Then the hologram faded. “I will usher the command.” The general said. Niyou lowered his head. “It is I who shall kill him.” Lydie appeared from the shadows. Reich snarled. Nobody was to be trusted. The warlock sent her flying into the wall. “I thought you was a gold knight.” She gasped. “Fool.” The general hissed. Niyou threw backthe black cloak. He made her to lift into the air. “Did Maeglin send you to kill us?” He asked. “No!” She shouted. “I swear!” The warlock let go. “She is worthless.” The general beheld the weeping heap. “I shall make her useful.” The warlock told. “The dark side will break her.” He laughed. “It is time to submit to lord Dracula.”

Treasury, dragon’s nest. The 9th. of December 2098 A.D.

They reached the dragon’s nest. Although Torah couldn’t cope with it. She got no words to describe it. The gold lay in heaps. Shaped like bits or bares, formed into jewellery or piled in coins. There where whole stacks of plates, shapes and statues carved from yellow, red or even white gold. Torah looked round. She got to gather. That she couldn’t. Upon the walls hung armours, weapons or even musical instruments. Each worth a king’s ransom. The pile of silver was even greater. Here was more wealth then she could imagine. And that was only the beginning. Sculptures and artwork carved from ivory, jade and other precious materials lay buried in the shiny stash. Torah licked her dry lips. There where pearls, the size of eggs, and diamonds alike. She found opals, emeralds, rubies, sapphires, amethysts, beryls, topazes and other gems which she didn’t recognize. “I don’t want this.” Alicia said. “Rest in peace.” Edward crossed himself. “Nor I.” He said. Marcia hid her face. Saria looked like she was about to faint or vomit. “You may keep your riches!” She shouted. “This isn’t why I came!” Alucard held his cape like a shield. “Thou arth the Devil’s purchase.” He said. The voice cold with spite. “This is accursed.” He bared his fangs. “Keep it, if thy so wish.”

The sistersmight relax. Alicia was so grateful. She hadn’t seen it. There lay bones in the gold. Alicia reached for the crucifix. They didn’t rest in peace. The thieves must’ve killed each other for money. Alicia was both horrified and disgusted. How could this be? She shook it off. That was part of her nature. Alicia crossed herself. “We have been waiting.” The voice cut through her mind like a chilling blade. Though the tone was both soft and pleasant, even a bit playful. “It is the warlock!” Torah screamed. “I recognize her from the entrance chamber!” The statement lit her memories. “You spoke with Salome.” Alucard said. The woman smiled. Alicia noticed she must’ve let down her cloak. The witch or warlock, was clad in a pair of baggy white trousers and a single black west. “Who arth thou?” Alucard spoke in French. The woman made a grimace. “I can speak English.” She insisted. “And my name is Winifred.” Alicia blinked. “Do you find that so difficult to believe?” She asked. Alicia shook her head. “My family mother.” Winifred revealed. “Was Morgan LaFey.” Alicia shuddered. She knew that name. Although she revealed nothing, Winifred still looked like a desert queen. The black skin shone like ebony. Though something was wrong. The body glimpsed like a million stars had settled. Was it sand? It couldn’t be. Alicia gasped. There where snowflakes. “Snow onthe Sahara.” Edward muttered. That was impossible. Although the gold tiara and silver gauntlets looked icy. “This is madness.” Saria said. Never the less, the voluptuouswoman was to die for. Alicia was sweating. She licked her lips. Alicia liked the blacks,though Winifred was too weird. “Where is the dragon!?” Edward demanded. Winifred didn’t answer. She simply kept smiling while playing with the snowflake necklace. Another snow crystal glimmered from the button. Then, an elderly type, his greying blonde hair tied into twin braids, appeared through another opening. “Why don’t you tell them?” He pulled back the hood. He sat down across from the witch. “No, Od.” Winifred said. “I won’t.” She smiled. The shape of her lips made each word look like an invitation. “That would be to easy.” Though the white teeth shone like the sunrise on her face. Alicia touched the crucifix. She didn’t know if Torah still got problems with the treasure. But Alicia surely had trouble with the witch. “Stop playing.” Another warlock made manifest. The man looked like a moving corpse. A mummified body, dead for a thousand years. Amazing to think he was still alive. “Simon.” Alucard seemed to recognize. “Thou arth a member from the Order of Shadow.”The warlock smiled. “So, after all this time, you still remember about me, my old friend.” Alicia bit her lip. The fairyleft from her shoulder. A flurry of pages got spread out as the third, and much younger, warlock appeared. “I am Billiam.” He bowed from his seated position. “And yes;we are the order.” Alicia shuddered. She couldn’t help it. “You came too late.” The brunette appeared to the right of Winifred. She was smaller, with less spectacular curves,though her intelligent blue eyes told she was not an idiot. Or perhaps not. The short and low-cut black and red cocktail dress and high heels where not the most sensible articles in these surroundings. The silk stockings revealed her leg. Alicia swallowed. The witches noticed. Winifredburst out with laugher. The sister winked at her. “I’m Andrea, by the way.” She smirked. Then she stretched. Alicia couldn’t help but to stare. Marcia struck her cheek. “Pick together.” The fay said. Her glow was a concerned green. “They aren’t meant for you.” Alicia blushed. Marcia was right. “Though it should’ve been nice… A third witch had arrived. “Hi.” The blonde raised a hand. A gem glittered on each finger. “I am Pamela.” Theeyes where blue as her jewellery. The green and white medieval silk dress framed her body perfectly. “The game is over.” Od said. His eyes flashed. Then he softened. “We might make out later.” Alicia disliked his look. The old man seemed like he was… Hungry. She shuddered. “In the meanwhile.” Billiam spoke. “There is a small thing which lord Dracula requires of you.” The circle chanted. Upon their signal, monsters raised out of the piled riches. While other seemed to make manifest from the air itself. “They have opened a gate to the dark side.” Alucard told. Alicia didn’t have time. The bats squeaked. They flew at a cluster. Alicia crossed herself. “You are to kill the Belmont clan.” They shaped into one huge form.”Though he didn’t say how to do it.” Od seemed to consider. “It shall be nice, toying with you.” Alicia threw back the shoulder-length golden hair. The torches got reflected by the glasses. “In the name of Michael the arch angel!” She cracked with the Undead Killer whip. Alicia crossed herself. She created the fireball whip. That may no difference., though Alicia hoped they would be proud by her efforts. The monster came back. Alicia ducked. She threw the vial ahead. The bats shrieked. The swarm came for blood. Or perhaps even more. She reached for the crucifix. They tried to settle upon her body. Alicia shuddered. She couldn’t stop herself. Alicia pulled the zip of her fur-coated black jacket to beneath her cheek. She struck with the chain-whip. The bats burned. She beheld her hands. They wore no markings of her craft. Alicia blinked. She licked her lips. Alicia never seemed to get any cut or markings to see. She let it drop. That was not important. The big bat got defeated. She picked the crystals. They might still replenish her energy. There was another bat. The monster swooped like a giant black top hat. Alicia crossed herself. That was so close. She got lifted into the air. The frozen cross burst overhead. The pieces carved some space. Alicia landed back down among the treasures. She tried not to notice. Greed would grow eventually. That was part of being a human. Alicia got back on foot. The fight continued. The bats went like a swarm. “In the name of Michael the arch angel!” She doused them with holy water. She crossed herself. Alicia then cracked with the Undead Killer whip.

The bats gathered into one huge monster. Saria didn’t get it. She decided it didn’t matter. Saria got other problems. The gold bones had awaken. She would have to choose between her boyfriend and sister. Both could need some help. “Magic arrow!” She fired the bow. The skeleton went down. “Homing ball!” Torah cast her spell. She fused with frost. The big bat scattered into a swarm of smaller bats. Torah had joined forces with Alicia. Marcia lit the scene. Her glow got reflected by the gold and treasure. The bats gathered. Alicia doused them with holy water. Saria made a shield trust. She learned it from Alucard. Edward almost got backstabbed by Succubus. “Star bow!” The ghost moaned. She felt him approach. The cold was unlike anything else. She almost slipped on the ice. The frozen river went through the treasury. Saria gasped. She could see the white dragon. She roosted among the riches. “Magic arrow!” She removed the ghost before he might possess Alucard. Then she had to hide. The daggers got buried in her shield. Saria tried to tear them loose. The blade-lizard’s armour consisted of scales and leather. Though the freak kept jumping about. The gold skeleton got hold. The gargoyle then left the high pillars. Edward pined the skeleton. Saria inhaled.

The pinnacle, Ravenberg. The 9th. of December 2098 A.D.

The necromancer stood tall within his throne room. “You are sure?” He asked. The blonde vampire was his contact to the undead circle. That was not his concern. She had taken a great risk to even contact him in this form. The general gained his support. They were coming to take him. It was too early. The dark wizard had not been able to convince his “guest” about the necessity. There was no game over. He still got time. The spectre vanished. He conjured another soul. “Od.” The necromancer felt his presence. “You secured the relics?” The figure acknowledged. He let him go. That would be a diversion. The necromancer would set it all in motion. He went to stand on the hologram field. The communicator would broadcast his image. “Yes, my lord.” Captain Walter Braun appeared to give his salute. “Captain.” The dead wizard hissed. “It is time. Execute order 44.” The Nazi-officer hailed. “It shall be done my lord.” The necromancer was pleased. “Good.” The communication came to a close. “Very good. You shall serve my power.” The captainsaluted. “Hail the count!”He was a loyalist by heart. The necromancer gloated by his ambitions. He where to rule the underworld, alone.

Treasury, dragon’s nest. The 9th. of December 2098 A.D.

The tragic prince might fight alone. He did so for a very long time. Edward would help his girlfriend. The blade-lizard kept jumping up and down while hurling daggers. Saria used the shield like a battering-ramp. The mailman got to defeat the monster. That was important. The knives might inflict a poisoned state. Edward shuddered. He almost died. The Claymore sword went through the heart. Edward kicked the corpse aside before the fire might touch them. That was alright. The gargoyle tried to air-bomb his position. “Magic arrow!” Saria fired. “Blue bow!” The shot made the sculpture to break. Edward would embrace her. He groaned instead. The barrel-bone threw a punch to stop him. They hid inside the containers. That was a problem. There were to many crates and boxes around. Edward kicked the thing over. He doused the skeleton with holy water. That made the bones to scatter about the treasury. Speaking of which, the gold skeleton emerged from the pile. Edward struck with the blade. He couldn’t rest, not until the gold-bone got crushed to pieces. The skeleton reached to slash him.The mailman threw the axe. The big bat swooped for his blood. “Star bow!” Saria got it impaled. Though the monster split into a swarm of smaller bats. Edward hurled the three enflamed crosses. The mammals burst apart. He picked the crystals. At last the creature got utterly defeated. Edward was sure to finish the other skeletons. Though they were so many. “Look out!” Saria warned him in time. The orc tried to smash his skull. Edward nailed with daggers. The club knight fell into a heap. He retrieved the Bowie-knife. Quincy Morris used it to kill Dracula in 1897. Edward re-sheathed his heirloom. Succubus was about to kiss him. She wasn’t going to make prey upon his soul. Edward stamped with the crucifix. The demon shrieked. Flames burned her skin. Saria was his companion, beloved and mistress, all in one. The dryad’s short blade stuck up through the spine. Succubus was dead before reaching the floor. When she did, all which remained, was a pile of ashes. “There she is!” Saria pointed. Edward noticed. Though he got to get rid of another gargoyle. The reanimated sculpture might inflict a stoned state. He got nothing to remove the status if that should happen. Beside, Torah got the laurels. The real laurels. Edward struck his blade. Instead of his flesh, the gargoyle consumed the holy beam. Not that it happened. The impact shot the statue into oblivion. A group of gold bones and club knights approached. “Blue bow!” Saria took care of the apparition. The ghost moaned. Edward could see beyond the obvious. This wasn’t the time. He threw the cross. Edward got water in his blood. The three freezing boomerangs cut the orcs down. He retrieved the cross as the gold skeletons began to hurl bones. “Magic arrow!” Saria handled another ghost. Then she made a glide. The shield struck the hips of the skeleton. That made it to keel over. The nymph crushed through the ribs. The gold bone collapsed. The others tried to tear her apart. No chance. “Excuse me.” Edward tapped its shoulder. “But I think you better get back to sleep.” The sword removed its skull. Edward doused the other bone with holy water. The skeleton fell into a heap. They picked the crystals. Edward exhaled. The cracking of bones came from above. He looked up in timeto notice thatthe skull spider released multiple fragments. “Good Lord in Heaven!” Edward exclaimed. He really got terrified. Though he managed to release the water wave. The bones got washed away. The huge spider skeleton landed in front. Edward made the sign of the cross. Now he finally figured why Juste Belmont was so afraid of the dead. They frightened him too. The spider got up on its hind legs. Then it released another array of bone fragments. Edward got beneath. Then he hurled the vial. The glass broke on impact. The entire skeleton got engulfed. That wasn’t enough. Saria couldn’t aid him with this. She was busy keeping the club and golem knights at bay. “Hellfire!” Alucard retained human form. “Ball of Destruction! Grizzly wing!” The magic helped her to remain alive. Edward smiled. Then he got ripped by the fragments. That hurt. Although he managed to sidestep mostof the cluster. Edward threw tripled vials. The skull spider went through the flames. Then it leaped into the sky. “Nay! Thee shall nay!” Alucard closed his fist. “Crimson lightning!” Edward didn’t always understand his language. But he got this, as the skull spider got ripped to pieces. Alucard morphed into the blue wolf. He trotted out of sight. Edward let him go. Saria was in trouble. “Blue bow!” She crushed the gargoyle. Then she pined the gold bone. Edward got ambushed by the ghosts. He struck them all down. Edward hoped he might release them from Dracula’s curse. The barrel-bone struck with its dead fist. Edward kicked the barrel over. The mailman leaped atop the companions. He came in time to save her. Edward struck out against the golem knights. The mutated bear creatures where heavily armoured and carried great clubs or hammers. John Morris made it clear. The head was the only weak spot. Edward buried the Claymore into the skull. He got beneath the weapon. “Star bow!” Saria fired. “Magic arrow!” She pierced through the throat. That was incredible. Though there were more of them. Edward remained tall. He held the crucifix in hand. Edward was lifted into the air. The enflamed cross might grant a breather. He went back down. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord.” Edward made the sign of the cross. Saria sat with her back against the barrel. Edward went for her location. He got to check out.Then the skeleton popped out to take her. “Oh no!” Edward shouted. “Behind you!” He ran forward. The skull spider stopped him short. Saria still struggled for air. Edward could do nothing. Her face was turning purple. Tears ran down his face. He bit together. She was going to live. Edward dodged the fragments. He got the boomerang in hand. “God with us!” He challenged. Edward would save her again.

He stepped out from the shadows. Though there was a lack of quality. The gold treasure gleamed and glittered. Alucard realized this was the source of the light he spotted earlier. He dismissed the matter out of hand. Alucard would fight his father. The Dark Lord was not to return. Perhaps the world needed such a person. But it would not be Vlad Tepes. Alucard got the strength of twenty men. He ripped the barrel-bone from the frightened woman. “Excuses me.” He told. “My lady. I was almost too late.” He owed the Belmont clan his life. Saria inhaled. She seemed to drink the very air. Alucard acknowledged. “Come to my aid.” The fairy familiar still glowed.“What is it, master?” She was no longer the happy fay that he remembered. “I want you to help the dryad.” Alucard told. He let the fairy to provide for her. Edward Morris could need some help with the monsters. The skull spider was so very large. The big bat was another source of trouble. “Crimson lightning!” Alucard gave, what was thatslogan again? Ah yes, a hand. The huge bat split into a swarm of smaller creatures. “Grizzly wing!” Alucard got his own pets, thank you very much. The bats where forced to fight. That really was irony. “Hellfire!” Alucard spread his cape. Then, he burned the skull spider.

The pinnacle, Ravenberg. The 9th. of December 2098 A.D.

The battle had begun. “Fire at will.” Lydie told the group. “Yes, my lady.” The dead officer gave his salute. “Intensify your fire!” The dead soldiers did as they were told. “You have done well, my apprentice.” Black Bane afforded. “Thank you, my master.” She bowed her head low. Her anger was the weapon. She blasted heavy flames. “I agree.” General Reich release huge amount of steam. The forces which arrived from the castle had granted them the upper hand. Carole Martinez gave her salute. “We have the situation under control.” She told. “Though other rebels are spotted within the caves.” Lydie was envious. The tiny Latina was adorable. Though she belonged to the circle of blood. Carole was more than a pretty dark face. The eyes burned red with conviction. Lydiewitnessed her in battle. “Watch out! Arrows coming in!” The dead officer got pierced. “Dracul!” Lydie beckoned. The zombie officer burned into a heap before her feet. “Form a firing line! Protect the general!” Lydie focused upon her anger and hate. The blade blazed with dark force. She dashed. The wizard seemed to have expected this event. Lydie would break into his throne room. She would rip out his heart as a sacrifice to her Dark Lord. The blood of a traitor might grant much power.

Treasury, dragon’s nest. The 9th. of December 2098 A.D.

That was nice. Alicia sighed with relief. Torah tapped her shoulder. She replaced the laurels. Alicia got back on foot. Torah often thought of how itmight be to have a big sister. Alicia was the type. They fought together to remove the blade-lizards. Torah had to defeat the skull spider by herself. Alicia got poisoned. Thank God it was over. That they survived. The sudden onslaught splintered the group. Alucard was about. He struck the gold bones before they might hurl. “Homing ball!” Torah picked together. She shot the bats before they might reach him. She burned the swarm. The big bat was defeated. Alicia sighed. Torah took the crystals. Alicia cracked with the whip. Torah screamed. She threw herself down. The ghost almost touched her. Torah regained her composure. She made him to burn. The order kept chanting. Torah might feel the dark. She shuddered. Alucard was right. This was bad. She tripped on the treasure. Alicia gave a hand. “Thanks.” Torah told. Alicia touched the crucifix. The gold skeletons where rising up. Torah spun in place. She cut with the ring smash. She made a trust forward. Torah smashed the ribs. The skull rolled on the floor. They burned to ashes. Alicia picked the gems. Torah gapped. Alicia threw the vial to night crushed the gargoyle.

The group had gathered. Alicia was grim. The circle didn’t move. Although the trap had failed. Now, it was their turn. Alicia almost expected they would escape again. That didn’t happen. The order stared down upon the pile of treasure. Their voices chanted an ancient language. Alicia inhaled. Marcia flew about. Then the voices fell silent. At first it was a blessing. But only at first. “Behold!” Billiam declared. “The power of the Dark Lord!” The magicians cried in unison. “No more magic!” Alicia crossed herself. She saw beyond the obvious. Chaos flowed to fill up the void. “Help us!” The dark force plummet into the riches. Alicia pulled back. Gold and gems where ripped off the floor. The pile shaped and moulded into one enormous being. “Though arth forsaken.” Alucard told. “If you think that.” Simon said. “You are as mad like… “ He went silent for a space, to think. “The prayers of the tragic queen.” Alicia picked together. She cracked with the Undead Killer. The figure moved. Zaph bat flew into the air. “Then it is time.” Edward unsheathed his blade. “Perhaps.” Winifred picked her cape. “But only if you defeat… Us!” The witches raised. The warlocks vanished in thin air. Alicia reached for the crucifix. “You have to fight.” Alucard told. “Neither of us got the weapons to fight this evil.” Alicia figured as much. Simon Belmont, who fought Zaph bat in 1688, had been a true Belmont. Not to mention, the greatest hunter in history. She could never challenge his legacy. Either way, Alicia knew what she got to do. “We shall keep the others occupied.” Edward told. “Have faith.” He left with his girlfriend. Alucard was already in motion. Torah didn’t leave. Alicia would tell her to go away. The sorceress beheld her through brown eyes. “You might need my help.” Alicia would like to argue. She had no time. “Bits of gold, coming in!” Marcia warned. Alicia sidestepped. “Homing ball!” Torah charged with frost. Zaph bat lost other bits. That was all which happened. Though the monster changed direction. It was coming to take her! The jewels, set like eyes in the pile, where frighteningly alive. Alicia threw three vials into the air. Zaph bat dodged the array. “Homing ball!” Torah fused with spirit. The gold flare got consumed. Alicia brandished with the whip. The monster glowed from inside. Pieces of gold and diamond fell off the frame. That wasn’t enough. The vile Zaph bat struck into Torah. That made her to scream. “Torah!” Alicia threw the daggers forward. Zaph bat shone from within. Bits of treasure got spread about. Alicia was hurt. The gem fragment drew more blood. Torah struck with the ring smash. She got hit by pieces. Alicia went along the floor. “Take it!” Marcia encouraged. “Oh please, take it!” Zaph bat turned in mid-air. Alicia hurled the cross. The monster was hit. Alicia regained her item. So far, she survived through speed and agility. Alicia knew it wouldn’t last forever. “Let us party all-night.” Winifred went home. She picked Alicia off the floor. “Zaph bat is no mere golem creation.” She told. “The dark side made it to become alive.” She let go. Alicia went tumbling back down. The witch saved her. “What might happen if it touch you?” Winifred laughed. Then she let go. The fall wasn’t high enough to kill her. Though she felt slightly shocked. “Homing ball!” Torah fought her tears while running over. She shot the monster while running. All the balls went home. Though Zaph bat didn’t even flinch. It came swooping in. Then Torah used the stopwatch. The monster got frozen. “Are you alright?” Torah got the laurels. Alicia sprang up. She pushed the sorceress aside. Zaph bat was awake! She cracked with the Undead Killer. The impact sent gold pieces everywhere. “Homing ball!” Torah shielded against the ice shards. Winifred laughed. She settled down in front. She removed the slippers. The bells, which hung from gold chains around the ankles, rang while moving. Alicia watched. She couldn’t help it. The polished toenails shone like gems while the feet moved. Torah stamped with the cross. Winifred shrieked. Flames lit and burned the black skin. Then Zaph bat collidedwith her force field. Winifred bellowed. The forces clashed. Winifred burst to pieces. Zaph bat felt nothing. Alicia picked together. She doused the thing with holy water. She got rammed by the pieces. Alicia gasped. She was cursed. Though she picked up, the pain was almost unbearable. Alicia felt dazed. She managed to dance. This was wrong. She had no choice. Alicia kept giggling like a maniac. “Stop it!” Torah hit her. “You are nota witch!” Alicia felt a tear run down her cheek. She couldn’t stop. Torah bit her lip. She then put the laurels into her hand. Alicia gasped. The power of gold shone through and cleaned her status. She gathered. Zaph bat was coming in. Alicia leaped. She nailed with daggers. Pieces fell about the treasury. Alicia hoped that nobody got hurt. She made a glide beneath the monster. It swooped down. Alicia held the crucifix. The burning cross appeared overhead. Then it burst. Alicia fell on her knees. Zaph bat got bathed in flame. Torah gasped. “Take it!” Marcia shone like the sun. Alicia gathered. She threw the vials skyward. Zaph bat broke apart. Marcia cheered. Alicia staggered. “Homing ball!” The fight wasn’t over. Zaph bat broke into three smaller bats. Alicia picked up. The magic had no effect. Alicia crossed herself. She couldn’t afford to get tired. This was too important. She got a storm in her blood. “In the name of Michael the Arch angel!” Alicia struck with the whip. This had to end. She would make it stop. Alicia threw the vial into the air. The Zaph bats went right up to escape. Torah managed to glide beneath the falling gold coins. “Homing ball!” She fused with fire. The steam blast went through the creature. They never stopped. Alicia made the sign of the cross. She really disliked the situation. Alicia threw the holy water. The Zaph bats swooped beneath the vial. They came for her. Alicia presented the crucifix. That created a sanctuary. “Homing ball!” The freezing mist might stop them in place. They made the coins to fall out.

The warlock hid behind his shield. Saria bit her lip. The old man made mocking gestures. He really got an aura. The sisters told the elder had a certain stamina. Saria blushed. Edward was her man. The vampire hunter repelled the four orbs. They managed to defeat the zombies,although Simon refused to surrender. He kept the shield in place. Saria got no weapons to resist such witchcraft. “Save us!” Edward reached for the crucifix. “Saria.” She put her arms around him. She wasn’t that person,though she reached out to gain power from the life tree. Saria would stay with him forever. Edward exhaled. The crucifix blazed with the power of earth. Edward roared when the forces clashed. Simon shrieked. He didn’t expect this either. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost!” Edward declared. She held even tighter. Saria wouldn’t let him win. The shield broke like glass against the trunk of a tree. “Glory be You!” Edward roared. “Our Father in Heaven!” Simon got back on foot. His hands glowed with magic. Saria gotaway. His eyes burned. She hid her face. Edward was stronger. The Bowie-knife pierced his heart. “It ends.” The sword removed his head. “Rest in peace.” Simon fell into a heap. Saria exhaled. But then the bats settled upon her body.

The pinnacle, Ravenberg. The 9th. of December 2098 A.D.

The projectors where heating up. Black Bane knelt on the floor. She bent beside him. She wore the garb of the order. The sequence complete. A close-up image of the dark priest’s face became visible. “So, it has become.” Shaft said. “I see you found a new apprentice.” Her master acknowledged. “Yes.” He told. “This is Black Rage.” She had become accepted. Chaos blossomed in her heart. Fury had awaken her power. “The queen has escaped.” The warlock informed. “Though we managed to secure some items.” The dark priest never changed his expression. “The Belmont clan will be hunting for us.” He breathed. “The general left me in command.” Black Bane revealed. “He will bring them to the castle.” Shaft smiled. “The necromancer has eluded us.” The dark lady informed. “Though we will arrest him eventually.” Shaft beheld them. “You have done well.” He finally said. “Go forth, and serve the Dark Lord’s will.” They acknowledged. The hologram faded. They exchanged glances. “You didn’t tell him about the situation.” She accused. His glare silenced the protest. “We shall.When he is dead.” Black Bane looked down upon her.“Yes, my master.” Black Rage submitted. “It shall be as you request.” She was able to rise. “Perfect.” Black Bane gloated.

Treasury, dragon’s nest. The 9th. of December 2098 A.D.

Saria screamed. Edward doused the swarm with holy water. Then he buried his blade into the ground. The rising flames removed the mammals. Saria gasped. Gold coins rained down. Edward managed to fetch. Though he left those which fell on the floor. “Please.” Andrea had a sip from her champagne glass. Edward blinked. “You can do better.” That was the green liquor. “She is not a human.” The pretty little brunette played with her pink tongue and lips. Edward tugged his beard. “Listen.” Andrea told. “To the voices.” He really heard something. Though they were so evil, so sinister. He shuddered. Andrea approached. The cocktail dress fit her nicely. “Of the Dark side.” The temptation of their power. Edward knew they lied to him. Then again,perhaps, for once, they spoke the truth? “To conquer evil from within.” The sentence was a mere whisper. “Love is the key.” Andrea smiled. “The voices.… Her breasts where heaving,the lips parted, her breath quick with ecstasy. She kissed him. Edward couldn’t move,couldn’t think. It was so delicious. She leaned back. Andrea opened her arms. “Saria!” The call was like the bubbles of a drowning man. “Help me!” He went too far. Edward knew it was dangerous. He shouldn’t have listen. The darknesswas building up. Chaos was always there, calling to the people,whispering about the power they might achieve. The order of Shadowmade it to manifest. Saria heard him. She might be transfixed, though his voice made her to break out. Saria approached with the sword and shield held tight. “Get lost!” Andrea cried. Edward noticed the sinister look about her. “Leave her alone!” Before he knew he could, the mailman leachedupon her. Andrea got pinned to the floor. Edward fought to stamp with the crucifix. “Let me go!” The witch wiggled and twisted. Saria got confused. Edward dropped his weapon. Then the situation changed. Saria picked the bow. He couldn’t help. “Star bow!” Saria fired. “Magic arrow!” Edward struck with his forehead. The hat fell on the ground. Andrea shrieked. Edward got removed by the group of zombies. He didn’t care. Edward was raised into the air. The breakable cross removed the corpses. Andrea got up. She used her cape for cover. The cross tore it to shreds. She was exposed. The homing balls went for his location. Edward stooped. He retrieved the hat and Claymore. “Rest in peace.” He presented the blade. Od made a grimace. Then his eyes glazed over. Saria pierced him through the heart. “Od!” Andrea shouted. “You are to suffer!” She cried. “Mordred was the founding father of my family!” Edward crossed himself. “The Lord will decide.” He declared. Edward knew his bloodline got humble origin. Hawken Belmont was a Wiking. Gabriel fell into darkness. Saria dashed. Andrea threw the champagne glass aside. Dracula wouldlove that part. She was a blood fan. Edward wasn’t. Nor did he like the spell cast on his girlfriend. The ice magic froze her into place. Edward reached for the vials. Andrea beckoned. “Come on.” She teased. “Prove you can be as mean as Clifford Graves.” The mailman kept his temper. She wasn’t going to trick him. Edward got the heart of fire. He would make them proud. “Let His will be done.” He declared. Andrea giggled. “He isn’t here.” She mocked. “I am!” The scream made him to retreat. Edward thought of the great demon. Although she wasn’t Lysander, Andrea didn’t have to. The swarm of bats went swooping in. “Star bow!” Saria shuddered with cold. That didn’t change anything. She created an explosion. Then Billiam picked her up. The dark force got channelled through her body. Edward pulled back the hat. Her weapons fell from numb fingers. He felt her despair. Andrea smiled. She went to stand beside the warlock. Then she got another sip of her green liquor. Edward crossed himself. She may be glamorous, though not really sophisticated. Edward let it drop. Billiam conjured the zombies. “You should not try to seduce him.” The young man looked disappointed. “He is a vampire hunter.” Andrea blushed. The words touched her. Edward wasn’t interested. He moved through the mob. The sword went from left to right. He kicked the corpse aside. The mailman wouldn’t be zombified. Renon might purchase some antidotes. That was none of his business. Edward struck the sword down. He was still alive. The rising flames tracked forward. The zombies got burned. Billiam shielded both himself, his hostage and the witch. Edward made a glide. He came up to face the warlock. Billiam didn’t even blink. He put Andrea in front, like a living shield. The witch grew pale with horror when she realized. Edward barely got the blade up in time. “I don’t kill people.” He said. Not in cold blood. Commit your sins!” Edward presented the crucifix. “Repent and you shall be forgiven.” Billiam charged. Then he staggered. Saria got free. She ran to hold him. Edward bent to kiss her. He wouldn’t lose her. Saria had become his whole life. “What did you do!?” Billiam beheld his hand. He was bleeding. The fingers got stained with crimson. Andrea had a sip from her glass. “You bitch! You hurt me!?” She barely smiled. She looked so cute. Edward wasn’t surprised. He saw the ice shard protruding from her grasp. Andrea used it like a stabbing weapon. “This is all your fault!” He accused. Edward crossed himself. Saria was quicker. She somehow retrieved the bow-and-arrows. Billiam was shot through the neck. Edward was impressed by her action. Andrea was no fool. She turned back while causing ice shards. Edward doused her with holy water. He would not submit. Andrea lifted into the air. Saria fired. The witch blocked the assault. Edward hurled a wave of gold axes. Andrea shrieked. She burst apart. The dark side energy blossomed from within. Edward got atop as the witchimploded. The outburst sent them flying. Edward collided with a pillar. That was a small price to pay. They were alive. Edward helped her to get up. Saria sighed. The mailman retained his weapon. “Stand where you are!” Pamela landed in front.

He remained in place. Alucard had learned to treat the woman with respect. She was by far the most powerful of the circle. Or at least, the best fighter. Morris looked to have figured out that part rather quick. He held the sword high,while he awaited her move. Alucard acknowledged. “To know the enemy.” That was one of the most important rules of war. The Belmont clan where vampire hunters,not soldiers. That they learned from the demon castle war of 1999. Pamela moved. She never gave up her family name. That was not important. She raised up while releasing with a two-way pointed ice shard. Alucard morphed into mist. Edward Morris doused her with holy water. Her force caught fire. That would not be enough. That he learned from the past. Then the dryad fired her bow-and-arrows. Pamela blocked with a frost shield. She was typical of the order. He fought them himself. Once in 2047. The second time was in 2076. That was insignificant. The important thing was that Saria could kill her. “Hellfire! Ball of Destruction!” He continued to irate her. Belmont struck through the ice. She made an effort to knife him. The mail offered protection. That gave her the opportunity. Though not as expected. The dryad stabbed with her own blade. Then Pamela was no more.

The pinnacle, Ravenberg. The 9th. of December 2098 A.D.

They approached. “My lady.” The dark wanderers where so cold. Black Rage went to meet them. They made even the vampire to shudder. “Where is the necromancer?” The rider asked. How could they know? That wasn’t important. Her master had fallen. The dark lady suffered heavy casualties. The empty black hoods never moved. She got down on one knee. “Get up.” The dark wanderer demanded. “We are not the Dark Lord.” The black rider’s voice was like a poison hiss. “As you wish.” The warlock raised. “The dark wizard might achieve victory.” She told. “He gained the trust of to many servants.” The polar fox licked her lips. “We must retreat to the lower levels or risk to become overthrown.” The former knight hoped they brought other soldiers. That was highly unlikely. They found their strength in fear and isolation. “Arrows coming in!” Carole Martinez was in charge of the group. The red knights got their shields up. “What are you waiting for?” The dark lady hissed. “Activate their numbers.” Sithish acknowledged. “Countdown complete.” The battle-droids emerged. The destroyers unfolded. They watched them blast away while advancing. They cut through the usurpers. He got no support. Black Rage unsheathed the sword. This time, she would kill him.

Treasury, dragon’s nest. The 9th. of December 2098 A.D.

The fairy danced in the air. Torah smiled. “This is incredible!” She might support. The fireballs shot from the tip of the weapon. Torah got a hold. Alicia struck with the whip. The Zaph bats kept together. Torah closed her mouth. “Yes!” Marcia cheered. “Thatis, it!” The vampire hunter made it to rain with holy water. The trio was burning. They swooped. “Homing ball!” The magic repelled their numbers. Torah felt relaxed. But then both girls got bombed with gold coins. Zaph bats released. Alicia staggered. Torah was brought to her knees. The coins where freezing. “Homing ball!” Torah turned up the heat. The monsters didn’t like that,though she couldn’t harm them. Torah got a feeling of grief and sorrow. This was black magic. Alicia was back in action. Torah felt a new hope. The precious bats dashed. “Get down!” Torah shrieked. Why didn’t she dodge? Alicia crackedwith the whip. Pieces of gold and diamonds got scattered about. Alicia leaped above. She must’ve used Belmont mystics. Torah already figured,though it was still impressive. Marcia went like an angry wasp. The light shone on the treasure. “Homing ball!” The Zaph bat where almost upon her. Torah cast the spell. The bats where not impressed. She bit her lip. Torah got a problem.

The sorceress was in trouble. Alicia spun around. She leaped over the treasure. Alicia didn’t care about the riches. Not when her friend got in trouble. The Zaph bats where about to make pray upon her soul. Torah was so brave. She decided to stay because of her. Alicia wouldn’t let her down. She was lifted into the air. The flaming cross burst overhead. The Zaph bats got pierced by the fragments. They got confused. Alicia made a glide. She got Simon’s heart of fire. She cracked with the flame whip. The monsters where set ablaze. The gold fell like dust about the chamber. Alicia didn’t stop. She kept whipping until they finally broke apart. The pieces landed in the treasure. “Thou should nay have done that.” Alucard told. Her friends approached. Alicia blinked. Alucard looked colder than ever. “Thee arth nay the chosen hunter.” He said. “Thou arth nay the Vampire Hunter.” Alicia blushed. She knew. The Vampire Killer didn’t choose her. This was only the Undead Killer. “What are you talking about?” Saria asked. Marcia adapted a confused blue. “This monster.” Alucard spread his cape. “Got fused through the dark side.” He reached for his belt. “A Belmont warrior, with the Vampire Killer whip in hand, might nay be concerned.” He held a sort of black crystal in hand. “I have no time to explain.” Alucard crossed himself. “This is a magic seal.” Alicia thought she remembered something about the matter. Edward frowned. “Only a person gifted with the power of Dominance, might use the seals to their full effect.” Torah’s eyes suddenly grew wide. “Why do you wait?” Marcia circled about. “The dragon is waiting.” Nobody listened. Alicia heard the rattle. She turned around. The Zaph bats where alive. Alicia fought a giggle. This was impossible. Then again, they were in the presence of the demon castle. “Get away.” Alucard decreed. “You have to challenge.” Alicia cleaned her glasses. She felt so tired. But she knew. “Morris.” The tragic prince was stern. “Inspect the treasury.” He looked about. “Be sure there are no monsters left.” Edward tipped his hat. “Sure.” He muttered. Alicia didn’t have time. The trio released other gold coins. She managed to sidestep. Alicia threw a vial of holy water. Alucard didn’t react. His eyes where fixed upon the air around the trio. It was Yoko Belnades who discovered the truth. Alicia threw the vials. The coins fell on the ground. The stacks where getting larger. Alicia gathered her force. She struck with the gold whip. Her spirit might be a weapon. The Zaph bats flapped about. The impact made gold and jewels to fly about. Alicia barely dodged this time. The monsters where getting higher. She couldn’t reach them. Alicia wished she got the axe. She dismissed. Marcia shot skyward. Alicia figured their flight. She might still get them. “Let it be done!” She cried. The holy rain made flames to burn. Alicia kept it up as long she could. Then the trio air-bombed with gold coins. Alicia was hurt. She felt like countless bits of white-hot metal entered her body. Alicia screamed. She screamed like she would never stop. “Please, Lord.” Even so, she mastered what force she got left. “Give me strength.” The Zaph bats came for another turn. Alicia made the frozen cross to appear overhead. The monsters got captured. Then Alucard raised a hand. The magic seal was glowing. His other hand made a weird pattern in the air. Alicia could almost feel how the dark force got severed at the source. Zaph bat was defeated. The three bats broke to pieces. Even the gold crumbled into dust. Alicia crossed herself. Marcia returned like a shot. The grouphad gathered. Only Alucard was left standing alone. Alicia would have none of it. She left the sister’s embrace. “Alucard.” Alicia didn’t dare to touch him. “Thank you.” She might reach him on another plane. “For saving my life.” Alicia at least would try. He deserved her gratitude. Alucard beheld her for a space. Then he presented a bow. “Thy servant, my lady.” Alicia knew that would be the only response. Edward shook his head. The mailmansent her a warning look from beneath the brim of the hat. “Come.” Alucard seemed to have reached a settlement. “Follow me.” He leads them across the chamber. The huge white dragon watched them approach. Alicia felt small and insignificant in such a presence. Though she soon defeated those feelings. Alicia met several dragons at this point. Although she respected their ancient descent, she would meet them with a straight back. The Lord chose Alicia and her tribe as His people. Though the dragon was glorious. The white scales shone like a lake of polished diamonds. “Who arth thou?” The voice reminded of Ursula. Though her voice was much colder. “What do thy wish of mine?” She sniffed the air. Then the dragon roared. Alicia suddenly realizedthat she was mourning. She sighed. This was victory and loss combined. That was the lesson of war. Alicia had figured. That gave no comfort. She might have wept. That she couldn’t do. Alicia couldn’t permit such luxury. This wasn’t her sorrow.“I really wouldn’t do that.” She made a back-flip. “The shield is still in place.” Edward remarked. “Hello there.” The tiny blonde looked like an angel. The golden hair waslike a globe. The witch used no cosmetics. “Behold me.” Shereached her gloved hands. Alicia staggered. “I am Linda.” She cast her full charm. “Come. It is time.” Linda let down her garb. “No! Never!”The knuckles went white around the whip. “Are you sure?” The underwear got forged by golden rings. Alicia felt like drowning. The others were occupied by the dark hair and redhead. “In the name of Michael the arch angel!” Linda inherited the necklace, bracelet and ring of their order. “Embrace the power of the Dark Lord.” Her hands kept glowing. “Or embrace your own destruction.” Alicia lost the whip. “Let it be.” She presented the crucifix. “Curse you!” Linda threw the ice shard. “Death and Darkness!” She giggled. Alicia felt chills down her spine. Linda made the shard to rebound. Alicia threw holy water. The field was on fire. “Rest in peace.” Alicia declared. The dagger pierced her heart. Then it was over.

They settled down. Saria sat on something that looked like a book of carved jade pages. That wasn’t comfortable,though Edward put his coat on top. Alucard finished speaking. Torah sat on the ground, her legs crossed underneath. She told her story. That wasn’t much, though Helena insisted to listen. The dragon mourned her cousin’s death. “I see.” She said. “You risked all to rescue me.” Saria picked with the medallion. “You should be rewarded.” The dryad made a grimace. Her friends did this because they cared. They didn’t mind about the riches. “Marcia.” Helena reached thesnout to touch her. “I take back her memories.” A light shone in the dark. “You shouldn’t have to carry this burden.” Edward would protest. Saria could tell. Without Ursula’s thoughts, they might get lost. “Here.” The map and compass appeared before her boyfriend. Saria gasped. She thought they disappeared with Victor. “The map is complete.” Helena told. “Although I hid the nest.” Saria figured. “Hear me, Belmont clan.” She beheld the group. “They stole three of my eggs.” Saria felt her heart freeze. “We shall find them.” Edward assured. Helena touched his forehead. “You must achieve control.” She looked on Torah. ”You have to practise.” Helena gave her the note book.

A.N: The chapter may be dark. That is intended. This text is created in honour of both the classictitles and the new LoS formula. I hoped you enjoyed. Have a nice time.

“Also another sign shall be seen in the sky, a great red dragon with seven heads and ten horns. On the heads it wore seven crones. The tale tore down one third of the stars upon the heaven.”

Revelations: 12. 3-4.

Underground mine track: Walking on the edge.

The pinnacle, Ravenberg. The 9th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The lights where turned low. The necromancer sat on the ground. He made a pentagram upon the floor. “Up, bolts, chains, bonds.” The necromancer demanded. “There is the dead voice calling!” They would obey his will. “The dead wander where they don’t belong.” The scores of undead beings would rise from their graves in search of flesh. He sacrificed the blood of a Cock to complete the circle. It would be enough. This rite was not nearly as dangerous as the one performed downstairs. Besides, there was a shortage in stock of black elf virgins. He would have laughed. Purity was such a waste of opportunities. This would make up for the lack of support. Though he would have loved to see their faces. The necromancer considered. He might actually behold them. “Screen on.” He demanded. The system activated. Oh, this was glorious. Chaos in its most devious splendour. His rite impeded upon their progress. This time, the necromancer really laughed. A cold chuckle thatmight frightened even the demons to hear. The robots could not make up for this difference. They were not programmed to do. Brencorp did their task well when forging their machines. This would give him enoughtime for the grand finale. The dark wizard raised. He got to perform another ritual.

Underground mine, dragon’s nest. The 9th. Of December 2098 A.D.

This got to work. She could not be discovered. The hologram flickered into life. She used a shielded command code to contact the group. “Hello.” The helmet concealed his features. Never the less, Theodrin knew it was Dorian talking. “Listen up.” The she elf told. “My visit didn’t turn out very well.” She had a deep breath. “My cousin was sacrificed by this usurper everyone have been talking about.” The bounty-hunter acknowledged without comment. “Should we come to pick you up?” The image wavered. Theodrin was grateful he worried about her. Dorian Krause was her leader. “No.” Theodrin made up her mind. “It’s to risky.” She was sure that bastard would give them up as sacrifice. “He might take you.” She didn’t have to tell who “he” was. “Affirmative.” Dorian told. “Just relax. We will be standing by.” Theodrin smiled. “I know.” She hoped for the Dark Lord’s return. They all did. But not like this. Theodrin once met the count Dracula, in 1997. “I shall call you back.” Dorian made a mock salute. Then she closed the connection. Theodrin touched the button. The plate moved back into place. The group only used Brencorp’s latest adapters. They earned much money from working with the loyalists. Now though, they might reconsider the contract.

Torah was ahead. Edward tugged his beard. The narrow walkways and catwalks sometime made it difficult to continue. The sorceress was the only person slim enough to make out the distance. Helena sent them on this way. Alicia and Saria made up the rear. The mailman got the Claymore. He touched the crucifix. “What is that thing?” Alucard looked pleased about Helena’s gift. Edward sent the tragic prince a curious look. Alucard polished the coin between his gloved fingers. There was a gem on either side. Though the light was too bad to figure the colours. “It is one of my lost relics.” The man explained. “The coin of fortune.” Edward shrugged. It really wasn’t his business. Alucard put the coin aside. The tragic prince then unsheathed his blade. Edward acknowledged. They got to be careful. The river split the cave. Edward had a look down. The tragic queen melted the ice. He shook his head. She gave them the keys. “ The metal gates might only be opened from the inside.” The frost dragon had been serious about the matter. “ You’ll need both keys to unlock the gate.” Edward reached for the crucifix. He checked the watch. Outside the mountain, dusk approached. Edward gotsent down here when the castle arrived. He longed for the fresh air outside the caves. Although his companions told it was cold,it couldn’t be worse than the ice cave. Torah pulled back. Edward was ready. “You have to be very careful.” Torah warned. “The ledge isso narrow.” The fairy came to illuminate. Edward replaced the hat. She was right. “We have to go sideways.” His cousin arrived. “I may carry you across.” Alucard afforded. Alicia shook her head. “Thanks.” She was cleaning her glasses. Now she put them back on her face. “But you rather go ahead.” Alucard bowed. Then he morphed into mist. Edward sighed. That was still impressive. He figured why the ladies found him fascinating. Saria waited. She kept the string pulled back. Although Saria couldn’t keep it forever, she might pick up before the enemies arrived. Torah went over the ledge. She made it to look so easy. But then again, she was more agile then him. Marcia followed along. She would lit up the passage. He touched the crucifix. The candles where to few. There came that flapping sound again. Edward had learned to fear it. He first noticed inside the treasury. The big bat went down to take Saria’s blood. The dryad fired. The arrow made the monster to split into a swarm of smaller bats. Edward knew how to respond. He wouldn’t let them to even touch his girlfriend. Alicia went ahead. She cracked with the Undead Killer. She made the fireballs to fly about. The big bat broke apart. Edward threw a wave of explosive axes. Some bats got behind. “My sister!” Saria tried to track them. Edward noticed about their predicament. “It will be alright!” Alicia encouraged. She threw three daggers forward. The monster shrieked. Edward doused them with holy water. It was no longer peace and quiet. The remaining ice pillars broke apart. The skeletons still got coated with frost. That didn’t matter. Edward dashed. His friends might handle the bats. The ice skeletons where a much graver threat. Saria pushed him down. Edward groaned. Though, the bones went above. Saria leaped to escape. “Magic arrow!” That made the frozen to bones break apart. Edward raised. He picked the hat. Alicia crushed the remaining mammals. She then went to help the dryad. Edward had a breather. He wasn’t concerned. His attitude changed. The fishmen had arrived. The monsters came from the river. Edward made the sign of the cross. Then he went into action. This was an ambush.The other bats came from above. Edward ducked beneath the poison stream. He buried the blade within the monster’s soft belly. The freak staggered. Edward pulled free. He presented the crucifix. The mutated creatures came back. The big bat swooped on him. Edward stamped it. The monster screamed while breaking apart. The swarm still tried to suck his blood. Edward threw a wave of holy water. The bats and fishmen got frozen into place. Edward bent on one knee. He didn’t get all of them. The bats gathered. The fishmen got assistance. Another pack of ice skeletons broke from within the pillar. Edward stood with his back against the wall. “So, let it be.” Edward crossed himself. The fishmen came in low. They might pull him down underwater. Edward struck his blade. He also got that liquid for support. The water wave crushed through the nearest monsters. Edward got the crystals before the monsters might move. He threw tripled crosses forward. Then he dashed. “Magic arrow!” Saria fired. Star bow!” He was not alone. Saria pulled back the string. Alicia hurled three freezing daggers. The monsters got caught between them. Saria released one more arrow. The bats never got the chance to gather. The monsters continued to fight. Edward groaned. He got hit by an ice bone. He beheaded the fishmen. Then Edward faced the big bat. The mailman tugged his beard. “God with us!” He presented the crucifix. “Glory be You!” The monsters kept some distance. “Our Father in Heaven!” The lord had derived the enemy into his hands. Edward threw a wave of breakable axes. The impact froze the big bat into a swarm of smaller bats. Edward exhaled. The lord was with him. The mailman doused the lot with holy water. The mammals shrieked. The survivals tried together. Edward chased them. He struck with the sword. The magnetic force might tear them apart. Edward was exhausted. He didn’t conquer, though he collected the crystals. He got to replenish before the enemies might distract him. That was partly successive, as he got hit by the ice bones. “Skull and crossbones.” Edward shook his head. He felt like pointed nails tried to rip the heart. Wired thoughts always seemed to disturb him while during such hours. The fishmen covered their approach with streams of water. Edward gasped. The ice skeleton tried to choke him. Edward stamped with the crucifix. The bone bag collapsed into a heap. He had to pick the gem before they might stop him.

The sorceress and fairy got across. Alucard waited for their approach. “Ball of Destruction!” He spread the cape. That burned the soul of the big bat. This was not the end. The bone pillar kept breathing flames. The canon was placed in a niche across the river. “Homing ball!” The Fernandez released her magic. She made it home onto the stacked skulls. Alucard gave his salute. The dragon head answered with a series of waving fireballs. “Grizzly wing!” Alucard blocked the onslaught. The sorceress challenged the fishmen. The mutated mer creatures leaped from the depth to spit poison streams of water. The little girl dodged and parried with great skill and agility. Alucard was impressed. “Hellfire!” The bone pillar cracked upon his assault. He never was an archer. “Star bow!” The dryad came across. She wasted no time. Saria was shooting. Although her aim was not upon the pillar. The magic made the gargoyle to break apart. Alucard had not noticedabout sculpture. The skulls shot and breathed. “Crimson lightning!” The assault put the spirit to rest. Alucard acknowledged. The Belmont hunters had some difficulty with getting abroad, though they arrived. The group had gathered. “Hellfire!” Alucardreleased his blood force. The fishmen approached. He came from below.

The pinnacle, Ravenberg. The 9th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The fight was over. The warlock gathered for the last assault. She went about, inspecting the soldiers and robots. “Such a tragedy.” Carol looked down. Her eyes burned red. The gloved fist was her only view. The warlock acknowledged. There had been an hour of immense bloodshed. “We serve the Dark Lord.” Black Rage remarked. That might rekindle the courage of the weary and tired combatants. “My lady!” Sithish exclaimed. “Vilmas is moving! I think he is alive!” The other pages began calling. The bodies stirred. They began to rise. “Get back!” Martino was the first who realized. She pulled her pistol without warning. “Fire in the hall!” The shockbeams pierced the chest and heads of former comrades. “There are too many of them!” Black Rage unsheathed her sword. “The necromancer has the power to rise the spirits of the dead.” She held the dark side in an iron grip. The shadow might fill the void. The warlock was angry. Her blood flames engulfed the corpses. The soldiers retreated, while reaching for their arms and weapons. “We are not the target!” Carol reloaded the firearm. “They are after the robots!” Black Rage was furious. This was not meant to happen. She would tear the wizard, limb from limb. That had to wait. She must achieve control.

Underground mine, dragon’s nest. The 9th. Of December 2098 A.D.

They returned tothe gate. This was the third in a row. Torah touched the cross around her neck. “Let us do it.” Edward went to the leftmost keyhole. “I am here.” Alicia was ready at the right. “On the count of three.” Torah, Alucard and Saria spread out to form a perimeter. “One. Two.” Edward inhaled. Alicia put the key inside. They had to do it correctly. “Three.” The keys had been really difficult to find. The Belmonts turned around in the right second. The doors opened. Torah thought of the monsters they fought to obtain this price. The gargoyle almost turned her to stone. Torah dismissed. The defence mechanism knew of their approach. Concealed niches got opened to release another group of battle-droids. “Blue bow!” Saria didn’t wait for them to unfold. She fired her bow. “Ball of Destruction!” That wasn’t enough. Torah chargedher magic. The robots opened fire. “Homing ball!” The spell worked like a shield. Alicia was among their numbers. The flame whip absorbed the laser-fire. Edward fought defensively. He and Saria worked together. Alucard went like a wolf. He would protect Alicia. Torah was alone. Not quite. Marcia flew in circles. That confused the robots. It wouldn’t last. But it was all the time she needed. “Homing ball!”Torah fired.

The battle-droids withdrew, although they continued to fire. Alicia dodged. She made it to rain with holy water. That wasn’t enough. It never would be. The first group got knocked to pieces. “Star bow!” Saria fired. “Magic arrow!” The second squad appeared. “Hellfire!” Alucard spread his cape. The three-prolonged blue fireballs exploded on impact. “Behind you!” Marcia shouted. Alucard didn’t turn. He changed into a bat. The battle-droid missed thechance. Alicia whipped it into oblivion. Torah reappeared. Her hands where glowing purple. “Homing ball!” The mist worked like a shield. The sorceress rolled aside. “Homing ball!” She got up to fire. The other battle-droids got blasted into oblivion. Edward and Saria remained behind. Alicia went to look. What might keep them occupied? Alucard pulled her back into the cave. “What are you doing?!” Alicia almost lost the glasses. “Oh my God!” Torah exclaimed. Alicia crossed herself. The cave was larger than any she’d seen so far. It reminded her about the treasury. The river went through the gorge. She noticed several branching tunnels. That would be no problem. They would follow the river. That might be a problem. The Minotaur sad kneeling upon the floor while inspecting the axe. Then he lifted his gaze. Alicia felt pierced through the heart. She disliked how he beheld her body. Alicia wasn’t shy, but this was different. “In Manos Toas Domine.” She made the sign of the cross. That was a mistake. Alicia had been so focused that she neglected the others. She stepped out upon the ashy pavement. “Hit me boys!” The Minotaur raised. The club knights brandished their tools. Alucard got in front of both girls. Then Edward burst into the room. He went so quick that neither could follow. Saria arrived. She looked dusted and weary,though she held the bow steady. Then she went pale. Alicia turned back round. Theroses sprouted through the ashes. “Stone roses.” Alucard explained. Alicia didn’t listen. Edward gotbeneath the swipe.He trusted the Bowie. The knife pierced the tunic. The Minotaur roared. Saria fired. The arrow got buried within the orc creature. Alicia brandished with the whip. Then the ashes got moved aside. “Good Lord!” Alicia reached for the crucifix. The skeleton was huge. The man must’ve been a giant. Pieces of ancient armour still protected the bones. “Homing ball!” Torah charged. The bone-trooper struck down with the ball-and-chain. Torah cast the spell. The heavy steam made it to stagger. Alicia pulled her aside. The stone rose was hurling spiked seeds. That was incredible. Alicia got a nasty feeling. “Hellfire!” Alucard retained human form. The fireballs made the flower to break open. The nasty powder had a sort of dusty smell. Whatever the case, Alicia didn’t like it. “Magic arrow!” Saria tried to knock the skull off the shoulders. The helmet offered some protection. “Ball of Destruction!” Alucard went from flower to flower. The sisters united against the trooper and other monsters. Edward got punched by the Minotaur. He managed to roll aside. Alicia went to help him. Blood ran down the creature’s arms and torso. No matter. He wasn’t dead. Not yet anyway. Edward cracked a vial of holy water. The monster roared in agony. He didn’t retreat. Alicia struck with the whip. She cracked it once, twice and a third time. Only then did she repel him. The Minotaur struck the axe down. The debris came flying forward. For a moment, Alicia was blind. The Minotaur roared with laughter. She was picked off the ground. The monster squeezed her middle. The fingers touched where they didn’t belong. Alicia shrieked when she stampedwith the crucifix. Now it was his time to scream. Edward stabbed with the blade. The Minotaur let go. Edward had to keep striking. Alicia used the opportunity to throw the boomerangs at him. The crosses went home. That made him to stagger. Edward made the sign of the cross. The Minotaur struck down. Edward got thrown far away. Alicia dashed to reach him. The uppercut sent her sprawling. For a moment, the Minotaur loomed above. His laugher taunted her efforts. “You monster!” Alicia got up. Her body ached. She couldn’t leave Marcia to her destiny. The Minotaur caught the fairy in a massive fist. The leather gauntlet protected against her futile attempt. Alicia bit together.She reached for the whip. “Let Your will be done!” Edward got back on foot. He struck with the sword to release the magnetic force. The Minotaur roared. Alicia felt relaxed. She got up to strike with the gold whip. The brandishing forced him back against Edward. The vampire hunter tipped his hat. He nailed through the tunic. Alicia stabbed her dagger into the wrist. The monster roared. Although he was down on his knees, the creature refused to let go. The heavy steam might turn them into stone. They stamped with their crucifix. Blood ran down the body. Alicia prayed she wouldn’t get poisoned or anything. The Minotaur finally released her. Then he grasped to slam them against the floor. Alicia felt like every bone got broken. Edward grunted. Marcia was dull. Her cousin got lifted into the air. Alicia smiled. The Minotaur used her like a battering-ramp. They collided, though it was to late. The Minotaur got bathed in flames. The Belmonts fell on the ground while the Minotaur made a final uppercut. That sent them flying. Then the bull creature screamed. Alicia needed help to even stand on her knees. Her cousin gave a hand. Together, they watched on while the Minotaur burned into ashes. Then Edward put her down. Alicia sighed. She drew sweat of her forehead. Edward really looked weary. Marcia settled on her shoulder. She looked like someone tried to crush her. But then again, someone had. She dismissed. They couldn’t remain here forever. Though she didn’t know how they might revive. Then Torah ran over, laurels in hand. She knelt by Edward. Then she bent by her. Alicia exhaled. She got restored. Torah looked tired. The mailman lent a hand. “Let it be.” He ran for his girlfriend. They were left alone. Alicia got up. She still got the whip.

The bull had perished. Saria had no regret.She was happy about it. Her sister healed the Belmonts. Edward came back to her.Saria blushed,though she felt reassured by his presence. The club knight picked her by the hair. He pulled her up close so that he might touch her. Saria screamed. She was grossed. Saria felt like her heart was ready to break. She gathered together. Then Saria kicked him in the face. She scored with both legs in a double kick. The orc drewblood of his face. The nose might be broken. He spat teeth. Saria still hung in the air. The villain reached for the dagger. Edward crushed the skull of another knight. Then he proceeded to cut his throat. He caught her in freefall. Saria kissed him full on the lips. Edward smiled. Then he let go. Saria felt a bit disappointed. Then again, she could be flexible. Alucard put a pentagram down before the pile of bones. The explosion made itto crumble. The tragic prince found it in the candle. The monsters left some money behind. Saria picked the crystals. They turned into arrows. Edward checked the map and compass. “This way!” He told. “Follow me!” Saria did. The others arrived. They ran up the river before the monsters might follow. “Star bow!” Saria turned to fire. “Grizzly wing!” Alucard spread his cape.

The pinnacle, Ravenberg. The 9th. Of December 2098 A.D.

She held the lantern aloft. Carole Martino knew she was not the obvious choice. She was pretty, yes. Thoughitwould have no effectupon the necromancer. The dark wanderer loomed behind her. He escorted her. Carole felt a distant agony. The light flickered. “Jadis.” The wanderer breathed his poisonous hiss. Carole acknowledged. The pinnacle froze over. She didn’t care. Neither cold nor heat mighttouch her. Though she worea short-sleevedblue-greyish uniform shirt. She reached for the sidearm. Carole thought better of it. Why bother? The earth of her homeland rested within the golden necklace. She kept it between her breasts. Carole had been a disciple for less than a hundred years. She was there, at the Dominican Republic, celebrating her birthday, in 2010. The earthquake left her broken upon the beach, still wearing her bikini. Then, when night fell, the vampires came out, searching prey. That had been the greatest moment of her 18 year old life. She straightened her back, adjustingthe black tie. They got work to do. Carole dusted off her skirt.She would be presentable before the encounter. There was no time. She went forward. Carolewould be the negotiator. She knew what happened to such people. Either way, Carole would execute their will.

Underground mine, dragon’s nest. The 9th. Of December 2098 A.D.

They really where so good. Theodrin had tapped into the surveillance system to might get a close-up image of the vampire hunters. The Belmonts killed the Minotaur. The camera lost sight. “Bauglir.” The bounty-hunter cursed beneath her breath. She tried some other connection. This cost precious time. She manoeuvred around the stalagmites. Theodrin knew where they went though. Themine would eventually reach that area. She snarled behind the full face mask. The necromancer killed her sister in there. She got no other relation left alive. Theodrin felt so angry. The bounty-hunter noticed she was singing. Actually singing. It was an ancient elvan war song. It told of grief, it told of sorrow and bitterness. But it also told of revenge and hate. Theodrin inhaled them like she would with narcotic. That didn’t make her into some junky or anything. Drugs worked a bit differently on her species. Theodrin let go of that thought. She actually enjoyed herself. After she dealt with this maniac who thought himself like count Dracula, Theodrin would return to work. She liked the job. Why not? Another day, another bounty. She smiled behind the mask. Who knew? She might put down the hunters while abroad. That would be a bonus. Theodrin smirked. She might earn the price.

They gathered together. Edward came back. “I think that is the end.” He told. “The dam gates are closed.” Saria gave him a hug. Edward smiled. Torah cleared her voice. Alucard also returned. Edward let go. Though he brushed through the red blonde hair. Saria almost purred. Then she sighed. Alicia came right behind. She cleaned her glasses. “I think it is alright.” His cousin put them back upon her face. “The dam is secured.” Edward tipped his hat. This might keep the fishmen. Besides, the club knight would have other things to do then chasing them. “Watch out!” Marcia screamed. She was always the first to notice. The gargoyles left their pillars in search of the group. Alicia twirled with the Undead Killer. The ice skeleton broke through the wall. Edward went ahead. The sword crushedthe ribs. The icy bag of bones fell into a heap. He wasn’t alone. The stone rose blossomed. “Hellfire!” Alucard burst into action. “Magic arrow!” The girls turned round. “Homing ball!” They shot for the big bat. Edward crossed himself. The ice skeletons kept coming through. He stamped with the crucifix. Alucard defeated the rose. Others kept blooming. The seeds might turn the tragic princeinto stone. The fishmen hadn’t been imprisoned. They leaped from the river. Alicia struck another gargoyle. Edward threw the cross forward. Hewas ready for action. The crosses went home. He managed to retrieve the item. The fishmen spat poison streams of water. He went for the group. They put up quite a fight. Edward presented the crucifix. The bats came in a swarm. “Homing ball!” Torah made them to explode. That was nice work. Edward buried the Claymore. He hoped Hugh would be proud of him. Although he got spellbound by the castle’s influence, Hugh Baldwin was a nice man. The Bowie cut its throat. Edward spun round to fix the others. He dodged the stream. Although Edward nearly fell off the edge, Alucard got him. The tragic prince pulled him back up. “We have to return.” Alucard was colder than the pillar of ice. Although Edward agreed. They only went this way to close the dam. He went for the tunnel when the bone pillar began shooting fireballs. The third skull even turned to breathe heavy flames. Alicia finished with the gargoyles. She made it to rain with holy water. The bone heads got bathed in flames. Although it survived, it gave them time to escape. Alucard lead the way. But then he turned to mist. The club knights roared with frustration. “Wait!” Marcia called. “They are the Medusa heads!” Edward turned round. The fairy was right. “Never turn your back to where the Chaos dwells.” Saria fired. Edward threw the axe. “Homing ball!” The gargoyle had landed. The sculpture breathed a heavy steam. That reminded him about the Minotaur. Edward held up the crucifix. “Homing ball!” Torah released her own steam. The gargoyle crumbled into dust. Another round of Medusa heads went flying in a wavy pattern. Edward threw daggers at them. He missed all together. Saria stood tall. She struck each and every one which tried to attack. Her medallion seemed to blossom in the faint candle light. Edward let it drop. He let the sisters handle it. Alicia was pushed to the limit. Alucard got his back to the wall. The club knights where mostly dead. Though the orcs got support by the golem knights. The bear creatures looked really nasty. Clad in full suits of armour, they brandished their weapons with fierce determination. Edward picked up the crystals. They replenished his energy. Then he dived into the combat. Edward struck for the head. That made the bear men to retreat. They pulled down their steel helmet for cover. John Morris was right. Edward worshipped the Lord in his heart. The club knights tried to support. Alucard ripped through their numbers. “Hellfire!” His magic made the protection glow. Even from his perspective, they weretoo hot. Alicia then arrived. She twirled with the chain-whip. Edward was impressed. She split their skulls open. Torah almost seemed to dance among the monsters. The ring smash moved through the air. Edward crossed himself. Carrie really must’ve been a great hunter. The fight was over. They collected the gems. Edward relaxed. His friends looked better. Torah used the moment to heal them. Alucard’s fairy familiar also gave a hand. The apples tasted so good. Edward inhaled. It was time to get moving. The breather was cut short. The orcs and bear men came around the corner. Edward struck with the sword. “God with us!” The mailman challenged. “For Warakiya.” Alucard stood his ground. “Magic arrow!” Saria withdrew for a better aim. #Blue bow!” She released one more arrow. The Medusa head got frozen into place. “Homing ball!” Torah pulled back her Russian fur cap to might get a better view. The poncho got coated with white fur. The sorceress wasn’t sweating. She charged her magic. The other heads got blasted into oblivion. “In the name of Michael the arch angel!”” Alicia brandished with the Undead Killer whip to release the fireballs. The bats got burned to ashes. Edward felt so proud. This was his cousin. He struck with the sword. The club knight got impaled upon the blade. Alicia went among the monsters. She threw the dagger before cracking the vial. The holy water burned on impact. That worked like a shield. “Star bow!” Saria kept shooting. “Blue bow!” She pierced the golem knight before he might crush her skull. “Hellfire!” Alucard defeated the Medusa heads. “Ball of Destruction!” The high shot went for the cluster. The bats shrieked before they burned. They collected the crystals. Edward regained his stamina. He stamped with the crucifix. The helmet melted and cracked. Edward pierced the bear creature’s skull. He was dead before reaching the floor. “Watch out!” Marcia went in a circle. “Let it be!” Alicia struck the orc into submission. That carved some space. Edward threw the cross like a boomerang. He cut the throat of the chieftain. The soldiers shrieked. They intensified the assault. “Crimson lightning!” Alucard made it to strike. “Homing ball!” Torah cast her spell. The club knight got shot to pieces. Edward inhaled. He leaped to strike with the sword.

The fishmen where getting up. Alucard spread his cape. “Ball of Destruction!” The high shot removed their heads. He watched them burn. Alucard let be the money. His allies cleaned their weapons. They reachedthe mine. Alucard acknowledged. The hidden spring got closed. Still, a track of water ran down the riverbank. That where enough for the fishmen. Even for the stone roses. Their group had fought for them to wither. Not even the dryad spoke against that. He stepped upon a frog. A burst of Chaos energy got released as the crushed amphibian split in half. The mad frogs jumped up to leach with their tongue. Alucard gathered. He heard about this phenomena. Alicia Schneider bathed with holy water. The frogs burned to ashes. There were more of them. Alucard realized they hid among the moss and subterranean green-life. The fishmen reappeared. His allies fought gallantry. Alucard was proud to fight alongside the Belmont clan. The tunnel went slightly upward. Soon, they reached the spot from which they located the hidden spring. They closed the dam. The water was still too high. The others would have to swim. This time, there would be no naiad for support. He leads them to the viewpoint. Theashes moved. Alucard crossed himself.He would fight the righteous battle.

The pinnacle, Ravenberg. The 9th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The lamps went out. The dark wanderer felt nothing what so ever. The cloaked and hooded apparition carried the unconscious vampire woman in his lap. It had been useless to assault him. Though the necromancer gave them plenty of reasons. The dark wizard had tried to achieve control. The cold around his heart kept him suspended. The faceless figure beheld the vampire bride more closely. Strange. She resisted with greater fierce then he expected. The heart of fire, which dwelled within all beings, fumed her with energy. The count’s power where extraordinary. How the Dark Lord might encrust even this power with his own. Chaos and Shadow. Incredible. Fused together by will. To form the most unholy alliance. “ Thou arth to kill the Belmont clan!” His voice echoed throughout his being. The wanderer would submit. Vlad Tepes was his Dark Lord. The undead woman moved in his arms. She was awake. The black rider put her down. She looked slim and insignificant. Though he knew it was not like that. Not at all. The dark eyes flashed into bursts of Hellfire. She spoke to herself, in some Spanish language. She parted her lips. The scream told of anger and immortal hate. Count Dracula’s laugher filled the void. He felt the presence. “He is to die.” The bride declared.

Underground mine, dragon’s nest. The 9th. Of December 2098 A.D.

Saria looked real scared. “I am out of arrows!” She called. Edward crossed himself. The monsters gloated. Torah had a deep breath. “Homing ball!” She then made a glide.Torahgot the ring smash. She cut through their armour. The ball circled before it exploded among the fishmen. The club and golem knights were about to gather. The ice skeleton broke from the frozen pillar. Edward hurled a wave of holy water. Torah dodged while slashing about. Saria picked together. She hid behind the shield. “Homing ball!” Torah fired right into his face. Edward threw three enflamed crosses. Then he smashed into the skeletons. Torah was glad for the support. Carrie Fernandez got trained by Reinhardt Schneider. Torah knew she wasn’t a true vampire hunter. Not yet. She dodged the assault. “Homing ball!” She got the orc. The bear tried to squeeze her. Torah stamped with the cross. Then Saria pierced the skull. Torah exhaled. She got free of the corpse. The body burst into fire. Saria picked the gems. They turned into arrows. The frog leached with the tongue. Torah cut it in half. The two frogs moved to might poison her. “Homing ball!” Torah fired. Edward and Saria fought together. She looked for the others. They defeated another trooper. Torah exhaled. She would fight.

The bone-trooper collapsed. Alicia leaned against the wall. Alucard replaced the pentagram. The giant got shot to pieces. Alicia took the gems. “This is blood sorcery.” Alucard explained. “Legends tell that Elizabeth Bathory gotsuch powers.” Alicia shuddered. The countess was related to Dracula. She let it drop, or tried to do. “Forest death!” Marcia went blue. Alicia noticed. The fourth trooper loomed over Alucard. The spiked ball went home. Alucard wasn’t hurt. He turned into mist. Alicia leaped above theweapon. The brute pulled back up. It was too late. Alicia struck with the flame whip. The trooper staggered. “Ball of Destruction!” Alucard reformed. The big bat attacked. Alicia dodged the spiked ball. The trooper made it to rebound. Alicia dodged. She threw the dagger forward. It bounced off the armour. She crossed herself. The bone-trooper watched her. Alicia threw the boomerang. She got a storm inside. The flurry wenthome. She retrieved the item. Aliciaran. The trooper went berserk. She bit her lip. Alicia kept running. The freak used the weaponfor a shield. She couldn’t strike him. “Hellfire!” Alucard burned the bat. They gained some crystals. Alucard turned into mist to might dodge the attack. The giant structed down. Alucard reformed. “Crimson lightning!” Alicia crossed herself. The electricity made it to stumble. Alicia gathered her force. She was raised into the air. The enflamed cross burst overhead. The skeleton got hit. Alucard morphed into mist. The bone-trooper collapsed. Alucard put the pentagram in front. Then he leaped like the blue wolf. Alicia got behind. The explosion ripped the skeleton. He left both crystals and money. They had an equal share. The others arrived. They looked worn. Alicia prayed they were alright. “I used the laurels.” Torah said. Saria helped her to stand. “Ireally could use the crystals.” Edward replaced the hat. There were still some gems about.“Here.” He said. “Letme help you.” Edward carried her to the price. Torah bent to collect. He hita candle. Edward picked the money bag.. Torah could walk. Alicia opened her mouth. Torah cut up the frogs before they might reach her. Alucard went ahead. There must be a way to continue. “Alicia.” Marcia began. Shefigured. The Medusa heads went over the pond. Alicia struck with the Undead Killer. She hit a creature. Torah made a glide. She slashed the successor. “Star bow!” That was the last of their numbers. Alucard was in trouble. Edward went to aid him. Alicia followed. The sisters might handle the heads. The bone dragon was a greater threat. The monster looked like another pile of bones. That wasn’t the case. The white dragon was chained to the wall. Alicia pulled the glasses tight. She ran across the floor. Edward threw a wave of explosive axes. The bone dragon blocked him. Alicia struck with the chain-whip. The white dragon breathed heavy flames. The fishmen leaped from the river. Alucard turned to face them. Alicia dodged the flames. Edward withdrew to hurl a vial. The skeledragon slammed into the ground. Alicia presented the crucifix. Edward made the rising flames to track forward. Alicia jumped. She got high enough to strike the monster. Edward fought the Medusa heads. Saria was busy with the frogs. “Homing ball!” Torah reappeared. The mist blocked the fireballs. Alicia relaxed. Torah sang. Her music burned the mine. The white dragon turned and twisted. The fishmen struck her in the head. “Torah!” Saria rammed with a shield trust. Alicia inhaled. She used the frost whip to deflect the fireballs. The bone dragon breathed flames. “Crimson lightning!” Alucard failed. Alicia jumped to strike. Pieces of bones got knocked off the frame. She got to retreat. This wasn’t the bone dragon king. Alicia met the skeledragon before. “Hellfire!” Alucard spread his cape. The blue fireballs deflected the fragments. The monster went crushing down. Alicia threw the cross. She jumped to keep up. The boomerang went home. Alicia retrieved it. “Star bow!” Saria was back. “Homing ball!” Torah was alright. Edward threw a wave of holy water. The bone dragon got consumed. Alicia made the sign of the cross. The white dragon broke to pieces. The remains turned into a pile of big gems. Alicia dismissed. They went to collect. The big bat attacked. The Medusa heads crossedthe pond. Edward threw a wave of enflamed axes. The monster split apart. “Blue bow!” The sisters spread out for a better aim. “Homing ball!” Torah released the steam. Alucard got involved with the fishmen. The other dragon kept spitting fireballs. Alicia brandished with the frost whip. She repelled the attack. “Homing ball!” The gold flare pierced the skull. Torah got ambushed by the ice skeletons. She struckwith the smash. Alucard reappeared. The fishmen left the pond.He came to support. Alicia got beneath the flames. They might burn her into a crisp. Alicia wouldn’t allow it. She threw three daggers. One went below, the others struck home. She made the sign of the cross. Her friendswere behind. Alicia hurled the vial. The liquidburst on impact. Alicia dashed. The skull went smashing. She stamped with the crucifix. The skeledragon got burned. Alicia dodged the fragments. The white dragon waved about. He struck the ceiling. The icicles fell down. She presentedthe crucifix. That melted the ice. Saria fired. Alicia threw the gold knife. The weapon got buried between the sockets. The bone dragon roared. Alicia couldn’t hear anything. She felt the impact. He collided against the floor. The icicles broke on impact. Saria kept shooting. “Homing ball!” The spell and razors defeated the fishmen. Alucard struck the bone bags. The white dragon breathed flames. “God with us!” Edward defeated the Medusa heads. The stone rose released spiked seeds. Alicia got the heart of fire. She raised into the air. The enflamed cross burst overhead. The skeledragon broke apart. The bats and flowers got burned. Alicia landed upon her knees. She picked the gems. The money got piled. Theytook the treasure. Alucard reached the edge. They had to cross the water.

Then something incredible happened. Alicia screamed. Alucard cursed. Saria couldn’t move. The pond got disturbed by awhirlpool. “Good Lord in Heaven!” Edward presented the crucifix. The skeleton dragon raised from the water. “This is necromancy.” Torah had gathered. Before Saria might answer, the skeleton dragon struck with both claws, tail and head. “God’s death!” Alicia exclaimed. “He is braking the dam!” Saria swallowed. The water was rising. “Come.” Alucard reached for the horn that hung from the pillar. Saria picked together. The tragic prince blew the horn. “Sure.” The ferryman approached. “Let me take you to a nice spot.” The silent laugher made her nervous. Alucard went aboard. He gave the shrouded figure a gold coin. The ferryman accepted. “Follow the monster.” Alucard demanded. Edward stepped on top. He gave another gold coin. “There isn’t enough space.” Marcia noticed. She was right. The men had to chase the skeleton dragon. Saria worried about her boyfriend. “The catwalk might be okay.” Edward assured. “Follow me, as quickly you can.” Alucard added. The ferryman began rowing. Torah held her hand. “Let us go.” Alicia said. The sisters followed. “The water is rising.” Marcia told. Saria closed her eyes.

The pinnacle, Ravenberg. The 9th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The wing reacted to electromagnetic pulses.They got located at the gloved fingertips. Theodrin had to take the new advanced steroids to might adapt to this technology. Though it worked. The wing moved with ease. The hooded cloak was torn back by the wind. The stylised iron breathing mask concealed her face. The necromancer was going to pay for having killed her sister. Theodrin pulled sonic grenades from inside her utility belt. She streaked over the rebels while hurling down. Someone burstinto fire. Theodrin stopped dead in the air. The bullets went her way. She might demonstrate. The pulsars might be used forseveral purposes. Theodrin recalibrated to activate the force field. The shots bouncedoff without touching her. “Yeah!” Theodrin shrieked. She fired an energy blast. Then she then launch the rocket from inside the jet-pack. The missile went home. The reaction was spectacular. The vampire went to take her. Theodrin moved out of reach. She fired with both wrist and shoulder gun. The cross-fire kept them from chasing. The bat went up front. “Carole Martino!” She exclaimed. It was her. The bat retained her true form.Theodrin got exposed.. The cameras tracked their position. The necromancer might follow. That was a problem.

Underground mine, dragon’s nest. The 10th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The ferryman kept rowing. Edward checked his watch. It was past . He sighed. Alucard unsheathed his blade. The fishmenleaped from the water. “Ball of Destruction!” The tragic prince released the high shot. The Medusa head got blasted into oblivion. The skeleton dragon loomed in front. “Get down.” Alucard hissed. Edward reacted. Alucard turned to mist. The monster breathed heavy flames. “Good Lord!” The mailman exclaimed. The tail raffle the ferry. He kept aboard. Edward threw three homing boomerangs. The Medusa heads came in a wave. He managed to slash them. The dragon struck its head into the ceiling. “Preserve us!” Rocks fell down. The waves might make him tumble. Where was Alucard? The bone pillar stood to the left. Edward barely dodged. “Homing ball!” Torah fired. Alicia brandished with the whip. Edward screamed. The monster spat an array of fireballs. He presented the crucifix. The flames exploded. Alucard supported the women. Edward made the sign of the cross. The mailman knew he was not alone. The skeleton dragon reached its neck to breathe flames. Edward struck his blade. The wave was a shield. While the dragon was busy, he threw the gold knife. “Glory be You!” Edward submitted. “Our Father in Heaven!” The knife went home. The Bowie returned. The mailmanexhaled. The water kept rising. He still got some gems. The tail raffled the ferry. Edward kept tight. The barge was ancient. It cracked, leaving multiple hand holds.Edward leaped. The rocks almost crushed him. They might rebuild the dam. The skeleton dragon flailed its tail. Then it swooped to take him. Edward presented the crucifix. He got raised. The explosive cross burst overhead. This was not the dragonlitch titan. The force had an impact. The monster flailed its neck. Edward hurled the axe. He struck the head. It breathed. Edward dived into the river. The hat was left on the ferry. The fishmen gathered. Marcia went through the water. She shone like the sun. The light was fading. Edward carried her as he climbed aboard. The dragon failed. “Stay low.” He said. Marcia couldn’t fly when soaked. He made the sign of the cross. The ferryman returned the hat. The monster struck its head into the ceiling. Rocks fell into the water. The figure might ride the waves. Edward had to admit. He was clever. The skeleton dragon leached with its tail. Edward stepped upon it. He climbed to strike the skull. The flames tracked along the spine. The dragon went rigid. The tail twistedto fetch him. Edward jumped. The dead dragon caught him. He groaned. The monster squeezed. Edward saw beyond the obvious. There was no malice;only grief and sorrow. The soul shone in the dark. Edward struck with the sword. The beam exploded. The skeleton dragon roared. He didn’t hear anything. The monster hurled him away. Edward sank beneath the surface. The fishmen tried to take him. Edward revealed the crucifix. The mail pulled him down. He might breathe underwater. The fishmen would kill him. Edward found the tail. He used it as a ladder. Edward felt drowned when reaching the surface. He threw daggers at them. “Edward!” Marcia called. “I am here!” Edward touched the crucifix. The skeleton dragon had noticed about him. The monster swung to might throw him away. Edward held tight. He stamped with the crucifix. The dragon was too big. Although he made the monster to burn, it wasn’t enough. The dead dragon reached its claws. Edward got hold up to eye level. “In the end.” Edward quoted. “Even the heart of stone shall break.” He didn’t remember who said that, perhaps it was Alucard. Whatever, Edward believed it. He inhaled. Edward released the water wave. That didn’t harm the dragon,though it shielded against the fireballs. Edward followed up with daggers. The monster froze into place. The ferryman approached. Edward reached on top. Marcia could fly. “Fight.” He breathed. The skeleton dragon struck its skull into the ceiling. The ferryman was ready. “Nice work.” Edward remarked. The figure gave no reply. “Look!” Marcia beamed. “Great is the Lord.” He removed the hat. The dragon withdrew. “Hurry!” Edward told. “We can’t let him escape!” The water was rising. Though not as quick as before. The ferryman didn’t move, made no mark, though they seemed to gain the dragon. Edward got to do what a hunter must do. He felt the water fill his heart. Edwardrelaxed. The Lord was with him. Hethrew a vial. That caused confusion among the fishmen. Edwardtook the gems. The skeleton dragon spat fireballs. The water saved him. Marcia danced in the air. Edward reached for the crucifix. The dragon tried to raffle the ferry. He grabbed the tail. Edward climbed to strike his blade. He had to break the wings. The monster twirled to shake him. Edward released the magnet wave. The blast went up the spine. Edward reached the ferry. The mailman might use anitem-crush. He gathered the mystics to impale the skull. The skeleton dragon flailed its tail. Edward was thrown into the water. He managed to hold the barge. Then it began to rain. Edward almost laughed. Alicia used her power. The monstersburned. The dragon roared. Edward crossed himself. The group stood tall at the far side of the pond. They founda way. Edward wasn’t alone. The monster hit the ceiling. The boulders fell down. Edwardescaped. The dragon twirled with the tail to might raffle the ferry. Edward consolidated toreach high enough to hurl the boomerangs. The skeleton dragon froze into place. Edwardthrew the axe. The soul was blazing. Edward would release him. The gold axes crushed the skull. For a while, the dragon was whole again. “Blood of the hunter.” He didn’t know what to say. “This is an act of mercy.” The dragon went through the air. Edward would never forget. He was back on the ferry. Edward Recognised the mystic orb. He held it in his left palm. Marcia fluttered in front. “This is great.” The crystal was alive. The mystic orb went out. Edward regainedhis strength. The ferryman brought him across. Edward was ready. His friends were waiting for him.

The dragon restored the dam. Alucard found no other reason. The fight was brought to a close. It was right to leave the Belmont. The man was a puzzle. Edward Morris never promoted himself. He paid the ferryman. Then he embraced the dryad. Alucard acknowledged. The mailman lived a hard life. Saria held him. They let go. Alicia Schneider checked the map. She held the compass. Though it was his gift. They went to easy with their property. That was not his responsibility. They found a way. Though his allies wished to be sure. Alucard felt like wasting time. Edward Morris then lead them through the passage. Alucard unsheathed his blade. The hunters also presented their weaponry. Alucard felt proud to be included in this company. Though he was different. Alucard believed in his mother. They climbed to reach the pinnacle. The necromancer was there. Alucard felt his presence. After this battle, they kept their obligations. Alucard might search for the castle. The cave was too quiet. Alucard had no trust. This was the silence before the storm, Marcia became a lantern. “Homing ball!” The Fernandez cast a spell. The bats burst on impact. They went over the spiked bed. “Good Lord!” Morris exclaimed. They worked up the ridge. The ice cracked.

The pinnacle, Ravenberg. The 10th. of December 2098 A.D.

The necromancer completed the spell. The fairies collapsed into the fountain. He cared not. The mother would use her force to restore them. The high fairy was large as a human child. “Who do you serve?” The dark wizard asked. She wept. He would have none of it. The tears had no meaning. “The One.” She shivered from head to foot. The necromancer might kill some fairies. That wouldn’t do. He would need all of them, alive. The necromancer cast the spell. This was almost amusing. Chaos was the ultimate power. The fairies screamed in pain. “My lord.” The guard disturbed him. “Well?” He asked. “What is it?” They would pay a terrible price for their next interruption. “We are the only survivors.” The foxes exchanged glances. “The warlock unleashed the terminator program.” The gold knight shuddered. “We got cut to pieces.” So, they were in control. That would not last. The necromancer dismissed the matter. “I release you. If that is what you wish.” He calmly informed. The knights gave their salute. Neither of them would leave. They could not. His power where upon them. The necromancer acknowledged. He cast the spell. The fairies screamed. What a music they made. The dead wizard would break them. Then they would make his wish come true.

He watched the apprentice at work. The grim reaper. The creature of Chaos soon regained enough power for him to appear. The magician had become strong. Death tracked the flow of the leaking Chaos to the source. So he thought to be the Dark Lord incarnate? There was only one lord of the vampires. Only one who could master Chaos. Death was there when count Vlad Tepes Dracula got anointed. The power of Dominance was required. He would tell him so. Then wait, the necromancer made up a new circle. Death watched the ritual proceed.

(A.N: It has been a long chase. But I had to split things up. The next text should be out soon. That’s the one you’ve been waiting for. The final showdown. Until next time, see you.)