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Castlevania: Darkness Never Dies


Part 1: Curse of Blood

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Part 2: Legacy of Sorrow

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Disclaimer: I do not own any part in Castlevania, neither characters nor games. These are trademark of Konami and Nintendo.

Part 1: Curse of Blood.

“And he saw the spirit of God, descending dove-like, coming upon him. And behold, a voice from the Heaven was saying; “This is my son, the beloved.”

Mathew: 3. 16.-17.

Chapter 3: Road to the Enemy.

Top floor, Berkeley mansion. The 15th. of December 2098 A.D.

This worked to their advantage. Lord Zabach beheld the image. “Then the game is afoot.”The necromancer was pleased. “You may leave us.” The lieutenant got this opportunity to showcase their valour. “I want detailed reports.” Though if Black Tyrannus got convinced, there was nothing he might do to change the status. There was no reason. This came from above high. “You have your chance to impress upon me.” This was his last command. “Then hail the count.” Nigma saluted before leaving. The necromancer dismissed. He would leave it to the cyborg. “It is like I predicted.” The hunters had breached the mansion. They were on his territory. “Let the game begin.” Lord Zabach would wear them down to extension. Then they would have no choice but to submit. The necromancer would feast upon their blood. “And then, the Belmont clan will hunt no longer.” He mused. The necromancer would receive a great reward for this turn. First, he got other things to arrange. “My dear.” He beckoned. “Listen to my voice.” The lady of the green had become his servant. The humpbacks hurried to prepare for their arrival. “I kneel before you and await to execute your will.” She then emerged from the mist. “I want them alive.” He told. “Though you might open up the party.”

Entrance hall, Berkeley mansion. The 15th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The house was ancient. “God with us.” Julius made the sign of the cross. The huge stain-glass windows got covered by the curtains. “This is the house of the dead.” The carpet felt soft beneath his feet. “The countess was mad.” Anna breathed. The embroideries were extraordinary. “Blast it all.” Thomas snarled. The priest inhaled. The image of the star-crossed heaven and crescent moon got repeated. “That is the white owl from the house of Carcharoth.” The clansman picked the machine gun. “The art must be worth a king’s ransom.” Anna remarked. The priest was speechless. Though he disliked this place. The candles suddenly got lit by the blue fire. Julius crossed himself. He looked toward the ceiling. The paintings described the Greek underworld. He let it pass. They got several opportunities. The corridors branched off in multiple directions. “I smell your presence.” Thomas declared. “Show yourself.” Marina shook her head. The priest admitted. This was not the right way. He unsheathed the sword. “Preserve us from the wicked One.” Julius charged an acid fume. He would be ready. “Curse you!” Thomas was blazing. The bats went for his throat. “You won’t bite me!” They got consumed by the blast. “God with us!” The hunt had begun. “I wish Ruth was here.” Anna picked her sword. “She might guide us.” Julius went for his friends. “Let me try to open the door.” Thomas got ahead. He wentto the left. “This one is closed!” Marina called. “Watch out!” The bats swept at her throat. “Dark ocean world!” Her skin turned blue.“Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Anna fired with the crossbow. “May you drown!” The nayad then brandished with the whip sword. “Preserveus!” Anna almost losther arm. “Rest in peace.” Julius crossed himself. Someone lay dead outside the basement. “Then I release you from the curse.” The priest felt cold inside. They got in trouble. The zombie raisedto choke her. “Dark horizon!” Marina sent a javelin of water through the corpse. “Welcome to Berkeley.” The mist breathed through the openings of ancient battlements. “I am your hostess for today.” Julius remained tall. “Then you might leave in peace.” There was always a chance for her to accept. The thing emerged from the mist. “You cannot deceive me.” She laughed. “Then let it be.” Julius exclaimed. “You brought this upon yourself.” He at least had to present the offer. “Burn in Hell!” Anna was furious. She leaped to strike with the sword. “Beware!” He called. “Of your heart!” She unlocked the seal. “Save us from the evil One!” Anna burst into song. “Rise like a Phoenix.” He and Thomas both made the sign of the cross. “Curse you!” Rahab threw the shroud aside. “the harlot of Jericho.” Marina impaled the dead with a burst of solid water. “Not true.” She got dressed like a concubine slave. “Though near enough.” She smiled. Julius shuddered. He might feel her power. Anna got quiet. She presented the crucifix. “Let me have a taste of your blood.” The bats gathered on her behalf. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” She picked together. “Then let it be done!” Anna spread her arms. The energy blast shot them to pieces. Rahab snarled. “god with us!” She cast some sort of charmed spell. Anna released him. The priest exhaled. He would not submit. “Preserve us from the wicked One!” Julius would put her to rest. “Fire in the hall!” Thomas released the boom. “Leave it to me.” Marina brandished with the whip sword. “Awake!” The female vampire was in control. “Hark!” she spread her arms out. “His Master’s voice!” Rahab might resurrect the dead. “All who oppose the prince of Darkness must die!” The priest approached. The sword shone like the sun in the forest. “take him!” Rahab released the bats. He presented the crucifix. “Get away!” Thomas emptied the round. “Burn in Hell!” He was a rogue. Though Thomas got to live. His family held the key to the final ritual. Julius shook it aside. The hunter leached upon the corpses. The bats went like a wave. Julius stood in front. His hands were on fire. The swarm squeaked in frustration. “You look so handsome.” Rahab giggled. She made manifest to embrace him. Julius shuddered. That was a trap. Rahab got her fangs and claws extended. She would tear and bite him. “God with us!” The priest trusted his dagger. That was the real family heirloom. Julius felt grateful to hold it. The weapon glided right in between her bosom. The red and green velvet jacket left bare the chest and middle Julius felt sick about it. The brown skin couldn’t hide her paler. The stab stained her with crimson. The priest almost threw up on sight. Rahab screamed. She countered with a dual strike. “You bastard!” Thomas impaled the corpse. He then emptied the round. The female vampire got hit by a bullet before she faded. The bats went like a swarm. They gathered up to attack. Julius reached for the bottle. She reappeared. Julius got ambushed by the black cat. He staggered. Rahab tried to knock him down. “You won’t dare!” Anna leaped with a jump kick. The force sent the female flying. “Curse you little whore!” The zombies would dine upon her flesh. “Dark ocean world!” Marina created a fountain. The group got stopped in place. The water was a shield. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Julius charged to release the meteor. The space stone rebounded to remove the monsters. That gave no edge. Rahab was back. She forced Anna to fight. Julius felt so helpless. “Twisted.” The others were forced to watch. Thomas reloaded the automaton. He didn’t dare to fire. “God with us!” The priest kept the bottle. “I release you!” He doused the duo with holy water. Rahab screamed. She got consumed. She somehow managed to throw the Gypsy hard against the wall. Rahab burned. The chill somehow managed to heal her body. “Blast you!” Thomas threw the stake. That caught her between the shoulders. Rahab made no sound. Instead, she delivered a dual kick. The long legs reached from the loincloth. Thomas groaned. The priest almost began to sob. This was to much. Rahab laughed by their misery. She licked her lips. Julius shuddered.

That was hard. Thomas groaned. He got pushed to the floor. The armour increased the impact. “May you drown.” Marina spoked through clenched teeth. The vampire laughed. She revealed her fangs. The green light burned behind the gaze. Marina screamed. The zombies gathered about. “In Manos Toas Domine.” Julius hurled the axe. That got buried in the neck. Anna got back on foot. She spread her arms to release the energy blast. Rahab fell to her knees. Julius inhaled. “This must be done.” He declared. Thomas pushed back up while the priest removed the head. “Rest in peace.” He proclaimed. Thomas felt no pity. The female vampire crumbled into ashes. Before she went, she fixed him with a hateful stare. Thomas presented the crucifix. Rahab screamed. He got protected against the curse. “Let it be over.” Julius spread the ashes. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth.” Thomas sighed. He took the gems. “The door is closed.” The girls went to check on the openings. “That is a problem.” The priest acknowledged. “We need the key.” Thomas dismissed. He went for the leftmost exit. That was open. He cracked the door. Julius went inside. He was always on the move. Thomas smirked. “Let it be good.” Anna touched the crucifix. That didn’t matter. He growled. Thomas knew she was right.

The study, Berkeley mansion. The 15th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The sunlight shone down into the heart of the study. Anna licked her lips. The desk got illuminated. She brandished with the sword. The armours gave her the shudder. Anna pulled at the hip-long dress. She enjoyed being adored. The remaining walls got occupied by the book shelves. “God with us!” Julius cried. “Watch out!” The bats came from above. “Marina released a beam of water before striking with the whip sword. “That was clever.” The nayad smirked. “I don’t think so.” The zombie tried to strangle. Thomas released the cross-shaped blast of energy. The bats got shot to pieces. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Anna stamped with the crucifix. That saved her life. The peeping eyesuddenly dashed forward. Julius met it in combat. The armour threw the axes forward. Anna blew him a kiss. She then fired with the crossbow. The silver pierced the peeping eye. “Dark water horizon!” Marina splashed about. She brandished with the whip sword. That defended against the monsters. The peeping eye burned to ashes. Anna threw kicks and punches. She inhaled. “Blasted!” Thomas fired with the automaton gun. That had some effect. The bats and zombies got pierced by silver bullets. “In the name of the Lord!” The offense got charged. Anna then exposed herself.

Torture lab, Berkeley mansion. The 15th. Of December 2098 A.D.

She opened her eyes. Ruth was under water. Bubbles went from her mouth and nostrils. Breathing was no problem. The liquid ran off. The tank got opened. Ruth felt all dizzy. She stepped out. She felt both blind and deaf. They caught her with soft leather hands. Ruth couldn’t scream. Finally, she could feel. Though the bright light made her to close her eyes. She stumbled some distance. Then she really screamed. Ruth might recollect the events. She remembered wat they did to her. Ruth didn’t want to. Though she couldn’t preventthe flow.



Ruth was tied to the table. The lizard shamans pierced her skin with tiny operation needles. They pumped some sort of clear fluid into her system. “That is enough.” The spider said. “Very well doctor.” The aid pulled the switches. “Read the sensors.” He instructed. Another shaman tested the instruments plastered upon her body. “The serum is working.” He said. “Her wounds are healing.” He checked another instrument. “Her heart and body are reacting naturally. The operation is a success.” The spider man doctor acknowledged. “Give her a full bath. I will not risc loosing her.” The shamans inserted another liquid. “You will become first in line of the new super soldiers.” He gloated. Ruth just fainted.


End of flashback.

What was happening? Ruth felt how it transformed her body. She really grew stronger. Ruth performed with a double jump. She then continued with the summersault.That she finished off with a high kick. Ruth landed in perfect balance. “Excellent.” The spider man triumphed. The aids gave her a fur-coated tunic, some underwear and a pair of boots. She redressed. Ruth buckled the belt into place. Then she noticed the symbol still hung around her neck. “She is to be terminated.” The spider man said. They unsheathed their blades. Ruth felt so cold. She went for the weapons. Those idiots put them on the table. She made a glide. Ruth was quicker then ever. She slashed through his silver white armour. She threw daggers forward. Flame burned on impact. She killed him. “Stop her!” The shaman shouted. “She is fused with Belmont DNA.” Ruth snarled. “We cannot let her escape!” The lizard pulled the switch upon the wrist. The battle droids looked like the subservient of death. “Hand over your weapons.” They reached above the shoulder to prepare for launch. Ruth licked her lips. “Yes.” The shaman activated the electrical scimitars. “Against the power of the machine, there can be no victory.” Ruth pulled together. “Roger. Roger.” She dismissed. Ruth dashed into battle.

The study, Berkeley mansion. The 15th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The battle-mage revealed her body. Marina sighed. She really was adorable. The axe knight broke her concentration. “Dark ocean world!” The nayad cursed. Marina gripped the whip sword. The peeping eyes dashed about. That was a problem. “It is time.” Thomas reloaded the automaton. “Let it be done!” Julius called. He doused the knight with holy water. Anna exclaimed. The priest made the axes to explode. Marina threw blasts of frozen water. The bats got shattered into pieces. Thomas snarled. He impaled the peeping eye upon the Lecarde spear. “Dark water horizon!” Julius made the knight to stagger. The battle-mage smiled. Anna danced about while utilizing with martial arts. She removed the head from between the shoulders. Marina pulled through her blonde hair. She closed her eyes. The nayad opened up to throw bursts of water. Julius hurled the Shuriken. The knight got burned on the return. “God with us!” Julius threw the axe forward. The armour fell upon his knees. Marina cast out to defeat the bats. Thomas growled. He impaled another eye. They group got involved. Julius created the rebound stone. That blocked against the axes. He attacked with the arms on fire. The nayad stabbed with the frozen spear. The priest tore the knight, limb from limb.

Command center, torture lab. The 15th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The orb became extinguished. “Excellent.” The droid-lieutenant Nigma Freud left the hologram field. The cyborg watched the events unfold. The adaptor gave total control of the robot force. He got images revealing them in action. That was important, though there was another project. “She is like a harlot.” Nigma got informed about the process. “She is mine.” The lieutenant got an image of the blonde. He made a grimace behind the T-shaped visor. She was the one responsible. He would make her to suffer. The woman crashed the battle droids. Nigma tapped on his sidearm. “Take her.” He requested. “Bring her to ground.” They would obey his command. “Terminate the hunter.” The cyborg smirked. “Roger. Roger.” They relayed his information. “Roger. Roger.” The super battle droids echoed the salute. Nigma gave the expected answer. “All who oppose the prince of Darkness must die.” He saluted with an outstretched arm. Perhaps if she conquered, the cyborg got a hidden resource. He would secure her defeat. “Deploy.” Nigma hissed. “Prepare her to be executed.” He got models revealing the prototypes. They might be useful. Nigma dismissed. They were for later. He got something else to consider. “Awake.” Nigma pulled the switch. “Hear his call.”

The study, Berkeley mansion. The 15th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The flames went out. Julius got to retreat. He caused a fire, though it wasn’t enough. The knight reacted. He dashed to take him in turn. “Twisted!” Thomas twirled with the lance. He threw the sakes toward the zombie. Anna presented the crucifix. The monsters got burned to ashes. “God with us!” Julius hurled the crystal. That gave an edge. Julius kept his grip. The knight exploded on impact. Marina leaped to strike with the whip sword. The priest managed to escape. The axes almost went home. Julius exhaled. The vial broke on contact. The knight got bathed in holy water. He created the pyre sword. “God with us!” Julius stabbed the blade through the core. Fire burst and burned on contact. Julius retrieved the big gem. This wasn’t over. Julius knew as much. The peeping eyes swooped to strangle him. Julius made a glide. The fight had made the shelf to fall over. Julius touched the crucifix. The books lay scattered everywhere. “Preserve us from the wicked One!” The armour was alive. Julius tightened his grip. Thomas rushed to impale the peeping eye. The girls fought together. Julius released a fireball. The armour staggered. The priest followed up with a meteor. “Let it be!” The homing ball closed the deal. He relaxed. Thomas picked the key. The item lay on the table. Julius picked the crystals. “Come.” He said. “Let us return to the hall.” That was no problem.

Entrance hall, Berkeley mansion. The 15th. Of December 2098 A.D.

They returned to the hall. Julius had a look around. The place looked the same. “Alright.” Thomas kept the armour. He leaned against the spear while his automaton got carried above the shoulder. “Lead the way.” Anna smiled. She pulled back her cape to reveal the short dress. “The door is back there.” The belt and corset told of her grace. “Very well.” Marina pulled through her blonde hair. She put a hand on the whip sword. Julius dismissed. He cared about them. The girls protected against the monsters. “This doesn’t work.” The dark-breed frowned. “Curse it, but this is not the right key.” He pulled up the spear. “Peace be with you.” Julius told. “There have to be another lock.” Thomas sent him a look. The priest tried to ease his tensions. “Tell me about it.” He muttered. “Perhaps we should leave.” Marina suggested. “You know we can’t do that.” Anna touched her sides. “Ruth is in danger.” Julius didn’t listen. He went for the stairs. “Where are you going?” The others followed. “To where I must.” They never searched that floor before. Julius made the sign of the cross before climbing. The others maintained their weapons. “Good Lord in Heaven!” Anna fired with the crossbow. The panther leaped at his throat. Julius threw the dagger. The beast got impaled. Julius repeated the assault. The spear guard blocked the offence. “Let me give a hand.”Anna released the bolt of silver. “Back to Hell!” Thomas fired. He aimed for the bats. Julius made the sign of the cross. They came from up high. “Get behind!” Marina struck the weapon aside. The spear guard staggered. “God with us!” Julius struck with the sword. He created the fairy weapon. The lance stabbed through the ceiling. “Blast it!” Thomas cursed. “There must be another one on the next floor.” Julius got no time. The spear guard twirled with the weapon to release a heavy wave of deathly energy. The priest didn’t even try to block. He made a back-flip to escape. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Anna delivered with a charged kick before striking with the sword. Thomas and Marina got occupied on the second floor. The gallery led around the hall. Julius threw it aside. There might be nothing special about this building, though he got to find the key. Anna danced the stairs away. There was no other way to describe the phenomena. The vial broke on impact. The spear guard got bathed in holy water. The liquid burned on impact. “God with us!” Julius dashed. He buried the angel sword deep within the suit of armour. He tried to gather. The priest stamped with the crucifix. His symbol tore the knight apart. Julius made the sign of the cross. He picked the gems. The priest even knocked some candles. Julius let be the money. Then again, he thought better of it. The coins might come in handy. They morphed into the pieces of silver. Julius frowned. There was something about that. Dracula’s almost personal enmity toward the craftsman. Anna ended her performance for the night. She was sweating. The dancing girl cleaned her forehead. “Did you like it?” Anna fumed. “May you be blessed.” She was absolutely adorable. It was forbidden. Julius was a priest. Though the third council of the Vatican was debating the issue, they reached no conclusion. “Get down!” They got no more time. The panther threw itself upon her back. “Leave me alone!” Anna turned around. The fireballs got spread like a shield. Julius blinked. He never knew she got that inside of her. She shook her head, throwing the dark hair about. He dismissed. “Come on!” He called. “Follow me!” Julius climbed up the stairway. They arrived in time. Thomas pulled back to reload his automaton gun. That left Marina to fend for herself. The blue skin shone in the candlelight as she brandished with the whip sword. She released a storm of icicles before making them to forge into a single beam of pressured water. Julius spoke no word, made no sign, as he hurled the meteor. The spear guard was hit.That smashed the mail shirt. “Leave him alone!” Anna was never quiet. She fired the bolt of silver. That pierced the necklace.The armour exploded. Julius left them to collect the gems. He climbed the final stair. They soon caught up. Thomas leaped high to throw the stake. The peeping eye got impaled. “Let it sink. Let it burn.” Julius made the sign of the cross. “Let his will be done among men and women.” The priest got other problems. The panther leached to get on top. Julius threw the axe. The spine got broken. He was sure to cut short the pain. The spear guard trusted with the lance. The priest made a back flip to throw the Shuriken. The knight blocked even that attack. “Try to stop this.” Julius hurled the homing clock. The spear guard got stopped in time. Julius might relax.

The attic, Berkeley mansion. The 15th. of December 2098 A.D.

The door was closed. Thomas howled for victory. The key actually worked. He looked around. The attic consisted of two rooms, with several smaller niches branching of. “Let it be done.” Julius stepped in front. “Let us find that key.” Thomas smirked. “Alright.” He carried the gun upon his shoulder. The spear would be put to the test. “Beware!” The bats went on silent wings. They settled for his throat. Thomas snarled. He turned angry. The dark-breed was tired about their blood thirst. “Dark ocean world!” Marina got choked by the zombie. “Oh my god!” The canon got aimed and ready. The arm got the be at least some hundred years old. That didn’t matter. The canon ball went flying threw the air. “Hail you man, citizens and ghostly gladiators!” Anna muttered. “All hail the emperor!” Thomas laughed, though this wasn’t the time for black humour. The projectile exploded against the wall. He dashed before they might prepare another round. “Let me go!” The nayad got caught in the grip. She reached up to freeze him. The corpse fell apart. She cradled the crystal. Thomas went berserk against the ballista. He tore it to peaces. Julius went ahead. He knocked the candles. “Lucky.” That were the laurels. The priest might use them for healing purposes. That was a relief.

The legends told the laurels might turn the holder invincible. Anna put the three four fingers upon her crucifix before making the sign of the cross. The gypsy wished she paid better attention to when the storyteller came to her community. The peeping eye made an attempt as the hangman’s daughter. Marina got lifted into the air. “Curse you!” Thomas trusted the spear right about his shoulders to impale the eyeball. “God with us!” Julius created the pyre sword. He got surrounded by the bats and zombies. The crucifix burned like the stars in the Heaven. Anna danced about while throwing fireballs. Why hadn’t she noticed before? This was so easy. It felt almost natural. She threw that aside. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Anna fired with the crossbow. The bolt was made from silver. She found them within the candles. The eye burned on impact. “Leave him alone!” She made a high kick before striking with the sword. The corpse got struck to pieces. Anna didn’t stop. She would brandish until the curse was broken. Thomas kept running through the caskets. “Here it is!” He triumphed. “I think.” He found the key inside the toy box. “Puppy dog tails in the house of God.” Anna whistled. “Tell me, darling; what does it means?” She couldn’t resist the giggle.

Torture lab, Berkeley mansion. The 15th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The battle droids approached. “Drop your weapons.” Ruth inhaled. She twirled with the axe. “It is over.” The fishes swam about their aquarium. “Leave it alone.” She might get supernatural abilities. “Cursed human.” The lizard crossed the scimitars. “You are to pay.” Ruth threw the daggers forward. “Terminate the hunter.” The robots opened fire. She presented the chandelier symbol. That created a shield. “You seem to enjoy your toy.” The lizard leaped to strike. Ruth met him, face-to-face. Their weapons clashed. Ruth knew they fused her with Belmont DNA. “Kill her!” The lizard made a back-flip. “Roger. Roger.” The battle droids intensified the assault. “Be with me!” Ruth dashed. She cleaved through the robots like dry grass. “Dracul!” The lizard threw the electrified weapons like boomerangs. “Die in the name of Dracula!” She managed to glide beneath. The axe crushed his armour. “No!” The monster shrieked. “You brought it upon yourself.” Ruth served in the military. She was happy to escape. “This is not the end.” The lizard hissed. “That might be true.” She removed the head. “Though you are out of business.” She turned around to release the axe. She then dolgedout the heart. The mutant was dead before reaching the floor.

The cellar, Berkeley mansion. The 15th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The lion head spewed water into the abyss. Marina tightened her grip. The liquid didn’t look healthy. The nayad might feel it chill her spine. They finally reached destination, though that made no difference. “We have to reach the other side.” Julius figured about the situation. “Are you sure about that?” The dark-breed seemed to consider. “That is the truth.” Marina made a grimace. The priest was right. She might dislike, though it was the only way. “Get down!” Before they might debate the matter, the bats went like a swarm. She spat on the ground. The nayad disliked their kind. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Anna danced about while stabbing with the sword. Marina was impressed. The dancing girl might charge her abilities. The mystic force might burn on impact. “Let us be finished.” Thomas grabbed her around the waists. Marina blushed. He got strong hands. The nayad put it aside. Thomas went over the distance. The bats kept in close pursuit. They landed upon the catwalk. “Preserve us!” Anna and Julius landed behind. They joined forces. They better. The mermen leaped from the abyss to spit fireballs. “Dark ocean world!” Marina cursed. The fountain blocked off the objective. “God with us!” Julius presented the sword before he released the homing ball.

Command center, torture lab. The 15th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The hologram flickered. “Be couscous.” The necromancer informed. “These vampire hunters are not to be underestimated.” Nigma gave his salute. The image appeared above the ring. “Yes, my lord.” The cyborg hailed. “It shall be done.” The dark wizard kept his stare. “Do not fail me again lieutenant.” This was his great opportunity. “No worry.” Nigma remained tall. “They shall not escape.” The dead wizard acknowledged. “Let it be.” The hologram disappeared. “Deploy.” Nigma demanded. “Release the destroyer droids.” He got interrupted. “Curse you to death and darkness!” That was a disturbance. “Activate.” Nigma would protect his domain. “So, you think to defeat me.” They went through the back-door. “If the robots prevent you, then where would you go?” Nigma touched the wrist-control. He reached above the chest. “I will be waiting for you.” The adaptor granted his dominance. “This is his last command.”” The system would prevent the approach. Nigma reached for the side-arm. That would be enough for now. The lieutenant got other to consider. “She tries to use her power against us.” That was not allowed. Nigma would prevent her victory. “Come with me.” He told the robots. “We got work to do.” The elevator would take them to the battle.

The cellar, Berkeley mansion. The 15th. Of December 2098 A.D.

Monster blood got splashed upon the floor. Julius felt tired. The fishmen exploded on impact. Marina created the fountain. The water cleaned the mess. The bats haunted no longer. The priest made the sign of the cross. He pulled together. “Blast you!” Thomas trusted the spear. “Watch out!” Anna brushed through the dark blonde hair. The spiders created the net. They might inflict a poisoned state. “I hate you!” The dark-breed spun about. Julius threw the vials into the air. The holy water might purify the cellar. Julius impaled with the sword. The dark-breed crossed the abyss. The priest made the sign of the cross. He threw the Shuriken. Julius got to remove the web. “God with us!” He consolidated the force to reach above. “Nice of you to drop by.” Thomas smirked. He got no reason. The pillar turned to spit fireballs. Julius forged the fairy sword. The blade burned like the sun in the forest. He was able to repel. The top skull turned around to breathe flames. He threw the vial down in front. The wall of fire was changed into a barrier. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” the girls caught up. “Dark water horizon!” Marina splashed about. She forced the mermen away. Anna danced to throw the fireballs. The bats got burned into ashes. That was a relief. Julius leaped to strike with the sword. He tried to destroy the pillar. “Preserve us.” Sparks flew on contact. The skull resisted the attempt. Julius went pale. He presented the crucifix. Even the fireballs burned out. “In Manos Thoas Domine.” He made the sign of the cross. The Lord didn’t forsake him. The head turned to breathe flames. “Die you demons!” Thomas emptied the automaton. The bats got shot to pieces. He stopped to reload. The mermen disturbed his focus. Anna fired with the crossbow. The bolt of silver granted an edge. Julius attacked with his arms on fire. The delivered several enflamed punches before breaking the head. The bottom skull burned his body. Julius screamed. He would be bedridden. Then he relaxed. He touched the laurels. They restored his health. Julius was grateful. The legend told the truth. Julius exhaled. He got to retrieve the sword. “God with us!” He threw the rebound stone. That shattered the bone pillar. “Thank You.” He took the gems. Julius let his friends knock the candles. “Be careful.” He said. “We need the oil lamps.” Thomas sent him a tired look. Julius dismissed. He descended toward the floor. “Not again!” Anna leaped down. She landed within an X position. Julius scratched his beard. She was incredible. Julius dismissed. The bone pillar turned to burn her. She danced to strike with the sword. The skull got pierced. She pulled to might get free. The bats settled about her neck. The crucifix created some distance. Julius might relax. The rosary hadn’t broken. She touched the rose-beads. Julius bent for the dagger. The mermen tried to pull him down under. “Leave him alone!” Marina brandished with the whip sword. “You heard the girl.” Thomas fired a shot. “Let him go.” Julius struggled for breath. He might remain in place, though it was no protection against the hold. Thomas snarled. He dashed to impale them. Julius inhaled. “God with us!” He left it within the hands of the Lord. The crucifix burned overhead. Julius got lifted into the air. The enflamed cross cleansed the cellar. The monsters got tore to pieces. Julius exhaled. They shared the crystals. “This is reminiscent.” Thomas beheld the wall. “That is a legend.” Julius touched the blue bricks. “They seem to be made of blood.” Anna frowned. The priest cracked a vial. “They do.” The holy water had no effect. “That was strange.” The journal survived Simon’s quest in 1691. The liquid ran down the wall. That should have remove the barrier, though nothing happened. “We have to use something stronger.” Anna juggled with the ice pellet. “Some sort of explosive.” Anna made a grimace. “We have nothing of the kind.” She reached for the crucifix. Then she sighed. “We have to knock the candles.” Anna threw back the cape for a better aim. “I see.” Julius acknowledged. She was right. “You knocked the lot.” Thomas remarked. He reloaded the shotgun. “I know that.” They got to move out across the pond. “we have no choice.” Marina hurled the bullet toward the spider. Julius made the sign of the cross. Then he leaped into the air. He landed upon the platform. The mermen jumped from the depth to spit fireballs. They tried to pull him down under. “That is not to happen.” Julius hurled the meteor. He got an edge. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Anna landed to the side. She kept dancing about while charging her offence. The priest picked back together. Anna was adorable. The others caught up. Thomas twirled with the spear. He somehow managed to channel the mystics. Julius made the sign of the cross. He was a dark-breed. “Black water!” Marina kept in control. She created a fountain. The water blast made the bats to scatter. Julius drew sweat of his forehead. They swept for blood. He threw the axe. The spider burned on impact. He kept forward. Thomas reloaded the automaton. He might handle the mermen. Julius had no doubt. The bone pillar turned to spit fireballs before breathing flame. They got in trouble. “God with us!” Julius crashed the vial. The holy fire created a wall. The priest touched the crucifix. He was alive. Julius buried the angel sword within the head. He released the homing ball. The pillar shook. He felt no remorse. Julius threw the dagger inside. The head got crushed to pieces. Julius roared. The other skull burned his flesh. The laurels healed him. Then he might relax. “Back to Hell!” Thomas created a cross-shaped beam of pure energy. The head got blasted into oblivion. Anna knocked the lamp. “This is the pentagram.” She cradled the item. “Let us return.” Marina suggested. The priest made no argument. He leaped over the distance. The mermen jumped to take both men. “Get down!” Anna presented the crucifix. The nayad then brandished with the whip sword. The bats got burned to ashes. “God with us!” Julius forged the pyre sword. “Continue!” He called. “Knock the wall!” Anna licked her lips. “Hurry!” Thomas encouraged. “Get it done girl!” The priest exhaled. She listened. Anna went ahead to put the pentagram in place. The explosion then shook the cellar.

The fishmen got shot to pieces. Thomas snarled. He leaped above. There had to be more magic at work. The spiders went down to create the web. “Blast you!” Thomas got to reload. He threw the stakes among the lot. They burned on impact. That worked to his advantage. Thomas howled for victory. The sound got quenched in his throat. The merman reached to choke him. “In Manos Toas Domine.” He wasn’t alone. Julius removed the head. “Come over here!” Marina had joined with the dancing girl. They appeared before the entrance. “Be careful with that.” Julius caught up. “That might be dangerous.” The lamps turned green.

Torture lab, Berkeley mansion. The 15th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The walls got coated with sturdy metal plates. “I don’t like this place.” Anna looked about. “I know.” Thomas snarled. He was able to reload the automaton. “To wake the dead.” Julius made the sign of the cross. “They wander where they don’t belong.” The elevator platform got surrounded by a glass wall. “Dark ocean world.” Marina cursed. The spacer lay dead before the aquarium. The tank went down below the area. “Let us be gone.” Anna suggested. That was not a bad idea. Before he might act, the bats left the ceiling. “Cursed loyalist equipment!” Thomas roared. The priest threw the vial. “I have a bad feeling about this.” Anna breathed.

The elevator was so cold. Anna shuddered. This was unnatural. “Save us!” The spacer got reanimated. “Good Lord in Heaven!” The zombie released an onslaught of bullets. Julius made the crosses to appear. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Anna released a flurry of fireballs. The bats got burned into ashes. She even caught the rocket. “blast it!” Thomas cursed. The objective caused another explosion. “Dark ocean world.” Marina shared their emotions. The nayad pulled a javelin of water through his heart. “Come with me!” The spacer burned. He collapsed upon the floor. “Bless me.” Anna claimed the crystals. Marina stepped upon the platform. They gathered together. The nayad stepped upon the switch. “This is incredible.” The aquariums went below the chamber. “That is no tank.” Julius tightened his grip. “That is the pond.” Anna blinked. Then she figured. “It is dark water.” Marina went blue like the river. “Get ready to rumble.” Thomas reloaded the gun. He ran down the glass pipe. Anna retrieved the sword. “Wait for me!” Julius called. “That is the defence!” Anna stopped. The turrets turned around to deliver the array. “Stop!” The robots came through the portal. “Roger. Roger.” The group echoed the command. “Not for life.” She told the lot.

The three metal wheels went rolling down the corridor. Ruth charged her weapon. Someone climbed from below. She had no mind about it. Ruth would fight, whoever they were. First, she got this to complete. The defence mechanism kept hurling the grenades into the air. Ruth made a grimace. She already broke the machine guns. Not that it mattered. They got supported. The eyes opened up to release the laser blasts. She blocked off the attack. “Stay with me.” Ruth whispered. The metal wheels unfolded. She licked her lips. They looked like Arachene made of metal. The women came to the farm. They brought the people off for auction. She threw that aside. Ruth got to focus upon this battle. “God with us!” Ruth broke off. She knew that cry. Julius had arrived. The group spread out to demolish the system. “Get down!” The robots opened fire. “Father! Destroyers!” She heard they got something Hellish going on. “Preserve us from the wicked One!” Anna danced about to brandish with the sword while utilizing some charged form of martial arts. “They got shield generators!” Ruth tried to warn them. She was to late. The dancing girl got dragged along. “Black water.” Marina might inflict a frozen state. She got an edge. The ice wave might prevent against the undead.

The tunnels still got coated with glass. Marina wasn’t interested. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Anna was free. She fired with the crossbow. The bolt of silver pierced the energy shield. The dancing girl finished what she began. The destroyer droid got shot to pieces. “Roger. Roger.” The battle droids opened fire. Marina froze in kind. She brandished with the whip sword. That carved some space. The laser turrets kept turning around. “Get down!” The ice pellets melted into a stream of water. Marina got an edge. The robots got soaked by the fountain. “God with us!” Julius approached with both his arms and blade on fire. “Bless you!”” Anna called. She fired one more bolt. The spider man robot got pierced through the neck and torso. Marina made it to rain. She would flush them away. The turrets sparked before they exploded. “Let that be the end.” The battle droids tried to tear her apart. Julius released her from the grip. “Thank you.” She must relax. “That saved my life.” Marina couldn’t waste more of her energy. Anna still tried to impale the shield. Marina threw a barrage of spikes. The destroyer got to recalibrate the shield. There was no time. The robot broke apart. “Stay back.” Julius told. “The lamps are turning green.” Marina was ready.

They had arrived. Nigma considered the turn of events. “Dispatch.” He requested. “They are under arrest.” The camera never lied. “Roger. Roger.” The super battle droids spread out upon the area. “Excellent.” The cyborg got prepared. He didn’t arrive without a constancy plan. “Terminate the traitor.” He told. “Leave the rest to me.” Nigma presented the light sabre. “That rests with the Lord.” The lieutenant acknowledged. Nigma was correct in recognising the priest as the greatest threat. “He is not alone you bastard!” The dark-breed brandished with the spear. “Indeed.” Nigma dismissed. “You shall regret ever having defyed me.” The cyborg dashed for victory. The Belmont countered with the pyre sword. “Get behind!” The dark-breed sniffed the air. “He is a Lycan clansman!” Nigma got concealed by the T-shaped visor. “How do you know?” He demanded an answer. The opponent gave no hint. Nigma dropped the issue. It wasn’t important. “You are dead.” He fired with the shoulder gun. The priest blockedthe attack. Nigma stabbed with the light sabre. They would not escape. Nigma would ensure their defeat. “The Dark Lord will triumph upon your demise.” He announced. “Dracula is dead.” The dark-breed stabbed with the spear. “Soon you will be gone too.”

Torture lab, Berkeley mansion. The 15th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The chase led back into the laboratory. Julius forced the light sabre aside. The sword shone like the sun in the forest. “Curse you human!” The cyborg lifted off while hurling the pebbles from the shoulder gun. The priest made the sign of the cross. How was this possible? Who forged the machine force? The robots got a dragon crest impressed upon the chest and shoulder. Each biting the tiny letters forming the word of Brencorp. That might be a clue, though it would have to wait for another time. “Remember the name of Nigma.” The monster returned to strike. “It is the last name you will ever hear.” Julius made no comment. This he would have to do alone. His friends got occupied by with the robots. “Battle droid 2, 5 and 13! Form a firing line! The trio joined up to blast him. “Roger. Roger.” He had begun to dislike the communication. The daggers. “God with us!” He pierced the torso. “No! blast you!” The priest pulled away, the pebbles might blast him into oblivion. “You cannot resist me.” There came no blood. “The super battle droids will crush your friends.” The yellow eyes gleamed from within the helmet. His voice sank to a whisper. “Your hopes and dreams will be to no avail.” His left hand became a fist. “The dark lord roles this house.” Julius kept his faith. He made a backflip to crush a vial. The holy water splashed over his body to might burn out the cyborg. Nigma shrieked. He threw a fist. Julius staggered. The sudden dash caught him off guard. The priest managed to present the crucifix. Nigma got forced away, though the pellets flashed. He made the crossed to rise in front. That prevented the impact. Although the outburst made him to scream. “As you see.” Nigma raised his weapon. “All who appose the prince of Darkness must die.” That was a lie. He still kept the memory of light. Julius trusted the gold knife straight through the heart. “Away from me Satan, only God you shall worship.” Nigma got forced away. Julius approached to throw the Shuriken. “You cannot stop me!” He retrieved the throwing star. The pebbles went blasting. Julius forced the pyre sword. He managed to repel the onslaught. The axe then crushed his helmet. “Clever.” He shook the remains aside. “Very clever.” The Lycan got a scar, right across his face. “Though that is not enough.” Julius swallowed. There was something weird about his features. Julius moved to strike. “Stay still priest man.” He shot a wave of explosive sparks. “Do you feel numb yet?” The priest gave no answer. He made another backflip. “Deploy and activate.” The cyborg touched the adapter. “Blast them!” The clanking sound told off the approach. The metal wheels went rolling down the hall before rising up to release with the crossfire. They might rip his friends apart. Julius could do nothing. “Have a rest.” Nigma unleashed another barrage. Julius threw the fireball before he followed up with the meteor. That blocked the objective. “Nice trick.” Nigma went up while blasting with pebbles. Julius threw the axe. The impact sent the cyborg hard against the wall. He caused a shrieking sound while falling down. Julius was able to stamp with the crucifix. Nigma seemed to vomit. The priest threw himself sideways. He better, that was liquid flame. The cyborg used it like a flame thrower. Julius was forced to run. He put up the sword. The jetpack granted control. The impact was announced by a series of pebbles. Julius was put to the test. The fairy sword sent them flying against the ceiling. Nigma snarled. Julius stamped with the crucifix. That gave him time to doze the monstrosity with holy water. Nigma was on fire. Never the less,he was about to choke him. Julius managed to glide beneath. The priest got up, only to repel the flurry of sparks. Nigma leached to tear his throat. The werewolf’s teeth shone like polished ivory. Julius shuddered. “Take this for a bite.” He put the rose-beads into his mouth. The necklace almost got tore away. Nigma shook. The flames burned him from inside. “You are doomed!” Nigma struck with the light sabre. “Even if you defeat me, the central control computer will keep the robots in tapped.” Julius bent below the attack. “That rest with the Lord.” He removed the head. The explosion sent him far away. Julius landed upon some great circular dish. “Not in Hell!” Thomas howled. The platform was rising into the air. He managed to get up. The dark-breed leaped to reach on top. They left the others behind to challenge the robots. Julius shook his head. This couldn’t happen. He promised the pope to become their Shepard. That was too late.

Command center, torture lab. The 15th. of December 2098 A.D.

The elevator delivered them into an oval chamber. Julius made the sign of the cross. The crystal reflected the light. “I knew this was to easy.” Thomas spat upon the floor. Julius had no mind. He forged the angel sword. “They are the lesser Lycanthrope.” The fight left plenty of gems behind. He claimed the lot. They replenished his energy. The priest let his friends take the rest. They would need the boast. The group of lesser Lycan dashed to perform with fierce biting attacks. Julius wished he got weapons forged by silver. That was out of the question. “Die you monster!” Thomas fired a boom. The automaton gun got loaded with the silver bullets. The impact left him burning upon the ground. “God with us!” Julius felt how the blood left his face. He barely sidestepped the claw swipe. “Get back you devils!” Thomas roared. He twirled with the spear. The weapon was ablaze. Julius touched the crucifix. Thomas was not an ordinary man. The lesser Lycan got clad in rags. That didn’t fit the surroundings. He impaled the heart. “In Manos Toas Domine!” Julius held the vial overhead. He crashed down to create a pyre. The holy flames obscured the room. The priest cried by the counter force. That was horrible. The monsters left the crystals behind. “You bastard!” Thomas threw the stakes. That impaled the opponent. Julius presented the crucifix. The Lycan hid his face. Julius got a breather. He threw three daggers forward. The monster got burned. He howled upon conquest. Julius sighed. That was close. There still were three more of them.

The defence remained dormant. Thomasdidn’t care. He changed the prospective. Thomasemptied thegun. The silver bullets had some effect. He touched the crucifix. Thomas knew what to do. The cross-shaped beam left only one monster. “God with us!” Julius cried.He dashed to impale the Lycanthrope. Thomas smirked. The head rolled on the floor. “Profile identification.” That was not a human voice. The ID identified.” The central control computer brought up a hologram. “Julius Belmont.” The screens got illuminated, showing his friend in action. “Danger assessment: 100%” The cameras were turned in his direction. “ID identified: Thomas Oldrey.” The catalogue was complete. “dark-breed stage 1.” Thomas snarled. “Danger assessment: 25%” The computer revealed several images. “That is what you think.” He muttered. “Let me show you the real thing.” Then again, that might be impossible. “Attack pattern Beta: Activate.” The metal shield got moved into place. “Terminate the hero.” The niches opened to reveal the groups of super battle droids. “So, it is.” Julius brandished with the sword. “God with us!” He got no doubt. “We have to destroy the gems!” That was pure instinct. They created another shield. Thomas howled. He would avenge his family.

Torture lab, Berkeley mansion. The 15th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The destroyer droid angled the crossfire blasters. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Anna revealed the crucifix. “Holo ID.” The projectors revealed her figure. “Anna Westenra. Runaway slut. A whore of the Dark Lord.” She enjoyed being adored, though this was different. Anna was not a harlot. She reached for the sword. The dancing girl would showcase her abilities.“Yeah!” Anna shrieked before releasing her martial arts. The crossbow hit against her shoulders. That had to wait. The blade and arts got energized. This way she might hit even the robots. “Back off you devils!” Ruth was at her back. She made the axe to burn. That might destroy the monsters. “Black water!” Marina got left alone. The naiad brandished with the whip sword. The javelin impaled the robot. Anna giggled. She couldn’t prevent it. Oh, how she would like to expose everything. Anna danced to release the fireballs. The sword pierced the shield. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Anna ripped the crossbow. The generator was failing. The silver bolt caused an explosion. “Go on!” Ruth defended against the security system. The turrets shot bullets, threw grenades or fired laser bursts. Anna trusted into the control box. The destroyer screamed on impact. The explosion then shook the area.

The defence mechanism started up again. Ruth and Anna fought back to back. The hunter felt her excitement. “This isn’t to work.” She muttered while hurling daggers. The laser sight exploded. Anna was craving. Ruth was sure about it. She saw it on her face. “Control yourself.” Ruth snapped. Then she went softer. “This isn’t the time.” The turrets turned back and forth while shooting. Ruth ducked beneath the bullets. “That is not your concern.” Anna danced about to escape the onslaught. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” She knocked the turrets into oblivion. “Get back!” Ruth cried. The grenade launcher reacted. Anna got away. She kept dancing while hurling fireballs. The launchers exploded on impact. That was clever. “Hand over your weapons.” The battle droids spoiled the moment. “Roger. Roger.” They might be a problem. “Watch out!” This time it was Anna that shouted. She had no mind. The bats went like a swarm. “Get behind!” Ruth presented the chandelier symbol. They scattered about. “Prepare to be terminated.” The corporal informed. “Terminate the hunter.” The robots bobbed up and down. “That won’t happen!” Anna fired one more bolt. The leader lost his head. “Leave us alone!” Ruth advanced with the axe on fire.

The droids collapsed upon the ground. Marina exhaled. That was close. The destroyer droid was still in action. “Dark ocean world!” She cursed. “Prepare to be terminated.” The robot released one of its pre-programed instructions. “Roger. Roger.” Marina splashed about. The destroyer changed its polarity. Marina smiled without humour. “I have you now.” She breathed. The monster approached. “Alright Marina.” She told herself. “Blow this thing and go home.” That was easier said then done. The multiple pointed icicles shot through the robot. “It is over.” The robot fell into a pile. “What a pretty pearl necklace.” She touched the replica. That was a sample of the crest of water. Marina sighed. She had to let go. The others needed her help. Marina claimed the crystals. The machine left a lot. They restored her energy. That might be of some use. Marina tightened the grip. She dashed to create a downpour. The whip sword got coiled around their neck. Marina created a fountain. That gave an edge. She released a flurry of ice bullets. Marina got to resist the offensive. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Anna made an ambush. The nayad blinked. She disliked the stare. The dancing girl looked excited. That was a change. Marina got to conquer before it got worse.

The den, Berkeley mansion. The 15th. Of December 2098 A.D.

Accursed hunters! There camea bright flash from within the torture lab. “Dracul!” Clea raised upon her knees. Something happened over there. The harpy felt a slight shudder. She got the flock gathered about the nest. “Mistress?” Gloria was blonde. “Is anything the matter?” Clea still kept the amulet. She gave no answer. That was a gift from Zabach. “Are you awake?” Bridget pulled back the messy brown hair. “Please response.” Erica got red hair. She was the tribe’s harlot.“We are here to serve you.” She tugged at her black locks. Clea removed the hand. That would be for another time. “Be quiet.” The leader requested. She got to think. “The Dark Lord bestowed upon me with power.” The comment made them to obey. “They are to pay for killing the prince of Darkness.” That was the point. “They must be occupied.” Gloria tried to embrace her. “The robots shall conquer.” Clea pushed her aside. The blonde landed upon her back. She spread her legs to might expose herself. “Am I not attractive?” Bridget and Erica bent to lick her nipples. “Oh yes!” Gloria kept kicking her legs. The sisters put their hands in between. “They might.” Clea was gasping. Her cheeks went crimson. “No problem.” The eyes were beaming. “I am sure.” Clea’s tongue movedbefore she reached her.

Command center, torture lab. The 15th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The computers lay in shambles. Julius made the sign of the cross. The central control mechanism was still in effect. “No! Please Reinhold, I might still give you pleasure!” The machine played the audio to mock his memory of an enlightened soul. “Oh yes.” That was another voice. “They might protect you.” The voice grew bitter. “For a coin each night.” That was her. Anna sobbed on this recording. “Curse you!” Thomas howled. “She is nothing of the sort.” The holo-feed showed differently. Anna was dragged from her community. The people got an opportunity to might earn her back. The Romani tribe refused to pay. Reinhold Schmidt was a local warlord. He cast her out to the people for entertainment. Julius wondered who might be taping the events. Anna refused to provide. She summoned the name of the Lord. That way, she ended up in prison. He dismissed. This was a waste of time. The central control computer figured it got time to eliminate their friends, though only if it might keep them attention occupied. Julius dashed across the floor. “Execute main program.” The voice belonged to a woman. “Defence mechanism activated.” The security crystal got surrounded by turrets and lasers. The priest dodged the attack. The bullets rebounded against the floor. “Blasted machinery!” Thomas attacked the system. The spear was somehow blazing with mystical energy. He might crush the mechanism. That reminded about Eric Lecarde. He and John Morris fought against the Dark Lord in 1917. The family united after the Eclipse incident. Julius sighed. He got work to do. The priest was the heir to Maxim Kishine. The Belmont blood burned from within. He got Simon’s heart of fire. Thomas howled. The turrets were smashed to pieces. “God with us!” Julius doused the crystal with holy water. The splinters rebounded on impact. “Save us!” They might inflict a cursed state. “Blasted darkside equipment!” Thomas snarled. “They repair the system.” The zombies were alive. They might repair the system. Julius made the sign of the cross. He sidestepped the explosives. The corpses gathered to take him. Julius hurled three daggers. He then crushed the grenade launcher. That carved some space, though not nearly enough. “Burn in Hell!” Thomas fired the automaton gun. The lasers got shot to pieces. Julius dashed to impale the crystal. “Nice trick.” Thomas smirked. The item shook. “That rests with the Lord.” Julius dodged a wave of splinters. He threw the meteor out for cover. The space rock grounded to dust. The zombies began to rebuild the security. “Take a nap.” Thomas fired a cross-shaped beam of energy. The priest dismissed about the matter. He got to destroy the crystal. Julius picked the gems which they left behind. Julius made a glide. He got beneath the turrets to throw the gold Shuriken. That made an impact. The splinters got knocked off the frame. Julius screamed. He got scored by the bits. The laurels restored him. He bit together. The axe split in three. That caused repeated damage. “Thank you!” Thomas called. He leaped to stab with the spear. The security crystal broke apart. Thomas threw the stakes like a shield. The zombies dragged him away. That saved his life. The crystal kept flashing brighter. The huge amount of raw energy blasted the spot. Julius crushed the vial. The holy water burned in front. He consolidated the force to reach above. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost!” Julius got lifted into the air. The cross burned above. The image broke to cleanse the command center. Julius was put down in place. The robots got awake. They moved to prepare the system. “You have an appointment to keep.” Thomas remarked. “With me.” He then emptied the automaton. The robots got blasted into oblivion. Julius escaped the bullets. He knocked the turrets. That nearly killed him. The machine-guns exploded on contact. He wondered if this was like the scary candles which Nathan Graves encountered in 1830. The crystal released another burst. Julius rolled across the floor. He got up to throw the homing ball. The system got crushed to pieces. “God with us!” Julius doused the crystal with holy water. He picked the gems. The priest got hurt by the splinters. The restoration cost much energy. Julius picked together. He got to destroy the security. “Fire in the hall!” Thomas called. The priest made a back-flip. Thomas smirked. He then released the remaining bullets. The crystal broke apart. “Watch out!” The pieces, and the burst of energy, might blow him apart. Julius threw the axe. That made a deep impact, though the robots brought him away. They better. The shards might tear him apart. Julius felt chills down his spine. He had to focus. The security system got restored. The turrets, launchers and lasers kept blasting about. Thomas went to counter the assault. They fought back to back. The robots and zombies tried to conquer. Julius brandished with the sword. “Look out!” He cried. “They are coming!” The bats flapped about. “Blasted demons!” Thomas spat. The priest revealed the crucifix. That kept them away. They forced through the machinery. Julius threw the crystal. The computer released other shards. Julius inhaled. He tightened the grip. The system went hotwire. “Now it’s our turn.” Thomas reloaded his weapon. “Burn in Hell!” He then bellowed. The bullets pierced the crystal. “Get down!” Julius threw himself forward. The security crystal exploded into a million pieces. That really was the grand finalle. The splinters burned into ashes. Julius exhaled. Though the fight was over, the war continued. “Look!” Thomas cheered. “We have demolished their lot!” He was right. The robots fell apart. “This is a victory.” Julius began to collect the crystals. They restored his energy. That felt nice. The fight worn him down. Julius shook his head. “Come on.” Thomas went for the elevator. He already was fit for fight. “I am right behind you.” Julius was impressed by his stamina. Then again, he was not an ordinary man. He let it drop. This wasn’t the time. He stepped upon the platform. His friends might still be in danger.

Torture lab, Berkeley mansion. The 15th. Of December 2098 A.D.

It was over. Thomas felt like howling for victory. The robots lay immoveableupon the ground. Ruth hung up the axe. “I checked the navigation computer.” She told. “I managed to print the map.” The knight gave Julius a sheet of paper. “This is perfect.” Thomas watched over his elbow. “Now we might prepare before exploring.” The game was over. “It is time to get serious.” The necromancer must be stopped. “He is too dangerous to be kept alive.” Anna touched the crucifix. Nobody else seemed to be concerned. “That rests with the Lord.” The priest announced. “Alright.” Thomas reloaded the automaton gun with silver bullets. “I am ready to hunt.” The girls inspected the map. “Follow me.” Ruth led the way. He hung the weapon above the shoulder. Thomas got the spear. He figured how to control the power. Although he came out ahead of the competition, Thomas chose another way. The dark-breed kept a lookout for monsters. The passage was coated with glass and metal. Thomas frowned. The aquarium was put on display along the corridor. He tightened the grip. The water didn’t look healthy. Thomas let it drop. The electric lamps were still in effect. They gave some light. Thomas stepped upon the platform. They got returned to the surface. That had to be good.

The den, Berkeley mansion. The 15th. Of December 2098 A.D.

Snow fell from an empty sky. Anna pulled the short cape tight around her body. It was freezing cold. “This isn’t natural.” She murmured. The mist obscured the garden. “Let it be like it will.” Thomas growled. “We still have to cross this area.” The dancing girl made no comment. Anna read the map. She agreed with the statement. “Come.” Julius made the sign of the cross. “Let us go.” He unsheathed the sword. “Wait a moment.” Ruth made them to stop. “What is it?” Julius asked. “What is wrong?” Marina put both hands upon her temples. She was blue, though not the healthy colour from before. Anna felt even colder. “The air.” Marina breathed. “The air is polluted with evil.” Julius frowned. He closed his eyes. “Curse of Darkness.” He snapped back to attention. Anna licked her lips. She disliked it, disliked it very much. “I have a bad feeling about this.” Ruth exclaimed. She touched the chandelier symbol. “Will you be able to hunt the night?” Julius asked. “Here, let me help you.” He made her to sit upon the bench. The statue resembled a woman. Anna felt envious about her. “I am fine.” Marina assured. “Trust me.” She got back on top. That was about time. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” The statue broke apart. They barely survived the ambush.

The rolling stone rebounded before it came to rest. Ruth exhaled. That was close. “You bastards!” Thomas fired a shot. The crows hid among the branches. She hoped they left them behind. That wasn’t the case. The birds scattered about. She went among the mist. The earth got pushed aside. Ruth stopped. She got a nasty feeling about this. “Help me.” She breathed. They were not the zombies. She almost wished they were. The armed and armoured skeleton struck with the scimitar. The pale grey and dull brown colours fit his stature. She threw that aside. Ruth struck with the axe. The crow tried to dolge the eye from its socket. Ruth stamped it out. The bone-scimitar blocked with the shield. “Curse you!” Thomas arrived. The spear pierced the mail and chest-plate. The bone-soldier collapsed. The weapon robe concealed the remains. Ruth had no care. The scimitar wasn’t alone. Her friends arrived to challenge the group. Ruth made a back-flip. She felt more agile then before. Ruth let it drop. The fur-coated tunic, trousers and boots were enough to keep her warm. At least in this condition. Ruth made a grimace. She boasted a chest and shoulder plates. That had to be enough. Ruth shrugged it aside. This wasn’t the time for fashion. “God with us!” Julius cried. Something was amiss.

The fog obscured everything. Marina brandished with the whip sword. They got lost. She decided that was not the problem. The crows and bone-scimitars got them in a box. Julius went quiet. The skulls hit the ground hard. Marina pulled at her hair. That was strange, though she had become to expect the unexpected. “To know the unknown.” She reminded herself. The nayad made a glide. The harpy spread her wings to release the pointed feathers. Ruth threw the axe. She already figured that wasn’t the real problem. Marina let go. The skulls grew in the soil. “Dark ocean world.” The nayad cursed. The skullshad turned into full-fledged skeletons. They already moved to throw bones. “God with us!” Julius ran to answer the challenge. That was nice. The blonde harpy trusted her knife. “Black water.” Marina went down upon her knee. That was all she could do. The nayad survived. “Now you die.” Thomas impaled upon the spear. The harpy was dead before hitting the ground. The body burned into ashes. Marina exhaled. She couldn’t rest. The nayad got difficulty with breathing. Julius told it was because of the Darkness curse. “Save us!” Anna screamed. “They are the Man eaters!” The plants grew were the harpy had perished. “Dark ocean world.” Marina created a fountain.

They gathered. Clea was satisfied. “You are to take them alive.” Although Gloria was dead, she might react in kind. “The bond is broken.” Clea got a connection to each member of the flock. She had been a fool. The harpy never should send her alone to scout. “Go. And do what I have told you.” She revealed the talons. “Your lives depend upon it.” The necromancer gave her this group for payment. Lord Zabach enjoyed the play. That was before he transformed her into this form. “Have no fear.” Erica licked her neck. The redhead was the perfect playmate. They joined forces to play in the game. They both got transformed the same day. “I will tolerate no disintegration.” Bridget massage her shoulders. “I know.” Brown and black hair got mixed together. “You are the mistress.” Erica bent forward. The talons scratched her fair skin. The milk and honey were an excellent contrast. The group had left. Clea had no mind about it. “Rest easy honey.” Bridget licked her ear. The leader gasped. Erica caught a nipple between her ruby lips. “Oh yes.” Clea held her with both hands. “You are so good.” She wouldn’t escape her grip. “So, so darling.”Bridget kept kissing her neck. Zabach’s crest focused their lust. The gift made it grow strong, more potent. That was a source of power.

The den, Berkeley mansion. The 15th. Of December 2098 A.D.

Although the sky was grey, the sun must be setting behind the clouds. Julius sighed. Had they been here for quite that time? He dismissed. The Man eater threw a flurry of seeds. Julius used the laurels to remove the infection. That felt nice. The mutation reached to consume him. Julius presented the crucifix. The plant was like a poison Ivy. “Alright hunter, reveal your talents.” This came from the grimoire of souls. The tome of shadow might summon or create any number of selected issue. “Away from me Satan.” Julius declared. “Only the Lord you shall worship, and Him alone.” He would not submit. “God with us!” He threw the gold knife right into the core of the man eater. Julius made the sign of the cross. The plant went up in flames. Julius exhaled. He looked around. Although the mist obscured the garden, he noticed that the others still fought the undead. “No! You won’t!” Anna fired with the crossbow. What was that? Julius turned around. The silver bolt got buried within the tree trunk. The wall widow blasted from inside. Julius tightened his grip. The zombie merged with the tree. They really looked nasty. The priest felt chills down his spine. “From hell!” Thomas pined the core. The spear went straight threw to the other side. The tree’s flailed with their branches. The poisoned apples belonged to the stepmother of snow white. He shook it off. This was pure madness. The wall widows might tear him apart. Julius cracked a vial to dose them with holy water. That caused another fire. The possessed tree bark burned like oil paper. They finally got free. Julius led them into the den. Then he stopped. Was he turning mad? A pair of large luminous eyes beheld him from a top that tree. Before he could decide, they got more trouble. “They look nice enough to eat.” The gobbling touched his cheek thoughtfully. “No. Forget about it.” The leader sliced his throat. “The mistress told us not to kill.” Thomas howled. “You won’t get anything from us!” Julius felt his hair stand on end. The dark-breed dashed. Ruth twirled with the axe. She went to follow. “No! Wait!” Anna delivered a solid kick. “That is an owl!” Julius got too busy, though he felt relaxed. His mind was alright. The priest felt cold. He made the sign of the cross. The necromancer might probe his head. “God with us!” He would resist. The gobbling threw a rock. Julius answered with the crystal. The entities collided. That caused an explosion. He didn’t wait for the smoke to clear. Julius managed to block the attack. The steal on steal made the sparks to fall among the high grass. Julius made a back-flip. They caused another fire. He threw maxim’s Shuriken. The gobbling gasped. The star was buried in his throat. He was already dead. Julius retrieved his item. They had to escape. That was easier said then done. “Look out!” The owl flew right into his face. Julius stamped it out. The bird dodged the assault. “I told you to be careful.” Anna danced to brandish with the sword. The owl went in circles. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” The dancing girl presented her crucifix. That gave some space. He got other problems. The goblins hurled the stones about. Julius doused with holy water. He got to repel the assault. The wall of fire made them to smoulder. “God with us!” The priest repeated. That was a family slogan. He let it drop. The owl came back to tear his neck. He pierced the bird. “Drop it.” He got challenged by the trio. “Come now.” The spearman said. “Nice and quietly.” The swordsman smirked. “And no one will get hurt.” The axe made threating gestures. “That is your choice.” Julius kept tall. He knew how to change the situation. “This is not your world.” He declared. “Your time is over.” The Dark Lord brought them back from extinction. Dracula gave them a reason to fight. The priest almost felt pity with them. This shouldn’t be necessary. They told the true. This was his choice. He reached for the crucifix. “Get behind!” He told. The burning cross appeared overhead. “Get away!” They had no chance. The flames burned them into ashes. The goblins got no protection against the mystics. The priest landed among the trees. They left some crystals behind. Julius was eager to pick. They restored his lost energy. Julius exhaled. He tried to warn them. They didn’t comprehend. Julius would pray for their lost souls. Nobody was wicked enough to be condemned by the humans alone. “Even revenge belongs to me.” That was the will of the Lord, his God. Julius would try to accept that statement, though it was in his nature to hate the unknown. Julius pushed that aside. There was a fight. Anna danced about to hurl fireballs. She used a deathly combo of sword trust and martial arts. The others got disturbed by the goblins. “Come to me!” He called. “Hunt the night!” They listened to his words. Julius made the sign of the cross. “Burn in Hell!” Thomas trusted with the spear. He howled when the goblin burned. Ruth crushed the skull. The axe was on fire. Marina covered the retreat. She threw a barrage of ice pellets. The goblins hid behind their shields. “Let it be!” Julius crushed the vial. He caused another pyre. The holy flame put the garden on fire. Thomas howled. They got time to escape. Julius used the smoke and confusion for cover. He led them into the den. The priest might relax. Or perhaps not. The owl tried to blind him. Julius would pierce the bird. The wall widow reached to take him. “Let go!” Anna pulled the trigger. The bolt got stuck in the trunk. “Timber!” Ruth called. She trusted some heavy whacks. The tree collapsed. The fall was great. The impact sent the apples and leaves about. Julius shrieked. The wall widow might inflict a poisoned state. Julius used the laurels. They restored him. Never the less, he got shaken by the impact. The priest put it aside. Thomas fired a cross-shaped burst of energy. The owl got burned to ashes. The group picked the crystals. Julius knocked the candles. He found some useful items. That was not important. The mist was clearing. Julius made the sign of the cross. They reached the mansion. The building loomed high into the night. He tightened the grip.

This was wrong. Thomas reached for the crucifix. It was like they spent no time in crossing the den. “Evil lurks in the shadow of the demon castle.” He couldn’t afford the fright. Julius climbed upon the pavilion. The Ivy wine grew on the wall. The weather hadn’t returned to normal. This had to be a part of Zabach’s game. He tried not to howl. The priest reached atop. “That is the mansion.” Anna went ahead. “I got a bad feeling about this.” Thomashad to follow her inside. She didn’t comprehend. Ruth leaped in front. The axe was blazing. “Curse you!” The dark-breed snarled. He aimed with the gun. The crows nested upon the structure. The boom made them to scatter. “Get away!” Julius turned around. He hurled the crystal. The crushing sound warned him about the approach. The skeletons hid among the sculptures. “Dark ocean world.” Marina managed to capture the rolling stone. “Nice work.” Anna blew a kiss. He snarled. This was not a joke. They were in mortal peril. He dropped the statement. Someone had to be in charge. “God with us!” Julius was the leader. He stood like a barrier, the crucifix in hand, while fighting evil. That was impressive. Thomas joined the fight. The road was clear. “The road to the enemy.” Julius breathed. Then he entered the mansion.

Winter garden, the mansion. The 15th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The doors got locked. “There is no use.” Thomas returned to the veranda. “The banquet hall is a dead end.”Anna got a workout. “I think they are down there.” The dark-breed snarled. “that rests with the Lord.” Julius looked to contemplate. “We have no choice.” Anna still brandished with the sword. “I feel.” The priest closed his eyes. “We shouldn’t have come.” Ruth shrugged. Thomas sniffed the air. She changed. The dark-breed got time to reload his weapon. She was more daring then before. “Dark ocean world.” Marina made a grimace. “That isn’t normal water over there.” The aquarium got filled by some nasty black water. Before she might think further about the problem, many things happened at the same time. The bats squeaked with blood thirst. They went from the ceiling. Thomas howled. The suits of armour were alive. “The order of shadow!” Julius cried. “Get back!” He said. “That is the order knight.” Anna twirled with the sword. She knew the legend. In 1666, Desmond, Sue and Dolores Belmont encountered the organisation while hunting for Dracula. Anna put that aside. He fired a round. This time the dark-breed loaded with usual bullets. That didn’t change anything. The swarm got shot. Anna giggled. The Man eaters grew within the garden.

This was no ambush. Ruth brandished with the axe. This was Zabach’s game. “For Warakiya!” She was the resistance. “Burn in Hell!” Thomas dropped the automaton gun. Ruth pulled at her golden hair. She recognised that weapon. It was her property. Never the less, he might keep it. Ruth got no further use of such antiques. She threw three enflamed daggers. The Man either burst into oblivion. Ruth felt no victory. She went to support her friends. Thomas got a blazing weapon. He was able to impale the spear guard. Ruth had no fair. He would be alright. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Anna tried to repel him. “I have you now!” Marina captured the axe. “No!” Ruth cried. “That is a trap!” The nayad went pale. Ruth learned about their tactics. The axe went spinning through the air. Anna stepped in front. The knight pushed her aside. She inhaled. The dancing girl almost got cut to pieces. Anna twirled. She delivered a double hit. Her tiny hands struck into the side off his helmet. The axe knight staggered. He lost control. The other weapon clang against the floor. Marina didn’t waste time. She stabbed with the javelin. The armour got pierced. “For Warakiya!” Ruth repeated. She struck for the heart. Anna got ahead. She stamped with the crucifix.

The axe knight fell apart. Marina figured this was not a breather. “Fire in the hall!” The dark-breed warned. “Take this! And that!” Thomas fired a round of silver bullets. He defeated the spear guard. Thomas reloaded with silver bullets. She wasn’t interested. Marina took the gems. She would need the energy. The bats burst into flames. She was able to freeze the Man eater into place. The plant withered before her eyes. Marina disliked the situation. There was nothing she might do to change it. The black water aquarium almost made her to vomit. She felt sick about it. “Forgive me!” She cried. Ulmo would excuse her for killing the sea life. They got mutated by the Hell liquid. The explosion was more then she predicted. “stay back!” She called. “The water is poisonous!” The steam might tell as much. Marina hid her face. The dark liquid reacted like acid. The fume might kill. Marina made a back-flip. She had to breathe. She gasped. The air was cold, though it was fresh again. The others looked alright. At least they kept fighting. The spear guard threatened the girls. Thomas howled while hurling the stakes. The axe knight took it upon the shield. He went dashing. Marina gulped. The armour brandished with the axe. “Black water.” Marina cursed. She got to join the fight.

Chapel, Berkeley mansion. The 15th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The moonlight shone through the stain-glass windows. Eva Van Dolke was alone. “Dracul.” She touched the alter with her blood still dripping. The four stone walls kept standing tall. “What began in blood.” Eva Van Dolke felt like in prison. “Shall end with blood.” She spread the arms wide. The cutting went deep enough to expose her bosom. The woman even revealed the pierced heart. She pulled it free. “Bones to bones!” The countess shrieked. “Dust to ashes!” The liquid gashed from the wound. The image got stained. Eva Van Dolke burst out laughing. She licked her own blood. That tasted delicious. “Eva Van Dolke.” The count held her in 1897. “ I condemn thee to the life of a living death.” The countess kept laughing. She renewed her obligation to the Dark Lord. “That I am.” Lord Zabach enlisted her services. The countess opened her copy of the Necromonicon book. The pages almost got a life of their own. That was no surprise. This was a spell book. “Bauglir! Gorthaur! Curunir!” The summon made a bolt of lightning to strike down. “Yes!” Eva Van Dolke shrieked in triumph. “Make the circle!” She demanded. “Lit the blue fire!” The flare lit up the candles. “It is alive!” The figure moved, though it got transformed. “It lives!” Eva Van Dolke repeated in triumph.

Winter garden, Berkeley mansion. The 15th. Of December 2098 A.D.

Steel struck against steel. Julius and the order knight crossed their blades. The priest got to consolidate his force. The knight got such power. He kept marching forward. Julius made a back-flip to throw the shuriken. He got Simon’s heart of fire. The star went home. The armour staggered. Julius dashed to strike with the pyre sword. The shield kept him aside. The knight threw his bloodied daggers. The priest dropped himself. The knives passed overhead. “God with us!” He was certain about it. Julius cracked a vial. The knight got doused with holy water. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” He presented the crucifix. Flames burned through every crack and opening. That was amazing. Julius crossed himself. The knight seemed to burn out. Julius dismissed. The order knight picked together. He kept throwing daggers. Julius rolled aside. He had to make some distance. The circle of crosses was what he needed. Julius was gasping. The show really cost him something. The order knight staggered back. Julius got on foot. The fight continued. The armour went forth to strike him down. Julius threw the axe. Earth granted strength. The stone axe got buried in the chest. The knight collapsed. Julius ran to might finish the fight. That didn’t happen. Julius tripped a brick. That actually saved him. The three daggers went through where his heart should be. The bats squeakedin disapproval. They went for blood. Julius threw the vial. The order knight marched to end his life. Julius threw the gold knife. The armour staggered. “Have some rest.” That made him stumble. Julius broke a vial. The bats spread out. He made them burn. The survivors gathered to storm him. Julius presented the crucifix. “Help me!” He called. “Preserve me from the wicked One!” The priest felt His force guide his hand. The angel sword caused a sword storm. The bats squeaked as they, one after the other, got impaled. “Great is the Lord!” His body got fused with a holy rage. Julius became both invincible and invisible as he struck the knight. “God with us!” He repeated. The armour got impaled. Hekept coming. The force subsided. Julius stood tall. He wouldn’t give in. “For so much He loved the world.” Julius tightened his grip. “That He gave His Son, the only born, so that each who believe in Him shall not be forsaken.” He would makethe sacrifice, if so be it. Julius would strike. “But have life everlasting!” The weapon blazed. The order knight got no chance. They both trusted at the same time. Julius knelt. The armour missed the target. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost!” Julius didn’t miss. The blade went through. The knight fell apart. “God with us!” He didn’t rest. There was someone inside the armour. Julius made the sign of the cross. The dark elf got copper skin. She was covered in sweat. “Die!Belmont scum!” The female floated in the air. Her jewelleries shone in the moonlight. “Show no mercy!” Thomas howled. The vampire hunter got fixed about her privates. The G-string looked like a Lilly leafling. She trusted a second sword. “I release you from the spell!” He presented the crucifix. The sparks flew like fireflies. The plants got on fire. “Curse you humans!” That was the last she ever told. Anna made a spin kick. She hit her between the ribs. The dark elf gasped. Her head rolled on the floor. The body collapsed. Julius exhaled. It wasover. Anna went to retrieve her weapon. She picked the other blade. Thomas reloaded the auto shotgun. He was ready. “Wait a moment.” The chest fell from nowhere. The demise of the knight made it visible. Julius open the box. “There is no trap.” They might relax. “What is this?” Thomas asked. “It looks like a compass.” She took the item. “I feel the potential.” Anna licked her lips. The map lit up. The compass got magical powers. “I can see.” She breathed. There were some important features upon the land map. The compass revealed the secrets. “This is fantastic.” Julius remarked. “I don’t know.” The dark-breed replied. “We have to find the keys.” The priest sighed. “That is right.” He inhaled. “Let us return to the den.” They made no argument. That was a relief. “Show me the way.” Anna beamed. “Let us complete.” The dancing girl had such faith. Julius acknowledged. “I know you can.” He wouldn’t let her down. Theywould hunt the night together. He beheld them with pride.Thomas hung up the automaton. His armour shone bright as gold. Julius made the sign of the cross. The dark-breed got the spear in hand. It was incredible how far they came from the castle. “Dark ocean world.” Marina created a fountain. He acknowledged. The words went so soft from those lips, though he recognised a curse on sight. The bats were still about. Marina brandished with the whip sword. “Yeah!” Ruth threw the daggers forward. The fur-coated tunic really promoted her figure. She wore it above the simple green jacket and brown trousers. She must have carried them beneath the armour. The knight didn’t seem to mind about the loss. Ruth twirled and brandished with the axe. She really deserved his respect. “Leave them alone!” Anna called. She performed with some combination of dancing and martial arts. Julius heard that tradition came from Brazil. He put it aside. The dancing girl really got quite impressive. He never noticed what kind she practiced before. Julius mentally kicked himself. He had been a fool. The code never spoke against joy or friendship. He stopped to focus. This had to work. Julius presented the vial. “I am an heir to the house of Belmont!” He declared. Julius then made it to rain with holy water. Marina gasped. She hid beneath the bench. Julius laughed. The bats squeaked before they burned into ashes. “That was impressive.” Anna looked exquisite. She loved to be adored. “You are beautiful.” He finally accepted. Anna glowed. “I know that.” She blushed. “I always have known.” She had to giggle. Julius shook his head. She could be so mysterious. He put it aside. The game continued. Never mind. They still got to hunt. “Let us go.” Thomas was in front. He already stepped into the den.

The den, Berkeley mansion. The 15th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The crows went from the branches. Thomas snarled. The dark-breed almost expected it would be like this. The birds kept waiting for their arrival. He managed to impale the crow. Then he got captured. The wall widows hid within the trees. “Again, and again the soldiers came.They brought the centuries of shame. They slew the gardener in his fieldand made to change our living.” His mother, his real mother, came from the green isle of Ireland. She used to sing above his cradle. “Rest in peace, Penelope Lucy Gillyan Lecarde. The Lord is with you.” His father was a Juste man. Thomas got to accept. Jacob Allan had been sitting too long amongst the shadows. He got tired and lonely in his old age. No wonder he wished for someone warm and compassionate to play with. Thomas also lost a loved one. He howled his sorrow and anguish into the night. Thomas snarled. These tree barks couldn’t stop him. The dark-breed changed into his true form. “Curse you demons!” The energy blast exploded amidst the grove. The trees burned like oiled rags. Thomas howled his triumph. The wall widows crumbled into ashes. Thomas didn’t wait for the smoke to vanish. He went for the Man eater. The mutation got pierced. The dark-breed howled. He couldn’t help it. Thomas retained his human form.

The mist obscured everything. Anna made no mind. The goblins might take her for a Aphrodisiac wild cat, though she was nothing of the sort. The dancing girl delivered another high kick. The sound of cracking bone was quite satisfying. Anna got to smile. The goblin staggered back. The nose got reduced to a bloodied pulp. “Kill her!” He almost got to vomit upon the blood. “She is nothing but a slut!” That made her to blush with anger. “Curse you!” Anna seldom used such language. She got so warm inside. “Super Nova.” She felt like the sun was rising within her heart. Anna made a gesture, like if throwing something forward. The fireball collided on impact. She screamed in triumph. The goblin collapsed into a burning heap. They exchanged glances. “Stay back you devils!” Thomas cried before he fired a round. “You should have been waiting for us.” Julius reminded. “I know.” Anna looked on the ground. “I got so angry.” She kicked in the dried grass. “I like to play.” Anna hoped he would take it the right way. The Lord got reasons to be frustrated with her. Anna made out upon her 14 th. Birthday. The farm boy had been so clumsy, though she enjoyed it. Anna kept blushing. She really enjoyed it. The priest beheld her. “Let the children come to me.” He said.

The harpy went in a rush. Ruth made a grimace. The brunette kept changing grip. She threw the skulls from left to right. They fell among the high grass to develop into full-fledged skeletons. Ruthe threw back the long golden mane to might get a clear view. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Anna kept whirling about. She triggered with the crossbow. Ruth almost snarled. She got so tired about her bravery. Ruth might take care of herself. The harpy came back. She spread her wings to release the pointed feathers. Ruth then cried. She got impaled. “Can you feel it?”” The brunette licked her lips. “The passion of ecstasy.” Ruth felt chills down her spine. Only because she liked it ruff, that didn’t make her into some sort of sadomasochist. “Oh, but you liked that.” The harpy held her tight. “Do you want to hit me again?” That devil licked her lips. She kept touching herself. The wound got healed, though the touch kept reminding her. “Leave her alone you maniac!” Anna escaped from the wall widows. “Come and play with someone of your own size for a difference!” Ruth blinked. The dancing girl exposed herself. That was a surprise. Anna really was brave. Although Ruth already figured, she didn’t understand. Not until now. Anna could fight. Ruth would follow.

The harpy kept trusting with her dagger. Marina disliked the situation. She hated their lot like a tribe enemy. The nayad got her reasons, though this wasn’t the time for philosophy. She twirled with the whip sword. Marina got to remove the skeletons. “This is black sorcery.” She finally realized about the necromancy. “The power to rise even the spirits of the dead.” She recited. Lord Zabach got to be more than a mere vampire. “Black water.” She cursed. The fog was a constant threat. She never knew what to expect. They defeated the pack of goblin, though the freaks kept coming. Marina put it aside. She got to defend herself. She threw a round of rapid ice pellets. The goblins got frozen in place. The nayad created the fountain. Although she couldn’t make it to rain with fire, she got some tricks. “God with us!” The men fought back-to-back. Anna made a twist to release the fireball. The brunette burned like a torch. “You killed my sister!” She got company. The redhead dashed to scratch her across the face. Marina couldn’t allow her to ruin the face. She stabbed with the javelin. The burst of water pushed her behind. “I shall kill you!” The harpy slashed with the knife. “That rests with the Lord.” Julius arrived. The sword storm cut her to pieces. Marina inhaled. He was brilliant.

They killed all the playmates. Clea got so angry. “Belmont trash.” How dared these people to trespass upon her domain!? The harpy leader would not the weak link. “We don’t have to fight.” The priest was the dangerous one. “Show yourself.” The dark-breed gave no heed. “You can’t hide from me.” He snarled. “I smell your dirt.” Clea hid within the nest. She still got wet between her legs. That was her weakness. “I don’t want to hurt you.” The priest advanced with empty hands. “Please, give me the keys.”He actually asked for them. Clea felt frustrated. “I know there is still good in you.” The Belmont had stopped. “No one might truly forget about the memory of light.” Smoke raised from the abyss. That created the mist. Clea closed her hands upon the chain. “Lord Albus gave them to me.” The keys hand around her neck. “To might keep them safe.” She was careful not to reveal herself. The smoke created a shelter. They got to have difficulty with breathing. Clea almost felt to choke upon it. Then again, the smell gave her ecstasy. “Give them to me.” The priest kept pleading. “You don’t have to die.” She got to be careful. The sluts lured in the background. Clea pulled back her hair. She turned it into a braid. “Give them to us.” The beast pulled down his firearm.

The mansion, Berkeley mansion. The 15th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The dust got disturbed. Eva Van Dolke had summoned the circle. They were here. The nine sisters. “They have come.” Diana Faust sniffed the air. “I smell their blood.” Eva was proud to become a member. Dark or fair, they wore the same hood and cloak. “How dare themto disturb the resting place?” Hilda Von Borg was furious. Their soft velvet slippers made no sound upon the floor. “That is the reason.” Eva knew they each carried the same breast and loincloth beneath the robes. That was the concubine costume. “We are to prevent them from reaching any further.” She had become the head. That granted her dominance. “I summoned you to serve the necromancer.” Lord Zabach spent a night with each of these women. They became his brides. “The passion.” The necromancer was dead, though he made them immortal. “Eternal night.” He had not the ebony stone. Eva let it pass. Lord Zabach came from the circle of blood. He was no random wizard or vampire. The necromancer was part of the ruling council. That was quite an honour. Eva would not fail him again. The nine would protect his tomb. “Get ready.” The countess demanded. “For the banqueting of spirits.” The women laughed quietly together. Eva was satisfied. This would be the festival of servants.

The den, Berkeley mansion. The 15th. Of December 2098 A.D.

She raised from the nest. Julius made the sign of the cross. He didn’t want this to happen. The harpy gave him no choice. “You shall die!” She spread her wings. “My name is Clea!” She exclaimed. “Learn it well.” She got no hair on her body. “It will be the last thing you hear!” She kept shrieking. Julius reached for the crucifix. “That rests with the Lord.” He proclaimed. Clea threw back her raven locks. “There is no God beneath the eternal night.” The jewels and keys shone around her neck. “He will never forsake or forget us.” Julius was calm, He almost choked on the mist. “He will always be with us.” The fabric came from the abyss. “All days, until the end of the world.” Then came the Judgment and Armageddon. Julius was not afraid. He would be ready and answer in joy when called for. “Kill the others!” Clea requested. “Leave the Belmont to me!” She spread her wings. Julius gasped. He got pierced by the feathers. That didn’t mean anything. They spread out. His friends got ambushed by the owls and goblins. “Ghouls and ghosts.” The priest inhaled. Clea went for the kill. She picked a boulder. The Lord knew where she got it. The priest made a back-flip. The stone broke into a million smaller stones upon the impact. Julius threw a vial. “Forget about it!” She fired an enflamed arrow. The glass exploded in the air. Julius consolidated his force. He leaped high enough to throw the dagger. Clea made a grimace. She got hurt. “That is not enough.”” She pulled it free. “You are a fool!” Blood dripped down her arm. Clea got hit in the shoulder. That didn’t affect her flight. “You are going to die.” She already said so. Though there were something in her voice which made him to shiver. Clea attacked with purpose. She wanted to kill him. Clea might still do that. She got a dagger of her own. Julius knelt. There was nothing else he might do. The harpy shrieked. She got stamped by the crucifix. Julius swallowed. His image fried her flesh. The symbol left a scar upon her flawless forehead. Julius thought she looked like Mina Harker. There was a photography among her papers. The brow was in sight. The image was taken by John Seward. He made a note upon the back, stating the date and hour. There was a note. “Taken on behest of Dr. Abraham Van Helsing.” Julius dismissed. He got to focus. The priest got the lecture. Clea delivered a kick. That sent him sprawling. Julius used the laurels to might pick himself together. The harpy spread her wings. She hurled another boulder. Julius was forced to roll. He got up to throw the Shuriken. “You won’t kill me!” She fired with the bow-and-arrows. Julius made the sign of the cross. The enflamed arrow repelled the weapon. This wasn’t good. She got in control. Before he might think, Clea dashed with the knife in front. Julius felt at a loss. He threw the crystal into the air. Clea shrieked. She got so angry. the splinters pined her. Her blood dripped on the grass. Julius tightened his grip. “Not you!” The liquid didn’t create demons. She wasn’t Kali. The Death dancer spread grief and sorrow about the globe. Why shouldn’t she? Kali was the lady of Chaos. “God with us!” Julius let go. The sword storm covered his retreat. Clea got above. “Rest in peace!” Julius cried. He managed to douse her with holy water. Clea gaged upon the blood. She got burned. That didn’t stop her. Julius wondered if she got her own laurels. The harpy was restored. She went for his location. The priest was standing tall. He waited for the arrival. Clea never noticed. She came in to fast. “God with us!” Julius struck with the sword. The fairy blade shone like the sun in the forest. He managed to pine her upon the edge. Clea only made a grimace. Julius felt chills down his spine. He didn’t reach the heart. The harpy leader trusted with the knife. Julius put up the crucifix. The sparks created a barn fire. Julius had no fear. He already shook. Clea smiled. “I shall kill you.” She said. Julius gave no answer. He struck a second time. The trust found her heart. “Curse you!” Clea screamed. She spread the wings before she burst into fire. Julius had no mind. He was exhausted. The priest merely picked the crystals. They restored the energy. Julius still felt tired. He got the key. That was not important. The nest was burning up. “Rest in peace.” Now he might feel pity for her. She didn’t deserve to die. He closed his eyes. Julius inhaled. He got to shake these feelings. The hunt wasn’t over. The group got to have a leader. He would provide. Julius touched the crucifix. He was a priest and a Belmont. Julius would do what he got to. This was his responsibility. “Come to me!” He called. “Gather to me!” He knew they would. Though they got involved. Thomas emptied his automaton. The dark-breed kept hurling stakes. The skeletons got knocked to pieces. Thomas howled. He stabbed the spear through the wall widow. “Leave them to me!” Ruth was behind. The golden hair went about as she struck the enflamed axe into the tree. She really was glorious. The metal plates promoted the chest and shoulders. Her eyes were gleaming. She enjoyed the battle. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Anna fired with the crossbow. The monsters made it too dangerous to dance. Julius made the sign of the cross. The bolt went home. The beast was dead before he hit the ground. Anna exhaled. He might see. She couldn’t rest. Anna reloaded the crossbow with a second bolt of silver. Julius would assist her efforts. “Black water.” Marina often cursed. Julius let be. The nayad created the fountain. She even made it to rain. The goblins got confused. That was a relief. The girls might have a breather. They didn’t waste time. “Alright.” Thomas reloaded the gun. “Show us the way.” The priest relaxed. They were still alive. He felt so grateful about their efforts. “Watch out!” Marina struck with the whip sword. “I see him!” The owl dodged the attack. Julius managed to impale the bird upon his knife. That was not the end. Of course, it wasn’t. The goblins pulled stones to throw forward. Julius made a back-flip. “God with us!” They got to escape this Hell hole. “Follow me!” He called. Julius would hunt the night.

Winter garden, Berkeley mansion. The 15th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The plant life remained calm. Thomas exhaled. They were back within the garden. “Let it be.” Julius opened the rightmost opening. He got the keys. That lead into another corridor. “Well?” Thomas asked. “What are we waiting for?” He almost expected something terrible would happen. “Is this the right way?” The priest asked. “We got another key.” Thomas got to frown. He got a point. “I found a locked door within the mansion.” Thomas went that way to investigate. He came back upon smelling the undead. The dark-breed dismissed the issue. He better explain. “That is the connection.” Julius relaxed. “We have to reach the top floor.” Anna inspected the map and compass. He sent her a look. The dancing girl looked the same. She still wore that hip-long dress and shoulder cape above those smoke coloured stockings. There was something. The shoes got some really nice buckles. Thomas shook his head. He would have to solve it on another occasion. “Then follow me.” Thomas held the spear in a double grip. “Let me show you around.” He smirked, though Thomas got to force the expression. The mansion reminded him about his childhood. Thomas tried to shake the emotion. They entered the mansion. Thomas got to be ready. The vampires would be awake.

Grand hall, Berkeley mansion. The 15th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The hall was so cold. Anna touched the crucifix. She felt like the warlord kept abusing her. “Fear those who wander beneath the shade of the eternal night.” Julius made the sign of the cross. The dancing girl exhaled. They wouldn’t take her. Anna would rather die then to become like them.She felt the colour drain from her face. Anna already experienced their embrace. She felt their lips upon her throat. The Lord saved her soul. Never once did she taste the blood of the undead. Anna hid her face. She told him everything about the captivity. The way back to the mansion gave her the opportunity to speak. They got so many questions. Anna forced herself back to the present. The bats squeaked with blood thirst. She got to keep them away. Before she might do that, the curtains were pulled aside. “Strange.” Thomas muttered. “They were not here before.” Anna didn’t care. She got to dance. The bone-scimitars hid behind their shields. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” She didn’t get close enough. That was not the point. Anna released the fireballs. The skeletons tried to tear her apart. “Leave her alone you bastard!” Thomas fired a boom. The silver bullets ricochet off the shield. Anna licked her lips. They really got into trouble this time.

The scimitars hid behind the shield. Ruth wouldn’t accept it. “For Warakiya!” She had become a resistance fighter in both body and soul. “Get away from there!” Julius called. “Watch out!” Ruth might take care of herself. She presented the lit chandelier symbol. The bats squeaked with frustration. The swarm spread about. That was how it was meant to be. Ruth smirked. She dared. After the intake, she might try anything. “They are the blood skeletons!” The priest might study in his tower of ivory, though Ruth encountered the real thing. She put that aside. Ruth got to defeat the monsters. “Let me try something first.” Marina held back. “They can’t be defeated.” Julius struck with the sword. The blood skeleton collapsed into a heap. “Only the ice magic of Sypha Belnades might put them to rest.” Ruth shook her head. “I am a nayad.” Marina looked proud. “Let me handle this.” She threw the ice pellets. Ruth bit her lip. The soaked skeleton burst apart. “Watch out!” The knight drew herself up. “Stay out of this!” She got angry. The scimitar tried to stab her. Marina got her hands full. “Cursed devils!” Ruth felt ashamed. She once fought and served together with these people. Never again. She promised herself. Ruth put that aside. She would fight.

The mansion, Berkeley mansion. The 15th. Of December 2098 A.D.

Fire and ice. They reached the end. Marina leaped out into the mansion. “Dark ocean horizon.” The hall was huge. She shook it off. There was no time. “God with us!” Julius threw down the vial. The holy flame made the scimitars to retreat. “Leave her alone you bloody insects!” Thomas fired with the gun. The silver bullets impaled the bats. They squeaked before burning. No time for that either. Marina released the javelin. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Anna completed the act with a turnout. She presented the crucifix. “Whatever.” Ruth twirled with the axe. They came to help her. That was nice. The scimitars almost surrounded her location. The naiad made her best to counter. She threw other ice pellets. They came in time. Marina was forced to leave the place. Now though, they fought together. Marina got a laugh. She brandished with the whip sword. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost!” Julius floated in the air. The enflamed cross burst to burn the dead. “Now it’s our turn!” Thomas threw the stakes. They burst on impact. He must have done something to them. No matter, the skeletons got knocked into submission. Marina almost had to jump. She felt ecstatic. They would defeat the necromancer. She got no doubt.

They were so close. Eva Van Dolke might smell the approach. “Get ready my sisters.” The vampire hunters were out in the mansion. “I locked the door.” Diana assured. “They cannot enter.” The countess was sure about her loyalty. “I know they are.” Hilda exposed her fangs. “Let us feast upon their blood.” Eva laughed. “I hunger.” Ariadne had not obtained control. She was so young. The Greek bride felt the hunger gnawupon her soul. She got to rest within her coffin beneath the Berkeley mansion. Eva barely could remember such a time. She might be abroad while in daylight. Ariadne had yet to learn that particular talent. The bride had to rest while the sun was high. The countess dismissed about the matter. She sighed with ecstasy when feeling their strength. The sisters were about to gather their abilities. “This is too early.” Diana breathed. She stanched of decay and rotting flesh. Still, she was attractive. Eva had no mind. This was not the hour for such things. “Wait you fools!” Diana Faust used her authority. She was the second. The German vampire got something to say. “We must protect the resting place.” She reminded. “this is no place for adventure.” That was right. They were his concubines. “All who oppose the prince of Darkness must die.” Hilda then recited.

The mansion, Berkeley mansion. The 15th of December 2098 A.D.

This was incredible. Julius inhaled. The banqueting hall was enormous. “The door is locked.” He made the sign of the cross. “We have no choice.” The priest looked about. “We must return.” The air stanched of decay. “Before they awake.” Julius beheld the corpses. “To wake the dead.” Ruth muttered. The priest shook his head. She got to gather. The chandeliers hung down from the ceiling. Although the candles were still lit, they almost got blurred by the cobwebs. “We shouldn’t be here.” Anna touched the crucifix. Julius threw it aside. “Not without the key.” He might disagree upon that statement. Then again, he got no time to speculate. The bats went silently through the air. The priest would dose them with holy water. Before he might react, Julius got hit from behind. “I hate you.” The little girl didn’t look much of a challenge. That meant nothing to him. The priest recognised the poltergeist on sight. “Let me show you something.” She wore the clothing’s of the queen Ann period. The laces almost concealed her neck and hands. She never the less made the furniture to fly. “Carrie!” No! This was impossible. He heard about the event in 1977. “When the shade exploded.” Julius put it aside. He got to fight. “I have become a woman!” The poltergeist girl could be 16 at the most. The dark blonde hair was kept short. She kept it tied up behind her face with a golden pin to retain the style. “Come and take me!” Her desire sent the table and chairs spinning. “I can make it with you!” The pretty grey eyes seemed to glaze over. “Rest in peace.” Julius threw the vial. The furniture burst into fire. “You know it will be nice.” She approached. The silverware got possessed by her force. The forks and knives went spinning in an uproar. The priest withdrew. The axe created a shield. He looked for the others. “Curse you!” Thomas shot for the bats. The women got involved with the zombies. “The dead do wander where they do not belong.” He recited. The poltergeist girl burst out giggling. “That is so much fun.” Julius felt nothing of the sort. He dashed. “Oh, but I don’t want that.” The chair went up in front. “This is more like it.” She giggled again. Julius really disliked that sound. “Have a seat.” That was quite literal. The stool went up behind him. The priest was sent sky high. The girl went along. “May we make out now?” she asked. Julius shook his head. The girl was so cute, though he had no right. Julius got to resist. “god with us!” He reached for the crucifix. The enflamed cross burst behind. Julius got settled back down. He watched as the girl evaporated. “That was my sister!” A fair girl, slightly older then her counterpart, reached for the wall. Julius still touched the crucifix. She released the weapons behind the family crest. The insignia was the same. The crescent and the white owl. He dismissed. The girl made an impressive show. The bats came back. They circled about, waiting for her to draw blood. That wouldn’t happen. Julius summoned the circle of crosses. He got the upper hand. “God with us!” Julius challenged. He struck forward. The mass illusion defeated the bats. “You look ready to me.” The swords exploded on impact. The girl summoned the silverware. Julius got stabbed by the forks and knives. He managed to stamp them out. The mail saved his heart. “Glory be You.” Julius was grateful about the laurels. “Our Father in Heaven.” The poltergeist girl was furious. “Why won’t you have me?” Julius gave no answer. He threw the dagger forward. She gasped. The girl was a mortal made of flesh and blood. He felt pity with her as the curse of Darkness burned out. “That is not the end.” The third girl appeared in front. “You still have to deal with me.” The 16-year old pulled up her skirts. She wore baggy white silk trousers and elegant red shoes beneath. “You must agree with me.” Her tongue went out to lick her lips. “I really am to die for.” The swords went through the air. Julius attacked with his arms on fire. The weapons got repelled. “You are the hot stuff.” The girl put a tiny hand among her sun coloured locks. “Please, come, spend some time with me.” The green eyes were ablaze. Julius burned the furniture. They answered her request. “Leave me in peace.” He stamped with the crucifix. The girl shrieked. Julius showed no mercy. The Stellar sword got buried between her delicate round breasts. She collapsed into a pyre. The fight was over. The priest rested upon his sword. The trio left some crystals behind. Julius picked them up. They restored his energy. Julius inhaled. He felt much better. Now he might hunt the night. Julius looked for his friends. They got to leave the mansion behind. The other key must belong in another lock. That was still a mystery. Julius pulled together. He would solve the puzzle. But not before leaving this accursed place. “Gather to me!” He called. “Roger! Roger!” Thomas teased. He reloaded the automaton gun. Julius sighed. At least the bats got defeated. The others gave no reply. The girls kept together. “God with us!” Julius exclaimed. The fight continued. “Fire in the hall!” Anna danced to release the fireballs. The spear guard pulled back to twirl with the lance. “What is inside the armour?” He repelled the fireballs. Ruth spun with the axe. The golden hair shone in the candle light. She hit the spear guard hard. He pulled further back to poke with the weapon. “Watch out!” Marina struck with the whip sword. “Dark ocean world.” She captured the spear. Julius ran to assist. They already seemed to be atop of things. Some other knights already got defeated. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” She made a step to impale the armour. The knight shook. Julius tightened his grip. The zombies reached to take him. He brandished with the sword. “Burn to Hell!” Thomas stabbed with the spear. A second wave of bats flapped about. Thomas revealed the crucifix. “God with us!” Julius was proud about his friends. Together they would fight. The sword was on fire. The priest bit his teeth. This really was a miracle. “You won’t hurt me again!” Ruth struck the axe down. The knight caught her in an iron grip. She screamed by the touch.

The priest couldn’t help her. Thomas was furious. “Let her go!” The nayad created a javelin of ice. The dark-breed howled in triumph. The spear guard got defeated. “Follow me!” Julius barely gave time to collect the crystals. “Take it easy.” Thomas felt refreshed by the intake. He got more then enough bullets. “We have to get some rest.” The priest shook his head. Thomas threw it aside. However, he had a point. The monsters would return. He got prepared. “Very well pal.” The others looked ready. “Lead the way.”Julius made the sign of the cross. “Consider us gone.” He said. Thomas smirked. He went serious. They must be careful.

Chandelier room, Berkeley mansion. The 15th. Of December 2098 A.D.

They returned to the winter garden. “Blasted.” Thomas growled. He disliked the atmosphere. Julius led them down that other corridor, to this point. “You have to rise the chandelier.” The priest finally spoke his mind. Thomas shrugged. That much was obvious. The huge chandelier got put in front. “Leave it to me.” Ruth went toward the wheel. “Are you sure?” That looked heavy. The knight shook her head. “I am fine.” She assured. The muscles moved beneath her jacket. “No problem.” She began to pull at the chandelier. “Look out!” That caused another effect. The zombies pushed through the floor. Thomas howled. The bats had returned.

The chandelier was going skyward. Anna licked her lips. The dancing girl knew she was adorable. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Anna loved the way the dark-breed beheld her. “Fire in the hall!” She was more than a trophy. She would show them. Anna fired with the crossbow. The silver bolt got buried in the axe knight. “That was clever.” Marina released a burst of ice pellets. She dashed to support the priest. Anna reached for the crucifix. He got surrounded by the zombies. They kept rising up. “Blast you all to Hell!” Thomas threw the stakes to impale the bats. They squeaked while flapping abroad. She could do nothing. The armour hurled dual axes at her. She began to dance. Anna got to escape. She delivered two repeated fireballs to might repel the attack. She then threw herself forward to trust with a sword strike. The knight was pierced. “For Warakiya!” They cried in unison. Anna delivered the high kick. She had to continue the training. Only a full-fledged spell dancer might conquer the Dark Lord and his Master. Anna bit together. This had to work. The axe knight dashed while striking with his weapon. “Let it be done!” Anna cried before she triggered the crossbow. The chandelier reached the top. It fit into place. They might continue.

Rose garden, Berkeley mansion. The 15th. Of December 2098 A.D.

They reached the end of the stair. “This place is beautiful.” Ruth pulled the axe. The silent grove got a sort of drowsy laziness about the fountains and flowers. “Open up this cage toward the sun.” Anna quietly recited. “And let me fly away to distant land.” The knight felt chills down her spine. “Forget about it.” Thomas snapped. “Skyline pigeon fly.” Anna blinked. “That is a dream.” Julius touched her cheek. “Let it be blessed.” He made the sign of the cross. Ruth had to clean her eyes. She never saw such compassion. “Though let it be a nice dream.” Anna inhaled. She snapped out of the weariness. “Let me dance.” She stepped in front. Ruth made a grimace. She almost felt jealous about her. Although she got the vampire hunter chromosomes, the dancing girl looked to have so much fun. “Girls that want to have fun.” She almost spat upon the ground. This really was serious business. Speaking of which, the crows hid among the branches. “Burn baby, burn!” The dancing girl spread her arms. The fireballs went out in a complete circle. She was getting stronger. “There they are!” Ruth dismissed about the issue. “Kill them!” The gang leader pulled a rock. “Kill them all!” The goblins only waited for the call. “Do it now!” They spread out to cover more ground.

The rolling stones cracked into pieces. Marina struck with the whip sword. She felt like the heart got tore from her chest. “Look out!” She created the fountain. The other sculptures crumbled into pieces. The naked female statues turned into blocks of stone. They rebounded upon the ground. “Dark ocean world.” The nayad tripped. She fell back to gaze up at the cloudless night sky. The mansion was cursed. The snow should have fallen in here. That didn’t happen. The rose garden got captured in endless summer. That was wrong. Marina sighed. She managed to get back up. Everything went awry after the return of the demon castle. The Belmont clan was right. They got to vanquish the Dark Lord before he turned the world into his own dark habitat. The goblin bent down to group her privates. “You really have such a nice cat.” He muttered. “Come on baby.” He licked his lips. “Let me give you my cock.” Marina screamed. “You won’t dare!” She sent a burst of ice right through his heart. Marina pushed the corpse aside. “You did the right thing.” Anna squeezed her shoulder. The nayad pushed her aside. “Watch yourself.” The crows might tear her apart. Marina would never let it happen. She released the burst of water. Anna danced. She delivers the high kick.

They encountered the goblins. Bree almost felt jealous about it. “They are to die.” The harpies talked together. The group resisted her call. “We should have united.” Deedre spread her wings. “Clea was my girlfriend.” Anita reached for the knife. She kept it tied around her leg. Bree knew that was a gift from lord Zabach. “What are we waiting for?” Deedre asked. “Let us take them.” The blonde pulled her own dagger. Bree blew her a kiss. That was her final item. She kept it after the transformation. “We do it together.” The necromancer enjoyed playing games. He kept the seraglio for himself. “For the prince of Darkness!” Anita even carried a Basraq locket around her neck. “For count Dracula.” Bree saluted. She never met the lord of the vampires. That had no meaning. She would die to serve him. “All who oppose the prince of Darkness must die.” She repeated the doctrine. That was the first, the most basic, of the lessons after becoming his concubine. “That is right.” Deedre laughed. “We must destroy the Belmont clan.” Anita drew air through her nostrils. “His last command.” Bree acknowledged. “Let us begin.” The blonde threw herself off the rooftop. Bree had to giggle. She was in love with the sisters. That was a new discovery. Bree felt so excited.

Rose garden, Berkeley mansion. The 15th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The fountain was made of white marble. Julius felt about to vomit. The roses were white as snow. Though not any more. “God with us.” The liquid was bright crimson. That was unnatural. “The crimson baptizes.” The priest breathed. “The blood of the undead.” Julius shook in horror. “God with us!” He would not submit. The sword sun bright like the sun in the forest. Julius got to fight. “Let me try something.” Marina made him to stay back. “Pray for the salvation of sins.” He tightened the grip. The nayad knelt to place the pentagram in front. “Get away!” She then called. “Fire in the hall!” Julius did like she told. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord.” Anna made a back-flip. She presented the crucifix like a shield. “Bombs away!” Ruth told. “Copy that Goldilocks!” Thomas smirked. “Stop calling me that.” Ruth insisted. They got aside. The symbol exploded. There came a rumble. “God with us!” Julius exclaimed. The fountain caved in upon itself. He might worship the Lord. The liquid got quenched. “Mother of river.” Marina gasped in sincerity. Julius exhaled. That was her religion. He got no mind. She was an angel who sung forth the creation. “Be the will of God.” The professor got a revelation. Julius dismissed. They still got in trouble. “That was his property!” the harpies dashed together. “You are going to pay!” the blonde spread her wings to release the feathers. Julius groaned by the impact. “That is the way Anita!” The brunette encouraged. “That is the way it is supposed to be!” Julius used the laurels. “God with us!” He threw the axe. That broke her ribs. “Rest in peace!” She got to burn. Julius cracked a vial. The harpy shrieked. She burned like oiled paper. That was enough. Julius exhaled. He made the sign of the cross. Julius picked the crystal. He then knocked the candles. That was a relief. They really renewed his power. “You are going to pay!” The redhead and brunette sisters got obsessed with him. “Die you devils!” Thomas fired a boom. The bullets went home. That was what he needed. The harpies were dead before even hitting the ground. Julius shook it off. He let them take the crystals. They deserved the right. The girls protected against the crows and skeletons. Julius went across the rose garden. There was a pavilion over there. “That is some nice work.” Ruth remarked as they got atop the steps. “This must be a chapel.” Anna beheld the stain-glass windows. He might support that theory. The windows were quite impressive. “That is a hunting scene.” Thomas remarked. He might recognize such features. Julius was about to answer when something else happened. The cracking sound sent chills down his spine. “Echoes of Darkness.” He breathed. “Watch out!” He got the Stellar sword. “Creature of Chaos!” The stain-glass ghost broke from the framework. Julius made the sign of the cross. The figure was made of moonlight and glass. That wasn’t important. “Burn in Hell!” Thomas howled. He dashed forward while trusting with the spear. “Watch out!” That was too late. The stain-glass ghost burst into pieces. Thomas groaned. He got pierced. The armour couldn’t protect him. Not against this. Julius might be able to heal him. The priest dropped that issue. The crows roosted upon the rooftop. “Have a look!” Anna danced. “I am adorable!” She threw the fireballs. The birds shrieked. They got burned to ashes. Julius leaped to throw the axes. The harpies died before they might cause any more trouble. Julius collected the crystals. He went forth to challenge the stain-glass ghosts. “Stay back!” Ruth exclaimed. “This is my business!” She snarled. “Fire in the hall!” She hurled three enflamed daggers. The figures got crushed to pieces. “Hurry up!” Marina was afraid. He never noticed before. Her skin was pale blue. The nayad gathered a burst of water. “Let us be gone!” He pushed her into the chapel.

Chapel, Berkeley mansion. The 15th. Of December 2098 A.D.

This place really was glorious. “God with us.” Julius made the sign of the cross. The chapel occupied the entire building. “Get ready to rumble.” The bell rang. “First round.” Thomas smirked. That didn’t last. The church pew went rising up. “This is a poltergeist phenomenon!” Anna danced to release a flurry of fireballs. The bench exploded. “That is a nice trick.” His friend remarked. The priest dismissed. There was no time for small talk. He dashed as the second pew got thrown forward. “Look out!” Marina tried to tell him about it. That was to late. The blood skeletons hid behind the columns. Julius brandished with the sword. They fell together. That wasn’t the end. They soon got back on foot. Julius remained tall. He revealed the crucifix. The blood bags at least kept some distance. “Dark ocean world.” Marina threw a spread-shot of ice bullets. “Stronger we are.” Julius inhaled. He got to rest his eyes. “In the name of the Lord.” He let go. Marina ran to keep up with the undead. He got to follow. That was out of the question. The cracking sound told of their arrival. “God with us!” He got to focus on the task at hand. The stain-glass ghosts gathered to brandish with their weapons. Julius made a back-flip to throw the crystal. The item broke in three. They rebounded about the place to might crush the enemies. They left some gems behind. Julius was eager to fetch them. He ran down the ship and choir to might keep up the progress. The others got ahead. Thomas got occupied by the poltergeist. He spotted the phenomena. This was unlike the mansion. The priest put that aside. Anna brandished with both her swords. “Blast you!” Ruth twirled with the axe. “Black water.” They got surrounded by the blood skeletons. Julius ran.

This was a Hell hole. Thomas trusted with the spear. “Curse you!” He made a discovery. The dark-breed got to fuse with his force to might banish a demon. “Alright.” Thomas snarled. “Then let it play it your way.” He howled the challenge. The poltergeist shrieked. She burned into oblivion. Thomas drew sweat of his forehead. That was close. The thing made the benches to rise and fly forward. “Show me.” He muttered. There came a cracking sound. “Back to Hell!” The crypt was inhabited. The trio of dust coloured skeleton removed the tile. “Come on.” Thomas snarled. “I am waiting.” The trio was unlike the others he encountered. “This is no game.” The female skeleton leaped into a summersault. Thomas got taken aback. They landed back down to throw bones. Thomas howled. The spread-shot pierced the armour. He threw the stake forward. The skeleton crossed both arms in front. Thomas growled. She somehow managed to repel the stake. “Burn you devil!” He released a cross-shaped burst of energy. She couldn’t repel against that. The dark-breed howled his victory. The female skeleton got shot to pieces. Thomas went for the crystals. He knocked the candle. “Thank You.” The rosary would get in handy. The item put the monsters to rest.

There came a bright flash. Anna made a back-flip. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” She exclaimed. The dancing girl spread both arms. She retained both swords. Anna was prepared to fight. “Take it easy.” Thomas approached. She arched an eyebrow. The dark-breed smirked. “That was the rosary.” She sighed with relief. The monsters got defeated. “Then this is your fault.” Julius arrived. “You realize that you almost killed her.” The priest carried an unconscious Marina. “Let us be grateful.” Ruth hung up the axe. “The Lord gave her back to us.” The knight pulled through her golden hair. She touched the lit chandelier symbol. “I used the laurels.” Julius bent before the alter. “Glory be You.” He made the sign of the cross. “You who has given us love stronger then Death.” Anna felt at peace. He was a priest; and a Belmont warrior. “I do believe.” Julius deserved her respect. Anna knelt beside him. She tried to translate the gratitude. Julius gave her so much. He represented the memory of light. “Forgive me.” Thomas looked like an ashamed wolf. “I forgot she was of the elder generation.” Anna felt disappointed. The female got blue skin. Marina was a nayad by blood. It was obvious. She was unsure what to do about this. “Watch out!” Ruth cried.

The hunt continued. Ruth made a grimace. “For Warakiya!” She expected it would be this way. Then again, she couldn’t change anything. The cracking sound was the only warning. Ruth dashed. She got the axe. The Belmont blood granted power. Ruth made the weapon to burn with fire. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Anna fired with the crossbow. The stain-glass ghost got shot into pieces. That wasn’t enough. There had to be at least 12 in a row. Anna had no time to reload the weapon. Ruth struck with the axe. “Curse you to death and darkness!” Thomas came to join the effort. This was no poltergeist phenomena. This was pure evil. She threw that aside. “Enjoy the show!” Anna had began dancing again. The fireballs gave an upper hand. She then continued to deliver charged kicks and punches. Ruth got impressed. The sword created an edge. She was unstoppable. Ruth picked together. They had to close the deal. The fragments flew about. She got cut by the shards. Her blood dripped through the clothing to stain the black and white marble floor. The blue carpet and curtains got embroidered with angels. The moonlight made the treads of green and gold to shine with a sort of icy colour. Ruth picked together. They got to conquer before anything else.

That was the sound of combat. Marina got to open her eyes. “Dark ocean world.” She yawned. Though this was not the time to be tired. Marina reached for the whip sword. She tightened the grip. “Rest for a while.” Julius raised from his knees. “Leave it to me.” He ended the prayers with the sign of the cross. Marina didn’t mind about that. Julius got his religion. He was a priest. “God with us!” Julius unsheathed the Stellar sword. “Be careful.” Marina beheld the combat. “The splinters might cut you up.” Julius touched her brow. “May you be blessed.” He said. “May you live through the night to reach the fresh water.” Marina licked her lips. How did he know? The answer had to wait, though it was important. No one beside the shamans should know about those words. The shriek was unlike everything she heard before. “Get down!” Julius reached for the vials. “There is a stone gargoyle.” She rolled aside. The figure was made of a single block of stone. Marina felt chills down her spine. “This is black sorcery!” She exclaimed. “Get away.” Julius instructed. “This is my responsibility.” The nayad was shaking. The presence felt so bitter. This was pollution upon the river. “Help the others.” He was so gentle. Marina would do as he told. “Alright.” She said.

The mansion, Berkeley mansion. The 15th. Of December 2098 A.D.

They gathered into a circle. Eva Van Dolke behold her sisters. «Aria of Sorrow. » She knelt at the center. “Let it begin.” The ring was chanting. They removed the hood and cloak. “The blood of the Cock grants the circle life.” She revealed the sacrificial knife. “Let the circle live.” The bird struggled in her grasp. “Share the ointment.” They were naked. “Let the festival.” Eva Van Dolke cut the throat. Her sisters kept dancing. “Sea of blood.” The carpet got stained with crimson. “This is glorious.” She felt desire to them all. Eva was present each night they converted. Damn it, she even gave some blood. The smile spread about her features. The mere memory almost granted pleasure. They bond together, sharing the power of eternal night. This they must do. The vampire hunters had arrived. She felt their strength. Eva realized they had to do something to might counter the effort. That was a problem. She wasted her might in the chapel. The sisters screamed in unison. The passion might have some impact. “Master!” She was burning inside. The ecstasy made her to beam. “Accept this for sacrifice.” She cut into her wrist. “I submit myself to You!” Eva proclaimed. “Yes!” The sisters exclaimed. “I feel the power!” She had no interest. Eva drank the blood of the Master.

Chapel, Berkeley mansion. The 15th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The stone gargoyle raised toward the top of the tower. Julius climbed the staircase to keep up. “God with us!” He cried. The monster spat fireballs, threw rocks or used the tail to distract his progress. Julius made it to rain with holy water. He got to stop the progress. Or the gargoyle might trap him up here. The sculpture shrieked. He got brought to life. Julius made the sign of the cross. The nasty green blood was like acid to the platforms. Julius hurled the axe. He left it left it in the hands of the Lord. The weapon might miss the target, though he made it to split in three. Then the axe went home. The monster didn’t stop. He released a flurry of fireballs. The priest threw a vial. He wished that Anna was here. She might answer in turn. The glass broke on impact. The holy flame created a shield. That blocked the onslaught. Julius consolidated his force. He leaped high enough to throw the Shuriken. He got Simon’s heart of fire. The item burned on contact. Julius exhaled. He was able to retrieve the inheritance. That was no victory. Julius groaned. He got hit by the rock. The stone gargoyle used the tail to make it rebound. “God with us!” Julius forged the angel sword. He cracked the rock into a million pieces. “In Manos Toas Domine!” Julius let go of everything. He released the sword storm. Although the statue tried to escape, he got pierced. Julius climbed the ladder. He was about to reach up. The gargoyle made another sculpture to attack. Julius was able to break up the attack. He threw the crystal in a high arch. The gargoyle burst into pieces. The priest got a gem. That renewed his energy. “God with us!” Julius got the gauntlets. He released the homing ball. The gargoyle got hit in the face. Julius climbed upon the rope. That belonged to the bell. He tried to inhale. The bats lived up here. “Let it be done!” Julius summoned the blood force. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost!” The priest became invincible and invisible. The blaze was to bright. Julius closed his eyes. The bats got burned into ashes. The crystals fell toward the bottom. Julius pulled together. The gargoyle threw rapid flames from within the tail. The priest landed upon the catwalk. He struck with the fairy sword. Julius managed to deflect the lot. The gargoyle shrieked. The other sculptures broke free to attack. “God with us!” Julius hurled the crystal. Gabriel found it in 1047. Though it got transformed by Leon Belmont and Rinaldo Gandalphi in 1094. The priest dismissed. He created another item crush. The crystal broke in three. The gargoyles, and their projectiles, got shot to pieces. Julius might relax. He collected the gemstones. They replenished his force. The priest made the sign of the cross. He even knocked the candles. He found more money and crystals. “Great is the Lord.” Julius crossed himself. “Our Father in Heaven.” He took the book. That was a copy of Simon’s discovery. He found the real thing while his quest in 1692. That was lost after Richter’s death in 1809. He dismissed about the matter. Julius put it into a purse. He would use it to hunt the night. For now, he got other trouble. Julius got to climb back down to assist his friends. He frowned. The stone gargoyle didn’t destroy everything. Though he had done enough. Julius was in peril. “Preserve me.” He breathed. The priest reached for his crucifix. Julius closed his eyes. He surrendered his spirit into the Father’s hands. Then he leaped into the air. “Oh Julius!” Anna called. “We have you.” Ruth was there. “It is alright.” Thomas remarked. The girls released him. They caught him before the impact. “That was some trick.” He gave a hand. Julius got back on foot. “We are here.” Marina had arrived. She looked much better. They conquered the enemies. The chapel was quiet. Then the bell rang. Julius checked the watch. “That is right.” He said. “There are some hours left to midnight.” The others beheld him. “That isn’t important.” Thomas dropped the issue. “We have to find the key.” Julius inhaled. He almost forgot about that. Then, as if on cue, the chest fell from somewhere invincible. Julius made the sign of the cross. “Let me do the honour.” Anna opened the box. Nothing happened. The dancing girl produced the item. “This is it.” She hid a giggle. Julius put it aside. “Then may you be blessed.” She gave him the key. “Let us leave this place.” He retrieved the sword. They went for the rose garden.

Rose garden, Berkeley mansion. The 15th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The garden lay empty and in ruins. Julius inhaled. “God with us.” He didn’t trust the silence. “Something is wrong.” The priest might see beyond the obvious. That was another of his family’s trace. “I smell it.” Thomas sniffed the air. “There is something weird abroad.” The girls made no comment about it. They prepared their weapons. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord.” Anna reloaded the crossbow. “Let them come.” Ruth held the axe. “I am ready.” Marina cracked with the whip sword. “Then come.” The dark-breed got ahead. “Follow me.” He found another staircase. Julius realized this might be a short-cut back into the mansion. He dismissed. The priest hadn’t recognised before. That wasn’t the point. They got to continue the hunt. “Look out!” Marina cried. “They are the rolling stones!” She cried like a blood fan. Julius shook it aside. This was no joke. The sculptures looked like naked women. The order of Shadow created their kind in 1688. He shook it off. Julius really got to focus about the present. The crows nested among the branches. They went like black leaves from the dead winter tree. “God with us!” Julius cried. “Stay there!” Thomas got the automaton gun. “Burn in Hell!” The silver bullets pierced the flock. They exploded like feathery bombs. Julius let them take the crystals. That was the right thing to do. Though Thomas already got more then enough bullets. He refilled the weapon. That was another sort of security. “God with us!” They would need all they got. Julius exhaled. There was nice to have friends. They reached atop the stair. “Look on me!” Anna cried. “Behold my beauty!” The goblins got transfixed by her performance. They got defeated. Julius went into the mansion. They got to fight.

The mansion, Berkeley mansion. The 15th. Of December 2098 A.D.

Dust and cobwebs obscured the chandeliers. Thomas snarled. The mansion looked the same. He let it drop. Thomas went toward the locked entrance. The priest was already there. “Let us hunt the night.” He said before turning the key. “Alright pal.” He got the spear. “I hear what you say.” Julius made the sign of the cross. Then he opened the door. “God with us!” He exclaimed. “I know that sound.” Ruth made a rush into the corridor. “Here they come!” She threw the axe. “Fire in the hall!” Marina cried. The item exploded like a small bomb. The fire consumed the bats. “Black water.” The nayad finished off with a round of ice bullets. Thomas went inside. He almost felt jealous about their abilities. He dropped the case. They deserved better from him. The emotion granted more strength. Thomas snarled. He got to resist his own form of Darkness. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” The silver bolt pierced the corpse. “Blast it!” Anna got in trouble. The dead men walked the passage. They reached with rotting hands. Thomas resisted an urge to vomit. He hated those accursed beings. This wasn’t the time or place to express his emotion. “God with us!” Julius repeated the slogan. The sword was on fire. “Let me dance.” Anna delivered a high kick. Thomas howled.

The axe knight was alive. Anna danced to might occupy the zombies. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Ruth dashed to challenge the armour. He fit her nicely. The dancing girl fought a giggle. “Blast you devils!”” Thomas howled his frustration. He fired a boom from the automaton gun. “Leave her alone!” Thomas impaled the bats. Anna tried to keep up. She danced among the robed corpses. They seemed to mould on sight. She got to swallow. They were so disgusting. Anna brandished with both swords. The crucifix shone so bright. Something immortal burned within her heart. “Rise like a Phoenix!” She cried. The fireballs put them ablaze. “God with us!” Julius arrived. The pyre sword removed the head. The zombies burned on sight. They would fight together. “Dark ocean horizon.” Marina released the ice pellets to resist the bone pillar. “Do not forsake us.” Julius remained tall. “Into Your hands I commit my spirit.” The stacked dragon skulls turned to breathe flames or fireballs. “Curse you!” Thomas went to join with the hunter. They got to defeat the axe knight. Anna made the sign of the cross. That would be difficult. Anna gasped. “Falling down!” She tried to warn them. “Timber!” The chandelier fell from the ceiling. Anna barely escaped the impact.

The axe knight fell into ashes. Ruth exhaled. She retrieved her weapons. “Thank the Lord.” Ruth then felt much better. The crystals restored her energy. She put that aside. “Come on!” The knight encouraged. “She needs our help!” Marina was forced to retreat. The bone pillar turned around to might keep up the onslaught. “Watch out!” Anna called. “There is another!” The chandelier got crushed against the floor. The green and white velvet carpet got covered with the pieces of gold and splinters. Ruth made a grimace. She almost got trapped beneath the hardware. The wax got stained all about. Ruth screamed. The fabric was melting. She got burned. “Get up.” Thomas escaped the impact. “That is no big deal.” He made her to stand. The dark-breed rushed. He threw the stakes forward. Thomas impaled the topmost skull. Ruth threw back her golden hair. The gun exploded. The other skull might burn his feet. Thomas managed to sidestep. “For Warakiya!” Ruth threw herself down to hurl the daggers. They burned on impact. “Let it be blessed.” The others had arrived. “Let us go.” Ruth took the dagger. She would be ready. “The door is ahead.” She reminded. “That is true.” Julius made the sign of the cross. “Going down!” Anna warned. The knight threw herself forward.

Dance hall, the mansion. The 15th. Of December 2098 A.D.

This was another grand hall. Marina gulped. Her tribe dwelt in watery caved hidden deep beneath the Ravenberg. The nayad exhaled. This was something else. “There is no water.” Marina licked her lips. “Beneath the sunless sky.” That was one of the few dogmatic. She cracked with the whip sword. “They never give up.” Marina lost track of their teaching. She better, the bats rested beneath the ceiling. “Dark ocean word.” The creatures went from the upside-down sleeping position, into full action. She created a fountain. The burst nocked them silly. That made them an easy pray for the silver bullets. “Burn you all to Death and Darkness!” Thomas fired with the automaton gun. He reloaded the firearm. Marina released a sight of relief. She collected the crystals. Thomas already got another round of ammunition. “Thank you.” She called. Thomas winked. That made her to blush. He got a sudden charisma. Though, not like the priest. Speaking of which, Julius was out there now, upon the dancefloor. The robed zombies lay an ambush. Marina got to resist the horror. The figures raised from their graves, searching for flash. Marina swallowed. They were so repulsive. The nayad picked together. Marina made a promise. She would fight so that the tribe might live.

They withdrew into this hall to prepare. Eva Von Dolke closed her chanting. “Make it swift.” The countess recited. “And make it painful.” The master was the Lord of torment. Eva created some final nastiness. That would serve them right. She was the only sister who retained her cloak. “They will not be defeated.” Ariadne kept herself in a tight embrace. “The zombies can not stop them.” Eva Van Dolke was not impressed. “Their world shall burn in the fires of industries.” She smiled. The fangs got exposed from between her crimson lips. “There shall be no dawn for the race of men.” The countess enjoined herself. “The alliance will die.” She raised the knife above her raven hair. “I am only one.” She was ready to strike. “Though behind me, there are millions.” The vampire hunters advanced upon the floor. There will soon be time. “All who appose the prince of darkness must die.” Eva was proud about her allegiance.“Come.” She beckoned. “Let us rest together.” She used her might. The tile got removed to reveal the resting place. “We are only girls.” Eva explained. “Girls they want to have fun.” She laughed by their expression. “Why act so surprised?” She gathered her force. “Come.” She morphed into a coil of mist. “my arms are lusting for you.” She told.

Burial chamber, dance hall. The 15th. Of December 2098 A.D.

They withdrew into the crypt. Julius made the sign of the cross. “This is their final resting place.” Anna unsheathed both swords. The priest suspected as much. “We have to purify the graves.” The crypt was circular in shape. The eight tombs faced the burial monument. Julius tightened his grip. The ninth grave was made for someone splendour and loved. “May they be thrown back into the abyss.” The undead twisted the truth. They twisted the loss of the family into mockery. “That is a cruel joke.” He went for that grave. “Rest in peace.” The countess would haunt them no longer. Julius might clench the tomb. “Curse you demons!” This was an ambush. The eight members of the nest went through the solid wall. There were two brides for each of his friends. That didn’t change the situation. “I am Eva Van Dolke.” The ring leader introduced herself. “You are a Belmont.” That was no question. “You have come to slay the Dark Lord.” Nasty red flames then lit behind the stone-grey eyes. “Human scum!” She then bellowed. “You shall never reach him!” Eva threw the sacrificial knife. “I might prevent you access.” The voice went hard and cold as ice. “Grizzly wing!” She turned into a swarm of bats. “God with us!” Julius felt overwhelmed. He presented the crucifix. Eva retained her human form. “Die you Belmont bastard!” She threw back cape. She let down the white funeral clothing’s. “Hellfire!” She threw a flurry of repeated green fireballs. The orbs got inhabited. The bats squeaked with blood thirst. Julius opened the book. He released the pages. The Hellfireballs got blasted into oblivion. “Crimson lightning!” Julius escaped the attack. The blood lightning went overhead. He got up to douse her with holy water. “Curse you!” She bellowed. “Ball of Destruction!” The high shot was like a beating heart. Julius immediately bent down. The shot went against the ceiling. He dodged the chunks of rock. That left quite a crater. “God with us.” Julius stamped her with the crucifix. “Human slime!” She spat on the floor. Julius made a back-flip. The saliva worked like boiling acid. The tile broke apart. “Nightmare claw!” She reached ahead. That was the power of Dominance. Julius threw himself sideways. “That is a rare gift.” Eva must be destroyed. “Why don’t you present yourself as a candidate?” He thought about that girl which his brother insisted to rescue. “That would be heresy.” The countess spread her arms. The black smoke obscured her features. “There is only one Dark Lord.” She insisted. “Only one who can wield that force.” Her voice sank to a whisper. “He does not share power.” The bats gathered around. “Then you have chosen death.” Her eyes beamed. “When the thousand years have ended.” She proclaimed. “Satan shall be released from his prison.” Julius shuddered. Gabriel Belmont and Soma Cruz both encountered the Devil. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost!” The priest summoned before hurling the vials. The holy water burned the bats. “Belmont trash!” Eva got hurt. “Vampire’s kiss.” The blood was like poison. Julius was careful not to touch it. He didn’t relax. Julius attacked with his arms on fire. The sword kept blazing within his grip. “No! You cannotdefeat me!” The countess raised both hands. “that rests with the Lord!” Julius struck down. “Grizzly wing!” Eva summoned a swarm of bats. He burned them into submission. Although the crush burned out, he was able to hit her. The vampire shrieked in pain. “Do what you have to do.” He receded. “do it soon.” Eva gathered enough to transform into a coil of mist. “Hellfire!” The green bat-inhabited fireballs came through the air. Julius spun around to deflect the onslaught. “god with us!” The two large spinning books exploded on impact. “I shall release you from the spell!” Julius stamped with the crucifix. “Curse you!” She screamed. “You are not to kill the Dark Lord!” The flames absorbed her features. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost.” Julius picked the Shuriken. “The Lord is compassion. He has forgiven all.” Julius watched her stagger. “He leads us into His Heaven.” The star cut into her chest. “Help me.” The crest fell on the floor. “For I have sinned.” She looked dazed. “Release me.” The countess pleaded. “Set me free.” She wasn’t entirely evil. “Rest well.” Julius said. “Do not despair.” He touched the crucifix. “The Lord will never forsake or forget about you.” The priest got a knife. “Step into the light.” He said before impaling the heart. Eva gasped. Then her eyes glazed over. “The light.” She exhaled. “Oh, the blessed light.” She smiled. His peace went like sunlight above her features. Then she crumbled into dust. “For great is the Lord.” Julius declared. “Our Father in Heaven.” It was complete. The circle was put to rest. “Follow me.” He said. “The necromancer is still alive.” He must be stopped. There was time to cleanse this stain of evil upon the land. They only got to climb the staircase. They had become vampire hunters. Julius exhaled. They reached atop.

The mansion, Berkeley mansion. The 15th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The hall was empty. Julius made the sign of the cross. “You put her to rest.” He beheld the others. “Of course.” Thomas assured. “That was easy.” Julius shook his head. “The truth shall set you free.” The dark-breed looked down. “They almost killed me.” He then told. “I know.” Julius clapped his shoulder. “Auch.” The armour felt almost too hard for him. Thomas smirked. “I found something in the cave.” The dark-breed presented his weapon. “This is the positron rifle.” He told. “Now I got a better aim.” Julius acknowledged. He recognised the addition. “Soma Cruz used a similar weapon while in 2035.” Thomas still reloaded with the mixture of different bullets. “He didn’t rest down there.”” Marina cut into the conversation. “The necromancer is still alive.” The nayad licked her lips. “He is atop the building.” Anna put the map and compass back into her bag. “We have to reach that area.” Ruth was eager. He might see it in her eyes and features. She hated with such passion. “Let go of your anger.” Julius told. “This is an act of mercy.” Mina was right. They got no right to judge.

Balcony, Berkeley mansion. The 15th. Of December 2098 A.D.

They climbed the other staircase. Thomas snarled. “This isn’t fair.” He really got angry. After what they encountered, the dark-breed got to put up with this? Thomas threw that aside. This wasn’t the point. “I know.” Julius unsheathed his sword. The Belmont would always be there. Thomas should know by now. “You never surrender.” He remarked. Julius made the sign of the cross. “That is not the question.” He said. “I know.” He looked tired. “When to surrender.” Anna put a hand on his shoulder. “You only truly give up when you are dead.” Thomas arched an eyebrow. The dancing girl looked so sure about herself. Anna blushed by the stare. “That is the way I survived the prison.” Thomas sighed. “Sorry.” He said. “I shouldn’t treat you like that.” She dismissed. “That isn’t important right now.” Her cheeks went more purple. “I would love to do it the hard way.” She looked on him from beneath the eye lashes. “If that is what you want.” Thomas got taken aback. “You are adorable.” He admitted. “Thanks.” The dark-breed was unsure on how to react. “No thanks.” He inhaled. “We must continue the hunt.” Thomas felt no attraction. He hoped she figured. Ruth shrugged. “I just waited for you.” Thomas snorted. He almost forgot about her attitude.

The pavilion got broken apart. Anna felt cold. She touched the crucifix. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord.” The wind moved through her hair. “Let it be done.” Julius made the sign of the cross. “Well.” Ruth brandished with the axe. “Let us be off.” She leaped toward the nearest platform. Anna bit her lip. The knight really was brave. The crows came from above. “Watch out!” Marina was in the air. “Dark ocean world.” She twirled with the whip sword. “Curse you!” Thomas fired a boom. The positron rifle never missed the target. Anna produced both swords. The Medusa head got shot into oblivion. “Fire in the hall!” She cried. Anna danced to release the fireballs. The monster wasn’t alone. Anna managed to burn the others. The Medusa heads came in three. They might turn them all to stone. The Dark Lord would enjoy such an outcome. Anna presented the crucifix. She would fight in the name of the Lord. The crows went about. Anna felt so helpless. She couldn’t take the lot. Thomas moved ahead. He fought together with the other girls. Anna almost felt jealous about that. She dropped the matter. Anna got to stay focused. She was alone. “God with us!” She exhaled. The dancing girl almost forgot. Julius was here. Anna smiled. She would cross the distance.

The weather was getting worse. Ruth brandished with the axe. “For Warakiya!” She threw the three enflamed daggers toward the bone pillar. “Tonight’s forecast.” Ruth muttered. “There will be some heavy snow.” She exhaled. Ruth managed to repel the fireballs. “Watch out!” Marina cried. “Fire in the hall!” The skull turned around to breathe flames. “You bastard!” Thomas used the spear to impale. “That was glorious.” Ruth got to admit. The nayad gathered for another attack. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Anna went above to deliver a slide-kick. The head rolled about. Ruth struggled not to laugh. “That look funny.” Thomas smirked. The expression got cleaned off his face. “Get away!” The fight continued. The bone pillar spews a massive wave. “God with us!” Julius had arrived. The crows flew to take him. “You shall have no gods but me.” The priest recited. “Thus, say the Lord.” He made it to rain with holy water. “Amen.” Anna knelt upon her knee. “Mother of river.” Marina closed her eyes. She hid beneath the statue. The nayad got hurt. “Get away!” Thomas tried to tell her. The rolling stone crumbled into pieces. The debriefgot spread about. Ruth groaned. She got hit in the stomach. That hurt. Julius then used the laurels to heal her.

The rolling stone crumbled into pieces. Marina cried in pain. “Black water.” She got hit all over her body. The nayad could do nothing but to winch. The pain might consume her mind. “He leads us to the fresh water.” Julius bent beside. “He makes us rest in the green fields.” He put a hand upon her forehead. “All shall be well.” The pain subsided. “The Lord is compassion.” He replaced the laurels. “He has forgiven all.” He helped her to get up. “You know about the reward?” Marina asked. That made him to blush. The nayad hid her mouth behind a hand. “You know I can’t accept it.” The priest let go. Marina sighed. She would like serving him. Julius wasn’t the type, neither was she. “Dark ocean horizon.” The journey only began. The Medusa heads attacked in a wavy pattern. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Anna fired with the crossbow. The silver bolt went home. “Die you bastard!” The dark-breed released a boom from the positron rifle. The heads exploded. Ruth knocked the candles. They shared the items. Thomas then rushed. He leaped above the abyss. “Always on the move.” Julius remarked. That was obvious. Marina let it pass. She used the whip sword to swing about. The item hooked nicely with the metal ring. Marina landed in front.

They had approached. Sir Ronald Tyfus beheld through the binoculars. “They might kill us.” He was sure about it. The British pilot closed his fist. “I might take them.” Robert Mills got an aim through the sniper rifle. “Forget about it.” Sir Ronald re-holstered his pistol. “That means nothing to them.” He beheld their progress. “Alright.” Robert put up the gun. “Then what do you suggest?” He got the right to answer. Sir Ronald was not his general. “I don’t know.” He tugged at the brown moustache. “I have a bad feeling about this.” Robert muttered. Then he replaced the helmet above his red hair. “We are pilots.” He remarked. “Not soldiers.” He sighed. “We can’t fight a war for him.” Sir Ronald knew the truth. They were mortal men. “We have no power.” That was right. They only got themselves, and the weapons bestowed by the New Order. “We might escape.” Robert looked back over his shoulder. “It is treason then.” Sir Robert produced the pistol in the blink of an eye. “Of course not.” Robert pulled away. “Drop it.” Sir Ronald noticed he reached for the firearm. “You pledged fealty to count Dracula.” Robert got at ease. “Sir! Yes sir!” He retained attention. “What is your command?” Sir Ronald was pleased. “Get aboard.” He said. “We are to kill the Belmont clan.”

Balcony, Berkeley mansion. The 15th. Of December 2098 A.D.

This was a part of the game. Julius had to remain calm. “God with us!” He repeated the slogan. Marina hooked onto the ring. “Fire in the hall!” Ruth threw the dagger forward. She impaled the Medusa head. “blast you!” Thomas howled. He fired with the positron rifle. The silver bullets cleared the area. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Anna spun across the distance. “That was impressive.” Ruth knocked the candles to retrieve the crystals. Then she went above. “Wait for me!” Thomas leaped upon the platform. The priest inhaled. He got to consolidate the bloodline mystics. Julius came in time. “God with us!” He made it to rain with holy water. The crows shrieked while burning. “Rest in peace.” The birds were innocent. They got ruled by the undead. “That is a rolling stone!” Marina created a fountain. The burst of water pushed the rocks back into the abyss. “Watch out!” That was not the end. “Kill them!” The goblins threw other rocks for their location. “Watch me!” Anna performed. “I am the hot stuff.” She threw a flurry of fireballs. Julius threw the Shuriken before he went. The Medusa heads got cut to pieces. That was all he needed. The priest landed among the ancient people. Marina landed in a heap. “Help us!” She got turned to stone. “Let it be done.” Julius got the laurels. “Castlevania chronicles.” The Belmont archive told of their potential. “Curse you demons!” Thomas brandished with the spear. “For Warakiya!” Ruth and Anna moved ahead. “Into Your hands I commit my spirit!” Julius called. He held the laurels. They touched her chest. “Let Your will be done.” The item glowed. Julius felt the power of life move within. “It is the heart that matters most.” He breathed. Marina opened her eyes. “You saved me from the black water.” He made no answer. Julius replaced the item. Then he noticed. The priest felt weary. “Julius?” The world shook. The priest fell upon his knees. “What is wrong?” The nayad bent beside. Julius couldn’t speak. He tried to support his head. He felt like a blackout. “This isn’t how it is supposed to be.” Marina kissed him. “I shall restore you.” Julius was shaken. The water overflowed his body. The priest couldn’t breathe. “God with us!” That only lasted for a second, though it left him gasping. “What was that?” Julius pushed her aside. He was still shaking all over. “The kiss of life.” Marina explained. “A gift from the river.” Julius shook his head. “Thank you.” He got up. “Fair river daughter.” He looked around. The others reached the balcony. “Come.” Julius told. “Follow me.” They got to reach up with the others. “God with us!” The priest cried his slogan. The Medusa heads created a barrage. “Dark ocean world.” Marina released the ice pellets. The snake creature broke apart. Julius threw the axe. He made it to split in three. “Come on!” He called. They leaped above. Their friends got in trouble. The harpies released the goblins and a skeleton. “Release me!” Anna stamped with the crucifix. The skeleton collapsed into a heap. She caught the gem. Ruth staggered. She got pierced by the feathers. The goblins grouped her. “Leave me alone!” Ruth crushed the skull. The goblin burst into flame. The freak tried to bend her over. “Burn in Hell!” Thomas was able to impaled the redhead. “Dark water horizon.” Marina managed to freeze the goblin. Julius gathered his force to leap into the air. He threw the gold knife through the chest of the blonde harpy. “Human scum!” The brunette tried to carry him up. She would reveal him like a target for the Medusa heads. “God with us!” Julius stamped with the crucifix. He then threw the three vials into the air. “Glory be You!” Julius exclaimed. “Our Father in Heaven!” The explosion was great. The fight was over. Julius exhaled. They picked the crystals. That was a reward. Never the less, they couldn’t rest. The breather got interrupted. “The Medusa heads are coming in!” Ruth was the first who noticed. Julius tightened his grip. “God with us!” He released the pages. The flurry shot from the mystic book. “That is the way!” Thomas howled. “Blast the freaks to Hell!” Julius felt sorry for him. “Come on now!” Marina hooked onto the ring. “Let us continue!” That was right. She released the ice bullets. The Medusa heads got frozen into bits. The priest shook his head. He got impressed. Julius consolidated to reach across. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Anna was quick to follow. “Fire in the hall!” She impaled the crows before throwing the fireballs. “Take this you bastards!” Thomas fired with the positron rifle. That removed the other birds. Julius couldn’t assist their efforts. “Black water.” Marina almost got burned herself. “God with us!” Julius created the fairy sword. “For Warakiya!” Ruth called. The bone pillar had no interest. The heads turned to breathe flames. “Curse You!” Ruth seldom used such language. Now it was fitting. Julius presented the crucifix. He managed to repel the fire. “Dark ocean world.” Marina created a javelin of ice. The top head exploded into a million frozen pieces. That didn’t change much. Thomas got occupied by the Medusa heads. Ruth got to support him. There were a second flock of crows. The knight threw her enflamed axe. Julius made the sign of the cross. He got to crush the other skulls. “Shoot me!” Anna danced in a circle. “I am the target!” She teased the bone pillar. Julius scratched his hair. She really was brace. The dancing girl released the fireballs. The skulls got stunned by the impact. “Black water.” Marina cracked with the chain whip. The second skull got crushed. “Watch out!” Julius cried. “There are still one of them!” His friends got above. Julius ducked to block with holy water. The fireballs burst on impact. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Anna kept behind to deliver the slide kick. “In Manos Toas Domine!” Julius crossed himself. The dancing girl preceded to stab with both swords. She got hurled by the outburst. Julius managed to hold her. “Thank you.” Julius let go to claim the gems. He then went into the air.

The clouds were breaking up. Thomas had no mind. “Curse you.” He growled. They reached the far end of the mansion. Thomas dismissed. Although there was an entrance ahead, it made no difference. “For Warakiya!” Ruth brandished with the axe. The weapon burned. “This is the modern stuff.” This was a landing field. “Save us.” He felt like a trap was closing in around him. “Black water.” Marina recoiled the whip. “Against the power of Dracula.” Julius made the sign of the cross. “There can be no victory.” Thomas snarled. The helicopter got into the air. He would never submit to the dark side of the force. “Be brave.” Julius had gathered. “Stand fast.” The spotlights moved to map their progress. “Black bird down!” Ruth shrieked. “Fire in the hall!” The pilots spewed with their automaton guns. Thomas barely escaped. “Blast you!” He howled. Somehow, they got to destroy the turrets. “Aim for the spinner!” Julius cried. “We have to demolish!” Thomas might grant his support to that final comment. The helicopter went low to deliver some weird form of mini walkers. “They look like headless chicken.” Thomas almost laughed. Then he discovered. They were not funny. Not in the least. They carried guns upon the nose and chin. Thomas howled. They got in trouble.

They were unique. Anna licked her lips. “Save us from evil.” She breathed. “Let Your will be done.” The dancing girl saw them come and leave at the landing platform within the prison. Anna beheld the helicopters through the bars in her cell. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” The fire blossomed within. Anna danced to release the fireballs. The mini walkers got shot to pieces. Anna was breathing heavily. She was sweating beneath her outfit. That was no problem. The flame would burn for forever more.She brandished with the sword. Anna remembered what Thomas told them. She would fly with a jump kick. The force might knock it to pieces. “For Warakiya!” Ruth done her hair into triple braids. They went thick down her back. “Alright goldilocks!” Thomas smirked. The knight threw the three enflamed daggers into the air. Anna felt jealous. The dancing girl wished she got the same style. She tried to shake it aside. This really wasn’t the time. “God with us!” Julius made the sign of the cross. He threw the crystal. The shards caught the rockets on impact. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Anna threw a barrage. The fireballs went home. She danced with joy. The helicopter was not invincible. There was a catch. The pilots might still blow them sky high.

The machine guns got fired. Ruth cursed. “For Warakiya!” She would fight to the bitter end. Julius threw the vials. He even opened the book. The pages absorbed the bullets. Ruth made a grimace. The priest was an expert vampire hunter. She was too. Ruth would show them. She threw the axe forward. The weapon split in three. “Yeah!” Ruth then screamed. She got infused with the Belmont DNA. “For Warakiya!” The axes burst into fire. “You got Simon’s heart of fire.” Julius was taken aback. Ruth smiled. She felt warm by the compliment. “Look out!” Marina arrived through the debrief. She got the whip sword. “They try to kill us!” That was right. The helicopter went low to deliver the mini walkers. Marina dashed. She brought the dancing girl to support. Ruth smiled. She couldn’t help it. This was fun. “Take this you devil!” Thomas fired with the positron rifle. The bullet burst on impact. Ruth gasped. The engine began to steam. The black smoke made her to choke. “God with us!” Julius appeared through the cover to hurl the Shuriken. That caused another explosion. “Get down!” Ruth hurled herself atop. “They might shoot you.” She helped him to get up. The priest got to be more careful. “You have to watch out.” She told the truth. The missiles might kill them all.

The wind shield got broken into pieces. Marina leaped to release the ice pellets. “Black water.” She tried to flush the cockpit. “You little slut!” The pilots spat and splattered about. Marina let it drop. The pilots got protected within the bubbles. She made a grimace. That was the art of technology. Marina inhaled. There was nothing she could do about the matter. She went above to release the javelin of water. The spinner almost got tore away. “Get away from there!” Julius cried. The automaton guns got turned her way. “Consider me gone.” Marina felt chills down her spine. That really was close. She got to take better care. That would be for the future. Marina cracked with the whip sword. She had to give it one more try. The impact almost consumed her within the smoke. The nayad gagged upon the fabric. She got to clean her lungs. Marina then created a back-flip. “That was a nice trick.” Thomas managed to get her. “A pity it didn’t work.” He let her go. “Have no fear.” Julius made the sign of the cross. “The Lord will deliver it into our hands.” Marina wasn’t that sure. The helicopter began launching rockets. “Fire in the hall!” Anna danced. She made her best to cover up the assault. “For Warakiya!” Ruth jumped to hurled the axe. “Be damned!” That caused an explosion.

Top floor, Berkeley mansion. The 15th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The necromancer raised from his throne. Lord Zabach felt the mansion shake. “What happened?” He demanded. “We don’t know.” The humpbacks crawled beneath him. “Activate.” The dark warlock hissed. “I wish to speak with the lieutenant.” The servants illuminated the holo-projector. “Immediately.” There came no answer. This was impossible. The house was his property. Lord Albus Zabach came from the circle of blood. Hegot to meditate on theoccasion. The mansion went quiet. The vampire hunters proved to be even stronger then he predicted. So, let it be. The game would be more entertaining. He got bestowed upon with the curse of Darkness. Lord Zabach was more potent then either of them. Some might have fled in terror. He was not that kind. The dark wizard would rather face the invaders. This was a part of the game. Zabach also got hidden powers. He would get even. They would not escape. He would make it that way. “Dismissed.” The necromancer informed the snivelers.“Yes, my lord.” They left the room while crawling on their bellies. They were worthless. Left alone, he considered the next step. AlbusZabach remained in pose. He would challenge the huntersby himself. Hehad waited such a long time for this moment.

Balcony, Berkeley mansion. The 15th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The rockets created a counterstrike. Julius made the sign of the cross. “In Manos Toas Domine!” He crafted another sword storm. That blocked the offensive. “Blast you!” Thomas released a cross-shaped burst of pure energy. That caused an electric fire. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!”” Anna was adorable. She danced to release the fireballs. The spinners got torn away. “God with us!” The helicopter made a solid impact. Julius watched it collide. “It is complete.” The explosion shook the mansion. “Are you awake?” Ruth got to shake him. “There is no time.” Marina looked up at the top floor. “He is bound to notice.” He reached for the crucifix. “A necromancer has come.” He almost forgot. The priest inhaled. “You don’t have to worry.” The crystals left by the helicopter restored his energy. “Then, it begins.” Thomas was ahead. He picked the rounds. Then he opened the door. The bats kept squeaking. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Anna made a grimace. She really disliked the mammals. The priest felt the same way. They carried the undead pestilence. “Burn in Hell!” Ruth snarled. “Damn you devil!” The knives and stakes went through the air. They burned on impact. The bats got slain in the process. Julius crossed himself before they went inside.

Top floor, Berkeley mansion. The 15th. Of December 2098 A.D.

This was a living room. Julius tightened his grip. “God with us.” He challenged. The stairs seemed to lead in every location. “I know that sound.” Thomas snarled. “Look out!” He roared. “The bitch is back!” Julius was about to climb when they arrived. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Anna danced. “Fire in the hall!” She released the fireballs. Julius frowned. The cracking sound made him to think. “Anna!” Ruth and Marina went to help. “You mock the house of Belmont!” Julius felt taken aback. The leather whip caught there in an iron grip. “For Warakiya!” Ruth struck through the chest. The whip guard staggered back. He wore a light leather armour above the army skirts. Anna fell to her knees, clasping the crucifix. “You.” She gasped. “You are wile.” She fired the crossbow. “That was some nice work.” Thomas reached his hand to her. He helped her stand up. “God with us!” The silver bolt pierced the armour. “He is not alone!” Julius presented the book. “Black.” Marina created a fountain. The group of bone soldiers hid behind the curtains. “They got invisibility powers!” The nayad shrieked. “No! They don’t.” The skeletons were clever in concealment. Julius threw that aside. He got to defend himself. He released a flurry of pages. “I want to do that.” Marina sounded almost jealous about the effort. “It isn’t fair.” Julius made the sign of the cross. “Beware of what you wish.” He told. “Believe me. You don’t want to be like me.” The scimitar struck. Julius made a back-flip. “God with us!” He summoned. Marina shrugged it away. She fired a round of five ice pellets. The scimitar collapsed into a heap. “Leave her alone.” Julius presented the crucifix. The blood skeletons caught her by the neck. They held her upright. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost!” The whip guard cracked to might strangle her. “Help me.” The eyes were bulging. “Release me.” The skin went purple. “Rest in peace.” The priest declared before hurling the crystal. The gemstone broke to pieces. This was Leon’s inheritance. The founder obtained it in 1094. The blood bones snapped on impact. “In Manos Toas Domine!” Julius got challenged by the whip guard. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Anna had defeated the monsters. “Behold me.” She leaped into the air. Let me dance.” Anna delivered with an enforced jump kick. Julius inhaled. “The Lord is with you.” The Gypsy was quite flexible. That didn’t change anything. “Look out!” Marina cried. “God with us!” The blood skeletons had built back up. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” They came forth to strangle him. No, that wouldn’t happen. Julius fusedthe blood force. He got the gauntlets. “Into Your hands I commit my spirit!” The priest threw the rebounding meteor. Why didn’t he think of this before? Never mind that now. The space stone crushed them into a million pieces. Julius caught his breath. It was over. He took the gems. That was some compensation. They restored his energy. “Glory be You.” Julius made the sign of the cross. “Our Father in Heaven.” The friends had united. Both Ruth and Thomas got hurt. “The Lord bless all good men.” Julius said. “And women.” He used the laurels. That restored their health. He exhaled. The priest replaced them within the purse. Julius felt relieved. He couldn’t afford to lose them. Now he figured why Simon Belmont hid them away. “What do we do now?” Marina asked. “We climb the staircase.” Anna explained. She was right. “The necromancer is still ahead of us.” Julius touched the crucifix. He felt the presence. “I know.” Thomas bared his teeth. “I might smell his filth.” The priest noticed how he tightened the grip. The knuckles went almost white upon the spear. “Save us.” He breathed. Ruth shrugged. “Then why are we waiting?” She brandished with the axe. “Let us be off.” The knight dashed up the stairway. “For Warakiya!” She cried. “Wait for us!” Julius felt irritated by her brashness. He put it aside. Ruth was who she was. Julius wouldn’t change her. Not even he got the ability. “You don’t know what awaits up there!” Thomas advanced. “Get down!” He fired the positron rifle. “Blasted devils!” The bats squeaked with blood thirst. “Burn in Hell!” He made them to scream for other reasons. Ruth didn’t mind. She continued to climb. “God with us!” Julius presented the crucifix. The priest got to hurry. “They try to hang her!” Anna looked aghast. “Fire in the hall!” She released one more bolt. The bolt went home. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” The whip guard staggered back. “You monster!” Ruth tried to cut the whip with the axe. That didn’t work out very well. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” Julius leaped to hurl the dagger. “Clever.” Thomas mused. He gave no answer. Hawken Belmont brought the dagger in 696. It was a family treasure.

The bats left the ceiling. Thomas snarled. “Curse you!” He felt so tired about them. The mammals spread about. Thomas reloaded the positron rifle. He would fight to the end. Julius leaped for the knight. He threw the dagger to might impale the whip guard. “Blast it.” Thomas snarled. He hated that smell. The whip guard got pierced through the armour. The skeleton didn’t seem to mind. “Watch out!” Marina was at the back. Thomas snarled. The bone-bag leaped down to meet them. “Dark ocean world!” The nayad hurled bursts of water. “That isn’t fair!” The whip guard somehow brandished to block off the assault. “Simon’s wraith.” Julius looked pale as a ghost. “Maxim encountered the lot in 1748.” The dark-breed howled. He didn’t care. The spear ran through the armour. The whip guard shook. Then the soldier collapsed into a heap. “Black water.” Marina released the ice bullets. The bats went her way. Marina made them to squeal. He better keep a closer watch. The bats landed around his neck. The dark-breed shuddered. The swarm would bite him. He might die for the loss of blood. “Leave me alone!” Thomas bellowed. “Burn in Hell!” He stamped with the crucifix. The crystals came in handy. “Continue!” Julius shouted. “I might be atop of things.” Marina told.

The curtains blew in the wind. Anna frowned. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” She discovered that the shades were moving. “Save us.” They kept on climbing. The bone dragon was alive. Anna reached for the crucifix. They almost got killed by the last encounter. “Curse you!” Thomas howled. He scored with a cross-shaped burst of energy. The dancing girl licked her lips. The dragon roared without sound. He breathed flames. Anna made a back dash. She knew the fall might be fatal. “I shall defeat you!” She exclaimed. “Like the Phoenix; I shall rise from the ashes.” She released the fireballs. “To fly toward the sun!” There was something which blossomed and burned within. “There shall always be a new dawn!” The fireballs blocked the onslaught. The bones got shot into oblivion. “God with us!” Julius declared. He released the homing ball. “That is the way!” Thomas encouraged. The orb burst on impact. “Anna!” He then barked. “Bring that Gypsy shit over here!” Anna gasped. He seldom used such language. To her at least. “Fire in the hall!” She picked together. Thomas got both the bats and Medusa heads to worry him. The dark-breed emptied his gun. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” She performed with an upper-cut. “Save us!” That created an impact.

The bone dragon went from left to right. Ruth felt taken aback. “For Warakiya!” She hurled the axe. That exploded on impact. “You made it!” Anna danced about. “Go away!” Ruth didn’t care. “He is in need!” Although Marina kept shooting bullets, the dark-breed might need some help. She threw herself aside to might escape the flames. “This is my department!” She presented the chandelier symbol. “Alright!” Anna said. “You don’t have to rub it!” Perhaps she must. The dancing girl was resistant. She tried to much for her own good. Ruth hurled three enflamed daggers. She was trained for this combat. “The Lord is with you.” Julius stood tall. “I know.” Ruth smirked. The daggers went home. “Get down!” The priest made a back-flip. “The hunt continues.” Ruth figured as much. The bone dragon king released a flurry of fireballs. That was effective. Ruth barely escaped. “For Warakiya!” She wouldn’t let it end like this. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” Julius made it to rain with holy water. Ruth screamed in triumph. The priest defended against both the flames and fragments. That was impressive. Julius really was a Belmont. She lacked his talents. Then again, the chandelierburned around her neck. “For Warakiya!” She called. Ruth would hunt the night.

They got in trouble. Marina might tell. “Dark water horizon.” She released the ice pellets. The Medusa heads got pierced by their combined efforts. Marina exhaled. She felt relieved. “Try to take me now.” Thomas growled before hereloaded the rifle. “Good Lord in Heaven!” Anna exclaimed. “Black water.” She felt it now. The presence of the liquid Hell. That might not be important. “Julius!” The dark-breed moved. He got hindered by the whip guard. “Mother of river!” Marina dashed for his location. She created a fountain. The bats got flushed aside. “God with us!” Julius declared. He threw the axe. That got buried in the skull. “Save us!” He released a flurry of pages before hurling the dagger. Marina gasped. The others came to join. The dagger impaled the monster. “Fire in the hall!” Anna created a shield. She blocked against the debrief. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost!” Julius touched the crucifix. Marina cleaned the sweat away. The priest got lifted into the air. “Let it be done!” The enflamed cross burst apart. “Rest in peace.” The bone dragon got tore to pieces. Marina exhaled. They shared the big gems. “Let us go.” The door was ahead. The nayad inhaled. This was why they came. “In the name of the Lord.” Julius was the leader.

They were outside. Lord Albus Zabach could feel their approach. “They are outside.” The necromancer breathed. “Where I must be.” The collection was his price project. “Let me tell you something about myself.” Lord Zabach remembered the first night. “When I fell in love.” Everything was in order. “Her name was Rosamunde Thornhill.” She was a daughter of the neighbouring estate. “She got the honour of my affection.” The dark wizard smiled. His eyes were burning. “We made love together.” She was impressed. “Before the night was over.” Lord Zabach walked into the moonlight. “I introduced myself to her younger sister.” That was exquisite. “And her mother too.” The girl put down her violin. “What happened then?” She was a black beauty. “Then.” Lord Zabach told. “I did what I could best.” He smiled. “You know that I am.” The moonlight got reflected in her glasses. “The collector.” The cape spread out as he embraced her. “Master?” The teen looked up into his face as her collard fell away. “Drink.” She wore a school girl uniform. “embrace the glory of the eternal night.” The white teeth lit her features. “Samantha Whitney.” Her tiny body got pressed against his armour. “All who oppose the prince of Darkness must die.” Lord Zabach then bit into her neck.

A.N: Sorry for the long update. I got busy. Zabach is of course based on several figures from the CVLoS. The “Boss fight” is coming up. I hope you like it. Have a nice time.

“The truth is that they loved the darkness more than the light.”

John: 3. 19.

Battle track: Sons of Satan.

Top floor, Berkeley mansion. The 15th. of December 2098 A.D.

The organs floated within dark water. Lord Zabach dismissed. He was never left alone. The containers secured his collection. The necromancer withdrew into his private chambers. The vampire hunters had arrived. Lord Zabach acknowledged. He smiled to expose the fangs. The necromancer would set the play in motion.“So, it has become.” He made a gesture. The curtains were moved aside. The necromancer returned into the throne room. He would confront their lot. This was what he expected. “Good evening.” The necromancer appeared upon his throne. “Welcome to Transylvania.” The Belmont was ahead of them. The necromancer was unable to read his mind, though he might smell the scent of blood. “ Thou arth to kill the Belmont clan.” The last command sent echoes through his being. “Yes, my lord.” He answered the voice. The eyes were on fire. “All who oppose the prince of Darkness must die.” The vampire hunter unsheathed his sword. Albus Zabach recognised the gesture. The priest made the sign of the cross. “He will not avail you.” The necromancer left his seat. “Let the Lord of Chaos rule.” He quoted. “This is cursed earth.” The necromancer raised both his hands. There came a bright flash of electricity. The necromancer summoned his scythe.

The heat roared up the chimney. Julius beheld the necromancer. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost.” He reached for the crucifix. “It is you.” The dark wizard didn’t look like he expected. “You are in Transylvania.” The figure conjured the scythe. “Transylvania is not the Vatican.” The earth shook on his approach. “I am Albus Zabach.” The titan glammered in a golden suit of armour. “Lord Dracula’s last command was to destroy your kind.” Albus suddenly charged. “I shall make his wish come true.” The scythe whirled. “Die! And may that be the end of your accursed bloodline.” The necromancer spoke in words witch he didn’t figure. “For the rest of you. I have this surprise.” The ghouls and zombies arrived to tear at the group. “God with us.” Julius created the pyre-sword. “You dare!” Albus was taken aback by his defence. There was something else too. The blurred nimbus seemed to block his attack. “Blast you!” Thomas stabbed with the spear. “Burn in hell!” He impaled the corps. “You are nothing but dead weight.” The dark breed turned around to hurl the five stakes forward. Julius sighed. The corpses got exposed. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord.” Anna danced like an artist. “Dust to dust. Ash to ashes.” The fireballs erupted from between her fingertips. “Fire in the hall!” Julius got to focus. He sidestepped the scythe. The sparks flew like fireflies while hitting the floor. “God with us.” The weapon got stuck in the ground. “For Warakiya!” Ruth threw both axes and knife toward the undead. They crumbled into burning heaps of ashes. “Dark ocean word.” Marina brandished with the whip sword. That function like a pipeline to her water magic. The combine efforts made some progress. “Parish you and your lot!” The nimbus failed him this time. “I pity you, Julius said.” The sword went through the armoured shoulder plate. “You have lost so much.” He managed to stamp the vampire. “You shall submit.” The necromancer snarled to expose his fangs. “You are that strong.” Albus hissed. “Though you shall obey.” The nimbus blossomed. “Neal to the darkside.” The necromancer slashed with his scythe. “Never!” Julius rolled aside. “Cursed human.” His friends resisted the corpses. “I shall make you to suffer!” Julius was not impressed. He heard such threats before. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord.” The crystal broke into countless pieces. “vampire hunter.” Albus hissed. “I may still make you miserable.” He disappeared into the void. Julius made the sign of the cross. “I shall watch your grief and sorrow.” He reappeared somewhere else. “This is only the beginning.” Julius licked his dry lips. He felt taken aback. “Save us.” The dead wizard got hurt. His blood stained the armour. “This is my power.” The threw back the cape to return the favour. The five poisoned crystals were in mockery of Hawken, Gabriel and Leon Belmont. Julius kept his ground. The crystals might inflict a blood poison. “The grave is the realm of the Dark Lord.” Julius let go. “I fear not.” He declared. “Even though I wonder beneath the shadow of the valley of death. The vial broke on impact. “I hunt the night.” Julius exclaimed. He kept Leon’s oath. “Like my father before me.” The vampire got burned. “Burn you Belmont scum!” The necromancer swung with the scythe. He even spread the cape release the five poisoned crystals. “God with us.” Julius consolidated his might to leap above. The sword shone like the sun through leaves. Julius created the fairy sword. The chest plate buckled. The ribs got crushed. The priest got forced aside. He almost got stunned by the force-field. “You are dead.” The crystals really poisoned his blood. Julius screamed. Although he got the laurels. He had to remove the status. That was easier said than done. The item used much energy. The priest got no choice. He had to continue the battle. “So, you think to conquer me?” Zabach said in a low voice. “You felt my presence.” He spread his cape. “You became drawn to its power.” Julius clutched the crucifix. “In time, the ability to see beyond the obvious will become a curse.” The necromancer scoffed. “Chaos is a trait among your species.” Julius let go. He doused the vampire with holy water. The corpses got ripped apart. Zabach got burned by the liquid. “God with us!” The priest trusted the angel sword. The necromancer snarled by the impact. The eight homing crystals got hurled against the wall. “Dracul!” The vampire exposed his fangs. “You will awake the dragon in me.” Julius felt chills down his spine. “That won’t happen!” Thomas impaled the ghouls and zombies. “Curse you!” He fired a cross -shaped blast of pure energy. “Burn in Hell!” Zabach shrieked like a forsaken soul. He got thrown into the air. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” Julius pulled together to hurl the gold knife. That went home. The dagger got buried within the chest plate. Blood oozed from the wound. The necromancer screamed his frustration. The eight crystals hit home. They inflicted another poisoned state. Julius fought to collect the laurels. “Leave him alone!” Anna danced to release the fireballs. “Be gone you wench.” Zabach twirled with the scythe to repel the onslaught. “You are nothing but a blood slut.” He snarled. “A food whore ripe for picking.” The weapon dug into her chest. “Anna!” Julius screamed. “Black water!” The ice pellets pierced his heart. “Fool!” The necromancer bellowed. “The Dark Lord might never be defeated!” Then he burst into fire. Julius removed the poison. He really got tired. “You shall not die.” Thomas picked the dancing girl. “Hold tight.” He carried her over to were Zabach collapsed. “Take it.” The dark-breed said. “Pick it up.” Julius knelt beside. “Please.” The priest put her hand on top. “Let his will be done.” Anna weakly stated. “Into Your hands I commit my spirit.” The flash was almost to bright. “You have to look aside.” Ruth hid her face. Even the nayad got to close her eyes. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost.” The orb was gone. Anna was sleeping. Then the mansion shook.

Barnyard, Berkeley mansion. The 15th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The building was burning around the stables. Thomas made a grimace. “Curse you.” He growled. The horses kept screaming. The dark-breed had to release them. “Come on!” He called to the others. “Help me.” Ruth and Marina threw the unconscious dancing girl into the wagon. She landed amongst the hay. “You are not alone.” Julius arrived to assist him. “Thank you.” Thomas said. The priest made the sign of the cross. Together they were able to release the animals. The dark-breed might speak their language. He told them to remain calm while he secured them before the wagon. They went calm. The horses would obey his demands. Thomas relaxed. “Hurry up!” Ruth called. The mansion cracked about. “We have to escape!” The building was ready to collapse. Thomas snarled. “Tell me about it.” He muttered. Julius climbed on top. The dark-breed helped the girls to sit up. “Easy now.” Thomas would run beside. “Yeah!” Julius called while cracking with the whip above the horses. The dark-breed made a grimace. That was fitting. Julius found the whip behind the seat. Never mind. The horses went for the exit. Thomas pushed it open. There came a drift. The dark-breed had no mind about the matter. Julius made them to move. They soon vanished into the forest.

Forest of Debias, Warakiya. The 16th. of December 2098 A.D.

The men kept to the side. Ruth and Marina hid behind the trees. “They are getting closer.” Anna looked out from among the hay. She still hid in the wagon. The horses hit the road. “They are here.” Anna shuddered. That was not because of the cold, not really. The beast riders appeared. She picked together. “Hello there.” Anna brushed the contains aside. “Do you feel lonely tonight?” Anna let the smile lit up her features. She permitted the blanket to fall down her front. The Gypsy felt their stare upon her. “Come.” She beckoned. “Stay with me.” She only got to draw their attention for a moment longer. Her friends got ready. The band never knew what hit them. “God with us!” Julius released a flurry of pages. “Back to Hell!” Thomas fired a cross-shaped blast. “Black water!” Marina created a fountain. “For Warakiya!” Ruth dashed to throw the three enflamed daggers. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord.” Anna made the sign of the cross. She gathered her force. The dancing girl leaped down to join the fight. She fired with the crossbow. The silver bolt pierced the heart. The knight was dead before hitting the snow. “Get away from here!” Thomas released the horses. “Get far away!” He whispered something in their ears. The horses went into the forest.

The beast rider pulled back her string. “No! You won’t!” Ruth was in action. She struck with the axe. “alright.” Thomas reloaded the positron rifle. “I am ready.” He fired the round. Ruth exhaled. The bullets went home. Thomas couldn’t miss the target. “God with us!” Julius crushed the bow. “Nice work.” She admitted. The priest made the sign of the cross. The Raptor went for his chest. Ruth made a grimace. She disliked the dinosaurs. The knight presented the lit chandelier symbol. The fox kept behind. “This I do for my family.” The monsters came to the farm. Ruth would avenge her family. She threw the axe into the air. Julius might be impressed. The enflamed projectile struck down like a meteor. Ruth screamed by the outburst. She would collect the crystals, though it had to wait. The beast rider really was dead. That gave no comfort. The partners were alive. “For Warakiya!” She belonged to the resistance. Ruth cried their slogan. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Anna spread her arms before releasing the fireballs. She created a barrier. “You are adorable.” Ruth might have a breather. The dancing girl kept performing. “Die you bastard!” Thomas came to the rescue. He impaled the monster. Ruth cheered his effort. She then threw the daggers.

The beast riders pulled back while releasing with the bow-and-arrows. Marina inhaled. She created a burst of water. The stream worked like a shield. “God with us!” Julius barely survived the onslaught. He opened the book to release the pages. They cut through the knights. Marina didn’t rest. She couldn’t do that. “Black water!” She fired a series of ice pellets. That countered the attack. “Filthy back-shooter!” Thomas snarled. He got the spear blazing again. “Look on me!” Anna danced about. “Forget about the others!” She fired a round of fireballs. “Leave him alone!” Ruth struck with the axe. Flames burned on impact. She explained about the DNA. Marina still didn’t figure. “Now I got you!” She struck with the whip sword. “You won’t escape!” Marina used the item to strangle the night. The fox burned upon his demise. That was incredible. Marina took the gems. They might restore the force. She looked around. The fight was over. Marina shook it off. That was for a while. She had figured about it. Then again, there were things worth fighting for. Marina would hunt so that her tribe might live. “We must get away.” Thomas sniffed the air. “There are still more of them out there.” Marina recoiled the whip sword. That was no surprise. She still would fight.

The air was freezing cold. Bronze sat upon her Raptor. The dino was resurrected through black magic. Snow began to fall. Yuko had arrived. The red knights told of her punishment. The beast riders got very lucky. Bronze didn’t waist with resources. They joined forces. “The mansion has fallen!” Amber, one of the foxes, was shocked. Bronze didn’t mind. She beheld the burning building. “Master is dead!” Yuko lamented. “And I wasn’t there!” Bronze was untouched. At least on the surface. “Gather.” She told. “We shall head for the Berkeley mansion.” Yuko beheld her. The undead wept bloody tears. “You should go to the town of Aliba.” She said. Bronze gave her a uniform. Though the geisha was not in command. “I will get to know you better.” She bent over to kiss her. Yuko shuddered. That made her excited. “Later.” She moaned. “Later.” The Japanese slave girlhid her face. Bronze would look for survivors. Lord Zabach had played his game to its conclusion. She would not make the same mistake. Bronze would find the vampire hunters. She would bring them to Aliba. Her superiors would decide their destiny. The soldiers got ready. “Hail the count!” Bronze signalled for them to move. The chase had begun. Bronze would serve the Dark Lord Dracula.

Berkeley ruins, Warakiya. The 16th. Of December 2098 A.D.

First came the hunger. “Awake.” She opened her eyes. “Up! Bolts! Chains! Bonds!” Samantha felt like melting inside. “There are a dead voice calling.”That was ecstasy. “Hear me.” He leaned so close. Her sight got blurred, though not for long. “It is ready.” The figure disappeared. “What began in blood.” Ezmeralda removed a glove and her bracelet. “Shall end with blood.” The witch presented her wrist. “Drink and be baptized in crimson.” She opened a wound. “Yes!” Samantha moaned. She never felt this strong before. The thirst gnawed upon her soul. “Samantha Whitney.” He declared. “I name you a whore of Satan.” Samantha drank the blood. “The Devil’s harlot.” The laugher filled the room. “I condemn you to a life of the living death.” This wasbetter than his liquid. “To eternal hunger for living blood.” The fire lit. “Master!” she cried. “I summon you in the name of count Dracula!” The area went dark as midnight. “All who oppose the prince of Darkness must die.” The witch then replaced her glove. “You must kill the Belmont clan.” The words caused the echoes of Darkness. Samantha felt pierced by the last command. “Yes, my lord.” She fell on her knees, crawling upon the dust. “It shall be done.” She got crushed by the impact, though she was reborn.

(A.N: This text is long. I wanted to finish this part of the story in two chapters. I’ll pick up the treads of Edward’s and Alicia’s quest. Until then, have a nice time.)