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Castlevania: Darkness Never Dies


Part 1: Curse of Blood

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Part 2: Legacy of Sorrow

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Part 1: Curse of Blood.

“Then Peter said. “Master, if I have faith in you so let me come out with you and wander the lake.”

Mathew: 14. 22.

Chapter 5: Bloody Tears.

Forest of Aljiba, Warakiya. The 14th.Of December 2098 A.D.

The chieftain restrained the warg. Ordog Nash would listen. “What music they make.” The dryad played upon the flute. The chieftain admired. “Thou arth to kill the Belmont clan.” The figure arrived. The ogre snarled. The presence chilled his blood. “Hear His Master’s voice.” The black rider breathed a poison hiss. “Thou arth to serve the Dark Lord.” The beast man might crawl in the snow. Then he wasn’t the prince of Darkness. “They arth here.” He whispered. “The house of Belmont.” Ordog Nash hungered for battle. “I smell thy blood.” The dryad let down the flute. “Find them.” Ordog requested. “As you wish.” She was ready. “Excellent.” The rider hissed. “Then it shall be done.” The ogre had no mind. “I will be honoured, if you would join us.” He tried to sound inviting. The orcs brought his horse. The black mare was born and bred to serve the Dark Lord. “If that might be his will.” The horseman climbed into the saddle. Ordog tried to get hold. The forsaken order frightened him to the core. The empty black hood returned the stare. Ordog shuddered. He couldn’t help it. The warg riders had left the group. The ogre hoped they might bring their heads as tribute. The Dark Lord would grant rich rewards for such a price. Ordog smirked with ambition.

Noriko dislike the situation. She noticed the sun was rising. Then it beganto snow. Iori absorbed the souls. The girl played with her crucifix. She wished they got something to eat. They began walking. She stopped. That was the sound of evil laugher. The sound came with the wind. “Get down.” She hissed. Noriko hid behind the tree. The huge pine trees might grant some shelter. “I look forward to catch that little slut.” The rider told. The brute sat upon a great mountain warg. “Yeah, whatever.” His fellow said. “Go get a dryad.” The third man gave a harsh laugh. Noriko snarled. She summoned the harpy soul. The feathers struck the rider from his saddle. The warg dashed. Iori made it to burn. She claimed the soul. The other monsters attacked. The trees where burning. Noriko fired a green laser. The rider got thrown on the snow. Iori made quick work. The wind made the flames to spread. Noriko trapped the warg-rider within the web. The monster attacked with the spear. Iori released tripled fireballs. Noriko made corpses to march forward. The warg tore them to shreds. She surprised by throwingthe bones. She stamped with the crucifix. Noriko burned the wolf to ashes. The warg ridersforced them to retreat. Noriko picked the knife. She would kill the lot.

The snow cracked underfoot. Christian made the sign of the cross. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” He was never alone. The dryad threw an explosive seed. Trevor blocked with the silver knife. The girl smiled. Christian tightened the grip on the chain-whip. She was beautiful. He dismissed when she threw another seed. Christian had learned not to whip them. The seeds might explode upon impact. He threw the crystal. The dryad died by his effort. “Rest in peace.” Trevor hit the candles. He claimed the axe. Christian threw it in a high arch. The sister got hurt. He ended her misery. Christian couldn’t leave her behind. The ruins got knocked down. The golem threw rocks. Trevor dodged. This monster got strong powers. He heard strange things about them. Christian sighed. He used the Soul wind to might slow the attack. The golem performed with an uppercut. Julius Belmont fought the golem in 2035. Trevor knew he got to locate the source of power. The huge brute suddenly dashed forward. He made a glide. Christian threw the axe. The golem got struck by the enflamed weapon. The monster turned. He hurled stones into the air. Black crows sprouted from the pine tree. Trevor brandished with the whip. The crows got defeated. That wasn’t the real problem. He didn’t know how to defeat the golem. The birds left crystals behind. Christian picked them up. He cracked with the whip. The Soul bat blasted into the rock idol. The monster lifted its arm to defend the face. Trevor gasped. There was a sort of strange cogwheel formation. John Morris told of a giant gear steamer. Christian hurled holy water. The mechanism was damaged. The golem made another uppercut. crows flew from the branches. Trevor got lifted into the air. The enflamed cross burst overhead. The forest was clean. Trevor ran to fetch the crystals. The golem fell to its knees. Christian whipped the monster. Finally, he lifted the arm. Trevor hurled the axe. The golem stirred. Then it dashed. Christian threw the crystal. The monster staggered. Trevor got away. The golem kept hurling rocks. He answered by throwing the five silver daggers. They made pieces of stone to fall off the monster. Christian knew it didn’t inflict any real damage. The crows renewed their attack. Trevor flailed with the whip. He got to defeat them. The birds left small gems behind. The golem dashed. Christian attacked with repeated strikes. The monster lifted its arm in defence. Trevor threw the axe. The frozen weapon damaged the mechanism. The crows picked him. Christian whipped them away. The golem threw its fist. Trevor made a glide. He stamped with the crucifix. The entire figure got illuminated by the holy flame. The golem raised an arm. Christian whipped skyward. The source of energy was damaged. The uppercut made the earth to shake. Trevor made it to rain with holy water. “Let be your will!” Christian made the sign of the cross. The golem dashed. Trevor made the crosses to rise in protection. The crows attacked from the blind side. He screamed when their sharp beaks stabbed him. Christian stamped with the crucifix. The gems got piled. The golem got brought to its knees. Trevor used the Soul ice to heal himself. The rocks made the snow to erupt. Christian threw the tripled crystals. The golem was hurt. Trevor whipped the mechanism into oblivion. The monster crumbled into pieces. Christian picked the great crystals. He struck the remaining birds. Trevor fetched the gems. He inhaled. The fight was over. Though he didn’t feel at peace. Christian felt like a trap was closing in around him. The howl pierced the silence. The warg had arrived. The rider shrieked with wild horrifying laugher. Trevor retrieved his items. The goblin returned the gaze. Christian acknowledged the statement. He would commit into the hands of the Lord. The rider changed grip upon the lance. “Dracul.” The shield carried the crest of the Basraq family. Trevor made the sign of the cross. The fight might begin. Christian licked his lips. He would be careful. The warg charged for his location. “Die your human trash!” The rider was ready. He aimed for the kill. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Trevor cracked with the Vampire Killer to create the Soul bat. He exhaled. The blast gave an upper hand. Christian shook it off. The knight took it upon the shield. “Preserve us from the wicked One.” He got pushed off the mount. The warg pinned him against the snow. He aimed too high. Trevor dismissed about the matter. He got other problems. The knight approached. “Fight the righteous battle.” Christian reminded himself. The warg bit at his face. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Trevor stamped with the crucifix. The monster howled. Trevor gasped. He released the force. Christian got lifted into the air. “Hear the words of God!” He declared. “You shall have no gods but Me!” Fire and brimstone fell upon the forest. The rider screamed. The image burned him to ashes. “Nearer my God to thee.” Trevor was replaced upon the ground. He exhaled. The warg leaped for his throat. Christian met the assault. He struck with the chain whip. The beast escaped the attack. Trevor claimed the crystals. He knocked the candles. Christian had to restore his energy. The warg came back. Trevor threw the dagger forward. The silver knife got buried within the chest. He made the sign of the cross. The warg howled its misery. The beast sounded so mournful. “Rest in peace.” Christian felt pity with it. “May the Lord make mercy upon your soul.” This was because of the Devil. His greed and lust for power gave birth to this monstrosity. Trevor left it behind. He wouldn’t get involved. Christian wouldn’t become like Gabriel Belmont. Trevor shuddered by the memory. His ancestor fell to the dark in 1047. That was then. This was now. Christian would honour the tradition. He would hunt the night. The oath got burned into his memory. Trevor frowned. Someone was playing on the flute. Christian touched the crucifix. The tune was unnatural. It made him to feel dirty.

The weather was only getting worse. George growled while reloading the pistol. He found the rounds within the candles. The salesmanchasedthe monsters. George fought to save his country from Dracula’s curse. Though that wasnot so easy. George was ready. He would continue. The salesman got the strength to fight. Christian Belmont showed him the way. George would hunt. He didn’t need to be a vampire hunter. The Lord could grant the ability to anyone he wished. George retrieved the weapons before he continued. Itwas getting colder. George inhaled. His breath got turned into steam. He stopped. There was that wild, horrible laughter again. The sound got carried by the wind. The salesman shuddered. It wasn’t natural. He felt like a trap was closing in about him. “Never again.” George pulled together. He would not be afraid. The sacred cross was ready to be thrown. He got the samples of holy water. The salesman knocked the candles. He picked the gold. George found another bunch of grenades. The garlic might grant an edge. The undead was extremely allergic to the substance. George smirked when he remembered. He could blow them to pieces. “Where the wild roses grow.” They didn’t belong to him. Christian deserved this item. No matter, George would use them.

Forest of Aljiba, Warakiya. The 14th.Of December 2098 A.D.

The wind whirled with the white. Gretchen was not alone. “Welcome my dear.” Carmen smiled. The brown braid tumbled down her back. “To Transylvania.” Gretchen met her kiss. The brown and blonde hair got mingled. “Sweet virgin.” Carmen beheld her through grey eyes. “You never slept with a woman before.” Gretchen breathed into her mouth. “Things are about to change.” The blue eyes lit with desire. Carmen was dressed like a concubine. The flared jacket revealed her bosom. “Perfect.” The girdle was too tight for modesty. “Come here.” The chieftain barked. Gretchen exposed her fangs. He was the leader. They exchanged glances. “Ordog.” Carmen made it sound like anoath. The female vampire licked her lips. Gretchen tried to ignore, though the thirst for human blood would forever gnaw upon her soul. She felt disappointed. Then again, Gretchen was not a lesbian. She dismissed about the matter. “Yes executioner?” Carmen required. “What is it?” They must obey to his desire. “Perform a ritual.” The black rider looked down upon them. “Complete the circle.” Gretchen carried the pendant. “The curse of Darkness.” Carmen touched her wrist. She moaned. Gretchen embraced his power. “I want blood.” Dracula’s curse amplified their witchcraft.

The snowflakes fell to obscure the forest. Noriko curled into a ball. “Dracul.” She felt like weeping her eyes out. The heavy clouds blocked the sunlight. Noriko didn’t care if so Malus came to take her. “It isn’t your fault.” Iori tried to comfort. “They tried to kill us.” Noriko shuddered. “My grandfather spoke against the harvest of the human soul.” Iori looked down. “This ability is to blame.” He tried to apologize. “I killed them.” Noriko still wept. The boythen snarled. “They serve the Dark Lord.” He sat down beside her. “Forgive me.” Hesighed.“That I hatethem.” Noriko exhaled. “Have a rest.” Iori saved her life. “You aren’t paranoid.” He shrugged. “Someone have to be.” Noriko laughed. Then she felt ashamed. She wouldn’t behold their bodies. The lighthouse wasn’t far away. The lamp penetrated the fog. Noriko wondered who maintained the service. She got up. Noriko dusted off the snow. “We shouldn’t be here.” Iori breathed. “This might be a trap.” She stood before the gate. Iori muttered. Noriko looked about. She gasped. The monsters had arrived. “Watch out!” Noriko then pulled him down. “Stay put!” Noriko told. “Alright.” The boy gathered a fireball. Noriko inhaled. She was afraid of the monsters. “Curse you.” Norikospat. She then gathered her power.

The snow kept falling. Christian got mesmerized by the music. “Hello, young troubler.” The petite blond sat upon the tree trunk. “It really is a nice morning.” The blue eyes sparkled. “How nice of you to join us.” The girl was clad in a green and brown tunic, with the evergreen embroidered about her chest and shoulders. “I am sorry.” Trevor touched his brow. “That I didn’t intend to disturb you.” The girl then giggled. She threw the golden braid back down over her shoulders. “You don’t need to be shy.” She sent the redhead an adoring look. The sister played upon the flute. Christian blinked.The instrument seemed to be made of gold and silver. “Why wont you join us?” The blonde approached. She carried a golden apple in her hand. That reminded about Richter’s chronicle. The fairy familiar might grant an apple of life. The hunter shook his head. She was no sprite. Christian was not surprised.He reacted on instinct. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” The short sword appeared in his hand. “Rest in peace.” He impaled the heart. “You are to become compost!” The brunette and raven lock got up from their position. “My garden need tending.” The redhead finally replaced herflute. “I am no toyboy.” They were the dryads of the forest. “You turned to the darkside.” Trevor cracked with the Vampire Killer. The chain caused quite a wreckage. No matter,the silence already got broken by the shrieking birds. The Soul Saint created a briefer. Christian didn’t waste the opportunity. “Forgive me!” He ran into the forest. Trevormanaged to escape from the maidens. That wasn’t the end of his trouble. The birdsstill kept up the chase. Christian brandished with the whip. The crows burned into ashes. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” The skeletons hid behind the trees. They pushed through the snow to throw bones into the air.Trevor bit together. He felt like sharp nails got buried in his body. The axe made the bone-man to collapse. Christian got beneath the punch. The skeletons might choke him. The Vampire Killer brought an end to their misery. Trevor could breathe. The ghost cut short his vacation. Christian whipped him away. The Vampire Killer made it to burst. The ghost moaned while fading. The sound was so mournful. It almost made him cry. Trevor inhaled. He struck the other ghost. They might possess him. A third ghost reached for his throat. Christian doused him with holy water. The zombies raised from the snow. The silver knifes removed their corpses. Trevor retrived his items. Beyond the trees, the land was shrouded in mist. That wasn’t natural. It must be too cold. Christian didn’t get it. He heard the clashes of waves. The lake was open! Trevor made the sign of the cross. He realized the fog only coated that area. This had to be the lake. The searchlight barely penetrated the clouds. Christian looked upon the building. This was wrong somehow. Shanoah told it lay on the Minera prison island. He was in the forest. That part of Warakiya lay further South and East of the Ravenberg mountain. He dropped the case. The Crows sprouted from the branches of the nearest pine tree. Trevor stood tall.He struck the birds. The other crows attacked. Christian threw the crystal. They got defeated. Trevor relaxed. They had to cross the lake. Though first he got to find his friend. Christiantouched the crucifix. He didn’t know how to accomplish the task. He went down to the shore. The waves clashed against the harbour. The docks were made of wood. Trevor noticed the planks got rotten. The sight was shrouded. Though the lamppenetrated the fog. “Preserve us from the wicked One.” There was nothing he might do about it. This was a waste of time. Christian better return to the forest. “Let it be.” The hunter then made his decision. He would climb the lighthouse. Trevor realized the truth. He got to illuminate the ocean. Christian left the docks. It finally stopped snowing. Trevor inhaled. The sunlight felt so nice. The monsters might be weakened by the status. Simon Belmont made the discovery in 1692. The birds flew from the pine tree. Christian threw the axe forward. A cold wind began to blow. Trevor brandished with the chain-whip. The crows went from multiple directions. Christian used the Soul wind. The birds got slowed in process. Trevor made it to rain with holy water. It was over. He picked the crystals. Christian began the journey to the lighthouse. Between him and the tower, there grew another cluster of trees. Trevor got to penetrate the grove. This might be a short-cut. At least he hoped. This was another way. The ruins blocked his view. Christian moved around the corner. He kept the chain whip. There was a clearing in the thicket. “Noriko!” Trevor made the sign of the cross. She was there. The boy kept behind her. They got ambushed. The group ignored about him. Christian got to help. Before he might do anything, the figure became alive. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” The golem dashed. Trevor was forced to retreat. The monster hurled stones into the air. He made a back-flip. Things were getting out of hand. Christian used the Soul wind. He got to prevent the onslaught. The mystics had no effect. That was a problem. Trevor made the sign of the cross. He created another back-flip. The golem roared. Christian felt chills down his spine. The monster would hurl him into the sea. Although Trevor might swim, they would abduct Noriko. She would be brought to the castle. Then all would be lost. Christian couldn’t fight against the queen. He had to regain the upper hand. Trevor made a glide beneath the rocks. The golem punched the earth. Trevor blinked. He almost got obscured by the snow. Christian had to ignore about the white. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” He hit the figure with a series of strikes. The Soul bat exploded on impact. Trevor made the sign of the cross. He got to locate the mechanism. The golem threw a barrage of stones. The vials prevented the assault. Christian revealed the crucifix. The figure staggered away. He exhaled. Trevor regained the upper hand. Though it was far from over.

They reached a settlement. George closed the backpack. Renon tipped his hat. “If there is anything else, please unfold my contract.” The salesman acknowledged. The strange figure disappeared. George put the sheet of paper into the bag. The medicines might be useful. Though the monsters were mostly dormant during daytime,the snow shrouded the forest. He dismissed. George might hear the clashes of waves. “Wandering the crystal blue.” The salesman muttered. The lighthouse still shone in the mist. George sighed. He then retrieved the spear. George kept it in both hands. That had become his weapon. The salesman began to jog forward. There was a battle going on. George got around the building. He might get a better view from here. Though it didn’t change much. Noriko was in trouble. “Good God.” George inhaled. He didn’t recognise the boy. That didn’t matter. Noriko released the feathers. He created the fireball. “Backto Hell.” George cursed. They got the same power. The salesman bared his teeth. For a moment, he was unsure. Then he threw it aside. George grew to trust the girl. They challenged the monsters. George fired. “For Warakiya!” He cried. George would fight. “Die you demons!” Christian was right. He should support the people.

Forest of Aljiba, Warakiya. The 14th Of December 2098 A.D.

Theband withdrew into the forest. Ordog killed the scout. The black rider was not impressed. “Then work his will.” The wanderer rasped. “As you say.” The executioner had no choice. They were the favourite among servants. “Trevor Belmont.” The rider declared. “Must die.” Carmen laughed. “I serve count Dracula.” She proclaimed. “He is the Dark Lord of the demon castle.” Ordog saluted. “All who oppose the prince of Darkness must die.” Count Dracula was the Master’s purchase. The black rider beheld the bride. “So, it is.” The empty black hood revealed nothing. Then he hissed. Perhaps that was a laugher? Or perhaps not. The executioner would do whatever they requested. He only awaited the command. The ceremony granted more power. He felt like baptized with Chaos. “Thou arth to kill the Belmont clan.” The voice belonged to the lord of the night. “As you wish.” The warg rider gathered his troops. “Retrieve the sacrifice!” He demanded. Carmen and Gretchen embraced each other. They lusted for blood. “Kill the heroes!” Ordog bellowed. They would submit. He got no doubt. “Then move!” Ordog cried. “Fight!” He gave the signal. “Fight for count Dracula!” The rider hit the straps. “Perfection.” He hissed. Ordog laughed. He would become like them.

The rage passed by. Noriko jumped high to spit tripled fireballs. “Back off you devils!” Iori released the bats. The warg-rider stabbed the lance. Noriko conjured the skull shield. She obtained the soul from the bone-scimitar. The warg howled in pain. “You belong to me.” Iori threw an explosive seed. He absorbed their souls. Iorigrew to admire his abilities. Noriko fired a green beam. The rider got defeated. She captured the steed. Noriko burned with flame. She stabbed with the lance. Norikothen made the zombiesto march forward. She becameeven stronger. That was beside the point. The dryads hurled seeds into the air. Noriko blocked the assault. She threw the bones forward. The tree sisters shrieked. They got slaughtered. Noriko took the souls. She felt no mercy. “Curse you!” Iori shouted. He then hurled the seeds. The warg riderwas knocked to pieces. “Come with me.” The black rider sat upon his horse. Noriko got the skull shield. The lizards fired. The beast men attacked. Iori withdrew while releasing the warg. “Never!” Noriko made the birds to fly forward. That split their assault. Noriko attacked with the knife. She harvested the souls. The girl burned with fire. The renegadesapproached. Noriko licked her lips. This was bad. They were the living humans.

The chill pierced both heart and soul. Christian hurled the rebound stone. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Trevor felt the storm within. The golem held up its arm in defence. Christianwhipped for the mechanism. The monster made an uppercut. He barely survived. The golem dashed. Trevor made a glide. He threw the cross. The boomerangs struck against the stone skin. They broke. Christian regained his item. The monster hurled other rocks. Trevor made it to rain with holy water. The golem was brought to its knees. Christian brandished with the whip. The monster raised the arm. Trevor nailed with the silver knife. The stone figure made a grimace. The eye stared blankly at him. Christian got away. The uppercut made rocks to fall down. The eagles attacked. Christian used the Soul wind. He then consolidated the blood force. The axes cleared the sky. Trevor made the sign of the cross. The golem went dashing forth. Christian made crosses to appear. He went to fetch the crystals. The monster staggered upon hitting the barrier. Christian released the storm. He cracked with the whip to release fireballs. Christopher Belmont put it to use. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” He was ready for battle. Juste Belmont, who fought against the prince of Darkness in 1748, regained this ability. The golem lifted the arm. Trevorhurled tripled axes. The monster tripped. Christian made the sign of the cross. The uppercut made him to retreat. The battle kept him from the lighthouse. The eagles swooped in. Trevor brandished with the whip. He threw a vial of holy water in a high arch. The birds burned. The idol caught fire. Christian made a glide. He got to reveal the mechanism. The golem tried to crush him. Trevor stamped with the crucifix. The sparks flew about. The monster lifted its arm in defence. Christian struck with the whip. The golem fell to its knees. The impact made the earthshake. Hemade a back-flip. The monster dashed. Trevor managed to glide beneath. He threw the crystal. The golem performed an uppercut. Christian regained his item. The eagles continued the onslaught. He released the Soul flame. The crystals gave the strength. “Blessed are you, oh Lord, our Father in Heaven.” Trevor glorified in the name of the Lord. The golem went berserk. Christian knew that the idol was reanimated by those who tried to imitate the Creator. He held the crystal in hand. The item froze. Trevor threw the breakable ice shard toward the golem. The monster got frozen in place. Trevoralso got a blizzard inside. He struck the frost whip. The mechanism was damaged. The golem got free. “Preserve us!” Christian exclaimed. The idol hurled boulders into the air. Trevor ran to might save himself. He got exhausted by the effort. The crows sprouted from the pine tree. That was the last he needed. Christian struck the Vampire Killer. He got to keep in motion. Trevor defeated the birds. The monster dashed forward. Christian made a glide underneath. He got up in time to strike the crows. Trevorcollected the crystals. Thebirds tried to pick him. The golem createdan uppercut. Christian kept the assault. He got to get rid of the birds. The lore said that the vampires were to blame. They could master the beasts and birds which fed from death. That was black witchcraft. The golem came for him. Trevor cracked with the whip. He withdrew while whipping. The golem bent upon the knee. Christian stamped with the crucifix. The golem raised its arm. The monster protected its head. Why did it do that? Trevor struck with the whip. Then he threw the silver knife. The hunter exhaled. “For great is the Lord.” The mechanism was destroyed. “Our God, our Father.” The golem broke into pieces. Christian picked the big gems. He was tired. Trevor touched the crucifix. He got work to do. “Come out and play in our empty garden.” The nymphs caught up. The raven lock reached for the flute. “Let be Your will.” Christian would commit into the hands of the Lord. The sisters threw the seeds. Trevor managed a back-flip. They carried the bow-and-arrows. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” Christian summoned more power. He would hunt the night. The musician raised the instrument to her lips. Trevor felt chills down his spine. The gold and silver blazed in the sunlight. Christian touched the crucifix. The sisters pulled back the string. The hunter threw a wave of holy water. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” The liquid froze the wood. The dryads shrieked in misery. They spread out to cover more ground. Trevor retained the Vampire Killer whip. The raven lock began to play. “Please.” The brunette pleaded. “Show some mercy.” She fell from the tree. “I won’t harm you.” The sister knelt before him. “I shall do anything you ask of me.” Christian bit his lip. “Preserve me.” He didn’t know what to do. The music mesmerized his mind. She smiled around the flute. “I am your humble servant.” Trevor shook his head. He got to focus. She smelled beautiful. “I won’t harm you.” The nymph got up from the snow. “I am no monster.” The vegetable grew beneath her gaze. “Living on a sea of trees.” The music granted her ability. “You should leave in peace.” Christian closed his eyes. “My garden needs tending.” She touched his cheek. “I assure you.” The dryad carried a locket around her neck. “My name is Lydia.” She bent toward his lips. “Wait a moment.” Trevor must collect. This happened too fast. “You don’thave to be afraid.” The dryad untied her tunic. “It shall be nice.” Lydia giggled. She put a hand before her face. She tried to conceal her amusement. Christian felt dazed by the effort. “Touch my heart.” He felt it beat beneath his fingertips. “The sound you can’t take away.” Trevor felt like drowning. The giggle grew wilder. Christian felt the shape of her breast. He bent upon the knee. “Yes.” She breathed. “Lick me.” He felt pity on. “May the Lord make mercy upon your soul.” Trevor stabbed. “Lydia!” The player screamed. “Joyce!” She called. “Help me!” He stamped with the crucifix. Joyce gurgled. The cross removed the head. Then the monsters arrived.

Shaft’s followers deserved to die. George emptied the round into the Slovac’s head. “For Warakiya!” The man was dead. George made a grimace. The renegades forced him back into the forest. “Back off you devils!” George trusted the lance. The Gipsie crouched upon the weapon. His blood stained the snow. George pulled away. The holy cross caused a fire. “Good God!” They got infested by the curse of Darkness. “Burn in Hell!” The salesman screamed. He trusted the vial. “Rebel scum!” They cursed when the holy water exploded. George smirked. He got time to reload the pistols. The salesman twirled them around his fingers. Enough of this bravado. George got to defend himself. The renegades appeared from among the trees. “For Warakiya!” He repeated. The ravens left the branches. “Filthy monsters!” George threw the grenade. The impact granted an upper hand. George didn’t waste any time. He used the opportunity to fill the group with bullets. The men pulled away. They carried the knife and daggers. George brandished to might keep the birds preoccupied. The band had to approach. They must get closer. “Get away!” George told the traitors. He presented the crucifix. “For great is the Lord.” George exhaled. They reacted like the undead.

Forest of Aljiba, Warakiya. The 14th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The rite was complete. Gretchen done her armour. “Dracul!” She hailed. They got left alone. Carmen beheld the death rider. “You make a dashing figure.” Gretchen exposed her fangs. The armour gleamed in the sunlight. “You too are quite attractive.” Carmen twisted with her body. “Thank you.” She carried a tight leather suit beneath her robe. The spikes were poisonous. That might be a surprise. Gretchen admired the death charmer. She trusted her lance to the sky. “Ancient one!” She challenged. “The realm is the property of the Master!” Carmen made a hushing gesture. “Be quiet.” She licked her teeth. “I want blood!” The rider might even bite her horse. The laugher almost went hysterical. “Gretchen!” The death charmer shook her. “Listen to me.” That quenched the giggle. Carmen got the strength of twenty men. They were his consorts. Gretchen regained the control of herself. Dracula’s curse caused an evil ecstasy. “You are to kill the Belmont clan.” Gretchen recited the last command. “All who oppose the prince of Darkness must die.” Carmen inhaled. She looked satisfied by her condition. “What shall we do?” She asked. Gretchen summoned her power. “We shall chase the hunter.” This was cursed earth. “Come.” Gretchen smiled. “Into the dark night.”

The executioner struck with his great axe. Noriko blocked with the skull shield. She escaped from the impact. The lance pierced him. The ogre smashed down. Noriko got away. The beast threw tripled bloody daggers. She trapped with the web. Noriko threw the bones at him. He snarled. She bombarded with fireballs. He screamed. Noriko stabbed with feathers. The executioner was killed. She got the soul. “You have the power.” Iori smiled. “You might rule the night.” Noriko could. She felt it. Noriko only had to claim the right. Then they would be hers to command. Noriko sent him a glance. If she were to dominate, he had to die. Noriko wished him no harm. Iori was her friend. She told the truth. Christian knew she wouldn’t become the Dark Lord. The presence wiped her mind. Noriko covered in fear. “Come to me.” The black rider left the forest. “I shall bring you to the castle.” Iori went in front. “Go away.” He tried to defend. “She isn’t your pray.” He couldn’t resist. Against the power of Dracula, there could be no victory. “We have to join with him.” Iori realized. That was the only way. “We have to join with Dracula.” Noriko shook her head. “Tell me, friend.” She asked. “When did you abandon wisdom for madness?” Iori looked aside. “I see.” Noriko felt frozen inside.

This got to be the curse of Darkness. Christian felt the power. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” The sunlight shone upon the forest. That was beside the point. Trevor made the sign of the cross. “Human bastard.” Joycewas dead. The other dryads kept up the fight. They got eagles for assistance. The lizard men fired their bow-and-arrows. “Save us.” The monsters had arrived. Christian threw tripled vials. The holy water caused flames to erupt. The ogre got armed with a spiked club. Trevor struck with the chain-whip. He dropped the weapon. Christian stamped with the crucifix. “You are to be compost.” Shehurledthe seed. Trevor barely got aside. “Take him!” She called. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Christianhit the eagle. He threw the boomerang cross. The little maid screamed when struck. “Rest in peace.” Trevornailed with the silver knife. He retrived the cross. Christianthen picked the crystals. “Glory be You.” They restored some energy. “Our Father in Heaven.” He threw holy water. The lizards withdrew. Trevor was able to burn the arrows. “Preserve us from the wicked One.” That was not the end. The ravens kept picking. Christian brandished with the whip. The fireburned on impact. Trevor bit together. The Soul bat crushed the orc. “Die you little bastard!” The renegades fired with their guns. Christian knew that nothing he got might block the bullets. He dodged the shots. “You have some nice moves.” The sisters kept giggling behind their fingers. “Have a grip.” The huge bearded bully was the leader. “We got work to do.” Trevor made the sign of the cross. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth.” The renegades where clad in shabby clothing’s. “You have been deceived.” Neither of them carried any suits of armour. “I am not afraid.” Trevor proclaimed. “You men of littlefaith; may the Lord make mercy upon your souls.” He touched the crucifix. “The lust for power led astray.” Christian cracked with the whip. The band grew angry. “Your trickery won’t work on us.” The grey beard said. “Kill him!” The nymph required. “Shoot him!” They fired. Trevor dodged the assault. The monsters kept pressing forward. “Idiots!” The leader shouted. “He is my kill!” Christian remained tall. He made it to rain with holy water. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Trevor summoned more power. There was an earthquake within. Christian forged the thorn whip. That wasn’t nice, that wasn’t kind, though it must be done. Trevor needed an edge. The gunmen fired. Christian was forced to retreat. He got to dodge the attack. The bullets ricochetedabout the area. Trevor presented the crucifix. “Kill him!” He created a barrier. “Then make him to suffer!” The leader was furious. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” The fireball whip got combined with the Soul bat. Christian exhaled. He got the upper hand. The renegades got defeated. Trevor made the sign of the cross. The grey beard unsheathed his sword. “Curse you.” He spat. “That rest with the Lord.” Christian declared. “That is what you think.” The leader smirked. “Cynthia! Serve your lord!” The redhead dryad blew a kiss. “Right.” She smiled. “We do it your way.” Trevor sighed. He forgot about them. That was a foolish endeavour. Christian tightened his grip. The lizard menlay burning into ashes. That was not enough. The nymphs kept around. “The children of the night.” Trevor shuddered by the memory of Dracula. “What music they make.” Those were his words. The redhead spread her arms as the choir reached a climax. “Good Lord in Heaven!” The sisters made a tree to grow. Christian fell back in earnest. The force filled him with awl. “There shall always be a lamp lit for the house of men.” Trevor revealed His image. “Oh my God, maintain the light so I might find the way home.” He made the sign of the cross. There was no reason to surrender. “Harmony of Despair.” Christian consolidated his strength. “Burn down the mission.” He might cut the tree. It was a crime, though this trunk was unnatural. Trevor charged up the Soul flame. The blossoming tree might be a pretty picture in the midst of winter. It was an act of villainy. Satan was jealous about the Creator. Only the fairy might grant the apples of life. These vegetables must be poisonous. They reminded about Snow White and her stepmother. Trevor made a glide beneath the apples. The Soul flame burned their apparition. Even the choir screamed. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord.” The stone axe collided against the tree. He got no time to celebrate. The tree reached with its roots and branches. The thing might strangle him. Christian swallowed. It was like he almost could feel the touch. “Burn it down to stay alive.” Trevor threw a wave of holy water. The tree froze on impact. He struck with the whip. The tree broke into pieces. “There are many ways to pleasure.” The group of dryads groped him before he might collect. “Oh yes.” They giggled at his confusion. “This it what I like to do.” Christian explained. The Soul Saint created several explosions. “I hunt the night.” Trevor got up to crack with the chain whip. He hoped that his ancestors would be proud. “We shall rise again in the name of Christ.” He beheld the forest. The wood had become a battleground. There lay dead people everywhere. Trevor took the gems. They restored his energy. “Nevermore.” The raven sat nesting atop the tree. The bird watched him through eyes without pity. “Go away!” Christian requested. “Leave these grounds.” They fed from the hands of Death. He felt chills down his spine. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth.” They might tell about him. “Do the hunter want a kiss?” She came out from behind the tree. “Please, I am in need.” Trevor blinked. “That was new.” He never heard such a request. Christian withdrew. “I don’t trust you.” He revealed. “Leave it.” She reached a hand. “You don’t have to be afraid.” Trevor inhaled. “I will.” He got no choice. “Forgive me.” Christian said. “But this I must do.” Trevor bent to reach into his boot. “Rest in peace.” She looked down. He stamped her forehead. The dryad shrieked. Christian impaled the heart.

The Slovaks and Gipsie where in their pay. George impaled with his lance.

The salesman thought about Eric Lecarde.Georgewas happy to be alive.Hehad notthe time for sentiment. The fight continued. The orcs and ogres had gathered. The monsters kept together. “Blast it!” The dryads left the branches. Georgethrew the grenades. The explosion carved some space. “For Warakiya!” George cried. He then threw the sacred cross. That hurt the dryads. George fired the gun. The salesman got silver bullets.That had some impact. He threw the vial. The monsters were alive. He brokethrough the archers. The lizards dropped their weapons. George doused them. He picked the crystals. George relaxed. They turned into ammunitions. George threw the sacred cross. The band broke apart. George touched the crucifix. The grenade erupted on impact. George reloaded his pistols. Hethought about the battle of Jova. George muttered to himself. The salesman got a free passage. “You think this is the end?” George closed his fist.The sisters survived. “Why all this trouble?” The ravenlock asked. When you could be with us. The salesman growled about the statement. “Get off!” He would shoot them. “I don’t have time.” George had to reach the lighthouse.

Forest of Aljiba, Warakiya. The 14th Of December 2098 A.D.

The horse made the snow to whirl. Gretchen galloped through the white. “I want blood!” The death rider cried her desire. “Dracul.” She went like Dyruahan. “Thou arth to kill the Belmont clan.” His last command. Though Gretchen was not the headless horseman. She chased the track of a scent. The death rider was no werewolf, then she might single this smell. “Blood of the hunter.” She spat. The forest went by. Carmen shrieked. She retained the shape of bats. The charmer found something. Not much, though it could be him. Gretchen went in her direction. “I found you.” She breathed. Her voice retained the crisp accent of water glasses played by a cunning hand. She got excited. “Trevor Belmont.” Fires burned behind the gaze. “Must die.” The black rider sent them on this errand. Gretchen was proud about her position. “Master!” She heard the sound of battle. “Give me strength!” The death rider arrived on the battlefield. The blast of energy went between the combatants. “Two versus one.” She smirked. That exposed her fangs. Gretchen had no mind. The boy already accepted their status. “Die you Belmont scum.” Carmen hissed. Though the leather mask concealed the uppermost portions of her face, it couldn’t hide her ecstasy. Even she craved for his blood.

He had arrived. Noriko was horrified. She felt like an icy needle was twisting her mind. “The black riders.” The figurelooked like the angel of Death. The axe appeared in his hand. “Come to me.” The knife shone with a pale-yellow light. Noriko touched Soma’s crucifix. She didn’t know how to defend herself. The power of dominance was a dark force. Noriko spat a fireball. The magic got stuck in his cloak. The rider struck with his weapon. Noriko withdrew. She released the web. He got free. Noriko tried to stab him, it, with her knife. The wanderer was freezing cold. His hate was to much. She got away from him. Iori came into view. Noriko felt numb. He used the power to block the attack. The wraith was armed with a huge battle-axe. This was the end. Noriko was sure about it. She felt the rage blossom within. This wasn’t fair! Noriko wouldn’t let it be. She wouldn’t let it end like this. She would rather die,then to become their plaything, again. Noriko was furious. She would banish him! She would banishthe lot! Noriko made flames to burn. She got the ability to create and manipulate with fire. Noriko would use her power against them. She wouldn’t die here. They were going to pay for what they did to her...Noriko swore to it. That she would emerge victorious.

The death rider couldn’t pass the line. Christian made the sign of the cross. “Corpus Christi.” He would submit into the hands of the Lord. “For this is the body of Christ.” Trevor broke away from the charmer to display the Host. The pope had granted an absolution. Christian was grateful. He spread the Wafer into a circle. “Save me!” He cried. “For I perish!” She picked him up. She got the strength of twenty men. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” She pulled a knife. “I am Carmen.” She said. “Heed me well. For it is the name of your murder.” The brunette stabbed for the heart. “That rests with the Lord.” Trevor stamped with the crucifix. The death charmer shrieked. Although the brow got coated, he smelled the scent of frying flesh. “Then let it be.” This must be done. Christian got to fight the lust to vomit. “Curse you hunter.” Carmen at least released him. Trevor staggered away. “I shall make you to submit.” She almost looked to grab from thin air. “All who oppose the prince of Darkness must die.” Christian retrieved the short-sword. “That is a lie.” He cracked with the whip. “Blessed are You!” Trevor declared. “Our Father in Heaven!” He managed to repel the blast. “Then let me show you something.” Carmen withdrew. “I know some secrets you do not.” Her hand reached into the air. “Can you feel it?” She asked in a mocking tone. “The chilling sense of approaching death?” Christian then felt cold within. “Open.” The charmer clapped. “Bolts, chains, bonds. There is a dead voice calling.” Her voice then sank into a whisper. “And the vampire rules them.” The snow got disturbed. “This must be the power of the demon castle.” Trevor made the sign of the cross. He didn’t realize that the influence reached this far. At least not yet. “The dead wander where they don’t belong.” The skeletons and zombies emerged from the ground. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Christian charged to engage the undead. Leon swore an oath to hunt the night. No Belmont ever broke his promise. Trevor would neither. He cracked with the Vampire Killer whip. The corpses burned and withered. Christian shuddered. They fed on man’s flesh. The band tried to rip him into pieces. Trevor doused them with holy water. Then he got impaled by the bones. “This is quite amusing, is it not?” Carmen smiled. The skin got stretched above her cheeks. “No.” He answered. “Not in the least.” The boy swallowed. Carmen might also be a living corpse. “Preserve me.” She looked to be made by skin and bone. The group got him surrounded. Christian Released the Soul Saint before he brandished with the whip. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” He created the fireball whip. That didn’t remove the pain. Carmen was laughing by his misery. “This is Transylvania.” She beheld his peril. “Transylvania is not the Vatican.” What did she know about it anyway? They granted him sanctuary. He made the sign of the cross. The skeletons picked for bones. “Kill the Belmont clan!” She required. Trevor hurled the boomerang. There was a storm inside. “For great is the Lord!” Christian roared. “Our God, our Father!” The dead got shot to pieces. The throwing cross homed onto the lot. Trevor knelt in prayer. The boomerang landed in front. The boy retrieved his heirloom. “Then you are doomed!” Carmen released the bat swarm. Christian struck with the whip. This wasn’t the time. “You surrender when you are dead.” Eric Lecarde stated as much in 1917. The great irony was that he fought on from beyond the grave. Trevor doused them with holy water. He picked the gems. They restored his energy. The death charmer came to stab through the chest. “Preserve me from the wicked One!” Carmen looked so eager. He repelled the dagger. It fell amidst the snow. Christian then struck her with the crucifix in hand. “How could you?” Carmen requested. “I am a woman.” He felt ashamed. “I am sorry.” She didn’t seem to care. “Yes. There you are.” Carmen purred. “What!?” Trevor felt the soft skin of her leather gloves above his face. The spikes went for his eyes. Christian made a back-flip. “As I said.” She delivered several hits. “I am a woman, and shall not be taken for granted.” She blew a kiss. Trevor felt chills down his spine. That exposed her fangs. “Life is the ditch. And so am I.” She laughed by his misfortune. “Try not to make a mess when you die.” Christian wouldn’t do that. He might promise. “So many people to kill and so little time.” She giggled. Then she did it no longer. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Trevor let her have the silver knife. That made her scream. “May the Lord make mercy upon your soul.” He might pity her fate. The death charmer managed to keep her place. The trust forced her away. “Curse you Belmont!” The rider shrieked. No matter. It was too late. Carmen fell among the Wafer. The flames burned her to ashes. A final futile burst of attempted bats flew for his neck. “For He is great.” Trevor reached for the crucifix. “His mercy shall be without end.” The crystal put an end to the campaign. The knight beheld his efforts. Then she acknowledged. “Welcome young Belmont.” She bowed. “My name is Gretchen Hildesheim.” The flames burned out. Christian made the sign of the cross. That was the last of the Host. He sighed. “You are to die.” The vampire remained on top. The horse kept whining. Trevor knew it made no change. He still got to defeat this final enemy. “Now it is my turn.” Gretchen smiled. “Then let it be.” Christian accepted the challenge. The rider kicked her horse. She was ready to fight. Trevor cracked with the whip. Gretchen blared with the forest. He didn’t expect the approach. Were could she be? “I thought myself a keeper. She thought I meant her harm.” Christian recited the words. “She thought I was an archer, a weatherman or worse.” Richter was a wise man. “Though I could never shoot down, my high-flying bird.” He figured what it meant to fulfil Leon’s oath. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Trevor would hunt the night. Sara Trantoul was right. No one deserved her fate. The children shouldn’t have to live in fear.

The wind was picking up. George found what he sought. The kids really were in trouble. The salesman sprinkled the silver bullets with some holy water. Then he reloaded. The crucifix was a gift from the priest. “Help me now.” George said before pulling the trigger. He filled the axe man with seven bullets. The fire blossomed on impact. “You do underestimate me.” His voice was poison. George retreated. He got horrified. Noriko stabbed with her own lance. The axe man threw her away. George reloaded the pistol. The horse fell dead upon the snow.

He hurled the vials. Georgespoke a prayer,like they thought. The rider burned from within. “Curse you human!” He screamed. George grinned his teeth. The rider stabbed him. The chest-plate was not enough. The axe man didn’t piercethe heart. George stamped with the crucifix. The rider howled. “You are not the one who shall banish me!” He burned with heavy flame. Then the cloak and armour collapsed into a heap. George screamed with agony. He couldn’t withstand it. This was too much. George fell to his knees. The wound got the best of him. The salesmangot to do something. George was too weak. Darkness took him. He lost everything. Then so let it be. George at least released the children from Dracula’s curse.

Forest of Aljiba, Warakiya. The 14th.Of December 2098 A.D.

The tribe gathered around the tree. Cynthia sat upon a stone. “Then a great light shone from the Heavens to illuminate him and the whip.” Vanadis was talking. “Then Hawken grabbed the huge cross as he summoned for the One.” The Valkyrie was ancient. Vanadis gained eternal life. “The Wiking craved redemption.” The sun blazed of the red and gold. Vanadis carried a magnificent suit of armour. “It was then, when all hope had faded, that Hawken took up the remains of his fallen sword.” The golden hair tumbled down from inside the helmet. “Then Mordred, the head vampire, got defeated.” Cynthia played upon the chieftain’s flute. “Though the hearts of men are so easily corrupted.” The Valkyrie met her stare. The dryad got fascinated by the green gems. “Nine for mortal men, doomed to die.” Vanadis quoted. She came with the ship. “One will to rule them all.” That was an archaic piece of lore. “There is only one Dark Lord.” The dryad countered. She knew something Vanadis didn’t. “Only one who might rule in blood.” She smiled. Her breathing quickened with ecstasy. “He doesn’t share the power.” There was a turmoil among the sisters. “We don’t have to serve.” Vanadis proclaimed. “But we do.” Cynthia giggled. She then put an arrow between her breasts.

He helped her to get up. “Dracul.” Noriko limped forward. They managed to banish the rider. That almost killed them. “He is still alive.” Iori explained. Noriko was relieved. George saved them both. “The medicine might not be enough.” He exhaled. “No one survive the stabbing of a wraith blade.” Noriko sighed. She felt tired. “Better to rest in the wolf’s stomach then to sleep in the vampire’s grave.” That was family lore. Noriko wasn’t that sure. She would do anything to save him. “He shall live.” Iori decided. He smiled. “I found a blue cross.” Noriko watched him produce from within a purse. “I got it from my mother.” He put it into George’s hand. “This might restore him.” Iori explained. “Even though he be at the brink of death.” He made a dismissing gesture. “Though I don’t know what we have to offer.” The blue cross shone in the sunlight. Noriko gasped. George was healed. It was incredible. He blinked. “I am still alive.” George said. He got up. “How is it possible?” Then he realized. “Great is the mystery of faith.” George relaxed. “It is.” She licked her lips. Noriko found it hard to handle. The salesman closed the prayer with the sign of the cross. Let it be. She had no care. He was alive. He deserved it. Noriko picked with the knife. They were lost in the forest.

They went through the air. Christian tightened his grip. “Let it be.” The death rider made the horse to fly. She created a bolt of lightning. Trevor hid behind the circle of crosses. The knight held up her hand to forge the spiked ball. “Preserve us from the wicked One!” He was not an archer. Simon Belmont encountered the dancing spectres in 1688. At least a fragment told, though he got Christine Belnades to support him. Christian let go of the issue to throw the rebound stone. “I shall make you suffer!” Gravial neighed with pain. Trevor bit his lip. She really cared about her steed. The orb exploded on impact. Christian made a back-flip. The rider disappeared. He looked around. “Save me!” Trevor exclaimed. The knight was back. She charged through the air while making the lightning strike. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Christian hurled the boomerang. “Your clever bastard!” Gretchen cursed. Trevor had no mind. He retrieved the cross. He consolidated his force to reach high enough. “Behold!” Christian proclaimed. “The power of God!” The Soul bat burned the Hell spawn. She crafted another thunder ball. Trevor sidestepped the effort. They landed upon the ground. Christian doused them with holy water. “You think to be so clever.” Gravial turned pale to breathe a freezing mist. Trevor got beneath. The axe granted an edge. He threw it right into the throat. “You will die.” Gretchen went cold as ice. “That rests with the Lord.” Trevor got Simon’s heart of fire. He brandished with the flame whip. “I hate you!” Gretchen screamed. The horse then melted away. He swallowed. That was not the end. The wood was a battlefield. Christian hit the orb. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Gretchenrepelled the spell. Anger made her eyes to burn with the fires of Hell. Trevor threw the axe. The bolt of lightning struck on her behalf. She used the lance. The knight thenspun to release the spiked ball. Christian made the sign of the cross. He got the short-sword. Gretchen channelled to cause electricity. She laughed by his predicament. Trevor managed to sidestep. He learned the lesson. Christian shivered by the impact. The orb exploded. He got thrown away. Trevor got up. The death rider got difficulty because of the armour. That gave no edge. She released the bats for cover. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” Christian got to reveal the crucifix. “Glory be You!” Then His image repelled the monsters. “Our Father in Heaven!” That was a miracle. “I want blood!” Gretchen shrieked into the air. The orb went for the heart. Trevor consolidated his force. The Lord would be with him. Christian got lifted above. “Then let it be done!” The crucifix image burst into a rain of fire. “You are but one.” The jewelleriesthen blazed. “While behind me there are millions!” Agony made her excited with ecstasy. “Eternal night.” The smile revealed her fangs. “Welcome to the pleasure of the flesh.” Her braids stood on end. He repelled the magic ball. She laughed. Trevor got struck by lightning. He screamed. She toyed with his misery. Christian was numb. “You cannot escape.” Gretchen embraced him with lust on her face. “Game over.” She cooed. Her fangs were exposed. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” He would not surrender. Not yet. Trevor put the crystal against her lips. “Curse you!” The knight released him. Christian then struck with the chainwhip torelease the Soul bat. Gretchen screamed. “Preserve us from the wicked One!” Trevor staggered by the effort. She was aboutto choke him. “You want me.” She breathed. “You know you want me.” The lips fixed upon his neck. Christian felt no attraction. There was a price to pay. The armour glistened in the sunlight. “I shall rise again with Christ.” Trevor stamped with the crucifix. He wouldn’t accept the vampire’s kiss. “Belmont trash!” The Austrian was no longer the beauty she might be. “I shall make you to suffer!” The skin turned blue. The teeth gnashed together while fire burned behind the gaze. “You have become an accursed being.” Christian declared. “My bloodline, and this whip, shall hunt the night.” He cracked with the whip. The chains got stuck in the armour. The light shone upon impact. “If that is what you wish.” Gretchen approached. “I shall surrender to you.” Trevor noticed the buckles were made of gold. “My demise might bring about the return of count Dracula.” That was the truth. Her blood fed the blood. Christian made the sign of the cross. “Save us.” The demon castle was a creature of Chaos. The curse might take on many forms and shapes. He tried to dismiss about the matter. “Let me touch you.” She offered. “Let me cherish you.” The blonde put her hands upon his shoulders. “I might remove the armour.” The rider teased. “Leave me alone.” Trevor used the Soul ice to restore himself. “I might remove the curse.” Gretchen made a grimace. She was charging the orb. The knight noticed about his actions. “Fire in the hall.” She snarled. “In Manos Toas Domine!” Christian remained tall. He made the crosses to appear. Gretchen then lifted into the air. “Preserve us from the wicked One!” She knew how to levitate. Trevor threw a wave of holy water. That froze on contact. The spiked ball then exploded. She somehow survived the outburst. Christian made the sign of the cross. Gretchen made lightning strike. Trevor consolidated his force to leap high enough to impale with the silver knife. The orb caused another explosion. “Accursed Belmont.” Gretchen was down on her knees. “I shall kill you.” She fought to rise up. “That is not for you to decide.” Christian proclaimed. “Rest in peace.” He then doused her with holy water. Gretchen shrieked. “This isn’t an act of vengeance.” Trevor closed his eyes. He turned away. The death rider burned into ashes. Then, before the final decay, a look of piece and gratitude lit her features. “I fear not.” Christian exhaled. “Even though I walk beneath the shadow of the valley of death.” The gust of wind spread the ashes. He made the sign of the cross. Now, it was over. Trevor recoiled the whip. He picked the gems. Christian got to find his friends.

The fog lay heavy upon the lake. George cursed about it. “Blasted mist.” He muttered. “There have to be another way.” Noriko was curtain about it. The salesman shrugged. George went to retrieve his items. “Stay back.” He reloaded the pistol. “Someone is coming.” The children spread out. The salesman acknowledged. He fetched the spear. George pulled together. He would do what he must. “In Manos Toas Domine.” The voice was familiar. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord.”” The boy appeared on the meadow. “Show yourself.” He requested. “I feel your presence.” George exhaled. They were not alone. “Christian!” Noriko ran to embrace him. For a while, the hunter was rigid. Then he returned the gesture. “It is you.” He relaxed. “Indeed.” George got his gun. “What shall we do?” The asked. Christian made the sign of the cross. “We must enter the lighthouse.” Christian explained. “There have to be an alternate way.” George sighed. “Then we continue.” He wasn’t surprised. “Lead the way.” Christian showed him the purpose in life. The salesman crossed his arms. “I should never have left you.” Christian shook his head. “You got work to do.” Noriko touched his shoulder. “We stand together.” She said. George smirked. “Let us hunt.” They went toward the tower.

Forest of Aljiba, Warakiya. The 14th.Of December 2098 A.D.

The weather was getting colder. Narg sniffed the air. The scouts got sent in front. They had to keep track of the hunter. “What is it?” Bolg then barked the question. He was one of those stinking orcs. “What do you smell?” The ogre wouldcut his throat. Narg would then roust his stomach over open fire. He licked his snout; that was wishful thinking. Bolgmight kill him if he dared. “Tell me.” Cynthia was impatience,like most tree singers. He would like to have her as his slut. Gnarl slapped him. He was an ogre. “Answer.” He snarled. “Or else… “He pulled his knife. Narg got his club. The singer pulled it off. She twirled. They both had a dagger at the neck. “I really wish to know.” Her nymphic accent was soft as silk. Gnarl would submit. “Manflesh.” The ogre told. She would die a slow and painful death. “Get ready to move.” Bolg demanded. “Aye.” Narg hailed the chieftain. He pulled the bow. “Then fire at will!” Cynthiahiked. That was alright. Narg pulled the string. The ogre thought he saw something. That was no surprise. They found it in the forest. He picked an arrow. “Dracul!”Narg called. “Fight for Basraq!” He got to encourage his band to action. The ogre Released with the bow. Bolg stabbed him from behind. The beast man fell forward.

The chieftain unsheathed a knife. He got no further use of him. The chilling wind swept through the snowy forest meadow. Bolg had no care. “This is for you.” He let the corpse fell on the ground. The orc smirked upon the kill. He would be the meal for tonight. “Stop this playing around.” Cynthia told. The sisters appeared on the clearing. They brought another band of beast man. Bolg licked his lips. “He is still alive?” One of the tree nymphs asked. Cynthia folded her arms above the girdle. “We run into some rebels.” She then explained. “They are dead by now.” The dryads whispered together. Gnarl joined with the beast men. The conversation was cut short. Bolg heard the approach. “There are only three of them.” Gnarl said. Bolk nodded. He could smell them. “You don’t have to attack.” The orcs told. “That is the scent of lizard.” The group soon arrived. Bolg knelt to might skin the corpse. Gnarl gave some help. The dryads would have to decide their move. They finished their work. The redhead dryad beheld him. Bolg smirked. He knew what that meant. She would pick him for joy. “You are the chieftain.” Cynthia remarked. “You should lead the chase.” Bolg felt proud by the statement. “I shall.” He said. “But first I shall rape you.”

The sun shone bright upon the clearing. She pulled the scarlet hood above her head. “At last.” Her eyes chased the group. “Now it all begins.” The witch smiled. She cast no shadow or reflection upon the snow. “Then what a chase it would be.”The gaze burned red with the fires of Hell. The eyes were yellow, like that of a tiger. “The circle is complete.” It was indeed. She got what she desired. Chaos was such a wonderful source of power. The puzzle fell together. The pieces fit. How interesting. “You waisted the opportunity.” She admitted. The witch would not repeat the mistake. “I have the right.” She thenreturned into the forest.

(A.N: There are repeated references to the Slovak and Romani people included in this chapter. I am not a racist. These instances are based upon the Romanian society portraited in Bram Stoker’s novel from 1897. I wish to thank the creators of the LoZ title “Ocarina of time” for some key inspiration. The story continues. Have a nice time.)