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Castlevania: Darkness Never Dies


Part 1: Curse of Blood

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Part 2: Legacy of Sorrow

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Castlevania Darkness Never Dies2

Disclaimer: I do not own any part in Castlevania, neither characters nor games. These are trademark of Konami and Nintendo.

Part 1: Curse of Blood.

“”Rachel weeping for her children, and she was not willing to be consoled, because they where no more.”

Mathew: 2. 18.

Intro 1: Black mass.

BaljhetMountain, Warakiya. The 4th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The treasure gleamed in the torchlight. Ursula felt comfortable. She was resting upon the mound. Though her thoughts were active. Ursula had felt the shift in power. It wasn’t really that serious. Not like in 1999. That was human affairs. Ursula didn’t think she would be involved. She was young and strong. Her mother passed on rather late. Then Ursula got reached by distressful news. Someone calledher name. Ursula roared. Her cousin was in danger. She spread her wings. This changed everything. Ursula would join in the fight.

Treasury, dragon’s nest. The 4th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The red knights had discovered a great treasure. The general Reinhardt Reich Van Deer Valk marched forth for conquest. Though they had not the power to reap it. The Dark Lord had risen from his grave. He got sent here when they learned of this bonus. To think they slept here for 8 years, and only now they discovered. But of course, they concealed their nest with great skill and power. Their time was over, though the order fought for their lives. The general had brought the warlocks with him. They worked together for control. He reached the treasury. It was glorious. Though he had no mind about theriches. The vampire would permit the red knights to plunder. They deserved it. This would be their reward. But that was not the bonus. The order of Shadowbrought them inside. The corpse of the ancient. Reinhardt Reich felt almost dazed. He would rejoice in this happening. The castle had returned! And now this victory. The Master used them well. He smiled. This was their hour. The undead should rule the world forever. The warlock cast the curse upon them. She had not the power to resist. This was Dracula’s magic. Though he could not impress upon them. That was not important. They would return to the castle. “Sir, yes sir!” The squeak moved into a ready position.

The caves, Ravenberg. The 4th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The little dryad sat on the branch of the tree. The branch looked out over the bench. Xena looked into the river. The water might be turned into a mirror. She might see many things. Xena bit on the end of her braid. She had revealed the secret. Why couldn’t thetribeperform? This should be the festival of servants. Xena got angry. They craved for the Dark Lord. Although the henchmen had arrived, they only came to take over. Xena releasedthe braid. She knew something which they didn’t. Her boyfriend told her. This time she wouldn’t fail.

Alucard’s tomb, Ravenberg. The 4th. Of December 2098 A.D.

There came a crack of lightning. The coffin rumbled like hit by powerful forces. Then the lid gotmoved aside. The figure clads in 18th. Century finery wasraised from his slumber. “I hear Thy call.” The torches got lit by a gesture. Adrian Fear height Basraq threw back his cape. Powerful forces struggled for his soul. Alucard let go of his anger. He reproached with hate. He did not crave for agony. “I am nay thee.” He insisted. “Begone with thy Lucifer!” He was not the sons of Satan. He rebuffed his father’s dominion. Alucard left the coffin. There was a great disturbance. He felt an imbalance of nature. “Chaos.” He knew it could not last. The people craved for the presence of the Dark Lord. He knew it. He had seen it. Alucard retrieved his heirlooms. They where to many to take with him. Alucard would only bring the most important. He settled here for peace. The world would never rest. Not until the Day of His return. Alucard produced the card. She was the only who might guide through the barrier. The castle must be resurrected. Who would sit on his father’s throne? Alucard knew that. Such legacy was not an easy burden. He might tell. “Then listen to mine voice.” Alucardthen made his familiar to appear.”Yes my master.” She finally appeared flouting in front.

Underground reservoir, Ravenberg. The 4th. Of December 2098 A.D.

She retained her alternate form. Ursula came like she requested. Her cousin was hysteric. Ursula sniffed the air. She didn’t like this place. They seldom left the nest. The air stanchedby their presence. “The order of Shadow.” Ursula made a grimace. She should know. Though it was worse than she expected. Itwas8 years since they conquered the den. Ursula inhaled. That was another scent. It smelled different somehow. What could it be? Then he approached. The man went up the gallery. “I am Alucard.” The boyar afforded a bow. “My nameis Ursula Draco.” She introduced herself. “You are a vampire hunter.” That was no question. “I am.” She didn’t tellhim the truth. There was something about this man. “Then we stand together.” Ursula inhaled. The prince was gorgeous. The brown hair fell down around his face. Though he looked almost inhuman. “Let us join forces.” Alucard afforded. “Thus, we might support each other.” Ursula smiled. “That should be nice.” She told. “I could need some help.” He had unsheathedthe sword. “But wait.” HE said. “This I must do.” Ursula folded her arms across the chest. “Then I shallcome with you.” She declared. “So, it shall be.” Alucard acknowledged. He led the way. Ursula came up beside. She hoped to might figure about him.

The nayad swam through the water. That was her natural element. Marina Seaflower got chased from the fountain. Something great was in the making. They all could feel it. Then Marina didn’t get attracted. She refused to leave her people. The nayad got to figure. Something turned her sisters into mad concubines. Marina felt a shudder. They once served the lords of Shadow. That was a long time ago. The nayad was afraid. So much was at stake. She couldn’t do this alone. Marina felt the shift in power. She would ask them for help.

(A.N: This is the intro to the first quest in this book. I hope you liked it. I’ve looked forward to produce this text. Things will start heating up. Have a nice time.)