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Castlevania: Darkness Never Dies


Part 1: Curse of Blood

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Part 2: Legacy of Sorrow

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Part 1: Curse of Blood.

“Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measured to you.”

Mathew: 7. 1-2.

Chapter 8: Discoloured wall.

Rover manor, Oblivion ridge. The 15th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The last rays of sunlight gleamed against the glass casket. A pillar of dust rose from the coffin. Elizabeth Bathory made manifest. She was potent enough to raise this early. “You have summoned me.” The grim reaper explained the resurrection cycle. “Why do you require my presence?” Death remained fateful to the Dark Lord. The countess threw back the coils of her robe. “I need thy in the rite at hand.” His whispers sent echoes through her mind. “There is a spirit which I request.” She morphed into mist. The niece of Vlad Tepes Dracula appeared seated in the high-backed Victorian armchair. “He is nay appealed by the rising of the castle.” The grey eyes lit with flame. “It is treason, then.” Her form was illuminated by the fireplace. “Nay.” Death settled at the other side of the table. “He has never been enlisted.” The countess arched an eyebrow. “Though you have a binding contract.” It was no question. The lit chandeliers revealed the skull. “I seek an audience.” Elizabeth Bathory acknowledged. “Who are they?” She asked. Death spoke to her when raising her from the grave. “One task at a time.” He looked upon her. “Thy need a blood sacrifice.” Death then told. “Of course.” The blood bathing countess was amused. “Let it be.” Death rasped. “In the name of Dracula.”

Oblivion ridge, Warakiya. The 15th. of December 2098 A.D.

The sorceress tightened her grip. The fog was gathering. Edward tugged his beard. “I don’t like this weather.” Torah said. “It doesn’t feel natural. Saria agreed. They exchanged glances. Torah sighed. He touched her cheek. Her sister smiled. She got to hang up the bow. The mist made it useless. Saria got to protect the string. The man cracked with the whip. The orcs were still out there. Torah picked together. She hung up the ring smash. Torah charged the homing ball. The lamp burned out. “They are nervous.” Saria said. The trees might talk with her. Torah didn’t possess that skill. “The curse is very strong.” Edward made the sign of the cross. She turned pale. Torah should know, although she didn’t dare to enter a trance. “That shouldn’t be possible.” Edward told. “The ridge was the site for local harvest celebrations.” Saria looked sad. “That was a long time ago.” She said. “They withered because of Dracula.” Grandmother Yoko told about Shanoah of the order. She defeated the Dark Lord in 1810. “That happened centuries ago.” She remarked. Edward picked with the whip. She shrugged. “I think Simon went here.” He mused. Torah picked the card. The fairy familiar might help. “How may I be of service?” She asked. The fairy fluttered before her face.

The fairy familiar was flying in the air. “I don’t know.” Torah looked so helpless. “Believe.” Edward felt pity with her. “You don’t have to be afraid.” Saria embraced her sister. “You are a sorceress.” The mailmanacknowledged. “You are a Fernandez.” He added. “You will know what to do.” Torah sighed. “I know.” She tried to act like Carrie. That she couldn’t. Edward figured it out. Quincey and John Morris were great hunters. Edward was unsure if he might measure up. He struck with the leather whip. They got to gather. The lamp burned out. He found no oil. Edward wished he got some rope. If they tied together, they might not get lost. Saria shivered. “Take it easy.” He touched her shoulder. “The Lord shall be with us.” Edward got to unbutton the coat. The mist made him to chill. The land felt all quiet and empty. “We must continue.” Saria got back from her reverie. She pointed ahead. “The Dark force rising.” Edward looked to the East. He tried to remember about the map of Warakiya. “We have to climb the Tainyor Mountains.” That would be difficult. The mailman touched the crucifix. He looked abroad.To think that Simon Belmont celebrated up herewhen Dracula arose in 1688. Edward frowned. Then he noticed something else. The fairy was shining again. The little lady still sat on Torah’s shoulder. “God with us.” He breathed. Edward made the sign of the cross. “Mother of trees.” Saria hid her mouth behind the hand, though her eyes were wide open. “How did you do that?” Torah asked. The familiar leaned against her ear, although they could hear. “You are pleased with me.” She told. “I love you.” The glow turned pink. “The card is humming.” Edward pulled the hat down to hide his face. “This is grave matters.” Saria blushed. “The crest of love.” Torah lookedlike taken aback. They gathered. Edward inhaled. “Come on.” He said. “Let us break the curse.” The sisters acknowledged. The fairy lifted into the air. She would give enough light. He inhaled.“Let us be gone.” Edward had to recoil the whip. They began walking. The hills were getting rocky. He stopped. “The steep is too much.” Edward figured. “The hills are twisted.” Saria sent him a look. She was akin with the land. “I don’t like it either.” Torah said. She beheld the grove of dark wind-twisted pine trees. Edward made a grimace. “Then where do we go?” Saria asked. The mailman tugged his beard. “Edward?” Torah looked up into his face. “I don’t know.” They couldn’t turn back.The orcs where still waiting. “For You are our guide and shephard.” The northern road only leads back down into the forest. “Then South it is.” He said. “That is the only option left.” Saria shrugged. “Tell me about it.” She muttered. Torah then hid her smile. The mailman cleared his voice. The fairy made no comment. They began walking again. The moss covered stones almost got buried beneath the snow. They still made it difficult to move. The ice was a problem. Edward muttered beneath his breath. The wind kept blowing snow athis face. Edward stopped. “They are out there, now.” Torah shuddered. “Hunting for us.” They might hear the thin wail from far away. The sound filled his heart with a sudden dread. “What was that?” Saria was turning pale. Edward had to embrace her. He kept her for a while. They knew who was calling. “The dark wanderers.” Edward said at last. He let go. Saria hid her face. “They will never stop.” Torah got the ring smash. “I know that.” Edward sighed. “They possess the power of Dracula.” The mailman closed his eyes. “Together they stand.” He inhaled. “Let us go.” The fairy shone like a load star. Edward made the sign of the cross. The mailmanhoped the riders mightlose their track. “Edward!” Saria’s voice revived him

“Homing ball!” Torah cast her spell. The birds crowed with hoarse voices. They sprouted from the branches like black leaves. Edward cracked with the Undead Killer. He shuddered. The crows fed of the decaying hands of Death. The flock perished. The mist made it difficult to see. He thought they came from the treeshigher up the hillside. That wasn’t important. Saria shrieked. The group of skeletons pulled out from the mound. “That is no hill.” Torah mused. “It is a burrow!” The fairy screamed. “Leave her alone!” Edward roared. “The dead do wander where they do not belong.” Torah recited. The bats attacked. Edward threw the vial into the air. The swarm burned to ashes. Edward made the sign of the cross. “God with us!” He challenged. The bats flapped about. Edward cried. The monsters went toward his neck.“Star bow!” Saria fired. “Magic arrow!” The mist made murder to her string. Edward frowned. That really was magic. “God with us!” He would protect his girlfriend. The mailman had to reflect the mammals. He presented the crucifix. That carved some space. Edward inhaled. He used the opportunity to bathe them with holy water. They got burned to ashes. He didn’t relax. The sisters fought back-to-back. “Homing ball!” The sorceress charged with heat to create the steam blast. The skeleton got shot to pieces. Saria got strangled. The bone-man caught her in a grip. “Release her!” The face was turning blue. “Leave her alone!” The fairy familiar pierced the skull. The headless corpse threw her aside. Edward might bite together. He replaced the hat. “Homing ball!” Torah then released the mist. The bone-bag got blasted into oblivion. The mailman tugged his beard. Her frost spell got spread about. That gave the upper hand. He was impressed. “Great mother of trees!” Saria exclaimed. She might finally breathe again. That was a relief. Edward made the sign of the cross. The bats squeaked with blood thirst. “Accursed beings!” They moved in a circle. The mailman hurled the boomerang. “God with us!” Edward got Simon’s heart of fire. “Let it be done!” His image then erupted. The three enflamed crosses cut the swarm. He relaxed. Edward got the gems. They might replenish his energy. They got in handy. The mailman could use them. Edward might inhale. He ran toward the sisters. They got in trouble. The skeletons tried to tear them apart.

Another flock burst from the treetop. Saria began to realize why her friends disliked the hills. She dropped the case. Some birds left for the country. They would tell the riders about them. The dryad was curtain about it. Saria hid behind the shield. The skeleton man tried to hit her. Her short blade went through his ribs. The bones fell apart. Saria sighed with relief. The howl sounded deeper and fiercer then the others. Saria felt her blood turn cold. “A werewolf!” The fairy shouted. “The werewolf has come!” Saria figured. The shaggy beast stood atop the rock. The moon shone down through a rift in the mist. The stone was further down the valley. The distance didn’t mean anything to thewerewolf. He leaped to confront her boyfriend. Then a dark shroud went across the moon. Saria looked up. The crows came like a swarm. Strong magic was at work. “Get down!” Torah called. The dryadactedlike she told. They hid among the rocks. “Homing ball!” Torah charged with flame. The steam gave an upper hand. “They are searching for us.” The sorceress licked her lips. Saria forced through the snow. She touched her hand. They would fight together. She bent in front. The dead where still around. She cried. Edward was in trouble. Saria quenched a scream. They got to do something.

Rover manor, Oblivion ridge. The 15th. of December 2098 A.D.

The blood sacrifice restored her youth. Elizabeth Bathory cleaned her hands in the washbasin. “Behold.” Death announced. “The blood bathing countess Elizabeth Bathory, is alive again.” The vampire laughed. She washed herself. Her maid prepared another outfit. The countess observed the mirror. She cast no shade or reflection. “What a pathetic toy for man’s vanity.” The undead countess crushed it to pieces. Death kept his seat. The angel studied his book. Elizabeth Bathory clad herself in a low-cut green and red evening dress of the early 20th. Century. She then closed the cape with a golden brooch. That was a family heirloom. The window was pushed aside. The cold draft entered as the raven settled upon Death’s hand. “Thee arth here.” He hissed. “The vampire hunters.” Her eyes burned red with Hell’s fire. “The Belmonts.” She hated the family, though she was not like Actrise.“The decree remain.” Death was standing. “How shall you find them?” She requested. Elizabeth Bathory was not deterred. He stood at the stain-glass windows. “With this.” He held it forth. “The fate shard.” She beheld the relic. The glass did not reflect the firelight. “That is not to be used lightly.” The countess told. “You do not know who else might be watching.”Death touched her heart.

Oblivion ridge, Warakiya. The 15th. of December 2098 A.D.

The sorceress moved among the skeletons. The mist wasclearing. “Magic arrow!” Saria fixed the bow. She pierced the monsters. The crows burst into flame. Edward challenged the werewolf. Shehoped he would be alright. “Homing ball!” Torah charged. The fog froze the bats. “Star bow!” Saria withdrew for a better aim. She released a sun arrow. Torah forced together. The evil plant then blossomed. The seeds where planted throughout Transylvania. She made a grimace. Torah wasn’t Simon Belmont. The evil plant emitted fireballs. That was unnatural. Never mind. She moved against the skeleton. “Homing ball!” The orb of purple plasma went home. The evil plant exploded. Torah bent forward. She was breathing heavily. The crows went to take her. Torah then took the gems. She charged. “Homing ball!” The spell killed the birds. The feathers fell like autumn leaves. Saria kept shooting. She hit the plant-life. Torah charged for another spell. Then she cheered. Edward killed the werewolf! The pyre lit the landscape. She soon gathered. “Come on!” Edward shouted. The burrow was empty. The crows were about. “They tell the black riders!” She knew. Torah inhaled. They gathered the gems. Then they fled from the area. Torah got a nasty feeling this was only the beginning.

They escaped. Edward didn’t care. The cold chilled his blood. “Forgive us.” The mailman breathed. “We don’t know what we do.” He reached for the crucifix. “Poor creatures.” Saria was white as snow. Torah bent, although she got nothing left to vomit. “Make mercy upon us.” He said. “Preserve us from the Wicked One.” Edward made the sign of the cross. He never told anyone. Though this was his greatest fear. The dread that haunted him at night: “The return of Vlad Tepes.” The humans got impaled. “I don’t like this place.” Saria said. The trees are cut down. She got sick. “I know.” Edward put an arm around her shoulders. The sorceress hid her face. He sighed. The fairy wept. Edward felt both tired and sick. The wind kept hurling snow at them. He had a deep breath. Edward then cracked with the whip. He was not mistaken. The ravens burned to ashes. They tried to fly in with the snow. Torah shrieked. Hersister fired. The birds exploded like tiny feather-clad bombs. “Homing ball!” Torah gathered. She cast her magic. The ravens died. Edward brandished with the whip. This was a slaughter. He disliked this part of the hunt. It must be done. They could not escape. Someone occupied the mansion. Edward caught a glimpse of the building from atop the hillside. He found no way down. The way to the East was blocked. He let it drop. They got to defeat the birds. “What was that?!” The fairy asked. “What?” Edward looked round. “I can’t see anything.” The ravens were dead. “You are sure it wasn’t only shadows in the moonlight?” Torah climbed the rock. She stood scouting the hills. “No! Get down!” The fairy warned in time. Arrows shot from the cluster. The sorceress might be an Exelent target. She leaped from the stone. Edward was ready. This was no skeleton or zombie. “Take cover!” Edward told. He cracked with the leather whip. “Blue bow!” Saria fired. “Homing ball!” Torah cast the spell. “God with us!” Edward located the solders. They carried loose-fitting black and white ponchosabove grey trousers and brown boots. “Their arm ispoisonous!” The fairy called. He recognised the lizard men. They spread out to might dodge the arrows. The others kept shooting. Torah rushed in among their numbers. She used the razor rings or cast magic spells. Edward cracked with the Undead Killer. He engaged the dark elves before they might gather. The tall dark haired elves fired at him. Edward created the flame whip. He was able to knock them aside. The dark elves scattered. They reformed before the battle. The elvan folk removed their garments. Beneath the poncho,they carried light green tunic and chain mail. Edward reached for the vial. They came running down the hill. Edward made it to rain with holy water, the dark elves where careless about the danger. “Rabhalla! Aschelin! You must assist in the taking.” The elf with the gold embroidered tunic was in command. Edward threw the cross. “Aglaron!” The she-elf, clad in black tried to warn him. That was too late. Edward crossed himself. The boomerang beheaded the dark elf. Edward felt sick about it. There was no time. He retrieved the cross before unsheathing the Bowie. “Kill the witches!” Both John and Jonathan used the weapon while hunting Dracula. The mailman shook his head. He cracked with the whip. Edward got to dodge the lightning. The elvan battle-mage released the bolts from between her gloved fingertips. “So help me God!” He called to the Heaven. The elf witch laughed by his misfortune. She picked the battle-axe. The witch twirled with the weapon while throwing flames. “Star bow!” Saria fired. “Magic arrow!” She tried to kill the rangers. “God with us!” Edward shouted to encourage her efforts. The sorceress was to occupied with the lizards. That was no hill. Edward made a glide. He got up to pine pierce heart. The witch gurgled. The steel necklace saved her life. Bats and skeletons escaped from the burrow. Saria sung to might freeze them. “Olloriel!” Another ranger appeared by her side. Edward doused him with holy water. The elves were so quick. He went to stab with the long knife. Saria leaped. She stabbed through the throat. The short sword was longer then his knife. The ranger died. The skeletons surrounded his group. Edward knocked his way out. The elf which possessed amagic force. She created the fireball. The impact sent him flying. Edward lost hold of both the whip and hat. He threw the vial at her. She screamed in agony. Burns erupted upon her face. Edward got up. He made the sign of the cross. The dark elf reached her hands. She gathered electricity to build up the spell. He knew she intended to kill him. Edward dived for his belongings. “Blue bow!” The arrow reacted against her force-field. The icicles got scattered about. Saria screamed. The mailmanthrew his dagger forward. He got Simon’s heart of fire. The knife split into three enflamed daggers. She got hurt. Edward retrieved the hat. He forced a smile. The mailman thanked the Lord for their abilities. The elf glared. Edward found the Bowie. Dark force was building up. He felt the effect. Edward decided to showcase another trick. He attacked with the gold whip. The witch staggered. Olloriel got burned within her force field. “Curse you, Belmont!” She bellowed. “Curse all you vampire hunters to death and darkness!” She was ablaze. Edward watched her burn to ashes. He felt no victory. Edward killed a woman. “Rest in peace.” He made the sign of the cross. The skeleton knocked him in the face. He ducked. The dark elf fired her bow-and-arrows. The fight continued. Edward hurled the axe. He killed the bats. The mailman went to take the items. The lizard man struck with the club. The weapon got spiked iron wrappings around the heavy end. “Deliver us from the Wicked One.” Edward blocked with theknife. “God with us!” The lizard hissed. He made a grimace. Edward doused him with holy water. Then he realized the sisters were gone. Edward made up his mind. The mailman decided that he would find them. Saria was his girlfriend. Then again, Torah was blood related.

The tunnel went straight for a while. Why was she doing this? “Star bow!” Saria stopped to remove the bats. She reached a sharp bend. The dryad moved round. Saria gasped. She reached the burial chamber. The knights lay at full display. “Watch out!” The fairy warned. The plants blossomed. “Blue bow!” Saria froze the evil plant. The bats went for her location. She fired a sun arrow. They died. She kept shooting until they got defeated. Then she went to retrive the arrows. Saria didn’t dare to touch the candles. They were the only source of light. No, there was another, a pale nasty sort of glow. They came from behind, or perhaps, from within, the tombs. “Mother of trees!” She exclaimed. The wights seemed to shine. They got armed as well. Saria shuddered. They came forth with swords, spears and axes in their pale hands. They didn’t need them,as dread followed in their track, even though they were unlike the riders. The wights delighted in agony. She didn’t know what to do. “Homing ball!” Torah followed her inside. She released a golden flare. The wights withdrew. Saria ran down the tunnel. She entered the king’s burrow. He left from the grave. She climbed the staircase. Saria felt a gust of fresh air. She reached atop. The moon was rising above the horizon.

Dora wood, Warakiya. The 15th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The black rider made the horse to stop outside the styles. The hounds barked in their kennel. The peasant tried to block the gate with his body. The rider didn’t care. His wife and daughters peeked out the windows, showing their pale faces. “Belmont.” He hissed. “Tell me about the Belmont.” The man was dead white. He shivered with fear. The family was at stake. “He isn’t here.” The man stammered. “He is coming.” The rider breathed. “I want you to tell me when he does.” He sat up straight in his saddle. “I will return, with gold.” The farmhand snapped. “No!” He shouted. “You won’t!” The peasant held up his firearm. “Get off our property!” He told. “I got silver bullets in here!” The horseman rasped. These people were fools, though the bullets might hurt him. Before either might make their move, the great white Shepard went to stand in the gate. The German dog got the teeth exposed. The rider watched. This mutt should be no threat, althoughthere was something about this dog. The collard was marked with silver crosses. “I smell.” He hissed. There came a boom from the shotgun. The peasant fired. The Shepard ran into the forest. The horse staggered. The fool hit it. “Then Curse you human”. The rider closed his fists. The people were going to pay for this.

Oblivion ridge, Warakiya. The 15th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The sorceress got away. They approached. Torah could see them! The wights came from the lingering corpses, arm in hand. Torah shuddered. She hid her face. “No!” She wouldn’t listen. “Here.” He said. The voice was deep and cold. “I am waiting for you.” The shining eyes fell on her. The gaze penetrated flesh and blood. She stood naked before them. The burrow wight was unlike the riders. He was much older. Shaft made them to rise from their eternal slumber. “God with us!” Edward approached. He would fight for their salvation. That was no problem. The vampire hunter twirled with the Undead Killer. The wights turned toward him. “Homing ball!” Torah gathered. She couldn’t let him face them alone. Torah would stand beside him. She regained her courage when charging with spirit. The golden flare ripped through the closest wight. He turned. The transparent figure wielded a great battle-axe and a knife, though agony was his source of power. Torah got to fight back. She would not be reduced to a shuddering chase for them to pick. “Homing ball!” Torah fused with spirit. The flare struck again. She presented the cross. The wight staggered. He then stabbed. Torah ducked. She stamped with the image. The wight burned. Torah got up to fight.

The tomb was quiet. Edward was breathing heavily. “Are you alright?” Torah beheld his face. She still looked shaken. “He leads us to the green fields.” Edward made the sign of the cross. “And let us drink from the pure water.” This was one of the reasons why Trevor Belmont disliked Dracula. The prince of Darkness was raising the dead from their graves. Their souls might be safe, though the count got no right to meddle with those loved and cared for by the people of Warakiya. He shook his head. The bats flapped about. “Come with me.” They got to find Saria. “We cannot stay.” Edward could see beyond the obvious. That sick ugly glow still illuminated the burrow. “There must be another Wight.” Torah picked together. They were about to enter the crypt when it happened. The phantom bat went for his blood. “Good God!” Torah exclaimed. The mailman cracked with the leather whip. “Go on!” He called. “Help your sister!” Saria was the love of his life. Edward managed to deflect the fireball. “Let me handle the monster!” The sorceress didn’t look happy. Edward got no time to argue with her. He doused the giant bat with holy water. That made it to shriek. Edward then blocked his ears. Torah left through the opening. “You shall be blessed.” Edward sighed. He knew that the wights terrified her. They frightened him too. Edward could only pray for the best conclusion. The Phantom bat had returned. Edward got the axe. He extinguished the fire. The giant bat came in close presuit. Edward cracked with the whip. The monster squeeked, then it split into a swarm of smaller bats. Edward tried to douse them. There were too many. He got to run. The swarm tried to overthrow him. Edward presented the crucifix. The bats flapped about. Then they tried to drill him against the wall. He managed to glide underneath. The mailman threw three vials. The bats regrouped. The monster dashed. Edward got struck aside. The phantom bat went for his blood. Edward presented the crucifix. He got up to throw the dagger. The monster got impaled. Edward crossed himself. The giant bat then split into a swarm of smaller bats. Edward ran to retrieve his items. The swarm almost drilled him against the floor. Edward leaped to dodge the assault. The bats kept chasing him. The mailman threw a wave of holy water. The swarm got frozen in place. Edward finally got time to collect his belongings. The Phantom bat emerged. Edward made the sign of the cross. The monster continued to spit other fireballs. The mailman was forced to run. He tried to hit them. The Phantom bat shrieked while dashing. The flames burned on impact. Edward got beneath the giant bat. The monster dashed. He threw the axe. The Phantom bat swept under the assault. The monster came to suck his blood. Edward created a back-flip. He became boxed in against the crypt. The Phantom bat bombarded him with fireballs. Edward whipped as best he could. Then he reached for the crucifix. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” His image appeared flouting overhead. The enflamed cross burst as the Phantom bat got bathed in flames. Edward struck for those which escaped, though the monster was dead. “Glory be You.” The mailman removed the hat. “Our Father in Heaven.” The monster left behind that crystal ball. Edward exhaled. “Let it be.”” He retrieved the orb. “For great is the Lord!”” The mailman felt new power and energy blossom within. He relaxed. Edward was ready to hunt the night. Though first he retrieved the weapons. Then the mailman continued down the tunnel. Edward searched for the sorceress. Although he knew she disliked it, he viewed her like his sister. Never the less, Edward felt so proud. He wouldn’t let anything happen to her.The young girl might protect herself. Though That wasn’t alright. The mailman kept tuggingwith his beard. He dismissed about the matter. Edward felt so cold. The sisters where not about. That really chilled his blood. “So, help me God.” He breathed. Edward felt lost without them. “Admit it.” The tingling voice sent chills down his spine. “You want them.” She cherished his neck. “Do you not?” She was hanging upside-down. “I can smell your desire.” The Lamia cooed. Edward shuddered. “The lust is swelling in you now.” The bat flapped in front. “Be gone from me Satan!” The mailman roared. He presented the crucifix. “Good.” She licked her lips and fangs. “Good.” She had such a wicked grin. “Leach out with your whip.” She spread her arms wide. “I am unarmed.” The transparent pearl coloured shroud revealed the truth. “Surrender to your desire.” She was giggling again. “My name is Petra.” The raven locks fell down along her cream white shoulders. “Embrace me with all your wantingness, and your journey to the dark side will be complete.” The saliva dripped from her lips. Edward shuddered. He got repelled. Still, she released such an inviting aura that it was difficult to resist her charm. “God with us!” Edward crushed the vial. “Human scum!” Petra screamed when the wave reached her. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” He cracked with the leather whip. The vampire released five homing bats to counter his assault. “Now you challenge me!” Petra snarled. Her eyes were ablaze. “And all the forces of Hell!” The mailman had no fear. “You are not the Dark Lord.” He proclaimed. “You can never be.” Petra laughed. “Hellfire!” She got the power of Dracula. Edward struck. The green bat-inhabited fireball exploded. “You are lusting for a child!” Petra shrieked. “You have become deceived.” The fires burned behind. “Homing ball!” The king was dead. “Crimson flash!” The blood energy tore the spell apart. “God with us!” Edward then consolidated his force to leap ahead. He stamped with the crucifix. “Curse you human!” Petra screamed. “The prince of Darkness shall feast upon your blood.” Edward was not deterred. “Dracula is dead.” He announced. “Soon, you shall rest in peace.” The mailman trusted for the heart. “Never!” Petra blocked with the bracelet. “You shall burn!” Torah arrived. “I think not.” She pierced with the rings.

The wind blew atop the barrow. The moon was rising. Saria could read the text on the monument. This was another crossroad. She could do it, or not. Saria already got the bow. She didn’t want to, though Marcia was right. She had to do this part to help her friends. She had a deep breath. Saria touched the life tree medalion one last time. She licked her lips. Saria sighed. This she would do for her sister. Saria picked an arrow. “By the mother of trees!” Then she aimed and fired. The arrow flew straight for the moon. The light shone so bright. Saria was forced to close her eyes. “Look!” The familiar exclaimed. Saria wished to weep. That she couldn’t. The moon arrows lay upon the snow. She bent to pick them. Saria felt a certain connection to these items. She put them into the quiver. Then she began to climb down the staircase. The others waited within the king’s tomb. Edward embraced her. She returned his favour. Saria felt the need for him. She kissedhim before releasing. Torah looked tired. The dryad sung the “Bolero of Fire” to might rekindle their spirit. That worked. They looked much better. Saria knew the melody might be used as a weapon. She dismissed. “Let us go.” Edward advised. She smiled, though Saria tried to hide. She would love to return to the forest.

Rover manor, Oblivion ridge. The 15th. of December 2098 A.D.

The wood cracked in the fireplace. “I told you.” The shard revealed nothing. “That it might be like this.” The angel of Death let it fall on the table. “Thee was nay there in 2047.” He said. The countess remained calm. “He is a Morris.” Elizabeth Bathory recognised the image they received. Death seemed to grow even darker within his chair. “Thee know.” It was no question. The countess lowered her head. “Why should I not?” After all, John Morris and Eric Lecarde dealt her own demise in 1917. That he knew. Death was there. He saw what happened. The angel seemed to consider. “Thee shall come here.” He then said. “Mine ravens will find them.” He gazed upon the shard. “If not, he will be drawn to its power.” The countess exposed her fangs. The fire illuminated the features. “So let it be.” She said. “Then what about your own mission?” The dark angel was before her seat in an instant. “In time.” He hissed. “Even the stars burn out.” Elizabeth Bathory made no notice. “There is another way.” She remarked. “The Dark Lord bestowed me with power to rule this house.” The mansions were built in 1691 to keep his remains. Death kept watching her. She awaited his answer. This could be interesting. She might achieve that reward. “Then tell me.” Death rasped.

Oblivion ridge, Warakiya. The 16th. of December 2098 A.D.

The wind was picking up. Ragged remains of the mist went by like grey shreds or shrouds. Torah shuddered slightly. The mist felt like cold fingers touching her face. They had escaped.The birds where nowhere to be seen. They finally found a way to the East. Torah wondered how it went for their friends. Alicia would send Marcia to tell when they were ready. The familiar flouted in the air. Torah got a spell ready. She thought of Alicia. Did she make the right decision? Her family owed them so much. While Jonathan Morris and Charlotte Aulin fought against Dracula, her ancestors got imprisoned. Jenny Fernandez was the only person who ever escaped from Auswitch. She would never have done so if it wasn’t for Louis Schneider. The sorceress read the chronicle book. Louis survived the war, although the order of Shadow almost wiped out his family. She touched the cross. God was great and merciful. They would unite. Torah toyed with the ball. She would shoot any monster that approached. Edward almost tripped upon the ice. The dryad was able to help him. Torah hid her smile. They were in love. It was so obvious. The fairy came to flutter at her shoulder. They reached the valley. Torah checked the ring smash. Thatwas another grove. She recognised the stench.

The mist was clearing up. Edward looked around. He kept a hand close to the leather whip. They escaped from the burrow. He was grateful. Edward finally got time to think. So much had changed, because of the war in Romania. The family archive almost got lost, although the record was kept safe in the Vatican. Edward descended from James Morris, the son of Jonathan and Charlotte, who fought Dracula in 1976. He hoped that Christian was still alive. They where closer relatives then most expected. Trevor’s line began with Jonathan’s daughter, who retained the Belmont surname in 1982. The mailmanreached for the crucifix. Edward wished that Isaac was here. He was a good friend. The Van Helsing descendants never let them down. Even while the Second World War, when they fought in the resistance, they came to help. The weather was getting colder. Edward felt the change. They found a way into the valley. He would do his duty.Like when the Oldrey and the Kishine clans folkbombed the city of Dresden.They knew that Jenny and Louis went there. He almost tripped on those snowy rocks. Edward muttered about it. He better keep his attention here and now, were it belonged. “Are you alright?” Saria offered support. The mailmanlooked into her green eyes. He let go. Torah hid a smile. He sighed. Edward tugged his beard. She winked. Saria giggled. He shrugged. They got serious. The grove was ahead. The pine trees got twisted by the wind. Edward would have to enter first. He remembered what they found in thatother thicket. “Edward!” It was too late. Torah already noticed. “By the mother of trees.” Saria’s voice was like a whisper. He made the sign of the cross. The people got impaled. Though he knew, it was a shock to behold. Edward had to gather. The crows left the branches. That wasn’t the only problem. Lizard men and skeletons hid among the trees. “Homing ball!” Torah then released. The mailman cracked with the whip. They burned the crows. Saria fired. The moon arrow shone pale when hitting the skeleton. The bag of bones got fixed into place. He then fell into a pile of frozen dust. Edward exhaled. That was impressive. “God with us!” The lizard tried to kill him. Edward dodged the spear. He slew the scimitar. They got armed. Torah dashed at the monsters. The dryad kept shooting. She used other arrows. Edward threw a wave of enflamed axes. The creatures were about to flee. “Come on!” Torah shouted. “Homing ball!” She cast a spell. The undead broke apart. The lizard brandished with the club. The fairy familiar flew straight into his face. The lizard staggered. “Magic arrow!” Saria pierced the neck. Edward chased the monsters. The sorceress was right behind. Saria kept shooting. He picked the gems. Edward stopped dead in his track. They reached a clearing. “This isn’t natural.” Saria joined up. Hefelt so tired. Among the impaled bodies, there was a great table. The marble floor was swept clear of the snow. “What is this place?” Torah asked. The plate was laid with a clean white sheet. Edward went closer. The smell of food and wine reminded about his hunger. “He prepares the table before my enemies.” She touched his hand. Edward reached for the dishes. They were served on plates of gold. The goblet was filled to the rim with the white wine that he preferred. “Preserve us from the wicked one.” He made the sign of the cross. “I don’t think we should taste it.” Torah said. The mailman withdrew. He felt unsure. Torah got a point. “You can’t know that for certain.” The women appeared at the other end of the table. “You can only believe.” Edward held the leather whip. They were clad in white. That was no proof. Not all who dressed in white got white thoughts. That Soma discovered in 2047. “This is the table of the impaled.” The redhead said. “Here,everyoneare welcomed.” The brunette smiled. “Come.” The blonde made an inviting guest. “Join us.” Edward got away. He figured. “No problem.” The mailman gathered. “Away from me Satan!” He exclaimed.Edward was a fool, though not anymore. “You are the undead!” The sisters spread out. “They serve Elizabeth Bathory!” He recognised thedress and make-up. That was typical for the blood bathing countess. Edward saw her at the ruins of castle Dracula. “Homing ball!” Torah charged with flame. The dryad released a moon arrow. The trio escaped. The niece of Vlad Tepes must be the occupant of the mansion. Edward had to inhale. The blonde reappeared. She released a swarm of bats. Edward cracked with the leather whip. She screamed. “Whore of Lucifer!” Edward cursed. The vampire made a back-flip. He threw the cross. She morphed into a bat. “Star bow!” Saria fired. She hit the brunette.That made herto conjure the steam. Torah sang. The music made him to relax. She seldom used her power. “Good Lord!” Edward renewed his efforts. “The “Ballad of Blizzard”. Saria hid a giggle. “The music of the winter.” The redhead had to expose her fangs. Edward might step in front. He threw three enflamed crosses. The redhead shrieked. Her sisterthen came from behind. She struck with both hands. Torah stamped with the cross. The blonde shrieked. She burned. Edward had no time. He got to protect his girlfriend. Saria fired a sun arrow. The redhead got pierced by the impact. The mailman dashed. He impaled the heart. The vampire collapsed. The axe removed the head. Edward didn’t stop to watch the demise. The curse was broken. His heart felt lighter. The blonde still tried to take the sorceress. Torah countered with the razor rings. Edward went to retrieve his weapons. The brunette was rising like a pillar of dust. He presented the crucifix. The female vampire got away. Edward found the cross. “Blue bow!” Saria was there. She pierced her through the neck. The mailman sidestepped the steam. Saria picked one more arrow. The brunette morphed into mist.“God with us!” He then hurled the axe. “Blast you humans!” The blonde threw a wave of bats. Edward gave no answer. “Homing ball!” Torah charged with spirit. Edward cracked with the whip. The flash exploded.

The vampire returned. Saria bit her lip. The brunette released more steam. The dryad knocked the candles. She found other arrows. The undead got to close. Edward threw the vial. She sighed with relief. The devil was burning. Saria went to help her sister. She didn’t sing anymore. Torah struck with the ring smash. The fairy familiar tried to confuse her. Saria jumped to pierce her throat. She got her through the shoulder. Blood stained the white cloth. The vampire turned. Saria licked her lips. She shot for the bats. The brunette approached. Edward got her first. The cross removed the head. “Homing ball!” That made her to collapse. The last vampire released more steam. Edward threw a wave of holy water. The female froze. Saria pulled the string back toward her pointed ear. “Star bow!” The arrow shot her into oblivion. “May you rest in peace.” Edward removed the hat. “We have to get away.” Torah looked around. “They might track us.” She shuddered. Edward crossed himself. “I know.” Saria would never forget about the black riders. “Save us.” Edward used the snow to clean his items. “No problem.” He collected the crystals. Saria refilled the quiver. They got to hurry. This was important. “Come on.” Torah still looked around. “I am ready.” Edward said.

Rover manor, Oblivion ridge. The 16th. of December 2098 A.D.

The maid prepared the fire. Elizabeth Bathory folded her arms aboveher lap. The countess disliked the torch. She was reminded about her own execution in 1421. “I have found them.” The angel of Death waited until the servants withdrew. The black bird satupon his hand. “They arth at the table of the impaled.” The countess acknowledged. He still gave no answer to her suggestion. “That is not very far.” She remarked. That table had been her invention. The people got what they wanted. Then Elizabeth Bathory dismissed. That was not important. Not anymore. Death made the raven to leave his hand. “This is vital.” He then finally rasped. She bowed her head. The countess waited for his decision. “Arth they here?” He requested. The blood bathing countess smiled. “Of course.” She told. “Shall I summon their chieftain?” Death made the Necromonicon book to disappear. “The Belmont clan must die.” That was count Dracula’s last command. The circle was left to rule. His gaze then pierced her being. “Gring me the Fernandez girl.” The angel demanded. “As you wish.” Why this sudden haste? She could not resist. The angel of Death led the army in his absence. That granted an edge. The second maid went to deliver the order. Soon, the beast-riders would ride on the hill.

Oblivion ridge, Warakiya. The 16th. of December 2098 A.D.

The treasure gleamed at the bottom of the pond. Torah had a deep breath. “You don’t have to do this.” Edward said. She shook her head. The sword was made of gold and emeralds. Torah was the only one who might fetch it. She dived into the pond.The water closes above her head. Torah removed the uniform and poncho. She shivered with cold. Torah felt like the cross was dragging her down. She couldn’t breathe. The necklace felt like tugging at her throat. Torah fought to ignore the danger. The familiar couldn’t follow her down. She touched the blade. The item was stuck in the bottom. She didn’t care about it. The lungs felt like collapsing. Torah had to escape. She pulled the sword out. The blade felt heavy. Shereached the surface. She gasped. The air felt so good. She was freezing. Edward and Saria pulled her ashore. Torah shuddered. They lit a fire. Edward pulled his blanket tight around her. “Why do you have to be so brave?” Saria rubbed her shoulders. Torah couldn’t answer. Her teeth chattered. She gave her the blade. The dryad held it up. They watched her. “This is a druid’s sword.” Saria told. The emeralds reflected the moonlight. Saria threw the old blade into the pond. Then she re-sheathed the sword. Torah was still shaking. She wouldn’t do this again.

The fire burned high into the night. Edward even felt much better. He beheld the sorceress. She really impressed him. Edward touched the crucifix. He and Saria had been kissing when Torah came to tell them about the treasure. The familiar granted an apple of life. Torah eagerly ate it. Edward tugged his beard. She needed the refreshment. He would tell the priest about this moment. Edward crossed himself. They finally got some rest. They could need it. The hunt was taking its toll. Edward cleaned a spot in the snow before settling the blanket. The mailman rested his head againstthe arms. The Dark Lord had an impact upon his life. Edward sighed. Not that everything was peace and quiet before Dracula returned. Only three years ago, when Edward began working as a mailman, the ice came. The weather was crazy, although the storm only lasted until the day after tomorrow. Edward kept tugging his beard. He remembered how the net broke. Then the scavengers came to his town. Many peoples died before they got chased away. Edward let it drop. There was nothing he might do about that. Edward was a vampire hunter. The scream made him to gather. “The black riders.” Torah breathed. Edward reached for the crucifix. He faced them in battle. Edward would do it again, if he had to. The mailman shuddered. They were bound to the prince of Darkness. Together they stood. Together, with the Dark Lord, they failed. Edward knew that, whatever he did, they would return. The mailmanscratched his beard. He made a grimace. Edward was dirty. He could smell his own sent. How long was it since he last washed? The sisters didn’t look much better. Edward dismissed. As long as they didn’t complain. That was rude. He sighed. Edward thought of Sonia Belmont. “Let it be.” He made the sign of the cross. “Rest in peace.” She hunted the night in 1476. He yawned. “Look out!” The mailman was tired. “Edward.” He almost jumped. Torah hid her mouth. “That is alright.” The dryad got the kill. “Sure.” Saria touched his shoulder. He was sure she hid a smile. “We have to go.” Torah was ready. The mailman looked aside while she redressed. “They might spot us.” He made no argument. The birds tracked them for quite a while. To his surprise, Edward found tears on her cheeks. He cleaned her face. “They cannot defeat us forever.” Edward then assured. “Have no fear.” Torah tapped her back. “It will be fine.” Saria got a hold. This really was the Oblivion ridge. He put it aside. The curse was to blame. Edward would like to know the origin. That wasn’t his business. The mailman reached for the whip. They really got in trouble. “Let be His will.” Edward then checked the compass. “Right.” They went for the east. That was encouraging. The mailman knew the Lord wouldn’t abandon them. “You have to climb.” The fairy warned. Edward acknowledged. She led the way. “Thank God.” Torah said. They had escaped from the grove. Ahead, the ridge rose into hills. That might be a problem. The path was so narrow. Then again, he might be flexible. “God with us!” The mailman exclaimed. The entire hillside broke down. “Homing ball!” Torah charged with gold. She dashed toward the undead. “Star bow!” Saria pulled one more arrow. “Blue bow!” The skeletons spread out to counter. “Leave them alone!” Edward grinned his teeth. They were not to touch any of them. “This is for my master!” The fairy flew about. She was not a fighter. That didn’t change anything. Edward sighed. The familiar swept like a wasp. “For lord Alucard!” She still tried to destroy the skeleton. That was impressive. “God with us!” Edward cracked with the leather whip to throw fireballs. The spell book gave him the power. He inhaled. Although the mailman saved her life, that was not the end. “Magic arrow!” The bats were yet another source of trouble. They dwelt within a tree. “Homing ball!” The steam blast granted an upper hand. Though not for long. The swarm flapped from inside another trunk. “Permit me.” Edward then made a step forward. “Blood of the hunter.” The mailman read the book. “Castlevania chronicle. Edward made the sign of the cross. The bats kept squeaking for blood. They went at his neck. The mailman doused them with holy water. The skeletons tried to choke him. Edward struggled for air. He dropped the whip. That other bone-man tightened his grip. They tried to break his neck. Edward trusted with the Bowie-knife. He wouldn’t let it to end like this. “Release him!” Torah struck with a doubled trust. The ring smash broke the spine. “You heard what she said.” Saria climbed upon a stone. She pressed the blade against the throat. “Let him go.” His girlfriend really was serious. The dryad looked so beautiful. The undead were brainless. They tightened their grip. Edward felt like the world was coming to and end. The fingers kept him transfixed. “God with us.” The mailman hissed from between his teeth. Edward then consolidated his bloodline mystics. Thunder might be the spark to rekindle the source of life. He was floating in the air. “Glory be You!” Edward proclaimed. The trio of skeletons went along. “Our Father in Heaven!” The great crucifix got forged from lightning. “Let it be!” The image exploded. The undead got shot to pieces. The fragments rained from the sky. Edward exhaled. The Lord let him conquer. “Then so it is.” The mailman sighed. He saved himself, though the sisters fought to end the battle. The bat swarm kept whirling about. Edward obtained the whip. “Homing ball!” The burrow seemed boundless. He rushed inside. Things were like he expected. “Good Lord.” There was a portal, a black hole in reality. Edward got no choice. He made a blood sacrifice. The liquid stained upon the floor. He made the sign of the cross. His blood created an eruption of force. The light went to bright. “Preserve us from the wicked One!” The result threw him out of the barrow. Edward grunted. He landed into the pile. The mailman got up to dust himself. That was close. Edward had no time to rest. The sisters finished the bats. “You are to become hunters.” He told.

They got to climb. That was no question. The ridge was turning into steep hills. There were no trees. Saria felt ashamed of herself. The dryad never thought she would enjoy the plunder. Saria bit her lip. She picked another arrow. The mist was gone. She could see the landscape, thoughthe view was blocked by those mountains. There was some shrubbery atop the hill. Saria was eager for the outlook. That might become a problem. There was a ravine in front. “There is a path over here.” The fairy shone. Saria was held back. The skeletons got her. “No!” The familiar shot at their faces. Sariathen burst into song. The bone-men fell apart. Saria looked around. “Homing ball!” The lizardslay in an ambush. Torah released her magic. She unsheathed the druid blade. The crows had returned. Edwardthrew the axes into the air. Her boyfriend might be accurate. He twirled with the whip. The crows and ravens exploded like tiny feather-clad bombs. Saria focused. The skeletons broke through the rubble. The sight made her to shudder. Then Saria didn’t waste more time. She fired with the bow. The skeleton-man got hit between the ribs. He collapsed. Saria inhaled. Then another bone-man tried to break her neck. The bow fell upon the snow. He would kill her.

Dora wood, Warakiya. The 16th. of December 2098 A.D.

The weather was quite cold. The German Sheppard was almost invisible against the white. She finally found his sent. Angel barked. She would find her master. Suddenly she stopped. The Sheppard then growled. The winged sharp things might tear at herprecious white hide. Angel wouldn’t let themto do that. They crowed when she leaped to bite them. These sharp things were not like those that she used to chase. They didn’t fly away. The white Sheppard could bite them, although they tasted so bitter. Angel slew the five sharp things. Then she didn’t eat the lot. The German Sheppard left them to rot in the snow. She was searching for her beloved master. Then no one was to stop her. Angel barked. She threw herself sideways. The Sheppard got the fragment between her teeth. The silver necklace burned like a barn fire. Angel tore it free. She would continue to tear the bone-man, piece by piece. The German Sheppard let go. Even the remains tasted bad. Angel would howl with distain. Her breeder wouldn’t like that. The tail hung. Angel longed to find him. The two-leg would need her help. The other skeleton-man caught her around the throat. The fingers snapped when touching the crosses. Angel got up to rip the skull off its shoulders. She made him to break apart.

Oblivion ridge, Warakiya. The 16th. of December 2098 A.D.

They might climb on the hills. Torah shuddered as she pulled the scarf tight around her neck. “Glory be You.” Edward looked back over his shoulder. She followed his gaze. The mailmanthen crossed himself. “How did we get down?” Torah couldn’t tell. Her sister put her arms around him. Torah went away. She gave them some space. Torah wouldn’t disturb them. She almost slipped on the icy stones. She might have a better view from up there. Torah pulled the Russian fur cap down above her brows. The mailman told about the mansion. Torah couldn’t see it. She made a grimace. It must be past midnight. “Homing ball!” Torah shot the crows. The trio nested in one of the pine trees. She made them to burn. “Torah!” Edward shouted. “Get down from there!” Torah had no mind. She slipped from the rock. That was about time. The fairy shone blue when the skeletons broke through the rubble. Torah grew all pale. They almost killed her sister. She picked the ring smash. Edward was there. The sorceress dashed among the skeletons. Edward twirled with the whip to might counter the bats. They lived inside a hollow tree. “Magic arrow!” Saria fired with the bow-and-arrows. The bats exploded. Torah couldn’t rest. She made the bone-men to retreat into the grove. The others followed.

The red knightswere waiting for them. Edward knocked the candles. He picked the gems. Edward cracked with the whip. The rangers were almost invisible. He pulled the hat back upon his head. Edward tugged his beard. He inhaled. Saria shot an elf through the throat. Edward suddenly felt so tired. He didn’t want to kill these people. They gave him no choice. He brandished with the leather whip. Edward felt like a trap was closing in about him. Wherever he went among the hill country, Dracula’s henchmen would be there to chase him. Edward managed to repel the arrows. He wouldn’t surrender. The mailman was determined. He would keep to hunt the night. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost!” Edward exclaimed when pulling the Bowie-knife. Someday, they would reach the mansion. The mailman was sure about it. For now, he got to assist his companions. “Homing ball!” Torah charged her magic. She fought to shield her sister. The dryad used her druid blade to keep the rangers occupied. Edward kept his ground. The dark elves forced a wedge between them. “God with us!” Edward struck with the flame whip. The rangers got their own swords and knives. Edward bit together. He had the heart of fire. “God with us!” He cried when the flaming cross appeared above. The image cleared the grove. The remaining dark elves fled for their lives. Edward leaned against a tree. He better not do that. The bats went like a swarm. Edward threw the vial. Before the sisters might reach him, Edward burned them to ashes. Then the light subsided. The moon shone on the hillside. “We can’t stay.” The familiar appeared before them. Edward picked together. He didn’t figure about Alucard,though Edward believed in the fay. They would support. Edward exhaled. He checked the compass. They still went in the right direction. He worshipped the Lord. They climbed down the slope. The grove was thickening. Edward felt a deathly fear clutch at his heart. Edward stopped. They reached another mound. “Stay here.” He told the others. They looked concerned. Edward had no comfort to give. He climbed up into a tree. The whiteness of the hills made him to blink. The boulders blocked his view. Edward touched the crucifix. He would like to have a better look upon the valley. Edward sighed. A snowflake then landed upon the hat. Edward went back down. The snow was falling. “Sorry.” He told. “I couldn’t see anything.” Saria shook her head. She hung up the bow. Edward touched her shoulder. They would have to move around the mound. Edward reached for the Undead Killer. They must be careful. This wasn’t the curse of Darkness. Edward believed in what he was told. The tragic prince was not deceived. Edward would trust in God. He suddenly felt sure that she, if Elizabethreally dwelt in the mansion, was not involved with this part of the quest. Edward got interrupted. He felt it before he saw them. The skeletons broke through the burrow. The lizards hid among the trees. Saria laughed like she was on the brink of hysteria. The sorceresshit her in the face. The dryad went silent. Edward could pity her. He figured it out. Edward realized.The howl of the werewolf. He would block the way. Edward accepted the challenge. The sisters got their weapons. The ravens hid among the branches. “So let it be.” Edward said. The werewolf then came upon him. The shaggy beast leaped from atop the burrow. Edward felt alive. He knew what caused it, even though it cost him quite a while to solve the puzzle. The Belmont bloodline became more active when in the presence of the three tribes of evil. The werewolf tried to bite him. Edward dodged. The Lycan slashed his claws. He made the sign of the cross. Edward got used to the surge of power. He knew the Lord was his only guide and sheppard. The werewolf jumped high into the air. Edward wouldn’t use the mystics for himself. Sonia Belmont knew what it ment to inherit such powers. He sidestepped the monster. The jump kick might break his neck. Torah and Saria fought back-to-back. The rangers had returned. Edward couldn’t help them. The Lycan was too fierce. Edward cracked with the whip. He made the monster to retreat. Then Edward threw the cross. The werewolf got hurt. Edward made the sign of the cross. Then the sliding kick sent him sprawling. The Lycan dashed to fetch him. Edward got up on one knee. He wished Alicia was here. The mailman lost the whip. He stamped with the crucifix. The werewolf howled. Edward began thesearch for the whip. The Undead Killer was a family heirloom. He couldn’t loose it. The monster picked together as he touched it. Edward hurled a vial. Flames roared on impact. The werewolf survived. He leaped above the assault. Edward retrieved the boomerang. His soul was a weapon. Edward threw three golden crosses. He missed completely. The Lycan would bite his head off. Edward buried the Bowie deep within the chest. The werewolf howled. Edward got thrown aside. He missed the heart. The monster performed with a flying kick. The mailman managed to glide beneath. When he passed, he threw the axe. The werewolf got caught in mid-air. Blood gushed from the wound. The Lycan staggered when reaching the ground. Edward pulled together. He was getting weary. The werewolf snarled. Edward presented the crucifix. The monster was too quick. He came before Edward might brandish with the whip. That wasn’t important. The werewolf impaled itself upon the image. Edward staggered. The werewolf was burning. Edward exhaled. He felt no victory. The mailman shook his head. This wasn’t the right place. He got plenty of time to rest when he was dead. Edward sighed. He was more interested about his friends. He turned to leave. “Torah!” Then the mound collapsed as he vanished into the burrow. “Saria!” Edward cried. “Run girls!” They got to save themselves. The mailman was buried alive. “No problem.” He quoted his namesake’s slogan. Though there were. Edward made a grimace. He got hit in the head.

The sisters got forced apart. Saria tried to shoot them. The falling snow obscured her view. She had to get a clear aim. The sword lay somewhere in the grove. She didn’t have time to fetch it. Saria screamed. They got her. Saria shook all over. The skeletons would kill her! Torah went berserk. “Homing ball!” Saria went pale. She never saw her this angry before. Steam, mist and flare ripped through the monsters. Saria got free. She hid among the boulders. The dryad felt shaken. The fairy familiar went dull. She looked for her boyfriend. Edward had fought atop the mound. Now he disappeared. Edward might influence upon the sorceress. This would only end with disaster. Saria had to close her eyes to might conceal her tears. “Mother of trees.” She whispered. Torah cut and slashed with the razor rings. “Curse you!” She cried. Torah’s face was stained with tears, though her eyes were sharp and hard like flint. Saria finally figured about the warning. “Evil thrives in the shadow of thedemon castle.” There was nothing she might do. “Homing ball!” Torah kept blasting about. The rangers died. Her sister collapsed. Saria hoped she would be alright. The thought froze. The monsters gathered about. Her tears hit the snow. They got surrounded. “Homing ball!” Torah charged.

Rover manor, Oblivion ridge. The 16th. of December 2098 A.D.

Fires cast strange shadows about the room. The countess beheld the portrait of her dead uncle. The picture was a reproduction of the infamous “Banquet among the impaled”. It was a nice example of Brauner’s more traditional art. The countess was unsure if she should keep it, though the portrait was a personal gift. “My lady.” The maids knelt by the bedside. Carmilla would envy her purchase. The Austrian lady got a taste for women. Elizabeth Bathory was satisfied. She touched the brooch which kept her cloak together. Her nephew, Phillip Bathory, who supplied her uncle with troops in 1456, placed it in her tomb. She approached the maids. They were so young and strong. Elizabeth Bathory was amused.She then beckoned her bride. The countess would need more blood before the ritual. She expected to hear from the scouts,telling her that the sacrifice was secure. The blood bathing countess would not rely on the fate shard for information. She knew the danger. The vampire would not risc it. “Come to me.” She cooed. They sat on the bed. “My love.” The neck was bare. The girl watched her with a longing ecstasy. Elizabeth Bathory gloated about the maid. The sister kept licking at her neck and bosom. “You are mine.” The countess proclaimed. Then she bit into their throat.

Oblivion ridge, Warakiya. The 16th. of December 2098 A.D.

The winter was so cold. Torah barely noticed. The beast-riders forced her to run. Torah tried to escape. But after the third attempt, she drained her magic. Torah knew this was her fault. They at least didn’t touch her. The cross kept them at bay. Though she knew the fox wanted to “play” with her. They did terrible things with her sister. Where was Edward? Torah entered a slight trance. She didn’t wish to think about it. Torah lost her grandmother. She wished Yoko could be here, telling stories, like she used to. Torah inhaled. She couldn’t stop thinking of what would happen with her. The beast-riders would bring her to the mansion. They told it to her. The wild ones tried to comfort. Torah returned to the physical plane. She got to prepare. Torah touched the cross. She couldn’t refuse, not any longer. Saria told her there were greater things at risc then even their lives. The curse was affecting the forest. Torah should know it was the source of life. She shuddered. It was obvious. Because of Dracula, The people of Transylvania lost faith in prosperity. Now their health was in danger. Her friends were right. Torah was a Fernandez, and a sorceress. She should serve the people. God would be with her. Torah was still afraid. She had to escape before the countess got her.

The burrow, Oblivion ridge. The 16th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The wind wisped chill through broken battlement. Edward opened his eyes. He was on lidde’ parade. His body felt numb. Edward knew he wasn’t dead. That was only a matter of time. The wights gathered about him. Edward was horrified. He knew that neither the purification crystals nor the Belladonna might help him now. The burrow wights would keep him spellbound, forever. Their murmuring voices became an enchantment. Edward would have to do something clever. “God with us!” He didn’t have to touch the crucifix. Edward made a circle of crosses to appear. The wights were thrown away. Edward went from the death bed. He reached into his pocket. Edward produced the DSS-cards. Julius gave him the package before the encounter at the ruins of castle Dracula. They were not ment for him. Edward was the descendant of Hugh Baldwin. Christian had the right to hold them. He let it drop. Even though each Belmont had special powers, Edward would use them now. He knew how to combine the Action and Attribute cards. Julius revealed the secret. Edward inhaled. The wights arrived. He prayed this would work. Edward fused the Pluto and Salamander cards. That way he might create a more devastating version of the item crush. Edward really got a boust. He threw a flurry of successive daggers. The wights got defeated, though Edward was left gasping upon the floor. He finally managed to get up. Edward found plenty of crystals. They made him to feel better. Edward replaced the cards. He would be careful. The tomb was empty. Edward had a look around. Three exits led from the chamber. He made the sign of the cross. Edward chose the leftmost passage. He once heard that was the right direction. Edward was unsure. He whipped the bats. The corridor went in a straight line. The burrow must be quite impressive. Edward didn’t care. He reached a dead end. He got no choice but to return into the initial chamber. Edward went back. The air wasn’t nice. He figured why Saria liked the life in a forest. Edward sighed. The second road only led to another burial chamber. He didn’t see that unnatural glow of an inhabited tomb. The wights must have come from this place. Edward touched the crucifix. The plants had blossomed. Edward got away. He managed to repel the fireballs. The evil plants got created by the count’s scientist’s way back in 1576. Christopher Belmont was certain. The mailman dismissed. He threw axes at them. Edward relaxed. For all their mutation, they were still plants. They were easy to kill. Edward knew that nothing was simple when fighting Dracula. He picked the gems. Edward didn’t dare to whip the candles. They were the only source of light. The burrow was empty. Some bats still flapped about. The killer plants flowered upon his approach. Edward got to defeat the lot. He reached another chamber. This one was huge. The other end got obscured by shadow. Edward went inside. The steps seemed to disturb the silence. The floor was coated with dust. He got to clear his voice. That was like a signal. The gloom got shattered by the sound of rattling bones. Edward struck with the whip. The skeletons broke through the walls. He crossed himself. That was no sight to behold. He threw the cross before they might attack. Edward dashed. He arrived to retain the boomerang. The skeletons used their bones for weapons. Edward twirled with the leather whip. He would escape. The skeletons broke to pieces. Edward couldn’t rest. He threw a row of enflamed axes into the air. The bats burned into ashes. Edward gave a sigh of relief. He claimed the crystals. The money might lay there until the End of Days. Edward made the sign of the cross. He reached the other end of the cave. Edward went through the door. This tomb was rather small. The staircase led up into the mound. Edward whipped the bats into oblivion. Then he went to climb the staircase. That would have to wait. The caskets moved. Edward tugged his beard. He got ready to fight the vampires. Then he swallowed. The mummies would kill him. Edward was certain. Never the less, he would fight. They came from both sides. Edward got to concentrate. The mummies were brought to life through arcane magic. He wished the sisters were here. Edward crossed himself. They released wavy shards. Edward threw the vials into the air. Trevor Belmont fought them in 1496. The mummies would wrap and squeeze the life out of him. Edward dashed. He engaged the leftmost mummy. Edward got to force them apart. The other body dogged his track. Edward delivered a series of three successive slashes before the undead might counter. The mummy staggered. Edward tugged his beard. The mummies were stiff and slow after their long slumber. The second mummy was at hand. He reached to strangle. Edward then tossed three daggers; the mummy got impaled, before he leaped over the coffin. The mummies gathered. They made the sand to spill over. Edward became caught in a storm. He staggered forth. It was almost impossible to see. Finally, Edward figured how Alicia felt. The cousin was wearing glasses. The figure loomed in front. Edward gathered. He brandished with the jewel whip. The mummy froze over. The second corpse reached a hand. Edward shuddered. He struck with successive slashes. The mummy tripped. Edward got above the other casket. The undead bodies almost got him. They came back to might curse him. Edward knew that one touch might be fatal. He combined the Pluto and Serpent cards. That granted a boust. Edward felt drained. He threw twin daggers forward before hurling axes in the opposite direction. The leftmost mummy got impaled. The other body got hit by the axes. Edward felt no victory. The mummies wrapped him. Edward got to use the Bowie to cut through the bandages. The mailman struck the mummy.Edward didn’t intend to create the flame whip. He couldn’t stop it. Edward burned through the wrappings. They let go. The mailman inhaled. Edward touched the neck. They didn’t break it. He shrugged, though it felt like being hanged.

Oblivion ridge, Warakiya. The 16th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The winter night went so cold. Saria looked down. To her shame, the nipples got erect. “That is your proper place.” The dryad got tied to the tree. Her items got fingered with and picked over by the goblins. “Elorien, Reah! Stand guard, watch over.” Then the jewelled one stepped forward. “The human scum might still be alive.” She puts a bronchium hand beneath her chin and forced her to look up. “I am Zebibah.” The birthmark was obvious. “Look upon me. You have never seen anyone like me before.” Saria felt angry. “Spawn of Jadis.” This was a Jin. “Your ancestress got cast out from the garden.” She felt like her entire nature raised in resistance. “I am proud of it.” Zebibah smiled suddenly. “You should too.” The fingers cherished her cheek. He who live by the sword shall perish with it. Her hand got firm. “No man should rise by force.” Saria kept her gaze. “By this axe I rule.” She quoted. King coal of Valucia was a Juste man who ruled during the last days of the fifth age. “Then what about the End of Days?” Zebibah struck her in the face. “Quiet you wench.” The Jin had a hard intake. Saria realised she got off on pain. “By the spirit of Yavanna.” She declared. “This isn’t the end.” Arien was singing. Saria felt distraught. She didn’t want to be the chosen one.

Dora wood, Warakiya. The 16th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The white whirled about. Angel barked. She broke another flying thing between her canines. The shephard would not be picked apart. Her white fur was already stained by the crimson. Angel whimpered. They didn’t act like they should. There was the scent of mystics in the air. The stanch of bitterness felt like sulphur to her nose. The white shephard would like to curl up and hide. That wouldn’t be proper. She got a service left to do. The bony two-legs pushed through the snow. Angel snarled a warning.She leapt on the beast. That made her to growl. Even the bones tasted bitter. She bit the skull of its shoulders. The shephard would leave them to rot. The packmate hid her with the club. Angel howled. “How ironic.” The item got made of bones. She would have been eager to fetch, but it was nothing like playing with the breeder. Now she simply snapped and cracked it. Her tale went up. The crosses began to shine. The necklace was her only real protection. The holder gave it to her when she was still a pup. He kept on expanding it while she grew. Angel barked her challenge. She would fight for him. And the little boy who was so kind to dogs. Angel leaped toward the bony-thing. She would commit to the cause. They had to give way. Angel barked. She would tear the lot.

Oblivion ridge, Warakiya. The 16th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The warg riders laughed together. Torah got hoisted upon the beast. Her skirts slid up. The sorceress really wasn’t clad for this kind of activity. She was freezing upon her legs. Her poncho didn’t give that much protection. “You really are a little snack.” The rider taunted. “Only some years of maturing and you will be ripe like honey.” Torah really considered to burn him to ashes. Her magic might have that effect. Then again, the riderswould chastise her another time. Her face still got flushed after that initial round. Torah wished she could fetch the cross. She most certainly took no pleasure in pain. Actrise had sold her soul for fortune and fame. She was not like her or Dorian Grey. The sorceress would fight the righteous battle. Torah never thought of it like that before. She made up her mind. Carrie Fernandez was right. The children should not live in fear of the knight. She also possessed the Gipsie blood of her great ancestors. “For Sypha and Lydie.” Torah swore by the hunters. She shared in the pact. “You won’t conquer me.” Even in this state she could fight on. “So, you think?” The rider shook her. He whispered in her ear. “against the countess, you can not fight.” Torah figured about that. Elisabeth Bathory is the niece of count Vlad Dracula. She sighed.. Torah was tired.

The Burrow, Oblivion ridge. The 16th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The mummies made more sand to spill over. Edward almost waisted the crystals. He knocked the candle. Edward felt tricked. He found more oil to fuel the lamp. That would have to wait, if he survived the encounter. The undead boxed him in. Edward cracked with the whip. He had to repel them. The mummy staggered. Edward got time to stab his knife into the heart of the corpse. The king tried to raise the arms in protection. Edward struck with the leather whip. He removed the head. The mummy burned into ashes. The ugly yellow flame told of the supernatural. The initial body caught him around the chest. He used the bandage to squeeze. Edward groaned. The ribs would snap. The pain was more then he might handle. Almost desperate, Edward stamped with the crucifix. The mummy was clever not to remain close, although not smart enough to leave the hands free. The holy flames went along the bandages. The mummy tried to escape. That was too late. Edward fell on his knees as the mummy burned into ashes. He crept to pick the crystal. The mystic ball restored him. Edward sighed. He climbed the staircase. Edward went down another short corridor while fending off bats and evil plants. He still managed to repel the fireballs. Edward gained some other crystals. He prayed for a morning-star or sup-weapon. Edward found nothing of the sort. He ate the chicken leg. The meal at least restored his health. Edward wouldn’t use the DSS-cards again. They cost him to much. It might be necessary. He sighed. Edward then reached another tomb. He went out into the room. There where nothing here. The coffins remained in place. Edward touched the crucifix. He felt relaxed,until the statue turned round. “God with us!” Edward cracked with the whip. That was no sculpture. He was the Cyclops, the son of Poseidon. Legends told that he and Apollo were the idols of the naiads. Edward brushed it aside. Dracula might be dead, although the servants lived on to carry out his will. Edward made the sign of the cross. He then had a deep breath. Juste Belmont encountered the Cyclops in 1748. The monster roared. Edward tightened the grip. If Juste and Trevor found a way to slay him, then he could too. The Cyclops struck the hammer into the ground. Edward dodged theattempt. He doused the monster with holy water. That had no effect. The Cyclops lumbered to get him. Edward tugged his beard. The Cyclops kept coming forward. Edward made it to retreat. The repeated slashes gave a breather. Edward got a bad feeling about it. He quit whipping. The Cyclops made a full-length mid-air dash. Herolled beneath. The impact might kill him. The monster looked on him with one hateful eye. Edward got up. Before the monster might close, he threw the dagger. Edward worshipped the Lord when the Bowie went home. The Cyclops soon made him to retreat. The beam might turn him to stone. The legends were clear on that matter. Both the Cyclops and Medusa possessed such powers. Edward crossed himself. He might do it himself, by using the earth element as a catalyst. “So help me now.” He called out to God. The Cyclops lumbered to get him. Edward knew the hammer would crush him. He dodged the air dash. Edward struck with the whip. The monster turned. He spewed the laser. Edward made a back-flip. He threw the axe into the air. The Cyclops roared. That was a full hit. Edward had no time to celebrate. The Cyclops threw the hammer like a boomerang. Wasn’t that offence limited to the Minotaur? Edward shook his head. The Cyclops at least retained the position. But then both the hammer and the fallen rocks began to rebound. The eye was wide open. Edward hurled the cross like a boomerang. The Cyclops was hurt. He regained the hammer. Edward had to pick the cross. He made a glide. That saved his life. The monster pulled off another air dash. Edward got his item. The Cyclops collided against the wall. He was stunned. That didn’t last. Edward cracked with the whip. He struck the monster in the eye. The Cyclops snarled. Edward kept hitting the forehead. The Cyclops opened the eye to stone him. Edward threw three vials in succession. That blocked the onslaught. Edward got time to stamp the eye. The monster wept tears of acid. Edward was grateful he didn’t get hurt. The Cyclops cut through his line of thought. He struck the hammer into the floor. Edward was able to dodge. He still kept the holy water. Edward made it to rain. The Cyclops screamed. He opened the eye to stone him. Edward was too far away to get hurt. He even was too far to do battle. The Cyclops lumbered forward. Edward crossed himself. He didn’t know what to expect. The Cyclops struck. Edward sidestepped. He struck with successive slashes. The Cyclops chased him. Edward barely dodged the air dash. The monster struck hard against the wall. Edward tugged his beard. Rocks fell down by the impact. Edward got away from the downpour. He better, the Cyclops opened his eye to spew the stone-inducing laser. Edward got far away. He licked his lips. Edward got the spell book. He gathered himself. Edward struck with the whip. He trusted the bloodlines. The Cyclops got struck by the flurry of sonic rings. The monster roared and staggered. Edward didn’t feel that nice either. He got to save the crystals. For now though, Edward got to dodge the hammer. The monster hurled it like a boomerang. Hector encountered the Cyclops in 1499. He was a devil forgemaster. Edward got no ID to help him. The rocks were falling down. Edward got beyond the hammer and rocks as they began to rebound. The Cyclops got taken by surprise. Edward whipped the monster until he opened the baleful eye. He made a backflip, but only so far as to avoid the laser. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” Edward leaped to strike with the leather whip. The Cyclops wept tears of acid. The hammer was coming back. Edward managed to sidestep both the weapon and the air dash. That gave no solitude. Edward got hit. The mailman managed to get up. The Cyclops came while striking with the hammer.

Oblivion ridge, Warakiya. The 16th. Of December 2098 A.D.

Zebibah was dead. That was the beginning. There was not ever a doubt about that. Saria licked her lips. “You deserved it.” The fox hitched her backside. She closed her mouth. The dryad was tied to the tree. “The meat is back on the table boys.” The ranger laughed. Reah was in charge now. They made her to howl a lot. The goblins liked toying with her. Saria bit together. She felt the hit marks over her body. The burning red hair still moved by the wind. Her nipples were kept erect. “Mother of trees!” She exclaimed. “Untie me! Set me free!” The dryad lacked his power. The monsters laughed by her efforts. Saria felt bitter cold. The Jin faded into storm and wind. “Curse it!” The twister hurled the snow about. “Do not let her escape!” Reah demanded. She struggled with the bonds. Saria knew she got to find the bow. That was the only way she might help her friends. “Keep still.” That was too late. “I got you.” The goblins pulled her up. Saria was kept hanging by the branch. The dryad fought a scream. Saria felt like her arms would be pulled from the sockets. “She was right.” Reah massaged her bosom. “That is the proper place.” She didn’t meet her gaze. “I am afraid.” Reah taunted. “That you have to die.” Saria spat at her. “Like an example.” The ranger remarked.

Rover manor, Oblivion ridge. The 16th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The candles kept burning. Elizabeth Bathory leaned back upon her cushions. The red hair lay spread out like streams of fire about the pillows. The naked maids shared her bed. She beheld the pure creamy skin. The puncture marks were so obvious. Elizabeth Bathory then thought of her own innocence. That was such a long time ago. The countess almost experienced a giggle. That was strange. The young blood renewed her organs. “Awoke and listen.” She beckoned. “Obey the Dark Lord.” The grim reaper had called to her. The circle of blood was alive again. The two young maids were exhausted. Elizabeth Bathory got disappointed. They never answered the summon. She had not craved enough of their blood. The maids had been enough to satisfy her lust and desire. The need for human blood would always gnaw upon her mind. That was why she kept each day entombed within her coffin, resting beneath the halls of the manor house. This property got restored as a den of the undead. “My lady.” The maid knelt before the blood-stained furniture. “I bring you a message.” A message sent by the Devil. “How amusing.” The countess cooed. “That is my act.” The maid never moved. Elizabeth Bathory acknowledged. She had become proper tamed. “Then tell me.” She licked her lips.

Oblivion ridge, Warakiya. The 16th. Of December 2098 A.D.

They went on their way. Torah still was aching. The ride pushed her up and down upon his warg back. “Thank God.” She finally got hold of the cross. The image might grant some protection against the evil curse. “Do not put your faith in such idols.” The warg rider snarled at her. “We are in the shadow of the castle.” He gloated. “The demon castle isn’t like your Gypsy camp.” That was wrong. They were mistaken. Torah lived in Boston. She would return to her aunt Mathilda, if she ever survived this haunt. “This isn’t over.” The sorceress wasnot without her own source of power. “I will honour my ancestor.” She announced. Carrie Fernandez fought against the devil in 1852. “I shall vanquish the count.” Torah told. She was determined. The sorceress had listened carefully. She knew about their destination. Torah didn’t get the reason. The countess might break her. Torah shuddered by the possibility. Then she might suck her blood. That would be her last moment alive. “Shut up.” The rider forced her to lean against him. “Have a rest.” The Russian fur cap got pressed against the chest plate. “You might even sleep for a while.” Torah was sure he was smiling. “I won’t ever let you fall.” That was for curtain. “I trust your judgement.” Torah then made a grimace.

The burrow, Oblivion ridge. The 16th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The Cyclops approached. Edward got a problem. He lost the Undead Killer among the rubble. Edward got to retreat. The Cyclops followed. He presented the crucifix. The image of God kept it behind. Edward bit together. The room was large. He got to find the whip. Then the Cyclops opened the eye. Edward created a back-flip. The monster hurled the hammer like a giant boomerang. Edward got above. He knew that wouldn’t help. The hammer would return. The laser might turn him to stone even before the hammer arrived. Edward inhaled. If this was the end, he would die like a man. Edward would not be a statue in a collection. He threw a vial of holy water. The Cyclops screamed. The flames burned even his body. The monster wept bloody tears. Edward crossed himself. He was searching among the rubble. The hat was easy to find. Edward didn’t locate the whip. It had to be here somewhere. The Cyclops approached. Edward had no more time. The monster made a full-length mid-air dash. Edward threw himself upon the floor. Stones fell down to cover the tomb. Edward got up, with the Bowie knife in hand. Quincey used it to slay Dracula in 1897. James Morris plunged it into the dark heart of the lady Lenore in 1976. Edward prayed that Torah might carry it home to the Vatican. The monster went to kill him. Edward might pick his stance. The Cyclops was so very slow. That didn’t matter. Edward figured it was like when Sonia Belmont encountered the executioner in 1476. He dismissed. This was the moment. Edward made a glide. He got beneath the defence. The mailman climbed on the hammer to reach high enough to strike where it felt best. The monster roared with frustration. Edward kept together. He slammed with repeated slashes. The skin was so tight. It wasn’t made of stone. The Cyclops threw him aside. Edward landed cat-foot and ready. He touched the floor. Edward gasped. He found the whip. The Cyclops struck down. Edward got up to slash. The Lord was with him. The Cyclops got the eye open to stone him. Edward hit hard. The gaze burst. The Cyclops staggered. The corpse crumbled into dust. Edward was left alone to pick the ball. He sighed. There was only one way to go. He kept down the tunnel. The place was quiet. He climbed another staircase. Edward was sure to whip the candles. He found no gems. Not that the money were more interesting. Edward must be at the top of the burrow. He checked himself. He thanked the Lord. Edward was humble that he survived, although he still ached after the encounter. He made the sign of the cross. This might be like Richter Belmont’s battle of 1792. The dark priest Shaft made his ancestor to fight all four of Dracula’s guardians before he even appeared. Edward shook his head. He reached the king’s chamber. Shaft was dead. Edward saw him at the ruins of castle Dracula. He looked round. The burrow reminded about a hive. The oval shape was done justice by the pillared alcoves and statues. Edward crossed himself, the burial chamber stenched of decay and illness. Edward felt a bit dizzy. He supported himself against the great stone sarcophagus. The fragments went between his fingers. Edward fellupon his face. Leviathan had escaped. Edward looked up into the gaze of the ancient creature. He found nothing there but a promise of his own demise. Edward slowly got up. Trevor fought this monster. He got three allies by his side. Soma Cruz faced the ancient demon in 2057. Edward knew this would be different. He didn’t possess the power of Dominance. Edward had a nasty feeling that leviathan noticed. The demon jumped high into the air to deliver the flame blast. Edward ran. He didn’t intend to block that attack. Leviathan came crushing down to kill him. The demon lusted for his soul. Edward wasn’t afraid to die. He only feared for the fires of Hell. Or to sleep in a vampire’s tomb. Leviathan stamped on the floor to make rocks to fall down. Edward tugged his beard. He got the power of a Cyclops. The demon tried to bury him alive. Edward got away. He had a secret weapon.One that didn’t require the use of crystals. The DSS-cards found their strength in the suitor’s abilities. Edward was a Belmont. He inherited the ancient mystics. Leviathan was spitting fireballs. So let it be. Edward submitted into the hands of God. Then he fused the Mercury and Thunderbird cards. The whip was struck by lightning. Leviathan staggered when hit by the electrified weapon. Edward made the sign of the cross. He dodged the flame and debris. Edward might get used to this after all. He combined the Jupiter and Manticore cards to confuse the demon. The cloud of poison mist shielded his actions. Edward leaped to climb upon the nearest statue. He got atop as Leviathan came his way. Edward bit his lip. He threw himself flat upon the sculptures head.The flame blast missed by inches. Edward got up to unleash the force of the Diana and Salamander cards. He almost felt like Christopher Belmont. The fireballs went home. That he could do with the spell book. Edward lacked the crystals. He jumped from the statue. Leviathan stamped on the floor. The crypt might cave in. That didn’t happen. The rocks fell on the floor. Edward reappeared to present the crucifix. He kept his faith in God. Leviathan screamed. He survived the flood, but only because he was thrown out to sea. Edward didn’t know how long the stone sarcophagus lay at the bottom of the ocean. The demon was still transfixed by the crucifix. He watched the tribes of Israel while flying from Egypt. Edward jumped to strike with the whip. Leviathan roared. Edward staggered before falling. He rolled to escape the fireballs. The demon was in the air. Edward got upon his knees. The wings draped him in shadow. Edward combined the Apollo and Salamander cards. The bomb struck Leviathan from the sky. The demon collapsed among the rubble. Edward kept in place. He touched the crucifix. Was it over? Leviathan arrived to breathethe flame blast. Edward got away. The demon crushed the tomb. He stamped on the floor to make the rocks to fall down.

Oblivion ridge, Warakiya. The 16th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The spike pierced through herwrist. “Mother of frees!” Saria screamed. The foxes sniggered by her misery. “Save me!” The fairy familiar watched her from another branch. She was dull. “Oh, keep quiet.” Reah dropped her items among the trees. “You only have to step down and fetch them.” Saria made no answer. She kept screaming. “You look so nice.” The ranger touched her inner thighs. “I am sorry.” The finger reached within her flower. “That I have no more time to play with you.” The nails pierced her feet. “Tell him about the message.” Saria got crucified. “If you have some strength left.” Reah blew her a kiss. “Have a nice time.” The monsters turned to leave. “Curse you!” Saria shouted. “Curse you to death and darkness!” Her weight pressed upon her lungs. Saria struggled for breath. That sadist didn’t break her legs. She would slowly suffer until the end. The pendant felt heavy around her neck. “You don’t have to bother.” Reah laughed. “The Dark Lord is the Master’s purchase.” The dryad spat upon the snow. That might be the final effort. The fairy left the sight. “He will soon learn about this event.” The ranger teased. “That would be a blow to his heart.” Saria had no answer. She felt like drowning. “Watch out!” The lizard hissed. “She is coming to get us!”

The “Banshe”, Tainyor mountains. The 16th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The recycling system might activate itself. “I am alive again.” The bounty hunter proclaimed. “I want blood.” He emerged from the coffin. “I hear your voice.” The cooling program secured their sleep. “System activates. Affirmative; 100%.” The robot was prepared and ready. He observed. “They sent the signal.” The others joined their company. “Another day.” The vampire secured his armour. “Another bounty.” The group began at scrap. Now they got this ship and equipment. Not to mention a full bank account. “That is alright.” He replaced the helmet. “They should call for the elite.” The shape-shifter blew him a kiss. “That remains to be seen.” The other vampire checked her instruments. “Who is calling?” The dragon asked. “What is the target?” He looked eager. The vampire exposed his fangs. He reached into the armour’s security to achieve a sample. “The white witch.” The warlock presented. “She rules the land we currently occupy.” He inspected the navi-computer secured around his left wrist. “She requires our attention for a special task.” The man then frowned. “Though lady Bernhardt is strict about the details.” That didn’t matter. “This has to be important.” They earned quite a price for each quest. “Let us be off and see what she has in mind.”

Oblivion ridge, Warakiya. The 16th. Of December 2098 A.D.

This was incredible. The white Sheppard tore into the lizard. “Yes!” The fairy familiar danced in the air. “For master Alucard!” She screamed. The rangers tried to shoot her. The fairy moved out of the way. “Tear them to shreds!” The fairy cheered. She forgot about the situation. Saria still got nailed to the tree. “You have become accursed beings!” That was the accusation of the Belmont clan. She heard Edward Morris repeat it several times over. The fairy familiar finally let go. Lord Alucard delivered her card into the hands of these people. She would do whatever they asked of her. The hound was unstoppable. The silver necklace shone bright as the sun. The crosses gave her protection against Dracula’s magic. The familiar granted an apple of life. She hurled it for the German Sheppard to fetch. The white hound had become invincible. That was no hindrance. She might need some help. That was a miracle. The fruit restored her health. “I was a fool.” The fairy burned like a lamp in the night. “The curse of Darkness might never triumph!” The vampire hunters told the truth. “Not as long we can believe in the morals.” The fairy darted like an angry wasp. She could fight. The Sheppard growled. Reah kept chanting. She got some magic. The fairy might repel that.

The burrow, Oblivion ridge. The 16th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The mailman felt drained. Edward got to vanquish the demon. Leviathan spat tripled fireballs. He dodged the assault. Edward fused the Mercury and Griffon cards. Leviathan was quick, though not nearly fast enough. The storm whip struck repeatedly. Edward didn’t know how, upon the moment he moved, the effect ran out. Leviathan reached to crush him. Edward escaped from the grasp. He still shook after the last encounter. This really wasn’t his style. The DSS-cards cost him too much energy. Edward shook his head. He would give his life to save the people. The mailman didn’t know how it became that way, but he was certain. Leviathan was frustrated. The demon didn’t reach him. Edward made a sudden glide. The idea only came to mind. He stamped with the crucifix. The flames went along to might burn the accursed flesh. Edward shook his head. He didn’t know what to do. This was spectacular. Leviathan survived. Edward dodged the fireballs. The drops of acid blood made him to scream in agony. The demon landed back down. He laughed by his confusion. The flame blast would take his life. Edward was still dizzy when he fused the Mercury and Serpent cards. The ice whip blocked the objective. The mailman didn’t stop to think it over. He stepped in to throw the axe. The demon got hurt in the chest. Edward regained his senses. This was madness indeed. Leviathan leaped to make a solid beam to strike down. Edward knew this was the end. He only got one choice. Edward fused the Jupiter and Serpent cards. The four ice balls got blasted into oblivion. That didn’t matter. Edward was still alive. Though he felt like being bitten by the vampire. Edward decided it was time to finish the battle. “God with us!” He reached for the crucifix. The mailmanopened his arms. Edward went flouting into the air. The cross flouted above. Leviathan cried as the image exploded. He got the brunt. The shards caused countless cuts upon the torso. Edward leaped. He got no crystals. Leviathan reached from the Abyss. The flame blast almost caught him. Edward crossed himself. The creature made other rocks to fall down. This wasn’t over. Not before the demon was dead. Edward tugged at his beard. Leviathan jumped. Acid blood dropped down before the laser struck. Edward swallowed. That almost wiped him out. The mailman got no choice. He combined the Diana and Unicorn cards. The five diamond shells homed onto the demon. Leviathan roared when the shells burst on impact. Edward still got the Diana card in hand. While he watched, Edward picked another card. That belongedto the Serpent. Edward flailed about to might shake the shudder. The ice balls burst from the tip of the Undead Killer whip. Leviathan was able to block. Edward made a glide. Leviathan leaped into the air. The combined effect of the blast, the blood and the beam tore the tomb apart. The demon kept stamping on the floor. Edward retrieved the hat. He lost the whip among the confusion. That didn’t matter. He still got the cards. Edward fused the Apollo and Salamander cards. He didn’t miss this time. Leviathan got bombed. The impact tore through his abdomen. That was the end. Leviathan was sent screaming back to Hell. Edward crawled along the floor. He found the orb. The power almost made him loose consciousness. Edward sighed as the pain subsided. Even the drained feeling left his soul. Edward got up. He found the whip. He better leave this place. Edward worked through the rubble until he reached the exit. He ran down the tunnel. Edward found the staircase. The bats and skeletons tried to stop him. “God with us!” Edward brandished with the whip. He picked the crystals. Edward even knocked the candles. He found some other gems. He would get away. Edward struck. The bats burst into ashes. They left some coins behind. Edward wasn’t interested. He would continue. The skeletons hid in the alcoves. They hurled bones into the air. Edward groaned. He got hit. The mailman felt like sharp nails tore into his body. The bone-men ran to kill him. Edward inhaled. He made it to rain with holy water. The mailman relaxed. That gave the upper hand. The monsters collapsed. Edward took the crystals. He reached the entrance. The moon lit up the chamber. “Glory be You.” Edwardremoved his hat. “Our Father in Heaven.” He worshipped the Lord. Edward then replaced the hat. He struck for the remaining enemies. The bats burned while the plants withered. The mailman sighed. He collected the gems. Then the battle was over.

Oblivion ridge, Warakiya. The 16th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The weather hadn’t changed that much. Edward buttoned his coat. He left the burrow behind. The wind blew snow into his face. Edward made the sign of the cross. The chill didn’t matter. His heart leaped with joy. Edwardhad escaped from within the burrow. The mailman ran to find his friends. He got to tell them. But when he reached the hillside, Edward began to sob. He came too late. They hurt his girlfriend. Someone barked. He knew that sound. “Angel!” Edward felt at a loss. He thought she was dead. Angel disappeared when they came upon those weird footprints. Edward then dried his tears. There still was hope. The white Sheppard leaped to sniff at his mouth. Then she went to protect. Edward approached. He hoped that Saria was still alive. “So, help me Lord.” The mailman couldn’t bare it is she died. She had become that important to him. “It will be alright.” The fairy familiar appeared to flout before his face. “Now that you have returned.” Edward frowned. He was unsure if he deserved that respect. Then again, he was a Belmont. Edward was born to lead the chase into the night. The Sheppard whimpered. Angel stopped beneath the tree. The dryad’s blood still dripped to stain the snow. Edward sighed. He would commit his trouble into the hands of the Lord. “You have to help me.” The mailman told. “I cannot do this alone.” The fairy complied. She knew what he meant. “I live to serve you.” The mailman put that aside. He disliked the statement. There was nothing he could do about it. Edward dismissed. First, he had to save Saria.

The dryadhad become crucified. Her boyfriend cursed while pulling the nails. Saria gasped with misery. Then she began to cry. Edward caught her while she fell forward. She winched. The Sheppard licked her in the face. “They stole my medallion.” She felt sick. Edward let go to investigate the area. Saria felt like burning up, even though she was naked. Edward searched among her items. If he didn’t find it, Saria would die. She hid her face. “Great is the mystery of faith.” He found the pendant. Saria closed her handsupon it. She felt health and strength return to her body. The white hound wiggled with her tail. Edward turned around while she dressed. The fairy settled on her shoulder. She offered an apple of life. Saria ate it. “What happened out here?” Edward tried to be calm. Saria didn’t return his gaze. How was she to tell him? “You vanished.” She said. “They were too many.” She exhaled. “The beast-riders took my sister.” She tried not to cry. “They cut down a tree to nail me.” Saria looked up into his face. “They wish me to tell you.” Fresh tears stained her cheeks. “That I am nothing but a toy.” Edward held her close. She fought, though in the end, Saria wept against his chest. He was at a loss for words. Edward finally let go. Sheinhaled. Saria would find the weapons.

Wicked ditch, Warakiya. The 16th. of December 2098 A.D.

The presentation was rather short. Anita Fortner was unsure about the details, though the general Reinhardt Reich was obtained. “So it is.” The ice queen admitted. It was a pity the cabman had to leave. He was called for, by the circle of blood. The white witch might ask the young Master. He would return. Liza Bernhardt dismissed. Bael was at attention. “There is a message sent by the Devil.” She acknowledged. “Let it through.” They bowed as the holo-field lit up. “I salute you, my countess.” The snow queen hailed when the image appeared. “Elizabeth Bathory.” The Boyar cut her short. “I have a prisoner.” She said. The white witch arched an eyebrow. Could it be the one she was searching for? Liza Bernhardt listened carefully. “I sent her to the lost village.” The ice queen agreed. She would do the same. The translation came to an end. They hailed each other. The field went blank. The white witch remained to speculate. She thought about the Belmont clan and their allies. Where could they be? The vampire wished she knew. “Bael.” She told. “Send the signal. Tell them to appear before me.” Bael didn’t react. “Dismissed.” She hissed. They would arrive. The white witch might pay them. All came to those who waited. The Master would decide her fortune.

Oblivion ridge, Warakiya. The 16th. Of December 2098 A.D.
The fairy sat in a branch. There was still snowing. Saria didn’t care. She closed her belt. The elves were too eager for plunder. The dryad blushed with shame. Edward was tugging his beard. He looked to be lost in thoughts. She checked the quiver. Saria sighed with relief. She still got the sun and moon arrows. “It can’t be helped.” Edward said. He went to speak with the fairy. She made a grimace. Saria remembered, the lizards broke her bow.
“You have to tell Alucard about this.” Edward talked with the fay. “I have to save her.” Saria fell on her knees. He would save her sister. Saria cleaned her face. She inspected the blade as the fairy left. The sword and shield were alright. Saria frowned. She thought she saw something. Saria searched the bodies. She found much loot. “I think this might suit you.” Edward made her look up. He found the bow. “This is no toy.” Edward said. “This is a weapon, a treasure made for a little prince.” Saria smirked. She agreed, although it fit her. Saria was impressed by the artistic. The black wood was polished. The gold and green gems were set with Exelent taste. She tried not to care when hanging up. Saria was ready to hunt. He kissed her. Saria felt for making love. This wasn’t the time. She would find her sister.

The grove was quiet. Angel shook her fur to get rid of the snowflakes. She gave a bark. Edward smiled. He beheld his girlfriend. Saria looked much better. Edward thanked the Lord. She picked the backpack. Edward acknowledged. She was ready to leave. He put out the fire before replacing the lamp. They wouldn’t need it. Saria was already ahead. The white Sheppard caught her scent. “No problem.” Edward cracked with the leather whip. He might use the DSS-cards. The mailman made the sign of the cross. They soon left the trees behind. He was glad about it. They left the corpses too. He would liked to bury them. The valley lay in front. Edward tugged his beard. A second row of hills seemed to rise up before them. “Mother of trees!” Saria shrieked. The lights became lit. Edward felt chills down his spine. “The burrow wights.” She shuddered. The mailman touched her shoulder. “Have faith.” He encouraged. “They only try to scare us.” Saria smiled up at him. “Star bow!” She pulled the string toward her pointed ear. “Magic arrow!” The arrows exploded. Angel barked a warning. The white Sheppard went in circles, as if she tried to protect them. Edward brandished with the flame whip. The wight tried to stab him. Angel leaped in front. The silver crosses put him on fire. Edward picked together, although the flames burned out. He got the leather whip. Saria pressed against his back. She held the sword and shield. Angel bared her teeth, the fur blaze. The Sheppard might bite the enemies. Edward never heard about a sanctified hound. There was no time. The wights began to chant. Saria fired a sun arrow. “God with us!” Edward cried when making it to rain with holy water. They got to defeat them. The crows were another problem. The black birds burst from the treetops. Edward sighed. He combined the Apollo and Salamander cards. The bomb cleared the area. Saria released the moon arrow.Though she looked shaken. Angel leaped upon the skeletons. Edward presented the crucifix. They fought back-to-back. The wights came, bearing weapons in their shining hands. Edward twirled with the leather whip. Saria sang. His white Sheppard tried to bite them. She only went through. Edward didn’t have time to call her away. The enflamed cross then burst apart. The burrow wights got burned. Angel went for the bones. She kept it between her jaws. The German Sheppard then let them drop. Edward threw the axe. The bats burned into ashes. “For the forest!” Saria had begun to shine again. She cut through the wight. The dead figure faded. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost!” Edward got to improvise. If only he got his own sword. Edward fused the Mercury and Cockatrice cards to throwthe stones at the monsters. He made the sign of the cross. They would survive. “Blue bow!” Saria fired. “Magic arrow!” The arrows made them to explode. “Star bow!” She didn’t quit the shooting. They reached into the valley. Edward noticed that the frozen creek ran from atop the hillside. He managed to jump across. The white Sheppard appeared at his side. She looked more thana little shaggy. Edward had no mind. He caught his girlfriend. The burrows lay behind. Edward inhaled. He might have a look around. The snow stopped falling. “The beast-riders must have come this way.” Saria studied theirtrack. Angel sniffed. She growled. The Sheppard disliked that smell. Edward crossed himself. They had to find Torah. The mailman prayed they wouldn’t be to late. He began to climb. “Wait for me.” Saria spoke in a low voice. Edward put an arm around her shoulders. “Preserve us.” The thicket was like a foreboding shadow. She looked up into his face. “This we have to do together.” Saria reminded. “She is my sister.” She prepared the bow-and-arrows. “I know that.” The mailman squeezed even tighter. “Believe me.” Saria winked at him. “What do you think of me?” She teased. Edward blushed. He tugged the beard. Saria embraced his middle. She was so much shorter then him. Edward sighed. He brushed with her red hair. Angel barked. The mailman immediately released her. “God with us!” Edward cracked with the Undead Killer whip. The Sheppard was already ahead of them. She leaped to snap the bird. The raven shrieked before it collapsed. That was not the end. The raven was not alone. “Star bow!” Saria withdrew the string. “Magic arrow!” She pierced the other birds. Then she got tackled by the bone-man. “Leave her alone you accursed devils!” Edward screamed. He then hurled the vial. The skeletons got broken apart. The mailman groaned. He got hit by the undead. That really hurt. The skull grinned as he reached to break the neck. Edward shook his head. He experienced that before. The mailman would fight until the end. “Let it be.” Edward stamped with the crucifix. The holy flames burned the skeleton. The bones collapsed before they withered into dust. “Glory be You.” He made the sign of the cross. “Our Father in Heaven.” He collected the gems. They replenished his energy. The mailman figured he might use them. The bats swept from within the tree. Angel snarled. The trunk was hollow. The necklace kept shining. The Sheppard went to pull at the undead. Edward inhaled. He threw a wave of enflamed axes. The bats squeaked before they burned. The demise gave even more crystals. The mailman was back in action. “For the house of Belmont!” Edward would hunt the night. He flailed with the whip. “God with us!” The mailman kept the spell book. He released a flurry of sonic rings. That closed the battle. The bats got blasted into oblivion. Edward picked the remaining crystals. He left the gold coins behind. The mailman got what he needed. The trio was still a problem. They went around to throw punches or bones. Edward actually felt rather dizzy. He got hit several times. The mailman was glad that he didn’t lose consciousness. Even so, this couldn’t continue. Edward combined the Diana and Serpent cards to spew ice shards. The skeletons got frozen. The mailman made the sign of the cross. Then the sun arrow made them to explode.

The Sheppard might provide for herself. Angel snarled. She wouldn’t bite them. The death flesh smelled bad. The dead waight hung on great spiky things. “God with us!” The breeder was shouting in a high voice. “Magic arrow!” The she also sounded nervous. Angel put her ears down. She went along the ground. The little big things didn’t seem to watch her. Angel prepared for the task. She then leaped upon the nearest two-leg lizard. The thing smashed its heavy wood. Angel winched with fright. The thorns might tear her fur. She got round on his other side. Angel bit him. The scales got caught between her canines. The white Sheppard gave a bark. He got a double skin. The two-leg lizard laughed before striking. Angel got away in time. She went for the throat. The lizard got caught off guard. Angel tore his neck. Ugly blood stained the white sheet. Angel growled. He tasted so bitter. She felt like a gliding thing got caught in her mouth. The little flying sharp things sprouted from the branches. The German Sheppard remembered what they might do. The flying things would pick her apart. She jumped to catch them. The sharp things crowed with hoarse voices. Angel left them to rot on the snow. Her master was in trouble. Angel went for the two-leg lizard.

Rover manor, Oblivion ridge. The 16th. of December 2098 A.D.

The angel of Death had left the mansion. Countess Elizabeth Bathory went up and down the length of the table. She had told the maids to light the huge black candles atop the fireplace. The niece of lord Dracula wished she knew what Death intended. There was a great work to be done. She dismissed about the matter. The blood bathing countess found the girl, even though she was a mystery. Why did the angel of Death wish to require her? No matter. Elizabeth Bathory gave her command. The beast-riders would bring the sorceress to the servants of the Dark Lord. There was one final question though. Who would sit upon her uncle’s throne? The candidates fought for the right. She smiled, then exposing her fangs. There was only one lord of the vampires. The countess kept her faith. The witches were bound to service. Elizabeth Bathory only had to call their names. Her smile became a snarl. The hunters would come. The Morris would be drawn by her power. The Master take them. Elizabeth Bathory couldnot prevent it.Shegot to laugh. Since the battle in 1917, she wished for a rematch with the Morris family. She finally got the perfect opportunity for her revenge. The countessfinished. She would make no mistakes. This time, she would emerge victorious.

Oblivion ridge, Warakiya. The 16th. of December 2098 A.D.

The bats whirled about. Saria pulled the string back toward her pointed ear. Edward brandished with his whip. The lizard man got throttled. Saria pierced the skeleton. The white hound took the monster by surprise. Edward threw the cross. The boomerang removed the head. Saria climbed above the grove. The pine trees made her to shudder. The hunter appeared. The white dog was in presuit. Saria smiled. She tapped her on the head. She sent a sort of found puppy gaze. Saria hit her mouth. Angel barked. The werewolf howled before reaching down the hillside. “Mother of trees!” Saria exclaimed. She shot the moon arrow. The werewolf was transfixed into place. Saria approached. The sliding kick caught her off guard. The dryad got hurled through the air. She landed among the trees. The evil plants blossomed to throw fireballs. Saria got the bow. “Magic arrow!” She made it to wither. Saria exhaled. She picked the arrows. The hound leaped to take the birds. That was a relief. The skeletons broke through the ground. Saria hung up the bow. The bats escaped from the trunk. She sang the “Minuet of the Forest”. Saria managed to unsheath the druid blade. She then struckwith the shield.Saria would use it as a battering-ramp. Though the hound leaped above.

The werewolf howled. Edward went stuck in the snow. He wasn’t defeated. The man-beast came as Edward crushed the vial of holy water. The werewolf got bathed in flames. He hoped that Reinhardt Schneider would be proud of him. The Lycan gathered itself. Edward pulled out of the snow. The jump kick hit him in the shoulder. Edward collapsed. He lost the hat. The werewolf leached to bite him. Edward stamped with the crucifix. The monster howled when the flames lit up. He rolled in the snow to might quench the fire. Edward got up. The shoulder ached. He tried to pierce the heart. The Bowie got buried in the chest. Edward pulled free as the stream of blood stained the snow with crimson. The werewolf hit him. Edward groaned. He bit the other shoulder. Edward knew about the curse. “Let be Your will!” Before the Lycan might bite him again, Edward sliced his throat. The werewolf gurgled. He spat more blood while trying to breathe. Then he fell into a heap. Edward didn’t mind. He put some Belladonna upon the wound. That removed the cursed state. Edward sighed with relief. He would not become a werewolf. The Lycan burned to ashes. Edward picked the gems. “Here.” Saria had survived. She smiled. “Angel found the hat.” The white Sheppard kept it in her mouth. She waggled with her tail. Edward tapped her on the back of the neck. She finallyreleasedit. Edwardthen replaced it upon his head. “We have to continue.” Saria remarked. “Let us climb the ridge.” Edward might support the statement. They went for the top. “I don’t like this.” The mailman confesses. They found the mansion. He looked over the shoulder. Edwardsaw the hills which they climbed to reach the grove. The house lay across the valley. No wonder he spotted the place. “The house is haunted.” Saria told. Her cheeks were pale. Edward made a grimace. He expected it would be. The manor was from the Barroc period, with four pompous buildings surrounding the inner den and top floor. “That isn’t the source of the curse.” Saria really looked nervous. “That is still ahead.” Edward kept tugging his beard. He was not surprise. “We have no choice.” Edward removed the hat. They followed the track left by the beast-riders. Angel wouldn’t mix up. The mailman sighed. This really was the heart of the hill country. His dog went down to scout. The snow went twirling about. He made the sign of the cross. The moon was about to set. Soon they would experience the darkness before dawn. Edward felt nervous. Would he be ready? He felt like something was amiss. Edward almost looked forward to the hunt. He knew that was dangerous. The wind wisped cold above the ridge. “Edward.” Saria held his hand. “You are not alone.” She tried to give him some comfort. “I am here. And I love you.” They were in the midst of winter. No matter, Saria had undressed. The mailman blushed. “Just don’t be shy with me.” Saria teased. Then she became serious. “I need this now.” She went closer. “And so do you.” Edward would liked to protest. This was hardly the time. Then he let her remove his trousers. She made him groan before turning around. Edward fit perfectly between her legs. They both gasped with excited pleasure. Edward was surprise she would do it this way. “You are the best.” He kept massaging her bosom. The dryad was a perfect match. Saria groaned with ecstasy when going for the top. The mailmanthen roared before reaching his climax. He almost fell on the snow. Shehid a giggle. Edward managed to gather himself. The dryad wiped her forehead. She soon got up. Saria brought on her clothing when he noticed. Edward didn’t know for how long she sat there. Angel winked at him. She looked like the perfect pet, with the tail turned neatly above the paws. Edward shook his head, although he was glad she returned. Saria hid her mouth behind the hand. Edward muttered. Then he cleared his voice. Saria pulled together. The mailman dismissed. “Then let us go.” He made the sign of the cross. Angel was barking. “I am right behind you.” Saria blew him a kiss. “I know.” Edward cracked with the whip. That really made her to smile. Saria produced the bow-and-arrows. She then was ready. Edward sighed. He acknowledged. “God with us.” They got to climb down into the valley. The stones were slippery with ice. The mailman almost made an involuntaryglide forward. “Edward!” Saria cried for him. “Watch out!” Angel leaped at the bats. The swarm dwelled within that hollow tree. “Magic arrow!” She released toward the mammals. The bats squeaked before spreading out. “God with us!” Edward flailed with the whip. He got the spell book. The fireballs shot through the air. The bats exploded. The mailman regained his crystals. The white Sheppard’s canines snapped together. The bat got crushed before it might reach his neck. Edward made a back-flip. At least he tried. The mailman slipped upon the ice. “You leave him alone!” Saria fired the sun arrow. He sighed. Edward hit the ground. The snow saved his skull. Edward got up to shake his head. That was close. The mailman retrieved his hat and the leather whip. “No problem.” He replaced the hat. The skeletons pushed through the ground. He was alone. Saria and Angel were busy with the bats. “Rest in peace.” He stamped the bone-bag. “This is for Richter!” The holy flame burned through the body. “And this is for Quincey!” The mailman got up to trust with the Bowie. “God with us!” Edward cried. The skeleton shook before he collapsed. Edward sighed. The crystal restored some energy. That gave no breather. He ducked beneath the punch. There were three of them left to fight. Edward made the sign of the cross. The undead began circling about. He recognised their tactics. They might kill him. Edward made another back-flip. This time he got away. The undead went for him. “Star bow!” Saria fired. “Magic arrow!” The impact sent the bones about. Edward threw the vial. The holy water was enough. The skeleton crumbled into dust. Angel waggled with the tail. The mailman exhaled. “Alright then.” They got to continue.

There was no grove or thicket down here. Angel led the way. Shemight leap about, moving from point to point. The snow went up in wisps as the Sheppard trotted along. The skeleton hid behind the tree. Angel barked. The breeder threw his axe. The flying sharp things burst from the top. She leaped to bite them. The sharp things were not to pick her. Angel spat it out. They tasted so sour. Angel growled. Some other skeletons hid among the rubble. They would take him from behind. “Star bow!” The little green two legs shot it to pieces. Angel would have none of them. She was down in the valley. The bats lived in a hollow tree. Angel jumped and leaped to bite them. The hill house seemed to glare at her. Angel felt for howling them her warning.The air stanched of decay and malice. She would get away from here. The lizard two legs gave her no choice. The Sheppard growled. The dryad smelled so good. She fired arrows down from the rock. Her master threw a wave of axes. Angel would get more active. She went for the bats. They would bite her too. She got so angry. The necklace burned withthe silver. Angel felt so strong. She would protect them. No one might stop her. The German Sheppard bit the lizard two legs. He cursed when falling back. Angel tore into his throat.

Rover manor, Oblivion ridge. The 16th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The moon shone pale through the huge stain-glass windows. The countess beheld the countryside. The fire roared up the chimney. Elizabeth Bathory had no use for such luxury. Neither cold nor heat might keep her. “All has transpired like the count predicted.” The angel of Death reappeared from among the shadows. “Indeed.” His voice caused echoes through her mind. She felt a double presence. “Thou arth still loyal to mine.” She knew that voice, although it seemed to come from a great distance. The countess turned. “My lord.” She was bent upon her knees. “Thee know mine heart.” Their ancient language felt naturallyupon her lips. “I too can love. Thou thyself can tell it from the past.” That was a medium. Elizabeth Bathory knew it was true. Then she laughed. The countess finally got her answer. “Come.” The angel of Death helped her to stand tall. “The Belmont arth upon us.” The blood bathing countess would serve his will. “And there is a great work to be done.” She exposed her fangs. “So, it is done.” Elizabeth Bathory felt so eager. “He granted me an audience.” Death told. The countess smiled. “Then it might begin.” She said.”That it might.” Death breathed. “Excellent.” Elizabeth Bathory felt a longing ecstasy. “The Dark Lord can never be defeated.”

Village of Ondol, Warakiya. The 16th. of December 2098 A.D.

They reached the village. Torah looked around. The snow kept falling. Her grandmother told about this place. The beast-riders dismounted besides the school building. Torah was marched inside. “I have been waiting for you.” The class beheld her. Torah blushed. She turned white. The sorceress knew about her. Yoko showed her the portrait. The door was closed. The riders had left. Torah had no mind. “I am Gwendolyn Fernandez.” Torah held the cross. The woman was Eric’s late wife, and the mother of Stella and Loretta Lecarde. Torah screamed. She couldn’t stop them. Torah finally figured. She was to become her student. The class tugged at her sleeve. The cross didn’t keep them. The girls got to be living humans. Torah was forced into the study. They placed her upon the table. The clasps held her in place. Torah shuddered. She couldn’t help it. Gwendolyn sat behind the desk. The sounds made Torah to force her sight round to the left. The school girls revealed the medival collection. Torah sobbed. They got torture devices. Torah knew what happened with Camilla Fernandez in 1852. Actrise and Gilles De Reis used them to break Carrie’s cousin. “Become my apprentice.” The vampire breathed. “Learn how to sacrifice the children.” Torah closed her eyes. She wouldn’t give in.

(A.N: It has been a long chase. But I hope you enjoyed the chapter. The part about the DSS-cards is something I have looked forward to include. I won’t use them in full detail, as CotM is one of my favourite titles. My father inspired me about the German Sheppard, though Angel belongs to the white class. I hope you liked it. Have a nice time.)


Castlevania Darkness Never Dies22

Disclaimer: I do not own any part in Castlevania, neither characters nor games. These are trademark of Konami and Nintendo.

Part 1: Curse of Blood.

“The Lord walked before them in the day, in a pillar of clouds, who showed them the path, and in the night, a pillar of flame, who lighted for them. In this way they could go forth both night and day.”

Exodus: 13. 21.

Chapter ‘8: Death beat.

The witch’s hut, Yoma marshland. The 15th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The raven landed atop the roof. “They are coming.” Brenda was making potion. She pulled back the hood of her cloak. The mane of red hair fell down her shoulders. “Plague and trouble.” She laughed. “Let my pot to bubble.” Joice retained her pantheon figure. Her short brown hair framed her features. The Satan cross hung down into her bosom. “Who is there?” Zabrina appeared from the hut. She was their apprentice witch. The ponytail fell out from under the hood. “They are coming.” Joice repeated. “They who trespass on sacred ground.” The bog lay around. The lords of shadow gave them this domain. The skulls of those who dared to intrude, decorated the hut. Zabrina made the gestures. Their book opened its pages. Brenda sacrificed some of her gemstones. The spirits was found of such trifles. They sacred almost like blood. The zombie slave staggered forward. He cut the throat of the bird. The liquid stained the ground. “Complete the circle.” Brenda said. “Make up the blue fire.” The witches chanted in the three names of the Master. “I am hunger.” The voice was soft as silk. “Show me your enemies.” Joice laughed. “It walks by night.” She gloated. This might be fun. The apparition was here, now. “The hour of the beast.” Cabrina whispered. “Shadow rising.”

Yoma marshland, Warakiya. The 15th. of December 2098 A.D.

The zombie soldier re-joined with the dead men. General Reinhardt Reich Van Deer Valk dismissed.“There is another pond.”Miss murder was tired. “What is your command?” Mathias Gaiser remained at attention. The general considered. They didn’t have much choice. Gravial still pulled the wagon. The horse from Hell was not ment for this kind of brute labour. His charge was secured. “Carry on lieutenant.” The generalrequested. “Deploy the scouts.” Reinhardt Reich knew it was to no avail. “The monsters are to be marked for execution.” They would need the blood. The constant raining was another problem. Their ability to control the weather was useless. Someone more potent where behind. “I hope the freaks don’t occupy this one.” Tetra said before leaving. Miss murder was right. The mutants had become erratic. They had growninto predators. The freaks might kill everything which moved. The vampire snarled. He would kill them. The white witch promised that somebody would come to purchase the group. So far, he had noticed nothing. Reinhardt Reich replaced the helmet. The general would be patient. “Forward!” Reinhardt Reich demanded. “Toward the castle!” He would continue to search for a way which let them to escapefrom this accursed marsh pit.

The world was a dream. Alucard was adrift. He knew that he fell down from a great height. The respitewas his own achievement. Alucard might remain protected if falling in deep water. He got to awake. The Belmont might be hurt. She might be in danger. Alucard gave his word to save her. She might come to harm if he did not lift the state. Alucard should have taken the protection from water. The talisman rested somewhere within his tomb. Thus, it might be. Alucard then ventured into another dream. The tragic prince might feel the difference.Though how he knew, Alucard could not tell. Thenagain, he knew it was the truth.

Realm of dream. The 15th. of December 2098 A.D.

Then this was the promised peace. Sonia’s hand went through his brown hair. “Mine love.” She beamed with pride. The vampire hunter wore a light leather armour. She was beautiful. The lady was with him. Sonia was alive. She recoiled the whip of light. “Thou must begone.” Sonia told. “Thy enemy arth near.” She threw the cross. Alucard knew his own nightmare. His sin was that of fear.the fear for loving Sonia. The dread to get close to Maria. The very fear which made him to keep Alicia Schneider at an arm’s length. “Thou have to begone, mine love.” Sonia struck with the Vampire Killer whip. “May He keep thee and bless thee forevermore.” She fought. “Nay.” Alucard presented his blade. “I will nay abandon thee.” He was clad like when he met her in 1476. “I found you.” Maria arrived. She was exactly like he remembered. “My lady.” Alucard must bow. “Thou arth here that I bear in mine heart.” He stepped in front. “We don’t need your protection!” Maria told. “Thy can need thee help.” Sonia said. “Go!” Maria called. “You must return!” They brandished with their weapons. The tragic princethen gave his salute. He bowed. “I shall remember thee everlasting.” Alucard declared. “In the name of my mother, I shall hunt the Shadow.” He awoke to do war.

The rain was falling. Alucard emerged. Alicia Schneider looked down upon him. He almost forgot about their quest. “That was close.” The Belmont warrior told. “I had to drag you from the mire.” Alucard bowed. She withdrew. His clothing’s were soaked. He felt no pain. “Marcia healed you.” His ally told. Alucard had another question. “Where is my armour?” The ice in his voice made her to twist.“I removed it.” She explained. “It pulled you down.” He acknowledged. “I found your cards.” Alicia Schneider continued. “The demon helped me to remove the armour.” She gave him the bundle. “The water was like acid.” Alucard bowed. “Such is my fate.” He told. “I am a vampire.” The girl shook her head. “You arenot undead.” He stared. Alicia Schneider touched the crucifix. “You might be one by blood.” She insisted. “Though the Lord is with you.” She touched his crucifix. The image was crafted from silver. She cleared her throat. “The familiar brought it away.” Alucard replaced the cards. “So, it is.” He explained. “They obey no one but me.” The hunter shrugged. “The familiar returned.” Marcia chirped. “He got absorbed bythe card.” Alicia looked sad. “The harpies are dead.” She told. Alucard made the sign of the cross. He feared it might be that way.

Yoma marshland, Warakiya. The 15th. of December 2098 A.D.

The thin layers of mist were adrift to obscure the marshland. Alicia made the sign of the cross. He always was hard to figure. The sun set. Though the clouds obscured the sky, Alicia was certain about it. The mud stained her boots. Alicia was no beauty queen.the sticky substance made it difficult to move. She sighed. Alicia still mourned for Anica and Natalie. The harpiessaved their lives,although they perished in the fall. Marcia kept fluttering about. The fairy couldn’t help her. “Hold me Adrian.” She pleaded. “I have seen to much grief.” That was the first times she used his real name. Alicia didn’t care about the state. He bowed. Alucard then embraced her. She wept against his shoulder. “Thy tears arthprecious to mine.” He spoke in an ancient dialect. Alicia almost didn’t figure. She fought not to cry. “Thou arth mine kin.” Alicia didn’t manage. The tragic prince touched her cheek. “Thee arth nay alone.” He caught a tear. That shone like a gem against the black leather glove. “Forgive me.” Alicia breathed. “Adrian.” The hunterwept like she hadn’t done for years. Alucard kepther close. He only let go when she finished. Alicia almost feltshy. The tragic prince was unmovable. She cleaned her glasses. “My fatherclaims dominance.” He said. The voice was a whisper. Alicia felt chills down her spine. The boyar threw back his cape. “Salutations toyou.” He bowed. “I will keep your trust as a gift givento me.” Alicia smiled. She threw back the braid. “Thanks.” She said. Alucard bent to kiss her hand. Alicia blushed. She cleared her voice. Alicia looked about. This was the first real view she got of the landscape. “I have a bad feeling about this.” She muttered. The marsh was obscure. The shroud concealed everything. “Good Lord in Heaven.” The plant lifekept growing high. “What shall we do?” Marcia asked. “What can we do?” The tragic prince never got time to answer. There were some trees which grew in the marshland. “In the name of Michael, the arch angel!” The black birds sprouted into a swarm. Aliciaunsheathed the sword. The mudmen pushedthrough the ground. Alicia threw axes toward the crows. Then she dashed forward. Her sword blazed with flame. “Hellfire!” Alucard opened his cape. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” Alicia cut through the mudmen. A second flock left the branches. The trunk fought to maintain from collapsing. Alicia bit her lip. The mire might pull it down under. She would do her best not to join them. The tragic princemight deal with it. “Let it be!” Alicia was to occupied with the mudmen. She threw a vial of holy water. That made the monsters to pull back. The liquidmight diminish their incarnation. Her cousins should fight this battle. Alicia collected the crystals. The bats flew from within a rotten tree. They might only be animals that came out to hunt. Alicia didn’t believe that for a second. The undead might also manipulate with the mammals. The castle’s influence might have reached even this far. Alicia felt the storm within her heart. She hurled the eight daggers forward. Alicia then pierced the monsters. “Ride on me.” Alucard told. Then he morphed into the blue wolf. Alicia climbed ontop. Alucard-wolf gave a bark. She didn’t understand. The fairysettled upon her shoulder. Alicia held on while he began trotting. Alucard-wolf was much quicker then she expected. The gloom went past. Alucard seemed to have a sixth sense which warned him against the marsh pit. He stopped. The crows screamed. The birds landed atop the scarecrow. Alucard-wolfthen threw her aside. He retained the human form. Alucard’s shield blocked the scythe. “It is alive!” Alicia shouted. She struck with the blade. The crows left behind. They landed upon another figure. “This is for my mother.” Alucard took it upon his shield. The scarecrows were quick as lightning. Alicia gathered. She would burn them down. That might be more difficult then she expected. The crows circled about. “In the name of Michael, the arch angel!” Alicia then screamed.There came a great hissing noise from the pond. “What the…!” Alucard exclaimed. “What is that thing?” Marcia went all purple with shock. “Save us!” Alicia made the sign of the cross. The water was murky with grit and sludge. That was no hindrance. “They became reanimated by the order of Shadow.” The tragic prince announced. “come to my aid.” Alucard kept the cards in hand. “Defend your master.” The sword and demon familiars appeared to serve. “Dracul!” They might have to. The mudmen gathered from earth and water. “fire flying from your hands.” Alicia blinked. What was he talking about? The sword blazed by her grip. She sighed. The hunter hurled the eight enflamed daggers. The monstercollapsed. “Look out!” Marcia shouted. “There might be more of them!” She was right. The fairy was shining blue. “Hellfire!” Alucard blocked the attack. The mudmen threw the head. That was close. Alicia inhaled. She threw the boomerang in front. That caused an explosion. Alicia got thrown away. The mudmenspread the debris. Alucard morphed into a bat to escape. Alicia threw the axes to might cover. She exhaled. The mudmen kept marching forward. Alicia dodged the skull. The heads might shatter on impact. “In the name of Michael, the arch angel!” She doused them with holy water. That made them to melt. Alicia fought not to vomit. That was nasty. She swallowed. The crows almost seemed to sprout from the branches. Alicia stepped away. That was a surprise. She got to focus. The figure looked like the scarecrow. “Beware!” Marcia cried. “They are not what they appear to be!” Alicia might recognise that. She read the chronicles. The archives told of Gabriel’s exploits of 1047. Alicia dismissed. This wasn’t the time. The crows moved about. Alicia shuddered. They might pick her apart. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” She made it to rain with holy water. Alicia licked her lips. She got to be rid of the mudmen. They might eat her alive. The mist was a shroud. Alicia wished she got the lamp. That was out of the question. She put it aside. Alicia had to fight.

The tragic prince blocked the strike. The scarecrow figure was nothing of his experience. This was notone of his father’s impaled victims. “Get away!” Alicia Schneider appeared beside. “The scarecrows are reanimated by the Crow witch Malphas!” Alucard struck with his blade. The figure got slashed. The scarecrow attacked. The crows flew away. The figure grew limp. The Belmont hunter was fighting the crows. She doused them with holy water. Several of the black birds escaped. They landed atop the second scarecrow. Alucard advanced. Alicia Schneider blocked the attacks. She only fought defensively. Alucard crashed through the figure. The scarecrow was a dummy. “The crows are the real problem!” She told. The birds lifted away. “Hellfire!” He spread the cape. The homing fireballs burned the crows. There were those which survived. “Take cover.” The hunter released a circle of axes. The birds got defeated. Then the scarecrows burned. Alicia claimed the gems. He watched her. “How did you know about this?” He asked. “Gabriel Belmont fought them in 1047.” She said. Alicia would not tell more. Alucard could understand such sentiments. He also carried some secrets. The zombies arrived. The woman ran forward. “Hellfire!” Alucard got to impale the corpse.

The mist obscured the night-scape. He sniffed.The creature had to investigate the ground. Then he howled at the moon. The three called for him. The beast promised to hunt the intruders. He hungered. The predator might drink a river of blood without bursting. Neither cold nor heat might influence upon the presuit. He found the scent. They where many. He would kill every single one of them. The monster snarled. He would find them. No body could escape. He was one of the few which remained. The lycanthrope Dark Lord bestowed upon him with power. Count Dracula was a stranger. He would obey the witches.

Yoma marshland, Warakiya. The 15th. of December 2098 A.D.

The vampire exposed his fangs. “Do you smell it?” He asked. “The scent of monster blood.” The royal knight beheld him. The boyar captain did not care. “I shall hunt.” He promised. “Form a circle.” Ninjara told their companions. She then unsheathed her blades. The fox-archers got ready. They would scout the land. “This might be another gang of thieves.” The knight remarked. “We shall see.” Richter Von Krohnsteen changed grip upon his lance. The scouts screamed. The howl was that of a wild beast. The sounds were not encouraging. Only the five ever came back. “Dracul!” He uttered. The werewolf stood on the cliff. “Satan give us power!” The red knightswere shooting wild. The monster snarled. The arrows pierced him. They were not made of silver. The lycanthrope howled. The sound made his blood turn cold. The thing leaped down among them. This one did not come from the castle. The soldiers got slaughtered. Ninjara led the assault. The red knights joined with the fox. “Hellfire!” Richter Von Krohnsteen spread his flared jacket to released with a tripled shot of blue bat-inhabited fireballs. “Ball of Destruction!” The sphere went home. The monster shook its head. He snarled. The beast came for him. ”Crimson lightning!” He called. “hellfire!” This got to end.

The rain might soak the area. Alicia stamped with the crucifix. She had no time. The zombie got burned into a crisp. Alicia had to fight her stomach. The dead appeared from the mud. “Crimson lightning!” Alucard was behind her. The bats might suck her blood. The gloom made it difficult to track their mobility. Alicia made an effort to see beyond the obvious. That was the clan’s most famous ability. The mammals lived within a hollow trunk. The mudmen gave her no respite. The crows followed their progress. She channelled frost into the blade. That was the closest she came to water. “Help me!” She cried. Marcia sped for the location. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” Alicia cried. She struck with the blade. The mudmenfroze in place. The fay was brave. The trunk was crawling with spiders. Alicia threw a vial of holy water. The spiders burned. Alicia made the sign of the cross. Those creatures could inflict a poisonedstate. Alucard reformed at her side. “Ball of Destruction!” He shielded against the punches. The zombie kept marching forward. “Crimson lightning!” He was the son of Dracula. “Grizzly wing!” The corpses got blasted into oblivion. “Hellfire!” Alucard spread his cape. The Hellfire burst from within. “This I do for my mother.” The tragic prince was cold as winter’s heart. “There is already a hard lot.” The mudmen hadn’t been defeated. The crows picked on them. Marcia was about. She actually made some birds to fall asleep. Alicia would have laughed if the matter hadn’t been this serious. The bats killed her joy. Another swarm attacked. She presented the crucifix. That made them to keep some distance. “Crimson lightning!” Alucard destroyed the mammals. The crows flew right at his face. Alicia threw eight daggers forward. The zombies collapsed. She made the sign of the cross. The daggers went through the heart. That was no comfort. The spiders crawled on her. Alicia shuddered. She stamped with the crucifix. The nasty creatures burst into flame. Alicia worshiped the Lord. The fire didn’t touch her. The mudmen where closing in. Alicia threw a wave of holy water. The freaks got frozen in place. She knocked them apart. “Glory be You.” Alicia picked the crystals. “Our Father in Heaven.” She reached for the crucifix. Alicia inhaled. She got restored. Alicia would fight. The fairy still made a light among the shadows. “Hellfire!” Alucard defeated the bats. “Ball of Destruction!” He used the spell to create a fist. The crows went about. The zombies pushed through the mud. Alicia and Alucard fought back-to-back. “Hellfire!” He released the force. Alicia made it to rain with holy water. They got to escape. Marcia was still busy. “Curse of Darkness.” Alucard then morphed into a bat. He dashed to slash the zombies. She hurled the axes forward. “In the name of Michael, the arch angel!” The gems replenished her energy. That was nice. Alicia got ready. She wouldn’t surrender. Alicia would not be their plaything. She kept the faith. Alucard retained his human form. “Grizzly wing!” She smiled. Alicia wasn’t alone. She was never alone. Alicia struck with the blade. They would survive. She was certain about it. The mudmen collapsed. Alicia presented the crucifix. She managed to carve some space. “Beware of Dracula’s curse.” Something stirred among thatweird shrubbery. “Sparks falling in high grass.” Alucard remarked. “Ball of Destruction!” The orb was precise. The bushes burst into fire. Alicia bit her lip. The mudmen got exposed. Alucard met the onslaught. The monsters removed and threw their heads like projectiles. “Hellfire!” The tragic prince used the shield for coverage. “In the name of Michael, the arch angel!” Alicia consolidated the force. She hurled a wave of holy water. The freaks got frozen in place. Alicia exhaled. The frost gave an upper hand. The sword shone in her grasp. Alicia advanced. The tragic prince got ahead. Alucard struck with the blade. “Crimson lightning!” He created the chain lightning. Alicia felt taken aback. Alucard hailed with the sword. The weapon possessed no mystical potency, though he didn’t need that to fight. Alicia picked together. She had no reason to be star structed. Alicia crushed the monster. He fell into pieces. “Preserve us.” She touched the crucifix. Alicia shuddered. The mud was melting. “Let it be!” She would hunt the night. The mudmen squeezed upon her breasts. Alicia screamed. She vomited on the spot. That was so disgusting. “Leave her alone!” Marcia darted toward the skull. The mush broke on impact. That gave a breather. “Surely I will take you to a nice spot.” The ferryman might take them across. The lake was murky with mist. “Then take us there.” Alucard climbed aboard the ferry. She leaped on top. “Here.” Alicia put the gold coin into his glove. “The price for your services.” The figure bowed to her. “Watch out!” The ferryman began rowing. The merman reached to take them. Marcia noticed the freak. The mutant spat to squeeze her. Marcia ducked underneath. The fireball might explode. “You have become an accursed being.” Alucard remained calm. He pierced the heart. “Beware!” Marcia enchanted the crow. “The monsters!” That was right. Alicia got an issue that the figure did this on purpose. She put that aside. The ferryman was a servant to those who might pay. “In the name of Michael, the arch angel!” The mermen leaped from the water. Alucard got the shield. He was able to stall their progress. At least for a while. Alicia threw the vials about. The holy water burned on contact. She exhaled. The fog parted enough for her to spot the other side. That was not important. “I shall take you to meet your destiny.” The ferryman spoke in a low voice. She barely marked the words. Alicia pushed it aside. She got no use for his riddles. “Hellfire!” Alucard spread his cape. “Finalle.” The explosion gave the upper hand. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” Alicia let go. She consolidated the force. The axes then cleansed the marsh pit. “Come on!” She told. They got to escape. The monsters might return. Alicia had to leave the ferry. They soon vanished among the mist.

The fairy fluttered in the air. She didn’t like this. Her magic was ment for another purpose. Marcia was gifted. The mother showed her. She might ease the pain by healing their wounds. The fairy would grant nice dreams to the people. The black birds got distracted. She put them to rest. Marcia knew this was the only way. Her friends were in trouble. She would make them to survive. The crows might awake. Then the humans got ready. The fight continued. Marcia felt so helpless. The dead wouldn’t be touched by her abilities. The fairy was not their familiar. She tried to figure. The spiders createdanet. Marcia got away. She wouldn’t permit them to catch her. The spiders might make dinner upon her flesh. “You won’t get her!” Alicia slashed the web. “Thanks.” Marcia beamed with a golden glow. “We must escape.” The tragic prince announced. Marcia put the spiders to rest. “Tell me about it.” Alicia sighed.

She changed her colour. “They gather.” The blue light was obvious through the mist. “Crimson lightning!” Alucard made it to strike. He morphed into the wolf. Alicia got on top. The fairy held onto her collard. Alucard ran. The land went past. The journey continued. Marcia was afraid. They could not escape. The monsters were still out there, waiting for them.

The werewolf was dead. Ninjara killed him herself. The greater lycanthrope slaughtered many soldiers. “Gather to me.” Von Krohnsteen demanded. She saluted. Someone was coming. “Hail the count!” Walter Stockman led the red knights out upon the isle. “Hail the count.” They returned his salute. “We tailed you all along.” Stockman said. “I was to late to aid you.” Ninjara remained at attention. This was their department. “The general made contact with the white witch.” The Hungarian explained. “We arrived after that you left.” The red knights rejoined. Stockman was revived through the castle’s influence. The soldiers came from the countryside. “Anita Fortner told me to join you.” Walter Stockman offered a secondary salute. “What are your orders?” Ninjara cleaned her swords. She was anxious for his reply. The foxgot to locate the general. Ninjaramust be alive to resume command. “Gather your troops.” Richter informed. “We have a new player to deal with.” That was right. She had to know. Who sent the werewolf? “They do not serve the prince of Darkness.” The boyar captain had to admit. “We have to submit to his will.” Ninjara remarked. “I know the danger. Richter acknowledged the statement. “We might be stalked by the rebels.”She beheld the mire.

The witch’s hut, Yoma marshland. The 15th. of December 2098 A.D.

The image faded as the werewolf died. The two witches sat upon the trunks of the fallen trees. Zabrina prepared for the potion. The crows sat atop the hut. “The others have joined them.” Shekeptplaying with the orbs. The crystal balls were a magical instrument. They might grant information of who trespassed upon the land. “They destroyed my scarecrows.” Joice wined. “Why didn’t the Master help me!?” Brenda put the orbs into the purse. “Have you forgotten the lore?” She asked. “You should be gracious.” Brenda said. “The last test is to abandon.” Joice’s eyes were glowing. “Enough of this stupidity.” Zabrina poured the potion into bottles. “Would anyone have a drink?” The teenager witch asked. She was still learning. “I will not.” Brenda told. The witch laughed. “That is morph potion.” She cooed. “Though I wonder what animal you used.” Their student grew angry. “Be serious.” She hissed. “I am not like her.” The cat,that lay at her feet, moved. She went toward the young witch. The black cat circled her nine times. She then returned to lay before the feet of her mistress. Brenda was impressed. That was a powerful sign. She reached into her cloak. “Take this.” She gave her the talisman. “We shall make the spell together.” Joice basked in moonlight. She reached out her hand.

Yoma marshland, Warakiya. The 15th. of December 2098 A.D.

The royal knightslipped away from the officers. Von Krohnsteen and Stockman were arguing about tactics. Ninjara waited until the trees covered her ground. “I salute you, my cousin.” She activated the holo-ring. “Hail the count.” Nipora’s image appeared above. She was the captain of the guard. “Have you found the general?” Nipora asked. She looked like a princess. “Not yet.” Ninjara admitted. “Reinhardt Reich made contact with the witches. The black sister sent us on a recovery mission.” Nipora closed her eyes. She would meditate upon the matter. “He must be found.” Nipora told. “There is a problem.” Ninjara spoke about the werewolf. “So, it is treason then.” Nipora decreed. “All who oppose the prince of Darkness must die.” Ninjara saluted. “Locate the general.” Nipora informed. “There is more.” The fox inhaled. “The young masteris here.” Her cousin touched his crest. “I shall inform the circle of blood.” She told. “Hail the count.” Ninjara returned the salute. Then thetransmission came to a close. The royal knightwithdrew to the army. Theyhad reached a settlement. “Forward march!” Walter Stockman gave the command. Ninjara made a grimace. “Satan grant us power.” The vampire kept behind. “Let him think what he wish.” Richter said. “I know who is in control.”

The heavy rain kept falling. Alucard was forced to retain his human form. The downpour might affect his abilities. Alucard couldalter the condition. Though he would thus have revealed them to his father’s minions.The pond was clear.The mist lifted enough for him to see the white swan. Sheswam toward them. “Preserveus.” Alicia Schneider sounded like a voice in a dream. Shemade the sign of the cross. The wild swan was blurred. There was nothing to obscure. Sheflickered. The lady stood on the water. Her dress was pure white. Thegolden hair fell untamed down her shoulders. “The swan princess.” The Belmont breathed. Her fairy fluttered uncertain. Alucard presented his weapons. This was no ordinary being. “You must pay me tribute.” Her voice was crystal clear. “Then I may teach you of forging.” Alucard bowed. “Excuse me, my lady of the pond.” He said. “I am not searching the knowledge of the devil forgemaster.” Alicia Schneider gave him a look. Alucard wentforth. “Though I respect your claim.”He would offer theblood as sacrifice. That was what he got. She smiled. “Then have my gift.” The lamp shone with a soft light. The swan vanished. Alucard gave the treasure away. “We have to leave.” Hedeclared. She produced the blade.

The marsh was a drag. Alicia really got soaked. The rain was falling. She almost wished they got one of those contracts. The black leather jacket wasn’t really ment for this weather. Alicia stamped the spider. The fairy sat on her shoulder. The light was dim. Alicia touched the crucifix. She got to believe. The marshland was a black hole. She wondered if even Alucard might track through this mire. Trevor, Grant and Sypha had crossed the marsh without his aid. She stampedout the spider. The tiny Arachni creature might inflict a poisoned state. She hit the candles. Alicia picked the laurels. “Glory be You.” She then pressed the item to her heart. “Our Father in Heaven.” They were not the real thing. Alicia knew they could work. The tragic prince turned to her. The ghost made manifest from within the mist. Alicia threw the cross like a boomerang. The spirit moaned while fading. “Ball of Destruction!” Alucard released an accurate shot. The ghost got defeated. “Watch out!” Marcia shouted. She lifted into the air. The apparition reached for them. “Grizzly wing!” Alucard spread his cape. The bats picked the haunting visions. Alicia presented the crucifix while fighting. She tripped on something. Alicia screamed when she noticed. The dead hand was reaching from the mud. “Wait.” Alucard said. “Do not move.” He knelt to hack the evil hand. “It might drag you with it, down under.” Marcia spun about. The huntergot horrified. She knew they fed on human flesh. Alucard managed to save her. She stamped the frog. The two-headed monster appeared from the mud. The lizard beast spat fireballs. “Hellfire!” Alucard spread his cape. The two-headed beast was so ugly. She moved to help him. “Stay here.” Marcia said. Another hand reached out from the ground. Alicia bent to strike it. The spiders climbed down. The tree was the last of a one-time grove. She stamped with the crucifix. The tree housed other dangers. The swarm of bats dwelt within. Alicia threw the vials. The mammals got burned. “Hellfire!” Alucard defeated the beasts. The hand got hold. Alucard remained. Shebent to throw daggers. The trousers got stained with mud. That didn’t matter. Alicia got dirty already. She stenched with sweat. The mad frog got defeated. The shrouded figure then appeared from the mire. Alicia swallowed. Shefought the dead before. This was the first sight she got of the corpse. The thing looked like it had been laying long in the mud. The stench was terrible. The hood gotturned down. His nose was a rotting brown hole. The lone glazed eye looked upon her with such malice,though dead it was. Alicia made the sign of the cross. The flesh which remained had turned black. “Stay.” Alucard said. He didn’t have to tell her. Alicia felt the touch of another dead hand. The zombie looked hungry. His dead hands lacked some fingers. She noticed when the figure closed around his neck. Alucard escaped. He removed the head. The corpse kept limping forward. Alucard pierced the heart. The body burned. Three zombiesarrived. The scores searched for flesh. “Sword familiar!” Alucard summoned. “Come to me!” He retreated. Alicia wished she could help him. She got to remain in place. “How may I be of service, my master?” The talking sword appeared. “Attack my enemies.” He demanded. The familiar was untouched by their ugliness. Though their claws made it to shudder. “Hellfire!” Alucard burned the corpse. The other zombie got impaled. “Help me, master!” The evil hand grabbed the hilt. “Crimson lightning!” Alucard defeated the enemies. He made the sword familiar to disappear. “Hellfire!” Alicia felt nothing when the half-blood burned the frogs. “We better get away from here.” Marcia advised. The hunter agreed. They went for some distance. Then the two-headed monsters returned. They hid in the water or among the plants. “In the name of Michael, the Arch Angel!” Alicia made the sword to freeze. She blocked the attack. “Ball of Destruction!” Alucard was right behind. He buried the sword into the heart of the monster. Disgusting green blood splashed like a fountain. Alucard somehow escaped. The hunterreleased her frost power. The monsters pressed hard. They came from both directions. Alicia held the crucifix. He kept them from getting in close. Alicia repelled the fireballs. The sharp nails might tear her to pieces. They circled about. Alicia tried to obscure their mobility. “Watch out!” Marcia shouted. “Behind you!” Alicia spun. Her blade cut through his neck. The head fell on the ground. The beast left some crystals. Alucard would have to take them. The final beast found an opening. Alicia ducked. She stamped with the crucifix. Alucard appeared. “Grizzly wing!” The monster got ripped apart. Then she noticed the sky was clear. The moon shone down. “It has stopped raining.” Alucard remarked. He transformed into the blue wolf. Alicia climbed upon his back. The fairy held on to her shoulder as Alucard-wolf began trotting. The bog went by. Alicia tried to map the landscape. That was impossible. She couldn’t tell the difference. They reached among the rocky hills. Some dark pine trees grew about. Alicia got a bad feeling. They got ambushed by the dead. The corpses became alive.Alicia left his back. Alucard retained his human form. They went into battle. The zombies where disgustingly ugly. They stenched. “Demon familiar!” Alucard called. “Come to my aid! Defeat my enemies.” The familiar attacked with the spear. Alicia slashed through the corpse. A flock of crows sprouted from the branches. “Grizzly wing!” Alucard countered the attack. Another flock appeared. Alicia made it too rain with holy water. She felt the storm within. Alicia thought of Sonia Belmont. She appeared in her dreams. Alicia became strong. She threw a flurry of crosses. Alucardmorphedinto mist. He reappeared. The crows had arrived. This was an ambush. They had to fight back-to-back. Marcia and the demon tried to help. The hunter picked the crystals. “Save us!”She screamed. “I am not the daughter of frost.” Though Aliciagot the power. “Heart of ice.” She threw a wave of holy water.

They froze. Marcia danced in the air. “Hellfire!” Alucard opened his cape. “That was clever!” Alicia Threw the axe. The tragic prince restedagainst the blade. “It is complete.” The fairy felt unsure. “We must be careful.” She told. Alucard acknowledged. “The power might summon the henchmen.” Marcia went purple. The familiar then impaled the crow. “Get lost.” The fairy muttered. Aliciatookthe crystals. She used the laurels to heal herself. The dead got sharp nails. The black crows wentto pick her. “Great spirits of the forest!” Marcia exclaimed. “Take cover!” Alucard instructed. Alicia got into a defensive posture. She heldthe glasses. Aliciaalmost lost them when making a back-flip. “The Manticore.” Marcia screamed. She recognised the beast. “Pochol!” The monster breathed. The Manticore hid among the hills. Alucard got his sword and shield. “Sword familiar!” The beastleaptfor the air. “Come to me.” The sword familiar reappeared. “Protect me.” Alucard demanded. “Yes, master.” The beast stabbed its scorpion tail. They got away. Marciacircle about. The killer bees where evil stingers. They might inflict a poisoned state. Marcia had to distract them. “Hellfire!” Alucard release. The Manticore flapped its wings. That was strong enough to repel the fireballs.

Haunted ship, Yoma marshland. The 15th. of December 2098 A.D.

The dining hall must once have been magnificent. Penny sat at the table. That was a long time ago. The dust and decay made her to feel even worse. Penny counted her friends. She was always anxious that some might disappear. Lucy sat mumbling. She didn’t like that. Fritz Archer looked pale. Like drain of blood. Heinz Muller seemed like he would never speak again. She was horrified. Celia Winterfeldt stared into the distance. She barely ate anything. The knight had to drag Reichardt Straus along. He was only 10 years old. Deborah Withler was so thin, she could see the outlines of the skeleton. Penny shuddered. She was 12 years old. Deborah was such a friendly girl. She always would help when someone got in trouble. The young vampire was really hard with her. The boyar got angry with Deborah when sherefused to give in. The butler gave them food. Penny was hungry. The meal was delicious. That surprised her. The luxuries made her even more terrified. The young master had a hand in their treatment. Why was he doing this? She never got time enough to speculate. When the meal was finished, the knights came to return them to their cabins. Penny closed her eyes. “Back off you devils.” She disliked their touch. Theyonly laugh by her reactions.

The young master appeared before his audience. He was a virtuous with the violin. The music gave some rest. His thirst for human blood got easier to bear. The hunger would always gnaw upon him. That was something he had not expected. “Why not give the crimson baphtize?” Juri Bakunin then remarked. He put it aside. He felt a sudden anger. Did no one understand? He used the power to pick up and hurl the undead. “I may.” Malus told. He kept the composure. “Such would be a waste. Their hopes and dreams would be of no use. He would be the supreme ruler. That was the ore he needed. “Go.” The young master smiled. “Bring me those which escaped from Hell.” Bakunin obeyed. He bowed before getting up. Then the vampire ran away. Malus barely acknowledged. He got to find the answer. The children got such strength. Their will to live had not been broken. Malus would find a way to turn the key. The price was his to claim. He hungered. The young master retrieved his instrument. He began to play. Malusmight suppress the urge. He had to. They would not escape that easily. Such came to those who waited. He turned the page of the note book. Malus would perform the lament of Innocence. That might ease the tension. The young master began to play.

There was something in the mire. Lucy shook. “What was that?” Penny tugged at the knight. She almost did the same. “It is alive.” Lucy breathed. “It walks by night.” Penny hid her face. They exchanged glances. “Here you are.” The red knight said. She opened the cabin. “Sleep tight.” The fox smirked. “Pleasant dreams.” Lucy said nothing in return. For the first time, she was glad to be inside. Lucy turned the lock. Whatever was out there, wasnotin here. Penny sat on her bed. She suddenly burst into tears. Lucy held her close. “You have toresist.” She tried to comfort. “We have to do something.” Penny rubbed her eyes. “I agree.” Lucy sighed. “We should run away.” Penny said. She tried not to think of the monster. “I only wish that Alfred was here.” Penny said. She exhaled. Lucy also wished Penny’s big brother could be with them. That was not an option. They had to do it by themselves. Lucy frowned. She had to think. “We should rescue the others.” Penny remarked. “That is the right thing to do.” Lucy touched the cross. “I know.” They couldn’t take that away. She sat on the bed. “They didn’t use the leather strings this time.” Penny cast an almost hateful stare upon the items. “The young master knows about us.” Lucy bit her lip. She felt so tired. He fed on their emotions.

The witch’s hut, Yoma marshland. The 16th. of December 2098 A.D.

Their task was complete. Zabrina held the witch talisman between her fingertips. She could feel the pulse through the black gloves. “Your skills are complete.”Brenda told. “Welcome, sister.” She kissed her lips. “Welcome.” Zabrina embraced her. They released each other. There still was something left to do. “The last which might be done.” Zabrina drew her sacrificial knife. “The Master.” She cut the braids. “Is waiting for you.” They were the sign of her schooler ship. They fell into the potion. Flames burned. The air stenched of burned hair. “Bring it to me.” The zombie slave gave her the spearhead. Zabrina knew they watched when she dipped it. They chanted in unison. The spearhead emerged to flout in the air. The slave took it away. The trio maintained the spell. The zombie went limping back. Gaiborg was almost complete. They sacrificed a rat. Then the weapon was ready. Zabrina took it. The spear weapon harnessed magic power. She smiled. “They will not withstand us.” Brenda folded her arms in front. That exposed her voluptuousness. Zabrina hoped she might be like her one day. She had to forfeit her soul. “The warden will tell.” Joice looked in the pot. The potion had becomeextracted. “I will prepare another.” She said. “That might be fun.” Zabrina laughed.

Yoma marshland, Warakiya. The 16th. of December 2098 A.D.

The tragic princeblocked the assault. The Lecarte shield also got some hidden powers. Alicia Schneider threw multiple daggers. The Manticore roared. The body belonged to a lion,although it was to huge. Blood dropped from where she rammed. Alucard got away. He had no doubt. The liquid was poisonous. The time was past midnight. Alucard knew because he was stronger. Belmont got stung by the tail. He felt sorry for her. Alucard could not help her. The sword familiar made an attack. The monster got stabbed. Then the sword almost got crushed underfoot. Alicia Schneider had returned. How was that possible? The fairy was still occupied by the stingers. Could she use the laurels? Alucard then crouched behind the shield. He did not hold the protection from poison. Most of the magical items where left in his tomb. The sword and demon familiars maintained the assault. The Manticore was too strong for either of them. “Crimson lightning!” The monster roared in pain. Then it came dashing forward. Alucard got struck against the base of the hill. He hissed. The air got pressed from his lungs. The Manticore had a claw on him. Alucard struck his sword. The monster roared. Then it pressed even harder. This thing got more then instinct. Alucard morphed into a coil of mist.

The weather was getting colder. Alicia threw herself forward. She managed to make a glide beneath the monster. She screamed when the scorpion stung her. The poison surged through her limbs. Alicia summoned life power to cure the state. The laurels healed her. Alicia got up to consolidate the force. The huge monster turned. She threw the axe. The weapon got stuck in the flesh. She retrieved the sub-weapon. The Manticore released drops of poison blood. The demon and sword attacked from either side. The beast turned round. The acid mistforced them to retreat. The sword familiar was damaged. “You did well.” Alucard made it to disappear. The hunter hoped the spirit was sustained. “Hellfire!” Alucard spread his cape. He looked like a boyar. Alicia doused the monster with holy water. The Manticore managed to repel the Hellfire. That made it to burn. “Save us!” Alicia gasped. The monster was tobig. The attack wasn’t enough to conquer. The demon familiar stabbed with its spear. The monster slammed its huge paw upon it. The spear went deep. Alucard made it to disappear in the nick of time. Alicia gathered more power. She got to defeat the Manticore before the wanderers might arrive. Alicia touched the crucifix. The five spinning crosses made a beam strike down. Alucard beheld her actions. The hunterthen crossed herself. The Manticore got hit repeatedly. “In the name of Michael, the Arch Angel!” Alicia threw tripled gold axes into the air. The explosion was extraordinary. The axes burst on impact. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” The monster burned from within. The Manticore screamed. Flames erupted through its mouth and nose. They burned like knives of flame. The corpse collapsed. The pyre would burn to mark the grave. They shared the gems. Alicia felt new power blossom within. She looked for her friend. Marcia came like a shot. “I couldn’t find the hive.” She told. Alicia shrugged. “Then let it be.” She shook her head. “That rests with the Lord.” Alicia made the sign of the cross. “Let us be gone from here.” Alucard reappeared to her side. “You shall ride on me.” He declared. Alicia smiled. Then it began to rain again. Alicia made a grimace. “That will be for anothertime.” She said. Alucard bowed. “As you say, my lady.” Alicia shrugged. He could be so weird. She dismissed about the matter. They better get moving before other bees arrived. Then again, she might be flexible. The foundation of the hill collapsed to reveal the opening. “You should leave the place.” The tragic prince announced. “That cave is strong with the dark side of the force.” Alicia licked her lips. She didn’t know what to do. There was a strange form of attraction. “My lady?” Alucard asked. Her steps lead toward the entrance. “Alicia?” The fairy flew before her face. “Are you alright?” She went beyond. The cave stanched of an ancient resident evil. “I feel… Cold. Death.” The serpents crawled about the floor. Alicia shuddered. “Look on me.” She felt like the weight of a dead hand lay on her heart. “Darkness. Sorrow. Pain.” The runes were carved upon the walls. She made the sign of the cross. Beneath the plant life, the rock was frozen over. “The stones of grief and sorrow.” Hector found them in 1499. Alicia put it aside. “Blood of the hunter.” She gripped the sword. “Chase the night.” The far end of the cave got covered with dust and debrief. “Alicia of the Belmont clan.” Even the mud got stained. “Remember thy plight.” Alucard was standing tall. “This is nay how to handle thou destiny.” The tragic prince reached a hand. “Please, do it for me, my lady.” Alicia was numb, though she got afire as well. “Save us.” The remains almost got hidden by the plant life. “Come to me.” Alucard beckoned. “Defend your lord.” Alicia licked her lips. She felt chills down her spine. The malice might consume. “Yes master.” The familiars had not abandoned. “The might of Lucifer.” They followed her into the cave. “When the thousand years has ended.” Alucard recited. “Satan shall be released from his prison.” There was no time. Alucard exposed his fangs. The fairy was shining. “Mother of trees!” Marcia announced. “You refused the mercy.” The light almost became to bright. “Get behind! You servant of Morgoth!” The corpse reached a hand. Marcia dashed for the monster. Alicia managed to keep her. “No, not like this.” She breathed. “This is our department.” Alucard bowed. He dashed like the wolf. The skull leached with the tongue. Alucard morphed into mist. “In the name of Michael, the arch angel!” Alicia threw the axe. The skull got removed. “Your foolish girl.” The tragic prince retained his human form. “You make him stronger.” Alicia blinked. Then she realized. That was another fragment from Simon’s chronicle. “Puwexil.” The floating skull hit the floor. That sent the rocks flying. Alicia made a glide beneath. She threw the vials into the air. The impact caused shock waves about the cave. “Alicia!” Marcia blazed like the sun. “My lady.” Alucard stanched like a rotting corpse. He was the tragic prince. “Hellfire!” The skull deflected the balls when flailing with the tongue. “Master!” The sword familiar buried itself between the eyes. “Help us!” The demon stabbed the spear within the teeth. The shock might crush them both. “This is too much!” The familiars got buried by the rocks. “You did well.” Alucard made them to disappear. He dismissed about the cards.“You deserve to rest. Alicia presented the crucifix. She got to use the laurels. Puwexil caught her with the tongue. “Save me!” She cried. Alicia felt the poison fill her veins with malice. The touch felt so nasty. Alicia gasped. The tongue went everywhere about her body. “Leave her alone!” Marcia collided with the skull. The fairy tried to drill between the nostrils. That didn’t work. She was to weak. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” Alicia held His image. The five spinning crosses made the beam to strike. The shock made several pieces to fly about. “Ball of Destruction!” Alucard delivered a high shot. Puwexil sent it flying into the wall. Alicia felt so tired. Either way. She would continue the fight.

The cavern shook. Marcia went blue with fright. Her friend almost got buried by the slide. “Mother of trees!” The fairy went dashing forward. Marcia knew she wasn’t strong enough for this. No matter, she would help the others. Alicia escaped from the tongue. She had to use the laurels. Marcia felt pity on her. The hunter looked sick. “Grizzly wing!” The bats got stuck in that nasty fabric. Alicia leaped to hurl the dagger forward. That exploded on impact. The fragments got hurled about. Alicia screamed. She got cut by the pieces. Marcia felt adrift. The shock waves almost stun her in place. Puwexil snapped is teeth. The fairy went pink. Marcia wouldn’t be taken for dinner. “Crimson lightning!” Alucard spread his arms. The cape opened as the bolt struck down. He took the brunt of the assault. The tragic prince changed into mist before the counter. Marcia made another attempt. “Leave it to us!” Alicia shouted. “In the name of Michael, the arch angel!” She threw the axe. Marcia blossomed into fire. The weapon split in three. Puwexil flailed with the tongue. The skull tried to block the assault. Marcia beamed with pride. That never worked. The axes froze on impact. Puwexil got shattered into pieces. “We must get away!” The cave shook. They barely returned to the mire.

The general led his soldiers through the marsh. There had been other losses. The monsters were dominated by those fools which refused the Dark Lord. The communication got severed by the storm. Reinhardt Reich almost lost faith in the witches. “Hail the count.” They got to find him. The general then supervised the collection. The eggs were secured. “We should not have chosen this path.” Reinhardt Reich knew this was really his fault. “General Reich.” The communicator was alive. “This is Witch 8.” He reached for the instrument. “Do you copy?” The fighter roared ahead. “This is Witch 8.” The bad weather almost disrupted the signal. That could not stop them. “Sworn to the Dark Lord!” Reinhardt Reich hailed in return. The Master had not abandoned. “This is me.” The general activated the tracking mechanism. “This is our coordinates.” The general revealed. “Copy that.” Reinhardt Reich made the soldiers to illuminate the ground. The Bat-shade managed to land. “Be ready.” They soon got company. “Witch 11 standing by.” Reinhardt Reich noticed the reply.The fighters arrived. “This is Witch 7.” The pilots wore his uniform. “The shuttle might take youto the castle.” His voice got disrupted by the breathing-operator. “Very good.” Reinhardt Reich acknowledged.

Yoma marshland, Warakiya. The 16th. of December 2098 A.D.

The undead captain remained at attention. “We are ready.” Walter Stockman gave a salute. Richter Von Krohnsteen returned the favour. The shuttle had landed. The hatch got open. The bridge was extended. A group of shock troopers ran down to form a protective circle before the passengers. General Reinhardt Reich was the first to embark. The boyar captain did not let it show,though he wondered what the general might be doing here. Reinhardt Reich Van Deer Valk looked like he came straight from the parade. The general’s soldiers did not appearas well. The bat-shades kept airborne. They created a perimeter. Richter Von Krohnsteen became aware of his presence. The dark wanderer appeared. Ninjara hissed. He mightsupport. “The vampire hunters are here.” The voice was poison. The shock troopers returned aboard. “You are to kill the Belmont clan.” The empty black hood beheld them with chilling malice. “All who oppose the prince of Darkness must die.” The shuttle and fighter crafts took off. “You are to serve count Dracula.” No one ever refused the black riders. The soldiers joined with the red knights. Richter Von Krohnsteen awaited his instructions. The wraith sniffed the air. At all time, they smelled the blood of the living. “This way.” He hissed.

The rain didn’t last forever,though a dank fog had settled on the marsh. Alicia gotto use the lamp which the swan princess gave them. Marcia sat on her shoulder. The mist was to heavy for her to fly. Alucard retained his human form. The terrain made things much more complicated. He did the tracking. They finally figured out. Alucard would have to lead them to the curse. He looked much better. The rat blood did him well. Alicia shuddered. The tragic prince drank their blood. He didn’t tried to hide it. She crossed herself. “We are getting near.” Alucard explained. His voice cut through the line of thoughts. Alicia looked about. The fog obscured everything. “I wonder what is wrong with this place.” She muttered. Alucard unsheathed his blade. “The legends tell that the lost one’s souls forever lingerin this mire.” He bent to slash the dead hand. Alicia swallowed. She knelt. Alicia struck with the blade. The frogs almost got her. The bats came from multiple directions. “Hellfire!” Alucard’s magic chased after the mammals. Alicia finished the evil hands. She picked the crystals. Alicia knocked the candles. The chicken leg smelled of spice and juices. Alicia ate it. The tragic prince bowed. She washed her hands in the pond. The evil plant blossomed. The thing shot fireballs. It was impossible. Then again, everything might happen in the shadow of the demon castle Dracula. Alicia called frost to her blade. She managed to strike each shot. “Ball of Destruction!” Alucard closed the conflict. The hunter was breathing heavily. “Thank you.” She finally told. “You will be blessed.” Alucard bowed. “That was to close.” Marcia said. “Such plants didn’t grow in my fountain.” Alicia sighed. “Of course not.” She explained. “Christopher Belmont told that Dracula’s henchmen planted their seeds throughout Transylvania.”Alucard spun around. He took the punch on the shield. The tragic prince thenimpaled the monster. Alicia ran to help him. The plant moved. Alicia dodged the fireballs. The evil plant kept shooting. Alicia sidestepped. The plant was like a machine-gun. She made the crosses to rise in front. That didn’t last forever. Marcia fluttered about. Shegot occupied by the killer bees. Alicia had to present the crucifix. The plant pulled away. She cut it down. The juices were like acid. Alicia escaped from the outburst. The flower burned. Alucard was under attack. The ghosts came from the mist. Alicia made the sign of the cross. She hoped the Lord might forgive them. That would be at the End of Days. She threw the dagger. Her blade was shining. The gold knife went through the air. The ghost burned. He moaned when fading. Alucard saluted. She returned the favour. He made the sign of the cross. Alicia might relax. There still was hope. The Manticore roared like a lion. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” Alicia made the crosses to rise in front. “Grizzly wing!” Alucard spread the cape. The monster settled upon the marsh. Alicia shuddered. The beast emitted an acid burst. The killer bees were about. “Sword familiar!” Alucard summoned. “Demon familiar! Come to my aid!” He held the cards. The helpers looked much better then when she last saw them. “Attack my enemies.” The half-blood demanded. She sidestepped the attack. The Manticore dashed at her. She made a glide. Alicia got beneath. She rolled away when the monster tried to stab her. Alicia threw the axe. The monster got hurt. The blood hit the mud. That was poisonous. Marcia shone a bright green. Alicia knew that she would help. The evil stingers were abroad. The fairy went like a shot. “Ballof Destruction!” The mudmen became interested. Alicia bit together. That was the last they needed. She put the lamp down upon a rock. Alicia threw herself sideways. Shewas struck by the wing. Aliciagot to her feet. Three daggers were buried in the flesh. Alicia screamed. She got hit by an acid burst. Marcia settled on her. She used her abilities to heal her. The fairy then flew away. Alicia rolled. The mud stained her clothing’s. That was a small price to pay. The Manticore missed her repeatedly. Alicia touched the crucifix. She made it to rain with holy water. The beast was in a blaze. Alicia got on top. She knew it wasn’t enough. The monster was to big. The creature emitted another burst. She got away this time. Alicia summoned the storm. The Manticore got hit by multiple daggers. The blood boiled when the drops reached the surface. The monster lifted into the air. Alicia made the sign of the cross. The killer bees left some crystals behind. Alicia collected the lot. The gems replenished her energy. The beast released acid bursts. Alicia was forced to escape. “Not that way!” The demon familiar pulled her by the arm. Alicia shuddered. The helper saved her life. The monster almost chased her into the mud pit. The demon familiar stabbed its spear. The Manticore got hit in the eye. Alicia got away. The demon familiar ran towardthe master. Marcia went ahead. She chased the stingers. The Manticoreapproached. Alicia hurled a vial of holy water. That burned on contact. Alicia ran. The sword shone with frost. Then, with a single two-handed trust, Alicia removed the head. The corpse burned from the inside. Alicia got away. The Manticore left plenty of the big gems behind. Alicia took them. She got to help Alucard. The dead pushed through the marsh. Alicia went forward. The plant threw other fireballs. Alicia channelled the frost. She managed to repel the shots. “He is here.” Alucard would have to fight alone. “Look out!” Marcia screamed. She might feel their presence. The ghost made manifest through the mist. Alicia threw the dagger. The ghost caught fire. She slashed through the vision. The ghost moaned when fading. The evil plant kept shooting. Alicia was hard at work. The ghost was so cold. Alicia shuddered. She couldn’t help it.He would possess her body. Then Alicia would be twistedlike their plaything of evil. “In the name of Michael, the arch angel!” She made the sign of the cross. “Preserve us!” Alicia would never accept such a destiny. She would rather die. Though not without a fight.

The tragic princedefeated the mudmen. The ghouls were a much greater problem. The sword and demon familiars served his ends. The rotting corpse breathed a poison mist. Alucard turned into a bat. His father’s curse had reached these lands. Or it might be that resident evil. He reformed somewhere else. “Hellfire!” He spread his cape. “Ball of Destruction!” The accurate sphere got released from his palm. The ghoul got shot into oblivion. Alucard bowed. That served it well. The killer bees might dine upon his blood. Alucard had to smash them. His gloves granted some protection. The fairy could not take the swarm. Alucard would search for items. They might help him with this encounter. He decided toresist the mammals. The bats came out from their hiding. The ghoul touched him. Alucard then became furious. He disliked the people thatkepttuggingthrough life. Alucard was of royal blood. He ripped the corpse. The sword familiar reduced the others. The demon served his will. Alicia Schneider defeated the evil plant. The ghosts had her enclosed. The Belmontthrew the cross boomerangs. They should leave this accursed land. She retrived the lamp. Alucard dismissed the familiars. He then changed his appearance. Alucard wolf would take her from the marsh.

The general used his spear. The scarecrow figures would not let them pass. Reinhardt Reich would defeat them. Lieutenant Walter Stockman had perished. “Fire at will!” The royal knight instructed. The scarecrows got pierced. Even some black birds got killed. They lifted off from the figure. The scarecrow went limp. The red knights advanced. “Wait you fools!” Captain Richter Von Krohnsteen gave his command. The second and third scarecrow attacked with their scythes. The foxes got killed. “I told you to wait.” The dead soldiers fired their rifles. Some threw grenades into the air. The crows then fled. They settled upon the first scarecrow. The general arrived. He impaled the figure. The scarecrow looked upon him with a pumpkin face. Reinhard Reich Van Deer Valk was not impressed. This creature was a child’s fright. The vampire was not afraid. He retrievedthe spear. Reinhardt Reich would remove the head.Then the scarecrow reacted. The scythe slashed through his body. “It is the birds!” A distant voice was calling. Reinhardt Reich was not that interested. The scarecrow lifted its weapon. The general knew he had to resist. If only he could remember. The figure removed his head. Then it was over. Reinhardt Reich fell back. “Dracul!” He called to the Master.

Haunted ship, Yoma marshland. The 16th. of December 2098 A.D.

The mist obscured everything. Deborah had a look around the corner. Little Heinz went to the other side of the passage. He would tell if anyone came that way. The fog went through every nook and corner. Fritz and Celia got the stairway covered. “I feel so cold.” Reichardt sat kneeling beside her. “This is because of the mist.” Deborah was afraid. “Keep down.” She breathed. The red hair might be an excellent target. “Save us from the wicked One.” The frostcoated the prison.Deborah inhaled. That wasn’t natural. They had to escape from this accursed place. She licked her lips. Deborah got a bad feeling about this. This might be their only chance. Reichardt looked so frail. The young master held them in different cabins. Deborah touched the cross. That they couldn’t take away. They got to find the others. She refused from yawning. She felt so tired. The ship had become a garrison. Deborah shook herself awake. She cleaned the face. Deborah had been sobbing again. That felt nice. There had been such a long time. Deborah almost thought he removed the ability. She sighed. That became a yawn. Never the less, they got to wait. The soldiers still occupied that cabin. Deborah rubbed her eyes. She hoped they wouldn’t stay. The childrenheld no weapons.

The red fox beheld herself in the mirror. Nisou had taken off her uniform. The white T-shirt was a collective item. It got their slogan on it. “I love Dracula.” A bat’s wing rested upon each brest. “That fits you.” Yang Queng sat on her bed. Nisou smiled while slipping into a black skirt. She fixed the sandals. Yang Queng was a red knight. The fox pulled her hair with a golden hairbrush. The Chinese vampire dressed up like a geisha woman. Her Kimono was truly magnificent. The angry red, black and yellow colours told of her loyalty. “Well.” Nisou tied her leather headband. A single white gem hung between her eyes. “What do you think?” She moved into aninviting posture. “You look better than any mortal man deserves.” Yang smirked. The fox laughed. She put the brush down. Yang Queng tied her hair into twin braids. They framed her features. Nisou looked forward to this permission. They didn’t get one for three weeks. “Let us go.” She said. Yang was ready. “Let us have fun.” She smirked. Nisou felt eager tonight. The girls want to have fun. She would enjoy. Nisou picked the lamp. She couldn’t see in the dark. Yang Queng led the way. The light shone on the pins she kept behind each ear. They glittered with gold and jade. Nisou got jealous. She would obtain a pair.

The redheadthen gave the sign. The others went to hide. Deborah was behind him. They watched as the monsters climbed the stair. That way led to the higher deck. “Are you sure about this?” Reichardt asked. The girl returned his stare. “We have to get away.” Fritz almost whispered. “Together we stand.” They had united. Reichardt sighed. “Quit it, you two.” Deborah breathed. “They might still hear us.” Reichardt blushed. She was right. “If only my brother was here.” Heinz looked so sad.His breath got turned into smoke. Alfred and Penny led their escape from the village of Ondol. They got to be adult if they were to survive. Reichardt hoped he didn’t grew to fast. They became silent. The fog obscured the surroundings. Reichardt might hear. Though the sounds didn’t tell him anything. They had to rescue their friends. That would not be easy. He felt at a loss. The ship felt so huge while they were so little. “Come on.” Deborah got a sort of sixth sent. “Let us go.” She might feel when they were around. Reichardt touched the cross. “I am behind you.” Heinz told. “I know that.” Deborah brushed his hair. “Sigmund is my friend.” She went ahead. Reichardt was curious. He felt that strange surge again. Something weird was happening to his sense of knowledge.

The young masterbeheld the servants depart. Juri Bakunin would not betray him. Malus forged a connection. There should be enough of them to withstand the marsh. If not, the candidate would find a remedy to fix the problem. He sniffed the air. The musician recognised even before he heard their footsteps. “Oh no!” The children screamed. Malus had to smile. His blueeyes were hard like gemstone. Malusthen conjured the fishmen. They spat fireballs. The children ran away. “You will not escape!” The candidate bellowed. They scattered about. He made the mutants to hunt them, though they soon lost sight. Malus cursed his fortune. There was always a price to pay. “All who oppose the prince of Darkness must die.” He made his sacrifice. Now Malus got the power. The haunted ship had not been touched by the marsh. Vlad Tepes had some connectionwith thevessel. The young masterwould reveal the secret,though this was not the time. He got assured. The sistersgave their promise. The children would not escape. Malus would claim their souls. Then the Belmont clan could hunt the night. “The power of Dominance.” The hand turned into an enflamed fist.“Mirror of Fate.” He saw. There could be no doubt. The young master would become the Dark Lord incarnate.

The witch’s hut, Yoma marshland. The 16th. of December 2098 A.D.

The witches awaited outside the homestead. The fire was burning high. Zabrina felt at a loss. They were not who she suspected. “You are not the vampire hunters.” Joice then concluded. The sisters withdrew. “Stand where you are.” The warriors were not like the followers of the lords of Shadow. “So that is how you got through.” Brenda fumed. The fox woman frowned. “You refuse us.” The vampire stepped forward. “Open!” He demanded. “Bolts, chains, bonds, there is a dead voice calling.” She was not amused. Nor werethe witches. He aimed the spear. “In the name of count Dracula.” The royal knight announced. “You are under arrest.” They gathered around. “The charges are for treason.” The invaders aimed their weapons. “Conspiracy and theft.” Zabrina was not impressed. “That have no meaning for us.” Joice smirked. “The prince of Darkness is an outsider.” They laughed together. “Beside.” Zabrina added. “He had been dead for a century.” The fox and the vampire then exchanged glances. “The Dark Lord can never be defeated.” Zabrina exhaled. The black hood was empty. “Come. To the castle I shall take you.” The wraith reached for her. “Curse of Darkness.” He rasped. “Embrace the power of Dracula.” The rider approached. “Or embrace your own destruction.”

Theapprenticewhichtook matters into her own hands. The wraith was the key. “Take him!” She beckoned. The zombie slave staggered forward. The shrouded knightthen struck with the heavy spiked gauntlets. “I will never join you!” The witchdeclared. “You do not understand.” Joice was able to release the raven. “The Lords of shadow promised me fortune and fame.” The wraith caused an explosion. The blast made her stomach ache. “How could you?” She asked. “I am a woman.” Joice gasped. “That is irrelevant to the forsaken order.” The witch was shocked. There never were females. “The accursed princess brought four handmaidens.” The arrow blast impaled the black cat. “They call me the crimson huntress.” Both animals then reappeared. “Have you ever felt the skeletal embrace of the grim reaper?” Joice never knew that emotion. The apprentice threw a flurry of vials. The explosions shookthe enclave. She touched the symbols upon her staff. Frost and flame consumed the figure. Joice laughed. They would banish thegroup. “Then hold me.” He hissed. “And despair.” Joice screamed. “Dracula’s curse might never be conquered.” The rider tightened the grip. “You have lost.” The chill was to great. “Come with me, to castle Dracula.” She got consumed.

The witch watched her sister collapse. Therewas nothing left beside that corpse. The wraith was gone. This was to great a price. Zabrina threw off her shroud and gown. The armour covered her breasts and waist. She made the crows to attack. Brenda opened the book. “Begone! Leave this place!” Zabrina brandished with Gaiborg. Then asoldier aimedthe rifle. The pot exploded. Zabrina got soaked. “No! Not her!” Brenda shrieked. “You simpletons! You gave her an overdose!” Her sister was no more. The wild cat monster was consumed by blood thirst. The trespassers fired their weapons. That got no effect. The arrows and bullets were made by hand. There would take something forged from silver to vanquish that devil. The vampire impaled. The cat struck his hand. Brenda could tell it was broken. The poison already infested. The officerrealized. He severed his own fist. The fox retrievedthe Gaiborg. She piercedtheheart. The wild cat screamed when burning. That might advance thepotency. Brenda then cast the spell. “One will to rule them all.” She made the dead to rise. “One will to find them.” They joined with the birds. “One will to bring them all.” She would dominate. “And in the Darkness bind them.” Brenda might grant the scarecrows eternal life.

Yoma marshland, Warakiya. The 16th. of December 2098 A.D.

The scarecrows brandished with their weapons. The fox was dead before hitting the mud. “Take them!” Juri Bakunin informed the soldiers. “Yes sir.” Andrej Darcow was the lieutenant. “Fire at will!” The red knights released with their bow-and-arrows. Bakunin unsheathed his blade. He had been an officer of the Tsar’s imperial guard. The vampire would not let the witchcraft dummies to stop him. The young masterthen raised him from the grave. Juri Bakunin would be loyal to his Dark Lord. The black crows settled upon another figure. There were three or maybe four in total. The two-headed beasts ambushed their group. Bakunin conjured the bats to counter. “Sworn to the Dark Lord!” The lieutenant made the other bats to attack. He got this mission to execute. The Russian warrior would never retreat. He beheaded the beast. Both heads fell on the mud. The freaks had gone wild. He stabbed his sword through the heart of the beast. The scarecrows were on fire. How did they conquer? That had to wait. The marsh pit was a desolate place. Bakunin was stabbed by the nails. Andrej Darcow splintered the spine. The knights pulled together. The two-headed beasts kept spitting fireballs. “Hail the count!” Bakunin shrieked. He then released the Bats for cover.

The blue wolfwenttrotting fast. The sight of the figure made him to pull away. The woman sprang from his back. She unsheathedthe sword. Marcia the fairy then left them behind. Alucard retained his human form. The black crows landed atop the scarecrow. He really became impressed. The lady held her blade in a two-handed grip. She blocked the scythe. Alucard unsheathed his sword. He got the shield. Alicia Schneider kept blocking. She was like Sonia or Maria Renard. She made the blade to blaze. The scarecrow was not sat alight. The dummythen slashed with the weapon. The Belmont boasted a chain mail and chest plate. She grunted when struck. Alucard noticed she used the laurels.He struck the pumpkin head. The birds then left the scarecrow. “Hellfire!” Alucard spread his cape. The crowsgot burned. He never killed the flock. Alucard smashed the bees. They became more numerous. Alicia Schneider threw tripled daggers. The scarecrow staggered. Theytwirledwith the weapon. “Crimson lightning!” Alucard knew it was a mistake. The water became electrified. That caused an explosion. “You shouldn’t do that.” Marcia said. The tragic prince would not accept. Before he might tell, she flew away. The scarecrow struck. Alucard got hurt.

The hunter must replace her glasses. Alicia lost them when Alucard made his spell to explode. She barely found them in time. Alicia sighed. The fairy’s spell was still in effect. That way she might never lose them. Marcia went past. She kept chasing the killer bees. Alucard got hurt. His blood stained the black clothing’s. Alicia threw the cross. The crow got killed. The sword was not the perfect weapon when fighting this battle. Alicia hurled the axe and dagger.The black feathers got scattered about. Marcia made them to fall asleep. The hunterdashed. She got the laurels. Alicia put a hand on his shoulder. Heturned. She ducked. Alucardstruck withhis sword. She barely dodged. The hunter exhaled. Alucard bowed. He became restored. Marcia couldn’t do that. Alicia made the sign of the cross. The tragic prince was silent. The curse mighthurt itself. Alicia changed grip upon her weapon. The vampires couldn’t die. Jonathan Harker had marked the prince of Darkness when striking his forehead in 1897. The scarecrow slashed. Alucard turned into mist. She blocked the scythe. “Ball of Destruction!” Alucard reappeared to fire. The crow got blasted into oblivion. The scarecrow stared on her through a pumpkin head. Alicia felt certain about the malice. There where something more than witchcraft. The figure struck its weapon. Alicia made a backflip. She threw a vial of holy water. The crows didn’t like that. They flew away. “Grizzly wing!” Alucard released the bats. The hunter was ready. She made it rain with holy water. The crows got defeated. The scarecrows burst into flame. Their pumpkin exploded. Alicia was almost certain she heard distant cries. She touched the crucifix. Alicia cleaned the glasses. “Let us get away from here.” Marcia fluttered in front. “The killer bees are dangerous.” She quickly changed colours. “I couldn’t find the hive.” Alicia thought of Nathan Graves. He fought against Dracula in 1830. He encountered the killer bees. Nathan never found the hive either. Then again, Shanoah did. The order of ecclesia tried to vanquish the Dark Lord in 1810. Alicia gathered. She struck the bee. Alicia retrived the lantern. The tragic prince led the way. They climbed up the ridge. The ground became more solid. The plant life grew even higher. Alicia had to cut through the greeneries. The boyar leaped. The evil plant had blossomed. She summoned frost to help her. Aliciarepelled the fireballs. The plant itself caught fire. Alicia made the sign of the cross. The tragic prince then beheld her. He bowed. Alicia blushed. She hid the flush whilecollecting the crystals. Alicia knocked the candles. She claimed some other crystals. Alicia even found some coins. She put them into her purse. The trees where more numerous up here. The hunter might have a look around. Alicia was afraid. She hoped that there were no other scarecrows up here. The crows sprouted from the branches. Alicia hurled a flurry of boomerangs. “Hellfire!” Alucard was already ahead of her. He shot the birds from the sky. “The mist is clearing up.” Marcia told. The hunter made another backflip. The spiders came climbing down. They lived among the treetops. Alicia stamped with the crucifix. There were fewer bees about. Alucardimpaled the crows. The hunters pushed through the tree line. The mist really was growing thin. The moon shone down. Alicia put the lamp upon her backpack. The ghost reached for her face. “Hellfire!” Alucard made it to fade. He wasn’t alone. The air was filled with phantoms. “Preserve us.” Alicia made the sign of the cross. She would fight. They must resist. “In the name of Michael, the arch angel.” She might be turned, body and soul, into a plating for the Shadow. “Beware.” The fairy went dull. “They will never stop haunting you.” Alicia impaled the figure. The phenomena moaned when fading. “Return to the shadow.” Alucard declared. The curse of Darkness will not avail you. The tragic prince spread his arms. He got no weapons. The cape was like a shroud. “Thee who cannot die.” Alucard was the estranged and forgotten son of Dracula. “Thou, soul which perish here.” Alicia barley figured his dialect. “Be put to rest to nay the spare.” Then some of the ghost left the hillside. “Leave him alone!” Alicia threw herself forward. “You devil’s from the pit.” She barley came in time. Alucard stood aright, presenting his crucifix. The black gloves protected his hands against the effect. “May the Lord preserve you!” Alicia hurled five spinning crosses. The beam struck down from the heavens. Her attack shone like the moonlight. That carved some space. Alicia and Alucard fought back to back. The fairy flouted above. Her light, together with the lamp and moon beams, shone through the treetops. The clearing was illuminated, though that only revealed the phantoms. Alicia revealed the crucifix. She would keep her faith. The ghost shrieked. The female figured got consumed with fire. The hunter might inhale. That really was close. “To the left!” Marcia told. “Thank you!” Alicia pierced the ghost. “They belong to the people who died in the swamp.” The tragic prince was cold as ice. “The curse maintains their presence.” Alicia felt sorry for him. He looked so very alone. “My father is not to blame.” That really fit. “This is the ancient curse.” Alicia had to warn him. The ghost might possess him. Alucard was a wear of the situation. “Grizzly wing!” The bats spread out. Alicia gasped. She couldn’t help it. The swarm might obtain even that energy. “The power of dominance.” Alucard clenched his fist. “The darkside is a gateway to a many secret ability.” He claimed. “Some considered unnatural.” The tragic prince might read her mind. Alicia pushed the searcher aside. “In the name of the Lord.” She refused the touch. “I resist all your presence and nature.” Alicia crossed herself. He was left kneeling at her feet. “Forgive me my lady.” Alucard pleated. That was uncalled for. They still got surrounded by the phantoms. “Get up.” Marcia cried. “Get up and fight.” The fairy beamed with colour. “Alright.” Alicia inhaled. She almost laughed. Marcia was eager. “Let it begin.” Alucard said.

Yoma marshland, Warakiya. The 16th. of December 2098 A.D.

The Russian vampires leaned upon their blades. Lord Dracula’s knights were searching for useful arrows. They killed the Manticore. Many died to secure the victory. At last it was over. Though they where forced to muse their abilities. Juri Bakunin dismissed about the case. The case was closed.His might proved supreme. The foxes did their part. He would make notion of that in his report. “Continue.” The phantom hissed. “Yes, my lord.” The young masterappeared in his spectral form. The group got sent on an errand. So far, they failed his trust. Juri Bakunin got no choice. The Dark Lord held his heart. The red knights gathered about. The foxes looked ready to argue. He would not permit it. “Do my will.” Lord Malus required. “The children are mine.” Juri Bakunin gave his salute. “Of course, my lord. As you wish.” The undead spirit faded away. The red knight fired his bow-and-arrows. The shot went into the gloom. “cease fire!” Darcow shouted. “Why did you do that?” Bakunin requested. “Sorry sir.” The knight straightened up his back. “I thought I saw something.” The Russian officer considered the statement. “Like a flying sword.” He let it fall. Bakunin got other problems. Like another Manticore. “Fire at will!” The captain theninformedhis group of red knights.

The hunter struck with her blade. The ghost moaned. They where defeated. Alicia made the sign of the cross. Shehad a look on the landscape. They’d climbed above the hilltop. Beneath, the marsh continued. The creek had its spring up here. Alicia could see how it turned into a river. The stream poured itself into the lake. Some mist still obscured the valley. “I do not like this.” Alucard said. She turned to look upon him. “The ship is in my father’s grasp.” His voice became a whisper. “Dracul.” Alicia returned to look upon the valley. Downstairs there lay anancientriver-boat. Alicia was unsure,though it looked like one of those made in the 1860s. The ship was partly submerged. Although the rotting bargestill held together. Alicia touched the crucifix. She was the only Catholic in her family. The vessel was one of those shrouded locations. “There is something down there.” Alicia could see beyond the obvious. The ship got an aura of gloom and fright. “This is not the curse of the forest.” Alucard crossed himself. The hunter pulled a hand through her blonde hair. “Is this what you felt?” She asked. Alucard came to stand beside her. “Nay.” He said. “This is something different.” Alucard re-sheathed his blade. “Though we must decide.” Marcia settled upon her shoulder. “What do you mean?” The fairy asked. Hegave no answer. Alicia still kept her eyes on the ship. The aura seemed like a beating heart. “We could continue the search for the one infested.” He finally said. “Or.” He became silent. Alicia touched the crucifix. “We might reach the haunted ship.” Alicia softly whispered. Shestill keptthe crucifix. That was no decision. “Dracula’s curse of Darkness is awake.” She told. “It is the family’s plight to hunt the night.” Leon Belmont made his promise long ago. Sonia Belmont renewed the oath. Alucard bowed. “You are so brave, my lady.” He told. Alicia blushed. The fairy shone a concernedblue. “Are you sure about it?” She asked. “That place is evil.” Alucard smiled. The grimace never reached his eyes. “The fay is right.” He said. “That place has an aura like the cult’s hideaway.” Alicia was unsure if she really got that last statement. “We shall go down there.” She was determined. Aliciaunsheathedthe blade. He did the same. Alucardgave his salute. She sighed. Alucard still kept in place. “We need to know more.” He picked the cards. Alicia was unsure. “Sword familiar.” Alucard called. “Come to my aid.” The familiar arrived. “How may I serve you,my master?” The flouting blade asked. “Search the marsh pit.” Alucard requested. “Gather intelligence.” He pointed. “Yes, my master.” Alucard beheld the land. “We will reunite down the hillside.” Alicia changed grip upon her weapon. The familiar was gone. Alucard arched an eyebrow. They went down the hill. Alicia soon reached the mud. The marsh pit didn’t look healthy. Alicia was ready. The bats attacked. They lived within the hollow tree. Alucard dashed. Shecrossed herself. Alicia summoned frost to the sword. The mudmen tried to block the offence. She cut through the layers of rotting vegetation. Alicia removed the head. The fairy pierced through the chest. Alicia was impressed. The mudmen burst into pieces. She was unable to copy the trick. Alicia had no time. The mammals circled about. The mudmen kept rising up. Alicia threw a vial of holy water. That made them to burn. “Hellfire!” Alucard was so strong. He spread the cape. The monster got defeated. Marcia shot away. She went for the killer bees. Alucard reached ahead. He used the shield like a battering-ramp. Alicia got another problem. A dead hand caught herankle. She got to remain in place. The thunderstorm wasn’t natural. The climate suddenly changed. The lightning flashed. The bolt illuminated the marshland. Everything became black. Thunder followed soon after. Alicia inhaled. She was the descendant of Rachel Belmont and Michael Geilhardt Schneider. “Father!” She summoned the name of the Lord. The evil hand kept her in place. Alicia became ablaze with a holy rage. The children of God shouldn’t have to thrall beneath such malice. Her being was aflame. Alicia would fight the righteous battle. The flames might burn the undead. Alicia advanced. The crystals where waning fast. She would do His will. While the storm raged above, she threw herself upon the monsters. Alicia used the martial arts. They where the abilities discovered by Juste Belmont and Nathan Graves. Alicia didn’t rest until they were defeated. The legends told this power might be a side-effect of the invisibility potions taken by Trevor, Christopher and Simon Belmont. “Please, have some rest, my lady.” Alucard had to help her. She was gasping for air. “Adrian.” She managed to tell. She gave him the crucifix. Alucard knew. He pressed it to his heart. “Thou arth a Belmont.” He said. The fairy circled about. Alicia felt much better. She got healing powers. Alucard let go. He bowed before giving her the crucifix. She smiled. Alicia put it back around her neck. “Take them.” He made a gesture for the crystals. “The servants left them.” Alicia felt unsure. She didn’t know if she shouldtake them. Alucard had notice. He bent to kiss her hand. “Take them.” He said. “My lady. You deserve them. They belong to you.” Alicia felt shy by his actions. She shook her head. Alucard let go. She went to fetch the gemstones. They made suchadifference. Alicia felt the strength and power blossom within. She beheld the river-boat. Alicia couldn’t tell why, thoughshe felt despair and the loss of hope. The hart kept beating. “Alucard.” She whispered. “This is the perfect storm.” That was no question. He was quiet. “Anger, hate and agony.” Alucardretainedthe sword and shield. The rain was falling. Alicia had to remove the glasses. She cleaned them as best she could. “What is that ship doing here anyway!?” She had to shout to be heard in the storm. “The people don’t need it for this creek!” Lightning flashed. Thunder followed. “It has not always been like this.” Alucard said. “Richter Belmont searched this land in the hunt for his beloved.” Alicia knew about that. “The country has changed.”

The fairy fluttered in between. “The river went from the heightsof the Carphatians.” Marciawasn’t that interested. She still was nervous. The monsters might be everywhere. Alicia made the sign of the cross. “The stream is close.” Alucard became a bat. “I am here.” Marcia told. The tragic prince collided with the two-headed beast. “Mother of trees!” The creature leaped from the water. Her scream echoed while the thing collapsed. The fairy didn’t change anything. The bats went from inside the tree. Marcia got ambushed by the spiders. Her friend repelled the fireballs. The evil plant exploded. Alicia stamped the evil hand. She then collected the crystals. Marcia escaped from the bees. The two-headed beast left the stream. Alicia hurled tripled axes. The monster got cut to pieces. The fairy danced in the air. Alicia got beneath the attack. “Hellfire!” Alucard got trapped by the hands. He might defend himself. “Help me!” Marcia got caught in the net. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” Alicia touched the crucifix. She released the five spinning crosses. The beam struck down. “Thanks!” Marcia spread her wings to fly. She made them to fall asleep. The beast tumbled. That was not the end. Marcia blazed. They got to conquer or Dracula would rule the forest.

The boyarmust resist the ghost. The marshlandspiritthen removed the skull. Alucard pierced his heart. Such a torturedbeing. His father’s curse made them to rise. The prince of Darkness got no right to manipulate with the laws of nature. The fightreally was fierce. The creatures where dead. This was a slaughter. Alucard was a knight and a warrior. He fought against the Ottoman Turks. Then he still was a man. Alucard thought of those days as a good time,though he then fought beneath the Dracul banner. Alucard beheld his allies. Alicia Schneider was cleaning her glasses. The fay still fluttered about. The killer bees where a problem. The lady had not re-sheathed her blade. Alucard must accept. He was both proud and impressed. She was a pride for her ancestors. The vampire hunter at last replaced her weapons. “”Alicia.” The fairy then returned. “I have to tell you.” Alucard crossed himself. This could not be true. He saw it for himself. The young master got to be dead. The Belmont went pale as a ghost. “The castle.” She cleared her voice. “Dracula’s curse might awake the dead.” Alucard crossed his arms. The Belmont knew the truth. The creature of Chaos might exist on many planes. That may be. Though this made it more important then ever to board the ship.

Yoma marshland, Warakiya. The 16th. of December 2098 A.D.

The witches where dead. Their hut was burned down. Ninjara helped her captain to sit. Richter Von Krohnsteen used his remaining hand to hide his face. The knight was concerned about him. They where the only survivors. The traitors almost wiped them out. Richter sat upon a stone. He grew old. The captain’s hair became white. The royal knight then noticed.He got only one eye. The right was gone. She snarled. “We have to return you to the castle.” She explained. Richter slowly got up. “Lady Redfox.” He looked beaten. “In light of this situation, I turn over the command, to you.” He gave the salute. Ninjara returned the favour. With Richter in this condition, she got no choice. Not that it mattered. “I have failed.” The captain hung his head. “I have nothing left.” Then he prepared himself. “Count Dracula is the prince of Darkness.” Ninjara smiled. This was how she liked him. Richter Von Krohnsteen would do his duty. “It is time to retreat.” She said. The royal knight knew things he didn’t. She knew about a short-cut. Ninjara whistled. Gravial came closer. The demon horse was aboard the shuttle. She made him to sit up. Gravial let them. Although the horse was the property of the four riders. She got up behind him. They soon vanished into the mist.

The tragic prince prepared his weapons. The killer bees was their main concern. The fairy could not take the swarm. He crushed them. Alicia Schneider would use the crucifix to stamp them out. Alucard touched the cross. His mother’s gift hung from a golden chain. Alucard kept it around his neck. He knew they wastedprecioustime. The young master was still alive. He might be the Dark Lord incarnate. That became his downfall. Reinhardt Schneider and Carrie Fernandez barely managed to defeat the malice. Alucard smashed the insect. The rain diminished his abilities. Alicia Schneider had to be correct. The abyss must be connected with his father’s castle. That was how the cycle might begin again. Although the cult’s hideaway lay in Spain,that was over and done. He should have paid more attention. Dario Bosi escaped the encounter. His own organization got unable to find him. Julius Belmont was right. Then what a cruel jest of fate. He crushed the stingers beneath his fingers. The castle had return. Of course the candidates would gather. Thepresence would be like honey to those who craved and lusted for Dracula’s power. He was firm. Alucard had to prevent it. The boyarthen unsheathed his blade. He would make sure that Malus would not survive this confrontation.

The mire remained silent. Only the thunderstorm still raged in the distance. Alicia felt like someone was watching. It was raining. The spider appeared from beneath the stone. Alicia threw the dagger forward. The creature got killed. The other spiders appeared. Alucard was moving. The crows never let him pass. The black birds sprouted from among the branches. Alicia fought the spiders. They got ambushed by ghouls. Marcia fluttered about. The evil stingers thrived in the mud. Alicia got rid of the Arachni. She really disliked their lot. “Hellfire!” Alucard slashed the birds to pieces. The black feathers rained down. Alicia tried to run forward. Her boots got stuck in the mud. It was so difficult. The fireballs went her way. “In the name of Michael, the arch angel!” The evil plant blossomed. Alicia threw a vial of holy water. The flower burned. She better be more careful. The ghouls where getting close. Alicia made a back-flip. Her heartbecame a weapon. Alicia attacked with the sword on fire. The chronicles told that the human soul got constructed by five different elements. That was ancient philosophy. Alicia removed the head. She used the laurels to lift the poisoned state. Alicialeapedabove the corpse. Shethen had to spin around to bury the sword into the heart. The rotting zombieburst into fire. Alicia stamped the killer bees. They where the real threat. Or perhaps not. “Look out!” Marcia screamed when the Manticore landed. The acid burst made them to run for cover. Alicia had toretrieve the crystals. She got Simon’s heart of fire. Alicia’s blade shone bright like the sun. The huge monster flew at her location. Alicia struck with thesword. The Manticore roared. The blood was acid. Alicia got thrown on the ground. She stamped with the crucifix. The beast leaped. Alicia created a barrier. The fairy used her abilities to lift the curse. Alicia got back on foot. She ran to fetch her sword. Edward would never forgive her if she lost the heirloom. “Hellfire!” Alucard released the Hellfire. “Crimson lightning!”” He struck the undead. Alucard stopped. Hegotsurrounded by the black crows. Alicia made the sign of the cross. The monster came flying in. Alicia had to glide beneath. The scorpion’s tail almost impaled her body. How did Soma defeat this monster? That was back in 2035. She sighed. Alicia stamped the evil bees. The Manticore was turning round. Alicia hurledthreevials of holy water. The monster got burned. That didn’t mean anything. The brute was to big. The beast emitted another acid burst. The blood drops where an even greater problem. She threw the dagger forward. Alicia tried to pierce the eyes. She missed. The knife only drew more blood. The letting might inflict greater damage. The Manticore shook the head. Alicia made a glide. The surface made it difficult. She got beneath thebreath. Aliciathrew the axe. She struck through the shoulder. The monster gave her a solid head trust.That sent her flying. Alicia shook her hair. She managed to get up. Alucard fought the bats. The evil hand tried to take her. Alicia shuddered. She barely got away. Marcia circled about. She removed the bees before they might sting her. The monster flapped its wings. That was a new trick. Alicia struggled to remain in place. The monster suddenly stopped. Alicia dropped herself when the Manticore emitted another burst. She got up in time to throw the cross. Alicia retrived the boomerang. She wounded the monster. Alicia was ready. The Manticore tried to pull her over. Alicia then stamped with the crucifix. The fires burned upon impact. The collision hurled her away. Alicia got up. The Manticore glared at her. She could read the promise of a certain death within that hateful stare. Alicia licked her lips. She knew this creature was more then a monster. The Manticore emitted an acid burst. Alicia rolled aside. She didn’t care. Aliciawas dirty already. The Manticore attacked. Alicia got up. The monsterhad returned. Alicia was pulled over,or so it felt. She groaned when being flungin mud. The teeth went together. Alicia threw her head back. The sword was stuck between them. “Lord!” She shouted before releasing the force. The gold sword was such a powerful weapon. The Manticore was thrown on its back. Alicia got away. The monster stung about. That made her to keep some distance. The monster emitted acid bursts. Alicia hid behind the pine trees. She stamped the killer bees. They left some crystals behind. The Manticore struck the tail. The tree got knocked down. Alicia performed a back-flip. The monster came in close presuit. The jaws closed about her torso. The armour saved her life. The attack made her to scream. Marcia shone bright as the sun. “Sorry.” She said. “Sorry I wasn’t strong enough.” Then the fairy fainted. Alicia felt much better. She pierced the sword through the head. The Manticore roared like a lion. Alicia got bathed with blood. She snarled. That didn’t matter. Alicia stamped with the crucifix. The skull burst. The monster burned from inside. Alicia wasn’t really that interested. She fell on the ground. The blood was acid. Alicia thought she heard her friends approach. She was tired. Alicia did what she could. Now, she fell into forgetfulness.

Haunted ship, Yoma marshland. The 16th. of December 2098 A.D.

The girl slowly opened her eyes. She was so tired. Where was she? Her dreams got haunted by visions of blood, dead and murder. They where like the memories of a forgotten time. She remembered now. The dynamite still lay upon the ground. She decided to blow up the ship. That was the only way to save everyone from the clutches of Dracula. The matches lay spread out beneath her fingers. She only got to pick them up. The box was still there. She heard voices screaming. She got to stay awake. Her friends couldn’t help her. They where in Africa. No matter, this she would do. Then everything wavered. She fell back into the darkness.

The hunt began. Yang Quang led the chase. She got angry when the permission got cancelled. Lord Malus might be the Dark Lord incarnate. She couldnot resist. The children had escaped. He warned them about what might happen if they united. Yang Queng wouldn’t argue. She steppedabove the corpse. The dead girl held no significance. She was not her. The vampire would continue the search. But why should they hide in the engine room? That was none of her business. “Come with me.”Yeng Quang encouraged. “To serve the prince of Darkness.” She might smell the blood of the living. They would never stop hunting them.

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