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Castlevania: Darkness Never Dies


Part 1: Curse of Blood

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Part 2: Legacy of Sorrow

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Part 1: Curse of Blood.

“You shall receive force, when the holy spirit come upon you””

Acts: 1. 8.

Chapter 2: Battle of the Holy.

Top floor, Berkeley mansion. The 15th. of December 2098 A.D.

The images appeared above the crystal ball. “What is it? Lord Zabach requested. The necromancer was forced to forget his meditation. “Hail the count.” The females revealed their faces. “Something is wrong.” He might feel. “Lieutenant, answer me.” Hildegard Kaufman had a step forward. “He has escaped.” Albus was certain about it. “Yes, my lord.” Bronze Labanga really fit her name. “I must report that captain Charl Kraft has taken command of the “Burned paradise” complex.” Kaufman regained her composure. “The resistance.” He hissed. “They attacked our group.” Labanga cut in. “The dark-breed wiped us out. He is heading for you now.” The necromancer then smiled. “This might turn out to my advantage.” He mused. Lord Zabach then returned to the task on hand. “Come to me.” He said. “Return to me. I will be waiting for you.” The officers hailed before they vanished. “Rahab.” The necromancer summoned the bride. “Yes, my lord.” The woman appeared from the mist. “Prepare the inhabitants for assault.” Rahab really was beautiful. “Yes, my lord.” The green court glimmered like the Absinth. “As you wish.” She shook with the huge wavy dark hair.“It shall be done.” The big brown eyes got lit behind with poison. “Good.” He said. “Good.”

Trigoviste market, Warakiya. The 15th. Of December 2098 A.D.

He didn’t like this place. Julius would speak his mind. “Not here.” Ruth gave him a look. The traitorwatched him. Julius kept his face blank. He turned to look on the platform. “This is a fine youngspecimen.” The slaver announced. “She is right for the picking.” He smirked. “She is healthy and endurable.” The grin grew wider. “she might do it all for you.” He kept together. “Let me demonstrate.” The lizard tore back her cloak. “She knows what men desire.” The girl was naked. She smiled at the audience. Julius was appalled. She blew him a kiss. The torches didn’t conceal anything. “Ruth.” Anna whispered. “Who is the Chinese? The one with the braids, assisted by the knights?” The undead was bidding on the slaves. Ruth removed her helmet. “That is Noail Hoa.” She explained. “The handmaiden of the Dark Lord.” Julius knew that Blade fought her in 1982. “She provides for the count.” The priest beheld the auction. He recognized the next person on the block. “Here we got another young woman.” The trader announced. “She really is a smooth little peace.” The audience laughed. “Believe me, this is no virgin.” He made her to move. “She is ready and waiting.” The woman licked her lips. “let us open with a bang.” She spread her arms. “I start the bidding at 10 coins.” The lizard turned her around. “Come on folks, take a look at the hardware.” Julius felt sick about it. “Then do I hear 15?” Noail Hoa arched an eyebrow. Julius didn’t care if he drew attention. He raised his hand. “I give 19 coins of gold.” She then offered. The smile didn’t look nice. That exposed her fangs. “And I bid 24 pieces of silver.” He challenged. “Then let it be 27 coins of the dragon’s gold.” Noail Hoa clenched her fist. “You don’t have to do this.” Anna whispered. The priest was busy. He beheld the undead. What would she do? “Then I close the transaction with the sum of 29coins of gold, in the name of lord Dracula.” Julius didn’t mind about the knights. “I promise to give you money.” Julius offered. “30 pieces of silver.” The maiden accepted. “Let him have the girl.” The jailer gave a sign. “You heard the lady.” The lizard removed the chainsand cloak before handing over. Julius gave him the money. “You must be a hard man.” The monster winked. “I hope they know how to please you.” Julius didn’t answer. The lizard shrugged. He got work to do. “Let us get away from here.” Ruth suggested. “While she is still preoccupied.” The priest wouldn’t argue. Noail Hoa spoke with the guardians. They bid for a Costa Rican woman. Julius hoped the Lord might forgive them. “Come on.” Ruth replaced the helmet. “Let us be off.” Julius wouldn’t argue. The monsters kept watch. “Why didn’t you save me?” Lisa hid her face. “You know you could.” Hervoice streamed with sorrow. “Forgive me.” He touched her shoulder. “That I wasn’t quick enough.” Lisa pulled from his touch. “You don’t have to be.” She snapped. “All men are animals.” She spat on the ground. “I won’t be a slave.” Lisa finally met his gaze. “I hate you.” She made him to stay away. “You don’t dare to touch me.” The argument made the people to laugh. “She might put up a good fight!” The harpy cried. Julius didn’t listen. They stopped by the tailor. “Good evening.” The female lizard spoke with a lispy accent. “Welcome to Warakiya.” The market was busy with activity. “How may I be of service?” Julius didn’t mind. He was getting used to the bizarre ruins. “They might handle it.” They would have to arrange her wardrobe. “Let me pay for it.” Lisa could use some clothing. The priest was glad they chose common articles. The perfume and make-up already suggested. “You owe me 70 coins.” The tailor reminded. “I have my own money.” Lisa was not a harlot. She knocked the candle. The women retrieved the money bag. “You still got 30 coins left in here.” The lizard remarked. “Here.” Lisa gave them to him. “Now you got back.” Julius didn’t speak. He put the coins into his purse. Some of them turned to silver. He reached for the crucifix. “You better hurry up.” The female teased. “Or they leave you behind.” The priest went back upon the road. “wait here.” Ruth went for the armoury shop. He acknowledged. Julius unsheathed the sword. They soon came back. Lisa boasted with a leather chest-plate,though she still looked grim. “He called me a slut.” She muttered. “I payed the bill.” Ruth explained. Julius shook his head. There was nothing he might do about it now. This all began the night they encountered the New Order. That didn’t matter. They got to find Thomas. He was still missing. Ruth made them to visit this place. He didn’t expect to find the market. Either way, they needed more items. Anna hung up the crossbow. She put a hand on the sword. “Hello folks.” The group stopped at another shop. “I give you a nice fair.” The man kept behind the counter. “Thanks.” Ruth reloaded the shotgun. She still brandished with the axe. “There is no need for weapons.” The dealer told. “I got my own.” The place wasn’t large, though he purchased the basic wares. Lisa picked the daggers to carry on her body. “Thank you.” The morning-star club really looked nasty. “Is there anything else?” Anna put the coins upon his desk. She shook her head. “I saw you.” The soldier leaned closer. “I know who you must be.” The merchant put the purse into his hand. “This is a gift.” He looked round. Julius figured. “You shall be blessed.” The priest revealed. “I do believe in you.” They left the store. “I hope he won’t betray us.” Ruth was worried. “I don’t think so.” Julius gave her the purse. Hefrowned. “You better have a look inside.” He said. “Oh my God!” Anna hid the crucifix within her hand. “The Lord is with you.” The priest breathed. “He was kind.” Ruth remarked. “I forgive you.” Anna hung the symbol around her neck. “His image might preserve you from the wicked One.” Lisa sent him a look. “Do not place your faith in such idolatry.” She was so bitter. “He will not save you.” Julius sighed. She didn’t realize. He couldn’t tell her. Though before anything else, they had to return to the forest. “Then let it be done.” Julius admitted.

Forest of Debias, Warakiya. The 15th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The Berkeley mansion was ahead. Thomas trusted his spear. He used it like a walking stick. “Save me.” Thomas made the sign of the cross. He was still afraid. He got to angry. His father had warned him. “Anger, hate and agony.” Thomas breathed. “Beware of the dark.” His brother chose his fate. Patrick got his own problems. He sighed. Thomas couldn’t help him. He shot the bird. “Good Lord!” The raven fell burning upon the ground. Thomas frowned. He felt so alone. Thomas tried to dismiss. The resistance had attacked the order. Together they sent them on the run. He touched the crucifix. They went in opposite directions. Thomas hit the candles. He picked the ammunition. “Nice.” Thomas remarked. He might reload the weapon. That was another heirloom. Henry Oldrey inherited from Coller the highlander. That was in 1852. Strange though, the hunter was the husband of Carrie’s cousin. Camilla might rest in peace. He shook it off. Thomas re-holstered the pistol. He leaned against the spear. Thomas hoped that Eric would be proud. There was not much else left to do. Dawn was coming. He spent a night in the forest. Thomas exhaled. At least they couldn’t turn him into a vampire. Not if he chose to. That was rubbish anyhow. Thomas threw it aside. He got to hunt.

The birds then shrieked. Anna picked the sword. She might defend herself. That might still not be enough. The ravens hid among the branches. “God with us!” Julius challenged. She revealed the crucifix. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord.” The wind kept whipping with the short cape. Anna felt a great strength guide her hand. She pulled it back above her outfit. Anna might block their approach. “God with us!” The priestfound the gauntlets. “Get behind!” Julius attacked with his arms on fire. “This isn’t fair!” Ruth fired a round with the automaton gun. “The promises cannot break!” The lit chandelier symbol hung across her chest. “Protect the people!” She summoned. Lisa was at work. She threw the daggers about. The arrow went through the air. Anna felt chills down her spine. The archers were back. “They must be heading for the market!” Ruth called. She dismissed. Anna danced about while striking with the sword. She retrieved it from a red knight. That wasn’t important. Anna liked being adored. She presented the crucifix. Ruth reloaded the machine gun. The armour got laid with gold. Anna thought she looked like Thomas. “You freak!” Lisa crushed his skull. “He was looking up your skirts.” Anna blushed. She got to keep it down. The archer smirked.

That really was nasty. Ruth lost the helmet. The shoulder-length blonde hair fell down her back. She shook it away. “Fire in the hall!” Ruth knew the blue eyes went hard as diamond. She didn’t care. Ruth shot with the automaton gun. The round carved some space. The red knight died in a gash of blood. She swallowed. That really wasn’t nice. The round got empty. She had to reload. “God with us!” Julius created the pyre sword. He kept tall against the fox-archer. “You stay away!” Anna danced about while striking with the sword. The punches hit the raven. That was impressive. Ruth hung the machine-gun above her shoulder. She carried it across the chest. That was a bat. Ruth felt chills down her spine. They might inflict with the vampire pestilence. She got the axe. Ruth would cut up the mammals. “I hate you!” Lisa brandished with the morning-star. The heavy iron ball struck down among the knights. “I shall make you to burn!” She promised. Ruth reached for the symbol. The hunter was so bitter. The night spent with lord Dracula tended to have such effects. Then the vampires were to blame. The knight was dead. “This way!” Julius called. “Follow me!” She would. Ruth beheaded the lizard before joining up. She got to leave the helmet behind. Ruth didn’t mind.

The lizard man hissed. Marina felt no pity. She got lost. That might be. The nayad exhaled. She was certain. They got to be around. Marina felt their presence. She struck with the whip sword. The bats had gathered. They waited for an opening. Marinamight read their aura. The bats thirsted for blood. “Leave me alone!” She splashed about. The water might grant the upper hand. That remained to be seen. The lizard man stabbed his spear. “Dark ocean world!” She cursed. The whip sword got tied about his neck. “Glum!” The club man hurried forward. “Stay there!” Marina choked the monster. “This is my hour.” She conjured the water. The ravens looked down from the treetops. They spread their wings. Marina got a nasty feeling. shereleased the body. The nayad learned many things. Not all was what they appeared.The club man tried to get up. Marina brandished with the whip sword. She got to find them. The fox tried to pierce her. Marina ducked. That was close. She threw the water wave. That granted her shelter. She flicked at the swordsman. He got away. She let him run. The nayad used the opportunity to leave them behind. The forest was like a labyrinth. Marina relaxed. She reached with her feelings. The nayad went quiet. It was alright. She might track them.

The crypt, Laruba mansion. The 15th. of December 2098 A.D.

The lid got moved aside. His eyes were open. Ludvig Von Bork raised from within the coffin. The baron spread his cape. The lady Malpheffa kept him awake for the night.He slept beneath the mansion while in the daylight. Ludvig then closed the sarcophagus. He was not alone. The circle occupied the crypt. It was nightfall. They would hunt for blood. The baron hungered. The thirst would at all time gnaw upon his soul. Ludvig was old and strong enough to withstand the urge, though it was difficult. He beheld the tomb through burning eyes. The baron dismissed about the matter. It was time. He got a task to perform. Though to begin, there was his private stock. Ludvig had to secure his nourishment. “Listen to me.” He beckoned. “See me.” The baron exposed his fangs. “Come to me.” This was excellent. “Yes, my lord.” The Asian was givenswere sacrifice. “Feed on me. Please.” The brides got drawn by his power. “I want your blood.” Ludvig licked his fangs. “Drink it all.” The sister bared her throat. “You deserve it.” She created a wound. “This belongs to you.” They bent upon their knees. “Open up your mouth.” This was all their worth. “Oh Ludvig!” The concubine moanedwhile he performed the rite. “Yes!” They moved against his body. The baron then roared.

Forest of Debias, Warakiya. The 15th. of December 2098 A.D.

They went through the forest. “Let be Your will.” Julius made the sign of the cross. Dawn approached. Ruth reloaded the gun. He thought of her statement. “You talk about the mansion like you know the place.” He said. The guard sent him a look. She brushed through the hair. “That is his house.” She shuddered. “I was there when the order reclaimed it for themselves.” Julius touched his sword. “The order of shadow.” He mused. DesmondBelmont encountered the organization in 1666. “Though they are not the genesis of evil.” The others kept watch. “It all began with the white countess and the mad bishop.” Ruth shrugged. “In 1548, When the Orthodox church appointed Rufus to govern the province, he fell in love with a local lady.” Julius shook his head. “The community forbids such connections.” His sister would have to carry on the bloodline. “He would allow no man topossess her.” Ruth smiled. That never reached her eyes. “That pleased her pride, though she was a lesbian.” Anna blushed. She hid her face. Lisa smirked. She must like that. Julius sighed. “The countess used her influence to enrich herself and her friends.” Ruth looked upon the mansion. “She spent her wealthupon this estate.” Julius made the sign of the cross. “What happened with the bishop?” Lisa asked. “I think that nobody knows.” Ruth picked with the gun. “Though he died.” She looked sad. “The legend tells that, one morning, he was found beneath the stairs.” Julius sighed. He heard that before. “The lady got accused of witchcraft.” Ruth bit her lip. “She and 12 of the maids got brought to trial.” She touched the image. “Before the court could gather, they were found dead in their beds.” Lisa muttered about it. “The people fled in fear of the plague.” Ruth sent her a look. Julius acknowledged. He went in front. “Let me complete the story.” The priest afforded. “Though it isn’t nice.” They beheld him. The priest accepted. “The mansion got rebuilt.” He studied the Belmont archives. “The countess was dead. She hung herself.” Julius felt pity with her. “She went mad after having fed on human flesh.” His friends looked disgusted. “No wonder the place is haunted.” Ruth washed her hands. “That is true.” Julius bowed. “The priests found her journal.” He said. “The countess kept speaking about the tale-telling heart.” Anna turned pink. “She had to get rid of it.” Ruth brought her hands together. “That thing is evil.” Julius touched the crucifix. “Though the bishop got buried at last.” He hung his head. The priest then realized that Anna was sobbing. “You don’t have to be afraid.” Lisa tried to comfort. They whispered together. “The Dark Lord’s henchmen came to occupy the house in 1688. “He didn’t have time to tell them about Simon’s quest. “The mansion finally crumbled in 1692.” Lisa watched with renewed interest. “They restored the building.” She licked her lips. “deliver us.” He breathed. Julius made the sign of the cross. He got a sudden flashback of her naked body. What was going on? “I have discovered the comfort.” Lisa smiled. “The comfort of the eternal life.” Julius pulled away. “So, it is.” He unsheathed the sword. “Whore of Satan.” She changed appearance. “If you are not with me!” Lisa cried. Her eyes burned like the fires of Hell. “You are my enemy!” She then exposed with her fangs. “You have become like them.” Julius threw himself aside. “That is right!” Lisa brandished with the morning-star. “Watch out!” The spiked balls threw the snow about. “You monster!” Anna leaped to strike. “Stay down.” Lisa released the mist. “You don’t have to get involved.” The Gypsy shrieked. “You have no man.” She was crazy. That didn’t change anything. Julius stamped with the crucifix. “I hate you!” She got burned. “Let it be.” The priest held his sword. He got to behead her. “Human slime!” Lisa slashed with the claws. Julius made a back-flip. “God with us!” He threw the dagger. Lisa shrieked. She got impaled. “I shall release you!” Ruth fired a round. The female vampire became transparent. She vanished from sight. Ruth let down the automaton gun. The black cat threw herself on top. “I thirst!” Lisa would bite her. “No! Let me go!” Ruth fell back. She landed upon the ground. “Devils in Hell!” Julius crossed himself. “I shall kill this beast!” His arms were on fire. The priest pulled her away. Julius got the gauntlets. The undead was burning. “Curse you.” She released the bats. “Preserve us from the wicked One!” Julius threw the axe. The swarm blossomed into flame. “I got you!” Lisa struck with a clawed fist. The priest met her in combat. Ruth came from behind. The vampire snarled. “this I must do.” Ruth trust into the spine. That sent flames through her body. Lisa roared. Julius hid his ears. That didn’t sound like a human. He inhaled. The priest pulled together. Ruth got picked and hurled away. “God with us!” Julius stood tall. “Your blood is mine!” She blocked his efforts. “Take him!” Lisa released the bats. He doused the lot. Theywere defeated. Ruth got up from the snow. “She will not save you.” The guard went to retrieve the axe. “Die, and be damned!” Lisa vanished into the air. Anna tried to fight. She got frozen by the mist. “Your life is over.” Lisa loomed above. “I am sorry.” Anna was clever to not meet the gaze. Lisa laughed while she bent over. “Rest in peace.” Anna struck. The sword went upfrom between her shoulders. Lisa screamed. The flame scorched her body. Lisa was a living undead. The blade didn’t pierce the heart. “It is over.” Lisa snarled. “I will make you to suffer.” The voice was cold like winter’s heart. “Freeze!” She released the mist. “Yes, you freeze to death!” Anna shrieked. She shuddered in agony. “Now you will die!” Ruth was on the run. He knew she would be to late. Julius doused the enemy with holy water. “Stay out of this.” Lisa told. “Your time will come.” The frost waved about. The magic became a shield. The priest exhaled. He bought them more time. Ruth struck with the axe. That was to no avail. Lisa managed to dodge. “God with us!” Julius advanced. “I failed you.” Anna released the bolt. “No! Not the light!” Lisa shrieked. The silver then impaled the heart.

The hunt continued. Thomas snarled. He was this close to the mansion. “Take him alive!” The archer encouraged. Thomas emptied the shotgun. “Do it now!” The leader forced them on top. Thomas snarled. He twirled with the spear. The crucifix kept them behind. “I know the way.” He muttered. “You don’t have to escort me.” He stabbed through the lizard. The creature sighed. He was dead before reaching the ground. “Lord Zabach has decreed!” The fox unsheathed the sword. “That no one might pass.” That was a problem. He got no shield. “Blast you!” Thomas snarled. He reached for the crucifix. Then the force awakened. Thomas blinked. “Save me.” He breathed. The shining cross-shaped blast absorbed the enemy. “Thank you.” The soldiers fled in terror. Thomas sighed. He leaned against the weapon. Thomas had to gathered. This was a waste of time. He knocked the candles. Thomas even picked the items which the monsters left behind. Then he felt restored. That was okay. Thomas exhaled. He might reload the pistol. Thomas looked for the sky. Dawn was coming. Then the undead had to rest. This might be fun. Thomas would defeat his enemy. Hefrowned. Thomas disliked the smell. He realized the hair stood on end. The mansion stanched like an open grave.

She might rest in peace. Anna felt sorry. “You were my friend.” She said. “Your destiny was to restore the balance of the nature, not to leave it in darkness.” She tried to clean her face. “You were my sister.” Ruth put an arm around her shoulders. “The Lord is compassion.” The priest looked toward the heaven. “He has forgiven all.” The rising sun then shone down upon them. “Forgive our sins and lead us into Your Heaven.” Anna shuddered. “Amen.” Then she realized about the cold. Anna was freezing. “Here.” Julius reached into his backpack. “Try this.” He picked the bottle. “I purchased from Renon.” Ruth frowned. “It might restore your health.” He removed the cork. The potion boiled. She gasped. “There is no problem.” Anna huddled together. She couldn’t move. Julius got to force the liquid down her throat. Anna gulped, though he was right. She felt much better. “Thank you.” Anna managed to get up. “that removed the frozen state.” The priest acknowledged. “Let us continue.” Ruth finished reloading. “Then so it is.” Julius unsheathed the sword. “let them come.” Anna got her blade. “I shall fight.” She promised.Julius made the sign of the cross. They kept walking. “There they are!” The lizards had arrived. “Fire at will!” Then someone else emerged. Anna exhaled.

The bats went for blood. Ruth wouldn’t allow it. She was no human. Never mind. The blonde got blue skin. That was a surprise. Shecould admire. They might survive. “Take the slut!” The leader brandished with his scimitar. The scale armour got laid with gold. “We might earn a great sum if sold at the market!” Ruth fired with the machine-gun. The lizard man got shot to pieces. The others tried to gather. “God with us!” Julius attacked with the Alura sword. The living blade might pierce the armour. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Anna danced about to might challenge the monsters. Ruth smiled. She was adorable. The dark hair moved with her agility. “Dark ocean world!” The maid cursed. “She is no purchase!” She released a burst of water. “Thank you!” The monster tried to grab her. Ruth threw the weapon above her shoulders. She would have to fix it later. The lizard emitted the poison mist before striking with the sword. Ruth ducked beneath. “This is for me!” The axe went through his abdomen. That made him to collapse. “Watch out!” She got a problem. The bats settled upon her neck. “Curse you.” Ruth tried to stamp them out. “Glory be You.” Julius doused her with holy water. “Our Father in Heaven.” The bats burned. That still was not enough.

They got into trouble. Marina was glad she found them. She had been searching for quite a while. The maid struck with the whip-sword. The monstersspread about. Marina might have a breather. “Good night.” She bowed. “My name is Marina Seaflower.” She smiled at their confusion. “I am a nayad.” She told. “I got dispatched by your family.” The man was a Belmont. She was certain. He got the aura of a vampire hunter. “Do you know anything about ChristianMorris?” The man asked. He looked concerned. “They mentioned about him.” Marina then told her story. “My name is Julius Belmont.” The priest introduced the group. “This explains much.” Julius remarked. She stamped with her foot. “We don’t have time.” She looked around. The monsters might return at any moment. “Thomashas almost reached the mansion.” Julius acknowledged. “We shall save him.” He unsheathed theStellar sword. Marina exhaled. He made the sign of the cross. Julius was like the rest of his family. She relaxed. The Belmonts always cared about their friends. “That is alright.” The nayad closed her blue eyes. “Then we hunt together.” Julius went ahead. The girls spread out. Marina sighed. He did the right thing. She summoned the water. The nayad would be prepared.

Top floor, Berkeley mansion. The 15th. of December 2098 A.D.

Then it had failed. Lord Zabach beheld the empty space. He had seen it all transpire. Though it was a wasted effort. His child spent the night with the victim. The necromancer might conjure the spirits of the dead. He achieved control through the connection. Then she became like him. “Flesh of my flesh.” He recited. “Blood of my blood. My kin. My bride. To see through my eyes.” Then there were other secrets. Other keys which might unlock the hidden reservoirs of the dark. Lord Zabach acknowledged. The circle of blood could not be defeated. Though he preserved the opportunity for himself. The necromancer never met the Belmont clan before. So, let it be. He studied the tome of shadow. Lord Zabach would learn in time. This was nota set-back. The final test was when he left the adept to provide for themselves. Lord Zabach accepted the transition. He was pleased. This was the game he most desired. The necromancer would remain until the end. Then he would emerge. They required a bate. “Something to keep them occupied.” Lord Zabach thought of several objectives. It was time to demonstrate the power of the Dark Lord. Then he knew what might serve them best. “And when the thousand years have ended.” He breathed. “Satan shall be released from his prison.”

Forest of Debias, Warakiya. The 15th. of December 2098 A.D.

The sun shone down upon the clearing. “God with us!” Julius made it to rain with holy water. He made the sign of the cross. The birds shrieked. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” anna revealed the crucifix. The crows got kept at bey. “Fire in the hall!” Ruth released from the machine-gun. The zombie soldier stabbed with the knife. “Dark horizon!” Marina struck with the whip sword. “Preserve us from the wicked One!” The priest knew that soma Cruz brandished the weapon in 2035. Mina Hakuba used it to fend off the dead. The weapon broke into multiplemetal pieces. Julius dismissed. This was not the hour. “Watch out!” Anna got away. The soldier fired his rifle. “Be damned!” Ruth struck through the skull. “They are behind you!” The crow tried to rip him. Julius stamped with the cross. “This is cursed earth.” He held the sword in a dual grip. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost!” He threw the dagger. The Lord was with him. The dagger split in three. “Glory be You.” The priestknew he was a Belmont. The soldier collapsed. Julius inhaled. The gauntlets burned. Julius attacked with his arms on fire. The sword burned bright in the forest. He might behead the undead. “Leave her alone!” Ruth emptied the round. “Fire in the hall!” She screamed. They couldn’t be stopped. Julius shook his head. He supported against the knees. The priest caught his breath. Julius felt afraid. The mansion got shrouded. “Eternal night.” He tried to shake it. “Let it be done.” The priest might see beyond the obvious. That was their ability. “God with us!” Juliusblocked the attempt. He impaled the heart. The dead soldier collapsed into a heap. The priest drew sweat of his brow. They got to continue. “What do you think?” The lady sat beneath the tree. Julius frowned. He thought of the vampire. “Preserve us from the wicked One.” Although the sunlight would rob them of their supernatural power, they might still be abroad. “m I not attractive)” She let the hands run down her body. Julius shuddered. The redhead was naked. “Come to me.” She invited. The priest would not. “Curse you.” Marina struck with the whip sword. “You don’t fool me.” The harpy spread her wings to fly. Julius tightened the grip. He never got used to such things. “That is enough.” Ruth had reloaded the automaton gun. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Anna danced about. She kept the crucifix in front. “This is it.” The soldier stabbed with the knife. They would feed on human flesh. Julius swallowed. He feltdisgusted. The priest had to let go. Marina brandished with the whip sword. She threw the water about. The harpy leaped above. The priest crossed himself. His blood was on fire. Julius threw the fireball. “Human trash!” She cursed. The harpythen exploded on impact. Julius inhaled. The sisters hid atop the tree. “God with us!” The zombiekept his gun. Juliusinhaled. Hegot to fight. “This is the hour.” He declared. Annaadmitted. She presented the crucifix. “I am ready.” Julius bowed. The soul was a weapon. He might create an item-crush. The gauntlets blazed. “Let it be done!” The priest released a homing ball. “No!” The harpy got shot to pieces. “It can’t be!” Julius advanced. He knocked the candles. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” The Gypsy approached. She picked the crystals. They shared the contents. “That was nice.” Ruth struck with the axe. The soldier brought up his arms. “You shall pay for your impedance!” The blonde released the feathers. She went to nail him. “God with us!” Julius made a back-flip. The harpy threw the knife. “You won’t dare.” Marina appeared in front. “I won’t allow it.” She caught the weapon within the water. The harpy shrieked. She came to retrieve her item. The nayad got pushed aside. They fought for control. Ruth exhaled. She released the zombie. Ruth reloaded her weapon. “Fire in the hall!” She couldn’t rest. Ruth shot them into oblivion. The dead officer then slashed with the machete. Ruth tried to counter. The axe got struck from her grasp. “God with us!” Julius approached. The officer threw the grenade. He got beneath. The explosion shook the forest. The soldiers gathered about. He got to focus. The trio got armed. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Anna impaled with her sword. “You shall be blessed.” The gypsy threw a high kick. “I shall release you!” That removed the head. “You wont touch me!” The third man trusted his knife. Julius got back on foot. “Rest in peace.” He declared. “May you be forgiven.” Julius stamped with the crucifix. The zombie soldier then left her behind. “Thank you!” Anna blew him a kiss. The priest never answer. He got busy. The crows went about. “Leave it to me!” The Gypsy fired with the crossbow. “God with us!” She picked another arrow. “Let it be!” He doused with holy water. The soldier burned. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” The silver went through the body. “That was great.” Marina exhaled. “She almost killed me.” She went blue. “The harpies are a tribe enemy. “The nayad moved a hand before her eyes. “He will not forsake you.” Julius assured. “You have to believe.” The priest put a hand on her forehead. “Then nothing is impossible.” Anna touched his chest. “I don’t’ want to ruin anything.” She smiled. “But I think we are in trouble.” That was an empty grimace. Julius withdrew. The church forbids such relations. He shook it off. The priest scratched his short blonde beard. “Why do you think that?” Marina asked. The Gypsy spread her arms. “That is obvious.” Anna hung up the crossbow. “We are alone.” Julius closed his eyes. “Of course.” He should have guessed. Ruth only leftthe automaton gun. “How is this possible?” He got to be more careful. “I can’t be the leader.” This was the second time he failed. “Relax.” Anna said. “What kind of talk is that?” The nayad stamped with her foot. “You are not more then a human.” Anna looked up into his face. “You expect to much of yourself.” Perhaps he did. To be a Belmont did not make him invincible. Then what should he do? “You should listen to what they say.” Thomas explained.

They went to meet him. Thomas remained in place. The girls embraced him. They laughed while telling stories. “What happened?” Julius remained behind. “She is gone.” Thomas put the nayad down. “I had to let go.” That was not an easy decision to make. “Then you really loved her.” Anna had a step back. Thomas sighed. “You know I did.” He picked the gun. “Good Lord.” Thomas then exclaimed. The shotgun changed as he picked the weapon. “Strange things happen in the shadow of the castle.” The priest remarked. “I guess.” Thomas hung up the automaton gun. “I had to find you.” He snarled. “I saw what happened.” He exhaled. “Zabach is to blame.” Thomas folded his arms. “Strong men’s binding.” He pulled together. “Ruth got taken by the monster.” Thomas knew he got wounded. That didn’t matter. “They came from the house in the forest.” The priest looked hurt. “He likes playing games.” Thomas spat on the ground. “She is the heir to the house of Vincent.” Julius made the sign of the cross. Thomas blinked. He didn’t realize. “They helped our family in the past.” That was right. “I owe them this much.” That began with Robert Vincent in 1748. His descendants, Iris, Albus and Charles became instrumental in the campaign of the 19 th. Century. “Let us go.”

They went ahead. Anna produced the crossbow. “This is cursed earth.” The men kept talking together. “Lord Zabach has consolidated upon the night.” Julius got in the lead. “This place is strong with the dark force.” Thomas snarled. “I smelled it.” He rubbed his nose. “The place stench like an open grave.” Anna went pale. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord.” She spoke in Romani. He sent her a look. Anna had to think about the count’s followers. The brothers of knighthood got built by her people. She shook her head. The dark hair went like a wave abovethe shoulders. Anna couldn’t take the blame. The Slovaksgot much rewarded for their service. “Get away from there!” Marina cried. “Die you demon!” Marina struck with the whip sword. The zombie soldier hid behind a tree. Anna released the bolt. The corpse fell into a heap. He crumbled up before burning. “That was nice.” The nayad picked the crystal. “I am in your debt.” Anna shook it off. “No more then I am.” Marina smirked. Then she dismissed. “Nice.” The zombie didn’t come alone. Julius was right. This was all accursed. “Then do you want a kiss?” The harpy cradled about her body. Anna closed her eyes. It was the first time she ever kissed a girl. It really was delicious. “That is the way.” The brunette smiled. “You like that.” Her fingers touched beneath her skirt. Anna groaned. The harpy found the core.

The mansion, Berkeley mansion. The 15th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The bedroom was unknown. Ruth opened her eyes. The curtains blocked the sunlight. Though it was bright enough to see. “What a fine girl.” The man sat in the deep armchair. “How the blood of a beautiful woman would quench my body.” Though he sat with his back against the light, he cast no shadow or reflection. “Stay away! “She threw the blanket up close. “What are you frightened of?” Ruth realized they stole her armour. “I can give you eternal life and beauty.” She still got the chandelier symbol. That they couldn’t touch. “It is a simple matter.” He smiled to expose the fangs. “So why not rule this world with me?” Ruth wouldn’t be a bride of the living dead. “If I am to fall in such a cheap manner, I would take my life with my own hands.” He made a grimace. He really looked disappointed. “Fine. But what is it you call cheap?” He bent forward. “If you call my existence cheap, then would not all this world’s, this age of human desire, be cheap also?” His laugher was quiet, though it sent chills down her spine. Ruth hid her face. “He is probably this world’s way to its desire. Do not you think so?” He toyed with her emotions. They were not alone. “Yes, my lord.” She knelt before the dark wizard. “What is it?” He requested. “There is somebody suspicious in the mansion.”

Forest of Debias, Warakiya. The 15th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The nayad created a new spring. “You whore.” The harpy spat. “You are no better than either of them!” The sisters kept about. “That rests with the Lord.” Julius revealed the crucifix.“You won’t do that again.” Thomas fired a boom. “I can assure you.” The redhead fell down. “The Master have you all!” The blonde tried to stab him. “You can’t knife a man in armour.” He pierced her on the spear. “Rest in peace.” The harpy crumbled at his feet. “I can’t do this.” Anna pulled back. “Please forgive me.” The sword went through the chest. “Die another day.” The brunette blossomed into flame. Marina twirled about. The crows got human eyes. Marina kept quiet. Though it wasn’t easy. The birds picked the dead. That was disgusting. “Get away!” The nayad created a fountain. “Haunt us no longer!” The water was like a shield. That was great. She caught her breath. This wasn’t the time. Marina reached for her weapon. The zombie trusted his knife. “Not today.” Anna r eleased one morearrow. That went flying through the air. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” The silver pierced his heart. Marina admired. “Thanks!” She ripped the head off his shoulders. “Come with me.” Thomas reloaded. “I smell their presence.” He lead on into the thicket.

Torture lab, Berkeley mansion. The 15th. Of December 2098 A.D.

They would serve the New Order. Black Tyrannus might admit. “Yes lieutenant, what is it?” The cyborg came to a halt. “The angel demands that you make contact with him.” The warlockaccepted. “Prepare my communication lounge.” He demanded. “Yes, my lord.”BlackTyrannus was a flying dragon. Then he ceased to be. He dismissed. Zabachacceptedtheir presence. He threw back the cape. The skull mask concealed his identity. “Come with me.” They left the laboratory. “Guards; you may leave us.” Lord Tyrannus entered his chamber. The cyborg climbed the steps. He was secured. “I salute you.” The general reached the grid. “What is thy bidding?” He bent upon a knee. “ There is a great disturbance in the force.” They found a channel. “I have felt it.” That was a close-up image of the angel’s face. “We have a new enemy.” The cyborg admitted. “ Trevor Belmont.” He hissed. “He could destroy us.” Lord Tyrannus considered. “The young Belmont must not become a hunter.” The general inhaled. “If he could be turned, he would become a powerful ally.” The gaze never changed. “Yes.” He rasped. “Yes.He might be a great asset.” Death bent closer. “ Can it be done?” Lord Tyrannus impressed. “He will join us or die.” He bowed. The sending got closed.

Forest of Debias, Warakiya. The 15th. Of December 2098 A.D.

That was a problem. Julius looked around the pedestal. “Stay down.” They sneaked through the area. “She is still there.” Thomas touched the automaton gun. “Let me handle it.” The priest shook his head. “It would draw too much attention.” This must have been a garden. Though that was difficult to tell. “So, what?” Thomas shrugged. “Zabach already know that we are underway.” Julius reached for the crucifix. That was true. “Take it easy.” Anna whispered. “He is the vampire hunter.” Thomas shrugged. “It shall be done.” Julius kept looking at her. The Iraki woman occupied the balcony. She was dressed like a lady. With a pointed hat, lace gloves and a tight-fitting dress. “You are not the lady of the lake.” The priest told himself. “I am not the king.” She kept the monkey close. Strange, but it made him to remember about the Indian culture. Then they were a sign of prosperity. He made the sign of the cross. Even the most enlightened ones might lose their way if tempted by the curse of Darkness. “I knew you were here.” The harpy landed atop the broken artwork. “You are so predictable.” The blonde spread her wings. “now you got no-where left to run.” Julius groaned. He got cut by the feathers. “Let us have fun.” She conjured the sisters. “Yes! Let it be a party!” Julius shuddered. There was a slight earthquake when the officer arrived. “This is your duty.” The Iraki leaped in front. “You are born and bread for this reason.” She bent upon the ground. “To serve the prince of Darkness.” Julius threw himself away. There was something going on. The dark seemed to have craved the monkey. “Poor, poor creature.” The animal got consumed. Then all colour left his face. The ape was growing. “Preserve us from the wicked One.” It really expanded. The priest got into a ready position. “Kill him!” The mistress demanded. “As you wish.” Julius was freezing. That voice might fit Judas in Hell. “Let it be.” Gobanze collected the pieces. The armour shone bright in the sunlight. He had to look aside. The monster attacked with the spear. Julius consolidated his power to leap above. “I shall get you!” Thomas went beneath. The snarl twisted his features. “Burn in Hell!” Julius slid upon the ice. He got forced to watch on while his friend approached the undead. That was no pleasant sight. Thomas fought like an animal. “Die!” Gobanze released the hook-shot. “God with us!” Julius presented the crucifix. The monster got to pull back. The chain burned by His presence. “Kill!” The monster threw the spear up in front. “Do not forsake me.” Julius threw the vials. The outburst saved him. The priest exhaled. Gobanze released the shadow like coils of black smoke. Julius might see the connection. “God with us!” This was their ability. The priest released through the gauntlets. The acid fume might crush the arm. “Curse!” Gobanze was clever. He used the hook like a battering-ramp. Julius inhaled. The chain didn’t break. “Slaughter!” The monster came back. Julius threw the axe. The living force would prevail. The explosion shook the garden. The priest forged the Alura sword. “Let it be!” He struck through the chest. “Hell!” Gobanze got wounded. Blood stained the armour. Julius exhaled. He was still alive. the monster might be killed. “Perish!” Gobanze trusted the spear. The priest made a back-flip. “Damn!” The monster released the hook-shot. Julius threw himself upon the snow. The Lord was with him. The priest got up to hurl the dagger. “Death!” Gobanze got impaled by the enflamed projectiles. He survived. The priest retrieved his items. “Help me.” The monster wore him down. “Crazy!” Gobanze threw the hook-shot. Julius fought to get free. The monster pulled back home. He got the spear ready. Julius bit together. “Rest in peace!” The meteor rebounded against the armour. “Tear!” The stone went about. “Glory be You!” He got the advantage. “Our Father in Heaven!” Julius impaled the gold. “Delirium!” Gobanze shuddered by the impact. “Oblivion!” Julius almost collapsed. He got hit in the head. The monster was a freak. He brizzled with muscles. Julius picked together. Gobanze was ready to strike him. The priest doused him with holy water. “Decay!” Gobanze was burning. He still dragged him along. “Let it be over.” Julius removed the head. “Demise!” Gobanze then burst into flames. The priest exhaled. He picked the mystic crystal. The flash was to bright. Though the orb had vanished, he got restored. Julius touched the crucifix. They got to breach the mansion. Though he disliked the house. The officer struck with the machete. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” The wind kept whipping with her cape. The short brown and green dress might blend with the forest. She spoke in Romani. Julius never figure. He didn’t have to. The zombie hurled the grenade. “Preserve us from the wicked One!” The sword belonged to Maxim. Christopher Belmont’s daughter married the Spaniard back in 1591. Giuseppe got killed by Soleyou. Julius was the descendant of Zolica Kishine. Hegot a second item. “Let it be.” The priest reached at his neck. The Shuriken got kept in a purse. Julius threw the star like a boomerang. Ruth might be interested. The archives told that Maxim acquired it after a journey to theeast. The grenade exploded. “Thank you!” Anna trusted her sword. The dead officer got impaled. He staggered. That wasn’t enough. He squeezed her breasts. “Release me!” Anna shrieked. The zombie officer groused her privates. Julius had to vomit. He dropped the machete to grab up the front of her skirts. “I only want to be left alone.” She still spread her legs. “They made me into a whore.” Anna wept bitter tears. “I am sorry.” The undead reached to force her. “God with us!” Julius crashed a vial. “You shall be forgiven.” The priest declared. “If this is who you are.” The sword got buried within the spine. “It shall be given to you.” The zombie crumbled into ashes. “Though you have to accept it for yourself.” They exchanged glances. “Believe me.” Anna blushed. “That I will.” Julius crossed himself. She didn’t figure. He accepted. Julius couldn’t warn her about it either.

The female vampire went for blood. “Curse you!” Thomas would impale her upon the stake. “You have power.” The woman exposed her fangs. “You got strength.” The dress got torn. “Why not use it?!” He made a trust. Thomas carried across the chest. “I will never join you!” He found them in a candle. “You could do so much.” She ripped with the nails. “You would like that?” Thomas snarled. “I hate you!” He howled. “You shall pay!” Thomas punched her in the face. She laughed, although her lips got stained with blood. He was careful not to taste. Thomas couldn’t be turned.Though it might do nasty things. “I can feel it in you now.” The bitch was back. “You know you cannot resist.” She leached with the tongue. “There are none who can.” Thomas snarled. “That is a lie.” He would pierce the heart. “Burn in Hell.” Hector got help. The she vampire morphed into mist. Cornell hadn’t been alone. The snow flashed in the sunlight. Thomas would avenge the family. “Take this for a change!” The stake got buried in her stomach. “You can’t strike me!” The sark revealed her shapeliness. “Die you wench!” Thomas thought of the lion. The bride also got dark skin. Never mind. Thomas would have to retrieve his arsenal. “I must.” He told. “I have no choice.” Thomas watched while she burned.

The priest closed his prayer with the sign of the cross. “This is all I could do.” He explained. “

It will be alright.” Annahad no doubt. “That rests with the Lord.” Julius touched her brow. She knew he was concerned. “You have to decide.” Anna blushed. She enjoyed his company. “I will.” She promised. Julius touched the crucifix. He went to retrieve the sword. “Bless me.” The crow picked it up. “God with us!” The soldier then stabbed with the knife. Anna picked another arrow. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” She fired with the crossbow. “Preserve us from the wicked One!” Julius caught the zombie soldier within a burning grip. Anna exhaled. Her bolt went home. The bird fell on the ground. “Rest in peace.” Julius forced the crucifix into his mouth. The corpse got consumed. Anna crossed herself. The priest left the money. He reclaimed the sword. “Get down!” She was more then a harlot. “Take cover!” Anna struck with the repeated punches before delivering a high kick. The soldier staggered. “Then who was your master?” Thomas came to deliver the undead. She sighed. Anna sat on the bench,though it got broken. “You don’t know him.” She watched while he reloaded the machine gun. “He died for us.” She said. “Though they still burned the farm.”

The mansion, Berkeley mansion. The 15th. Of December 2098 A.D.

They talked together. Ruth got frightened by the statement. The vampire wasn’t just wicked, he was sick. “Very well.” Now he almost seemed to be amused. “Then it is time.” He checked the chronometer. “That is nearly12 of clock, and almost high noon.” She thought about the legend. Some said the undead got a very restricted freedom at this hour. Ruth threw it aside. She didn’t care. She wished to be free, and back in armour. “Back to the U.S.S.R.” Ruth blinked. Was she going mad? Why think of music right now? Ruth got to calm down. It was too late. The respite was over. “I see. This thing called destiny it such fun.” He returned his attention. “Well, it seems we have an interruption.” Ruth didn’t grant him the pleasure. She wouldn’t crawl like a victim,begging for mercy. “He had no mind. The vampire reached to touch her. “So then, I see you later. Be well.” The servants disappeared from the bedroom. “This will be fine.” The man stood by the bed. “I got other use for you.” The smile seemed frozen upon his face. “Save me, Julius.” She breathed. The wizard towered above. His breathstanched. She curled together. The thought that she might have to kiss him was unbearable. “Let me show you.” He gloated. “We can play a game.” Ruth shuddered. “If you want to.”

Forest of Debias, Warakiya. The 15th. Of December 2098 A.D.

This wasn’t right. The harpy kept teasing her for a deathly round of hide-and-seek. Marina stamped with her foot. She once heard a story of how Gabriel became involved. That wouldn’t happen. Marina was too clever. She threw it aside. The garden had become a maze. “Caught you!” The harpy threw herself on top. “Black water!” The nayad got pushed upon her knees. “That was fun.” The brunette giggled while licking her neck. “Get away from me you monster!” She was a tribe enemy. “Oh, don’t say that.” The harpy leaned close. “I know what girls desire.” She breathed down her neck. “Then I am no girl!” Marina told the truth, from a certain point of view. She was a nayad. Marina felt proud about it. “Now you get off!” She threw a stream of water. That froze on impact. The javelin pierced her body. Marina cried. She got drenched in blood. “How horrible!” Marina rolled in the snow. She created a shower. “Come on.” That was better, although she didn’t come clean. “We must reach the mansion.” Anna came to find her. “Alright.” The men kept standing guard. She looked upon the countryside. “Forgive them.” Julius made the sign of the cross. “They don’t know what they do.” Thomas shrugged. “That is okay.” Marina touched the whip sword. “Let us go.”

Torture lab, Berkeley mansion. The 15th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The doors moved aside. The droid-lieutenant Nigma kept at attention. “Come, let us walk together.” Lord Tyrannus emerged. “Yes, my lord.” The cyborg saluted his superior. “If that is what you want.” The T-shaped visor concealed his expectations. “Then it shall be done.” The machinery kept him alive. “Prepare a shuttle.” The warlock required. “Permission granted.” The eyes burned. “The inspection is complete.” The general informed. “I appoint you as the lieutenant-commander.” Nigma knew This was a privilege. Though to a certain degree. The mansion was the first installation to be equipped with this technology. “We must inform lord Zabach.” That was the correct procedure. The necromancer belonged to the circle of blood. “He has to submit.” The general reached inside his cape. “This is it.” Nigma adjusted the adaptor upon his chest. He then tapped into the security. “This is a central command and control decoder.” Black Tyrannus kept marching. “Then activate the overwrite program.” He told. “I want them to deploy.” This was perfect. “Excellent.” The cyborg got full oversight of his entire computer network. “That is to be executed.” He gave the order. “Then wake up.” Nigma instructed. “Starnet.” They reached atop the building. “Let it begin.”

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