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Castlevania: Darkness Never Dies


Part 1: Curse of Blood

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Part 2: Legacy of Sorrow

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Part 1: Curse of Blood.

“”My house should be a house of prayer, not a denof thieves.””

Mathew: 21. 13.

Chapter 1:Praying hands.

Top floor, Berkeley mansion. The 9th. Of December 2098 A.D.

Dusk had arrived. Lord Zabachsat upon the throne of his keep. “They are coming.” His huge strong body bulged with muscles. “Yes, my lord.” The knight’s blazing red eyes fell upon his servants. The crystal ball stoodupon the altar. It showed images of far away happenings. Albus Zabachleft from his seat. “You must be ready.” He threw back his cape. The moonlight got reflected by his gold armour. “We shall be, my lord.” The hunchback crawled for his favour. “You only have to tell us.” The dark warlock acknowledged with a bow. “Excellent.” He said. “Bring them to me.” They got captured some few days ago. He licked his fangs. Joseph Heidrich brought them to the prison. The vampire would do battle. He was scheming for that hour. Thus, he raised to hold a supreme rank of the Dark Lord’s realm. That was the right way. His plans would not be crossed. Because;they never did. He would always conquer his enemies. Count Dracula would give a handsome reward for this victory. “Proceed.” He told the humpback snivelers. “Yes, my lord.” They went to work. They were worthless, though they would execute his will. Lord Zabach was pleased. This would really be perfect.

Inner cells, “Burned paradise”. The 11th. of December 2098 A.D.

This was a dream. He was asleep. It gave no comfort. Thomas kept dreaming of the same event. It was the same, the very same. Thomas would cry for it to be different. It would be to no avail. He was weeping in his sleep. Though he would never admit,not when he was awake. But in his sleep, the memories kept coming back. There was nothing he could do. Not the least. Thomas prayed for it to stop, to be over. Neither would happen. Thomas had to go through it all again. He was forced to remember. To remember every bit of all that happened.



The pinnacle, “Burned paradise”. The 9th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The stench was horrible. Thomas noticed the dead soldiers usedthe same black and brown Nazi-uniform.Never mind. They marched him into the room. The office wasn’t big. The windows only revealed the yard outside. The man behind the desk hardly filledhischair. He looked like a walking corpse, with short-cut white hair and gleaming eyes. He wore the same uniform. Sprechen Sie Deutsch?” Thomas nodded. “There was no point in resistance. “Herr Sùrmbandfurher. Ich sprechendahin.” The officer smiled without humour. His fangs got exposed. “Goht. Ich warden Sturmbandfurher Rudolf Von Lirchenmuller.” The pompusbureaucrat went on to explain that he was in the “Burned paradise” instalation, ruled by some lord AllbusZabach. And that he, his commander, the vampire standing by the window,the Ubersturmbandfurher Joseph Hiedrich, would have to keep him imprisoned. He was informed to complete hisprofile for the record. Thomas sighed.He wouldn’t reveal his name. When they finished with the paperwork, the dead soldiers made him to move along. The Nazi-zombies brought him to his cell. It was already occupied. They closed the door behind him. Thomas worried about his friends. They managed to escape. He hoped they would be alright.


End of flashback.

Someone called his name. “Thomas! Thomas, wake up!” Thomas opened his eyes. The dream still haunted his mind. Thomas knew that it really happened. They tried to prevent the return of count Dracula. They had failed. The castle was back. Although Thomas never saw the prince of Darkness, he was certain. Thomas and Julius got split from the others when that dreadful place emerged. Since then, they had been wandering about. The bats chased them. Together they managed to defeat the monsters. For a moment, he thought about that event.



Forest of Debias, Warakiya. The 7th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The grim reaper slashed with the scythe. “So, This arth thy power?” Thomas collidedwith the tree. “Then I shall test thee.” Julius unsheathedthe Stellar sword. The priest threw the axe through the air. “So, let it be!” He said. “This is my destiny!” Thomas growled. He got the spear. “I am a Lecarde clansman!” He called. “You don’t have to protect me. Julius regained his composure. The grim reaperhurledhis scythe. Julius threw the daggers forward. Death managed to repelthe assault. Thomas fireda boom from the shotgun. The silver bullet pierced the enemy. “Preserve usfrom the wicked One!” Julius made the sign of the cross. The axe struck his skull projectiles. Death screamed. Thomas shuddered. He stabbed the spear. The grim reaper was so cold. “God with us!” Juliuschallenged. He threw the sword like a giant boomerang. “So, it would be like this.” The blade got buried in his spine. “The rest of the way.” Death vanished in a cloud of smoke. “Take the ball.” The priest encouraged. “Right.” Thomas retrieved it. He felt restored. “Let it be.” Julius hung up the crossbow. They exchanged glances. Thomas shrugged. He got work to do. “We must return to the castle.” Julius looked toward the heavens. “It begins.” Thomas accepted. “Then let us go.” He said.


End of Flashback.

The dead soldiers had arrived. There was nothing he could do. Therewere too many. Then he made his decision. Thomas told him to run. Julius didn’t like it, although he ran into the forest. That saved his life. Thomas would do the same again. “Thomas!” The voice called. “Come on! Wake up! We are getting food.” Thomas shook his head. They only got served twice a day. Ortega withdrew. He was one of their cell-mates. The redhead wore the prison’s uniform. The grey shirt and black trousers didn’t reflect his colours. Ortega had become a friend. They would make the best of it. Cera smiled.The white teeth lit her features. She was the other inmate. Cera was only 18 years old. The black skin made her almost invisible. Thomas spent some time with her. They both had. Thomas wondered if she might be an agent of evil. She gotpunished for their activity. The dead soldiers arrested him some week ago. He had been here for three days. It felt like forever. Thomas growled. He better have some food. They would soon be taken to the mine. Thomas kept the crucifix. They got served by a local traitor. He almost killed the man. Thomas realized it was a waste of time. That wouldn’t change anything. Thomas ate the food. Then the soldiers returned. They got brought outside.

The den, “Burned paradise”. The 11th. of December 2098 A.D.

They passed by the condemned. Thomas shuddered. Although it happened every day, he never got used to it. He growled. The dead soldiers lead them away. They were those that couldn’t work. Thomas knew they got brought to block 9 or 13.Then, there were no return. No one ever escaped. The killer machine would continue to create other soldiers to serve the Dark Lord. Thomas would like to tear Von Lirchenmuller into shreds. Not even the children got spared. Everyone would keep away. “Do not think about it.” Ortega muttered. “They are the block of no return.” They all used that phrase. The Nazistold that, since they were the man-beasts, they would be among the last to takethe “shower”. If only God would give him strength,then Thomas would burn this place down. He would be a happy man. Wishful thinking. It was time to leave. They went aboard the lorry. The soldiers sat on motorbikes. Thomas wondered which officer would be in charge. He looked for a place to sit. They quickly made some space. Feldtwebel Siegfried Swartz would be among them. The engine started. Four of the automobiles would go to the farm. Thomas hoped that Swartz would go along. That didn’t happen. They kept on driving. Thomas sighed. They would be there soon.

Underground mine, Warakiya. The 11th. of December 2098 A.D.

The dead soldiers brought the prisoners into the mountain. They receivedthe equipment for today’s labour. Thomas inhaled. He felt much better when the traitors were not around. He claimed the gears. They should light a lamp. There were no guards about. Thosewho found a big gem would be sent to lord Zabach. He would play cat-and-mouse. Ortega muttered to himself. Hetried to find it. Ortega changed into his man-beast form. He looked like a bear. He whistled while they worked. Thomas toiled here yesterday. He would pick up whatgems he found. This was tiresome labour. “If only I got a diamond.” The bear growled. “Then I would tear his neck.” Thomas put a finger upon his lips. Helga passed by. She spread her legs for the undead. Ortega threw some opals into the sack. Thomas thought of his friend. The priestnever got captured. They would make a public execution. “What is going on!?” Barlowe broke his line of thought. There weresome explosions. They got mixed with the prisoners. The dead soldiers came to restore order. Thomas snarled. They got automaton weapons. Hethrew the bag. Thomashowled his challenge. “For Warakiya!” He was not alone. They carried religious symbols. Thomas grabbed the gun. They struggled. Then Helga hit his neck.

Inner cells, “Burned paradise”. The 11th. of December 2098 A.D.

The water dripped from the ceiling. Thomas waskept in the cell. The priest was out there. He hit the wall. Ortega had escape. Why couldn’t he wait!? Thomas snarled. Nathan and Barlowe got executed. They were forced to watch. They were decent men. Cera tried to comfort. It was to no use. Thomas was sad and angry. He began to redress. Cera was experienced. He feltno better. The door was opened. “Get up!” Conrad Richter demanded. “What is going on?” Cera was forced to remain. Thomas had to obey. He got no choice. They led him across the den. Thomas was brought into the office. “Gut.” Von Lirchenmuller sat behind his desk. He was not alone. His items lay on the table. His heart beat faster. There were two big gems. “I warden HerbertMainz.” The Walachian was worse then his German. “Sturmbandtfurher Von Lirchenmuller habenzumich reported that Sie two diamonds habegefunden.” Thomas merely acknowledged. “Sie woollen released warden.” He gestured for the weaponry. “unseren belongings is dine nocheinmahl.” Thomas took the gem. Nathan gave them to him. “Sie haben also eineanderen diamante gefunden.” They knew what that ment. “Wirmusseneineanderenmenchgehen.” Thomas smiled when he told them about it. They had no choice. This time it was Thomas who got the upper hand. Cera should be released from her prison.

They were permitted to prepare in an empty cell. Thomas gave a nock on the door. The dead soldiers arrived. They got escorted to the main entrance. Cera blinked. Theywere allowed to leave. She inhaled. This would be it. This was his game. “Let us go.” Thomas said. Cera agreed. They retained their true form. She stopped. That was the sound of engines. The skeletons mounted their motorcycle. The swarm of bats attacked. Thomas shot a monster. They came from the forest. Cera released with an energy scythe. Her boyfriend leaped upon the bike. He focusedthe attack. Cera was a lion. She gained another ride. The leftmost fence gotforced down. The figures wentto hurl grenades toward the enemies. “God with us!” The hunter made the sign of the cross. The bear had survived. Thomas turned round. He ran down the zombies. “Bats are coming!” The swarm went from above. They turned into vampires. Cera snarled. She impaled Richter. Mainz slashed with the claws. Thomas nailed through the heart. He was furious. Cera tackled the vampire. She cut his neck. Ortega was dead. She had no time for sorrow. Then Von Lirchenmuller shot her in the shoulder. She screamed. Cera felt like Hellfire burned her flesh. She tore at the heart. Cera would release him from the curse.

Forest of Debias, Warakiya. The 11th. of December 2098 A.D.

The sun was setting. They brought the bikes to a halt. “Why do we stop?” Thomas asked. The priest didn’t listen. “William! Lisa!!” He called. “Are you here!?” Julius asked. “It is me, John Kishine!” They came from the forest. Thomas recognized on sight. They worked in the mine. “There you are.” Lisa smiled. “You found him!” Julius bowed. “I did.” He returned the favour. “How many managed to escape?” Thomas was eager. William shrugged. He had been a banker before the ice. “Most of the farmhands, I think.” He relaxed. “Then it is me and some others from the mine.” Williamtold.He scratched his dark hair. “Why do you ask?” Thomas frowned. He thought of how to rescue the captives. “You don’t have to worry.” Juliusexplained. “We have a plan.” Thomas exhaled. He should have realized the priest would leave no one to Dracula. Julius made the sign of the cross. Thomas looked aside. He often forgotabout his strength. “Let us go.” William and Lisa climbedatop the bike. They went on into the forest. Thomas wondered how they would pull it off. Julius madethem to stop. The camp was occupied by the former prisoners. “They told me about it.” Thomas lefthis seat. “They are the resistance.” He hoped Julius knew what he was doing. They got to rescue the people.

“Burned paradise”, Warakiya. The 11th. of December 2098 A.D.

The group had gathered. He was ready. Julius summoned Renon. They purchased his items. There were coins in the candles. He hoped no one had been careless. “Prepare for assault.” Julius got his sword. The fight began. The crows shrieked. It was too late. The grenades knocked the fence. The guards reacted. They got automaton weapons. Julius hoped Thomas would do better. He would appear from behind. The bullets went through the air. They got to close. Julius engaged in hand-to-hand combat. He defeated the soldier. The ghost moanedwhile fading. The sword was on fire. Julius releasedhim from the curse. The birdsapproached. He threw the dagger. The dead officer slashed his machete. The axe made him to stagger. Julius threw the vial. He found it in the candle. The officer collapsed. Julius removed the head. The turrets turned to fire. Williamthen smashed with the hammer. The priest slipped on the ice. The zombiesoldier almost pierced with a knife. Julius doused him with holy water. The enemy sent all they got. The turrets fired their lasers. All was chaos. He burned the raven. The resistancegot forced to retreat. The machine-gun guards had arrived. “Preserveus from the wickedOne!” Julius reached for the crucifix. He would hunt the night.

The zombie refused to die! Thomas howled his challenge. He pierced the heart of the officer. Thomas got hit in the shoulder. The soldier tried to shoot him. Thomas got clad in armour. The darkside approached. He leached with electricity. Thomas stabbed his spear. The demon vanished. He rammed with a blast. Theenemy reappeared. He shot parallel beams. Thomas got the crucifix. He released with a flurry of flames. Then he dashed. He pierced the heart of the enemy. The darkside disappeared. Another shot crushed the crystal. The darkside tried to slash him. Cera released more energy. He leached with electricity. Thomas pierced his body. The monster disappeared. Cera gathered in time to shoot the crystal. A black smoke polluted the air. Thomas felt like he couldn’t breathe. The demonshot boiling fireballs. Thomas got pushed to the limit. Cera struck with the claws. Thank God the fur didn’t burn. Thomas shot for the crystal. Then he got struck by lightning. Cera blazed with man-beast energy. The darkside was forced to leave. Thomas revealed the symbol. He was back. They watched him crumble. He picked the mystic ball. That restored him back to the original state. Thomas couldn’t rest. They were on the offense. He renewed the efforts. There would be a long night.

The pinnacle, “Burned paradise”. The 11th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The staff had gathered. Joseph Hiedrich was not amused. This would be his demise. The court marshal might already be in progress. He knew the charge against him would be that of high treason. The Belmont clan was to blame. They organized the resistance. Together they were strong enough to breach the prison. The reports granted the picture of the catastrophe. They released them from captivity. The vampire would have to give a personal report. He would constitute a recovery expedition for the suspected renegades. The overlord would be furious. Even so, he got no time to spare. The commander stepped into the reach of his holo-projector. “Hail the count.” Joseph Hiedrich gave his salute. He got acknowledged. “My lord Zabach. I must report a failure.” He folded his arms behind the back. “The dark-breed has escaped.” He would make no excuse. “He found a big gem.” The image never changed. “Then he will come to me.” The necromancer smiled. “I have foreseen it.” Joseph Hiedrich remained at attention. He still accepted the marshal. “Then what about the resistance?” They might become a threat to the prince of Darkness. “They are not your concern.” Lord Zabach decreed. “I want the prison restored.” That was his game. “Yes, my lord.” The commander saluted. “As you wish.”

Forest of Debias, Warakiya. The 12th. of December 2098 A.D.

Although The weather was cold,his blood boiled. Or so it felt. Julius was sweating. He got hit in the shoulder. The ravens pushed him from the bike. The motorcycle collided with a tree beforeit exploded. “Are you alright?” The lion looked nervous. “I think so.” Julius landed in the snow. Cera helped him to stand. “They got the bow-and-arrows!” Julius pushed her aside. He didn’t care about the wound. Julius served together with the SwissGuard. He was a hunter. The priest dismissed. The enemies had arrived. “God with us!” Julius made the sign of the cross. They had mounted living Raptors. The fox-archer picked another arrow. Julius threw the daggers forward. “Blast you!” She lost the aim. The fox picked her sword. The red knight made the beast to attack. William smashed for the steed. Blood stained the white. The monster roared. “No! Get back!” The banker got slashed. The dinosaur fed upon his corpse. “Fire at will!” The fox shouted. The ravens left the trees. The bats had noticed. Julius slashed with the Stellar sword. “The lizards are ready!” The resistance got killed. Julius got to dodge. He threw a vial. The monster pulled back. Julius sighed. The chest-plate saved his life. He hurled the axe. Evil thrived in the shadow of the demon castle. He shuddered by the memory.



Assembly line, “Burned paradise”. The 11th. Of December 2098 A.D.

This was the place. Julius and William led the assault on the death factory. The zombie soldiers were standing guard. They couldn’t stop them. Julius sent Lisa away. She didn’t have to see this. Both her sisters ended upwithin the factory.Nobody hadreturned. They went for the buildings. Julius should take care of block 9. Some Nazi-zombies still lurked about. Julius didn’t come alone. The ghosts sent chills down his spine. They were the haunting visions of those which perished here. Julius smashed the controls. That should keep them from pouring more gas. “Burn in Hell!” William shouted. The stock of uniforms made it so obvious. The Dark Lord would recruit the dead. “Move it!” Barlove shouted. “The bombs are ready!” Julius got brought back to reality. “Let us go!” He called. No one protested. They purchased the explosives for this occasion. He got the activation device upon his belt. Julius went along. He would be certain to blow up this place. When they got away, he pulled the trigger. The explosion was extraordinary. “So let it be done.” Julius made the sign of the cross. “In the name of the Lord.” Barlove shook his head. “We don’t have time.” He said. Julius sighed. He was right. They would notice about this. “Come on!” He called. “Let us be gone.”


End of Flashback.

He shook his head. Julius got to regain composure. It waslike a nightmare. Julius was grateful he never got arrested. He hated Dracula so much. Thecompassion sometimes scared him. They were all afraid. He could see it in their eyes. Julius touched the crucifix. He had to let go of his fear and anger before the battle with the Dark Lord. Julius never achieved that conviction. No wonder the Vampire Killer rebuffed him. Christian had no fear. He believed in the morals. Trevor found strength in the legacy of the house of Belmont. He was only a boy. But he was the vampire hunter. “Do you want something to eat?” Lisa offered. Julius didn’t notice they prepared for the night. The resistanceplundered the prison. “Thanks.” He said. “That would be nice.” She served him the pot-roust. They had been on the run for so long. Tomorrow there would be another day. Julius had to move for the castle. He got a hunt to fulfil. The dark powers got a century to grow. He got up. “We have to stay alert.” He said. “We had to organize.” Lisa explained. “I did what I could.” She sighed. Julius smiled. He felt relaxed. Shecould help. “Letme have a look.” Julius suggested. “I am here.” Lisa went along. He would check about the area. Julius couldn’t shake it. He felt like being watched.

She groaned. Thomas kissed her.“Yes!”The lionkept tight. “You are so good.” He caught a nipple. “I want to do bad things with you.” The girl kept at the exit. “Who are you?” Are you a good person? “I am Thomas Lecarde. A vampire hunter.” She smiled. “I amAnna Westenra. I heard about you from Lisa before.” Anna sighed. “I came to defeat the demons. But I got caught.” She shrugged. “I am a vampire hunter too. So, let us be friends from now on.” Thomas got up. “Friends. But… You are not ready yet.” She kept her ground. “That is not so! I can handle it.Leave beating the bad man to me. Anna blushed. She tried to calm down. Cera brushedthrough the braids. “Wait a moment.” Her skin shone in the moonlight. “We are coming.” Hegot to redress. The girls traded looks. Cera blew a kiss.Thomas snarled. “Drop it.” He told. Cera winked. “I am alright.” Thomas sighed. “What is this about?” Anna dismissed about the matter. “Julius wants you to join him.” She shrugged. “There is something about this place.” Thomas sniffed. He got serious. Thomas done armour. “I am ready.” He told. “Show me the way.” Anna admitted. “Follow me.” She said. “Alright.” Cera transformed. “Be careful.” Thomas looked about. “There is something in the forest.”He said.

The priest stood upon the mound. Julius might observe the camp. Lisa arrived. Thomas supported against the spear. “You must be sent by God.” She insisted. “You are my saviour.” He shook his head. The priest looked worried. “Not really.” He said. The path up to here is safe now. You should hurry back to the village.” Lisa liked about him. Thomas frowned. He still muttered about the case. “I smell… “He trailed off. Cera put a hand on his shoulder. “Who are you?” Lisa asked. “I am Julius Belmont. A vampire hunter.” He made the sign of the cross. May God watch over you.” She folded her hands. This was fantastic. “We must tell the others.” Lisa relaxed. “They opened the ninth gate.” She picked the sword. They knew she could fight. They saw her in action. “Hurry.” He said. “Take care.” Thomas acknowledged. “Trust me.” He said. “You know I am.” They wasted no time. Thomas hurried on the way. “Stronger we are.” The priest knelt in prayer. “In the name of the Lord.” Lisa kept her silence. She felt much better. They would fight together. She was sure of it. Then what kept them? “I should have sanctified the bread.” Julius remarked. “The Host might repel all evil.” Lisa blinked. Could he do that!? Julius was a priest. She promised to never stray again.

The pinnacle, “Burned paradise”. The 12th. of December 2098 A.D.

They stood at attention. Lieutenant Hildegard Kaufman had learned her lesson. She became a vampire in 1943. “It is over.” Kaufman was a scout soldier. “We crushed the revolt.” She concluded the report. The commander watched with distain. She had been 20 years old when it happened. The lieutenant dismissed. She almost failed their confidence. “Then what about the vampire hunters?” His image never flickered. “They fled into the forest.” Kaufman knew her features might deceive her nature. “We couldn’t chase them.” The commander kept his hands behind the back. “I am accepting full responsibility for the situation.” She closed the blue eyes. “I am at your disposal.” She would face them with open eyes. “I will do whatever you ask of me.” Lord Zabach acknowledged. “I want them found.” He said. “I grant you a free hand in the situation.” He bent forward. “Take the castle monsters.” Kaufman managed to maintain her pose. “I want them alive.” The commander hailed. “As you wish my lord.” He told. “It shall be done.” This was a surprise. She knew they appeared together with the haunt. The lieutenant would submit. “Hail the count.” The necromancer returned the salute. His image then vanished. Kaufman acknowledged. The lieutenant knew when she got dismissed.

The “Forest maiden”, Warakiya. The 13th. of December 2098 A.D.

There was a nice gathering.At least for this hour. Juliuswas afraidthat they might be recognized. They didn’t seem to care. The werewolf and Minotaurgot occupied around the game board. The heavy barman sat drowsing behind the counter, though he kept track of his daughters. The girls were talking with the beast-riders. The other guests were the usual mix of monsters. The undead kept tothe shadows. They were drinking blood. Julius shuddered. They disguised likerenegades. He hoped it would work. The priest gave his crossbow. Anna looked round. He might tell. Cera put a hand on the shotgun. Julius shook his head. The priest concealed the crucifix within his jacket. The Russian maid was serving ale. Thomas gave her the coins.” Thank you master.” She smiled. Julius blushed. He couldn’t help it. The girls spoke together. Thomas dipped his face into the tumbler. The armour singled him out. She finally left their table. Cera also gave some coins. They traded looks. “You shouldn’t waste your money on the harlot women.” Julius lectured. “You are a hunter.” Thomas shrugged. He was responsible. “I remember.” Cera said. “What?That you did come to save me?” Her eyes were blazing. “She got the horses.” The Lord would decide.“Yes.” Julius would have a look.

Forest of Debias, Warakiya. The 13th. of December 2098 A.D.

The snow fell to might conceal the track. Thomas sighed. He tried to forget about his family. “Oh dear.” Cera noticed. “You are hurt.” There was a rip at his scalp. “No. It is okay. This is merely a scratch.” Thomas told. “We have to go now.” They went from the bar. “This is what I got.” Cera tapped the side of her animal. “This is the contract.” Thomas thought it looked alright. They got tied to the greenhouse. “Let me grant an absolution.” Julius blessed the fruit. “Okay.” Thomas scratched his hair. Glass had become of the greatest import. The people used the winter garden to grow their vegetables. Thomas dismissed, though the horses might be of some use. “This is a miracle.” The priest almost crossed himself. That wouldn’t do. The lion caught him. Thomas hoped that nobody noticed. “You are sure about this?” Anna looked nervous. He smirked. “Ask me again when we got more time.” Thomas remarked. “Excuse me.” Cera interjected. “But we should leave this place.” He gave her a hug. The lion returned the favour. Thomas wished they were left alone. That was impossible. He had to let go. “This should be alright.” Julius was from the Kishine family. They lived in England. That brought a Victorian outlook. Thomas didn’t mind. Theycould ride. Though the wind was getting colder.

They had been smart to bring the tent. Cera was preparing the green tee. The priest used his abilities to lit the fire. “I tied them over there.” Anna came back to the camp. “The horses really were a nice idea.” Thomas remarked. The lion shrugged. “I thought it might be.” She smirked. “they at least might carry the luggage.” Anna admitted. She then poured the liquid. The storm was over. That was some relief. Cera had to melt the snow for water. “Thank you.” Julius picked a cup. “This is like being back home.” Cera had a sip. She forgot he was made in England. She smiled. “That is alright.” Anna found a place to sit. “But can’t you tell us more about the story?” Cera folded her legs underneath. “That would be interesting.” She admitted. “I would like to know more of what is at stake.” The priest touched the crucifix. “That would be the first time.” Julius remarked. “No one seemed to care much about the return of his castle.” Cera felt like being hanged, again. She put that aside. “So that’s it.” Anna hid her mouth. “The rise of count Dracula.” Cera knew she couldn’t getpale. Either way, she felt closer to it then ever. “You have to tell us.” She insisted. “I have been a fool.” Anna was gulping on the tee. “There is always a bigger fish.” Thomas really looked tired.

Dance hall, Larubamansion. The 13th. of December 2098 A.D.

The greathall was filled with people. Reichardt Straus and Ludvig Von Bork stood together. They beheld the festival. Malpheffa Von Myringen was laughing. Friedrich Von Luttmarch was her partner. They celebrated the return of his castle. “I really am sorry. “The butler approached. “Though this individual demand to talk with you. “They exchanged glances. Who knew he was here? “Permit him access. “Straus instructed. “As you wish. “They should tell the mistress. She was the lady of the house. “It shall be done. “The servant hurried away. “What do you think it is? “The Austrian arched an eyebrow. Ludwig Von Bork folded his hands in front. “That I cannot tell. “The waiterthen returned with another vampire. The uniform got marked by a long journey. He frowned. That image resembled the insignia of the demon castle. “Hail the count. “They saluted. “My name is Gustaf Werner. “He really looked tired. “The Belmont clan have murdered lady Armster. “They got surrounded. “My baron. “The butler introduced another group. “The resistance has struck at the “Burned paradise. “Mylady. “Malpheffa brought up her hands. “You should return. “She instructed. “Before you leave. “Sheasked. “Do you care to dance?” She smiled. “Indeed.” Thebaron bowed.

Forest of Debias, Warakiya. The 13th. of December 2098 A.D.

They sat around the fire. Julius better tell them. They deserved to know. Though he hoped his family was still alive. “This all began some three years ago.” The priest began. “I went with my father to Romania.” He sighed. “There were rumours about, whispers of a nameless fear.” Julius shuddered. “We came to support the Morris clan.” The memory of the black riders still haunted his nightmares. “We unite to strengthen the eclipse seal.”Thomas put a hand on his shoulder. “The last time I got to speak with him, was when the Schneider estate got burned to the ground.” The girls beheld him with concerned compassion. Julius touched the crucifix. “Reichardt and Gustav told me to bring Christian to safety.” He relaxed. “Trevor is the last true descendant of the Belmont clan.” He often wondered if they ever escaped. “I was only a child when this happened.” The smile never reached his eyes. “I don’t know if I was the best choice.” Julius was merely 12 years old when he accepted. “That was eight years ago.” Perhaps he should tell them about the worry for his mother and sister. Or retell the story of how he finally reached the Vatican. Then again, that might be for another time. They all kept quiet. The priest thought he saw Edward at the gathering. That would be nice. Then there were two of them which might trace their lineage back to the Baldwin fraction. “Did you hear that?” Cera got up. “Preserve us from the wicked One.” He didn’t have her ability. Julius didn’t have to. “Not them again.” Thomas retrieved the spear. “The raptors are back.” Cera shook her head. “Relax.” She said. “We are just another band of renegades.” Julius hoped she was right. That this would work. Thomas didn’t like it either. They got to wait. The riders had stopped. The moonlight concealed their identity. Then they approached. The snow cracked beneath their leather boots. Julius put the crucifix back into his jacket.” Hellofolks.” The male was calling. “Is anyone there!?” Julius was sure not to reveal any hostility. “We are here!” He then called. “But who are you?” Thomas had moved into place. “We are the red knights.” The beast riders got visible. They wore the usual tunic and armour of their kind. “Do you mind if we stay for the night?” Thomas spread his arms. “That is no problem.” He assured. “Alright.” The male was a blue fox. What do you want?” They were quite a gathering. “You bitch.” He slapped her on the face. “But Tristan… “She began. “You know what to do.” Julius really disliked him. “Get to work.” The brunette hung her head. “Come on, Crystal.” Tristan pushed her in the bottom. “Take Amber along.” The women had to serve. “Tyramus; you and Chronos take care of the raptors.” He picked with a locket. “Stand guard.” Julius got to restrain himself. “Yes sir.” The red knights retrieved the luggage. “We have a party tonight.” Tristan beheld his friends with some interest. Cera shrugged it off. Anna pulled the cape together. “Funny.” He mused. Chronos provided the meal. “You look rather shy.” Tristan clapped his hands. “Amber.” He demanded. “You bring the wine.” The fox then laughed. “Though there will be no dancing fun.” She didn’t seem to mind. Crystal ran through her bag. “There is only the homebrew left.” She told. “Never mind.” Tristan smirked. “I still got a kick.” Julius inhaled. The fox was a wicked male. “Let us have a round.” The archers settled down. “Here.” Tyramus encouraged. “Drink it up.” Tristan pulled away. “We have the night before us.” Crystal didn’t look happy. “Forgive them.” Julius breathed. “They don’t know what they do.” Anna bent in closer. “listen.” She said. “Let them celebrate.” She smiled. “When I tell, you leap upon them.” That wasn’t right. They got no choice. The knights belonged to the Dark Lord. He only felt sorry for the women. They didn’t deserve this. Then no one ever did. That was to late. They got to hunt. Cera forced a smile. She poured the strong alcohol upon the snow. The priest hoped nobody noticed. The archers kept drinking. They cheered for Dracula, and the return of the castle. There was a drink for lord Zabach. And another for the New Order. The bottles kept going around. Julius reached for the sword. They had to act. “It is close to midnight.” Anna checked her watch. He acknowledged. The dark powers would reach their climax. That was another source of trouble. “This is it.” Anna picked the crossbow. “The time to fight is now!” Cera leaped. “God with us!” Julius got up. “Try not to kill them!” He hit Tristan in the chest. The fox fell back. Anna kicked him in the head. “Sorry folks.” Thomas struck their heads together. “But you serve the enemy.” Amber was more resistant then he expected. “This is a night of evil to move abroad.” Crystal tried to fetch her sword. “Sleep tight.” Cera struck with the nails exposed. “Sweet dreams.” Chronos staggered into a heap. Then Tyramus collapsed. “Rest in peace.” Julius threw the wood upon the fire. He wouldn’t let them freeze to death. “Hurry up!” Thomas climbed upon his horse. “They won’t remain forever.” Julius caught his breath. He pulled the group closer to the heat. Then he got on top. The others were ready. They soon left the meadow behind. Thomas had to stop. “They might be surprised.” He reloaded the shotgun. “Let it be done.” Julius let him to handle it. They really got to hurry. Julius felt like a trap was closing in around him. He tried to shake it. “Fire in the hall!” Thomas released a boom. The bats hid inside a tree. They went in a swarm. Julius presented the crucifix. He got to protect the head. “Preserve us from the wicked One!” The horses got to pull through. Thomas released the other bullets. The bats exploded on impact. Julius hoped they were only animals hunting pray in the wild. If not, they might tell the red knights about them. The priest exhaled. No matter, he would hunt the night.

The wind kept blowing. Thomas kept close to his girlfriend. Cera smirked. She then blew him a kiss. He wondered how she really felt about him. “You have a hard time.” She flashed with her teeth. Cera knew that illuminated her features. Thomas cleared his voice. He didn’t know what to say. “Let him be.” Anna told. “You shouldn’t treat him like that.” Cera shook her head. The Rasta braids went along. Thomas let it drop. Though only for the moment. He got to know. The crystal ball restored him. He found it after the battle with the Darkside. Thomas wished it might do more. That he might figure about the others. Thomas knew that was not the case. They got spotted. The ravens hid among the trees. “God with us!” Julius nailed with the dagger. The legends told that Leon Belmont retrieved it after the quest in 1094. Then it really was old. That was none of his business. Cera approached. She threw a flurry of energy scythes. The flock was burned to ashes. Thomas got down to knocked the candles. The money might come in handy. He was eager to collect the crystals. They made him feel better. Thomas muttered. Some gems got turned into rounds. He reloaded the shotgun. “Get behind!” Julius called. Thomas inspected his mount. The priest was right. There was something wrong.

There was something about this place. Cera wished to leave at once. “Preserve us from the wicked One!” That they couldn’t do. This was cursed earth. Cera knew it was true. The dead soldiers were alive. “God with us!” Julius made the sign of the cross. “Blast you!” She howled. The zombies pushed through the snow to open fire. “You can’t do that!” Thomas cried. But they could. The horses got killed. Cera wished to sob. She liked them. This was madness. “Evil thrives in the shadow of the demon castle.” Julius sighed. He then made the sign of the cross. “Though it shall not prevail!” He was standing tall. “They cannot conquer forever.” He was right. Cera would stand with him. “They won’t have the last laugh.” Julius inhaled. “God with us!” Then he made it to rain with holy water. The priest led the attack. The soldiers got burned by the liquid. Cera cried. “Watch out!” Thomas fired with the shotgun. The bullets exploded on impact. “I am here!” Anna released the arrow. She hita zombie. She made the sign of the cross. Cera blew her a kiss. Was she becoming a hunter? She let it drop. A second group of soldiers pushed through the ground. Cera howled. She wouldn’t surrender. She never did. “We are not alone!” Julius preached. “Lead us into Your Heaven!”

Inner den, “Burned paradise”. The 13th. Of December 2098 A.D.

They kept in a row. “If that is what you wish, my commander.” Captain Charl Kraft made his salute. “So, it is.” Joseph Heidrich remained at attention. The wind pulled and whipped with the cloak. “Wollhen Sie nachdassslossfarhen?” The eyes were burning. “Hail the count.” Captain Kraft would not abandon. “Excellent.” The order was restored. “Then it is complete.” The commander gathered his squad. “Lord Zabach has decreed.” Joseph Hiedrich raised a fist. “The vampire hunters are to be taken alive.” The snow began to fall. “Prepare yourself.” He called. “All who oppose the prince of Darkness must die!” Hildegard Kaufman climbed upon the bike. “Sworn to the Dark Lord!” They cried. Charl Kraft beheld them depart. “Will they ever return?” Friedrich Lenz was concerned. “Stay there.” He declared. “You have received your command.” They went into the forest. “Yes, my captain.” The sergeant made a quick salute. “As you say.” Charl Kraft dismissed about the compliment. He never cared much for the promotion. “Come with me.” He was in charge now. “The complex must be kept in order.” The captain would do his duty. “Sir, yes sir.” Freidrich Lenz struck his boots together. “It shall be done.” So, it would be, forever and ever. “Very good.” Charl Kraft acknowledged.

Forest of Debias, Warakiya. The 14th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The zombiesoldiers had arrived. “God with us!” Julius exhaled. Theypointed their weapons. He reached for the crucifix. Theystanched with decay. Cera growled. Her clothing’sgotdrenchedin blood. The hair stood on end. “Whoare they?” Cera looked wild. “They are not like the Nazi.” The lion crouched before the attack. “Gather to me!” Juliussummoned. “They are the remains of the U.N. Squadron.” They created a circle. Anna spoke in Romani. “How do you know that?” Thomas had to translate. “She is speaking about the black riders.” The priest frowned. “What did you say?” He didn’t want to know. They hadno time. The zombie soldiers opened fire. “I hunt the night!” Julius was a true descendant. “God with us!” Julius presented the crucifix. The priest had decided. He would release them from the curse. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost!” He made the sign of the cross. The dead kept walking where they didn’t belong. Cera released her power. She changed into her true form. The soldier trusted his knife. Julius almost vomit on sight. “Leave her alone!” Anna fired with the crossbow. “Curse you!” Thomas twirled about. Thesilverimpaled him. The zombiegot released. Julius exhaled. The body already crumbled. “Watch out!” The officer tried to kill her. “Behind you!” Anna threw herself sideways. That was too close. “God with us!” The machine-gun guard kept behind. Thomas ran to help his girlfriend. “Thomas.” Cera struggledto speak. “The deadinfested me.” The priest shook his head. This was unthinkable. “I can feel it even now.” Cera closed her eyes. “You have to release me!” She exclaimed. “Rest in peace.” Thomas wept, though he complied. They got no choice. Julius felt sick with remorse. “They won’t escape!” Thomas pulled free. “I shall tear them!” He snarled like an animal. “You won’t have to die alone!” He howled toward the moon. “Wait!” Julius called. “We have to stay together!” He was too late. Thomas already ran into the forest. “Let him go.” The guard gasped for air. “This is what he must do.” Julius sighed. He didn’t like this at all. “Who are you?” Anna picked another arrow. “Tell us.” She pointed the crossbow. “Tell us now.” The knight shook with the helmet. “You know me.” The laugh was bitter. “No more riddles.” Julius presented his sword. “Tell us the truth.” The crucifix shone around his neck. “Very well.” The helmet got removed. “Bless me.” Julius exclaimed. The mane of blonde hair fell down around her face. “My name is Ruth Van Helsing.” The priest relaxed. He returned her gaze. Although Ruth couldn’t be much older then 24 years old, she looked like a soldier. “You are a Jew.” Anna recognised the symbol. “Indeed.” She closed theblue eyes. “Then you must be related to Charles Vincent.” Julius resheathed the sword. “Then you are a vampire hunter.” Anna shrugged with her shoulders.Though she hung up the crossbow. “Then why have you joined with the army?” Ruth exhaled. “That is a long story.” She sighed. “Though I intended to descend.” She smiled. “I guess this is the moment.” She reached into the purse. “But first, there is something else.” Ruth shook with her mane. “Even as this, I am a doctor’s daughter, you know.” That was a medicine bottle. “that should do it.” Julius had a taste. He relaxed. “Thanks.” The priest got restored. “No, it is I who should be grateful. Thank you.” She let him take the bottle. “This place is very dangerous. Ruth went closer. “Be careful.” Anna cut short. “That is interesting.” She remarked. “Though I have to findmy friend.” Julius crossed himself. She was right. “You shall be blessed.” He preached. “Have faith.” The Lord was their guide and shephard. “He will not forsake us.” Ruth shook her head. “You have seen nothing yet.” She raised a finger. “The wanderersare terrible.” Julius bowed. “I know.” He said. “Let us leave this forsaken place.” Anna went in front. She produced the crossbow. “Let me show you.” Ruth reclaimed her items. “Protect your people!” Ruth touched the symbol. “God with us!” Julius got to fight. “this is black magic.” Ruth reloaded her weapon. The zombie officer got brought to life through the curse of darkness. “We take him together.” Julius instructed. The dead officer threw the grenade. He managed to dodge. The impact shook the area. That was incredible. The leader showed his strength. The priest put it aside. “He might kill us all!” Anna shouted. “Of course.” Julius tightened his grip. “I won’t let him do this.” The Gypsy bent to retrieve the sword. “Come on.” She challenged. “I was trained before the ice.” Julius almost laughed. Anna might play the part. “I fought for the farm.” She then relaxed. “I will fight for you.” He made the sign of the cross. The zombiereached their group. “God with us!” He got the machete. “Preserve us from the wicked One!” The priest created the pyre sword. The dead beckoned. “No way!” Anna shrieked. “You won’t get us!” She pierced the owl. Julius made a sweeping strike. The officer threw a grenade. He felt chills down his spine. The girls circled about. Although they escaped, the duo seemed unsure on what to do. “Stay there!” Julius called. “He might infect you!” They exchanged glances. Then Anna tried to pierce him. The zombiegot back. She dodged the machete. Ruth fired a round. He barely staggered. “God with us!” Julius tried to stamp him. The corpse kept from the crucifix. He released the owl. “Preserve us from the wicked One!” The priest got thrown upon the snow. The zombie officer loomed above. He stanched. The ragged uniform had lasted for a century. “Leave him alone!” Ruth came to help him. “You won’t hurt him!” Anna struck her sword. The body slashed. The woman got to drop herself. “Let it be done.” The priest threw his dagger. The grenade exploded. The zombie didn’t like that. He screamed like a forsaken soul. Julius presented the crucifix. The image of God was a shield against the eternal night. Annaregained control. She twirled with the sword. Julius admired her abilities. Then again, the officer might summon the dead. Julius had to resist. He got to close the hunt.

They came to a halt. Thomas growled. He would kill them all. The skeleton soldier then fired with the automaton weapons. Thomas threw himself sideways. “You don’t” scare me!” They got a special aura. He might smell the chaos. “You are the castle monsters!” Thomas howled. He then fired a boom. The motorcycle collided with a tree. That was not the end. “It is him!” Amber had recognised. “He is the one!” Crystal retrieved her bow-and-arrows. Why couldn’t they shut up? Never mind. “Curse you!” Thomas howled. He used the spear to leap forward. “Die you devil!” Thomas tore her neck. He then landed to fire with the shotgun. “This is for my girlfriend!” Crystal got shot to pieces. Thomas emptied the pistol. He got to reload. That had to wait. “Take him!” The vampire demanded. “Bring him to ground!” Thomas charged with a blast. The motorcycle exploded on impact. “Spread out!” The lady also got a bow. “Fire at will!” She released the arrow. Thomas snarled. He kept pulling back while blasting his energy. “Brave of you.” The leader came from behind. He spoke in German. “But that won’t save you.” He reached upon his belt. Thomas looked up above the motorcycle. “Curse you to Hell!” He snarled while the vampire threw the spiked bomb.

The zombie could see. Anna thought he beheld her. She struck with the sword. Anna enjoyed being adored. But this was to much. The officer threw a grenade. She shuddered. Anna knew what he could do. “God with us!” Julius met him in closer battle. Anna picked the crossbow. She fired an arrow. The silver pierced his filth. The zombie screamed. Anna blocked her ears. He came to fetch her. Anna released another arrow. She got to aim true. This was her chance. The arrow went home. She let go to leap upon the enemy. Anna kicked his abdomen. That made him to stagger. The officer fell to his knee. She crushed the skull. She made a back-flip. His blood was accursed. She got to clean her weapon. Anna wished to preserve it. She exhaled. They won. “Thank you.” Ruth embraced her. “You have saved the souls of nameless victims.” Julius helped her to stand. “You shall be blessed.” Anna blushed. She really deserved this moment. The priest looked relieved. “You made it all come true.” Ruth found the crossbow. She gave it back. “Thanks.” Anna hung it up. “Then what should happen now?” Then she remembered. “My friend.” She picked an arrow. “He went into the forest.” She moved ahead. “Thomas might be in trouble.” They finally realized. They got to hunt.

This was a slaughter. Ruth bit her lip. It didn’t look good. “I hate to say it.” She had a deep breath. “But I think Thomas killed them.” The corpses still burned. “They lay in a pile. “They got killed by a shotgun.” Ruth sighed. “He got brought away.” The priest acknowledged. “That much is obvious.” Julius frowned. “We have to save him.” They exchanged glances. “Come over here!” Anna broke her line of thoughts. “What is it?” Julius went for her location. “Look what I found.” The paper got nailed into a tree. “This is an announcement from the order.” Ruth red over his shoulder. “Thomas got arrested.” Julius made the sign of the cross. “He is to be brought before the lord at the Berkeley mansion.” He tried to hide his emotion. “Then we have no choice.” Anna was frightened. “We have to enter the house.” Ruth shook her head. “This is a trap.” She stated. “You don’t simply walk into that Hell hole alone.” She shuddered. “Lord Zabach is always there.” Ruth tightened her grip on the automaton gun. “He plays the game like Walter Bernhardt.” Julius touched her shoulder. “You don’t have to come with us.” He said. Ruth shook it off. “Thanks.” She said. “But this is what I want.” She touched the symbol. “Then let us go.” Anna encouraged. “It is getting late already.”

Trigoviste market, Warakiya. The 14th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The image then reappeared. “Hail the count.” Joseph Hiedrich offered his salute. “Indeed.” Lord Zabach bent forward. “Permit me, my lord.” Hildegard Kaufman had a step forward. “We have arrested the dark-breed.” This technology was crude. There had been great difficulty adapting for the undead. “Though therehas been a case of treason.” The commander remained tall. “I used your permission to settle the affair.” The necromancer made a gesture. “This rebellion is at an end.” He declared. “Return to me.” Lord Zabachthen smiled. “I might use him as a bate.” Joseph Hiedrich had to bow. “As you wish.” He gave them the signal. “” It shall be done.” Nicole Hunter and Charl Werner would have to remain at attention. “Do not fail me again.” The necromancer remarked. “Commander.” Joseph Heidrich made no move. “Yes, my lord.” The image then left their presence. The commander detached his ring. “Then so it is.” He contemplated the case. “Kaufman.” Joseph Hiedrich beckoned his blonde lieutenant.“What is my order?” She asked. “We have to reach the mansion.” He told. “Secure the prisoner.” They struck their boots together before execution. The commander knew this was not a Belmont descendant. Lord Zabach might play his game.

(A.N: I don’t excuse for the crimes committed during the Second World War. But I do like the German culture, history and music. I try to show that it was the Nazi, which Dracula resurrected, who were the real villains. That at least is a theory. Have a nice time.)