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Castlevania: Darkness Never Dies


Part 1: Curse of Blood

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Part 2: Legacy of Sorrow

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Part 1: Curse of Blood.

“Moses, Moses. Take your sandals off your feet. The earth which you standon is holy ground.”

Exodus: 3. 4.

Chapter 3: Cross a Fear.

The pinnacle, Ravenberg. The 6th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The wizard was most displeased with their performance. He watched the corpse dissolve upon the floor. “You failed me for the last time.” Maeglin’s voice was cold as the caves should be. They assured him they could control the spell. This was a waste of time. “You there.” He pointed. “I replace her with you.” The sister winched. Though she submit. So she should. Who were they, these little women, who thought they might oppose his might? The world belonged to whoever was strong enough to claim it. His species had been her longer then even the dragon species. He dismissed. The Dark Lord made him to serve a lesser man. The vampire general wasblind to the real importance of the late events. Maeglin realized thatthe fellowship beheld him. “Dismissed.” He would have none of it. They bowed before they crept out. The gold knights made no move,did no sign. The wizard was impressed by their discipline and loyalty. He beheld his hands. The four fingers he could trust. The might he achieved surged through his body. The wizard never let it show. He would have to pretend for a little while longer. Though all came to those who waited. Maeglin would be patient. He always was. There could only be one Dark Lord at a time. That really was so true.

The caves, Ravenberg. The 6th. of December 2098 A.D.

The caves were frozen over. Torah inhaled. “This is the Jadis spell.” She shuddered. The cold was bitter. Marcia fluttered about. “That might be dangerous.” The fairies got their own order. “That is true, little sister.” Saria frowned. “That might kill the wizard.” Torah touched the smash. Alucard dismissed. Torah didn’t mind. Saria was right. They were both right. “I am not that sure.” Edward said. “We must presume he is still alive.” Marcia went a concerned green. “You are the .” Saria checked the string on her bow. Edward looked approvingly. She hid a smile behind her hand. Torah was glad on her sister’s behalf. Edward was a nice man. “I shall come with you.” Marcia stated. “Why?” Torah asked. “You should be free.” pulled back her blonde hair. Marcia shone like the sun. “You are the vampire hunters.” She dimmed. “Though I don’t have any special powers.” Alicia put on the glasses. They all knew. “Welcome aboard.” Victor grinned. “If you dare.” Marcia wasn’t afraid. Torah felt so proud. She was relieved. She had been worried the other’s death might disrupt her spirit. Marcia settled on Alicia’s shoulder. Torah sighed. The men still argued. Ursula moved in her sleep. She brought them across. Torah still shuddered when thinking about it.



The caves, Ravenberg. The 6th. Of December 2098 A.D.

They Flew throughthe air. “Beware of the bats.” Alucard coldly informed. Ursula already noticed. She burned them into oblivion. Other bats approached. “Be careful!” shouted. “Or we might fall!” She didn’t have time. The bats kept coming. “Settle down there!” Victor shouted. The huge pillar was almost concealed by the frozen waterfall. “This is a trap!” Torah called. Ursula breathed heavy flame. The bats got fried. There were others about. “We have no choice!” Edward said. “Settle down.” Alucard told. Ursula went low.


End of Flashback.

She let it drop. Ursula fainted when landing. “Let me see.” Victor inspected the map. “The turbines are up there.” Torah didn’t get it. She wasn’t really that technical. “The generator is inside the pillar.” Victor bent to tap the platform. “There should be an elevator somewhere.” He frowned. “Although that would lead us back to start.” Torah didn’t listen. She looked up the waterfall. The ice couldn’t hide the heavy equipment. “This is the observatory platform.” Victor had a look around. “That’s the aqueduct.” He pointed. Edward and Alucard exchanged glances. He shrugged. Torah wondered what that was about. Victor looked to pounder. “I know the way to the pinnacle.” He turned the thumb skyward. “He is up there.” Torah knew. “The Jadis.” Saria touched her shoulder. “I must find him.” licked her lips. “The ice is killing my people.” She crackedwith the whip sword. “We won’t abandon you.” Edward said. Torah agreed. “I will be the guide.” Victor got the axe. “Let’s get downstairs.” Torah hoped he knew. They where ready. “Wake up.” Marcia settled on Ursula’s head. “We need your help.” Torah thought of a fairy tale. Who would dare to kiss a dragon? They didn’t have to. Ursula awoke. “I had such a weird dream.” She would fly them down to the ice.

They reached down. But that only resulted in another dead end. The caves where cold. Alicia wished she got a greater coat. She shuddered. The hunter crouched together. Victor should have brought other clothing. This was not normal weather. “The ice is breaking.” Saria’s voice was a whisper. Alicia reached for the crucifix. The statement sent chills down her spine. “We shouldn’t be here.” Alicia looked down. Saria was right. The cracks where already visible. This was evil misfortune. “I can’t fly.” Ursula was tired. “I am sorry.” Edward tried to comfort. Alicia was in deep thought. Alucard could fly. But that would take to much time. “Can you do something?” Alucard asked the naiad. frowned. Alicia replaced the glasses. There wasn’t much hope. “I am not the sage of the water temple.” She told. “I could heat the ocean. But this much would kill me.” Alicia sighed. The sisters spoke together. Then Torah knelt on the ice. Alicia blinked. She couldn’t believe it. The sorceress was singing. The music made weird images to appear in her mind. Alicia fancied about dancing snowflakes. She shook her head. The visions didn’t vanish. “That is the “Ballad of Blizzard”.” Saria told. “That is a mighty song of the winter.” She looked concerned. “The magic last as long she play the tune.” Victor pulled back the cap. “You heard the lady.” He said. “Let us get moving.” Nobody argued. Victor pulled her on his back. He led the way. Alicia reached for the Undead Killer whip. Alucard went beside her. “Adrian.” She said. “I must hunt the night.” The tragic prince afforded a bow. She tightened the grip. “When you helped Ursula.” When she’d removed the frozen state. “Would you help me too?” Alucard saluted. “Our goal is the same.” He said. “I owe your cousin my life.” Alicia shook her head. “We shall hunt together.” She was grateful. She got disturbed. There was that flapping sound again. “In the name of Michael the arch angel!” Alicia brandishedwith the whip. The bats where back. “Nice.” Edward tugged his beard. He struck with the blade. “Keep it quiet.” Saria told. “Or you might disturb my sister.” Alicia was ashamed. “No problem.” Edward muttered. “We have to hunt the night.” Alicia crossed herself. “They might inflict a cursed state.” She twirledwith the whip. The bats burned. They got to be careful. The shore was still ahead. The men kept together. Victor carried Torah on his back. “Let it be.” Alicia prayed it would work. Nothing was ever for certain. Not like this. They were in the shadow of the demon castle Dracula. As if to prove it, the bats released the skeletons upon them. “Here goes nothing.” Edward threw the axe to might cover up. The monsters kept hurling bones. “Crimson lightning!” Alucard spread both arms. Alicia revealed the crucifix. There were to many. The bone-bags settled upon the ice. Saria pulled back while shooting arrows. “Dark ocean world.” Marina cursed. She released several bursts of water before they came to close. They gathered around the huntsman. Alicia doused herself with holy water. The bats went about. Torah kept singing. They got to protect her. The bats squeaked. Alicia shuddered. She might almost taste their thirst for blood. “God with us.” Edward got the Bowie knife in the left hand. “Dragon’s claws!” The mailman and Ursula fought back-to-back. “This I must do for my mother.” Alucard spoke in a soft tone. Although he cast no more spells, the tragic prince struck with the shield. The Skeleton staggered on impact. “By the holy mother of God.” He bowed. The sword then impaled a bat. Alicia gasped. The flames left no trace upon his blade. Nor did it upon Edward’s Claymore weapon. She cracked with the Undead Killer. The gold and silver chain never got stained. They shone as bright as when her father gave her the item. She made the sign of the cross. The bats squeaked before they scattered. They didn’t like that image. Alicia threw the daggers forward. Saria got no weapons beside the bow. That was a problem. Some skeletons used their bones for weapons. The dryad tried to block the assault. Alicia threw a wave of holy water. That cleared some space. At least for a time. Alicia tried not to slide when approaching the enemies. The whip burst into fire. That gave an edge. Alicia would fight, as long as she had to. The shore was ahead. Alicia bit together. She only had to press for a little while longer. “Dragon’s breath!” Ursula shot fireballs toward the bats. Alicia sighed. That made them to scatter, though it also made them to release the skeletons. “God with us!” Edward fought to protect the dryad. Alicia couldn’t be sure, though she thought her cousin got an interest with her. She shook through her golden hair. This wasn’t the time. Then again, any time for the love of God. Though it was always nice when a man loved a woman. She replaced the glasses. The bone-man reached to strangle her. Alicia stamped with the crucifix. The skeleton collapsed into a heap. Then it burst into a pyre. Alicia exhaled. Her friends were busy picking crystals. She also obtained the gems. They replenished her energy. Alicia felt better after the ordeal. That didn’t change the situation. The undead picked their bones. They threw then like Edward hurled the axe. Her cousin threw the cross for a shield. He then struck to release a magnetic force. The bats exploded on impact. The mailman staggered. He made a grimace. “Thank you.” Saria smiled up at him. Alicia fought not to giggle. The tiny girl looked so cute. Then she groaned. The bone hit her. They were not finished yet. The bone-men approached. “To advance.” Alucard stood tall. “That is the ideal.” He took it on the shield. Alucard went among the enemies. The sword and shield got worked with inhuman speed. That had to wait. “In the name of Michael the arch angel!” Alicia shook it off. Alucard really was a warrior. She brandished with the frost whip. The swarm got defeated. They were victorious. Alicia kept breathing hard. She cleaned the sweat of her forehead. Alicia felt no different. She retrieved the gems. Though they replenished the force, they still got in trouble.

This wasn’t fair. “Curse it!” Victor struck his palm. He didn’t care if this was a trap. He was furious. Victor pulled together. The ice was breaking up. There was still some distance left to shore. The water lay open. Only the blocks remained. “We must get above.” Alucard said. “Sorry.” Torah’s voice cracked after long use. “I can’t continue.” Saria pulled her close. “You don’t have to.” Edward told. “You was great.” Victor turned the cap inside out. Alucard was right. They had to get across. Ursula couldn’t do it. She alreadygot exhausted. Victor frowned. They might try to jump. Alucard was limited because of the water. “I could help you.” He wasn’t that sure. The naiad didn’t look good. She smiled. Almost like she knew his mind. Victor muttered. He didn’t trust her. “I have to find pure water.” She pulled at the hair. “I know you won’t let me down.” She dived into the sea. “Blasted!” Victor cursed. The others ran forward. Then the water became clear. “You don’t have to be afraid!” The naiad called. “Come on! It won’t hurt you!” She moved for them to follow. Torah jumped. Alucard morphed into a bat. The others lept. Victor sighed. This reminded him of the climate before the ice. This was incredible. Although the naiad didn’t look good. What was the matter?

They were home. “Come on!” Saria encouraged. “We must hurry!” Edward climbedashore. He finally got atop. Alucard was there to meet him. He lit a fire. Saria wondered how he made it. Either way, that felt nice. She might dry her wet clothing. She smiled. They wouldn’t die of cold. Not today. Alucard gave Torah his cape. Saria whistled a tunetomight dry their articles. “Thanks.” Her sister returned the cloak. “My pleasure, young lady.” Alucard bowed. Saria had an extra string. She hung up the bow. She returned to shore. was still there. “You must not forget.” Edward said. The nayadlooked sick. “I hope you might purify the water.” Alicia crossed herself. “I won’t let you down.” She told. They joinedbehind her. “The curse has affected the sources of life.” Alucard saluted. “Have no fear.” Marina splashed about. “I shall tell them about you.” She knew about their family. The dark water was killing her. Saria licked her lips. The Belmont sent her on an errand. That was the only way to save her life. “Some of my sisters joined with the movement.” Saria touched her tree medallion. “Go to the forest of Debias.” Alucard said. “May your source be pure before the change comes.” Marina dived. “There she goes.” Victor muttered. “I hope she will be fine.”

The pinnacle, Ravenberg. The 6th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The place got secured. The seals were in place. No one might disturb upon this process. He could read it by now. The text of the Necromonicon. The power of the Dark Lord granted him the knowledge. Maeglin had always been fascinated by the arts of necromancy. The litch told him much. The schooling finally made sense. The wizard said a word. A candle was lit. The shadow lay heavy upon his chamber. So it should be. He saved much of his belongings. He deserved to possess them. Maeglin pulled back the hood. He held the death talisman within his hands. That would channel the strength of his force. He began to chant. The pentagram lit with blue fire. Maeglin ignored the rules of which sorcery constituted. He summoned and bound them to his will. This was what he desired. The power to rise the dead. The necromancer would sacrifice his life force for this power. The elvan blood made it focuse. They appeared. The dead would do his bidding. Though Maeglin would become like them. A living dead. He surrendered his name and relations in the process. That was a small price to pay. The necromancer screamed in triumph. The rite was complete. Now he would be immortal. The dark wizard laughed in triumph. He could never die. He would be forever.

The caves, Ravenberg. The 6th. of December 2098 A.D.

They grew in the soil. “Dragon’s claws!” Ursula would tear them to shreds. She used the claws to cut down the Corpse-weed. “Dragon’s tail!” She managed to smash the remaining bats. Ursula snarled. She might smell it. The nest was near. Her cousin was calling. Something was wrong. Something beside the soldiers, thieves and bandits plundering treasure. Ursula got so angry. The stench made her go mad. “Dragon’s breath!”” She crushed the barrel-bones. Time was running out. The spell was a warning. Ursula was sure about it. “Dragon’s wings!” The weeds kept growing. Ursula wouldn’t even touch to scratch them. She didn’t have to. “Dragon’s breath!” She burned them to ashes. It was a curse they survived. The walls glittered with frost. The vegetation couldn’t be natural. The bats came close. “Dragon’s tail!” Ursula smashed them to pieces. She had no use for the gold. She got a pile back home. The hunters might need the crystals. She left everything behind. “Dragon’s breath!” The skeletons hid in the barrels. “Dragon’s nose!” Ursula released heavy steam. The plants withered. She stopped. “Dragon’s eye!” Ursula broke the barrier. This was like a museum of ice. Sheroared. This was black magic. Ursula retained her true form.

The tunnel lay in shadow. Edward unsheathed the Claymore. “Homing ball!” Torah used it like a lamp. The bats still squeaked. The mailman tugged his beard. They left the harbour. Edward figured they might take the ship. “I pledge to you.” Alucard bowed. “You saved my life.” Edward tightened his grip. “I only did what anyone would in my place.” He put it aside. “I only hope you might be a friend.” Saria touched his hand. “I will be.” She said. Edward smiled. “Thanks.” He repeated. She put the arm into his coat while resting her head. Edward brushed the red hair. He sighed. This had to wait. There had been such a long time since he got a family. Edward lived with the Schneider fraction before moving to Veros. “Hellfire!” Alucard threw back his cape. The skeleton got shot to pieces. He wasn’t alone. Edward defeated the scimitar. Alucard took it on the shield. “Homing ball!” Torah cast the spell. Edward threw a row of enflamed axes. “Watch out!” Marcia went red. “They hide among the boulders!” The Minotaur crashed them against the floor. Edward made a back-flip. He must escape the debris. The monster flailed with the mace. The spiked ball hit the ground hard. Edward made a glide. The barrel-bones popped out to throw their projectiles. He buried the blade between the ribs. “Crimson lightning!” Alucard spread his arms. The Minotaur stumbled. His blood stained the ground. “Homing ball!” Torah released the gold flare. This was an ambush. Edward crossed himself. The nymphs fired their weapons. “Star bow! Magic arrow!” Saria countered. She got to be quick. “Pull back!” Alicia told. “You have to stay behind!” She might be captured. Edward wouldn’t let it happen. He, Alicia and Victor created a protective circle. Alucard kept behind the shield. “Grizzly wing!” He sent them to take the archers. “Homing ball!”” Torah released the mist. The Minotaur got caught in place. The arm fell off. It was shattered against the floor. “Good God.” The air went freezing cold. Alicia cracked with the whip. “Good Lord in Heaven!” Edward presented the crucifix. The Minotaur got struck to pieces. The bone-men bombed her with the fragments. Victor went among the dryads. The axe got drenched with blood. The huntsman shrieked. He got pierced by an arrow. “They are the red knights!” Edward tugged his beard. He recognised the uniforms. The mailman struck to defeat the barrel-bone. The knights gathered around him. The helmets went down around the head. They got a spike atop. He dismissed. Edward was forced to retreat. The brim made it difficult to spot the eyes. Edward made the rising flames to track forward. He got an edge. The knights got burned to ashes. Edward replaced the hat. The huntsman really got hurt. Alicia kept in front. “Blue bow!” Saria fired. “Homing ball!” Torah bit together. Marcia illuminated the rangers. Edward dodged the arrows. He threw the daggers forward. Although the plate armour offered some protection, they couldn’t resist the onslaught. Saria sang. He didn’t recognise the tune. “In the name of Michael the arch angel!” Alicia made it to rain with holy water. “God with us!” Edward called. He hurled the cross. The enflamed boomerang made the henchmen to scatter. He sighed. They fled up the corridor. They got to pay the price. Alicia helped Victor to stand. “Let it be done.” Torah used the laurels. He frowned. That must be the real thing. The church gave them to her. Edward shook his head. The mailman touched his face. Strange, he didn’t sweat. “They must be poisoned.” Saria removed the arrow. “This I owe you.” Alucard granted support. “I hope he told the truth.” Alicia gave him the antidote. Edward inhaled. He felt much better. “Thank you.” He told. Alicia shook her head. “I bought it from Renon.” She retrieved the bottle. “Though I know how dangerous that might be.” Alicia put it into her backpack. “The sword, the heart and the crystal.” Alucard bowed. ““A spirit born, of earth and water. Fire flying from your hands.” Edward blinked. Were did that come from? Never mind. “You must help me!” Torah called. “Saria is hurt!” The mailman didn’t waste time. He bent by the sisters. Torah held her hands in a tight grip. “She is slipping away.” The sorceress wept. Alicia cleaned her glasses. “The antidote won’t work on this.” He couldn’t lose her. Edward cared so much. There had to be something. “She got cursed.” Alucard remained tall. “Why haven’t Ursula returned?” Victor frowned. “She might have a suggestion.” Alicia cracked with the whip. “You take care of her.” She told. “The rest of us are to continue the search.” His cousin almost got to drag Torah along. Edward was left alone. He tugged his beard. What was he to do? Then he got a cure curse. He found it in the reservoir. Edward sighed. He helped her to drink. He cherished her face and body. Edward couldn’t stop. He felt like coming home. “I like that.” Saria met his gaze. Edward blushed. She got restored. They got hidden behind the boulder. Saria put a finger on his lips before kissing. She gave a slight moan as he tasted her tongue. Saria only pulled back to remove her clothing. “My love.” She helped him to undo his trousers. Then she went down. Edward groaned. She was so hot. “Yes!” Saria threw back her hair. “Oh yes!” She never let go. Edward would die to protect her. This really was love. “Edward!” Saria pulled even closer. The hat got thrown aside. “I love you forever!” Edward was a virgin. He never made out before. This was delicious. Although she was more experienced, Sariashrieked on climax. “Oh yes! Saria!” Edward roared when he exploded. This was incredible. He hoped they didn’t disturb anyone. Saria giggled. She began to redress. Edward cleared his voice. He touched her before zipping the pants. He closed the belt. The mailman got ready. “Come with me.” He said. “They got a head start.” Saria got the bow. “Okay.” She said. Edward unsheathed the sword. Saria blew a kiss. The mailman sighed. He replaced the hat. Edward would find the others. He crossed himself. Edward would hunt the night.

He defeated the mammals. “Hellfire!” Alucard spread his cape. They burned to ashes. “Why had she not return?” The Belmont warrior looked concerned. “It doesn’t make sense.” Alucard admitted. He got no answer. “Something might have developed.” He suggested. “Perhaps she got a message from those in need.” Alucard told her about their journey. Alicia Schneider deserved to know. The vampire hunter shook her mane of golden hair. “She should’ve waited.” Indeed she should. “The caves are a dangerous place.” His father’s folks showed no mercy. They would hunt her out of greed and jealousy. “I still don’t like it.” He acknowledged. He realized the woman was afraid. “Have no worry.” He assured. “We shall find her.” Schneider made a grimace. Then she smiled suddenly. Alucard arched an eyebrow. Though he hid from view. was attractive. If he only were permitted, Alucard would adore her. Like a boyar should. “Thanks.” Schneider said. “You are right.” The fairy lit her features. She got no need. He could see in the dark. His relation could not. Alucard offered a cordial bow. It was in order. The fairy altered colour. Alucard made no remark. She was after all only a fairy. They continued through the tunnel. crossed herself. He admitted.

The pinnacle, Ravenberg. The 6th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The firesthen finally burned out. The ritual was over. The necromancer removed the artefacts he had used while in the process. The gate was open. He broke the seal. The necromancer could do whatever he wished. He had awakened the dead. The truth made him to blaze with triumph. The mirror hung upon the wall. The necromancer approached. Then he shrieked. He crushed the glass asunder. The necromancer shook from head to foot while he pulled the hood down. He could not bare it. He would never let anyone to see. If he could, he would tear the memory and burn it to ashes. He lost everything. The face which attracted so many females, got ruined all together. The yellow eyes burned out from between the horriddecay. He could smell it. The bitter sweet scent of rotting flesh. He hid his hands within the cloak. He achieved what he wanted. Though the price was terrible. There was no healing. No release. His heart grew cold and bitter. So, he got deceived. The Dark Lord never kept his promises. So be it. He would neither. Dracula’s power still burned within his corpse body. The necromancer would use it for himself. He would no longer serve. He would be Master. The necromancer raised in hatred. They were going to pay. He would make themto fear his power.

The caves, Ravenberg. The 6th. Of December 2098 A.D.

They remained behind to might guard their back. “Be careful.” Victor said. “Homing ball.” Torah charged the spell. The huntsman approved. He brandished with the axe. “Someone is coming.” Torah licked her lips. “Saria!” She relaxed. They had returned. “Are you okay!?” She almost tackled her sister. “Of course.” Saria returned the embrace. “No problem.” Edward tugged his beard. Torah almost laughed. They were together again. “Let us find the others.” The mailman suggested. Torah had no regret. He was the hunter. “Now take it easy.” Victor protested. “I am still the guide.” The sisters exchanged glances. Saria rolled her eyes. The sorceress hid her mouth. “Then show me the way.” Edward didn’t look deterred. “The hunt continues.” That was right. “Homing ball!” She charged the spell. The barrier still got in her way. Though it wasn’t really a problem. “All right.” Victor inspected the land map. “Then this is the way.” He led down a tunnel. Torah kept watch. She wouldn’t let them surprise her again. She really disliked the Corpse-weeds. They might make her to become compost. Torah shuddered by the thought. She put a hand on the ring smash. They at least got the upper hand. Torah wasn’t alone. She made a grimace. Torah wasn’t a child. She already proved as much.

This was a surprise. Alicia crossed herself. This really was a problem. She wished Victor was around. He might know what to do. They might step on the elevator. Though the rangers were ready to pine them. “I could fly you to the top.” Alucard offered. “I don’t think so.” The distance was to great. The fall would be fatal. Alicia wasn’t a real either. Her skills wouldn’t be enough. She got to do something. “Wait!” Marcia told. “Please.” She sat upon her shoulder. Alicia mentally hit herself. She almost forgot about her. The fairy fluttered before her face. “Do you have a suggestion?” Alucard asked. Marcia changed colour. “There is something behind that wall.” The glow was pale blue. “She is calling for me.” Alicia touched the crucifix. “Stay back.” Alucard told. “Leave this to me.” Alicia licked her lips. What was he up to? Alucard knelt to put a sort of pentagram into place. Then he turned into mist. Alicia had no doubt. She got away. Though the impact threw her down. “Good Lord in Heaven!” Alicia got back on foot. Although she lost the glasses. “I can’t see.” Alicia bent to fetch them. Everything became a blur. “I can’t see a thing without them.” Someone approached. “It is me.” Marcia told. “Do you see my glasses?” Alicia was afraid. Somebody helped her up. “Here, my lady. I found them.” Alucard put them upon her face. “Thanks.” Alicia blinked. She could see again. “Watch.” Alucard said. Alicia did. There was an ice garden behind the wall. The artist knew his craft. The figures where held in frost. “This is because of the wizard’s spell.” Alucard crossed his arms. Alicia wasn’t interested. But then she figured. “We really are in trouble.” She bit her lip. “That is Ursula.” Alucard lowered his head. “Torah Fernandez might melt the ice.” Alicia crossed herself. She knew Saria might help. Though they would have to be quick about it. “I hope it isn’t to late.” They got to find them. “Forget it.” Someone giggled. Alicia uncoiled the Undead Killer. “Who is there?” Alucard held the sword and shield. “You can’t leave.” They still giggled. “That would spoil all the fun.” Alicia felt chills down her spine. “You are Dracula’s concubine.” Alucard was so cold. “You have forsaken your own people.” Alicia gathered. Shadow had befallen the area. There where images moving in the dark. Alicia licked her lips. She felt a sudden desire to figure the truth. “Who are you?” She asked. “They are the children of the atom.” Alucard told. His eyes burned red with flame. Alicia almost shuddered. She touched the crucifix. Alicia disliked that stare.“She is the Miss murder.” She put it aside. Marcia lit up the shadow. Alicia tightened her grip. Shanoah encountered the lot in 1810. “I hail thee.” The tragic prince saluted. “You serve the prince of Darkness.” Alicia was certain. They where clad in black leather. Alicia gulped. That left nothing to imagination. She thought they werea mere legend. The sisters crossed their arms. “Marcia.” Alicia crackedwith the chain-whip. She inhaled. “Go and find the others.” She tightened her grip. “I will find them.” The fairy told. Aliciamade the sign of the cross. The fireball whip gave an edge. Marcia left. “Ball of Destruction!” Alucard released the high shot. The night cats escaped. Alicia hurled a wave of holy water. Miss murder shrieked. Alicia presented the crucifix. The lady cat burst into fire. That wasn’t a pleasant sight. Although they served the Dark Lord, they didn’t deserve this fate. Never mind. The sister appeared to tackle. “Preserve us!” Alicia dodged the kicks and punches. The wild cat might be a Ninja. Alicia let it drop. This wasn’t the time. Alucard took the Shuriken upon his shield. “Hellfire!” He blocked the offensive. “In the name of Michael the arch angel!” Alicia threw the daggers forward. Miss murder was dead before hitting the floor. Alicia had no mind. She cracked with the whip to deflect the throwing stars. “Beware of the dark.” Alucard warned. The lady cat released some sort of spotlight spell. The air cracked and froze on target. Alicia was grateful she didn’t get caught. The wild cat went tumbling back. Alicia pulled up the glasses. She then stamped the enemy. Miss murder fell back on the ground. Alicia tightened her grip. The Ninja leaped to throw the Shuriken. This time it was she who got to throw herself down. The mast concealed the face. Either way, Alicia was sure she smirked at her. She rolled aside from the spotlight curse. That was more important. She then consolidated her might to leach forward. The dagger got buried in the heart. “Rest in peace.” Alicia made the sign of the cross. The lady cat was dead. “Curse you, human scum!” She was not alone. The fight wasn’t over. Alicia made a back-flip to escape from the night cats. The duo twirled and tumbled. Alicia made it to rain with holy water. “Curse you to death and darkness!” The sisters hurled their shuriken. “Crimson lightning!” Alucard made it to strike down. Miss murder countered with the spotlight. Alicia exhaled. She then impaled with a gold knife. The night cat staggered. Alicia knew her spirit might be a weapon. She dashed forward to remove the head. The sister hit her with a backhand strike. Alicia shrieked. The knock felt freezing. She got hurled upon the floor. Miss murder poised above. Alicia cracked a vial. The holy water splashed and burned. The night cat shrieked. Alicia got up to stamp with the crucifix. The spotlight exploded right into her face. Alicia shivered. She didn’t freeze, though it was so cold. Miss murder tried to gather. Alicia refused her the liberty. The chest-plate resisted the throwing star. One of the sisters which challenged Alucard, broke free to strike between the shoulders. “Grizzly wing!” Alucard made them to split. He morphed into mist to reach her. “Ball of Destruction!” He fired while helping her to stand. “I will protect you, my lady.” Alucard bowed. She shook her head. Alicia dusted off herself. “Hellfire!” Alucard threw back the cape. The Ninja burst into flame. That was enough. They kicked him in the head. Alicia shrieked. Miss murder turned on her. Alicia twirled with the whip.

The dryad fired her bow-and-arrows. “Nice aim.” Victor told. She hit the candle. “That is nothing.” Saria picked the short sword. “You should come to visit the archer tournament.” Edward frowned. Victor didn’t mind. He smashed the scimitar into pieces. “Homing ball!” The little witch released heavy steam. The dryad clutched her throat. The steam blast made it impossible to breathe. The nymph still tried when she died. Torah sighed. Victor muttered. It wasn’t fair to bring the children into battle. “Blue bow!” Saria nailed the bat. He admired her handywork. The bat was frozen over. “Strange.” Edward tugged his beard. The dryad unsheathed the sword. “That blade look like Simon Belmont’s weapon.” Victor shook his head. He thought they used the whip. He let it drop. The corpse-weeds still grew. Victor slashed through the flowers. Saria dashed. She impaled the sister. “Strike.” Victor smirked. The dryad shook her head. Victor snarled. He would’ve killed them for her. He threw the knife. Victor cheered. He killed her! The bats went down. “Help me!” He screamed. Victor got nothing to block the onslaught. Though he wouldn’t go without a fight. “Homing ball!” The kid saved him. She released the gold flare. Victor snarled. The bats got tore to pieces.

The sisters got ready. Torah played with a magic ball. “This isn’t good.” Saria sent him a quick glance. Edward was serious. “You got to hurry.” Marcia was blue. She bit her lip. Saria hung up the weapon. She shuddered. She disliked the place. The caves were bitter. Saria longed for the forest. She tested the blade. She got to focus. Edward sent an approving look. Saria blushed. She knew he loved her. She touched the bow. “That is a nice weapon.” Victor told. “It is.” The bow was a family heirloom. Her grandmother told the founder of the colony, used it to banished the ghost of the forest temple. “Listen up.” Edward called them to gather. “We got work to do.” Torah was ready. Her sister charged the ball. “You are the leader.” She told. Edward tugged his beard. He was tired after the last encounter. Saria would help him. Edward was a nice man. “They got her frozen.” Marcia flickered. Saria touched the life tree medallion. “I promised to help her.” Edward unsheathed his sword. Torah got the ring smash. She went in front. Saria was quick to follow. “Wait!” Victor shouted. “Stop, you stupid tree nymph!” Saria froze. They reached the cave. Victor was right. This wasn’t the best strategy. The place was so dark. Only the ball and Marcia lit up. Saria had to defend herself.

The pinnacle, Ravenberg. The 6th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The hologram flickered. “So. That is your demands.” The general paid it little attention. “I have the power.” The necromancer hissed. “You have no choice.” Reinhardt Reich fixed his gaze upon his face. Although the dark wizard concealed within the black hood and cloak, he might fix the stare. “That I cannot accept.” He remained at attention. “I am loyal to the count Dracula.” The necromancer laughed. A harsh and heartless sound. “The count?” He said. The death talisman kept the cape together. “The count is dead.” He showed his might when rising the skeleton golem. “Are you so sure?” The general was summoned by the wanderers. The circle of blood decreed his mission. “The prince of Darkness may never be defeated.” The dead wizard gave no reply. Then he swung the scythe overhead. The blade went low. He killed the gold knights. “I shall make you to submit.” His voice was cold as the void. Reinhardt Reich Van Deer Valk was furious. “So I see.” He snarled. The general knew his fangs were exposed. That was not important. “This is treason.” The necromancer beheld him. The lack of interest made his eyes to burn. “You are under arrest.” The image then vanished from sight. The general snarled. This was not the end. The vampire would keep him in chains.

The caves, Ravenberg. The 6th. of December 2098 A.D.

The spell was a trap. Though it couldn’t hold her. “ It is the heart which matters most.” Ursula was still herself. She could see. Edward hurled the cross. The night cat slid beneath. The Ninja got struck on return. The mailman impaled her upon the blade. Ursula felt better. They bewitched her. The lady cat delivered a high kick. He presented the crucifix. The flames burned the skin. “Leave him alone!” Saria stabbed with the short-sword. The Ninja collapsed. “Hellfire!” Alucard spread his cape. “In the name of Michael the arch angel!” Alicia cracked with the flame whip. She threw the daggers. Miss murder burned into a heap. Victor picked the crystals. He smashed with the axe. The night cat groaned. She lost her head. The sister sent him a knee-kick. “Homing ball!” Torah caught the Shuriken in mid-air. “Star bow!””” Miss murder got shot to pieces. Ursula struggled to break the spell. They wouldn’t have to fight alone. Edward pinned through the body. The lady cat sighed before she collapsed. “Crimson lightning!” Alucard spread both arms. Magic arrow!”” Saria fired. “Homing ball!” The sister created a shield. “Curse you.” Victor got hit by the spin kick. Miss murder went for the kill. The huntsman buried the axe. Ursula roared. She would break the ice.

They were accursed. Edward reached for the crucifix. “I lost my glasses.” Alicia searched upon the floor. He couldn’t help her. The mailman got to busy. “Here!” Marcia shouted. “I found them.” Edward relaxed. He was proud of her decision to fight. The lady cat threw the Shuriken. He consolidated his might to stand tall. He threw the axe. “Glory be You!” He called. “Our Father in Heaven!” Miss murder got crushed through the chest. Alicia found her glasses. The slide kick made him to stagger. The trio lay in ambush. The arrows went through the air. Saria saved him. The Ninja got hurt. Saria pulled another arrow. “Homing ball!” The spell saved both their lives. Torah made a dash to strike with the ring smash. That cut her throat. Edward tightened his grip upon the Claymore sword. The Ninja somehow survived. The magnetic force broke her skeleton. That was the end. He watched her burn into ashes. He went for the group. Alicia splashed with holy water. The Ninja caught fire. Edward hurled the axe. She made a glide. Victor impaled with a knife. The mailman groaned. The lady cat hit him with repeated punches. Edward felt like being knocked to pieces. The huntsman struck through the ribs. That made her to stagger. Edward sighed. He managed to remove the head. Alicia made the sign of the cross. The cousins fought back-to-back. The Ninja made a back-flip. Edward stabbed with the blade. Miss murder groaned. “Star bow!”” The magic arrow got stuck in the corpse. The knight cat burned into a crisp. He exhaled. The shadow passed. It was over. “There shall be a new dawn!”” Ursula roared. Edward tugged his beard. The spell was broken. He shook his head. The cave was a butcher’s field. He tried to dismiss. This was a war. Ursula might rejoice, though the rest got exhausted. “For great is He, our Shepard, the Lord.” Alucard remained cold as ever. The mailman shrugged. They were back together. That was the important. “Edward.” Torah pulled at his coat. “You got to see this.” He frowned. What could it be? The sisters led them to the far back of the cavern. “I think some of them survived.” Victor exhaled. “That is a prison cell.” Alicia touched the crucifix. “So, it is.” Alucard arched an eyebrow. “I am surprised.” He remarked. “That they have not come to harm.” Edward might support. The hibernation should have some effect. “They are so tired.” Marcia was changing colour. That was right. “All who oppose the prince of Darkness must die.” Alicia quoted. “Quit saying that.” Victor muttered. “It isn’t nice.” He used the key to might open the door. “Thank you for saving us.” The man drew sweat of his forehead. “You killed the lot.” Edward replaced the hat. He felt no reason to celebrate. Though the workers looked happy. “I won’t be a slave anymore.” They almost seemed ready to dance. The mailman sighed. He brushed the ice of his clothing. The group soon picked together. The men muttered among themselves. “My name is Sam by the way.” Alicia shook his hand. “They forced us to work the place.” His friend picked ice from his eyebrows. “We haven’t been out for eight years.” Edward tugged his beard. He was glad they might help. “They at least treated us properly.” The third man sat on the floor. “Though only to keep us healthy.” Sam sighed. “That was until the area froze over.” Sam looked about. “The general didn’t like that.” The fourth worker got a shudder. “Then you came along.” He brightened up. “You forgot about the slaughter.” The second man crossed his arms. “There is a battle going on.” They began to argue. “Shut up Fred.” Sam told. “You too Ken. This isn’t the place to get paranoid.” The man spats on the floor. “I saw your face Bill.” The leader tried to calm down. “Burt is right. We must stick together.” Edward knew what the problem was. They were afraid. “There is an alternate way.” They reached a settlement. Edward made the sign of the cross. The hunters were eager to listen. “Do you know how to reach the pinnacle?” Victor asked. “Sure, all pal.” Burt smirked. “You should know.” Marcia fluttered in front. “They are the Belmont clan.” She proclaimed. “You should tell the truth.” The men exchanged glances. Victor folded his arms. “It might be desperate.” Fred shrugged. “Alright.” Ken said nothing. Though he sent a nasty look. “There is another elevator.” Sam explained. He scratched beneath the uniform. “Though there are a bunch of creeps up there.” Bill rubbed his eyes. “They turned it into a throne room.” Sam spoke his mind while Fred kept shaking. “That might be the way.” Ursula stopped picking with the locket. “You must knock the wall.” Burt said. “Leave that to me.” Victor smirked. “I have a surprise left.” He bent down by the wall to place the pentagram. “I didn’t know you got one.” Edward pulled away. They all did. The ice cracked. “God with us.” There really was a passage. “Take care of the monsters.” Bill said. “Let us get back to work.” Fred made a grimace. “I know were Tom’s group is held.” Edward put it aside. That was their department. The mailman accepted his fate. His normal life was over. Another began. Edward made the sign of the cross. “Do not think about it.” Saria touched his hand. Edward looked down into her eyes. “It will be alright.”” He felt assured. Edward wouldn’t let her down. Though only the Lord knew for sure. Saria tightened her grip. He sighed. There was time to continue. They left the workers in the ice cave. They looked competent enough. Edward hoped they would survive. If they released the plant, they might escape. “My cousin contacted me.” Ursula revealed. “She begged me to hurry.”” The platform got hid by a boulder. “This is labour.” Alucard removed the rock. He had the strength of twenty men. Edward shook his head. Ursula stepped on the switch. They got aboard. “Break a leg.” Victor muttered. “I have never been this high before.” The mailman threw that aside. He kept watch. “Here goes nothing.” He mused. “Did you know?” Ursula touched his lips. “That we might bind with more thana mate?” Edward blushed. “I didn’t know that.” He said.

The elevator reached atop. Alucard unsheathed his sword. The huntsman inspected the map. “This way.” He said. His allies brandished with their weapons. They were ready. Victor went down the left passage. The bats squeeked. “Hellfire!” Alucard spread his cape. The skeleton threw bones into the air. The group spread out. The dead hid among the shadows. Alucard was nailed by the barrel-bone. He crushed with the shield. The skeleton broke to pieces. Grant was ahead. He cut through the Corpse-weeds. Christopher Belmont told his father’s followers planted them throughout Transylvania. That was in 1576. Alucard dismissed. “Star bow!” The dryad’s shot made the plant to burn. She got her own magic. Alucard could not understand. That was a closed book to him. He removed the bats. The others still fought the skeletons and flowers. Alucard reached the iron gate. There was no lock or keyhole. The control panel might activate. Though he did not know the procedure. This was not like the machines of the reservoir. “Let me handle it.” The huntsman reached him. “I think I know the code.” He went to work. “Brensec built this part of the plant.” Alucard beheld him. The name was important. That would have to wait for another time. The doors where open. Their group went inside.

The pinnacle, Ravenberg. The 6th. Of December 2098 A.D.

Then this might be a set back to the plotting. Or perhaps not. This might be as well. The transmission came to a close. The necromancer beheld the empty space for some while. So it would end. The general would not submit. That he had expected. The vampire was strong at mind. His loyalty where beyond doubt. The necromancer made an effort. He might be a great asset. His hate was a source of power. The general would submit in time. Or he would do in pieces. The dark wizard admired his mirth. His laugher echoed throughout the room. Those he enslaved winched by his delight. Then it ended. The necromancer struck the floor with the sceptre. It was time to manipulate. The general would not be idle. He would call to the castle. Telling about his treason. They would send him castle monsters. They would be immune to his influence. The mystic orb which he inherited awoke Dominance. He could absorb other souls, to use in his rituals. The necromancer was not afraid. Why should he? The dead wizard could never loose. The power was to great. Though the dark wanderers might come. He lacked Chaos to dominate. So be it. The necromancer would learn to handle the last command. He knew how to arrange for his weakness. This time, they would come to him.

The caves, Ravenberg. The 6th. of December 2098 A.D.

That was the last step. Torah drew sweat of her brow. She almost collapsed. The stair had no end. Or so it felt. Torah got up. She couldn’t rest. Victor worked with the instruments. He got the gate to open. She looked inside. “It is the turbine chamber.” Victor produced the axe. Torah closed her mouth. He was right. She recognisedthe equipment. The frozen waterfall came through the mountain. “There they are!” The monsters went pouring out of the tunnel. “Let me speak.” Alucard told. Torah didn’t argue. The soldiers protected the opening. “Not this time.” Alicia stepped forward. “I will show them what a can do.” Alucard bowed. Torah produced the ring smash. She hoped Alicia knew what she did. “Hear me, you servants of the Dark Lord.” She cracked with the Undead Killer. “I am Alicia Schneider, the heir to the house of .” The whip was on fire. “I challenge your lord.” She crossed herself. Torah was impressed. “Two of us will challenge the evil one.” They laughed. Torah got ready. “Very well.” What did the fox say? “Let us see what you can do.” He smiled. “Against the amoeba.” The club knight licked his lips. “I will be the first to have you.” Alicia remained calm. “Who is your ally?” Torah was eager. Though it was Alicia’s decision.

The question lingered in the air. Alicia beheld her friends. Who should she choose? She made her choice. Alicia knew whoto trust. “Torah?” She asked. “Would you like to join me?” Torah smiled. “Anytime.” She said. Torah got the ring smash. Alicia was relieved. “That is settled.” The monsters gathered around the pool. Marcia shone a troubled pink. “Alicia.” She whispered. “That isn’t normal water over there.” Alicia touched the crucifix. The liquid didn’t look good. Alicia hoped they might handle it. “Are you ready?” Torah looked up into her face. Alicia cracked with the whip. “Trust me.” She told. Torah inhaled. She was a Fernandez. Alicia was a Schneider. That was how it should be. “Keep it safe.” Alicia gave Edward the backpack. “I will.” He told, though he kept tuggingthe beard. Torah gave her luggage to Saria. They looked so worried. “You must believe.” Alicia inhaled. “That it shall be good.” Torah went for the pond. She followed. “That isn’t normal water over there.” Marcia repeated. Alicia looked into the water. “What is this?” She asked. Torah reached for the cross. “I am not sure.” Christopher Belmont challenged a similar monster in 1576. She was cut short. A huge luminous, wet and transparent tentacle reached from the water. “This is the dark ocean.” Torah whispered. “No.” Marcia said. “This is the great amoeba.” The tentacle struck the floor. They got away. The monsters cheered and applauded. They got no reason. “Homing ball!” Torah cast her spell. She charged with frost. The tentacle was captured. “Everything freezes.” Alicia remarked. That made her to giggle. Alicia smiled. She struck the tentacle. The whip knocked it to pieces. “I don’t think that is enough.” Marcia pointed. Alicia crossed herself. The bits melted. “Homing ball!” The skull came to fast. Alicia flailed with the whip. She made it to rebound backward. “Homing ball!” Torah made a glide. She struck the skull back into the water. Alicia threw a vial into the air. Something caught fire. The tentacle came crushing down. “Homing ball!” The sorceress fused with frost. The monster wasn’t natural. Somehow it managed to absorb the magic. Torah got knocked by the tentacle. “No!” Alicia screamed. The tentacle was pulling her under. Alicia got a storm inside. She hurled multiple daggers. Torah managed to hold her breath. Alicia prayed she would be alright. The liquid might have another purpose. The sorceress released heavy steam. Alicia made the sign of the cross. The heat made the amoeba to boil. Alicia struck with the Undead Killer. She hit something. The cell was protected. The bubble didn’t break. Alicia bit her lip. She better help her friend. Alicia managed to grab her. Torah was pulled back up. “This isn’t normal water.” She gasped. “I know.” Alicia struck with the whip. The skull head got knocked away. “You got to use flame power.” Torah pulled herself back on foot. “Then we might expose the core.” Alicia touched the crucifix. Torah gathered. Alicia felt it. Then she was taken. The surface closed overhead. Alicia held her mouth close. Torah had followed. She felt so grateful. Alicia got to hold her breath and fight at the same time. She knew what to do. They had to expose the cell. Torah released the gold flare. She missed. Alicia was in trouble. The arm was pulling her down. Torah came to the rescue. She somehow managed to bring her back to the surface. Alicia filled her lungs with oxygen. She didn’t care the air was cold. She was only relieved. The hunterhad to gather. The head went through the air. Alicia dived. She resurfaced somewhere else.The monster failed. Although it gave no comfort. Alicia lost her glasses. “Help me.” She breathed. If only she could see. Alicia had no choice. She got to find them. “This way!” Marcia was a blur. “Over here!” Alicia moved along the shore. “Here.” Torah gave them to her. “Thanks.” Alicia might embrace her. Torah shook her head. They climbed ashore. The fight continued. “Let me distract it.” Alicia said. “You break it with magic.” Torah agreed. They split path. Alicia produced the vial. She crossed herself. “Be Your will.” She said. Alicia focused her might. The monsters where all about. She felt their glare. Alicia blushed. She felt exposed. Alicia made it to rain with holy water. She worried about her friends. Alucard huddled beneath the cape. They couldn’t help her. Alicia brought this upon herself. She had to end it. The tragic prince summoned the fairy familiar. Alicia dodged the tentacle. She struck with the whip. The amoeba withdrew. The familiar shone. She fluttered above the pond. Alicia got a nasty feeling she was in love. She put it aside. She couldn’t worry. The skull head went overhead. It wasn’t funny. She repelled with the dagger. The fairies spoke together. She wondered what it might be about. Alicia hoped the monsters didn’t notice. The fairy went back to her master. “Alicia!” Marcia fluttered before her face. “Are you alright?” She almost doused her with holy water. “I am fine.” She assured. “But I must tell you.” Alicia listened. Although she almost got struck by the skull head. “You can’t defeat the monster.” Alicia turned pail. She couldn’t believe it. There had to be a way. “You have to force the cell out of the water.” Marcia shone a worried green. Alicia crossed herself. She told Torah to crush the bubble. Alicia mightsend her to die. “I shall make it.” She vowed. Marcia beamed. Alicia gathered her force. This wouldn’t be easy. Alicia licked her lips. Marcia believed in her. Alicia knew that wasn’t enough. Torah had no doubt. She already nailed the core. The cell survived. They hadn’t much time. The amoeba struck its tentacles. Alicia doused with holy water. The wave froze on impact. “Homing ball!” Torah cast the magic spell. The ice shattered. The impact sent splinters about the place. Alicia threw three daggers. The bubble burst. The cell was revealed. “Homing ball!” Torah got it. Alicia exhaled Torah was struck by the skull head. Alicia reached for the crucifix. She was lifted into the air. The beam struck down while the crosses spun about. The water boiled. Alicia threw a gold knife.

The cell couldn’t survive. Alicia threw tripled enflamed daggers. Victor cheered. “Homing ball!” The little witch released heavy steam. He smirked. The freak released some ugly substance. “It must be blood.” Ursula whispered. Victor shrugged. He didn’t care about it. He snarled. Torah gothit by the skull. She fell into the water. Victor hoped she would be alright. He gave a sigh of relief. She reappeared. Alicia dodged the tentacles. Victor grabbed the axe. He couldn’t help. Alicia knocked the skull. She made it to fly through the air. Torah had disappeared. Victor bit his nails. What was going on?” Then he roared with triumph. Torah swam underneath. She stamped the amoeba. He was impressed. More so when the girl struck with her metal rings. The bubble was no match. Victor bit his lip. The substance might harm. Torah was determined. She struck again. Somehow that freak survived. Then the tentacle got her. Torah used magic to trap it. Alicia hurled the wave. The monster was engulfed. It was a miracle. Torah climbed ashore. “The water is poisonous.” Alucard told. “The fluid makesthe acid.” Victor didn’t heed. The skull sent her flying. Torah gasped. She hit the ground hard. Saria winched. He might support. Victor hoped she survived. However, the fight was on.

The huntsman snarled. Torah was hurt. Saria was glad when Alicia arrived. She stamped the skull. The head broke apart. Saria inhaled. Torah got up. “There it is!” Marcia shouted. She noticed the aim. Alicia made it to rain. Saria smiled. The amoeba boiled. The beast was like fungous upon the tree of life. They revealed the core. Alicia struck with the frost whip. The bubble was captured. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost!” She threw the gold knife. The cell was pierced. Saria exhaled. The monster was finally defeated. The fight was over,though Torah could barely walk. Alicia drew sweat of her brow. Saria lowered her head. “You are a .” She said. Alicia shook her head. They ate the apple of life. “Begone.” Alucard made the fairy to disappear. Saria reached for the bow. The monsters watched. She felt her skin crawl. “This doesn’t change anything.” The red knights formed the front line. “You won’t escape.” Saria sighed. Of course they wouldn’t keep their promise. At least they showed their worth. Saria was proud to fight among such people. They were ready. The monsters brandished with their weapons. Before it might start, the group got ambushed. “Come on!” Victor shouted. “Let us be gone from here!” Saria made no questions. She ran.

The pinnacle, Ravenberg. The 6th. of December 2098 A.D.

This was not intended. The necromancer beheld the harlot. “You should have ordered their execution.” Salomestood before him, in the image of lust and want. “Such waste.” He said. “I have other use for them.” The general was a fool. He never realized. The witch smiled. Her eyes burned. The necromancer raised his shield. The fireball rebounded. The dancinggirl threw it aside. She then vanished among the shadows. “They must die!” Salome reappeared. “That is the last command.” She danced before him. She was desirable. That meant nothing to him. Salome conjured from the abyss. The necromancer let the servants take them. She smiled. The witch’s pose was inviting. “No. Tell them that I will not submit.” He felt nothing for her. Her eyes blazed. The witch would hurl her projectile. She was fear. The necromancer dismissed. She could never conquer him. “You shall see.” He said. “All which transpired have done so according to my desire.” Salome kept to chanting her spell. “Wait.” The dark wizard regained his seat. “Be patience.” He smiled. “My young friend.” The witch danced. Before she might charm, the necromancer released the ectoplasms. She fell on the floor. Such a fitting place for her. “They are coming.” His laugher then filled the room. “I have won.”

The caves, Ravenberg. The 6th. of December 2098 A.D.

The tunnel went by the river. Ursula was ahead. The ice had melted. She picked on the locket. “I am coming.” Her cousin got in danger. Ursula kept watching for the fishmen. Saria kept an arrow upon the bow. She kept sending crushing gazes. Ursula smirked. She also got in love. Though she hoped to be better in concealing the fact. “They fought each other.” Alicia replaced the glasses. “That they did, my lady.” Alucard bowed before her. Saria touched his hand. Ursula almost got jealous. “There must be another candidate.” Alicia cracked with the chain-whip. “Maybe.” The bats squeaked before they got burned to ashes. Ursula admired about that. “Though that isn’t the important part.” Ursula shook with her hair. The entrance was open. That was a surprise. “I don’t like it.” Victor groaned. “I hope they didn’t notice.” Edward made the sign of the cross. “Homing ball.” Torah still played with the magic. Ursula snorted. That had become a bad habit. She dismissed. That was none of her business. “I don’t like it either.” Alicia recoiled the whip. “There is something about this place.” Ursula sighed. She might smell it too. Ursula was about to speak when she noticed. “They are coming.” Victor brandished with the axe. He was right. The soldiers came through both openings.

The orcs roared. The club knights then ran forward. The dryads fired a final round. Then the monsters came to close. The red knights and scimitars made things even more difficult. Edward made rising flames to track forward. Then he met them in close combat. Torah struck through the enemies. She reached him in time. The orc got him pined. The beasts only stopped to hurl her away. “Sister!” Saria fired the bow. The fox staggered. Edward ducked. He almost got beheaded. Victor, Alicia and Alucard remained together. They kept the orcs busy. Edward threw the cross. The enflamed boomerangs slashed the monsters. Victor crushed through both the skeleton and armour. “Hellfire!” Alucard spread his cape. Aliciaknocked the candles. The gems replenished her energy. Edward used the breather to might fetch the price. He left the money. Alicia joined the battle. “Star bow! Magic arrow!” The Minotaur was dead. Saria pierced the heart. “Ball of Destruction!” Alucard removed the cluster. The bats got torn apart. “I am alright.” Torah got up. Edward was glad she survived. They would need her magic. There was another Minotaur. “Hellfire!” Alucard fought among the dryads. Edward hoped he would be okay. He struck the floor. He made rising flames to track forward. The red knights spread. Edward got the scimitar. That wasn’t enough. He picked the gems. Alicia nailed with the gold knife. The Minotaur grunted. Edward withdrew. The foxes tried to shoot him. The Minotaur struck its weapon. Edward threw the axe. The archer was dead. He knocked the candles. The crystals got in handy. The dryad tried to kiss him. She was quite attractive. The brown hair and olive skin made her to stand out among her sisters. Edward got no choice. She fell with the Bowie-knife through her throat. “Homing ball!” Torah got the backstabber. “Thanks!” Edward saluted. “Grizzly wing!” Alucard spread his cape. The scimitars got picked apart. Edward made the sign of the cross. The knights attacked. He threw the cross. The frozen boomerangs broke her ribs. Edward pined her through. The comrade struck his blade. Torah smashed the spine. Edward didn’t stop. He released the water wave. The dryad was knocked down. Saria ended her misery. The scimitar got close. Edward sidestepped. He struck the shield. “Homing ball!” The purple plasma shot it to pieces. “Get down!” Saria nailed the orc. Edward retrived the hat. He wouldn’t let them take it. “Dragon’s claws!” Ursula was back. She and Alucard fought back-to-back. Edward pierced the helmet. The brute tried to block. The orc had no chance. He was already dead. Alicia and Victor picked the idea. Edward drew sweat of his brow. His shirt was soaked. There was nothing he could do. Edward struck his blade. He stamped her forehead. The dryad shrieked. Her flesh was on fire. “Homing ball!” Torah was able to help her. Sort of anyway. The frost killed her. Edward pulled back. He would continue. The battle waved back and forth. Nobody got the upper hand. “Crimson lightning!” Alucard used his power to clear a circle about him and Ursula. Edward snarled. He was tired. Though he would never surrender. Christopher and Simon fought alone. He would make them proud. “Star bow!” Saria fired. She pierced the sister. Edward impaled the red knight. Alicia struck with the fireball whip. The mailman felt like throwing up. He released the magnetic wave. He was low on crystals. Edward picked those which the enemies left. He leaned against the wall. This wasn’t the time. He got to pull away. Edward hurled a wave of breakable axes. The knights ran for cover. “Grizzly wing!” Alucard made them to flee. The fight was over. At least for a while. The foes hid in the tunnel. They would soon be back. “Here.” Alucard handed out the apple. Edward ate. He felt refreshed,like a bit of energy returned. It made him relax. “Interesting.” Alucard said. Edward sent him a look. The tragic prince made no comment. Edward let it drop. Then the darkness fell. Edward shuddered. “Preserve us from evil.” Alicia whispered. Edward agreed. “Let be His will.” He crossed himself. Someone giggled. “There is no God.” Edward recognised the night cats. “Only Chaos.” He didn’t heed. “Blast you!” Victor cursed. Edward inhaled. “Here we go again.” He muttered. Edward tightened the grip on the sword. The fairy shone in the darkness. “You don’t have to be afraid.” Marcia told. “They can’t defeat you.” Edward wasn’t that certain. The lady cat hurled the Shuriken. “Dragon’s breath!” Ursula shot a wave of fireballs. “Hellfire!” Alucard emerged. The black Ninja staggered. She got burned on sight. “They are the devils of the pit!” Victor cried. He struck with the axe. “Grizzly wing!” The tragic prince supported his cousin. The whip burned in the darkness. “Dragon’s tail!”” She smashed her into pieces. Edward crossed himself. He pined Miss murder upon his blade. “Dragon’s claws!” Ursula went into closer handto-hand combat. “Blue bow! Star bow!” Saria fired. “God’s holy mother.” Alucard faced the onslaught. Edward released the water wave. Then he removed the head. “Dragon’s wings!” Ursula countered the projectiles. “Homing ball!” Torah cast her spell. The gold flare tore her apart. “Behind you!” Marcia screamed. Edward spun round. He ducked beneath the high kick. The axe got buried in the heart. The mailman inhaled. They were clever. Saria unsheathed her blade. They fought back-to-back. Edward couldn’t help. Alicia got taken. “Do you like that?” The night cat tightened the strangle. “I am sorry we don’t have more time.” She touched her body. Edward felt sick. He knew she liked girls, but this was repulsive. Alicia resisted the grip. She tried to kick her. The army boots may have a hard impact. The lady catlaughed. “Leave her alone!” Marcia flew into her face. Edward blinked. She tore at the eyes. “In the name of Michael the arch angel!” Alicia escaped. She stamped with the crucifix. The Ninja got both arms up. “Here goes nothing!” Edward threw the dagger. Miss murder got burned to ashes.

The fairy thought she might fight. How amusing. Though her hands went like the pincher. The night cat shrieked. She permitted the Schneider to escape. The hunterstamped with the crucifix. “Dragon’s breath!” Draco turned around. The cat was dead. She was not alone. Schneider hurled holy water into the air. The impact lit the caves. The Ninjas were burning. “Star bow!” The dryad fired an arrow. Miss murdergot killed. Alucard was punched. He dodged the Shuriken. “Dragon’s breath!” The smoking breath froze her into place. That was fitting. He pined the cat woman. She fell off his blade. The darkness passed. “This is a diversion.” Alucard accounted for his relations and allies. “I know.” Morris was tired. “They should’ve pressed their momentum.” Alicia Schneider touched the crucifix. “They try to wear you down.” The dryad was right. That was an old method. Alucard dismissed. “Someone is moving this from afar.” It was not his father. Belmont tugged his beard. “Let them come.” Grant brandished with the axe. He was brave. “Let us continue.” Alucard suggested. Draco led the way. “Do you hear that?” The fairy was pink. “I do.” Who was singing? “That is magical.” Torah said. “The Dark Lord conjure all vile and wicked to his service.”

The pinnacle, Ravenberg. The 7th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The witch was getting strong. The greenHellfire burned in her grasp. Then it went out. Salome smiled. The Egyptian priests taught her well. Though the ring master cast her out of their society. He accused her of not caring for the abyss. That she was a mere concubine, a harlot, of the Darkness. Salome might conjure. She learned many things. They would hear her call. This plane contained everything she ever craved for. The necromancer crushed her illusions. Salome hated him for it. Hated him with a bitter frenzy. For the first time, she wanted someone dead for her own sake. The Dark Lord Dracula had not deceivedher sisters. The count took what they presented. The witches worshipped his name. Salome would remain fateful. The circle of blood ruled in his absence. She would wait for his return. The dancing girl moved up toward his seat. Salome stabbed his side. The dark wizard was a traitor. Salome made him to pay for not obeying the last command. She left him dead in his throne. Anger was an originalsin. Salome would gain control. She was more then a mistress. Salome was a true witch. She got born with the mark of sorcery. That was her talisman. The source of her influence and power. Salome moved with her body. There would always be one like her.

The caves, Ravenberg. The 7th. Of December 2098 A.D.

There where items hidden in the ashes. Torah helped her sister to stand. The tunnel opened up into another cave. Torah was afraid. She tried to hide it. The song was magical. But it was unlike the dryad music. She inhaled. Torah knew how to protect her mind. Though the others might be spellbound. “Yes.” Ursula stared into the void. “I am here.” Torah didn’t know what to do. “The nest is ahead.” Ursula smiled. “My cousin is calling.” Torah closed her mouth. “Lead us.” Alucard said. “I fulfil my oath.” Ursula inhaled. She went by the river. Torah charged her magic. The place was huge. Although not when she compared with the lake or turbine chamber. “Listen.” Marcia said. Torah let go. The cave was silent. “No.” Saria hid her face. The siren sat in the pond. Torah swallowed. The kiss might turn her mad. Though she couldn’t denyher charm. The dark hair fell down below her shoulders. Torah felt weird. She shook her head. The ebony skin looked so smooth. Gold shone around her neck. “You stole it from the treasure!” Ursula shouted. “Do not accept her offer.” Alucard hissed. Torah closed her eyes. The siren laughed. “Do not listen.” She spread her arms wide. “Come to me.” Torah disliked the situation. The ashes moved. “Dracula’s magic.” Alucard told. Torah screamed.

The skeletons raised from the ashes. Alicia crossed herself. Dracula’s magic made them to fuse together. Richter Belmont encountered the bone-golem back in 1792. “I salute thee.” Alucard bowed. “This is your turn.” Edward inhaled. “You got the whip.” Alicia tightened the grip. He was right. The monster leaped. Alicia made a glide. Alucard got struck by the skull. She cracked with the whip. She blocked the looping flame. The bone-golem elongated the neck and skull. Alicia crushed the vial. The monster broke apart. “Beware!” Marcia burned like the sun. “It isn’t over.” Alicia figured. The golem refused. The flame hit the floor. She escaped the outburst. She threw the daggers forward. “Ball of Destruction!” Alucard was successful. Alicia made a back-flip. That wasn’t enough. She got punched by several fists. “Sword familiar! Come to my aid.” The prince summoned. “Destroy my enemies.” The sword waisted no time. The bone-golem released. Alicia gasped for air. The demon almost crushed her windpipe. The sword attack. The golem collapsed. Alicia touched the crucifix. The monster reformed. Alicia made it to rain with holy water. Alucard screamed. He got burned. She had no choice. “Hellfire!” He snarled while casting the spell. The joints released a black smoke. The sword familiar got scorched. Alucard held up the shield. The skull smashed on impact. “Watch out!” Marcia shrieked. The explosion hurled the pieces all over the place. The sword escaped. She shook her head. The bone-golem was not defeated. “Ball of Destruction!” Alucard delivered a high shot. The monster threw a flurry. Then it collapsed. Alicia cleaned the glasses. She was breathing hard. The bone-golem changed form into something which resembled a giant Vulture. She dismissed. “Get down!” Marcia informed. The bone-golem flailed with the tail. The splinters were like pinchers. Alicia got beneath. She brandished with the whip. The monster howled without a sound. Alicia hurled a wave of holy water. The skulls exploded. The sword familiar then swooped. The attack pierced the ribs. The familiar got struck by the tail. “Hellfire!” He blocked the assault. Alicia made a glide. The monster got hit by the fireballs. The skulls collided with the floor. “Preserve us!” There was another explosion. “You may leave.” Alucard made the familiar to disappear. Alicia was shaking. She got hit. She consolidated her might to leap up and hurl daggers. The monster flailed. “Not again.” Alicia got down, though she lost the glasses. She searched the floor. “There.” Marcia was dull. “That should work.” Alicia gasped. She might find them. “It is alright.” The fairy told. “I enchanted the pair.” She touched her cheek. “Now you won’t ever lose them again.” Alicia sighed as she replaced them. This was a blessing. Now she could fight. Alucard got bombarded with bones. “Grizzly wing!” He caught off the assault. The monster reached with the tail. Alicia wished she got the axe. She brandished with the chain-whip. She was Richter’s descendant. She burned with a holy rage. Alicia knew she was invisible. The upper-cut knocked the monster into pieces. “God with us!” Alicia shrieked. She kept using the martial arts until it burned out. “This is the curse of Darkness.” Alucard told. Alicia shuddered. She felt bitter cold. “Evil lurks in the night.” Marcia flickered. Alicia picked together. The bunch gathered up. She licked her lips. The blob moved on several hands and feet. The fight would continue until it got destroyed. Alucard charged. He buried the blade into the core. The blob tried to smash him. Alucard morphed into mist. “Crimson lightning!” He made it to strike. Alicia picked the gems. They replenished her energy. Alucard still tried to break into the blob. Though the golem kept coming. “Get away from there!” Alicia called before hurling holy water. The blob burst open. Alucard hid beneath the cape. He leaped like the blue wolf. He tore at the core. The bone-golem closed to break him. “Let him go!” Alicia threw the gold knife. The blob crept forward. Alucard threw himself at the formation. He stabbed with the sword. The blob opened to swallow him. Alicia shuddered. She stamped with the crucifix. The monster burst about. “Hellfire!” Alucard burned before it might close. Alicia flailed with the whip. The blob forced her down. Alicia shrieked. Although she got the whip turned up. “You are not going to kill her.” Alucard declared. “Release her!” Marcia struck into the monster. She wasn’t strong enough. Alicia kept stamping. The shell got weaker from under here. Alucard was busy. He used the shield like a battering-ramp. Alicia burned through. Although she still got stuck, she managed to knock with the whip. The bone-golem shook. Alicia bit her teeth. The force was terrible. Alucard got through. The sword went deep. The smoke erupted like a volcano. Alicia managed to get up. She got coated in dust and ashes. She had no care. She threw the vial down. The impact hurled her away. The bone-golem burst from inside. Alicia managed to retrieve the glasses. She picked the whip. The crystal ball rolled upon the floor. That was the mystic orb. She picked it up. Alicia gasped. She got restored. She knew she got healed and clean without having to look. “You defeated the bone-golem.” Alucard bent by her side. “That is okay.” Marcia beamed. Alicia exhaled. The orb was gone. Never mind, they still got a battle to win. Her family was in trouble. Alicia brandished with the whip. Alucard helped her up. He regained the sword and shield. Marcia went into the air. The bats had gathered. “Hellfire!” The soldiers seemed to have noticed about them. The red knight fired. Alucard took it upon the shield. He dashed to meet her. Alicia got other problems. She got surrounded by the scimitars. She threw the dagger before making a glide. The skeletons spread about. That granted an edge. The Undead Killer burst into fire. “In the name of Michael the arch angel!” She called while striking with the whip. They couldn’t resist. Alicia laughed. She presented the crucifix. The Lord would be with her.

Heknew it was past . His skills made him notice the shift in atmosphere. “Look out!” Saria shouted. The redhead told just in time. Victor sidestepped the arrow. He threw the knife. The dryadshrieked. She threw the seeds about. “Homing ball!” Torah burned before they might blossom. Victor reached home. He made a grimace. She picked an arrow. Victor trusted for the heart. That made her to retreat. “You really enjoy about this.” Her voice got soft as a honey trap. Victor felt ready to vomit. “Star bow!” Saria fired. She killed her sister. Victor dodged another arrow. “Blue bow!” He was grateful about their magic. He threw the knife forward. The dryad got nailed. She was dead before reaching the floor. Victor drew sweat of his brow. The siren kept singing. She was to far away. Not for long. Victor threw the axe. The skull got crushed. He ran to fetch the item. The dryad fired. She got support by the knights. Victor threw anotherknife. He fetched the axe. The hunter turned to face them. “Magic arrow!” The dryad got her sisters. Thenymphs tried an ambush. Torah was among them. The rings cut bloody gashes. She was a wild thing. At least when she must be. Victor smirked. Saria hung up the bow. She unsheathed her blade. Victor already pierced a monster.

The dryad attacked. Saria got the knife. She found it in the candle. It was long enough to use as a sword. The Minotaur struck the axe into the ground. “Homing ball!” Her sister released the freezing mist. The fox knight struck her. Saria fell limp on the ground,though she remained conscious. The blue fox would kill her. “Not today!” Victor snarled. He struck with the axe. The head got removed. The dryads tried to shoot him. Victor got away. The weapon got stuck in the corpse. Saria got up. She got to do something. Saria sang. The dryads looked confused. “Forgive me.” Torah struck with the ring smash. “I know.” Saria told. They got no choice. The dryad hurled seeds about the place. “You leave them alone.” Victor got the axe. She tried to impale him. “Homing ball!” Torah got her attention. Saria retrived the bow. She nailed her. Victor threw his knives. The sister turned. Saria giggled. She couldn’t help it. She picked together. The orcs approached. They brought other skeletons. Saria sang. “Star bow!” “Homing ball!” The magic made them to run for cover. “I am coming!” Victor killed the orcs. The red knights got their own archers. “Homing ball!” Torah wiped them out. They all knew that wasn’t the end. Saria had a deep breath. Then she went to aid her friends.

The “Maid and dragon”, the caves. The 7th. Of December 2098 A.D.

Lydie had another sip. Then she sighed. The box was empty. The bar was dimly lit. Though the maid showed up. Lydia hid her face. She didn’t want the girl to notice. “Another round of the Saki.” She ordered. “And don’t wait with the next.” The human girl bent over the table. “At once.” The bar maid picked the caskets. She came from Britain. The bright brown hair and fair skin revealed her. Lydia picked with the wrist band. The girl remained long enough to reveal her bosom. “Get off.” The gold knight made a grimace. She was a polar fox. Lydia didn’t need a prostitute. Not tonight at any rate. Her lover was dead. Yolanda got killed by vampire hunters. The lady cat told her. Although she shouldn’t. That was restricted information. Then most folks heard the rumours about it. Things was getting nasty. She sighed. Lydia tapped the table. The maid returned. She put two boxes down before her. “Thanks.” The gold knight threw some coins. The brunette catched them in mid air. She hid them inside the west. Lydia smirked. “Nice trick.” The girl winked. The gold knight inhaled. She came to drown her sorrows. Anger burned her heart like in a furnace. Lydia threw the drink down her throat. She bit her teeth together. She couldn’t sit here and do nothing.

The caves, Ravenberg. The 7th. of December 2098 A.D.

The monsters gathered round. Ursula roared. They forced her into a corner. She kept her back against the wall. The moss stanched terrible. It was all wrong somehow. Ursula got no time. The overgrown rocks got stained with blood. The dead got heaped into a pile. Ursula slashed with the claws. The soldiers exchanged glances. Ursula snarled. “Alright.” She challenged. “Who is next?” Her clothing also got stained. She was ready. Someone else would have to save her cousin. Ursula was the last of their family. She would take as many along as possible. Ursula dismissed. She had to show them the way into the nest. The skeletons advanced. Ursula dodged the arrows. They were to few for anything fancy. The bone-men struck her. “Dragon’s nose!” They used their bones for weapons. Ursula would boil them. “Dragon’s claws!” She smashed their skulls. “Blast you!” The orc tried to crunch her. Ursula struck through his body. The club knight snarled. He was dead before reaching the floor. “Die you bastard!”” The club hit the wall. Ursula twisted round to deliver a high kick. She pulled away in time to escape the squeeze. The punch crushed the skeleton. Ursula touched the locket. “Dragon’s claws!”” She killed them all. Ursula then had to dodge the scimitars.

The swordsman hit with a shield trust. Edward made a back-flip. The scimitars tried to follow. “Hellfire!” Alucard spread his cape. The tragic prince burned the orcs. The skeletons turned to counter. “Grizzly wing!” He made them to fight. “Sorry.” Edward buried the Bowie within the dryad. She stared with hateful eyes before she died. Edward drew sweat of his forehead. The sisters fired. Edward got beneath. The scimitar hit him. He staggered. The skeletons were hurling bones. Edward presented the crucifix. That gave some protection. The dryad wept. She hit him across the chest. Edward made a grimace. She was strong. The dryad struck again. She used the bow like a club. “Hold on.” Torah was grim. She cut the neck. Edward exhaled. Though he was grateful, he felt ashamed. Torah should never have been involved in either of this. The Dark Lord had no care. Edward threw it aside. Torah used the laurels to heal him. The dryads were dead. He felt nothing about it. “Here.” She gave him the hat. “It really fits you.”” Edward put it atop. “Thank you.” He wondered were she found it. Never mind, Torah retrieved the laurels. He crossed himself. Edward picked his items. Alucard fought the monsters. Victor was at his back. “Homing ball!” Torah cast her magic. “Blue bow!” the sisters joined forces. Edward made a dash for the enemies. The scimitar struck with his weapon. Edward threw himself sideways. He dodged the shield trust. The club knight tried to kill him. Edward struck with the blade. The water wave granted the upper hand. He crushed the orc and scimitar. “Stop it right there.” The dryads formed a firing line. “You are under arrest.” Edward made no remark. “Put down your weapons.” They winked at him. “It is over.” The mailman inhaled. They were ready to fire. “Ball of Destruction!” The dryads forgot. They lost focus. Alucard had arrived. He already impaled the sister. “Get down!” Marcia told. The arrows went overhead. Alicia brandished with the Undead Killer. The last sister tried to implant with a seed. That was not going to happen. Edward hurled himself on top. The dryad fell on the floor. She tried to escape. Alicia doused with holy water. The mailman got up. He tugged at the beard. “Beware!” Marcia went blue. The dryad moved. She got up to throw other seeds. “Leave us.” Edward stabbed through the stomach. The dryad made a grimace. Then she felt limp of the blade. Edward groaned. He was fed up with killing. He wished it was over. “Edward.” Saria pulled at his coat. “Have a drink.” The bottle got filled with a clear golden fluid. Without much care, Edward had a sip. “This is the spring of youth.” He then exclaimed. Saria smiled. “It is aquavit.” Edward blinked. “We thought the Norsman how to brew.”Edward shrugged it off. Though he got one more taste. He felt refreshed. The mailman would hunt. Saria smiled. She was so cute. Edward wished to kiss her. That wouldn’t be proper. Not in public. “No problem.” He muttered. Saria beamed. Then she pulled back the hat. She tasted so good. Edward kept her tight. Then he blushed. The mailman let go. Saria made a disappointed sound, then she giggled. “Are you alright?” Alicia cleared her voice. “No worry.” Edward pulled down the hat to might hide his confusion. “I am fine.” Saria blew a kiss. Then she went to find her sister. “We must enter the dragon’s nest.” Torah looked a bit nervous. Edward might figure. He might support her. They were on uncharted territory now. They would have to make up their own story. “You have my support.” Alucard said. “That is nice to know.” Ursula said. She led them toward the far end of the cave. “Then let it be done.” He made the sign of the cross. This looked like a dead end. The mailman knew it got to be an illusion. “Here it is.” Ursula stopped before the wall. “This is incredible.” Alicia might see beyond the obvious. Edward tugged his beard. They were blood related. “Sing for us.” Ursula requested. “Your song.” Saria met his eyes. “It is time.” Edward frowned. He didn’t understand. Edward would ask, though he had not the words. Then Saria sang. Edward gasped. This was truth turned to music. The far wall then vanished without a trace. He tightened the grip. They stood upon the threshold of the nest. “Let us go.” He was first in line. “Homing ball!” Torah charged before she followed. “This is your abode.” Alucard told. “You should be the leader.” He gave way to the others. Victor went ahead. Alicia crossed herself. Marcia flouted in the air. Saria was the last to enter. She kept singing. “Good Lord!” The dryad stopped. Then the walls came tumbling down. They barely escaped. “That was close.” Edward cleared his throat. The exit had crumbled. He leaned against the wall. There was no way back. “You were good.” He brushed her hair. Then Edward exhaled. They got to explore the dragon’s nest. “Come on.” Alicia cracked with the whip. “Let us be gone.” He made the sign of the cross. Edward unsheathed the Claymore sword. The cave was so dark. “Be careful.” Ursula said. “My cousin might have cast some spell.” He tugged at the beard. That was the last they needed. The candles still burned. He sighed. They would have to do. “There is evil abroad.” Alicia whispered. “I feel it in my blood.” Edward shuddered. He felt it too. “Be careful.” Alucard gave a hand. “The ice is another case.” The mailman sighed. Alucard was right. Edward felt the bite. Even the river got frozen over. “We might be too late.” Ursula looked so sad. Edward touched her shoulder. “It shall be alright.” Victor told. “You shall see.” Edward crossed himself. “Here goes nothing.” He said. “Watch out!” Marcia called as the icicles fell from the ceiling. Edward made a back-flip. He hoped the others might be okay. The ice broke on impact. He inhaled. The bats squeaked. “Dragon’s breath!” Ursula knew what to do. He was not afraid. Edward leaped over the spike bed. “You coward!” The danglinggirldisappeared into the darkness. Ursula then hurried to might catch up. Edward muttered. He didn’t think she should do that. “God with us!” this might be a mistake.

The fairy flouted in the air. Her light was their guide. Alucard produced his sword and shield. He could see in the dark. “Stop.” Victor Grant told. The huntsman was in the lead. “Do you hear that?” Alucard had. For quite a while. Though he did not heed it. “That is a girl sobbing.” Morris tugged his beard. Alucard waited. The bats where silent now. Schneider stamped those which settled upon her. “We can’t leave her alone.” Torah Fernandez hung up the ring smash. “Beware.” Alucard told. “We do not know what might be hiding in here.” The group beheld one another. Alucard was silent. He thought of Succubus. He would not support this kind of action. Then someone tackled. Or tried to. Alucard morphed into mist. He reformed to strike at the monster. The tunnel was a battleground. They had become aware of his father’s might. The sorceress charged. “Wait! Stop!” The fairy called. The orb went in a flash. “That is not an enemy!” Marcia the fairy shone with a soft light.That was Draco’s face. “Ursula!” Belmont exclaimed. “You survived!” Draco threw herself into the man’s arms. She sobbed with relief. “What happened?” Alucard never saw her like this. “She stole my necklace.” She would gather. “I can’t change.” She told. “Curse the dark.” Alucard admitted. He knew what it ment.

The pinnacle, Ravenberg. The 7th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The chamber lay in shadow. All was silent. Though there was a sense of life amidst death. “So it is then.” The very voice was a chilling curse. “The dead stirred in their graves.” The corpse moved a hand. “Thus the necromancer lives again.” The wicked laughermightfreezeeven the vampire’s blood with fright and terror. How was it possible? How did he survive the filthy treason of that poor weak concubine? His servantsmight feel his demise through the physical plane. The black magic had grown strong with him. The power of the lords of shadow. That which Walter Bernhardt ripped from Gabriel’s body. The necromancer raised from his seat. He would achieve that power. He gained a part of the count’s Chaos. He would use it to become the lord of the dead. The grim reaper would fall. He got the power. The necromancer broke the litches sceptre. He got no further use for it. The dark wizard harnessed through the bracelets. That filth had no right to wear them. Sorrow was beyond their reach. The necromancer raged. He would rip even the fabric of space itself to obtain it. Then he went calm. The dead wizard was no longer the pathetic elvan conjurer of past time. He would find a way. Then they had no choice. They would die, while still wishing to kneel before his feet.

(A.N:I didn’t intend to make the text this long. But I hope you liked it. I was inspired by HC and the “Dracula X” titles. I wished to show the creation of the necromancer. The great amoeba is a CV Rebirth villain. I really enjoyed the game. Edward and Saria are in love. That is an important part of my story. Have a nice time.)