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Castlevania: Darkness Never Dies


Part 1: Curse of Blood

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Part 2: Legacy of Sorrow

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Part 1: Curse of Blood.

“”I am the road, the truth and the life. Those who know me, knows the Father, and those who know the Father, shall be forgiven of their sins.””

John: 14. 9.

Chapter 1: Monster Dance.

Balesco marshland, Warakiya. The 6th. of December 2098 A.D.

The snow made the armour to shine like polished gold.Though the cape was heavy and dank. No matter. The werewolf managed to control his wroth. “You are sure about this?” The growl made the soldiers to retreat. “It is true, my general. He betrayed us.” The officer snarled. Alastor Lupine already lost so much. The ravens flapped about, sharing his emotions. “Dismissed.” Lupine would have to report about this development. “Hail the count.” They gave their salute. “Hail the count.” Alastor returned the favour. He already dispatched. They were not important. The werewolf retained his true form. This made it less difficult to roam the countryside. The ravens followed him abroad. Alastor cast the spell. The Dark Lord granted such power. They belonged to him. The wolf kept trotting. He might cover a great distance. The werewolf would serve count Dracula. There was a scent of smoke in the air. He reached the Storigoi graveyard. Lupine howled. Brahms mansion was afire. The ravens found the corpse. He retained human form. The vampire already began to rot. “My lady.” The general held her to his brest. “What happened?” Her face was marked with hate. “Kill them.” She rasped. “Kill them all.” Alastor Lupine wept while he watched his mistress burst into fire. “You are to kill the Belmont clan.” That was his last command. Alastor would submit. He got an interest in the matter. The werewolf would make a blood pact with the Master.

Forest of Jova, Warakiya. The 4th. of December2098 A.D.

They were lost in the forest. Christian Belmont got worried. He didn’t try to hide it. Noriko Cruz was freezing to death. There was nothing he could do. Nothing he would want to. Trevor gave the Host. He even sprinkled with holy water. The curse was broken. “Glory be You.” He touched the crucifix. “Our Father in Heaven.”Never the less, it didn’t change her condition. Christian prayed for guidance. He brought her to this farmhouse, or what remained of it at any rate. There was only this wall left standing. The chill breathed through broken windows. Trevor hid behind the broken staircase. He gave her his jacket. Christian looked around. He began to feel desperate. Noriko huddled together. Trevor bit his lip. There were not many candles in here. Christian sighed. Then he noticed. The paper almost got concealed by the snow. The sight made Trevor think of Reinhardt Schneider and Carrie Fernandez. That was his cue. “Please excuse me, but have you seen a scroll?” The voice almost made him to jump. “Ah, that’s it. I thank you dearly.” This was Déjà vu. Christian reached for the whip. “This is important to my business.” Trevor noticed the salesman wore a pair of octagonal glasses. “Forgive my rudeness. My name is Renon.” He put down the briefcase. “I am what you would call a demon.” Christian reared back, although he already knew. “Wait, wait! I am not an enemy.” Renon looked sovery nervous. Trevor didn’t relax. They required his services. “My role is to provide useful items for adventurers to the dark castle.” The businessman made a dismissing gesture. “It is shameful for a demon to be working. But one needs gold even in Hell these days. Surly we were fated to meet.” Christian wasn’t that sure. He let it pass. “Whenever the need arises, use the scroll to contact me.” Trevor looked at the contract. “Dear me, is that the time?” Renon inspected the pocket watch. “We have talked too long. Remember, summon me whenever you need.” This was going to fast. Christian got to stop him. He opened the scroll. “I need some clothing.” Trevor hoped he got something which might suit his friend. He looked at Noriko. “Could you provide something hot to drink?” Christian asked. “Of course.” Renon produceda Japanese school girl uniform, complete with underwear and heavy shoes. “I think this should be proper.” The salesman put some gloves, a shoulder-cape and a scarf atop. “Try the cap.” Renon reached into his suitcase. Then he produced a cup of steaming soup. “This should cost you 200 coins.” Christian opened his purse. “Here.” He produced the money. “Thank you.” Renon tipped his hat. “Is there anything else I might do for you?” Trevor gave it some thought. “I could use some purification crystals and Belladonna leaf.” He then said. Renon reached into his briefcase. “I could take some antidote and potions as well.” Christian told. Renon didn’t even blink. He simply stashed the wares on top. “That would be 800 coins,please.” Christian paid the price. The pope gave him the money before they left the Vatican. “Thank you sir.” Renon bowed. “”Remember, summon me whenever you need.” He tipped his hat. Then Renon disappeared from sight. Trevor crossed himself. He picked the contract. Christian then put the goods into his backpack. “Here.” He tried to sound cheerful. “Try this.” He gave her the soup. Noriko had no doubt. She drank it all up. Trevor was unsure if he would do the same. He made a grimace. Noriko at least got up. She began to redress. Trevor blushed. He quickly turned round. Noriko giggled. That only made his cheeks to glow brighter. Christian knew he should prepare for hunting the night. But then Noriko touched his shoulder. “Here.” She said in a low voice. “Thanks for being nice.” Trevor would protest. He only did what was right. Instead, he pulled on his jacket.That felt much better. “Thank God.” The chest-plate was rather cold. Christian made the sign of the cross. Noriko looked aside. She looked even paler then before. Trevor really felt sorry. She got drained of blood. He shuddered. The wind was getting stronger. But that wasn’t it. They arrived at the ruins of castle Dracula. Christian figured it was the building from 1897. The circle of blood held the ritual. Although the Dark Lord didn’t arise, the castle transformed. That was the creature of Chaos. “Are you alright?” Trevor got to know. “Not really.” Noriko sighed. “They intended to use me as a sacrifice.” Christian touched the Vampire Killer whip. “There are several candidates.” She pulled the cap down upon her bushy dark hair. “They might become the prince of Darkness.” Trevor exhaled. “They raised from the grave.” The circle got buried within the castle. His family fought them in the past. “The order killed my parents.” She tried to clean her face. There was no blood. He tightened his grip. No Bloody Tears. Christian pulled together. “Soma Cruz should have chosen to put the spirits to rest after 2057.” His grandfather got killed by the Devil. The children had plotted for the End of Days. “Unused power is waisted power.” Noriko recited. Trevor pulled through his short red hair. “Let it be.” Christian couldn’t support. “The Lord shall decide.” He closed the grey eyes. Julius thought he looked like a young Simon Belmont. “I do my best.” Richter also got those colours. He put it aside. “I am sure about that.” Noriko let go of his shoulder. Trevor touched the crucifix. The “real” Trevor Belmont got exiled because of fear. Fear of his power. At least Sonia Belmont managed to maintain the estate. The people thought they might make Warakiya into a target of the Dark Lord. “The Belmont clan has returned.” Christian cracked with the leather whip. “To hunt the night.” Noriko stared. “There is a light above you.” She breathed. “You might be the one.” Trevor touched with the tiny gold crucifix. That remained an open question. Sara Trantoul chose to bind with his blood. That still left the final trial. That was his real concern. Thomas had disappeared. Patrick and Julia remained among the shadows. “Come.” Christian had a quest to perform. “Let us go.”

The wind was picking up. Noriko had a look around. Christian joined her side. She hid her mouth. At least he didn’t blush anymore. Noriko sighed. They went down into the valley. Christian touched his crucifix. They got to cross the river. She noticed the remains of the castle wall. That was a ruin. “It is getting colder.” Christian remarked. The gate towers ended abruptly into shattered spires. “Let us go.” He cracked with the whip. Noriko inhaled. He was right. She finished the soup. The river got frozen over. Noriko wished she might hold his hand. That was not an option. Christian got other things to do then to baby-sit her. They crossed the river. “Stop.” Christian told. Noriko did as he told. The vampire hunter looked into the sky. Noriko shuddered. It was not because of the weather. The ravens went above. Christian pulled her behind a tree. “I pray they didn’t spot us.” He whispered. “The black riders roam the countryside.” Noriko tightened her grip. Christian helped her to get up. They went down the road. Christian cracked with the whip. He kept looking skyward. Noriko hurried to keep up. Ancient looking pine trees grew atop the hill. They reached the crossroad. Then Noriko screamed. The moon barely lit the forest, though she noticed about the birds.

Forest of Jova, Warakiya. The 4th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The weather was getting worse. Christian brandished with the leather whip. Black clouds moved across the sky, heavy with snow.He didn’t mind about it. The ravens nested atop the large willow tree. Trevor made the sign of the cross. The birds might pick them apart. He really was a Belmont. Christian struck with the flame whip. The ravens shrieked before they burned. Trevor inhaled. Their trouble wasn’t over. The skeletons pushed through the snow. This time it was Noriko who screamed. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Christian challenged. He might use Sonia’s fireball whip. The bone-men got shot to pieces. There were others like them. Trevor doused with holy water. “Watch out!” Noriko called. “The ravens are here!” They flew from the branches. Christian twirled with the whip. He got to stop them. The birds might pick them apart. The raven then burst into fire. The fight was over. Trevor felt like it lasted forever. “I hope they didn’t notice.” He muttered. But of course they would. “We have to go.” Christian said. “Now.” He led the way down the snowy forest lane. For a while, the wind and their footsteps were the only sound. “Did you hear that?” Noriko asked. Trevor went all pale. “May the Lord preserve us from the wicked One.” He breathed. “Get down.” Christianwas stern. Noriko asked no more questions. The sound was getting closer. “They are here.” The horse turned a fork in the road. “The black riders.” Noriko hid herself against his chest. The horseman was clad all in black. Christian reached for the crucifix. The horse had stopped. The hood moved from left to right. Trevor felt like his heart was freezing up. “Who are they?” Noriko asked. Her voice was like the whisper in a dream. “They were humans once.” Christian breathed while he beheld the horseman. “The riders rose from the mist of the Reformation.” He sighed. “They took it upon themselves to study the ancient craft of wizardry and alchemy.” The figure remained in place. “The dark arts are forbidden. But in 1541, they attempted to resurrect the Dark Lord from his grave.” Trevor inhaled. What kept him? “Solomon Belmont, Christopher’s grandfather, foiled the attempt.” The rider suddenly sat straight in the saddle. He then pulled the rains. Christian remained calm. “Then the angel of Death offered them the gifts of power. And blinded by their greed, they took without question.” The figure disappeared from view. Trevor got back on foot. “They are the forsaken.” He dusted off as best he could. “The 13 terrible servants of the Dark Lord.” Christian shook his head. Noriko shuddered. She hid her face among the black hair. “I think that is a sad story.” He touched the crucifix. “And it is long.” Trevor helped her to stand. “One by one, they fell into darkness.” They began to walk. “Then the men and women would use their power to ensure their own glory.” Noriko held him by the hand. “They came to fortune and fame; though it was not enough.” Christian kept track of the landscape. “Their knowledge was great, and so was their pride.” He sighed. “That gave neither happiness nor peace.” Trevor returned her gaze. She looked surprised. He dried her tears. “They could become invisible, and walk unseen among the people. Some might see things from far away.” He exhaled. “They became great kings and queens among men. Christian made her to look upon him. “Noriko.” He said. “The riders must never find us. They have become living wraiths, creatures neither living nor dead.” His voice became a whisper. “Doomed to a lonely eternity, they hate all living things.” Trevor finally let go. “I tried to tell the others.” He exhaled. “I don’t know if they figured. But they will never stop hunting us.” Noriko licked her lips. “How can they find us?” She asked. Christian made a grimace. “They do not see the world like we do. But at all time they smell the blood of the living.” He bent in closer. “They desire it, and hate it.” Trevor made the sign of the cross. “They are drawn by the power of the mystics.” He touched the Vampire Killer whip. “I hope that you understand.” Christian gave her a stern look. “They will be attracted to us.” He fell silent. Trevor was the heir to the house of Belmont. But for once, that gave no comfort. He felt alone and afraid. Christian wished that Julius was here. He tried to shake it. Trevor knew he could fight. The Vampire Killer chose him, although there had been other, more logicalcandidates. “Where are we going anyway?” Noriko broke through his line of thoughts. Christian smiled. “You don’t have to worry.” He told. “I shall bring you to safety.” Trevor would guide her to the village. Noriko would be safe within the church. “My community should offer you a sanctuary.” Noriko pulled him back. “I don’t want to be safe!” She exclaimed. “I want to come with you!” Trevor was speechless. Noriko wasn’t. She gulped. Christian looked down the shaft. He noticed the fall trap was lined with spikes. “We better get off the road.” Trevor decided. Noriko didn’t argue. They went over to the left side. The trees stood close together. Christian cracked with the whip. He hoped the ancestors would be proud. The weather got even worse than before. Trevor figured there was a storm coming on. He touched the crucifix. Christian hoped it was a normal weather. They might control it. “He might come with the storm, the snow, the thunder or mist.” Noriko bit her lip. “that is right.” She said. “I saw what they could do.” Trevor sighed. The snow began to fall. “Forgive us our sins.” The wind made it to twirl about. He was grateful about the scarf. Julius told him to bring heavy clothing. The fur coated army jacket offered some protection. The gloves were a gift from Yoko Belnades. Christian hoped that Torah was alright. He got to know her during the journey to the countryside. Trevor was certain she would become a hunter. He felt the spirit in her. Christian got the ability to see beyond the obvious. That was a bloodline ability. Trevor got great powers. According to the chronicles; there hadn’t been anyone like him since Desmond, Sue and Dolores fought Dracula in 1666.

The blizzard might freeze them to death. Noriko pulled the scarf around her face. “Let me help you!” Christian managed to tie it up. “I think it might be clearing up!” He got to shout. The storm almost drowned their voices. “Do you think the weather might ever return to normal?!” Noriko almost got lost. The snow was falling so rapidly. “The ice isn’t his doing!” Christian called. He stopped to sniff the air. “Do you smell that?!” Noriko could. “Fire!” She shot back. “Something is burning!” They should be able to see the smoke. The snow made it impossible. “Let us have a look!” Noriko called. She couldn’t be sure, although it looked like he agreed. Christian was the leader. She got to hurry. Noriko almost disappeared among the white. He would give a hand. Noriko shook it off. She wondered what they would find. Christian held her back. “I want you to stay behind.” He said. “They might be the undead.” She couldn’t help but to shudder. Noriko would fight. She was about to tell him when they got cut short by the raised voices. “I brought you here, so now what?” Christian uncoiled his whip. “I got my own men.” Noriko bit her lip. He was about to move through the bushes. “Come on, let us hear your story.” Noriko hid her mouth. They were so brave.

Forest of Jova, Warakiya. The 4th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The snow kept falling. The group didn’t seem to notice. They stood face to face. “You won’t dare.” The soldier said. “Get your hands off, you wench. I can fire just as well as any of you butchers.” He challenged the renegades. The Devil got other men to back her up. Trevor reached for the crucifix. He disliked the situation. This was more then local trouble. Christian recognised their insignia. “Relax.” The female cooed. “The order should be about to finish this uproar.” The black man reached for his pistol. Before he might draw, the bodyguard lay dead on the snow. Trevor leaped from among the bushes. He leached for the gunner. The renegade fled his wroth. Christian let them run. He got other problems. The bats went like a swarm. Trevor threw the vials into the air. He managed to burn the lot. “Wait for me!” Noriko called. Christian whipped the candles. He picked the crystals. They replenished his energy. Noriko shrieked. The zombies hid among the trees. Trevor brandished with the whip. He got to defeat them. The monsters would kill him. They would do even worse things with Noriko before they ate her. The zombies got defeated. Trevor exhaled. He might see beyond the obvious. The ghost was barely visible. He struck with the whip. The grave digger dug up other enemies. Trevor remained in place. He got to defeat the ghosts. Christian flailed with the whip. The zombies got burned into ashes. He made the sign of the cross. The ghosts moaned while fading. Their sadness might break a heart of stone. Trevor felt the tears freeze. The bats went from within the tree. Christian doused them with holy water. He went for the grave digger. But then the were-skeleton threw the ribs like a spread shot. Trevor threw himself sideways. Dracula’s curse raised the dead from all about the countryside. Christian struck with the whip. The monster staggered. Trevor pulled back. Someone was shooting. The werewolf skeleton couldn’t resist. The monster got shot to pieces. The black soldier reloaded his pistol. Then he finished off the grave digger. Christian didn’t relax. Noriko was gone. “Help me.” He breathed. Trevor felt chills down his spine. This couldn’t happen. “Did you see her?” They got to tell him. The black man shook his head. “I don’t know.” Christian blinked. He was frightened. “She made them to burn.” Christian recoiled the whip. He would like to ask more questions. There was no time. “She shot me.” The man pulled at his trench coat. “Gregory took the brunt.” The black man exhaled. “Thanks anyway.” He extended a hand. “My name is Samuel Kiezel.” He introduced. “I was in the army, before the ice.” Trevor shook it. “I am Trevor Christian Belmont.” The soldier tried a smile, though he got a haggard look about him. “Nice to meet you. But I have work to do.” Samuel finally re-holstered his firearm. “My men are being rounded up.” The soldier pulled through his grey hair. “I just don’t want to negotiate with devils.” Christian reached for the crucifix. “They want to burn the church.” He turned to leave. Trevor made up his mind. This was too serious. “They don’t know what they do.” He declared. Samuel looked doubtful. Christian smiled. He went into the forest. Trevor was no ranger, though he didn’t have to. A blind man might follow this track. “Wait for me.” Samuel decided to come along. Trevor crossed himself. The bats came back to circle about. He brandished with the whip. Then they reached the clearing. Smoke rose from the building. The chapel was burning. The habitants still fought to keep the renegades out. Christian tightened his grip. The rabble was not alone. The monsters belonged to Dracula’s army. Samuel pulled his pistol. He ran to aid his supporters. Trevor didn’t follow. He found the prisoners. They were kept chained together. The bats flapped about. Christian went across the clearing. He got to save them. The wargs charged to take him. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Trevor challenged. He touched the crucifix. Christian got lifted into the air. The burning cross burst overhead. That cleared the area. The wargs that could, fled whining into the forest. Trevor inhaled. The soldiers turned to face him. Trevor flailed with the Vampire Killer whip. The were-skeleton jumped into the air. Christian made a glide. He got beneath. She was there. Noriko returned his gaze. “Belmont scum!” The grave digger got the shovel. “Stay where you are!” Trevor did as he told. “Surrender.” The undertaker demanded. “And you might have your girlfriend forever.” Christian touched the crucifix. She was not his girlfriend. That was beside the point. Trevor smiled. He was not afraid anymore. The Lord was with him. Christian got Simon’s heart of fire. “I am not afraid to die.” He told. “Can you say the same?” The pope had granted an absolution. “This is the body of Christ.” Trevor presented the envelope. “Do not put your faith in such trifles.” The digger told. “This is the monster dance. We are in Transylvania. And Transylvania is not the Vatican.” Christian frowned.The figure stanched. What was he up to? “You are not the count.” He said. The grave digger made no answer. The were-skeleton struck with the skull. Trevor was too short. He got beneath. “Sons of Satan!” Christian seldom used such language. The werewolf skeleton slashed with the claws. Trevor gasped, although the tunic saved him. He made the sign of the cross. The bag of bones reached for the ribs. Christian threw a vial of holy water. The were-skeleton staggered. He made a back-flip. Trevor threw the cross. Then chaos broke loose. The prisoners attacked the monsters. The were-skeleton got overwhelmed. Christian came face-to-face with the grave digger. “Curse you Belmont!” He scolded. Trevor sidestepped. The digger threw his shovel. That might kill him. Christian would stamp him out. The undertaker attack with punches. Trevor got hit. He managed to stay put. “May the Lord forgive your sins.” He pushed the crystal forward. He shuddered. There was only that eye. The grave digger kicked him in return. Christian managed to retreat. He then threw the cross.

The undertaker screamed. Noriko got to block her ears. The sound was terrible. Christian struck with the whip. The hat fell back. Noriko shuddered. That was a dead man walking. The hunter crossed himself. The lizard man tried to stab him. “Watch out!” Noriko called. Christian managed to repel the lot. The bone-scimitar hid behind a round shield. Noriko cowered. He got behind. They pulled back. Noriko bit her lip. This was a trap. They kept him busy. She was the target. They dragged her along. Christian doused the bats. They hid within a trunk. The zombies were horrible. She tried not to look. The ghosts moaned. Christian was so strong. “Impressive.” He caught up. The girl was waiting. Noriko knew her name, though she was merely a teenager. Noriko got jealous. She was so cute. “Much impressive.” The black braids framed her features. Though she got clad like a peasant. “Whore of Lucifer.” Christian revealed the crucifix. Noriko shuddered. The eyes shone like the blue moon. “You control your fear.” She spoke Chinese. “You care about this girl?” She touched her privates. Noriko felt her breath upon her neck. It was sweet, honey sweet, though with the bitterness of blood beneath. “Corpus Christi!” Trevor got the envelope. She screamed. Noriko hid her face.

St. Mary’s church, forest of Jova. The 4th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The storm raged outside. Samuel exhaled. The church felt so quiet. The soldier waited until Christian completed his prayer. He made the sign of the cross. Then he approached. “The fight is over.” Samuel told. “The people should be safe.” The boy met his gaze. “The vampires abducted my friend.” Trevor touched the crucifix. Samuel couldn’t speak. He knew how that felt, although he didn’t know how to tell him. “I got to save her.” Samuel admitted. “You don’t walk alone.” There was something he could do. “I shall come with you.” Samuel told. He actually smiled. “It will be dangerous.” Christian was such a cute little boy. He shrugged. “I know that.” Samuel went grim. “You don’t have to tell me.” He might rethink the statement. Then never mind. Samuel made his decision. “You might need some help.” Trevor closed his eyes. “Then rest here for a while.” The priest had returned. The boy lowered his head. “Great is the mystery of faith.” The holy man put a hand on his forehead. “The Lord shall be with you.” Samuel frowned. “Your sins are forgiven.” The boy was healed. “You should leave.”Father Edgar helped him to stand. “We are in the house of God.” The priest crossed himself. “The people are in need.” Christian bowed. “Then I leave you in peace.”

Top floor, Brahms mansion. The 5th. of December 2098 A.D.

The fire went roaring up the chimney. Mae Lin stood before the mirror. She cast no reflection or shadow. The boyar was immortal. The banner got marked by the dragon. She had become his property. Mae Lin let the peasant garb fall upon the carpet. She was 14 years old. “Am I not beautiful?” She asked. Mae Lin had been living dead in China and Spain. She turned around. The corset could not hide her nudity. “Of course, my lady.” The captain, Gustav Werner,stood at attention. “As you say.” Mae Lin suddenly jabbed the mirror into splinters. The Austrian Nazi-officer kept his position. “He would not bow down to me.” She licked the blood of her fingers. Mae Lin enjoyed her own juices. “Bring him to me.” She demanded. “He shall not defy me.” She could not accept it. “Hail the count.” The captain saluted with the hook across his grey, brown and black uniform. “It shall be done.” Mae Lin might use her power. “Excellent.” She said. The boy would get lost in the perfect storm. She would bring him to bed. Mae Lin knew she might break him. She did that before. “Leave me.” She told. The captain replaced his helmet. There was gold upon his chest and shoulders. He vanished like mist. “I feel thy anger.” He reappeared. “I am.” Mae Lin would obey.

Forest of Jova, Warakiya. The 5th. of December 2098 A.D.

The heavy black clouds still covered the sky. Christian figured that the weather must be unnatural. He pulled the scarf up before his face. The wind sentthe snow twirling about. Trevor kept it tight around his head. It was past . Christian got the gloves. It was getting colder by the second. Trevor pulled the cap down over his ears. They got lost. He got to accept it. “The blizzard comes from over the Balesco marshland!” Samuel had to shout. “”We have to find shelter! Or lit a campfire.!” The black man rubbed snow from his eyebrows. “Hear how the wind is howling!” Christian could. It made him feel nervous. Then Trevor stopped dead in his track. “That isn’t the wind.” He reached for the crucifix. “The wind howls with the voice of wolves!” Chills went down his spine. He knew this wasn’t the wild beast hunting pray in the wilderness. “There are the wargs out there.” Samuel shut his mouth. Trevor pulled at his trench coat. “Are there no place to hide?” Samuel got to tell him. “Yes.” The soldier finally gathered. “But that is a long way from here.” He rubbed off more snow. “The Storigoi market.” Samuel got his gun. “At the border of the marsh pit.” Christian made the sign of the cross. “Show me the way!” The blizzard whirled snow about the forest. Trevor prayed he would be able to spot them. He touched the crucifix. Then the wargs arrived. There were at least three of them. The great shaggy beasts growled while circling about. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Christian brandished with the leather whip. He also got a storm inside. Samuel fired. The warg got shot through the head. Trevor was not alone. He brandished with the fireball whip. The warg burst into a cloud of ashes. Samuel buried his knife into the neck of the monster. “It tried to leach onto me.” Samuel got back up. Trevor was about to ask him when the final warg leaped on top. He lost the whip. The wolf locked its teeth just before his face. “Good Lord in Heaven!” Trevor shrieked. The crucifix burned on impact. The warg howled. Samuel gasped when kneeling down. “Forgive me.” He pressed the barrel against the head and fired. The warg was dead before reaching the ground. Christian pulled the burning corpse aside. “Come with me if you want to live.” Samuel drew sweat of his brow. Trevor shuddered when getting back up. “You told the truth.” He said. “You could help me.” The soldier shook his head. “Let us be off.” Samuel replaced the pistol. “Before they might come back.” Christian recovered the whip. Samuel bit his lip. Trevor was glad he didn’t look frightened anymore. The wargs howled in the distance. Trevor bit together. The black riders might notice. The storm kept throwing snow into their faces. Samuel went ahead. Christian was tired. He used much energy. Trevor would have to get used to it. He stopped to knock some candles. Christian collected the crystals. He even found some money. Trevor put it aside. The wargs were getting closer. Christian made an oat to hunt the night. He would do what he had to do. “Oh no!” Samuel pulled away. “Not you again!” Trevor knew that sound. “Good Lord in Heaven!” He exclaimed. The ravens nested atop the boulder. “Get away!” The soldier fired his pistol. “Blast you all to Hell!” He threw the grenade. Christian got to shield himself. Samuel didn’t get them all. He left it in the hands of the Lord. The skeletons pushed through the ground. Trevor brandished with the Vampire Killer whip. The bone-man twirled with the club. Christian made a back-flip. He threw the cross. The group tried to strangle him. Christian doused them with holy water. The bats squeaked with bloodthirst. They hid inside the fallen tree. Trevor struck with the whip. He knew they might bite him. The trio of skeletons got struck in the process. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” They got the zombies to worry about. Christian presented the crucifix. “Now I got you.” Samuel made a grimace. “You are going to pay for all you did to me.” The explosive blew up the group. Trevor felt the presence. “Rest in peace.” He declared. He then cracked with the whip. The ghost moaned. The image burst into fire. Christian sighed. He felt sorry about them. The ghost got chained to eternity. The bat settled upon his shoulder. “Leave me in peace.” Trevor managed to stamp it out. Then the forest grew silent. “Glory be You.” Christian caught his breath. “Our Father in Heaven.” He made the sign of the cross. “Alright.” Samuel smirked. “Then we might leave this accursed place.” Trevor threw it aside. “The country keeps the memory of great men and holy woman as well as those of the prince of Darkness.” He explained. “Much evil has to befall the land before it loses the memory of light.” The soldier sent him a weird look. Then he merely shrugged. “If you say so.” He remarked. Samuel raised a hand, as if to tap him on the head. Christian moved aside. “Show me the way.” He looked into the forest. “You talked about the Storigoi market place.” Samuel let it drop. “I did.” He said. Then the soldier seemed to gather. “The journey begins.” Trevor reached for the whip. He was afraid of the big bad wolf. “They are the hounds of Gorthaur.” That was an ancient name for the second incarnation. Samuel cleared his voice. “You shouldn’t mention about such things.” Christian acknowledged. “That might draw their attention.” Trevor touched the crucifix. “Then let it be.” He inhaled. Though Samuel was right. “You shall not test the Lord, your God, for your own purpose.” The Messiah told the truth. He was the truth. The road, the truth and the life. “Those who knows me, knows the Father.” He recited. Samuel removed his head piece. The cap also was a part of the ancient uniform. Christian got back into action. “They are so close.” He shuddered. Samuel tugged as his moustaches. “Right.” He might also hear the distant howls. “Let us do this.” Samuel reloaded the pistol. Trevor cracked with the whip. “No funny business.” The soldier told himself. “We shouldbe gone.” Christian told. “They might notice.” Samuel bit his lip.

The wargs went quiet. He didn’t trust them for a second. Samuel went from tree to tree. He picked the gun. “Wait.” Trevor doused the bats with holy water. Samuel chewed on his moustache. He never expected to see anything like this. The boy picked the crystals. Samuel took a gem. He blinked when it transformed into a round of bullets. The soldier shrugged. He put the ammo upon his belt. The skeletons pushed through the snow. They made his hair to stand on end. “Curse it!” Samuel fired. The bone-man got shot to pieces. The fragments hit him. Samuel groaned. He felt like sharp nails got trust into his body. Trevor flailed with his whip. Samuel shook his head. Trevor got a thorn whip. The wargs had caught up. They leaped to get him. Samuel snarled. He fired the gun. The monster winched. The bullet went along the back. The mate bared its teeth. Samuel didn’t wait. He unsheathed the army knife. The warg went in low. He got struck by the throwing cross. Trevor defeated the bats and skeletons. Then theother wargs went to take him. The boy could use his whip. Samuel looked gazes with the beast. The wolves got wounded. They all knew. Samuel reached for the pistol. The wargs were upon him. Samuel screamed before he stabbed the knife up into its head.

The mansion, Brahms mansion. The 5th. of December 2098 A.D.

That was the scent of rich perfume. Noriko slowly opened her eyes. Where could she be? The place looked like a harem. She was forced to visit while living on the streets of Tokyo. Noriko looked down. She was ashamed of herself. “I told you belonged to the Master.” Noriko knew that voice. The Japanese vampire wore a crimson dress. The arms were bare. The low cutting and high split exposed her body. The lamplight shone on the rubies around her neck. Taiko was not alone. The Egyptian Lay resting upon the sofa. The sleeveless white gown was made of silk. Golden brooches kept it close by the shoulders. Noriko licked her lips. The serpents seemed to crawl all over her body. The grimace made Sharon smile. The Brazilian got up. Lemya got on the same black dress she wore in the crypt. “Curse you.” Noriko told. They gloated about the situation. “You cannot escape.” Taiko triumphed. “This time we may have some fun.” Sharon moved even closer. “You only take this!” Noriko presented the crucifix. She made the fires to burn. Noriko got the power of Dominance. The trio withdrew. She smiled. They were her enemies. Sharon crumbled into ashes. Noriko claimed the soul. The others fled. She let them. “I shall kill you.” Noriko promised. She would not be the sacrifice.

Storigoi market, forest of Jova. The 5th. of December 2098 A.D.

It was snowing when they reached atop the hill. “That is the Storigoi market.” Samuel pointed. “I see.” Christian noticed that most buildings were made of wood or tent materials. “Trevor.” Samuel was grim. “Listen to me now.” He inhaled. “Whatever happens downthere, you leave it alone.” The soldier looked about. “There are some people that don’t like us.” Trevor crossed himself. “You don’t have to tell me.” He said. Samuel smirked. Christian put the whip into his backpack. He even concealed the crucifix. Trevor got another treasure. The short-sword belonged to Reinhardt Schneider. Christian hung it upon his belt. “I know how to use it.” He assured. Samuel frowned. Then he shrugged. “Okay then.” The black man said. “Let us go.” They found the road without much trouble. Samuel still went ahead. Trevor looked round. The market was larger then he expected. This was a village. Traders and merchants of all types went abroad. The crowds were mixed with peasants and other people. Some of which, Trevor realized, were not humans at all. “There aren’t many women abroad.” He remarked. Those he saw were busy arguing with the salesmen or in the business themselves. “There are plenty about.” Samuel told. “You just have to look.” He touched the pistol. “Although I thought you were too young.” Christian blushed. He gave no answer. Samuel grinned. Trevor kept looking around. Although this time, he searched for trouble. The tugs and harlots might be a problem. The market really offered all kinds of goods. “They got to be slavers.” The blue foxes kept watch over the people. Christian realized some had to be the undead. “They must be desperate.” He mused. Samuel shrugged. “Everything is for sale.” He said. “If you got enough money.” Trevor sighed. He would save them if he could. The soldier shook his head. Christian let it drop. Then he stopped to look at the harpies. “Watch yourself.” Samuel told. “There might be pickpockets about.” Trevor already figured that part out for himself. He wouldn’t loose his heirlooms like that. “We do need a guide for the marsh.” The soldier looked about. “I know someone who might help.” Samuel bit his lip. “Keep your head down.” He hissed. The soldier got the pistol. “There aren’t many children about here.” Christian got a bad feeling. “Most of them are slaves anyway.” Christian exhaled. He didn’t like this place. His teachers told him about the world outside the Vatican. Although nothing might prepare him for this, this garbage. Trevor was trained to hunt the night. “Let be His will.” Christian said. Samuel nodded. “Take it easy.” He said. Samuel didn’t care about the beggar. Trevor gave him a coin. “Bless you.” The ragged figure quickly vanished among the buildings. “Hello George.” Samuel found his friend. They were shaking hands while hitting shoulders. “Are there anything I might do for you?” Christian thought he looked like Hammer. “Sure.” Samuel smirked. “I could like some of your special treats.” The salesman laughed. Then he got serious. “Come with me.” He said. “We might discuss it in my tent.” Trevor got Sonia’s gift to see beyond the obvious. The harpies seemed to notice about him. Christian prayed they wouldn’t bother. At least George looked friendly enough, though they were in the shadow of the castle. Trevor stopped. He shuddered. Christian began to sweat. “Now I got you!” The man threw the harpy out into the snow. “You bitch!” He hit the naked body with repeated punches. “You try to rob me!” Trevor fought to stay put. This wasn’t his business. “Anger, hate and agony.” He breathed. Christian licked his lips. It was each man’s right to prevent injustice. “The dark side.” He couldn’t let this to continue. Trevor felt like freezing up. The man kept abusing the harpy. Christian cleared the smoke. His breath steamed by the cold. “We don’t know what we do.” He got consumed with rage. Trevor would like to know more. Then he got no time. The stranger got his hands around her throat. Christian was the heir to the house of Belmont. “Hello there!” The sister called. “Do you want company?” Trevor blushed. Then he shook it aside. Had they no care? The harpies giggled while watching the torture. “Relax honey.” The brunette teased. “There are plenty of us to please you.” Samuel touched his shoulder. “Leave it.” He said. “I told you not to get involved.” The man used a knife. “I shall make you to squeal.” He looked mad. “Do you like that?” Trevor felt ashamed. He was male. This wasn’t the right way. “Now you please me.” The beating left black stains upon the fear skin. “I can’t stand it!” The redhead gathered before the madman. “Cate is my sister!” She bared her claws. Christian got taken aback. They were living creatures. They had to choose their own path. “Get away!” The man hit her in the face. “She is mine.” They held hands. “Oh Daphne. I am so sorry.” He snarled before kicking her aside. Trevor was furious. They didn’t deserve this. No one did. Daphne screamed. “Leave her alone!” Cate tried to get up. The man picked her from the ground. “You shut up!” He slammed her into the ground. “Wait.” Samuel tried to hold him. “You will get us all killed.” Christian didn’t listen. He unsheathed the short sword. Trevor would do the right thing. George kept muttering. He didn’t mind. Trevor approached the group. They knew nothing about his legacy. “This must end.” Christian bit his lip. The man didn’t seem to care. “This is for my sister.” Daphne stabbed from behind. That was brave. She got no chance. The man gota mail. Then he lost the offensive. Trevor inhaled. They were the only harpies left on the street. The man snarled. He lifted both sisters above the ground. Christian fought the sob. He got to save them. Trevor rushed. The man let go. “Such valour.” He snarled. Christian screamed. The dagger pierced him. “Let us be finished.” Samuel fired. The man collapsed. The fight was over. Trevor wept. The knife must be poisoned. “Comeon!” Samuel shouted. “He is still alive!” George bent beside him. Trevor was glad they cared enough to help him.

They got to carry him into the tent. George muttered about it. The boy tried not to scream. “Use my bed.” The merchant told. “We must clean his wounds.” Samuel used the candle to lit the other lamps. Cate helped to undress him. That was interesting. Daphne was a mother, though she didn’t look like it. The salesman used a potion. Cate arched an eyebrow. They were rare and expensive. Samuel tugged at his moustache. “I hope they leave us alone.” He sent a nervous glance through the opening. “Just be glad there aren’t any of the walkers about.” George remarked. Samuel felt cold. “They will take us, you know.” Daphne was sure. “We can’t get away.” The boy was coming round. “Do not despair.” He told. “The Lord will be with us.” He smiled. Samuel was shocked. He hadn’t thought about Him for a very long time. “He never leaves or forget about us.” He exhaled. “Cate, I hate to ask.” The hunter looked upon the broken limbs. “But can you fly me across?” Why did he ask her? They were enemies. “I think so.” Daphne said. “Though it might be difficult.” He touched her arm. “There is a potion in my backpack.” Daphne helped him to find it. Cate sighed. She got restored. He reallywas a Belmont. “I shall do it all for you.” It was incredible.

The mansion, Brahms mansion. The 5th. of December 2098 A.D.

This had to be the school room. Noriko read about them in old books. She looked around. The study got both toys and instruments. Noriko smiled. Then she shuddered. The piano began to play, although there was no artist. The black girl wore cloathings from the queen Ann period. She used a violin. The eyes flouted in the air. Noriko heard her grandfather fought such enemies in 2035. “You have come at last.” The second girl was only 7 years old. “Who are you?” She smiled. Noriko hid her face. “My name is Marie Brahms.” The tiny girl giggled. “Have you come to play with me?” Marie spread her arms. The watchers went her way. Noriko presented the crucifix. They tried to box her in. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” The words felt strange upon her lips. The eyes got repelled. Noriko made them to burn. She enjoyed the fire. The watcher channeled. Noriko lost the crucifix. ”He cannot help you.” Noriko caused other flames. She was the granddaughter of Soma Cruz. “I got the power of Dominance.” She absorbed the soul. The music stopped playing. “Hear my words.” Was this a threat? Noriko didn’t think so. “I will.” She said. “Though not for long.” She sat down in front of the desk. Marie settled on top. “This better be interesting.” Noriko told.

Balesco marshland, Warakiya. The 5th. of December2098 A.D.

The mist obscured the landscape. They reached the bog. Trevor watched the harpies fly. They were alone. Christian made the sign of the cross. “This fog isn’t natural.” George whispered. He was right. The vampires were to blame. They might control the weather. “What are they?” Samuel breathed. The flames flickered above the surface. The black man looked frightened. “Be careful.” Trevor learned about this phenomenon. “The fires might show where treasure is hidden.” He reached for the leather whip. “But be warned, the greed for gold will betray you.” Trevor’s voice became a whisper. “The dead are standing guard.” The men exchanged worried glances. “How do you know about this?” Trevor sighed. He didn’t know how to tell them. The creed of the family shaped his life. “Here.” Christian pulled a rope from the backpack. “Tie this around you.” They got to keep together. “We must not get lost.” They did as he told. Trevor prayed it would be enough. He didn’t know where to go. Christian got pushed from behind. George went like a dream walker. The salesman was heading for the flame. “Do not follow the light!” Trevor called. “I got him!” Samuel told. “They tried to trick you!” The soldier managed to pull George out from the water. For a while, they lay shaking. Christian was at a loss. He spent hours in the Belmont shrine, to study the papers and artefacts collected by the family,although nothing might prepare him for this. “Come on, George.” Samuel shook his friend. “You led me through before.” George muttered. The soldier let go. “I know you can do it.” The bats cut the argument. They swooped from among the trees. Trevor lit the gloom with the flaming cross. “Watch out!” He called. “They might inflict a cursed state!” The renegades pulled their shotguns. Christian brandished with the whip. The huge figure pushed through the mud. “Burn the zombies!” Trevor revealed his crucifix. The bullets went home. The bats settled on his body. Trevor stamped them out. He picked the crystals. The zombies left the mud. Christian brandished with the whip. The remaining bats still circled about. George and Samuel kept shooting. The corpses burned on impact. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” This was incredible. Trevor struck with the Vampire Killer whip. Though it was no surprise, Henry Oldrey proved it was possible. The church knight, who searched for the missing children in 1852, was armed with a shotgun. Christian let go. He threw the cross. Trevor made it to split in three. The zombies got defeated. He retrieved the item. The bats squeaked with blood thirst. They came in a swarm. Christian presented the crucifix. The soldiers pulled together to reload their weapons. Trevor threw the vials into the air. The monsters got burned to ashes. “Christian!” George shouted. “I know. He would speak a prayer. Then there was no time. Trevor touched the crucifix.He felt chills down the spine. The mudmen had come. Trevor crossed himself. The figure was made of mud, dead flesh and pieces of vegetation. Samuel threw up behind him. Christian got to focuse. The mudmen were disgustive. He threw another vial. The mudman collapsed. The renegades then began to fire. The mudmen burst apart. Trevor reached for the whip. They got to advance. The soldier fired. Christian felt like his lungs would burst. He got the short-sword and whip. The crucifix blazed about his neck. Trevor struck again. Then he blinked. The fight was over. He drew sweat of his forehead. The others cheered. Christian sighed. This was only a taste of Dracula’s curse. “Do not follow the lights.” Trevor reminded. “Stay close.” The men acknowledged. “This is only the beginning.” George pulled together. “Let me have a look.” Christian wondered if he got any man-beast blood. The way he checked around made him suspicious. Then he dismissed. They had a blood pact. Besides, Thomas was a friend. His brother held some rank in their society. “Preserve us from evil.” The frog leached with the tongue. They might inflict a poisoned state. Trevor knew how it felt. He got to be careful. “Leave me alone.””” Samuel muttered a curse beneath his breath. “They want to eat us alive.” George shuddered. He hid his face, although he fired. The zombie raised from the marsh. The bullet went through the heart. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Christian crossed himself. The corpse burned out on impact. “Watch out!” That was no raven. “Preserve us from the wicked One!” The crow tore at his face. George staggered. The dead kept rising from the mud. “I hunt the night.” Trevor stood tall. “I refuse you!” He twirled with the leather whip. The crow shrieked. Christian realized they also got cursed. The monster came back to pick him. “They belong to the invisible world.” The beast went up in flames. “They feed of the dead.” He inhaled. The men kept shooting. The corpses would tear them apart. Samuel threw a last grenade. He got so careless. Trevor got to shield himself. The frog leaped from among the dead grass. The amphibian leached with the tongue. Christian doused it with holy water. Then he relaxed. They were the greatest threat. At least out here. Trevor didn’t trust him. He would summon the demon, though only if there were no other choice. Christian knew the danger. He wouldn’t act out of greed. The renegades got rid of the zombies. He hoped they might rest in peace. The curse of Darkness would keep the monsters active,although there were no Dark Lord to lead them. He sighed. The night gave them an edge. At least the ebony stone only created a limited protection.Though the power would grow in time. “Alright.” Samuel reloaded the pistol. “I hope that was the end.” George shook his head. “That won’t keep them for long.” The salesman also got ready. “That may be.” Christian said. “But that is not for us to decide.” He cracked with the Vampire Killer whip. “We can only pray and hope for the best.” The men exchanged glances. George shrugged. “Okay then.” He said. “I have to think this through.” Trevor would trust his judgement.

The boy was clever, no questions asked. George would be the first to admit. The mist and gloom shrouded the area. George hated this place. The others waited while he checked about. Samuel was standing guard. The salesman muttered to himself. His friend got the pistol out. The boy seemed to be deep in prayer. George shrugged. He would be the guide. Why not? He would never manage to get back to the market alive. Even if he did, what then? The red knights would give him to the undead for having aided a vampire hunter. George shrugged. This was much better anyhow. “I found the way.” He told the others. Samuel hit his shoulder. “See, buddy, I told you could do it.” George shrugged. Then he smirked. Trevor was awake. “Show me the way.” He said. He looked about. George frowned. The boy shuddered. “I have to find her.” He said. “Something terrible is about to happen.” Samuel looked doubtful. George didn’t bother. The Belmonts was hard to figure. They always worried about some thing or another. “The future is not to set.” Samuel said. “There is no fate, but the one we make for ourselves.” Trevor smiled. George thought he looked sad. “Even so, it is in the hands of the Lord.” George wouldn’t argue. He didn’t know the truth. “Follow me.” He told.

The mansion, Brahms mansion. The 5th. of December 2098 A.D.

The girl told her story. “The mansion hasn’t always been a den of evil.” She said. “This was the home of a boyar family.” Marie sighed. “We all came to ruin. When, in 1681, the nurse got infected by the curse.” Noriko noticed she was actually weeping. “My sister invited them inside. Noriko couldn’t help but to feel pity about her. “She committed suicide.” Marie said. Noriko gasped. “I am free.” She faded. Noriko recovered the crucifix. She hoped the girl would be. Noriko was alone again. She went toward the door. Noriko better leave this place. The piano kept playing. Noriko shuddered. She opened the door, and then she really did smile. “This is a toy room.” Noriko recognised about the dolls and playthings. There was a mirror above the chest. Although it was broken, she knelt. Noriko filled her hands. There was a faint reflection. She would play for a while. Something flickered. Noriko screamed. The figure reached to take her. Was she going mad? Noriko got back up. She wouldn’t let the thing to even touch her. The ghost emerged. Noriko pulled away. She would burn this thing to ashes. But would that be enough? The creature stared at her. Noriko licked her lips. She might taste the vile. “You are not going to possess me.” Noriko then snarled like a vampire.

Balesco marshland, Warakiya. The 5th. of December 2098 A.D.

The bird left the tree. Christian managed to hit this time. The crow shrieked before it burned. That was no victory. There were others like it. Trevor brandished with the whip. The crows got defeated. He might rest for a while. Christian picked the crystals. The fog was clearing. Trevor hit the candles. The two-headed beast went from the marsh pit. He managed to dodge the fireballs. The men reacted. The bullets left holes in the monster. “What was that thing!?” Samuel was shocked. “My ancestor, Simon Belmont, called them the two-headed beasts.” Christian told. He had no time. The monster wasn’t dead. He spat other fireballs. Trevor struck with the whip. The creature curled into a ball. Then it leached to take him. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Christian doused with holy water. The monster got burned.“Glory be You.” Trevor crossed himself. “Our Father in Heaven.” The men reloaded their weapons. Other creatures appeared. Christian hurled the cross. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost!” The three freezing boomerangs cut them to pieces. Trevor retained the weapon. “Hit the candles.” He told. They blinked. Though before Christian might explain, the crows left the branches. The two-headed beasts went from the mire. Trevor ducked. George threw the grenade. He found them in the candle. Samuel slashed with the knife. The monster rolled into a ball. Christian made a back-flip. He went through the surface. The ground was sticky and slick. The monster slashed its claws. Trevor cracked with the whip. “Get off you bastard!” George screamed before he fired. Christian escaped. The beast was spitting fireballs. “Forget it.” Samuel removed the heads. The monster burst into fire. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” Trevor stamped it out. “Watch out!” George called. “The mudmen are back!” They pulled together. Christian swung with the whip. Samuel fired the gun. George also fired. The frogs hid among the high grass and Gladden. Trevor got no time to tell them. The mutated amphibium might inflict a poisoned state. He bent to whip them. Other frogs kept jumping about. The fight was short and brutal. Christian got to use an antidote. The frogs were disgustive. One got cut in half. Trevor swallowed. They developed into other frogs. “Get back!” He shouted. Christian touched the crucifix. Then he made it to rain with holy water. The final mudmen got defeated. They gathered. Trevor gave an antidote. The potion healed their wounds. George provided with the food. Christian enjoyed the chicken. Trevor sighed. He got to continue. They got up. Christian couldn’t reveal his fear. The salesman was the guide. But what if they got lost? The mist passed like ragged coils. Christian made the sign of the cross. They might finally get a better view. Samuel untied the rope. He rolled it up. The waters lay open beneath the moon. “Wake not the dead.” Trevor was freezing. He put the rope into the backpack. The marsh was cursed. As if that was a calling, the zombies pushed through the earth. “This is going to be ruff.” Samuel said. The corpses wore the rags in which they got buried. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Christian hurled the boomerang. “Give me strength!” He made the cross split into three homing boomerangs. Trevor heard that Richter might do that. He was the last true heir to the house of Belmont. The zombies got slashed to pieces. They turned to might get around the ponds. “Curse you!” Samuel fired the gun. George made no sound. The bats had decided to join the battle. Christian couldn’t assist. The zombies kept rising. He struck with the whip. The corpses burned. “Follow me!” They had to keep together. They did as he told. Why would they follow a child? They left the waters behind. Trevor stepped upon the frog. He managed to whip them. Christian stamped the bats. They all burned on contact. Trevor picked the crystals. The ground rose into hills. He didn’t have time to look around. The zombies chased them. Christian reached atop. He turned to throw vials at them. The mounts were turning east. Trevor was a Belmont. The storm raged within. “So let it be!” Christian declared. “The will of the Lord!” He got the vial in hand. The downpour of holy water burned the undead. Trevor felt no victory. “Preserve us from the wicked One.” He was sure they would notice. They did, though not as he expected. “Good Lord.” Christian made the sign of the cross. The giant emerged from the water. “To hunt the night.” Trevor proclaimed. The men got their weapons. The solid blast of water sent them flying. Christian got back on foot. The others got knocked cold. The water elemental twirled with the lance. Trevor got the whip. He touched the crucifix. This creature was born through powerful water magic. The elemental advanced. Christian made a glide. He cracked with the Vampire Killer. Trevor got Simon’s heart of fire. The flame whip struck home. He then threw himself sideways. The water elemental fired a beam of solid liquid. “Let Your will be done!” Christian hurled the cross. The water elemental shot a solid block. Trevor almost got soaked. He also got hidden powers. The boomerang split into three freezing crosses. The impact made the giant stagger. Christian made the sign of the cross. He ran to dodge the water blast. Then Trevor made a glide. He got up to strike with the frost whip. The water elemental was forced on its knees. Then it stabbed with the lance. Christian threw himself down. The elemental followed up with blocks of water. Trevor was able to roll. He got up to whip the giant in the head. The impact made it to retreat. Christian reached for the crucifix. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” Trevor spread his arms. The crucifix appeared overhead. Then it broke into pieces. The ice shards froze the giant into place. Christian knelt in prayer. Then the elemental broke free. “Corpus Christi!” Trevor presented the Host. The giant fired a blast. The envelope got knocked from his hand.

The soldier opened his eyes. Christian got thrown aside. Samuel blinked. The boy retrieved his envelope. Samuel got up from the ground. The boy threw the vial. The frost exploded on impact. Then Trevor enforced the crystal. “Give me strength.” He would not surrender. Samuel felt proud about him. George was awake. They watched the battle. The elemental kept hurling blocks. The boy got beneath. “Shouldn’t we help?” The salesman wondered. “Just wait.”” Samuel was sure. Trevor delivered the bread. The giant blossomed into fire. The boy staggered. Though he managed to stand tall. “You made it!” The soldier went to reach him. Trevor shook his head. “That monster almost got us drowned.” George spats upon the ground. The boy closed his eyes. “Forgive us.” He made the sign of the cross. “We don’t know what we do.” Samuel shrugged. The hunter rubbed his eyes. “Here.” George retrieved the envelope. “Bless you.” Trevor put it inside his purse. He then went to take the crystals. The demon left them behind. Samuel didn’t care. The mist had cleared. They reached the mansion. The building lay atop the hill. The ceilings were white with snow. Samuel frowned. That reminded about the Christmas card. Then again, this was the den. Samuel went to push the gate.

Although they breached the gates, the fight wasn’t over.The ghouls approached. They forced through the snow. “Twisted.” George cursed. The boy brandished with the whip. He made the ghouls to burn. George threw the grenade. He made them to stagger. That was a waste of time. Samuel fired. The rotting corpse fell down. The soldier tugged with his moustache. The ghoul got up. Trevor couldn’t help them. He was too busy. The crows left the branches. George wished he got a better weapon. The ghouls reached to take him. Samuel slashedwith the knife. The boy made it to look so easy. The monsters refused to burn. Another flock left the tree. Trevor was ready. The crows died. George threw the explosive. He managed to remove the birds. The ghoul burned. The salesman caught his breath. The others would kill him. Trevor threw a crystal. The impact defeated the monsters. George smirked. The hunter struck with the whip. The ghouls crumbled. Trevor crossed himself. George would aid his quest. Trevor might defeat the undead. The boy looked tired. There was always a price to pay. George might tell. Trevor hung up the whip. He was breathing heavily. Samuel would offer support. George shook his head. The boy could fight. Then he would have no choice.

Top floor, Brahms mansion. The 5th. of December 2098 A.D.

The candles got lit by the blue fire. Mae Lin leaned against the pillows. The boy was a true vampire hunter. She really looked forward to their little contest. The boyar was like Walter Bernhardt in that respect. The mirror revealed what transpired. The girl were somewhere within the mansion. She would have to amuse herself. Mae Lin was obsessed with the boy Belmont. She would permit him to find her. Mae Lin giggled by the prospect. She would test him in combat. Then she would break him. The black riders would have to rip him from her arms. Mae Lin would take him first. She lusted for his embrace.Forthe blood of the hunter. The boyar dismissed about the guards. No one was to disturb her now. The Belmont would come. Mae Lin would achieve her goal. She was one of the most attractive concubines within his harem. The undead knew about many things. Mae Lin might entertain the circle of blood. She was proud of herself. They gave rich reward for such treatment. Mae Lin got all she wanted, though that was not enough for her. She looked into the mirror. They had arrived. She got no use for the others. The inhabitants might kill them. Who knew? That could be fun. No one might resist her charm. Mae Lin got chosen. She gloated about the game.

(A.N: This chapter is filled with evil. Dracula is the Dark Lord and the Devil’s purchase. I thought it might be more interesting if I included other foreign vampires. Have a nice time.)