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Castlevania: Darkness Never Dies


Part 1: Curse of Blood

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Part 2: Legacy of Sorrow

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Castlevania Darkness Never Dies5

“Dragon’s claws!”

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Part 1: Curse of Blood.

“And the water shall become blood upon the earth.”

Exodus: 7. 19.

Chapter 1: Vampire Killer.

Treasury, dragon’s nest. The 4th.Of December 2098 A.D.

The warlock cast the spell. She hated the lot. If they had not enchanted, thetragic queen Would kill them with the heart of ice. The gold knights slaughtered her spouse. They murdered her brother. “Nice boy.” The wargs fed upon flesh. “Take it all.” The fox knights, clad in gold and silver armour, were standing guard. “Hail the count.” The squad of red knights had entered the treasury. “I salute you.” The leader hailed with the palm turned out. Reinhardt Reich returned the salute. He grew a beard. That was not important. “My general.” The litch knelt in front. She didn’t hear the discourse. “See me.” The Nazi officerbeckoned. “Salome. Maeglin. Hark his Master’s voice.” The general Reinhardt Reich Van Deer Valk had summoned. “You know what the Dark Lord desire.” The warlock bowed. They gathered about. The circle got complete. The tragic queen curled up. This was wrong. It was forbidden. She was desperate. The tragic queen reached out to her family. She got to save the children. The servants had become powerful. They plundered her treasure. That was a crime. Though she lacked the strength to cast them out. The tragic queen still hoped that her relation might arrive in time. The Dark Lord was not going to win. She could only pray for the best.

Underground reservoir, Ravenberg. The 4th.Of December 2098 A.D.

That was enough. Ursula got trained in the martial arts. She kicked the head away. The bones fell apart. “Stand tall my lady.” Alucard withdrew. “They are not to be taken lightly.” She might figure. Ursula got difficulty with controlling this body. The nobleman went quiet as a ghost. He was an excellent fencer. Ursula got impressed. “This I must do for my mother.” Alucard threw back his cape. The sword crushed the chest plate. “Be gone.” Ursula delivered a dual punch. The bats burned upon impact. “Effective.” Alucard bowed before her. “Though beware of the undead.” Ursula shook her head. She could not be turned. “I shall.” He turned to strike the scimitar. They might kill them all. Ursula bent down beneath the attack. She punched to might knock his feet. The skeleton staggered. “This is for my cousin.” She kept hitting his shoulders. “Then it is over.” The boyar arrived. “You shall haunt us no longer.” Alucard then buried the blade within the spine. “That was clever.”Ursula went straight up to kick the bats. “Though we are in trouble.” She couldn’t reveal herself. Alucard might be absorb with greed. That was a sad story. She heard of it before. Ursula threw it aside. She wouldn’t allow it to happen. The area went quiet. “Come with me.” The boyar afforded.

The bats then squeaked in agony. “Take that you bastard!” Edward seldom used such language. Though it fit the situation. The mailman slashed with the Bowie knife. Edward shuddered. They might infect his blood. Edward made a back-flip. The swordsman was dead. But not nearly dead enough. He didn’t belong to the Lord. “I fear not. Even though I walk beneath the shadow of the valley of death.” Edward made the sign of the cross. The blade went through. The skeleton collapsed into a heap. Edward left the pile. The scimitars but up quite a fight. He drew sweat of his forehead. Edward then tightened his grip. The skeleton kept on the offence. He blocked the attack. That curved blade might kill him. Edward already got hurt. “Go back to the shadows!” He declared. Edward threw himself away to might hurl the dagger. The bone-scimitar tried to block. He struck beneath the shield. The undead got defeated. Edward sighed. The fight was over. He touched the Bowie. No wonder that Quincey Morris brought it along when huntingfor Dracula in 1897. Edward shook his head. He got a drumstick. That restored his energy. Edward found it in the warehouse. He had to focus. They had returned. Edward presented the crucifix. The bats got burned to ashes. They left some money behind. Edward let be. He knocked the candles. Edward then picked the crystals. The castle was a creature of Chaos. He heard the resurrection transpired sometime around the year of 912 He checked the door. One of them actually hit him. Edward tugged his beard. That wouldn’t happen again. He still was careful while going through. “Thank God.” Edward sighed when nothing happened. He made the sign of the cross. Someone laughed by the gesture. Edward knew that voice. “Not you.” He last heard it in the warehouse. Edward got forced to fight. “Succubus.” He felt ashamed. The demon was so beautiful. The test was terrible. Edward was only a mailman. He trained to honour the family. Edward got to find her. The cave was huge. Edward bit together. The moss was luminous. That didn’t feel natural. Edward sighed. He got impressed by the sculptures. Then he realized. The gorgons turned them to stone. Edward let go. His family got founded by Morris Baldwin, the half-blood brother of Richter Belmont. Edward removed the hat. Jonathan Morris encountered Medusa in 1944. Then he was not alone. Edward thought about his friends. He unsheathed the Claymore. It was time to get serious. “Show yourself!” Edward demanded. “I know who you are.” The challenge accepted. “Why do you hate me?” The voice cracked. He raised the sword. Edward felt his mouth turn dry with desire. Though the horns shone like polished ebony, she was adorable. “Away from me Satan!” The black leather corset exposed her shapeliness. Edward reached for the crucifix. “Whore of Lucifer!” Succubus spread her wings. Edward struck with the blade. “I am a lover, not a fighter.” The fair lady teased. “Though I got friends.” Edward tugged his beard. The scimitars got brought to life. He pierced them with daggers. Then he slipped into the pond. He had no mind. Edward leaped to retrieve the item. He got to find it. Quincey was his hero. The skeletons tried to box him in. Edward got in idea. He reached into the backpack. Edward then hurled the grenade. The impact granted an edge. Edward shook his head. He didn’t get them all. “Glory be You!” Edward stabbed the sword down. “Our Father in Heaven!” He got to believe. Edward was an heir to the house of Belmont. He made the rising flames to track forward. They really didn’t like that. “Here goes nothing.” Edward closed the deal with another grenade. The wave of water was the payoff. “Did you have fun?” She embraced him from behind. “Let me go!” Edward struggled. Succubus laughed while licking his ear. “Easy honey.” She cooed. “I got something you are going to like.” She enjoyed his misery. “Never!” He stabbed with the Bowie knife. Then she let go. Edward made a stance. Succubus laughed. The sound made him feel sick. “I know you want me.” She let her hands run down the body. “Come to me.” She beckoned. “Let us have fun.” Edward hid his face. The demon jabbed with the claws. The mailman groaned. Her attempt made him to stagger. “Get back you devil!” Edward presented the crucifix. “You could have done bad things with me.” She blew him a kiss. “I won’t be your boytoy.” Succubus approached with a wicked smile. Edward would never be with her. He stamped with His image. “God’s holy mother!” The demon got burned. “Human slime!” She jabbed without mercy. Edward impaled with both weapons. The blood tainted her skin. He shuddered. Succubus might steal the soul. “Eat the Lord.” Edward forced the crucifix into her mouth. He then went pale. The head exploded. “Forgive me.” She burned while Edward tried to clean His image against the jacket. He let go. Edward had to knock the candles. The gems might restore the force. “Let it be.” He retrieved the axe. Though it wasn’t the real thing, it might get useful. Edward removed the hat. He went to collect the crystals. “Alright.” He got the sword. It was time to continue. “Hello there.” Succubus reached to touch him. Edward stumbled. The arrows almost hit him. The bone-archers hid among the statues. The mailman threw himself behind the Pegasus. They waited for his reaction. Edward beheld the concubine. Nathan Graves was right. They looked nice. The light brown hair fell naturally around her face. The corset left the body visible. He almost got charmed. “Back to Hell!” She reached him. “Die You human scum!” Succubus jabbed with the claws. Edward threw a final grenade. The archers got shot to pieces. Succubus screamed. She then collapsed upon the floor. Edward got appalled. He felt so tired. They inflicted a cursed state. Edward keeled over. They got avenged. The Morris bloodline would end with him. Edward so wished it could be otherwise. But it was too late. There was nothing he might do to change it now. Edward got consumed by the shadow.

The fairy beamed. “Can you save him?” The ladylookedconcerned. “Possibly.” Alucardbowed. “If she cannot restore,there are none who can.” The familiar fluttered above his body. Alucard wished to know him better. He would uphold the pact. The Belmont clan deserved his respect. This manawoke him from the slumber. Powerful forces struggled for his soul. He would repay his debt. Alucard emerged from his position. The Belmont stirred. “I gave himthe apple of life.” The fairy explained. Alucard acknowledged. “Leave me.” He requested. “Be gone.” The familiar vanished. Draco then shook her head. The Belmont opened his eyes. “I am alive.” The vampire hunter sounded like he did not believe it. “The demons are dead.” Alucard revealed. The heirseemed disturbed. He had noticed about them. “Who are you?” He asked. The boyar bowed. “Alucard.” He introduced his companion. “This is Ursula Draco.” He used the name she gave him. Draco helped him. “Nice to meet you.” He told while tipping the hat. “My nameis Edward Morris.” Alucard kept him short. “We are beneath the underground reservoir.” He got to tell him. “The dam is open.” Alucard unsheathed his sword. “The water is rising.”He afforded a hand. “Come with me if you want to live.”

Underground reservoir, Ravenberg. The 4th. of December 2098 A.D.

The aqueduct felt like a labyrinth. Ursula never expected the nest to be so large. She got lost. It was to dangerous to reach out. The henchmen might notice. “Hellfire!” Alucard spread his cape. “Grizzly wing!” So, then he really was a vampire. Ursula had been worried. The bats sucked the blood of the fishmen. “Ball of Destruction!” The blue ball shot the bat into oblivion. “Nightmare claw!” Alucard exposed his fangs. “The power of Dominance.” Edward Morris then crossed himself. “Crimson lightning!” The bolt struck down. Ursula picked together. She opened her eyes. She disliked the sound. The dam was lowered. Only because he wished to defeat the bone dragon king. They emerged victorious. Ursula made a grimace. The bone dragon king crushed the wall. She let it drop. That was a waste. The enemies might resurrect the dead. That was forbidden. They might never be released. The fishmen created a stream of poison water. Ursula threw herself behind. The vampire hunter revealed the symbol. The crucifix carved some space. “Hellfire!” Alucard shot the bats. They got busy. Ursula delivered a series of punches and kicks. That was effective. She got control. Ursula touched the crest. This was an important discovery. She let go. Ursula got to fight.

The water was rising. Edward made the sign of the cross. The fishmen got an advantage. They spat streams of poison liquid. Alucard was ready. Edward threw daggers at them. The tragic prince still bore the Renaissance outfit he wore on his portrait. The fishmen got impaled. The Bowie knife returned. “For great is the mystery of faith.” That was a bloodline ability. The monster spewed with poison water. Edward managed to dodge. He threw the axe into the air. The fishmen reached for the skull. The weapon got buried inside. “Hellfire!” Alucard opened his cape. The force made the brown hair to stand on end. The three-blue bat-inhabited fireballs burned the monsters into oblivion. His cold grey eyes beheld the handiwork. Edward noticed the expression. That never changed. Alucard retained his demeanour. “Dragon’s breath!” Ursula defeated the fishmen. They couldn’t resist the flame. “Come with me.” Alucard instructed. They reached another chamber. The cave wasn’t that large. Though it went vertical. Edward threw the axe. He made it to break in three. The bats got defeated. “Dragon’s breath!” Ursula climbed the staircase. He left the coins. The water kept pouring in. The pipeline was open. Edward went to keep up. The fishmen tried to follow. “Grizzly wing!” Alucard cut them all down. The water kept rising. That touched his boot. “Dragon’s breath!” She burned the bats. “Ball of Destruction!” The bone-archer had no chance. The spiked ball impaled him. That caused another explosion. “Crimson lightning!” Alucard spread his arms. The ranger got defeated. Edward kept climbing. He unsheathed the sword. The bats swept about. Ursula kept by his side. The golden girl reminded about his cousin. Alucard encountered the swordsman. “Watch out!” Ursula pulled him away. “That is a bone pillar!” That was a problem. The stacked skulls shot the fireballs. “Grizzly wing!” Alucard released the bats. They gathered about to might pick the pillar. Edward dashed. He impaled the skull. “Take him.” Alucard demanded. The cannon exploded. “Hurry!” Ursula shouted. “The water is rising!”that was right. “No problem.” Edward tugged his beard. “Hellfire.” Alucard threw back the cape. “Then let us be gone.” The fireballs burned on impact. The fishmen fell back into the liquid. Glory be You.” Edward made the sign of the cross. The door was ahead. “Follow me!” Ursula pulled through. “I am here.” Edward told. Then he stopped. “god’s holy mother!” Edward removed the hat. The cave was monstrous. The natural pillars went down into the water. “Close the door.” Alucard demanded. “The security system might still be active.” Edward shook his head. That wasn’t his business. “Alright.” Ursula locked the door. “Deep blue sea.” Alucard spoke in a low voice. Edward reached for the crucifix. The tragic prince dismissed. “We must be careful.” Edward had no doubt. He retrieved the dagger. Alucard left for the nearest platform. Then he felt it. “The pillar is shaking!” Ursula exclaimed. “No problem.” Edward escaped. They reached another platform. “Hellfire!” The bats attacked. “Continue.” Alucard trusted his blade. “I was wrong.” He killed the fishmen. “The water is rising.” The mailman crossed himself. He then went ahead. This platform was much safer. “Dragon’s breath!” The others arrived. “Ball of Destruction!” There came another swarm. Edward made a grimace. They came for blood. He went upon another platform. “That isn’t safe!” Ursula told. The pillar shook. It was about to crumble. Edward got above. Why had they bothered about the reservoir? That had to wait. He got on top. Edward threw the axe. The bats might infect him. Edward retrieved the item. He went above the distance. This platform was much bigger then the rest. The stone idol occupied the center. Edward looked around. The water might flood the area. He removed the hat. “Let it be done.” Edward took off his coat and arsenal. “What are you doing?” Alucard requested. He stepped from the boots. “What I must.” Edward exhaled. “The pipeline is open.” He unbuckled the chest plate. “I got to close it.” Edward reached into the backpack. “I might have a remedy.” Ursula folded her arms. She didn’t like it. “Trust me.” He revealed the pentagrams. “I know what I do.” Alucard dismissed. “You are sure about this?” He asked. “You will be alone.” Edward sighed. “I know that.” Alucard was allergic to water. “There are killer fishes down there.” Ursula told. “Let them come.” Edward stripped down to his trousers. “The Lord shall protect me.” He kept the crucifix. “Let me help you.” Ursula kept her ground. “I thank thee my lady.” Alucard bowed. “But what will you do?” Ursula brushed the blonde hair away from her face. “I am a ranger.” She moved into anoffensive stature. “I might take them out.” Edward acknowledged. He felt better about it. Although it wasn’t the best strategy, it was what they got. The mailman sighed. “Then let us begin.” He might work with that. “Pray that He will not forsake us.” Edward went for the brink. “Watch out!” There came a rush of water. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord” The giant fishmen got on top. “Continue.” Alucard was firm like the mountain. “this is my duty.” Edward tugged his beard. The monster shot a burst of acid water. “Grizzly wing!” The tragic prince might counter. “Crimson lightning!” The giant fishmen also got some tricks. He curled into a ball. “Hellfire!” the monster sprang to attack. Alucard stood tall. “Dragon’s breath!” The monster conjured for assistance. “Save us.” Edward breathed. The giant fishmen got magic powers. He could rise the water. “Go on!” Ursula delivered with repeated punches. “we might handle this!” He was sure they could. That was not the problem. “May He protect you from evil.” Edward made the sign of the cross. “Ball of Destruction!” Alucard hid beneath the cloak. The religion had some effect. He was like them. Edward didn’t blame him. That was not his fault. The tragic prince got haunted by his father. They had a strong connection. He put it aside. Edward still felt horrible before he dived into the water.

Then it must be done. Alucard dismissed. The Belmont clansman vanished among the waves. That was interesting. He might do what he could not. Then again, Morris became a hunter. He recognised their abilities. “Hellfire!” The giant fishmen curled together. He got protected. The heavy spikes might inflict a poisoned state. This was it. His father was to blame. Alucard already began to resistDracula’s rule before he encountered Sonia Belmont in 1476. He still got some lingering doubt. Alucard joined with Trevor in 1496.He was proud of their son. Then that may be. The tragic prince had been absent while the curse of Darknessin 1499. “Crimson lightning!” Alucard made it to strike among the monsters. “Ball of Destruction!” The spiked ball burst upon impact. “Get behance.” The fishmen doused him with acid liquid. That hurt. Alucard got burned. The status might restore him. Alucard often despised about himself. “dragon’s tail!” Ursula Draco covered up for him. “Thank you, my lady.” Alucard bowed. He struck with the sword. “Hellfire!” They kept some distance. The tragic prince then struck his enemy. “Dragon’s breath!” She shot into the water. That was right. “Grizzly wing!” Alucard released the bats. They might suck the blood. “Take the monster.” He requested.

Underground reservoir, Ravenberg. The 4th. Of December 2098 A.D.

They picked the fishmen. The monster pulled back. He doused them with acid liquid. Ursula looked into the water. Edward had vanished. She didn’t figure about him. The mailman was so unlike the other humans. She shook her head. Ursula got to be ready. “Dragon’s breath!” That froze the fish. “Hellfire!” Alucard threw back the cape. The monster screamed. The flames burned his flesh. “Dragon’s breath!” They tried to take him. The attack made them to scatter. “I salute you my lady.” Alucard hailed. “Look out!” Ursula didn’t care about his compliments. “Dragon’s tail!” She flailed about. Her tail might be a battering-ramp. She sent him flying. “Crimson lightning!” The monster crumbled into ashes. Ursula exhaled. That didn’t change anything. “Dragon’s breath!” The bats got interested. “Hellfire!” Alucard had to defend himself. The monsters spat streams of poison water. “Excuse me.” He withdrew to protect her. “You don’t have to.” Ursula muttered. “Dragon’s breath!” She caught another fish. “Impressive.” Alucard acknowledged. “You have some power.” He spread both arms. “Crimson lightning!” The fight was far from over. “You have to keep the promise.” Alucard changed his grip. “This I must do for my mother.” Ursula shrugged. Though she would fight.

How was it possible!? Edward might breathe underwater. Rahab’s medallion got special powers. Edward found it within the reservoir. The monsters wouldn’t let him take it. He dismissed. The mailman had to find the opening. He got to close it before the pipeline might flood the cave. Ursula kept the promise. He was grateful about it. Edward encountered the killer fish. He went for the bottom. Edward revealed the crucifix. He had to keep them away. The Dark Lord had done something to them. Edward shook it aside. He never fought like this before. The mailman tugged his beard. Though he might breathe, it was difficult to see. The area was so dark. Dracula was to blame. He tried not to think about it. Edward couldn’t. He was there, at the ruins of the castle. He witnessed the events. Edward tightened his grip. He left it in the hands of the Lord. The fish approached. He thought it looked like a Barracuda. Edward prepared himself. But then the monster got shot into oblivion. That was a relief. She really was an archer. Ursula knew what to do. The fishes collided. He didn’t notice. They got frozen on impact. He shook it off. Edward retrieved the crystals. That was nice. The force got restored. Edward should have brought the Bowie. Then he might defend himself. That was to late. Edward kept swimming. There was another impact. He didn’t mind. The water must be rising. Edward tried to hurry. They still chased him. He made a grimace. The killer fish might make him into a dinner. Edward made the sign of the cross. He couldn’t let it happen. The mailman stamped with His image. The fish burned on impact. This was the holy flame. “He walks the mysterious ways.” Edward would keep his faith. The fish arrived. He felt chills down his spine. The monster exploded. Edward relaxed. He got work to do. Rahab’s portrait kept him breathing. Edward knew he should have thought of this before. Then again, the item only worked for one at a time. He let it drop. Edward kept swimming. Ursula still was shooting. She killed several fishes. Edward might celebrate. Though the stream went strong, he found the place. Edward might recognise the pipeline. He sighed. The mailman had to make the wall to collapse inward. Edward put the pentagram where it might belong. This got to be right. He only got one chance. Edward knew it could work. The tragic prince used them back in 1797. This wasn’t the time. Edward had to escape. He went through the water. Then the fishmen caught up. Edward tried to resist. The monsters forced him away. They were not to eat him. Edward stamped with the crucifix. The fishmen let go. That was alright, though he didn’t know were he might be. That should be one of the pillars. Edward went in the direction. Then he got angry. The platform ended before the surface. This was to no avail. The explosion then confused everything. He stamped another fishmen. Then Edward hit something solid. He almost laughed with relief. That was the wall. At last he might get somewhere. Edward frowned. There was something not quite right about it. The surface felt so scally. Edward fought the desire to scream. That was the water dragon! The sea Serpent was too big. He didn’t have the equipment to conquer. “Damn it.” He really could need some help right now. “ Where are you!?” There was always a bigger fish. Edward prepared himself for battle. This would be it. He made an oat to hunt the night. But first Edward had to survive. He went up against the wall. The mailman hoped he found the right way. The water dragon beheld him from the corner of the eye. Edward exhaled. He reached atop. That was nice. He might breathe normallyagain. The serpent didn’t follow. That was a relief. Edward swam for the battlefield. They got in trouble. He might fetch the items. The outfit got to wait. Edward hurled the axe. The fishmen staggered. He was dead before reaching the floor. Edward tugged his beard. He retrieved the axe. The fishmen gathered about. Edward might see beyond the obvious. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost!” He touched the crucifix. The gold still felt cold after the bath. He put it aside. “Preserve us from the wicked One!” Edward got lifted into the air. He had no fear. The mailman got Simon’s heart of fire. The enflamed cross might clear the area of evil. Edward got put back down. He exhaled. There lay dead bodies everywhere. This was to much. Edward shook his head. He had no choice. They tried to kill him. The clothing’s still lay were he left them. Edward redressed. He unsheathed the sword. The dankness had no effect. The blade didn’t rust. That was strange. Though evil thrived in the shadow of the demon castle. Edward put that aside. “Let it be!” He threw the hat into the air. That belonged to Abraham Van Helsing. Edward hurled the daggers forward. He retrieved the hat upon the return. This was simply bravado. Edward struck with the Claymore sword. He got to get closer. The fishmen gathered about his friend. Edward knew what to do. He got earth in the blood. “Get down!” He threw the three poison daggers. The bats got impaled. He made a grimace. That really wasn’t the right thing to do. Then let it be. Edward would do it again if he had to. The mammals left some crystals behind. He picked the collection. The mailman felt better after the ordeal. Then Edward almost got killed. The fishmen tried to pull him under. “Let me go!” Edward stamped with the crucifix. The monster pulled back. He then burst into flames. Edward tugged his beard. His God was strong. The mailman crossed himself. That was not the only fishmen. He gathered. The others got into trouble. Edward tightened his grip. He wouldn’t leave them alone. “Get away!” The bats went like a swarm. Edward hurled the axe. The bats exploded on impact. Edward wished he got some holy water. “Beware of what you wish.” The mailman retrieved the crystals. The fishmen tried to tear him apart. He would have none of it. Edward presented the crucifix. The monsters pulled back. Edward tugged his beard. The enflamed daggers had forced them aside.

Then it was over. “Hellfire!” Alucard threw back his cape to throw fireballs. “Ball of Destruction!” The bats exploded upon impact. Alucard hailed with the sword. At least the vampire hunter closed the opening. “Grizzly wing!” The war continued. Would it ever end? Alucard released the bats. The Belmont clan returned to hunt the undead. The swarm occupied the fishmen. “Dragon’s breath!” Ursula Draco released a flurry of flames. “Dragon’s tail!” She must be related. She twirled it like a battering-ramp. The bats may come to grief. “Crimson lightning!” Alucard spread both arms to make it strike. The fishmen got struck into submission. “Hellfire!” Alucard might claim to be king. “One Dark Lord to rule them all.” He recited. “One to find them.” His father had become a cursed being. “One to bring them all.” He would not accept it. “And in the Darkness bind them.” Alucard might become that which he promised to defeat. “Hellfire!” That happened to other people. Even the most enlightened beings might find it difficult to resist his power. “Fear those which wander beneath the shade of the eternal night.” Phillip Belmont, who challenged Mathias Krohnquist in 1276, carved it into the crossbow. The elders told he preserved it. Rachel Van Helsing had used it in 1982.

Underground reservoir, Ravenberg. The 4th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The blood restored him. Alucard licked his fangs. “Look out!” The monster spat more poison. “Have no fear.” Alucard bowed. He transformed into a bat. “Hellfire!” Alucard retained his human form. He spread the cape to release the Hellfire balls. The fishmen got burned. Ursula pulled through the golden hair. He saved her life. The bats attacked. Alucard morphed into mist. “Dragon’s wings!” Ursula cut up. “Dragon’s claws!” They got extended from her fingertips. “Ball of Destruction!” Alucard changed into the blue wolf. “dragon’s breath!” Ursula turned around. The tragic prince threw himself on top. Ursula sighed. She couldn’t rest. Ursula promised to help him. She wouldn’t let him down. Ursula was coming. That might not be a problem. Edward had arrived. He struck with the sword. The fishmen screamed. The magnetic force exploded on impact. “Dragon’s wings!” Ursula landed in front. “Dragon’s breath!” The mist froze the bats. “Great is the mystery of faith.” Edward made the sign of the cross. They got interrupted. “Hellfire!” Alucard released a blast. The fishmen leaped from the water. That was accursed. “Dragon’s tail!” Ursula struck about. “Dragon’s breath!” The icicles impaled the monsters. She had to exhale. Then it got finished.

They might have a breather. Edward embraced the girl. “The Lord is with us.” He kissed her brow. “You saved my life.” Her mouth was there. This was good. Edward might taste her tongue. “No.” Ursula let go. “This is not the time.” She gently pushed him aside. Ursula braided her hair behind the pointed ears. “We have to go.” Alucard kept quiet. Now he reacted. Edward sent him a look. Why didn’t he interrupt? Then again, that wasn’t his business. Edward went to retrieve the backpack. He then leaped above. The bats attacked. Edward threw the axe. They really were dangerous. The others kept in front. He stopped to knock the candles. The gems restored his energy. Edward let be the money. He got no use for the coins. The gallery was ahead. They reached the pillar. That might have something to do with the reservoir. The water almost reached atop. “This is our way.” Alucard informed. Edward shook it off. He beheld the situation. Then Alucard knew about this place. “Hold me.” He told. Edward blinked. “No problem.” He shook it off. “Carry on.” Ursula remarked. Edward had a firm grip. The tragic prince morphed into his bat form. “Here goes nothing.” This was incredible. Edward got carried above the distance. “dragon’s wings!” Ursula went ahead. The mailman felt his stomach twist. This wasn’t comfortable. He felt slightly sick. Then they breached the catwalk. Alucard retained his human form. “Watch out!” Ursula already got in front. “They are here!” The bone-scimitar attacked. Edward unsheathed the Claymore. They managed to repel his attack. The skeleton hid behind the shield. He tugged the beard. The scimitar struck. Edward pierced through the armour. The soldier collapsed. “Hellfire!” Alucard shielded against the bats. Edward knocked the candles. The gems restored his energy. Edward then picked the cross. “Glory be You!” He put the boomerang into his purse. “Our Father in Heaven!” Edward made the sign of the cross. Although it was not the real object, it didn’t matter. They would be fine. He threw the axe into the air. The scimitar was crushed on impact. “Your skills are impressive.” Alucard bowed. The bats got defeated. Edward didn’t know what to say. The tragic prince had dismissed. He threw it aside. Edward hurled a dagger toward the archer. That was about time. Ursula almost got impaled. “Thanks!” She called. “Dragon’s tail!” Ursula smashed the scimitar. “We have arrived.” Alucard reached the staircase. “Let it be!” The mailman and Ursula fought back-to-back. They got ambushed by the skeletons. “Hellfire!” Alucard re-joined the fight. “Ball of Destruction!” He spread the cape. Edward kept the blade in both hands. He got help. They would be partners. Edward thanked the Lord. He was not alone. Together they might vanquish the prince of Darkness. “What is this place?” Ursula beheld the area. “Wait.” Alucard made no answer. “This is the way.” The tunnel had a twist. Alucard branched to the left. He climbed down the stairs. Edward frowned. This was another gallery. Though he closed the opening, the water reached this far. “I don’t like this.” Ursula picked on her locket. “That is no mystery.” Edward remarked. They would have to jump upon the platforms. He felt like a trap was closing in about him. The mailman tried to dismiss. That was difficult. “The water dragon is down there.” Ursula said. “He is still hungry.” Alucard remained quiet. Edward tugged his beard. Why didn’t he say anything? Alucard had to know about this area. “We have to explore this tunnel.” Alucard then revealed. He wore black gloves above the hands. “Then let us be gone.” Ursula explained. “We have to escape.” She leads ahead. “Permit me.” Alucard made her to stop. “It is I who should be in front.” Ursula shrugged. “You are the guide.” The mailman let them argue. He was more concerned about the bats. “Then follow me.” They seemed to have reached a settlement. Alucard was ahead. “We fight together.” Ursula returned to his position. “No problem.” Edward replaced the hat. He still kept looking for the monsters. “Leave that to me.” Ursula afforded. The mailman shook his head. “I am the Belmont you know.” Ursula shrugged. She carried a pair of golden studs. Edward realized that it must hurt. He sighed. All her jewelleries got made of yellow, white or red gold. Alucard unsheathed his sword. Edward acknowledged. They must be careful. The tragic prince reached into his pocket. “Hear my voice.” He beckoned. “Come to my aid.” There came a bright flash. Edward got to shield his eyes. “I didn’t expect it.” Ursula made a grimace. “Though I should.” She folded her arms. Edward had no mind. The journal was not intact, though there were several instances which told about his allies. “Yes master.” The fairy fluttered above the card. “How may I be of service?” Edward scratched his beard. She healed him before. “Show me the way.” The tragic prince demanded. They reached a fork in the road. The cannon was there. Edward had a rush. They would have to figure. Though this was not the time. “Yes master!” The familiar beamed. “I know the way.” Edward struck with the sword. He nearly got burned. “Dragon’s claws!” Ursula buried into the topmost head. “Hellfire!” Alucard approached. “Crimson lightning!” He spread both arms. The cannon got struck to pieces. “Then this is the hour.” Alucard spoke ancient words of power. The mailman crossed himself. This was black magic. Edward shook his head. The Lord would forgive them. “You have to trust me now.” Alucard noticed about his gesture. “My familiar might lead you.” Edward touched the crucifix. “This must be interesting.” Ursula remarked. “I guess.” The mailman tugged his beard. “No problem.” Edward shrugged. He got to trust him. That might be difficult. “not all who wanders in the night are lost.” Though he knew about the legend. “Even in the dark you might step into the light.” That was right. “Leed on.” Edward extended his hand. “I believe in you.” Alucard gave him a look. That was not his custom.

Alucard’s tomb, Ravenberg. The 4th.Of December2098 A.D.

They arrived. Edward Morris then made the sign of the cross. “This is a tomb.” The lady licked her lips. “So, it is.” Alucard met her gaze. “This is my resting place.” He bowed. “I bid you welcome.” He crossed his arms. “Fear not, enter free.” He made a gesture. “And may some of the peace you bring with you remain.” Ursula Draco had not accepted the invitation. “Then you really are accursed.” She went into a defensive posture. “Drop it.” The Belmont said. “He is the beloved of Sonia Belmont.” She had not heard about their story. The mailman got to explain. Then so be it. “She went were I cannot follow.” Alucard bent by his coffin. He missed her so much. The dragon woman shook her braid. The clansman left her behind. “Are you alright?” Alucard met his gaze. He might see hints of his own sadness in his face. “Thou arth alone.” He raised to face him on even foot. “Thou lost thy family.” Edward Morris frowned. Alucard repeated his statement in his modern language. “They got murdered.” The Belmont looked down. “My family got killed by the devil’s henchmen.” The hunter tugged his beard. Alucard accepted as much. “You are the estranged and forgotten son.” Draco had realized the truth. “You are the half-breed.” Alucard bowed. “That I am.” He said.

The tragic prince kept standing in front. “The encounter had a rather bizarre effect.” He explained. “I am both living and dead.” He spread both arms. “You may say I am the result of love.” Ursula exhaled. She doubted about that. His expression remained the same. “My father is to blame.” She was concerned. “I don’t understand.” Ursula felt confused. “It is alright.” Edward put a hand on her shoulder. “Tell her.” He said. “She deserves to know.” Alucard bowed. “I am Alucard.” He introduced. “The tragic prince of the castle Dracula.” The mailman was right. “Though my real name is Adrian Fairheight Basraq.” She must know. “I am the son of Lisa Fairheight and prince Vlad Basraq.” He carried the dragon upon the sarcophagus. “I was born at the end of the year 1449.” That was a rare occasion. His father had been allowed a short visit from his Hungarian captivity. That was not important. Not anymore. “He returned to us after his transformation.” The outcome was a lament. “The townsfolk burned my mother at the stake.” Ursula staggered. “I do not hate the humans.” Alucard was alone. “There already is such a hard lot.” Edward supported. “Upon his death, my father came into possession of a supernatural power.” Alucard then kissed her hand.

The prince bent to kiss her hand. Ursula blushed. “I offer you my service.” Edward tugged his beard. That was nice, though it didn’t feel right that he should bow before them. “You might prepare by my collection.” Alucard spread his arms. “Thanks.” He really meant it. The tomb was a depot for the vampire hunter. “This is a throve.” Edward went to inspect. “Our battle is the same.” The tragic prince explained. “Only together we might restore balance back to the force.” He wouldn’t betray their trust. Alucard always had been loyal to the family. He didn’t reveal his feelings. Not to them at any rate. Edward had no mind. He replaced the hat. “You have remained true to me.” Ursula let go of the locket. “This is unusual.” She exhaled. “You are right.” Ursula made up her mind. “We have to join together.” She threw the braid away. “My lady.” The tragic prince presented his blade. “I shall not fail thee.” Edward left them alone. He went to inspect the arsenal. Though he got his misgivings, the mailman had trust in the morals. Edward didn’t know what happened in 1797. Alucard spent some time with Maria Renard. The legend told they even had a secret son. He let it drop. “A mail for the mailman.” Edward smirked. He removed the coat and jacket to might do armour. That fit him nicely.

Underground reservoir, Ravenberg. The 4th. Of December 2098 A.D.

They were back in the aqueduct. “Then it begins again.” Alucard replaced the card. Edward made the sign of the cross. “You are the guide.” Ursula zipped her jacket. “Very well.” Alucard had done armour. “I might show the way.” He carried a shield. The mailman tugged his beard. He noticed there were no Basraq code of arms upon it. That might be the Fairheight family crest. That was none of his business. Edward tied the chest-plate above the jacket. The simple brown leather mixed with the fabric. The coat belonged to Abraham Van Helsing. Edward hoped the professor might be proud. “Come with me.” Alucard appeared in front. He unsheathed the Claymore sword. The metal shirt got forged by multiple steel rings. Edward had no mind about the weight. He would hunt. “Take cover.” Ursula kicked. The high boot hit the bat with a solid impact. “This is a labyrinth.” The creature burned. That really hurt. The boots got enforced. Edward let go. She was one of a kind. The mailman sighed. The cave was quiet. “Watch out!” The bats came in a wave. “Dragon’s claws!” They fought back-to-back. “Dragon’s breath!” Ursula got hurt. The were-skeleton threw a flurry of bones. “Hellfire!” Alucard released upon the swarm. “Crimson lightning!” That was impressive. Edward encountered the skeleton. The mailmanthrew the axe. The monster struck with the skull. Edward got beneath. The thing might extend the spine. He thanked the Lord. The impact might break his chest. The werewolf skeleton slashed with the claws. Edward struck from beneath. The trust made it to stagger. Edward got back on foot. The skeleton struck with the head. What kept them? Then he noticed. The monster was not alone. The band restrained his allies. They at least prevented a slaughter. The were-skeleton released the ribs. The mailman groaned. He felt like the splinters might tear his body. The monster smirked. Edward was sure about it. He struck with the skull. Edward bent upon a knee. That saved his life. “I have you now.” Edward stamped with the crucifix. He blinked. The bones didn’t break. How could that be? The skeleton staggered. Edward got up to hurl the dagger forward. The skeleton regrew the ribs. Now it got impaled. Edward also got stabbed. The fragments went about. He got no time. The monster struck with the head. Edward made a back-flip. The bone-bag dashed to take him. Edward threw the cross. He broke the spine. The skull never broke. They must be using necromancy. Let it be. The curse of Darkness was the true source of power. Edward sidestepped the opponent. He crushed the spine. The skeleton shook on impact. The mailmanhad to win. He stamped upon the skull. Then the monster caught fire. Edward exhaled. He witnessed as the skeleton crumbled into ashes. He left a big gem. The mailman felt much better. He let be the money. Edward already had enough. He got to help the others. The tunnel was turned into a battlefield. “Glory be You!” Edward summoned in the name of the Lord. “Our Father in Heaven!” The gold knife got buried within the archer. Edward got the sword. He struck to release the gold force. Even that was not the end. The caves got littered with the bones of the dead. Edward hurled the cross. The mailman reached his allies. “I hail you, Morris of the Belmont clan.” Alucard saluted. Edward shook his head. The tragic prince acknowledged. He took the arrows upon the shield. “Dragon’s tail!” Ursula flailed about. The soldiers never tried to retreat. They got smashed against the wall. “Dragon’s breath!” She roared like the dragon. The survivors got no chance against the enflamed and freezing attacks. Edward threw the axe. The row exploded on impact. He leaned against the wall. The thunder made his hair to stand on end. Reinhardt Schneider never spoke about that. Edward dismissed. He threw it aside. That was back in 1852. “Dragon’s claws!” Ursula cut up the rest. Then again, he was hit by an arrow. Edward groaned, though the mail took the brunt. He felt like the battle might continue forever. That was not the case. Edward supported himself upon the Claymore blade. The others didn’t look tired. “No problem.” They were not humans. Ursula told nothing about her background, though that was obvious. “This is not the demon castle Dracula.” Alucard appeared in front. “There is a long way.” Edward picked together. That explained much. The mailman hadn’t felt Dracula’s faul aura. “Okay.” Edward told his story. “Alright.” He tugged the beard. “I have to hunt.” Alucard accepted. “You should be the leader.” He said. “You awoke me from my slumber.” The mailman shrugged. “I don’t think so.” Edward was sent here for reasons he didn’t figure. “I have no map.” Ursula touched his shoulder. “Relax.” She said. “This is the Ravenberg.” Ursula exhaled. “Although I got lost.”

They got quite interested. So be it. “I shall do what I must.” The Belmont announced. “Though of course.” Alucard bowed. “This is a power-plant.” Draco explained. Edward Morris removed his hat. “That doesn’t matter.” He said. “I still got to find my cousin.” The tragic prince respected his outlook. “He is not ready.” Alucard accepted. “Though he might have a binding contract.” They had to reach the castle. “He must not be allowed to return.” They made no discussion. The task was closed. “Behind you!” The woman told. “They are back!” The scimitars approached. “Stronger we are.” The hunter got his sword. “In the name of the Lord!” Alucard admitted. They got a were-skeleton. “There are too many.” He dismissed. Nothing might change his conviction. “Dragon’s breath!” The impact caused an explosion. “Impressive.” The rocks fell down to crush the werewolf skeleton. “Much impressive.” Alucard saluted her efforts. “This is the place.” He turned to touch the wall. “What is it?” The Belmont went closer. The tragic prince dismissed. He found the controls. “Leave that alone.” Ursula Draco kept watch. “This is no game.” So, it was. “This is the encountered.” Alucard spoke. “Though you may not recognise.” The woman folded her arms.

Underground reservoir, Ravenberg. The 4th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The gate got moved aside. “You asked me to be the guide.” The tragic prince went ahead. “Then this is a better way.” Ursula pulled back her braid. “I investigated this plant.” Alucard withdrew. “I see.” Edward touched the crucifix. “That is your business.” She had a look inside. “Beware.” Alucard pulled up. “They are not all accounted for.” The soldiers removed the rocks. “This is the pipeline.” He threw back the cape. Ursula acknowledged. He got a hand upon the weapon. “We might climb to the power-plant.” Edward picked the Bowie knife. “Alright.” He said. “Let us go.” Ursula kept an eye on the skeletons. “dragon’s nose!” She released a heavy steam. The scimitars marched through. “Come on!” Edward called. “Get behind!” She made no argument. Ursula forgot about their nature. “They got risen from the grave.” Alucard explained. “Go.” Edward told. “I cover up.” He threw the dagger forward. “Dragon’s breath!” Ursula might burn the place. “Come with me.” Alucard lead her inside. Edward retrieved his item. Then he went through the opening. “That should hold them.” The tragic prince closed the door. “I secured the lock.” Ursula had no mind. She looked about. “No problem.” Edward was ready to fight. Ursula exhaled. “That is fine.” She remarked.

Pipeline, underground reservoir. The 4th. Of December 2098 A.D.

They reached the platform. Edward made the sign of the cross. “The shaft is humongous!” HE had to shout. The sound of water made it difficult to communicate. The stream went tumbling down into the abyss. “Your kind is productive!” The metal walkway went from right to left. The pipes and tubes got built into the walls. “Be careful with the electricity!” The tragic prince informed. They got channelled through the wires. Edward thought of Nathan Graves. He investigated the machine tower in 1830. “Though the power-plant is not much then 10 years old.”” Edward dismissed. “The people engaged the Brent corporation.” Alucard was grim. “They built the plant to energize their towns and villages.” The mailman tugged his beard. Though that might be the case, the power broke after the ice. Then that was only eight years ago. He frowned. There was something about that. “We have to continue.” Alucard cut through the line of thoughts. “This might still be in action.” He stepped upon a certain platform. Alucard then stopped. “No problem.” Edward went to join him. “What is this?” Ursula reached upon the tile. “Let me show you.” Alucard stepped on the switch. “Clever.” The elevator brought them to the next level. “That was smart.” Edward looked back down. He exhaled. This was incredible. The surface was almost invisible. The science was really impressive. Though the Lord held the key to solvation. “Dragon’s breath!” The mailman gathered. Ursula exhaled the mist. The Medusa head got frozen on impact. “ball of Destruction!” Alucard threw back the cape to release the high shot. Edward threw the axe. The heads might turn them to stone. He created an item-crush. The boomerang split in three. That was not the end. Alucard slashed the snake creature into pieces. The wavy pattern made it difficult to predict. They reached solid ground. The bats had noticed. They squeaked for blood. “dragon’s tail!” Ursula twirled about. “Dragon’s breath!” She then released the fireballs. “Dragon’s nose!” The beasts got defeated. “That was no fight.” Ursula relaxed. “Maybe.” Alucard threw it aside. “That is to be seen.” Edward had to disturb. “We got company.” The fishmen leaped from beneath. They released the streams of poison water. “Grizzly wing!” Alucard made them to fly. “Dragon’s tail!” Ursula crushed the enemies. Edward produced the knife. “Hellfire!” The heads had returned. “Crimson lightning!” Alucard spread both arms. The mailman threw himself beneath. The fishmen spat. The dagger made it to collapse. “Ball of Destruction!” Alucard gathered his power. The mailman impaled his enemy. “We must continue.” Alucard unsheathed his sword. They fought to reach the elevator. The monsters couldn’t follow. Then the bats got a better chance. Edward hurled the axes into a high arch. “Dragon’s breath!” Ursula made them to scatter. “Dragon’s claws!” she encountered the Medusa heads. “Thee arth accursed.” The bone-archer fired. “Blasted back-shooter!” Edward didn’t notice before. “grizzly wing!” The tragic prince used them like a barricade. “Crimson lightning!” He then shot the bone-bag into oblivion. They stepped on top. “Hellfire!” Alucard threw back the cape. Edward got a bad feeling about it. He leaped to reach the lookout. The pipe was like a metal chimney. “This is the save point.” Alucard knelt. “Then this is the place.” The mailman bowed. “sanctuary.” He bent before the alter. “She is the mother of God.” Edward removed the hat. “The lady of St. Mary.” He knelt beside the prince. “For great is He.” The mailman crossed himself. “Our Father in Heaven.” He might rest for a moment. Edward got relieved of his trouble. “Can you feel?” Alucard asked. “That is the blessing of the virgin’s power.” Edward acknowledged. He didn’t have to look. The mailman knew he got restored. “The Lord of compassion.” Alucard humbled himself. “You have forgiven all.” Edward reached a hand. “Lead us into Your Heaven.” Ursula looked away. She seemed ashamed of herself. “You show such conviction.” She breathed. “Though I cannot believe.” Alucard retained his position. “You don’t have to.” He explained. He kissed her hand. “If you can’t believe in him, or in the Lord who sent him.” Edward acknowledged. “Then have faith in the morals.” Alucard let go. He went to open the door. Edward exhaled. They reached another stone corridor. “We have to leave.” Alucard lead through. Edward replaced the hat. “Consider me gone.” Ursula touched the locket. The tunnel went straight for a while. Edward tugged his beard. He felt so cold. “This isn’t natural.” Ursula drew sweat of her brow. “Take cover.” Edward hurled the axe. He got a special power. The mailman might detect. The ghost burst into fire. “You have the family’s abilities.” Alucard beheld his progress. “be mindful though.” He brandished with the sword. “They might possess the living.” Edward had to cross himself. He feared the undead. “May she rest in peace.” Ursula inhaled. “Dragon’s eye!” She might spot the enemies. The hallway branched to the left. The tragic prince got ahead. He was the first who noticed. “Then so it is.” Edward caught up. The red knights got blue fur. “God with us.” The foxes wore the red and white army shirt beneath the green and brown leather tunic. “traitors.” They might blend with the background. “You serve the prince of Darkness.” The helmet framed their features. “Preserve us from the evil One.” Edward recognised the Basraq dragon. Something caught his attention. Edward struck with the sword. The ghost caught fire. The mailman exhaled. That was to close. The figure almost touched him. “Grizzly wing!” Alucard threw back the cape. The knights tried to impale him. The bats covered up. “Come on!” they got pierced. “Let us take them on!” The leader encouraged. “They are only three!” That was a mistake. The Lord would be with them. Edward threw the cross. The fox took it upon his shield. Edward tugged his beard. The knights knew how to fight. Alucard got put to the test. “Leave them alone!” Ursula demanded.

The knights belonged to the military. “You are the soldiers.” Alucard acknowledged. “You volunteered to join his rule.” The Morris retrieved the cross boomerang. He kept using the Claymore sword. “Shut up.” The female exclaimed. “You should be the general.” He refused the offer. “I do not want that power.” He brought up the shield. “You are under arrest.” Alucard lacked the strength. “Crawl back to your warlock.” He decreed. “Haunt us no longer.” The knights laughed. “Dragon’s rage!” Ursula Draco must be desperate. “Your time is over.” The tragic prince withdrew. He felt pity with her. Though this had to be. The ally retained her true form. Alucard bent. This was more then he expected. The gold dragon was so glorious. Even the Belmont got taken aback. “Good Lord in Heaven!” He made a back-flip to might cross himself. Alucard acknowledged. He also became amazed. “I could never have imagine such an imposive being.” Edward Morris then shook his head. “I don’t want your treasure.” He got taken aback. He was not alone. “Let us be off!” The foxes called to each other. Alucard disliked about that. “They should not be allowed to escape.” They would tell his father about this. No one else seemed to bother. Ursula Draco had retained her elvan form.

Pipeline, underground reservoir. The 4th. Of December 2098 A.D.

This was all wrong. “I know you don’t.” Ursula didn’t want to dominate. “What is thy mission.”Alucard kept his ground. He was not the lord of the dragons. His father was mad to even claim that title. “I am a hunter.” Edward cleaned sweat of his forehead. “I didn’t intend to trespass upon your domain.” Ursula exhaled. “I know that.” He was unlike the other humans. “I don’t have the glow.” The elders hadn’t bestowed upon her. “This isn’t my nest.” Alucard arched an eyebrow. Ursula sighed. “I also have a task.” He was the tragic prince. “My family are being haunted.” Ursula felt tired. “I came to assist.” She got lost. “I can’t find her.” There were something to dangerous to be explained. “I salute you.” Alucard bowed. “We shall hunt the count.” Edward tugged his beard. “The curse of Darkness.” He removed the hat. “The castle focuse the evil.” Alucard folded his arms. “The Chaos amplifis the night.” He touched the sword. “The wicked gain power to make their craving come true.” She felt like hit by lightning. Although she knew, Ursula never combined the pieces. “Then he really is to blame.” By the great; she had been a fool. “That is how they conquered.” Edward made the sign of the cross. “That is what they do.” He was right. “Then we are united.” She said.

The veteran vampire hunter had discovered. “May the Lord preserve us.” Edward made the sign of the cross. “No wonder that Morris Baldwin was afraid.” He discovered about the potential of the Dark Lord and his castle in 1820. “The artist tried to make claim upon his might.” Alucard unsheathed his sword. “the power of Dominance is not easily contain.” Edward threw the knife. The ghost appeared through the floor. The image moaned. “I thank you.” The restless burst into fire. “Your arsenal must be magical.” Ursula remarked. Edward retrieved the dagger. “they got forged with alchemy.” Rinaldo Gandalfi was a master of the arts. “They got bathed in blood.” Gabriel began the bloodletting in 1047. The very mention was like a becon. The bats came to bite him. “Rest in peace!” He called. “Hellfire!” Alucard made them to burn on impact. “Look out!” The bone-archers fired down the corridor. Edward pressed against the wall. “Ball of Destruction!” Alucard shot the rangers into pieces. The mailman moved. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” He impaled the skeleton. Then he came to a halt. “Good Lord.” They returned to the pipeline. “We never actually left it.” Ursula appeared beside him. Edward tugged his beard. Alucard already reached the walkway. “Come on.” He went to follow. “Alright.” He touched the belt. The weapons were in place. The fishmen came from the abyss. That was impressive. They went higher then anyone might suspect. Then Dracula was to blame. Edward hurled the cross. The boomerang exploded on impact. He touched the crucifix. The Lord would deside his destiny. “Dragon’s breath!” Ursula shot a series of icicles. “Ball of Destruction!” Alucard released the spiked ball. “Come with me.” His eyes burned red with flame. Edward shuddered. Then he went along. The bats whirled about. Edward hurled axes into the air. He got more experienced. The weapons burned on contact. “Pull the switch!” Ursula stepped on top. “As you wish my lady.” Alucard pressed upon the button. They got raised above. The elevator might take them to another section. “Blessed is He.” Edward exhaled. “Who comes in the name of the Lord.” The fishmen couldn’t follow. The breather didn’t last. They got other problems. “Dragon’s tail!” Ursula might strike the Medusa head. “Bet behence!” Edward managed to stamp the successor. “Hellfire!” Alucard spread the cape. “Fire in the hall!” The bone-archers were atop. Edward leaped to throw the cross. The boomerangmight burn the arrows. “Crimson lightning!” Alucard turned into a bat. “Ball of Destruction!” He reappeared among the rangers. The bone-scimitars used ashyweapon robed beneath their light leather tunic and armour. “Dragon’s wings!” Ursula might reach to the location. “Dragon’s claws!” The soldiers almost could blend with the background. Edward finally got up. He made the dagger to split in three. That granted an edge. Edward knew he got water within his linage. The freezing knives then closed the deal. The shield broke to pieces. He advanced to strike through the chest-plate. The armour didn’t offer much protection. Edward impaled through the heart. The skeleton shuddered. Then it broke into a pile. The mailman supported against the wall. He then knocked the candles. The crystals replenished his power. “Dragon’s claws!” Ursula then struck the back-stabber. “Thank you.” Edward pulled through his hair. She dismissed. “No problem.” Ursula threw back the braid. “That is your slogan.” Edward sighed. That was simply rubbish. Ursula let go. “Ball of Destruction!” Alucard spread his cape. “Grizzly wing!” He then had to cover up. The bats went in circles. Edward retrieved the rosary. He tugged his beard. The holy item might clear the area of evil. The Lord was with them. The item flashed. That was amazing. The monsters burst before they burned into ashes. “Great is the mystery of faith.” Edward made the sign of the cross. Alucard went toward the edge of the platform. He then leaped over to the other viewpoint. Edward barely could follow. He tried to forget about the abyss. That was impossible. The fall would be fatal. The bone pillar turned to face him. “Hellfire!” The fireballs collided. Alucard hurled himself sideways. The stacked skulls went to breathe heavy flames. “Dragon’s wings!” Ursula landed upon the battlefield. That caused some confusion. The mailman hurled his axe. “Nay.” Alucard kept his ground. “Thee have to live.” Edward got pushed aside. The cannon shot tripled fireballs. “Dragon’s breath!” Ursula was able to counter. “Dragon’s claws!” The top head got ripped apart. Then she looked so sad. “Beware.” The bats flapped about. “They belong to the children of the night.” They got busy with the bone pillar. The monsters went for her location. Edward presented the crucifix. The heads kept turning to track him. “Crimson lightning!” Alucard spread his arms. “Ball of Destruction!” He then impaled the cannon. “Nightmare claw!” The tragic prince absorbed the soul. Edward might see beyond the obvious. “The power of Dominance.” He breathed. The mailman could do nothing. Edward threw the dagger. “Dragon’s tail!” Ursula twirled with the tail. The bats got crushed to pieces. “This way.” Alucard re-sheathed the blade. “Follow me.” Edward tugged his beard. He really was serious about the matter. Alucard went for another platform. The ladder lead toward the top. The scimitar trusted his blade. “Hellfire!” The tragic prince dealth the final blow. “Forgive us!” The ghost went through the wall. Edward was able to banish before it might hurt anyone. “I salute you.” Alucard hailed. The mailman shrugged. “The pleasure was all mine.” He remarked. “Stop fooling around.” Ursula insisted. “Or have you forgotten?” Edward replaced the hat. “Of course not.” He went up the ladder. Alucard waited until they reached the pinnacle. Then he morphed into mist. The fishmen went up the chimney. Edward threw himself down. The water missed by inches. “Take this for dinner.” He managed to impale.

The vampire hunter fought galentry. “Hellfire!” Alucard spread his cape to release the Hellfire balls. “Crimson lightning!” He got to remove the bats. “Dragon’s tail! Dragon’s claws!” Ursula Draco might fight as well. The Morris clansman kept quiet. He hurled the axe into the air. That was imposing. The archer collapsed into a pile. Alucard felt proud about the bloodline. He should dismiss. The white dragon struck into the walkway. Alucard gathered his force. The bone dragon moved in a wavy pattern which made it difficult to predict. “Ball of Destruction!” Alucard managed to resist the flame. The fishmen created an ambush. His allies avoided the fireballs. The Belmont hurled his cross. “Grizzly wing!” Alucard released to create a barricade. The hunter missed the target. The skeledragon went crushing down. He might feel the impact. “Hellfire!” The tragic prince obtained an advantage. Edward Morris then struck with the blade. The shining blast had some effect. Then a great evil was abroad. The white dragon emerged to breathe flames. He should be burned to ashes. “Dragon’s wings!” Draco was able to save him. “You have to be more careful.” Alucard might support. “Crimson lightning!” The fishmen got shot into oblivion. “Dragon’s tail!” That was in vain.

Pipeline, underground reservoir. The 4th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The bone dragon escaped the impact. “I must repay you.” Ursula made a grimace. Edward pushed her aside. Then again, he got his reasons. “Rest in peave.” The sword got buried within the ghost. “Hellfire!” Alucard released tripled fireballs. The skeledragon countered his assault. Ursula picked on the locket. The Medusa heads had arrived. Edward got left alone. She managed to duck beneath the creature. The hunter presented the crucifix. She blinked. The flames couldn’t touch him. “Dragon’s breath!” Ursula was able to freeze the foe. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Edward threw three daggers into the skull. The skeledragon went crushing down. “Dragon’s nose!” She boiled the Medusa head. Edward retrieved the cross. The white dragon went from side to side. “Dragon’s breath!” Ursula didn’t waste time. The frost shielded against the fireballs. Edward struck with the sword. The bone dragon got soaked by the impact. “Dragon’s nose!” The monster tried to fry them. That wasn’t going to happen. She would show him. “Get behind!” Edward threw the axe. He make it to break in three. The impact caused a quake. Ursula threw back the braid. The skeledragon burned into a pile. “Glory be You.” Edward crossed himself. He went to reclaim the crystals.

The bone dragon left plenty of big gems behind. “Our Father in Heaven.” Edward picked the gems. They replenished his energy. “We cannot remain.” Alucard went upon another elevator. Ursula stepped on the switch. The lift went skyward. “Hellfire!” the bats attacked. Edward threw the knife. He impaled the archer. The skeleton withdrew. “Dragon’s breath!” Ursula might handle the situation. The flames burned him within the shirt and tunic. The lift reached atop. Edward touched upon the crucifix. There were no one to meet them. “This might be a trap.” Alucard went into another tunnel. Edward tipped with the hat. “You are the guide.” Ursula got ahead. They went to reach her. “Grizzly wing!” Another arrow went flying down the passage. “Ball of Destruction!” The red knights found shelter along the walls. “Dracul!” The foxes dropped before rushing. “Take them!” Edward hurled the axe. The leader got crushed through the chest. The mailman got face-to-face with another soldier. He really was clever. Edward fenced with the family. He got trained in the art. Even Heinrich Schneider got impressed by his achievement. “Then it is my turn.” Alucard kept the sword held high. “Face me.” He challenged. “You cowards.” Edward exhaled. They survived their previous encounter. This was the day of judgement. “Dragon’s claws!” Ursula stabbed into the archer. She made them to fight. Edward went around the corner. He sliced his troat. The red knight collapsed upon the floor. They didn’t leave him alone. Edward got struck above the chest. The mail resisted the impact. “Dragon’s nose!” Ursula released heavy steam. “Thou arth powerful.” Alucard cleaned his blade upon the tunic. The mailman shook his head. They were at war. He cleansed the blade. “If this is what we must.” Edward made the sign of the cross. He then knocked the candles. Edward sighed. He let be the money. Although it wasn’t all in vain. “Bless this simple meal.” The mailman ate from the pot-roust. “Let us be grateful.” The Lord gave in plenty. He shared with the lady. Trevor Belmont brought it along in 1496. The solicitor told it was a Gypsyresapy. He then returned to the pipeline. Edward had to wait until they climbed the ladder. “Ball of Destruction!” The fishmen got ready to fight. Edward reached for the weapons. “Hellfire!” Alucard threw back the cape. “Crimson lightning!” He knew when to strike. The monsters got burned. “Dragon’s tail!” The bats swept about. “The door is closed.” Alucard made an effort to strike it. “Watch out!” The mailman shouted. The exit went out. Alucard got hit in the face. Edward rushed. He forced it close. The skeleton got hit by the end of his blade. “They are all about.” The mailman leaned against the wal. The laugher sent chills down his spine. “I know that laugh.” He reached for the crucifix. Succubus stood behind the pile of bones. “Whore of Lucifer!” She blew him a kiss. Edward held the sword up in front. He would resist her charm. “Dragon’s breath!” Alucard approached. “Harlet of Dracula.” His eyes burned with frozen rage. “Do thy think to make funny of mine?” He threw back the cape. “Master!” Succubus went above the trust. “Take me!” The tragic prince made a gesture. “Ball of Destruction!” She escaped the impact. Edward tugged his beard. The demon was back. She then embraced his ally. “Be gone.” Alucard declared. “I care only for my bride and companion.” She got rebuffed. “Go back to the castle.” He requested. “The Dark Lord might hold you.” Succubus licked her lips. “Let me take you inside.” The tongue whipped about. Edward hid his face. She was so mean. He touched the crucifix. The mailman would hunt. “Leave in peace.” He demanded. She had no choice. Then “As you wish.” She blewat him. Edward felt her kiss. Succubus then got her arms around. “Yes!” She moaned. “You want this!?” Edward fought to resist. “Do you want a kiss?” She bent even lower. “Never!” He caught the red hair. “Not in Hell.” Edward got to restrain her efforts. “He do not belong to you.” Alucard said. He bit her neck. Edward shuddered. His fangs were exposed. The female shrieked. Her black leather tunic got stained with crimson. The mailman couldn’t look. This was to much. “this is my curse.” Alucard looked up over his victim. “I want blood.” Succubus lay in his arms. “She might give herself to my craving.” Edward shook his head. He was appaled. “The curse of blood.” The mailman noticed the stains between his teeth. “Leave it.” Ursula made him to snap out of it. She was disgusted. “As thy wishes, mine lady.” The tragic prince let her fall. “Though she shall awake.” Edward made the sign of the cross. That wasn’t nice. Alucard made no notion. He might be so cold and rudeless. The mailman followed above. Things never got easy. They soon reached the catwalk. Ursula made a defensive gesture. He struck with the blade. The ghost vanished in a blossom of flame. Edward inhaled. He went to strike the candles. “Then we have reached this far.” Alucard inspected the pipeline. He changed into a bat. “That is his way in life.” Ursula shrugged. “Whatever.” She threw back the braid. “Dragon’s wings!” She carried him across the distance. “Not even you deserve that fate.” They reached the platform. Alucard pulled together. He got shot through the chest. Although the gold armour took the brunt, that really must hurt. Edward threw the dagger forward. The skeleton collapsed. “Ball of Destruction!” The Medusa head got burned into ashes. “Dragon’s tail!” Ursula crushed the successor. “You can’t do this.” The mailman threw his cross. “I shall release you.” That went home. Edward impaledThe companion. He collected the gem. Edward gattered. They had to get above. He must climb the ladder. The were-skeleton wouldn’t permit. He threw three freezing daggers. The skull made him to stagger. “Hellfire!” Alucard removed the bats. The mailman made a glide. He reached beneath the rib fragments. Then Edward almost went over the edge. He went all pale with despair. That made him to shudder, although he got no time.

That was almost fatal. Draco finally let go of the braid. She almost tried to strangle upon it. Edward Morrishurled the axe. He should. The were-skeleton was almost upon him. The weapons might strike the monster. “That is the way.” Alucard admired. “Get him.” The hunter impaled with the knives. “Bring him to ground.” Edward Morris bared his teeth. He struck the sword down. The magnetic explosion shook the area. Alucard felt the impact. The Morris beheaded the skeleton. He took the gems. They climbed the ladder. The scimitars got the weapons ready. “Dragon’s claws!” Ursula Draco might tear apart. “Come on!” The mailmanstepped on the switch. “Curse you!” The elevator bore him away. The Belmont had no reason to fear. They would follow, though the scimitars kept them in place. “Dragon’s nose!” Shemust boil the bats. The braid got in her way. The scimitar hit with the shield. Draco touched her mouth. She drew blood. “Grizzly wing!” Alucard got surrounded. “Hellfire!” He snarled. “Dragon’s tail!” She smashed the bats. They got atracted by the power. “Dragon’s wings!” The woman might get the great picture. She could push them off the platform. Alucard went over the edge. He had the strength to levitate. Though then he got pierced by an arrow.

Pipeline, underground reservoir. The 4th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The tragic prince tasted her blood. Ursula felt disgusted, though the demon was perfect. “Hi there.” The red hair framed her features. Ursula snarled. The horns kept shining. “Come to me.” She offered a hand. The green eyes shone like polished gemstone. “Let me please you.” She was luxurious. “Nay.” Alucard spread his arms. “I refuse Thee.” He put a hand upon her shoulder. “And all Thy kind.” He touched a cross. “I chose my bride.” Ursula got surprised. “The soul is immortal.” He wept bloody tears. “Though Maria Renard loved me so much.” Alucard let go. “I got to compensate her somehow.” The curse was broken. “Then you have chosen the way of pain!” Ursula screamed. The demon spread her wings. Alucard threw himself down. “Dragon’s tail!” Ursula might brandish like the battering-ramp. Succubus got occupied by her efforts. Alucard then nocked her in the chest. He got the strength of 20 men. “Do not dare to trespass.” Alucard stood in front. “This is not your battle.” He raised the blade. “She is dear to me.” Ursula touched her features. She didn’t realize. Then he would be a nest protector. Ursula gathered up. She was no lady in distress. “This is my dual.” Alucard declared. “No one else should fight for me.” Ursula acknowledged. He also got some pride.

The lift reached the top. Edward left upon the balcony. He made the sign of the cross. The blade reflected the light. The lamps must be running on electricity. The mailman got left alone. Then again, he might be flexable. The bats went in a swarm. Edward tugged his beard. They gathered into a giant bat. He made a rush. The phantom bat tried to bite him. “Good Lord in Heaven!” Edward managed to glide beneath the fireball. That exploded on impact. He exhaled. The monster tried to suck his blood. Edward presented the crucifix. The giant bat squeeked by the gesture. Trevor Belmont encountered the beast in 1496. He threw himself down. The phantom bat was back. Edward threw the dagger forward. Hisassault broke the impact. The swarm went about. Edward touched the crucifix. That was a problem. He opened Pandora’s box. They swooped for blood. Edward threw the cross. The monsters cried. The swarm got burned on impact. He exhaled. The giant bat reformed. Edward retrieved the boomerang. The mailman shuddered. He got to escape. Edward struck with the sword. He tried to soak it. The monster broke into a swarm. They gathered into some form of needle formation. “Save us!” They might drill him against the floor. Edward made a back-flip. He felt chills down his spine. The swarm kept chasing for his blood. Edward threw himself sideways. They swooped. Edward hurled the axe. The weapon exploded on impact. He made the sign of the cross. Edward relaxed. He might kill them. The phantom bat retained its true form. The mailman tugged his beard. His blood was a beacon to the dark. Edward made a glife. The giant bat shrieked in anger. He got beneath. Edward hurled the dagger. He must block the fireball. He hit the wall. The flames exploded. Edward retrieved the hat. The bat advanced. “Here goes nothing.” The mailman claimed his sword. This was no ordinary monster. He couldn’t wait. The phantom bat flapped with its wings. Edward pulled up. The creature dashed. Edward got behind. He dodged the fireball. The mailman then hurled the dagger. The giant bat was pierced by the three freezing daggers. Edward blocked his ears. The monster shrieked. He felt like tearing apart. The phantom bat split into a swarm of smaller bats. Edward tugged his beard. The swarm tried to drill him against the wall. Edward threw himself aside. That was close. He threw the cross. Edward touched the crucifix. The boomerangs killed the monsters. Their blood got spilled on the floor. The mailman retained the cross. He didn’t conquer. The vampire bat regained its true form. Edward dodged the fireball. The monster swooped. He got beneath. The claws might tear him. Edward relaxed. He remained alive. Edward then threw the axe. The thunder gave an upper hand. He made a grimace. The monster escaped the explosion. That was incredible. “Good Lord!” The phantom bat swept to take him. Edward managed to repel the fireball. He might taste the blood thirst. The mailman threw the dagger. Then Edward hid the nose. The stench was horrible. The monster squeeked. It got impaled. They collided. Edward got thrown upon the ground. He felt broken. That wasn’t the case.He soon climbed on top. The phantom bat squeeked for blood. Edward stabbed his sword into the ground. The rising flames carved some space, although they obscured his view. The giant bat went dashing forth. The fireball burned on impact. Edward might barely escape. He threw the axe. Edward missed. The monster got to quick. He knelt. The beast went above. Edward turned to hurl the boomerang. This wore him down. Edward pulled together. The cross split in three. That was a waste of time. The phantom bat escaped his effort. Edward tugged his beard. He almost got envious about her abilities. Alicia was born with the storm. The mailman let go. Evil thrived in the shadow of castle Dracula. Hugh Baldwin got possessed because of jealousy. Edward presented the crucifix. The fireball burned out. That was an act of kindness. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Edward might glorify in His name. He gripped the sword. The water wave protected againt the offence. Edward approached. This might be his moment. The phantom bat struck home. Edward groaned. He got slammed against the wall. The mailman tried to impale. That wasn’t enough. The monster breathed. He revealed the crucifix. The Lord was with him. His image reflected the assault. Edward pushed back on foot. He stamped with fire. The monster burst into a swarm of bats. They went to chase him. Edward hurled the axe into the air. The weapon split in three. The swarm then shrieked. Edward killed the bats. That wasn’t the end. The rest had gathered. Edward made the sign of the cross. The phantom bat dashed across the catwalk. He blocked the fireball. The mailman hurled the cross. Edward would defeat the monster. The cross exploded. The fireball got in the way. Edward made a glide. He got beneath the monster. That made no difference. The phantom bat continued the chase. Edward might be pushed from the floor. The giant bat slashed with the claws. Edward pierced the chest. The monster split into a swarm of smaller bats. The mailman stamped with the crucifix. “Let it be!” The swarm burned into ashes. Edward crossed himself. He was not the chosen one. That person had to emerge from the final test to prove the right to be the vampire killer of their generation. Edward must believe. Someone wouldappear to challenge the Dark Lord. Edward would do what he could. He tugged the beard. Edward inherited the legacy of darkness. He got interrupted. The elevator reached atop. The mailman exhaled. The allies had arrived. They were alive. The mailman crossed himself. He hadn’t fail. The Lord would not forsake them. Edward beheld the approach. “The Belmont clan is back.” He proclaimed. “I shall hunt the night.” Edward removed the hat. They might stand together. “I saw what you have done.” Alucard went in front. “It was impressive.” Edward let it drop.

They keptquiet. Alucard saluted his efforts. “You vanquished the bat.”” He folded his cape. “Though it is merely a set-back.” The hunter exhaled. “Are you alright?” She got worried about him. He looked so tired. !It shall be fine.” He promised. “You did well.” The tragic prince admited. “They shall not defeat us.” The Morris sighed. He inspected the watch. Alucard noticed it was a chronometer. The hunter carried it around his wrist. “It is after midnight!” He then exclaimed. Ursula touched her locket. What was this about? “The sun is rising.” Alucard bowed his head. “I have spent a night.” Draco folded her arms. “Callm down.” She said. “This is only the beginning.” Edward Morris made the sign of the cross. “Theyare out there, now.” Alucard looked into the distance. “Waiting for us.” He moved a hand before his eyes. “For me.” Ursula sent him a look. “It might be a new dawn.” The tragic prince beheld them both. “Though night is falling on the countryside.” She bit her lip. That much was certain. “The Dark Lord must never be allowed to return.”The hunterbent to retrieve the ball. Ursula frowned. It was made of pure crystal. “The mystic orb.” Alucard admitted. “Then you really have conquered.” He hid within the cape. The flash was to bright.

The caves, Ravenberg. The 5th. Of December 2098 A.D.

Such a waste. The litch cursed his blood. The connection got disturbed. He dismissed. Then the litch had seen enough. The mnisstress would not enjoy this. Nor would the general. The young master was awake. While the dragon arrived. Neither should be allowed. This was his task; to watch over and caretake The reservoir. This happened because of the Belmont clan. The litch really would kill him. The prince of Darkness gave his last command. Though now it became personal. Then how could they be involved?The clan was dead. The grim reaper lead and prepared for the return. The message was clear. The circle of blood worked together with the order of Shadow to remove those which survived. Even his kind got informed. The litch had celebrated what should be the final victory. Then so be it. He would find a way to restore order. There were something else to consider. “To wake the dead.” The litch should trensend the knowledge. Though there might be another way. The litch might have an alternative. He would make his own decision. The litch would not have to stand a court marshal. He would not relinquish this power. The litch had become strong through the passing of centuries. He might still resurrect the spirits. The litch would make them to suffer.

(A.N:Again I wish to thank all the attributers to The Castlevania Dungeonand to Mr. P. Without your work, this story would never have been possible. Have a nice time.)