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Castlevania: Darkness Never Dies


Part 1: Curse of Blood

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Part 2: Legacy of Sorrow

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Part 1: Curse of Blood.

“”You are the light of the world!””

Mathew: 5. 14.

Chapter 8: Bloody Tears.

Ruins of castle Dracula, Bodley. The16th. of December 2098 A.D.

They belongedto the order of Shadow. The alter looked out over the Uta lake.That it should. The mist coated the night scape. “Then it begin again.” The siblings would perform this ritual. “When the thousand years have ended.” He told. “Satan shall be released from His prison.” Roderick then led their sacrificeto the alter. “So it is told.” Madeline tied her to the stake. They gained strengthfromthe cursed earth. Roderick got closer. He hadunsheathed the knife. Her body formed a perfect X. The warlock got excited. “Do it.” The sorceress encouraged. “Do it now.” Zabine breathed with ecstasy. “She is young and strong.” This was the moment. “What began in blood.” Roderick chanted. “Shall end with blood.” This was the perfect place. Thelegend told that the necromancer and the vampire hunter had encountered upon the ice. This were the ruins of castle Dracula. Thus it was fitting to perform. The blue lord was hiding. The sourceled to the despite ofeverythingthen himself. “We conjure the ancient power.” Roderick then buried the knife within her living flesh. “Curse you!” The sacrifice screamed. The warlock burned the heart. The sorceress craved for blood. “Do you not obey the order?” She resisted. “Hark thy Master’s voice.” He preached. “The Lords of Shadow has returned.”

Uta lake, Warakiya. The 16th. of December 2098 A.D.

The Belmont heir stood at the front of the ferry. “You do have a nasty habit of surviving.” The vampire hunter turned around. He didn’t listen. So be it. Christian stilltouched the whip. The mist obscured everything. The lamp got dim. He could tell. She sat beside the Belmont. He felt so jealous. She became that pale. “The lake is cursed.” He spoke to break the silence. The ferryman had no mind. The boy and girl returned the gaze. “The Shadow rising.” Christian Belmont pulled through his hair. “Gabriel’s curse.” He made the sign of the cross. “The Prince of Darkness is awake.” The Belmont looked grim. The boy gripped for the whip. “Gabriel Belmont is dead.” He sighed. “His actions survive.” He acknowledged the statement. The knights of the brotherhood wereresponsible for so much. “Gabriel cursed the Uta lake.” The Belmont was unwilling to tell. “After he defeated the Titan.” The hunterwasquiet. Noriko Cruz embraced him. He got envious. That was not the point. “You can still be safe.” The girl held him even tighter. She had a crush on him. How very interesting. “I won’t leave.” She promised. Christian touched the crucifix. He smiled. That was proper.He didn’t love her. Iori had a dream. ”I shall protect you.” The vampire hunter made a promise.

The mist obscured everything. Christian hoped they got shrouded.That worked like a shield. The shores were held by monsters still loyal to the Dark Lord. Trevormaintained the whip.The situation was getting worse. He knew the Impressments gangs rampaged the countryside.The Lord would guide His people. “To the end of the world.” Christian touched the crucifix. He wouldn’t abandon God. Trevor looked down into the lake. The lake clashed and rippled. “And see the future in the water.” The ferryman merely breathed. Trevor knew. He figured. The reflection of the mirror seemed to look back from the ocean. Christian shuddered. “Belmont.” Iori told. “They are here.” Trevor inhaled. He cracked with the whip. “Let it be.” The ravens came to pick them. The boy threw the grenade. Noriko released multiple feathers. That made the birds to scatter. Christian made the sign of the cross. The black birdsreturned. Theycame from multiple directions. Shegotthe knife. Iori conjured the bloody sword soul. Trevor became nervous. The ferryman gave no reaction about the events. He kept on rowing. The ferryman got remarked by both Simon and Richter Belmont. “Out of time.”He got tired. The fishmen jumped from the water. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Trevor cried. They were like when he fought them at the bottom of the well. Christianrecoiled the whip. The fireballs burst on impact. Trevorthanked the Lord. He was getting stronger. “Alright.” Noriko collected the souls. She got a talent for fire. Christian smiled. That became a grimace. She threw the net to catch them. Trevor twirled to might counter the ravens. They exploded. Black feathers rained into the lake. Christian found the crystals. They replenished his energy. Trevor inhaled. “Excuse me.” Noriko touched his shoulder. “I don’t want to disturbyou.” She got pale. “We got company.” Heguessed. The water dragon appeared through the mist. He struck to might break the boat. The ferryman was too quick. That didn’t change anything. The dragon roared. He got the crucifix. The monster released a wave to counter the assault. They tried to fight. The water dragon had disappeared. Trevor might see beyond the obvious. “Watch out!” He called. “The water dragon is circling the ferry!” Noriko looked confused. Iori got busy with the fishmen. “Let it be!” He was sure the water dragon was to blame. Simon Belmont had told that the monster might conjure the lot. The young hunter dismissed. Thedragon dived overhead. They got down in time. The creature returned for another pass. They got to jump. The ferryman gave no sign. The water dragon didn’t care about the figure. The monster returned. Christianthrew the diamond. He missed. Trevor regained his item. Leon’s weapon somehow reappeared upon the bottom of the ferry. The dragon resurfaced. The fire burned upon the water. Christian made the sign of the cross. The fishmen jumped. “We cover for you!” Noriko told. He was so grateful. Trevor threw the vial in a high arch. The monster got soaked with holy water. The water dragon roared beforehe submerged. Christian looked about. This was too easy. The beastmighteat them. He got the heart of fire. He brandished with the morning-star whip. The great serpentgot burned by the fireballs. Trevor blocked his ears. The sound was terrible. He got dizzy. Christian inhaled. “Help us!” He couldn’t afford to be weak. Not now. The sea serpent waved overhead. He got to bend. The fishman shot a fireball. Noriko released a green beam. Trevor made the sign of the cross. The dragon returned above the water. Christian reached for the axe. That would have to wait. The water dragon disappeared from sight. Trevor knew that was not the end. “The ravens!”Christian struck the birds. His friend took the souls. The monster arrived. Trevor was ready. The creature released other bursts of water. Christian hurled the axe. The sea serpent roared. Fire burned on the water. “Forgive me.” He got the crucifix. “We don’t know what we do.” Hegot hurt. Trevor retrieved the axe. The monster roared. The dragon might break the boat. “From Hell!” Noriko made the chain lightning to strike. The water dragon got hurt on impact. The burst threw her away. “Noriko!” Christian struck with the whip. “Go on!” Iori caught her. She got soaked. Trevor made the cross to break. The dragon got stabbed by the ice shards. The creature reached above the ferry. Iori tried to absorb the soul. The dragon was too large. Christianhad to wait. The water dragon returned. “Preserve us!” Trevor threw himself down. “The soul is mine!” The swords got buried between the eyes. The monster struck with the tail. The boyhit the surface. “Take my hand!” Noriko helped him aboard. The dragonreturned.Christian made the sign of the cross. The monster breathed flames. He struck with the whip. “The perfect storm.” The fireballs hit the scales. The fishmen leaped from behind the ferry. They spat fireballs. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” That felt like meteors. Trevorblocked them with the whip. “There shall always be a lamp lit for the house of men.” He didn’t despair. Christian believed the words. The fire burned. He accepted the challenge. Trevor met them face-to-face. The water dragon hit the surface. The wave might raft the ferry. The monster used the tail. That almost threw him away. Trevor had to hook onto the dragon. “Hear the words of God!” He threw the vials into the face. The beast breathed heavy flames. Christian threw himself into the sea. They tried to drown him. Trevor had stopped the time. He stamped them out. They burned. Christian must climb aboard. They helped him to get up. They jumped from the depth. His friends got busy. “Save us!” Trevor threw the silver knives. He inhaled. The daggers got buried among the scales. The water dragon roared on impact. “Now it is over.” The holy firethen engulfed the monster. He made the sign of the cross. Christian would hunt the night.”Then preserve us from the wicked One!” This was the end. He wouldn’t change anything. “Come on!” Trevor tried to encourage his friends.

The water dragon continued to breathe heavy flames. Noriko lusted for the soul. “Come on!” Christian struck with the morning-star whip. He resisted the attack. Trevorthrewthe daggers. The monster shrieked. Noriko blocked her ears. The dragon crushed the glazer. She snarled. The beast would eat them. Norikogotthe soul. She went high to might release the fireball. Noriko fell into the water. The boy helped her to climb aboard. The great monster returned.He released the wave. Trevor had stopped time. “Nothing to lose.” The crystal went home. The dragonwas hurt. The fire almost burned him to death. “Not that way!” Noriko shrieked. Shethought the crush was dead. Christian didn’t love her. She had no mind. The girl got high. She stab with the knife. Noriko pierced the eye. She would nail the brain. The dragon dived. He might drown her. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Trevor threwthe daggers. The water dragon roared. The monster got consumed byfire. She got the soul. “Dracul!” Noriko cried in triumph. “Watch out!” She tumbled into the water. They helped her to get up. The ferryman observed. Noriko blushed. Something loomed above the mist. Noriko gathered. They were here. The harpy might take her. “Good Lord!” The volcano loomed abovethe lake.

Volcano, Uta lake. The 16th. of December 2098 A.D.

They reached a cove in the rock. The ferryman moved across the water. “The stones are red.” The boy remarked. “The lava ran down around the beach.” The sand was black, like ashes. “That was a long time ago.” Christian Belmont looked about. The trees were naked.“death.” The ice made the grove to wither. They reached the shore. It was nice to regain solid ground. He absorbed the ghost pirate’s soul. There was a great treasure to be found. The boy was sure. He could feel. There was something else.“The curse of Darkness.” He disliked the place. “This island.” The boy bit his lip. “Evil thrives in the shadow of the demon castle Dracula.”

Everything was quiet. Christian made the sign of the cross. “ Then I shall be waiting for you.” The ferryman spoke. “Fine.” Trevor sighed. He didn’t trust the silence. “This is the volcano.” The figure breathed. “Tell me about it.” Christian found the map. The mist obscured the view. “There is something alive out there.” He could see beyond the obvious. “This I must do.” Trevor beheld his friends. “I have to break the curse.” Iori shrugged. “We know about that.” She inhaled. “You are never alone.” The girl told the truth. Christian sighed. “Thank you.” That was no real answer. “Look.” She grasped his jacket. “You don’t know what to do.” Trevor released himself. “This is my responsibility.” The familymust repent for his crimes. “Relax.” He met her eyes. “You must not blame yourself.” Noriko got the face of a vampire. “Then stronger we are in the name of the Lord.” Christian reached for the crucifix. “Noriko.” What had they done to her? “From Hell!” Iori leaped on shore. The hunter went to help him. “No!” Noriko shrieked. “You have to wait for me!” The black crows came like a swarm. Trevor then struck with the morning-star whip. He got to fight. Noriko had to release the bats. She hurled a fireball. That caused another explosion. “They belong to me!” Iori got the souls. “Look out!” Christian called. “The dead men walking!” He tried to warn them. “Preserve us!” The dead pirates hid among the trees. Iori made his bloody swords to appear. “Good Lord!” He triggered the hook-shot.“Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Trevor made a glide. “Guide me!” He threw the daggers. The pirate got impaled. Christian twirled with the whip. They got burned. “There are too many of them!” Iori shouted. “We have to leave this place!” The dead pirates tried to pierce him. “Run!” Trevor revealed the crucifix. “Take the ferry!” The crows would pick him. “Make the circle.” Noriko had cut herself. “For blood is the life.” The necromancer might resurrecteven the spirits of the dead. “Come to me.” She beckoned. “Then you hark my voice.” The zombies marched to attack. Christian felt the cold. “Save us.” She used the dark arts for conquest. “Good.” Iori smiled. “Good.” The pirates got defeated. That wasn’t the end. Trevor threw the cross. He made it to split. The crows burned on impact. Christian picked the boomerang. He got to hunt the night. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” He made it to rain with holy water. “This is the end!” Noriko cried. She got her own crucifix. The girl trusted the knife. The black bird was dead before hitting the snow. “The Dominance.” She might trap them within the net. Trevor knew she collected the souls. He threw the crystal. That was the big one. Christian inhaled. He took the gems. They replenished his strength. “Get aboard!” Iori called. The pirates had returned. “Get lost!” The wolf attacked. “Alright!” Trevor got the power of earth. “Let it be.” He threw the stone axe. The pirate got cut in half. “Come on!” Noriko climbed aboard. “We have to leave!” The boy had reached for the sky. “They are mine to collect.” The fist was on fire. Christian made the sign of the cross. “Beware!” He told. “The cave troll!” The brute threw the boulderinto the sand. “Save us!” The impact made the ash to spill over. “You do want to be nice little children?” Heblinked. The harpylay on the rock. “Come to me.” She smiled. “I want to do bad things with you.” Trevor got behind. “Do not temp me.” He refused her. “I am a servant of the sacred realm.” He was the heir to the house of Belmont. The troll roared. He trusted the spear. “Blast you!” Noriko cried. “The soulsare mine!” She released the bats and fireball. “The Shadow rising.” He kept behind. Christian might see beyond the obvious. The smoke almost consumed her. This was the curse. “Then stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” The harpy swooped. Trevor almost forgot about her. She spread her wings to reveal herself. “We are the children.” He got to fight her. The harpy released the feathers. Christian threw himself upon the beach. They got atop. He would be an easy pray for the cave troll. “Leave him alone!” Noriko fired. “Die you beast!” Iori released the warg. “Dinner is served!” Trevor got up. She gota knife. Christian threw the vial forward. The liquid burned on impact. That stopped her approach. “You have to get away from there!” Noriko had conquered the ferry. “He is coming for you!” The cave troll picked and hurled the boulder. The ash and sand spilled over. Trevor got blind. “Do you want a kiss?” The wings embraced him. She kissed his lips. That was interesting. “You enjoyed it?” Christian shook his head. He was to young for this. “You don’t accept me.” Trevor buried the silver knife in between her breasts. “Is this your kind of fun?” Shegiggled. He made a back-flip. Trevor had missed the heart. She touched the knife. “Please continue.” The harpy cooed. “I am a submissive.” Christian presented the crucifix. “Return to the fire!” The cave troll stabbed. “Let it be.” Trevor got forced into a summersault. She gasped. Christian doused her with holy water. The harpy burned. “Rest in peace.” He knelt in prayer. “Then may you be blessed.” Trevor made the sign of the cross. He would hunt the night. Christian got the gems. They replenished his energy. “Save us!” The troll stamped the ground. The black birds had escaped. Noriko threw the nett. She might trap the flock. “Burn in Hell!” Iori hurled the three fireballs. They exploded on impact. “They belong to me.” Iori gloated. He absorbed the souls. “Watch out!” Christian presented the crucifix. “Preserve us from evil!” The troll hurled the boulder into the ground. The impact made the sand to spill over. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Trevor got to hide his face. “We have to leave!” This was too much. “We cannot stay!” Noriko kept aboard the ferry. “Take this you devil!” She released the bats. Christian inhaled. The troll hit the ground. Trevor ran. “Glory be You.” He threw the sapphire stone.“Our Father in Heaven.” The troll burst to pieces.“Come here!” They finally got away. The dead pirates attacked. Though the mist concealed their approach.

Uta lake, Warakiya. The 16th. of December 2098 A.D.

The figure kept rowing. Noriko looked around. The mist shrouded the lake. “It is to quiet.” Christian breathed. “I know.” Iori huddled together. She kept the fire burning in her grasp. The water dragon soul amplified her strength. “There is another island.” Iori still whispered. They looked were he pointed. The land wasbarely visible. Noriko tried to gather strength. The raven settled upon her shoulder. “Nevermore!” She burned him out. Noriko got the soul. Trevor looked into the water. She wondered what that was about. Christian got the map. “Take us to Bodley.” He told the ferryman. “Sure.” He said. “I will take you to a nice spot.” The quiet laugher trailed into silence. He kept rowing. Trevor put that aside. She didn’t ask. The ferryman wouldn’t answer. Iori impaled the pirate. He took the soul. Noriko bit her lip. She was afraid if they would ever reach ashore. The dead pirates had almost killed them. “There are no candles out here.” Christian reached for the crucifix. “I must find them.” Noriko held his hand. She wasn’t hungry. Trevorsighed. He looked tired. They approached. The isle lookedfar too rocky.Although the mist and forest covered the land. Christian sighed.He brandished with the morning-star whip. He had to conquer the fishman. Sheleaped ashore.

Ruins of castle Dracula, Bodley. The 16th. Of December 2098 A.D.

“This was a copy. “The Shadow to rule them.” The Grimoire of Souls amplified the power. The circle combinedtheir strength. The shrine was consumed. He feltthe build-up of power. The rite was complete. “We drain the curse.” Madeline exchanged a glance with her brother. “So much anger, so much hate.” They might use it to raise the Dark Lord from his grave. “The Lords of Shadow were so strong.” The hour of the beast. They knew the truth, of course. “All who oppose the prince of Darkness must die.” The shrouded figures laughed together. They were coming. “Tobe alive again.” Roderick said. “This is the time.”

Bodley, Uta lake. The 17th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The mist shrouded everything. Noriko felt the strength. There was something about the isle. “Look.” The boy aimed at the top. “The ruins of the castle.” He made the sign of the cross. “The Shadow rising.” She felt dizzy. “I feel it.” That was strange. “The curse of Darkness.” The boy inhaled. “The eternal night.” Noriko felt likeshe touched the very fabric of reality. “The ice-cold space.” She smiled. “What is wrong?” Christian asked. He really got afraid. The waves clashed forever against the beech. “Nothing.” The girl blinked. “The fires of Hell.” She breathed. “Then come with me.” Iori reached ahand. “Follow me.” He beckoned.

Theyleft. Christianhit the candles. He found the gems. “The pot roust.”He would feast. Trevorgot toclean himself. The ferryman had vanished into the mist. He left them behind. The boy put that aside. “Help!” Iori cried. He ran through the forest. Trevorclimbed the hill. The ravens left the branches. Hethrew the axe. They cried. He brandished with the whip. Theyflew in a circle. Christian made the sign of the cross. The birds looked for an opening. The skeletons fought through the snow. The band reached to take him. Trevorfelt the cold. “The chill of the grave.” Christian made it to rain with holy water.Thatgavehim a breather. That didn’t last. He hit the candles. “Then get back you devils!” Their cries showed the way.He collected the gems. They broke through the ground. The ravens and skeletons gave chase. Trevor struck with the flame whip. He got to find them. Christian reached above the trees. Where could they be? Trevor defeated the ravens. He got no time. Iori was getting desperate. The skeletons got shot to pieces. Christian had reached atop the shoulder. He looked about. The stairs led higher upthe mountain. The field was quiet. There were the clashes of waves. “So let it be.” The mist lay heavy upon the lake. Trevor tightened his grip upon the whip. Should he climb up there? “Where are you!?” He called. There came no answer. “Bless me.” Christianhad to pickup the lamp. He found the cave. Iori screamed. The hunter went inside.

The cave, Bodley. The 16th of December 2098 A.D.

He had tosave them both. The bats got disturbed. Trevor whippedthe swarm into oblivion. He stopped to pick the crystals. The tunnel was dark. The lamp was the only source of light. Christian couldn’t tellwhy, though he got a bad feeling about this place. “This is nota cave.” The air smelledbad. “This is the abyss.” Trevor made the sign of the cross. He got no choice. They had to be down here. “Right.” Christian inhaled. “Into Your hands I commit my spirit.” Trevor went ahead. Water dripped from the ceiling. He got the Vampire Killer. “So let it be.” Hewould uphold the clan traditions. “There shall always be a lamp lit for the house of man.” Christiankept climbing. There was something alive down here. Hemade the sign of the cross. He saw beyond. This was Gabriel’s curse. “Please Noriko.” She must control herself. “Stop.” Thatwas a surprise. The bright flash forced him to back-flip. “St. Germain.” Trevor exhaled. “The poltergeist king.” They met in the forest. “I have to tell you.” He wore a brown cloak. “The Uta lake is cursed.” Christian recoiled the whip. “I know.” The Saint looked so sad. “Pan told me about the angel nexus.”Trevor didn’t know what to do. “This is important.” Germain told. “They are sapping the curse.” Trevor touched the crucifix. “You are a target.” He tightened the grip. “You got her abilities.” The horn-playing druid reminded. “Be careful.” Christian let go. He sighed. “I shall hunt the night.” Trevor told. “Let it be.” He kept the faith. “I know the power arenot meant for myself.” Trevor wouldn’t use themuntil he left the isle.“I got the soul powers.” Germain looked relieved. “You know I am your patron saint.” Christian had no doubt. “Do you know anything else about this curse?”The druidvanished. He made a grimace. Trevorgot to figure it out. So let it be. Hemight solve the puzzle. Christian would find the others. He made the sign of the cross. Trevor began to climb again. There were no light. Christian felt like a trap was closing in about him. “Please, preserve us.” Trevor inhaled. There was that sound again. “Then stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” The cracking of bones. Christian exhaled. They spread about. the lizardspulled their weapons. Trevor had to break the promise. The Soul wind managed to stop them.He managedthe glide. The ancestor had told about this monster. Christopher Belmont fought against them in 1567. This was different. Christian flailed with the whip. “Kill him!” They hurled five daggers. Trevorgot to dodge. Their suit of armour was made out of scales and leather. “Rest in peace.” He made a grimace. Christian recognised the style. The lizard kept jumping up and down. Trevor used the Soul flame. That burned the monster. The knife-lizard left plenty of gems.

He picked the lot. They replenished his energy. He would fight. The skeletons caught him. The lizard licked its lips. He got the knives. Christian screamed. He released the Soul Saint. The fire released him. “Thanks.” Trevormade the sign of the cross. The breather didn’t last. The undead hurled bones at him. He cracked with the flame whip. “Save me from evil!” Trevor felt like the claws rip him apart. The Soul ice restored him. The count got a cave troll. He got a shudder. Christian couldn’t stay. He revealed the crucifix. He hadto get through. The Soul wind forced them to stop in time. “Then stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Trevor dashed for the monsters. The bats had returned. They squeaked for blood. “Let it be!” He would hunt the night.Christian doused them with holy water. They would not infect him. The skeleton pushed through the ground to throw bones. That was a distraction. “Save us!” Trevor presented the crucifix. He got it tied around the wrist. The man had to hide his skull. He got to brandish with the morning-star whip. Christian used the Soul wind to slow them. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Trevor threw the diamond. He carved some space. The skeleton escaped from the earth. He must be the ring leader. Christian had to strike him. The bones got scattered about. The swarm squeaked. They lusted for blood. He felt the desire. That was nasty. Trevor threw the axe to stop them. He dashed for the skeleton. “Save us!” The holy whip shone in the dark. “By the silver and fire.” The monster got knocked to pieces. Christian inhaled. He couldn’t relax. The bats settled for the neck. He released the Soul flame. That grantedan edge. “Preserve us from the wicked One.” Trevor brandished with the whip. He got to defeat the bats. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Christian threw the vial. They squeaked. Trevor inhaled. They burned to ashes. “Alright.” He got to collect the gems.

Howclever. He smiled. They used Anger, Hate and Agony to sap the potential of the lake. The source of Chaos was incredible. Noriko Cruz was not strongenough to absorb the power.At least not yet. The souls got excited. They cried and struggled to might break the barrier. That had become a problem. There was too much at stake. He got tosummon the Belmont. The boy would pick up the pieces. The Dark Lord stirred in his grave. The girlkept the souls. They flouted in the air. “Curse you!” Her Anger was impressive.“You shall burn in Hell!” Noriko Cruz screamed with hate. “I will get you!” though she huddled in agony.

The cave, Bodley. The 16th. of December 2098 A.D.

This was a wire pool. Noriko cried at the top of her lungs. “ Nothing.” She was kept in Limbo. “You are nothing.” Pain was her universe. The voices filled her mind. “You have no name.” They were like venom. “I have the power of Dominance.” The laugher crushed her defiance. “You are no one.” They echoed. “There is nothing but power.” The voices seemed to gather. “Thepower of Anger and Hate.” She was breaking up. “Listen to the voices.” She was alone. “The voices of the dark side.” Alone and lost. She cried. “ Surrender.” The voices boomed. “You have to listen.” Noriko whimpered. She was in pain. They laughed at her misery.

The Soul flame gave an edge. Christian got the crucifix. “Preserve us.” The monster roared. He was ugly. The troll snarled. He was green. Themail covered the scales. He made a sound. Trevor could smell. The troll stenched. He stabbed with the short spear. Christianfigured out.The troll had tried to pine him.The trust might pierce even thewarthog. That stabbed the air. He made a back-flip. Trevor struck with the whip. The Soul bat crushed the troll. He burned to ashes. Christian drew the sweat of his brow. That was too close. He retrieved the crystals. They replenished the force. Trevor sighed. The hunter must continue. The abyss was dank. Christianwas afraid.“Those who wait within the deep.” The lamp hung from his backpack. Thatwas the only source of light. Trevor prayed he got enough oil. Hereached the bottom. “Let it be.” Christian made the sign of the cross. The bats squeakedfor blood.They kept flapping about. The Soul saint caused an explosion. Trevor bit together. He took the gems. The bats went about. The dead hid among the rubble. “Rest in peace.” He got to retreat. Christian twirled with the morning-star whip. The Soul wind gave an edge. He stopped them. “Then stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Trevorcried. He reached for the crucifix. They kept some distance. Christian dashed to reach them. “Rest in peace!” He used the whip. The Soul wind gave him the upper hand. “So let it be.” That didn’t make him invincible. Trevorhad to use the Soul ice to might heal himself. That wasn’t proper. Christian frowned. He knew he hadn’t overused the whip. Trevorgot to solve the mystery.That had to wait. Christiangot no time. The Soul bat had defeated the troll. He got picked up from the floor. The monster hurled him against the wall. Trevor gasped. The cave troll trustedwith the spear. He wore an iron helmet upon his head. Christian presented the crucifix. Thecave troll snarled. Trevor got up to might stamp him out. He cried. The knife-lizards had found their opening. They leapedto throw the five daggers. Christian struck with the whip to release the Soul bat. The explosion took the brunt of their assault. “Then stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Trevorthrew his dagger forward. He must be careful to not use any of thebloodline mystics. The knife-lizard got impaled. That was almost justified. The other lizard made a back-flip. The Soul flame burned out. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth.” Hemade the sign of the cross. Christianmustdefeat the swarm. The cave troll came to might crush him. He got the hammer. That was like the Cyclops. Trevor put that aside. The cave troll struckagainstthe ground. Christian got to escape from the sand. He threw a vial. The troll shrieked. Trevorgot the axe. He staggered. Christian cracked with the morning-star whip. The Soul bat closed the fight. Trevor took the gems. The abyss went straight into the hill. Christiancracked with the whip. He felt the shift in nature. “Save us!” The knives went through the air. Trevor got to escape. The lizard hissed. The duo hid among the rubble. “Then so let it be.” Christian bit into his lip. The monsters kept jumping up and down. “Save us!” Christian made the sign of the cross. They threw the daggers at him. Christian made a glide. He barely got beneath the onslaught. The lizardsspread out to cover more ground. Christian brandished with the Vampire Killer. He was able to block. Trevor threw the vial. The lizard burned on impact. He threw the cross. That was the end.Then again, he might be wrong. The other lizard hit with a body slam. Christian staggered. That was hard. The lizard kept the knives. Trevor leaned against the wall. The knife-lizard leaped toinfect him. “Then stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Christian used the power to might become invisible and invincible for a short period of time. He whipped the monster into oblivion. “Then so let it be.” The force left him gasping for air. That didn’t matter. The Lord saved him. Trevor knelt in prayer. He made the sign of the cross. Christian took the gems. They made him to feel better. Trevor exhaled. He began walking. The abyss was so dank. Christian shuddered with cold. The tunnel opened up into a chamber. Trevor would hunt. He reached the heart. The air was filled with phantoms. He didn’t mind. They couldn’t stop him. Christian found them. “Blessed are you.” Noriko lay upon the alter. “Who walks in the name of the Lord.” Hegot to save her. “Let it be.” That would not be easy. They were able to raise the dead. Christian had no fear. “Into Your hands I commit my spirit.” Trevor touched the crucifix. The lizard gave him no respite. The monster hid behind the pillar. They must be carved out of the mountain. He made a back-flip. The five knives hitthe floor. His boot got soaked within the pond. That was not a problem. The water was so dark. Christian rubbed them against the ground. “The dark ocean world.” He shuddered. “Save us.” The skeletons gathered about. Trevor doused them with holy water. They froze upon impact. Christian inhaled. “Let it be.” The bats came to settle upon his neck. He stamped them out. The undead were not finished with him. They threw bones into the air. Trevor used the whip. He got to escape. Christian hurled the rebound stone. That gave a breather. “Rest in peace.” Trevor kept his focus. The crystalbroke in three. The bats and skeletons got crushed to pieces. He made the sign of the cross. The lizard hissed. He went to punch him. Christian fell down. The scales were spiked. They might tear him apart. The bats went like a shroud. “Good God!” He got lifted into the air. The holy cross appeared above. “Glory be You!” Hegot burned. “Our Father in Heaven!” Trevorwouldn’t waste moretime. He got to brandish with the whip. The other skeletons withdrew. They crossed their arms. Christian sighed. He picked the gems. He must replenish the force. They performed a ritual. “Save us.” He saw beyond the obvious. They had made the unbalance on purpose. That was against the law. This was pure malice. “Then so it is.” He held the whip. “Eternal night.” Trevor would fight the righteous battle.

The torches burned high. The vampire hunter had finally arrived. Though he was too late. They lit the fire. The rite was complete. They got the power to raise the spirits of the dead. “Restiturgam.” Hemade that gest. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the Holy Ghost! I summon you into the light. To be cast back into the fire!” They felt the Ancient presence. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth! I serve the kingdom of Heaven.” He held the whip. “Return back to the shadow.” Madeline would not bow. “You have no power here.” She told. “You stand in the shadow of the demon castle Dracula.” The boy might be another sacrifice.

The cave, Bodley. The 16th. Of December 2098 A.D.

This was the one. He was a fool. Roderick recognised his blood. No matter, he was still a fool. The ritual was complete. “Hail thee, mighty Belmont.” He mocked. “I am not like Gabriel.” The boy answered. “Indeed.” The warlock might smile. “Though you are not immune.” Madeline cracked with the whip. “We have remedied for you.” Rodericktouched the lance. The vampire hunter was ready. He might not be the weak link. That would make it interesting. Roderick admitted. “So be it, hunter.” He said. “Prove your loyalty.” Madeline challenged. “You have toreveal the power of the legendary house of the Belmont.”She explained.

The presence got revealed. Christian noticed as the phantoms gathered. This was the result. “Let it be.” They possessedthe hidden power. Trevortouched the crucifix. “Alright.”Christianhad recognised the demon. They once encountered each other atop the lighthouse. “You summoned the Legion.” Trevorpronounced judgement. “You arethe accursed beings.” The hunter made the sign of the cross. “You might never rest.” This was the righteous battle. The Legionhad gathered the shield of tortured souls. Christian read Juste Belmont’s journal. He fought the monster in 1748. Christian would make him proud. The demon began to roll. Trevor knew what to do. He threw a vial. Hecracked with the whip. The Soul bat exploded. The phantoms broke from the shield. They morphed into Legions. Christianthrew the dagger. He couldn’t use the mystics.Though he might perform with the basic crushes. Trevor inhaled. The dagger split in three. Christian breathed again. He defeated the souls. “Rest in peace.” Trevor gathered his strength. He kept whipping the Legion. The warlocks beheld the battle. He disliked the audience. The demons left other gems behind. “Hear the words of God.” Christianhad pickedthe lot. Hestruck with three successive slashes. The monster rebounded. He made a glide. Trevor got up to throw the vials. The tortured souls changed into Legions. They crowded the area. Christian used the stopwatch. He got a minute. Trevor got the whip. The monsters got burned to ashes. Christian collected the gems. He used the opportunity.Trevorthrew the axe. Legion rebounded. He sidestepped the onslaught. He opened a wound. He threw the cross. The core got exposed. The tentacle fired. That made the flames to rise. Christian escaped. He threw the crystal. The explosion ripped the demon. He picked the gems. The tortured souls might box him in. Trevor used the stopwatch to might slow their progress. The flame whip gave the upper hand. That was no victory. The Legion was almost upon him. Christian ran. He found the gems. Trevor felt the power. He was grateful they didn’t figure. The demon rolled forward. Legion was so quick. “Let it be!” Christian struck with the whip. He managed to repel the monster. Trevoropened the wound. The Soul bat burned the brain. The tentacle whirled about while blasting. “Blessed are they who believe without seeing.” This wasn’t natural. The fire burned to hot. Christian kept his ground. He would pay the price. the hunter got to keep them occupied. “Preserve us!” Trevor threw the vial in a high arch. “From evil!” The entire Legiongot put on fire. The tentacles got revealed. They flailed about. The blood might be like poison. Christian used the stopwatch. The itemgave him more time. He whipped the smaller Legions into oblivion. Trevor picked the gems. “Then so let it be.” The Soul ice might not be enough to restore him. The time was up. The Legion approached. The demon tried to rebuild the shield. Christian got to fight. The tentacles kept blasting. Trevor countered as best he could. He threw the axe. The daggers impaled the lesser demons. He took the gems. The legion rolled about. Christian kept behind. The barrier got removed. He had inherited the Soul Saint. The explosion hit the chamber. That burned the Legion. Trevor got scorched. “Preserve us!” The tentacles continued to blast. Christian used the whip. The Soul bat went home. Legion got thrown against the wall. He felt like burned by the sun. Trevor shook his head. That were only the smaller Legions. The gems replenished his energy. The demon returned. Christian inhaled. He hurled the diamond into the air. “Rest in peace.” He might hear their voices. Another section got put on fire. They fell like withered leaves. That didn’t change anything. Trevor knew this was not a victory. The core fired the lasers. The fire burned on impact. He cast a vial on the floor. The holy water might cleanse the evil. Christian got to block the attack. He had created a shield. The Legion destroyed the barrier. He ran in circles. Trevor must find an opening. The lesser demons couldn’t resist the crucifix. Christian struck with the whip. He got to carve more space. Legion got repelled. “So let it be.” The tortured souls morphed into demons. Trevor released the Soul flame. He picked the gems. Christian kept running. The Legion tried to box him in. He struck with the morning-star whip. The Soul bat collided against the brain. Christian got the time to heal himself. “Bless me!” Legion fired. He ran. Trevor inhaled. They were the lesser demons. The fight was a burden. He felt so tired. Christian knew he got to hunt. This might be the only way to save his friends. This was not the end. He kept whipping the shield. The Legion got hurt. Trevor had to fight. He threw the daggers forward. Legion got impaled. He felt the pain. The shield broke apart. Christian threw the vials in front. He had to remove the demons. He exposed the core. “Preserve us.” Trevor got disgusted. The brain got twisted with the malice. Christian exhaled. He put that aside. The Legion fired a beam. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Christianheld the crucifix. Hemight protect against the night. Trevor had summoned hisGod. They were not alone. He kept the faith. “The Lord never abandoned us!” Christian screamed. He released the Soul Saint. “I am the true heir to the house of Belmont!” The demon burned. He glowed. “Lord of compassion.” Trevor spoke. “He has forgiven all.” He held the whip. “He leads us and guide us into His Heaven.” The holy whip burned the blood, flesh and bone. The Legion burst from within. Christian made a back-flip. He then bent to retrieve the orb. The mystic pierced the soul. Trevor inhaled. He got restored. “You are to pay for this human.” The warlocks were not amused. “So let it be.” They left the cave.“Black witchcraft.” Christian let them escape. “You fool!” The boy appeared. Trevor reached for the crucifix. “We are God’s madmen.” He told. Iori got covered by the swords. “You look like Joachim.” He shook that aside. “Hear the words of God.” He went to inspect the chamber.

The bloody swords got revealed. He smiled. The fight was complete.The hunter blinked. “You are useless.” He left the souls. This was incredible. The hunter had defeated the Legion. He went forth to hail him. Christian Belmontwent to the alter. This didn’t change anything. Gabriel’s curse was draining up. “Her soul was in danger.” He might tell. “Nothing change.” He breathed. The boy figured. “Who are you?” The voice was a mere whisper. “Who is she?”He stared. “Are you a good person?” The boy got swallow. “By the power of the Pantheon.” She was one of the most beautiful women he ever saw. “I am Trevor Belmont.” Heexplained. “A vampire hunter.” She flickered. She was not alive. Not anymore. “I was Monique Lenarde. She told. “I heard about you from Anette before.” She wasso sad. “ I came to slay the demon. Though I am a vampire hunter .”Christian touched the whip. “I wished we could be friends. My time is over.” She seemed to fix upon him. “ Then you have to do the deed.” He exhaled. “I am not ready.” Christiangot confused. “That is not so. You can handle it . I believein you. You can beat the bad man.” She was fading. The voice became distant. “Return the treasures. If only your heart is brave enough.” They looked about. Though the woman had left.

The cave, Bodley. The 16th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The voices called to her; taunting her, teasing her, mocking her. They promisedthe power. Noriko tried to resist. “Anger and hate.” The agony was horrible. She felt likebreaking apart. “Listen to me.” That was another voice. “Noriko.” He was not like the others. He was kind. The voices tried to block his calling. “You are no one!” They cried. “You have no name!” That was impossible. Although they spoke of her insignificance, her total lack of importance. “We shall defeat the Dark Lord.” He was stronger than the curse. “Because you are with us.” He was that calm. “Do not listen!” They bellowed. “You want nothing!You have nothing!” They were so wrong. “ There is nothing but power. Power and hate.” She was not alone. “Please, someone, help me!” She called. “I perish !” She was never alone. “Do not despair.” He was a ray of light. “I am here.” The door was closed. “ In the name of Jesus of Nazareth.” Christiancame to save her. “I call you forth into the light.” She opened her eyes. “It is you.” She awoke. Noriko embraced the hunter. At last she could breathe. “I thought we lost you.” Christian almost burst into tears. She held him tight. Noriko got to tell them about the truth. “They use anger, hate and agony to drain the curse.” She inhaled. “Toawake the Dark Lord.”

The water dripped from the ceiling. Christian inhaled. “Preserve us.” This was a natural cave. He might relax. “Let it be.” Trevor made the sign of the cross. They lived. “I hunt the night.” They got to make some decisions. “Right.” The boys exchanged glances. Christian felt cold. “There must be another cave.” He breathed. “I still feel Gabriel’s power.” He got so tired. “Be blessed.” There was something about the shadow. Noriko sighed. “They are concealed.” Trevor shook his head. “That is not an option.” They got work to do. He had to figure this out. “We have to leave.” The lords of Shadow might return. This might endanger his friends. “They came from the castle.”The riddles hidden in the dark. “You have to trust me on this.” Their ancient tomb got disturbed by malicious forces. Christian reached for the crucifix. “Then give me Your strength.” He whispered. The chamber was prepared for their rituals. They got to escape. The order of Shadow made the place to becomea catalyst for evil. “Preserve us from the wicked One.” They couldn’t stay. “The Shadow rising.” He inhaled. This was theanniversary for the hundred years. “When the thousand years have ended.” Trevor receded. “Then Satan shall be released from his prison.” Christianheld the holy whip. He got to restore The Vampire Killer before the last battle. “Please, help me.” He prayed. “Though I do not know the way.” Trevor felt so ashamed . This was because of his family. Gabriel planted the genesis for this power in 1047. The bloodline must repent upon his crime. “I do believe in you.” Noriko kept the embrace. “That rests with the pantheon.” Iori told. “Then we might hunt.” Christian threw that aside. “Though we must be true to each other.” Trevor could see beyond the obvious. “Let it be.” They told him about the curse. He sighed. This might be the solution. “I see.” He would not accept it. Gabriel had done enough damage. “Let us hunt the night.” There was time to fight the righteous battle. They got to spread out. Christian might relax. “The order couldn’t control the curse.” They climbed for the opening. “They used the fire, ice and lightning to might collect within the circle.” Noriko bit her lip. She stumbled upon the floor. “We don’t have much time.” Trevor helped her to get up. “Thank you.” She smiled. He brushed her hair. “We have to move.” Christianhad to insist. “This is what we must do.”Trevorgot to push her along. The cave had begun to crumble. “The order is about to leave the lake behind!” They got in danger. “We slowed the progress.” The mountain might fall in upon them. “I think. I hope.” The ground shook beneath them. “This is mine.” Iori spoke. “You dabble in witchcraft!” Christian knew he should be shocked. That was not the case. They might recognize the warlocks. He wished that Alucard was here. “Let us return to the lake.” Noriko suggested. “We might get to know more about the matter.” Trevorgot to be ready. He cracked with the whip. Though the hunter still felt a bit nervous. The maiden had told him to return the treasures to the isle. She didn’t speak about the result. That was the real question. The possibilities were to terrible. “Come on.” Noriko got ahead. She found the way. Christian hit the candles. He gotmore oil. Trevormight refill the lamp. This was not the moment. They left the abyss. Christianmight breathe. This was much better.

Bodley, Uta lake. The 16th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The mist shrouded the forest. They were quiet.“The clashes of waves.”Trevorwent ahead. He led them toward the shore. The ferryman left them behind. Christian expected he would. He got the horn. The soundreached above the rot and crumble. The landing kept his weight. Trevor blew the instrument. They didn’t hear anything. The silence felt heavier then ever. Then someone did approach. Christianhad recognised that sound. The ferryman had returned. The group climbed aboard. Trevor paid the gold coin. “I shall take you to meet your destiny.” He laughed. Christian didn’t figure about that. He put that aside. The ferryman was strange. Trevor hoped they didn’t spot him. That would be a miracle. He made the sign of the cross. He got to tell the ferryman about their goal.“As you wish.” The figurenever gavea comment. That was alright. At least he hoped so. “Let us begin.” Noriko got up to kiss him.

Uta lake, Warakiya. The 16th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The manbegan to row. Christian got the whip. The flapping of wings told about the birds. “Get down!” Noriko threw the fireball. The hunt began again. That was alright. “Let it be.” Trevor threw the vial. The glass broke on impact. “That shall be well.” The liquid burned. “This is not the real problem.” The boy had bent above the side. “Then do something!” Noriko cried. The man fought with the oar. “Beware.” The fishman kept them in the haven. “You should be more careful.” The boy didn’t return the smile. He never did. “Bless you.” Christian frowned. He put the matter aside. “Then stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” He focused on the present. The fishman landed inside the ferry. “Leave us!” Noriko screamed. She threw the web. “Save us!” Trevor struck with the whip. “Get behind.” She snarled.Noriko exposed her fangs. “This one belongs to me!” The nett caught fire. “Help yourself.” He got the crucifix. Theybegan to burn. “You have a great theft.” Iori pushed for the soul. The hunter remained quiet. He would not be caught between the feuding candidates. “Peace!” He called. “You have to quit.” Noriko blushed with shame. “Do not presume Dominance.” His eyes burned red. Christianmade the sign of the cross. “Excuse me.” He had a deep breath. “That was not what I intended.” He splashed some of the ice water into his face. “Let it be.” Trevorheld the power. He got lifted into the air. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” The enflamed cross then burst overhead. That burned the monsters. He collected the gems. “Then glory be You.” Christianworshipped. “Our Father in Heaven.” He felt much better. “That is the way.” The eyes still burned. “To obtain the price.” The boy reaped for the souls. “Who has the right, and the might, to sit on count Dracula’s throne?” He was getting stronger.

The ravens flew to rip them apart. He released multiple feathers to might take their souls. Christian Belmont had told the ferryman about their goal. The fishman leaped to spit fireballs. She made the lightning strike. The girl absorbed the soul. No matter.He craved other powers. The harpy tried to kidnap him. The boy made her to release the grip. He went into the water. The vampire hunter then helped him to climb aboard. They went for the volcano. “Excellent.” That was a natural place to begin if search for the flame treasure. “How to awake the dead.” The pirate might have something to say about the matter. He fired with the bow-and-arrows. The ghost moaned. He marvelled with triumph. He ripped the soul. He might control the lust. Christian kept striking with the whip. This gave him a glorious opportunity. He took the souls.The boy would never notice. He was clever. No questions asked. Noriko was standing guard. She threw fireballs to might keep the monsters away. The boy hurled three homing daggers. The fishmen got impaled. Noriko caught the lot. She became stronger after the time in limbo. That was a mystery he got to solve. Though he got to rest to a later conquest. They attacked.“Leave us.” The boy released the bloody swords before shooting with the bow-and-arrows.

Ruins of castle Dracula, Bodley. The 16th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The siblings made manifest through the mist. Madeline felt the shift in. “Lords of Shadow.” This was perfect. “Beware of the hunter.” Roderick looked pale. They exchanged glances. “For his faith is strong.” The warlock obscured He observed the mist-shrouded night-scape. “Fear will make you powerful.” Madeline knew it was true. “Focus. To make it grow.” Roderick laughed quietly. “That is a source of power.” They descended from his bloodline. “They do not name us the “Night hag” Or “Morah” for nothing.” She echoed her brother. They shared that mirth together. “Thank you.” He bowed. “For power.” Madeline receded.

“Evil things, in robes of sorrow,Assailed the monarch’s high estate;(Ah, let us mourn, for ever morrow.Shall dawn upon him,Desolate!)And, round about hishome,the glory.That blushed and bloomed.Is but a dim-rememberedstory. Of the old time entombed.

And travellers now within that valley,Through the red-littenwindows, seeVast forms that movefantastically. To a discordant melody;While, like a rapid ghastlyriver,Through the pale door,A hideous throng rush outforever,and laugh – but smile no more.”

The warlock applauded. “Festival of servants.” They had a special connection to their house.” The fall of the house of Usher.” He exposed his fangs. That was like the American hotel. “The evil thrives in the shadow of the demon castle Dracula.” The guest had escaped. “The author.” Madeline hissed. “Edgar Allan Poe.” Her brother admitted. “That man had realized about us.” The raven got murdered by decree. “He brought it upon himself.” He gave a quick embrace. “Come.” Roderick soothed. “That happened long ago in a far away land.” Madeline inhaled. “I thirst.” She told. He smiled. “Come with me.” He told. “To serve the Dark Lord.”

Uta lake, Warakiya. The 16th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The ferryman kept rowing. Christian sat with the Vampire Killer upon his lap. He felt so tired. The mist had shrouded everything. Trevor got no mind. This might become their final respite. The lamp hung in front of the ferry. Christian touched the crucifix. The legacy felt so heavy. Noriko got afraid. She sent him a look. The Belmont clan hunted the night for a millennium. He exhaled. Trevorhad proved his worth. He was humble. He would carry the cross. “Thanks.” Noriko brushedthrough the black hair. “For saving me.” Christian shook his head. “That was nothing.” He was not a priest. “Beware of your thoughts. They might betray you.” He still wished to tell her. “I am so sorry.” The girl hid her face. Trevor sat beside her. “Release your grief.” He knew what she felt. She was only eighth years old. He tried to help. Noriko got no protection against this. “Try to rest.” Christianleftto might geta better look. The mist made that difficult.The volcano raised above the lake. He frowned. That was wrong. They were not at sea. The reeves raised like ragged teeth. “Look out!” Noriko exclaimed. “The madmenbroughtthecannon!” Trevorgot the whip. “Fire in the hall!” He was too late. The ship broke itself upon the rocks. “Look out!” Though the crew had not abandoned ship. “Preserve us!” The pirates turned the barrel. “Get down!” They got in range. “Accursed!” Christian shouted. The boom hit the surface. Noriko threw herself down. The water clashed. That was not a problem. The ferryman had turned about. They reached around the reeves. “Then stronger we are!” Trevor got topresent the silver crucifix. “In the name of the Lord!” The storm of pointed feathers almost threw him away from the ferry. “Preserve us from evil!” The hunter cracked with the whip. “You cannot escape.” The harpy flew in to grab him. Christian got beneath. “Take this!” She cried. “And this! And this!” She threw the pebbles. They went to either side. The fishman leaped high. Trevor couldn’t stop them. Not this time. The hunter got his hands full. “In Manos Toas Domine!” Christianthen cast the vial forward. The harpy shrieked. Trevor made the sign of the cross. She burned on impact. “Forgive me.” The hunter knew how much that hurt. “For I have sinned.” The blonde snarled. She survived. They had arrived. Christian got to defend himself. He threw the daggers. “You human scum!” The harpies got impaled. “The Dark Lord shall live again!” The leader hurled the boulder. Trevor cracked with thewhip. He got Simon’s heart of fire. The rock got shot to pieces. “Then glory be You!” Christianhad inherited the power of frost. “Our Father in Heaven!” Trevor would fight. The harpy went into the air. She flapped with her wings to create storms. “Good Lord!” He screamed. The hunter couldn’t help it. Christian got thrown into the sea. The fishmen tried to drag him with them down under. “Preserve us!” This was far too much. The water filled his lungs. Trevorstruggled to escape. He must breathe. Christian still fought. He could see beyond the obvious. The crystal exploded. The splinters pierced the monsters. The hunter reached the surface. Trevor inhaled. The air never tasted thisgood. He sighed. “Where the wild roses grow.” Christian hoped they had cherished the hours spent together. “Adrian Fearheight.” They were in love. “Sonia Belmont.” The got a glimpse of the portrait. They met in the rose garden. Julius Belmont brought it to the Vatican in 2047. “Blessed be.” Trevor knew that he got work to do. “Rest in peace.” The harpy had turned upon his friends. He couldn’t allow it. “Let it be.” The fishmen popped up around him. Hethrew the vial. Christian got to stop them. “You Belmont slime!” She spread her wings to throw the feathers. “It is over!” She swooped to kill him. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” He got the crucifix. The Saviour left a burn markupon herfeathered hip. “Curse you!” She tried to squeeze him. “I release you from the curse.” Trevor consolidated theforce. The cross burned above. “Human trash!” The harpy shrieked. She was flying high. “Die!” The harpy released him. Christian climbed on the cliff. He got high enough to hurl the axe. The birds left the nest. They shrieked. “Forgive me.” He felt the hate. Trevor tasted it like venom upon his tongue. “In Manos Toas Domine!” Christian made it to rain with holy water. The fishmen hissed. They hid among the reeves to throw fireballs. Trevor climbed even higher. “Then so let it be.” The frost made things more difficult. He hurled the crystal. The splinters created a cover. “That is not enough!” The harpy swooped to take him. “Come on! My boytoy!” She teased. “Let me be your guide!” Christian shuddered. “Leave me alone!” He would never accept her. “Then you shalldie!” The talons became exposed. “Come to me!” The harpy leader called. “Man’s flesh is back on the table!” Trevor shook that aside. He got to fight. This had to end. Christian cracked with the morning-star whip. “The perfect storm.” Trevor inherited the wind. He created the fireball whip. The fishmen got burned. The harpies circled about his friends. “Back off you devils!” The ravens gathered about. Christian let the blood drip on the crystal. He pressed against the heart. “Then let it be!” The itemshone like the sun. He got scorched. “Burned offerings.” He breathed. They got burned to ashes. Trevor drew sweat of his brow. He felt so tired. Never the less, the hunter cleansed the reefs. That had to be enough. “Right.” Christian inhaled. “Against the power of the Dark Lord.” The leaderhad landed on top. “There can be no victory.” She pressed him against the cliff. “So let it be!” Trevor gasped. She was too strong. “Not this time.” The blonde smiled. “Game over.” She licked her lips. “That rests with the Lord.” Christian stamped her. “Rest in peace.” She screamed. “Not You!” The harpy began to burn. “May God make mercy on your soul.” The rocks fell into the lake. Trevor fought to hold on. “Good Lord!” They turned the cannon. He got in trouble. “Please!” The boom went home. Christian fell through the air. He hit the lake. Everything went black.


The ferry got blown to pieces. “Please, help me!” Noriko screamed.She called to the others. She managed to hold onto the jetsam. “Help me!” Noriko raised a hand. The ferryman left. The girl didn’t care. The crew seemed to have noticed about them. Christian got knocked out. He occupied the piece of wood. Noriko was relieved he survived. The boykept the planks. The boat approached. Noriko gasped when she noticed the party. They were the dead men. “Girls that want to have fun.” The maidens giggled together. Noriko had no mind. “Enjoy.” They got forced aboard. Another boat appeared from behind the cliffs. There was no escape. Noriko felt how her blood went cold. They would be captured. The group had tied him up. The chains looked and smelled like lilies. She touched the fabric. The maidens kept laughing. Noriko gotaway. They were real flowers. The cordwas strong like iron. “Then enjoy this.” The girl hit her in the face. “We shall have so much fun.” She gloated. Noriko screamed. “You like this.” They cherished upon her agony.The maiden kissed her.

She Froze. The pirates began rowing. Chills went down her spine. That was the wrecked ship. “Go on.” They reached the side. Noriko got forced to climb. The others got carried aboard.

Ghost ship, Uta lake. The 16th. of December 2098 A.D.

They had reached the ship. Zabine watched as they climbed aboard. “I want them detained.” The sorceress hissed. “The candidates are to be held beneath the deck until further notice.” The crew spread out to do her bidding. The countessawaited. They reached atop. She smiled. The children got stunned. How amusing. “Leave the hunter to me.” Zabine touched his face. He was unlike Richter. There was some resemblance. “Take him.” That was not important. “Bring him to my chamber.” The sorceressgot to rule the ghost ship. “This is what I wish.” Then theheart of men were so easily to corrupt. “What began in blood.” Zabine chanted. “Shall end with blood.” She would perform. The Dark that calls us, the Dark that bind them.” She gloated. The Darkness that calls them, to me!” The sorceress would feed upon his blood. The boy would be the perfect sacrifice. The siblings were fools. They had tried to kill him. “Blood calls to the blood.” She would make the boy to serve the Shadow. “Bones to ashes.” She breathed. “Dust to dust.” Zabine knew how to provide. The circle was too preoccupied. The countess dismissed. “The hour of the Beast.” She exposed her fangs. “You submit to me.” The sorceress knew about the spell. “One will to rule them all.” She would make him to bow.

(A.N: The text is short.The point was to give credit to CVII: SQ, CVIII: DC and to CV: HoD. I know that some look upon them like weak titles. I don’t. I enjoyed their tales and game play. However, this is only the beginning of the battle. I look forward to continue. Have a nice time.)