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Castlevania: Darkness Never Dies


Part 1: Curse of Blood

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Part 2: Legacy of Sorrow

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Part 1: Curse of Blood.

“”Come with me.” He then said. “I shall make you into fishers of men.” Then they rose and followed him.”

Mathew: 4. 19.

Chapter 9: Reincarnated Soul.

Dabi’s path, Warakiya. The 16th. Of December 2098 A.D.

This was the place. The Dark Lord candidate could feel it. This was the very place through which the power was leaking. Dimitri Blinov paused to take in the beauty of things. “Perfect.” His fangs were exposed. Malus thought he was the one to inherit Dracula’s powers. The boy was an imbecile. Dimitri knew his claim. That he was the Dark Lord incarnate. That was not important. Not anymore. The boy lost his might after 1852. Dimitri would rule instead. He would not make the same mistake. The candidate only needed blood to complete the circle. Only one, who already achieved his own great might, might wield the power of the castle. So it was told. Dimitri Blinov had come to realize the truth. This was a game. So be it. He knew how to remedy his own victory. Dimitri let the ash slip through his fingers. The dust reached the floor. He almost could do without a ritual. The supernatural was so strong. He laughed in triumph. “Open Hell’s gate!” He beconed. “Come forth, my servant.” The time-space reality was so thin. They granted his request. Life still stirred in the ashes of the apprentice witch. “Drolta Tsuentez!” He exclaimed. “You live again!” Dimitri Blinov would use her as a pawn.

Oblivion ridge, Warakiya. The 16th. of December 2098 A.D.

The night was cold and quiet while they sneaked behind the great wing of the manor. Edward led the way. Saria was glad there were no burrows. Only some crumbled old stables and the kennels. Edward decided they should go this way. She kept a look on the white hound. She could sniff the air. “That is the well.” She recognised the structure. “This is the servant’s wing of the mansion.” Edward explained. “This is where they built the kitchen and storage.” Saria nodded. This was no garden. She still looked out for enemies. “I figure why they put it back here.” Saria smiled. “There is no outlook.” Beyond the yard, the hills began to rise steep. Saria was unsure if they might climb them. That didn’t matter. Her sister got to be here somewhere. They got to find her. Saria bit together. She felt the shadow in the east. Saria tried not to mind. That was difficult. She sighed. The crows burst from the branches. The cluster was planted before the manor was built. “Magic arrow!” She shot into the flock to make them explode. Saria didn’t get them all. They spread out to take them. Edward turned as the skeletons broke through the ground. He brandished with the leather whip. Edward created the thunder whip. That broke the enemies. Saria didn’t relax. Then Angel began to bark.

The old buildings burst into fire. “Mother of trees!” The winter kept the flames from spreading. Edward made the sign of the cross. Angel barked. Cerberus leaped through the flames and fire. The three-headed hound from Hell released a nasty glow. Saria huddled together. Edward threw the axe. Mr. Sherlock Holmes got some weird cases. Dr. Watson discovered his friend used silver bullets to kill the hound of the Baskervilles. He pushed it aside. Cerberus was too quick. He leaped high above the weapon to might bite them all. Angel winched. She ran down the building. Saria was singing. The music offered some protection. The heads beheld her with red burning eyes. Edward reached for the crucifix. Saria couldn’t fight this monster. He made a glide to strike with the leather whip. Cerberus had disappeared. The Hellhound might become invisible. Edward felt at a loss. “Behind you!” Saria screamed. Cerberus reappeared. He breathed heavy flames. They lit up and went along the ground. That caught him off guard. Edward didn’t get it. How was he doing that? Saria fired. The arrow burned on impact. “Mother of trees!” Cerberus turned her way. “God with us!” Edward hurled the cross. The boomerang split into three freezing crosses. The Hellhound howled when hit. Edward fused the Mercury and Serpent cards. The flames exploded. The whip lost the icy potential. Cerberus leaped. “Blue bow!” Saria fired. She froze the crows. Edward almost forgot about them. The Hellhound snapped its teeth together. Edward made a backflip. He threw the vials at the heads. Cerberus snarled. Then he became invisible. Edward looked about. He felt nervous. Edward could see beyond the obvious. That was his birthright, as a heir to the house of Belmont. Cerberus was back. He breathed heavy flames. They burned along the earth. Edward threw a wave of holy water. Cerberus got back. Edward wasn’t strong enough. He combined the Diana and Serpent cards. The icy pellets made the flames to explode. Cerberus landed to bite him. Edward leached with successive slashes. He got to repel the enemy. Cerberus growled. He was hurt. Then the Hellhound leaped. Angel was back. She went to tear his throat. The white Sheppard was too small. She looked like a pup compared to the massive bulk of the Hellhound. Cerberus shook her off. Edward managed to dash. He focused enough to perform a double jump. The heads turned to stare at him. Edward knelt to check on his pet. Angel was still alive, although she looked scorched. Cerberus became invisible. He then returned to might bite him into peaces. Edward stood his ground. He wouldn’t let the watchdog hurt his friend. He twirled with the leather whip. The combo forced the monster back. Edward made the sign of the cross. He dodged the blood and saliva. Edward knew they were poisonous. He fused the Apollo and Salamander cards. The flames ripped across the ground. The bomb made them to explode. Cerberus only seemed to absorb the brunt. He was very strong. Edward picked together. The Hellhound came to take him. Angel was able to move. He threw the dagger forward. Edward felt the flow of water. The daggers froze on impact. Cerberus howled. The demon was bleeding. That made the black fur sticky with filth. Edward swallowed. No one might help him now. Angel went for the throat. Cerberus might bite her to shreds. Edward made a glide. He appeared right before the demon. The Hellhound vanished. Edward tried to locate the enemy. Angel sniffed the ground. She might be able to track that monster. Edward crossed himself. Then he stopped, Cerberus was back. He dashed for the target. Edward struck with the gold whip. He was running out of crystals. The monster was forced back. Edward drew sweat of his forehead. Angel went dashing in again. He caught her by the leach. Cerberus was breathing flame. Edward combined the Diana and Unicorn cards to release a diamond shell of bright heat-seeking energy. The Hellhound got hit. And hit again. Edward remained in place. He felt the force flow as the shell finally vaporized. The demon dog was furious. He howled his challenge. Saria returned. She shot a flurry of arrows. She screamed. They burned on impact. Edward reached for the crucifix. The image appeared overhead. The breakable cross burst into pieces. The Hellhound was thrown back. He got up to breathe flames. Edward fused his cards to create the light barrier. The monster snarled. Edward went in to battle. The Hellhound leached. He went to bite him. Edward struck with the leather whip. The barrier collapsed upon the approach. Edward bit together. He got to do this. Edward struck with the whip to release a flurry of sonic rings. The spell book gave an edge. Cerberus burst into flames. Then the gate opened. The Hellhound howled. Cerberus was banished back to Hell. Edward exhaled. Finally, the buildings burned out. He picked the orb. The mystic ball restored him, body and soul. Saria put her arms around him. “I thought you would perish.” She said. Edward held her. Angel put her nose against his hand. Edward smiled. “I know.” Even Alucard had problems with Cerberus. Nathan Graves almost got killed in the battle. Strange, the DSS-cards saved his life. Edward crossed himself. “Let’s move.” Saria let go. She went for the door. Edward stopped her. “Not that way.” He told. “The battle is sure to draw their attention.” Saria bit at the end of her hair. “Then where do we go?” She asked. Edward smiled. “Follow me.” He told. Saria frowned. Then she prepared the bow-and-arrows. Edward retrieved his equipment. The dryad let him take the crystals. Edward found both the small and big gems. He was gratified. Now they might begin. He went down the side of the mansion.

They moved down the dead place. Angel didn’t quite figure, the air stenched of decay. She snarled by the scent. The German Sheppard felt like the beast got her in a trap. Who was the pray? She could still smell that other she. The one her breeder was looking for. Angel swung the tail high. The tiny sharp things sprouted from the branches. She would howl. Instead, she leaped to take them. Angel wouldn’t let them pick her. The image of what they did to the fox was clear and ugly in her mind. The white Sheppard caught them in her mouth. She threw them down to break them. The tree she and her master was occupied with the bone-men. They seemed interested in the gems the beasts left behind. Angel didn’t care about such matters. She found food to fill her stomach. Angel got water to drink. Then she was satisfied. She ran behind a tree to do what she got to. Then the German Sheppard returned to break the bones. She made them snap. Her breeder was hurt. She could smell it. Angel got so angry. They wouldn’t hurt him. The tree she fired sharp things into the air. The flying things got killed. Angel could tell. This wasn’t much of a fight. The Sheppard broke through the ribs. They reached an opening. The breeder entered. Angel followed, although the whole place stenched.

Rover manor, Oblivion ridge. The 16th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The hall was empty. Edward closed the door. Nothing moved, except the fires which roared up the chimney. Saria went to warm herself by the fire. The Sheppard lay down on the rug. Edward looked through his cards. “Blood of the hunter.” He mused. Saria turned around. “I really am a Belmont.” He looked both proud and confused. She would put her arms around him. The great sofa looked to be made for a couple. Saria dismissed. The candles burned with a bright flame. She felt strangely relaxed about this place. Edward replaced the items. “We are at the left wing of the mansion.” He said. “Then we might choose where to go.” Edward went to check the door. Saria guessed it would grant access to the rest of the wing. There was no haste. “Good Lord in Heaven!” Edward exclaimed. The bats hung upside-down from the ceiling. They went in a wave. She went to aid him. The grandfather clock struck three as the Sheppard leaped. Saria picked the bow. Edward defeated the bats. The hound almost got impaled. The spearman hid behind the tapestries. Saria fired. The skeleton took it on his shield. Angel tried to get hold. She only slid off the armour. Edward came for his pet. The bats attacked. Another spearman came out from among the curtains. He was not alone.

The moon shone through the windows as the curtains got pulled aside. Edward brandished with the leather whip. The spearmen came out to fight. Saria was in trouble. They were better trained then the usual skeletons. He couldn’t get through. The bats whirled about. He fused the Jupiter and Cockatrice cards. The combo turned his lower parts into stone. Edward struck his fists. He felt almost invincible. He crushed the beasts into dust. Edward noticed his mobility got crippled. But then he returned to normal. Edward felt much weaker, that wouldn’t stop him. Saria pulled back while shooting. She pierced a spearman. He staggered. Edward threw the vial. The skeleton burst. The remaining duo kept poking. Saria hid behind her shield. She sang to confuse the enemies. Angel tried to get hold of the spear. Edward crashed against the spearmen. He stamped with the crucifix. The skeleton beheld him with empty eyes. He then struck the shield forward. Edward got pushed back. The bat settled on his neck. Edward managed to stamp it out. The crystal granted him power. Edward brandished with the whip. He combined the Diana and Thunderbird cards to might boust the assault. The thunder whip spun like a circle of energy. The bats got defeated. Even the spearman collapsed into a heap. The final skeleton didn’t turn round. He kept trying to impale his girlfriend. Edward tightened his grip. The bats came from multiple directions. He used the Pluto and Salamander cards to summon dual crosses. That confused the onslaught. Angel finally got hold of the spearman. The skeleton hit her in the head. She refused to let go. The bats had gathered. Edward combined the Jupiter and Salamander cards to protect himself. The fireballs turned clockwise before burning out. That didn’t matter. The bats also burned. Edward made the sign of the cross. The spearman held up the shield. Then Saria got beneath the spear. She struck with her druid blade. The spearman staggered. Angel came to rip the skull of his shoulders. Edward exhaled. The fight was over. He sighed. This was only a breather. They held each other for a moment. Then Edward went to pick the gems. He knocked some candles. Edward took the oil. He would need it. The money held little interest. Saria replaced the arrows. He beheld her with silent joy. She was so beautiful. Edward shook his head. He got work to do. The evil laugher cut him short. Edward knew that laugh. He heard it in his dreams, his nightmares. “Dracula.” He looked round for the source. There was a portrait atop the fireplace. As he watched, the live-size portrait began to levitate. Saria screamed. That was a picture of him. Angel howled. Edward wasn’t ready. He dodged the painting. Saria fired. The portrait got pierced through. That didn’t stop it. Edward would try to douse it with holy water. He missed. Angel leaped. He caught her by the leach. She didn’t get it. Edward couldn’t tell her. The painting was coming back. Edward fused the Apollo and Unicorn cards to make celestial arrows to be shot forward. Edward staggered. He felt all drained. The onslaught didn’t stop until it reached the other end of the room. The portrait was slammed into the wall. Edward watched it collapse. Saria closed her eyes. The picture dashed. “No rest for the wicked.” Edward mused. This wasn’t funny. Angel still tried to fetch that picture. He got to get rid of that thing. The image might keep them in prison. Edward fused the Apollo and Black Dog cards to create a black hole. The portrait was consumed before the end. Edward staggered. The hole was close. He felt no victory. Saria was stunned. “I am alright.” Edward said. Saria closed her mouth. Angel’s ears came up. He brushed it aside. Edward tugged his beard. “The door is closed.” He told. Edward found out before Hell broke loose. “Then we have to go through to the rightmost building.” Saria regained composure. She went ahead to try the other door. Edward was behind her. The exit led into a corridor. “Do you see anything?” The dryad asked. Edward mused. The light wasn’t that good. “This must be the servant’s quarters.” There were some light. The moon shone down at the far end of the hall. That was to no help. Edward turned her aside. He went in front. The air was terrible. Angel growled. Saria looked pale in the faint lamplight. Something moved. Edward was sure. The axe man was nothing but a rotting corpse who did armour. The bats swooped. Edward fused the Pluto and Serpent cards to throw both the knife and vial forward. That was clever. The monsters burned. Even the axe man got impaled. “Magic arrow!” Saria fired above his elbow. She got the ghost. Edward fused the Mercury and Mandragora cards to brandish with the thorn whip. That at least made the bats to scatter. The axe man suddenly dashed. The axe might turn him into a meal. The zombies fed on human flesh. Saria kept shooting. That made the axe man to stagger. He suddenly stopped to throw other axes. Edward used the Saturn and Salamander cards to summon the bat familiar. The fireballs burned the zombie. The bat didn’t stop until the axe man got reduced to ashes. Edward made the sign of the cross. Saria went to take the arrows. He let her have them. Edward took those which the bats left behind. Another axe man arrived. Edward brandished with the whip. He managed to repel the axes. Then he opened the door to push Saria inside. She protested, but he was stern. Edward didn’t waste time to follow. They came into a small bedroom. This was the chamber of a servant. Edward leaned against the door. Saria looked as tired as he felt. “We have to return into the corridor.” She then said. He knew she was right. There where no other exit. He tried to open the window. The glass was frozen stuck in place. Edward sighed. “Be what may be.” He said.

The stench grew even stronger. Angel barked to warn them. The ghost rose from the bed. She snarled. The figure slightly resembled a two leg male. The Sheppard knew there was something amiss with him. Angel bared her teeth. She leaped through the air. The white hound went through the apparition, although the crosses upon her necklace blazed. The figure released a sort of moaning sound before fading. She turned around. Angel growl went more fierce. She finally recognised the smell. That was cat! The breeder struck his leach, making three tiny pebbles to rebound about. He got that kind of shining look when using the wind of the sun. “Miss murderer!” The tree two-legs exclaimed. The tone in her voice told she was frightened. Angel appeared in front. She would protect her. The Alpha was found of this she. The tree two-legs was his partner. The pebbles broke the tiny stinger things. They were turned to stone. Angel pulled her ears back over her head. The cats showed themselves. The black and white felines leaned against the wall. A third she sat on the stool by the dressing table. Angel wined. The third she was not who she appeared to be. She smelled the blood. Angel would tear her apart. This was a tribe enemy. The flame blast made her to lay down.

Rover manor, Oblivion ridge. The 16th. Of December 2098 A.D.

Angel refused to get up. She was afraid of the fire. Edward would have to deal with it later. Or perhaps not. The cats beheld her boyfriend with eager intensity. Saria suddenly felt jealous. They got richer curves. Why couldn’t they leave him alone? They wouldn’t. The lady cats reappeared to jump kick and strike him. Edward threw a wave of holy water. Saria got no more time. The third murderer reached over her shoulder. Thick braids of rich shining black hair framed her delicate features. “I am Zuki.” She got a Chinese accent. Saria blinked. Neither the blue and green Kimono nor the tight green silk trousers might conceal her built. That was a set-up. Her eyes seemed to shine. Saria couldn’t possibly take her serious. The Katana blade was out in a second. Zuky leaped through the air. Saria barely blocked with the shield. The impact made her to stagger. This was no mere assassin. Zuki was a battle-mage. The sword seemed to turn warm in her hands. Saria struck with the druid blade. “Magic sword!” A flash of magic shone in the air. Where did that come from? Saria was singing. The blade channeled the force. “Star blade!” She shed warm tears. What was happening with her? Saria knew. She knew all too well. “That was funny.” The witch laughed by her confusion.

The cats were about to kill him. Edward brandished with the whip. They kept coming. The lady cats got better trained then he did. Edward groaned. The white Ninja hit him. She almost broke his ribs. She fired an ice ripple. Edward had to do something quick. He fused the Saturn and Golem cards to summon the Hawk familiar. The bird flashed before it dashed toward the murderers. They got turned to stone. Edward drew sweat of his forehead. This wasn’t easy. Angel approached with hanging ears. He tapped her on the head. That was all. Edward was fond of his pet. Saria was sobbing. She dropped to her knees. The sword lay on the ground before her. Edward was aware of the other woman. “Hello, Belmont.” She teased. “My name is Zuki.” The smile grew larger. “Though you might know me better by another name.” Zuki removed the blue and green silk jacket. Edward frowned. What was she talking about. The witch got out of her shoes. She had bells chained to her ankles. “I am Libris.” Edward felt stunned. The demon laughed. “The hore of Lucifer.” There where Muslim congregations in China. “The Dark Lord enlisted your services.” He muttered. Edward picked together, although he felt despair cloud his heart. No man might resist her. Was this how Jonathan Morris felt, when facing Astarte, in 1944? Libris let go of the blade and its sheath, before she danced. “Help me.” Edward made the sign of the cross. “He won’t help you.” The enchantress mocked. “No one can help you now.” Edward reached for the whip. Libris kept dancing. She knew what she did. Edward felt like drowning. She would make him an agent of evil. Edward combined the Jupiter and Unicorn cards to create a barrier. Then he went to his knees. “This one.” He recited. “May only be cast forth through prayer and fasting.” Edward knew that some enemies he might resist only through faith. “Hear the words of the Lord.” He proclaimed. Edward confessed his sins, and acknowledged God as his only saviour. Edward made his prayers. He held the crucifix in one hand. “Do not set your faith to such trifles.” Libris cooed. “We are in Transylvania.” Libris echoed the words of the count. Edward had no fear. He would die, as a man. Edward would silently return to his God. He knew that his family would continue the hunt. “You won’t have him.” Saria picked together. “I’ll see to that.” Saria then sang. “No!” Libris staggered away. “Not her, no!” Edward held the crucifix tight. That was the “Minuet of the Forest” alright. But this time, it was different somehow, stronger and more demanding. Edward almost got lost with the music. The cross shone bright in his soul. He managed to pull together. Edward exhaled. Angel turned her ears about. She looked confused. The Sheppard sniffed the plants. That was all which remained of the enemy. He didn’t wait. Edward rushed to embrace her. Saria stared into the distance. He would never let go. Edward knew he must. He put her down. Saria hid her eyes. Angel came to push with the nose. “No problem.” Angel seemed to like her too. Edward smirked. Saria exhaled. She looked so tired. “I won’t.” Her voice was so low he barely catched the words. Edward carefully shook her shoulder. Angel still didn’t get her ears up. “You weren’t that shy while being with me.” The dryad finally seemed to gather. Edward tugged his beard. How was he to tell her? The demon would consume his soul. “I love you.” That was as far he got. “A wish comes true.” Edward wouldn’t ask. He would have to let go. “Remember me.” She breathed. Saria went to retrieve her items. Edward frowned. He didn’t notice before. Her tunic was embroidered with the Evergreen vine and Forget-me-not. Edward knew he would never forget about her. He went to knock the candles. Edward picked the crystals. They restored his energy. Edward shook his head. He still got no use for the money. He let it be. Saria fixed the bow-and-arrows. She returned to the corridor. Edward followed. Saria began to shoot, the bats squeeked. Edward struck the ghost. The axe man dashed. Saria tried to impale the spearmen. The skeletons came from the hall. They hid behind the shield. Edward inhaled. He combined the Saturn and Griffon cards to summon the Pixie familiar. “You are not Nathan.” She remarked. “I know.” Edward said. “But my name is Edward. I am a descendant of Morris Baldwin.” He sighed. “I know I have no right to inherit the cards. But Julius Belmont gave them to me.” Edward wondered what happened with Christopher Graves. He didn’t show up at the castle. “You speak the truth.” The Pixie smiled. “I feel the bloodline is alive in you.” She was ready. “I will help you, master.” The Pixie threw homing spheres to might blast the enemies into pieces. Edward made the sign of the cross. The Lord would be with them. Then the floor exploded. For the second time this night, Edward plummeted among the shadow.

The specs in the moonlight took on more solid shape. The countess Elizabeth Bathory watched on as they fell. Her uncle thought her how to do this. The blood bathing countess did not share his sentiment though. They would be of use. Actrise proved that in 1844, with the blood sacrifice of 100 children. The hunters would not be finished. Not by this. Elizabeth Bathory could tell. This was only to start, to wear them down before the final battle. The bloodline was strong. Mere luck only went thus far. The countess would gain her rematch.

Rover manor, Oblivion ridge. The 16th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The place was dark. Saria awoke as Angel licked her face. She made a grimace. The breath wasn’t all that good. “Edward?” Saria got to clear her voice. “Are you alright?” She felt cold to think he might be hurt. For an answer, the lamp lit up. “Edward.” The light revealed the hat and beard. She couldn’t reed his face, though the embrace told volumes. He then suddenly let go. “Keep quiet.” Edward hissed. Saria did. She heard it too, the flapping of wings. Angel barked a warning. Then suddenly the lamp burned bright as Edward cracked with the whip to release tripled fireballs. They were inside some sort of warehouse or storage room. Saria fired. The arrow went through the air. She pierced the ghost. The moon arrow made him fade. The bats got burned to ashes. Edward looked up toward the ceiling. The crack was obscured. Saria touched the stone wall. “We are in the basement.” Edward explained. He went about to investigate the area. Saria bit her lip. The wood made her think of the murdered forest. She shook her head. The coal was heaped high into the box. Edward muttered while trying to mend the electricity. Saria hid her mouth. He managed to turn it on. The lamp lit the exterior. This was the warehouse. Saria wished to check it out. But then Edward roared.

The lights flickered before it went out. Edward held up the lamp. “Torah!” He screamed her name. Saria ran to might look into the cage. The steel bars were marked with ancient runes. Edward knew they might keep a sorceress in prison. Angel winched. She felt the scent stronger then any of them. The cage was filthy. Saria danced round. She couldn’t touch them either. Edward went forth. He struck with the whip. The leather pulled tight about the bars. Edward yanked them out of place. Torah went creeping out. Her clothing were ragged and stained with blood. Edward reached for the crucifix. “Why didn’t you save me?” Torah sobbed. She looked so pale. “You know you could.” Her voice was full of disappointment. Saria bent to embrace her sister. Edward tugged his beard. He felt like his heart was braking. “You don’t have to be sorry.” Torah looked up into his face. She lost her razor rings and the cross. “Come with me.” She pulled at his coat. “I might comfort you.” Edward felt sudden alarm. Saria still held her. “Saria!” Edward told. “Leave her, now!” The dryad was shocked by the statement. Edward couldn’t wait. He pulled her back. The fangs got exposed. “Why not?” Torah looked devastated. “We might all find peace in the comfort of eternal life.” Edward could see beyond the obvious. “You are not her.” He said. “This is all a ploy to get us.” Edward made the sign of the cross. “So let it be.” The figure shrieked. She was raised into the air. Saria gaped. The outfit changed into black robes. Edward moved into a ready position. Even her features were transformed. Soon, she was no longer 12 years old. The figure cast back both the hood and long hair. She was a vampire. Unclean fire burned behind the gaze. He cracked with the whip. This was his plight. Although the vampire was much harder to expose, Edward would hunt the night. “Kill them!” The undead woman required. The bats, which flapped about, split into swarms to might take them. Edward knew how to fight. Angel threw herself toward the bats. She bit about to kill their enemies. The necklace shone like silver flames. Edward combined the Mercury and Salamander cards. Fire and silver had long been known to eradicate the vampires. Edward inhaled. The ancient lore didn’t fail. He managed to repel the swarm. Saria was much more practical. She fired a sun arrow straight into the cluster. While the demon was still occupied, Edward threw the axe. He too inherited Simon’s heart of fire. The row of enflamed axes struck down between the swarm and vampire. Edward missed. “Star bow!” Saria fired a single arrow. The woman bellowed. The arrow exploded. The vampire was struck from the sky. Edward made a glide. “You don’t dare!” The bats went like a solid ball. He got the spell book. Edward made a flurry of sonic rings to blast forward. The mammals merely got struck back through the air. The vampire beheld him. The bats returned to circle about. Saria fired some other shots. They didn’t get through. Edward tried to remember what Richter Belmont did in 1792. Angel leaped, her necklace was blazing. The Sheppard howled. The bats which came to close got burned to ashes. The undead released separate streams of bats. “Star shield!” Saria hid behind the shield. Edward noticed it was shining. He sidetracked the bats before hurling the vial. The holy water burned on impact. The vampire was unprotected. The dryad fired another sun arrow. The demon was burned. “Glory be You.” Edward tipped with the hat. “Our Father in Heaven.” The woman struck him down. “This is for lord Dracula.” She declared. The bats went like a ball to strike Saria. Angel got entangled with a stack of falling wood. The bride would drink his blood. “Belmont wants a kiss?” She teased. Her body was pressed hard against his own. Edward could feel her shape. She was both soft and hard at all the right places. Edward fought the temptation. He stamped with the crucifix. The demon screamed like the forsaken soul. She was in truth. Edward pushed her aside. The bats returned to circle about. Angel got back. The vampire threw her pets like a giant blob. Angel howled when struck. Edward fused the Diana and Salamander cards to release fireballs from the tip of the Undead Killer whip. They hit hard against the bat barrier. Edward wished he got something of pure silver. That he didn’t. He leached with the whip to might capture the bats. Saria dashed among the monsters. “Blue shield!” The force-fields collided. The vampire shrieked in anger. Edward ran. The bat ball came flying forth. Edward repelled with the gold whip. Saria managed to occupy the demon. She tried to bite her instead. Then Angel arrived. She caught her arm between strong jaws. The vampire earned superhuman strength. She struck to split her skull. “Leave her alone!” Saria pinned the sword through her chest. The vampire struggled while spitting blood. The liquid might still be dangerous. Saria pulled back. She couldn’t be turned. The blood might still kill her if she got it through the mouth. Edward shuddered. Then he would rather take the brunt himself. Angel tried to regain hold. The bats forced her aside. Edward arrived. He combined the Mercury and Unicorn cards to strike with the holy whip. The vampire shrieked. She released separate streams to might kill them. Edward was ready. He held the cards. “God with us!” He fused the Diana and Unicorn cards to release the diamond seal. The heat-seeking shell knocked her to pieces. Edward watched while the bats crumbled. “Clever.” The demon was slowly dissolving. “Though not enough.” She gloated. “Torah Fernandez has been handed over.” She laughed while burning to ashes. Edward tugged his beard. He would find her. Edward wouldn’t give up. He looked around for Saria. The dryad had to survive.

The breeder embraced his partner. Angel went to sniff among the ashes. She barked. There were plenty of crystals here. They joined up. The Sheppard was happy to protect and serve. The two-legs collected the gems. That left even some for her. Angel touched with her nose. They turned into a bowl of water. She drank it all up. The White Sheppard went to search the area. “That’s laundering equipment.” The tree she two-legs exclaimed. She was running through the pile. “I think it still work.” The breeder reached beside her. Angel put her nose to the air. She disliked the scent of chemicals. “The mansion must be inhabited.” He mused. “The undead have learned to adapt.” The tree she shook her hair. She looked torn. “Have faith.” Her master advised. “We shall find her.” Angel put her head a little awry. The dead she confused even her smell. Angel had been sure they found her. The scent was unmistakable. She growled a bit. He tapped her on the back. Angel made a single sweep with the tail. Her ears came up. She shook herself. Angel would be real careful from now on. The breeder gave another tap. Then he recoiled the whip. The tree she went to collect her items. Angel waited. There was a draft of bad air. She barked to warn them about it.

Rover manor, Oblivion ridge. The 16th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The light was back. Saria could see, though she almost wished she couldn’t. Angel was in trouble. The spiders crawled about her fur. Edward went to help her. He really cared about that dog. Saria hung up the bow. She reached for the sword when the bag slave pulled through the other door. The dead man carried the cargo upon a wheelbarrow. Saria bit her lip. She was unsure what to do. The bag slave reached into his sack. “Fire in the hall!” Saria yelled. Angel threw herself down. Edward hurled a wave of holy water. The bomb exploded. The pieces got hurled throughout the warehouse. The dead man already picked the skull. He threw three in a row. Saria shrieked. The skulls blossomed into full-fledged skeletons. Edward cracked with the whip. He used the cards. The four ice pellets froze the skeletons into place. The enemy hurled another bomb. Saria made a glide. “Magic sword!” She pinned him right through. The bag slave fell apart. The wheelbarrow exploded. Saria caught her breath. “Thank the Lord.” Edward embraced her. Saria felt safe within his arms. Angel looked up into her eyes. She licked her hand. Saria smiled. He let go. The bats swept from the ceiling. Saria fired the moon arrow. The skulls became skeletons. “God with us!” Edward brandished with the whip.

The bag slaves hid among the stores. Edward used the spell book. He cracked with the whip to release tripled fireballs. The skeletons collapsed before they might attack. Edward made a grimace. Sonia Belmont got a unique power. She didn’t need the book to perform. Christopher inherited that ability. He used it when fighting Dracula in 1576. The spiders climbed on their web. Edward got to burn them out. He combined the Pluto and Salamander cards to might give the holy water a boust. Edward made it to rain. The Arachni got obliterated. He made the sign of the cross. Edward hoped that John Morris would be proud. Saria was shooting arrows. She pulled the string back toward her pointed ears before releasing. She impaled the dead men walking. Angel leaped to take the bats. Edward still brandished with the whip. The slaves hurled bombs or skulls into the air. They got to stop them. Edward made the flaming cross to appear overhead. The image burst to burn the monsters. Saria shot for the skeletons. Edward made a glide. The bone-man hurt him. The bone collided against his chest. He felt like icy nails tore into his soul. “Edward!” Saria called his name. Angel howled. She jumped upon the skeleton. “Magic arrow! Star bow!” Saria shot the others into oblivion. Edward managed to gather. The enemies were put to rest, although some bats still flapped about. It was time to get out of here. Edward went to work with the wheel. He managed to open. Edward made the sign of the cross. He went inside. “Good Lord in Heaven!” Edward exclaimed. This place was a fridge. Piles of vegetables filled the bin. He recognised the potatoes, onion, pees, carrots and canisters with spice. Edward licked his lips. The barrels contained apple or orange liquor. “They might make a feast.” The meat hung down from the ceiling. He noticed the chunks of sheep, lamb or bull meat. Bread, milk and eggs got their special places. “The vampires don’t eat.” Edward even found that whole chickens, ducks and turkeys got placed in a row. “They don’t.” He agreed. “This must be for the living.” The food was fresh. Edward only got to serve himself. “Edward.” Saria said. “Leave the food alone.” He shook his head. Saria was right. “Relax.” Edward said. “I wouldn’t touch it even if I was dying from hunger.” Edward couldn’t help it though. He had a last look around. Then he went across the room. Saria watched while he turned another wheel. They escaped from the fridge. “This is the wine cellar.” Edward reached for the whip. The basement was filled with shelves containing bottles. Edward had a deep breath. The barrels were so huge they hid the wall. “The air is much better in here.” Edward could smell the wine and brandy. Saria didn’t like it. Edward tugged his beard. “Good evening, young master.” The voice was ancient, though it almost made him jump. “Who are you?” Saria asked. “Merely old Herothlin, my lady.” The figure was draped in a black hood and cloak. He was an elf, Edward could tell. He didn’t trust him, although he didn’t look dangerous. “I am the keeper of this cellar.” Herothlin was bent and twisted, like an old man of human race. He limped forward, supported by a ghastly black cane. “I expect you want something to drink.” Huge bleak eyes stared out from the wrinkled face. “I have something for you.” The elf reached at one of the shelves. They exchanged glances. Edward was unsure how to react. Herothlin filled the cup on the table. “What is this?” Edward asked. Then he noticed he already had a sip. The wine was rather sour, though clear as water. Edward wasn’t sure, but he thought there where an almost golden flavour to it. “This is the white wine, young master.” The keeper told. “From Persia, I think.” Edward felt the warmth spread in his stomach. He raised the glass to his lips. Then common sense kicked in. This was the best wine he ever tasted, though the quality went straight to his head. Edward reached for the whip. But then something else hit him. Edward felt dazed. The bottle had shot from the shelf. What was going on? That thing struck his shoulder. There came another bottle. Edward cracked with the whip. The glass got shattered against the stone floor. Others were already in the air. “Are you alright?” Saria looked up into his face. Edward blinked. He looked about. There were no broken bottles. It was like it never happened. He moved a hand before his face. Edward felt like going crazy. He emptied the goblet. His energy was restored. Never mind, Edward would have no more wine. He replaced the cup. “Thanks.” He said. “That was all.” The elf bowed low. Edward was prepared and ready. He almost shuddered. He better get a hold. Edward recoiled the whip. He would get out of here. Saria figured his statement. She had a glance over her shoulder. “I don’t like his kind.” She muttered. Edward smiled. He brushed through her hair. Then he noticed. The keeper had vanished. He frowned. “I know.” Saria breathed. Edward shuddered. They went for the exit. Angel came from the fridge. She seemed happy enough. Edward sighed. Better not to think further about that now. “I hope he won’t try anything.” He remarked. Saria agreed. She produced the bow-and-arrows. Edward pulled the door. Then he reached for the whip. Angel went in front. Edward made the sign of the cross.

This cave must be carved from the mountain. Angel sniffed. Drops of water kept dripping from the ceiling. They hit her nose. Angel shook herself. They felt so cold. She growled. The little spiky things kept flying down. She leaped to bite them. Angel growled. She got caught in the net. The tiny eight-legs climbed about. The breeder struck with the whip. Angel got free. “He did something to make two spinning crosses to appear. They burned the flying things. The tree she shot into the realm beyond the staircase. They were obscure. Angel smelled. She wouldn’t go in there. Something else dropped from the ceiling. Angel howled. The slithering green things crawled about. “Good Lord in Heaven!” Her master exclaimed. He bent low to whip at the wiper swarm. The Sheppard’s ears went high. The whip was on fire. Angel jumped for the flying things. They tasted so bitter. Angel let go of the pray. “Blue bow!” The dead meat hid behind his wheelbarrow. He reached into his bag to produce skull heads. She dashed to strike them. They were bad to her jaws. The evil went through her body. Angel barked. Another swarm dropped down. They smelled so disgustive. The breeder threw the daggers forward. Angel leaped upon the bag slave. She would tear him to pieces.

Rover manor, Oblivion ridge. The 16th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The bag slave reached to pick a bomb. Saria licked her lips. “Star bow!” She pierced the dead man through the heart. The explosive made the wheelbarrow to go with a tremendous flash bang. Saria pulled another arrow. The lamps went out. Only the candles, and Edward’s lantern, were left to illuminate the basement. Edward defeated the wiper swarm. Angel was drinking water. Saria felt pity with her. The white Sheppard bit and tore at the enemies. Edward drew sweat of his forehead. He put the hat back on top before throwing the cross. The spiders burst into oblivion. Saria blew him a kiss. She went to pick the crystals. They turned into arrows. She looked around. Edward was climbing the staircase. His dog went ahead. Saria got ambushed by some other wipers. They might inflict a poisoned state. Saria was sure about it. Edward reached the depot. He flailed at the ghost. Saria shot the serpents. The swarms kept close together. Edward walked straight into another web. The net almost blocked half the road. Saria went after him. The bats kept them apart. “Blue shield!” They squeeked before freezing up, she took the crystals. Edward finally got rid of the spiders. He presented the crucifix. “Magic arrow!” Saria shot the ghost. He brushed through her hair. She smiled.

They reached into the kitchen. Saria was so cute. He wished to make out with her, here and now. The doors got locked and bolted. Edward reached for the whip. The kitchen wasn’t empty. The people went into hiding. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth.” He held the crucifix high for everyone to see. “Put it away.” The old man hissed. “That only makes him angry.” Saria tapped Angel on her back. The prisoners made hushing gestures. “My name is Charles Krueger.” The man told. “I know you must be Belmont.” He cast a side-glance at Saria. “But please, put that away.” Edward frowned. He didn’t get it. Why were they so afraid? “It’s too late.” The maid breathed. “He has noticed.” The big beefy man, who seemed to fill the room, rang with the bell. “Dinner is served.” The servants hid in the corners. Angel growled. “Edward.” Saria began. “That isn’t normal dogs over there.” The wargs raised their heads to snarl at him. “The mad butcher.” Edward recognised the description given by Gabriel Belmont. “May the Lord save us.” He made the sign of the cross. The ghouls and zombies heard the call. They craved for human flesh. Edward got the whip. “Cover me.” He told his girlfriend. Saria smiled. She already pulled the string. The corpse fell with an arrow through the neck. Edward gathered his force. He leaped over the heavy laid table to throw a vial of holy water. The butcher roared. Then he struck with the hatchet. Edward ducked. He flailed with the whip. The madman was too quick. He tried to slash him up. The hatchet might slice him. Edward presented the crucifix. He got to stay close. Angel fought to keep the wargs away. The monster hurled the daggers forward. Edward sidestepped. They got stuck in the table. Edward combined the Diana and Cockatrice cards to release tripled stone pellets. The butcher roared when struck. He caught Edward between his mighty arms. He would tear him apart. “Deliver us from the wicked One!” Edward stamped with the crucifix. The monster let go. Edward brandished with the jewel whip. The mad butcher rang the bell. The ghouls and zombies came to take him. Edward hurled a wave of enflamed axes. The corpses got burned into ashes. The butcher threw other knives. Edward made a glide. He came up to hurl the vial. The warg howled. It dashed to shield its breeder. Edward used the spell book to release a flurry of sonic rings. That crushed the enemies. Edward threw the knife forward. The madman got impaled. But then he slashed. Edward stumbled back. The mad butcher struck again. Edward presented the crucifix. Sparks flew on impact. The hatchet got struck aside. Edward threw the axe. It got stuck in the massive chest. The madman almost didn’t bleed. “Good Lord!” The butcher must be undead. He retrieved the hatchet. Edward licked his lips. He struck with the whip. Edward managed to catch his arm. He pulled to might keep him occupied. The madman snarled. The arrow went past his head. Saria got the zombie. The corpse tried to strangle him. Edward pulled even tighter. The butcher struck with his other fist. Edward presented the crucifix. The man burned his hand. The flames track up his arm to burn the torso. The butcher rang the bell. This was the third time. Edward knew that would summon the monsters. He fused the Mercury and Black dog cards to create the Abyss whip. Edward destroyed the enemies. The butcher roared. He was too big. Edward kept striking with the whip. The mad butcher burst into flames. He left a pile of crystals behind. “Take it easy.” Charles was comforting the maid. “It’s over, Constance.” He told. “The mad butcher is no more.” Edward felt so tired. He picked the crystals. They replenished his energy. They were not enough. He whipped the candles. Edward picked the morning-star. The leather whip got transformed. Edward recoiled the slightly shorter morning-star whip. He knew it would work. Saria leaned against the wall. He made her to eat some food. “Here.” Constance gave her the goblet. Saria investigated the red liquid. “It isn’t blood.” The girl explained. “I hope not.” She had a sip. “I hope she doesn’t notice.” Edward sat on the chair. Angel put her head upon his knee. She didn’t drool. Edward played with her ears. Saria sat beside him. She emptied the cup. Edward relaxed. The dryad looked much better. “Who are you people?” Saria asked. He brushed through her hair. Charles pulled with his moustache. “My family built this house.” He then said. “We are lesser noblemen of the first realm.” Constance came back. She and the other servants had been busy with cleaning up the remains of the battle. Charles put an arm around her shoulder. “My daughter shall inherit my title after me.” Constance looked proud. “The king of Preussen supported our removal from Krakow to Walachia.” She released herself from her father’s arm. “The undead overthrew us before.” Charles looked grim. “We managed to rebuild our estate.” Edward knew. Simon Belmont infiltrated the mansions while his quest in 1691. “We shall make it again.” Charles assured. “This is my people.” He beheld each member in turn. “I won’t forsake them.” Saria bit on the end of her red hair. Edward pulled it out. She sent him a look. “You can’t stay.” Edward explained. “I have to find the countess.” He reached for the crucifix. “The battle might affect the building.” Edward looked round on the worried faces. “Where can we go?” An old woman twisted her apron. “Head for the village of Doina.” Saria told. “There is a church.” They began to talk. Some agreed, while others protested. “Silence!” Charles finally shouted. “Here, use this key.” He said. Edward took it. “This should open the door to the garden.” Charles told. Edward frowned. He thought all was clear with the master key. Then again, Edward failed to open the door within the hall. “The vampires attacked me in the greenhouse.” Charles looked sad. “Thank you.” Saria said. She seemed to realize. “You will have safe pass through the forest. The Krueger’s exchanged glances. Then Charles made the sign of the cross. “Beware of my ancestor.” Constance told. “Friedrich was raised from his grave.” Edward shuddered. “We all heard of Freddie Krueger and the nightmare at Elm’s street.” He had a deep breath. “I will do what I have to.” Charles nodded. He really looked old. Edward felt pity with him. He knew what it ment to loose everything. The Morris bloodline almost got wiped out by the black riders. Saria held his hand. The nobleman already began to organize. “Olga.” He told the old woman. “You call the house phone.” Constance shook her head. “Do you think any of the maids might come?” Edward moved for the exit. Saria followed. Angel went ahead. “Wait a moment.” Charles made them stop. “Beware of the corridors.” He said. “You might reach through the banquet hall.” Edward shook his head. “I am a vampire hunter.” He touched the whip. “The Lord will guide me.” Saria beamed. Edward pulled the hat down. She admired him so much. “Have faith.” He told. “He will not abandon us.” He smiled. “In the end, even the hearts of stone shall break.” He opened the door. Edward wished the family to survive. Angel barked. They were back in the hallway. The web was sticky to the touch. Edward cracked with the whip.

The old man continued to buzz about. The moon kept shining through the windows. The mistress told her to watch them. That she did. The Belmont and his hound were clever fighters. They wouldn’t get far. There was something else. The dryad scared her. She aspired for witchcraft. The mistress told she had a talent. She gave her blood willingly. That dryad was glowing. She thought of the sun in the forest. She was no mere sorceress or battle-mage. The dryad might become a druid. That was impossible! But what if it were true?

Rover manor, Oblivion ridge. The 16th. Of December 2098 A.D.

Angel howled. The spiders climbed down their web. Saria cut through the net. She wouldn’t let them harm her boyfriend. The spearman poked at her. They were at the other end of the corridor. Saria ducked. She shot an arrow. They were so close to that window. The skeleton took it on the shield. Edward caught the spear. He pulled it away. The skeleton hit him in the face. He staggered backward. Saria sang to make him relax. Edward struck with the whip. The morning-star weapon knocked it to pieces. Saria smiled. Then she turned. “Blue bow!” She caught the ghost. The arrow made him fade. Edward went in front. Angel leaped for the bats. Edward dashed into the next room. Saria shrieked when the chandelier crashed to the floor. She went after him. Angel whimpered. She didn’t like this either. Saria got to dodge another chandelier. “I am not Simon Belmont.” Edward repelled the silverware. Saria gasped. That wasn’t even real silver. The long tables where prepared for a great feast or banquet. Saria looked about. She couldn’t see the guests. More silverware came their way. Saria held up the shield. The items bounced back. Edward used the whip to destroy them. The ghost was so cold. She managed to defeat him. Edward opened the window. Fresh air wisped inside.

The night wind breathed cold through the opening. Edward replaced the key inside his pocket. Then he went back inside to might help his girlfriend. He crossed himself. The poltergeist kept playing around; throwing the furniture, silverware or releasing the chandliers. The dryad got shrouded in a flurry of moving breaking objects. Edward didn’t know what to do. He fused the Saturn and Mandragora cards to summon the owl familiar. The bird hoed before he lifted into the air. Edward made the sign of the cross. The owl might see beyond the obvious. The green blobs hit their targets. The phenomena exploded. Saria pulled through her red hair. She looked more beautiful then ever. He exhaled. Saria wasn’t really ment for him. Edward would tell the daughters as much. He dismissed. Saria sat down into a chair. She touched the life-tree medallion. Edward went to pick the crystals. “Are you alright?” Edward sat beside her. Angel approached. She got her ears up. Edward tapped her on the head. Angel swept with her tail. “Sure.” Saria got up. “You don’t have to worry.” She smiled. Edward admired her stamina. Saria might look delicate to the monsters. He knew otherwise. He got up before heading for the French window. Saria was right behind him. Angel was barking up a tree. The ravens spoke with harsh voices when swooping down. Edward reached for the whip. Saria got them first. They were not alone. The birds picked his dog. She barked and jumped to bite them. Saria pulled the string back toward her pointed ear. She got interrupted. “Deliver us from the Wicked One!” Edward reached for the crucifix. The skeletons forced through the ground. Saria got pulled backward. She lost the bow. Edward brandished with the morning-star whip. He got to block the bones. The birds left Angel behind to assist the bone-men. Edward combined the Pluto and Salamander cards to make dual spinning crosses to appear. The birds got defeated. Edward struck with the whip. He got the spell book. The fireballs broke the bone-men into pieces. Edward picked the crystals. He even knocked the candles. Saria found the bow. She got rid of the remaining ravens. Some birds kept about. Edward threw the vial. The birds took the hint. They disappeared into the garden. “Charles spoke of the greenhouse.” Saria reminded. Edward snapped out of the reverie. He still worried about the ravens. Edward was sure they would tell her about them. He exhaled. “So let it be.” Edward touched the crucifix. Saria looked up at him. Then she shrugged. Edward brushed through her red hair. The garden was a maze of dead and tangled vegetation. Edward frowned. Even the walls were overgrown by withered vines. He made the sign of the cross. The queen gave the map and compass. Edward should be able to navigate the maze. There was one question though. Were where the greenhouse? Saria was taking care of the problem. She climbed the elm trees. Edward tugged his beard. He prayed she would be alright.

The air was much cleaner out here. Angel went about the tree. She felt nervous. The Sheppard kept her airs low. She sniffed the air. Even her tail hung down. There got to be something. “I see it!” The tree she two-leg exclaimed. “I can see the greenhouse!” Angel raised her head. Her eyesight wasn’t that good. She could see. The she birds nested atop the pavilion. Angel barked her warning. The nest was right above. “Mother of trees!” The she shouted. The birds dashed toward the tree. Angel howled. The ravens swooped from atop the building. The breeder brandished with his whip. He got surrounded by the skeleton men. The white Sheppard growled. She leaped upon his back. Angel tore his head off. The necklace burned bright as gold. “God with us!” He shouted. Angel moved her tail. The flying sharp things were upon her. He doused her with that water. The sharp things burned on contact. Angel showed her teeth. The bone-man picked her up. She smashed through his face. He still tried to squeeze her. Angel winched. She kept ripping until the head fell off. Then the skeleton collapsed. Angel was free, though she felt a bit dizzy. The crystal turned into a bowl of water. She eagerly drank it all up. Then she was fit again. Angel leaped upon another skeleton.

Rover manor, Oblivion ridge. The 16th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The harpies flapped about. Saria heard about such creatures. They were Greek prostitutes cast out of society. Strange, but back then, she almost felt pity on them. The brunette spread her wings to release feathers. Saria got stabbed. The blonde sister went to impale her. “Not tonight, you bitch!” She held up the shield. “Magic shield!” The harpy hurt herself on impact. The brunette and redhead brandished their lances. Saria sang. The “Bolero of Fire” gave her an edge. Edward hurled meteors to might confuse the attack. He really got his own problems. The ravens and skeletons kept him occupied. “Star bow!” The harpies were too quick. She didn’t get an aim. Edward used the cards. She was certain about it. Her boyfriend made it rain with holy water. The harpies shrieked. Saria fired. She pierced the blonde through her heart. Then it was she who screamed. The brunette kept releasing feathers. They went like tiny blades through the air. They might hurt her. The redhead went in for the kill. Saria snarled. She waited until the harpy got close enough. Then she fired the moon arrow. The woman was dead. Saria exhaled. She had a last look at the greenhouse. Then Saria went down to join the fight. Edward brandished with the whip. Saria was in love. She unsheathed the druid blade.

The fight was over. Edward drew sweat of his forehead. He made the sign of the cross. Then Edward replaced the hat. He cracked with the morning-star whip. This would be difficult. The garden was a labyrinth. Saria found an opening within the thicket. Edward thought of Gabriel Belmont. The fallen ancestor searched a garden maze in 1047. He dismissed. No true Belmont liked to think about him. Gabriel’s sons had to kill their own father. He shuddered. Angel turned to look at him. The Sheppard was clever to read his emotions. Edward smiled. He tapped her on the head. This wasn’t really a labyrinth either. Not like the one which Reinhardt Schneider and Carrie Fernandez discovered in 1852. This place was a result of ruin and decay. Saria shot the skeletons. They haunted these grounds. Edward got the whip. Angel leaped for the ravens. Edward would use the compass to keep them on track. “No problem.” He muttered. Saria sent him a glance. Edward shook his head. The dryad shrugged. She picked another arrow. Edward smiled. Saria was so cute. He wished he could hold her forever and ever. Edward sighed. That was not an option. She wouldn’t live long outside the forest. She shot the bird. Edward touched the crucifix. He was more interested about the green-life. Not all the flowers had withered. Then he recognised. “Lay down!” He told his pet. Angel threw herself down. Edward leaped upon his girlfriend. The Stone rose released a spiky seed. Edward got up to strike with the flame whip. The seed rebounded. The impact turned the hedge to stone. Saria was shaking. She managed to nail with a moon arrow. The rose burst open. The powder stoned the area. Edward threw the vial in a high arch. The holy water burned the plant before it might be turned to stone. Edward breathed. The skeleton appeared to tug him. Edward threw the dagger forward. The Bowie-knife made it to collapse. Saria fired the sun and moon arrows to get rid of the roses. His dog kept the ravens occupied. Edward got another problem. The harpies hid among the rubble. Once upon a time, that garbage might be a fountain. He dismissed. The harpies released multiple pointed feathers. Edward bit together. He was hit. They hurt. The mail couldn’t protect him from this. The trio gloated about his frustration. Edward revealed the crucifix. They shrieked. “Great is the mystery of faith.” He said. Two sisters dashed to stab him. Edward combined the Pluto and Serpent cards to hurl two looping axes in opposite direction. The harpies died. The third almost got him. Angel got hold of her leg. She would pine her. Edward dashed. He threw the vial into her face. The harpy shrieked as she burst into fire. Angel dropped. She disliked the flames. Edward got the crystal. “Show me the way.” Saria teased. She finished off the roses. The dryad looked grim. Edward knew she disliked to kill the plant-life. He shook his head. Edward checked the compass. “We have to climb that rubble.” He went for the fountain. “Wait!” Saria called. The stone roses blossomed. Edward wished he knew were did the wild roses grow. He let it drop. Edward hurled a wave of holy water. He would freeze them to death. Some of the plants got forced open. Edward had no time to celebrate. The skeletons forced their way through the ground. Edward brandished with the whip. He would get them. He would get them all. They broke to pieces. “Magic arrow!” Saria released another arrow. The roses were not dead. Edward roared. The swingers hid among the branches. They used their long tail to move about the branches. Angel barked up at them. Edward agreed. John Morris and Eric Lecarde told about them. They dwelled in the park outside the Versailles palace. Edward didn’t know what to do. The monkeys threw boomerang-like sickles at him. Edward managed to repel them. He fused the Diana and Thunderbird cards. Edward twirled with the whip. The electricity went like a circle, a shield. He took out a flurry of sickle boomerangs. Saria pulled the string back toward her ear. She shot them all down. Angel protected against the ravens. Edward got past the debris. He knocked the candles. The skeleton tried to stop him. Edward tossed a knife. The bone-man crumbled into pieces. “Edward!” The warning came in time. Saria noticed the wiper swarm. They pressed through the rubble. Edward whipped them into submission. He checked the compass. They were still heading in the right direction. He crossed himself. The harpies didn’t like that very much. They tried to impale him. “So let it be!” Edward threw the axe in a high arch.

The breeder hurled the claw in a high arch. Angel growled. The winged she would not harm him. She leaped to catch the blonde. Angel caught her between her teeth. The taste was so ugly. The Sheppard knew she should never bite the hand which fed her. That was the first rule of dog dom. This thing didn’t do that. She was an enemy. Angel could tell by the stench. No two-leg ever smelled this bad. The harpy hit her in the head. Angel was forced to let go. She didn’t look that filthy. The nose told her otherwise. Angel growled. The tree she sang to quiet the monsters. She kept shooting sharp things at them. Her breeder struck with the whip to release a wildfire. Angel winched. She didn’t like burning. The harpy reached her by the neck. She screamed. The silver crosses burned her fingers. Angel turned on her. The necklace was blazing like the sun. The harpy flapped her wings. He rammed her with the liquid. The harpy burst apart. Angel whimpered. She touched the crystal. The water was nice. She drank it all. “Angel.” He called her to follow. The white Sheppard left the empty bowl. She would track him, no matter what. They went into the garden. She handled the skeleton man. Angel got to be ready. The swingers hid among the branches. The breeder hurled the cross. Angel barked.

Rover manor, Oblivion ridge. The 16th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The stone rose withered. Saria leaned against the trunk. She hated this place. The garden might be a wonderful place. Not anymore. Saria pushed herself away from the tree. The ravens looked down at her through eyes without pity. The dryad shuddered. “Magic arrow!” She pulled the string back toward her ear. The raven cried. Black feathers fell on the snow. Angel leaped to bite them. Edward got up. The wipers crawled from the rubble. He whipped the swarm into oblivion. Edward drew sweat of his forehead. Saria also felt warm. She guessed it was because of the battle. “Star shield!” She blocked the sickles. The magic made them to explode. Edward put his arms around her. She smiled as he played with her breasts. Then he suddenly let go. The whip went through the air. The fireballs caught the swingers off guard. The impact knocked them to pieces. “You are so good.” She whispered in his ear. “When you are bad.” She wished he would do such things with her right now. They got no time. The harpies went with their lances. Edward threw the axe. “Blue sword!” Saria unsheathed the druid blade. The skeletons were back. They pushed through the ground. Saria touched the life tree medallion. The skeletons hurled bones at her. She hid behind the shield.

The harpy shrieked before she burst into fire. Edward sighed. They had to fight. The monsters would be rewarded if they killed him. “No problem.” Edward smirked. It was an empty grimace. The skeleton got hold around his neck. He missed the harpy. The redhead smiled. She aimed the lance, ready to kill. Edward stamped with the crucifix. The bone-man let go. He still held it in hand when the harpy arrived. She got struck from the sky. Edward crossed himself. The swingers made nasty gestures before hurling sickles. Edward fused the Jupiter and Unicorn cards to create the holy shield. Edward lowered his head while the boomerangs rebounded backward. The harpy got up on her feet. She touched her forehead. It was such a human gesture. Edward picked together. Angel bit her. “Get off me!” She snapped. Angel winched. The Sheppard didn’t get it. Edward combined the Pluto and Salamander cards to make it rain with holy water. The downpour cleared the area. Edward exhaled. He picked the crystals. Saria supported herself against the bow. She blew him a kiss. Edward smiled. The ravens disturbed the moment. The birds went from atop the pillars. Edward threw the axes into the air. He cut up some ravens, although that wasn’t enough. Saria was quicker this time. She shot arrows at them. Edward got involved with the swingers. The monkeys kept chasing them. Edward waited until they got the sikles in the air. Then he reached for the crucifix. He got the heart of fire. Edward flouted in the air while the enflamed cross appeared overhead. The swingers burst into pieces. The ravens went along. Edward inhaled. The chill air felt nice. He claimed the crystals. Edward let Saria knock the candles. She would need the arrows. Edward could see the greenhouse by now. He picked up the Sheppard before gathering force. She didn’t like that. Angel looked up at him. Edward knew she trusted him. He leaped over the rubble. Then he let go. “They cut down the tree.” Saria landed beside him. Edward looked back. She was right. Edward embraced her. Something moved at the corner of his eye. Edward let go. The skeletons hung from the tree. “They must be executed.” He guessed. Saria hid her eyes. The ravens left their branches. Some even sat on the skeletons. Edward shuddered. But then they began to break free. He cracked with the whip. “Star bow! Magic arrow!” Saria fired. Edward threw the dagger forward. The bone-man collapsed. Then Edward got hit. Angel leaped upon the enemies. Edward picked together. He threw the cross forward.

The computer gave an overlook. That was of no concern. She might get an image through the window. The sun would rise in less then an hour. So let it be. The scientist made a calculation upon the schematic. Never the less, this was cursed earth. The family defiled these grounds with murder. Thus the undead might receive an invitation. How amusing. The men were so absurd. They gave them life, and might take it away. The veil concealed her features from view. No one would care. The hunters fought with such valour. It was all in wain.

Rover manor, Oblivion ridge. The 16th. Of December 2098 A.D.

They joined in the fight. “Mother of trees!” Saria exclaimed. The harpies nested atop the greenhouse. The trio spread out to kill them. Saria was angry. She still got trouble with the ravens. They flew in circles to might find an opening. Angel tried to take them. Saria smiled. She couldn’t help it. The birds were afraid of the dog. Saria got beneath the feathers. She had no armour. “Star shield!” The brunette struck herself to pieces upon the impact. The sister caught her from behind. “Be still.” The harpy said. Saria let go of the bow to pick the sword and shield. The harpy forced her to drop the weapons. “You really are such a cute little toy.” She gloated. The third woman was busy with the Sheppard. Angel still tried to help her. “They can’t help you.” The harpy whispered in her air. The wings moved up and down while the girl touched her. “Come with me.” She cooed. “I don’t think so.” Saria sang the “Ballad of Blizzard”. The harpy shrieked. She froze over. Saria got back down. She picked the sword and shield. Edward threw the dagger. The harpies were dead. Angel lay on the snow. She looked weary. Saria hoped she was alright. The stone roses shot spiky seeds. Saria made a back-flip. The flowers grew in a bed made of blue bricks. Saria retrieved the bow-and-arrows.

The skeletons regrouped for another attack. Edward tugged his beard. The stone roses were the real problem. The skeleton men threw bones into the air. Edward hurled the axe. He got to confuse their numbers. The raven picked him. Edward presented the crucifix. “I can’t reach them!” Saria called. “The bricks support them!” Edward dashed. He threw the dagger forward. The Bowie-knife broke the bone-man apart. Edward brandished with the whip. He reached among them. The brandishing technique gave an edge. Edward might fight both the skeletons and ravens at the same time. He hoped Julius Belmont would be proud. He made some bad decisions. Edward let it drop. Nothing man did could ever compete with the work of God. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost!” Edward twirled with the morning-star weapon. He created the gold whip. The skeletons crumbled while the ravens burned. Edward made the sign of the cross. “Get down!” Saria called. “Blue shield!” The seed collided. Edward tightened his grip. The seed rebounded. Then it broke apart. He exhaled. Edward got up. The flowers kept shooting. Angel hid behind the trunk. What was going on? The bricks offered a perfect protection. Edward made a glide. He threw three vials in a row. The blue bricks exploded. Angel wined. Saria fired a sun arrow. The stone roses withered. Some got broken up. Edward struck with the ghost whip. His mind was a weapon. The powder turned everything to stone. Saria picked a moon arrow. The shot killed off the rest. Edward picked the crystals. The greenhouse was ahead. Saria approached. Edward remained to behold the statues. The three mounted knights stirred his memory. Edward frowned. There was something about the quest in 2047. Edward tugged his beard. Angel went to follow Saria. Edward exhaled. He let go of the matter. “Mother of trees!” Saria exclaimed. Edward crossed himself. The figure rose like a wail of snow. Angel barked a warning. The man didn’t move. Edward didn’t trust him. “Good evening.” He spoke with a crisp American accent. The green and red pinstriped suit might be something ripped from the 1980s, although the boots didn’t fit him very well. That was only rubbish. The man raised both hands toward his face. “My name is Friedrich.” What was that about the glove? He only wore upon his right hand. He smiled. “But please, feel free to call me Freddie.” The razors upon the glove seemed to split the face, like a mask. “Freddie Krueger.” Angel wined. Edward got the picture. Charles had warned them. “No, please. No. No. No!” Saria hid her face. Edward would like to do the same. The bald man’s face was hideous to behold. “I was burned.” The scars made it quite obvious. “You are crazy.” Edward tried to gather. “You murder children.” Freddie Krueger merely shrugged. “The police didn’t think so.” The smirk was disgustive. “Then again; what do you expect from a child who’s mother was gang raped by 100 maniacs?” Edward bit his lip. “That isn’t their fault.” Saria was pulling up. “From what I heard, you killed your wife.” The madman exposed his fangs. Edward crossed himself. Freddie Krueger was resurrected by the undead. He had become like them. “Shut up.” Freddie snapped. “I perished in flames and fire.” The dryad turned pale. Edward reached for the whip. “Strange though” The serial killer didn’t seem to notice. “I got an analyze.” The smirk was back. “My soul is made up of fire, wind, thunder, magic and Chaos.” Freddie seemed to almost sing those words. Edward tightened his grip. This was no mere vampire. “Satan promised me eternal life.” The blue eyes seemed to burn red with the fires of Hell. “I have the power of possession.” Edward shuddered. The nightmare, of course, it had to be. “Thus I reached inside their souls.” Freddie reached out his right hand. The razors were obvious. “So I call them to service; the riders of the Storm.” Edward sighed, though he would hunt the night. “I call upon you!” Freddie Krueger no longer spoke to them. “Wind! Thunder! Lightning! Hear me! Rise and fight! In the name of Satan!” The mounted knights turned round. “So let it be done!” Edward presented the crucifix. Saria fired. The madman stepped aside. He snarled. Saria reached for the moon arrow. Freddie turned into a wolf. He would escape. Saria chased after him. Angel went along. He made the sign of the cross. This was his battle. Edward cracked with the whip.

This was a success. He split their team. Freddie couldn’t possess the dryad bitch. She got no soul. The same went for the mutt. They only got spirits. The Belmonts never gave up. They might continue to fight, even if it was in death. That may be. But Freddie would dine on their blood. He regained the human form. For so long he was the victim of intended murder. Freddie would turn the table. He would show them. Drac’s followers granted him new life. He wouldn’t throw that away. She came to fight. Freddie smirked. She looked real tasty.

Rover manor, Oblivion ridge. The 16th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The greenhouse was rather elegant. Or it might be. Saria pushed it aside. Freddie was there. The flowers and green-life created a perfect battlefield. She hung up the bow. “You won’t kill me.” Freddie Krueger rose like a pillar of dust. “I will.” He reached his left hand. There where no glove on this one. “Add you to my collection.” Saria unsheathed the short sword. She made her move. Angel was barking. Freddie laughed. The steam blast collided with the white Sheppard. “Angel!” Saria screamed. Angel got knocked cold. Edward would never forgive her. Not for this. He adored his pet. Saria threw herself sideways. Freddie got armed. The sword might slice her. “Just relax.” The killer opened his right hand. The sonic blast shot from between his fingers. Saria licked her lips. She might be stunned in place. “I like your style.” He made the lightning blast. “Dance a little more.” Freddie gloated. Saria made a glide. She figured how by watching her boyfriend. Saria wasn’t like the teens of his haunting. Freddie Krueger made a sort of throwing gesture. The three glowing balls burst when hitting the surface. Saria exhaled. She might get caught in the net of the explosions. “Come on.” Freddie beconed. “Show me your tricks.” Saria got close. She forgot the razors. Freddie smirked.

The undead made no mistake. Freddie Krueger gathered the riders of the storm. They were alive. This was not reanimation or possession. Edward wished he got eyes in his back. The riders wore heavy blue and grey armour. The only real chance lay in the brandishing technique. The iron grey horses also got clad in steel. Edward was sure there got to be flesh and bone inside the armour. The riders came to plunder the riches of the land of the living. “So it is.” Edward cracked with the Undead Killer. The riders could fly. He made the sign of the cross. The wind rider stabbed with the lance to create a whirlwind. Edward got beneath. He barely survived. The lightning rider slashed with his blade to make lightning strike. Edward combined the Pluto and Serpent cards to throw the axe and dagger. The thunder rider turned his helmet. The war hammer caused shock waves when striking the air. Edward hurled a wave of holy water. He burned the wind rider. Gravial neighed. Edward exhaled. The rider got wounded. He had no time to celebrate. The lightning rider struck to release the magnetic orb. Edward fused the Jupiter and Serpent cards to shield himself. The ice balls turned anti-clockwise. The orb exploded upon impact. He brandished with the morning-star whip. The thunder rider was forced to retreat. But then the riders of the storm combined their power to create a real thunder storm. Edward only survived by the aid of his crucifix. The barrier blocked the assault. Edward realized about the weak link. He gathered his mystics to jump high enough to strike the wind rider. The knight almost got knocked from his saddle. The thunder rider caused another shock wave. Edward got petrified. The lightning rider went for the kill. Edward might still use the spell book. The fireballs collided against the armour. Both the knight and Gravial got struck from the air. The other riders came from both sides. Edward couldn’t move. He didn’t have to. He combined the Pluto and Salamander cards to make the axes to fly forward. The wind rider got hit several times. The magic armour saved him from dying. The lightning rider was getting back up. Edward got free. He leached with tripled strikes. The thunder rider got repelled. The lightning rider was getting close. Edward kept the spell book. He brandished with the whip to release a second round of fireballs. The knight got obscured with flame. Edward used the opportunity to dodge the tornado. The wind rider was back in action. Edward made a glide. He went beneath. Edward got back up to combine the Diana and Cockatrice cards. The stone pellets went through the air. The riders of the storm got turned to stone. He made the sign of the cross. Edward fused the Pluto and Salamander cards to make it rain with holy water. The riders got hurt. The lightning knight was the first who got back in action. Edward almost got rammed by the orbs. He didn’t dare to strike them. Edward missed his girlfriend. The others arrived. They created another thunder storm. Edward was hit. He felt like being blasted. The knights laughed in triumph. Edward groaned. He managed to combine the Neptune and Thunderbird cards. Edward only survived because the combo absorbed their magic. “God with us!” He called before hurling the vial. The lightning rider got soaked by holy water. Flames burst and burned on impact. Edward made the sign of the cross. He got caught by the tornado. The whirlwind sent him sprawling against the trunk of a tree. That left him real dizzy. The thunder rider struck with the hammer. Edward threw himself upon the snow. Then he hurled three crosses. The thunder knight got caught of guard. The crosses went home. The thunder rider got struck from the steed. The others came to help him. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” Edward combined the Apollo and Serpent cards before hurling the ice bomb. The knights got frozen over. Edward leaped to strike with the whip. He got the lightning rider before he might rise. The knight got forced to his knees. But then he got petrified. The thunder rider laughed by his misery. Edward inhaled. He closed his eyes. Then Edward used his last remaining crystals. He flouted in the air while the flaming cross burst overhead. The riders of the storm got bathed in flames. They fell on their knees. Edward made the sign of the cross. He would have to fend for himself. The lightning rider got back up. He went to climb upon Gravial. Edward made a glide. He struck with the morning-star whip. The knight shuddered. His armour was soaked in blood. Edward bit his lip. The lightning rider fell back down. The wind rider was back on his horse. He aimed with the lance to create a whirlwind. Edward managed to sidestep. He dodged the bolt of lightning. The thunder rider tightened his grip. Edward dashed. He stamped with the crucifix. The knight staggered. Edward roared. He struck with the whip. The thunder rider exploded. The shock wave threw him on his back. The rider left a pile of crystals. Edward got no time to pick them. The lightning rider kept releasing magnetic orbs. Edward ran. The wind rider caused another tornado. Edward got caught in the whirlwind. That actually gave an upper hand. Edward landed before the lightning knight. He stamped with the crucifix. The rider moaned. Edward crossed himself. The wind knight approached. He dashed to stab with the lance. Edward grabbed hold. He used it to force himself forward. The rider didn’t expect him to do that. Edward struck with the whip before the knight might fire a shot. The lightning rider slashed with the sword. Edward ducked. Gravial tried to stamp on him. Edward held up the crucifix. They tried to get loose. The flames burned their armour. The lightning knight perished in the process. Edward actually managed to pick some crystals. The wind rider went straight up. Edward didn’t waste time. He picked all the remaining gemstones. They really replenished his energy. They exchanged glances. The wind knight caused other whirlwinds. The snow got hurled about. Edward managed to dodge. The knight kept him off balance. The heavy wind and snow attacks kept him from getting close. They even kept him from using the sub-weapons. The cards were to no avail. Edward tightened his grip. Each time he tried to combine, the wind rider would fly away. Edward got an idea. He left it in the hands of God. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost!” He suddenly wished that Julius was here. He might cast the riders out of society. Edward combined the Saturn and Salamander cards. The bat appeared to spit fireballs. The wind knight dodged the set. Edward knew he would. He already fused the Saturn and Griffon cards. The sprite winked when she appeared. The wind rider tried to impale the maiden. She smiled. “This is for Nathan!” She called when hurling homing balls. The wind knight got struck. The repeated onslaught made him to explode. The bat and sprite familiars disappeared. “Thank you, Lord.” Edward removed the hat. He made the sign of the cross. Edward exhaled. Freddie Krueger did this to delay him. Edward shuddered. He might do horrible things to his hound and girlfriend. He tightened the grip upon the whip. Edward picked the gems before he went for the greenhouse.

The outburst cast shadows upon the wall. Freddie Kruger laughed. She was quite the dancer. The dryad was a pleasure to behold. “Watch!” He held up the gloved hand. Chaos gathered into a spiked ball. “Catch!” Freddie teased. She made a sudden spin. Freddie snarled. He struck with the sword. The nymph got beneath. Freddie was about to teleport when she stabbed him through the side. “You bitch!” He cried as blood ran down his pinstriped side. The hore didn’t pine his heart, although it still hurt. Freddie slashed with the right gloved hand. “Star shield!” The razor got buried within the glowing shield. Freddie struggled to get free. “Magic sword!” The dryad bitch slashed through his chest. Freddie roared. He managed to teleport. He reappeared to blast a shock wave. The dryad threw herself flat on the floor. The mutt was coming around. Freddie Krueger got the power of possession. He summoned the rats to aid him. The tiny mammals went through the cracks and potholes. The white bastard barked before it leached itself upon his pets. Freddie screamed with frustration. “Blue shield!” The nymph was back. She dashed straight into him. The vampire shrieked upon impact. The three magic orbs made her to retreat. “You are a hore!” Freddie told.

Rover manor, Oblivion ridge. The 16th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The madman smiled. Saria felt chills down her spine. He was so certain. Angel barked. She still chased the rats. Freddie teleported like mist. Saria licked her lips. The laugher told he was back. “Dance for me.” Freddie mocked. He made lightning strike. “Star shield!” Saria screamed upon impact. The force was horrible. She managed to block him out. “No!” Freddie was taken aback. Saria sung to might stun him. She then fired a sun arrow. Freddie managed to dodge. The explosion made him stagger. Saria dashed. “Star blade!” She nailed through his stomach. “Blue shield!” Saria blocked his blade. The sword froze and broke into pieces. “You slut!” Freddie bellowed. He slashed with the razors. Saria shrieked. He cut her face. Freddie went to strike again. Saria still got the sword. The vampire impaled himself upon the blade. His blood splashed about. Saria felt sick. She forced not to throw up. Freddie vanished like mist. He reappeared while spitting blood. “You bitch.” He bubbled. “I am not finished with you yet.” He struggled to speak. “The next time… “ He didn’t finish. Saria aimed with the bow. The serial killer staggered back. He vanished again. Saria let go. Freddie appeared right in front. The arrow went through the neck. Saria gasped. Freddie Krueger burned into ashes.

The rats shrieked. Edward got a problem. Angel leaped to greet him. There was that cracking sound again. “Protect us from the wicked One!” Edward reached for the crucifix. He knew that Simon Belmont fought this monster in 1688. That was no comfort. The stain-glass ghost broke from the window. He came to stab with the sword. Edward gathered enough to hurl the vial. The stain-glass figure got shattered into pieces. Saria aimed with the bow-and-arrows. The leopard leached itself upon his girlfriend. The arrow pierced its neck. No matter, the body forced her down. Angel closed her jaws. She bit the rat. Edward brandished with the morning-star whip. He knew someone was watching. It would have to wait. The stain-glass ghosts kept tearing loose. Saria got free from the leopard’s corpse. The female already circled about. Edward tugged his beard. He whipped the stain-glass ghosts into oblivion. Then he dashed to hurl the dagger forward. “Star shield!” Saria ducked. The Bowie-knife pierced the neck. The big wild cat collapsed upon the floor. The stain-glass ghost hurled pointed shards. Edward snarled. The pieces cut him up. The stain-glass figure got no face; though he was sure they laughed at him. Edward presented the crucifix. The figure withdrew. Saria shot an arrow. The stain-glass ghost shattered on impact. Angel whimpered. She got ambushed by the rats. He combined the Pluto and Salamander cards to make it rain with holy water. The mammals got defeated. The white Sheppard drank the water. Edward let her have the crystals. The leopard threw itself atop. Edward got tackled. The wild cat tried to rip him with all four paws. The mail shirt saved him. The leopard didn’t get through. Angel bit through the neck. The leopard leaped to tackle her down. Edward got up. He couldn’t help her. Saria shot the male before it might attack. The third leopard forced her to stagger. Edward snarled. He leached to save his girlfriend. “Blue shield!” The dryad froze the leopard. Edward tugged his beard. She was good. Angel and the leopard still rolled on the floor. He thought of the cards. The stain-glass ghost made him to think otherwise. They stabbed with their blades. Edward ducked. The splinters cut him. Saria fired the moon arrow. The manifestation burst into pieces. There were others like it. Saria unsheathed her sword. “Magic sword! Star blade!” She made the druid blade to shine. The ghosts really didn’t like that. Edward brandished with the morning-star whip. He threw the axes in a high arch. The stain-glass figures broke apart. Edward made the sign of the cross. The music had a strong influence. Edward looked skyward. The tiny figures sat upon the girders. The sirens lay on display. Edward swallowed. They got no cloath. The sirens smiled at him, winked at him, while singing. Their music touched his soul. Edward got a sudden greedy desire to be with them. He got what he wanted. Edward met their cousins in the forest. He could resist their temptation. Oh Lord, might He help him to resist. Angel was confused. She killed the leopard. Saria re-sheathed the blade. She hung up the shield. Edward closed his eyes. The dryad shook her red hair. The sirens sang. Edward took a step forward. Saria held his hand. Angel leaped in front. The hound growled her warning. She would bite them. Edward smiled. He tightened the grip. Saria was close. She loved him. Edward was certain about it. He had no desire for these devils. Saria looked up into his face. She smiled. The sirens leaped from their purches. They landed about. Edward inhaled. The German Sheppard shared his emotions. Angel leaped upon the sirens. The music died. The sisters shrieked. Edward didn’t wait. He struck with the whip. “Star shield!” Saria dashed in among the sirens. They began to sing. Saria staggered. Edward presented the crucifix. He fused the Plito and Serpent cards. The spinning crosses made them to scatter. Saria picked together. Their music had no real effect on her, although it made her dizzy. Edward threw the vials into the air. They wouldn’t dare to touch her. Saria blew him a kiss. That was all they needed. The sirens got him. They would make him their slave. Edward shuttered. He stamped them out. The women burned into ashes. Edward inhaled. That was close. He picked the crystals. The sirens were dead. Saria leaned against the bow. “Sorry.” He said. She shook her head. “You don’t have to be.” She drew sweath of her forehead. “I know it isn’t easy.” Edward let it drop. He was grateful she took it that way. Edward then left to investigate the greenhouse. Charled told he got ambushed in here. Edward tugged his beard. He wished to tell them something important. But what could that be? Edward frowned. He got no answer. “Wait a moment.” He told. There was another blue brick, though this one hid a niche in the floor. Saria arched an eyebrow. Edward hoped this would work. Simon Belmont managed in 1692. He got the holy water. Edward hurled the vial in a high arch. The brick burst into pieces. Edward brandished with the morning-star whip to might defeat any monsters inside. He knocked the candle. “Glory be You.” Edward made the sign of the cross. “Our Father in Heaven.” He found the laurels. They couldn’t be the real thing. Torah got the true item. Edward didn’t mind. He might heal the dryad. She beheld him while he put a hand on her forehead. “So let it be.” The legend was true. The wounds on her face were healed. “Thank you.” Edward worshipped the Lord in his heart. Saria put her arms around his neck. “No.” Saria kissed him. “Thank you.” He answered the challenge. For a while, they got lost in each others arms. Then Edward got up. Saria sighed. Edward shook his head. He beheld the laurels. Then he put them into a purse. The Lord was great and merciful. Now they might fight. “Edward.” Saria said. Angel growled. “I know.” He sighed. Although they won, the greenhouse wasn’t quite empty. The wheelchair turned so that the lady might face them. “Congratulations.” She tapped on the laptop computer to make it talk. Edward frowned. She couldn’t speak. The woman was hooked up to their network. The in-plant went straight up to her ear. “You fight glorious.” The computer was talking. The Victorian veil of heavy Spanish laces concealed her features. “Who are you?” Saria hung up the bow. She looked ready to aim it. “I am called Palomino.” She raised both arms toward the hood. “Though you should know my real name.” The black cloak was decorated with red and white fur. The embroideries shone with gold in the moonlight. Edward frowned. She didn’t belong. “Dr. Pamela Reisly Porter.” Edward tugged his beard. She got to be the famous medical genetic and computer scientist who made the breakthrough in 2060. “You were the first who succeeded in creating genetic replications.” Dr. Reisly Porter closed the laptop. Saria fired. The Doctor was out of the wheelchair. She cast off the veil and cloak. She didn’t change at all. Edward cracked with the whip. He combined the Diana and Serpent cards. The ice pellets went through the air. “No.” The scientist smiled. She still looked to be 25 years old. “I don’t think so.” Edward stared. Beneath the shroud, Pamela got light chocolate brown skin. The black and blonde hair was tied into Rasta braids. “As I said.” She smiled, her blue eyes twinkled. “Not now.” Under the white coat, she wore a simple black and white cocktail dress, pointed shoes and silk stockings. Edward felt a sudden greedy desire to possess her. Pamela was unlike most of the scientist he knew. “Mother of trees!” Saria exclaimed. The Doctor natural red lips parted to reveal her fangs. “Lord! Help me!” Edward cried. “Into Your hands I commit my soul!” He regained control. Edward would release her from Dracula’s curse. “Enough.” Pamela was encaged within a Torpor glyph. “This is a waste of time.” She tapped on the computer. Edward crossed himself. Pamela opened a dark gate. She left. “Come on.” Saria pulled at his coat. “The greenhouse is about to crumble.” Angel was at the door. Her ears were down. Edward hurried to keep up. He got what he wanted. They barely escaped in time. The entire building collapsed. Edward and Saria watched it crumble. Angel’s ears came up. He shook his head. The mansion was still standing. “Come.” He said. “Let’s hunt the night.” Saria hid her mouth. Edward cracked with the Undead Killer whip. He was sure she hid a smile.

The stench made her to howl. The breeder and tree she had noticed. They spread out to might counter the cats. Angel kept howling. The enemies hid among the ruins. “Preserve us from the evil One!” The dancing demon had arrived. The white Sheppard whimpered. Libris smile was filled with ecstasy. The cats seemed to glow. The she two legs fired her bow-and-arrows. The dancing she screamed on impact, though she didn’t pine her. The breeder dodged the flurry of throwing stars. He made a glide. The lady cats brandished their weapons. They were ready to fight. The hunter leached with successive slashes. The cats were forced to retreat. Angel got her ears pulled back. The stench was almost unbearable. She couldn’t figure how they resisted. The tree she shot an arrow. Angel winched. She disliked the sun fire. The dancing devil got scorched. “Some evil might only be stamped through fire!” Her master shouted. He tugged with his beard. “I know!” The tree she called back. He then struck with the whip to repel the stars. Angel got her tail up. He could withstand. The female screamed. She almost got frozen over. Angel barked. The hunter struck with the whip. Angel might smell the magic. He released a flurry of fireballs. The cats pulled back. Then they threw the stars.

Rover manor, Oblivion ridge. The 16th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The three seductive demons danced abroad. Saria got to fight her own emotions. She knew this wasn’t the time to feel confused about things. Edward dodged the throwing stars. He leached with the brandishing technique. The Ninja warrior stabbed with the Sai. Saria almost shrieked. Libris shook with her dark hair. She was Satan’s girlfriend. The shadow engulfed them with malice. Saria licked her lips. She picked an arrow. Edward struck with the whip to release fireballs. The lady killers avoided the impact. Libris was laughing. Then they began to dance. The dryad fired. Saria made a grimace. The explosion was spectacular, although the concubines survived. Edward presented the crucifix. The morning-star whip was on fire. He got occupied by the Ninja. Libris watched him fight. Then Angel suddenly dashed. Saria grabbed her by the necklace. The black and white killers released their magic. She let go to fire a sun arrow. Angel swept with the tail. The shot went home. Libris got bathed in flames. The sisters tried to kiss her. Saria began to sing. The “Ballad of Blizzard” made them to freeze in place. Edward dodged the flame blasts. He barely survived. Saria inhaled. She sang the “Bolero of Fire”. The music made the area to burn. Then Edward threw the enflamed daggers.

The lady cats shrieked. Edward touched the crucifix. The killers were bleeding. He combined the Jupiter and Salamander cards. The Ninja fighters released flame or frost magic. The fire bomb exploded on impact. Saria aimed with her bow. She released with a sun arrow. The harlot got pierced through the neck. There was one dancer left. Edward reached for the crucifix. The lady cats reappeared to throw the stars. He focused the mystics. Then Edward leaped above the attack. Before they might turn, he threw a wave of holy water. The killers shrieked while burning. Some managed to roll about. The ice ripples crushed the ruins. Edward was forced to run. Angel was howling. She leaped upon a killer. Edward was relieved she survived. He worshipped the Lord. Saria climbed the tree. She killed Libris. The cats looked up at his girlfriend. Edward combines the Saturn and Salamander cards. Saria fired. The sun arrow went home while the bat spat fireballs. The lady killers got blasted into oblivion. Saria climbed down. Edward shook his head. He used the laurels. That made him to feel much better. They shared the crystals. Even Angel got something to drink. Edward sat upon the trunk. Saria stood before him. “Edward.” She said. Saria didn’t need to tell. She opened the tunic to expose her breasts. She giggled when Edward bent to kiss the nipples. Then she gasped. He knew she enjoyed. The dryad opened his belt. She removed his trousers. Saria pulled back and forth. Now it was Edward who groaned. Saria didn’t let go until climax. She fell down into his lap. Edward held her close. Then he shuddered. The weather was cold. They got up. Angel reappeared. She ate some food. The white Sheppard looked ready to fight. Saria gave him the hat. Edward put it on. Then he sighed. Although they defeated the monsters, they were back to start. “Let’s return to the mansion.” He told. “We might find another exit. Saria looked up into his face. She pulled back the red hair. “We might use the key.” She reached into her purse. “I found it in his ashes while you claimed the laurels.” Edward inspected the key. It didn’t look different then any other of its kind. That didn’t matter. Angel recognised his emotions. She swept with the tail. Edward tapped her back. “I love you.” Saria blushed. She wiped her hands clean with the snow. Edward looked about. He was afraid there might be some other killers about. He shook his head. Everything was quiet. The den looked even worse then when they entered. Edward made the sign of the cross. “What are you waiting for?” Saria got ready. She picked another arrow. “Let’s search for my sister.” Edward agreed. He was wasting time. “Let’s go then.” Edward said while he recoiled the morning-star whip. Saria smiled. They began to walk. Angel already got ahead. She barked before leaping forward. “God with us!” Edward called. The ravens swooped from the treetops. Angel tried to bite them. “Magic arrow!” Saria fired. The harpy went to impale her. Edward brandished with the whip. The blonde and redhead sisters flapped about. He threw the axe. Edward got to keep them back. The German Sheppard tried to shield him. She tore the birds. They went to pick him. The harpies released their feathers. Edward made a glide. He threw the cross. The boomerang hit her between the breasts. The harpy shrieked. Edward retained the cross before he threw himself sideways. The redhead was coming back. She got the spear ready to pine him. Saria fired. She shot the brunette. The harpy collapsed upon the snow. Edward made the sign of the cross. The blonde survived. She released other feathers. Edward groaned. He got nailed. The redhead swooped. Edward threw the vial down. The holy water burned on impact. The harpy was screaming. Then she died. Edward picked the crystals. The blonde went to take him. Edward struck with the whip. “Magic arrow!” Saria released. The harpy burst apart on impact. Edward combined the Diana and Serpent cards. The ice pellets took care of the ravens. He relaxed. They collected the gems. Angel reappeared. Edward used the laurels to heal her. Then he picked the compass. The den was a garden maze. They got to find the way. This time it was Edward that went in front.

The snow was falling as the breeder led the way back to the building. Angel sniffed the air. She growled. The stench was still there. Angel shook herself. The tree she went in first. Angel leaped. She could smell the danger. “Saria!” The breeder called. “Wait! I can see them!” She didn’t heed! Angel barked. The chandelier came crushing down. The poltergeists were active. They hurled the silver ware. The Sheppard threw herself down. The tiny sharp things came from the ceiling. She got to bite them. Angel crushed between her teeth. They tasted so bitter. She left them to rot on the floor. The sirens sat on the chairs and tables. They sang while being on display. Angel howled. The tiny sharp things flapped about. They would bite her. The white Sheppard would support the breeder. He was still occupied by the poltergeists. The tree she two legs seemed to be mesmerised. The sirens were to blame. They fought for control. The music made her to winch. Angel crept along the floor. She hid among the white table cloth. Then she got up to bite the siren. The assault caused confusion among the sisters. They tried to sing for her. Angel howled. She wouldn’t listen. The breeder wouldn’t let it happen. He made it to rain. The sirens shrieked. Then the tree she appeared among them.

Rover manor, Oblivion ridge. The 16th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The fight was over. Saria leaned against the wall. She killed the sirens. Edward closed the window. He really looked tired. Angel lay on the rug. The hunter healed her. Saria exhaled. He healed her too. Edward tried to turn the key. The door wouldn’t open. He frowned. Then he tried that other key. Saria bit at the end of her hair. They got into trouble. Charles might be a traitor. She shook her head. Saria still believed his tale. “He got something to explain.” Edward remarked. Saria picked together. They had to return to the kitchen. The Sheppard got up. She shook her fur. The hound led down the passage. Saria hung up the bow. She unsheathed the druid blade. The bats went down. Edward flailed with the morning-star whip. The kitchen wasn’t very far. Strange, how desperate she felt when they approached. The hall was empty. “Preserve us from the wicked One.” Edward made the sign of the cross. The white Sheppard kept her ears down. The dryad tightened her grip. She licked her lips. This was too easy. Saria shook her head. There was something going on. “They are fighting.” Edward said in a low voice. “They got discovered.” Saria made a grimace. She crossed the distance. Edward reached there first. He went inside. Saria was grim. They fought the butchers.

All was chaos and conflict. The old man swung with a heavy butcher’s knife. His daughter tried to help by twirling her twin daggers. Edward was impressed. Charles and Constance might be vampire hunters. He threw it aside. This wasn’t the time. Soma Cruz and Julius Belmont fought the butchers in 2035. That was more then 50 years ago. Edward knew what to do. Saria leached to help Olga and her maids. Edward touched the crucifix. He combined the Apollo and Thunderbird cards to create an electric bomb. The impact stunned the butcher. Saria fired a sun arrow. The bulk was so big. The old woman bent low to strike the club. Edward went for his butcher. The Kruegers was picking up. They nailed the heart from both sides. Edward got to stop. The wargs got interested. Angel leaped. Edward brandished with the whip. He had to counter both the bats and zombies. Saria fired a moon arrow. She froze the ghoul. Edward whipped him into oblivion. Then he combined the Pluto and Salamander cards. The spinning crosses shielded against the bats. Edward picked the crystals. He struck with the ghost whip. He reached the butcher. The zombies caught him. The bulk tried to break free. Edward was sure he would slice him up. “No problem.” He muttered. He fused the Saturn and Griffon cards to summon the sprite. She blew him a kiss upon approach. Edward blushed. The fairy then hurled the homing balls. The bats, ghouls and zombies got defeated. She winked before she vanished. He sighed. Edward claimed the jewels. He hoped that Nathan and Quincey would be proud. Edward impaled the butcher with three successive daggers. Charles slashed its throat. The butcher perished into a pile of crystals. They let him take them. The father and daughter ran to help their people. Angel came to lick his hand. Edward smiled. He tapped her on the back. Then he looked for Saria. He got interrupted by the bats. They settled upon him and the Sheppard. He doused them both with holy water. He made a glide. Saria fought the butcher. Edward would assist. The zombies got between them. Angel barked. She leaped upon the ghoul. Edward brandished with the gold whip. He burned the corpses. “Blue bow! Star shield!” Saria shot the butcher. Then she threw the shield in front. The bats collided. They crushed themselves upon impact. She picked the crystals. Edward smiled. She had become a hunter. He went to embrace her. She shook her head. He let it drop. The third butcher summoned the wargs and zombies. Edward combined the Pluto and Salamander cards to throw the eight-directional axes. Saria fired in quick succession. Angel tore the warg. They united to fight the monsters. Olga crushed the face of the butcher. She pulled back before the brute might answer. Then Charles moved in. Before he might gather, the old man removed the head. They beheld each other. Edward tugged his beard. They were clever. He shrugged. “Here.” Edward threw the key into his lap. “What do you know about this?” Charles inspected the item. “Where did you find it?” The old man then asked. “I took it.” Saria told. “After I killed Freddie Krueger.” Olga hid her mouth. Charles frowned. “I didn’t dare to tell you.” He said. “She got spies in every corner.” He looked about, like if he suspected someone to be eavesdropping. Edward made the sign of the cross. Constance shook her head. “You don’t know how it is to live by his rule.” Angel licked her hand. She seemed to know. Edward guessed she might. His dog had been missing. Edward worshipped the Lord that she found him. “This is the key to my old school room.” Constance kept speaking. “We locked that area.” Olga looked sick. “After that Ms. Ernst summoned ancient power.” Charles brushed her hair. They might be husband and wife. For a moment, he felt envy towards them. Edward shook it off. “Eva was my teacher.” Constance hid her cheeks. “She tried to convert me.” She was blushing. Edward dismissed. That was none of his business. “Go in peace.” He wished Julius was here. The cousin was a priest. Julius might purify this place. Edward sighed. Saria sent him a look. He shook his head. “The cellar door might still be open.” Constance picked with her knives. “I’m sorry.” Charles said. “I’m sorry I didn’t trust you.” Edward let it drop. “My family has long been outcasts of society.” He thought of Trevor and Simon Belmont. Edward recoiled the whip. “I hope you might escape.” He went for the basement. The household kept watching. Saria picked an arrow. Then she followed. Edward relaxed. His pet already went ahead. They might still solve the puzzle.

The webs hung down from the ceiling. Angel sniffed about. She recognised this place. This was were they fell down. The cage still stenched of the undead. The Sheppard growled. The tree she looked mournful. “I wonder what happened with that elf.” The breeder remarked. “The wine cellar was empty.” He swung for the flying sharp things. Angel winched. She leaped to tear the skeleton man. The lights were burning. The bone-man crumbled. The partner shot the rest. They reached through that other exit. Angel drank the water. She got to keep up. A short passage went between the cellars. The tiny eight legs moved about the net. The breeder got busy with the green things. They slithered along the floor. The wall caved in. The tree she shrieked. The Sheppard barked. The stench felt like ripping her nose. The axe man must be buried alive. He came while hurling axes. She managed to catch the low one. “Blue bow! Star bow!” She fired repeated shots. Angel swept with the tail. The top axe exploded. The other claw pierced the dead meat. The breeder picked the jewels. He was coming back. The axe man threw a claw in a high arch. Her master got beneath. He hurled the cross. He made it to split in two. Angel barked. There were the sharp things.

Rover manor, Oblivion ridge. The 16th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The axe man staggered. Saria got down on one knee. The bats whirled about. She got a better aim. The dryad fired. The bats squeeked before they burned. Saria exhaled. Her boyfriend made a glide. Edward got close enough to strike with the whip. The axe man collapsed. The corpse burned inside the armour. Saria licked her lips. She had a look behind the false wall. The passage ended before a huge metal door. The Sheppard was drinking water. Saria went to peek through. She pulled back. Saria felt drained. She hid her face. Saria almost ran back to her boyfriend. Thank his God he didn’t notice. Edward defeated the bats. He sent her a look. Saria shook her head. She wished he would hold her. The fernous burned with blue fires. She hoped he would remain oblivious until they were long gone. Edward opened the door. Saria prepared the bow-and-arrows. They were beneath the hall. Crates and boxes occupied the area. Angel sniffed about. The lights were fading. The candles would have to do. Saria looked around. There was something here; she was certain. The crate rattled. Saria stopped in place. “Edward!” He noticed. The poltergeist hurled the wares about. Saria threw herself down. She fired a sun arrow. The haunting phenomena exploded on impact. Saria picked another arrow.

The wiper swarm fell from the ceiling. Edward threw the Bowie forward. He made it to split in three. The wipers were poisonous. The impact cut them up. Edward cleaned his forehead. He wondered if the laurels might remove an infection. He might figure. The poltergeists kept throwing goods about. Saria kept shooting. The moon arrow made the phenomena to freeze into place. There was a niche ahead. The bats swept to bite him. Edward threw the axe. His mind might be a weapon. The row of explosive axes consumed the swarm. He might pick the crystals. The wiper swarm slithered along the floor. Edward bent to flail with the whip. The poltergeist was getting closer. Edward combined the Pluto and Serpent cards to throw dual vials. The holy water burned the enemies. He inhaled. The DSS-cards cost him much energy. He might get used to it. Edward collected the crystals. Saria fired another arrow. The poltergeist exploded. He let the dryad take them. Edward would kiss her. Instead, he went to inspect the niche. That only led so far. There was an exit, although it was closed. Edward tried the key. The door remained locked. Edward sighed. He should have guessed. “Edward!” Saria called. “I found the exit!” She climbed the stairs. Angel went along. Edward followed. The stairs led up to the ground floor. They came up behind the hall. Edward tugged his beard. The door might be opened from this side. He had a look. The hall looked exactly like when they left it. He shrugged. They got another wing to investigate. The stairs continued toward the next floor. “This thing is closed.” Saria was still ahead. She came back down. Edward crossed himself. He struck with the whip. The ghost moaned before fading. He exhaled. Edward felt like shaking. He gathered. Angel growled. She beheld the corridor. He followed her gaze. Edward touched the crucifix. He couldn’t see anything. He went up to try the key. Edward sighed. The door remained closed. He returned back down. Saria beheld the entrance. She tried to slam it. That didn’t work. He should tell. “There is some magic at work.” Edward said. “The doors are locked. The keys are the only way to open them.” Saria came down. Edward went to investigate. There were three smaller rooms on the right side of the corridor. “She told it led to the school room.” Saria remarked. Edward acknowledged. He would inspect those rooms. He went ahead. The first chamber must belong to a woman. “This must be a teacher’s apartment.” Edward mused. “I guess.” Saria said. Then she screamed. The bats swept from among the bedposts. Edward dashed, though he tripped on the toy chest. The box got turned over. “Save us.” Edward breathed. He made the sign of the cross. “Magic arrow!” Saria got the bats. But then the poltergeist attacked from behind. The phenomena hurled books, pillows and vases about. “Magic shield!” The dryad hid herself while his dog leaped for the furniture. Edward brandished with the whip. The toy bats exploded. The balloons released a toxic gas. Edward pulled back. The princess had a wicked grin. The doll tried to slash him. The little thing got sharp nails hidden within the fingers. The menacing laugh picked his nerves. The balloons were filling up. Edward fused the Diana and Cockatrice cards to release the stone pellets. The balloons shattered into tiny pieces. Edward threw himself sideways. He forgot the combo might stone some monsters. He didn’t have time. The princess doll went swooping in. Edward ducked. He then brandished with the whip. The doll was so clever. She avoided the weapon. He reached for the crucifix. “Blue bow!” Saria pierced through the enemy. She smiled. “Get down.” Edward told. She did. The portrait went twirling. He beheld the image of the fallen Dark Lord. Vlad Tepes spread his caped arms like in an embrace. Edward turned pale. He feared the prince of Darkness. “Im Manos Toas Dominie.” He made the sign of the cross. “I fear not, even though I walk beneath the shadow of the valley of death.” James Morris, Quincey’s great grandson, who fought against Dracula in 1976, made that his slogan. Edward struck with the morning-star whip. He would honour his bloodline. The picture was sent flying. Edward doused with holy water. The painting seemed to burn from inside. The Dark Lord once possessed a great picture. Simon Belmont described the phenomena of 1688. He put that aside. The picture was coming back. “Star bow!” Saria tried to pierce it. The count looked amused. Edward thought about another portrait. An American group of investigators got caught up in a fight against an ancient warlock in 1995. That was some years before the return of Vlad the Impaler. The image tried to confuse him. Edward combined the Diana and Black Dog cards. He struck with the whip to release with a flurry of dark shells. The eight diamonds collided with the painting. The dark force engulfed. The picture got shot to pieces. Edward inhaled. He touched the crucifix. Saria searched the room for clues. She shook her head. He acknowledged. They returned to the corridor.

There was a drift. Angel snarled. She disliked the gust. The place was so cold; it made her hair to stand on end. The white sheppard growled her emotions. The breeder looked back. She couldn’t tell him. They reached the second hive. The tree she got in first. “I think this is the butler’s room.” Her master remarked. Angel didn’t listen. She sniffed the air, the place stenched. Angel barked. She got ready. “Good Lord in Heaven!” He exclaimed when the table charged. The female released an arrow. The table seemed to shake. The breeder struck with the whip. The charging table retreated. Then it came back. He kept whipping. The table exploded. He drew sweat of his forehead. Angel swept with the tail. The air felt much better. She felt so cold. The mirrors rose into the air. The Sheppard barked. They twirled about. “Blue shield! Star shield!” The two legs hid behind the shield. The breeder threw a flurry of axes. The mirrors broke into a thousand pieces. Angel winched when they hit her. The master was able to heal. Then the tree she fired her bow. The second table was charging forth. The breeder got hit in the middle. The chairs pressed the air from his lungs. Angel wined. She couldn’t jump. The candelabra might impale through her body. Then the female approached.

Rover manor, Oblivion ridge. The 16th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The table would crush her boyfriend. Saria approached. She wouldn’t let it happen. The bats settled on her body. Edward used his cards to make it rain with holy water. That burned their enemies. Saria picked the crystals. The table charged. The phenomena tried to take her. “Mother of trees!” She exclaimed before firing the bow. The table fell asleep. Edward didn’t believe it. He bent to throw the cross. The enflamed boomerangs burned it to ashes. Angel growled. She went across to take the mirrors. Saria gathered. She fired the sun arrow. The glass was melted. She blinked. Edward brushed through her hair. Then he went through the second door. Saria would follow. She shot the ghost. The White Sheppard leaped to bite the bats. Saria licked her lips. Then she pulled the string back toward her pointed ear. The arrow went through the air. The mirror cracked from side to side. She hung up when the leopard dashed. Angel met it in combat. She looked so small. The necklace burned with silver. Saria unsheathed the blade. She got the shield. The other leopard almost tore her. “Star shield!” The big wild cat hurt itself on impact. “Magic sword!” Saria removed the head. The leopard was dead. She picked the crystals. Angel was in trouble. Saria touched the life tree medallion.

The door slammed shut. Edward reached the third chamber. He figured this must be the housekeeper’s bedroom. The poltergeist hurled the furniture about. Edward noticed. He threw the dagger forward. He then brandished with the morning-star whip. The poltergeist hid behind the items. Edward knocked through the barrage. He dosed the phenomena with holy water. The poltergeist burst into oblivion. Edward sighed. He picked the crystals. He looked at the candles. Then he shook his head. He might need them. Edward didn’t have time to speculate. The mirror smashed against his head. Edward felt all dizzy. The gremlins gloated about his condition. He lost the hat. Edward would retrieve it. But first he got to tackle the freaks of nature. The gremlins bounced about. Edward felt confused. They would tear him apart. Edward combined the Pluto and Salamander cards to throw the axes about. “May I assist you, sir?” The maid couldn’t be much older then 15 years old. Her fangs got exposed when delivering the high kick. Edward staggered back. Her smile went even wider. Edward made the sign of the cross. He picked the shard off the table. Edward then fused with the DSS-system. The Saturn and Thunderbird cards called the crow into being. Edward told him to attack. The familiar dashed to electrify the maid. She shrieked before hit. Then the table charged. Edward got down to strike with the whip. He got the spell book. The fireballs went home. They burned the table to the floor. The gremlins bounced. They would make dinner upon his corpse. Edward brandished with the whip. He got to defend himself. The maid laughed while hurling daggers. Edward combined the Jupiter and Griffon cards. Then he dashed like the wind. The impact caused a sonic explosion. He caught the maid. She screamed when impaled. Edward almost fell forward, gasping for air. He finally gathered as the gremlins bounced. Saria stood in the doorway. She got the bow-and-arrows. Angel growled. The freaks exchanged glances. “Let me help you, miss.” The second maid fell from the ceiling. The dryad barely sidestepped. Edward picked the crystals. He cracked with the whip. Edward was ready. But then the gremlins spread out. He made the sign of the cross. They would kill him. Edward still got the DSS-cards. The gremlins approached. “Here goes nothing.” He told himself. Then Edward combined the Jupiter and Serpent cards. The ice shards went anti-clockwise. The gremlins got trapped in the frost. Edward struck with the whip. The gremlins broke into pieces. He made the sign of the cross. Edward had to collect. Saria was making her own against the vampire. “Magic shield!” She struck to might keep her at bay. The maid got above. She delivered the jump kick. Saria went on one knee. She fired a sun arrow. The maid made a perfect spin. Edward doused her with holy water. She almost nailed him through. The chain mail merely saved him. Although it hurt, he managed to strike. The tiny figure exposed her fangs. She threw herself forward. The bats chose this moment to swarm his girlfriend. The maid would drink his blood. Then she stopped. Angel bit her leg. The Sheppard looked ragged, though the necklace burned. “Go in peace.” Edward told. She slashed with the nails. He presented the crucifix. The maid shrieked. Angel was tearing at her. She struck down. “Not tonight.” Edward caught her wrist. The vampire broke free. She got the strength of 20 men. Angel leaped at her throat. The silver burned her flesh. The tiny girl changed into something ancient and malicious. Before she might act, Edward struck the axe through her heart. Angel kept the neck. The maid howled. She was charging up. “May He forgive you of your sins.” Edward removed the head. The maid crumbled. Edward made the sign of the cross. He was relieved that, before the last decay, a look of peace passed over her features. “Let it be.” Edward replaced the hat. He picked the gems. Then he looked for Saria. The dryad refilled her quiver. She survived the onslaught. He smiled. Edward touched the crucifix. Saria might keep her ground. Edward sighed. Then he went to heal his pet.

The white Sheppard went down the corridor. There was still a drift of cold air. Angel lifted her head to might sniff. The wood gate at the other end got slammed open. Angel growled. The skeleton-men attacked like a pack. She would bite them. The metal was a problem. Angel was about to dash when the tree-she began firing. The Sheppard might smell the sun fire. Her hair stood on end. She never got used to such events. The spearmen hid behind their shields. The breeder struck his whip to release with a flurry of sonic rings. Then he dashed. Angel leaped. She caught the spear. The skull grinned down with empty sockets. Angel ripped the spear. Silver light went from around her neck. The breeder once said it was an heirloom of the Harker bloodline. She didn’t quite figure. She didn’t have to. The skeleton-man burned within the armour. The tree-she pulled back. She fired moonlight. The bag of bones collapsed into a heap. Angel turned her head. She sniffed. That was cold. But it was much better then that draft in the corridor. Angel revealed her jaws. Her master brandished with the whip. The flying sharp things kept him back. Angel barked. She jumped for the flying things. She bit and crushed them between her teeth. He tapped her back before striking with the whip.

Rover manor, Oblivion ridge. The 16th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The bats squeeked before they got crushed. Angel leaped to bite them. “Blue bow!” Saria pulled the string back before releasing. The spearman hid behind the shield. Edward struck with the whip. The ghost moaned. She didn’t see them, though Saria might feel. She shuddered. The spearman trusted the weapon forward. “Magic arrow!” Saria threw herself sideways. The skeleton was wide open. The arrow pierced through. The spearman got smashed to pieces. Saria bit her lip. She sang to might ease the lost souls. Edward used his cards. He threw dual vials of burning holy water to might defeat the other spearmen. They shared the crystals. Edward looked like he really needed the energy. Angel trotted through the gate. She soon came back. The axe man dashed to slice her. Saria jumped to fire an arrow. The zombie staggered. Edward hurled a wave of breakable axes. The shards froze the axe man into place. Saria picked a sun arrow. The flames burned the corpse to ashes. Angel swept with her tail. Edward kissed her. She blushed. Saria loved his touch. The hound went tracing. She stopped across the corridor. Then she barked. He tried to open. The door was locked. Edward used the key. “Glory be You.” He breathed. “Our Father in Heaven.” They might step inside.

The music was reaching a climax. Constance told the truth. This was the school room. Edward tugged his beard. He felt no evil. The girl was not a disciple. He wondered for how long she had been a prisoner. Saria hid her mouth. The face turned white. Even the pet pulled back. Angel gathered before his girlfriend. Edward knew he might trust her. He shook his head. The desks were pulled back to form an open area. He reached for the crucifix. Edward felt a righteous rage. He could see the circles were in place. The witches danced about the pentagram. Edward made the sign of the cross. He finally figured. The others were speaking the Lord’s prayer, though they read it backward. He shuddered. Ancient lore told of this ritual. The group was about to conjure the devils of the pit. ”In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost!” Edward declared. He was no priest, though he recognised evil on approach. “Unclean.” Edward combined the Apollo and Salamander cards. He would burn them out. Then Saria surprised him. She was glowing like the sun in the forest. That was not a surprise. He noticed before, though not at this magnitude. The music was imperious in each command. Edward felt confused. He seldom did. That wasn’t the case; the group spread in terror. Then Edward hurled the fire bomb. Libris got hurled back into the void as the students began to fade. The fire spread. Edward pushed back. He got a glimpse of the witches. Saria opened her mouth. He gave her no time. Edward forced them back out into the corridor. He closed the door. The smoke obscured his view. Edward went along the floor. He got to find it. They came too far to be stopped. The air was clearing up. Edward tugged his beard. He got up to have a look around. He reached the head of the classroom. Edward leaned against the desk to might regain his breath. Across from him, seated upon the windowsill, sat three young women, teens it might seem, by their hair and manner. “No problem.” Edward muttered. They made no shadow in the moonlight. The redhead, the blonde and the brunette were school girls. The uniforms told as much. Edward felt dizzy again. The trio whispered among themselves and giggled. Their voices seemed too harsh to originate from the softness of human lips. “Go on.” The blonde told. “You have the right to begin.” She pushed her shoulder. “You are first.” The brunette encouraged. “Then we shall follow.” The blonde smiled. “He is aged, though strong.” Edward felt a strange tickling sensation at the end of his nerves. He was 37 years old. Edward knew he desired the threesome. He shook it off. Edward tried to think of Saria. His naughty little tree nymph was all he needed. Edward stood his grounds. He didn’t want this. “You are his brides.” He made the sign of the cross. “May He be cast back into the fires and destroyed.” Edward recoiled the morning-star whip. “I will not be a part of this.” Before the redhead might react, he hurled a vial into the air. She got burned, although she escaped like bats. Edward fused the cards. He threw a series of daggers to impale the lost ones. The blonde crumbled into ashes, though a look of relief lay upon her face as she collapsed. Edward made a glide. He still got the Bowie-knife in hand. He cut her throat. He struck with the flame whip. The corpse burned into ashes. The brunette got released from Dracula’s curse. Edward exhaled. The redhead stood at the other end. She got up from her kneeling position. “Good Lord!” Edward exclaimed. She drank the blood of the witch’s corpse. There was another body. The redhead crawled over to bite her neck. Edward ran to face her. The undead school girl regained her strength. She would not be surprised. There came a rattle from behind. Edward looked back. The witch survived. The black cloak and long emerald green dress almost made her invisible. Edward recognised she might be at his age, though she was so voluptuous it was hard to tell. He shook his head. Edward wasn’t here to get influenced by some sorceress. He got to hunt. She pointed a gloved finger at him. Edward got ambushed from behind. The redhead forced him back into her arms. That saved his life. The witch’s blue eyes shot parallel beams of energy. Edward stamped with the crucifix. The redhead let him go, although the green eyes burned with envy. The witch shook her black hair from her face. Then she kept firing. Edward threw himself sideways. He recognised the “Evil eye” curse. The redhead went like bats. She appeared in front to dine upon him. Edward held the Bowie-knife in front. The vampire actually impaled herself. Edward removed the head before she might gather. The witch kept blasting. Edward went to pick the crystals. They replenished his energy. The black cat shrieked before it launched itself. Edward struck with the whip. He threw the axe in a high arch. The witch spread her cape to form a clock shield. Edward licked his lips. The cat leached forward. Edward remembered the legend of how the witch’s familiar might revive itself. The raven didn’t make things less difficult. The jewels she carried around the neck and upon her fingers seemed blood red or burning blue. He made the sign of the cross. She really was the Devil’s concubine. “Who are you?” He asked himself. Edward recognised her portrait. He saw it inside the teacher’s room. The witch smiled. “I am Eva Ernst.” Edward felt chills down his spine. In 1992, her namesake, a descendant of the late Ernst Stavro Blofeld, became the grand high witch of the society in Europe. He shook it off. That was more then a century ago, though her great plan to attack the innocent, the children, of England, had failed, still made the exorcists and witchhunters to shiver. This witch made a sort of flash in the air. Edward dodged as she made several ice shards to rain down. This was real witchcraft. Edward struck them into bits. He stamped the raven. That didn’t matter. The witch threw him a blue fireball. Edward countered with another vial. She was too powerful. Edward combined the Pluto and Golem cards to surprise her. The doubled images confused the assault. He smiled. “God with us!” Edward removed the hat. Then he struck with the whip. Edward got the spell book. The trio released tripled fireballs. The witch gathered the clock shield. Though it was too much, she couldn’t defend herself. Not against this. “Curse you!” She bellowed before bursting into flame. “I am cursed already.” Edward kept the hat. It had always been like that. Even Thomas called him a womanizer. The townsfolk women also tried to flirt with him. He wasn’t Simon Belmont. Edward sighed. Through his act of valour, his ancestor gained the respect of kings. Though he paid the price, when Serena died and left him too provide for their child. Edward put it aside. He got to investigate the school room. He was sure there would be something. Edward made no mistake. He found the key hidden in the teacher’s draw. The door got blown off its hinges. He spun around, whip in hand. Then Edward almost laughed with relief. Saria had wasted no time. She was back. Edward relaxed. Before she might speak, he picked her up in a hug. She moaned with ecstasy while they kissed. Edward brushed through her hair. Saria pulled her legs about his middle. He let go. This was not the right place for love. Saria made a grimace. Then she shrugged. They would continue the hunt. He was grateful. ”Come.” Edward told. This time he knew where to go. ”Follow me.” He said. “Let’s hunt.” Saria acknowledged. She picked another arrow.

The breeder led up the ledge. She sniffed the air. “Be ready.” He opened the gate. Angel barked. A swarm of tiny sharp things hid behind. She leached to take them. The necklace burned bright with silver. She would tear them into puppy dog food. The tree she got ahead. She fired moonlight into the room. The tiny sharp things collapsed into a heap of ice shards. Angel sniffed the lot. The pair already went through. She trotted to keep up. Another swarm left from the ceiling. This time she would bite them. The phenomena hurled items about. Angel winched. The breeder cracked with the whip. The stone pellets rammed through. The white Sheppard leached herself upon the flapping things. The tree she bent to catch the little crawling things. The skeleton-man reached from within the box. Angel made no sound as she went through the air. She caught the bony arm between her canins. The skull beheld her while she broke him. Angel didn’t stop until he got reduced into a pile. Then she wined. The bag of bones burned into ashes. She touched the gem. Angel drank the water. She felt much better. The sharp things landed on her fur. Angel rolled herself to get rid of them. They let go. But then they went up in a swarm. The breeder ended the ordeal with a wave of water.

Rover manor, Oblivion ridge. The 16th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The rats came through the crack in the wall. Saria tried to strike with the shield. Her boyfriend was still busy with the bats and poltergeist. Angel sniffed about. Saria killed the rat. The Sheppard would bite the skeletons. They hid inside the boxes. This was the lumber room. All types of wares and items were stacked up into a heap. Saria fired through the pot holes. The rats shrieked. She licked her lips. They were not her enemies. Saria knew the vampire was to blame. She sighed. There came no other animals. Saria took the crystals. They turned into arrows. She felt like loosing control. That music downstairs, it wasn’t really her. Saria built a wall upon her conviction. She wouldn’t do it again. Not for any reason. She was herself. Angel leaped upon another skeleton. “Star bow!” Saria impaled before the dog might reach him. “Nice work.” Edward hung up the whip. Saria smiled. This wasn’t the time. But she couldn’t help it. Saria was in love. Edward went toward the exit. He might open from this side. Saria got the bow, though she didn’t expect the skeletons. They leaped to kill him. “Magic arrow!” She nailed through as Angel broke the other. Edward made the sign of the cross. This time it was he who smiled. He brushed through her hair before leaving.

They were back in the corridor, although this was the first floor. Edward noticed that Angel’s tail was hanging down. There was a draft in the hallway. He pulled the coat tight. He shuddered. This was not natural climate. Edward crossed himself. Saria wasn’t freezing, though she looked nervous all the same. Edward tugged his beard. He got to stay focused. They might continue straight ahead, or turn back left. Edward cracked with the whip. He would hunt. “Come.” He said. Saria cracked a smile. She picked the bow-and-arrows. Edward would liked to kiss her, to do other things with her. Saria smiled like she knew his thoughts. Edward shook his head. He made up his mind. Moonlight shone in the distance while they went through the corridor. This part of the mansion was more elegant. The tapestries were richer, the candliers made of gold. The Krueger’s coat of arms got repeated again and again. Edward wasn’t that interested. He visited Thomas and Patrick while they lived with their father. He put it aside. The leopard leaped to take him. Edward staggered back. Saria got it with an arrow. He pulled together. Angel barked. She went for the bats. Saria picked another arrow. Edward hit the ghost. The apparition appeared right behind her. He moaned while fading. Edward relaxed. That was a bad idea. The other leopard pushed him to the floor. Edward got the whip between them. The big wild cat hissed with frustration. Edward cut the throat with the Bowie. He pushed the body aside. The leopard wasn’t dead. The beast tried to get up. Edward felt pity on it. The Devil twisted everything. “Magic arrow!” Saria fired. The sword lord hid behind the shield. Then he came dashing forth with the sword at the ready. Edward threw himself sideways. This was no zombie or skeleton. Saria got down. Edward hurled a wave of explosive axes. The sword lord staggered forward. Then he turned. Edward tugged his beard. “Saints in Heaven.” He reached for the crucifix. Then the armour struck down. Edward made a back-flip. The sword lord struck with the shield. Edward brandished with the whip. He managed to defeat the ghost. “Star bow!” Saria nailed his armour. The dryad smiled. Then she shrieked. The sword lord went dashing forward. Edward got distracted by the bats. They landed upon his body. He got to stamp them out. Saria managed to dodge. She made a glide between the boots. Edward smiled. She was clever. The ghost reached to embrace her. Edward found the whip. Before he might act, Angel leaped upon the figure. The necklace shone like starlight. The ghost moaned. The sword lord was coming back. Edward got the spell book. He struck with the morning-star whip to release a flurry of sonic rings. The armour was forced upon its knees. Then he got back up to dash forward. Saria picked a sun arrow. The leopard made her loose the aim. The arrow pierced the wounded beast. Edward watched it burn. He combined the Apollo and Serpent cards to throw the ice bomb. Although he missed, the ice shards went home. The sword lord got frozen into place. Edward struck with the gold whip. The armour collapsed into a heap. They shared the crystals. Angel shook herself. Then she drank the water. Saria shook her head. She retrieved her items. Edward licked his lips. He tugged his beard. They won, although it was the beginning. He cracked with the morning-star whip. The bat burst on impact. Saria pulled back the string. Angel went down the hall. They passed the nercery. Edward heard strange sounds inside. He got interested. They might explore. He shook it off. That was a distraction. “Magic arrow!” Saria nailed the ghost. The figure moaned. Edward made the sign of the cross. He hoped the Lord might forgive his sins. Angel dashed. The leopard hid among the shadows. The candle light revealed the specled cat. The white Sheppard was too small. Edward ran. Saria fired another arrow. The leopard went above. The sword lord struck his blade down to might cut him in half. “God with us!” Edward got the whip up in defience. His mind was a weapon. Edward created the ghost whip. The armour only hurt itself on impact. Then the sword lord struck the shield down. Edward made another back-flip. He was getting better. The thought froze and crumbled into dust. The ghost was almost upon him. Edward stamped him out. The sword lord slashed. Edward threw himself down. But he also hurled the vial forward. The sword lord’s helmet got soaked in holy water. The flames burned on impact. Edward got up to whip him. The repeated slashes made it to retreat. The bats went to drink his blood. He presented the crucifix. The sword lord dashed. Angel leaped. The image of the silver necklace got burned into the chest-plate. Edward fused the Pluto and Salamander cards to summon dual flaming crosses to spin about. The bats got burned into ashes. He picked the crystals. That wasn’t the point; Edward saved his pet. The sword lord dashed. Edward recoiled the whip. Angel was ready to approach. There was another leopard. Edward got pushed to the floor. The wild cat was on top. The crucifix saved his life. Saria fired. She released a sun arrow. The armour got burned up from inside. That made no diference. The leopard still tried to tear him. Saria went running. Angel threw herself against the beast. That made it to look sideways. “Blue sword!” The dryad removed the head. Edward got up. “Thanks.” He said. Then they kissed each other. Angel barked a warning. The ghost rose through the floor. “Star shield!” The image got to close. Her magic made it burn. The ghost moaned while fading. They were alone. Edward picked the crystals. The sword lord left quite a pile. Saria refilled the quiver. Edward went in front. The hallway felt like it might be eternal. He shook his head. This wasn’t 1830. Hugh Baldwin was his ancestor. Edward wouldn’t make the same mistakes. The bats squeeked, they landed upon his girlfriend. Edward dashed. Angel jumped for the others. The Sheppard might crush them. Edward threw a vial. Saria got soaked, although the monsters burned. She pulled through her wet hair. Then Saria shrugged. Edward reached for the crucifix. The moonlight went through the stain-glass windows. This was the pavilion. He recognised the view of the garden. Saria made the glass to move aside. Edward relaxed. There would be no trouble with keys. He shook it off. The stain-glass ghost broke free to throw shards about. Edward twirled with the whip to might break them. “Star bow!” Saria fired.

The clouds hid the sky. Angel went out on the platform. The flying things tried to pick her. “Ravens!” The breeder called. She barked with frustration. The tree she shot to pierce them. The stain-glass two legs swung to cut her. The white Sheppard collided against the frame. He broke into pieces. The females were singing. Angel hated their voices. “Preserve us from the wicked One.” Edward made the sign of the cross. Angel thought she figured out. She went barking among the flock. They got disturbed. They moved to kill her. The breeder struck with the whip. Angel winched. She disliked the sunfire. The female fired an arrow. The stain-glass two legs were breaking free. Angel would protect and serve. They both needed her aid. The flying things beheld her though eyes without pity. The breeder released a flurry of axes. They got cut down. Angel found the steps. She turned back. They pulled together. They fought back-to-back. He threw a wave of water. The females burned to ashes. Angel was breathing heavily. The tree she kept shooting. She would aid them. But then the breeder made a back-flip. He landed above. The female didn’t follow. He hurled a flurry of axes. The stain-glass two legs got crushed on impact. She came back as they began to climb the staircase.

A.N: CotM might have its flaws and backdrops; though it is my favourite title. I actually played the SNES version of the Dracula X title. Someone might recognize the inspiration. I try to recreate some classic moments. The story continues.

“”The stone the builders rejected has become the capstone.”” Mark: 12. 10.

Top floor track: Nothing to Loose.

Top floor, Rover manor. The 16th. Of December 2098 A.D.

They went through the clouds. Saria felt a slight shudder. Anything might be hiding up here. Edward held her hand. That was the only comfort. Angel was a mere shadow at their heals. She hoped the dankness wouldn’t damage the string. Then they got through. Saria gasped. They got a full view of the mansion, although the countryside was shrouded. The stairway continued. They where outside the tower. Edward made the sign of the cross. “May You protect and lead us.” He cracked with the morning-star whip. Saria checked the bow. There was nothing wrong. Angel reappeared. Both ears and tail hang down. She didn’t look happy. Edward tapped her back. Saria wished he would do the same to her. She shrugged it off. Saria promised she would come with him. She wouldn’t leave him like this. Edward went across the alcove. The discoloured wall looked like it might be about to crush them. Saria shuddered. She hurried to keep up. Saria wouldn’t be left alone. They climbed the staircase. Somehow, Angel got ahead. The Sheppard was so brave. Saria picked an arrow. She would be ready. The bats flew in the distance. They didn’t seem to notice. “Do you feel it too?” Edward asked. She sent him a look. “Dark force rising.” He said. “Dawn is approaching.” Saria reminded.

The gate was open. Edward tugged his beard. Saria was right, although it gave no comfort. This was cursed earth. He made the sign of the cross. They couldn’t wait. Something terrible was about to happen. Edward was sure about it. He felt the shift in nature. Edward shook his head. Angel looked back over her shoulder. Her gaze told she was waiting. Saria watched the bats. They gathered to the undead. Edward left it in the hands of God. He went inside. Angel got in first. Edward stopped. Saria caught up beside him. This was a sort of cloister or enctrance hall into the tower. The huge windows let through the moonlight. Edward pulled his hat down. He got a bad feeling about this. Although the hall was empty, it didn’t feel like that. He sighed. They couldn’t remain here forever. Edward approached. The bats went like a swarm. Saria fired a moon arrow. The swarm collapsed on the floor. That was not the real challenge. The zombies rose through the floor. That shouldn’t be possible. The ground was solid. That didn’t stop them. Edward made a glide. “God with us!” He cracked with the whip. Saria went along. They had to get through. He unsheathed the Bowie-knife. Angel leaped to tear the rotten bodies. The Sheppard looked disgusted. Edward twirled and brandished with the Undead Killer. He created the flame whip. Saria used the shield like a battering-ramp. “Magic sword!” The druid blade shone like a fire brand. “No problem.” He smirked. Edward slashed with the knife. Quincey Morris was his hero. They climbed another short staircase. The zombies couldn’t reach them up here. Edward doused them with holy water. Angel jumped from among the corpses. The necklace blazed. Edward tapped her back. She swung with her tail. Saria fired a sun arrow at the group. Edward watched while they burned. He hoped their souls might be released. The white Sheppard threw herself at the doorway. She got through. Edward followed inside. Saria joined up behind him. “Mother of trees.” She breathed. They reached the stairwell. He touched the crucifix. Angel went across to might climb the staircase. But then the spear guard moved to impale her. “God with us!” Edward brandished with the whip. Saria pulled him back. The floor gave way. He looked down into the abyss. Edward made the sign of the cross. That was real close. He drew sweat of his forehead. Angel got beneath the lance. She knocked the candle. That was no problem. The moonlight shone through the windows. “Rest in peace.” The rosary removed the knight. Saria leaped above. She landed beside the pet. She went to climb the stair. “Get back!” Edward shouted. The steps collapsed, one after the other. “Dancing the stairs away.” He muttered. Edward thought of Simon Belmont. The journal got damaged. Very little was known about the encounter of 1688. He shook his head. Edward moved to jump. He got the whip. The Medusa head went flying through the air. Edward felt chills down his spine. Saria fired. The arrow missed. She bit her lip. Edward managed to strike the creature. He landed upon the platform. “Preserve us from the wicked One.” Edward got to strike the Medusa head. The skeleton picked together. He leaped to throw bones. Edward presented the crucifix. That made the bag of bones to keep in place. The Medusa heads kept coming. Edward went back down. Saria picked up his pet. Edward watched while she leaped through the air. They landed beside him. The platform was going up. Edward worshipped the Lord there were no gear. Saria let Angel down before picking the bow-and-arrows. She shot the Medusa head. Edward whipped for the skeleton. Where in Hell did they come from? He crushed the bone. The skeleton smirked. There was another spear guard. “Star bow!” Saria fired. She nailed the bone-man. Angel leaped to bite for the lance. The knight poked forward. The white Sheppard got protected by the necklace. “Glory be You.” Edward whispered. “Our Father in Heaven.” He reached for the crucifix. “Magic shield!” Saria got off the platform. She burned the Medusa head. “Blue bow!” Saria fired across the distance. Edward flouted in the air. The cross appeared above. His mind was a weapon. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost!” The image made of red gold then exploded. The Medusa heads got defeated. The spear guard staggered. He twirled with the lance, although he couldn’t block this assault. Angel reached atop to stamp with the silver necklace. Edward jumped. He struck the spear knight into oblivion. Saria knocked the candle. The moon was about to set. This would be the dark hour before dawn. He made the sign of the cross. Saria reached him. He kissed her with great passion. She answered his embrace. Angel barked. The heads were coming back. Saria fired. Edward looked between the next elevator and the doorway. Saria kept shooting. He didn’t know where to go. Angel pushed through the exit. Edward couldn’t leave her alone.

This was another long hall. Shadow obscured the pillared ceiling. Angel sniffed. A platform was moving back and forth. She couldn’t reach it. The flying sharp things squeeked before swooping down. The breeder threw the claws into the air. “Star bow!” The tree she fired. Angel barked. The sharp things burned into ashes. “I didn’t notice before.” Her master was talking. “But the tower might have been elegant.” She growled. The ragged remains of curtains, tapestries and carpets stenched terrible. Angel curled together. She hated this place. A second swarm left the ceiling. The breeder cracked with the whip. Angel winched. He released those three homing fireballs. Angel was scared about the sunfire. She didn’t know why, though it smelled like nothing else. She shook herself. The lamps got lit by someone invisible. “Edward.” The female began. She never finished. The hard man hurled the claw through the air. He struck with the whip. Angel dashed. She got beneath the white dragon. Her hair stood on end. There was nothing she could do about it. Angel got to bite the hard man. He hurled other claws, one high, one low, before she might reach him. Angel growled. She leaped between the spinning blades. The armour stenched even worse then the hallway.

Top floor, Rover manor. The 16th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The bone dragon came smashing down. Saria shrieked, although the arrow got stuck in the skull. Edward pulled her back. The axe knight kept hurling forward. He summoned the bat familiar. The dryad caught her breath. The bat shot fireballs to cover their retreat. He struck with his whip. Saria picked together. She nailed the knight with a sun arrow. The white Sheppard caught him from behind. The bone dragon was breathing flame. Edward somehow absorbed the brunt. Saria felt so proud. He must be using those cards. She had no mind. The skeledragon was so strong. They got to keep away from the fireballs. Edward doused with a wave of water. The bone dragon roared without sound. Saria still felt the pressure. That made her to stagger. Angel got caught against the wall. The axe knight was going berserk. “Blue bow!” Edward had to challenge the dragon. Saria bent to fire. She got the knight before he might kill her. Angel barked. She threw herself upon the axe knight. The necklace burned. The knight crumbled into dust. The skeledragon kept breathing flames. Edward threw a wave of breaking axes. The white dragon fell down. Saria felt the impact. But then it spat along the floor. “Mother of trees!” She exclaimed. Edward hurled the cross. The bone dragon roared.

Angel was coming back. He was to busy. Edward twirled with the whip. He got to remove the fireballs. The Sheppard climbed upon the spine. She tore into the monster. He made the sign of the cross as The necklace kept shining. “Star bow!” Saria leaped high enough to pierced the skeledragon. Angel barely got away. The dragon broke into pieces. Edward tapped her on the back. The pet looked ragged, though she licked his hand. That wasn’t important. They survived the conflict. He went to pick the crystals. They replenished his energy. Saria refilled her quiver. Edward tugged his beard. Angel whimpered. She looked toward the ceiling. The lamps burned bright enough to reveal the staircase. “We have to go back.” Saria remarked. He agreed. There was no other way. After all, neither of them could fly. Angel led the way back into the tower. Edward brandished with the whip. The Medusa heads appeared to greet them. They had to reach the next platform. Saria fired her bow. The Medusa head burned when pierced. Edward leaped. Saria picked up his pet. They reached atop. Edward threw the axe in a high arch. The Medusa heads kept coming. He got to defeat their numbers. The bones went through the air. Edward groaned. Saria gasped. Neither of them fell down, although that was no comfort. The skeleton landed in between. He reached to strangle. Edward felt numb. Saria’s face was turning blue. He got to do something. The bone-man grinned with triumph. Black specs obscured his view. Edward knew they might die. He couldn’t let it happen. Saria didn’t deserve this fate. Then Angel growled. She must have done it for quite a while. She crushed through the ribs. The skeleton broke to pieces. Edward let her take the crystal. The Sheppard deserved it. The armour knight swung his spear overhead. Angel threw herself down. The wave hurled Saria against the wall. The Medusa head turned her into stone. Edward also got struck. His body was aching all over. The platform was going down. Angel licked him in the face. The spear guard waited for his return. The heads were coming. Edward forced the Saturn and Griffon cards together. “Hello there.” The sprite winked. “Honey.” Edward managed a weak smile. She rose up to release homing balls. The armour was caught of guard. The Medusa heads collided against other projectiles. The sprite landed to sit behind him. “Come on now.” She bent to kiss his cheek. “Help me to get you up.” Edward bit together. Angel reached above to bark at the statue. The sprite helped him to get over. “Sorry I can’t do more.” She said before vanishing. Edward tugged his beard. He shook it off. Edward picked the crystals. He used the laurels to make the pain subside. He whipped the Medusa heads into oblivion. Then Edward lept above to his girlfriend. Saria got turned to stone. “Help me.” Edward reached for the crucifix. He couldn’t be too late. Angel winched. Edward didn’t have Lion’s breath. He held the crucifix tight. The Neptune card might make the user to consume the different forms of attacks. But that wouldn’t help. Edward touched the laurels. A single teardrop ran down his cheek. Edward got water in his blood. He loved the little dryad so much. Edward fused with the element. Saria staggered. He removed the status. Edward caught her in an embrace. “Thank You, Saints in Heaven.” He was so grateful. She exhaled. Then Angel barked. The Medusa heads came through the air. Edward struck with the morning-star whip. The heads flew in a wavy pattern. He got to strike them. “Star shield! Magic shield!” Saria used the shield like a battering-ramp. She made them to burn on impact. “No problem.” Edward smirked. He couldn’t help it. She was so cute. He picked together. Angel leaped through the air. “Go!” Edward told while he brandished with the whip. “I won’t let them hurt you.” Saria blew him a kiss. “Blue bow!” She shot another head before going. Edward flailed with the jewel whip. Then he jumped above. The others went ahead. He had to follow. Edward reached through the doorway. He was back in the hall in which they met the axe knight and bone dragons. Saria waited for him to keep up. Edward smiled. They went on the platform. The Medusa heads came flying in a wavy pattern. Edward brandished with the whip. “Star bow!” Saria shot for the bats. Angel growled, though the necklace burned. Edward tapped her before twirling. The white Sheppard was the first to reach across. She landed within the alcove. Saria went next in line. Edward gathered before he leaped above.

The cobweb almost concealed the opening. Angel growled. She was first in line. The staircase led up to another depot. “This is a skeleton tower.” The breeder remarked. “No wonder I thought the place was ruined.” The white Sheppard sniffed about. Other clouds went poring through the openings. She caught the bone between her teeth. Angel snapped it in one bite. The skeleton-man leaped from above. He hit her in the head. Angel whimpered. “Magic sword!” The tree she went through the bones. She broke it to pieces. Angel leaped up to the depot. The flying sharp things nested inside the corner. They went like a wave to hurt her. The breeder hurled a sort of electrical bomb. Angel pulled back. She touched a crystal. The food replenished her energy. The two legs climbed the next stair. The claw almost crushed her breeder. Angel felt her hair stand on end. She leached up before the hard man might continue to hurl. That was a mistake. The hard man threw other claws; one high, one low. Angel winched. The sunfire arrow impaled the hard man. The breeder threw a row of axes. The monster staggered back. They reached up the staircase. Angel jumped to bite him. The necklace was shining with silver. He arrived. The breeder struck with the whip to save her.

Top floor, Rover manor. The 16th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The wind was blowing cold at this hight. “The rooms are empty.” The balconey went along the side of the building. Edward closed the door behind. Saria made a grimace. Angel licked her paw. She had a short rest. The white Sheppard deserved it. Saria was impressed. Angel defeated the axe knight. She yawned. They got to continue. Edward went around the corner. Angel got up to follow. Saria picked an arrow. She would be ready. The clouds concealed everything, although she was sure they reached the garden side of the building. Something stirred. “Star bow!” She shot for the ravens. The flock was scattered. Edward made a glide. He brandished with the whip. Angel winched. The leopard leaped above. Saria kept shooting. She got to remove the birds before anything else. Edward held up the crucifix. She realized the wild cat got summoned by the undead. That was why the leopard curled back. Angel tried to bite, though she wasn’t quick enough. The cat turned to tear her. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” Edward was flouting in the air. The burning cross appeared overhead. The birds and leopard got burned to ashes. “You must be tired.” The tiny maid appeared. “How can I help you, miss?” Saria shook her head. Angel leaped. The maid turned to deliver a high kick.

The maid giggled. Edward disliked it. That was the intolerable sound of water glasses played on by a cunning hand. He stepped back. The undead dashed while hurling daggers forward. Edward struck with the whip. He managed to repel the whole set. The cold wind pushed the omcoming clouds beneath the walkway. Edward made a back-flip. He barely dodged the kicking. Angel went ahead. She charged for the second leopard. Edward twirled with the morning-star whip. The maid shrieked. He caught her above the wrist. Edward bit together while pulling her forward. She threw another set. He groaned when they hit the mail. She didn’t pierce, although it hurt. Edward didn’t let go. He stamped with the crucifix. She screamed in agony. Edward couldn’t pity her. She was a devil of the pit. He would release her from the curse. She stabbed with both her claws. Edward ducked. He let go. The maid tried to kick him in the head. Edward doused her with holy water. The maid was put ablaze. She survived to throw other knives. Edward managed to repel the attack. He was getting quite clever. She made a glide. Edward didn’t expect. She tackled him down before exposing her fangs. Edward impaled with Quincey’s Bowie. The maid jumped straight up. She flouted for a while before delivering a high kick. Edward still lay on the floor. Chills went down his spine. He knew it wasn’t because of the weather. She leached to throw knives. Edward threw the axe. She screamed when hit through the chest. Edward got up. He knocked a lamp. Edward didn’t realize that was possible. He should have, Richter Belmont did that in 1792. He shook it off. Richter was the last true Belmont to wield the whip. The maid had morphed into something ancient and vile. She shot five fireballs to kill him. Edward threw the cross. He got to exstinguish the fire. The bats came in a row. Edward kept whipping until they were all dead. He made the sign of the cross. The maid must have summoned the ambush. She released another spread shot. Edward combined the Jupiter and Serpent cards. The ice shards moved anti-clockwise. They protected him from damage. The maid leached. Edward got the spell book. He struck with the whip to release a flurry of sonic rings. The maid got petrified. Edward had a sigh of relief. He threw a wave of holy water. The maid burned. The hateful stare never left her eyes. Edward sighed. At last he might mourn her death. He would pray for the forgiveness of sins. Edward removed the hat. The wind blew through his hair. Edward put it back on. He knew he was dirty. Edward pulled through his beard. He was in need of a shower. He shook it off. Edward might take one if he ever got back to the village. He went to pick the chicken leg. The food fell from the lamp. He felt much better after eating the roasted meat. Edward then picked the crystals. They replenished his energy. Angel was in trouble. The leopard was toying with her. Edward wouldn’t let it continue. He reached for the boomerang. But then a moon arrow pierced the wild cat through. The arrow almost seemed to vanish. Edward knew that was an illusion. Never the less, The leopard got frozen from inside. Saria leaned against the wall. She looked really exausted. Edward used the laurels to restore her health. The moment didn’t last. Angel was the first who noticed. She might smell. The armour was alive. The sword lord dashed while the ravens flew from atop the ceiling. Edward combined the Pluto and Salamander cards to make it rain with holy water. The birds did burn, although the living armour didn’t even stagger. He kept coming forward. The sword lord stepped above his pet. Saria fired a sun arrow. The sword lord was stopped. Edward knew it wouldn’t last. He dashed to strike with repeated leaches. The sword lord got forced back. Edward fused the Diana and Golem cards for the finale. The ground shook, like when he used his mystic force, while the rubble waved to crush the living armour. The sword lord got pushed back. Saria shot at some other birds. Angel burned the living armour with the necklace. He reached up to squeeze her. “God with us!” Edward called before he hurled the three gold crosses forward. The sword lord screamed before he crumbled into dust. Angel was free. She moved with the tail. Only one move, but that was enough. Edward scratched her between the airs. Saria approached. She let him take the crystals. The dryad knocked the lamps to obtain her items. Edward inhaled. They couldn’t stay. The bats went like swarms. Saria turned round. She sang to freeze the enemies. Edward was more practical. He combined the Pluto and Salamander cards to throw a storm of homing daggers. The monsters got defeated. Saria sent him a look. Then she shrugged. Edward would like to know her mind. He put it aside. This time they shared all the crystals. Angel kept ahead. She was eager to serve and protect. Edward smiled. That soon turned into a grimace. The Sheppard was barking.

The leopard went past. Angel snarled. She turned to bite the big cat. The white Sheppard was almost ashamed of herself. Here she was, fighting a cat. The flying sharp things was picking her fur. Angel leaped. The breeder appeared. He struck with the whip to make the leopard burn. The tree she fired at the pickers. Angel swept with the tail. They saved her. The ears rose up. “What a nice dog.” The she suddenly bent to tap her. Angel winched. There was something amiss. The white Sheppard might tell. The two legs didn’t smell right. She suddenly got the nails exposed. Angel barked. She leaped for the throat. The she staggered. The necklace was shining. The two legs made a back-flip. Angel was right. This female moved to fast for any normal breeder. Angel dashed while the she hurled daggers forward. Angel caught a knife between her canins. She spat it back out. The taste was aweful. Then the breeder arrived. He touched her with the green thing. Angel yawned. She felt much better. The tiny sharp things flew in a stream. He doused them with water to make them burn. The female jumped to deliver a high kick. Angel bit around her foot. The stocking might be made of silk. The Sheppard drew blood. The female shrieked. Then she knocked her in the head.

Top floor, Rover manor. The 16th. Of December 2098 A.D.

There was still dark outside. Saria bit her lip. They really got into trouble this time. The leopard and maids toyed with her boyfriend. Angel got knocked out. Saria hoped she would be alright. There was no time. She didn’t dare to fire. Saria might hurt him. Edward threw three burning daggers. The wild cat got impaled. Saria smiled. The beast burned into ashes. The maid tried to bite him. The other vampire kept back to hurl daggers. Edward used the cards to conjure four ice shards which moved anti-clockwise. The undead who tried to bite him, got caught in the net. She was frozen in place. “Magic arrow!” Saria finally got an opening. The dryad shot the other maid before she might gather. Then Saria dashed. The bats swept to bite her. “Blue shield!” They came in to fast. The swarm collapsed into bits of ice. “Thanks.” Saria blew her a kiss before collecting the crystals. The maid snarled. She threw three daggers to impale her. “Magic shield!” Saria was almost lazy when repelling the onslaught. Edward made it rain with holy water. The other maid got free. She made a double jump to land before her. Saria pulled back. She didn’t move fast enough. The dryad got nailed. She gasped. The vampire smirked. Then she screamed. Angel was back. Saria smiled.

He shuddered. The wind kept blowing. Edward buttoned the coat. The maid jumped to deliver a high kick. Edward made the sign of the cross. He cracked with the morning-star whip. The undead hissed. He caught her around the ancle. “May the Lord forgive your sins.” Edward yanked. The maid collapsed. He pulled her along the floor. She maid the bats to fly for his face. Edward threw a vial. The mammals burned; even the maid got caught up in the fire. She shrieked like a forsaken soul. Edward swallowed. He reached for the crucifix. The maid was nothing but a rotten corpse. She levitated to hurl blue homing fireballs. Edward managed to block each shot. He might repay the onslaught. Edward got the spell book. He struck with the whip to release other fireballs. She dashed to strangle him. Edward could see it on her face. She was so ugly. Edward got to fight his own stomach. He threw a row of explosive axes. The maid got cut to pieces. Edward exhaled. He picked the gemstones. They made him to feel much better. “Rest in peace.” Edward remembered the final look of relief upon her face before the last decay. He made the sign of the cross. The maid would be forgiven. The fight continued. Saria and Angel fought the other maid. Edward would assist, although the bats flapped about to might distract him. The sword lord was a greater threat. Edward threw three homing crosses to might repel him. The living armour staggered back. The boomerangs caused other sparks upon the return. Edward retained the item before striking with the whip. The three repeated slashes forced the knight backward. Then he struck down. Edward made a back-flip. The sword lord rose the blade to eye-level before stabbing forth. Edward threw the gold knife. “Glory be You!” Edward called. “Our Father in Heaven!” The dagger exploded on impact. The sword lord survived the encounter. Edward was struck by the shield. He felt like being pulled over. The sword lord rose the blade overhead. The sun arrow impaled the armour. The sword lord staggered back. Then he dashed for the dryad. Edward used the laurels. He got up before the leopard might tear him. Saria fired a moon arrow. The knight collapsed into a heap of big gems. Angel collided with the wild cat. Edward doused the bats with holy water. He leaned against a pillar. Edward was getting low on crystals. The maid was kicking Saria. Edward made a glide. He picked the crystals. Angel howled. She was hurt. Edward threw the cross. The leopard looked him in the face. The eyes shone bright with malice. Then it burst into fire. Edward was able to heal the Sheppard. Saria lay on the ground. The maid smirked. She picked twin daggers. Edward got her with the gold knife. The vampire shrieked while burning. Then she turned. She was no longer prety, no longer cute. The maid looked like a living corpse. Edward shuddered. “God with us!” He made the sign of the cross. The maid flouted in the air. She charged up the four blue fireballs. Edward tugged his beard. He would be ready. Saria pulled up to impale with an arrow. She lost control. The fireballs exploded in her face. Edward dashed. Angel got there first. She reached up to bite her. The Sheppard snarled. The crosses burned. Edward struck with the whip. He fused the Diana and Serpent cards to release the ice pellets. The maid got frozen into place. Edward reached to heal his girlfriend. Angel made another leap. This time, the silver necklace made the vampire to burn into ashes. Edward had no mind. He simply held her close. Saria then kissed him.

The wind brought the scent to her nose. Angel winched. They couldn’t do it. Not here. The Sheppard barked to warn them. The breeder got lost in his female. Angel had no choice. She hurled herself against the wild cat. The leopard hissed. Angel growled. The cat was much larger. That didn’t matter. Angel would serve and protect. The breeder struck his whip to release three stone pellets. The leopard got turned to stone. Angel pulled back. The event stenched of sunfire. The tiny sharp things went up to bite her. Angel leaped to crush them between her canins. The stone crumbled into dust. The leopard was no more. Angel barked. The sharp things caught her fur. The breeder doused her with holy water. Angel moved her tail. She was grateful. The white Sheppard drank the water. The maid and sword lord hid among the pillars. Angel was the first who noticed. The dead body threw five daggers toward her. The breeder made the grey thing to dart forward. “The crow!” The tree she exclaimed. Angel howled. The crow made lightning to strike about. That zapped their energy. The dead she collapsed upon the floor. The hard man dashed right past. The white Sheppard rushed to bite him. He got burned by the necklace. The hard man then struck with the shield.

Top floor, Rover manor. The 16th. Of December 2098 A.D.

They were back. Saria felt chills down her spine. This wasn’t good. The ravens left their roosting. Edward’s crow familiar released other bolts. The birds shrieked before they scattered. Saria fired some arrows. “Let me help you, miss.” The maid appeared to conjure the bats. “Magic shield!” She managed to burn the lot. The vampire snarled. The sight made her to shudder. Edward was busy with the sword lord. The undead went low to deliver the sliding kick. Saria still held the shield up, though the impact made her to stagger. The maid actually smiled. The dryad licked her lips. The brunette then dashed to throw three daggers. Saria took them on the shield. She sang. The “Saria’s song” was one of the few relics preserved from the founding mother. The melody made peace upon the area. Saria knew the magic would last only that long. The maid didn’t know that. She looked upon her with frightened eyes. Saria finally realized what Edward tried to tell. They where in pain. The curse kept the undead in eternal Limbo. She felt pity with them. Saria stopped singing. The maid immediately dashed with the claws extended. Saria impaled her upon the druid blade. The brunette beheld her with eyes on fire. Saria twisted with the sword. The maid fell off as the ravens approached.

The living armour almost killed his pet. Edward combined the Pluto and Salamander cards to throw a row of daggers forward. The sword lord staggered. Angel fought to get up. Edward dashed to deliver a knee-kick. The sword lord stopped him with the shield. Edward gathered. He wasn’t Jonathan Morris. Never mind. Edward stamped with the crucifix. That at least gave him enough time to retreat. The living armour got burned, though he shook off the attack. He kept striking the blade. Edward had to back-flip, again and again. He threw down the vial. The holy water burned up in a short wave across the floor. The sword lord got caught. Edward reached for the crucifix. The living armour kept marching forth. He came through the flames to strike down. Edward knew this would be it. That he wouldn’t be quick enough to counter. Then Angel reached up. The necklace was on fire. The sword lord staggered. He almost fell upon the Sheppard. Edward leached with the whip. He managed to pull the knight back. The sword lord dashed. Edward got ready this time. He threw a row of breakable axes in a high arch. The sword lord got frozen over. Then the armour broke apart. Angel licked his hand. He scratched her between the ears. Then he gathered. Saria still fought the undead maid. Edward reached for the crucifix. But then the dryad removed the head. The corpse burst into fire. Edward went to check on her when Angel howled. He felt the chill down his spine. The lamps got illuminated. Edward made the sign of the cross. They reached the end of the road, but that didn’t matter. The bone dragon guarded the final staircase. Edward struck with the whip. He managed to repel the fireball. That was only the first in a row. He got to retreat. The Sheppard kept howling. She couldn’t get close enough. Edward pulled her by the necklace. The white dragon was breathing flame. “Blue bow!” Saria fired. The skeledragon moved about. She missed the target. Edward picked the crystals. The sword lord left a pile. He got to focuse. Edward knew his mind was a weapon. The bone dragon stretched out to take them. Edward hurled the cross. The thought power granted him a homing propencity. The crosses went home. The skeledragon screamed without sound. Edward felt the shock in his head. The white dragon began moving back and forth while spitting fireballs. “Blue shield!” Saria managed to block the onslaught. Edward tightened the grip. He reached for the crucifix. Then a flock of ravens dashed to scratch and pick him. Edward lost control. The birds whirled about. He combined the Saturn and Golem cards. “Do not look her in the eyes.” Nathan had warned his descendants. The Medusa head spit a row of pebbles to might stone the enemies. Edward staggered. The force was to much, although the ravens crumbled into dust. The familiar disappeared. Edward would whip the other birds. Angel already handled the situation as she dashed and leaped to bite them. Saria fired a moon arrow. The bats crumbled on impact. The white dragon reached to bite her. “God with us!” Edward threw three axes in a high arch. Although two of them bounced off, the third went home. He made the sign of the cross. The skeledragon waved about while spitting a row of fireballs. “Star bow! Magic arrow!” Saria kept her ground. She shot arrows to block or repel the objective. The bone dragon breathed heavy flames. Edward thought about Simon Belmont and the encounter with the Orpic wipers in 1688. He shook it off. That was a distraction. Edward made a back-flip to dodge the fire. His girlfriend released a moon arrow. Although she missed, the white dragon pulled back. Then he came down to crush her. “Good Lord!” Edward exclaimed. He forgot about his own defence as he rushed to crush the resurrected villain. Edward stamped with the crucifix. The bone dragon roared on impact. Flames went up the spine as the whole body shook. Edward struck with the morning-star whip. The successive leaches forced the skeledragon to curl up. Then it leached itself against him. Edward roared when the impact sent him flying along the walkway. He felt dazed by the impact. Edward felt like being shot to pieces. Angel licked him in the face. Saria stood in front. The tiny figure made herself into a human shield. The bone dragon leached for a second attack. Saria let it come. “This is for my boyfriend.” She fired a sun arrow. This time she didn’t miss. She couldn’t. The skeledragon came too close. The monster roared on impact. Edward flinched. He felt it in his mind. Even Saria staggered. Then she gathered. “Blue bow!” Saria fired a final shot. She hit the skeledragon between the eyes. The monster burst apart. Edward used the laurels. He staggered up to watch the pieces burn. The bone dragon left plenty of crystals. He relaxed. They would replenish their energy. A nice meal might do the same. Edward smirked. “No problem.” He muttered. Then he dropped the matter. Edward got work to do. The final set of lamps had at last began to burn. Edward frowned. He noticed the far wall was made of blue bricks. “Let be Your will.” He touched the crucifix. Saria sent him a look. Edward shook his head. Then he threw a wave of holy water. Angel barked. The bricks broke to pieces. “Good Lord.” Edward breathed. They found the nest. The white Sheppard moved inside. Edward felt chills down his spine, though nothing happened. The coffins were empty. He made the sign of the cross. Edward was relieved when nothing stirred. “I know that crest.” Saria reached up. “What?” Edward asked. Saria didn’t answered. She went to pick the shield. Edward recoiled the whip. The item hang upon the wall. Saria reached up to touch it. “The crest of the forest tribe.” She smiled. “My tribe.” Edward tugged his beard. Saria replaced the object. He noticed the insignia. The dryad shield got marked by the Forget-Me-Not flower, surrounded by Evergreen branches. Edward removed the hat. “Let’s climb the staircase.” Saria said. Edward shrugged. He replaced the hat upon his head. Then he went out of the burial chamber. Edward wished he might do something about the place. That was not an option. The pet was already climbing. Saria picked another arrow. She went ahead. Edward made the sign of the cross. Then he climbed the staircase. They soon reached atop. Edward looked about. This was a landing platform, though it wasn’t large enough for an aircraft. Edward dismissed the matter. The female pilot threw the cigarette aside. They got spotted. Saria aimed with the bow. She was ready to fire. The other pilot, a blue fox, picked the pistol. Edward recognised the Brencorp design. But then he seemed to consider. “Come on!” The woman shouted. Angel moved across the platform. “Let’s get away!” The pilots ran. Edward was unsure of what to do. The helicopter almost blew the hat off his head. Edward managed to capture. That was Abraham’s hat. He wouldn’t loose it. That might not be important. The searchlight picked them out. Edward tugged his beard. The helicopter launched repeated missiles. “Star bow! Magic arrow!” Saria saved his life. The magic made the rockets to explode. The bottom part opened to reveal the mini-walkers. Edward threw himself forward while twirling with the morning-star whip. This was no game. He got the spell book. The flurry of sonic rings went through the robots. The impact made them to explode. “Blue bow!” Saria aimed for the helicopter. She got no chance. The shielding absorbed her magic. The dryad bit together. Edward crossed himself. They began to release the rockets. “Deliver us from the evil One!” Edward called to the Heavens.

The hard flying thing disappeared over the top of the human den. Angel swept with her tail. That got no choice but to leave when the breeder began hurling thunder. She barked with joy. He was the perfect Alpha. He and the tree she collected the shining things which the hard chicken left behind. The clouds drifted beneath the den. The white Sheppard had a look over the edge. The female pulled her back. Angel tried to sniff her in the pointed ear. She giggled by the touch. Angel turned her head. The tree she made a perfect match for the breeder. He cracked with the whip. Angel trotted over to inspect the situation. A swarm of the flying things flapped in the distance. “Nearer to thee, my God.” He made the sign of the cross. Angel licked his hand. She would die to protect him. The female reached up. She unsheathed the short blade. “Come.” The breeder brushed through the she’s red hair. “It is time.” He then tapped Angel on the back. “To hunt the night.” Angel barked. The breeder smiled. He went for the wooden gate. She went ahead, sniffing the air. It didn’t smell nice. Angel growled. “I know.” He made the sign of the cross. The tree she produced the shield. The breeder inhaled. Then he opened the gate. The heart blazed. Angel growled. She might hear their voices.

A.N: And that’s it, so far. I hope I managed to remix and combine the elements borrowed from the CV Chronicles, Bloodlines and Dracula X titles. The end is coming. See you.

“When the daughter of Herodias came in and danced, she pleased Herod and his dinner guests.”

Mark: 6. 22.

Battle track: Messenger from the Devil.

Top floor, Rover manor. The 16th. Of December 2098 A.D.

She was ready. The grim reaper beheld her. “Then prove it to mine.” He hissed. “As you wish.” The countess smiled. All was ready. “I shall show you.” Elizabeth Bathory held up both hands. “Prepare the ritual.” She told her servants. “Light the circle.” The angel of Death opened the Necromonicon tome. She summoned their names. The countess stood encircled by a ring of burning candles. “Come here.” The witch was draped in black. The sacrifice stepped out to the middle of the room. The high candles were smoking black. “Excellent.” The fire that blazed at the heart enlightened her features. The countess grasped her by the long blonde hair. She beheld her with glazed eyes. Elizabeth Bathory laughed before forcing the head back. The draft worked perfectly. She got no idea of what was happening with her. The rite reached climax. The blood bathing countess pulled out her knife before slicing her throat. The blood stained the floor with a bright red. Then a bolt of lightning struck down into the casket. “He is alive.” The countess laughed in triumph. “He is alive!” She raised him through black magic. This was their finest hour. Though it only went thus far. Elizabeth Bathory had no fear. They would rise the Dark Lord from his grave. Then the Belmonts might hunt.

They pushed through the entrance. Edward dashed through the hall. He doused the bats with holy water. The maids got no time to react. Saria pierced them with sun arrows. Angel barked. Edward moved through the curtains. He would reach the living quarters. Everything was dark. The only light came from the heart and the candles. Edward stopped. He cracked with the morning-star whip. The countess occupied the center. Edward recognised her on sight. The long dark hair and blazing eyes. “Elizabeth Bathory.” She spread her arms. The blue, red and black dress revealed her figure. Edward felt chills down his spine. “I have come to slay you.” The countess had recognised him as well. “Then.” She said. “Thou really arth a Morris, and a Belmont by blood.” Edward reached for the crucifix. She was not alone. “So, this is thy power?” The grim reaper flouted above the ground. “Then I shall test thee .” Edward tightened his grip. “So let it be.” He wasn’t Richter Belmont. He heard about the encounter at the Ravenberg power-plant. He dismissed. “Perfect.” Elizabeth Bathory smiled to expose her fangs. “Then behold these.” She went quiet, as at a lack of words. “A vision of dark secrets.” Edward shuddered. He couldn’t help it. Edward might see beyond the obvious. He beheld her, though it gave no comfort. “You have become engulfed within your own black hatred.” Edward knew he spoke the truth. “Now it consumes you.” He felt pity about her. Edward realized the wisdom of Mina Harker. “You have become a cursed being.” The countess merely laughed by the statement. “I am the messenger.” She declared. “The messenger from the Devil.” The angel of Death pierced him with a sightless glance. “The Dark Lord shall live again.” The whisper sent echoes of darkness through his mind. “And thee.” Elizabeth stated. “Arth dead.” Edward only then realized he was alone. Saria must have entered another room. Edward shook his head. He made the sign of the cross. He would do what he must. Edward brandished with the whip. “Rise!” The countess beconed. “Do mine bidding, knight!” The glass casket got shattered into pieces. Edward sidestepped the splinters. That didn’t matter. Sir Gracul was alive. Edward knew about him, from the torn pages of Simon Belmont’s journal. The suit of armour ripped out the shield and halberd. He might be the greatest axe knight in history. That wasn’t funny. Sir Gracul marched forward while slashing with the halberd. Edward rammed him with holy water. The knight took it upon the shield. Edward tugged his beard. He thought of Soma Cruz and the great knight. Edward didn’t have any spear or lance weapons. He crossed himself. Sir Gracul threw the axe like a giant boomerang. Edward got the Undead Killer. He brandished with the whip. The golden glow gave an asset. The halberd got sent flying back. Edward used the opportunity to throw the gold knife forward. Sir Gracul hid behind the shield. Edward knew he would. That was why he combined the Apollo and Thunderbird cards. The shock bomb made the knight to stagger. Edward dashed. Sir Gracul struck down to make rising flames to track forward. Edward got above. He threw a row of axes. Sir Gracul blocked the onslaught. The wave shattered on inpact. Edward made the sign of the cross. The knight got frozen into place. Edward threw the dagger forward. “Good Lord.” He breathed. The impact burned through every crack and opening. “Nay!” The countess bellowed. Edward made a back-flip. Sir Gracul hurled the halberd. Edward focused. He leaped above the weapon to strike the armour. Although Sir Gracul took it on the shield, the repeated slashes forced him to retreat. The halberd was coming back. Edward sidestepped the weapon as he stamped with the crucifix. Sir Gracul pushed him aside. He struck down to slice him. Edward threw himself sideways. Then he forced the crucifix straight forward. The knight got stamped. “God with us!” Edward called as the suit burned from within. The armour forced through the flames to strike down. Edward still held the crucifix high. Sparks rained like fireflies when Edward got thrown back. Sir Gracul struck again to might finish the job. “Saints in Heaven!” Edward spread his arms as the crucifix burned overhead. Sir Gracul survived the onslaught. Edward got up to deliver repeated whip slashes. The knight struck him with the shield. Edward grunted. The impact sent him back. That saved him. Sir Gracul hurled the halberd, though he missed the aim. Edward struck with the whip. He caught the armour around the shoulder. Before Sir Gracul might pull free, Edward released the flurry of sonic rings. The knight shook by the impact. Edward made the sign of the cross. The explosion came from within the armour. Edward got no idea of what might be inside. Never mind, he managed to sidestep the twirling halberd. Sir Gracul slashed to release other flames. Edward screamed. He was burned. The laurels healed him. Edward worshipped the Lord for giving them to the bloodline. He ran forward to strike with the morning-star whip. Sir Gracul blocked with the shield. That didn’t matter. The series of strikes forced him to retreat. Edward bit together. He fused the Pluto and Salamander cards to make it rain with holy water. The knight staggered. Not even the shield might protect him against this rampage. Sir Gracul was in pain. Flames burned up from the inside. Edward didn’t relax. He might see the malice beyond. The knight slashed to cut him up. “God with us!” Edward fused the Apollo and Griffon cards to hurl himself forward. The sonic blast went past the shield. The attack reacted with the Chaos force. Edward picked himself together. That was real close. Edward felt like his mind got turned inside-out. Sir Gracul didn’t share that situation as he kept marching forward. Edward touched the crucifix. He got to hunt. “Vlad Basraq is the Dark Lord.” Elizabeth proclaimed. “He will rise again. That is mine message.” Edward didn’t listen. Sir Gracul caused rising flames. Edward sidestepped the ordeal. He fused the Mercury and Unicorn cards to strike with the holy whip. The armour held up the shield, although he got to retreat. Edward exhaled. He felt strangely better for each blow. He shook it off. This wasn’t the time for imaginations. Sir Gracul twirled with the halberd. Edward threw himself back. He brandished with the whip to might carve some space. The knight didn’t care. He struck to kill. Edward snarled. He managed to repel the weapon. The fires burned him. Edward got the laurels. He released three homing fireballs. Sir Gracul blocked the ordeal. Edward made a glide. He threw the dagger straight forward. The Bowie-knife went through an opening. The vampire didn’t laugh anymore. The explosion ripped from inside. Edward made the sign of the cross. He retrieved the item. Sir Gracul fought together. Edward used the opportunity to throw a vial forward. The holy water burned up and waved forward to engulf the knight. The flames stabbed through the openings. Sir Gracul hurled the halberd. Edward dodged the spinning weapon. He was grateful he survived. The impact would break his body. Sir Gracul retrieved the weapon. But only to strike down. Edward focused. He reached across the flames. Edward landed to deliver repeated strikes. The armour blocked each blow. Edward was getting tired. He knew the knight might wear him down. He would be killed in the process. Sir Gracul opened to slash with the halberd. Edward ducked. He stamped with the crucifix. The weapon got sent flying. “God with us!” Edward called. He got up to throw the gold knife. Sir Gracul staggered. Edward kept stabbing. He got to lift the curse. The knight groaned. The armour then fell into a heap. Edward sighed. He couldn’t find the orb. Edward got up. The duo beheld him. Edward touched the crucifix. He whipped some candles. He worshipped the Lord. Edward found an entire pot-roust. That really replenished his energy. Edward also picked the other crystals. “This arth nay over.” The countess smiled. Edward felt chills down his spine. Where was Saria? He didn’t have time. Sir Gracul managed to pick up.

The dead she threw themselves upon his female. Angel growled. They forced her into another den. The white Sheppard chased through the curtains. The room was lit with some rather smelly oil lamps. Angel almost felt dizzy by the perfumes. The female shrieked. Angel leaped through the tapestries. They felt so soft against her fur. Angel growled. She couldn’t stand the incense. She landed upon a giant round pillow. The dead females where sucking the blood from the tree she’s legs. Angel snarled. She leached for the duo. Another dead female landed in front. She was clad up to look like one of those tiny eight legs. Angel wasn’t fooled. She might smell the sunfire. The dead she released some sort of sticky fabric from between her fingertips. The white Sheppard howled. She managed to sneak beneath the fabric. Angel would bite her. She really would. The necklace was burning bright. The eight leg dead thing called something she didn’t quite ketch. Angel snarled. She felt suddenly cold. The horde of eight legs might sting her. They didn’t smell right. It got to be sunfire. Angel winched. She disliked this part. The Sheppard got to crush them. The eight legs were dripping venomous liquid. Angel’s ears hung low. As did her tail. She knew this would be painful.

Top floor, Rover manor. The 16th. Of December 2098 A.D.

This was the vampire’s zerlaglia. Saria gasped. They drunk her blood. The pain surged through her body. The heavy curtains concealed them from the rest of the room. Angel was somewhere outside. Saria might hear her barking. The redskin girl kissed her leg. The Asian blew her a kiss. Saria hated them both, although they couldn’t make her into a vampire. She hoped that Angel might save her. The white Sheppard heard her call. Angel then suddenly dashed through. Saria gasped. The entire hound seemed to shine. The fur was pure, like snow, only the necklace was a circle of starlight. The redskin and Asian leaped toward the ceiling. Saria got up from the pillow. They never bothered to looth her. The Asian went back down. The black hair lay like a mane around her neck and features. The Dualist symbol lit up as she spread both hands. Saria hid behind the shield. The undead girl couldn’t be much taller then herself. The knee-long black dress exposed her skinny outlines. That wasn’t important. She released beams or blasts of fire and ice. Angel didn’t shine anymore, though she threw herself beneath the assault. “Star shield!” This item harnessed its own mysticism that amplified her efforts. The white woman was a spider dancer. Saria swallowed. Their sisters left the ceiling.

The countess laughed. Edward tugged his beard as if to strangle it. Sir Gracul lived again. He suddenly felt certain they might do as they promised. The knight pulled out his sword and shield. Edward made the sign of the cross. Dracula was dead. He got to be, even though the castle was back. Sir Gracul began to march forward. Edward let it drop. He went to strike with the morning-star whip. The armour took it on the shield. He struck to might crush him. Edward made a back-flip. “God with us!” He presented the crucifix. The knight kept back. But then he slashed with the sword to release other flames. Edward combined the Jupiter and Serpent cards to might counter the blast. The four ice shards moved counter-clockwise. Sir Gracul kept marching. Edward threw the cross. He got to keep him back. The knight hid behind the shield. Edward retrieved the boomerang. He leaped to strike with repeated slashes. That really pushed him back. Edward bit together. He stamped with the crucifix. Sir Gracul blocked his actions. “Mine dead cousin would have enjoied this conflict.” The countess smiled. The dress left the neck bare. The necklace was made of red gold and jade. The crest of the Basraq stood out in crimson. Edward was certain the Came were carved from ivory. He shook it off. The countess tried to daze him with her charm and beauty. Sir Gracul struck with the shield. Edward managed to sidestep. While the knight was still open, he stabbed with the Bowie-knife. The blade went through an opening, though it didn’t have any force behind it. The open helmet turned to gaze down upon him. Edward felt chills down his spine. He wished there was something he might see. The blade went tumbling down. Edward brandished with the whip. The weapon got wrapped about the sword. “God with us!” Edward called before he created the flame whip. The mystics ran through the blade to explode inside the armour. “Saints in Heaven!” The reaction sent him flying. Sir Gracul gathered enough to release his own attack. The flames burst through the air. Edward screamed as he got burned. The angel of Death lifted his scythe to strike. “Help me!” Edward used the laurels. The burns got healed. Edward could breathe again. Sir Gracul marched to kill him. Edward made the sign of the cross. The knight released other flames. Edward managed to repel the onslaught. He was surprised he made it. This incarnation of the Undead Killer must be strong enough. He dashed to strike. Sir Gracul hid behind the shield. Edward kept whipping. He forced the knight back. Sir Gracul tried to crush him with that heavy shield. Edward countered with repeated vials. They crushed against his armour. The liquid rose up to burn in a short wave. Sir Gracul got caught. Fire ripped through every opening. Edward reached for the crucifix. Sir Gracul grabbed to tear him, limb from limb. Although he wasn’t much taller then Edward himself, Sir Gracul’s armour possessed a superhuman strength. The crucifix lit up ahead. “Glory be You!” Sir Dracul got the whole brunt. “Our Father in Heaven.” He let go. The armour staggered back. Edward also felt a bit dizzy. He got to gather. The knight reclaimed his weapons. Edward exhaled before he recoiled the whip. Sir Gracul struck to release the flames. Edward sidestepped. He got to figure out a strategy. What if Elizabeth kept rising Sir Gracul? He left it in the hands of God. The Lord would know. “His will be done.” Sir Gracul kept marching. Edward withdrew. He got to wait. Sir Gracul struck down the blade. Edward held the knife in his left hand. He managed to repel the fire. Then he fused the Pluto and Salamander cards. Sir Gracul was still open when the barrage of knives got released. He got impaled. Edward dashed. The armour was burning from inside. Edward threw the gold knife to might double the effect. The dagger exploded on impact. The knight got brought to his knees. Edward picked the knife. Sir Gracul struck him with the shield. Edward groaned. He combined the Apollo and Cockatrice cards to make three meteors to fall down. Sir Gracul got smashed in between. When the rocks desolved, the armour also collapsed. Edward picked himself up. The knight got turned to stone. Edward watched while it crumbled into dust. He made the sign of the cross. Not even the niece of count Dracula might revive this pile. The crystal was the final proof. Edward claimed the mystic orb. That restored his health and spirit. The duo hadn’t moved. Edward tugged his beard. He wished that Saria might be here now.

The den wasn’t that nice anymore. The redskin lay dead on the floor. Angel watched her burn. She used some sort of Tomahawk claw to pull sunfire thunder out from the air. The Sheppard bit her throat. That seemed like the best thing to do. The tree she leaped up to burry her claw through the neck of the spider dancer. She spat blood before crumbling to dust. Angel barked a warning. The black she rolled and tumbled to deliver repeated high kicks. The breeder’s partner managed to throw herself sideways. The yellow female shot bursts of sunfire flame and frost. The white Sheppard howled. Angel became invincible. She didn’t know how it happened, although the glow protected her from the sunfire. Angel threw herself forward. The dualist vanished like a tiny sharp thing. The black female got up to unsheath her canin claws. The black leather west and bagy trousers left plenty of space and agility. She leaped to slice his tree she. Angel ran to keep up. The yellow female reappeared. She made a glide forward to stab with tripled daggers. Angel howled. She threw herself down. The dualist went above. The Sheppard got up to bite her. The necklace was blazing. The yellow she screamed upon contact. Angel tried to keep her down, although the dualist kept fighting the grip.

Top floor, Rover manor. The 16th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The white Sheppard really did what she could to help her fight the undead. Saria dodged the black fighter to assist his pet. Angel forced the dualist down. And although the necklace was shining, the Asian was strong enough to break free. Saria would have none of it. “Magic sword!” She removed the head in time to save the Sheppard. Angel didn’t leave her down. She dashed for the vampire. The dryad caught her by the leach. The black woman might cut her in half. The black fighter smiled with shining white teeth. Saria pulled the string back. The Arabian fighter dashed to dodge. Angel shone, she was invincible. The African woman really got into trouble. She tried to slash with both scimitars. Saria released the moon arrow. The black woman got caught in place. Saria made a shield dash to might crush her. The vampire staggered. She knocked to might regain her balance. Angel bit at her throat. The woman faded like mist. Saria spotted the undead. “Star bow!” She pierced her heart. The vampire dropped both weapons. “Magic arrow!” Saria fired a final shot. The black woman burned into ashes. The dryad exhaled. She picked the crystals. They turned into arrows. Saria had no mind. She ran to find her boyfriend. He was in danger. Angel followed her through the curtains.

The countess beheld him through flaming eyes. “Do thy feel strong?” Edward felt like a trap was closing in about him. “ Thou must be proud about thyself.” The voice sent echoes through his mind. Edward made the sign of the cross. He felt more afraid now then when he fought Sir Gracul. These people were some of Dracula’s most closest allies. “I fear not.” Edward cracked with the whip. “Even though I walk beneath the shadow of the valley of Death.” An arrow went through the air. Saria was back. She pierced Death’s garb. That had no effect. The shot went through without harm. The dryad licked her lips. Edward moved to stand in front. Angel appeared before he could. The white Sheppard looked real angry. Edward exhaled. At least they survived. That might change. The angel threw sickles through the air. “Star shield!” Saria tried to block. The fight had begun. Elizabeth teleported to reappear flouting at the other side of the room. “The time for thy destruction has arrived.” She told. “Thy shall regret for ever having resisted me.” The countess smiled. “Prepare to be terminated.” Death hurled a flurry of sickles. Edward made the sign of the cross. He managed to repel the onslaught. The angel dashed to might cut up his girlfriend. Edward got distracted. Elizabeth Bathory released a flame blast. The force ripped through the air. Saria blocked with a moon arrow. She sung to withstand the reaper. The music kept him at bay. “Mine cousin shall rise.” Elizabeth reappeared at the centre. “And I shall feast upon thy blood. Watch!” She released four orbs in different directions. “Thy time is over.” They began to spiral inward. “Saria!” Edward made a back-flip. He got to dodge another set of sickles. “Help me!” She still tried to challenge the angel of Death. “Forget about the reaper.” Saria gave him a look. Death beheld them through empty sockets. “We got to hit her enough times or she’ll kill us.” Saria bit her lip. “Are you sure?” Edward pushed her aside. He struck with the morning-star whip to catch the scythe. Although he managed to save her, Edward felt like freezing up. He doused the reaper with holy water. The fallen angel felt the impact. “Glory be You!” Edward worshipped. “Our Father in Heaven!” Death hadn’t regenerated enough power to become immune to the mystic sub-weapons. Angel leaped to bite the countess. “We don’t have time.” Edward said through clenched teeth. “You got to help me.” Saria blew him a kiss. She pulled the string back toward her pointed ear. Elizabeth screamed. Edward knew it wasn’t enough. The reaper struck to kill him. Edward presented the crucifix. “Thou cannot defay me forever.” He breathed. “Death comes to us all.” Edward admitted. “Though that rests with the Father.” He crossed himself. “And with Him alone.” Death threw a flurry of sikles. Edward struck with the whip. He got to repel the lot. Death went along the floor. “Watch out!” Saria came running back. She failed to stop the countess. The orbs reached center. “Thy time is up.” The countess taunted. “Thus feel thy own power.” She laughed in triumph while the stream of homing daggers went stabbing forth. Edward ran. He pulled Angel close. Saria almost collided into him. Edward fused the Jupiter and Unicorn cards to create the holy shield. The powerful sword attack rebounded upon impact. Edward threw himself forward. The vampire conjured another round. He got to strike her before the spheres reached center. Death swooped before the strike. He released a flurry of sickles to might create his own shield. Edward combined the Pluto and Salamander cards to make a flurry of crosses to fly outward. Death blocked the assault. Elizabeth reappeared in front to strike with both daggers. That also reminded him of Simon Belmont. “No problem.” Edward presented the crucifix. The undead snarled in his face. Edward struck with the whip. The repeated slashes forced her back. The spheres exploded. Edward stamped with the crucifix. The countess really got hurt. She stabbed with her daggers. He held His image high in defience. Elizabeth dropped the weapons to conceal her face. Angel barked. The sickle cut into his shoulder. Edward roared. Elizabeth began to chant. “Not this time.” Edward snarled. He shuddered with cold. Either way, he managed to impale her upon the Bowie-knife. Edward then almost fell to his knees. Saria was there to help him. She tried to block against the sikles. Angel whimpered as she noticed his condition. Saria pulled the sickle out. She threw it aside. Edward gasped. She sang to heal him. He got up as Elizabeth Bathory released her flaming blast. Edward used the cards to summon the ice shards for protection. Saria still sung to keep them away. The grim reaper flouted in the air. The scythe spun about, tearing through reality to might open a vortex. Edward fought to resist. The pull tried to suck him in. He wouldn’t give in. Not like this. The angel was reading from a book. Elizabeth amplified with hatred. “Mother of trees!” Saria exclaimed. The grim reaper released a series of glowing skulls. Edward threw the cross. He recognised the campaign. Death used the technique when fighting both Simon, Richter and Alucard. He managed to reclaim the item. Death threw the scythe like a boomerang. Then the forces combined. The scythe became empowered with frost. “Saints in Heaven!” They ran in opposite directions. Edward gathered his mystics to leap across the weapon. Then he threw the axe in a high arch. The weapon split in three. Death collapsed upon the floor. “Nay!” The countess roared. “Thou shall not defeat us!” She dashed like a swarm of bats. She regrouped as Saria fired a sun arrow. The vampire seemed to be consumed. Edward made the sign of the cross. “Thy time arth at an end.” She reappeared to conjure the spheres. Edward shuddered. He threw the gold knife. Elizabeth staggered. Although that wasn’t enough, the spheres continued to spiral. Angel leaped to bite her. The countess never really gave her any attention. Now she paid the price. The silver was blazing. Edward felt the chill behind his back. Death hurled a flurry of sickles. Edward threw the vials about. They crashed to make the holy water to rise and burn. “Thou arth a worthy opponent.” Elizabeth told. “Let me show thee how it should be.” The spheres reached center. The entire chamber suddenly got engulfed with fire. Edward got to save his friends. He touched the crucifix. The breakable cross appeared overhead to release ice shards. The flames got extinguished. The countess also got trapped in the onslaught. She screamed with anger while breaking the ice. Edward made the sign of the cross. The grim reaper then leached to slice him. Edward sidestepped. He He stamped him with the crucifix. The dark angel pulled back. Edward brandished with the whip. He repeled the sikles. Death gathered. The flames still flickered about his garb. The cold seemed to reach for his heart. Edward tugged his beard. Elizabeth shrieked. Saria hit her with another arrow. The orbs didn’t reach centre. Angel dashed to take her. Her fingers closed about the neck. The silver crucifixes sent flames through her body. Edward exhaled. The grim reaper twirled and slashed. Edward was forced back. The countess opened her arms wide. “Come.” She beconed. “Leave these others and come to mine.” The voluptuous smile sent chills through his nerves. “Let us rest together.” The fangs got exposed. Edward felt his head spinning with a sort of lazed ecstesy. Then Angel bit him. It wasn’t really that much, though it awoke him to reality. Death was about to cut him up. The countess only waited for his blood to be spilled. “God with us!” Edward shouted. He made a circle of crosses to appear. The duo pulled back, though the spheres combined. Saria sung her music. Edward and his pet was already protected by the crosses. Never mind, the ice attack might have ripped them to pieces. Edward went on the offensive. The grim reaper was not to get the upper hand. The whip blows made him to rise into the air. “Get down!” Saria warned. Edward did. The countess released the flaming blast. The dryad got beneath. “Star shield!” She collided with the countess. Elizabeth groaned before picking her up. Edward made a back-flip. Death was upon him again. Edward slashed with the whip to counter the sickles. Death swooped overhead to make the scythe spin and cut through reality. “Saints in Heaven!” Edward got the heart of fire. He threw a water wave to douse the angel. The holy water burned upon impact. Never the less, the pull tried to suck him in. Death was reading from a book. Edward reached for the crucifix. The angel released a second round of the glowing skulls. Edward threw a wave of explosive axes. He got to block the onslaught. The grim reaper touched his weapon. He threw it like a giant boomerang. Elizabeth was about to bite his girlfriend. She got enough time to amplify the scythe with metal. Edward was fored to run. Angel sneaked up upon the countess. She caught the undead between her canins. Her fur shone like snow. The light shone through her figure. The countess let go. Edward leaped above the scythe. Death waited for the weapon to return. Edward hurled the cross. The angel exploded. Edward dodged the scythe upon its return. The angel seemed to have grown less present. Edward had no doubt. He managed to capture the boomerang. Death swept downward, scythe at the ready. Edward blocked the sickles. The angel twirled with the scythe. Edward made another back-flip before tossing the gold knife. Death got impaled. He staggered back. Edward approached to strike with the morning-star whip. The angel seemed to fade. Elizabeth appeared like a gas cloud. She struck with both knives. Edward roared. She got the strength of twenty men. Elizabeth Bathory kept trying to knife him. Edward still managed to stamp with the crucifix. That at least gave a respite. The countess staggered while flames burned her body. “I’m coming!” Saria was on the move. She took the sikles upon her shield. Elizabeth snarled. She conjured the spheres. Edward got too busy with the sikles. Saria threw herself down. Death hurled the weapon like a boomerang. Edward managed to clip him with the vial. The impact made rising flames to burn the grim reaper. Angel was able to bite the vampire enough times for the spheres to burn out. The white Sheppard then leaped to take the vampire. The countess shrieked like a forsaken soul. The necklace burned her undead skin. Elizabeth Bathory threw her aside. Death appeared to kill his pet. “No!” Edward called. “Angel!” He ran to save her. Saria pulled the string back. The countess released the blast. Edward got caught. He screamed in agony. The vampire laughed with triumph. Edward combined the cards. Now it was she who shrieked. The crosses cut through her body. She got thrown straight back into the skeletal arms of her ally. “Thou arth to kill the Belmont clan.” That was not her voice. “That is mine message.” The items got buried so deep they even slashed through the reaper’s frame. “Mine cousin, lord Dracula, shall live again.” Bloody tears ran down her cheeks. The gate opened up beneath their feet. “So it would be like this, the rest of the way.” Death said. Then they both vanished into the void. Edward then fell into a heap. He was burned and in pain. “Edward.” Saria put her arms around him. Angel licked him in the face. They looked worried. Edward couldn’t move. Neither of the enemies left a mystic orb. Saria’s tears soaked his beard. “You are shining.” He muttered. She crept even closer. The pet whimpered. Edward was drained. He got no crystals left to fuse the laurels. Saria was singing. The music seemed to ressonate through the mansion. “The “Minuet of the forest” might restore the life of any being within an area.” Now it was she who got weary. Edward caught her in her grasp. He kissed her with all his heart. Saria blushed. She hid her face. Angel swept with the tail. Edward let go to draw sweath of his forehead. His life was restored. Though it wasn’t the end, not by far. The house was about to crumble. ”We have to get out.” Edward said. Saria blew him a kiss. “I know.” She teased. Angel was already ahead. The dryad went along. Edward only remained to retrieve his items. Then he also ran. Flames licked the building. Edward crossed himself. They got to escape.

The chanting voice called her back from the brink of the abyss. “Open; bolts, chains and leaches.” Her existence was that of pain. “There arth a dead man calling.” Hatred awoke in her heart. “Rise.” The voice demanded. “ Serve the prince of Darkness.” She would! The blood-bathing countess Elizabeth Bathory sat up in her coffin. “They shall pay for what they did to us.” She told in cold fury. “Excelent.” The angel of Death loomed above the sarcophagus. “Why did you revive me?” The Shadow focused her hate, making her stronger. “Thou arth too valuable to loose.” The grim reaper explained. “The Dark Lord require thy service.” The niece of count Dracula acknowledged the statement. She only then realized they were inside the helicopter. “There arth another we must obtain.” Death made the Necromonicon book to disappear among his garb. Elizabeth Bathory rose from the coffin. She went to have a look on the countryside. He would not escape his destiny. The land was coated with endless winter. The countess snarled. The sun got reflected by the snow. No matter. This wouldn’t keep her occupied. Edward Morris would have to face Elizabeth Bathory again.

Oblivion ridge, Warakiya. The 16th. of December 2098 A.D.

They were alone again. The family went for the village. Constance told they owned an estate near the edge of town. Saria watched them disappear into the distance. She hoped they would reach it in peace. The sun was rising. They should be protected. Saria sighed. The servants didn’t only carry food and money; they saved quite a few heirlooms before the house crumbled. Angel sat licking her paw. She was hard to pick out among the backdrop of snow. Only the big brown eyes, and the silver necklace, revealed her whereabouts. Saria scratched her between the ears. The German Sheppard looked up to meet her gaze. Saria smiled. She was able to make a fire. Edward collapsed after they escaped. Saria got to keep him warm. She sighed. He would be alright. Saria smiled by the thought. She let it drop. This was all for show. Torah was still missing. Saria worried about her. The sorceress must habe been carried away to some other place. Saria shuddered to think about her possible perils. Edward moved. Saria got up. He muttered in his sleep. Edward would soon wake up. Saria pulled on the life-tree medalion. What would he say about the matter? Saria felt like being torn in two. She didn’t want to split. Saria loved him so much. But she loved her sister as well.

When Edward opened his eyes, he lay beside the campfire. Angel looked up. He noticed they were back on the hill. The sun was rising. Edward got to blink. For a moment, it felt too bright. That was no problem. Edward discovered he was actually smiling. “You are finally awake.” Saria appeared at the other side of the fire. She came to sit with him. “We made it.” Edward was unsure. Saria held to him. “We did.” She wept tears of joy. “The mansion collapsed.” She drew them away. “I watched it burn to the ground.” Angel waggled with her tail. Her fur was all clean. “The people went back to the village.” Edward held Saria even closer. “Torah is alright.” He assured. “We shall find her.” Saria looked down. The tears still went down her cheeks. “I am sure.” Edward drew her tears. He then kissed her. Saria smiled. “Let’s hunt them.” He rose before letting her down. The mountains lay ahead. His mirth died. The quest wasn’t over. He got to choose. Ahead of them lay a frozen wasteland of barren rock and craters. Saria pulled through her hair. “Where do we go?” She asked. Edward touched her shoulder. “To the Jam wasteland.” He sighed. “That is the junkyard of the mine.” Saria made a grimace. Edward worried about her. They still got a long way to go. He made up his mind. Edward would end the curse. Then nothing might keep him back. Torah was out there. He would save her. Edward made the sign of the cross. Saria seemed to figure his statement. She held his hand. “Well.” Edward replaced the hat. “We better get going.” Saria was ready. She got the bow. Edward was impressed. He got to turn out the fire, then they might leave.

The tree she watched as the breeder turned out the fire. They soon left the sceene. Angel was glad. The snow cracked beneath her paws. Angel sniffed the air. The sun shone down on the landscape. She went before the group. The air was fresh. The breeder kept the whip handy. Angel stopped to do her thing. Then the white Sheppard hurried to keep up. The fur kept the cold out. She wouldn’t shake. Angel didn’t smell anything dangerous. Her ears stood up as they began to climb the ridge behind the remains of the human den. She was the first to reach atop. The breeder kept up. He and the female remained standing while they beheld the land beyond. “I made a mistake.” He finally said. “We are lost.” The breeder sighed. “I don’t think so.” The tree she mused. “The hillside reaches toward the mountains.” Angel watched. She didn’t really figure. The hills looked the same as when she saw it from the campside. Angel winched. She was no tracker. “So let it be.” He made the sign of the cross. “The Lord will guide us.” The female smiled. “Perhaps.” She said. “But I might still feel the curse.” The smile vanished. “I know you can.” The breeder put an arm around her shoulder. He let go. The tree she produced the bow-and-arrows. Angel went in front. She would protect them.

Wicked ditch, Warakiya. The 16th. of December 2098 A.D.

The border was breached. The white witch rose from her seat. Someone had entered. She received a message. “What is it?” The ice queen was tired of playing games. She desired answers. “My lady.” That was Gwendolyn Fernandez, the high witch of the school at Ondol. “I have to tell you.” She began. “That the countess Elizabeth Bathory sent me a prisoner.” The undead was quite eager. “The vampire hunting sorceress, Torah Fernandez. The white witch already knew as much. “Good, good.” She said. “Keep her occupied.” The smile appeared upon her face. “I know there is someone who will be interested.” She pushed it aside. “You must tell my sister.” Gwendolyn lowered her head. “As you wish.” The hologram faded. The snow queen retained her throne. This left only one case to consider. Liza Bernhardt pledged allegiance to lord Dracula. She even got other powers. If only the Belmont was dead. The white witch could not ask for further assistance. The soldiers got spread throughout the countryside. She disliked the situation. Things were becoming much more complicated. The ice queen made her choice. “Bael.” She said. “Tell him all which have transpired.”

Village of Ondol, Warakiya. The 16th. Of December 2098 A.D.

Torah wept into her hands. That monster thatched her in the use of dark arts. Torah tried to resist. She got tortured, again. Although she got stronger, that was no comfort. Gwendolyn pledged fealty to the Dark Lord. She was a vampire. So far, Torah had kept her away. She would rather die then become like them. She remembered what Orlock said, that night he came to kill her grandmother. Torah was alone. Her family wiped out. She tried to gather. Anette remained hidden. The thought made her relax. Torah inhaled. It was daylight outside. She could search for the resting place. Gwendolyn would be dead until dark. Torah got up. The sunlight wouldn’t last forever. She better gets started. Torah touched the cross. She would be a vampire hunter. Torah released those which rested in the train. She cleaned her face. There was running water inside the dormitory. Torah got no mirror. She had a shower. The girls washed their own clothing. Torah almost felt like a knight, performing the ritual cleansing. She shuddered. They removed her outfit before treating her. Torah knew were they put the ring smash. She would obtain her inheritance. Torah put on the cap and poncho, before picking the backpack. They never searched it. Torah inhaled. She then left the room.

(A.N: I hope you all liked this text. As you well know, this chapter is written in the honour of CotM and Castlevania Bloodlines. CV Chronicles, PoR and CVIV also gave me some ideas. The story continues. I hope you all have a nice time.)


Castlevania Darkness Never Dies29

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Part 1: Curse of Blood.

“”If you cannot believe me, or He who sent me.” Jesus said. “Then believe the deeds.””

John: 7. 4.

Chapter ‘9: Anxiety.

Vrad castle, Warakiya. The 18th. of December 2098 A.D.

Snow fell outside the French window. Anita Fortner snarled. She hated the winter. She lusted for endless summer. That would never come to pass. Unless she where to change the rules. Her sister would never aid in such quest. The black witch would accept the challenge. “Ah.” She moaned while the assistant removed the needle. Though the sample was secure. “Thank you, my lady.” The witch bowed low. Anita Fortner dismissed. She had been sent by lord Blinov. She wished to know his intentions. Why he came out here. Dimitri Blinov might be the Dark Lord incarnate. That was to be seen. The witch got what she wanted. The candidate had need of their blood. Her blood. Liza’s blood. The messenger raised and then turned into mist. The black witch had a sip of her blood filled champagne glass. The liquid restored her might. She licked her lips. But of course, the blood was that of a child. The Dark Lord bound her to his service. She was young. Like Celia. She would do whatever her master wished. Though Anita would rejoice in taking his blood. Such was the nature of her kind. The vampire hunters where abroad. The black witch would defend herself and her domain. If they where to trespass. Although they might remedy her wish. Lord Dimitri Blinov had to die.

Forest temple, sacred realm. The 17th. Of December 2098 A.D.

They had gathered. The forest five had asked them to come. “Is this the way it must be?” Earth turned to look upon him. Water looked so tired. “Shall we really put all this stress on such a young spirit?” Dream would comfort. “Arien will be awake.” Life reminded. “The bearer will have no choice but to accept what must be done.” Light flickered. They had requested her presence. She disliked it. They should not have to force her. “The forest is the source of life.” Spirit was dimmed. “The land is poisoned.” Light knew. “A great evil has awaked from its slumber.” Earth was firm. “The chosen one must do what only she might do.” The arrangements where settled ages ago. “Do you wish to begin it all anew?” Life asked. “No.” Water wept silver tears. “Then may be His will.” Light said. She wished she could enlighten them. To shine on all who wondered in the darkness. That was not her purpose. The angels had other reasons. “We do what we must.” Spirit sighed. This was their plight. To restore the balance. To help and guide those who had not despaired. Water nodded. “So let it be.” He said. “Let Arien blossom. Make the sage of the forest temple be revealed.” Light put gentle hands around him. “It has already begun.” She told. That was the truth.

Yoma marshland, Warakiya. The 16th. of December 2098 A.D.

The Belmont lady lay like dead in the marsh, with the fay on her breast. Alucard sat on his knees beside her. Alicia Schneider had to survive. The half-blood retrived her glasses. He replaced them with much care. The fairy would soon awake. She used to much power. The fay would gather in time. She was no familiar. Alucard pulled her hair back. Without the glasses, she looked so much like Sonia Belmont. Schneider was not and could never be. His loved one had gone on. To where he could not follow. The undead could not weep. Not like the humans. Though he wished to. Alicia Schneider was about to die. Alucard knew what he must do. But he would not. Not with an easy heart. It had to be done. Almost forcefully Alucard removed one glove. He slightly gasped when opening a wound on his wrist. “Forgive me.” He would perform with outermost care and curtecy. Alucard felt remorse when making her to drink his blood. None of her ancestors had ever needed this treatment. She awoke. Her eyelids fluttered. She weakly began to resist. “Do not worry.” Alucard told. “This is for your sake. So that you may live and fight another day.” Schneider gazed upon him. Her eyes seemed lost of hope. Although she was getting better. He removed his wrist. Alucard burned himself with his mother’s crucifix. “Alicia Schneider.” He said. “Please, forgive me of this.”

She hid behind the boulder. Alicia toutched her lips. Marcia sat on her shoulder. She felt dirty. Not because she was practically drenched with mud and rain. She still felt it in her mouth. The taste of Adrian’s blood. Although he begged her for forgiveness. Alicia inhaled. She was hunting. “You’re sure there are only nine of them?” Alicia was prepared to fight. Alucard acknowledged. Alicia nodded. She toutched the crucifix. Then she went for the red knights. They cried with surprise while reaching for their weapons. The blue wolf attacked from behind. Alicia crafted the gold sword. “Ball of Destruction.” Alucard retained human form. Marcia fluttered about. Her job was to shield them against the killer bees. “Crimson lightning.” The archer was dead before firing a shot. The ravens, which nested upon the ship, got interested. Alicia got wind in her blood. She threw a circle of axes. The ravens died. Most of them anyway. The fishmen lept from the water. Alucard hid behind his shield. Then he did his best to slash them to Sushi. The remaining foxes withdrew into the mist. Marcia healed her bruises. Alicia crossed herself. Then they boarded the ship. An arrow shot through the gloom. Alicia ducked. “Hellfire!” Alucard got the last knight. The way was open.

Haunted ship, Yoma marshland. The 16th. Of December 2098 A.D.

Dimitri Blinov watched him collapse. “Apology accepted, lieutenant.” He was disappointed. Such a waste. Bakunin had failed. His group was slaughtered. Dimitri desired the eight young souls for greater power. That foolish vampire executed Celia Winterfelt and that Fritz boy. The others where still missing. They may yet be of use to him. Although the group remained hidden aboard the ship. It had to end. No more mistakes now. Dimitri Blinov would not loose his price. He got disturbed. “My lord!” A red knight entered the cabin. “The vampire hunters are here!” Dimitri smiled. “It is all clear then.” He told. The she-fox blinked. Then she offered her salute. He dismissed. “Find the children.” They where all which mattered. “Yes my lord. Hail the count.” They left. Dimitri began laughing. He let them go. Dimitri Blinov got other affairs which needed attention. That could prove even more important. The children where not the only source of power. Malus was a fool who had not realized the potential. Dimitri Blinov knew things which he did not. He would snatch it from underneath his very nose. Dimitri gathered his power. This was a cursed area. Thus he disappeared.

The sun was rising. Although it didn’t penetrate the mist. Alicia reached the deck. She shuddered. Alucard wouldn’t be affected. This really was a cursed place. She shook her head. There was something else. Alicia almost thought she knew this place. “My lady?” Alucard asked. “Are you well?” Marcia flew in circles around her head. “Alicia?” The fairy shone a concerned green. She bit her lip. “I don’t know.” Alicia told. “It’s like I’ve been here before.” She sighed. “You feel the presence of my father’s might.” Alucard said. “It’s so dark.” Alicia toutched the crucifix. This was Dracula’s curse. Alicia cleaned her glasses. “Get down.” Alucard hissed. He threw her on the deck. He shielded her from the poison streams. “Grizzly wing!” Alucard was up. He spread his caped arms wide. The bats shot through the fishmen. The air suddenly got very cold. Alicia rose to her feet. She could see beyond the obvious. The ghosts gathered about. Adrian was still too occupied with the fishmen. “Help us!” She shouted. She picked a vial. She had the heart of fire. Alicia made it rain with holy water. The ghosts moaned. Alicia drew a tear. They where so miserable. Then she screamed in turn. The bones felt like claws drilled into her body. She gazed up into the gloom. The skeletons where above. They grinned before hurling. Alicia sidestepped. She threw the axe. One got shattered. The others lept. “Into Your hands, I submit my soul!” Alicia called to God. She then went into battle. The blade lept into her hands. She beheaded the skeleton before throwing vials. The bone-man tried to strangle her. Alicia knocked him to pieces. Then she screamed. The skeletons hit her. “Ball of Destruction!” Alucard arrived. Alicia leaned against the wall. She tried to gather. Blood ran from her knee. Alicia bit together. She thanked the Lord for the laurels. “For blood is the life.” She sent him a glance. Alucard bowed. Alicia was glad he dropped the matter. “Christ is the true bread of life.” She said. She crossed herself. “Have faight, and you’ll be delivered.” The half-breed hid his face. “Forgive me.” He pleaded. “I am not your enemy.” Marcia flashed. Then she settled upon her shoulder. “I can’t help you.” She told. “You have to decide for yourself.” Alicia knew. “Be what may be.” She said. Alucard crossed himself. “Come on.” Alicia unsheathed her blade. “Let’s go.” Alucard threw back his cape. He was ready. Alicia advanced. Then something hit her in the head.

Alfred Armstrong embraced his little sister. He was 16 years old. Though they where both afraid. Sigmund and Heinz spoke silently together. Simon Krantz looked about. Lucy shuddered. Dimitri sent monsters to find them. They killed Fritz and Celia. They might all be dead but for their magic. Alfred felt dazed. He didn’t know he could work such things. Penny let go. Alfred would save her what so ever. “Get ready.” Reichardt came back. “They’re here.” Deborah told. “Let them come.” Alfred snarled. “Pepper breath!” He burned the bats. “Lightning paw!” Penny shot the ghost in the face. “Blue blast!” “Bubble boom!” The brothers fought back-to-back. “Spiral twister!” “Super shocker!” Reichardt and Deborah turned round. “Ivy wine!” Lucy kept the enemies. “Marching fishes!” Simon called forth his friends. Alfred grinned. They gathered around him. After all this time, he was still the leader. Penny shrieked. The skeletons hit her. Then Alfred got serious. No one was to harm her. “Pepper breath!” He shielded his sister. The others stood tall. Together they defeated the enemies. Alfred was grim. “Hurry.” He told. “We have to get moving.” They would continue the chase. He knew. The group began moving. Alfred prayed they might find a way to escape.

Haunted ship, Yoma marshland. The 16th. Of December 2098 A.D.

Alucard helped her to sit up. He was concerned about her condition. “Adrian.” Her eyes where open. Schneider was very attractive. He gave her the glasses. “I saw Carrie Fernandez.” The Belmont shook her head. “She is here.” Alucard arched an eyebrow. “She called for Reinhardt Schneider to save her.” She toutched her crucifix. “Master.” His sword familiar reappeared. “He is here. He is holding children captive.” Alicia Schneider had gathered. Alucard bowed. “Be gone.” He told. The familiar vanished. The vampire hunter inspected her arsenal. “I have to find her.” The lady was determined. She inhaled. “I have to find them.” Alucard was not surprised. “You hunt the night.” He said. Alicia Schneider relaxed. She had been afraid he would not approve. So be it. “We shall find them.” He told. A boyar had certain duties to their people. Alicia Schneider smiled. Alucard bowed. “I suggest we split path.” She blinked. “I’ll come with you.” The fay still sat on her shoulder. Alucard acknowledged. Their bond kept puzzling him. The Belmont treated her like an equal. He shed the matter. “I will meet you at the other end of the ship.” Alicia Schneider was ready. He saluted. “See you later.” She said. Alucard bowed. She soon disappeared from sight.

The mist thickened about. Alicia was glad she kept the lamp. Her eyesight wasn’t all that good. Marcia couldn’t help her. The ravens swooped down. They nested atop the chimney. Alicia doused them with holy water. The plank was rotten. Alicia splashed through water. She was dirty. The mire wasn’t healthy. She managed to get back up before drowning. The armour might pull her down. Alicia shuddered. The ravens attacked on sight. She presented the crucifix. Alicia got wind in her blood. The axes shielded against the flock. “Alicia!” Marcia warned. She threw herself down. The fishman shot above. Alicia pierced him with a dagger. The monster staggered backward and fell into the bog. Alicia was in motion. She nailed the ghost. It moaned when fading. Alicia made the sign of the cross. Bones went through the air. Alicia blocked the skeletons. She got soaked. The fishmen spewed. Alicia used the laurels. She pulled back against the wall. There was a broken window. The bats squeeked. They shouldn’t be out in daylight. Either way, Alicia made it rain with holy water. That made them burn. The fishmen spewed poison water. She made the crosses to protect her. Alicia used the opportunity to fetch the gems. She then dashed at the monsters. The fishmen got killed. Alicia screamed. The skeletons grinned. They knocked with the bone club. “Leave her alone!” Marcia shot into their faces. Alicia gathered. The fairy crushed through the skull. That was incredible. Alicia swung her blade. She smashed and brandished about. The bone-men got knocked to pieces. Alicia dashed. She held the sword in front. The golden blade struck through the remaining enemies. The deck broke. The planks where rotten. Alicia barely survived. The armour pulled her down. Alicia gasped when reaching safe ground. Not really secure. The bats whirled through another window. Alicia threw three freezing axes in a high arch. The mammals broke to pieces. Alicia picked the crystals. She thanked God for His assistance. She inhaled. Marcia circled about. “You didn’t get hurt.” She shone a relaxed purple. Alicia smiled. A hand reached up from between the planks. Alicia swallowed. “Help us.” She heard muttered voices. “Please, help us.” They sounded so desperate. Alicia didn’t trust them. The dead hand grasped hold. “Good Lord in Heaven.” Alicia felt strangled. “Come gays, see what I’ve captured.” The dead pirate climbed aboard. Alicia pierced through the heart. She swung the blade again to behead the corpse. The zombie thief fell apart. “It’s the honey pot, boys.” Other pirates emerged. “Let’s party.” Alicia bit together. “I’m a vampire hunter.” She told. “Party all night.” They scared her. Alicia licked her lips. “ Alright sweetie, give us the gold.” Alicia blinked. She inhaled. They’d risen to fetch their treasure. The dead thought she got it. She didn’t. Alicia had something else. “Give them peace!” She shouted. The burning cross emerged overhead. Alicia flouted in the air as flames cleared the area. “Glory be You, our Father in Heaven.” She knelt in prayer. She ended with the sign of the cross. Alicia picked the crystals. She was ready. She hung the lamp on her backpack. “Beware of the rotten portions.” Marcia fluttered in front. “Show me.” Alicia requested. Marcia shone. She sped forward. Alicia watched as the fairy settled on a certain spot. She got over the planks. The fairy continued. Alicia was to follow when the mutants lept from the marsh pit.

Marcia fluttered about. She felt so helpless. The fairy couldn’t break these folks. The fishmen where to aggressive. The poison streams would affect her as well. Marcia didn’t want to die. She circled about her partner. The fay would heal her in an instant. Alicia ducked and parried. The ravens swooped on sight. Marcia shone red. She made some to fall asleep. “Not that way!” She called. The planks where rotten. Alicia lept. Other fishmen emerged. Marcia flashed. That confused the monsters. Alicia didn’t waist time. She threw the cross like a boomerang. Marcia cheered. She supported the hunter. Although not like any humans, they fought for a great cause. She could admire. Alicia fetched the crystals. They replenished her power. Marcia went to have a closer look. “Wicked folks.” She muttered. The woman was hurt. She got poisoned. Marcia healed her. “That was good.” Alicia relaxed. She didn’t seem that stiff at any rate. Marcia dismissed. She was glad her friend was healthy. The birds awoke. Marcia flew in their direction. They didn’t sleep that long. Her power wasn’t ment for battle. She would do what she had to. Alicia settled the matter with some thrown daggers. Marcia shone bright. The skeletons landed. They both shrieked. Her friend got nailed with bones.

Haunted ship, Yoma marshland. The 16th. Of December 2098 A.D.

Alucard moved like mist over the broken area. This was cursed land. He could use his power at will. The ghost reached for him. Alucard cut through the formation. He would rather sanctify the land. This was unnatural. Why had not his blood cured Alicia Schneider’s eyesight? “Hellfire!” The ravens burned. He could not explain it. Not even to him. Unless her peril was ment to be. The Lord created. Alucard blocked the bones. “Grizzly wing!” The assault cleared matters. Although the red skeletons rebuilt themselves. Alucard attacked like a blue wolf. He tore the bones apart and hurled them into the mist. Alucard heard the impact. He prayed that would be the last of them. Sypha Belnades had been the only one potent enough to destroy the red skeletons forever. He cherished the memories of what happened in 1496. Trevor was his son. Alucard was proud. Sonia should be. She died some few years later. Alucard reheated his weapon. Enough of this sentiment. Alicia Schneider was his relation as well. She went the other way. Alucard was to meet her at the head. He went past another rotten location. The vessel was falling apart. Alucard acknowledged. They had to complete this task. Then they would be gone. Alucard was approached by his father’s minions.

The ravens attacked on sight. Alicia got her sword. The skeletons kept some distance. Marcia fluttered above. The bone-men had realized her abilities. She toutched the crucifix. Alicia was determined. She slashed the birds before gliding forward. The enemies hurled bones into the air. Alicia kept the storm sword high. The bones rebounded on impact. That was a nice trick. She got up among them. Alicia struck the blade round. She slashed and brandished to protect against other bones. The bats settled upon her body. Alicia stamped them out. The gems got in handy. The fishman spat a poison stream. Alicia ducked. She threw the dagger. The creature perished. Alicia presented the crucifix. The red skeletons withdrew. Alicia inhaled through clenched teeth. “Guide and keep me.” She made the sign of the cross. Then she hurled three freezing axes. The blood soaked skeletons got smashed to pieces. “For great is the Lord.” The fishmen lept from the water. Marcia flew straight at them. The fairy might disrupt their progress. Alicia summoned her bloodline mystics as she hurled three poison daggers. The fishmen died. She used their own might against them. Alicia retrived the item before picking crystals. She stamped some bats while collecting. Alicia pulled her hair into a tight ponytail. That way she kept it out of her face. Alicia cleaned the glasses. The air was dank. Alicia was sweating. She sighed. The door was open. Alicia pulled back. The light armour and garb reminded about the power-plant. The bone-scimitars brandished their weapons. Alicia kept back. She held the blade in both hands. Though her heart was with God. The skeletons got assistance when other bats appeared. The enemies approached. “So help me God!” Alicia called while presenting the vial. The downpour of holy water burned the demons to ashes. Alicia crossed herself. “Look, boys!” A dead man’s voice scratched her soul. “The main dish has arrived!” Alicia reached for the crucifix. “They’re here.” Marcia shone a frightful pink. Alicia swallowed. The dead pirates climbed through the planks. “Come on, honey pot.” They showed their cutlass and hook shots. “Give up the treasure.” Alicia licked her lips. They always asked for gold. Why was that so important? Alicia thought of an ancient legend. “Come and take it.” She told. “If you insist.” The pirates gloated. Alicia didn’t. The thieves needed to recollect for salvation. The gold was cursed. They where cursed. “May God forgive you of your sins?” The corpse pirates snarled. Alicia was ready. “Leave her alone!” Marcia flashed bright red. Alicia felt a storm in her blood. Then a shaft of sunlight penetrated the clouds. “Good Lord!” Alicia exclaimed. Marcia fluttered before her. The dead pirates remained illuminated. They didn’t move. Alicia revealed the crucifix when reaching daylight. The dead pirates shrunk and vanished into the water. “For God is compassion.” The sunlight soon faded. Alicia sighed. She’d felt so nice. She shook it off. One day, daylight would shine even within the tomb of Chaos. Then the Dark Lord would rest. Forever and ever. Alicia picked together. That would be another day. The ravens attacked. “Hand over the gold.” The pirates rose. Alicia hurled vials of holy water. The zombies fired. Alicia dodged the hook. She pined with daggers. The pirate staggered. Alicia dashed. She cut of his head. She turned around. Another pirate lept into the air. The flying kick sent her backward. The cutlass almost pierced her heart. Alicia could breathe. She searched round for the glasses. “I take that.” The dead mate picked them. Alicia tried to retrive. The gang dragged her forward. Dead hands searched her body. Alicia threw up. They where so disgustive. She fought to stamp them. The crucifix made them pull back. She still couldn’t see. “Give me the gold!” The pirate tried to strangle her. The stench was terrible. He’d been long in a watery grave. Alicia pulled the dagger. She felt the corpse burn. She stabbed the heart. Alicia finally found her glasses. She put them back. The pirates gathered. Alicia could see. She threw the cross. The boomerang went through the air. The closest mate got beheaded. Alicia retrived her blade. “The Lord is with me.” She said. The dead pirates seemed unsure. Alicia reached for the crucifix. She got Simon’s heart of fire. The sword lit up with flame. The pirates brandished their weapons. The fairy shone bright. Alicia hurled three enflamed daggers toward the enemies. Then she made a glide. She lept over the rotten planks and buried the flame sword into his heart. The bats tried to bite her. She repelled their assault. His image also made the pirates stagger. The fire died. That didn’t matter. She beheaded the corpses. She threw some vials. Marcia did her best. The shining figure made some bats to fall asleep. The pirate stabbed. Alicia tumbled. Although the cutlass broke upon her chain mail. She purchased from Renon while the familiar returned to Adrian’s tomb. She shook it off. The pirates tried to drag her down under. Alicia made a ring of crosses to appear. The zombie pirates burned themselves to death. The band was to eager. Alicia tried to get rid of the sweat and water. She sighed. There was little she could do. “Be careful.” Marcia advised. They’d reached the submerged portion of the boat. Alicia picked the gems. Then she had a closer look. Only a few planks where above the water. That was a problem. She cleaned her blade. “Be brave.” The fairy encouraged. Alicia licked her lips. She gathered. Alicia lept across. She reached the first save spot. The fishman lept from the water. Alicia ducked under the stream. She threw the cross. Three black birds swept through the mist. They picked on her. Marcia lulled them to sleep. Alicia retrived the item. Another fishman emerged. Alicia struck through the throat. This was only the beginning.

The lantern lit up the storage area. Nisou had done battle-gear. The bats scattered about. Yang Queng wished she hadn’t. The sound of clinking armour, not to mention that of cracking bones, might tell of their approach. “They have been here.” The Chinese vampire had found the scent. Nisou turned up the light. Yang Queng hissed. She didn’t need the lamp to see. Nor did the scimitars. Though there where other red knights. The foxes couldn’t walk in the dark. Very well then. The bats relayed their visuals. That was one of her particular talents. Others of her kind had to be told directly. “They moved around us.” Her accent was strong today. It tends to be in anger. “I see.” Nisou acknowledged. She tapped the hilt of her blade. Yang Queng hadn’t changed her outfit. That was of no concern. “I’ll find them.” Yang Queng would do Blinov’s work. The Dark Lord candidate sent her out hunting. “Show me.” Nisou still toutched her weapon. “I smell magic in the air.” Joan D’Winter reached forth with his fingertips. “Strong magic.” The French undead was the oldest present. He had a very rear gift. HE could feel mystics in use. That was a magician’s talent. So be it. Dimitri Blinov decreed.

Haunted ship, Yoma marshland. The 16th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The red knights pulled back to fire their arrows. Alucard snarled. He held up his shield for protection. There where only some five or six in total. That did not matter. The tragic prince had learned not to underestimate those living. He was a fool not having realized Sonia’s potential from the very beginning. Alucard was quick. He caught the arrows. “Grizzly wing!” He dashed forward in bat form. His underlings served him well. Though it was weak without the bat-familiar. He lost contact after 1797. He regained human form as the knights shot. Alucard spread his cape. “Hellfire!” He burned the projectiles. The group consisted of other vampires. That he did not expect. Dimitri Blinov was a tactician. The Dark Lord candidate surrounded himself with those he baptized. Alucard blocked their objective. This group was less then a century old. He was far their superior. That may not matter. “Sword familiar! Demon familiar!” He called. “Do my bidding! Protect your master!” They where surprised. Neither of them got any familiars to their disposal. Two where already released of this thraldom. His mother’s crucifix shone upon its chain. “Traitor!” The leader cursed. He tried to blast him with fire. Not enough. Empty bravado. Alucard blocked the onslaught.

The ravens picked her. Marcia flew about. Alicia presented the crucifix. The black birds where associated with death. They might be her demise. The fishman remained at the surface, spewing streams of poison. Alicia threw the axe before leaping forward. The side looked to have been hit repeatedly. Alicia shuddered. Only a monster could’ve done that. The ravens didn’t leave her alone. Alicia doused with holy water. The next platform looked weird. The wood seemed to have been painted yellow. She licked her lips. Alicia slashed some other birds before leaping. The weird platform began to turn. She didn’t waste time. Alicia jumped. She didn’t reach far enough. Although she managed to climb on top. Alicia sighed. She’d been drenched, again. There was nothing she could do. The skeleton threw bones into the air. Alicia gasped. The impact felt like sharp claws. She gathered enough to throw the dagger at them. The bone-man collapsed. Alicia ducked under the stream. She let it have another dagger. Then she lept. Alicia picked the gem. She killed the raven. There where still some platforms left to go. Alicia picked together. The air went cold. Alicia stared into the mist. She might see beyond. There was nothing. Although Alicia was sure. She lept for another platform. The raven went in low. Marcia crashed straight into the bird. Alicia finished off with a quick stroke. The fairy shone a mournful yellow. “Let it be.” Alicia said. She didn’t know how to comfort. Marcia turned. She immediately went all blue. Alicia looked ahead. The ghost came from above. Alicia pined it through. The apparition moaned. The other came through the floor. Alicia lept for the planks. This piece was yellow. She kept jumping. Alicia reached solid ground. The ghost appeared through the mist. The skeletal arms reaching wide. Alicia felt cold inside. She managed to stamp it out. She was about to continue when the foundation gave way. Alicia had to fight. The armour was wearing her down. The fishmen began to gather. “This way!” Marcia shouted. She shone ahead. Alicia fought to swim. She managed some distance. Then, like a drowned cat, she climbed back on board. Alicia worshipped the Lord she made it. She got up. She couldn’t be lacy. The fishmen arrived. They broke through the planks on either side. Alicia inhaled. The creatures jumped. Alicia nailed with daggers. She ducked beneath the stream. She pierced the belly. The fishman gurgled as the insides got revealed. Alicia felt sick. She pulled the blade back. She got soaked with poison. She removed the status. She picked the crystals. “Don’t you dare.” The ponytail stood on end. The fishman seemed undecided. Then Marcia shot like an angry wasp. Her glow was all red. Alicia couldn’t follow. The ravens landed. The beaks where like knives. “Help me!” Alicia screamed with pain. She was frozen inside. She reached for the crucifix. She was kept in place as the frozen cross burst and defeated the birds. She landed back down. Marcia somehow chased off the fishman. She shook her head. Alicia felt very. She picked the gems. That made some difference. “IS everything alright?” Marcia came back to flutter before her face. “I’m fine.” Alicia smiled. She was glad for her presence. It felt nice having friends around. Alicia lept over the broken section. She landed on top. “Wait a moment.” A hand toutched her ankle. “ Sweetheart.” Alicia screamed. “Hands off!” She kicked the hand. It fell back into the mud. “I know you got it, honey pot.” Alicia bit together. She unsheathed her blade. “Come on, come on.” The pirate teased while climbing. He got company along. The trio tried to surround her. “ Give up the gold, sweetie.” Alicia decided she would show it to them. The shining sword lit up the gloom. Alicia brandished. Marcia glowed just as bright. They moved like one. The pirates got confused by the light. Alicia beheaded the zombie who toutched her. The second lept backward. His comrade got cut down. Alicia pierced through the heart. The last pirate suddenly jumped. The kick sent her flying. Alicia felt like being knocked apart. She landed upon her back. The sword was out of reach. Although it lay just at her palm. Why couldn’t she reach it? “Your luck is out, hore.” The dead pirate gloated. Her back must be broken. Alicia shuddered. “I’ll take the gold.” The zombie approached. “Then I think you go to the vamps.” She felt all hollow inside. This was how it would end. The pirate bent to search her. Marcia settled on her Brest. “Get away. Stupid little slut.” Marcia didn’t move. She only shone brighter. “Go away, insect.” The pirate threatened. Alicia didn’t pay attention. Marcia healed her. The dead pirate still issued his threats. Marcia got his full attention. She took the sword. Marcia knew. She flew into his face. The skull shattered. Alicia cut the remains off with one single stroke. She didn’t rest. Alicia turned to pierce the heart. She pulled back in time. The blood splashed all over the deck. Alicia still shuddered. She tried to gather. She was no pirate queen. It disturbed her to fight the pirates. They where unlike other walking corpses. They got some measure of intelligence. Marcia settled on her shoulder. Alicia almost jumped. Then she recognised. She inhaled. Alucard was waiting. She hoped he did better. Though Dracula’s minions would be drawn to his power. Alicia struck the blade. The ravens where back. The air was freezing. Alicia knew the ghosts where near. Marcia glowed.

The fishman died. Marcia dimmed. She still didn’t like to kill. Alicia also looked weary. The monsters kept appearing. The window got shattered by a swarm of bats. Alicia brandished her blade. Marcia used her might to confuse. Some even fell back to sleep. Alicia picked the crystals. They replenished her force. Marcia couldn’t use them. The vampire hunter was about to round the ship when Marcia heard the sound of cracking bones. “Alicia!” She warned. “They are here!” Alicia released the ghost. The bone-scimitars ran down the stairs. Alicia stood tall to meet them. They blocked off the round of daggers. Marcia sped forward. The skeletons seemed prepared. They used their shields for cover. The fairy couldn’t break them. She swept around the blade. The enemies might strike her. Alicia came like a hammer. The sword was all red. She was faster then any human. Faster then even the skeletons. She must’ve used wind power. Marcia got out of her reverie. The scimitars gathered together. The ravens joined the fight. Marcia knew she got to remove them. Or they might confuse her friend. Marcia tried her best. She confused or used magic to disrupt the onslaught. Alicia was to busy. Marcia had to keep them occupied. She would help. Marcia knew she could do it.

Haunted ship, Yoma marshland. The 16th. Of December 2098 A.D.

He met them blade-to-blade. Three of Blinov’s children where left as living undead. Alucard became mist. He immediately reappeared somewhere else. “Ball of Destruction!” The blue homing ball went for the enemy. “Hellfire!” The flames where not convenient. Though it blocked his attack. Alucard dashed. “Grizzly wing!” The storm caught him off balance. His comrade slashed. “Hellfire!” Alucard hissed. “Hellfire!” The vampire countered. The forces clashed. Alucard was the strongest. He blocked their onslaught upon his shield. Then he reached his own blade. It got buried through the throat. “Bat flare!” The weakling tried to petrify. Alucard removed his head for the effort. The heated child punched him. The red knight picked his blade. Alucard gathered his might. “Thou art nay to slay mine.” He spoke Walachia. The enemy got confused. The second vampire warrior stabbed his knife into his side. Alucard lost his momentum. He even had a loss of blood. The worthless creature drank from the stream. Alucard went like a wolf. He tore the peasant apart. “Hellfire!” His friend got close. They exchanged blows while rounding the ship. Alucard would close the dual.

They reached the end of the ship. This was the stern. Wasn’t it? Alicia wasn’t quite used to being at sea. Not that this really was an ocean. Either way, she had a look around. Marcia settled upon her backpack. She still was weary after the last encounter. The river boat had struck into a sort of cliff or rock formation. The gloom made it difficult to tell. Alicia struck her blade. The ravens still tried to kill her. Marcia intercepted. Alicia hurled a vial at them. They burned to ashes. They’d been toutched by the castle’s influence. Alicia crossed herself. The fairy fluttered about to check for other ravens. Alicia picked the gems. Then something else got her attention. A duo of fighting men came round from the other side. Left and right was called something different at sea. Alicia hoped she might remember. Then she threw it aside. Alucard tried to break through his defences. The other man was no man. The red knight was a vampire. He got to be. Alicia knew they might hide it. He didn’t do it that well. His eyes blazed. The skin changed colour. Alicia approached. She got her own blade. “Hellfire!” The knight turned to face her. Alicia crafted the flame sword. She was strong enough to repel the assault. Alucard struck. The vampire turned in time to pick up the fight. Alicia would make it rain. She couldn’t. The holy water might harm Adrian as well. Marcia flew in circles. She shone red with frustration. The men kept up their combat. Alicia felt the same. She couldn’t get involved. Not without hurting him. Something moved within the mist. Alicia blinked. She turned back to the dual. Alucard became a bat. The undead immediately focused on her. Alicia licked her lips. She didn’t meet his gaze. “Do that again.” He demanded. “What?” She didn’t get it. “Lick your lips, slut.” His mouth seemed full of fangs. Alicia blushed. She knew she did. “I smell it.” He came closer. “You have already tasted blood.” Alicia hid her face. She was ashamed. More so then ever before. Alicia didn’t like men. Not in that sense anyway. Something hit the deck. Alucard rushed forward with his sword and shield in hand. The snakes slithered all about. “Sword familiar! Come to my aid!” Alicia held up her own blade. “Do not resist.” The vampire put a hand on her wrist. “Soon it will be over.” Alicia presented the crucifix. Those made him snarl. “You shall come to me.” The red knight reached his hand. “I can make you happy.” Alicia didn’t answer. Marcia was about. She couldn’t think of her now. He came even closer. “We might make you immortal.” Alicia shook her head. Alucard was dead. His heart cold and hard as stone. Alicia wished to live a life of her own. Alicia would find someone like her. Who would see her and love her. “Then I rather die.” Alicia told the truth. She would found her own family. “You don’t understand.” She kept looking down. He was wrong. Alicia knew. “I will grow old.” Alicia stated. “And pass away with my family and friends around me.” She didn’t know who would come to her funeral. That didn’t matter. Alicia prayed she would be loved. And missed. “God has forgiven all.” She regained her composure. “He’ll lead us to green fields. And make us rest in clean water.” The undead struck his sword. “So be damned!” Alicia met his assault. She was ready. Alicia hurled axes at him. In the end, it was all so easy. The enemy cried. Wind was in her blood. She hurled a wave of daggers. The red knight staggered. He’d been knifed repeatedly. “I pray for salvation.” Alicia bathed him with holy water. He was burning. The corpse collapsed into dust. Alicia was glad. She’d seen the look of relief before the last decay. “Be free.” She whispered. “Schneider.” Alucard was grim. “I need your assistance.” She felt a slight pull. Alicia wished to yield his command. She forced the urge. The bond might make her into his concubine. What so ever they might wish. He was so powerful. A lone transfusion almost overshadowed her soul. “I won’t.” She said. “I’ll be myself.” Alicia forcefully undid her ponytail. “I am not Sonia.” She opened her eyes. Alucard was under assault. Fishmen surrounded his location. They lept from the marsh. She inhaled. Alicia pulled together. He was in trouble. “Take cover!” She called. Alucard pulled back. Alicia couldn’t wait. She picked the item. Alucard realised. He threw the cape over. The rosary flashed. The fishmen and ravens burned. The whole area got cleaned of monsters. Alucard let down his cape. He held the crucifix in both hands. “Are you alright?” Marcia was back. She lit up the gloom. “Thank you, fairy. I have not been toutched.” Cold and hard. Alicia sighed. Something would never change. “I might rearrange that.” The voice made her shiver all over.

She fluttered in mid air. Someone had landed upon the deck. Marcia felt unsure. She looked very familiar. “Medusa.” Alucard turned his shield the other way round. “So, they found you.” Alicia was shaking. Marcia wished she could do something to help her. “How long has it been?” She couldn’t read his expression. “Since the Greek hero beheaded you?” The gorgon smiled. “Is that the proper behaviour before a goddess?” Her light went out. “You wasted that title long ago.” Marcia beamed. It was Alicia’s voice. “When you pledged fealty to Walter Bernhardt.” She had unsheathed her sword. “Count Dracula is my lord.” Medusa had her eyes closed. “Nor Walter neither Mathias ment anything to me.” Alucard bowed. “My father is the prince of Darkness.” She reached over her shoulders. Marcia got out of reach. She used the shield to block off Alicia’s axes. The gorgon swung her blade. Alucard came like a wolf. He turned to mist before she might strike. The fight had begun. Marcia flew in circles. She didn’t know how to support. Medusa used the opportunity to fire her bow-and-arrows. Alicia got hit. She pulled it out. Although she didn’t look good. Marcia sped forward. Now she knew. The fairy healed her. Medusa was exposed. Marcia approached. She reached up into her hair.

Haunted ship, Yoma marshland. The 16th. Of December 2098 A.D.

Simon checked his watch. The gold Rolex was a family heirloom. It had to be daylight outside. He put it back. They where getting stronger. “Harpoon torpedo!” Simon shot the door of its hinges. “Nova explosion!” “Howling blaster!” Alfred and Sigmund moved in front. The bone-scimitars got blasted into oblivion. The survivors spread out. “I have been looking for you.” Simon knew that voice. “Yang Queng.” Alfred whispered. He felt his skin crawl. She tortured him. Yang Queng let down her robes. She’d tied her hair into twin braids. His friends tried not to look. Simon couldn’t blame them. The corset revealed everything. He was 18 years old. Though he felt uneasy. “What do you want?” Alfred asked. Yang Queng smiled. “You.” She stated. “A challenge.” Her fangs where exposed. “Fight me, if you dare.” Penny and Lucy exchanged glances. Deborah didn’t doubt. Simon wished he could pull her back. “No.” Reichardt began. Alfred shook his head. “Let her go.” Heinz said. “This is what she wants.” Simon knew. He just knew. Deborah inhaled. Yang Queng stepped forward. Both groups beheld. “Good.” She extended her claws. Deborah’s aura was red. “Spiral twister!” She released her magic. Simon bit together. Deborah had to pull true. Or she would die.

Medusa reached into her hair. Alicia screamed. The gorgon hurled snakes about. “Ball of Destruction!” Alucard fired. The fairy came to flutter at her side. Alicia threw the vial in a high arch. The gorgon blocked her efforts. “Come to my aid!” Alucard summoned. “Demon familiar! Defend your master!” Alicia stamped the serpents. She knew them where poisonous. The gorgon produced her bow. “Yes master.” The imp stabbed his spear. Alicia threw herself sideways. The arrows went past. That was no comfort. She reached up into her hair. Alicia swallowed. She was so gorgeous. From the waists up, the body raised in perfection. Alicia wondered how she might feel. The touch of her skin. The taste of her lips. She longed to lick those nipples. Alicia shook her head. Marcia sat on her shoulder. She toutched her cheek with soft wings. “I don’t want to loose you.” Marcia whispered. Alicia shuddered. She’d almost become hypnotized. Although that wasn’t the whole true. Alicia liked to have something to play with. “Alicia?” Marcia flew. She tried to ease the snakes. They crawled on her body. Alicia stamped them out. That was to close. Adrian met her blade-to-blade. His familiar kept the serpents occupied. Neither his nor her shield gave way. Alicia threw the axe. She missed the head. Although Medusa got hit in the shoulder. Alucard got stained with blood. He groaned. Marcia sped for his location. Medusa opened her eyes. The beaming gaze turned the planks to stone. Alicia made a back flip. Her heart was beating fast. The gorgon fired. Alicia made crosses rise. The arrows burned. “Grizzly wing!” Alucard opened his caped arms. Medusa turned the swarm to stone. Alucard repelled the beam from the back of his shield. Medusa ducked. She threw snakes from her hair. The imp stabbed. She blocked with the stone shield. Alicia struck her blade. Medusa met her. Her eyes where closed. Alicia was sure that didn’t matter. The gorgon knew how to fight. Alucard came from behind. Medusa struck her shield like a battering-ramp. Alucard ducked. Alicia stamped with the crucifix. She then threw herself sideways. The blood drops hit the floor. Alicia gulped. Medusa opened her eyes. Alicia got struck down. Alucard blocked with the shield. The beam went berserk. Alicia threw the cross. The boomerang swept through the air. The gorgon staggered. Blood stained the area. Alicia retrived her item. The snakes crawled. The demon familiar was poisoned. Marcia fought to remove. “Begone.” Alucard made him disappear. Alicia hoped it would be okay. She had no time for sentiments. The worms slithered. She presented the crucifix. That made them to curl up. Alicia doused them with holy water. She was hit by an arrow. The impact threw her backward. She collided against the staircase. Alicia knew she would die. The poison would kill her. She pulled out the arrow. The army trousers were stained with her blood. Alicia bit together. She used the laurels. That healed her enough to continue. Alucard was forced backward. He’d engaged the gorgon in hand-to-hand combat. “Hellfire!” Alicia searched through her backpack. Medusa ducked. She fired her bow-and-arrows. Alicia hurled the grenade. The explosion shook the ship. Medusa staggered. Alicia missed. She bit together. Then Alucard rammed with his own shield. She opened her eyes. “No!” Alicia shouted. She threw the cross. Medusa groaned. She was hit between the breasts. Alicia retrived the item. Adrian blocked the gaze. Though he got soaked with blood. Marcia flew to the rescue. She healed his status. Medusa fired. Alicia managed to glide beneath. Medusa blocked her progress. Alicia collided against her shield. Though the vial went home. Medusa shrieked. The holy water burned her flesh. Alucard came like mist. He picked her up and flew like a bat. He was incredibly strong. Medusa fired her beaming gaze. He let go. Alicia knelt. “Grizzly wing!” The swarm was turned to stone. Alicia felt cold. She felt strong like a blizzard. She threw the vial. The wave froze the serpents in place. Medusa opened her eyes. Alucard was ahead of her. The blue wolf got its teeth around her arm. Although the gorgon fought to get free, Alucard-wolf refused to release. Alicia made a glide. Medusa was wide open. The tragic prince got her shield-hand. She ducked beneath the blade while stamping the crucifix. Medusa yelled. Alicia got no more crystals. She got up to meet her blade. She had to fight them both. Alucard held on. The gorgon looked down. “No! Not Him!” Alicia screamed. But it was to late. Alucard-wolf had been turned to stone. Alicia struck through her ribs. Their eyes met. Something strange happened. The glasses deflected the beam. Medusa was forced to duck. Alicia struck. The head flew through the air. Then both where set ablaze. Alicia felt weary. This was no triumph. Marcia fluttered before her face. Both knew there where nothing she might do. Alucard was finally dead. She beheld the stone wolf. She tried not to weep. Then the sculpture changed. Alicia reached for the crucifix. The wolf was blue again. He changed back into his human form. “I thank you, my lady.” He bowed to kiss her hand. Alicia closed her eyes. The fight was over. She knew it was only a matter of time. The war would continue. She wished it to be over. Perhaps, after Dracula, she might be free. Alicia inhaled. She had to ask. “Alucard?” Alicia began. “What really happened with Sonia and Trevor?” He looked upon her. For a moment, she thought there where pity in his eyes. “I cannot tell you that you wish to hear.” Alucard could read her emotions. Alicia cursed the relation. “Their abilities are to hunt the night. Take care of your might. Use it when you must.” Alicia accepted. She’d hoped to be free. That wasn’t the case. Alicia knew it was different. “I am a vampire hunter.” She knew that now. Alucard bowed. Alicia inhaled. Leon did the right thing. She would never escape. So be it. Alicia would do her best to fulfil her destiny.

Alfred felt dirty. Yang Queng tortured him to obey. She still looked so cute. “Meteor wing!” The fight had begun. Deborah spread her arms. The storm of enflamed meteors should’ve wiped her out. That didn’t happen. Yang Queng turned into mist. She reappeared to deliver a series of hard punches. Deborah somehow became invincible. “Spiral twister!” She could fly. It was incredible. The monster was sent hurling into the wall. Alfred heard the bones crack. She got back up. Deborah had landed. Yang Queng lept toward the ceiling. Deborah vanished. Thus she avoided the flying kick. “Meteor wing!” The rock went home. Yang Queng landed on all four. Then she turned into mist. “Wing blade!” Deborah discovered their enemy. The shape of the flying bird blasted through the corset. Yang Queng staggered. She fought to resist. Deborah advanced. Alfred knew she had to. “Meteor wing!” The enflamed stones made her collapse. “You did it!” Alfred ran to fetch her. The corpse burned to ashes. The group helped to stand up. “You were great!” Alfred cheered. Although he knew it wasn’t over. The red knights beheld them. Their eyes without pity or remorse. Alfred felt cold inside. Deborah had done her part. He gathered his might. It was their time to act.

Haunted ship, Yoma marshland. The 16th. Of December 2098 A.D.

For a moment she looked to mourn. Alucard felt her emotions. The bond was strong. Although she resisted his call. Alucard could tell she hoped her might would fall asleep after the final battle. That was not the case. Schneider’s determination honoured her bloodline. “I found them.” Marcia reappeared. She had been sent to scout while the Belmont rested. She wasted much energy. So he did as well. “Where?” He asked. Alicia Schneider cleaned her glasses. She replaced them. “I can show you.” The fay looked concerned. “The children have their own magic.” Alucard arched an eyebrow. That he did not expect. “The red knights also chase them.” She fluttered before them. Alucard acknowledged. “They will learn to defend themselves.” The vampire hunter sent him a disappointed look. He dismissed. He told the truth. “Leed the way.” The Belmont dispatched him. Alucard did not accept. She was not to treat him this way. “Lady.” He said. “You do not leave me.” Alicia Schneider turned round. Her eyes where closed. “I won’t.” She beheld him. She was not like Sonia. The thought made him realize. “I see.” The curse shrouded everything. “Let go of my heart.” His father pressed upon him. “You aren’t alone.” Alicia held his hand. Alucard wept bloody tears.

She was shocked. Alicia never expected to see him like this. Alucard was sobbing. The tears where red. “Forgive me.” He pleaded. “I have failed. Though I swore to protect you.” Alicia shook her head. She sighed. “You can’t.” She’d just realized. “”You can’t defend me from yourself.” He would always resemble her against Sonia or Maria. She would never be herself. Not to him. “Adrian.” She thugged at his cape. “Come on, you have to gather.” She couldn’t manage alone. He could read the tracks. The spirit of the Dark Lord was still very powerful aboard this ship. Although Dracula’s curse was to fear, Alicia knew they got other problems. The lord of the vampires would have to wait. Could it be Dimitri Blinov? Never mind. “I see, my lady. You are right.” Alucard dried his tears. They didn’t turn into those strange red jewels which her ancestors believed where Dracula’s tears. She shook it off. “You know there is only one way to release you?” Alucard said. Marcia fluttered undecided before her. Alicia inhaled. She knew. “Your blood is very powerful.” She reached for the crucifix. “I just can’t have another intake.” Alucard bowed. “I swear to thee.” He kissed her hand. “That I shall never call thee or claim thee.” Alicia nodded. She didn’t know what else she might do. Alucard rose. She didn’t realize he’d knelt. Alicia let go of the crucifix. “Marcia.” She said. “Show us the way.” It was time to help them. Alicia wondered if they might tell her about Carrie. Torah should’ve come along. But then all would’ve been different. Marcia went for the steps. Alicia followed. She unsheathed her blade. Alucard went behind. He also got his weapons. Alicia wished she’d found more gems. She’d knocked most of the candles. They contained several items. Alicia picked the little crystals. The stair continued. Alicia was careful where to place her feet. The steps might be rotten. The mist remained thick. “Ravens!” Marcia shrieked. Alicia threw the cross. “Hellfire!” Alucard released in a high pattern. Medusa left no orb. The ravens picked on her. Alicia stamped them out. She retrived her weapon. She also collected the gemstones. “Crimson lightning!” Alucard struck his palms together. The second flock got roasted. Marcia went for the doorway. Alicia looked round. Other walkways led into the gloom. She hoped Marcia knew what she was doing. “Through here.” There was a window. “No way.” Alicia shuddered. The broken glass where like knives. “That’s to tight anyway.” “Permit me.” Alucard approached. Alicia turned. The window was broken. “Ball of Destruction!” The bats came like a wave. Alicia held up the crucifix. “Grizzly wing!” Adrian spread his cape. The red knights fired a storm of arrows. Alicia hid behind the crosses. She had no choice. She reached into the backpack. “Get back!” Alicia shouted. She’d found what she needed. “Fire in the hall!” He did as she told. She hoped so. The red knights approached. Alicia bit together before she hurled the grenade. The wall got blasted inward. Alicia got hurled back down. “I will not make them hurt you.” Alucard was quick as lightning. He managed to hold her. Alicia closed her eyes. She disliked having his arms this close. Though she was grateful. “Come up here!” Marcia shouted. Alicia relaxed. The fairy survived. “As you wish.” Alucard released her to bow. Marcia shone red with frustration. “You just drop it.” Alicia told her companions. To her surprise, they did as she told. She thanked God for the little things. Alicia began to climb. Alucard was behind her. She toutched the crucifix. They reached the top. Alicia wiped her tears. She disliked the scene. The knights where dead. Some had been knocked to pieces. The bats had been torn apart. Marcia was dim. Alucard hid his feelings. If he got any. Alicia tried to pull back together. This was a war. She’d seen dead people before. But not like this. Not this nasty. The worst part was that some where left alive. Their screams and noises told of unimaginable pain. Alucard was quick to deliver the final blow. Alicia didn’t blame him. The foxes could never be healed. They couldn’t just leave them to suffer. Even though she knew all this, Alicia had to look away as he did the butcher’s work. “You know it has to be this way.” Alucard told. Alicia didn’t answer. She was glad there where no humans. The undead had been released. That was no comfort. Marcia led them through the open door. Alicia pulled her glasses tight. Then she entered. The place was cold.

Alucard stopped to inspect a portrait. Marcia flouted closer. The music room was coated with dust. Alicia looked about while changing grip. The blade seemed to shine in the faint candle light. “It is your ancestor.” Alucard said. “It is Gabriel Belmont.” Alicia made an impatient noise. Marcia beheld the medival man. “I don’t want to look.” Alicia said. Alucard arched an eyebrow. “He was the first vampire hunter in line.” He said. “Gabriel Belmont was the one chosen by the Father.” Alicia reheated her weapon. “He betrayed us.” Marcia felt unsure. Alicia seemed to shudder. “His sons had to kill him.” The vampire made a soothing gesture. She turned around to conceal her tears. Marcia landed upon her shoulder. There where nothing she might do or say. The fairy never the less shared her energy. For a while, their hearts beat in unison. Alucard replaced the portrait. Though he continued to inspect. “They are all here.” He said after a while. “Walter Bernhardt and Mathias Krohnquist.” He made a gesture. “Dimitri Blinov must have brought them.” He considered. “I wonder who made them.” Alicia smiled. It didn’t reach her eyes. Marcia could tell. “You’ve heard about Brauner?” Her voice was dry. Alucard didn’t answer. He was still occupied by the paintings.

Haunted ship, Yoma marshland. The 16th. Of December 2098 A.D.

He went past the organ. The notes where closed. Alucard beheld the other portraits. He expected to find one of his fathers. Though Vlad Basraq was missing. These paintings represented the younglings. “Graham Jones, Dario Bosi and Dimitri Blinov.” The three Dark Lord candidates. Only Bosi had not been accounted for. There where others like him. The agency where still at work. Never mind that. Alicia Schneider watched where his image had been. Alucard would break it if she asked. Sonia had been too ashamed to tell him. Although she showed him the fragments. They worked together to secure the history of the Belmont clan. Alucard kept a copy in his tomb. “It is not your fault.” They left the original collection with their son, Trevor Belmont. “He gave to you the freedom of choice. And the freedom of will.” Belmont inhaled. “Each man has to make a choice on what to be.” She looked unsure. Alicia Schneider reached for the crucifix. She had to realize. To understand. Her choice was to decide her way in life. Alucard was a half-breed. His choice had already been made. “Do you wish to fight my father?” He asked. “Only you can decide that.” Alicia beheld the blade. “Alicia?” The fairy asked. “I want to do it.” Schneider said.

Alucard bowed. Marcia shone bright. She almost blushed. Though Alicia had figured. He’d tried to tell her all along. She didn’t have to be a vampire hunter. Alicia could turn her back on the family’s traditions. Her might was her own. Alicia had become, because she wished to be. She was proud of her decision. Alucard and Marcia waited for her to lead. The Belmont clan was chosen to hunt the night. She wouldn’t let them down. Alicia led them through the music hall. “Bats!” Marcia shrieked. They looked at the ceiling. The bats hung like decorations from the chandelier. As she watched, they released themselves. It was daylight outside. These animals didn’t seem to care. Alicia hurled the axes. She picked the gems. Then the candelabra fell down. The heavy item went through the deck. Something wavered. Alicia toutched the crucifix. The pages where turned like by a gust of wind. The organ began to play. There where no one there. Nothing which she might see. But she could. Alicia realized she could see the ghost. “Grizzly wing!” Alucard spread his arms. The swarm countered their numbers. Other ghosts where about. Alicia tracked the dancing spectres. Friedrich Askear and Paula Aghoul had been resurrected in 1688. The Austrian couple was murdered because of their close relation. Alucard challenged the mammals. Alicia dodged the dancers. They came back. Alicia got stabbed by their lances. The curse surged through her body. Alicia was able to lift it. She knew they wished to possess her. That wasn’t going to happen. Alicia hid behind the instruments. The spectres dashed, lances at the ready. They went through the solid objects. Alicia struck. The blade also went through. She held up the crucifix. That made them to flicker. Alicia used the opportunity to gain some distance. The dancers appeared in place. They hurled three lances forward. Alicia ducked. She made a glide underneath. The ghosts where quick. They reappeared and began to dance. “Hellfire!” Alucard opened his cape. The blue bat-inhabited Hellfireballs shot right through. The dancing spectres released their lances. Alicia felt his pain. He tried to remove the weapons. The enemies danced. Alicia hurled the frozen axes. They shattered on impact. The spectres flickered. Then Freidrich and Paula kept dancing. Alicia tried to keep track. They moved to fast. The dancing spectres could teleport. Alicia knew she couldn’t hide. The duo threw lances at her. She managed to sidestep. The spectres came back to touch her. Alicia nailed with a dagger. The gold knife made them disappear. Alucard tried to crawl forward. He’d removed the lances. Although he didn’t look good. Alucard left a path of blood. Alicia couldn’t heal him. Although she might protect him. Alicia would try. The dancing spectres approached him. Alicia threw the boomerang. She tried to split. Simon told that was the way to defeat them. The boomerang made flames to lit up. Alicia retrived the item. The cross might guard and protect against the undead. The dancing spectres went through the air. They dashed with the lances ready. She made a quick retreat. “Ball of Destruction.” Marcia descended. Multiple sleeping bats went along. She landed upon Alucard’s shoulder. He didn’t wait. The blue homing ball blasted into the spectres. Friedrich and Paula burned. Then they reappeared somewhere else. They threw the lances before dancing. Alucard became mist. Alicia withdrew. The duo lusted for her body. Alicia could tell. It was like if they’d spoken aloud. She was no medium. Although gifted with spirit, she was not a shaman. Alucard was back. The spectres came his way. Adrian seemed at a loss. No mere weapon might banish the duo. Unlike other ghosts, who remained behind, Freidrich Askear and Paula Aghoul had been resurrected. They where getting close. Alucard presented his mother’s crucifix. Alicia noticed it didn’t burn his flesh. Alicia could tell. She felt his emotions. The spectres teleported from sight. Then they came back to touch him. Alucard morphed into a bat. Alicia threw a wave of holy water. The duo shrieked when bathed. Flames burned their images. They came after her. Alicia ran. She held up the crucifix in defiance. Their eyes seemed to burn red. Alicia shuddered. She had to stay in motion. Although she would soon be tired. “Ball of Destruction.” Alucard’s voice was hard as stone. His emotions felt like a pointed ice shard. The spectres danced to dodge. The ball kept chasing. Alucard snarled. He held his palm straight. Although Alicia thought he looked to throw up. Adrian drained his strength. Marcia kept circling. Her glow shone bright. Alicia had to end the contest. She went for the duo. Their presence made her shiver all over. Alicia felt it coming. The ice cold space. They where like a hole in reality. Alicia had to fill it with something. Her heart blossomed. Alicia got Simon’s heart of fire. She made it rain with holy water. The dancing spectres burned in place. Then Adrian’s projectile went home. The duo was split. In that moment, the spectres imploded. They both left plenty of gems behind. Alicia and Alucard got their own share. Though she picked those which Friedrich left? “You knew about them.” That was no question. Alucard wished to know. Alicia told the story while gathering her items. Alucard was interested. He never knew Simon Belmont. Alicia thought so. Neither of the pieces told about such meetings. Alicia dismissed. The bats where still asleep. Ceveral doors led from the hall. The organ kept playing. Alucard noticed her interest. “Leave him.” He said. “There is nothing you can do.” Alicia focused. She could see beyond. The ghost was playing. He didn’t look like any phantom she’d met before. Marcia flouted in front. “You have to follow me.” She told. Alicia did. Marcia brought them to that exit which went to the back of the ship. Alucard went behind. He unsheathed the sword. The shield hung on his arm. Alicia pulled the door. Then she sidestepped. Alucard blocked the bones. Then the bats arrived. Alicia threw a vial of holy water. She already produced her own blade.

Heinz was unsure. He felt the soul. “Joan D’Winter.” Heinz knew his name. He knew much about him. He knew everything. Although it was hidden. The knight was armed. Heinz got no weapons. “Bubble boom!” His spell hit the shield. The vampire smirked. The fangs where revealed. Heinz was about to cry. He didn’t have the other’s might. He couldn’t make things burn or become invincible. Suddenly the undead was hurled backward. “That was interesting.” Heinz felt warm inside. “Telekinesis might be more useful then I thought.” Reichardt pulled back his red hair. “Lightning blast!” It struck on his command. Heinz dried his tears. He wasn’t alone. “Lightning paw!” Penny let go of his hand. The light shone bright each time she channeled. Heinz felt their souls. They where different from that of the vampire. Heinz wished he could do more. Then it felt like the world stood still. “Pull back!” He cried. He got a vision. Penny looked confused. Reichardt didn’t hesitate. He pulled her back. Joan became a wolf. He charged forward. “Bubble boom!” The shots burst on impact. The monster was hurled away. The skeletons helped him to stand. “Lightning blast!” Reichardt charged his magic. Heinz cheered. He often felt helpless. But his friends would save him.

Haunted ship, Yoma marshland. The 16th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The bats burned. Marcia went for the ceiling. There was an open window nearby. Alicia turned in a perfect circle. The trio collapsed. Their bones where spread throughout the area. Alucard kept the red skeletons back. Her partner hurled more water. The wave made the blood bones to freeze in place. “Thank thee, my lady.” Alucard crushed through their numbers. The ravens flew through the window. Marcia worked to ease them. She would make them sleep. The force made sparks fly. Marcia dimmed. That didn’t happen before. The birds got numb. She stunned them. She couldn’t believe it. Her force wasn’t ment to do that. Alicia hurled axes into the air. The circle removed the ravens. Marcia picked a gemstone. She didn’t expect to feel energized. Marcia looked at Alicia. They’d grown close. She hadn’t realized. Although Alucard looked to have figured. They where not alone. The cabins where occupied. “ Hand over the gold.” The dead pirates brandished their weapons. The hunters didn’t answer. Alicia hurled three daggers forward. They burned on impact. Marcia felt her power. Alicia dashed. “Do my bidding!” Alucard conjured his familiars. Marcia picked together. She would use her abilities. Her light turned red. She would kill the enemies.

Marcia dashed for the monsters. Sparks flew about. Alicia didn’t know what to think. It would have to wait. The dead pirate blocked her blade. She pulled back. Their weapons clashed. Alucard shut the door. Then no one might attack from behind. The ghost didn’t care. Alucard had his hands full. “ Give me the gold, you slut.” The pirate spat. Alicia hoped the sun might find a rift in the mist. “I’ll make it easy for you.” She was glad the corridor was this narrow. They couldn’t overrun their location. She ducked beneath the hookshot. Alicia stabbed her blade up in a 45-degree angle. She pierced the heart. The other pirate was about to recoil the hook when the familiars got him. Alicia presented the crucifix. The pirates snarled. Marcia handled the bats and ravens. She picked some crystals. His image held them at bey. Alicia was ready. “Hellfire!” Alucard arrived. He threw back the cape to release the prolonged objective. The blue bat-inhabited fireballs made the pirates burn. Alucard bowed. Alicia shrieked. The hookshots went through the place where his chest had been. That was to close. Alicia made a glide. Her blade was on fire. Marcia went along. The sparks went through the air. The pirates pulled back. “Just give us the gold, sweetie.” The bandits pleaded. “Then we’ll haunt you no longer.” Marcia smashed through the rotten remains of the face. Alicia crossed herself. “He reached for the hookshot.” The fay whispered in her ear. The sword familiar removed the head. Alicia felt the hardened chill of Alucard’s emotions. He came like mist. He reappeared behind the band. “We have not what you seek.” He told. “Go back to your graves.” The trio exchanged glances. One had an eye left. Though it revealed nothing. Then they moaned. Alicia tightened her grip. They where lost, cheated by their greed. The Devil never kept his promises. The band turned upon them. Alicia gathered her force. She got beneath the slide-kick. The bandit trusted the cutlas down. Alucard grasped him by the wrist and threw him hard against the wall. The pirate went to pieces. Alicia repelled his comrade. The zombie thief tried to strangle her. She put the crucifix into his mouth. The skull burst apart. The demon familiar stabbed up through the pirate’s spine. The sword got struck by the hookshot. Alicia threw the dagger forward. The dead pirate seemed to shrink. “Crimson lightning!” Alucard put him out of his misery. The corpse burned. Alicia picked the crystals. She put the gold into her purse. “Come on.” Marcia told. She fluttered in front. “This way.” The fairy went down the corridor. Alicia followed. Marcia was their only guide. Alucard made his familiars disappear. He joined up beside her. “Stop.” Marcia called. “The floor might break.” Alicia bit her lip. How were they to reach across? “Permit me.” Adrian embraced her from behind. Alicia was about to protest when he lept over. His inhuman agility carried them above. Her friend got attacked by bats. Alicia hurled a vial. The holy water released her. Marcia went for the door. “They do not eat like men do.” Alucard let go. “It must be for their sake.” Alicia frowned. She didn’t get it. But then she did. “That smells like a kitchen.” How was that possible? Alucard was right. It had to be for the children’s taste. She remembered how the Dark Lord provided for Jonathan Harker while in 1897. “I don’t think you should go down there.” Marcia said. Alicia toutched the crucifix. She better not ask. Alucard didn’t climb down. He instead tried to open the door ahead. “It is locked.” He reported. “Pull back.” Alicia approached. Alucard turned. Alicia hurled the grenade. “Fire in the hall!” Marcia shrieked. The blast sent the door flying through. Adrian hid behind his clock. Alicia staggered into the dining hall. Then the roof collapsed. She was forced on her knees. Alicia looked skyward. Alucard helped her to stand. Then the bolt went through his chest. Alicia felt his pain. She couldn’t help. She was petrified. Fear chilled her blood. Alicia felt it. Dread permeated her as the Wyvern flapped its great wings. The rider was draped in pitch black. “Who are you?” Alicia barely breathed. Her lips trembled. She trembled. Alicia already knew the answer. The wanderer beheld her.

They managed to escape. Lucy wasn’t all that sure. Although Heinz might see things in visions, he didn’t have any real power. “It’s coffins.” Penny said. Lucy nodded. The cargo hold was full of burial boxes. “We shouldn’t be here.” She was afraid. “Your foresight is awry.” Sigmund gave her a warning look. Lucy blushed. He was just so cute. “Take it easy.” Simon told. “The circle consists of nine members.” Alfred and Reichardt searched the area. They where so brave. “What shall we do?” Deborah made her settle down. Lucy knew they got in trouble. The red knights could be everywhere. “Lucy.” Alfred didn’t meet her gaze. “You don’t have to stay.” Alfred made his hand blaze with fire. “Neither of you have to.” Alfred inhaled. Lucy pulled her hands tight to her stomach. “We already released two of them.” He licked his lips. “You have no idea.” Sigmund spoke her mind. “You don’t know if this is the only circle onboard.” Reichardt shook his head. “We have to do something.” He shuddered. “God know what might come out after sundown.” Lucy wondered how late it was. Simon looked down at his wrist. The Rolex was made of gold. “Then let’s get to it.” Deborah told. “No.” Sigmund said. Lucy opened her mouth. Then she got pulled backward.

Haunted ship, Yoma marshland. The 16th. Of December 2098 A.D.

She was a coward. Marcia hid inside Alicia’s backpack. “Thou know who I am.” The rider spoke. The voice was somehow slippery. Like oil or some other ointment. Though it was sweet as well. Honey sweet. Marcia twitched. “I am the lost princess of Hessen.” Alicia felt strange somehow. She was so cold. Marcia peeked out. Her light dimmed. “The accursed princess.” Alucard struggled to speak. “You came hither with the warlock lord of Mericia.” The black figure toyed with her crossbow. Alucard pulled the bolt from his chest. The rider put it away. Though she still watched them. Marcia sighed with relief. Then the hidden gaze fell on her. Marcia hid her tiny face. She felt chilled to the bone by that stare. “Do you desire this lady?” The accursed princess made her feel so miserable. “The Dark Lord might give her to thee.” Marcia would not be a price to be handed out. But of course, the black rider didn’t speak of her. “Thy forged a bond.” The princess was amused. “I see. I can tell.” Her voice went suttle. “Renew thy allegiance to the Dark Lord.” She purred. “Never.” Alucard toutched his chest. “Begone.” She shrieked. Marcia winched. “Thy life is forfeit.” She made the Wyvern fly. “His poison is in thee now.” Alucard clenched his breast. “It shall surely kill thee.”

The counterforce was almost too much. Alicia managed to stand fast. “Leave him alone!” She called. Alicia had to be brave. For both their sakes. “I shall leave.” The evil princess beheld her through the empty hood. “Dough I leave thee in assurance of thy approaching doom.” Adrian lay gasping. Alicia knew how to save him. She would pay the price. “You art his bride. In life and death.” The rider taunted. “You shall see. And remember.” Alicia presented the crucifix. “My family will avenge me.” She said. “Your time is over.” His spirit was still imprisoned. No new master had come to the castle. The count was kept in Limbo. The accursed princess gave no reply. The Wyvern vanished into the mist. Alicia was left alone. Though her voice lingered. “You art his bride . In life and death.” She tried to shake it. “You shall see. And remember.” Alicia shuddered. “Alicia?” Marcia gave some of her energy. “Are you okay?” Alicia exhaled. “Talk to me.” Marcia turned a concerned green. “Alicia, please. I’ll help you.” She had no time. Alucard was dying. She hurried over to kneel beside him. “I hope you will.” Alicia opened his cloathings. She found the wound. The curse couldn’t defeat the poison. Not if she didn’t get it out first. Alicia toutched the crucifix. Then she bent over. She wished to drink. Alicia fought the urge. She might get infected as well. She drew the poison out between her lips. She spat it on the ground. Alicia kept working. She got to extract every drop. Alicia didn’t know how much more she could take. Then the blood began to taste delicious again. Alicia had an intake before she realized her mistake. But then it was too late. Although Adrian opened his eyes. She felt the health and strength return. She shuddered. That wasn’t her emotions. She felt excited. Alucard helped her to stand. Then he bowed to kiss her hand. Alicia felt the goosy all over. Though she felt disgust as well. “I don’t like men.” She reminded. Just then she wasn’t quite sure. She might experiment. Alicia pulled back. Appalled by her own thoughts. “If I could, I would have spared thee this pain.” He sounded honest. Alicia knew he was. She could feel it. “I’m so sorry.” Marcia fluttered before her face. “I’m sorry I couldn’t heal him for you.” Alicia sighed. She felt so weary. Alucard gave her support. “We should be gone.” The cracking sounds cut through her confusion. The ruined ceiling was about to fall in. “It’s this way.” Marcia shot for the furthest exit. Alicia ran by the table. The furniture was large enough for at least 10 people. “Hellfire!” Alucard remained to handle the bats. Then he approached. Alicia unsheathed her sword. She pulled the door. Mist whirled into the lounge. She almost stumbled down the steps. The skeleton hurled the bones into the air. “Crimson lightning!” Alucard barely escaped the devastation. The bone-man collapsed. He wasn’t alone. The tragic prince got ambushed by ravens. Alicia turned. The bones dragged her away. She stamped with the crucifix. They let go. Alicia made a back flip. “I’ll release you.” She reached into the backpack. The enemies gathered. Alicia advanced. The grenade finished off the skeletons. Although it also made portions of the floor to give way. That was the last explosive. She didn’t have the means to make others. The red skeleton picked together. Alicia didn’t wait. She was cold. Alicia knew how to fight. The frost sword crushed through its ribs. The skeleton was shattered. She picked the crystals. Alucard gave his salute. Alicia was proud. Although she knew it was a reflection of his emotions. She shook her head. She wondered if he got the same problem. If he did, he kept it hidden. “Come on.” Marcia shone an impatient blue. Alicia gathered. She got across. The fairy led them past some other cabins. “I think they where kept here for a while.” The fairy told. “But they escaped.” She became yellow with pride. “And I found them.” Alicia didn’t answer. She tried to penetrate the mist. Something lept from the marsh. Alicia ducked. The fishman spat streams of poison water. She lept forward to slash through the middle. Alucard kept his shield up. Another fishman landed. The ravens picked her. Alicia didn’t need the lamp to see. She splashed with holy water. The birds burned into ashes. She got soaked by the fishman. She removed the poisoned state. The laurels could still heal her. Alicia wished she got one of those purification crystals. That would’ve released her. She sighed. Alicia ducked beneath the stream. Other fishmen lept from the water. Alicia made a glide. She got up among them. Her sword went through the air. The fishmen fell. They where not soldiers. Ceveral bolts struck the deck. Alicia laughed. “The weather isn’t good for your weapons.” There came no answer. Although Alicia knew they where there. They must’ve come down from a higher level. The gloom hid them from view. She wished she knew their number. The fishman spat. Alicia ducked. The dagger got buried within its flesh. The knights emerged. Three of them hurried forward. The foxes kept some distance while they prepared other shots. Alicia threw three enflamed axes in a high arch. She killed the man in front. He really was a human. Alicia kept together. The others reached her. They kept their shields up. Alicia was forced backward. The dark elves where much better fencers. Alucard stabbed his sword. The knight tried to block. Alucard smashed his shield. Alicia used the opportunity to ram her blade through. The she-elf sighed. Then she fell off the blade. The foxes fired. They must’ve done something with their weapons. Adrian was hit. Alicia tried to break through. The red knight was standing tall. Marcia flew straight into her face. The flash obscured her vision. Alicia killed her. She had no choice. The rangers pulled their weapons. Alucard pulled out the bolts. He would heal. In the way his kind used to. Alicia got beneath. Marcia shot to distract the ravens. Alucard blocked the bolts against his shield. Alicia hurled the boomerang-cross. The throwing-cross struck through his heart and torso before he might even drop the crossbow. The last knight used the opportunity to leave. “Let him go.” Alucard was about to follow when Alicia spoke. “As you wish.” He bowed. Marcia was already ahead. They went some distance. Alicia cleaned her blade before she followed. Marcia didn’t use any of the stairs. Not until she made them climb down. When they reached the deck, Alucard stopped. “I have been here before.” He told. “When I first explored the vessel.” Alicia gave it some thought. Marcia fluttered about. She wished to continue. “Where shall we go?” Alicia asked. She came to drift before them. “Through the cargo hold and down under.” Marcia told. “So it is.” Alucard’s feelings where cold as his face. “Leed us through.” Marcia lit up. Then she flew.

They all turned right. The fay was at the head. Alucard arched an eyebrow. The mist hid this passage. Though the fairy seemed to know. Then of course, she had been here when searching for the children. He tried to ignore Belmont’s feelings. They felt like shards stuck in his head. Alucard made up the rear. He kept his weapons close. He had to hide it from her. Though the sheltered state made him so much colder. There was a danger in that. To restrain himself from his feelings, also closed out other things. Good things. Like comfort and compassion, kindness and love. He had been so lonely. Maria Renard saw the man behind the mask of the vampire. She gave him solitude. He should have loved her. Renard deserved it. Alucard granted her all he could. A child. To remember him by. The fay led them through the cargo. He was concerned. Why did not the hunt continue? They reached an open area. The fay went for a small crack in the floor. Schneider would not be able to get through. Although he might enter like mist. That was a problem they would have to solve. The boxes might contain some useful gear. “Look!” Alicia Schneider broke into his line of thoughts. “There is someone up there.” He saw. The witch made up the circle. “Beware.” She chanted ancient words of power.

Haunted ship, Yoma marshland. The 16th. Of December 2098 A.D.

Alfred’s fire revealed her. The dame sat on a coffin. Sigmund pulled his brother backward. The white cloth revealed her reddish skin. Sigmund guessed she was a native American. The way which she fixed her dark braid made him certain. “You’re no red knight.” Reichardt spoke. “Of course not.” Her voice was rich with natural beauty. “I am not one of those fools who carry their homeland’s earth around their neck.” Sigmund frowned. What was that supposed to mean? Then Heinz threw him off. His body erect like a statue. Sigmund gapped. ”I see my friends and my brother.” It was his voice. Though it didn’t sound like him. “Alfred is blazing like the son. He holds the crest of courage in his hand.” The leader blinked. “My brother is cold. But they granted him the crest of friendship.” Sigmund shuddered. “Storm and thunder gave love and knowledge to Deborah and Reichardt.” His eyes where wide open. “Earth and water are twin souls. Lucy and Simon have the gift of purity and feight.” His brother inhaled. Then the vampire dashed. “No!” She shrieked. “Do not dare to mention her in our presence.” Simon gathered in time. “Marching fishes!” The burst of water, and the fish attack, granted him shelter. The bats awoke. They came like a swarm.

There had to be another witch. Alicia knew this rite was too great for a single soul to perform. Marcia lifted into the air. Alicia pulled her glasses close. Then she saw her. Golden hair fell down her green silk dress. The cutting was so low that the cleft was visible. Alicia licked her lips. She was dirty. Her cloathings stained and soaked. While the witch really was spectacular. Alicia often was jealous for being so tight. Alucard felt amused. She tried to hide her emotions. He had no right to eavesdrop on her. Beside, the evil cross hung down into her bosom. Gems glittered around her neck, fingers and among her hair. The natural red lips shaped each word precisely. Alicia moaned. The sister was more of her type. Short and slender, with braided brown hair. The young witch spread out her arms. They screamed in extecey. The rite reached its climax. Alucard changed into mist. He reappeared to challenge the witches. Alicia wondered how to help when the cracking of wood disturbed her focuse. The huge boxes burst apart. “Saints!” Alicia called when the mummies emerged. The huge wrapped and embalmed bodies slowly began to lumber forward. Alicia crossed herself. The duo released wavy shards. Trevor Belmont met the mummies in 1496. How did he fight them? She slashed through the air. The blade made the shards to burn. She worshipped the Lord. The mummies continued their march. They kept releasing bandages. Alicia was sure they would strangle her. Simon Belmont challenged the mummy atop the clock tower in 1688. That was one of the few things they knew of his adventure. Alicia kept cutting shards. The bodies rested in sand. When the boxes broke, it got spilled all over the place. Alicia had to slow their progress. She didn’t want to get sandwiched between. She hurled three daggers forward. The left mummy staggered. Alicia ran from the other body. She hurled the vials into the air. The mummy was burned. Alicia reclaimed her items. The duo stumped on the deck. The sand spilled over. Alicia closed her eyes. She barely could breathe. The sand felt hot when whipping her cheeks. A figure emerged through the dust. Alicia felt the storm howl within her blood. She pined him through. The storm sword made him collapse. Alicia ran. She tripped over the cargo. The wind died away. The sand came to rest. Alicia looked abroad. The leftmost mummy picked together. He came for her location. The second mummy advanced while releasing wavy shards. Alicia rammed the nearest body with tripled axes. The prolonged assault made it stumble. Alicia slashed through the bandages. She made them burn. The mummy lumbered forward. Alicia made a glide. She escaped the corner. She let the right body have the boomerangs. The crosses made him fall back. Alicia tried to remove the head. The blade went through the torso. Although the shards made her retreat. She pulled the blade free just as he made the sand spill over. The left mummy was coming. Alicia just knew. She hid behind a circle of crosses. The storm was over. The right mummy picked her up. Alicia screamed. The embalmed arms where dry and disgustive. She stamped with the crucifix. He let go. Alicia threw the daggers forward. The mummy fell on the floor. The heart and head where the only weak spots. The other mummy advanced. Alicia made a glide. The sword was on fire. She buried it deep into his body. The mummy trapped her within a web of bandages. Alicia struggled for breath. Then she managed to bid the fiend in holy water. The bandages crumbled. The mummy burned. Alicia struck her blade. The body moaned. Alicia stamped with the crucifix. The other mummy approached. Alicia bit her lip. She swung the blade. The shards got her. Alicia was pulled back. The mummy reached to take her. He stenched. Alicia didn’t wait. She threw the dagger. The mummy kept pulling. Alicia hurled two more knives. The body sturred. Alicia cut through the bandages. She then stamped with the crucifix. The mummy burned from within. Alicia managed to get behind. The mummies came stumbling forward. She discovered her mistake. Alicia had no exit. She would be cornered. The mummies would strangle her. They released wavy shards. Alicia would not let it happened. She used her remaining crystals to crush the crucifix. The five spinning crosses appeared. They spiralled inward to make the beam strike down. The mummies got illuminated. The explosion made the ground to burst open. Alicia looked down into the bottom of the ship. She inhaled. The bond told her to come. Time was running out. Alucard was in need. Alicia prayed that Marcia would be alright. She gathered her force. Then Alicia lept into the air.

The bats whirled around her head. “Poison ivy!” Lucy leached with the ivy wine. They wouldn’t bite her. She grabbed some pests. She got the strength of her element. Lucy broke them apart. “Howling blast!” Sigmund made it freeze. The vampire laughed. She reformed to strike him. Lucy bit her lip. Heinz had no real power to defend himself. “Poison ivy!” She used the wine as a whip. Heinz shook his head. Lucy was glad he came back. “Get down!” The words resounded in her mind. How did he do that? She didn’t expect him to use telepathy. She did as he told. Heinz looked like he’d decided. “Seven Heavens!” The force couldn’t be deterred. The power of gold ripped through the vampire. “Testament!” The static force made her to explode. “Who are you?” Lucy breathed. The others didn’t seem to mind. Sigmund embraced his brother. Penny briefly hugged him. Then she went to help Alfred and Deborah. Simon met her gaze. She held his hand. He was an old man. At least from her point of view. They went to aid their friends. Lucy pulled the coffin over. Alfred put fire to the corpses inside. Simon used water to wash the ashes away. The undead wasn’t the only contained. “My goodness.” Lucy marled at the treasure. She would have a share.

Haunted ship, Yoma marshland. The 16th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The witches tricked him. Alucard exposed his fangs. The circle was to strong. The golden sister had her arms spread out. She upheld the power. Her electricity magic sparked and sparkled. “You wished to demolish your bloodline.” The brunette witch undid her braids. “The Dark Lord might never truly be defeated.” She let down her cape and gown. “You have remained for 7 years.” Although she was a woman, Alucard would tear her apart. The witch was naked. “Your salt will grow inside me.” She knelt before him. “There will be no vampire hunters.” The fay circled about the protected area. The spell kept her outside. She could not help him. The brunette began to touch his manhood. Alucard struggled to not give in to his nature. He lusted for her blood. He could not bite her. The witch removed his trousers. She used her mouth and tongue to arise. She toutched herself. The witch struck him behind the knees. Alucard fell back. She was upon him at once. Alucard exhaled. He had not performed for centuries. Not since Maria. They soon reached climax together. He so wished to bite her. The brunette sat up. She waited some minutes until she left. Alucard watched her redress. Then she took up position. The witch used flame magic. Her sister then lay down beside him.

She climbed over the rail. Alicia barely got up. She beheld the scene. The brunette blocked her view. “You can’t get through.” Alicia almost lost hold. “The witches made up the circle.” Marcia fluttered above. Alicia got on deck. She could see. The sister kept a sort of barrier into place. She was very strong. Alicia crossed herself. Then she froze. Alucard was making out with the other witch. Alicia unsheathed her blade. The sisters didn’t seem to notice. They where to preoccupied. Alicia was jealous. Not because of Alucard. But because of the witch. She was voluptuous and blonde all the way round. Why didn’t he bite her? Alicia had seen the portraits of Maria Renard and Sonia. She got the same built. Although her hair was kept short. Alicia shook her head. That wasn’t important. She got to gather. Alicia held the sword in both hands. “You can’t enter.” Marcia shone green with worry. “The circle is created to block magic. If you enter, you’ll fall under the spell.” Alicia nodded. The brunette didn’t turn. Alicia figured she didn’t have to do anything. The circle was enough. She toutched the crucifix. Alicia changed grip on the sword. Then she unsheathed the dagger. Marcia sparked. Alicia smiled. She got serious. Alicia threw the knife forward. The sister was stabbed in the neck. She staggered forward a bit. Then the witch fell. Alicia inhaled. It worked. The brunette was dead. Her body burned to ashes. A pile of crystals was left behind. The blonde witch tried to get up. Alucard plunged his fangs into her throat. Alicia felt his raw emotions. Lust and desire. And an iron will to dominate. The witch couldn’t resist. Alicia shook while she watched her perform until conclusion. Alucard rose. He revealed his vampire nature. He let the corpse drop. Alucard had drained her. “Let me fight the righteous battle.” Alicia inhaled. She was ready to fight him if so be it. Alucard didn’t attack. Instead, he looked into his bloodstained hands. “Forgive me.” He hid his face. “Mother.” Alicia didn’t know what to do. Adrian sobbed crimson tears. “I failed thee.” He toutched the cross around his neck. Alicia felt his pain. The crucifix scorched his fingers. She wished to comfort. Although she didn’t know how. Alucard folded his cape around himself. “I will not. I cannot.” The crucifix was alive with fire. Alicia gasped. Adrian would stamp himself out. This couldn’t be allowed to happen. She knew it was wrong. He couldn’t loose hope. “Stop!” She was about to cross the line. Marcia flew into her face. Alicia brushed her aside. “You’ll be captured.” The fairy flickered blue. “I don’t care.” She said. “I have to help him.” Alucard got disturbed by their argument. He beheld them. “Nay.” He said. “I will not loose thee as well.” Alicia didn’t quite get it. He spoke in that ancient Wallachian dialect. Alucard drew away tears and blood. “You must not enter.” Alicia advanced. He reached out his hand. “Illuminate!” Alucard demanded. “Lit up the circle! Aid us in battle!” Alicia gapped. Marcia shone like the sun. Her light revealed the truth about the ring painted upon the floor. Alicia shuddered. What where their purpose? She didn’t want to know. The witches left gems behind. She couldn’t reach them. Alicia knocked the candles. She found what she needed. The crystals replenished her energy. She picked the vial. Alicia got to crush. The storm was in her blood. She made it rain with holy water. The pentagram burst. Although the wood wasn’t even toutched. The circle released its energy. Alicia crossed herself. She knew the spell was broken. Alicia worshipped the Lord in her heart. She ran forward. She hugged Adrian. She was glad he survived. That he didn’t give in to Dracula’s curse. He let go. Alucard turned away. Alicia sighed. She picked the crystals. Those made her feel better. Alucard retained his sword and shield. “I guess you defeated the mummies.” He didn’t ask. He didn’t have to. Alicia shrugged. She never the less told the story. “I knew you would defeat them.” He said. “You are like Trevor Belmont.” Alicia blushed. His words made her feel warm inside. He bowed. Alicia closed her eyes. She better remember he could feel her too. They never should’ve forged this bond. Alicia yelped. Someone landed upon her shoulder. “Take it easy.” Marcia told. “It’s me.” Alicia almost laughed with relief. “I found the children.” The fairy reminded. Alicia nodded. She went to pick up the dagger. Alucard still looked attached. Alicia hoped he would wake up soon. “We can’t stay.” She toutched his arm. “I do not think so.” Lightning struck. Alicia pulled back. Alucard vanished like a bat. Where he’d stood, someone else appeared. “You can’t go now.” The man towered above. He had to be at least seven feet tall. Alicia closed her mouth. “I claim your life.” He lifted both hands up to pull back the hood. The red beard was like a frame around his lips. “You owe me for having slain my apprentice.” Alicia thought he looked like a skull in the face. “Warlock.” Alucard presented his weapons. “Now I understand.” Alicia didn’t get it. She only knew the man was evil. A blade appeared in his right hand. The sword burned red. Like a naked flame. His other hand, clad in black leather, sparked like an electrical current. “Are you ready?” Alucard asked. Alicia bit her lip. He’d decided to stand tall. “No.” She shook her head. “You can’t fight him.” Their powers where the same. Alucard turned her down. “I can.” He morphed into a bat. “I cannot allow your demise.” The warlock didn’t seem worried at all. “Though I can disable you.” The bolt cracked around his wrist. Alucard was hit. He fell from the sky. The body lay prone. “You must help him!” Alicia ran forward. Marcia was able to heal. Alucard got up. The massive warlock released another bolt. Alicia had the force to fight him. Storm went against lightning. Although she absorbed the blast, the impact threw her backward. “Brave. But foolish, girl.” Alicia got up. She was fed up. She was tired of being judged by her looks. She was more then that tight golden girl with the legs. Alicia was a vampire hunter. Like Edward and Desmond. Christian and Julius. Like her cousin. Alicia got her sword up. “Wait.” Alucard put a hand on her arm. Alicia threw it aside. “Go.” She said through clenched teeth. “You have to find them.” She made the sword shine blue with frost. “I’ll fight him.” Alucard gave his salute. “If the Lord wishes it, I shall return in triumph.” He lept over the rail. Marcia went along. She had no choice. The warlock watched her. “You have to tell me.” Alicia didn’t answer. He sighed. “Why did my pupils have to die?” His eyes turned yellow. “Answer me. You have no choice.” Alicia dashed.

He landed upon the lower deck. Marcia the fairy fluttered above the opening. “This way.” She told. Alucard descended. Alicia Schneider broke through the planks. So she told him. Her determined bravery was like a sharp point in his mind. The golden ore was her care and compassion. The Schneider was a Belmont in every respect but the name. She had the same intensity as Sonia. Bats hung from the ceiling. They soon became aware of his presence. “Hellfire!” Alucard spread his cape. The mammals burned. “Grizzly wing!” The swarm shielded him against their blood thirst. The ghost drifted through the wall. He was fierce when slicing. “Follow me!” The fay shone some distance away. Alucard defeated another ghost. Of course he would be stuck with this upstart of a fairy. Though she restored him after the impact. Alucard followed her track. The bats kept flapping. He had no mind. This would bring him back to the front of the ship. Or to the engine room. The boat had been forced a bit topside when landing. Alucard stopped. He could see in the dark. The way was blocked by pools of water. The crack looked like a monster had been at work. Alucard dismissed. Something moved. Alucard turned round. The fay dashed. She crushed the skull.

Haunted ship, Yoma marshland. The 16th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The gold shone lovingly. Simon was marbled by its beauty. He wasn’t the only one. “It’s mine.” Lucy proclaimed. “I’m earth.” She made the flower blossom in her hand. “The treasure is mine.” Simon turned his Rolex. This was madness. “I don’t think any of us should touch that gold.” Deborah said in a low voice. “Don’t any of you recognize the colour?” Simon felt his stomach twitch. The treasure was stained in red. That looked like… “Blood.” Penny was pale like wax. “Blood money.” Reichardt barely muttered. He pulled through his red hair. “This money.” Heinz seemed to have obtained another vision. “Belonged to the dead.” Simon thought of those weird pyres. They only appeared once in a year. They revealed where the Walachian people buried their valuables. “I’m no pirate.” Alfred said. “Come. Let’s leave this accursed place before anything else might happen.” Simon agreed. His water element felt like going berserk. His friends gathered. Simon prayed there would still be a way out of here. Then he noticed that Lucy didn’t follow. “Sigmund?” Heinz asked. The little seer toutched his hand. “Don’t touch me.” His brother brushed him aside. Simon blinked. Sigmund never acted like this. “You won’t take it from me.” His hands where blue. ”The treasure is mine.”

Their swords made contact. Alicia paled by his strength. The warlock charged another current. She barely blocked. The impact threw her backward. The skull face lit up from within. His eyes beamed with pure malice. Alicia crossed herself. She threw the dagger forward. The knife split in three. Four bolts of lightning struck down like a sort of shield. The dagger was repelled. It almost bounced back into her face. Alicia was able to fetch it. “I won’t leave until you tell me.” The man’s left hand was concealed by a black leather glove. Red flame shone through its fabric. Alicia swallowed. That didn’t seem right. She figured why the witches where his pupils. The fire left his grasp. Alicia parried. This time she didn’t stumble. That didn’t matter. “Tell me.” He hissed. “Or I’ll kill you.” Alicia bit together. She guessed there was no harm in telling him. But she wouldn’t. That would be to submit. She would never do such a thing. “You really are quite clever with that frost brand.” The warlock teleported. “Let me see how good you are.” Alicia ran. She was too late. The warlock made up the circle. “Open Hell’s gate! Come forth, my servants!” This ring was different somehow. The pentagram flashed. “Help me.” Alicia breathed. The demon was disgustive. He seemed pieced together from multiple animals. “Kill her!” The warlock demanded. “Yes master!” The voice was a howling blizzard. Alicia crossed herself. The demon spread its huge wings. The very presence made her shudder. The frost demon howled and threw the ice blast. Alicia dodged. The demon repeated the attack. The warlock laughed by her efforts. Alicia had to run from place to place. “May your will be done.” She created the flame sword. She struck. The blast changed colour. The frost demon got shot by its own assault. Alicia made a glide. She threw the cross like a boomerang. The demon tried to grab her. Alicia struck her blade. The combined impact made flames erupt all over his body. Then she was frozen in place. “Now you answer my questions.” The warlock rose. Alicia used the laurels. She was able to remove the status. The frost demon howled. She ducked beneath the attack. Alicia hurled the vial. “No!” The warlock screamed. The demon shrieked as he got bathed in flame. Alicia lept. She stamped with the crucifix. His image burned through the fur. The frost demon collapsed. Alicia plunged her blade into the heart. The demon burned up from inside. His blood stained the ground. Alicia made a back flip. The demon was gone. Alicia lowered her head. She picked the crystals. The warlock stamped the circle. He came forth to blast her with lightning. Alicia parried the bolt. She dashed forward to engage him. Then she felt it. She dropped the blade to grasp at the neck. Although it wasn’t natural. An invincible hand held her in a chokehold. “Yes. My apprentice. Exelent. Keep her.” He smiled. The red beard was like an arch of blood around his mouth. Alicia tried to shake it. She recognized the spell. This got to be storm magic. She managed to look over her shoulder. “Good, Sandra. Very good.” The warlock approached. “Yes, my master.” The man gloated. “Your wind power may be of some use.” Alicia wouldn’t give in. The girl didn’t look like a witch at all. She couldn’t possibly be more then 16 years old. The T-shirt and trousers where clustered to her body. Alicia recognised the expense of her cloathings. “You make good use of your money.” She managed to crock. Sandra just smiled. “Let me have her heart, master.” She pleaded. “Patience, my dear. Patience.” The warlock studied his gloved left hand. “First she has to answer some questions.” Sandra pulled back the strings of her black hair. “Then, she is all yours.” Sandra’s brown eyes lit with extecey. She licked her lips. “Back off your devils.” Alicia clutched for the unseen hand. “You’re just so lovely.” Sandra licked her neck. Alicia couldn’t stop a sigh escaping. The witch went up to bite her ear. She was no vampire. That might not matter. She hit her in the face. Alicia felt the taste of blood. Sandra was excited. She licked the liquid from her fingers. “Why did my pupils have to die?” The warlock still beheld his glove. Alicia fought not to scream. The hold went tighter. She remained silent. “Make her speak.” He demanded. Sandra smiled like a maniac. She reached for the broad leather belt around her slender waists. “You Belmont are so found of whips.” From beneath the coated flight jacket, she produced that foul instrument. “I also do.” She giggled. Alicia’s eyes where wide open. Sandra toutched the front of her tights. Then she approached. “Allow me.” The warlock opened her own jacket. “Trust me.” She shivered when he pulled down the shirt. “You will enjoy it.” Sandra picked into her pocket. The flask contained some sort of ointment. Alicia couldn’t take it any longer. She had to do something or perish. The founder of her family was a Belmont. They where gifted with supernatural powers. “Lord.” She called out for aid. “Into Your hands, I submit my spirit.” She received it. “Hear the words of God.” Alicia said. “John the bapthist said, by the Holy Ghost; He who comes after me is stronger then I. I baptize you with water for repentance. He shall baptize you with the Holyg Ghost and fire.” Alicia’s blood was ignited. Her body was ablaze with holy rage. Sandra yelped and pulled backward. Alicia got her with an uppercut which knocked her out cold. The warlock made lightning strike. Alicia knew her strength was waning fast. She went through the force to strike him. She punched the jaw. The warlock staggered. Alicia retrived her sword. The blaze subsided. Alicia wasn’t afraid. She was ready to fight.

They hid behind the crates. Lucy used her brute strength to hurl boulders about. Reichardt teleported. “Horn torpedo!” Simon launched. Lucy blocked with a flurry of sudden grown flowers. Heinz hid his face. Penny wished to help her brother. She knew he would never forgive her if she did. Sigmund was his big brother. Although he tried to freeze strangle Deborah with his bare hands. “Blue blaster!” The cold almost collided against her brother. Alfred summoned a shield of fire. The forces clashed. “Pepper breath!” He rushed while spitting fireballs. Sigmund let Deborah go. If only to make a rain of icicles. Penny wished to help. She knew she could. The power was building up. Reichardt recalibrated Lucy’s counterforce. That was a new trick. “Super shocker!” He released just as Simon soaked her. That maximized their assault. Lucy was thrown on the ground. “Poison ivy!” She caught him in a sort of green web. Simon shrieked. Reichardt cut through the vines. “Howling blast!” Alfred’s shield broke and fell into shards of ice. “Spiral twister!” Deborah became visible. She spread her arms wide. Sigmund staggered. “Insolent whelps!” A voice boomed as lightning struck. “The treasure belongs to the Dark Lord.” The man appeared in their midst.

Haunted ship, Yoma marshland. The 16th. Of December 2098 A.D.

Her master shrieked. The life-force got sucked out of his body. Sandra dried her tears. There was nothing she could do. The Belmont woman slaughtered the warlock. She only came through to see him die. “I hate you!” Sandra spat. “You’ll never get away!” The vampire hunter didn’t even look at her. She picked the crystals. Sandra lept. She picked the whip. The apprentice witch would make her to suffer. “You’re not going to be happy.” Sandra almost snarled. She cast the “Shadow hand” spell. The Belmont reached for her neck. Sandra smirked. The woman hurled something. Sandra shrieked when the vial crushed. She got soaked with holy water. The wind sorcery might be used to heal. Sandra pulled away. “You have become a cursed being.” The hunter approached. Her sword blossomed. “My family hunt the night.” Sandra shook her head. She worshipped the Devil. He gave fortune and fame. He gave her power. Sandra knew she needed an edge. “I won’t let you kill me.” She promised. “I’ll get my revenge.” He granted eternal youth. The Belmont would die while she lived. The arts of vampirism weren’t the only way. The murderer reached for the axe. Sandra channeled. She then blew up the floor. The Belmont vanished. Sandra lifted into the air.

She blinked. Alicia removed the garbage. Where was she? That witch made the deck collapse. Alicia retrived the glasses. She then put them back on. She could see. Alicia realized she was somewhere beneath the dining hall. Both floors must’ve given way. Alicia shook it off. She used the laurels. Then she got up. She was inside the kitchen. She knew it was called something else aboard the ship. Though the name escaped her. Alicia decided it wasn’t important. She ate a chicken leg. That made her feels much better. Alicia unsheathed her blade. “Show yourself.” She felt her presence. “I know you’re here.” The sense of evil manifested as Sandra landed in front. “Hi there.” Her upper body blazing with red flame. “You didn’t think I was supposed to run?” Although she sounded American, Alicia was sure the witch was partly of Marocan stock. She threw the dagger forward. It bounced off the shield. Sandra smiled. She looked like a fallen angel in designer cloathings. Alicia threw herself sideways. The ravens where conjured. She doused them with holy water. Sandra reached into her pocket. She cracked her own kind of vial. The potion was like boiling acid. “Janus.” Sandra smirked. She’d let down the shield. Alicia presented the crucifix. “Robin and Heather where stronger then me.” Alicia backed. Sandra made a circle. “And you slaughtered them like animals.” She made her force to gather round. Alicia awaited her move. She was no killer. Whatever this witch might think. Alicia exhaled. Sandra extracted the full force of her ring. She then lifted into the air. Alicia hurled the axe. Sandra used the flames for cover. She became invincible. Alicia could see beyond the obvious. She knelt to pick the dagger. The Belmonts kept it in their boots. The knife went home. Sandra groaned. The flames saved her life. “Let’s see if you can find me now.” Three Sandra’s showed up. That was an old wind trick. Alicia toutched the crucifix. She thought only Succubus used that kind. The first shape shot an enflamed blast. The second hurled a magic ring. Alicia hid behind the crosses. The lightning exploded on impact. Alicia lept. She kept the glasses. She also got a storm in her veins. She threw a flurry of crosses. The figures where stamped. Alicia retrived the boomerang. Sandra staggered. Alicia caught her before she collapsed. She felt so nice. “Why?” Sandra didn’t return the gaze. Alicia wasn’t afraid. The crucifix paralyzed her witchcraft. Alicia put a hand beneath her chin. She made her look up. She followed the curve of her cheek. Sandra looked horrified. “You don’t have to.” Alicia kissed her. Their lips met. Sandra closed her eyes. Her tongue went into her mouth. Blonde and black hair got mingled. “Repent.” Alicia pulled some inches from her lips. She felt her breath. “What must I do?” Sandra was human. Her skin was soft and smooth. The jacket was thrown back on her shoulders. “Simply believe.” Alicia pulled up the T-shirt. Sandra got a rose tattoo around her button. Alicia toutched the piercing. The plain ring was made of white gold. They kissed. “Oh yes!” Sandra moaned. Alicia toutched the nipples. Sandra got no bra. She let her thong pass over. Why was she doing this? Sandra held her tight while Alicia began to lick it. She knew a part of her longed for intercourse. It was such a long time ago. Alicia wanted her own family. Although she liked girls. While she handled the nipple, Alicia’s hands went down her body. “Look here.” Sandra undid the buckle. Alicia removed the trousers. “Here.” She breathed while pulling through her hair. “Like this.” She put her hand beneath the underwear. Alicia let go of her nipple. They kissed. More and more passionate. Sandra was soaking wet. Alicia removed the last article. Although she kept touching. Sandra moaned and whimpered. Alicia revealed herself. The armour didn’t get in their way. Alicia lay down. Sandra stripped the jacket. She kicked off the shoes. Then, with only her T-shirt for cover, she lay down. Alicia was breathing heavily. They kissed and played with each other. “Please.” Sandra pleaded. Her cheeks red with extecey. “Make me come.” Alicia giggled. She couldn’t resist. She went down between her legs. She gasped when touching. Sandra was breathing. Alicia pressed the breasts together. The girls licked until climax. Alicia almost collapsed into a heap. “That was wonderful.” She sighed. Sandra, who lay on top, smiled. She went to kiss her. Something fell out from the T-shirt. Alicia gasped. She crossed herself. That was no rosary. It was the witch’s talisman. The red eye was incurved upon the evil star. Alicia felt its malice. Sandra gasped when Alicia pulled her back. She got up. Alicia shuddered. This was her fault. “What’s wrong?” Sandra looked down on herself. “I know you enjoyed it.” Alicia held up the crucifix. She was surprised He didn’t burn her to ashes. “I have sinned.” She confessed. “I have let myself to want.” She pulled her cloathings on. “Come on.” Sandra concealed the talisman. “It’s just for fun.” Alicia didn’t argue with that. It was the time, place and person which made it impossible. She licked her lips. Alicia still tasted her flavour. It was sweet. But salt at the same time. Though there was a hint of sulphur. Alicia turned pale. “Come to me.” Sandra was a witch. She crawled along the floor. “Let’s make love.” Alicia shook her head. Hunger reached his fingers to touch her. His presence was such that it made Alicia looks round. The first rider where nowhere to be seen. Sandra got up on her knees. She reached to open her belt. “Away from me Satan!” Alicia stamped her. She was a woman of little faight. His image reacted against the wicked. “And all this, they shall be forgiven!” Alicia decleared. Sandra shrieked. Flame burned through the witch’s flesh. Alicia pulled back. She couldn’t do this. The thought of what they did made her let go. Sandra wept. She reached for her cloathings. Sandra had a potion. The liquid healed her body. Tears stained her face while she pulled on her cloathings. “I tried to do it your way.” Alicia unsheathed her sword. No. The claymore blade didn’t belong to her. It was Edward’s property. He inherits it from Hugh Baldwin. He made a mistake. Though he became a great hunter. “You treat me like an outcast.” Sandra snarled. “This is for my Master!” The whirlwind span in place. Sandra was the eye of the storm. Alicia called for assistance. The storm sword hid her from malice. “You shall pay!” Sandra’s voice howled through the wind. The ravens picked her. Alicia still got the storm inside. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” A beam struck down. The five crosses slashed them to shreds. Sandra approached. She turned the talisman between her fingers. There where six knots in all. Alicia made the sign of the cross. Sandra smiled. “I did my best to please you.” Spiral flames shot down. “How could you resist me?” A solid green beam shot from between her fingertips. “That is forbidden!” Alicia sidestepped the balefire. “You don’t know what you’ve done!” Sandra became invincible. Alicia picked the crystals. She didn’t mind the gold. Sandra reached with her hand. Alicia felt unseen fingers close around her throat. But it was too late. She made it rain with holy water. Sandra let go. She became visible. Alicia knew what she must do. Though she didn’t want to. They spent a moment forever. Alicia shook it off. “May the Lord make mercy upon your soul.” She struck the blade. “My twin will avenge me.” Sandra’s head and body fell apart. Alicia got away. The dark force made the corpse to explode. Alicia regained her breath. The fight was over. Though another began. A swarm of bats came through the opening. Alicia threw a wave of holy water. The animals froze. They broke when hitting the floor. Alicia picked the crystals. The crack led down into the bottom. Alicia slipped through. She felt his emotions. Alucard was furious. He was like a pyre on the mountain’s peak. She might use him as a guide. Alicia unsheathed the blade. The bats came like a wave. She threw the axe. They burst on impact. Alicia picked the crystals. There was that flapping sound again. Alicia was ready. Then she got captured. The skeletons punched.

He was furious. Where these upstarts those for which Alicia Schneider fought and suffered? Alucard dismissed them all. These children fought over his father’s treasure. They got no right. No one had. It was cursed gold. Blood money. “Insolent whelps!” Alucard retained his human form. “The treasure belongs to the Dark Lord.” He appeared in their midst. Alucard grasped the boy and girl. “You should know better. Do not underestimate my father’s might.” He held them by the neck. “Uhm, excuse me, Mr. Tepes, sir.” The little blonde boy with blue eyes pulled at his cape. “That’s my brother you’re strangling.” Alucard let go. “Plane walker.” He sniffed. “Spirit.” The child seemed to know him somehow. Her fairy used her influence to ease the tenshion. Alucard also felt it. He afforded a bow. The tiny shining fay answered his reverence. He could dominate his emotions. “Go.” Alucard beheld the group. “Find the Belmont. Bring her to me.” The fairy left. “Oh Sigmund.” The plane-walker sobbed against his chest. “You’re yourself again.” Sigmund made no answer. He held him close. “I’m sorry, Heinz.” He dried his tears. “I don’t know what came over me.” Alucard knew. Frost was so easily corrupted. He beheld the brunette child. She possessed strong magical powers.

Haunted ship, Yoma marshland. The 16th. Of December 2098 A.D.

Simon and Reichardt helped Lucy to stand. They spoke silently together. Lucy sobbed. Alfred sighed. He beheld the man. Alucard seemed far to interested in his little sister. Penny went to him. They exchanged glances. “I’m Penny Armstrong.” He held her by the shoulders. “There is much silver in you.” Alfred would stop it. “No.” Deborah toutched him. “Wait.” He did. There was something special about her chocolate brown eyes. “My clan’s name is Fearheight.” He bowed. “I am Adrian.” She held both wrists. “You carry the crest of light.” Alfred gasped. Deborah hid her mouth. Penny’s left arm shone with clear silver. Though it didn’t last. Alfred was sure. He saw what he saw. There had been a crest tied around her wrist. Alfred felt suddenly proud. That it was his sister. “Hide it.” Alucard said. “Do not reveal it.” He let go. “I ask your pardon for my behaviour.” He spread his arms as if to include them all. Sigmund shrugged. “There is no need.” He told. “You saved us.” Lucy agreed. “I don’t know what happened.” She shuddered. “I’m not really like that.” “It’s okay, Lucy.” Simon assured. “It wasn’t your fault.” Reichardt added. “You’re kind.” Lucy sighed. “Listen.” Alfred said. “Your father is chasing us.” Alucard reached for the weapons. “I know.” He told.

She heard the sound of running water. Alicia struck through the ribs. The skeleton collapsed. The bone-men pulled back. They hurled other bones into the air. Alicia got beneath. She made a glide. The skeleton punched her. Alicia shook her head. They reached to choke her. She presented the crucifix. They burned when touching. Alicia gathered. She knocked the candles. She heard them come. Alicia hurled a wave of holy water. The bats squeeked. She froze them all. She picked the crystals. Alicia kept walking. Things got more difficult then she expected. Alucard was his normal cold self. She reached the broken area. The marsh was filling up. The ship was breaking. Alicia didn’t know how long it might last. The passage was flooded. She had to get round. The bats flapped about. She threw the axe. The fishmen jumped. Alicia ducked beneath the stream. She threw the dagger forward. She cut the cobweb. Alicia prayed the door wasn’t locked. It wasn’t. Although it should been. The cargo was filled with treasure. It couldn’t compete with the dragon’s pile. But that was beside the point. Nothing might be compared with the dragon’s plunder. “There you are honey pot.” The pirates came from behind. “ I knew you got it, sweetheart.” Alicia got tackled to the ground. Then she got knocked out cold. The last she heard, was their laugher.

Marcia shot through the air. She got to find Alicia. Alucard met the children. He was in trouble. The coldness of an undead heart was unsuited for such alliance. Their combined power might challenge even the tragic prince. Marcia felt her presence. Although there was something wrong. Alicia didn’t feel right somehow. Marcia dimmed. She worried about her. The track led to the cargo hold. Marcia was afraid of that area. All decay and malice aboard seemed to radiate from that certain place. Perhaps she should head back to tell him? Marcia sparked. That was out of the question. She would be brave. Marcia reached the engine room. She went through. Alicia wasn’t there. She peeked through a crack in the wall. The next room looked like the cargo hold. Her light went out. Alicia was there. This was a grave matter. She laid naked and tied upon one of the boxes. The dead pirates stole even the glasses. Marcia hated them with sudden fury. She would crush their skulls. But not alone. Marcia shot back through the machine. She would bring the others. Though she got to be quick. Alicia’s condition would only get worse with delay. Marcia tried to shake it. Her glow was afire. Dread and other emotions tore her heart. Marcia swore she would save her, or die in her place.

Haunted ship, Yoma marshland. The 16th. Of December 2098 A.D.

This was not what he expected. Though he should have. Alucard coldly calculated the information. Marcia the fairy still fluttered before his face. Alucard acknowledged. He should have felt her condition. “I shall come.” He told the passionate fay. He promised to support. Alucard would keep his promise. “You shall come with me.” He told the children. The leader would protest. He silenced his naysay. “Schneider came for you.” He told. “Although Belmont did not come. She have done all she could.” They spoke together. He did not listen. Alucard would go even if it ment to leave them behind. “He’s right, Alfred.” The wind girl interjected. “Deborah… “Alfred began. Then he let it fall. He sighed. “Okay. Simon, what do you propose?” The oldest boy, who wore glasses, shook his head. “We survived out of mere luck.” He told. “They came to help us. I think we should help them now.” Lucy and that other boy looked to support. “Thanks, Reichardt.” Alfred smiled. Alucard merely paid any notice. It was settled. “Then it is time to go.” He told. Although he did not require their agreement, it would work to his advantage. People would do better when they believed in his suggestions. He must be cautious. Charm and or manipulation might often backfire.

The surface was ruff. Alicia couldn’t see. Though the smell was bad. She longed for her glasses. They where chanting. Alicia tried to move. She got tied up by the wrists and ankles. Her body formed the capital X. Alicia realized she was naked. Her cheeks turned pink. Alicia didn’t do any audience performance. The jewels where cold as ice. They where her only coverage. She didn’t mind about the treasure. Alicia fought to get free. “ Soon, hearty, very soon.” She frowned. That was a female voice. Although it was mental. What was going on? Alicia felt uneasy. The chanting had stopped. They put on the glasses. “See me, honey pot.” She did. Alicia screamed. The pirate empress was both beautiful and terrible. The red hair fell loose down her back. Though her skin was lush ruby, neither the face mask nor the three-pointed hat could conceal the empty sockets. The fires of Hell burned inside the skull. “Do not be afraid.” The gloved hands reached out to touch her. “”I won’t hurt you, my little snack.” The wide red mouth parted to reveal the rotting teeth. “Just give up the gold.” The thong was still pink and lusty. Alicia struggled. She felt the crucifix around her neck. They couldn’t take it. “Let me have it.” The empress also got plenty of necklaces. “I don’t have it.” The hands came closer and closer. The dress and jewelleries where exquisite. Alicia noticed the black spots. She stenched rotten. “ No, no, little hearty. I know you came aboard to plunder.” The dead woman laughed. The black silk toutched bear skin. They where soft. Although Alicia shuddered. “I don’t want any of your money.” The corpse bent for the pearl. Alicia would rather die. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost!” The storm raged through her body. The beam struck down. The crosses spun and twirled. “Curse you!” The pirate empress stumbled back. “Death and darkness take all you thieves!” She ripped out a menacing knife. Alicia recognised the Indian cuttle. The pirate empress even got a pistol. The ancient shotgun was extravagantly decorated with polished gold and gemstones. “What did you intend to do with the money?” She aimed at the heart. “Tell me.” She threatened. “Tell me now!” Alicia had a deep breath. It was time to surrender. She would sleep, as a woman. Heinrich would keep the legacy. “You can keep your gold.” Alicia said. “The prince of Darkness will come to claim his property.” She stared into the sockets. Alicia would face death with open eyes. “We searched through your cloathings.” The pirate didn’t fire. “You must be out for something special.” Alicia sighed. “I am a vampire hunter.” They beheld each other for a while. “ Then your life is forfeit.” The pirate empress pulled the trigger. Marcia pulled the pistol up. The bullet went square into the ceiling. “You leave her alone!” The dead woman reloaded the weapon. “Make me.” She smiled. A girl with red hair and chocolate brown eyes became visible. “I’ll try.” She said. “Spiral twister!” The storm pushed her against the box. Alicia released her mystics. The beam struck. The pirate empress got torn to pieces. “Nova blaster!” The door got blasted off its hinges. “Hurry!” The young man called. Go! Go! Go! Sigmund and Lucy take the right side. Simon and Reichardt the left! Just like we planned!” The children rushed forward. “Alucard! You come with me! Pepper breath!” HE shot a wave of fireballs. “Very well, Alfred. Crimson lightning!” Alucard made it strike. Alfred raised a hand. The garbage flew through the air. “Deborah! You help Ms. Belmont! Penny and Heinz! You stay behind!” They could fight. Deborah tried to release her. She came to save her. It should’ve been the other way round. Alicia let it drop. The pirate ran for their location. Deborah lifted into the air. She managed to take her along. The bats swooped. Deborah made them invincible. Alicia let go. She got the heart of fire. The flaming cross burst overhead. The hold got cleaned of enemies. Alicia landed safely on the ground. She began to redress. The dead rose. The pirates moved. Bone-men and scimitars began to emerge. Alicia unsheathed her blade. She was prepared to fight. The children pulled together. “Fire at will!” The group of red knights appeared from behind. The foxes fired the crossbow. “Seven Heavens! Testament!” Heinz released the force of arch angels. The assault made them run for cover. Alicia crossed herself. The knights where living beings. They couldn’t be wiped out like that. Although the force made them retreat. “Lightning paw!” Penny shot with the silver force. “Rosetta stones! The queen’s curse!” The silver stones fit into her hand. Though the white wave made them run. Alicia struck. The blade clashed against the scimitar. The skeleton took the dagger upon the shield. “Wing blade!” Deborah became visible. She released the flare. The scimitar got crushed to pieces. The bats came back. The girl vanished. Alicia pulled back. She doused them with holy water. The armour burned. The pirate almost nailed with the hookshot. She threw the axe. The second and third group came through the other exit. They where armed with pikes and crossbows. “Watch out!” Alfred caused an enflamed shield. That took the brunt of their attack. “In the name of Jesus from Nazareth!” Alicia threw a flurry of crosses. She made a dash. The pirates got the hookshot aimed. He wasn’t going to kill them. Alicia got beneath the high kick. The blade removed the head. Marcia crushed through the heart. She sparked like a power-plant. “Ball of Destruction!” Alucard fired the high shot. The bats exploded. “Greetings, my lady.” He bowed as they met on the battlefield. Lucy pulled back the strawberry blonde hear before hurling crates. She made the red skeleton to break. “I found the children.” Alucard spread the bones outward. That might keep it grounded. At least for a while. “Thank the Lord.” Alicia struck the frost sword. The crimson bone-man froze to pieces. That was all she could do. “Flame rocket!” Alfred made fire rise. The knights spread out. The first group shot. “They managed to gather!” Penny called. “Cat eye beam!” The shining stare made the bolts fell harmless to the floor. They couldn’t be allowed to unite. Alicia nailed with daggers. The skeletons collapsed. She climbed over the pile of goods. She shuddered with cold. Sigmund caused a blizzard to might slow down matters. “Blue blaster!” His hands shone with frost. “Marching fishes!” Simon caused a water wave. “Oxygen torpedo!” The blast was made of solid liquid. Alicia made the sign of the cross. They unlocked their powers. No one would ever absorb their souls. The red knights fired another round. Alicia hid behind the crosses. “Super shocker!” Reichardt teleported to make an electric web. He then magnetized the armour. The scimitars got pulled together. The knights retreated. Alicia followed. “Hellfire!” Alucard burned the bats. He turned into mist. The fox missed him. She used the pike as a shield. Alicia couldn’t get in close. She made a back flip. The fox knight smirked. “May the Lord make mercy upon your soul?” Alicia hurled the boomerang. The three frozen crosses made her fall. She moved no more. “Electric blast!” Reichardt saved her in time. The red skeletons almost got her. “Exodus beam!” “Wind mane!” Heinz blasted the dead pirates. “Cat eye hypnotism!” Penny made the bats to scatter. “Flame rocket! Pepper breath!” Alfred was his sister’s guardian. He released multiple fireballs. Alicia climbed down the steps. The narrow passage was the ideal line of defence. The red knights brandished their weapons. Alicia reached for the crucifix. She would run straight into a hedgehog of pikes and swords. The first group was made up of rangers. “Hellfire!” Before either of them might begin, Alucard reformed behind the line. “Electric blast!” Reichardt came to support. Although he carried no arm beside his magic. The knights turned to defend. Alicia blocked the bolts with crosses. The bats settled. She stamped them out. The crystals replenished her energy. “Meteor wing!” Alicia almost forgot about her. Deborah released a multitude of glowing meteors. “Spiral twister!” The survivors dropped their weapons. They raised their arms in surrender. “Go.” Alucard said. “Use the horn to summon the ferryman.” Alicia blinked. She never thought he could show such care. The foxes left. Deborah and Reichardt let them pass. Then came a rumble. “The ship is sinking!” Simon appeared in the doorway. “We have to get out!” Alicia shook her head. “That way is flooded!” She called. “Follow me!” Marcia flouted at some distance. The other children showed up. “I can’t freeze an ocean.” Sigmund told. “Follow the fairy.” Alucard instructed. “She is guide.” They did as he told. Alicia knocked a candle. There where no other way but to continue. She picked the big crystal. “Super shocker! Electric blast!” Reichardt was ready. The spells fried the bats. “Thunder ball!” The scimitars where struck to pieces. Alucard unsheathed his blade. “They are quite impressive.” She toutched the crucifix. “Flame rocket! Magna crush!” Alfred led the assault. “Pepper breath! Magna explosion!” The gold blast tore the fishmen apart. “Oxygen torpedo!” “Gold rush!” Simon and Lucy fought back-to-back. Alicia reached down the stairs. The engine room was a battlefield. “Poison Ivy! Gold rush!” The wine trapped the monsters. Alicia thought the rockets might be made of gold. She threw it aside. “Storm wing! Red fireball!” Deborah became visible. She cast the spell before lifting off. The fishmen jumped from the depth. Alicia crossed herself. The water came through the openings. Simon was right. The ship was sinking. Though they might still escape. “”Horn bomb!” Reichardt made the air to electrify. “They are getting stronger.” Alucard took the stream on the shield. “Grizzly wing!” He countered the bats. Alicia inhaled. There where to many of them. “Ninja magic!” Lucy split into a multitude of figures. Alicia blinked. She didn’t expect she could do that. “Double star!” The shuriken cut the fishman to sushi. “God with us!” Alicia cried. The flame sword blossomed within her hands. She made the sign of the cross. The machine was destroyed. –The floor was littered with broken gear and rusted garbage. Alicia blinked. The corpse seemed to flicker in and out of visibility. The body looked familiar. The Cyclops hid behind the furious. The monster struck through with the hammer. “Good Lord in Heaven!” Alicia pulled back. The Cyclops opened one eye. Lucy and Reichardt where turned to stone. Alicia prayed she might lift the spell. Alucard left. He would fight the fishmen. She inhaled. The Lord would decide. Alicia would do her best.

Simon shrieked in anguish. “Horn torpedo! Oxygen torpedo!” The missiles went home. The flame shield blocked their assault. Alfred bit together. He raised his hands. The gears and rubble got hurled through the air. “Storm wing! Red fireball!” Deborah flouted in the air. She gave her support. Alfred smirked. Sigmund toutched the floor. The metal froze upon contact. The path of frost caught the monsters in place. “Bubble boom!” Heinz made them break apart. “Rosetta stones!” They shielded his sister. Penny got her own magic. The silver stones smashed the bats. “The queen’s curse! Lightning paw!” She turned round to challenge the scimitars. “Hellfire!” Alucard appeared at her side. Alfred charged his flame. The fire wall burned the swarm. “Flame rocket!” He made the wall brake into countless fireballs. “Pepper breath!” The fishmen exploded. “Fish force! Fish net!” Simon was out on the water. The fishes gathered into a platform. “Volcano hammers!” The ravens where awake. They came through the cracks. “Cat eye beam!” Penny illuminated the place. “Hand of fate! Angel’s rod!” Heinz crushed the remaining skeletons. “Nova blaster!” That was the signal to gather. The explosion lit up the machine room. The pirates had arrived. Alfred knew this would be it.

Haunted ship, Yoma marshland. The 16th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The Cyclops dashed. Marcia screamed. He would pull over. Then Alicia would become a statue. The vampire hunter was quick. She sidestepped the offensive. The monster turned. Alicia hurled a flurry of crosses. Most of them bounced off of the stone skin. The tunic and trousers was all his cloathings. One cross struck the eye. The monster roared. He hit the ground repeatedly. Marcia shone a worried green. Alicia retrived the cross. The monster kept marching forward. Alicia somehow deflected the stone gaze. She struck the blade. The hive was like leather. The repeated efforts made it stumble. Marcia cheered. Alicia hurled a wave of holy water. Although it froze on impact, the Cyclops broke through. He knocked the woman square over the room. Alicia would use the laurels. Marcia screamed. She tried to stun him. The Cyclops was too big. Alicia was back on foot. She calmly awaited his next move. The ancient creature made a full-length mid-air dash which might’ve crushed her. Marcia flew right into the eye. The sudden pain confused his tactics. Then he just brushed her aside. Marcia was furious. She was no fly. She returned for the eye. “Marcia!” Alicia shouted. The Cyclops almost crushed her. Alicia was on the move. She hurled axes into the air.

She barely escaped. Alicia worshipped the Lord in her heart. The Cyclops shook its head. The axes didn’t touch him. Then she figured. The eye was the only weak spot. It had to be. The monster roared. He dashed for her location. Alicia didn’t falter. She lept high to throw the dagger square into its face. She hit the eye. The Cyclops screamed. He wept tears of pain. Alicia bit her lip. Was she getting cruel like Gabriel? She shook it off. The fragment told he felt primitive triumph to kill the ogre. Alicia fought to release the children. “Be brave.” The voice reminded of the pirates. Though it wasn’t like that at all. “Remain strong.” This made her think about the dream of Carrie Fernandez. Alicia toutched the crucifix. She got to stay focused. The Cyclops lumbered forward while smashing the club. Marcia tried to confuse him. Alicia picked the dagger. The others where hard to it. She had no time. “Marcia!” She called. The fairy got to do it in her place. “Listen!” Alicia told. “You must help the children!” Marcia flickered undecided. Then she made her choice. “I’ll be back.” She promised. Alicia was sure. Marcia sped away. Now they where alone. It was Alicia and the Cyclops. She reached for the crucifix. The monster permitted no breather. He tried to smash her. Alicia sidestepped the hammer. She threw the axes. This time she got close enough. Although big and strong, the monster wasn’t agile. The eye released tears of pain. Alicia approached. She wasn’t careful enough. The Cyclops took her. He picked her off the floor. She shrieked with horror. The fist might break her. The monster opened his mouth wide. He would bite her head off. Just like they did with the Greek crewmen. Alicia held the crucifix. She was cold. Alicia had the heart of ice. The frozen cross broke overhead. Alicia got free. The Cyclops got hit by multiple ice shards. She got up. The children fought. “Red fireball! Spiral twister!” Deborah came from above. She spread the ravens. “Blue blaster!” Sigmund froze the pirates. “Hand of fate!” His little brother came to the rescue. Alicia dodged the hammer. The Cyclops stared. He might turn her to stone. “Lightning paw!” Penny got in from behind. “Grizzly wing!” Alucard hid her from damage. The bats got turned to stone. Alicia used the opportunity to jump up. She climbed on his arms to hurl the vial into the face. The glass broke. The Cyclops roared. The flames lit his features. Alicia let herself drop. She made a back flip. The Cyclops marched while striking down. The hammer was great enough to crush her flat. Alicia looked round for support. The Cyclops opened the eye to fire. Alicia returned the gaze. The glasses worked as a mirror. The monster made another dash. Alicia got wind in her blood. She jumped to release the circle of axes. None of them hit home. Although he got confused by the outburst. Alicia awaited his move. She got to kill him. Alicia crossed herself. May the Lord make mercy upon her soul? She inhaled. Alicia was a vampire hunter. She would release her friends. The body no longer flickered. Alicia didn’t have time to observe. The Cyclops fired. Alicia sidestepped. The monster turned. She reached the arm. He tried to shake her. Alicia charged her energy. She made a double jump to reach up. The gold knife got buried into the brain. Alicia got the sword. Spirit made it into a tool of gold. She pined the skull. The Cyclops let go. Then he fell on his knees. Alicia watched him burn to ashes. Soon only her items remained. Alicia retrived the weapons. Then she noticed. The crystal ball marked his grave. Alicia crossed herself. She took the mystic orb. Alicia sighed. She was restored. The fight was over. Reichardt and Lucy where free. Alicia thanked the Lord for His mercy. “You did it!” The figure moved. Alicia got back. She felt Alucard’s bafflement. That was nothing. The girl smiled. “Thank the Lord.” She said. “Finally you have come.” Alicia felt her mouth fall open. The stranger got up. They beheld each other. Alicia gathered. Though she didn’t know what to say. She knew this girl, knew her like a sister. “Reinhardt Schneider.” She exhaled. “I have been waiting for so long.” Alicia regained her voice. “I’m not Reinhardt.” She told. “He has been dead for a century. I’m just his descendant.” Then, while she spoke, she finally figured. She really was Carrie Fernandez. She had to be. But how could it? “Carrie.” She licked her lips. “How is this possible? The archives tell you vanished in 1853.” Carrie blinked. “Who wrote that?” She asked. “I’m not sure.” Alicia confessed. “I think it was your cousin, Jesica Fernandez.” Carrie shook her head. “You never told her the truth?” Alicia felt dizzy. “I don’t understand.” Things really began to look complicated. “What should he’d told her?” Alicia was partly afraid of the answer. “That Jesica wasn’t my cousin.” Alicia pulled her glasses tight. “She is my daughter.” Alicia had to sit. The answer hit her like a knock in the head. Although she should’ve known. Rivals and witchhunters wiped out her family. “He was so cute. So charming.” Carrie didn’t meet her gaze. “I was too young to understand.” Alicia felt drained of blood. “I gave birth the next year.” Alicia didn’t have to ask. She knew his name. “Malus was the father.” Alicia hid her face. “It’s like Alucard.” Carrie didn’t look happy. “The Dark Lord added to my legacy.” Alicia picked together. Sonia and Adrian loved each other. She couldn’t blame Carrie for what happened. Alicia broke out of it. Carrie was still speaking. “Pirates boarded the ship.” She told. “I didn’t know Shaft’s followers where aboard.” So that was it. That explained a great deal. “They cursed the thieves for taking Dracula’s treasure.” Carrie seemed to be in torments. “No one where to escape until the gold came to rest in deep water.” She drew away tears. “I tried to blow up the ship.” She revealed the stick of TNT. “But I got wounded before I could pull it off.” Alicia got up. She gathered enough courage to embrace her. She felt alive and warm. Not dead at all. “You refused the treasure.” Carrie dried her tears upon her leather jacket. Alicia shook her head. How did she know? “I was trapped.” Carrie looked up into her face. “The curse has kept me here. I was on the brink of death. But I managed to remain whole.” She smiled. “The time has come.” Alicia nodded. “I’ll help you.” She promised. “You give me hope.” Carrie inhaled. “You have to let me go.” Alicia knew that. She released her. “I’ll light the TNT.” Carrie smiled. “I’m sorry. I would’ve liked to know you better.” Alicia sighed. “What’s wrong?” Carrie asked. Alicia shook her head. “You can’t help me.” She said. “I forged a bond with Alucard.” The girl beheld her. “But I can.” She lit up. “I have the might.” Carrie told. “Take my hand.” Alicia felt dizzy while keeping it. “I release you, from the spell.” She gasped. The purification crystal was like a star in the night. Alicia no longer felt him. “Now you can go.” Carrie said. She looked weary. “I will.” Alicia assured. She called for the fairy. “What is it?” Marcia fluttered before her face. Alicia told. “I managed to heal them.” Marcia said. “I’ll tell them.” Alicia toutched the crucifix. “Be quick.” She said. “I don’t know how long she might stay.” Marcia didn’t waist time. She shot for the others. “Try to remember me.” Carrie whispered. “I don’t know what is waiting. But my life is complete.” Alicia embraced her once more. She wasn’t afraid. “Rest in peace.” Alicia said. The others had gathered. “The ship is breaking.” Alucard told. “Soon it will all be over.” Alicia knew. “Jump!” Carrie called. “Jump now!” Her friends went ahead. Marcia was the last to get through. “Farewell.” Carrie ignited the explosive. “May we meet again in some better place?” Alicia made the sign of the cross. “I hope so.” She gathered. Then Alicia lept through the opening.

Yoma marshland, Warakiya. The 16th. Of December 2098 A.D.

She landed within the marsh. The impact sent mud and water flying. Alicia looked abroad. Carrie Fernandez had gone on. Alicia sighed with relief. The others survived. “Alicia!” Marcia darted. “It really is you!” Penny embraced all she could. Alicia felt taken aback. “I salute you, my lady.” Alucard did. The other children approached. They danced and cheered all around her. She met his gaze. Adrian bowed. “It was her last gift.” He said. “She gave up everything so that you might live.” Alicia blushed. Thank God the children didn’t notice. They still danced about. Only Heinz might’ve seen her. Alicia dismissed. It wasn’t important. They survived. She was ready to hunt. Then the ship exploded. Alicia was hurled away. Alucard held her. “So let His will be done.” He let go. Alicia inhaled. Alucard was right. The quest remained. Alicia exhaled. They had to protect the children. Or did they? Alfred had gathered his friends. They spoke silently together. “I can do it.” Heinz finally said. Alicia wondered what that was about. Alfred cleared his voice. “Thank you.” He said. “Thank you for saving us and all.” He looked at his friends. Sigmund nodded. “We’ve decided to head back to the village of Doina.” Alicia waited. Alfred wasn’t finished. “Heinz is a seer.” The boy told. “He might find the way back.” He had a deep breath. “You might come with us.” Marcia fluttered in front. Alicia knew she would let them make the decision. “I am honoured.” Alucard bowed. “Your abilities have awakened.” The children exchanged glances. “Go. Be weary. The land is not safe.” Alucard threw back his cape. “Each of you has a special power. School yourself. Learn how, and your might will grow.” Alfred was firm. “We will.” He told. “I hope we’ll meet again.” Alicia watched while they left. The eight children had formed a circle around their youngest. “I hope so.” Alucard said in a quiet voice. The group soon disappeared from sight. Alicia sighed. They’d lost much time on this “short-cut”. She shook it off. It wasn’t the harpy’s fault. “She has not come.” Alucard said. Alicia shuddered. She wondered what happened with the others. Edward, Saria and Torah would’ve sent the familiar to tell if they where ready. “Come.” Alucard said. “We have our own battle.” Alicia hated to admit. But he was right. She unsheathed her blade. Then she followed him into the mist. Marcia lit the way. “Nothing has changed.” Alucard looked north. “The sun is setting.” She touched the crucifix. Alicia was afraid. Rain began to fall. She shuddered.

The mist gathered. The dust quivered and took form. The figure stepped out into the marsh. The shipwreck sunk into deep water. Dimitri Blinov beheld the situation. He wondered how it could have come to this. The haunted ship had been destroyed. The children where gone. The vampire accepted his loss. Though this cost him much in might and followers. Dimitri Blinov would continue his work. He would emerge from this setback. The throne was ripe for the picking. Dimitri morphed into a bat. The witch was waiting. Drolta Tsunetez had prepared for his return. This might remove one from the game. Dimitri Blinov could not care less. He would be the one to come to the castle. He was the new master. Dimitri Blinov would inherit all of Dracula’s powers. Then he would rule. No one might escape. The land would burn at his behest. Dimitri Blinov marvelled in his dreams of victory. The Belmont clan would be wiped out. Like they deserved. He would enshroud his lair within the eternal night. He would not repeat his mistake. The sun set. Dimitri Blinov hungered. He would satisfy his thirst. Then he would meet her. The plan was in motion. He would gain that power.

(A.N: It have bean a long time since last chapter. This text is created in honour of SotN, CV II, LoD and of course DoS. I also wish to thank those behind the series of Digimon. I’m trying to make sense of what, I think, are the unique elements of the LoS trilogy. Have a nice time.)