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Castlevania: Darkness Never Dies


Part 1: Curse of Blood

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Part 2: Legacy of Sorrow

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Part 1: Curse of Blood.

“”And when you do repent, you shall strengthen your brothers.””

Luke: 22. 32.

Ending 3: The End of the Day.

“Three pretty petals”, Dora wood. The 23rd. of December 2098 A.D.

The hour was close to midnight. The wind wisped outside the building. The girls got a respite. “Then I made my choice.” The heat went roaring up the chimney. “I decided that is was enough.” The golden hair got pulled back by the headband. “I am Emma Belmont.” She said, touching the hilt of the sword. “I claimed the blade from the goblins.” Ingrid and Susan exchanged nervous glances. “They plunder the women that come to this house.” Gabrielle then exclaimed. “They did.” The smile never reached her eyes. “They won’t do that again.” Emma reached for the crucifix. “That I can promise.” She killed them all. That had not been very nice, though it must be done. “What good does it do?” Merchedez quenched their optimism. “We might arm ourselves.” Emma was quick to add. “The dark priest is gone.” The vampire hunter removed his head. “Though the landlord is hiding somewhere.” Emma couldn’t find him. “I have no fear.” Not any longer. “That together we might break the curse.” Olivia gazed above her glasses. “I am a witch.” She pulled the hat down. “You should kill me before going anywhere.” Emma held her gloved hand. “I won’t.” The hunter smiled. “I have no reason.” She let go. “Only he I can never forget.” They all looked to her by now.

Laruba mansion, Warakiya. The 23rd. of December 2098 A.D.

They had left. The lady was alone again. Malpheffa lay back upon her bed. The blue and scarlet curtains got pulled down. The vampire broke the mirror. She hated not to be able to display. Her round curves and ebony limbs got visible through the whiteness of the silken night gown. She emptied the crimson champagne glass in one sip. Malpheffa then smashed it against the floor. That left a second stain upon the tapestries. She had no mind. The servants would prepare the chamber after that she left. “My lady.” Friedrich Bernhardt stepped forth. “Are you sure that is wise?” The alchemist made a sweeping gesture. The cape and brown hair got moved aside. “Dracula’s servant.” Malpheffa met his blue eyes. “You have become powerful.” The vampire dismissed. “There is a dead voice calling.” His eyes seemed to behold a far away distance. “Do you not listen?” The lady leaned back against the pillows. “I hear nothing.” The sun-coloured red hair framed her features. “Come here, rest with me.” She might gain that power. “Foolish wench.” Friedrich Bernhardt spoke in a low voice. “You have notrealized.” Her green eyes burned blue with hatred. “Before I leave, I must warn you.” He made a pact with the Devil. “The resistance has come.” Then let it be. She was not alone.

Forest of Debias, Warakiya. The 23rd.Of December 2098 A.D.

The chill rushed through his clothing. Regin had left the blacksmith to arm the soldiers. “That was the last of the gear.” Sigurd grunted while putting down the crate. “Then you might help them to preparethemselves.” The half-dwarf went around the cottage to search for his daughter. Tera must be here somewhere. “Who? Oh my!” He found the little slut. “” Ah, um.” The boyar clansman had her at his mercy. Tera used her mouth and hand to please. “You must be sent by the Master.” She breathed. “You are an angel.” Regin approached. “” The path up to here is safe now.” Tera kept caressing herself. “Be careful.” The clansman told. “Ah.” Tera gasped. “Who are you!?” The warrior tugged at her blonde hair. “I am Roland Fortesque, a warlock of the order.” Tera looked up through her golden eye lashes. “Roland!” She exclaimed. “The Master is upon you!” The knight forced himself through the mouth. The vampire thenbit her neck. His daughter shrieked in ecstasy. Regin had to watch the event. Tera was excellent. Who thought her? Letit be, though there were other things to consider. “You are summoned.” Regin said. He would speak with her later. “His Master’s voice.”

The hunter was killed by the skeletons. Daniella watched with horror. That wasn’t the last friend to die. Sheah got taken by the zombies. The Greyhound went to follow, but not before saving the body. Tholin saw to that they shared a grave. Virginia had been crying all the time. Daniella felt torn. She got to concentrate. Bern led his Centaurs into battle. She went along. The Laruba mansion wasn’t far away. “Stay back!” Wilhelm struck the harpy. “Watch out!” Henry stabbed his blade. The witch was screaming. Daniella hid her ears. The concubine threw the powder. The Bibhuti burst on impact. They got no choice but to split company. Ithilien pined the witch. The Unicorn managed what she could not. The witch was dead before reaching the snow. Daniella exhaled. The humpback tried to tackle. She split his skull. “You look nice to eat.” The Minotaur emerged from among the trees. Daniella crossed herself. She disliked thegaze. “War force!” The dancing girl blazed when utilizing with the martial arts. “Time stops!” The Minotaur got taken aback. Daniella got impressed. “Heal!” Anna restored herself. “Meteor dash!” She lost sight of the conquest. The Medusa heads went like a wave. “Get down!” Henry warned. The battle-mage got a shiver. They might turn her to stone.

Air-base, Warakiya. The 23rd. of December 2098 A.D.

The mirror lake bubbled. The water seemed to boil. The submarine appeared above the landing strip. They got ashore. Desmond was the first to arrive. “God with us!” He revealed the cross. The bats were awake. They swept to bite him. “Good God!” The stench was terrible. “They are still here.” Anette charged the flame blast. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” The others got ready to fight. Julius made the sign of the cross. The red zombies had gathered around. The undead Communist soldiers prepared their weapons. “Help us.” Christopher picked together. The cross repelled the monsters. “Curse you!” Thomas howled. “Back to Hell!” The books twirled in front. “Come here!” The solicitor called. He then threw a vial into the air. The bats got burned. That was a relief. “Sorry Andrew.” Anette got tears running down her face. “I should have told.” Desmond could share that emotion. He also lost someone close. “Though we only knew each other for a while.” The red zombies kept their ground. “Cast them out!” The priest demanded. “In the name of the Lord!” Anette summoned her turtle. That gave some protection. The secretary went ahead, acting like a human shield. They had to climb the fence. “God with us!” Desmond threw the eight daggers forward.

The fence was ahead. Julius longed for piece and quiet. That had to wait. They got to climb above. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost!” The priest exclaimed. He got to focus. The Soviets were reloading. “Let it be!” Julius obtained the bottle. He made it to rain with holy water. The Communists withdrew. They might be burned in place. Julius didn’t mind. He leaned against the fence. The priest got exhausted. Thatlast attack almost drained his force. “Come on!” Desmond called. “We have to get across!” Julius exhaled. “Alright.” The secretary and dark-breed already got ahead. They jumped to land at the other side. The Communists had gathered. “Dead man’s walk.” The solicitor muttered. “What?” The priest blinked. “Never mind.” He dismissed. The sword storm secured the approach. “God with us!” Christopher had reached atop. The bats gave him a hard time. The solicitor doused them with holy water. That granted an edge. The priest got above. The howl told him where to look. His friends got in peril. Thomas released a flurry of flames. That blocked the bullets. “Stronger we are!” Anette exclaimed. “In the name of the Lord!” The tiger leaped ahead. “No!” The animal friend got shot to pieces. Then the machine-gun guards had to reload their cannons.

They got ready. Thomas howled. The machine-gun guards reloaded their weapons. That was accursed.“God with us!” The dark-breed retained his true form. “From Hell!” The troopers escaped through the exit. “They protect the base!” Anette exclaimed. “Fly my birds, fly!” She spread her arms to let the pigeons fly. “That is how it should be!” The dark-breed cried for victory. “God with us!” He held the trident high overhead. Thomas howled; while the weapon blazed. He stood beneath the moonlight, the snow almost as bright like his item. The guards got the birds in angle. They fired to kill them all. “Get behind!” Julius made a row of fireballs to fall down. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost!” The machine-gun guards changed their objective. “You are the devils of the pit.” The solicitor had noticed. Desmond threw the cross-boomerangs to might counter the assault. “You won’t dare!” The bats came from multiple directions. Thomas dashed to fight them. They carried the vampire pestilence. He didn’t care. The sonic howl burst through their numbers. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Anette got removed. The Falcon kept her atop while the meteorsstruck down. “That was impressive.” Thomas hailed. “Watch out!” She fired with the laser.

The guard did stagger. Anette inhaled. They went for the automobile. The secretary pulled the glasses tight. She hoped the generator was still in effect. “God with us!” Thomas stopped to fire a flurry of enflamed blasts. The bats still chased them. Anette reached for the crucifix. She could almost taste their blood thirst. The secretary shuddered. The machine-gun guards had reloaded. They got into a slight jog. Anette hurried the chase. “Leave us alone!” Desmond turned to throw daggers. “Good Lord in Heaven!” Julius made the sign of the cross. “Curse you!” Thomas howled. The red zombies forced through the ground. Anette sent the flame blast into a twirl. She made it to spin. Thus, the enemies got forced aside. “You fight the righteous battle.” The priest afforded. The secretary barely got time. She opened the car to might escape. “Dead men walking.” Thomas snarled. He pulled the corpses aside. Anette felt at a loss. She looked for the helicopter. They got no chance. The troopers got in between. “Come on.” Christopher opened the back-seat for her. “I know.” He saw it in her eyes. “We have to go.” The secretary made a grimace. Then she settled in. Anette wrinkled her nose. The smell was horrible. Never mind. Desmond was right. “Here we go.” Thomas turned the key.

Laruba mansion, Warakiya. The 23rd. Of December 2098 A.D.

The curtains were pulled close. All was dark. She was alone. The lady played the spinet. He always left. The tune was soft, though sad. “My lady.” The glow of a single candle illuminated the toy room. “You shouldn’t be alone tonight.” Laura’s voice made the music die. The young girl, wearing her white dress, looked like an angel. She didn’t turn. Laura put the light down. “My lady?” The boyar woman was silent. “My love?” She made the box play. It was the same piece, the very same. The one she played on the spinet. “Have I failed?” She finally spoke. “Of course not.” Laura touched her cheek. These fits of melancholy were nothing of which she figured. The music box stopped. “Let it sing for me.” Laura made it play. Malpheffa folded her copper hands. Laura turned the key. The box was ancient. Some told the music might grant eternal youth. That the old should be young again. It had played while the vampire made her his bride. The ruby lips turned into a smile. Laura rejoiced. She turned the box to play a third time. Malpheffa left her stool. “Shall we dance?” They moved over the floor. Malpheffa fought a giggle. The huge green eyes glowed with excitement.

Forest of Debias, Warakiya. The 23rd.Of December 2098 A.D.

The rangers chased him through the forest. “Take him!” Earendil whinnied. The dark ropes where tight as black wire. “Do not let him escape!” They were traitors. The elves forced a circle about. He kicked them. Their spears and arrows kept him back. The drug kept him from using his own breed of magic. The naked elf who sat beneath the tree came through the circle. Her own hair was like a feather cape. “Your race is so predictable.” She gloated. “And I have you now.” He opened his mouth. “No.” She smiled. “You are not to bewitch me.” She opened her hand. “I am Theodrin.” She told. “It is I who caught you.” She put the black ring down over the horn. She should not have been able to touch it. “You should know the name of your mistress.” The elves triumphed as he hung his mighty head. They were bad as orcs. That always happened. When joining the dark side, nothing else seemed to matter anymore. “Take him away.” Theodrin demanded. “Bring him to the mansion.” That made him to sweat. Earendil would rather become a familiar, then to serve these foul folk. Strong hands grabbed his bonds. “Carry on, your dumb beast!” The hunters laughed and boasted about him. Earendil almost hoped he would die. Then his blood would be on their hands. “Torah.” He moaned.

They might turn her to stone. That wouldn’t happen. Not if he got anything to say about it. “Get down!” Henry required the bow-and-arrows. The Hammer clansman fired in quick succession. The Medusa heads crumbled on impact. “Stay back!” Wilhelm brandished with the axe. The brother broke through the zombies. Henry hung up the bow. “Good Lord!” Daniella got ambushed by the bone-archers. The shield was a barrier. She presented the crucifix. “For den and queen!” Claudia arrived. The energy scythes smashed the skeletons. “Retreat!” Tholin called. “Retreat!” The dwarf pulled the rains of the Greyhound. He carried Renate in front. The seer was dripping blood. Henry grinded his teeth. The axe armour had managed to catch up. “You won’t have her.” Tholin twirled with the morning-star club. The knight took it upon the shield. Renate really was dead. He couldn’t believe it. Henry cleaned his face. He liked her. The Hammer man got to gather. “Chain lightning!” Anna danced. She made it to strike from the clear sky. The axe armour fell upon his knees. “Gather to me!” The battle-mage called. “For Warakiya!” The Centaurs charged. “God!” Henry cried. The ghost made manifest. “Good God!” He had to escape. The large ghost brandished with the sword.

Warakiyan Alps, Warakiya. The 23rd. of December 2098 A.D.

The car stopped at the middle of the road. It had begun to snow again. “God with us!” Desmond left from the back seat. The wargriders made a road block. The solicitor touched the cross. He then unsheathed the sword. “Preserve us!” Anette got in front. She summoned her turtle friend. The shell offered some protection. The knights fired their bows or crossbow weapons. “Burn in Hell!” Thomas howled. He leaped while throwing powder. Bibhuti burst on impact. Anette twirled with the flame blast. The warg riders got forced aside. Christopher got a bad feeling about this. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” Julius had arrived. The priest held the crucifix in his left hand. “I cast you out in the name of the Lord!” The image burned overhead. “Let it be done!” Desmond didn’t doubt anymore. He went into battle. “Blast you!” The dark-breed got charged by the cavalry attack. “God with us!” The solicitor stabbed his blade into the ground. He made rising flames to track forward. The wolf howled while the rider cursed. Christopher exhaled. “Attack!” Anette released the tiger. The secretarygotatop. The feline and monster collided. They fought, claw-to-claw. Desmond buried his blade within the chest of the knight. They got to aid her. The beast was about to conquer.

The bats dwelled within the hollow trunk. They went squeakingforth to hunt for blood. Julius felt chills down his spine. This shaman was unlike the others. He touched the crucifix. The thunder rider was immune to magic. The talismans seemed to drain away the energy before contact. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Anette threw the flame blast at him. “Save us!” The knight crossed his arms. The gauntlets made the flame to ricochet. “Your choice.” The Hobgoblin snarled. “The kennels, or the dinner table.” The priest didn’t agree with that comment. He disliked it, disliked it very much. The secretary buttoned her coat all the way up. She seemed to shrink by the beast master’s remark. The crucifix shielded against the lightning blast. Anette got hurled away. “In Manos Toas Domine!” Julius created the tempus blade. The electricity got absorbed. The priest leaped aside. The thunder rider brandished with the lance. Julius fought a scream. The spikes got dipped in poison. The warg then dashed towards him. The priest ended upon his back. The wolf went for his throat. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” The beast got his crucifix into its mouth. “Stronger we are!” Julius praised his God. “In the name of the Lord.” Then he got on foot. The knight was ready.

The Bibhuti burst and burned. Whisp howled. “Burn in hell!” He felt unstoppable. The red knights had arrived. They hid behind the road block for shelter while firing their crossbow weapons. The dark-breed released a flurry. The cold night air got filled with the stanch of burned fur. “Die!” He grabbed the blue fox by the neck. The stake got buried in his heart. “Curse you!” The wolf tried to tackle him. Whisp picked it up and cast it away. He fired some bullets at the human traitor. “Be damned!” They were not going to take him, not ever again.” The dark-breed twirled with the trident. He felt like a spear guard. He dismissed. This was not the time. He tore at the neck and shoulders. Blood stained his armour. Wisp wouldn’t give up. He released a flurry of flames. That gave some shelter. At least for a while. The red knights fired a wave of solid metal spikes. Thomas retained his human body. He couldn’t maintain the force. Someday he would conquer. But not tonight, though he got another trick. “He is the truth, path and life.” Thomas finally remembered. The garlic left from his hand to create secondary explosions. “They are the children of the atom.” His teacher once told. No matter, the thunder rider sent him flying sky high. Thomas howled. He felt like being torn apart.

That was the final stroke. Thomas got sent flying into the night. “Fly my pigeons, fly!” She exhaled before releasing the care. The Hobgoblin got cast aside. “God with us!” Desmond threw the homing ball. The warg cried on impact. The vile spirit got burned out. That left only the corpse behind. Anette pushed her hands against the stomach. She might feel sorry, although the secretary had to fight the desire to vomit. That might become another source of trouble. Anette carried the Host inside. The Body might sanctify her actions. “Cursed wench!” The Hobgoblin raisedfrom behind her back. “Good Lord in Heaven!” The secretary screamed in fright. “Scream all you want.” The shaman unsheathed the sword. “Leave her alone!” Christopher got his own weapons. “You stay out of this.” Anette put up her hands before the face. “Curse you all!” The Hobgoblin sent a thunder bolt. “God with us!” The solicitor somehow managed to deflect. “The power of One.” Desmond smiled. “He makes me stand.” The shaman pulled down the energy of space. “Not for long.” He promised. “Human scum.” Christopher screamed. “Yes!” His laugh was unbearable. “Feel my fury.” The shaman told. “Now, you will die.” Smoke filled the air. Anette shuddered. She got to do something.

Laruba mansion, Warakiya. The 23rd. of December 2098 A.D.

There was something which transpired outside. The lady Malpheffa made a gesture. The curtains were forced aside. “Oh, my lady.” Laura came to embrace her. “I could never have imagined such splendour.” The young girls held each other as they beheld the violence. “The war has come at last.” The lady exhaled. “I can see.” Laura held her even closer. “The resistance movement.” The soldier and man-beast woman stood back-to-back while surrounded by ghostly spectres. “They are blessed.” She licked her lips and fangs. “May they be accursed. «Laura said bitterly. “I think not.” Malpheffa then actually kissed her. “That should not be necessary.” Laura put her arms around her, to bury her head between her bosom. “Yes. That is how it should be.” Malpheffa brushed her hair gently. “My love-sick little whore.” She kept looking through the window. “Feed on me, please.” The bride begged. “I do not even deserve to be near you.” So, she had become. “I want your blood.” Laura opened a wound. “Take it. This is all yours.” The monk, the battle-mage and the dancing girl defeated the great knight. Malpheffa got transfixed by the blood. “Drink it all up.” She felt excited. Then, while the rebels entered the house, Malpheffa drank the blood to her delight.

The huntwas over. “To fear the unknown.” They chased them into the greenhouse. “I condemned you!” Daniella hid behind the pottered green life. “For den and queen.” Claudia crouched behind the piano. The battle-mage shuddered. The instrument kept playing. “Ball of Destruction!” Malpheffa shoot green bat-inhabited fireballs into the piano. There was someone invisible. Daniella shook her brown head. The grey eyes never blinked. The battle-mage would defeat the vampire, no matter what. “For God is strong.” Wilhelm and Henry remained in the corridor. The great knight dashed. “Alright baby, come and fetch me.” Anna Westenra was dancing. “Come on, you whore.” The four Hellfire balls went like bullets. The war force deflected the onslaught. Daniella exhaled. “You won’t escape.” Laura reappeared. The golden girl embracedthe vampire hunter. Anna sang. “No! Leave her behind!” Malpheffa was too late. The dancing girl transformed into the Phoenix. Laura screamed when the sun bird burned her to ashes. Daniella cut down the shrubbery. The Phoenix disturbed the witch. “This is for me.” Claudia hissed. She leaped above the instrument. Anna retained her human form. She stamped with the crucifix. “For Warakiya.” Daniella then let the hammer fall.

The witch stumbled. Her face got crushed. Anna watched in fright as the cute brown face got splattered with blood. She was careful not to taste it. One drop might be fatal. The green jewel-like eyes glazed over. “Ball of Destruction!” This time it was Anna who staggered. Malpheffa was still a living undead. The Hellfire made them to retreat. “No chance.” Claudia snarled. She had retained her animal shape. The man-beast delivered a hailstorm of sickles. The energy blast struck the vampire hard. The force got impaled within her body. Anna crossed herself. The impact left massive burns upon the skin and flesh. The gown was torn to shreds. “The prince of Darkness mightsummon.” She was rotting on the spot. “I got buried in his castle.” The hateful stare kept their focus threw the final decay. “She will not rest in peace.” Wilhelm went into the green house. “The lord of compassion.” He made the sign of the cross. “He has forgiven all. The Father will lead us into His Heaven.” The monk exhaled. “His is the realm; The power and glory, for life everlasting. Amen.” Anna kept her hands folded. They were quiet while he prayed. Then, when it ended, hell broke loose. Flames raised from the ashes. “Good Lord!” The manner was about to crumble. They had to escape.

Forest of Debias, Warakiya. The 23rd. Of December 2098 A.D.

The place was about to crumble. Henry turned to look behind. The entire building was on fire. The three women led them into the forest. “Never more!” Tholin was dead. “Never more!” Virginia kept crying. She landed on Anna’s shoulder. “I know!” Celia and Sylvia was there to meet them. The sisters sat on dog-back. Tholin’s Greyhound had been willing to carry them. “It is mostly over.” Celia explained. “The order is fleeing into the woods.” Her twin added. “The victory is ours.” Henry dismissed. This was only a respite. “The Dark Lord will soon learn about this.” They all lost friends and family during the combat. “There will be another day.” Daniella still managed to maintain control. “Gather the troops.” She told. “We should leave this place.” Henry didn’t argue. He might agree with the statement. The soldier got a feeling that the ground was still haunted. “Very well people, hurry up.” Henry would stay with the battle-mage. “We are to meet at the hill top!” Daniella called after them. The woman then went away. Henry was quick to follow. “It will soon be Christmas.” Daniella looked to consider. “Then the curse of blood must rest.” Henry felt his heart leap with remembrance. “That is not until tomorrow.” Henry dismissed. “Then let us be gone. “He said.”

The manor burned. Saroya unfolded her blonde hair. The Armster woman tried to hide. “Silence.” The vampire hissed. “Yes, my master.” The lady bowed her head. “As you wish.” Lord Oldrey licked the blood stone. “This is a catastrophe, though it is not fatal.” Elayne Desparde threw a hooded cloak around her shoulders. “What is thy bidding?” She asked. The fires revealed her sun coloured hair and sapphire eyes. “Thou art to kill the Belmont clan.” James Arthur Oldrey quoted the last command. “What can we do?” Sanchea Leclerc was a dancing girl. The vampire purchaseda blue ring. Thus, she might be revealed in all her devious splendour. Sanchea looked timid.Like she should. The dancing girl got tortured. “Join me.” Master Oldrey announced. “Together we shall conquer.” The green, blue and grey eyes got turned on him. The 21-year-olddancing girl pulled back her brown hair. “Tell us.” Elayne was barely 16, though she pledged fealty to count Dracula. “Please.” Saroya was the same age, although she became a sorceress. “I wish to know.” Laura and the necromancer arrived from the forest. “We debated.” Master Oldrey explained. “I have torebuild the mansion.” That was his plot. “We must prepare before the second coming of Lord Dracula.”

Warakiyan Alps, Warakiya. The 23rd. of December 2098 A.D.

The pain! That was about to absorb him. Desmond dropped his weapons. The knight laughed by his misery. “In Manos Toas Domine!” The priest was back. That was incredible. Julius stood in front of the secretary. Anette looked green in the face. She really got frightened. “I thought to be finished with you.” The hobgoblin said. “The Lord will never be finished with this world.” His cousin told. “He will always care for us.” The shaman cried in anger. He made lightning strike. Christopher fought to get up. He got to hunt the night. “God with us!” The cross felt light as a feather. The image then burst overhead. The road got cleared of monsters. The Hobgoblin crossed his gauntlets. The flames got absorbed. “Take him!” Anette finally had gathered. “Let His will be done!” She summoned the dragon. “Curse you human trash!” The shaman was squeezed before he got hammered into the face of the cliff. The friend disappeared, but not before the Hobgoblin got ripped to pieces. Desmond staggered forth to collect the crystals. “Let it be.” Julius bent down to use the laurels. “Thank you.” The priest held him up. “I am alright.” Christopher really felt that way. “Okay.” His cousin went to heal the secretary. Desmond shook his head. Then he noticed that Thomas was gone.

That was alright. Anette really looked much better. It was enough. Julius exhaled. The laurels almost drained his force. The priest realized he was exhausted. The final act nearly killed him. “Thomas!” The solicitor left some crystals. Julius was eager to take them. “Where are you?!” Desmond went for the forest. “Thomas!” The dark-breed was gone. “Are you alright?! Say something!” Christopher looked frightened. The priest went to follow. “Here he is!” Anette sent the birds to investigate. They soon found his location. Thomas almost got buried in the snow. The bats circled about. “Good Lord.” The animal friends barely kept them away. Julius bent beside him. The priest got no choice. He must use the laurels again. “Let be Your will.” Thomas was restored, though Julius almost collapsed. “What happened?” The dark-breed managed to stand. Julius shook his head. He was about to faint. “Help him, somebody.” Anette figured about his situation. “Here.” Desmond said. “Let me hold them for a while.” The priest didn’t speak. He couldn’t. “It will be alright.” Julius let his cousinto take the item. “Trust me.” Christopher told. “I am a Belmont.” He was. The tiredness vanished like smoke. Julius inhaled. He might breathe again. That felt so good. He thanked the Lord.

The priest got back up. Desmond returned the laurels. That was proper. Thomas let it drop. They got work to do. “Do not forsake me, oh my darling.” He hummed. The others sent him nervous glances. The dark-breed snarled. He was alright. Thomas wasn’t going mad, again. He merely felt the situation required something extra. Thomas shook his head. That was all rubbish anyhow. He went to put down garlic before the road block. “Let get it set.” He muttered. The burning cross sent the knights running. Thomas knew better. They would return. “Try to figure this, you bastard.” The dark-breed added some roses and the Bibhuti. “Fire in the hall!” He cried. “Bombs away!” Thomas ran forcover. His friends spread out.The explosion then penetrated the barrier. The road was clear. “Good Lord.” The dark-breedgot rather impressed. Then he threw it aside. That wasn’t important. The point was to get as far away as possible. Thomas ran for the automobile. The secretary already got the idea. She leaped into the car. Desmond followed. He pulled the door close before the bats might enter. “Preserve us.” The priest exclaimed. Then he shut the door. Thomas got into the driver’s seat. The engine ran on electricity. He liked to drive. Soon, they left even the wargs behind.

There was another tunnel which went down into the forest. “Almost home free.” Anette sighed. “Very funny.” She reached for the crucifix. Thomas smirked. Then he dashed from the car. He used the trident to leap even higher. The secretary closed her mouth. That was still impressive. He went above the slide to reach into the tunnel. The Belmonts waited until she got out. Anette smiled. Then she exhaled. The secretary might protect herself. She dismissed. Anette summoned the Falcon to carry her inside. The men used their superhuman abilities to reach up. “Save me.” Anette stopped. She might hear their approach. The rattle of bone. Then came the sound of a shotgun. She gasped. Thomas already got involved. The bats were silent like dark dreams. “Stronger we are!” Anette screamed. “In the name of the Lord!” She twirled with the flame blast to might burn them. She got strangled by bony hands. “God with us!” Desmond struck the skeleton. The bones collapsed into a heap. “Watch out!” Julius threw the vials. “They are here!” Anette shivered. Although the zombies got burned, it wasn’t the end. They pushed through the floor. “Damn you!” Thomas got hit by the bones. “Burn in Hell!” The dark-breed retained his true form. “Yeah!” Anette cried before she struck a fist forward.

“Three pretty petals”, Dora Wood. The 23rd. of December 2098 A.D.

The moon finally got above the horizon. The countess beheld the chamber from among the shadows. She was quite thoughtful. Sibella Von Scleklys felt the presence behind her back. “Thee will suffice.” Death was upon her. The telepathy pierced her mind. The countess caught images of power. It was glorious. Sibella had watched the nine perform tasks she could not intend. “They might become strong.” She breathed. The circle had left the room. “They might defeat the barman.” There came no reply. Not until… “ Thou arth bestowed upon with Chaos.” The presence left. That was insignificant. Sibella would scream. She felt the strength from within her mind. “The Shadow rising!” The countess finally shrieked. No one was there to witness her ecstasy. That was fantastic. Sibella felt her father’s blood pulsate by the reaction. Then she became furious. They used her like a puppet, a pin-head doll to move for their delight. Not anymore. The countess knew she would have to wait. “For 12 days.” Sibella reminded herself. So, let it be. She turned her hands into fists. The countess knew her eyes were blazing. The nine would have to stay, what so ever. Her fangs became exposed. She only had to wait. Then she would appear. Sibella Von Scleklys would inherit Dracula’s throne.

Dracula’s castle, Warakiya. The 23rd.of December 2098 A.D.

The necromancer knelt on the floor. “Have I not done well, my lord?” He asked. The angel of Death flouted in the air. For once, he did not mind about him. The tomb echoed with a distant triumphant laugher. Albus threw himself down. He marbled in his glory. “This is what you shall do.” The angel’s voice was a mere whisper in his mind. “Yes.” He moaned. “I shall go.” He could not rest, though he moaned when the presence left. He had been here. Lord Zabach rejoiced. The seal was breaking. The Dark Lord could never truly be defeated.

(A.N: There has been a long chase. But this is the end of the third quest. I got inspired by Cod and LoS for the text. Vlad III Tepes is the lord of the vampires. I look forward to further updates about the LoS titles. Have a nice time.)