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Castlevania: Darkness Never Dies


Part 1: Curse of Blood

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Part 2: Legacy of Sorrow

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Disclaimer: I do not own any part in Castlevania, neither characters nor games. These are trademarks of Konami and Nintendo.

Warning: This text might contain some realistically harsh language and suggested sexual activity. God save us all.

Part 1: Curse of Blood.

“And they promised to give him money.”

Mark: 14. 11.

Chapter 10: Coverage.

“Three pretty petals”, Dora wood. The 22nd. Of December 2098 A.D.

The henchmen stepped into the house. Kay looked about. “We wish to talk with the landlord.” The witch requested. “Yes my lady.” They waited for the man to arrive. Kay licked his lips. Who could that be? The countess Sibella Von Szleklys sat down to wait. “So, there you are.” The inhabitants kept their distance. “Then cone, enter into my house. By your own free will.” The keeper was a large beefy man with greying hair and heavy muscles. “What do you want?” The countess Sibella Von Szleklysraised to approach. “I Do have an individual for higher.” The houseman looked him over.Kay felt like a horse or dog put out for sale. “Release me.” He disliked this situation. “I don’t know what use I may have for this boy.”Kay tried to twist. The boywished he could hit the man. Kay had to shake the impulse. That would be of no use. “I couldmake him work as a consort.” Kay went pale by the notion. He would kill the man. No, he wouldn’t.Though Kay really wished he could. He shook that aside. Kay got no choice. Chaos was not in the cards. “Devil.” Kay would never become their plaything. “Perhaps not.” The landlord smirked. “I may have some other use for him.” The man looked thoughtful. “Prepare for the ritual.” Kay felt so cold. The countess Sibella beheld him while they gloated.

Throne room, final approach. The 22nd. Of December 2098 A.D.

There was a disturbance. Damien Frost could feel the awakening. “One will to rule them all.” The hologram flickered. Damien Frost kept his eyes close. His mind still belonged to himself.The rest consisted of memories, dreams, flashes and images,which were almost too much. The vampire knew the truth. They were the recollection from more than two thousand years;since the death of Judas Iscariot to the fall of Dracula. They inherited the Legacy of Darkness. For a moment, Damien Frost felt the rope tight around his neck. That day he tried to repent: though He refused the sacrifice. “For thus says the Lord.” The blood was the life.


Potter’s field, Jerusalem. The 20th. Of April 36 A.D.

This was justice. I looked toward the Heavens. “Forgive me.” I begged. “For I have sinned.” I deserved this fate. Thepriests and elders refused me an absolution. Thet was the law.. Although they were to blame, I cast their money into the temple. The sun was about to rise. The eleven others put him to rest within Joseph’s tomb. The representative was a Juste man. Joseph came to visit in the middle of the night. I witnessed how he talked with the craftsman. A gift of the Messiah. Then I reached for the rope. “I shall die.” I leaped from the rooftop. The string had tightened around my throat. I struggled for air. The Lord might judge my soul. I may speak with him onelast time. Everyone came together before the throne of the Heaven. I was about to black out. This would be the final moment. Then something strange happened. Flames scorched my flesh. I was burning. The rope then snapped. I screamed with horror. The thirst blighted my mind. I fell on the earth. Body and soulalight with the fires of Heaven. “Yourefuse me!?” I bellowed. “You refuse this!” I was so angry. “I shall make You regret!” I didn’t know what I was saying. “I shall rise with all the forces of Hell!” Then I vanished.This was the void of creation. I kept sobbing. He condemned me. I brought it upon myself.

End of flashback.

The vampire opened his eyes. This was a waste of time. Damienhad no reason to remember.“The day when the rope had snap.”No one knew when Judas Iscariot faced his true death. The Lords of Shadow had emergedfrom the ashes. Gabriel fell to Walter Bernhardt in 1070. Then Mathias came to power. Vlad Tepes defeated the Krohnquist in 1476. Thus, it began. Damien Frostbeheld the tracking system. The image revealed that the hunters had emerged. He smiled. That was a crack in the ice. This would make a glorious opportunity. He gloated. The blood was the life. That was the rule. The vampire would show the truth about the force.

Final approach, “Evil’s nest”. The 22nd. of December 2098 A.D.

The elevator came to a stop. Christopher inspected the nest. They reached the final approach. He felt unsure.The spot was unmarked. “I dislike this place.” Julius drew sweat of his brow. “I know.” Desmond reached for the cross. “Dracula’s power have infested the pinnacle.” They exchanged worried glances. “What is it now?” Thomas asked. “I don’t feel anything.” Anette looked about. “There is something about this place.” Marina bit her lip. “The ocean.” The big bat went for her eyes. “Beware!” She cracked with the whip. “They are here!” Marina cast the flurry of fireballs. “God with us!” The monster split into a swarm of bats. “This is unnatural!” Christopher opened the book to release the pages. That gave some relief. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” Julius made a row of clocks to fall down. They squeaked. The bats got burned to ashes. “Look out!” They were not alone. “God with us!” Not anymore. The women spread out for greater cover. “The curse of Darkness!” The bats came for blood. The circular dish opened at the centre of the floor. “Preserve us from the wicked One!” Thomas howled. The penguin bot opened up to launch a round of ice bullets. “Stop! Hold!” The doors slid aside. “Drop your weapons!” Desmond touched the cross. “Fine.” He sighed.

The troopers fired their weapons. Julius made the sign of the cross. He threw the daggers. Theyhad put up the shield. “”Tonight’s forecast.” Thomas growled. “The freeze is coming.” The satellites made it to snow. “Let it be.” Julius knew the drill. The snow thrower unlocked.“Oh my God!” The turrets released a barrage of penguin rockets. “In Manos Toas Domine.” The Stellar sword was shining like the Heavens. “Domine Arde! Aculus Dai!” Julius cried. He reached for the crucifix. His image appeared above. “Let be Your will!” The cross burst. The holy flames cleansed the area. “Glory be You.” The priest gripped the platinum sword. “Our Father in Heaven.” Christopher managed to secure the entrance. The cross was blazing. The white soldiers then ran for cover. “God with us!” Thomas got to reload his positron rifle. The bullets rebounded off the snow thrower. “Moobreaker!” Julius made the sign of the cross. The cyborg launched the rockets. “Get down!” Marina and Anette joined forces. “Right!” Thomas picked the wild roses. The counterforce was spectacular. “Game over you bastard.” The knight got time to reload. Julius approached with both the sword and gauntlets on fire. The priest might kill the penguin. “Preserve us.” That was dangerous. The cyborg was alive. The turrets got in range. Julius mentally hit himself. He should not forget. “Then so let it be.” The snow thrower opened up to fire. The ice pellets might trap him in place. “Into the night.” Julius was able to heal. The cyborg launched the rockets. “Preserve us from the wicked One!” He presented the crucifix. The missiles went awry. The explosions shook the entrance. “Right.” That wasn’t enough. The cyborg launched a round. “Help me!” He got the sword. The mass illusion carved some space. Julius got behind. He gained a breather. That didn’t last. “Blast you!” Thomas howled. The sonic attack hit the penguin in the head. “Fire in the hall!” The soldier crouched behind the shield to throw the grenades. The priest hid behind the pages. The girls were in action. Marina used the gem. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Anette threw the rebounding fireball. “By the Dark Lord!” The snow troopers ran for cover. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost!” Julius made a glide forward. “Amen!” He got beneath the pellets. The turrets opened fire. Julius repelled the lasers. “Preserve us!” The row of fireballs gave a breather. He struck the cyborg. “So let it be!” Julius forged the Tempus blade. The core got moulded to dust.He took the gems. Be gone!” The big bats swept for blood. “Good Lord in Heaven!” Julius threw the diamond into the air. The gem got shattered into a million pieces. The monster split into a swarm of smaller bats. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” He met the swarm. The holy water bathed them in flames. He picked the crystals. The bats bit his neck. “Preserve me from evil.” The priest gasped. There was a transfusion of blood. Julius felt the loss. He fell on his knees. This was the end. “He is my cousin!” Desmond stamped the bat. The monster broke into a swarm of other bats. Julius used the laurels. “You bastard!” The relation chased the bats. He gathered his strength. “Now I got you.” Christopher threw the axe. The big bat restored itself. The axes cut up. “Right.” The chase continued. They reached the next area. The office lay beneath the dome. The others got behind. “Prepare for launch!” The snow troopers built a cannon. “Get down!” Julius dropped the mystic book to release the fireballs. The construction got shot to pieces. “Then so let it be.” Julius made the sign of the cross. The other snow troopers tried to hide. the forsakendesk got stacked with scorched or stained folders. They had experienced thefire. “Not again.” Desmond burned the bats. “What is it?” The priest came to support his cousin. He barely could make about the files. “Miles Dyson.”The priest read aloud. “C. ese. 1994.” Julius suddenly felt cold. The insignia belonged to some forgotten American conglomerate. “Their project received financial supportfrom Brent corporation.” Christopher explained. “Save us from evil.” Julius reached for the crucifix. They got thevision oftheworld atwar. “Look out.” They were not alone. Someone occupied the far end of the room. “Oh my God!” The metal skeletons kept the shotgun and rifle above the chest. “Let it be.” Julius acknowled. “In the name of the Lord.”The robot advanced. “Evil thrives in the shadow of his castle.” Desmond made the lightning strike. This was a trap. The turrets got in range. “God with us!” He forged the pyre sword. “Watch out!” His cousin cried. The priest had to remove the cape. The bubble crabs wore green and blue suits of armour. They used their pinchers like weapons. “In Manos Toas Domine!” Julius attacked the monster. The shield might stun him in place. The priest got to retreat. “Dinner is ready.” The mutant gloated. He released the rolling shield. “God with us!” Christopher screamed. The solicitor kept the defence. Julius got the crucifix. His cousin cracked the vial. The mutant couldn’t resist. “Glory be You!” Julius proclaimed. “Our Father in Heaven!” The holy liquid burned them out. The priest presented the crucifix. The robot got the automaton. “Help us!” Desmond threw a flurry of crosses. That was close. Julius hurled the daggers forward. The machine crossed his arms for protection. “Good Lord!” He dodged the rockets. Christopher moved from behind. The rising icicles pierced the body. “This isn’t funny.” Thesolicitordoused him with holy water. What kept the others? “Devil!” The robot hit his cousin. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” Juliuscharged up the crystal. The gem exploded on impact. The machine got shot to pieces. He made the sign of the cross. “Get lost.” The system got ready to launch. “Burn in Hell!” Thomas confronted the mutants. They couldn’t resist. “Fly my birds!” Anette released her animals. He touched the crucifix. Theothers were alive. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” They would hunt together again. This was how it should be. Julius made the sign of the cross. He had retrieved the sword.

The malice obscured the chamber. Marina froze the white soldier. That was the last of them. The witch never expected this turn of events. Marina merely wished to cleanse the pollution. That didn’t matter anymore. She got to help them to survive. Marina rushed into the office. The bubble crabs hadn’t been equipped for this kind of combat. The mutants ran for cover. The nayad cried her defiance. They might defeat the monsters. The far doors slid aside. “Mother of river.” Marina breathed. This bubble crab was large as a lorry. “God with us!” Christopher held the sword high. A gang of crabs and aqua troopers left from the submarine. The great crab was partly submerged. “Dark water horizon!” Marina cast her freezing spell. The magic burst on impact. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Anette got the turtle. Her shell protected against the torpedoes. “Darkness.” Marina hissed. The crab got in range. She would fight. The gem was blazing. She would tear them apart. Marina got the power. “Beware!” Julius made the row of fireballs to fall down. The priest saved her from the spikes. “Thank you.”Marina blew a kiss. They had to break the company. “Get away from there!” The beetle was large as a dish. “You monster!” The little witch almost got to vomit.

The bubble crabs were everywhere. Anette had reached for the crucifix. “Get away from me!” The mutants got their pinchers in front. “Good Lord!” They were not impressed. “Let it be!” The secretary cast the rebound flame. She relaxed. That gave a breather. “That is the way!” Marina approached. She used the bloodwatch. Anette licked her lips. They got kept in time. That would enchant the magic. “Preserve me from evil.” Anette made the sign of the cross. The cousins got involved with the submarine. She got to help. The crabs kept her occupied. “Mother of river!” Marina released the fairies. That was impressive. She cleaned her glasses. The little witch would steal their magic. “Oh my God!” The fairies went skyward. “Devil!” Anette closed her eyes. The beetle was large as a dish. “Give me the power!” Marina cried. The fairies concealed the monster. “The main dish is on the table boys!” She got preoccupied. “Take them!” They threw their bubble shocks. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Anette got saved by the falcon. “Dark ocean world!” Marina cast the frost spell. “Get away!” The rocks might clear the area. “Get away from there!” Thomas howled. “They are in range!” She forgot about the turrets. The beetle released a burning substance. That worked like acid.

The turrets got in range. Thomas got enough. “Burn in Hell!” He howled his challenge. “Filthy backstabbers!” He got pushed from behind. “Thank you.” Anette cleaned her glasses. The cat saved him. Thomas shrugged. They were natural enemies. “Fine.” That was a myth. That was not important. They got other problems. “Twisted!” The beetle gave him the creeps. The secretary ran for cover. “Fine.” Thomas reached for the crucifix. He knew the feeling. Thomas had reloaded the rifle. This better work. He would use the silver bullets. “Help us!” She was alive. “Skyline pigeon: spread your wings and fly away again.” Anette was beautiful. The woman released her birds. They crushed the system. The rockets and missiles exploded. “Burn in Hell!” Thomas howled. “Right.” He picked together. They had no time to celebrate. “Save us from the Dark!” The beetles were alive. Anette threw the flame blast. He snarled. “Keep the faith.” The secretary took the gems. “Come on.” Marina got cornered by the crabs. Thomas threw the flowers. He caught them off guard. Marina cracked with the whip. “Thanks!” She released the icicles. “Alright!” The knight hit among the mutants. “Freeze!” The shock troopers had arrived. “Drop your weapons!” Thomas reached for his crucifix.

“Three pretty petals”, Dora wood. The 22nd. Of December 2098 A.D.

The heavenly doorway was not a metaphor. Ingrid licked her lips. “Now.” The Valkyrie told. “We are alone.” The woman wore a golden mail beneath the suit of armour. “My dearest.” The mane concealed her face. “Come.” The warriorbrushed her hair. “I am waiting for you.” She stepped out of the gold coated boots. “I am coming.” Ingrid let down her robe. “Good.” Thesilk slid down her body. “Kiss me now.” The blondepulled her closer by both the braids. “I promised to give you money.” The jewelleries shone around her neck, wrists and forearms. Ingrid felt so jealous about the gems. “Tell me.” The Valkyrie asked. “Am I not attractive?” She knelt at her feet. “My name is Gudrun.” She openedthe buckle. “You know who I am.” The girdle fell on the floor. “To worship.” Gudrun teased. “I promise you pleasure.” She told. Ingrid shuddered. I am a girl that want to have fun.” The Valkyrie was so beautiful. “Yes.” They kissed. She was 13 years old. That didn’t matter. Her lips were sweet, like honey. Though only at first. There was something so bitter beneath the taste. “You belong to me.” The kiss grew deeper. Ingrid got dizzy. She was so pretty. Ingrid blinked. She was in love. ”Excellent little girl.” Gudrun breathed into her mouth. “Give yourself to me.” She would.

Final approach, “Evil’s nest”. The 22nd. Of December 2098 A.D.

So it had become. Cedric Von Holm put the evacuation plan into motion. “Commander.” They were among the final staff on duty. “Yes sir.” He had become the second-in-command. “What is it now?” Friedrich Hertz was his superior. “The skeleton crew has been evacuated.” The dead officer kept his hands behind his back. “The “Fire fist” has boarding complete.” That was the captain’s responsibility. “The task-force leader and squad chief are in position.” The controller turned his chair around to inform. “I have received their ready transmission.” Andrej Pushkin had become the head of the personal. “We are prepared for the lockdown.” The Russian com-officer touched the instruments. The lamps were green. “Give the order.” Cedric Von Holm retained his ready position. “Lieutenant Gomorrah.” The officer entailed. “Then inform the cadets on deck that the final stage of the operation isabout to be executed.” The Sudanlieutenant saluted with a straight arm. “As you wish.” They belonged to the order. “Hail the count.” He returned the favour. “Excellent.” They were loyal to the Dark Lord. “You have your orders.” The captain Dietrich Hertz reminded them of duty. “Sir. Yes sir.” The officer turned to leave. “Carry on.” They got to keep track of the countdown.

The bubble crab launchedthe pointed icicles. Christopher buried his blade into the floor. “God with us!” This was dangerous. “Let it be!” The rising flames went home. “Come on!” They got to destroy the submarine. Desmond exhaled. He touched the cross. “Watch out!” The mutantsgot forced to retreat. The solicitor would fight. The submarine broke the surface. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” Julius threw the vial. He made it to rain with holy water. The acidic downpour gave a breather. “God with us!” Christopher threw the axes forward. They pierced the shield. The submarine threw the bubbles. “Burn in Hell!” Thomas howled. The dark -breed created a brimstone tornado. “Get away!” The crab set off the sinker bombs. “God with us!” Christopher threw a flurry of crosses. That cleared the area. “So let it be.” Julius made the sign of the cross. The women conquered the shark soldiers. That was clever. The submarine launched the torpedoes. “Preserve us.” The turrets got in range. “Come here.” Julius beckoned. “They cannot hurt us.” The group hid behind the crosses. “God with us!” The solicitor ran to fight. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Anette twirled with fire. The turrets exploded on impact. “That is the way.” Desmond made the lightning strike.

The launchers released their projectiles. Julius presented the crucifix. He got to stop them. The explosives collided against the walls and ceiling. Julius exhaled. “They are in motion.” The turrets got repaired. “Die another day.” He sighed. Julius would fight the righteous battle. His cousin got lifted into the air. The cross burned above. “For great is the mystery of faith.” Julius touched the crucifix. “Cousin!” The soldiers spread for cover. “Don’t wait until night.” They knelt to fire their guns or rifles. “No! Not this time!” The holy man tightened his grip. The troopers wielded electric weapons. “Preserve us.” The bullets contained tiny explosives. The sword storm blocked the objective. That was not the end. “Hurry up vampire hunter!” Thomas and Christopher reached the submarine. They climbed up while placing the garlic. “Good Lord in Heaven!” Julius barely survived. The shock trooper hurled the grenades. “Leave him alone!” Anette crushed both the helmet and skull. “Thank you.” Julius exhaled. The soldier was dead before hitting the floor. “Fire in the hall!” The others escaped in time. The onion exploded. The submarine began to sink. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord.” The secretary sobbed. She had to clean the glasses. “Look out!” Thomas threw the flowers. That was the last blow. The wild roses exploded. The bubble crab got shot to pieces. “Thank.” The Lord did not abandon their cause. Julius touched the crucifix. They couldn’t rest. Someone screamed. “Excuse me.” Julius forgot. This was his fault. “I don’t know what I do.” The robots had repaired the turrets. “Daughters of river!” Marina tried to warn them. He wept. She got shot in the chest. “No!” Julius picked the laurels. He got to save her. “Roger, Roger.” The maintain and construction bots pulled heraway. The zombies got left behind. “Blasted!” Thomas charged through the gauntlets. “Burn in Hell!” The knight kept up. “You bastards!” He tore them apart. Julius had no mind. The priest ran at the entrance. The others followed. The satellites maintained the blizzard. That was not the problem. The repair crew had left. “Forgive me.” Julius fell to his knees. The priest knew he was sobbing. “I couldn’t save you.” He had failed. No wonder the Vampire Killer had passed him by. The heart was breaking. Trevor, the boy who became his brother, deserved the right. The heir would hunt the night. “You can’t give up.” Desmond was left standing. “You must keep on.” He sighed. “Because.” The solicitor looked so tired. “Not everything is yet said. Not everything is lost.” The oat. How could he forget? “We shall defeat the Dark Lord.” Christopher had made up his mind. “Alone we fall.” Julius had to clean his face. “Together we stand.” The solicitor was right. Though he would hate to admit it. “The Lord will guide us.” Anette reached for the crucifix. “I am sorry.” Thomas returned. “That I lost the track.” The knight had been sniffing around. He brushed the snow from the armour. “That is not your fault.” The knight looked so sad. Julius gripped his forearm. “You don’t have to be sorry.” He sighed. “I am the one to blame.” The knight shook his head. “Each of us is guilty.” Thomas snarled. “This is because of him.” Julius made the sign of the cross. “Do not mention his name.” The priest felt the evil One. “We should continue.” Anette breathed. “Right.” He tried to gather. Julius must be the leader. “Let it be.” The priest would hide his misgivings. The penguin left an alternative platform. Juliusclimbed on top. They joined together. “Here we go.” Damien stepped upon the switch. The elevator left for the ceiling. “Right.” Julius unsheathed the Stellar sword. He was ready. “Don’t wait until night.” Anette charged her magic. “They belong to the system.” He guessed. “Beware.” The priest looked ahead. The satellites made it to snow. “I don’t think so.” Christopher tightened his grip. That was a mystery. “Whatever.” Thomas reloaded the rifle. “The surveillance might kill us.” Julius frowned. He didn’t get it. He didn’t have to. “Oh no!” The big bat swooped to bite him. “Good Lord in Heaven!” Julius might taste the bloodlust. The monster was not alone. “Twisted!” The dark-breed got ambushed. They flew at his face. “God with us!” Desmond threw the vial. He made it to rain with holy fire. “Then so let it be!” They split into swarms of bats. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost!” Julius threw the five enflamed daggers. “The gate is locked!” Anette reached for the crucifix. “Look for the topaz stones!” The priest exhaled. “I know.” Christopher threw the cross. “Andrew told me what to do.” The crystals got smashed to pieces. “Fine.” Julius got angry. The solicitor was a fool. The swarm was like a cloud. Julius doused them with holy water. This was the first floor. “Preserve us!” They got in trouble. “They are the vampire hunters!” The gremlins exchanged glances. “Get the gem! Kill the heroes!” The spider man encouraged. “Destroy everything!” That was a mutant. Julius had fought them before. “God with us!” They got to split. “Right.” Desmond made a glide forward. “Burn down the mission.” Ucoback looked like a tiny alchemist. They wore the robes, west and caps. “Preserve us!” They threw the orb containers upon the ground. The glass broke on impact. “Dracula’s tears!” The acid liquid was bad enough. Though that was not the problem. “Good Lord in Heaven!” The beetles and Tanjelly got kept in suspended animation. “They are alive!” Anette screamed. The red and white men hid among the gears. “Father! Into Your hands I commit my spirit!” Julius knew he was blazing. “Blood of the hunter.” Christopher threw the vial. “Blast you!” The knight and the secretary fought back-to-back. “Then so let it be!” The state wouldn’t last. The priest got tired. Tanjelly tried to kill him. Julius cut it to pieces. The jellyfish exploded. He quit shining. “God with us!” Julius made the meteors to fall down. That was not enough. “Drop your weapons.” The soldier got his gun. “As you wish.” He got the book. “What the… The man was dead. “Forgive me.” Julius touched the crucifix. He would hunt the night.

The flame trooper fired his weapon.Anette released the birds. “Get away!” She screamed. The priest challenged the leader. That was appropriate. “He is a Belmont.” Anette breathed. She touched the crucifix. “He is a man.” Thomas remarked. The secretary made a grimace. “Look out!” He howled. Anette turned to burn the beetles. “Fine.” Thomas was a knight. “Please.” She shuddered. Anette was not become his bimbo. She would not be the weak link. “Help me!” The turtle shell saved her life. “Leave her alone!” Thomas impaled the man. Ucoback were in charge. They awoke the monsters. Anette shot the alchemist. “Thank you.” They could be killed. “Not again!” Anette screamed. He caught her before she collapsed. “The sorcery.” The turtle shellbroke to pieces. “Sometime the pressure becomes too great.” He held her tight. She replaced the glasses. Anette died a little each time the animals got hurt. “Release me.” The force was building up. “Then stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Anette fired her laser. The dark-breed howled. She burned the big bat. Thomas kept the book. The force reacted. The knight released the flames. That was the end. The fight was over.“Come here.” The secretary got to support him. That was no problem. Thomas got exhausted.

The mutant lost his head. Thomas was exhausted. He almost killed himself by that outburst. Anette helped to keep up. “Thank you.” He pushed her aside. “You should be more careful.” The secretary folded her arms beneath her breasts. “Right.” He threw the garlic. “Blast you!” The bats might feast upon their blood. The snow chilled his armour. “Where is Christopher?” The priest returned. He looked so tired. “I don’t know.” Thomas shrugged. He had no clue. “He was here.” Anette reached for the crucifix. “He chased the soldiers.” Thomas smirked. They were partners. “I hope he is okay.” Thomas scratched his nose. “He should be around.” This could be a trap. “Save us.” Anette licked her lips. They knew what the troopers might do. “There are the two openings.” Julius had unsheathed the Stellar sword. “They are locked.” Anette went to inspect the leftmost exit. “Get ready.” She pulled the switch. “Burn in Hell!” The knight ran forward. The claws held her in place. “God with us!” The turrets got in range. Her dragon smashed before they might shoot her. The doors got moved aside. “Come on.” Thomas gripped the trident. The secretary went pale. “Save us!” There was a rocket inside. The knight bombarded with garlic. The robot spread his wings to launch a homing missile.

“Three pretty petals”, Dora wood. The 22nd. Of December 2098 A.D.

The bonds made perfect sense. Gerda used them to keep her prisoner in check. “Release me.” The great orc was hanging upside-down. “Cut these ropes.” He pleaded. “Let me down.” Gerda laughed. The 9-year-old Danish girl threw back her short blonde hair. “Forget about it.” She twirled the whip around his body. “Not before I am finished with you.” Gerda gloated. She got everything shewanted. The ability to control her own life. Her blue eyes twinkled. “You gave me the money.” Gerda discovered she liked to inflict pain. She felt disgusted.Though only at first. Now she craved it like a drug. The healing power only made it more fun. The black tunic and leather boots at least made her look the kind. Gerda smiled in ecstasy.She hit the orc. Gerdagot drenched in sweat. That was no problem. Gerda would take a bath.First she must close the contract. The girl used other whips. The orc growled his delight. Gerda played with the heated iron. That was funny. The metal left markings upon his body. Shemoaned. Gerda had achieved control. This was a new trick. The girl knew this was crazy. Nor was it right. “By the Dark Lord!” She snarled. Here Gerda could do whatever she liked. There were no one here to stop her. The orc would get what he came for. She would see to it.

Assembly line, “Evil’s nest”. The 22nd. Of December 2098 A.D.

The last of the experimental tanks gotbroughtaboard. The toy maker beheld the scene. “Excellent.” He must return to the castle. The vampire was strong enough to leave the tomb. Though he got to rest in the cursed earth to regain power. “I see.” The puppeteer laughed. “The eternal night.” The Dark Lord would return to this world. “By the power of Dracula.” His mad giggle got quenched by the hologram. “Hail the count.” They both returned in kind. The commander carried a high German helmet.Thevampire look like deer Keizer’s officer. His chest-plate fit the grey, brown and black uniform. “Nice outfit.” That was not important. The toy maker knew that he was crazy. Though not enough to challenge the superiors. “Cedric Von Holm.” They had met once before. “The hunters might disturb the transmission.” The tight-lipped smile never reached his eyes. “This is perfect.” Hegot control of the project. The toy maker would have to listen. He served the prince of Darkness log before he was born. “Then Igot something special for you.” That tight smile returned. “For the show must go on.” He felt the approach. “This might become interesting.” They exchanged glances. “Perfect.” The hologram had vanished. The toy maker couldnot remain outside. At least not yet.

Final approach, “Evil’s nest”. The 22nd. Of December 2098 A.D.

Thenumber of soldiers remained a mystery. Christopherhurleda flurry of crosses. “Strike!” This was like facing the Hydra. the order of Shadow always got more to replace the losses. The solicitor made lightning strike. “God with us!” He got a breather to retrieve the crystals. The flame and snow troopers picked together. Desmond presented the cross. They stopped. The image discouraged their approach. “God with us!” He stabbed the sword into the floor. The rising flames consumed their numbers. “Magnetize!” Thesoldiers sped above his head. The flouting scooter released the mines. “Freeze in Hell!” The solicitor made a back-flip. Christopherthrew the axes. “Awake the missile!” The squad chief requested. “Sir!Yes sir!” The troopers moved aboutthe large dragon robot. Desmond made it to rain with holy water. They hid behind the shields. Christopher touched the cross. The robot spread the wings to fly. He made a glide. The dragon release a three-step barrage of homing missiles.”Fire at will!” The robot began to launch heat-seeking rockets. “God with us!” Desmondspread the pages. That wasn’t enough. “Prepare to be terminated!” The troopers fired their guns and rifles. Christopher made the large spinning books to appear in front. The rockets burst on impact.

The robot launched a two-step rocket attack.Julius escaped. The dragon released the missiles. “You must attack the joints!” Thomas picked the roses. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” The priest threw the gold Shuriken. “Glory be You!” Julius cheered. “Our Father in Heaven!” The missiles exploded. That was only the beginning. Julius made it to rain with holy water. The smoke had obscured the sight. “Leave me alone!” Anette fought against the instruments. The claws kept her in place. “Good Lord!” The knight pulled them apart. “Then so let it be.” His strength was incredible. “Look out!”

The rocket launched a missile. “Preserve us!” The projectile went down among the group. “Burn in Hell!” The dark-breed hurled the Bibhuti powder. “The woman have to find him.” The turrets got shot to pieces. “That rests with the Lord.” Julius had retrieved the Shuriken. That belonged to Maxim. The rocket returned. The priest threw the fireball. He was in control. Julius made it to chase and destroy. The dragon hit the floor. “Anette!” Thomas howled. “Where are you?!” The rockets went home. The robot survived the impact. “God with us!” There must be a self-motivating CPU aboard the construction. The priest released the pages. “You cannot stop me.” Thomashad reloaded the rifle. The dragon got ready for launche. Julius made a row of clocks to fall down. The priest got to slow the process. “Listen to this!” The knight released the rings. The turrets got shot to pieces. Julius slid beneath the missiles. He got up to strike with the angel sword. The robot roared. The shine went along the wires. Thomas ran through the opening. The priest was alone with the enemy. “Then so let it be!” The rocket got up to launche. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost!” Julius caused a sword storm.He ran to pick the gems. The priest got to replenish his energy. “Good Lord in Heaven!” The knight had left him with a plenty. Julius sighed with relief. “Forgive me!” The robot got ready to fight. “For I have sinned.” Julius would hunt the night. The stone axe crushed the skull. Julius made the sign of the cross. That was still not enough. “For great is the Lord.” He threw the crystal. This had to end. The ancient stone broke apart. They shattered the chest and knee-cups. “Save us.” The priest breathed. The dragon shrieked. The construction got torn to pieces. “Amen.” The remains burst into fire. Julius exhaled. “Nearer to Thee.” He won this round. Julius inspected the pieces. They were the big gems. “Glory be You.” The priest touched the crucifix. “Our Father in Heaven.” He looked about. Julius knew he couldn’t rest. “You men over there!” The squad stormed from the left side. “Form a firing line!” The shock troopers got in a row. “Kill him!” Julius would hunt the night. The priest wasn’t ready to die. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” The barrier saved his life. “Take him!” The group consisted of elves and foxes. They spread out to control the area. Julius made a back-flip. The soldiers got armed with electric weapons. “By the Dark Lord!” The leader used the automaton. “Preserve us from the evil One!” Julius made a glide forward. The bullets consisted of micro explosives. “God with us!” He threw the axe. “Curse you!” The shots burst on impact. The blast pushed him aside. The daggers pierced the traitor. “Forgive me.” They pledged fealty to the order. Julius worried about their nameless victims. He got up to present the crucifix. “Then so let it be.” The priest felt the force guide his arm. They hid their faces. “Rest in peace.” He retrieved the sword. “Attack!” The fox demanded. “Kill the hunter!” They got no choice. “Believe me!” Julius approached with his arms on fire. “Great is the mystery of faith.” The gauntlets belonged to Juste Belmont. “Kill the Belmont!” They gave him the strength to defend himself. The soldiers pulled aside. “Glory be You!” Julius exhaled. “Our Father in Heaven!” He raised the Stellar sword. “You may fire at will!” The fox had regained control. The blue-furred feline released electric pulses. “Sir! Yes Sir!” They lined up to blast him. They also carried heavier weapons. Julius made a back-flip. “Preserve us from the wicked One!” The priest reached for the crucifix. “Then so let it be!” The explosives might blow him to pieces. The enflamed cross appeared above. “I believe.” His image burst to cleanse the area. “For great is the Lord.” Julius knelt in prayer. He sighed. Julius retrieved the crystals. The soldiers got burned out. They might be forgiven. “Alright.” The vampire hunt was far from over. His cousin was a fool. The priest got to find the others. “Guide us into Your Heaven.” They should keep together. The lantern was a giant death trap. Julius inspected the blade. The sword never seemed to get damaged. He touched the crucifix. This was incredible. The blade got brandished by Zolica Kishine in 1591. “Rest in peace.” The chroniclestoldthe blacksmith forged it as a wedding gift for Christopher’s daughter. There was a hole in the floor. “Good Lord in Heaven!” Julius retained a defensive posture. “Into Your hands I commit my spirit!” He called. The snow thrower spew the pointed icicles. Julius would stand fast. This was an ambush. The spider men dropped from the ceiling. “Right.” The mutants wore the same white silver suits. He didn’t figure about the technology. The creo suit kept them at 15 below zero. “Yes lord.” The leader closed the communicator. “In Manos Toas Domine.” Julius met them once before. “Kill the hunter.” They got prepared. He released through the gauntlets. The homing ball chased and destroyed. “Standing order.” They resisted the attack. “No one might trespass.” The leader ignited the lightsabre. “Fine.” The rest got armed with ice cannons and launchers. “Fire at will.” The penguin got in action. “Then so let it be!” The missiles exploded. “God with us!” Julius got saved by the crosses. They didn’t like that. The mutants spread out for cover. “Kill him!” The leader approached. Julius forged the pyre sword. “This conflict cannot be decided through magic.” He knew that.

The solicitor was not alone. Anette had promised to help him. She released the birds. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” The pigeons left from her care. “Thank the Lord!” She would destroy the industry. “Shoot her!” They got to many. “Leave her alone!” Christopher threw the vials into the air. They broke on impact. The dragon roared. “Please!” The secretary hid her ears. “You may fire at will!” The smoke obscured the area. “Yes sir!” The Amazons used the confusion to their advantage. “Curse you!” Thomas howled. “Wolf.” She sighed. The sonic attack made up for the leverage. Damien was blazing. “God with us!” They got the technology. The solicitor believed. The Amazons got in range. “Burn in Hell!” That was enough. Thomas released a brimstone whirlwind. “They got shield generators!” They forgot about her. Anette recognised the hardware. The glow protected from damage. “Good Lord!” The knight was furious. “Right.” He got other weapons. She hid a smile. Thomas dashed among the Amazons. He was so brave. Though that might be dangerous. “Watch out!” The Puerto Rican threw the grenade. They felt the impact. “Come. Kiss me.” The Cuban knelt beside her. “Welcome little sister.” She licked her lips and fangs.

The stake got painted with blood. Thomas snarled. He released the secretary. “Relax girly.” Julius would say he saved a soul. Then again, Thomas could be flexible. “The eternal night.” The Cuban Amazon turned around to bite him. “No thank you.” He muttered. “Rest in peace.” Anette fired the laser. “Nice work.” She pierced the heart. The vampire crumbled into ashes. “Get lost!” He must reload. “Oh no!” Anette summoned the turtle. The missile got too heavy. “God with us!” Christopher made lightning strike. The projectile burst to pieces. “Good shot!” The solicitor hit the dragon. The robot fell to crush the commandoes. Thomas had to get up. “Prepare your weapons.” The Chilean had survived. “Fire at will.” She told the squad. “Beware!” Desmond ran for their location. “Right!” The dragon launched three missiles. “Twisted!” The drone released a homing rocket. That might be the payoff. “Come with me!” Anette summoned the falcon. The meteor shower struck among the Amazons. “God with us!” The solicitor threw a flurry into the mechanism. The interiors were going critic. “Get away!” Anette cried. “Nice!” The super-heated liquid might kill them. Thomas would not be put out. “Burn in Hell!” He released the flames. That was the big payoff. Thomas howled his triumph.

“Three pretty petals”, Dora wood. The 22nd. Of December 2098 A.D.

The tailors got behind. Ronya beheld herself in the mirror. She was glad.This was nice work. Ronya was 11 years old. The dress made the Swedish girl to look adult. “You are beautiful.” She shookon her dark hair for a betterview. “Good Lord in Heaven!” Ronya hid her mouth. The blue eyes were open. They marked her with the horn crested tattoo. She was a protestant.Ronya would not become a witch. They were going to pay. There were nothing then power. “Power and hate!” Ronya also got mystic abilities. She might alter the elements. “Curse you!” She had become so strong. The slaves had left the room. They better!She would kill them. The tattoo was blazing. That was not important. Ronya smiled. That never reached her eyes. She possessed Shanoa’s glyph channelling ability. That was a surprise. “The witch’s harvest.” Ronya had onelast look in the mirror. “The sorcery belongs to me.” Her eyes were on fire. The reflection showthe pre-teen dressed up in a flared-jacket and slippers. “This is perfect.” Ronya was almost naked beneath the shroud. She giggled. The fabric was near transparent. She blew a kiss. The mirror cracked from side to side. That was interesting. She staggered. “Not again.” The craving. This was the landlord calling. Ronya would tear him to pieces.

“Flower garden”, Final approach. The 22nd. Of December 2098 A.D.

The consorts gathered about. Leah Gomorrah would rather fight. “Now listen up everyone.” The general staff had sent her on this errand. “The evacuation is complete.” She was a soldier. The Sudanfemale had fought in the civil war before she pledged fealty to the Dark Lord. “The commander is giving you this one chance to retreat.” The flower garden was a Utopia. Succubus had created the sanctuary to might please the Dark Lord. “What shall I tell him?” The night flowers exchanged glances. The black concubines were in their early twenties. “Eternal youth.” They touched their flower jewelleries. “Tell me.” The girls were quite lovely. “This is our answer.” The sisters brandished with their weaponry. “That we serve the order!” They cheered. “Excellent.” Leah Gomorrah acknowledged their statement. “Hail the count.” She would do the same in their place. “So it is.” This was not the hour. “You are agreed.” That was not a question. The vampire lieutenant could read the emotion upon their faces. They were the brides of Dracula. They would do anything to please their groom. “Perfect.” She never experienced that craving. “You may prepare for combat.” They were the undead. Leah Gomorrah completed the mission. “To war.” The officer got to inform her superiors.

Final approach, “Evil’s nest”. The 22nd. Of December 2098 A.D.

The spider menhad created this nett. Christopher threw himself on the floor. “God with us!” Theblast went above. “Human scum!” Desmond threw the cross. He disarmed the specimen. “Then we shake hand.” The mutant released the hook. He was better equipped then the pilots. “They got shield generators!” Anette presented the crucifix. There was a hole in the floor. “Drop your weapons.” The super battle-droids had arrived. “Roger, Roger.” They chirped. The group spread out to box them in. “Come on.” The scorpion robot brandished with the tail. “Whatis that thing?!” Thomas howled. “That is what killed my boyfriend.” Anette breathed. The launch bot absorbed the attack. This was the shadow technology. “Then so let it be.” Christopher got to remove the deflectors. “Terminate the hunters!” The robots opened fire. The secretary summoned her turtle. That gave some cover. Desmond retrieved his items. “Burn in Hell!” Thomas hurled the roses. “Prepare for launche.” The scorpion hit the floor. The robot released the spides and rockets. “Thank God.” Anette kept the others occupied. That was not enough. The solicitor threw himself down. The projectiles burst on impact. “Right.” This had to end. “You devils.” Christopher made it to rain with holy water.

The tempus bladeturned the core to dust. Julius exhaled. The snow thrower fell into pieces. He drew sweat of his brow. “Die you human trash!” The spiderman threwtherow of bombs. The items might be rolling about before they exploded. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” The priest turned to counter the assault. The Alura sword blazed like white gold in his hand. Julius made the sign of the cross. He blocked the lightsabre. The gesture repelled the mutant. “You Belmont scum.” The spider man launched his rocket. The priest threw himself down. The projectile went above. Julius got up before the mutant might re-position. “Rest in peace.” The Stellar sword pierced the heart. The spider man burst into flame. Julius didn’t waste time. He took the gems. The priest made a back-flip. The mutant retrieved the ice gun. “Damn it!” The rocket exploded against the wall. That was the finale. The priest released the pages. Christopher left him behind. The others went to find him. The solicitor was not the leader. The priest got angry. He threw the vial. That might block the attack. “Fine.” He made a glide. Julius got up before the confused mutant. “Curse you Belmont scum.” He got nothing left. The monster wasted the bombs and rockets. “Game over.” Julius doused him with holy water. “Darkness!” The shield couldn’t protect against the holy. He was furious. The beast was dead. He took the gems. “Save me.” The priest looked toward the Heavens. The snow was falling. The satellites maintained the blizzard. Julius brushed his shoulders. He pulled at the hood. Julius inhaled. He got to find the others. The priest got confused. He might hunt alone. “Resiturgam.” He went for the exit. The turrets got in range! Julius forgot. “God with us!” The automatic repair system was still in action. He managed to escape. “I have you now.” There was another mutant. He got the ice thrower. The priest made a glide along the floor. “The time for your destruction has arrived.” The beast launched the rockets. “So let it be!” The impact shook the area. “God with us!” The holy man channelled through the gauntlets. The fireball chased and destroyed. The priest got to concentrate. “In Manos Toas Domine!” The machinery got shot to pieces. “Clever.” The spider man acknowledged. “Really clever.” He pulled the trigger. “That is not enough.” The fireball fell on the floor. Julius made a glide. The blast went awry. The priest got up in front. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” The five enflamed daggers hurt the re-breather. The mutant gasped. “This is the end of days.” The spiders couldn’t survive without the cold. Julius sighed. He made the sign of the cross. The fight was finally over. That was a relief. Julius still got angry. Damien forced him to hunt. This got nothing to do with Dracula’s curse. Julius exhaled. “Let it be.” He still got in danger. The turrets got in range. The automaton might kill him. That was too close. “Preserve us!” The priest threw Maxim’s heirloom. He got to keep in motion. The Shuriken went spinning. Julius almost lost it. The grenade hit the floor. He made a back-flip. The door was open. “Save us from the wicked One!” Christopher threw a flurry of crosses. “Get back you devil!” Anette and Thomas got involved with the scorpion battler. “Let it be!” Julius cast the vial. “Right.” The rocket got a homing propensity. The impact was spectacular. That left the gems. “Then so let it be.” The priest picked up the jewelleries before anyone else might stop him. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost.” He made the sign of the cross. Julius flouted in the air. His image burst above. “Glory be You!” The priest reached the floor. “Our Father in Heaven!” He ran through the opening. “Leave them alone!” He got the book. The mutant staggered. “Thank you.” Desmond impaled the monster. “That was the last one.” They got no reason to celebrate. “Die you devil!” Anette ran in circles about the launcher. “This is for my boyfriend!” She released the birds. That broke the onslaught. “Leave it!” Thomas got to pull her aside. “You told us about this monster.” The knightpicked her up. “The robot is immune to mystics!” Julius had figured. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” The Shuriken got buried in the throat. “Roger, Roger.” Christopher got ambushed. “Alright.” The super battle-droids hid within the wall. “Burn in Hell!” Thomas threw the wild flowers. The turrets got shot to pieces. Desmond made it to rain with holy water. “Prepare for launch.” The robot struggled to remove the Shuriken. “Glory be You!” He made the sign of the cross. “Our Father in Heaven!” Julius made his item to explode. He knew that the life was a weapon. The head got tore off the robot. Julius made a back-flip. The scorpion exploded. “Right.” Thomas leaned against thewall. He looked ashen. “Anette.” Christopher knelt beside her. “Are you alright?” He shook her body. The girl kept sobbing. “What is wrong with her?” Julius didn’t know what to do. He reached for the crucifix. The priest felt so helpless. “Sorry.” They didn’t deserve his anger. “Leave her alone.” Thomas told. “This isn’t your business.” Julius sighed. “Tell me about it.” The knight shrugged. “The launch bot killed her boyfriend.” He inspected the floor. Thomas was right. This was private. Though he was the priest. “Father.” Julius should at least try to comfort. “Help me in my doubt.” He stepped forward. “He is with the Lord.” Anette turned to look upon him. “You don’t figure.” She sighed. “Germain had to carry him home in pieces.” He reached for the crucifix. “I didn’t know that.” The priest felt at a loss. “You should ask.” The secretary got up. “Or you might get hurt.” That he couldn’t argue. “Forgive me.” He said. “I am a fool.” The others kept quiet. “No.” Anette came to stand in front. “You at least tried to help me.” The priest shook his head. “Stones of grief and sorrow.” He touched her tears. “Evil thrive in the shadow of his castle.” The girlhad cleaned her glasses. “Alright.” Desmond encouraged. “Let us hunt the night.” The solicitor had unsheathed the sword. “Let it be.” They got to return into the tower.

The group returned into the final approach. Anette got to clean her glasses. “God with us.” The Belmont cousins unsheathed their weapons. “Be careful now.” That was no problem. Thomas got ahead. He reached the platform. “Trust me.” He explained. “I know what to do.” They gathered around. “I hope so.” She got a bad feeling about this. Everything seemed quiet. “Into the night.” Anette sighed. She thought about the haunted castle. “The forest of silence.” She breathed. That wouldn’t stop her. “Fine.” Julius stepped upon the switch. “So let it be.” The elevator got in motion. “Hand over your weapons.” The squad approached. “Never!” Anette released the birds. The robots carried no protection. “Leave us alone!” Thomas cried. The sonic attack granted the upper hand. “Then stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Anette spun with the flame blast. The battle-droids got shot to pieces. “For great is the Lord.” The platform was rising. She maintained her position. “Right everyone.” Christopher spoke. “Let me take the exit.” Juliusgripped the sword. “Leave it to me.” He told. “God with us.” Thomashad retained his human form. “Then so let it be good.” She reached for the crucifix. The priest threw a fireball. That went home. The plates clicked in place. The men got in front.

The room seemed quite empty. Thomas tested the air. There was something. “Beware.” Christopher touched the cross. “The chill of the grave.” The place stenched of evil. “I know.” The priest closed his grip. “The secrets of Mana.” The secretary breathed. That was a mystery. Thomasforgot about that. “Surrender.” The slits were open. “Or prepare to be terminated.” The destroyer-droids unfolded. “Fly my pigeons, fly!” The secretary spread her arms wide. She better. The robots got in range. “Get lost.” Thomas growled. He couldn’t smell anything. They didn’t listen. The birds went home. “You may fire when ready.” He howled a warning. The secretary summoned the turtle. The shell might protect her. “Fly, my pigeons, fly!” Anette released other birds. “Terminate the hunters!” The robots carried shield-generators. “Look!” The pigeons pierced the force. “Come with me!” Desmond approached the robots. “God with us!” He made the rising flames to track forward. They collided against the shield. “Burn in Hell!” Thomas retained his true form. The robot created the cross-fire. “Let it be!” Julius made the sign of the cross. His sword was blazing. The priestwould hunt the night. “Right.” Thomas got left alone. “Listen up folks.” They got in trouble. “We got company.”

“Three pretty petals”, Dora wood. The 22nd. Of December 2098 A.D.

The whip hit home. Susan moaned in ecstasy. She never knew pain might bring such pleasure. The British teenager almost screamed. The green eyes must be blazing. “There you go.” Susan got tied to the bedposts. “You dirty whore.” The red ogre stank of sweat and goat. “You are not going to escape this time.” Theblonde girl got forced into thekneeling position. “I shall make it good for you.” Susan groaned. She tried to have a look above her shoulder. The mane reached below her spine. “You filthy little whore.” The human goat was a chieftain. His stack of dirty clothing lay upon the footstool. He didn’t look wealthy enough to pay her. “Here comes the big one!” The chieftain roared. “Oh yeah!” She screamed. “Comebig boy!” The sweat ran down her body. “Feed it to me!” She didn’t care that her makeup was running. “Be hard!” This was the best. “You are so good!” Susan felt him trust inside. “You little slut!” He gotto continue. Susan wished this would never end. “When you are bad!” He sniggered. The ogre kept on hitting her back and shoulders. “Do me!” She screamed. “Do me harder!” The pleasure and pain mixed in a way she couldn’t describe. He exploded. “Yes! Yes! Yes!” Susan reached her climax. She got dirty. Susan was ashamed.Shehad enjoyed the act.

Final approach, “Evil’s nest”. The 22nd. Of December 2098 A.D.

This was a mistake. Lieutenant Leah Gomorrah kept her pose. “You should take this shuttle.” The commander raised a hand. “This is one of the last escape pods.” The Sudan hid her shock. “You have your orders.” The ring. Cedric Von Holm carried the dark pearl upon his finger. “Yes sir.” She acknowledged. “As you wish.” Friedrich Hertz possessed telekinetic abilities. “Very good lieutenant.” The dead captain informed. “Then I grant you the actual command.” Friedrich Hertz made the com-officer to step forward. “The controller is ready to assist you.” The lieutenant offered her salute. “Hail the count!” The officers decided to remain aboard. “All who oppose the prince of Darkness must die.” Leah Gomorrah would do her duty. “Sworn to lord Dracula!” The command staff returned hersalute. “We are ready to launch.” Andrej Pushkin informed. “The escape pod might becomereleased upon your command.” The Sudan officer remained quiet.She watched the colleagues leave.“We shall proceed.” Leah Gomorrah got work to do. “Prepare for launch.” They climbed aboard the submarine. “Inform the “Fire fist” that they are about to receive company.” They fasten they safety-belt. “Yes sir.” Andrej Pushkin satat the controls. “At once.” Hegot to secure their escape.

The fight was over. Christopher picked the gems. “Into the dark night.” He closed the battle. The destroyer collapsed into a heap. He made a grimace. The smoke reeked from the pyre. “Excuse me.” Anette looked scared. “We are not alone.” That was a warning. “The malice.” She tried to get their attention. Desmond got away. He kept the sword. The mutant was crazy. The turtle arrived to deliver the flying kick. “God with us!” Christopher stabbed into the floor. The mutant repelled by crossing the Sai daggers. He carried red markings. “Secrets of Mana!” Desmond almost got caught by the flame spin. He hid behind the crosses. “That was great.” The mutant taunted.“Try this!” He stabbed before making the back-slide. He was sweating. This wasn’t his type of combat. “Now come the part.” The turtle smirked by his confusion. “Where I leave you, little man, of the wait of your failed and useless life. He was crazy. “Forget about that!” Christopher was a vampire hunter. “As my plastic surgery used to say; “if you have to go, then go with a smile.”.”The laugher was terrible. “Save me from evil.” The row of fireballs wasn’t much better. “God with us!” Desmond threw the vial. “Cowabunga!” The turtle was crazy. Desmond got ready. The turtle surfed upon the flames.

The mad turtle went through the air. Julius got beneath. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” The mutant came like the storm. “Let him go!” The turtle brandished with both the Katanas. “Let me take the leader!” He slid from sight. The turtle wore a purple headband and markings. “Drop it!” He told. The other turtle twirled with the Nunchakusto create the earthquake. “Please!” Julius tried to remove the head.“Forgive me!” The turtle pulled into the shell. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” The eyes of Anette Erlanger lit up. “Beware!” Christopher shouted. “Anger, Hate and Agony belongs to the Dark Lord!” He became afraid. “We don’t know what we do.” Julius got the crucifix. The hunt was not a quest for vengeance. The sunlight pierced the turtle. “Master!” The yellow headband got blasted into oblivion. “Balefire is forbidden.” Anette closed her mouth. She retrieved her glasses. “Burn in Hell!” Thomas howled. He twirled with the trident. “You are not the Turtles.” He blocked the trust. The flurry of flames burned the blue mutant. “Forget it.” The storm extinguished his fire. “You are not the folks that helped with Godzilla in 1997.” Julius couldn’t help either of them. The purple leader kept him occupied. The priest held on to the crucifix. The haunt of 1997. The demon castle Dracula. He shuddered. The Eclipse had failed. He forged the pyre sword. That kept him alive. The Katanas were shining. Julius hit him in the head. “Blast you human.” The mutant staggered. The vampire hunter tried to behead him. The shell was too strong. “You are dead!” He delivered a dual strike. The priest knelt on the floor. “Into Your hands!” He proclaimed. “I commit my spirit.” The Katanas went above his head. “Then so let it be.” The priest fed him the golden Shuriken. The star got buried among his scales. Julius got up. He doused the turtle with the holy water. The mutant shrieked. The fire burned his shell. “Please, forgive me of sins.” Julius retrieved his item. The clashes of waves pushed him aside. Julius threw a homing clock. The turtle got stopped in time. “Rest in peace.” He would fight. “Curse you!” The turtle broke the spell. “You said it boss.” The red mutant went for the heart. Julius released the pages. The mad turtle snarled. The holy scripture burned his arms and legs. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” The priest made the sign of the cross. He was a Belmont. The purple mutant got hurt. “The Master consume your spirit!” He cursed. “I don’t think so.” Anette fired the laser. “Not today.” The purple turtle collapsed into a heap. He left the gems. “Preserve us from the evil One!” The mutants knew the secrets of Mana. “Leave in peace.” The flame spin and fireballs might burn his friends. “So let it be!” Julius dropped the book. The meteors saved their lives. “Twisted.” The turtle swore. “Game over!” Thomas howled. The Bibhuti powder hit the blue fighter. “Please, give him my regards.” The knight snarled. “Blast you!” The attack stunned him in place. Thomas killed him with a fireball to his head. “Then stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Anette summoned the Falcon. “Oh my God!” The bird picked her up before throwing boulders. The turtle got buried beneath. He exhaled. The priest got a breather. That didn’t last. The mutant broke free to hurl the Shuriken stars. They got hurt. Julius used the laurels. “God with us!” Desmond was the last man standing. “You don’t impress me.” The red turtle surfed for his cousin. Christopher was a great hunter. He made a back-dash. “Then so let it be.” Desmond presented the cross. The mutant roared. His shell was on fire. Julius healed the others. They got to end this conflict. “You will pay!” The red fighter snarled. He was bleeding. “God will decide.” Christopher blocked the trust. “So it its.” Thomas reached behind the hunter. The sonic rings pierced the shell. He sighed. The turtle was dead before reaching the floor. Julius made the sign of the cross. “They failed.” Hell’s angels sped through the right opening. “This is our turn!” Julius exhaled. “Preserve us.” Zacchino heated their engine. “Do you want a kiss?” Succubus licked her lips. “Let it be.” They would fight. “Julius!” His cousin shouted. “I think we are in trouble!” He turned around. The exit slid aside. “That is a mad turtle.” Anette told. “Into Your hands I commit my spirit.” The priest whispered. The shock troopers had climbed aboard. “Blast you!” Thomas howled. The dark-breed went to challenge the bikers. “Help him!” Anette requested. She got afraid. “Let me handle this.” Julius didn’t get neither head nor tail of the situation. “This is our fault.” He wouldn’t leave them. Julius made up his mind. They would stand together. “God with us!” Desmond followed his partner. The priest bit his lip. He went to support the knight. “Beware!” Zacchino got armed. They got in range. Thomas snarled. “Catch this for me!” Succubus threw the rolling bomb. “Fire in the hall!” He made a back-flip. That saved his life. The knight threw a wave of roses. Zacchino got caught in the explosion. That was spectacular. The gasoline got spilled all over the place. “Then so let it be!” Julius hid behind the crosses. The liquid caused a secondary explosion. “Hello there, you little man.” Succubus blew a kiss.“Come to me for the night.” Julius blushed.The rude gesture told of her intentions. “Do it.” She was attractive. The long red hair fell down her black leather suit. She came to fetch him. Julius got behind. She threw the grenade. That was close. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” He hurled the five enflamed daggers. The wheel imploded. She got heaved off the motorcycle. “Curse you!” Succubus threw the explosive. “Rest in peace.” The priest removed the head. She got burned. “Glory be You.” Julius exhaled. “Our Father in Heaven.” He got no breather. “Girls that want to have fun.” They teased. “Don’t you wish that you could be a good boy?” Julius made the sign of the cross. “Save us from evil!” The sisters had arrived. “God with us!” He gripped the Stellar sword. The priest would hunt the night. Julius reached for the crucifix. “Come and get us!” Succubus teased. “You know you want us.” Julius felt the allure.

This was not the end. Anette presented the crucifix. The war would never end. “Alright.” Zacchino had to reload the gun. “Fly my pigeons, fly!” Anette opened her arms. “I hate you!” The demon shot into the flock. She screamed. The pigeons blocked his attack. “Get away!” The secretary cast the flame blast. That collided against the bike. Anette ran to stamp him. “Be careful.” Christopher made it to rain with holy water. “Let it be.” He carved some space. The demons spreadfor cover. “Terminate the Belmonts!” The mad turtle opened his mouth. The troopers ran from the bridge. “Do not give in to hate.” Julius preached. She knew that. “That leads to the dark side.” Anette got tired. “We hate to much.” She touched the crucifix. Anette conjured the Falcon. He picked her off the floor before making the rocks to fall down. “Let us pray.” Thomas had regained his human form. He created the brimstone whirlwind. That was impressive. “Watch out!” The mini tank looked like a toy. “Good Lord in Heaven!” They meant serious business. The secretary recognised the prototype. This were her invention. She didn’t think they would beput into production. The tanks might burn through herbody. Thomas howled his challenge. “You can’t help me!” Anette cried. She charged the blast.

The mad turtle got some sort of chained turrets upon his shell. Thomas grasped the trident. The knight got furious. The armour transport spewed a combination of both fire and frost. Thomas slid beneath. “Forgive me.” The girl got on her knees. “I helped to create this thing.” He snarled. “Tell me.” She got employed by the conglomerate. “How to crush the monster.” Anette cleaned her glasses. “Freeze!” The turtle opened his mouth to release the troopers.“Stand were you are!” They were not alone. “Beware of the support staff!” That was alright. The dark-breed had noticed. He would fight. The turtle was the real deal. “Fire in the hall!” The super laser left a wake of devastation. “God with us!” Christopher trusted with the sword. The man made the rising flames to track forward. They went up the chain of the ice cannon. That was still not enough. The mad turtlewas far too heavy. “Fire in the hall!” Anette cried. The flame thrower got in range. “Let it be.” Desmond sighed. “I cover you.” Thomas smirked. The solicitor stabbed down to make the rising icicles to track forward. “Blood of the hunter!” That damaged the cannon. “They are chained to the reactor!” Anette explained. “Get down!” They fired with thelaser. “Get away from there!” Christopher told. The knight got no choice.

“Three pretty petals”, Dora wood. The 22nd. Of December 2098 A.D.

The dead men walking. Gabrielle shrieked. The warlock embraced her within skeletal arms. They weredisgusting. Why had she invited the necromancer? His heart was cold. “Behold.” The corpse caught her brown hair. The stench almost made her to vomit. “Thou little bitch.” Her grey eyes were wide open. “Hark thy Master’s voice.” The warlock touched her forehead. “One will to rule them all.” They exchanged glances. The blue gaze revealed only hate. “There is no life within the void.” He breathed. “Only death.” Gabrielle became transfixed. She was barely 15 years old. That wouldn’t protect her. She was not an innocent. “Master.” Thethrill of dark ecstasy ran through her body. “Yes! Use me! My master! Use me now!” The French felt like the burden of a dead hand lay pressing against her heart. “Listen.” Gabrielle embraced the power. “To the voices.” The agony was glorious. “Blood is the life.” The warlock struck with lightning. “Thou cannot resist him.” The man enjoyed the torture. “Curse of Darkness.” The enchantment was like a shroud of shrieking bats against the light. She struggled to breathe. “Thy faith is strong.” He proclaimed. The pressure grew. “Obey.” He hissed. “Give thyself to the Dragon.” Gabrielle screamed. She was tied to the earth.

“Flower garden”, final approach. The 22nd. Of December 2098 A.D.

They were patient. Cedric would expect no less. “At ease cadets.” The sisters kept chanting. “For he is coming through the night.” He stopped to listen. “We wait for our lord and groom.” The captain Freidrich Hertz had retained his position. “His lips are so red, his teeth so sharp.” The night flowers beckoned. “He is coming.” The commander accepted. “Lord Dracula.” They remained loyal to the memory. “All who oppose the prince of Darkness must die.” Friedrich Hertz was pleased by this outcome. “The Sudan lieutenant enlisted their services.” The commander inspected the group. “My ladies.” Cedric kept his hands behind the back. “Fulfil your contract.” The vampiregave them a signal. “You are to kill the Belmont clan.” The last command. That caused a jolt of dark ecstasy. The black women exchanged glances.“How intoxicating.” The captain Freidrich Hertzremarked. “Indeed.” Cedric acknowledged. The sisters beheld their actions. They were so typical. The females lusted for the power. “People of the Chi no Rondo.” Blinded by their greed, they took without questions. He knew. Cedric was like the others of his kind. They got tied to the castle. “Venture into the night.” He mused. “For the eternal night.” Freidrich Hertz exposed his fangs. This was their moment.

Final approach, “Evil’s nest”. The 22nd. Of December 2098 A.D.

The pilots prepared to fire. Christopher felt how the ponytail tried to rise up. “God with us!” He repeated the family slogan. They got in trouble. The troopers had established a parameter. That kept the others occupied. Desmond threw himself away from the laser. “Save me God!” The beam was made of pure energy. “So let it be.” The guns got in motion. He would hunt. The chain-guns might deliver the final blow. The solicitor trusted his sword. That went home. He hit the ice cannon. “God with us!” Christopher sidestepped the flame thrower. “Come on!” He got to change the polarity. The rising icicles exploded on impact. “You Belmont scum!” The Amazon got her gun. “Hit the road!” Desmond made a back-flip. “Have it your way.” The snow trooper told. “No thank.” The ice blast might freeze him in place. “Take a shower.” Christopher threw the vial. “Curse you!” The Mexican got burned to ashes. “I don’t think so.” The white soldier got his own shield. “Heads up!” Anette cast the flame blast. “Drop it girl.” The snow trooper picked a grenade. Desmond couldn’t support her. He ran to throw the vials. The holy water damaged the chain-guns. “God with us!” The baptism went through the core. Christopher exhaled. The snow might be a problem. The solicitor got to remove the satellites.

The chopper left the turtle. Julius swallowed his fear. The probe put down the triangle bombs. The priest made the sign of the cross. Christopher got left alone. That couldn’t be alright. “Why do you have to be so brave?” The Lord was with him. “Preserve us from the evil One.” His faith was that strong. “Roger, Roger!” The destroyers rolled from beneath the mad turtle. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” Oblivion was their cargo. The demon almost pulled over. He threw the five gold knives forward. Succubus left him behind. “Good Lord in Heaven!” The mini tank turned upon the gun tower. “God with us!” The remote might burn his heart. Julius threw the axe. The chopper tried to block. “Preserve us!” The probe got shot to pieces. “Let it be.” The tank kept shooting. Julius bit together. The meteor chased and destroyed. The remote got smashed into oblivion. “For great is the Lord!” Julius hit the robot. “Resiturgam!” Their shield couldn’t withstand the solid objects. “You leave him alone!” Anette climbed on catback to counter the Amazons. “Blast you!” Thomas impaled Succubus. The explosion made them to stagger. “Save us from the Shadow.” Julius touched the crucifix. The choppers went in low. “Watch out!” The priest cried. “Alright!” Thomas got too busy. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost!” Julius dropped the mystic book. The priest got Simon’s heart of fire. The pages might close the combat. That was not the case. Julius slew the troopers. “Roger, Roger!” He forgot about the robots. “Terminate the hunter!” They might fire at will. Julius made a back-dash. His cousin caused the lightning to strike. The electricity ran along the chains. “Impressive.” The priest admitted. “That is not enough.” He would do better with the dark and light magic pendants. The heavy snow painted the area. “Get away!” The wild cat tore the robot to pieces. That left the hunters in charge. “Let it be.” Julius made the sign of the cross. He exhaled. The priest would show them what he could do. “Burn in Hell!” Thomas threw the explosive stakes. The tank got shot to pieces. “Get down!” He threw the Bibhuti powder. The robot burst on impact. “There is someone behind you!” Julius hurled the axes into the air. The choppers got cut to pieces. “Thanks.” Thomas sighed. “That was far too close.” The knight drew the sweat of his forehead. Julius made no answer. “Die! Belmont! Die!” The robot managed a last blast. “Good Lord!” He hid behind the books. “I won’t let you kill him.” Thomas snarled. The knight impaled the wreck upon the trident. His force blocked the lasers. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” The priest made it to rain. The machine turned to face him. Julius threw the dagger. The control box went up in flames. “Preserve us.” The turtle approached. “Bombs away.” The aqua trooper reached for the belt. “Drown in Hell!” Julius touched the crucifix. “Fire in the hall!” He had forgotten about them. The blast shook the room. “Die you bastard!” The human shark launched the torpedoes. “Forget about it!” Thomas pulled the rifle. The fireballs exploded on impact. “Oh not again.” The knight run out of bullets. That was not the real problem. Julius made the sign of the cross. The blue soldier fell down. Another explosion hit the area. He barely resisted the impact. “Look out!” Desmond made the fire and frost to track the cannons. That didn’t change much. The troopers ran for cover. “Fire in the hall!” The turtle got in range. He dodged the laser. That was close. Julius threw the vial. He burned the remote. The chopper placed the bombs. Anette reacted. “The triangles are set.” Julius hid behind the crosses. “Get back you devils!” The knight went into closer hand-to-hand combat. The trident blazed. He impaled the probes. That was dangerous. Thomas escaped the explosion. “In Manos Toas Domine!” Julius cried. “For great is the Lord!” Thomas ran to fetch the treasure. He deserved the gems. “Let it be.” Julius looked about. “Please God, forgive us.” He breathed. “For we don’t know what we do.” The floor got littered with broken machinery and corpses. “Resiturgam.” He closed his eyes. This was not a Crusade. This was a slaughter. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Anette awoke him from the depression. The top of the mad turtle was open. “Fire in the hall!” The priest tugged the crucifix. The turtle threw a shower of explosives. He got to escape. There were no safe spots. “Let it be!” He summoned the crosses. “Sworn to the Dark Lord!” The mouth opened to release aband of soldiers. “Fine!” Thomas howled. He ran for combat. The troopers spread out to cover more ground. “Do you miss me?” Succubus blew him a kiss. Hell’s angels kept behind. They got ready to rumble. “Leave in peace.” He rebuffed the offer. Juliusgot no taste for such blasphemy. “Save me!” His sister would continue the bloodline. Hewould never be with a woman. “There shall always be a lamp lit for the house of men.” Julius made the sign of the cross. The angel snarled. Julius challenged him blade-to-blade. The sparks ignited his engine. “Good Lord!” The explosion made him to stagger. “I got you.” Julius fell into a pair of soft arms. “Relax.” The voice cooed in his ear. “Come, kiss me now.” He looked up through the lashes. Succubus wore a tight leather outfit. “You naughty boy.” The red locks seemed to glow in the artificial lamp light. “Then you don’t wait until night.” She leaned a hip against her bike. “My dear.” Her hands touched his buckle. “Release me.” He told. “Grab the moment.” “So warm.” The demon absorbed his health. The priest felt sick. Succubusgot to open his belt. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost!” Julius had relinquished his power. “Blood of the hunter!” Succubus burned. “Rest in peace.” The mystic illuminated his body. The blood force pierced her like blazing knives. He exhaled. Julius felt the strength return. The demon went up in flames. The priest had to close his belt. He looked for the others. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” He challenged. ”So let it be.” The hunt was far from over. “God with us!” Julius reached for the crucifix.

The shock trooper picked up the grenade. Anette remained quiet. She got to be more careful. The outburst might disturb her focus. “God with us!” Christopher was stillalive. She sighed. He was clever. Desmond made rising flames and icicles to track along the chained cannons. The flames burst from within. The smoke obscured everything. “Go and play with yourself!” The soldier threw the explosive. “Fly pigeons. Fly.” She spread her arms. The fight was over. The birds picked the undead. They tore at the jacket. Anette sighed. They removed the heart. The vampire collapsed into a heap. “Rest in peace.” She retrieved the gems. “End of Days!” The red soldier got a flame thrower. “That rests with the Lord.” She blocked his objective. “Rise your skirts little whore.” Anette blushed. She was more then a pretty face. “Monster!” She charged the laser. The soldier got shot. “Look out!” Thomas caught up. He was male. Anette got no time. “Get away!” The choppers replaced the bombs. “Fine.” Thomas snarled. The secretary leaped on top. That saved his life. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” The mad turtle bombed the area. The force might tear them to pieces. She hid her face. “Release me.” The knight told. “Though I like bondage.” Zacchino teased. “No thank you.”

The shell had split open. Thomas crawled from beneath the secretary. “God with us!” Christopher threw the vial. “Human scum!” Zacchinoteased no longer. “Die and be damned!”The explosions burst from within. “Bombs away!” The blue trooper pulled the trigger. “Fine.” Thomas crossed his arms. The bombs exploded. The choppers might complete the conquest. “Stronger we are!” Anette made the flame to spin. “In the name of the Lord!” She was clever. The secretary presented her crucifix. “Then you leave her alone.” The knight got in front. “She is mine.” The demon accepted the challenge. He snarled. The remote picked his friend. “Help me!” The lamps went red. Thomas got a bad feeling about that. He released the flames. The chopper let go. That was about time. The remote exploded. That was not the end. “Blasted!” The probes came to replace the bombs. “Burn in Hell!” Thomas became frustrated. He got to destroy the group. “Alright.” That was the only way. “What the… ?“ Heblinked. The remotes were gone. Anette shot them to pieces. “You hunter scum! Stand were you are!” The snow, flame, aqua and shock troopers got them in the corner. “Drop your weapons!” Thomas gripped the trident. “Forget about it.” He snarled. The knight would tear them apart.

“Three pretty petals”, Dora wood. The 22nd. Of December 2098 A.D.

The death beat through the homestead. Mercedes brushed her red hair. The marshal stirred. “You want more?” She teased. “Quiet.” The dragon was naked beneath the loincloth. “Yes.” The Germanwinked. “Of course.” The blue eyes went hard like frozen gems. “As you wish.” The 17-year-old pulled the blanket about her body. “The necromancer.” He touched the whip. “Wait!” Mercedes kicked at the silk. “You area nice little slut.” He teased between her legs. “I shall return.” The girl moaned. “Oh yes!” She felt so excited. “First you have to pay me.” The landlord had demanded. She let go of her dreams.The German still had her obligations. The candles burned low.The flames illuminated his figure. “Perfect.” He beheld her body. The dragon was eager. “I will be back.” He reached for the armour. “You better be prepared.” Mercedes pulled on herloincloth and trousers. “You have promised to give me the money.” She stood her ground. “You cannot leave me without the reward.” The dragon pushed aside. “Do not try to play games with me.” Mercedeshad to tieup the laces upon her silk blouse. The cutting revealed her cleavage. “Do not treat me like a doll.” He couldn’t use her like this. The customers never cared about her feelings. She would show him. One stab might be fatal.

Throne room, final approach. The 22nd. Of December 2098 A.D.

This was glorious. Damien Frost enjoyed this little war game. “The Shadow rising.”

The bounty hunter got told to stay aside. “Excellent.” He got amused. “Open Hell’s gate!” The vampire beckoned. “Come forth, my servant!” The magician had created the pentagram. “What is that?” The girl looked horror struck. “Destroy the fleas which invaded my abode.” He had to use the virgin’s blood. “This is Chi sorcery.” The vampire ignored the warning. The ritual created a vortex. “Hark thy Masters voice.” Damien Frost then spilled his blood. “Let the juggler act his dance upon the crown that you once wore.” The heir would appear. “To inherit Dracula’s power.” Nostradamus had predicted. “The king must die.” He mocked. “The king is dead. “ The bodyguards hailed. “Long live the king!” He behold the woman. She did not participate. “You should remember.” The bounty hunter maintained her ground. “All who oppose the prince of Darkness must die.” Damien Frost made a bow before her. “Such bravery.” He smiled. “Yes my lord.” She put the fist upon her heart. “Hail the count.” She withdrew. He should not forget. The rabble still believed in the legend of count Dracula. They could not figure. A new master would come to the castle. He would not share power.

Final approach, “Evil’s nest”. The 22nd. Of December 2098 A.D.

The chained guns fired. Christopherhad to escape from the ice blast and heat wave. “Right!” The turtle advanced upon the location. He threwthe vials. The holy flames burned on impact. “God with us!” Desmond was alone. He almost slipped upon the ice. “Save me from evil!” The super laser got in range. The turtle turned left to reach him. “Die you monster!” Christopher nailed the floor. “Let it be!” He released the flame and frost. That was a blow. The shell shook from within. “What now?” The pilots opened up the automatic cheek guns. “Good God!” Christopher made a back-dash. He got to escape. The turtle stopped in place. They ran out of ammo. “Alright.” Desmond touched the cross. That wouldn’t last. “Perfect.” The chain-cannons got moved into position. “Take this you bastard!” Christopher muttered. The vampire hunter seldom used such language. Now it felt appropriate. “Then so let it be!” The rising flames and icicles caused other explosions. The shell split to reveal the launcher. Desmondgot the spinning books. “God with us!” He bellowed. The splinters cut the pages. He made the boomerang to split into a storm of crosses. “This is for me!” The core imploded. “And for what we have suffered.”Christopher watched on while the mad turtle collapsed.

That was the last Toccata. Julius made the sign of the cross. “For great is the Lord, our God.” The priest exhaled. “That was great!” Anette ran to embrace his cousin. “You got hurt.” Thomas had sniffed him over. They barely survived the encounter. “The Lord is with you.” The laurels might restore his health. “I know that.” The solicitor put a hand upon his shoulder. “He will not forsake us.” Julius sighed. This would make him into an even greater imposter. That was false. “Evil thrives in the shadow of the demon castle Dracula.” He shook his head. The priest got difficulty with the focus. Christopher touched the cross. “Who goes home?” The knight reloaded his weapon. “Leave it to me.” Anette smiled. She stepped on the switch. “Holt!” The battle-droid requested. “Where are you going?” Anette charged the flame blast. “To the throne room.” He seemed to consider. “Wait. That doesn’t… You are under arrest!” Julius sighed. He got a bad feeling about this. The situation was heating up. They got this far. “Roger, Roger.” The girl shot him through the head. “Prepare to be terminated.” They awoke. “The march of the machines.” They got to fight. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Anette kept spinning on the flame blast. They got to crush the group. “The Lord is with you.” The priest acknowledged. “Come on!” The platform was rising. “You must be careful.” Desmond unsheathed the sword. “There is something alive up here.”

The secretary spread her arms. “Fly my pigeons, fly.” Julius unsheathed the Stellar sword. The turrets got in range. “Blast you!” Thomas created the brimstone whirlwind for cover. “Save us!” The chemicals reacted. Julius made the sign of the cross. “Be more careful.” Thomas had become too reckless. Then again, the knight reacted on instinct. “God with us!” His cousin hurled a flurry of crosses. That countered the offence. Julius touched the crucifix. The ball chased and destroyed. The turrets burst. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Anette moved in a circle. The flame blast knocked the launchers. That destroyed their lot. “The shield is still up!” Christopher made the lightning strike. The topaz stones got charged. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” The gems released the energy. “Away from me Satan!” The priest threw the three axes forward. “For only the Lord you shall serve.” He shuddered. That was not enough. “Save us!” Desmond threw the eight daggers. They burned the trap. “Glory be You.” The exit was open. “Our Father in Heaven.” They reached the third floor. “This have to work.” Thomas grabbed the rocks. “The Lord will never leave or forsake us.” They replenished the energy. “We should have a look around.” Anette suggested. “Let it be.” The priest brushed the snow before he acknowledged. “We should.” He touched the crucifix. “We have to find the switch.” Christopher went to investigate. “Right.” This was dangerous. “Trust me.” Thomas assured. The priest touched his crucifix. He got a bad feeling about this. There was a shift in nature. Anette went the other way. She stopped before the instruments. The priest exhaled. This might be a trap. “Freeze!” The robots were kept around the platform. “Stand were you are!” The band of super battle-droids got their weapons aimed at his friends. “In Manos Toas Domine!” The priest got to hide behind the crosses. “Then so let it be!” Julius made the meteor to chase and destroy. “Roger, Roger.” The robots got smashed. “Right.” He exhaled. That was a mistake. “Good Lord!” The floor slid aside.“This is a trap!” The snow thrower and the launch bot had arrived. “Julius!” Anette tried to leave the controls. The claws reached to catch her. “God with us!” The others had noticed. “Leave her alone!” The archway got hidden openings. “Prepare to be terminated.” The destroyer-droids unfolded. “You heard him?” The launch bot struck with the tail. “Get down!” Julius picked the books. The scorpion threw the spikes. The copy got shot by the rocket. “They are the flare heads!” The secretary fought to get free. “They are an advanced prototype of the hot head robot!” Julius tightened his grip. He disliked the lot. The robots unfolded to reveal their true form. “Please Lord, preserve us from the wicked One!” He made the sign of the cross. “Look out!” The snow thrower hurledthe ice pellets before launching the penguin rockets. “Let it be!” Julius made the two large books to spin in place. They offered some shelter. “God with us!” The missiles exploded on impact. “Then come to pappa little girl.”Anette got in trouble. Ucoback hid among the gear. The ugly freaks hurled their globes. The glass broke on impact. The liquid boiled and steamedwhen melting. They containedthe beetles or Tanjelly monsters. The launch bot struck with his tail. Julius made a back-flip. He got to escape. “God with us!” He threw the five daggers forward. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” Time was a weapon. The robot got stopped in place. Julius made a glide forward. He pined through the chest plate. The launch bot twirled with the tail. The spikes almost pierced him. Julius threw three vials. The scorpion and penguin got bathed in flames. He made the sign of the cross. “God with us!” Julius threw the gold Shuriken into the robot. That was the finale. “Good Lord in Heaven!” The star caused the explosion. “Terminate the hunter.” The snow thrower was cold as ice. “Prepare to launch.” The robot opened up to release the bullets. “In Manos Toas Domine!” Julius tightened the grip. “God with us!” Julius made the homing ball to chase and destroy. The pellets went up in smoke. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost!” Julius dashed. The sword burned bright like the sun in the forest. He gathered his strength. “Then into Your hands I commit my spirit!” The blade got buried in the shoulder. “Let it be!” The priest pulled free to behead the monster. The oxygen left his lungs. “Father, save me!” Julius groaned. The spikes sent him flying. Julius threw the axe. The bot twirled with the tail. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” That broke the armour. Julius threw the Shuriken.

The explosion hit the room. Anette sat down on the impact. The scorpion got shot to pieces. That got far tooclose. “Oh no!” The flare heads made her to focus. “The machine of war.” The wolf spat a stream of rapid spiked balls. The onslaught caused the electric explosions. The secretary threw herself down. “Save us from evil.” She twirled with the flame blast. “Prepare for launch.” She got to help them. The snow thrower might kill her friends. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Julius doused him with holy water. “Get away!” He caused another explosion. “Vampire Killer.” Anette breathed the title. “Bloody Tears.” The chill penguin got shot to pieces. “This is for my sister!” Thomas howled his challenge. The knight shot a flurry of the sonic rings. “Nice work.” Anette admired the effort. “Right.” He reloaded the rifle. That was not the problem. The flare head spewed the stream of lava. ”Look out!” She cried. Thomas hung up the rifle. He got the trident. “Save us from evil!” Anette licked her lips. The robot got smashed against the wall. The flare head got up. “No!” The wolfreleased a stream of the Napalm. That flailed like the whip. “Fly my pigeons! Fly!” She opened her arms. The twin arrived. “Get down!” Julius told. He was the leader.

The beetles approached. Thomas growled. They looked hungry. “Flesh is back on the menu.” Ucoback gloated. “You got theright body.” The secretary blushed. “Don’t try to shame her!” He howled. “Just wait until you feel my teeth.” The freak looked her over. “Leave me alone.” Anette charged the spell. He smelled her power. “God with us!” Christopher stepped in front. The hunter noticed about the problem. “Fly, my birds, fly!” The secretaryreleased the Falcon.The bird made the meteors to fall down. “Then stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Thomas relaxed. She was safe with her animal. The monsters didn’t like that. “God with us!” The solicitor made it to rain with holy water. “Desmond!” Anette cried. She might be in love. He felt jealous. “Here they come!” Thomas smirked. He figured. “Don’t wait until night.” Tanjelly might electrify the area. Desmond threw the axe into the air. “Leave them alone!” The Falcon dashed toward the battle. Anette got put upon the floor. She might save herself. The axe hit the jellyfish. “Get away!” The secretary cast her spell. They fought back-to-back. “Curse you!” The freaks got enraged. Thomas fired. The humpback got shot through the head. “Nice.” Christopher got tired. The secretary got busy. Thomas howled. She broke the codes.

“Three pretty petals”, Dora wood. The 22nd. Of December 2098 A.D.

They lusted for the witchcraft. Olivia hid beneath the shawl. “This is the festival of servants.” The Spaniard’s black hair peeked out from the hat. “Leave me alone.” The rat approached. Her dark brown eyes flashed with anger. He was nothing then a thief and abandit.”Fine.” The 15 years old let down the flared-jacket. “Come.” She got nothing to say about the matter. The manhad paid her price. Olivia threw the hat and shawl in opposite directions. “Continue.” .” The Spaniardmade the black silk dress to drop on the floor. “Cometo me.” The rat beckoned her forward. “As you wish.” Olivia removed the gloves and jewelleries. They were the property of the witch. She smiled. That never reached her eyes. “Excellent.” The giant ratman got to remove the final articles. “You might become the perfect sacrifice.” She almost disappeared between his hairy arms. The moon stone talisman shone in the dark. He was of the ancient descent. “Circle of the moon.” She kissed down his chest. “Shut up.” The man hit her face. “You are a shaman.” Olivia touched her cheek. “Get out of my head!” The rat smirked. “Darkness within!” She cursed the landlord. Olivia got to learn that trick. “Trust me.” He teased. “Give yourself to the Night.” She would. They got a binding contract.

Entrance hall, final approach. The 22nd. Of December 2098 A.D.

The entire wall seemed to be made of glass. Cedric got an excellent view upon the lake. “They are coming.” Freidrich Hertz closed the communicator. “Prepare before the assault.” The vampire captain carried the com-link around his wrist. “This might be the last stance.” The night flowers had gathered around the opening. Their kindgot no mind about the lantern. The brides brandished with the arsenal. “Leave them to me.” The lead consort bared her teeth. “For their blood is the life.” The undead officers exchanged glances. “Very good my dear.” The captain looked pleased by her statement. “The brides of Dracula.” Cedric licked his lips. He spent a night in the seraglio. The prince of Darkness had a strong charisma about himself. “They are to serve his will.” The vampire had seen them in action. Cedricinspected thering. That was a gift from the order. The black pearl came from the dark ocean world. “Beginnings.” That had to be enough. “Don’t wait until night.” Friedrich Hertzrequested. “The security will suffice.” That was curtain. Cedric approached to watch above his shoulder. “Sworn to the Dark Lord.” He breathed the salute. The hunters were beneath their location. Someone howled. “By the Dark Lord!” That was not the sound of a werewolf.

Final approach, “Evil’s nest”. The 22nd. Of December 2098 A.D.

That was fine. Christopher watched as the door slid aside. The secretary was responsible. “God with us!” He reached for the cross. “Get away from there!” Anette summoned the turtle. “They are in range!” The shell offered some protection. “Die,you human trash!” They fired. Desmond made a glide. “Damn!” The spider man used the belly guns. “Save us from evil!” They charged with electricity. “Fire at will!” The spider sat behind the crescent control board. “Prepare for launch.” Kong opened the chest plate. “This is a control post.” He almost forgot. The turrets were alive.“Destroy everything!” The spider man bellowed. “Kill the heroes!” Christopher got lifted into the air. The cross burst above. That created a diversion.”Heads up!” The secretary cried. “He got a shield generator!” She twirled with the flame blast. “Come on.” The mutant invited. “You look to be a good lay.” The topaz stones got charged and ready. Kong got in range. The electricity might stun them in place. “God with us!” Desmond cried. He threw a flurry of crosses. They caused a secondary explosion. “For you are the best!” Anette cheered. “Die you human scum!” He didn’t listen. The spider man almost killed him. “He is using the pick-up guns!” That was not important. Christopher made a glide.

The Shuriken was made of pure gold. Julius might capture the star. “In Manos Toas Domine!” Thomas threw the stakes forward. “Twisted!” They broke on impact. The flare head snarled. “Look out!” The robot leaped to spew the lava. The priest made a back-flip. “God with us!” The blade kept shining.Julius had forged the angel sword. “Please occupy the bucket!” Thomas retained his animal form. The shoulder-block sent the robot sprawling. “Get away!” The priest presented the crucifix. The rightmost door had opened to reveal the control post. “Freeze!” The spider men got their weapons ready. Kong roared. “Preserve us from evil!” Julius threw the axe. Kong had opened up to reveal the turrets. “Lay down your weapons!” The leader pulled the switch. “God in Heaven!” The turrets got in range. “Forget about it!” Thomas reloaded the rifle. He gave them the three homing fireballs. The flare head survived. The armour was resistant. Julius retrieved the axe. He made the clock to chase and destroy. “God with us!” The chronometer might grind them to dust. “Watch it!” Thomas protested. The knight hid behind his books. “Sorry.” That was overkill. Thomas threw the wild flowers. Kong survived the explosion. “Watch it!” The wolf spew the napalm. Julius got the crucifix. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” He made the sign of the cross. The robot froze in place. His clock created a time stop. The smoke obscured everything. Julius choked. “Preserve us!” He felt like his lungs got torn from the inside. The flare head approached. “Burn in Hell!” Thomas created the whirlwind. He kept some bullets. Kong got shot. The gorilla staggered. Julius threw the vial upon the floor. The glass broke. The robot got bathed in flames. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Julius created the fairy sword. The wolf leaped. “Yeah!” He pierced the monster. “Into Your hands I commit my spirit!” He released the force. The sword storm granted an edge. Thomas growled. He climbed on the torso to plant a garlic. The explosion hurled him away. Julius had escaped from the smoke. The flare head got up. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” The priest threw the five daggers. The robot got impaled. “Good Lord!” He got to remove the head before the robot might release the spiked balls. Kong release the rockets. The explosion shook the area. “Sorry about that.” Thomas returned. “I am back.” He howled. “Eat me you bastard!” The knight filled him with garlic. “Save us!” Julius made the sign of the cross. The priest got his ownproblems. “You are not a specimen.” He didn’t need to be. The flare head robot flailed with the tongue of lava. “Then so let it be!” Julius hid behind the crosses. He cleaned the sweat of his forehead. Julius was getting tired. The robot approached. He presented the crucifix. The wolf snarled. Julius tightened the grip. The monster leaped. “Then Into Your hands I commit my spirit!” He struck with the blade. The head rolled upon the floor. “Let it be.” Julius made a back-flip. The robot exploded. Julius escaped from the splinters. “Right.” He got no time to celebrate. He fetched the gems. The other flare head breached from the rubble. The room shook. Thomas defeated the Kong. “For great is the Lord.” The gorilla blew up from the inside. Julius retrieved the other crystals. He made it to rain. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord.” Julius reached for the crucifix. That was the finale. The wolf howled. The fight was over. He might finally have a breather. Julius picked the crystals. They replenished his energy. That felt much better. “So let it be.” He couldn’t relax. “No rest for the wicked.” Julius recited. The hunt continued. “Come on!” Thomas broke the turrets. “This is not over yet!” The floor opened to reveal the Kong robot. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” Julius would fight. The blizzard intensified. “Save us!” He looked skyward. The satellites were in control. “Good Lord!” They created the storm. Julius made the sign of the cross. This was not the normal weather. “Preserve us from evil.” The icicles got smashed against the floor. “Blast you human trash!” The spider man shouted. The mutant aimed both the side and belly guns. “Let it be!” Julius forged the Tempus blade. He conjured the books. The turrets got in range. The tomes got pumped full by the bullets. “God with us!” Julius made a glide to throw axes. The box-like mechanics got shot to pieces. Julius got to find the others. The Tempus sword might grant him the strength to conquer. Kong released electricity. “Yeah!” Julius leaped. The flow of time would grind him to dust. “Burn in Hell!” The knight had created his own tornado. The satellites kept moving in circles. The blue blasts and icicles became a threat. Kong hit the floor. The smoke obscured the area. “Preserve us!” The monster could fight. Julius made the sign of the cross. The cyborg roared. “You bastard!” Kong had opened up to release the attack. “Fire in the hall!” Thomas howled. “I know!” The priest threw himself down. The turrets got restored. He got shot by a bullet. “Curse you!” The knight returned the fire with a trio of fireballs. “He is a friend of the tribe!” Julius picked the bullet. He groaned. That hurt. He had to stop the bleeding. “Preserve me.” The priest knelt in prayer. “Though not as I will.” He got the laurels. “Let Your will be done.” The wound closed. Julius inhaled. That felt better. He would hunt the night. “I have a visual.” They got in trouble. The elevator had clicked in place. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” Julius threw the vials. He created a wall of flame. Kong bellowed. “Good Lord in Heaven!” The priest presented the crucifix. The gorilla stopped to release the rockets. Thomas howled. He threw the globes forward. The missiles exploded on impact. “In Manos Toas Domine!” The priest dropped the book to release the three homing clocks. The robot got turned to dust. “Fire in the hall!” The security threw the grenades. The knight got ahead. “Blast you devils!” He raninto the bunker. “Into Your hands I commit my spirit!” Julius hid behind the crosses. The turrets released a Hellstorm of laser fire. “Burn in Hell!” Thomas howled his challenge.

The husk of the gorilla robot remained in place. Anette exhaled. The Kong continued to burn. She beheld the dragon. Her friend twirled with the tail. “He broke the topaz stones.” Christopher reached for the cross. “The shield is down.” The solicitor was flouting in the air. “Let justice rain down like water, justice like a never-endingstream!” He cleansed the area. “Die and be damned!” The spider man had escaped from the outburst. Anette felt at a loss. The dragon left. She felt alone again. The secretary shook her head. “To die another day.” They would meet again. “You shall pay!” The mutant launched his rocket. “Fire in the hall!” The group removed the satellites. That didn’t change anything. “Fly away, my pigeons! Fly!” The hunt continued. The missile exploded on impact. Her skylinepigeons saved her life. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Anette climbed upon her cat. The tiger charged. “Blast you!” The mutant fired his gun. “Be gone!” She presented the crucifix. He shrieked. The spider man got frozen by his assault. Anette gasped. The tiger ripped his armour. “Wait.” Anette almost lost her glasses. She got left alone. The mutant was dead. She took the gems. They restored the force. Anette looked about. They seemed to be ahead of things.

The bastard had pulled up the force field. Thomas growled. He didn’t need this. “Twisted!” The topaz stones got charged to maximum. “Shoot them!” The spiders fired their weapons. “Curse you!” The knight got his own protection. Thomas conjured the books. “You will die!” The leader encouraged. Thomas gave no answer. “Tonight’s forecast; the freeze is coming!” He pulled the trigger. The satellites survived. “Tonight, Hell freezes over!” He got in trouble. Theyleft the sockets. “Perfect!” The mutant remarked. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” Julius had arrived. The priest made a row of fireballs to fall down. That took them by surprise. The knight got impressed. His friend had escaped from the turrets. “Fine.” He came in time. “Burn in Hell!” Thomas fired. That was the last of his ammo. “Right!” He hit the control box. The turrets became quiet. “Curse you human trash!” This was no game. They were alive. Thomas hurled the wild roses forward. The explosion shook the area. “By the Dark Lord!” The mutants cried.“Look out!” They fired. “Then stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Julius made the meteors to fall down. “You cannot conquer!” They emerged from the rubble. “Alright.” Thomas growled. He reloaded the rifle. “That rests with the Lord.” Julius told.

“Three pretty petals”, Dora wood. The 22nd. Of December 2098 A.D.

The candles still burned. Tamara kept scratching on the wall. The lamps smelled with sulphur. She got to escape. They would use her as an escort. The Russian girl knew it was true. Nobody deserved this fate. Tamara was only 15 years old. The house looked like a refuge. The landlord got the might of a sweet talker. He pressed her into service. “Forgive my sins.” She felt so dirty. Tamarahid her face behind the curtain of chestnut blonde hair. “Oh please.” The mirror showed her shame. Tamara wouldn’t look. She couldn’t stop the weeping. “Demons from Hell.” The Russian disliked her image. She felt so cold. Tamara was alone. They had sent for her friends. “Hello there my pretty little flower.” Her green eyes went hard. “You look ready to pick.” Theman got scarred and deformed. That was too much. “Please.” Tamara got disgusted. “You funny little girl.” He laughed. “Come and take me, if you can.” Why did she say that? The landlord had left her with a tunic made of bear skin and leather. “Let me show you a pretty view.” Tamara touchedher buckle. “How nice.” He snickered. They told her hopes and dreams would not prevail. Tamarabelonged to the Orthodox church. “I will not be a plaything!” The man took her crucifix. “Oh that you will.” Tamara screamed.

Final approach, “Evil’s nest”. The 22nd. Of December 2098 A.D.

The floor was a garbage heap. Cedric Von Holm Beheld the scene. He accepted the danger. “Sworn to the Dark Lord!” Dracula’s brides leaped down into the machinery. That was a dare. The platform was not in place. “They lust for the blood.” Cedric would be more careful. “Thou art to kill the Belmont clan.” The captain harked his voice. “Yes my lord.” He saluted. Cedric felt a shudder. “They are to be executed.” Freidrich Hertz kept at a ready position. “His last command.” Cedric had to become the ring leader. “The echoes made of Darkness.” The night flowers spread out. “For blood is the life!” They would perform for the audience. “The dance of the skull.” Cedric recognised the witch’s ritual. “This might be interesting.” The officer beheld the act. “Bloody Tears.” He breathed. “They are the brides of Dracula.” Freidrich Hertz was pleased. “You come with me.” The sorceress unsheathed hershort knife. The flared-jacket opened to reveal her leather armour. The spikes were dipped in poison. “Dracul!” She beckoned his blood. “Hark thy Master’s voice.” He felt the ecstasyof agony. The death charmer summoned the pure will power. “A new master will come to the castle.” Cedric recited. “He shall inherit Dracula’s power.” Vlad Tepes was his prince of Darkness.

The ice-coloured lightsabres became ignited. Christopher trusted his sword. “God with us!” Desmond would burn them to ashes. “You human scum.” Their blades sizzled withenergy. The solicitor accepted the challenge. He took the brunt. “Right.” He made the lightning strike. That gave the upper hand. “This is the end.” That didn’t last. “”Come. And see for yourself.” The spider man spoke. “You can only loose.” Christopher could see beyond the obvious. “Preserve us from evil.” The African brides of Dracula wore lion fur and ivory head pieces. Desmond felt like a trap was closing in about him. “Get away!” Anette aimed for the head. “Let it be!” She presented the crucifix. “You little wench!” The spiders were so confident. ”They lustfor blood.” He launched the missile. “God with us!” Christopher threw the dagger. The mutant staggered. Desmond made a glide. “No way!” The assistant tried to slice him. Christopher threw the vial. The visor smashed like a wind-shield. The spider gasped for air. He collapsed. Desmond fought not to vomit. The organs had exploded.”Am I not attractive?” She walked by night. “Bride of Dracula.” Christopher touched the cross. “Then come to me.” The black skin teased. “You leave me alone.” Desmond would be a vampire hunter.

The mutants were dead. Julius made the sign of the cross. They had breached the security. “Let it be!” He got in trouble. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” He studied the chronicles. The circle got mentioned in the family’s archive. They fought for the Dark Lord in 1999. Julius inhaled. “I cast you into the pit.” He made it to rain with holy water. They screamed. The witches had created a vortex. “The dark ocean world.” He made the sign of the cross. They released the Homunculus. “Devils in Hell!” Thomas howled. He closed the wire pool. That was not enough. The Nominon had escaped. “Preserve us from the Dark!” He shuddered. The slimy green freaks got tentacles where their face should be. “Get away from there!” Anette summoned the Falcon. “Look out!” The Death charmer exposed her fangs. “Surrender.” She threw a ball of Destruction. “Save us!” The projectile sparked with agony. “A Requiem for the forgotten victims.” The witchcraft. “Into Your hands I commit my spirit!” Julius declared. The Alura sword lit up between his fingers. That was like a fountain of life. “Then let His will be done!” He made the sign of the cross. “Kneel to the power of Dracula!” Theevil witch trusted her knife. The blade got poisoned. The spikes were dipped in the liquid. The fight became more intense. The skull dancers might conjure even the spirits of the dead. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost!” He threw the vial. “So let it be!” The glass broke on impact. Julius made a back-flip. The laurels saved him. “Belmont scum.” The witch was eager for the kill. She tugged on the short silver braid. “You cannot stop us.” The death charmer approached to stab him. Her cold blue eyes beamed with vile ecstasy. Julius smacked the cape into her face. “Rest in peace!” The witch was made of skin and bone. He felt the malice like a chill in the air. “Let it be!” The priest grabbed the flared-jacket. Julius got to stamp with the crucifix. “May the Shadow embrace you!” The priest felt so cold. “You shall have no other gods beside me.” Julius resisted the gaze. She tried for the heart. “All who oppose the prince of Darkness must die.” The chest-plate might refuse her charm. “That rests with the Lord.” Julius threw her aside. “You witch.” He got stabbed on the pikes. The laurels removed the poisoned state. “I serve the realm.” The priest inhaled. “Get lost.” She hit him with the ball. Julius shrieked. The malicious witchcraft ran along his skeleton. “One will to rule them all.” The witch approached. “Your time is over.” Julius had to get up. There was a universe of pain. “Blood of the hunter.” She breathed. “To complete the circle.” Julius shuddered. They could use his kind as a catalyst to amplify Dracula’s magic. “Never.” He told. “I will never turn to the dark side.” Julius was the priest. “How strong, how young.” She licked her lips. “I shall make you mine.” Julius reached for the crucifix. “Get away.” Something slipped. He felt so tired. Julius looked into her eyes. He felt lazed with ecstasy.“Then welcome to the pleasures of the flesh.” The vampire was obscene. “I condemn you.” She fixed upon his throat. Julius sighed. She bent lower and lower. “Nay!” Her eyes burned. “Nay Thee!” Her hand became a fist. “For the vengeance is mine.” His image was shining. “Thus says the Lord!” The charmer struck with her gauntlets. “Dracul!” He was not afraid. “In accordance with the word and will of Jesus Christ, I henceforth forgive you of your sins.” He touched her brow. “I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost.” The result was extraordinary. She shrieked in anguish. The holy fire lit between his fingers. His wrath consumed her flesh. “Death and Darkness take you humans!” She kicked his ribs. The impact sent him flying. The witch advanced. She had unsheathed the knife. He inhaled. Julius inspected his body. This was a miracle. She broke no bone. He touched the crucifix. “Let the fire consume you.” The death charmer stopped. “For great is the mystery of faith.” The curse had broken. He could move. He could fight. “I hate you!” The witch proclaimed. “You should be mine!” Her eyes blazed. “You shall be mine!” The witch conjured a ball. “Come here.” Julius remained tall. “For blood is the life.” He recited. She exposed her fangs. The witch came to bite him. “The eternal night.” She stabbed for the heart. “God with us!” Julius would not allow it. He met her with his arms on fire. “Darkness within!” They collided. The blast couldn’t shake him. “Preserve us!” The priest released the fire. “You human scum!” She got burned. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” The witch dropped the knife. “Let it be.” Julius had to retrieve the sword. The witch opened her arms. “Behold.” The fire burned out. The death charmer had absorbed the heat. “The blood.” That was the African dancing girl. She might summon the spirits of the dead. “Fetch!” The vampire pushed the skull forward. “Good Lord!” Julius doused her with holy water. “Dracul!” The bride stabbed for the chest. “In Manos Toas Domine!” Julius removed the head. The skull dancer burst into pieces. “Alright.” Julius picked the jewels. “This is the end.” The death charmer hurled the ball. “Thou shall nay suffer a witch to live.” He presented the crucifix. The evil spell exploded. The priest burned the heart. “Please.” She got consumed by the pyre. “My beloved friend.” The witch approached with open arms. “Help me.” Julius could see beyond the obvious. “Hore of Lucifer!” She had to die. “I call you forth into the light to be cast into the abyss!” The priest must use his sword. “Rest in peace.” The head rolled on the floor. She got burned. “Then blessed art thee.” Julius made the sign of the cross. He had saved her immortal soul. “Who come in the name of the Lord.” He put the sword in front. Julius would hunt the night. He picked the crystals. “Forgive us.” The priest left the money. “We don’t know what we do.” He was not alone. The wenches had preparedforcombat. The priest inhaled. “So let it be.” This would not be nice. “Sworn to the Dark Lord!” They brandished with their weapons.

The vampire got released. Anette exhaled. “Rest in peace.” She told. “The Lord is with you.” Before the last decay, a look of relief, like that of a beam of sunlight, enlightened his features. The secretary made the sign of the cross. “Hail the count.” The commander gave a salute. “You kept the guard until the end.” The eyes were on fire. “Hunter.” He touched his beard. The fangs got exposed. “You might become the perfect bride.” Anette shuddered. “Save me.” She pulled through her dark blonde hair. “I am too old.” The secretary knew what he desired. “I do not have the colour.” She reached for the crucifix. The vampire laughed by her efforts. “I am not like the warlock.” The undead officer dashed like a bat. “Good Lord in Heaven!” This was another hunt. The secretary kept her glasses. She threw herself beneath the vampire. He spun a jar of flame. “It is I, Cedric Von Holm, that shall hold your leach.” He laughed. The Shadow cradled his presence. “I possess ancient power.” Anette knew she got in trouble. He might shield against the magic. “Fly my pigeons, fly!” They left her care. “Good Lord!” They hit the Shadow. “If you are not with me.” He told. “You are against me.” She sighed. “Only the lords of Shadow deals in absolutes.” Anette explained. “So be it.” He snarled.

This was getting out of hand. Thomas howled his challenge. They were the brides of Dracula. He would tearup their company. “Do not even try.” He snarled. They exchanged glances. “Blood is the life.” Thomas killed a night flower. “Come on.” He encouraged. “You devils.” The girl left the mystic crystal. “Rest in peace.” He exhaled. “That doesn’t belong to you.” The sisters approached. “Get away.” He picked the crystal. That fit into the grip of the rifle. “Good Lord!” He exclaimed. This was like with the spell book signet. “Come. Rest with us.” They cooed. “Our arms are hungry for you.” The brides were corrupt. “Devils from the pit.” The tribe kept the pact. “You forsook everything.” They were no longer the daughters of Eve. “Whores of Satan.” Thomas snarled. He pulled the trigger. The knight reloaded the weapon. The enflamed blast left him alone. They spread for cover. He didn’t stop. “Burn in Hell!” Thomas released his wrath. The blast might rip them apart. He dashed among their circle. “Kill him!” The living dead twirled with her whip. Thomas snarled. She tried to strangle him. They gathered about. “Curse you!” He got to breathe. “Burn in Hell!” She tightened the grip. He released through the gauntlets. They got burned. “You whores.” Thomas spat on the floor.

“Three pretty petals”, Dora wood. The 22nd. Of December 2098 A.D.

There were too many mirrors. Carmen inhaled. “Your hopes and dreams will not await you.” That was the landlord’s joke. This was the case for rebellion. “I will be no man’s toy.” Carmen pulled at her blonde hair. This was not her destiny. She would make a difference. Love and faith would prevail against evil. The 17-year-old girl turned her hair into a pony-tail. She beheld her image. The blue eyes became hard like diamonds. “Please God, help us.” Carmen felt sorry about the children. She had decided. “I shall become a vampire hunter.” She was a half-blood. “I shall hunt the night.” That made no difference. “So help me God.” Carmen might not look the part, though she kissed the tiny gold crucifix. “Cross your hearth.” She sighed. This was the beginning. “Then so let it be.” Shehad removed the nightgown. Carmenwould not appear like a prostitute. Maxim Kishine was the founder of her bloodline. She had removed the make-up. That had to be enough. She wished to be like an ordinary girl. That was impossible. Carmen would fulfil her destiny. She redressed. “Then so let it begin.” She purchased the green weapon’s shirt and leather armour.The Lord would be with her. Carmen buckled her belt. She stepped into the boots. Now she was ready to fight.

Final approach, “Evil’s nest”. The 22nd. Of December 2098 A.D.

The woman was strong. Cedric snarled. How could it be? She was nothing then a secretary. Anette Erlanger, that was her name. She disposed of his captain. That officer got no treasure. They had underestimated the humans. Friedrich Hertz was too proud. “You are the hunter.” He spun a jar of flame. The young woman almost lost her glasses. “You are not a Belmont.” She had escaped. The secretary was both young and strong. She would be like the main dish. This was only a distraction. The holy man managed to fight his way to the top of the tower. How dared they to disturb their resting-place!? “You shall pay!” Cedric morphed into mist. He appeared to hurl four homing fireballs. Cedric had picked a ring of power. That was a gift. “Curse you.” He shrieked. The shell broke his attack. The wild cat might rip out his throat. The vampire carried a chest-plate for protection. The collard saved him. “Get away from me.” The feline buried her teeth into his face. “Burn, you descendant of Bast!” Cedric shrieked. The Hellfire granted strength. He threw the cat aside. “For great is the Lord.” She arrived. “Forgive me.” She presented the crucifix. He shrieked. “You lost!” He embraced her body. Now it was she who suffered. The arms were on fire. He would bestow the vampire’s kiss.

The star spun through the air. Christopher made a back-flip. “God with us!” That was close. “Come on.” The night flowers laughed by his efforts. “Little man. We want to have fun.” They tried to blind his sense of justice. “Fine!” Desmond inhaled. The count tried that before. He was not like his ancestors. Maxim and Clifford bowed to his will. They repented. Christopher would make them proud. “Come on. Come on.” They were the brides of Dracula.“Don’t you know how to treat a woman?” They mocked him. Desmond threw eight daggers. They shrieked. The solicitor couldn’t afford to feel sorry. They got corrupted by the curse. “Burn in Hell!” Thomas came from behind. “Together we stand!” Christopher proclaimed. The knight used his stakes for weapons. The wenches burned upon their demise. “Let it be!” Desmond might finally relax. They had become the successors of faith. He had no doubt. They fought back-to-back. Christopher made lightning strike. They got to aid the secretary. Anette got hard pressed by the vampire. The priest got occupied. He got to continue on top. They were alone. Desmond made it to rain with holy water. They didn’t like that. “Alright.” He exhaled. The Lord would not forsake them. Christopher touched the cross. He got to hunt.

Entrance hall, final approach. The 22nd. Of December 2098 A.D.

They lay dead on the floor. Julius made the sign of the cross. “Rest in peace.” He sighed. “May the Lord forgive your sins.” That was unlikely. They perished with curses on their lips. The vampire hunter felt sorry about that. Though the Lord might forgive anyone He wanted. That was no longer his responsibility. Julius had a look around. This was the audience room. “Good Lord.” The priest unsheathed his sword. The entire floor seemed to be made of glass. How did they withstand the pressure? He threw the question aside. There were no one here. Julius approached the hologram board. The image revealed the entire build-up of the lantern. He added to the map. Julius replaced the scroll. He exhaled. This was getting him nowhere. Julius had a closer inspection. He reached the fifth floor. The throne room was ahead. “Alright.” He got to use the elevator to get up. There was another button. He got to find it. “Forget about it.” The guards emerged from among the columns. “Hark thy Master’s voice.” The monsters got to activate their electric lances. “That no one might enter beyond this point.” Julius made the sign of the cross. Thesentinels looked like Geramouth.“I hunt the night.” The dinosaurs were clad in green and gold-plated techno-armour. “I serve the kingdom.” Julius had to forge the pyre sword. He got to counter the assault. They leached to take him. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” He deflected the attack. “Preserve us!” He threw the vial. The holy water burned in place. “Dracul!” They resisted. Julius struck. The dino got the lance. “Preserveus from evil!” Julius kept the attack. He got to force the weapon aside. “Let it be!” Julius kept the partner occupied.He was not afraid. The priest would burn them to ashes. “Bombs away!” The dinosaur pulled the controls. The spiked bombs exploded. “Good Lord!” Julius presented the crucifix. The monster made a back-dash. The sentinel concealed his face. “You shall not conquer!” They came from either side. “Die youhuman scum!” He withdrew. They trusted both high and low. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” Julius picked the knife. He would fight. Julius got Simon’s heart of fire. That gave an edge. He managed to counter. “Let us kill him brother!” The dinosaur launched a rocket. Julius consolidated his strength. “Kyrie eleison!” The priest got above the missile. “For great is the Lord!” He twirled around. “Be free!” The enflamed weapons pierced the neck and torso. “Brother!” The sentinel cried. “Execute the hunter!” The dinosaur collapsed into a heap. “Die!” The twin went for the kill. “The Master take you!” Julius took the gems. He got ready to fight. “You Belmont slime!” The enraged sentinel released the five rockets. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Julius summoned the crosses. The barrier exploded. Julius threw himself beneath the fireballs. “Yeah!” The priest got up to impale the heart. “You cannot escape!” The sentinel exclaimed. “That rests with the Lord.” The dinosaur burst apart. Julius exhaled. He picked the jewels. There was that sound. “Good Lord in Heaven!” The priest felt chills down his spine. “Preserve us from the Dark.” The howl belonged to a hound. Julius reached for the crucifix. That was no ordinary beast. “Into Your hands I commit my spirit.” Julius gripped the sword. The Hellhound had arrived. He made a back-flip. The demon had escaped from Hell. “Preserve us from the evil One!” The monster was breathing flame. “The devils of the pit!” Julius presented the crucifix. The Lord would protect him. The Hellhound leaped to take him. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” The beast left a track of flame. The priest threw the clock. The demon howled. He never stopped. Julius hurled the vial. The liquid burned. He blinked. “Save us!” The monster became invisible. “Let it be!” The priest made the sign of the cross. The demon returned. Julius screamed. The monster went for the neck. The crucifix saved him. The saliva was like venom. That was not enough. The demonichound breathed heavy flames. Julius rolled aside. The laurels restored him.He resisted the curse. The priest kept bleeding. The Hellhound advanced. The monster would make dinner upon his soul. Julius got to roll. He got burned. Julius shrieked. The priest felt like he got consumed. The monster returned. “In Manos Toas Domine!” He got no choice. The priest hurled the crystal.“Then so let it be!” He made it to rebound. The demon got hurt. The gem burst to pieces. “I cast you into the pit!” The priest got to keep him occupied. The laurels broke the curse. Julius retrieved the sword. The Hellhound had vanished. That was a surprise. The fire caught his attention. “My God!” That was too late. The demon went for his chest. The fangs got buried within his body. “Preserve me!” The priest shrieked in pain. The Hellhound growled. “Then so let it be!” Julius released the pages. “Fetch this!” The paper cut into the monster. That was not enough. The demon refused to release him. Julius groaned. The armour couldn’t resist them forever. “Not again.” The laurels were not enough. “Get lost.” The Hellhound kept breathing flame. Julius revealed the crucifix. He stamped the monster. The demon blood was like poison acid. The priest struggled to get on foot. He released through the gauntlets. The Devil howled. “Glory be You!” Julius cried. “Our Father in Heaven!” The Hellhound released the grip. “Blessed artthee!” The priest retained the weapon. “Who comes in the name of the Lord!” The monster breathed the heavy flames.He dashed to slash him. Julius forged the fairy sword. He resisted the attack. The Hellhound had arrived. “So let it be!” The force was too much. The Hellhound impaled itself upon the blade. “Right.” The priest made the sign of the cross. The demon howled. Julius sighed. That was the end of the hunt. The mystic ball restored him. Julius shook himself. He got to gather. The priestfound the switch. He stepped upon the top. “God with us!” He almost expected another attack. That didn’t happen. “Then so let it be.” The platform kept rising up. “Nearer to thee.” He whispered. The throne room was ahead.

Final approach, “Evil’s nest”. The 22nd. Of December 2098 A.D.

The pain had become unbearable. Anette stamped with the crucifix. “Curse you human slut!” The vampire vanished like mist. “Then stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” She inhaled. Anette got to find him. That was no problem. He opened the cape to release the fireballs. “Help me!” She made a glide. Her familiar went for his throat. Cedric twirled with the lance. “Für das Vaterland!” He wore deer Keizer’s uniform. “Fly my pigeons! Fly!” Anette cried. She released the birds. He shrieked. They burned on impact. “Preserve us from the evil One!” Anette made the sign of the cross. “He cannot save you now.” The man had picked up her cat. She felt the pain. “Leave her alone!” Cedric smirked. That looked horrible. He got burned. “You want to have fun?” The night flowers had arrived. Anette fired her laser. “Forgive me.” She summoned the turtle. The vampire came like a bat. She got beneath. “Bend to the count.” The man retained his human form. “Never!” She got to be quick. The brides would return. Anette got to release her cat. “This I must do.” She twirled with the flame. That cut his throat. She got soaked with crimson. Anette was careful not to swallow. The cat pierced his heart. “This is over.” The head hit the floor. A look of relief passed his face before the last decay.

The brides gathered together. Thomas snarled. “Girls that want to have fun.” They giggled. He really hated that sound. “How about the kiss of thorns?” Theyhurled a flurry of Shuriken. “God with us!” The solicitor pinned the floor. The rising flames saved them from damage. “We must defeat the circle!” Christopher told. “Though the war rage forever.” “Come to us.” They cooed. “You know you want us.” Thomas growled. They would stand together. Desmond threw the axe forward. “Curse you!” The wenches didn’t like that. “Burn in Hell!” He struck with the halberd. “Let me fight the righteous battle.” Christopher picked the vial. “Right.” Thomas presented the crucifix. The cross-shaped beam of energy pierced the dead. “God with us!” Desmond made it to rain with holy water. “For this is the end!” He howled. The blessed liquid burned the bride. “Death and Darkness take you Belmont!” She screamed. Thomas blocked his ears. He shook himself, like a hound rising from deep water. “Let it be.” The woman got consumed by fire. He sighed. They got to continue. “Leave us alone!” Thomas would fight. “Let us have fun.” She got the whip. “We try with some breath play.” She giggled. “God with us!” The solicitor removed both her head and the whip.

“Three pretty petals”, Dora wood. The 22nd. Of December 2098 A.D.

The acolyteschanted while they climbed into the basement. Kayrealized he was not alone. “Lysander.” The ladyhailed. “I bringyou this sacrifice.” The girl lay spreadeagle on the alter.The body got forced into a perfect X. The black hair and yellow skin revealed her origin. “Then lit the blue fire.” The black apostle revealed his knife. Hay blushed. She was naked. “For this is the hour of the Beast.” They didn’t strip him down. Lysander pointed his finger. “What began in blood.” He aimed the knife. “Shall end with blood.” Kay screamed. “Hark.” The black apostle stabbed her through the heart. “Thy Master’s voice.” He proclaimed. Lysander made an image in blood. “Open chains, locks bolts! There is a dead voice calling.” The configuration worshipped Satan. “A life for a life.” He emerged. “An eye for an eye.” The man was crazy. “A head for a head.” He proclaimed. “Arise! A spirit lost and forsaken!” Kay closed his eyes. He failed. Gerda was lost. There were no escape. “For blood is the life!” The apostle removed the heart. “I grant you this feast of flesh and spirit.” Lysander bent. “Arise!To do my bidding!” There fell a great Shadow before the torchlight. Kay screamed. He was not a psychic, though he felt the malice. “Suffering!” Lysander impaled his heart.

Hidden docks, forgotten city. The 22nd. Of December 2098 A.D.

The submarine went down beneath the city. Leah Gomorrah sat before the translator. “Requesting Clearance code for shield passage.” The voice had finally pierced the static. “Request commencing.” She told. “Excellent.” The controllermanoeuvred through the trench. “Deactivation of the shield will begin immediately. Stand by.” They might at last approach. The Russian com-officer inspected his map-reading computer. “I copy.” This was the finale. The Sudan warrior changed polarity to might inspect the cavern. “You are cleared to land.Then welcome to the black abyss.” The communicator became silent. That was not a problem. “The map display is in effect.” Andrej Pushkin turned the submarine into a dive. “Perfect.” The lieutenant left her seat. She got a much better view. The “Fire fist” loomed in front. “Finally we might rest in familiar earth.” She retainedher ready position. “We are expected.” The com-officer informed. “They have cut the procedures to grant us a secured location.” Leah acknowledged. “You told about his technology?”The officer focused on the security. He never turned to look. “The hangar is illuminated.” The Russian kept moving forward. “Please return to your seat.” They had approached. “Carry on.” The pit was ahead.

Final approach, “Evil’s nest”. The 22nd. Of December 2098 A.D.

The flower shrieked. Christopher felt no triumph. The tiny African teen was no longer human. He brushed the black hair away from his face. “I know.” Thomas was reloading the rifle. “Dracula is to blame.” Anette touched his shoulder. “Right.” He quit playing with the cross. “You are thebest leader.” She might still surprise him. Anettebarely survived the encounter. She got ready to hunt. “Let me pull the switch.” Thomas finished the reload. “As you wish.” Desmond had to inspect the broad sword. They went to stand upon the platform. “Going up.” The knightgotatop. The elevator began to move. “The gate is open.” Anette kept the watch. She began to chargeup the flame blast. “There goes another one!” Anette pierced the big bat. The monster split into a swarm. “Preserve us from evil!” Christopher threw the eight daggers. “Curse the lot!” They came for blood. The gauntlets flared. Thomas broke the bats to peaces. He took the gems. “That was impressive.” Desmond remarked. “Of course.” He smirked. “That is a family trick.” The solicitor shrugged. They went through the opening. “Bats away!” Anette got ahead. “Fly my birds! Fly!” She released the pigeons. “Preserve us from evil!” Christopher made a glide beneath the onslaught. He made it to rain with holy water.

Throne room, final approach. The 22nd. Of December 2098 A.D.

The chamberwas drapped in the power of Dracula. Juliuslooked around. “Show yourself.” He challenged. “I can feel your presence.” The stellar sword was like a torch in the dark. There came no answer. Juliusshuddered. He knew the truth. This was the chill of the grave.“In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost.” Julius approached the next step. He had figured out the problem. “To fear the unknown.” He breathed. “The trail of blood.” The priest held the blade in a dual grip. Someone was watching. Julius felt the spectators. Their hidden eyes filled him with a nameless fear. “Welcome young Belmont.” He withdrew. “I have been expecting you.” Julius inhaled. He got to relax. Julius made the sign of the cross. “The world shall burn in the fire of industry.” That would never be true. He would make it so. “Then a new master shall come to the castle. He shall inherit the count Dracula’s power.” Julius shuddered. This was not the end of the road. “Warlock.” He made the sign of the cross. The Dark Lordapproached like aswarm of bats. He claimed the throne.“I feel your anger.” The silent laugher made him more nervous. “”Turn your chair.” Julius demanded. “Face me.” The vampire obliged to his wishes. “Good Lord in Heaven!” Julius had to fight him alone.

Entrance hall, final approach. The 22nd. Of December 2098A.D.

The hunt was over. Anette was gasping. She leaned upon her knees. Anette got exhausted. Christopher had regained his fighting spirit. The knight supported himself against his weapon. She sighed. At least there were no other robots up here. Thomas went looking for the switch. The map told they got a floor to climb. “I know what this is.” Desmond got that distant look. The solicitor might see beyond the obvious. “The curse of Darkness.” Christopher blinked. “Are you sure?” The dark-breed reached for the crucifix. “Hector broke the curse in 1499.” The Belmont chronicle told about the devil forgemaster. “He was the father of your family.” Anette kept charging with the spell. “Tell us the story.” She encouraged. “Die another day.” He muttered. “Wait a moment.” Thomas seemed preoccupied. “There is the scent of lizard.” She might tell. “There is something about this place.” He snarled. “Preserve us from evil!” Desmond gripped the sword. “They are the elite sentinels!” Anette had recognised their lot. The monstersgot clad inthe green and gold plated techno armour. “Sworn to the Dark Lord!” The dinosaurs ignited their lances. “Then stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” She cried. “Kill them!” The leader launched a rocket. “Fly my birds! Fly!” She released the pigeons.

The rocket burst on impact. Thomas retained his true form. He escaped. That was close. “Blast you!” He threw the garlic. The elite guard twirled with the weapon. Thomas howled. The dinosaur resisted the impact. “Burn in Hell!” The knight felt taken aback. “Get behind!” The techno suit got a hidden reactor. “Die you human whore!” They would kill the secretary. “Stop calling me that!” Anette met them with the flame blast. He smirked. She was that brave. The beast got pushed aside. “Let it be!” The turtle spun in place. He reached for the crucifix. The animal went straight home. “Glory be You!” Anette cheered. “Our Father in Heaven!” Thomas exhaled. The sentinel got shot to pieces. She picked the gems. That was her price. “Bombs away!” The spiked orbs got put in place. “Take cover!” Thomas threw himself down. “Game over!” The dinosaur threw the fireballs. Thomas released through the gauntlets. “Dracul!” They launched the rockets. “Fly away again!” The falcon raised above the impact. The meteors buried the sentinels. “Alright!” Thomas got ahead. The secretary survived. “Come on.” He stepped upon the switch. They got to leave. “What killed the dinosaurs?” Christopher had arrived. “The ice age.” Thomas relaxed. They were alive. “Let us hunt.”

A.N: The content of this text is really dark matter. I borrowed some elements from the KD and GB titles.This is my attempt to might suggest how a futuristic title/stage might look like. The final battle is about to begin. Have a nice time.

“” Do it soon, that you will do.””

John: 13. 27.

Last boss track: Blood Feud. Forest of Debias, Warakiya. The 22nd. Of December 2098 A.D.

The sun had set. Claudia lay by the fire. The snow was no bother. She was a born lycanthrope. “Here.” Anna had bent down beside her. “Renon told you had to drink it all up.” She sighed. The dancing girl used her money to purchase the potion. “Alright.” Claudia gulped it down. “No problem.” The taste was like the liquid frost. The medicine lit a fire within her stomach. Or so it felt. “Take it.” She made a face before returning the bottle. “Thanks.” Anna smiled. “That would be 120 peaces.” Renon refilled the glass. The enchantress gave him the money. She put it away. “Please.” The merchant tipped his hat. “Call me if there is anything else.” Anna shrugged. The man was already gone. “You know I could pay him.! Claudia remarked. “Not in your condition.” The Lycan got up. “Now you listen.” Anna spoke before she could. “It was you who made the litch to hunt us.” Claudia blushed. “They are the tribe enemies.” She got to explain herself. The dancing girl shook her head. “You almost got us both killed.” Anna spread her arms like wings. “I got to save you.” Claudia brushed it off. “I am alive.” She argued. “Though I promise to be more careful.” The light shone from across the road. “This isn’t St. George’s day.” Anna mused. ”I know.” The Lycan growled by the bitter smell.

Throne room, final approach. The 22nd. of December 2098 A.D.

The Dark Lord was concealed by shadow. Damien Frost smiled. He might feel the approach. That smile never reached his eyes. The vampire could feed on his anger, fear and aggression. Then this was his enemy. The holy man had cost him so much. “Are you ready?” He asked. The bodyguards hailed his command. “Good.” He breathed. “Good.” There were nothing left. Except for the challenge. Though that was a given. “I feel your presence.” He acknowledged. Damien Frost only had to set thislast farse in motion. “Show yourself.” This was amusing. The man thought to defeat him. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost.” The vampire snarled. He would not get involved. “To fear the unknown.” He had arrived. “The trail of blood.” The man looked nervous. “Welcome young Belmont.” At last it began. “I have been expecting you.” He would fight. “The world shall burn in the fire of industry.” The Belmont clan had discovered the secret. “Then a new master shall come to the castle.” The prophecy. “He shall inherit the count Dracula’s power.” The Belmont began to shudder. “Warlock.” The hunter made the sign of the cross. This was the moment. “I feel your anger.” He laughed. “Turn your chair.”The manrequested. “Face me.” The guards would kill him.

They left the elevator. Christopher cherished the weapon. “God with us!” He challenged. “Preserve us from the Dark.” Anette made the sign of the cross. “Come on!” Thomas howled. He leaped into the well of the court. “Execute the hunters!” The sentinels ignited their lances. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” Desmond knew that voice. His cousin was not be alone. The solicitor ran to support him. They would fight together. “Desmond!” Anette cried. “Behind you!” Christopher turned around. The fourth sentinel appeared from within the box. “God with us!” He got in trouble. For a moment, the secretary got pressed from either side. “Blast you!” Thomas returned. “You cannot escape!” The guards came along. “Assassins!” The fireballs forced him into the elevator. The platform occupied the heart of the lobby. Desmond had no mind. They met the sentinels. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” The secretary climbed atop the tiger. “God with us!” Christopher made the lightning strike. The space was too narrow. They got mixed together. He would hunt. “May I be of service?” There was another exit. The rat got supported by his cane. “No thanks.” This was an ambush. “Get behind!” Desmond cried. “He is mine!” That was rubbish. He got to reach his cousin.


The hunt continued. Julius approached. “My name is Damien Frost.” The area was quiet. “Come to me.” Damien beckoned. “The power of Dominance.” Julius breathed. This was bad. “Chi no Rondo.” He spoke the ancient words. “You cannot usurp the throne.” He relaxed. “Perhaps not.” Damien smiled. “There are alternatives.” The bodyguard ignited her lightsabre. The nasty bright light revealed her features. “Don’t wait until night.” She was not alone. Julius gripped the sword. The others had arrived. The sentinels got in motion. “Excellent.” The vampire admitted. “The hate is awake.” Julius wished he could be silent. That could wait. “Darkness never dies.” He believed to be the Dark Lord. Julius would reveal the truth. “Alright.” The vampire hunter had to consolidate his power. “They cannot help you now.” The bodyguard finally spoke. Julius inhaled. She looked small and skinny. That was a set-up. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” The priest cried. “Kill him!” This was the perfect trap. The others got occupied. Julius got left alone. “You are the leader from the forgotten city.” The bodyguard retained her pose. “I am Daria Glenholm.” The female warrior looked proud. The triple black braids went down beneath her shoulders. “You sold your soul to the Devil.” The lightsabre got reflected by the red and white armour. “For fortune and fame.” Heexhaled. That was obvious. Julius might see beyond the obvious. The cyborg was another gun for hire. “Go in peace.” Julius told. “And sin no more.” She was innocent. “Neither I do judge you.” He went for the throne. “Surrender.” She was not impressed. “Then your life will be spared.” Julius sighed. “Let it be.” Daria touched her chest. “Enough of this.” The jet-pack roared. “Here! Try my toe-cable on for size!” The bounty-hunterreleased the cable. That wasn’t fair. Julius didn’t expect it. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost!” He cried. The priest usedhis blade. “Nice trick.” Daria released the now useless trapping-device. “Kyrie eleison.” Julius made the sign of the cross. The bodyguard got the new seeker crystals. “In Manos Toas Domine!” The bounty-hunter fired with her arm-cannon.“The time to die!” She reached for the shoulder. “Good Lord!” He made a back-flip. Daria threw the grenades. That might kill him. She brought up the laser-sight. He dodged the cross-fire. “God with us!” Julius got to defend himself. The cyborg came with the lightsabre. He forged the pyre sword. The priest blocked the attack. The laser-fire stalked his mobility. Julius got forced to retreat. “You underestimate the power of the Shadow.” Daria hurled her weapon like a boomerang. He repelled it on impact. “This is your last chance.” The bounty-hunter retrieved her weapon. “Drop your weapons. Or face your destiny.” Julius touched the crucifix. “Then so let it be.” He could see beyond the obvious. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” The priest exclaimed. That was the black spot. “You are the Devil’s purchase.” The bodyguard smirked. “Master.” She picked the hold-out weapon from within the hip compartment.“Preserve us!” Julius cried. “From the wicked One!” That was the flame-thrower. The priest presented his tiny crucifix. His image was a shield. “Don’t trust such trinkets.” Daria cast the grenades. “God with us!” Julius hurled the Shuriken. “The Darkness within!” The onslaught exploded. “You bastard!” She tried to escape. That was too late. He doused her with holy water. “Give yourself up.” The bodyguard requested. “That is the only way to save your friends.” Julius wouldn’t listen. He forged the pyre sword. Julius got to repel the lightsabre. “Then hark the Master’s voice.” Daria hissed. “Your compassion make you weak.” He bit together. She had run out of shells. “Let it be.” The fight was far from over. “You have become a acolyte of evil.” She was alive. “Even the Belmont clan has a trace of the Darkness.” Julius struggled to resist. “Believe me.” That was forbidden knowledge. “Listen to the voices of the dark side.” She was not a witch. The priest got angry. He released through the gauntlets. Daria screamed. She got burned. “Then I will not be the weak link!” She refused to surrender. She pressed her momentum. Julius got forced to retreat. “You have chosen death.” She aimed her weapon. “Game over.” Daria spew the heavy flames. “God with us!” Julius held the crucifix. “Preserve us from evil!” His image saved his life. “You Belmont scum!” Daria raised up. He got no time to prepare. The cross-fire got too strong. The sword was on fire. He reflected the blast. “Forgive me.” Daria collided against the wall. “For I have sinned.” Julius threw the axe. “By the dragon!” He hit the replacement arm. That blocked the objective. The flare burned her flesh. “Let go.” He made the sign of the cross. She was corrupt. The priest exhaled. He got to save her soul. Daria dropped the lightsabre. “Curse you Belmont!” She released through the flame-thrower. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” He repelled the fire. He slashed her weapon. “Bastard!” She screamed. “You cannot defeat me!” She retrieved the lightsabre. Julius threw the crystal. The generator imploded. He tightened the grip. The battle continued. “You are not immortal.” Daria breathed. “Prepare for launch.” Shereached toward the right shoulder. He bit his lip. The stinger got the homing propensity. The priest hid behind the books. The missile exploded. “In Manos Toas Domine!” He sliced the implement. The arm rolled upon the floor. “Dracul!” Daria shrieked. She got burned. “Be damned!” She launched another missile. “Preserve us!” He could not escape. Daria fired her arm-cannon. Julius summoned the crosses. “Let it be!” The Lord would preserve his soul. Julius doused her with holy water. The jet-pack exploded. Daria was still alive. She launched the rocket. Julius released the fireball. That gave an edge. She screamed in anger.That was the final round. That didn’t change anything. Julius inhaled. “I shall take your head.” That was no surprise. Daria had retrieved her lightsabre. “Let it be!” Julius made the sign of the cross. She smirked. The vampire hunter accepted the challenge.

The monster forced behind. Anette held the crucifix. “Get lost you devils!” Thomas howled. “Then stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” The tiger ripped the heart of the dinosaur. “For great is the Lord.” The sentinel was dead before reaching the floor. “Rest in peace.” Anette hurled the flame blast. The vile mutant blocked her offence. “You leave her alone!” The knight fought to approach. They were the sentinels. “Oh my God!” She got astonished. Thomas had forced the lance askew. “Die you Lycanthrope traitor!” The monster shrieked. “Look out!” The lobby was far too narrow. “Fire in the hall!” The guard released a rocket. “Rocket man.” Anette felt a bit dizzy. She got to concentrate. Thomas threw the wild flowers. That broke the missile. “Scream for me you little whore.” The mutantcame to impale her. “Fly my pigeons! Fly!” She made the birds to scatter. The guard tried to stop them. “Right.” Thomas snarled. The knight retained his animal form. She gasped. The knight slit his throat. She got the gems. “Follow me!” Christopher called. The solicitor challenged the sentinels. “Terminate the hunter.” Desmond got in trouble. They had him in a corner. “Excuse me.” The smile wasn’t nice. “We have an appointment.” Anette got prepared for another onslaught.

The guard kept twirling. Thomas howled his challenge. “Curse you!” He released the bombs. “Get down!” The explosion shook the lobby. The secretary was still alive. “Blast you devils!” He pushed the advantage. The solicitor got in trouble. They reached the private chambers. “How dare you to disturb the resting place?!” The red coated fox unsheathed her Katana. “Burn in Hell!” Thomas stabbed with the trident. “Blasted!” The fox turned it into a dance. She carriedthe Eclipse above the heart of the outfit. “You shall not suffer a witch to live!” Anette approached. The secretary presented the crucifix. The fox hid her face. “You wench!” The maid hid behind the curtain. “The main dish has arrived.” The maid threw five knives. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” He got impressed. Anette summoned her turtle. The vampire touched her apron. The articlefit tight around her loins. She licked her lips. Thomas couldn’t help her. “Sworn to the Dark Lord!” The fox was quite the fencer. “Blasted!” She might kill him. The explosions caught their attention. “By the demon castle!” The maid exclaimed. “Come on!” Thomas encouraged. This was the moment. “Christopher!” She cried. “God with us!” He survived. That was fine. They got to hunt together.

Forest of Debias, Warakiya. The 22nd. Of December 2098 A.D.

There must be gold hidden somewhere within the forest. Fritz knew about the legend. “Come.” She was exquisite. “Myblood descendants.” She had lit the fire. “Fritz Gottreich.” She cooed. They exchanged nervous glances. “And Wilhelm Siegfried.” The woman laughed. That exposed her fangs. “The Spielsdorf brothers.” He felt how the trap closed in around him. “I have you both.” The siblings got armed. “You have nothing!” Fritz exclaimed. “Oh no?” She arched an eyebrow. “We are related.” That was impossible. “You slept with Mircalla.” Willhelm made a stance. “You foolish children!” The blue Hellfire burned behind the gaze. “You know nothing about the eternal night!” He had no mind. “You have been deceived.” Fritz pulled at his brown hair. “Blinded by your greed, you took the power without question.” He kept the grey eyes fixed upon the snow. “You let the Dark Lord to corrupt your mind.” The wind moved through his brother’s lion-like features. “We chose to become the hunters.” Hisfair colour might make a maiden jealous. “Even now the Lord might forgive you of sins.” Wilhelm scratched his beard. “There is a new dawn.” Fritz reached for the crucifix. “Believe.” The sword reflected the moonlight. “Hark, there is a dead voice calling!” He shuddered.

Throne room, final approach. The 22nd. Of December 2098 A.D.

The eventstranspired like the count prescribed. Damien Frost was pleased by the outcome. “The shadow rising.” The Belmont’s frustration and anger were reaching a peak. He smiled. This would make the Dark Lord toolive again. “The evil thrives in the shadow of the castle.” The dual commenced. He enjoyed the conflict. The bodyguard had retrieved her weapon. “Hail the count!” Daria saluted. She threw the lightsabre like a giant boomerang. “Excellent.” The hunter withdrew from the platform. The tiny girl got bruised.She still managed to fight. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” The Belmont priest brandished with his enflamed sword. He repelled the attack. The vampire acknowledged. “The weapon of Maxim Kishine.” Damiensnarled. He recognised the Stellar sword. “Legend of Belmont.”

He went forth to study the lore of the event of 1748. That was a contribution to his plot. Though that might be in wain. The man threw the five gold knives. He impaled the confidentThis was not how it was supposed to be. The Belmontswelled with anger. He took the head. Damien emerged from his seat. “You cost me my esquire!” Enough of this. “God with us!” The Belmont was not deterred. Then so let it be. The hour had struck.

The elite sentinel had escaped. Christopher got other problems. “God with us!” He was alone. The rat was a master of the martial arts. The upper-cuts, knee and slide-kicks might kill him. “Blood of the hunter.” Desmond had consolidated the bloodline pantheon to might keep up.Was this how Soma Cruz felt when confronting Raisa Volkova in 2057? He put that aside. “Star field!” The shaman cast the fireballs. “Traitor!” He knew about the secrets of Mana. “You twist the forces of nature into service!” Christopher was furious. He touched the cross. The rat man kneltin front. “Fine.” He got the picture. They tried to blind his sense of Justice. This was how the Dark Lord had enlisted his ancestors. He would not be like Hugh Baldwin. He could resist the temptation. God would help him. “War force!” The rat became ablaze. Desmond blocked the cane. He would confront the shaman. They clashed. “God with us!” The solicitor fought to maintain his position. The rat was old.He was betterthan most. Christopher had no choice. “Let it be!” He consolidated the force. The rat was too quick. “God with us!” He remained tall. “You Belmont scum.” The rat made a fist. Desmond bent. He got beneath the upper-cut. Christopher made it into a glide. He would continue to fight.

The dark figure emerged from the throne. Julius made the sign of the cross. “Rest in peace.” The bodyguard left a treasure behind. This was not the end. “I hate you.” The vampire spoke. The priest felt so cold. That was the chill of the grave. Damien let down the hood and cloak. “Be gone.” Julius presented the crucifix. “Haunt me no longer.” The warlock hissed. “Fool.” The ice blonde hair fell down to frame his features. “He cannot help you.” The Devil lied. “For Ihave collected the power of Dracula.” The eyes were on fire. Julius was not afraid. “There is only one lord of the vampires.” He knew about the ancient lore. “Impotent whelp!” Damien exposed his fangs. “Then in the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost!” This was what it meant to become a vampire hunter. “A light shone forth in the Darkness. Though the Dark comprehended it not.” Julius let down the crucifix. He held the sword. “Then behold!” Damien proclaimed. “The power of Dracula!” Julius observed the vampire. The priest might see beyond the obvious. “Please Lord! Preserve us from the wicked One!” The hatred reeked off the vampire like black smoke. “Into the night!” This was impossible. The curseclang to his square-patterned blue and crimson shroud like patches of stain blood. Julius forged the angel sword. The vampire went like a swarm of bats. He lusted for blood. “Kyrie eleison!” The priest threw the axe. The enflamed weapon exploded on impact. Damien had retained his human form. “Good Lord in Heaven!” The vampire made a gesture. He made a glide. The frost rings might kill him. Julius got beneath. “Enough.” Damien hissed. “I am finished with playing games.” Julius got to strike him. The aura resisted each blow. Julius could smell the rotting corpse. The power was too strong. He didn’t possess the whip. The vampire was invincible! “Join me.” He breathed. “Let me complete your education.” Julius got ashamed. He was not like Gabriel. The Belmont clan brought their father to ground. There might still be a way. Though that was dangerous. He retrieved the dark magic pendant. Julius threw the dagger. “Darkness!” The knife got buried in the chest. “Blood of the hunter.” He inhaled. “For the tears of my lady.” The cloak got stained. “Forget about Sonia Belmont!” The vampire struck his blade. He had become his hate. “For great is the mystery of faith.” Julius blocked the scrawling ice blast. The aura was changing colour. He disliked the Hellfire. The priest reached for the white magic pendant. Desmond vanished like mist. He was in front. “Together we might dominate this land.” Julius wouldn’t listen. He would not be charmed. Damien got that kind of power. “Tonight’s forecast; a freeze is coming.” He heard that before. The vampire hit the floor. “Good Lord!” The priest threw the vial. He made the rising icicles. They might shield his position. “Preserve us from the evil One!” He got to break the ice. “Alright.” The anger boiled. He threw the Shuriken. “I want your blood.” Damien revealed. The star shone. Not even the vampire might resist the power of gold. “There is no escape.” Damien reached to take him. That was like the winter. The frost bit through flesh and blood. The vampireknew how to fight. “Save us!” Julius almost lost to the sword-punch combo. Damien snarled. He kept on coming. “For blood is the life.” The shield had changed. “Yes.” He focused upon the dark. Julius had no choice. The blue light might make him invincible. “Give it to me!” Damien craved. “For I am the one.” His eyes were crazy. “Into Your hands!” Julius proclaimed. “I commit my spirit!” The vampire reached him. “I am the new master!” He hissed. “That rests with the Lord.” The hunter presented the crucifix. “Then so let it be.” Damien left like a swarm of bats. “Rest in peace.” Julius threw the crystal. They squeaked. The bats got burned to ashes. “This is not the end!” The warlock appeared before the throne. “You should never have defied me.” Julius ran to catch up. The vampire made rising icicles. The gauntlets burned. He broke the ice. Julius gripped the sword. The aura changed colour.He got the light magic pendant. Damien reached with frost. The priest exhaled. “Come here.” Damien lusted for blood. He dropped the invitation. “God with us!” He picked the book. Julius got to occupy the Devil. He released the pages. “Vampire hunter!” Damien shrieked. He got cut by the paper. The blood stained the floor. Julius staggered. “Please,preserve us!” He got some of the foul liquidintothe mouth. Julius didn’t like that. He accepted the danger. The vampire’s blood might inflict a cursed state. “This is glorious.” The eyes were on fire. “Do you feel the power?” Julius presented the crucifix. “Be gone in the name of the Lord!” Julius didn’t want to admit it. Though the blood revived him. Damien struck. “God with us!” The scrawling ice blast froze him in place. “Now I might feast.” Damien exposed his fangs. “The feast of blood.” Julius shuddered. “Be quiet.” He felt so helpless.“To hunt the night.”The prieststill held the laurels. The relic remove the frozen curse. Damien bent for the neck. He never noticed what happened. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost!” The priest doused him with holy water. The vampire screamed. The liquid worked like acid. He got burned. “Forgive us!” Julius replaced the light pendant.“We don’t know what we do!” The priesthad to impale the heart. “Then you have chosen death.” The vampire met the gaze. Julius got confused. For a moment he almost wished to surrender. “The evil eye!” He figured. “Leave me alone!” Julius would not be charmed. He would show him. He would show the lot! “Damn you!” Julius became furious. He dashed for the vampire. Damien spread his arms. “You devil!” The priest crushed the frost rings. “May you be cast down into the eternal fire!” The pyre sword might grant such abilities. “To be destroyed!” The aura was changing colour. The priest had no mind. He gottoo angry. The vampire met the assault. Damien was strong. He gotto conquer. The priest reached for the crucifix. The Lord would not forsake him.

The maid lusted for blood. Anette got in trouble. “Help me.” She got the wrong arsenal. Anette cleaned her glasses. “You want me.” The bride had done the maid’s outfit. “Whore.” This was an insult. “Fly my pigeons! Fly!” Anette would fight. The white birds left her care. They lit the dark. The maid vanished like mist. She touched the crucifix. This was not the end. “Those who wander in the dark shall see a great light.” She almost forgot. “The three remain; faith, hope and love.” Anette made the sign of the cross. “Then greatest among them is love.” The maid shrieked. “Do not place your trust in such trinkets!!!” The vampire had arrived. “The eclipse is nothing to the Dark Lord!” Anette shuddered. She held onto the crucifix. “Burn in Hell!” Thomas fired a boom from the rifle. “Just forget about reviving the Devil.” The female vampire vanished like mist. “Good Lord in Heaven!” The stench was horrible. The undead maid returned flouting in the air to throw fireballs. “Blast you!” Thomas howled. He blocked with the gauntlets. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” This had to end. Anette might release the dragon. “Curse you human trash!” They got to prevent this madness. The enflamed tail might burn her to ashes. Anette exhaled. They got to defeat the vampire.

The fox was clever. Thomas snarled. The elite guard lay dead on the floor. “Come on then.” She teased. The knight didn’t care. “Dance with me.” The fox blew a kiss. “Leave me alone!” He howled. “That is impossible.” The feline knew how to fight. She threw the stars forward. “You are so handsome.” The fox licked her lips. “I might keep you as a pet.” He growled. “”Blasted!” Thomas got the trident. He made a back-flip. The stars might pierce his armour. The knight got hurt. She drew his blood. He pushed the garlic into her mouth. She staggered. Thomas met the Katana. He fought for victory. She might be a sword master. “Game over.” The fox would kill him. Thomas threw the stakes. She groaned. That was the opening. Thomas pierced her chest. The knight saluted. He watched her pyre. She deserved the honour. “Rest in peace my friend.” He muttered. “May your Kamies lead you home.” Thomas inhaled. The recycled air really felt nice. Thomas hit the lamps. “Alright.” He took the gems. “Fine.” Thomasgot toreload the rifle. “Then you take it or leave it.” Thomas let behind the money. He got other business. “That is my sister.” He told the truth. She was a friend of the tribe. Thomas would adopt the secretary. That had to wait. The vampire got her in a box.

Forest of Debias, Warakiya. The 22nd. Of December 2098 A.D.

They pushed through the earth and snow. Anna raised a hand to hide from the stench. “Necromancy.” Claudia snarled. She retained her animal form. The dancing girl didn’t argue. The moonshine and ghost light eliminated the clearing. “They are the dead.” Anna bit her lip. “Theyare awake!” The brunette cast the spell. “Whore of Lucifer!” Wilhelm picked the axe. “This will not avail you!” His weapon beheaded the corpse. That was nasty. “Touch on me!” Anna cried. They couldn’t admire her abilities. That made no difference. She began to dance. That was in her blood. The War force was ablaze. “For Warakiya!” Anna got pushed aside. Her friends moved against the zombies. “That you are.” The female vampire was not discrete. “You will become his winepress.” She smiled. “Then you will turn into a supporter, a helper.” She shuddered. “To follow the prince of Darkness.” Anna would not become the weak link. This wasn’t the first time they disfigured about her dress and make-up. Anna was not a harlot. She fought her anger. “Blood of my blood.” The vampire opened a vain beneath her breast. “Get lost!” Anna swallowed her disgust. “Flesh of my flesh.” The blood stained the snow. Anna danced to make the lightning strike. “Breath to breath.” Fritz bent to embrace the curse.

Throne room, final approach. The 22nd. Of December 2098 A.D.

This was perfect. Damien had conjured the perfect storm. The Bellmont fought gallantry.Even so, this was empty bravado. Damien had resisted the attempt. “Brave, my young friend.” He breathed through his fangs. “You fight glorious.” The hunter withdrew from the challenge. “What is the matter?” He taunted. “I know you can do better.” Damien bent to strike the floor. He created the rising icicles. “In the Name of Jesus of Nazareth!” The crystal broke the ice. The warlock hissed. He got hit by the Shuriken. “You human scum!” How was this possible!? The power of dominance gave him a shield. “Hark!”Damien released the ice. “Cross a fear.” The priest got frozen in place. How fitting. “This is the ends.” Damien conjured his sword. He would complete the circle. “Rest in peace!” He escaped. The hunter doused him with acid. He felt like burning. Damien screamed in hate. The priest pierced the storm. “So let it be.” The sword fell down. Damien conjured a greater onslaught. The hunter grasped the crucifix. He read from the book. Damien snarled. He released the pages. The paper corrupted his flesh. “In the name of the Father, the Son, and of the holy Ghost.” The priest impaled his heart. Damien shrieked. He lost the grip. “You will die.” The crucifix kept him through the storm.

The war force subsided. Cristopher made a grimace. The shaman got exhausted. “Bellmont.” They clashed. “God with us!” Desmond knew the truth. He threw the axe. “Chain lightning!” The rat was bleeding. He was strong, though not invincible. “Fine.” The spell struck down. “Good God!” Christopher made a back-flip. He got the spinning books to protect his location. “Death and Darkness take you Belmont slime!” The ratmaster held hiscane. “Meteor dash!” This would be nasty. “Then so help me God!” The solicitor threw the eight daggers forward. The shaman groaned. He got impaled. “Heal!” The rat flickered. He got restored. “Nice trick.” Desmond held the cross. “Time… “Therat began. “You won’t!” Anette released the birds. “Curse you!” The shaman got up. “Star field!” The fire threw her off balance. “Protect me!”The turtle blocked the impact. “Chain lightning!” The evil shaman gloated about her misery. “You are not a Lycanthrope.” Thomas snarled. He looked ragged. The knight fired a boom. “Star field!” The shaman was not impressed. “Meteor dash!” Not this time. “Let it be!” Christopher stabbed down to make the rising flames to track forward. The rat met his gaze. “Fool.” The shaman hissed. “This is not enough.” Desmond shuddered. He got the picture.

The fight was over. Julius beheldthevampire’s demise.He felt no victory. “Young fool!” That black smoke rose from the devil. “This is not the end!” The warlock burst into flame. “You have done nothing then to release the captured souls!” The priest retrieved his sword. Damien got consumed by the pyre. “You awoke the beast!” He made the sign of the cross. The monster shrieked withhatred. “Good Lord in Heaven!” Julius tightened his grip. “Preserve us from the evil One!” The giant bat still resembled the vampire. He got no time. The demonswooped to take him. The giant bat retained the blue-greyish skin of the undead. “Glory be You!” Julius summoned. “Our Father in Heaven!” The crucifix repelled the enemy. Damien Bat was shrieking. He spread his wings to release the other bats. “Save us from evil!” The trio homed in to suck his blood. “Let it be!” He clenched his teeth. Julius felt the malice. He gasped. They fed on his life. He might become like them. The laurels removed the curse. Julius managed to stamp the bats. The monster swept with the claws extended. He shuddered. The giant bat might tear him apart. “In Manos Toas Domine!” The aura was still in place. Julius got the light magic pendant. He threw the axe. The vampire bat screamed in triumph. The weapon burned on impact.That was not enough. The priest made the sign of the cross. He got in trouble. Damien bat gathered to execute with an air-dash. The priestgotthe crucifix. Julius got behind. The vampire bat countered with a flurry of accurate blue crystals. “Fine.” The priest doused them in holy water. That repelled the onslaught. JuliustouchedHis image. How did the brothers defeat the devil? He removed the hood. That was in the year of 1057. Damien dashed. The pendants amplified the dark and light magic. Julius held them in hand. The combined itemsbestowed with power. “Then stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Julius leaped to throw the dagger forward. The beast got scorched before it might kill him. The giant bat shrieked his misery. “Save us!” Juliusgrew pale. The monster would crush him. Julius managed to glide beneath. He held on to the pendants. The crystal granted an edge. That gave the boost he needed. “God with us!” They came for blood. He released the grip. Julius burned the lot. The giant bat got ahead. Damien would break him. “Then so let it be!” The priest made a side-dash. That saved him from the impact. “May you be cast into the fire!” Julius got hold of the pendants. “To be destroyed!” The priest stamped with his crucifix. Damien bat kept screaming. He spread the wings to release five crystals. Julius tried to dodge. The shock was accurate. “Preserve us from evil!” Julius staggered.He curled up with pain. The bats arrived. He got to use the laurels. That was impossible. He would need the crystals. The vampire gloated. Julius had no doubt. The vial cracked. The holy water burned the attack. Julius held the pendants. “So help me God!” He felt the pressure. Julius threw the Shuriken. The vampirebat didn’t like that. The fire burned his flesh. Damien bat flapped with the wings. He screamed. The storm sent him against the wall. The emergency lamps broke on impact. Julius fought to get up. He got to collect the crystals. The priest thought of Richter Belmont. The hunter hit the oil lamps when fighting evil in 1797. Damien bat screamed with frustration. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” Julius left the money. “Save us!” He hit another lamp. The vampire bat came to kill him. He got beneath. The gauntlets blazed. “Rest in peace!” Julius had embraced his enemy. The fire pierced the monster. Damien bat howled his misery. The priest almost collapsed. The sound was unbearable. “God with us!” He made it to rain. This was a waste of power. He never cared. The lamps left a treasure behind. “Preserve us!” The monster was still alive. Julius lost the talismans. They lay behind the bat. “So let it be!” The vampire bat returned. Julius knew that might crush him. He consolidated to reach atop. The monster turned in the air. He released five crystals. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” The priest managed to repel the onslaught. He retrieved the pendants. “Away from me Satan!” The vampire swooped in to release the three bats. “For only the Lord you shall worship!” Juliusfused the trophies. The axe removed the bats. “God with us!” He threw the daggers. The monster got consumed by fire. Julius made the sign of the cross. That kept him occupied. The priest held both the medallions and the crucifix. “Good Lord!” He got lifted into the air. “Let it be!” He cleansed with fire. Damien burned. The row of acid blood stained the floor. Julius made a glide. That wasn’t enough. He cried. The liquid was accursed. He got no choice. The priest used the laurels. He exhaled. The pain subsided. That was fine. Damien returned. He released the crystals. Julius hit the lamps. He got to find the gems. “Then so let it be!” Julius forged the fairy sword. His weapon burned like the sun in the forest. “God with us!” The priest countered the attack. The monster struck home. The claws were extended. “Alright.” He got to wait. Julius combined the talismans. “Preserve us.” He opened the book. The pages were like stabbing weapons. Damien bat got impaled. The paper burned on impact. Julius shrieked. He got scorched by the blood. The priest used the laurels. He threw the star. The monster escaped. The Shuriken returned. The star got buried in the flesh. He might relax. Damien spread his wings. The bats bit him. The priest doused himself within the holy water. The three bats got burned to ashes. The priest inhaled. The monster swooped. “God with us!” Julius threw the axe forward. He got tired. Damien shrieked. The vampire got hurt. “Save us!” That was close. Damien bat released the crystals. “Let it be.” He made the sign of the cross. Julius got beneath. The monster conjured other bats. The priest touched the crucifix. “Right!” He doused them with holy water. The blood hit the floor. Julius shuddered. He had to escape. The monster chased him about. “Preserve us!” Julius opened the book. This had to end.

The fire obscured the view. Anette threw herself down. “War force!” The shaman was alive. She would not submit. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” The rat was a magician. “Time stop!” He froze the men in place. “You monster!” Anette shrieked. “Release them!” The shaman would grind them to dust. “God with us!” She presented the crucifix.

“Fury Phoenix!” The black bird might kill them. “Leave them alone!” Anette would stop him. “Fly my birds! Fly!” She released the pigeons. “So let it be!” The Phoenix burst into ashes. That was not enough. “Star field!” The shaman emerged to resume the fight. “God with us!” The men broke from the curse. That was not the end. “War force!” The shaman was ablaze. “Twisted!” Thomas snarled. “You cannot defeat me.” The force subsided. “Meteor dash!” The rat threw himself forward. “Then do not forsake me.” The solicitor got in front. Christopher stabbed down to create the rising icicles. She inhaled. The rat broke the trap. “Blasted!” Thomas had reloaded with the silver. The shaman screamed. He was not prepared. “The secrets of Mana shall not avail you.” He got hurt. Anette touched the crucifix. “Beware!” The shaman might heal himself. “Fly my pigeons! Fly!” Anette opened her arms.

The pigeons flew for the vile shaman. Thomas howled. “You love them.” The rat got hurt. “To rise like the Phoenix.” The secretary bit her lip. He snarled. The rat mocked her effort. “You are not a sky lord.” Anette cleaned her glasses. “You are nothing beside a thief.” Thomas might smell the truth. “You took without questions.” The tribe were not much better. “Star field!” The shaman would scorch them. “Chain lightning!” The thief stole this power. “Let me show you!” The knight got to survive the onslaught. “Meteor dash!” He growled. “Burn in Hell!” Thomas would fight. “Come to my aid!” Anette got carried by the falcon. That was a nice trick. “Moonlight Nocturne!” Thomas smirked. The knight couldn’t help it. The rocks went home. “Damn you!” The ratcried. He almost got buried beneath the impact. “God with us!” Christopher picked a vial. “To Hell!” Thomas howled. He reloaded the rifle. The ammo got on fire. He kept shooting until the round was empty. The rat fell to his knees. “Then stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Anette aimed the laser. The shaman roared. He got burned to ashes. “Glory be You!” The secretary cheered. “Our Father in Heaven!” Thomas retained his human form. “Come on.” Desmond told. “We must assist my cousin.”

Forest of Debias, Warakiya. The 22nd. Of December 2098 A.D.

This was the end. Willhelm had to cut up the zombie. He came too late. “My heart to yours.” The family was in the balance. “The offer of a vampire is not easily thrown aside.” She told. “I gave you the chance to serve us willingly.” Her eyes were on fire. He challengedthe gaze. The laugher was too harsh. “Though you have chosen the way of pain.” She was a monster. “Leave him alone!” The woman caressed his face. Fritz looked eager. Her hand was the claw. “You should listen.” Anna had arrived. “Do not disturb.” The bat left her care. “Blast you!” Her beast picked the eye. “May the Saints bless those who are at sea tonight!” He exclaimed. The blood ran down the face. “I shall make you to suffer.” The brunette held them in prison. She held the eye in her palm. “This is my sacrifice to lord Dracula.” Wilhelm pickedthe axe. His brother looked sick. “Now youngling.” Anna tried to hide her damage. “You will die.” The vampire bat would pierce her skull. “My lady!” Fritz was awake. He moved for the heart. “Eternal night!” The witch was desperate. “Rest in peace.” He made the sign of the cross. Now he could feel remorse. “Be what may be.” The vampire was their last relation. “Fine.” Anna put a piece of cloth above the eye. “We have a bunch of litches on the hunt.”

Throne room, final approach. The 22nd. Of December 2098 A.D.

The blood kept dripping from the neck. Damien bat was shrieking. The priest cut his throat. That gave him nothing. The liquid boiled like acid. “Save us!” The manrevealed his crucifix. The monster swept above. He released the bats. They would feast upon his blood. “To Hell!” Damien screamed his triumph. “God with us!” The priest doused himself with holy water. Hate was cold. The Belmont restored himself. He got the laurels! The man threw the axe. Damien bat got consumed by the fire. The pendant gave himthe strength. That broke the seal. The monster got forced into a crouched position. Damien had to resist. The man would pay! The crystals caught him off guard. He screamed. The vampire bat swept to crush the hunter. The Belmontgotpushed into a corner. “I got you now!” The vampire bat exposed his fangs. The blood of the hunter would make him to live again. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” The priest leached. He consolidated the force to reach high enough. That was of no concern. His gold knife got buried within the chest. The flesh got corrupted. The body collapsed. “Power of Dominance.” Damien breathed.“All who oppose the prince of Darkness must die.” He took without questions. “The Master’s purchase.” Theblack hatred filled him from within.

The door was closed. Christopher frowned. “Fine.” That was a problem. He was no mechanic. The lamps were green. “Be ready.” Desmond pulled his ID-card through the reader. “Beware.” Anette licked her lips. “”This might be dangerous.” Thomas arched an eyebrow. “Tell me about the problem.” The solicitor shook his head. His black pony-tail went along. “Exit denied.” Anette pulled the glasses tight against her face. “We are in trouble.” Christopher felt exhausted. “I know that.” He had to solve the puzzle. “Wait.” He got an idea. “My personal code might still work.” He reached for the cross. “Let it be.” He typed it out. “Exit denied.” The computer still resisted. Desmond bit his lip. The security card got spit out. “Then let us try mine.” The knight pulled his positron rifle. “No! Wait!” Christopher shouted. He forced down the barrel. “Not out here!” Desmond had to relax. “That is not the way.” Thomas exchanged the look. “Why not?” He asked. “We have to continue.” He was crazy. Christopher kept hold of the weapon. “Because of the magnetic shield.” Anette explained. “Then what do you suggest?” He got impatient. “The intel, is somewhere within the network.” She touched the computer. “This have better work.” Desmond got a bad feeling about this.

This was getting out of hand. Julius made the sign of the cross. “Forgive us.” He felt so tired. “For we don’t know what we do.” Damien bat got consumed by the pyre. “You shall pay!” The monster shrieked. “Behold! The power of Dracula!” The priest felt chills down his spine. “Save us!” The Shadow had liquified. “Away from me Satan!” This was the chill of the grave. “The Lord you shall worship!” Damien possessed the power of Dominance. “You have lost!” He morphed into the demon. The huge blue-greyish fiend beheld him with blazing eyes. “Kyrie eleison!” Julius changed the grip upon his weapon. He got afraid. The ghost roared. The great wingless demon jumped high into the air. The priest might see beyond the obvious. Damien’s ghost got composed by the blood of the countless souls of the forgotten victims. “Then be what may be.” Julius had accepted the challenge. The monster leapt. “Preserve us!” The priest realized he might be cornered. “I told you.” The demon released a swarm of bats. “I am finished with playing games.” The priest threw a vial. The swarm got burned to ashes. The demon escaped. His aura was no more. “God with us!” He touched the crucifix. “Diaspora!” Julius read the chronicles. The head was the only weak spot. “There you are.” Damien sat cradled within. The priest would use his bloodline power to reach that high. “Right.” He better keep up. The demon emitted a huge ice shard. Julius threw the gold knife. The rebounding shard got crushed to pieces. The priest hurled the enflamed axe into the air. Damien got consumed by the outburst. There were no time. Julius ran for the entrance. “Vampire Killer!” Damien reached to crush him. “Save me!” Julius cried. “For I do perish!” The pages gave a breather. That was a relief. Julius ran down the corridor. He hit the lamps. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” The priest got in trouble. He reached the gallery catwalk. That overlooked the leftmost side of the throne room. “Please! Save us!” Julius got no choice. “Heart of fire!” The priest touched the crucifix. He threw himself into the void. “I fear not!” Julius got lifted into the air. The enflamed cross would purify the area. The ghost shrieked. The bats dashed for his location. Julius settled upon the floor. “God with us!” He exclaimed. The clocks stopped the swarm in time. Julius dashed to strike them. “Glory be You!” He told. “Our Father in Heaven!” They left plenty of gems. The demon grabbed him. “Preserve us!” The priest got hurled sky high.The demon released the ice shots to might end the battle. Julius cried. The gauntlets reacted. The flare protected against the evil. That was not enough. The priest hit the floor. The laurels put him on top. Damien leapedto get him. He escaped. The demon might corner him against the stairway. Julius gathered his force. “God with us!” He jumped straight up. Julius made a back-flip to land on the gallery. He threw the Shuriken. The star got buried between the eyes. He shuddered. The ice shard went home. “Save us!” The touch and force might freeze him to the soul. The priest got thrown into the windows. Julius made it to rain with holy water. That broke the ice. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” The priest made the sign of the cross. He got in motion. Julius made a glide. “You will die!” Damien reached to squeeze him. “Preserve us from the evil One!” He barely got beneath. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” He stamped with the crucifix. Damien shrieked. The flames scorchedthe ghost. The bats whirled against his face. Julius crossed his arms. They burned. That was not enough. The bats bit him. Julius picked the gems. “Forgive me.” He removed the curse. “Then be what may be.” The priest felt tired. Damien caught him. “Good Lord in Heaven!” The demon threw him sky high. The enflamed cross burst above. The ice was melting. “Dracul!” Damien got the deep impact. The priest felt his squeeze. “Save us!” The ribs were breaking. Damien’s ghost roared with laughter. “You shall die!” The priest got hurled sky high. “Blood is the life!” Damien shot at him with accurate blasts. The book saved his life. Julius grabbed a hold. He hung from one arm beneath the catwalk. “So Let it be!” The priest hung on. He better. Julius might else be crushed against the floor. He twirled into space. “Please! Preserve us from the wicked One!” He got spun out of control. The demon released a swarm of bats. Julius threw the axe. The stone weapon split the skull. The priest reached solid ground. “Alright.” He made it to rain. They squeaked while burning. Julius sighed. He had to collect the crystals. “Darkness!” Damien leaped to release other bats. The priest threw the daggers forward. He ran for the elevator. The demon caught up. Damien’s ghost released the projectile. The priest got behind. The demon reached to take him. He got scorched. The crucifix burned his flesh. Julius made the sign of the cross. “Belmont.” The Demon kept flailing. The priest escaped down the rightmost passage. “God with us!” Julius released the sword storm. The vampire screamed. The priest got no reason to celebrate. He got soaked in blood. Julius staggered. He used the laurels. The demon conjured the bats. Julius summoned the doubleganger. The swarm got no chance. They came from either side. They turned to douse the demon. “Vampire killer.” Damien’s ghost released the blue crystals. They got shot to pieces. That was not enough. The clone vanished. He threw the Shuriken. Damien crossed his arms. He blocked the attack. The priest must time it correctly or perish. “So let it be!” He threw himself forward to reach the pipeline. Damien beheld the situation. The priest returned the gaze. He got atop. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” He threw a vial. The demon got burned. The priest hurled himself forward. He reached another connection. Damien chased him. He made an uppercut. That was close. He left a mark upon the sealing. “Stay with me.” The priest drew sweat of his forehead. Damien came again. He spat the bats. They came for blood. “Let it be.” Julius made it to rain with holy water.

These were the general’s quarters. Anette broke the code. “Okay.” That was a challenge. “Open up sesame!” She had persisted. Either way, there was still much work to be done. “From here, I might get access to the entire computer network.” Anette opened her laptop. “Do that.” Christopher told. “I trust you.” Thomas reloaded the rifle. “We don’t have time.” The knight was eager. She shook her head. “Then what are you looking for?” Desmond asked. “Wait a moment.” The secretary looked up from her connection. She breached the firewall. “Evil thrives in the shadow of the demon castle.” Thomas shrugged. “Just quit the theatrics.” He got impatient. “Backseat driver.” Anette sighed. “Have a respite.” He disturbed the focus. “Alright.” He growled. Christopher made him to be quiet. That was nice. “I think I got it.” The place went silent beside her typing. “I got it!” The door slid aside. “Into the dark night!” The cold hit her like a knock in the face. The magic held the… the kitchen frozen in limbo. “Blast you.” Thomas snarled. The chill was unnatural. She looked about. “Blood is the life.” This was a preserve. The vampire took the blood samples to replenish himself. Anette sighed. Her breath came like smoke. “This is a cursed area.” They got to destroy the lantern.

The general’s quarters got an encrypted set-up for the security. Thomas touched the crucifix. . This was impossible. They crushed the centralcomputer. Thomas dismissed about the matter. They got other problems. “Preserve us from the wicked One!” Thomas howled his challenge. . The solicitor struggled against the claw trap. “Protect me!” The secretary summoned her cat. Thomas had no mind. He tore the claws from their sockets. The animal ran to tear the cables. “God with us!” The secretary threw the flame blast. Thomas inhaled. That was close. “Come!” Christopher threw the cross. He broke the power regulator. “You take cover!” Anette encouraged. She fired the laser. That was impressive. Anette destroyed the generator. The explosion threw her aside. The knight got to save her. The base security was in effect. The blast door closed in their face. Anette dusted off her clothings. “Are you alright?” Thomas bit his lip. “I think so.” Anetteshook the messy blonde hair away from the glasses. “Though I have a bad feeling about this.” Desmond got ahead. “Then we are in trouble.” Thomas picked the trident. “I know.” Anette charged the spell. “Follow me.” He got the rose. “Resident evil.” The wild flower removed the coverage. Thomas snarled. This was the crypt.

Forest of Debias, Warakiya. The 22nd. Of December 2098 A.D.

This was the hilltop. Anna looked down upon the traveller. The man caught up. “The lich.” The black turban and vail hid his face. “Right.” They were creatures neither living nor dead. She licked her lips. “Beware of the night.” His eyes burned with black magic. “Cover me.” Willhelm reached for the cross. “This is our department.” Anna hid her smile. “Be careful.” The brothers would fight the undead. “He might refuse to die.” Fritz got ahead. “Demon.” They didn’t get it. “Look!” The chant would wake the monsters. “Night of the living dead.” The lich aimed with the scimitar. The cloak wisped on the approach. “For the love of God!” Fritz pulled the bow from his shoulder. “Shoot the bastard!” Anna encouraged. “Do it now!” The blood of the Phoenix could not restore her lost eye. Never mind. She could see enough. The arrow closed the distance. “Come.” The dark wizard tumbled on impact. Anna bit her lip. “The lich is alive.” Claudia unsheathed the short-sword. She extended the claws. “Clever.” The brothers beheld her with great curiosity. “For den and queen!” The howl shook the forest. The lich was not impressed. “Watch out!” Anna cried. “He might rise the spirits of the dead!” They pushed through the snow. Anna had to dance. Though this was not an ideal audience.

Throne room, final approach. The 22nd. Of December 2098 A.D.

The demon spat blood. Damien roared. The manhurt him. He performed like a chimpanzee, The priest tumbled and twirled among the pipelines and connections. “Accursed human.” Damien’s ghost would not allow it. Not anymore. “Your time is over!” The Belmont must die. The vampire would show his superiority. He picked the priest from where he was dangling. “Death and Darkness take your kind!” He threw the man sky high. The ice would break him. “Good Lord!” Damiensnarled. He spat more blood. The priest conjured a circle of crosses. That blocked his attack. “Darkness!” The demon threw a fist. He would crush him either way. “Then stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” The priest made it to rain with holy fire. Damien shrieked. The downpour burned to the core. He gathered the power of Dracula. “There arth nay good or evil.” Inner Dracula granted strength. “There arth only power.” Damien stared at the Belmont. “Power and hate.” The priest collided with the wall. “Submit.” The man slid down to lay crippled upon the floor. This was Damien’s finest hour. “To me.” The vampirehad absorbed the power of count Dracula. Damien would become the Dark Lord. “Let it be!” Heforgot. The priest got the laurels. “Belmont scum.” The man got up to fight.

The walls were concealed behind the black velvet tapestries. Christopher had a look around. He didn’t expect to find this area. “God with us.” The tomb stanched of blood and corruption. “The home of the vampire.” Anette replaced her glasses. “To fight the righteous battle.” Thomas inhaled. “We must sterilize his crypt.” The knight belonged to the Orthodox church. “Alright.” Desmond acknowledged. He went toward the alter. Christopher was a protestant. They worshipped in the name of Jesus of Nazareth. “This is mockery.” Anette proclaimed. “The lord of this world shall be cast out.” The secretary approached. She was a good Catholic. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost.” Christopher was not anexorcist.He was simply a vampire hunter. “For great is the mystery of faith.” Desmond picked the vial. “Let me appear before you as one of the 16000 at the End of Days.” They got work to do. “Desmond!” Something else went awry. “What the… !?” He could see beyond the obvious. “Oh my God!” The cloak above the coffin began to move. “That is a Killer mantle!” Christopher got the cross. “To Hell!” Thomas howled. “When the thousand years has ended.” Anette’s voice had sunk into a whisper. “Satan shall be released from His prison.”

The demon roared. Julius held the crucifix. That wasn’t a good sign. The laurels saved him. Damien released the bats. “God with us!” The priest finally figured a strategy. “Let it be!” The sword storm protected from damage. The bats got cut to pieces. They left the jewels. Julius took the treasure. The demon approached. The priest might be cornered. “Preserve us!” He would be ripped to pieces. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” The priest threw the axe. The demon staggered. Julius lost on target. He ran up the stairway. Julius reached the throne. Damien came to crush him. The priest got behind. The demon reached to take him. “Save us!” The priest made the two large spinning books to protect him. Damien tore them apart. “Alright!” Julius struck with the angel sword. “The Light shone forth in the Darkness.” Damien roared. “And the Dark comprehended it not.” The demon got pierced by the gold. “Glory be You!” Julius made the sign of the cross. “Our Father in Heaven!” That hurt. Damien vomited more blood. His torso got scorched. Julius presented his tiny gold crucifix.The demon had begunto rot. The sight was disgusting. “You shall die!” Damien picked him.“The hour has struck.”Julius got thrown into the air. The demon release a flurry of ice blasts. “Preserveus from the evil One!” He made it to rain with holy water. That removed the ice. The air lefthis lungs. Julius hit the window. The circular view-point revealed the lake. Damien reached with extended claws. “I perish!” The priest became soaked by demon blood. That burned like acid. “Let it be!” He threw the five daggers. They pierced the eyes and brain. Julius touched the crucifix. The enflamed cross burst above. Hegot put in place. “Let it be.” He looked up at the demon. The priest appeared from behind the general’s chair. “I hate you!” Damien burst into flame. The pyre was too bright. The priest looked aside. “So let it be.” There lay a piece of jewellery upon the throne. He put the necklace into the bag. “So it ends.” Julius got to attention. “The end of the day.” Damien had returned. He knelt before the chair. “Have your victory.” The eyes blazed. “Though it is hollow and bitter.” He began to crumble. “This will gain you nothing.” Julius acknowledged the truth. The priest stood his ground. “There shall always be a vampire killer prepared to accept the challenge.” Julius proclaimed. “The Dark Lord is still in prison.” Damien struggled to reach him. “Then you are still a fool.” He spat from behind his teeth. “You cannot resist him.” Blood ran from between his lips. “There are none who can.” He gloated. “We might still destroy you.” Julius got angry. “Die.” He told.“And be damned.” The mystic ball fell on the ground. Julius picked it up. “Save us.” The orb got stained with blood. “Darkness!” Damien crumbled into ashes. “Rest in peace.” The priest got restored. The hunt was over. Julius spread the dust. He still felt at a loss. “Stand-by alert. Reactor core overheated. Self-destruct mechanism activated.” Not now. Julius cleaned the blade. “Evacuation sequence stage 1.” That was the computer control voice. “Prepare for retreat.” He figured. The order would destroy the station. “Please, preserve us.” This was Damien’s last-ditch effort. The priest ran down the staircase. “Stage 2 announced.” Julius had to find his friends. “15 minutes and counting.” He reached the well of the court. “Fine.” Hepicked the gems. Julius ran for the lobby. The door was closed. “So let it be.” There was no point in taking the elevator. The entire nest lay between him and the submarine. There was another way. Julius touched the controls. “For the Lord is my guide and shepherd.” The vampire hunter got to investigate the general’s quarters. “Evacuation stage 3 in progress.” The computer informed. “10 minutes and counting.” His friends were ahead. “Impressive.” Julius inspected the handywork. “Very nice.” The machinery and ash marked the battlefield. He reached another doorway. “God with us.” The echoes of violence. Julius looked inside. “Fire in the hall!” Thomas howled. The priest made a back-flip. The alter got shot to pieces. They fought the righteous battle. “Right.” The knight placed the Bibhuti. The powder burned. “Then stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Anette went to tear down the tapestries. “Excellent.” Julius made the sign of the cross. The secretary threw the curtains upon the pyre. He relaxed. The place felt much better. “God with us!” Christopher was alone. “Look out!” The killer mantle unsheathed a knife. “In Manos Toas Domine!” The priest felt cold. “Preserve us.” The killer mantle unsheathed a beam of pale moonlight. “Blessed art thou!” Julius picked the sword. “Who comes in the name of the Lord!” He would assist his cousin. The priest should be the chosen hunter. Julius would prove his worth. He pined the cape. “Quick.” Desmond supportedhimself againstthe blade. “We have to stamp the wicked.” Julius acknowledged. The killer mantle was getting up. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” The priest presented the crucifix. The haunt burst on fire. He picked the gem. “Let it be over.” Julius broke the vial. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost!” He declared. The priest doused the place with holy water. The tapestries and carpets wentup in flames. “Hear the words of God.” The den was burning. “That fire and brimstone shall be their lot.” Anette got in action. “We got 8 minutes before enclosing.” She told. The priest got exhausted. “This is a dead end.” Christopher touched the cross. ”Together we stand.” Thomas snarled. “Together we fall.” He retained his human form. “Come with me.” Thomas went into the hall. The knight reloaded the rifle. The turrets kept silent. Julius relaxed. “6 minutes and counting.” The computer voice informed. “Look.” He made the sign of the cross. The passage opened up. “The Lord is with us!” The dock lay at the top of the area. “There is another submarine.” Julius sighed with relief. “The Lord will never forsake or abandoned us.” They might escape. “5 minutes and counting.” The computer voice got on his nerves. “Be quiet.” He told.

This was the end of the day. Anette climbed aboard. “This have to be the general’s shuttle.” Thomas remarked. She shrugged. “Of course.” Anette looked about. “This is a luxury liner.” The men got ahead. “Prepare for launch.” Christopher got into the pilot’s seat. “Alright.” Anette would be the navigator. “Get ready.” Thomas had buckled into the co-pilot’s chair. “Then what shall I do?” The priest asked. She licked her lips. “Settle in.” She explained.“This is the new more advanced prototype of the U-3: 45 special additions.” Julius blinked. “What?” That went above his head. “Relax.” The priest was no technocrat. “Have faith.” Anette would manoeuvre on his behalf. “Here goes nothing.” She inhaled. “Shut up girly.” Thomas growled. “Fine.” She winked. “What course shall I set?” They finally left the lantern. “Turn right.” Desmond told. “Don’t wait until night.” Anette smiled. “Back in the U.S.S.R.” The solicitor hit her on the head. “Life is hard.” He said. “We got work to do.” Anette sighed. Heactivated the navigation computer. “Were are we going?” The priest bent forward. “Andrew figured that the lake is located beneath an abandoned Soviet airport.” She exhaled. The secretary tried not to weep. “We should come out somewhere atop the Warakiyan Alps.”

The “Evil’s nest” exploded. Thomas exhaled. They barely survived. “You have to follow me.” Julius arrived. “Everything is ready.” He smiled. Thomas frowned. The priest was at peace. The secretary put the submarine on auto. That was another adaptation. Thomas shrugged. “What is it now?” The knight felt rather tired. They went into the cabin. “Oh my God.” Christopher exclaimed. The priest prepared the meal. “That is the Host.” He picked the cross. “Forgive us our sins.” Anette exhaled. “In the name of Jesus Christ.” This was incredible. Thomas knelt before the priest. He didn’t know what to say. “So Let it be.” Julius explained. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost.” He sanctified the bread and wine. “For this is the body of Christ.” He told. “Given for you.” He smiled. “Take it and eat it.” Julius gave them the goblets. “This is the blood of Christ.” He made the sign of the cross. “Poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins.” Heopened his arms to embrace them. “This we do in the remembrance of You.” Thomas bowed. They shared the last supper. “Clean yourself.The Lord is with you.” Thomas got relieved. The knight was a dark-breed. The Lord forgave his tribe. “Let us hunt the night.”There was blood in the water.

Forest of Debias, Warakiya. The 23rd. of December 2098 A.D.

The litch lost his head. Fritz touched the crucifix.. The girl danced amidst the death and ruins. She was adorable. Fritz sighed.He longed to have her. That could wait. They were at war. “For Warakiya!” The brothers fought for the resistance. This was unlike the battle of Aliba. The hunter shook his head. The lich was gone. The monsters were awake. “Not that way!” Daniela Aulin brandished with the hammer. Somewhere she found another helmet and shield. “Follow me!” She encouraged. “For Warakiya!” Fritz united with the force. He left the ladies. “Then what kept you?” He asked. Henry laughed. “It is good to see you alive!” He called. “We got some family business.” Fritz inhaled. That was over. “Dracula’s curse of Darkness!” The bats squeaked for blood. “Get lost!” Claudia tore with the scythes. “For den and queen!” They scattered. “Thank you!” Fritz engaged the skeletons. The watchers tried to box them in. Wilhelmarrived. The image of the crucified Mesiahfoiled their attempt. “Chain lightning!” The dancing girl spread her arms in a dismissing gesture. The watchers got burned to ashes. Fritz sighed.That was impressive. Never mind. The people couldn’t rest. The dead were alive. The bone-thrower kept the others occupied. “Help me!” Fritzyelled. They broke his neck.

The “Firefist”, forgotten city. The 23rd. Of December 2098 A.D.

The evacuation commenced. Simona Griff remained on deck. She looked out the windows. “Boarding complete.” She got disturbed. “High admiral.” The lieutenant stepped forward. “We have a priority signal from the demon castle Dracula. The young officer was a human. “The dark priest demands that you make contact with him.” She acknowledged. “Excellent.” The high admiral beaconed for her warlord. “We take it from here.” The lieutenant withdrew. “Sir. Yes sir.” He got dismissed. “Hail the count.” The feudal lords approached the hologram. “We salute you, my priest.” Giovani Montoli exposed his fangs. “Then what is thy bidding?” The projector revealed the face of their superior. The vampire looked like a walking corpse. “Do thee still serve the order of Shadow?” The dark priest rasped. “That we do, my priest.” The admiral fought in Vietnam. She wished for a world in which lord Dracula ruled supreme. “Everything transpired like he predicted.” She beamed. “We secure the doctor’s technology.” The veteran warlord filled in. “The boarding is almost complete.” This was their moment. “We shall return to the castle.” The dark priest twisted his face. Was that a smile? “Continue.” He breathed. “Hail the count.” The image was gone. “Yes.”She would serve the Dark Lord.

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