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Castlevania: Darkness Never Dies


Part 1: Curse of Blood

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Part 2: Legacy of Sorrow

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Part 1: Curse of Blood.

“And God saw that the light was good.”

Genesis: 1. 4.

Chapter 6: Beginnings.

Dabi’s path, Warakiya. The 15th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The beast men crawled all over the place. Rose sobbed. The mother had been murdered. Her killers where plundering the fountain. Rose never should left her mother. “Be still, little insect.” The ogre snapped. Rose huddled together. She lost everything. She would become aitem. They would purchase her on the market. Or she would be given over into the chieftain’s hands. Rose kept weeping. The ogre got a familiar card. Rose would be his slave. She would have to submit to their every whim. Rose screamed. She screamed her heart out.

Yomai railway, Dora wood. The 14th.Of December 2098 A.D.

The fairy shone bright. “Watch out!” Saria fired. “There are more of them!” Torah noticed. “Homing ball!” She fused with fire. The steam boasted her aim. The bats got removed. Mostly at least. Torah picked the crystals. The redhead refilled her quiver. Theyreturned to the wagon. Torah charged her force. She would be ready. Alicia was likely absorbed in swordplay. Alucard offered to train her. There was something about a blood pact. Torah didn’t figured that much. Either way, her grandmother told not to meddle in other’s affairs. Torah sighed. She only tried to forget. It had, and was still, important that she learned how to hunt the night. They fought the monsters. Torah did what she had to. She shuddered. That was the butcher’s work. If it wasn’t for Saria’s compassion, and the laurels, she couldn’t continued. Torah inhaled. It was over and done. She still couldn’t shake it. Saria didn’t speak. Though she looked grim. They saw too much. Torah pressed the cross to her heart. The image delivered some comfort. That was strange. Yoko told it might be that way. Mathilda tried to explain. Though Torah only got more confused. She thought it was the power of Jesus. The sisters reached destination. Torah heard the sound of swords. It felt nice to be back.

The railway continued. Alicia inhaled. “I feel much better, thank you.” She zipped the leather jacket. “So, it might appear. Alucard acknowledged. “be ready then.” The tragic prince returned her salute. “Fairy familiar.” He beckoned her name. “Come to my aid.” Alucard heldher card. “Yes, my master.” The fairy arrived. “Tell me what to do.” Alicia bit her lip. “That was clever.” Edward admired his work. “Hear the master’s voice.” The tragic prince was a true aristocrat. “Serve my will.” Alucard was cold as ice. “Infame aristocracy.” She shook her head. “Symphony of battle.” Edward gave his support. She almost laughed by the comment. “Enough of this showcase.” Alucard declared. “This is what must be done.” The familiar went skyward. “Grant an apple.” Alucard requested. “If you must.” The fairy submitted herself. “If that is what you wish, Master.” Alicia dismissed the matter. This was none of her business. She shook it aside. “Unsheathe thy blade.” The Alucard encouraged. “Take up thy position.” Alicia moved into an offensive stance. She wore a black leather jacket with military trousers and boots. “Thou might improvise.” He explained. “I know you can make it.” Edward watched with interest. “Will do.” Alicia told. The Venus spell didn’t work on her. They got related. She inhaled. “My lady.” Alucard remarked. “This is thy time.” Alicia exhaled. “Alright.” She brandished with the sword. “I am ready.” The men beheld her notion. “Thou have to be.” Alucard was stern. “She should be.” Edward remarked. “You kept her drilling.” Alucard bowed to him. “That is correct.” He remained stone cold. “Though this is not thy affair.” Edward folded his arms across. “I don’t think so.” He said. “I lended the sword.” They beheld each other. “Drop it you two.” She closed the argument. They would fight. Alicia pressed the glasses against her nose. “Confrontation.” She got to bare the sword. “Here goes nothing.” Edward sighed. The fairy familiar sat atop the doorway. Alicia stood at a ready position. She got Edward’s blade in both hands. It waslike a game. Then Alucard made his offer. She and Heinrich used to practise swordplay. Although her father and uncle insisted she should train with the Undead Killer,it never felt quite right. She asked Edward if he would borrow the whip. She got his sword in return. “Do thou wishes to be a vampire hunter?” Alucard asked. Alicia got back to reality. “Thou have to stay focused, my lady.” He went into a defensive posture. Alicia made the sign of the cross. “Be ready.” Edward encouraged. He kept watching. He and Alucard also got some training. Edward might hold his own. “You fight glorious, my lady.” Alicia only gradually achieved. Heinrich was not a master. Her cousin had to fend for himself. Alicia had no doubt. Heinrich would become a vampire hunter. She attacked. Alucard remained in place. He would only defend himself. Alicia knew she wasn’t that bad. Although she got trouble with her eyesight,Alicia didn’t use mysticism. Not against him. That was a lesson which had been difficult to learn. Alicia was so used to the whip’s center of balance. This was different. The Claymore sword was a Morris family heirloom. “Heart of fire.” The blade belonged to Hugh Baldwin. “Blood of the hunter.” That was the truth. Morris Baldwin trained his son. She put the thoughts aside. Alicia concentrated on what she was doing. The tragic prince went even faster. He was clever. Alucardmight keep her behind with only one hand. “Lament of innocence.” Edward also knew that trick. The journey hadn’t been the holiday she expected. Alucard kept her occupied. He was bent on training. Alicia might fence much better now. That might be an asset when fighting themonsters. She got some space for the sub-weapons. Alicia realized she mightuse them against him. The tragic prince was a half-blood. He broke the assault. Alicia got hurt, thoughit wasn’t really that bad. “Come to my aid.” Alucard pulled away.He held the familiar card. The fairy familiar came to grant her an apple of life. “Then we continue.” Alucarddeclared. She made a grimace. “Take it easy.” Edward said. “We should be ready when reaching the village.” Alucard revealed none of his feelings. “This is, in true to be ready.” They had gone underground for the last few hours. Alicia guessed they would reach Doina soon. The train only went to the village. Alicia studied the sign at the Ravenberg station. Their argument got cut short. Torah and Saria, followed by Marcia, entered the wagon. “It is over.” Torah said. Saria was grim. “They are free.” Edward touched his neck. She knew about theproblem. Alicia almostkilled him. “They hid among the cargo.” Torah moved a hand before her face. “I didn’t expect it would be like that.” Alicia glared at Alucard. “We never should have sent them alone.” She insisted. Torah went to stand before her. “You don’t understand.” She sighed. “You don’t have to blame him.” She said. “You were about to break.” The girl didn’t look happy. “I have to become a vampire hunter.” Alicia felt so unsure. The train was infested. The monsters turned itinto their habitat. Alicia made the sign of the cross. “They escaped from the cleansing.”The sisters volunteered to search the railway. “I had to kill them.”Saria supported the sorceress. Marcia settled on her shoulder. She tugged at the jacket. “You know it is true.” Alicia sighed. Suddenly, without warning, the train stopped. “We are here.” Alucard made the familiar to disappear. “This I do for my mother.” He touched the crucifix. They stepped outside the coupé. The doors opened. The station was badly lit. Alicia inhaled. “Here goes nothing.” Edward said. They got their weapons. Alucard led the way. “Protect us from the wicket One.” Alicia reached the platform. She was Reinhardt’s descendant.Alicia hoped he would be proud of her. “I kept my promise.” Shethen cracked with the Undead Killer whip. “Then let it be done.” Leon Belmont made the oath in 1094. Aliciamade the sign of the cross. She wouldn’t let him down. Alicia would hunt the night.

Yomai station, village of Doina. The 14th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The platform was lit by the candles. Saria had a look around. “Leave them alone.” Edward advised. “I will.” She smiled up at him. Torah told of the problem which Christopher Belmont encountered in the rock castle. That was way back in 1591. She learned thelesson. “The sun has set.” Alicia told while checking her watch. Saria licked her lips. Their screams still echoed in her mind. She hoped the station would not be haunted. “Be the will of God.” Edward removed his hat before making the sign of the cross. Her sister might help. She got other tricks. Torah gathered her magic. The orb shone above her palm. It wasn’t that impressive. She went over the top. The bats got disturbed. They came like a swarm. “Keep the light!” Alicia called. Torah had no choice. The fairyshone. Saria would protect her sister. She produced the bow-and-arrows. The door that led to the service areawas opened. The skeletons peeked out. “Hellfire!” Alucard released his power. The bone-men withdrew. Then they ran out while throwing bones. “Magic arrow!” Saria shot the ghost. Torah touched the cross. Shefigured. “Go!” Edward shouted. He threw daggers at them. “Star bow!” The dryad did as told. The stairs lay ahead. Her sister got up. Saria fired a sun arrow.

Aida cemetery, village of Doina. The 14th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The sun set. The thick fog shrouded the graveyard. This was their hour. Vera Parlova raised from the grave like mist. She made manifest. Vera had learned how to mask her appearance. Her dark hair and cape got touched by the wind. “I hunger!” She screamed. “I hunger for the taste of human blood!” The urge was upon her. She would haunt her victims. They would come to her. Vera got this power. She was not alone. There where other inhabited graves. The Dark Lord had not called them. The village was under his rule. Vera would satisfy herself.

Yomai station, village of Doina. The 14th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The bats squeaked with blood thirst. Edward cracked with the Undead Killer whip. “Let be the will of God!” He shouted. The skeleton jumped high overhead. Alicia threw holy water. The bones got knocked to pieces. “Ball of Destruction!” Alucard shot in a high pattern. The bats got blasted into oblivion. Edwardstruck with the whip. The ghost burst into flame. He really began to get the hang of things. Edward was unused to the Undead Killer. He once went to the Vatican to might bind with the Vampire Killer whip. He hadn’t made the connection. Edward got hit by the bones. He groaned. It was like claws dug into his body. The skeleton kept jumping. “Be gone!” Edward screamed. He nailed with the Bowie knife. “Beware of those which wander the eternal night.” Alucard proclaimed. The zombies appeared from the cracked openings. “Here goes nothing.” They might tear him, limb from limb, to eat him alive. Edward whipped them away. The other corpses appeared. He felt chills down the spine. “Preserve us from the wicked One.” Alicia made the sign of the cross. They had reached the stairs. There was still some sunlight outside. “Beginnings.” Edward exhaled. He had to reach the top. “Indeed.” Alucard remarked. He gave no reply. They came out into the village.

Village of Doina, Warakiya. The 14th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The ravens nested atop the building. Edward tugged his beard. “They attack on sight.”He tried that brandishing technique which made Simon Belmont famous. Edward would have to train harder. “Hellfire!” Alucard finished the ordeal. The village wasn’t large. The railway station lay on the main street. Across from them, but a little way down, lay the local tavern. Edward hoped it might be open. He hadn’t eaten properly for days. The sign told of the name. The “Tower and the cross”. That would have to wait for another time. The lane cut the village in two. Edward noticed the church up the road. His house was the only place with some space. “Who are you?” Alucard went forth. He pulled a woman out from behind the pillar. That was only one of those which held the rooftop steady. Edward wondered if there might be a person behind each. “Let go of me!” The woman shouted. “You are one of them!” She struggled to escape. “Help me!” She shouted. He held the whip in hand. What if she summoned the dark knight golem? Edward shook his head. She wasn’t Claudia. “She is not an enemy.” Alicia told. He relaxed. Edward trusted her judgement. “We are not going to hurt you.” Torah assured. “Victoria!?Is anything the matter!?” The neighbour came running. The dark haired young woman dusted off herself. “There is a vampire here!” She screamed. The man paled. Then he ran back into the house. “Take it easy.” Edward tried to comfort. “He is not one of the undead.” Victorialooked doubtful. Then she threw it aside. “I don’t know about you.” She said. “Though I warn you. I am Victoria Bremer. My father is the bell founder.” Edward blinked. What was that suppose too mean? Victoria snorted. She then ran away. “She was afraid.” Saria said. “She was afraid of us.” Alicia sighed. “The Belmont clan does not enjoy universal support.” Alucard coldly remarked. “So, it is.” Edward shrugged. “Let us have a look around.” He then suggested. “While the sun still last.” “I should reach the church.” Alicia told. “That may be a wise decision.” Alucard said. “Perhaps.” Edward touched his crucifix. “I only hope he has not abandoned.” Simon Belmont told that not every town or village had its own church. Then let us be gone. Alicia lead the way. There where some candles about. Edward whipped while they went along. “That is a morning-star!” Torah exclaimed. She had remained behind. Edward retrieved it. The chain-whip flashed. Then the Undead Killer transformed into a longer leather weapon. He tugged at his beard. “This should make it more powerful.” Alucard remarked. “Then let it be.” Alicia sent him a look. “I didn’t expect to find it.” She said. Edward shrugged. “God with us.” Alicia smiled. They kept walking. The sun was low in the sky. “Are you sure your clock is alright?” Saria asked. His cousin acknowledged. The ravens swooped. Edward was able to whip them. Alicia struck at the others. “Watch out!” Marcia shouted. That was complete madness. The van then started. The car might pull over. They spread out. The ravens attacked. Edward withdrew into the allay. The sun set. “Where are the others?” Torah wondered. Edward shook his head. He didn’t know. The car couldn’t chase them in here. Their problem wasn’t over. The ravens had noticed. He heard the sound of cracking bones. “The scimitars are back.” Torah told. Edward made no answer. The skeletons came out from another building. He ran to challenge. He better know how to use the whip. The bone-men brandished their weapons. Torah got the ring smash. “Homing ball!” The sorceress casted the spell. “Leave this to me.” Edward was grim. The orb nocked the skull of it’s shoulders. “Torah!” He would protect her. “Give it a rest.” Torah made a cutting motion before creating a body slam. “I know how to defend myself.” Edward inhaled. “I know you can.” He presented the crucifix. “Trust me.” The monsters pulled away. “You showed me the arts.” Edward cracked with the letter whip. “Homing ball!” Torah fused with the frost magic. The bone scimitar got frozen into place. “That was some nice work.” Edward exhaled, though he felt chills down his spine. The houses loomed high into the night. “Preserve us.” He felt like they might tumble over. “Here goes nothing.” Edward picked together. There was a fight going on. Torah reacted with a slash, witch she followed up with a complete circle. She didn’t hunt alone. “Leave her alone!” He cried. “It is me you want!” Edward was the heir to the house of Belmont. “The Belmont clan hunts the night.” He was proud about the bloodline. “Homing ball!” The ring smash got stuck in his shield. “You shall not kill me.” The orb exploded on impact. The scimitar got shot to pieces. “You shall become a hunter.” He was sure. “Thank you.” Torah beamed, they got to hunt.

All this happened because of the count. Alucard stood tall. “This I might do for my mother.” He was furious. His hatred, and lust for power, made this possible. The dead marched the streets at night. Alucard spawned his sword familiar to might handle the living dead. His features revealed nothing. The automobile kept spinning. The medium was always dangerous. Alucard learned during the demon castle war. “Hellfire!” The blue bat-inhabited Hellfireballs struck against the front. “Ball of Destruction!” The powerful spell should have destroyed the possessed van. The automobile was coming. Alucard pulled back. “Christine!” The voice belonged to no one. Alucard dashed. He held the shield high. The other hand brought the sword crushing down. He felt the brute force. This was not an ordinary haunted van. Alucard was humble that his blade did not break. The Lecarte sword was precious to him. The blade was left for him by his mother. The sun was down. Alucard lept over the haunted automobile. He could not defeat it. “Master!” The sword familiar crashed through the windows. “Begone!” Alucard called. The familiar obeyed. Alucard had only one place left to hide. He would not waist the opportunity. “Thou have become a curse. Alucard accepted his destiny.

Village of Doina. Warakiya. The 14th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The wind shrieked outside. Victoria Bremer went to visit Abraham Reinholdt. “This is terrible.” She said. “The village have become a hideout for demons.” The villagedoctor listened to what she had to say. “You really saw him?” Abraham sharply asked. Victoria affirmed. She was glad he believed her. “He came from the railway.” Victoria repeated. “The dryads have come.” She hated those tree nymphs. The doctor got up. He was young for his service. But he would act. Victoriawas certain. At last they might do something.

The ravens shrieked. Torah revealed the cross. “Preserve us!”She called. That made them to scatter. Edward got blocked by the shield. “Homing ball!” She charged with frost. That might be the best when fighting the skeletons. The black birds collapsed into bits of ice. Torah picked the crystals. The scimitar leaped. He tried to behead her. Torah dashed with both the razor rings. They cut through the light armour. The scimitar got cut in two. “We have to get away from here!” Torah spun round. She got the ring smash. The birds kept some distance. Edward made the sign of the cross. “I know!” He shot back. “The alley is too wide!” Torah ducked beneath the scimitar’s trust. The skeleton grinned. The skull glared at her with empty sockets. They got to find some place which granted an upper hand. “Homing ball!” She released the orb of purple plasma. It circled round her body. Torah charged as much she could. That made the scimitars to retreat. Not for long. Torah was certain. “Over there!” Edward pointed. He threw the tripled enflamed daggers to might clear the way. Torah noticed. “Homing ball!” She fused with fire. The ravens died. Edward lead the way. They reached the building. Torah turned. “Homing ball!” She threw the orb before Edward pulled her inside.

The sun went down. Alicialost track of her friends. “Stay with me.” Only Saria was left. The dryad winked. Then she became serious. “The ravens are here.” Marcia informed. “Then you will be blessed.” Alicia unsheathed theClaymore blade. Her fairy beamed with emotion. “Mother of trees!” Saria got her own short-sword and shield. “They nest on the rooftop!” Marcia told. “They might pick you apart!” Alicia attacked the birds. Was this like what happened on that small English island in 1962? Jonathan Morris made a note in the chronicle. “Curse of Darkness.” Her thoughtsgot cut short. Saria attacked the bone-scimitars. “I won’t let them take you!” The fairy swooped like an angry wasp. “She is my friend!” Alicia pulled the glasses tight. She touched the crucifix. The skeletonsleaped down from the windows. The others came from the rooftops above. Alicia advanced. Then the manhole cover got moved aside. “Stand where you are!” The battle-droids came climbing up. They got their blasters aimed. “Be careful.” Marcia breathed. “They will never stop hunting you.” Alicia shuddered. She knew the truth. Alicia thought they looked like a metal Slogra. Though clad in boots and body armour. Alicia crossed herself. They got a nice aim. “Away from me!” She cried. Alicia summoned her power. “Blue bow!” She wasn’t alone. Saria released. “Get down!” Marcia called. The robots opened fire. The bone-scimitars advanced. Her sword shone with frost. If they worked together, she guessed, they would have become overthrown. The robots didn’t care what they hit. Alicia might repel the fire. She threw the cross. The boomerang splitinto three freezing crosses. “This way!” Marcia called. “Enter the building!” Saria followed her advice. “Beware of the monsters!” The fairy told. “Trust me.” Saria opened the door. “Star bow! Magic arrow!” She fired. Alicia went inside. The robots would soon catch up. She knocked the candles. Saria silently cracked the other door. “Wait for me!” Alicia hurled herself inside. “Stop!” Marcia shouted. “He Is not an enemy.” Shere-sheathed her sword. Saria hung up the bow. The solicitor got up from behind his desk. He tried to be polite. “I am Mr. Barrymore.” He said. “How… “The man swallowed. “How may I… “He couldn’t finish his statement. “Do not be afraid.” Marcia fluttered before him. “We will not hurt you.” Alicia smiled. The Furness roared up the chimney. “You don’t understand.” The solicitor whispered. “That it doesn’t matter.” Alicia didn’t understand. “Look.” Saria breathed. Alicia pulled back. “Hugo.” The voice beconed. “Come to me.” Hugo Barymore stumbled forward. The mist came through the keyhole. Alicia pulled him back. “Sons of Satan.” She said. Alicia pulled her sword. “Begone in the name of Christ.” The vampire snarled. “You are no better.” He taunted. “Your great Gabriel Belmont was nothing but a thief and a criminal.” He laughed. Alicia felt sick by his malice. “Yes.” He gloated. “Gabriel Belmont drunk the blood of my species to gain access to the heart.” She gathered her strength. “That isn’t the whole truth.” Alicia challenged. “He did so to save us all.” She struck with the blade. The vampire was to quick. “Nobody knows what became of him.” She said. “His sons repented upon their father’s crime.” This was getting out of hand. Alicia wouldn’t discuss her family’s history. At least not with him. Leon Belmont made it right. Sonia Belmont kept his promise. Alicia wouldn’t let them down. She went into battle. Alicia felt no regret. She would make them proud. “The Belmont clan shall hunt the night.” She presented the crucifix. The light was dim. “Be brave.” Marcia changed her glow into a warm opal aura. “Be steadfast.” Alicia inhaled. “Enough of this.” The undead made a dismissing gesture. “You are a slut.” The smile reappeared. “I might smell the lesbian lust about you.” Alicia blushed. She couldn’t help it. Salome’s necklace felt like burning in her pocket. She had to fight not to tear it out and throw it away. She made a promise. Alicia would keep it, no matter what. “You are not one of the sisters.” She barely breathed. “I won’t give in.” The snarl reappeared upon his features. “So be it.” He said. “Belmont.” He stepped forward. “Then your life is forfeit.” Alicia remained tall. She disliked that undead stare. He made her feel dirty; like a hussy or food slave. “Come on.” Alicia tightened her grip. “Let us fight.” The hunter hoped she remembered everything that Alucardtold about swordplay. “Come back.” The vampire rasped. He stanched like an open grave. “To Nightfall I shall take you.” Alicia bared her teeth. “By the mother of Christ!” The company created the collapse on Wall street in 1929 on purpose. “You will take neither the solicitor nor me!” She lacked the power of the Vampire Killer whip. The undead laughed by her effort. Alicia exhaled. She struggled to hold the blade. “Then it is time to die.” Without warning, the vampire leaped in front. He morphed into a gas cloud. Alicia choked upon the fabric. The storm built up within. She heard his laugher. Alicia released the force. The crucifix lit up in the dark. The crosses whirled about as a beam of light shone down from the Heaven. “For great is the Lord, our God.” The undead was forced to release her. “Rest in peace.” Alicia might relax. She kept the crucifix. The vampire snarled. He crouched into a haunting position. Alicia held onto the Claymore. She felt chills down her spine. The eyes burned green with the fires of Hell. She was certain that he meant to kill her. The anger was getting the best of him. “Preserve me.” She breathed. The vampire would no longer use her as a plaything. He meant what he said. Alicia would die by his hands. “That may be possible. though she no longer wished to act by his vision. The vampire dashed. “Then let it be done!” Alicia called. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” The vampire approached. He turned into a swarm of bats. “Evil creature from the depth!” Alicia cried. She threw holy water in the air. The undead screamed. He got burned. Alicia made the sign of the cross.

She was a vampire hunter. Saria watched them fight. She hoped Edward was alright. “Alicia!” Marcia screamed. The human moved. He was under the spell. Saria felt pity with him. She shook her head. There was no time. Saria couldn’t let it influence her actions. There was something about his face. “Don’t look.” She managed to hold him. The human sent her a look. Saria bit together. Although his expression changed, he still tried to reach the enemy. “Mother of trees.” Saria cursed. The vampires where like fungous on the tree of life. Marcia was flying about. She shone all blue with worry. Saria would help. Though she was unsure. Saria couldn’t release him. The human might be forced to fight. He was an old man. That wasn’t the real case. Saria knew that. The man was stronger then he looked. Edward once told her that vampire blood might havea strange effectupon the humans. Saria let it drop. She got other problems. The human made the sign of the cross. Saria recognised that motion. The Belmontsmade it to fend off against evil. It was a sign of their religion. Then it made sense. The look on his face. Saria smiled. He found his faight. She relaxed. Although she didn’t knew everything, Saria had a good feeling. That somehow, they where going to pull through.

Ruvas forest, Warakiya. The 15th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The snow kept falling. “Heart of ice.” The white witch kept on her domain. This was the border of her property. Dora was one huge forest. The blizzard scoured the landscape. A dank fog kept her sister’s land engulfed in silence. There was something great moving in the mist. The snow queen remained. Her dark skin and black hair where in contrast to the white. The high pointed wand glittered with blue. “Sister.” The figure emerged. She was clad entirely in dark robes. “The black witch.” She breathed. Her sister laughed. The sound was pleasant to hear. Her wand was like a firebrand. “You had no reason to come in person.” She said. The white witch acknowledged. “To find the General Reinhardt Reich, is vital.” Her sister dismissed. The gesture sat her burning red hair in motion. “That will be made clear in time.” A red gem hung between her eyes. “Liza.” The black witch said. “You are of his bloodline.Walter Bernhardt ruled no longer. “You will have to submit.” She said. “To the Dark Lord.” The black witch laughed. “The lord of the vampires.” Liza Bernhardt watched her fade. The general had to be found. That much was obvious. She turned to leave. The driver was waiting for her. “Bring me to my den.” She told. “I have to rest until sun-fall.”

Village of Doina, Warakiya. The 14th. Of December 2098 A.D.

This was incredible. Hugo Barymore watched as the girl fought the undead. She could save his soul. She summoned the name of the Lord. Barymore felt hope. He dodged her blade. “Alicia!” The fay shouted. Hugo never expected he would see one. Barymore was the county solicitor. “You don’t look.” The little girl held him back. She was stronger then appearance. They were vampire hunters. Hugo Barymore made the sign of the cross. They might save the village from Dracula’s curse. That was, if they might survive this onslaught of monsters.

They kept outside. Edward remained by the exit. “Here goes nothing.” He muttered. Torah frowned. “Homing ball!” The orb was blazing. The birds didn’t bother. The bone-scimitars pressed hard. Edward hurled holy water. The scimitar collapsed. He withdrew. Torah dashed. She struck with the razor rings. The skeleton got defeated. She threw herself sideways. Edward locked the door.“Let us be grateful there are no windows.” Torah sighed. “I am.” He tugged his beard. They left the alley. “Let us have a look.” Torah suggested. The mailman didn’t recoil the whip. They where in the kitchen. The sinkhole was removed. “Good Lord!” Edward shouted. The merman spatfireballs. Torah removed the head. The corpse fell down. Another got up. The fireball sent the girl running. The kitchen wasn’t that large. Edward threw the dagger forward. The merman wheeled. Edward ducked. “Homing ball!” Torah shot it away. Three mermen went jumping up. Edward hid behind the bench. Two monsters went for Torah. She made a glide beneath the fireballs. Edward struck with the whip. The merman jumped high while spitting fireballs. Edward was glad therewere no lizard men. He dodged the attack. “Homing ball!” The steam removed the enemies. Edward threw the axe. The merman escaped. Torah killed him. “Thanks.” He said. “Carrie was a great hunter.” Torah blushed. She got serious. The mermen reappeared. Edward cracked with the leather whip. The monster caught fire. “Homing ball!” The others got removed. The scimitars banged the door. Torah found the exit. Hewent in front. “GoodGod.” Torah hid her mouth. Edward removed his hat. They reachedan antique store. “How may I be of service?” Edward almost thought it was Renon speaking. The keeper appeared behind a shelf. He kept a volume. The antique dealer was an elder, with white hair and intelligent blue eyes. “Who are you?” Torah got into a defensive posture. “I should be the one asking.” The dealer said. “Here you come crashing into my store.” Edward replaced the hat. “I am sorry.” He said while recoiling the whip. HE offered a hand. “My name is Edward Morris.” The dealer shook it. “I am Joseph Vincent.” Torah acted shy whenintroducing herself. “I don’t want to get involved.” He touched the vials he kept on his belt. “I can protect myself.” He carried a crucifix around his neck. “You purchase or leave.” Torah looked crossed.The mailman might figure. “No problem.” He assured. “Ipurchase that book.” Joseph Vincent had a look. He didn’t recognize. That was Gwendolyn’s book. She gave them to her husband, Eric Lecarde. “I give you 10 gold coins.”

He got more in his purse. Edwardfound moneyin the candles. Joseph seemed to consider. “We have a deal.” He agreed. Edward gave the coins. “You have to leave through the front.” Joseph told while handing the volume. “That is the only way out.” Edward crossed himself. The book fit the breast pocket. He touched the Undead Killer. Joseph watched him. “You are a good Catholic.” He remarked. Edward bowed. “I may have a suggestion.” Joseph Vincent slowly spoke. “You could climb through the cover.” Edward frowned. He disliked the idea. The mermen came from there. “Look.” Torah whispered. Edward inhaled. “Preserve us.” Groups of zombies marched the snowy street. “I am sorry.” Joseph said. “I have to close.” Hepulled the curtains. He went upstairs. Edward watched him climb. A cold wind blew through the shop as soon he vanished. The candle which he left, was turn out. Edward could see beyond the obvious. “We have no choice.” Torah said. Hesighed. They returned to the kitchen. Edward expected to encounterthe mermen. The place was quiet. Torah slid into the sewers. She got the ring smash. Edward touched his crucifix. Then he went along.

The sewers, village of Doina. The 14th. Of December 2098 A.D.

Edward felt like falling forever. There was nothing he could do. The mailman began to slide. He reached the bottom. Edward got up. He dusted off as best he could. Torah climbed upon the catwalk. The mailman followed. “Where shall we go?” Torah asked. She looked upon her shoes. Although the sewers where long since disused, the place was muddy and slick. Edward made a grimace. The sewers stenched. “We have to find the main passage.” He said. “Thenwe follow the street.” They began walking. The bats wentfor blood. Edward kept his ground. “There is someone over there.” Torah told. He noticed. Edward knocked the candles. The mailman restored his economy. Torah reached ahead. She shot the mammals. Edward followed. The passage was crossed by the stream. The merman jumped. Edward managed to sidestep. Torah removed the monster. The second merman shot for her location. Edward cracked with the whip. The creaturesappeared. “Homing ball!” Torah might handle the situation. Edward was on the move. He got chained. The slimy touch told of the peeping eye. Edward escaped. The flouting eye might inflict a cursed state. The thing was undead. Edward thanked the Lord that it was no Bugbear or watcher involved. The peeping eye swooped to leach with the tentacle. Edward struck. The whip made it to rebound backward. Torah fought the mermen. The hunterwithdrew. The eyeball kept up the attack. He would survive. The peeping eye swooped. Edward dodged. The monster went in an erratic pattern. He conquered the freak. . The bats obscured his victory. Edward tried to brandish with the whip. He still got trouble with the trick. “Homing ball!” Torah cast the spell. “Hold on.” She burned the mammals. Edward managed to swing across. “Watch out!” Torah called. The mailman gave the skeleton one heavy kick. He collapsed. That wasn’t the end. The others came running. Torah and Edward fought back-to-back. The bats approached. He would hunt. Torah could fight. The mermen were back. Edward threw the cross. The skeletons collapsed. He fought through the mud. Torah shrieked as the zombies reached. He moved for support. Torah escaped. The peeping eye attacked. He felt like being hanged. “Homing ball!” Torah fired.

The water dripped from the ceiling. For the first time, Alucard noticed something else then white fur and blonde hair. Something beyond the polished gold and silver armour. “Thou arth his concubine.” From the golden necklace, which matched the headband, though not set with gems, hung his father’s crest. “Then you know who I am.” She said. Alucard saluted. “I am not like that.” He told. “Come on.” She teased. “I can do everything which that little slut Sonia could.” The insult made him furious. Alucard did not reveal it. She laughed. “Let us have some fun.” Alucard unsheathed his blade. He was unsure about those others he encountered. Though the law was clear. The brides where bestowed upon with Dracula’s curse. Thus they where untouched by the flow of time. He was unsure how that might affect her kind. Though Alucard was a half-blood. He would not let her do it. If he failed this time, he would have unleashed her upon his allies. That he could not. Edward Morris and Alicia Schneider where Belmont warriors. The people depended upon them. Torah Fernandez deserved his respect and loyalty. The dryad half-sister saved his life. Alucard would challenge this harlot. He would not use his power. She deserved no better then to die by his blade.

Village of Doina, Warakiya. The 14th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The chair turned around. Philippa Waserman kept at attention. “The population then found courage enough to resist the battle droids.” She closed the report. Freidrich Litner tapped the armchair. “So, it is.” That was no question. “Yes sir.” Philippa was young as a vampire. She merely stayed a year. “Rebel scum.” The features revealed his distain. “Lieutenant.” She tugged the braid. Philippawould do whatever he asked. “What do you require?” He fixed the gaze. “Tell them about this.” Litner told. “Hail the count.” Philippa gave her salute.

How did he come here? Torah felt confused. “Homing ball!” She charged. Edward had no doubt. He approached with the whip in hand. “Stay back.” Alucard told. “Let me take her.” Torah gasped. Edward cracked with the leather whip. The gold knight smiled. “Here I am.” She spread her arms wide. Torah fell into a slight trance. Then she figured. All Torah could see, was a harlot, dressed like a knight. Though she was different. This would be like fighting Salome, again. Torah bit her lip. Edward struck her. The fox shrieked. Torah picked together. That was Edward, wielding Christopher’s whip. Alucard made the sign of the cross. The fox pulled away. She looked horrified. Torah reached for the razor rings. The knight really was afraid. “There is one fragment.” Alucard told. “Which tell of Christopher Belmont, and his search for an undead prey.” Edward didn’t listen. He struck with the whip. The gold knight unsheathed the Katana. Torah noticed the hilt was long enough for both hands. She didn’t stop to admire. Torah dashed. She ducked. The knight held off against them. Alucard morphed. He reappeared to strike his blade. The head was removed. A fountain of blood stained her armour. They watched her burn. “Thou arth free.” Alucard declared. “Now all is over.”

The undead threw back his black cape. Alicia retreated. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth.” She tightened the grip. “Mother of trees.” Saria fired. The undead blocked with a pillar of steam. Alicia touched the crucifix. This was no mere victim. He had become strong throughout the centuries. “You will grant me your blood.” His eyes shone. Although Alicia was a lesbian, she fought to resist his charm. “Then you shall drink, like your ancestor.” Strings of hisbrown hair fell untended down the front of his face. The ruby lips parted to reveal his fangs. Alicia felt no attraction. She got other interests. “God!” She shouted. “Please! Give me strength!” An arrow pierced his chest. The cloth of his black coat got stained with crimson. He pulled it out. Then he shrieked. Alicia staggered. The vampire pulled up and hurled the table. Alicia got pressed against the wall. She lost her glasses. Marcia replaced them upon her face. Hugo was down on his knees. She forgot they had the strength of twenty men. Saria stood in front of the solicitor. “Your mind tricks don’t work on me, undead scum.” She challenged. “So I see.” The undead bowed. “Know then, dryad, that I, Rufus Belzner, was guest in the forest long ago. I know your desire.” Alicia wondered what that was about. She managed to push the furniture aside. “Stay back, whore of a Belmont.” The mental force knocked her to the ground. “I am already in love, so no thanks.” Saria picked another arrow. Rufus laughed. His hands reached from sleeves of white lacework. The vampire was dressed like a 17th. Century nobleman. Alicia slowly crept along the floor. She hoped he would be too preoccupied. Alicia let the sword behind. “You will be a nice pet in my collection.” He released the steam blast. Alicia knew he would keep up until exhausted. She waited. Saria was moving. Hugo Barymore looked like he would never move again. “Curse you.” Rufus soon got tired. Alicia lept. She stamped with the crucifix. He staggered. Flames lit on impact. The vampire shrieked. An arrow buried itself within his chest. Alicia threw tripled vials of holy water. The vampire burned away in green flames. He really was mighty. Alicia exhaled. Hugo got back up. “Thanks.” He said. “Thank you.” He almost sobbed with joy while trying to laugh at the same time. “I owe you my life.” He drew the tears away. “The fairy was right.” He said. He was still shaky. “You where not my enemies.” Hugo inhaled. “I shall reward you the only way I can.” Alicia retrived her items. He owed her nothing. “You should want to avoid the street.” That was no question. Alicia had a look outside. The van was nowhere to be seen. Although dead men walked the road at night. “Do you know another way?” Marcia asked. Saria also had a look out the window. “You may climb on the rooftop.” Barymore suggested. Alicia nodded. That could work. “Let me show you.” He led them into another room. This looked like another office. HE would have to redecorate the hall. They climbed the stairs. Hugo showed thembeyond his bedroom. At the end of the passage, Hugo revealed the stair which went to the attic. “Go forth.” He said. “The top hatch is above the window to the street.” Alicia was grateful. “Don’t you want to come too?” Saria asked. Hugo shook his head. “I must remain.” HE told. “They must not discover about you.” He looked back at where they came. “If anyone ask, it was I who impaled the vampire.” Alicia was impressed. The solicitorwas brave. “Good night.” Saria said. “May the Lordbless you.” Alicia added. Marcia made a final circle about his head. Then she followed. Hugo smiled. Then he vanished back down. Alicia crossed herself. They climbed the steps. Alicia figured she reached the attic. She began to search for the hatch. Saria fired. Alicia struck with the sword. She felt chills down her spine. The attic was haunted. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the Holy Ghost!” Alicia presented the crucifix. The haunting vision withdrew from her. She released him. Saria was shooting the bats. She had a good aim. Alicia knocked the candles. She found some money and gems. The axe came in handy. She threw it at the mammals. They burst into flame. Saria picked the crystals. Alicia blinked. Saria made them to turn into arrows. Alicia touched the crucifix. They where in the shadow of the demon castle. Anything might happen. They kept searching. Alicia struck with the blade. The ghost got released. “Here it is!” Marcia told. The hatch was to huge for her to handle. “Please, help me with this.” She requested. Alicia hid a smile. “Here.” Saria stood on tiptoe. “Let me support you.” She was a bit to short. Alicia pulled it aside. She got greater strength then both her friends. Alicia helped Saria to reach the ceiling. Marcia flew straight up. Alicia climbed to inspect the area. She reached atop. That didn’t change anything. The ice and snow made it difficult to continue. The country house was built with a high roof. To make matters worse, there was quite a distance to the neighbour. “This way is better!” Saria called from the other side of the house. Alicia climbed atop. What was she upto? Alicia had a look. She acknowledged. “We can make it.” She said. Saria withdrew. Then she went ahead. Alicia didn’t expected her to do that. The ravens got disturbed. The black birds of pray flew up from their roosting. Alicia made it to rain with holy water. The birds got defeated. Others attacked. They went for her. Saria released with the sun arrows. They got to close. Alicia struck with the sword. The claws might tear her apart. Alicia consolidated her force. The circle of axes went for the monsters. Alicia reached the distance. The zombie pulledfrom within the chimney. Saria nailed with an arrow. Another took his place. Alicia slashed through its chest. The corpse burned. He was not alone. Alicia sighed. She doused the rest. “This is the way!” Marcia called. That was another chimney. Alicia considered. Would it support? There was only one way to find out. Alicia inhaled. She got to solve this puzzle.

The skeleton reached out through the chimney. Saria pulled Alicia down. The undead skeleton threw bones about. Alicia got up. She somehow retained the glasses. Saria almost giggled. Then she pulled together. “Blue bow!” Saria shot the skeleton into pieces. Theravens attacked. Alicia climbed down the building. Saria followed. They reached the backyard. “They are back!” Marcia warned. Not a moment to late. The manhole cover got removed. A swarm of bats emerged. They came like a wave. Alicia threw holy water. “Mermen!” Saria shouted. She fired. The monster felled. The neck got pierced by an arrow. Bone-scimitars came up. They brought mermen along. Saria fired one last arrow. Then they randown the alleyway. The garden was ahead. This one was open to the street. Though not large enough for the van.The zombies marched. Saria pulled the bow. “Magic arrow! Star bow!” She fired with the bats. Alicia got into a ready position. The monsters poured into the place. The ravens also got interested. “In the name of Michael the Arch Angel!” Alicia cried. Saria reached for the medallion. She knew. Alicia prepared for what might be her final fight. She touched her hand. “I am here.” Marcia whispered. Alicia smiled. Then the manhole cover was removed.

Vrad castle, Warakiya. The 15th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The fire went roaring up the chimney. The black witch sat in throne upon the platform. Richter Von Krohnsteen stood at attention. Although he looked young, the Nazi-officer was more then 150 years old. “Do we have a binding contract then?” The royal knight asked. Anita Fortner lowered her head. “We have.” She agreed. Her sister was right. Dam her. The black witch boiled with anger and hatred. She would like to use it against her. That was not permitted. He made that clear. “Hail the count!” They offered their greeting. “Hail the count.” She returned their salute. The embacy turned and left. The castle monsters requested her services. Buer had watched everything transpire. “Come over here.” She requested. The lioness stepped forward. “I want you to bring me fresh blood.” She told. Buer left. She would get what she wanted. At least for the time being. The black witch tightened her grip. She still got her magic wand. She would make them to cower before her might. Anita Fortner knew things which would make them grow pale. The black witch laughed. She called upon summer. She had to make this barging. Though she would emerge in triumph. Her sister would see. The black witch would gain the count’s favour. “Hail the prince of Darkness.” She declared.

Village of Doina, Warakiya. The 14th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The wind kept twirlingwith the snow. Hugo Barymore crossed the street. Neither of them seemed to care. The solicitorwent into the antique store. He rang the bell. “Alright.” The annoyed voice answered. “Alright. I am coming.” Joseph Vincent went climbing down the stair. He held a lit candle in hand. Joseph really looked old and frail. The solicitor wondered if he might be able to help him. He would fight. Hugo wouldn’t give up this time. He then told the old man about his story. Joseph went agitated. “This changes everything!” Heexclaimed.

The sewers, village of Doina. The 14th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The girl stared into the void. Edward felt lost. “Preserve her.” He made the sign of the cross. Torah remained quiet. She neverblinked. “I feel.” She breathed. Edward had no clue. “The forest is dark.” Torah went pale. “So dark.” Edward had enough. Tears stained her cheeks. “So very dark.” He doused her with holy water. That made her to shiver. Edward tugged his beard. “Donot dabble in witchcraft.” He said. Torah shivered. “That is too late.” She told. Their conversation got cut short. Alucard returned. “They are still out there.”The coverings were guarded. Edward touched the whip. “Let us go.” Alucard saluted. “Such speak a Belmont and a vampire hunter.” Edward tugged his beard. He felt taken aback. Torah hid a smile. Edward pulled together. Alucard lead the way. They didn’t get far. The bats attacked. Edward was more concerned about the peeping eyes. He struck with the leather whip. The monster rebounded. “Homing ball!” Torah fired. She burned the freak. The second eye caught her. Torah got lifted away. Her face went blue. “Ball of Destruction!” Alucard released her. The peeping eye attacked. Edward threw the Bowie to might impale the monster. Torah gathered. She removed the bats. They shared the crystals. Alucard didn’t wait. He continued forward. “This is the way.” He told. Edward tugged his beard. The sideway looked like any other passage. He made the sign of the cross. “Homing ball!” Torah charged thespell. There were very few candles down here. Something fell from the ceiling. “Stay back.” Alucard warned. Before the corpse might move, he crushed the skull. The zombies kept falling. Edward struck with the whip. “Here goes nothing.” Torah dashed. The rings smashed through their bodies. They got cut to pieces. Edward flailed with the flame whip. The corpses burned to ashes. “This might reveal us to the minions.” Alucard remarked. The mailman dismissed. They got other problems. He threw the knife. The scimitar took it upon the shield. “Homing ball!” Torah made it to collapse. The mermen spat fireballs. They spread about. Edward fought the bone-scimitars. He touched the spell book. Edward released tripled fireballs. They homed for the scimitars. Edward inhaled. Only John Morris and Eric Lecarde had been able to use it. He wondered how it ended up into an antique store. The monsters advanced. Edward didn’t have to touch it this time. He released a flurry of sonic rings. The devils got blasted into oblivion. Edward staggered. He wasn’t used to such might. Edward had to learn. The zombies raised from the marsh pit. Edward cleared them away. “Hellfire!” Alucard hit the bats. They reached the end of the corridor. There was a ladder that led upward. Torah caught up. Sheconfronted the mermen. Edward was impressed. She made it all by herself. Torah didn’t boast about it. “Wait.” She called. “I thought I heard something.” Alucard withdrew. The niche was revealed. “Destroyers.” Edward reached for the crucifix. The metal wheels unfolded. The three spider-like machines opened fire. “Homing ball!” Torah tried to absorb. The magic was crushedinthe cross-fire. “They have shield-generators!” Edward got to shout. He felt like a target in a shooting gallery. Torah advanced from the side. The tragic prince beheaded the robot. The machine exploded. Alucard proceeded. The destroyers changed polarity. Edward threw a wave of holy water. The robot burned. The generator imploded. The machine kept blasting. Edward pulled back. The last destroyer advanced. Alucard crushed his sword into the robot. “Here goes nothing!” Edward made the crosses to rise in front. The robot shot them away. Torah arrived. She crushed through the chest. The destroyer screamed. Edward threw the cross. The robot collapsed. The mailman inhaled. Alucard climbed the ladder. Torah was quick to follow. Edward kept watch. The half-bloodtransformed into a bat. Torah made a leap. Edward was the last to reach atop. The girl really was agile. Hecouldn’t create such tricks. The mailman knew his ancestors possessed physical abilities. That was Alucard’s gift to the bloodline. Never mind, Edward would fight. He exhaled, they found the others.

Village of Doina, Warakiya. The 14th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The girls got cornered. Edward threw the cross. “Crimson lightning!” Alucard showcased his power. The mailmandodged the attack. Alicia would hunt. “In the name of Michael, the Arch Angel!” Together they defeated the monsters. The steam created a barrier. “Stay back.” Alucard said. “Let the hunters prove themselves.” They exchanged glances. “Brother!” The male exposed his fangs. “This is no show.” “Indeed.” Alucard remarked. The tragic prince hid behind his cape. Edward might feel the force of his pure will power. “Rupert Heims!” The female shouted. “They will not touch you!” She leapt for Alucard. Alicia stepped in front. “Come.” Rupertbeckoned. “I want your blood.” Edward made the sign of the cross. “Never.” He said. “You failed.” The vampire laughed. “Your ancestor embraced the curse of Darkness.” Edward blushed. Hugh Baldwin acted out of jealousy. “Carmilla coaxed him.” Rupert snarled. The white shirtsleeves reached from the tunic. Edward remained tall. He couldn’t be that old. Rupert created the steam blast. Edward dodged to might throw the Bowie forward. The devil shrieked. “This is the blade that killed Dracula!” Edward retrieved the

knife. The vampire touched him. “You shall die.” He cracked with the whip. “Leave me alone.” Edward threw the vial. The steam boiled. The mailman withdrew. “What is man, but a messed bundle of secrets.” He stamped with the crucifix. The demon shrieked. “Rest in peace.” Edward declared. Rupert laughed. “His Master’s voice.” The undead punched him. Edward made a back-flip.He hit the wall, the mailmangot the Bowie.Rupert went for blood. He pierced the heart.Edward threw the axe. Rupert burned in a pyre of orangeflame. He didn’t expect an applause. Sariaremained in thegarden. “They went for Alicia.” She pointedat the alleyway. He would rather kiss her. Edward had no choice. This was his destiny.

Night had fallen. Alucard changed into mist. He got no difficulty with the craft. The castle’s influence, although not fully realized, amplified his power. Alucard went after his distant relations. Alicia Schneider was a blood descendant. The Belmont chased after the vampire. She went down the lane and into another garden. It was important that she proved herself as a hunter. Edward Morris already performed his initial kill. The knight vampire was his father’s bodyguard. Alucard let it pass. The Morris clansman had become. He reached into the garden. Alucard regained his human form. Torah Fernandez came here first. The fence was not tall enough to keep out the skeletons. Alucard unsheathed his blade. Fernandez dashed through. Though she was focused on the ravens. The black birds nested atop the buildings. “Homing ball!” She charged with flame. That was wise. The steam had a much wider aim. The ravens perished at a lot. Alucard was able to take them on the shield. The skeletons kept hurling bones. Alucard snarled. Then Edward Morris appeared. “Magic arrow!” The dryad sister fired her bow-and-arrows. Alucard acknowledged. Once again, she saved his life. “Thy humble servant my lady.” He adored the archer. Saria went crimson. “Excellent.” That was amusing.

Village of Doina, Warakiya. The 14th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The weather was clearing. Victoria exhaled. “It seems alright.” She looked about. “Let us go.” Victoria whispered. “I am ready.” Abraham assured. The doctor opened the door. They went out into the night-scape. Victoria prayed for a miracle. There where hunters in town. Where could they be? The undead haunted these grounds. She made a confession. They drank the blood of the living. Victoria shuddered. The doctor touched her shoulder. Abraham pulled the white hair from his wrinkled face. She didn’t care. Somebody moved. Victoria shuddered.

The skeleton used the bone for a weapon. Torah bit her lip. The bone club went down. She was able to sidestep. The bone-man kept up the wild swipes. “Homing ball!” That struck him apart. Torah sighed. She was so tired. No time to rest. She knocked the candles. The crystals replenished her force. Torah smiled. The ravens swooped down on her. Torah shrieked with surprise. They where picking her. Edward cracked with the whip. The birds got scared away. Not for long. Alucard was ready. “Hellfire!” He spread the cape wide. The ravens got blasted into oblivion. Saria pulled back the string. She shot the skeletons. Torah didn’t wait. She ran after Alicia. She was in trouble. Torah could see. The skeletons got a bone to pick with her. She stopped to charge the magic. “Make no bone about it.” She muttered. That wasn’t really very funny. Torah just couldn’t help it. She hid a giggle behind the hand. She gathered. This wasn’t the time. “Homing ball!” Torah charged with frost. Alucard regained his human form. He engaged the skeletons in direct combat. Torah produced the ring smash. She dashed to help him. The others got occupied by the ravens. Torah cut through the ribs. Alicia reached the end of the street. That was a driving lot. Torah bit together. The skeleton reached for her.

The wind wisped cold through the broken battlements. Alicia felt chills down her spine. “In the name of Michael, the arch angel!” She cried. The female was quite elusive. Alicia looked about. They almost got down the street. Only the fence blocked the way before the green field. It was white now. Alicia dismissed about the matter. “Watch out!” Marcia shone an alarmed pink. Three skeletons jumped over the fence. This was no ideal battleground. Alucard and Torah joined in the fight. “In Manos Toas Domine!” Alicia made the sign of the cross. She kept down the road. The village street was behind. Alicia looked through a hole in the solid stone wall. There where some few estates across the road. Alicia got into motion. She reached the driving lot. The second row of houses lay ahead. Someone where inside the garage. Someone or some thing! The van came crashing through. “Fight me now, goldielock.” The undead gloated. “I am the essence of Christine.” Alicia was shocked. The vampires knew to much about them. The source must’ve come from the castle. Alicia threw a wave of holy water. The van got frozen. “And now for you, little red riding hood.” The bats kept her occupied. Christine touched her wild red hair. “So that is your view about me.” She said. Alicia had no comment. She slashed the mammals. “That is about to change.” The undead blew her a kiss. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” Alicia cried. She knewabout the danger. The hunter barely got out of reach. “Clever head on such young shoulders.” Christinesnickered. “I refuse you.” Alicia remained tall. “I resist you and all your kind.” She threw tripled daggers. The undead dodged whenmorphing into bats. Alicia struck with her blade. The other bats came to defend. The ghost carwas starting up again. Alucard reappeared. “Hellfire!” He openedthe cape to throw fireballs. The van was struck. “Ball of Destruction!” Christine advanced. “I shall make you to submit.” She threw back the black coat while conjuring the mammals. Alicia noticed she was dressed like a party girl teenager. The hunter got beneath her bats. “Homing ball!” Torah showed up to tackle the threat. “Face it.” The female vampire accused. “You cannot fight us alone.” Alicia made the sign of the cross. “I am not alone!” She cried. “I am never alone!” Alicia beamed. “The Lord is with me.” The undead snarled by her decree. “You wouldn’t dare!” The female leached with steam. “His name will not avail you!” She slashed with a double-handed claw-swipe.That sent her flying. “You can’t stop me.” Alicia got back on foot. “It will be done, in the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” The enemy was furious. She returned while blasting steam. Alicia threw herself sideways. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” That was Heinrich’s slogan. She was the only Catholic in her family. That had no meaning. They believed. That was the important part. Alicia stamped with the crucifix. “You be damned!” Christine shrieked like a forsaken soul. The van, which had been ignorant to Alucard’s assault, stopped. It seemed to have been in an accident. “Yes.” Christine said. “He pulled my dying body from the car.” For a moment, she looked bothhurt and broken. “It happened upon my 17th. Birthday.” Alicia had a shudder. She made the sign of the cross. “Then thy should have died.” Alucard declared. “Better dead then to burn in the fires of Hell.” Christine releasedthe heavy steam. “Traitor!” She bellowed. “You don’t realize anything!” She conjured bats. “I don’t wish to die!” Alicia threw the axe into the air. “Then you have condemned yourself to suffering.”” There was wind in her blood. “I sense much fear in you.” Alicia might see beyond the obvious. “Fear leads to anger.” She knew it was true. “Anger leads to hate.” Alicia almost felt sorry for her. “Hate leads to suffering.” There was nothing left. “Rest in peace.” The circle of axes brought her toground. Alicia got shaken. “Save us.” She breathed. Christine turned into mist. She arrivedto take her. The fangs got exposed. “Your blood is mine.” The urge was upon her. “It is I, Christine Treville,Who Is calling!” Alicia groaned. She felt the vampire’s kiss against her neck. “I feel.” The female vampire let down her coat. “Yes.” The blue and white cocktail dress revealed her bosom. “The essence.” The gaze was lowered. “Blood of the hunter.” She would pierce the heart. “I want it.” Alicia closed her eyes. “I don’t think so. Homing ball!” Torah hit withan orb of purple plasma. Christine burst into fire. She got consumed byan ugly green blaze. Alicia shook her head. She felt weary. Edward and Saria reached the lot. That was close. Alicia drew sweat of her brow. The Lord preserved her soul. “You defeated Christine!” Edward exclaimed. “Then we might go home.” The mailman tugged his beard before replacing the hat. “The church is over there.” Saria told. “Then we are not forsaken.” Alicia tried to relax. Her wounds were burning. Aliciagroaned before she keeled over. “Count’s death.” Alucard cursed. He was at her side. “What is it?” She managed to speak between clenched lips. “The bodygotburied in unclean soil.” Alicia felt like going blind. “She might becomezombified.” Saria sounded concerned. Her voice came from a great distance. “She must be brought to church.” Alicia felt Alucard’s hand upon her forehead. “You are strong, my lady.” He said. “Do not die.” Marcia settled on her Brest. She felt like someone carried her along. Alicia screamed. She felt pain all over. The wounds where cold. How could that be? When she’d felt… She had felt... Alicia couldn’t concentrate. They were climbing up the stairs. The doors were open. Alicia felt sanctuary. Here she might find peace. Then Alicia was put down to rest on the floor.Why did they stop? The group spoke quietly together. They seemed to debate about the matter. Alicia didn’t care. She changed back between cold and warm. She felt confused, though the wounds ached. Alicia groaned. She gasped. She felt like iron vices reached around her neck. Alicia couldn’t stop it. She screamed.

The sorceress wept. Saria bit at her red hair. “What is the matter?” She was worried. Saria licked her lips. The hunter keeled over. “Count’s death.” Alucard cursed. He bent at her side. “What is it?” Marcia asked. Shewentpink with fright. “The vampire bit me.” Alicia barely could speak. “The body was buried in unclean soil.” Alicia’s eyes where glazing over. Saria recognised the status. “She might be zombiefied.” She said. Saria doubted if Alicia might even hear them. The effect kept spreading. “We must get her to church.” Edward insisted. Alucard touched her brow. “You are strong, my lady.” He made the sign of the cross. “Do not die.” Marcia settled on her chest. Saria shook her head. The laurels wouldn’t work this time. Not with this. The men made no remark. They went to work. They carried Alicia across. The sisters spread out to might protect them. Saria put a sun arrow to the string. She wouldn’t let them touch her. Not as long she was alive. Alicia sturred. She hadn’t succumbed. Saria told herself it was still time. “Watch out!” She shot the raven. “Homing ball!” Torah charged the magic. They reached the stairs. Saria wondered if she or Alucard would be allowed to enter. Edward didn’t stop. Torah pushedat the gate. Saria hoped she would be alright.

St. Nicolai’s church, village of Doina. The 14th.Of December 2098 A.D.

The church was the house of God. Very few ever came to visit. Father Nathan would continue to pray for the lost one’s souls. Benjamin lit the candles. They where the second set for today. The sons of Satan could not enter. The church had become a sanctuary. The villagers came to worship the Lord. The townsfolk knew him. The church estate included the largest greenhouse in Doina. The monks produced much food. Nathan would share it with the village. They gave small offerings in return. The priest was grateful for such fate. The order left to work. They celebrated mass together. Father Nathan was kneeling before the crucified image of God. The prayer poured from his lips. He closed the last pearl with the sign of the cross. “Someone is coming.” Nicole whispered. “Hide yourself.” Nathan said. He went to meet the guests. He would speak in the name of God. Nothing evil could enter. This had not made His house into a market place. The church sanctified the earth to such use. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost.” Nathan found confidence in faith. The Lord was his guide and Shepard. He would be with him, all days, until the end of the world. Nathan made the sign of the cross. He was not afraid. No longer. He went to greet the visitors.

They were home. Edward removed the hat. “Domine Arde. Alucard crossed himself. The half-bloodwas allowed to enter. Edward sighed. Marcia and Saria had to wait outside. They were not evil. Edward knew. Such was the law. They where not humans. He had to accept. Torah went inside. She got no problems. He shook his head. Torah was a sorceress,with some elder blood. Edward let it drop. She removed the hood on her poncho. This house belonged to the Catholic church. Alucard still belonged to the Orthodox society. Torah was a protestant. That didn’t matter. The priest approached. “Good evening.” He was a man in his mid 50s. “Welcome to the village of Doina.In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost.” He made the sign of the cross. “I am father Nathan.” Edward bowed. Alucard already put Alicia down before him. The holy man knelt. “Rest here for a while, my daughter.” The priest put his hands upon her. Alicia opened her eyes. Edward exhaled. He heard of such miracles. Though he never believed it. Not until now. “Great is the mystery of faith.” Alicia said. Edward bowed his head. He was so grateful. “Wait.” Torah ran forward. “I saw someone.” She produced the ring smash. Edward tugged his beard. This was the house of God.

The boy hid behind the alter. Fernandez pulled him out. Alucard arched an eyebrow. Who did she expect? The childrenwere clad in white. “My name isBenjamin Grimsworth.” The girl looked at a loss. “I am Nicole Terez.” They held hands. They were so young. “Welcome.”The boy pulled throughhis brown hair. Fernandez was confused. They smelled like her, though they were not related. “Why are you here?” The church quit child converts. “They came to Ondol.” She was sad. “Father Nathan offered sanctuary.” Alucard acknowledged. He thought of his mother. The boy touched his rosary. “Still.” He smiled. Alucard realized their charm. “It isn’t that bad. I have a bed. And food.” Alucard knew what that ment. “You are a vampire hunter.” Her eyes where wide open. “How do you know?” Alucard asked. The boy folded his hands. Terez smiled. Alucard made no move. She was innocent. “I dream of you.” The sorceress withdrew. Edward Morris tugged his beard. Alucard beheld them with interest. Only a gifted soul might have such visions. Alucard also had dreams. He kept them to himself. “You have a great gift.” The girl said. “That’s why they chase me.” He told. “I won’t use it again.” He had nochoice. Alucard might tell. “Be proud.” He told. “Reveal yourself.”

They occupied the benches. “Evil crept back into the forests.” Father Nathan folded his arms. Benjamin held Nichole’s hand. “A stranger came to town.” She shuddered. “He brought a great box.” The priest was mournful. “We should be suspicious. Christine Treville fell ill.” The hunters went grim. “She died in a car crash.” Nathan sighed. “So it began. But alas, that wasn’t the end.” The people lost hope in prosperity.“We must believe.” The woman said. “We are not alone.”Nicole believed. “We burythe dead.” Nathan told. “They can’t rest.” The boyar bowed. “The curse shall be broken.” He assured. Nathan smiled. “I trust you.” He breathed. “Rest here for a while.” They figured. Torah got up. Nicole watched them leave. “she is not for you.” Father Nathan said. “I know.” Benjamin closed his eyes. He saw her in his dreams. “She is in danger.” He said. “Because of the castle?” Nicolegot concerned. Benjamin shook his head. His visions got blurred. “From within. And without.” She blinked. Nathan looked shaken. “Let it be.” Hemade the sign of the cross. “Let us have supper.” Benjamin beamed. He starved during the flight from Ondol. “I know.” Nathan smiled. The boywent ahead. Nicole had a giggle. Then she went serious. She felt Dracula’s curse.

Yoma marshland, Warakiya. The 15th. Of December 2098 A.D.

This was a disaster. General Reinhardt Reich was soaked by the constant rain. The marsh pit was a maze. The soldiers got tired after the march. Their supplies were running short. That was a problem he couldn’t solve. The flared jacket didn’t give much refuge. The undead never was touched by heat or cold. The rain was something else. Although not sanctified, the dank heat caused some trouble. The general was heading for the demon castle. The circle of blood would not be pleased by this delay. The projector finally got alive. Reinhardt Reich moved into position. “Wait.” His officer warned in time. “Fire at will!” The boom of several shotguns broke the silence. They got ambushed. The monstersbecame heretic. The vampire general exposed his fangs. The two-headed beasts got shot to pieces. The monsters got no chance against the grenades. Reinhardt Reich reloaded his firearm. They where running out of ammunition. However that may be, some men went missing. This was not the first time. The general made them to form a circle. The price must be secure. He wouldnot fail. This cost him too much. The general dismissed it out of hand. They would be drawn by the power. Reinhardt Reich tapped at the communicator. Someone must answer his call. They were lost.

Village of Doina, Warakiya. The 14th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The moon was shining. Victoria and Abraham met Joseph and Hugo in the backyard. “There are vampire hunters in town.” Joseph eagerly explained. “They saved my soul.” Hugo added. Victoria felt so relieved. They might save her family. “This is a sign.” Abraham declared. “We must tell the clients and customers.” Joseph told. “I thought you would say that.” Hugo smiled. “Then so the quest hasbegun.” Victoria was afraid that someone might betray them. The monsters lived beneath the village. “I shall go to church.” She said.

The tragic prince led down the street. Torah bit her lip. The town was quiet. Too quiet. She didn’t trust it. The birds squeeked. The zombies hid behind the buildings. Torah produced the ring smash. The ravens attacked. The others got their weapons handy. “Hellfire!” Alucard released. The manhole cover was removed. “Watch out!” Marcia warned. “The humpbacks are here!” Torah noticed. The freaks jumped at Alicia. She made a backflip. Alicia threw daggers at them. Torah closed her mouth. She got three in a row. That wasn’t enough. Torah struck with the razor rings. The humpbacks would eat them alive. Edward was busy. He pulled back to protect Saria. “Magic arrow!” Saria was glowing again. Torah put it aside. This wasn’t the time. The bird almost picked her. “Leave her alone!” Marcia shone bright. She dashed straight into the raven. “Ball of Destruction!” Alucard still tried to track the humpbacks. They leached onto him. Torah couldn’t help. She got her own problems. “Homing ball!” She shot them square in the face. The zombies came from the blind side. She cut them up. The Vulture stabbed with the pitchfork. Torah presented the cross. The bird man morphed faster then she might follow. Torah really didn’t like that. The Vulture was back.

The blizzard had ended. Alicia attack with her sword. “In the name of Michael, the arch angel.” She carried no shield. Alicia held the crucifix in her left hand. His image would preserve her from the wicket One. The Vultures remained at a distance. The zombies marched for Saria. She was singing to the ravens. The mailman flailed with the whip. Edward threw the daggers forward. The corpses burned on impact. They got too protect her. Saria got no protections against Dracula’s curse. The humpbacks kept up the attack. Alucard and Torah fought together to counter the assault. They reached the train station. Marcia beamed with sudden fright. The Vultures jumped from the rooftop of that building. They came from behind. Saria fired. One of them fell. They got to close. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” Alicia put the crucifix right into his mouth, thoughthe Vulture almost killed her. Alicia buried the blade deep within his torso. The Vulture was dead before reaching the ground. “God in Heaven.” Torah exclaimed. “Curse you!” Edward dropped the whip. He fought the Vulture with only his Bowie-knife. Edward was one of the bravest men she ever met. “Thou have become a cured being.” Alucard and Torah still fought the zombies. Alicia didn’t dare to throw a weapon. “Leave them alone!” Marcia fluttered about, while shining a concerned green. “This is for the forest.”Saria cut the legs from underneath. The monster shrieked in agony. Edward buried his knife into the heart. “This is their property.” Saria retrieved the whip. “It belongs to you.” She said. Alicia recognized the truth. He would use the Undead Killer whip.Edward provedhis commitment. Alicia could only pray to hold it.The weapon passed through many hands throughout its history. Alicia had to let go. There was no time.The fight continued. Alicia ran to keep up to the company. Alicia almost got lost. She had to be more careful. She ran past the doctor’s house. The windows were dark. He must have turned in for tonight. Alicia hoped he or she might be alive. The zombies might tear her apart. Alicia dashed into battle. She would put them to rest. The graveyard was ahead. The humpback made her fall over. The little freaks might do terrible things with her tonight! “You bloody rapists!” Marcia flew straight into their faces. “There is no gangbang for you!” Alicia blinked. The fairy never used such language before. The humpbacks got furious about her. “Get the fly!” The leader encouraged. The green freaks reached for the fairy. Alicia impaled the master. She doused the others with holy water. “Hellfire!” Alucard removed the zombies. “Let me help you, my lady.” He gave her a hand. Alicia cleaned her glasses. His curtesy belonged in another age. “Thank you, my prince.” Alicia let him help her to stand. Alucard bowed before her. Alicia cleaned off the blade. She looked around. They reached the end of the road. Although there where still some estates ahead,the cemetery was the natural end of the village. Alicia went to open the gate. Then a figure clad in a black cloak and big hat appeared. He leaned on a shovel. The ragged garb was stained with earth and blood. Alicia made the sign of the cross. This was the grave keeper. He held up the lamp to might shed better light. Edward muttered to himself. He reached for the crucifix. The old man only got one eye. Alicia shuddered. She felt chills down her spine. He must be crazy. The graveyard was inhabited. “Blind woman, deaf man.” Edward finally spoke loudly. “The fool saw clear.” Alicia inhaled. “Let the lord of the vampiresto tear.” That was Hawken prophesy. He found it on the wall in 696. Alicia pulled the glasses tight. The founder was wise to copy it down. “Ecco’s of Darkness.” Alucard remarked. “This is cursed earth.” Alicia picked together. The ravens occupied the rooftop. “Here goes nothing!” Edward brandished with the whip. He threw holy water. The vials burst on impact. “In the name of Michael, the arch angel.” Alicia got prepared. The zombies pulled from the snow. “Dead snow.” Torah whispered. Then the sorceress seemed together. She hit the candles. Alicia went for the corpses. “Magic arrow! Star bow!” Saria reached ahead. She fired with the bow. Alicia gulped. The dryad really was glorious. “Mother of tree’s!” Marcia still circled the battlefield. The birds tried to kill her. Alicia wouldn’t accept it. “In Manos Toas Domine!” Marcia was the only surviving member of the group they met in Sadam. The hunter got wind in her blood. “After the storm!” The greatest among them was love. Alicia cared about the fairy. The eight spinning axes slashed the flock. “Gloria Dai!” Saria barely stopped to collect some crystals. She picked the sun arrows. Although the moon was shining, Alicia might relax. “The sun will rise again.” She exhaled. “The shade of blood and fire will fade.” Alicia made the sign of the cross. “Blood of the hunter.” She will fight. No matter the case, she would keep lion’s oat to hunt the night. “Nevermore.” The grave keeper staggered. Alicia finally figured. This was no ordinary birds. They felt from the hands of Death. “Evil tribe in the shadow of the demon castle.” She shook it off. Alicia made up her mind. No matter what, she would resist. “Curse you!” She cried. “I refuse You!” She declared. “May you be cast back into the fires.” She remained tall. The legends told that Gabriel Belmont had encountered the Devil in 1047. Alicia would do what she must. Though she wouldn’t break. The Belmont clan repented his crimes by becoming the elite vampirehunters. She was not a fool. Alicia didn’t posess her founder’s arrogance. There was no way to resist Him. There was none who could. Though she would happily return to the heaven. The father had forgiven all. “The Lord of compassion.” She consolidated her power. “He guides us and leads us into His Heaven.” She celebrated upon her conviction. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth.” Alicia would brave the graveyard. She had no doubt. That would be terrible. “Magic arrow!” Saria then pierced the zombies. Thus the act was complete.

Saria didn’t trust him. “What do you want?” The figure asked in a low voice. “I’m Robert Wolfgang, the undertaker.” He told. “This place is closed at night.” He didn’t seem nice. Although Sariafelt pity with him. Robert looked so lonely. Not even the undead seemedto care. He got a sort of mouldiness about him. She felt almost at kin. “We have permission.” Alucard said. “Father Nathan sent us.” Torah added. Robert beheld them carefully with his lone eye. “Enter then.” He said. “I warn you.” He laughed. “You might regret it.” Before either could speak, the undertaker vanished into the mist. Though he left the gate open. Edward tugged his beard. Saria embraced him. He was concerned. “We have to depart.” Alucard told. “We must search for and purify the inhabited graves.” Saria picked with the medallion. She disliked the situation. “Alucard is right.” Alicia cleaned her glasses. “It is what we must do.” She replaced them upon her face. “They must be stopped.” Saria sighed. She wished they knew more about the graveyard. Saria shrugged. She made up her mind. The forest is alive.” Saria looked up into his face. She wouldn’t let him go alone. Edward cherished her. “We hunt together.” Torah said. Alucard vanished. He was used to be alone.

Aida cemetery, village of Doina. The 14th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The keeper returned to hisshag. Robertfilled the lamp with oil. The cemetery was haunted. “Dracula’s curse.” He knew it was true. Although he was near blind, Robert still might notice. He went outsideto stepped into his huge leather boots. His step-daughter kept the hut notoriously in shape. Vera Parlova was dead now. Her grave had somehow been concealed. Robert retrieved the shovel. He would search the area. Robert wouldn’t give up until he found their graves. Then he would end the plague. Somehow, if God wished it, he would make it.

They searched the cemetery. Edwardwas used to such places. He visited infested structures.Edward got to hunt. Fog obscured the nightscape. Saria bit her braid. The weather was unnatural. Dracula’s curse bestowedsuch powers. Edward shuddered. The graveyard was ravaged. The religious décor was stained or tampered. Something grabbed him by the ankle. Edward looked down. Thehand reached from the grave. The zombietried to pull him under. The bats where awake. “You won’t get him!” Saria shot at the mammals. She was glorious. “Magic arrow! Blue bow!” She made them to scatter. Edward smiled. He felt it wither. Evil hands reached from the grave. Edward bent to whip them. The corpses caught fire. He drew sweat of his brow. “Come on!” He challenged. “Come out and fight!” No one answered. The bats circled about. “Get down!” Saria released a sun arrow. Edward looked round. They broke through the ground. Edward figured he got the answer.He made the sign of the cross. The ghouls exhaled a toxic gas. Edward got no antidote. The hand grabbed him. Saria rubbed her eyes. Edward was to busy. She would come around. Edward flailed with the whip. The monster caught fire. He threw the dagger forward. Edward made it to split in three. That impaled them. “God with us!” He kept striking. Saria fired into the air. The mist obscured everything. She got the bats. Edward knelt to take the hands. The whip was on fire. The tombstone cracked and crumbled. They exchanged glances. This grave contained someone important. The swarm came through. Edward hurled the axe. The swarm burst into fire. Edward lept through the opening. The crypt was empty. Though there was another headstone. The mailman looked for his girlfriend. Saria was about to enter when the Vultures ambushed. “No!” Edward tightened the grip on the leather whip. He would save her. The bone knight king broke from his resting place. Edward was forced away. He struck with the whip. The bone knight king took it on the shield. This was not another scimitar. Edward got reminded about the battle at Carmilla cemetery. He knew this monster. Trevor and Juste Belmont warned against the bone knight king. Edward dodged the sword slash. He threw a vial of holy water. The undead Minotaur hid behind the shield. Edward got the spell book. He flailed with the whip to release the fireballs. That knocked bones off its frame. The bone knight kept marching forward. Edward knew enough to sidestep the fragments. He threw the cross while whipping bones. The bone knight king was able to rebuild its skeleton. That was necromancy! The skeleton took it on the shield. Edward retrieved his weapon. The monster was getting close. He threw a wave of holy water. The wave froze on impact. The shield held through. Edward hurled the axe. The ribs broke apart. He was struck. Edward staggered. He felt like icy claws ripped for the heart. Saria sung. Edward gathered. Her tunes got such power. The bone knight king struck the ground. Edward stamped with the crucifix. The music left it wide open. The skeleton blazed. Bones got knocked off the frame. Edward grunted. He was hurt. Though he escaped the curse,the bone knight king restored itself. The monster attacked. Edward was forced to retreat. The bone knight blocked each blow. Edward consolidated. The bone knight turned to face him. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the Holy Ghost!” Edward cracked with the Undead Killer whip. The bone knight staggered. The fragments got knocked away. Edward hurled a wave of holy water. The bone knight king took it on the shield. Why wouldn’t it burn? The bones got removed. The creature slashed. Edward dodged. The weak slashes didn’t make up for the defence. Edward prayed for guidance. His mind was a weapon. Edward threw the axes into the air. They exploded on impact. The bone knight king collapsed into a heap of bones. Edward retrieved his items. He looked for Saria. The bone knight king slashed his sword. “Good Lord in Heaven!” Edward almost got cut in half! Arrows went through the air. The bone knight king blocked when throwing bones. Edward flailed with the whip. The bone knight staggered. Then he collapsed. Edward wasn’t fooled. He moved closer. Saria was coming. The bone knight got in action. He threw bones at them. Saria was struck. Edward whipped the shield. The king swung its blade. Edward made a backflip. Saria sang. The bone knight turned on her. Edward tried to keep him occupied. Saria fired. She filled the king with arrows. The Minotaur collapsed. Edward got the vial ready. The bone knight returned. He went over the holy water. The monster took the arrows on the shield. Edward threw the cross. The king burst apart. The bones got scattered. They burned to ashes. The mailman sighed with relief. He picked the mystic orb. The crystal shone in his hand. Edward was unsure if he really deserved it. Saria helped him to survive. She didn’t mind. The orb disappeared. Saria ran to meet him. Edward bent to embrace her. He held her tight. This was all that mattered. “I’m sorry about the lapse.” Saria laughed. “The birds tried to escape.” Edward shook his head. “That is alright.” He assured. Mist and gloom still obscured the cemetery. He didn’t care. Edward was certain they would find the graves. He finally let go. The mailman froze in a defensive posture. Chills ran down his spine. “Mother of trees.” Saria closed her mouth. They recognised the figure. The wanderer approached. Edward shuddered. He couldn’t help it. Edward gathered. This wasn’t the time. He picked up his girlfriend. Saria protested when he hurled her above the tombstones. He was quick to follow. Edward didn’t know how he managed. Never mind. He was only grateful. Edward took Saria by the hand. He told her to run. She made no argument. Saria knew they ran for their lives. Or perhaps, to save even more. Edward didn’t stop to consider. He kept praying as they ran. He might hear the inhale of poison breath. He could smell the blood of the living. Edward felt so helpless.

The tragic prince searched the graves. Thus far, Alucard found three inhabited tombs. They were abandoned. He was sure they belonged to those they already conquered. They where released from Dracula’s curse. Alucard could never hope for such solitude. It was true. The gates of glory were closed. His father’s blood made him a cursed being. Alucard feared death. He could not take his own life. Nor could he give himself to those closest to him. Alucard was trapped. Though he would keep the heart alive. The Belmont clan trusted his judgement. He would leave it in the hands of God. Alucard never lost track of the bats. Their bite might tip the balance against him. “Crimson lightning!” He wiped them out. The ghouls kept rising. “Grizzly wing!” Alucard spread his cape. That took the brunt of the assault. He would be careful. The dead exhaled with poison. Alucard kept the shield up. The peeping eye struggled to get him. Alucard impaled the monster. He let the corpse collapse off the blade. Then he stopped. Alucard reached the eastern border. The Dora wood lay beyond. There was something about the forest. How could he tell his allies? Alucard had a promise to keep. He never broke his word. He would perform. Then he would tell the others about this.

Wicked ditch, Warakiya. The 15th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The white witch returned home. Liza Bernhard went down the tunnel. She reached her private chambers. Bael stood at attention. They made no sign or remark while she passed. They where the bodyguard. Liza went beyond. There hung a mirror on the wall. She paid little attention. She passed the area. The snow queen reached her own tomb. She threw off the white shrouds and blue jewellery. The magic wand happens atop the garb. Then Bael came with the prisoner. The renegades brought them as tribute. The man struggled to be free. They held him while she satisfied her thirst. He would gather from this. Liza Bernhardt made no waste of her victims. She used them until they died of old age. The lioness would heal him. Bael brought him away. The white witch was pleased. That was a great asset. Thus she didn’t have to hunt for herself. The ice queen let it fall. She would kiss him later. Now she would rest. Sleep upon her homeland’s earth. She would regain much power. The Dark Lord ordained the usage. The prince of Darkness discovered while during his tour. The white witch became like snow. She filled up the tomb. The lid was closed behind her. She could never melt. The curse of Darkness would preserve her sleep. Though Liza Bernhardt desired blood.

Aida cemetery, village of Doina. The 14th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The vampire had returned. Charl Werner was satisfied for the night. He had become bitten before anyone else. The ranger had such taste. Werner had dragged Christine from her car. She led him to Vera. They had her together. Two others had come to make up their circle. The haunt only was at the beginning. Charl Werner should become the ring-leader. In time, it would be like that. Their blood made him strong. Charl sniffed the air. There was something strange. His eyes lit with unholy rage. Someone had intruded upon what was his property.

They were in trouble. Torah cast the magic spell.“Homing ball!” The bats were about. She cut up the ghouls. They burst into flame. Alicia gathered. She struck with the sword. “Homing ball!” Torah charged with frost. They must be close to something. The monsters became so aggressive. She let it drop. Alicia knocked the candles. The crystals replenished their energy. Torah resumed the attack. The snow slowed their progress. She almost fell on her back. “Blasted!” The evil hand was pulling her down. The Vulture landed in front. She knew he would like to pine her. Alicia removed the head. Torah bent. She stamped with the cross. The body burned to ashes. Torah hoped that would be the end of it. The humpbacks made an ambush. Torah was forced to the ground. Alicia made it to rain with holy water. “Thanks.” Torah got up. She retrieved the ring smash. “They might eat me alive.” Torah shuddered. “That won’t happen.” Alicia assured. The bird men had landed. Alicia pulled back. She threw the cross. The boomerang split in three. “Homing ball!” Torah screamed. The freaks came from behind. They where the flea men. Alicia made other crosses to appear. “Good God!”” The ghouls raised from their graves. Torah danced about. She would cut them to pieces.

The zombies were defeated. Alicia tried to pierce the mist and gloom. “In the name of Michael, the arch angel!” She made the sign of the cross. Torah kept a low profile. She slashed the dead hands. Alicia touched the crucifix. They almost pulled the girl down under. She shook it off. Alicia got work to do. She could see beyond the obvious. They were the undead. “Get down.” Torah’s voice was a mere whisper. They hid among the tombs. “What is it?” Alicia tried to keep her voice down. “They are here.” She breathed. Alicia didn’t have to ask. The shrouded figure made her to shudder. “The black riders.” She whispered. Torah inhaled. They kept silent. This explained much. Alicia felt their presence. Marcia dimmed her light. “They are so horrible.” The fay hid her face. Alicia acknowledged. “We have to get away.” The rider went passed. Torah got back up to produce the ring smash. “We can’t.” Alicia told. “There is someone I have to find.” She dusted off as best she could. “They might discover about us.” The fairy remarked. Their conversation was cut short. Someone had arrived. The bats attacked. Alicia ran forward. “No magic.” Torah reminded. She was busy with the zombies. “I know.” Alicia presented the crucifix. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” The bats circled about. They came from the blind side. Alicia spun round. She struck the monsters. They tried to bite her. Torah screamed. The ghoul was breathing acid mist. Alicia created a back-flip. The dagger made him to stagger. Alicia gave him the holy water. The ghoul burned. The zombies kept rising. Alicia got over the tombs. That left Torah and Marcia behind. Alicia had a look around. She reached another part of the graveyard. The evil hands got her captured. “Good.” The mist made manifest. “Hold her.” The female vampire was dressed in a black flared jacket. That left the white cloth of the funeral to be seen. “I have you now.” She seemed to reach out of the jacket and shroud. Alicia was stunned. The pale delicacy was too much. She couldn’t resist. “Welcome, sister. I am Vera Parlova. I shall lead you.” She smiled. Her full ruby lips withdrew from the fangs. Alicia thought they looked like pale ivory. “To the pleasure of the flesh.” Alicia shuddered. “This isn’t your grave.” She said. Ugly green flames burned behind Vera’s grey eyes. The black hair was touched by the wind. “I shall show you.” She put her arms around her. “We could rest together.” Alicia dropped the crucifix. Vera bent to kiss her neck. Alicia waited. The lips went closer and closer. She moaned with lazed ecstasy. “Let her go.” Alicia watched as Torah approached. The sorceress got her symbol. Marcia shot for the vampire’s face. “Be gone, you insect.” Vera released her. She tried to rip the fairy. Alicia collapsed. The undead didn’t bite her. Although the hands kept her,she retrieved the blade. “In the name of Michael, the arch angel!” Alicia managed to slice them. Torah threw a ring. Although Vera made a leap backward, the cloth of the flared jacket got ripped. Blood stained the snow. Torah made a glide to collect her item. Vera morphed into a bat. She kept bleeding.Vera flew away. “Come with me!” Marcia called. “I can follow the bloodstream!” They didn’t waist time. Marcia lead the way. They didn’t get far. The fairy shone an alarmed pink. The corpses climbed from their graves. Alicia beheaded the ghoul. Vera made an ambush. This got to be her tomb. The undead let go of the flared jacket. Alicia touched the crucifix. She would not be charmed. Torah dashed. She cut the bats to pieces. Vera released a heavy steam. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” Alicia made it to rain with holy water. “Cursed.” Vera was burned. The ghouls got defeated. Torah struck. Vera shrieked. “You shall not defeat me!” Vera got the sorceress. Alicia bit together. “Your life is over!” Vera slammed her hard against the ground. That left her unconscious. Alicia impaled with the gold knife. Her soul was a weapon. The steam sent her flying. Alicia felt like being boiled. “Then it is over.” Vera laughed. Then she screamed. Torahwas alive. Sheheals herself. Alicia stamped with the crucifix. This was their moment. Vera was burning. She changed into mist. Torah licked her lips. The bats went like a swarm. Alicia picked her items. The female vampire reappeared. She used both fangs and nails. Alicia got the sword in hand. “Dracul!” Vera impaled herself. “Homing ball!” Torah gave the fatal blow. The vampire fell limp from the blade. “Rest in peace.” The undertaker had returned. He put the body into an empty coffin. He closed the lid. Alicia, Torah and Marcia watched while she was buried. The hunter made the sign of the cross. Alicia hoped that this was the end of the chase. That was the question. Alicia soon got her answer. The evil hands reached through the ground. “Save us.” Torah bent to strike with the ring smash. That was a nice try. The humpbacks hid among the graves. They leaped atop to might pull her down. The sorceress flailed with the cross. Alicia approached to might clear them away. “Take her!” The leader shrieked. “Take the gem! Kill the hero’s!” Alicia got thrown on the ground. “Yes! Yes!” The goblins danced about. “Destroy everything!” They tore at her belt and trousers. Alicia screamed. They contested in touching her privates. The shovel got buried within the leader’s skull. Alicia vomited while brain and blood got spread about. “Leave her alone!” Torah moved in among them. The sperm burned before hitting the snow. Alicia was disgusted. They reached climax upon her perils. She wouldn’t take it. “In the name of Michael, the arch angel!” Alicia made it to rain with holy water. The monsters burned by the outburst. Alicia gasped. She went on her knees. “Somebody help me.” Alicia dropped her glasses. The spell made her to locate. “Let me support you.” Robert put them back into place. “Thank you.” The hunter blinked. She might see clear again. Torah appeared from the other side. She used the laurels. Alicia gasped. She got restored. “That was nice.” Alicia put the clothing into place. Then she was ready.

They ran. The mailman kept her hand. Saria felt better when he did that. He had to let go. She knew that too. Saria wouldn’t. Edward was the best man she ever met. He was both her friend and lover. Edward helped her above the graves. The hands touched her. Saria shuddered. They were disgusting. The mailman bent to throw the dagger forward. The hands got burned on impact. Saria sighed. She stopped to check the bow. Though the string was prepared for the dank, she got to replace it. That was the right thing to do. The bats attacked. Saria fired. Edward flailed with the whip. The bats scattered about. They flew in circles. The zombies raised from the grave. They reached for her. Saria fought not to vomit. They were so nasty. Edward fought the bats. The crucifix kept them away. Saria fired as best she could. The dead searched for flesh. She wished Torah was here. Edward hurled a vial into the air. The holy water made them to burn. They kept running. Although they didn’t held hands. Saria had to keep the bow ready. They leaped over the tombstones. The evil hands tried to stop her. Saria fired from a croutched position. The fog obscured the aim. That made no difference. She had to fight. Edward made the sign of the cross. “Mother of trees!” The Vultures had landed.

Village of Doina, Warakiya. The 14th. Of December 2098 A.D.

This was the end. Philippa Waserman closed the report. “I was unable to track them.” She had a step back. “Vampire hunters.” Dietrich Litner tapped the arm of his chair. “Damned.” He breathed. Phillipa remained quiet. She awaited his reply. “They left.” That remained an open question. “Stand with me.” Litner told. The sergeant would serve her lord. They stepped upon the hologram field. “I request a priority signal to the wicked ditch.” Litner informed. “Prepare a clear transmission.”” The signal was coming through. She appeared.Liza Bernhardt. “Hail the count.” Litner saluted. “I greet you my lady.” Philippa kept at attention. “Sworn to the Dark Lord.” The white witch was unreadable. “The hunters are on the run.” Litner described. “They are fleeing into the woods.” He bowed. “I need reinforcement to continue the pursuit.” The Sargent washed her hands. “You should have taken them.” She was furious, though it was in cold anger. “My lady.” Litner began. The ice princess cut short. “I don’t need you anymore.” Philippa gasped. The lieutenant broke apart. “Congratulations with your promotion.” The witch then closed the communication. This was impossible. The doors got knocked. The villagers intruded. Philippa snarled before the antique dealer impaled her heart.

Aida cemetery, village of Doina. The 14th. Of December 2098 A.D.

She might rest at last. Robert was grateful that it was finally over. “Restiturgam im Christo.” his stepdaughter would be no plaything of Dracula. The undertaker had witnessed the fight. The vampire hunters deserved his gratitude. “There are other graves.” Robert told. “They must be purified.” The hunters exchanged glances. “Your friends are in trouble.” He raised the lamp. “They need your help.” Robert would tell the village. The blonde lead forward. He would pray for their salvation. Robert was left alone, though it was an illusion.

They finally reunited. Edward didn’t have time to celebrate. “God with us!” He challenged while cracking with the whip. “Mother of trees!” Saria pulled another sun arrow. “Get away from here!” The mailman called. “The riders are out here!” Alicia made the sign of the cross. “They will never stop hunting you.” The fairy went dim. “I know.” Torah said. Her face turned pale. “This is cursed earth.” Edward tugged his beard. Neither of them was ready for a second encounter. The mist finally cleared. He frowned. The graveyard seemed to have shrunk. Never mind. That gave no comfort. They would be spotted. “What shall we do?” Marcia asked. “We can’t go back to the village.” Edward shook his head. Marcia was right. They had no choice. The black riders where out there. He touched the crucifix. The dead raised from their graves. Edward struck with the leather whip. He knew better then to summon the bloodline mystics. The ghoul burned to ashes. The hands caught him. He threw a vial of holy water. That made them to wither. Saria shot at the bats. Torah was in motion. The humpbacks tried to take her. “In the name of Michael, the arch angel!” Alicia was busy.The peeping eye might box her in. The Vulture landed in front. Alicia pierced the heart. The other bird man came from behind. Edward whipped him into oblivion. “Look out!”” Saria shot the final one through the eye. That was close. The Vulture was about to stab him. “Thanks.” Edward tipped his hat. “No problem.” Saria blushed. The mailman knew he sounded like his ancestor. Alicia lead the way. The other bats attacked. Saria fired. “Here goes nothing.” Edward tried the brandishing technique. He thanked the Lord that it worked. The mammals got defeated. The sisters fought back-to-back. The humpbacks had returned. They hid among the tombstones. Edward hurled the axe. The dead hands burned. He whipped the candles. They shared the crystals. The zombies kept rising. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” Alicia attacked. “God with us!” Edward threw the cross like a giant boomerang. That made the ghoulto stagger. Alicia removed the head. “Rest in peace.” Edward struck him to pieces. The peeping eye tried to hang him. “You won’t dare!” Saria fired. The eye wept acid tears. Alicia struck. The flouting eye rebounded backward. Edward whipped it into oblivion. The way was clear. Edward ran for the fence. Other ghouls raised up to stop them. The group kept together. A figure then appeared. Edward cracked with the whip. Alucard knelt before them. “I am nay thy enemy.” He said in a low voice. “Sorry, Al.” Edward told. “But things have been rather ruff.” HE gave a quick account of their adventure. “I see.” Alucard remarked. He acknowledged. “The vampire is dead.” He explained. “I removed him myself.” They couldn’t stay to listen. Torah told of her experience. “Interesting.” Alicia blushed. Edward sighed. Saria giggled. “Be quiet.” Alucard cut short. He got his own story to tell. Even he got interrupted. Edward tugged his beard. The zombies and skeletons forced through the ground. “God’s holy Mother.” The tragic prince was cold as ever. Even though the hands reached his boots. The mailman threw that aside. The Vulture pulled him away. “Good Lord in Heaven!” His arms got pined to the side. Edward couldn’t stamp him out. The crucifix hung down like a rock around his neck. “Preserve me from the wicked One!” Edward wished he got the invisibility ability of Sonia Belmont. That was out of the question. “Leave him alone you filthy bastards!” Saria released several sun arrows. “Let it be done!” Edward managed to save himself. The enflamed image burst overhead. He was put down on the ground. “God with us!” The mailman made the sign of the cross. His girlfriend got in trouble. “No problem.” He muttered. The humpbacks pulled her away. Their hands tore at her breasts and tunic. Edward swallowed. She got blood on her hips. They tried to pump her full with monster oat. This wasn’t right. Their members vanished between her lips. They were so tiny. Saria tried to bite them. The freaks laughed by her misery. Edward might see beyond the obvious. The dryad seemed to shine. The humpbacks got frightened. They pulled away from her. “Star bow!” Saria used the opportunity. “Magic arrow! Blue bow!” The arrows exploded on impact. Edward shook his head. The bow didn’t break. That was a miracle. “They will restore the balance to the force.” Saria found the sun arrows. “It won’t be in wain.” She pulled back the string toward her pointed ear. “The Dark Lord shall fall.” The freaks exchanged glances. “Here goes nothing!” Edward attacked before they might gather. The humpbacks shrieked in angry frustration. The mailman managed to brandish with the Undead Killer whip. “Curse you!” The monsters scattered about. “You won’t escape.” Saria fixed her outfit. He relaxed. The dryad was back in action. “Mother of trees!” Saria used the dagger like a short-sword. She could protect herself. Edward touched the crucifix. The Lord would be with them. He got no doubt. “In the name of Michael, the arch angel!” Alicia dashed to impale the skeleton. The ghouls gathered around. Torah made a grimace. The mailman shared her emotion. The corpses really were nasty. They breathed an acid mist. “Leave her alone!” Marcia fluttered about. She tried to break the skulls. The clouds kept her behind. “Undead monsters!” The fairy burned red with anger. She flew into the mist. The glow dimmed, though she broke the neck. “They won’t have you.” Torah managed to take her. Marcia lay gasping within her hands. “You shall not perform with the power of necromancy.” Alucard slashed through their numbers. “Hellfire!” He spread the cape. “Ball of Destruction!” The combined assault defeated the band. Edward went to pick the crystals. “I release you from the spell.” Torah got the laurels. The mailman made the sign of the cross. She was able to heal her. The light rekindled the fire. Marcia left her hands to fly in front. “So, it is.” Alucard told his story.

The tragic prince found what he sought. The tombstone was larger and more splendid then the others. The occupant must have committed heresy or some other crime for the undead to rest within. “How dare you intrude on my property?!” The mist formed into a short-built human male. His eyes blazed with anger. “Know that you, insolent, stand before Charl Werner, the leader of the nest.” Alucard was not impressed. “Alucard.” He said. Werner knew that name. Though it did not intimidate. “Your death will make me stronger!” Werner laughed. He dashed while releasing bats. Alucard stepped back. “Hellfire!” The onslaught removed the mammals. The shield blocked the dash. Alucard stabbed through his torso. Blood was stained upon the snow. Werner turned into mist. He reappeared to release steam. “Grizzly wing!” Alucard blocked off the attack. He then showcased his bat abilities. Alucard reappeared like the wolf to bite his enemy. The undead knelt down. Alucard retained his human form. He lifted both arms to block the attack. Alucard made a second strike. Werner emerged. He ripped with the claws. Alucard stabbed him through the heart. “Ball of Destruction!” The blast tore him apart. The mist was finally clearing. Alucard watched him burn into ashes.

Village of Doina, Warakiya. The 14th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The torches lit the street. Huge fires burned at both end. Father Nathan was out to watch that no one evil returned the society. Benjamin was dancing around the heart. The monks also took part in the celebration. “We are free!” Joseph exclaimed. The antique dealer looked happierthanfor years. “It is incredible!” Victoria embraced him. “It is too sadthat the hunters can’t be here!” Hugo shouted. Robert laughed. “We don’t need them.” Abraham stated. “We managed to save ourselves.” Father Nathan wasn’t that sure. The vampire huntersrekindled the fire. Their presence made the townsfolk to fight. Father Nathan hoped they would return someday. He would help anyone to escape from the undead. Victoria let him go. She asked Abraham for a dance. Her family was safe. They were haunted. Like so many others. Nicole would lead the expedition. “Tomorrow never dies.” They would climb down into the sewers. They had to seek out the last pockets of monsters. Then the village would really be free. Nathan touched the crucifix. That had to die another day. Tonight, they really got a reason for a party. The priest exhaled. Christmas was coming. Then there would be plenty of work to everyone. For now, thoughthey would celebrate.Father Nathan went for something to eat.

Dora wood, Warakiya. The 15th. Of December 2098 A.D.

They landed in the snow. Saria was in the lead. Torah reached for the cross. They escaped from the cemetery. The dark wanderers wouldn’t find them out here. She hoped it was that easy. They fought an army to even get this far. Torah knocked the candles. The crystals replenished her energy. She let be the money. Edward picked some gems. The snow cracked beneath her feet. The silence felt nice after the long fight. Alicia told that it was past . Torah hung up the ring smash. The forest was dark. The treetops bloated out the moonlight. Marcia gave all the light they needed. Torah smiled. She got rather fond of her. Saria still wentahead of the group. Torah wondered if that really was safe. The black riders were abroad. She saw them herself. Torah sighed. She would fight if she had to. Though they made her blood chill. “Mother of trees!” The monsters snatched Saria from view. “God with us!” Edward cracked with the whip. It was to late. They got ambushed. Alicia threw holy water. Her sister was in danger. Torah brandished with the ring smash. She would hunt to save her. “Homing ball!” Torah fused with fire. That was a great risc. The wanderers might sense her. They chased them into the forest. Torah charged her magic. She would challenge the count.

Wicked ditch, Warakiya. The 15th. Of December 2098 A.D.

Then it happened. He approached while Liza Bernhardtraised from her slumber. “Witch.” She left the coffin to kneel at his feet. The cutelittleboy smiled. “How may I serve you?” She still wore the baggy silk trousers and leather west. His eyes suddenly burned red. “You know who I am?” He asked. The white witch lowered her head. “You are the Dark Lord.” He slapped her in the face. “Do not proclaim.” He said. “You know what happened in 1852.” That was not a question. “Yes, my lord.” She answered. Liza would serve him. As she would the other candidates. The smile returned. She felt so proud. The young master sat down upon one of the silk pillows. The snow queen used them for a bed. “Come to me.” He beconed. He had unbuckled his clothing’s. Liza knew what he wanted. He came to her for pleasure. This boy only exploited her power. He trusted no one. Liza raised. She would dance before him. She had learned many things. Her career began as a dancer in the near East. She had become something different. So very different. She could grant what he wanted. “Then we have a binding contract.” He undressed while Liza exposed. “We have.” He then continued to smile. The ice princess exhaled. She never felt this adored before. He might be the Dark Lord.

(A.N: Greetings everyone. This chapter is entirely new. I hope you enjoyed reading. CV2 SQ is a rather nice game. I’ve used much material or inspired elements from that title. CV3 DC is another source of inspiration. I also wish to thank Steven King for some of this material. Though he have so many weird vans. Have a nice time.)