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Castlevania: Darkness Never Dies


Part 1: Curse of Blood

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Part 2: Legacy of Sorrow

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Part 1: Curse of Blood.

“On that day, many shall say “Lord, Lord! In your name we have done many great things, healed the sick and cast out unholy spirits.” But I shall step away from them and not know them.”

Mathew: 7. 22.

Chapter 7: Mad forest.

Wicked ditch, Warakiya. The 15th.Of December 2098 A.D.

The torches were lit. Liza Bernhardt sat at a lotus position. The eerie blue glow shone upon her black skin. The white witch wore the clothing’s of an Arabian concubine. “Relax.” She cooed. Liza gave him a massage. The young mastermight become the Dark Lord incarnate. The boy somehow became resurrected. Liza would do anything for him. She ruled the forest. He was who he was. “You are an excellent mistress.” Malus remarked. She felt foolishly gracious for his gesture. “Hail the count.” Bael stared blankly into the wall. “There is a message.” Liza Bernhardt raised in one motion. “I shall come.” The young master would not interrupt her duties. She clad herself in white. Liza ruled by snow and ice. The jewel was shaped like a snowflake.That hung between her eyes, like a sign of dominance. Bael remained. The bodyguard would wait for her command. Liza Bernhardt morphed into a shroud of snow. This would be important. She drifted down the hallway. He could not stay. She kept the truth to herself. The white witch had not gained her mastery by the Dark Lord. Though she pledged her fealty to his name, Liza Bernhardt had tapped into an ancient power. She would not give that away. He had not requested. Then so it should be.

Dora wood, Warakiya. The 15th.Of December 2098 A.D.

The fire lit the forest. Torah got the ring smash. “Homing ball!” The crows got defeated. Edward cracked with the whip to release sonic rings. The zombies got blasted. Alicia borrowed his sword. She made it to blaze like a brand. Torah shredded the spiders. They kept climbing down. Alucard foughtbeside. The sword anddemon familiarswould protect her. Torah hoped her sister was still alive. The bone-scimitars attacked. Alucard used the shield. The woman threw holy water. Torah shook her head. The owl got luminous eyes. She barely noticed in time. The wise bird went in circles. “Homing ball!” Torah managed to slay the owl. The nocturnal bird got friends. She got attacked by the owls. The birds tried to rip her apart. The demon familiar stabbed his spear. They escaped from the village. Only to become ambushed. Saria went in front. The scimitars withdrew. Torah cheered. The fairylit up. Then she noticed the bone-archers. They fired a round. “Homing ball!” Torah screamed. The explosion protectedagainst the onslaught. Alicia dashed forward. She threw daggers at them. The wargs howled. Edward hurled the axe. The sorceress pulled together. The bone-scimitars had returned. “Homing ball!” The five continued. Torah got to resist. She charged her magic.

There was almost too cold for the hunt. Alicia knocked the candles. The crystals replenished her energy. She had to gather. Alicia presented the crucifix. She went toward the skeletons. Aliciathrew the cross. The scimitar didn’t manage to block. She thenstruck with the blade. The wargs attacked. Shedoused themwith holy water. The Claymore was a Morris weapon. Edwardhurled the axe. Theystruck down among the monsters. He and Alucard fought together. The zombies got defeated. Alicia foughtagainst the crows. “Homing ball!” Torah releaseda freezing smoke. The scimitars worked to protect the archers. Alicia summoned her bloodline mystics.She consolidated the force. The blade shone bright in the dark. That was still amazing. She made the swordsmen to collapse. Alicia exhaled. Shemade the sign of the cross. The dryadhad vanished. She worried about her. “Hellfire! Crimson Lightning!” Alucard crushed the undead. The fight was over. The survivors fled into the forest. Saria lay on the ground. Her body was covered with wounds. “Saria!” Edward called her name. He ran to her side. Alicia re-sheathed the sword. Torah got there first. She really looked concerned. “I don’t think the laurels might help her this time.” Torah said. The fairy flickered. “I can’t do it.” She told. Edward tugged his beard. “Are you sure?” Alicia asked. “It shouldn’t have to end like this.” Edward loved her. Alicia bit her lip. “Fairy familiar.” The tragic prince produced another card. Alicia agreed. They got to do something. “Come to my aid.” The fairy was dull. “Master.” She said. “I shall serve you.” Alucard acknowledged. “You are to help your sister to heal the dryad.” He told. Marcia flickered. Then the glow cleared. “I can help you.” Torah offered. The fairies settled upon her shoulders. “I shall tell you what to do.” Marcia assured. Alicia felt their combined power. Although she couldn’t see anything. Marcia was blazing. The familiar began to glow. Torah reached with her hands. They lingered above the heart and forehead. Alicia gasped. “Good Lord in Heaven.” Edward exclaimed. She blinked. Saria was healing up. “Great is the mystery of faith.” Alicia crossed herself. This was incredible. “That is enough.” Alucard stated. “They are getting tired.” Alicia could see. The dryad opened her eyes. Torah embraced her. The hunterrelaxed. Edward kissed his girlfriend. “Be gone.” The tragic prince dismissed his familiars. Marcia sent him a look. “We must talk together.” Alucard didn’t seem to notice. “We shall.” Edward released the dryad. She pulled up the glasses. Alicia sight. Her cousin cracked with the leather whip. They went aside. “What is it?” Alicia asked. She somehow knew it would be bad news. Alicia sat on the root. The huge tree loomed above. The men kept standing. She put that aside. “Tell me everything.” Alicia demanded. His face revealed nothing. “The forest is cursed.” Alucard said. “I know you cannot feel it, though it is true.” Alicia touched the crucifix. “The sorceress said she felt something.” Edward told. He tugged his beard. “The curse must be broken.” Alucard explained. “Or it might pollute the countryside.” This was like in 1499. Alicia was afraid. They got no Hector to help them. “Is this your father’s work?” Edward asked. He removed the hat. “The eclipse seal still containsthe Chaos.” Alucard bowed before them. “Though it has lost none of its potential. The Dark Lord has not returned.” He looked very tired. “This is something else.” Alicia sighed. Things never went easy. Alicia was a vampire hunter. She would do her duty. “How do we break it?” Alicia asked. “I do not know.” Alucard stared off into the distance. “We have to contain the flow of its power.” Edward frowned. Alicia got up. “I am not Julius Belmont.” She told him. “I can’t perform acataclysmic ritual.” Edward put the hat back on top. “She is right.” He said. “There must be another way.” Alucard turned around. “I know that.” He said. “Though we may cut it by the source.” Alicia folded her arms beneath her breasts. “Without manifestation, we may seek assistance from the church.” The tragic prince considered. “I may do the tracking for you.” He said. “As may Torah Fernandez.” Alicia didn’t like that. This ment they would have to break their fellowship. “Then wemust split.” Edward didn’t like the idea much better. The hunter made up her mind. “I shall come with you.” She said. Alucard bowed. “That would be an honour, my lady.” Edward presented the Undead Killer. “I guess you want it back.” Alicia shook her head. “Keep it.” She said. “You seem to have unlocked the power. Besides.” She smiled. “It looks better on you.” The mailman muttered. Alucard arched an eyebrow. “Then let us tell them about our judgement.” The boyar suggested. “I guess.” Alicia might support. They represented the Belmont clan. “The sisters deserve to know.” She would have to make such decisions. “Alright.” Alicia reached for the Cleymore sword. “Let us begin.” Edward tugged on the beard. “I thought we had already.” Alicia shook her head. “This is the mad forest.” She remarked. The mailman didn’t answer. “How are you?” Saria looked up into his face. “I love you.” He pulled her into a tight embrace. “I wish it could be different.” They kissed. Alicia blushed. “You don’t have to be sorry.” The dryad pulled back. “We might share the moment.” She got time to might clean the glasses. Alicia almost felt jealous about their relation. “Thou arth nay alone.” Alucard bowed. “I am your friend.” Torah touched her hand. “I know.” She inhaled. They didn’t understand. “I want love.” Alicia sighed. “Just a different kind.” The fairy went in circles. That made her to relax. She didn’t know if Marcia was using magic, though it was not important. Edward put down his girlfriend. The dryad looked flushed. Alicia hid her mouth. That was amusing. She sighed. Aliciahad no choice. She got to tell them. Edward gave her one more kiss. “Listen up everyone.” The mailman then told. “We got work to do.” Alicia was glad he took the responsibility upon himself. “That is alright.” Torah said.

That was obvious. Saria listened carefully. “I can doit.” Torah said. “I feel thepresence.” Torah would bea sorceress. “Of course.” She had no doubt. “I will be there to assist you.” The mailman blushed. She giggled. Alicia cleaned her glasses. She pretended not to care. Saria hoped it might stay that way. Edward exhaled. That almost made her to laugh again. “How do we keep in touch?” Torah asked. That brought her back to reality. Alicia might have an idea. She talked with the fairy. Saria frowned. “Marcia will be my messenger.” She shook her head. “That is to dangerous.” Saria told. Marcia was not deterred. “Youare not enough.” Alucard declared. Torah smiled. “Lend us the fairy card.” She requested. Alucard beheld her. Then he produced the item. “Fairy familiar.” He said. “Come to my aid.” Saria noticed she was still dull. “How may I serve you?” The familiar had been like that since the power-plant. “Serve the Belmont clan.” Alucard demanded. “Do it well, and I will reward you.” He gave the card to Edward. The little sister disappeared. “She will do your bidding.” Alucard said. “For now, farewell.” Saria touched the crest. Alucard morphed into a bat. Alicia shrugged. “We shall meet again.” She promised. Then Alicia left. The dryad hoped it might be true.

Wicked ditch, Warakiya. The 15th.Of December 2098 A.D.

The white witch reached the throne room. They came to meet her. “We have managed to establish a connection.” The lioness reported. “General Reinhardt Reich Van Deer Valk is somewhere within the Yoma marshland.” Liza Bernhardt acknowledged. “Do you wish to speak with him?” She dismissed. “Have you told the castle?” She asked. The grim reaper would have to know. “But of course, my lady.” She was pleased. “Then let me talk to him.” She requested. “At once.” The ice queen sat upon her throne. The holo-cams got activated. “Again, you come before me.” She said. His image got no clear transmission. “Ganch recht, my lady.” The spiked helmet, made of black and golden metal, almost concealed his expression. “It has been a long time.” She had not decreed his command. The angel of Death would lead his army while preparing for the Dark Lord’s return. “I have reached this post.” He informed. Liza acknowledged. “You will have to continue.” She told. “There are those searching for you.” The white witch remained seated. “Hail the count.” That was hisreply. The image faded. She would give this much thought. Her sister dominated the marshland. Though not even she knew that area. Liza Bernhardt would have to inform her of this status.

Dora wood, Warakiya. The 15th.Of December 2098 A.D.

The dryad hung up her bow. The crows where dead. That didn’t change much. The weather was so cold. Torah licked her lips. It was to quiet. They went on a journey. Edward recoiled the Undead Killer. There where no sounds beside the snow cracking beneath their feet. Torah couldn’t relax. Although she put away the ring smash,the sorceress conjured the homing ball. Torah made it to flout above her palm. She would be ready. Torah noticed about her friends. The mailman didn’t tug his beard. He always did that when thoughtful. Saria didn’t flirt with him either. They tried to hide it, though not very well. Torah bit her lip. They were concerned. She tried to gather. Torah wasn’t alone. The birds sprouted from the branches. “Blue bow!” Saria fired. “Magic arrow!” Edward threw the cross. “Homing ball!” Torah cast the spell. That gave an edge. She pulled the ring smash. The zombies pushed through the snow. Torah withdrew. They stanched. Edward cracked with the whip. He made them to burn. She exhaled. The mailman picked the gems. He left enough for her to restore the power. Although she felt much better, Torah didn’t relax. The forest was silent. “Here goes nothing.” Edward sighed. Then he stopped. Torah charged her magic. The mailmantouched the leather whip.

There was something in the forest. Edward might sense it. He cracked with the leather whip. “What is it?” Saria asked. She reached for the bow. He didn’t answer. “Evil lurks in the dark.”Edward shuddered. “Get ready.” He whispered. “This is a trap.” The trees obscured his view. “Magic arrow!” Saria fired. The nymph got pierced. Edward made the sign of the cross. The maidens approached. He whipped the seeds. “Homing ball!” Torah castthespell before dashing forward. The ring smash caused panic among their numbers. Edward advanced. The sorceress got tackled to the ground. He couldn’t help her. The band of girls threw several explosive seeds. The earth was within his blood. Edward summoned more power. The thorn whip might inflict a poisoned state. Hemust perform. The pour creatures got sick. “Sorry.” Edward sighed. “It shall be alright.” Saria hung up the bow. “They are the outcast of society.” She got a sword and shield. “Get far away!” Torah shouted. She gotfree. “They planted… “Torah never was able to finish. The corpse belonged to a human. He ploughed something from within the snow. It was winter. Edward figured it out. “save us!” He pulled Saria behind. The scream didn’t reach far,though the dryads fell on the ground. Edward shook. There was another farmer. He burned the corpse before it might pull up thatstrange mythological plant. “Homing ball!” Torah returned. She used the ring smash. The Mandragora plant got slashed. The dryads got up. “Kill her!” Saria pulled back the string. She was so beautiful. Edward threw a wave of holy water. They burned on impact. John Morris would be proud. “Star bow!” Saria fired. “Blue bow!” She kept up the attack. “We must escape!” Torah shouted. “The plant life keeps sprouting!” Edward withdrew. The dryads chased the group. But then they suddenly disappeared. “I hate it when they do that.” Torah said. “There is a reason.” Edward agreed. He looked about. The bats lived withina tree. Edward struck with the whip. He was able to defeat them. The world screamed. There was no other way to describe it. “Save us from the wicked One.” The hole got tore through the air. “Evil gate.” Torah had turned pale. The long-legged owl was able to escape. “Stay back.” He warned. Reality might heal itself. The mailman made the sign of the cross. “So, it might be.” That was not the point. “Stolas has arrived.” Edward knew the tales of Julius Belmont. He fought the wise old bird from Hell in 2035. The demon cried. The sonic rings might tear him apart. Edward escaped the impact. “When you dare to trespass upon my domain.” Stolas spoke with an ancient voice. “You have to pay the price.” He had a bad feeling about this. The portal opened torelease the bone knights and the Minotaur. “Ouch time.” Edward muttered. He threw the boomerang. Stolas was screaming. He wounded the Devil. That wasn’t enough. They got much stamina. Torah then encountered the bone knights. They blocked her effort. Saria fired with her bow. The arrow nailed the Hell spawn. Stolas flapped with thetiny wings. Edward got work to do. The Minotaur struck the axe into the ground. Edward pulled away. He hit the monster. This was their fault. The Greek queen had fallen in love with the bull. An unclean spirit made her to give birth to this creature. Edward dodged another trust. He then hurled the Bowie knife. The mailman made it to split in three. The brute was naked beneath the loincloth. The knives went home. The Minotaur reacted with a sudden swift horn trust. Edward had to run,though he found the Bowie-knife. Edward cracked with the whip. The monster released heavy steam. Edward threw himself sideways. He then hurledthe holy water. The vial crushed on impact. The Minotaur got bathed in flame. Edward still got the Bowie knife. He dug it into the chest. He spat blood. The mailman must have pierced the lungs. Edward stamped with the crucifix. The monster burned. He left the big gems behind. Edward picked them. “Magic arrow!” Stolas got pierced. “Homing ball!” The girlsstill fought. The bone knights were far better fightersthan the usual scimitar. Edward went for the devil. The bird screamed. The mailman escaped from the impact. He struck hard. The ancient owl from Hell didn’t even flinch. Though the freak was bleeding, Stolas made other knights to appear. Edward got to retreat. Saria fired with her bow. The bone knight got hit. The armour held true. Edward whipped the knight into oblivion. The other skeletons were not ready to give in. Stolas beheld everything while calculating the events. Torah finally got free. She made a glide. The girl got up to confront the enemy. She slashed with the ring smash. Edward sighed. He defeated theknights. Stolas was made of stone. The bird really was starved. Stolas summoned another Minotaur. The girls had to conquer. Edward got ambushed by the crows. They left from the branches. The mailman finally figured how to brandish with the whip. The bone knight struck. He withdrew. Edward threw holy water. Stolas got burned. The feathers fell about. The bats went for his blood. Saria sang. Stolas got mesmerized by the music. Edward hurled the gold axe. The bird should be broken. That didn’t happen. Stolas screamed the sonic attack. This time, Saria was stunned. “Preserve us!” Edward stamped with the crucifix. The Hell spawnburned like a pyre. No, he didn’t! That was impossible. Torah killed the Minotaur. “Homing ball!” She cast thespell. Saria got up. Stolas conjured the bone knights. Edward removed the head. The bird finally got defeated. Stolas left a treasure of crystals behind. Edward was grateful. “Joy to the world!” Torah and Saria came to join him. The bone knights where still around. The crows attacked. “Here goes nothing.” Edward was ready to fight. The birds swooped to might pick upon them. He presented the crucifix. They wouldn’t hurt her. “Homing ball!” Torah charged the spell. Her shining orb exploded amidst the flock. That gave some shelter. “Magic arrow!” Saria pulled back the string. “Star bow!” The knight hid behind the shield.

The birds tried to pick them apart. Saria fired a sun arrow. The forest was lit. She hoped the riders didn’t notice. “God with us!” Edward cried his slogan. He twirled with the whip. The sisters had returned. “Homing ball!” Torah cast the spell. She charged with flame. The steam blast forced the girls aside. Saria admired. The bone knight struck with the shield. Saria ducked. That might knocked her cold. Saria threw herself sideways. Her weapons were no match for the mail and plate armour. Edward doused him with holy water. The knight burned. The dryad threw explosive seeds. Saria sung. She managed to mesmerize. Saria didn’t want to do this. She got no choice. Saria pierced her heart. The bats swarmed. They went for the scent of blood. “Star bow!” She fired. Torah dashed in among the skeletons. She went for Edward. Saria couldn’t follow. She released another sun arrow. The dryads died. They where cast out of society. That gave no comfort. They where her sisters, her blood. Saria got to kill them. She couldn’t linger. The others were in trouble. Torah was her real sister. Edward was her boyfriend. Saria loved them both with equal heart. She brought the sword and shield. Saria chased them into the wood. The dryad tried to shoot her. Saria would have none of it.

Oblivion ridge, Warakiya. The 15th. Of December 2098 A.D.

She came upon a clearing. The dead ride fast. Carole Martino got no horses. She wore the cocktail dress in which she bid the hunters farewell. The necromancer was destroyed. Carole was alone in the wild. This was not the proper way to travel. The coffin was removed. Carole should rest before being shipped to the hidden docks. The circle must be waiting for her. Carole lost everything. The castle monsters were no more. Because of the wizard, the community then fled in horror. Carole almost wished she could kill him again. She let go. Carole was not be a fool. Such where dangerous thoughts. Count Dracula was the Dark Lord. He didn’t share the power. Not unless he wanted to. Carole would submit. She got no choice. Then again, the prince of Darkness was the lord of the vampires. “Hail thee, mighty undead.” Carole was taken aback. that was Him! Though she made no agreement. The black smoke obscured the figure. “We have no binding contract.” Carole licked both her lips and fangs. She then fell before him in obedience. “I am bound to walk the earth.” He came even closer. “In this form.” Carole stirred when he touched her. “I know who you are.” She could see behind the shroud. He bent down toward her. “Dracul!” She then cried in despair.

Dora wood, Warakiya. The 15th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The forest changed since he last was here. Alucard considered their surroundings. Ahead, the land turned to ruff hills. He acknowledged. They got no map of the area. Alicia Schneider sent him a look. The lady was concerned. The fairy fluttered above her shoulder. “We need to climb these hills.” Alucard revealed. The Belmont unsheathed her cousin’s blade. Alucard acknowledged. He hailed her courage. The hunter blushed. He turned away. The tragic prince got no right. Alucard would leave her alone with her feelings. The crows sprouted from the nearby tree. “Crimson lightning!” He tried to get them before they might spread. Alicia Schneider went ahead. She made it to rain with holy water. Alucard hid beneath his cape. The birds got burned to ashes. Though they were not alone. Other crows flew from the branches like black leaves. “Here they come!” The fairy warned. Alucard hid behind the shield. The vampire hunter hurled a circle of axes. She slashed the birds which came to near. Alucard would call his familiars. The crows picked him. “Grizzly wing!” Alucard spread his cape. The bats fought the birds. Alucard regained strength through the blood shed. Alicia Schneider finished the fight. He admired her abilities. “Follow me.” Alucard would show her the way.

The journey lasted for quite some hours. Alicia watched the landscape. The snow cracked beneath their feet. Alucard led her to this viewpoint. “Ruvas forest lay before us.” Hetold. “Though it is another portion of the great Dora wood.” The tragic prince looked ahead. “There once were boyar fractions which fought for the right of the forest.” She touched his shoulder. Alicia knew enough to read his temper. “The Voivode gave each a part to govern.” The moment didn’t last. The tree reached with its branches. Alicia got away. She threw the axe. The frost was in her blood. The weapon split in three.They froze on impact. The dead warriors appeared from beneath the snow. “In the name of Michael, the arch angel!” They stanched. Alucard moved into a defensive posture. The dead warriors also brandished with swords and shields. Alicia pulled the dagger. They fought back-to-back. Treant broke free. The mythological creature got a face. Alicia was certain he glared at them. She created the flame sword. Alicia was trained by her father and his brother. They thought herof the whip. She and Heinrich practiced with swordplay. Aliciahurledthe tripled enflamed daggers. Treant caught fire. She charged toward the warriors. They blocked with heavy spiked shields. The tree struck her. She got hurled away. Alicia made it to rain with holy water. Treant was defeated. The warriors didn’t like it either. She managed to get back on foot. Alicia fetched the sword. Alucard continued her training while aboard the rail. The glasses felt like freezing. Alicia knew it wasn’t true. The wind was picking up. She dodgedthe warrior. The helmet mostly concealed the face. Alicia was gracious. The sword familiar buried itself between the shoulders. The head got removed. Alicia doused with holy water. The corpse burned. That wasn’t the end. Marcia fluttered about. Alicia buried her sword within the side of the warrior. The tragic prince was playing tag. He morphed into a bat. Then the wolf managed to confuse the undead. Marcia burned like a torch. “In the name of Michael, the arch angel!” Alicia stamped with the crucifix. The sword familiar beheaded the monster. Alicia threw eight daggers forward. The red light shone while she struck with the blade. The warrior collapsed. “Hellfire!” Alucard spread his cape. The dead warrior got forced away. Then Marcia went like the firefly. The sword familiar attacked to defend its master. Alicia went on the offence. The warrior kept retreating. Then he fell down over the cliff. Alicia was breathing heavily. Alucard dismissed the familiar. “We have to find a path which lead down to Ruvas.” He said. Marcia fluttered to her left. “Alright.” Alicia re-sheathed the sword. They began the search. The fall might be fatal. She would never try to climb it. “This part of the forest is surrounded by these Oblivion ridge.” Alucard remarked. “They once served as the border of the realm.” Alicia was not interested. She hoped they might get down before the other monsters arrived. The earth then moved. Something was pulling through the snow. “In the name of Michael, the arch angel!” Alicia screamed. There was a slide. “Crimson lightning!” Alucard spread his arms. The bolt of lightning caused an explosion. She presented the crucifix. The dead warriors pushed from among the rocks. “This I must do for my mother.” The tragic prince moved to challenge the undead. Alicia went to join him. The ravens stopped her progress. She bit together. They might pick her apart. Alicia pulled away. She almost fell off the cliff. That was close. She consolidated the force to leap high. The daggers impaled the flock. “Be careful!” Marcia called. “they are behind you!” “shut up.” The dryad hurled the seed. “You are nothing but a disturbance.” The sisters hid in the forest. Alicia reached for the crucifix. They were not like Saria, not at all. The brunette and redhead tried to push her behind. “There is time to die little hunter.” They giggled together. Alicia moved into a defensive posture. She got fed up with their behaviour. “there is an alternative.” The blonde embraced her from behind. “You could join us.” The hands moved inside her jacket. “Pan might grant you eternal life.” Alicia gasped. Her nipples went stiff. She got a swift image of the life of a menade. That was the final drop. They went too far. “In the name of Michael, the arch angel!” Alicia made it to rain with holy water. The dryads left her behind. Alicia re-zipped the leather jacket. The sisters kept talking together. Alicia made the sign of the cross. They plotted about the matter. She was sure about it. “The growth is twisted!” Marcia went green with disgust. “Keep quiet!” The blonde was breathing hard with ecstasy. They threw the seeds into the air. Alicia made a glide above the snow. She reached solid ground, though that wasn’t important. Alicia buried the sword between her breasts. The blonde sighed before burning. She got beneath the seeds. Alicia took them by surprise. The brunette’s head fell to the ground. She went up in flames. “Get behind!” Marcia cried. That was too late. Alicia got hit in the face. She tumbled into the snow. “That was for my sisters.” The redhead loomed above. “While this is for my tribe.” She unsheathed the knife. Alicia rolled aside. “You leave her alone!” The fairy went against her eyes. “Get lost.” The dryad hurled a seed. “You are dead.” That was a lie. “that rests with the Lord.” Alicia got up. “You have become an agent of evil.” The redhead stabbed with her knife. Alicia wished she got the gauntlets. That was not an option. Marcia flew to obscure the assault. “Rest in peace!” Alicia revealed the crucifix. “Curse you!” The dryad staggered. Alicia had no say in that affair. She impaled the heart. “You have to be quick this time.” The fairy turned blue. “I know.” She didn’t stay to watch the pyre. Instead, Alicia fetched the crystals. They might restore the energy. She relaxed. “Dracul.” Alucard was cold like winter’s heart. “Hellfire!” He threw back the cape to release his three bat-inhabited fireballs. The corpse hid behind the shield. Alicia grabbed the sword. He was not alone.

Vrad castle, Warakiya. The 15th. Of December 2098 A.D.

They arrivedat the ruins. Richter Von Krohnsteen rested beneath the abode. The angel then came to him. “Rise.” The voice rasped in his mind. “To serve count Dracula.” The aristocrat would obey the Dark Lord. Richter was loyal to his memory. “So, let it be.” The thirst for blood would always be a nuisance. He was restored. Richter Von Krohnsteen was to serve alongside the royal knights. That was such an honour. The Austrian knight would not cast that opportunity aside. The valour of the prince of Darkness was not easily thrown away. “She hasto accept us.” Ninjara Redfox kept walking back and forth along the entry hall. “The black witch has no choice.” The nobleman kept his position. Richter would stay at attention. Anita Fortner ruled in the forest. She would not be pleased with the brashness. Then again, they received the order. Richter Von Krohnsteen was to locate the general. Reinhardt Reich carried a great price. The other man got lost in the marshland. He must be found. Thus, the grim reaper decreed. He was to lead and prepare before the return of the lord of the vampires. “She is ready to face you now.” Buer had arrived. The sisters were standing guard before the entrance. “Excellent.” Richter Von Krohnsteen announced. “Permit us to enter her chambers.”

Dora wood, Warakiya. The 15th.Of December 2098 A.D.

They ran straight into another stolas. Torah got the ring smash. “Homing ball!” The wise bird didn’t even flinch. He conjured other enemies. Torah withdrew. The bone knights and Minotaur advanced. Edward was fighting Treant. The large tree flailed its branches. Saria fired her arrows into the air. Stolas got pierced. The Minotaur staggered. Torah struckwith the smash. They left foul wounds on his body. The monster slammedhis axe into the ground. Torah got behind. “Homing ball!” The magic froze him. Torah stamped with the cross. Stolas cried. She made a glide. The bull got free. He charged. She got away. Saria fought thebone knights. Torah jumped. She avoided the axe. The smash crushed his ribs. “Homing ball!” The Minotaur burned. She obtain the gem. They gave new energy. The wise old bird cried. He kept crying. Torah was forced to run in circles. “Homing ball!” She gave all the force she got. The purple orb of plasma circled before blasting home. The bird was burning. She smelled it. Although Stolas still refused her magic. Torah didn’t figure. How was it possible? Edward threw the boomerang. Stolas got struck. The cross got stuck in the flesh. “Homing ball!” She shot the demon. His feathers rained on the ground. Then Saria arrived to help her.

The demon tree pulled with the roots. Edward retrieved the boomerang. Treant released the crows from the branches. He bathed the flock in holy water. Edward got to defend himself. “Homing ball!” Torah was busy. “Star bow!” Saria looked like scared to death. “Magic arrow!” He didn’t blame her. The mailmanescaped from the impact. Edward hurled the burning knives. Treant got impaled,though he released the monsters. The corpses fell like bitter fruit. “God with us!” Edward brandished with the leather whip to release the fireballs. The spell book really got in handy. John Morris was right about that. The branch then hit him across the chest. Edward was hurled through the air. He managed to get up,although the ribs felt like broken. The zombies approached. “Not today!” Edward threw a wave of holy water. The undead got defeated. Edward picked the crystals. He must burn the crows before the flockmight pick him. Treant struck about. Edward flailed with the whip. He felt like the book beamed within the chest pocket. The sonic rings petrified the brute. That gave him enough time to challenge the crows. That gave some other crystals. Edward felt restored. He better. The demon tree returned to action. Edward was running out of tricks. He needed some help. There were none to find. The sisters were still occupied. “Then let your will be done!” Edward revealed the crucifix. He was lifted into the air. The enflamed cross burned overhead. The monsters perished. “Glory be You!” Edward removed his hat. “Our Father in Heaven!” He was back upon the ground. Treant survived! That was a set-back. Edward cracked with the leather whip. The sonic rings crafted some space. The mailman knew it wouldn’t last for long. He made a glide. Treant roared with frustration. The spiders crept from within the trunk. They created a web to might trap him. “God with us!” Edward threw the axe to might pull it down. The Arachni might inflict a poisoned state. Edward didn’t have the laurels. Though he got the contract, there was to short a time to remedy an antidote. Renon might be willing to purchase, although the mailman didn’t really trust him. He put it aside. Edward doused the lot within holy water. Treant screamed. The flames burned on impact. Edward withdrew from the brute. He got challenged by the bone knight. Stolas summoned through the portal. Edward bent beneath the shield. Then he got up to strike with the whip. The skeleton staggered. Treant caught him by the roots. That was a problem. Edward got pulled off balance. Treant laughed. The mailman was sure about it. This would not be the end. Edward got tohunt the night. “God with us!” He threw the cross. The demon tree released him. Edward made a back-flip. The bone knight approached. He threw the knife forward. “God with us!” The dagger split in three. The bone knight exploded. The skeleton tumbled into a heap. Edward ran to retrieve the item. The Bowie knife was his only heirloom. The item belonged to Quincey Morris. He used it to impale Dracula’s heart in 1897. He really was a true gentleman. Edward got left alone. The mailman made the sign of the cross. Treant reached to grab him. Edward struck with the Undead Killer whip. The fireballs gave an advantage when fighting the trunk. The demon burst into flames. “God with us!” Edward doused the fiend. Treant roared. The mailman remained tall. He was victorious. The tree burned into ashes. Edward exhaled. He got no time for celebration. The mailman still got to hunt the night. He collected the crystals. “That was quite clever.” They applauded his effort. Edward closed his eyes. They never left him alone. The mailman felt a desire to step upon the hat. He dismissed about the matter. That would leave such a childish impression. The dryad giggled about the expression. Edward blushed, though they couldn’t read his mind. He cracked with the leather whip. Edward made the sign of the cross. They wouldn’t take him. The gang of girls leant upon the forest. Edward exhaled. He then pulled together. They looked rather cute. Edward admired the species, though his heart only kept beating for Saria. “Whores of Satan!” He bellowed. Abraham Van Helsing told the truth. His brides became the devoted acolytes. “I refuse you!” Edward made the sign of the cross. “In the name of the father, the Son and of the holy Ghost!” The axe went through the air. He summoned the blood force. The row burned on impact. That gave a breather. Edward drew sweat of his forehead. He killed a woman. That was a dryad. Edward sighed. That didn’t make it less difficult. “You liked to do that.” The sisters gathered about him. “Golden eye.”” He muttered. Theykept giggling by the effort. “You enjoy us.” The trio looked so hungry. “Forever and ever.” They teased. “Our garden needstendency.” Edward inhaled. He would kiss those soft ruby lips. “You want to do bad things with us.” The blonde invited. “Poison ivy.” The mailman blinked with surprise. He remembered about the legend. “Aphrodisiac.” Edward felt chills down his spine. “Return to the shadows!” He fed her with the crucifix. “No! Not You!” The dryad shrieked before she vanished in a blossom of flame. Her sisters were hurled aside. Edward sighed. He shook his head. The mailman recoiled the leather whip. “Here goes nothing.” He was not a murderer. “Please master.” The redhead reached a hand. “show some mercy.” The brunette revealed her neck. “We may do everything you ask of us.” Edward tugged his beard. He was unsure of what to do. “You don’t have to kill me.” The dryad spread her arms. “I beg you.” Theshirt and tunic got torn by the impact. Her brown skin reminded about a young tree. “Please.” The mailman licked his lips. The petite breasts got revealed. Edward brandished with the whip. “Human trash!” Her sister got something in her hand. He burned the seed. The dagger pierced her heart. “My poor little sister!” The dryad wept. “Sorry.” Edward doused her with holy water. He almost lost control. Edward sighed. This was not the end. Treant awoke. The mailman would hunt the night.

The head fell upon the snow. “They must be killed!” Saria exclaimed. “That is the only way to strike them. Torah made a grimace. She didn’t care. Saria figured she got other problems. Treant was still alive. The demon kept pondering Edward with the branches. She was unsure if the arrows might be enough. Treantmight be cut down, burned or struckwith wizardry. Saria got nothing of the sort. The dark side might make her wish come true. She shuddered. The dryad would never turn. The elders warned her. To walk down the dark path might destroy her. “Star bow! Magic arrow!” Saria picked together. She hit the tree. Edward hurled a row of enflamed axes. Treant got burned to the ground. Saria ran to her boyfriend. Torah still looked shy. Saria had no mind. “We better get moving.” Edward finally released her. Saria sighed. Though she would stay a lifetime in his arms, the man was right. “The sorcery must be like a beacon to the black wanderers.” Torah held the cross to her heart. Saria felt chills down her spine. She wouldn’t think about them. Saria would be happy if they vanished. That wouldn’t happen. She knew the truth. Saria was determined. She would fight. Saria picked an arrow. Be what may be. She would show them before the end.

“Three pretty petals”, Dora wood. The 15th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The bar got obscured with shadows. Grond had no mind. He really amused himself tonight. “Celebrate Cornell.” They really knew how to do things. “Girls that want to have fun.” The chieftain laughed. The day was in 1036. “What a fool.” The orc almost spat on the floor. He didn’t care much about the God mask. Grond threw it aside. “Talking to yourself again?” Crush smirked. “Or have you come up empty handed?” The ogre appeared at his side. “You shut up.” Grond snarled. “I got what I need.” More than enough to pay their prices. His rank got payedin hard gold. “Sorry pal, but that is impossible.” Crush smirked even wider. “There is someone Waiting for you.” Grond hated the man, though this was not a game. They both knew the truth. “This better be important. Grong barked. “I got busy.” Crush smirked. “Oh, you might be impressed.” He promised. Grond shrugged. He wasn’t that sure. They reached the bedroom together. Grond then rolled his eyes. The chamber got occupied. “Get lost.” Crush demanded. The tiny blondes and the man got startled. They looked up from their entertainment. “Oh no.” Grond toyed with the gold ring. “Let them stay.” The endurance amused him. “Listen to the voices.” The grim reaper had arrived. “To serve count Dracula.”

Ruvas forest, Warakiya. The 15th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The Belmont pulled her scarf around the neck. The weather was getting cold. They found the path that led down the ridge. Alucard went ahead. He defeated the bats. They lived ina tree. Alicia Schneider burned the wood. The boyar was unsure if that would be best. The dryad and her sister cared much about the forest. His father was to blame. Alucard acknowledged. Though it was the least of their problem,in this affair at any rate. The wargs lived in the forest. The ancient beasts dogged their track. The great wolf leaped upon the Belmont. She got the sword. The warg impaled itself. Alucard morphed into mist. The wolf lost the target. Alucard re-emerged in front. This time, in his wolf form,to engaged the warg in combat. The hunter might care for the bats. The wolves kept circling each other. The beast was a she. Alucard did not expect an easy victory. Though the Belmont doused her with the holy water. The warg howled while burning. Alucard regained his human form. He saluted. Alicia Schneider cleaned her glasses. The hunt was not complete. Alucard killed the warg. The Belmont burned the owls. They soon reached the forest. Alucard recognised this place,though he doubted they were still here. So much had changed already. The tragic princedismissed.

The winter might freeze them to death. Alicia looked about. The habitat got abandoned.Alucard retain his demeanour. “This place was inhabited by the tribe.” Alicia wondered if Saria built a home. This might be the place. She sighed. Alicia put it aside. The giant trees had become inhabited. “They are kept alive.” The tragic princethen moved ahead. That might be. The spring ran no more. “In the name of Michael, the arch angel.” The spring got frozen. Alicia then pushed up the glasses. The water shone like the aquamarine stone. “We have beenleft alone.” Alucard looked to mourn. “They left, before Gabriel came to power.” He threw back the cape. “Upon his death, my father came into possession of a strong magical force.” Alicia sighed. Her family had revealed the truth, thoughthe Dark Lord caused such a misery. “Let it be.” Alicia would keep the oath. “This whip and my bloodline shall hunt the night.” The tragic prince then bowed to her. Alicia had to dismiss the gesture. Her attention got caught by giggling voices. The pond was open. How could that be? She would have to solve the riddle at another time. “I do not think… “Alucard went silent. He seemed confused. Alicia would follow him to the end. The tragic prince looked to be memorized. “Adrian?” She asked. “What is the matter?” Alicia stopped. The nymphs were naked. “Good Lord!” They played and giggled like children. “The acolytes of Dracula.” They were nothing of the sort. “The Lord save us from evil.” She made the sign of the cross. The girls talked and behaved as teens. Alicia then exhaled. “In the name of Michael, the arch angel!” The incense didn’t fool her. They were unclean. “Adrian.” She reached to touch him. “Do not listen.” Alicia might see beyond the obvious. She felt the malice. They got to be the count’s escorts. She had to relinquish the lust. Alucard got confused by that music. The nymphs kept singing to attract him. He stared upon them. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” This had to end. Alicia revealed the crucifix. “Please.” The nymph begged. “Come to me.” Alicia felt their charm. The nymph made her hair with a golden brush. She sang. Alicia shook her head. She would not be their slave. “Then grant me the strength.” The hunter proclaimed. “River of Chaos!” The nymph left the pond to spew poison mist. Alicia resisted the music. She struck with the blade. The maiden kept twirling and twisting. She was agile. Alicia became frustrated about it. “Come on Alucard!” She called. “Come on!” Alicia could need some help. “Where are you!?” The tragic prince got occupied. The nymphs left the habitat. Alicia licked her lips. The pond got frozen over. “Preserve us.” They gathered around him. She touched the crucifix. The nymphs released the mist. Alicia got to escape. She consolidated the force. Alicia hurled the daggers forward. Frost was a weapon. The nymph got impaled. Alicia dashed to strike with the blade. The maiden was beheaded. The others reached to embrace her companion. Alucard got spellbound. The tragic prince bent before the kiss. “Leave him alone!” Alicia pulled her head back to tear the throat. The maiden burst into flame. “Dracul!” He was free to fight. “Grizzly wing!” Alucard spread his cape. “Forgive me.” The bats made them to scatter. “I have failed.” He bent upon the knee. “I promised to protect you.” His eyes got lowered in shame. “For each man in his time is Cain.” Alucard spread his hands in a gesture of surrender. “Our sin is desire.” Alicia helped him to stand.“That is no sin.” She told. “You are not your father.” Alucard still didn’t meet her eyes. “I have no right to blame you.” She blushed when thinking of Incubus. Alucard bowed. “I shall nay fail thy again.” He promised. Alicia made a grimace.His ideals came from the medieval times.That wasno problem. Alucard was a gentleman, a boyar. She became used to the approach. They began to walk.Alucard went along the stream. The river soon disappeared among the heavy snow. They continued to climbthe hill. Alucard was right. They might reach the forest. Then he went in front. The tragic princeproduced his sword and shield. Alicia made the sign of the cross. She was ready to fight. The conifers stood thick around the clearing. In the name of Michael, the arch angel.” The flock was horrible. “Grizzly wing!” Alucard released a swarm of bats. “Hellfire!” He might handle the ravens. “Hello there.” Alicia mentally hit herself. “Do you want us?” The nymphs kept singing. “Do you want a kiss?” The gang of girls escaped his initial attack. “No thanks.” Alicia shuddered. The music was unnatural. “Be bone.” She felt dizzy this time. “Haunt me no longer.” They focused about her. The nymphs looked so tiny, so small. The petite treasures giggled by her condition. “I don’t want you.” Alicia gasped. “Relax.” The ravenlock flattered. “Take a breath.” The acid mist oozed from between her fingertips. “Not that again.” The four maidens created the gas. “The lord shall decide.” Alicia grasped the crucifix. “You are not to conquer.” She consolidated the force. The beam struck down. Alicia screamed. The outburst was so powerful. A storm raged within her heart. She spread her arm to release a flurry of five spinning crosses.“preserve me from the wicked One.” That resulted in a bloodbath. Alicia felt ready to vomit. The nymphs got slaughtered. She protected her face against the pyre. “Glory be You.” Alicia collected the gem-stones. “Our father in heaven.” Alucard bowed. “That was impressive, my lady.” She inhaled. Although Alicia didn’t care for men, she felt his charisma. “Never mind.” Alucard wouldn’t listen. “So, it is.” He recited. “The road leads on and on.” Alicia heard that before, though she couldn’t put her finger on it. “Clever.” She might pursue the chase. Alicia never got the opportunity. “That is not right.” The tragic prince defeated the birds. That was not important. “Curse of Darkness.” The pile was alive. “Oh no.” Alicia felt the weight of a dead hand upon her heart. “To become lost.” There was no wind, though the snow stirred. “Beware.” He said. Alicia new about the Yeti.

Yoma marshland, Warakiya. The 15th.Of December 2098 A.D.

The boots struck together. Richter Von Krohnsteen stood at attention. The red knights removed the two-headed beasts. The monsters became heretic. The boyar was resurrected through the castle’s influence. The black witch had called for him. She sent him to the marsh. “Hail the count.” Ninjara Redfox gave her salute. “Hail the count.” He returned. She was a royal knight. The Japanese armour couldn’t conceal her beauty. She was a daughter of their ruling family. “We may continue.” The princessinformed. “Exelent.” Richter acknowledged. “Gather our troops.” She saluted. Then she twirled around. Rain and mud stained the armour. Though it still shone with an angry red and yellow paint. The red knights where not the only resource. The royal knights had been dispatched. When the target was secure, they would resume dominance. Richter Von Krohnsteen would rather have it otherwise. He knew about the marsh. This was their status. He mustaccept. The witch was superiors. She gave the order. The royal knights were the elite. They got ready. He gave them a signal. The squad would obey. The mud splashed beneath their boots. He dispatched the scouts. The boyar was sure they would not get lost. Richter dismissed out of hand. The pit got infested.

Dora wood, Warakiya. The 15th.Of December 2098 A.D.

They had to remain in the clearing. Torah sat on the trunk while playing with the homing ball. Her purple plasma at least gave some light. Saria was on duty. The mailman told them to wait. Thesister beheld the forest. Torah wouldlike to learn more about the music. The riders didn’t seem able to track it. Saria muttered to herself. She kept checking the trees. Torah inhaled. The mailmansaid there were none about. How could he be sure? Both the chronicleand her teachers told the Belmont clan might see beyond the obvious. Edward might practise, though she felt no mystics. Torah sighed. She couldn’t tell. Torah was noseer. Both Sypha Belnades and the Belmonts believed it was a gift from God. Torah didn’t argue. She got no other explanation. Torah put it aside. That depended onfaith. Yoko was right. The speculations were cut short. “Someone snapped a twig.” Saria whispered. She got up. Torahmade the orb todisappear. “That might be Edward.” Torah would wait and see. The dryad looked about. Saria kept the aim. The sorceress tightened her grip. Shewassmall. The forest felt like a trap. She thought of her friends. Torah must pick together. Their picture loomed high in her mind. Someone was singing.Torah almost sobbed. She exhaled. Torah got to retain the ring smash.

The wind was playing with the branches. Edward still had that nasty feeling of being watched. He tightened the grip upon the Undead Killer whip. The mailman got a nasty feeling about it. “The bitch is back.” Edwardwas sure. The mailman touched the crucifix. He sighed. Edward put it aside. The weather really was cold. He re-buttoned the coat. The mailman tied the scarf. Nothing moved. Only the snow cracked beneath his boots. Edward looked about. He peeked out from between the willow trees. The mailman didn’t see anything. He touched the crucifix. Even His image looked frozen. The forestseemedto be alright. Edward sighed. That he thought before. Edwarddismissed. The Lordmight decide. He would return to were the girls kept waiting. The mailman inhaled. Edward didn’t pay attention. Someone was singing. He never heard such a voice before. Edward got to know who it was. He went into the forest. Edward tugged upon the beard. There was something he got to remember. Then it clicked. “Oh my God!” The mailman exclaimed. Edward stopped dead in his track. He then shook his head. Everything was wrong. Then someone emerged. The mailman felt like a trap was closing in about him. Edward shuddered. He couldn’t help it. Who was this woman? That he couldn’t tell. Then never mind, Edward made the sign of the cross. “Here goes nothing.”” He muttered. The mailman would fight the righteous battle. That might be difficult. The woman was brushing through her raven locks. The item was made of gold. Edward cracked with the leather whip. He would not become the weak link. She hid her mouth. The girl was giggling. Edward had to blush. He felt so alone. She kept singing. That was such a beautiful voice. “Good Lord in Heaven.” Edward pulled back the hat. He made the sign of the cross. The mailman still held on to the whip. “Preserve me from the wicked One.” She reached a hand. The simple green dress went down to the ankles. Edward made a grimace. The skirts were departed to reveal her legs. The smooth skin was exquisite. Edward shook his head. He retained the hold. The mailman might see beyond the obvious. The ruby lips were ready to be kissed. “Venus.” His parents tried to restore the bloodline. Edward put that aside. The music heated his blood. The mailman began to feel dazed. She turned around. Edward touched the pearl buttons. They went in a twin road down her back. She looked over the shoulder. The blue eyes gleamed like gems. “Oh my God.” He exclaimed. They seemed to open by their own accord. “Oh yes.” The dress, shift and stockings landed upon the snow. “Then you shall be with me.” She stepped out from within the shoes. The mailman felt like drowning. The woman released the small loads. The black silk was a contrast to the white. “Help me.” Edward gasped. “Before I perish.” He touched the hips. They were so round and perfect. “Like a Mexican rolling stone.” He shook it aside. Where did that came from? Never mind that now. “Come into me.” She spread about to reveal the equally dark hair. “Get behind.” Edward got excited. “Haunt me no longer.” He gasped from between his teeth. The mailman didn’t want to be with her. “Edward!” Saria called. He felt so ashamed. She shouldn’t have to find him like this. “Please, wait for me! She begged. “What is the matter!?” Edward looked back above his shoulder. “Homing ball!” Torah then charged the spell. She was in trouble. “God with us!” The dead were rising. “You bloody human trash!” Edward was released from her influence. “You should have listened to my voice.” He made no answer. The mailman threw a wave of holy water. Edward got to consolidate the force. He got a blizzard inside. The assault froze on impact. That granted a breather. Though not for long, the nymph made it to shatter into pieces. The mailman tightened his grip. The woman smirked. “Now it is my turn.” She spread her fingers. “Good Lord in Heaven!” Edward exclaimed. The mist was released from her crested palms. The rosework tattoos shone with ecstasy. “Take a smell.” She teased. He made a back-flip to escape. “No thanks you.” Edward hurled the axe. The row exploded on impact. The nymph hid her face. That gave him the opportunity to advance. “Return to the shadows!” Edward called before he impaled her upon the knife. That really was the end. The woman screamed before she burst into flame. The mailman exhaled. He didn’t wait to watch the pyre. Edward got to collect the crystals. “My dearest postman.” Saria leaped up to kiss him. She was as brown in the skin like before. “I have been longing for you.” She pierced the corpses with her sun arrows. That made them to burn. “I love you.” Edward got his hands full with the round young body. “The one.” They kissed. “My little wild one.” He breathed into her mouth. “That I am.” She smiled. “The way I am.” Edward renewed the kiss. Then he remembered about their situation. “Homing ball!” Torah spread her arms. The glow illuminated her poncho and the coated top hat. Torah charged with gold. The zombies got burned into oblivion. “You are growing strong.” He admired the work. “You will become a hunter.” Edward replaced the hat. “That I assure you.” Torah smiled. “I am a Fernandez.” She declared. “The children should not have to live in fear of the night.” That had become their covenant. The mailman touched the Undead Killer. He might hunt the night. “Together we stand.” The mailman proclaimed. That made her to giggle. He sighed. Then they might relax. Edward decided it was time to make some plans. Though he got to tell the sisters about it. The mailman replaced the hat. “The forest is abandoned.” Edward explained. “Thoughit seems that we have reached the outskirts.” Saria smiled. “No problem.” Edward tugged his beard. “Then let us be gone.” She touched her sister on the shoulder. “Come on.” Torah stared out into the distance. He guessed she was tracking the curse again. The mailman couldn’t help it, though he worried about her soul. “Something is rotten in the forest.” She then breathed.

The dryad was afraid, though Not for herself. The zombies pushed through the snow. “Homing ball!” Torah was charging up. She released with fire. The steam boiled the corpses. Saria reached across her shoulder. She produced the sword and shield. The crows went from the branches. She fired a sun arrow. The flock got consumed. The owl looked upon her with luminous eyes. Saria shuddered. She didn’t knew them very well. She was a dryad, a tree nymph of the forest. The beasts and birds seldom came to their habitat. The druids were the caretakers of such matters. Though they were gone,the chosen one might rebuild the order. Saria beheaded the zombie. She would help her boyfriend. Edward got involvedwith the cousins. The dryad hid behind the shield. The owl came to scratch her. The nocturnal bird then returned. She managed to impalethe heart. Torah advanced. She got the ring smash. Saria picked together. She mightsupport her sister. Saria soon discovered. She kept watching the forest. Saria went pale. She licked her lips. Edward was there. She felt her blood chill. They became transfixed by thatmusic. Saria re-sheathed the sword. She hung up the shield. The dead got defeated. Saria had no use for weapons. Not if this was who she claimed to be.

Rover manor, Warakiya. The 15th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The ceremony commenced. “Lit the blue fire.” The witch approached the circle. “The blood of the cock grants the circle life.” The congregation began to chant. “The cock’s blood gives the circle life.” Drolta Tsuentez became lord Dracula’s servant. “Share the ointment! Let the dance begin!” She practised arcane magic to revive the undead. Drolta sliced the throat of the bird to let the blood splash amidst the circle. “What began in blood!” She declared. “Shall end with blood!” The grim reaper flouted above the alter. “We crave the presence of the consort of the embodiment of suffering, the lady bathing in blood!” Drolta lifted her arms. The rite reached a climax. A bolt of lightning struck from above to disturb the coffin. The ground rumbled beneath their feet as the niece of count Dracula got revealed. I have waited for this moment, to be awake again.” The tall woman spread her caped arms. “To bask in blood and feel the moonlight within.” Red flame burst from behind the grey eyes. Drolta fell to her knees. “Countess Elizabeth, I am honoured to be in your presence.” She felt unmasked by the amount of Chaos. “Indeed. Though he lacks his full power.” Drolta learned about the situation. “We are preparing a rite.” Though the witch was unsure of the effect.

Ruvas forest, Warakiya. The 15th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The Belmont laughed. Alucard felt at ease. This was as it should be. Alicia Schneider was more then a hunter. She was a lady. The Belmont deserved to be surrounded by nice things. To be clad in fine cloth and to be warmed by the fire of a great heart. She was of his kin. And thus, a boyar of the land of Warakiya. Though Alicia Schneider was like his beloved Sonia; a rider and hunter. She became as the shield maids of old. A warrior at the height of her own strength. Alucard adored her abilities. The Belmont proved her might. She defeated his father’s minions. Another quest began. The tragic prince felt no regret. The forces were right to make him awake from his slumber. The gold armour blazed like a beacon. Alucard exposed his fangs. Although he might be both swift and agile, this would make him an excellent target for the rangers. Let them come. He would be ready. Alucard went mourning. He thought of his mother. She would not like the status to last. Alucard should conceal his face. That he could never do. The tragic prince had to fight. Schneider was a fine woman. He might tell.She was a free soul. They must beware of Dracula’s curse of Darkness. The embodiment of suffering might have a strange effect upon the countryside. Alucard care not. He would hunt.

The snow had gathered together. Alicia got to consolidate the force. “In the name of Michael, the arch angel!” She knew that wasn’t natural. They managed to sneak between the gun towers. That granted no leisure. Yeti raised to might feed upon her flesh. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” Alicia flouted in the air while the enflamed cross burst behind. “Grizzly wing!” Alucard then spread the cape. “Crimson lightning!” The offence squared the undead. “Hellfire!” They kept pushing through the snow. “Good Lord in Heaven!” Alicia got put upon the ground. She rushed toward the zombies. Alicia would put them to rest. She pushed the glasses back into place. “Watch out!” Marcia cried. “The snow man is alive!” She changed colour as Yeti made manifest. The spiky claws went down to might crush her skull. “Preserve me!” Alicia created a back-flip. That was close. She broke the vial into the face. The ghastly snow man roared by the outburst. The bear, or whatever he might be, burst into fire. Alicia made the sign of the cross. That was not the end. The zombies gathered to might tear her apart. Alicia shuddered. They would eat her flesh. She remembered about the humpbacks in the village. At least the corpses wouldn’t rape her. That was no comfort. She brandished with his sword. The pyre granted an edge. She might burn the group. “They are behind you!” Marcia shot like an angry wasp. The crows and ravens went from the treetops. “In the name of Michael, the arch angel!” Alicia made the sign of the cross. She would hunt the night. Reinhardt Schneider would be proud. She threw the axe into the air. That granted an edge. The enflamed axes exploded to create the rising pyre. Alicia touched the crucifix. The Lord granted the strength to fight against evil. Yeti growled with frustration. Alicia felt cold down her spine. That was another one that would feed upon her corpse. So, let it be. “In the name of Michael, the arch angel!” She knocked the candles. That was the last of their numbers. She made the sign of the cross. The Lord would provide for her. Alicia collected the crystals. They might restore her strength. “Leave her alone!” Marcia cried. She went against the face. Alicia gasped. “Get behind.” The nymph was getting to close. “Pesky little insect.” The brunette was about to sing. “Thee have become a cursed being.” The tragic prince declared. “Grizzly wing!” Alucard released the bats. “thou have no right to crave her allegiance.” Yeti moved with the silence of falling snow. The snowman tried to overthrow with sheer brute. Alicia then screamed. She even kept screaming. Alicia almost got buried beneath the white. “Forgive me!” Marcia went completely dull. “Mother of trees!” She tore Yeti’s eye. Blood oozed to stain the snow. The crimson was so obvious, though the liquid froze on impact. Alicia shuddered. She thought about a fine gusher of wine. That was rubbish. She wouldn’t allow the blaspheme. Alicia sighed. She knew the Chaos was because of Dracula’s curse of Darkness. Never the less, she impaled the snow man through his heart. Yeti wasn’t quiet. Not this time. He roared when the flames absorbed his flesh. Alicia exhaled. She vanquished the Yeti. Alicia would share the gemstones. She looked around. “Hellfire!” Alucard withdrew from the conflict. The nymphs kept bombarding him with seeds. “Release her!” Marcia got captured in the spider’s web. “The truth shall release you!” Alicia cut her free before she doused them with holy water. “Thank you!” Marcia blossomed with a new flame. “You won’t take me.” The nymph blew a kiss. Marcia was forced to remain behind. “Good Lord in Heaven!” Alicia pierced the chest. She burned to ashes. Alicia relaxed. The fight was over. At least for a while. Something fell from the sky. “That isa harpy!” Alicia exclaimed. They were not attacked. The harpy spread the wings to reveal herself. Aliciagot away. The woman flapped in place. “In the name of Michael, the arch angel!” Alicia made the sign of the cross. She got the blade. The hunter might consolidate her force. “Be quiet.” Alucard demanded. “They nest together.” He was right. The other harpies had arrived. “Domine Arde! Aculus Dai!” The tragic prince kept up the shield. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” Alicia was taken aback. They attacked the sister. That was a real cat fight. What was going on? Alicia got confused. Why did they act this way? “You must be quick!” The third sister called. “The others might help her!” Alicia shook her head. She went dizzy with the outcome. “Who arth thou?” Alucard requested. He wished to know. “My name is Anica.” They were getting desperate. “Please, come with us. Natalie might carry you the young master.” The sister bent so he might climb on top. “Alright.” Alicia still felt unsure. The harpies looked frail. “The fight won’t last for long.” Natalie said. “They have no part in the army.” Alicia re-sheathed the sword. “Then let it be.” She climbed on the harpy. She lifted into the air. “Then where are you taking us?” The tragic prince was only some distance away. “To the Ruvas forest.” Anica told. Alicia licked her lips. She couldn’t relax. “That is the target.” Alucard revealed. “You are to be commended for this service.” Marcia fluttered about. She kept a sharp look. The fairy didn’t change colour. Alicia exhaled. They would be protected. “How do you know?” Her stomach felt okay. “We heard you talking!” Anica smirked. “About removing the witches!” They got to shout. The wind brought their voices away. There might be a storm coming on. “The priest saved the sisters!” Natalie cried. “We wished to repay you!” Anica returned the gaze. Alicia shuddered. The harpy must know about her. Then she realized. Her heart leapt with joy. Julius was alive. The cousins would have to re-join. The harpies kept flapping toward the lake. Alicia beheld the horizon. She never experienced anything like it before. Alicia felt free at last. Shelaughed by the feeling. Though Aliciagot to keep the glasses, she felt so much better. “You enjoy this!” The harpy shared her mirth. Alicia held tight. She felt nice beneath her.

Three pretty petals, Dora wood. The 15th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The blonde got tied to the leather cross. “No! Not here! Not again! Please!” He had returned. The presence bleached like a shroud of ultimate suffering. The young man shrieked in despair. There was enough of a howl to make his hair to stand on end. “This is the house of shame.” The woman got hit marks over her body. “Mmmm…!” He moaned. They were his making. The other girl lay in the corner. She never stirred. “We thrive under the moon.” She fell dead from the ceiling. “There arth nay life in the nothing.” The voices caused echoes in his mind, his being. “Only death.” The attic resounded by his laugher. “I feel thy anger.” This was incredible. The kindred spirit lost none of his potency. The blonde looked back over her shoulder. “Feed on me.” The blue eyes got almost concealed by those heavy eye-lids. “Please, I surrender this flesh to you.” The tongue went along the lips. “I await your desire.” She did? That was excellent. Currents of pitch-black electricity got relayed through his body. “Then such a wasted opportunity.” The voices screamed. “Anger focus, makes stronger.” They craved for submission. He could not resist the ecstasy. “Give thyself to the Shadow.” The muscles moved beneath his skin. The young man began to grow fur. He was changing.

Dora wood, Warakiya. The 15th.Of December 2098 A.D.

The womanscared her. Torah inhaled. Brown hair framed the features. The green eyes looked her up and down. The mailmangot ashamed. Torah wondered what that was about. She kept singing. “Beware.” Saria breathed. “The nymph might charm.” The maiden smiled. She made her hair with a golden hairbrush. Torah had no choice. She slapped her mouth. The voice went quiet. Her friends gathered. Saria pulled her away. The nymph released a poison mist. Edward threw the cross. The nymph leaped above. “Star bow!” Saria fired. The nymph was agile. She got friends. Torah was thrown on the ground. Edward struck with the whip. He released tripled fireballs. The singer was dead. The sister touched her. “You don’t have to be afraid.” She licked her ear. “I shall make you awake.” Torah got up to knock her. Yoko was stern. Not only because of the law, it might mix up the magic. Mathilda told some stories. “I am not like you!” She cried. Torah knew about Mina and Marie. She felt disgusted. Torah stamped with the cross. The nymph screamed. Torah pushed her aside. The eagle attacked. She slashed the bird. Torah was grateful it didn’t carry the humpbacks. “Homing ball!” The eaglealways lived in pairs. She shot the mate. Torahhad no wish for it. They were ruled by the undead.

The curse was broken. Edward would be forever grateful. Torah saved his life. Or perhaps even more. He would repay her. The eagle swooped down. “Not for your life!” He threw the Bowie-knife. The eagle collapsed. It was a pity. The birds should be free. Edward couldn’t change it. He picked the gem. The nymphs gathered about the clearing. He made the sign of the cross. The image made them to retreat.Though they giggled by the effort. Edward inhaled. The girls where so cute. He had no interest. “Get behind!” He demanded. “Try to impress the ghouls!” The statement cost him. Edward tugged his beard. He was not a womanizer. The mailman wished to live in peace with Saria. Though that was a dream. She had no return to the forest one day. So, let it be. Edward got this moment. “God with us!” He was a vampire hunter.Edward brandished with the flame whip. The nymphs then scattered. He cut her throat. The girl still struggled for air. The mailman couldn’t pity her. Not like this. She had become the counts consort.Then she only lived according to her nature. That he could never change. The eagle came. Edward hurled the axe. The bird escaped. The nymphs tackled him down. “You will enjoy.” The girl assured. “Everyone enjoys us.” She opened his trousers. Edward fought to escape. This really wasn’t his style. They kept him down. The nymphs forced him to touch them. Edward releasedthrew with his bloodline mystics. They were brought above while he flouted in the air. Edward was gifted with thought. The cross image exploded. The nymphs got hurled about. Edward was put upon the ground. He brandished with the whip. The fireballs made the survivors to run. They carried their wounded along. Edward exhaled. He had no needto kill them. Although the mailman disliked their way in life, Edward felt no hatred. They left some crystals. He collected the lot. Edward sighed, He got to help the others. Yeti held Saria in the air. She stabbed with her shortdagger. That was not enough. The bear would kill her. Edward hurled the holy water. Yeti roared. The arch burst into flame. The bear was burn to the snow. That wasn’t the end. “Run!” He told. It was already too late. The Treant was alive. Edward cracked with the whip. They got in trouble. The sisters pulled close. He made the sign of the cross. “Let it be.” Edward gathered the force. “Here goes nothing.” He inhaled. “God with us!” The circle of crosses appeared like a shield. Edward might relax. They blocked the initial onslaught. The branches were put on fire. Then again, that was no comfort. He recognized that sound. The wargs where howling. Edward shuddered. They where not like ordinary wolfs; searching for pray in the wild. “The hounds of Gorthaur.” He made it to sound like a curse. “Take cover.” This had to work. “Focus upon the beast.” The mailman touched the crucifix. “Treant is my department.” The whip burned as he channelled through the spell-book. The fireballs collided with the trunk. Treant roared. Edward made the sign of the cross. There was a face, there got to be a face, carved into the tree. “Preserve us.” That almost looked like a kind of Voodoo-mask. Edward shock that aside. There was no time for superstition. The crows and ravens left from the withered crown. “I am the sick linden.” Edward recited. “To spread the death leaf’s in the wind is all my crown may effort.” He was found of Swedish poetry. He sighted. “To make me gain your worth, dark eyed august night.” The corpses fell like bitter fruit. “Here goes nothing!” They got up to eat them. He doused the area within holy water. The liquid went like a wave. Treant burst into fire. He flared like a torch. That actually felt nice out in the winter cold. Edward got no time to rest. The sisters almost got overwhelmed. He got to slash a few throats. The corpses had returned. The curse of Darkness lay upon the forest. The roots reached threw the snow. Treant wasn’t dead. He might survive the impossible. “To be cut, burned or cast down by wizardry.” He recited the law. “Glory be You.” He might still resist. “For the love that is stronger than death.” The mailman made the sign of the cross. The spiders escaped through the hole. Edward threw a row of gold axes. That delivered a solid impact. Treant got chucked down the middle. “Oh my God!” The core got exposed. “Forgive me! For I have sinned.” Edward felt like he committed a crime.That wasn’t true. In reality, Treant was nothing than a travesty upon the spirits of nature. He felt consoled. “Help me to fight the righteous battle.” The spiders might inflict a poisoned state. They were creating a net. Edward then revealed his crucifix. He used the bowie-knife to cut up. The mailman bit his teeth. He felt so cold inside. The tiny creatures might trap him in place. The water element created a flood within his heart. “God with us!” Edward threw the boomerang. The web froze on impact. He crushed threw the barricade. He broke the vial against the tree. Treant roared and flailed by the impact. The core got frozen. “Rest in peace!” Edward buried his ancestor’s bowie knife. Treant shook. Then the tree collapsed. “And the fall was great.”He made the sign of the cross. That created a thud against the ground. The mailman inhaled. The monster broke into pieces. Treant left a plenty of crystals. Edward took the lot. He would hunt the night. The big gems left him bursting with the energy. They better. The snow man had arrived. Edward made the sign of the cross. Yeti was another travesty, a ghost, of a white bear. The mailman replaced the hat. He found the leather whip. The heirloom got lost in the battle with Treant. Edward exhaled. He felt so relieved when he claimed it. The item might grant him a better prospective. “God with us!” The mailman possessed the spell book. He released the sonic rings before dashing. Yeti vanished like the snow. He went berserk against the sisters. Edward would support. This was his battle. The bats squeaked for his blood. They settled for the throat. “Get lost!” Edward cried. He hurled the boomerang to might gain some space. “You blood suckers!” He declared.

The bird scratched her shoulder. Saria screamed. The eagle was dead. Shewas ready. The dryadwould fight. The snow gathered together. Saria staggered. That was not a true bear. Yeti lived in Asia. “Star bow!” The monster roared. He became like snow. The white beast attacked. “Magic arrow!” Saria shot him. Yeti roared. He couldn’t retrieve it. She bit her lip. The wounded bear was a madman. The creature slashed. The claws might crush her. Saria tried not to think about it. “Blue bow!” The arrow froze Yeti in place. He broke free. The beast teleported like snow. Saria felt buried. He picked her up. “Magic arrow!” She shot him in the face. Yeti let go. He was blind. Saria sighed. She couldn’t heal him. “Star bow!” Saria cut short his misery. The eagles went after her sister. Saria picked an arrow. The nymphs hid in the forest. The snow piled up. Yeti took her. He threw her away. “Blue bow!” Saria got up to fire. The monster reached. She rolled. “Magic arrow!” Yeti was nailed. Then he came like snow. Saria withdrew. The creature slashed. She got beneath. The blade went through the stomach. The snow was stained. He picked her up. Saria screamed. She struck the sword. Edward threw the holy water. Yeti was dead. That didn’t matter. “Run.” Edward told.

Oblivion ridge, Warakiya. The 15th. Of December 2098 A.D.

He got them surrounded. “You there!” Grond shouted. “Stay where you are!” The hunters pulled together. The chieftain smirked. They had no chance. He got both orcs and ogres to back him up. “They are too many.” The man said. He growled. He would be the first to die. They used the woods for cover. “Alright boys.” The ogres where mere brutes. “Man flesh is back on the table.” The orcs where the real fighters. “I don’t think so.” The man made a row of axes to fall down. “Star bow!” The harpy cried.“Magic arrow!” She fired. “”Homing ball!” Even the girl was armed. The band ran for cover. Grond was furious. “Don’t just stand there!” He shouted. “Get them!” He snarled. “Not a chance.” Crash muttered. He glared at the ogre. Grond tore his throat. “Is there anyone else who want to say something?” He asked. “Listen.” One of the orcs interjected. “They are heading for the ridge.” Grond had figured that out. “Then we have to movearound.” He explained. “That mighttake us to the blight.” The ogres protested. “No more discussion!” Grond demanded. “I told you what might happen!” He removed a few more heads. Afterward, there where no more protests. The chieftaindisliked that place. He got no choice. Grond had his orders. He would execute their will.

Ruvas forest, Warakiya. The 15th.Of December 2098 A.D.

The offering was good. The harpies would bring them beyond the forest. Thus he would not have to concentrate his effort upon the battle. This way Alucard might focuse upon the curse. Though not entirely. There were some which might reach them. The crows burst from the treetops. Schneider hurled the axe. She made itto split in three. Marcia the fairy glowed upon her shoulder. She might offer some protection. “Crimson lightning!” Alucard made itstrike. The birds were hit. They got blasted from the sky. “Good.” He admitted. They fed on death. They served the grim reaper. The harpies tried to escape. The flock came from below. Alicia Schneider made it to rain with holy water. Alucard trust his cape overhead. The harpy would have to carry. When the downpour was over, he looked abroad. The marsh was near. Though it might still take some time. The place stenched of mud and water. There was a bog. He knew the place. Although gloom and mist concealed the land,he recognised. That was unnatural. The ice should conceal. He dismissed. The source was somewhere up North and a little West. Then he would resist. “Get behind!” The harpy screeched. Alucard noticed the formation. “Fire in the hall!” Marcia called. “The guns of Dracula.” That was true. The minions fired.

The pressure felt like the coming storm. Alicia knew she would have to challenge the count eventually. This was not that hour of the beast. She got other problems. The lord of the vampires had not returned. Not yet at any rate, though the minions where to blame. This turned out to be another quest. The harpies went through the air. “Twisted!” Anica barely escaped from the boom. The order kept the rangers in hand. They even got the guns firing by now. Alicia yelped. She recognised the gun towers from the chronicle book. The archive fragments told how Hector, Trevor Belmont and Julia Laforeze searched the Dark Lord in 1499. The devil forgemaster had to use the cannons to might investigate the countryside. That might be a later concern. “Die another day.” Anica dodged the iron ball. That might explode on impact. Alicia inhaled. The wind kept blowing through her hair. She tied it into a golden pony-tail. “Crimson lightning!” The tragic prince might protect her. Alicia speculated if she looked like Sonia Belmont. She was the first in their bloodline who challenged the Dark Lord. Alicia sighed. “Hellfire!” Alucard spread the cape. The legend told that she was dear to him. Alicia couldn’t be like her. She didn’t care for the men. At least not in that way. Sonia was beautiful. They told the tragic prince painted the portrait himself. Though they were both depictured on that painting. “The meeting at the balcony in winter”. That was the title. The lovers were clad in boyar fineries. Though there existed another portrait. Then Sonia Belmont got displayed in her vampire hunting garb. The land became like a blur beneath. Alicia gasped. She got to keep the glasses. The swarm of bats went shrieking from inside the tree stumps. The greenery was dead. Strange, they got a sickly grey look about them. Alicia made the sign of the cross. She felt like a trap was closing in about her. Alicia had a deep breath. She got to resist the curse. The Darkness might turn her into a madconcubine if she wasn’t careful. Alicia pulled the zip closer against her neck. The silver crucifix was left to shine like a beacon of resistance. “In the name of Michael, the arch angel!” The bats went like a shroud. She threw the three enflamed crosses like a flurry of boomerangs toward the swarm. “Good Lord in Heaven!” They exploded on impact. “That was nice work!” Marcia beamed like her mother. She spoke in her ear. “You shall conquer the night!” The fairy still shone a burning red. Alicia sighed with relief. “Fire in the hall!” Marcia changed her colour. The orc archers released with a barrage of arrows. “Dracul!” Anica cursed. “Keep tight!” That was to close. “Grizzly wing!” Alucard released in answer. “Die!” He spread the cape. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” The cannon got him in range. “You are notto take him!” Alicia consolidated the blood force. The image of the crucifix appeared behind. Alicia screamed. She felt like being ripped apart. That was almost to much for her to control. The cannon froze. The barrel broke. The machinery fell toward the ground. The armoured guards went along. They were in control of the mechanics. “For great is the Lord!” Alicia cheered with joy. “Light to the forest!” Marcia danced in the air. The fairy shone with a bright gold. “Fire away!” Anica told. She spread her wings to release the feathers. The crows and ravens were abroad. Alicia exhaled. They might pick them apart! “Back to nature. Back to battle.” She recited. The chronicles told that was the slogan of Albus from the order. She put that aside. The hunter was Shanoah’s lover. Alicia inhaled. The order of Eclesia got dispended in 1810. Barlove, the founder, had fallen to the temptations of the dark side. Alicia made it to rain with holy water. That made them to scatter. Alicia kept her watch. She couldn’t becareful enough. The windfelt bitter. Alicia shuddered. She couldn’t prevent it. The flock kept about. Alicia got to beware. “In the name of Michael, the arch angel!” Even the most enlightened souls might fall to the power of Dracula. “Preserve us from the wicked One!” Alicia bit together. She would resist the curse. “I shall hunt the night!” His might mean nothing to her. Alicia was a Belmont. “Mother of trees!” Marcia exclaimed. The tower didn’t fire. “Skeleton gliders!”” Anica explained. “They might kill us!” The skeleton guards threw themselves into the air. Alicia licked her lips. “I have almost burned out my energy.” She didn’t have much more to spend. “Though this I can do!” Alicia threw a circle of axes. The gliders got cut to pieces. “This isn’t the end!” Anica dashed. She then gasped. Alicia caught several gemstones. The cash made her to feel much better. They restored her energy. “Look!” The gems got the might. “There is another!” She was dull. Alicia gasped. He came out of nowhere. That couldn’t be true. The Wyvern was an ancient creature related to dragons. Alicia knew the legends. She defeated the monster inside the power-plant. The harpies tried to dodge. Alicia felt chills down her spine. They became like demons. They wentto quick. There was nothing she might do. They would be captured. The Wyvern breathed heavy flame. Alicia closed her eyes. She got to stay put. The beast was too strong. “This is an ambush.” Alucard was cold as space. “See.” Alicia turned her head. “Brace yourself!” Anica shouted. “Your God preserve us!” Alicia crossed herself. The Manticore got the power of a lion, bat and scorpion. The harpy tried to get higher. The monsters emitted acid fumes. “Hellfire!” Alucard released. “Crimson lightning!” They went to fast. Alicia prayed for guidance. “Do not despair.” Alucard said. “This is not the end.” Alicia couldn’t tell. She held the crucifix. Anica screamed. They got hit! The harpy tumbled to the ground. Alicia shrieked in turn. Would this be the finale? Alucard tried to reach her. She was to far away. Alicia closed her eyes. She kept the glasses.Shewould submit herself into the hands of God. The Lord would decide about her destiny. Alicia could do nothing else to might save herself. She kept on screaming until the end. That might be swift. Alicia blacked out of existence.

Vrad castle, Warakiya. The 15th.Of December 2098 A.D.

The black witch smiled. “You were right.” The mirror showed an image of her sister’s face. “They are dispatched.” The black witch assured. She was fair. A wave of burning red hair fell down her shoulders. The blue eyes met Liza’s stare. “We will find the general.” She wondered why he was so important. The royal knights came to require her services. “Good. That would be good.” Her sister smiled. “For him. We will gain a handsome reward.” She felt a dark ecstasy rise within. The sending came to a close. “Hail the count.” There was only one lord of the vampires. “Hail the count.” She must return their salute. Then her image faded. She would become his slave. The others got to accept. There was nothing else they could do. All who opposed the prince of Darkness must die. Such was his rule. The black witch would not move against him. The royal knights executed the last command. The forsaken stalked the land of the living. The thought chilled her blood. The rebels were fools. Upstart weaklings. They were nothing more. She got a hand in the game. Of course. She got interests to protect. Though nothing which went against him. Those who remained loyalto the Dark Lordwould gain a supreme rank in count Dracula’s coming new order of the dark habitat.

Dora wood, Warakiya. The 15th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The tracks were easy to follow. Patrick Oldrey retained his true form. “Thank the Lord it stopped snowing.” He kept his nose close to the ground. Heinrich Schneider scratched the golden beard. The man-beast shrugged. He recognised their scent. “The hunter, the prince and the sorceress.” He touched the crucifix. His friend bent to check his arsenal. Patrick knew he got a dagger hidden within the boot. Patrick smirked. Heinrich was one year his junior, though he lacked any type of humour. Patrick sighed. He was not a direct descendant. Patrick knew how it felt. He held no grudge against his brother. “We must find her.” Heinrich was fond of his cousin. “Trust me.” He assured. “She left some items behind.” Heinrich unsheathed the broad sword. “This belonged to Michael Geilhardt Schneider.” Patrick knew about that. “He was Rachel Belmont’s husband.” They married in 1808. He put that aside. “Reinhardt got born in 1832. His friend shook the blonde hair. “Wait.” He frowned. Patrick found the track at the railway station. “They split again.” Heinrich made the sign of the cross. They both belonged to the Orthodox church. Patrick inhaled. He might retain the true form. The man-beast got the gun. Heinrich beheld his actions. Patrick sighed. They got to decide.

The man-beast moved about. Heinrich tracked his actions. “I have to think.” Patrick didn’t wear the armour. The older brother inherited Henry’s possessions. “Beware!” Patrick suddenly reacted. He got a Coller’s p. The crow was dead before hitting the snow. “Nice shot.” He buried the corpse beneath the white. “Those freaks belong to the wizardry world.” Patrick snarled. “I guess.” Heinrich scratched the beard. “Your cousin went into the west.” The man-beast used the gun to point. “While Edward and those children is heading for the opposite direction.” Heinrich changed grip on the sword. He felt unsure. Heinrich closed his blue eyes. He might see beyond the obvious. The blonde hair got taken by the wind. “Heinrich.” Patrick’s grey eyes carried a challenge. “You are the Belmont.” The hunter scratched his beard. Patrick believed in the family. At times he felt so tired. Heinrich might crumble beneath the responsibility. “I would like to find the girl.” Heinrich muttered. Patrick touched his shoulder. He figured. Heinrich picked together. The man-beast was right. He was the leader. Heinrich sighed. “I have to do my duty.” He felt worry about the little sorceress. Her family were powerful.“Come on.” Heinrich made up his mind. “Let us find Alicia.”

Haunted ship, Yoma marshland. The 15th.Of December 2098 A.D.

The door was opened. Penny and Lucy prepared for supper. They knelt in prayer. The red knights grabbed her by the arm. They got pulled outside. “Penny!” Lucy was terrified. There was nothing she could do. Penny tried to smile. Thatbecame a grimace. They went through to much. She ran away from the village of Ondol. Her friends believed in her. They never should. The undead found them. They where prisoners aboard the ship. The marsh pit lay around. She never could escape. Penny sobbed as they broth her into the dance hall. He sat at the great organ. He knew how to play. She had no mind. Penny’s attention was fixed on the young boy. “The musician.” She whispered. Penny had to please him. She would be punished if she failed. He smiled. Penny began to sing. She had a good voice. Though it was frail. Penny sobbed. She didn’t wish todo this. The music was sad. Like her own emotion. Penny felt like the kindness got drained away. She fell on the floor. “Take her away.” Malus told. “Bring the second to me.” They carried her out. She felt terrible. The last she saw of her master, was him reading from an ancienttome, while chanting in a strange tongue. That she didn’t figure. That wasnot the point. Penny got carried back to their cabin while she sobbed.

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