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Castlevania: Darkness Never Dies


Part 1: Curse of Blood

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Part 2: Legacy of Sorrow

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Part 1: Curse of Blood.

“Then he did come out to them, and he said; “See. See this man.””

John: 19. 5.

Chapter 4: Monster dance.

Town of Jova, Warakiya. The 13th.Of December 2098 A.D.

The villagers were bent on defending the walls. Alastor Lupine led the assault. Eric told him of Niro’s mobility. The group in chargeof the graveyard also got their hands full. Alastor smirked. The square lay empty. He would crush this village. The forces where ready for action. The beast men lined up. “Go!” Alastor shouted. “Dracul!” The ogres were at the head. They would shoot down anything which moved. The orcs came next. Everything went like he predicted. They forgot to protect this area. The bone-scimitars spread out to cover more ground. They went some distance until they got spotted. The ogre shot the boy. The cry alarmed the village. They came running. The townsfolk plundered their depot. Each man got armed and armoured. Alastor unsheathed the sword. The orcs went into battle. The woman shot a silver bullet. He snarled. They knew he was a werewolf. Alastor howled. He tore her open. They presented with crosses and crucifixes. That didn’t work against the living. Though he didn’t like it. The ogres broke through. Other came to keep them up. Alastor howled with triumph. They would conquer the town. They fought for their lives. Alastor fought for the Dark Lord. He threw flame or slashed with the claws. Alastor would kill them.

Forest of Aljiba, Warakiya. The 13th.Of December 2098 A.D.

The wind breathed so very cold. Christian shuddered. “Let it be done.” He said. “In the name of the Lord.” He lit the camp-fire. That felt much better. Trevor inhaled. He got time to speculate. “Who are you?” Trevor softly asked while letting his hands brushed through the raven locks. Noriko defeated the monsters. That was incredible. She possessed the power of dominance. Christian touched the crucifix. Could she really be him? The Dark Lord would be reborn.That was a mystery. According to his ancestor, neither Julius Belmont nor Genya Arikadofigured out how two souls might live in one body. Sparks flew from the fire. Trevor wasstartled. He felt like standing in the crossroad.Witch way should he choose? “He surrenders the friends for sacrifice.” Trevor recited.Then he relaxed. The Lord preserved him. Christian made the sign of the cross. They didn’t return. He smiled. Though it soon faded. Noriko Cruz was knocked cold. The memory of things he read, and of what the pope Mathew said, went through his mind. That was rather disturbing. Trevor had to consider. She might become his enemy. But no, not by the blood of Christ. Christian would prevent it. Noriko would still be innocent. She was herself. Trevor acknowledged. He would restore the balance.

Paragraph from Julius Belmont’s journal.

I saw Arikado stand alone.He looked out over the frozen river. Though I could tell, from the look in his eyes, that he was far away. I left the company. Yoko moved to follow. I slightly ¤¤shook my head. She shrugged. The merchant smirked. She gave him a look. “Belmont.” Genya greeted upon my arrival. He didn’t turn. His eyes still beheld the last remains of the burning hideout. “How do you think they made it?” Arikado asked. “To summon some essence from… from his castle.” I shook my head. “You cannot keep the secret forever.” I said as softly I could. Genya Arikado made a gesture. “That boy really is Dracula incarnate.” I Reminded. Arikado looked weary. For the first time since I got to know him. “Our hope is that he chose a different path.” He said. “The seal is holding his power, and spirit.” I touched the whip. “A… “He cut me short. “He will be safe.” He said in a harsh tone. “The seal will hold.” Though he didn’t meet my gaze. I almost stepped away. “I know what you feel.” He turned around to look upon me. “I will not let the evil count return.”I would not kill the boy. Though I would fight the Dark Lord to my last breath. Genya put an arm around my shoulders. “We have hope.” He said. “We will carry the burden.” Yoko told.“Together.”


End of paragraph.

Then Julius Belmont never told more about it. That didn’t matter. It wasn’t Soma, it was Noriko, who needed his help. Soma Cruz was only 18 years old when he encountered the source of the Chaos. Noriko was much younger. She told him about her life. Trevor was afraid her soul might be in danger. He couldn’t forget the way she held him, when the castle emerged. Shebegged him to save her. Christian didn’t know how. He was only a child. He couldn’t take care of people. Someone should be looking out for him. The Vampire Killer gave a soft glow. Christian smiled. He felt like Sara Trantoul was offering comfort. He laughed. The laugh of a boy. He could do what was needed. The Lord would guide him. Noriko screamed. He looked down. What was going on? Another scream cut through his line of thought. Christian grasped the crucifix. He knew what was going on. The Chaos was to blame. He couldn’t help her. Or could he? Trevor was no shaman. He at least could try. He knelt down beside her. He pulled the blankets back into place. Christian closed his eyes. He hoped this might keep her warm. Trevorreached for the rosary. He wouldn’t let her down. The vampire hunter would make them proud. The whip lived in him. “Blood of the hunter.” He murmured before beginning the circle. “Be gone, in the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost!” Christion released the crucifix. “Nevermore!” Trevor felt their presence. The ravens left the branches. He brandished with the Vampire Killer. The shroud was thorn asunder. “Fire and brimstone shall be your doom.” Christian made the sign of the cross. Something moved beyond the campfire. Trevor hurled a vial of holy water. The skeletons got bathed with flames. The living dead pulled together. Christian withdrew. They threw bones into the air. He struck at the head. The skeleton got above. Trevor went pale with fright. The bones blazed by the firelight. They tried to kick him. Christian made a glide beneath the effort. The skeletons bent to crush him. Trevor revealed the crucifix. His image was a shield. The skeletons picked and threw bones. Christian made a back-flip to hurl the three silver daggers. That ranted an edge. Noriko stirred. She looked ready to awake. The bones hit him. Trevor screamed. He used the crystal to might create some space. The ravens came to pick at his face. Christian doused them with holy water. The birds went about. He cracked with the whip. They belonged to the wizardry world. Trevor had to banish the lot. The skeletons caught him in an iron grip. “Save me!” They jabbed him in the face. Christian landed upon the snow. The bone-man loomed above. Trevor lost the whip. “Back off you devil!” He got up to stab with the short-sword. The skeleton collapsed. “Noriko was screaming. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Christian hurled the crystal. The rebound stone grantedthe edge. They got other problems. “You shall not dabble in the arts of necromancy.” He recited. The ghost moaned. “Rest in peace.” Trevor stamped with the crucifix. The figure burned. Christian inhaled. He must remain calm. The ghost was rising. Chills ran down his spine. The hunter felt at a loss. He got to believe. “Behold.” Trevor proclaimed. “The power of God.” He summoned a circle of crosses. The silver reflected the campfire. For a moment, Christian felt invincible. He would be blessed. “Glory be You!” Trevor knew this wasn’t his blood. “Our Father in Heaven!” The Lord would be with him, though this left him at the beginning.

Noriko tossed and turned. She wished to awake. This wasn’t her dream. Not really. Not at all. Her unconsciousness tried to reach out to a certain memory. This wasn’t how it was supposed to be. Noriko knew that. At the same time, she felt all wrong. There was another way. If only she could remember. He was so close. She could feel him. He gave warmth and comfort. There was someone else too. He was cold. So very cold. Voices whispered to her. They could warm her. They promised such grate things. Noriko was confused. Nothing made sense. She floated in a grey mist. Everything was Chaos and blood. Noriko shivered with lust.

Realm of dream. The 13th. Of December 2098 A.D.

Noriko felt confused. She changed appearances. Her voice was sweet as honey. “Come to us.” They whispered. “We will help you. Love you. Worship you.” Noriko wouldn’t. She wouldn’t listen. She got to resist the temptation. The voices laughed. They where so very seductive. She could see what they might accomplish together. Noriko screamed. She felt like her very soul was collapsing. Soon she would do as they told. Noriko was drowning in sweetness. “Noriko.” That was not their voice. Noriko knew. She felt at ease. She wassafe. She looked behind. The grey figure was arriving. Though the determination and strength shone through his diminutive stature. “You do not belong here.” The voices teased. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the Holy Ghost.” A clear bright silver light shone in his left hand. “Begone in the name of Christ.” Noriko wept. The voices left her. She felt so alone. Though he was still there. He told her what to do. Noriko wouldn’t listen. She wouldn’t listen to anyone. She would make up her own mind. He was fading. Both where fading. Noriko was about to wake up. She got angry. They wouldn’t make her into their plaything. “Curse you!” Noriko shrieked. She would make them to pay for this. Noriko got the power of Dominance.


Noriko opened her eyes. She was back in the forest. For a moment, she felt happy for being awake. That she was herself. Noriko then remembered about what happened. She looked around. Trevor was on his feet. He got the Vampire Killer in hand. Noriko smiled. He fought to save her. Noriko removed the blankets. She was thus close to submission. Christian got pressed. She would join the battle. The zombies pushed through to might consume his flesh. Noriko licked her lips. She got the gargoyle soul. The fireballs ripped through their numbers. The corpses burned on impact. Noriko smirked. She absorbed the souls. The skeletons bombarded her with bones. Noriko shrieked. They might tear her apart. Trevor cracked with the whip. “In the name of St. Lucia!” He threw the cross. “Lit the path in my darkness!” Noriko threw other bones into the air. She got the souls. The ghost moaned. Christian struck with the holy whip. The light was too bright. Noriko turned away. The ravens approached. She spat the fireballs for cover. “Fight the righteous battle!” Trevor stamped with the crucifix. The bone-man collapsed. “Follow me.” He was tired. “We must leave the forest.” Noriko touched the crucifix. She admired his stamina. Christian might be able to keep the promise.

Inner den, castle Ondol. The 13th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The fog kept drifting. Alastor Lupine sniffed the air. He was here. The werewolf was certain about it. Alastor reached the hidden chamber. The boy and the man were performing some sort of ritual. “Open Hell’s gate!” Graham Jones demanded. “Come forth, my servant!” The evil pentagram was alive.The darkness was so black it almost shone. The cloak, which lay inside, stirred. Alastor howled. Then, from spirit, to bone, from bone to blood, from blood to flesh, from flesh to skin and then back to her full devious splendor. “Celia Fortner!” She had grown strong. Alastor knew when she met his gaze. Celia belonged to the dark side. He admired her craft. Lupine was impressed. “Go forth.” Graham Jones decreed. “Go to serve the prince of Darkness.” Celia morphed into a bat. She vanished amongst the shadows. “Why are you here?” The Dark Lord candidate asked. “I smelled your presence.” He said. “I am summoned to the castle.” That was humiliating. Alastor lost everything. He might still extract revenge. “I wish to tell you that Noriko Cruz is in the forest of Aljiba.” The information made his eyes to shine. Graham Jones looked less like the kind missionary he pretended to be. “Exelent.” He breathed. Alastor Lupine bowed. He left. This would work like he intended.

The grim reaper watched as the werewolf and missionary talked together. He knew all which transpired. Alastor Lupine would have to be punished. That could wait. There where other more dire affairs to handle before that. What did he intend? The angel of Death could not penetrate his shielding. How interesting. Graham Jones called him back. Why here? The castle Ondol held no importance to either of them. Though Dimitri Blinov practised Chaos witchcraft. That was always dangerous. The grim reaper would continue to watch over them.

Forest of Aljiba, Warakiya. The 14th.Of December 2098 A.D.

The wind breathed cold through the forest. Christian made her to stop. “Wait a moment.” Norikosent him a mystified look. They got to escape from the monsters. Trevor made the sign of the cross. He felt something. “The dark ocean power has infested this place.” Christian sighed. “May the Kamis cleanse and save us.” Noriko grew pale. Trevor knew the Hakuba clan were very afraid of that realm. He might share the feeling. Trevor never told anyone.” “When my grandfather followed after Menace.” Noriko whispered.“He saw the ocean open to swallow the oblivious demon soul.” Christian shuddered. He couldn’t stop it. “His spirit has lost none of its potential.” Julius Belmont underestimated Chaos. They all had. His followers must’ve waited and prepared for this moment. “Every one hundred years.” Trevor recited. “The forces of God mysteriously start to weaken.” He licked his lips. Christian knew they should’ve heeded the warning. “Thus the power of Dracula starts to revive itself. His power grows stronger and stronger, every one hundred years.” Simon Belmont wrote in his journal. Richter Belmont repeated the words. “I will not become like him.” Noriko tightened her grip. “I will not be the Dark Lord.” Trevor gathered. He told her to be quiet. Christian hear thefootsteps. He cracked with the morning-star whip. “Please, don’t hurt me.” The boy looked torn and ragged. He came staggering forward. The stranger was skinny. Messy black hair fell down to almost conceal the blue eyes. The heavy brown shoes left markings upon the snow. Trevor exhaled. He was alive. “We shall not hurt you.” Noriko said. The trousers and grey jacket was hardly fit for the season. Christian thought he looked slightly Japanese. “Good Lord in Heaven!” HE exclaimed. The front of the jacket,and even the green scarf,got stained with the remains of blood. Though the scabbard was empty. “I am sorry.” The boy wept. “So sorry.” His skin was deathly pale. Trevorwondered about his age. “Who are you?” Noriko touched his shoulders. “My name is Iori Najima.” He said. Christian thought he might look cute to grownups. Iori bowed. “Excuse me.” He tried to smile. His cheeks turned red. “My mother was a Geisha woman.” Then he really began to sob. “Sorry.” He tried to collect. “A vampire turned her over.” Trevor closed his eyes. He thought of his family. Christian never met his parents. “Tell me.” Noriko breathed. They kept tight for a moment. “What happened?” She asked. Iori hid his face at her shoulder. “She tried to seduce me.” His voice was empty. “My mother tried to make out.” Trevor felt disgusted. “She tried to bite me.” He sighed. “I killed her. I killed her with the knife she gave me as a birthday present.” She held him tight. Christian was speechless. He didn’t know how to react. “You released her soul.” He finally said. “You saved her from Dracula’s curse.” Trevor made the sign of the cross. “You don’t understand!” Iori screamed. “I didn’t save her!” Tears ran down his cheeks. “I absorbed her spirit!” Noriko still held onto him. Then Christian cracked with the Vampire Killer whip. “Get lostyou Belmont!” He pulled away. Elayne had returned. She brought her friends along. The orcs and ogres where ancient monsters. They appeared from the forest. “The boy belongswith us!” The dryad shouted. Huge birds of pray got released like medival hunters. Trevor whipped for the eagles. The birds burst into flame. “He might possess the power!” He called. “That doesn’t make him evil!” The bone-scimitars ran forward. Noriko threw bones. The scimitars staggered. Trevor whipped the spiders away. Then he attacked. He threw the cross beforestrikingwith the whip. The scimitar got defeated. “No!” Iori hollowed. “Not again! I won’t… “His excited and horrified expression told he absorbed the souls. The bone-archers released their projectiles. Noriko blocked with fireballs. She threw webs at the enemies. Christian hurled a dagger at the owl. Then he attacked the archers. The lizard men released crows for his location. The monsters struck with their club or scimitar. Christian threw holy water. The black birds got burned. The lizard men withdrew. “We have to go!” Iori shouted. “There are too many!” Trevor threw the crystal. “Go!” He told. “Ishall hold them!” He made the silver crosses to appear in front. “The Lord will guide you!” They sent worried glances before running. “Time for iron.” Christian said. He threw the cross. The holy whip shone with a bright light. “Lord and Father!” Trevor summoned. “Into Your hands, I commit my spirit!” The cross split into three silver boomerangs. “Fight me!” He bared his teeth. The dryadfusedwitha tree. “Elayne!” Christian called. “I know you are about.” He reached for the crucifix. “Reveal yourself.” Trevor retrieved his items. “Leave them behind.” The hunter moved into a combat position. Christian had to defeat the tree witch before he might follow. The monsters approached. Trevor was ready for combat. He delivered into the hands of the Lord. Christian would hunt the night. He threw three enflamed daggers to might cover against the trolls. The silver knife turned them to stone. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” Trevor doused them with holy water. That granted an edge. The skeleton soldiers regained their momentum. The scimitars and lizard stormed while the orcs and archers remained at the back. Trevor flouted in the air. The enflamed crucifix burned behind. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Trevor shouted the challenge. The flames cleared the forest. He landed among the snow. “Good God!” Christian dusted off as best he could. He really got chilled. Trevor collected the crystals. They replenished his energy. He sighed. Christian knocked the candles. He didn’t find anything. The orc tried to crush his skull. The beast was one of the few which survived the onslaught. Trevor presented the crucifix. He got to stop him. The orc lost hold of the club. Christian impaled with the silver knife. The monster gowned. Then he collapsed upon the white. Trevor stepped back to escape the pyre. “Do you like it better?” Elayne cooed.

He absorbed the souls. Noriko almost felt jealous. “It is mine.” Iori screamed when they entered his body. She burned the monsters. “I hunger.” Noriko recognised the accent. He spoke with a slightly French promotion. “I hate you.” She disliked the very sound. Iori made her to think about the missionary. “Graham Jones.” Noriko almost spat the name. Although she felt the same strange attraction as from the previous meeting. Noriko pulled her hair down in front. She hung her head in shame. Noriko was another person. Back when she first met the French, she was weak. Noriko hadn’t figured about her abilities. She was a naughty girl.



Noriko settled behind her usual table. The restaurant was ruined. The new owner called it a “virgin’s house”. Noriko would come here to work. She helped to transport goods. Xia offered her the job. She was a B.P. by now. Noriko hadn’t been that desperate. Though the baby prostitutes purchased a lot of coins. Noriko hadn’t eaten for two days. Xia told her how to behave herself. She sat across the table. The 15-year-old already was getting to old. “This chap wants a threesome.” Xia smiled. Noriko felt disgusted. “We might fill the order.” She followed her up. Noriko got no choice. She had to live. They reached the first floor. Xia led the way down the left passage. This was the B.P. part of the building. “He is still there.” Niko told. She was in charge of watching the area. Niko also was Noriko’s best friend. Xia went to the last room. She opened the door. “Master Jon.” The girls went inside. “We are here.” Noriko felt a sudden attraction. “Who is this?” The man spoke with a French accent. “Call her Noko.” Xia said. The man beheld them. “Strip for me.” He told. “Then we shall go to bed.” Xia kept smiling. Noriko’s stomach was empty. She felt ready to vomit though she did as he told. Noriko felt sick. The stare fell on her.She gasped when pierced.


End of flashback.

This explainedmuch. “We are the same.” Noriko shared this connection. This must be how the missionary could track her. The Hakuba shrine was a gateway between the planes. “Akumajou Dracula.” Noriko breathed the name. “Pneuma, Sarx and Soma.” She pulled into a human ball. Tears ran down her face as she vomited upon the snow. “It isn’t true! I won’t be!” There was no way to refuse. Noriko had been so proud of herself. Now she figured there were plenty opportunities. Dominance was the key. She might actually be him. Noriko felt dirty. “The devils purchase.” Iori looked into his own hands. “Eternal night.” They exchanged glanced across the clearing. Ether or none of them might be Dracula incarnate. She would never tell about this fear. Christian thought she was a nice girl. She might fall. Noriko already felt the touch of the vampire’s kiss upon her neck. Although she got some faith in Christian and his crucified god, Noriko carried the Legacy of Sorrow. “There is this.” She touched her grandfather’s crucifix. “The memory of light.” Iori’s hair went bright white. “Do not place faith in such idolatry.” He said. “My rosery has broken.” He still wept. “I bit my mother.” Noriko shuddered. “Crimson tears.”She figured it out.He wasn’t Carry Fernandez.

Wizardry lab, castle Ondol. The 13th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The orb was alive. Celia Fortner beheld the fire. This might be an important object. She becameresurrected like a vampire. Celia dismissed. Her wish might come true. The Dark Lord would live again. The grey eyes lit with flame. She would cooperate with those who wished to revive count Dracula. There was one problem. Those which should assist, where in presuit of personal gain. The candidates were running wild. Celia had received a mandate; to guide those who may be the evil count incarnate. Ceilia Fortner was not a member of the circle of blood. How was she to aid their progress? The grim reaper made her his confidant. He offered information about their mobilities and actions. That was a vital resource in the campaign. Celia only got to discover how to exploit it. One thing was for certain. She could not risc loosing them. Not this time. This was the Aria of shadow. His power was growing strong. The all time high would be a reality. Celia Fortner was sure of one thing only. To find those she sought, she would have to leave the castle Ondol. Such a pity. The haunt had been a nice dwelling. Celia Fortner might return one day. Chaos was upon the abode. Anything might be possible. Celia Fortner would obtain his favour to live forever and ever.

Forest of Aljiba, Warakiya. The 14th.Of December 2098 A.D.

The moonlight illuminated the grove.Christian knelt before the alter. He lit two candles. The statue of the Lord’s holy mother refused the shadow. Trevor lit he lamp in honour of St. Mary. The second he lit for St. Lucia. “How long do I have to wait?”Christian asked. He might see beyond the obvious. Elayne still was out in the forest. The dryad fused with the trees. She gave no answer. “Behold this sign.” He declared. “Of the power of God.”Trevorannounced. He got to end this standstill. Christian made the sign of the cross. “For how long do you intend to uphold me?” He couldn’t wait until dawn. Noriko might be in peril. “Please.” That boy looked ready to perish. “Show yourself.” They might need his help. “I will submit.”They were in danger. “Into the hands of the Lord.”Christian might tell. He reached for the crucifix. “Let be Your will.” He said. Trevor would keep to his words. “Let it begin.” Then he went into battle. Elayne finally complied. She waited for him to approach. Trevor might feel her emotions. He went beyond the barrier. Christian would prove his right to uphold the vampire killer whip. Elayne hungered for his destruction. Christian was the true heir to the house of Belmont. The dryad licked her lips. Trevor felt sick. The real tree must be far away. He cracked with the morning-star whip. The nymph got away. She morphed like a tree. “Human scum.” Elayne regain her true form. The black birds got released into his face. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Trevor exclaimed. He threw the crystal down. The blast granted a breather. That didn’t last. Elayne burst into song. Christian felt dazed. She spread her arms in an inviting embrace. The music was a September song. The lyrics told about the coming of Autumn. Although the naked branches burst into blossoms, he felt lost. “In Manos Toas Domine!” Trevor cried. “I will not submit!” The acid green apples fell from the branches. “Save us!” They didn’t look healthy. The fruit turned into a poison liquid that stained the snow. Christian remained tall. He kept the Vampire Killer chain whip in hand. Then Elayne released the ravens. She made a back-flip. “Rest in peace!” Trevor would hunt. He presented the crucifix. Christian summoned the light. The birds got burned to ashes. Elayne awaited his move. “Let me pass.” Trevor said. “I have no grudge against your kind.” The dryad made a really nasty gesture. “Is that true?” He cracked with the holy whip. “Then come on and fuck me.” She wore a green tunic above the brown shirt and boots. They fit her like a glove. Christian felt sad about her. He wasn’t old enough. “I will make it simple.” She lashed upon him. Trevor hurled the cross. Elayne got hit in the stomach. She landed on top. Christian grunted. “Alright honey.” He tried to push her away. “I know you want me.” Trevor blushed. He felt the shape of her body. Christian felt chills down his spine. Elayne made him to react. The dryad giggled. She licked his face. The pope told him. Trevor released the whip. He fought to reach the crucifix. “Let me ride on you.” Elayne purred into his ear. “Help me.” Christian showed her His image. Elayne got even closer. “I really am to die for.” This wasn’t like the battle with Vampira. The dryad gave herself as sacrifice. Trevor got to learn control. He got difficulty with resisting their charm. Christian bit together. He stamped her forehead. Elayne screamed. She still kept him grounded. Trevor felt so sorry. He then found the hilt. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” The silver dagger pierced her body. The dryad screamed. Then she released him. Christian got back on foot. He felt like having aged a decade. That might be, though he couldn’t rest. “You are to suffer.” Elayne met his gaze. “I promise.” She performed another piece of music. This tune healed her wounds. Trevor tightened his grip. He would surrender to the will of the Lord. “You should have accepted the offer.” Elayne cleaned blood of her tunic. “I shall watch you rot.” Christian altered his grip. He bent to retrieve the whip. Trevor reached for the crucifix. “You enslave the innocent people.” Elayne blew a kiss. “Then come.” She said. “My garden need tending.” She beaconed for him. “He shall not fall.” Someone else was talking. “Tomorrow never dies.” The horn-playing druid played his instrument. Elayne sang to the saint. He was not deterred. “Die another day.” He fired with the pistol. The dryad gasped. The bullet pierced her. She looked down. “One more kiss.” She pleaded. The druid embraced her. “So, it is.” Elayne closed her eyes. She crumbled into dust. Trevor made the sign of the cross. “Who are you?” He then asked. Christian knew that Simon Belmont met this figure in 1688. “You may call me a wanderer.” He said. “A guest who watches everything, though changes nothing.” Trevor couldn’t believe it. Then again, perhaps he could. “You are the poltergeist king!” Christian exclaimed. The druid played his horn. The music made him to relax. “You may still call me that.” He said. “I have always supported your bloodline.” Trevor recoiled the whip. He remembered. The poltergeist king advised Sonia Belmont and Alucard while they fought the Dark Lord in 1476. “Trust in your blood.” The horn-playing druid told. “Theyare her gift.” He licked his lips. “Thisis not magic.” Christian touched his crucifix. “They are yours by right.” The druid announced. “Soul wind, soul flame, soul saint, soul bat and soul ice.” The druid almost sung on the words. “Conceal them and be mindful. They are yours to command.” Trevor’s strengthwas of flame, frost, earth, wind and light. Sonia Belmont got the same abilities. “Drink.” The druid gave him a golden goblet. Christian was unsure if he should. “It is the high potion.” The poltergeist king explained. “I believe you.” Christian said. He drank. The liquid restored him. The druid kept playing. Trevor felt like falling asleep. Though this was different. “Let me help you.” St. Germain encouraged. “Behold.” Christian felt his hand. “It is to be a beautiful day.” He had no doubt about it. “Watch the sunrise.” The druid turned him around to behold the spectacle.

They ran into another band of monsters. Noriko hurled the fireball. The eagle burst into fire. The girl leaped high to release tripled flames. Noriko screamed. The ravens exploded. She absorbed the souls. Iori smirked. He stood to tear the skeletons. She almost felt envious when he took their essence. Noriko let it drop. The scimitar knocked him in the head. Noriko snarled. The boy fell on the ground. She couldn’t help him. Noriko pulled the combat knife. “Oni devil!” She collected the fireball for cover. The lizard brandished with the club. Noriko caught him in the net. She pulled forward. The monster hissed. She gave him no time. The knife impaled the heart. Noriko inhaled. She felt the power. The skeleton soul granted the ability to throw bones. She managed to repel the corpses. The bones ripped through the decayed flesh. Noriko fought the desire to vomit. She got to obtain control. She would rule them all. She presented the crucifix. Noriko obtained strength. “Burn you monsters!” She told. Noriko crushed the monsters. She got to help him. Iori gasped for air. He looked pale. She licked her lips. Noriko felt thirsty. The girl sighed. The bird picked her. She spat a fireball. The raven collapsed. Noriko got the soul. That was of no use. Blood stained the snow.

Baljhet mountain, Warakiya. The 20th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The wind kept playing with the snow. Alastor Lupine stood upon the misty forest road. He watched down into the valley. The demon castle Dracula stood upon a hilltop at the far end of the gorge. The abode might be seen from far away. The castle was his destiny. Alastor became summoned. He could not tell what awaited him there. The werewolffailed to conquer the town of Jova. Lupine lost themistress. He never found the hunters which killed her. Someone else would have to execute her final request. He got them in a box. That would not be enough. Alastor retained his beast form. He began to run down the path. The raven birds chased after him. They would tell the angel of Death about all which transpired. That would have to be. There was nothing he might do about the situation. The valley was larger then it might look from above. Alastor knew the village of Yomai was built not far from here. Alastor reached a crossroad. The sign told about the distance. Alastor Lupine continued toward the nest. The forest felt different somehow. Everything was so quiet. The legends told about this place. The forest of silence appeared to protect his castle. No matter, Alastor would reach his destination. Then it would be over. Alastor snarled. He would submit to the council.

Forest of Aljiba, Warakiya. The 14th. Of December 2098 A.D.

It was not the end. Christian made the sign of the cross. “Monster dance.” He spoke through clenched teeth. The saint restored him, though that didn’t change much. Trevor exhaled. The daylight weakened their status. Never the less, the dead was rising. Christian tightened the grip. This was dead earth. The curse of Darkness lay heavy upon the land. It was incredible that the villagers found the strength to fight. That was the memory of light. “Believe in Him and believe in me.” Trevor recited. He would. The zombies and skeletons couldn’t prevent him. Christian would fight to the end. He remembered what the druid said. He would be mindful. The ravens bustfrom the treetop. Trevor screamed. There was a storm inside. Christian then made it to rain with holy water. That created an uproar. The birds went this way or that, to escape the downpour. Trevor held the whip in both hands. The undead got burned by his effort. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” He dashed forward. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth.” Christian cracked with the chain whip. He got to defeat the lot. The eagles tried to take him away. “Let it be!” He impaled them with silver daggers. The hidden fire burned within his heart. “I am the servant of the kingdom of heaven.” The opal flashed in his hand. “You cannot pass!” He made the sign of the cross. “The shadow of Dracula will not avail you.”He gathered strength. “Undead pest.” Trevor would commit into the hands of the Lord. “You cannot pass.” He hurled the opal. The gem rebounded and burned. The dead couldn’t rest. They pressed for his location. “You cannot pass!” Trevor struck with the holy whip. The light burned even in the sunlight. The father blessed with silver. No one deserved her faith. The soul of Sara Trantoul cried in horror. The seal was in place. Christian was not really a Belmont. He had to challenge the memory. Though that would be for another day. Now he was grateful. The Vampire Killer granted enough strength to challenge this lesser enemies. The ghost moaned while fading. Christian inhaled. They got no power here, not while during daylight. The Dark Lord made them to suffer. He refused them access to heaven. Count Dracula did it out of spite. Sonia was right. He too must have loved someone, once a pone time, to feel such emotions. Trevor shuddered when he thought of what the Impaler did to Sypha Belnades in 1496. He knew he would become a man. “With all the short comings of the kind.” Though, Christian would redeem himself. Trevor would not be like the count. Neither too Anette Renard nor Mina Harker. He blinked. The meadow was clear. Christian didn’t realise. The light subsided. He once again held the mundane chain whip. Trevor sighed. He stepped forward. That was a mistake. The spiders created the web trap. They made it collapse. Christian got caught in between. He recoiled the whip. It got no place here. He got to use the short-sword. If Trevorgot time. The spiders climbed the trunk. They seemed too bulge with poison. Christian got frantic. He touched the crucifix. Trevor must be quicker. The storm was picking up. The five spinning crosses appeared while the beam structed down. He created a barrier. The Arachni got burned. Christian cut free of the net. The he dosed the rest with holy water. Trevor picked the crystals. They restored the energy. He even knocked the candles. Though he didn’t find anything useful. The money might be useful. The sun made the gold to shine upon the snow. Christian let be. He already got what he needed. “Let the coins be a trap for his followers.” Trevor felt no greed or desire. The boy knew he was innocent. It was nothing to brash about. “Glory be you.” He knew who was the highest. “Our Father in Heaven.” The Lord had forgiven all. He would lead his people into the Heaven. “God of compassion.” The owl beheld him from atop a tree. Christian knew he was in the presence of the demon castle. That was an eternal bird. “What fun.” The brunette hid behind the trunk. “Or what do you think?” She blew him a kiss. Trevor made a grimace. They always tried to confuse him. Christian wasn’t old enough. That didn’t matter. The distraction made him oblivious. The bone archers realised a storm. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord.” Trevor cast down the vial. The holy flame took the brunt of the attack. The scimitars came from the blindside. Christian presented the crucifix. He armoured skeleton tried to run him over. His shield resisted the crucifix. Trevor screamed. He cracked with the whip. The bone-man staggered. Christian renewed his efforts. The soldiers got to be defeated. Trevor could see how the archers prepared for another round. He let be the scimitars. Trevor stormed to counter the offence. He reached among the bone-archers. The lizard man got involved. Christian threw himself down. They fired with the crossbow. The bolts went over head. Trevor got up to throw the dagger. The monsters got killed by the onslaught. The archers pulled knifes to might defend themselves. Christian threw the cross. He made it to go around. Trevor exhaled while he retrieved the weapon. Then the scimitars arrived. They got a lizard to lead them. He brandished with the club. Christian bit his lip. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth.” He flailed whit the whip.The monster got burned to ashes. “Stay there.” The dryads exchanged glances. “”I have him cornered.” The blonde pointed a finger. Trevor made a back-flip. He escaped from the scimitars. “That is a nice trick.” The blonde blew a kiss. “Watch what I can do.” Christian touched the crucifix. “It will be fun.” She giggled like a crazed woman. “What is growing in your garden?” The dryad hurled the seeds like a farmer. “Good Lord in Heaven!” He exclaimed. The Mandragora granted an upper hand. Trevor hid his ears. Then he hurled the rebound stone. “Kill him!” The redhead screamed. She was tired of waiting. “Take him!” She spread her arms. “Pick him appart!” Christian kept his ground. The ravens scattered about. Trevor retrieved the crystal. He made it to rain before leaving.

The weather chilled to the bone. Noriko was in pain. She shook while unfolding the contract. Iori lay without moving,although she gave him the cloak. “How may I be of service?” Renon tipped his hat while he appeared. “I need the healing potions.” She told. “I have the money.” Noriko found them after the fight. She dropped it on the snow. Noriko shivered with pain. “Here.” The salesman opened his briefcase. He helped her to drink. Noriko got restored. Iori managed to gather. Renon beheld them from behind his glasses. “Is there anything else?” He asked. Noriko shivered. The wind went through her outfit. “Do you have anything to wear?” She pleaded. Noriko was freezing. “Of course.” Renon said. “Something more modern today.” She gave him the money. Renon opened the suitcase. She got new underwear. He gave her tights and a sweater. Noriko was more interested in the scarf and other gears. “If there is anything else, just unfold the contract.” Renon tipped his hat. Then he disappeared. Noriko redressed before buttoning the jacket. “We must find Christian.” She said. Iori supported. The snow cracked beneath their feet. Noriko sent him a glance. Had he changed? She shook it off. Noriko knew the silence couldn’t last. She got to be more careful.

Forest of Jova, Warakiya. The 14th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The moon raised above the forest. Chieftain Ordog Nash knew hedisobeyed orders. He gave up the sledge of the town to go in chase of the hunters. The ogre had pressed the local forces into service. This happened because of the Belmonts. He waited for the scouts to return. The moonlight was none of his liking. Then Ordog had grown used to it. “Boss, we have the news you requested.” The dryad approached. They called him the executioner. He touched the huge battle axe he carried on the belt. “Tell them to move out.” Sandra submitted. The chieftain didn’t wait for her departure. The bone-scimitars where already busy. “Boss.” Pokhol Trash, one of the red ogres, noticed about his activity. “Bring me my steed.” He instructed. Trash soon returned with his great warg. The executioner sat up. The lizard men where getting ready. Soon the archers and beast men got lined up. The scouts sat on their wargs. Ordog was satisfied. “Forward march!” He encouraged. “For count Dracula and the Dragon!” They would find the vampire hunters. Their death would make up for his lack of obedience. He gave the signal. Lord Dracula’s forces got moving. They were an impressive display. The executioner feltso proud. The prince of Darkness would be pleased with the outcome.

The winter might last forever. George slid down the outside of the wall. “Let it be done.” The villagers told him not to leave. The sledge continued. George couldn’t stay. The hunter knew he couldn’t remain. Not even to be safe. “Rest here for a while.” George repeated. He made the sign of the cross. The salesman had become a vampire hunter. Christian Belmont showed him the way. George reached the ground. The snow cracked beneath his feet. George then looked about. He shuddered. The night was cold. Not even the fur-coated jacket might be enough. The salesman dismissed. He touched the crucifix. Then George pulled out his pistols. He loaded with silver bullets. That was nice. George still got the sacred cross and holy water. He would hunt the night. The Belmonts were his idol killers. George hoped he was alive. The boy deserved to live. George made an oath. He Would join forces withChristian. They never should split. Though he got work to do. That was over. They might defend themselves. George exhaled. The smoke almost concealed his face. No matter, the merchant decided. They would fight together. The vampires must be stopped. This wasn’t right. George began walking. He couldn’t stand aside. Not anymore. Christian was right. It was time to wage war.

(A.N: This chapter is short. The text is written in honour of the Aria/Dawn of Sorrow titles. Until next time, see you.)