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Castlevania: Darkness Never Dies


Part 1: Curse of Blood

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Part 2: Legacy of Sorrow

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Part 1: Curse of Blood.

“Tonight, you have fought with God and man, and you were victorious.”

Genesis: 32. 28.

Chapter 5: Darkness.

Town of Aliba, Warakiya. The 18th. Of December 2098 A.D.

Dawn approached. The black rider might see through the eyes of the ravens. “Thou arth to kill the Belmont clan.” The figure might listen to their voices. “Yes, my lord.” The white snow reflected the sunlight. That obscured his vision. Though the daylight diminished his power, that made no matter. He would never stop hunting them. The rats crawled beneath the village. They nourished in death and decay. They fell beneath the Shadow. Abbadon was the embodiment of Pestilence. She influenced their species. The vampire claimed dominance. He received the gift. “One Dark Lord to rule them all.” He recited the lore.

Living quarters, fortress Aliba. The 18th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The priest crossed himself. The ravens and zombies were defeated. The necromancer made the snow and ice to gather into one huge monster. The dark wizard was nowhere to be seen. “The ice titan.” Julius said. He tightened the grip on the stellar sword. Marina smiled,though her blue eyes were hard as sapphire. “You didn’t think they would play by the rules?” He shook his head. The ice titan threw a flurry of icicles. Marina ran to the side. He made it to rain with holy water. The onslaught got crushed. The huge figure roared. The force which gave life, also gave a voice. Julius struck with his blade. The monster tried to box him withinthe rising ice shards. Julius cut them down. This he knew. Carrie Fernandez wrote in the journal of Reinhardt Schneider. Actress used a similar trick. There was something he got to remember. Gabriel Belmont encountered thismonster way back in 1047. “Find the runes.” He muttered. Leon Belmont, Gabriel’s grandson, encountered the rune spirits some 40 years later. The titan released another onslaught. Marina struck with the whip sword. The priest had to get closer. The monster made the icicles to rise. Julius almost got boxed in place. The gauntlets released him. Julius ran. The ice titan struck. Julius dodged. The ice shards got spread about.

The curtains were pulled aside. Thomas had a deep breath. “Bless us.” He felt like bathing in the sunlight. “Then they keep their promise.” The dark-breed reloaded the positron rifle. Thomas made the sign of the cross. He longed for the daylight. He sighed. The dark-breed realized he really got sick back there. That almost made him to curse himself. “Never again.” He assured. Thomas hung up the rifle. He put it above the shoulder. The spear was leaned against the corner. Thomas fetched it. He released the energy. The weapon burst into life. The legends told it belonged to Alucard. Thomas howled. He was Wisp. The dark-breed finally chose his destiny. He became a real specimen. Wisp morphed into his true form. He howled the challenge. “How may we be of service to you?” Thomas snarled. Why couldn’t they leave him alone? Thomas retained his human form. “Blood sluts.” He growled. The dark-breed met their stare. Then he shuddered. Their eyes were empty and dead. “You are in trance.” The trio gave no answer. “What do you require?” The African kept upon her knees. “We might give you everything.” The Chinese spread her arms. “You only have to ask.” The Caribbean told. The armour shone in the sunlight. “I wish to support my friends!” Thomas howled.

The “Rose garden”, town of Aliba. The 18th. of December 2098 A.D.

This was Hell. Ruth brushed her hair when Anna arrived. She went to stand by the fire. Ruth thought it was hot in here. She still wore the fur-coated tunic. “Are you alright?” She asked. “I am okay.” Anna had a shudder. “I gave them the crossbow.” She pulledon the blanket. Anna got the ice out of her dark blonde hair. Ruth touched the lit chandler symbol. It really must be cold when sweat could freeze. Ruth helped Anna to sit. The bottom of the bed was made by hay. That was a nesting place for insects. Her own wasn’t much better. Anna closed her grey eyes. She kept them closed. “We really are in trouble.” She muttered. Ruth agreed. Anna finally seemed to be heating up. “I used my finalcoins to leave the house.” She told. Ruth then sighed. She really felt so tired. It was unlikely they would ever leave again. Kirke told them what would happen if they tried to escape. This time, it was Ruth who shuddered. She wouldn’t be fed with opium. Ruth got the money.That was not enough. Shepurchased her items. The axe and dagger were the family heirlooms. She would never give them away. “We better get to work.” Anna got up. She released the blanket. Ruth changedher outfit. They left the room. Anna gotahead. They where enslaved. And this, was a maiden’s house.

The bar was almostempty. The lamps were turned low. Anna was sweating. The fireplace blazed. The heat roared up the chimney. As if that wasn’t enough, the torches burned red. Ruth pulled through her blonde hair. They must be crazy.” There had to be to hot. Still, she wished to become like them. “Ishould ask Kirke about this.” She said. Ruth stared. Anna shrugged. “They earn more coins.” She remarked. “I might gain enough to get us out of here.” Anna knew it would be difficult. She liked to dance. Though not like this. They revealed themselves. She would be adored. Anna left her behind. Ruth would only convince her not to do it. Anna couldn’t blame her. The nymph leaned abovehertable. She entertained theguests. Anna licked her lips. She wouldn’t disturb her. The mistress earned a lot of money. She would talk with Alura. The blonde sat alone. “What do you want?” She asked when Anna approached. “I wish to be a dancer.” She said. “You do?” Alura smiled. She left her seat. “Come to me.” Alura cooed in her ear. “A woman knows how a woman likes to be touched.” Her smile widened. “Let us leave this place.” Alurakeptpulling her arm. “Then we can play.” Anna made no resistance. The girl was eager. She hoped that Ruth might do better.

Living quarters, fortress Aliba. The 18th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The medallion was a momento from the sisters. Marina knew the magic. “Mother of river.” She looked for the priest. Julius was agile as ever. He leaped and rushed about the ice titan. The nayad inhaled. The ancient lore described how to create this figure. The titans were related to the elements. Though they needed a strong source of mystics to feed upon. Marina threw it aside. She cracked with the whip sword. She might climb upon the monster. “Get away from there!” Julius cried. He almost got trapped within the rising icicles. The gauntlets granted strength. The priest might melt the ice. Marina created a downpour. The rainfall might be to some use. “God with us!” Julius exclaimed. He almost slipped on the ice. Marina licked her lips. That was a mistake. The ice titan struck the ground. “Dark water horizon.” Marina shrieked. She made a roll across the floor. “Black water.” The nayad got up. She then stabbed with the javelin. The magic pulsed within. She created the fountain. The stream broke into a series of ice pellets. Marina bit together. The ice shards collided with the titan. The figure shook by the impact. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost!” Julius made the sign of the cross. He then ran for the ice titan. Marina inhaled. She got to help.

Top floor, fortress Aliba. The 18th. Of December 2098 A.D.

Then this was entertaining. Ludvig Bon Bork was barely strong enough to remain while during daylight. That had no significance right now. The baron occupied the balcony. From up here Ludvig got an excellent view of the training ground. The terrace looked down upon the den. The boyar occupied the sofa. The roof cast shadow down upon the viewpoint. Ludvig had a sip from the blood-filled champagne glass. “You have done well.” Erica Reinbeck knelt in front of the seat. “I thank you my lord.” The enchantress blushed with excitement. “Then I might leave you to behold the battle.” The baron made a dismissing gesture. She might do what she wants. “You may leave us.” He cared not. The red knights would offer protection. Erica Reinbeck acknowledged his judgement. The ghost faded away. “At ease.” The four fox archers went into a resting position. Ludvig admired their vigilance. That was how it was meant to be. The blue foxes were at his command. They came from Europe and North America. “Come.” He encouraged. The prince of Darkness left him in charge. “Behold their finalstruggle.” Ludvig found the spell within the tome. The book held forbidden knowledge. That meant nothing to him. The vampire raised in strength. He would watch them perish.

Living quarters, fortress Aliba. The 18th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The priest threw himself aside. The ice titan struck down. Marinacreated the fountain. “Black water.” She managed to soak the monster. The ice titan didn’t seem to notice. The liquid froze. “Get away from there!” Julius called. Heworried about her. The nayad also got some hidden powers. “Mother of river.” She released the force. The arm got stuck in the ground. Julius climbed up. The ruff surface made it possible. He got to locate the runes. The markings shone blue. Julius released the fireball. It chased and destroyed. The rune wasn’t that easy to defeat. The ice titan shook its body. Julius managed to hold on. He threw the enflamed shuriken. The monster roared. It tried to smash him. Marina struck with her whip sword. The ice titan released with a flurry of icicles. The shuriken returned. Julius managed to score home. The monster tried to shake him. Julius threw a vial of holy water. The rune burned. Before he might continue, the monster managed to drop him. Julius rolled. Marina countered with a beam of solid ice. The flurry of icicles got shattered. He got up. The naiad fired with the crossbow. That had no effect. “This is not crafted by the vampire!” Julius told. He cut through the barrier. He got to crack the runes. The ice titan struck the ground. Julius dodged.

The energy scythe gathered above the palm. Thomas snarled. “You are to die.” The boy was a werewolf. “Go to Hell.” The dark-breed threw himself sideways. The scythe exploded against the wall. He went to search for the chapel. Thomas didn’t realizethat this was a trap. The lesser lycanthrope gathered a blast. He blocked the end of the corridor. “Here, try this!” Thomas had to achieve the offensive. He hurled the garlic into the air. “You asked for it!” The boy made a back-flip. “Then this is what you get!” The onion exploded on impact. Thomas ducked. The scythes went like a storm. “Burn in Hell!” The dark-breed released a cross-shaped blast of pure energy. The lesser Lycan got out of reach. “You cannot resist!” He howled. “The tribe of evil shall consume you and all your people!” Thomas touched the crucifix. “I made my choice!” He gathered the force. “I am a dark-breed!” Thomas advanced. The gauntlets blazed like the sun. The young werewolf met him in close hand-to-hand combat. Thomas snarled. The boy really was strong. Though the dark-breed relayed upon more then brute strength. “Curse you!” The werewolf snarled. He changed into his true form. That shouldn’t be possible. They were in the shadow of the castle. Thomas released the orbs.

The “Rose garden”, town of Aliba. The 18th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The girl sat on a table. Ruth leaned upon her elbows. Kirke showed herthe trick. “Hi girl.” Heroutfit didn’t conceal much. “You want to have fun?” The fox put a hand on her stomach. “Do you feel lonely?” The manplayed with her nipples. Ruth exhaled when she felt them grow hard. She was 24 years old. Ruth hadn’t much experience. The fox might pay the price. “I would do it for you.” She giggled. Ruth didn’t want to do this. She needed the money. “Though you must pay me.” She added. “How much.” He asked. “10 coins for the hand job.” Ruth invited. “Give me twenty pieces, and you might gain some extras.” She licked her lips. “Throw me a gold coin.” She then forced a laugh. “And we might spend some time together.” She doubted the knightshad that much money. “How much is there for an hour?” They finally got down to business. The human at least stopped touching her breasts. “50 coins of copper.” Ruthhoped they would be nice. Anna said it might hurt. The fox archer reached for his purse. He gave her the money. Ruth showed them to her room. She put the coins into the strongbox. Kirke might collect her price. She beheld the men. Ruth left the sandals. She would permit them to remove the rest. Ruth shuddered. This was the first time. They reached to take her.

The fountain poured at winter’s heart. Anna felt sick. Though it was not an option. She got to complete the show. Alura sat on the bench. The green dress got embroidered with the evergreen and forget-me-not flowers. That fit her figure. Anna would pull a silver spike through the heart. She had become a cursed being. “The children of the night.” Alura got no right to that crest. She spoke to quiet even for her species. Anna knew she was adorable. She kept on dancing. Alura showed her the steps. This was more difficult then anything she did before. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord.” Alura had no mind about the crucifix. Anna whirled with the vales while moving overhead. The ivy vines climbed along the walls. “You have to tell me.” The dancing girl got soaked with sweat. “Were the wild roses grow.” The blossoms cherished the mistress with delicious incense. Anna almost felt jealous about it. She wished to learn. Anna would be a dancer. No one could stop her. “You are that clever.” Alura teased. “You have the talent.” Beneath the dress, her body got covered by the tattoos. She got to escape. Those markings disturbed her. They made her to think about the founder. The order of Eclesia dabbled in rune magic. Anna wasn’t like that. She would not be seduced.

Living quarters, fortress Aliba. The 18th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The ice titan made rising icicles. Marina struck with the whip sword. “Dark ocean world.” She got to distract him. Julius still climbed upon the torso. He tried to stamp with the crucifix. The monster roared with frustration. He tried to shake him away. The runes glowed with a bright blue colour. Marina bit her lip. “Dark ocean horizon.” She threw a series of ice pellets. The titan didn’t react. Of course, he didn’t. “Get away!” Julius called. “It is too dangerous!” She wouldn’t give in. There got to be something she might do. The ice titan struck the floor. Marina was forced to run. She created a downpour. The rainfall froze the figure into place. The nayad blinked. She got surprised, though she made it before. “Then blessed are you!” Julius cried. The priest made the sign of the cross. “For the love that is stronger than Death!” The dagger got buried in the rune. “Mother of river.” Marina danced. She couldn’t help it. “Hear the words of God!” Julius declared. The symbol burst to pieces. “The Lord is our God. And the Lord is one.” The ice titan shrieked. Marina must block her ears. This wasn’t the end. The titan broke from the ice. He struck the ground. “Black water.” Marina managed to dodge the attempt. She created the fountain. The monster got stuck. Julius went for another symbol.

Top floor, fortress Aliba. The 18th. Of December 2098 A.D.

This was not entertaining. Not anymore. The baron Ludvig Bon Bork beheld the dual unfold. “He mentioned the name of the ancient one.” The fox archer reached for the bow. “I should impale him?” The knight got the priest in range. “At ease.” Ludvig informed. Though he would rather grant the permission, the necromancer gave his command. “Be patient.” He told. “They shall die.” That was part of the game. “He is breaking the rules.” The female remarked. “I know that.” Ludvig was not disturbed. “They might think to conquer.” He assured. “Though it shall come to vain.” The vampire exposed his fangs. The sunlight burned even brighter. He would not be burned. Never the less, they might alter the prospective. “Come.” Ludvig invited. “Let us continue to behold this spectacle.” The archers would obey. They served the Dark Lord. “It shall come to pass.” The boyar used his power. He achieved control. This was the resting place. Ludvig reappeared somewhere else. The balcony cast the shadow about. Ludvig might remain beneath the ceiling. He really got an alternate view from this bench. The snow coated the seat. That had no significance to him. The undead were immune to heat and cold. Ludvig Von Bork would remain the same, forever and ever.

Living quarters, fortress Aliba. The 18th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The priest got shaken from the ice titan. Julius rolled aside. He managed to destroy the runes. Marina struck with her whipsword. They figured how to defeat the monster. “Black water.” Her blowsmight remove the icicles. “God with us!” Julius cried. He got to break the barrier. Marina created the fountain. The ice titan struckthe ground. Julius had to run. “Watch out!” The fistgot stuck in the floor. “Beware about the dark side!” Marinahad to use more water. “Save us!” The monster fought to escape. Julius climbed the body. The surface gave support. The runes kept glowing. Julius then opened the mystic book to release the trio of fireballs. The ice titan tried to slam him. Julius threw the crystal. The rune burst. The monster shook. He almost got thrown on the ground. Marina got the attention. She created a burst of water. The titan roared. Julius climbed abovethe shoulder. There was another rune. He released through the gauntlets. The ice titan was breaking apart. Julius Doused him with holy water. The monster slammed its fist. He struck with the other arm. Marina was forced to retreat. Julius then dropped the holy book. The three homing balls blasted the glyph into oblivion. There were a sixth rune upon the chest. He got thrown down. The titan struck with both fists.

The werewolf howled. Thomas snarled his answer. “Filthy scum.” The lesser Lycan charged with plasma. The dark-breed answered with a flow of energy. He was superior. The beast then hurled him aside. Whisp collided against the wall. The armour slowed him. “I have you now.” The young boy had morphed into his true form. “Die you bastard!” The scythe gathered within his palm. “Drop it.” Thomas gathered a burst of energy. “You are nothing but a dish.” The blasts collided. Thomas snarled. The Lycan was strong. He pushed with all the might he could muster. “Animal trash.” The dark-breed almost spat into his face. He was superior! Whisp exhaled. This was the problem. He couldn’t let the anger take over. “Into Your hands!” He let go of everything. “I commit my spirit!” Julius was right. Their faith was strong. The blast exploded. “Forgive me.” The werewolf got hurled to the ground. “I shall kill you!” Thomas then reacted on instinct. The werewolf released a flurry of scythes. “Burn in Hell!” The dark-breed howled. “Rest in peaces!” His cross-shaped burst of energy deflected the lot. He dashed. The werewolf got taken by surprise. Thomas growled before he buried his teeth within his neck. The blood was bitter. Thomas spat. He forced the garlic into his mouth.

The “Rose garden”, town of Aliba. The 18th. of December 2098 A.D.

The sun shone through the window. Ruth opened her eyes. She yawned. “The Lord is great.” She then smiled. The girl couldn’t help it. Ruth stretched as far she could. She felt strangely complete. Anna told it might feel like that. She pushed the blonde hair from the face. Ruth got to awake. She produced the soap and towel. However, she felt satisfied, the girl was dirty. Ruth would have a bath. The nymph gave a tour of her localities. She went for the basement. For all intend and purpose, the house was a prison. Kirke still got installed with both hot and cold water. Ruth smiled. She thought that to be the stuff of legends. The girl sighed. But then, before the ice, only the rich people might afford such luxuries. She found the cave beneath the cellar. “Welcome to my domain.” Calypso was the caretaker. “Permit me to help you.” The nymph removed her clothing’s. Ruth blushed. She was shy. “You are among the sisters.” She leaped into the cold spring. Ruth shuddered, though it felt refreshing. The girl was awake. Ruthenjoyedthe bath. She sighed. Ruth climbed into the hot water. She got to wash herself. The hunter sat before the fire. She hung up the outfit. Ruth tied the towel around her waists. She worried about her friends. Ruth didn’t want to be a prostitute. She had to leave the house.

The dancing girl got time to searched the house. Anna got exhausted. The sun kept burning. Alura was hard on her. She had a look through the window. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord.” Anna touched the crucifix. She had no mind. The sun felt nice. She spent to much time beneath the moonlight. The streets were empty. Anna had a shudder. She knew the hunt would continue. “The children live in fear of the night.” The cold was unnatural. “This is the haunted house.” Anna embraced herself. She had to return. Alura told they had to meet again. The heat restored her strength. Anna would rise like the Phoenix. She smiled. “Forgive me.” She enjoyed herself. Anna had become a dancing girl. If only they could escape from this terrible place. She spent time together with several people. Anna went with Thomas because she wanted. “I am no animal.” She should go to bed. Anna hoped to be alone. “Beware of what you wish.” She got to rest. Anna felt at a loss. This didn’t feel right. She had no reason to be afraid. The room was empty. Anna lay down. She would have sweet dreams. Anna blushed. She thought of Thomas. He was more then a friend. The fire still burned. She got to clean herself. That could wait. Anna had to get some sleep before going out.

Living quarters, fortress Aliba. The 18th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The nayad ran toward the titan. Julius somehow managed to roll aside. Marina created the fountain. The fist got frozen in place. She climbed on the monster. The ice titan felt so cold. Marina shuddered. She then fired with the crossbow. The silver bolt pierced the rune symbol. The monster broke away. Marina held onto the stomach. The priest threw his dagger. She kept the palm high. “Mother of river!” The wave of ice and water shook the titan. Marina shrieked by the outburst. The rune got destroyed. She released more water. Marina then couldn’t prevent herself. The mist obscured everything. The ice titan made her to collapse. She hit the ground hard. Julius made it to rain with holy water. “Black water.” Marina got back on foot. The ice titan was still alive. He almost got her. She cracked with the whip sword. Marina crushed the ice. The monster got stuck. “God with us!” The water was freezing fast. Julius climbed on the titan. He threw the axe forward. He hit the rune. The marking got concealed beneath the elbow. The monster tried to shake him. She picked the crossbow. Marina pierced the rune. Julius got the sword. He made it to burn high and bright. The priest buried his blade. The ice titan broke apart. The gems shone bright. This was the price. Marina might kiss him.

Top floor, fortress Aliba. The 18th. Of December 2098 A.D.

This was a disaster. Ludvig Von Bork hit the side of the sofa. The hunters defeated the titan. The baron used much power to bring this about. Then it was in waste. “Shall I kill them nowthe female pulled back the string. “Or what do you say, my lord?” Ludvig beheld his enemy. “Not yet.” The priest was out on the ice. The sword and symbol still burned in the sunlight. “He might detect our presence.” The baron still got one subservient left to use. “Then the game continues.” Ludvig lusted for blood. He would receive in full. Though that would be after the twilight. “From dusk to dawn.” That was their moment. “As you wish.” The knights retained their ready position. Ludvig recognized the statement. They were at stand-by alert. That was as it should be. “You are to maintain the watch.” The archers hailed with a silent salute. They moved like one. The connection might not be the best. Neither of them possessed any natural abilities, they got some talent. The baron left it aside. That was not his concern. “Open locks, chains, bonds, there is a dead voice calling.” He then spread his arms in a demanding posture. “Hear the Master’s voice.” There came an answer. The baron awoke ancient powers. Ludvig Von Borkexalted in the flow of Shadow. They would be immortal.

Living quarters, fortress Aliba. The 18th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The snow began to fall. Julius made the sign of the cross. “Preserve us from the wicked One.” The clouds suddenly appeared. “This is cursed earth.” The spell was in effect. It had to be, although he got difficulty with the ability. Julius might see beyond the obvious. That was the family’s gift. “You don’t have to tell me.” Marina licked her lips. He put it aside. Julius got other problems. “Did you notice?” The nayad asked. “Where he went?” The priest felt beaten. “I have no idea.” He moved a hand before the gaze. “This is a death trap.” Marina smiled. Was that an illusion? She looked so radiant. Julius let it drop. “We should be together.” Thomas must be in trouble. “Let us be gone.” That was the only reason for him not to be here. “He will guide us.” Julius re-sheathed the sword. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord.” Marina gave no answer. That was alright. Or so he guessed. This was his department. They returned to the living quarters. “Where is he?” Julius asked the trio. “Where is our friend?” The women tried to impress upon them. “Peace upon you.” He declared. “I wish to know.” They exchanged glances. Then the trio pointed in the same direction. “He went into the chapel,master.” The African spoke. Julius sighed. He almost expected thatwould be the case.

This was impossible. Thomas was shaking. The suit of armour lapped him. He left the women to investigate the area. The chapel was a trap. The square room got hidden behind the storage. “Curse it.” The dark knight made another swing. The great sword might slash him in two. Thomas blocked with the garlic. That only seemed to encourage the golem. The empty suit answered with a barrage of fireballs. Thomas sidestepped. The monster created a flame blast. Thomas then twirled with the spear. He made the weapon to blaze with his dark-breed energy. He withdrew when the dark knight advanced. Thomas fired with thepositron rifle. No one might repel the silver bullets. The dark knight golem staggered. His insides began to burn. Thearmoured warrior shook his head. He then came forward while releasing the flame blasts. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” Julius stood in the doorway. “Glory to the Father, the Son and to the holy Ghost!” The priest got beaten, though he presented the crucifix. “Let it be.” The image shone in the dark. Thomas bowed. It was appropriate. Although he belonged to the Orthodox church, he respected the man’s conviction. He saved his life. Marina had arrived. She struck with the whip sword. That was impressive. The dark knightgot pressed behind.

The “Rose garden”, town of Aliba. The 18th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The hunter returned upstairs after her bath. The bargot occupied by somewhores. She couldn’t tell why, though Ruth returned to her room. She done battle gear. Some of the prostitutes laughed by her effort. Ruth didn’t care. “Hello Emma.” She stopped at the table. “Have you seen Anna this morning?” The Irish girl looked up from her meal. “Why, she went out early.” Emma shrugged. “Alura was behind, of course.” Ruth sighed. “I see.” She said. “Thanks.” Emma smiled. “My pleasure.” She teased. Emma continued the meal. Ruth was hungry. She would fetch some food. Kirke told them not to enter the kitchen. Ruth had no mind about it. She would ask for some breakfast. Ruth got the coins in her purse. She hoped that Anna was alright. Ruth thought about her friends. She reached the kitchen. The place looked like the mess hall in the “Burned paradise” prison. There was plenty of food prepared. Ruth would ask the chef. The huge figure turned around. Ruth screamed. The mad butcher threw daggers at her. She barely sidestepped. He rang the bell. The ghouls arrived. She touched thelitchandelier symbol. Ruth was a vampire hunter. She beheaded the warg. There were others like it. The ghouls crawled to take her. Ruth threw the dagger forward.

They met in the bar. Anna adored the costume. “Take it on.” Alura smirked. “You mean in here?” She was not surprised. “Of course not.” The lady touched her cheek. “You move onto the stage.” Anna blushed. She couldn’t help it. “Oh alright.” This might be a test. “She climbed the steps to reach behind. “Hello there.” The woman got hair like the sun. “Hi Ezmeralda.” Alura kissed upon the copper skin. “Oh yes!” She trusted her head back. The emerald eyes were wide open. “Do it, little flower.” Anna shuddered. “Taste on my nipples.” Alura became green. This was both twisted and sick. “Come over here.” The redhead then picked herself together. She reached a hand. “I will.” Ezmeralda was an enchantress. “I am coming to you.” Anna couldn’t resist. She didn’t want to. The Gypsy got to learn. “You have to perform.” The women laughed while embracing each other. “Okay.” Anna decided it didn’t matter. She would show them. Anna entered the stage. She wore the costume. That left most of her skin to be bare. Anna wasn’t shy. Not any longer. She would entertain the guests, though there were not many of them. She dropped the issue. Anna danced while whirling with the wails. When she finished, the girl was naked. “Very good.” Ezmeralda gave her the price.

Living quarters, fortress Aliba. The 18th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The knight golem was struck. Marina shrieked. She channelled hot water into the weapon. The armoured brute fell forward. He then shot with a flash of fireballs. Marina made a glide. “You bastard!” The flame magic might kill her. Thomas fired with the rifle. There was a glimpse of silver. The dark knight got beside. His sword trust and flame blast might slaughter the hunters. Marina released with a series of ice pellets. “God with us!” The priest was right. This was a death trap. Thomas retrieved the cross. The object lay on the floor. The item must be the property of a hunter. Thomas kept it tight. The flurry of flames took him by surprise. The dark knight escaped. He didn’t get hurt. The armour must be created by a devil forgemaster. Marina got no time for speculation. The dark knight hit the floor. The fires raisedand burned. She created the fountain. Thomas released with a cross-shaped blast of energy. The knight golem got shot away. “Black water.” The impact made metal pieces to fly about. A heavy smoke obscured the area. Thomas maintained the envelope in his left hand. “This is for Julius!” The dark-breed impaled upon a wooden stake. “Watch out!” The knight golem struck him away. Marina gulped. He fell into a heap. Then Julius approached with the sword.

The crypt, fortress Aliba. The 18th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The dark lay heavy upon the chamber. Ludvig Von Bork had returned to his resting place. “death comes to us all.” The baron must rest in the earth of his homeland. He was not from the countryside of Warakiya. “The Dark Lord is the Master’s purchase.” Count Dracula was the prince of Darkness. “His castle makes us to live again.” Vlad III Basraq might summon the legions of the dead. “This is the festival of servants.” The foxes came back to him. They captured a sacrifice.“Harriet Wilson.” The townswoman was worthless. “You are an unpaid food whore. A slave.” She fell beneath the spell. “I am your master.” The baron then approached. “Behold.” He needed this nourishment. “The eternal night.” He breathed. “Everything about me is a revelation.” Ludvig lusted for blood. “You want me to feed upon your veins.” Ludvig captured her gaze. “Have fun.” Harriet gasped. “Feed on me, please.” The ruby lips puckered. “I don’t even deserve to be near you.” He smiled. “I want your blood.” The baron requested. “Drink it.” She tore at her own vain. The crimson liquid almost made him mad with blood thirst. “For blood is the life.” He bent forward to bury his tongue into the stream. “Forever youth.” Ludvig bit into her flesh. This would replenish his strength.

Living quarters, fortress Aliba. The 18th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The priest threw his gold axe in a high arch. The dark knight golem stumbled. He answered with a barrage of fireballs. Dracula’s followers made this place into a death trap. Julius brokethe vial of holy water. Marinaprepared the crossbow. She released a bolt of silver. The knight dodged the assault. Julius touched the crucifix. Perhaps if he had been faster. The wolf child tried to bite him. The lesser lycanthrope didn’t know he got some Belladonna in his backpack. He removed the curse. Julius was forced to behead the monster. The dark knight createdthe flame blasts. Julius threw five gold knives. They where not the real item. The gold knife got lost after Simon Belmont’s second encounter with the Dark Lord in 1692. The attack made the dark knight to burn inside. Then he pulled back together,though the fight was over. Marina fired with the crossbow. This time, the dark knight got pierced. The armour burned up from inside. Then he collapsed. The pieces turned into gems. Julius ran to heal his friend. He used the laurels. Thomas got healed. They helped him to get up. Julius picked the crystals. “I don’t like this place.” Thomas said. “I know.” Julius sighed. “Come on.” Marina prepared the weapons. “We better check the area.” She said. “To see if there are other monsters about.”

They only got one warning. Thomas twirled about. “Bloody freak!” The werewolf howled. He was another of those lesser lycanthropes. “They must be crazy!” Marina shouted. “I would never make out with such a beast!” He had no mind about it. The monster brought friends. “God with us!” Julius struck with his blade. The skeleton raised a hand in defiance. Thee impact made the sparks to fly like raindrops. “Black water!”” Marina pumped the second bone-bag with ice pellets. “They are his troopers!” The young boy had changed into his animal form. “Shut up!” Thomas blocked the energy scythes. He threw the roses about. “Get behind!” They exploded like tiny bombs. “Fire in the hall!” Julius doused the bone-man with holy water. The flames scorched the undead. “Dark ocean world.” Marina impaled him upon the javelin. “Curse you!” Thomas got occupied. “Burn in Hell!” He was involved in a contest with the young werewolf. “I hate you!” They both fought for superiority. “I shall kill you!” Whispthrew him away. The Lycan collided against the nayad. “Sorry!” He pulled the rifle. The skeleton broke on impact. The werewolf tried to bite her. Thomas howled for his friend. Marina froze the monster. She crushed him to pieces. Thomas smirked. That was a surprise.

The “Rose garden”, town of Aliba. The 18th. of December 2098 A.D.

She beheaded the ghoul. Ruth pierced his heart. The mad butcher was much more important. The freak kept tossing knives. He got an unlimited supply. Ruth made a glide. She got up to stamp with thelit chandelier symbol. The brute got burned. Ruth had no fringes or talisman,although she remembered about the Lord. The butcher attacked. Ruth hurled her own daggers. The warg went above the bench. She hoped that Grant Dinesti would be proud. The ghouls raised in search of flesh. Ruth got above. She threw the enflamed axe. The house didn’t burn. The bodies collapsed. They left some money. Ruth letit be. She then threw multiple daggers. Ruth presented the lit chandelier symbol. The butcher hid his face. Ruth struck with the axe. The warg lost his head. Ruth leaped across the table. The ghouls kept their distance. She got in trouble. There was a plenty of food. She put that aside. The dead didn’t breathe poison. Ruth buried her axe within the brute. He tried to kill her. Shegotbeneath. Ruth stamped with thelit chandelier symbol. Sheso wished that Anna was here. The madman burst into flames. Ruthtwirledwith the axe. The ghouls got cut to pieces. Ruth managed to impale the heart. She removed the head. The corpse burned. Ruth gasped. He left plenty of money behind.

Town of Aliba, Warakiya. The 18th. Of December 2098 A.D.

She felt numb. The tattoo worked all over her body. “You are so cute.” Anna lay naked upon the sofa. Aluratouched one marking. She didn’t mind. The shop was hot. Anna felt drowsy. “Thanks.” She purred. The tattoo knew his handiwork. He done her body with all sorts of figures. Anna felt a slight pain. They marked her as a prostitute. “We should leave the place.” Alura said. “Kirke didn’t rent a room for you to lay here.” Anna thought to kick her. She was used to hard work. That she didn’t mind. Though Alura went over the top. She woke her early in the morning. After breakfast, they exorcised with dancing. Ezmeraldagave her the price. Alura brought her to the barber. He shaved her. Anna didn’t have enough money. Shethen served him. They wentto theTaylor too. She at least got the coins. Anna purchased thefinest costume. “You know that I am not prepared.” She told. Alura giggled. “I know.” She kept playing with her. “I shall tell you how to treat yourself.” Anna got saved from creating an answer. The tattoo was back. “Lay still.” He told. Anna did. She had a deep breath as he began to paint her face. Alura hummed. The cosmetics looked good on her. Anna hoped she would be as charming. Then only time might show. She would have a look in the mirror.

Living quarters, fortress Aliba. The 18th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The werewolf lived. Marina felt chills down her back. “Black water.” This was unthinkable. “We are in the shadow of the demon castle.” Julius made the sign of the cross. “You should expect the unexpected.” The sword blazed like the sun in a forest. The bright green glow enlightened her heart. “Mother of river!” Marina cracked with the whip sword. Thomas leaped to challenge the were beast. They got locked in another confrontation. He retrieved the piece of silver. “God with us!” The priest managed to repel the skeleton. His shining sword couldn’t break it. Marina caught the bone-monster with the whip. She got yanked forward. The skeleton was strong enough to pull her in. The nayad shrieked in fright. The ice pellets granted a breather. The skeleton got to climb back on top. She released the water. “Let it be.” Julius had brought the Shuriken. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost.” The priest hurled the gold star. The skull got split in two. The monster collapsed into a heap. “Glory be You.” He retrieved the item. “Our Father in Heaven.” Marina inhaled. That wasn’t her business. Thomas howled in triumph. He pierced the heart. The werewolf got stamped by the cross. “Come with me.” Julius told. “Let us prepare the supper.” She got nothing to say.

The crypt, fortress Aliba. The 18th. Of December 2098 A.D.

Night was approaching. Ludvig Von Bork might feel it in the air. “The dark force is rising.” The baron sat on his coffin. “So, it has become.”” The fox archers spoke silently together. “What began in blood.” Ludvig licked his lips. “shall end with blood.” He admired the rite. The strength was restored. He made pray upon the human’s blood. That was how it should be. “Bones to dust.” He recited. “Ash to ash.” The Dark Lord created the book. Ludvig dismissed. Soon it would be time. He regretted the waste of power. That was another opportunity lost in their favour. That would not happen again. He would make sure upon it. The game continued. He was not like lord Zabach. Never the less, the baron would make use of this possibility. “His Master’s voice.” Those were the words for gathering. “Hail the count.” The came to offer the salute. “You have never failed in the past.” Ludvig acknowledged their servitude. “Now the hunt is about to begin again.” The archers kept their attention. “You know of this.” The baron announced. “You know what to do.” That was no question. The foxes kept silent. “You enlisted into his service.” Ludvig must execute. “Impress upon me, like you did before.” He already learned about their commitment. “Who do you serve?” He then asked the group.

Living quarters, fortress Aliba. The 18th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The friends sat around the dinner table. The geisha women had cleaned upafter the meal. Julius enjoyed the food. He did his part. They found another wolf child. The lesser lycanthrope must have bitten the boy. The silver object, the cross, which Thomas found, released him from the curse. The Chinese woman pulled the curtains aside. The sunlight made the place look a little less like a ghost house. Julius poured himself a second goblet of wine. He asked for the white quality. Marina assured it was alright. The trio brought the plates away. They returned with musical instruments. The group exchanged glances. Julius knew this was a way in which boyar ladies used to entertain themselves during the medieval time. The Chinese, she said her name was “Falling leaf”, began to sing. She really had a nice voice. Julius didn’t expect that. He felt relaxed. Thomas viewed her with great interest. The priest shook his head. The dark-breed always found a girl. He would go to bed. Julius would need his strength. He went into the bedroom. There was a fire lit for him. Julius placed the crucifix above the bedpost. He advised the others to do the same. He undressed. Julius prayed nothing else would happen. Then he went to rest. Julius closed his eyes. He was so tired.

The dark-breed watched when the priest left to sleep. Thomas felt pity with him. The priest already got a hard lot. He had to rest. The priest smelled exhausted. Then again, Julius chased the night. He prepared to them. “That was nice.” Thomas acknowledged. “I need a shower.” Marina told. “I might have a better rest.” He watched her leave. Marina was a nayad. She was in need of the water. He soon heard her splash about. Thomas smiled. “Now it is our turn.” The Geisha women knelt before him. “You might choose among us.” Falling Leaf explained. “Take me.” The Caribbean said. “Use me.” The African told. They let down the silk Kimono. They were naked beneath. Thomas snarled. He thought of the brides. “Get away from me.” He told. “I don’t want any of you.” Thomas revealed the crucifix. He knew that women got taken with him, this was different. Although he enjoyed their company, Thomas only cared about the dancing girl. Anna might be strange, then no one deserved this fate. Thomas would do what he could. The maids retrieved their clothing’s. “You will regret this.” Falling Leaf then smiled. The braids fell around her face. She was cute. Thomas was firm. The trio got up to bow from the waist. They left the room. Thomas growled. He emptied the glass.

Town of Aliba, Warakiya. The 18th. of December 2098 A.D.

The hunter was out on the street. Ruth secured the money left by the mad butcher. That was more then enough to secure her release. She decided to stay in the house. Ruth had to figure about her friends. She wasn’t that happy. Anna was still a slave. She might only save herself. Speaking of which, Ruth bought some other clothing. She wore the grey shirt and brown jacket beneath the tunic. The trousers fit her legs,though the short cape cost much money. Ruth’s goal was to save Anna. She didn’tfind her. Thenagain, Ruth had learned about the “Nation of fools”. That was so typical. Lord Zabach got no sense of humour.Ruth didn’t laugh either. If she found Anna, and saved her from the maiden’s house, they might try to burn the place. Ruth was certain the boys were in there. She looked skyward. Ruth spent to much time. The sun was getting low. Ruth shuddered. At dusk, the zombies would come out. She pulled the hood down over her golden hair. Ruth was quite proud of the mane. Though shegot armed, the men kept lookingat her. Ruth had become less shy. She would return to the maiden’s house. Perhaps Anna was there? Ruth hoped so. Together they might be able to leave the place. Ruth learned much about herself. Some of which, she wished to forget.

The “Rose garden”, town of Aliba. The 18th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The customers began to arrive. Annasat on a bench. She heard of Ruth’s exploits. She kept on training. Aluramade her to practise. Shebecame so tired. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord.” Anna blushed. “Forgive me.” She was learning some rather kinky stuff. Anna enjoyed it. She was shy to admit it, though she did. Anna had a boyfriend before the ice. He got killed in the attack. Anna was 21 years old. She shed some tears. Anna hid her face. This really was better. The whore might choose her own company. Anna pulled through the dark blonde hair. “Come honey.” Alura blew a kiss. “You want more?” Anna touched the crucifix. “Hello girl.” The silver fox sat down before her. “You look lonely.” He seemed to be nice. “My name is Osamu.” He wore their uniform. “Would you like to entertain for my friends?” He put some gold coins upon the table. Anna smiled. “Tell me about it.” This might be fun. The finger ran along a tattoo. She shuddered with delight. This might keep her from the girl. “Let me take you upstairs.” Anna was breathing hard. “You should be perfect.” He then touched her privates. Anna kept smiling. “Oh, let me show you.” She laughed. “We have to wait.” He told. “Though there are something we might do together.” Anna bent to touch him.

Living quarters, fortress Aliba. The 18th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The shower was really delicious. Marina looked herself in the mirror. “Mother of river.” That was not the legendary object. “Mirror of Fate.” She shook it aside. Marina made a face. She spent too much time with the Belmonts. No, that wasn’t the case. They saved her tribe. Marina sighed. She used the soap upon her body. The nayad got to be clean. Never the less, she felt naughty. Marina exhaled. She really got no reason for this. “You have some big jugs.” Marina shrieked. She was alone in the cabinet. “You little whore.” She was hit from behind. “I would like to squeeze them.” The touch felt so cold. “Spread your legs.” The claw sneaked in between. “Yes. There you are.” She knew that sound. “Leave me alone!” He licked the lips. Marina got around. “Black water.” He looked like the walking corpse. “Dark water horizon.” The vampire was awake. She went with the water. “You cannot escape.” The undead still lusted for her blood. “From dusk to dawn.” Marina was back. It was true. The sun had set. “Let it be.” She triggered upon the crossbow. “No! Not you!” The monster was able to scream before the silver bolt got buried in his heart. She then fired again. The bolt pierced the neck. He was free. Marina inhaled. The nayad got to clean up. She must leave to inspect the others.

Grand hall, fortress Aliba. The 18th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The archers left for the night’s permission. Ludvig Von Bork had a problem with recognizing his shift. Then again, the baron had not the enlisted memory. “I have a special task for you.” He got to wait some few hours longer. Then he would react in kind. Ludvig would make them to suffer. They cost him the ice titan and dark knight golem. “Yes, my lord.” The leader was quick to react. “Excellent Lieutenant.” The baron had no care. “You have my permission.” He exposed the fangs. “You may proceed.”The archer acknowledged. They continued to investigate the arsenal. “My baron.” Erica Reinbeck appeared ahead. “Permit me to execute your will.” She worethatarmour. “Why should I allow the approach?” That was not enough to conceal her shapeliness. “I rule by night.” The rider accepted his claim for dominance. “Because of my promise.” Erica Reinbeck returned the gaze. “I lay down the law for him.” The baron had gathered his bats. Ludvig admired her stamina. He might force her to submit. “So, it is.” Then that would yield him nothing. “You might do what you wish.” Ludvig would have to observe the events. There might still be time. “Do this for me.” He told. “Then I grant a free reign.” Erica bent before him. “As you say my lord.” She would submit.

Town of Aliba, Warakiya. The 18th.Of December 2098 A.D.

The sun had set. The dark wanderer felt his power return. He sniffed the air. The vampire hunters were here. The black rider was certain about it. He might smell the blood. There were so many whichdeclared themselves to be the Dark Lord. They vanished, or got destroyed before they might fulfil any of the prophecies related to his return. He would be resurrected. The forsaken order only knew one prince of Darkness. The Voivode Vlad Tepes of Walachia. He made them to rise from the grave. The rider would never stop hunting them. He would search the land. The figure screamed with the voice of Death. They would not escape.

Living quarters, fortress Aliba. The 18th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The eyes were wide open. Julius fought to awake. “God with us!” He got to struggle for air. “Preserve me from the wicked One!” The skeleton hands reached to strangle him. The priest slid down the bed. The bone-man got hold. Julius gaggled. The crucifix got out of reach. He removed the shirt, boots and jacket before turning in. That would be his defeat. Then again, nothing was impossible to the Lord. Julius reached to might remove the fingers. He didn’t need to. The gauntlets were aflame. The gold flashed so bright. Julius closed his eyes. “Let it be done!” He cried. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” The homing ball left his care. Thatwent right into the face. Julius gasped. He might breathe again. That was not the point. “glory be You!” The head got shot to pieces. “Our Father in Heaven!” Julius made the sign of the cross. He would hunt the night. The skeleton reached to claim him. Julius turned away to release the fireball. That chased and destroyed. The bone-men got defeated. He had to collect the crystals. Julius was back in action. “Bless me.” The area was pitch dark. Someone must have pulled down the curtains. “then it begins again.” He got very little time. Julius got to prepare himself. He gathered the arms and clothing’s.Then he went to find the others.

The glass was empty. Thomas put it down on the table. That had to be enough. He growled. “Curse it all.” The dark-breed couldn’t get drunk. “Let them come.” There was almost time. “Be ready.” He told himself. Thomas inhaled. He checked the watch. The trio kept playing on their instruments. He dismissed. They were to make the first move. Thomas acknowledged. He went to retrieve the spear. That was alright. He reloaded the positron rifle with silver bullets. “Come on now.” He muttered. What occupied his friends? The priest might still be asleep. The time was up. Julius got to be awake. The hunt continued. “We have to gather.” He figured it out. Thomas might still hear the rush of water. “What is going on with you?” Marina was still in the shower. He respected her privacy, though he had to investigate. No one should be alone in here. Thomas sighed. He had been a fool. The dark-breed snarled. He would not repeat that mistake. Thomas would protect his friends. They deserved his loyalty. After all the trouble they went through because of him. There came a crushing sound. Like that of broken glass. Something was going on. The Geisha women tried to hide. Thomas had no care. He went for the bathroom. The dark-breed expected trouble. He could almost smell it.

The “Rose garden”, town of Aliba. The 18th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The hunter put the money and gems into the purse. Ruth looked around. At last she would leave this room. Ruth learned stuff about herself. Some of which, she would try to forget. Ruththen raised fromthe bed. She pulled the cape tight. Ruthreplaced the axe upon her belt. She heard that the dancing girl was able to purchase her own release. Ruth wasnot that stupid. The nymph would use the fortune to secureother slaves. She sighed. Ruth picked the gloves. They might keep her warm. The sun was down. Ruth shuddered. Whatwas she waiting for? “This is madness.” The customers told that Anna went to serve some people. Ruth didn’t know what that was about. Not that she cared. They got to talk about it When she returned. Anna had becomea dancing girl. “If that is what you wish.” Ruth muttered. The soft shoes might look nice,though she doubted they would be of much use. “Then we leave the place.” Ruth told. “I am with you.” Anna smiled. She frowned. Ruth didn’t recognize those jewels. The blue stones shone like the stars. She shrugged. That was none of her business. Ruth got the axe. Her friend got no arms. Then Anna got a magic force. They left together. Kirke sat at her table. Ruth tried not to look. She got so afraid. That was over. They went for the streets.

Town of Aliba, Warakiya. The 18th. Of December 2098 A.D.

She tried to read the map. Anna retrieved it from one of the spectators. She danced to entertain the company. They gave some weird prices. The blue jewel protected from the cold. Ruth beheaded the zombies. The ravens circled about. Anna didn’t know this town. Alura only showed her the market. The fortress was the highest point of society. The corpses marched the streets at night. “Get back!” The red knights arrived. The leader held the torchlight in hand. They attacked the zombies. Anna tried to hide her confusion. “Hi girly.” The fox approached. Ruth blushed. Anna smirked. She seemed to know him. “You shouldn’t be out this late.” The knight said. “I know .” Ruth told. He smiled. She pulled the hood down. They were such charming people. “We should escort you back to the maiden’s house.” Hesuggested. Ruth shook her head. “No thanks.” She put the axe down. “We are called for.” Ruth explained. He acknowledged. “I see.” The knight frowned. “I hope we meet again someday.” Anna watched them leave. “You must tell me about it.” She teased. Ruth glared. She giggled. This wasn’t the time. She looked on the map. “I think we might go this way.” Anna finally told. She didn’t answer. Ruth fought the corpses. She gulped. Anna got to help.

Living quarters, fortress Aliba. The 18th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The skeleton then broke the glass. Marina escaped the impact. “Mother of river!” She exclaimed. The water gushed the floor. That might be an advantage. Marina was able to create a fountain. The bone-monster got pushed aside. “You leave her alone!” Thomas dashed into the bathroom. Marina didn’t know if she should fight or hide herself. She almost giggled about the situation. Then she got hold. Marina got to stand tall. She then didn’t mind about her nudity. The nayad dropped the issue. It was not important. This she must do. She inhaled. “Dark ocean world.” Thomas threw the garlic about. The bats squeaked with blood thirst. They hid against the ceiling. Marina shook it away. “Black water.” She hurled the ice pellets for protection. The spell blocked against the approach. “Blood of the hunter!” She shrieked her defiance. The skeleton then caught her in a choke hold. Marina fought to escape. She stabbed the water through his chest. The javelin broke into a million shards. The skeleton monster got frozen in place. “Dark water horizon.” She went with the liquid to retrieve the whip sword. “burn in Hell!” Thomas got ahead. “Fire in the hall!” He repeated the slogan. The skeleton got shot to pieces. “Come on.” The dark-breed encouraged. “The hour is close to midnight.” Marina sighed. She got to retrieve her items. Then she might re-join the combat.

Grand hall, fortress Aliba. The 18th. Of December 2098 A.D.

Then that was the end. Ludvig Bon Bork had to acknowledge their strength. The vampire hunters claimed the living quarters for themselves. “They shall pay for this.” Erica Reinbeck was not discouraged. The baron smiled. He was right to grant her this command. She would execute the order. “Then what are you waiting for?” He arched an eyebrow. “You have gained my permission.” The female vampire hailed with the lance. “As you say my lord.” She bowed before him. “Then proceed.” Ludvig retained his position. He ruled by blood. “You must wish for it to happen.” Erica Reinbeck gathered a ball. “You come with me.” She told. “Now the hunt is afoot.” The archers kept their formation. “We shall feast tonight.” Then she could not inspire their imagination. Ludvig dismissed the matter. The case would have to rest until later. The knights would require. They had to be enough. This was not his game. The baron received the mandate. “Their blood is the price.” Ludvig revealed the truth. “That is a bonus.” Erica Reinbeck licked her lips with anticipation. “Restrain upon your desire.” Ludvig advised. “They might betray you.” She would not be the first of their kind to be caught by their devious charisma. “I serve the Dark Lord.” The rider announced. “So, let it be.” He said.

Living quarters, fortress Aliba. The 19th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The priestcleaned his face. They had a last meal. Julius felt refreshed. He knew it was past midnight. Marina left the shower. He tried to keep his eyes on the ground. The naiads were exotic people. Her skin was blue. The blonde hair reminded of water flowers. Julius inhaled. He better leave her alone. Thomas waitedin the hall. He had donearmour. Julius might relax. The priesttouchedhis crucifix. Marina was back. She looked more like a human. She worethe usual jacket and tunic. The whip-sword hung at her side. Marina carried the crossbow above the shoulders. The pillar of dusttold of her arrival. Erica Reinbeckthen became solid. She was not a ghost. “Eternal night.” Julius made it sound like a curse. The undead bowed. “You passed the test.” She said. “You were not fooled.” The door got opened. The red knights marched inside. “Come now.” Erica smiled. Her fangs got exposed. “The game has begun.” Julius got surrounded. The guards were left to handle Marina. He made the sign of the cross. The disregard for women would be their undoing. He noticed the knights that gathered around the dark-breed. Thomas really was impressive. “Then it is time.” Erica gave a signal. They became processed. Julius wondered what might be ahead. He shuddered. It was too late now.

Town of Aliba, Warakiya. The 19th. of December 2098 A.D.

He channelled his power. Thomas would be ready. The red knights brought them to this place. “This is the “Nation of fools.” The vampire then spread her cape. Thomas watched as the gates were opened. “This is your quest.” She laughed. Thomas growled. This wasn’t funny. Thomas got the bad feelings about this. “You must find and defeat the guardian.” Erica smiled with a mouthful of sharp teeth. “Your skills will be tested.” The knights were ready to fight. “We shall be waiting for you.” She became silent. Julius stepped forward. He made the sign of the cross while speaking words of exorcism. Thomas didn’t understand. He didn’t have to. The guards withdrew into the night. Erica vanished like thecoil of mist. “Oh, come on!” Marinacalled. She prepared the crossbow. “This is their game!” Thomas howled a challenge.

The priest unsheathedhis blade. “The Lord will be with us.” He proclaimed. Thomas smirked. “That is right.” He said. “We are vampire hunters.” Marina added. Julius blessed them both. “Let us continue to hunt the night.” He told. “In the name of the Lord.” Marina embraced him. Julius looked shocked. Then he returned the gesture. Thomas laughed. She stepped up to kiss him on the cheek. “We shall make it.” Marina assured. “Let it be.” The priest inhaled.

Shetouched thelitchandelier symbol. This was it. Anna didn’t have to tell her. The gates to the “Nation of fools” were ahead. Some ravens sat on the sign atop the gate. They attacked on sight. Ruth presented the symbol. The birds circled about. Anna slashed with both swords. She found them upon a garbage heap. Annawould continue to fight. The dead kept rising. Ruthtossedthe daggers forward. Anna danced to hurlthe fireballs. The ravens got burned. The corpses got defeated. Ruth was breathing hard. The dancing girl sent her a look. “A pity your boyfriend didn’t come to save you.” Ruth shook her head. “That isn’t funny.” She sighed. “Besides, you are still dressed up likea scarlet woman.” This time it was Anna who blushed. “I am sorry.” Ruth got to stop teasing her. “We have been playing for too long.” It was time to get serious. Ruth went toward the gates. She must use the force to open them. She had a feeling they refused her. The hunter blinked. That was rubbish. Things didn’t work like that. “Watch out!” Ruth got away. The bricks turned into an ugly green. They began to break apart. “For Warakiya!” Ruth struck with the axe. She wasn’t Simon Belmont. She repelled the attack. Then it was over. The wall remained. Ruth felt confused. They had to continue.

The park was ahead. Anna licked her lips. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord.” She prayed they were not to late. Ruth was right. She got used to that way of life. The house felt so very comfortable in comparison with the hunt. Anna wouldn’t act like a spoiled child. They had to reunite. She missed them so dearly. Together they stood. Alone they felled. Anna exhaled. She had to let go. This was more important than either of them might comprehend. Ruth had repelled the attack. The wall remained standing. “This is black magic.” It got to be. How else was this possible? “The Lord is my God.” Ruth closed her eyes. “The Lord is one.” She then picked together. Ruth was firm. “Let us go.” She told. “We still have to find them.” Anna shook upon her shoulders. “This we must do together.” She got to retain her agility. This would not be easy. “Do you think we might reach it?” Anna noticed about her difficulty. The gates were open. Then for how long would they remain like that? There were no one who might tell the truth. Anna shook her head. The blue gems protected against the cold. It was time to check if the others got some abilities. The grey jewels might add to her mobility. “Follow me.” Ruth went ahead. “We have to fight.” That was right. Anna would be adored.

They reached the end of the road. “Then this is the “Nation of fools.” Marina would like to know more before they entered. That was not an option. “We have no choice.” Julius looked out into the distance. “They are waiting for us.” She knew he might see beyond the obvious. “They might kill us if we refuse to enter.” Marina created a fountain. The water fell like snow on the ground. “So, it is.” Thomas remained quiet. Now he spoke. “Then this is a trap.” Marina sighed. What else did he expect? She put that aside. “We have to make it work.” The nayad then told. “You are right.” The dark-breed made a grimace. “I am sorry.” He leaned against the spear. “It is my accursed temperament.” Thomas growled beneath his breath. “That still get the better of me sometimes.” Julius spread his hands in a soothing gesture. “Then you shall believe.” The priest was always so kind. “For blessed are those who believe without seeing.” He looked among the shadows. “Those who wander in the dark shall see a great light.” Marina blinked in confusion. “Then have faith.” He seemed to be talking to the red knights. “There is always forgiveness to find.” Julius raised a hand. “If you are willing to achieve it.” There was no answer. “Come on.” Thomas snarled. “Let us finish the game.”

“Nation of fools”, town of Aliba. The 19th. of December2098 A.D.

They decided to breach the exit. That he expected. The angel was pleased. “No one escapes from me.” The audience told him about them. Some other cast had acceptedthe challenge. “death comes to us all.” Not even the grim reaper might foretell everything. The craftsman preached beforethe people. “Death ballad.” He was one of the few. The festival of servants. Many things might still come to pass. The angelalso had experienced the change of fortune. “The turning tables.” Lord Albus Zabach had cast the curse of Darkness upon this land. Zephierwas called for by the sect of the “White light”. Even Chronomage was his associate. The grim reaper came to this area. The “Nation of fools” was captured in time. The vampire hunters would reunite. Such was their nature. Together, they were strong. “Go.” He breathed. “Leave these grounds.” The audiencethen left his presence. Death then knelt upon the floor. The prophecy would be fulfilled. Neither Gabriel nor Mathias had figured. The grim reaper got his own limitations. Vlad Tepesaccepted. Death prepared for the return of the Dark Lord. The grim reaper was Dracula’s right-hand man and guardian of choice. This part of the puzzle must be solved. Death had no choice then to wait. The outcome was in the balance.

(A.N: This chapter is not a bedtime story. I have used time to recycle some of the CV LoS elements to fit into my story. I hope I managed to preserve the medieval presentation. Ishall try to update soon. Have a nice time.)