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Castlevania: Darkness Never Dies


Part 1: Curse of Blood

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Part 2: Legacy of Sorrow

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Part 1:Curse of Blood.

“”And all the people shall be blessed, because you listen to me.””

Genesis: 22. 18

Chapter 5:Elude for the Killer.

Dora wood, Warakiya. The 13th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The bat-shade fighters sped through the air. “Hold up position Witch 11.” The wing leader requested. “Copy that, Witch leader.” The pilot changed course. The G-force pressed him against the seat. He wondered why they got sent to this area. “Witch leader.” Another pilot got through. “This is Witch 5. I have a visual sighting of the Vrad castle.” “Keep up position.” Their leader reminded. “The sisters dislike meddling.” The pilot checked his instruments. “Repeat.” He said. “We come from Cordova. The witches know who we are.” “Negative.” The wing leader informed. “Stay on course.” The helmet concealed his face. The pilot snarled, exposing his fangs. “Yes sir.” Another pilot reported in. “I’m crossing the railway now.” “Good.” The commander replied. “Continue the search for General Reich. And keep your eyes open, all of you. The resistance might have anything out here.” “Copy that, sir.” Witch 11 informed. He inspected the scanners. What was so important about that vampire? He better quit thinking. The pilot should attend his duties. He checked the instruments. There were no sightings. He relaxed. The fighters got constructed for the supernatural. The wing would continue the search until success. That was their task. “I found something.” He told.

Throne room, the pinnacle. The 10th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The first which she recognised was that chanting voice. Her eyelids where slightly moving. Each motion felt like a burden. “It is the dead who is calling.” The voice demanded. She had no choice. Slowly, the girl opened her eyes. She lay at the heart of the pentagram. Outside, though within another symbol, sat that shrouded figure. The black hood and cloak concealed his features. Speaking of which. She touched her own body. There where no burns, no bruises. “Who are you?” The voice asked. “Salome.” She suddenly remembered everything. He was the necromancer. But how was that possible? She stabbed him herself. The dancing girl reached into her garments. The knife was there. The count’s worshipper decided she would conjure the dead to decoy him. Then she would… “And who do you serve?” Pure malice was in his voice. That was obvious. Salome would tell him so. But, when she parted her painted lips, other words erupted. “The necromancer.” Why did she say that? She was more then this. The enchantress was the harlot of evil. Though he might bend her. His laugher filled the room. She would block her ears. Instead, she smiled. Let him think what he wants. Salome worshipped count Dracula in His name. She would make him to pay for this treason.

The shrine, The pinnacle. The 10th. Of December 2098 A.D.

They were back in the power-plant. Torah could tell. Though this place looked more like a shrine. Torah reached for the cross. She didn’t have much time. Miss Murder went shrieking into the sanctuary. Torah braced herself. Alucard unsheathed his blade. “Magic arrow!” Saria fired. “Homing ball!” Torah cast the spell. She fused with spirit. The men went ahead. The black cats conjured shadow. “Homing ball!” Torah charged to might illuminate the area. She looked for Saria. Her sister createda softer greensource of light. Torah felt confused. The shine reminded of moonlight in the forest. “Magic arrow!” Saria shrieked while shooting. The wild cat got pierced through the heart. “Homing ball!” Torah had no choice. She released heavy steam. Miss Murder released flame beams or ice ripples. “Homing ball!” The orbcircled her body before it exploded. Torah chased the monsters. Marcia shone bright. The vampire hunters forced the cats away. “Do my bidding!” Alucard conjured his familiars. Miss Murder seemed to have vanished. The sword and demon spread out to cover more ground. Torah moved into a ready position. She got a bad feeling about this. The colossus loomed above. She smelled the scent of black magic in the air. The stench made her to shudder.

Nobody moved. Even so, Alicia felt watched. “We shouldn’t have come.” She made the sign of the cross. They got no choice.Thiswas wrong. “The shrine is engulfed with evil.” Edward cleaned his blade. He didn’t re-sheath it. Edward tugged his beard. “I feel it too.” The hat hid his face. “There is a shift in nature.” Alicia removed the glasses. She got to clean them. Marcia settled upon her shoulder. Alucard kept silent. There was like something disturbed him. “Riddles hidden in the dark.” He said. “The power of Dracula is still very strong about this shrine.” Miss Murder appeared behind. The blue beam might freeze him solid. Alicia struck. Alucard morphed into mist. The familiars handled the rest. Edward got ambushed. “Star bow!” Saria fired. “Magic arrow!” Something was about to happen. Though Alicia didn’t know what, she could tell it wasn’t evil. The black Ninja kicked her in the head. Or at least she tried to. Alicia caught her by the ankle. She threw her back down. The cat woman shrieked when soaked in holy water. Alicia got knocked. The cat struck both hands into her torso. The Ninja knew how to cause pain. “No!” Marcia dashed like an angry wasp. The Ninja hurled a shuriken to stop her. Alicia stabbed her knee. The cat snarled. She got up. Alicia kept knifing until she moved no more. That was vicious. She cleaned the dagger upon the Ninja suit. Alicia fancied she might look good in that outfit. She blushed. This wasn’t the time. Marcia circled about. “I am fine.” Alicia assured. The chest plate offered protection. She looked for the others. She gasped. Alicia staggered. Fear reached like a claw to break her. “Yes, my lord.” The hiss was like nails on the blackboard. “I shall kill the Belmont clan.” The dark wanderers came from behind the curtains. “You trailed us this far.” Alucard held the sword and shield. The riders presented their weapons. “Stay back.” The third figure was no wraith. The polar fox almost seemed to vanish within the coils of the robe. Though it was no joke. Alicia could see beyond the obvious. “She is a warlock.” She had to control her fear. “Indeed.” The female unsheathed her blade. “I am Black Rage.” Both eyes and blade lit up with fire. “You are to pay for this impedance.” Alicia sighed. They were vampire hunters. This was her obligation. “The dragon left this realm.” Alucard declared. “Let go of your anger.” The warlock snarled. She dashed at him. Alucard was ready. The shield blocked her attack. Alicia then found herself face to hood with the black rider. “I met you before.” The hiss made her to shiver. Though Alicia figured he must be one of them which chased her in the forest. That didn’t matter. She got to defeat him. The wanderer stabbed his lance. Alicia dodged. The pulsating orb should’ve told something was wrong. Alicia wasn’t prepared for the chain lightning. Alicia screamed. The static force felt like tearing her apart. Marcia also got caught. The fairy shrieked. It was unbearable. Alicia had to escape. “They call me Death’s messenger.” He looks that way. Although Alicia knew he wasn’t the grim reaper. That didn’t matter. Alicia felt like fading. Then Torah jumped up, ring smash in hand. She struck for the head. The hood fell back. Alicia felt ready to vomit. Fear and dread got a chokehold. There was nothing between the helmet and collard. Nothing at all. Nothing which they could see. Alicia felt chills down her spine. He shrieked. Shegot stunned into place. Torah stamped with the cross. Flames burned the shroud. The lance got turned on her. Alicia fought to gather. The wraith fired from the tip of his weapon. Torah ducked. “Homing ball!” She charged with spirit. The flare worked like a shield. The knight kept blasting. Alicia cracked with the Undead Killer whip. The storm howled through her living heart. The fireballs went home. The black rider got obscured with smoke. Never the less, he pulled the hood back into place. “You are dead.” Alicia shuddered. He spoke with such authority. The gloved hand grasped for lightning. She was ready.Alicia held up the Bible. “And the word was with God!” This was the Greek version. Alicia was a Catholic. Although the rest of her family belonged to the Orthodox Church. She brought the book of books from home. “Hear the words of God!” Alicia opened the Bible right before his eyes. The holy book shielded against his evil. The wanderer screamed. The text made him to retreat. “Let His will be done.” Alicia crossed herself. The rider kicked her legs from beneath, making her to stagger. Alicia dropped the book. She lost the glasses. Marcia kept dancing to offer more light. Now she arrived, returning the glasses. Alicia blinked. She gasped. Torah threw herself upon the wanderer. They wrestled for superiority. Alicia didn’t know for how long she might keep him. The little girl stamped with her cross. The rider dropped his lance. He got a short knife. “You won’t dare!” Alicia knew that dagger. Julius Belmont told about it in his journal of 1999. She thought Victor Belmont also mentioned about them. He faced the forces of evil in 2057. Alicia threw it aside. She brandished with the chain-whip. She caught the hand which held the blade. There was an ugly light around both the knife and the hand that held it. Alicia felt sick. “Drop it!” Alicia demanded. The gaze pierced her heart. The wanderer was terror incarnate. Alicia was shaking. She got to fight. Torah was terrified. The fairy shone blue. Alicia got her own dagger. She felt strong. Alicia threw the gold knife. He shrieked. Torah got stunned. The rider tried to stab her. Alicia went in front. “Leave her alone.” She told. Alicia shivered with fear. She decided. “Let it be.” The wanderer stabbed. Alicia presented the Bible. The rider moved. The book made the blade to melt. He threw the useless weapon. Aliciastruck with the flame whip. The cloak was burn. “You cannot win.” The rider rasped. “You have lost.” Alicia stabbed through the hood. The cloaked armour collapsed into a heap. Sheretrieved theitems. Torahused the laurels. Marcia danced. The black rider would return. Alicia would be ready.

The wraiths scared her. Saria would rather have curled up into a ball. That she couldn’t do. This was worse then when they found her in the forest. Back then, she at least knew how to hide. It felt like forever since she breathed the fresh winter air. Outside, the sun would shine. Saria shook her head. They had to rest. Although they slept too long. She produced and arrow. Something kept her from shooting. Edward got caughtby the events. Torah was sneaking up. The sorceressgot a strong connection with the Belmont clan. Saria must pick together. This wasn’t fair. She wouldfight. Though Saria wished to be a vampire hunter, like her sister. Saria exhaled. She reached for the life tree medallion. He was so far away. The tribe would protect him. Saria must make a choice. She brushed it aside. Saria picked the arrow. She would never choose such a life. Saria wished for more then to stay behind walls of stone. The dryad licked her lips. The warlock brandished with her flaming sword. Alucard had to transform again. He lacked the arm to defeat her. Saria pulled the string back toward her pointed ear. She let go. Saria cheered. She shot her. The warlock shrieked. She gathered the flame. Saria dropped the bow. She hid her face. The warlock burned with anger.

Dora wood, Warakiya. The 13th. Of December 2098 A.D.

Snow fell from a pitch black sky. The beasts recognised the sound. The birds and animals fled in terror. A sledge came into view. Wargs howled.The sledge got pulled by a pack of huge mountain wolves. It was freezing cold. The driver was a big man, with a long black beard down the front of his coat. The hat concealed his features. The white witch sat alone in her seat. This was the way to travel. The white witch had embarked on a journey to visit the countryside. She might see and investigate through other means. Though nothing was like personal experience.The dark hair got pulled by the wind. She laughed with delight. She might be undead. That did not keep her from enjoying herself. The sledge was escorted by the warg-riders. They where able to track her. That was fitting. She ruled through snow and ice. Although her skin was ebony. Fighters sped overhead. “Stop!” She told. The driver made the wargs to lie down. The white witch beheld the bat-shades. She thought they where saved for the war. That was classified information. She might be arrested for even possessing that bit of knowledge. The white witch dismissed. The driver waited for her request. For a moment, she thought the eyes turned blue. That was imagination. “Continue.” She hissed. He did as told.

The pinnacle, Ravenberg. The 10th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The group of red knights went down the alleyway. “Stop.” Carole reached for the firearm. The front of her military shirt was drenched in blood. Though her body was visible through the fabric, her eyes gleamed with bloodlust. The soldiers pulled back. They picked arrows, ready to fire. The gold knights where loyal to the wizard. “Lay down your weapons.” The concealed location opened to reveal the squad of battle-droids. Carole checked her shocker. She got five charges. The Latino was prepared. She kept other shells in reserve. The gold knights had no mind. Carole wished the bounty-hunter had agreed to stay. She dismissed. They didn’t have the resources to hire her services. A group of vampires appeared behind, all clad in the same black uniform and armour. The knights had nowhere left to run. The undead wielded light field-rifles and shotguns. The gold knights opened their lines. Carole snarled. They where not who they appeared to be. “Fire at will!” The battle-droids moved in front. The vampires released. The robots got shot to pieces. The gold knights where ready to advance. Carole spoke into the wrist communicator. She told of their co-ordinates. The red knights released one last array of arrows. Then the destroyers unfolded. Carole laughed with triumph.

The shrine, the pinnacle. The 10th of December 2098 A.D.

It was over. He beheld the enemy. The dark wanderer was about to crumble. “I wish you to send a message to the Dark Lord.” Edward said. “Tell him that we are coming.” The rider screamed. Edward felt his blood chill. Though he managed to check himself. The figure collapsed into a heap. Edward crossed himself. He drew sweat of his forehead. He didn’t expect to make it. They would continue the hunt. Edward retrieved his blade. The sisters went aside. Saria ran for him. Edward picks her up to hug her. She hooked her legs above his waists. There was no time. He had to let go. Alicia and Alucard still fought the warlock. The tragic prince was forced on the defence. The fox brandished with the fire brand. Alicia didn’t get close enough. The heat and fire kept her away. “God with us!” Edward roared. He struck with the blade. Black Rage got soaked with water. Then Edward rammed with a shoulder block. That made her to stagger. She held up her right hand in protection. The Bowie knife cut through the fabric. The stabran deep. Blood stained her cloak. The flames went out. Edward met her, blade to blade. Her eyes were on fire. Edward threw himself down. The blades of fire went past. Alicia got scorched. Torah ran to the rescue. She already produced the laurels. Alucard moved in front. He struck high. She raised the damaged hand in protection. The blade went through. Edward felt sick when the arm fell to the stone floor, like dead waight. Flames roared up the blade. Alucard changed into his wolf form. Edward hurled a vial down. The holy water erupted on impact. The warlock came through, though her shroud was on fire. Blood oozed from what remained of her right arm. The sword was a firebrand. Edward licked his lips. “I feel your heart.” Black Rage gloated. Her eyes shone yellow. “Anger, hate and agony.” Alucard retained his human form. “The power of the Dark Lord.” A hurricane of flame twisted about. Alucard vanished like mist. Edward pined through her body. The warlock shrieked. Fire shot from her sword. Edward summoned a circle of crosses for better protection. The witchcraftknocked them to pieces. That wasn’t important. The Lord preserved his life. “Let be my boyfriend!” Saria dashed. Her short blade ran through the warlock’s stomach. She leaped. The cloak spread out like the wings of the Vulture. Flames ripped from the blade, like a waterfall of heat. Saria covered in fear. Edward held the crucifix. Torah reacted. Alicia was healed. The little sorceress threw a razor ring. She cut both legs from underneath. Edward had his blade up. The warlock was impaled. “Finished.” She hissed. “I am bored of your swordplay dual game.” Her eyes lit up. “The Dark Lord bestowed upon me with power!” She went limp. Edward exhaled. Alucard’s familiar granted an apple of life. The fruit replenished his energy. He dismissed. That was the rattling of stone. Edward went pale. “This isn’t possible.” He said. It was. “Preserve us from the wicked One.” Alicia breathed. The colossus moved. Edward grabbed the sword. “It is him.” Alucard presented his sword. “This I must do.” He stood tall. “Because of my mother.” The mailman felt sorry about him. The tragic prince looked so tired and weary. The Shuriken struck were his heart should be. Miss Murder returned from hiding with a summersault. Alucard had morphed into mist. He reformed to counter the attack. “Hellfire!” The blue fireballs exploded on impact. The lady cat was smart enough to throw the Shuriken in front. “Here goes nothing.” Edward dashed to support him. The black and white ninja fighters spread out to get them. “Homing ball!” Torah charged her magic to realise heavy steam or freezing mist. His girlfriend covered her back. Saria got the sword and shield. She could fight. “Let it be.” Alicia was beaming. She managed to resist miss Murder. Edward shook his head. He didn’t believe it. His cousin got a firm grip. “Some nice melons you have there.” She teased? Edward dropped the subject. The hunter squeezed hard before twisting around. The mailman noticed the vain-fracture beneath the costume. The fur couldn’t conceal it. Alicia pushed back before slicing her through. “Grizzly wing!” Alucard spread his cape to realise the bats. Edward made a grimace. The mailman left him behind to fend against them. Edward got too occupied with the show. Alicia was not a sado masochist. She did what a hunter had to do. “God with us!” He threw a wave of inflamed axes before unsheathing the bowie. Edward trusted threw the heart. The white cat moaned and fell over. She was dead before hitting the floor. Edward presented the crucifix. Miss Murder drew back. She went leaping into the air, twisting and tumbling to might escape the pursuit. Edward wished he could let her escape. He was not the mongering type. They got no choice here. If he let go, she would live to fight another day. Miss Murder might tell the ruling council about them. He shuddered. The Dark Lord might then discover how to break the resistance. “ If you are out there, if you can hear me, then you are the resistance .” His father often replayed the message from 2076. The ninja threw flame and frost from hand to hand. “That won’t work.” Miss Murder better quit playing games. She was not like Lilith. “You are not Dracula’s daughter.”He growled. The lady cat got hard pressed. “Eat my kitty.” She still managed a laugh. Miss murder was so obscene. Edward made the sign of the cross. “This is all you are going to get from me.” The magnetic force shot her into oblivion. The wild cat screamed. The fireball and ice chard exploded. Edward got thrown on the floor. “No problem.” Saria saved his life. The projectiles might otherwise have burst right into his face. Saria got up. They shared a kiss. Edward held her close. He felt her body wriggle beneath his touch. Edward let go. They didn’t have time for this. There came another rumble. He got up, supporting against the sword. The sword stab released the rising flames. Miss Murder got burned into ashes. Edward picked the crystals. He felt Dracula’s power.

He felt the malice at work. Koranoth was no mere golem or titan of ancient craft. Alucard made the sign of the cross. He bent to kiss his blade. Julius Belmont, and Victor, told about Simon Belmont. His relation fought this monster in 1688. According to them, it had been spectacular. This was not the time for such sentiments. Alicia Schneider leaped upon the closes platform. They kept going up and down. The huge foe lumbered to reach her. Koranoth stamped on the floor. The rocks fell down. Torah Fernandez brandished with the metal rings. The monster did not react. Edward Morris tugged his beard. The blonde hunter reached on top. She threw three rapid vials of holy water. Koranoth got bathed in flame. The figure seemed to shrink. Then he jumped high. Alucard had no doubt. He changed into a bat. He brought Schneider away before the impact. It really was incredible. Koranoth made the ceiling to rattle. Stones and debris got thrown everywhere. “Let me go.” Alucard released. Alicia Schneider was brave. Though she was not a typical hunter. She searched for the glasses. Edward Morris was atop the rightmost platform. Koranoth would break him. The Morris clansman hurled axes into the air. But of course. Koranoth was immune to mysticism.

Entrance, the Pinnacle. The 10th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The doors slid aside. Bill, Bert and Tom fired their shotguns. Sam got beside. The security system was activated. Ken cursed. The people of Brensec created this machinery. Sam hadn’t really been that interested. He should. They broke into one of the arm’s depot. The bats squeeked. They came like a swarm. Jack and Jim hurled grenades at them. The swarm exploded. Sam dusted off himself. That was close. Josh got killed by those monsters. He tried not to remember. They couldn’t stay. The crew counted on them to conquer the pinnacle.

the pinnacle, Ravenberg. The 10th. Of December 2098 A.D.

It was complete. Although the uniforms hang in rags, she defeated the so-called ring leader. She licked the blood of her fingertips. Then Carole threw back her head to howl in triumph. He was dead! All his property belonged to her now. The children would have to submit. “So it is .” The voice sent echoes through her mind. She croutched into a defensive posture. Claws and fangs exposed. The aura cracked with power. The array knocked her aside. “ Do thee pledge thy allegiance to the Dark Lord, Vlad Tepes Dracula ?” Carole huddled together. How could he ask? She pledged her entire existence to his service. Although the prince of Darkness never came to claim her. “I do!” The impact left her in pain. “Anger, hate, and Agony.” He breathed. “Embrace the power of thy suffering.” The figure approached. “ Or give in to thou own destruction.” The red knights where coming back. She couldn’t let them see her like this. Carole sent them to scout while she would clean up this mess. “I will be the Dark Lord’s concubine, and harlot.” She declared. Carole raised up. The knights gathered around. He was gone. She was in agony. Though it felt different now. Carole enjoyed it. She really did. He broke her, forging her into a tool. How fitting. She would give herself a sacrifice.

The Shrine, the pinnacle. The 10th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The fairy retrieved her glasses. “For more then millennia, the Belmont clan fought to maintain the peace.” Alucard touched his crucifix. “It is an honour to fight alongside such warriors.” Torah picked up the ring smash. “Even to die is not lost.” She wished to help them. Torah bit her lip. Her weapons had no effect on this monster. Edward was on top. The colossus reached to squeeze him. “Magic arrow!” Saria screamed. The arrow hit the wrist. Koranoth, she thought that was the name, didn’t even flinch. Edward threw the three crosses forward. Torah gasped. The boomerangs cut through the stone like naked flesh. The figure shrunk. Then Edward was knocked off the platform. Alucard managed to catch him. Saria fetched the hat. Torah got the laurels. She ran to help them. She managed to heal him. Torah thanked God. She put them back into her pocket. Alicia was on the move. She went on the left platform. Koranoth towered above. Saria kissed her boyfriend. She replaced the hat. Torah looked aside. Then she cheered. Alicia managed to stamp the enemy. The crucifix was like a living torch. Koranoth tumbled back. The figure was revived through black magic. Torah might tell. Alicia brandished with the chain-whip. Edward hurled a vial down. Koranoth was shrinking.

Koranoth leaped. Rocks fell from the ceiling. Alicia dodged as best she could. Other bricks fell off the stone body. Edward hurled the Bowie-knife forward. He struck the head. Alicia climbed on top. She gathered her force to jump even higher. “In the name of Michael the Arch Angel!” She threw the cross like a boomerang. The throwing-cross got stuck in the neck. Koranoth reached to crush them. Alucard came like a bat. “Hellfire!” He retained human form to attack. “Crimson lightning!” The colossus turned his head. He struck the ground hard. “Star bow!” Saria fired. They tried to confuse the monster. Alicia made the sign of the cross. She got a storm inside. “God with us!” Edward cried. He doused the figure with holy water. Koranoth got him. He brought him up to eye level to might watch the demise. “Edward!” Saria screamed. Alicia reached for the crucifix. She would honour his bravery. He didn’t fight alone. The mailman was her cousin. “Go to Hell!” Alicia blinked. She had to gather. He seldom used such language. Edward dug his blade into his face. Stones cracked. Koranoth shrunk. Edward was free. The rocks almost buried their group. Alicia leaped. She struck with the chain-whip. The Undead Killer broke through its defence. Debris flew everywhere. Alicia got cut. Edward was in a chokehold. He weakly struck the arms. The sword lay on the ground. Saria was knocked out. Alucard was busy with the bats. Alicia wondered why they didn’t wake before. That wasn’t important. Edward’s face grew dark. Torah was striking the neck. The rings didn’t break through. Alicia was so far away. She prayed this would work. Alicia made it to rain with holy water. Koranoth might be immune, though he let Edward free. He kept gasping for air. Alicia ran. Koranoth picked Torah from the floor. “Blast you!” Torah shouted. She stamped with the cross. The forehead burst. Edward got back on foot. Alicia was there to support him. Koranoth was growing. Then he became transparent. Alicia closed her mouth. Edward muttered. Koranoth then broke into a million pieces. The fragments dwindled into dust. Torah was able to heal her sister. The colossus left a pile of gems. They bent to collect. Alucard didn’t arrive. Alicia cracked with the whip. He was on the defence. Miss Murder had returned. Alicia made the sign of the cross. But before she might join him, something else appeared. Alicia cried. The cats slid back among the shadows. Then Alucard got hit. “Preserve us.” She breathed. They really got into trouble. “Terminate the rebels.” The battle-droids marched into the shrine. “Roger. Roger.” The vulture robots reached over their shoulders to obtain their weapons. “Hand over your weapons.” The blastersgot turned upon their group. “You are under arrest.” Alicia inhaled. She reached deep within herself for the hidden reservoirs of her blood force. “Hellfire!” Alucard spread his cape. “Crimson lightning!” He seemed to blossom with power. “Grizzly wing!” They covered up his attack. “Ball of Destruction!” The squad got reduced to scraps. “Roger. Roger.” The robots kept marching into the shrine. “Magic arrow!” Saria pulled the string back against her pointed ear. “Star bow!” The projectile exploded. “Blue bow!” The robot fell, limb from limb. He couldn’t resist the ice. That was an advantage. Alicia brandished with the frost whip. “God with us!” Edward moved about the robots. The sword pierced the mechanics. He got the power. Torah was at his back. Turning around to strike with the ring smash. The Ninja warrior leaped from behind. She knocked both fists into her head. “Blasted whore!” Alicia cursed. Torah was able to heal herself. She presented the cross. The lady cat withdrew with a summersault. “Not this time.” Alicia threw a dagger at the droid. She dodged the laser. Then she doused the Ninja with holy water. “Guide my hands.” The sorceress whispered. Miss Murder was afire. Torah threw the ring forward. She clipped the black cat. The head was knocked off her shoulders. “Forgive us.” Alicia pulled through the blonde hair. “We don’t know what we do.” The head settled at her feet. “Get away!” Edward kept blasting the shining beams to might parry their lasers. Alicia replaced the glasses. She touched the crucifix. The fight continued. A group of battle-droids refused to give in. Edward dashed to might counter. They exchanged glances. “Come on.” Alicia encouraged. “We got work to do.” Torah retrieved the razor rings. The orb gathered above her palm. “You look so tasty.” The white Ninja kept her hands in an iron grip. She kissed her neck, above the crucifix. “Good Lord in Heaven!” Miss Murder didn’t react naturally to silver. She must possess a relic. That was so very typical. She dismissed. The Ninja purred in delight. She really was a cat. “Homing ball!” Torah screamed. “Let it be.” Alicia pulled into a ball. The magic orb collided. Torah vomited. The head exploded into a mush. Alicia kept shaking while removing the corpse. She got up to douse the bats. That created a breather. Alicia exhaled. She got to keep focused. That was difficult. The robots remained standing. “Still standing.” Alicia muttered. “Blast the ceiling.” She then told. Torah blinked. “Homing ball!” She charged the spell. The impact made huge chunks of rock to fall down. The robots got crushed by the impact. “God with us!” Edward hurled the boomerangs. Alicia looked over her shoulder. She should have expected. Miss Murder staggered. She got hit by the crosses. Torah closed the demise. She leaped atop to crush the heart. The twin razor ring cut her throat. The sorceress cleaned them upon her suit. “Leave him alone!” Saria fired a storm of arrows. “He is my boyfriend!” The dryad pulled back another time. The black Ninja got killed in the process. “Grizzly wing!” Alucard managed to block the lasers. “Crimson lightning!” The machine wined before it burst. “Blue bow!” Saria pressed the offence. That might be dangerous. The robots gathered together. Alicia threw the daggers forward. The bats almost bit her. The swarm squeaked with blood thirst. Alicia then felt a shudder.

This wasn’t good. Saria knew she got no chance. “Homing ball!” Torah blasted the bats into oblivion. The robot stopped to reload his weapons. He wasn’t like his brethren. This machine looked more like a metal skeleton. He got no weak spots. The robot kept rebuilding his body. Saria licked her lips. The robot was armed with an automated pistol and shotgun. “Crimson lightning!” Alucard charged his magic. That might be the only way to stop this thing. The machine fell on one knee. Edward swung his blade. The robot lost hold of its weapons. “Run!” Alicia shouted. “Come on!” Marcia was so dull. Saria didn’t waste time. She followed them out into the passage. The place was frozen over. “The Jadis spell must still be working.” Torah touched the cross. “Marina was right.” Saria didn’t answer. They might fulfil their promise. That would have to wait. The turrets where turning. “Grizzly wing!” Alucard took out the first array of bullets. Alicia doused the grenade launchers with holy water. The lasers fired. Edward made the crosses to rise in front. “Homing ball!” Torah charged with frost. She froze the mechanism. Saria almost cried with relief. There where other turrets. She gathered. Saria reached for another arrow. Then the robot reappeared. “Blue bow!” That made it to stop.

Clock tower, castle in the forest.The 13th. Of December 2098 A.D.

They where ready to commence. “Welcome to the castle.” The field was cleared for approach. “Copy that.” The pilot switched off the computer. They where to busy for chitchat. The shuttle got brought down. The soldiers where ready to deploy. “Attention.” The lieutenant demanded. A group of lizard shamans where coming onboard. “Hail the count.” They called in one voice. The lizards cut it short. Tenobia welcomed the lack of protocol. She was the captain. The cargo was too important. The Ninja warriors appeared from the hold. The cats carried the caskets. It was amazing she was still alive. Tenobia revealed her fangs. Though she kept up position. Robby Burns, the lieutenant, returned her gaze. His arched eyebrow made her to recollect. They would soon be out of here. Tenobia pressed her lips together. Then she froze. A male in black climbed up the bridge. “Black Imperius.” Tenobia knew this warlock. He beheld her for a moment. Then he signalled for the shamans to continue. The group left. “Good work captain.” She blushed. Tenobia bowed to disguise it. “I have other use for you.” She was flattered. “Remain. Until called for.” Tenobia bowed. “Yes, my lord.” She would. The warlocks where dispatched by count Dracula. “Good.” He said. “Good.”

The pinnacle, Ravenberg. The 10th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The dancing girl finished her stunt. She spread her arms in an inviting pose. Carole was impressed. She was Salome. The witch girl grew rigid. Then she fell on the ground. She screamed with both ecstasy and pain. Carole could tell. She raised. The black wires, which she noticed earlier, where severed. “We have to find the Belmont clan.” Salome said. “Why?” Carole was unsure. “Because that madman has tapped into the central control-computer.” Salome smiled. Though the hands where burning. “He will destroy us.” Carole bared her fangs. “They might be the only potent enough to defeat that bastard.” The dancing girl licked her ruby lips. Carole exhaled. This might be treason, though to let the necromancer rule would be even worse. “Dracul!” Carole summoned the dragon in his name. Carole wished she might speak with the circle. That was impossible now. The dead wizard jammed all communication. “Alright everyone.” Carole summoned what was left of the squad. The local folks had left the area. They werethe recruited soldiers. “We have a new strategy.” They listened carefully. Carole secured another uniform. The elves and foxes checked their weaponry. Salome smiled.

The den, the pinnacle. The 10th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The robot stopped to recharge its weaponry. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost!” Edward made the sign of the cross. He struck with the Claymore sword. The magnetic force stunned the enemy. Though the bats might be a greater problem. They carried the vampire infection. “Hellfire!” Alucard spread his cape. The blue bat-inhabited Hellfireballs rammed hard. Half the rib-cage got blasted apart. The machine didn’t falter. Edward tugged his beard. He dodged the bullets. “Homing ball!” Torah looked tired and dirty. Either way, the girl got a lot of stamina. She charged with frost. “Star bow!” The sisters kept shooting.Most of the defence mechanismgot smashed to pieces. That didn’t change the situation much.The dead soldiers raised from their graves in search of flesh. The U. N. brigade marched into the castle in 1999. They thought to overthrow the Dark Lord. They got sentenced to death. Edward shook the memory. According to Julius Belmont, that was only the beginning of the demon castle war. He was only a mailman,thoughEdward would live like a vampire hunter. “In the name of Michael the Arch Angel!” Aliciasounded her war cry. His cousin still brandished with the Undead Killer. She used the chain-whip to release fireballs. The bats perished. They burned into ashes. Edward hurled a wave of holy water. The machine may come of the assembly line. But they where still created by cursed beings. Though the bones where melting, the robot continued to fire. “Grizzly wing!” Alucard’s bats took the brunt of the assault. The tragic prince got centuries to achieve. Edward dismissed the matter.Alucard may be part vampire,though that wasn’t important. He supported the family ever since the affair with Sonia Belmont.That was more than 500 years ago. Edward shrugged his shoulders. In effect, Adrian fearhights revived the traditions. The great Leon Belmont, who fought evil in 1094,got Joachim Armster to support him. Edward pulled together. He possessed the power of gold. His spirit was a weapon. The gold knife exploded like a small bomb. The machine was finally demolished. That wasn’t the end. The turrets might be smashed, mostly anyway, though it wasn’t the end. The dryad and the sorceress got in trouble with the zombie soldiers. Torah threw herself among them. The corpses brandished with their knives. They went to slow. The razor rings cut through their bodies. Alicia came up behind. She brandished with the whip. “Magic arrow!” Saria fired one last shot. Then she got caught up with the bats. Edward threw a wave of holy water. They burned on impact. Nobody was to harm his girlfriend. Saria would leave, eventually. He finally figured her kind never remained. Edward was sorry for that matter. But he would enjoy what time they might have together. The soldiers pulled back. “Crimson lightning!” Alucard figured their strategy. The blood force struck down before they might reload. The trio joined their friends in action. Edward threw a wave of flaming axes. He picked the crystals. The zombies burned to ashes. The mailman leaned against the wall. He got to push away. The cold might freeze him. Edward checked the watch. It was early afternoon. “You have to read the map.” Alucard said. He Reached into the backpack. The mailman thought of Victor. He should be here now. Edward sighed. Victor was with the Lord. Blast what fundamentalists said about the homosexual. Edward found the items. The tragic queen gave them back to him. He crossed himself. “Let me see.” He unfolded the map. “It looks like the den up here.” Saria remarked. Edward shrugged. She was right. “Can you translate this?” He asked Alucard. The tragic prince took the scroll. ”Things change.” He said. Edward made the sign of the cross. That was right. “Then you may come and follow me.” Alucard said. Torah went forth. She hit him in the face. “You shouldn’t talk like that.” She said. “You aren’t him.” The tragic prince looked ashamed. Edward nodded. Torah was right. “Watch out!” Marcia shone like the green lantern. The dead soldiers fired their weapons. Edward made a circle of crosses to appear. He screamed by the pressure. The bullets crushed his barrier. Edward staggered. He felt dazed. The Nazi zombies reloaded for a second round. They hid in the niches. Saria looked sick. She was ready to vomit. The mailman had to gather. The soldiers stanched of decay. “Hellfire!” Alucard spread hid cape. “Homing ball!” Torah cast the spell. They picked the round. “Star bow!” His girlfriend fired. The arrow exploded. Edward protected his face. The zombie trusted his knife. Saria got blocked. The entire group got defended. “God with us!” Edward made the sign of the cross. The prototype technology had blossomed into an energy shield. “In the name of Michael the arch angel!” Alicia dashed. She twirled with the whip. The squad met her in battle. They hid behind the shields to fire. “Grizzly wing!” Alucard pick the bullets. Torah brandished with the ring smash. She kept in front to protect him. Edward went to support his family. Saria got the sword and shield. Edward threw the cross. He made a glide. The mailman threw the Bowie. The knife split in three. The zombie got nailed. Edward took the crystal. “They are coming!” Marcia burned. Alicia twirled. The soldier presented the shield. Edward approached. Before he reached, Alicia threw the vial. The holy water went like a wave. The swarm was absorbed. Edward picked the gems. Alicia impaled the soldier. The sword pierced his heart. She removed the head. The zombie shuddered. He collapsed. The scores gathered round. They couldn’t resist the sword. That wasn’t important. They stabbed to overthrow his cousin. “God with us!” Edward challenged. Saria stopped the knife. She took it on the shield. Edward revealed the crucifix. That granted an edge. Hesliced the corpses. Saria struck. She carved some space. They fell back. Alicia brandished with the whip to release fireballs. That was the end. Alucard checked the map. He remained calm.

The power-plant was built after he came to rest in eternal slumber. “This is the top of the mountain.” He said. The same was for the reservoir. “I think our first destination should be to reach the mouth of the caves.” Alucard returned the map. The Morris frowned. “The entrance chamber should be somewhere down this tunnel.” He used the compass to secure their location. “Then let us be gone.” The dryad was eager. He noticed her uneasiness. Her kind never felt comfortable within the underground. Torah Fernandez closed her eyes. She entered a slight trance. Alucard acknowledged. She really possessed strong magical powers. The girl shuddered. “We are getting close.” She whispered. “The warlock is growing strong.” Saria held her sister. He waited for a moment. This was his family. The connection with Sonia made it so. Alicia Schneider used her time well. She destroyed what was left of the defence mechanism. The holo-cams also got removed. “They spied on us.” Marcia left her shoulder. The fairy kept behind. Alucard went to inspect the dead. They had not burned to ashes. Rather, they where cut to pieces. “These soldiers where not conjured by the power of Dracula.” He told. The groupbeheld him. “There is a necromancer to consider.” Saria fainted.

Entrance, the pinnacle. The 10th. Of December 2098 A.D.

They escaped from the elevator. Sam struggled with the controls. “Damn it.” He exclaimed. “Everything is twisted.” Bill, Bert and Tom exchanged nervous glances. “Get away from there!” Jack instructed. Sam gasped. They where not alone! The archway was occupied by agroup of battle droids. Jim and Jack fired their weapons. “Back to Hell!” Kim cursed while the robots approached. They got no shielding. Though Sam was grateful.The battle droids had no aim. They must be re-programmed! Never mind. The group might box them in.

Dora wood, Warakiya. The 13th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The weather was freezing cold. “Stop!” The white witch demanded. The cabman hit the reins over the wolves. The sledge came to a halt. “Who are you?” She demanded to know. The boy recoiled from her stare. “I… “He stammered. The girl was brave. “I am Gerda.” She told. “This is my friend.” The white witch beheld them both. “I am Kay.” He was bigger then the girl. With black hair down his shoulders. “Come closer.” The witch beconed. They where young, and strong. The girl must be 9 years old. Here where kisses enough for her delight. Liza Bernhardt reached over the sledge. The girl closed her bright blue eyes. “Gerda!” The boy pulled her back. The braid went loose. Her blonde hair got blown in the wind. They set upon a bright red sled. They thought to get away from her? How amusing. She signalled for the warg riders to catch them. “Resistance!” The glade where filled with rabbles. “For Walachia!” They hid behind each tree and cover. The riders where overwhelmed. The ambush worked to their advantage. The armoured men got filled with arrows. Silver gleamed on each projectile. Liza raised. She still got the wand. Though the cabman pulled through the onslaught. The witch screamed her outrage. She would make them to pay for this incidence.

Throne room, the pinnacle. The 10th. Of December 2098 A.D.

He lurked in the shadow. The necromancersensed before he saw. “Mine disciple.” The voice was a whisper in his mind. “ There art something which I wish to show thee.” The necromancer followed. He had no choice. This angel owed his spirit. They left the throne room together. The guide led him through a secret path. “ This art the dark heart of the mountain.” The dark wizard might tell. “I shall teach thee what to do.” Why did he aid him? They reach destination. “What do thy see?” He asked. “A crypt.” The necromancerrevealed. “An ancient evil.” What was this place? “Who is sleeping within this tomb?” The guide never answered. He showed him how to remove the seals. Together they entered into the disc shaped room. “Zobek.” The voice whispered. “ The lord of the necromancers.” The great sarcophagus lay in utter darkness. “I cannot raise him.” That lay beyond even his powers. “He where mine apprentice.” The angel beheld him. “ Arth thou ready to take his place?! The dead wizard considered. This was the man that corrupted Gabriel Belmont. “He wished to rule behind the throne.” The angel made no move. So much was lost. He was the necromancer. He would become the Dark Lord. “I shall teach thee thy art.” He promised. “ If thy bring me the Vampire Killer.” That was impossible. Or was it? The dark wizard might have a suggestion.

The den, the pinnacle. The 10th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The fairy flew in circles about the robot. “Homing ball!” Torah put it aside. The CPU must be inside the skull,like a sort of brain. She was able to disarm the beast. Although the ring smash didn’t break it. The turrets turned to hurl grenades in their direction. Torah wondered if this was like Carrie’s adventure in 1852. The tower of science was one of her greatest perils in the quest to slay Dracula. “Magic arrow!” Saria nailed the auto launcher. The magic broke it to pieces. Tiny, spider-like machines began to repair the system. Edward noticed. He threw the cross like a boomerang. The repair crew got no defence. Sparks flew about. Alicia stamped with the crucifix. The robot let go. “Ball of Destruction!” Alucard released the high shot. He tried to break the claw. Alicia brandished with the whip. The bats burned to ashes. Torah pressed against the wall. The dead soldiers where not the only shooters. The cold made her to shiver. Simon Belmont searched an ice cave in 1688. Saria fired her bow. She still looked pale. Her sister was afraid of the necromancer. Torah licked her lips. She didn’t like him either. That was no reason for getting lapse. Torah fought her own feelings while sneaking up. The turrets had to be demolished. The others weretoo busy for any support.

They flapped about. Alicia made it to rain with holy water. Alucard hid beneath the cloak. The bats collapsed. She went for the robot. The metal monster still tried to kill her. He brushed the others aside. “Crimson lightning!” Alucard made himto blast apart. Alicia gathered the crystals. The dead soldiers kept up position. The zombies never gave way. Edward got among their numbers. His efforts kept them from shooting. “Get down!” Marcia called. Alicia did. The turrets firedthe lasers about. She threw the dagger forward. Alicia made it to split in three. They exploded on impact. She retrieved the weapon. Aliciastruck the repair droids into oblivion. She drew sweat of her brow. Alicia thought about pulling her hair into a pony tail. She let it drop. They reached through the archway. The sisters joined with Edward. The dead soldiers got defeated. She made a glide through the opening. The gallery went round the hall. “This is the entrance.” Edward inspected the map. Alicia was cleaning her glasses. “How do we get down there?” She asked. “You might climb the nets.” Marcia suggested. “What webs?” Alicia asked. She put on the glasses. “No way.” Saria whispered. Alicia touched the crucifix. “I know.” The web covered the ceiling. The net even hung down to the ground floor. It was too late. The great spiders already noticed. They came crawling toward the viewpoint. Some even used their spindle to move abroad. Alucard was there to fight. He impaled the spider. He beheaded the next in line. Saria tried to shoot them. The arrows bunched off the shell. She got one through the eye. Alicia reacted. “God with us!” Edward was already ahead. “Homing ball!” Torah fused with flame. They where to close. She made a back-flip, though only to pick the ring smash. Alicia was impressed. She twirled with the chain-whip. Marcia did her best to confuse the enemies. “They’re poisonous!” The fairy went all pink. Alicia bit together. She threw the cross. The burning boomerangs split them apart. She almost vomited. Alicia regained the weapon. There where to many of them. Saria staggered. The sword pined the spider. The little dryad managed to slam the shield into the head. Torah cut it up. Alucard and Edward fought back-to-back. He lost his hat. Alicia picked it up. She sent it his way. “Thanks!” Edward smirked. He put it back on top. The magnetic force then crushed against the approaching monster. The sisters pulled together. They where to busy to cast any spell. Something was going on downstairs. Alicia had no time. She struck with the frost whip. The spiders kept some distance. She knocked the candles. Then she reached for the crucifix. The cross appeared overhead. The flames burned the monsters. Edward threw the axe. The weapon got buriedwithin the spider’s skull. He pulled free. That was close. Edwardmanaged to conquer. The spider was dead. Alicia struck with the whip. She saved the sisters. The spider burst into flames. She got a breather. Alicia ran to the edge of the gallery. Someone else where shooting. She got to figure. The red knights filled the monsters with arrows. The vampires threw themselves down upon the ground floor. Alicia gasped. “They attacked the robots.” Torah picked with the cross. “I don’t get it.” Edward tugged his beard. “Why are they doing this?” Alucard dismissed. “We should continue.” He remarked. Alicia didn’t agree. “There are people down there.” Edward frowned. “What are they doing here?” Alicia had no answer. The men belonged to the skeleton crew.They helped to save them. Why throw it away? Alucard morphed into mist. “We can’t let the vampires take them!” Edward leached for the net. “Come on!” Saria followed along. Alicia and Torah exchanged glances. Torah shrugged. She went after her sister. Alicia twirled with the whip. She hooked onto the web. She continued to swing down among the enemies. The great spiders where pressing hard. The workers cursed while pulling back. Alicia hurled three vials of holy water. The monsters tried to take her. The saliva was poisonous. Alicia was sure. “Get back!” Marcia warned. The turrets fired. That saved her life. The great spiders got shot to pieces. Alicia shuddered. She couldn’t help it. Alicia pulled together. The vampires noticed about her. The men closed her in. “May you be cast back into the fires and be destroyed!” She quoted. They exposed their fangs. “Phillip.” The body made a summersault. “Ambrose.” She came from the gallery. “Let her be gone.” They pulled away. The Dominicanvampire knelt in front. “I am Carole Martino.” She wore the count’s black uniform. “You are Belmont?” Alicia recoiled the whip. She was ready to strike. “I am.” She was a descendant. “My family name is Schneider.” That she could reveal. Heinrich would take her place if need be. “Why is that thy concern?” Alucard retained his human form. “Be grateful.” That was Salome! But how was it possible? She was dead. Either way, she was here, now. The witch landed in perfect balance. “The necromancer is haunting you.” Alicia shuddered, although the fight was over. Not really. That had to wait. She got other problems. They got other problems. Alicia exhaled. “Save us.” She reached for the crucifix. “I pledge myself to you.” Carole looked up to meet her gaze. “We are your humble servants.” She wept bloody tears. “I ask you to help us.” The vampire hesitated. “No. I beg you to help us.”” Alicia pulled up the glasses. “I will do anything you ask of me.” This was a surprise. Carole lowered her eyes. “Preserve us from the wicked One.” Alicia was at a lost for words. She didn’t know what to say. “I will make a truce with thee.” The tragic prince went forward. “Though not explicit.” Alicia kept the crucifix in front. That offered some protection. “Then we have a binding contract.” Carole put down her lantern. She didn’t need it. Her kind might see in the dark. Alicia frowned. There was something about her statement. “No.” Torah remained behind. “We don’t.” She crossed her arms, retaining the ring smash. “Let us talk about it.” Carole suggested. “You have to realize the danger.”

They gathered around the lantern. Nicole occupied the center. Saria bit her lip. She was attractive. With dark hair and eyes. Saria was scared. This vampire was dangerous. The Basraq dragon was kept tight around her neck. Nicole told about the necromancer. A tale of blood, death and black sorcery. She shivered. Saria wouldn’t faint. Not this time. “He resurrected me.” Salome said. The dancing girl seemed to gaze beyond. “To be his slave and killer.” Alicia watched her with fascinatedpity. Saria touched the medallion. Alicia had a thing about women. She didn’t notice before. “I am a witch.” Salome spoke with pride. “I was able to counter the curse.” Torah was talking with the fairy. Should she tell her? Saria shook her head. Alicia should be the one to tell. “But then I noticed he tapped into the computer.” She remained erect. Though there where a haunted look in her eyes. “We serve the Dark Lord Dracula.” Carole declared. “This dark wizard, this conjurer, has become a traitor.” Alicia and Edward exchanged glances. “You wish for us to defeat him.” Alucard spoke. That was no question. The vampire bowed. “Yes, my prince.” This wasn’t right. Saria knew. They were not the soldiers of fortune. They madea promise. Though not to this bunch anyhow.

Entrance, the pinnacle. The 10th. Of December 2098 A.D.

They made no reply. At least not for a while. Carole beheld the group with much interest. The man and woman were so unlike the figures of legend. The young master returned the stare with arrogant distaste. Agony almost made her twist. It was so… Delicious. The children possessed great magical powers. Salome’s mad idea might not be that bad after all. “ Now, thou grant me the Vampire Killer!” At first she thought it was him. That couldn’t be. Masamune cut through the knights. The crewmen fled in terror. Back into the elevator. Carole had no mind. Phillip and Ambrose got slaughtered. The figure clads in black and red skeleton armour appeared through another hole. He struck with the blade. The flared jacket waved with each move. He blasted the blue fox into oblivion. “Thou.” Alucard’s face wasmarked by cold fury. “Zobek’s lieutenant.” The shield was marked with the Fearheight crest. “Nay matter.” He unsheathed his blade. “I defeated thee before.” He said. “By God, I shall do it again.” Before he might act, the she Belmont cracked with the whip. The lieutenant hid behind the mask. Legends told the nameless had been a general of the abyss. He yanked the item from her grasp. Then he vanished. They where in an uproar. The people went this way or that.

The pinnacle, Ravenberg. The 10th. Of December 2098 A.D.

They were alone. Edward tugged his beard. She was one of the undead. But right now, she looked like other any confused woman. He brushed it aside. They werepredators. Somewhereonly meanerthan the others. Carole would dine upon his blood. If she ever got the chance. Edward thought to impale her before anything else. He grunted. That wasn’t his style,no matter what. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost.” He made the sign of the cross. Carole didn’t pull back. Although her fangs where exposed. “Amen.” Edward relaxed. “You may still choose.” Carole shrugged. He sighed. “May you rest in peace.” He looked about. They reached beyond the entrance. “Your folks are dead.” He remarked. The vampire muttered something about “… used them well”. That wasn’t his business. The repair crew was almost finished. Edward unsheathed the Claymore sword. “No!” Carole began. He was confused. She made him to bend down. The launcher released two-step rockets. They exploded against the wall. The launcher continued to release homing missiles. Edward hurled crosses to might block the onslaught. Carole snarled. Her body blazed from within. She spread her arms wide to release the electrical currents. The launcher got shot to pieces. The turrets fired their bullets. Edward hurled a wave of holy water. He threw the Bowie-knife to pick down the lasers. Carole deliveredthe static force. Her face was alive with ecstasy. Edward struck against the floor. The rising flames burned along the floor. The swarm became reduced to ashes. The second launcher released its projectiles. Each rocket larger then the last. Edward hurled the axe. He made it to split in three. Both the rocket and missiles got crushed. Carole released a secondwave of currents. The repair-droids where no more. Edward picked the gems. They replenished his energy. Carole searched among her comrades. It was to no avail. They where all dead. “Good Lord.” They stirred. “Carole.” Edward began. He didn’t have to tell. She found a sword. She beheaded the corpses. Edward bit together. She asked him for help. He should comply. The soldiers where rising. They fetched the weapons which the crew left behind. “God with us!” Edward shouted. He threw himself forward. The Claymore felt nice in his hand. It belonged to him.“Dracul!” Carole was no novice either. She could use the sword. The dead soldiers got defeated. Edward drew sweat of his brow. “That wizard.” He said. Carole acknowledged. Edward inhaled. This was all wrong. He should search for his friends. Edward must hunt for that lieutenant. The mailman couldn’t let him take the Undead Killer. The chain-whip belonged to the Belmont clan. Instead… “Where is that computer?” He asked. Carole cleaned her blade upon the floor. She found the sword belt. “Who are you?” Carole asked. She beheld him with newfound respect. Edward tugged his beard. He sighed. “My name is Edward Morris.” He told the truth. “I am a vampire hunter.” Carole gazed. Thenshe bowed. “I see.” She still kept the blade in hand. “We have a binding truce.” Carole kissed the sword. “As long as it last.” She hailed him. “I swear to do anything you ask of me.” Edward returned the salute. He would take the offer. Though he didn’t trust her. Edward guessed she tried to seduce him. That wouldn’t work. Edward resisted her charm. “Show me the way to the central control computer.” He requested. “That is what I ask.” Carole acknowledged. She knew he figured. “This way.” She checked a sort of wrist instrument. “A map-reading computer.” Edward experienced it once before. “Follow me.” Carole told. Edward made the sign of the cross. She went ahead. He got no choice. Edward tightened his grip. Why was he doing this? He made grimaced. This was the right thing to do. Edward let go. He had to trust her. The lamps where lit. Edward might see some distance ahead. Carole got an even better sight. “Get down!” The turrets got activated. “God with us!” The bullets hit where he had been. “Twisted.” The vampire snarled to expose her fangs. Edward touched her above the shoulders. They had to keep down. The turrets kept shooting. “Release me.” Carole demanded. “I am not a porcelain doll.” She leapt into the air. Her fists where electrical. She smashed the system into submission. “I thought we had a truce.” He threw the cross. The boomerang burned her assassin. She turned around. The… zombie soldier was defeated. “I am sorry.” Carole bent before him. “You protect the people.” She presented both hands. “That is what you do.” Edward removed his hat. He kept turning it this way and that. The mailman didn’t know how to react. “Forget about it.” He inhaled. Edward didn’t know how to treat her servility. He made her to stand. She shouldn’t be on bended knees. “Behind you.” Carole came close to whisper in his ear. “They have gattered.” Edward presented his grip. He held the Claymore with both hands. “We take them together.” Her lips twisted. It was a time before he recognized her smile. “Here goes nothing!” Edward turned. He threw the vial down. The bottle was crushed. “God with us!” The holy water went like a burning wave. The Nazi zombies burst into fire. The bats squeaked before they crumbled. Carole went her own way. She struck with the sword. “You are to die!” The bolt struck down her antagonist. She screamed in pain. Edward shuddered. The agony seemed to exited her. She really was twisted. Edward felt sorry for her. She couldn’t rest. Carole deserved it. She was such an excellent fencer. The dead solders got cut up by her repeated attack. The bats couldn’t infect her. That was no problem. They might tear her instead. Edward tugged his beard. He struck with the sword. They tried to bite him. Carole shrieked. She died upon there blood. The mailman felt disgusted. Then again, that was her way. The zombie stabbed. He blocked the trust. “From Hell.” Edward pierced the heart before removing the head. The soldier burst. He burned into a pile. Edward exhaled. He made the sign of the cross.

The tunnel went straight into the mountain. And all the while, there was a distant laugher. Alucard chased a ghost, and an echo. Zobek’s lieutenant was always ahead of him. He remained focused. “Beware.” The young sorceress came with him. Her magic lit up within the passage. “This is no ordinary villain or demon.” Torah Fernandez made no reply. Alucard slashed through the haunting vision. This was not his Crissaegrim sword. Soma Cruz would not appear to assist him. The ghost moaned before fading. There came that sound again. That of rattling bones. This was not 2057. “Homing ball!” The sorceress aimed for the sound. The pinnacle was a labyrinth. Elevator platforms, doors and openings led this way or that. No wonder they get lost. A freezing wind blew through the area. This was the airport section. Ceveral airplanes and helicopters occupied the space. Though the gates where closed. They reached the deck. Fernandez cut through the ghost. The ring smash made successive slashes. Zobek’s lieutenant was waiting. Alucard hung up the shield. It had no place here. The abyss general had risen through the floor. Masamune granted its master great magic. He felt it. Alucard should notdisregard its potency. That was too late. He could only prepare for battle.

The monster didn’t chase them in here. Sam couldn’t help a sigh of relief. He inspected the rifle. “What was that thing?” Tom was shaken. “I don’t care.” Ken still shook. Jack spat on the ground. “He killed my brother.” Sam muttered. Bill closed the gates behind. They where still in the elevator. “I didn’t really get it, you know.” Bert told. “What those Belmonts where up against.” He drew sweat of his brow. “Now I know.” Sam didn’t know what to say. He reloaded the firearm. “Let us hunt.” He told. They stared. Sam didn’t care. He got work to do.

Dora wood, Warakiya. The 13th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The white witch had escaped. Kay and Gerda exchanged glances. They volunteered to lead this company. Although they defeated the warg-riders, it was no victory. The snow queen was the ring leader. Gerda turned away. She would prepare aid for the wounded. Kay was proud of his girlfriend. Gerda was a healer. He was there when she first discovered about her abilities. He smiled by the memory. “Andersen.” Kay was brought back to present time. The scouts where returning. “The snow queen escaped.” Kay sighed. He already knew. He hoped the scouts might spot her. That hope was broken. “Sir!” One of the dwarven great ravens settled on his shoulder. “I have to tell you!” Mime met his stare with pitch black eyes. “We are not alone in the forest.” His voice sunk to a whisper. Orcs and ogres are searching for food in the wild.” Kay shuddered. “They got trolls with them.” Mime finally left his shoulder. He shrieked the bad news about the meadow. Kay inhaled. He suddenly felt so tired. “What shall we do?” Gerda asked. “What can we do?” He had no idea. Although he knew the answers to both her questions. “Heal as many as you can.” He touched her face. “Please, do it for me.” Gerda pulled the cloakabout her frail body. “We have to get away from here.” Kay sighed.

The pinnacle, Ravenberg. The 10th. Of December 2098 A.D.

They kept to the sides of the corridor. Thus the lasers might not reach them. “Lillith’s blood!” Carole cursed. The defence system protected this area. The vampire hunter kept his eyes on the turrets. He threw the cross. The grenades exploded. Carole stepped back. The bullets almost got her. She stumbled on the remains of the robot. Carole snarled. She felt intoxicated with Agony. The vampire spread her arms to release electrified charges. The effort destroyed some turrets. The repair crew appeared through hidden openings. They went to work. Edward Morris made a glide. He threw axes while moving. Carole admired his abilities. He left broken machinery in his wake. She became mist to follow. That was another power she gained through transformation. The bats hung from the ceiling. She forced them into submission. They would sleep on her behest. She couldn’t cherish the triumph. Carole had no time. The platforms settled. The dead soldiers fired their weapons. Edward Morris challenged the officer. The necromancer got the power to raise the spirits of the dead. He had no right. They served together. She lost control. The bats went like a swarm. Carole cried. She basked iin agony. This was glorious. Carole laughed. The hunter beheld her. She blew him a kiss.

Airport, the pinnacle. The 10th of December 2098 A.D.

The abyss general came through another hole in reality. Torah struck with the smash. Zobek’s lieutenant cut through space. Alucard moved in time. The enemy appeared underneath with a combo of slashes. Dracula’s estranged and forgotten son met him in swordplay. Torah ran to keep up the assault. Alucard was forced aside. “Jesus!” Torah presented the cross. The pit swordsman released a massive wave of pure energy. The blast was split and went astray. That was really impressive. The general approached. Although another lieutenant was fencing with Alucard. Torah fell into a slight trance. She noticed the black wires which connected the duo. They figured she knew. The image stopped to release a shock wave of energy. Alucard was so quick. “Grizzly wing!” He appeared in front. The spell took the brunt of the attack. Torah threw the ring. She cut the connection. The general staggered. Then he hurled the blade. “Masamune!” Alucard cursed. The blade was stuck in the floor. It reappeared within his hand. Alucard pulled her at the center. He threw the cape above them. Zobek’s lieutenant created a large orange sigils which turned the air into pulsing energy. Torah screamed. They somehow survived. The general hurled five shadowy projectiles. “Homing ball!” Torah cast her spell.

The pinnacle, Ravenberg. The 10th. Of December 2098 A.D.

They were lost. Saria went ahead to scout. Alicia sent Marcia along. She didn’t feel right. The Undead Killer was an heirloom in her family. Alicia felt weird without the chain-whip. Either way, she would fight. “You are so clever.” Alicia challenged the witch. “That man broke our company.” Salome looked aside. “I didn’t know.” The dancing girl was adored with glamorous jewelleries. She was still worth a king’s ransom. “The necromancer brought me back to life.” She hid her face. Alicia couldn’t help but stare. Her bra and loincloth couldn’t hide the fear skin. Salome was luxurious. “He owes me.” She threw back the brown hair. “You have changed.” Alicia said. Salome smiled without mirth. “I have no choice but to obey his will.” The witch talisman was all to obvious between her round breasts. “You should kill me.” For a moment, the dark eyes turned a burning green. “For I served the Dark Lord Dracula of my own free will.” Salome gained a proud pose. “I would give myself as sacrifice to demons on his behest.” Salome seemed ablaze with conviction. Then the fires burned out. “Now though, I am nothing but a slave and a plaything.” Alicia bit her lip. She didn’t expect to feel this pity. “When he gets bored of me.” Salome embraced herself. “The necromancer will throw me aside.” Alicia touched her arm. “That won’t happen.” She said. The witch smiled. “Anyway.” Alicia sighed. “I don’t kill in cold blood.” Salome met her gaze. “Wewill find your whip.” She promised. Alicia wasn’t all that sure. “That rests with the Lord.” Salome removed the glasses. “You look so much pretty without them.” She put them together. Sheplaced them within her breast pocket. Alicia blinked. She didn’t see very well. Though the touch made her to blush. Alicia didn’t know what to say or do. “For 20 years, I walked this earth.” Salome bent closer. “You are the most beautiful lady I have ever seen.” Alicia felt her breath on the face. She always had a thing for girls. Salome then kissed her. For a moment, Alicia had it all. For a minute, she had control. “Are you trying to seduce me?” Alicia broke the kiss. Her heart was helpless, without a clue. Now she only felt attracted to her. “No.” Salome breathed. “I only wish to feel alive.” Alicia didn’t realize she put an arm around her waists. “Even if you defeat the necromancer.” Salome held her even closer. “I will die.” Alicia knew. Or she should. “All people die.” This time, it was Alicia kissing her. “Though no one should have to be alone.” The kiss deepened. “Then take me.” Salome whispered. “Hold me, and make out with me.” Alicia kissed her lips again. “Hush.” She went lower. She kissed the way down to her bosom. “Oh yes.” Salome moaned. The cloth fell away as Alicia tasted her nipple. That went hard like a stone. “Here.” Alicia openedher jacket. She removed the mail and chest-plate. “Thank you.” Salome pulled the shirt over her head. “We don’t have much time.” Alicia gasped whenthe tongue licked her breasts. “I am a virgin.” She told. “Go easy on me.” Salome smiled as her loincloth fell to the floor. “I will.” Alicia opened the belt. The trousers and underwear fell below her knees. “Don’t bother.” Salome stopped her when touching the boots. She stepped out of her sandals. “I will teach you how to please a woman.” They teased each other for quite a while. Alicia never felt like this before. Salome was at work between her legs. Alicia groaned upon climax. “Now it is my turn.” She bent down. “Do it.” Salome pleaded. “That is the way.” She moaned. “Use your fingers.” Alicia did as told. She felt her experience. Salome leaned back on her elbows. “Thank you.” Alicia smiled. “Do you spot my glasses?” She could find them,thoughAlicia had to ask. “Wait for me.” Salome made her to lay down. She put herself into position. “One last time.” She pleaded. “But this time, we do it together.” Alicia sighed. She was ready. They made it feel good for one another. Alicia didn’t know she was able. They made out. It was so different. Though she got over the top. Salome went with her. Alicia gasped for air. This was so… She had no words to describe what happened. Salome exhaled. “Thanks.” She kissed her. “That was magnificent.” She got up on her knees. Alicia watched her. Though she couldn’t see very well. Salome replaced the glasses. Alicia touched her cheek. Then she began to redress. Salome did the same. She couldn’t help but to blush. Aliciawasn’tafraid anymore. Not about sex anyway. Alicia replaced the armour. “Thank you, Lord.” She reached for the crucifix. Salome watched her. Then she reached out her hand. “Alicia.” She presented a small jewel. “Could you do me a favour?” Alicia arched her eyebrows. “What is it?” She asked. Salome beheld the gem. “This jewellery was given to one of my ancestors, by lord Dracula himself, in 1797.” Alicia crossed herself. She almost forgot this woman was a witch. “I want you to give it to Carole.” Salome reached out to her. “I want her to tell my sisters how I died.” The shadow seemed to gather around. Alicia took it. She didn’t know why. Only that it, in some weird sense, was the right thing to do. “We all have our family and friends.” Salome lowered her head. “If it wasn’t for him.” She said. “Nothing of this would ever happen.” Alicia agreed. “It’s like a dream.” Salome shook her hair. “I don’t know.” She sighed. “In any case. I hope it might be a good dream.” Alicia embraced her. “I hope it will.” She kissed her. “But thank you.” Alicia let her go. Salome was baffled. Alicia smiled. “For giving me a new dream.” Salome then kissed her, one last time.Alicia kept blushing. She couldn’t stop it. Alicia pulled her hair into a tight ponytail. Sonia Belmont, who fought Dracula in 1476, invented the style. Alicia dismissed. That wasn’t the point. She was glad that Saria was not around to watch. This was no show. Alicia frowned. There was something wrong. She hadn’t return. The dryad never was this slow. “She should be back.” Alicia felt at a loss. “Relax.” Salome looked about. “She might be delayed.” Alicia sighed. She was a witch. Alicia couldn’t force her to accept.

This made no sense. Saria red the engravings. The sun would soon begin its descent. She reached it in time. But why do it at all? “Get your bow ready.” Marcia advised. “There is no lack in trying.” The fairy was right. Saria picked with the string. But if it worked… It might make her into someone she didn’t want to be. Saria bit her lip. This wasn’t her destiny. “Shoot!” Marcia cried. “Do it now!” This was the time. Almost without thinking, Saria aimed and fired. The arrow went into the sun. A beam of light shone through the crack. Saria was dazzled by the pure intensity. For a while, she couldn’t see. Saria really lost Edward by now. The light subsided. She could see again. The sun arrows lay at her feet. Saria was shaking. Did she really deserve this? “Take them.” Marcia looked pale in the sunlight. “I don’t know.” Saria said. “I’m not who you think I am.” The fairy stamped her foot. “It doesn’t matter.” She told. “It doesn’t matter who you are.” Her glow went softer. “You can help the others.” Marcia fluttered before her face. “All which matter is what you do with what time you have left.” Saria accepted. She felt at rest. The questions still lingered. But that could wait. She bent and picked the arrows. This she could do. Marcia was already going back. Saria followed.

The pinnacle, Ravenberg. The 10th. Of December 2098 A.D.

This had to end. Carole dominated her soul. “You are worthless.” The woman got no right to that uniform. “Your purpose is to serve Galina Kanetsky.” The Belmont didn’t approve. “You have worshipped her.” Carole exposed her fangs. “Everything about her is a revelation. You exist only for Galina’s nourishment.” The sister licked her lips and fangs. “You will consider it a privilege to let your racist bickering blood stream into her gorgeous mouth.” Galinawas a Russianfemale. This white trash deserved every bit of it. They found the soldier in triumph over the wounded body. Kicking her, calling her names. “You are an unpaid hore, a slave.” Well, not anymore. “And Galina is your mistress.” Carole removed her gaze. “Have fun.” She smiled. Morris muttered. She told him to follow. “The woman was gasping. “Feed on me, please.” Carole almost laughed. “You are so beautiful.” She gave herself up. “I don’t even deserve to be near you.” Galina took her into her arms. “I want your blood.” She said. Galina died in the Tsunami in 2004. “Take it all. It belongs to you.” The woman tore her neck bare. “Open up your mouth.” Galinamoaned. She had opened a vain. “Yes.” Galina was drinking. The soldier gasped. Her eyes glazed over. This would make her to live again.

They kept walking. Edward touched the crucifix. Through the grace of God, the Belmonts where able to resist their charm. He thought to deliver her from evil. “Don’t bother.” Carole didn’t even turn back. That other vampire joined up. She retained the same uniform. The Russianlooked much better. Edward knew why. “You want to defeat the necromancer.” Edward sighed. Carole smiled. “Then you have to accept us.” Galina exposed her fangs. They were attractive,though he felt like agreed to a deal with the Devil. “You know I won’t bite.” Carole was serious. “Galina is mine now.” She touched her cheek and bosom. “She will do as I wish.” Edward looked away. That was none of his business. “Galina!” She snapped. Galinathen sent him an approving look. “The legends tell your kind have an eye for my species.” Edward sighed. He was in love with Saria. Why couldn’t they leave him alone? He was not a womanizer. The light became clear. The sun shone down through the shaft. Edward crossed himself. The sun felt nice. The robot stepped into the light. The sun illuminated the metal skeleton. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” The female vampires spread to either side. The robot carried an automated weapon and shotgun. Bullets went through the air. “Hand over the rocket!” The launchers released. Edward made the crosses rise in defiance. They took out the first round of explosives. Carole and Galina released heavy steam or bat waves. The homing missiles made them to blast into oblivion. Edward got around the robot. He hurled the axes about. The ladies kept the machine occupied. They moved with greater speed and agility then any normal human being. The machine was not human. He was a terminator. A programmed killer. Edward turned back. The lasers kept him in place. The cross barely saved him. He retrieved the boomerang. Edward tugged his beard. Why didn’t it melt? The Lord was his saviour. Edward would hunt the night. He doused the turrets with holy water. Galina picked up the metal skeleton. She got the strength of twenty men. The undead then slammed him against the ground. The robot pulled her out into daylight. “Galina!” Carole screamed. The soldier lost all her supernatural abilities. The robot was about to strangle her. “They are to rest in peace.” Edward was only a mailman. But he knew this was wrong. The machine turned his way. He threw the woman down. She began to crawl back into the shadow. Edward met the robot before he might retain his weaponry. He stabbed the Claymore down. The robot staggered as rising flames burned the skeleton. “Dracul!” Carole struck from behind. She hurled herself through the air. The robot turned to strike her. Galina held him back. “Do it!” Carole catched the other arm. She bared her fangs. “So let it be done!” Edward hurled the Bowie-knife. His gold shone through. The knife exploded on impact. Both vampires got hurled away. The robot crumbled into a heap. The skull was broken. Edward kicked the mechanics aside while searching for the knife. “This is yours.” Galina was on her knees. She held the item in both hands. “You saved us.” Carolekept behind. She bowed her head to him. “So it is.” Edward had no idea. He picked the knife and re-sheathed it. “You gained our loyalty.” Carole said. “We give our self to you.” She also knelt. “We serve your will.” They revealed their neck and throat. “Do whatever you want.” Edward closed his eyes. Although the Belmonts fought their kind for generations, he knew very little about their tradition. “No problem.” He tugged his beard. “Show me the way to that computer.” They got up. “We shall protect you.” Galina assured. “Your blood is safe.”Carole promised. Edward touched the crucifix. “Yes, sure. Whatever.” He muttered. They kissed his hands. Edward sighed. He was no boyar. This wasn’t right.Something rattled. “Oh my God.” Edward looked skyward. He should have known. The pattern was too obvious. The ladies vanished into the dark. “Come back.” The mailman hissed. That was too late. The great spiders fell on the ground. “God with us!” Edward revealed the crucifix. That wasn’t enough. He couldn’t repel all three of them. “Dracul!” Carole leaped from behind. “For the dragon!” She unsheathed the sword. “Death to the necromancer!” Galina released the bats. Edward threw himself sideways. They fed upon his flesh. The spider tried to escape. He got to react. The mailman hurled the cross. The boomerangs got stuck in the chest and torso. Edward had to rip them away. The monster tried to capture him alive. Edward cut through the spindle. He released the magnetic force. The spider shrieked. Edward got to shield his ears. Flames erupted on impact. The creature rolled over. Edward made a grimace. This was nasty. Though it had to be done. This was his destiny. The mailman removed the head. They might change their heart. They got an extra. That was in mockery of the dragon heart. Then again, Morgoth created both species. The dragons repented, while the spiders were only monsters. He put it aside. This wasn’t the time. Carole snarled. She got forced into a corner. “Burn you!” She exposed her fangs. The Dominican got into trouble. She released burst after burst of electricity. “Master!” Galina cried. The monster tore her jacket. Edward jumped. He consolidated the force to get high enough. Edward landed upon the back. He buried the blade within its spine. The rising flames burned through the body. The spider released her. Though it kept weaving. Edward got brought into the air. “Here goes nothing.” The frozen cross appeared overhead. The monster got tore to pieces. Edward got settled back down. He exhaled. That actually worked. The breather didn’t last. Galina repeated the blast over. The steam had little effect. The thunderbolts seemed to dry it up. Carole made the chain lightning to strike. Edward doused the fiend with holy water. He picked the gems. That granted strength. Edward repeated the offence. The monster burned. “Look out!” They approached. The auto defence got repaired. “Curse you!” Carole snarled. She kept cursing the system.

Airport, the pinnacle. The 10th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The sorceress repelled the blast of energy. The cross made it to split in half. The energy went beyond her body. Alucard approved. Torah Fernandez found a way to conquest. He could see she was getting weary. Alucard cursed the lords of shadow. The lieutenant learned spells from zobek. He spread confusion and doubt throughout the very air. Alucard changed into a bat. The abyss general had appeared from underneath. “Take this,your thief!” Fernandez hurled one of the ancestor’s ring smash. “Hellfire!” Alucard retained his human form. He got to keep the foeoccupied. Zobek’s henchman was able to counter. That was no setback.

The ring crushed through the armour. There where not a single drop of blood. That he expected. This villain was anything but mortal. Zobek’s lieutenant was an inhuman fiend of strong magical power. Alucard approved. He was prepared for another teleportation attempt. The abyss general duplicated himself. The shockwave of energy should ended his life. Alucard became mist. He retained his original shape. Alucard could not leave the girl to face him alone. She surprised him. “Homing ball!” The power of gold sent the lieutenant flying through the hole. The lieutenant reappeared to project ghosts into being. That was a problem.

Dora wood, Warakiya. The 13th.Of December 2098 A.D.

The white witch’s fury was the strength of the blizzard. Not only did those rebels dare to ambush her. They made her to forgo her price. Kay and Gerda where not only young and healthy. She could smell their innocence. The snow queen would cover the land in endless winter for such blood. The cabman stopped her. She could command him. Though not in this matter. The faceless man came from the castle. Liza Bernhard pledged fealty to lord Dracula. The warg-riders never came back. She was alone. The night was young. The whitewhich had a decision to make. To either return to the nest, or to carry on her journey. She madly needed blood. Not much,although a little,to regenerate her force. Where to get it? The status as a vampire granted her power over the lesserforms of life. The snow queen gave a sudden laugh. The Master used her well. This would add to Chaos. She summoned squirrels and hedgehogs. They had no choice but to answer. She would feed upon them. Then the cabman would drink. The taste was bitter. She got to feed. Though the white witch hated them all. She would gain revenge. The snow queen drained their veins empty. She could use her might for vengeance. This would be the perfect storm. Liza Bernhardt kept laughing. She might show them all.

Computer lab, the pinnacle. The 10th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The doors where closed. Edward Morris knocked all the candles. “This is the place.” Carole told. “The central control-computer.” Galina licked her first finger before pointing. The room was circular in shape. The Morris crossed himself. The place was coated with metal plates. Carole got interested. Her ability told he was blessed by Venus. But why? He was handsome enough. The source of light where the computer terminals. “No problem.” The vampire hunter unsheathed his blade. “Get back!” Galina shouted. The chairs where empty. “Dracul!” Carole summoned. The force-field got activated. “The security crystal is protected!” Carole realized. “Identify.” The screens lit up. “I am Edward Morris.” The man was brave. “Object of notice.” The screens relayed images of other hunters. “Object identified.” She hated the machine. “Edward Morris.” The computer found him. The hunter tugged his beard. “Danger calculation: 100%.” Why didn’t it care about them? “Defensive action: attack pattern Beta. System activated.” The screens got protected by metal walls. Carole and Galina produced their weapons. The turrets got revealed. “Let your will be done.” Morris was ready to fight. She got impressed. He really was that brave. No questions asked. The security opened fire.

Airport, the pinnacle. The 10th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The sword got buried in the ground. The lieutenant reached his hand. Alucard threw his cape above them. The signet burst. Torah screamed. The air was pure energy. Alucard morphed into mist. She felt the chill on her skin. Torah shuddered. Zobek’s lieutenant conjured the ghosts into being. Alucard was back to challenge the dead. The abyss general cut a hole in reality. Torah hid her ears. She felt the world cry out in an instance. Then everything went silent. Not for long. The bad man reappeared. Torah sung. It came to her unbidden. “The “Bolero of fire”.” Alucard lowered his head. She had no mind. The music burned the area. The lieutenant was caught. He screamed behind the mask. She was tired. Then he split in two. Torah held the cross. The shock wave got deflected. Torah screamed. The counterforce was terrible. “Crimson lightning!” Alucard made the chain to strike. Both figures where hit. That left only one person behind. The lieutenant looked like throwing up. Torah mused. He was in pain. Though the wounds where healing up. “Jesus!” She recognised the use of black magic. Torah got to stop it. “Ball of Destruction!” Alucard figured. The abyss general got struck hard. The spell was foiled. He went down on his knees. Then Zobek’s lieutenant was gone.

The pinnacle, Ravenberg. The 10th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The corpse burned on impact. Saria fired. The sunlight was too bright. Alicia hid her face. Salome danced among the enemies. The knife went through flesh and bone. Alicia hurled a vial toward the bats. They got defeated. The officer threw grenades. Alicia touched the crucifix. She wasn’t hurt. Alicia almost sobbed with relief. She thought of Mina. Alicia felt like being torn in two. She was a vampire hunter. But Alicia slept with the witch. The Lord hadn’t forsaken her. She picked together. Alicia would fight the righteous battle. She used the dagger like a short sword. She would give up her life,if that was required. Alicia led them to this place. It took a while before she figured. Alicia might sense the Undead Killer. Leon got the same ability. That was how he could track the doppelganger after he stole the whip of Alchemy in 1094. They met in the dark palace of waterfalls. That was more then a millennia ago. Alicia hurled the cross like a boomerang. She got the lasers before they could fire. The officer moved beyond the soldiers. The zombie came her way. Alicia licked her lips. She disliked those dead glaring eyes. She threw the dagger forward. Alicia made it to split in three. The zombie officer stumbled away. She retrived the weapon. The officer got shot by the rocket. “Protect us from the evil one!” Alicia made a backflip. She doused the mechanism with holy water. The soldier stabbed with his knife. “Get back!” Marcia called. The rocket was still launching. Saria fired the sun arrow. The soldier got shot to pieces. Alicia inhaled. She knocked the candles. “Thank You, Lord.” She worshipped while picking crystals. Salome found the combination. The door slid aside. “Get in!” Alicia shouted. “And don’t look back!” When she didn’t react fast enough, she forced the witch inside. Then, when the door closed, she picked the rosary. “Let Your will be done!” A flash of light illuminated the corridor. The monsters where put to rest. “Glory be You!” Alicia crossed herself. “Our Father in Heaven.” She exhaled. “Mother of trees.” Saria hid in the niche. Marcia sat on her shoulder. The fairy was dull. The dryad bit her lip. “I am alright.” Saria spoke like she didn’t expect it. “He didn’t kill me.” Marcia wept crystal tears. Alicia reached for the crucifix. Those drops where precious. She put it aside. The Belmont clan knew many things. Some of which where nothing but rubbish. “Come.” Alicia hoisted Marcia to sit on her shoulder. The backpack felt so heavy right now. Alicia shrugged. She went for the opening. “Wait for me!” Saria had gathered. Alicia smiled. She wished her friends to be happy. They went inside. Her smile withered. That was the same face, the very same. The scar, inflicted by Jonathan Harker in 1897, sat above the bushy eyebrows. “No.” Alicia felt shadow rise to consume her. “Not you.” They almost met above the high, aquiline Nose. Saria was sobbing so fierce that she couldn’t even speak. The dark eyes seemed almost to flare red when contrasted against his paler. “My lord!” Salome crawled in the dust. “My count!” Reinhardt Schneider was right. This man died ages ago. Alicia couldn’t tear her gaze away from the mouth. The heavy moustache didn’t hide the ruby lips or the sharp white teeth. The big man seemed to fill the room. Alicia licked her lips. She got to have him. Even now Alicia felt his appeal and charisma. He threw back the black cape. Alicia recognised the great bat shaped brooch which held it together. He reached for her. No. She would never. Not to him. “The lord of the vampires.” Alicia whispered. “Count Dracula.” His nostrils flared with Basilisk fury. The cheeks where scared. He looked like a bat. “Voivode Vlad Tepes Dracula.” Alicia got back. The Undead Killer lay on the table. “ The power of Chaos can nay be undone.” Salome was about to kiss the coils of his robe. “Yes, my prince.” Alicia leaped. She reached the control bar. “In the name of Michael the Arch Angel!” She cried. The chain-whip was a tool of gold. The whip struck the head. The count was gone. Alicia stumbled forward. Salome got her. She helped her to get up. “I… It w… “ Marcia stammered. “It… It was only a h… hologram.” Saria looked grey and old. She dropped her items. “So, this is thy power?” The voice sent chills down her spine. “”Then I shall test thee.” Alicia made the sign of the cross. “So let it be.” Somebody was looking through the northern view port. There where no doubt. Not this time. He was here. She knew who he was. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth.” He stepped into the light. Alicia cracked with the whip. “Let Your will be done.” She prayed.The man looked like a walking corpse. It was like a mummified body got raised from the dead. “I know who you are.” It was amazing that he was still alive. “Dracula’s curse has befallen the land.”” The old man folded his arms. “The force is spreading while we speak.” Alicia licked her lips. She tightened the grip on the chain-whip. “You have to stop it.”” Salome reached to embrace him. “There is only one Dark Lord.” He pushed her aside. “Only one who might claim the title.” The old man touched the ring on his finger. “And he does not share power.”” Alicia touched the crucifix. She figured. That was no reason to surrender. “They might hear his call.” The room stanched of death. “This is not the right moment.” Alicia shook her head. This was getting out of hand. “St. Germain is the poltergeist king.” The old man staggered. “No. It cannot be.” His hands turned into fists. “You refuse us.” He looked to rot before her eyes. “You always refuse us.” Alicia felt appalled. She kept back. Then Alicia thought of her family. The dead soldiers lay scattered upon the floor. Edward wouldn’t give in. She was certain. Heinrich would, if he must, take her place. Someone would wield the Vampire Killer. She felt so cold. That was the supernatural. “To fear the unknown.” Alicia breathed. She threw it aside. Alicia wasn’t afraid any longer. She would keep Leon’s oat to hunt the night. “In the name of Michael the arch angel!” Aliciacalled. She was a vampire hunter.

Sheshuddered. Saria felt so cold. Salome was still on her knees. “Zead.” Alicia met the deep-set gaze. “Zobek’s teacher.” She crossed herself. “And Rinaldo’s opponent from the brotherhood of light.” The man looked like a moving corpse. He made no reply. Instead, he reached inside the mouldy robes. Saria gasped. Her petite little body turned rigid. He got armed. The dryad embraced herself to might stop the shake. “No one ever escapes from me.” His voice seemed to originate from the depths of the chest. Alicia brandished with the whip. Zead blocked the attack. She parried the counter strike. Alicia doused him with holy water. The ancient leather glove reached to pull her hair. “You won’t dare!” Marcia shot straight into his pale face. The man looked so withered. Alicia whipped him. The zombie soldiers where alive. Saria picked together. She hung up the bow. The dryad dashed to challenge the dead. Zead got stabbed by the dagger. Saria got taken by the soldiers. They burst to pieces. Salome released the witch light. Alicia dodged as best she could. The sword went from left to right. The crucifix burned his skin. They would tear her apart. Saria used the forest shield. Alicia got struck. Zead was hit by the cross. He staggered. Alicia made it to rain. Zead burned.

The pinnacle, Ravenberg. The 10th. Of December 2098 A.D.

That was not enough. The dancing girl moved among the soldiers. Salome used her magic to counter. She couldn’t fight him. That would be treason. Saria was moving about. She wasn’t bad. The dryad could fight. Salome light strong and bright women. Zead caught Alicia by the neck. No. She needed her. Needed her to strike the necromancer. The vampire hunter didn’t disappoint her. She stamped him with her symbol. He let her go. The man stabbed his blade. Alicia was wearing armour. The impact shocked her. Salome stabbed with the sacrificial knife. She would ordinarily use it to slaughter animals for the black mass. Alicia blocked the counterforce. The dagger got stuck in his shoulder. He barely bled at all. The girl looked frightened. She got a reason. Zead was about to behead her. She hurled the vial. Zead got bathed in flame. He screamed. Alicia cracked with the whip. He got out of reach. The dead soldiers where defeated. “So it would be like this, the rest of the way.” Zead didn’t look concerned. Alicia recoiled the whip. He was gone. “What was the meaning of all this?” Saria drew sweat of her brow. “I don’t know.” Alicia said. “But it was a test battle.” Salome hissed. She was right. Nothing mattered. Not to her. Salome was furious. She would fight again.

Computer lab, the pinnacle. The 10th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The computers lay in shamble. He shook his head. Not even the central control-computer could withstand the undead. They got the strength of twenty men. Edward made the sign of the cross. They ripped away the steel barriers. Though not without cost. Galina got hit in the shoulder. Carole got a wounded knee. They healed up. Galina took those bullets to shield him. Edward tugged his beard. They kept their promise. He managed to destroy the shield generator. Although the repair crew kept working. Galina released five claw-shaped steam blasts. The battle wasn’t over. The defence mechanism was still in effect. They protected the security crystal. Edward sidestepped. The laser turrets where about to kill him. Carole released the bats. They picked the turrets apart. Edward hurled the axe. He moved beyond the barrier. He doused the power source with holy water. Galina morphed into a bat. She carried him away. The repair crew went to work. The turrets fired. The bullets almost got him. Carole made lightning strike twice. They got to destroy enough of the cannons to get through. Edward dashed. The computer recognised the vampires. The system classified them as a greater threat. He stabbed the sword down. The grenade launcher exploded. The rising flames set off a chain reaction which destroyed the laser turret. The repair crew began to replace them. Edward reached for the crucifix. He spread his arms wide. He got Simon’s heart of fire. The enflamed cross burst overhead. The control room was bathed in flames. The security crystal was exposed. Edward recognised the shatter points. He made a glide. The guns aimed his way. They couldn’t turn round. Either case, they got a wide aim. Carole and Galina where healing up. The flames scorched their flesh. The defence mechanism had become rebuilt. Bullets, grenades and lasers went through the air. The holo-cams got blasted away. Edward hurled daggers while moving along. He got time enough to destroy the machine gun. That left some crystals. Edward picked them up. The grenades nearly got him as well. He blocked with the cross. The boomerang went through the air. Edward made it to split in three. The launcher exploded. He claimed the crystals. Carole and Galina arrived. The blood force saved his life. Edward ran around the security crystal. He threw a wave of holy water. The turrets got frozen in place. Edward made a glide. He struck them into pieces. The crystals replenished his energy. The water filled up. Edward touched the crucifix. He got lifted into the air. The cross appeared. “God with us!” Edward shouted. The cross broke into pieces. Galina shielded against the splinters. She carried him away. The crystal was charging up. The blast ripped through the area. Edward felt tears down his cheek. He drew them away. The lasers aimed skyward. Galina let go. Edward landed in a croutched position. The machine gun was right in front. Edward struck with his blade. The Claymore cut through the metal. The steam was boiling hot. Edward managed to jump. He smashed into the crystal. He buried the blade inside. Carole forced him down. The grenades went above. Galina released her claw projectile. She then smashed her blade into the security crystal. Edward got back on foot. He threw the undead above the turrets. Then he swung the blade. The holy beam shot the turrets to pieces. The repair crew was busy. He picked the crystals. The tiny robots where almost complete. Edward leaped. He struck the crystal. Then the vampires pulled him away. The blast might tear him apart. They had to continue. The cannons might blast the place to pieces. “Come with me!” Edward got an idea. They went along. Edward struck a cannon. “Fire!” He told. Galina did. Carole made lightning strike. Edward smashed the laser. They worked together. The other turrets aimed their way. “Go!” Edward ran round to attack the launcher. He jumped the steam. The magnetic force rammed the security crystal. He got beneath the shards. He got up to make his crosses take the brunt. Then he went to work. Edward claimed the gems. He threw himself on the floor. The energy blast went above. Edward got up to throw a wave of enflamed axes. The security crystal was hit. Pieces and bits of the power source got thrown about the place. Carole appeared in front. Her arms spread. The splinters cut her body. Edward knew what that could do with a vampire. The crystal was charging up. Galina limped for his location. She shook her dark mane. Then she collapsed. Neither of them might aid him. The repair crew had fixed the arsenal. Edward could see beyond the obvious. “God with us!” He called. Then he hurled a wave of holy water. The power source was bathed in spirit. The shatter points broke. The security crystal crumbled into pieces. “Glory be You.” Edward removed the hat. “Our Father in Heaven.” The defence mechanism was left immovable. Edward crossed himself. The vampires where regaining power. The central control-computer left no orb. That he expected. The doors where open. Edward picked the remaining crystals. The female vampires knelt before him. “Did we please you?” Galina asked. They bent to kiss his hands. Edward sighed.“I don’t want your services.” He got the map and compass. He could find the way back. “Then kill us.” Carole said. “For cheating you.” Edward tugged his beard. He wished he got the hunting rifle. Edward would liked to place a silver bullet into their hearts. “Let it be an act of mercy.” He recited. They made no reply. “What do you want with me?” Edward felt so tired. “Tell me the truth.” The female vampires held him tight. “I am attracted by you.” Galina said. “I want to be with you.” Carole kissed his hand. Edward inhaled. “I must confront the necromancer.” That way he might keephis promise to the nayad. “Then we decide what to do.” They released him.Carole and Galina belonged in Dracula’s harem. They produced their swords. Galina went in front. He hoped this might help the others. That was for the Lord to decide. Edward crossed himself.

Airport, the pinnacle. The 10th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The lieutenant hurled five spiked orbs. Alucard morphed into mist. The sorceress hurled one razor ring. “Homing ball!” The combined effort foiled his objective. Alucard met the abyss general in hand-to-hand combat. Masamune struck against the gold armour. Alucard snarled. “Hellfire!” He would not be defeated. The energy blast made the blue fireballs to explode. Torah Fernandez screamed in terror. Then she launched herself upon the enemy. Zobek’s lieutenant was caught off guard. The young sorceress stamped with the cross. Flames burned his armour. The abyss general made the barrier to appear. The orange wall sent the girl away. “Nay.” Alucard insisted. “Thou shall not take her.” The lieutenant laughed. He cut through reality. He appeared beneath the girl. The sword slashed. She got the ring smash. Fernandez blocked the attempt. She fought against him. “Impressive.” Alucard had to admit. She could not defeat him. “Grizzly wing!” The bats swept for the general. He threw the blade among them. She ran. They met in time. The signet burst. The air was pure energy. Zobek’s lieutenant appeared. She stamped him. He staggered. Alucard buried his blade. The opponent tried to regenerate. “Homing ball!” He dropped the sword. Then Alucard removed the head.

The pinnacle, Ravenberg. The 10th of December 2098 A.D.

This was incredible. “The guns!” Ken exclaimed. “They stopped!” Jack grinned like an idiot. Sam shook his head. He didn’t get it. Bill dropped his gun. Then he followed. Down upon his knees. Bert and Tom helped him to get back up. Sam went over to the control bar. He plugged into the network. “The system is dead.” He told. Jack sighed with relief. “Someone must’ve closed off the central control-computer.” Sam shrugged. “The defence mechanism might be down.” He remarked. “But we still have to reach the throne room.” That killed the party.

Dora wood, Warakiya. The 13th. Of December 2098 A.D.

She shuddered with cold. “And stay there.” The orc told her to sit. Gerda tried to hide her nudity. She was captured. “Oh, for the Master’s sake.” The wizard hurled a blanket. “How many times do I have to tell you?” The magician pulled the grey cloak while muttering. “They are to no use if they die of cold.” Gerda didn’t care. She put the blanket close. The goblins split her dress and sark open. She was forced to run, chained and naked, through the forest. The band brought them into the camp. Gerda hoped her boyfriend escaped. She hadn’t seen Kay for some time. Gerda prayed he was free. Someone got to have escaped. Someone had to tell the leadership councilabout all this. That the mission had failed. Gerda shivered. The blanket wasn’t enough. She hoped it would snow. Then it wouldn’t be that cold. She sighed. Gerda knew it wasn’t like that. She tried not to think of her own situation. She would be sold for bloodletting. Or worse, to some pedophile maniac. Gerda tried to clean her tears. That would only excite the monsters. She used her abilities to might ease the mind. “Snaga!” The wizard turned. “Come over here!” The orcs hurried to obey. “Release her chains.” The old man dictated. “Give her some clothing’s.” He smiled. “How would you like to be a witch?”

Inner quarters, the pinnacle. The 10th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The man was eating. Galina felt that foolish smile on her lips. The Dragon gave strength. The hunter didn’t notice. What was going on? Edward Morris saved her life. Galina swore an oath to protect him. She admired his skill and power. Something else where happening. She felt attracted. Carole sat on the floor beside her. The tiny Latino beheld him with equal interest. “What is he?” She breathed. Carole turned her head. The gaze was glowing. “He is blessed by Venus.” Galina sank back on her knees. Her eyes returned to the man in front. “You must never tell him.” Galina threw her hair over the shoulders. She wished he could see her in something else then this dull uniform. “He dreams of a little dryad.” Galina exposed her fangs. She would kill that nymph. “It won’t help.” Carole was right. “The passion will grow as long we stay with him.” Galina licked her lips and fangs. She would do whatever he asked. “The charm mostly affect the supernatural.” Carole fought to remain in place. Galina inhaled. The Belmont would hunt them. “He is easy to like. Carole lowered her head. Edward Morris was both kind and just. “I don’t know what to do.” Galina would hate to fight him. “Neither do I.” Carole stalked his mobility. Galina felt so eager. She would serve his need.

Airport, the pinnacle. The 10th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The fight was over. Torah sat with her back to the helicopter. Alucard sent his familiars back to the tomb. She closed her eyes. Alucard would add Masamune to his collection. That was his business. Torah got to force herself back up. She used the laurels to heal herself. The cross saved her life. Although Torah felt like being burned by the sun. “Dismissed.” Alucard replaced the cards. Torah beheld the helicopter. “Do you know how to fly?” She asked. Alucard arched an eyebrow. Torah hid a smile behind her hand. The ghost appeared from behind. Torah felt its presence. “Homing ball!” She charged with fire. Alucard was faster. He spun round to slash the apparition in half. The ghost moaned while fading. Torah drew a tear. “They are so lonely.” Alucard bowed. “My father is to blame.” He re-sheathed the blade. The homing ball still circled about. She sent it toward the bats. The troop transport was occupied. The dead soldiers ran out to form a protective circle. “Grizzly wing!” Alucard took the first round of the attack. The officer hurled a grenade. Torah got the ring smash. She ran behind their assault. “In the name of Michael the Arch Angel!” Alicia leached onto the metal ring. She swung herself down on the floor. Saria then jumped off her shoulders to fire the bow.

The dead soldiers pulled closer to their transport ship. Salome got down to move among the zombies. Alicia brandished with the chain-whip. She felt strong again. The Undead Killer was back in her hand. “In the name of Michael the Arch Angel!” She would hunt the night. Saria fired a sun arrow. The bright flash revealed the area in all its horror. Corpses, some burned to skeletons lay stacked about. Sometime alone or mixed up with the broken and smashed pieces of machinery. The officer burned to ashes. The light subsided. “This was one of the areas we fought for.” Salome told. Alicia bit together. She felt pity with her. This wasn’t the time. Alicia threw a vial. The dead soldier got bathed in flame. She whipped the body. The zombie broke apart. “Homing ball!” Torah got the mammals. “Ball of Destruction!” Alucard fired the high shot. The great spiders climbed down the net. Alicia made the sign of the cross. She hadn’t noticed. Salome hurled the witch light. She burned the spider. The corpse fell down to crumble at her feet. Alicia threw daggers forward. The soldier tried to stab her. Now their roles got changed. Then again, it was a matter of perspective. Although the reanimated corpse couldn’t penetrate the chain mail, the attack made her to stagger. “Homing ball!” The sisters kept up. “Star bow!” The dryad glowed every time she fired a mystic arrow. Alicia shook it off. She got stuck in the web. Alicia reached for the crucifix. “Help me!” She was lifted in to the air. Alicia got the heart of fire. The enflamed cross appeared above. “In the name of Michael the Arch Angel!” Both the net and the spiders where reduced to ashes. “Do you know how to fly?” Torah looked around for other monsters. Alucard then afforded a bow. “I can.” He said in his usual icy tone. “I fought in the demon castle war.” Alicia crossed herself. That was one of their darkest hours. “It doesn’t matter.” Salome made an inclusive gesture.” We disable the aircrafts.” For a moment, Alicia was captured by her grace and beauty. She shook her head. “Why did you do that?” Marcia asked. The fairy shone a worried green. Salome smiled. Though that was a mere a grimace. “What do you think?” Alicia figured about it.Alucard was the first to speak. ”Because thy could nay afford it.” The witch laughed. “So clever.” Salome knew the ancient tongue. “Of course we couldn’t afford it.” The dancing girl folded her graceful arms in front. “The usurpers might use them against us.” Alicia was suddenly glad the airplanes and helicopters didn’t work. She shuddered by the thought of having to challenge their heavy armed canons and missile launchers. The Belmont clan was trained to hunt the undead. “We have to get out of here.” Torah cut through her line of thoughts. The child’s face was turning paler. “He is here. Now.” Alucard caught her by the shoulder. “Who?” he asked. “Who is here?” The sorceress seemed to stareinto nothingness. “The necromancer.” She said. ”He use his power to raise the spirits of the dead.” Marcia lit up in sudden alarm.“they are coming for us!” Torah picked the ring smash. Alicia was happy to see life returning to her eyes. She often forgot Torah was still in training. Alicia got the chain-whip. The group was armed and ready. The corpses were moving. Alucard remained behind at the doorway. He fought with the controls. “Pokol.” He cursed. “Someone has disabled the central control computer.” Alicia’s heart leaped. It got to be Edward’s work. He had to be alive. She was sure that Zobek’s lieutenant didn’t kill him. The abyss general only coveded the Vampire Killer. She frowned. How could that be? The ancient relic neverchose her. The bullets brought her back to reality. The zombie soldiers fired their rifles. They got to close the gate. “Stay back!” Saria told. “This is dryad business.” Alicia didn’t know what to do. She looked to Marcia for assistance. “Do as she tells.” Torah made the decision. Alucard gave his salute. Salome merely shrugged. They pulled away from the exit. Only Saria and Marcia remained. The soldiers reloaded. “I offer you my strength.” the fairy told.“Thanks.” Saria inhaled. “I will need it.” Then she began to sing. Alicia made the sign of the cross. The music felt strong as the earth itself. No wonder it rumbled and buried the dead. Saria was down on her knees. “The “Symphony of Earth”.” Alucard spoke with awe. He helped her to get up. “She will live.” Alucard told. Alicia gave a sigh of relief. Torah almost sobbed. Alucard carried her while they continued down the corridor. Marcia settled on her shoulder. The fairy was tired. Alicia could tell. Though she was proud. “The necromancer must have felt this.” Marcia said. “Or he is blind.” Alicia had no mind about it. She hoped the counterforce blasted his mind. Wishful thinking. She sighed. That wouldn’t happen. They got to regroup. Then it would be his turn. Alicia pulled through her blonde hair. “Consider me gone.” Salome blew her a kiss. Alicia blushed. The dancing girl must have recognized her feelings. She tried to dismiss. Salome really was attractive. They entered another cave. The fighters stood in line. “The pilots were instrumental in the battle.” Salome explained. “They kept the others from rising.”” She licked her lips. “Though they got shot by the battle droids.” The aircraft got scorched by laser fire. The soldiers lay in piles. Alicia put a hand upon the Undead Killer. She felt the chill of black sorcery. “In the name of Michael the arch angel!” Alicia brandished with the flame whip. The dead pilots fired their shock weapons. Alicia got stunned. “Ball of Destruction!” Alucard hurled the high shot. The pilot fell into a heap. The exit was right ahead. That didn’t change anything. “Forest’s death!” Marcia fluttered in front. She burned red like a pyre. “Leave her alone!” Alicia focused her power. She wished Edward was here. The mailman was gifted with thunder. They got the laurels. He might remove the stunned state. “Thank You.” Torah knocked a candle. She picked the rosary. The item put them to rest. Alicia made the sign of the cross. She might move. They went through the opening.

The pinnacle, Ravenberg. The 10th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The bats squeaked. “Magic arrow!” Saria fired her bow. They went like a swarm. “In the name of Michael the Arch Angel!” Alicia twirled with the gold whip. The bats burned to ashes. “Hellfire!” Alucard spread his caped arms. The ghost moaned while fading. “Get down!”The zombie sniper fired his rifle. “Mother of trees!” Saria clutched her thigh. Her bow fell upon the floor. “Homing ball!” Torah charged the spell. The purple ball of plasma circled about.It kept hunting the enemy. The dead soldier was blasted into oblivion. Saria didn’t care. Her body throbbed with pain. She wasn’t used to this kind of torture. Torah knelt beside her. She was able to heal. Saria was still shaking when Torah brought her back up. The band of soldiers came from the elevator. They wasted no time. “Grizzly wing!” Alucard spread both arms. The bats where like a shield. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” Alicia made it to rain. “Homing ball!” Torah got up. She cast her spell. “Star bow!” Saria fired. The officer was impaled. He seemed to burn up from the inside. Torah dashed to meet them. The ring smash broke their numbers. “Blue bow!” Saria fired her bow-and-arrows. “Magic arrow!” She hoped that Edward was alright. She didn’t have time. Saria ran to reach the soldiers.

Inner quarters, the pinnacle. The 10th. Of December 2098 A.D.

Their trouble wasn’t over. Though Carole was healing up. The uniform hang in rags about her body. Galina led them to the inner quarters. Edward Morris disliked the detour. Carole winched by the memory. She did it for their sake. The mailman broke into the groceries. He found plenty of food and other survival gears stacked inside. Galina used perfume and makeup to hide her status. Carole sent her a sly glance. She blew her a kiss. Then she got into her girdle. Carole fought a laugh. Galina clasped the garter close, before getting into the red and white cocktail dress. “That really fits your style.” Morris smirked. Galina beamed. Carole snarled. She knew how to be sexy. She stripped the rags. Carole got her own coffin. They brought it from the castle. She didn’t need a bra. Carole slid into a short black dress. That kept to her body. She used it the night before the earthquake. The high heals might prove a boon in battle. Galina got her own pair of shoes. Edward Morris shook his head. “Are you trying to impress me?” He asked. Galina reached out with both arms. “Am I not beautiful?” Her voice tingled with the sound of water glasses played on by a cunning hand. Carole didn’t approve about it. The Belmont clanmight resist their charm. He crossed himself. Carole was forced aside. “Why do you refuse me?” They got interrupted by the sound of broken glass.

The glass wall got crushed to pieces. Edward unsheathed the Claymore sword. He knew this was a trap. While the undead distracted his attention, the robot arrived. The metal skeleton launched repeated grenades. Edward made the crosses to rise. He hurled a wave of holy water. The robot fired rounds of ammunition. Edward cursed beneath his breath. The vampires turned into mist. “Shoot him!” The gold knight demanded. She hurled the Shuriken. Edward threw the axes in a high arch. They broke on impact. “Blast you all!” Carole put her arms around her upper body. She tried to break free. Edward didn’t get close enough. The machine released other shells. Edward was lifted into the air. The enflamed cross burst to burn the area. The vampires managed tobitethe hip and neck. The polar foxgot drained of blood. Edward threw himself aside. The robot fired the gun. Rounds of bullets where spread out in a wave formation. Edward threw the cross. He made it to split in three. The robot staggered. Edward stabbed down. The rising flames burned along the floor. “Die!” The gold knight pulled off the bomb. The vampires got hurled away. Edward got up in front of the machine. “God with us!” Edward cried. The launcher was ready. Edward poured holy water inside. The weapon imploded. The machine picked the shotgun. Edward threw himself down. “Forgive me!” Galina appeared in front. “But I love you!” She got filled with bullets. Blood stained the floor. The bullets pierced her body. Edward got aside. “Burned to Hell!” He yelled. The holy beam blasted through the ribs. The impact caused a small explosion. Half the torso broke apart. The metal claw closed around his neck. “Let him go!” Galina forced the hand open. Edward staggered back. “Now it’s your turn.” Galina snarled. “By the Master, how I hate you.” She tried to remove the head. The metal body picked her off the ground. The neck broke. Edward regained his blade. He raised with the hat and weapon in hand. The machine used what remained of its left arm to impale the heart. Edward watched her burn. The green flames caught the machine. The robot collapsed. Edward crossed himself. He turned to check on his other companion. “Morris!” Carole was able to heal. “Behind you!” Edward spun. The robot got back on foot. This couldn’t be happening. The robot should be smashed. The metal skeleton reached for his throat. Edward got away. He struck with his blade. The magnetic force almost brought it to its knees. But then the robot continued forward. Carole cried. She released a blast of pure electric energy. Pain and ecstasy seemed painted on her face. The leg broke. Even so, the robot kept crawling for him. Edward gathered their swords. “Let Your will be done!” Edward struck both swords. “You are executed.” He told. That didn’t work. The blades bounced off the metal. Edward dropped both weapons. He got numb. Carole pulled him back. Edward was sure this would be it. She didn’t bite him. Carole went like a swarm of bats. The robot tried to clear them away. He fired the cannon. Carole regained her human form. The robot missed. Edward hurled the cross. The vampire made lightning strike. The robot got stunned into place. “I fear not.” Edward said. “Even though I walk through the shadow of the valley of death.” The boomerang split into three gold crosses. The machine gotstruck. The head got cleaved off the shoulders. “Amen.” The skeleton finally broke down. The artificial intelligence fled the receptors. Edward removed the hat. He made the sign of the cross. Galina was free. Carole healed herself. She looked nice in that dress. Edward longed for Saria. Then why did he kiss her? “Vampire’s kiss.” He muttered. Carole held him close. “I am your slave, master.” Edward was shocked. She bent on her knees. The tiny Latino opened his trousers. Edward groaned. Carole smiled up at him. “I know what you desire.” She cooed. “Let mehand it to you.” She gave him an oral. This was the result of post traumatic stress. Edward would push her away. Instead, he went deeper. Edward gasped as he reached the climax. Carole used her tongue to clean up. Edward regained his breath. He closed the trousers. Carole smiled. “Is there anything else I can do for you?” She was so cute. Edward shook his head. He turned aside. His cheeks where red. What would Saria think? “Don’t be afraid.” Carole licked her lips. “I have only been here for three years.” Edward muttered. “Put it out.” He wouldn’t make out with her. Besides, only the Nosferatu might make a woman pregnant. Edward inspected the map. The quarters lay beneath, and slightly to the left, of the throne room. “There is only one way to the top.” Carole said. She seemed to have gathered. The perfume barely hid the scent of decay. Edward didn’t meet her gaze. Carole was right. “Let us get back to the entrance.” He searched among the wreckage to find his items. Edward picked the crystals. He didn’t know how to solve this mess. He grew up with the conviction that a man might be together with one woman. He loved Saria. Though he realized she couldn’t stay. Sooner or later, she would return to the forest. Then he would be alone. Edward sighed. This was not the right moment. Carole led the way. How long would the truce last? Girls always seemed to like him. The vampire worshipped Dracula. Edward would have to hunt her someday. He didn’t get it. The ghost raised through the floor. He struck his blade. The ghost faded. The bats went in a wave. Carole snarled. She released another bolt of electricity. Edward threw a wave of holy water. The soldier dropped his rifle. The door slid aside. They got company. Edward crossed himself. He dodged the grenade. Then he dashed among the zombies. They tried to stab him. Carole kicked the head off. She really was clever. The soldier collapsed into a heap. Carole got the strength of twenty men. Edward replaced the hat. He had no time to admire. The bats squeaked with blood thirst. They tried to kill him. Edward threw a wave of breakable axes. That carved some space. “God with us!” He cried.

The pinnacle, Ravenberg. The 10th. Of December 2098 A.D.

Their group united. Alucard acknowledged the status. This would grant a better foundation for the battle. This was no mere magician or warlock. The necromancer was a powerful dark wizard in his own right. He used the black arts to wage a war among his father’s minions. “Arth thy prepared?” They remained in the shadows. His doubt was justified. The dancing girl was resurrected by the enemy. “I wish to see the Dark Lord.” Salome told. “That thy shall.” He bowed. She kept her faith in count Dracula. Though she belonged to the wizard. “I shall fight for you, master.” Carole Martino seemed to be connected with the Morris. The hunter pulled the hat down. Though he could not hide his confusion. Alicia Schneider was talking with the fay and Torah Fernandez. Saria looked back and forth between the pair. Alucard had not the place to interact. Though jealousy and envy might break the company. He would suggest that he, Schneider and Fernandez went in front. While they solved their problems. Saria was already speaking with her lover. Carole stood aside. She kissed him. Alucard would not disturb. He forgot her kind where less formal, in such matters. Belmont was confused. Alucard dismissed. The boyar may have his wife and consort. This was all a waste of time.

Entrance, the pinnacle. The 10th of December 2098 A.D.

Sam installed the key. He exchanged one final look with Bill and Bert. Tom, Ken and Jack just came back from the office. “We have to do it right.” Sam licked his lips. “Or we become electrified.” The heavy blast door was built to keep the installation safe. “Okay.” Bert said. “Let’s get it over with.” Sam inhaled. “Alright.” He let it out. “Let’s do it.” He put the security card into place. “Here it goes.”

Bert was ready. They turned round. The keys clicked. That was to easy. The blast door raised. On the other side, Hell awaited. Tower of science, castle in the forest. The 13th.Of December 2098 A.D.

This was interesting. Black Imperious watched the patient scream. She lay on the table. “Will she live?” He asked the shaman in charge. “She is suffering from internal injuries.” The lizard man informed. “We sustained her through bio-technical replacements.” The warlock hissed. “Her main functions, such as heart and lungs, where seriously damaged.” The Tec rubbed his hands. “We had to use much prototype technology.” The black mask was lowered into place. Then came the mechanical breathing. “She is awake, my lord.” He dismissed the creature. He stepped into the pool of light. “Lady Rage?” He asked. “Do you hear me?” She was more machine then fox. The black armour was much revealing. “I can, my lord.” The voice no longer belonged to her. Black Imperius was pleased. “Black Rage.” He said. “Rise.” She did. The glass that protected the body got smashed to pieces. “My lord, how did I survive?” She questioned. “Come and Walk with me.” He beckoned. “Yes, my lord.” Together they left the facility behind. The Belmont clan had reached the forest. They must be stopped.“The Dark Lord requires that you close the contract.” Black Imperius revealed. “In the service of count Dracula, my lord.” Black Rage replied. “Good.” The warlock admired. “Very good.”

Wizardry lab, the pinnacle. The 10th. Of December 2098 A.D.

This was such a waste of time. The necromancer would rather continue to torture the fairies. Though he told it had to wait. The dark wizard acknowledged his statement. He lost contact with the Dragonheart network. The cams revealed several images of those responsible. The dead wizard would punish them later. The power of the Belmont clan was more interesting. That was like he predicted. The necromancer left the throne room to inspect one of the New Order’s pet projects. There where only five of the original 12 SD 300 Terminator robots. The rest had already been deployed. They where destroyed in the conflict or demolished by the vampire hunters. The necromancer dispatched the rest of the group. The general prepared this lab years ago. The artificial life forms got suspended within the huge transparent test tubes. The dark wizard tapped the code to awake their species. Then he went to inspect the secure area. Like their counterparts, the 500 series got operated by their individual computer systems. The lanky commando units moved on skinners, and where equipped with installed shields and automated cannons. The necromancer watched them unfold. “You got created by the Dark Lord.” He said. “They will be no match for you.” He gloated.

The pinnacle, Ravenberg. The 10th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The platform was rising up. Marcia flew in circles. Torah charged her magic. Carole kept ahead. She looked smart. In a dead sort of way. Though Torah didn’t get it. How could Saria be so lax? Alucard was involved in a form of monologue. “Artificial life, combat algorisms and biotechnical replacements.” His eyes blazed. “My father left commands, plans and strategies to his lieutenants.” He raised an arm. “The doctors must have recollected the pieces whichwerepreparedfor the war.” He beheld them. “The Dark Lord has not been reborn. Though there is a storm on the horizon.” The flames died away. “Even so, there is still time.” Alucard bowed. “Let us continue.” He said. “Let us be gracious. What we do, matters to the greater picture.” Torah played with the ball. He could be so weird. She was about to ask when they reached atop. “The shield is down.” Carole told. “The throne should be restricted.” Edward tugged his beard. “Permit me.” Alucard approached. “Grizzly wing!” The bats swooped through. Nothing happened. Torah exhaled. She didn’t noticed she held it. “You go first.” Alicia said. Carole did. Salome went along. Alucard was about to enter when they began shouting. “Homing ball!” Torah charged the spell. She then picked the ring smash.

Entrance, the pinnacle. The 10th. Of December 2098 A.D.

This was the final test. Or so she hoped. Alicia ran down the corridor. The blast shields weredeactivated. Salome made the witch light to twirl and spin. That illuminated the area. Alucard left the office. He insisted to investigate. Edward and Saria went along. “Homing ball!” Torah cast another spell. She fused with frost. The bats shattered into bits of ice. They only worked as a distraction. They got to hurry. The workers confronted a group of robots. The machines were equipped with grenade launchers, shotgun or automated cannons. Jack managed to crushthe skeleton. Then he ran out of shells. “In the name of Michael the Arch Angel!” Alicia made it to rain with holy water. Bill managed to sidestep. He worked at the controls. The blast door got lowered into place. Some metal skeletons got smashed in the process. That was not enough. Jack was already dead. Ken pulled back while firing his rifle. Alicia kept the robots occupied. Carole charged with electricity. The machine got stopped in place. Alicia threw daggers forward. They bounced off the skeleton. “Hellfire!” Alucard approached. Edward hurled a wave of enflamed axes. The robot got reactivated. Saria fired a sun arrow. The machine got thrown off balance. “Homing ball!” Torah charged. The freezing mist stopped them dead. “Magic arrow!” Saria made it to collapse. The final robot was about to strangle the workforce,although they filled it with bullets. Carole tore it away. She slammed it into the wall. The electricity went through the robot like liquid energy. The skeleton fell apart. Alicia sighed with relief. That was to close. She wished that Heinrich was here. He was gifted with thunder. Her cousin would know how to handle the monsters. “Ready?” Sam and Bill where placing the key-cards into place. “Ready.” Bill assured. Alicia prayed they knew what to do. They turned the keys. She cracked with the Undead Killer. “Ball of Destruction!” Alucard fired straight into the swarm. The bats swept through the opening. Alicia hurled the cross. “Homing ball!” Torah charged the ball of plasma. “Star bow!” Saria fired among their numbers. Edward struck with his blade. The magnetic waved cleaved through the swarm. Salome burned those which got to close. Carole released the steam blast. “You can do it.” The fairy settled upon her shoulder. Alicia hoped she could. The workers pulled back. They emptied their firearms. The bats finally gave way. The last enemies got burned to ashes. Alucard went inside. Alicia stopped to collect the crystals. Edward re-sheathed the blade. He picked the gems. The mailman looked much better. The others also had their share. Some crystals turned into arrows, shells or even rounds of ammunition. The crew mumbled together,although they reloaded. Alicia crossed herself. The walls where coated with frost. She knew it was because of the Jadis spell. They better get moving,or the chill might kill them. Alicia recoiled the chain-whip. Edward replaced the hat. They went in front. Alucard got the sword and shield. Marcia lifted off her shoulder. The tunnel went even larger. Alicia made the sign of the cross. “Homing ball!” Torah lit an orb. The ice gave a slight reflection. The turrets remained silent. They reached another chamber. There was a fountain at the heart of the area. The water was frozen over. Some bats flapped about. They tried to bite her. Alicia made it to rain with holy water. “Get away!” Marcia called. “The shield is still up!” She was right. The gateway gotclosed off by the energy shield. Edward tugged his beard. “The map doesn’t cover this place.” Alicia reached for the whip. She felt his presence. “We must deactivate the shield.” Alucard said. She gave her support, although Alicia didn’t know how. “The shift leaders where present at the Brensec ceremony.” Ken told. “Sam, didn’t you say something about the matter?” The elder man bit his lip. “I think so.” Alicia kept watch over the exits. She disliked the silence. “The codes should deactivate the shield.” Carole sent him a look. “We did not find them.” Alucard said. “I searched the save.” Edward smirked. Alicia sighed. He got the strength of twenty men. Alucard most likely ripped the door of its hinges. “They should be in the surveillance office.” Carole told. “Although the general closed that area years ago.” Bill approached. “The keys should open that other blast door.” He gave them to Edward. Her cousin tugged his beard. “You wait here.” Alucard declared. Carole threw herself down before him. “Listen.” She touched Edward’s hand. He blushed. Saria blew him a kiss. Alicia shook her head. “No, master. Please. You don’t know what you might find in there.” Torah reached for the cross. Marcia looked dull. “We have no choice.” Edward said. Alicia licked her lips. She looked on Salome. The dancing girl spread her arms. “I cannot help you.” She said. “The gate was always clear when I got summoned up here.” Alicia could tell why they wished to see her. She cleaned her glasses. Salome was attractive. Her art might excite even the undead. She put it aside. “Then you stay behind.” Alucard remarked. “Thee may entertain the peasants.” Alicia blinked. She never realized how much he despised the witch girl. “They were right about you. Edward muttered. “You are such a boyar.” The tragic prince glared sharp objects at him. Edward merely shrugged. Alicia shook her head. She replaced the glasses. Sometime, he might be to brave. “Very well.” Alucard then said. “We then know what to do.” Alicia reached for the Undead Killer whip. He was right. It was time to fight. They got interrupted. The bats squeaked. They left from the ceiling to wave about. “God with us!” Edward threw a wave of holy water. There seemed to be a shadow behind. Alicia frowned. Was the light fading too? She let it drop. Alicia would continue the fight. “In the name of Michael the arch angel!” She twirled with the whip. “Magic arrow!” Saria fired. The shot exploded among their numbers. Alicia exhaled. “I fear not.” That was impressive. “Even though I walk under the shadow of the valley of death.” She declared.

Saria kept an arrow to the string. “Was she good to you?” She loved to tease him. Edward blushed. “I know.” Saria smiled. “We might have a competition.” He pulled the hat down to hide his features. Carole laughed. The Latino was cute. “That would be funny.” She blew him a kiss. “Then we know if you have stamina for both of us.” Saria giggled. She couldn’t help it. “Men always dream of being with two women.” She told. Edward looked ahead. The others where in front. Only Marcia kept behind. She was quite pink. Carole licked her lips and fangs. Saria shuddered. She never expected to meet such a sister. “Leave him alone.” Alicia came back. She put the glasses upon her face. “Carole.” Alicia reached into her purse. “Salome told me to give you this.” The gem shone in her palm. “She asked you to bring it to her sisters. Tell them how she died.” Carole took it. “I will.” She put the jewel around her neck. Saria lowered her head. She felt ashamed. There where greater things at stake. Torah touched her shoulder. Saria smiled. She returned the gesture. She wished to be more like her sister. Alucard reached into the office. Edward and Torah went along. They would shield him. The place was too small. The tragic prince found the keys. The door slid aside. The robot fired.

Entrance, the pinnacle. The 10th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The clothing’s fell on the floor. She must perform. The young master got a strong appeal. Salome completedtheact. The workforce applauded. He was the estranged and forgotten son of lord Dracula. The dancing girl collected her garbs. His suggestions where like a command. At least to those loyal to the count’s memory. The men looked hungry. Salome was not a real spell dancer. She couldn’t make them to join with the Dark Lord. What was that sound? She looked skyward. The ventilation was open. The acid burst hit where she stood a moment ago. The black figures went like drops of dark water. Salome shuddered slightly. She didn’t want to think further about that. She got to defend herself. They got to survive. Salome heard whispers about them. That was nothing compared to reality. The alien creatures spat acid bursts. The ice was melting. Salome danced even closer. She made the witch light to twirl and spin. That blocked the acid. The workers ran about. The man holding the grenade launcher managed to blast thefiend into oblivion. Salome dodged the shock lance. Her knife pierced the heart. His blood was acid. Salome snarled. She would keep on killing. The necromancer had no right. The aliens would die for their treason against count Vlad Tepes Dracula.

Wizardry lab, the pinnacle. The 10th. Of December 2098 A.D.

They got in trouble. Edward knew from the beginning, that this skeleton was unlike the other robots. The boomerang bounced off the armour. Something was going on in the corridor. Edward struck with his sword. The magnetic wave got blocked by the energy shield. “Homing ball!” Torah released the freezing mist. The barrier was shattered into pieces. Carole made lightning strike. The robot dodged the attack. Alicia stood in the doorway. She made it to rain with holy water. The vampires turned into mist. The mirror steel was meant for extraordinary combat. The machine then fired his weapons. Edward made the crosses to appear. The others hid as best they could. The bullets might tear the office apart. Saria fired a sun arrow. The robot was transfixed in the sunlight. The rocket exploded in mid air. “Hellfire!” Alucard got blocked by the shield. Carole threw herself upon the enemy. “Star bow!” That burst on impact. The Latino pumped him full with ion. The shield held through. Although the machine couldn’t shake her. Alicia got involved with the battle. She fought some sort of black demonic being. Torah turned. Before she might help, his cousin was flouting in the air. Carole got to release her pray. Alucard hid beneath his cape. The flames washed the area clean. The robot launched another rocket. Edward threw a wave of breaking axes. “Homing ball!” Torah got close enough to freeze him. Carole screamed. Before he might raise the shield, she made chain lightning to strike. Edward struck againstthe floor. The rising flames burned the enemy. The machine shrieked. A weird inhuman cry. Then the shield burst. “Ball of Destruction!” Alucard was grim as the reaper. The high shot cut the head off the robot. The machine fell into pieces. Edward went to check on his other friends. Alicia was shaking. Saria tried to gather. The inhuman monster lay dead on the ground. “He… “ Saria closed her eyes. “He came through the ventilation shaft.” She pointed skyward. Edward sighed. He noticed the system. He didn’t believe it would become a threat. Edward tugged his beard. Something cold touched his neck. Edward spun round. Carole smiled. Her fingers where so cold. He didn’t notice before. The pointed ears, and large eyes, belonged to a bat. Edward shuddered. He was a fool. Carole might look on him with puppy eyes now. But she was an undead. Edward would not forget. It was because of post traumatic stress, and nothing more. “Come.” Alucard said. “Follow me.” He broke the acward silence. Edward felt relaxed. Saria sent him a worried glance. Torah touched her hand. The mailman regained his items. He went with the tragic prince. They searched through the office. A short passage led to a much larger area. “This place looks like a laboratory.” Torah said. She looked somewhat concerned. “By my mother’s name.” Alucard was fixed on that item. Edward moved closer. He tugged his beard. The crystal cage contained nothing but a single hand. There was something about the skeleton which sent chills down his spine. Why was it here? Being on display, it signified some importance. “Nergal’s hand.” Alucard said. “Do not touch it. Do not even look upon it.” He was very grave. “The sons of Satan.” Alucard withdrew from the center. “Soma Cruz did well to crush his skull.” Edward crossed himself. He didn’t care much about the event in 2057. Victor Belmont died in the ordeal. They said that Soma Cruz was to blame. Edward didn’t know what to believe. He let it drop. Either way, Edward felt like a trap was closing in around him. He licked his lips. Edward opened his mouth to speak. Darkness then fell. Though there where something red at the heart. The hand of Nergal stood out in front. “Go.” Alucard said with iron urgency. “Now.” He got his sword out. “To the surveillance office.” Edward noticed the place behind the glass wall. The boiling sound left him frozen in place. “This is nota night cat.” Saria muttered. Edward felt her hand. He squeezed it. Carole kissed his cheek with her lips of ice. Or so it felt. The shrouded figure moved out of the shadows. He wielded a double-edged light sabre. Edward unsheathed the Claymore. “Do not delay.” Alicia cracked with the Undead Killer. The chain-whip became a tool of fire. Edward got back to his sences. He forced Saria to go ahead. Torah looked back toward his cousin. “This isn’t the time.” He told. They reached the secured area. Edward went in front. He got the sisters right behind. Where had Carole disappear too? There was no time. Edward got to look for the codes. Torah found the safe. The strong box was built into the wall. Edward tugged his beard. “No problem.” He muttered. The safe was wrought with both gold and silver. No lycan, undead or necromancer might force their way in. But how to open it? Edward toyed with the hilt of his Bowie-knife. Saria straightened her back as she moved before the strong box. Edward watched her movements. His girlfriend cleared her voice. Saria was about to sing. Edward was praying. He hoped she knew what she did. Edward dismissed about the matter. That was none of his business. “God with us.” He breathed. Let it be. The dryad got supernatural abilities. Edward had no questions about it. The bats went in again. He threw the axe. Someone had to be in control of the situation. “You leave him alone.” Carole make the lightning strike. “Homing ball!” Torah charged with spirit. “Get ready to rumble!” Edward proclaimed. The girls spread out to cover more ground. All was chaos and conflict. “God with us!” The mailman presented his crucifix. That carved some space. Edward exhaled. The bats had scattered. “Curse you to death and darkness!” The bats went for the women. “Dracul!” Carol still carried the sword above her cocktail dress. They couldn’t infect her, though the vampire blood made them go crazy. “Homing ball!” Torah got obscured by a cloud of bats. “Blast it!” She released a freezing mist. Edward ran to assist, though the swarm broke into bits of ice. “That was great.” Torah smiled, her eyes all aglow. Edward then sighed. He would never understand women.

That was her voice. The room was filled with dryad music. Alucard almost stopped. He was not even touched. The alien dropped the hood and cloak. He could not listen. Schneider twirled the whip around her blonde head. The golden weapon blocked the assault. This was a crude form of technology. Though it worked. Carole Martino came from the left. She released a blast of cracking electricity. The steam blast collided against his defence. She was quite powerful. Agony, he thought. “Hellfire!” The alien dodged or blocked each attack. He was agile. And a fencer. Belmont caught him in a grip of pure gold. The leach went around his chest. The monster kept blocking their attacks. “Grizzly wing!” Alucard spread his cape. The bats bit the target. He would not even touch the blood. Schneider kept her grasp. She bathed the fiend with holy water. He screamed. The alien was set ablaze. He seemed to crumble. He clearly disliked the flame. The vampire hunter was thrown aside. She got up to nail him with three enflamed daggers. He was not swift enough. The monster was burned. Alucard went like a wolf. He came up to impale their enemy. Martino leaped. She crushed the skull with her bare hands. The alien burst. Acid got spread all about. The relic was gone. He did not like it.

Entrance, pinnacle. The 10th. Of December 2098. A.D.

They won. Sam drew sweat of his forehead. He felt no joy. They where not soldiers. Sam was a civilian. How did it come to this? Salome helped Bill to sit. For a moment he felt envious about it. Sam sighed. He let it drop. That sorceress did her best when they returned. The music made Tom to awake. Sam groaned. Ken was restoring the grenade-launcher. The throne room was up ahead. Bert bit his lip. He was stained with blood. Salome looked like something to eat. They had to wait. The Belmonts told as much. Sam shrugged. That was their business.

“Three pretty petals”, Dora wood. The 13th. Of December 2098 A.D.

Outside the house, the night had fallen.“Hysh.” Gerda lay weeping and broken in her arms. Ingrid tried to comfort her with soft words. Blood went down her legs. “Am I going to die?” There was so much. Ingrid closed her eyes. “What have they done?” Gerda didn’t answer. She got purchased by the man. Sold for gold. “That monster.” Ingrid looked like she wished to punch someone. “Get used to it.” Gilyan, a 17 year old blonde, told with a bitter grimace. “They will come again,and again.” She grew fierce. “And again. Either to you break, commit suicide or learn how to obey.” Gerda hid her ears. She didn’t want to listen. Ingrid sent Gilyan a pointed look. The other girl shook her head. “She needs to know the truth.” Gilyan said. Though there where tears behind those blue eyes. “They can’t afford to. I’m a… “ Gerda barely remembered who she was. “I’m a healer.” Ingrid pulled at both braids. The sark reached down her knees. “Of course you are.” She whispered. “You are.” Ingrid looked worried all the same. Gilyan sighed. “I better get back downstairs.” Gerda didn’t speak. The other girl looked like a harlot. Ingrid helped her to get up. Though she kept the embrace. “Don’t be to harsh on her.” Ingrid told. “She is strong at heart.” Gerda began weeping again.

Entrance, the pinnacle. The 10th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The force-field wavered. Carole stood at attention. The shield was down. She licked her lips. The dress and makeup didn’t reflect her status. Agony cracked frombetween her fingertips. Alucard gave the codes and key cards to those other men. He told them to wait. Carole was glad they left the room. Though they where young and strong. Plenty of kisses for her delight. A pity Galina was dead. She dismissed. Carole beheld the vampire hunter. The dryad picked a sun arrow. Then the stalagmites exploded. Carole leaped. Who placed the bombs? The group of gold knights answered her question. The polar foxes shone of gold and silver. “Traitors!” They where all traitors! “Dracul!” Carole summoned the dragon in the name of count Dracula. Lightning struck down. Electricity burst from both hands. Carole enjoyed their misery. Salome danced. The dagger shone in the eerie blue light. The ruby shone even brighter. “In the name of Michael the Arch Angel!” They where not alone. Alicia Schneider brandished with the whip. “God with us!” Edward Morris unsheathed his sword. “Homing ball!” The sorceress released. The dryad fired. Alucard attacked like a wolf. Carole went into battle. There where two or three knights for each hunter. He was close. Carole would kill him.

The fox flung her Katana in an eerie pattern. Torah met each blow. She then spun to meet the other knight. They where not weird. Not the least. Each blow was aimed at her heart. Saria struck with the shield. The sisters kept together. Torah was so grateful. For a while, she thought she was alone. Aunt Matilda was so distant related. Torah never met Leslie in the flesh. She struck both rings into her middle. The knight grunted. Torah turned to face the fox. She also got several cuts. They burned like acid. Torah got no time for the laurels. She prayed they didn’t use poisoned weapons. No time. No time at all. Saria stabbed the short-sword up. The blade went through the stomach. Her spine was broken. The fox fell down. Her sister finished what she began. The ring smash got forced aside. The gold knight smirked. Then the Katana touched the cross. “Jesus!” Flames ran down the blade and burned through the armour. The fox lay dead on the ground. The fire kept burning. A third gold knight leaped above the pyre. The Katana went down. Torah screamed. She brought up both rings. The slash might cut her in half. Sparks flew while they fought to reach each other. The fox snarled with frustration. Torah didn’t give way. She kept centred. Saria held the sword in both hands.

There where to many of them. Alucard and Edward fought back-to-back to might keep them at bay. Alicia twirled with the whip. If only she got a sword. Michael Geilhardt Schneider was a fencer. Alicia would make him proud. She threw the cross. Alicia made it split in three. “Watch out!” Marcia fluttered about. She tried to warn her. Alicia grabbed the Katana. She then doused the knight with holy water. The fox shrieked. His body was on fire. Alicia almost threw up with disgust. The poor creature got boiled within his own armour. Marcia went dull. Salome danced about. She made the skulls to rise up and attack the gold knights. She was more beautiful then ever. Alicia shook her golden hair. The dancing girl was glamorous. She shuddered. Alicia got to pull together. The images of what happened earlier flashed before her mind’s eye. Alicia licked her lips. She then threw it aside. The gold knight got three poisoned daggers buried in his armour. Alicia made a glide. She kicked him in the head. That was clever. She whipped him into oblivion. The bats settled on her body. Alicia washed herself with holy water. The mammals shrieked before they burned to ashes. Alicia picked the crystals. She found some gold coins. Alicia dodged the Shuriken. She got up in time to strike.

The music confused the foxes enough to push them off balance. Saria smiled. Torah struck with her arms spread wide. The ring smash broke through the armour. Saria pulled the string back toward her pointed ear. The bats went like a wave. “Homing ball!” Her sister charged the magic. The freezing mist made them to collapse. Torah staggered. Saria helped her to stand. Torah shook her head. “I don’t have time.” She collected the gems. Saria fired. The knight fell. Still clutching for her throat. Carole finished her feasting. She drank the blood of the gold knight. She looked ruddier then ever. The Latino released bolts of lightning. How could she compete with that? Saria reached for the life tree medallion. The fights where dying out. The bats circled about. Saria inhaled. She picked some gemstones. They turned into arrows. She smiled. She found five sun arrows among the lot. Saria fired. The gold knight got pierced. She fell dead on the floor. That was a nice shot. Marcia fluttered in the air. The fairy got a confused glow. “Are you alright?” Saria asked. Marcia seemed to be awake. The light changed. “I don’t know.” She came to rest before her face. “Something terrible is about to happen.” Marcia went completely dull. “The mother is in pain.” Saria had to shudder.

Village of Ondol, Warakiya. The 10th. Of December 2098 A.D.

Night had fallen. The gust of wind threw snowflakes against the wall. More snow kept falling from the dark overcast sky. She made manifest. The female vampire merely stopped to get an overview. Her colours where blood, gold and dark. Another gust hurled snow to paint her dress with white. She had no mind. Let the weather glaze the world. “You play a dangerous game, my lady.” The voice was like a hiss. A breath of poisoned ice. She touched the purse. The Dragon used them well. “I have not been summoned.” She was there, in the Ravenberg, when they fought the machines. The accursed princess rasped. That may be a laugher. Or maybe not. “He wished to be with the lords of shadow.” The dead princess looked down from her purche. Then she seemed to stare beyond. “Thou art to kill the Belmont clan.” Lillith reproached. That was her father’s voice. It could not be possible. Lord Dracula was dead. “Hear the master’s voice.” The princess’s speech was like decaying leather. She was one of the undead. The cold could not touch her. Even so, she shuddered. Lillith knew she had no choice. She would become. Lillith would show him soon enough. She got the hand. That granted the holder with power. She already felt it. Lillith was her father’s daughter.

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“Those who search shall find and those who pray shall receive.”

Mathew: 7. 7.

Battle track: Creature from the Depth.

Dora wood, Warakiya. The 14th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The white witch was impressed. The gun post was established by the New Order. As she watched, the wing of fighter crafts settled down. The lieutenant brought the wing-leader. “Hail the count.” They saluted. “There have been no sightings of the general.” He quit the formalities. “The vampire hunters have disappeared.” She considered. “Excuse me.” The lizard aid interrupted. “We have a message from the village of Doina.” The white witch beheld her. “They are under attack.” She acknowledged. “It is them.” The snow queen smiled. “Alert the wicked ditch to prepare for my arrival.” She would tell her sister. “Yes my lady.” “Stay.” She bid the lieutenant. “Open a channel for me.” She stepped upon the holo field. “I salute you, my lady.” A thin man with sharp features appeared. He was clad in the usual dark uniform. “Hail the count.” The female aidgot a tended braid. “The hunters are retreating.” The officer reported. “They are no longer a threat.” He was an imbecile. “You should have taken them.” She said. “But my lady… “The white witch leached out with her power. “I don’t need you anymore.” She watched him burn. “Congratulations with your promotion.” She ended the transmission. “The sledge is ready.” The cabman said. She accepted.

Entrance, the pinnacle. The 10th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The knights lay dead at their feet. Carole smiled. The liqueur was delicious. She enjoyed a bit of bloodshed. Never mind. Carole beheld Salome. She was no vampire. Though she could be. The dancing girl smelled of ecstasy. Edward Morris was down on his knees. His faight was strong. The hunter would not come to her again. The charm. Carole felt ablaze with envy. This was a waste of time. He was here. The sun was down. Carole felt it. She was released to use her might. Agony cracked. Morris ended his prayers with the sign of the cross. He replaced the hat. He even touched his arm. Carole snarled. The knights where really good. The sorceress healed their wounds. Although, Alicia Schneider still looked dazed. She almost got killed. Salome saved her. That was a surprise. Alucard moved. He led them through the opening. Carole moved into a ready position. “Mother?” The fairy’s voice made the hunters to stop. She got no mind about it. He hid in the shadows. The necromancer. Carole was sure about it. Though the place was dark and cold like the void. She went past the oval table. The projector was turned off. The view screen was dead. She snarled. The throne was empty. “This is Dracula’s magic.” Alucard declared. Carole felt like this was the harmony of Despair.

Throne room, the pinnacle. The 10th. Of December 2098 A.D.

They really got into trouble. Edward felt chills down his spine. He got no doubt about it. Alucard recognized his father’s magic. “Dracula.” Alicia pulled a hand across her face. She looked so tired. Edward went to support her. She got the Undead Killer whip. “I am fine.” Alicia replaced the glasses. “Believe me.” She threw her mane back over her shoulders. The mailman tugged his beard. “Where are you?” Carole snarled. “Coward! I feel your presence! Show yourself!” Sparks went like fireflies from both fists. There was no reply. The laugher then filled the room with malicious mirth. Edward unsheathed the Claymore. Alucard seemed to grow before his cousin. He got the sword and shield in hand. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord.” Edward crossed himself. Then it rained with ectoplasms. Carole still fought to get through. Edward pulled her back. “Not now.” He hissed in her ear. “Wait. And fight another day.” His father used to say that. Edward missed his family. They got slaughtered by the forsaken order. Only he, and Christian, managed to survive. They where forced back into the fountain chamber. The blast door was lowered into place. Alucard told them to stay away. Edward bared his teeth. He would not permit himself to be cornered and killed. He would die like Victor, fighting to the bitter end. Edward threw a row of enflamed axes. Alicia must’ve come to the same conclusion. She had to push Alucard aside before she made it to rain with holy water. The tragic prince hid beneath his cloak. Carole turned to mist. “Homing ball!” The magic illuminated the area. Edward blinked. Now he could see. “Poor creatures.” He breathed. “My sisters!” Marcia shone like the sun. A blazing red sun. Saria fired. The sun arrow was blocked by the shield. The necromancer hid beneath the dome. Shadow shrouded the area. He came to drift above their heads. Edward reached for the crucifix. The necromancer was clad in black. He stenched like something dug up from an old grave. “I have been expecting you.” The dead hands reached to raise the hood. Edward shuddered. He almost lost the sword, though only the lower half of his face got visible. “I knew you would come.” Alicia made the sign of the cross. “I do nay know thee.” Alucard approached. “Though I sense the power of lord Dracula.” When he wished, Alucard could be foreboding. He was a boyar. This was his birthright. The dark wizard kept his position. Edward tugged his beard. “No problem.” He let go. No one dismissed the tragic prince. No one. “The count is dead.” The voice was like a snake slithering through dead leaves. “I will take his place.” Alicia shook her blonde head. “Then you are deceived by desire.” She said. “Power without love leads to lusting. Lusting leads to hate.” Alicia was right. The family learned it the hard way. “Hate is Darkness.” Edward scratched his beard. This was no Dark Lord candidate. The necromancer made no move. He hung above, like a distant threat. “You noticed about my collection?” The dead hand pointed at the fountain. Saria gasped. Edward held her by the arm. The ice was melting. “They are alive.” Marcia embraced herself with joy. “Edward Morris.” The finger turned on him. “You know what they can do.” That was no question. They could make his wish come true. “I can make your family to live again.” The enemy’s voice grew soft and oily. “Join me. I can make the nymph to stay with you.” Edward tightened the grip around the hilt. The dead wizard beheld his cousin. “Alicia Schneider.” Edward disliked the way he looked on her. The invisible gaze seemed to notice every line and curve upon her body. “I can see why you are desired.” Alicia blushed. The mailman snarled. Alucard cut through. “Thou do nay possess the power of Dominance.” He told. “You will never be able to enter the castle.” The necromancer turned his head. “Be silent!” He boomed. “You know nothing!” Alicia cracked with the whip. “We stand together.” Edward tipped the hat. Before he could react, thenecromancer hurled his sword and scythe like boomerangs. Alicia got the Bible. The weapons got repelled. It was like they hit a solid wall. Edward made the sign of the cross. Alicia didn’t relax. The crosses twirled as the beam struck down. “Jesus!” Torah exclaimed. The shield was still up. The necromancer hurled his weapons. The sisters got hit. Edward reached for the axe. “Crimson lightning!” Both Alucard and Carole made lightning strike. Alicia cracked with the fireball whip. The evil wizard retreated. Salome lit her witch light. They chased after him. Then the force-field got re-activated. Torah and Saria got trapped inside the fountain lobby. That would have to wait. He got too busy. The necromancer hurled his sword and scythe like boomerangs. Edward dodged the onslaught. He swung with the Claymore sword. The magnetic force rebounded against the shield. They got to break it. Salome was caught by the skeleton men. Edward approached, sword in hand. The bone-bags arrived. They tried to strangle him. The mailman doused them with holy water. That made them to retreat. “God with us!” Edward changed grip upon his weapon. The skeletons began to gather. “No problem.” He felt chills down his spine. Edward reached for the crucifix. He felt like a trap was closing in around him. “Here goes nothing.” Edward got lifted into the air. The breakable cross cleaned the area of evil. He landed back down. Edward inhaled. That was not enough. The necromancer was still in action. “In the name of Michael the arch angel!” Alicia tried to tear the sword away. The chain-whip got tangled around the steel blade. The dark wizard countered with a downpour of ectoplasms. Alicia made a back-flip. They fought back-to-back against the monsters. The necromancer got the power to rise even the spirits of the dead. Edward made a grimace. He disliked the undead. “Dracul!” The thunderbolt struck down into her sword. “Hail the count!” She struck to remove the head. “Be careful!” Alicia called. It was too late. The counter force stunned her in place. “You have failed.” He told.

The bone-men hurled the bride toward the Morris clansman. The Belmont got hold. She tried to steal a kiss. Alucard dismissed. They could not wait. Sonia Belmont often laughed. Even if she won or loosed. Sometime she would embrace him. Other times, she would look at him with sad eyes. “Ball of Destruction!” He struck the skeletons. He got to reach the necromancer. “I can give her to you.” The dead wizard told. “I can grant you any woman you want.” Edward Morris threw the Bowie-knife. It bounced off the shield. Salome came from the side. She tried to stab him. Dark force got channeled through her body. The dancing girl screamed with agony. She fell. There was no way to heal her. Alucard could tell. Then Alicia Schneider knelt to grant a potion. Salome was restored. “Crimson lightning!” He made it to strike down. Edward Morris let go of the bride. Carole Martino then released bursts of electricity. Schneider threw a vial at him. The shield was shattered. The necromancer met them with the scythe and sword. Edward Morris retrived the knife. He threw it forward. The weapon got buried somewhere inside those robes. The dead wizard shuddered. Alucard approached. He would remove the head. The necromancer made the ectoplasms to fall down.

Entrance, the pinnacle. The 10th. Of December 2098 A.D.

They returnedinto the office. Sam reactivated the surveillance system. The screens lit up. The cameras relayed images from the throne room. They could watch the battle unfold. “May God help them.” Ken muttered. “That doesn’t look good.” Sam agreed. The sisters where caught inside the entrance room. The others got involved with the necromancer. He didn’t really believe that part. Now, he got no choice. The wizard was real. No questions asked. He shook it off. That was past and over. Sam bit his lips. How on Earth where they going to survive?

Throne room, the pinnacle. The 10th of December 2098 A.D.

The Belmont force was strong. He would kill to obtain it. This was his plot. Though he did not expect the loyalists to appear. The soldier and the witch girl. They would have to be removed. The necromancer was secure within his shield. He trapped the Latino within ectoplasms. She hammered against them with Ion blasts. The skeletons raised on his command. They got to occupy Salome. She conjured the skulls against him. Alucard might be useful. He might rule the rebels. Thus he would gain control. “Hellfire!” The tragic prince spread his cape. “God with us!” Edward Morris hurled the axe. “In the name of Michael the Arch Angel!” Alicia Schneider threw holy water. Their combined strength broke the shield. The dark wizard made other ectoplasms to fall down. He would protect himself until he might regenerate the shield. Alucard came like mist. He blocked the sword. He used his own blade to defend against the scythe. Death force got channeled through the wrist and arm jewelleries. “You are not the one to defeat me.” He told. Alucard said no word. He pulled back. The dead wizard smirked. Then Morris arrived to stab him. The necromancer shrieked when the force-field collapsed. He released deathly lasers. The ripple forced them to dispatch. He laughed.

The group got in danger. She could see through the force-field. She licked her lips. Whatever they tried, the necromancer kept to counter. At least they got Marcia to help them. The skeletons came through the field. Torah knocked them to pieces. “We didn’t help him.” The mother sounded so tired. Saria toyed with the life tree medallion. “He tortured us, to make his wish come true.” Torah shook her head. That was a fairy tale. Although Marcia’s mother said something about it. She sighed. Torah got distracted. Edward made rising flames to track forward. Carole and Salome struck the shield. The wizard staggered. Alicia made a glide. She came up to stamp with the crucifix. Torah touched her cross. His demise might melt the ice. The necromancer held both the undead and the dancing girl. The ectoplasms caught them in place. Edward hurled the axe. It rebounded against the shield. Torah bit together. She got to help them. Torah charged her magic. She might weaken the force-field enough for them to get through. The bone-man tried to strangle her. Saria broke the spine. Torah retrieved the ring smash. She ducked beneath the fist. The magic was building up. Saria fired. The skeleton got brokeninto pieces. The bone-man hit her in the head. Torah dashed toward them.

The fairy went yellow with fright. “Fire in the hall!” Marcia screamed. “Be quiet.” The necromancer cursed. “Get away from there!” Alicia cried. “It is too dangerous!” Marcia sped toward the sky. It was to late. The ectoplasms fell down. Alicia felt n urge to vomit. “Let us be finished.” Alucard struck with the sword. “Let it be.” The dark wizard sounded like a snake crawling through the high grass. “My prince.” He cast the spell. “god with us!” Edward challenged. She might support his statement. The blast was so dull. Alicia threw herself sideways. She changed grip on the whip. The Death ripple got to be another form of balefire. The thought made her to shiver. The clan shouldn’t even know the name. The skeletons threw bones into the air. Salome guarded her back. Alicia wasn’t sure she liked that. She still expected the dancing girl to turn around and stab her. That was a sacrificial knife. Alicia crossed herself. She brandished with the chain-whip. The ectoplasm got burned. Alicia gasped. She got hit by the skeletons. Salome forced her aside. The witch light twirled. The bone-men fell apart. Alicia gathered enough to hurl the cross. The necromancer lusted for her. Alicia was sure about it. Though not for her body. The blood force might be enough to breach the Eclipse shield wide open. Thus this freak might enter. Alicia would never do such a thing. The boomerang repelled his scythe. Alucard morphed into a bat. Both weapons went spinning back to their master. Edward and Carole approached from either side. The necromancer conjured the ectoplasms to fall down. Carole was forced aside. Alucard reappeared to meet the man in hand-to-hand combat. That really kept him occupied. Alicia dashed. She hurled the knife forward. She made it to split in three. Edward hurled the axe in a high arch. “Hellfire!” Alucard withdrew so fast that the wizard couldn’t follow. Alicia came up to stamp with the crucifix. Flames erupted on contact. For a heartbeat, the necromancer stood ablaze. Then the skeletons pulled her away. Alicia struggled for air. The undead kept choking her. “In the name of Michael the arch angel!” She brandished with the flame whip. The necromancer managed to hurled both weapons. Then he approached. “I will enter the castle.” He declared. The voice was like nails on a blackboard. “Then I shall take Dracula’s powers for myself.” He smirked. If she could, Alicia would hide her face. That grimace made her skin to crawl. “You should have obtained the mystic orb after the encounter with the Wyvern.” He came even closer. Her windpipe was pressed together. “Now, it is too late.” The dead wizard carried a plain gold ring upon his left hand. Why did she care about such things? There came a cry. Alicia didn’t get the words. Alucard kept speaking in Walachian. Though She didn’t have to figure. the alarm was obvious. Salome stabbed her blade through. That was the heart. He didn’t bleed that much. Though the attack shook him. “It was a mistake to resurrect you.” He then slashed with the sword. Salome saved herself with a savage leap backward. The necromancer brought the scythe up to end her life. Alicia struck him. The gold whip reached across his chest. Flames erupted on impact. “You have become the angel’s whore.” Certain death gleamed in his eyes. They burned from beneath the hood. “Nobody canescape from me.” The necromancerclosed his fists. He fired another Death ripple. “You are doomed.” Alicia threw herself down. “Ball of Destruction!” The others crushed the skeletons. Alucard fired the high shot. Carole screamed while channeling electricity. Edward then hurled a wave of holy water. The dark wizard got frozen in place. “In Manos Toas Domine!” Alicia got up. “In the name of Michael the arch angel!” Her spirit still shone. Alicia hurled the gold knife. The wizard got impaled. She exhaled. The weapon was buried among the robes. She managed to retrieve it. Alicia made the sign of the cross. She tried to repeat the attack. “You are going to die.” The necromancer slowly approached. “Your fable skills are no match for the power of the grave.”” The scythe countered the assault. Alicia bit her lip. The repeated attack forcedher to retreat. The necromancerkept laughing by her effort. “I shall make you to suffer for your lack of vision.” He promised. “God with us!” Edward struck with the sword. “Thee arth nay to hurt her.” Alucard appeared in front. He forced the scythe to rebound. Salome trusted her knife. “That is not for you to decide.” The necromancer grabbed her by the throat. “You are mine.” The dancing girl screamed. “It was Iwho raised you from the dead.”” The necromancer was cold as winter’s heart. “You have become my property.” Salome forced to escape. “Leave me alone!” She cried into his face. Alicia shuddered. The features seemed to rot before her eyes. She dashed for their location. Edward brandished with the sword. The dark wizard was rising the dead. Alicia presented the crucifix. That granted a breather. She threw a vial into the air. That exploded on impact. The vial hit the floor to create a wall of roaring flames to rise up. The vampire hunter stood poised behind the screen. The skeleton burst into pieces. Even the ectoplasms got forced to wither. Alicia sighed. That was to close. The fires burned out. She made a dash to twirl with the Undead Killer. The necromancer raised both weapons to resist. There came a clang of steel. The sparks went like fireflies. The dark wizard used his power to create a steel barrier. Alicia was blocked. That combined thunder and frost. That was fitting. Alicia was sure he possessed both hate and agony. She threw the matter aside. Edward and Alucard got obscured by shadow. The girls had to defeat the ectoplasms. “You are not alone!” Marcia went at the necromancer. Alicia almost laughed. The fairy was fierce, no questions asked. The necromancer threw her aside. “Take off your clothing.” He demanded. “I want to see my sacrifice.”Alicia couldn’t help it. She blushed. That was the reason why she hated herself. The dead wizard got no right to frame her.

The field remained in place. Torah cast her spell. “Homing ball!” The sorceress fell down upon her knees. “I wish the field would go away.” She sobbed. Saria didn’t know what to do. “It is granted.” The mother shone. The force-field vanished. “I forgot.” Saria said. “They might make your wish come true.” Torah stared. “I thought that was a legend.” Saria smiled. “Believe me.” Torah gathered. “Then I wish the fairies where free. And healed of all damage.” Saria was impressed. Torah wanted nothing for herself. “It will be granted.” The wishes came true. “You only got three wishes.” Saria felt dazed. Torah shrugged. She ran for the throne. “Stay here!” She shouted. “It’ll be safe!” Saria knew she was acting kind. She didn’t have the power to fight the wizard. “I wish I got the might to defeat him.” She muttered. “It is granted.” The mother told. Saria fell into the fountain. She gasped. Saria was awake. “This is all I can do.” She told. Saria shook her head. She got no idea about what happened. She focused inward. The fountain of green light illuminated her mental landscape. Saria hid her face. The prophecy was coming true. She shook her head. Saria would never accept it. She gathered. There was no time. Not when her friends where in danger.

Oblivion ridge, Warakiya. The 13th. Of December 2098 A.D.

This was it. The place they come so far to find. Kay pulled the cloak tighter. “The tree of the dead.” Tobias Crave removed his hat. “This is the gateway between two worlds.” He dusted off snow before replacing it. Renate Van Brenen hid her eyes. “I see it.” She breathed. “Smell it.” She shook the waist-long blonde hair away from her face. “This is an evil place.” Renate dropped both hands. “We should never have come here.” The black lashes and brows were likea contrast to her light skin and piercing green eyes. “Look.” The tight leather glove concealed her slender hand when pointing. “The serpent is a common sign among ancient culture and religion.” She shuddered slightly. “It is also one of the most prominent features for those who gather to evil.” Tobias continued to dust off his flared jacket, though he didn’t look glad. The hedge of stones where so beaten by wind and weather that the ancient serpent was almost unrecognizable. “I have to.” Kay cleared his voice. He didn’t like it either. “I got to know.” His girlfriend was missing. “If Gerda is still alive.” Tobias tapped his shoulder. He figured. The huntsman also lost a loved one. Renate inhaled. Then she removed the cape. She didn’t seem like it, but she was a witch. Renate might speak with the dead.

Throne room, the pinnacle. The 10th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The necromancer didn’t seem to care about the wound. He looked beyond their numbers. “Not you!” Salome turned. Torah Fernandez dashed into the throne room. “No!” The wizard stared upon the dryad. “Homing ball!” The spell collided with the monster. A sort of black hole appeared behind the throne. The wizard fled. “Wait!” The sorceress fell into a light trance. “That is the dark heart of the mountain.” She shuddered. Salome stopped. She licked her lips. “I sense it too.” The young master re-sheathed his sword. “Death.” The gold armour reflected the light. “The focuse of necromancy.” Alicia crossed herself. “Nathan Graves went into the dark realm in 1830.” They really where so brave. “Reinhardt Schneider and Carrie Fernandez fought Drago in an endless desert realm.” She smiled. “This might not be that bad.” She entered the tunnel. Salome followed. The little sage had no right to be here. Ectoplasms fell down. Carole made lightning strike. Salome danced. The witch light spun to protect her. Alicia made it to rain with holy water. “Hellfire!” The shield collapsed. The wizard snarled. The Death ripple granted an edge. They pressed against the sides of the tunnel. Edward threw the cross. The wizard staggered. Salome cheered. He would not submit.

The tomb, throne room. The 10th. Of December 2098 A.D.

They reached into the tomb. There was no other way to describe this place. Edward was sure about it. This wasn’t the wizard’s resting-place. He could see beyond the obvious. The crypt was engulfed within the Shadow. The necromancer fired the Death ripple. Edward threw himself sideways. Alucard met him in hand-to-hand combat. The swords clashed together. The necromancer used the scythe like a shield. Edward slashed through the ghost. The spectre moaned before fading. The skeletons tried to kill him. Edward knocked them apart. Carole and Saria arrived to help. They fought back-to-back. “Homing ball!” Alicia turned so that Torah might cast the spell. She got to charge her magic. The wizard staggered. The force-field flashed. Alicia cracked with the flame whip. “God with us!” Edward broke through the skeletons. He released the ghost. Alucard plunged into the wizard’s throat. The blade almost severed the head from his shoulders. Edward made a glide. Though the fight was over. The wizard exploded from within. The body crumbled into ashes. Edward watched it happen. He blinked. “Save us.” He breathed. The cloak and jewelleries remained standing. “Preserve us from the wicked one.” Alicia whispered. “You thought to defeat me?” The voice was the same. The very same. The empty hood turned. “Your life will make me strong again.” The necromancer reached forth his invisible hand. Salome shrieked. “I granted you life.” The wizardproclaimed. “Now, I take your soul.” The laugher seemed to fill the tomb. The dancing girl was forced on her knees. “Kill me, you fool!” She called. “Before it’s too late.” She snarled. Edward couldn’t do it. Carole revealed her fangs. With one swift move, she buried both claws into her heart. “May thy rest in peace.” Alucard removed the head. Salome was dead. The ghost of the necromancer wasn’t. “I will make my wish come true.” His voice smoldered with ice cold hatred. Alicia hurled the dagger forward. Wind was in her blood. She made it split into eight knives. Edward crossed himself. He was impressed. They got repelled by the shield. The necromancer threw off his outer cloak. Beneath the black robes, he wore a purple shroud. The hood was still up. Edward would never tell anyone. But he was grateful the wizard kept it in place. Edward shook it off. The sword and scythe came spinning through the tomb. The necromancer flouted above like nothing happened. Although the zombies raised. They could see by now. The enemy created a huge green bubble about his location. “Good God.” Torah exclaimed. Edward agreed. Then there where no more time for preparation. The corpses reached to take them while the necromancer began to rebound about the room. Edward slashed through the heart. Then he ran. Edward got no idea what that bubble might be. But he was sure it wasn’t good. No matter. The zombies might be a greater threat. Edward burned them to ashes. “No problem.” He told himself. The necromancer kept bouncing. Edward made a glide. Alicia spread her arms. The crucifix burned above. Carole released heavy steam. She never was more beautiful. Or more ecstatic. Lightning shot from within her grasp. Edward made another glide. “Hellfire!” The blue bat-inhabited fireballs collided against the bubble. It broke to pieces. Edward felt no victory. The zombies where coming back. “Magic arrow!” Saria was glowing. The arrow pierced the undead. The dark wizard screamed. Edward blocked his ears. He recognised the sound. It reminded about the wanderers. He tried not to think about them. The riders would be back. The necromancer used his might to cause a Death ripple explosion. The blast seamed to rip through time and space. Edward ran to save himself. He got to slay the corpses. This wasn’t going to work. The necromancer created the bubble. He caught Carole by the throat. He drained her energy! This had to end.He removed the head before impaling the heart. The zombie beheld him through those dead burning eyes. Edward shuddered. The corpse lusted for his flesh. Though it burned into ashes, the others gathered around. He revealed the crucifix. That carved some space. “Blue bow!” Saria fired. “Magic arrow!” That scattered their numbers. “Homing ball!” Torah made it to spin about while striking with the ring smash. Edward relaxed. She would protect her sister. “Grizzly wing!” Alucard spread his cape. The bats obscured the ghost. The mailman almost felt sorry. They were so lonely. “The Dark Lord is to blame.” Alucard read his expression. “He has become a cursed being.” That was right. Sonia Belmont discovered it while the battle in 1476. He shook it off. This wasn’t the time for history lessons. Edward made a grimace. The tragic prince spun around to cut the zombies. The necromancer got the power to rise even the spirits of the dead. Edward felt sick about it. He got to concentrate. Carole was in danger. She didn’t deserve this fate. Sara Trantoul spoke the truth. There were no one who deserved this. Edward struck with the sword. The holy beam burned through the figure. The ghost moaned before fading. He drew sweat of his forehead. That was close. The creature might possess the living. Edward had to gather. The corpses hung onto his clothing’s. They tried to tear him apart. “In the name of Michael the arch angel!” Alicia made it to rain with holy water. The zombies burned. Edward collected the gems. He inhaled. That felt nice. He got to restore the force. “Hellfire!” Alucard spread his cape. The ghost exploded. He moaned when fading. Edward felt no pity. The figure was about to touchher. “Glory be You.” Alicia replaced the glasses. “Our Father in Heaven.” She made the sign of the cross. Edward acknowledged. He replaced the hat. “God with us.” Edward reached for the crucifix. They got to believe. “In Maanos Toas Domine.” Alucard bowed. “For great is the Lord.” Edward relaxed. Even though he was one of the undead, Alucard had chosen to stand in the light. “Come on!” This had to end. Edward would close the seal before he might escape.

She was his father’s concubine. Though not even she deserved this fate. Sara Trantoil spoke words which resounded throughout the history. Alucard had to act. The Belmonts where to preoccupied with remaining alive. “Ball of Destruction!” He fired the high shot. The ball exploded against the shield. The necromancer looked upon him. “Homing ball!” The sisters got through with the dead. The shield was down. Alucard morphed into a bat. He would break the curse. Though it was Martino who reacted first. She released lightning into the hood. That was always a weak spot. The necromancer was indeed nothing but an empty shell. A puppet moved by powerful black magic and hatred. The enemy hurled the undead away. Alucard retained human form. “Hellfire!” He released before the wizard might regenerate the shield. He seemed about to fall. Then he slashed. Alucard blocked. He got to use both sword and shield. The necromancer still surprised him. He was perhaps not brilliant. That made no difference. He used the weapons well. Marcia the fairy flew in a flash. They got confused. Alicia Schneider caught the wizard in a death grip. Flames erupted on contact. The necromancer shrieked. Then the shield was up. Alucard realized they had to get away.

Throne room,the pinnacle.The 10th. Of December 2098 A.D.

Where was everybody? Sam shook it off. Bill and Bert managed to activate the elder computer system. They entered the throne room. All was quiet. He disliked that. Sam felt unsure. Though he guessed it would have to wait. They got work to do. Tom linked with the other groups. Sam exhaled. “They are ready.” He told. “You only have to pull the trigger.” Sam smirked. “Alright.” He had another deep breath. “Ken?” He asked. “Are you ready?” He was one of the controllers. Sam was glad he survived. “Stand by.” Ken pushed a button.

The tomb, throne room. The 10th. Of December 2098 A.D.

That bastard! Carole got back up. The necromancer threw her away. The impact almost broke every bone in her body. She was stronger than that. Carole marvelled by the ecstasy of Agony. Thus she was restored. The hunters were spread out in vain effort to avoid the rebounding wizard. She inhaled her misery to unleash even stronger electricity. The static force coiled like serpents around her arms and fingers. The bolt merged into a crackling ball before striking the shield. The counter-force was terrible. Carole refused to give in. The zombies came to tear her apart. The sisters kept them away. “Grizzly wing!” The swarm couldn’t penetrate, though they occupied him. The sword and scythe twirled toward the sisters. The Belmonts opened the deadlock. Edward threw a wave of breakable axes. The blonde scorched the necromancer. The daggers burned on impact. Alicia crossed herself. Carole snarled. She hated when they did that. The necromancer regained his weapons. The sisters were still alive. Carole prepared to hurl herself against the necromancer. He got no face. Either way, she was sure he smiled. The Death ripple tore through the fabric of space. Carole screamed. He was careless. That was another reason to kill him. Carole charged.

Everything seemed to shift between black and white. The necromancer kept blocking or dodging the vampire’s assault. Torah bit together. She and Saria was left to handle the groups of zombies. The wizard hurled the sword and scythe. He seemed bent on killing her sister. Torah gathered all her strength to redirect the sword. The ring smash sent the blade spinning out of control. Saria threw herself away from the boomerang. Torah made a full swing. She came back to crush the zombie. “Homing ball!” The golden flare exploded against the shield. Alicia hurled the cross. The necromancer regained the weapons. He was play acting as the grim reaper. “Star bow!” Saria fired. The necromancer got hurled against the wall. Alucard retained his human form. He engaged the wizard in swordplay. Carole electrified the corpses. The necromancer threw the scythe. Torah made a glide among the enemies. She would slash them to pieces. Torah hoped that Carrie would be proud. She was getting better. “Homing ball!” She charged with frost. The corpses shattered into bits of ice. The wizard screamed. Torah wished to shield herself. The corpse got her. Saria impaled the zombie. Torah shook her head. What happened? Edward impaled the wizard. They got thrown so far away.

The necromancer kept chanting. Alicia felt chills down her spine. Although she didn’t figure his language, it couldn’t be good. “God with us!” Edward barely could move. He managed to present the crucifix. “In the name of Michael the arch angel.” She felt so proud. Alicia fought the righteous battle. “Forest’s death.” Saria breathed. “Behind you!” Marcia screamed. Torah spun around. “Homing ball!” She released the freezing mist. The ring smash cut up the image. The ghost moaned before she vanished. Alicia pulled together. She couldn’t afford the delay. The spectral became released through the portal. She shuddered. Alicia felt it like a black hole had opened up through reality. “You bastard.” Alicia blushed. She seldom used such language. Then it did feel appropriate. The pattern was so thin about this area. The necromancer kept tearing apart. She felt disgusted by the effort. “May you be cast back into the fire.” She had a grip on herself. Alicia inhaled. She made the sign of the cross. Vengeance was not the answer. The wizard began to chant. “In the name of Michael the arch angel!” Alicia threw the cross. He would not be allowed to conjure Chaos. The boomerang rebounded against the shield. Alicia was grateful to retrieve it. That wouldn’t be the end. She got to prohibit the spell from taking effect. The necromancer spread his arms in a demandinggesture. Alicia licked her lips. There came a rumbling sound. There were the other graves. “Preserve us from the wicked One.” The tombs got inhabited. He called them back to life. The zombies where rising up. Alicia twirled with the whip. Edward managed to crawl away. Torah would help him. The necromancer created another of those Death ripple explosions. The crypt seemed to shrink. Alicia made other crosses to appear in front. The vampires turned into mist. Torah hid herself behind heavy steam. “Star bow!” The shot caught him off guard.Although the shield was still up,the necromancer lost control of his power. The Death ripplewent awry. “Homing ball!” Torah cast the spell. Alicia got back into action. The necromancer was careless. He used magic which might destroy them. “Hellfire!” Alucard was back. Carole screamed while blasting Ion shots. The shield faltered. Alicia fought the zombies. She realized they lusted for Edward. Her cousin got wounded. Torah had no time to heal him. Saria sung. The corpses went for her. Torah figured about the situation. “In the name of Michael the arch angel!” Alicia made the sign of the cross. She would help them. Alicia wouldn’t be idle. She threw daggers toward the zombies. Saria was so fierce. She moved in among their numbers, using her sword and shield. “Ball of Destruction!” Alucard nailed the wizard. Edward resumed the battle. “Homing ball!” Torah came to help her sister. Alicia thanked the Lord for His mercy. The ghost almost touched her. Edward slashed through. The figure moaned. The necromancer approached. The green bubble rebounded against the floor. The zombies raised. Edward hurled the axe. They picked the crystals. Alicia was grateful. The candles where so few. They got to see. “Alicia.” Marcia landed upon her shoulder. She leaned against her neck. “For a moment I thought I lost you.” Alicia smiled. “I won’t leave you.” The fay assured. “I believe you.” Alicia told. She brandished with the chain-whip. The corpses got burned to ashes. Alicia released the other ghosts. Edward joined with the sisters. Alicia inhaled. She realized that he would protect his lover. Saria was nice. Although Alicia liked the darker, more extravagant types,she shook the matter. The necromancer was coming back. He hurled the weapons like boomerangs. Torah and Saria were forced to retreat. Carole and Alucard got surrounded by corpses. Alicia threw the vial in a high arch. The holy water burned on impact. Edward noticed. He threw the vials forward. The necromancer got bathed in flames. Torah traced the scythe to its master. “Homing ball!” Although he rebounded, the plasma shot through the shield. The necromancer caused another explosion. Alicia withdrew. Nobody could resist him. That wasn’t true. Torah stamped with the cross. The wizard bellowed. He was burning. He then struck with the sword. Torah managed to keep him back,though not for long. Torah was forced to kneel. The sword was coming down. The cross lit up. Torah was able to shield herself behind His image. Alicia was sure. The sorceress couldn’t hold him forever. She prayed to God for guidance. Alicia was running out of time. Alucard still fought the zombies. Edward got obscured by the ghosts. Alicia folded her hands before her chest. “Let Your will be done.” She touched the crucifix. Then Alicia made it to rain with holy water. That he couldn’t block. “You got to help me!” The wizard called. “You promised to teach me!” There came no answer. “I brought you the Vampire Killer!” Alicia looked down on the chain-whip. Was this all it was about? That would explain much. But it was a mistake. This was not the Vampire Killer. She was not Sonia Belmont. Death force gathered around the necromancer. “If you will or cannot help me.” The voice was ice cold. “Then I will do it by myself!” This gave no sense. Who was he talking to? Alicia shook her head. The Shadow engulfed the tomb. There was no light. No hope. No life. Even Marcia was dull. Only Saria was blazing. “By the forest temple!” She shouted. Alicia couldn’t be sure. But it looked like she was gaining power. “This have to end.” The beam of solid emerald vaporized the enemy. “Fools!” The necromancer shrieked. “I am only one. Aber hinter mihr stehen millionen!”He was about to crumble. “Your world shall burn in the fires of industry and alchemy.” The voice chilled her to the core. “There shall be no dawn for man.” The evil force exploded outward. “Then I wish my friends to survive.” She thought that was Saria’s voice. “I wish that we get away from here.” Alicia had no mind. They failed. Dusk was fallen. They where about to die. She was sure about it. The shadow obscured everything. And then Alicia knew no more.

Edward found the orb. She was glad on his behalf. Though the tomb was crumbling. Saria regained her senses. “We cannot stay.” Alucard carried Alicia over his shoulder. “The crypt have become unstable.” Carole stood before the tomb. Edward got to force her along. They went down the pitch black tunnel. Saria shuddered. She couldn’t help it. “The ice is melting.” Torah spoke. The voice almost made her jump. Saria got a hold on herself. “Hurry on.” The fairy shone bright with urgency. “Beware.” Alucard advised. “You do not know what might be waiting.” Saria licked her lips. They reached the end. The men where inside the throne room. Saria picked the bow-and-arrows. It seemed alright. Then the mountain shook. The way into the crypt caved in. The crew didn’t seem to notice. “It’s working.” Ken exclaimed. “Come.” Sam smiled. “Have a look.” Torah was helping Alicia to sit up. She must have used the laurels. Edward, Carole and Alucard went to stand beside him. “The reactor is working.” Bill told. “The plant has returned to normal.” Bert looked like a burden got lifted off his shoulders. “We kept our promise.” Alucard said. They sent him a look. Edward agreed. She would kiss him. “The hunt continue.” Saria felt sorry for him. They got to leave this place.

Oblivion ridge, Warakiya. The 13th. Of December 2098 A.D.

They exchanged glances. “Are you okay?” Kay asked. There still came no answer. Tobias shook his head. “This is a waste of time.” The huntsman muttered. Kay shook the witch. Renate kept her position. He felt suddenly afraid. What if she never woke? “He is coming.” The voice was not her own. “The prince bathed in blood.” Tobias pulled him away. Renate was moving like a puppet. This was to macabre. “My girlfriend.” Kay pleaded. “Just tell me. Is she alive?” Renate gave a sort of snoring sound. “Do not seek the dead among the dead.” The eyes rolled in her skull. “The student sit among petals. Among harlots and concubines.” The tone filled with a sort of unearthly mirth. “Do not listen to their voices.” Renate fell back on her heels. “Wait!” Kay caught her by the arm. “You have to tell me more.” The presence was fading fast. “You have been warned.” Renate said. “Beware of the voices. Do not seek the dead among the dead.” She was closing her eyes. “He is coming. The one with the bleeding heart. Do not believe him.” Renate tried to lift a hand to point at him. “Go. Leave this place, to those who perished here.” The spirits left her. Renate blinked. “What did I say?” She asked. Kay inhaled. How was he to tell her? Tobias spoke before he might gather.

Ravenberg station, Warakiya. The 12th. Of December 2098 A.D.

Sunlight shone through the openings to illuminate the railway station. Carole made a grimace. The light stripped her of Agony. The power-plant was restored. But with only the skeleton crew in control, the installation was quite empty. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord.” Edward made the sign of the cross. Carole stepped aside. “Amen.” Alicia Schneider touched the crucifix. “The rail might be here soon.” Torah Fernandez inspected the blackboard. Alicia also had a look. She had no mind. Carole watched him with jealous want. He never came back to her. Edward didn’t touch the nymph either. She didn’t know what to think about that. “We used two days to get down from the pinnacle.” He checked the clock. Alucard seemed to consider the statement. Carole shrugged. She got the earth she needed. Carole went back to fetch her items. The familiars would bring her coffin back to the castle. The bats got disturbed by the daylight. They went like a wave. Alicia doused them with holy water. “Grizzly wing!” Alucard challenged the swarm. Bats flew from within his cape. Carole got both swords. She didn’t expect they would get handy. Never mind, Carole would do her part. The bats went dashing for blood. “In the name of Michael the arch angel!” Alicia twirled with the whip.

The bats squeaked with anger. “Here goes nothing.” Edward reached for the crucifix. Although there was brought daylight outside, the mammals went for blood. Edward struck with the sword to release a holy beam. The spirit burst on impact. “Homing ball!” Torah charged the spell. She realised the plasma to might protect them. “God with us!” The monsters circled about her neck and shoulders. Saria pulled back the string. She got ambushed. The skeletons got buried beneath the debrief. They pushed up to throw bones. “Be brave.” Alicia emptied an entire bottle of holy water above her head. That made them to spread. “Cleaver.” He admired. Carol and Alucard took care of the bone-men. “Leave her alone.” The trio gathered around his girlfriend. The bone-bag kept shocking her, while the others tried to crush her skull. Edward approached. They wouldn’t listen. Off course they didn’t, they had no ears. Alicia was ahead. She threw the cross. The boomerangs crushed them to peaces. Edward inhaled, though he felt no better. The place felt unnatural. He was freezing. There was nothing that Edward might see or touch. There was something about the atmosphere. Edward made the sign of the cross. Something was wrong. He might tell. There was nothing to do, not now at any rate. Edward knocked the candle. They got to be prepared. He found thegold coins. Edward made a grimace, though he picked the money. They might come in handy. The bats got burned to ashes. They left some crystals. The orcs, lizards and skeletons carried some heavy cargo. The gang came through another opening while chattering among themselves. “Forest’s death!” The dryad screamed. Saria put an arrow through her throat. The sisters made the corpse-weeds to blossom. “God with us!” Edward summoned the name of the Lord. He threw daggers at them. The plants withered on impact. Carole used the swords to cut the others. The monsters where not at their strongest while in daylight. Simon Belmont discovered as much in 1692. They dropped the cargo while reaching for their weapons.“Blue bow!” Saria fired an enchanted arrow. She didn’t blaze anymore. Edward got a hunch she could. He put it aside. The monsters got ready to fight. “Carole Martino!” A woman raised from the coffin. “Have you betrayed the Dark Lord?!” Carole dropped both weapons. She fell upon her knees. “No. I would never!” She tried to gather. “Georgia Simonjeva.” Carole hid her face. The Russian Upiri was clad in their typical black evening dress and cloak. “Who are you?” Alicia asked. “Georgia Simonjeva.” Alucard said. The lady reached with her black gloved hands. “She was a member of the Russian air force which fought in the Ukraine war of 2014.” The tragic prince made a cordial bow. “Turned by a local circle because of accusation of her ancestral connection with the death of Leo Trotsky.” Georgia snarled. She made a leap to get him. Alucard turned into mist. Edward didn’t care about it. He met her in hand-to-hand contest. An open area formed around the fight. Carole turned her head back and forth. She still wore the cocktail dress that she fetched from her grave. Edward got no time to admire her figure. The Russian was quick and strong, like every vampire. Though she wasn’ttrained in the martial arts. The crucifix made her to retreat. His image gave strength. Edward worshipped the Lord in his heart. “You have to help me.” Georgia snarled. Carole got on foot. She retrieved the swords,though she didn’t move. “Michele!” She called. “Wake up!Serve your lord!” Another coffin was opened. The undead leaped with the sword in hand. “Michele Tedronova!” Carole cried. “No! Leave him alone!” They met in combat. Edward fought with Georgia. He couldn’t help her. The mailman was facing his own day of reckoning. “You are alone.” Georgia went sweet. “They cannot help you now.” The Upiri stepped back. She made the sword to disappear. “You want me.” She spread her arms to display her ruddiness. “You know you do.” The voice adapted that distasteful sound of water glasses played on, by a cunning hand. “Come closer.” Georgia beckoned. “Let us get to know each other.” Edward fought to shake off the enchantment. “Burn in hell.” He told her. The Upiri smiled to expose her fangs. The mailmen shuddered. They’re whiteness shone in contrast in her ruby lips. Georgia’s smile grew even wider. He noticed the low cutting on her dress. She really was spectacular. The chain of rubies burned like blood drops above the deadly white bosom. Edward wasn’t fooled. The scent of death helped him to stay foot. “Get away from me.” She tossed her curly dark hair. The train wentrocketing into the cave. That broke her concentration. “God with us!” Edward challenged. The doors opened. The mailman made a back-flip. The rail wouldn’t be here forever. They got to leave. Carole fought both vampires. Saria pulled back while shooting arrows. “Alicia and Torah got inside!” She called. “Traitor!” Michele cursed. “You will never get away!” Alucard knocked his shield against the head. “Excuse me.” Georgia staggered. Saria reached the train. He caught a glimpse of Marcia. Edward bit his lip. Alucard acknowledged. “Leave me.” Carole told. “I am lord Dracula’s concubine.” He tugged his beard. The doors where about to close. Alucard was gone. “Rest in peace.” Edward whispered. He reached the train. Edwardhad no choice. But it hurt. He bit together. The sun was about to set. Then it would be night again. The undead would regain their abilities. Edward made the sign of the cross. He didn’t wish to stay around when that happened. He dismissed. This wasn’t his business. Not anymore. The doors closed behind. That was a relief. “God with us.” Edward pulled through his shoulder length brown hair. The mailman replaced his hat. He reached for the crucifix. They really managed to escape from the power-plant.They still had to leave the mountain. Though somehow, he was certain that they would get into another kind of trouble.

Yomai railway, Dora wood. The 12th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The vampire was left behind. Alucard watched her through the window. Alicia Schneider leaned back against the wall. “I am so tired.” He acknowledged. The hunter replaced her glasses. “This might be a holiday.” She pushed herself up straight. “Nay.” Alucard dismissed. “It begins anew.” He unsheathed the weapon. “They are here.” Alicia Schneider reached for the whip. “The train stops at the village of Doina.” Torah Fernandez lit an orb. He accepted the statement. Alucard could not tell what might await them. His father was dead. Though what did that intend for the Dark Lord’s followers? ”Stay here.” The sorceress gathered more power. “Let me find them.” She was brave. “You don’t hunt alone.” The Morris told. “Relax.” Saria hung up her weapon. “Get some rest.” She smiled. “Torah got my bow.” Alucard approved. “I want to go.” Marcia fluttered before Belmont’s face. “They might need my help.” Alicia Schneider let her go. Edward Morris found a cabin. They went inside. Schneider almost collapsed into a seat. Morris sat beside her. Alucard kept his back against the exit. “Would you like to borrow the whip?” The hunter held the item. He gave her the scabbard. She put it on her belt. Alucard would teach her. Though only when she regained her strength.

The Vatican, Italy. The 16th.Of December 2098 A.D.

So, this was it. The wind played with her hair. Rachel Belmont beheld the snow-coated cityscape. The air-plane brought her from Gatwick. Rachel pulled her blonde hair into a ponytail. Sonia was only 17 years old. The leader of the Catholic Churchsummoned her. She had done armour. Rachel went toward the airport. The elder men were there to meet her. Sonia touched her sword. She rubbed the sleep from her blue eyes. Rachel knew these people. Gustav and Reichardt Schneider werethe master hunters of their house. She felt so alone. Sonia hadhoped that her brother would be here to meet her. Rachel hadn’t seen Julius since they where both children. “You are the last to arrive.” Gustav said. He truly was such a kind old man. Soniatouched her crucifix. He wasn’t really that old. The white beard confused her. “Am I?” She asked. “Isaac is coming.” She looked over her shoulder. The pirate was climbing down the stairs. “It is nice to see you.” Reichardt said. Rachel smiled. “Good to see you too.” None of her cousins ever came to visit England. She got her own friends. Roger Dorrin was her teacher. Sonia hoped Julius was alive. She would become a vampire hunter. They were together again. This really was fitting. Rachel decided she got to hunt the night.

(A.N: This chapter is long. But it is a sort of “final battle” for the quest within the power-plant. It also functions as a bridge, or so I hope, to the second cycle of the first group. The next chapter will pick up the pieces as the story continue. So, until then, have a nice time.)