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Castlevania: Darkness Never Dies


Part 1: Curse of Blood

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Part 2: Legacy of Sorrow

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Part 1: Curse of Blood.

“He lay his tired head upon the stone and dreamed about a ladder going all the way up to Heaven.”

Genesis: 28. 11.

Chapter 3: Silence of Daylight.

Jova station, town of Jova. The 9th. Of December 2098 A.D.

They came like they usually did, making threats. The people sought shelter along the street. The moon shone down as the band dismounted their bikes. They howled while leaping down the rolling stairs. Jacob beheld the image. The pack ripped through the station. The occupants tried to hide. “Follow me!” They boarded the train. The werewolves were the gypsy and Hungary men. The leader was a Brazilian biker with light copper skin, chocolate eyes and a golden mane of honey blonde hair. “Get ready.” The townsfolk got armed with silver bullets. The resistance tried to keep short the costs. Jakob put it away. The band headed for the locomotor. “Let Your will be done.” Marcus crossed himself. The Lycan also got armed. They brought grenades and automaton rifles. “Get ready!” Jacob then dropped the communicator. His friends hid inside the other wagons. They looked like a gang of loafers and scarecrows going up against their lot. “For Warakiya!” Jacob unsheathed his knife. The blade was forged with more silver. The mountain folks were among the greatest craftsmen he ever met. Jacob left it behind. They were the resistance. “for Warakiya!” They kept calling. That was their battle cry. Jacob flung the door aside. Markus fired the gun right into her face.

Gandalfi street, town of Jova. The 9th. Of December 2098 A.D.

They moved by night. Martha felt chills down her spine. She noticed the ability. The wind rushed through her hair. That was enough to pull at the hood. “Oh my God.” Jessica exclaimed. The glove already reached up to pull it back. That was to late. “Thou arth nothing then a whore.” Her spear went through the chest. “Stay away from her!” Valerie called. Jessica tumbled back. The ghoul burned into ashes. “The mirror broke from side to side.” The blonde was able to pick her up. “This is the curse of Darkness.” Tina helped her from the other side. Martha closed her eyes. They were the resistance; though they couldn’t fight this. They needed Belmont force to vanquish the Dark Lord back to were he came. “Do any of you know were to find his grave?” No one answered. “I guessed that much.” They got to join forces. Martha folded her arms across the chest. “we have to throw them out.” Valerie and Tina exchanged worried glances. They really were prostitutes. Martha knew that didn’t mattered. She had to look beyond what they did for living. “I am a whore.” Jessica fought to get free. “Release me!” She demanded. “I got to please.” Her eyes glazed. Martha bit her lip. She hated the transformation. “Leave us behind.” Tina said. Martha frowned. She got an idea.

Town of Jova, Warakiya. The 9th. of December 2098 A.D.

The priest finished the ceremony. The grave digger began his work. Jeremiah shook his head. How long would it continue? Her grandfather was weeping. Captain Franz De Travis had lost three of his granddaughters. “She is the fourth who died.” The priest said. “The fourth in four months.” “I hear you say so.” De Travis said. “I told you what would happen if you kept accusing my child.” Jeremiah figured. He gathered his items. “See him off.” The old sailor told his family. They released the hounds. The priest ran as fast he could. The graveyard had no church. He worried about the dead. Jeremiah opened his umbrella. There was nothing he could do. Martha was the only person in that family who kept her faith. He went back toward the village. Jeremiah wished to cry. He spent his tears. The people went about in his uniform. “Hello old man! Do you feel lonely tonight!?” The trio kept beneath the lamp post...“Begone.” He told. “I have no use for you.” They laughed. “go home and play with yourself!” The black shouted. Jeremiah kept walking. They were friends. He could do nothing. He reached the church. “Please.” He whispered. “Let it be over.” The lights where on. He didn’t leave it like that. “Save us from the evil One.” Jeremiah crossed himself. He then went inside.

St. Maria’s church, town of Jova. The 9th. of December 2098 A.D.

He could hear them play from even out here. Jeremiah felt appalled. The church got defiled. “Good Lord.” They gasped and moaned with pleasure. They screamed and shouted with lust and craving. Jeremiah reached for the crucifix. How did they enter? There was no time. The priest still containedthe body. He got some of Christ’s blood. Jeremiah crossed himself. He always carried Him upon himself. The priest went toward the living quarters. Theresa gotinvolved with sexual activity. The brunette and redhead was “teaching” the nun. She never should let them in. She bit her neck. The sister would make her to drink her blood. “Great is the mystery of faith.” Hedeclared. “This is the blood of… “ He prepared to strike. The Japanese girl got the strength of twenty men. She held him back. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” The boy brandished with a holy whip. The huge renegade came from the kitchen. He aimed with the pistol. “Leave him.” The boy approached. The shrouded figure was dread. “You shall perish.” The voice was a poison hiss. Fire burned. The boy threw his crystal. The wanderer got away. Jeremiah summoned the Lord. Nothing kept him back. “God with us!” The others turned upon him. Jeremiah shuddered. The priest would fight the righteous battle.

So, this was the house of their God. Noriko shook her black hair. There was no piece in here. She shook it aside. The brunette beheld her through eyes like liquid steel. They seemed to turn larger by the second. Noriko couldn’t help it. She felt chills down her spine. “Oni!” Noriko threw a net before firing the green beam. The vampire morphed into mist. “It belongs to me now.” She hissed. The brunette exposed her fangs. “Do not pretend to be the queen.” Noriko got an image of herself, ruling supreme. “ Instead of the Dark Lord, you will set up a queen.” She raised a hand. “And I shall not be evil, but beautiful and terrible like the morning and the night.” Her hand became a fist. “strong like the foundation of the earth.” She shivered by the presence. “All shall love me, and despair.” Noriko charged the fireball. She would take her soul. “You shall not defeat me!” She called. The brunette made a summersault and back-flip before releasing the bats. Noriko spread both arms. She released her own shield. “Yeah!” The bats collided before they exploded. “shadow and flame.” Noriko boiled both fists. She presented the crucifix. That carved some space. The vampire leaped toward the ceiling. Noriko looked around for her allies. The salesman tried to help the other woman.

The dark wanderer drew poison hiss. Christian made the sign of the cross. The black rider was no longer living. He cracked with the Vampire Killer whip. “I know about you.” Trevor declared. “I know your power.” The influence tried to choke him. “Hawken Belmont revealed you.” Christian tightened his grip. The rider hissed. “The humans are in need of hope and dreams. You have twistedto become ambition.” He reached for the crucifix. “That is the shadow of greed.” The old man frowned. Trevor couldn’t relax. “Glory be You. The priest announced.“Our Father in Heaven.” Christian exhaled. He must have realized. “Fool.” The wraith unsheathed his weapon. “Your hope and dreams will be to no avail. The Dark Lord has unlocked the power of Eclesia.” Trevor shook his head. “That made him to perish.” He killed the people of Warakiya. Christian would send him back to the Dark Lord. “Take him.” The wanderer demanded. “Show him the pleasures of the flesh.” The vampires embraced him from behind. Trevor fell back into their arms. They carried nothing but slippers, bras and loincloths. “Am I not beautiful?” The brunette pressed him against her body. Christian would get free. This wasn’t right. “You shall love me.” The other got hair like the sun. Her blue eyes stared into his own. She bent down to kiss him. George fired his pistol. The silver bullets threw her against the wall. She jumped back up. Noriko fired a green beam. The brunette still kept him close. She was so soft. So very soft. What would she do? Her body grew rigid. Trevor got free. Noriko bit her neck. She made her to burn. Christian shuddered. Her face told she absorbed the soul. The priest hurled a vial. The blood of Christ soaked the black rider. He burst into flame. “You cannot defeat me.” The figurecladswithin the cloak and suit of armour proclaimed. “Your time is over.” Then the shell fell empty upon the ground. George pickedthe clothbefore he threw it out the window. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Christianproclaimed. They better act quickly. “Curse you Belmont scum!” the redhead dropped from the ceiling. Trevor forgot about her. That was a mistake. She kicked the salesman in the side of his head. Noriko hurled the net. The vampire made a glide beneath to deliver a double punch. Trevor presented the crucifix. He threw three freezingcrosses. She got above. “Be gone in the name of the Lord!” The priest pushed her aside. He got the Host. The woman distracted with a swarm of bats. Christian threw the crystal. The explosion ripped apart. Trevor dusted off his face. That was incredible. The redhead was scorched. She pulled back together. “Your blood is mine.” She spat. “I shall make you my plaything.” Christian felt numb. “Leave these others.” The grimace turned into a smile. “Come to me.” She invited. “My arms are lusting for you.” Trevor hid his face. The undead giggled. “You desire me.” The crispy sound made him to shiver. “You know you want me.” Christian struck with the whip. She kept together. Trevor continued to strike. “Belmont bastard.” She hissed. “You should enjoy my body.” Christian made no answer. He trusted the knife through her heart. The woman collapsed into a pile. Trevor sighed. He made the sign of the cross. She left plenty of crystals. That replenished their energy. The others were awake. Trevor exhaled. They were alive, though it didn’t answer the question. The ashes got to be removed. But how many of the Jovan citizens had joined with Dracula? The Lord would decide. “Inspect the nun.” He told the former salesman. George went to work. “Are you certain that they rest in peace?” Norikoclosed her eyes. “I am sure.” She said. “Believe me.” Noriko pulled through the black hair. “The hunt is over.” So, let it be. This wasn’t the end. “Are you alright, mein Herr?” Christian knelt by the old man. He had fallen on the floor. “My name is Christian Morris, the heirto the house of Belmont.” The priest met his gaze. “Who are you who holds the blood of Christ?” The old man slowly got up. “I am father Jeremiah Bultman.” He looked so tired. “The Shepard of this community.” Trevor helped him to sit. He told their story. “Your girlfriend is alright.” George told. “I guess she didn’t get any of their crimson liquid.” He raised her up. “She should be fine, with some peace and quiet.” Father Jeremiah gave directions to the cell. Trevor told Noriko to follow. He watched while they went out into the living quarters. “Come with me.” The priest led him to the kitchen. Christian made the sign of the cross. This was good. He should prepare a dinner for the holy people. This really was the house of God. They would be safe. Trevor might occupy himself. He went to work. It felt nice to do some of these normal things after the chase. Christian sighed. There was a time since dusk. Even the night was far from over. “The Lord protect us.” Jeremiah made a sign of the cross. Trevor pulled away. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” He reached for the whip. The bat hid against the ceiling. “We are not within the church.” The priest presented the crucifix. “That is not a normal bat.” Christian shuddered. “Do you want a kiss?” The bat transformed into the voluptuous blonde.“Come to me.” The harlot spread her arms. “You want me.” She smiled. “I am lusting for you.” The priest was sobbing. “Back to Hell.” Trevor fought to resist her. Everything was so wrong. The voice sounded like water glasses played by a cunning hand. “Be gone from me.” The vampire hunter declared. “I will not accept you.” The blonde laughed by his misery. Then she reached with the claws extended. Trevor met the challenge. He was not alone. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost.” Father Jeremiah picked the bottle. He sanctified the bread and wine. “It is complete.” The loaf got pressed into her mouth. “Glory be You!” Trevor made the sign of the cross. “Our Father in Heaven!” The wine closed the ordeal. The blonde shrieked. Then she burned into ashes. “You are the priest.” They beheld each other. “It is you who say so.” Jeremiah smiled. “The son of man is the key.”

The woman might rest. George kept guard. The salesman reloaded the pistols. He wasted the rounds upon the vampires. “Blasted freaks.” He got to be more careful. George blushed. He only tried to dismiss about it. No matter, he still remembered. “I am nothing but a stalker.” George enjoyed undressing her clothing’s. He liked the forms of her body. The salesman pressed a hand against his forehead. “You were excited by my shapeliness.” She opened her eyes. George shuddered. They seemed glazed somehow. The dead stare seemed to tear his mind. The fangs scraped together. This was not right. “You are not a vampire.” She couldn’t be. They noticed it began when reaching the building. “Come closer.” The nightgown revealed her body. “Know me better.” George holstered the pistols. He wouldn’t shoot her. But what should he do? George made a grimace. He wouldn’t kill her. “Have a kiss.” The smile went even larger. The salesman got an idea. “I am hungry.” He got the picture. “Here.” George told. “Have this.” He bent forward. She looked eager. “This is the Lord.” The salesman found the piece. He gave her the Host. Something burned. “That was great.” Noriko returned. She had been scouting. George dismissed. The woman got released from the curse.

Forest of Aljiba, Warakiya. The 9th. of December 2098 A.D.

The weather was bad. “That is required.” The ravens circled about. Alastor Lupine beheld the lost knight. The dark wanderers where difficult to figure. “The town of Jova is not important.” He remarked. “The order achieved control. Why should I bother about it?” The black rider approached. The empty hood met his gaze. “The Dark Lord gave his last command.” He hissed. “You are to kill the Belmont clan.” The gaze sent chills down his spine. “The vampire hunters are there.” Alastor managed to stand tall. “Go and serve his will.” He told. The werewolf was not convinced. He searched for them all since the fall of Brahms. Neither of the scouts were able to find them. “So be it.” The wanderer turned away. He seated upon his black horse. “I shall find them myself.” He looked down upon him. “I shall tell the Dark Lord about this.” Alastor made no answer. He was prepared to serve his prince of Darkness. Though the general was not a plaything. He would not obey unless the instructions came through the proper channel, the chain of command. The rider pulled the reins. Hekicked the side. Then he was gone. The werewolf felt much better after he left. No matter, he would continue the search. That was in order. Alastor Lupine would avenge his fallen lady.

St. Maria’s church, town of Jova. The 10th. of December 2098 A.D.

The salesman returned. George brought food to Theresa. They sat down around the table before speaking a small prayer. “Father.” Christian asked. “What happened to the town?” Jeremiah ate the potato and meat upon his fork beforetalking. “The community is haunted.” The priest told. “The renegades approached. Though that isn’t the greatest problem.” Noriko had no more food. “Five months ago, a stranger came to Jova.” Shegot a sip of water. “Then Petronella Stravinska died.” The old man looked very sad. “Then her schoolmates became sick.” Norikotouched the crucifix. “They got buried within the Vrad graveyard.” The priest beheld them. “I let them rest with a crucifix. Then the prostitutes began to lose health.” She looked down into the plate. “I hope you know how to stop it.” They finished the meal in silence. Then the men went to clean the dishes. “I hope this is not another mistake.” Noriko spoke her mind. The salesman might support that point of view. He poured some wine into the glass. That seemed nice. George hadn’t had any since he joined the group. “The last time we hunted.” He raised the goblet. “We put them to rest by removing the head.” George had a toast. Christian made the sign of the cross. “We shall release them from the curse.” He told.

Vrad cemetery, town of Jova. The 10th. Of December 2098 A.D.

They reached destination. Christian might behold the gravesite. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord.” He touched the crucifix. Noriko still looked puzzled. “That is the way.” Trevor got to translate, though his Japanese wasn’t really good. “We must find her grave.” She finally figured. Christian exhaled. “Glory be You.” He knelt by the entrance. “Our Father in Heaven.” Trevor then cracked with the whip. He would hunt the night. They were alone again. George decided to remain inside the church. The salesman felt no shame. Then he shouldn’t. Someone got to protect Theresa against the undead. “We do what we must.” The priest blessed his decision. “Tell me were it is.” Noriko said. “Then I shall fulfil my obligation.” Christion closed his eyes. He couldn’t make her to understand. The vampire hunter put it aside. He beheld the graveyard. Trevor picked with the handle. He disliked the silence. Christian might see beyond the obvious. “Something is wrong.” He felt the presence of Chaos. Someone kept scratching inside his mind. “His cruelty.” Trevor quoted. “His malice and will to dominate all life.” He had a deep breath. The piece was broken. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Christian struck with the whip. “Watchout!” The ravens tried to pick him. They served the angel of Death. Trevor was sure about it.

“You blasted freaks!” Noriko cursed the lot. The snow got disturbed. “Save us from the wicked One.” Christian made the sign of the cross. “They are the undead!” Father Jeremiah sprinkled with the blood of Christ. “They must be burned.” Trevor twirled with the whip. He might support that theory. The zombie corpses got raised from their graves. “They possess the arts of necromancy.” Christian shuddered. That was true. “I got similar powers.” Noriko threw the net. She caught him within. That was clever. Noriko pulled him forward. Trevor bit his lip. The knife tore through the funeral garb. He was impressed. The zombie burst into ashes. She absorbed the soul. Christian might read it on her face. The look of ecstasy chilled his blood. Trevor got the Vampire Killer whip. The black birds went about. The zombies kept rising from the dead. “Get behind!” Jeremiah presented the Host. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost!” The corpses got pressed aside. “Great is the mystery of faith.” Christian twirled with the whip.He hurled the crystal. The gem exploded on impact. The monsters got burned to ashes. “we must find the grave.” Noriko insisted. She reaped the souls. “Behind you!” Trevor cried to warn her. Noriko fired the green beam. “I might save myself.” The raven got obliterated. “So, let it be.” She smirked in triumph. Christian touched the crucifix. He cared about her. Trevor didn’t want her to get hurt. That might be too late. The ravens went like a flock. “I got you!” Noriko shrieked. “You are mine!” She caught them within the web. Christian felt sorry for her. She was getting stronger. That didn’t matter, Noriko was on the border of the void. He sighed. Trevor knew there was nothing he might do about the matter. The fight was over. Christian felt no better. The cemetery went quiet again. That made him to feel nervous. “Oh no.” The snow got disturbed. “Help us.” Chills ran down his spine. There was no wind to speak about. Trevor grabbed the whip. He got to hunt. The ravens hid within the blizzard. Christian had a nasty feeling about it. This was not natural phenomena. Then again, what else should he expect? This was cursed earth. Trevor dismissed about the issue. He got far greater problems. There was broad daylight, though they remained active. Simon Belmont and Reinhardt Schneider told it might happen. The curse of Darkness kept them awake. Christian threw it aside. He would fight the righteous battle. Trevor hurled the cross like a boomerang. That gave an edge. The knife burned on impact. The flock got consumed. “Oh yes!” Noriko got excited. “I feel the power.” She looked hungry. Christian made the sign of the cross. Noriko had obtained the souls. There were no questions asked. “God with us!” Father Jeremiah kept the Host. The holy man held Him overhead. The birds were forced away. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Christian struck with the whip. He transformed it into a tool of destruction. The fireball whip gave the upper hand. Trevor defeated the ravens. He picked the crystals before Noriko might act. She got no chance to absorb the souls. Noriko sent him a withering glance. Christian was not deterred. He acted kindly. She wouldn’t hurt herself. Her spirit contained the captured souls. That was unfair. She didn’t need this. Noriko got strong enough by her own power. Trevor went into the graveyard. They got to continue the chase. “Come with me.” Father Jeremiah went ahead. The priest might show them were to go. Christian recoiled the whip. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth.” He would be ready. Noriko kept muttering to herself. She spoke below her breath. Christian relaxed by her effort. He didn’t want to listen. Trevor got a nasty feeling about it. He put it aside. They were still out there, waiting for him. Christian was certain about it. He felt their stare at the back of his mind. Trevor felt so cold. “Beware of the dark.” The priest had stopped. “Preserve us from the wicked One!” The graves got disturbed. “Good Lord!” Christian touched the image. The dead were rising to feed upon their flesh. He doused them with holy water. That created a fire. Trevor was determined. He struck with the whip. Christian would defeat the group. “I want your blood.” Noriko already reached ahead. She threw the webs or a fireball. That gave an edge. “I feel the power.” Noriko boiled her hands. She claimed the souls. “God with us!” Father Jeremiah sprinkled the blood of Christ. That caused an eruption. The corpses got shot to pieces. Trevor picked the crystals. He felt refreshed. Christian got to be. The zombies tried to tear him apart. He threw the crystal. The impact was a barrier. Trevor exhaled. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” He charged.

St. Maria’s church, town of Jova. The 10th. of December 2098 A.D.

The salesman reloaded his pistol. George was careful when opening the door. “Enter, in the name of God.” He said. George kept his aim on the girl. “Fear not.” She told. “I am not his concubine.” George lowered the gun. “My name is Martha De Travis.” She removed the coat. “My grandfather saw the dead men walking.” Martha was afraid. “He is convinced.” She cleaned sweat of her brow. “Hegathered the townsfolk.” Martha looked about. “We imprisoned his followers. And the girls which served them.” George was impressed. That theyshould havedone long ago. “That really is good news.” He said. Martha held the coat to her bosom. “I am afraid.” She told. “My grandfather went to confront the knights.” George frowned. “That is dangerous.” He said. “There is a rider out there.” George didn’t know what to do. He should go to join the rebels. But at the same time, he’d promised to protect Theresa. George didn’t notice he spoke his mind, until Martha touched his hand. “My boyfriend and brothers are outside.” She told. “We might protect the church.” That brought a weight of his shoulders. George laughed. “Let us get out and ask them about it.” He suggested. Martha redressed. Then they left. George was eager to get along. This could be their moment.

Forest of Aljiba, Warakiya. The 10th. of December 2098 A.D.

The ravens were scattered about. “The Master take them.” His fury was a frenzy. The banner of the new Romania was visible above the town of Jova. “I shall kill them.” Alastor bared his teeth. His anger was boiling. The very symbol mocked his Dark Lord. Voivode Vladimir was the prince of Walachia. They had no right. The werewolf would rape and tear while they were still alive. “Ordog!” The lost knight cursed. He sat on his black horse upon the ridge which overlooked the countryside. The gates where closed. So, let itbe. Gates and bars couldn’t prevent against the undead. The rider would come and crush their insignificant little rebellion. Alastor howled. The general would tell the order about this development. Then they would resist no more. They lost faith in his absence. No matter. The prince of Darknesswould return. Alastor renewed his oat. Lord Dracula should rule supreme. “Summon your underlings.” The lost knight stopped in front. “Conquer this community.” Alastor gave his salute. “hail the count!” This he would do for his lady. She gave the order. The werewolf had not forgotten nor forgiven. The Belmont clan would be torn, limb from limb. He would make it to happen. The werewolf kept howling. The followers would come forth in time.

Vrad cemetery, town of Jova. The 10th. of December 2098 A.D.

The blizzard was unnatural. Noriko almost felt honoured that they used so much energy. She lacked the strength to control the weather. “You are dead.” Noriko trusted the knife through the heart. She absorbed the soul. “you belong to me.” She would gain in time. The zombie soul granted much power. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Christian brandished with the fireball whip. He got quite handy. “The Belmonts hunt the night.” Noriko felt slightly nauseated about that statement. “God with us!” Father Jeremiah presented the crucifix. He threw the bread down in front. The Host caused another explosion. That ripped through the flock of ravens. Noriko got impressed. “This is for you!” She presented her grandfather’s crucifix. “Soma Cruz!” The corpse got burned into a crisp. She got the power of Dominance. “Yes.” Noriko claimed the soul. “The essence.” She moaned while licking her lips. The strength erupted within her limbs. “You cannot resist me.” This was delicious. Noriko enjoyed every part of it. “Beware of the Dark.” Christian looked so sad. She made a grimace. Noriko had no use for compassion. She felt like being scorched. Noriko let go of her euphoria. She screeched. The pain was incredible. The zombie then tore into her side.

That looked nasty. The thing ripped into her side. Christian made the sign of the cross. “You won’t do that again!” Noriko stabbed with the combat-knife. She absorbed the soul. “Save us from the wicked One.” That were the last of their numbers. Everything grew quiet again. Trevor didn’t expect it to last. He gota bad feeling about this. Christian almost wished the zombies to return. He felt cold while climbing the slope. The Stravinska tomb was ahead. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord.” Trevor declared. “Come, for all is ready.” Father Jeremiah gave the communion.“This is the body of Christ.” The old man sanctified the bread. “This is the blood of Christ.” Christian had a sip of the wine. They might continue. Noriko refused the offer. She looked appalled. “Let it be good.” There was nothing he could do to help her. “In Manos Toas Domine.” Jeremiah made the sign of the cross. “I fear not.” He got the key. “Even though I walk beneath the shadow of the valley of death.”.” The priest opened the door. They stepped inside. Trevor touched the crucifix. They reached the heart of evil. Christian inherited the Vampire Killer whip. He would hunt the night. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth.” Trevor breathed. Noriko blew him a kiss. He blushed. She enjoyed this chase.

Stravinska tomb, Vrad cemetery. The 10th. of December 2098 A.D.

They reached inside. Christian felt cold. He knew this meant more then life and death. “We might become like them.” Father Jeremiah stepped aside to lit the chandelier. The candles burned with a nasty blue flame. “Good evening.” The voice was like music. A figure emerged from the shadow. Trevor tightened the grip. “It is you.” The priest accused. Christian was careful not to meet the eyes. Green flames burned behind the gaze. “The brown hair reached beneath her shoulders. The front of her funeral garb got stained with crimson. “Whore of Lucifer!” Christian cursed. His voice caused echoes throughout the tomb. The spell was broken. Petronella was undead. Her eyes blazed. The voluptuous ruby lips shone against the whiteness of her teeth. She had become like a mockery of herself. “May the Lord make mercy upon your soul.” Trevor cracked with the whip. She screamed. Noriko stabbed with the combat-knife. “You missed the heart.” Christian explained. Petronella transformed into a bat. Trevor doused with holy water. She split into a swarm. Jeremiah tried to press her into being. “Curse you!” Noriko got ambushed by the black cat. “To death and darkness!” She slashed with her own claws. Petronela shrieked. Bloody gashes ripped across her upper torso. She moved in again. Christian ran across the tomb. “You little slut.” Petronela got burned by the crucifix. “You won’t call me that again.” Noriko looked like a vampire in the face. She charged a fireball. Petronela blocked with the bats. “Let it be done.” Father Jeremiah sanctified his bottle. The holy water made flames to rise up. Petronela got scorched. She escaped like the bats. Trevor got no time. She suddenly appeared. He threw the crystal. The gem got splintered on impact. Leon Belmont found it in 1094. The vial hit the ground. Petronela screamed. The flames pierced her body. She was burned. Christian inhaled. He retrieved the items. Trevor even picked some crystals. Then a beam of sunlight pierced the entrance. “Glory be You.” Christian recoiled the whip. “Our Father in Heaven.” Jeremiah went ahead. Trevor approached. “To cast out demons.” He removed the lid of the coffin. There she lay. Christian was afraid. They burned her flesh, though she was still here. “Let me read the prayer.” Christian had no objection. “She really is beautiful.” Noriko whispered. “Radiant beauty.” Trevor didn’t know what to say. Noriko was right. Petronela rested upon the earth of her homeland. He beheld the girl as she slept in all her devious death splendour. “Let it begin.” Jeremiah managed to resist her charm. “You don’t have to stay.” Christian unsheathed the short-sword. “This is terrible work.” He produced the stake. “We have to release her from Dracula’s curse.” Noriko refused his offer. She remained while he impaled the heart. Father Jeremiah’s voice kept high and strong. “Let Your will be done.” Christian removed the head. The shriek penetrated the crypt. Trevor remained calm, though tears ran down his cheeks. The raving ceased. Petronela lay quiet. Then a slightly transformation transpired. “Rest in peace.” The priest knelt. He made the sign of the cross. “She is forgiven.” Christian folded his hands. “she is free.” Petronela then crumbled into dust. “Come.” The priest helped Noriko. “Let us return to the church.” Trevor raised up. “The hunt continues.” Jeremiah closed the door behind them. “When will it end?” Christian asked. No one might answer his question. Germain wouldn’t reveal about the future. They went into the daylight.

Vrad cemetery, town of Jova. The 10th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The sun shone down upon the graveyard. The blizzard no longer obscured the countryside. Christian inhaled. “This is much better.” Father Jeremiah put the key back around his waist. “The Lord will be with us.” Trevor was about to remark upon that statement when the earth erupted beneath his feet. “Do not resist us.” The girls had a slight resemblance to each other. “You want us.” They each got the same black hair and blue eyes. “Kiss me compassionate.” Their long limbs reached from within the funeral garb. “Your filthy cow!” The third and fourth sister ambushed his friends. Christian forgot they could walk outside by day. This was cursed earth. He threw holy water into her face. “Melinda!” Her teeth snapped together. “In the name of the Lord.” Trevor put the crucifix into her mouth. “Marlene!” The sisters pulled him down. Noriko cut the head of the vampire. “The Lord will be with you.” Jeramiah fed her with the blood of Christ. Melinda tore the front of her robe. She got so nice round breasts. She was 16. He was only 12. The nipples were hard like stone. Christian got raised into the air. The holy cross would set them free. They fell down. The sisters were scorched. He watched them burn into ashes. So, let it be. All would be good for those who were truly dead.

Town of Jova, Warakiya. The 10th. of December 2098 A.D.

They reached the square. George knew he found them as the people began screaming. The lost knight sat upon his black horse. George noticed he stopped beside the well. The salesman shook it aside. He kept running. George aimed for the head. “Blasted!” the salesman emptied the round of silver bullets. The rider turned. George felt his presence. “Help me!” He called. The knight unsheathed the sword. George pulled together. He threw the sacred cross. The horse fell on the street. He was dead. George felt no victory. “Human scum.” The knight hissed like a snake moving through high grass. The salesman shuddered. He felt numb. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Christian was there. “Thanks.” George reloaded the pistol. The hood fell away. George almost dropped the gun. Between the steel helmet and gold necklace, the space was empty. “Good Lord!” The pale merciless eyes pierced his mind. “Get away!” The knight got no head. Christian threw the crystal. George was impressed. That was a rebounding fireball. The knight tried to counter. the crystal went home. The boy cracked with the chain-whip. The knight stabbed his sword down. The earthquake made him to stagger. Christian blocked the sonic rings. That was clever. George stabbed with the lance.

Forest of Aljiba, Warakiya. The 10th. Of December 2098 A.D.

This was getting out of hand. The sun was rising. Alastor remained behind the soldiers. They were living creatures. The werewolf had no mind. He looked beyond the gate. The man got the lance from Brahm’s mansion. Alastor might tell. The knight got pierced. He staggered by the effort. “Dracul!” Alastor howled. That was close. The knight shrieked. The weapon crumbled into dust. The Belmont stamped with the crucifix. Flames erupted upon impact. The general hated this boy. “You are to die.” The lost knight declared. That was not a promise, it was destiny. Alastor smirked. “That rests with the Lord.” The vampire hunter made the sign of the cross. He pulled away. The Belmont was no fool. The knight struck with his blade. The boy dodged. He must have realized that the weapon got cursed. Never mind that now. The Belmont got away. The werewolf might feel the build-up of power. The salesman threw the sacred cross. That went home. The knight lost his weapon. Alastor howled. He would tear his neck. The black rider raised both hands. They both threw themselves sideways. The lost knight released fire from between his fingertips. They kept running. George reappeared to throw the sacred cross. The general withdrew. His knight was sent away while shrieking.

Town of Jova, Warakiya. The 10th. of December 2098 A.D.

The sun was shining upon the village. Noriko sat on the bench. The place looked nicer than it had tonight. Noriko shuddered. It wasn’t because of the weather. The crisp cold air actually felt refreshing. Some of the villagers approached. Noriko touched the symbol. She hoped they where real people. “Where is Christian?” She asked. He’d told her to stay in the village. Trevor went to search for George. “He is inside the church.” The old man explained. “I am sorry. Your friends got hurt in the battle.” The thought of Christian being wounded almost made her to cry. She had seen to much. Noriko didn’t want him to die. “Take me there.” She demanded. Her English wasn’t that good. But they got the message. The old man told her to follow. They went down on the square. A horse-pulled wagon was waiting for her. Noriko was unsure of what to do. “Let me help you.” The other villager afforded. Noriko smiled. “Thank you.” She said. The young man lifted her straight up. His strength surprised her. The driver told the horse to get moving. They went away. Noriko had to struggle to keep on top. Though they removed the snow, the road was rather ruff. That was no problem. They stopped beside the church. Although she felt rather shabby, Noriko jumped down on the ground.

St. Maria’s church, town of Jova. The 10th. of December 2098 A.D.

He remained upon his knees. Trevor felt his presence. He lit a candle for the holy virgin. “What brings you here, majesty?” The warlock lord towered above. “I may enter His house.” The voice was a whisper. “Though itcauses great pain.” Trevor didn’t answer. The rider lowered his voice. He would try to soften it. If he could. “Noriko Cruz.” He said. “You know she belongs to the other side.” Trevor held his eyes fixed on the icon. “Give her to me.” He said. “And I will discuss a truce with the church.” Christian crossed himself. “That I can’tdo.” Trevor said. “I can’t surrender my friends.” The ghost lord hissed. He drew a dagger from the garb. Both the glove and knife seemed to shine by a strange flickering light. It stanched. “I could kill you.” The forsaken breathed. Christian knew the prophecy. No man mightkill him. Trevor got upon his feet. He cracked with the whip. “I might send you back.” The pale king acknowledged. He re-sheathed the weapon. “We shall meet again.” The warlock lord faded. “You where right.” Jeremiah said. “They are hunting for you.” Christian sighed. “I grant an absolution.” Trevor relaxed. He was relieved. The priest gave the envelope. “Come.” He told. “They are waiting.” Trevor put it into a pocket. Then he followed.

Town of Jova, Warakiya. The 10th. of December 2098 A.D.

They returned to the town square. Christian put a hand upon the whip. They bid each other a last farewell. Trevor felt sorry for them. Though it turned out, that this was the only way. Christian would go down first. He climbed the ladder which they put into the well. Trevor hoped the people would survive. He had a look around. The sunlight didn’t reach this far. They knew that the dark lord’s forces where gathering about the village. Christian prayed they might meet again, when all this was over. He knew it never would. The battle would continue until the End of Days. He reached the bottom. Trevor made the sign of the cross. He left the pond, so that his friends might follow. Christian didn’t like this place. It was dirty and it stanched. He felt like a trap was closing in around him. “I hope you know what you do.” Noriko went down. She was so much smaller then him. Trevor kept her around the waist to hoist her outside of the well. They only got to wait a little while longer. George would arrive in time. The salesman had turned out to be a trusty companion. “What was that?” Noriko turned pale. She didn’t look like she really wished to know. Noriko was afraid of rats. Christian wasn’t that great fan either. He will arrive in time. He assured her.

The bottom of the well, Warakiya. The 10th. of December 2098 A.D.

The cave was pitch black. Christian cracked with the whip. “Keep it steady.” Noriko held the lamp high. That was another gift. Father Jeremiah was an ally. “You don’t have to wait.” She said. “George decided to remain within the town.” Trevor changed his grip. He should have realized his statement. Christian put it aside. “May he be blessed.” They got to escape. Jacob was right. The water kept running. Noriko almost got to swim. “Here it is!” Trevor pushed through the cracked wall. “I am here.” They climbed upon the walkway. Noriko got soaked. She kept shaking. Christian wished he got more soup. That was out of the question. “I am sorry.” He sighed. “Watch out!” Noriko charged a fireball. She defeated the bats. Trevor knocked the candles. “The Dark Lord has many servants.” He whispered. “Many spies and agents.” Christian thought about the birds. Then he stopped. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” He cracked with the whip. Christian recognised that rotting smell. The ghoul reached for the neck. Trevor stamped with the crucifix. The corpse burned. “Oni!” Noriko cast another fireball. The monster exploded. Christian pulled away to throw the vial. The holy water created an uproar. The bats came from above. They got caught in the eruption. The ghoul reached from the shadow. Noriko tore his neck. She absorbed the soul. Christian felt sorry about her. He got to wait. The spiders created the net. She tore them apart to claim their souls. Noriko got the power of Dominance. He was afraid. “Be what may be.” Trevor made the sign of the cross. They fought back-to-back. That was the only way to remain alive. Christian twirled with the flame whip. The monsters got burned into ashes. He inhaled. Then the fight was over. Trevor was breathing heavily. He recoiled the chain-whip. “Thank you.” Noriko tugged him in a tight embrace. Christian blushed. He felt taken aback. “It is alright.” He pulled away. “I know about this place.” Trevor felt at a loss. “Simon Belmont buried his relics here after the battle in 1692.” Noriko blinked. “Do you think they might still be here?” She asked. Christianclosed his eyes. He felt the shift in nature. “they must be.” He said. The ability to see beyond the obvious was a bloodline ability. Julius let him train to become a vampire hunter. The pope permitted access to the hidden archive of the Belmont clan. Trevor learned about his ancestors. Simon Belmont was the greatest hunter in the linage. He earned the respect of kings. He showed true heroism. Christian hoped he might be proud. Trevor got tofocus on the task. He got to remember. The chronicle held the key. Christian knew this cave was a part of a much grater labyrinth. Noriko looked worried. She couldn’t help him. Not with this. Trevor got to remember. This was something he must do alone.

“From Simon Belmont’s chronicle.”

I write so that my descendants shall not forget. They must recognise the power of Dracula. He is the prince of Darkness. I realized when I study the words of Sonia, Trevor and Christopher Belmont. My father, Desmond, was a much wiser man then me. So I return to the forest of Aljiba. The war is over. I shall seal away the gifts which the Lord gave me. They shall not be abused. Though I shall keep my heirlooms. I found the lower road beneath the village. Here I will protect them. The eye of God should make them safe.


“End of paragraph.”

He went some paces. Christianmight relax. Thetunnel was like Simon said it would be. “Where are you going?” Noriko asked. “Jeremiah said we should climb up into the forest.” Trevorgave no answer. The cave turned into a chamber. The statues where of naked women. He blushed. Christian made the sign of the cross. The heart got occupied by a pond of water. “The eye of God.” He breathed. “Wait here.” Trevor said. “Turn around.” Noriko fought not to giggle. Though she complied. Christian removed his clothing’s. He dived into the pond.

Outer wall, town of Jova. The 10th. Of December 2098 A.D.

Everything seemed to be alright. The countryside lay below. “I can’t see anyone.” George lowered the binoculars. He got to use the hand for shelter. The sun shone bright upon the outer wall. George retrieved the spectacles. “That is a set up for ambush.” Jacob kept looking. The salesman made a grimace. George didn’t trust it either. “Silence of daylight.” He muttered. George dismissed. He inspected the Ballista and catapult machines. “Have no worry.” Davis told. “They will work out.” The salesman sighed. He checked his own pistols. George relaxed. He loaded with silver bullets. That would do the trick. George knew they killed both the undead and their supplicants. George smirked. That was an assurance against their lot. He focused on the task ahead. George got impressed by the townsfolk. They imprisoned the red knights and their brides within the tavern building. George exhaled. This wasn’t the time, although he listened to their story. “We have to believe.” Father Jeremiah made the sign of the cross. “Great is the mystery of faith.” George bowed. The priest gave him the vials. The wind touched his robes. Jeremiah held onto his hat. The staff might be a weapon. “Long live the king!” The people hailed. George joined in. They raised his banner.

Forest of Aljiba, Warakiya. The 10th. of December 2098 A.D.

The dryad got her bow-and-arrows. If any of those fools where out, Elayne would pierce their heart. “Stay where you are.” She froze,figure of speech. Elayne was who she was. “At ease cadet.” The general was amused. She felt her cheeks turn red. Then she noticed. Elayne got the bow ready. “Show yourself.” She demanded. “Dracul.” The boy came from among the bushes. He held up the dragon crest. His dark hair fell down over the shoulders. The cap concealed his features. Alastor Lupine got his sword. He was so quick. “Who are you?” Elayne didn’t relax. “You don’t have to know.” He said in a low voice. “I only wished to tell you that there are Belmonts in town.” She made a grimace. “They know you are out here.” The informer revealed. “They intend to send them out the back door.” Elayne knew that. She served his rule when Simon Belmont searched the countryside in 1692. “I shall go there.” Elayne volunteered. Her general rewarded the human. He disappeared. “Go.” Alastor gave his permission. “Bring them to me.” Elayne giggled. “Of course.” She promised. The dryad hung up the bow before she vanished. Who knew? This might be fun. Elayne sighed. She would serve the Dark Lord. Nothing else really mattered to her now. Elayne could make him proud.

The bottom of the well, Warakiya. The 10th. of December 2098 A.D.

She got the power of Dominance. Christian was so cute. And so shy. Noriko blushed. He wouldn’tanswer her feelings. Noriko never told him everythingabout the conversation. Her powers where the same as Dracula. She might be the Dark Lord incarnate. “Stop, stalker!” Trevor called. His head was above the surface. She spun around. Noriko didn’t turn before he touched her shoulder. He was still wet, though Christian held a leather-bound package. She gasped. The gargoyles,which slept atop the pillars, where awake. Trevor dropped the treasure. He cracked with the whip. The stone figures jumped high to spit fireballs. Christian whipped them away. He made it to rain with holy water. Thechain-whip became a holy weapon. The gargoyles got defeated. Noriko absorbed the souls. Trevor opened the package. “Here is another morning-star.” He said. She watched as the chain-whip was transformed. The morning-star whip looked more powerful. “This is the silver dagger.” Christian explained. He hid it in the boot. “I save the hourglass for Torah.” He put it into the backpack. “She should have the herbs.” Noriko licked her lips. “Can we leave now?” She pleaded. Trevor was kind. “Of course.” He returned to the river. Noriko kept him back. The evil plant had blossomed.

The evil plant actually shot fireballs. Christian felt like turning crazy. He pulled together. Trevor hurled the dagger forward. He summoned the blood force. The knife split in three. The evil plant withered. Noriko fought the ghouls. Christian flailed with the morning-star whip. The swarmsqueaked their frustration. Another plant began to spit fireballs. Noriko caught it within the net. The spiders climbed down. Trevor cleared them away. Noriko removed another plant. The monsters came through the other openings. They kept up the attack. Christian beheld the sculpture. The statue looked like a fish. Water poured from its mouth. Hegot no time for architecture. The slide blocked the way onward. Christian beheld it. They might climb. The forest was up there. The moonlight shone on the water. The fishmen jumped. Trevor ducked. The mutated fish creatures spat poison streams. Noriko released her fireballs. Thefishmen got fried. Other monsters jumped from the watery depth. Christian threw the crystal. The rebounding fireball removed the fishmen. The crows had noticed. They came flying down. He flailed with the whip. “Watch out!” Noriko shouted. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” Trevor crossed himself. The bone dragon raised straight up. The fireballs got shot all over the place. Christian managed to whip the onslaught into oblivion. The white dragon breathed a heavy flame. Noriko threw the web. The skeledragon tore it to shreds. Christian rammed with holy water. The warlock summoned the corpses which marched into the onslaught. Christian crossed himself. She gained Soma’s power. The sudden flash of the evil plant illuminated her features. Trevor felt chills down his spine. Noriko saved his life. She made the plant to wither. He cracked with the whip. The white dragon fell into the water. The wave collided against the wall. The monster didn’t freeze. The bone dragon leached forward while spitting fireballs. Noriko made zombies march. She had a sort of excited look about her. Trevor threw three homing crosses. The impact sent the skeledragon backward. The gargoyles jumped from their high pillars while spitting tripled fireballs. Noriko threw her webs. Christian still got wind in his bloodline. He hurled the crystal. The tripled onslaught of rebound stones knocked the skeledragon down. Trevor advanced. He whipped the bone dragon into oblivion. The monster left plenty of big gems behind. Christian picked them up. Noriko didn’t need them. “Behind you!” Trevor spun. The second bone dragon appeared out from the water. Christian nailed with the silver dagger. The bone dragon fell down. Trevorwas soaked beforehe got sent sprawling. He got back up. Trevor felt drowned. He retrieved the chain-whip. Christian shook it off. There was no time. The holy water flew in a high arch. The white dragon caught fire. Then it struck the ground. Debris and water got splashed all over. Trevor made the silver crosses to appear in front. Noriko was surrounded by birds. She released the feathers. The bone dragon breathed a heavy flame. The crosses got shot to pieces. Christian struck with the whip. The white dragon waved about while spitting fireballs. Trevor threw the cross. The boomerang went home. Trevorretrieved it upon return. The bone dragon struck against the ground. Noriko jumped high while spitting tripled fireballs. The bone dragon got hit. Christian threw the cross. He summoned theforce. The three burning boomerangs removed the creature. Noriko absorbed the soul. Trevor was certain. He reached out his hand. The unicorn was amazing. The cross shone when he retrieved it. “The crest of white gold, situated at the very core of the temple of life.” Trevor held the boomerang in a tight grip. The bright light obscured his view. When he could see, the Unicorn was gone. Christian exhaled. They got more time. In any case, they still had to climb up into the forest.

Forest of Aljiba, Warakiya. The 10th. of December 2098 A.D.

The forest consisted of pine trees. Christian kept a sharp watch of the surroundings. The ravens reappeared. He whipped the skeleton. The bone-man collapsed. Noriko hurled other bones. The ghost tried to touch him. Trevor flailed with the weapon. The figure moaned while fading. This was a test of bravery. Christian was afraid of ghosts. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” He made the sign of the cross. Noriko claimed their souls. Christian made no comment,though he could see beyond the obvious. They kept walking. She threw one fireball. The ghost got defeated. Trevor hurled the dagger. The knife made the skeleton to collapse. “Be careful.” He warned. “The monsters might discover about your magic.” Noriko shot another ghost. Christian sighed. He really missed George’s company. He whipped the ravens. The ghost where more numerous then before. Something which Maria Renard told in her journal came to mind. Then chills went down his spine. That was unthinkable.

“From Maria Renard’s journal”.

There was another blue door. I was afraid. Alucard carried me through the dark caverns. This was the bottom of the castle. “You should not have come with me.” Alucard said. The tortured souls began to gather. They reached the center of the catacombs. “I know how to fight.” I told him. I should summon my pet friends. Alucard unsheathed his blade. He was a vampire. I trust him. He would help me find him. Granfaloon arrived. “I read the words of Juste Belmont.” I said. “I know this monster.” He saluted me. I crossed myself.


“End of paragraph.”

The wind was picking up. Trevor got to maintain his focus. Richter Belmont brought her journal to the Vatican. Though it was splintered and unfinished. He never told anyone about what happened. He shook it off. Christian knew what to do. Though he was afraid,terrified,of what might be. Trevor made the sign of the cross. “Help me.” He whispered. Noriko defeated the zombies. Christian cracked with the morning-star whip. Noriko absorbed the souls. The corpses kept rising. Trevor hurled holy water. The zombie burned. They reached a clearing in the forest. He got ambushed. Trevor picked the crystal. He would fight to the end.

Gandalfi street, town of Jova. The 10th. Of December 2098 A.D.

They staid at the “Tyburn” inn. This was where they gathered for executions back in the Middle ages. Markus was the first who died. The salesman saw it happen. George went from the outer wall to watch the troopers leave the town. The group got ambushed by a band of Dracula loyalists. “God’s death.” George cursed. They never stopped to consider what support the Dark Lord might have among the locals. That was a mistake. The salesman should know. He lived among the supporters for quite some years. George thought he saw the worst after the hunt with Christian. He was wrong. This was worse, far worse. To see his own people, fight alongside the undead; that was the worst of all. “For Warakiya!” George fought with the resistance. Jacob remained atop the wall. Travis fell dead as his feet. The old captain kept his promise. Martha wept by his side. Jessica, Valerie and Tina created a shield. George got time to reload the pistol. Tina screamed. The zombies dragged her away. George felt ready to vomit. They tore her into pieces. “I shall avenge you.” Valerie cleaned her face. “Let it be.” Jessica held to her stomach. She didn’t look well. The curse was broken. George reached for the crucifix. There was something going on outside the village. There came another attack.

Forest of Aljiba, Warakiya. The 10th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The werewolf shielded against the storm of bullets. Alastor howled in anger. That was their signal. They got to retreat. The townsfolk fought with much gallantry. He might hear their shouting upon his defeat. The general snarled. Let them celebrate this hour of victory. The ogres released one final array of arrows. Then they turned to run. Alastor howled. They were cowards. Though they went out of sight. He reached the clearing. The werewolf called them to gather. He beheld their numbers. They remained hidden among the trees. The zombies raised from their graves to walk the streets at night. The people fought to secure the town. Dietrich had fallen. He believed in the traitor. Though Elayne told it was suicide. They tried to open the gates. That was a slaughter. The dryad had not returned. The post at Sadam hadn’t been intruded. Alastor got them cornered. The Uta lake got shrouded. They couldn’t escape. Not this time. The town of Jova would be burned to the ground. “Niro is to lead the second attack.” Alastor instructed. “Sergei will take another pack up the wall.” The battle-mage possessed strong telekinetic powers. “While I take the third group with me into the caves.” They gave their salute. Alastor got to prepare. “All who oppose the Dark Lord must die.”

(A.N: This chapter e short. It is written in honour of Bram Stoker’s book. I don’t support NaziGermany. The unicorn is based on the appearing in CotM and CoD. Have a nice time.)