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"Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow may have its true sequel, but many of the fans who were taken in by the original's tale of deception, self-affirmation and revelation have seen its future course to a different end. The latest author to make his debut, The Crossman, shows us an iteration resulting from the inevitable failure of Julius Belmont's eclipsed-powered seal; in a world where a Soma Cruz is sorely lacking, the time is ripe for the Dark Lord to return. It's in Castlevania: Darkness Never Dies where the responsibility of combating the greater evil once again lay with those pesky Belmonts and their like-named friends. Indeed, all of the names, places and events tie together to bring us back full-circle."

Castlevania: Darkness Never Dies

By The Crossman

Part 1: Curse of Blood

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Part 2: Legacy of Sorrow

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CastlevaniaDarkness Never Dies1

“Castlevania; Darkness never Die.”.

By the Crossman.

Disclaimer: I do not own any part in Castlevania, neither characters nor games. These are trademark of Konami and Nintendo.

Part 1: Curse of Blood.

The year 2098 A.D;The cold winter holds the land in an iron grip. The masses are loosing faith in prosperity. The import of essential good to the outskirts of Europe has become impossible. The catastropheHave made thousands of people into refuges. Cold and hunger have caused the death of millions. The bands of renegades are growing stronger every day. But as the people are fleeing south, other, more dangerous powers has awakened. For almost 70 years, the land slept peacefully after the victory of Soma Cruz. Then the serenity of Transylvaniabecame disturbed by destructive forces. As the old legend tells; every 100 years, the forces of God mysteriously starts to weaken. Thus, the power of Dracula starts to revive itself. His power grows stronger and stronger, every one hundred years. Those who yields for Chaos and darkness,crave of the Dark Lord’s return. The threat, considered to be prevented by the eclipse act in 1999, has failed. The man who sealed Dracula’s powers, is dead. Then the great are haunted by terrible visions of the future. The heirs to the house of Belmont must accept the challenge. “He must never be allowed to return.” The hunt has begun. They must brave the castle to challenge the prince of Darkness. This they must do, alone…

“It hasbegun again.

A crimson moon, and dying stars.

Living nightmare walks the earth at night.

The dead rides fast, and a circle never end.

The aria of Sorrowis coming.

I can feel it, as a breath of death,

like a feeling of dread.

Soon the enemy of man will awake.

What once was, shall again be.

This, I foretell.”

An unknown seer. June, 2096 A.D.

“In order so that the words spoken by the Lord, through his prophet, might be fulfilled.”

Mathew: 2. 15.

Prologue: Message of Darkness.

Tokyo, Japan. The 8th. of October 2098 A.D.

This was the outskirts of the capital. She caught her breath. “Help me.” Noriko looked over her shoulder. She kept to run. Noriko then tripped upon the garbage. She didn’t mind. Noriko was a dirty little girl. She shuddered. “Are we to have nothing tonight?” They had arrived. Sheronthrew back her long hair. “She is young and strong.” Takolicked her lips. “There will be kisses enough for both of us.” They giggled together. Noriko got transfixed by those red burning eyes. “Yu go on.” She hid her face. “Then I shall follow.” The monster put her hands upon her hips. “You have the right to begin.” She licked her fangs. Noriko pulled down the messy black hair. “I want your blood.” Sharon reached to touch her. “All who oppose the prince of Darkness must die.” Noriko shook her head. She was only 8 years old. No one deserved this fate. “Embrace the power of the eternal night.”Tako breathed. “Sister.” Sharon forced her to meet her gaze. The jacket was open. They focused on her veins. “Welcome.” The T-shirt got torn. “To the pleasure of the flesh.” Noriko opened her mouth. She wouldn’t bend. “Never!” Thevoice burst into fire. They let go. Noriko ran for her life. This was the right way. She knew about a safe place. No evil might enter the Hakuba shrine.

Hakuba shrine, Tokyo. The 8th. of October 2098 A.D.

They found her. Roxane leaped on top. “What began in blood!” Rabeh opened a wound. “Shall end with blood.” Roxane moaned. “Release me!” Noriko presented the crucifix. The sisters snarled. They morphed into mist. Noriko was left sobbing on the pavement. “Relax.” He helped her up. “Dark child.” He spoke with a French accent. “” Complete the circle.” Noriko heard the smile in his voice. “Who are you?” The wind swept through his whitish blonde hair. Noriko bit her lip. She felt suddenly afraid. The grey eyes pierced her. Noriko blushed. He was absolutely gorgeous. “I am the missionary.” He cast no shadow. Noriko shuddered. She still felt attracted. “You know me.” The man was clad in white. The black tie was the only speck of colour. “My name is Graham.” He bowed. Noriko shrieked. She knew that name. “Come.” He afforded. “It’s time.” This was too much. She couldn’t bare it. Noriko ran. “You cannot escape!” He called after her. “This is your destiny.” Noriko climbed the steps. She thought he followed. Noriko didn’t care. The stair felt longer then expected. It was like something restricted her presence. Noriko reached the gates. “Black Sun.” Graham laughed. “You shall not take it from me.” Noriko said nothing. She had blackedout.

Veros woods, Warakiya. The 1st. of December 2098 A.D.

This was impossible. “This is not a beast.” Victor Grant bent close to the surface. The huntsman really was serious. “We better leave it alone.” Victor exhaled. His breath got turned to smoke. “This must be a warg.” His friends exchanged glances. Victor didn’t care. “You have to trust me. This is no joke.” He insisted. “This is unnatural.” Victor belonged to the dinisti family. “You know about my abilities.” The townsfolk praised him as one of the best hunters in the region. He didn’t know. Thomas Oldrey-Lecarde might be better. But then again, he wasn’t really a human. Victor knew enough to recognise on sight. Though he was unsure about his origin. “Relax.” Edward Morris buttoned the coat. “We promised to carry it home.” He pulled the hat down. The mailman told they belonged to Abraham Van Helsing. “I remember.” Victor sighed. But then he didn’t realize. “There is work to do.” The town of Veros gothit by the storm. They tried to rebuild the society. “These are bad times.” The renegades plundered the city. They got used to wearing arms. “We are close to hercemetery.” Thomas leaned upon the spear. The armour shone in the moonlight. The dark blonde hair went beneath his shoulders. “You are the boss.” Victor said. “You decide what to do.”

The friends kept together. “god with us.” Edward revealed the Bowie knife. “Okay.” Thomas checked the shotgun. He thought about that. The chronicle told the pistol got created by Coller the highlander. Edward inhaled. They got to be careful. The greatcoat and clothing might blend with the forest. “that is fine.” Victor kept the cap low over his head. The sandy brown hair got rushed by the wind. His grey eyes inspected the country. He touched the axe. Edward knew he got daggers concealed within his clothing. The mailman shrugged. That was none of his business. Edward tugged his beard. That got coated with frost. “They are the undead.” Thomas snarled. “we must reach the cemetery.” He hated the lot. Victor looked like he escaped from a fight. “I have to hunt the night.” Edward knew this was his destiny. “I will come along.” Thomas was eager. “You really are crazy.” The huntsman shook his head. Though he reached within the tunic. “But let it be.” Victor shrugged his shoulders. “someone got to keep an eye out for you.” Thomas hit his shoulder. “That is alright.” The huntsman sighed. “Be serious.” Edward told. “this is no laughing matter.” They settled down. “That is no problem.” Thomas had reloaded. “thank you.” Edward was glad they decided to come.

Carmilla cemetery,Veros woods. The 1st. of December 2098 A.D.

They were here. “get down.” The huntsman had stopped. Edward made the sign of the cross. The chronicles told about Simon’s quest. Although that was back in 1692, this still was her graveyard. “then it is true.” Thomas snarled. “The circle of blood.” Her voice reached even this far. “The blood-bathing countess.” Edward made a grimace. The stench of decay almost made him to vomit. Elizabeth Bathory knelt before a tomb. She got the blue fire burning. The mailman felt chills down his spine. “She is my enemy.” Victor made no sound. He kept looking upon the niece of Dracula. Edward closed his eyes. She really was something to adore. Though the huntsman was gay, he might be charmed. “Curse you.” Thomas brandished with the spear. “You shall burn.” He went among the graves. Edward hurried. He got afraid. The mailman was certainthat something terrible was about to happen. “Remember.” He have to warn him. “this is how they conquered your estate.” Thomas looked over his shoulder. He told the story. “We got to stop her.” Thomas growled. “She is performing for the resurrection ritual.” That was right. Edward pulled back while reaching for the crucifix. The blood-bathing countess cast no shadow in the moonlight. He blushed. In his heart, the mailman felt a sudden greedy desire to be kissed by those ruby lips. Though, at the same time, he felt a deathly fear. The redhead was voluptuous. The large grey eyes kept burning. She pierced his soul. “Curse you, lesbian whore.” Edward tightened his grip. The boyar lady killed a score of girls to bathe in their blood. “For the dead rides fast.” She obtained eternal youth. Though she lost herself to the eternal night. Edward tugged his beard. “I thought that was a legend.” Victor struggled to retain his composure. “I shall have my revenge!” Thomas howled. “the dream came true.” Edward felt so tired. He got haunted for more then a week. “Then it is true.” He might figure. Elizabeth Bathory brought about the first world war. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord.” Quincey Morris used the knife to impale the heart of count Dracula. “You did what you could.” Edward acknowledged. “now it is my turn.” John used the Bowie in 1917. “No problem.” The trio emerged. Edward knew he might sound like Jonathan Morris. He threw it aside. That was not important. The countess got absorbed by the rite. The words ran like poison from between her crimson lips. The black cloak couldn’t conceal her shapeliness. Edward swallowed. His tongue felt too big for the mouth. He felt like being strangled. Elizabeth Bathory really was a diva. The charm went to his head. Then came another guest. The stench cleared his mind. “Protect us!” Edward breathed. “You slut!” Thomas shook his head. “You are going to die one more time.” He spat on the ground. That froze on impact. He inhaled. “Now I see.” The artist hid behind the statue. “The greater portrait.” He wore a simple black coat above the fine suit. “Brauner.” The smile never reached his eyes. “you continue to stalk the countess.” Edward revealed the crucifix. He picked the knife. “I have to.” The artist exposed his fangs. “This is the hour of the beast.” He got to be enlisted by the circle. “I don’t think so.” Thomas fired a boom from the shotgun. “that is His business!” Victor threw himself upon the artist. “You abused my family.” Thomas snarled. “You are going to pay!” He escaped both hunters. “You have not the power to destroy me.” He released upon them. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Edward stabbed for the heart. “You have not the strength.” The jab got enforced by his claws. Thomas staggered. “Then behold, the power of the Dark!” Brauner beckoned. The bats swept from his care. “God with us!” Edward trusted with the knife. “I shall feast upon your blood.” The artist was an ancient vampire. He got brought back to life in 1047. He removed the hat. This wasn’t the time for a history lesson. “This is a distraction!” Victor cut up their enemies. “He keeps us focused!” The artist released the bats. Human scum.” He declared. “You should be quiet in the presence of the exalted.” Edward got angry. He was a nice man. The undead got no right. “I shall impale your heart.” He promised. Brauner smiled. The grey skin almost concealed his appeal. “Come to me.”He invited. “I hunger for your blood.” Brauner reveal his fangs. “I know you want me.” The huntsman exhaled. “Back off!” Victor threw thedaggers. “Get away!” They went squeaking. The bats got impaled. “God with us!” That was a slogan. Edward escaped the attack. He almost got hit. “This is the end.” The Austrian exclaimed. “That is not for you to decide.” Edward relaxed. The Belmont clan had arrived. “My time is over.”Brauner spread like bats. “The ritual is a success.” The countess announced. Her laugher caused the echoes of darkness. Edward withdrew. He felt so disgusted. The lady was beaming with an outburst of ecstasy. The Dark Lord cannot be defeated. She basked in the shadow. Edward stood tall against the night. He felt a shift in nature. The mailman was like Morris Baldwin. “You bitch.” Thomas wasn’t deterred. He reloaded the shotgun with silver bullets. “No, don’t to that.” Edward pulled down the gun. “The imbalance is growing too fast.” Thomas had no mind. They fought for a moment. “The seed is planted.” Dracula’s magic would blossom and absorb the county. “Have a break.” Victor got left alone. He got no armour or religious symbols. He still would fight. Edward released the script. He was impressed by his spirit. “You don’t need a special power to hunt the night.” Victor was there to remind him. “Now you slut.” The huntsman got the knife and axe handy. “I send you to burn in hell.” He was furious. Edward knew it shouldn’t be like that. Mina Harker was so right. This really should be an act of remorse. “Show us your excocted power!” The countess triumphed. “Provide the spirit of the sleeping devil with a new body.” Edward screamed. The tipping began. Though he wasn’t Reinhardt Schneider, and this wasn’t 1852, the mailman might tell. Victor got threw aside. Thomas made a stand. “In the name of the Lord.” Edward cried. “The shadow rising!”

Boston, USA. The 10th. Of November 2098 A.D.

They sat at the fireplace. Torah Fernandez kept to study the book. “It is alright.” Yoko bent to close it. “Though you possess strong natural abilities.” Her grandmother smiled. “You also have to rest.” She brushed through the short dark hair. “Yes grandmother.” Torah put the text in her backpack. “Go to bed.” Torah was 12 years old. “I am not a child.” She protested. “You have an exam tomorrow.” Yoko threw back her silver hair. She still was beautiful. “Okay.” She sighed. “You are to conquer.” Yoko assured. “You shall achieve control.” Torah shookher head. “You know I don’t sleep good anymore.” She folded her hands. “I kept dreaming about him.” Torah had been busy all day. She didn’t even change from the school uniform. Torah wished she might be to exhausted. “It will be alright.” Yoko touched her cheek. “You don’t have to be perfect.” Torah closed her eyes. “I only hope they would be proud of me.” She lost her family. They got killed in an air crash. “The Lord is with you.” Yoko squeezed her shoulder. “You know He will.” She was an undertaker for the Catholic church. “I know.” Torah was a protestant. Yokotried to reclaimed the family name. Torah would uphold the tradition. “Let me clean the dishes.” Aunt Mathilda was out on a mission. “Then you promise to go to bed.” That was alright. “Have no fear.” Torah gathered together. Yoko frowned. “Who could that be?” There was a thud on the door. Torah left for the kitchen. She got work to do. “I am coming!” Her grandmother pushed the curtains aside. “Let me find the key.” She reached for the purse. Torah put the dishes into the washing machine. She whistled while she worked. That was a forest lyric. She inherited from her mother. There came a crash from the hall. Torah shuddered. What was going on? She suddenly felt cold. Torah ran back into the living room. She peeked between the curtains. “Oh my God.” The entrance had become an arena. “Thy time is over.” The priest looked like a moving corpse. He might shield from the force. Yoko struck with the wand. “You are dead!” She released the flame blast. “Alucard cast you out in 1797.” The icicles might pierce his body. “The Dark Lord is the master of the castle.” The vampire struck with the sword. “We might be summoned into service.” Yoko shot him with the lightning bolt. “So, the legend is true.” She presented the crucifix. “The circle of blood is forced to remain.” Her grandmother was the perfect sorceress. “But how did you escape from the castle?” Yoko retained a ready position. Shaft charged the electricity spell. “The Dark is the ultimate power.” Torah had recognised. “You forget.” Orlock might conjure the spirits of the dead. “There can be no resistance.” Yoko got soaked by the green flame.She shrieked. The undead laughed by her misery. “Then the house of Belnades is no more.” Shaft turned her over. “You have failed.” They didn’t comprehend. Torah got to remain silent. Now she was the last true descendant of Rinaldo Gandalfi. “I hearthe master’s call.” Dietrich reached for the heart. “We must return to gain strength.” They seemed to fade into the moonlight. Torah had no mind. She ran to kneel by her grandmother. “Please.” Torah breathed. “You can’t be dead.” Yoko survived, though she barely breathed. Torah tried not to sob. There was so much blood. “Carrie.” She muttered. Torah made a grimace. She might clean it later. Then it didn’t matter. “It is me.” She tried to comfort. “You cannot stay.” Her grandmother struggled to speak. “I give you this ring.” She pressed it into her hand. “It belonged to Shanoah of the Eclesia.” Torah shook her head. She didn’t figure. “I want you to take the heirlooms.” Yoko was failing. “You know what to do.” The hand fell on the floor. “You have to join with the Belmont clan.” The eyes glazed over. Torah wept. She kept calling her name. Torah knew it was in wain. Yoko had fallen. “I shall not fail.” She finally got up. “The children are not to live in fear of the night.” Torah got to enter her bedroom. That wasn’t proper. She got no choice. Torah learned how to manipulate with the aura. She soon found what she was looking for. Torah reached into the opening to retrieve the items. She hung up the ring smash upon her belt. Torah was trained in the martial arts. She was more interested about the chronicle book. Torah rubbed her brown eyes. She turned on the light. That reflected against the short blonde hair. Torah opened the book. She read about the branching of the family. Torah frowned. She never knew she got these many relations. Torah even got a connection with the Oldrey and Lecarde family. They combined in 1999. She sighed. Torah would honour her request. She threw the book into her bag. She would talk with Mathilda. Then she would journey to the Vatican. They found shelter within the church. Torah used to chat with Trevor on the internet. She got up from the bed. Torah would take the chronicle and the note book with her. She might never return. Torah accepted. She knew about the odds. Torah kept firm. She went down to the entrance. Torah fought her feelings. She got to dress for the winter. The Russian cap and poncho lay were she left them when coming home. The scarf might be fine. She put on the heavy shoes before picking the gloves. Then she got ready. Torah inhaled. She touched her wallet before picking the backpack. This was all she could do. “The pact is maintained.” Torah reached for the cross. “Alright.” She exhaled. Torah felt at peace. She knew what it meant. Torah might be a true vampire hunter. Richter was right. They were Belmont, in everything but name. Torah blushed. She like that story. ThoughTorah had to prove it for herself. She went outside. The wind was bitter. She put the green scarf above her mouth. Torah used the cell phone to call a taxi. She had to reach the airport. There must be a plane leaving for Europe. She would discover about it. Torah would do what she must. Though they might refuse her card. Torah sighed. She looked like a kid. They cared about her age. That might be a problem. The car arrived. Torah went to speak with the driver.

Borgo pass, Walachia. The 30th. of November 2098 A.D.

The searchlight lit up the side of the road. Alicia Schneider got to stop. The sign told there were only some miles left to Warakiya. That was nice. Alicia threw the golden hair away from her face. The blue eyes got protected behind her glasses. She kept them tight against her nose. Alicia checked the watch. It was close to midnight. Alicia rubbed her eyes. It had been a long day. She hadn’t slept well. The people were leaving the country beyond the forest. They tried to escape from the winter. Alicia sighed. She didn’t blame them. Not even the fur-coated leather jacket might keep her warm. She carried army boots and trousers. Alicia looked like the M.C. honey they wished her to be. She left that behind. Alicia would hunt the night. The guest whispered about the wanderers. Alicia shuddered. She got a special reason. They searched for the Belmont clan. Alicia crossed herself. The Morris line almost got wiped out. Dracula’s henchmen struck at their estate. The Schneider lost their property in the fire. Although she was only 10 years old when it happened, Alicia still felt sorry.That was why she made this choice. She got to find her relatives, or the related people. They would defeat the prince of Darkness. She ignited the engine. The journey continued. Though she wasn’t really a driver. Alicia almost collided with the tree. She caught her breath. She got to concentrate. Alicia retained the backpack. She brought the weapons. Alicia borrowed this bike. Her uncle would be mad when he realized. Alicia was 18 years old, though she got no license. She got lucky when reaching the border. The watchman was a friend of her family. Alicia shook it aside. She would stop at Berestov. Alicia would rent a room. The black cat crossed the road. Alicia was barely able to stop in time. “Protect me from the wicked One!” She then touched the crucifix. “I won’t be a part of the game!” She called. Alicia might see beyond the obvious. That really was her. Alicia shuddered. Although the moon kept shining, the lady cast no shadow. She was ashamed to admit, though Alicia was jealous. Actrise was beautiful. She was fair, as fair as could be, with long wavy gold hair. The sapphire blue eyes almost seemed to shine red when contrasted against the pale moonlight. Alicia shuddered. The ruby lips got pulled back to reveal the fangs. “Then it is true.” The accent was ancient. “Though I expected thy cousin.” She leaped from the bike. “Isabella.” Alicia challenge. “Whore of Lucifer.” The witch got amused. “Even he can love.” They met before. “I myself might tell it from the past.” She came upon them while training in the forest. Heinrich knew who she was. “The descendant of Mathias Krohnquist.” He saved her life. Alicia pulled together. She was the one to inherit the legacy. Although she got refused by the Vampire Killer, she knew when not to risk the life of others. Alicia was found of her cousin. She refused when he offered to come with her. “Stand tall.” She cracked with the Undead Killer whip. Giuseppe forged it for Soleyou Belmont in 1591. “Get behind.” The crucifix made her to retreat. She brandished with the chain whip. Christopher left it to become an heirloom in the family. Richter Belmont gave it as a wedding present in 1814. Rachel took Michael Schneider’s hand in marriage. She brushed it aside. Alicia studied the art of vampire hunting. She might defeat this monster. “Behave thouself.” Actrise dismissed. “This is nay the hour. Stay away if thee wishes to maintain thy status.” The vampiremorphed into a human form. The cape got moved by the wind. That revealed the crimson suit. “Children of the night.” Alicia said. The black eyes never blinked. “Thou shall achieve in time.” The short white hair and beard framed his features. “Gilles De Reis.” Shewhispered. “Now I understand.” The knight then bowed. «You perished in 1844.” That made no difference. “The Dark Lord cannot be defeated.” She would fight. The eyes burned red with the fires of Hell. Alicia changed grip on the weapon. The chains got forged with pure gold and silver. “Let it be!” The morning-star granted an edge. “In the name of Michael the arch angel!” Alicia threw the holy water into the air. She kept the vials upon her belt. “Do thy think to oppose us?” Actrise taunted. “When thou arth only a human.” She exposed the fangs. “While we arth forever.” The witch released the projectiles. They might kill her. Alicia created another explosion. The holy fire might protect her soul. She almost lost the glasses. Alicia retained her ready position. The knight unsheathed the sword. She exhaled. Alicia picked the dagger. She kept it in her boot. Actrise shrieked. She got impaled. Alicia cracked with the whip. The knight made lightning strike. Alicia felt her heart was beating. She escaped the bolt. Alicia hoped her father would be proud. Reichardt Schneider was the vampire hunting master of his generation. Alicia trained together with Christian Belmont. Although he was only 10 years old at the time, Trevor would be all she hoped to be. The knight created another blast. The electricity tracked along the ground. Alicia made a back-flip to escape. “Thou shall serve his power.” Actrise conjured the bats. She doused them with holy water. “That is enough.” Gilles spread the cape. “They are waiting for us at the castle.” The knight created a fireball. “We have to be at the ruined crypt.” She had to dodge. Alicia landed within the snow. She got back up, only to discover that she got left alone. She didn’t get it. What was this about? It had to be a trap. Either way, she got no choice. This really was the curse of Darkness. Alicia gathered her arsenal before she climbed the bike. There would be a long way. She didn’t care. Alicia kicked the engine. That was alright. She still got plenty of gasoline left to go. Alicia sped along the highway. Shetravelled light. Although there was so much she left behind. Alicia got to focus. The way went even worse. She bit together. Alicia got to be more careful. The Lord would decide. The bats kept squeaking. She boasted no helmet or survival gear.Alicia shuddered. The bell struck 12.

The Vatican, Italy. The 19th. Of November 2098 A.D.

The moonlight shone down through the window. The chair got illuminated. “Holy Father.” Trevor Belmont knelt in front. “forgive me, for I have sinned.” He got to confess. “I dream about the Dark Lord.” Julius held both shoulders. “The Lord is compassion.” The priest was his brother. “He has forgiven all.” Christian bowed his head. “He leads us into His Heaven.” Julius wasn’t his real brother. That didn’t matter. They were still blood related. The priest had become his guardian. “Amen.” Trevor made the sign of the cross. “Come.” The pope invited. “For all is ready.” Mathew prepared the supper. “Do this in remembrance of me.” They shared the communion. “It is complete.” The holy man declared. Christian exhaled. He pushed back the short-cut red hair. Trevor was worried about the future. “You must believe.” The priest encouraged. “He will not forsake you.” Christian closed his grey eyes. “You have become a vampire hunter.” The pope touched his forehead. “You don’t have to be afraid.” Julius threw the mane of blonde hair from his face. The priest scratched his short bird. He never shaves the skull. “We are the servants of the realm.” Although he spoke with conviction, the blue eyes retained a mournful expression. Trevor felt sorry for him. He knew the truth. Julius had left his own family to bring him to safety. Although Trevor was only 4 years when that happened, he knew there was nothing he might do to compensate the favour. Though so much were at stake. Christian turned 12 years this summer. He touched the crucifix. That was a gift left by Richter Belmont. The priest let go of his shoulders. Trevor was able to get up. Though Julius never forced him. He was 18 years old. The priest touched His image. “Then it is time.” The holy man explained. “I know.” Christian licked his lips. He inhaled. Trevor felt at peace. “I refuse the rise of the Dark Lord.” Though the dreams scared him, this was why he trained. “Though man cannot compete with the work of God.” Christian accepted the truth. “I shall not despair.” He made the sign of the cross. “I believe in the morals.” Trevor resisted the might of the Devil. He retained his faith. His goal was prosperity. Julius was right. They got to believe. “I belong to the house of Belmont.” Soma Cruz was dead. Though the hunt continued. “Let her in.” The pope requested. “TorahFernandez should be here.” Julius went to fetch her. “Hello Trevor.” Torah pushed back the dark blonde hair. “It is good to see you.” She was his age. “You look much better.” That was true. She lost her grandmother. Christian felt pity with her. He mourned for all who lost someone. Torah removed the poncho. She wore a simple American school girl uniform. “You look like Carrie.” She smiled. “Thanks.” Torah rubbed her brown eyes. She touched the cross. “You really are a friend.” They used to chat on the internet. They didn’t really know each other. “This is the arsenal.” Mathew put them upon the table. “Nothing to lose.” Trevor got interested. “let it be done.” There was a final test. Although they couldn’t unlock the weapon, they might present themselves. Sara Trantoul would have to decide. She already refused most of his family. “Be strong.” Torah whispered. “Do not doubt yourself.” Yoko said that, in 2035. “I shall.” Soma sealed off the source of the Chaos. Christian would do his best. He wore an army uniform beneath the tunic. That might keep him warm while hunting the undead. Trevor polished the chest plate. That had become a habit. “give them to us.” Julius carried the Stellar sword upon his belt. That belonged to Maxim Kishine. His brother came from that linage. The family changed their name after the accident in 1748. “I give them to you.” Torah had an item in each hand. “the stopwatch got discovered by SonyaBelmont in 1476.” He bent closer. “Be warned, don’t abuse it.” Mathew was serious. “You shall not manipulate with time.” Torah closed her eyes. They knew about the danger. “The laurels got left to your family by Julius Belmont.” The hunter didn’t forget. His grandfather always spoke so kindly of her. “The laurels might heal you.” The pope closed her hand. “Or restore the members of your group.” Torah acknowledged. She put them into her purse. “I shall take good care of them.” Christian was sure she would. “You must be the shephard for your family.” Julius bowed. “I have become.” He said. “I shall protect them from evil.” The holy man blessed him. “Take the axe.” He said. Trevor felt the potential. They might see beyond the obvious. “You know how to use it.” Mathew gave him the crossbow. “Then it shall be good.” That belonged to Rachel Van Helsing. She used it to slay Dracula in 1982. Trevor crossed himself. He noticed the arrows got forged of silver. “This should grant an edge.” The priest hung it above the shoulders. “This is the dagger.” The pope held it up. “That is Gabriel’s treasure.” Christian touched the crucifix. “Have no fear.” Mathew told. “Leon Belmont retrieved it in 1094.” Trevor knew he used it to defeat Walter Bernhardt. “I don’t fear him.” Julius retrieved the item. “Let me handle it.” He put it away. “If that is what you wish.” Trevor took the crystal. That was another of the founder’s belongings. “That is right.” Julius kept the knife in his boot. “Take the vial of holy water.” Christian put it upon his belt. “This is the cross.” Trevor retrieved the boomerang. “I can feel the power.” He put it in a pocket. “You have to present yourself.” The holy man kept his hands away. “The others have tried to connect.” Mathew spread his arms. “One of you got to hold it.” He said. “to become the vampire hunter.” Torah pulled back. she hid her mouth. “Leave it to me.” Julius reached to pick the leather whip. Christian crossed himself. The Vampire Killer was an ancient relic. “Let it be done.” The priest held it toward the Heavens. “In the name of the Lord.” He tried to crack it. Trevor felt chills down his spine. Julius got refused. “This isn’t possible.” It didn’t react. The whip kept to be recoiled. “I am not the one.” He finally accepted. “Then it is my turn.”Trevor told.

Then it must be. Mathew watched as the boy emerge. “This is the moment.” Julius looked to fear this outcome. He let down the Vampire Killer. Mathew closed his eyes. He felt the weight of his age. “Let it be.” Trevor retrieved the whip. He might be the next vampire hunter in line. “Preserve us!” Julius exclaimed. “Look!” He pointed. Christian got the bloody hands. “I see.” They almost got blinded by the light. “I am Christian Schneider-Morris.” The boy spoke with renewed conviction. “The heir to the house of Belmont.” Trevor beamed like Juste in 1748. “I am Trevor Belmont.” He made the sign of the cross. “The vampire hunter.” The light then subsided. “I keep the promise.” Christian cracked with the whip. “The Belmont clan shall hunt the night.” Though he looked weary. “I shall defeat the Dark Lord.” The blood pact didn’t break. “Rest in peace.” The pope declared. “No one deserved your fate.” Trevor hung up the whip. They all knew that he was not a true descendant. Christian would have to pass a final test. The holy man acknowledged. “You are ready.” The church retained its traditions. “Another chapter has opened in the war against count Dracula.” Though he was a child. Mathew would keep his faith. “Let us do it together.” Christian then embraced his relations.

Carmilla Cemetery, Veros woods. The 1st. of December 2098 A.D.

The blue dust shot like a geyser from the tomb. They came in time to witness the events. “God with us.” Julius made the sign of the cross. He went to inspect the tombstone. “Let the one who perished here.” The priest recited. “Raise again to reclaim the fair.” The boy rested within this grave. The blood-bathing countess gainedthe price. “” He is waiting at the castle.” Her eyes pierced his heart. “Vlad Tepes Dracula shall live again to cover the world in Darkness.” The smile sent chills through his blood. Julius then at least knew where to go. “Thou shall pay for thy transgressions.” Her hand was turned into a fist. “All who oppose the prince of Darkness must die.” She then vanished like aWispof snowflakes. This really is dreadful.” Julius waisted no time. He told them about his discovery. That waisted the reunion. “The Dark Lord is rising.” Christian said. “We must do what we can.” They told their stories. The priest felt lost. “I have something for you.” He reached into the bag to retrieve the Claymore sword. “This blade belonged to Hugh Baldwin.” Trevor explained. “Now it comes to you.” Edward hung it upon his belt. “We have to reach the castle.” He really was the leader. Christian made them to gather round. “We all had the same dream.” That was no question. “Then you know what is happening.” Trevor put the Vampire Killer whip upon his lap. “This is the legacy of Darkness.” The boy was serious. “This is our duty.” Christian touched the crucifix. “Leon Belmont made an oath to hunt the night.” That was in 1094. “He would repent upon the founder’s crimes.” That was a surprise. Either of them spoke much about Gabriel Belmont. “the ancestor fell to evil in 1037.” He cradled the whip. “I will uphold the tradition.” Sara Trantoul made the right choice. “I cannot do this alone.” Trevor beheld his family and relations. “Though I do not request anyone to come with me upon this journey.” Julius had no doubt. “Evil lurks in the shadow of the forest.” The priest bent to embrace his brother. “I can’t leave you to enter the castle.” Torah held him from the other side. “I have made my decision.” She said. “the children shouldn’t have to live in fear of the night.” Christian returned the favour. Edward put the sword down in front. “You don’t have to do thisalone.” He smirked behind the beard. The mailman got serious. “If I, in life or death, might save you, I will.” That was another ancient promise. Hawken Belmont swore to protect Andrea Gandalphi from the vampires that boarded the ship in 696. His descendant made the same oath before the campaign of 912. Julius made the sign of the cross. That was the Castlevania Resurrection. They created the creature of Chaos. “You are God’s madmen.” Victor shook his head. “This is not a good idea.” The huntsman pulled back the cap. “My grandfather said the order of shadow released the black plague in 1347.” Thomas hit his shoulder. “Calm down.” He smirked. “Let us hunt some monsters.” Julius could see he was hiding something. “Then we are united.” Trevor was standing. “You are right.” He made the sign of the cross. “The curse is spreading far and wide.” He recoiled the whip. “The people lost hope in prosperity.” Christian closed his eyes. “this is cursed earth.” Julius might tell. He felt the oncoming dread. “I can smell their presence.” Thomas sniffed the air. He snarled. “There is something about this place.” The priest exhaled. “The legend tells that, in 1692, the countess Carmilla is buried inside the cemetery.” Julius shuddered. “She is a member of the circle of blood.” Edward muttered about it. “Then she is to blame for what happened with my family in 1830.” The Morris clansman had a deep breath. “She almost killed my ancestor.” Julius scratched his hair. He wished that Desmond Graves and Alicia Schneider was here. Then they might have a greater picture. They tried to make contact. The priest even had called for his sister. Sonya had left for the Vatican. He prayed for her safety. Edward had removed the hat. “That is a different story.” Trevor exhaled. “Lady Millarca Karhnstein was born in the year 1607 in the province of lower Styria.” He touched the whip. “Though the lords of Shadow revealed she was the reincarnated ruler of the undead tribe.” They got involved with the mirror of Fate. “You have to forgive her.” Trevor explained. “or you may suffer his fate.” His brother founded his fate in the house of Belmont. “I don’t know.” The mailman tugged his beard. “You must believe.” Trevor should be the priest. “The Lord will not forsake you.” Edward retrieved the hat. He pulled it down over his brown hair. “I shall do what I can.” The huntsman shook his head. “This is Belmont business.” Thomas made him to keep quiet. “You shouldn’t disturb.” Christian brushed through his red hair. “This task touches all who reside within the country.” He explained. “There is some which shall resist.” Julius sighed. “You talk of a second demon castle war.” Christian returnedthe gaze. “Then you wish for him to take over?” The priest shook his head. “What about our other relations?” Torah hoisted her bag. “They must be alive.” Thomas made a grimace. “I am sure.” He touched the crucifix. Trevor became the hunter. He was right. “we might feel it.” The boy moved his feet. Julius acknowledged. The weather felt like it might chill his bones. The priest tried not to mind. “The poltergeist king always finds a way to tell us.” That was strange. Hawken encountered the “lost soul”within the castle. The saint later tried to warn the Belmont brothers about the mirror. “It feels nice to know that I am not the last descendant.” Torah produced the ring smash. “They are with the Lord.” Christian exhaled. “enough of this chitchat.” Victor went to confront him. “what are we to do?” Torah looked up into his face. “Were we must.” She was the only girl among them. “I felt the shift in power.” Torah didn’t seem to care. The sorceress held her ground. “we must prevent his return.” Julius had figured. Though it still chilled him to hear it aloud. “I was afraid you would say that.” Victor almost looked hurt.

Air base, Warakiya. The 3rd. of December 2098 A.D.

The wind kept throwing snow about. “Then that is over.” Desmond Graves looked about. “Nobody has tried to kill us.” Anette Erlanger shook with her blonde head. “That still remains to be seen.” She made the sign of the cross. “They haven’t.” Andrew Hammer retrieved his security card. He reached for the gun. “Not yet anyway.” The air moved with the coat to reveal the army uniform. Christopher pulled it back. That was an heirloom left by Julius Belmont. “Then what do you suggest?” Anette requested. “This is to important.” She got dressed like a secretary. “I don’t know.” He touched the cross. “we need a better view.” the black hair got blown about. He pulled it back down. “I don’t like this place.” Andrew muttered. The solicitor might agree. “I am glad you decided to join me.” Desmond closed his grey eyes. “You don’t mention about it.” Andrew smirked. “We have worked together for far too long to leave you.” Anette pulled through her dark hair. “The Lord shall be with us.” She held the crucifix. “That is right.” Christopher exhaled. The secretary pulled up her glasses. “We must explore the complex.” Andrew cut through the conversation. “It was you who discovered this place.” Desmond unsheathed the sword. “I don’t know if you might ever get to use that thing.” He threw it aside. “Quit teasing him.” Anette said. “That is an item inherited through the bloodline.” Hammer shrugged. “It is no problem.” Christopher knew the weapon belonged to Desmond Belmont. “You should be the guide.” He carried an army uniform beneath the coat. “Brencorp must not be allowed to complete this transaction.” He thought of his relations. Desmond was 18 years old. The solicitor had been absent while they performed the ritual. Then he was only 10 years. Christopher was too young to precipitate. “Back on the road.” Andrew remarked. “Let us go.” Desmond exhaled. He lived by the edge of society. The company became his family. Desmond made a grimace. They granted him an education before enlisting his services. It really hurt when he learned the truth. They served the prince of Darkness. “I am here.” The secretary was a descendant of the Renard bloodline. She charged the flame blast. “Let us try to find the computer lab.” Andrew suggested. “That is a way to begin.” Christopher inhaled. That was a mistake. The solicitor wondered if anyone might tell. The house got founded by Hawken Belmont in 696. “Castlevania Origin.” He breathed. Hawken took Andrea Gandalfi’s hand in marriage. That was an interesting myth. Desmond shook his head. He went after the others. They got work to do. Anette kept picking with the crucifix. The flames got reflected by her glasses. “So, this is your homeland.” She remarked. “This is no place for tourists.” Andrew smirked. “You got that right.” Christopher sighed. They became friends over the year, though Hammermight still pick his nerves. But then again, Warakiya was a wasteland. At least there were several communities about the region. “Let us be careful.” Anette was the first to entered. “That is fine.” Hammer pulled the pistol. “Be my guest.” Desmond inhaled. Then so it was. “This is to hunt the night.” Andrew hit his shoulder. “That is your business.” He said. Christopher sent him a look. Then he let go. Together they reached the building. “What a smell!” Andrew hid his nose. “I know.” Anette waited for them to arrive. “Do you believe me now?” Desmond never could forget about it. “They are the undead.” The air base stanched like an open grave. “It is rotting.” Andrew cursed. “This is disgusting.” Anette still got ahead. “wait for us!” Christopher called. “No one should be alone!” The dust lay heavy upon the floor. “You are sure this is the right place?” Desmond removed the web. “Nobody seems to have been here for ages.” They stopped to exchanged glances. “I am sure.” Andrew tightened his grip. “Do you hear that?” The secretary pulled up. “The sound of leathery wings.” Even like this, she couldn’t hide her appeal. Anette dressed like an assistant. “God preserve us.” Christopher dismissed about the matter. “This isn’t natural.” Andrew checked the clock. “Of course, it isn’t.” He remarked. “It is close to midnight.” Desmond had to relax. He tried to switch on the light. “That was better.” Andrew began. “I don’t think so.” Anette grasped him around the wrist. “Look over there.” Christopher closed his eyes. “Good God.” He almost sobbed. “Poor people.” Desmond felt like his hair might stand on end. The body lay on the floor. “Devils in Hell.” Andrew cursed. The bats had settled upon the corpse. “This place is accursed.” Anette approached. The mammals then squeaked. They spread out before vanishing among the shadows. “He must have been a guard.” Andrew bent to run through the black and grey uniform. “I don’t know.” Anette pulled up the glasses. “He looks like a Nazi trooper.” Christopher frowned. “I don’t know that.” He remarked. “the woman is a Communist soldier.” Anette crossed herself. Even after all these years, they were still afraid. “The red guards slaughtered the Christians.” That was in 1917. Desmond pulled together. “That is alright.” Andrew looked green. “Calm down.” Anette touched his shoulder. “They really are dead.” Christopher touched the cross. He got a nasty feeling they might rise. That wouldn’t happen. At least not yet. “Andrew.” He snapped. “How far is there to midnight?” His friend had to blink. “Yes.” Andrew inhaled. “Let me have a look.” He checked the watch. “Half.” He returned the gaze. “Half an hour to the Aria of the ghost.” Desmond sighed. “Then let us find the laboratory.” The secretary encouraged. She shuddered. “This place doesn’t feel right somehow.” Christopher admitted her statement. “The smell is getting worse.” Andrew made a grimace. “This is only the beginning.” The solicitor was certain about it. “Then blast it all.” Andrew touched the knife. “I don’t care.” Desmond had his doubt. “I made up my mind.” The secretary got secretary got serious. “I am not coming back.” Christopher shook his head. “Neither am I.” He said.

Ruins of castle Dracula, Warakiya. The 4th. of December 2098 A.D.

The circle was complete. “All who oppose the prince of Darkness must die.” The gate was open. “The angel of Death flouted above the alter. “We crave the presence of the embodiment of suffering.” The countess bent in front. “the prince of Darkness.” The Necromonicon released the pages. “Oh, great powers of the underworld.” Carmilla raised both hands. “ Bring back the Master to his full state.” The dark priest shaft reached upon climax. “Show us Your exalted power.” This was the perfect sacrifice. “Provide the soul of this sleeping Devil with a new body.” Their wish would be granted. “Bask in the Darkness!” A beam struck the coffin. “The Dark Lord shall live again!” The tomb shook by the impact. “Your Master has arrived.” The young master bent above her frame. “I feel the moonlight within.” Her blood was the final key. “ The ritual is a success.” The grim reaper conjured the sickles. “You shall not taint the world.” The vampire hunters intruded upon their sanctuary. “He shall not return.” The gunner fired a boom. The blood might empower the souls. “Come on!” The sorceress released her from the spell. “He might never be defeated.” Dracula’s magic cast them out. “ Thou arth to kill the Belmont clan!” The Eclipse resisted. Although they awoke the creature of Chaos.

Underground reservoir, Ravenberg. The 4th. Of December 2098 A.D.

This was another corridor. Edward looked around. “I know you are here.” The demon castle was back. Edward tugged his beard. It was obvious that Dracula was behind the whole plot. He got lost. Edward never visited such a place. “No problem.” Edward knew he might sound like Jonathan Morris. He threw it aside. “Let it be.” He muttered. Edward touched the crucifix. He was getting nowhere. Edward exhaled. He better explore the place. Though the light was bad. “Curse it.” He muttered. Edward made the sign of the cross before unsheathing the sword. “I am ready.” He began walking. Edward would be careful. They were not going to take him. He kept sweating. The air was dank. Edward disliked about that. Though he tried not to mind. Then he stopped. There came that sound again. “Good Lord.” The flapping of leathery wings. “Come on.” He muttered. “I heard you before.” They might carry the pestilence. Then he would burn the lot. Edward had the ability to see beyond the obvious. They all inherit that power. It was part of being a Belmont. Edward smirked. He was nothing of the sort. Or so he thought. Edward had been a mailman before the ice. That was not really a bad life. He hoped to become again after the hunt. If he survived. The bats then cut him short.

Sadam forest, Warakiya. The 4th. Of December 2098 A.D.

They got lost in the forest. Torah didn’t recognise this place. She even lost sight of the castle. “Homing ball!” The sorceress lit her magic. The purple ball kept flouting in the air. That was a relief. She hung up the ring smash. “Evil thrives in the shadow of the demon castle.” Torah sighed. The legend was true. That was no bed-time story. She had come to fear the undead. Torah reached for the cross. She would hunt. This was notanother testing. She would make Yoko proud. “Did you hear that?” Victor brandished with the axe. She shook her head. “It is the wind.” She shuddered. “Sorry.” The huntsman muttered. “It is alright.” Torah felt so cold. She wouldn’t freeze to death. “We are in Transylvania.” She bit her lip. “This is your homeland.” Victor shrugged. “My ways aren’t your ways.” Torah kept the magic. “I have seen much strange already.” This was still a part of the old world. “We must be careful.” Victor retrieved the cap. “We better leave this accursed place.” That might not be a bad idea. “You are the guide.” Torah frowned. She got a strange feeling. “Alright.” Torah shook it off. “We went up into the North.” He frowned. “Let me think about it.” Victor then became quiet. That was not reassuring. Torah sighed. She could wait. Though they might be spotted.

The view from the cliff was spectacular. Alicia finished cleaning her glasses. “Bless me.” She put them back on. Then Alicia blinked. She almost couldn’t believe this was true. The castle had returned. The battlements contrasted against the high Warakiyan mountains. “It is so very far away.” Alicia made the sign of the cross. “Though I feel.” The power would be spread far and wide. Then, if she wanted a quiet life, she should have left the country. Alicia dismissed. The black riders tried to find her. They made her to shudder. Alicia knew they were out there right now. She accepted the legacy of Darkness. Alicia reached for the Undead Killer. She would hunt the night. There were other monsters abroad. The castle made them to gather. “Alright.” She would make the family proud. “let them come.” Alicia cracked with the whip. She was a vampire hunter. “I am ready.” Alicia might defend herself. “Let it begin.” She went back toward the forest road. Alicia kept looking out for monsters. She would reach the castle. “I hope you forgive me.” Alicia got to leave the bike behind. Her uncle would be disappointed about that. She knew how much he cared about it. Alicia hoped she might return someday. The bike cost him much money. The Lord might preserve them both. She would have to hunt.

Forest of Jova, Warakiya. The 4th. Of December 2098 A.D.

They stood upon a clearing in the forest. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord.” Trevor lost sight of the castle. That was a problem. Christian already felt so tired. Dracula’s castle had returned. Trevor wouldn’t submit to Despair. He would keep the promise. “The Belmont clan shall hunt the night.” The girl still clang to him. Christian didn’t know what to do. He saw what happened in that black tomb. Trevor was afraid. She looked so frail. He was not deceived. “Believe in the morals.” Christian reminded himself. He would remain in the light. Trevor touched the crucifix. Even through life or death, he would save her. The vampire hunter made a small prayer. There was so much at stake. Christian knew he couldn’t make it alone. “Amen.” He closed with the sign of the cross. Trevor got up to brandish with the Vampire Killer whip. “Do not kill me.” She begged. “No one deserves my fate.” Christian shook his head. “You don’t have to fear me.” He said. “I know what it is like loosing everything.” Trevor lost his family. “Let us be friends.” Christian wondered what his grandfather would say. Then again, Victor Belmont died in 2057. At least Soma and Alucard had been there to save him from the order. “Let this be a sign.” He said. “Of what is to come.”

Forest of Debias, Warakiya. The 4th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The weather was bad. Julius looked toward the Heavens. He didn’t know this place. The mountains loomed high in the distance. The priest sighed. It kept snowing. “I smell.” Thomas sniffed the air. Julius made the sign of the cross. “I hope it is alright.” Julius made the sign of the cross. “God with us.” The priest had decided. They got to find his brother. Trevor would be in trouble. He was not ready. The wind brushed through the Elm trees. Julius shuddered. “This isn’t natural.” Thomas twirled with the spear. “It is the undead.” He exhaled. “Of course.” Julius unsheathed the Stellar sword. “I should have known.” Thomas shook his head. “You can’t predict everything.” Julius touched the crucifix. He was right about that. Though it was a poor excuse. He would repent. Julius would hunt the night. “Then I shall release them from Dracula’s curse of blood.” He promised. Thomas shrugged. “Take it easy.” He checked the shotgun. “That isn’t your worry.” He touched the crucifix. “That is His case.” The priest bowed his head. “Then I shall do what I must.” He touched the blade. “Let us go.” He beheld the mountains. “They are so far away.” Thomas re-holstered the pistol. “Okay my friend.” His armour shonein the moonlight. “We shall hunt.” Julius felt relaxed. He was not alone.

Air base, Warakiya. The 4th. Of December 4th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The computer lab was empty. That was nice. Desmond went back and forth. “It is alright.” Andrew assured. The solicitor shook his black hair. “That might be.” He felt like a trap was closing in about him. “He knows what todo.” Anette kept watch by the door. “You might help him.” The secretary knew how to work the mechanics. “You know that can’t be done.” She charged the flame. “I might summon my friends.” Christopher exhaled. Although she was right, it didn’t make him feel any better. Desmond reached for the cross. He was a protestant. The solicitor put his hand upon the sword. “Trust me.” Anette made the sign of the cross. “And believe in Him.” Christopher rubbed his grey eyes. “I do.” He said. “have no fear.” Though Desmond was only 18 years old. “I found it!” Andrew caught his attention. “I found the map!” Anette pushed the heavy glasses against her face. “Show me.” The secretary pulled back her dark blonde hair. “Come over here.” Andrew moved with the controls. Christopher followed. They beheld the hologram. Desmond thought the spectacles enlarged her blue eyes. “So, it is.” Anette picked with her crucifix. She also was 18 years old. “This is great.” Christopher beheld the image. “The board of directorate must all be mad.” Anette bit her lip.

Castlevania, Warakiya. The 4th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The countess regained her strength. “I must tell thee.” The grim reaper remained flouting behind the alter. “They have left the castle.” Red flames burned behind the gaze. “They lost faith in the Dark Lord.” Death closed the book. “So, it is.” The voice was a poison hiss. “They shall not escape.” Carmilla wished she knew the plot. “There arth more at stake.” She would not forsake him. “Thoughhe might be interrupted.” The countess knew her place. “This I must do myself.” The castle was the key. The creature of Chaos would extend their power. “Then I shall strengthen the spirits.” Dracula’s blood would be pored on the masses. “ Thou arth to kill the Belmont clan.” Carmilla laughed. “His last command.” She would complete the cycle. “Dracul.” She carried the symbol. “Let it be done.” Death would lead the army and prepare for the return of the Dark Lord. “Listen to the voices.” The grim reaper stood in front. “They tell thee his wishes.” The countess exposed her fangs. “All is going like the count predicted.” Carmilla knelt on the floor. “ How the blood of a beautiful lady will quench mine body.” That was a long time ago. She felt the ecstasy. “The children of the night .” He was here. “What music they make.” It was true. “Lord Dracula!” Carmilla wept the bloody tears.

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