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Castlevania: Darkness Never Dies


Part 1: Curse of Blood

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Part 2: Legacy of Sorrow

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Part 1: Curse of Blood.

“You should have expected to find me here. I will always be in the house of my Father.”

Mark: 2. 50.

Chapter 2:Dwelling of Doom.

The mansion, Brahms mansion. The 5th. of December .D.

This was madness. Noriko gathered. The image reached for her throat. Noriko knew her soul was at stake. She got the power of Dominance. Noriko exposed her fangs. Then she bit the figure. The foul thing screamed. Noriko wasn’t afraid. She felt the power within herself. She could consume the monster. Noriko released the bats. The haunting presence seemed to shrink. She unleashed the other bats. Noriko would conquer. She channeled electricity. The monster kept flickering. Noriko felt thirsty. She licked her lips. The creature dashed. Noriko dodged. She wouldn’t let them to touch her. Noriko released the bats. She would obtain the soul. She revealed the crucifix. The spectral image didn’t like that. Noriko caused fires to burn. Anger was her birthright. Her father managed to absorb some of Dracula’s power. After his death, Noriko came into possession of a strong supernatural power. The ghost slashed with the nails. Noriko electrified the fists. There was an explosion. She smiled. The image would perish. Noriko absorbed the souls. That made her to gasp. She was growing stronger. The spiritchannelled electricity. Noriko shrieked in triumph. “I am not the sacrifice!” She bellowed. “You are to pay!” Noriko exposed her fangs. She would feast upon their blood.

Entrance hall, Brahms mansion. The 5th. Of December 2098 A.D.

They had a last look around. “We shouldn’t have come here.” George whispered. Christian might agree. He touched the crucifix. The hall was dark. The candles were the only source of light. The fireplace hadn’t been tended for years. The corridors branched off in different directions. Trevor beheld the portraits. There were the paintings of the boyar family which lived in the house. The mansion was a mixture of periods and traditions. The raven was often repeated. Christian acknowledged. That was the banner of the Armster family. He made the sign of the cross. The red carpet covered the floor. Though the curtains were glorious, he had a bad feeling about this place. Trevor thought of Simon Belmont and Reinhardt Schneider. “Why are the curtains drawn?” Samuel asked. Christian beheld the tapestries. “They don’t like the sun.” He said in a low voice. Trevor touched the crucifix. “Can sunlight really kill the vampire?” George wondered. He shook his head. “That is only a legend.” Christian said. He kept looking out for trouble. “Not as I will.” He whispered. “Only as You will.” Trevor cracked with the leather whip. “Let us go.” He suggested. Christian went for the staircase. It would lead to the first floor. Trevor got a feeling that Victoria would be hiding atop the mansion. “Watch out!” George exclaimed. The bats went from the ceiling. Christian turned around. He crossed himself. The men fired their weapons. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Trevor threw the vials into the air. They got to burn the bats before they might inflict a cursed state. Christian brandished with the Vampire Killer whip. The monsters settled on his body. Trevor managed to stamp them out. The bats shrieked before they burned. Christian was breathing heavily. He picked the crystals. The others fought back-to-back. Samuel trusted his combat knife while George kept shooting. That wasn’t enough. “No!” Trevor screamed. “Leave him alone!” The salesman staggered. He got bitten. The bats fed upon his blood. Christian knew his soul might be in danger. He unsheathed the short-sword. Trevor also got wooden stakes. He knew what must be done. But first he doused the man with holy water. The bats got taken aback. Christian burned them into ashes. That didn’t matter. George shook his head. He didn’t get hurt. Trevor exhaled. Then Samuel fired his pistol. The bats still circled about. He missed. “So let it be.” Christian threw three homing boomerangs. The bats squeeked while burning. They were dead before reaching the floor. “Glory be You.” Trevor re-sheathed the sword. “Our Father in Heaven.” He made the sign of the cross. Christian inhaled. They got work to do. He hoped that Noriko was still alive. He was cut short. Samuel got bitten. Trevor didn’t notice before. The bat hung upon his throat. The soldier gasped. Christian reached into the backpack. He got a purification crystal. It was too late. The bat sucked to much blood. George tried to support him. But Samuel was already dead. Trevor stamped the bat. That was all he could do. Then Christian wept. He didn’t expect he would. Then Samuelhad died for him. They didn’t even have time to berry him. Trevor dried his tears. There was something they could do. “We have to burn his body.” George sighed. “Of course.” The salesman looked very tired. “I have seen people die before, you know.” He rubbed his forehead. “Some of them came back for blood.” Trevor closed his eyes. Then he relaxed. “But I don’t want to do it in here.”Christian told. “Sure.” George smirked. “Let us leave this Hellhole.” He got to carry him. Samuel was too large and heavy. Trevor went in front. He would do what he had to. George followed. Christian swore he would return. The wind almost forced the door from his grip. Trevor shook his head. “Let it be.” He said.

Balesco marshland, Warakiya. The 5th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The marshland lay below the mansion. Christian threw that aside. “Let me see.” George went about to collect the branches. “Let it be.” Trevor knelt in prayer. He still fought the tears. Samuel had been a real gentleman. Christian thought of his relation. Quincey Morris gave his life so that Mina Harker might live. “It has not been in vain.” Trevor removed his cap. “The curse has faded at last.” Those were his final words. “Amen.”Christian made the sign of the cross. They took Noriko away. He would not despair. There was still hope. “Okay.” George had returned. “Let us begin.” Trevor inhaled. He would have to be careful. Christian was not really an exorcist. “Let it be.” Trevor knew what to do. “Rest well.” He breathed. “The Lord is with you.” George built up a fire. Christian knelt in prayer. “Let it be done.” George sent him a look. “This is your business.” He remarked. Trevor moved for him to be quiet. Then he began. Christian summoned the light of the Lord. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost.” He sanctified before igniting the torch. The salesman joined him in the prayer for a beloved soul. “It is over.” Trevor declared as the fire consumed the body. “He might be free of this world.” George also removed his head piece. He exhaled. “May the Lord forgive you of sins.” Christian spread his arms toward the sky. “may He lead you into His heaven.” The mist had cleared. “Were there are tears no more.” Trevor might see the stars. “To joy everlasting.” The gust made the ashes to spread about the garden. “Amen.” He closed with another sign of the cross. “Then what shall we do now?” George replaced the cap. “We must continue the hunt.” Christian got to his feet. The salesman shrugged it off. “I guess.” George checked the pistols. He retrieved the other from his friend. “It shall be done.” Trevor cracked with the whip. He was ready to fight. “Alright kid.” George brushed the snow from his coat. “Let us find your friend.” They turned from the marsh pit. Trevor had been sure to move as far as they could from the manor before performing the rite. Now they had to return. Christian was not afraid. The Lord would decide. The mansion loomed high into the night. “Do you smell that?” George asked. “I can.” Trevor made a grimace. “This is a tomb.”

That was no surprise. The whole place stanched foul. George spats upon the ground. He outright hated this very spot. The reason he searched the marsh for treasure only amplified his disgust. Then that was the real problem. There were no longer anywhere were anyone might be safe. Why didn’t the kid feel more depressed? Then it was less complicated for him. To believe in the human kindness might not be that intricate, though it seemed to give Trevor all he needed. Either way, he looked more determined now. George admitted. He must comprehend with a great many things. The salesman picked a piece of wood. He picked the Gurkha knife. He might do something to ease the tension. George at least hoped he might do that much. The boy was no priest. This might be a waste of time. Then again, he might be flexible about it. At least the dead kept to their graves. That was something to celebrate. The trader bared his teeth when thinking about the ghouls and zombies. He hung the image around the neck. George put all his savings into that heavy golden chain. George always kept it tight. Now it really became a bond. “My word is my bond.” That was his moto. George smirked. Then he forgot all about that. Trevor reached the door. “Here we go again.” George muttered.

The mansion, Brahms mansion. The 5th. of December .D.

The toy room lay in ruins. Noriko released the bats. The manifestationchannelled electricity. “Demon!” Noriko shrieked. She made the flames to rip through her fingertips. The creature staggered. Noriko buried her teeth within the neck. The force gave her strength. The spectral moanedin defeat. Noriko made itto burn. She then absorbed the soul. “So, you finally realize.” The mist made manifest. They hadn’t changed. Noriko licked her lips. Her teeth had grown into fangs. Noriko touched her features. She had become like them. They laughed by her confusion. “Leave me alone!” She screamed. Noriko would burn her to ashes. Taiko got pined to the wall. “You are dead!” The bats tore her neck. Noriko got the soul. “Enough!” Lemya bellowed. “Your life is over!” The Brazilian threw herself forward. Noriko got forced to the floor. She felt the fangs buried in her throat. Lemya opened a wound. “This is the baptize of blood.” She made her drink. Then Lemya burned. “He gave you His body!” She shrieked. Noriko stamped with the crucifix. The Host might only protect her for three days. Then Noriko staggered. Lemya hit her. “Come to me.” She beconed. Noriko snarled. “Never.” She hissed. “I shall kill you.” Lemya blew the vampire’s kiss. Noriko howled into her face.

Entrance hall, Brahms mansion. The 5th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The hall lay quiet and empty. Christian cleaned his face. He and George re-entered the house. Trevor had a deep breath. He then cracked with the Vampire Killer whip. He felt chills down his spine. There was something about this place. Something beyond the smell of death and decay. Christian didn’t know what, though it made him nervous. He got to resist. Trevor got to save Noriko. Christian reached for the crucifix. George got his guns. The beard and ragged clothing made him to look like a soldier of fortune. Though Trevor knew better. The salesman was a vampire hunter. His hand rested upon the pistols. Christian hoped they might find other weapons. He decided for the left corridor. Trevor had to cut the net. The passage got woven over. “This isn’t right.” George muttered. “It can’t be.” Christian gave it some thought. “Let me try something.” He said. George arched an eyebrow. Trevor made the sign of the cross. He then opened the door. “Stay out of the basement.” Christian sent him a look. He let it drop. “Let us go.” Trevor climbed the staircase. The bats tried to bite him. “Not tonight, you bastards.” George fired with his pistol. Christian got impressed. The salesman hit the lot. They got to climb down. “Then let it be.” He made the sign of the cross.

The basement, Brahm’s mansion. The 5th. Of December 2098 A.D.

They reached the bottom. The ape-skeletons hid behind the stair. Trevor leaped above the barrel. He ducked beneath the mean right hook. Christian whipped it to pieces. “Curse you!” George bellowed. Christian made a back-flip. The watcher channeled electricity. The salesman fired a boom. The watcher exploded. Trevor got hit by the hook. He almost fell on his back. The ape-skeleton reached for the barrel. George impaled another watcher. Then he leaped down to throw the grenade. The ape burst apart. “Thanks.” Christian said. “You kept your promise.” George shrugged. “I always do.” Trevor smiled. He knocked the candles. They kept walking together. Christian stopped. He got to cut another web. “This is too big.” George said. “Look.” He pointed. “No mere spider might create this.” Trevor touched the crucifix. The salesman was right. He looked about. Trevor didn’t see anything. He picked with the whip. There was no time. Christian would cut the net. The spiders arrived. The Arachni might kill him. George slashed with the combat knife. The spiders got cut to pieces. Then the web went up in flames. Trevor got through the area. The ghost reached through the wall to take him. “Good Lord!” Trevormanaged to release him from the curse. George fired with both pistols. The ghost moaned while fading. Another ghost reached for the salesman. Christian impaled upon the short-sword. The ghost gasped before it burned. Trevor exhaled. He couldn’t rest. “Wait.” George told. “The girl is weeping.” Christian felt chills down his spine. The sound made him nervous. The place was shrouded. Trevor feared the undead. The candle got lit. He reached for the crucifix. Christian didn’t know about her. The girl got red hair. He noticed she got green eyes. “What happened with you?” Trevor asked. Then he blushed. The girl was naked and dirty. Tears stained her cheeks. “Please, don’t look at me.” The girl hid her face. “I know you have come to rape me.” Her voice was soft and musical, though it was so tired. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord.” Christian declared. He would never commit such heresy. “Take it easy.” George approached. There was something amiss. Trevor felt the shift in nature. He reached for the whip. Trevor got the heart of fire. The Vampire Killer got enflamed. “Preserve us from the wicked One!” He could see that, from the hips down, she was like a giant spider. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost!” Christian struck the Arachene. The flame whip made her to drop the spear. Arachene wept tears of fire. He felt no pity. There was nothing but disgust and horror. Trevor threw a wave of holy water. Arachene screamed in pain. She opened her eyes. That stare didn’t belong to a human. Christian pulled back. She threw spindles at him. “Good Lord in Heaven!” George finally awoke. He fired both pistols. Arachene was a living creature. The boom killed her. “May He make mercy upon your soul.” Trevor made the sign of the cross. He bent to close her eyes. Christian sighed. They watched her burn. He collected the crystals. George touched a gem. He picked a round of ammunition. George reloaded. Christian hit the candles. He retrieved the items. The bats attacked. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Christian flailed with thewhip. The bats must be burned. He threw another vial. That carved some space. “Now it is my turn.” George pulled the trigger. “Burn in Hell!” Trevor might have a respite. The salesman was systematic. He shot them all down. Christian moved into action. “Save us!” He called. The watcher made lightning strike. Trevor threw the crystal. He missed the beholder. “I got you!” George shot the eye. Trevor inhaled. That was close. “I am glad you are here.” He confessed. The trader shook his head. “You are the hunter.” He said. “I am only an undertaker in the trade.” Christian had a slight laugh. Then he got serious. “I don’t think so.” He told. George shrugged. “That is your department.” Trevor sighed. He was sure the man might be a hunter. If he chose to. That had to wait. This wasn’t the right place or time for such conversation. Something flickered at the corner of his eye. “Rest in peace.” Christian struck with the whip. The ghost shrieked before it blossomed into flames. “They really are everywhere!” George fired his pistol. The bats hid against the ceiling. Trevor made no comment. He managed to impale the ghost. The short-sword got in handy. Christian felt sorry about it. Though it didn’t change the matter. He got to release them. They might possess the living. Then others would be forced to join the circle, to multiplying the evil of the world. Trevor presented the crucifix. The spirit exploded. George retrieved another round of ammunition. He used the knife to create an image. “Great is the mystery of faith.” The empty cross was a Protestant symbol.That was none of his concern. Trevor impaled the ghost.

The bats flapped about. The boy brandished with the whip. George approved. They killed his friend. The salesman threw another grenade. The ape-skeleton collapsed. Trevor burned the bats. George got back. The kid released the ghost. He threw the boomerang forward. Another ape arrived. George removed the bone and barrel. The spiders went climbing down the walls. The salesman cut them into bits. Trevor went down the passage. George got to run. He got to keep up. The boy stopped to look into the chamber. There where nothing there, beside the dust and boxes. George shrugged. He didn’t care. The salesman shot the watcher before it might get serious. Trevor reached ahead. George followed. They reached an oval room. The watcher channeled electricity. Trevor made it to rain with holy water. George smirked. “Beware.” The boy pointed toward the pond. George muttered. He might drown in there. The boy went to check about the instruments. “This reminds me about the caves beneath the Vatican.” Trevor said. The metal gate was closed behind them. “This is a trap!” George got the guns. The Arachene climbed from the web. “They might inflict a poisoned state.” Trevor made the sign of the cross. “You don’t have to tell me.” George cursed.

The mansion, Brahms mansion. The 5th. of December .D.

They kept glaring at each other. Blood stained the floor. Noriko made Lemya to gasp. She morphed into mist. “Give in to the power of the dark side.” The Brazilian cooed. “I feel your anger.” Lemya reappeared to taunt her. Noriko snarled. She released the flames. Lemya staggered. Noriko bit into her neck. “You enjoy, the feeling, the passion.” Noriko let go. She was not like that. Noriko stamped with the crucifix. Lemya fell on her knees. She kept laughing. Noriko couldn’t withstand it. She caused a fire.Noriko got the power. Lemya broke into a swarm of bats. Noriko burned them all to ashes. She got the soul. Noriko wouldn’t be their plaything. Not anymore. She would avenge her family. Noriko had a look into the mirror. The reflection showed she was still herself, though the shape of her eyes and ears were changed. The ruby lips contrasted against the white teeth. Noriko pulled the black hair down. She hoped that Christian wouldn’t notice. The wounds hurt. She fell upon the floor. Noriko curled together. She wept like she hadn’t done for years. This reminded of Soma’s transformation. Noriko got no one to help her. She pressed the crucifix to her heart. Noriko sighed. She really wouldn’t die like this. Noriko closed her eyes. Then she thought no more.

The basement, Brahms mansion. The 5th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The barrel chamber workedlike a death trap. Christian tightened the grip. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord.” He made the sign of the cross. George didn’t wait. He threw the grenade in a high arch. The spider woman shrieked before she fell from the net. The impact broke her skeleton. Trevor let him take the crystals. George kept shooting. Arachene dodged the assault. She took it on the shield. Christian hurled the crystal. She wore a horned helmet and chest plate. Arachene managed to grab hold. She was a warrior. The spider woman spat acid liquid. Trevor made another back-flip. The group threw themselves through the air. George slashed with the combat knife. Arachene hid behind the shield. She threw the spindles to might trap him in place. Christian cut through the web. He got beneath the liquid. She tried to impale him upon the spear. Trevor made a circle of crosses to appear. That burned her to ashes. Christian made the sign of the cross. George got stung. Trevor gave him the antidote. Then he twirled with the leather whip. The salesman swallowed the potion. Arachene almost killed him. Christian was a vampire hunter. He made a glide to throw the wave of holy water. That froze the spiderwoman into place. Trevor struck her into oblivion. He took the crystals. Arachene struck with her shield. Christian staggered. George emptied his pistol. Then he trusted the Gurkha knife. Trevor hurled the cross. He cut the spindles. The spiderwomen crawled about. Christian made a back-flip. He twirled with the fireball whip. He really carvedsome space. The salesman reloaded both guns. Arachene tried to stab him. Trevor got beneath. He stamped with the crucifix. George threw the knife. Arachne gurgled. The blade was buried in her throat. That almost removed the head. Christian got a storm inside. He threw the rebound stone. The diamond went about. Trevor remained in place. George muttered about it. Christian retrieved the item. Then he picked the other gems. That wasn’t the end. There were other enemies. Trevor got ready. He hurled the boomerang forward. Christian made it to split into three freezing crosses. Arachene got cut to pieces. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” He made the sign of the cross. The sister caught him in the net. “I have you now.” She bent to kill him. Arachene got the knife ready and posed. Trevor struggled to get free. “You won’t have him.” George said. Arachene sent him a look. Christian made her to eat the crystal. Arachene burst into pieces. There where no other way to describe it. Trevor cut himself loose from the web. The spider-women kept burning. Christian shook his head. There was nothing he could do. Trevor committed into the hands of the Lord. He went to inspect the instruments. They got to leave this place before anything else might happen. “Watch out!” George called. He retrieved the combat knife. Christian made a glide. The spider woman almost landed on top of him. He was glad that it wasn’t the case. She spread her eight hairy legs to pick up the boulder. The salesman got ambushed by the others. Trevor threw himself down. The rock shattered on impact. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” He hurled the cross. “The black dog eats you!” The monster took it on the shield. She pledged allegiance to the Dark Lord. “Rest in peace.” Christian doused her with holy water. Arachene screamed as her flesh caught fire. “Hades take you!” She spat acid liquid. That left scars upon the stone. Trevor consolidated his force to leap atop. The crystal put an end to her misery. “Burn you all filthy whore!” The salesman knocked the candle. He found other grenades in there. He threw one toward the spider women. They went into the air. They used the net to survive. “Save us!”” Christian managed to escape from the debris. Arachene kept hurling the boulders at them. “Bloody wench!” George cut up the webbing. Arachene tried to trap him. Trevor made no comment. The spider woman kept stabbing with the spear. The long brown hair hung down from the helmet. She tied it into a long braid. He thought that might be dangerous. Anyone might grab hold and use it against her. Christian struck with the whip. He managed to pull the weapon away. Then she spat acid liquid. Trevor threw the end of the Vampire Killer into her face. The ancient whip resisted the evil. “Hera consume your human scum!” Arachene boasted her in a match of weaving. “I will not.” That was eons ago. “I am not Hercules.” Christian presented the crucifix. “You shall have no god beside Me.” He quoted the first law according to Moses. She pulled a rusted knife from between her legs. Arachene trusted for the heart. The chest plate offered some protection. Trevor answered with a vial of holy water. “You are nothing but a meal.” The monster rasped through painted lips. Christian blinked. He figured she used cosmetics. That was incredible. “Sweet painted lady.” Arachene snarled. “I am nothing of the sort!” She bellowed. “I am a shield maid!” That was unlikely. Reinhardt told they were nothing but thieves and terrorists. “Die your human slime!” She stabbed for his neck. Trevor stamped her out. She dropped the blade. Arachene crawled away. She reached for the spear. Christian trusted forward. The short-sword hung at his side. Trevor twisted the blade around. The spider woman screamed in agony. Then she burst into flame. Christian inhaled. He collected the crystals. George managed to impale her sister. Then he got trapped in the net. The salesman hung from the ceiling. Arachene was eager to pull him. Trevor shuddered. There were plenty of skeletons up there. Even though she was alone, the spider woman might make prey upon his friend. Christian made it to rain with holy water. That released the salesman. He fell right down upon the floor. Trevor hoped he would be fine. Though it was Arachene who concerned him. The monster got up to spit acid. Christian barely dodged. That left the ground cracking. “Burn in Hell!” George fed her the grenade. Arachene screamed. She burst like a volcano. Trevor exhaled. It was over. Though it was so ugly.

The fight was over. George dismissed. “I hope you know what you’re doing.” He remarked. Trevor crossed himself. The salesman picked with the gun. He never cared much about religion. “You are the vampire hunter.” George took the crystals. “I should have figured.” Trevor shook his head. “I got to find her.” He said. George was unsure of who he meant, before he might ask, the boy solved the puzzle. George smirked. He went into the basement. “Let Your will be done.” Trevor caught up. The boy Belmont cracked with the whip. George agreed. He got his guns. “There they are!” The red knights went from behind. Trevor opened both exits. “Shoot them!” The leader was a blue fox. “Dracul!” The group got ready. George knew about them. They sometime came to the market. Trevor struck with the flame whip. The arrows burned. “Go in peace.” Trevor told. “And sin no more.” The soldiers looked nervous. “Kill them!” The leader pulled his sword and shield. George threw the explosive. There were too many. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” Trevor presented the crucifix. What was he up to? George retrieved the Gurkha knife. The boy summoned a circle of crosses. That gavesome shelter. “Run!” Trevor called. The salesman fired his pistol. Then he did.

The mansion, Brahms mansion. The 5th. of December .D.

There was a candle lit upon the table. Noriko stirred in her sleep. She knew this was a dream. That made no difference. She was at peace. Noriko found rest in oblivion. She knew that. Noriko was safe. She might go wherever she wanted. Be who she wished to be. “Noriko.” Someone was calling her name. Noriko reached out. “Noriko.” The voice was soothing. She would answer. Noriko was not afraid. The light beconed her. Noriko knew something about the phenomena. “I am coming.” She said. No one would stop her. The light made her blink.

The chamber of the sages, light temple. The 5th. Of December 2098 A.D.

Norikoopened her eyes. The floor was made of white marble. Waterfalls of blue went like high pillars. Where could she be? The fountain was filled with crystal clear water. The beaming figure emerged. She was clad in white. The brown eyes beheld her. Her soft features got framed by brown hair. A white cat sat upon her shoulders. “Where am I?” Noriko asked. “Are you a Kami?” “You may still call me that.” Her voice was that of a child. “Though others have called me an angel.” She gestured at their surroundings. “You are within the chamber of the sages. The very heart of the temple of light.” She smiled. “I am the sage of the light temple.” Noriko slowly got up. The Kami touched the silver star around her neck. “Why have you called me?” Noriko asked. “I summon no one.” The sage said. “Those who come, are searching for me. Or for Him.” Noriko walked behind her. “I wanted to escape.” She said. “I always have.” “He is the road. The truth and the life.” The sage said. “He is with me. And with you.” She touched her brow. “You should never forget.” She smiled. “Be free. Have faith. Believe in yourself and trust your friends. Do always remember this, you are not alone.” Noriko closed her eyes. “You are never alone.” She smiled. “I shall.” She promised.

She opened her eyes. Noriko was back within the mansion. She inhaled. Noriko felt much better, though she couldn’t tell what happened. What had happened? Noriko shook her head. She pushed herself off of the floor. Noriko breathed when getting back up. Ashes showed where the vampires had perished. She looked about. Noriko bit her lip. She reached the end of the building. Noriko had no choice but to return to the corridor. She didn’t waste anything. Noriko unlocked the power of Dominance. She smiled. Noriko was like her grandfather. She would not throw it aside. Noriko sighed. She returned to the school room. The piano kept playing. Noriko would like to break it. That would be a wasted opportunity. She shuddered. Noriko pushed it aside. That wasn’t really important. She still got to escape. She reached the hallway. Noriko had a look through the window. There was still night outside. She let the curtain fall. Noriko began to walk. The corridor was so quiet. Noriko reached the corner. She went to the left. Then she stopped. There came a weird buzzing sound. Noriko licked her lips. She looked about. There had to be something. Noriko blinked. She didn’t get it. Then she realized. This was impossible. Then again, it was the vampire’s nest. Noriko had to scream.

The basement, Brahms mansion. The 5th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The barrel went rolling. Trevor knelt on the ground to strike it. The barrel exploded. Christian cleaned sweat of his forehead. He got a feeling they didn’t liked him very much. George fired. He got a nice aim. The bats burned to ashes. George hurled the grenade. The ape-skeleton got defeated. “Climb the stair!” He called. “I shall hold them!” The salesman reached for the explosives. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!”” Trevor hurled the cross like a boomerang. “Burn in Hell!” George fired the gun. They began to climb. Christian struck with the leather whip. The armour was alive. The spear guard stabbed with his lance. “What is inside the armour?” George asked. Trevor shook his head. He didn’t know. Christian was unsure if he even wished to know. He forgot about it. Trevor threw the crystal. The jewels exploded upon impact. Christian leaped on top. “Twisted!” George slashed with the combat knife. “Let it be blessed.” Trevor brandished with the Vampire Killer whip. George fired the guns. The spear guard staggered away. Christian threw the crystals. The armour exploded on impact. That was not the end of their trouble. The other knight released a heavy wave of deathly energy. Trevor performedwith another back-flip. He collided with the salesman. They rolled down the stairs and straight into the wall. The impact made it to crumble. Christian also felt broken. They found a hidden passage. “I am alright.” George took the brunt, though he managed to get back on foot. Trevor made a grimace. The smell wasn’t good. He went to inspect the passage. “This is not a part of the mansion.” Christian told. “This is a tomb.” George shuddered. “I should have known.” Trevor made a soothing gesture. Though there was nothing much he could do about it. “They must be released.” Christian sighed. He reached for the crucifix. George shrugged. “That is your business.” Trevor inhaled. Though the cavern stanched. He recognised the smell. “This is the crypt.” Christian crossed himself. “I can feel their presence.” He said. “They are the undead.” They made residence within the estate. Though it was the curse of Darkness that granted them power. That was the true source of Chaos. “Very well.” The salesman looked scared. “Let us begin then.” It was not the first time he said so. But this would really be it. Trevor cracked with the whip. George was brave. He went ahead. The salesman already reloaded the pistols. “Preserve us from the evil One.” Christian had a deep breath. “Please.” He got interrupted. Even George looked back. “You must not do this.” The body fell from the ceiling. “Acolyte of Satan!” Trevor revealed His image. That was not enough. The body settled on top. “Undead bastard!” The salesman dashed back up, knife in hand. The body got him pinned to the floor. “Release me!” Christian struggled to get free. “You cannot enter the house of souls.” They had to fight. George blinked. “What the Devil… !?” Trevor realized. This was no warrior. He was 8 years old. The age of Noriko. Christian pushed him aside. He might have a better look. The tunic was made of green velvet and silk. “Leave in peace.” That was not important. The dark hair was a contrast to the rich embroideries. “You are a boyar.” There was no mistaking about it. The boy was of noble blood. “The raven.” Trevor gathered himself. This boy wore it upon his heart and buckle. “You have to listen.” The blue eyes closed, though he couldn’t hide the bloody tears. “What is this?” Christian thought only Alucard might mourn his status. “I shall listen.” He deserved that much. George shook his head. Trevor touched the crucifix. The salesman folded his arms. “Fear not.” Christian got up to recoil the whip. “Tell us your story.” George was picking upon his pistol. “We gather in the name of the Lord.” Trevor would be careful. “I shall.” The boy looked down upon his shoes. Even the buckles got shaped like the ill-omened bird. Christian inhaled. He had to believe in the morals. “Alright.” George pronounced. “Game over.” He tugged the cross. “No more funny business.” The salesman challenged. “You are a vampire.” The boyar licked his ruby lips. “That I am.” He sighed. “God forgive me.” Trevor felt compassion stir within him. He would help this boy. If he could. The salesman already made up his mind. “I know that.” He spat on the floor. Trevor would ease the tension, though he didn’t know how to make it. Before either of them might speak, they got disturbed again. “Look out!” The boyar warned them. “They heard her call!” The bats went from the ceiling. George sent him an angry look. Christian shook his head. “This isn’t his fault.” Then there was no more time. The bats squeaked for blood. They settled upon his body. Trevor almost vomited by the approach. They felt so nasty. “I fear not!” He stamped with the crucifix. “Even though I walk beneath the shadow of the valley of death.” The monsters burned to ashes. The crystals restored his energy. That was no comfort. The bats kept on coming. Christian brandished with the frost whip. They got struck to pieces. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” He would have to keep the salesman from the night. Trevor got to occupied with the hunt. The explosion shook the area. George found some other grenades. He hurled all three of them in a quick succession. That granted an edge. Christian struck with the leather whip. He left everything into the hands of the Lord. He brandished with the holy whip. The light got to bright for him to see. He heard voices talking. The undead boy crawled upon the floor. “I am Trevor.” The vampire hunter declared. “The heir of Leon, Sonia and Richter Belmont.” The bats fled to either side. “I hunt the night.” Trevor flailed. “Let the lamp burn in the dark so we might find the way home.” The conflict reached a climax. Christian made it to rain with holy water. The bats couldn’t escape. Trevor knew this would summon the black riders. There was nothing he might do to change that. If the Lord so wished, Christian would send them back to Dracula. That would only be a respite.

The swarm crumbled into ashes. George shook his head. This was really impressive. The salesman figured about the power, although he never knew the boy got this potential. “What do you think of that?” George threw a kick at the snivelling undead. The boy got money, no questions asked. There had to be quite a treasure within that castle. He stopped to might get a hold on himself. George got to forget about the gold. It would be blood coins in either case. The salesman inhaled. “Leave me alone.” He felt like the lust for fortune and fame might set a choke hold upon him. “He is one of them.” The boy vampire hid beneath his folded arms. “One of the legendary vampire killers.” George shrugged. He didn’t care much about it. “That is the way of his family.” The salesman let go. “You shouldn’t meddle in his affairs.” The child shook his head. “He isn’t the ancient incarnate.” He blushed in shame. “He might listen to what others have to say.” George made a grimace. That was right. Trevor was open to the people. He cared about the country. Then again, his family once ruled as barons over the land. Cate and Daphne had often stopped by his tent to visit. They studied at the Durmstrang academy. They had enjoyed telling stories before bed-time. George smirked by that memory.

The mansion, Brahms mansion. The 5th. of December .D.

The monsters kept flouting in the air. Noriko swallowed. They flailed with the tentacles. There had to be at least three or four creatures. Noriko wished she could fly. Their souls might grant the ability. The Bugbears had noticed. Noriko obtained the bat soul. She released them like a spreadshot of blood thirst. The monster flailed with the tentacle. They crushed her bats. Noriko bit her lip. The Bugbear might hang her. Noriko touched the crucifix. The tongue found her fangs. Noriko didn’t know how to defeat them. The armour got a mace. Noriko claimed it. She managed to smash the Bugbear. Noriko felt sick, though she absorbed the soul. The monsters flailed about. They might become electrified. Noriko crashed the eyeball against the floor. The Bugbear swooped to hang her. She dodged the assault. But then Noriko got lifted into the air. She struggled for breath. The Bugbear tightened the grip. Noriko caused a fire. She got free. The Bugbear rebounded. Noriko stamped with the crucifix. The eye exploded. Noriko got hurled away. She got the soul, although the mace was broken. The Bugbear advanced. Noriko fought to get up. She got to fight. Then something broke through the window. Noriko felt dazed. That wasn’t important right now. Noriko got taken away.

The basement, Brahms mansion. The 5th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The boy really was a boyar. Christian was certain about it. The dress and manner revealed his nobility. “You promised to tell us.” George clutched the pistol. “I did.” Trevor made the sign of the cross. The salesman spat. The raven was their crest. “Ich bin Rydiger Von Brahms.” The boy was cute, like Noriko, though he didn’t trust him. Christian exhaled. He got to know. “Why do you wish to help me?” Trevor was a vampire hunter. Rydiger tugged upon his grey and black sash. Christian hung up the whip. He wished to know the truth. “I want to burn the nest.” Rydiger kicked with a polished black shoe. The diamonds shone in the candle light. “You might help me to restore the honour of my house.” George blinked. “I understand.” Trevor got to translate. The salesman didn’t speak German. “Do you?” Rydiger began to sob. “How can you?” The boy embraced himself. “Your sisters didn’t turn mad about some book.” Christian reached for the crucifix. “They gave their own family to the undead.” Rydiger tried to gather. “It didn’t happen that way.” Trevor said. “But my family was killed by the Dark Lord’s henchmen.” The entire clan almost got wiped out. “I have made an oat to hunt the night.” Only some relatives survived. Christian made the sign of the cross. “May the light burn high, so we might find the way home.” He exhaled. “I felt the shift in nature.” Christian made the sign of the cross. He would help this boy. “Have faith.” Trevor recoiled the whip. “I shall sanctify the earth.” George was confused. Rydiger knelt before him. “Thank you.” He kissed his hand. “I swear my allegiance to you.” Christian touched the crucifix. He couldn’t refuse. “If this really is the will of the Lord; then so be it.” Trevor had to figure, but not now. George fired both pistols. The knights were back. The boom had no effect. The soldiers hid behind their shields. “Watch out!” Rydiger shouted. “They got arrows!” Christian flailed with the leather whip. He got to defend the boy. Rydiger released heavy steam. The knights got confused. Trevor made a glide. He threw the cross. The knights answered with another wave of arrows. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” Christian got beneath. He struck with the Vampire Killerwhip. The conflict caused echoes throughout the cellar. “Curse you all!” George snarled while he continued to fire. The knight sent him staggering. Trevor reached for the crucifix. The shield trust might have a hard impact. “Die you bloody night cat!” The salesman brought the gun up beneath the brim. “Die and be damned!” George pulled the trigger. That wasn’t sensible. Nor was it nice. The dark elf collapsed with half the brain shot out through the back of the helmet. “I am no fool.” Christian left him behind. The fox trusted her sword. The tunic and shirt really fit her. He shook it off. The feline was toying with him. Trevor threw the vial down. “Human bastard!” The glass was shattered. “Curse you!” The knight got bathed in flame. Christian bit together. He cracked the crystal. The feline collapsed into a heap of ashes. “Aculus Dai!” Rydiger fought like an animal. “The thousand years has ended.” He created another steam blast. “You don’t know what you have done!” The boyar stabbed with the claws. Trevor had a shudder. The boy fed upon their blood. The fox couldn’t be turned. That was not the point. This was unnatural. George muttered to himself. For a moment, he got the pistol aimed in his direction. Then he shrugged it aside. Christian twirled with the whip. He broke the arrows. That was a unique ability. “Let it be.” Trevor exhaled. He threw the cross forward. The ranger tried to escape. He got a storm inside. The homing boomerangs soon burned out. Christian then retrieved his inheritance. “Alright girl.” George reloaded his weapon. “This mansion isn’t large enough for both of us.” Christian blinked. He heard those words before. Though he couldn’t place it. He brushed it aside. The salesman killed the other fox. Rydiger broke the neck of the knight. He got the strength of 20 men.Trevor crossed himself. The boy bit into the throat. The man screamed before he might escape. Then it was over. Christian thought about the maiden’s tent. He tried not to. That had been nasty. “Rest in peace.” There was nothing he could do. Though he would pray for the forgiveness of sins. They deserved an honest trial. “Stand where you are.” The dark elf grabbed him. “You are under arrest.” Trevor refused the command. He stamped with the crucifix. The soldier screamed. His hands caught fire. Christian shuddered. Though he got no choice. Trevor doused him with holy water. “Fire in the hall!” George hurled the grenade. Christian threw himself down. The ranger didn’t escape. The impact knocked him to pieces. Trevor leaped back to continue the battle. He struck the bats into oblivion. Then Christian got into a defensive posture. “Watch out!” Rydiger released more steam. Trevor got hit by the handle. He raised the crucifix to might block the follow-up stroke. The knight burst into flame. He was dead before reaching the floor. Christian inhaled. He collected the gems. Then he made it to rain with holy water. The elf groaned. He staggered back, before he fell on the floor. “Let it be finished!” George advanced. He found some other explosives. He fired both guns. The salesman seemed unstoppable. The knights fell back. Christian dashed to impale the fox. They had to defeat this group. They chased them through the mansion. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” He wouldn’t let them disturb the hunting. “The Dark Lord shall not conquer me.” Rydiger moved with precision among the knights. He ripped with the claws each time he spotted an opening. That was effective. “I hate you.” George snarled. He got pressed against the wall. He stabbed with theknife. The elf took it upon the shield. The boyar snarled. He leaped to break the neck. “Leave in peace.” Trevor declared. The fox reached to strike him in the head. Although he was undead, that hurt. Rydiger felt down while touching the wound. Christian hurled the rebound stone. He got to end this before it became too late.

The knights gathered together. George made an effort to resist. The knight kept the shield in front. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” Trevor kept in front of that boy. He brandished with a weird sort of ice blue whip. That was great. The hunter made the sign of the cross. “Here.”” The salesman muttered. “Try this for a change.” When the knight countered, George stamped with the cross. That had some effect. The shield burst apart. “That was for Him.” George smirked. “This is for me.” He forced the sword aside while he put the image into his mouth. The knight sighed. Then the head burst. He didn’t stop to watch. The salesman reloaded his weapons. He shot the bats. The monsters went like a wave, trying to bite his friend. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Trevor stood tall against the swarm. He held the crucifix in hand. They disliked that symbol. “This is how it is.” The vampire crawled over to bite her above the knee. George felt disgusted. He would kill him with a wild triumphant joy. The salesman shook his head. That wasn’t his business. An arrow hit the wall. The ranger tried to kill him. “Blasted sniper!” George would have none of it. He fired a boom. At least that was over. The fox was dead before hitting the ground. The salesman smirked.

Balesco marshland, Warakiya. The 5th. of December .D.

The wind went across the ceiling. Noriko felt so cold. The harpies brought her from the mansion. They settled atop this greenhouse. Noriko beheld the nest. “Look here, what we have captured!” The brunette was calling. The sisters gloated about their pray. Noriko would not be a victim. She closed the short cape. The harpies broke through the windows to take her. “Let us eat her.” The blonde encouraged. “Not yet.” The brunette smirked. “Girls just want to have fun.” The brunette smirked. “She really is such a prettypray.” Noriko was furious. How dared they do this!? Noriko would kill them all. She would show them. Noriko caused a fire. The sisters got burned. Noriko absorbed the souls. “Take her!” The leader shouted. The blonde and redhead lifted into the air. Noriko released the bats. The leader flapped her wings. Noriko got stabbed by the feathers. She wouldn’t be a pray! Noriko channeled electricity. The harpy burned like oiled paper. Noriko inhaled. The sisters circled about. Noriko wasn’t afraid. She released the feathers. The harpies didn’t like it. Noriko had no mind. She released the flames from between her fingertips. The harpies burned. Noriko would take their souls. That really was so fitting. They deserved no better for how they treated her power.

The crypt, Brahms mansion. The 5th. of December .D.

The torches didn’t grant much light. Trevor convinced the others. He felt the shift in power. They got to investigate this place. Christian bent to strike the rats. They might inflict a plagued state. He touched the crucifix. Rydiger went ahead. He carried an open lamp. The flame cast great shadows upon the wall. Christian got a bad feeling about this. “Stop.” He breathed. “Do you hear them?” Trevor did. “A choir of forgotten voices.” The red lights burned in the dark. “I warned you.” Rydiger told. “They are here.” George muttered. Christian cracked with the Vampire Killer. The soulless approached. Trevoralmost had to vomit. They were so horrible. The dark powers mutilated both body and soul. “Curse you!” George shouted. The monsters reached to tear them. The salesman fired. The soulless didn’t bleed. “May the Lord make mercy upon your soul.” Christian flailed with the whip. The monster burned. They didn’t stop. The soulless were disgustive. The trio fought back-to-back. Trevor almost fell down the stair. George saved him. “This is the place.” Rydiger said. “This is what?” The salesman didn’t trust him. The vampire kept looking down. “This is the Armster family crypt.” Rydiger tried to clean his lips. “This is where my sisters found the book.” Christian struck with the whip. The monster moaned before it burned. “Cross your heart.” Trevor drew sweat of his brow. The soulless got no bones. “My brother made the servants to wall the exit before they fled.” They kept climbing. The stench grew even stronger. “You don’t have to do this.” George said. “You don’t have to do everything.” He didn’t understand. “I hunt the night.” Christian made the sign of the cross. “I made an oat.” Rydiger’s pale face was illuminated. “You have my allegiance.” He bowed. George muttered. “I must be crazy.” He reloaded the gun. “But I won’t leave you to face it alone.” Trevor was grateful. “Thank you.” He smiled. “The Lord has given me great companions.” Rydiger lead the way. George picked with the cross. They reached the bottom. Christian recoiled the whip. The rats went through the potholes. “Curse you all to Hell!” George hurled the grenade. Rydiger lit the torches. Trevor got to defeat them. He didn’t have the laurels. Christian threw the cross. The storm raged within his blood. The boomerang split into three homing crosses. The rats got burned to ashes. Trevor retrieved the boomerang. He went to pick the crystals. George leaned against the wall. He really looked tired. Rydiger got round. Christian noticed about the ninth tomb. Although the others got closed, this crypt was open. Trevor made the sign of the cross. “We have to rest upon our native earth.” Rydiger stood before the open tomb. “This is my home.” Christian knew he couldn’t feel pity. That would be an insult. He sighed. “Let us go.” The salesman pushed away from the wall. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord.” Trevor cracked with the whip. Rydiger was ahead. They followed him inside. The tunnel went straight for a while. They passed other, smaller graves. The red glow illuminated their features. “We are not alone.” They reached the crypt. The fire roared up from the abyss. Christian disliked the heat. The pixie statues were the work of a womanizer. George looked quite interested. Trevor didn’t mind as he went across the polished stone floor. Gusts of hot air brushed through his red hair. The altar was stained with crimson. Christian was appalled. The evil star symbol marked the wall behind. “This is the den of worship.” Rydiger said. “Within the shrine of the heretics.” Trevor made the sign of the cross. The boy was horrified. The tall black candles got lit by the blue fire. The chandeliers where made of gold. Christian hoped that George wouldn’t try to steal them. The girl knelt before the altar. She was reading from a book. Trevor touched the crucifix. He could see beyond the obvious. “Please, Claudia.” Rydiger begged. “Let be that book.” The redhead made no answer. Christian changed grip. The tome was evil. “Is that your sister?” George asked. Rydiger made a grimace. “She was, a long time ago.” He said. “This is Anna Claudia Brahms, a child of the night.” Trevor felt chills down his spine. He heard that before. Christian cracked with the leather whip. “She must be burned.” He declared. The grey eyes were alive with green flame. Trevor unsheathed the short-sword. Then she reacted. “Hellfire!” Rydiger went ahead. He got bombarded with fireballs. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost!” Rydiger got thrown on the floor. “Grizzly wing!” Christian dashed. Claudia released the bats. The effort made her red hair to stand on end. Trevor struck with the fireball whip. “I shall set you free.” He promised. “I will restore you, to your brother, as a holy and not an unholy memory.” Claudia snarled. “Come on then.” She opened the book. “If you can.” Christian shuddered. “I am a Belmont.” He told. “I hunt the night.” Trevor threw the cross like a boomerang.The bride snarled. She exposed her fangs in a frightful smile. Christian inhaled. The sight sent chills down his spine. No matter. He got to release her immortal soul. That was why he was here. Why he decided to become a hunter. Claudia didn’t mind about his motivation. Here and now she saw him like a perfect sacrifice. Trevor gathered himself. He must believe. “In the name of the Messiah!” Christian got a heart of ice. He made the cross to split in three. “How dare you!” Claudia couldn’t block. “Because I feel sorry for you.” Trevor crossed himself. “I have seen the truth.” He was sure about it. “Thus, I pity all who walk the eternal night without hope.” Christian uncoiled the whip. “Your Dark Lord is nothing but a filth that stains the creation.” He approached the forgotten soul. “In the end, He, and all his minions, will be cast out of the New Jerusalem.” Trevor retrieved the cross. “So that is what you thing?” Claudia retained the wicked smile. “I can break you.” She licked her lips. “You shall be mine!” She cried as blue fire lit behind the eyes. “I shall teach you the pleasure of the flesh!”

The boomerang split in three. George smirked. The frozen crosses went home. “Dracul!” Claudia screamed. The salesman hid his ears. “Bloodshot!” The kid spread her cape. The crystals went his way. Trevor blushed. He was still young. George fired. He also got shaken. The 12 year old was naked beneath those robes. “Black nails!” The vampire teleported to throw the nails. George snarled. That was black magic. He got to dodge. Trevor claimed the cross. “I forgive you.” George shook his head. “The Dark Lord has lost.” He could be so weird. “There shall always be a lamp lit for man.” The boy struck with the whip. The salesman gasped. Claudia burned. “May the Lord forgive you of your sins.” Trevor doused her with holy water. “You are dead!” Claudia bellowed. She went like a black cat. George fired a boom. She was too quick. “I shall kill you.” Claudia ripped the boy. He stamped with the crucifix. She screamed. “You might kill me.” Trevor crossed himself. “But not the one who sent me.” He was determined. “Grizzly wing!” She spread her cape. “Here.” Rydiger breathed. George blinked. He gave him the silver bullets. Trevor blocked with the crosses. “So let it be.” Claudia summoned the soulless. George snarled. The boy knelt in prayer.

Balesco marshland, Warakiya. The 5th. of December .D.

The harpy swooped. Noriko summoned her power. The bat shot her to pieces. Noriko smirked in triumph. She absorbed the soul. Crows left the branches. She released the feathers. They might be useful. The bats went like a swarm. They came from inside the greenhouse. Noriko would use their own kind against them. She released the bats. The souls would grant more power. Noriko nailed the harpy. The wind kept throwingthe snow into her face. She got the soul. The other bats gathered together. Noriko would be ready. Then again, she might be flexible. The bats morphed into another female vampire. “No.” This couldn’t be happening. “Not you!” Noriko met her before, though she couldn’tremember the name. “Who are you?” The undead wore a black cocktail dress. The dark hair was touched by the wind. “My name is Roxane Garzia.” The vampire stood her ground. “I was their friend.” Noriko felt suddenly afraid. “You have escaped for the last time.” She licked her lips. Roxane smiled. “Death is upon you.” She raised both hands. Noriko shuddered. Roxanereleased the braid. She was so beautiful. Roxaneexposed her fangs. There was an ancient evil behind the gaze. Noriko touched the crucifix. “I got my reward.” Roxane smiled. Noriko got to fight, or she was dead.

The crypt, Brahms mansion. The 5th. of December .D.

The red glow was the only source of light. Christian closed his prayer with the sign of the cross. Claudia summoned the soulless. “You have gone too far.” Rydiger exposed his fangs. The salesman made no remark. He fired the gun. Trevor was relieved the silver bullets might banish the monsters. “Ball of Destruction!” Claudia released in succession. Christian struck with the holy whip. He managed to repel the shots. George slashed with the combat knife. The soulless forgot about him. Trevor threw the cross. The black cat leaped for his location. Rydiger used the lamp as a weapon. “Blade imposter!” Claudia cursed him as a traitor. “Hellfire!” She blocked the boomerang. “Glory be You.” Christian praised the Lord. “Our Father in Heaven.” The cross didn’t burn. “Forgive me!” Rydiger wept bloody tears. “Grizzly wing!” Trevor dodged the bats. He threw the crystal. Claudia could teleport like a bat or mist. “Black nail!” She struck for the heart. The diamondrefused the stab. Christian had to get closer. “You fool.” Her voice was like an iron hiss. “He cannot help you now.” Trevor got to focuse. “Bloodshot!” He got beneath the onslaught. The others got too busy. Christian felt sorry about them. “Ball of Destruction!” Trevor made the shot to explode. He promised to release her from the curse. The lamps continued to burn with that eerie blue glow. Christian disliked that evil flare. There was nothing he might do about that. Claudia completed the circle. “Blood shot!” She demanded. Christian consolidated his force to leap on top. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” The short-sword drew blood. “Hellfire!” The victim snarled while throwing the cape aside. “Preserve us from the wicked One!” Trevor licked his lips. Her body shone in the torchlight. She got covered, from head to foot, with tattooed markings. Christian then struck with the Vampire Killer whip. The blue Hellfire exploded into her face. “You shall be mine.” She repeated. Claudia brushed the mass of red hair behind her ears. She carried a crimson jewel within her hair. The gold chain kept it in place above the burning eyes. The petite little vampire shook with her hips. “Come.” She breathed. “I hunger for you.” Trevor felt appalled by her statement. The boom caught their attention. The spell was broken. “Burn in Hell!” George fired both pistols. The evil glow cast nasty shadows within the crypt. Christian made the sign of the cross. Claudia sold her soul for this power. “Hear me!” She spread her arms in an imperious gesture. “Open bonds, chains bolts! There is a dead voice calling.” Claudia gave herself to the Devil. She might summon the soulless. The tombs cracked. They arrived. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” Trevor looked skyward. The storm raged within. The holy beam struck down. The flurry of crosses might clear the area. “For great is the Lord, our God.” Christian crossed himself. They left plenty of crystals. “You cannot defeat me.” Claudia hid beneath the shroud. “I am invincible.” That might rest with the Lord. Trevor made a quick dash. She leaped to face him. Christian struck her with the leather whip. “I sense your power.” She snarled. “You don’t dare to use it.”” She laughed. “So, the great Belmont is afraid.” She gloated. “Come. I shall teach you.” The soulless came to rip him, limb from limb. The grenade landed among the enemies. The explosion shook the crypt. “He is not alone you demon!” The salesman appeared from behind. George looked sick, though determined at the same time. “Who are you?” Claudia looked confused. Christian used the opportunity to douse her with holy water. Her cape caught fire. “Blast you Belmont!” She spread into a swarm of bats. “Grizzly wing!” She reappeared to spew other bats. The monsters squeaked with blood thirst. They went for his friend. Trevor threw other vials to cover up. “Hellfire!” Claudia got wide open. Christian hurled the crystal before dashing forward. “I curse you!” The bride tried to gather. That was to late. Trevor impaled her upon the blade. The blood splashed about. Christian made a back-flip. That pulled the weapon out. Claudia spat more blood. Her lungs got hurt. They would heal in time. Christian presented the crucifix. He didn’t pierce the heart. “Blood shot!” That was the least of his problems. The vampire conjured a ball so black it seemed to consume the silver. Then it burst into a crimson explosion. “Come to me!” Claudia demanded. “You shall kneel before my power.” Trevor wouldn’t submit. He threw the crystal toward the heart. Claudia staggered. “Grizzly wing!” The spell kept him from advancing. No wonder this was the head of the colony. The crystal obscured the entire swarm. She beheld him with an evil stare. She threw back her cloak. She got other jewelleries hanging upon herself. Claudia was like a nightmare of riches and sin. Christian exhaled. He felt so pity for her. The toy maker was to blame. He was the one who began to dabble in the dark arts. That might be as it will. He got to complete the hunt. “Black nail!” She leaped like a great cat to suddenly reappear for a stab at his chest. Trevor stamped her with the crucifix. The impact caused flames to burn. Claudia held up the cape in protection. “You have become a witch.” Christian knew the cloak shield was the right of their status. “You have become strong like a demon.” Black hatred chilled behind her stare. Trevor was careful not to meet the eyes. He wouldn’t let her to inflict a charmed state. Claudia snarled. She matched him, step by step. He got to remove that cloak. “Please, Claudia.” Rydiger almost got killed by the soulless. Now he raised a pleading arm. “Let this be the end.” He tried to convince her. “Permit him to set you free.” She merely laughed. “I am not like Joachim Armster.” She gathered the bats. “I will not let him impale me after all which I have done.” She made them to dash toward him. Christian doused them with holy water. “Curse you!” Claudia tried to punch him. Trevor got beneath. “Let it be done.” The short-sword went up to stab through the stomach. Claudia groaned. Then she vanished like the mist.

This was a trap. Claudia was condemned. She summoned the soulless. The salesman realized there was nothing he could do. George hurled the grenade. The monster burned. Trevor got to defeat the vampire. Rydiger smashed with the lamp. He crushed the skulls. They got consumed. The bloodless tried to rip him. George slashed about with the Gurkha knife. “This has to end.” The boy revealed his fangs. “My sister is dead.” George didn’t have time for this. “Burn in Hell!” He screamed. The soulless got no bones either. George emptied his pistols. The slut made this to happen. “Watch out!” Rydiger called. He pulled him back from the brink. George exhaled. The soulless gathered round. The salesman threw the other explosives. Then he laughed. George didn’t care what happen. “Lord of compassion!” The boy called. “Forgive me my sins!” George gapped. What was going on? Rydiger threw himself upon the monsters. The impact hurled them into the pit. George reached a hand. He was too late. They were all gone. This wasn’t the end. George reloaded the guns. The soulless gathered. The salesman snarled. “Come on you bastards!” He would continue, although George mourned a vampire’s death. “I shall make you burn!” That was the least he could do.

Balesco marshland, Warakiya. The 5th. of December .D.

The armsspread like great wings. Noriko leaped off the rooftop. The bride created a whirlwind. She released several shards to spin about. Noriko released the feathers. Roxane was stabbed. Noriko got another heirloom. She hid it from the circle of blood. “This is for my grandfather!” She shouted. Roxane gathered. Noriko leaped to stab with the combat knife. The vampire pushed her aside. Blood stained the snow. The bride hit her. She released circling fireballs. Noriko countered. She released the crows. Roxane got taken aback. The birds picked her. She made them to burn. Noriko dashed. She stabbed with the knife. Roxane gurgled. Then she fired. Noriko threw herself down. The demon lifted into the air. She released the ice shards. Noriko got behind. Roxane hurled circling fireballs. Noriko stamped with the crucifix. Flames burned on impact. Roxane slashed. Noriko ducked. She shot the bats right into her face. The vampire grunted. Noriko buried her knife withinthe heart. Roxane collapsed. The corpse burned to ashes. Noriko lost the soul. She looked around. This must be the left wing. She went through the window.Noriko didn’t want to be alone tonight. She might change her mind. The web was too large. She got no choice. Noriko got to investigate.

The crypt, Brahms mansion. The 5th. of December .D.

The boy sacrificed himself. Trevor hurled the vial. He didn’t expect that to happen. Christian flailed with the whip. “Hellfire!” Claudia countered, though the water burned, Trevor made a glide. “Bloodshot!” She released the crystals. Christian summoned a circle of crosses. That saved his life. Claudia snarled. George shot the soulless. Trevor cracked with the leather whip. The vampire glared with eyes of fire. The impact made her to scream. “Black nail!” She teleported like mist to throw the solid punch. Christian made a back-flip. “Grizzly wing!” Claudia made the bats to attack. “Glory be You!” Trevor threw the silver crosses. “Our Father in Heaven!” The Lord let him survive. Christian hurled a wave of holy water. Claudia got burned. The undead shrieked. “Hellfire!” She released the blue fireballs. Trevor managed to deflect. He threw the cross. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” The frozen crosses went home. Christian retrieved the boomerang. “Ball of Destruction!” Claudia released the high shot. He managed to whip it. Trevor reached for the crucifix. That was close. “Grizzly wing!” Claudia conjured other bats. She made them to dash forward. Christian threw holy water. The impact froze the swarm. Trevor whipped the others into oblivion. “Bloodshot!” Claudia released the crystals. “So be the will of God!” Christian struck with the whip. He was a vampire hunter. The fireballs burst from the tip. They burned on impact. Christopher Belmont used this technique when fighting Dracula in 1576. “Grizzly wing!” Claudia made the bats to flap about. The Lord didn’t forsake him. Trevor made it to rain with holy water. The concubine shrieked. She disliked the holy. Claudia made the bats to gather like a shield. Christian had sworn to hunt the night. He would continue to fight until he perished. “Accursed Belmont.” Claudia hissed with frustration. Trevor made the sign of the cross. He collected the crystals. They restored his energy. She would dine upon his blood. Christian would make sure that never happened. “It is you who have become a cursed being.” He said. “Though I forgive you.” Trevor sighed. “You didn’t know what you did.”” Claudia was nothing but a consort of evil. “You are doomed!” She bellowed. “Grizzly wing!” Christian struck with the Vampire Killer whip. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost!” He doused them with holy water. Claudia burned. She really was in pain. Trevor threw the crystal. The outburst was supernatural. The vampire got thrown back. Christian exhaled. He ran forward. “I so wished to be something more.” Claudia breathed. “I know.” Trevor bent beside. “There is always a reason.” She met his gaze. “Release me.” She might see. “Let me be free.” Christian felt the tears on his face. “The Lord is compassion.” He raised the short-sword. “He has forgiven all.” Trevor impaled the heart. “May He lead you into His Heaven.” Christian removed the head. Claudia shrieked a final time. Then a look of piece went above her features. “Amen.” Trevor made the sign of the cross. She was forgiven. He watched while the body crumbled into ashes. “Then it is complete.”” George arrived. He helped him to get up. “I am sorry.” The salesman reloaded his pistols. “But I couldn’t find your girl anywhere.” That didn’t matter. “She is here.” Trevor might feel the presence. “We only have to find her.” George frowned. Then there was no time left for discussion. The crypt shook. “We have to escape!” The lava erupted like a volcano from the depth. “Help us!” The columns began to shake. The salesman picked him up. Then he ran. They left the tomb as the floor began to give way. George carried him upon the shoulders. He had to climb the stairs. That was no problem. Christian closed his eyes. They had to survive. “I can make it!” The salesman bellowed.

The basement, Brahms mansion. The 5th. Of December 2098 A.D.

They came back. Christian exhaled. They returned to the cellar. The salesman let him climb down. Trevor crossed himself. The passage collapsed. “Then this is the will of God.” He knocked the candles. The chase was far from over. They shared the gold. Christian felt better when taking the gems. He noticed that George retrieved the round of silver bullets. “Glory be You.”” Christian found the morning-star. “Our Father in Heaven.” The Vampire Killer got transformed into the chain-whip. “Alright!” The voice broke the silence. “She didn’t make it!”” The red knights kept behind. Trevor thought they got defeated. “Stand where you are!” That was a mistake. “You are under arrest!” They got surrounded. “Burn in hell!” George found some other grenades. The impact gave a breather. Christian made it to rain with holy water. They must escape. The salesman shot the head off the fox. The knights scattered. That was alright. Trevor wouldn’t surrender. Though he wouldn’t be a butcher. The foxes were not evil. There were some hunters among them. He shook it off. This wasn’t the time. They continued up the staircase. The bats hunted for blood. Christian flailed with the whip. The salesman fired a boom. He touched the crucifix. Trevor would try to live up to their expectations. He was like Sonia Belmont. She retrieved the mystic weapons after they got lost in the war with Mathias Krohnquist. Sonia, Christopher and Desmond were his idols. Christian learnedabout themwhen training to become a vampire hunter. He let it pass. They reached atop the stairs without much trouble. “Let me checkout.” George went ahead. “Be careful.” Trevor told. “We don’t know what might be waiting.” The salesman shrugged. “Let them come.” He picked the knife. George unlocked the door. The knight made a protest. The salesman dragged him out before cutting his throat. Christian sighed. George let the corpse to roll down. The knights shouted. “Come on.” The salesman encouraged. “That won’t keep them.” Trevor figured as much. They hurried for the exit. But the knight arrived. She carried a lance. “Twisted.” George tried to shoot her. The knight took it on the shield. “Sorry, butwe are in a hurry.”Christian threw the vial. The flames forced her aside. Then they might enter.

The mansion, Brahms mansion. The 5th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The curtain fell back into place. George muttered. The passage was well hidden. The silk got marked by the Raven. He was getting fed up by that crest. The salesman let it drop. He reloaded both pistols. George shot the bats. They killed his friend. Trevor whipped the candles. That was no problem. He picked the crystals. Moonlight shone through the windows. George drew sweat of his brow. They would soon be back. The red knights fought for the undead. George made a grimace. They didn’t find the girl. He fired the gun. The ectoplasm flouted in the air. That was some ugly substance. George fought his own stomach. The bullet went home. He loaded with silver. The ectoplasm burst into oblivion. The salesman nodded. He picked the gem. George kept the ammo upon his belt. Trevor flailed with the chain-whip. He managed to burn the ectoplasm. There was another problem. The rats went through the crack in the wall. The salesman got sick. George saw what they did in the tomb. The boy bent to whip them. He licked his lips; then George shot the ectoplasm. The phenomena burst into oblivion. The salesman exhaled. He wouldn’t touch it for all the gold in Warakiya. George shook it off or tried to. The bats settled on his body. George stamped before they might bite.

The mansion, Brahms mansion. The 5th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The house shook. Noriko almost got thrown off balance. “What happened!?”She screamed. That had to wait. She got ambushed. Their blood stainedthe carpet with crimson. Noriko released an array of black birds. Arachene got picked. The net was burning. The sisters dropped from the ceiling. Noriko almost got crushed. There where no going back. Noriko released the feathers. The blonde threw the spindle to might trap her. Noriko passed beneath. Arachene caught her own sisters. Noriko released the fire. The group began to burn. She fled from the place. Arachene came crushing down. Noriko channeled electricity. The sister got defeated. She caused a fire. Arachene screamed while burning. The sight was horrible. Noriko didn’t want to watch. She felt sick about herself. There was no time. The monsters were closing in. Noriko released the bats. She absorbed the soul. Noriko smiled. She caught them in the net. They would soon get free. Noriko exhaled. She got to prepare. Arachene climbed to catch her. Noriko pulled back. They twirled with the spears. Noriko released the fire. The hall became a butcher’s yard. She didn’t care. Noriko hurled the web. She ran before the sisters might arrive. Noriko was breathing hard. She was a fool who re-entered the mansion.

He slammed the door shut. Christian then leaned against it. The knights hammered to might get through. Trevor pulled through his red hair. He was almost out of breath. George shot through the opening. The fox groaned. Christian had a look around. The corridor seemed eternal. Trevor exhaled. The shields wore the insignia of the raven. The bats squeeked before leaving their position. They flapped about like a shroud of blood thirst. Christian tried to douse them. There were no windows. He would need the candles for support. “Come on.” George told. “Let us be off before they return.” Trevor agreed. He touched the crucifix. The bats settled upon the salesman. The man shuddered. Christian made a glide. He came in time to stamp them out. “Curse you!” George fired about. The ectoplasm got defeated. Trevor bit his lip. They almost got him. The other bats kept circling about. Christian whipped the ectoplasms. He picked the gems. They replenished his energy. “Preserve us from the wicked One.” Trevor made the sign of the cross. The armour moved. George cursed. He fired a shot. The knight got armed. The spear guard twirled with the lance. He managed to repel the attack. George went pale, although he survived the backflash. Christian doused the spear guard with holy water. The bats went like a swarm. Trevor got to whip them. He picked the crystals. George fired the guns. The axe knight stumbled. Christian brandished with the whip. Then he struck with all his force. The ectoplasm burned into ashes. Trevor took the price. He got a storm inside. Christian hurled the diamond in a high arch. The rebound stone defeated the spear guard. The axe knight threw the weapons forward. George made them to explode. Trevor crossed himself. They reached the windows. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” He challenged. The knights kept coming. “George.” Trevor said. “Be ready to break the window.” The salesman nodded. He reloaded the pistol. Christian got holy water. He released a downpour. The axe knight got burned. The bats squeeked while the ectoplasm exploded. That wasn’t enough. “Burn in Hell!” George broke through the glass. “Come on!” He pulled Christian along. “They won’t wait!” They ran out into the dark winter night.

Balesco marshland. Warakiya. The 5th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The snow whirled about like a shroud. They couldn’t escape. Trevor cracked with the whip. The crows left the branches. George fired. The cemetery was concealed beneath the white. The zombies pushed through the ground. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Christian threw the cross. The corpses burned on impact. He struck with the whip. The bats went to dine upon his blood. Trevor twirled with the chain-whip to might defeat them. George threw the grenade. He slashed about to might rebuff the monsters. Christian managed to retain the boomerang. The zombies reached to pull him down under. Trevor got above. He bent to whip them when George fired. The bullets went through the enemies. The crows shrieked on impact. Their feathers fell like autumn leaves. Christian made the sign of the cross. He threw holy water. They got to defeat the birds. George got taken by the zombies. He impaled the group upon the great Gurkha knife. Then he threw the explosives. Trevor brandished with the chain-whip. The bats went like a swarm. He stamped them out. Christian inhaled before he gathered. Then he picked the crystals. The snow kept falling while George fired his pistols. “Burn in Hell!” The salesman killed the crow. Then he trusted. The zombies burned. Christian threw the crystal. The birds got caught in the explosion. Trevor picked the gems. He found the rebound stone. “This way!” George shouted. “Come over here!” The salesman found a way through the evergreen bushes.Christian tried to brush off. The snow kept to his jacket and clothing. That made it difficult to see. The storm only arrived. The vampires were to blame. It had been quite obvious. The cold bit at his nose. Either way, that couldn’t conceal the stench. The zombies raised from their graves in search of flesh. Trevor presented the crucifix. They were not to make him into a meal. “Curse you morbid morons!” George also got into trouble. The ravens hid among the bushes. The salesman tried to shoot them. The snow made that more difficult. The zombies reached with withered hands. Christian shuddered. They were so ugly. He struck with the whip. He got to defeat the lot. “Watch out!”” George still trusted with the Gurkha knife. “They might kill you!” The bats went swooping down. They left through a hole atop the building. Trevor hurled the crystal. The swarm got consumed by the outburst. Christian exhaled. The corpse then grabbed him by the shoulders. The empty sockets burned with such desire it made him stagger. Trevor bit together. The corpse tried to tear him. “Rest in peace.” Christian stamped with the crucifix. The body got burned to ashes. He relaxed. That was the last of their group. He doused the other bats. They left some crystals behind. Trevor collected the gems. “Curse you!” George was in peril. The zombies gathered to kill the salesman. He emptied the pistols. The cross kept them behind. Christian got disturbed by the raven. The bird went about to pick him. “I shall tear you to bits!” George snarled while slashing about. He looked all grizzly with the knife and coat stuck with patches of blood and pieces of flesh. Trevor crossed himself. The salesman didn’t seem to bother. He kept striking with the knife. The raven shrieked. “No! Not my eye!” Trevor hid beneath one arm. The bird almost pierced him. Blood got smeared above the feathers. Thebird seemed drenched in crimson. This was no ordinary raven. They fed of the dead. Christian knew the ravens belonged to the invisible world. He revealed the crucifix. The raven shrieked on sight. There was such hatred in the voice that it almost made him to shield the ears. “Go home!” George impaled the zombie. He reloaded the gun. The raven shrieked. The bullet got buried in the head. Trevor brushed his hair. The bird burst into fire. That was the end. “Follow me!”

The boy exhaled. He followed through. “Thank You Lord.” Trevor worshipped. George rubbed his eyes. Then he made the sign of the cross. Trevor sent him a look. The salesman smirked. He never did that before. “Great is the mystery of faith.” The boy knelt. Trevor got the crucifix. “We are not alone.” The boy told. George folded his hands. “God cares about all.” Trevor kissed the image. “The Ghost makes living.” George frowned. He wasn’t sure if he figured, but he wasn’t afraid to die. “Glory be You.” Trevor declared. “Our Father in Heaven.” He made the sign of the cross. George helped him to get up. The land was quiet when Trevor led him around the building. “This might be the chapel.” George shrugged. “This is the left side of the mansion.” The salesman remarked. Trevor touched the crucifix. George reloaded his pistols. The bats shrieked with blood thirst. They came from all over the place. “Damn you!” George hurled the cross. He got to kill them all. Trevor threw the crystal. The zombies got defeated. George smirked. He retrieved the sacred cross. The salesman used it to stamp the bats. The ghouls breathed poison mist. George filled them with silver bullets. They reached the entrance. Trevor got the whip. George reloaded. Then they went inside.

The mansion, Brahms mansion. The 6th. Of December 2098 A.D.

Arachene twirled with the spear. Noriko got down. She released the flames. She reached the exit. Noriko unleashed the bats. She would escape. The door was locked. Noriko screamed. She turned to face them. Arachene would box her in. Noriko released the web before she made lightning strike. Noriko would kill them all. The knight tried to stop her. She absorbed the soul. Noriko threw the axe like a boomerang. Arachene got beheaded. Noriko found the key. She caused other fires. Noriko didn’t care about the souls. The spiderwomen remained in the net. Noriko burned their web. She then slashed with axes. Noriko beheld the bloodshed. This was her birthright. “Corpus Christi!” Noriko fell silent. “May the Lord forgive you of your sins.” Trevor made the sign of the cross. He got the envelope. Where did he come from? Christian was not alone. The bearded man was so big. Noriko inhaled. The soldier got armed with pistols. Trevor approached. He looked grim. “You have unlocked the power of Dominance.” That was no question. Noriko hid her face behind the black hair. “I got so angry.” She told. “Hush.” Christian put away the envelope. “You don’t have to be.” He held her for a while. “Let us go.” The soldier remarked. Noriko agreed. She gave him the key.

The chapel, Brahms mansion. The 6th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The door was open. Christian retrieved the key. They went inside. Trevor made the sign of the cross. This was the chapel. They got spotted. “What is inside the armour?” Noriko asked. Christian didn’t know. He brandished with the chain-whip. The bats went like a swarm. George fired a boom. The axe knights went berserk. They dashed while twirling their weapons. Noriko released the birds. The axe knight staggered. Trevor made a glide. He got up to strike the armour. The holy whip broke the shield. Christian struck both axes before he doused the knight with holy water. He ducked to dodge the axe. Trevor stamped with the crucifix. The axe knight crumbled into ashes. Christian doused himself. The bats landed upon his body. The water made them to burn. Christian exhaled. He picked the crystals. That restored him. George kept shooting. The salesman hated the bats. That was only natural. They killed his friend. Noriko absorbed the axe knight soul. Trevor touched the crucifix. He noticed about the transformation. So let it be. Christian knew about the incident in 2035. He looked around. “Preserve us from the wicked One.” The chapel was ruined. Christian made the sign of the cross. The ravage was terrible. The religious artefacts got torn or stabbed. “May he be cast back into the fires and be destroyed.” The holy book was shredded with many savage blows. Trevor knew the undead were to blame. That gave no comfort. The shrouded figures knelt before the altar. How could they remain? Christian knew he got to purify the church. The sculptures of Saints, and even the image of Christ, got beheaded. Trevor didn’t want to translate the words. They were painted with blood. “This isn’t right.” George said. “This is no longer a house of prayer.” Christian knew. He got work to do. The Belmont clan always were great exorcists. Trevor would make them proud. He better tell the adepts. The hour of release was near. Christian frowned. There was something amiss. “Trevor?” Noriko touched his hand. “Is anything the matter?” Trevor couldn’t speak. Then he decided. “Forgive me.” He made a glide. Christian hurled the crystal. That caused another explosion. He gasped, although he also relaxed. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” Trevor made no mistake. They were not humans. “Be careful!” Christian called. “They are the ghouls!” He cracked with the whip. They fed of the dead. The monster reached for him. Trevor fought his repulsion. The figurestenched horrible. Christian stamped with the crucifix. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” The rotten corpsesmight eat them alive. Noriko made lightning strike. The impact made the ghoul to explode. George threw the sacred cross. They fought together. The ghouls got defeated. “The Lord is with you.” Trevoradmired. Then Noriko turned pale like wax. “George!” Christian shouted. “Behind you!” The salesman turned. The ghoul would break his neck. George snarled. He filled the corpse with silver bullets. The body collapsed. “Glory be You.” Trevor worshipped his God. “Our Father in Heaven.” He made the sign of the cross. Noriko absorbed the souls. Christian saw her face. She would have to choose her own way. That was the ecstasy of Darkness. He shuddered. That really had to wait. The ghouls left the tombs. “They are not the true dead.” Trevor brandished with the chain-whip. He got the storm inside. The fireballs left from the tip. Both Christopher and Nathan used the offence to hunt the night. “Curse you bastards!” George dashed to slash with the Gurkha knife. He brandished with the sacred cross. The salesman might throw it in an arch. The item got carved from wood. It wasn’t really Desmond’s property. Though George used it in a similar fashion. “You shall not make me intoa sacrifice.” Noriko declared. She caused flame and thunder. Christian crossed himself. She was already so powerful. “Let it be.” He breathed. Noriko stepped back to release a swarm of bats. The ghouls got torn to shreds. She impaled the one who touched her. He made it to rain with holy water. Then the fight was over. That was a relief. Though Noriko looked disappointed. She absorbed the souls. That had to be. The hunter briefly knelt before the altar. His friends had gathered. “You are the leader.” George told. Noriko touched the crucifix. “I don’t know what to say.” Trevor was glad she kept it. He shook his head. “You don’t have to be afraid.” Christian hung up the whip. “You are not alone.” He held the crucifix in one hand. This was the moment. “There is something I must do.” Christian went for the heart of the chapel. The others watched him. Trevor made a circle before he knelt. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost.” Christian was in the presence of God. “I declare this house is barren.” Noriko pulled back while George muttered. “I beg of You!” Trevor exclaimed. “Let the fires of Heaven burn this den of thieves.” The Son did purify the temple area. “But not as I will, only as You will.” The circle burned bright while Christian performed the Lord’s prayer. It was complete. Trevor had no doubt that He would listen. “ So, this is thy power? Then I shall test thee.” Trevor made the sign of the cross. “Then let it be.” He felt cold. “ So it would be, the rest of the way.” The voice was a mere whisper in his mind. The grim reaper descended from the ceiling. The shroud almost blurred the light. Death held the scythe in both hands. “You cannot be here.” Trevor whispered. The skull head beheld him. “ Wherever Dracula resides, Death is his servant.” The stare fixed on Noriko. “Thou.” The word was a breath. “ Only a virtuous soul might release count Dracula from his prison.” The fallen angel flouted in the air. “ A new master shall come to the castle, to inherit all of Dracula’s powers .” Christian shuddered. He knew it was true.Then the Dark Lord, reborn again, might rise to rule in Chaos. He would not let it happen. “By the oath of the house of Belmont.” Trevor cracked with the chain-whip. “I will not permit you to use her.” He made the sign of the cross. “I shall send you back to his castle.” That was all he could do.

The angel suddenly reacted. George cursed. The grim reaper hurled four sickles. The boy managed to repel. The salesman shook his head. Then he fired. Noriko shrieked. Trevor hurled the cross. The angel descended while throwing sickles. The boy gave him the crystal. George smirked. Death changed colour on impact. Then Trevor got hit. The salesman cursed while the frost cracked. George reloaded the pistol. Trevor had a potion. The soldier relaxed. Then he fired. “Twisted!” The bullets went through the cloak. “Stay back!” Trevor shouted. “I have to fight him alone!” George would help him. He couldn’t do anything. The boy dodged the sickles. He struck with the chain-whip. George roared. The grim reaper changed colour. Then he slashed with the scythe. The salesman pulled his beard. Trevor ducked. George felt cold. He shook it off. The boy got up to throw holy water. The angel blocked the attack. He rose into the air. Trevor repelled the sickles before throwing the cross. “Watch out!” Noriko had noticed. Death was coming down. He threw four sickles. Trevor doused with holy water. The cape was burning. The grim reaper didn’t care. He slashed with the scythe. The boy got away. The angel kept coming. George muttered. They really got into trouble this time.

The chapel, Brahms mansion. The 6th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The soft hands reached from behind. “You should be more careful.” The fingers brushed through her hair. Noriko shrieked. The others didn’t notice. They got too preoccupied. The grim reaper slashed with the scythe. Trevor blocked with the whip. Noriko closed her eyes. This couldn’t happen. Noriko caused the fires. “Enough.” The knife touched her throat. Noriko swallowed. The grim reaper was hurling sickles. Trevor threw the cross. Death repelled the boomerang. Trevor struck with his whip. Noriko thought he changed colour. But then Death hurled a flurry of sickles. George grunted. The soldier got hit. Trevor made it to rain with holy water. The grim reaper got consumed. He changed colour. Death twirled with the scythe. George managed to break the ice. He threw the sacred cross. The angel exploded. He somehow survived. Trevor dodged the sickles. Then he stamped with the crucifix. He got hurt. Trevor pulled the sickle. He emptied the bottle. Noriko was shaking. The knife was upon her throat. Trevor struck with the whip. “Tell them to lay down their weapons.” The voice cooed. “Corpus Christi!” Trevor got the envelope. Death flouted above. George burned him with the cross. “Tell them.” She demanded. Trevor had noticed. He lay down the Host.

The monster drew blood. “That was much better.” Noriko got captured. “You can’t let it happen.” Laura teased. “If she dies, she won’t fulfil any prophecy.” Christian acknowledged. He gave an absolution. George got healed. That was a relief. Trevor exhaled. He thanked the Lord for His kindness. “Enough of this.” Laura licked her lips and fangs. The blood ran down Noriko’s throat. Christian made the sign of the cross. Laura looked thirsty. Blood stained the whiteness of her robes. “For blood is the life.” She breathed. “I don’t think so.” Trevor said. “Laura.” He recoiled the whip. “You are neither her price nor his bride.” The angel swooped with the scythe outstretched. Christian threw himself sideways. The grim reaper came back while hurling sickles. Trevor threw three homing crosses. The angel changed colour. Laura lost control. She couldn’t order him around. Christian sidestepped another flurry. Death descended to slash him. Trevor got beneath. George reacted. He tried to burn them with the sacred cross. Laura exposed her fangs. Christian brandished with the whip. He got to repel the sickles. “I shall kill her!” Laura declared. The salesman didn’t listen. George hurled a bolder. The angel got thrown againstthe crucifix.That caused another explosion. Trevor dashed to reach him. This had to end. Christian was the hunter. He would make it to stop.There was no time left for afterthought. George advanced. Laura got so confused she actually let go. Trevor threw a wave of holy water. The grim reaper was on fire. He prayed this would be the final hour. “Be gone!” The salesman shouted. “Return to Hell!” Christian crossed himself. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” The portal opened beneath. Trevor struck with the whip. He sealed his fate. The angel got banished from the place. “Leave me alone.” Noriko demanded. “Your filthy cow!” Laura cursed. Noriko threw the axes forward. The vampire vanished among the shadows. “You shall come to suffer.” Laura reappeared to release the bats. Christian doused them with holy water. That burned the swarm. Laura screamed. She got the liquid in her face. He got to protect the ears. The salesman reached the alter. The crucifix hung above. Laura licked her lips. What was he up to? George pulled the spear from the side of the Messiah. “Forgive us.” Trevor reached for the whip. “We don’t know what we do.” George made a grimace. But then he impaled Laura through. “No! You cannot kill me!” Laura screamed with her eyes on fire. Christian got concerned about his friend. The salesman remained firm. “Nothing is impossible to God.” George smirked. He threw the sacred cross. The image burned on contact. “The Dark Lord may never be defeated!” Laura bellowed. “All who oppose the prince of Darkness must die!” Such was her conviction. “That rests with the Lord.” Trevor had arrived. He threw the crystal. Laura got afraid. She reached for the locket. It was to late. The flame whip put an end to her misery. Laura shrieked as she burned into oblivion. She would not be released. Laura had become his concubine and bride. Christian still felt sorry for her. She lost everything. “That was impressive.” The salesman leaned upon the alter. “Glory be God’s holy mother.” Trevor bowed. He felt at peace. “Amen.” George made the sign of the cross. The chapel went quiet. Christian was glad it was over. At least for the moment. Noriko slowly approached. She absorbed Laura’s soul. The candles got lit upon the alter. “He has not forgotten.” Trevor smiled. “There is forced in the folded hands.” He relaxed. “He gave what I wished for.” He put the envelope down before the image of the virgin St. Mary. “One thing remains though.” Christian gathered himself. He touched the crucifix. “I must defeat the vampire.” Noriko pulled with her hair. She looked more then a bit interested. “Come.” Trevor would like to know more. That could wait. He cracked with the chain-whip. “Let us return to the hall.” Christian had become the leader. The others would follow. He went to open the door. Trevor inhaled,though the way looked alright.

The mansion, Brahms mansion. The 6th. Of December 2098 A.D.

They returned to the corridor. Arachene had left. That wasn’t the end to their trouble. The ape-skeleton broke through the wall. He threw the barrel. George fired the gun. The object exploded. Noriko made lightning strike. She would take the soul. Christian sighed. He threw it aside. He bent to whip the rats. They came through with the ape-skeleton. Noriko released the bats. “I am invisible.” She licked her lips. Trevor frowned. She would have to learn. This was nothing. Then again, she threw the barrel at the ectoplasm. George made a grimace. He might agree. They really were nasty. That was not the point. The axe knight was alive. He hurled the weapons forward. Christian threw down the vials. The holy flame absorbed the onslaught. Then Noriko released the rats. “You shall not take me.” She snarled before creating a fire. The ectoplasm got burned into oblivion. Christian crossed himself. She created a sort of ectoplasm shield for greater protection. The axes rebounded. Christian doused the armour. The knight roared before he fell apart. “That was nice.” Noriko smirked. She got that dark look about her. “Watch out!” The salesman hurled the grenade. The bats went to settle upon her body. Noriko might handle the rest. She stamped with the crucifix. Trevor got in front. Although she gathered power, it might be dangerous. The ape-skeleton threw a mean right hook. Christian staggered back. The beast reached for the barrel. “That won’t be necessary.” George hurled the explosive. The monster broke into a heap. The salesman stopped to reload. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Trevor doused the spear guard. The knight advanced to stab with the lance. Noriko threw the barrel. The impact gave an edge. Christian twirled with the whip. The spear guard tried to repel. He withdrew to release a wave of deathly energy. Trevor barely survived. “Now it is my turn.” Noriko spread her arms to make lightning strike. She gloated. That was the finalle. The spear guard got shot to pieces.

That was another web. George approached to tear it down. “Permit me.” The girl raised a hand. “This is much better.” The salesman frowned. “I have the power.” The flames lit up from between her fingertips. “Beware of his power.” Trevor made the sign of the cross. “I am.” Noriko’s flame burned along the net. “Observe.” The smirk vanished from her face. Arachene hissed. The blonde monster dropped herself on top. “Leave her alone!” George threw the sacred cross. Arachene threw herself forward to kiss the girl. “Preserve us from the wicked One!” The boy brandished with the whip. The redhead twirled with the lance. “God help us all!”” The salesman announced. Their lips were poison. “Poison kisses!” He got face to face with the brunette sister. “I curse you.” Noriko channelled electricity. The blonde got hurled aside. “This is mine.” Noriko stabbed through the throat. Then it seemed like a shadow passed between them. Noriko exhaled. The brunette trusted with the shield. George grunted. He staggered back. The salesman fired both pistols into her face. Arachene sighed. She burned before reaching the floor. The salesman gathered himself. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Trevor doused her with holy water. That was enough. The fight was over.

Entrance hall, Brahms mansion. The 6th. Of December 2098 A.D.

They returned to the hall. Noriko was glad they survived. The monsters put up quite a fight. Now it was quiet. Noriko didn’t like that. She didn’t believe it could last. “This have to be a set-up.” George muttered to himself. “That rests with the Lord.” Trevor made the sign of the cross. “I guess.” Noriko shrugged with her tiny shoulders. “Though I didn’t come this way.” She told them about her story. The Belmont frowned. He looked almost frightened. Noriko tried to comfort. She wouldn’t turn to the dark. She liked him. Besides, no one ever heard about a dark queen. Something stirred at the back of her mind. Noriko threw it aside. She got no interest. “What do you intend to do?” The salesman reloaded both weapons. He even found some other grenades. Noriko couldn’t help but to feel impressed. She licked her lips. That was a good question. The mansion felt empty, though she got a bad feeling about it. “We do what me must.” Noriko felt like a trap was closing in about her. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth.” They must feel it too. Trevor touched his whip. “That is alright.” The salesman touched the cross. “But I didn’t mean that.” Noriko pulled through the black hair. She felt at a loss. “She is here.” The boy closed his eyes. “I feel her presence.” Noriko sniffed. That was so typical.

Everything was quiet. Christian sighed. He knew it couldn’t last. Trevor tightened his grip upon the Vampire Killer. He felt like the mansion was waiting. Death might be watching. That fight wastooeasy. Trevor shuddered. He looked at Noriko. She knew. Christian was certain. Laura cut them short. The bride almost killed her. Trevor was glad they released her from the curse. He sighed. There were other inhabited graves. They defeated the undead, though only for a while. “Hit the deck!” George told. He fired a boom. The woman screamed. Her body fell on the floor. Christian brandished with the whip. He burned the bats. The sword lord slashed his huge blade. Noriko conjured the spectral shield. She saved his life. The girl released her feathers. Laura’s sister leaped above. Trevor made a glide. He got up to strike the third sister. The blonde slashed with her claws. Christian sidestepped. The high kick might knock his head clean off his shoulders. The sword lord advanced. Trevor made a back-flip. The living armour got the sword at the ready. He presented the crucifix. The flames burned the armour lord. Christian then threw himself sideways. He doused the bats with holy water. Laura tried to punch him. Trevor flailed with the chain-whip. She screamed. The sword lord kept striking. Laura closed and opened with her fingers. Christian gave him the crystal. The sword lord slid. Laura delivered another high kick. Trevor got back. He hurled a vial of holy water. The blonde was burning. Christian whipped the candles. He needed the crystals. The sword lord suddenly dashed forward. He hid behind the shield. Trevor made the sign of the cross. The living armour still got the sword held high. Christian exhaled. He committed into the hands of the Lord. “The heart of fire.” Trevor threw a wave of holy water. The sword lord got burned up from the inside. Laura hurled herself through the air. She would drink his blood. Christian unsheathed the short-sword. He threw the rebound stone. The living armour got defeated. Christian had no time to collect the crystals. He managed to impale the vampire, though he missed the heart. Laura got free. Trevor looked for the others. The brides and sword lords pushed them back. “They can’t help you now.” Laura taunted. “There is only you and me.” Christian made no statement. “Come.” She spread her arms. “Let me embrace you.” The white funeral sark couldn’t hide the voluptuous round limbs and ruddiness. “Let me hold you.” Laura reached out from the outfit. “Let me bend down to you.” Her eyes were pale as moonlight. “Let me love you.” The breath quickened, heaving her breasts. He felt a deathly fear close around the heart. She came to take him. Trevor threw the cross. The impact sent her flying. He retrieved the weapon. Christian didn’t waste time. He made a glide. Laura got beheaded. Trevor pierced the heart. A look of relief went across the face before she crumbled. “Rest in peace.” He made the sign of the cross. Christian then went to find his friends. George stabbed with the lance. The salesman kept it for a weapon. That might be inspired. Trevor threw the cross. The sword lord got struck between the shoulders. George fired. The silver pierced the heart. Christian hurled a wave of holy water. The living armour got frozen into place. Then he crumbled. Noriko absorbed the souls. Laura slashed across her face. George snarled. He pined the bride. Laura morphed into mist. She then suddenly reappeared to deliver the high kick. The impact sent the salesman sprawling. Trevor picked the crystals. Then he doused her with holy water. Laura shrieked. Noriko shot her to pieces. The bats made her to burn. Christian watched while she obtained the soul. She got, what he called, the dark ecstatic look upon her face when that happened. Trevor touched the crucifix. He worried about her. Christian prayed she wouldn’t be consumed. “George!” Noriko ran through the hall. They forgot about the third sister. Laura’s robes got stained with blood. She got wounded. That wasn’t enough. George struggled to keep her away. Trevor shuddered. He thought of Samuel. History wouldn’t repeat itself. The salesman emptied his pistols. Laura seemed to reach out from the white clothing. Christian gathered. Noriko stabbed her from behind. She got Soma’s knife. Laura groaned. Noriko bit into her neck. George got time to reload. “No.” Trevor got to make it stop. “This isn’t the way.” Laura turned to look him in the face. Christian wasn’t sure, though he thought she begged for mercy. He put away his weapons. “May the Lord forgive you of your sins.” Trevor put the Host into her mouth. “Rest in peace.” He said. “The Lord is with you.” Christian made the sign of the cross. Laura didn’t scream. Nor did she explode. Laura sighed with relief before she crumbled. They beheld him. Trevor shook his head. He retrieved the envelope. “You should leave the mansion.” Christian said. “Then you might be safe.” They kept looking. Christian sighed. He knew they wouldn’t like it. “You intend to fight that vampire.” George remarked. “I do.” Trevor recoiled the chain-whip. “I swore an oath to hunt.” Noriko folded her arms. “And what if Death is with her?” Christian made the sign of the cross. “Then so be it.” He said, although Trevor was afraid. “This is our fight.” He explained. “She will be waiting for me.” George shrugged. He realized. “Come on.” The salesman said. “This is his department.” Then George smirked. “Good luck.” Christian felt warm inside. He would need it. They shook hands. “I should come with you.” Noriko stood her ground. “She kidnapped me.” Trevor shook his head. “I know what you think.” He said. “But this is something I have to do.” Christian was determined. “Then I wait for you.” Noriko blushed. She got to stand on tiptoe to kiss his cheek. The fangs got exposed. Trevor didn’t worry. He had a quick embrace. “I shall return.” Christian promised. He released her. It would soon be dawn. They would be safe. Trevor went for the staircase. He didn’t look back. He heard how the door got open. The drift sent chills through the hall. That felt like an omen.

Balesco marshland, Warakiya. The 6th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The weather was still cold. George put up their camp within the grove. From here, they got a nice view of the countryside. The meat was ready. George prepared the meal, although he’d tasted the rabbitto might be certain. It would be a bitter jest, to have survived the nightmare, only to become poisoned. They ate from pointed branches. George brought no plates along. There was so much he was forced to leave behind. Trevor’s god rewarded him. George found enough money to reopen the store. He beheld the girl. George decided it was time to break the subject. “You love him.” He made it no question. Noriko hung her head. The long black hair concealed her features. “I don’t know.” She said. “He is so hard to figure.” She made a grimace. “Beside, I am no virgin.” George muttered. He knew that some children worked at the market. The salesman never felt comfortable about it. “What happened?” George asked. Noriko pulled back her hair. “It was the circle of blood.” George put fresh wood on the fire. They got to keep it burning. The snow was falling. “I live on the street.” Noriko told. “I have to survive.” The salesman spat into the fire. No one should have to live like that. He hoped that Trevor would return. George wished to get away from here. This place was cursed.

Balesco marshland, Warakiya. The 6th. Of December 2098 A.D.

This was the silence before dawn. Noriko held her arms huddled about herself. It was snowing, though not very heavy. “Is there anything I can do?” George put a massive hand upon her shoulder. Noriko whimpered. He might crush her in one stroke. Then she blinked. Why should she be afraid? “You are such a lovely couple.”” The snow cracked beneath soft feet. “Do you not want me to join.” Noriko leached out. “Rabeh!” She shrieked. Her fangs lit up the dark features. The black girl still wore that trench coat and leather boots as in Tokyo. “My pretty little thing.” The wind touched and threw the dark hair behind the vampire features. “Come to me.” She reached an arm. The fireball exploded on impact. “Murderer!”” She didn’t burn him. Though the impact sent George into the trunk. He fell down,limp like a doll, though bleeding from a gash in the scalp. “You are going to pay.” Noriko said. She made lightning strike. Rabeh flashed a jewel, a pale topaz stone. That absorbed her energy. “Power isn’t everything.” The vampire threw another fireball. “knowledge might also be a weapon.” Noriko threw herself aside. Rabeh might block her magic. Not all of it. She struck the axe down. “Fool!” Rabeh got consumed by the outburst. Noriko sighed. She absorbed the soul.

Top floor, Brahms mansion. The 6th. of December .D.

This was the top of the house. Christian looked out the window. He crossed himself. Trevor cracked with the whip. He went down the hall. He knocked the candles. The gems were important. The door was unlocked. “Let it be.” Christian reached the pinnacle. The chamber was luxurious. The heavy curtains blocked the sunlight. The rich grey and black must be worth a fortune. Trevor went for the bed. There was the raven again. The tall black candles were the only source of light. The chandeliers were made of solid gold. Christian touched the crucifix. They might earn a great sum if sold at the market. The fire roared up the chimney. Trevor felt the shift in power. “You came.” Victoria coached on the bed. “I knew you would.” She tied the hair into twin braids. They framed her features. “Sit by me.” She was attractive. “I have been waiting for you.” The huge oval eyes shone like the moon. The Kimono couldn’t hide her shapeliness. Victoria was only 12 or 13 years old,though she was a Geisha. Christian noticed she wore a single raven tattoo upon the left shoulder. “It is you.” Victoria hid her gaze beneath the long silky eyelashes. “That I am.” The lips got a reddish colour. Trevor shook his head. Why should he think of rosesand kisses in the moonlight? She was exquisite. Christian recoiled the whip. “This is the hour.” He told. “I have come to set you free.” Her eyes opened wide. “So, it is.” She was adorable. “I do what I must.” The voice retained that crispy sound of a water glass played by a cunning hand. Trevor reached for the crucifix. “You are a spear in the side of He who died for us.” He declared. Such was his conviction. “I served the cross long before you were born.” Shetried to confuse him. “For God loved us so much He gave the freedom of choice.” Christian would fight the righteous battle. “The Lord has forgiven all.” Trevor felt pity with her. “Let go ofYour lust.” She left the bed. “You can’t change anything.” The smile never left her features. “Lord Dracula shall conquer.” She made an invitation. “Let us rest together.” She touched his cheek. “Blood is the life.” Christian got away. “May He make mercy upon your soul.” Victoria blew a kiss. “There are no such things as good or evil.” Sheclaimed. “There is only power. And those too weak to reap it.” He cracked with thewhip. She let the hand drop. “I might give you everything.” She acted so sweet. “I know what men desire.” Then she let down her guise. “Though you have chosen the way of pain!” She was one of the undead. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost!” Trevor unsheathed the short-sword. Victoria folded her hands. Her eyes burned with an unclean fire. “Belmont scum.” She hissed. “Did you think I would surrender?” Christian didn’t answer. “Lord Dracula bestowed upon me with power.” Victoria sat on the floor. “Let me show you.” Trevor made the sign of the cross. The crimson shield protected her body. The ugly black smoke made manifest. Her eyes remained wide open, though with an empty stare. Victoria kept something between her fingers. Christiangot no time to figure. The smoke had gathered. That was her face, though hidden behind a crimson mask. “I am Vampira!” Only the left eye was open. Trevor struck. He didn’t get through. She laughed by his effort. The sound was distant. The face flouted in the air. Her lips withdrew to reveal the fangs. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Christian twirled with the chain-whip. The left eye sobbed. A tear hit the ground. It rebounded! Trevor made a back-flip. The tear broke in four. They bounced off the floor. He struck them aside. Vampira kept weeping. The tears hit the ground. Christian realized he might whip them before they broke. The face went swooping. Trevor knew she would drink his blood. He threw himself sideways. Vampira returned while sobbing. Christian doused her with holy water. He knew how to vanquish. Simon Belmont, who fought Vampira in 1692, told his descendants. The tears hit the ground. He got soaked. That felt like acid. Trevor rolled aside. The cure curse saved him. Christian only got one sample left. Vampira came for blood. Trevor leaped to hurl the crystal. The rebound stone hit her eye. Vampira blinked. She swooped. Christian dodged the tears. He whipped the mask. Victoria shrieked. He made the sign of the cross. She struck. He got thrown aside. Trevor stamped with the crucifix. She wept bloody tears. He got soaked. Christian remained tall. He struck the drops. Vampira hurt him. The malice chilled his soul. Trevor threw holy water. The eye was burned. Vampira was bleeding. She opened theright eye. Christian licked his lips. Blood trickled from the wound. Trevor looked for the kneeling figure. Victoria began to rot. The stench was horrible. The mask cracked. The glow got brighter. The blood drops steamed. Christian swallowed. He dodged the tears. Trevor threw the cross. He hit the mask. Christian staggered. He almost got boiled in blood. Hehad the last of the cure curse. Vampira returned. Trevor got beneath. The bottle went crashingupon the floor. He hit the tears. Christian was pushed against the wall. Vampira would drink his blood. Trevor made it to rain with holy water. She beheld him. He crossed himself.Christian made a glide. Hewas soaked. The tunic got scorched. Trevor threw it aside. The army jacket might keep him warm. Vampira wept bloody tears. Christian withdrew. The tearsscorched the carpet. She swooped. Trevor got beneath. Vampira turned. Christian hurled the cross. He got a storm inside. The crosses were buried in the mask. She staggered. Trevor exhaled. Vampira went to bite him. Christian threw himself down. She came back. The blood boiled. Trevor cracked a vial. The mask got frozen over. Vampira burst to pieces. The outburst threw him away. Victoria was sent flying through the window. The mansion shook. This was worse then the crypt. Christian fought back up. He must escape. Trevor took the orb. That restored him. Christianwent downstairs. The ceiling collapsed. The tapestries were on fire. Trevor ran. The door was ahead. He had to get through.

Balesco marshland, Warakiya. The 6th. Of December 2098 A.D.

They found him laying in a pile of snow. George hoisted him out. “Is he alright?” Noriko moved about, twisting her hands. The salesman told her to be quiet. He carried him to the fire. Then George packed him into all the blankets he got. Not that it mattered. The entire mansion became like a torch. “Though I think he made it alright.” He shuddered. That great black shadow which seemed to go up in smoke before the building exploded, had been quite ugly. Now he might relax. If only the boy would awake, then all would be fine. “Glory be You.” George made the sign of the cross. “Our Father in Heaven.” Noriko made a grimace. “You sound like him.” Then she lit up. “Though he hasn’t lead astray this far.” The salesman shook his head. “You better talk with him about that.” It was not his business anyway. Trevor stirred in his sleep. They focused about him. Noriko revealed her own symbol. She kept twisting her fingers. Something still disturbed her. George put it aside. He didn’t really know much about her. Not that he cared. She didn’t feel all natural somehow. The salesman frowned. Not that he might put his finger on it. Sometime, she acted like any normal kid he ever knew. It got to be her attitude. She was far to found about her power. He dismissed. Trevor opened his eyes.

Balesco marshland, Warakiya. The 6th. of December .D.

The sun was rising. “The fight is over.” The mansion burned to the ground. “Look!” Noriko exclaimed. The explosion shook the earth. Pieces of the burning structure got thrown everywhere. The other buildings began to burn. “The fire might purify the land.” Trevor touched the crucifix. Noriko felt like dancing. “The ice is back.” George muttered. “It is winter again!” Noriko cheered. The marshland got coated with snow. “Thank the Lord.” Trevor knelt. “The curse is fading.” He relaxed. Noriko laughed. He looked so relieved. She didn’t know he could be. “This is great.” George said. He almost beamed with joy. Noriko danced about. “You really are the vampire hunter!” Shemarvelled. Then she hugged him. Noriko blushed, although he returned the embrace. Trevor felt like a pillar of calm. She began weeping. Noriko didn’t expect to do that. Trevor held her close. “I am sorry.” Noriko told. “This is all my fault.” Graham came for her. “Hush.” Trevor tried to comfort. He didn’t know. “I saw them raise the castle.” Noriko rubbed her eyes. Trevor let go. “Death is Dracula’s servant.” He said. “You don’t have to be sorry.” Trevor made the sign of the cross. Noriko went quiet. That might be as it would. Though Noriko shuddered. he intended to hunt them.

She hid her face. Christian hoped she would be alright. He was unsure if that was the case. Trevor sighed. He got a promise to keep. Christian began to sing. He did it for Samuel, for Rydiger and his sisters, and even for the undead. “What are you doing?” George asked. The music was filled with sorrow and loss. But also with hope. “It is a Lament.” Trevor explained. Noriko kept silent. She looked on him. Noriko then dried her tears. She seemed to understand. “Richter Belmont became an Orthodox priest. He composed the music in 1807.” That was the year he died. Richter passed on his legacy to his half-brother, Morris Baldwin, his cousin, Rachel, who was only a child at the time, and to his sister, Sara Graves. Her husband, Isaac, also was there. “The Lament.” He told. “Was first used in the burial of Iris Vincent.” Richter named it the “Lament for the forgotten souls”.Noriko hid her mouth. George shook his head. “You are a true friend.” Noriko said. She held his hand. Christian let her keep it. He returned the gaze. Then Trevor let go. She looked like a vampire. Noriko pulled her hair down. Christian felt so sorry. The land kept quiet around them. Trevor felt at ease. He noticed about the birds and beasts that occupied the forest. “Thank the Lord.” They had become released.

got released.

The sun upon the snow actually felt to bright. George put on a pair of sun glasses. “Sorry.” He cleared his voice. “I don’t want to interrupt anything.” The salesman knew they might not actually fit him. But who cared? “What is your intentions?” George knew that he meant to go hunting for the undead. Though they might be everywhere. The castle was the great nest. George scratched his hair. Trevor might not be ready for that. The salesman heard what Noriko told. The circle resurrected the abode. “I think it would be best if we disappeared for a while.” Trevor went to retrieve his backpack. “I need some fresh supplies too.” George shrugged. “That is alright.” He began to repack their belongings. “Do you have any suggestions?” Noriko looked up into his face. “I have.” She quenched the fire with snow. “Tell us.” The girl was eager. George smirked. Though he didn’t want to dwell either. “There are several societies about the country.” The salesman pulled up the sun glasses. They kept sliding down. He muttered. They weren’t meant for him. “I have a contact in Jova.” That was a rather big city. “The town isn’t quiet under the sway yet.” He picked on the sacred cross. “How is that possible?” Noriko asked. George smiled. “Because there is a church in town.”

Forest of Jova, Warakiya. The 6th. Of December 2098 A.D.

There was broad daylight outside. That was none of his concern. Gustav Werner, former member of SS Lifeguard, kicked the sides of the black steed. There were more then 30 miles to the nearest mansion. Bodley was ruined. But he might still find those loyal to the memory of lord Dracula. Werner would never betray his order. The count gave the last command. Victoria Brahms revolted against his decree. That was why he left his position. Laura told him about the mistress. He knew her intentions. She would keep the Belmont as her pet. Werner retired to the stables. He learned about the development. The henchman got banished. He then fled from the place. Werner did not intend to return. Her manor got exposed. The Master had left the circle. The sun stripped him of all his supernatural powers. That he accepted. The coffin was far away. He could do nothing about the matter. He got the horse. They gave him to the army as a personal gift. It would be a long journey. Werner would have to be kind to the beast. Without the horse, he would be lost. Werner couldn’t kill it, nor drink the blood. He would have no choice but to carry on.The vampire hunters took everything away from him. So,let it be done. Gustav Werner exposed his fangs. He would have his revenge.

Forest of Aljiba, Warakiya. The 7th. of December .D.

The ravens flapped their dark wings. The black birds fluttered about. Alastor Lupine had achieved control. He was the general now. No one had opposed his succession. The werewolf gathered as many he could. They were so few. The area was too large. The Dark Lord’s followers got scattered all about. They wasted so much time, but at last he was ready to act. Alastor wouldn’t fail. He got a personal reason. The broad daylight might hinder his intention, though there would be nightfall eventually. The castle’s influence might become an asset. Lupine acknowledged. “Go forth.” He said. “And serve lord Dracula.” His hands turned into fists. He wished to know. “Kill them all!” The werewolf snarled. Alastor retained his human form. “But bring me the Belmont.” He would claim vengeance. “Do you understand?” They would obey. He was the general. Lupine knew he was powerful. He would feed upon their flesh. The werewolf might inflict a cursed state. That would be a sweet revenge. Alastor got what he needed. They could not escape. Not this time. The ravens were excited. Lupine howled. He would hunt. This would be a fine capture, for all of them. The werewolf snarled. He wouldn’t share power. Though that was not his decision. Alastor kept howlingat the sky.

The crypt, Brahms mansion. The 6th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The rock cracked and creaked while breaking. “To wake the dead.” The salesman held the hand erect. The seal upon the ancient tomb finally gave way. “Excellent.” They ravaged this place. Though that object was almost impossible to destroy. “Ah, there it is.” The item lay were her sister left it. The ashes revealed the place on which she perished. The building still rumbled with the after shake. The power was great. That was none of his concern. The trader got other interests. “Dead within the halls of castle Dracula.” He noticed that the sarcophagus was removed. “He must rest in the earth of his homeland to regain power.” Instead of the coffin, there was a box, filled with earth. “She might come to live again.” He held it off. “This is of some importance to my business.” The salesman found what he needed. He put the codex into the brief case. He only stopped to dust off. Then he even brushed his own knees. He must at least look the part if he were to get anywhere in the trade. Then again, to collect all the three might earn enough money for him to retire. “The death of millions might be the perfect business opportunity.” He knew what was in the making. That was quite interesting. They would need his services. That was another possibility. There might always be a way.

(A.N: I know this chapter might be a bit long. But that is because I wished to finish this part of the tale. Death had a guest appearance because he is one of the few bosses of CVII: SQ. We shall return. In the meanwhile; have a nice time.)