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By: The Crossman.

Disclaimer: I do not own any part in Castlevania, neither characters nor games. These are trademark of Konami and Nintendo.

Part 2: Legacy of Sorrow.

The year 2099 A.D. The second Civil War began in the United States. When congress men did murder the president. The same year the Orthodox church announced Alexanderina as tsarina of the reunited Russian empire. The world is changed. 100 years have passed since the last resurrection of count Dracula. After the death of Soma Cruz in 2075, war broke out among those who might be the Dark Lord incarnate. The demon castle Dracula did return. The Belmont clan hunts the night. “Who has the right, and the might, to sit in Dracula’s throne?” And all the while, evil creatures stalk the land. It has begun again.

”Hear me Trevor Belmont. What your mother say is true. Dracula is different. He is not like Mathias. Upon his death, prince Vlad came into position of a supernatural power. Sonia is right. The prince of Darkness will live forever.”

Sypha Belnades, 1496 A.D.

”And God’s spirit flouted above the water. Then God said. ”Let it be light.””

Genesis: 1. 2.-3.

Prologue: Black sun.

Temple of light, sacred realm. The 5th. Of January 2099 A.D.

Waterfalls of silver blend with gold as they fell into pure crystal. The seals of power where located around the pond of miracle. The silence was broken by the sound of a silver horn. A pillar of coloured light appeared from each crest. “Honourable members of the council.” The forest five had called for this session. Light knew their peril. “The Dark One is moving.” Earth wavered. She quickly changed from green into brown and back again. “The wheel turns.” Light waited. “The seeds of Hate search for power.” Water flickered. She felt pity with him. He had so often been tainted by malice. “Arien has awake.” Flame and Frost suddenly seemed more solid. “The curse is leaking.” Light flickered. She heard it before. Light was still horrified. “There are no druids.” Wind whispered. “They will take the Arien.” Earth said. “And kill the one who carries it.” Light flickered. “What can we do?” Thunder asked. “The forest is the source of life.” She knew. “Arien has yet to bloom.” Life told. “We will protect them.” Earth stood tall. “Even though that may weaken our temples.” They made up their mind. The angels watched them leave. Light flashed. “They made the right decision.” She said. Nobody answered. They knew the night had fallen.

Village of Doina, Warakiya. The 6th. Of January 2099 A.D.

Heinrich Schneider went along the village square. The Christmas decorations had been removed. The holiday was over. The weather was bad. He glanced at the railway station. Heinrich’s walk ended before the church. Torah Fernandez came down the stair just as the snow flakes began to fall. Rose was settled upon the girl’s left shoulder. ”Hello Belmont.” Torah greeted. Heinrich smiled. ”You liked the service?” He asked. Torah shrugged. ”I’m a Protestant.” She told. ”But the music was fantastic.” Heinrich nodded. ”I’m no Catholic either.” He said. “But I’ve attended church with Alicia.” Heinrich hoped she was alright. ”To worship the Lord is never wrong.” The voice made him turn round. Patrick Oldrey made a grimace. The man-beast came so silent that nobody noticed his approach. Torah gave him a look. ”One day.” She muttered. Heinrich didn’t mind. He looked at the Carpathian Mountains. They loomed high into the horizon. He wondered if his family where up there. Snow fell on his shoulders. Somewhere behind those clouds, the sun was about to set. Heinrich touched the Undead Killer. He held it during the battle with Death. The demon castle Dracula had returned. There where still some people outdoor. Most of them where on their way home. Heinrich pulled together. He’d been searching for her. ”Why did you stay so long?” He asked. Torah put a hand on her pockets. ”I asked the priest about the DSS-cards.” Patrick frowned. ”You shouldn’t have done that.” Heinrich wasn’t that sure. “He has seen so much.” Patrick shook his head. ”As far as I know.” He said. ”Your clan was persecuted for witchcraft.” Heinrich threw it aside. Not that it’d been like that. Sonia Belmont and her son, Trevor, had been told to leave Warakiya after his ancestor’s battle with the Devil. The people had been afraid the Belmont clan would make Transilvania a target for evil. ”Let’s return to the inn.” Torah suggested. ”The tavern should be serving dinner right now.” Heinrich smiled. They’d celebrated Christmas together. However, Heinrich knew it was time to leave. Although he didn’t know why. They soon reached destination. Some of those strange children had returned. Reichardt was there. The ten year old got red hair and black eyes. Even from here, Heinrich felt his power. Deborah and Simon wasn’t that much better. Even dough Torah assured they where harmless, he felt concerned. Deborah, the 12 year old, noticed their arrival. She smiled at him. Red hair fell down to frame her soft heart-shaped face. There where something about Deborah’s chocolate-brown eyes which made Heinrich feel… He didn’t know what. ”Have any of you seen my sister?” Torah asked. Simon shrugged. ”I think the dryad went into the forest.” Torah gave him a look. The boy blushed. Heinrich smiled. Although it didn’t reach his eyes. The 18 year old had reasons to be ashamed. Simon let a hand run through his black hair. To hide his confusion, he began cleaning his glasses. Not that Saria hadn’t tried her tricks on Heinrich too. Patrick told that dryads couldn’t help it. It was in their nature to charm. Heinrich dropped the matter. He got no right to tangle with her. Heinrich just hoped Edward would never hear about it. Even so, There where something about her. Somehow Heinrich was sure she really cared about his cousin. ”Penny went with her.” Reichardt quickly added. Deborah nodded. ”I think Sigmund and Heinz went along.” Heinrich muttered. Then Saria was likely learning them how to use their magic. The children’s abilities where different from that of Torah and the Belmont clan. Heinrich didn’t really knew that much. He tried not to care. ”They shouldn’t be out there.” Torah tried to hide her worry. ”Christmas is over.” Patrick touched his crucifix. Heinrich couldn’t help but shudder. Soon, the forces of evil would awake. Heinrich wondered why Saria was so important. Although both sisters had tried to explain. Arien was still a mystery. Heinrich would have to solve it later. Screams erupted from the graveyard. Shouts of horror rang through the cold air. ”What’s going on?” Heinrich cracked his whip. Smoke raised from a nearby house. ”Homing ball!” Torah cast her spell. The group of skeletons ran from a nearby alley. A second fire was lit. Then another. The sky went black. Heinrich threw the axe. He summoned his bloodline power. The bats got burned to ashes. He retrieved his weapon. Then another pack of bone-men appeared. Patrick fired his shotgun. A zombie fell to the ground. How was it that mere bullets could defeat the undead? There was no time to think further about that. Heinrich whipped the bones into oblivion. ”Meteor wing!” ”Lightning strike!” Reichardt and Deborah fought back to back. ”Harpoon torpedo!” Simon launched a homing missile. Heinrich had no time to look around. He cleared away loose coils of blonde hair before throwing the crystal. The harpy was knocked to pieces. There where still more of them. ”Homing ball!” Torah released her magic. The zombies got frozen over. ”Poison Ivy!” Lucy, another would-be sorceress, came running past. The square was littered with dead bodies. Those who could try to reach the church. There where no time to spare. Heinrich created the flame whip. He threw the dagger forward. He made it split in three. The group of zombies, who tried to circle him in, got cut down. This was the worst part of being a hunter. Patrick charged. He’d retained his man-beast form. Heinrich whipped the bone-men into oblivion. Patrick aimed at the harpy. ”Pepper breath!” Alfred and Penny joined the fight. ”Lightning paw!” Penny made a skeleton to shatter all over the place. Heinrich was forced to retreat. ”Homing ball!” Torah made quick work of the bats. The monsters where hunting prey. ”Lightning blast! Super shocker!” Reichardt, followed closely by Deborah and Simon, covered their retreat. ”Get inside!” Torah shouted. Heinrich held the crystal. The gem exploded. The villagers gathered around the hunters. Those who could, offered assistance. Heinrich wondered how long they could resist. ”Homing ball!” Torah remained upstairs to perform her magic. How would it end? Heinrich stood tall. If he where to die here, then let His will be done. He would not let the people suffer. Heinrich summoned the Lord in his heart. He unsheathed his blade. With fierce determination, Heinrich buried his sword into the ground. He summoned earth. The ground shook. ”Homing ball!” Torah leapt from her viewpoint. Heinrich smiled. He was glad she was there. The battle continued. The monsters couldn’t enter the church. Heinrich struck the enemies. They had to hold their position. That was the only way to protect them. Heinrich made flames to burn.

Gilles De Reis beheld the battle. The French vampire had been chosen to lead. The battle was not going their way. He gave the signal to retreat. Though they would not leave without a price. The knight had found what Death desired. The rest where mere bonus. The undead would feast tonight. He licked his fangs. That would have to wait. They where in the midst of battle. Let the Belmonts and their allies celebrate. They would soon get sorry. Gilles De Reis had his own desires. Slowly, count Dracula’s forces disappeared into the forest.

St. Nicolai’s church, village of Doina. The 6th. Of January 2099 A.D.

Patrick knelt before the alter. He prayed with folded hands. How many had died? How many had been killed by Dracula’s monsters? So much pain. So much suffering. ”Oh Lord.” Patrick asked. ”How many more are to die?” There came no answer. Still, the silent peace gave some comfort. The crucified Jesus looked down at him. Patrick felt warm. His compassion would be without end. Although it was just an image, Patrick was sure he was in the presence of God. He bowed his head. Keeping his crucifix high, Patrick swore to save the children. Dracula’s henchmen abducted the wizardry kids. Patrick whished he knew why. They had to be important somehow. Patrick got up. He wasn’t alone. Reichardt, Deborah and Simon gathered within St. Nicolai’s annex. Patrick got a slight shudder. He wouldn’t fail. Although other villagers where taken, he felt responsible. “Patrick.” The doors where open. Heinrich went inside. “We’re in trouble.” Patrick crossed himself. “What’s wrong?” He asked. The vampire hunter looked grim. “Come on.” Heinrich touched the crucifix. Patrick wasted no time. HE fetched the shotgun from within the weapon’s house. Heinrich shook his head. “Be careful.” He told. “We’ll have to use other weapons.” Patrick nodded. They went outside.

Village of Doina, Warakiya. The 6th. Of January 2099 A.D.

Snow fell from a pitch black sky. The fires had all been extinguished. The torches where the only source of light. Folks had gathered at the church. Heinrich told the truth. There was trouble ahead. ”Because of you!” Abraham Reinholdt shouted. ”They came because of you!” Torah was alone. ”Confess!” Victoria Bremer screamed. ”You’re a witch!” Father Nathan had come out. ”She protected the village.” The priest reminded. ””She used her gifts to save us.” Some men looked ashamed. Then Joseph Vincent stepped in front. ”I say we burn the witch.” Vincent was the antique dealer. Patrick didn’t mind. How could it have come to this? He didn’t know her that much. But Patrick was sure she wasn’t evil. ”I am not a witch.” Torah said. “My family always fought his rule.” Joseph’s answer came in form of a fist. Torah was thrown to the ground. ”Stop it!” Patrick shouted. ”How can you do this? For God’s sake, the monsters took her own sister!” Vincent snarled. ”You’re no better then her!” Victoria called. ”You’re a werewolf. I saw you!” ”Think again.” Heinrich said. ”You know he is a man-wolf.” Patrick helped Torah to stand. ”What’s the difference?” Wolfgang asked. ”Enough.” Nathan beamed with cold fury. ”Look upon yourself.” He said. ””You should be ashamed.” The mob exchanged nervous glances. Heinrich put a hand on Torah’s shoulder. “This is why evil thrive.” The priest told. Torah looked so tired. ”He is out there, now.” Heinrich explained. ”Your lack of prosperity is like a beacon to Dracula.” Patrick smelled their fear and doubt. Heinrich cracked the whip. ”Since the 9th century, my bloodline hunt the night.” Nathan turned his rosary. ”You couldn’t save those who died tonight, Belmont!” Reinholdt scolded. ”They are with the Lord.” The priest smelled determined. ”Have faith.” Father Nathan made the sign of the cross. The mob withdrew. ”I will fight the undead.” Heinrich declared. ”I will not stop, until they are really dead.” “How do we know you’ll keep your promise?!” Joseph asked. “I bet you only try to escape!” Victoria added. The others muttered their agreement. Then Deborah tore her dress open. “Burn me then!” She shouted. Heinrich tried to pull her back. Patrick was too stunned to react. Deborah shook him off. “I‘ll be your hostage.” She said. The group didn’t react. Then Hugo Berrymore approached. He was the village solicitor. “I trust you.” He said. “I don’t know you. But I met your cousin.” He bowed. “I will wait.” The old man told. “I wait for three days.” He looked around. “I hope and pray the Lord will be with you.” Patrick tried to catch his scent. There where to many people. Heinrich nodded. Patrick didn’t like it. They had no choice. He’d promised to save the children. But what about the three he left? ”They will stay in the church.” Father Nathan assured. Nobody seemed to listen. The villagers split. They went home in groups. Patrick could understand that. Nobody wished to be alone this night. The priest sighed. “You have no choice but to fight.” He said. “They do not trust you.” Patrick growled. He already knew as much. Heinrich made the sign of the cross. “I shall hunt the night.” He said. “I will save their souls. If He so wish.” Patrick also got work to do. “Don’t worry.” He told Deborah. “We’ll be back in no time.” Torah removed her hat. Rose flew from within. “Just be safe.” She said. Simon shrugged. ”Don’t worry.” He repeated. Then he got serious. ”We know how to take care of ourselves.” Somehow that wasn’t very reassuring. Patrick hoped this wouldn’t turn out as another mistake. Only God knew. Patrick had a bad feeling about this.

“The tower and the cross”, village of Doina. The 6th. Of January 2099 A.D.

Torah went through her gifts. Someday, she hoped to come back to fetch them. Torah picked the bag. The men also went to pack. Torah put the ring smash on her belt. She put Saria’s gift in a pocket. Torah smiled. The ocarina once belonged to their mother. She gathered. ”You remembered Edward’s cards?” Rose, who sat on a bedpost, asked. ”I wouldn’t forget.” She promised. ”Give them to Julius or Christian.” Those where his parting words. Torah put on her fur-coated poncho and cap. It was time to leave. Rose left her bedpost. Then Torah went to find her friends. ”Saria.” Torah whispered. ”Wherever you are. I will find you.” She reached for her cross. ”I will find you, because you are my sister.” Rose settled upon her cap. Torah soon found their room. She entered without knocking. ”Are you ready?” Torah asked. Heinrich nodded. Torah smiled. ”I think I know where to go.” Torah told what she and Alicia discovered. Patrick frowned. They exchanged glances. Torah crossed her arms. ”We’ll find their track.” Heinrich said. ”Sorry Torah, but it’s the best way.” Torah stamped her foot. She was no child. But Heinrich was the leader. “I know.” He said. “We have to stay together.” The man-beast shrugged. “He is right.” Rose whispered in her air. Torah knew.

Dora wood, Warakiya. The 23d. Of December 2098 A.D.

The boy stepped forward. His shoes got stuck in the snow. The sun shone from the cloudless blue sky. The missionary awaited the approach. ”You asked for me to come here.” The man spoke. The boy smiled. He was so adorable. The wind touched the blue locks. ”I did so.” His eyes sparkled. Like as if he had discovered the world for the first time. The boy expressed nothing but innocence or silent happiness. “There is something I desire.” He had enough of this. They both knew. “Then what is my reward?” The child asked. “I know what you wish.” The missionary said in a low voice. The boy smiled no longer. “Who has the right, and the might, to sit in his seat?” The boy lit up. “Do you have it?” He cut through. His rival reached within his coat. “If this is what you wish.” He said. “Though it cost me a king’s ransom.” Pain stained his features. “In gold. In blood. And in life.” He revealed the necklace. The missionary recognised the triangular pendant. “The crest of Hate.” He breathed. The boy let him have it. “And my reward?” The boy looked suddenly more meagre. A hunger where in his eyes. “Have him.” The missionary cared not. He vanished into mist.

He watched the missionary disappear. His face became a grimace. This was no truce. He gave up the crest for a greater price. He laughed. That was such a joke. There was only one prince of Darkness. Only one could wield that power. His goal was ultimate dominance. He watched the servant, and the possibility, which no mere victim could provide. He would gain it all. Then no one would oppose his right. The wolf form should have been proof enough of his mastery. He would show them. He would show them all.

Enchanted forest, England. The 6th. Of January 2099 A.D.

Edward Morris unsheathed his sword. ”Come on.” He muttered. ”I’m not afraid.” The dead soldiers brandished their knives. The scent of rotting flesh filled the air. Thomas Lecarde fired his shotgun. The soldier got reduced to ashes. Edward made the sign of the cross. Then he doused them with holy water. Thomas buried his trident into the heart of a zombie soldier. Edward Got Hugh Baldwin’s sword. He ripped out the Bowie knife. Quincey Morris plunged it into Dracula’s heart in 1897. Edward went into hand to hand combat. The heart and throat. That where their only weakness. The dead soldiers had been resurrected from the graves of the first great war. Edward felt cold. Germain had been right to send them here. He pulled his weapon from the zombie’s chest. The corpse collapsed and burned. That was the last of their enemies. Edward drew sweat of his brow. Thomas was busy cleaning his weapon. Edward made a grimace. He was unsure if he really should use that. The army coat belonged to their undead enemies. Edward used the snow instead. The crows lifted from the branches of a nearby tree. He used the stopwatch. The birds got stopped in place. Thomas fired his pistol. The crows where dead. “I hate them.” Thomas growled. He then spat on the ground. “Those dirty ghouls will tell the enemy about us.” Edward frowned. He still wondered who that might be. He scratched his beard. The Saint brought them here just before Christmas. They found refuge within an abandoned farm. The hunt began after the holiday. “I hope we got all this time.” Thomas cut short his line of thought. Edward shrugged. He’d been a fool. He should’ve known already that the birds belonged to the enemy. That had to be why the dead always tracked them. “I hope so.” Edward said. Thomas nodded. He still kept the firearm handy. His eyes searched the sky. The sun was about to set. Nightfall was coming. Edward re-sheathed the knife. His boots got stuck in the snow. He muttered by pulling free. The snow was another source of trouble. Their footprints might alarm the undead. He thought of the DSS-cards. Edward was glad he gave them away. Thus he might not be tempted to use them. The warlocks would’ve felt it. The sky remained clear. Thomas finally put his shotgun away. Edward began to climb the hillside. Thomas kept growling about the snow. Edward didn’t listen. They reached the hilltop. Thomas stopped muttering. They got their first view of the woodland. Edward looked beyond the forest. Then he lowered his head while removing his hat. He knew that castle. John Morris described it in his journal. He exhaled before he put the hat back on top. Thomas was gone. He turned around. The hill was shaped like a sort of white powdered bowl. There stood a single stone. Shapeless and yet significance. Like a landmark, a marking stone, or more like a guardian finger. “I don’t like it.” Thomas muttered. Edward shuddered. He felt like a trap was closing in around them. Edward was sure he knew this thing. “Yes. It is real.” Germain’s voice was no more then a whisper. “It is from Castlevania.” Edward turned round. The poltergeist king arrived. “I must tell you.” Edward nodded. Thomas shrugged. He didn’t care. Edward knew the time had come to tell the truth. ”Let’s sit.” Germain said. Edward sighed. Thomas reached into his backpack.

Thomas was sure not to sit on that accursed stone. He put down the blanket. They got taken from that abandoned farmhouse. St. Germain began to speak. “Richter Belmont aided by Maria Renard and Adrian Fearheights, defeated count Dracula in 1797.” The Saint looked sad. “He was the last true Belmont in line.” Thomas bit his lip. “Though the bloodline lived on.” Germain told. “The family had branched off to several other provinces of Walachia.” Thomas knew. He’d spoken with Julius and Christian Belmont. “The heirlooms where left in the hands of their family elders.” Thomas turned the trident between his fingers. “This would take years in the making.” Germain explained. “That was why others had to challenge the rising in 1810.” Edward tugged his beard. Thomas wondered how Shanoah’s papers came to his family. “The Graves and Baldwin fractions twice went forth to battle.” Thomas nodded. His father liked to tell that story. Edward had showed him the portraits of his ancestors. “Nathan Graves and Hugh Baldwin fought together.” Germain said. “Though it was not before the incident in 1852, that your family realized.” Edward stared at his boots. “The Dark Lord was growing stronger.” Thomas muttered. His ancestor fought together with Reinhardt Schneider and Carrie Fernandez. The saint smiled. “You know what happened in 1897.” Edward made the sign of the cross. Thomas growled. “The prince of Darkness finally left Warakiya in search of new power.” The Saint beheld them with a sharp gaze. “He fooled your family by not raising the creature of Chaos.” They exchanged glances. “The count went to England.” Germain told. “Though he became discovered. Thus, almost by chance, the hunt continued.” Thomas knew of Bram Stoker’s book. “Quincey Morris, Jonathan Harker and some other gentlemen where able to seal his fate before count Dracula could reach the castle.” Thomas smiled. Edward touched his knife. He shrugged. Germain continued. “Drolta Tsuentez raised Elizabeth Bathory within the ruins of castle Dracula. The countess is suspected to have been involved with the outbreak of World War 1.” Edward didn’t look good. Thomas knew how he felt. “The niece of Vlad Tepes knew how to exploit the war.” Germain met Edward’s gaze. “She gathered the souls of those who perished in the war.” Edward looked away. Thomas would’ve punched the Saint if that could help him. “John Morris and Eric Lecarde banished Dracula in 1917. Germain sighed. “They had not the power to banish the souls. That was their defeat.” The Saint looked on his folded hands. “Although they did what they could.” He smiled. “They combined their inherited power to seal the souls in limbo.” Edward hung his head. “Brauner was a greedy man. In 1944 he gathered the souls of the second World War.” Germain grunted. “He wished to take the castle’s power for himself.” Thomas stabbed his weapon into the snow. Stella was his ancestor. “The pictures where destroyed.” Germain still looked into his lap. “The Dark Lord was defeated. The souls where put to rest.” Edward lifted his hands. Thomas never forgot his guilt. “Please listen to me.” Edward pleaded. “John Morris was my ancestor. He tried to do the right thing. Eric did as he told.” The Saint got up. “Thomas has nothing to do with this.” Edward continued. “Send him back to Warakiya. My cousin needs his help.” Thomas would have none of it. Edward didn’t have to do this. Thomas volunteered to come. He wouldn’t abandon his friend. He would help him. He bit his teeth together. He would continue to help him even from beyond the grave. The Saint shook his head. “I cannot do that.” He looked beyond the forest. “Look.” Germain said. “Someone has rebuilt the castle Proserpina.” Thomas retrieved his weapon. Edward had finally gathered. “This is all my fault.” He muttered. “I’m not going to let him get out.” Thomas tapped his back. “I won’t either.” He said. “We’ll tackle that monster together.” Edward smiled. “The Lord will guide us.” He said. “This’ll be like old times.” Germain still looked ahead. Although he smiled. “Nothing is ever the same.” He reminded. Thomas frowned. He’d heard those words before. “You should know that your allies are in danger.” Germain cut through his thoughts. “Members of the Aulin family have been taken.” Thomas tightened the grip on the trident. “They can’t.” He said. “They’re safe in Russia.” Germain was in pain. “Their plain was taken.” He told. “It happened some five weeks ago. My guest forced it to land. Edward turned his hat between his hands. “What happened?” He asked. “They where brought to this place.” Germain said. “That is all I know.” Thomas changed into his true form. Edward put the hat back on. “We must save them.” The dark-breed would’ve howled his challenge. Edward was back on foot. “Be careful.” Germain said. “Do not underestimate his power.” Thomas blinked. The Saint was gone. He muttered something which Edward wouldn’t like to hear. The Belmont sent him a glance. Thomas changed back into his human form. He shrugged. His friend made the sign of the cross. Thomas picked their items. “Let’s get going.” Edward said. The sun set. Somehow, Thomas knew it would become a long night. That was to his liking. Thomas felt for hunting.

She ran. Anastasia knew they where after her. The forest confused them. That made no difference. They knew she where here. Anastasia fought not to cry. They murdered her family. Her father, her mother and her sisters. Alexander had died to save her. She angrily dried the tears away. The bag felt like a burden. Hounds howled in the distance. She shuddered. That where not real dogs. Anastasia curled into a ball. Why was she so important? She would soon die, of cold or hunger anyhow. She put the hijab into place. She wouldn’t attract the Upiri. “There is another one!” A man was shouting. Anastasia shivered. She reached for the book. She’d promised herself to die fighting. That was the boom of a shotgun. The hound howled. But this time it was in pain. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” She heard the sound of broken glass. They where book men. The hound growled. “Jesus!” Anastasia looked out from behind a tree. The men fought against the winged dogs. The knight reloaded his pistol. “Be your will.” His friend removed his hat. Anastasia gasped. His gem was on fire. This was magic. Alexander had insisted she learned how to use her abilities. They where in trouble. Anastasia had made up her mind. She opened the book.

Enchanted forest, England. The 6th. Of January 2099 A.D.

Edward threw the boomerang. The hound dashed through the air. He at least dodged the acid cloud. Edward prayed the Lord would help him. The cross split in three. The demon dog howled on impact. The boomerangs got stuck in its flesh. Edward pulled back. The blood was poisonous. The hound flapped its wings. Edward slashed. He buried the blade between its ribs. The demon was finally dead. Thomas reloaded his shotgun. Edward pulled out his weapons. The corpse burned. “There is another one!” The dark-breed shouted. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Edward doused it in holy water. The hound growled. “Jesus!” Edward removed his hat. “Be your will.” He held the crystal. The gem was on fire. He hurled three rebounding fireballs. Then other hounds appeared. Thomas fired. His bullets had little effect. Edward smiled. It never reached his eyes. A flurry of pages cut into the enemy. The hound howled. Edward swung his blade. He removed the head. That was Charlotte’s favourite book. That was the Encyclopaedia. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the Holy Ghost!” Edward hurled the axe. A wave of gold axes fell down among the enemy. The hounds got defeated. “Come on!” He called. Someone was weeping. Edward led the way. She hid behind a tree. The short built reminded him of Saria. The girl was no dryad. The hijab covered most of her hair. Thomas frowned. Edward paid no attention. She rubbed her eyes. “Have you come to kill me?” Her lips trembled. She still held the book. “Of course not.” Edward told. He helped her to stand. “I’m Edward Morris.” He explained while tipping his hat. “This is my friend, Thomas Lecarde.” Thomas sniffed the air. Edward shook his head. “She is no enemy.” Thomas put down his trident. Edward touched her crescent symbol. She blushed. They couldn’t wear it. None of them could. That was a symbol of God. The girl dried her tears. She really was brave. “I don’t trust Muslims.” Thomas said. “They where behind the 11th. Of September.” Edward sighed. “That isn’t fair.” Some Lecarde friends had died when the Pentagon got struck. “They where not real Muslims.” Edward put an arm around her shoulders. “You are Aulin?” He asked. She shivered with cold. She still managed to speak. “Yes.” She said. “My name is Anastasia Aulin.” The girl tried a smile. She failed. Edward tugged his beard. “Germain told your family where in trouble.” He smiled. “I’m glad we found you.” His words gave no comfort. Anastasia began to cry. “You are too late.” She said. “My family is dead.” Edward felt his blood turn cold. “I am the last.” He put his arms around her. Anastasia cried against his coat. Edward felt so helpless.

Anastasia got to tell them. “They forced the plane down.” She said. The thought made her shiver. “We could do nothing.” Edward Morris let her go. “The man in black suit came to meet us.” The air-plane was somewhere in the forest. “He gave the passengers to the undead.” Edward looked disgusted. Thomas cursed. “He took the sisters for himself.” The man with beard made a sort of cross gesture. “They brought us to the castle.” The abode loomed in the distance. She didn’t want to look. Anastasia inhaled. “We where held in the basement.” She began shaking. Anastasia almost hated herself. “Then they came.” It all came back to her. Anastasia could remember all which happened. She didn’t want to. The images where so horrid. Edward also got tears on his cheeks. His compassion might carry her through the rest.



Her mother threw herself before her children. Anastasia called for her sister. Irina was dead. The heart was torn from her living body. Isigenia got shot like their father. They had been murdered. They reached for her mother. “Mother!” Alexander fought to get free. The dead held him back. They cried in unison. The Upiri bit into her neck. They dined on her blood. Diana threw up. The devil sliced her throat without mercy. “Curse you!” Her brother wept. “Curse you all to Hell!” The undead hit him. Anastasia knew they where all dead. His crescent blazed. “Help me!” The soldiers let go. He made them wither. The Upiri let go of their pray. Alexander made five pillars of flame to burn from within. “Run!” He shouted. “You have to survive!” She would never leave him. Alexander was only 7 years old. “You’ll burn!” He went for the enemies. He wouldn’t make it. “Go.” He pleaded. “I love you.” Anastasia closed her eyes. Then she ran. She heard him. Alexander was screaming. Tears ran down her cheeks. She still held the bag tight. The dead soldiers arrived. They tried to take her. She used the bag as a battering-ramp. Anastasia stabbed them down. She didn’t wait for others to arrive. Anastasia lost everything. She kept running. Anastasia had to escape from this lair of demons.


End of flashback.

Anastasia rubbed her eyes. She had no strength left. The tears kept running down. She hadn’t cried like this since she was a baby. Anastasia tried to gather. She inhaled. “I ran.” She told. “I ran away as fast I could.” She felt like daggers pierced her. “I left my own brother to die.” Edward tried to comfort. He held her even tighter. Anastasia glared. “Don’t touch me!” She all but cried. He sighed. Edward looked sad. Thomas crossed his arms. “I’m sorry.” He said. “I know how you feel.” Anastasia didn’t believe him. Nobody knew her feelings. “Dracula killed my family.” Anastasia blushed with shame. “I’m sorry. So very sorry.” She didn’t know what to say. “It’s just… “Anastasia couldn’t explain. When he touched her, the image of that hooded man flashed through her mind. ”Night is upon us.” Thomas said. ”We better set a camp.” Edward nodded. The men let her be alone. Anastasia huddled together. She thought of her family. Anastasia missed them so much. She was all alone. Edward lit the fire. Thomas wasn’t far off. She asked God for a sign. Maybe she would dream of it tonight.

Enchanted forest, England. The 6th. Of January 2099 A.D.

Edward was standing guard. They’d lit a fire. That felt nice. The night was cold. Anastasia had to survive. Edward gave her his blankets. He felt pity on her. The wide blouse and baggy trousers where unfit for the winter. Edward shuddered. He buttoned his coat. Thomas gifts came in handy. He gave him the scarf. Edward put on his gloves. That was another Christmas gift. Thomas was asleep. The armour must be freezing. Edward guessed his dark-breed blood offered some solitude. They would reach the castle tomorrow. Edward unsheathed his blade. He got to be ready. He wished they got the Host. That way they could encircle the camp. Then they wouldn’t need a watchman. Edward crossed himself. “Edward.” Anastasia sat up. “You should be resting.” She met his gaze. “They stole the other books.” Edward frowned. “Those which Charlotte used?” Anastasia sighed. “They stole her items.” Edward tugged his beard. “You will retrieve them.” He said. “The Lord will give them back to you.” Anastasia looked doubtful. “The Lord is one.” Edward assured. “He will judge all.” He touched his crucifix. “Don’t be afraid.” He smiled. “Sleep well.” He better have a look around. “I’ll protect you.”

Anastasia watched him go. She’d never met anyone like him. Edward was different from all other men. Anastasia had trust in him. The Belmonts had fought evil for so long. She yawned. Anastasia felt safe when he was around. She blushed. Her mother wouldn’t like it. Anastasia giggled. She felt warm. The fire cracked. The blankets where soft. She closed her eyes. She had prayed for undisturbed sleep. She was haunted by the memories of her family. Anastasia shuddered. She wished she knew what was going to happen.

They came past midnight. Thomas was on guard. The dead moved without sound. He could smell them. The dead soldiers appeared. “Edward!” Thomas called for his friends. His dark-breed power made the weapon blaze with energy. The fire was low. “God with us!” Edward was out of his blankets, sword in hand. Thomas impaled the soldier. He removed the head.

The zombie tried to knife him. Thomas growled. “You can’t stab a man in armour.” He howled his power. The soldier got shot to pieces. “Get down!” The zombies hurled grenades. The impact made havoc of the place. “Curse you!” Thomas pulled out his pistol. He shot them all down. That wasn’t enough. The soldiers fired their own rifles. Anastasia opened her book. The pages broke off the assault. Edward threw the axe. The crows had noticed. Thomas reloaded his shotgun. Then he fired. The birds collapsed in a rain of dark feathers. Edward slashed his blade. He knew how to fight. Then the tree tried to grab him. “What!?” This was madness. Anastasia released her pages. The tree let go. “Watch out!” Edward warned. “That’s a Treant!” What the heck was that? The soldiers threw grenades. Thomas changed into his true form. Anastasia screamed. The tree tried a high kick. The branches went wild. Thomas got aside. The tree might kill him. He shot all the bullets he got left. Treant shivered. Then it kicked him. Thomas ducked. He howled with dark-breed force. He was the chosen of his tribe. Although he hadn’t breached the seal. He dodged the branches. Thomas tried to circle. The tree was faster then it looked. The dead soldiers attacked. Thomas howled his challenged. They got knives. He gave no mercy. Thomas tore them apart. The soldiers tried to keep him down. Thomas threw them aside. The tree reached for him. He picked the trident. The ancient power made it blaze. Thomas buried it deep within the core. Treant screamed. Thomas blocked his ears. The shriek penetrated his body. The tree was on fire. He watched it burn. Thomas changed into his human form. He reloaded the pistol. The dead soldiers had gathered. He fired. Some corpses collapsed. Three where still standing. They jumped on him. The foul stench was more then enough. They stabbed him repeatedly. The sword cut the head off. The Bowie pierced the heart. The zombie let go. He threw a grenade. Edward dodged. “Hi, you!” He called. The enemy turned. Thomas released the sonic howl. The corpse got cut to pieces. Edward cleaned his weapons. “Where is she?” He suddenly asked. Thomas stared. Then he noticed. “She is gone.” He looked about. Thomas didn’t like her. That didn’t mean he want them to take her. “Anastasia is the last of her bloodline.” Edward muttered. “We cannot let her die.” He tugged his beard. Thomas frowned. When was the last time he actually saw her? Anastasia had been there when he fought the tree. Edward really looked concerned. “Charlotte Aulin was considered as the final weapon in the war against Dracula.” Thomas was unsure. The count was dead. He shook it off. “She’s just a kid.” He insisted. “You can’t expect her to challenge evil.” Edward shook his head. “She is special.” Thomas crossed his arms. “She’s too young for you anyway.” For a moment, it seemed he wanted to hit him. Thomas smirked. Edward muttered. “It isn’t like that.” He began to pack his things. “Stella and Loretta.” Thomas blushed. Edward sighed. Then he dropped the subject. Thomas exhaled. He better fetch his own equipment. “We have to find her.” Edward got serious. Thomas shrugged. He could follow her track. The pointed shoes where characteristic. “I hope it doesn’t start snowing.” His friend looked skyward. “Take it easy.” Thomas assured. “I’ll find her for you.” Edward put on his backpack. “Lead the way.” Thomas smirked. “Wasn’t that how it all started?” Edward laughed. Then he unsheathed his weapon. Thomas went in front. He enjoyed his company. Thomas promised he would find the girl.

The Vatican, Italy. The 6th. Of January 2099 A.D.

Mathew went back and forth within his office. The delegation sat behind closed doors. They had promised to reach a settlement. He sat into his chair. Today, Mathew felt the weight of his 109 years. He rubbed his eyes. He felt very tired. Christmas was over. It would begin anew. Mathew exhaled. Sometime the burden grew too heavy. “Father.” Rachel knelt by his seat. “Is anything the matter?” The young woman had remained with him all since she came to his city. “All is well, my daughter.” Mathew assured. Her brother was a priest. She deserved his respect. She smiled. “We must have faith.” He told. “I know.” Rachel touched her crucifix. “I only wished Julius was here.” Mathew lowered his head. He also wished to know more about the family. Some of them where here. Mathew thought of Julius and Trevor Belmont. The cousins left to hunt the night. Isaac sent him a message. Nothing had been heard from him since. “Father.” Rachel got up. She had no weapons. She placed herself in front. The Belmonts had been disturbed by rumours of monsters outside the city. He sent David to investigate. Gustav Schneider entered the room. Paul was with him. “They reached an agreement.” Samuel told. He exhaled. “Let us go.” They followed him out into the corridor.

The pope went through his palace. Night was falling. They felt strong. The order watched his every move. That was important. Soon, it would be time. Not now. It was too early. But soon. What Shanoah had stolen, would once more come into the hands of those which deserved them. He rejoiced. He gloated. He would tell them when, and how. The pope stopped. They had reached destination. The underlings got sent away. The pope knocked. The doors where opened from the inside. The order watched and waited while they entered.

Castlevania, Warakiya. The 9th. Of January 2099 A.D.

Dietrich Orlock knelt on the floor. The ground was made of earth. The same soil which had been put in boxes and shipped to England. This was Dracula’s tomb. Orlock exposed his fangs. Here, he was in the presence of Chaos. His Dark Lord had not been reborn. That was only a matter of time. He made a gesture. The candles got lit with red flame. Orlock was alone. He looked upon the alter. His coffin lay there. It was closed. Orlock felt their approach. Though he did not turn. “Carmilla.” He said. “Shaft.” Orlock greeted. “It has begun.” He smiled. The angel of Death appeared flouting above the alter. “Est ist done.” The grim reaper declared. “She will become.” Orlock felt a dark ecstasy fill his undead heart. “ The order has reclaimed their possessions.” His eyes where on fire. Carmilla inhaled. Only the dark priest remained calm. Orlock raised. The magical vampire clasped his hands together. This was good news. “He will become resurrected.” Carmilla proclaimed. A great shadow seemed to loom above her frail stature. “Not yet.” Death’s voice was a whisper in his mind. “The circle ist nay complete.” Orlock snarled. “So let est be then.” Shaft said. “We shall wait.” Carmilla was eager. “Thee have work to do.” Death said. Orlock knew.

The undead scientist made a final note on his computer. The crimson liquid made it almost impossible to see what where within the tank. The instruments tied to the cylinder told him what he wished to know. Dr. Frankenstein was pleased. This technology was crude. But it worked to their advantage. Victor turned to look on the wraith behind him. “Go.” He said. “Tell the angel of Death that the project is a success.” The cloning technique had worked accordingly. “The Dark Lord will rise.” The wanderer had been present to supervise the final stages of his experiment. He lowered his head. Then he vanished among the shadows. Victor Frankenstein made some further inspections. He wished to be absolutely sure. All possible resources had been put to use for this lone purpose. The alchemy lab was to his disposal. Now it where complete. The scientist began to type his computer. It was time to move on with the next step. The ability to clone a person was an important achievement. It was not enough. He got cart blanch. The Swiss undead finished his memo. The other scientists, those which he hand-picked for this task, were waiting for him.

(A.N: This is the prologue of my second part in my series. I hope you liked it. It foreshadows what is to come. Have a nice time.)

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