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Castlevania: Darkness Never Dies


Part 1: Curse of Blood

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Part 2: Legacy of Sorrow

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Part 1: Curse of Blood.

“Man livesof more than bread.” He answered. “Man live at each word which come from the mouth of God.”

Mathew: 4, 4.

Chapter 4: New Messiah.

Berkeley Ruins, Warakiya. The 16th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The mirror was a perfect medium. Samantha might listen and watch to her heart’s contempt. “So, you think it is over, do you?” She almost purred. “There is neither beginning nor end.” Samantha couldn’t stop playing with her violin. “The circle is almost complete.” She studied the text witch the necromancer left behind. The rite might grant an even greater power. “Yes, my Lord.” She breathed. “I hear your voice.” The voices spoke to her. They made her eyes to sparkle. “Thou arth to kill the Belmont clan.” She longed for his embrace. “My prince.” She felt the ecstasy of Agony. “My groom.” Her spine got bent backward. “My Master!” She screamed. “Let us rest together.” She was at the peak of strength. “Anger, Hate and Agony!” Samantha felt like ripping from inside. “All who appose the prince of Darkness must die.” She laughs amidst the pain and suffering. “Neal you worm’s!” Sorrow should cover the land in another era of the eternal night. “Now that your true master should arrive.” Ecco’s made of Darkness. The vampire fell to her knees. The grim reaper claimed his victims. “Shadow is my only ally.” The Darkside should rule in dismay, forever. “I listen to the voices.” Samantha gasped. “The voices of the night.” The vampire was changing. Samantha laugh in triumph.

Forest of Debias, Warakiya. The 16th.Of December 2098 A.D.

The hair got brushed by the wind. Julius Belmont made the sign of the cross. “So you really are the poltergeist king.” This was incredible. St. Germain threw back the hood. The horn hung across his shoulder. Thomasand the girlshad lit a fire. The wind was cold. The campfire wasn’t the only miracle. The group survived. They managed to escape from the mansion. Julius then fought outside the building. He sighed. The priest kept his promise. Another quest was about to begin. He put that aside. This wasthe resistance. “God with us.” He greeted. The nymphs were armed to the teeth. The dwarves kept close watch. Julius was happy to meet them. He thought they were only a legend. Mathew had told him not to expect anything. Not when in the shadow of castle Dracula. He left it in the hands of God. Julius touched the crucifix. “We must decide what to do.” Germain said. Thomas only shrugged. “That is obvious.” He said. “We must invade the castle.” Tholin, the dwarf, shook his head. “We are too few.” He explained. “It would be suicide.” Julius agreed. “Listen to him.” He said. “If God so wishes, I might challenge Dracula to a dual of the great. But I can’t fight a war against the forces of Hell.” They exchanged glances. “Come with us.” The horn-playing druidsuggested. Julius shook his head. “I cannot.” He said. “I really wish I could.” To live among the elders would make a dream come true. “My family hunts the night.” Germain accepted. “The battle continues.” The horn-playing druid admired. “While we fight, the Belmont clan, and their allies, might put the evil to rest.” Julius made the sign of the cross. That was his destiny. “He is right.” Daniella said. “This is hunter work.” She beheld the rest of the rebels. “Though I think we should help them.” Thomas was frustrated. Anna made him to calm down. “Together we stand.” Marina told. “God bless you.” Julius felt much better. The nayad smiled. She forged a binding to their linage. “You are right.” Tholin remarked. “Blood of the hunter.” The people looked to admire. “So, let it be.” The movement was ready to depart. “Nevermore!” The raven shrieked. “Dracul!” They were under attack. “Save us!” The beast riders charged into the clearing. Julius recognised the vampire. They sleptbeneath the mansion. “Take the Belmont clan!” The Geisha requested. Julius thought they perished. “You heard the whore!” The African devil encouragedthem. “Thehunter’s family mustdie!” That wasn’t important. “Fire in the hall!” The nymphs then spread out for a tighter defence. The arrows got shot into the air. “Sworn to the Dark Lord!” The blue foxes returned the fire. “Kill them!” The undead got excited. “God with us.” Julius made the sign of the cross. He remained tall. The priestgot theStellar sword. He would fight. Though they were too few. The riders refused to retreat. Then he got shot. The arrow pierced his shoulder. Julius gasped. He tried not to care. The priest would not surrender. Even so, the impact made him to stagger. “You leave him alone!” Anna declared. “Look upon me.” The Gypsybegan to dance. “I know you will adore me.” Her gaze sparkled. “You always do.” Julius pulled the arrow. The stream went redder. The hurt made him groan. Never the less, herstunt was spectacular. “I really enjoy this part.” Anna blew them a kiss. She then released the fireballs. The red knights exploded on impact. The fires roared and burned straight up. They pierced the foxes without mercy. The creatures screamed. They called out for lord Dracula to bestow upon them in their final hour. “Preserve us from evil.” Julius got sick by their sac religion. “They speak the truth.”” The Geisha informed. “Get away from there!” The black vampire announced. “Yuko! You might get slaughtered!” She stabbed with the claws. Julius presented the crucifix. The undead morphed into a cat to escape. The priest sighed. They became accursed beings. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” They got forced to split. Anna got ambushed by the dead soldier. “Black witchcraft.” Julius recognised the art of necromancy. “To rise the spirits of the dead.” The vampire got that kind of knowledge. “Do not try to wake the dead.” He recited. “They wander were they do not belong.” That was ancient lore. The priest grabbed for the sword. He kept bleeding, though he made an oath to hunt. Julius would not be stopped. He would fight to the bitter end. The birds might make his wish come true. They sprouted from the branches. “Serve the Dark Lord!” The African demanded. “You are to kill the Belmont clan!” The lizard men had arrived. “Dark ocean world.” Marina then brandished with the whip sword. “Bronze!” Yuko retained her human form. She sat atop the tree. “You have to do it for me!” Her sister exposed her fangs. “You are to do nothing of the sort.” Marina declared while releasing several bursts of water. “Good Lord in Heaven!” The javelin froze. “For great is the mystery of faith.” The spell got shattered about the place. That was great. Julius crossed himself. That was like a burst of an automaton. He had a quick look around. “Blast you bastards!” Ruth and Thomas fought back to back. The blonde hair tumbled down the gold plates. “The Lord is my God, And the Lord is One.” Ruth presented the chandelier symbols. “I shall tear you apart.” Thomas ran out of bullets, though he kept twirling with thespear. His friend channelled the dark-breed energy. Then there was no time. Marina was forced aside. Julius got to challenge the flock of ravens and crows. “God with us.” He opened the book to release the pages. Julius reached for the crucifix. That gave him a fighting chance. “In the name of the Father, the Sun and of the holy Ghost.” These birds belonged to the wizardry word. The priest would fight the righteous battle. The stellar sword shone like a pyre upon the clearing. “Glory be You!” He proclaimed. “For the love greater than death.” The birds got burned to ashes. “His compassion should be without end.” The priest had to collectthe gems. They would be useful. Julius got hurt. This wasn’t quite over yet.

The priest used the laurels for healing purposes. Thomas had no mind. “I kill every last one of you!” He howled. Ruth got her back pressed against his armour. The dark-breed was frustrated about the situation. They should attack the castle. This was a waste of time. “For Warakiya!” The knight came from the resistance. Thomas should have recognized. She refused to move against the castle. They were fools. He would get to the source of the trouble. Thomas didn’t care if he dismissed their trust. He knew what to do. The spear blazed with power. He released the blast of energy. “Die you devils!” He screamed. He threw tripled stakes. They burned on impact. “I am adored.” Anna was the perfect girl. She knew how to entertain an audience. “You are going to like it.” She blew a kiss before releasing the bolt of silver. That pierced the dead soldier. Thomas howled his support. That was the way to treat these people. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Anna spun about while brandishing with both swords. “God with us!” Julius attacked with his arms on fire. The gauntlets charged his abilities. The priest was able to tare the lizard into bits. That was quite impressive. Thomas had to admit. He got time to reload the positron rifle. Now they got to behold.

The axe went through the air. Anna got impressed. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” She fired another bolt. The priest retained his weapon. Neither of them got his abilities. “Fire in the hall!” Thomas repeated her statement as he filled the lot with silver bullets. “Take cover!” Anna reached the nayad. “Dark ocean world.” Marina created a fountain. They lost the movement in the pursuit. That was another source of problems. That had to wait for another time. They might meet again someday, though she couldn’t see it by now. Anna sighed. She did like Julius told. The dancing girl left her troubles in the hands of God. Anna prepared the crossbow. That was something she could do. The bolt of silver pierced the neck of the officer. The bulk merely staggered. The dead man walking slashed with the machete. “Dark water horizon.” Marina hid behind a shield of frozen liquid. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Anna moved in. She used both the swords like a pair of scissors. The head fell upon the snow. The corpse burned. Anna made the sign of the cross. She then turned around to release a circle of fireballs. The red knight got taken by surprise. “Rest in peace.” Julius looked like he was about to cry. She figured. Some of them were living men.

The gem got shattered into pieces. Ruth admired his handywork. “For Warakiya!” She kept repeating the slogan. Thomas sent her an angry stare. “You should come with me.” He said. “You are good in a fight.” He snarled. “I could use you.” Ruth shook her head. “Look around.” She told. “There are greater things than your feud.” The man spat on the ground. “Then that is settled.” He said. “Let us drop the argument.” Ruth exhaled. “Alright.” She threw the axes and knife. That caused quite an impact. The fire burned and illuminated the forest. That didn’t give her the upper hand. The dead kept rising. “Look out!” Marina created a fountain. “Let it be!” Julius brandished with the Stellar sword. He really looked concerned. Ruth figured it out. Some of the knight were human renegades. She was not a killer. Then again, they lost faith in prosperity before the ice came. Ruth presented the chandelier symbol. “The Lord is my God!” She exclaimed. Ruth was among God’s chosen people. She would keep her trust. The lizard man suddenly appeared in front. Ruth made a grimace. He got the sword out and ready for kill. Thomas must have eyes behind his head. He turned around to feed the monster with garlic. That burst on impact. Julius hurled the cross. That was the end.

The priest put down the vial. Marina tightened her grip. “Black water.” What was he up to? Julius created an outburst. The monsters got bathed with holy water. Marina pulled behind. The liquid created a wildfire about the forest. “Come on!” The priest encouraged. “Follow me!” The knights got occupied with the flames. Marina didn’t waste time. She ran to keep up. They had to remain together. Anna danced and twirled to release some fireballs at the stray villains. The wind was picking up. The ravens got burned on sight. Marina recoiled the whip sword. She must continue. “Dark ocean world.” Marina then noticed. Julius left a track of red. He must be hurt. “Stop!” She called. “Stop and rest for a moment!” The group turned to look on her. “What is the matter?” Ruth asked. That was when the vampire hunter decided to collapse. They gathered about him. “The laurels were not enough.” Thomas had a quick inspection with the shoulder. “He nearly bled to death.” Marina bathed the wound with clear fresh water. There was nothing else she could do. “This might clear the filth.” Marina told. “Thus, he might at least not get infected.” Thomas acknowledged. “What can we do?” Ruth requested. “Neither of us got his skills with the laurels.” Marina frowned. That was right.

The sun was above the horizon. Bronze regretted her decision. She hated the resistance. “Dracul.” Bronze was to blame. Barely twelve soldiers survived. Amber and Crystal finished off their wounded Raptor. That was another problem. She only got enough beasts to carry the gear. Yuko finished her work. She had adapted. The Japanese geisha was a warrior. Bronze wished to know her better. That would have to wait. She lost the ring. Bronze could no longer contact her superiors for assistance. Rachel might help. Then again, she was a fool. Bronze might not be the one to remark. But this was different. Rachelcamefrom Turkey. She was ebony, with a mane of dark hair. The lean built made her to stand out in a crowd. Bronze snarled. She carried no uniform. Bronze knew she was a better mistress. She was short, but tight. Bronze refused to let her jealousyto take over. “I do as you said.” Yuko lit up. “We shall go to the town of Aliba.” The Geisha bowed low. Titus gave his salute. They were ready to move. Rachelapproached. “They might take the city.” She said. Bronze licked her lips. That couldn’t be possible. Chrispin led the squad into the forest. “Get in line.” She told. Bronze would not make the same mistake twice. The Belmont clan had to die.

Laruba mansion, Warakiya. The 17th.Of December 2098 A.D.

The snow had begun to fall about the courtyard. Boyar Ludvig Von Bork mounted his horse. Gravial was grey like iron. “The dead rides fast.” His cape got whipped by the wind. The fairy familiar would show the way. His company was ready. Ludvig enjoyed the stay. He hailed with the sword. Lady Malpheffa answered with a raised arm. She then left the window. The boyar gave his signal. Thescouts would keep a close watch. The region was raided by thieves. There wasno information about the vampire hunters. Ludvig Von Bork would felt more secured if he knew what to expect. The boyar blamed the council for thislack of mastery. While they remained at the castle, those who might inherit went their separate way. Ludvig would serve the Dark Lord. Death would assist those who sought to resurrect count Dracula. He had to hasten. Ludvig trusted the lady in the mansion. She held the festival of servants. Ludvig would defend his domain. The weather was getting worse. He had no use for it. The lady Malpheffa might have conjured. It would be cold tonight. They brought his coffin from the crypt. Ludvig Von Bork kept it secret, kept it safe. That was the first rule of being undead. The second was the resource of blood. Ludvig felt the urge. He would take them as sacrifice.

Forest of Debias, Warakiya. The 17th.Of December 2098 A.D.

The hour was past midnight. Julius opened his eyes. He rested on Thomas’s cape. The priest really felt dizzy about the events. “You finally decide to awake?” Anna teased. She roustedthe rabbit. “Thomas used his medicine on you.” Marina explained. Julius got up. “I lit the fire.” Anna said. Julius shook his head. He was unsure about her abilities. Marina gave him some water to drink. He really was thirsty. Julius was amazed he survived. He touched theshoulder. “We purchased from that salesman.” Anna told. Julius moved closer to the fire. He hung the cape upon a tree. The warmth might dry it. “The food will soon be ready.” Anna assured. Julius acknowledged. He inspected the sub-weapons. The crucifix hung around his neck. The dagger rested in his boot. The sword hung over his shoulder. Julius obtained the gauntlets. He touched the laurels. The axe, shuriken and vials of holy water where in place. The dancing girl aimed with the crossbow. “They are back.” Marina really got good eyes.Ruth and Thomas arrived. The fire got reflectedby the armour. He planted the spear. They sat down. The dark-breed glared into the fire. “What is wrong?” Julius asked. “Forget about it.” He muttered. Anna shook her head. “You know it would be suicide.” She said. “There are too many monsters.” Julius looked down. He worried about his brother. “We have no choice.” Ruth sighed. “We must infiltrate the castle. Only then, we might put the Dark Lord to rest.” Thomas growled. “You speak like one of them.” He picked together. That was unfair. Ruth did all she could. “Perhaps it is because of you they find us each time.” Julius got to stop them. “Cut it out.” He said. “The enemy make us to argue. Don’t you see? Dracula’s laugher is all we get in return.” Ruth then touched thechandelier symbol. “Thanks.” She said. “But I don’t need your help.” “Stop it.” The nayad got angry. “This is a waste.” Marina splashed about. “Get a hold.” She demanded. “You act like the Devil possessed you.” She stamped with her little foot. “There are enough people who want to kill us already.” She beheld the group. “We don’t have to do their work.” That settled matters. Julius was grateful. The campfire helped to dry their cloathings. “Marina is right.” Anna silently remarked. “Or do any of you want to surrender?” The suggestion made him to shudder. “I don’t think so.” Julius told. “No thanks.” Ruth was appalled. “That is out of the question.” Thomas shook his head. The dinner was ready. Julius felt replenished. Although it was only the rabbit and some bread. Marina poured the water. They ate in silence. Anna returned the gaze. Julius acknowledged. He got to his feet. “I take the first watch.” Julius told. “I give you four hours. Thomas barely looked up at him. “I take the next round.” He said. Julius bowed. HE unsheathed the blade. They pulled out the blankets before going to sleep. They must be tired after the battle. The fire might give enough warmth. They gathered quite a pile of firewood. Julius hoped it would last for the night. He left the camp. Julius was going round when he noticedthe footsteps. He turned to fight. Julius struck with the sword. The dancing girl blocked hisattempt. “Sorry.” Annare-sheeted the items. The priest crossed his arms. Anna touched the crucifix. “I thought you might come.” Julius didn’t relax. Heretained the watch. “This is about the dark-breed.” Anna explained. “He shall be like a shephard to the nations.” Julius sighed. He felt so tired. “He has been acting weird.” Julius picked together. She didn’t have to mention. His friend got hotter then usual. “You are right.” He said. Julius suddenly felt afraid. He realized what was about to happen. “His destiny begins.” He said. “This might be a dangerous time for him.” Julius touched the crucifix. “Thomas will be tempted with the Darkness.” Anna looked down. She went pale. “Germain warned me.” She whispered. “He told me about the dark-breed.” Julius knew. “He has to choose.” Anna looked mystified. “He is both man-beast and vampire.” The priest explained. “Christian and Torah Fernandez told me about it.” Anna bit her lip. “Relax.” He smiled. “Thomas doesn’t have to become an enemy.” She touched the crucifix. “The life of the Belmont clan does not belong to themselves.” Julius touched her cheek. “If I must die, I hope you will remember me, theway I am.” Anna turned away. What was the matterwith her? “Take care.” Julius told. Anna sighed,though she returned to the camp. Then Thomas decided to reveal himself. “You shouldn’t tell her.” He said. “You heard us?” The dark-breed shrugged. “You would make her to kill me.” He grabbed the spear. “I would never do such a thing.” Julius withdrew. “We are worried about you.” Thomas advanced. “You are a traitor.” He accused. “Like Maxim and Clifford.” He spat on the ground. Julius blushed. That wasn’t the whole truth. “You are sick.” He tried to calm down. “You don’t have to listen to them.” He made the sign of the cross. “You are the chosen one. Edward told me. You make your own decisions.” Thomas growled. He changed into his true form. “Shut up!” He howled. “You don’t know anything!” The spear lit with power. Julius unsheathed theStellar sword. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” He got to retainthe defensive posture. “You won’t get in the way!” Then Thomas charged. That waswhen it began to rain. The dark-breed howled in anger. “Preserve us from the wicked One!” Julius exhaled. The phenomena were spectacular. Never the less, this was getting to far. He couldn’t fight his friend. Julius got to make up his mind about the situation. “Path to Justice.” He declared before making the sign of the cross. “Dark ocean world.” Julius was not alone in the predicament. The others had noticed about the conflict. The girls came to support his position. Thomas howled his frustration. He released several blasts of energy. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost!” Julius forged the angel sword. He was able to deflect the impact. “Rest in peace.” He reached for the crucifix. “The Lord shall be with you.”

The downpour was insignificant. Thomas snarled. “Leave me alone!” His eyes shone like polished gold. “Do not try to stop me!” He howled the challenge. The dark-breed morphed into his true form. Julius created the pyre sword. “That won’t work on me.!” Marina spread her arms to release the fountain. “Do not listen to the voices.” The priest was pleading. “They belong to the dark side.” Thomas threw it aside. He would make his own decisions. Anna gasped. She dodged the garlic. He made it to explode on impact. “You are nothing but the thrash.” Thomas spat. “You won’t stop me.” They told the truth. They were turning against him. “It is not in wain.” Julius stood firm. “The Lord is Juste and righteous.” He made the sign of the cross. “Choose your destiny.” He stated. “And all shall be well.” Thomas snarled. He was who he was. The druid explained it to him. He broke aside. “Get lost!” Thomas revealed his strength. “Good Lord in Heaven!” Julius blocked with gauntlet hands. He got skilled. Thomas considered the situation. “Why are you doing this!?” Ruth asked. He got no cause to answer. They became his enemies. “Alright!” He charged the spear. “If you are a Belmont, you should hunt the night.” Thomas was on the move. He ran into the forest.

The snow got disturbed from beneath the earth. Anna felt chills down her spine. “Good Lord.” She breathed. The poncho couldn’t protect her from this. “The grave is cold and it is lonely.” Ruth licked her lips. “Beside the maggots and moths.” Anna felt disgusted by the notion. That might be a luxury they couldn’t afford. The dead soldier raised from behind a tree. The uniform got reduced to tatters. The rugs barely clanged to the corpse. “Curse of Darkness!” Julius made the sign of the cross. The sword burned like the pyre in the forest. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” The dancing girl unsheathed both her swords. She released the fireballs for cover. Then she rushed among the zombies. “Ruth!” The priest called. “You got to help me!” The other girl brandished with the axe. “We stand together.” Marina made the ice to shatter. “We won’t leave the men to face the night alone.” Anna felt grateful about her. She twirled and tumbled about. This audience would not be adored. So, let it be. Anna would fight the undead. “Black water.” Marina brandished with the whip sword while hurling the series of ice pellets. “Dark water horizon.” The owl settled on her. Anna got to attack the bird. “I am not that type of girl.” The zombie grouped her. Anna vomited while piercing the heart.

The field was a battleground. Ruth threw the dagger forward. “For Warakiya!” She managed to impale the dead soldier. “God with us!” Julius ran to keep up the chase. “Wait for me!” Ruth was about to follow when the owl flew at her face. “Blast you!” She hid behind the chandelier symbol. The bird didn’t leave. Ruth bit together. She had to keep up. “This was what it meant to hunt the night. Ruth hurled the axe. The owl shrieked before it burst into fire. She felt repulsive. The vampire was to blame. They might control the lesser forms of life. Though the knight knew this was necessary, she disliked the butcher’s bill. She shook her mane of blonde hair. Goldilockstook the gem. They got in handy. She only got the mate. The shining eyes revealed the other. Ruth picked together. She leaped to challenge the owl. The nocturnal bird might pick her eyes out, though only for the thrill of it. They were such a murderous ilk. She dismissed about the statement. The owl turned around. Ruth wouldn’t give in. That was a bit dramatic. The symbol burned on impact. The bird must be infected by the castle. That was not important. She joined with the group. “For Warakiya!” Ruth cried. She moved beyond the pine trees. Ruth then stopped. The group got in trouble.

The corpses got burned to ashes. Marina leaned against the tree. “Mother of river.” She was exhausted. The fight almost drained her sources. Marina inhaled. This was not the time. She had to gather. Thomas was out there. He went berserk. That didn’t feel right. The dark-breed might vanish in the forest. They got to find him. She sighed. Marina returned to the camp. She retrieved the items. They had to prepare. Thomas was crazy. They got to stop him. But how could it be done? That was the question. The nayad got no answers. She felt at a loss. “Those who wander in the dark shall see a great light.” Julius tried to regain his composure. “The prophet spoke the words of God.” He made the sign of the cross. “We shall not be abandoned or forgotten.” He smiled. The priest breathed a sigh of relief. Marina picked with the pearl necklace. This was so easy for him. The nayad shuddered. The priest was under a great stress. She should support his efforts. “Are you alright?” Anna touched his cheek. “We brought it upon ourselves.” Julius closed his eyes. “I cannot rest until the night is over.” The priest looked so tired. “He is my friend.” Marina might tell. “This is my fault.” Though she didn’t agree. “Thomas did it to himself.” Ruth was certain. “You have no guilt in that affair.”

Town of Aliba, Warakiya. The 17th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The gate was opened. Baron Ludvig Von Borkhad returned. This was his town. The guards recognised his banner of the crawling maggots. The soldiers gatheredabout the courtyard. The snow kept falling. They were not castle monsters. Ludvig Von Bork was pleased bythe accomplishments. The red knights where all clad in the same arm and uniform. “Hail the count!” They called in one voice. “Sworn to the Dark Lord!” The boyar returned their salute. They would do their duty. Ludvig Von Bork got down from the horse. They lead him aside. The group went to prepare his resting-place. He finished the inspection. “Dismissed.” The baronallowed. The knights scattered. They would attend to their usual activity. Erica Reinbeck and August Chaplin remained behind. Them he baptizedin person. The pair governed the town in his absence. “Leave me.” The boyar requested. “I have work to do.” Chaplin vanished like mist. “Protect the town.” He told the little blonde. “And Erica, no funny business this time.” She saluted. “No, my lord.” He knew she would do something. Erica was that way. That was how he found her. She knelt to kiss his hand. The doors where closed. Ludvig Von Bork dismissed. He morphed into a bat. He would go to sleep in the crypt.

Berkeley ruins, Warakiya. The 17th.Of December 2098 A.D.

The white whirled about. Julius caught his breath. The dark breedled them quite a chase. Hereturned to the ruins of the Berkeley mansion. The priest climbed to the top ofthe tower. The crows got displayed by the moonlight. Thomas was a blaze with anger. The priest disliked the situation. He didn’t want to do this. Anna kept beside. She reloaded the crossbow. The silver bolt might piece the dark breed like a werewolf.Be careful he warned. He is a pureblood. She changed grip upon the weapon. “Who do you want to be?” Julius then asked. “Shut up!” Thomas barked. “No one is going to force me!” Julius thought about the dilemma.

The rage might be influenced by the hour of the beast. Thomas channelled more energy. “God with us.” Julius forged the pyre sword. The homing ball chased and destroyed. “I am Whisp!” Thomas shouted. “I am related to the masters of time.” Julius made the sign of the cross. He chose the most dangerous path. Thomas would retain both species. “You plan to kill me!” Hethrew tripled stakes. Annahurled the fireballs. They exploded. “You little slut!” Thomas howled. He really was furious. Julius got the heart of fire. The sword blazed. He managed to block the attack. Thomas withdrew. He threw garlic into the air. Julius managed to sidestep the explosion. Where did he get them? “Listen!” He tried to reason. “I am not atraitor.” Annadodged the effort. “We are your friends.” She said. Thomas snarled. “Then why do you try to kill me!?” Julius re-sheathed his blade. “I would never do that.” He assured. “I try to save you.” Thomas gotaway.Anna retained the ready position. “He saved your life.” She said. “You will manipulate me!” He shouted. Julius shook his head. “I would never do that.” He repeated. “I will help you to make the right decision. The choice is yours.” Thomas snarled. “Prove it!” He called. “Fight me! Then we shall see if you keep your promise.” Julius felt so tired. He crossed himself. “I will give you everything.” He said. Julius had come to respect and like the hot-headed dark-breed. “I will give my life if you ask for it.” He saved him many times. If Thomas wished, the priest was ready to surrender. Annalicked her lips. “You really are a Belmont.” She whispered. “Fine words.” Thomas said. “We shall findout if they are anything else.” He dashed. The spear was hot with dark-breed power. Julius sighed. He released the energy. Anna began to dance.She really was charming. “If you cannot believe in me, or in he who sent me.” Julius said. “Then believe the deeds.” Thomas threw the garlic into the air. Julius blocked with the rebounding meteor. His friend rushedto face them. Julius went pale. He had to resist.Anna tried to distract him. “You whore!”Thomas howled. He got stamped. Julius would pray for him. Annahad to retrieve to crossbow.The law was firm. His friend kicked him. Julius almost fell from the tower. The sword got knocked from his grasp. “Julius!” Anna shouted. The dark breed threw a stake at her.Anna dodged. She presented the crucifix.That was the dancing girl. Julius used the laurels. Thomas caused other explosions. The ground was shaking. His friends where busy dodging each other. Julius touched the crucifix. He crept over to fetch the blade. “You where like my brother!” He told. Thomas turned. “Iwill never stop to be your friend.” Thomas threw the tripled stakes. He got up. Julius threw the five gold knives. The stakes burned out. Julius made a grimace. Some knives stabbed his friend. “I am so sorry.” He said. Thomas made no answer. He dashed. The arms blazed. Anna made a glide. She stamped with thecrucifix. “Jesus of Nazareth had to die”. Julius crossed himself. “Glory be you, for the love that is greater than death.” Thomas staggered. The priest helped him to stand. The dark-breed punched him. Annabit her lip. The eyes shone like polish gold. He gave her the garlic. The power made it to explode. She got hurled away. Julius managed to get up. “You don’t have to do this!” He pleaded. His friend released with blasts of energy. Julius threw holy water. The vial crashed. Thomas got soaked. He howled while burning. Julius grabbed him by the arm. He used the laurels to restore him. Then he wentfor Anna’s location. Julius was able to heal her. The harpies beheld the spectacle. They landed upon the ruined ceiling. Julius replaced the laurels. The dark breed got up. “You still try to manipulate me.” He snarled. Julius shook his head. “If I ever betrayed our friendship.” He said. “Then you should kill me.” Thomas howled. He released the blasts of energy. Anna got in front. She threw the fireballs. The onslaught exploded. “I left everything to follow you.” She said. “You can’t let me down.” Thomas smirked. “I don’t want you.” He said. “So don’t try to flirt with me.” She went pale. Julius approached. “You know that is wrong.” He said. “She is not that type of girl. Anna is a vampire hunter.” Thomas caused the explosions. They got away. Anna tried to tackle him from the side. He nailed her with stakes. “She saved you from the necromancer.” Julius said. “Then you do this to her?” Thomas tried to stab him. Julius threw himself sideways. He hurled the shuriken. Thomas snarled. Blood stained his armour. “I’m so sorry.” He retained his item. “By the words and commandments of Jesus Christ.” He said. “I mercifully forgive you of your sins. Go in peace.” Thomas dashed. “Throw away your priest garbage!” He screamed. “I don’t want your forgiveness!” Julius struck him. Thomas grunted. “All who are alive, need His forgiveness.” He reached for the laurels. “Let me heal you.” Julius offered. Thomas slashed. “Leave me alone.” Julius sighed. “You still don’t realize.” Annarevealed the crucifix. Julius thought she died. “Slut!” Thomas howled. He threw the spear. She dodged. Julius felt so tired. He never would stop praying for his friend. Thomas kept hurling the onions. They couldn’t escape him forever. The garlic worked like their grenades. They exploded on impact. “You have to choose your path!” Julius pleaded. “I told you to shut up!” The dark-breed growled in frustration. Anna danced.

The wind rushed atop the tower. Thomas snarled. “I have you now.” Julius had no choice. He stamped with the crucifix. The dark-breed howled. The fires hurt him. Thomas would confront him. “Why doesn’t you kill me?” He growled. The priest got the Host. “That rests with the Lord.” He told. “I would never hurt you.” Thomas got consumed by the light. The holy flame forced him aside. Thomas fell off the tower. He felt chills down his spine. “No!” Julius rushed to save him. “Hang on!” He called. “I won’t let you fall!” Thomas grasped his hand. “Wait for me!” Anna shouted. She held his other hand. “Have no fear.” Thomas smirked. He met her gaze. “I just hang around.” He retained human form. Thomas inhaled. They helped each other to save him. Finally, they managed to pick up. “That was close.” Thomas closed his eyes. The dark-breed lay simply breathing for a while. Then he got up. “You saved me.” He didn’t expect that. Not after what he did. Anna smiled. “Of course.” Julius wept sweat of his brow. “That was the right thing to do.” Thomas shrugged. The man was a priest. “I tried to kill you.” He felt ashamed. “The Lord has forgiven all.” He received the Host. “Amen.” Thomas then ate the bread. That made him to feel so much better.

The fight was over. Anna relaxed. “You made your own decision.” Julius told. “No one manipulated you.” Thomas got up. “I guess.” The Gypsy inhaled. They got to leave the ruins. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost.” The priest retrieved the envelope. “Good Lord.” Thomas got restored. “He shall be with us.” Julius used the laurels. “Such a wasted opportunity.” The hoarse voice crouched. “You could become the Master’s purchase.” Anna then tightened her grip. The crows had gathered. They no longer beheld the battle. “Preserve us from the evil One.” Julius crossed himself. The birds morphed into one figure. “The crow witch Malphas.” They recognised on sight. Anna didn’t know about her, though the dancing girl was sure she was evil. “You must stay for dinner.” The crow which appeared through the crack in the floor. They should be more careful. Anna put that aside. It was to late at any rate. She had to prepare for another battle. Anna felt anything but ready. She touched the crucifix. She would dance to entertain the audience. The fire burned within. Anna was unsure what it meant. She then threw it away. “Watch me.” Anna moved. The flame burned even brighter. “You are adorable.” The crow witch Malphas gotintoxicated. That was good.

The feathers flew about. Ruth reached the rooftop. “I want blood!” The demon shrieked. She touched the chandelier symbol. This was madness. Though Ruth heard the legend about this monster. The sisters argued about the right to a boyar’s affection. Malphas became thrown from the tower. She then made a pact with the Devil. The Lord of Darkness granted her eternal life through the birds which fed on her body. Ruth felt disgusted. She would never do such a thing. Gabriel Belmont killed her in 1047. The children survived the witch hunt. Ruth dismissed about the matter. The harpies fled. They were alone again. Julius knelt in prayer. “The Lord is my God.” Ruth kissed the axe. “And the Lord is one.” Ruth sighed. This was nothing but empty bravado. The crow which made her hair to stand on end. The others were determined. Thomas already showed he was willing to die. “Help me.” She felt so little. Julius closed the prayers with the sign of the cross.She felt ashamed with comparison. Never the less, Thomas got brought too his senses. The Lord had decided. They would fight together. “For Warakiya!” Ruth brandished with the axe. She was composed. The hunters really deserved her respect. “God with us!” Julius forged the tempus blade. Then Malphas laughed.

Forest of Debias, Warakiya. The 17th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The sources felt polluted. Marina made a grimace. “Mother of river.” That was disgusting. The nayad inhaled. The tried to cool. Marina would not become a deep one. She cracked with the whip sword. The dead officer tried to slash her withthe machete. She conjured with the liquid shield. Marinathen realised the ice pellets. The owl got defeated. She didn’t feel better. The lizard tried to impale her. He pulled the string back toward the helmet.Marina barley managed to sidestep the arrow. She gave him the javelin in return. She ice pierced between his shoulders. That had no effect. The zombie soldiers gathered about.Marina threw herself down. The snow was so cold. Though not when compared with the grave. She created a fountain. The nayad exhaled.Marina threw a storm of icicles, she then leaped.She ripped the head of the officer. The grenade exploded. Marinalearned to keep her distance. This was not the first group she encountered. The owls where about to settle. The bird got twisted through the use of black magic. Marinareached through the dark water.The dead soldiersapproached.She rolled aside. “Dark ocean world.” Marinacasted the pellets. That granted an edge. Never the less, that was not important. The important was what she would continue to fight.

Town of Aliba, Warakiya. The 17th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The wind blew through the alleyway. Master Oldrey pulled the black cape closer together. He might withstand cold and heat. The ice was more then any living undead had ever endured. James Arthur Oldrey was looking for someone. Someone he got to find. He had become one from the circle of blood. The angel of Death sent him here for a reason. He was to meet with some certain people. Vampire Oldrey hoped he would recognize. The grim reaper was not very clear on what to accomplish. He spoke of the cataclysm. Master Oldrey did not know what that was about. Uriel assured him it would become clear in time. Her daughter was at stake. That was all he would say. Vampire Oldrey only got a sample of her blood, and the means to track his pray. Vampire Oldrey would never stop to chase her. The dark wanderers admired his determination. They got work to do. So did he. His wife and son betrayed him. Mary had escaped through death. Henry had become a church knight. Why would they not share in his paradise? Their descendants kept siding with the humans. That man-beast had no right to meddle in his affair. Master Oldrey heard that Henry married Cornell’s sister. He would meet with the people. Then he would extract his revenge upon the hunters.

Berkeley ruins, Warakiya. The 17th. Of December2098 A.D.

The gust felt so bitter. Julius almost felt chilled to the bones. “God with us.” He threw it aside. There was no time. Crow witch Malphas beheld the dancing girl through narrow slits. She licked her lips. Julius held the Stellar sword above head. The tempus blade granted strength. “Then let it begin.” Ruth brandished with the axe. “In the name of the Lord.” The priest made the sign of the cross. The demon shrieked. She disliked the image. “This should be difficult.” Thomas was ready to fight. The crow witch Malphas should not be the one to conquer. The priest left it in the hands of the Lord. The monster reached for her belt. Julius felt at a loss. She mixed a cocktail. “Die Belmont scum!” The explosions caused a shock wave for shelter. The black crows flew to pick their flesh. “God with us!” Julius produced a vial. He made it to rain with holy water. The group split up. He fetched the crystals. They restored his energy. Thomas impaled the ravens. They left their nest in search of flesh. Julius felt sick by the image. They stanched of decay and corruption. He almost vomited. Ruth kept killing birds. The crow witch Malphas released multiple feathers. She went to play with Anna. Julius didn’t possess the skills of Leon Belmont. He wasn’t even a true descendant. The priest was only blood related. Julius dodged the thunderbolt. The witch was responsible. She might control the phenomena. His name was John Kishine. He renamed after receiving the baptize of the Catholic church. Julius touched the crucifix. The fight wore him down. The demon cast another spell. She made the blue and red crows to fly forward. The Belmont clan described them in the chronicles. Julius made a stance. He threw the rebounding meteor.The flock then got crushed to pieces. Even the crow witch Malphas got hurt. She dropped the cocktail. The impact almost ripped them apart. Julius retained the crystal. He blocked the assault behind the pages. Malphas was furious. The priest replaced his mystic book. That wouldn’t be enough. “Preserve me from the wicked One.” Julius knew he got to keep the faith. The witch healed herself. “Curse you!” Thomas threw the garlic. The crow witch Malphas escaped the impact. She flew out of reach to release the feathers and lightning. The witch didn’t get far enough. Ruth hurled the axes forward. The blood got stained on the rooftop. The birds shrieked. Their beaks were crimson. Julius crossed himself. They fed on her blood. He inhaled. The ravens fought about the pray. “Fire in the hall!” Thomas emptied the positron rifle. “Curse you Belmonts to death and darkness!” The crow witch Malphas made lightning strike. She flapped with her wings to release the feathers. “Good Lord!” Anna got stabbed. The priest used the laurels. “God with us!” He got to fend off the birds. They had to be burned. Julius forged the Alura sword to might challenge the enemies. They would pick him apart. Julius got to carve more ground. He released the pages. The mystic book gave him an upper hand. At least for some time. Though he couldn’t translate the scriptures, they got hidden powers. The crows got cut to pieces. Julius relaxed. The breather couldn’t last. Richter Belmont, who fought Dracula in 1792, got famous for this ability. The priest wonder if this might be his heirloom. The crow witch Malphas got wounded. She nailed him with feathers. Julius bit together. The feathers might inflict another cursed state. He presented the crucifix. The birds flapped about. Julius wished he got chosen by the Vampire Killer. Then he might have utilized with that brandishing technique. The priest was not alone. Thomas reloaded the rifle. The dark-breed pumped Malphas with silver bullets. Anna delivered with several high kicks. “Stay behind!” Ruth impaled the witch upon the daggers. The cocktail cleared the area. Julius blinked. He got back on foot. The priest was grateful to be alive. His friends survived. Julius exhaled. That was a miracle. Then he got to heal them. Thomas managed to escape. He threw the garlic into the air. “I shall make you to suffer!” The demon covered behind the crows. “All who oppose the prince of Darkness must die!” She made the lightning strike. Julius restored the girls. He helped Anna to get up. She got the crossbow. She fired the silver bolt. Ruth ran to encounter the monster. “Do this in remembrance of me.” Julius got the Host. “Take it and eat.” He made the sign of the cross. “This is my body, given for you.” The priest reached for the mystic book. “Your faith is strong.” The crow witch Malphas got confused. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Anna was ready. The fireballs pierced her flesh. The witch then staggered. She flapped with the wings. The lightning struck in a perfect circle. “Let it be!” Julius released the sword storm. The crow witch Malphas gasped by the show of force. The offence pierced her heart. The witch got consumed with fire. The priest got to turn away. The blaze went to bright. Even the crows and ravens got burned to ashes. Julius put down the Stellar sword. The fight was over. Or so it might appear. Julius had no mind. “Glory be You.” He knelt in prayer. “Our Father in Heaven.” Julius felt so grateful. He would praise the Lord. The priest got interrupted. Ruth was screaming. What was going on? Then he noticed. The crow witch Malphas was still alive.How was that possible!? Julius shook it aside. That wasn’t important right about now. The demon flickered in place. She suddenly appeared like some African schoolgirl. Julius felt confused. What was happening to her? The young girl licked her lips. The illustrioustongue swept about the white teeth and red mouth. She raised a hand to replace the glasses. That reminded him of Alicia Schneider. The priest dismissed. This was the power of the night. The crow witch Malphas regained her full devious splendour. She lifted both arms to make the lightning strike. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” Julius unsheathed the sword. The pyre illuminated the tower. Malphas threw a cocktail. The impact created shock waves. The priest then staggered. Julius inhaled. He got to remain focused.

The feathers felt like stabbing weapons. Thomas howled. The crows went to pick his flesh. “Crow witch Malphas!” Julius shouted. “You are the bride of Lucifer!” The witch laughed with acracking voice. The black hair framed the face. She looked so human in contrast. The eyes where stone black without pity. “Do you think I look like a concubine!?” She cried while releasing black birds. She spread her wings to expose her body. Thomas felt no attraction. Though the outfit revealed her shapeliness, she couldn’t conceal the claws. He growled. She really looked smooth. Thomas snarled. This brought them nowhere. Julius approached. He doused the birds with holy water. The crow witch Malphas released other feathers. He managed to escape. The witch kept her properties upon the belt. She mixed a cocktail. Thomas expected she would hurl it away. That didn’t happen. Malphas soaked the birds. The smoke cleared. The red and blue crows attacked. They went faster than any normal bird. Thomas shot them away. They picked on him. The dark-breed stamped with the crucifix. The witch mixed another potion. She cracked it between her fingers. The lightning struck. Julius threwthe shuriken. The star got buried in her neck. Malphas then shrieked in agony.

The witch burned to ashes. “We made it!” Anna beamed. Thomas laughed. That we did.” He said. “The evil witch is dead.” Julius didn’t share in their celebration. He still watched the night sky. The feathers turned into gems. Anna claimed before they might disappear. “The harpies have returned!” Julius shouted. She almost forgot about them. The Greek creatures watched the fight. The sisters attacked. They picked Ruth of the ground. She smashed with the axe. They let her escape. Thomas reloaded his shotgun. This time it was with plain ammunition. The harpy got wounded anyhow. “Thank You Lord!” Julius crossed himself. The priestkeptthrowing the daggers about. “We better get away from here!” Anna suggested. Thomas fired the round. He then stopped to reload the rifle. Julius was ahead. He challenged the harpies. “Bloody sluts.” The dark-breedhung up his weapon. Anna got the swords. She prepared the crossbow. They were atop the trees when she noticed. There was another conflict. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Marina got in trouble. This was their fault. They never should have left her behind. “God with us!” Julius hurled the homing ball. The harpies scattered. Anna released the silver bolt. She and Ruth then fought back-to-back.

Forest of Debias, Warakiya. The 17th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The dead soldiers got joined by the beast riders. Ruthcame to the rescue. The owls attacked. She made a grimace. Ruthstruck through the chest of the dead soldier. The dead officer threw the grenade into the air. She dodged. Julius arrived. He doused the corpse with holy water. Ruth went for their location. She knew that sound. Ruth dropped herself to the ground. The arrows got above. She threw the dagger. The fox-archer got nailed. He was a red knight. Thomas shot the harpies. Ruth shuddered. They tried to take her. Julius joined the hunt. The fox-archers fired. Ruth covered the assault. She hurled the axes. The red knights got defeated. Ruth touched the litchandelier symbol. The enchantress arrived. Annaturned and twisted. The Arabian vampire got wounded. Ruth struck with the axe. She removed the head. Ruth made a back-flip. Shebarely dodged the fountain of blood. Julius was there to impaled the undead. She collapsed into a heap. The dead soldiers fired their weapons. “Black water.” Marinafired a round of rapid ice bullets. The men chased the beast riders. Ruth threw daggers at the corpses. The dead soldiers burned on impact. Anna threwthe fireballs. The harpies shrieked. Ruth met the birds. The owls got some stamina. Ruth still managed to defeat the lot.

Theirreunion got cut short. Marina inhaled. They wastedtoo much time. Julius led the way. The resistance explained about the country. The mountains towered above. She thought they fenced themin. The forest would continue on the other side of the ridge. Julius told his story. They got to cross the MortviaRiver. Marina would try to reach above the village of Ondol. The channels met. The northern arm went down from the Carphatians. The eastern river had its source somewhere up at the Trista’s pass. They might try to reach the bridge of Acarttha. That would be a later decision. Marina was told that the safest path would be through the town of Aliba. They should enterbefore dawn. The village was controlled by the Dark Lord. They agreed to enter like a band of renegades. The plan worked at the inn. Marina was unsure if it might work a second time. She shrugged. Faith was their department. She smiled. Marina recoiled the whip sword. They met no resistance. Anna wasn’t far away. She got the blades. Marina felt much better. Theyfought together. She hoped they would do it again. They had to reach the forest of Jigramuit. His castle had returned. Thomas was right. They got no choice. Marina felt a shudder. They must infiltrate the abode. The mere thought made her terrified.

The forest was quiet. Amber guided his Raptor by the rains. “Be careful now.” Bronze told. “No problem.” Maugrim and Falion prepared to fire. The Geisha drained the rat of blood. Yuko threw the corpse aside. Falion was able to catch it. “Dinner is served.” She put the rat into a purse. Maugrim sneakered. Bronze gave each a look. The red knights got back to work. They were all she got left. The vampire hunters almost wiped them out. Bronze exhaled. They went for the town of Aliba. That was the only choice she got left. Bronze would do her duty. She was responsible for the loss they caused. “I will stand by you.” Yuko purred. Bronze glared. The geisha didn’t meet the gaze. Yuko was to be punished. Bronze muttered. She was sorry for not knowing her better. Then again, Bronze would be punished herself. She would be chosen if only sold as a slave. That happened with those who failed the Dark Lord Dracula. Those who did not become executed of course. Bronze kept moving. She slept in the town. She would return home before dawn. Bronze would have no chance to defend herself. That would be a waist of time. The beast riders would most likely side with the boyar. Bronze couldn’t blame them. This was her fault. She might have to live the life of a sex slave.

“Nation of fools”, town of Aliba. The 17th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The skeletal hand reached out from behind the curtains. The audience felt sudden cold. Hisfistreached from within the leather gauntlet. The brown fabric looked like dust. The gold ring was the only spec of colour. As the spectators watched, the angelmade manifest. The curtainsgot torn aside. The figure then emerged from behind the ripped cloth. Urielwore ashy rags. That was a contrast to the coloured beauty and riches. The grim reaper swung with his scythe.“The embodiment of suffering.” They pulled away. The angel of Death didn’t seem to notice. The spectators served the Dark Lord Dracula. They were there when the prince of Darkness came into possession of a strong supernatural power. “I felt his demise.” Deaththen rasped. The voice was like a whisper in their mind. The audiencebecame unsure... Did the angel have some connection to the circle of blood? “His game will continue.” The spectators assured. The grim reaper noticed about them. “I have not been summoned.” He breathed. “I came for the Belmont clan.” The audience was horrified. “They have escaped.” They must explain. Death didn’t seem to listen. “They killed my associates.” He said. “They will arrive to complete the hunt.” The spectators bowed. “As you say.” Theycouldn’t resist the shudder.

Town of Aliba, Warakiya. The 18th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The snow kept falling. Julius led the group. The town was ahead. Even enlightened by the pale moon, the village cast a shadow. Julius wished he got better clothing’s. The air was cold. He might purchase at the market. Juliusprayed fora church. The gates where open. They went forward. Dawn approached. The sunlight might strip the vampire of his power. The birds nested atop the wall. He looked for harpies. The sisters might bein town. They passed the gate. Some torches gotlit even atthis hour. He looked behind. That group was about to enter. Julius looked up. He heard the sound of flapping wings. “There are bats in here.” Marina told. He shuddered. The priest touched the crucifix, that he wore beneath the jacket. They reached the courtyard. Julius looked about. The houses got built of wood and stone. “They are here!” He spun around. They were the red knights. He got a bad feeling about this. Why had they to arrive at the same time? The fox-archersproduced their bow-and-arrows. Thomas picked the positron rifle. The vampire made a sharp whistle. The guards came from the watchtower. They got surrounded. The red knights where mostly humans. “We surrender.” Julius had no choice. They got processed. Julius made the sign of the cross. He might fight another day. They got brought beneath the gate towers. Then the soldiers split their company. Julius was left alone with Marina and Thomas. “Come with us.” They gathered around the girls. “We might have fun.” They laughed by their misery. “Stay and rot.” The lock went close. “You have to wait.” Juliuscouldn’t rest. He kept walking back and forth. The knightsdidn’t try to plunder. He wondered what happened with Ruth and Anna. The nayadsat on the floor. Thomas remained in place. What might he be up to? Julius hoped he didn’t plan anything, though they got to be prepared. The sun was about to rise. Julius might tell by the changing light. The key got turned in the lock. The huge iron-bound door was opened. The renegades waited for them to step out. He made the sign of the cross. Marina approached. Julius noticed some of the men beheld with greed. “May He forgive your sins.” Thomas held together. He approved. The leader sent a band. Julius put it aside. They got marched up the stairs. He was glad to leave the prison. They left through another door. The dawn was approaching. What would happen? If they where to be delivered as sacrifice, Julius would fight to the bitter end. He was afraid they might be given to the undead. They reached a less prosperous part of town. The barracks lay here. Julius thought they looked like a Medievalpiece. “Look over there.” Marina told. He had to. Julius crossed himself. Thomas growled. That was a maiden’s house. She came out. Anna was freezing. The dancing girl was clad in a short loincloth and bra. The sandals gave no protection. The soldiers laughed when they noticed. “Go to Hell!” She shouted. They stopped. “We got sold as slaves.” Anna explained. “The nymph purchased us.” Julius remembered about the market at Berkeley. “I was permitted to give you this.” She gave them the crossbow. “Be careful.” Anna whispered. “I worry about you.” Marina nodded. “We shall.” She said. “And Iwill take good care of it.” The naiad hung it above her shoulders. “Run away now, little hore.” One of the foxes slapped her on the bottom. Julius reached for the holy water. Thomas shook his head. “Leave it.” He hissed. Anna shivered. “Let me keep you warm!” The woman shouted. Anna smiled. The grimace never reached her eyes. She then ran back inside. Julius reached over his shoulder. The blade hung in place. They continued. Julius noticed they went for the fortress. The building was located at the heart of town. Though the place wasn’t very large,there was no moat. He beheld as the gate got opened. Julius made a promise to save them. Though he got to leave it in the hands of the Lord. “Alright you trash.” The knights instructed. “Keep on.” They were forced into the fortress.

Living quarters, fortress Aliba. The 18th. Of December 2098 A.D.

They got brought into the living quarters. Julius looked about. This place was elegant. He felt confused. The priest expected they would be kept in prison. This was the mansion. Julius touched the crucifix. “This is more like it.” Thomas remarked. “It reminds meabout my home.” Julius gave him a look. He didn’t know that the dark-breed lived in a castle. Thomas shrugged. They were left alone. The fireplace was blazing. Julius thought it felt nice after the long journey. The heat roared up the chimney. That was amazing. Marina went to investigate the place. Thomas left through another opening. Julius looked out the windows. The town was coated in snow. The zombies walked the streets at night. He made the sign of the cross. The town of Aliba must once been a busy society. The road led higher up into the mountains. “I hope these chambers suit your need.” Julius spun around while unsheathing the blade. Thomas reappeared. Marina aimed with the crossbow. The pillarof dust then made manifest. The vampirewore a black shoulder cape above the red velvet dress. Julius withdrew. She might appear like an innocent. Julius knew they got the strength of twenty men. Besides, it was dark outside. This must be cursed earth. “Welcome to Aliba.” The enchantress threw back the cloak beforeshe bowed. “The game will proceed. The players might have a night, and a day, to rest and prepare.” Thomas fired. The bullet went through the figure. She was transparent. Julius made the sign of the cross. “I am Erica Reinbeck.” The undead became solid. “In these chambers; there are fuel and food. Resources for refreshment.” She spread her arms in an inviting gesture. “Wine and women. And a place to worship.” Sheblew a kiss. “There is even an enclosed den in which you might practise your arts.” Erica turned into mist. “We shall meet again,when the time is over. Please, knock the door. Ask for anything. They might bring it to you.” She was gone. Julius and Thomas exchanged glances. Marina sighed. “Let us have a look.” She suggested. Julius agreed. They went toinvestigate the place.

The dark-breed was impressed. The kitchen and bathroom looked like those he remembered from his father’s house. The quarters where warm and comfortable. “This might be a trap.” Julius breathed. “To test our faith. To see if we might choose a different path.” Thomas growled. “There is plenty of food.” Marinaclosed the cooler. She checked the fridge. Thomas was more interested in the brandy alcohol. The enchantress told the truth. “Lord Zabach must have arranged this.” Marina remarked. They returned to the living quarters. Thomas led them into the dining hall. Earlier, he didn’t dare to tell,but the dinner was served. Marina had a sip from the wine glass. “It isn’t poison.” She told. They sat down. The meal was perfect. “I must congratulate the chef.” He said. Julius shook his head. “There is none.” Thomas touched the crucifix. “It might be a ghost.” That wasn’t the case. Three women, clad in Kimono, entered the room. The black removed the plates. The Chinese offered cigarette and smoking articles. She smiled when neither wished for anything. The Caribbean poured more to drink. The black then returned. They knelt in front. Julius left. Thomas smirked.Marina went for the bedroom. The scream made them to get up. Thomas pulled his weapon. What could it be?

Town of Aliba, Warakiya. The 18th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The ogre turned the girl around. “Oh yes!” Anna was forced to ride on him while the orc hit her from behind. “You are such a naughty girl.” Anna was payed for this service. She really got no choice. Kirke had bought her to fill the stock. The dancing girl got no mind about it. She had been used before. Anna was a captive. She became trained in the arts of seduction. The fires burned within. Anna was permitted to give the crossbow. They took everything else. She retained the crucifix. They couldn’t remove the item of faith. Anna bit together. She got excited. Through the thin wall she received them both in a special rhythm. Anna groaned. “Take me!” She then screamed in ecstasy. “Take me now!” Annabegged for mercy. “Yes!” She almost forgot how nice it could be. That was a shock. “Do it harder!” Anna approached her climax. “Come on boys!” She felt them turn even harder. They were about to come in her. Anna bit together. She moved with greater agility. They wouldn’t escape. The beast-men couldn’t make her pregnant. Ruth waited for her return. That wasn’t important. Anna would enjoy their company. “There you come!” They shot like a fountain. The men got buried deep inside her. She pressed together. Anna screamed when she exploded. This was her finest hour.

The “Rose garden”, town of Aliba. The 18th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The room was like a cell. Ruth had a shudder. “Someone help me.” She curled together. Ruth had enlisted her name in the army. That was the only way if she wished to fight. That still felt like the best decision. She sighed. Ruth intended to leave when getting enough experience. They always punished the infiltrators. Like now, that was a fool’s endeavour. The girl got up. She couldn’t remain like this. Ruth was proud. She got to be. “Curse it.” She swore. “Where are you?” Anna was allowed to walk outside. She would give them the crossbow. Ruth made a grimace. The dancing girl payed the price for such a privilege. Ruth had to think.

Flashback .

The cells, fortress Aliba. The 18th. Of December 2098 A.D.

Water dripped from the ceiling. Ruth covered up in a corner. They at least were kept together. “Have faith.” Anna put a hand on her shoulder. “They only want to use us.” Ruth whimpered. She couldn’t help it. “I know what men desire.” The dancing girl pushed on her feet. Even in this bad light, she was adorable. “I might sooth the craving.” Anna stretched with her body. “That is easy for you to say.” Ruth almost felt jealous about her looks. “Take a hold.” The dancing girl shook her by the shoulders. “You have seen nothing.” Ruth made a grimace. Though she was right. Ruth only fought in the army. She never enjoyed serving duty within the prison. Ruth then dropped the issue. “Come on you two.” The knights had returned. “Auction day is here.” They snickered. “Let us see how much you are worth.” Ruth felt disgusted. They opened the cell. Anna twisted about. There was something about her. Ruth couldn’t quite put her finger upon it. Never mind. They reached the audience room. “Behold my friends!” The slave master announced. “Look on what we have captured!” Ruth and Anna got stripped naked. “The bidding begins at 50 coins per piece.” The spectators became interested. The knights forced them to show off. “We have a bidder!” The master laughed.

End of flashback .

That was not important. Ruth shook her head. She had a look in the mirror. The hunter made a face about herself. Ruth looked like a mess. She got to come her hair. The golden locks looked like a bird’s nest. The heath made her to sweat. Ruth went to the sink. At least the water felt clean. Ruth touched the lit chandelier symbol. She might be pressed into service, that didn’t mean she got to be nasty. Ruth would take care of herself. That might be difficult. There was no soap. Ruth made a grimace about the matter. She removed the tunic. That was the only article. Ruth used the cup to soak her torso. She would maintain herself.

Living quarters, fortress Aliba. The 18th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The nayad was shaking. “Someone slept in my bed.” She knew this was overkill. The men looked mystified. The boy removed the blanket. Theyreached for the weapons. Marina brandishedwith the whip sword. The boy knelt before her. He smiled. The loincloth revealed his body. She was sure he was excited. “Permit me too serve.” He was eager. Thomas laughed. She blushed. Julius released the crucifix. “There is no evil.” He said. “He is a man.” The boy made no answer. Julius sighed. “You might do what you wish.” He told. “I will search for the training ground.” He made the sign of the cross. “Then, if the Lord permits.” The priest relaxed. “I will wash myself. And clean theclothing’s.” He turned to leave. “Think of Ruth and Anna.” Julius said. “I guess theywon’trelease them.” Then he was gone. Marina didn’t know what to say. “You may leave, or whatever.” She told the boy. The nayadmade her decision. The boy got up before leaving. She went to find the priest. Thomas joined with her,though he stopped to speak with the trio. Marina reached the kitchen. There was a back door. The stairs led down into a small den. The gate was closed. Julius challenged the ravens and zombies. Marina ran down to help him. She already got the whipsword in hand.

The crypt, fortress Aliba. The 17th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The lid got moved aside. Ludvig Von Bork raised from the coffin. “You awoke the dead.” He revealed. “Yes, my lord.” Erica Reinbeck knelt by his resting-place. The crypt was their hideout. He felt her presence. “The congregation made me to complete the rite.” The petite blonde wore a short shoulder-cape above the low-cut red dress. The baron was pleased. He beheld her voluptuous round bosom. “Bronze Labanga has returned.” She carried a golden necklace. The green emerald shone in the pale light of lit candles. “I expected her arrival.” She might tell him about the party that left from the Berkeley mansion. “That is the point.” Erica got excited. The boyar arched an eyebrow. “Indeed?” He remarked. The female vampire was like a marionette to play with. “They arrested the vampire hunters.” Ludvig then exposed his fangs. The eyes burned red with the fires of Hell. This was glorious. “Shaft’s followers retain their group beneath the watchtower.” Erica kept on her knees. “What do you require?” Ludvig Von Bork morphed into a bat. He would serve the Dark Lord. The hunters must have ventured the Warakiyan Alps. Count Dracula gave his last command. The boyar would execute his will. The baron would enjoy the demise. That would be the final triumph.

(A.N: This chapter might be a bit short,though the text is a build-up for the future events. Until then, have a nice time.)