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Castlevania: Darkness Never Dies


Part 1: Curse of Blood

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Part 2: Legacy of Sorrow

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Part 1: Curse of Blood.

“” Yes, you are my light, Lord. The Lord lit up in my darkness.””

2. Samuel: 22. 29.

Chapter 9: Dancing The Stairs Away.

Forest of Debias, Warakiya. The 22nd. of December 2098 A.D.

The soldiers kept in a row.Daniella Aulin went on a final tour of inspection. “Blessed be.” The Laruba mansion lay ahead. The wind blew snow at their faces. Daniella got a shutter. This would be the test. Tholin and Virginia led the dwarven dog soldiers. “For Warakiya!” The battle-mage brandished with thestrong hammer. Tobias got killed by the orc soldiers. The Centaurs came to tell them. “The war is never over.” Bern would be ready. She smiled. “Shall we begin?” Sheah sat on her greyhound. “In a moment.” Daniella touched the crucifix. “The druid might blow on his horn.” She didn’t know why the poltergeist king got involved. The sun was above the horizon. Renate bent on her knees. The sheathed sword lay in front. The seer would stay behind to protect the twins. Sylvia and Celia would treat the wounded. “Battle-mage!” The Unicorns had returned.They were fewer than before. “This is terrible.” Henrygot ahead. He looked haggard. “The order has taken Earendil.” Daniella wasso tired. “No.” She gasped. “That cannot be true.” Henry pulled through his brown hair. “Believe it!” The soldier seemedto haveaged a decade. “Believe it.” Daniella sighed. “Wemustproceed.” The Unicorn approached. “I am Ithilien.” They didn’t leave. “Thank you.”She got relieved.

Final approach, “Evil’s nest”. The 21st. of December 2098 A.D.

Daria Glenholm had arrived. “Release the hatch.” She demanded. The Cyborg was expected. “Excellent.” The shock troopers moved aside. Daria went down to approach the embassy. “Hail the count.” The mechanical breathing revealed her presence. “Hail the count Dracula.” Daria returned the salute. “Black Rage.” The warlock was the head of the restoration project. “The heir is waiting for you.” Her voice got altered by the mask’s vocabulator. “I know that.” Daria got enlisted by Damien Frost. “I received my reward.” This passage got illuminated. The pitchblack armour seemed to consume the light. Daria was glad she was a bounty hunter. “He is here, at the final approach.” The warlock informed. “As you say.” They became quiet. The breathing picked her nerves. Daria guessed she had to practice. Though by the Dark Lord; she shouldn’t have accepted the contract. There were some offers which couldn’t be refused. Daria dismissed about the matter. She polished the black and white armour. “Show the way.” The young bounty hunter should be presentable before the heir. “Then you should be afraid.” Black Rage allowed her to step into the elevator. “The shadow rising.” Why did he need her? “Thank you.” Daria kept at attention while rising up. She looked forward to this meeting.

Construction site, “Evil’s nest”. The 21st. of December 2098 A.D.

The bats still squeaked with blood thirst. Christopher Graves had unsheathedhis broad sword. The dead soldier used his rifle. “Then stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Anette cried. She was an Erlanger.He sighed. They were the blood descendants of the Renard family. “Help us!” She released the cat. The animal friend tore the zombie to pieces. “Alright.” Desmondcleaned his forehead. He would rather fight out in the countryside. “Watch out!” The bats swept for blood. Christopher exhaled. “God with us!” He threw the dagger forward. “Right!” Desmond made it to split in three. He threw the black ponytail above the shoulders. The coat belonged to Julius Belmont. He cleaned the sword on the soldier’s uniform. Christopher touched the cross. “Let usgo.” Anette and Hammer had volunteered for the quest. “Come on.” They should have metat the Vatican. Desmond worked for the Brent corporation. He came upon this strange information. The Graves had their grievances with the Kishine.Though they both belonged to the Belmonts by blood. Christopher became a vampire hunter. He discovered about this place. “The Lord will be with us.” Desmond prayed for guidance. “Let us through.” The hunter wouldn’t stand by while the Dark Lord kept building his army.

This was not a part of the demon castle. Anette Erlanger grew tired. She closed herblue eyes. “I feel lost.” She touched his shoulder. Anette met hisgrey eyes. “You should try to relax.” She shook her dark blonde hair. “Not really.” They mourned for Andrew. She sighed. Christopher went for the hatch. “Be more careful now.” Anette knew the danger. “Stand tall.” He touched the instruments. Anette bit her lip. There were some nasty surprises in here. “Then stronger we are in the name of the Lord.” The sorceress reached for the crucifix. “Right.” Anette knew she should be better prepared. “This is it.” Desmond pulled the switch. The hatch was open. “Get away!” The dead soldiers stood ready. “Ten soldiers in a row.” Anette shook her head. “Drop it.” This was not the time nor the place for his black humour. “God with us!” Christopher threw the dagger forward. He impaled the thrower. “Resiturgam!” Anette presented the crucifix. The grenade exploded among the dead. That gave an edge. “Please! Help us!” The blonde girl bit her teeth. The cat lept to catch the assault. “Oh bother.” The cat then purred with delight. Anette exhaled. She threw herself sideways. “Get behind!” The bullets might kill her. Desmond got forced into closer combat. She got to help him.

The den, “Evil’s nest”. The 21st. of December 2098 A.D.

They might finally leave the shuttle behind. Julius made the sign of the cross. “God with us.” He unsheathed the Stellar sword. Marina got ahead. She touched the controls. “Get ready.” The doors slid aside. “Relax.” Thomas growled. The hunter kept the trident in both hands. Julius frowned. The bats arrived. He made it to rain with holy water. They sharedthe gems. “This is a slaughter.” Thomas breathed. The priest had acknowledged. “Pease be with them.” The soldiers lay rottingupon the floor. “Then please preserve us from the wicked One.” Marina shrugged. She went out into the oval room. “Look.” Thomas found the hologram. “Then behold.” Marina made a grimace. “The subterranean lantern.” Julius tightened his grip. This wasnot the time. The bats squeaked for blood. Thomas released a sonic howl. “Save us!” The soldiers were among the living dead. “Then so help me God!” Julius threw the gold knife. He made it to split in three. The zombie wasabout to fire. Marina arrived. They had to fight.They got back-to-back. The nayad brandished with the “Black pain” whip. “Fire in the hall!” Thomas pulled away to shoot with hisrifle. The priest didn’t notice which ammo he used. That didn’t matter. The imps tried to pull him down. Julius got his own problems. “Save us!” He forged the pyre sword. The priest got a nasty feelingthat someone observed his progress. “God with us!” He had noticed about the cam-posts. “I know.” Marina released the icicles. “Wait for me!” Julius cried. He made a circle of crosses to rise up. They burned on impact. “Glory be You!” Theygot scattered. “Our Father in Heaven!” He made the sign of the cross. The imp was flying in the air. “Get down!” Thomas howled. “They emit enflamed bursts!” That was the truth. The priest had to sidestep. “Good Lord!” Julius saw beyond the obvious. “They are the freaks from Hell!” The little witch opened her spell book to release the pages. Thomas twirled with the trident. Themystic force might repel the onslaught. “God with us!” The priest released through the gauntlets. The homing ball searched and destroyed. “Amen.” They got defeated. Julius exhaled. He might finally have a look around. Or perhaps not. “Watch out!” The door to the corridor was open. Thomas got in front. “Then who are you?” The robot looked like a skeleton. “Roger, Roger.” He was armed. “God with us!” Julius cried. The machine had opened fire. Julius got beyond. The robot carried a rifle and automaton gun. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” The priest presented the crucifix. “The maelstrom!” Marina cast powerful black magic. “Save us.” The robot got frozen in place. Julius exhaled. “Roger, Roger.” The machine broke the spell. That was impossible! Julius dismissed. “No!” The little witch got shot. “Leave her alone!” Thomas howled. He leached upon the monster. The robot opened fire. Thomas released a round of cross bullets. That gave the upper hand. Though that was not the end. Julius tightened the grip. “Burn in Hell!” The knight howled. Thomas would tear it apart. The robot hit him in the head. The body blazed with the power. “God with us!” Julius got in front. “So let it be!” He threw the Shuriken. “Only as You wish!” The priest forged the angel sword. The star burst on impact. The robot dismissed his friends. Julius made the sign of the cross. His life was a weapon. “Julius!” Marina threw herself atop. The monster got up. Although both the ribs and hand got smashed, the robot still got armed. Marina hid behind the cloak. “Save us!” She repelled the bullets. Her eyes shone with ecstasy. The priest got nervous. Marina got cursed with lust. She threw the five silver knives. “Preserve us!” They froze on impact. The machine got stopped in place. “Then so let it be.” Julius pushed her aside. “Are you alright?” Thomas got around. “Blast you.” He muttered. The knight had to brush his hair. Julius was able to heal him. That was not the real problem. The machine got ready. “Fire in the hall!” Thomas released the cross-shaped blast of energy. That should be the end. Though the robot made a last ditch effort to kill them. “God with us!” Julius removed the head. The robot wined. He got shot to pieces. The priest picked the gems. “Then let it be.” He staggered. Marina held him to stand. The priest had almost collapsed. “Preserve us from the wicked One.” They came this far. Though this was a trap. “Look out!” Thomas kept watch. He reloaded the rifle. The bats hid against the ceiling. “Get behind!” They carried the curse. Julius presented the crucifix. He got to keep them away. “Blast it!” Thomas fired a boom of cross bullets. The bats became like targets in a shooting gallery. “Fine.” Marina winched. “Stay down.” Julius told. The little witch got shot. “Then let me up.” “For blood is the life.” Julius got to heal her. “Do not forsake us in this hour of darkness.” Marina might bleed to death. He searched for the laurels. There was no time. “Roger, Roger.” The trio of battle-droids came around the corner. “Get back you devils!” Thomas must reload. He waisted the bullets upon the bats. “God with us!” Julius made a glide. He got the sword. Julius summoned the fire for protection. “You are under arrest.” They reached to fetch him. “That rests with the Lord.” Julius struck through the chest. The control box exploded. “Bastards!” Thomas had arrived. “Roger, Roger.” The other robots opened fire. “Not again!” The knight snarled. He tried to repel the fire. The trident blazed with the force. “Let it be!” Julius crashed the vial against the droid. “Bombs away.” He got the corporal’s insignia. “Deliver us!” The chest opened to reveal the multitude of small rolling balls. “From evil!” The pellets exploded. Julius hid behind the crosses. This was getting out of hand. “Blasted!” Thomas broke the robot. The corporal withdrew into the hallway. “Take him!”Marina cried. “Before he might tell the others!” Julius shuddered by the mere possibility. “Let it be over.” He prayed. “Roger, Roger.” The robot gripped the blaster. “Burn in Hell!” Thomas howled. “Save us.” The made the sign of the cross. Thomas tore him apart. Then the hall got quiet.

The pain was almost unbearable. Marina bit together. The bullet got buried in her shoulder. “Keep quiet.” The dark-breed managed to retrieve the shot. “This might hurt.” She moaned. The priestbent besideher to use the laurels. He really looked so tired. The nayad had no mind. Julius could restore her. “Thank you.” She wished to kiss him. That wasn’t about the curse. The priest was a nice man. She got up to fight. They better leave this place.“Dead water.” Marina sighed.She replaced the hat. She was their little witch. She got everything she wanted. That wasn’t enough. Marinagot to fight her feelings. She knew they could make her crazy. “What is that smell?” She thought they had burned the soldiers. “Beware.” Thomas got ahead. “I think this might be the maintain crew.” Julius reached for the crucifix. She made a grimace. They pollute the lake. Marina cracked with the whip. She would make their group to suffer. The workers came to prepare the area. “God with us!” The priestmade the sign of the cross. The maintain zombies came to take him away. Thomas howled.He had reloaded the rifle. They burned the corpses. Marina released powerful wind magic. She distracted the bats. “Come on!” Marina encouraged. “They are getting away!” She would burn them to ashes.

“Clockwork”, “Evil’s nest”. The 21st. of December 2098 A.D.

There was that smell again. Thomas sniffed the air. “Blood of the hunter.” The knight mused. The priesthad a look. “Drop it!” They didn’t have time. The workers kept crawling about. Marinakept playing with the pendant. The knight shrugged. That was none of his business. She cast powerful water magic upon the area. The zombies got washed into submission. Whisp howled. He retained his true form. The man tore them apart. “That was glamorous.” The little witch remarked. He snarled. The nayad held her hands up when pulling back. Thomas growled. He never meant to scare her. Thomastookthe gems. That was some relief. “Bless us.” The priest inspected the statues. “We must replace them to might open the gate.” Julius was right. The dark-breed recognised the angels. “Then where is the eye?” He asked. The little witch bit her lip. “I think this is it.” The pond got shaped like an eye. Julius frowned. “Let it be.”Thomas left him to pounder. He found the switches. “The watcher in the water.” Marinastill beheld the cameras. He snarled. They would have to do something about them. That could wait. Thomas inspected the instruments. How did they work? He almost forgot. “Alright.” Thomas shrugged. “Then let us begin.” The knightgot to figure this out.

“Three pretty petals”, Dora wood. The 22nd. of December 2098 A.D.

The hour was past midnight. Gabrielle beheld her reflection in the water. “I don’t want this.”The escort lady threw the cloth into the basin. The lightcurly brown hair framed her features. The French lady thought she looked older withthe cosmetics. Gabrielle hated these theatrics. She felt encouraged to break the basininto a million pieces. That wouldn’t change anything. Gabrielle fell upon her knees. She so wished to cry. The teen huddled before the fireplace. The innkeeperforbids such relief. Tears would only reduce the price of his stock.She sighed. That was how he put it. Gabrielle then pulled the outfit down to might conceal her body.

The top floor was preserved for the luxury clients. Gabrielle blushed. She was on display. There was a knock on the door. “You have to leave me alone!” Gabrielle didn’t bother to turn. She already knelt. The undead were always welcomed. She would rather put an axe to work. Gabrielle shivered by the thought. “May I enter?” Gillian was at the doorway. She shook off. She sometimes acted like the blood sacrifice. “Leave it.” She told. “Come in.” She was angry. The emotions might erupt. The landlord had told their hopes and dreams where to no avail. “ “Both Susan and Ronja are ready to play his game.” Gabriellehad become so tired.

Final approach, “Evil’s nest”. The 21st. of December 2098 A.D.

Everything went quiet. Black Rage had returned on deck. She got to beckon. “Commander.” The security chief got to attention. The warlock admired. Cedric Von Holm was he favourite. He was better educated then the rest of the general staff. “Deploy squad 1 and 5 to the den.”

She demanded. “It shall be done, my lady.” The commander gave his salute. “Good work.” The officer turned to execute her will. “My lady.”Dietrich Hertz then made a step forward. “Yes captain?” The dark warlock then turned around to gaze upon the vampire. “What is it?” The captain seemed a bit nervous. “I have to report that the intruders somehow escaped us." For a while she kept breathing. “Is that so?” The dark warlock asked. “We are not yet sure.” She respected his courage. “Though the security was very resourceful.” So it might appear. “Continue.” She told. “Bring the companions to me.” He gave his salute. “Yes my lady.” He said. “As you wish.” The captain then left her presence. “Very good.” She kept in place. Black Rage clasped her hands behind her back. “Carry on then.” She beheld the personnel. The warlock acknowledged their activity. This was a duty. Black Rage would uphold is rule.

Thepeople had pledged their fealty. Now they belongedto the Dark Lord Dracula.

Construction site, “Evil’s nest”. The 21st. of December 2098 A.D.

The robot had arrived. Christopher kept the cross. He got the shudder. “Stand were you are.” The metal skeleton left the elevator. “Prepare to be terminated.” The machine opened fire. “Get down!” Desmond cried. He might kill her. Anette spread her arms. “Leave me alone.” She summoned the turtle shell. “God with us!” Christopher felt ashamed. He didn’t love her. The secretary was attractive. This was her moment. The bullets rebounded against the shield. “Rest in peace.” Anette prayed at the Catholic church. He grasped the cross with both hands. The shining figure appeared above. The robot got trapped in the pattern. “Stronger we are!” She charged the blast. “In the name of the Lord!” The robot got shot to pieces. He exhaled. Desmond prayed that no one had noticed. The secretary had retrieved the jewels. “Come on.” He breached the other room. The octagonal place was empty. Or so it might appear. Christopher unsheathed the broad sword. “Be careful!” Anette also noticed. “Oh my God!” He barely sidestepped. Anette made a glide. “Then fly away again.” She released the birds. Anette blocked the grenades. He got to help. “Get away!” He got ambushed by the gremlins. “The fire and brimstone shall be your lot.” Desmond had recognized the little green freaks.

The fight continued. Anette dismantled the place. She had to wait. Christopher took the gems. She might relax. “Don’t wait until night.” They would replenish his energy. Anette exhaled. “Curse of Darkness.” She looked through the window. This was where they began. “Save us.” Anette made the sign of the cross. “That is the construction site.” Desmond sighed. “I know.” She couldn’t speak. Anettegot frightened. The hunter put his hands upon her shoulders. “They keep the production.” He whispered. Anette had to gather. ”They are making robots.” The ranks marched forth to reach upon the lifters. “I will not go down there.” Anette breathed. “I don’t blame you.” Christopher tightened his grip. She looked up into his face. “Thank you.” She told. The robot caught up. “Get away!” The metal skeleton carried the shotgun and rifle. He threw the vial. The robot got bathed in flames. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Anette charged the spell. “Be gone!” She fired the laser. The machine sidestepped the effort. “God with us!” Desmond threw the axe in a high arch. The robot staggered behind. “Be free!” Anette had released the birds. The falcon lifted her to safety before the meteors struck home. She hoped he survived. “Good Lord!” Anette gasped. He got protected by the holy book.

“Clockwork”, “Evil’s nest”. The 21st. of December 2098 A.D.

The angel statues must be removed. Julius knew about this pattern. He got a shudder. “Walking in a winter wonder land.” The chamber was so cold. The priest pulled at his cloak. They got in position. He felt like a trap was closing in about them. “Help us.” He muttered. That was the sound of machinery. “Look out!” Julius got the platinum sword. “Out of time!” The turrets turned to aimed. “Deliver us!” Julius had to forge the fairy sword. “God with us!” The weapon shone like the sun in the forest. He repelled the blast. “Right!” Thomas howled. The knight retained his animal form to throw more garlic. “God with us!” Julius made a glide. They almost hit him. “Black water.” Marina kept in place. She looked grim like the reaper. The little witch threw the five silver daggers. “Bless you!” They got buried in the instruments. “Wait!” Julius got away. The turrets exploded. “Do my bidding.” Marina conjured the fairies. The maintain zombies got to work. “Do not touch the water!” Julius told. He would fight. Marina gave them no answer. She cast her powerful ice magic upon the area. “God with us!” The maintain zombies got company. “From Hell!” Thomas howled. “Terminate the hero!” The gremlins shrieked. “You stay out of this!” The knight got to pull her aside. “Oh my God!” The rocket launcher might release a two-step homing projectiles. “God with us!” He exhaled. Julius held the crystal. “Out of time!” He repeated. Julius made a row of clocks to fall down. The monsters got frozen in place. “You relax.” Thomas smirked. “This is my department.” Julius had to acknowledge. “Then release the clockwork.” He made the sign of the cross. “Whistle while you work.” Marina teased. She cracked with the whip. “Alright little sister.” She had to release the fireballs. Julius would salute her efforts. He raised the Stellar sword. “In Manos Toas Domine!” The priest cried. “Then stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” The fairy sword began to glow. Julius challenged the gremlins. He threw himself forward. They spread about to confuse his approach. “Dark ocean world!” Marina hid in the bubble. “Then let it be over!” The witch let go to release the pages. “Burn in Hell!” Thomas howled. He threw the stakes. That might take the rockets. “Be careful!” Julius told. They figured out. Julius struck with the sword. The maintain zombies used their instruments like weapons. “Then you leave us alone!” Marina demanded. The witch stopped the group. “Forgive us.” Marina got excited. “So much power.” Julius disliked the blood watch. That was forgiven. The family got in jeopardy. Julius threw that aside. The priest got to believe in his ancestors. The gremlins broke free. Their nature was far to chaotic to be kept in Limbo. “God with us!” The little green freaks might tear her apart. Julius still got busy with the maintain zombies. Thehard hat gave some protection. “Let it be!” They crouched to escape from damnation. Julius got to breathe. “God with us!” The turrets made no difference between friend and foe. They shot at everything which moved. The group spread out to cover more ground. “Right!” Julius threw the Shuriken like a shining boomerang. The Ninjastar got stuck in the flesh. “You shall not conquer!” Marina caused it to rain. The launcher was ready. “Black water!” She released the pages. The rockets exploded on impact. The witch might break the cameras. “That is my girl.” Thomas encouraged. “Blast them to pieces!” He stepped on the switch. “For the Lord shall always be with you.” The priest made the sign of the cross. “Thank you.” The knight made the angels to move in place. “You got to hurry!” The gate was open. “Blasted!” Thomas howled. The sonic attack made them to stagger. “Wait for me!” Julius ran. He took the gems. “Get behind!” She cast the whirlwind spell. That might confuse the others. “Right!” The priest had to support himself against the wall. “Preserve us from the evil One.” He got a breather. “Dark ocean world!” The dark-breed and little witch fought back-to-back. “Blast you to Hell!” The turrets kept shooting. “God with us!” The gremlins wouldn’t leave. The freaksmight kill him.”Save us!” Julius would hunt. The maintain zombies got to work. They tried to replace the statues. That couldn’t be allowed. They would be forced to repeat. “God with us!” Julius threw the vials. He got to burn them out. The liquid burst into flame. The zombies got burned to ashes. The others mounted an attack. The dead used their hatchets. “Good Lord!” That might become a weapon. Julius escaped. The hardhats resisted his efforts. The chronicles told of John Morris and Eric Lecarde. They challenged the Dark Lord in 1917. The golem knights almost killed them in Germany. “God with us!” Julius shook that aside. The priest then presented the crucifix. His image carved some space. “Then so let it be!” Julius might charge through the gauntlets. “Then the fire and brimstone shall be your lot!” Thus, with both his hands and the sword on fire, he went to hunt the night. “Come with me!” They kept the monsters occupied. “Right!” Thomas howled. “Trust me.” Marina blew a kiss. The knight snarled. “Come on you bastards!” Julius sighed. The zombie hit with the hatchet. The priest then made the two large spinning books to protect the area. Marina made a glide. She had reached the entrance. They got to chase her. “Marina!” The turrets might kill her. “You must get away from there!” The grenades exploded on impact. “I have you now!” Thomas released with the flurry of flames. “Burn in Hell!” The instruments got burned out. “God with us!” Julius made the sign of the cross. “Blast it!” The knight hurried to keep up. Julius exhaled. The gremlins got in front. He couldn’t do much about that. “Leave me alone!” The dark-breed went berserk. He might tear them to shreds. “God with us!” Julius exclaimed. “Then what a nasty surprise.” The maintain zombies had repaired the instruments. “Let it be.” They came with hatchets. “Good Lord.” They wore the hardhats. “Alright.” Thomas growled. “Get behind!” The cross-shaped blast burned the lot. He didn’t waste time. They left the area.

Assembly line, “Evil’s nest”. The 21st. of December 2098 A.D.

The door got shut in their faces. Marina got to lean against the wall. She felt so excited. Thomas barely closed them in time. She exhaled. The little witch got to pick herself together. She mustdefeat the watchers. “You come over here.” Marina cleaned sweat of her forehead. “We got to destroy this place.” Julius stood on the observation deck. She hurried to reach him. That is the assembly line.” He made the sign of the cross. “This is Dracula’s workshop.” Thomas had finally caught up. “So it is.” Marina exhaled. She felt the chills down her spine. “The star gate is open.” She felt the use of magic. The men didn’t answer. “That is an army.” Julius told. “Then curse his trickery.” Thomas growled.She felt how he reached to grope her. That was alright. Hundreds of battle-droids left the elevators for a final round of preparation. They marched through the portal. “They mass-produce the destroyers.” Marina bit her lip. They almost killed her. “I wonder if he knows anything about this.” Julius got the crucifix. “My cousin usedto work for these people.” Marina really felt sorry about that. “You there!” The fleet guards wore sea-green jackets over the black boots and trousers. “Do not move!” They got armed. “The dragon.” Julius had recognized their insignia. “Be gone.” He decreed.

The dark elvan guards looked out from beneath their helmets. Thomas howled his challenge. “Curse you!” He had to reload the rifle. The girl got in his way. “Beware of your thoughts.” The guards got the Basraq dragon in large upon their uniform. He got prepared for combat. This would be difficult. The spike atop the helmet also got painted in green. “Burn in Hell!” Whisp released through the gauntlets. The orbs missed on target. “You are under arrest.” Black army gloves tightened around the trigger. The automatons released a storm of bullets. “God with us!” The priest ran forward. He conjured the crosses. The bullets burst on impact. Thomas regained his human form. “They got the explosive bullets!” Julius gave no answer. The priest dashed to dodge the offense. “By the great maelstrom!” Marina released the pages. The guards crossed their arms in front. The elves carried armour shell and shoulder plates. “Stop!” Another trio arrived from the other side. “Or we open fire!” The brim cast the shade. “Eyes without pity.” Julius made the sign of the cross. “Right.” Thomas threw the wild rose. The flower burst on impact. The guard got thrown behind. The chest-plate didn’t protect him. They carried beneath the jacket. “Blast it.” The elves had pulled their electric pistols.

Forest of Debias, Warakiya. The 22nd. Of December 2098 A.D.

The crisp morning air blew cold across the hillside. Anna might dance until the sun rose high. She felt much better. “Continue.” The Lycan beheld her with obvious interest. Anna smiled. She enjoyed to be adored. Though this was not the right place. Anna sighed. That had to wait. Iris sent them on an errand. They got to negotiate with the resistance movement. “Lead on.” She encouraged. “For I don’t know the way.” Claudia smirked. “Alright.” She sniffed the air. “This way.” Robert and Isaac had exchanged glances. She didn’t know that much about them. The queen told they got the right connections. “I promise.” Anna dismissed about the matter. She was an artist. “You were the entertainment tonight.” They smirked. Anna didn’t blush. “Of course.” The Gypsygirl was a spell dancer. “We must climb down into the valley.” Claudia spoke. She gave no answer. The time was up. “Watch out!” The archers got ready. The man-beasts got in motion. The ravens came like a storm of black feathers. Anna danced. The war force protected her body. “For queen and den!” That was the slogan she gave them. Anna was not a tribeswoman. The fox-archers hid among the pine trees. “Leave this place!” The Lycan got her own ammo. The scythes burst on impact. Anna could protect herself.

Throne room, final approach. The 21st. of December 2098 A.D.

The general’s chair turned to face the chamber. The bounty hunter descended from the lobby. “I salute you.” The view-screen gave an excellent viewof the lake. “In the name of Dracula.” Daria Glenholm had reached beyond the table. The candidate and Cyborg beheld each other. “The black spot.” Damien Frost reached out to touch her forehead. Though he got to retreat. “I shall serve you.” The Afro Asian lady met his glowing eyes. “Though in one fashion only.” He admitted the truth. “So you shall.” Damien smiled. He knew it was like a crack in the ice. “So you will.” The red and white armour revealed her readiness. “I shall be the bodyguard.” Daria acknowledged. “I am willing to pay you.” Damien assured. “That you already know.” She bowed. That made the braids to ripple. “Tell me.” She asked. “Why do you need me?” That was an intelligent question. Damien Frost would not neglect her in the future. “Come.” For now, he was willing to share his intelligence. “Behold.” He activated the holo projector. “They are the vampire hunters.” Damien raised a finger. “Ah, I see you recognize their lot.” Daria acknowledged. “Then that is why.” He revealed. “You did survive to die another day.” That she might understand. “As you say, my lord.” That was perfect. Daria retained her place.

Assembly line, “Evil’s nest”. The 21st. of December 2098 A.D.

This was a trap. Christopher had realized. The gremlin got impaled upon the daggers. Desmond threw the wave of axes to protect against the turrets. The secretary hid her smile. The installation was built like a lantern. Anette mounted the green tiger. The wild cat leached. They got to rip the wires. Anette didn’t leave until the animal friend dissolved into energy. The hunter exhaled. She always looked so alone when that happened. Anette shook her head. She picked the gems. Christopher finished with the rockets. He went to inspect the elevator. “The den should be ahead.” Desmond made it to open. “I hope you know what you do.” Anette remarked. “The last time you almost sent us into the crematory oven.” He shrugged. “We got the map.” He sighed. “We live.” Anette corrected. “True.” She cleaned the glasses. “Then let me handle this.” The secretary withdrew. “Suit yourself.” She charged the spell. “They won’t bring us to the top.” The vampire hunter then went inside. Anette got no choice. “God with us!” The two towers housed the central control computer and the shield generator. The final approach was uncharted. He dismissed. The elevator was moving. “Let us pray.” Christopher remarked. “Trust me.” Anette assured. “I will.” Then he noticed about the bats.

The elevator came to a halt. Anette touched the controls. The door was open. “Right.” Christopher had to advance. He kept the sword in hand. “Be more careful.” Anette got afraid. Theheavy black smoke escaped to obscure the lobby. “Let us start the party with a bang.” Anette hid a smile. She charged the spell. “How funny.” The bats squeaked before they swept. Shefrowned. Desmond threw open the coat before summoning the shining cross to appear. The bats got caught in the net. “Take cover.” The secretary adviced. “God with us!” Christopher noticed when the turrets opened fire. “Get behind!” That was not the problem. The soldiers spread out to cover more ground. Desmond threw the vials. That was not enough. “Then stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” The zombie soldiers gained the upper hand. Anette hid behind the birds. “Good Lord!” They got in trouble. She must conjure the dragon. The assault cut them to pieces. The friend had to leave. Anette got left weeping on her knees. The vampire hunter tried to help. Though she felt so alone, he might give her some comfort. The speed demon stopped to fire the gun. The motorbike came fresh from the assembly line. She got clad like a SWAT. The shock might stun in place. The maintain crew had arrived.

The guards lay dead on the floor. Julius inhaled. “God with us!” They chased into the room. “Burn in Hell!” The knight howled. “Then so let it be.” The priest made the sign of the cross. The elf kept at the centre. “Black water!” Marina shrieked. The guard stepped on the switch. “Freeze!” The witch cast the ice spell. The guard got cut to pieces. Julius picked the gems. The ground began to rotate. “Dark ocean world!” Marina curled up the whip. “Behind you!” He turned around. “Oh no.” Julius touched the crucifix. “That is the bone dragon king.” Thomas made the sign of the cross. He belonged to the Orthodox church. “Save us from evil.” That was not important. The huge dragon head rose through the opening to spit a fireball. “My Lord!” Julius pointed the Stellar sword skyward. “Into Your hands I commit my soul!” The priesthad forged the angel sword. He repelled the onslaught. That made no difference. “Stand by me!” The kingdragon hadvanished. “There are eight openings within the floor.” Thomas appearedat his side. “I see.” Julius looked about. The bone dragon king had returned. He got the book. “Blasted!” Thomas was more offensive. He dashed to release the flames. The white dragon king made the fireball to split in three. “Stop!” Marina cast the ice spell. The bones froze on impact. The little witch got hit. She got hurled into the wall. He arrived. The chronicles told about this monster. Trevor Belmont faced the bone dragon king in 1496. Julius put that aside. “Then glory be You.” He believed in the Lord. “Our Father in Heaven.” The priest made the sign of the cross. Julius would break the curse. “The devil is behind you!” The king skeledragon had appeared through another hole. “Blast you!” Thomas got beneath. The knight got up to throw the Bibhuti. The powder exploded on impact. “Then get behind!” The bone dragon king shook his head before leaving. The bones got knocked off the frame. “Then let it be!” Julius made a row of meteors to fall down. He ran to support his friends. “God with us!” That was too late. The white dragon king had returned to strike the floor. “Save us!” The monster created an earthquake. Thomas got thrown away. “Leave him alone!” He made the sign of the cross. “Good Lord!” The king skeledragon got up to spit the fireballs. The fairy sword gave him the strength to resist the onslaught. The giant monster beheld him. Julius got the shudder. He might see beyond the obvious. “You try someone your size!” Marina was awake. She cast the whirlwind spell. The bone dragon king hit the wall. “Mother!” The little witch closed her eyes. “Hidden spring!” She cast winter upon the area. Even the bone dragon king got frozen in place. Thomas managed to get up. “Roger, Roger.” They got company. “You are under arrest.” The band ofkiller robots marched into the arena. “Save us from evil.” He breathed. The metal skeletons got armed with the heavy automatons. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” Julius cried. The king had escaped through another hole. “This is your quest.” Marina looked so sad. “You have to clean the water.” Thomas howled. The knight ran to challenge the robots. Julius knew this was Belmont business. “Let it be!” The priest got to finish this hunt. “God with us!” He got left alone to confront the boneking. Julius held the Stellar sword in both hands. The bone dragon king got up to spit the fireballs. “Let it be!” He managed to resist. The monster shrieked. Julius threw the axe. “Blessed be!” He made it to split. The bone dragon king got hurt. The fragments rebounded on impact. Julius bit together. “Out of time!” He made a row of clocks to fall down. That did the trick. The bones got grinned to powder. Julius exhaled. That was not the end. “Please, preserve us!” The king skeledragon appeared to strike the floor. Julius managed to roll aside. “For God!” Julius might use his soul like a weapon. “Is my Lord!” The priest threw the five gold knives. That pierced the serpent. He got to escape. The white dragon king got up to breathe flames. Julius got forced to run. The monster dogged his track. “For great is the mystery of faith!” The king skeledragonfinally got exhausted. “So please help me God!” Julius almost roared. He presented the crucifix. The bone dragon king had vanished through the hole. “Not again!” Julius shook that aside. He was alone. Though the priest got to defeat the monster. “Save us!” The bone dragon king had reappeared to spit fireballs. “Let it be!” Julius knelt on the floor. “God with us!” He made it to rain with holy water. The bones got knocked off the frame. Julius ran away. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” The bones might inflict a cursed state.The bone dragon king would never stop hunting him. The flames might burn him to the soul. “You shall leave me alone!” Julius released through the gauntlets. “Return to the Shadow!” The homing ball chased and destroyed. “Glory be You!” Julius made the sign of the cross. That might be enough to shield him against the flying fragments. “Our Father in Heaven!” The bone dragon king was about to strike. “Great is the Lord!” Julius gathered his strength. The priest had begun to blaze. He leaped to strike with the sword. The skeleton roared. “Nothing to lose!” Julius cried their slogan. The king skeledragoncollapsed on the floor. “Then so let it be.” Julius stamped with the crucifix. This was the final. The fire burned out. The monster bellowed. He got pumped with bones. Julius felt the pain surge through his body. He didn’t care. The priest struck with the platinum sword. The skull got pierced on impact. Julius made a back-flip. The bone dragon king burst to pieces. He picked the orb. “Right.” The item restored his health. “I believe.” Julius made the sign of the cross. He couldn’t rest. The priest got up to take the gems. The others got in trouble. Julius would continue the hunt. “God with us!” He brandished with the Stellar sword. The priest had retrieved his weapons. Julius must run to catch up. “Stand were you are.” The robot had noticed. “Away from me!” The priest presented the crucifix. “Only the Lord you shall worship!” He confronted the devil.

The demon sent her a nasty look. Marina would like to burn her out. “Dark ocean world!” That was her jealousy talking. The little witch would not give in to the craving. “Little bitch.” The Succubus became furious. The vile demon was more beautiful then she could ever be. “Right back at you.” Marina snarled. The robot broke the spell. She struck with the whip. That cast the icicles. “There!” Thomas jammed the gate control. “That should hold them!” She shook her head. The machines kept chewing out the battle-droids and robots.“Mother.” The dragonfly monsters were in control. Marina inhaled. “Burn in Hell!” Thomas howled. The robot got the shotgun. Thomas got ahead. He threw the garlic forward. “Fire in the hall!” The onion burst like a bomb. The speed demon crashed against the wall. “Pure water!” Marina cheered. She gathered the fairies. The little sisters would sap their magic. She smiled. The power filled her with dark ecstasy.Marina gasped. She couldn’t help it. This was magic. “Curse it.” Thomas growled. His hair stood on end. They got company. The robot got to fire. “Forget it!” Marina cast the spell. The fire absorbed his skeleton. That didn’t change anything. She got stopped in place. The bikers used electric weapons. “God with us!” Julius was alive.

That was a surprise. Thomas howled. The bikers got attacked from behind. “For Warakiya!” They got to conquer. “Hello Christopher.” Julius had cleaned his forehead. “You are alive.” The man kept his black hair in a ponytail. “I am.” He wore an open coat above the uniform. Thomas knew he was the one. He smelled like the priest. “You finally found a girlfriend?” The grey eyes belonged to a hunter. He leaned on the trident. “My name is Anette Erlanger.” The woman lookedout through a pair of heavy rimmed glasses. “Then please excuse me.” Julius cleared his throat. “There has been a long night.” She shrugged. “That is no mystery.” Anette kept her hair short beneath the cap. She carried a bright yellow coat above the dress. The leather gloves and high-heels almost looked black by the contrast. The knight dismissed. That was none of his business. “What is going on?” Marina asked. She deserved an answer. They both did. “Well?” Thomas arched an eyebrow. The priest inhaled. “That is a long story.” Christopher remarked. “Though it began with the rivalry in 1748.” Thomas knew about that. “The schismonly grew with Nathan Graves and Hugh Baldwin.” He looked embarrassed. “The conflict reached a peak with Clifford Graves.” Thomas listened. This was their story.

Village of Ondol, Warakiya. The 21st. of December 2098 A.D.

The blizzard blew snow against the window. Kay looked upon the storm. He found a refuge.Kay hated to waste this time. But the boy got to refresh himself if he were to do any good. “The hour is approaching midnight.” The cottagegot inhabited. Kay huddled before the oven. He sighed. “I know that.” The peasant was about to prepare the meal. Kay licked his lips. “That smells so good.” He really gothungry. The boy was glad the father would invite him. Kay sighed. The man kept a stake and hammer. Never mind. He was not avampire. “Thanks.” The boy dug into his dinner. “That is no problem.” The old peasant man was a widower. Though he was a nice chef. “Blessed be.” Kay acknowledged before he continued to eat. “That is right.” The houseman had introduced himself as Rufus Smith. Though he got curious. “Then what is such a young man doing outside?” Kay finished his meal. “I do what I must.” He pushed the plate aside. “You can tell me about it.” Rufus kept his gaze. “That is the truth.” Kay reachedfor the kitchen. He got to clean his hands. “My girlfriend got lost in the forest.” He didn’t speak about the journey from the oblivion ridge to the village. Kay didn’t have to. The old man might tell. Kay rubbed his eyes. “How can I help?” He really was kind.

Workshop, “Evil’s nest”. The 21st. of December 2098 A.D.

Theyhad removed the blanket. The toy maker pulled upon the yoke. “I show you it works.” He got the eyes of a madman. “This you are going to like.” The toy maker could be a traitor. The vampirehad served both Gabriel and Soma Cruz. The electricity had charged the being. “He is alive!” The vile alchemist bellowed. “He lives!” His mad laugher then filled the room. “The resistance is doomed!” The manreally was crazy. “Then give me the read-out report.” Dr. Pamela Reisley Porter removed her wheelchair. Her attention transfixed the experiment. The toy maker was mad. Though his craft worked in miracles. The animal stirred. “You see?” The madman gloated. “What a wonderful toy it might be.” The doctor had stopped to listen. The beast had arrived to roar his challenge. “The algorithm is operational.” She admitted. “Then watch him perform.” The monster was cast in strong metal plates. “The mirror shield.” That should make him invincible. “Show of for daddy.” The alchemist giggled. “Let us play!” The CPU mind control apparatus granted an overall command control voice. “Come on now!” The Cyborg reacted. His weapons blazed with automaticprecision. They got shot to pieces. “Do you like him?” The toy maker teased. Dr. Pamela Reisly Porter really got impressed.

Assembly line, “Evil’s nest”. The 21st. of December 2098 A.D.

The cousins told how the bloodline split into fractions. Christopher was glad he found them. The hunter got to tell what happened in October. “I got employed by the Brent corporation.” Anette got a contract. “I got to be a bankman’s solicitor.” The woman became a secretary. “Although Brencorp began collecting money for the Darkrise and Nightfall companies.” Thomas twirled with the trident. “Dracula established those firms in 1792.” Anette shuddered. “The secretary copied the files.” Desmond sighed. “Andrew figured out about this place.” Anette broke through their argument. “We better leave this place.” She had a look around. “Then you tell me about it.” Thomas snarled. “They use the surveillance to spy on us.” Christopher acknowledged. The witch looked sad. “Right.” Julius made the sign of the cross. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” He had unsheathed the Stellar sword. Desmond relaxed. The priest might be the leader. “Then what is the next step?” Why did he ask? “I got a map.” Christopher retrieved from the backpack. “I have an idea.” He told. They gathered about. “Right.” He got to smile. “Though it might be difficult.” That was the least of their problems. “This is what we must do.” Desmond exhaled. He got to explain his strategy.

The light had returned. Anette sighed. The hunter had to unfold the map. “This is it.” Christopher became determined. “I know You might help me.” She hoped they would fight. “You intend to split the group.” The priest was the first who realized about the possibilities.“You want to attack the towers.” Julius shook his head. “That is the only way.” She told. Anette knew about the danger. They discussed this before. She would support the strategy. “The final approach is protected by astrong defencemechanism.” Desmond tried to explain. That was why they went downstairs. “The shield generator is located atop the right tower.” The cute little witch beheld their faces. Anette still didn’t know what to make about her. “Thou shall nay suffer a witch to live.” Anette at least was a Christian witch. She sighed. Thomas frowned. “This is like the Berkeley mansion.” The secretary knew nothing about that. “We have to destroy the central control computer.” The knight struck his trident into the floor. “That might stop the clockwork.” Marina embraced herself. “Alright.” She had decided. “They won’t get away with the pollution.” Anette got impressed. She released her doubt. Marina was more then a witch. “Let it begin.” They got to prepare before the attack.

This was getting out of hand. Julius felt annoyed. “Let it be.” The cousin always got his way. Though not this time. “Listen.” This was his responsibility. Trevor was the chosen hunter. “The Vatican sent me to challenge the count Dracula.” Julius explained. He was the priest. “This is not your quest.” They should leave this place. “This factory is only a giant kill box.” He respected the witch. Though there were greater things at stake. The others had decided. Julius could do nothing. This was a mistake. He got to tell them. “Oh no!”She cut him short. “Beware of the surveillance!” The naptime was over. She used magic to freeze the cameras. That wouldn’t last forever. “Come with me!” Thomas ran down the corridor. “God with us!” The maintain crew cleaned the mess. They left the corpses. Julius made the sign of the cross. “Let it be.” He got a bad feeling about this. “The curse of Darkness.” Christopher frowned. “They are not the fleet guards.” Thomas growled. “Tell me about it.” Anette shook her head. “This is not their uniform.” She explained. “The firm deploy them for their own security.” Desmond touched his own clothing’s. “They intend to make us to look like the U.N. soldiers.” He shuddered. “They fought in the demon castle war.” The priest reached for the crucifix. “That is why they look so familiar.” He got to drop the matter. The cold wind was a warning. “They dabble in the dark arts!” Anette felt the power. They got to fight. “Dead men walking.” The officer got up to search for flesh. “God with us!” Julius had forged the Alura sword. “Look out!” The rotting corpse threw the grenade. “Get back you devil!” Anette got in front. The secretary spread her arms to release the birds. “That is not enough!” Christopher dashed. The turtle shell exploded. “You can’t save her!” That didn’t matter. He wouldn’t listen. “Glory be You!” They had survived the onslaught. “”Our Father in Heaven!” Julius exhaled. He threw the Shuriken like a boomerang. The soldiers tried to ambush the group. “Save us!” They trusted their knives. “Burn in Hell!” Thomas created a brimstone whirlwind to protect. That didn’t prevent the bullets. “Black water!” Marina hid within the bubble. “Get away!” She threw her knives. The officer tried to hit the secretary. The machete might cut her throat. “You shall leave her alone.” Julius got to doused him with holy water. “God with us!” Desmond repeated his slogan. He got a broad sword. The plate armour gave some protection. “Lord in Heaven!” Christopher stabbed the floor to make the rising flames to track forward. The priest made the sign of the cross. That was incredible. Christopher had burned the lot. The officer then struck him with the end of his weapon. “God with us!” That was enough. “Then release me.” Desmond stamped with the cross. The zombie might tear him to pieces. “You have become accursed.” Anette made a grimace before touching the corpse. “Let it be.” She burned the corpse. “Preserve us from evil.” The officer picked her off the floor. “Mother!” Marina cast a spell. “God with us!”Julius made a glide. He got to slay the monster. The priest exhaled. He picked the gems. The others got ahead. The soldiers called the retreat. “Look out!” The bats had left from the ceiling. They swept for blood. “Then so let it be!” Julius made a row of meteors to fall down. “Then stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” The secretary had climbed atop her tiger. “Come on!” The wild cat slashed them into shreds. “Then stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” The maintain bots and zombies had arrived. “God with us!” They would clean the area. “You shall burn in Hell!” The knight howled. Thomas twirled with the trident. The imps and gremlins came in an ambush. “So let it be!” The priest made it to rain with holy water. “God with us!” His cousin kept flouting in the air. The cross had appeared above. “Right.” The offence cleared the area. “Dark ocean world!” Anette and Marina fought back-to-back. They got challenged by the robots. Thomas returned. “Get away!” He had defeated the soldiers. The knight hurled the wild flowers into the air. “Burn in Hell!” The machines got blasted into oblivion. They gathered to collect the crystals. “I have the photographic memory.” Anette revealed. “I memorized the map.” He blinked. “Then why didn’t you tell us?” Thomas asked. They bent closer to talk more about the matter. “That I can do.” The secretary admitted. “What is it?” Julius got to know. She met his gaze. “You go on ahead with Marina and Desmond.” Anette touched the crucifix. “That is alright.” The knightreloaded hisrifle. “This is my department.” He smirked. “The computer is dead.” Julius didn’t know the way. Everything was going array. The witch looked to him for support. “I hope you know what you do.” Thomas wasn’t there when he met the Berkeley computer. He put that aside. Julius would talk with him later. “The Lord shall be with you.” He blessed. That was all he could do. “Thank you.” Thomas hailed. “We meet at the final approach!” Julius watched them leave. “Do not be afraid.” Marina touched his hand. “They can fight.” The priestgot to pull through his ragged blonde hair. The hood concealed his face. That nice. The cloth hid his frustration. “Let it be.” Julius picked together. “Show me the way.” He told. Christopher exhaled. “Then follow me.” He informed. Julius had no choice. “So let it be.” The priest kept hisStellar sword in hand. “God with us.” Desmond also looked ready to hung. They would support each other. “Sweet mother of river!” Marina struck with the whip. “Alright.” He got to hide his ears. The blare was horrible. “They sound the alarm!” He cried. “I knew they would.” Julius made the sign of the cross. “That is too late!” Marina told. “Look!”She pointed. Thetorso-like robots went through the floor. “The drill bots.” Christopherspat on the floor. “You come with us.” The leader told. “Make no resistance.” The priest forged the pyre sword. “God with us!” He wouldn’t listen. Nor would his friends. “Come on!” Desmond cried. Though it was Marina who stepped forward. “Prepare.” She told.

The alarms kept on blaring. Marina cast the whirlwind spell. “Aim for the shoulder!” Christopher cried. The drills disappeared into the top hat. “Then prepare to be terminated.” The priest was more practical. He threw the gold knives toward the robots. “Fire at will.” They withdrew upon their wheels to fire with the electric shots. “They carry the guns!” Desmond then signed toward the chest plate. “I was a fool!” The vampire hunter confessed. “They got other use!” Christopher made the rising icicles to track forward. “I can see that!” The drill bots only got one arm. The laser might melt the ice. “Death water!” Shesnarled. Marina used the bloodwatch. The robots got stopped in place. The witch absorbed the energy. “Then you are under arrest.” The trio had managed to tie her up. Marina fought the giggle. She might develop a taste for the BGSM. The little witch shook that aside. “I don’t think so.” The water pillar sent them against the ceiling. The robots got smashed. She got to bend down. The initial miner got around. “God with us!” Julius doused him with holy water. “Get lost!” He charged. “Leave me alone!” The others were still about. “They got the mirror armour!” Desmond called. “They got built for the underground construction!” Marina cast her magic.

Funfair, “Evil’s nest”. The 21st. of December 2098 A.D.

They had to leave the elevator. Thomas then made the sign of the cross. “Do you feel that?” The knight got to ask. “Yes.” The air grew too cold. “I can.” The secretary looked about. “There is something going on up here.” Anette licked her lips. “Get down!” Thomas howled. The eagles protected this area. “Preserve us from evil!” The knight closed his fist on fire. Then something else fell from the ceiling. Thomas snarled. He threw the garlic upon the birds. They circled about. He got no time. The spider man threw the web. “The spawn of Dracula!” Anette shrieked. “I didn’t know about this project.” Thomas didn’t mind. “Burn you devil!” The mutant wore a silver white combat suit. Ruth had told him about this. He got to escape. Thomas threw the stakes forward. He used the force to make them explode. “You bastard!” The monster leapt high into the air. The eagles got impaled. “I don’t get it.” Anette frowned. “The birds are cast in metal.” Thomas shrugged. “Alright.” That was none of his business. “They must be some sort of cyborg creation.” The spider man dropped to fire with the gun. Thomas threw himself sideways. The beam froze on impact. That was a problem. “Forget it.” The armour wouldn’t be of much help. The angry birds gathered to pick them. “Blasted!” Thomas hid behind the books before releasing heavy flames. “Good.” That cleared the area.

Forest of Debias, Warakiya. The 21st. Of December 2098 A.D.

The sky was clear. Although the weather was cold. They met at the crossroad at Twilight. This was the moment. The presence had left. They were alone again. “Make up the circle.” The necromancer instructed. “Lit the blue fire.” Albus was the leader. “Thy Masters voice.” Laura began to chant. He recognized this ritual. The Lycan occupied the centre. “Let it be.” He volunteered before the ceremony. Anger was the catalyst. They sent Oldrey on an errand. He would not approve of this procedure. Albus dismissed. That was not important. “Begin.” The tome of shadow opened on his own accord. “Excellent.” This book was their treasure. The necromancer then spoke the text revealed to him. “The rooster.”Laura acted accordingly. “The blood give the circle life!” The sun set as she poured out the blood. “Let the circle live!” The congregation had to gather. “Then deliver the ointment!” The vile necromancer declared. “Then let the feast begin!” This for the embodiment of suffering. “By the festival of servants.” The young vampire summoned the Dark Lord in his name. “Dracul!” The beast kept silent. Laura screamed. The drop of blood stained the body with crimson. “Behold!” She declared. “The power of count Dracula!” The seal was broken. This was their finest hour.

Toy room, “Evil’s nest”. The 21st. of December 2098 A.D.

They bowed. The puppet master and toymaker both felt sorry that the doctor had to leave. There were so much they could show. That was not in the cards. They sat at the same table. The holo-field split the furniture in two. “Then let the game being.” The toy maker giggled. “Gentlemen, start your screaming.” The puppet master laughed like a madman. “Then A-16.” The toy maker managed to speak. “Miss!” The marionette man gloated. “B-9.” They laughed. “Sorry.” The toy maker told. “Thank you for playing.” He rolled his eyes. “C-13.” How fun. “Looser.” The puppeteer smirked. “D-19.” Each signal triggered a mine in the workshop. “You missed.” The toy maker told. “B-11.” The signal told that someone reached the pool. “Nice shot.” The puppet master had to giggle. “Bad hit.” The scanner gave the description. “Then you have seen nothing yet.” The toy maker assured. “E-15!” He made a grimace. “Whistle while you work.” The puppeteer tried to look unhappy. He failed, miserably. “We must pay.” The puppet master fought a laugh. “Send me the bill.” He couldn’t resist. “You lost.” The toy maker forced a sob. “A-9.” The puppeteer gleed. “I got your battleship.”

The toy maker broke. “Game over.” He then began to laugh. “Fooled you!” He told.

Assembly line, “Evil’s nest”. The 21st. of December 2098 A.D.

The drill bot went like a bomb. Christopher reached for the cross. “Right.” He threw the vial. “Let it be!” The other robots caught his attention. “Roger, Roger.” They hid within the walls. “God with us!” Desmond cried. He made the lightning to strike down. “Dark ocean world!” The little witch cracked with her leather whip to release the icicles. “Then kill the heroes.” The drill bot opened fire. Christopher blinked. She used the cloak for cover. “God with us!” Julius had arrived. The priest forged the pyre sword. The shots sent her flying. “So let it be.” He then buried the enflamed blade within the shoulder. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” Julius removed the head. “Rest in peace.” Desmond pulled him away. That went up in flames. The witch struggled to get up. “Lay down your weapons.” The battle-droids might take her. “Roger, Roger.” The robots chirped. “You won’t dare.” Christopher got to climb the bike. “God with us!” He threw a flurry of axes. The robots got struck to pieces. “Come with me!” Desmond had pulled her on top. She clung to him with both arms. “Wait for me!” Julius cried. He forgot. There was only this bike. “Then surrender.” The drill bot got up in front. Christopher got no choice then to pull over. “Take this!” Marina cast the flame spell.

The battle went on in front. Julius ran to keep up. His cousin stole the motorbike.“Save us.” That belonged to the demons. “Stop!” The elevator brought another band of fleet guards. “God with us!” Julius cried. He threw the daggers to counter the assault. “Then so let it be!” The eagles got shot to pieces. They were the cyborgs. That didn’t change anything. “Right!” He got to remove the lot. They tried to scratch him. Julius presented the crucifix. “Leave me!” The eagles kept some distance. Julius got above the opening. The drill bots got defeated. “Bless me.” They left the abyss. “For the Dark Lord!” The soldiers advanced. “God with us!” Julius aimed the sword. The priestchannelled through the gauntlets. They burned with fire. The priest got to defeat the lot. The maintain bots had returned to restore order. “Let it be!” Julius made a row of fireballs to fall down. He sighed. The priest picked the gems. “Brave.” The fleet guard fired her shock pistol. “So very brave.” Julius got beneath. “Rest in peace.” The priest had to impale her upon the gold knife. “Preserve us!” The hot head became visible. The wolf droid howled a challenge. “Then so let it be.” Julius forged the angel sword. “Begin.” The robot snarled. “For I am ready.” The familyencountered such monsters in 1999. He dropped the issue. “Kill the hero.” The hot head came rolling forward. “God with us!” Julius went to face the challenge. The robot unfolded to breathe heavy flames. “Let it be!” The priest managed to repell the onslaught. The maintain zombie came to crush his skull. “Get away!” The dead man got the hatchet. Julius threw the vial. “Then you rest in peace.” The corpse got burned to ashes. The hot head robot marched through the flames. “Save us!” The wolf spat a napalm fluid. Julius got to escape. He made a glide. That saved his life. “Good Lord!” The floor was melting. “You won’t!” The hot head leached for the throat. “Then stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Julius hurled the crystal. The robot howled. Black smoke left the joints upon impact. He made a back-flip. The machine might kill him. The floor was breaking. “So let it be!” Julius threw the enflamed axe. The shield reacted. “Save us!” The axe rebounded. The hot head breathed other flames. He got beneath. “Right.” Julius threw the Shuriken. The Ninja star cut some wires. The robot collapsed. “Confirmed.” The maintain bot got to work. “Remove the hero.” They dragged him forward. “Release me!” Julius then presented the crucifix. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost!” That was enough. The robots released him. “Not again!” They repaired the wolf. “Get away!” The hot head got up to release more of the napalm fluid. The eagles had returned to pick him. “God with us!” He made it to rain with holy water. “Glory be You.” He removed the cyborgs. Julius then made the sign of the cross. “Our Father in Heaven.” The Lord had saved his soul. The priest picked the gems. The officer hurled the grenade. Julius summoned the crosses. That caused another explosion. The wolf robot collided with the barrier. “Then so let it be!” The hot head got struck against the wall. “God with us!” Julius got to behead the zombies. The dead officer sent the others forward. They prepared to shoot him. “Then so let it be!” Julius made the sign of the cross. “Rest in peace.” He forced a row of fireballs to fall down. The dead soldiers got burned to ashes. That gave a breather. That didn’t last. “God with us!” The hot head returned. “Let it be!” Julius took the gems. He would fight the righteous battle. The robot spewed more napalm. The floor was melting. Julius made a back-flip to escape. “Deliver us!” He threw the star beyond the inferno. The wolf robot tried to block. “Let it be.” The Shuriken pierced the shielding. Then more smoke got released through the openings. Julius had to retrieve Maxim’s weapon. The hot head then leaped to take him. “God with us!” The robot tried to pull over. “Get away!” Julius got the sword. The blade pierced the body. The hot head squealed in protest. “The end!” The priest might finally relax. “Rest in peace.” The holy water absorbed the machine. The explosion threw him aside. “Save us from evil!” Julius hit the wall. He barely managed to get up. The priest picked the crystals. “Let it be!” The ventilation got blown sky high. The rats leaped to join the battle. “Please, forgive us.” Julius had reached for the crucifix. “For we don’t know what we do.” The men got no right. These specimen were built for the fires of war. “Then preserve us from the wicked One!” Julius made the sign of the cross. He then created the sword storm. That killed the mammals. “Let it be!” That was not important. He got in trouble. The rat robots got the electric shields. They twirled with the tail. The force might stun him. “Leave me.” Julius got other problems. The dead soldier trusted his knife. The chain mail might resist the attack. “God with us!” Julius got to remove the head. “Fire in the hall!” The rat robot stopped to release the rocket. “Good Lord!” The projectile burst on impact. “Save us from evil!” He hid behind the books. They were not unlimited. They used the missiles to blow up the ventilation shaft. “Play ball!” The second robot spread pebble-like objects along the floor. Julius dodged the explosives. “What fun!” He didn’t recognize the voice. That didn’t matter. He could taste the madness. “For the great beyond.” Julius prepared for a clone attack. Christopher got lifted into the air. The holy cross clenched the area. “Thank you.” Julius pulled at the cape. “Blessed be.” Desmond sighed. “Come with me.” He gathered. “Marina is in trouble.” “Then so let it be.” The cousins entered the elevator. “God with us!” The nayad cast the frost spell. “Save us!” The drill bots had returned. “There are only two of them this time.” The priest had no mind. “Lay down your weapons.” The torso robots drilled through the floor. “Make no resistance.” Julius made the sign of the cross. “That rests with the Lord.” They got to fight. “Thank you.” The little witch blew him a kiss. The priest shook his head. Marina struck with the whip.

The robotthen fired with the gun. Marina reached for the pearl necklace. “Surrender.” Christopher hit the wall. “Or prepare to be terminated.” The drill bot got in her way. “Never!” She released the powerful winter magic upon the area. The robot stopped in place. “Mother!” Marina threw the five silver knives. They burned on impact. The robot got thrown aside. “Make no resistance.” Marina gasped. The drill bot used the hookshot to climb in place. “Take the prostitutes.” He threw another line to bind her. Marina giggled. She couldn’t help it. “Let go.” Julius worked with the controls. The elevator got in motion. Marina spun to get free. The priest went to assist his cousin. Marina got left with the robots. “You are under arrest.” They chirped. She guessed that was a pre-programed instruction. “Tell me.” She didn’t care. They got that right. The drill bots got her tied up. “Leave her alone!” Christopher was awake. He threw the axes forward. The bats got defeated. “You let her go.” She released the fairies. That was enough to confuse them. “God with us!” Julius made a row of meteors to fall down. Shepicked the spell book. The pages gave the upper hand. “Mother!” Marina got stunned. The little witch forgotabout the otherrobot. “Sweet mother!” The elevator had reached atop.

Funfair, “Evil’s nest”. The 21st. of December 2098 A.D.

The blast doors got closed in place. Anette made the sign of the cross. “Please, preserve us.” She remembered how to work with the instruments. The monsters might become a problem. They wouldn’t permit them access. Those weird cybernetic eagles had focused on Thomas. The secretary had to charge her flame spell. She might give a hand. The spider man was alive. He climbed down the walls to might take her. Anette released the laser. The mutant lost hold. The armour saved him. “Spread your wings.” Anette said. “And fly for the open sky line.” She released the birds. The pigeons left her care. The mutant got burned within his armour. Anette relaxed. She put the cap into her backpack. The secretary had to remove the gloves.She touched the controls. “Let me see.” Anette whistled while she worked. She felt better. “Back to nature, back to battle.” That was a mistake. The claws reached from the workbench. “Good Lord!” Anette exclaimed. She tried to break free. “Blast it!” Thomas smashed the trap. He really was that strong. “You must be more careful.” She sighed. “You don’t understand.” Anette felt so tired. “Try me.” The knight challenged. “Andrew was my boyfriend.” She told. “He got killed by the contraption.” He frowned. “He sacrificed himself so that I could live.”

The box was quiet. Thomas didn’t care. “Forgive me.” He felt sorry for her. “For everything.” The knight knew how it felt to lose a family. “You don’t have to grieve for me.” Anette told. She used her code. The doors slid aside. “Right.” Thomas touched the crucifix. “Here we go.” This was the funfair. “He is crazy.” This wasn’t what he expected. Thomas shook his head. The place was enormous. “The funfair takes up the entire level.” The secretary explained. Thomas growled. “This place is a labyrinth.” That was not important. “The lab is classified.” That was no surprise. “Tell me about it.” Thomas leaned against the trident. She approached. “Alright.” He made her to stop. “You keep behind.” The scientists worked with the UFO. “Good Lord.” Anette breathed the words. The construction bots pulled away. “Preserve us.” Their task was complete. “Burn in Hell!” Thomas snarled. His eyes shone bright yellow. “God with us!” This didn’t look nice. They got ambushed. The UFO sped through the air. “Look out!” The spider man came from behind. “Good Lord!” Anette released the birds. “Blasted!” The ventilation exploded. The rats had arrived. Thomas picked the cross bullets. The ammo pierced the shield. “Get away!” Anette fired the laser. The mutant tried to block.

Blacksmith, Laruba mansion. The 22nd. Of December 2098 A.D.

The stars shone down through the open rooftop. The apprentice fought with the forge bellow. Regin was pleased by his work. Though they got no time. The hammer hit against the anvil. The sparks flew everywhere. The blacksmith had to be kept in proper. Roland had arrived. The piecemust be complete. Regin was sweating. The warrior was a Fortesque clansman. They were held in high esteem among the tribes. Terrakept singing while carving the runes. The blade was perfect. The witch made the potion for the rite. Sigurd fought with the bellows. The man was no alchemist yet. Regin struck with the hammer. The fire lit up his ashen face.The greying red hair and short beard proved he got some dwarven blood up his family tree. They reduced the heat. Rolandbeheldthe process. The boyarreally seemed to be interested. Regin made a grimace. The boyar came to look on the woman. He did admit she was pretty.The blonde braids framed her features.Even so, Regin didn’t approve. She was his daughter. The rite reached climax. Terra danced.The spirits possessed her. She touched the weapon.The heat never touched her fair skin. That was a rare gift. The blue eyes were shining. “Good.” Roland admired. “Give it to me.” Regin had no mind. He bent to fetch his daughter.

Throne room, final approach. The 21st. of December 2098 A.D.

The general’s chair got turned tothe chamber. Damien Frost beheld the well of the court. Daria Glenholm fought a dual. She turned and twisted to might brandish with the lightsabre. The shock lance met each stroke. The candidate was pleased. The guardians where excellent. The cyborg was something else. The Afro Asian woman kept the braids tight around her head. They came from both sides. The bodyguard escaped.She used her laser. That was impressive. The guardians blocked the pulse. “Good.” Damien Frost had to acknowledge. “Very good.” They went to follow. The rocket knocked them out cold. “Your hate has made you powerful.” The Dark Lord candidate had to admit. “Now, take their place at my side.” Daria shrugged. “Never.” The bodyguardtold.She deactivated her weapon. “I will not be your apprentice.” She dismissed the offer. “I am a bounty hunter.” She sighed. “I did this to prove myself.” Damien Frost had to submit. The guardians where getting up. “Resume your post.” He hissed. “Hail the count.” They saluted. Damienacknowledged the gesture. He still beheld the cyborg. Daria had retained her place. “Do not try to seduce me.” She warned. “I serve the Dark Lord.” The candidate got his answer. “The order of Shadow.” She truly was a loyalist.

Elevator, “Evil’s nest”. The 21st. of December 2098 A.D.

The lift had stopped between the levels. Christopher showed them how to escape. “Come on.” They had to leave through the top hatch. “God with us!” The priest exclaimed. “Excuse me.” Desmond unsheathed his sword. “That I didn’t notice. Marina caught up. “Don’t be sorry.” The nayad told. She cast the whirlwind spell. “God with us!” She made the turrets to go awry. “Watch out!” Julius cried. The grenades caused much damage. Christopher touched the cross. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” The solicitorclimbed ahead. Juliuswas floating in the air. The holy cross made the spider men to fall down. Desmond didn’t wait. He removed the head. Marina acted like a true Dominatrix. She used the whip to strangle the mutant. “God with us!” The turrets were still in effect. “Save us!” The priestgot left alone to counter the assault. Christopher got to impale a spider man. His cousinthen summoned the clone for assistance. They combined their efforts to remove the system. Desmond got impressed. “Heart of Fire.” His cousin was a vampire hunter. They got other problems. The elevator was reaching up. “Good Lord!” Christopher got the shudder. They might become crushed against the ceiling. He got to do something. The solicitor had to figure. Then the hidden plate got moved aside.

The spider men threw the web. Julius bent down. “Good Lord in Heaven!” He got to counter. “Look out!” He made the sign of the cross. The robots fell from the ceiling. “Roger. Roger.” They forced his friend into the box. The mutants left to chase them. “Right.” Julius inhaled. He could do nothing. “Save us from evil.” The angel mummy had arrived. She was beautiful. The queen returned his gaze. Julius withdrew. Her mask was forged of gold. “Come to me.” He might climb upon her platform. “God with us!” The priest gathered his force. “Bless me.” The turrets got in range. “Let it be!” He released the fireball. That chased and destroyed. “Then I summon the ancient power.” The Nubian sorceress touched her crown and necklace. “Please, in the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost!” He got to resist her charm. Her eyes burned behind the mask. “Young fool!” The dragon head leached to breathe flames. “I ruled the nations long before your cross.” Julius made a glide. He threw the axe forward. The priest made the weapon to split in three. The queen shrieked. “You are not a goddess.” She got pierced beneath her bosom. ”You are nothing then a vampire.” She licked her blood. The crimson had spoiled the white outfit. “Then come.” The angel mummy spread her arms. “Then I give myself to you.” She offered him her blood. “Be gone.” Julius crushed the vial. The necklace breathed. The fire collided. He got thrown against the wall. The turrets reacted. They hurled the grenades. “Save us!” Julius got up. He unsheathed the dagger. “God with us!” He threw the knife forward. The weapon split into the five enflamed daggers. “Blessed be.” Julius touched the crucifix. “The Lord lit up his darkness.” The turrets exploded. He sighed. The priest exhaled. The repair crew would fix the system. The angel mummy hit the platform. Julius made a back-flip to escape. He threw the crystal. The shards cut her up. “Accursed!” The queen tore at her white dress. She wept the tears of fire. “Please my Lord, preserve us!” The pieces of her jewelery got spread about. Julius got the platinum sword. He felt the malice. The treasure might inflict a cursed state. “Come!” She threw the fireballs. “Rest with me.” Eternity was her seduction. “Be gone from me Satan!” He presented the crucifix. “Let it be!” Julius got lifted into the air. Time was on his side. The luminous cross burst to purify the area. The projectiles imploded. He sighed. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” To wake the dead. This had to be the end. He struck to might remove her head. The counterforce sent him flying. Julius felt so broken by the impact. “Then so let it be.” He used the laurels. That didn’t matter. The gold bones pierced his body. Julius screamed. He felt like the curse was tear out is heart. The turrets got in range. “Help me!” Julius breathed. They fired the laser. He held the sword. The storm broke the assault. Julius managed to get up. The angel mummy struck the platform. The queen was without mercy. “God with us!” Julius made the sign of the cross. “Save us!” The necklace leached to spit fireballs. “This is for Maxim!” The priest hurled the Shuriken. The gold star got buried in her chest. “God with us!” Julius cried. He retrieved the weapon. The priest got to escape the gold fragments. He managed to repel the treasure. “Not again!” The guns turned to fire. Julius roared. He got hit beneath the knees. The mummy laughed. “You poor holy man.” She healed. The black skin was flawless. “You cannot conquer me.” The angel mummy would let him die. “God with us!” He summoned the circle of crosses. “Rest in peace!” Julius hurled the five gold knives forward. Then he collapsed. “Help me.” The blood had soaked his trousers. The priest got to remove the bullets before he might heal. “Out of time.” The bats squeaked for blood. “Then so let it be.” Julius threw the three vials. They got burned to ashes. He picked the gems. “Your life is over.” The priest got another vial. The rising flames might burn her out. The necklace dragon hit the floor. Julius exhaled. “Right.” He got to fight. That was impossible. The pain was unbearable. “Into Your hands!” Julius cried. “I commit my soul!” The crown skull extended to breathe flames. He blinked. They somehow changed places. Julius reached through the gauntlets. He touched the mummy. “How dare you!?” The queen’s jewelleries got trust into the pyre. “This I do because I must.” Julius got to present the crucifix. The pieces cut his body. He felt like they scratched his mind. He fell on the floor. They were ready. Julius inhaled. He made a row of clocks to fall down. He might breathe. “Rest in peace.” Julius doused the angel mummy withinthe holy water. The jewelleries broke apart. That was an illusion. The priest got hurt. Julius fell into a heap. The laurels were a gift. Hegot the sword. The turrets threw grenades. He removed the pieces. “God with us!” He created the mass illusion to might break the assault. She hurled a fireball. “Then so let it be!” Julius had forged the fairy sword. The earth gave strength. “God with us!” He repelled the fireball. The storm pierced her body. The jewelleriesbroke apart. “Save me!” The turrets fired. Julius got the crosses. The crown and necklace reached to breathe flames. “Into Your hands!” He cried. “I commit my spirit!” He threw the axe. Life was a weapon. They exploded. The mask fell away. She decayed before his eyes. “Rest in peace.” She might. “That is mine!” He leaped for the orb. The crystal fell on the elevator. He grunted on impact. That was hard. The ball kept rolling forward. “Right.” Julius picked it up. That restored him. The bullets got stuck. “Come on.” Marinaarrived. “Perfect.” Christopher got to carry him. “Thank you.” They might be crushed against the ceiling. “Gently now.” Shefound the bullets. “Use the laurels.” She told. “Alright.” Julius gasped. The pain subsided. “Are you alright?” Desmond helped him to get up. “Through the grace of God.” He touched the crucifix. “Ouchtime.” Marina teased. “This is it.” The priest made the sign of the cross. “Followme.” He inhaled. “Fine.” Thomas got ready. The doors opened. Julius led them into the workshop.

Workshop, “Evil’s nest”. The 21st. of December 2098 A.D.

There was that sound again. Marina bit her lip. “The clashes of waves.” She would be sick. “Oh no.” The witch wished that Thomas came along. “Not again.” The curse of lust was alive. The knightmight give some comfort. She knew that he would keep her safe. “God with us!” The cousins unsheathed their weapons. “Mother!” Marina cried. She cracked with thewhip. They got to burn the bats. “Look out!” The swarm squeaked for blood. “Good Lord!” Christopher had to pull her aside. “You like me?” She got excited. The feeling soon subsided. The speed demons swept down the corridor. “Be gone!” Julius presented the crucifix. Succubus stopped to fire. “So let it be!” The gun might stun them in place. “God with us!” The others sped forward. “Dark ocean world!” Shethrew the five knives. Zacchino screamed. He burned. “Right.” Desmond stabbed to release the rising flames. “Beware of the Dark!” They got other problems . Marina touched the necklace. The robots hid within the ceiling. “God’s holy mother!” Julius made the sign of the cross. Thedemons cheered and applauded. “Ready to launch.” The seal robots deployed their items. “Never!” Marina cast the frost spell. They fired. She got met by the snowflakes. “God with us!” Desmond threw the boomerangs.

Funfair, “Evil’s nest”. The 21st. of December 2098 A.D.

The spider man approached. Anette made the sign of the cross. “Right.” She must be brave. Andrew would expect no less of her. “This is for my father!” Thomas released the flames. The mutant got burned by the effort. “Oh Thomas!” Anette cried. “I know.” Thomas sighed. The flying sorcerer was about the size of a helicopter. “Please, preserve us from the Shadow!” Anette touched the crucifix. The iron-grey space ship got a domed shaped cockpit. “Alright!” The pilot looked through the windshield. The bottom slid aside to reveal the cannons. “Blasted!” Thomas threw roses at the cockpit. The pilot used the burners to elevate the ship. Then he fired. “Prepare to be terminated.” Anette got involved with the construction bots. They used their tools like weapons. “Then so let it be!” The turtle cleaned their clock. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord.” She couldn’t rest. Another UFO left the platform. The ship launched the rockets. “Fly away!” Anette released the pigeons. They took the brunt. She summoned the dragon. The familiar might smash the flying sorcerer. “Glory be You!” Anette then made the sign of the cross. “Our Father in Heaven!” The astronaut was still alive. The spider man used the jet-pack to fly in the air. Anette bit her lip. Then she fired the laser.

The monster shrieked. Thomas didn’t care. He killed the astronaut. The UFO got other cargo. “Save us.” He made the sign of the cross. “There are too many!” The knight didn’tcount. “This is madness.” Anette had killed the spider man. He gave no answer. Thomas howled. The sonic attack might stun the aliens in place. “Burn in Hell!” The foul creatures spread out. They got to dodge the acid. He ripped the heart of a monster. The liquid burst like a fountain. Thomas staggered. The monsters attacked. “Then stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” The laser removed the head. “Keep the faith.” Anette smiled. She made the sign of the cross. The falcon destroyed the saucer. “Please, preserve us!” The astronaut and aliens had escaped. The invaders advanced with their shock lances. “Come to me!” Thomas enforced the trident. “You bastards!” He met them in hand-to-hand combat. Anette managed to dodge the rocket. “Oh my God!” They hit the alien. “You leave her alone!” He snarled. Anette took the gems. She got to defeat the mutant. The construction botshad repair themselves. “Roger. Roger.” They surrounded the secretary. “Not today!” The tiger ripped them apart. “That is my girl!” Thomas howled. The leader was here. Thomas would fight. He got into a defensive posture.

Forest of Debias, Warakiya. The 22nd. Of December 2098 A.D.

The sunlight got reflected by the snow. Anna was kind of busy. This was because of Dracula. Because of his hate and lust for power. The dancing girl spun around to execute a force kick. The lizard hissed before he fainted. Anna felt supreme. The raven tried to tear her throat. Anna reached for the crucifix. “For queen and den!” Isaac and Robert fought back-to-back. The man-beasts got put to the test. Claudia knelt to throw powder. The substance exploded. Anna released the star field. The fireballs burned the arrows. The archers became transfixed. The chill air kept blowing. That threw the snow against their faces. Anna continued to dance. The mutantsoldiers fought to gather. She licked her lips. The monsters stared. Anna giggled. She couldn’t help it. The dancing girl loved to be adored. Anna winked. The ravens shriek. She caused the chain lightning. “Stop playing around!” Claudia called. That broke her reverie. Anna shook her head. She pulled through the hair. The locks reached beneath her shoulders. Shegot to reach up with bothhands. Anna used the meteor dash to might break the soldiers. “Nice work.” The harpy breathed in her ear. Anna shuddered. She had retrieved the crystals. “Can I have a share?” The sister laughed.”Leave her alone!” Claudia howled her challenge.

Computer lab, “Evil’s nest”. The 21st. of December 2098 A.D.

The central computer fed the tactician bot with intelligence. He relayedto thedeck-officer. “Roger, Roger.” The commander issued these demands. That was a command control voice. That was unnecessary. The system was programmed for stand-by alert. They would comply.Even if every living member got slaughtered. Such would initiate the rise of the machines;His last command. “Find them.” The voice got relayed through the implant communicator. “The calculation is prohibited.” There were too many life forms aboard for any exact location. “Then you keep on scanning the area.” The master control voice entailed. “Yes, my lady.” The sergeant was ready to serve. “Then the status of the stand-by alert is to be maintained.” The communicator went quiet. “Confirmed.” The tactician bot inspected the 3D-hologram. that contained the read-out of the lantern. The central computer would detect any anomaly. There had been a breach in protocol. The surveillance became obscure. “Relay intelligence.” The technology would detect any form of carbon sorcery. They had to adapt, or be destroyed. They were not superior. “Invasion alert.” The image changed to pinpoint the location. “Affirmative.” The robot reacted. He downloaded the available files for the evaluation.

Workshop, “Evil’s nest”. The 21st. of December 2098 A.D.

The offence saved her life. Christopher sighed. The cross boomerangs cut upthe body. “Watch it!” The sealreleased a bomb. “Right!” He made the rising flames to track forward. That didn’t prevent the explosion. Desmond touched the cross. The bats squeaked for blood. “Daughters of river!” Marina exclaimed. She cracked with the whip. That was not enough. “God with us!” Julius got occupied by the demons. The woman blew a kiss. “Leave me!” Christopher got to resist. “The seals!” The priest shouted. They kept in place. “Preserve us!” They barely moved. Desmond felt so helpless. The seal robots released a snowflake breath. “Their shots forge into icicles!” The little witch got in danger. Christopher threw the daggers. The trioimpaledthe shield. The robot exploded on impact. “Right.” He sighed with relief. “Do you want a kiss?” Succubus asked. She came to pull over. “You leave him alone.” Marina approached. “You know we are both whores?” Succubus laughed. “Tell me about it.” She released the pages. That ripped her clothings. “You slut!” The demon got burned to ashes. Marina picked up the gems. She went to combat the seals. “Alright.” Desmond would fight. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” Julius released the fireballs. “Clever.” He admitted.

The hall passed the chambers. Julius shook his head. He barely recognized the instruments. The priest tried to shake it. The speed demons almost pulled over. He gripped the sword. Julius exhaled. They removed the eagles. The cyborgs nested within the security. “Let it be!” His cousin threw a flurry of crosses. “Thank you.” Marina blew a kiss. “I love you.” Christopher blushed. “She must be teasing.” The priest reached for the crucifix. “Don’t ask.” He sighed. “Don’t tell.” Desmond assured. “Right.” Julius had tightened his grip. “Look out!” The seals released the snowflake spreadshot. “Black water!” Marina hid beneath the cape. “Mother!” She came up to counter. Christopher defeated Zacchino. His cousin got ahead. Julius made a grimace. He often got so frustrated about his family. The dispute had to linger. The witch got excited. She had used the bloodwatch again. He threw the vial. “God with us!” Julius got to keep the demonsoccupied. The Belmont clan should have broken that watch. Lust was one of the seven deathly sins. “Stop!” The priest had to figure. “Stay were you are.” The maintain and construction bots formed a line. The turrets prepared to fire. “Save us.” Julius made a glide to escape the bullets. “Fine.” Desmond threw the axes. “Hello boys.” Succubus left the motorbike.”Missed me?” She smiled. Julius got in among the work force. The pyre sword gave an edge. “Julius!” Marina cried. “Get away!” They got the bombs ready. “Then please, preserve us from the wicked One.” Juliusheld the crucifix. “Do you hear that?” The clashes of waves sent echoes throughout the workshop. That was somehow appropriate. The little witchran to cover the object. She froze it solid. Christopher sent it rolling forward. The demon shrieked. The bombs exploded in front of hermotorbike. She died in an instance. “Thus you may rest in peace.” Julius reached for the crucifix. The priest felt sorry about her. The Lord might forgive her. If He so wished. Julius accepted His judgement. “God with us!” The repair-droids brandished with their instruments. They used the gear like weapons. “Right!” Julius struck with the platinum sword. “Watch out!” They threw grenades. “Fine.” His cousin made it to rain with holy water. The angry birds exploded. “That is not enough!” The robots hid beneath their hard hats. “Death water.” The bikes caught up. They got armed. “Kyrie Eleison.” Julius made the sign of the cross. “I hate you.” Zacchino aimed his pistol. “Come along girly.” He smirked. “You have to leave them alone.” Marina looked at a loss. This was a trap. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost!” This was beyond. The priest would fight to the end. Desmond was ready. They would fight back-to-back. Christopher carried the bracelet. The priest might relax. Juste gave that to Maxim in 1748. ”This will be alright.”Hebeheld the broad sword. “Together we stand.” The priest inhaled. Julius then caused the row of fireballs to fall down. “God with us!” Desmond made a glide. He got up to impale the demon. “You Belmont scum!” The Succubi cried. “Fire in the hall!” The biker sirens fired their weapons. Julius threw himself upon the floor. “God with us!” Christopher repeated their slogan. “Right.” He got up to challenge the monsters. “Not again!” That wasa bomb. Marina had vanished. He shuddered. “You don’t put me in the cooler!” Desmond made the rising icicles to track forward. The bomb exploded. He got thrown away. The priest shook his head. “Girls who want to have fun.” Succubus reloaded her weapon. Christopher got busy with the robots. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” He ran to assist. “Then so let it be!” Julius sent the clocks spinning. The bikers never knew what hit them. “Rest in peace.” Their heads rolled on the floor. “Preserve us from evil.” The sistersburned. “Let it be the end.” Julius beheld the pyre. He sighed. The rocket got launched by the defence. Julius had no mind. He threw the axe. The missile burst on impact. “Be gone from me Satan!” The launcher turned around to release the three rockets. “Only the Lord you shall worship!” He threw the Shuriken like a boomerang. The star crushed both the missiles and the launcher. The outburst threw him upon the floor. Desmond helped him to get up. “Where is the witch?” Julius didn’t care much about his cousin.“She ran away.” He frowned. “She is like a sister.” The priest didn’t comprehend. Why would she do that? “We have to find her.” He said. Christopher shrugged. “Wait a moment.” He warned. The blast doors got slammed in place. “This is a trap!” The priest made the sign of the cross. “Tell me about it.” He sighed. Desmond approached the computer. “I kept my security card.” He told. “That might work.” The priest inhaled. “Let us pray.” He retained a ready position. “They can’t change the code.” Christopher began tapping. “Fine.” Julius longed for the church. There they might be safe. “They accepted the code.”Julius touched the crucifix. “Stop!” Desmond kept him behind. “We have to wait for the security.” Julius pushed him aside. He was tired about the attitude. Julius froze in place. “Good Lord in Heaven!” The crystals created a web of pure energy. “Stand were you are!” The three destroyer-droids had unfolded. “Hand over your weapons.” Julius forged the fairy sword. “Let it be!” Christopher flouted in the air. The cross exploded. The crystals got crushed to pieces. “God with us!” Desmond threw the three daggers forward. He dashed to remove the head. The destroyer exploded. “Good Lord!” They turned to fire. They got too busy. The bats squeaked for blood. They went like a wail. Julius got the book. The pages pierced the shield. The robot fired a shot. “God with us!” Julius impaled the heart. The blast made him to kneel. That saved his life. The rats had arrived. “Then so let it be!” Julius doused them in holy water. That carved some space. The priest sobbed. “Forgive me.” He made the sign of the cross. Juliuswould pray for Marina.The witchmight save herself. “God with us!” Juliuspicked the gems. The priest got to solve this problem.

The oval room must be the heart of this area. Marina bit her lip. The mutanthurled his nett. The little witch cast the flame spell. She got to burned the web. The waves clashed together. Marina looked forward to dive into the pond. this wasnot the time. The UFO were on display. She was lucky to be alive. The monster fired the ice blast. She met the man with equal fury. He was not alone. Marinahad managed to impale the alien. The creature slid off her knife. The little witch gotdisgusted. She cleaned the blade upon his outfit. That was only a breather. Marina got observed. There was someone behind the crescent computer. She had to escape. The post was protected. She made a face. Marinareleasedthe pages. They pierced the armour. The spider man exploded from the inside. Marina sighed. That was close. She got the jewels. They replenished her energy. The witch inhaled. She would make a dive. “Mother of river!” The observer had turned the pick-out guns. Marina reached for the necklace. “Black water!” The little witchremoved her short cape. She would show them. Her tribe got their own power. The bodies hit the floor like drops of liquid metal. “Dark ocean world!” The nayad shrieked. Marina released the fairies. This was too much. The monsters would take her away.

Funfair, “Evil’s nest”. The 21st. of December 2098 A.D.

The alien let down the hood and cloak. Anette reached for the crucifix. “Then so let it be.” The face was marked by red and black tattoos. She got no weapons. “Black witchcraft.” Anette so wished that she had inherited Sypha’s staff. “Please, have mercy on the criminal.” She shook upon her dark blonde hair. The monster ignited the dual lightsabre. “Good Lord!” The exhibit got shot to pieces. She never expected to see them. “Save us from the evil One!” They were just another project on the office-chief’s computer. “Hand over your weapons.” The robots meant business. “You are under arrest.” The trio of destroyer-droids unfolded. “Alright!” Thomas threw himself into battle. “To Hell!” The alien met him with equal fury. “To fight the righteous battle.” Anette gathered her strength. The robots approached. “Surrender.” They requested. “Into the hands of the Lord!” Anette presented the crucifix. They opened fire. The turtle shell protected her body. “Be free!” Her birds flew in a circle. “Prepare to be terminated.” The robots got shot to pieces. “Not you!” The hot head howled. Anette felt the chills down her spine. She made the sign of the cross. Here they couldn’t win. She got no choice. “God with us!” Anette would resist to the bitter end.

At war. Whisp snarled. He was deep in the force. The alien twirled with the dual lightsabre. The knightstood tall. The monster could kill them both. He knew that Anette got in trouble. The leader spat more acid. “You bastard!” He howled. “Burn in Hell!” Whisp had to escape. There was nothing left to do. She must help herself. The destroyers kept them apart. “Blasted!” The sonic blast might hold him. The alien got forced aside. “Then so let it be.” Whisp tried to force the blade upright. That would not be easy. “Fine.” The knightgrowled. He must retreat. Someone fired a laser. The robot got shot to pieces. “Now this is rafting!” Anette had conquered the UFO! The knight threw himself sideways. He threw the Bibhuti. The alien pushed through the attack. That was impossible! The UFO collided against the wall. Anette couldn’t possibly know how to fly that thing. The knight had regained his human form. That didn’t matter. He would fight the righteous battle. The hot headspewed more napalm. Anette escaped.She turnedthe ship upside-down. The robot howled. Thomas got in trouble. The hot head spat a series of the electric shots. The knightempowered the stakes. “Try this! You bastard!” This was the end. The alien approached. Then the rocket went home.

“Three pretty petals”, Dora wood. The 22nd. Of December 2098 A.D.

The air was thick with incense. Mercedes rubbed the ointment into her skin. “The dragon.” She cared about her looks. He would be pleased. The German whistled while she worked. “You look nice.” She turned around. “You always do.” Gabrielle pulled the tapestry aside. “Thank you.” The French arched a painted eyebrow. Mercedes sighed. “What do you want?” She got to finish with the make-up. “Gillian sent me to tell you.” Gabrielle hid her smile. “The other harlotshave arrived.” Mercedes bent to tie up the loincloth.“That is no surprise.” She pulled at the baggy trousers. Why did the householder insist on wearing such costumes? Never mind that now. Then she heard what Gabrielle tried to tell her. “Who are they?” Mercedes knew she was too eager. She didn’t care. The German got to watch her situation. “Come and see.” Gabrielle smirked. She put on the corset. That was made of black leather. Mercedes knew what they said about her. That she enjoyed this way of life. Then why not? They crushed her dreams. There was no point in keeping them alive. Mercedesreached out.She pull her by the necklace. “I told you not to play me.” She said. “Tell me who they are.” Gabrielle was a submissive. She could do nothing more then to obey her customers.

Throne room, final approach. The 21st. of December 2098 A.D.

The holo-field then suddenly lit up. Daria clenched her fists. She disliked this figure. “Boarding complete.” The dark apprentice wore the black mask and cloak. “Please, continue.” The voice didn’t belong to her. Damien Frost acknowledged the statement. “Who is she?” Daria so wished to know. “This is my apprentice; Black Rage.” The vampire smiled. “I see.” They had met once before. “Excellent.” This was a mistake. They didn’t belong to the order. “She will find our renegade band.” His pitiless grey eyes beheld her reaction. “Yes my lord.” Daria became transfixed. The gaze pierced her mind. “Release me!” She shriekedin anguish. The pain was unbearable. “You caught my attention.” He closed his fingers. They were alone. Daria then felt chills down her spine. “Yes my lord.” She would never return to the streets. “Like you say.” The vampiredismissedabout the matter. “You must remember.” He said. “You share in the Armageddon project.” Daria made no reply. “There are things you can do.” She never felt this cold before. Damien was right. She shouldn’t have accepted this contract. The life ofan outlaw wasn’tthat bad. Now it was too late. “Thou shall kill the Belmont clan.” That was the last command. “I hark Thy voice.” The Dark Lord had finally showed his hand.

Workshop, “Evil’s nest”. The 21st. of December 2098 A.D.

They came for blood. Christopher got obscured by the bats. He might feel their hunger. Desmond wished he could change the past. Then nothing of this might happened. “Look out!” The pages slashed the swarm. Christopher stabbed down to make the flames to track forward. He went for the computer. “Right.” They got to remove the second gate. “Then so let it be.” The crystal shard got installed within the walls and ceiling. Desmond was glad they realized. The mechanism might blast the group to pieces. “Please!” His cousinrepeated. “Hurry up!” Julius almost got defeated by the rats. “You relax.” He reached for the cross. “Roger, Roger.” The left gate was open. “Oh no.” He breathed. “Not you again.” The battle-droids had arrived. “Open the door!” Julius made the sign of the cross. “Alright.” Christopher sighed. “Trust me.” They hunted the night long before the priest came along. Desmond shrugged. That was unfair. Thefeud only played into Dracula’s hands. They must find a settlement. The doors slid aside. Christopher inhaled. He might still do the trick. “God with us!” Julius got his hands on fire. The sword was burning. He repelled the fire.Desmond unsheathed the sword. “Let it be!” They united. The robots got no chance. The blood of the hunter gave extraordinary powers.

The robots lay in peaces. Julius had picked the crystals. “For the Lord is great and merciful.” He made the sign of the cross. The defence was in place. The priest released the sword storm. The crystals imploded on impact. “Then you really are a Belmont.” His cousin remarked. “That is not true.” Julius exhaled. “I am a Kishine.” He went to inspect the area. “Save us!” The bats swooped from set positions. Christopher threw the vials forward. He took the brunt. The dead soldiers hid behind the instruments. “God with us!” The zombies lined up to fire. “Preserve us from evil!” He summoned the crosses. That was not enough. “Let it be!” Desmond got the spinning books. “Get down!” The officer threwa grenade. “Fire in the hall!” The impact shook the area. That removed their barrier. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” “He got the machete!” Christopher threw a flurry of crosses. The officer maintained the order. Julius bent in front. He channelled through the gauntlets. The fireball chased and destroyed. The priest inhaled. He burned the shooters. “Save us.” Julius got face-to-face with the officer. The zombie stanched. He fought the urge to vomit. The man was big. His hands were shaking. The soldiers got beyond. Desmond was pressed against the wall. The officer kept him busy. Julius did his best. The dead sergeant refused to burn. The crucifix felt heavy around his neck. “Then so let it be!”He surrendered into the hands of God. The clone appeared from behind. The doppelganger removed the head. The officer pulled the grenade. They pierced the heart. That was the end. “Glory be You.” Julius inhaled. “Our Father in Heaven.” He almost died. The clone disappeared. The priest reached for the crucifix. “For great is the mystery of faith.” Julius removed the cape. His cousin fought on. Christopher made it to rain with holy water. He threw the three daggers forward. The zombie soldiers got taken aback. “God with us!” Desmond made the lightning strike. He leaped to impale the undead. The corpse collapsed. “They are coming!” Julius blinked. The solicitor made a glide. He threw the axes. “Let it be.” The bats kept shrieking. Julius made a row of meteors to strike down. The swarm got crushed. ”Watch out!” The soldier trusted his knife. The chain mail resisted the impact. “Be gone!” The priest presented the crucifix. “In the name of the Lord!” The soldiers disliked the gesture. “Continue!” Christopher encouraged. “Keep them busy!” Julius arched an eyebrow. “Right.” He got no choice. The zombies reloaded their weapons. “God with us!” The priest advanced. Julius would put them to rest. “Come on.” Desmond fought with the computer. “Game over. You bastard.” The gate got moved aside. “In Manos Toas Domine.” Julius kept the crucifix. The soldiers hid their faces. “Rest in peace.” He threw the five daggers forward. “Let it be.” The knives exploded on impact. Julius went to retrieve the gems. “Get away from there!” Christopher tried to tell him. That was too late. The turrets got in range. “Into Your hands.” The priest inhaled. “I submit my spirit.” Juliuswas ablaze. “My blood shall hunt the night!” The Lord had made him both invulnerable and invincible. Julius got to destroy the turrets. Then the power left him. “God with us!” Desmond released the pages. They must unite. “Stop!” The vampire hunters got in trouble. Theguards picked their items. “Hold your fire.” The leader demanded. “Or we will shoot.” That was no idle threat. “That rests with the Lord.” Julius made the sign of the cross. “You freeze!” They got cornered. “If that is what you wish.” His cousin stabbed down to make the rising icicles to track forward. The system exploded. “God with us!” The soldiers got frozen in place. The priest picked the gems. “Forgive us!” They were living beings. He dashed into the oval room. “Julius!” Marina cried. “Watch out!” Shegot in danger. “Get out of there!” Christopher told. “The aqua troopers might kill you!” Desmond threw a flurry of crosses. “There shall always be a lamp lit for the house of men.” The priestwould fight the righteous battle. “Kill the hunters!” The divers spread out for cover. The blue and black armour seemed to blend with the background. “You leave her alone!” Christopher threw a wave of daggers forward. The trooper got impaled. He took the gems. The little witch hid within her bubble. The diverreleased the harpoon. Marina got down. Julius cast the Shuriken. The priest would hunt the night. The star struck the re-breather mask. The helmet got smashed to pieces. Julius retrieved his item. The trooper gasped. He collapsed. Julius frowned. Who were these people? He got to know. “God with us!” That had to wait. “Look!” Marina shrieked. “There is a maelstrom!” She was right. “Preserve us from evil!” Julius made the sign of the cross. The submarine launched twin torpedoes. “Bombs away!” The diver pulled at the switch upon his belt. The explosion sent them flying. “So let it be!” The priest got the laurels. He would fight. The sharks showed no mercy.“God with us!” Christopher emerged from the wreckage. He used the mystic book. “Then so help me God!” His cousin flouted in the air. The holy cross crushed both the pick-out guns. “Human slime!” That was a mistake. The scientist kept blasting. Julius reached for the crucifix. He was crazy. The electric charge might kill his friends. Marina approached the pool. “Relax.” She smiled. “Now it is my time to shine.” Julius made no remark. The frog-like robots had reached ashore. Marina removed her costume. She leaped ahead. “God with us!” Julius forged the fairy sword. His life might be a weapon. The priest would fight the righteous battle. “God with us!” Desmond had not become lazy. His vampire hunt had made him into a target. Julius frowned. He almost felt jealous. The priest shook his head. That was the Shadow talking. “Help me.” Julius had to breathe. . He wouldnot be used like maxim. “For great is the mystery of faith.” The priest would support his friends. “God with us!” Julius made it to rain with holy water. That gave an edge. The priest exhaled. “Let it be.” He still got the fairy sword.

The toxic seahorse fired a shot. Marina blocked the needles. They came from the submarine. The nayad froze the robot. Their lot polluted the water. Marina dived beneath the harpoons. The dark blue submarine looked like a giant fish.The battleship must be a 100 years old. Marina frowned. The Belmont clan told about the war. The aqua-droid caught her attention. She dropped the subject. The ice blast might kill even her species. That wouldn’t happen. Marina used the bloodwatch. That froze them in time. The nayad felt thrilled with vile cstasy. That happened every time she used the item. Marina blushed. She felt so excited. “Mother!” She cursed the druid’s spell. The Lycan was right. She was worth more than this. Never mind. The time was up. The robots closed in about her. “Dark ocean view!” Marina threw it aside. There were no one here to watch her. She cast the whirlwind spell. The magic spread beyond. “Strike!” She cast the fireballs to might clean the pool. The toxic seahorse got shot to pieces. The drop bombs exploded. Marina used the bubble for cover. She froze the robots. “Mother.” The gems replenished her energy. Shesighed. The submarine got ahead. That was the threat. Marina would not surrender. “Subterranean Hell.” She cursed. The nayad then cast the spell.

Funfair, “Evil’s nest”. The 21st. of December 2098 A.D.

The missile caused secondary explosions. Anette fought with the instruments. “Preserve us.” The UFO was a nightmare to control. Anette made the dragon to attack. She climbed aboard. The secretary watched through the transparent windshield. The smoke was finally clearing. Anette prayed she didn’t kill him. She sighed with relief. He was there. “Thank the Lord.” The knight waved to tell her. She reached for the crucifix. The Lord would guide them. “Preserve us!” Anette lost control. She tried the company’s fighter. This was something else. Could this be the real thing? The secretary shook her head. The flight had spun out of control. “Save me!” Something hit her. She launched the rocket. Anette could only hope for the best. She collided. “One minute until ignition.” The computerized voice declared. Anette gasped. She hit the self-destruct mechanism. The secretary dashed for the air-lock. “Come on!” Thomas was there to might pull her out. “Did I get them?” She asked. The knight smirked. “You got the monster alright.” Anette might finally relax. Then she looked for the hot head. The machine might still be up and active. Thomas shook his head. “You crushed the wolf.” He told. “You smashed it on impact.” The elevator was going up. Anette got ready for action.

The floor got protected by the scientists. Whisp howled. He would tear the post apart. “Stronger we are!” The crazy demonsfired their pick-out guns. “In the name of the Lord!” The knightbelieved in the secretary. “Let it be!” He howled. Anette presented the crucifix. The crystals shielded the crescent control-posts. Whisp snarled. He threw himself forward. The flame troopers fired their weapons. He twirled with the trident to might deflect the attack. That wasn’t enough. “Bombs away!” The leader pushed the button upon his belt. “Blasted!” Thomas shrieked.He hurled the Vibhuti. The ash powder protected against the explosion. “You can’t win.” The shock trooper got the gun. “All who oppose the Dark Lord must die.” Thomas snarled. “I don’t care.” He muttered. “Then your life is forfeit.” The feline smirked. She pulled the trigger. Whisp howled. She staggered. He released the flames. “Get away!” Anette threw herself on top. The Falcon made rocks to fall down. That smashed the security. “Leave us alone!” The secretary got up to fire her laser. Nyx perished in her seat. “Perfect!” Thomas conjured the books. The troopersescaped. “Good Lord!” The scientist fired the guns. The charge stunned him in place. “Release him!” Anette cried. She summoned the dragon.

Forest of Debias, Warakiya. The 22nd. Of December 2098 A.D.

The harpyswooped to release her feathers. Claudia would not be the weak link. Not this time. The wind was picking up. Isaac and Robert fought back-to-back. “For queen and den!” Claudia unsheathed the short-sword. This was not how it was supposed to be. “You whore!” The fox-archer fired his bow-and-arrows. Anna got shot. The monsters jeered with triumph. The Gypsygirl burst into flame. “For queen and den!” Claudia felt numb. “Never again!” Claudia howled. “Listen!” Robert cried. “The Phoenix!” The song renewed her courage. There were still some ambers left toburn in the pyre. The soldiersbegan to exchange glances. “Alight in the darkness!” Claudia cheered. The Phoenix rose from the ashes. “Lord Dracula!” The fox-archer had one look before he fled. This was a miracle. The sun bird was immortal. The song might break the heart of stone. Her tears healed their wounds. Claudia sighed. “Thank you.” That was a relief. The Phoenix went for the monsters. “For queen and den!” Claudia couldn’t waste this opportunity. The soldiers would soon regain their composure. They gotno choice thento fight. The music subsided. That was a problem. The girl returned. She sighed. Anna was alive.No matter. Claudia knew they still got hard times ahead.

Final approach, “Evil’s nest”. The 21st. Of December 2098 A.D.

The command centremust be prepared. Black Rage kept her gloved hands behind her back. “…have reached…We are…Massacred!” The hologram flickered. “Inspect the transmitter.” She demanded. “Yes my lady.” Winnifred O’Hara was the chief controller.“As you wish.” The officer carried a scaly implement. ”Then you might continue.” The warlock dismissed. That woman wore her scars like they were distinctions. The lintels reported about an accident. They mentioned an electric experiment that went awry. “Captain.” She beckoned. “My lady?”Dietrich Herzt made a step forward. “Inform the” FireFist” That we have it ready to deploy.” The vampire offered his salute. “As you wish.”Black Rage considered the possibilities. “Excellent.” The burning anger filledthe void. That was glorious. She rarely felt so alive. “My lady.” The controller had returned. “The resistancedestroyed the surveillance system.” Her light flavoured skin had turn grey. «Of course.” The breathing never changed phase. “Conductyour search.”The warlock decreed. They cyborg got to execute the command. “Calculate every possible location after their last known projectory.” They hailed the count. This would turn the lantern against them. “Alert the commands.” The officertoldher crew.

Workshop, “Evil’s nest”. The 21st. of December 2098 A.D.

The pond went upin steam. “Good God in Heaven!” Christopher cried at the top of his lungs. The ability to cause lightning became their final card. That eerie submarine got shot to pieces. “In Manos Toas Domine.” Julius made the sign of the cross. Hestood against the troopers. The priest threw the axe forward. “Nice work.” Desmond remarked. “That was impressive.” The cousin might make him turn crazy. Then again, he was a holy man. Christopher exhaled. He ran to throw daggers. “Bombs away!” The shark pulled his trigger.He got impaled. Desmond made a back-flip. “God with us!” Julius pierced the suit. “May you rest in peace.” The blade protruded beyond the shoulders. The band got their weapons. “Save us from evil!” The blast shook them off balance. “Right.” Christopher sighed. He leaned against the wall. The leader didn’t seem to care about their losses. The solicitor felt chills down his spine. “They got the ice blaster!“ Desmond hid behind the books. He made a dash forward. “Wait!” That harpoon almost killed him. “God with us!” They cried in unison. “To hunt the night.” The priest made the fireball to chase and destroy. “Nice work!” Christopher threw the vial. The man burned. He took the gems. That replenished the energy. Then the turrets opened fire.

The trooper released the harpoon. Julius threw himself down. “Preserve us!” This had to end. The priest hurled the crystal. “God with us!” The re-breather mask got smashed on impact. Julius sighed with relief. The chamber was a mess. So let it be. That didn’t change anything. He carried the witch’s costume within the backpack. Julius hoped she survived. “Hurry!” Marina leaped from the pond. “We are leaving!” Julius had no mind. He ran for the nayad. “Good Lord!” That was impressive. The slices reached to create an elevator. “God with us!” Christopher made it to rain with holy water. The security exploded. “Preserve us from evil!” The priest made the sign of the cross. The ring of turrets got placed around the opening. “Then welcome to the second floor.” Marina teased. “Man’s wear.” Desmond groaned. “Enough of the funny business.” The priest got to inspect the area. “Keep quiet you two.” They appeared in the middle of a frozen pond. “Thesnow is falling!” That wasimpossible. That didn’t change the weather. “Walking in a winter wonderland.” Christopher blinked. “What did you say?” The priest dismissed. “Never mind.” The nayad hid a smile. “Drop it.” There was nothing funny about this place. The windows were coatedby frost. “There it is.” They might still observe the lake. “I can’t swim in this.” That was right. The pool was solid. “Take cover!” Desmond had to push him aside. The books blocked the snowflakes. “Mother!” She cracked with the “Black pain” Whip to releasethe fireballs. “Allow me to break the ice.” The nayad made an impact. “Then what killed the dinosaurs?” She teased. “The ice age!” Marina threw a fistful of ice shards. “We must find the switches.” Christopher looked tired. “Thank you.” Julius got work to do. The crescent control platform was heating up.“Right.” Desmond got the sword. He tightened his grip. “Then we must destroy the weather system.” He made the sign of the cross. “Look!” Marina pointed. The doors slid aside. “This is bad.” His cousin looked grim. “They are the snow troopers.” Julius felt so cold. “That is no secret.” The blue and white armour blended with the snow. The troopers had descended upon the area. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!”Julius made the meteors to fall down. “Bombs away!” They burst beneath the onslaught. The row protected against the pickout guns. “Watch out!” The snow troopers vanished. He frowned. That was impossible. “They hide among the snow!” Marina got out on the ice. Her spell might burn the seals. She collected the gems. “Let it be.” The priest inhaled. She told the truth. Thewhite garb almost made them invisible. Christopher’s teethstill chattered. He killed a seal.The solicitor got hit by the snow flakes. ”Take a respite.” Marina put her arms around him. The little witch still wore the light tunic. That didn’t matter. Her magic might help. Though there were no time for the lost and weary. The trio got up. They hid behind the shield while hurling the tubed grenades. “Leave us!” Desmond threw the daggers forward. The soldier fell dead on the ice.“Stand were you are!” The survivors got support. The troopers got up to fire. “They got flame throwers!” He cried. “God with us!” Julius threw down the vial to might create the holy flames. “Then so let it be!” The priest released the sword storm. That should defeat the squad. That was not the case. “They are putting up a cannon!” Marina cried. “God with us!” Christopher hurled the axe.The rocket went up in flames. “Preserve us from the wicked One.” Julius touched the crucifix. The little witch had swallowed the blizzard. She wrecked the controlpost. That was a relief. The electric pulses became less intense. The snow trooper peeked out from among the banks.He threw the grenades. “Marina!”The priest called. “Behind you!”Christopher made a glide. The nayad got ahead. She used the bloodwatch.“Drown and die!” She trusted the knife. “Forgive us.” Julius fought his disgust. “We don’t know what we do.” Desmond got to vomit. “That… “He swallowed. “That was the dark side.” Julius sighed. He felt so tired. “It is.”Julius felt sorry about her. They got to save her from evil. The species had no soul.“Believe.” She got a spirit. “We shall see the wonders of God.” The snow troopers cut their conversation. The rockets exploded on impact. “Right!” The grenades became a problem. Theygot away. “Mother!” Marina cast the spell. The crescent control post exploded. “Good Lord in Heaven!” Julius and Christopherhad returnedto the elevator. The snow troopers were not that lucky. Their helmet revealedno expression.“You rest in peace.” He thought they looked desperate. The equipment slowed their progress. “They are drowning.” There was nothing he could do. Desmond shook his head. “I know how you feel.” His hands became fists.“We are at war.”The priesthad turned aside. “That is not enough.” He said. “Forget it.” Christopher sighed. The solicitor closed his eyes. “No one deserve this fate.” His cousin touched his shoulder. “We made it.” Marina was climbingupon the elevator. “I don’t think so.” Desmond got ready. His cousin unsheathed the broad sword. “Look.” The nayad got on top. They were coming. “Good Lord.” Thetroopers launchedthe torpedoes against the platform. “I shall be back.” Marina blew them a kiss before leaping. Julius made the sign of the cross. What could she do? He let it drop. The snow troopers climbed upontheir armed scooters. “God with us!” Christopher threw the homing ball. “Bombs away!” The trooper dropped the flouting mines. That wrecked both the mines and scooter. “Stop!” Desmond got stunned. “Stronger we are!” Julius got lifted into the air. “In the name of the Lord!” The cross burst overhead.”Bless me.” The flamesmight clear the area. “Take cover!” Christopher called. “We are not out of it yet.” That was true. The snow troopers found another scooter. “Preserve us from evil!” Julius cried. “Then so let it be!” The priest made the sign of the cross. That was not enough. Not this time. They were living beings. “Come on.” Desmond threw the axe. That caused another explosion.

The switch got in place. Marina swam to escape the mines. The explosives burst on impact. She got to escape. “Dark ocean horizon!” The nayad cursed. She had released the bubble. That got in her way. “Bombs away!” The aqua trooper pulled at his belt. “Daughters of river!” Marina cast the frost spell. Her pendant went blue. The shark got frozen in place. “Alright.” She was alive. The bubbles escaped from her mouth and nose. She could breathe underwater. Marina cast the whirlwind spell. That changed the current. She carved some space. “Mother!” The nayad pulled at the bloodwatch. The ecstasy filled her up. “You cannot strike me!” Marina gloated with triumph. “Watch this!” She cast the flame spell. That might boil the lot. The excitement soon subsided. Marina was left alone in the dark. She felt sick about herself. The crystals replenished her energy. That gave no comfort. She put the third switch in place. The loop-holes opened to reveal the aqua droids. The spotlight lit the area. “Black water.” Marina hid among the shadows. She found the last button. “Alright.” She threw the knives. The nayad hit upon the mines. That was enough to pull the switch. “Sweet Mother of river!” That almost killed her. She went for the surface. Christopher was there to help her atop.

Funfair, “Evil’s nest”. The 21st. of December 2098 A.D.

The post got destroyed. Anette might relax. The dragon annihilated everything. “Be free.” Though she got left alone. The secretary almost sobbed by the loss. She must pick together. Anette had learned how to control her emotions. That was about time. There was a new threat. Stronger we are in the name of the lord. Count Dracula really was the King of the Dragons. The order had signed a contract with Brencorp. They created these drones. “Burn in Hell!” Thomas cursed. His eyes shone like polished gold. “Please, preserve us from the wicked one.” The dragon came to kill them. “Yes!” The troopers cheered. “Fire at will!” Anette bit her lip. They got in trouble. This was dangerous. The soldiers prepared their wrist or arm cannons. “Remember.” Thomas twirled with the trident. They got heavy artillery and flame throwers. Anette knew. She was among those who designed their armour. Anette regretted about that. She got to warn him. That wasn’t necessary. “Take cover!” Thomas howled. “Hit the deck.” The rocket went home. They somehow survived. The knight got up on foot. “Leave it to me.” He snarled. “This is my department.” That was right. “Alright.” The secretary was excused. The familiars cost in power. “Thanks for playing.” The soldiers approached. She got to fight.

The robots spread the wings wide. Thomas screamed. “Burn in Hell!” He presented the Host. The body of Christ protected against the rockets. The impact sent them flying. He groaned. The knight had lost the wafer. “Release your weapons.” The soldiers had arrived. “Yeah.” Thomas snarled. He impaled the officer. “Shoot him!” The second shock trooper commanded. “Shut up!” Thomas released a cross-shaped blast of pure energy. The elf got shoot to pieces. He got up to fight. The rockets went down. Thomas got away. That worked to his advantage. Thomas got knocked into the wall. That saved his life. The flames went above. He got dizzy. The knight growled. He released through the gauntlets. The globes might kill the troopers. That left the dragon. Then again, Thomas might be flexible. The turrets turned to opened fire. Thomas hid behind the books. He threw himself aside to hurl garlic into the air. ”Curse you!” The onion exploded. He gained a breather. The knight must escape the grenades and lasers. “Fire in the hall!” Anette was alive. He almost wept with relief. She summoned the shield. Anette fired the blast. The knight smirked. The girl got an edge. He threw that aside. “Right.” This was not the time for such humour. The drone kept in place. That was a problem.

Village of Ondol, Warakiya. The 21st. of December 2098 A.D.

The bat struck against the window. Kay bent on the floor. “Beware.” The man hid his face. “The dead wander were they donot belong.” That was the bitter sweet stench of the grave. The glass broke into a million pieces. “Invite me in.” The beast changed into a coil of mist. Kay shuddered. “Save us.” Rufus breathed. The dead man’s face took shape within the cloud. “Do it.” The monster hissed. “Allow me inside.” Kay shook his head. “Over my dead body.” The houseman declared. “Go back.” Rufus presented the cross. “To Hell.” The face vanished. Kay exhaled. The houseman was brave. He felt exposed. The gaze gottransfixed upon him. “Do not seek the dead among the dead.” Kay at last began to realize those words. “Help me.” She had been missing for so long. They might do terrible things with her. The boysobbed. Rufus got busywith the window. The icy wind might throw the snow inside. Kay bit his lip. This was too dangerous. They got disturbed. The scream shrilled through the homestead. “That was my grand-daughter.” Rufus turned pale. “She is in danger.” The boy didn’t wait. “Then lead us into Your Heaven.” He met Petra before supper. “Come on!” He was a boy.Kay fought for his friends and family. He would save her soul. The boy would hunt the night.

Final approach, “Evil’s nest”. The 21st. of December 2098 A.D.

Themechanical breathing remained thesame. Black Rage spoke for her master. “Controller.” She requested. “You know what to do?” Rosamund Belfordsaluted with a fist upon the heart. “Yes my lady.” The left hand reached out with the palm out. “At ease.” The apprentice told. “I will do my duty.” Black Rage acknowledged. “Excellent controller.” She dismissed. “Leave me.” The other cyborg turned around. “My apprentice.” The holo-grid lit up. “Master.” The image towered above. “What is thy bidding?” The dark lady fell in obedience. “It is time.” The vampire declared. “Yes my lord.” Dark forces smouldered in her heart. “Move against the Belmonts first.” The dark apprentice bowed her helmet before his feet. “Then you will have no difficulty taking the dark-breed back to the city.” She might begin. “Thus at last, we shall reveal ourselves to the Belmont clan. At last we will have revenge.” The vampirehad a smile. “You have been well trained, my young apprentice.” He breathed. His expression was like a crack in the ice. “They will be no match for you.” She was pleased. «Very good, my master.” Black Rage emerged. “It shall be done.” The hologram flickered. “Go forth.” The vampire decreed. “Faithful servant. Work my will.” Then his image went out.

Workshop, “Evil’s nest”. The 21st. of December 2098 A.D.

The turrets opened fire. Christopher got the cross. “God with us!” The platform reached atop. “Leave me alone!” The nayad shrieked. She tried to use the bloodwatch. That was to no use. Not against the robots. Marina had redone the witch’s outfit. She hid beneath the cape. Desmond had no mind. He got too busy. The book might protect him.That was not enough. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” Julius hurled the crystal. “Great is the mystery of faith!” The diamond broke apart to rebound about. The priest made the sign of the cross. “Right.” Christopher bit his lip. The copters came through the opening. He released a flurry of crosses. “Good Lord!” The crystals got shot to pieces. He might relax. The shield was down. “Mother!” Marina released the fairies.They might distract the drones. “Please, preserve us!” The turrets had opened to throw the grenades. The eyes were still in effect. “Take this.” Marina removed the cape. “From the river!” She fusedthe gems to release powerful magic.The solicitor got impressed. He made it to rain with holy water. They had reached the top. “This is the third floor.” He remarked. “I guess.” Julius shook his head. He removed the hood. “We are in trouble.” He unsheathed the sword. Desmond exhaled. “I know.” He said.

The pond was frozen. Julius made the sign of the cross. He decided to exorcise the demons. Then again, that could wait. “You are under arrest.” The destroyer-droids had unfolded. “Hand over your weapons.” Nyx observed from her control posts. The priest closed his eyes. “Into Your hands.” He submitted. “I commit my spirit.” The holy rage then surged his body. “Amen.” Julius pushed through the offence. “Stop him!” Nyx cried. “Before he might…!” Julius didn’t listen. “God with us!” He pierced the heart. The robot shrieked. Hegot to resist. The priest removed the head. The explosion threw him back upon the ice. Julius exhaled. Then he realized.The time was up. The priest no longer shone. He must retrieve the sword. They opened fire. “Dark ocean horizon!” Marina cursed. She ranto might reachthe platform. “God with us!” Christopher challenged. He appeared in front. “Blessed Thee.” Julius got up. The robots got support. The shock and snow troopers ran through the entrance. “Save us.” Desmond breathed. He released the pages. Nyx fired the guns. Julius beheaded the destroyer. The machine got taken aback. The priest almost collapsed. The robot never change polarity. Christopher gave a hand. The cousin managed to support him.His daggers pierced the droid. They shared the gems. “Freeze!” The snow troopers formed a semi-circle. “Or we open fire!” The dome shaped helmet concealed his expression. “Then so let it be.” Julius would fight. The soldiers got their ice blasters ranged. He reached for the crucifix. “God with us!” Desmond went ahead. The axes sent them running. He sighed. “Sorry.”His cousin collapsed. The scooter hit with the electricity gun. The control post went up in flame. He felt no relief. Theirspeeder could fly. “Magnetize!” The trooper released the mines. “I have you now.” They exploded on impact. Julius threw the vial. “Let it be!” He made the holy flames to rise. “Blow those freaks to Veros!” The speed demons rushed through the opening. “Black water!” Marina released the fairies. That confused the approach. Julius relaxed. The scooter fell apart. The flames burned out the monster. Julius sighed. He got work to do. Julius used the laurels. “Thank you.” Christopher opened his eyes. “The Lord is with us.” The priest had no doubt. “For He is our guide and shephard.” Desmond exhaled. “Let us hunt.” The solicitor got up. He retained the sword. Julius made the sign of the cross. The soldiers forgot about them. Marina was in trouble. She cast the whirlwind spell to might clear the area. “God with us!” Theycharged. Christopher hurled a flurry of crosses. Thetroopers hid behind their shield. Julius made a row of fireballs to fall down. Heretrieved the crystals. Julius felt much better. The gems replenished his energy. Succubus almost pulled him over. The gun was blazing. Julius released the sword storm. The demon got impaled by each blade. She burst into flame. The priestmade the sign of the cross. He took the crystals. The snow troopers built a cannon. “God with us!” Desmond threw the three daggers forward. The rockets exploded. “Magnetize!” The scooter came from behind. Julius threw the axe. He crushed the engine. The scooter went awry. “Please, forgive me.” Julius breathed. “For I don’t know what I do.” The transport struck against the wall. The drivergot killed on impact. His neck was broken. “Fire in the hall!” Marinabroke the platform. The snow was falling. “Nyx got a remote!” Christopher sighed. The solicitor removed the cannon. The troopers lay dead on the floor. “You filthy back stabber!” Julius threw the Shuriken. The soldier lost hold. “By the Master!” The grenade exploded right into his face. The trooper was dead before reaching the ground. He retrieved the item. Julius touched the crucifix. “She belongs to me!” Zacchino shot him. “Shoot to kill.” The troopers armed their rifles. “God with us!” Desmond confronted the trio. He made the rising flames to track forward. The soldiers tried to stun him. That was too late. “Rest in peace.” Julius used the laurels. He ranto help his cousin. “You cannot stop me.” Zacchino didn’t surrender. The demon fired his pistol. Julius ducked beneath the bullets. “Look!” The maintain crew had arrived.They would clean the battlefield. “Forget about her.” He reloaded. “God with us!” Julius kicked it from his grasp. “Let it be.” He removed the head. The gems restored the force. “Behind you!” His cousin cried. Julius got down. “Curse you!” Nyx got the needle in hand. “Right.” Christopher presented his cross. “Let it be.” Julius got up The priest got to nail her. Nyx blinked. “What have you done?” She didn’t seem to realize. The scientist looked down her chest. She shrieked. “Rest in peace.” Julius twisted the blade. The demon collapsed. She was dead. “Get away from there!” Marina shrieked. “Or you die!” That was the truth. The corpse exploded. “Good Lord!” The flames consumed everything. The priest made the sign of the cross. He stamped upon the remote. The ice was melting. “Glory be You.” That didn’t change anything. Marina got involved with the robots. “Stop!” The fleet guard demanded. “Stand were you are!” The groupgot the automaton weapons. “Kyrie eleison!” Julius summoned a circle of crosses. “God with us!” Desmond approached. He made the lightning strike. The soldiers spread out. The solicitorimpaled the vampire.“Rest in peace.” Julius threw the daggers forward. They got to kill the band. “Bombs away!” The snow trooper touched his belt. “Black water!” Marina hid within the bubble. “I know.” She got thrown away. The soldiers built another cannon. “Hunt the night!” Christopher told. “Leave her to me.” They had to split company. Julius got to defeat the others. “God with us!” They launched the rocket. “Magnetize this!” The scout trooper released the hoover mines. Julius approached with a mass illusion. They got confused. The storm took the explosives. That wasn’t enough. He threw the axe. The scooter exploded. “God with us!” They escaped. Julius made it to rain with holy water. The snow troopers launched another rocket.

The bikerstill bellowed. Marina got to block her ears. The scream was almost unbearable. She cracked with the whip. The weapon kept them at a distance. Marina released the fireballs. The speed demons withdrew. That was a relief. She got work to do. Marina kept undressing. She had to reach the bottom of the pond. “Hello pretty.” The nayad stood frozen. He was cute. Marina felt her heart beating. “You do look nice.” She blushed. The curse heated her blood. “You don’t have to be afraid.” He was clad like a soldier. “I am not.” He touched her cheek. Marina shuddered with the ecstasy. “Please.” She breathed. “Not there.” She teased. “Here.” The polished black glove reached between her legs. “That is my girl.” The nayad giggled. Marina knew that she was good. “I could do anything for you.” She told the truth. “Can you?” He asked. “Really.” Marina knew her skin was turning blue. She didn’t mind. Neither did he. “Marina!” Someone was calling. She didn’t listen. The nayad removed his pants. “Watch.” She bent. The blonde hair hid his privates. “You don’t have to do this.” Christopher arrived. She giggled. Or she would. Marina got him deep in her throat. He came. The nayad beamed. Marina could serve them both. “Leave her.” Desmond told. The laser trap boxed them in.

Funfair, “Evil’s nest”. The 21st. of December 2098 A.D.

The robot launched the wing of rockets. Anette got to escape. Shehad summoned the turtle. The familiar struck hard against the robot. “Then stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” She made the sign of the cross. The rockets went home.No matter. She worked on the project. The CPU was inside the head. They never got pleased with the model. This was bad. Someone put the prototype into production. Anette made a glide. She got beneath the turrets. The robot launched the second wing. “Please, preserve us!” She prayed. “We are perishing!” The went opened to release clouds of toxic gas. The Falcon carried her to safety. “My God.” The stones smashed the shield. Thomas howled. He got to be alright. Anette got in trouble. The bird released her. So let it be. She charged the flame. The ball rebounded on impact. Thomas had saved her life. They would continue the hunt. The knight found the envelope. “For this is the body of Christ.” He threw the Host forward. The robot exploded on sight. Anette made the sign of the cross. The knight looked so tired. Thomas would pull the switch. The secretary found the elevator. She got on top. The knight leaped to follow. “Preserve us!” The turrets got built around the opening. The secretary released her friends.

The machine lay in shambles. Thomas stumbled. He leaned against the trident. “It is over.” He sighed. “That was brilliant.” Anette was beaming. “Fine.” He wasn’t that sure. “Perfect.” She picked the gems. They fought together. He put that aside. Thomas stepped on the button. They got to wait for the elevator. “Stand were you are!” The lift got filled with soldiers. “Then prepare to be terminated.” The snow scooters went through the air. “Fire in the hall!” The flame troopers ran forward. “Bombs away!” The cannon gave an edge. “I hate you!” Thomas twirled with the trident. He tried to prevent the attack. The zombies didn’t retreat. “Hand over your weapons.” The combat group spread out to might cover more ground. “Roger. Roger.” The robots chirped while bobbing up and down. “Right.” That wasn’t funny.. Thomas knew they meantserious business. “Freeze!” The snow trooper threw off his hood. The white garb made him less obvious. “Blasted.” Thomas snarled. That made no difference. He might hear their hearts beating. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” Anette had gathered. She displayed her crucifix. The birds left to attack the dead. “Roger. Roger.” They fired. “Fine.” Hethrew the roses. They exploded. “You are dead!” The re-enforcementhad arrived.

“Three pretty petals”, Dora wood. The 22nd. Of December 2098 A.D.

The top floor was built like theancient seraglio. Gerda sighed. She felt somewhat ata loss. The Oriental oil lamps smelled of perfume. Gerda only wished to go home. That was too late. She could never leave. Not ever again. Gillyan told the truth. This was a maiden’s house. Gerdacouldn’t hate her.That was impossible. The girlgot to clean her face. Ingrid was right.She was warm at heart.Gerda exhaled. They at least let her alone. The 9-year-old felt so dirty. This was none of her fault. That evil landlord had forced her to dress up like the Dominatrix. Gerda got so afraid. She had made a discovery. the ability to torture the men felt sogood. That wasn’t right. Gerda felt the fresh tears down her cheeks. What was to become of her? The heat made her sweat. Theman figured that comfort and luxury might bring in more gold. “Wo warden Sie?” The redhead spoke in German. She looked rather wild. “Who are you?” Her blue eyes flashed. “Ronja! Susan!Come andhelp me!”Gerda knew she got in trouble. The girl didn’t look nice. “My name is Gabrielle.” She was not alone. “You have a costumer.” The redhead kept her in place. “Come on.” She teased. “This might be fun.” Gerda laughed. “You might enjoy the company.” Gabrielle licked her lips. “He might give you money.”

Toy room, “Evil’s nest”. The 21st. of December 2098 A.D.

The room was lined with the mirrors. Rosamundstill retained her favouritepose.“Behold.” She would become adored. “Hear the Master’s voice.” The rigid posture revealed her ecstasy. The cyborg beamed. “Open bolts, chains bonds.” The golden hair fell down her shoulders. “There is a dead voice calling.” The vampire laughed. There were no reflection or image. “For blood is the life.” Such was their nature. The officer was one of the undead. “I hear you.”Shebeckoned. “I call you toeternal life.” The seal was open. This was an echo of Darkness. “I condemn you to a living death.” The officerwould be the fountain of her own bloodline. “To the eternal hunger for human blood.” That was before the rebirth. She removed the glove. “What began in blood.” She got the ring. “Shall end in blood.” They must sacrificed a sample. “It is complete.” She gasped when the trickle reached the floor. The demon shrieked. “Prepare.” She hissed. “Go. Leave me. Do my biddings.” The fangs became exposed.At last. “I am so sorry to disturb upon your rite.” Rüdiger Van Deer Brügge was the senior controller. “The dark lady is expecting an update on the investigation.” She emerged. This was a success. “You shall be released through the flesh.” Hekept at attention. “Sir. Yes sir.” She smiled.

Workshop, “Evil’s nest”. The 21st. of December 2098 A.D.

This was a trap. Christopher didn’t know what to do. The electricweapons kept them apart. Desmond bit his lip. He was forced to watch while the nayad and vampire made out together. The solicitor tightened the grip upon his cross. Christopher was not a stalker. This had to end. He searched for the regulator. The force was held in Limbo. “Alright.” Desmond got an idea. The trap was special made for her species. The topaz gems were unnatural. Marina got cursed. This was the first time he noticed.“Then so let it be!” Christopher stabbed with the sword. The solicitor made the lightning strike. “Save us!” The topaz stones shone even brighter. “God’s death!” Desmondswore. They were immune to magic. That was a problem. “Oh yes.” Shemoaned. “Stop!” The snow troopers approached. “Stand were you are!” He turned. Christopherthrew the axes forward. The soldiers spread out. The scooter got cut to pieces. The mines exploded. The impact threw him away. The troopers gloated. He got to breathe. “Leave me alone!” Desmond hurled the daggers. “Let it be!” He presented the cross. Christopher felt a strong force guide his arm. The soldiers kept quiet. They were the undead. “Be gone!” Desmondannounced. “Do that again.” Marina sighed. He got to do something.

The rockets got thehomingpropensity. Julius doused them with holy water. “God with us!” He prayed. “In Manos Toas Domine!” The gun exploded. Julius made the sign of the cross. The troopers spread for cover. He let them run. The priest got other problems. “Preserve us!” The turrets got in range. Julius hid behind the crosses. He made the homing balls to fall down. They crushed the defence mechanism. Juliusexhaled. The priest got to retrieve the crystals. They might restore the force. “Die!You Belmont scum!” The shock trooper had bent to fire. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” Julius hurled the Shuriken. Theweapon ripped tis jacket. The fox dropped her rifle. Then she fell into a heap. Julius sighed. He watched the pyre. “Resiturgam.” Julius reached for the crucifix. He got no time. The man hid behind the shield. The priest dodged the grenades. He threw the dagger forward. The soldier blocked the attack.Julius ran to retrieve his property. He threw the axe. The trooper shot the thing into oblivion. “Good Lord!” The weapon reappeared. Julius picked it up. The snow trooper cast the grenade. The store had no limit. Julius escaped. The gremlins dived for the kill. “Please, preserve us!” Julius forgot about the repair crew. They used their gears like weapons. He made it to rain. The life was a source of power. His acid flush gave an edge. Hemade the sign of the cross.“God with us!” The Alura sword shone like polished white gold. Hesliced the green freaks.The gremlins shrieked while burning. Julius exhaled. The forceleft him. “Save us from evil.” The priest almost collapsed. He got to gather. The robots were still about. “God with us!” Julius made the sign of the cross. “I don’t think so.” The snow trooper had dogged his track. “Not this time.” The white soldier reached for his belt. “Bombs away!” He released the pages. ”That rests with the Lord!” He got to survive. Julius made the two spinning books to appear. Theywere enough. “Dracul!” The tomes took the brunt of the blast. Thatcleared the area. “Let it be!” He removed the head.The trooper might pull off the other bombs. “Forgive me.” He reallydisliked this part of the vampire hunt. The maintain bot hid beneath the hard hat. The construction bot twirled with the gears. “Right.” Julius would fight. The priest got armed. “God with us!” Julius forged the pyre sword. The robots got struck through the torso. “Right.” He staggered. They tried to kill him. “Kyrie eleison!” He doused them within the holy water. Julius better be awake. That was too close. They almost killed him. His arms were on fire. The priest burned them out. They shrieked. Julius sighed. The crystals gave the upper hand. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” He made the sign of the cross. They couldn’t stop him. Julius released the force. The sword storm smashed the robots. “Alright.” Julius gasped. “Save us.” He looked about. The tower was empty. “Good Lord.” He reached for the crucifix. “The power of the Dark Lord.” Christopher bent while weeping. He struck at the topaz stones. Julius felt his hair stand on end. The nayad got trapped behind the laser web. “Preserve us.” She acted out with the vampire. “They are the devils of the pit.” Julius fought the nausea. “You leave them alone.” The aqua troopers got in range. “They are such a lovely couple.” That was notfunny. “You are under arrest.” The leader informed. “Hand over your weapons.” The priest inhaled. “As you wish.” Julius used the ring to become invisible. “Shoot them!” The troopers spread out. “God with us!” The mass illusion made them to run. “Impressive.” The Dutch accent made it difficult to figure. “Be gone.” Julius told. “They are the undead.” The manwore the factory’sdull uniform. “Ich bin Rüdiger Van Deer Brügge.” He revealed. The sister wore the same grey and brown outfit. “Thank God.” Desmond broke the gems. “Then who are you?” Julius had to know the truth. The golden girlmade him to feel uneasy. “My name isRosamund Belford.” She gave the salute. “The chief controller of this facility.” The Dutch officer snarled. He went like a swarm. Julius doused the bats with holy water. Rüdiger reappeared to release heavy steam. The priest escaped. “The time to die, little man.” They got in trouble. Rosamund slashed with her black gloved hand. The priest had to counter. The charge almost froze him in place. “They tell me that I am stunning.” The female laughed. “What do you think?” She kicked. The leg was made of metal. “Good Lord!” Thatwas warRüdiger approached him with the repeated punches. “Dark ocean horizon!” Marinacursed. The little witch got angry. She used the bloodwatch. The silver knives pierced his heart. Rüdiger collapsed into a heap. “Fire in the hall!” The blonde officer shriekedwith laugher. The submarine launched a double round of homing torpedoes. “Go on!” Christopher told. “That is your department!” The nayad leaped into the water. “Alright you bastard.” Christopher brandished with the broad sword. “Return to Hell!” Julius tightened his grip. “You do not have the power.” She blew a kiss. “Come to me.” Rosamund opened her arms. Desmond moved to strike. “Beware!” Julius cried. “The devil might stun you!” He shuddered. The officer used her claws. The charge threw him aside. “God with us!” He got to hunt. Rosamund smiled. “Come.” She invited.”My arms are hungry for you.” Julius felt her charm. ”Never.” He was a priest. “You cannot make me your plaything.” Julius inhaled. “So be it. She made a grimace. “You holy man.” She clenched her fists. The Shadow cloaked her form. “Then if you will not embrace the pleasure of the flesh.” Rosamund had exposed her fangs. “If you will not fight.” Julius felt so cold. “Then you shall meet your destiny.” He figured. The Belmont ability was to see beyond the obvious. “Then preserve us from the wicked One.” His crucifix shone like a captive star. “Do not try to conquer me.” Rosamund was in pain. “You shall come to grief.” Julius knew. “Blood of the hunter.” He got Simon’s heart of fire. Hewould bleed a little. “I am not the heir to the house of Belmont.” Julius spoke the words.

The pond was so dim. Marina had to conjure the fairies to lit up. The nayad licked her lips. Marina felt defiled. The druid was to blame. Marina wept bitter tears. She was betterthan this. The nayad enjoyed the time she spent with the undeadaristocrat. The Dutchhad filled her up. The sea horse released a stinger shot. The nayad managed to dodge. She impaled the robot.She used the knives. The submarine kept in place. “Black water!” She escaped the harpoons. Marina cast the ice spell. That froze them in place. “Death water!” That were the aqua droids. “Roger. Roger.”She got above the impact. “Bombs away!” They put the bombs into place. “Sweet Mother!” The blast might kill her. Marina found the controls. She pulled the switch. That was the goal. The nayad used the bloodwatch. That might keep the robots. “Chill up.” She collected the crystals. This was too easy. She got a bad feeling about this. “Black water.” Marina pulled another switch. She didn’t have to be clever. The pond got filled with monsters. She cast the flame spell. The spike mines exploded. That was too close. She moved in circles. The switch got to be here. “Hidden spring!” She exclaimed. The controls were at the bottom. Marina went beneath. She pulled the switch. Something was wrong. The lift got kept in place.

Funfair, “Evil’s nest”. The 21st. of December 2098 A.D.

The flame troopers advanced. Anette made the flame to rebound. “Blasted!” Thomas howled. The knight threw himself upon the scooter. “Look out!” The mines exploded. “Let it be!” Anette revealed the crucifix. His image kept them at a distance. “Die you pesky little whore!” They spew flames to counter. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” She got the turtle. The shell offered some protection. “Leave her alone!” Thomas impaled them upon the stakes. “Burn you devils!” The friend had left. Anette bent in place. The soldiers bombed the place. “Be free.” Anette made the birds to fly. She defeated the robots. “Stop!” The guard shot her. “Stand were you are!” The bullet pierced her. “Help me.” Anette bit together. “Curse you!” Thomas threw the powder. The Bibhuti burston impact. The guard was dead.”Thank you.” She summoned the cat. The friend threw herself upon the soldiers. The fleet guard got torn. Anette crawled forward. She hit the candle. The blood oozed down her side. She left a trail. The secretary picked up the blue cross. “Thank the Lord.” She gasped. Anette felt reborn. Even her clothings were clean. This was a miracle. Thomas was in trouble.He was not alone. She would fight. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Anette charged her spell.

The trooper was dead. Thomas regained his composure. “Together we stand.” Anette quoted. Theycouldn’t rest. Anette presented the crucifix. There remained a hard core of resistance. The black Latinos wore the uniform of the U.N. soldiers that stormed the castle in 1999. “Burn in Hell!” Thomas touched the mystic book. “Preserve us!” Anette made the birds to fly. The commandoes boasted heavy weapons. The automatons spewed repeated bullets. “Right.” Thomas threw more powder. The soldiers scattered for cover. The Bibhuti burst on impact. The elevator reached atop. “Come on!” They got to leave before the other troops arrived. Anette made the flame to rebound. “Wait for me!” She ran ahead. “Blasted!” He couldn’t rest. “Thank you.” The secretary finally caught up. “Take cover.” He snarled. “You fire at will!” The commandoes launched their single rockets into the air. “Help me!” Anette got her friends. “I am invulnerable!” The shell got shot to pieces. “Alright.” Thomas exhaled. She was alive. The Colombians had to reload. The knight got a breather. “Burn in Hell!” Thomas howled. They got to fight. “You bastards!” He released through the gauntlets. The group was finished. “Save us.” Anette breathed. That was right. The defence mechanism was still in effect.

Laruba mansion, Warakiya. The 22nd. Of December 2098 A.D.

The chandeliers burnedwith the blue fire. Malpheffa appeared like specs in the moonlight. “Thou called for us.” They met in the study. “True.” They were not impressed. “I need you.” She retained her seat. “Dracul.” The black rider hissed. “Thouart to kill the Belmont clan.” The walker quoted the last command. “Quite correct.” Master Oldrey kept behind the chair. “Though that is not the reason.” The vampire came to claim his papers. “Then thou speak.” The rider rasped. “Tell us.” The man echoed. “I shall.” Her great green eyes were on fire. “Though I adviseyou to sit.” Neither answered her request. They could do what they want. “For I have ample proof of his involvement.” Finally, they listened. They beheld with care. “He is here?” The wanderer made a step toward her. Malpheffa smiled. She was not alone. “You might talk with them.” She would summon on demand. “Eon may be a danger to us.” That was a mystery. Shestudied Simon’s text of the cataclysm. “He comes with Judgement.” The black rider hissed. “Perhaps not.” Master Oldrey remarked. “I may have a suggestion.” They bent even closer. “Tell us.” The walker breathed. “By the Dark Lord.” He was humble. “As you wish.” The scholar showed them his tome. “Then harken to the grimoire.”

Computer lab, “Evil’s nest”. The 21st. of December 2098 A.D.

The system went off the scales. The tactician bot reacted. “Stand by alert.” He informed. “Prepare for assault.” The defence mechanisminitiated. The Sargent retained a ready position. “Deployed to commence.” The robot confirmed. “Dispatch. And expect to receive resistance.” The request got relayedinto the central control computer. “Sir. Yes sir.” The group got ready. The commando droids spread out to take up position. “Complete.” The corporal informed. They waited for action. The system delivered an estimate for possible scenarios. “Stand by.” The tactician bot was armed. “System allowed.” The elevator got atop.“Prepare to terminate.” The Sargent aimed his weapon. “Battle-sequence B-112 activate.” The group was in motion. “Then you may fire at will.” The commando groupgot in range. “Get away you bastards!” The skeleton crew immediatelyhad recognised the footage from the surveillance system. “Then stronger we are!” Anette Erlanger was a renegade secretary.“In the name of the Lord!” She discovered about her natural abilities. The suspect hurled a sort of rebounding projectile. Theygot the shield. “Blasted!” Thomas Lecarde was a wanted man throughout their territory. “You are under arrest.” The Sargentannounced.”Shut up!” The knight howled his challenge.

Workshop, “Evil’s nest”. The 21st. of December 2098 A.D.

The electricity surged through the area. Christopher threw the vial. “God!” He made it to rain. The blonde repelled against his cousin. The priest presented the crucifix. “You human scum!” She scattered like a swarm of bats. Julius threw the dagger forward. The vampire returned. Her fireball split to consume. “Good Lord!” The onslaught exploded. “Then so let it be!” Desmond exclaimed. He hurled the boomerang. The impact stained her uniform with crimson. That was a surprise. Rosamund might morph into mist. “Get away from there!” Julius cried. The heavy steam almost boiled him in place. “The main dish has arrived!” She blew a kiss. The undead leached with her claws and fangs extended. “No!” Christopher opened the book. She got burned by the pages. “You Belmont slime!” Rosamund howled. “Good God.” Desmond breathed. The officer moved like an electric current. Rosamund got hurt. “Save us.” The blood was toxic. “Then so let it be.” The priest made the sign of the cross. He figured. “The fountain of blood.” The vampire was powerful. She might heal herself. “Alright.” Christopher was a hunter. He would release her. She appeared in front. “You cannot stop me.” She got no weapon. “Look me in my eyes.” Rosamund smiled. Her fist felt like a knockout.

The spell hit the solicitor. Julius got the crucifix. The laugher echoed through the workshop. “In Manos Toas Domine!” The priest doused her with holy water. “Curse you Belmont!” Rosamund shrieked. Her flesh was on fire. “Burn in Hell!” The vampire released her bats. The priest escaped. He threw the axe. “You are dead!” Rosamund cried. She fell on her knees. Julius made the sign of the cross. The axe got buried between her ribs. She left like a current. The priest knew about the danger. Rosamund reappeared to throw the fireball. He got to live. The orb got a homing propensity. “God with us!” He missed the heart. She might heal herself. Julius released through the gauntlets. The acid fume extinguished the fire. “Very quick.” Rosamund trapped him in place. “Very inventive.” She smiled. Julius struggled to get free. The claw was forged of a dirty blue energy. “Save us from evil.” The priest called for help. “Time to die.” She used both hands to conjure the storm of brimstone. “Leave him alone!” Marina leaped from the pond. “Retire to the harem.” Rosamund cast a glowing sphere. “Forget about it!” The little witch hid behind the shield. “Good Lord!” That wasn’t enough. The orb exploded on impact. Marina got thrown away. “Beware of Spite, envy and despair.” Julius might see beyond the obvious. “That lead to the dark side.” He exhaled. “To nothing.” The vampire reached with the storm claw. Julius made the sign of the cross. “Preserve us!” He wished to be ordinary. That was the Devil whispering. Julius made a glide. “Curse you!” He slid beneath the claw. “In the name of the Father, the son and of the Holy Ghost!” Rosamund never touched him. “Forgive me.” Julius threw the crystal. “For this I must do.” He had to destroy that pretty face. The gem broke apart. The vampire shrieked. She hurt. “Glory be you.” His friends were awake. Julius groaned. The count’s concubine shot him. The laurels might remove a cursed state. Julius bit together. His bones were aching. Rosamund got disturbed. “Then you rest in peace.” Julius breathed. He retrieved the crystal. “The Lord is with you.” He would behead her. “I will not repent!” Rosamund opened her fist. She turned to release the heavy steam. “Lord!” The angel sword might repelled her attack. “Into Your hands I commit my spirit!” She left like a current. Julius presented the crucifix. The bats left him alone. “God with us!” Christopher opened the mystic book. “Burn in Hell!” The pages cut the swarm into pieces. “Curse you human scum!” Rosamund appeared in front. “All who oppose the Prince of Darkness must die.” The flames ripped through her body. “That belongs to me.” Marina used the bloodwatch to maintain the pyre. “For the picking.” She found the instrument. “Beware.” Desmond pulled her away. The fire tore the space. Forsaken Julius beheld the demise. “We desire too much.” He could only pray. “Right.” Marina retained the witch’s costume. “Let us continue.” Julius let I be. He picked the gems. “This is dangerous.” Christopher remarked. They stepped upon the platform. “Are you ready” Marina asked. The priest maintained a dual grip. “Push it.” Desmond told. “Then let us go.” She smiled. The solicitor had unsheathed his sword. “Then on the road again.” Marina teased. She hit the switch. They got skyward. “There shall always be a lamp lit for the house of men.” The defence mechanism got activated. Julius made the sign of the cross. They had to be ready. The fairy sword deflected the laser beam. “God with us!” Christopher got lifted into the air. The shining cross burst overhead. The bullets never reached home. “Sweet mother of river.” Marina used the bloodwatch. “They are mine!” She threw daggers at the turrets. “Let it be.” Julius released through the gauntlets. The grenades exploded. “Look out!” The turrets fired. He forged the fairy sword. Julius found the angle. He must break the crystals. “Watch out!” The pieces might still cut him. He retrieved the splinters. They might restore his energy. Julius exhaled. They reached atop. “This is it.” Desmond remarked.

Toy room, “Evil’s nest”. The 21st. of December 2098 A.D.

The elevator clicked in place. Julius made the sign of the cross. “God with us!” He was afraid. The chemicals boiled. “This is Hell.” Marina said. The glass tubes contained obscure figures. “This is a cloning facility.” Christopher sighed. “Welcome.” The men left the game board. “Save us.” Julius recognised the players. “He is not here.” The toy maker giggled. “True.” The puppet master got to support him. “Then your world shall burn in the fires of industry.” The echoes of Darkness. “Away from me Satan!” Julius cried. “The Lord you shall worship!” Theywere quiet. “You refuse us..” He laughed no longer. “So be it.” The toy maker was mad. “Then behold.” The eyelids opened. “This is the shield generator.” Julius touched the crucifix. This was not what he expected. “Farewell.” Theywent transparent. The shield got in place. “Get ready.” They were left alone. “Look out!” The eyeball shot from the leftmost socket. They got to split. The crystals didn’t sleep. They opened to release sparks. “Thank theLord.”The machine got the shape of a giant cylinder. The face glared like the evil tower guardian.He got the crucifix. The eye returned. “God with us!” Christopher doused it with holy water. The eye changed colour. “Mother of river!” Marina struck with the whip. The eye returned. Desmond threw the axe. The eye got repelled. “Good Lord!” The eyeball had changed colour. The priest got angry. “Drop your weapons!” Julius got on track. “The commandoes are here!” The light had faded. The crimson security glow looked like fresh blood. “God with us!” Christopher hurleda flurry of crosses. The eyes changed colour. “Look out!” He screamed. The solicitor got knocked out. Julius released thestorm. The Bolivian Amazons spread out. The eyes almost struck home. “Black water!” Marina cast the ice spell. “This is impossible!” He touched the crucifix. The walls were moving. They got to climb. The soldiers escaped. That didn’t matter. They took his cousin. “Let it be.” Julius would hunt the night.

The face detached. Marina clanged to the wall. “Preserve us from the evil One!” Julius cried. “The generator is charging up!” The nayad cast the fireballs. The face countered the assault. Marina almost lost hold. That was a surprise. She got to stay put. The spikes might kill her. “God with us!” Julius threw the meteor. “That is the way!” She cheered. The stone collided. The impact shook the generator. “Look out!” Marina cried. The face had stopped. “Mother!” The face wept two spherical blue fireballs. They rebounded about the area. “Black water!” Marina cast the whirlwind spell. The little witch got to confuse the computer. “Rest in peace!” The priest nailed them with the gold knives.“Julius!” He went to far. Julius was falling down. Marina threw herself away. ”Sweet Mother!” She got to save him. Julius might be impaled. She made the water pillars to rise up. “Dark ocean world!” The little witch released the pages. The paper burned on contact. “Your sins are forgiven.” The priest touched her forehead. “Thank you.” Marina knew she got in danger. “Though you can’t save me.” He was a human. The generator was going critic. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” She had to release him. Julius made it to rain. The face clicked in place. “Look out!” The eyes left their sockets.

Computer lab, “Evil’s nest”. The 21st. of December 2098 A.D.

The crystals were the source of power. Anette licked her lips. The security might kill them. “Blast it!” Thomas growled. The soldiers survived. “This is Hell.” She touched the crucifix. “We cannot defeat them.” Anette had prepared for combat. “You relax.” The knight assured. “Leave them to me.” There was no time. She summoned the Falcon. They got to leave the lab. “This is for my family!” The knighthad kept the crucifix. He released the flurry of flames. The grenades burst on impact. The Falcon made the rocks to fall down. “Stronger we are!” Anette got carried from the platform. “In the name of the Lord!” The man had to grabble. “Just a minor adjustment here!” He exclaimed. The gems were in place. They kept the shield. The turrets got in range. Anette knew they got greater problems. The Falcon left them behind. The Latino soldiers had arrived. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” Anette cast her spell. The glasses had gone askew.The secretary still managed to aim. The gems got shot to pieces. The platform was rising. “I got you.” Thomas snarled. The security was built around the exit. The knight released the brimstone tornado. Anette picked the crystals. “Get ready to rumble!” He cried. Fine.” Anette inhaled. “Perfect.” She got exhausted. “Alright.” Thomas snarled. They left through the opening. “Oh no!” Anette exclaimed. She got surrounded by the robots.

The robots were built to resemble humanoids. Thomas bared his teeth. “Die Lycan! Die!!” The Sargent was able to mount a final assault. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Anette planted the flame blast within his body. The robot whined. He crumbled into pieces. “Stay on target.” The combat-robot removed the laser-sight to fix his position. Whisp howled. He dived forward.Thomasduginto his torso. The machine stared through the T-shaped visor. The rocket went home.That barely missed him. “Curse you!” Whisp howled. “Fire at will.” The robot got stunned in place. Thomas got tocharge his crucifix. “Not tonight you devil.” The shining cross-shaped blast tore his body. The other robots spread out to launch rockets. “Terminate the hunters.” The tactician droid spread his arms to launch thedifferent attacks. The light went out. The crimson security lamps got reflected upon the instruments and crew. The remains of the combat droids and the dead latinos lay littered about the room. “Blasted!”Thomas had to dodge.He threw the garlic. The tactician shrieked before releasing electricity. He blocked with the gauntlets. “God with us!” Thomascried.He threw the Bibhuti. “Fine.” Thomas smirked. The mix was made of ash, sulphur, mercury and salt. That had some impact.

Forest of Debias, Warakiya. The 22nd. Of December 2098 A.D.

The sun was so bright.The wind picked up. Anna didn’t mind. She danced amidst the snow. Her eyes were shining. TheFire and lightning struck among the monsters. Anna was proud. She was a Phoenix by blood. Anna would rise from the ashes. The girl teased her audience. Her kind was the living proof that there would always be hope to fight the righteous battle. The Lycans got inspired by her courage. Robert and Isaac brandished with their weapons. They collectedthe knives and other items to throw at the soldiers. Claudia kept by her side.She used her scythes or swords at those which came to close. The harpies kept the upper hand. They picked up and hurledthe heavy rocks and branches. Anna lost her smile. “Please help!” She couldn’t resist the bombardment. Not with the birds circling about. The crows shrieked.They tried to tear them apart. Anna sent them a look. The redhead threw a wave of feathers. Anna shrieked. She used the meteor dash. That cut the assault. The harpy died in an instant. “Bless me.” She had to stop the time.Anna began to dance. The war force protected her body. Claudia howled. The lycanpierced the archers. “Nice work!” Anna told. The harpies took her. That was a surprise. “Stay put.” Anna bit together. She got to save her friends.

Artillery launge, “Evil’s nest”. The 21st. of December 2098 A.D.

The voices went silent on approach. The dark lady had arrived. The conversation fell quiet.The crew rushed to attention. “Hail the count!” The new lieutenant saluted. “Hail the count!” The personnel were eager to serve. They recognised her presence. “We are ready to perform.” The mechanized breathing was the only retort. “Then you prepare for duty, lieutenant Crest.” The man delivered her instructions. Lenox Crest gotenlisted by the Brencorp security beuroe. Now he served under the Dark Lord. His men were quick to execute. They got ready to serve. “We are ready for action, my lady.” The Englishman finally reported. “Excellent lieutenant.” The communicator had altered her voice. That was a part of her restoration. She let it pass. “Give us the target.” The last command. The black metal mask concealed her features. Nothing had changed. “Get ready to fire.” The black lady had a reason to reach this area. “Yes, my lady.” The officer hailed. The hair was striped with grey. He was a veteran soldier. The lieutenant would do. “Switch over.” She told the com-officer. “I want everyone to listen.” The female hailed. Black Rage went into place. They would not resist them this time. “Attention.” She would not permit it. “Hark thy Master’s voice.” The Dark Lord would rise.

Toy room, “Evil’s nest”. The 21st. of December 2098 A.D.

The Amazons tried to make use of him. Christopherhad to run. The soldiers couldn’t fire. They might damage the cloning tanks. The light was dim. He stopped to have a look inside. What was this about? He turned on the light. The man got brown hair. The dark side rising. He was kept in suspended animation. The blue grey skin and blood revealed the undead. Desmond shuddered. The second tank was empty. Then so let it be. Christopher pulled away.The Amazonsunsheathed their knives. “Then let us play.” The groupwould kill him.Desmond reached inside the overcoat. This article belonged to the real Julius Belmont. “Right.” The solicitor got his own blade. He must be careful. Christopher left the clone tanks. They should rest in peace. “God with us!” He challenged to a battle. “Then let us have fun!” The Amazons would fight. Desmond presented the cross. They pledged fealty to lord Dracula. “One will to rule them all.” The womenhid their faces. “Away from me Satan!” Let it be. Christopher felt chills down his spine. “Forgive me.” They were alive. He felt such remorse. They were not his enemies. The solicitor got hurt. He didn’t care. “Let it come upon me.” Desmond knew he deserved it. He got to kill them. This was because of the Devil.

The plates finally got removed. Julius made the sign of the cross. His cousin was still alive. They got him in a corner. Marina struck with the whip. The yellow eye released the sparks. The priest doused the crystal with holy water. The impact obscured the view. “Black water!” Marina shouted. The crystals left their sockets. “God with us!” Christopher threw the axes. That blocked their onslaught. Julius channelled through the gauntlets. The eyeballs returned. The fireball chased and destroyed. That was not enough. The crystals survived the impact. “Preserve us from the wicked One!” Desmond impaled the woman. That was pure evil. Marina shrieked. The eyes hurt her. “Marina!” Desmond tried to help. He threw a dagger. That pierced the eye. “Good Lord!” Julius ran to escape the sparks. The crystals went home. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” The priest released the pages. The eyes got hurt. “Preserve us!” That should be enough. He sighed. That would be too easy. “Wait for me!” Christopher slew the women folk. He came to help them. “Thank the Lord.” Julius exhaled. He beheld the generator. The tree eyes left to throw sparks. “God with us!” Desmond escaped. They came to kill him. Julius remained tall. He dropped the mystic book to release the rocks. “Black water!” Marina cast the flame spell. The solicitor helped her to get up. “Let it be!” They were behind the plates. Julius made the sign of the cross. The face detached. “Right.” He leaped to climb. The face stopped to release the blue orbs. They rebounded on impact. Julius threw the Shuriken. He got other items. The vial broke on impact. The face got soaked. He touched the crucifix. The steam might kill him. That was bad. The machine got damaged. Julius thought of the Mecha-knight. Drolta Tsuentez created the battler in 1917. “Save us.” The witch tried to kill John Morris and Eric Lecarde. He left the issue. The face hit the wall. Julius kept on climbing. The shield generator released the orbs. He threw the axe. “Let it be!” The weapon burned on impact. Julius sighed. That was close. He got to climb. “Thank You.” Julius almost fell on the spikes. The face kept moving. “Save us.” The priest got to be quick. The daggers carved some space. The smoke obscured everything. The sparks might stun him. He reached for the crucifix. That caused secondary explosions. Julius hid behind the books. The priest got to protect himself. The pages burned the generator. The steam was too warm. The face clicked in place. Julius rolled to get up. The walls got removed. They might regroup. His friends were alive. He couldn’t rest. The soldiers had arrived. They spread out to fire. “Stay away!” His cousin cast a wave of daggers. That was impressive. “Beware of the Dark!” The yellow, blue and green eyes chased them. “Mother!” The little witch cast the fireballs. Julius made the sign of the cross. The eyes rebounded. That was a miracle. “Then so let it be.” The priest tightened the grip. They went for his friends. Marina got thrown away. “Kill him!” The officer demanded. “Destroy everything!” The cousins exchanged glances. “Alright.” Christopher smirked. “Then let us hunt the night.” Hegot lifted into the air. “God with us!” The cross burst to cleanse the area. “In Manos Toas Domine!” The eyeballs swept forward. He made it to rain with holy water. The eyes blazed. The sparks exploded about the facility. “Julius.” The little witch opened her eyes. The priest managed to remove the stunned state. “What happened?” He made a hushing sound. “You are atop the evil’s nest.” He explained. The witch acknowledged. Desmond returned. He threw the vials. The crystals approached. “Mother!” Marina got up to fight. “Good Lord!” The priest exclaimed. She crushed the eyes. She made it to rain with bits of broken topaz. The commandoes got away. They had survived. ”Save us!” The plates closed in place. “Come on!” Desmond encouraged. “The trap is open!” Hefigured. They got to climbthe wall. “The Lord is our guide and shepherd.” He would hunt. The face detached. Christopher snarled. He threw a flurry of crosses. They almost went home. “Where are you?” Julius felt her absence. “Why do you hide?” Marina left them behind. “Forget about the moobreaker!” Desmond cried. The face wept blue orbs. “Then so let it be!” He channelled through the gauntlets. The fireball chased and destroyed. That was enough. Julius countered the assault. His cousin hurled three daggers. Christopher smiled. “Look out!” The face might crush him. “Save us from evil!” The priest made it to rain with holy water. That saved his life. “Look out!” Desmond returned the favour. The face tried to kill them. “Let it be!” Julius released the pages. The generator remained in place. He kept to the wall. “Watch out!” Desmond threw the axes. “I am no plaything.” Marina climbed up the shaft. “You keep that thing occupied!” Julius made an oath. “God with us!” Christopher got ahead. The solicitor threw the crosses. Julius bit together. That might work as a cover. He was clever. “Almost there.” Marina breathed. She had to reach up. “Almost there.” The nayad repeated. “Close up!” Julius shouted. The face wept other orbs. That might kill her. They got to help. He made it to rain with holy water. That gave an edge. “Thank you!” The nayadgot in range. Marina cast the whirlwind spell. The spherical blue orbs got tore to pieces. “God with us!” The steam was hot. That might be a problem. “Mother of river!” The wind blew that away. “Glory be You.” Julius made the sign of the cross. “Our Father in Heaven.” He climbed atop. Desmond leaped to impale the face. The shield generator exploded. They fell on the ground. The spikes were gone. That was a relief. Then again, he might be flexible. They got to hunt. “Hand over your weapons.” The commandoes were alive. The Amazons gathered to fight. “Preserve us.” Julius touched the crucifix. He used the gems. The priest still got some left. Julius made it to rain with holy water. That was his final trust. “Prepare to be terminated!” Marina opened her fist. “Never!” Her magic tore them apart. “Rest in peace.”Julius breathed.

They weredownon the floor. Marina sighed. The boys went to collect the crystals. Not again. She felt the curse. Marina got to fight her own lust. She threw that aside. They got work to do. “We should destroy this facility.” Christopher beheld the experimental tanks. She shuddered.Marina didn’t want to look. “That is not for us to decide.” Julius reached for the crucifix. “They might react to violence.” The priest made the sign of the cross. “We are complete.” Marina exhaled. “We must find the others.” Desmond unsheathed his sword. “You are right.” The nayad shrugged. She went to step on the switch. The cousins came to join her. “Alright.” The elevator got in motion. They got to return to the nest. “Then you are the leader.” Christopher looked around. “I have a bad feeling about this.” Marina whispered. “I know.” The hunter inhaled. “Trust me.” Desmond went to inspect the gate mechanism. “Get ready.” He inspected the map. “We have to reach the approach.” Christopher might slice the network. “Wait.” The priest touched his shoulder. “That is… !” He never finished. Marina shrieked. The man got stopped in place. “Excuse me.” The liquid broke the grip. “I forgot about that.” The gate was open. Marina licked her lips. “Here we go again.” She cracked with the whip.

Computer lab, “Evil’s nest”. The 21st. of December 2098 A.D.

They were coming. Anette charged up the spell. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” The security light shone to reveal the blue, black and gold-plated suits of polished armour. She got the crucifix. “Brencorpput them into production.” The ordergranted the resources. The secretary got called in to sign the contract as a signatory witness. “Do not forsake me!” She prayed. The turtle absorbed the impact. The combat robots advanced to fire their blasters. They got an implants on both wrists. Anette released the birds to might obscure their lot. Thomas got in action. He twirled and twisted to dodge the tactician droid. “Leave him alone!” The secretary had demolished the security. The birds spread about. She summoned the cat. Her friend removed the head. Thomas got down. The explosion shook the area. “Shields up!” The knight howled. “Fire at will.” The commandoes launched the rockets. “God with us!” Thomas threw the stakes. The impact blew in their faces. “Let it be!” Anette cast her spell. The laser went home. The robot got shot to pieces. “Blast it!” Thomas howled. He got hurt. “Alright!” Anette summoned the dragon.She got to help him. “Game over!” Thomas snarled. The secretary stopped. “Take cover!” Thomas grasped the purse. He released the whirlwind.

The screens got broken. Thomas leaned on the trident. The topaz stones almost closed him in. The blood dripped from beneath the armour. The knight sighed. The Bibhuti had an impact. He blew the trap. “God with us!” There were no breather. The security crystal was intact. ”Leave me alone!” Anette had to challenge the maintain crew.“You stay away from her!” Whisp howled. They would not repair the shield. The dark-breed rushed in among the robots. They got in range. Whisp made them to burn. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Anette had to crush the topaz. “Preserve us!” She got beyond. The secretary shot the crystal. That shook the computer. “Get away from there!” Thomas cried. The automaton began to fire. Anette summoned the turtle. “God with us!” The knight snarled. He would tear them apart. The flame throwers made him to consider. The group of maintain zombies gathered about. They used the gears like weapons. “Thomas!” The birds flew at the corpses. He howled. Anette got lifted into the air. The rocks fell down to smash the turrets. She shot at the crystal. That was hard. “Alright.” Whisp snarled. The repair crew had begun to work. “You devils.” The dark-breed would tear them to pieces. “Be careful.” Anette had returned to the fight.

Village of Ondol, Warakiya. The 21st. of December 2098 A.D.

The moonlight shone into the bedroom. Kay could smell the blood. “Good Lord in Heaven!” The houseman sobbed. “Petra.” The boy felt so helpless. “Not anymore.” Dead man walking. Kay almost had to vomitupon his supper. The man cast no reflection or shadow. “The slut.” He licked the blood of his lips. “Belongs to me.” Kay got the picture. Petra lay on the bed. The neck of her nightgown got ripped open to reveal her throat. “You shall leave her alone!” Rufus threw himself forward. “Not you!” The undead shrieked. The cross kept him in place. “More?” Petra moaned in her sleep. “My love.” Rufus looked crestfallen. “Yes.” He laughed. This had to end. Kay had picked up the stake. The boy got to impale the heart. “Let me go!” The man got pressed against the wall. “I know where she is.” Kay bit his lip. “Then tell me.” The vampire was dripping blood on the carpet. “Release me.” He pleaded. “I shall tell you.” That was too late. Rufus reached above his shoulder. “Leave us alone.” The man demanded. “Then you shall haunt us no longer.” This was theirproperty. “You are no longer welcome.” The cross burst into flame. Kay got away. “You don’t understand.” The vampire hissed. Rufus pierced the heart. “May you be released from the curse.” He removed the head.

Artillery launge, “Evil’s nest”. The 21st. of December 2098 A.D.

They became interrupted. Black Rage had put both hands behind her back. “Listen to this.” The com-officer turned around. “We are receiving a distress signal from the computer lab.” That was strange. “Display them.” She told. “I want their faces up on the main view screen.” Lenox Crest saluted. “Yes my lady. As you wish.” Janet Grisham pulled the instruments. “They are the hunter’s I havebeen looking for.” The black lady remarked. She went quiet. The turrets opened fire. The dark-breed threw himself sideways. The man carried the traitor. She controlled the flames. The cannons burned out. The skeleton crew repaired the system. “By the Dark Lord.” The wanted knight threw the enflamedstakes at the crystal. “Enough.” The shards undermined his position. “We have to react.” The woman summoned the turtle. The spinning shell broke the instruments. The flame blast hitwithin the core. They got to run. The crew were complete. “We are ready to launch.” Black Rage made no remark. “My lady?” They had becomepowerful. “Much impressive.” The secretary made the rocks to fall down. The dark-breed got beyond. His Bibhuti caused the explosion. The image became obscure. The woman fired herlaser. “Gambit.” Black Rage observed. “They have tobe terminated.”

Highway, assembly line. The 21st. of December 2098 A.D.

The lantern shook. Christopher struggled to keep on foot. “What was that!?”He felt at a loss. “I don’t know.” Marina looked so pale. The little witch almost got hurled above the railway. “Are you alright?” Julius got pushedagainst the computer. “I think.” Desmond got the sword. “The bats are coming in!” Marina cried. “Preserve us.” The priest made the sign of the cross. “The factoryis still in effect.” Christopher got tired. “God with us!” He released the pages. That gave a breather. Marina cast the whirlwind spell. “What is that sound?” She asked. “God’s holy Mother!” The priest exclaimed. The nest train came rocketing down the railway. “Get away!” This was a catastrophe. They got in trouble. The maintain bots fired the artillery. “God with us!” Desmond summoned the cross. That saved his life. They got to reunite. Christopher threw the dagger. The train already passed. The skeleton crew hurled grenades. They left the rail to kill them. “In Manos Toas Domine!” Julius had forged the pyre sword. “Dark ocean world!” The little witch cast the ice spell. That froze the robots. “I don’t get it.” Julius frowned. “The computer is down.” He shrugged. That was not the real problem. ”Forget about that.” Desmond touched the cross. “The lantern was built by a madman.”

The screensblinked to life. Julius made the sign of the cross. Their friends were coming. “Someone achieved command.” Marina remarked. The priest agreed. His cousin didn’t mind. Christopher got ahead to inspect the railway mechanism. “Stand ready.” The solicitor told. “The ID card might trigger the traps.” Julius felt so cold. “I see.” The robots lay in shamble. “The repair crew should arrive.” The priest reached for the crucifix. The Lord would decide. “God with us!” Desmond got away. The railway was active. The claws almost caught him. “Good Lord!” His cousin broke the machine. “Get away!” Julius cried. He blocked the turrets. “Staybehind!” Marina cried. She stepped on the highway. Her magic removed the guns. “Blow the little piece to Storigoi!” The demons occupied the highway. “Fire in the hall!” Christopher got in front. He struck with the sword to make the rising flames to track forward. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” Julius threw the vials. Hell’s angels howled their dismay. “I call you forth into the light!” The priest declared. “To cast you into Hell!” He made an oat. The holy water burned on impact. “Julius!” Marina threw herself on top. The demons fired. The electric weapons might stun the hunters in place. “God with us!” Desmond was in action. He slid beneath the cannons to attack. “Dark ocean horizon!” The little witch got furious. Hell’s angels were not alone. The tiny helicopters placed triangle bombs upon the floor. “They use the time-set!” Marina exclaimed. “Save us!” Christopher threw a flurry of crosses. The helicopters exploded. Desmond picked the crystals. “Leave him alone!” Marina cried. She bent to challenge the rat robots. They crawled through the ventilation system. “Let it be!” Julius escaped. The Incubus almost pulled over. The priest threw daggers at him. He howled. The demon got burned to ashes. “Hi there.” The Succubus stopped in front. “You look cute.” Heretainedhiscrouched position. The speed demons whispered together. They laughed. Juliusmade the sign of the cross. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost!” He thought of bad things. The priest had to approach. The sword and gauntlets were on fire. The brunette tried to pull over. The blonde got her gun. Julius removed the head. “Let it be!” He repelled the shock. “Stand were you are!” They got surrounded. “Drop your weapons.” The leader demanded. “They are the combat robots.” Christopher explained. “Excellent.” Julius brandished with the sword. He would fight. “Look!” Marina cried. “They are coming!” The trio of metal wheels came rolling down the highway. “Destroyer-droids.” Marina sighed. She recoiled the whip. The wheels unfolded into their ready position. “You are under arrest.” The destroyer informed. “That rests with the Lord.” He made the row of meteors to fall down. The combat robots lifted into the air. “They havethe rocket launchers!” Desmond exclaimed. “Tell me.” The priest had noticed. The robot moved the sight to pick up. He threw the axe. The blue, black and gold-plated armour turned theminto an excellent target. “Roger,Roger.” The destroyers advanced. “They got the shieldgenerators!” Christopher got to repel the lot. “Dark ocean world!” Marina hid within the bubble. They created a deathly crossfire. “Right.” Julius forged the angel sword. He pierced the heart. “Fire at will!” The leader encouraged. “The missiles locked and launched.” The robots got no homing propensity. “God with us!” Julius made it to rain with holy water. That carved some space. “Be gone with you devils!” His cousin beheaded the robot. “Great maelstrom!” Marina kept the last one occupied. “Prepare to be terminated.” The robots fired their heavy wrist and shoulder cannons. “Preserve us!” Julius released the pages. The destroyers got cut to pieces. That wasn’t enough. The combat robots kept their distance. “Come on!” The group withdrew down the highway. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” Julius repelled the turrets. The solicitor got ahead. “Daughters of river.” The nayad giggled. Julius shook his head. What would Goldberry say? Marina knew how to fight. The knives pierced the soft spots. “I have a bad feeling about this.” “Preserve us!” His cousin dodged the rocket. Julius inhaled. This had to end. “God with us!” Desmond presented the cross. “The railway is singing.«The priest felt shills down his spine. They stood on the highway. “Let it be!” Marina uncoiled the whip. “We have no choice.” Julius made a glide. He got beneath the fire. The train came in time. “Good Lord in Heaven!” The crew protected the cargo. The group ran for safety. The construction bots gave a hand. The commandoes got shot to pieces. Julius made the sign of the cross.The hunt continued. The robots settled on the highway. “Look out!” The band of maintain bots had left the rail. The train vanished from sight. “God with us!” Christopher got lifted into the air. “Let it be!” The cross burst above. The combat robot got defeated. “Blessed be!” He touched the crucifix. The maintainbot almost picked his eye. “All who oppose the prince of Darkness must die.” Julius shuddered. He knew that phrase. “The voice of count Dracula.” The priest felt so cold. “Mother of river!” The witch came to fight. They got to clear the area. The highway fell quiet. “I hate it when they do that.” They exchanged glances. Hecouldn’trest. “We must continue.” Desmond sighed. “Let us hunt.” Julius felt so tired. “Come on.” She blew him a kiss. “Right.” He made the sign of the cross. “Let it be.” The priest went to join his friends. “Be careful.” Christopher told. “I don’t trust the silence.” Julius sighed. “I know.” He kept the sword. “Remember about the oat.” The priest might see beyond the obvious. “How can I forget?” The solicitor also got tired. “To hunt the night.” Desmond acknowledged. He was a hunter. That was the truth. “Be quiet you two.” Marina told. The little witch got angry. “Excuse me.” Julius arched an eyebrow. The nayad might be both flirty and talkative. Now she got serious. He put that aside. This was no trip in the forest. They got to be prepared.

The highway was quiet. Marina touched the whip. She felt at a loss. There came no trains. The little witchkept bitingupon her lip. Marina checked every alcove, each niche and corner. The Belmontswent ahead. The menwould hunt. “You are sure that the approach is up here?” She had to know the answer. Christophersent her a look above his shoulder. “I don’t know.”. He threw away the black ponytail. “I only follow the map.” Marina didn’t feel much better. She was about to tell when Hell broke loose. “God’s holy mother.” Julius threw back his cape. “Good God!” Desmond went pale as a ghost. The huge gorilla beast was large as King Kong. Marina gaped. “I don’t think you are his type.” She might forgive his bad taste of humour.The nayadwas speechless. Christopher shut up. This wasn’t the time. The priestgot in action. He dropped the book to release three fireballs. The blast collided.That made no difference. Kong roared. The massive chest plate opened up to release twin rockets. Marina bit together. She wouldn’t stand by. Not this time. She still felt dirty after what happened in the workshop. The water pillars brought her high enough to throwsilver knives into the breast mechanism. The creature shove her aside. “Dark ocean world!” Marina shrieked. The nayad hit the wall.

Computer lab, “Evil’s nest”. The 21st. of December 2098 A.D.

The gremlins leached upon her friends. Anette got to clean her glasses. She barely got ready.The repair crew got finished with the guns. “Preserve us from evil!” The turrets opened fire. She didn’t have the might to fight against the security. The secretary threw herself sideways. The turrets tried to fill her with bullets. Anette drew her tears. She bent to stamp the topaz. The gemstone got shattered into pieces. The ventilation opened up to release heavy steam. “Burn in Hell!” Thomas channelled through the gauntlets. The launchers got in range. “Please.” Anette still wept. “Lord.” She cast the flame spell. Anette got to destroy the crystal. The core was changing colour. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” That didn’t matter. Anette conjured the wild cat. Thecrystal shook in place. “Forgive me!” She got the crucifix. The secretary threw herself down. The shards flew about. “Leave this place!” She got to roll. The maintain crew repaired the security. They opened fire. The birds offered some protection. “Leave her!” The cross-shaped blast collided with the crystal. “You devils!” Thomas howled. He had reached the artillery. “Try to shield against this!” The knight threw the garlic forward. The security crystal got shot to pieces. “Save us!” Thomas picked her up before leaving.

Highway, assembly line. The 21st. of December 2098 A.D.

The train rocketed by. Thomas paid no attention. They had survived. The dragon roared. Anette got on top.The yellow coat flapped behind. The huge gorilla wasn’t built for hunting. He leaped. Thomas grabbed at the claw.The tail struck like a battering-ramp. Kong roared. The mirror glass couldn’t protect him against this. He reached to release the charged shocks. “God with us!” Thomas threw the Bibhuti. The chest plate got moved aside. “So let it be!” The powder exploded on impact. “For Warakiya!” Whisp howled his challenge. He reloaded. Thomas got the cross bullets. The gorilla staggered. He caught Anette. The dragon was gone. “Preserve us!” Kong launched the twin rockets. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” The secretary inhaled. She fired the flame laser. Thomas pressed her tight against his chest. The missiles exploded. Kong struck to crush them. “Blast you!” Thomas cursed. “Alright.” He released the cross-shaped blast. They escaped from the funfair. Thomas took the gems. The gorilla got ready to fight. “Blast you!” He howled. The sonic attack stunned him in place. Thomas touched the cross. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord.” Anette approached. Her eyes were blazing behind the glasses. Thomas breathed. They were not conquered yet.

“Three pretty petals”, Dora wood. The 22nd. Of December 2098 A.D.

The maiden’s house was so warm. Mercedeswas sweating. How did he managed the armour? The marshal let a finger glide down her spine. The redhead girl then shivered with delight. The incense hid the smell. The sense of sulphur was so strong she could actually taste it. Mercedes purred. The marshal was related to the dragons. She helped to remove the plates. The scaled and leathery skin was bright red. The German girl marvelled by his muscles. “Come.” He lick her nipples. She groaned. The glowing eyes burned within the triangle head. His tail got wriggled around her knees. “Yes.” The skin rubbed against her flesh. “Oh yes.” She moaned. The wings cradled about her body. “Keep me.” The flying dragon kept hertight.The claws ripped herloincloth. Mercedes was naked. She felt him,like fire between her legs. The trustpierced her body. The girl didn’t have to pretend. Mercedes accepted her destiny. She grew to enjoy it. The marshal kept her standing while moving on. She held him in turn. The redhead met each trust. Nobody did it better. Her jealousy faded during climax. “Yes!” Mercedes cried when he burst. “Take me!” She told. “Use me!” The girl had become a whore. That was not important. This was the life. Mercedes laughed. She was the best.

Final approach, “Evil’s nest”. The 21st. of December 2098 A.D.

The hologram flickered. Friedrich Hertz kept at attention. “”That is enough for now captain.” Damien Frost had decreed for a general lockdown. “Yes my lord.” He might be the one. “Prepare for stand-by alert.” The commander, Cedric von Holm,might handle that situation. “As you wish.” The officer gave his salute. “Hail the count.” The vampire replied in kind. “Then you hark, his Master’s voice.” His image disappeared. “Prepare to execute his will.” The commander approached. “Sir. Yes sir.” The men were eager to comply. “As you wish.” The captain got his own advisors. “Shield off the bridge.” Friedrich Hertz gave his command. “Sir.” They had to use the back-up generator to might maintain the order. “It shall be done.” He got to promote the young com-assistant.The controller had perished. “Evacuate the area.” The man beheld the image. The layout revealed the procedure. “The entrance shield is down.” Andrej Pushkin turned his seat. “Leave that to me.” Cedric Von Holm retained his position. “The nest security is my responsibility.” His face never left the screen. “We have our orders.” The captain acknowledged. “See to that the hunters find their way into the throne room.” Friedrich Hertz could support that statement. “He might be the one.” The captain admitted.

Highway, assembly line. The 21st. of December 2098 A.D.

Kong roared. Christopher breathed. His friends got occupied at the other end of the railway. He stabbed with the sword. That made the rising icicles to track forward. “God with us!” Julius got to present the crucifix. That was not enough. The little witch got knocked out cold. The robot sent her crashing against the wall. “Fine.” Desmond was grateful she was still alive. Kong staggered behind. The solicitor reached for the cross. He got to save her. “Preserve us.” The priest took the laurels. “There is no time.” Christopher inhaled. He got lifted into the air. “God with us!” The image burst above. Kong got bathed in flames. The solicitor might rest. The torso got ripped apart. “Beware of the Dark.” Julius touched his shoulder. “Oh my God!” The garbage got spread throughout the area. “This is a treasure.” The priest explained. “Relax.” Desmond picked the gems. They replenished the force. “Wake up.” Julius prayed. He knelt by the nayad. “Stay with us.” His cousin used the laurels. “Return to me.” Christopher almost felt jealous about that. He shook the issue. “I am here.” Marina blinked. “You don’t have to shout.” She opened her blue eyes. “I am alright.” That wouldn’t last. Desmond might tell. The security was awake. “Save us!” He got the book. It had begun again.

Half of the securityspread to approach. Julius made the sign of the cross. “Then so let it be.” The turrets got in range. He made the rocks to fall down. That shielded against the bullets. Julius made a back-flip. The grenades exploded on impact. “Right!” Christopher got beneath. The ring made him invisible. Julius saluted the effort. His cousin made the lightning strike. That disrupted the system. He got atop. “Black Maelstrom!” Marina was the first who noticed. “Preserve us!” He quite figured her statement. “That is a train!” Desmond threw the vials. “Thank You!” He obscured Hell’s angels. “That is the security!” Juliusrecognised the alarm. The locomotor was stashed with cargo. “That rests with the Lord.” They might be pulled over. Both the Stellar sword and the gauntlets began to burn. “Into Your hands I commit my spirit!” The maintain and construction bots fired their guns and launchers. “Preserve us from evil!” Julius summoned the circle of crosses. The symbols got shot to pieces. That gave a breather. The group got time to retaliate. “Mother.” Marina used the bloodwatch. They got no magic. The spell stopped their progress. “Fine.” Christopher threw a flurry of crosses. “Kill him!” The solicitor got occupied by the speed demons. “Oh my God!” The UFOs got into the air. The aliens joined the fray. “Let it be!” Julius made an item crush. He extendedthe power. “God with us!” The priest would burn them out. “Julius!” Marina cried. “Get out of my way!” The witch used her water pillars to rise up. “You leave them to me!” The robots had reloaded. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost!” The rockets almost killed them. The nayad might save herself. “God with us!” Desmond got in trouble. “Then so let it be!” Julius knew what to do. He threw the crystal. The priest made it to break up. “Preserve us!” The locomotor got caught in the explosion. That was close. Julius made the sign of the cross. “For great is the Lord.” The crystal kept rebounding. He made a glide behind the wreckage. “In Manos Toas Domine!” The sword burned like the sun in the forest. “Be gone with you!” Julius pushed through the turrets. “Ready to launch.” They got in range. He must be careful. The railway went on electricity. “Save us from evil.” The maintain bots repaired the engine. The bloodwatch kept it in place. The spell couldn’t last forever. They got to escape. “Attention.” They launched the rockets. “Fire at will.” He got to defend himself. “Let it be!” He threw the five gold knives. The explosion sent him sprawling. He could die another day. Julius dismissed about the matter. His life was a weapon. He threw the axe. “God with us!” The item burst on impact. He made the sign of the cross. The locomotor got finally destroyed. He exhaled. The explosion might screw the lantern. “Glory be You.” He worshipped the Lord. “Our Father in Heaven.” Julius got embraced by the inhuman arms. “You leave me alone!” The alien turned the priest to might kiss him. “Excuse me.” Christopher removed the head. “The priests are forbidden from forging such connections.” That was not important right now. Julius inhaled. “Thank you.” He shuddered. The priest couldn’t help it. “Are you alright?” The thought of an implant was too horrible. “There is nothing.” Marina touched his forehead. “Thank the Lord.” Julius bent to pick the sword. “There is no taint.” The nayad hid a smile. She blew him a kiss. Marina cracked with the “Black pain” Whip. He turned red in the face. The witch got that effect. She spewed an onslaught of fireballs. He reached for the crucifix. Anette and Thomas broke the UFO. That didn’t change anything. The astronauts escaped. That might be a problem. Desmond joined with the group. Hell’s angels got burned to ashes. “Preserve us!” The armoured carrier left from within the wreckage. “Good Lord in Heaven!” The priest dodged the glazier lasers. Those weapons got built into the streetlight projectors. Julius blinked. The priest was never much of a mechanic. “Bless me.” Never mind that now. The autowagen looked like some sort of luxury liner from the 1960s. “Right then Christine.” They got no sense of humour. The autocart sped up before the attack. He threw three axes. That seemed to agitate the computer. “You leave him alone!” The witch cast the frost spell. The carrier got stopped in place. “So let it be!” Julius doused the autocart with holy water. The holy flames burned on impact. The carrier somehow survived the onslaught. “Save us!” The priest made a back-flip. The glazier lasers froze the highway. “Daughters of river!” Marina cast powerful magic upon the area. She fused with the power gem. “Kyrie eleison.” The autowagen got caught in the impact. The lasers froze her in place. Julius used the laurels. The autocart almost pulled over. “No!” Marina escaped. “Never!” She got the bloodwatch. The carrier stopped. Julius dropped the book. He released the fireballs. They blocked the ice. Marina cast the silver knives. The bone core broke on impact. “Great is the mystery of faith.” Julius made the sign of the cross. “Black water!” The carrier forced her to retreat. “Bless me!” The turrets opened fire. They got the rockets. “Save us from evil!” Julius conjured the crosses. The missiles crushed his defence. “Sweet Mother of river!” Marina got atop the water pillar. “Leave him alone!” She cast the icicles. The security froze and exploded. He took the gems. They might replenish his energy. Julius threw the cross. The boomerangs burned on impact. “God with us!” He threw the axe. The autocart exploded. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” The priest hurled the vials forward. The holy water burned high. The carrier got consumed. “For great is the mystery of faith.” Julius almost collapsed. He really got tired. “Come on.” Marina told. “Follow me.” She sighed. They had to share the crystals. “The hunt continues.” The priest acknowledged. Julius pulled together. “Then so let it be.” The nayad told the truth. The UFO lay in pieces. That didn’t change much. “Save us.” He made the sign of the cross. The priest was grateful. The automobile got destroyed. They might be together again. “Beware of the Dark.” Julius touched the crucifix. “This is a trap.” The priest was certain.

They were united. Marina was glad. “Alone we fall.” Christopher said. “Together we stand.” Julius made the sign of the cross. “By the grace of God.” That was not important right now. The man embraced her. “I have missed you.” He told. “I know.” She beamed. He was in love. “I missed you too.” She almost sobbed. “Come on.” The Belmonts had reached the elevator. “There will be plenty of time.” Anette had to adjust her glasses. “Okay.” Marina released him. She cracked with the “Black pain” whip. “God with us.” Thomas had reloaded the rifle. “Watch out!” She joined with the secretary. “This is a trap!” The topaz stones were awake. The knight fired. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” The cousins got left beyond the barrier. “Preserve us!” The elevator had stopped. “Freeze!” The flame and snow troopersleft the box. “Roger, Roger.” The super battle-droids got dispatched from within. “Drop your weapons!” The shock troopers had broughtboth the marines and the Amazons along. “Mother of river!” Marina exclaimed. “God with us!” The Belmont cousins fought back-to-back. “Leave them!” Her blood was on fire. The nayad lusted for each of them. The priestcouldn’t accept her need. She didn’t care. They got other problems. “Black water.” The little witch conjured hermagic.

The troopers spread out to cover more ground. Anette made a glide. She got to hunt the night. The secretary made it to burn. The soldier was dead. She cleaned the sweat from her forehead. “Nice work.” Christopher admired. She blushed. Anette tried to hide it. She picked the gems. The solicitor knew about her emotion. He let it be. She relaxed. Desmond gathered the gems. “Alright!” The knight got to reload the rifle. That was fine. They had a long way ahead. “Come on.” Christopher worked with the instruments. “Open.” The elevator remained close. “God with us.” He got behind. The claws reached to take him. “Come!” She released the cat. Her animal leached to tear them. The turrets got in range. The secretary hid within the shell. Thomas howled. He released through the gauntlets. The guards got taken aback. “Leave him!” The secretary cast the rebound spell. The soldiers got burned to death. She chased her friends. They got in trouble. “In Manos Toas Domine.” Julius made the sign of the cross. “Please.” The door was open. “Preserve us.” Anette charged the spell. They couldn’t use the elevator. Not for the moment. “You are under arrest.” The snow troopers aimed their winter weapons. “I don’t think so.” The secretary conjured her birds. “Fly away.” They blocked the attack.

This was a trap. Thomas bit his lip. The troopers had spread out before the attack. “Blasted!” He broke the topaz stones. The cross gave an edge. The knight snarled. That was better. “Prepare to be terminated.” The Latinos relayed their automaton weapons. “Curse you!” Thomas dropped himself down. The bullets went above. “Alright!” He got up to impale them. The stakes burned on impact. The women collapsed. Thomas groaned. He got hit by a bullet. “Do you like that?” The aqua trooperasked. “The Dark might grant the most malicious pain.” Anette had arrived. “That is none of your business.” Marina cast the fire spell. He screamed. The soldier got burned to ashes. Thomas picked the crystals. The shark was crazy. “Right.” He left that behind. “They are behind you!” The secretary shouted. “You leave them to me.” Marina picked the power gem. “Roger, Roger.” The super battle-droids got him in range. “Curse you to Hell!” They marched to kill him. “Sweet Mother!” Marina released the magic. He relaxed. The robots got shot to pieces. “All who oppose the prince of Darkness must die.” The flame troopers got ready. Marina hid within the bubble. That wasn’t enough. He howled. She would die inside the shield. “Blast you!” He couldn’t leave her to perish like that.

Forest of Debias, Warakiya. The 22nd. Of December 2098 A.D.

The hair got whipped by the wind. Claudia held on for dare life. The Phoenix was singing. Her hands got red and sore.Claudia managed to hold on. The Sun bird mourned their loss. The Lycan might tell it by her voice. The males were dead. The tears ran down her cheeks. What should she say to Iris? The white princess sent them along to protect her from evil. Robert and Isaac sacrificed themselves to secure the lift-off. The soldiers kept chasing them. She wouldn’t clean her face. The men deserved as much. It was right to show her emotion. The Phoenix’s voice became a shriek. “Not again!” Claudia howled. “The archers are here!” She didn’t have to worry. The arrows never went home. “You have lost!” Claudia shouted. The lightning struck from acloudlessblue sky. They were forced to land. This wasn’t normal.“Look out!” The shrouded black figures stood out like patches of blood against thesnow. “They are the litches of the order!” Claudia howled her challenge. They were tribe enemies. She leaped to tear them. Bright yellow diamonds shone within the turban. The Lycan snarled. They got no right to that symbol. “Let me dance.” Anna retained her human form. “Enjoy!” Claudia had no mind. She would rather die on her friend’s behalf then to permit this mockery.

Artillery launge, “Evil’s nest”. The 21st. of December 2098 A.D.

The icicle figures were going critic. Black Rage inhaled. “What is happening down there?” She kept her hands behind her back. “The troopershave encountered the hunters my lord.” Her breathing never changed. “That is not what I meant.” Damien Frost felt the shift in power. “Someone has arrived.” The cyborg admitted. “We have a new enemy.” They kept the watch. “Yes, my lord.” This was vilework. The officer never should have dabbled in the dark arts. She would obey. “Wait.” Black Rage turned around. “There is something coming through.” They were not mistaken. “They meddle in the affairs beyond the obvious.” He was her lord. “He could destroy us.” The vampire tapped upon the side of thethrone. “I feel the power.” She got his cold. The warlock turned to someone outside the view. They seemed to debate. “We won’t survive this.” The crew spoke together. “Retain your posts.” The officer barked. Lenox Crest would do his duty. She had no doubt. “Yes sir.” Janet Grisham retained her seat. “As you wish.” The crew resumed their activities. “Wipe them out.” Damien Frost instructed. “All of them.” He snarled. “Yes my lord.” The cyborg assured. “It shall be done.”He smirked. They exchanged glances. “Be mindful.” He breathed. “For now, the events has changed.”

Highway, assembly line. The 21st. of December 2098 A.D.

The flame trooper fired a shot. Christopher made the rising icicles to track forward. “Stop!” The red and black armour gleamed in the dark. “God with us!” The guard spewed the flames. Desmond made a glide. He got up to impale the soldier. “Look out.” Julius touched his arm. The snow trooper hid behind the shield. The grenades exploded on impact. “I have you now.” The flame trooper picked up. He let the flame thrower talk. The priest summoned the crosses. The fire bombs broke the barrier. Christopher gripped for the cross. The solicitor had to act. He threw the axe forward. That cleared the battlefield. He knew it was only a distraction. “God!Preserve us!” Desmond felt the shift in nature. He didn’t know how else to describe it.Hefelt like seeing, smelling and hearing at the same time. “Fine.” Christopher kept the sword. The cross began to burn. The great force seemed to guide his hand. “Then so help me God.” He whispered. “Magnetize!” The snow trooper sat atop the hoover bike. He got the mines. “Let it be!” Julius made it to rain with holy water. The mines exploded. The trooper was dead. Damien took the gems. They replenished his energy. The soldiers retreated for the elevator. “Not tonight!” Thomas threw the stakes. “Hurry up!” Marina arrived. “This is our chance!”

Elevator, “Evil’s nest”. The 21st. of December 2098 A.D.

They had conquered the elevator.Julius had to rest. The victory didn’t come without a price. The bats and turrets almost killed them. “Preserve us from evil.” He inhaled. This was a trap. The doors were close. “Good Lord in Heaven!” The water poured from the top of the box. The metal eggs morphed into sea horses. “Look out!” They shot the needles from their belly. “Let it snow. Let it snow.” Marina made it to happen. The flakes were perfect. “Let it be.” Julius made the sign of the cross. “Perfect.” The witch obscured the enemies. “God with us!” The solicitor deflected the attack. “We must isolate the pipes!” Julius cried. “Leave it to me.” Anette replaced her glasses. The falcon picked her up. “Sweet Mother!” Marina got onboard. He frowned. What could they do? The sea horse fired a sting. The priest bent beneath. “Preserve me!” He slid into the water. Never mind that. Christopher smashed the control box. The priest exhaled. “Forget about it.” Julius glared. The solicitor shrugged. “Relax you two.” Thomas never left his post. “I can smell.” Julius felt so cold. The women returned. “Come.” They got to climb up. The priest made the sign of the cross. They reached atop. “Let it be.” The elevator kept in place. Never the less, the hunt was still in progress.

Entrance, “Evil’s nest”. The 21st. of December 2098 A.D.

The stench lay heavy upon the area. Julius reached for the crucifix. “Preserve us from evil.” The knight made no mistake. “What is that smell?” Anette pulled the sleeve above her nose. “This is the ancient malice.” Julius shivered. “The dark realm.” Christopher closed his eyes. “Shadow and flame.” The cousins exchanged glances. “The forgotten one.” Thomas frowned. “What are you talking about?” He asked. “Gabriel Belmont defeated that monster in 1047.” The priest drew sweat of his forehead. Gabriel had betrayed the bloodline. “Keep the faith.” He brought nothing then shame. “Leon was victorious.” Desmond regained his composure. “Though this kind gained in power by retaining his name.” They got interrupted. “Silence!” The voice boomed. “Thee cannot triumph!” Julius fought to resist the cruelty. “Preserve us.” The demon lord was talking. He was not afraid. The promises couldn’t break. “Beware.” There was a hole in reality. “That is a wormhole!” Christopher exclaimed. “God with us!” The descendants presented their cross and crucifix. “Get away.” This was their responsibility. “I am Geramouth!” The forgotten one roared. “Thee cannot escape!” The seal had broken. The priest made the sign of the cross. The demon lord had arrived. “You can’t help us!” Damien touched the controls. The door was open. “The Mother preserve you!” They escaped. He leached. The chain whip was enforced with blue electricity. They broke the fellowship. The void sword was like the liquid shadow. Julius threw the cross forward. “Thou art a fool!” The blood and gold armour absorbed the blow. “God’s holy mother!” Julius retained his item. “I warn thee.” The eye and mouth burned with the fires of Hell. “You are not invincible.” Christopher threw the vials. “I read about you.” He hurled the axe. “Return to the Shadow!” The priest reached for the holy crucifix. “Thou cannot strike me!” The body got revealed. “Behold and despair!” The body was composed of souls. “Dark rising.” This was like in 1666. Christopher noticed about the storm. “Good Lord!” Geramouth caused the phenomena. “Preserve us!” The solicitor cried. That was the meteor storm. The priest gnashed his teeth. Julius fought to keep the faith. He believed in the gifts. The priest threw the vials and daggers. The armour broke to reveal the body. “God with us!” Damien had escaped from the shower. He leaped to stamp with the cross. “Behold!” Geramouth roared. “The power of the Pit!” Julius made the sign of the cross. Their forces built up. “The lightning of pure will power!” The void sword blazed. “Feel mine fury!” Julius summoned the Trinity for protection. Geramouth hurled the blade. That contained the might of the demon lord. “Then so let it be!” The impact created a nuclear blast. “Save us from evil!” Julius released through the gauntlets. Geramouth left himself wide open. The axes smashed the chest plate. “Accursed be thee!” The weapon returned to the master. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” Julius made it to rain. “Save us!” The blood was boiling. That he couldn’t heal. The demon might repair the armour. “Return to the Shadow!” The priest had regained his composure. Christopher was still alive. The blade never touched his cousin. “The Lord is with you.” Julius inhaled. “End of Days!” The forgotten one conjured the storm. They had to escape from the meteors. “God with us!” Julius also got supernatural abilities. The mass illusion got buried within the body. “Right.” The solicitor threw a flurry of crosses. “Cursed be!” Geramouth roared. The armour cracked. “So they should not be forsaken.” Julius proclaimed. “Though have life everlasting.” Geramouth turned to glare upon him. The enormous black wings might blend out the light. “Those who wander in the dark shall see a great light.” Julius told. He believed in the words. “I have inherited the spell fusion.” Desmond approached. The bolt struck to break the armour. Geramouth shrieked. This was the moment. “God with us!” The vial got smashed on impact. “Glory be You!” He touched the crucifix. The liquid burned his flesh. “I shall destroy thee!” Geramouth announced. “I shall tear thy, limb from limb!” Julius felt chills down his spine. Thou shall perish in thy despair!” Julius felt so little. “Thy time is over!” He was just a man. While the forgotten one was forever. “Behold!” Geramouth was restored. They got to resist. “God with us!” Christopher approached. He stabbed with the sword. “Thou cannot strike me!” The rising icicles collided with the demon. The armour froze on impact. The suit broke apart. Geramouth roared. “Thou arth doomed!” He tore another black hole. “Preserve us from evil!” The nuclear blast should be the finale. “Thy accursed Belmont scum!” That was not the case. The cousins survived. “Let it be.” Julius made an oat. He would not surrender.

Artillery launch, “Evil’s nest”. The 21st. of December 2098 A.D.

There were no guards visible. Marina looked through the book. The knight kept the secretary. She was weeping. The witch shook her head. Thomas was mourning. “Come on now.” Marina got ahead. “We got no time.” She felt like breaking. “Mother.” She must be strong. “Hunters, stop! This is a security zone. Surrender in the name of lord Dracula.” She gasped. The human carried a cadet’s uniform. “We have you under our guns.” He told the truth. Marina fought to remain calm. “I don’t think so.” She might charm the crew. “Shut up!” Thomas barked. “Why can’t you be quiet?!” The knight howled. The man was not impressed. “You are the resistance and a traitor.” The tall black figure made and imperious gesture. “Cadet Jethro.” She demanded. “Take them away. «Theygathered around. “Yes, my lady.” The officer acknowledged. “Sargent.” The group leader made a salute. “Over my dead body.” Thomas declared. “Come and take me.” Marina spread her arms wide. She got the spell book. “Then stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” The secretary cast the rebounding flame. “Drop your weapons!” The cyborg requested. Her breathing never changed. She found a spell. “Set thelasersto stun.” The cadet advised. “Dark ocean world!” Marina cast her spell.

They approached. Anette pulled through her hair. “You leave me alone!” She felt so helpless. He had no mind. The rockets dogged her track. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” The guards might kill them. The secretary used her magic for cover. That was not enough. Anette touched the crucifix. The coat rippled. Christopher told that it belonged to Soma Cruz. She sighed. The family shared in the ceiling act of 1999. Yoko Belnades was a blood relative. The secretary cleaned her glasses. They got stained with blood. “Save us from the evil One!” Anette released her birds. The pigeons gave a breather. The secretary charged her spell. “Shoot them!” The animals got blasted into oblivion. She wept. “Aria of Sorrow.” No funeral. Marina was right. They got no time. “Die hunter, die!” The super battle-droid got in range. “God’s holy Mother!” She got transfixed. The turtle saved her. “I regret your construction.” Anette threw a blast. The robot shrieked. “Thank the Lord!” Then something else happened. She felt so cold. There was like a black vortex had opened in her heart. The voice screamed. For blood and slaughter. Anette shuddered. The force pierced both body and soul. “Help me!” Anette grasped the crucifix. Her fingers went white. The Lord would not forsake them.

The guards fired their weapons. Thomas howled his challenge. He blocked the onslaught. “God’s holy Mother!” He was not alone. “Good Lord!” Anette climbed upon the tiger. “Mother!” The little witch cast the whirlwind spell. “Blast you!” Whisp gathered his power. He went like a scythe through corn. The sergeant lay dead at his feet. “By the Dark Lord!” The cadet fired a shot. Marina got beneath. He wielded a force pike. “Dark ocean horizon!” His friends got busy. Marina cracked with the whip. She better keep him occupied. “Get lost!” Thomas ripped with the claws. He got to help. The weapon might repel her magic. “Blast it!" The cadet knew how to fight. “Leave her alone!” He almost pierced her heart. “Clever girl.” He smirked. Marina made a back-flip. “What a dancer you might be.” The cadet mocked. “Perhaps.” Marina spat on the ground. “Though not for you.” The little witch was a nymph. No questions asked. “Why not?” He gloated by her discomfort. “You pleased the controller.” Thomas would kill him. He grabbed for the force pike. The charge went through his body. That was a mistake. “Taste it.” The cadet coaxed. “As you like it?” Thomas couldn’t speak. “Drop it.” Marina got the knives. “Certainly.” The cadet pushed him aside. “Your turn.”

Dora wood, Warakiya. The 22nd. of December 2098 A.D.

The treetops shaded against the moonlight. Kay pulled the scarf around his face. “Gerda.” Everything was quiet. The sky was clear. The wind breathed so bitter. The boy shuddered. The cold bit through his clothing. There were nothing to do. Kay couldn’t change the weather. He kept on through the forest. The snowy laneleads down to the backside of the building. “The eternal night.” Petra had revealed what she knew. He was glad. The curse had faded. Something fell from the sky. “Leave me!” That came like a complete surprise. Kay shrieked. The sharp nails pierced his shoulder. “Be silent.” The assassin requested. Kay didn’t move. The voice hissed like boiling steam.Kay felt the presence of the Shadow. “Thou shall pay.” He raged against the people. Kay would not be held in chains. Not like this. “Who are you?” This voice belonged to another. The boy couldn’t move. Though he looked up to face them. Kay caught an image of black cloth and high heels. That didn’t make sense. “Answer me.” The female voice demanded. The demonpierced his shoulders.“My name is Kay Anderson!”He screamed. The assassin raised him up to face them. Kay rubbed at his tears. “Not you!” That was the Dark Lord! He got a grip. Kay knew that was impossible.

Artillery launge, “Evil’s nest”. The 21st. of December 2098 A.D.

The audience finally became silent. Black Rage made a gesture. “As you may have noticed.” The cyborg knew how to might capture their attention. “This is not an ordinary control room.” The young cadet had fought excellently. “Look.” She turned. “Gaze upon the view screen.” The projector revealed the surrounding cave. “I presume that your group recognize this view.” The mechanical breathing echoed through the lounge. “The forgotten city of the Lycan tribe.” The dark-breed knight spoke in a whisper. “Quite right.” The audio simulator got installed. The cyborg might listen in on any form of communication. That was irrelevant to the cause. “Fromthe lantern we are able to launce rockets which might easily destroy the entire city.” Black Rage kept quiet for a time. “So it will end forever.” She touched upon their anguish. “For this is the end of your insignificant rebellion.” The secretary threw her fist into the air. “This is blackmail.” The cyborg gave no answer. “Burn in Hell!” The knight went berserk. The com-officer lost her head. The stakes crushed the computers. “Curse you,Lycan scum!” The reaction blew up the instruments. “All who oppose the prince of Darkness must die.” Black Rage released the reserve. The cyborg got to fight. She ignited the crimson light saber.

Entrance, “Evil’s nest”. The 21st. of December 2098 A.D.

This was glorious. Christopher was at a loss. His cousin was a priest. “Blood of the hunter.” The sword and crucifix beamed with the gold. Julius had remained tall. “You cannot pass!” He was blazing. “I am a servant of the Realm!” He proclaimed. “I glorify the word of One.” So let it be. “Return to the void.” Geramouth snarled. “The fire of war will not avail you, shade of Sodom!” The forgotten one leached with the whip. “You cannot pass!” Julius roared. The priest struck with the sword. The gold force went up the chain. The demon lord bellowed. He got burned. “God with us!” The priest created the sword storm. Desmond got the cross. His cousin broke the armour. “Thou cannot strike me!” Geramouth threw the void sword. “Nay!” The forgotten one reached to crush him. He kept the whip. Christopher bit together. He threw the crosses. The Dark fed upon itself. The blade hit the floor. “This cannot be!” Geramoth fell to his knees. “I yield to thee! Mercy, mine liege! Mercy!”Desmond got behind. “May the Lord make mercy upon your soul.” The priest made the sign of the cross. Christopher acknowledged. He was not like Gabriel. The cousins threw the swords forward. The forgotten one shrieked. Geramouth lost his head. Desmond sighed. This was the end.

Artillery launge, “Evil’s nest”. The 21st. of December 2098 A.D.

The cyborg kept in place. Julius presented the crucifix. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” He roared. They had reached the control room. “Look out!” They got in trouble. “Right.” Thomas broke the curse. “The Lord is with you.” The knight had crushed their computers. The cyborg had ignited the crimson light sabre. Julius blocked the attack. “I am Black Rage.” The knight made a back-flip. She released a single homing fireball. He touched the crucifix. The cyborg looked about to vomit. That was a secret.The black mask concealed everything. Julius repelled the onslaught. He got to protect himself. The priest held the sword up right. The fairy sword granted the edge. “Glory be You!” The priest made the sign of the cross. “Our Father in Heaven!” He deflected another fireball. “So let it be.” The fire burned out. Black Rage kept breathing. She threw the light sabre. That reminded about the grim reaper. She tore the control barge from the panel. The dark lady sent it like a missile. Julius cut up. He did the same to the connecting tube. She hissed by the effort. “Can you deflect and fight?” She threw other objects before the attack. Julius got behind. She might gouge out his heart. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” The Stellar sword burned like the sun in the forest. “Dracul!” They met blade-to-blade. “So, again you managed to save yourself.” He shuddered. “You have a nasty habit of surviving.” The priest pressed his advantage. The lady dismissed. “For the good Lord is my guide and shephard.” The priest presented the crucifix. “Impressive.” She admitted. “Much impressive.” Julius gave no answer. He hit her shoulder. He must remove the light sabre. “Curse you!” Black smoke got released from the machinery. She might behead him. The priest got hit by the fireball. Julius gasped. He got the laurels. “Alucard have thought you well.” The priest got to his feet. He never met the tragic prince. The priest was a member of the Swissguard. Julius made a glide. She expected he would. Julius still got his own intentions. “God with us!” The priest doused her with the holy water. “You underestimate my power.” The cyborg was dripping oil. Julius swallowed. “Behold.” The smoke obscured her mask. “The power of the Shadow rising.” She extinguished the fire. Julius bit his lip. He reached for the crucifix. The cyborg was stronger then he expected. “Surrender.” The lady touched him. “Or you will die.” The dark lightning sent him sprawling. The priest screamed. The pain was his universe. He got to fight. Julius got upon one knee. Black Rage might make it to strike. He groaned. The priest opened the book. “So let it be.” The pages took her by surprise. They pierced her armour. She hissed. “You don’t like that.” Her fury was horrible to behold. “You Belmont scum!” The lady caused the chain lightning. Julius created the barrier. That saved his life. The effort drained his energy. He got to heal. That cost him the final gems. “Surrender.” She declared. “Or you will meet your destiny.” The cyborg opened her arms. She bombarded him with pieces. Julius sliced the machinery. “God with us!” He made the sign of the cross. The parts left some crystals. They restored him. “Let it be.” He ignited the Stellar sword. “Curse you Belmont.” The priest repelled her attack. The fireball burned out. Julius threw the daggers. The lightning exploded. He made a glide. Julius stamped with the crucifix. The cyborg made it to strike. She might cast him aside. “Save me from evil!” They clashed. He block the approach. The cyborg conjured her fireball. “Let it be!” Julius pushed the crystal into her throat. The gem broke to pieces. “Blasted!” Black Rage gasped. The energy surged through her body. Her hands closed on his windpipe. They got face-to-face. “Give me strength.” They tried to throttle each other. “You shall die.” The claw touched the crucifix. His image blazed. Her hand was on fire. She released the grip. Julius might breathe again. “May the Lord make mercy upon your soul.” He pierced the heart. The icicle structures exploded. Julius got thrown behind. The force revolted. “You shall pay.” Black Rage went up in flame. The Malice pulled in. The priest managed to resist. “Save me!” Julius screamed. He hit the wall. That felt like every bone got broken. “Thank You Lord.” The laurels restored him. Julius groaned. He still ached. The priest drew sweat of his brow. They couldn’t heal everything. The price lay on the floor. Julius almost forgot. “Let it be.” The mystic orb must have rolled into the lounge. “Blessed be.” He made the sign of the cross. The crystal ball blazed on contact. “Glory be You.” Julius sighed. “Our Father in Heaven.” That removed his burns. Julius felt much better. The light was too bright. He looked aside. “For great is the mystery of faith.” The priest exhaled. The orb was gone. “Though I fear not.” Julius never grew used to such phenomena. Either way, the hunt continued. “God with us!” His friends got involved in the battle. Christopher met the marine guards. “So help me God!” They wielded the force pikes. Thewoman got him in range. He doused her with holy water. ”Blast you!” The aqua trooper reached for her belt. “Bombs away!” Desmond got behind. The eggs exploded. “Freeze!” The snow trooper climbed atop the hoover bike. “Magnetize!” They got in trouble. “Kyrie eleison!” The priest threw the axe. The mines got shot to pieces. The trooper was dead before hitting the wall. The water tank imploded. The female gasped. She couldn’t breathe. “Rest well.” They got other problems. The flame troopers were alive. He dodged the fire. “Let it be!” He forged the fairy sword. “Forgive me.” He killed the man. Julius sighed. He picked the gems. “Die you pesky human!” The shock trooper fired a round. The pages saved his life. Julius made a glide. He got up among the soldiers. “God with us!” The sword pierced the uniform. “Drop your weapons!” The super battle-droids got armed. “Roger, Roger.” He changed the grip on his sword. “Fire at will.” They had to be removed. “God with us!” Christopher threw a flurry of crosses. The priest exhaled. They got to fight.

The cadet got wounded. Marina bit her lip. “Alright.” She was not in the clear yet. Not by far. That was not the problem. The skeleton crew still maintained the lounge. “Mother of river!” The little witch had to defeat both the bots and dragonflies. “You cannot escape your destiny.” The lieutenant fired a shot. “You won’t dare!” Thomas had returned. “Stand where you are!” The fleet guard informed. He reloaded the rifle. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Anette presented the crucifix. “Mother!” She hid within the bubble. “Look into the water.” She cast the frost spell. “There are other ways to detain you.” The lieutenant was still alive. “Sorry to disappoint you.” The knight leaned against the trident. “Though the fight is over.” The young officer simply acknowledged. “All who oppose the prince of Darkness must die.” Marina licked her lips. “He promised us eternal life.” She figured. “He got a holdout blaster!” She cried. That was too late. Thomas got hurled against the wall. “Prepare to be terminated.” He got her in range. “Leave me alone.” Marina touched the knife. She was not impressed. “The time for your destruction has arrived.” This was going to hurt. Marina was sure about it. “You shall regret to ever have defied us.” Thomas snarled. “Blast you!” He threw the garlic.

The onion exploded. Anette touched the crucifix. “Glory be You.” The fight was finally over. The soldiers lay dead on the floor. “Right.” Thomas staggered on foot. “That went nice.” Anette shook her head. The knight tried to hide. Though he was tired. She knew the feeling. The secretary also got weary. “Let it be.” The cousins inspected the elevator. “Be careful.” That was another platform. “This might be a trap.” Marina sat down beside her. “Tell me.” She brushed her hair. “This is a hunt.” Anette sighed. The little witch touched her shoulder. “Wait.” She pulled away. “What is that?” Anette got the crucifix. The chill was unnatural. “So, this is thy power?” Death spoke. He emerged like a shadow. “Then I shall test thee.” Anette hid her eyes. “Then so let it be.” Julius unsheathed the sword. “Thee do nay realize.” The voice felt like it scratched the inside of her soul. “Allow me to show thee.” She screamed. “Then thy world shall burn in the fires of industry.” The images were too horrible to behold. “The day the weapons thou created to protect thyselves almost wipedthee out.”End of Days. Anette began to weep. She refused to watch. The secretary worked to help bring this about. Her friends didn’t look better. She was guilty. “So, it would be like this, the rest of the way.”

Evil thrived in the shadow of thecastle. Thomas reached for the crucifix. He felt at a loss. “The voice of the Dark Lordhas spoken.” Julius proclaimed. The priest looked exhausted. “Then the second demon castle war has begun.” He sighed. “I didn’t mean for this to happen.” The secretary stenched of guilt. “Of course not.” Christopher touched her shoulder. “I guess.” Thomas shrugged. The solicitor knew about the dilemma. “This isn’t your fault.” Julius told. They exchanged glances. Thomas shook his head. “Thank you.” Anette looked relieved. “Right.” He couldn’t blame her. “Come.” The priest made the sign of the cross. “Let us go.” Julius kept the sword up right. “Fine.” Thomas got ready. His hair stood on end. “Be careful.” The women began to charge their magic. “This is it.” Thomas stepped upon the platform. “The defence is operational!” The solicitor was the first who noticed. “Fire in the hall!” Thomas got in range. He released through the gauntlets. The orbs destroyed the crystals. “Whole in one!” That was a beginning. “Then come to me you bastards!” The knight howled. The copters had arrived. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Anette released the birds. They homed upon the robots. “God with us!” Desmond finished off with the flurry of crosses.

The “Maid and dragon”, Vegol village. The 23rd. of December 2098 A.D.

They were called for. Saroya figured this couldn’t be about the baptism. “To hark thy voice.” The master vampire wore a blood stone. “Mother of Darkness.” She went on bended knee. “The eternal night.” Saroya wore the heritage of the witch. The man told to bring their finest. She tied her blonde hair into a braid that went past her roman outfit. “What is thy bidding?” Elayne Desparde sat on the table. Her sun-coloured hair was kept behind by the amethysts. The rococo gown stuck to her body. They fit the colour of her skin. “Though arth exquisite.” The blue eyes seemed brighter than the gems around her neck. “Then arise. Hear his call.” That was the chill authority of the grave. “I am not the master.” Saroya might tell. “My Lord.” She had another bath. Saroya still felt dirty. “Tell us.” Sanchea put a cloak above her costume. They placed their weapons at his feet. “Excellent.” The scholar smiled. His eyes were on fire. The vampire channelled electricity. “Do not try me.” The witches screamed in unison. Sanchea got thrown upon the floor. “I could leave thee here.” He could leave them to bleed. “Then I have better use for thy abilities.” She got afraid. “Yes.” Elayne got pale. “My lord.” Sanchea finally got up. She shivered. “We shall obey.” Saroya promised to be a good girl.

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