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Character Information

    Bram Stoker's "Dracula"     Bram Stoker's "Dracula's Guest"     Elizabeth Bathory, the inspiration behind Elizabeth Bartley      Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley's "Frankenstein"     Simon Belmont in "Captain N: The Game Master"     "Castlevania Enemy Origins," by Kev

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[Bram Stoker's Dracula] [Bram Stoker's Dracula's Guest] [Elizabeth Bathory] [Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley's Frankenstein] [Simon Belmont in Captain N] [Castlevania Enemy Origins]


         Dracula's Real Castles         Reizable Map of Romania           The Ottomon Turks' Invasion of Romania           

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[Dracula's Real Castles] [Resizable Map of Romania] [The Ottoman Turks' Invastion of Romania]



Castlevania Lore

       Castlevania "Family Tree" Compilation      Videogame.com's "History of Castlevania"         Mythological Creatures: Castlevania Origins        "What is Castlevania?" by me, Mr. P        Castlevania "Credits List/Comparison"        Mr. P looks at "Clash of the Titans"      "Castlevania Arsenal Origins," by Kevin

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[Castlevania "Family Tree" Compilations]
[GameSpot's "History of Castlevania"] [Mythological Creatures: Castlevania Origins] [What is Castlevania?] [Castlevania Credits List / Comparisons] [Mr. P Looks at Clash of the Titans] [Castlevania Arsenal Origins]




Fan Fiction

     "Castlevania: Simon's Challenge," by Brian D.    "Death Comes To Us All," by Sam Mills   "Megavania," by me, Mr. P     "A Belmont's Quest for Meaning," by Shadow and Sam Mills     "The Dark Enigma," by Sam Mills     "Blood Hunt," by Sam Mills      "Dragula: A Castlevania Parody," by Boogie Mann     "Liberation," by Sam Mills    "Castlevatrix," by Sam Mills and Boogie Man
   "Dracula's Quest," by Sam Mills    "Simon the Vampire: Fact or Fiction?" by Sam Mills    "The Return of Dragula: A Castlevania Parody 2," by Boogie Mann  "Dragula 3: A Castlevania Parody Prequel," by Boogie Mann and Sam Mills    "Future of Darkness," by Sam Mills    "The Unknown," by Sam Mills   "Good and Evil: Battle Between Long Lost Siblings," by Hunter Forbidden    "Interviews With Countless Castlevania Characters," by MarcKal     "The Origin of the Master Librarian," by Sam Mills   "Castle of the Dead," by Phillip the Great   "Cornell and Coller: A Castlevania Tale," by Sam Mills
    "Dragula 4: Back for More," by Sam Mills    "Dragula 5: Revenge," by Boogie Mann and Sam Mills   "The Rather Pointless Castlevania Adventure," by MarcKal   "Castlevania: Prelude to the Night," by Delition Hikari    "Castlevania: Darkness Never Dies," by the Crossman    "Turn Back Now," by Sam Mills    "The Planting," by Sam Mills    "Castlevania: The Movie," by Angel Santiago     "Romania: Prelude of Legend," by SoraAMy    "Castlevania," by The Crossman
   "Castlevania Legends," by The Crossman     "Castlevania Rock," by MarcKal     "Castlevania Bloodlines," by The Crossman      "Legend of Sonia," by Sam Mills     "The White Mages: A Celtic Woman/Castlevania Story," by Justin      "Castlevania: Dracula's Curse The Movie," by Mike Nigrelli      "Our Holy Mother," by Agent Orange     "Castlevania Apocalypse," by Jerkofwonder     "Just Another Day at Hammer's Shop," by Mark Patraw     "Fate of the Dracul," by The Crossman
     "Castlevania Sorrow: End Game," by The Crossman

Word Links (from left to right):
[Castlevania: Simon's Challenge] [Death Comes to Us All] [Megavania] [A Belmonts Quest for Meaning] [The Dark Enigma] [Blood Hunt] [Dragula: A Castlevania Parody] [Liberation] [Castlevatrix] [Dracula's Quest] [Simon the Vampire: Fact or Fiction?] [The Return of Dragula: A Castlevania Parody 2] [Dragula 3: A Castlevania Parody Prequel] [Future of Darkness] [The Unknown] [Good and Evil: Battle Between Long Lost Siblings] [Interviews with Countless Castlevania Characters] [The Origin of the Master Librarian] [Castle of the Dead] [Cornell and Coller: A Castlevania Tale] [Dragula 4: Back for More] [Dragula 5: Revenge] [The Rather Pointless Castlevania Adventure] [Castlevania: Prelude to the Night] [Castlevania: Darkness Never Dies] [Turn Back Now] [The Planting] [Castlevania: The Movie] [Romania: Prelude of Legend] [Castlevania] [Castlevania Legends] [Castlevania Rock] [Castlevania Bloodlines] [Legend of Sonia] [The White Mages: A Celtic Woman/Castlevania Story] [Castlevania: Dracula's Curse The Movie] [Our Holy Mother] [Castlevania: The Live Action Series] [Just Another Day at Hammer's Shop] [Fate of the Dracul] [Castlevania Sorrow: End Game]