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Castlevania: Darkness Never Dies


Part 1: Curse of Blood

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Part 2: Legacy of Sorrow

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Disclaimer: I do not own any part in Castlevania, neither characters nor games. These are trademark of Konami and Nintendo.

Part 1: Curse of Blood.

“”I am Legion. For we are many.””

Mark: 5. 9.

Intro 3: Theme of Legend of Dracula.

Forest of Debias, Warakiya. The 6th. Of December 2098 A.D.

This would be a night for Dracula to move about. St. Germain leaned against his staff. He reached through time, only to find this fork in the road. He admitted. The druid made a sound upon the horn. Let the children of the night recognise his presence. He was not afraid. There were some which resisted. “The time has come to start again.” The clan kept their promise. They would need his help to restore the balance of the force. “Hear me.” The poltergeist king accepted his part in life. “I will do what I must.” The Saint declared.

Dark chapel, “Burned paradise”. The 7th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The Nazi-officers marched into the chapel. “Hail the count!” Joseph Hidrich gave his salute. “Sworn to the Dark Lord!” They answered with one voice. The soldiers rejoiced in the return of his castle. It was a sign to all the followers. This place had long been a hideaway for the undead. Hidrich would lead the black mass. The humanshad forced them into submission. That would end tonight. They turned to dusk. “Black sun!” He exclaimed. The vampiresrejectedthe daylight. Like they summoned, the heavy clouds gathered to cover the sky. The snow began to fall. Rudolf Von Lirchenmuller opened the Necromonicon book. They began by mocking the cross and His words. They continued with the bread and wine. The New Order would go to war. He received his last command. Hidrich shrieked with undead delight. The world shall burn!” The woman got brought inside. The castle’s influence awoke the dead. The circle took her and made sacrifice. They drank her blood. The New Order would make them to provide for the vampire. Lord Zabach had decreed. Those which resisted, would die a gruesome death. The prince of Darkness would return! This was the festival of servants.

Inner cells, “Burned paradise”. The 7th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The moss grew upon the wall. Anna disliked about it. She sighed. The water kept dripping from the ceiling. “They are both dead.” Lisa sat sobbing upon the bed. “Oh Lisa.” Anna didn’t know how to comfort. “I am so sorry.” The New Order came to her caravan. “I don’t know what to say.” The siege was quick and fierce. The family got slaughtered. “stay with me.” This was nothing like that. “You are all I got left.” Lisa’s twin sisters went sick. They got sent to the factory. “may God preserve us.” Anna held the crucifix. “I shall not forsake you.”

Dark chapel, “Burned paradise”. The 7th. Of December 2098 A.D.

This wasn’t her kind of habitat. She shouldn’t even be here right now. The offer looked nice when first approached. But then they didn’t get him to back up. She went down the hallway. The mass should be over by now. She would have none of it. Though she couldn’t help but to think of what might happened. “My commander.” She gave her salute. It still felt strange in her mouth. Joseph Hiedrich was staring out the window. His eyes blazed as she gave her report. “Excellent.” He said.” You have done well.” She blushed. She couldn’t help it.

Top floor, Berkeley mansion. The 7th. Of December 2098 A.D.

This then, was the province he would rule. Lord Zabach beheld the country. The grim reaper had told him. Albus was so huge. He bulged with muscles. The gold armour barely housed his body. Lord Zabach had joined with the circle of blood. Count Dracula was dead. The circle ruled in his place. All had transpired like Death predicted. For 3 years, they worked in secret. The five mansions got rebuilt. The followers renewed their fealty to his memory. The events were all very good indeed. He got chosen to rule. Lord Zabach savoured the moment. For three hundred years ago, when he received the crimson baphtize, he could only dream of thishour. Albusembraced the glory of the eternal night. He was a great admirer of Mathias Krohnquist. He got a free hand. Lord Zabach told them what to do. Heobtainedpower over the centuries. Although far away, he worshipped the count as the Master’s purchase. Albus would play his little game. He could never be defeated. Lord Zabach would make them to come to him. Then he would fight. “My lord.” The crystal ball lit up. “Yes commander.What is it?” The report made him to beam with triumph. At last! At last it might begin! “You know what I require?” He asked.” Yes, my lord.” The officer gave his salute before leaving.

Grand hall, Laruba mansion. The 7th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The luxurious grand hall was dimly lit. Although the guests could see in the dark. Lady Malpheffa Von Myringen presented at the head of their table. She was a petite treasure. She was mighty as well. Ludvig Von Bork was not enchanted. There would be a week of feasts and dances to celebrate the return of lord Dracula’s castle. It really was a glorious event. He became resurrected through its very presence. He had another glass of the precious red liquid. Her body lay near the heart of the table. She had been a human once. Von Bork filled his champagne glass with blood. Nicole Hunter would become like them. But first she should granther blood. Her life gave him power. Then Nicole should be their helper and comrade while hunting pray. The circle was forever widening. They could never be defeated. They were the sons of Satan. The battle would continue. Charl Straus had been his ally during their living years. He craved the boyar lady with jealous want. She got other interests. The meal got to a close. They raised. The noble people and their guests would go down to the dance hall. LudvigVon Bork would watch Nicole Hunter with great interest. She would be their toy.

Throne room, forgotten city. The 7th. of December 2098 A.D.

He called them forth from the shadows. Young Julian Krause preached the glory of count Dracula. The necromancer was moved. He almost lost faith. The presence of the twin, that perished years ago, was a sign to all who still cherished his memory. The order would be restored. Others would join with them. The prince of Darkness would grant eternal life. He should know. He already got rewarded. The necromancer killed Soma Cruz. Julian had left. Though he gave the last command. They where to serve the Dark Lord. Forever and ever.

Air base, Warakiya. The 4th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The cold was only getting worse. “Are you ready?” Desmond asked. “I got it copied.” Andrew closed the laptop. “Thank the Lord.” Anette made the sign of the cross. “Now I might show the way.” Christopher inhaled. “Then let us be gone.” The solicitor leads them back toward the corridor. “Watch out!” That was accurse. The secretary twirled with the blast. “Come on!” The explosion then shook the airport. “What was that thing?” Desmond asked. He was unsure if he really wished to know. “The dead rides fast.” The secretary remarked.

Assembly line, “Evil’s nest”. The 8th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The dark wanderers stood on the platform.That gave an excellent view upon the collection area. “It is impressive.” The wraith hissed. His companion bowed his head in admiration. “The industrial project is worth the cost.” The interloperformed the connection. That was long ago. Never the less, the firm still existed. The great portal was opened. The evil gate would take them to the transports. This was not the only factory in Romania. The machines kept chewing out thousands of new battle-droids every day. The battalions kept marching forward. “They are magnificent.” He told the commander. They did not come from the castle. No matter. Their loyalty came without cost. This was the climax of Victor Frankenstein and Edward Hyde. Their long hard work had made this possible. This was more then the machine tower. This was a tool of conquest. The Dark Lord had planned this for 100 years. He saw the possibilities of man’s careless science. The work of their own hands would be their undoing. Was that not ironic? “We shall proceed with the tour.” The black rider explained. There was no rejection. They were the elite of the New Order. No one would dare to oppose them now.

(A.N: There is new blood in town. Albus Zabach is of course based upon the villain from LoS. That is an interesting title. I hope that there will be more information. I hold no grudge against the German. But the second great war was a disaster. I’ve tried to recreate the aura of the classic vampire tale. Have a nice time.)