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Castlevania: Darkness Never Dies


Part 1: Curse of Blood

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Part 2: Legacy of Sorrow

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Part 1: Curse of Blood.

“Jesus then looked upon her and spoke. “Your faith has saved you.” And in the same hour, the unclean spirit left the child.”

Mathew: 15. 22.

Chapter 2:Opposing bloodlines.

Sadam forest, Warakiya. The 5th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The abandoned farmhouse didn’t give much shelter. Alicia waited until they passed. She then inspected the ruins. There lay a sheet of paper upon the floor. “Pray excuse me.” The voice sounded both educated and polite. “But have you seen a scroll?” He didn’t wait for her reply. “Ah, that is it.” The man knelt to retrive it. “I thank you dearly. This is important to my business.” He bowed, tipping his hat. “Forgive me my rudeness. My name is Renon.” Alicia knew that name. “I am what you would call a demon.” Alicia reared back. “Wait, wait! I am not an enemy!” She picked together. Renon smiled. There was something about his eyes. “My role is to provide useful items for adventurers to the dark castle.” He picked up the briefcase. “It is shameful for a demon to be working. But one needs gold even in Hell these days.” He replaced the hat. “Surely we werefated to meet. Whenever the need arises, use this scroll to summon me.” Alicia beheld the contract. “Dear me, is that the time.” Renon inspected his pocket watch. ”We have talked too long. Remember, summon me whenever you need.” He was gone. Alicia picked the scroll. Shedidn’t trust him. Though she would give it a chance. Alicia put the paper into her backpack. She touched the chain-whip. It was time to hunt.

The forest was silent. Her sobs were all she could hear. Saria huddledagainst the tree. Her sisters got killed. Saria saw what happen. The monsters haunted the forest. Saria heard about them. She was a fool. They should heed the warning. Instead, she joined with the group of the renegade sisters. They went out hunting in the forest. Saria tried to clean her cheeks. Although they soon got wet again. She ran away. Saria closed her eyes. She left her sisters to be raped and murdered by the Dark Lord’s butchers. They all heard of him. Saria could only hope thetrees would tell them. But who could they trust? The outcasts roomed about. The dryads could only protect themselves. Saria sighed. She wouldn’t give in. She would try to reach the homestead. Saria pulled an arrow. The quiver was full. She got the bow. It was an heirloom. She would shoot all which moved. Saria went from tree to tree. She wasn’t defenceless. Saria got some tricks. She knew the legend. Saria wasn’t that person. She would never be. Saria would rather think of the house of Belmont. Why hadn’t they come. The vampire hunters were called to slay Dracula. Somebody moved beneath. Saria recognised her sister. For the first time in a long while, she smiled. Saria would reveal herself. Then fate would decide.

Pipeline, underground reservoir. The 5th. Of December 2098 A.D.

They still got toescaped the pipeline. Alucard led the way. Theywent from atop the platform. Ursula followed him up.She reached the walkway. The bats attacked. “Hellfire!” Alucard released the blue fireballs. The fishmen came from far below. The tragic prince unsheathed his sword. He bent beneath the poison stream. “Dragon’s claws!” Ursula then joined the fight. She cut up the fishes. “Ball of Destruction!” Alucard beheaded the monster. Edward pierced with his sword. The fishmen got defeated. Edward knocked the candles. He picked the gems. Alucard went over the abyss. The bats had gathered. Ursulaleaped. “Get down!” The skeleton fired. Alucard took it on the shield. “Dragon’s breath!” She made quick work of the problem. “Here it is.” Alucard stood upon the elevator. When they approached, the tragic prince stepped on the switch. The group was lifted into the air. “Dragon’s tail!” Ursula smashed the Medusa head. The magic got no effect. She was a gold dragon. Edward defeated the next in line. The Claymore sword got soaked by the blood of the hunter. “Crimson lightning!” Alucard made it to strike. The head got removed. Edward stepped upon the catwalk. He threw thedagger. The archer got defeated. They reached the next level. The batsthen swept.

Sadam forest, Warakiya. The 5th. of December2098 A.D.

They hid among the trees. “Watch out!” Torah shouted. “Homing ball!” She released the orb. The raven got blasted into oblivion. “Thanks girl!” Victor grinned. “That was smart.” Torah blushed. Then the birds left the branches. She got the ring smash. The ravens were dangerous. They might pick them apart. Torah shuddered. She already used the laurels. The ravens were so cruel. They belonged to the invisible world. That was beside the point. Victor twirled with the axe. “Homing ball!” Torah charged the magic. The raven shrieked. Feathers fell like autumn leaves. Torah made a full circle. Then she stopped. The birds got killed. She hung up the smash. The land was so quiet. Torah thought of the forest of silence. She shook her head. Torah went to pick the crystals. She let Victor take the money. Torah had a look around. She expected theywouldchase her. Victor went ahead. Torah thought his steps echoed like thunder. There had been snowing for quite a while. She felt like the pine trees boxed her in. Then she heard it. Someone was singing. She was getting closer. “This is Dracula’s magic.” Torah was afraid. “That can’t be.” Victor scratched his head. He frowned. “I don’t get it.” Heconfessed. “What do you think?” Torah made no answered. “Good God!” She exclaimed.

It was her. She just appeared. That was a nymph. She dropped from the tree. Victor frowned. He didn’t trust her. Torah touched the cross. The dryad was tight,thoughshort as a kid. He picked the axe. The light olive skin reminded him about a trunk. She pulled back the untidyred hair. The curls went below her shoulders. They reminded of those hot autumn days before the ice. “Stay back.” He told. Torah returned the emerald stare. The stranger was clad in a green tunic. “She is a dryad.” Victor wondered if she would take him as the mate. The nymph crossed her arms above the belt. It was closed by a bronze buckle. She kicked the snow. Only the shoes where brown. “I am not your enemy.” Though the voice was both soft and musical, Victor still felt unsure. “The forest has become a dangerous place. The nymph was serious. “Nobody, not even my sister, should walk alone.” Torah looked pale. “Believe me.” Victor frowned. Why should they listen? “I swear by my tree.” He shrugged. “What can you do?” He asked. “I know the forest.” She told. “I might be your guide.” Victor touched the axe. “Fine.” He said. “But no funny business.” She didn’t flinch. “Trust me.” She said. “I will never betray my sister.” Torah hid her mouth. Victor gave her a look. What was that about? Torah sighed.

Her sister looked confused. Saria bit her lip. Why wasn’t she glad to meet her? Saria hid her emotions. That wasn’t her business. “How can I help you?” She asked. Saria couldn’t do much unless they told what they wanted. “Were do you want to go?” The huntsman picked with the axe. He didn’t like her at all. The funny thing was that she didn’t like him either. Saria liked most men. But he was so different. “I have to find the castle.” Torah said. Saria licked her lips. “I have to.” Her sister told. “They need my help.” So the Belmont clan was out there after all. Saria fought a giggle. Her wishes came true. Saria sighed. “His castle is far away.” She told. Saria didn’t know the right location. “I shall take you to the border.” The hunter crossed his arms. “Oh Victor;have a break.” Torah sent him a look. “Don’t you see?” She checked the forest. “We have no choice.” Victor muttered about it. But it was the truth. Though Saria was sorry they took it that way. They got to trust each other. No one could resist the Dark alone. “Take us to where we need to be.” Torah told in a quiet voice. “Please.” Saria smiled. “I will.” Torah was a sorceress. She got to be. Saria was afraid of such people. They told of stuff she didn’t want to hear. She put it aside. Saria would do all she could.

Pipeline, underground reservoir. The 5th. of December 2098 A.D.

The wizard was dead. “Good evening.” Edward might smell. “and welcome to Transylvania.” The magician stanched. “The curse of Darkness.” Alucard approached. “

Edward made the sign of the cross. “He is a litch.” Ursula snarled. “Necromancy is forbidden by my species.” Alucard unsheathed his blade. “Watch it!” Edward shouted. They forgot about their problems. That was a mistake. Succubus landed upon the walkway. She blew them a kiss. “Letme take her.” Edward told. “You can do what you want.” He hurled the cross. The demon laughed by his effort. She dodged the boomerang. The devil made a sudden jab. Edward made a back-flip. He picked the axe. The mailman threw it into the air. Succubus escaped. “Here goes nothing.” Edward inhaled. “Time to roll the dice.” His grandmother used to say such things. “Kiss me dearly.” The demon was back. She made an effort to hold him. Edward would have none of it. “Glory be You!” He stamped her face. ““Our Father in Heaven!” She screamed. The mailman swallowed. That was the smell of frying flesh. Edward would release her from the curse. “Yes!” Ursula applauded. “Let her feel it!” She was wrong. “This is not vengeance.”” Edward declared. “This is redemption.” Alucard gave his regards.

Sadam forest, Warakiya. The 5th. of December 2098 A.D.

The dryad led across country. “The Dark Lord is to blame.” She told. “The curse blights the forest.” Torah knew. The castle always cast a shadow. She would like to learn more. “I don’t know your name.” Torah said. She sent a glance. “Didn’t they tell you anything?” Torah blinked. The dryad sighed. “My name is Saria.” She said. “My tribe live at the Uta Lake.” Torah hid her mouth. Saria winked. Victor shrugged. She stopped. The dryadwas serious. “Eternal night.” She whispered. “Something is wrong.” She looked over her shoulder. Torah got the ring smash. Saria picked an arrow. “Be careful.” She told. “I must check this out.” She climbedthe tree. “Go on.” She encouraged. “I shall find you.” Torah was frustrated. Saria was gone. Why did she call her a sister? Torah tried to think. Yoko told her father did something he shouldn’t. She quit it. She was a human. “The seal must be broken.” Torah tried to change the subject. Victor was shocked. Then he gathered. “There is hope.” Victor said. “You listened to her voice?We can’t let him do this.” Torah blinked. She didn’t know he cared about the forest. Victor might be ruthless. Thoughhe wasmore. She hid a smile. Victor made a face. He smirked. “I am a Dinesti man.” Torah was sure.He would be a vampire hunter.

They got interrupted. That was a horse. Victor forced her down. He pressed her into the snow. “Stay put.” He hissed. Torah didn’t move. She knew they were here. They hid behind the tree. The rider sat on horseback. He just turned a fork in the road. Torah shuddered. This was Saria’s fault. The nymph led them to this place. Victor snarled. The horseman hid within a hooded cloak. Only the boots where visible. “They are the forsaken.” Torah whispered. “They were once the great kings of men. But then they fell into darkness.” He put a hand on her mouth. Hemight still hear her voice. “They are the order, the wraiths. Creatures neither living nor dead.” Victor felt sick. The rider stopped. The black hood turned from left to right. It was like he was looking for something. “At all time.” She breathed. “They smell the blood of the living. They heed it. And hate it.” Victor shuddered. The black rider suddenly sat straight in his saddle. He made the horse to move. The steed broke into a gallop. “The hunt has begun.” Torah got up. The huntsman muttered. She got the razors out. “I can’t use magic.” Torah said. “They might feel it.” Victor sighed. He guessed they would get into trouble anyhow. ”Tell me.” Torah asked. “How did you get involved?” Victor sighed. That would be a long story.

The trees were drowsy,though they warned her in time. Saria shuddered. The rider caused the echoes of darkness in the forest. Saria pulled the string back against her ear. “This is for the sisters.” She breathed. The arrow went through the air. Theyseldom walked abroad. Saria heard about the whispers. The arrow went home. Saria shrieked in triumph. She didn’t heed the warnings. The cloaked horseman staggered in the saddle. Although he managed to keep up,the arrow got buried in his chest. Saria cheered from the treetop. She pulled one more arrow. The horse looked up at her. Saria fired. There was something wrong about those eyes. The rider got pierced. Why didn’t he fall? She must have impaled the heart. The scream made her red blonde hair to stand on end. Saria blocked her ears. He was no human! The hood fell back as he picked the arrows. The gloved hand threw them upon the snow. Saria had no mind. The horseman got no head. He got no head! Saria felt cold as ice. Though she was sweating. He didn’t bleed. The arrows lay clean on the ground. Saria shuddered. She pulled back. She leaped for the nearest tree. Saria might climb. The black rider cast no shadow. Saria was a fool. She never should have tried to make an ambush. Now she got to pay the price.

Pipeline, underground reservoir. The 5th.Of December 2098 A.D.

The vampire hunterwent pale. “Watch out!” He called. “Fire in the hall!” The litch released a death cloud. The platform was shattered. “Hellfire!” Alucard released. The demon grunted. She fell on her knees. “Come with me.” Morris reached his tail. “Dragon’s wings!” Bat Alucard bore him away. “Dragon’s breath!” Draco got there first. She released the flames. The bats burned. Edward Morris picked the crystals. The bone dragon spat other fireballs. “Dragon’s claws!” Ursula went after the litch. Belmont hurled the axe. He made it to split in three. “Grizzly wing!” Alucard removed the ghost. The white dragon hit the walkway. The hunter dodged. He struck with his blade. The magnetismexploded on impact. The skeledragon went from side to side. “Hellfire!” He opened the cape. The blue Hellfireballs erupted on impact. The vampire hunter crossed himself. The bats scattered. “This I must do for my mother.” Alucard declared. He let go of hatred. The white dragon returned while breathing flame. Edward Morris threw the dagger. The frozenknives broke the assault. Alucard buried his blade within the skull. Belmont stamped his crucifix. The bone dragon almost killed them. The bats approached. “Crimson lightning!” Alucard spread both arms.

Sadam forest, Warakiya. The 5th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The snow cracked beneath their feet. Torah kept sharp watch while listening to his story. “My family are long time friends of the Belmonts.” Victor told. “Grant Dinesti fought with Trevor, Sypha and that Alucard in 1496.” Torah often heard that story. It was among her favourites. “Grant never became that famous.” Victor grinned. “But we still hang around.” He rubbed his cheek. “Funny.” He said. “I never realized. But after that incident in 1999, we tried to find Julius Belmont.” He shrugged. “Not everyone in the church got happy about it. Not until 2035.” Torah hid a smile. Victor shook his head. “My grandfather tried to tell me.” He made a grimace. I didn’t believe him.” Victor sighed. “Though he was sure we would get important someday.” They became silent. This was the end of the forest. The treeless slopes went down into a white wasteland. The snow obscured her view. “This can’t be the right way.” Victor said. Torah agreed. The waste was like a sheet of paper. There would be no shelter out there. The riders would take them. If not, the winter would kill them. “We should get further north.” Victor decided. “Even if the lake is frozen, it is too risky.” Torah blinked. She didn’t realize. But of course he was right. “Sorry.” That was the Uta Lake. “I forgot this is your homeland.”

He wouldn’t go that way. victor was glad Torah didn’t argue. His thoughts got interrupted. The huntsman gapped. Something big broke through the ice. The huge body soon disappeared from sight. The lake froze. But he had seen it. “What was that?” Victor asked. Torah’s eyes were wide open. She just shook her head. “My grandfather.” He stopped to clear his voice. “My grandfather told me about the things which lived in the lake.” The girl looked haunted. Victor tried to gather. He wouldn’t fight that monster. “Come.” He said. “Let us go.” He put a hand on her shoulder. He led her back to the wood. “The legend tells that Simon Belmont searched to forest in 1692.” Victor let go. He was glad she relaxed. Then he heard them. Victor threw her on the ground. The rider was back. He didn’t know if this was the same as before, but that wasn’t important. He wished they would go away. Victor was horrified. He would pray for help. Victor forgot the way. “He is gone.” Torah’s voice made him to gather. She didn’t look happy. “We can’t escape forever.” She sighed. “I may have to fight.” Victor got taken aback. Torahwas brave. “let me help you.” He offered. Victor would keep his word. Torah sighed. “I can’t win.” She told. “But I can strip them of their mask and horses.”

The raven shrieked. Saria fired. The birds tried to pick her apart. The raven fell deadupon the snow. Saria inhaled. She really got in trouble. The black rider disappeared within the forest. That was no comfort. He chased her for quite a while. The memory contained nothing but dread. Saria shuddered. She tried to get a hold. She had been stupid. But no more. Saria had to show greater care. His demons would kill her. She touched the tree pendant. She would rather die thanto let them keep her as a plaything. The outcasts must be crazy. She checked her breath. The birds were dead. The rider had disappeared. She had a promise to keep. Saria asked the trees about her sister. They where angry with her. Saria hung her head. They had a reason. Though she was stubborn. Saria exhaled. This wasn’t her homestead anyhow. The woods owed her nothing. They where kind to even listen. Saria sat upon the trunk of a fallen tree. She reached out with her feelings. The humans called this province for Walachia. The land beyond the forest. That was important. She got to find her. The trees heard her. Saria let them search her. They found no evil in her heart. Saria smiled. She was a dryad. She belonged to the forest. The trees told her what she wished to know. Saria figured. She got to hurry.

The caves, Ravenberg. The 5th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The magic made her to see things far away. Xena watched how the Succubi sisters gathered about their pray. The tragic prince said something. She sighed. The dryad might only see. The traitor morphed into mist. The vampire hunter dodged the fireballs. The bone dragon struck hard. Alucard regained his human form. Succubus laughed. Xena noticed. They where both handsome. He hurled the axe. The white dragon breathed. The man impaled the ghost. She bit the end of her ponytail. The skeledragon missed. He made the sign of the cross. The vision blurred. Though only for a while. The bats kept some distance. The man blocked the fireballs. The homing crosses smashed into the skeleton. He was dangerous. The white dragon fell down. He retrieved the boomerangs. He swung for the bats. The ghost came from behind. The man turned to present the crucifix. Xena regained control. The bone dragon shot fireballs. He released a sort of magnetic force. The white dragon was shot to pieces. Though the victory cost him. He collected the jewels. Xena strangled her braid. She should thought of that. They might replenish much power. Succubus landed. The vampire hunter reached for the crucifix. Xena tightened her grip. The demon would take his soul;and that would be the end.

Sadam forest, Warakiya. The 5th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The girl looked up into his face. “Whilethe spirit of Dracula lives on, they can’t be defeated.” Victor muttered. Then he touched her shoulder. “If that is all we can do.” He said. “Let us show them how humans fight.” Torah smiled. She knew he wouldn’t abandon her. Victor sniffed the air. What was he up to? “It will soon be dawn.” He remarked. Torah forgot he lived in the country. “Then we might have a breather.” Torah admitted. The sunlight would protect them. “That would strip them of their supernatural power.” Victor frowned. “I thought the sunlight would kill them.” Torah made a grimace. That was popular belief. “Do not believe it.” She looked about for enemies. “Only at dawn, or dusk, they have a very restricted liberty.” That was if they slept in a cursed place. Victor sighed. “You know much about this stuff.” He remarked. Torah did. That was part of her training. Torah dashed. She slashed with the ring smash. The ravens got knocked to pieces. She didn’t noticed the hanged man. She cut him free. Victor pulled her back. “Don’t look.” HE said. Torah shuddered. She might be taken. “Just don’t think of it.” Victor tried to comfort. That didn’t help. The corpse got up from the snow. “Homing ball!” Torah fused with fire. The steam blast made it to burn.

The huntsman didn’t like it. “You shouldn’t have done that.” He said. The riders where still out there. He remembered what she told. “Homing ball!” Torah didn’t heed. Victor couldn’t blame. They would have to worry about them later. The zombies pushed through the ground. “The dead wander where they don’t belong.” Torah whispered. Then she gathered. Torah picked the rings. Victor smirked. He pulled the axe. Although the corpses where terrible. The girl rushed into battle. Victor slashed through the torso. He knew how to fight. Torah sent him a look. Victor shook his head. He got some tricks. Then he froze. The horses where getting closer. “Run!” Torah shouted. She didn’t have to tell twice. They got to hide. The zombies tried to stop him. Victor snarled. He cut up their numbers. Then he ran. The road was no longer safe. They went into the wood. The horses couldn’t follow them in there. Torah got ahead. Victor chased her. He got to keep track. Torah ran like a mad woman. He also wished to get away. This wasn’t the way. Victor knew. She likely tried to run from Saria too. Hesaid she was a human. Nobody should tell against it. “Watch out!” Torah stopped just in time. Victor inhaled. She almost ran of the ridge. “Thank God.” He breathed. That was to close.

The dryad let herself drop down the tree. “Relax.” She told. She pulled her sister back round. “Saria.” Torah met her gaze. She seemed to gather. “Why didn’t you come back?” Saria blushed. “Sorry.” She said. “I was delayed.” She made a grimace. “It doesn’t matter.” Saria wouldn’t tell them. She had been a fool. “You don’t have to worry.” She shook it off. “I won’t leave you again.” Her sister didn’t answer. Saria sighed. “I am not his concubine.” She touched the bow. “But I am no vampire hunter.” If only she could convince them. “I won’t sit by while he conquer my home.” Torah inhaled. She sighed with relief. Though her sister looked haunted. Saria felt a sudden sympathy for her. The hunter looked round. “I don’t want to disturb you.” He said. “But we have to go.” Saria agreed. They escaped. At least for a while. “I won’t leave you.” She assured. Torah embraced her. Saria felt confused. Then she smiled. She held her tight. “Welcome to the group.” Victor remarked. Then he smirked. “Look.” He pointed at the sun. “I think it’s going to be a beautiful day.” The sky was clear. “I know.” Torah let go. The hunt continued. She didn’t care. The sun was shining bright. She put an arm around her shoulder. Finally they had found something they could do together.

Pipeline, underground reservoir. The 5th. of December 2098 A.D.

The demon jabbed. Ursula got away. She threw the braid behind her head. She knew the light of lit candles might create a romantic atmosphere. Ursula made a grimace. She refused to be the golden girl. Edward struck with the sword. The devil escaped. Dragon’s claws!” Ursula tried to impale her. “curse you!”The vampire hunter trustedhisknife. She blew him a kiss. “You won’t dare!” Ursulafiguredthat she might inflict a charmed state. “Watch out!” The demon smiled. “Rest in peace.” Edward stampedwith the crucifix. “Dragon’s claws!” Ursula might shred the concubine. The bats obscured her view. Succubus jabbed. The mailman staggered. He threw the axe. That never went home. “I am just a horny girl.” She licked her lips. Ursula snarled. She gave women a bad name. Edward kept the crucifix. She got hurt. The corset gave no protection. Her blood got stained on his overcoat. The demon kicked. The knee-high black boots got sharp heels. Edward hissed through clenched teeth. The litch released a cloud. “Grizzly wing!” Alucard created a shield. Succubus opened her arms. “Do you want a kiss?” Edward approached. He buried the blade between her breasts. She screamed. Ursula held together. The mailman pulled free. The demon then burned into ashes.

Sadam forest, Warakiya. The 5th. of December2098 A.D.

They didn’t like it. Alicia made the sign of the cross.She cracked with the Undead Killer. The ravens tried to pick her. The zombie burned into ashes. Alicia was grateful about the plates. She wore them beneath the leather jacket. Alicia brandished with the whip. The birds got defeated. Alicia was trained to be a vampire hunter. She made the zombiesto crumble. Alicia was hurt. The beakspierced her skin. She had some chicken. Rachel Belmont told how to prepare them. Richter’s cousin married Michael Geilhardt Schneider in 1830. They were the founders of her family. Alicia was restored. She looked about. Alicia didn’t like this place. The ruined farmhouse seemed to glare with empty windows. Alicia fought her way through the forest. She gathered. The zombies lived again. Alicia struck with the chain--whip. Sheclosed the glasses around her neck. She hoped that would keep them safe. Alicia brandished with the whip. The corpse staggered. She whipped it into oblivion. “In the name of Michael the Arch angel!” Alicia threw the dagger. She gathered more strength. The knife split in three. The enflamed daggers removed the enemies. Alicia was brought to her knees. She put a hand before her eyes. Alicia inhaled. Her thoughts returned to what the ferryman said.



Veros woods, Warakiya. The 4th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The mist shrouded everything. “It has been a long time.” The old man said. “What do you mean?” Alicia asked. She tried to see beyond his hood. That was impossible. “The first was Haakon Belmont. The year was 696.” The ferryman breathed. “Heconverted to Christianity. He came to the white Christ.” Alicia knew her family was old. “The vampires attacked his ship. He, and his friend, Antonio Gandalfi, were exiled.” Alicia touched the crucifix. “They brought a whip. He found it in an ancient grave. When I left, he burned the heathen symbols upon the shore.” Alicia acknowledged. She knew the legend of Leon Belmont and Mathias Cronquist. Before that time, little was known. The fragments told of Gabriel. She shook her head. “We are here.” The ferryman told. “It is time for you to meet your destiny.” She pulled up the glasses. “Thank you old one.” She gave him the gold coin. “I promised to take you to a nice spot.” She got down on shore. The ferryman began rowing. He soon disappeared within the mist. Alicia thought of many things. Why didn’t the river freeze? She felt a slight shudder. “The curse of Darkness.” Whatever the case, she crossed the border. Alicia was sure about it. She exhaled. Aliciahad reached his domain. From here, there were no going back.


End of flashback.

she got back to reality. Alicia couldn’t stay. The wanderers where out there. She inspected the barometer. The clock might tell. The weather was 15 below. Romania was suffering from the winter. The ice was about to make Europe into a wasteland. It all began some 8 years ago. Alicia wondered if Dracula was to blame. She thought of her dreams. They made her to shudder. The vampire could manipulate with the weather. She sighed. Alicia got work to do. She searched for a morning-star relic. Alicia found nothing. Although she whipped the candles. The crystals did something with the mystic weapons. She didn’t loose them. Alicia was grateful. She would need them. Alicia hoped she would be ready. She made a grimace. This was her own fault. Alicia studied the Belmont lore. While her family was going south, she decided to search for their allies. The undead found them first. Heinrich fought them off. Alicia had been determined. She left even her cousin behind. Alicia wasn’t proud of that part. The breather was over. She heard the distant sound of howling wolves. Alicia felt chills down her spine. They would soon find her. She tried to shake it. Alicia ran. They where coming. She reached for the Undead Killer whip. Alicia wouldn’t give up without a fight.

Pipeline, underground reservoir. The 5th. of December 2098 A.D.

The fight continued. Edward tugged his beard. “You won’t dare!” Ursula cried. The mailman crossed himself. The litch raised a gloved hand. “Thee arth nay to act any of thy foul craft.” Alucard was floating in the air. “Dragon’s breath!” Ursula released heavy flames. “Let it be done!” Edward exclaimed. The flames might burn even his flesh. “Eternal night.” The litch spread his wrapped arms. “All who oppose the prince of Darkness must die.” The blast exploded on impact. Edward firmed his grip. The wizard got protected by the shadow. “To rise the spirits of the dead.” He conjured the enemies. “Dragon’s claw!” Ursula tore the skeletons. “Dragon’s tail!” She then smashed them into oblivion. Edward inhaled. He got appalled by the magic. “Yes.” The litch caught her in a death cloud. “that is fitting for you.” This was black sorcery. “Help me!” Ursula got strangled before his eyes. Edward got tackled by the dead. “My lady.” Alucard was cold as ice. “Thee shall be cast out.” The mailman crushed the skeleton. This was the end. Ursula couldn’t even retain her form. She got soaked with water. Although she might breathe, Edward frowned. The litch used her like a plaything. “Leave her.” Alucard demanded. The mailman wouldn’t submit. “She might defend herself.”

Sadam forest, Warakiya. The 5th. of December2098 A.D.

She was alert. “Did you hear that?” Saria asked. She lifted a hand to one of her pointed ears. “It is the wargs!” Victor was certain. “They are hunting.” Torah produced the ring smash. She knew the wargs were no laughing matter. Victor got the axe. He told about what happened. It was no bedtime story. The huntsman relaxed. “They won’t bother us.” Victor put aside his weapon. “How do you know?” Torah asked. Victor shrugged. “They are moving south.” He smirked. “That’s not our way.” Then he got serious. “They might smell us though.” Torah shook her head. “That is ridiculous.” She said. “Why don’t they get us?” Torah pondered about it. Then she figured. “Someone is in trouble.” Torah said. “We have to help.” Victor frowned. “This might be a trap.” Saria pulled an arrow. “Then they are in real trouble.” Torah exhaled. He might be right. She would be careful. Although they couldn’t ignore it. “You are the hunter.” She said. “Find the way.” Saria arched an eyebrow. “Sure.” Victor checked his knife. “Let me show you.” Then he went ahead. Torah followed. “Just be careful.” He muttered. Saria produced the bow-and-arrows. The forest was quiet. Even the wargs went silent. She bit her lip. Torah didn’t know what to expect. Victor got the axe. She had to wait.

She shookwith the golden hair. Alicia replaced the glasses. The oak tree might shield her back. She cracked with the chain-whip. The crawling spiders might be a problem. The cobweb could be poisonous. She soaked them with holy water. That made them to burn. Alicia picked the crystals. The forest was silent. She didn’t like that. It made her feel uncomfortable. Alicia looked about. The wolves hadn’t arrived. That didn’t matter. She wouldn’t leave the clearing. “I found her!” Alicia bent to unsheath her dagger. “Come over here!” Alicia frowned. She didn’t expect they would find her. She beheld the trio. “Victor?” She touched the crucifix. “Is that you?” The huntsman smirked. “Sure.” He said. “It is me.” Alicia sighed. He was Edward’s friend. “It is okay.” He told the others. “That is Alicia Schneider. She is a Belmont girl.” Alicia wasn’t sure if she would put it that way. But they lit up. “I am Torah Fernandez.” Alicia accepted. She still looked out for monsters. Though she felt this was important somehow. “Gather around me.” She told. “There are wolves out there.” They knew. They had to. Victor smirked. Though it never reached his eyes. Torah produced the ring smash. Alicia recognised. Although she only saw them on pictures. The dryad pulled an arrow. Alicia blinked. Where did she fit in. She let it drop. The others seemed to trust her. Either way, they might have a fighting chance. She made the sign of the cross. Torah also carried an image around her neck. Although it was the empty cross of the protestant church. The dryad fired. She turned to look. “What is it?” Torah asked. “Saria?Did it reach home?” The tree nymph shook her head. “I don’t know.” She licked her lips. ”But I smell.” Alicia frowned. Saria was right. Something wasn’t right. “You can’t use the mystics.” Torah said. She made it sound like a slogan. Alicia didn’t figure. Then the tree moved. “Get back!” Saria screamed. Alicia got a hunch this was a dryad’s darkest nightmare. They had no choice. “I shall hunt the night.” She made her choice. The dryad didn’t move. Torah nodded. Though she didn’t look happy. “That is no Shepard.” Saria tried to gather. “I know.” Alicia cracked with the whip. Treant looked upon them. The crude face was barely visible. Then the tree reached for them with branches. Alicia screamed. Julius Belmont encountered the monster in 2036. Treant was dead. The wood was all black. The head was a wild crown of dried up leaves. Alicia dodged. She crossed herself. Treant kicked. The legs went through the snow. They were covered with bark. “Traitor!” Saria screamed. “Your kind got cast out of the forest!” The dryad picked together. “They must be cut down, burned out with fire or struck down by wizardry.” Alicia dodged the branches. The statement gave some ideas. Shepresented the vial. “Be Your will!” Alicia called. Her blood was afire. She made it rain with holy water. Treant roared. “Homing ball!” She wasn’t alone. Torah followed. She released a heavy steam blast toward the enemy. “Come.” She said. “We have to get away.” Torah bit her lip. “My grandmother told the trees where almost immune to human magic.” Alicia shook her head. “Great is the mystery of faith.” She said. “I believe the Lord will guide us.” They had to run. Treant kicked. “I’m not a full human.” Torah almost whispered. “Saria told me.” Alicia frowned. She didn’t notice anything. Though she was no expert. “Let me help you.” Alicia exhaled. She struck with the whip. “I accept my destiny.” She told. “I am a vampire hunter.” She got a storm inside. Alicia cracked with the whip. The fireballs collided against the trunk. Torah gasped. Treant didn’t like it. Alicia was grateful. Although she wondered what kept the others. The ravens answered her question. They seemed to sprout from his crown. She picked together. Alicia tightened her grip. She would keep her end of the blood pact. “God with us!” She cried. Alicia struck with the Undead Killer. The flame whip burned on impact. Treant flailed with his branches. Torah made her to notice in time. They got away from the onslaught. “Homing ball!” This time the spell was made of purple plasma. Alicia brandished. Then she got captured. The roots held her in place. Alicia screamed as Treant began to squeeze. She struck the chain-whip into his mouth. The tree laughed. The sound was like cracking wood. “You won’t escape.” The voice was a distant breath. “You shall die. And hang by my branches.” Although she kept fighting, Alicia was horrified. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost!” She flailed with the whip. “Let your will be done!” Alicia was answered. The Undead Killer became a tool of gold. Treant screamed. Torah stood with an open mouth. Then Treant caught fire. The tree fell tumbling to the ground. Alicia got free. “Amen.” She made the sign of the cross. Then she also fell. Victor was there to help her. He made her to sit up. Torah put a hand on her shoulder. Alicia winched. She still felt the roots around her body. “Help us.” The sorceress prayed. “Let Alicia live.” Torah got the laurels. Alicia moaned. Then she sighed. The pain was gone. She might relax. “Thank you.” Alicia said. Torah smiled. “You don’t have to thank me.” She told. “Really. It was God who did it.” Alicia acknowledged. She got up. Torah put the laurels away. She went to find the crystals. Victor frowned. He picked with the axe. “What is the matter?” Saria asked. She looked much better. “How could he attack while in daylight?” Victor asked. Alicia reached for the crucifix. “Dracula not only got vampires to follow.” Alicia shuddered. “He got others to fight while he is asleep.” That was only to true. She pulled the hair back. They better be moving. The mystics might tell the wanderers. “Look.” Torah said. It was too late. The wolves came pouring into the clearing. “Make a circle.” Alicia told. The beasts snarled. They were hungry. “In the name of Michael the arch angel!” Alicia cracked with the chain-whip. The storm whirled within. The fireballs gave an edge. “homing ball!” Torah cast her magic.

They got ready. The girl got those razors handy. Victor hoped it would be enough. “Be careful.” Saria whispered. Torah smirked. The nymph went red. Victor almost laughed. They should stay back. This was no little walk in the wood. Victor didn’t wait. He threw the dagger forward. The wargs wined. He threw himself upon them. The axe ripped through the fur. Blood stained the white snow. He’d always been found of Snow White. Victor hurled himself down. Saria fired. The warg was dead before reaching the ground. “Curse it!” The carcas burned. That wasn’t really an animal. “They are the wargs!” Alicia shouted. The Belmont twirled with the whip. “Devil’s hound!” Victor slashed. “I shall kill you!” Saria kept shooting. That was none of his business. Victor went berserk. He struck the axe like a real Viking. The little witch made a sort of crisscross attack. The warg bit him. He roared. The beast would tear him apart. The arrow went home. The warg died. Though the waight tackled him down. He pushed the corpse aside. The spasm might’ve broken his arm. That didn’t happen. Victor retrived the axe. He would continue to fight. Victor didn’t mind he was bleeding. He blinked. The wargs where dead. Victor was about to cheer when he noticed. Then he cursed.

Saria knew they didn’t belong to the tribe. They got their weapons ready. That wasn’t the source of her conviction. Saria recognised the leader. “Sanchea.” She almost hissed. The brunette blew her a kiss. They hadn’t met since Sanchea got exiled. “You know this dryad?” Torah asked. Sanchea smiled. “So you haven’t told them about us?” Saria picked an arrow. “I don’t have to tell anything!” She shouted. “Go and make a vampire happy!” Sanchea laughed. The Devil would be proud. Saria bit together. “What is all this?” Torah approached. “I was exiled because of that sister.” Sanchea’s blue eyes changed into yellow. Saria shuddered. “I found other friends.” Sanchea giggled. “Sisters which love me.” Alicia moved. Saria gathered. They had to do something. “I am here.” Torah whispered. “Magic arrow!” Saria fired. The clearing became a battlefield. “Homing ball!” Her sister released a freezing mist. Alicia cracked a vial. Victor somehow dodged the arrows. He reached among the dryads. They threw explosive seeds. “Half-blood bastard!” Sanchea bellowed. She knocked her out cold. Saria was furious. “Star bow!” She shot her through the chest. “Come on!” Victor carried Torah on his back. “Let us leave this accursed place!” Alicia was ahead. They vanished into the forest.

Pipeline, underground reservoir. The 5th.Of December 2098 A.D.

The demon staggered. Alucard buried his blade. Belmont threw the cross. Succubus reached for him. He removed the head. He watched her burn. “Where is Ursula?” Morris asked. He knew not. Alucard was embraced. He got free. She jabbed. He moved with inhuman speed. Belmont could not help. Water soaked him. “What!?” He exclaimed. A girl had arrived. “A nayad?” Morris had not expected. Draco lay on the floor. Belmont knelt beside her. “She is alive.” Alucard noted. “You should take more care of her.” The maiden said. “Indeed.” He promised support. “Hellfire!” The batsgot defeated. The litch shot. “Grizzly wing!” They took the brunt. “Dragon’s breath!” His companion released ice shards. The shadow concealed the enemy. “We must defeat him!” Draco shouted. Their moment had passed. The litch had left. “I don’t believe it!” She was furious. “He went up there.” The nayad pointed. Morris approached. “Who are you?” He asked. “Why would you help us?” She stood her ground. “My nameis Marina Seaflower.” She told. “I heard about you.” Draco cut short. “We must find the litch.” Morris frowned. “Then fly us up.” Alucard morphed. They held to him. Alucard landed on the platform. Draco went ahead. Their company did follow her up.

Sadam forest, Warakiya. The 5th.Of December2098 A.D.

The ravens nested atop the tree. Torah was tired. She couldn’t afford. “Homing ball!” The gold flare crushed the spiders. Alicia made Treant to tumble. The Unicorn forged magic rings. The bats hid inside the trunk. Torah exhaled. The caretaker saved them. He was so beautiful. Torah blushed. Earendil explained. That gave some comfort. She wouldn’t run. Not anymore. Alicia picked the crystals. She gathered. Torah found some gems. Victor got ahead. Although it was the Unicorn who was the guide. His horn shone in the sunlight. Torah got the ring smash. Her sister picked an arrow. She wasn’t afraid. He wasn’t like the monsters which served Dracula in 1499. Saria gave her the ocarina. That was the dryad’s instrument. Torah still was unsure if she could use it. She put it aside. Torah would learn in time. She yawned. The forest was silent. She wondered why he would help. Their kind mostly avoided the humans. Earendil stopped. “Something is wrong.” He shook his mane. “The Dark Lord is a threat to all living things.” Torah blinked. The bats lived within a hollow tree. Alicia threw the holy water. Torah charged her magic. The skeleton got her. “Sing for us.” Earendil requested. Torah was desperate. She opened her mouth. Though only a dryadmightperform this task.

The sorceress might sing. Alicia crossed herself. “To live is to love.” She picked together. The skeletons crumbled. “We have to go.” Victor said. “This’ll make the riders jump.” Alicia knew he was right. Saria had to hit Torah in the face. She shook her head. Alicia prayed she wouldn’t lose herself. The myths said they might play the song of their heart. The music of a dream might make them invisible. She sighed. There was so much she didn’t know. The Unicorn led the way. He found them after the wargs. She was frightened. Though only at first. The watchman carried Torah on his back. “This is the place.” Earendil told. Alicia blinked. She didn’t get it. She couldn’t ask. The bear pulled out of the hive. Alicia presented the crucifix. The huge animal struck with the claws. Was this the bear which Nathan fought in 1830? She shook it off. Saria got caught between the paws. Then a second, smaller bear, burst out. Victor impaled with a dagger. “Saria!” Torah advanced. “Homing ball!” She charged up the magic. The homing ball got blasted into the brown animal. Saria staggered back. She fired her bow. The bear got pierced. Victor was forced back. Alicia threw a vial. The bear was soaked. The flames burned on impact. The were-bear rolled into the snow. That extinguished the fire. Alicia brandished with the whip. The huntsman groaned. The ravens picked him. Alicia presented the crucifix. The bear looked bewildered. Then it roared. She stamped her. The flesh caught fire. Alicia staggered. This was no ordinary bear. She flailed with the chain-whip. The were-bear tried to crush her. Victor came from the side. He swung the axe like a berserker. Blood stained the surroundings. Alicia gave the final blow. The body burned to ashes. Alicia couldn’t relax. The ravens where about. The bear got pierced by an arrow. The roaring beast was all mad. “Homing ball!” Torah tried to freeze it. He broke through. Alicia made it to rain with holy water. The bear was burned. The body collapsed. The ravens were dead. Alicia gathered the crystals. She even retrived some money. Torah got her share. “You have to enter.” Earendil said. “I cannot follow. The way is to narrow.” Alicia touched the crucifix. The bear cave didn’t look inviting. Saria was the first who entered. Torah gave her a look. Alicia recoiled the whip. She had faith in the Unicorn. She got to believe. Victor came right behind. The cave stenched. Alicia sighed. That would only be natural. Something flapped. “Homing ball!” Torah cast a magic spell. The purple ball homedfor the bats. Alicia struck with the Undead Killer. The skeleton pulled back. The candles where the only source of light. Alicia hurled the dagger forward. The skeleton got knocked to pieces. He wasn’t alone. The bone-men tried to strangle her. Victor crushed through. The axe made them collapse. Saria fired. They went ahead. Alicia tried to follow. She whipped the bats into oblivion. Victor got taken by the skeletons. He smashed before she might aid him. They seemed to have left the bear cave. There was a faint glow at the end of the tunnel. Victor got in front. He cut through the cobwebs. He even crushed the other skeletons. Alicia threw the vial. The bats burned. They found the others. Torah used the laurels. Saria got up. “There are some spiders in here.” She explained. Alicia spotted. She cracked with the whip. The Arachni burned on impact. Victor tore down the web. Alicia doused with holy water. The way was open. She could see better now. Although she wasn’t sure. This might be an illusion. She pulled the glasses tight. She wasn’t mistaken. “This is a fairy fountain.” Saria told. “Then I can make my dreams come true.” Victor was almost eager. “Not if you don’t have anything to offer.” Alicia gasped. The mother was beautiful. Though she wasn’t her type. The fairies fluttered around the queen like a swarm of fireflies. Victor hung his head. “Why have you done this?” The great fairy beheld Torah and Saria. “Sisters, you promised never to tell the humans.” Alicia hung up the whip. She didn’t want anything. The Lord would decide her destiny. She had to challenge the count alone. “She didn’t tell us anything.” Torah went before the dryad. “The caretaker told us to come here.” The queen flouted in the air. “So it is.” She said. “But I will not, and cannot, make your wishes come true.” She seemed to consider. “You should not have come. You already know what you must.” She closed her eyes. “There are so few.” Alicia tried to figure. If they where not worthy, then why were they brought here? Then a fairy decided to speak. “Mother.” She fluttered before her face. “We can’t do this.” The queen moved for her to be silent. “No! I won’t!” Alicia admired her courage. “You shouldn’t make her be quiet.” Some other fairies gathered round. “Marcia is right.” That was a male. “We can’t sit idle while the shadow rising.” The great fairy didn’t answer. “They are our sisters.” Torah looked like having a blackout. Saria would help. “Bact is telling the truth. You can’t ignore it.” The great one sighed. “So, it is.” Her voice was barely audiable. “You shall have your wish come true. Although it would give you no satisfaction.” Alicia wasn’t sure if anyone else heard the last remark. The queen spoke. “I will not erase your memories.” She told. “Marcia, Bact, Una and Wind may go with the humans.” She never met their gaze. “I do not exile you. Though you will be on your own.” She looked so sad. “Choose your partners. Be careful.” The light subsided. Victor tried to speak with her. She wouldn’t answer. “You better leave.” Marcia said. “You are not welcomed here.” The huntsman muttered. Alicia made no argument. She made them to follow her back out. She inhaled. The air felt better after the cave. Earendil was waiting. “Why didn’t you tell us?” Torah asked. “Because you have to make your own decisions.” The caretaker told. “We can’t always bewith you.” Alicia touched the crucifix. There was one who could. “You must believe in yourself and trust each other.” The horn flashed. “Farwell.” Alicia blinked. Now they were alone again.

The great hill loomed into the sky. A frozen waterfall came tumbling down the rocks. “The entrance is closed.”Victor shrugged. He hoped they knew what they did. Although the lake was too obvious. They got no choice. “Are you sure about this?” He asked. Alicia touched the crucifix. The dryad led them to this place. Victor frowned. He didn’t know what to do. “The Lord will guide us.” She had no fear. Victor picked with the axe. It was time to see what they might do. The fairies fluttered about. He wasn’t interested. Though they’d promised to help. But this was sorcery business. Saria touched with her pendant. Torah looked pale. He hoped it would work. They stoppedbefore the waterfall. “Listen carefully.” Saria told. “I shall begin,and then you follow.” Victor tugged his cap. “Stay put.” He warned. “Or the water might take you along.” The spring was like an ice wall. Saria beheld it. Then she inhaled. Victor bit his lip. Then the dryad began to sing. Her voice was soft. The tune touched his heart. Victor didn’t know how to react. He felt the wheel turn. The seasons went by. He couldn’t help it. Victor felt tears down his cheek. The lyric reached climax. The ice was melting. “Good Lord!” The huntsmansobbed. This really was so great. Torah then joined in the music.

It was over. Saria hung her head. She was so tired. The act almost drained her. The forest was quiet. Torah gave her a hand. She was fantastic. The sisters held each other. Then Torah let go. “That was great.” Saria smiled. Torah inhaled. She also got weary. Saria hoped they still had strength left to continue. The spring wouldn’t be open forever. “Look!” Alicia shouted. Saria felt cold inside. The bats came through the waterfall. “Good Lord in Heaven!” The music must have disturbed their sleep. Alicia flailed with the whip. Saria got the bow. Before she might fire, the vampire hunter released multiple fireballs. Victor was right. Alicia was a Belmont. Even her species heard about them. They kept coming. Although this time the bats spread out. Her thoughts got interrupted by the sound of cracking bones. The skeletons hid among the trees. They waited for an opportunity. “Go!” Alicia shouted. “Get inside!” She cracked with the whip. “Leave me to handle this!” Saria didn’t listen. She fired with the bow. Victor snarled. “Come on!” He pulled her away. “Wait.” Saria wouldn’t abandon her friends. “You have to listen to her.” He said. “She is the leader.” Saria still struggled. “Homing ball!” Torah followed. She shot the bats. Saria got soaked as they penetrated the waterfall.

The black riders searched the land on horseback. The steed might tell him. He himself couldnot see. Though he could smell. The forest was covered with endless winter. That didn’t matter. Not to him. Though they had left. He couldn’t smell them anywhere. He wouldn’t let them escape. The prince of Darkness gave his last command. “You are to kill the Belmont clan .” The horseman would execute his will. This was what he got sent to do. “The heirs to the house of Belmont.” He would never stop hunting them. He wouldn’t fail. “Come to me.” He heard himcall. “Return to me.”” He caused the echoes of darkness. “I will!” They spoke with the voice of death. They would unite. Their might was founded in fear. The dark side would always change. Always find another way to power. “ You are to kill the Belmont clan.” The count never left him. Those fools didn’t realize. The Dark Lord could never be defeated. He turned the horse. They felt it. The surge of power. They would be drawn to the source. He would possess it. Then he was too late. He was blind. His hate was cold. The humans were to blame. He mightsmell their blood. He hated and craved for it. They would perish for what they did to his Dark Lord. He would find them. Then no one might help.

Pipeline, underground reservoir. The 5th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The scimitar collapsed. Marina brandished with the whip sword. She figured about their problem. Edward threw the cross. He made it to split in three. Marina was impressed. The bone pillar exploded. Ursula settled upon a higher walkway. The naiad splashed with water. The bats got shot to pieces. “Crimson lightning!” Alucard blocked the arrow. The bone-archer was ready. The bolt struck down before he might fire. Marina stood on the floor. The dragon almost vanished from sight. There was no ladder. “I shall show you.” The men arrived. Alucard stepped on a certain switch. The elevator reached the distance. Marina leaped before the enemies. She pulled the scimitar forward. The burst of water made him to collapse. “Hellfire!” Alucard spread his cape. The swordsmen had no chance. The fireballs burned on impact. Edward pierced the ghost. Her people didn’t return after death. She shook her head. She passed beneath the waterfall. Marina looked for the spring. It was to dark. The bone pillar breathed heavy flames. Marina hid behind the water. “Dragon’s claws!” Ursula was back. The head turned. Ursula collided. Edward threw a row of explosive axes. The cannon burst apart. “Hurry.” Alucarddictated. “The caves are close.” Marina let it down. She already knew that.

The caves, Ravenberg. The 5th.Of December2098 A.D.

The cave was so dark. Torah produced the ring smash. The hunter had arrived. “Watch out!” Marcia lit the place. “They are here!” The bats had followed. Torah slashed. Saria fired. The enemies burned. Alicia brandished with the whip. Victor twirled the axe around. The swarm got scattered. Torah was sure they carried the vampire pestilence. Chills went down her spine. She got scared by the undead. Yoko was so strong. They killed her. Perhaps the dryad blood was the answer. She inhaled. The waterfall froze over. The exit was blocked. Torah looked about. The fairies dimmed. Moss grew on the wall. The bats were gone. The sound of distant dripping water was all she could hear. Alicia led the group. Then she stopped. There was a great crack in the floor. Torah gathered. They almost fell down. She leapt across. The skeletons pushed her away. “Homing ball!” Torah charged with ice. The enemies shattered. “No!” She killed her! Una froze. The fairy fell into the abyss. She hid her face. “Easy.” Saria landed beside. “Oh Saria.” Torah buried her face into the tunic. “I killed a fairy.” Saria tried to comfort. She held her while Torah wept. Wind flew in circles. His healing power made her to feel better. Though she knew she committed a crime. The queen told the truth.

they reached solid ground. Alicia whipped the bats into oblivion. “They are coming back.” Marcia whispered. Alicia threw the dagger forward. The bone-man collapsed. Victor got above. He brandished with the axe. “Magic arrow!” Saria fired. The weeds bloomed. Alicia hurled a vial. The corpse-weed curled up and withered. Alicia drew sweat of her brow. The place was dank. She reached for the crucifix. The corpse-weeds grew in the soil. “They are not real flowers.” Victor muttered. The hunter could tell. She cracked with the whip. “Homing ball!” Torah decided to join battle. Alicia was grateful. Though her cheeks where still weth. It hadn’t been her fault. “Watch out!” Marcia shouted. The bats settled on her body. Alicia shivered. She managed to stamp them out. Saria kept back. She fired at will. The skeletons hurled bones into the air. Victor groaned. Alicia threw a wave of holy water. The corpse-weeds froze on impact. Another bat settled on her shoulder. Alicia stamped it. She made a glide. Alicia was afraid she might fall into the pit. The young sorceress reappeared among the skeletons. Alicia whipped the bats. Victor threw his dagger. The corpse-weed curled up. She made it to wither. Saria fired. She got the remaining skeletons. Torah went over the edge. Alicia followed. She almost collided against the low ceiling. That could be a problem. The group gathered. Saria picked a crystal. Alicia crossed herself. The gem changed into an arrow. The dryad put it into the quiver. The fairies revealed the bone-scimitars. Saria fired. The formest scimitar took it on the shield. The dead worea light armour above the weapon robe. Alicia ran to help them. Saria ducked beneath the scimitar. The skeleton left himself wide open. Alicia struck him down. “God with us!” She cried. The bats where back. Torah reappeared. “Homing ball!” The heavy steam shot the scimitar to pieces. Saria made some distance. Torah was like a living shield. Alicia made a back-flip. Victor crushed both the shield and armour. The skeleton struck him with the end of the cutlass. Alicia flailed with the whip. She got to busy. Torah struck both rings. She saved the huntsman. The second scimitar hammered down. Torah made a sidestep. Alicia nailed with daggers. The scimitar collapsed. They got past their numbers. Alicia got ambushed. The bats settled upon her. She stamped them out. The corpse-weed leached forward. Victor threw his own knives. The flower withered. Alicia inhaled. Victor advanced. He would help the sisters. Alicia reached for the dagger. The plants bloomed. Alicia twirled about. The Undead Killer shone like solid gold. “Magic arrow!” Saria shot the flower. Alicia crushed the skeletons. She pulled back. The corpse-weeds leached forward. The plant might inflict a poisoned state. She doused it with holy water. That made it to burn. Alicia picked the crystals. The scimitar approached. Victor was there. He buried the axe into its chest. Alicia got its partner. Bact gave more then enough light. Saria went ahead. “Come over here!” She called. Alicia ran forward. The pit was filled with water. The fishman lept. “Get back!” Wind shot like a bullet. The creature got him. Wind shrieked before he got pulled under. Saria turned round. Alicia felt devastated. There was nothing she might do. Marcia sat on her shoulder. She felt her tears soak the leather. The fishman came back. Victor roared. He slashed through the torso. The monster spat blood. Then it collapsed. Torah picked the gem. “Homing ball!” She got the next fishman. Victor pulled her down. Alicia got up. The fishman almost soaked her. She got no doubt the stream was poisonous. Saria fired. The fishman tumbled back into the water. “Dirty work.” Victor remarked. Alicia agreed. Though somebody had to do it. “Homing ball!” The bats scattered. The seeker burst on impact. Alicia whipped the fishman into oblivion. Victor removed the head. Saria got the last monster. Alicia went above before other beasts might appear. Her friends followed. The skeletons hurled bones. Alicia shrieked. She felt like sharp nails got buried in her body. “Alicia!” Victor slashed about. The stacked dragon skulls shot fireballs. The hunter turned pale. He pulled back. The skeletons gathered. The fishmen where back. “Homing ball!” Torah made a glide. Alicia gathered. She ducked beneath the stream. Then Saria shot the brute. That was incredible. The bolt burst on impact. Victor smirked. “Let us take them on!” He bellowed. “Star bow!” The dryad kept shooting. The scimitar grabbed her by the shoulders. “Undead fiend!” Torah made a dual strike. “Leave her alone!” The soldier now got his hands tight around her neck. Saria was turning blue. “I told you.” The sorceress charged her magic. “To release her.” She stamped with the cross. “Mother of trees!” The fairy exclaimed. Alicia made no notion about it. The bone-scimitar went up in pieces. “In the name of Michael the arch angel!” The dagger impaled the fishmen. Alicia went on to encounter the rest of the group. “Look out!” Marcia left her shoulder. “You shut up.” Victor crashed the skeleton. “I already got enough trouble.” Alicia touched the crucifix. She got to concentrate. The fishmen stabbed with the claws. Alicia still held His image. She pushed the crucifix into the face. The monster got its mouth wide open. The flames stabbed through the eyes, ears and nose. “Forgive me.” She made the sign of the cross. The monster fell dead while smoking. Alicia picked the gem. He left it behind. Alicia felt better. She sighed. The third man spewed a stream of poison water. She pulled up the glasses. “Curse you all to Hell!” Victor kept behind her back. The last assault forced them to break. The fishmen kept the assault. Victor got forced to jump. Alicia frowned. That might look funny. Though it was nothing of the sort. She impaled upon the dagger. “thanks.” He shook his head. “homing ball!” Torah charged her spell. The bats got shot into oblivion. Alicia exhaled. She made the sign of the cross. The hunter cracked with the Undead Killer. “come on!” Victor snarled. “Come and die!” He spat.

The kid charged. Victor was glad she came. “Homing ball!” She drew the pillar’s fire. Victor threw the knife. Then he pulled back. The skulls where breathing flame. “Homing ball!” Torah blasted. The skulls turned. Victor lept. He smashed through the head. The pillar exploded. Alicia helped him to stand. “Thanks.” He went to fetch the daggers. The fishman got up. Victor thought it was dead. The beast was covered with wounds. That didn’t matter. He ducked beneath the stream. Alicia killed him. The water burned on impact. Victor shook it off. “Homing ball!” Torah released purple plasma. The bats crumbled. That was the payoff. Victor sent her a glance. She got stronger. He shrugged. She was good in a fight. Alicia went down the passage. She stopped to whip the corpse-weeds. Victor went to help. The bone pillar got in the way. “Homing ball!” The kid flashed with ice magic. The skulls stopped. “Magic arrow!” Saria impaled. He let them fight. Victor cut through the weed. Alicia brandished a sort of shining blue whip. The plants froze. Victor shook his head. The weeds soon withered. Alicia threw the vials. The bats burned. Victor was unsure of what to do. The sisters destroyed the bone pillar. The explosion sent Torah crashing into the wall. Victor ran to her side.

The dryadwas horrified. “Torah!” Saria shouted when her sister collapsed. Shewiped her face. She got to think. Saria bent to check her condition. Torah was alive. “Thank the mother of trees.” She exclaimed. But why wouldn’t she wake? Saria checked the pulse. “Is she alright?” Victor knelt beside her. His fairy settled upon Torah’s shoulder. “I am no healer.” He told. “But I think her skull might be damaged.” Saria fought not to break. Alicia also arrived. Marcia sat on the other shoulder. “You are right.” She told. Saria began to weep. “They belong to my family.” Alicia was talking to herself. “I should be able to use them.” Saria didn’t get it. Alicia picked the laurels. Saria was to speak. The vampire hunter put them upon her chest. “Let Your will be done.” She made the sign of the cross. Saria opened her mouth. Torah awoke. Alicia replaced the laurels. Then she withdrew. Torah muttered something she didn’t quite figure. Saria didn’t care. She held her tight. Torah still looked a bit dazed. “I am sorry.” She told. “Sorry I didn’t believe you.” Saria shook it off. “I was afraid.” Torah didn’t drop it. “I neverknew about our kinship.” Saria let go. “You don’t have to be.” She said. “I got so confused.” Saria sighed. “It is such a burden.” Torah shook her head.

Aqueduct, underground reservoir. The 5th. of December 2098 A.D.

They reached the aqueduct. The place was huge. “This is where the water is purified.” Alucard explained. “Before it goes through the reservoir and out to the countryside.” Ursula shook her head. She didn’t care. “I have to find the litch.” Ursula said. “Take it easy.” Edward touched her shoulder. “Beware of your thoughts.” She wouldn’t listen. She ran through the aqueduct. “Hellfire!” Alucard burned the bats. “My father’s servants will be searching for us.” The tragic prince unsheathed his blade. Ursulafigured. “no problem.” Edward got his own weapon. The other bats swept through the area. The mailman crossed himself. Ursula didn’t wait. The bats might bite them. She would find the enemy. Edward went after her. They ran through the opening. Then she stopped. This was an underground lake. Though it wasn’t the source. The river came through the tunnel. Edward closed his mouth. Anothergreat waterfall went tumbling down into the cave. Alucard caught up with them. “That is the power-plant.” Marina beheld the transformer. “We have to be careful.” Ursula got aboard the ship. “I mightsmell.” They didn’t look surprised. Alucard climbed aboard. He told them what to do. Edward tugged his beard. Marina was at the helm. She hoped they would make it.

The caves, Ravenberg. The 5th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The dryad looked down into the water. Xena was sitting upon the branch of her pine tree. “They killed the bears.” The raven told. “Beware.” They sat on her shoulders. “Beware of the hunters.” They whispered in her ears. Xena was biting the end of her braid. “Leave me.” She said. They screamed while lifting into the air. “Nevermore.” She whistled while she thought. Her sisters hadn’t returned yet. She sent them to the forest. Something was going on in Sadam. She cherished the trunk of the great tree. He was old. Though he wasn’t Xena’s real partner. The tribe closed her off when casting her out. This tree would never die. He kept his promise. Lord Dracula would make her immortal. “You have worked to do.” The wanderer was so cold. Reinhardt Reich was master now. “You are to kill the Belmont clan.” He repeated his words. So was his last command. She shuddered. Xena feard whatmight happen with her now. The forsaken order had no mercy. “They are getting close.” The man remained silent. “What am I to do?” Xena thought of begging. That wouldn’t move him. The wanderer would kill her. Xena exhaled when he left. She still got a chance to serve him.

The litch stanched like a corpse. Ursula might smell. She could track him. Ursula was glad. Marina knew how to navigate the ship. She would find him. “Hellfire!” Alucard spread his cape. The blue fireballs went home. He got the fishmen. Ursula felt a sudden relief. The silence was broken. The bats came like a wave. “Dragon’s breath!” The fishmen got aboard. They tried to pull her down under. “Dragon’s tail!” that was a mistake. “dragon’s claws!” She ripped them into shreds. She should have searched the ship. The skeletons hid in barrels. They hurled bones into the air. Edward crossed the sword and dagger. “Dragon’s wings!” Ursula leaped upon them. The bats bit her neck. She screamed. The bats dined upon her blood. She felt drained. Ursula fell upon her knees. She couldn’t be turned into a vampire. The loss of blood might kill her. The bats finally let go. Ursula had no mind. She would become Dracula’s doll. The others still fought. “You liked it.” The litch forced her to meet his gaze. The ashy robes concealed his identity. He didn’t have to. Ursula already knew. She snarled. “You are so hot.” She would show him. But first Ursula had to regain her strength.The sword appeared between them. “Thee do nay touch her.” It was him. Ursula took the antidote.

The light wasn’t all that bright. Edward touched the crucifix. There were a few candles aboard. He didn’t knock them. “The lamps are still lit.” Alucard told. “They run on electricity.” Edward frowned. He knew that was quite expensive. Though this was a power-plant. Ursula tended the sales. The masts could be moved about like toys. The ghost ship worked in a similar fashion. Edward looked out upon the lake. The legend wasn’t nice. Edward shook his head. He knew things didn’t repeat that way. Events never happened twice. He tried to relax. Edward unsheathed the Claymore blade. There was nothing he could see. All was quiet. He didn’t like it. Edward wished there was something he could do. They didn’t need his help. The women got things under control. He should be glad. Edward wasn’t. There. He saw something ripple upon the water. “What is it?” Alucard moved without a sound. He suddenly appeared. “I am not sure.” Edward thugged his beard. Had there been anything? He was so sure. “Be careful.” Alucard said. “So much have changed.” Edward sighed. That was true. So much had happened. The ice altered his life. Edward was a vampire hunter. He kept looking. There had been something. Edward was sure. He shuddered. This didn’t feel right.

The Belmont clansman could do what must be done. Alucard got other duties. The foul warlock released a death cloud. “Grizzly wing!” The bats countered his assault. “Hellfire!” The enemy hid behind the shroud. “Dragon’s breath!” How could she be ready? Alucard saw the bat bite her neck. The mammal was infested by Dracula’s curse. “Dragon’s tail!” She used it like a battering-ramp. The fishmen gathered round. Alucard morphed into mist. He got past their numbers. Morris got their attention. The throwing-cross was quite impressive. Sonia and Trevor Belmont used it with great skill. “Dragon’s claws!” She was ready to face him in direct hand-to-hand combat. That was unwise. His touch might kill. Such where his arts of wizardry. Alucard had learned through his encounter with the dark priest Shaft. The litch also thought it a waste. He vanished from view. “Morgoth’s death!” Draco cursed. He was the first Dark Lord. Or so it where told. Alucard dismissed. He was not here to dable in myth or legend. The naiad did well. She kept the ship on course. They would soon reach the shore. The golden dragon was furious. She was so eager. Draco craved for revenge. That was not the ideal course of action. She might come to harm. Alucard could not permit it to happen.

They reached a harbour. Ursula lept on solid ground. Marina was afraid. She warned her already. She didn’t heed. Marina sighed. She had no right. Though she hoped Ursula would listen. The naiad went ashore. The men followed. Although they secured the ship. Marina smiled. They better do it properly. Ursula sniffed about. “This way.” She told. “He went into that cave.” Of course. Edward crossed himself. Alucard produced his sword and shield. She was ahead. Marina brandished with the whip sword. The bats got defeated. “Ball of Destruction!” Alucard got the fishman. Ursula followed the river. Marina crossed the bridge. The fishman released the stream. Edward threw the cross. She mighthave kissed him. There was no time. She soaked the enemies. The bats squeeked. Ursula disappeared. Marina almost cried. This was a maze. She reached the tunnel. The fishmen lept from the river. The monster caught her. He pulled her with him down under. Marina sent him away. She got back upon the walkway. She didn’t mind if her clothing got soaked. Marina picked the whip sword. She knew the blue jacket and baggy white trousers went rather tight. The men arrived. They defeated the monsters. The skeletons hid in the barrels. Marina got hurt. The bats came back.

The caves, Ravenberg. The 5th. Of December 2098 A.D.

They reached a chamber. Torah hid her mouth. Shetripped upon the items. They got hidden by the dust. “This must have been a guardroom.” Bactsaid. “I don’t know where to go.” This was the abyss. Torah bit her lip. The cavebranched off into the mountain. “then let it be.” Alicia touched the crucifix. Something cracked. Torah looked down. The ground was littered with bones. “Are you alright?” Saria asked. Torah couldn’t answer. She felt numb. Like being struck by lightning. The force was too great. “Curse you.” The voice was a poison hiss. “Die.” The death cloud went home. Bact shrieked. The spell tore him apart. Torah couldn’t move. She wept without sound. At last she found the strength to counter. Though it was bitter. The litch revealed his presence. He stenched. Torah was glad the ashy robes concealed him. “Is that… Is it… Him?” Saria stammered. “This isn’t his castle.” Alicia crossed herself. She cracked with the whip. “That is the litch.” She got a vial. “He gavehis life force for power.” Torah inhaled. She almost vomited. The smell was terrible. Yoko told her not to fear death. “Enough of this.” The litch lifted both hands. “I also havethe followers with me.” He spoke the ancient words of the Necromonicon. Yoko refused to teach her. “Rise.” The litch told.

The sorceressthen cast the homing ball. Alicia screamed. The skeleton exploded on impact. “this is Dracula’s curse!” Victor got in front. He twirled with the axe. Saria fired. The litch was pierced. “Get away! Homing ball!” Torah cast the spell. She got the ring smash. “Little wench. Do not think to challenge me.” The litch released. The dryad got down. Torah crushed the skeletons. Alicia whipped the bats into oblivion. It was time to hunt the night. She got to reach the warlock. This was vampire hunting. Alicia threw the vial. The skeletons collapsed. This isnot over.” The litch held up his sceptre. They heard their master’s call. “This is between you and me.” Alicia crossed herself. His kind tried to murder Gabriel Belmont. “Foolish hore.” The litch stenched. “I have lived many lives before you where borne. I shall destroy you.” Alicia struck with the Undead Killer. The litch blocked with the sceptre. Alicia ducked beneath. The litch laughed. She leached at the head. He turned it aside. “Your family have thought you well.” The litch twirled. “You have controlled your fear.” Alicia brandished. “You cannot strike me.” She accepted. Alicia fought to survive. She only got some short years of training. The litch used centuries to hone his skill. She whipped the shoulder. The flesh got revealed. Alicia swallowed. He was a walking corpse. Chills went down her spine. The litch withdrew. “Dracul.” He released the death cloud. “In the name of Michael the arch angel!” Alicia proclaimed. She struck the cloud. Through His mercy, the death spell exploded. The fiend struck. Alicia met him. He was forced backward. “You cannot strike me.” The litch repeated. He fled through the tunnel. Alicia followed. Her friends ran for her location. There was no time. Alicia whipped the skeletons. She picked the crystals. The litch was ahead. Alicia made it to rain with holy water. The spiders burned. The litch hid behind the shroud. She lept for the platform. They reached the river. The fishmen jumped. “Homing ball!” Torah released freezing mist. She went for another platform. The enemy hurled the cloud. She ducked. Alicia kept moving. She threw daggers forward. The monster got defeated. She retrived her item. Alicia got upon the next platform. The litch flouted in the air. He made the dead to rise. The skeletons hurled bones. She presented the crucifix. Saria fired. The bone-men collapsed. Alicia reached another pillar. The bats circled about. She threw a vial. Alicia got to continue. “Homing ball!” Torah shot the warlock. He gathered. The sorceress ducked beneath the death cloud. Alicia went from the platform. The skeleton almost killed her. She managed to stamp before he might strangle. Alicia went for the final pillar. The litch channelled agony. Alicia hid behind a circle of crosses. She lept into the air. She threw the dagger. The litch hid behind his shield. Alicia tried to behead. The litch flouted away. The fight continued. Victor slammed through the other skeletons. Alicia tried to chase him. The litch released the death cloud. Alicia managed to sidestep the assault. He used all his force. Alicia got lifted into the air. The frozen cross made him to collapse. He got up. The litch called for the skeletons. Then he kept down the tunnel. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” Aliciadeflected another death cloud. The lit candles wherethe only source of light. Alicia got struck. She staggered backward. “It is useless to resist.” The litch gloated. “Don’t let yourself be destroyed as Clifford Graves did.” Alicia wouldn’t give in. Though she was bleeding. She got to continue. “Oh my Lord!” Alicia called for His mercy. “Help me!” He had to listen. “Please!” The litch channelled agony. Alicia became ablaze with a holy rage. She struck with the whip. He couldn’t touch her. The wizard groaned. Alicia advanced. The litch conjured the skeletons. They reached the source. The water poured out of the cliff. Alicia got no time to behold the scenery. “Star bow! Magic arrow!” Her friends arrived. “Homing ball!” The sisters fired. Victor hurled himself at the skeletons. The litch chanted. “Leave him alone!” Where did she come from? “He is mine! Dragon’s breath!” The elvan woman breathed heavy flame. The litch hid behind the shroud. Then he released a death cloud. The naiad saved them. She created a downpour. The skeletons pulled her back. They got friends. “Dragon’s claws!” Alicia left them to argue. She would repay her debt. Or perhaps not. There was something else. Alicia could tell. She reached for the crucifix. She got no choice. The skeleton picked the bones before hurling. Alicia twirled with the Undead Killer whip. She managed to strike him. “You shall die.” The litch conjured the servants. “The Shadow shall feast upon your blood.” Alicia replaced the glasses. “That is not for you to decide.” She presented the crucifix. The warlock hissed. The robes hung in rags about his body. She swallowed. The rotten, moth-eaten corpse looked so horrible. “This is what you have become.” Alicia shook her golden hair. “This is what you might gave you.” Alicia knew she got pretty. All the young girls loved Alicia. “You are disgusting.” She threw it aside. “You are ugly.” Alicia cracked with the chain-whip. “Then, there will be nothing left of you.” The warlock bolds his fists. “Foolish girl.” He gathered the agony. “That is nothing to us; the tribe of the Necro.” The pain was unbearable. “You think your living beauty might protect you?” The litch raised his hands. “He shall teach you.” Alicia bit together. “That you are nothing but a whore.” He clasped together. “Rise.” The word sent echoes through the mountain. “Up bolts, chains, bonds. There is a dead voice calling.” That sent shivers through her spine. “that should take care of them.” The litch then approached. “Let me touch you.” The pain subsided. Alicia didn’t let it show. He might kill on contact. The magic gathered like black smoke above the fists. The litch reached a gloved hand. She inhaled. The cloak got stained with earth. “The curse of Darkness.” She breathed. He slept longwithin the grave. The litch arrived. “Be gone!” Alicia then cried.

The skeleton struck the bone like a club. Victor buried the axe between its ribs. “Let me go!” The monsters tried to choke him. Edward fought to reach him. Saria sung for the enemies. She saved him. “Thank.” Victor still felt the fingers around his throat. “Thank you.” The dryad smirked. She was cute. Though Edward was more his type. Victor shook it off. Morris was straight. “Hellfire!” Victor retrived the axe. Alucard might handle the bats. He knew who he was. Alucard was famous. Torah used the rings. The bone-men got crushed to pieces. “Behind you!” Marcia shouted. The blonde babe struck with a sort of weird whip blade. “You are a cousin?” Saria asked. “”Of course.” She made water burst. “My tribe are the river daughters.” Victor rolled his eyes. He didn’t care about the nayads. “Homing ball!” Torah made the orb to circle before homing. The bats got defeated. “Gather to me!” Alucard requested. “We must fight together.” Victor struck with the axe. He would try. “Dragon’s breath!” Victor got to shake it. Edward fought the litch hand-to-hand. That woman nearly rousted his friend. She was going too far. Victor pierced the skull. “Hellfire!” Alucard released. The naiad made the water to splash. All was chaos and conflict. Saria led the way. The dryad sat in the treetop.

The sister winked. So that was it. Saria had been a fool. “I should’ve known you where in charge.” The pine tree should’ve told her. The sunlight shone through the ceiling. That was no comfort. Xena sat on the branch, biting the end of her blonde ponytail. “Of course, it is me.” She giggled. Her blue eyes flashed with yellow. Saria shuddered. Xena let herself drop on the floor. The tiny figure still dressed as a dryad. The green tunic revealed her body. Saria blushed. That was only natural. But for the first time, she disliked it. “I am here for you.” Xena let her hands down the curves. “What is this?” Victor asked. “Take them!” Sophia and Horia came down. They hid among the branches. Saria picked an arrow. They got exiled along with their sister. “Homing ball!” Torah charged her magic. Saria knew she got to. “Kill them!” The tree was a homestead. Saria fired. Xena hid her giggle. The ravens picked the arrow. She bit her lip. “Nice trick.” Victor crushed the skeletons. “Let’s see if you might block my axe too.” Xena sighed. “I am afraid that have to wait.” She whistled. “You are too gorgeous.” Saria looked over her shoulder. The sisters boxed them in. “My daughters have a crush on you.” Victor inhaled. “Come with me.” Alucard told. Xena threw the seed.

The caves, Ravenberg. The 5th. Of December 2098 A.D.

Someone called her name. Ursula muttered. “Ursula. Wake up. It is over.” She tried to answer. Ursula shook her head. Marina looked down into her face. She touched herself. Ursula retained her elvan body. The river daughter helped her to sit up. “What happened?” She looked about. “Were, is he?” They fought the litch. Marina shook her head. “the warlock caught you.” She explained. “You got his by his power.” Ursula still felt dizzy. Though she snarled. “I shall tear him apart.” Marina sighed. “Let go of your hate.” She reached for the pearl necklace. “You should be glad.” She smiled. “Edward saved your life.” Ursula shrugged. She didn’t care much about it. Though she got her own code of honour. “He is not to be forgotten.” She declared. Ursula would thank him the way her people had for tradition. That had to wait. There was a battle going on. She exhaled. Edward would take what he wished from her treasure. “Come.” Ursula released her hand. “Let us join the fight.” Marina forced a smile. She actually got afraid. Ursula shook her hair. She fought the laugher. They were so unlike her tribe. Speaking of which, Edward also got different. What if he refused the reward? Ursula threw it aside. There would always be other ways to show her responsibility.

The blade struck against his sceptre. Edward fought the litch. “You threw away His mercy.” He challenged. “And for what? You have become a cursed being.” He wasn’t Leon Belmont. But Edward could see. “You fool.” The litch said. “The Dark Lord might grant eternal life. You only have to pay homeage.” Edward shook his head. “Away from me Satan!” He stamped with the crucifix. Edward wouldn’t let him desecrate eclesia. The warlock shrieked. His image burned the flesh. “You have been deceived!” Edward shouted. “God is compassion. He led us into eternal… “ The litch cut him short. “Do not dare to say it!” He howled. The litch used the sceptre as a spear. The stroke might impaled him. Edward stood tall. He held the sword in both hands while declaringfaith. The sceptre broke to pieces. The litch staggered backward. “Impossible!” He channelled the agony force tomight shield himself. “Dracul!” Edward presented the crucifix. “Forgive them!” He prayed. “For they don’t know what they do!” The Claymore tore through the shroud. The litch burned. He still screamed while crumbling into dust. Edward crossed himself. He leaned on the blade. The fight was over. Edward pulled together. He still got work to do. It was time to hunt.

To advance. That was the ideal. Though not with archers, who might kill with a kiss. Alucard blocked with the shield. He did not display his father’s banner. Morris hurled the axe. He and his friend, Victor Grant, cut the weeds. The dryads made them grow. Their seeds sprouted within soil. The men achieved. They shook hands like modern men. “This is the curse of Darkness.” Alucard struck his blade. The dryads fired. The hunter stabbed to create rising flames. “I am in your debt, Edward Morris of the Belmont clan.” He bowed. “Dragon’s breath!” Draco released. The skeletons crumbled to pieces. Edward Morris made the sign of the cross. He knocked some candles. So be it. The dragon covered. Victor Grant twirled with the axe. The nymphs learned respect. He was like his ancestor. Trevor Belmont, Grant Dinisti, Sypha Belnades and Alucard joined forces in 1496. “Dragon’s tail!” Draco smashed the bats. “Dragon’s claws!” She tore the skeletons. The litch was so powerful. “I’m back!” The naiad brandished with the whip sword. Alucard noticed the weapon. Mina Hakuba used such an item while in 2035. How did she get it? His curiosity had no place here. To advance. That was the case. “Hellfire!” Alucard spread his cape. The corpse-weeds withered. Alucardadmitted.

The dryad smiled. “Do you like what you see?” She cooed. Edward looked to admire their species. “Leave him alone.” Marina told. Her cousin giggled. The nayad made water burst. Edward saluted. The magnetic force crushed her to pieces. Marina sighed. She disliked having to fight her kin. “We are with you.” Alucard said. Victor made a grimace. Though he smashed the axe round. “Dragon’s tail!” Ursula struck the ground. The sprouts withered. “Nice.” Marina remarked. Ursula turned round. “Dragon’s breath!” The skeletons cast her down. That saved her life. Edward struck them into pieces. She made water trickle from between her fingertips. That might clean the soil. Victor helped her to get up. They where a nice team.. Edward stamped the crucifix. The raven burned. “Thought!” Xena shrieked. He threw the axe. “Memory!” The bird fell from the sky. “That where my ravens!” She hurled three-way poison fumes. Her friends spread for cover. Marina struck with the sword. The seed burst on impact. The nayad was hurled back. “You are to die!” She released the fumes. Then she collapsed. An arrow protruded from between her shoulders. Marina shuddered. Blood stained the tunic. “I am sorry.” Saria said. “I had to do it.” Then she broke down in sobs.

The caves, Ravenberg. The 5th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The sorceress beheld the huge pine tree. Somehow Torah felt sorry for him. She put a hand on the trunk. He was still alive. Torah pulled back. She was afraid of the opposing bloodlines. He was in pain. She could tell. Torah touched the cross. He would find her ready. Torah decided to trust them. “Let us get started.” She whispered. Then she began to sing. Although she got no training, this felt so natural. It was like a part of her soul. Torah’s voice seemed to fill the cave. The tune was powerful. Though this was different from that she sung outside. She let her instincts guide. The music was good. Torah sang for the tree. Tears ran down her cheeks. The music restored. She was amazed. He was alive again. The leaves grew like in spring. “Thank You God.” Torah breathed. She finally figured. The dryads where the guardians of the forest. She drew her tears. For the first time since she discovered about the strange connections, Torah relaxed. She gathered. Her act sent the survivorson their way. The others approached. Torah embraced her sister. She looked torn. Saria kept weeping. “She killed her sisters.” Alucard reproached. Torah held her tight. She was so proud. Torah then exhaled. To hunt the night wasn’t their style. Then she made a discovery. “Where is Alicia?” Torah asked.

The vampire hunter cracked with the Undead Killer whip. “Show yourself.” Alicia demanded. “I know you are here.” She saw it sit atop the waterfall. Alicia chased the monster. The torches burned low. She touched the crucifix. The Wyvernswooped with the claws extended.Alicia dodged. The creaturesnapped its beak in anger. It was related to the dragons. The Wyvern breathed. Alicia dodged the rebounding flame. She flailed with the whip. The grey green skin made it almost invisible. “The black riders use him for a steed!” Marcia tried to illuminate. The Wyvern escaped. It lifted into the air. Alicia threw a vial. The monster got away. She got Simon’s heart of fire. Alicia brandished with the flame whip. She dropped herself. The monster tried to stab the pincher. Before she might counter, it ripped with the claws. Alicia screamed. She stamped with the crucifix. Flames burned on contact. The monster roared. Alicia got away. She wouldn’t let it eat her. Alicia shuddered. The flames burned out. The Wyvern got its own fire. The breath burst. Flames burned along the floor. Alicia swallowed. The eyes glowed like pieces of red hot metal. “Saints in Heaven!” She cracked with the whip. The impact made it roar. Alicia knew he wasn’t really a dragon. The monster was a depraved kinsman of the first winged species. It might burn her into a crisp. The Wyvern stabbed its tail. Alicia made a back-flip. She almost collided with a pillar. She crossed herself. Alicia was glad she survived. The monster swooped. She had her back against the column. She threw the dagger forward. “Be your will!” The frost knives pierced the body. The Wyvern roared like an earth slide. It breathed heavy flames. The fireballs kept rebounding. Alicia struck with the whip. She extinguished the fire. The monster stabbed its tail. Alicia doused it with holy water. The Wyvern collided against the columns. Flame and blood made them to break. She got beneath the onslaught. The monster returned. The wings flapped about. Alicia made a glide. She went beneath the claws. The monster breathed. The assault burst. Alicia got above the rising flames. She pined it with daggers. Marcia cheered. Alicia didn’t. Acid blood stained all over the place. The creature began to rot. Alicia swallowed. It wasn’t nice. The monster ripped its claws. Alicia presented the crucifix. She felt a mighty force guide along her arm. The Wyvern cowered in fear. Alicia got the whip. Frost ran through her veins. The ice whip made it scream. She kept striking. Then the monster got her. “No!” It raised into the air. The breath stenched. Its tail was kept hard around her body. Alicia felt sick and dizzy. She fought to get free. The fall might be fatal. The Wyvern let go. She gasped. Alicia tumbled toward the floor. She couldn’t think. Alicia struck the ground. She feltknockedto pieces. Alicia tried to move. Her leg ached. That was what she needed. Alicia bit together. Resolve returned. She wouldn’t be a victim. The Wyvern stabbed its claws. Alicia rolled aside. She tried not to scream. The pain was terrible. The blood drops smoked on the floor. Alicia reached into her pocket. She opened the envelope. “Corpus Christus!” She revealed the Host. “The body of Christ!” Alicia crossed herself. “Begone!” The leg ached. She wouldn’t give up. Alicia made it to rain with holy water. The Wyvern roared. The storm made it burn. The body burst to pieces. It rained with bones. They crumbled into ashes. The skull remained. She escaped the payoff. Alicia inhaled. The door was open. The fight was over. Alicia touched the crucifix. She replaced the wafer. That was most sacred to her. Alicia winched. She touched the leg. She staggered. She got to find the others. Alicia retrived the items. She moved through the waterfall. She shuddered. The water was cold. Alucard might help. The leg ached. “Hold on.” Marcia encouraged. “You are almost there.” Alicia hung her head. She reached the cave. Alicia was dizzy. “Help!” Marcia shouted. “Help us!” The call made themto gather. “He stabbed her.” Alicia almost sobbed with pain. “My lady.” Alucard helped her to stand. He picked into the purse. “I shall nay forsake thee.” She didn’t understand. His words were ancient. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth.” He gave her the bottle. Alicia held it close. The liquid shone. Alicia drank. She gasped. It felt like forever. When it was over, she knew it healed. “What happened?” Edward asked. He cared about her. “Was it the dryads?” Torah looked up into her face. Alicia shook her head. “It was the Wyvern.” She told. She still got sick when thinking about what happened. “He stabbed with the tail.” Marcia dimmed. Alicia touched the crucifix. “You are safe now.” Alucard assured. Alicia exhaled. She smiled. “Thank you.” She said. Edward tugged his beard. “I don’t know what you want.” He removed the hat. “But I got a hunt to finish.” Alicia closed the jacket. “I shall be with you.” Torah told. “As long Dracula exists, children live in terror.” Alicia was impressed. “You don’t stand alone.” Saria said. “You have my sword.” Alucard bowed. “I owe you my life.” He kissed her hand. “You are my ally.” The Belmonts exchanged glances. “We shall hunt together.” Edward replaced the hat. “Excuse me.” Marcia settled on her shoulder. “But I don’t think you can go back.” Alicia shuddered. Torah touched her hand. Even Victor looked pale. “The black riders are out there.” Saria tested the string on the bow. She didn’t look happy. “I shall lead you.” Alucard promised. “I have the map.” He produced a sheet of paper. Victor sighed. “You know you’re holding it upside down?” The tragic prince glared sharp things at him. “I suppose you might be the guide?” He asked in an icy tone. Alicia got to do something. They shouldn’t fight each other. “I used to work here you know.” Victor shot back. “So yes, I do know the place.” Alucard glared. The huntsman smirked. “Very well.” He surrendered the draft. “Let it be.” Alicia exhaled. “Yeah.” Victor shrugged. “Whatever.” He checked the paper. The light changed. Alicia knew that dusk was falling…

This might be a waste of time. “We must return to the power-plant.” Victor told. He picked the axe. “Let us go.” Alicia got in front. “Follow me.” Victor got ahead. They went back through the passage. Alucard kept beside. “Beware.” The tragic prince informed. Saria cried. “They continue to grow!” She released an arrow. “Homing ball!” Torah cast a spell. “Corpse-weed.” Alucard made it sound like a curse. The huntsman snarled. “Ball of Destruction!” He made them to wither. “They are poisonous.” Alicia told. She doused the bats. “Run!” He called. “Let us get away!” The frost prepared for a bitter harvest. “This istheir magic.” Saria said. “They won’t let us escape.” Victor cut the Corpse-weed. “Here goes nothing.” Edward threw the cross. “Keep going!” Victor called. They crossed the bridge. “This way!” He told. “Get aboard.” Alucard requested. “Shall do!” Marina reached for the helm. Alicia got ahead. “Homing ball!” Torah nailed the fishmen. Her sister fired. The bats exploded. Victor hurled them aboard. “Get the switches!” He said. Ursula went toward the masts. He hoped it would be alright. The others reached atop. Edward untied the rope. The huntsman exhaled. “Beware of the undead.” Alucard decreed. “The barrel-bones might still be aboard the ship.”

The sorceress hung over the side. Saria tried to help. She was sea sick. The dryad swallowed. Saria wasn’t that bright herself. She held tight. Torah almost went overboard. She didn’t know what to do. They got disturbed. “Watch out!” Victor cried. The water dragon raised above the surface. “Protect the sails.” Alucard instructed. The serpent shot fireballs. “No electricity.” Alicia reminded. “This isn’t normal water.” Marina got soaked. “Steady.” Alucard was cold as ice. “Alright!” Victor kept by the mast. “Star bow!” Saria fired. The monster roared. That wasn’t the end. “Mother of trees!” The monster spat a burning substance. “Dragon’s breath!” Ursula shot the ice shards. The serpent crushed them to pieces. Edward threw a row of enflamed axes. “Yes!” The monster got hurt. The blood got mixed with water. Then Saria went pale. Something hit the ship. The planks broke apart. “Good God!” Torah exclaimed. They began to sink. “You should ride on me now!” Ursula changed into a huge gold dragon.

“Come on!” The Belmonts were not afraid. “I trust you.” Torah climbed on top. Saria picked an arrow. The bow got enchanted. She dismissed. Ursula went into the air. The water dragon hit the surface. The wave almost reached atop. “Dragon’s breath!” Ursula spewed the flames.

The cloaked figure emerged from the shadows. He watched the battle unfold. The Belmont was powerful. Then why had she not retrived the price? The mystic ball still lay on the cavern floor. The magician went over to fetch it. “Ah, Dracul. I feel the power.” He could not resist the exclemation. The Dark Lord could never be defeated. Or else… Not if anyone should come to the castle. Although dominance, he knew the legend. He would be the one. He would inherit all of Dracula’s powers. He laughed. The magician knew how to begin his campaign.But first there was something else he got to investigate. “Let me see.” The warlock activated the ring. Then he might see. The dragon roared. That almost broke the audio feed. They went low to assist the nayad. That was impressive. The sea maiden went with the wave. The blonde hair wisped like a golden banner. The sea serpent got soaked by water. The monster then got pierced by a magic arrow. The sisters might be dangerous. The tragic prince might flout in the air. He spread the cape to save his lady. The blue Hellfire balls got a homing propensity. The estranged and forgotten son pierced the eye. The serpent roared. They managed to retrieve their friend. The magician dismissed. The superior would have to know about this event.

The caves, Ravenberg. The 5th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The water dragon disappeared beneath the surface. “Watch out!” Marcia flew round like an angry wasp. Ursula didn’t listen. She was fixed on the water. The monster was back. The beast got wounded. Blood mixed with water. Ursula touched the locket. “Ulmo!” Marina called. She felt slightly appalled.Ursula roared like the volcano. This wasn’t her business. “Homing ball!” Torah charged the spell. The frost made the fireballs to fall down. Ursula released golden flame. The sea serpent struck the surface. The wave made her to spin round. The hunters held on for dear life. “Hellfire!” Alucard got enough sense to counter the bats. “Homing ball!” “Magic arrow!” The sisters shot in unison. Ursula roared like an earthquake. Her flames burned the monster. The serpent opened its mouth. There came no sound. The group cheered about that. The smoke told its own story. The monster was burning up from the inside. Then the huge body collapsed against the surface. There was a final wave. Then all was quiet. “It is over.” Alicia said. Edward touched her hand. Ursula wasn’t that sure. She felt like the icy claws reachedfor her heart. “What is going on?” Torah cried. Ursula couldn’t tell. Her blood was freezing up. “This is black sorcery.” The eerie blue mist obscured everything.

The nayad shuddered. “This is more than I can handle.” Marina licked her lips. “I know.” Edward felt the power. The spell froze the cave. The lake got turned into a block of ice. “You got to help me.” Saria pleaded. “I look to you for leadership.” Edward tugged his beard. “You must defeat the Dark Lord.” The mailman had a loss of words. “That is right.” Marina held him by the coat. “That is the only way to purify the water.” They really looked desperate. “I can’t save my people alone.” Edward had no choice. Ursula also got in trouble. Alicia touched his shoulder. “Trust me.” She said. “The Belmont clan shall hunt the night.” Edward exhaled. “We are the heirs to the house of Belmont.” He revealed. “Mine father shall nay enslave the tribes.” Alucard was firm. “That is alright.” Ursula spoked through telepathy. He shuddered. Edward crossed himself. He really wasn’t used to either of this. The dragon flapped with her wings. “Take us over there.” Victor shouted. “So, it is.” They returned to the power plant. The fairy lifted from atop the hat. Edward sighed. She really was kind. The hunt continued. The mailman accepted his destiny. “Fire in the hall!” Saria fired with the bow. The bats squeaked. Ursula breathed. “No one deserves the vampire’s kiss.” Alucard declared. “It shall be done.”

Then this was familiar. Alucard kept his grip. “Hellfire!” The bats were a constant threat. “Grizzly wing!” He got to counter. Maria Renard got a selection of animal friends. “Stronger we are!” Edward Morris hurled the axe into the air. “In the name of the Lord!” Ursula roared. “Homing ball!” The sisters fired. “Star bow! Magic arrow!” This was not 1797. The skeleton held onto the bat to throw bones. That was interesting. Alucard had seen nothing like it since the demon castle war in 1999. “In the name of Michael the arch angel!” Alicia Schneider made it to rain with holy water. The tragic prince acknowledged. That granted an edge. The liquid burned on contact. Alucard hid beneath the cloak. He pulled it over his head. “Good God!” Victor Grant was a Dinisti clansman. He belonged to the branch which remained after the incident of 1852. The chronicles entitled Collor the highlander as one of his founding fathers. Alucard dismissed about the matter. “This is black sorcery.” The blue mist was unnatural. The power plant got frozen into ice. “My father is to blame.” This was not the curse of Darkness. Either way, they gathered in his name. “Get away!” Marina Seaflower shot a stream of water. “No one deserves the vampire’s kiss.” The force knocked the skeleton.

They went flying through the air. “Little big adventure.” Marina muttered to herself. Victor sent her a glance. “What is that?” The fairy fluttered before her face. “Nothing.” She gathered more water. “Get away!” Marcia left her sight. The nayad exhaled. She needed a clear view. Ursula was shaking beneath her legs. Marina bit her lip. The myths told that most dragons got allergic to sub-zero temperature. She shook her head. “Magic arrow!” She was not alone. The sisters kept shooting. Alucard was gathering power. His body looked to shimmer with a weird red glow. The elders told she got a talent for the blood force. She threw the water like a set of icicles. The undead skeletons kept hurling bones. “Dark ocean horizon!” She cursed. “Blast you!” Victor kept slashing with the knife. That was too close. The bat swarm kept about like wasps around the honey pot. The image almost made her to vomit. “Do not be afraid.” Alicia touched her hand. She looked back. The 18 years old brushed aside the golden hair. The low got reflected by the glasses. “It shall be alright.” The bearded hunter assured. “Thanks.” Marina squeezed her back. “Settle over there.” The prince demanded. “This is black sorcery.” The nayad felt the chill bite. “What are we to do?” This was far too much.

Treasury, dragon’s nest. The 6th.Of December2098 A.D.

The tragic queen felt their approach. There was nothing they might do to prevent it. “That is to much.” The general kept his hands behind his back. Reinhardt Reich went marching back and forth. Then he beheld his advisers. The message was a shock to all. She smelled their anxiously. His pet warlock was dead. They saw it happen. Ceveral other key members also got slaughtered. She heard the red knights got forced to abandon the reservoir. The security of the Ravenberg was hisresponsibility. “My general.” Maeglin informed. “The task is complete.” He stepped forward. “We should return to the castle.” The queen would roar. She knew he was dangerous. “Aber nicht.” The general dismissed. The dragon shone upon his helmet. She growled. He had no right. That was in mockery of her kind. “We have our orders.” Reinhardt Reich stood at attention. She exhaled. They got to hurry. The dead officerkept his pose. “Alert all command.” He declared. Maeglin reached a hand. “Hail the count.” The general returned his salute. The warlockleft the nest. “calculate every possible destination.” Reinhardt Reich demanded. “According to their last known protectory.” He exposed his fangs. “I must give my report.” The tragic queen got to save them.

(A.N: Things might be a bit straight forward in this chapter. But remember, this is the “first stage”. It is supposed to be easy. Without the work of Tolkien, and the men and women behind the “Dragonlance” series, this text wouldn’t be possible. Have a nice time.)