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Castlevania: Darkness Never Dies


Part 1: Curse of Blood

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Part 2: Legacy of Sorrow

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Part 1: Curse of Blood.

“It is like the seed of mustard. When you lay it in the earth, it is smaller than any other seed in the world. But when it is sawn, it will grow and become larger than any other leaves of the garden. and it grow such large branches that the birds under the sky will nest in the shadow beneath them.”

Mark: 4. 31.-33.

Chapter 6: Age of Sin.

Aljiba lower road, Warakiya. The 14th.Of December 2098 A.D.

Water dripped from the ceiling. The sound really was disturbing. The liquid plague might be quite unsettling. “Preserve me from the wicked One.” The sister made the sign of the cross. She was breathing heavily. Sister Theresa, or Terra, as she where called, listen carefully. She could still be hunted. Terra touched thecrucifix. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost.” She felt the lips of the vampire upon her neck. Terra shuddered. The vampire hunters saved her soul. She was a nun. The priest gave her an absolution. Terra made a line with the blood of Christ. That would stop them. Terra inhaled. The wail kept her black hair away from her face. Terra should never have left the church. She got to warn them. She put the bottle upon her sash. The Devil learned her how to move underground. Terra made the sign of the cross. Father Jeremiah could lead the community without her help. Terra was only 19 years old. She decided to stay behind when the order left from Warakiya. Terra then began to run again. She got to find them. They didn’t knowabout the danger.Terra had to tell them about the problem. She felt so very alone. Terra reached for the crucifix. The Lord would never leave or abandon her. “Glory be You.” She breathed. “Our Father in Heaven.”

Forest of Aljiba, Warakiya. The 14th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The sun was about to set. George looked up the lighthouse. The décor was rather impressive. He shrugged. The merchant didn’t really care about the art. “Watch out!” Iori and Noriko spread their cape and jacket. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Christian hurled the rebound stone. “Get away!” George released a boom from the pistol. The eagles tried to lift them away. The salesman really disliked the birds. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” The boy brandished with the chain whip. “Blast you!” George cursed from between his clenched teeth. The skeletons had returned. Dusk approached. The undead gained strength by nightfall. George made the sign of the cross. He trusted the lance. The eagle got pierced. The salesman smirked. He fetched the crystal. That turned into a round of bullets. George reloaded the pistols. He threw the sacred cross. The bone-bag got shot to pieces. George exhaled. The weapon returned. That was a rare effort. The merchant dismissed. He knocked the candles. The grenades might get in handy. That could wait. “Come here!” The children reached the entrance. “Follow me!” Noriko encouraged. “Before they might notice!” Iori reached ahead. The salesman climbed the stairs. They got inside. George exhaled. Then the door got shut.

Lighthouse, Warakiya. The 14th.Of December 2098 A.D.

The tower looked ancient. Christian made the sign of the cross. “The lighthouse must have been standing here for centuries.” The salesman remarked. That could be true. “The building is mentioned in the chronicles.” Trevor explained. He got a bad feeling about this. “Tell me about it.” The merchant remarked. “That remains to be seen.” Christian let go. He would commit his troubles into the hands of the Lord. Trevor knelt in prayer. He then closed with the sign of the cross. He would be ready. George shrugged. The others joined him. Trevor cracked with the Vampire Killer whip. “The demon castle Dracula is a creature of Chaos.” This couldn’t be Shanoah’s building. “It might take on many forms and shapes.” There were no spiked entry or elevator. “The Lord will guide us.” The spiral staircase looked somehow familiar. Christian kept looking for the top, although the shadows obscured his view.”Perhaps we better find a way around the lake.” Noriko licked her lips. That made her strange features to stand out. “That may be girly.” George muttered. He kept playing with the pistol. “Though a man has to do what a man got to do.” Trevor sent him a look. “Somehow.” He sighed. “I heard that before.” The merchant smirked. Christian shook it away. He didn’t want to put either of them in danger. The others already chose him to lead. Trevor was unsure if he deserved their trust. The hunter thought about his ancestors and their quests. “Why can’t we split up the company?” Iori suggested. “You might climb the stairs, while Noriko and I investigate the basement.” Christian had another look upon the staircase. That even went for the underground. Trevor touched the crucifix. He didn’t know much about the other boy. “That is a good idea.” George acknowledged. The salesman supported himself upon the lance. Noriko looked doubtful. She touched her own crucifix. “I would rather join with you.” The girl confessed. “You might need my help.” Christian shook his head. “I can’t protect you forever.” He told. Trevor went to embrace her. “You have to enter the night.” She looked up at him. “I know.” Noriko looked tired. He touched her cheek. She blushed. “Believe.” Christian exhaled. “I understand.” He let her go. Noriko must learn to fight for herself. He couldn’t teach her about the power of Dominance. “Alright.” Noriko pulled a short knife. “Come on.” She told Iori to follow. “Let us go.” He bowed before her. Trevor arched an eyebrow. “He can be so weird.” George admitted. That was true. Christian sighed. They soon disappeared from sight. “I hope we made no mistake.” Trevor recoiled the whip. “They really are such a strange pair.” George remarked. He might support. Though that was not important. The merchant got the lance in hand. Christian made the sign of the cross. He went for the spiral staircase. They got to reach the top. “Let His will be done.” Trevor said. His friend shook his head. The salesman knew his opinion. They began to climb. George then shrugged. He should know it would be like this. “Blast it!” He fired with the pistol. The bats then scattered about. Christian cracked with the whip. He repelled the bones. The skeleton occupied the platform. Trevor hurled the axe. The bone-man collapsed. The salesman went to pick the ammunition. The steps gave way. “Watch out!” Christian ran as fast he could. They got above. He hooked onto one of the metal-ring. The salesman rolled his eyes. Trevor had no mind. They got to continue. The vampire hunter swung across. He collected the crystals. “Burn in Hell!” George threw the vial. The bone pillar was breathing flame. Christian threw himself down. The bats squeaked for blood. They went toward his neck. “Blast you!” George kept shooting. The mammals scattered to escape. Trevor threw three silver daggers. The salesman knocked the candles. Christian ran up the stairs. “Get away!” The merchant called. The boulder came rolling down. Some steps got broken. The pillar of bone turned to release tripled fireballs. Trevor threw the axe. The topmost skull got shattered. George had survived. He came to join in the fight. The salesman got above the broken section in time to pine the other skull. “Preserve us from the wicked One!” The head spew heavy flames. Christian doused with holy water. The holy flame burned like a shield. He struck for the head. The frost whip put an end to the campaign. Though it didn’t last. The bats hid beneath the steps. They came like a cloud of blood thirst. George knew how to handle the onslaught. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” Trevor made a back-flip. The salesman threw the grenade. Then that was the end. Christian exhaled. The gems fell on the floor. Trevor got restored. “Come on.” He said. “There is a long way to the top.” George reloaded. “Alright.” He was ready. Christian exhaled. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord.” He recoiled the whip. George then cried. The salesman got hurt. “Blast you!” He hurled the sacred cross. “Look out!” The skeleton made a back-flip. He escaped the cross. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” Trevor leaped up the staircase. He came face-to-face with the bone-man. “Christian!” The merchant called. “Get away from that thing!” The undead used the bone like a weapon. Christian sidestepped the club. That was close. He almost fell from the platform. “You won’t do that again!” George arrived. “Fire in the hall!” He told. The salesman then fired with the gun. Trevor noticed he reloaded with silver bullets. The skeleton crumbled into pieces. He left George to fetch the crystals. “Evil thrives in the shadow of the demon castle.” Christian made the sign of the cross. The bats survived. They came from multiple directions. “Twisted.” George revealed the crucifix. The swarm went toward his neck. Trevor brandished with the whip. He got Simon’s heart of fire. The flame whip granted an edge. The bats then squeakedwith frustrated blood thirst. Christian bit his lip. The vampire did something to them. “Have this!” The salesman threw a flurry of holy water. Trevor put it aside. They must defeat the monsters.

It was quiet. Noriko reached the bottom. Huge chains hung down from the ceiling. Iori beheld them with interest. “I wonder what they are for.” He said. Noriko shook her head. The chamber was large. There was an octagonal opening in the middle. “This isn’t a lighthouse.” She said. Noriko putit aside. It was like she tried to remember something. “I think you are right.” Iori came back. “The lamp must’ve been built upon a much older building.” Noriko wasn’t that interested. She pulled the knife. There was no fence. Noriko felt unsure. The candles where the only source of light. Trevor was right. He couldn’t always be with her. Noriko knew she would have to go where only Dracula could. Her parents never told much about that. Soma Cruz breathed the chaotic realm in 2035. Noriko shuddered. She wasn’t like her grandfather. She pulled together. Noriko promised she would explore the basement. “There are three openings.” Iori remarked. The bats were awake. Noriko didn’t answer. This was impossible. Although it was daylight outside. She jumped high to spit tripled fireballs. Iori made the other bats to attack. They must fight together. Noriko might absorb the souls. She could be strong like her grandfather.”Accursed!” Noriko shouted. She would take the lot.

Aljiba lower road, Warakiya. The 14th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The nun moved as fast she could. Terra was dressed in her order’s outfit. There was the sound of dripping water. The tunnels where going this way or that. She worshipped the Lord. Martha gave her the compass. That helped to stay on course. Terra knew she got to continue eastward. That would lead her to the lake. The vampire hunters where somewhere within the forest of Aljiba. She only stopped to rub sweat of her brow. The bats came down. Terra was not used to hunting the night. Father Jeremiah told her to be prepared. She plunged with her silver sickle. Terra usually used it when the herbs where ready. St. Maria’s church had its own greenhouse. She liked that place. Terra presented the body of Christ. The bats kept their distance. Terra made the sign of the cross. The skeleton appeared. The sight of the skull made her scream. Terra closed her eyes. She didn’t wish to see it approach. Terra still kept the Host. She felt the cold fingers reach to tear the envelope from her hand. Terra pulled away. She threw the stake forward. The village carpenter made them from an oak tree. The skeleton collapsed into a heap. Terra held the Host to her heart. The dreadful undead burned into ashes. The bats came for her blood. Terra threw the envelope at them. The bats then burned into ashes.

Lighthouse, Warakiya. The 14th.Of December 2098 A.D.

They got in trouble. George mattered about their mobility. The bats kept whirling about. They squeaked for blood. The salesman shuddered. He couldn’t stop it. The mammals settled upon his torso. “There is no dinner for you tonight.” George stamped them out. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Christian brandished with the whip. The merchant smirked. The boy created the flame whip. “For Warakiya!” That gave the upper hand. George would conquer the swarm. “Curse it!” Then again, he might be flexible. The bony hands reached to break his neck. “Release me!” The bag of bones hid within the wall. The merchant pulled hisbarrel against its temple. “Fare you well.” He pulled the trigger. “Burn in Hell.” The boom tore his skull away. George acknowledged. The bone-bag got knocked to pieces. “Nice work.” He picked the bullets. The merchant put them upon his belt. They might be useful. “They thirst for blood.” Christian got into a defensive post. George snarled. The bats had returned. The mammals came like a swarm. “Come on.” He muttered. “Just a little closer.” Christian blinked. The merchant didn’t care. The swarm arrived. “That is the case!” George got the item in hand. He hurled the grenade. The explosion made them to burn. Though it was no victory.

The boulder came rolling down. Christian got away. Someone made them to fall. George cursed beneath his breath. He then fired a boom fromthe pistols. The bullets made the skeleton to collapse. Trevor crossed himself. The bats shrieked. Christian protected his ears. The thirst for blood made him to turn pale. Trevor cracked with the whip. The storm grantedstrength. The fireball whip made them to scatter. Christian was in motion. He got above the abyss. The salesman wasn’t far behind. Trevor threw the vial of holy water. The pillar of bones got damaged. George fired. The pillar hid behind a stream of fireballs. Christianrepelled the onslaught. The Vampire Killer became a tool of icicles. The topmost skull got shattered into pieces. George threw the sacred cross. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Trevor sidestepped the flames. The skull could not. The pillar got defeated. Christian picked the gems. He went up the staircase. George pulled him away. The bone exploded. The flare might kill him. “That is accursed!” The bone-thrower went through the air. The armed and armoured skeleton slashed with the blade. Trevor ducked. The bone-throwing scimitars didn’t walk since Simon Belmont’s second encounter with the prince of Darkness. He threw the dagger forward. The scimitar took it on the shield. The silver knife got repelled. Christian touched the crucifix. The former merchant got in front. George stabbed and twirled with the lance like a spearguard. The bone-thrower got forced behind. Then it performed with a back-flip. Trevor licked his lips. That was incredible. He put it aside. The scimitar threw other bones. They burst into flame. Christian made a circle of silver crosses to rise in front. The bats returned. The thrower came down. George doused him in holy water. The scimitar staggered. Trevor brandished with the whip. That was what he could do. George then broke the defence. The thrower missed him by inches. The lance pierced his skull. Christian relaxed. The monstergot defeated. Therespite didn’t last. He barely climbed some steps when they began to give way. Trevor had to run. The salesman was still ahead of him. They got beyond the trap. Then another bone hit home. George dropped himself upon the floor. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” Christianleaped above. The explosion gave him a boust. Trevor landed in frontof the thrower. Before it might get the shield up, Christian threw the axe. The heavy weapon struck through the light armour. Christian got the flame whip. The thrower was defeated before it might hurl another bone. “Watch out!” George shouted. The bats swept like a wave. Trevor presented the crucifix. The monsters circled about. George then fired at will. The bats got defeated. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” The bloody swords got brought to life. They swept from multiple directions. Nathan Graves experienced this phenomena in 1830. The cross didn’t stop them. The swords darted. Christian must brandish. The swords got repelled. They twirled before repeating the attack. Trevor was grateful he wasn’t alone. He didn’t have eyes in his back. George mightdouse the swords withholy water. “Pray for our victory.” Christian hoped the Saints might still aid them. He struck with the chain whip. The sword burst into flame. There still were five of them left. Trevor waited. The salesman fired with his pistol. Christian threw a wave of holy water.Three blades got frozen. Trevor brandished with the whip. The other swords got repelled. The remaining blades were heating up. Christian threw the axe. The bloody sword burned. George doused with more holy water. A second sword exploded. That left three of them. Christian flailed. The one he froze got shattered. The duo darted for the kill. George struck them down. The lance might become a club. Christian smiled. That never reached the eyes. He stamped with the crucifix. The bloody swords stabbed right up. Then they went for another attack. Trevor really wished he got the stopwatch. The weapon stabbed. The chest-plate saved his life. The crucifix made it to burn. Christian defeated the final blade. The bloody swords left some crystals behind. George found other bullets within the candles. The hunter caught his breath. “You really shouldn’t do that.” He told. “They are the only source of light.” Trevor had learned his lesson. The merchant shrugged. “As you say.” He muttered. “Though they grant the mystic items.” Christiansighed. He knew that already. Trevor touched the crucifix. There was nothing he might do about it. George began walking. Hecollected the crystals. Christiangot to follow. He cracked with the whip. Trevor would be ready.The merchant climbed the staircase. For the first time, they didn’t break down. Christian made the sign of the cross. He got a bad feeling about it. Trevor had no faith in their stability. There was something her lost. Christian frowned. He couldn’t put his finger upon it. George fired toward the bats. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Trevor struck with the whip. The bones got shattered. He exhaled. That was a skeleton. The salesman smirked. That was no problem. George had become a vampire hunter. “So, let it be.” Christian threw the dagger forward. The bone-man then fell into a heap. The merchant ran up the stair. The undead left some ammunition behind. Trevor let him take them. The bullets might keep him from knocking the candles. Christian bit his lip. They were the only source of light. There was another. Though he was unsure if the holy whip might be used like a lamp. The thrower cut through his line of thoughts. The bones exploded. The salesman pulled him away. Trevor had to inhale. The boulder made the steps to crumble. The scimitar leaped above the shaft. He landed in front. The merchant struck with the lance. His weapon broke on impact. George threw the pieces. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” Christianthrew the dagger. The thrower withdrew. The salesman cursed. The bones exploded. There was a hidden opening within the platform. Trevor reached inside. He found the lamp.

The shamanhurled bones into the air. This scimitar was unlike thoseshefought before. The skeleton leaped behind. Iori then released tripled fireballs. The soul blocked the bone. The explosion shook the warehouse. Theywent through the east most opening. The storage was filled with boxes and crates. The dead scimitar hurled other bones. Noriko used the Bugbear soul to might melt the brute. She hurled the feathers about. The bone-throwing scimitar blocked the assault. He leaped forward. Noriko withdrew. “Break it.” Iori released the warg. She almost fell into the spike trap. There were several of them. The traps got embedded into the stone floor. Noriko pulled together. She croutched to spit repeated fireballs. The skeleton got crushed. Iori took the soul. She got back up. Norikopushedher black hair from the face. “I really don’t like this place.” She declared. Iori smiled. He became serious. “Then what do you suggest?” Noriko was unsure. He looked about. Iori would let her make the decision. The warehouse was so huge. She pondered the matter. There were other openings. Noriko touched the crucifix. They really got into trouble this time. Noriko was afraidthat they might get lost. “I don’t think this is a lighthouse.” The boywent pale. Noriko sighed. What should she do?

He didn’t trust in this silence. The enemies were here somewhere. He kept conjuring the different souls. Noriko might feel his actions. She looked unsure. He couldn’t help her. She would have to carry her own legacy. He went some distance ahead. There he noticed another spike bed. He gathered for the jump. Thebats noticed about them. The mammals went from multiple positions. He snarled. The skull shield blocked their attack. He felt so angry. Angry at them for what he had to do. He hurled the explosive bone. That removed them from sight. He absorbed their souls. He then gathered his momentum. “Wait!” Noriko shouted. He remained in place. The crate was filled with swords. The lot lifted into the air. He cursed beneath his breath. They were the bloody swords. He made the skull shield to appear. The bone-scimitar soul granted him protection against the initial attack. Noriko released her beam. The blades easily dodged the assault. Some of them went for her location. He released the birds. They might pick them apart. The swords were too quick. He fired the bow-and-arrow. The archer soul granted such power. The arrow pierced the sword. He would take their souls. That would be his triumph. He got both the right and the might to take them.

Town of Jova, Warakiya. The 14th.Of December 2098 A.D.

There was late afternoon. The father was preparing before the service. Martha got to hurry. She would be a sister. Martha paid a visit to her father’s house. Job becamean important figure after the battle. Martha smiled. She pulled the cloak tight together. The sun shone, though it was cold. Martha shuddered. She was right to leave. Her brother was the first who notice. He led the group which protected the bottom of the well. William did the right thing when using the explosive. That way, the monsters didn’t get through. Michael went a final round to securethe supply of fresh water. He figuredhow the demons learned to explore the road. Martha reached tochurch. She hoped Terra found them. Christian Belmont got to know.“There you are.” Jeremiah exclaimed. The priest had been waiting for her. He looked anxious. Martha wondered what it might be about. The priest seldom got excited. “I found another passage.” Father Jeremiah explained. “Beneath the crypt.” He gestured for her to follow. Martha hoped the monsters didn’t notice. “Should I call for William?” She asked. Jeremiah shook his head. “I closed the door.” He said. “Terra might use it when she comes back.” Martha thought about that. What had he done? She sighed. Father Jeremiah was the priest.

Lighthouse, Warakiya. The 14th.Of December 2098 A.D.

The bone pillar lay in shambles. As did the staircase. George reloaded his pistol. The boy tied the lamp to his backpack. George nodded. He was ready. Christian cracked with the chain-whip to might get the bats. He made them to burn. George smirked. He leaped over the edge. Christian hooked onto the ring. The salesman got knocked by the skeleton. The bag of bones sent him another fist. George doused him with holy water. The skeleton burst. George was breathing heavily. “Good God.” He muttered. George didn’t believe it. “Do you smell that?” He asked. Christian landed beside him. “That’s perfume.” The boy made the sign of the cross. “That is impossible.” They didn’t have time to speculate. The blonde woman landed atop the staircase. She was clad in a full suit of shining armour. George looked into her blue eyes. “Watch out!” Christian shouted. “She is a Valkyrie!” George shook his head. The blonde tried to pine him. George sidestepped. But then the brunette and redhead picked him up. George struggled to escape. “Going down.” The brunette teased. They laughed. George screamed when they let him fall. This would be it. There was nothing he could do. The floor reached up to embrace him. Christian would have to make it by himself. Then George knew no more.

That was the end. Christian got no time to mourn. The salesman was dead. George must be. They squeaked. Trevor crossed himself. “Rest well.” He whispered. “The Lord is with you.” Christian made it to rain with holy water. They burned. The count’s shield maids screamed. They went to impale him. Trevorleaped to hurl daggers. He used the soul wind. The brunette got stabbed. She didn’t die. The redhead came from behind. Christian withdrew. He could see beyond the obvious. Trevor struck with the whip. The blonde fired. Christian refused her. He threw the axe. She got hit between the breasts. Trevor blushed. She spat blood. Christian hurled a vial. The holy water made her to burn. She left some gems. Trevor had no time. The brunette swooped with the lance extended. Christian cracked with the whip. The Soul bat granted an edge. Trevorthrewa dagger. He pierced the throat. She was dead before reaching the floor. The last of the trio kept shooting. Christian tookthe gems. The redhead cursed him. Those were not the words of a lady. Hewas pushed to the limits. She emptied the quiver.Trevormight exhale. The Valkyrie attacked. Christianwithdrew. She then lost the objective. He knocked the candles. The gems restoredhis strength. The lamp illuminated the flight. Sheapproached. Trevorstruckwith the chain-whip. She shrieked. Christian got hit by the wings. This wasn’t like fighting the harpies. The lady got hold. “I have you now.” She exclaimed. The Valkyrie gripped around his neck. She was so strong. Trevorfought for air. She laughed. He wouldn’t release the power of one. His lungs were failing.Christianstill made her to burn. His Soul flame put her ablaze. Trevorbreathes. That was fantastic. The air never feltso good. Then the legs suddenly fell out beneath him. The death of George hit home. He couldn’t hide. Christian rubbed the tears. Others kept trailing. Trevor wept. The merchant was his friend. That was a surprise. He was alone. Christian touched the crucifix. That wasn’t true. He was never alone. The Vampire Killer was alive. The Lord, and Sara Trantoul, would be with him. He got up. Noriko was downstairs. Hefound the lamp. That might be enough. Somehow,he had to reach atop. Trevor struck with the whip. Those feelings were never to be ignored. Simon Belmont discovered in 1692. He began to climb. The skeleton threw bones into the air. Hehurled the crystal. The skeleton collapsed. Christian retrived the item. The crystal was what they got left from Leon Belmont. He made the blood pact in 1094. Trevorgot the cross. The bats approached. Christian used the soul wind. He threw the boomerang. The stormragedwithin his blood. The cross split in three. The boomerangsreduced their numbers. Trevorgot the crystals. The boulder wentrolling down. The staircase was crushed. Christiangot above. The bloody swords darted in his direction. Trevorbrandished with the chain-whip. He threw holy water. The bats had to scatter. They returned. Christiancreated a circle of silver crosses. The blades got deflected. He twirled withthe whip. They caught fire. That left four in place. Trevor summoned the light. He threw the holy flame. That explosion cleansed the staircase. He leaned against the wall. Christian felt tired. Hesighed. Trevor pushed awayfrom the wall. He took the gems.The bone pillar breathed flames. Christianescaped. He struck the stack. They answered with a series of fireballs. The bats had returned. Trevor slowed their progress. He jumped high to throw daggers. The pillar of bones almost got him. He defeated the swarm. The third knife hit the pillar. Christian ran to strike. The flames made him to retreat. The lamp wasn’t bright enough. Themonstershad noticed. He brandished with the whip. That kept them occupied. Trevor threw the axe. The dim light made him to lose the target. The bone pillar altered objective. Christian hurl the vials. The pillar got defeated. Trevor picked the gems. He hit the candles. Christianaccepted. The coinsmight be useful. He looked about. Where could he be?Trevor got no map. Never mind, the Valkyrie tried to pine him. Hedodged. They fired. He escaped. Shereturned. The spiral staircase was no ideal battleground. Christian made a back-flip to crack with the whip. The woman uttered a cry of pain. Trevor leaped. The arrows hit him. They laughed by his misery. Christian thanked the Lord.There was no poison involved. They were Wotan’s warriors. He was a wizard who escaped the Trojan war. Trevor dismissed. Count Dracula enlisted their services. He used the Soul ice upon himself. The Valkyriereleased a mane of dark hair. Christian threw the boomerangs. She dropped the lance. Trevor stamped with the crucifix. She burst into flame. Darknessgot her. Christian felt pity with her. The redhead hit him. Trevor groaned. She might kill him. Hegave her the crystal. That made her to stagger. The third Valkyrie landed infront. Christian struck with the whip. She winched. The bats attacked. The Lord bestowed him. The Soul saint caused an explosion. Shegot pushed away. They gathered,though she was hurt. Trevor twirled with the whip. The swarm got defeated. The ravenlock sister went into the air. She got the bow. They tried to break him. She couldn’t kill an adult, though she mighttake him. Christiantrusted the silver knife intoher armour. She let go. The Valkyrie fell to her knees. He didn’t wish for this.There was no other way. Trevor cut her throat. She died. The sistersfired. Christian dodged. They went forward. He threw the axe. The ribs got smashed. Trevorwas sick. She died before hitting the floor. He crossed himself. Christian cracked with the whip. The bats went like a stream. The Soul windslowed their onslaught. Trevormightfeelmalice. The fireball whip reduced their numbers. The bones went home. Trevor felt a dead hand upon his heart.The lamprevealedhim. Christian hit the candles. That was the laurels. He putthem in a purse.Simon used them to turn invincible. The undeadkept hurling. Trevor hurled the cross. The storm made it to split in three. Christian got to retrieve it.

That was a dead end. The warehouse consisted of one huge chamber. They returned to the basement. Noriko trapped the mammals. She absorbed the souls. The sound of moving stone made her to winch. “What is that?” Iori pulled back. “It sounds like the floor is moving.” They got cut short. From within the open hole, a huge fist struck the ground. The arm was made entirely of stone. Noriko used the opportunity to run along. The Stone Age elevator was moving toward the ceiling. The idol titan tried to shake her away. Noriko refused to let go. She would die if she fell. The platform still hadn’t reached the ground level. She didn’t care. This thing was to huge. Noriko didn’t have enough power to defeat the monster. A sort of glowing rune got her attention. She released three bats toward it. They absorbed some energy. The titan roared. Noriko bit her teeth together. She threw the bone. The explosion shook the stone idol titan. She climbed for a better location. Then Noriko stamped with the crucifix. The rune burst. Noriko gasped. The power was glorious. She got no time to celebrate. The monster tried to shake her. Noriko held together. She noticed about another rune. Noriko had to destroy them. She got the power of dominance. Noriko spat fireballs. The titan shook.

Slowly, the stone idol titan got revealed. He watched on as the girl crawled about. She had destroyed another rune. He could feel it. Let her have the power. She would need it. The figure kept striking its body. Noriko found another rune symbol. He wondered if this idol might be created by the order of Eclesia. They knew how to manipulate the glyphs. The girl fired a green beam. The rune seemed to be melting. Though it still shone. Noriko got closer. The monster struck the ceiling. The debris nearly made her tolose hold. The elevator kept rising. She released multiple feathers. The symbol broke. Could he do something to help her? Noriko noticed the rune. They glowed with an eerie light. She threw bones into the air. Noriko rammed the symbol. She could not afford to fail. Noriko used the captured souls. The birds picked the rune. She then climbed to stamp it out. The rune burned. The fifth rune was at the neck. He could not count them. Noriko stabbed with a knife. The stone idol titan disliked the assault. She croutched into place while spitting fireballs. The monster shook its head. She held on. The crucifix made flames erupt. She grew powerful. The rune exploded. She disappeared from sight. He acknowledged. The fight was not over. Noriko reappeared to might continue.

Aljiba lower road, Warakiya. The 14th.Of December 2098 A.D.

The cavern shook. Then came a terrible rumble. Terra huddled together. The nun prayed she would not become buried alive. What was going on? Terra stumbled back on her feet. She would make one final attempt to escape from this dreadful place. She found a sort of stairway. The steps led up among the shadows. Terra began climbing. The compass told she was still heading in the right direction. The bats came flying down. Terra doused them in holy water. The steps seemed to continue forever. She reached the top. Terra kept moving. She came to a sort of viewpoint. Terra gasped. She could see through. The chamber was huge. She pressed against the wall. The boy beheld the scene. Terra’s eyes got fixed upon the huge stone idol titan. The girl was climbing about. She attacked some sort of glowing symbol. As Terra watched, the rune exploded. She pressed harder against the wall. That was Noriko! She recognised her from the town of Jova. She attacked another symbol. Terra made the sign of the cross. She wished to help her. The titan struck the ceiling. Terra hit the wall. She didn’t mind getting hurt. To her surprise, the wall opened. She almost flew inside. At the same time, Noriko destroyed the symbol. The boy ran toward her. The stone idol titan broke into pieces.

Lighthouse, Warakiya. The 14th.Of December 2098 A.D.

The nun got on her feet. That boy almost seemed to drown within his black cloak. The wall closed behind. The little blonde boy stopped when he noticed her outfit. Terra got hit by Noriko. Her body collided against her own. Terra stumbled backward. The air got struck from her lungs. Noriko opened her eyes. They lay on the floor. The boy came to help them. “Thank you Iori.” Noriko said when getting up. Then came that rumbling sound. “What is that?” Terra asked. They didn’t have to tell her. The huge elevated platform was moving down. That left a hole in place. “Thanks for saving me.” Noriko told. She still felt a little dizzy. Terra never the less managed to smile. “That is why I’m here.” She said. Noriko blinked. “Did you know we where here?” Terra was quick to explain. “I didn’t.” She said. “Though I guessed you would head for the lake.” That was the most obvious choice. “I have something else to tell you.” Terra said. She told them about the discovery. “The monsters have learned how to navigate the road.” The children looked frightened. “Christian has to know.” Noriko said. Terra made the sign of the cross. She supported. There was one question though. How where they supposed to make it. Terra hoped that Noriko might have some suggestions about it.

The hunterescaped. The bloody sword lost the objective. Christian stamped with the crucifix. He brandished with the whip. That gave a breather. The Valkyrie fired her bow-and-arrows. Trevorrepelled the arrow. The Soul bat made her to scream. The blonde hair and wings got spread about. She was rather pretty. Christian struck with the chain-whip. The bloody sword gotrepelled. He used the Soul wind to stopher. The bloody sword went swooping in. Trevor hid behind the crucifix. The blade made a twist. Christian hit it. The sword burned. The bats settled for him. Trevor shuddered. He stamped them out. The shield maiden came flying in. The Valkyrie attacked with the lance. The holy water made her to burn in place. The whip sealed her destiny. Christian cracked for the monsters. He took the gems. Trevor got cut short. The bone-men and thrower came from the crew-quarters. Christian struck with the whip. The Soul bat took the brunt of the attack. The bone-throwing scimitar hurled its projectile to cover for the skeletons. The trio came down. Trevor hit the leader. The bats kept him occupied. Christian used the Soul wind. The bone-man punched him. The fist was hard like iron. Trevor withdrew. Not far behind, the steps fell away. Christian threw the silver knife. The undead got impaled. Trevor jumped to strike the skeletons. The bats flew at his location. Christian brandished with the whip. He had to keep them at a distance. The throwing scimitar was the greatest threat. Trevor hurled the axe in a high arch. The bone exploded. They wouldn’t leave. Christian presented the crucifix. The bone-scimitar got behind. Trevor used the opportunity to climb the stairs. He reached the crew quarters. They lay beneath the lantern. Though that wasn’t important. The bone-thrower had gathered. Christianthrew the dagger. That shielded against the blast. He made a glide. The thrower created a back-flip. Trevor threw the knife. The monster got the shield. Christian dashed. He struck beneath. The undead staggered. Christiandropped himself. The scimitar used the shield like a battering-ramp. Trevor got away. The thrower smashed. Christian ducked. He threw the crystal. The undead tripped. Trevorhurled the vial. The scimitar got defeated. He took the gems. The swarm arrived. He crossed himself. George was right. They hung from beneath the steps. The bats flew up like a cloud of mischief. Christian flailed with the Vampire Killer. The fireball whip gave an edge. “God’s death!” The band of skeletons came from the caretaker’s apartment. The Soul flame wasn’t enough. The bats scattered about. Trevorthen crushed the skeletons. He reached for the backpack. Christianputthe cross before the opening. That should hold them. Trevorstopped. The gallery ended before another staircase. Christian looked skyward. The lamp didn’t give much light. That was why he didn’t notice the bone dragon. The huge monster awoke to spew heavy flames. Trevor made a back-flip. The white dragon waved about while spitting fireballs. Christian threw a wave of holy water. The skeledragon froze on impact. Trevor brandished. The monster broke free. The bone dragon hitthe floor. Christian exhaled. The skeledragon might break the walkway. Heshuddered. The monster was spitting fireballs. This was worse than the bone pillar. Christian threw the axe. The skeledragon swung aside. Trevor bit together. The frost whip caused an eruption. The bone dragon roared. He didn’t hear anything. Christian struck with the chain-whip. He got a score. The bone dragon forced him to retreat. The bats played a part in the affair. Christian stamped them out. He got to escape the flames. Trevor was grateful the place was made of stone. He then threw the dagger. The white dragon returned. He brandished with the whip. The bats made an assault. Christian blocked the fireballs. He made a glide. Trevor struck with both hands. The dragon shook. Christian renewed his attack. The skeledragon gathered. The heavy flames forced him away. The white dragon struck the ground. Trevor hurled the boomerang. The bone dragon dodged. Though it got hit upon return. Trevor retrived the cross. The skeledragon fell apart. The pieces got burned. Christian climbedthe stairs. He picked the big gems. Trevordoused the bats. They left the coins. He got what he wanted. Therockwent rolling down. Christian got away. The stone broke the steps. Trevor cracked with the whip. He hooked onto the ring. Christian felt like Simon Belmont. He swung above. Trevor reached solid ground. He sighed. Christian climbed the stairs. The candles burned. This was a depot. The Valkyrie swooped. The brown hair was a cloud around her face. He barely escaped. The sisters fired. Trevor ducked beneath. The brunette attacked with the lance. Christian struck to keep them occupied. She twirled like a knight. “The Lord is my guide and Shepard!” Trevor summoned the light. “I fear not, though I walk beneath the shadow of the valley of death.He threw the holy flame. The Valkyrie got bathed in flame. She shrieked. Christian struck with the fireball whip. She died. The sisters pierced him with arrows. Trevor pulled them out. The Soul ice restored him. They went through the air. The bats attacked. Christian blocked with a circle of crosses. He leaped for the platform. Trevor struck with the whip. The sisters kept shooting. He threw the axe. She was dead. The sister hit him. Christian felt dizzy. He stamped with the crucifix. The silver burned her flesh. Trevor crossed himself. She got away. The Valkyrieattacked. Christian threw the cross. She fell on her knees. Trevor felt sorry for her. There was no choice.He cut her throat. The Valkyrie burst into flame. He picked the gems. The bats approached. Christian brandished with the whip. The used the Soul wind. They flew about. The Valkyrie fired with the bow. Trevor refused her. The bone dragon was chained to the wall. The white dragon waved about while breathing flames. He made a back-flip. The monster hit the floor. Christian threw a wave of holy water. The skeledragon froze. He dodged the arrows. She cursed.

They reached another chamber. He expected as much. The basement was so huge. “This must be a part of the road.” Noriko Cruz looked for the ceiling. “That might be true.” She became strong when claiming the stone idol Titan soul. “Though I don’t think so.” The nun then finished before she got on foot. “Evergreen.” She had been praying for the lost one’s souls. “Battle of the Holy.” Noriko frowned by the statement. He left it behind. That was not really important about now. He got other fish to fry. That was a play on words. He dismissed. “Then you must lead the way.” He afforded. “Guide us, according to His will.” That was the way. “The blade, the heart and the crystal.” He receded. “They are one.” Their teaching contained much knowledge. “In perfect balance.” His mother made him to study at the school. “Iori?” They beheld him for the moment. “Are you alright?” Noriko became concerned about him. How interesting. She showed him compassion. That was good. “Do not grief for me.” He smiled. “It shall be glorious.” The girl then blinked by his statement. She obviously has no understanding for the case. “That is dangerous talk.” The nun looked about. “You shouldn’t recitefrom the Grimoire.” That must be removed. “How do you know?” He had to learn.

Forest of Aljiba, Warakiya. The 14th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The black bundle stirred and quivered. She should wear a crown, and be a bride of the king. Though the bloodline kept hold. “Thou arth to kill the Belmont clan.” The voice was present. The dark wanderer became dominated by the power. “As you wish my lord.” He was not like the Scaven. “It shall be done.” The black rider then also craved for and detested the blood of the living. “They shall not escape.” The bundle vanished among the trees. Even so, matters were even worse, then before. There was another candidate. He felt him, he might smell the presence. “He has become an enemy.” There were only one Dark Lord. Only one prince of Darkness who might control the force. The dark wanderer was learned in the prophecy about the demon castle. That was an advantage. They knew about things ignored by the hunting clan. The undead count should rise from his unearthly resting-place, like himself. “Yes.” There were those which worshipped in his name. “Lord Dracula.” So, let it be. The seal was breaking. That was the way of the nature. Nothing crafted by the man might last or stand forever more. The black rider reached the horse. He left the steed behind to search his victims. The sun set. He told the boy they would meet again. This was the hour. He was here.

Lighthouse, Warakiya. The 14th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The stones blocked the staircase. Terra prayed for the lost one’s soul. “We are trapped.” Noriko touched the hilt of her knife. “There have to be another way.” The nun almost began to cry. “There is always a bigger fish.” Iori looked almost amused. “We only have to find it.” Noriko opened her palm. “To dominate.” Terra felt taken aback. The bat appeared above. “Get down!” She hurled the bat. Terra threw herself sideways. The skeleton got walled in behind the rocks. “Oni!” The undead got shot to pieces. “Dracul!” Noriko got excited. She must have absorbed the soul. That was the power of Dominance. Terra shuddered. She felt chills down her spine. Iori fought without a word. The pale face almost seemed illuminated among the shadows. The nun sprinkled with holy water. The bats hid against the ceiling. Noriko fired a green beam. The skeleton hit her. Terra felt sorry for her. That must hurt. She had no help to offer. The nun got no potion. That was a problem. Terra got no time to summon the merchant. Then again, she didn’t trust Renon. There was something about him she didn’t figure. Terra pushed that aside. She presented the crucifix. “Begone!” She screamed. “Follow me!” Iori snarled. His teeth looked sharp. “Alright.” Terra joined the fight.

The Valkyrie aimed for the heart. Christian threw tripled daggers. She got pierced. The monster broke free to spit fireballs. Trevor got hit by the Valkyrie. He still got the silver knife. He stabbed her. She was dead before reaching the floor. Trevor was trained to hunt the night. The bone dragon breathed flame. Christian collected the crystals. He flailed about. The bats got defeated. Trevor crossed himself. The skeledragon came tumbling down. Christian threw the axe. The white dragon collapsed. Trevormade a back-flip. The monster breathed flames. He got far enough to avoid the impact. Christianbrandishedwith the Vampire Killer whip. The Soul bat collided against the skull. The bone dragon roared. Trevor didn’t hear anything. He was unsure what to do.The dragonkept spitting fireballs. Christian cracked with the whip. That might block the attack. The skeledragon stopped to breathe flame. Trevor hurled the crystal in a high arch. Then Leon Belmont’s sub-weapon went home. The white dragon also went down. Christian bit his lip. He jumped to whip the skull. The bone dragon shook before getting up. Trevor almost got burned by the fireballs. The frost whip struck them away. Christian got frost in his blood. He threw the crystal. The item became a breakable ice shard. The bone dragon froze. Then it shattered into pieces. Trevor picked the big gems. He then retrived the items. The sun shone down upon him. Christian turned out the lamp. He put it into the backpack. Trevor had to climbed the distance. “Let it be.” There was a depot ahead. Christian stopped to whip the candle. He climbed. Trevor blinked. Although the sun was low in the sky, he felt blind after the time in the shadows. Christian adapted to the surroundings. He pulled the door aside. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Trevor proclaimed.“Then prove it to us.” The redhead put her hands upon his chest. “We are waiting for you.” The ravenlock reached him from behind. “Then you must be a true warrior.” The blonde really was pretty. Christian blushed. He was too young. “Do not be afraid.” The sisters brought no weapons. “Leave me in peace.” He requested. “I have no feud against you.”” Trevor told the true. The vampire was his real enemy. “Then stay with us.” The redhead bent to kiss him. The tongue entered his mouth. “Age is nothing but a number.” The ravenlock teased. Christian sighed. Her tongue tasted delicious. That didn’t mean anything. Trevor had to resist the group. He broke free from the kiss. “Let it be!” Christian declared. “In the name of the Lord!” That was almost too much. He closed his eyes. The storm raged within his heart. “Into Your hands I commit my spirit.” Trevor made it to rain with holy water. He was a descendant from the great. The Valkyries screamed. They released him. Christian brandished with the fireball whip. He made them to spread about. They unfolded their wings to might obtain some distance. Trevor hit the remaining candles. The blonde got her bow. Christian inhaled. He took the gems. “Curse you, human scum!” The sisters twirled. Trevor hurled the dagger forward. The weapon split in three. The storm raged inside. The blonde was dead. Christian didn’t relax. The fight was far from over. The redhead swooped. Trevor got ready. He threw the axe. The Valkyrie lost her head. The flames ripped through her body. “In Manos Toas Domine.” Christian made the sign of the cross. He hoped the Lord might make mercy upon her soul. “Die!” The ravenlock landed in front. She unsheathed the sword. “May you leave in peace.” Trevor made a back-flip. The Valkyrie arrived. Christian hurled the cross. The sister groaned on impact. She got hit upon the return. “Great is the mystery of faith.” Trevor sighed. “Your time is over.” He stamped with the crucifix. “I hate you!” She screamed before the flames burned her. Christian took the gems. He reached the opening. “Let it be.” Trevor crossed himself. He didn’t know what to expect, though Christian would face it.

The lantern, lighthouse. The 14th. Of December 2098 A.D.

There was a fence built around the lantern. Christian touched the crucifix. The lamp was unlit. That was strange. Normally, the lamp wouldn’t burn until nightfall. He saw it illuminated. The mist was like a wall. Trevor went around for a better view. The lantern was dark as dusk. The floor was littered with the remains of the dead. The stench was disgustive. Christian crossed himself. There was something standing upright. Trevorrecoiledthe whip. That was a coffin. “You found my resting-place.” The man in black suddenly arrived. Christian didn’t flinch. “You escaped.” He said. “I should remember.” The candidate kept in place. “It is true.” Trevor sighed. “The lighthouse is built upon the ruins of the clock tower.” Dario smiled. The lips got pulled back. His fangs got exposed.Christian felt chills down his spine. “Soma Cruz might have taken Dracula’s power for himself.” His red eyes lit with Hellfire. “I still possess the power of dominance.” Trevorrealised how they used Dracula’s magic to conjure Aguni.“You are not the Dark Lord incarnate.” Dario dismissed about the matter. “That is concealed.” He said. “When the seal is breaking.” The candidate folded his arms. “We might live again.” Christian made the sign of the cross. “There is no life in oblivion.” He told. “Only death.” Dario mastered his anger. “They chose me.” The smile was cold as winter’s heart. “Behold.” Trevor wasn’t afraid. “Leon Belmont swore to hunt the night.” Dario lifted his hand. The fist burned with red flame. “That is of no concern.” He said. “The queen of shadow will be stronger than either of us.” Christian blinked. The laugher pierced through flesh and blood. “Save me.” His voice became a whisper. “The Shadow rising.” Trevor gasped. The rite was forbidden. “Open Hell’s gate!” Dario triumphed. “Come forth, my servant!” He demanded. “You are a fool!” Christian shouted. Dario grasped the coffin. “Crush this flea who invades my castle.” He turned to mist. The coil vanished. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” The demon had arrived. Christian crossed himself. This was the reason why he trained.

Lighthouse, Warakiya. The 14th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The water kept dripping. Noriko was unsure. She disliked the sound. There still were two chambersleft to investigate. Christian told her what to do. But that was before Terra arrived. Iori checked the wall. “I think you might only enter from the road.” He said. “Or else I can’t find out how to activate.” Terra went to help him. Noriko went for the south mostexits. The north passage only led back to the staircase. The area consisted of one room. There was a sort of instrument upon the wall. Noriko didn’t recognize. Though they couldn’t be that old. “Stop!” The metal door got moved aside. “Stand where you are!” Three robots emerged. Noriko thought they looked like some sort of metal bird or skeleton. “Hand over your weapons.” They aimed the blasters at her level. Noriko pulled back. She almost tripped over the low chest. The battle-droids opened fire. She summoned the bone-scimitar soul. The shield blocked the assault. Never the less, Noriko felt fried from within. They’d burned the soul out. That was impossible. Noriko shook with her hair. The trio came marching forward. The foremost got hit by the fireballs. “Begone.” Iori proclaimed. “She do not belong to you.” The robots fired. Iori got down. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth.” Terra entered the room.

Town of Jova, Warakiya. The 14th.Of December 2098 A.D.

The sun had set. The people would carry on their work. Father Jeremiah sat at his dinner table. De Travis came forth with an idea. The priest granted him an absolution. Groups of vampire hunters would leave the town. Armed and armoured, they might be able to reclaim the farms. Martha came in to clean the dishes. Jeremiah could do it himself. She insisted on serving him. Her brothers went out. She worried about them. He did as well. He worried about the souls which were outside tonight. They won the battle, thoughnot the war. Although there still were plenty of food within the village, that couldn’t last forever. There was only one greenhouse. That was not enough. The monsters didn’t care about the farmland. When a piece of Christ’s body was secured, that problem would be solved. Father Jeremiah knew he would have to renew the pieces. The crops from the garden would securefor making the bread. Martha would bake for him. She knew it was vital. The priest made the sign of the cross. She might join the sisters someday. Terra would have to introduce her. Father Jeremiah was not afraid. The nun order would be restored. The Lord awoke new faith. “Let it be.” The priest folded his hands in prayer. “In the name of the Lord.” He closed.

Lighthouse, Warakiya. The 14th.Of December 2098 A.D.

The robots were dreadful. Terra hurled garlic into the air. The Hell droids were banished. Noriko and Iori got up. “They have no souls.” The boy muttered. Noriko shook her head. “This is an elevator.” Noriko told. “Then the lighthouse must really be ancient.” Terra crossed herself. She went aboutto might get a closer look. Noriko opened the treasure box. The nun almost expected to find gold. She got disappointed. Noriko found a sheet of paper.She unfolded it carefully. “This is a piece of the castle’s landmap!” She exclaimed. Iori smiled. That was a surprise. He was such a charming boy. “This might solve our problems.” She gave it away. “We only need a compass to navigate.” Noriko put her hands together. “You don’t have to be afraid.” Terra said. “Martha gave me her compass.” She handed it over. “Thank you.” Norikoembraced her. “You are an angel.” Iori kissed her hand. She blushed. Terrareally wasunused to suchemotions. “Stand where you are!” Their moment was crushed. The door was open. “Roger, Roger.” The others chirped. “You are under arrest.” The robots got their pistols ready and aimed. “Hand over your weapons.” The leader informed. That was out of the question. “Be gone!” Terra would not surrender. The children would fight.

The lantern, lighthouse. The 14th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The Legion raised from the dead. Christian tightened the grip on the Vampire Killer whip. This wasn’t Granfaloon. The huge demon slowly rotated in place. The stench of death was almost more then he could handle. Though the monster was comprised of skeletal fragments. Only the equator was still embedded within rotten flesh. Drops of blood ran from the sides. Trevor inhaled. The liquid was like acid. He avoided the blobs. Christian struck with the whip. The dead wings flapped helplessly. Nothing else happened. Then he screamed. From within the gash,crawled a huge ugly worm. He doused it in holy water. There came others like it. Christian got away. He whipped the worms into oblivion. The Legion had no mind. The ball looked like it’d been impaled already. Christian kept striking the wound. He knew enough. The core was the only weak spot. The rotting equator was the sole point which might be damaged. Acid blood dripped from the sides. Trevor got away. He had to crack the shell. Christian picked the envelope which the priest gave him. The presence of God made Legion to roll some distance. Trevor heard the sound of many screaming voices. Though it was only in his mind. The demon spun slightly. Christian replaced the Host. The voices where silenced. Trevor ran round to find the wound. He threw the cross. The boomerang almost got stuck in the flesh. Christian cracked with the whip. His weapon got released. Trevor threw holy water. The big ugly worms got burned. The skull formation finally got revealed. Christian got a feeling they grinned at him. He struck with the flame whip. The formation got burned. The storm of acid blood drops made him to retreat. His ancestorswarned that the Legion might close the wound. The poison worms crawled about. His blood was burning. The flame whip eradicated the monsters. Trevor crossed himself. The worms left some crystals behind. He might use them. Christian ran to pick them. He got hit by the blood drops. Trevor screamed.Although the laurels restored him,the hunter hurt. Christianhad to defeat this demon. The wound was close. Trevor attacked with a fierce determination. The blood drops made him more careful. The poison worms crawled on the floor. Christian whipped them away. The worm stabbed him. Trevor fell on his knees. He summoned earth through the laurels. Christian was healed. He worshipped the Lord. Trevor defeated the worms. Then he picked the crystals. Legion was working to close the wound. Trevor cracked with the whip. He avoided the blood drops. Christian stamped with the crucifix. There went a short of shudder through the massive monster. Trevor got away. Legion kept turning. He felt like playing games with death. Christian threw the frozen axe forward. That didn’t break the shell, though he managed to trap its mobility. Trevor ran for the wound. He still got frost in his blood. Christianpierced the flesh. The core got hit by the frost whip. The skull formation hated him. The hunter was sure. The poison worms crawled from the inside. Trevor felt the storm within. He threw three homing daggers. The worms burst. Christian got away. Legion wasturning. Trevor hurled the cross. The wound was open. The impact made flames to burn from within. He fought to keep the wound open. The storm of acid blood made it difficult. The worms kept crawling out. Christian flailed with the whip. “You are the one who is many.” He muttered. The Son cast him out. The Dark Lord inlisted their services. Trevor almost slid on the slime. He made an effort to cleanse the blood. The dead bodies might belong to the caretakers. They burned. Christian crossed himself. “Great is the mystery of faith.” The demon managed to close the wound. Trevor presented the crucifix. That made the worms to curl up. He let them behind while running for the enemy. Legion was slow.The manifestation got no speed. That was no problem. The acid blood was like a shield. Christian somehow managed to roll away. He struck for the wound. The poison worms then poured from within. Trevor hurled the axe. The core got burned. The poison worms kept crawling. Christian held the crucifix. He prayed for protection. Trevor got lifted into the air. An image of the cross appeared above his head. The flash of frost cleared the battlefield. Christian was put down upon the ground. Legion rotated. The acid drops were a constant danger. The monster must be hiding behind the shell. Trevor tried to run along. The blood made that impossible. Christian screamed when soaked.Though the laurels restored him, the demon kept bleeding. Trevor released the light. Then he leaped above. Legion was bleeding all rounds. Christian slipped on the ugly fluid. The demon turned round. Trevor hurledthe daggers. The poison worms got ripped to pieces. He threw three enflamed crosses. They got stuck in the rotting flesh. They burned out. Trevor retrived the boomerang. Poison worms appeared through the wounds. Christian threw the holy water. He kept hitting the enemy. Finally, he opened the wound. The demon dropped acid blood. Christian made a glide. He got beyond. Trevorthen struck with the fireball-whip. The core burst into flame. Christian struggled together. He pierced the formation with silver daggers. The demon shook. Trevor got no time. He got poisoned by the worms. He channelled earth. The laurels restored him. Trevor dodged the blood. He got hit before. His clothing’s hung like rags because of the acid. Christian presented the crucifix. His image made them to curl up. Trevor kissed the crucifix. He brandished with the whip. The big worms curledbehind. Legion worked with the wounds. Christian wished he got the stopwatch. The demon was hurt. The poison worms came crawling. Trevor hurled the vial in a high arch. The holy water put the worms ablaze before they might be released. Even the Legion got burned by the outburst. That wasn’t the end. The demon rolled fort. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!”” Christian cried. He struck with the holy whip. The light caused an explosion.

Lighthouse, Warakiya. The 14th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The robot screamed before it exploded. He remained in place. The boy had no connection with agony. That was ecstatic. He got to be clever. “Fire in the hall!” Noriko Cruz kept shouting. “I see.” There were some other robots inside the elevator. “Surrender.” They were putting up a canon. “Or you perish.” The leader was in charge. He had not adapted to his rank. So, let it be. He released with the bat souls. The swarm flapped up in place. They took the brunt of the assault. “Impressive.” The girl acknowledged. He might bow, though there were no time. The robots launched a second round. “Curse you.” She spread her arms wide to cover. The scimitar soul was quite enough. The skull shield blocked the burst. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost!” Terra proclaimed. The nun doused them with holy water. The impact caused holy flames to burn about. He recognized the power. The boy kept silent while the light burned out. “Your time is over.” That was for sure. Noriko released a green beam. The robots exploded. “You should be careful.” That spell was in reality nothing more then another form of balefire. “Look out!” The leader escaped. The grenades then burst on impact. He got behind. “Target secured.” The robot pulled the switch before launching.

Forest of Jova, Warakiya. The 14th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The dryad played on her instrument. Albert felt dizzy. The music made him to stagger. “Come.” The villager leaned against the trunk. “Join us.” The dryads formed a semi-circle around the clearing. They reached half way to the Wagmore farm. Albert was sweating. “Not to you.” The villager touched his forehead. He felt muddy and dirty. “To live is to love.” Albert stank of his own musk. He could smell it. “Relax.” The brunette and blonde put their slender arms around his body. “I am waiting.” The dryads reached to open his tunic. “Get behind!” Their fingers reached into the pocket. “Curse you!” The envelope fell on the snow. “For this is His body!” Albert dived for the Host. The villager got up to present the envelope. “Given as ransom for the forgiveness of sins!” Robert and William attacked the wenches. “Kill them!” The ravenlock put down her flute. “For Warakiya!” They repeated. That was the cry of the resistance. “For Warakiya!” Albert was not a warrior, although he would fight for the country. This shouldn’t be the habitat of the undead. Descent people shouldn’t have to live in fear of the night. The seed landed amidst the battlefield. “Get down!” Albert called. “It is going to blow!” He didn’t have to tell twice. The sable burst on impact.

Lighthouse, Warakiya. The 14th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The cavern shook by the impact. Terra thanked the Lord the rocket got no homing propensity. “Stay out of the basement!” Her great grandfather once told. The nun bit her lip. He got influenced by the gardener. Terra dropped the issue. “Terminate the interlopers.” The leader droid spread a wave of explosives. He then reached to fire his twin laser cannon. “You stole them from the merchant.” Noriko blocked the assault. “Against the power of Dominance.” Her eyes seemed to burn red. “There can be no victory.” Terra felt chills down her spine. “Hand over your weapons.” That had to be a pre-programed instruction. The combat robot was not really that intelligent. “Game over.” Iori spread his jacket. “Metal devil.” The bats absorbed the rocket. “Then let His will be done!” Terra doused the machine with holy water. “For great is the Lord.” She held to the crucifix. “Our Father in Heaven.” The robot exploded. “You got to help me.” Noriko struggled with the computer. She reached the elevator. Iori went to help her. “We shall not be lost.” The nun stepped inside. The box was occupied by the remains of ruined droids. “Wait for us!” Noriko called. They had repaired the elevator. “Going up.” Terra inclined. Iori made no remark. He kept waiting before the doors.

The lantern, lighthouse. The 14th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The Legion was still alive. Christian threw the crystal before the monster might gather before another attack. The impact sent him flying. That saved his life. Although Trevor got splashed with acid blood,the Soul ice made him to continue the fight. Legion was trying to heal itself. The poison worms crawled about. Christian was on the offence. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” He brandished with the whip.The Soul flame granted an edge. Trevor crossed himself. The worms left some gems. Christian was eager to collect. The demon was bleeding. Trevor got away. He searched for the wound. The equator was the only weak spot. The skeleton shield didn’t react upon his impact. The wings flapped like they tried to lift off. Christian then struck with the frost whip. That was the most effective when fighting demons. The hunter made the sign of the cross. He dodged the blood drops. Trevor located the wound. Legion almost managed to close. Christian cracked with the chain-whip. The hunter noticed that he mightrepel the blood. The repeated attacks exposed the core. Trevor got chased by the worms. He threw holy water. That wasn’t enough. The Soul saint granted a slight advantage. Christianflailedwith the whip. Hereleased the Soul bat. The energy blast pierced the skull formation. Legion unleashed the worms. Trevor made a back-flip. The demon was the one who were many. Christian shuddered. The core was bleeding. Trevor licked his lips. He blinked,though this was hardly the time. The big worms where crawling all over the place. Christianhurled the rebound stone into the air. He held on for as long he could. The diamond kept rebounding. The poison worms got defeated. Trevor reached his hand. The crystal thenreappearedwithin his grasp. The Legion continued the slow rotation. Christianmoved along. He spotted the formation. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the Holy Ghost!” Trevorescaped the blood. Hethen summoned the light. Christian threw the holy flame into the core. The voices screamed. Trevor revealed the crucifix. “Let it be!” Christian proclaimed. He was just a boy. Treverhad decided that he would hunt the night. Legion burnedfrom the inside. The skeleton shield was broken. Trevor crossed himself. The remains also burned. The mystic orb remained. Christian almost expected Nuculids to hatch from the ball. That didn’t happen. Trevor relaxed. He went to pick the ball. The flash made him to blink. Christian was blind. The light subsided. The hunter exhaled. He got restored. Trevor brushedthrough his red hair. He needed a shower. That had to wait. Christian pulled off his backpack. Were had he put it? Trevor then finally produced the contract. “How may I be of service?” Renon tipped his hat. The salesman looked like he did in the forest. “You might help me with the clothing.” Christian beheld his outfit. “As you like it.” Renon opened the suitcase. He kept the jacket. Renon provided with the green tunic and grey trousers. Trevor then stepped into the boots. “How much do I owe you?” He asked. Renon closed the briefcase. “That is 40 gold pieces.” Christian reached into the purse. He gave him the money. Trevor got some coins left to trade. He disliked to deal with this figure. Trevor knew about Reinhardt’s warning. Carrie was right not to trust him. “Is there anything else for tonight?” He dismissed. The salesman bowed. “You only have to unfold the contract.” Renon tipped his hat. Then he suddenly disappeared. Christian made the sign of the cross. He was right to climb up here. Trevor went to inspect the instruments. He managed to restore the lighthouse. “Glory be You.” Christian might inhale. “Our Father in Heaven.” He wished this might renew the hope of the people. Trevor prayed it would be that way. The inhabitants knew how to live with the threat of the vampire. This might be of some help. Christian went about. Hefound no candles. Trevor used the crystals when fighting Legion. Trevor sighed. That would rest with the Lord. He found the elevator. Christian frowned. If only he could bring it up here. A sort of bottle or container got thrown on the floor. The whirlwind made havoc of the place. Trevor managed to hold onto the fence. The lamp remained in place. The storm subsided. Christian ran forward. He picked the bottle. Trevor put it into his backpack. The knight came from inside the tower. They spread to fire. He repelled the attack. The crest of the dragon marked their uniform. The red knights fired. Christian threw himself down. He cracked with the chain-whip. The fox staggered. Trevor felt so tired. He made the sign of the cross. They were monsters. The undead blocked with his shield. Christian threw himself sideways. He flailed with the whip. The female vampire releasedthe bats. Theyflew to take him. Trevor brandishedwith the chain-whip. He defeated the swarm. The fox trusted his sword. Christian presented the crucifix. Theykept in place. Her brother released the steam. Trevor felt like getting boiled. He fell to his knees. The female retrieved him. Christian caught his breath. The lady was fear, as fear as could be, with a great curly blonde hair. “Whore of Lucifer.” His voice sounded strange. Trevor felt like drowning within the huge emerald green eyes. “That is correct.” She teased. “I am a whore.” The female giggled. “Tonight, I might be your slave.” She let her hands down the curves. “I promise you.” The lady’s eyes burned green with the fires of Hell. “Welcome.” The female licked her lips. “To the pleasure of the flesh.” She smiled to expose her fangs. Christian screamed when she buriedthemwithinhis neck. He got excited. Trevorsighed with ecstasy. He experienced her climax. “For blood is the life.” She then tore at the vain. The knights laughed by his misery. The elevator gave a chirp. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord.” The doors got opened. He heard the other footsteps approach. Christianthen collapsed. He wouldnot surrender. Trevor would break Dracula’s curse. He fell into a coma. Then Christian lost his hold. Everything went black. Trevor would fight, though that was too late. He knew no more.

The girl cried. That didn’t stop them. Noriko blasted the monsters with fireballs. Iori hurled bones into the air. He absorbed the vampire soul. Noriko let him take it. She ran toward her fallen friend. Christian was breathing heavily. He looked more ruby then usual. “He got bitten by a vampire.” Terra said. The girlwent pale. She knew what that ment. “I can’t handle it.” The nun looked sad. “We must take him to the church.” Iori spoke with great seriousness. Terra relaxed. “I shall carry him.” She afforded. Noriko shook her head. “You can’t do that.” She said. Theyachieved the strength of many men. Norikomusttake him. “You have to read the map and compass.” Terra made the sign of the cross. “Alright.” They returned to the box. Iori touched the controls. They went down into the cellar. When they arrived, Noriko wentfor the hidden door. They found it after defeating the robots. Terra was certain it led to the cave. The shaman hoped she was right. The boy closed the gate. “This is the Aljiba lower road.” Terra explained. “It was carved long ago by the people of Warakiya.” She checked the map.The nun inspected the compass. “We have to turn to the east.” She told. Noriko bit her lip. Sheled the way. Christian must survive. He got to, without changing his nature.

Aljiba lower road, Warakiya. The 14th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The nun inspected the map. The compass told the truth. Terra finally had found the way east. That was good news. Noriko carried Christian on her shoulders. She held the lamp. Terra gave the sign. She was ready. Iori went ahead. He told them to be quiet. The monsters might hear their voices. Terra had no doubt about it. They got to move. Iori released tripled fireballs. The bats got banished. He held up his hand. That was the sign for them to stop. Iori revealed the spike bed. Terra made the sign of the cross. The traps were dangerous. The bones exploded. Iori went above. He struck the skeleton. The undead hurt him. Iori fell before them. He finished off with another fireball. The third monster got a chokehold. The fight transpired without a sound. Terra got above. She struck through the spine. The skeleton fell into a heap. Iori got that expression. The girl landed beside them. The sound of dripping water was whatshe heard. Terra crushed the spider underfoot. They continued. She inspected the compass. They had to alter course. Terra checked the map. She marked another opening. The boy got ahead. They followed. He showed them another spike trap. Terra figured. They went above. The bats attacked. She reached on top. They wouldn’t take him. Terra would fight to the end.

The shaman wasn’t afraid ofthe monsters. They were no match to her. Noriko kept hislamp tied to her belt. Christian was quiet. He never stirred or muttered. She went over the edge. Noriko would sacrifice to the Kamies. She absorbed the souls. Theygave even more power. She shot fireballs at the skeleton. The bone-man burst into pieces. She wondered how long they remained downstairs. The sound of the dripping water was what disturbed the silence. The bat came for her blood. Noriko released the feathers. She got the soul. Christian was greaterthan her. That was no problems. Noriko got right about her statement. He showed her how to reach upon the moving platform. Noriko dislike the situation. She didn’t figure about the mechanism. They reachedbeyond the spike bed. Noriko couldn’t relaxuntil it was over. They continued. Terra led the way. The girl noticed about the candles. She didn’t knock them. Noriko trusted her knife. The spiders were climbing on the net. She had to be more careful. The monsters might inflict a poisoned state. Noriko then shrieked her anger. They reached the dead end. The boy muttered about that. Then Terra approached. She put away the map and compass to push against the bricks. That was another passage. “Follow me.” The nun invited.

Lighthouse, Warakiya. The 14th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The floor was a shamble. The rocks and debrisgot spread everywhere throughout the place. St. Germain got no problem by finding his way. He could not change anything. He was only a wanderer, a guest in time,although the poltergeist king might preserve. Germain came here for a reason. Ah, there he was. He removed the garbage that obscured his body. St. Germain beheld the merchant. George had become a vampire hunter. He put a hand upon his forehead. The salesman accepted his destiny. There was no evil here. “Rest well.” He murmured. Germainwas a guide to the people. Brave men and good women might challenge the night. He sighed. One day, they might accept the truth. They held the key to their own redemption. They had to make their own decision about what weather they should have. St. Germain could only give them solitude. He held up his body. He went through. George should be recognised by his relatives. The saintmade it his business that the past heroes should not be forgotten. That was the truth. Hector showed him the importance in 1499. Theyshould be remembered. St. Germain then reached his destination. He relaxed. His quest was complete. The poltergeist king didn’t walk in vain. “The name of the forgotten victims.” They had to remember.

St. Maria’s church,town of Jova. The 15th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The priest spent the night in the church. Martha went to sleep. Most of the people wouldn’t leave their homes when after sunset. The zombies marched the streets at night. Michael and William led the fight. The priestprayed for that the dead might be put to rest. He was wrong. The priest knelt before the alter. He was wrong. Jeremiah dipped his finger in the holy water. He made the sign of the cross. The red lamp burnedupon the alter. The body was preserved. Jeremiahthen noticed the rumble. The sound came from the crypt. The old man was ready. The graves were secured. Not even the Dark Lord might disturb their resting-place. Father Jeremiah would have to investigate. He picked the candelabra. Before he entered, the people climbed the steps. Sister Theresa led the procession. The girl came behind. She carried the vampire hunter upon her back. That was incredible. Then he left it in the hands of the Lord. Terra knelt. “You have to help us.” Noriko was pleading. ”He was bitten by a vampire.” Father Jeremiah made the sign of the cross. There was hope. The boy might still enter the house of God. The priest could restore him. “Come.” He said. “Place him before the alter.” They did as he told. Father Jeremiah prepared for the rite. He wouldn’t fail. Not this time.

(A.N: I hope you liked this chapter. Many things happened. I wished to tell about the Legion (Corpse). That demon have never reappeared. Harmony of Dissonance do have some interesting details. Have a nice time.)