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Castlevania: Darkness Never Dies


Part 1: Curse of Blood

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Part 2: Legacy of Sorrow

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Part 1: Curse of Blood.

“” So little faith you have.“”

 Mathew: 8. 26.

Chapter 6: Revenge.

Lookout tower, fortress Aliba. The 19th. Of December 2098 A.D.

Blade struck against blade. Ludwig Von Bork and August Sharpy were fencing. The moonlight was reflected upon his sword. His down pulled black boots went above the floor. August blocked his assault. Neither his white nor Sharpy’s red hair went wet with sweat. The cold wind blew about the tower. Erica Reinback was watching. His bare upper body showed where he was struck. Von Bork inherited the title of baron. He twirled about. Sharpy was a fencer. Though, he was greater in skill. Ludvig Von Bork would train with him to sharpen his edge. The boyar was strong as a vampire. The duke expected the barons to be better fencers, thus the sword master demanded. He was hurt. The status healed his wounds. A scar remained. Sharpy withdrew. Erica came forth. She gave each a blood-filled champagne glass. Her liquid was hot. The sacrifice was held at bay. Kirke had been chosen to serve. The nymph got such a flavour. She deserved this for letting the women escape. Kirke should have taken everything. Then things would be different. Sharpy gave his salute. He was ready. The fresh blood healed even the scars. He threw the glass on the floor. That was the count’s habit. He raisedthe blade. His training might continue. “Yes, my lord.” Sharpy then bowed before him.

“Nation of fools”, town of Aliba. The 19th of December 2098 A.D.

The girlfriends sat on the rooftop. “The main dish has arrived.” They giggled together. The circleused to gather when the door went up. Sometime it would be just some messenger from the town. Laura looked for the players. Three of them had entered. She kept giggling behind her hand. The sister pulled through her blonde hair. She whispered in her ear. Another of the sister then licked her lips and fangs. Laura was their name. She was Dracula’s bride and Carmilla’s price. Laura was proud, although she never met any of them. “Then let us see what they can do.” The sister whispered. “Then it is our turn.”Laura gasped. Then she laughed.

The priestunsheathed his blade. A fire seemed to have raged through the park. The attractions looked black and crumbled. Marina shook her blonde hair. She got the crossbow. “Blasted!” Thomas fired. The crow fell from the sky. Julius acknowledged. The birds were dangerous. They had to find the guardian. Then they might escape. Julius wondered about that. He didn’t trust the undead. Although the rules could never be broken. “Wait here.” He told. “There is something I have to do.” Marina and Thomas exchanged glances. “Alright.” The dark-breed shrugged. “You do what you want.” Marina touched the whip-sword. They kept guard while he went to the bar. The snow cracked beneath. Julius frowned. This was strange. The paper had to be at least some three years old. That was not important right now. He put some coins upon the desk. Thomas shook his head. The priest sat on thebench. He had to figure this out. “Why do your reed that thing?” Marina asked. “I know.” Thomas told. He became serious. “He might have a look on the weather forecast.” Marina laughed. “Oh, that was clever.” Julius sighed. “That was fun.” He then made the sign of the cross. “I try to get some information.” Julius turned the pages. He felt on edge. The paper looked like it left the press. How could that be? “Sorry.” Thomas said. “I just couldn’t resist.” Julius stopped reading about the return of the king. “The Warakiyan news giver was my father’s favourite journal.” Julius changed the subject. “It went with the ice.” Julius didn’t listen. “Come.” He said. “You must know.” Thomas began to reed. Then, when he finished the text, he looked white as snow. “What is it? What is wrong?” Marina asked. The dark-breed threw the paper into a trash can. “The park got closed in 2075.” Thomas told. “They closed it after a series of bizarre murders.” The naiad looked unsure. “That was the year when Soma died.” Julius touched the crucifix. “The year before the order of shadow made an attempt to awake the undead.” Marina finally realized. “There was a fire.” Julius looked about. He felt watched. “The paper told someone wished to purchase the estate in 2096.” Thomas shrugged. “If we ever return to Veros.” He remarked. “You must tell us about it.” Julius didn’t know the story. “Trevor has to tell.” He explained. “This is not my secret.”The group went quiet. Thomasthen aimedwith therifle. The priest inhaled. “Fire in the hall!” He got to tell her. The dark-breed fired. “God with us!” He cried. The bullets went home. “Mother of river!” The black birdsgot scattered about. Marina released with the crossbow. The bolt was made of silver. The target was not a bird. “What was that?” He asked. The nayad gave no answer.“We better get away from here.” Thomas was anxious. “Listen.” Julius made the sign of the cross. “I do.” He said. The lamps got illuminated. Before he might respond, the wires snapped. “Mother of river!” The electric explosion made havoc of the place. Marina hurled a wave of ice pellets. The electricity blasted the whole bunch. “God with us!” They rattled on sight. “Burn in Hell!” Thomas howled. The skeletons leaped from behind the buildings. “Let it be!” Julius then summoned his force. “This is it.” The Stellar sword burst into flame. “Hear the words of God!” The gauntlets became enflamed. Julius remained tall. The undead threw bones into the air. Julius threw the Shuriken. The star was burning. “Rest in peace.” The priest then made the sign of the cross. “That is right.” Thomas smirked while reloading the positron rifle. “Get down!” Marina brandished with the whip-sword. “They are coming!” The black crows roosted atop the amusement park. They went to might pick them apart. Julius felt cold. The birds got mad with blood thirst. He dismissed about the subject. The gauntlets kept burning. Julius inhaled before releasing the fireball. The orb chased and destroyed. “Have a bite.” Thomas hurled the garlic into the air. The skeleton exploded. “Carrie!” The wires twirled. That caused other eruptions. “May the Lord preserve us!” He didn’t think about Reinhardt’s companion. The art of telekinesis was not a female ability. Julius sighed. That happened in 1974. He made a glide. The skeletons tried to catch him. “Bloody bastards!” Thomas struggled to break free. “Let me go!” The dark-breed might tear the group apart. Julius went to support the nayad. “Dark ocean horizon.” She created the fountain. The water splashed. “You shall not take her.” Julius was calm. He crushed the vial. The holy water extinguished the flame. “Thank you.” She then exhaled. “You shall be blessed.” The priest had no rest. Julius got to find his brother. He left the issue. Julius made a back-flip. The wires channelled electricity. They hit the snow. The outburst was extraordinary. “Preserve us from the wicked One.” Julius made the sign of the cross. The priest felt chills down his spine. The bony hands pulled him away. Julius leaped. He consolidated the force. The skeleton lost hold. Julius inhaled. The priest stamped with the crucifix. “Rest in peace.” The distant scream pierced his mind. Julius had to shake it. That must be the ring-leader. The wires twisted about. Julius got a nasty feeling they tried to hang him. The American executioners used the electric chair. He shuddered. That was a long time ago. No one got the right to take a life. The priest had to gather. The other skeletons closed about. “God with us!” The angel sword shone bright in the night. “I don’t think so.” Thomas fired with the positron rifle. “Burn you bastards!” He followed up with the stake. That was not enough. Julius removed the head. The skeleton collapsed. “You are not alone.” Marina reappeared through the raindrops to hurl ice pellets. “You have to watch out.” She explained. “So it is.” Julius touched her cheek. The nayad blushed. That was cute. He sighed. The priest let go. “Forgive me.” They got to hunt. Though it might be over. “Quit the rite.” Thomas told. “We got work to do.” That was right. The wires got cut apart. “Let us go before more freaks arrive.” That might be too late. “Preserve us!” The chase had begun.

The ice cream cart was driven by a skeleton. Thomas ran. The opening burst as something jumped from within. The skeleton threw bones into the air. Thomas countered with garlic. The onion exploded. Marina fired. The bone-man got shot to pieces. “Wait!” Julius shouted. “The crows! He got cut short. Thomas looked up. He was right. The birds attacked. He cursed. Marina advanced. She struck with the whip-sword. Another skeleton jumped from within the cart. Thomas nailed with stakes. He knocked the candles. Thomas picked the gauntlets. He channelled through the item. Another skeleton leaped from the cart. Thomas attacked with his arms on fire. He tore the skeleton apart. Whisp was furious. He shot five globes. The enflamed, the freezing, the electric, the sonic and the poison shots made havoc of the place. The crows scratched him. Whisp howled. Then another cart came driving. This one was selling hotdogs. Thomas wasn’t fooled. He aimed for the skeleton. The bullet went through the skull. The cart crashed. The top hat flew off. The skeletons jumped out. He threw the stake. The bag collapsed. Thomas ran to fetch the crystals. They became turned into rounds of ammunition. Other skeletons came out. Thomas fired. They had to keep together.

The hunter touched her lit chandelier symbol. Anna was ahead. The dancing girl didn’t seem oppressed by their surroundings. The park got burned. “We must find them.” Anna’s voice broke the silence. Ruth pulled the axe. “I know that.” She didn’t like this place. “There has been a fight.” Anna got her swordsin hand. She had a second look. Anna was right. She must pick together. Ruth still felt slightly dazed after fighting the wall. She went to the bar. “Wait for a moment.” She said. Ruth was thirsty. “I need a drink.” Anna frowned. “Are you sure?” She asked. “This is hardly the time.” Ruth didn’t listen. The counter was untouched by fire. Ruth brushed the papers aside. Someone put coins on the table. Shetook the lot. “They might have been here.” Anna played with her jewelleries. She shook her head. There should be olives in the goblet. There wereplenty of bottles inside. They were empty. Ruth sighed. She fancied a bartender behind. She imagined how he would reach for a glass while saying; “The same as usual, miss?” Ruth blinked. There he was. She smiled. “A glass of white wine would be nice.” She told. ”Shall be.” He went to fill a glass. “That would be three coins, miss.” Ruth gave the money. “Cheers.” She toasted. “For victory.” The barman beheld her expectantly.

The dancing girl grasped her by the wrist. “No.” She said. “Do not drink that.” Ruth looked mystified. Then she broke free. “Indeed miss.” The tender said. “You have nothing to fear.” Anna wasn’t fooled. Before the glass might reach her lips, she tore it away. “Not in Heaven.” She said. “Nor for Hell.” She threw the glass down. It was broken. “Anna!” Ruth protested. She made no reply. The wine hissed like boiling acid. The snow was melting. “Christ.” She breathed. Ruth looked down at the acid. Then she whirled on the bartender. “You!” She shouted. “You tried to corrupt me!” The tender smiled. He had changed. The bartender looked like something thatgot pulled from the grave. Anna was disgusted. “Happy hour!” The voice was grotesque. He sent a cocktail along the counter. The ugly green liquid burstupon impact. The second drink was served. The black liquid gave forth with an evil aura. They dodged. The bartender laughed while pouring drinks. Anna dodged. The hunter nailed him against the wall. She missed the heart. The zombie got free. She began to dance. The bartender got interested. “The bell tolls for you.” She muttered. Anna blasted him into oblivion. The fireballs made the backwall to collapse. Ruth went to fetch her knives when the second bartender approached.

The soda van came from behind. Marina threw the ice pellets. The priest got to defeat the skeletons. She moved like the rain. “Watch out!” The angry birds tried to air bomb her. Marina brandished with the whip-sword. The men got the upper hand. She stopped beside the gift shop. They got to find the guardian. Her eyes went through the assortment. Marina prepared the crossbow. She really got caught by the collection. They looked like mere dolls. Marina then shook her head. She was about to join the fight when they began to levitate. There was a foul chill in the air. Marina got behind to fire. The evil doll got impaled. That was not the end. The collection dashed for her. They got bright burning eyes. Marina brandished with the whip-sword. That wasn’t enough. “Chuck.” Thomas approached. “Release her.” He got the shotgun. Marina destroyed the evil doll. “Look out!” She called. The dark-breed almost shot her. Thomas snarled with frustration. The toys went his way. Marina created the fountain. The sub-zero temperatures froze the objects. “Mother of river!” She struck them to pieces. They got sharp nails. Thomas was in trouble. He attacked with the arms on fire. They got burned. Julius brought a prisoner. She replaced the bolt.

The crypt, fortress Aliba. The 19th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The Geisha felt baffled. How could this be? Her coffin had been removed from the Berkeley mansion. “The Master used me.” Yuko breathed. She felt certain death. Not anymore. She might still be useful. “I guess.” Bronze shrugged. The black sister wore a white shroud. Yuko thought she looked magnificent in those robes. Like Lucy Westenra before the funeral. Thatwas an undead tradition. Their uniforms were put aside for service. Yuko picked on her Kimono. She kept the bat pin. That was a gift. The circle was out hunting. They were alone. Yuko licked her lips. Her kin reacted upon the attitude. She brushed her aside. “Not now.” She said. “I want fresh blood tonight.” Yuko bowed. She felt disappointed. Bronze had promised they would get to know each other. Bronze morphed into a bat. She flapped from the crypt. Yuko wished to go after her. That she wouldn’t do. She knew a reproach on sight. Yuko returned to her coffin. She would rest and replenish her power. Then Yuko could hunt. The Geishausedthe blood to flourish. The coffin was close. Yuko lay in darkness. The tomb got filled with the earth of her homeland. This would restore her force. Thus, Yuko would serve the Dark Lord. This could be entertaining. The Geisha mused. Then she closed her eyes.

“Nation of fools”, town of Aliba. The 19th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The priest held her tight. She struggled to get free. The girl couldn’t morph or shape-shift. Juliussanctified the bread. The body of Christ was a part of the communion. “She must be stamped out.” Thomas growled. The priest shook his head. “I can’t do that.” Her eyes lit up. Julius felt Disgusted. “Not like this.” He needed her answers. She was going to tell them. “Please.” She pleaded. “Have mercy. Donot kill me.” Her voice was sweet. “There is enough for everyone.” Though that was the crisp sound of water glasses played by a cunning hand. The dark-breedbared his teeth. Julius made the sign of the cross. “Be quiet.” Marina told. “None of us are interested.” The nayadfolded her arms. “you have to tell us about the park.” The vampire fought to get free. “Never!” She screamed. “I will not betray lord Dracula.” Julius held onto the Host. “The Dark Lord is defeated.” He said. “No one came to the castle.”Her eyes glittered with hate. “You are to tell us.” Thomas demanded. “Even though I wander beneath the shadow of the valley of death.” Julius proclaimed. Her light skin turned grey. “Nosferatu.” The word was a curse. “Stop.” She pleaded. “I shall talk.” She bent her knees. The whiteshroud fell around her body. Laura then closed her eyes. The fires burned out. Julius didn’t trust her. Someone must have loved her. That was a long time ago. “Okay then.” The dark-breed got impatience. “What are you waiting for?” Laura still kept her eyes closed. “The amusement park was built upon cursed earth.” She licked her lips. “Or so I was told.” Julius frowned. He should have known. “I am young.” Laura said. That much was obvious. He mentally kicked himself. The undead showed no trace of age. “The blood sacrifice opened the Nightmare gate.” Julius sighed. That would be the series of bizarre murders. “The park was burned. His portrait lost.” Julius went grim. No one was supposed to know about that. “Where is the guardian?” Thomas requested. He held the spear in both hands. Laura made no answer. She pulled at his jacket. “Chaos affected the park. Those who goteyes mightsee.” Marina looked about. They left the entrance behind. The ruined attractions obscuredthe view. “Where is the guardian?” Thomas picked her by the neck. Laura snarled. “I do not know that!” She spat. “Lycan scum! Release me!” Thomas didn’t. He tightened the grip. “We both know your neck will break.” The dark-breed said. His voice cold as winter’s heart. “That you wouldn’t like.” Julius couldn’t let this happen. “Do it.” He said. “Let her go.” Thomas shrugged. She fell like a rug. Laura touched his foot. “Thank you.” She whispered. “I shall serve you.” Julius remained quiet. Hedidn’t trust her. Though Thomas shouldn’t act like this. He picked her up. “I don’t know where he is.” Laura gasped. “You need the map.” Marina created an ice pellet. “Then tell us the truth.” She said. “I am, you whore.” Laura hissed. “They managed to save some attractions. The info material was stored inside the cinema.” They exchanged glances. “Show me.” Julius told. Laura held her hands up in protection. “Behind you!” Thomas told. “Dark ocean world!” Marina screamed. The ectoplasm poured from the windows like an ugly slime. The naiad struck with the whip-sword. The faces moaned when liberated. “Be careful!” Julius presented the Host. “They might curse you!” Marina withdrew while splashingwith the water. The apparitions where not affected. “Domine Arde!” He gave the wafer to his friend. “Alright.” The dark-breed put it in his purse. Julius struck with the angel sword. The golden blowreleased them. The ectoplasm then sighed with relief. They were so huge. Julius threw the shuriken. His spirit was illuminated. The gold weapon tore the ectoplasm apart. Laura began to levitate. Julius watched while she Morphed into a bat. They had no time.She would tell about them. Thomas fired a few shots. The bullets went through. He cursed. Marina struck with the whip sword. The blade got the power to protect against the invisible. The crows had noticed. Thomas reloaded with silver. The priest manageda back-flip. Julius presented the Stellar sword. He gatheredthe force. Julius was a blood descendant of Maxim Kishine. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the Holy Ghost!” The mass illusion removed the phenomena. The entire ectoplasm exploded. Julius staggered away. He drew sweatfromthe brow. The secret arts cost him much energy. He knew that sound. “Gentlemen, start your engines.” Thomas got rid of the black birds. “Julius!” He shouted. “There is an ice cream cart coming this way!” Julius managed to gather. The breather was short. “There is the soda cart too.” Marina warned. “I know.” He made the sign of the cross. The cart came around the corner. Thomas then releasedthe bursts of energy. He ran down the street. The ice cream cart was almost upon them. Marina went the other way. The priest was left alone before the attraction. The evil dolls where kept in boxes. Julius threw thevials into the air. He wasn’t quick enough. The red burning eyes were fixed upon him. They came in a group. “Then this is the will of the Lord.” Julius said. He threw the daggers. “That blessed are those who believe without seeing.” He raised the blade. Julius made another sign of the cross. “My bloodline shall hunt the night.” He repeated the oath. Though the priest could never be like his great ancestor Leon Belmont, he would fight. The dolls circled about. Julius got ready. He threw another vial at them. The holy flame burned upon the snow. “Preserve us from the wicked One!” He shouted. “Let be Your will!” Julius held the weapon in both hands. “Blesses is he who comes in the name of the Lord.” The Stellar sword burned like the sun in the forest. The evil dolls got cut to pieces. Julius cringed. He might hear their distant cry. That was horrible. Julius inhaled. He felt chills down the spine. The carts came rolling. He kept on to the sword. The wirings fell down. They channelled electricity. He braced himself. Julius released the sword storm. He then ran to keep up with the others.

The dark-breed struck the ice cream cart with garlic. The mini-van crashed. The skeleton jumped out. Thomas howled his challenge. The skeleton threw bones. He snarled. That didn’t feelnice on impact. Thomas nailed with stakes. The freak collapse. The smile never reached his eyes. The top hat got pulled away. Other skeletons jumped from inside. Thomas snarled. He withdrew while blasting. The dark-breed force tore them apart. The bags kept coming. Thomas got the cross. He released with a flurry of flames. The bone-crew got fried. He cried in triumph. Thomas picked the crystals. He got some new ammunition. He put it on his belt. Thomas sniffed the air. The scent of sulphur made his hair to stand on end. Julius was fighting.That was impressive. Thomas ran away to find his friend. He didn’t have to go far. The priest was besieged by a strange demon. She got dressed up like a sort of acrobat. That wasn’t funny. They flouted in the air. Thomas dashed. The puppets kept him at a distance. Copelia licked her lips. She tried to nail with the twin daggers. Julius forced herbehind. Marinagot chased by the skeletons. “Curse you!” Thomas smashed the evil doll. “I hate you.” His arms were on fire.The dark-breed howled the challenge. Thomas would destroy the lot.

The hunter hid behind the trash can. The street was littered with garbage. The killer clown was an undead maniac. They barely defeated the bartender. Ruth was frightened. The madman turned his head from left to right. The yellow lace collard was like a frame around his neck. “Come out! Come out!” He teased. “Let us roll the dice.” He giggled. That wasn’t funny. Ruth bit together. She touched the chandelier symbol. The dancing girl released a sudden meteor. He made a summersault. “Trick or threat!” The clown shouted. “Then I show my hand!” He laughed. The cards where like knives. She hoped that Anna got out of reach. She gathered her force. The Belmont blood made it possible. She performed a high jump. Ruth landed before the madman. She nailed with her dagger. The dead clown staggered away. Then he smiled. “Have you ever heard of the healing power of laugh?” The grim never left his face. The bomb was shaped like a Jack-o-lantern. She barely sidestepped. The black smoke obscured the street. “I have a trump. Let me show you!” The four swords went her way. Ruth ducked underneath. The clown shrieked. Anna had struck with the fireball. The wicked smile reappeared. “Let us play!” He shouted. The evil dolls had arrived. The clown kept laughing.

The dancing girl licked her lips. Annamoved to throw magic. The dolls were quick and agile. She wasn’t without skill. Anna discovered the dance gave an edge. She was able to track them. “Watch out!” The undead madman was hurling four swords. The fireballs shot them into oblivion. That gave no comfort. The swords returned to their master. “Trick or threat!” The energy blast exploded. Anna survived. She moved in time. “Nice try!” He called. “Let me show you!” The ring was of fire. Anna somehow got through. “Good!” The killer clown congratulated. He carried yellow gloves. Anna gasped. He got rings on each finger. The gems were carved like the four card symbols. Ruth swung with the axe. She slashed through his upper body. The mad clown restored himself. Before she might strike a second time, the clown took her. Anna touched the crucifix. The undead got the strength of twenty men. She made a sudden spin. Before he might bite her, Anna stamped him. The undead entertainer was put on fire. Ruth was forced to drop the axe. She jabbed the knife through his undead heart. She got away. Ruth bent to pick her weapon. The killer clown turned upon her. “Preserve us!” Anna cut from left to right. He exploded. She sighed. The fight was finally over.

The nayad conquered the skeletons. The ice shards shot from between her fingertips. “Trick or treat!” The clown leaped from atop the attraction. His green hair was tied behind in the traditional fashion. “Dark ocean world.” Marina created the fountain. The blood-shot red eyes were crazy. His natural paler shone through the blood and snow makeup. He got splashed. That left no stain upon the tight silk coat. “Sorry girl.”” The blast sent her sprawling. His bells jingled by the crisp air. The clown kicked with a pointed boot. Marina lost her balance. “How funny.” He giggled the laugh of a maniac. “I see no future in the cards.” The madman caught her by the shoulders. “Let me have a drink.” The red lips parted to reveal his fangs. Marina shrieked. She would not be turned. The nayad would become his slave. The necromancer sent her species into battle. Marina released the javelin right against his chest. The clown got thrown sky-high. Thomas created the cross-shaped blast. He got chased by those evil dolls. The maniac somehow managed to block. “I have a trump on my hand.” He laughed. The killer clown carried four swords. He kept the sheets together with the card-symbol pin. Marina retrieved the crossbow. The clown was mad. She would plant a silver bolt through that pin.

Town of Aliba, Warakiya. The 19th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The dark wanderer was aware. He found his track. The black rider inhaled. He smelt their living blood. The vampire hunter was here. He went through the streets of society. The undead let him pass. The inhabitants fled the street. Their doors and windows where closed against the evil in the night. Let them crawl. He knew the pray was not in there. They could not enter. Not without an invitation. Such it was with the evil things. He had been told that humans, in their brief authority, might keep out even the Heaven. There was that scent again. The rider shrieked. He both hated and lusted for blood. That would flow through his hands. He spoke the tongue of the shapeless. They worshipped the count. The wraith was forsaken. “Why are you here?” A girl sat on the base of a pillar. The wanderer stopped. “Begone.” He hissed. They were at the fortress. “Do not get between me and my pray.” The nymph giggled. “You want me.” She sat with her legs crossed. The nymph got her arms behind her neck. “Hear the master’s voice.” He approached. She moaned with expectations. The dark wanderer revealed his weapon. The knife was illuminated. “They walk by night.” She kept giggling. “For blood is the life.” The rider suddenly bent. When he left, her heart beat no more.

After the kill, a girl sneaked out from the shadows. She bent down over the corpse. The body was already turning cold. The child revealed her fangs. She drank the blood of the dead. The front of her dress got stained with crimson. She smiled and licked her lips. That was delicious. She shuddered with ecstasy. The child got up. She could not remain here. The vampire hunter might come for her. She became afraid. Her eyes burned red. Someone was searching for her. She knew. The girl fled away. She would not let anyone take her. Not ever again. The girl would preserve her resting place. “The dark force rising.” She felt the force building.

“Nation of fools”, town of Aliba. The 19th. Of December 2098 A.D.

This really could be a fun game. The new players then entered the scene. Laura was excited. Her sister should not reveal herself. Theyjoined together. The sisters liked a good show. Though, nothing could last. Lord Zabach was their groom. He brought them to this place. Laura pulled a hand through her girlfriend’s long hair. She got a kiss in her ear for reward. She put an arm around both sisters. “Darlings.” She cooed. Laura licked her lips. “The main dish has arrived.” The trio giggled. There was time to feast. This was what they waited for. The festival of servants. “Prepare for the sacrifice.” Laura breathed. She thirsted for blood.

The priest removed her head. Copelia died. The head rolled aside. The corpse burst into fire. “Glory be You, our Father in Heaven.” Juliusdeclared. The acrobat got shot from the cannon. Copelia fearlessly worked by the high wires. Shereally was incredible. Julius threw the axe. She dodged with much elegance. Copelia made nasty gestures. He leaped. Julius managed to cut the wire. She made a twirl and a summersault. Julius ducked. The knives almost hit him. She kept twirling through the air. His respect for Jonathan Morris grew. Copelia attacked with a series of spinning kicks. The priest doused her in holy water. She leaped high into the air. The ropes and wires marked the burned attraction. Julius lowered his head. The homing ball chased and destroyed. Copelia shrieked when falling down. The priest attacked. She hit him. Julius grunted. The acrobat got back up. He dropped the mystic book. Julius knew.His life was at stake. The acid fume got blasted straight into her oiled body. Copelia fell. “Amen.” The demon got banished from this world. Julius made the sign of the cross. He finally got time to look about. Thomas fought the evil dolls. The killer clown was toying with Marina. He summoned a great ball which made her tumble. He laughed by her misery. Julius reached for the shuriken. That was left by his ancestor. The throwing weapon cut through his back. The undead got thrown on his face. Julius also got another heirloom. He unsheathed the stellar sword. The clown already gathered. Another box got burst open. The sword lifted into the air. The clown giggled. The ruler sword made the other weapons attack. Thomas crushed the dolls. The killer clown made others to appear. Marina fired the crossbow. The vampire blocked with a burst of energy. He threw pumpkins at them. The Jack-o-lanterns contained an ugly yellow glow. “Bombs away!” The naiad threw herself flat on the ground. The bombs exploded. Julius used the laurels. That was close. “Watch my hand!” He laughed while hurling the cards. Julius got his own problems. The Ruler sword kept conjuring weapons. Thomas howled his challenge. The garlic gave an edge. The weapons got blasted. “Let us finish! Trump swords!” The clown hurled his four blades. Marina caught them in ice. Julius got through the Ruler sword. The flaming attack made it to burst. “Behold my collection.” Theevil dolls went for the heart. They were ready to kill. Julius doused them with holy water. He got cut by the cards.The clown sneakered. Marina fired. The bolt of silver went home. Julius struck with the sword. The snow got painted red. Neither of them reached the heart. “Let it roll!” The balls threw them off balance. Julius got up. The clown conjured his dolls. Thomas fired. Pieces of the clown’s head got shot away. Not even a vampire might handle. Not when the dark-breed used silver bullets. Marina pierced his heart. The clown burned. The collection still made things difficult. Hegot to pick the crystals. Marina created a fountain. They froze. She got chased by the weapons. Julius stamped with the crucifix. He couldn’t be sure, though it was like they moaned. Another blade appeared. The box was full with items. Thomas settled the matter.He just shot the thing to pieces. The priest dodged the weapons. His fireball searched and destroyed. The sword was fixed in the explosion. Marina finished the fight with some icicles. They beheld each other while breathing. Thomas shrugged. He began to reload his rifle. Julius sighed. He used the laurels to heal them. “Thanks.” Marina inhaled. He acknowledged. Marina got wounded. The priest knocked the candles. Julius touched the crucifix. “Alright.” Thomas spoke. “Do you know what the cinema looks like?” He bent to retrive the spear. “I don’t know.” Marina excused. “This is my first trip abroad.” Julius had realized. “Tell me.” He joked. The naiad shrugged. “Cut it out.” Thomas barked. “She told us where to look.” He muttered. “If you believe in any of her rubbish.” Julius sighed. He did. Laura told things only the Belmont clan should know. “I visited one.” He told. “Then I was very young.” It was before he and his father went to Warakiya. Though he was only 12 years old, Julius never forgot. “Show us.” Thomas suggested. He dismissed. “I will.” Julius promised. He made a high jump. The priest continued until he reachedatop the roof. “Be careful!” Marina shouted. “That thing is rotten!” “I will be careful!” He called back. Julius had a look around. He wondered how this placemight be when the park was open. “There are some huge buildings!” He told. “One of them has to be the cinema!” His eyes fell upon a sort of domed building. It somehow reminded about the Coliseum in Rome. Julius crossed himself. That got to be it. His father laughed when he asked. He told the cinema really was nothing then a heated box. “I think I found it!” Julius tried to make out about the details. That was difficult. “Come down!” Thomas shouted. “You shouldn’t be up there!” Juliusdiscovered. The thing was unstable. He lept down just as the ruin began to crumble. When he landed, the attraction did as well. “I hope this was worth wile.” Marina said. The dark-breedshrugged. Julius survived the catastrophe. “We might still get through.” He assured. Marina went closer. There was a small strip of land which led through. “Let us try.” She said. Julius agreed. “We have to go in single file.” Thomas remarked. The priestunsheathed his sword. “Letme go first.” He said. “Marina might follow.” Thomas kept looking round. “This place doesn’t smell right.” He muttered. “Get going.” Julius would. He made the sign of the cross. The priestentered the rampage. Thomas was right. The stench was awful. “I think the sewers mightbe open.” Marina followed him through. Hesighed. Julius stopped. The manhole cover got broken. “Wait.” He told. Julius prepared to jump. The rats made him to think otherwise. Where was the cat when you need it? He dismissed the matter. Maria was dead for 300 years. Julius then bent in front. Hewould make them to burn, if so, be it.

The dark-breed didn’t get it. What kept them up? Marina came back. She dusted off her tunic. “There are rats in there.” She told. Thomas snarled. “Wait here.” He said. Thomas pushed her aside while he entered the passage. The priest was in a croutched position. He stamped the rats as soon they came. The problem was that they kept coming. Thomas got an idea. “Get away from there.” Julius gave him a look, although he moved. Thomas made a circle of the Host before the manhole. The rats disappeared. “The Lord is with us.” The priest made the sign of the cross. Thomas shrugged. He tapped his shoulder. “It is alright!” He called. Marina reappeared. The birds also heard him. The crows attacked. He fired with the rifle. The nayad splashed about. The Ruler sword made the weapons attack. The liquid froze on impact. Julius made a meteor to chase and destroy. He smashed the second sword. Thomas howled. The priest reached above the manhole. Marina went along. He remained. Thomas shot the sword down. A fourth weapon advanced. Julius made it to rain with holy water. The birds got burned into ashes. Thomas fired onefinal bullet before he followed. They escaped thewreckage. The street lay ahead. The placelooked normal. Thomas hoped they were still on the right track.

The hunter slashed with the axe. They entered the labyrinth. Ruth was unsure if they would ever escape. She threw the knives forward. Anna was ahead. She danced for the skeletons. The beasts hid inside a soda cart. The sonic rings tore them to shreds. Ruth hid her ears, although she didn’t hear anything. TheGypsy chased the group. Ruth followed. The fireball hit the ground. Who was shooting? The music began playing. The merry go-around was moving. There was a sort of “head” above the attraction, though it wasn’t that who fired. The jolly tunes couldn’t hide the fact that something was wrong. This was child’s play. The birds and beasts where still turning round. “I don’t think that is paint at all.” Anna’s voice was like that of a dream. Ruth shuddered. Someone got killed. The lion breathed another fireball. The girls went in opposite directions. This was madness. Never the less, the horse fired a sort of beam. The 13 seats wereturning awry. Ruth hurled axes at them. The beasts didn’t break. Anna had to leap. She fired toward the head. The nasty thing screamed like it was alive. Ruth blinked. She fetched her weapon. “It is like the puppet master.” She mused. Ruth shook it off. The bird released multiple smaller projectiles. Ruth gathered. This was no game. She dodged.

She smashed the Devil’s toys. The merry go-around brought plenty. Anna run in while the seats were busy with Ruth. The dancing girl was able to strike with both swords. She removed the heads. Anna might look like a present for men to open. That was a mistake. She was a vampire hunter. The go-around turned their attention. Anna might dance the night away. Her friend threw enflamed axes. The girl got taken from behind. Anna fell into soft arms. “The time has come for you to join us.” She got kissed by hot lips, or so it felt. Anna moaned. The hands caressedher soft belly. The bra and loincloth left her exposed. Anna picked together. She trusted the knee. Laura hissed. She held on. Laura would heal in time. She wished that Ruth could help. That was unlikely. The hunter was busy cracking the heads. She forced around to face her. Laura tried to lock gazes. Anna wasn’t stupid. She would not go back into the prison. Laura licked her lips. “You know you cannot resist.” She cooed. “I promise you will enjoy our time together.” Anna felt dazed. She held her by the wrists. Laura smiled. She shuddered. The fangs were exposed. Anna closed her eyes. She began to dance. Laura laughed until Anna released the magic into her body. She got no choice. Anna had to fight.

The nayad followed her friends, although she disliked this place. The streets looked alright. Marina beheld the attraction. That looked like a small outdoor music hall. The men returned. “What is it?” Julius asked. He looked concerned. Marina tore her eyes away from the stain. The seats were red. Then she finally realized the truth. “They must be murdered.” Marina whispered. The dark-breed cursed. Julius remained quiet. The alley went down to the stage. She hid her mouth. The shot holes told the assassins came from behind. They tried to kill the musicians. “This is the work of a madman.” Thomas wiped his face. The figure left his seat. Julius approached. He removed the skull. The skeleton collapsed. That was their signal. The group went atop the benches. Marina pulled behind. She fired with the crossbow. Marina then hung up to keep her hands free. She got hit by the bones. Marina was not a mermaid. She was unfamiliar with this treatment. Julius struck through the band. The blade was on fire. Thomas remained tall. He retained the true form. Their courage made her to gather. She went toward the undead. Lightning struck among the monsters. “Dark ocean world!” Marina cried. “Stay here.” Julius told. “I shall vanquish the Hellfire beast.” He then went for the stage.

Death tower, “Nation of fools”. The 19th. of December 2098 A.D.

The grim reaper bent upon the floor. He seemed to be at peace. “Then who do thy serve.” That was no question. “Dracula!” The figure bellowed. “Thy donay dread. Thydo nayfear. Thoushall feast on candy.” His voice was a whisper in their mind. “Do as I say.” They left. The grim reaper was pleased. “Servant.” He then beckoned. The creature knelt. So, it should be. Death would lead in his absence. “They are here.” He already knew. “Laura will greet them.” He acknowledged. “Excellent.” The angelbreathed. “Tell them to bring me the dark-breed.” The servant licked his fangs. “As you wish.” He admitted. The grim reaper then released him. “It shall be done.” The creature spread his wings. He crushed the window. Theshriek sent echoes through the night. Death considered. He came for a reason. Lord Zabach tore the vail. He would be rewarded. “If that is what thy wish.” The angel left the issue. Death had to wait. So much were in the balance. They might still salvage something. After a downfall, and an Aria of sorrow, the Shadow would rise again. Such was the rule of law. Death had no choice. He would have to work with this limitation. “How do thou think to defeat us?” The Dark Lord would return. “When thou arth just a man.” The grim reaper breathed. “We arth forever.”

“Nation of fools”, town of Aliba. The 19th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The priest leaped above. Amdashes used his magic ring to createrising flames. Julius exhaled. The musician from Hell unleashed another bolt. “Preserve us from the wicked One!” Hescreamed. Julius was sure the wavy blast mightbe used for torture. That was their “music”. He dropped the issue. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” The Shuriken was made of gold. The Hellfire beast, as Alucard once had put it, withdrew. Julius made a glide. Hepresented the crucifix. Amdashes made the flames to rise. Julius dodged. That mightburn the stage. Julius made a circle of crosses to protect himself. That gave a breather. Hehit the candles. The priest ran to fetch the crystals. He picked some coins. The Hellfire beast released lightning bolts. Julius got all the time in the world. He threw three stunning daggers. Julius turned the table. While Amdashes was stunned, he crashed a vial of holy water. The Hellfire beast got bathed in flame. The bolt sent him flying. Julius tried to get up. He couldn’t move. Julius still got time. He used the laurels. The priest removed the petrified state. Amdashes seemed to have lost interest. He got on foot. The priest realized. Marina challenged the devil. She got protected within the water bubble. The flames couldn’t touch her. Theblastthen broke her shield. Marina created the fountain. Amdashes got soaked. Hewas frozen in place. The beast resisted her magic. Marina landed upon the ground. Amdashesthen raisedhis hand. “Stay away from her!” Julius shouted. “Go back to the shadows!” His arms were on fire. Julius bit together. He gathered more force before he collided with the devil. Julius stamped him out. The crucifix blazed.The Foul flesh then burst into fire. The beast cried out in anger. The ashes stained the snow. Julius crossed himself. He picked the gems. Julius couldn’t rest. He got to fight. Thomas got pressed against the seats. She lusted for blood.Julius inhaled. They were not going to take him. The sisters utilized martial arts. They ran to aid him. Thomas wasn’t quick enough. The armour slowed his progress. Laura kicked him in the head. Her sister tried to bite him. The crucifix made her to pull away. Julius got the Stellar sword. “This time.” She blew him the kiss. “It is my turn.” A gust of cold air blew him in the face. The sword was on fire. Julius flashed. She senthima spin kick. Marina fired the crossbow. The lady shrieked. The silver bolt pierced her lungs. She leaped. Julius gathered. He got to stamp with the crucifix. Laura struck the naiad. His arms shone. Julius summoned the fireball. that chased and destroyed. Marina brandishedwith the whip sword. The womangot numb. Thomas was ablaze. He cut up the sister, piece by piece. Julius got disgusted. He turned away. She kicked him. Laura followed up with successive punches. Julius staggered. Shearrived. Thomas became himself. He howled with frustration. Laura continued with a swift combo of punches and high kicks. The dark-breed was forced to retreat. Julius struggled to his feet.“Watch out!” The nayadreleased with a series of ice pellets. “Good Lord!” Thomas leaped. The train almost pulled over. The engine wasn’t too large. That got to be a tour railway. Although they might still be killed. Thomas was a dark-breed. He reached on topof the train. The skeletons attacked. Julius got aboard. The nayad barely reached in time. Laura morphed into mist. “You cannot escape!” She retained her true form. Julius didn’t answer. He got busy. “The swingers.” He called. The undead monkeys used their elongated tails.They swung about the attractions. Julius ducked beneath the sickles. “Curse you!” The dark-breedwas occupied by the undead. The speed wasn’t that great. The swingers chased them. Julius made the meteor to chase and destroy. “What a nice trick.” The killer clown laughed like a maniac. “Watch my hand!” Julius blocked the cards. Laura kicked him. “The hunter wants a kiss?” She teased. Julius tried to sit up. The lady bent. Marina fired the crossbow. The silver bolt almost went home. He inhaled. Laura morphed into a bat. “Finalle.” The naiad went down. “Bombs away!” The mad clown released the Jack-o’-lanterns. “Preserve us!” Julius stamped with the crucifix. He shrieked. The clown was burned. Juliusgot to behead him.The madman was too quick. Julius struck his shoulder. “This is my turn!” He screamed. “Behold my collection!” The evil dolls made the swingers more dangerous. Thomas fired. He’d defeated the skeletons. “Go!” He called. “Let me take the apes!” Julius made the sign of the cross. “Alright!” Marinaimpaled the vampire. The upper-cut sent her flying. Julius crossed himself. She didn’t fall from the railway. The dolls approached. He dropped the book. The fireballs got blasted about. The mad clown was caught in the outburst. “Bless me!” Julius roared. He got hit in the shoulder. The sickles drew blood. “The elixir of life.” The clown licked his lips. Thomas then removed the head. The silver bullets broke the skull. Julius pierced the heart. The vampire burst into flame. Julius removed the sickles. He bit together.The blood dripped down his side. The laurels healed him. Julius sighed with relief. Then shehit him in the head. “Yes!” Laura moaned with ecstasy. “Kiss me.” She teased. “Look.” The lady then tore the neck of her white nightgown. “Save us.” Julius felt like drowning. “You want them.” Laura cherished her breasts. “I know you want. He looked for the others. “They cannot help you.” She kept licking the ruby lips. “No one can help you now.” She laughed. He recognised the crisp sound of the water glasses played by a cunning hand. “Come to me.” Julius shuddered. “I hunger for you.” The fangs got exposed. “Away from me Satan.” She reached her arms overhead. “The Lord you shall worship.” The priest regained his strength. “Get behind, you whore of Lucifer.” He presented the crucifix. Laura screamed. She hid her face behind the ruffled blonde hair. The priest felt no triumph. “Rest in peace.” Julius unsheathed the dagger. He got to impale her. “Belmont scum.” Laura snarled. “Hunter slime.” She trusted the nails.

The dark-breed cursed. That lady picked his nerves. Marina began to move. Thomasshrugged it off. Laura flaunted. “You are so handsome.” She cooed. Thomas snarled. “Come with me.” The ladyblew a kiss. “There is someone who wishes to speak with you.” Thomas made his hands into fists. “I don’t want to meet any of you sluts.” His father wouldwash his mouth. He didn’t care. Thomasreleasedthrough the cross. The flurry of flames burned the undead. The bat settled upon his shoulder. Laura would bite him. The blood might turn him over. Thomas stamped with the crucifix. She screamed. Laura reappeared. She fell upon her knees. The dark-breed had no mind. “Twisted!” He got to remove the dolls and swingers. Or had he? Marina froze the evil dolls. He acknowledged. Julius made the sign of the cross. The knight got to help him. Julius held about his head. The nayad gave some ice. He put it on the brow. Thomas got impressed. He reloaded the rifle. Thomas looked around. Hedidn’t know where they went. The night-scape was the same. Thomasthen sniffed the air. Hekept on muttering. The stench of burned wood overpowered his sences. “Heads up boys!” Marina shouted. “Time to get off!” The dark-breed knew that smell. He left from the train. They werebehind.

Shecrushed the bird. The beast tried to pierce with magic rings. That left only seven to handle. The horse fired. Ruth ducked. She threw axes in a high arch. She missed the horse.Although the black dog got destroyed. The other lion breathed heavy flames. Ruth sidestepped. She dashed to crush thehead. Then there were only five. The bird kept shooting. Ruth stamped it out with the lit chandelier symbol. The toy burned. Ruth sighed. Abraham was her father. The white dog released a storm of fire. Shegot forced away. Ruth gathered her force. The intake of Belmont blood made it possible. Ruth went across the merry go-around. She struck the dog with multiple daggers. The puppet broke apart. The lion breathed. Ruth stamped him out. The bird and horse remained. The puppet was screaming. Ruth got kicked from behind. Laura went above. Her fangs were revealed. Anna leaped. She crushed the horse before it might fire. The dark blonde hair went like a curtain behind her.She dodged the final figure. Ruth was in trouble. Shewould drink her blood. Ruth refused to surrender. She would never become their plaything. Anna was able to smash the final figure. Then the merry go-around exploded. “Your undead monster!” Laura got away. The hunter got the axe.

The dancing girl picked the crystals. The merry go-around left plenty behind.Anna gathered. She let her to take the gems. Laura lurked in the shadows. She made the sign of the cross. Ruth was ready. They would continue the search. The train almost pulled over. Anna didn’t waste time. She leapedon board. This might make them to escape. Ruth landed beside her. She had the swords. The dead got up. Ruth swung with the axe. They fought back-to-back. The monkey swung from the nearby building. The ape-skeletonskeptup hurling the sickles. She ducked beneath. Laura had reappeared. She came like a coil of mist. Ruth gotthe knives. The monkey kept hurling sickles. They dodged. Laura punched her in the stomach. “Save us!” Anna got bent over. Shesmiled with pointed teeth. The hunter presented the lit chandelier. She screamed. Laura got burned. The hunter dashed to remove the head. “Rest in peace! Anna cheered. The fight was over. Laura fell into a heap of ashes. Anna sighed. She almost got killed. The swinger had company. Ruth threw the daggers at them. The skeleton had to do their best. Anna saved her life. “This is no good idea.” She breathed. They left the railway. The girls ran down the street. Anna held the crucifix. The Hellfire beast had noticed.

The nayad landed into a pile of snow. Marina leaped like a rubber cat. The weather was cold. She swung with the whip-sword. The swinger got smashed. The ice cream cart went rushing down the street. Thomas fired. The bullet made the cart to pull over. Julius hurled the vials. The skeleton leaped to throw bones into the air. The men were hurt. Marina fired with the crossbow. The silver bolt made him to collapse. She brandished with the whip-sword. They

Arrived. Thomas fired. The priest got to challenge the skeletons. Marina created the fountain. She froze the swingers. The sickles fell on the ground. Marina struck with the whip-sword. The monkeys kept jumping about. She released with the ice bullets. The pack went to fast. She at least blocked the assaults. Flames raised and burned. Amducias used his magic ring. Marina recognised them from the other attraction. Now, there were two of them. He threw the lightning bolt from between his fingertips. Marina barely dodged. The Hellfire beast laughed. Julius made the sword to blaze. The demon made flames to rise up. The dark-breed withdrew. Copelia stabbed with her twin daggers. He fired around. That pierced the stomach. Thomas didn’t stop to reload. “This way!” Marina called. Then she got taken by the monsters.

Town of Aliba, Warakiya. The 19th. of December 2098 A.D.

The scholar let be the corpse. The daughter had been here. The vampire exposed his fangs. The leads had been correct. That was all he got. Leads. Vampire Oldrey snarled with frustration. He would be patient. Master Oldrey would find her. Then he would reveal the goal of this chase. Death would have to explain. He felt excited fortheevent. The scholar turned the ring on his finger. The white gem looked stained with red. James Arthur Oldrey licked the gemstone. The taste of blood restored his force. The bloodstone was an undead relic. The grim reaper gave it to him. Vampire Oldrey sniffed the air. The scent was vague. So be it. He picked the track. There was another scent. Master Oldrey realized. Why had the black riders decided to be involved? This was his, his own, mission. No one was to get in his way. He would find her. Master Oldrey struck the fist into his open palm. The armoured gloves protected his fingers. James Arthur Oldrey smiled without humour. He got the strength of twenty men. The undead sometimes forgot. Never mind,he would use all his might to achieve the price. Vampire Oldrey traced the elusive sent. At least that was easy enough. “Those who oppose the prince of Darkness must die.” Master Oldrey then licked his lips.

The mall, “Nation of Fools”. The 19th. of December 2098 A.D.

He struggled to keep the door shut. “Come on!” He called. “Give me a hand!” Someonehanded the key. “Thanks.” Julius turned the lock. He leaned against the door. “Thomas?” He asked. “Please retrieve the bread?” Thomas didn’t. He turned around. “Bless me.” Julius reached a shop. The shelves where filled with covers. That wasn’t the real trouble. The knightdisappeared. He was not alone. “How can I help you?” There was a girl behind the counter. Juliusfelt watched by the costumers. They were only girls. There was a second employee. Their clothing’swas popular in 2001.Julius felt cold. He felt a sudden greedy desire to be kissed by those ruby lips. He brushed through the blonde hair. Julius was a priest, though he was only 18 years old. He made his choice. Julius couldn’t shake the feeling, the desire to touch their luxurious teen bodies. “Dominie arde!” Julius made the sign of the cross. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the Holy Ghost!” He sprinkled with holy water. Julius was at ease. He would be preserved. Julius might see beyond. The Italian,with the raven hair, licked her lips. “Father.” The blonde smiled shy. “I know what you want.” Her bosom pressed against the T-shirt. “I have waited so long.” The Spaniard giggled. “Have nofear.” The Korean cooed. “Why don’t spend some time with us?” The Austrian redhead left the counter. She was so voluptuous, so adorable, that he wished to embrace her. The voice sent chills through his blood. “Do not lead us into temptation.” Julius whispered. He held the crucifix. They couldn’t approach. “Why are you doing this?” The Indian embraced her friend. “You should enjoy.” Julius unsheathed the blade. “Rest in peace.” He knew what must be done. Maxim fulfilled the oath. He could too. Julius changed his grip. He cut himself. The blood blazed. The clone came from behind. Julius dashed. He struck the candles. The girls got busy with the twin. The gems restored the force. Julius threw the Shuriken. He pierced the Spaniard’s body. She shrieked. They were trapped in a box. The Korean stabbedher nails. Julius stamped with the crucifix. The Shuriken returned. The Asian got impaled. That went through the stomach. The Austrian hit him. The clone broke her spine. She might restore herself. Julius pierced the heart. The Korean tried to strangle him. She touched the crucifix. The vampire withdrew with her hands-on fire. Julius removed the head. The Austrian redhead delivered a high kick. He threw a knife. The clone made her to collapse. The Spaniard might take him. The American would tackle them both. Julius fell. They landed on top. The blonde pressed upon him until dropping the weapon. They cheered. Julius tore his gaze away. The Spaniard tried the evil eye. “You want me.” She licked his ear. “Everybody wants me.” Her breasts pressed against the torso. She was such a dirty little girl. “No one ever gets me.” Julius felt a distant pain. The clone got defeated. “Kiss me.” The crucifix touched her bosom. She went away. Julius rolled aside. He retrieved the blade. The American slashed. Julius made a back-flip. She might kill him, or inflict a cursed state. He made the sign of the cross. They leached at him. Julius made the fireball to chase and destroy. The American was burned. Julius sighed. The blade pierced her heart. Then a look of piece crossed her features. “Let it be done.” He got work to do. The Indian winked while the Italian played with her hair. “Please.” They went upon their knees. “We are no match for you.” She begged. “Let us live.” They revealed themselves. “We can do whatever you ask.” Julius would commit no murder. “Leave in peace.” Julius had to find the others. They snarled. The vampires dashed. They tried to tear his clothing. Julius struck. They screamed. Blood stained the T-shirt. Julius got away. He stamped with the crucifix. The jabs sent him on his way. They would drink his blood. Julius kept the Shuriken. He threw it against the dead. The woman collapsed. He inhaled. The head fell on the floor. “Where is she?” The Italian kept her mouth shut. “Where is Marina?” The teen looked jealous. Julius hoped they were alright. The Italian licked her lips. “She is within the warehouse.” She pointed. “Bless you.” Julius felt pity with her. No one deserved their fate. He made the sign of the cross. Julius retained the Stellar sword. She wept. He sighed. The Italian touched her features. She was human again. “Who are you?” Julius asked. “My name is Bianca.” The curse was broken. “I got bitten by Padma and Kitty.” Julius gave her the brooch. Stay low.” Bianca held on to the bronze cross. “The monsters are out there.” The smile never reached her eyes. She went outside. Julius exhaled. The hunt continued. Julius went toward the door. That was open. He frowned. “Preserve us from the wicked One.” The priest made the sign of the cross. This had to be a trap. Julius went ahead. He cloaked around the sword. Julius inhaled. “Let it be.” He got no other choice. The priest summoned his force. The blade burned like the sun in the forest. Julius got entangled with the web. He cut it down. The spiders left in peace. That made him to relax. They might inflict a poisoned state. That was no reason to relax. The swingers hid against the sealing. “Good Lord in Heaven!” They swung by the tail. “Rest in peace.” Julius blocked the assault. The monkeys kept on hurling the sickles. He got beneath. Julius made a back-flip. He had to gain the upper hand. The swingers turned and twisted about. He made the meteor to chase and destroy. Julius exhaled. That was close. He picked the crystal. They replenished his strength. Julius had to continue. His friends might be in trouble. The floor got covered in dust. Julius touched the crucifix. The skeleton raised to strangle him. He felt the death fear within. Julius shuddered with cold. He struck her in the head. The bones belonged to a woman. That was a surprise. “Save us from the evil One!” Julius cried. The bone-bag collapsed into a heap. Thatreally was no victory. Julius inhaled. “God with us.” He still got to find his friends.

Warehouse, “Nation of fools.” The 19th. Of December 2098 A.D.

He was furious. “Bastards!” There was nothing left to do. They would kill her if he moved. Thomas tightened the grip on his weapon. This wasn’t really about him. The concubine and wizards sat, cross-legged, upon the floor. The magiciansformed a triangle around the naiad. Thomas could almost smell how Marina fought to resist their magic. Though he didn’t figure their chant. The words fell endless from their lips. Sweat ran down their brow. This was no child’s play. They at least were humans. Thomas smiled without humour. If only he knew what was going on. Thomas snarled. He was no magician. This wasn’t sorcery. Thomas was sure it was witchcraft or necromancy. Thegarbage was trying to turn Marina to the dark side. He sniffed the air. The traitors remained in place. Marina flouted within some bubble. The area between was shrouded in shadow. Thomas smelled the sulphur. It made him to think of the mythology. Thomas reloaded with silver bullets. They focused on her. Thomas frowned. He got an idea. The only problem was that he didn’t know when to react. They couldn’t perform and fight at the same time. The shadowspell craved their full attention. “Alright.” Thomas couldn’t wait. He howled. Thomas hoped this would work. If not, she was lost.

“Nation of fools”, town of Aliba. The 19th. Of December 2098 A.D.

Shestruckwith the axe. Copelia dodged. Ruththrew a trio of daggers. She knelt on the snow. The demon’s dark oiled skin shone in the lamplight. She was absolutely adorable. Ruth tried to ignore about her envy. This wasn’t like her. Amducias fired a lightning bolt. Anna stood between the demons. The eye of the storm was a perfect shield. Copelia jumped straight up. Ruth pulled away. She learned. Ruth dodged the spin kick. She stamped with the lit chandelier. The silver left burn marks upon her body. Ruth got kicked. The Hellfire beast approached. He made the flames to rise up beneath her. Ruth screamed at the top of her lungs. She still held the chandelier symbol. The Belmont force, that slept in her veins, blossomed. Ruth got raised into the air. The lit chandelier blazed overhead. Flames burned the place. Amducias shrieked. She made a glide. Copelia went ablaze. Ruthflip-flopped and gave repeated kicks. That hurt. She hit the candles. The blood was shining. Ruth got the gauntlets. She attacked with her arms on fire. Ruth embraced the demon. Copelia shrieked. She struggled to get free. Ruth held tight until she burned. She dusted off the ashes. Another demon got shot fromwithin the cannon. She jumped straight up. Ruth unfolded the Torah.

The dancing girl made the sign of the cross. Anna slew the birds. The skeletons got smashed. Ruth read some sort of ancient scroll. Flaming pillars raised from the ground. Amducias got caught in the middle. Anna struck with both swords. The Hellfire-beast made the fire to rise. He used the magic ring to make lightning strike. Anna then hid within the shining shield. She’d discovered that the power might be used for several purposes. The force collided against the spirit barrier. The impact was terrible. The counterforce was malicious in its devious splendour. Anna danced to release the fireball. She followed up with solid meteors. The eye of the storm protected from evil. Ruth killed Amducias. Copelia kept kicking her. Anna threw the sonic rings. The demon gave chase. She got out of reach. Amduciasshrieked. The homing balls gave the upper hand. Anna moved to behead the monster. The dancing girl made him to stagger. Anna released the meteor. It knocked him on the head. Anna smashed his skull. The demon roared. Then Amducias burned into a crisp. The acrobat landed in front. She sidestepped. Ruth threw axes into the air. The enflamed projectiles struck the torso. Copelia stabbed with her twin daggers. The door was closed. Anna had to reveal the crucifix.

Warehouse, “Nation of fools”. The 19th. Of December 2098 A.D.

She flouted in limbo. Marina entrenched herself in deep water. The shadow stained against the wall. Her pain was considerable. She couldn’t permit it to touch her. How could the wizards associate themselves with such villainy? They conjured his name. “The order of Eclesia.” They cherished in Chaos. That was a mere legend. Not anymore. The magicians chanted. This was something else. Though she didn’t recognize the language, Marina was sure. They called upon him to take her. She made up her mind. Marina would rather die then let that happen. She may not have the luxury. Thomas was powerless to help. He couldn’t save her now. There were nonethat could. She got to break their focus. Marina poured from the river. She might use it against them. Thomas moved. The door was open. Julius returned. Even through the bubble, the blaze was obvious. Marina released the water. They got soaked. Julius dashed. She wished to warn him. That was no option. The shadow imploded. Marina pressed on. The men got pulled forward. It was light. They got caught by the wire pool. Marina let go. They were safe, then she collapsed upon the floor. The nayad feltdehydrated. “Dark ocean world.” She had to bath in fresh water. “Help me.” Marina plead for mercy.

The crypt, fortress Aliba. The 19th. Of December 2098 A.D.

Her candles burned when Bronze returned. Yuko chanted. The Geisha let down her kimono. She held up the cock. Her lips were bright crimson. Yuko cut its throat. The letters which she wrote on the floor was glowing red. Bronze held up both arms in protection. The horned idol, with the horse’s leg, was drenched with blood. She recognised the erected fallos and the joiningpouch. Yuko had made a blood pact with the Devil. She had gained eternal youth. Even if their special kind of nourishment would become scarce, Yuko would never change. Bronze was horrified. She didn’t think the mistress knew about such rites. Lord Dracula was one of the few who knew this secret. The prince of Darkness had practiced before his journey to England. Yuko then threw the bird upon the ground. The blood was spilled about. “Now.” The geisha smiled. “I rip my reward.” She stepped into her velvet slippers. “You will keep your promise to me.” Yuko pulled up her Kimono. “We are to know each other better.” Bronze licked her lips. She was the ring-leader. Her resilience got washed away. “Yes,my mistress.” She heard herselfspeak. She was the price of their pact. Yuko would have her way with her. There was nothing she could do. Bronze would be her slave, whenever she wanted.

“Nation of Fools”, town of Aliba. The 19th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The wind kept picking up. The chill blew the snow about. She pulled thefurry collard tight. Bianca felt cold. She didn’t feel that before. Bianca sighed. She came from the resistance movement. She better rejoin with her friends. Bianca left the building. She felt like being watched. Bianca looked behind. “Do my bidding.” The mask hid his features. “Worship me.” He came one step closer. “With your running feet.” Bianca Screamed once. Then all went quiet. So very quiet.Except for the sound of a stabbing weapon,piercingthroughsoft flesh. Bianca screamed. For a moment, the dark winter night stanched of the foul candy.

Warehouse, “Nation of fools”. The 19th. Of December 2098 A.D.

He managed to gather. Julius helped herup. “Do any of you want this thing?” Thomas asked. That was the holy book. Julius frowned. How could they hold such items? “Yes.” Someone said. “I want it.” There was another witch. Julius sighed. He should figure about the cat…“I want more.” She suddenly dashed upon her broomstick. Julius groaned upon the dart. The nayad hid within the bubble. Thomas advanced. The witch cast an ice-spell. She pulled at the broom. The priest used his laurels. Shethrew a fireball. The ball burst on impact. Marina got thrown away. He had to shield her. She got up to trigger the crossbow. The witch screamed. She blew a hole in the floor. “Let it be!” Julius brandished with the sword. “Mother of river!” Marina struck with the whip-sword. They got to find her. Julius went through the hole. The rats fled at the corners. Julius shuddered. This was the basement. Julius made it to rain with holy water. He had to burn them. “Rest in peace.” The priest released the ectoplasm. Thomas got ahead. That might be dangerous. He was not a witch hunter. The stench was horrible. Julius made the homing ball to chase and destroy. Marina reloaded the crossbow. The priest sighed. He took the gems.The bolt pierced the ectoplasm. Quincey Harker was a wise man. Hekept a dog while hunting the undead. “Look!” Marina picked the rosary. The flash removed the monsters. Julius inhaled. “The grace of God.” He touched the crucifix. “Let us be gone.” The witch broke the wall. He ran into the chamber. Marina was more careful. The skeleton threw bones into the air. Julius roared. The impact felt like sharp nails. Marina removed the skeleton. Theyreached a corridor. The rats squeaked. She might guard his back. Julius hurled the Shuriken. The skeleton got struck to pieces. Marina left through the exit. The swinger might prevent them. Julius threw the axe. The monkey escaped. He heard their voices. That had to wait. The swingers kept hurling sickles. The naiad closed the game. Julius sighed. She turned the key. “I found it in the other room.” She explained. Julius shrugged. They got work to do. “You surprise me.” He put it aside. Julius would be careful. They kept talking. “You might be chosen.” The woman snarled. “You can manipulate with the seal.” The warehouse was filled with old stuff. Thomas changed into his true form. The witch smiled. “Are you the Lycan dark lord?” Julius made the sign of the cross. That was forbidden lore. They entered the room. The holy book lay upon the floor. “You came for me.” She removed the hat. “How pathetic.” The witch left the gloves. “I can tell.” She opened the pin. The robes fell away. “You can’t defeat us.” The witch unbuttoned her dress. “The tribe of Lycan, when armed with Dracula’s magic.” Julius frowned. “I awoke ancient power.” She was naked. That wasn’t important. The woman assaulted with repeated claw-swipes. “Man wolf!” Julius cried. “Preserve me!” He created the barrier. She went like a beast. The priest got thrown away. “Julius!” The man wolf utilized with flying kicks. The pale skin was a contrast to her species. Marina created the fountain. The man-beast countered with the enflamed disc. She enjoyed the conflict. Julius hurled the daggers. She screamed in agony. The man-wolf rebounded against the wall. She returned with a whirlwind of punches. Marina was ready. She managed to block. That kept her busy enough for him to douse her with holy water. She got burned. Julius had to retreat. She hit the ground to create shock waves. The boulders went bouncing. Julius crossed himself. The man-beast advanced while hurling debrief. He dropped the book. Time was on his side. The wolf got blasted by the Tempus flame. Julius forgot about their stamina. She kept hurling discs. The women wrestled together. Marina filled her with ice bullets. The man-beast howled. She then buried the nails within her chest. The nayad fell bleeding upon the ground. She turned on him. He presented the crucifix. “Save us.” Julius released the sword storm. The man-wolf howled upon the blades. Julius bent beside the nayad. Marina was still alive. He used the laurels. The girl blinked. She got up. “Behind you!” Julius groaned. The man-beast retained her true form. The shoulder-block went home. Julius got knocked aside. “Mother of river!” Marina triggered. The silver bolt impaled the beast. “Come here.” Thomas pulled her away before he slammed the wolf against the floor. She groaned while hurling flames. Thomas got protected. He bit her shoulder. That created a shudder. She snarled. Thomas threw her at the wall. She returned to grant a flying kick. Julius stamped with the crucifix. He got away. Thomas made the tomes to spin in place. “Watch out!” The man-beast hit the floor. The boulders rebounded. Julius released the fireball. She countered with the debrief. The cross beam collided. The man-wolf survived. “I don’t mind about the seals.” The fur was like an armour. The Lycan clashed. Thomas staggered. “Dark water!” Marina released the bolt. She got hurt. That should be the end. The man-beast threw the silver aside. The crystal burned as the sun. The heirloom exploded on impact. The man-beast jumped to crawl along the ceiling. Marina released the ice pellets. They got to repel the rocks. She hit the floor. Marina hid within the bubble. The man-wolf threw a flurry of flames. She hit the head. The man-beast stumbled. Thomas gave the Host. That left a carcass. Marina picked the crystal ball. She looked refresh. “My spear is up there.” The knightlookedtoward the roof. Julius knew it was a family heirloom. They must return. “Lead us.” Marina said. “Follow me.” The priest found the way. They got to climb. Thomas fired. They got on top. Julius ran for the exit. The door was locked. He lost the key. Julius invested the garbage. The rats were in there. He burned the lot. The skeleton hit him. Julius broke the curse. “Here.” Thomas found the key. “Be careful.” He tested the air. Julius turned the lock. They reached the store. Thomas went forthe spear. Then the exit burst.

The knight snarled. A golden girl came through the wreckage. He was about to fire when he recognised. “Ruth!” The priest exclaimed. “The Lord is with you.” She smiled. “Give me the crossbow.” The hunter requested. Marina laughed. “You forgot to say the magic word.” She teased. “It saved my life.” Ruth extended her hand. “Thank you.” She hung up the weapon. The naiad returned the quiver. “Get behind!” Julius told. Another girl had entered the room. Thomas barely realized. “Anna?” He asked. “Is that you?” She beamed. “Bless me.” Julius inhaled. Thomas felt unsure. The dancing girl got dressed like a prostitute. “Do you pretend to be like Shanoah?” The tattoos marked her body. The dark-breed shook his head. Anna really was extravagant. This though, was overkill. “Leave it.” Anna stamped her foot. “This is what I want.” Ruth touched the lit chandelier symbol. He shrugged. Thomas growled while they told their story. “It wasn’t your fault.” Ruth noticed about his feelings. The dancing girl blew a kiss. “It wasn’t really that bad.” Anna hid her mouth, though she couldn’t conceal the giggle. “I enjoy being alive.” She went into an inviting pose. Thomas snarled. “Speak for yourself.” Ruth muttered. He shrugged while they left the building. The weather grew worse.

“Nation of fools”, town of Aliba. The 19th. Of December 2098 A.D

They spoke silently together. Ruth kept the axe handy. She retrieved the crossbow. Ruth felt better equipped. She would hunt the night. Ruth made an oath upon it. She would make her ancestors proud. Though, the golden girl had a shudder. This stench wasn’t normal. Thomas altered appearance. “That shouldn’t… “Anna touched some of her jewelleries. The blue stone suddenly turned an ugly green. Someone approached from the alleyway. Marina screamed. She didn’t howl alone. The cloaked figure got blood on his knife. “The ghost of Halloween.” Julius remained calm. The priest made the sign of the cross. “I thought you were a legend.” The holiday mask concealed every feature. Ruth was about to gather. She didn’t despair. Julius was the leader. He closed his eyes. She suddenly realized his weariness. Ruth got focused. He shouldn’t carry this alone. “The Lord is one!” Ruth dashed. They got interrupted. The sound of engines told of the approach. The ice cream and soda carts came around the corner. Thomas fired. The cart collided. The skeletons jumped from inside. Marina dodged. The soda van almost pulled over. Ruth struck the driver. She yelled. Ruth couldn’t help her. Shehad become too busy. The crows discovered. The hunter got to support herself.

She screamed. The bastard knifed her. Anna felt weird. She couldn’t move properly. The girl felt the fever within. This wasn’t normal. Julius removed the birds. He held her by the arm. Annaretainedher attention. The vampire hunter put something in his pocket. “Come on girl!” He encouraged. “You can’t let him stab you!” Julius presented the crucifix. The ghost vanished from sight. “He might inflict a cursed state.” Annainhaled. The priestreleased her. Annaunsheathed the swords. The leader ran. Hereturned. The Jack-o’-lantern mask lit up from inside. Julius got hit by lightning. She touched the crucifix. The ghost made a gesture. The fireballs would kill him. Ruth triggered the crossbow. The bolt pierced his shoulder. He threw that aside. Anna beamed. he got made of flesh and blood. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Halloween was hurt. The man could be killed. Anna cheered. The priest might defeat the skeletons. “Burn in Hell!” Thomas shot the birds. The ghost of Halloween returned to stab her. Anna escaped from the ambush. The dagger aimed for the heart. She released the force. That made him to stumble. Anna was to slow. The ghost hit her with lightning. She tried to answer. The holiday man pushed her aside. Anna struggled to get up. She had to fight.

The ghost stanched like foul candy. He stabbed with both weapons. Marina shuddered. She created a wire pool. Anna bombarded with fireballs. That was the “Star field” spell. Marina blinked. The ghost was immune! “Blasted!” Thomas cursed. She released the ice pellets. Anna was ablaze with the “War force”. The nayad had no mind. She hid within the bubble. The dancing girl made a meteor dash. “Dark water!” Marina had to concentrate. The holiday man had to teleport. “Ulmo’s death!” Marina cursed. Julius was the only person who might defeat him. The others were to busy. They would have to pay. She got burned by fire. Marina used the spring. That would always be with her. The water poured in her veins. “Mother of river.” She was free to use it. The ghost disappeared. Anna was dancing. She looked about. He would reappear. Marina was right. She repelled the fireballs. The nayad cast the ice bullets. His blood stained the snow. Marina detested the sight. He moved to stab her. Anna stopped him in time. That was another surprise. Julius struck with the sword. Where did he come from? Never mind. The ghost shrieked. Julius got hit by lightning. He stumbled. Marina created the fountain. She got to catch him. The Belmont clan had to survive.

Town of Aliba, Warakiya. The 19th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The black rider stood at the gate. The trace led him to this location. He should have known. Albus Zabach was the necromancer who cast the curse of Darkness. He enjoyed the game. The wanderer did not. The count was his master. Lord Dracula had made his last command. They were to kill the Belmont clan. Now they received other instructions. They did not come into considerations. Not at this moment. He had trailed them all along. The wanderer made a final gesture. The gates were moved aside. Nothing could keep him from the accursed land. He presented his weapon. The rider was ready in case of any events. He knew that no true servant of the Dark Lord would oppose his right. Though many had betrayed the memory of his name. There where those who wished to achieve count Dracula’s power for themselves. The wanderer rasped his chilling hatred. They where fools. The prince of Darkness could never be truly defeated. He threw theissue aside. “Yes my lord.” They would serve the count. He would breach the traps and tribulation within the park to achieve this goal. The Belmont clan would be extinct. Like they should be. “Behold.” This would become their greatest hour.“All who oppose the prince of Darkness must die.” The black rider then hissed their triumph.

“Nation of fools”, town of Aliba. The 19th. Of December 2098 A.D.

They clashed. Julius used the laurels to remove the cursed state. That wasn’t important. Halloween was no ordinary ghost. There was dead flesh beneath those robes. The thought sent chills down his spine. The stench of wasted pumpkin didn’t make him feel better. Anna failed to impale him. The priest summoned his bloodline mystics. She wasn’t a dirty girl. The focus got shattered. Thomas howled at the skeletons. The priest shook his head. The dark-breed tore them apart. Whatgave his familysuch power? Henry Oldrey had married Cornell’s sister. The elders told that Ada got the brunt of his force.He sacrificed his Lycan side in her place. Dracula’s followers had been able to trap the form within a crystal. ThoughAdagot changed. Hesighed. Julius got work to do. He leached himself against the holiday man. The stellar sword slashed through his Halloween mask. The horrid stench then made him to retreat. Anna stopped him in time. The ghost couldn’t move. Julius threw the axe. The stone weapon smashed through the ribs. A dead face glared out from between the remains of the pumpkin. He shuddered. Julius didn’t want to see more. This was something he never got used to. The stench of foul candy or wasted pumpkin grew even stronger. Anna held her nose. The ghost tried to stab her. They both dodged as the enemy made lightning blast. Julius fused his sword. He was able to deflect each of the fireballs. Then came the boom from a firearm. Thomas had arrived. The dancing girl lay limp on the ground. Julius ran to help her. He doused them with holy water. The crows desired her flesh. Marina released the ice bullets. The dark-breed howled before breaking the skeletons. Julius got stabbed. He removed the cursed state. Halloween released the fireballs. The priest threw the vial into the air. The spell exploded. She was alive! Anna blazed with mystic force. The lightning couldn’t touch her. Ruth fired with the crossbow. The skeleton collapsed. Julius stamped with the crucifix. The mask got set ablaze with fire. Julius got punched. The malice made him to stumble. The black magicalmost scorched him. Thomas slammed the holy book. Waves of flames burned the place. The birds and skeletons got defeated. The ghost didn’t seem to bother. Anna danced. She leached with a blast of pure energy. The ghost was rammed through the stomach. Julius noticed that her tattoos shone. The enemy stabbed with both the knife and dagger. Anna danced away. She made a pirouette. The blast went straight through the mask. The explosion sent pieces flying. Julius inhaled. The corpse then crumbled. “Rest in peace.” The head was the only weak spot. “The eternal night.” He threw that aside. Anna was bent upon her knees. What was wrong with her? Julius reached for the laurels. Then he noticed. Anna shone like the sun. That was too bright. The priest couldn’t watch.The fury phoenix was beautiful. “My high flying bird.” Julius whispered. “I am no archer.” Her eyes beheld him. Julius felt pierced through the heart. She wept. The sunbird faded. Anna blinked. They beheld each other. “Who are you?” Thomas made the sign of the cross. He seldom did so. “She is a spell dancer.” Marina told. She must have noticed their confusion. The naiad shrugged. “I know.” Anna inhaled. “The girls they want to have fun.” She winked. Julius shook his head. The girl had become naughty. “Forget about that.”Ruth advised. He sighed. The ancestors were right. Anything might happen in the shadow of the demon castle. Thomas touched his arm. He retained his human form. “What are we waiting for?” He asked. “The cinema is ahead.” Julius gathered. “You are right.” He went to retrive his items. “How do we enter?” Anna asked. Sheunsheathed the swords. He didn’t have time. Another train approached. Marina pulled their friend aside. Theyalmost got run over. “Get aboard!” Thomas shouted. He leaped. Julius reachedatop the wagon.The birds attacked. Ruth threw the axe. She got a nice aim. The crows burned. They climbed onboard. The skeletons hid inside. Julius unsheathed his blade. “You don’t have to bother.” Her slender arms embraced him from behind. “Come.” The soft voice cooed. “Spend some time with me.” He felt thetonguewithin his ear. Laura pulled him around. She was adorable. His body reacted. “You may keep your lust.” Julius muttered. He reached for the crucifix. “Leave him!” Anna called. “If I can’t get him! Nobody will!” Julius blushed. He didn’t realize she cared that much about him. Juliusshook it off. He stamped with the crucifix. Laura release him. “Do you think you are the one?” She snarled. The plain white dress and black cloakwhirled about while the train sped forward. “You look like a nice snack. I know what you desire.” Anna released the blast. The bride morphed into mist. “You don’t know how to treat a man!” She reappeared to punch her. He reached for the dagger. Ruth attacked with her arms on fire. Their blood granted such abilities. Laura screamed. Her flesh was on fire. “Rest in peace!” She escaped like mist. Julius threw the dagger. Laura got impaled. “I know how to do that!” The swords collided against the head. Even with a broken skull, Laura lusted for blood. “Are you sure.” She spoke with malice. Julius inhaled. He threw the Shuriken. Maxim’s weapon exploded on impact. Laura got knocked to pieces. “Nice trick.” Anna took the gems. “Bloody apes.” Thomas reloaded the rifle. “Watch out!” Marina cast the bullets. Julius unsheathed his weapon. “Burn in Hell!” Thomas pulled the trigger. The box stirred. He had to inspect. The hat got moved aside. “By the Lord of Abraham!” Ruth threw the axes. The ruler sword made the other weapons to attack. “Look ahead!” Anna shouted. The ectoplasm went pouring out. “Save us!” They got pressed into a wall. “Give me the Host!” His friend presented the wafer. “Be brave.” Julius told. “Keep the Host.” He revealed the crucifix. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost!” The priest proclaimed before releasing the sword storm. “Then let be Your will!” Julius exhaled. The group shouted in unison. They united to fight.

The knight held tight. “Forgive me!” Thomas shrieked. “For I have sinned!” The train burst through the ectoplasm. “Glory be You.” Julius knelt. The Host kept the monsters behind. “Our Father in Heaven.” The train rocketed toward the station. “Jump!” He picked the priest. He retrieved the items. They leaped. The train collided. The engine got knocked of track. Thomas got away, though he tumbled into the snow. That didn’t matter. Thomas was glad tobe alive. The priestshuddered.He began to dust off. Thomas almost howled with triumph. They escaped. The white powder got blasted aside as Marina cleaned up. The burst of water froze over. Marina nearly got knocked away. Thomas smirked. The nayad sent a sharp look. Thomas just shrugged. She crossed her arms. “There it is.” Julius cut through. “The cinema.” He pointed at a domed ceiling at the end of the street. Ruth prepared the crossbow. The knight reloaded his rifle. Nobody was to take him. The swingers gathered about. The ruler swords went swooping while conjuring weapons. They sprang into action. Thomas dodged the lot. Anna brandished with the swords. She released a blast of pure energy. Thomas changed form. Then he released a flurry of flames. The birds screamed. They got burned to ashes.

The hunter struck with the axe. The birds circled about. Ruth hurled the daggers. The crows tried to pick her. The swingers threw sickles. Ruth ducked. “God with us!” Julius hurled the stone axe. The swinger wasn’t quick enough. The skeleton got smashed to pieces. The birds swooped to scratch. They went for the eyes. Ruth produced the holy scroll. His words made the enflamed pillars to rise and burn. That exorcised the crows. “The Lord is one!” Ruth gained the edge. The hunter released with her crossbow. Julius was able to defeat the ectoplasm. The ruler swords stabbed him. Ruth bit together. The priest might heal himself. Marina tried to stop them. The got in trouble. The swingers went about. Ruth then twirled with the axe. She got to defeat them. The hunter threw the daggers forward. The ectoplasm got tore apart. Ruth inhaled. “Come on!” Anna shouted. “There are to many!” Ruthfigured. The group pulled together. They had to reach the cinema. She kept hurling daggers. Julius created the enflamed sword. The dancing girl was adorable. She moved to create the chain lightning strike. The birds burned to ashes. Ruth twirled with the axe. The knight threw garlic into the air. They might still get away. Ruth would fight. The axe burst into flame.

She twirled with the swords. Annaswung and slashed like she never had before. They got slaughtered. She gasped for breath. Anna couldn’t stop. Theyhad reached the cinema. “Keep going!” Julius told. “Let me handle the doors.” She shrugged. Ruth and Anna fought back-to-back. This was a nest. The crows roosted upon the nearby attractions. “Go!” Thomas shouted. Marina already went ahead. She was no coward. “Wait!” Annahad to continue. Thomas growled. He grabbed to retrieve her. The huntersupported the effort. Anna escaped. She had to gather. Anna almost collided with the nayad. They embraced each other. The dark-breed threw her inside. Ruth pulled her back up. “God with us!” Julius made the sign of the cross. “Take that!” Thomas impaled the rat upon the spear. “Dark water.” The nayad shuddered. They went through the potholes. Julius made it to rain with holy water. That put them on fire. She left him to pick the gems. Anna looked about. The monsterscouldn’t enter. She wondered about that. Annaexhaled. They reached the entrance. There were a second pair of doors. “They lit the lamps.” Ruth whispered. “They look rather dim.”Anna remarked. The exitdidn’t budge. “She lied.” Thomas snarled. “She lied to us!” Anna frowned. That wasn’t right.

The cinema, “Nation of fools”. The 19th. Of December 2098 A.D.

She wasn’t that sure. There were twin bathrooms to the left. Marina went to inspect the wall. It might be false. She knocked with the end of the sword. That was no use. The ugly brick wall seemed solid. Then they glowed an ugly blue. Marina figured. “Get away!” She shouted. The bricks went flying. They brandished with their weapons. The bricks were really accurate. They suffered cuts and bruises by the onslaught. Then it stopped. The wall was plain. Marina licked her lips. She didn’t like this place. Marina looked down. She shrieked. The rat went up her leg. She threw it aside. They spread out to counter. The rats came through thepotholes. “Come here!” Marina brokeinto the lady’s room. “Is it safe?” The men looked nervous. Anna smirked. “You really are a gentleman.” Marina bent to fight the mammals. Then the nayad got taken from behind. Anna ran. The men’s bathroom looked bombed. “Watch my hand!” The killer clown laughed while hurling playing cards. “Get down!” Ruth had followed inside. The skeleton held her bythe neck. Marina gasped for breath. She smashed through his ribs. He had to release her. Marina gulped. Never before had air tasted this good. She shuddered. The hunterwassurrounded. Marinahad to save her. Instead, she got kicked in the head.

Throne room, fortress Aliba. The 19th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The baronstood before his throne. Pale moonlight fell through the high stain-glass windows. There would soon be dawn. August Sharpy beheld the crest upon the wall. The shield bore the proud mark of the red Basraq dragon. Erica Reinbeck was barely visible in her ghost form. She had returned to her coffin. Although she was still here to answer his requests. He could tell the knight wanted to rest. That would replenish his power for tomorrow’s haunt. Ludwig dismissed. He might stay awake. Although the sunlight would strip him of his abilities. Never mind. The red knights would guard the town. The throne was empty. The Dark Lord never came here. Although his forces conquered the countryside, Ludwig Von Bork would never permit anyone to occupy his seat. The high throne was meant for the count and for him alone. The castle had returned. The boyar closed his fist. The prince of Darkness would emerge. August morphed. The ghost lingered. “Then.” He said. “The loss is yours.” Ericabent before she faded. Then the baronwas left alone withhis thoughts. Ludvigknelt upon his knee. “Lord Dracula.” He breathed. “I still uphold your name.” Ludwig Von Bork bared his fangs. This was the hour of the beast. One of these nights, his prince of Darkness would return.

The cinema, “Nation of fools”. The 19th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The priestthrew the Shuriken. Julius repelledthe playing cards. Thomas dashed. The spear almost pined him against the door. “Bombs away!” The clown retained The Jack-o’-lanterns. Julius dodged. He made the crosses to rise in protection. The circleexploded. The clown and dark-breed struggled face-to-face. Each tried to tackle the other. The priest approached. Thomas released five orbs at his opponent. The clown screamed. Julius struck with the blade. The head fell on the floor. Thomas pierced with one solid trust. He let him take the crystals. Julius went into the toilet. The key might be hidden somewhere. The brick wall shone blue. “Save us!” They flew from behind the closet. Julius channeled earth through the gauntlets. Therock chased and destroyed. He exhaled. Julius didn’t have to use the laurels. The skeleton hid behind the door. He ducked. Thomas threw the stakes. The skeleton crumbled on impact. He knocked the candles. There was no key. Julius heard the friends shout. He must return. Marina tried to pull Anna from the lady’s room. The hunter slowly withdrew while twirling. The concubine wore a black and white cocktail dress which revealed the arms and shoulders. Her skin shone in the light. Julius sighed. She wasn’t Charlotte Aulin. The lady went low. Ruth got hit by the repeated punches. The air got struck from her lungs. Julius ran to her side. The knight pulled Anna aside. The hunter dropped the axe. Laura licked her lips and fangs. She must be purified. Laura snarled. She kept her pray. Ruth fought to resist. “Wait.” Laura bared her neck. “You will learn to enjoy.” Julius tried to behead her. She reached for them. Laura got the strength of twenty men. She caught him in a grip. “I have a grudge against you.” Her eyes were on fire. The fangs where exposed. “Human scum.” Laura hissed. The priest looked down. The icicle pierced her heart. “Let them go.” Marina slowly approached. “Or I trustthe spike.” Laura made a moaning laugh. “Do you think that might kill me?” Marinabegan to twist the icicle. The priest got to stamp her. Laura released him. She kept the hunter. Thomas fired. She morphed. Laura pushed Ruth into Marina. They both tumbled.The knight hada potion. Julius struck with the blade. Shevanished like mist. Laura returned. The sudden high kick sent him flying. Anna released the blast. She disappeared. They got up. The hall was to narrow for a fight. The vampire went kicking and screaming. “Get behind!” Thomas slammed the book into the floor. The priest withdrew into the men’s room. He lost track of the girls. Laura got bathed in flames. “Burn in Hell!” Thomas impaled the undead. That was the end. Laura crumbled into ashes. They gathered. “Here.” Marina gave him the key. “It was hidden within the bathroom.” Julius acknowledged. “Then you will be blessed.” He opened the door. They reached into a huge octagonal room. The cinema was built like the circus. “This place is ancient.” The dust and cobwebs covered the posters. Laura told the map might be hidden in here. The group spread out to search. Ruth and Thomas went toward the counter. The dancing girl left for the candy store. “You have to chase her.” He must find the storage. Marina frowned. The priest exhaled. “I shall be around.” She cracked with the whip-sword. “Trust me.” Marina kissed his cheek. Julius sighed. He went for the exit. “Excuses me.” The girl said. “You can’t enter without permission.” The dead woman reached for the neck. The priest removed her head. He shut the door. “You can’t enter!” The secretary left the desk. Julius crushed the vial. He inhaled. The skeleton burned. The priest went to investigate. Julius didn’t find the map. The administrator made a letter. That must be twenty years ago. A certain paragraph caught his attention. Julius touched the crucifix. “Save us.” This was important.

“…about the late lady Irina De Vile, there is more to tell. The police finished their investigation. Though I doubt we might ever re-open the house of horrors attraction. The inspector tells me they have no clue as to the guilty party. They assume the deaths are connected. 7 murders in the same location cannot be coincidence. The caretaker and security swear they know nothing of the case. I will ask for your advice on the matter. This cannotcontinue. The creditors ask for their money. This is vital. I cannot press the urgency… “

Julius dropped the paper. There was more. The priestsighed. There where so many questions. Who wrote the letter? That he would never know. Then what was is about the people? Theywere suitable for sacrifice.“Beginnings.” The guardian was to blame. Julius sighed. They might escape. Juliushitthe candles before leaving. Then he returned into the lobby. There was nobody there. Julius frowned. Where could they be? He didn’t like to think about the alternatives. Julius tightened his grip. He wouldn’t leave them alone. But where should he go. The priest went for the bar. Ruth and Thomas were his best friends. Anna and Marina knew how to take care of themselves. They were the most powerful of their group. Julius continued. He hoped this would be for the best. Julius made the sign of the cross. He stepped into the symbol. The evil star remained. He heard the voices of the forgotten souls. Then shadow fell. The sole light came from the sword. Julius presented the crucifix. He withdrew as the crimson light blossom. “Show yourself!” He demanded. “Do not hide!” The force had gathered. The tall flouting figure brandished with thevandal sword. “The executioner from Hell.” Julius retained a defensive posture. Though he wasn’t Alucard. Alastor brandished with the sword. The figure then approached. Julius committed into the hands of the Lord. He was not the chosen hunter. Julius didn’t even possess the Undead Killer. That didn’t matter. “God with us!” He was not afraid to die. “Be what may be.” Julius would defend himself. The Lord would decide about their destiny. He inhaled. “Give in!” Alastor then spoke with the voices of the nameless victims. “That rests with the lord.” Julius was sure about the statement.

The knight approached the bar. Thomas got thirsty. The hunter kept behind. Ruth didn’t look happy. He wondered about that. Thomas tappedthe top of the counter. “Loyd.” He craved.“Could you please send me an ale?” That was one of hisfavourites. His father made the beer. Thomas didn’t taste it for quite a while. “No Thomas.” Ruth tugged his arm. “You don’t have to do this.” He didn’t listen. The bartender sent the glass going. “That would be 3 in copper.” Thomas gave him the money. She struck with the axe. The glass was broken. “What the…” He growled. Ruth already went for the bartender. The gaze was fixed upon his ale.The counter began to boil. He shuddered to think what it might do to him. Then he gathered. Ruth was right. He wouldn’t let them tangle with his brain. He leapedabove the bar. Another barman approached. Thomas cursed. They were rotten.Ruth impaled the zombie. He prepared the cocktail. The glass shattered against the floor. Thomas filled him with garlic. The explosion tore him apart.Ruth chased the barman into the storage. The knightwent along. He stopped. The creature rattled with the chains. Thomas reached for the crucifix. He then tightened the gripupon his spear.The monster tried to take them. The knight would fight.

Shereally got horrified. The creature was huge. The reanimated corpse got chained to the wall. Hechannelled electricity. The bolt went along the floor. Ruth had to escape. The bartender threw a bottle. That broke on impact. Ruth threw daggers forward. The three knives got buried within the flesh. Thomas fired with the rifle. The boom finished the job. The corpse collapsed. The creature punched. The impact sent the dark-breed tumbling through the room. Ruth screamed. He fell into a heap. She gathered herself. The monsterthen rattled with the chains. Ruth might tumble. Shehurleda row of axes. The creature grunted. The attack made gashes in the grey skin. Ruth bit her lip. He didn’t bleed. The creature channeled. Ruth went above. She knew it was to dangerous for any close combat. Ruththen nailed with knives. That didn’t have the expected effect. The heart must be blown apart. She didn’t have such power. The creature hit the ground. That made the rocks to fall down. Ruth survived. She kept to the elder traditions. His words burned the monster. Ruth got caught in the chains. He dragged her forward. His touch felt disgusting.Ruth stamped him. He didn’t let go. She became strangled. Ruth couldn’t breathe. “Curse you!” Thomas threw the garlic. That made him to explode.

Shethen cursed. The store was a death trap. Whatever that slut told; it must be a bloody lie. The ruler swords made other weapons to attack. The dolls where even worse. They went about while stabbing with the needles. Anna suffered by the stabs. She made the star shield. The circle of fireballs burned some bastards. Anna struck with the swords. The weapon shook. She knocked the axe. The spiked ball almost got her. Anna danced while casting the spells. The mace reboundedupon the ruler. She had to cheer. Anna made the chain lightning strike. The ruler sword got blasted into oblivion. Others appeared. Anna summoned the war force. She then went into battle. Anna used the opportunity to smash the dolls. She crushed the boxes. There might be some other items. The force faded. Anna put the tickets into her purse. The ruler sword bombarded with the throwing knives. Anna twisted and twirled. She might heal herself. Anna created the meteor dash. She crushed through the monsters. They burned. Anna picked the gems. The force replenished her magic. She stopped the dolls. Anna crushed the lot. The nayad had returned. She had no mind. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord! Anna cried. She summoned the Lord. “Mother of river!” Marina had created the fountain.

The nayadchasedher into the candy store. Marina looked about. The mage licked her lips. She couldn’t find her anywhere. the shop wasn’t that large. Marinawent beyond the counter. “How may I serve?” The air wavered. Marina blinked. The girl didn’t look like a ghost. Marina licked her lips. The candy girl still smiled. She was blonde. Marina disliked her, though she couldn’t tell why. She cast no shadow! Marina didn’t stop to think. She hurled tripled icicles. Laura morphed into mist. She reappeared to choke her. Marina used the bubbleto press her away. Laura snarled. The naiad struck with the whip sword. That taintedher skin. The lady tried to hit her. Marina withdrew. She used the water for a weapon. Laura screamed. The liquid was like boiling acid. Marina winched. The river might keep thedead. Let it be. She could bite. Marina got slammed against the floor. That nearly knocked her out cold. Marina held onto the bride. She smiled. The nayad released her ice bullets. Laura froze. Never care. Marina got up to strike with the whip-sword. The bride shattered into a million peaces. Marinamust continue. The nayad noticed about the door. She cracked with the whip-sword. “Dark ocean world.” There was no lock. “Mother of river.” The nayad went ahead.

The crypt, fortress Aliba. The 19th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The Geisha dozed in her coffin. Yuko almost purred with pleasure. She got what she wanted. Bronze was her little kitty. The black girl would do whatever she pleased. She lay on top,the dark and yellow skin together. They could neversweat. Yuko felt victorious never the less. Bronze had been every bit the mistress. She was a talented harlot. Yuko smiled. That exposed the fangs. They would be hunting together. The pray would learn to submit into their hands. The Dark Lord would be pleased with her. She had kept up with her end of the pact. Lord Zabach decided to cast her out. She had not been able to enslave the Belmonts. That thought almost made her mad with rage. She should do it! She could! Yuko pushed Bronze in her ribs. “Hmm.” The African sturred. “What is it?” Her eyes were on fire. Either way, she had to submit. “Do you want more?” She asked. Yuko gloated. “Not as determined now?” She taunted. Bronze didn’t answer. The Geisha giggled. Oh, this was wort the effort. Bronze scratched her. She kept her wrists. “It is I who shall know you.” She used her own words. Yuko knew she hated her. That made itso much better. She would enjoy another hour or so. Then, when the eclipse rite was complete, they would resttogether within her coffin.

“Nation of fools”, town of Aliba. The 19th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The snow covered the street in white. The black bundle seemed to crawl for some distance. Then it raised, waving slightly back and forth. Dawn was approaching. A slight hiss, like that of a poisonous breath, was barely audible. The dark wanderer had followed his trace through the labyrinth. The whole park was encircled by the scouring mountains. There was no escape. hecouldn’t fly. The black rider dismissed that possibility. “Thou art to kill the Belmont clan.” The count’s last command still echoed in his mind. He would see it done.“Yes, my league.” The descendant would not get away. Not this time. The hunt would continue until it was over.

The cinema, “Nation of fools”. The 19th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The priestgotaway. Alastor struck with his blade. Sparks flew about the place. The demon roared with laughter. The spectre was transparent. Only his sword was visible. Julius did his best to resist. Alastor was the executioner of Hell. Julius threw the vial. The holy flame created a breather. The Vandal sword was the target. “God with us!” He clashed with the angel sword. Alastor bellowed. He touched the crucifix. The counter strike obscured the figure. The demon struck into the floor. He stamped the blade. The crucifix lit up. Alastor tried to kill him. The priest escaped. The giant roared. “God with us!” Time was on his side. The luminous cross appeared behind. “Restiturgam!” The image burst into multiple smaller crosses. Alastor howled. The priest blocked his ears. He couldn’t bare it. The sword tied him to this land. The silver bolt went through the air. That almost hit him. “Stay behind!” Julius shouted. “You can’t help me!” The steel plate might protect his heart. Alastor cracked his ribs. The priest used the laurels. The pain lingered. Thomas appeared in front. The dark-breed was blazing. He broke the sword between his fingers. Alastor roared before he went up in flames. Julius leaped. The gauntlets burned. He hurled the space stone. The meteor crushed the splinters. Julius bared his teeth. He couldn’t maintain the pressure. Ruth opened the scroll. The enflamed pillars cleared the area. “You won’t take him!” Anna made lightning strike. “This is for the mother!” Marina pushed him aside. She cast the ice spell. Alastor burst. Julius exhaled. The curse was ended. He took the gems. “You are the leader.” Anna touched his arm. He blushed. “You and me together.” Rinaldo enchanted the gauntlets to repel and harness the magic force. “I found the tickets.” Anna reached into her pocket. He frowned. The priest never imagined she got pockets within the costume. The crimson silk concealed nothing. That was none of his business. “They grant access to the audience room.” Ruth explained. “Alright.” Anna counted her tickets. “There should be enough.” Julius blessed the group. They went for the stand. Though the place was empty, the doors moved aside. “We must split our company.” Thomas remarked. “I guess.” Julius sighed. “There are three exits.” Ruth showed her empty hands. “I searched the warehouse.” She told. “I got nothing to show.” Julius became the leader. “We do what me must.” He said. “We continue the search.” The knight dismissed. Anna and Thomas went through the left opening. “You don’t have to speak.” Ruth said. “Trust the source.” Marina cracked with the whip-sword. They left through the center. Julius was alone. He was a Belmont. The priest touched the crucifix. Julius went through the third door. The corridor reached ahead. He couldn’t strike the candles. They were the only source of light. The rat squeaked. He bent to stab it. They came through the crack. The skeleton left the corner. Julius had to block. The dead struck the bone. “God with us!” The gauntlets were alive. He burned the rats. The skeleton threw bones into the air. Julius made it to rain with holy water. That closed the matter. He picked the gems. The priest entered the audience room. Julius stopped in place. The cinema was enormous. He felt like being watched. The empty seats glared down upon him. The show begun. Julius ran. A rat looked out from beneath the screen. Ruth had arrived, axe in hand, atop the Amphitheatre. She broke the dolls. Marina ran down to meet him. The dark-breed came from the other side. Anna became a hunter. She danced to remove the ruler swords. “That was great.” Thomas smirked. He retained human form. Julius sighed. “The map wasn’t there.” Marina looked sad. “Cheer up.” Anna encouraged. “We shall find it.” Thomas assured. The priest looked about. The images disturbed him. “I hate when people talk in the middle of the movie.” Thomas exclaimed. “That should be stopped.” Anna said. They stood together. “What shall we do?” Marina asked. “Let me think.” Julius touched the crucifix. “That is the control room.” Thomas figured it out. He went to inspect. The priest unsheathed the Stellar sword. “Preserve us from the wicked One.” They went to the door. “This is clever.” The exit got almost concealed by the curtains. “I don’t think so.” Thomas growled. “The door is locked.” Julius felt so tired. “We have to find the key.” He looked at his friends. They kept the search. Marina returned. “Why have you stopped?” Julius explained. “I see.” The nayad looked concerned. “Stay here.” She told. “We shall find it for you.” Marina went to talk with the others. Thomas muttered about a missing link. Then he left him behind. Julius kept standing. There was something about this place. Julius couldn’t describe it, though he felt. They had to leave the cinema behind. The priest went out upon the stage. The great dusty curtains almost reached the floor. He looked toward the top. What kept them in place? Julius pulled at the fabric. However, it might be, it seemed to work. The screen flashed. There was something up there. Though it might only be a reflection, Julius was certain about it. “Sorry Julius.” Anna’s voice almost made him to jump. “We didn’t find anything.” He shook that aside. “I may have found it.” The priest got fixed upon the golden object. “There is one place left to investigate.” Anna shuddered when she realized about the goal. “You must be mad.” Julius touched the crucifix. “The Lord preserve the people.” He sighed. “This is the only way.” Julius tapped her upon the shoulder. “Neither of us might make it.” Thomas growled. “Of course not.” He changed appearance. “This is my department.” Ruth stepped forward. “Let me come along.” She decided. “I might help you.” Julius inhaled. “Let it be.” They got no choice. The priest wouldn’t linger. He felt like a trap was closing in about them. “Alright.” Julius had to let go. “Do what you must.” He would stand guard. This was his duty; to preserve the souls of his family and friends. The hunters went ahead. Julius exhaled. He made the sign of the cross.

The knightmet her gaze. “You really are sure about this?” Thomashad to ask. She smiled. Thomas growled. “This is madness.” Hervoice became to controlled to focus. There was no doubt about her statement. Thomas sniffed the air.They better get moving. The figures on screen seemed to glare. He didn’t care. Ruthhad to climb upon his back. The dark-breed retained his true form. He tied the boots around his neck. He must climb atop. “You have to climb.” Ruth whispered in his ear. “We have to fetch that key.” Whisp howled. He knew that. The screams echoed from below. Thomas kept climbing. They reached the top without being challenged. “Now it is your turn.” Thomas told. The hunterleft him behind. “Be careful.” Thomas advised. The hunter went upon the line. Ruth really was quite elegant. He wondered how she might return to the floor. Thomas beheld the dome. The sunlight penetrated the broken stain-glass windows. The dark-breed tried to find the others. His friends got in trouble. Anna and Julius were fighting back-to-back. That was Alastor! Thomas snarled. The demon went from the screen! Marina cracked with the whip-sword. That wasn’t enough. Thomas couldn’t help them. “Come on.” He muttered. “Be quick.”Ruth got her own problems.

She barely breathed. This really wasn’t easy. The rope seemed to continue on forever. The fall would be fatal. Ruth kept going. The goal was ahead. The key gleamed by the reflection from beneath. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the Holy Ghost!” Julius made the rowof clocks to fall down. She almost followed. “I stand by you!” Anna shouted.She became the phoenix. Anna was a messenger sent to the people. The ectoplasms came through the wall. Anna hurled a flurry of axes. She made themto burn. The goal was to reach the key. They approached. Ruth struck about. The chandelier was aflame. There it was. “Julius!” She called. “Catch!” Ruth didn’t have time to return. She picked and threw the key. Ruth didn’t know if he caught it. She had to defend herself. Thomas didn’t forget about her. He hung from one arm while shooting with the rifle. The priest raninto the machine room. Ruth beheld the events unfold. She hadno time. The ectoplasms got to close. Thomas howled. The huntermade up her mind. She would not be the count’s concubine. Ruthleapt into the air. “The Lord is one!” She was flying!Ruthwas picked from the sky. The Phoenix settled down. Anna went to fetch the dark-breed. The demon roared. She bit her lip. Alastor had returned.

She watched the spectre burn. Anna crushed his sword. That left only one demon. She didn’t mind. The others would pull through. She ran into the control room. Julius wasn’t there. Although the film got cancelled.Alastor disliked the situation. Anna continued. There was another exit. Julius was inside the warehouse. He wasn’t alone. The creature channeled electricity. Julius hid behind a box. The ruler swords lifted from within. Annakept moving. The priest made a glide. He barelydodged the weapons. Anna was adorable. She danced to cast the star field spell. The fireballs exploded upon impact. The wave of weapons made her to retreat. The hunter made it to rain with holy water. The creature rattled with the chains. Julius threw the gold knife. That made him to stumble. Anna brandished with the swords. She attacked the ruler swords. Thomas returned. He fired with the rifle. The creature got shot. They had to dodge. The current might blast them away. Thomas then hung up the weapon. Shemade chain lightning strike. The swords got destroyed. The survivors went for the men. Anna felt the power blossom. She made a meteor dash. That burned the creature. He tried to strangle her. Julius buried thepyre sword. Then the knight stabbed. Anna might breathe again.

They united. Marinachecked the map. Theycame so far to find it. She hoped they might read it. Julius seemed to figure. “We have to reach the haunted house.” Anna smiled. She was adorable. “Do you know the location?” Ruth asked. “Thepark is between us and that tower.” Marina thought about it. “Anna might take us.” Julius had to explain his idea. “Are you sure?” Then of course, she was the Phoenix. The priest made the sign of the cross. “I know you can make it.” Julius had no doubt. “The firebird might carry a great burden.” Marina licked her lips. “Hold on to my feathers.” This had to work. “Mother of river.” They watched when she burst into song. Her light was too bright. They held hands when Julius touched the sun feathers. Marina blinked. He didn’t burn! Julius was pure at heart. The Phoenix spread her wings. She could lift them into the air. “Mother!” Marina yelled. Anna sang when she broke the stain-glass windows. Dawn approached. The sun bird went through the shards. “Hurry!” Marina felt the taint. She looked upon the black rider. “Have no fear!” Julius called. “He cannot touch you!” The wraith beheld their flight. “Keep on.” He advised. Anna wept. The precious tears healed their wounds. Marina sighed. The Phoenix might fly them to safety.

Forest of Debias, Warakiya. The 19th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The druid sounded his horn. Tholin dashed through the snow. “He is here!” He shouted. Germain sighed. The raven sat in the branches above. “Greetings.”The sun was shining. Tholin of the dwarves.” The raven talked in a human voice. “And to you, poltergeist king.” The druid bowed. “Hello.” Daniela waved almost lazily. The raven shrieked. Germain waited. “It is done.” He had become the messenger. “Earendil, the unicorn will help.” The dwarf cheered. Daniela danced. “Return.” He told. “Tell him that we shall be ready upon hiscall.” The raven blinked. “I shall inform them.” He spread his wings. Germain watched his flight. His species had survived. That is great news.” Tholin remarked. He brandished with the axe. The saintacknowledged. They had to prepare. Hector proved his worth. While he fought the devil forgemaster, Germain challenge the monsters. He inhaled. The breath turned into steam. It was cold today. The saintsupported against the wand. He would be ready. The movement promised to help. They got busy by exploring the mountain. Germain inspectedhis blade. That was sharp. He relaxed. Germain was a traveller, a guest in time. That was not the case. He would secure their future. Germain was not afraid. “Let it be.” The saint exhaled.

“Nation of fools”, town of Aliba. The 19th. Of December 2098 A.D.

They went into the air.The crows got interested. Julius bit together. He couldn’t fight. Not like this. Marina held hands. The hunter kept below. Thomas fired with the rifle. “Hold on!” The dark-breed shouted. “Keep in touch!” He howled. Thomas changed into his true form. Ruth threw the axes into the air. The birds got cut to pieces. “You must settle on therooftop!” The priest told. Anna sang. She reached the building. “Damn it!” Thomas cried. The crows hid among the clouds.The knightthrewthe garlic. Julius exhaled. The ice made the roof unstable. They couldn’t stay. “What is it?” Ruth asked. He touched the crucifix. “You must study the map.” Julius gave her the sheet. She frowned. “I need the compass.” Marina told. That was a problem. “I got an idea.” The knight rummaged through his backpack. “Here it is.” He opened the contract. Julius got away. “How may I be of service?” Renon tipped his hat. Thomas picked the money. The priest collected the coins. “I need the compass.” The trader opened his briefcase. “Here it is.” Renon put the compass on top. “Though it might cost you 300 pieces in gold.” Julius counted the money. “Here is 50 coins.” The hunter piled the lot. “This is a hundred pieces.” Marina shrugged. “My pocket-book is empty.” She told. “That is enough.” Thomas emptied his purse. “Thank you.” The salesman closed the deal.“Please call me if there is anything else.” The dark-breed gave her the compass. Renon bowed before he vanished. “Climb on my back.” Julius informed. She must be the guide. The nayad went atop. She was light. Anna returned. The priest hit the candles. Ruth and Thomas took the gold.

He touched the feathers. Julius might use the sub-weapons. “You will be hurt.” Anna looked upon them. Nobody would volunteer. “Believe.” Julius told. “Though your sins are red like purple, they will be white as snow.” Ruth looked concerned. “I sold my body for money.” She confessed. Thomas shrugged. “My blood forbids it.” He approached. Ruth then grabbed the feathers. She screamed. Julius felt compassion. “This I do.” Ruth said through her clenched teeth. “Because you are the vampire hunters.” They held hands. “Let us be gone.” Julius told. The Phoenix sand before leaving. “Head south!” Marina called. “To the tower!” The knight shot the skeletons. They climbed upon the attraction. Anna fought to get higher. The cross had returned. The park got surrounded by mountains. “Take the birds!” Julius called. “Leave the dead!” The skeletons reached another construction. They couldn’t escape. Julius threw the fireball. That chased and destroyed. “Right.” Thomas was blazing. “Look out!” Ruth told. The birds hid among the clouds. “Save us.” The Phoenix struggled against the strong winds. The skeleton went atop the building. Thomas released the flames. “Let it be!” Julius hurled the stone axe. The crows picked her on thewrist. “Please help me!” Ruth cried. The Phoenix shed a tear. Julius got in trouble. The dead threw bones. He felt like the nails tore his body. They hurled other bones. Julius threw the vial. “God with us!” He made it to rain with holy water. The gems restored his energy. Thomas was hit. “Dark ocean world!” Marina nailed with icicles. Julius beheld the conflict. The skeletons continued the pursuit. The birds tried to pick her. Marina cast other icicles. “Twisted!” Thomas hurled the flowers. The priest got the laurels. “Let it be!” He made the clocks to fall down. That was the end. The crows went for the Phoenix. “No!” Marina shouted. “You wouldn’t dare!” They picked their friend. The sun bird shone. Thomas released other flames. The sun bird rejoiced. Not even Balefire might remove her kind. The monsters dislike her. “Impressive.” The peaces vanished below. “Much impressive.” The skeletons found them. Thomas got hurt. He managed to hold on. “Look ahead!” Ruth called. “There is the tower.” The Phoenix tried to speed up. Julius threw the homing ball. The dead got shot to pieces. “I have you now!” Thomas got the garlic. “Hit the square!” Marina told. That was a nice spot. When they landed, Anna flashed. She retained her human form. The girl was adorable. Julius wasn’t in love. He would protect her. Ruth had the green potion. She went toward the tower. Thomas followed. They went around the corner. They pushed through the snow. Julius thought of Simon Belmont quest in 1692. The monsters might walk in daylight. Julius hit the candles. He took the gems and money. The drumstick restored him. “Father!” Anna called. They went to inspect the area. There were no skeletons, although he felt distressed. “Stop!” Anna found the spike bed. The rats escaped through the potholes. Anna danced to release the time stop. “Bless you.” Julius made the sign of the cross. He then dropped the book. The acid fumes gave an edge. The rats squeaked while melting. The priest made a grimace. That was ugly. Julius inhaled. The hands touched him. The frost went through flesh and blood. He broke the vial. The holy flame saved his soul. The dead released him. “Look out!” Anna created the meteor dash. She crushed the birds. That was enough, at least for the moment. The crows left the building. Julius let be. The skeletons pushed through the white. “God with us!” Julius threw the daggers to might block the attack. “Glory be You!” He worshipped the Lord. “Our Father in Heaven!” Anna leaped atop the bed. She screamed. The rats climbed upon her body. Julius rubbed his thumb and forefinger. That wasn’t nice. He knew from before. Julius inhaled. He must pick together. They scratched the skin to might tear her costume. The silk tore beneath their paws. “Good Lord!” The beast went between her legs. Anna opened the mouth. “Forgive me.” She moaned. The dancing girl stamped hervagina. “Let it be.” Julius took a stance. The skeletons had arrived. Julius released the sword storm. “God with us!” That gave an edge. The priest dashed. His blade shone like the sun in the forest. “Blast you!” Anna danced. The star field burned the lot. Julius sighed. The others had vanished. “God with us!” He cried. Julius had to hunt the night.

The knight had to relax. There was nothing he could do about it. There where no exits beside the main entrance. That was a problem. “The door is closed.” Marina told. “I don’t have the key.” Ruth frowned. The hunter disliked the situation. “What kept you?” Thomas asked. “We met some friends.” The smile never reached her eyes. “Leave it.” The priest checked the lock. “There is a seal.” Thomas growled. “Of course.” He knew the priest would say that. “Tell me about it.” Anna shrugged. “The administrator told he closed security.” Julius considered. “Where is the office?” Marina beheld the sheet. He blinked. Then what was the point? The nayad got the map and compass. “I don’t make an oath upon it.” She explained. “Though it looks like the administration is atop the aquarium building.” He had a look over the shoulder. Thomas barely translated the outlines. “The wing lies at the border.” That was alright. “There is a pond.” The waterfall came from the mountains. “You must be the guide.” Anna sat on the step. “I am too tired.” Thomas touched her cheek. She really looked by gone. His hand went down to cherish her breasts. The nipples went stiff. Thomas sighed. He left her behind. “Then it begins again.” Julius declared. The dark-breed reloaded the rifle. “alright.” He growled.

The hunter was unsure on what to do. “Follow me.” The nayad got the map and compass. “Right.” She would be the guide. That may be.She had no mind. Ruth and Anna produced their weapons. Thomas kept growling. He retained the human form. Julius got her attention. “What is it?” She asked. “Is anything the matter?” Julius dismissed. He was always kind. “Prepare yourself.” The priest made the sign of the cross. “To fight the righteous battle.” Julius touched the crucifix. “We stand upon the crossroad.” The hunter acknowledged. He told the truth. Julius went to talk with the others. The nayad replaced the items to strike with the whip-sword. Ruth exhaled. They returned to battle. The clouds had vanished. “He is one.” The sunlight kept the monsters at rest. They might haunt the shadow areas. Ruth checked the edge upon the axe. She would be ready. Julius told this was cursed earth. Evil thrived at the demon castle. Ruth felt the presence. The intake of Belmont blood made it possible. She shuddered. Ruth went sick. “Blasted!” Thomas pierced the crow. “Black water!” Marina cast the ice bullets. The air got filled by black birds. Ruth hurled the daggers. There were too many of them. She licked her lips. The ice cream cart was in motion.

The priest threw the Shuriken. Anna waited as the ice cream booth collided. She danced to create the star field. The skeletons escaped through the openings. Anna cried. She met him in hand-to-hand combat. They couldn’t resist the war force. The bone-man tried to use the bones for protection. Anna crushed his torso. The skeleton collapsed into a heap. She touched her tight stomach. Anna took the gems. “The Lord is one!” Ruth challenged the birds. She went to join her. They fought together. The crows tried to pick them apart. Thomas howled. He ripped the skeletons. The knight shot into the air. Julius stood his ground in front of the soda van. They came from behind. Marina created the fountain. “Ha!” The driver got removed. The dead went from inside. Anna tried to warn them. She got interrupted. Ruth read from the law to make the enflamed pillars to rise up. The birds got burned. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Anna beamed. She danced to reveal herself. The chain lightning hit the undead. Ruth made her best. She twirled with the axe. The monsters got cut to pieces. “Mother of river!” Marina threw the icicles. They froze into oblivion. Anna supported against the swords. The fight was over. Julius inspected the carts. “I think we can use them.” He told.

She gasped. Was he crazy? He couldn’t possibly expect them to do that. “Are you insane?” Ruth asked. “They will discover us.”Marina sighed. “I can’t drive.” She told. Julius inhaled. “I can.” He said. “I am a priest, I trained with the Swiss guard.” He made the sign of the cross. “They taught me what to do.” Ruth picked with the axe. “When I enlisted into the army, theytaughtme how to drive.” She didn’t look happy. Marina almost forgot. She put it aside. “This is wrong.” Julius presented the crucifix. He went to inspect the other booth. “Anna have to rest.” The priest sighed. “There is no other way.” Marina crossed her arms. She really looked tired. “We must escape.” The nayad bit her lip. “Please.” Ruth tried to appealed. “Listen to him.” Marina shrugged. “Take her on your back.” Thomas told. “Then Anna and I will occupy the storage.” Thomas made his choice. “Come here.” The priest had to bend. He took her on his back. “Black water.” Julius opened the cart. Ruth seemed unsure, though she climbed on board. The group was assembled. “Start your engines.” Ruth turned the key. “Then let it be.” Julius had to follow. She might fend off the monsters. Marina would guide.Thomas got his gun. The journey began. The swingers leaped to throw sickles. Marina fired.

Town of Aliba, Warakiya. The 19th. Of December 2098 A.D.

He was standing guard. This part of the wall looked out upon the west of Warakiya. Azoth marched back and forth between the gate. The wind still played with the cloak. Azoth hissed. The lizard man tried to huddle. “Master.” The sun reached its apex. Azoth looked from beneath the hood. The light hurt his eyes. Though that didn’t leave him in limbo. The species could remain in daylight. Never the less, the lizard felt at a loss. Azoth licked his lips. He joined the army. They enlisted him with the day watch. Azoth reached the end of the sector. He met her atop the wall. “Everything is quiet.” Sharon informed. Azoth gave his salute. “Though this is boring.” The brown woman shrugged. “The sergeant gave us this service.” He remarked. “He is in charge.” The Egyptian rolled her eyes. “Right.” She bent upon the spear. “Then we better keep up.” Azoth hailed the resolve. “Consider me gone.” Sharon smirked. They turned around. The lizard sighed. That was a nice chat. She eased the tension. Azoth left that behind. Azoth would do his duty. He often survived because of that. The lizard returned for the gate. The land lay silent beneath the snow. Sharon told the truth. This was dull service. The sergeant told. Azoth had adapted to the program. He would look for the resistance.

“Nation of fools”, town of Aliba. The 19th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The Belmont had escaped again! The dark wanderer crawled out onto the street. He would find him. “Thou arth to kill the Belmont clan.” The black rider would continue until he found his trail. The figure found the bloody road. Hate was cold. Though he got no steed, the rider would never stop hunting them. He would carry on. The wanderer searched the scent. The pray was here somewhere. Although the rising sun blurred his vision, his other sences got more active. He always smelled the blood of the living. The riderboth lusted forand hated it. His pray was inside the park. The Belmont would not get far, not this time.

The priest stopped the soda van. Marina went down from his shoulders. “We have to leave the carts here.” The snow was getting deep. The booth wasn’t made for this climate. The Phoenix landed upon the snow. Julius inhaled. The girl was adorable. He sighed. Julius was just a man. Heunsheathedthe sword. Ruth produced the crossbow. The knight jumped from his seat. Thomas retained his true form. He picked the spear. Julius made the sign of the cross. The aquarium was atop the hill. Marina hit the candles. He took some coins. The hunt continued. The cart came from the left. “Get down!” Thomas howled. She didn’t listen. Marina released the ice bullets. The van collided. The skeletons leaped into the air. Julius approached. “Look out!” Anna told. Copelia climbed on the wires. The demonic acrobat delivered with a two-step high kick. Julius staggered. Thedevil threw herself forward. They collided. She tried to stab him. Marina brandished with the whip-sword. The leather west got stained by her ugly green blood. “Get lost!” He shouted. Demon blood might corrupt the people. Copelia spun and tackled. The acrobat was so quick. Julius got in trouble. He couldn’t track her. Julius pulled the dagger. His life was a weapon. Copelia got thrown sky high by the impact. “Lord!” The priest rushed to take her. “Deliver us!” He struck with the Alura sword. Her head fell to the ground. Julius made a glide. He almost struck the building. That was a small price to pay. Marina helped him to get up. The others got occupied by the skeletons. The hot dog van stopped in front. “Amdashes.” Julius made the sign of the cross. “Dark water.” Copelia got shot from the cannon. The acrobat went for him. The chest-plate stood against her daggers. “Leave him alone!” Marina released the bullets. Copelia went for the sky. The priest hurled the crystal. He struck her between the shoulders. That made her to vomit. Julius dashed. “Curse you human!” The kick struck the air from his lungs. Julius felt like the ribs got broken. The laurels restored him. Marina got ahead. The ice kept the devil in place. Copelia hissed. The flow of black hair could not conceal her rage. The knives obscured her mobility. Julius retrieved the sword. The girl had no armour. The fountain granted an edge. Copelia screamed. The stream left red markings upon her skin. Julius inhaled. He hurled the Shuriken. This had to end. The acrobat leaped for the wires. The priest made it to rain with holy water. Copelia lost hold. “Mother of river!” The devil got up to be filled with ice bullets. “Accursed!” Copelia exploded. They survived the outburst. He made the sign of the cross. Amdashes made lightning strike. The musician from Hell made her to scream. Amdashes played upon misery. Marina gasped. She fell before him. Amdashes laughed. He reached forth his hand. The magic ring granted power. “Be gone!” Julius approached. This wasn’t her battle. Amdashes gloated. The gold burned. The rising flames would kill her. Julius advanced with the arms on fire. The sword was a torch. Amdashes lost his momentum. “Burn in Hell!” Ruth triggered the crossbow. The Hellfire demon made lightning strike. Ruth screamed. She huddled together. “God with us!” Julius hurled the five gold knives. The demon shook. The knives protruded his scaled flesh. Julius held the blade upright. Amdashes screamed. The ring and gaze burned with the fires of Hell. Julius managed to repel the onslaught. Ruth survived. She stood in front of the girl. The Hellfire demon withdrew while blasting. Julius dropped the mystic book. Time was on his side. The Tempus flame slowly turned Amdashes into dust. He reached for the crucifix. “Father!” Julius called upon the Lord. “I have sinned.” He figured out the danger. The pope had warned them about the stopwatch. Julius hoped that Torah would gain control. No one deserved that fate. Ruth, Marina and Julius collected the gems. He felt much better. “Forgive me.” Anna and Thomas arrived. “I got too much on my hands to support you.” The knight retained his human form. Julius put it aside. “It is alright.” He told. “You kept the dead off our backs.” Thomas exhaled. The priest relaxed. Although they got their arguments, Julius had faith in them. “Let us continue.” Anna suggested. “It will be done.” Julius declared. The black rider would never leave him. That was an uphill battle. Although he became stronger, they chilled his blood. Anna was already ahead. She climbed the hillside. “That is a bad idea.” The snow obscured their terrain. She must be freezing. Anna wore the plain shoes. The jewelleries granted a shelter. The crows hid among the branches. Marina hid within the bubble. “Drop it!” Anna controlled the war force. “Get down!” Julius made large spinning books to appear in place. The birds pulled away. The priest made clocks to fall down. Thomas snarled. The garlic exploded on impact. Anna kept steady. She retained the silver bolts. The fight was over. They sheered the gems. Julius hit the candles. Another flock arrived. He got no worry. Julius drank the invisibility potion. Then he went into battle. Thomas ripped them to pieces. The girls got ready. “Follow me!” He encouraged. “This is the aquarium!” Anna cheered. She released the circle of fireballs. They reached the hilltop. The building consisted of square and rectangular forms. Julius made the sign of the cross. There seemed to be a sort of cake atop. The priest felt watched. Thomas snarled. The nayad looked for the crows. Ruth and Anna maintained position. The mountains raised about. “So, it might appear.” Julius inhaled. “I hope you know what you are doing.” Thomas remarked. “I know.” Julius touched the crucifix. There was the main entrance. “Preserve us.” The frost hid the interior. Julius must have a closer look. The priest hoped they didn’t forget anything. The handle moved while he pushed. Julius got behind. His friends had gathered. They expected an ambush. Then nothing happened. Julius presented the sword. They had to be ready. “God with us.” The dank heat made him to sweat. That was the least of their problem. Julius closed the door behind.

Aquarium, “Nation of fools”. The 19th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The knight cleaned his face. Thomas got to remain focus.The armour felt like a burden in this dank heath. Thomas got the spear. The sunlight at least made it bright enough. The pool was illuminated like a bowl of gold. He shook it off. Thomas got to wait. The priest would figure out the strategy. The surface suddenly split apart. Thomas got away. The giant eyeball bounced uponthe floor. The priest struck his blade. The huge bloodshot red eye rebounded backward. Its strange ugly tears became a stream of other rolling eyeballs. Thomas thought of Christopher Belmont. He fought Dracula in 1576. The eye returned. Marina sprouted the ice bullets to counter the eyeballs. “Be careful!” She shouted. Thomas might also roll. He escaped from the beast. “Those eyeballs might…” The nayad never finished. Anna struck with the swords. Themonster exploded. Her body was thrown hard against the wall. The giant eyeball emerged.Thomas threw the stake. The eye rebounded. The priest doused with holy water. The eyes went rolling about. “Timber.” His stab sent the eye tumbling into the water. Marina leaped. She pierced the monster. The giant eyeball rebounded. Thomas grabbed her by the belt. He hoisted her on shore. Thomas stood to face the eyeballs. The knight would save her.

The hunter covered up the retreat. The eyeball might pull over. She threw the axe. Ruth relaxed. She hit home. The monster burned. That wasn’t enough. The thing was to big. The tears were boiling acid. The moron incubated upon the siblings. Thomas hurled garlic into the air. The eyes exploded. The nayadgave a hand.“The Lord is one!” Ruth slashed. The enflamed axe was buried in its soft tissue. The hall was soaked. Marina didn’t care. She released a spreadshot of ice bullets. “Thanks!” Ruth called. She was put to the test. Julius got occupied. The monster tried to land on top.Anna threw herself forward. The dual swords made a deep impact. The monster fell upon her. “Anna!” The men fought to get through. Ruth knew how they felt. Sheplanted the axe into theeyeball. That made it to rebound. Anna was barely breathing.She was running out of time. Ruth chased the giant eyeball. It rolled across the floor while crying. Marina brandished with the whip sword. She managed to trap the eyeball. Julius threw the shuriken. The item got stuck in the monster. Ruth opened the skull. She released the rising pillars. The holy fire burned through. The giant eyeball exploded from inside. The tears soaked the place.Anna then healed herself. She felt jealous about it.

He used the laurels. Anna shrugged. She almost got killed. The priest replaced his item. The legends told that Simon Belmont found them in1688. She put it aside. Anna caught the mystic orb. That restored her. Julius frowned. He went for the counter. “The surveillance might still be in effect.” Anna played with the pearls. “That might tell us about this place.” That wouldn’t work. The screens were blank. “Julius.” Thomas spoke in a low voice. “I think you should have a look.” Anna cleaned her brow. Although the gems offered protection, she was an ordinary girl. The wall behind the gallery had collapsed. Anna exhaled. She made the sign of the cross. “Father.” The priest folded his hands in prayer. They kept quiet. Anna licked her painted lips. There was no way. “The ground floor is ruined.” Ruth barely whispered. “The administration is up there.” Anna refused to give up. She got to think. The priest closed his prayer. He stepped in front. “There is another way.” Julius told. “We could break up.” Anna sighed. Although she disliked the idea, it was an option. “We could enter the wing.” The priest considered. “There is the basement.” Anna remarked. “Julius?” Marina asked. “What shall we do?” She waited. They depended upon his judgement. “We hunt.” He said.

They were vampire hunters in their own right. Though he was the Belmont. The priest would know what to do. “Thomas.” Marina sighed. He finally spoke. “You take Anna and Marina with you downstairs.” The knight gave his salute. The nayad hid a giggle. Men and their games. She put it away. Marina respected their efforts. “We shall find a way.” She promised. “Sure.” Anna blew a kiss. “Whatever you wish.” The priest touched the crucifix. “Come on.” Thomas sounded so tired. She knew his demeanour. This wasn’t the right place or time to be flirting. The dark-breed lead them behind the counter. She reached for the whip-sword. She figured they would have to fight. Marina would be ready. The spring gathered at the fingertips. She felt the dripple. “Mother of river.” The cellar was open. “Take it easy.” Thomas advised. “Listen to the composer.” Marina cherished the hand upon the whip-sword. “You know about the song?” She asked. Anna arched an eyebrow. She got no clue. “Of course.” The knight inspected his weapon. “We pray at the same church.” Marina felt unsure. She was not like them. “Alright.” The dancing girl unsheathed both swords. “Let us investigate this basement.” Marina let go of the necklace. They would hunt together.

The “Rose garden”, town of Aliba. The 19th. Of December 2098 A.D.

She whistled while she worked. The girl polished the lamp. Alura was in charge now. She took over when Kirke went out to never return. The dancing girl wondered what happened. Then again, that was none of her business. They might do whatever they wanted. The blonde nymph replaced the lamp. “Excellent.” The perfumed oil sparked. Alura liked to watch the fire. Although she got no Pixie blood, she cherished the flame. “Yes.” The tattoos began to burn. “Grow for me baby.” Agnus granted more strength. The dress, embroidered with the evergreen and Forget-me-not flowers, barely concealed her curves. Alura pledged fealty to the order of Shadows. “Then what is the matter girl?” Emma approached. “Everything should be settled for tonight.” Calypso smiled. That never reached the eyes. The little nymph got a dead stare. “The chef restored the kitchen.” The globes reminded about the doll. “That is nice.” Alura giggled. She made some steps. The nymph wouldn’t think too much about her ceremony. Kirke performed to obtain mastery. “I would love to perform before you.” Ezmeralda confessed. “That you shall.” Alura gloated upon the power. She felt the might cherish her limbs. “It shall be restored.” The Dark Lord would be pleased with her.

Aquarium, “Nation of fools”. The 19th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The priest watched them leave. “May You guide them to fresh springs.” Julius said. “It will be alright.” Ruth smiled. He made the sign of the cross. Julius disliked the situation. Though they got no choice. The hall was ruined. The area got soaked by the battle. “I know that song.” The priest touched his crucifix. “The Lord is our God.” Ruth didn’t seem to notice. “The Lord is one.” He got to reveal their nature. That was no trouble. The trio sat by the pool. “You have disgrace yourself.” Julius announced. “Look upon yourself.” The blonde, the brunette and the redhead met his challenge. “You are drunk with power.” He got disgusted. “You threw away the chance to become angels, for Satan’s price.” The mermaids singing. Ossë and Uinen were their parents. “Ulmo must grieve for your loss.” Julius twisted the sword. “You, have fallen.” The soul mates got lured by the great enemy. “I am no ordinary girl.” The blonde hissed. There was venom in her voice. “I am from a deeper underworld.” The brunette teased. “

Enough of this.” Julius made the sign of the cross. “Do not try to fool me.” Ruth blinked. Then she didn’t know? “What my oysters got to say.” The redhead was the most dangerous of the group. “Do not disturb the balance between fire, ice and lightning.” He repeated the ancient warning. “The source of Dracula’s power.” Ruth dashed toward the trio. “Get behind!” She didn’t get it. “Play ball!” The mermaids leaped into the pond. They reappeared in their true form. The blonde made the flames to burn in front. Ruth shrieked. Then the myths retained some truth. The legends told how they might only be revealed in the water. “God with us!” Julius made a glide. The brunette made lightning strike. “Stay cool, Goldie lock.” The redhead reached a hand. Julius gaped. The hunter got caught in the crystal. “You got 11 minutes to tore your toy.” She giggled like a maniac. “Tick tack.” They fit the killer clowns. “The riddle is this; the riddle is out.” They shared in her mirth. “Who is to melt her out?” Julius made it to rain with holy water. The mermaids retained their human form. Though only for a while. He threw three daggers. The girls got impaled. That was not enough. Their rags already revealed their breasts. Julius got chased by the fireballs. He repelled the onslaught. Though the priest almost got hit by lightning. “Game over!” The redhead reached to take him. The pyre sword resisted her charm. “I still have a dream!” Julius announced. “About the life out on the deep blue sea.” His kind polluted the ocean. “The day shall come.” He stamped with the crucifix. “When we shall see each other, face to face.” The redhead screamed. She got burned. “That rests with the Lord.” Julius gave her the crystal. “Step into the light.” She got reduced to shining dust. They spread on the water. “By the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob!” Ruth got released from the ice. She went for the brunette. “No! Not her!” Julius told. “Beware of the dark side!” The mermaid released tiny blasts from between her fingers. Ruth blocked with her arms on fire. “Bless me!” Julius cut through the fireballs. The blonde made them to appear in front. He forced behind to impale her heart. “My poor sisters!” The dust scattered upon the water. Ruth ducked beneath the blast. The lightning bolt exploded against the wall. The priest took the crystals. The entrance shook by the impact. “Preserve us from the wicked One!” Julius summoned. The hall was collapsing. “Human scum!” They got to escape. The brunette would not allow it. She reappeared at the heart of the pond. “I shall make you to suffer!” The mermaid pulled her hands down to summon the great maelstrom. Julius was glad that Marina got away. “That is black water over there!” Ruth exclaimed. “God with us!” Julius recognized the liquid. “You cannot escape!” The brunette mermaid declared. “I summon the crimson rain!” That was an insult. Carrie Fernandez got crimson eyes. “Everybody hurts.” The sorceress had cried at last. That she shared with Reinhardt Schneider and Henry Oldrey. “That is none of your business.” He told. “Go back. Leave this place. Return to the shadow.” Julius raised the sword. “You cannot pass!” She released the blood storm. “You have become a cursed being!” Ruth threw the enflamed dagger. That protruded between her shoulders. The mermaid gasped. Then she burst. Ruth exhaled. “The Lord is with you.” Julius felt at peace. “Now it is over.” The hall was shaking. “Follow me.” Julius went for the opening. She got the axe. The priestunsheathed hissword. He kicked the door open. Ruth dashed inside. She shouldn’t do that. The bats squeaked with blood thirst. The swarm went for the neck. “Stamp them out!” Julius shouted. She presented her symbol. Julius ran inside. He made the meteor to chase and destroy. They scattered about. Ruth leaned against the wall. She was breathing heavily. “This is the body of Christ.” Julius cared about her. He reached for the envelope. Ruth pulled through the golden hair. He really got concerned. Was she bitten? They carried the undead pestilence. She looked okay. Julius sighed with relief. The hunter retrieved her weapons. The priest gota better overview. The left side of the complex displayed the subterranean kingdom. The candles were the only source of light. Julius tried the switch. Then nothing happened. The ice destroyed the internet. The priest might see beyond the obvious. The exhibits were overgrown. “They are dead.” Ruth exclaimed. Julius closed his eyes. “I know.” The recyclers were closed. “They used blue ocean magic upon the pool.” He dismissed about the matter. Julius presented his sword. “There is something alive in here.” He caught the motion. “What was… “Ruth got interrupted. The swarm hid against the ceiling. The fishmen arrived. “Get down!” The priest shouted. The mutated fish creatures spat poison streams. Ruth did as he told. The bats went toward his neck.They really got mad with blood thirst. “God with us!” Julius got the sword. He presented the crucifix. “Together we stand!” The priesthad to clean the aquarium.

The dark-breed howled. Thomas threw garlic at the swarm. The cluster exploded. He retained human form. Anna brandished with the swords. “This is salt water.” Marina tasted the air. Thomas sent her a look. He then sniffed. She was right. Anna blinked. “How is this possible?” He shrugged. Thomas didn’t care. He had no answers. Where had she gone? Thomas sighed. The naiad watched the huge aquarium that contained the ship wreck. That was one of the few tanks which still looked clean. “What are you staring at?” Anna asked. She shook her head. Thomas left them behind. He searched for the exit. There was one that led into the basement. That might be the right way. “Thomas!” The warning came to late. The fishman jumped from within the ship tank. The freak spat poison streams. Thomas got soaked. He couldn’t resist. The girl danced. She slashed him into pieces. He got friends. She moved along. The swordswere her best weapons. He got poisoned. Julia and Patrick would have to pick up his mantle. Anna knelt beside. She went through the backpack. Anna gave him the last of the antidote. The knight felt much better. He would fight. “Where is Marina?” He asked. Anna pointed. She was inside the tank. Thomas had no doubt. He got to help her.

The hunter removed his head. The fishman stumbled. Julius made the spikes to fall down. That made the bats to scatter. The killer fish lept from an open tank. Julius slashed it to Sushi. There were others like him. The fishman spat. Ruth threw axes into the air. That took the brunt of their attack. Her arms were on fire. She reached among the group. Ruth screamed. Their blood was poison! She kept slashing about. The fishmen got burned to death. Ruth went into the tank. They had to be rounded up. The aquarium was one of those carved into the wall. The fishmen hid among the dead sea life. Ruth hit the candles. They were strange. The candles lit on her arrival. Though they didn’t give much light. Ruth bent to picked the items. She claimed the star boomerang. Ruth fused with blood power. The enflamed star chased and destroyed. She thanked the God of her ancestors. The fishmen got killed. Ruth caught the star upon its return. She picked the remaining gems. The sound of music made her to drop the axe. Ruth felt her body numb. The winged sirens kept hidden in the corner. Now they came out to fetch her. She didn’t even feel afraid. Their beauty intoxicated her sences. They smiled. Ruth spread her arms wide. The sword pierced her heart. Julius came while gasping for air.

The Gipsie shot the fishman into oblivion. She could breathe underwater. Anna didn’t know that was possible. The ghost pirate cut through her line of thoughts. The transparent figure wore the three-pointed hat and rags of the phantom. He tried to stab her. The cutlass was not a phenomenon. Anna cursed. The time stop had no effect. The fishmen froze. Thomas returned. He was naked. Never the less, he made them to fight. The crucifix blazed with gold and silver. Anna also revealed the crucifix. Thomas gestured. He pointed her forward. The nayad had disappeared. Anna figured. She made the sign of the cross. Then the monsters caught up. The dark-breed retained his true form. That was impressive. Anna went toward the wreck. She burned the fishes. There was the crack. Anna got to pull through. The ghost pirates then appeared. She presented the crucifix. That carved some space. Anna looked about. The sight got obscured. She went straight up. There seemed to be a better light. Anna inhaled. “Jesus!” She reached the surface. Though the girl might survive in the deep, nothing was like fresh air. This wasn’t the real thing. Anna climbed upon the planks. She beheld the deck. The ship was submerged. This was an air pocket. They sang. “Oh my God!” Annashrieked with horror.

She got to freeze the killer fish. They tried to make dinner upon her. Marina was forced to leave the whip-sword. The ocean water wasn’t nice to her skin. The nayad seldom went out upon the deep blue sea. Marina bit together. The fishes swam about. She broke the ice cube. Another figure emerged. Marina couldn’t believe it. The dark-breed leaped into the water. She wondered how long he might keep his breath. Thomas presented the crucifix. The fishes chased him. The power made them to boil in their own juices. She cheered the offence. Marina sped for the wreck. That might be a perfect hideout for the pirates. Anna also joined the swim. That made her feel much better. Marina froze the fishmen. They had become more numerous. She released a solid beam of ice. They scattered. Marina inspected the ship. The humans built it long ago. There wasn’t much left. She found the crack. That might be large enough for her to get through. She got within. The ground was coated with sand. The sea life grew about. Marina had reached the deck. The cargo was visible. She swam toward the air pocket. This had to be the lower deck. Marina shook her hair. She wore the tunic. The plunder lay in loads. She ignored about the stash. The sirens were making music.

Forest of Debias, Warakiya. The 19th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The Unicorn galloped through the snow. Earendil was too concerned to worry about the terrain. Poe circled about while shrieking: “Nevermore!” The forest’s caretaker had promised to aid the humans in their peril. When the horn-playing druid sent for him, he was happy to assist. Earendil convinced the Centaurs to join with the movement. The forest was rising, though his curse lay on the land. They would change it today. The sun made his horn to shine. The unicorn raised it high and proud. Earendil came to a stop. His breath became like smoke in the air. He reachedupon the clearing. They were there to meet him. “My friends.” Earendil spoke. “You children of the wood.” Bern was their chieftain. The strong grey Centaur gave a brisk salute. He brought forty kinsmen along. The naiads were fewer. They gotcast out of their habitat. Earendil was glad to see them. The river daughters looked ready to fight. “I am glad you could come.” The humans began to arrive. Enroth sent them an angry look. “We wishto join the resistance movement.” Then Henry hailed them presently. “Today, we fight for the freedom of Warakiya.” The naiads seemed flattered by their obvious interest. Let it be. The curse concerned the people. Although they shared no dream, they would fight together.

Aquarium, “Nation of fools”. The 19th. Of December 2098 A.D.

He fought to resist. The sirens sang. Their music made him to feel dizzy. Ruth got confused. She waited. They wouldmake pray upon her. Julius had to be awake. They smiled. The sirens invited. The music died. The cold pierced his heart. The hate rattled in the tomb. Julius knew that sound. He turned. Julius kept his sword. The black rider was ready. The draped apparition made no move, gave no sign. He just stood there, waiting. “Defend yourself!” Julius shouted. The rasped breath was his only reply. “Wraith!” Ruth was pale with horror. Julius inhaled. “Preserve us from the wicked One!” He prayed. Fear was their weapon. The wanderer cried.That was thesound of shattered ice. Julius withdrew. The cold might kill him. The horseman launched. Julius met his blade. The sirens tried to escape. The undeadpondered his defences. Julius got put to the test. She couldn’t help him. Ruth was terrified. “Save me!” Hecalled upon the Lord. The sword blazed with gold. The angel sword was more then he could handle. The wanderer shrieked. That sent him sprawling. Julius went numb. He couldn’t move. “Yes, my lord.” The rider spoke with someone invisible. “It shall be done.” He raised the sword. Julius met the faceless hood. He would confront the killer. Ruth shrieked. She threw herself upon the wraith. Julius blinked. She stampedwith the lit chandelier. The wanderer screamed. He then froze the area. Ruth got trapped in place. The rider struck his sword. Julius got up to block the assault. For a moment, they fought for superiority. “From Hell!” Hestepped aside. The wraith moved to get him. The vials broke. Julius bathed him with holy fire. The cloakwas on fire. Julius shuddered. The hood fell away. He got no head! The wraith shot ice bubbles through the mouth. Julius dodged each attack. The axe then smashed the chest-plate. The wanderer grunted, though he kept up the assault. He tried to freeze them. Julius made a back-flip.That would make Richter proud. Ruth threw the star. The weapon burned when buried in his cape. “Please.” The sirens crawled in the dust. “Lord! Tell us what to do?!” Julius threw the crystal. “You shall kill the Belmont clan.” He hissed. Foul winds blew upon defeat. He left a pile of scorched cloths and burnout armour. Julius didn’t relax. The sirens spread their wings. They didn’t sing. Julius got behind. He almost slipped on the ice. “This is his fault.” Ruth breathed. She went closer. Julius got nervous. He looked about. There was no exit. The sirens moved closer together. Even they looked afraid. “We better… “He began. Then he changed his mind. “You, sirens!” He called. “Get out! Leave this place!” Julius sighed. “He is to blame.” Ruth was shaking. The sirens tried to huddle. “This is our habitat.” The leadertold. “We are to die in here.” Her sister almost sobbed. The others tried to comfort. They must do something. “Come on!” He encouraged. “Follow me!” Theygot dumbfounded. Julius beamed. He grabbed a siren by the arm. “This way.” He said. She made her surrender. The seven sisters went for the door. Theyleft the area. Julius shut it behind. He prayed for the curse to stay in that room. “Ruth!” He cried. “Read the scroll!” She looked confused. “Exorcise the demons!” She pulled the sheet of paper.Ruth read the text aloud. He listened to the Hebrew words. They gave him comfort. “Glory be You.” He made the sign of the cross. “Our Father in Heaven.” She gave him a look. Julius shook his head. “Why did you save us?” The sirens settled within the pond. “Because.” He said. “No one deserves to die.” His friends didn’t arrive. “I live to serve the people.” They exchanged glances. Julius doubted they would ever understand. “You saved us.” The ravenlock repeated. Thesisters then gathered around. “We should reward you.” The blonde was serious. Julius sighed. This was a plight and duty. They wouldn’t leave. The Dark Lord would have to provide for them. “I ask for nothing.” He explained. “Though you might show us the way to the administration.” Ruth kept her weapon. “Sure.” The redhead giggled. “That is through the right door.” The brunette smiled. “The staircase is right ahead.” The blonde shook her head. “Beware of the sisters. They don’t owe you anything.” Julius accepted the statement. “What about you?” Ruth asked. The ravenlock flapped with her wings. “We leave in peace.” The priest blessed. They exchanged glances. “Let us go.” He couldn’t force them to re-join the light. Ruth and Julius went for the other end of the aquarium. He opened the door. They reached another exhibition. Julius hit the candles. “Get away!” Ruth called. He sidestepped. The ugly jellyfish reached to grab him. Julius had to spear it. Octo repelled. Julius got strangled. He went dizzy. They fed on his strength. Ruth tore it away. He almost collapsed. “Save us!” Julius threw the vial. They couldn’t rest. Octo rebounded. The bats arrived. He got to gather. Ruth flouted in the air. The enflamed chandelier burst above. That cleared the area. She went berserk. Her arms were on fire. Ruth threw the axes and knives. “The curse of Grant Dinesti.” He got to help her. Julius got earth in the blood. He leached upon Octo. The fairy sword slashed their slimy flesh. They left plenty of gems. The sword was blazing. The ghost pirates went through the floor. Ruth threw theknife. They pierced. She gasped. Empty eye sockets beheld from below the three-pointed hat. The scarf kept the jaws shut. Julius presented the crucifix. He must repel them. Octo tried to grab him. He stamped them out. They exploded. Ruth barely blocked the cutlass. The pirates gathered about. Julius hurled the vials. They mooned. He removed the skull. Ruth was hurt. She cast the star. Octo burst. Ruth fought the fishmen. They left the tank. Julius approached. The killer fish leaped from the aquarium. He kept the crucifix. They fell into the water. Julius ran. Octo unleashed. The priest pined it on his sword. The monster burned. The fishman tried to knock him. Ruth appeared from behind. She pierced the heart. “Follow me!” Ruth opened the door. The gallery went around the room. She screamed. The harpy threw a dagger.

He moved through the water. Where could they be? Thomas kept his breath. They got to be somewhere. He slashed the fish. The jellyfish tried to pull him down. The dark-breed would have smirked. He went beneath the monster. Thomas reached the ship wreck. His lungs where aching. He went inside. They must have used the crack. The water above seemed brighter. Thomas gasped when he at last reached an air pocket. He held on to the crucifix. The knight lay on the planks while breathing. Thomas shook his head. Someone was singing. HE growled. Thomas learned things the hard way. He didn’t trust the maids. “Not this time.” He muttered. “I have enough of your people.” The sirens looked perplexed. Whisp howled his challenge. The dark-breed morphed into his true form. The slick blue man-wolf then charged. The sirens spread their wings. His body blazed with energy. Whisp tore the girl into pieces. He fired a cross-shaped beam of solid energy. The sirens dodged. They nailed him with feathers. Whisp shook it off. He would save the females. Three girls had gathered around them like pray. He knocked the candles. Whisp claimed the wild roses. He hurled dual flowers at the maidens. The sirens exploded. He leached for the trio. He wouldn’t allowit.

She was in trouble. Ruth fired the crossbow. Octo got pierced. She turned round to show her symbol. The bats scattered. She would follow the law of her ancestors. The Torah contained His words. Octo drained her of energy. Ruth slashed it to pieces. Fishmen jumped from the aquarium. Ruth threw daggers at them. She had to get through. Julius was taken by the harpies. The fishmen spat poison streams. She ducked. The axes came in handy. Julius held onto the gallery with one hand. The other was busy striking monsters. Ruth went all pink with admiration. The priest would never give up. The bats settled on her body. She stamped them out. They left some crystals. She didn’t know if they might actually bit through her tunic. She kept the jacket close. Octo flouted about. She read the scroll. Ruth didn’t fuse, though a flurry of pages got shot everywhere. She made a glide beneath. Octo dropped. She spun about. The jellyfish drained her energy. Ruth stumbled. She fought to stamp it. The monster finally left. Ruth felt so dizzy. Octo moved through the air. Ruth swung the axe. She struck through the brain. Octo burst into flame. The crystals fell on the ground. She picked them before dashing forward. She really could need some help right about now. Then Octo got hold of Julius.

The girl shook her head. What happened? Anna felt like waking from a nightmare. She was within the wrecked ship. Thomas fought the sirens. They pumped him with feathers. Their spell must be broken. Anna felt ashamed. She thought her arts would protect her against that magic. Thomas howled. The feathers drew blood. Anna released a burst of energy. The sisters died. Marina was awake. She delivered a burst of ice bullets. The dancing girl inspected the treasure. She hoped to find the key down here. The girl sighed. She found nothing. “Let us get away from here.” Marina said. “Have you found anything?” Thomas asked. The knight retained his human form. Anna showed her empty hands. “Well.” He shrugged. “Then we better continue.” He had a deep breath before leaping. The water splashed. She followed. Marina was in close pursuit. The monsters tried to slow them. Thomas wouldn’t have it. They struggled to reach the surface. At last she got above. Thomas leaped upon the floor. This was a reunion. Anna left the tank. The nayad froze the fishmen. Thomas had done armour. He emptied the rifle. Anna sighed. That was close. “Are you alright?” She retained her swords. “I am fine.” The knight went to inspect the door. “How typical.” That was open.

The nayad held on the whip-sword. Thomas climbed the staircase. The bats flapped about. “Go on!” Anna struck with both swords. “Let me cover you!” There was a broken tank right beneath the staircase. The fishmen kept leaping out. They went high enough to spit poison streams. Marina huddled together. The dark-breed threw the stakes. She delivered an onslaught of ice bullets. The bats got frozen. She struck them to pieces. Thomas kept climbing. The dancing girl hurried along. The harpies detached from the ceiling. He fired. Thomas reloaded with silver bullets. She barely dodged. Anna danced to make chain lightning strike. That made her to drop. Marina almost stepped on the frog. He got away. This was madness. “It got mutated!” Anna screamed. The nayad almost fell down from the staircase. “Stay put!” Thomas snarled. The frog leaped forward. He got the Host. The frog burned with an ugly green flame. Marina shuddered. The bat tried to bite her. She flailed with the whip. Thomas opened the door. “Be quiet.” He told. She put a finger on her lips. The knight smirked. He dashed through the opening. Marina peeked inside. She gasped. Anna touched the crucifix. They found the others. She created the fountain. The nayad would aid her friends.

WORKSHOP, “Evil’s nest”. The 19th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The shamans withdrew. The liquid dried up as the capsule went open. The naked figure, which had been sealed inside, stepped out into view. “It is a success.” He told. The scientists rushed forward to run through some final tests. He let them investigate. The undead had volunteered when the doctors asked for people to perform in their pet project. It worked. He was alive again; ready to serve his Dark Lord. The lizards eventually withdrew. “All systems are checked and found to be operational.” He acknowledged. Tash led him through the facility. They eventually came to an elevator. The shaman bowed and left. He tapped his code. The doors slid aside. He went down the corridor. He made other gates to open before he reached destination. His chamber still where kept as when he left. Some items where to precious to be taken to the mansion. The undead did armour. He closed the necklace around his neck. The book lay where he left it. No one outside the circle might even notice. Not unless he chose to reveal it to them. He threw the black cape behind. His hand became a fist. He lost so much. He should show them. His plot was in motion. The Chaos force would make them to reunite. The room echoed by his laugher. Then the Dark Lord would live again.

Aquarium, “Nation of fools”. The 19th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The priest finally got rid of Octo. Julius exhaled. He regained the crystals. The harpy shrieked. She threw the dagger at him. Julius sidestepped, although he got pierced bythe feathers. The bats shrieked. They flapped about. The swarm swooped from difficult angles. They lusted for blood. “God with us!” Julius cried. The batswent for the neck. He made it to rain with holy water. That removed the swarm.The frog leached with its long tongue.Hecouldn’t resist. Julius screamed in pain. The poison forced him to bend. He gasped. The laurels restored him. Julius inhaled. He could breathe again. The frog leaped about. Julius threw the crystal. The mystic item rebounded before the creature burned. The harpy picked him from the floor. They went toward the ceiling. She would let him fall. He kicked with both legs. The blonde gasped in pain. Julius managed to roll. That saved his life. He got up to confront her. Then Thomas arrived. He shot Octo before they might get any closer. The priest stamped with the crucifix. The ghost pirates flickered into visibility. Marina shrieked. She created an ambush. Anna reached the center. She danced to entertain the fishmen. “And the Lord is one!” Ruth got lifted into the air. The chandelier burst overhead. The room got clenched from evil. Julius made the sign of the cross. The harpies survived. They released a spreadshot of feathers. He got stabbed. The harpy dashed for the kill. The knife was aimed. Julius hurled the fireball. That chased and destroyed. Ruth killed the sister. Then everything went quiet. The priest bent to help his friends. “It is alright.” Marina told. “You shouldn’t waste the power.” Thomas growled. Though no one refused his aid. They didn’t have to. The monsters left plenty of gems behind. They shared the lot. Julius hit the candles. This time he took the coins. “How did you find us?” Ruth then finally asked. The dark-breed shrugged. “We had to climb the staircase.” Anna hid her mouth. She pointed a finger. Julius sighed. They told the truth. “Then I know the way.” He explained about the adventure. Ruth didn’t care about it. She kept a look out for monsters. “Then let it begin.” Thomas reloaded the rifle. Some gems had turned into rounds of ammunition. Julius made the sign of the cross. “Then et it be.” The group reached the other staircase. “Watch out!” He tried to warn them. Thomas fired. The fishmen died. “Hurry on!” He called. “They are coming!” Julius figured. The fishman leaped. He escaped the stream. The axe removed the head. The girls reached above. Julius and Thomas kept track of the monsters. They had to continue. Thomas stopped to reload the rifle. “God with us!” Julius stood tall. The bats squeaked. They came from above. The knight hung up his firearm. Julius had to impale the fishman. He retrieved the dagger. His friends kept up the battle. Then the spear ignited. Thomas pined the harpy. The priest leaped. Steel hit against steel as the weapons collided. He blocked the assault. Julius then made a back-flip. The ravenlock smiled. He threw the Shuriken. The impact pierced her torso. She screamed. Julius inhaled. The harpy left a big gem. He picked the price. Then the priest keptclimbing. Thomas ran up the stairway. They only stopped to defend against the monsters. “Come on!” Anna encouraged. He had to look. The Gipsie stood above like a pinup price. “Girls that want to have fun.” He shook his head. “We have reached the exit!” Julius was about to speak when the harpy took her. She fought to escape. They exchanged glances. Julius didn’t know what to do. The dark-breed produced the rifle. Though he looked unsure. Marina created the fountain. The whore froze on impact. Anna went tumbling down. He ran to save her. Thomas kept him behind. The nymph released more water. Her liquid became like icy steps within the air. “You must continue!” Ruth embraced their friend. “I know you can.” She whispered in her ear. “Save her.” Thomas was about to sob. The priest couldn’t help them. The fishmen attacked. They couldn’t stop him. Anna closed her eyes. “I believe in you.” Julius explained. “You must believe in yourself.” Anna blazed. She became the fury Phoenix. The sun bird that raised from the ashes spread her wings to fly. She sung upon the resurrection. Julius couldn’t return the gaze. The eyes were to bright. He was nothing but a man, while she was forever. Julius touched the crucifix. “For great is the mystery of faith.” He then inhaled. The dancing girlregained her human form. The priest remorse for everything bad he ever thought about her. Julius sighed. This was a dangerous pass. The Belmont clan didn’t walk it. He got to believe. The priest made the sign of the cross. “God with us!” They climbed the final distance. Julius unsheathed the sword. They reached another corridor. The sun should shine through the windows. Though there were heavy clouds outside. There was a final aquarium. The glass tank was huge. “We have to break the group.” Julius made them to spread out. The hall looked empty, though that might be seen. He tightened the grip. They must be careful. Julius threw the Shuriken. The harpy tried to take him. “Curse you human!” The blonde sister began to bleed. “Got you!” The brunette grabbed him. “Now we shall tear you apart.” The blonde smirked through the blood. “You shall see.” She licked the red lips. The harpy enjoyed. Then again, they pledged fealty to the prince of Darkness. “Dust to dust!” Julius exhaled. “Bones to ashes!” The brunette hit him in the head. She drew more blood. “What began in blood!” He was not deterred. “Shall end with blood!” Julius released the pages. The harpies shrieked. They got burned. He took the gems. They replenished his energy. Julius presented the sword. The redhead spread her wings to release the feathers. The priest made a back-flip to throw the vial. The harpy shrieked. She burned to ashes. “You shall pay!” The ravenlock trusted the knife. He bent beneath. That was to close. Julius kept the crucifix. The harpy touched her face. The scar scorched her skin. “God with us!” He removed the head.

The knightwent down the corridor. Something flickered. He spun around. There was nothing visible. The gloom shrouded the park. There was that flapping sound. Thomas stabbed. The spear went through the bat. Ruth dashed. She struck with theaxe. Julius jumped to throw the crystal. Theyoccupied the other end of the corridor. “Watch out!” Anna cried. The dark-breed was sure. Something flickered. The ghost pirate was draped with grey rags. Thomas picked. The cutlass hithis hand. He gasped. Thepirate stared through empty sockets. He snarled. The armour was too heavy. The garlic burst on impact. The girls fought the bats. Julius got surrounded by the ghost pirates. They fought back-to-back. Thomas threw the wild roses to block the onslaught. “Thank you!” Julius called. “Alright!” Thomas smirked. He went beyond the others. Thomas fired about. He was careful to not break the aquarium. Thomas didn’t know why, though he was sure that would be a catastrophe. The ghost pirate emerged. The knight impaled him against the wall. The bricks turned blue. Thomas got behind. He almost got bombed by the onslaught. “God with us!” Julius defeated the other pirates. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord.” Anna made the sign of the cross. They had united.

The nayad made water pillars to rise up. The monsters scattered. They reached an open area. Ruth licked her lips. The office was large. “Do we have to investigatethe lot?” Anna asked. He made the sign of the cross. I guess.” Thomas turned the spear. “What do you think it is?” The priest considered. “It should be the large goldenkey.” He said. “I think it might look like one of those elder types.” Anna sighed. She sat upon the desk. The way in which she sat, feetsdangling and supported by an elbow, made him to look down. Thomas growled. “Stop playing around.” He told. Julius inhaled. “Come on.” He said. “Youshould investigate the office.” He touched the crucifix. Ruth worried about him. Why mustshe tease him? “Let me check that other room.” She got a final look before he left. Thomas glared at the dancing girl. Then he dropped the issue. Thomas joined his friend. The priest looked happy about the company. The door was closed. “Get up!” Ruth called. Her cheeks turned pink by bravery. Marina went to inspect the drawers. Neither of them would play in the game. There was a bat inside. The nayad screamed. There was a bat inside every one of them! Ruth triggered the crossbow. They approached. The windows burst. Ruth gasped. The harpies removed the broken glass.

Shetwirledwith theswords. The blonde harpy shrieked. Blood oozed from between her lips. The bats got attracted. Anna presented the crucifix. They squeaked before scattering about. She was stabbed by the harpy. The gust of flapping wings sent her sprawling. Anna barely made chain lightning strike. The nayad inhaled. She ran from desk to desk. They might find the key. Ruth got the crossbow. The Gipsie created the meteor dash. The monsters burned. Anna got nailed by the feathers. The harpy threw her knife. She threw herself down. Anna took the gems. The harpy went to fetch their items. Ruth cast the star boomerang. She pierced the heart. The sister picked her. Anna released the silver bolt. The hunter groaned when hitting the floor. The frog leaped above. Anna pierced the body. The bats went about. She used the war force. Ruth managed to get up. The sword lord tried to cut her in half. She managed to roll behind the attack. Anna pumped him with fireballs. The hunter threw the star. She used her strength. The enflamed boomerang collided against the armour. The sword lord dashed forward. “Look out!” The other sword knight was awake. Anna prayed he was the last inside the office. The hunter caught the star. Anna danced to release the fireballs.

Shegleamed with sweat. That was no trick. Ruth read the scroll. She unleashed the pages. The bats scattered. Marinaalmost got stabbed. The harpies shrieked her frustration. Ruth fired the crossbow. The bird-woman died. The naiad spun to release the ice bullets. The sword lord got frozen over. Anna changed form. She broke through. The armour burst into flame. A slight moan came from inside while he collapsed. Anna regained human form. She picked the gems. They got in handy. The bats touched her skin. They tickled. Marina giggled.That was disgusting. She cracked with the whip-sword. Ruth was still involved with the sword knight. The armour used his shield to block her attacks. Anna ran to help her. The harpies picked her up. The war force made them to release. Marinastruckwith thesword. The bats got attracted. Anna cast the fireballs. The nayadmadethe water pillars to rise up. The armour staggers. Ruth approached. She slashed with the axe to might overthrow the monster. The sword lord got defeated. With a final moan, the armour collapsed. Marina got taken. She got slammed hard against the floor. Marina screamed. She felt broken. The harpies settled on her. The bats approached. “Mother of river!” They would take her blood. Then her friends arrived.

Forest of Debias, Warakiya. The 19th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The snow cracked beneath his feet. Tholin smirked. The raven sat on his shoulder. He almost felt great as a Valla. That was blasphemy. The dwarf gathered. “Tell him that we are ready.” Tholin informed. The horn-playing druid beheld the town from beneath his hood. “Tell them to be careful.” He said. “I cannot change anything.” Tholin bowed. “That is a den of monsters.” He muttered. Poe then spread his wings. The dwarf watched him leave. The druid supported himself against the tall wooden staff. “Past, present and future.” He scratched his brown beard. “Like a river’s flow. It never ends.” What was he talking about? The horn-player blinked. “I am sorry.” He told. “I was talking to myself.” Tholin shrugged. He never really figured about the wizard. They were cunning, and quick to wroth. He dismissed about the matter. Tholin could figure this out. He knew how to make war. Tholin wished he got other folks with him. This was the best they could do. They all promised to help the clan. They might be his tribe’s only hope. Tholin kept on scouting. He’d sent Abrahm to prepare the group. Poe would have to return soon or else they might be in trouble. The dwarf inhaled. He got to believe in their abilities. Tholin made a grimace. He tested the axe.

Aquarium, “Nation of fools”. The 19th. Of December 2098 A.D.

This was notan open landscape. Julius made the sign of the cross. Though the room was large enough. He found the cubicles. Julius sighed. They were running out of time. The curtains cast the place in shadow. “Look out!” The bats went like a shroud of blood thirst. Julius struck his blade. The dark-breed growled while shooting. The bat swarm whirled about. They fought like John Morris and Eric Lecarde. “God with us!” They swooped from set positions. Julius presented the crucifix. He kept them behind. “Blast you!” Thomas twirled with the spear. The priest got beneath their attack. He got up to douse them with holy water. “Burn in Hell!” Thomas hurled the wild rose. The explosion was enough. The bats got burned to ashes. They picked the gems. Julius inhaled. He felt much better. Julius cleaned the sweat. The office felt so cold. He got to find the key. “I have a bad feeling about this.” Thomas sniffed the air. “Good Lord.” Julius might see beyond the obvious. The chill wasn’t natural. There was a rift in reality. The world must be restored. That was to late. The spectral blade escaped from Limbo. The huge glowing blade spun through the air. The flurry of swords might cut them apart. They ran in opposite directions. The swords got stuck in the ground. Julius had to block the onslaught. The spectral blade didn’t stop. The priest dodged the cutlass and final swords. Thomas howled. The energy blast shot them into oblivion. Julius made the sign of the cross. The dagger went home. The blade flickered in and out. Then it slashed. He made a glide. Thomas emptied the rifle. The bullets rebounded. He blinked. The spectral blade tried to kill him. Julius dashed. The knight survived. The sword got stuck. That wasn’t funny. He presented the crucifix. The blade was free. The other swords blocked the approach. Thomas hurled garlic into the air. “Take it!” He told. “Let me handle the rest!” Julius acknowledged. The spectral blade released other weapons. The priest went aside. They got stuck in the floor. He got to clear them away. The blade spun about to kill him. Julius threw his Shuriken. The blade blocked with the cutlass. He made the meteor to chase and destroy. The spectral blade conjured the final swords. Julius got stabbed. He used the laurels. The phenomena came for the kill. “Not today!” Thomas fired a boom from the rifle. “Let it be!” The priest was lifted into the air. The crucifix burst overhead. “God with us!” The spectral blade got bathed in flames. That saved his friend. The cutlass went to impale them. Julius dropped the book. The meteors crushed the lot. The blade might impale him. Julius went beneath. The spectral blade got stuck in the ground. He ran to fight. The spectral blade hid behind the flurry. Julius threw holy water. That burned the onslaught. The phenomena threw cutlass about. Thomas threw the rose. The explosion covered up. Julius dodged the blade. He almost lost his head. Thomas howled his challenge. He blazed with power. The spectral blade released the final swords. Julius attacked with his arms on fire. He got to burn the phenomena. They got stuck in the floor. The priest had to remove the attack. The spectral blade was untouched. “God with us!” The blade slashed about. Thomas released a flurry of flames. “Then let it be!” Julius hid behind the crosses. The cutlass got repelled. The final swords arrived. Thomas broke the onslaught. The garlic exploded. “Get behind!” The spectral blade hid behind the weapons. Julius made it to rain with holy water. The spectral blade made the final swords to attack. Julius touched the crucifix. The blade flickered. That didn’t happen before. He must be careful. The spectral blade made final swords to attack. The priest would fight. There was no time to prepare. The spectral blade tried to impale him. Julius dropped the book. His spirit was awake. The priest released a trio of homing ball. The spectral blade got shot to pieces. The shards vanished into the void. Julius sight. He felt so tired. The priest fell into a chair.

Although they’d defeated the spectral blade, he still lost. He didn’t find the key. “Look!” Thomas pointed. The priest got up. A beam of sunlight shone through the window. He gasped. The sunlight blazed in gold and silver. The beam made the gems and jewels to flash with many colours. He didn’t saw that before. How could he have missed it? The box rested upon the desk. That made no sense. “Open it.” Thomas advised. He acknowledged. The priest felt like an imbecile. “While the sun last.” Thomas was a much wiser man. He opened the box. They found the key. “Glory to the Father, the Son and to the Holy Ghost.” He exclaimed. Julius bent on the floor. “Thank you.” Thomas exhaled. Now that the box was open, it remained visible. Julius got up. “They can be defeated.” He proclaimed. “Now we might enter the tower.” Julius relaxed. That was right. “I hope the others are still alive.” Thomas bit together.“Let us find out.” He said. Julius inhaled. He went for the exit. The priest hoped it would be alright. “Get down!” The fight was incomplete. The sword lord struck where his chest should be. Julius revealed the crucifix. The knight was kept behind. “Curse you!” Thomas threw the stakes. They burned on impact. Julius found the mystic orb. That restored him. The priest got up to strike. The sword blazed like the sun in the forest. The sword lord blocked the fairy blade. He reached to might crush the wind pipe. “Let it be!” Julius trusted the knife. The armour was pierced. Thomas fought his brother. That kept him occupied. Julius gave him the crystal. The gem broke on impact. The pieces exploded. He stepped behind. The knight reached for the blade. “God with us!” Julius released the fireball. He hit him in the head. The helmet exploded. “It is over.” The gold-plated armour fell into a heap. Julius took the gems. “Burn in Hell!” Thomas impaled the sword lord. The shuttered. The energy burned through the armour. “The Lord will be with you.” The sword lord collapsed, peace by peace. They might leave this place. He fetched the crystals. Julius inhaled. He would hunt.

He snapped to attention. The girls got in trouble. Anna was almost coated in bats. He ran to save her. Julius was quick to react. He made it to rain with holy water. The bats burned. Thomas bent over her body. She was so cute, with long dark blonde hair and perfect legs. He growled. She should be an enchantress. Anna opened her grey eyes. “I thought they would bite me.” Thomas shrugged. “Get up.” He said. She smiled. Thomas sighed. “Alright,Ms. World,let us help the others.” Anna sent him a sly smile. Thomas got picked by the harpy. She slammed him against the ground. Julius knocked her silly with the meteor. He got up. Anna slashed the sister. The bats gathered. Julius threw an explosive axe. The other girls got forced aside. Thomas gathered. He held the cross. “Help me.” He prayed. Then he released a flurry of flames. The nayadmade water pillars to rise up. Anna danced while blasting energy. The group held together. They fought their way back to the staircase. “Go!” Julius called. They fought back-to-back. Thomas got to keep them occupied. The priest closed the door. They had a breather. Then the bats and fishmen got his attention. Julius hurled tripled axes. The dark-breed howled his challenge. Thomas then fired his rifle. They had to escape.

The hunter screamed. Ruth threw the daggers forward. She bit her lip. Ruth pulled the trigger to release the silver. The harpy collided. She almost got knocked from the gallery. Marina caught her. The men arrived. They helped them to defeat the harpies. Ruth dashed to pierced the bats. They reached the exhibition room. Anna danced. She made chain lightning or fireballs to strike. Marina got through the doorway. The place was quiet. Though not for long. The frogs nested within the aquarium. Julius was bitten by the fish. Ruth translated the Torah. His words might exorcize the wildlife. They got time to regroup. “Run for it!” Julius told. He made it to rain with holy water. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Anna turned them to dust. They went toward the hall. “God with us!” Ruth got distracted by the bats and fishmen. “Burn in Hell!” Thomas howled. He joined the fight. Julius struck with the sword. The nayad pumped them with ice bullets. Thomas pushed her away. Ruth had to cover their retreat. She must escape. Marina leaned against the wall while breathing heavily. They had returned to the entrance. Ruth had a look around. “I wonder what happened with the sirens.” She pulled her hair behind the shoulders. “We must return to the tower.” Julius remarked.

“Nation of Fools”, town of Aliba. The 19th. Of December 2098 A.D.

They went outside. Anna looked skyward. The weather was clearing up. The dancing girl thought about the jewelleries she earned for the performance. Annabeamed. The gust was cold. Anna had no mind. She would be adored. They left aquarium. Anna was victorious. The men still argued about what to do. Julius wished to use the cart. “That is too dangerous.” The knight didn’t support. Anna cleared her voice. “I might fly you away.” Ruth blinked by the offer. “Please.” They seemed so weary. Marina also looked troubled. Anna then crossed her arms. “I collected the gemstones.” She blew a kiss. “They gave me the strength.” The costume revealed her shapeliness. “Hold on to my feathers.” Her body began to shine. Anna smiled. “I might carry the burden.” She blushed. “Trust me.” They stared. Anna beamed. She changed into her true form. The Phoenix then raised through the ashes. She sang to rejoice. “Let it be.” Julius made the sign of the cross. The priest bent to let Marina climb on his back. The nayad reached on top. “God with us.” Julius touched the sun feathers. Ruth gasped. This was a miracle. “It is the heart that matters most.” He was pure. “Come on.” Ruth bit her lip. The Phoenix sang. Julius reached a hand. “Thank you, for giving me a new dream.”Hetold.

They landed upon the square. Thomas was the first to act. He reloaded the rifle. Marina climbed down from the priest. The others let go. Anna regained her human form. She touched the whip-sword. Crows and skeletons tried to kill them. Julius reached into his purse. She beheld the great key. That didn’t look so special. Even so, it’d cost them a lot of trouble to fetch that tiny piece of gold. Julius went toward the tower. He crossed himself. The lock gave a slight clicking noise. Thomas pulled it aside. They both withdrew. The nymph was prepared to fight. She expected the monsters to appear. Nothing happened. Marina exhaled. “So it is.” Julius folded his hands. She was sure he prayed. Neither of them disturbed him. Julius was their leader. He got his own guidelines. The priest smiled. Julius opened his eyes. “Let us go.” Marina blinked. Why did he look so happy? “For a moment.” Julius went inside. “I fear not.” The priest exclaimed. “Even though I walk beneath the shadow of the valley of death.” Marina shook her head.She got the whip-sword. Anna unsheathed her weapons. The Nymph would help her friends. Marina stopped. She disliked the smell. There was like someone died. “Mother of river.” She pulled away. Marina sighed. She got no choice. They had to enter.

Town of Aliba, Warakiya. The 19th. of December 2098 A.D.

She hid from the sunlight. The puzzle was almost complete. The girl at last obtained this skill. She would not let the hunters take her. Countess Millarca had not learned her anything. She had discovered this by herself. The daylight got obscured. Someone stood in the alleyway. The girl hissed. No one should find her, not when hidden among the trash cans. Her form was that of a 6year old girl. She should not attract attention. The cloaked figure beheld her body. He cast no shadow. “Laura.” That was a vampire. “I found you.” She revealed her fangs.“How pathetic.” Master Oldrey then beamed with triumph. “Now you are to come with me.”

The weather was cold. Master Oldrey was in a blaze of triumph. He found the person he searched for.Though it had been a long chase. I found you.” The girl hid among the garbage. “Laura.” The girl went pale. “How do you know my name?” She breathed. “Because the wheel turns.” Master Oldrey reached for his sword. “The Aria of Sorrow has come again.” He realized there was no need for weapons. “The Dark Lord has summoned you.” Vampire Oldrey licked the blood stone. “How may you be restored?” She asked. He smiled. That was no longer important. He was who he was. The time was over. Master Oldrey had to consider. “I have waited a long time for this.” Laura got up from her croutched position. “Let us play.”

She told. Vampire Oldrey knew this was right. The third companion then closed his book. “You got one of them already.” This time it was Laura that blazed. He then acknowledged. The little girl danced with joy. “Perfect!” She licked her lips and fangs. Master Oldrey did not show his emotions.Though it was important. “The tome of Shadow.” He said in a low voice. At last he figured.“Then so it will be.”Laura told the truth. “Excellent.” The vampire exposed his fangs. “He may never be defeated.” The Dark Lord would rise again.

(A.N: This has been a long chase. I hope you enjoyed. Anna’s magic is based upon the “Skyblaster” game. “Kid Dracula”and CVA Rebirthalso gave some inspiration. I may use some other stuff. Have a nice time.)


Castlevania Darkness Never Dies26

Disclaimer: I do not own any part in Castlevania, neither characters nor games. These are trademark of Konami and Nintendo.

Part 1: Curse of Blood.

“Then Jesus said. “You have come out at me, with swords and clubs, as if I was a thief. Day after day, I preached to you at the temple. But you did not take me.” Then they all left him.”

Mark: 14. 48.-49.

Death tower: Death fear.

Town of Aliba, Warakiya. The 19th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The sun shone down upon the wall. The red knights fought in double rows. Bells rung from inside the town. The rebels had breached on several locations. Azoth fought to keep the gate tower. He sent the alarm. Ralph shouted orders from behind. The dwarves refused to surrender. The nayads were protected. Azoth cursed. Arrows went above his head. Ralph gurgled. The Sargent was his friend. The blue fox got shot through the throat. They had to retreat. The dwarves opened their line. The humans attacked. Azoth hissed with frustration. Sharon had fallen. The lizard man would avenge her death. “For the Dark Lord!” He shouted.

Death tower, “Nation of fools”. The 19th. of December 2098 A.D.

The knighthad closed the door. Julius made the sign of the cross. The entrance was huge. “This really is the death tower.” He breathed. The priest touched the crucifix. He read the sign from outside. “Yes.” The cracked voice declared. “You are dead!” Julius presented the sword. The part bat/man creature swept from against the ceiling. HE came so fast that neither reacted. Ruth screamed. “The death bat took Anna!” The beast held her by the wrists. Julius got to run. Why didn’t she do anything? Then he realized she must be mesmerised. The vampire bat stared into her eyes. Anna gasped. He lunged into her neck. She let out a scream.The death bat drank her blood. Theyhad to gather. The bats went swooping down. Julius threw a vial of holy water. The death bat stared. Julius didn’t meet his eyes. The monster licked his lips. “Please.” Anna still lay in its arms. “Kiss me. Kiss me again.” She had become a victim of Dracula’s curse. The monster released her. Anna collapsed like a weth blanket. Julius struck the creature. “Save us!” The death bat screeched. He hid his ears. The blood was like acid. Julius withdrew. The other bats approached. They answered his call! Julius threw the explosive axe. The swarm got consumed. The death bat dashed with his claws extended. Julius created a back-flip. He then threw the dagger forward. The death bat flapped his wings. The blood got steamed on the floor. Julius shuddered. The man/bat turned round. Julius was scratched in the face. The sharp nails might blind him. The monsterthen went for his neck. Julius managed to stay awake. He stamped him with the crucifix. The death bat released him. The fire consumed the monster. Julius escaped. The acid blood caused a wave of smoke. Julius struckwith his blade. The death bat made them to fly at his location. He made a fireball to chase and destroy. The bat beast began to rot. How was that possible? He was still alive. Julius felt sick. Blood ran from the wounds. That could be a problem. The death bat dashed from behind the bats. Julius hurled the shuriken. Somehow the weapon slashed through both mammals and drops. The death bat sent him sprawling. Julius rolled aside. The blood drops were the greatest threat. The combined monster returned. Julius managed to sit up. He hurled the axe. The monster got hit in the shoulder. A fountain of blood got spilled upon the ground. Julius hid behind the crosses. The bats settled upon him. He shuddered. Julius managed to stamp them out. The death bat stabbed him. Julius bit together. He escaped the blood stream. The bats went like a wave. Julius doused them with holy water. They left some crystals behind. Julius pulled away. He was close to the wall. The death bat dashed. He managed to sidestep. The creature smashed against the wall. Julius struck with the blade. Another splash of blood told he hit an important vain. The death bat emerged from beneath the bricks. That was a false wall. Julius had no mind. The death bat exposed his fangs. The beast was rotting. Blood oozed from the wounds. Julius wished to escape. The death bat reached to bite him. Ruth approached. The fear and disgust werepainted upon her face.She swung with the axe. The priest pulled her aside. Ruth cut his throat. The pulse stained acid blood upon the place. There came another explosion. Julius got hurled to the ground. She landed on top. Ruth helped him to stand. The death bat was gone. Julius picked the orb. That restored him. Julius sighed. He used the laurels. Ruth was healed. “What do you think is in there?” She asked. Julius had no idea. “I shall investigate.” He told. They held hands for a short while. Then she left him. Julius collected the crystals. Then he looked into the secret room. Julius found a treasure box. He used the great key. Julius picked the oil lamp. He put it into his backpack. That might be useful. He hit the candle. The money bag contained many coins. Julius inspected the heavy pieces. They were made of gold. He dismissed about the matter. Julius filled his purse. That got stashed. He might use it to purchase a purification crystal. The priest turned around. They already figured about the problem. Renon tipped his hat.He then left them behind. Anna opened her eyes. The priest reached his friends. He exhaled. They were not too late. The curse was lifted. “Glory be You. He knelt in prayer. “Our Father in Heaven.” Julius closed with the sign of the cross. The chains rattled. He inhaled. The priest unsheathed the blade. They got work to do.“God with us!” Julius made a stance. They were not fake. “Burn in Hell!” Thomas howled. He retained the true form. The dark-breed dashed with a flurry of flames. The skeletons threw the bones. “Stronger we are in the name of the lord!” Anna danced. They reached to grab her. The war force blazed. The swords and martial arts struck them apart. The girls occupied the center. Ruth and Marina fought back-to-back. “Beware of the curse!” The bats squeaked. “They want blood!” Julius stamped the skeleton. The swarm swept toward his friends. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” The priest made it to rain with holy water. That carved some space. Then he got hit in the chest. Julius groaned. The air got struck from his lungs. “Preserve us.” The skeleton broke the hand on impact. The crucifix burned on contact. “From the wicked One.” Julius removed the head. The bones kept creeping forward. The stump aimed to pierce his heart. His hair stood on end. This must be the ring-leader. Julius felt chills down his spine. He bent to douse the thing with holy water. “Let it be!”” The bones burned. “This is the end.” The monster kept on coming. Julius almost sobbed. This was impossible! He gave it the crystal. The explosion blew it up. His teeth chattered by the gust of wind. They tried to rebuild. This was the arts of a litch. “In Manos Toas Domine!” Julius held forth the Wafer. That really was the end. Nothing evil might approach the body of Christ. He inhaled. “Glory be You.” Julius made the sign of the cross. “Our Father in Heaven.” He took the gems. The priest inhaled. They replenished his energy.

The knight got up. Ruth spent the money. The dancing girl was alive. That was alright. They united.He inspected the area. This was no toy attraction. The place really looked like a tower. Solid iron bars blocked the exits. They got trapped. “There is a way.” Julius had resheathed his blade. The knight snarled. “We are in prison.” The hunter smiled, though it didn’t reach her eyes. Thomas sighed. “Do you have a suggestion?” The dark-breedthen shook his head. The girls arrived. “We have to continue.” Julius explained. She shrugged. The naiad sighed. Ruth pulled her axe. “You don’t have to come with us.” Julius said. They just stared. Thomas laughed. They sent him a look. He gathered. “I know you only try to protect us.” Ruth said. “You don’t have to.” Anna reached up to kiss his cheek. The priest blushed. He really got no experience. “I promised to help you.” Marina said in a low voice. “I won’t abandon you. Believe me.” Julius bowed. He made the sign of the cross. Thomas got the spear. He knew they would come. The priest sighed. “I am proud to know you.” Thomas hailed. The Belmont led the way. There was a passage behind the broken wall. The steps led down into the cellar. The bats attacked. Thomas threw flowers at them. They turned a corner. The stair continued.

They reached the bottom. Ruth had a look around. “This is the torture lab.” She breathed. Juliushad unsheathed his blade. She did the same. They brandished their weapons. “I smell.” He barked. Ruthbit her lip. The torture devices got stained red. “You don’t have to worry.” Julius told. She shook her head. The bats squeaked. Ruth brandished with the axe. They were at her side. “Wait!” Julius shouted. The sound of moving metal was the only warning. Ruthescaped. The swinging axe passed through where she had been. “Good Lord in Heaven!” Thomas exclaimed. The axe came back. “Wait for the return.” Julius told. She didn’t answer. The hunter threw axes into the air. Anna did as he told. She got past. Thomas was next in line. Marina managed to glide underneath. Then she and Julius got past. “Alright.” The priest drew sweat of his forehead. “We must be careful.” Ruth acknowledged. She checked the floor while moving along. “We have to deactivate the system.” Ruth inhaled. The knight turned. The guillotine missed by mere inches. Julius threw daggers forward. The bats got defeated. “Inspect the cells.” He told. “The switch should be in there.” Marina got past. She removed the skeletons. “And the Lord is one!” Ruth proclaimed. The spiked ball tried to smash her.

The chains rattled. Annablinked. The dark-breed pulled her behind. The heavy spike trap smashed into place. They fit into the holes. Shethought about them. Anna solved the puzzle. The bats settled upon her body. Thomas stamped them out. Anna had a look on the crucifix. His image seemed unlike that which Julius had around his neck. “I am anOrthodox knight.” The dark-breed got into a croutched position. He sniffed. “Be careful.” Thomas made a sudden leap. He got atop the spike trap. Anna almost couldn’t believe it. She got beneath as the heavy trap continued rising. She had a look into the cell. Annasawnothing beside the dust and crumbling bones. The skeleton suddenly reached to take her. Annathen stumbled away. The chains didn’t reach that far. Anna had no mind. The swinging scythe nearly cut her in half. “I think I found it!” Ruth called. The dancing girl made lightning strike. There came a weird clicking sound. Anna escaped. The spikes slid from the wall. “I don’t think that was the right one.” Julius got beneath the spike trap. “Are you sure?” Marina froze the trap in place. “The gate is opened.” Anna felt so weary. “Leed the way.” Julius told. The priesthad decided. Ruth got ahead. The knight managed to crush the guillotine.Anna screamed. This was a trap.

The bats burned. Marina was glad they noticed. “Stop!” Julius shouted. She froze. This was a killing box. The spike trap slammed into place. Marina got on top. The knightwent along. She landed on foot. The swinging scythes blocked their way. She couldn’t hold them forever. The mechanics rebuffed her spell. Ruth smashed the mammals. The others kept up. Marina released the trap. The Gipsie got aside. The spikes gleamed in the torchlight. “God with us!” Julius leaped into the air. She heard legends about his family’s abilities. Thomas then pushed her away. Marina survived. “To rise from the ashes.” Anna became the Phoenix. She went for the exit. The bars got removed. Anna retained her human forms. The priest threw a vial of holy water. The bats got burned to ashes. He collected the crystals. Anna opened the door. Marina cracked with the whip-sword. The skeleton walked through. She got strangled! Anna gurgled. The nayad released her. She got hit by the bones. Marina gasped. She had no armour. Anna used her power. The nayad inhaled. That left no scars. The group got past the spike trap. “Burn in Hell!” Thomas hurled more garlic. The hunter crushed the skeleton. “God with us!” Julius presented the crucifix. The knight howled. He got to pressed through the opening.

Town of Aliba, Warakiya. The 19th. of December 2098 A.D.

The snow was almost too bright. Daniella led soldiers up the ladders. The dwarves got busy to build them. “Go on!” Abram had to encourage. She smiled. They waited for such a long time. This was the moment. Tholin gave the signal. The war had begun. Daniella reached the top. The dwarves forced the monstersagainst the gate tower. The archers made things difficult. “Keep the shields up!” She shouted. Abram appeared beside her. They fought together. Daniella shrieked. The lizards got the spears. They had to break through before nightfall. Then the vampires would come out to hunt. Daniela shuddered. That was not an option.

Death tower, “Nation of fools”. The 19th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The knight led the assault. Anna was right behind. The bats went for his neck. Julius stamped them out. The stair turned. “Wait!” HE shouted. “There is a… “He never finished the statement. Spikes went through the wall. Thomas got behind. Shecreated a meteor dash. Julius shook his head. The girl broke the trap. They continued. Though his friends became more careful. Maxim Kishine proved it. Power would never be enough. Julius inhaled. He wouldn’t make the same mistake. Marina released the ice bullets. The batsbroke apart. She got the gems. Ruth hitthe candle. “Lord! What have I done!?” Julius ran past the others. “What happened?” He asked. Ruth held a book in both hands. “Her scroll.” Thomas told. “She picked the book, and the scrollfused. He took it from her. “Do not be afraid.” He said. Ruth closed her mouth. “This is the Tora. The law of Moses.” He gave it back. Ruth held it with aw. “I haven’t red since I came of age.” She touched thechandelier. The bats swept. Ruth red the holy book. They got cut by the pages. Julius inhaled. The knightled the group. “What was that?” He stepped on something. Julius looked about. The torchlight was so bad. The spikes wentpast. Marina barely survived. “Get behind!” Anna screamed. “It is poison!” Julius observed the trap. The spikes hit the wall. “Let it be.” He got to figure. “Just relax.” Anna blew a kiss. “This is my department.” Julius frowned. “Make way.” They moved aside. The girl performed with a meteor dash. The spikes got broken. “God with us!” He got cut by the splinters. Julius survived. She didn’t care. He used the laurels. They restored him. Anna beamed. She dashed through the next set. Thomas growled. The hunter dismissed. Julius beheld the steps. The skeleton broke the wall. Ruth fired with the crossbow. He collapsed. They had to continue. “Look out!” Marina told. The bats squeaked. The curse of Darkness was to blame. They reached the cellar. The basement reminded about the storage. The crates and boxes got stacked everywhere. Julius touched the crucifix. The place was enormous. “This must be a part of the attraction.” Anna danced about. The priest inhaled. She was right. “Let us find the switch.” The bats approached. Thomas hurled the garlic. The onion made them to explode. There was a second cave. “Go on!” Anna told. “Trust me.” Marina arrived. “No one should be alone.” She winked. “I will protect you.” Thomas volunteered. The girl blew a kiss. Julius let it be. He went for the other room. The crates got pushed to the side. He barely escaped. What was that? The boxes got smashed. The priest got buried. Marina removed the goods. “Thank you.” He breathed. The crates almost crushed him. She smiled. The bats went for her neck. Julius had to act. The nayad made water pillars to rise up. He made the sign of the cross. She helped him to get up. The others were behind. Julius inhaled. Someone tried to kill him. Marina struck with the whip-sword. She broke the crates. The wares got shattered against the floor. “Save us.” Julius touched the crucifix. The gate was blocked. Julius stood his ground. The warehouse lay in ruins. The bats squeaked. Marina filled them with ice bullets. They left the candles. That was the only source of light. Julius leaped above the spike bed. The bats whirled. Marina flailed with the whip-sword. He threw the axe. The swarm got defeated. He managed to get behind the spike trap. He made a glide. They tried to bite him. Julius presented the crucifix. Something stirred. He turned around. The priest lost track of the mobility. The skeleton hid inside the box. He removed the head. Julius stopped. The eyes gleamed. “Preserve us.” He made the sign of the cross. “What is that?” Marina caught up. The priest forged the pyre sword. That lit the area. Lightning struck. “Good Lord in Heaven!” Julius got away. “Mother of river.” Marina hid her face. The mechanical monstrosity was alive. The metal legs clicked against the surface. Julius thought it looked like a giant spider. The creature detached from the machine. He touched the crucifix. This was a living nightmare. Dr. Frankenstein created this monster. The giant abnormality reached with the claws. Julius didn’t try to parry. The flesh got protected by metal. The machine creature crawled to take them. Marina released the ice bullets. The monster channelled electricity. She screamed. Marina got the brunt of the assault. The goods fell to bury her body. Someone shouted. Julius figured it was his voice. The dark-breed howled his challenge. Thomas got through the barricade. The priest made the sign of the cross. The monstrosity leached with the many claws. Julius ran. He got to penetrate the exteriors. Thomas released a cross-shaped blast of pure energy. The priest climbed upon the monster. The eyes rolled to track him. Julius stabbed his blade into the core. The monstrosity roared and bolted. He got hurled so far away. The beast kept snapping with the beak. The saliva dripped while the evil eyes glared at him. The juices were like acid. Julius had to resist the bats. The knight released several bursts of his energy. The mechanical monstrosity channelled electricity. Julius escaped the impact. The creature leached to take him. Julius made a row of fireballs to fall down. The beast got slowed by its own weight. “Curse you!” Thomas threw tripled stakes. That caused another explosion. Julius dashed. The creature leached. That was a lightning blast. Thomas got on top. He stabbed the spear down. The monster roared. The claws sent him flying. The dark-breed managed to rise. He retained the true form. “God with us!” Julius held the Stellar sword with both hands. He got to hunt. The priest prayed they might defeat the evil monster. “Let it be.” His brother was in need. They must survive. That might be a problem. The mechanical monstrosity was unlike anything he ever encountered before. He felt so helpless. This wouldn’t be easy. The beast roared. “Look out!” Julius called. He didn’t have to. Thomas had already noticed. Lightning struck as the creature tried to kill them. “Let it be!” Julius cried.

The monster smashed against the floor. Thomas snarled. The mechanical creature was to bid. He didn’t dare to repel such power. The naiad threw the garbage aside. He relaxed. She survived. The monsterchannelledelectricity. Marina screeched. The chilling sound froze the claws into place. Thomas was right tryingto break the blockade. He sent the girls to search for the switch. He threw wild roses into the air. The explosion caught the attention. Thomas dodged the leaches. He knew the mechanical monstrosity would consume him. The priest came from behind. He dodged the claws and electricity. Marina hammered theouter shield. He buried the blade. Julius released the flames for maximum result. The monstrosity got hold. It struggled to squeeze him. Marina froze the connection. The knighthad to keep it occupied. The priest almost collapsed. Thomas hoped he got enough gems to power the laurels. He got other problems. The mechanical monstrosity kept on striking the ground. The dust obscured the cave. It channeled electricity. He pulled away while pumping force. The creature slashed. The chase might make him to fall into a spike bed. The juices where acid. “Mother of river!” Marina approached. She got the whip-sword. The mechanical monstrosity tried to take them.

The hunter cleared some space. The place was filled with boxes. “Look out for the bats!” Anna struck with the swords. She couldn’t dance. The place was to Narrow.Ruth watched for the monsters. The switch had to be here somewhere. Then Anna got snapped from behind. The huge troll pulled her close in a crushing embrace. “You’ll make a nice slut in his harem.” He told while playing with her nipples. Ruth was disgusted. The girl seemed to enjoy. “I don’t think so.” She stamped with the crucifix. Ruth sighed. They prayed by the same church. The crates got pulled aside. “The Lord is one!” Ruth spun around. She buried the axe within the monster’s heart. The troll staggered. She got behind. The creature lost his head. Ruth gaped. He was turned to stone. “Bill!” The troll called at his brother. He released the girl. She pierced the body. The creature turned to stone. He cracked. They picked the gems. The bats dashed. Ruth hurled three daggers. She went to inspect theoutcome. The spike trap got concealed beneath the crate. Ruth touched the chandelier. They had survived. The wares collapsed. The troll hid behind. Ruth threw axes into the air. He was too quick. Ruth got taken. They screamed in unison. The troll gloated and laughed. “Spread your legs.” He told. Ruth hit him.

She struggled to get free. The troll laughed. Anna stopped him in time. Her friend got away. “Get behind!” She shouted. The spell didn’t last. The great troll reached to fetch them. Anna made chain lightning strike. She’d got used being adored. Though Anna should decide what to give. Ruth finished off the brute with repeated slashes. The axe was stained by his weird ugly blood. She cleaned upon his jacket. The troll was turned to stone. The corpse cracked. She got the crystals. Ruth searched for the button. Theyhad to hurry. The cave was so huge. The switch might be anywhere. Ruth triggered the crossbow. The bats scattered. She danced. Anna created the star field. That burned their numbers. They got ambushed by the trolls. Ruth might handle. The girl went above the spike bed. She almost collided with the far wall. The heart was beating fast. She got to rest. Anna had to gather. The hunter was in trouble. The bats swept for blood. The touch made her to shiver. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Anna inhaled. She stamped them out. The gems replenished her energy. Anna returned into the cave. The crates fell down. She got buried. Anna survived. She pushed the boxes aside. Thank God they were not that heavy. “The Lord is one!” Ruth still fought the trolls.

The creature snapped with the beak. Marina struck with the whip-sword. She released the ice bullets. The tentacles got stuck in the floor. The monster channelled electricity. It broke free. Marina didn’t want to die. The dark-breed blasted about. Julius arrived. He made it to rain with holy water. The monstrosity turned around to take him. Thomas dashed. The nayad climbed upon its back. She felt the heartbeat. Marina shrieked when stabbing with ice. The metal plates protected its flesh. The blood splashed like a fountain. Marina got away. The claws grabbed her. Marina screeched at the top of her lungs. The monstrosity pulled her into the jaws. The frost closed the beak. The creature hurled her aside. Julius saved her. She held onto him for dear life. The priest blessed before setting her down. Thomas got captured. The Belmont dropped the book. The meteors collided with the tentacle. The mechanical monstrosity released him. Thomas landed on foot. The tentacles reached to grab them. The huge spider-like creature slammed with the claws. They spread out to confuse it. She breathed frost into the side. Thomas bombarded with garlic. That wasn’t enough. Julius made a row of fireballs to fall down. He leaped on top. Julius pined the monster. He then got away.

Forest of Debias, Warakiya. The 19th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The sun was getting low in the sky. Earendil stood on a hilltop. The centaurs managed to open the gate tower. They fought the beast riders. The archers kept on shooting. That was a problem. Henry led his men into the towers. The naiads tried to answer their fire. The red knights showed much more resistance then they predicted. The big ravens gave what support they could. Earendil was certain that, if they didn’t, the archers would have caused much more damage. There were other rangersinside the town. Earendil, and his cousins, joined in the fight. This was for Warakiya. They had to stand together to resist the Dark Lord.

Death tower, “Nation of fools”. The 19th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The mechanical monstrosity roared with rage. Julius escaped from the impact. The solid blast of electricity might wipe them out. Julius made the sign of the cross. “God with us!” The sword blazed. His friends cried in unison. The creature slashedwith the claws. The dust and garbage got spread about. Marina breathed a chilling mist. The mechanical monstrosity wasn’t that intelligent. The monster turned in her direction. Julius hurled vials of holy water. That caused an actual explosion.The creature roared. He got to dodge the charges. Thomas Went berserk. He howled while releasing a flurry of flames. The monstrosity turned around. The claws struck the floor in a full succession. Julius ran while making the row of meteors to fall down. The nayadclimbed on top. Marinastabbed with the javelin. She had to pierce the flesh before releasing her ice bullets. Smoke escaped from the joints. The beak snapped shut. Julius dodged the leaching tentacles. The electrical impact then hurled him away. Hisentire body was aching. The priest barely could breathe. The laurels might remove a petrified state. They didn’t restore him. His body still hurt. Julius had to hunt. He got up upon his knees. Marina and Thomas attacked from both sides. They tried to confuse the monster. Julius bit together. He had to keep it occupied until they reacted. “God with us!” The mechanical monstrosity wore him down. Julius prayed that the Lord would guide them. Then he released the bloodline mystics. The sword storm stabbed into the monsters side. The mass illusion vanished into the flesh. Thomas hurled multiple homing balls. The priest stood his ground. Marina reachedatop the monster. She impaled the massive slug. The javelin went through. The blood stained the ground. The mechanical monstrosity tried to grab her. The naiad froze the tentacles. The claws collapsed. Julius staggered. The dark-breed used them to might climb on top. Julius became attacked by the bats. He struck with the blade. They scattered about before reforming. Julius got to chase them. “God with us!” He resisted against the swarm. “Save us!” The bats swooped for blood. Julius presented the crucifix. The bats squeaked. They got burned on impact. He fetched the crystals. The priest would help his friends. Thomas stabbed with the spear. The mechanical monstrosity winched in pain. The monster pulled up. “Get down!” He called. The quakes might crush them. Thomas left the creature. The priest hit the candles. The pot roustsmade him to feel much better. That was strange. The torches were another form of Chaos. The crushed and bleeding monstrosity tied up to therestoration machine. “Good Lord in Heaven!” Julius would hit himself. He finally got it. Lightning struck. “That is the recycle machine!” He told the others. No one seemed to realize. Julius didn’t wait. Gabriel Belmont, Leon’s grandfather, encountered a similar beast in 1047. Legends told that Frankenstein might travel through time. That wasn’t important. Not here anyway. He ran for the machine. The mechanical monstrosity was regenerating. The ugly machinery granted new life. He checked the controls. Julius had to make it right. He pulled the switches. He got to change the polarity. “That is not it.” He muttered. Julius then triggered the controls. The blue colours turned red. The monster screamed. The beams were killing it. He pulled away. Julius crossed himself. For a moment, he almost felt pityabout it. Then the mechanical monstrosity broke free. The machine got torn. The wires released the sparks. The explosion blew up from the inside. That wasn’t the end. Although he got sent sprawling into the wall. Juliusused the laurels. He managed to stand up. The mechanical monstrosity regained enough energy to continue the fight. The heart wasn’t normal. That wastechnical.

The creature smashed its claws into the ground. The bats reappeared. They swarm came swooping down. “Curse you!” Thomas was howled. The night gathered his strength. The body blazed. “I hate you!” Nothing could stop his progress. “That rests with the Lord.” Julius threw the stone axe. The bats got smashed. He picked the crystals. The priest would fight the righteous battle. He would rather die than to give in to the curse of Darkness.The Lord would save them. “God with us!” He called before releasing another sword storm. They pierced the monster. The tentacles reached to crush him. “Mother of river!” Marina breathed magic. The litches froze in place. They fell down to collide against the floor. Julius inhaled. Some of them got broken. He made the sign of the cross. “Watch out!” Thomas used the spare to leap. The garlic got the bones in the air. The bats squeaked. “Let it be!” Julius threw the Shuriken. The Lord was with him. The gold star hit between the eyes. The monstrosity pulled up. The priest made a glide. The electricity blast went above his head. “Black water.” Marina seldom used such language. “Dark water horizon!” Now the cursed. The nayad pumped the bone-bag full with ice bullets. “Oh my God!” Julius touched the crucifix. She created a fountain. The garbage got flushed away. The priest pulled together. The mechanical monstrosity kept releasing the blast. The damp caused an explosion. Julius hid behind the crosses. The creature smashes threw the barricade. Then it went to tear him. The priest climbed on top. The monster shook him away. Julius managed to get up in a crouched position. “Hands or…whatever up.” Thomas hesitated, though the rifle was steady. “Blast it.” He then cursed. “Die!” Thomas shoot the silver bullets. The blood painted the floor. “Save us.” The black smoke obscured his view. “Excuse me.” The liquid reacted like acid. “I forgot.” Thomas reloaded. The priest dismissed. “Let it drop.” Marina recoiled the whip-sword. She prepared to fight. “Get down!” The monstrosity took the crates. “This is bad.” They had to run. The creature threw the boxes. They burst on impact. Julius made the sign of the cross. The goods got crushed. He made a back-flip. He had to escape the splinters. “God with us!” Julius accepted the challenge. 

The girl almost got crushed. Thomas was able to save her from thathorrible death. The claws might crush them.Marina shook her head. “Thanks.” She smiled. That would have to wait. Julius tried to keep the monstrosity occupied. The creature dragged its massive weight along the ground. The heavy flesh merged with plates of metal. The core was the only weak spot. The bats chased about. Thomas cleared them away. He howled his challenge. Thomas threw garlic at the monster. The priest wasn’t alone. Marina made water pillars to rise in its wake. The electricity caused them to explode. The creature leached for her. It picked her up. Julius slashed the tentacle. The acid blood stained the area. They survived. The monstrosity moved for the kill. Thomas leaped. Heclimbed upon its back. Thomasmight locate the monster’s heart. “Die! You bloody monster!” He screamed while stabbing with the spear. The blood almost killed him. The monster twisted around. Thomas got hit by the tentacles that grew around the beak. The saliva was poisoned. Thomas snarled. He threw stakes toward the eyes. Thomas retrieved the spear. He stabbed a second time. The monstrosity caught him. Thomas hit the floor. The others arrived. That didn’t matter. Thomas got knocked into submission.

She got above the spike bed. The bats settled upon her body. Ruth stamped them out. The chandelier was ablaze. Anna danced on the floor. The trolls got distracted. The girl smiled with ecstasy. Her eyes twinkled. Ruth sighed. That gave her the opportunity to search for the switch. They got in trouble. Some trolls seemed to idolize the strong and bright. Ruth avoided the grip. Her arms were on fire. The troll roared in pain. Ruth made him to shut up. The axe crushed his ribs. The troll got turned to stone. Ruth drew sweat of her brow. The bats bit her. That felt delicious. They would suck her dry. Ruth shuddered. She threw spinning axes. This time the bats got shredded. Ruth exhaled. She picked the crystals. Anna finished the dance. The hunter beheld her fire. Anna struck them with fireballs. She waited for her to keep up. The bats dashed. The impact sent her flying. Chain lightning kept them from drinking. Ruth got up. The girl made a meteor dash. They got crushed. Ruth shook her head. She sometimes made overkill. Another swarm went flying in. She red from the Tora. The pages were spread about. They cut up the monsters. She removed the crates. She had been there before. Ruth made a grimace. She removed the skull. The skeleton tried to kill her. Ruth wouldn’t allow it.

The bats burned. Anna got the crystals. She felt lost. Although, she could see the exit. They hadn’t found the switch. The cave was too large. Natural stone formations rose from the floor or hung from the ceiling. Perhaps the button was upstairs. Anna shook it off. They already searched that area. There was a sort of glass cage beside the stairway. She hadn’t really been interested. It would betoo easy. “Do you think it is in there?” She asked. Ruth asked. “I don’t think so.” She was frank. Anna shrugged. But it was worth a try. They didn’t found it out here. She went for the cage. The bats tried to bite them. She presented the crucifix. Ruth fired. The bolt gave a short breather. Anna made another dash. She smashed the fragile glass. “Take it easy, your idiot.” Ruth joined up beside her. “You could’ve killed me.” Anna spread her arms. “You have to be more careful.” Ruth sighed. She went into the office. Anna would protest. The bats kept her busy. She performed while blasting energy. The trolls could use some fun. She smirked. “Quit the game?” Ruth told. She pushed against a heavy metal door. “I am coming.” Together they managed to open. The bones attacked. Ruth threw the boomerang star. The bone men got repelled.She cried. Anna was glad she survived.

The mechanical monstrosity bellowed with rage. Marina filled the side with ice bullets. The steel plates froze. She hoped that hurt. Marina wasn’t used to such emotions. She wanted to slay this beast. If only to save her friends. She prayed the count would never be able to release them upon the world. Then the tribes would be in danger. The creature channelled electricity. The primitive brain must’ve figured that was the best way to kill her. Julius rushed to makecombat.The bats occupied his move. They would dine upon his blood. The vampire hunter threw the vials. The gems granted more energy. Marina went rolling. The beast was to slow. They couldn’t catch her. She got up to release the ice bullets. The claws hit against the floor. “God with us!” Julius conquered the bats. “Curse you.” The knight reloaded. Marina released the chilling mist. That really was a nice trick. She put it to use. Acid blood stained the ground. Saliva dripped from the beak. Marina froze the claws in place. She used them to reach on top. The tentacles leached about. She felt along the flesh. Marina found the heart. The monster tried to hit her. Marina flailed with the whip-sword. That made the icicles to fall down. That was impressive. She might pierce the bulk. “Mother of river!” Marina created the fountain.

Forest of Debias, Warakiya. The 19th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The wind blew chill through the broken battlement. The red knights re-conquered the tower. “I live forever more.” The black woman killed Imrahil. She would be cursed. That gave no comfort. Aearendil mourned the loss of his cousin. “Follow me!” Henrygathered what men he could. Poe sat in a treetop. He told the other group was still fighting. Eve was talking with her sisters. He was the first who noticed. The gates were opened. “Awake!” He called. “The enemy is near!” The allies scrambled to regain formation. Earendil didn’t figure their tactic. The beast riders should’ve remained within the walls of their stronghold.

Death tower, “nation of fools”. The 19th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The mechanical monstrosity then leached to squeezeher. “Preserve us!” Julius felt a shudder. He got occupied. “God with us!” The priest couldn’t help her. Thomas really got in trouble. The laurels restored him. Julius touched the crucifix. He was gladthey survived. The impact looked rather serious. The priest must help him to get up. “I am alright.” Thomas assured. “Let us slay the monster.” He snarled. Julius agreed. Although he cared more about Marina. The naiad got hurled away. She created the bubble shield. Julius hoped it would be enough. “Leave her alone!” Thomas howled. He released a haze of pure energy. The creature turned on him. Julius made the meteors to fall down. He went behind the shower. The monster crushed the rocks. Marina brandished with the whip-sword. The ice bullets froze the claws. She climbed on top. Thomas leaped. The priest got Simon’s heart of fire. He was lifted into the air. Theenflamed cross appeared overhead. The clenching act made the creature to rear. The tentacles leached about. “Preserve us!” The beast channelled electricity. “Black water!” Marina kept it occupied. Her javelin pierced into the side. Thomas howled. The dark-breed twirled about. The acid blood got spilled upon the cave. The knight had to impale the core. The monstrosity roared while picking up. Julius threw the star. The knight fell on the ground. “God with us!” Julius challenged. The creature tried to grasp them. Marina froze the tentacles. The priest dodged the claws. Thomas got back on foot. He threw garlic into thebeak. Julius leaped. The impact made rocks to fall down. He made the sign of the cross. The mechanical monstrosity reappeared from the ruins. Thomas withdrew. The nayad went along. She tried to pump it with ice bullets. The blood erupted like a volcano. Julius reachedon top. The heart was revealed. The mechanical monstrosity whipped about. The knight got struck down. Marina and Julius slashed through the core. The creature collapsed into a heap. The spasm might kill. They got away before the thing could crush them. Thomas groaned. He foughtto get up. The mechanical monstrosity finally stopped moving. Julius sighed. “Rest in peace.” The flame burned from within. They got to escape. The pyre was too bright. The heat consumed the corpse. Julius picked the orb. Then he stumbled. The hunt was complete. There was nothing left beside the burned metal pieces. He sighed. The fight had wormed him out. Thomas sat upon the box. He retained human form. Marina used the magic to cool down. “Preserve us.” The priest rubbed his eyes. He felt so tired. Julius would have a look around. They still got to find the switch. The priest went beyond the devastation. The recycling machine got his attention. Julius was not a scientist. He shuddered. Julius recognized the maker’s logotype. “Brencorp.” He whispered. The Vatican was right. Brent Corporation was not to be trusted. “Come over here!” He called. “You better watch this.” Thomas got up. “What is it?” He asked. “Is anything the matter?” Marina looked worry. He showed them the insignia. “I don’t understand.” Thomas said. “Of course I have seen it before.” He touched the blue dragon. The ancient beast carried the text “Brencorp” in its claws. “My father purchased their services to rebuild our estate.” Julius shook his head. “That may be alright.” He reached for the crucifix. “The legends tell the firm was founded by Brauner in 1918.” Thomas went pale. The nayad looked confused. Julius told her about the events in 1944. “Although they relocated to the U.S. after the war, the churches still suspect them of pro-Dracula activity.” He kicked the machine. Though he missed on purpose. “I think they created the robots too.” Julius shuddered. Brencorp was an international company. “Who are these people?” Thomas asked. “Jacob went straight to the top.” Julius shrugged. “I don’t know very much about it.” He put down the crucifix. “The current board of directorate are upheld by his descendants.” Marina touched his arm. “You must forget it.” She said. “At least until you can tell your church about them.” Julius agreed. She was right. He would have to wait until he might do something about the matter. Thomas sighed. “I guess.” The dark-breed still looked shocked about his revelation. “You know that Jacob valued his connections.” Julius made the sign of the cross. “Let it be.” He told. “He always spoke so kind about Phillip and his firm.” Thomas shook his head. “Not everything is what it seems.” Marina remarked. The priest had to continue the search. Perhaps the girls found it already. He dismissed. That was not important. Julius had to make it work. This was his plight. To hunt the night. The bats were abroad. “Mother of river.” Marina struck with the whip-sword. The swarm flapped about. Thomas snarled. He released the boom from the rifle. Julius acknowledged. That wasn’t enough. The knight stopped to reload. Julius reached around the machine. He inhaled. Thomas had finished the deal. The knight reloaded with silver bullets. The bats came to bite them. “God with us!” Julius cried. He threw the vials. The holy water burned the lot. They collected the crystals. “This really is a trap.” Marina looked calm. Though her skin became blue. “They still try to kill us.” Julius touched the crucifix. That was right. Although they survived. Thomas shrugged. “The undead don’t realize about the selflessness of the vampire hunter.” He tried to convince himself. There were cases in which even his family fell into darkness. Julius sighed. He got to believe. “Great is the mystery of faith.” The priest made the sign of the cross. “Then let us return.” Thomas suggested. “Ruth and Anna might be in trouble.” Julius bowed. They went for the opening. The dark-breed created an exit. Julius became impressed. The knight threw that aside. He got the spear. The priest acknowledged. “God with us!” Julius had unsheathed the Stellar sword. “Come with me.” Thomas advised. He would show the way. “Let it be.” Julius looked for the bats. “Alright.” Marina inhaled. They got work to do.

He reached into the initial cave. The hunters got their weapons ready. Thomas sniffed the air. “They made havoc of the place.”Marina sighed. “Good Lord in Heaven.” The priestmade the sign of the cross. “It is done.” Ruth arrived from within the ruinedcage. She relaxed. “I found the switch.” She told before cleaning the forehead. Thomas frowned. She looked ghastly. Then again, the group got that in common. Thomas wished he might shower. That would have to wait. Anna arrived. “The trolls tried to stop us.” She blew a kiss. Ruth sent her a look. “That is enough.” The knight wondered what it was about. Ruth explained. He shrugged. “Never mind.” This was so typical. “The girls want to have fun.” Thomas sat upon the crate. He still felt weary. “We almost got killed by the mechanical monstrosity.” He almost laughed. They gasped by the story. Julius didn’t listen. He looked down into his hands. “I must hurry.” The priest sighed. “They won’t kill my brother.” Marina looked up into his face. “So it is.” Thomas then finished the tale. The priest exhaled. “Are you alright?” Thomas got curious. “We have to return.” Julius told. “The door is open.” The priest went in front. They returned up the staircase. The bats flapped about. Thomas gripped around the spear. They got to leave.

The naiad then closed the door. Ruth went out into the entrance hall. It was like they expected. The exit was opened. Julius went to inspect the other doors. The iron bars got removed. Ruth swung with the axe. The bats wentfor blood. “Blasted!” Thomas fired a boom. The beasts scattered about. The dark-breed smirked. He picked the crystals. “Nice.” Anna spoke in his ear. The priestkept in place. “What is it?” Ruth asked. The nayad sent a glance. She had no mind. The priest was getting weird. “I don’t know where to go.” He told. Ruthfrowned. “I guess we have to split again.” He gave her a sidelong glance. Ruth folded her arms beneath her breasts. The knight growled. Julius inhaled. “I don’t want this to happen.” The priest unsheathed his weapon. “You know we can’t always be together.” Marina said. “Hear the words of God.” He met her eyes. “To be a vampire hunter is to be alone.” Julius made it to sound like a slogan. Ruth took Anna by the wrist. “We search the right.” Anna winked. She sighed. Anna could be so rash and unpredictable. She might need someone to look after her. “Then I guess we are together again.” Thomas said. The nayad looked at Julius. He made the sign of the cross. “We must defeat the guardian.” Ruth knew he was right.

He then stopped. The priest reached into his pocket. “Do any of you want the great key?” Thomas refused the offer. “You should keep it.” Ruth told. “You need it more then we do.” So it was. Anna didn’t want it either. “I am not the chosen one.” Julius sighed. He retrieved it before going forth to battle. Anna waited until they left. She hoped they would be alright. Ruth beheld her. She shrugged. There was nothing left to do. They should hunt. Anna had to open the door. Ruth went inside. She followed. The gate slammed shut. Anna almost jumped. The chandelier got lit. She got the swords. The music box began to play. The sound was crisp, thoughso sad. “This is the sitting room.” Ruth whispered. She had to gather. The place reminded of her father’s house. “May I help you?” The maid seemed to rise through the floor. Anna bit together. She better get a grip on herself. “No thanks.” Ruth was serious. “We seek the master of the house.” The maid stared into the void. “May I help you?” Another maid appeared. Anna blinked. This was madness. Ruth then opened her mouth to speak. “May we help you?” They approached. She didn’t catch them. Anna moaned. She was scared. “Trust me.” They spoke in unison. “Forever and ever.” Then Anna and Ruth began to scream.

They entered the room. “This looks like the cloister.” Marina inspected the niche. “So, it might appear.” Thomas growled. She touched the whip-sword. “That is no problem.” Marina inhaled. The dust made it difficult to breathe. The nayad would have a better look. The boxes occupied the corners. She felt uneasy. The candles were the only source of light. “Stay calm.” Thomas advised. “I smell it in the air.” Marina removed the planks. There was something beneath the scattered wares. The nayad blinked. That glittered. “The house of the damned.” The knight breathed. Marina bent forward. The skeleton reached to strangle her. She gurgled. The skull beheld her through empty sockets. Marina trust the bullets. That didn’t help. The ice only ripped some pieces of his structure. The world went dark. Her gaze swam. “Please.” Marina was gasping. “Help me.” The skeleton tightened his grip. He might break the neck. How could this be? Marina was a maiden. She let go of everything. The spirit burst into water. The nayad screamed. The fountain flushed his grip. The skeleton got knocked to pieces. Marina got up. What was going on? Thomas hurled wild roses into the air. He fought the bats and skeletons. She gasped. The fight was over. “Come here.” He opened the door.

Town of Aliba, Warakiya. The 19th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The battle was hot, even in the winter. The lizards refused to retreat. Abram told the group to retreat. The red knights laughed about this misery. The nayads got a clear shot. The sun shone upon the arrows while they fell. “Forward!” Daniella shouted. “For Warakiya!” The time to fight was now. The dwarves got beneath the lances. A last line of defence had gathered before the tower. They fought long enough to slam the gate in their faces. The foxes fired. They must be hiding on the attic. Abram got his shield up. The dwarves already attacked the door with their axes. The lizard hunters found an alternative. They threw the rocks down to break them.

Death tower, “Nation of fools”. The 19th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The chamber lay in shadow. Julius found the wall. There was no light. “Let it be.” The priest whispered. Julius reached for the crucifix. The room was quiet. He sighed. Preserve us.” There was nothing he might do about it. There was no electricity. “God with us!” Julius approached. The priest got the lamp. Before he might fetch it, the chandeliers got lit. “Preserve us!” Julius tightened the grip. The bats squeaked with blood thirst. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” He threw vials into the air. They got consumed by the flames. The Saints would pity even the slaves. Julius had to try. He was a priest. “Help me.” Julius made the sign of the cross. He looked around. The room was almost bare. The Rococo sofas were the only furniture in here. The flowers stanched. They must be dead for quite a time. “Can I help you?” He was not alone. The maid got her brown hair pulled back beneath the white hood. Julius had to retreat. She made him to feel dirty. The household uniform fit tight around her body. She couldn’t be much more than 15 years old. That was irrelevant. “Can I help you?” She got even closer. Julius shuddered. He couldn’t help it. The eyes belonged to a puppet. What had they done to her? “I can help you.” Her fangs got exposed. Julius let down his blade. “I want your blood.” The maid leached for him. Her gaze was on fire. “Rest in peace!” Julius stamped her on the forehead. She shrieked like a forsaken soul. That wasn’t enough. She couldn’t stop. Julius got away. The sudden high kick revealed her stockings. The skirt didn’t conceal much. “Good Lord.” She might break his skull. That wasn’t the point. The maid got no underwear. “Come to me.” The priest swallowed. “Let us rest together.” The smile was that sweet. She bared her fangs. Julius got the sword. She didn’t lunge. The maid threw the daggers forward. He threw himself sideways. The bats dashed. Julius hurled the axe. The tripled attack made them to keep some distance. The maid was upon him. “Can I help you?” The smile never left her lips. The maid was dead. The voice got that unpleasant tingling sound that he connected with water glasses playedby a cunning hand. “Come to me.” She opened her arms. Julius shuddered. The maid got such ablusterous smile. “I do it with you.” He felt no attraction, only pity. Pity and loss for the girl she was. “Begone.” Julius told. He said. “In the name of the Father, the son and of the holy Ghost.” Julius declared. “I summon you forth into the light, He got the authority. “To cast you into the shadow.” She shrieked. Her face became livid. “Curse you!” The eyes seemed to spew sparks of flame. “The evil eye.” Julius went to work. She shrunk away. The maid hid her face. He threw the dagger forward. She got stabbed. “Preserve us.” The chandelier fell down. Julius got beneath. That thing might crush him. The bats squeaked. They tried to rip him. Julius dropped the book. The homing balls might chase and destroy. The maid cast her daggers. Julius got hurt. The blood made her frenzy. She launched for his neck. The impact sent him sprawling. She was on top. The eyes were wild with triumph. Julius smelled her breath. That was sweet, like honey. Though with something bitter beneath. Julius struggled. The smell of blood almost made him to vomit. The priest stamped her forehead. She screamed. His crucifix burned the flesh like a piece of hot metal. The bats acted like a shield. “You shall pay for what you did to me!” She shrilled. She made them to move aside. Julius exhaled. The acid fume chased and destroyed. The maid had lost her looks. She looked like a walking corpse. “Preserve us from the wicked One!” Julius exclaimed. “This is better.” She gloated. “Your blood is mine.” The wicked grin spread upon her rotten face. Julius wished to vomit. He inhaled. The maid leaped. She hurled five daggers. Julius threw the vial. He made them to explode. The sudden high kick might knock him out. The laurels gave a breather. That didn’t last. The bats settled upon his body. Julius released the mystics. His arms were on fire. They got burned. The crystals replenished his strength. “Then it has become.” The rotting corpse dragged to reach him. Julius threw the Shuriken. She leaped above. Julius fused with his life force. The star returned. The explosion should knock her to pieces. He forgot. The heart and head were the only weakness. She kept crawling forward. Julius pulled away. The bats dashed. He must escape. They whirled about. Julius got no time. The maid went for his throat. He pierced the heart. Then a look of relief crossed her face. The priest removed her head. “Rest in peace.” The corpse burned to ashes. “God with us!” Julius turned on the bats. He threw the axe. The priest caused much damage. Julius made it to rain with holy water. That put out the flames. The bats left the gems. Julius created a back-flip. The chandelier went crushing down. The hot wax and crystal got scattered everywhere. He barely survived. Julius got to find the exit. The priest sighed. He was tired. Julius collected the crystals. The door was locked. He used the great key. Julius arrived inside a huge square room. He climbed down the staircase. “Preserve us.” Julius passed by row after row of empty seats. He reached the down floor. The priest then stopped. “Rest in peace.” The girl’s body lay on the ground. The blood stains marked the place in which she fell. Julius frowned. “Great is the mystery of faith.” He made the sign of the cross. “So, let it be done.” The priest inhaled. He then looked skyward. There was another opening within the ceiling. This must be the stage. Julius dismissed. The bats squeaked. The swarm kept him occupied. The priest made his row of clocks to fall down. That kept them in time. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth.” Julius watched as they crumbled into dust. “Glory be You.” He took the gems. “Our Father in Heaven.” Julius shuddered. There was an evil chill in the air. “I have a bad feeling about this.” The cold went down his spine. “Preserve us from the wicked One.” Julius breathed. “Shall we dance?” The laugher made his hair to stand on end. “Let it be.” He told.

The nayad went across the room. Thomas remained behind. He was puzzled. The undead cast no reflection. Jonathan Harker told the count had no mirror in his abode. Here though, the hall seemed to be lined by mirrors. “The door is locked.” Marina told. The knightjust shrugged. He almost expected it would be. Thomas would open the toy chest. The key might be in there. The evil dolls began to laugh. Thomas got away. The nayad released the ice bullets. The dolls got shot to pieces. The chest was open. The little green freak leaped to fetch her. Thomas fired a boom fromtherifle. The gremlin got above. The freaks lept from within their boxes. Thomas howled. They wouldn’t tear her apart. Marina then brandished with thewhip-sword. He was attacked by dolls. The gauntlets burned. Thomashurled multiple orbs. The dolls burned out. Then the mirror went spinning for his location. Thomas twirled with his spear like the armour knight. The mirror cracked from side to side. That might inflict bad fortune. Thomas didn’t believe it. Not when Dracula’s curse where involved. The gremlins tried to take him. The armour kept him safe. “Here.” He muttered. “Try some garlic.” The explosion put an end to their exploits. Marina crushed another mirror. The knighthad to reload his rifle.

The maids got killed. Ruth sat on the sofa. She felt weary. The maids put up ahard fight. Anna fetched the key. She opened the door. Ruth got up. She pulled the axe. The bats flapped. They swept from difficult angles. Ruth grabbed the chandelier. She wouldn’trest in the vampire’s grave. Anna danced while hurling fireballs. Sheentered the corridor. Evil dolls lurked in the toy chests. She threw the star. That wasquick. The red eyes told about the curse. The ratscame through the potholes. Ruth bent to might impale the lot. She read from the holy book. The pages exorcizedthe dolls. Anna performed a meteor dash. The monsters burned on impact. She collided with the door.The exit got moved aside. Ruth had to hurry. She almost expected the maids to appear. That didn’t happen. The gremlins closed the door. They leaped to take her. Ruth twirled with the axe. The girl was under attack. The mirrors went spinning into the air. She could do nothing. The gremlins bounced about. Ruth got confused. They tore at her clothing’s. She conjured the blood force. Ruth got lifted into the air. The chandelier burst over. That clenched the area. The gremlins perished. The evil dolls got burned to ashes. The mirror broke into a million pieces. Ruth smashed the item. The had to be careful.

Shepicked the glass from her hair. The fingers got cut. The healing power restored her. Anna removed the splinters. She found the key. Ruth kept guard in case the monsters survived. They had to be more careful. The sun shone through the windows. Anna had a look outside. “We must be within the leftmost wing.” Ruth remarked. The girl shrugged. Ruth turned the key. The corridor lead to the backside. The curtains got pulled down. The chandeliers were the only source of light. Anna looked up while passing beneath. The maids could make them to fall. That didn’t happen. Not yet anyway. The rats peeked from within the potholes. Anna crouched to challenge the lot. She cried. The swords got stained with blood. Ruth kept behind. She got to protect them from against the monsters. The cobweb hung down like dusty rags. They tickled at her nose. Anna fought not to sneeze. The mirror got crackedto pieces. Anna looked up. “Keep going.” Ruth was speaking through clenched teeth. She had to accept that they both got their hands full. The mammals occupied the ghost house. The mirrors kept falling down. Anna used the war force. That wasn’t enough. Ruth broke the door. There was another room. Anna got the swords. “Julius! Help me.” She would fight the righteous battle.

The dolls whirled about the room. Marina felt sick about it. Though she might freeze them. “Mother of river!” The gremlins bounced. The stare made her to feel uncomfortable. Marina brandished with the whip-sword. She released the icicles. The nayad hit the mirror. She made it to break against the ground. The splinters cut the monsters. Marina hid within the bubble. The evil dolls scratched her shield. Marina winched. She felt like being torn apart. The nayad struck with the whip-sword. That made them to scatter. Thomas found the key. She got ambushed. The gremlins got on top. She breathed. The frozen breath then stopped the lot. Thomas shook like a wet dog. “You must be more careful.” He told. Marina blushed. He shrugged. Thomas turned the key. The lock clicked. He showed the way into the corridor. The chandeliers were the only source of light. Marina created the fountain. The bats squeaked before they scattered. “Thanks.” Thomas smirked. “No problem.” Marina sighed. There would be time to repay her. “How can I help you?” Where had she come from? The maid remained at the other end of the passage. “Stay where you are.” Thomas growled. “Undead pest.” Marina shuddered. The maid yelled before leaping. “Curse you!” Thomas fired a shot.

Town of Aliba, Warakiya. The 19th. Of December 2098 A.D.

They made the snow to whirl about. The foxes hurled rocks down the side of the building. Azoth went from post to post. They had to hold the tower. That was the only way down into the town. He madethe errand boy to return to the fortress. They would need reinforcement. Azoth didn’t possess the weapons to reconquer the wall. They got the oil. Though not the means to throw it upon the invaders. The archers had suggested to usethe burning arrows. They wouldn’t burn upon the stone. Besides, the rebels might use it to burn down the mission. “Fire in the hall!” The lizard hunters got ready. The dwarves had broken through.

Death tower, “Nation of fools”. The 19th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The batsscattered. Julius took the gems. He looked about. He felt like being watched. “Let us play.” The voice came from nowhere and everywhere. Julius tightened his grip. “I disagree.” The giggle belonged to a maniac. There was a single red and white box. “Come out” They teased. Julius shuddered. The chest was open. Julius got to hunt. The toy bats spread. Julius cut up. The toys burned. Julius touched theforehead. He felt sick. Julius recognizedthe state. Hislaurels broke the curse. The balloons kept adrift. The toy bats approached. Julius threw the crystal. He crushed the phenomena. That wasn’t oxygen. The gas was acid. Julius thought it stanched like mustard. The dolls could fly. Julius hurled the vial. The fight transpired without a sound. He made the meteors to fall down. They got crushed. The box was burning. Julius was afraid it might spread. That didn’t happen. “You ruined my collection!” They sobbed. Julius made the sign of the cross. “You shall pay.” She moved. He made a stance. Laura kept her power while in daylight. The park stood on cursed earth. She smiled. The eyes were burning. Julius should search for the graves. Laura opened her arms. “Let us play.” The deathly toys raised to protect her. Julius threw the axe. They burned on impact. Laura trusted between the ribs. He groaned. The lady bit him. Julius put the crucifix upon her heart. The rats reached up. He pushed Laura aside. The blonde hair tickled his cheek. Julius got to shake them. They squeaked. Laura giggled. He poured with the holy water. They burned. Carmilla’s girlfriend punched him. “It is time.” The jump-kick sent him sprawling. “The vampire’s kiss.” She bent over him. Julius lay in ecstasy. He had to resist. The priest embraced her. His arms were on fire.Laura screamed. She fought to escape. He had to release her. She got the power.The shroud was stained with ashes.Laura licked her fangs.She conjured the deathly toys.He threw the shuriken.Julius created an item crush. The gold-star crushed the toys.He threw the holy water.Laura got burned. He would remove the head. The bats came for blood. Julius threw the crystal. The explosion tore the onslaught. Her slidekick threw him off balance.She trusted the claws.Julius tumbled. She brokethe ribs. His lungs might be damaged. “I win.”She gloated. “I know.” Her fangs got exposed.“This is my reward.” Julius didn’t answer. He struggled for air. The laurelsrestored him.Laura touched. Her skin was cold. “That rests with the Lords.” He said. “Your destiny.” She mocked. “Lies with me.”Julius used the remaining crystals to release the sword storm. Laura got impaled by the attack.The heart burst. The head fell down.The corpse burned with green flames.She became the Devil’s concubine.Laura got enslaved. Hemourned her death.She could be so much more. Julius picked the gems. The stage was empty. The switch was hidden beneath the box. Juliusmust contemplate. “Let me tell you an amusing story.” The clown presented the photos.“Once upon a time, there lived a man named Julius Belmont.”The madman got a picture. “Who thought to defeat the Chaos.” The snapshot showed him in action.“He could not.How sad.” Julius shuddered. “Say cheese and die.” The photo revealed his body. “Quite right.” He laughed. “I don’t like the story.” Julius told. “How could I forget?” The clown smiled. “It is true, your fool!” The laugher echoed about the stage.Julius would strike. “Watch my hand!” The madman cast his swords. “Trick or threat?” The Jack-o’-lantern burst on impact. Julius summonedthe circle of crosses. The fireballs covered his assault.Theswordpiercedhis body. The clown smirked. The blade contained a high quantity of silver. “Watch my collection!” The entertainer conjured the dolls. Julius exhaled. He stamped the clown. He played with the puppets.They tried to stab him.“Gambit!” The vampire threw playing cards. Julius went beneath. He must stab the opponent. He moaned. Julius revealed the crucifix. The clown shrunk.Julius lost track. That was okay.The rats climbed on him. Julius stampedthem out. He picked the gems. “Play ball!”That appeared beneath. Julius tumbled. The clown grasped him. “Thanks for playing.” Julius stabbed the knee. He lost hold. Julius spun to bury his blade. His blood stained the floor.“I got the cards.” Julius sidestepped. The cards might cut him. “Trump-card.” The clown hurled four swords. Theygot a boomerang effect. “Kill him!” The dolls reacted. Julius struck with the sword. He became a vampire hunter. The toys burned. He fetched the gems. The clown reappeared. Julius escaped. He tried to bite him. Julius stamped. That burned.Theclown hurled the swords. Julius escaped. He opened the book.The pages cut him. He staggered. Juliusthrew the axe. Hehitthe shoulder. The clown must be burned. “Trick!” He laughed. The priest threw the vial. The clown burst into flame. The pyre proved his statement. The killer clowns were enemies. The bombs caused confusion and chaos. Julius took the gems. The clown was crazy. “Die! Die! Die!” He repeated while blasting. Julius hurled the star. Then the pumpkin bomb exploded. Julius dashed. “Let us roll!” Julius stumbled upon the ball. “Got you!” The clown sobbed with laugher. Julius crushed the dolls. He picked the gems. “Good Lord!” Julius bent. The blast might kill him. Julius threw the crystal. He hit the dead. Julius got ambushed by the rats. He doused them with holy water. The gems granted strength. The clown conjured the ball. Julius dodged. “Try this on for size!” The ring was a joke. The priest survived. “Gambit!” The cards made him to moan. “Game over.” He gloated. Julius made a glide. The smile disappeared. The blade pierced his heart. “Rest in peace.” The priest proclaimed. He stamped him out. The heart burst. The green flame revealed the status. Julius made the sign of the cross. “Forgive me.” He got work to do. The priest retrieved the items. He would fight. Julius lost his friends. There was another exit. The Lord would guide him. He checked the switch. Julius wouldn’t touch it. He felt unsure. The rats occupied the stage.

The knight went down the passage. Marina got her whip-sword. The chandeliers fell down. She might deflect. Her ice bullets made them to shatter. Thomas impaled the rats.“Thank You.” There were no maids. They gave him the shudder. There was a duo in each room. The curtains got torn aside. The sun gave no warmth. Thomas put a hand on the door. Marina inhaled. She got ready. He went inside. The hall was lined with mirrors. There was a toy chest at the center. Thomas had to inspect the area. At least no vampire emerged. “Black water!” The gremlins arrived. The box was open. He had to defeat the toy bats and balloons. The dolls kept flouting in the air. “Curse you!” Thomas fired with the rifle. The deathly toy stanched like an ancient tomb. The pieces got scattered about the place. “Blasted!” The doll tried to rip him. Marina brandished with the whip-sword. The gremlins froze in place. Thomas twirled with the family’s weapon. The Lecarde spear impaled the heart. The toy chest got reopened. The deathly toy belonged to Laura. He released the dark-breed energy. The dolls exploded. Thomas got hit by the mirror. That made him to stumble. He got no helmet. Marina made water pillars to rise up. He threw garlic into the box. He removed the rubble to fetch the key.

She released the pages. The gremlins didn’t like that. She got through.Anna opened the door. They arrived within another passage. Thecorridor led to the center. Ruth hadto consider. Was this another trap? The door opposite got opened. Ruth cursed.She aimed with the crossbow. Anna made a meteor dash. The hunter relaxed. She didn’t collide. Either way, Ruth was grim. “This have to work.” Thomas had arrived. He reloaded the rifle. Anna blew a kiss. “They barged the windows.” Marina had recoiled the whip-sword. “I might smell the power.” The knight told. “The guardian is here.” Ruth sighed. They got to continue. The chandelier came crushing down. “The Lord is one!” Ruth hurled a row of enflamed axes. The Belmont blood granted great power. Ruth struck it apart. The mirror almost removed her head. Thomas fired. “Mother of river!” Marina bent to breathe cold on the rats. The survivors escaped. She had no mind. They got to kill them. The rats were accursed. Anna opened the door. They waited. There was no ambush. “What shall we do?” Marina asked. “We hunt.” Thomas morphed into his wolf form. She exhaled. Ruth would fight. “So it is.” He climbed the stairs. Ruth went ahead. They reached the stage. Then she realized thatJulius was in trouble.

The dark-breedthen reloaded his rifle. Anna looked for monsters. She didn’t find anyone. Anna dislike the place. She felt like the invisible spectators beheld their mobility. “I know.” Hesighed. She shrugged. Anna still felt uneasy. “Then how do we continue?” Ruth asked. The dancing girl didn’t know. She sat, cross-legged, while pulling her hair behind the diadem. “I Don’t think he is here.” Julius made the sign of the cross. The hunter went to pick her. Anna blew a kiss. Though this wasn’t the time for makeup. “We have to pull the switch.” They sent him a look. “That is a risk.” Thomas remarked. “I know.” The priest inhaled. “Though we have no choice.” He really was brave. No questions asked. “We shall fight.” Anna went to step on top. The priest inhaled. “The Lord will be with you.” Julius blessed her. “I pray it won’t be that horrible.” The priest opened his hands. “Let it be.” Anna winked. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord.” They would conquer. He would make it possible. Anna stepped on the button. At first it seemed like nothing happened. She felt confused. “Riddle.” Julius made it to sound like a curse. The platform was rising. That was incredible. Anna gathered. “Be ready.” He demanded. “This is no attraction.” Anna pulled the swords.

The stage was rising. Marina jumped on the spiked platform. That saved her friends. She escaped. Ruth and Thomas shot at the bats. The priest dodged the platforms. Ruth tried to smash them. They where made of metal. Julius barely saved her life. The nayad felt at a loss. She had no influence. The trap resisted her spell. Marina could do nothing. She might leap and slide. Anna should take them atop. That might be more dangerous. The spike shooters were still in effect. Marina dodged another platform. The bats then landed upon her shoulders. She washed them out. The crystals got to wait. Marina had to dodge the spiked projectiles. The nayad picked the gems before the others might arrive. Ruth pushed her away. They had to leap above. She sighed with relief. The agility saved her. Julius made the meteor to chase and destroy. That broke the platform. They changed the objective. Thomas tried to bomb the lot. The wild roses got an extraordinary power. Marina jumped. That was not enough. The bats had figured. The men were under attack. They fought back-to-back. The spike shooters were ready to fire. Marina exhaled. “God with us.” Julius proclaimed. He presented the crucifix. The priest better be ready. Marina sighed. She had to relax. They left through the ceiling.

Forest of Debias, Warakiya. The 19th. Of December 2098 A.D.

He reached upon the clearing. The murderer lay dead within the forest. Imrahil was avenged. That gave no comfort. Nothing could ever repay for the death of a Unicore. Earendil led his family aside. They would lament. Henry approached. His face was stained. Earendil realized the man was weeping. “Forgive us.” He pleaded. “This is my fault.” Henry cleaned his eyes. “The humans forced you into hiding.” Thorondor sniffed him. “I… “He tried to swallow. “I “I didn’t manage to stop her.” Earendil got closer. The unicornthen touched his forehead. The man embraced him while crying out against thepowerful chest. “Be at ease.” He told.

Death tower, “Nation of fools”. The 19th. Of December 2098 A.D.

They went through the opening. Julius keptthe sword. “There is a stage.” He didn’t believe it. “God with us.” The chairs encircled the area. “Where is he?” Anna asked. He had no answer. Julius made the sign of the cross. So much had happened. “Listen.” Thomas growled. “Good Lord.” That was the sound of machinery. “Get ready.” Julius told. He felt unsure. The seats got removed. They vanished into the floor. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Anna figured about the spikes. “This is the end.” Ruth was calm. The platform went toward the ceiling. Julius leaped on top. The others got hold. “Look!” Ruth shouted. “The floor is rising!” Julius felt chills down his spine. He couldn’t help. Julius reached another platform. He got to defeat the bats. Julius reached another platform. This was a trap. The Lord would guide them. The spiked floor kept rising. Thomas arrived. They fought back-to-back. Dracula must be put to rest. “Preserve us!” Julius reached the platform. The nayad was beneath. She released the ice bullets. The skeleton froze on impact. Julius almost collapsed. He found another platform. “Keep going!” Ruth went ahead. The priest didn’t answer. He might fall down. The spiked floor kept rising. Anna made chain lightning strike before leaping. “Come on.” Thomas helped him to get up. They reached the next step. Julius presented the crucifix. The knight crushed the skeleton. The bats burned. They climbed upon the second platform. This was the death tower. Julius kept climbing. He held on for dear life. Julius got atop before leaping. There was an opening. That was still ahead. The girls went from platform to platform. Julius threw the vials. He burned the bats. Julius reached the step. The spiked floor was beneath. Julius inhaled. The blood force granted strength. He leaped. Julius felt more alive then ever. That increased his mobility. Julius landed atop. He presented the crucifix. The priest might protect himself. Julius threw the crystal before climbing. The knight emptied his rifle. Julius made him to pull in time. The nayad created the fountain. Ruth and Anna were in motion. He reached the platform. They shot through the walls. Julius had to escape. The bats squeaked. He got to defeat them. They occupied his progress. Thomas climbed ahead. The knight reached the second floor. He carried Marina on his back. Julius relaxed. They would survive. Anna danced to release the fireballs. The bats burned while the machine kept ticking. Julius went from step to step. This was a tower. He slashed the skeleton. Ruth had disappeared. “Glory be You.” He found no corpse. “Our Father in Heaven.” Julius inhaled. “She escaped!” Anna told. She helped him to get up. They leaped. She stabbed with both swords. Julius inhaled. They might help each other. “Thanks.” Anna winked. The priest shook his head. They kept climbing. The opening was ahead. Julius stepped on the platform. The spikes were reaching up. Anna got out. Julius leaped. He got close to the ceiling. The floors might crash in between. Ruth and Thomas pulled him from the death trap. The spikes closed. “Get away from there!” Marina was horrified. The slabs hit the floor. “Good Lord!” The stones smashed the spikes. Julius exhaled. That was too close. “Save us.” That wasn’t the end. The other slabs went crushing down. The entire floor would be covered. “Get up here!” Ruth climbed upon the initial slabs. She told in time. They climbed on top. The rocks kept falling. The level would be blocked. “Come on!” He called. “We have to get up.” They were in motion. The second level might be segmented. The bats swept for blood. That was another problem. Thomas stood on a slab while reloading. The nayad created a fountain. Julius got atop the next step. He made the meteor to chase and destroy. The group was atop. Anna danced upon the rocks. She threw fireballs before causing chain lightning. The priest escaped. This must be the fifth level. That could wait. The bats whirled about. He threw vials at them. The knight pulled him behind. Julius shuddered. The slabs would crush him. He got atop. The ropes hung from the ceiling. Julius tried to reach them. They were beyond his reach. The seventh level fell down. They got atop. The floor might be closed. He breathed. They stopped. The ropes hung above. Julius had to climb. “Rest in peace.” The female vampire came through the wall. Laura smiled. The fangs got exposed. “Girls that want to have fun.” The killer clown chuckled by the statement. Julius unsheathed the sword. “Leave it.” Thomas growled. “This isn’t your fight. Julius frowned. They approached. “Go.” Anna whispered. “Find the guardian.” She began to dance. Ruth stood in front. The clown hurled his cards. Thomas howled. “Do it!” He called. “Do it now!” Julius sighed. He leaped. Laura conjured her toys. Thomas shot them to pieces. The priest got hold. He wasn’t used to these things. Julius climbed. He looked down. They seemed so far away. He continued. There were no monsters up here. That might be a setup. The rope went on forever. This must be the way. Julius reached the gallery. “Walking on the edge.” The priest relaxed. He stood on solid ground. Julius had a look into the niches while he went along. He struck the bats. The priest knocked the candles. He left the money. The gems restored his energy. “God with us.” The door was locked. He used the great key. Julius climbed the stairs. The bats attacked. He threw the axe. The chandelier fell down. Julius made a back-flip. The rats climbed on top. He doused the lot. Juliusinhaled.The stairs led above. He opened the door. “Let it be.” The staircasewent twisted around the building. He got to climb. They barged the windows. The carpet and tapestries had a noble origin. Dracula’s henchmen redecorated the floor. The chandeliers gave then enough light. Julius made the sign of the cross. The candles were made ofblack wax. Juliusdidn’t dare to hit them. He went atopthe stairs. Julius reachedthe door. Heinhaled. This would be it. He felt the presence of Shadow. The guardian was waiting for him.

The nayad tried to nail with bullets. Laura blew her a kiss. “I will deal with you later.” Her eyes glittered with malice. “In the meanwhile, feel free to play with my toys.” Thomas snarled. The deathly toys were not amusing. He threw the stake at them. The undead scum laughed by his misery. Marina struckwith thewhip-sword. The bullets froze them in place. She leaped. Lauradelivered with the flying kick. Thomas growled. He put the speardown. The slut screamed. She sprawled on the end of his weapon. “I impaled you.” Thomas smirked. The evil dolls stabbed their nails. Thomas groaned. He let go of the spear. Laura followed up with repeated punches. The high kicks sent him far away. The armour kept him down. Marina countered the assault with water pillars. She held up. Thomas delivered a boom from the rifle. The bullet got buried in her white garments. Anna almost collided with the vampire. She trusted the swords. “Watch my hand!” Thomas rolled. The killer clown gothurt. He didn’t seem to suffer. The madman hurled playing cards. Thomas blocked with garlic. He released a flurry of flame. “Gambit!” That burned the toys. Thomas sidestepped the four swords. He answered with the fused stakes. The impact sent the clown sky high. Thomas got tohowl.

The mad clown conjured other dolls. “The Lord is one!” Ruthscreamed. She arrived with her arms on fire. That covered the assault. Ruth cut up the rest. The wily undead laughed at her. “Trick or threat?” He asked before hurling pumpkin bombs. Anna kept up. She danced to kick the puppets. Ruth released other pages. The killer clown snarled when cut. She had to glide. Anna danced while hurling fireballs. The dead clown got burned to ashes. The twin snarled. “You have no future!” He screamed. The madman hurled four swords. Marina tried to dodge. He gloated. “You are dead!” She moaned. The nayad fell into a heap. “This might be fun.” Laura picked her up. The hunter blocked the cards. “Welcome.” The lady bared her neck. “To the eternal night.” Marina was gasping. The hunter got to save her. Laura got excited. Her eyes shone like the moon. Ruth gasped. The curse hit her. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Anna stamped with the crucifix. The lady dropped her pray. The slide kick sent her sprawling. “Curse you!” Thomas releasedthe solid cross-shaped blast. The clown gurgled. He got impaled. Laura tried to rip her. The javelin shot her to pieces. Ruth relaxed. She felt torn and tired. Thomas exhaled. He reached into the backpack to produce the contract.

The poor nayad was in pain. Anna helped her to stand. The knight unfolded the contract. “How may I be of service?” Renon reappeared while tippingthe hat in a polite manor. “I need other potions.” Thomas demanded. “Like the green medicine.” The mysterious salesman reached into his briefcase. “That will cost you 100 gold coins.” He put the bottle on top. Thomas gave the money. He opened the bottle. “You should all have a sip.” He really looked much better. “There is one mouthful for each.” Anna was the first to drink. The potion tasted like liquid frost. She gave it to Marina. The nayad was in need. “Thanks.” She sighed. Marina then sent the bottle away. Ruth had the final doze. “I needed that.” She threw it back to their friend. Thomas put down the empty bottles. “I want you to refill them.” Renon bowed before tipping his hat. She didn’t figure, though somehow, he managed to fill them. “That should be enough.” Renon checked the list. “An antidote. The cure curse. A green medicine. And the potion.” He tipped his hat. “Then I only need my payment of 250 pieces.” Thomas paid him. Renon frowned. “This is only 100 pieces of gold.” Anna picked from between her breasts. “Here you go.” She said. “That should make it count.” He bowed. Anna got the balance.

The trader vanished in a puff of smoke. “Thanks.” Thomas sighed. “Without your money, I would be broke.” Anna smirked. “Why shouldn’t I help you?” She winked. “That is what friends are for.” He shrugged. Thomas put the bottles into his backpack. Annablew her kiss. He got no worry. “Climb on my back.” Thomasencouraged. “Wehave to climb again.” Marina figured. “Just like in the cinema.” The girl got on his shoulders. Marina couldn’t help the stab of jealousy. She once was that close to him. Ruthleaped to fetch a rope. He was already gone. Marina jumped. She felt unsure. They got to make it. This fabric wasn’t nice to her skin. Marina tried to keep in place. The nayad felt exposed. She got to remove the bats. Anna caused chain lightning strike. They kept on climbing. Thomas approached the gallery. The booms caused a nasty echo. Ruth reached atop. The bats scattered. The hunter released with the bolts of silver. Anna gave a hand above the fence. “Mother of rivers.” Marina looked down. It was incredible to reach this far. “I promised to fight.” Thomas retained his true form. He led them around and up the stairs. The last corridor was lordly decorated. Marina screamed. They swept for blood. She stamped them out. The guardian was waiting.

The den, fortress Aliba. The 19th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The sun remained to burn outside. The order awoke her to early. “You can’t wait until night.” Erica Reinbeck had done armour. The town was under attack. The boyar Ludvig Von Bork made her his left-hand servant. “He is ready.” The members told. Erica lusted. She was a death rider. Her steed was not an ordinary horse. She mounted Gravial. Legends told they would carry the four riders. She put on the helmet before raisingthe lance. “Come with me!” She called out toward the beast riders. “Theyrequired for us.” They spoke with one voice. “Hail the count!” Erica would lead them into battle.“For lord Dracula and Chaos!”

A.N: The chapter is short. I got a lot of inspiration from the original CV A for the Game Boy formula. I liked telling the story about the mechanical monstrosity. Although I may be wrong about the LoS creatures, I hope Mr. P will update them sometime. Have a nice time.

“Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear not.”

Psalms: 23. 4.

Death’s track: Evil gods.

Death tower, “Nation of fools”. The 19th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The door was closed. Julius knelt in prayer. He lay the sword down before him. Julius made the sign of the cross. “yourfaith is strong.” The monk pulled through the curtains. There was a niche. The window looked out on the countryside. “There isno escape.” He inhaled. “Young man.” An icy smile crept upon his lips. “You are marked as my property.” Julius shuddered. “There is no escape.” The man repeated. “You, like your sisters, are now mine.” Hefrowned. Julius only got one sister. “Who are you?” He asked. “Call me a missionary.” Julius felt cold. “Game over.” The monk told. “You conquered evil.” That was impossible. The priest thought of the spectral blade and death bat. Christopher Belmont, whose daughter founded his family, fought them in 1576. “They surrendered the mystic orb.”He was amused. “I know.” He pulled the hood. “The order upholds the curse in the name of lord Dracula.” Julius withdrew. “My name is Zead.” The monk withered before his eyes. “Bless me.” He touched the crucifix. “Let it be!” The monk was rotting. The scythe swept like a boomerang. “The grim reaper!” Julius got in motion. The Stellar sword blocked the assault. He dodged. Hissickles got stuck. Death approached. This was a trap. The slash might slice him. Death revealed his face. Julius shuddered. “Where are Dracula, Death is his servant.” The reaper threw the scythe like a boomerang. Julius doused the item with holy water. He screeched. That was mental. Though it hurt. Death retained his weapon. The priest hurled the axe. Uriel struck. The item broke and rebounded. Julius dodged. That was no replica. The axe belonged to Leon Belmont. He picked the pieces. “Into Your hands I commit my spirit.” The weapon got re-forged. “Glory be You.” He whispered. “For the love stronger than Death.” The reaper leaped with an eager scythe. Julius got beneath the slashes. He struck the angel. “Fool!” Death bellowed. “Thy have nay the Vampire Killer.” It was true. The blade pierced the robes. Julius felt the frost. He should remember. Hector achieved no victory. Shanoah managed because Albus obtained other powers. Death released the sickles. Julius removed the curse. He got to repel the onslaught. The angel made them to spin. The priest presented the crucifix. Uriel hurled the scythe. Soma got the power ofDominance. He studiedat the Belmontlibrary. The sword was useless. Julius threw the star. They collided. The sparks revealed his progress. Julius got to banish the scythe. The reaper conjured the sickles. Julius was hurt. Death leaped. He got beneath. Death struck. Julius blocked. Thatwas far too much. “Listen to thee voices.” The cold almost froze his heart. “Thou arth mine property.” Julius twirled with the blade to repel the sickles. Death approached. Julius threw the dagger. The reaper made it to rebound. Julius had to run. That was a mistake. Uriel slashed. The priest survived through a back dash. Death hurled his weapon. Julius struck. That got frozen. He stamped with the crucifix. The scythe was burned. Death screeched. There was an outburst of Chaos energy. The reaper leaped while hurling sickles. Julius got to retrieve his items. The Lord preserved him. Death slashed. The priest forged the angel sword. The curse was broken. “Glory be You.” Julius bared his teeth. “Our Father in Heaven.” Death cut with the sickles. “He cannot save thee.” He twirled. “Death comes to us all.” Julius inhaled. The frost tore for his lungs. The laurels might heal. “Though the hour rests with the Lord.” The sword didn’t hurt him. Julius ran. The grim reaper hurled the sickles. He stopped to throw the scythe. Julius dodged the weapons. The reaper beheld the effort before throwing sickles. He groaned. Death slashed. Julius got the crucifix. “Clever.” Death hurled the sickles. “Very clever.” Julius got to survive. Death leaped. The ashy robes whirled about the skeleton. Julius sent a homing ball. The angel screamed as he retained the weapon. He leaped. Julius got aside. The reaper struck. He blocked. They struggled together. Death hurled the sickles forward. He sprawled. The angel threw the scythe like a boomerang. Julius rolled. He got up to hurl the axes. That was to far. He would die. Julius screamed. He still kept the crystal. Death staggered in pain. The frost was that terrible. The electricity went wild. He used the laurels. That wasn’t enough. Julius would fight. He ran to throw daggers. Death gave a hand. The impact sent him away. Julius staggered. Death caught the scythe. He shuddered. “Widows has to cry.” The voice was cold like winter’s heart. “The kind Shepard gives rest.” The reaper leaped. Julius got away. Death threw the sickles. Julius repelled the onslaught. He threw the axe. Uriel made it to break and rebound. Julius got hit by the pieces. He slashed. Julius created a back-flip. He escaped. Death threw the scythe. He got to strike. Death twirl. The priest summoned the book. They might protect him. The scythe burned. The angel lost control. Then Death regained his strength. Julius doused him with holy water. The screech was terrible. “Let it be.” The reaper dashed. He picked together. Uriel struck. The priest blocked the effort. He got pushed against the wall. Uriel struck. He got stained. “Give thyself to the Dark Lord.” Julius had no answer. He was drained of power. Death threw the sickles. The priest had to block. Uriel slashed. He stamped with the crucifix. Julius got away. Those currents might kill him. The reaper threw the scythe. Julius doused it with holy water. The electricity surged both body and scythe. He collapsed. The pain tracked his veins. Julius would hunt. Deathburned. “Thou arth dead.” He threw three sickles. Julius struck the scythe. The chill was terrible. Death hit him. Julius stamped with the crucifix. The scythe broke apart. Chaos exploded. Julius screamed. “No one escapes.” The grim reaper got sucked through the portal. He dragged for the mystic orb. Julius had no strength. The door was open. He got exhausted. Julius was spent. Someone had bent beside him. Julius didn’t care. He had no choice. The priest had fainted.

They came too late. Thomas bent over his friend. The priest had blacked out. Although both body and clothing’s were restored, the hunter was too far gone to enjoy it. He felt at a loss. Thomas was no healer. He used some potions. Julius still didn’t wake. “What is it?” Ruth asked. “Why won’t he wake?” The girls looked anxious. Thomas got no answer. The tower shook. Marina hurried to the window. “River daughters!” She exclaimed. The nayad pulled the curtains. Thomas looked over her shoulder. “That doesn’t look good.” The park burned. The rising moon revealed the details. “Quick!” He exhaled. “We have to escape!” The girls pulled down the tapestries. “There is no exit!” Ruth was desperate. “Get away.” Thomas growled. He made a dash. That broke the window. Thomas howled. The glass spread about. The curtains were taken by the wind. “We have to fly.” Thomas called. “You must be ready.” There was a great rumble. Anna was pale as she changed into the Phoenix. “Can I sit on your shoulders?” Marina asked. Thomas shook his head. “I must carry him.” “Come here.” Ruth afforded. “I can take him.” They got aboard. Ruth touched the sun feathers. He inhaled. Then the Phoenix sang. Thomas almost wept by the beauty. She then went out into the night.

“Nation of fools”, Warakiya. The 19th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The tower vanished behind them. Ruth was able to relax. The Phoenix sang. They moved among the clouds. “The Lord is one!” That was a warning. “Curse it!” Ruth hurled the axes. “Watch it!” Thomas reloaded the rifle. The rising moon reflected the frost. “His armour seemed to be forged by silver. “Dark ocean world!” Marina twirled with the whip-sword. The black crows shrieked while spreading out. “Twisted!” Thomas threw garlic into the air. The flock hid among the buildings. Ruth felt chills down the spine. She screamed. The skeletons climbed on top. That was impressive. She threw it aside. “Look!” The nayad held onto her shoulders. “I know!” Ruth bit her lip. They had to hang on. The undead released other bones. The Phoenix shrieked. Thomas presented the cross. “Take it!” He howled. The dark-breed released a flurry of flame. “Mother of river.” The crows began to burn. “Are you alright?” Marina tightened her grip. The bones broke on impact. Ruth screamed. The ice spread through her body. “Live.” Thomas held onto the priest. “The Lord is one!” Ruth made the star to burn overhead. Thatgranted an edge. “Black water!” Marina cursed. She released an outburst of ice bullets. “Steady.” Thomas advised. “Let it be!” Ruth inhaled. She pulled the trigger.

The wind touched those bright burning feathers. She blazed like the sun. The Phoenix might feel the presence. They were no ordinary birds. “The coming storm.” Ruth held on to her feathers. The Phoenix might tell about her worry. The touch gave that sensibility. Julius remained unconscious. The knight carried him upon the shoulders. The Phoenix sang. He was one of the few who might hold her. “The Lord is one.” Ruth bit her teeth. She was in charge. The hunter twirled with the axe. The legends told that the weapon was a Dinesti heirloom. She spread her wings. The Phoenix shone so bright. She was like a beacon upon the star-crossed night sky. The crows shrieked. She went dim. The Phoenix might touch their hunger. “By the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob!” Ruth opened the Talmud book. The hunter made them to burn. The skeletons climbed atop the attraction. The Phoenix burst anew. She would forever rise from the ashes. “I am a servant of the secret fire.” The Phoenix could never die. The memory of Light lived within. She had no fear. “Mother of river!” Marina release the ice bullets. She broke them apart. “Look out!” Ruth threw a flurry of enflamed daggers. That was another heirloom. The Phoenix had no connection. “This is it!” Thomas threw the wild roses.

There was cold this high up in the air. Marina held onto Ruth’s shoulders. “Look!” Thomas shouted. “The town is besieged!” Marina beheld the event. That seemed so small. The town got illuminated by the burning park. The people were climbing up the outsides of the wall. The knightswentto defend. Something occupied the forest. The beast riders chased for pray. “We can’t land out there!” Thomas had to shout. “The archers might notice the approach!” The phoenix sang. The sun bird was mourning. “What shall we do!?” Ruth asked. She really looked worried. Thomas gazed over his shoulder. “Come on, my old friend.” He muttered. “Wake up.” Julius was still unconscious. The dark-breed growled. Marina worried about him. Why didn’t he stir? “Anna!” Ruththen shouted. “You have to settle down inside the village!” The phoenix had begun to circle. “Fly casual!” Thomas advised. “We cannot draw attention!” The sun bird went in for landing. “Mother of river.” They looked around for monsters. They went unnoticed. Dracula’s followers must be busy. Marina inhaled. The resistance movement had decided to help them. Let the park burn. They reached the ground. Marina hoped the vampire wasn’t there to face them. Be what may be. She gathered before the hunt.

The crypt, fortress Aliba. The 19th. of December 2098 A.D.

The candles burned. That was the blue fire. The lid was moved aside. Ludvig Von Bork emerged from his resting place. Night had fallen. The boyar would search for another victim. He lusted for blood. “My lord.” August Sharpy knelt by his coffin. The fencer must have wakened early. “The town of Aliba is under attack.” Ludvig emerged. His eyes where on fire. “Awake!” He called. “Dracul!” The tombs were inhabited. The circle obtained eternal life. “Where is Erica?” She had not appeared. Sharpy lowered his head. “The death rider has already done battle.” He smiled. “Very good.” He said.

The circle was at last complete. They were awake. She heard him call. “Yes.” Yuko emerged. The lid was open. “I hear your voice calling.” Bronze felt her might return. “I shall serve.” The undead raised from the inhabited tomb. “The Dark Lord.” Yuko was ready. “Dracula.” Bronze wore her uniform. “Follow me.” She told the knights. Bronze was still in command. Although Yuko made her the concubine. That was of no concern. They were ready to fight. They done armour. So, let it be. “There is time to do war.” The beast riders vanished like mist. “The death of millions is a glorious business opportunity.” She then laughed with expectation.

Courtyard, fortress Aliba. The 19th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The weather really was cold. That meant nothing to them. Bronze gathered from specks whirling in the moonlight. The lizards left from the stable. They prepared the Raptors before the war. The blue foxes already gathered. “This is glorious.” Bronze climbed on the raptor. The rising moon got reflected by the helmet. “The town is besieged.” Sharpy was there. “Sharon of the guard sent us the message of Darkness.” The dead fencer revealed his fangs. “The wall is under attack.” She met the gaze. “This is vital.” He insisted. “You must support the East gate.” The fox-archers came running into the stable. “You will be the sergeant.” He pulled out the blade. “Send the reports to the fortress as soon you achieve control.” She saluted. “Hail the count!” August left like a bat. “Eairwin!” She called. “You will scout.” The blue fox hailed. “Then let us move out.” Bronze gave the command. Seven swords answered her request. Edmund was a clever soldier. Bronze kicked the dino in the sides. The archers were already ahead. Forward march!” The courtyard was coated with snow. “For the demon castle and count Dracula!” The gate was open. The soldiers then went forth to join the battle. Bronze lusted for blood. “The curse of Darkness.” She breathed. “Then listen to the voices.”

Town of Aliba, Warakiya. The 19th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The sky was clear. “Bad moon rising.” The poltergeist king waited until Daniella came down the staircase. “Things are clear up there.” She rubbed her eyes. “Now it is.” She smiled. Though without humour. “I lost some good men today.” He might tell. Germain had travelled through time. The druidexperienced on several occasions. “This is the way.” Tholin had opened the door. “We’ve secured the tower.” He sent her aninterestedlook. “The monsters left the attic.” She acknowledged. Daniella sighed. That was okay. “We saved the prisoners.” Tholin informed. “Abram is dead.” Daniella felt exhausted. “Right.” She sighed. “Let it be.”

They hid in an alleyway. Julius was down. Though he slept more soundly. Thomas hoped he would be alright. “We cannotremain.” Anna said. “He needs to be kept warm.” Hefigured. They gave him what rags and blankets they got. That wouldn’t be enough. Not when out in the winter. “I don’t expect you want to return to the maiden’s house.” Thomas smirked. The hunter sights. Anna’s smile might mean a great many things. “I thought so.” Thomas went silent. “Thomas.” Marina whispered. “I think we got company.” The ravens sat on the rooftop. Thomas aimedthe rifle. “Not yet.” Ruth hissed. She swung with the axe. Thomas snarled. He impaled the bird. Marina brandished with the whip-sword. “I think we better burgle a house.” Anna shielded the priest. She was stern. “We cannot do that.” He protested. “That would be a crime.” Thomas folded his arms. “This is Dracula’s curse.” Marina brandished with the whip-sword. “I don’t think we have any choice.” She seemed to consider. “We have to get inside.” Thomas had no protest. The knight might carrythe priest. “Let us head south.” Anna suggested. “The order is out there.” She had obtained the compass. “I might show the way.” She said. Thomas acknowledged. “Tell us.” That would be alright.

The snow fell from the sky to might litter the street. “For the Lord is One!” Ruth bit her lips. She exhaled. The hunter pulled the axe. “Let it be!” Ruth would fight the righteous battle. The ravens then left the building. The birds swept to might tear them apart. She inhaled. “Save us!” Ruth attacked with her arms on fire. She got an edge. They passed the graveyard. “Into Your hands I commit my spirit!” The dark-breed impaled the zombies. “Watch me.” Anna smiled. She danced to might reveal herself. She went to expose her body. “Dark ocean!” The nayad struck with the whip-sword. “Mother of river.” Marina released the ice bullets. Ruth threw the daggers forward. She gained an upper hand. “Blast it!” Thomas got to fire. “Get behind!” He hurled the roses into the air. “Alright!” Ruth opened the book to release the pages. “Help me!” They cut up the monsters. The hunter relaxed. She might breathe again. That was not enough. The axe was on fire. Ruth might strike the lot. “For the Lord is One!” She presented the chandelier symbol. Ruth gained the strength. She might defeat the group. The hunter hurled a wave of axes. Ruth created a circle of the Wafer. She might protect herself against the monsters. “Death to the Shadow!” She cried. Ruth then struck the zombies.

There was the sound of battle. Anna felt the snow through her sandals. The chill never touched her. Thomas carried the priest upon his back. She bit her lip. That was strange. Julius always seemed so strong. The priest seemed to be invincible. The knight told he would wake in time. Anna tugged at the end of her dark blonde hair. “This is too quiet.”” Ruth whispered. The dancing girl gathered her power. “They don’t belong. Thomas growled. The zombies walk the streets at night.” Anna shuddered. She released the fireballs. The ravens burned. They got surrounded by the undead. She had to vomit. There was no time for such luxury. Anna held the swords. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Ruth slashed the monsters. “We should support the movement.” Marina spoke her mind. The knight shook his head. “That is not the Belmont way.” Thomas leaned against the spear. “There is nobodythat might defeat the army.” The group went quiet. Thomas then turned to the left. “So, let it be!” She got to follow. The dark-breed found what he searched for. Thomas opened the door. “Stay back!” He pushed. Anna tapped his shoulder. “You should use the great key.” Ruth inhaled. The knight snarled. Thomas opened the door. There was no light. Anna felt so cold.

Nr 14 Apollo street, town of Aliba. the 19th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The house looked empty. They carried Julius into the bedroom. Marina lit a fire. “We better check the area.” Thomas said. “Go on.” Anna told. “I try to find the bathroom.” He shrugged and rolled his eyes. Marina sent him a look. “To each his nature.” She remarked. The nayad might use a shower. The men could too. They looked so tired after the long night’s chase. She left them to babble. Marina was in need of clear water. “Come on.” The nayad could feel. The girls came along. Marina made a grimace. The living room was coated with dust. She sighed. The bath room lay behind the building. “They are the undead.” The corridor stanched. Marina swallowed. She disliked the smell. “The dead wander where they don’t belong.” Her voice became a whisper. “The ring.” Anna touched the crucifix. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” There was a sound. Someone pushed through the floor. “The Lord is one!” The dead hand stuck up. “Black witchcraft!” Marina recognized the signs. The zombies reached to touch her. They desired the flesh. “Brainstorm.” Ruth struck with the axe. The nayad blinked. That was black humour. They fought together. The bodies burned. Marina gasped. She took the gems. “The road is clear.” She inhaled. Marina hoped there were no other zombies.

Town of Aliba, Warakiya. The 19th. of December 2098 A.D.

The wind blew chills through broken casement. “He has gone beyond.” Tholin had to comfort. The dwarf embraced her. “Forgive me.” Abram was her friend. “I shouldn’t have told you like this.” Daniella shook her head. “That is alright.” She rubbed away the tears. “She deserves to mourn. Germain assured. “The man shall be evil if there are no one to pity him.” Tholin was ready. “Forgive me.” He repeated. “Though there is still this battle.” The dwarf fetched the helm and weapons. “How nice.” Daniella picked together. She made the sign of the cross. “Let us do battle.” She was so tired. Tholin had to admire her stamina.

  1. 14 Apollo street, town of Aliba. The 19th of December 2098 A.D.

A chill went through the house. The priest closed the wardrobe. Julius shuddered. He chose the black cape. “Let it be.” Julius acknowledged. The article might be useful. “That is definitely you.” Anna teased. The dancing girl looked much better. She had a bath. Anna blew a kiss. Julius left it behind. So much happened when they burgled the house. The family might be out for the night. Julius made the sign of the cross. They might be dead. He sighed. There was nothing to do about it. “I still dislike theapproach.” Ruth whispered. “We do not rob the people.” Julius explained. “This isn’t thieving.” They had to accept. This was a test.“Nobody’s home.” Thomas had returned. The priest touched the crucifix. “This stench.” The knight made a grimace. “Then the town stench.” They managed to heal. That was fine. They got matters to discuss. Marina pulled through her hair. She had a shower. The blonde curls hung around her shoulders. “I must hunt the night.” Julius put a hand upon the sword. He felt so helpless. “My brother is in danger.” Julius folded his arms. “I must find him.” Christian had to survive. He was the chosen hunter. “I don’t ask for any of you to join me.” Thomas growled. “You don’t have to.” He barked. “My family made an oath to support you.” The knight had to participate in the ceremony. They exchanged glances. Thomas knew what he got to do. “How do you intend to continue?” Ruth asked. The hair was dank. She looked out the window. “The gates are closed.” The sun was down. Julius made the sign of the cross. “The Lord is my guide.” He touched the scroll. “This is the map.” Julius exhaled. “I found it in the study.” He presented the sketches. “This piece explains about the huge underground citadel.” Julius was sure he was meant to find it. “God with us.” They wouldn’t have to climb the mountains. “you shouldn’t try that.” Ruth informed. “I heard rumours about that place.” She picked on the chandelier. “The ancient built it long ago.” Anna went pale. Listen.” She licked her lips. “They say Dracula’s followers turned it into a fortress.” Thomas shrugged. “You don’t have to follow.” He told. “You have no part in this.” Julius was quiet. The priest was busy with the map. “That is an insult.” Ruth responded. “You won’t leave.” Anna then performed with a jump-kick. Her feet went out while the swords left their sheets. “We haven’t come this far to abandon you now.” Julius put the scroll into his backpack. “Then let my people go.” He made the sign of the cross. “I know that we are in trouble.” They gathered about. “It is the way.” Thomas told. “We stand by you.” Ruth told. “You are the Belmont.” Anna resheathed the weapons. “Show us the way.” Marina touched his arm. He blushed. That was not aloud. Rachel had to carry on his bloodline. Julius left the subject. “Then, in the name of the Lord, I shall lead.” Anna smiled. “He will.” She said. Julius almost hugged her. Then again, that wouldn’t be proper. Thomas hit his shoulder. “Go ahead, Belmont.” He smirked. “Lead us.” Julius bowed. “I will.” He promised. The priest could never tell how much he loved them. The group was united. “You only live twice.” The voice was a distant echo. “One for yourself. And one for your dreams.” The laugher was so cold. “When you plot revenge.” The tall figure got shoulder-length brown hair. He reached a black glove toward his face. “Prepare for two graves.” Julius felt so cold. This was black sorcery and witchcraft in truth. “Get behind.” The priest recognised the dark arts of the necromancer. “I summon you into the light to be cast into Darkness.” The animator shrieked. “Open!” He demanded. “Bonds, chains, bolts. There is a dead voice calling!” Julius unsheathed the sword. “God with us!” They pushed through the ground. The floor broke as the goldilocks, clad in red and blue cocktail dresses, struck from beneath. “Yes master.” The left one knelt. “I am here to execute your will.” The twin licked her buddy lips and fangs. “Electra.” The necromancer let a finger trail her cheek. “Calysto.” The glove pulled at her hair to reveal the face. “Kill them.” The sisters snarled. Their eyes glazed with desire. “I want blood.” They spoke in unison. Julius advanced. The bats made him to retreat. The priest doused them with holy water. “They stench!” Thomas howled. Shards of broken glass fell tingling on the floor. The window got broken. “Mother of river.” Marina kept behind. The wolves howled while leaping through the frame. The knight met them in combat. The trio of wargs got fused with a supernatural power. The necklace of white gold and snowflake told the story. They breathed solid frost. Marina would help him. The priest was too busy. The twins wore skin coloured nickers beneath the skirts. The fine shoes were nice for kicking. “God with us!” Julius summoned the Lord. The kick-and-slash combo was difficult to deflect. He summoned a circle of crosses. He got a breather. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Julius made it to rain with holy water. The holy flame gave an edge. The undead dislike the touch. The twins were weak against the fire. “For the Lord is one!” Ruth struck with the axe. She dashed among the zombies. They tried to both rape and rip her at the same time. “For Warakiya!” She screamed. “Dark ocean world!” Marina struck with the whip-sword. She released a burst of ice bullets. The necromancer got no additional powers. He couldn’t protect them. “Let go.” Electra threw a series of fireballs. Calysto covered with ice. The bats inhabited the projectiles. “Let it be!” Julius forged the fairy sword. Then Anna stepped in front. The jewelleries shone blue within her grasp. The sisters shrieked. The dancing girl absorbed the energy. They leaped to take her. Julius frowned. There was something about that which disturbed him. “Belmont.” He got no time. Julius stood face to face with the necromancer. The eyes blazed yellow from beneath the hood. “Back off you devil!” There came the boom from a rifle. Thomas escaped. His bullet was made of silver. The necromancer groaned. Then he fell into a heap ofbones.

They finally caught up. Thomas howled. The white wargs had come at last. The knight felt like killing his own people. They seemed to absorb the cold from the one he slayed. Thomas pulled away. He filled the closest with silver bullets. He emptied the chamber. That was worth the costs. The head exploded. The final warg bent over the fallen brethren. The blood gashed like in an eruption. The beast howled in turn. Thomas had no mind. He reloaded the rifle. The warg leaped to kill him. Thomas gasped. He impaled the heart. The warg howled. Thomas licked his lips. The beast burned on impact. Thomas inhaled. The bones then smouldered. He was left alone upon the battlefield. Marina screamed. She got caught. “Damned.” Thomas felt both twisted and sick. The flesh-eating corpse was at work between her legs. The nayad moaned. Her eyes crazed with a laced ecstasy. That reminded him about the vampire’s kiss. The other corpses either kept her in Hell or tore at her shoulders. The spring necklace kept them at a distance. That wouldn’t last. Marina got her climax. The undead sperm exploded inside her vagina. “Burn in Hell!” The flames seemed to consume the lot. Marina was left gasping upon the floor. “Get up.” Thomas snarled. “You are no prostitute.” She trembled.

The zombies got to die! Ruth bared her teeth. The axe was on fire. She would not be used. “For Warakiya!” Ruth had adopted the case for the resistance. “Tomorrow never dies!” There would always be a lamp lit for the house of men. She had to relax. That was a bad idea. The pile of ancient bones re-forged itself upon retaining the frost. The necromancer was alive again. Orsomething. Ruth threw it aside. Julius had prepared for such events. “Corpus Christi!” He got the envelope. “Let Your will be done.” The holy flame made it to bright. That didn’t matter. “For the Lord is one!” She struck the neck. The collard was forged by the pale gold. She lost hold. Ruth was numb. The cold was so bitter. The force got a will of its own. The necromancer turned to look on her. Ruth became transfixed. She licked her lips. The man was thathandsome. She felt the chill down her spine. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost!” The crucifix lay on his ribs. “I set you free.” Julius held the Wafer in his other hand. “Rest in peace.” The priest declared. “Let it be.” The necromancer shrieked in agony. Then his skeleton crumbled into dust. “It is complete.” The priest inhaled. Ruth almost yelped when the wind touched her body. “Your faith has saved you.” Julius told.

They moved about the area. Anna had cut up their clothing’s. The twins were almost naked. That wasn’t the point. She had to figure if they got any artefacts. Electra’s necklace looked suspicious. The jewellery burned with a darkcrimson light. Anna thought of the spiderweb. Callisto’s anklet seemed to move with expectation. The pale-yellow glow didn’t feel nice. There was something rotten about that. Then she figured. “A gift from the necromancer.” The low class got to use something to influence their victims. Anna must destroy the system, or the dark wizard would continue to rise. The dancing girl moved about. Her wavy dark hair spread about. Anna wore simple green and bronze colours. That didn’t matter. The girl released the blast of energy. Anna screamed. She removed the head. The meteor dash then cut them apart. Anna grasped the jewelleries. The counterforce was terrible. Shemanaged to resist. Anna sent the energy through the bonds. The necromancer was finally dead. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” They belonged to her. Anna would be honoured. She achieved her first victory. Anna got no shame. She tore the costume. The clothing’s were blue and silver. She put them on. This was the price. Anna had become a spell dancer.

Town of Aliba, Warakiya. The 19th of December 2098 A.D.

The Belmont led the way. He used the map and compass. Marina kept looking out for trouble. She hoped the priest knew what he was doing. The group kept close together. They got their weapons ready. She watched the air. The ravens nested atop the houses. Marina felt an ich down her spine. She couldn’t reach it. That was another source of trouble. Ruth and Anna spoke quietly together. They argued about what to do when reaching the entrance. Marina didn’t like it. The girls had to take the risk. Anna was glorious. She deserved to be adored. Julius stopped. The nayad beheld him. He was finally awake. The black cape almost made him invincible. Julius called them together. The knight bent beside. He removed the armour. Marina moved without a sound. The priest spoke no word. Julius pointed. Marina acknowledged. The huge metal gate got embedded within the mountain. Marina felt her hair stand on end. The guards maintained their watch while moving back and forth. The others caught up. They observed the red knights. “How many are there?” Anna asked. “I count about twenty.” Julius touched the crucifix. “Though I do not know the number.” Anna blew a kiss. “Relax.” She teased. “This is my department.” Marina sighed. This better work.

Throne room, the vampire’s tower. The 19th. of December 2098 A.D.

The cloaked figures gathered before the throne. The Dark Lord would reward them for their fateful service. The order kept in hiding. The sect then shattered after 1666. The demon castle had at last returned. This was evil’ finest hour. They camefromthe Shadow to do his bidding. The circle already received their payment. They ruled the city in his name. The Dark Lord gave a last command. The citizens turnedresistant. “All who oppose the prince of Darkness must die.” The order knew how to quiet their rebellion. “Eternal night.” They would conjure the curse of Darknessin his service. Together, they would crush those which opposed his rule.

Final approach, “Evil’s nest”. The 19 of December 2098 A.D.

The sound of heavy boots, and the measured mechanical breathing, cut through their conversation. “What is the status, commander?” Black Rage demanded,though it was the vocabulator that spoke. “Activate the main-view screen.” Cedric Von Holm requested. The lieutenant would execute his will. “The Belmont insurrection has reached the town of Aliba.” The images were revealing. Her hand became a fist. Black Rage had failed once already. This time she would conquer. The cyborg felt his presence. The knight might be the Dark Lord. “Like you requested, I informed the forgotten city.” He gave a crisp salute. “Excellent, commander.” She dismissed. The officer retained his position. Lady Rage beheld the images. Ludvig Von Bork would not be able to detain them. The baron might be dead. That was of no concern. “Captain.” Dietrich Herzt approached. “Stand-by alert.” He saluted. “That is in effect until any further information.” He would execute. “As you wish.” She watched his depart. Black Rage then retained her pose. The general’s chair was empty. She was in actual command. “Let it be.” The cyborg would do her duty. Black Rage kept looking on the screen. “Let the lords of Shadow rule.” They would not dare to infiltrate the lantern.

(A.N: This is a short chapter. Though I hope you enjoyed. Thisforeshadowsthe future events. The grim reaper is not easily detained. I hope that, if CV Legends is ever re-produced, that we areable to play as another dual company.Either way, have a nice time.)