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Castlevania: Darkness Never Dies


Part 1: Curse of Blood

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Part 2: Legacy of Sorrow

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Part 1: Curse of Blood.

“”Those who wander in the dark shall see a great light.””

Joshua: 9. 2.

Chapter 9: Picture of a Ghost Ship.

Ruins of castle Dracula, Bodley. The 17th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The air shivered before it solidified. Mae Lin made manifest. The Dark Lord had revived her. The undead girl looked upon her surroundings. Dust and mould coated the ancient stone floor. Mae Lin exposed her fangs. The black suit fit like a glove. “Yes.” That revealed her body. “My lord.” She had a mission, a task to perform. That was why the count had reanimated her. The black braids moved like twin tentacles when she began moving. “His Master’s voice.” They kept draining Gabriel’s curse to use as a catalyst for the prince of Darkness. “Perfect.” The circle of blood had sent her to supervise the process. The Eclipse sealed away his castle. Mae Lin snarled. She shot an arrow at the skeleton. That exploded. Then the darkness fell. The vampire hung up the weapon. The otherstold it was a treasure from the castle’s armoury. Mae Lin was impressed by the potential. She gloated in the certainty of the curse of Darkness. Nobodyshouldknowabout her involvement. Trevor Belmont defeated her at the mansion. She would gain her revenge. Mae Linwas prepared. The vampire brandished with the whip. “Thank you my count.” Mae Lin smiled by the power. “I shall not fail you.” Not this time. The Dark Lord expected great things. That was why he granted a second chance for her.

Ghost ship, UtaLake. The 17th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The fog peeked between the iron bars. Noriko tried to pull back. There was not enough space. The boy sat across from her.His pallor shone white in the gloom. “Picture of a ghost ship.” The pirates at least left them with one lamp. “There is some powerful magic aboard this ship.” Iori breathed. “I can feel their malice.” Noriko squeezed his hand. “One will to rule them all.” He pulled the cloak tight. “For Hate is cold.” She shuddered. The dankness was bad for both. Noriko wished to break out. They couldn’t reach high enough. “The pirates left us to starve.” Even if she went to stand on shoulders, the fence was in place. “Youshould take the power.” Iori broke into her line of thought. “Then neither of this would happen.” She almost left him. “Do not speak about it.” Noriko was turning pale.“Leave me alone.” She struggled for air. The voices of the dark side almost broke her mind. “Though that is the truth.” Iori insisted. “The legacy of Darkness.” He got no mirth. “There is nothing we can do.” Noriko kept quiet. She touchedthe uniform.Norikogot the crucifix. “He will find a way.” She must believe. “Despair is the path to Shadow.” There would be such a bitter harvest. Iori closed his eyes. “Black fate.” He breathed. “You have to accept your destiny.” Noriko gotso tired.

Everything was adrift. Christian knew this was only another dream. That made no difference.Richter Belmontwas the last who inherit the Vampire Killer whip and the mystic weapons. The order of Eclesia served as the replacement killers when Dracula was resurrected in 1810. Christian tried to wake up. Hewas in limbo. They used 20 years to figure about their legacy. The line was broken. That was why Morris Baldwin became too old. There was still hope. They would not fail their legacy. The Belmont clan had made a blood oat to hunt the night. Trevor had inherited the title. He became Richter. He got to save his girlfriend.

Realm of dream. The 17th. Of December 2098 A.D.

This was the clock tower. “Maria! Are you okay, Maria?” Anette was alive. “Yes, just fine.That is because I have the same vampire hunting blood flowing through me, like Richter.” “He must be fighting somewhere now too.” Hesighed. “Anette!” This was the clock room. “Richter!” Anette beamed by the sight. “Are you hurt?” She looked alright.Anette asked. “No, and you?” Richter might relax. “No, I am fine.” He told. “It is good to bleed a little.” Maria hid asmirk. “Come Maria.” Anette said. “Let us go home.” Hecracked with the whip. She could not. “Not yet.” Maria didn’t let him down. “There is still something I have to do.” “You go on ahead.” She told. “I amgoing to slay the vampire.” Anettegot to hid her mouth. “It is the hundred year anniversary of our circle of blood.” She might sob. “So then…“ Richter felt sorry for her. “Yes.” This was fate. “We are to kill the demon.” That wasenough. “You cannot. that is too dangerous.” “That is my destiny. Also his blood calls up to me.” Maria embraced her sister tight. “The path is safe.” Richtertold. “Go quickly.” He said.“Bye.” She whispered. “Maria! Wait! Richter!” Shegathered. “Really, you jump ahead.” Anettecouldn’t hunt the night. “Come back safely. Please.” Theyhad to leave her alone.

He turned in his sleep. Someone was talking. Christian heard their voices. He felt the Shadow. Trevor muttered. He was the heir to the Belmont clan. The Phoenix would rise from the ashes. The family returned to hunt the night. Leon would be proud. They should repent for Gabriel. He would challenge the prince of Darkness. This was more then life or death. “So let it be.” Christian might become like them. He called to the Lord. He alone got the right to decide. “No one deserves that fate.” Trevor was the chosen hunter. Her soul was alive. “Bless me.” The Vampire Killer was a tool of destruction. Christian had promised not to abuse the power.

The treasure was stashed in glorious fashion. “Koji Hakuba felt for plunging into the riches. “This is even more then the wealth we have stored in the bank.” Kochi wasn’t that impressed. “More then the horde beneath the basement.” His brother looked frightened. “Come on now!” Koji tried to encourage. “This is like a dream come true.” Kochi shook his head. “Koji, no.” He brushed the messy black hair away from his eyes. “I don’t think you should touch that.” Koji frowned. He pulled at his own brown hair. “You do remember what grandmother told.” The twins exchanged glances. “There is more then the pile of treasure that make the dragon.” Koji muttered. He tied up the scarf. The light colour was a contrast to his jacket. “Alright.” They let them to take care of their baggage before leaving. “The others must still be alive.” Kochi removed a glow to touch his shoulder. “I know.” Koji put his gloves into the pockets. He sighed. Kojithen dusted off his trousers. Why had the artist become so interested? “Dragonheart.” Koji tightened his fists. The emblem hung from a chain around his neck. “Brother?” Kochi was by far the better person. “I think they tried to seduce us.” He sighed. Koji had a final look upon the treasure. “Then we have to break out.” He said.

Garden in Garabaldi, Garibaldi Temple. The 17th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The rose garden was a truly wonderful place. The vampire beheld the collection. “Beauty.” She came to purchase. The order found a way to use the Belmont blood to their advantage. “Gabriel Belmont fell to the dark side.” Noail Hoa had told him to set aside the human lot. “He could have become the Dark Lord.” That was an ancient myth. The family got ashamed. “You are one of his adepts.” The Chinese accent spoke strong through the German language. “Make them to step forward.” The living dead forced the object closer toward the balcony. “Good.” She breathed. The torchlight revealed the oiled skin. “They are young and strong.” The undead lady folded her arms. She was taller then most of her people. “She is the ninth.” Noail Hoa would take them. “Bring them.” She instructed. They came through the gateway. The order would make a full resurrection. The Ninja warriors then collected the humans. “You might return to the house.” The collection got lead through the gate. “Come with me.” The others got removed by the servants. “Come, walk in the garden.” She arched an eyebrow. The Chinese noble woman was pleased by the offer. “Thank you. That will be my pleasure.” Noail Hoa liked this garden. “A rose in the winter.” Even the dead might enjoy this paradise.


Ghost ship, Uta Lake. The 17th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The mist shrouded everything. Zabine enjoyed the gloom. The sorceress sat upon the chest. She beheld the boy. He was so young.Although his aura toldaboutthe strength and power. The sorceress touched his items. The crew had to strip him of both the clothes and arsenal. Zabine made a grimace. They couldn’t touch the image. “Thou should give him to me now.” The angel of Death flouted in the air. She made a pact with the Devil. “He belongs to me.” The grim reaper kept silent. Zabine smiled to herself. Then the gaze pierced her. “If thy can.” The angel had vanished from sight. Thecountess acknowledged. This was her permission. Then so let it be. Zabine knew how to capture his desire and use it to chain him to pleasure. The Dark Lord would be pleased. The enslavement would yield great power to their cause. Zabine exposed her fangs. She strangled her lust.This would make up for the loss of Richter. That slut stole his affection. Zabine could grant him so much. Shehad to wear him down. “Return the items.” She beckoned. “Then revive him for me.” The countess licked her lips. “Then you may leave us.”They bowed to execute her will. “Good.” Zabine acknowledged. That was right. She had grown strong. The boy got no choice then to accept her as mistress.

The voiceskept talking. Christian opened his eyes. Who was calling? Trevor threw it aside. He knew something was amiss. Christian touched the crucifix. He remembered the events. The sofa was comfortable. Though the air was dank. Trevor leaned against the pillows. “Right.” He got to think. The ferryman brought them from the lighthouse to Bodley. “Message of Darkness.” That was not the problem. “The order of Shadow.” The maiden told. They tried to use the lake. “Don’t wait until night.” Gabriel was to blame. He cast the curse. “The statues born of Darkness.” Christian inhaled. He closed his eyes. “When the hero fall.” That was their darkest hour. Trevor would make their legacy to shine again. “Help me God.” He made the sign of the cross. The pillows were soft. He frowned. Christian blinked. “Noriko.” He remembered. Her soul was in jeopardy. “The music.” There were something else. “Blind man, deaf woman, the fool saw.” Christian recited. “Let the lords of Shadow rule.” That was it. They had abandoned God. He got to stop the knighthood. That would not be easy. Trevor was aboard the ghost ship. He leftthe sofa to brandish with the Vampire Killer whip. He looked around. The mist peeked through the windows. Christian inspectedhis weapons. The walls got hanged with tapestries. Trevor shuddered. He recognised the Basraq dragon. This was a distraction. He got to find her. Christian hit the lamp. The gem restored the force. “Good Lord!” The shrieking made him to retreat. The ravens nested outside the windows. Trevor mentally kicked himself. They would pick him apart. Christian used the stopwatch. that slowed their progress. He hurled the axe in a high arch. The birds got burned to ashes. Trevor exhaled. He let be the money. “Nevermore!” The raven flew to scratch him in the face. He threw himself down.The planks pressed into his spine. The black velvet gave no comfort. Christian got up to present the crucifix. The raven beheld him through eyes without pity. “Nevermore.” The screamechoedthrough his mind. Trevor shook his head. He was a child.Black Poe couldn’t fright him anymore. “Then stronger we are in the name of the Lord.” Christian spoke through his clenched teeth. The raven dashed. Trevor struck with the whip. The black birds finally got defeated. Christian wiped his forehead. There came no warning. The skeleton got to aim the musket. The robed figured fired a shot. Trevor got no protection. He threw himself sideways. The musket got to reload. “Good Lord!” Christianmade a glide. The harpy had arrived. She tried to smash him against the wall. Trevor struck with the whip. The Soul bat put an end to her misery. The bone-musket fired. Christian threw himself down. The monster got to reload. Trevor struck with the whip. The fireball burned the skeleton. Christian exhaled. That was close. He couldn’t rest. The birds streamed through the windows. He used the stopwatch. The Soul Saint gave the upper hand. Trevor leaned against the wall. He got to gather. “Be the will of God.” Christian would commit into the hands of the Lord. The harpy shrieked. She threw herself forward. Trevor made a glide. “You Belmont scum!” The naked woman slashed with her claws. Christian buried the silver knife within her bosom. The harpy screamed before she exploded. “Rest in peace.” Trevor exhaled. He got no time. The sister collided. Christian groaned. The harpy tried to nail his abdomen. Trevor gasped. She shouldn’t try to do that. He got to release the Soul flame. That saved his descendants. The harpy leaped to survive. Christian presented the crucifix. He got Simon’s heart of fire. The woman licked her lips. She pulled away thestrings of her brown hair to meet his gaze. “Then stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Trevor threw the cross forward. “Let it be!” The enflamed boomerangs cut her to pieces. Christian retrieved his weapon.Hegot the gems. The chilling draft pierced the cabin. Hehad the whip. The ghost pirates penetrated the wall. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth.” Trevor was nota real Belmont.The Lord would decide. Christiancut his palm. The blood of the hunter was the lastresort. “Don’t wait until night!” Heraiseda hand. Trevorbecame invisible and invincible. The blood forcewouldn’t last. Christian then went to hunt the night. The pirates couldn’t touch him. Not now at any rate. The apparitions moaned when fading. “Rest in peace.” He would fight. The force subsided. Trevor was left gasping. He survived. Christian got the gems. He hoped they would be proud. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Trevor couldn’t wait. He burst through the door. The bone-musket got ready to shoot him. “Preserve me!” Christian reached for the stopwatch. The harpies went to distract him. Trevor released the four clocks. That defeated the monsters. The bats squeakedfor blood. They swooped to bite him. Christian brandished with the whip. He got to defeat them. Trevor exhaled. He picked the gems. The windows revealed the mist. Christian frowned. This was the captain’s cabin. “Save us.” He made the sign of the cross. The body still sat behind the desk. Trevor realized the seaman had died by thered plague. “The captain’s log.” He retrieved the book from beneath the dead man’s hand. “Not again.” Christianhad noticed about the piece of paper. He frowned. Trevorremembered her advice. That was labelled the “Sonnet of Dreams”. The ferryman told that Gabriel cursed the lake. Christian reached for the crucifix. They were draining the source. He couldn’t let it happened. His eyes fell upon the text. Trevor read the final paragraph. The story made him to weep, “Lord of compassion.” He breathed. “You have forgiven all.” Christian got to clean his eyes. The German hunter had told the truth. “You lead us and guide us into Your Heaven.” Reinhardt Schneider, Henry Oldrey and Carrie Fernandez fought against the Devil in 1852. “No one deserves her fate.” Trevor exhaled. The pergament were about to crumble with age. The writing was barely visible. Never the less, the story was not without importance.

There was that scent again. Koji brushed through his messy brown hair. “The smell of blood.” He closed his eyes to might relish upon the scent. “Brother.” Kochi took him by the shoulder. “I smell kins blood.” Koji sighed. The siblings were 16 years old. “Then tell me about it.” Koji bushed the black strings behind the ear. “I am serious.” He snapped. “Course you are.” He felt uneasy. “Right.” Koji inhaled. He better get a grip. This was the foremost cargo hold. Never mind that now. The order captured the flight. Koji had lost both of his sisters. “Dragon’s breath!” Kochi released the black flame. That still made him to feel uneasy. “Fine.” Koji muttered. He brushed the forehead. Koji was sweating. They gave them to her. The countess threw them into the treasury. Koji got to fight the urge for gold. “Dragon’s tail!” He grasped the opal crest. The harpy tried to nap his brother. Their grandmother was right. The world might be a dangerous place. “Dragon’s nose!” Kochi might finally track the smell. “Here.” He got a peek inside the grave. Koji let be the diamonds. “There is a boy and a girl.” Kochi looked nervous. “Relax.” Koji smirked. “This is my department.” Kochi got away. “Dragon’s claws!” Koji yanked the bars. “Hello!” Kochi shouted. “Are there anyone here?!”

Volcano, UtaLake. The 17th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The lava boiled while striking the crater. The alter offered an excellent view of the mountain. “I feel the power.” The three brothers had gathered. “We did right to remove the treasure.” The third brother declared. “That is far to potent.” The oldest kept staring into the crater. “This might be enough to achieve our goal.” He was right. The elders notice their strength. That fact had no impact upon their plotting. “That is only a side-effect of the restoration.” The middle-man remarked. “He shall rise.” The wand burned. “That is the Cree of the order.” Let them argue. This was potentially more important. “There is something alive down there.” The sight got lost in the smoke. No matter, he knew what he saw. The one got their attention. “I cannot tell.” They did not belong. That was truth. He might torture for more intelligence. “You are sure.” He had such great respect for lord Dracula. They pledged fealty to his name. The brother seemed to shrink into the robe. “Then we act.” The old surmised the approach. “No.” He said. “Leave it to me.” He beheld the brothers. “It is I who should deal with this.” They had to accept the statement. Of course. He held the most potential. “Await in his name.” The dark wizard spoke in triumph. “In the name of count Dracula.” They bowed in obedience.

Ghost ship, Uta lake. The 17th. Of December 2098 A.D.

Now this was fun. Laura finally got to be on top. The changeling made a mewling sound. “Then look into my eyes.” She cooed. The little blonde knew her gaze was blazing. “Oh yes!” The Latina shuddered beneath her touch. Laura knew she was delicate. “Blood of the beast.” She cast no shadow or reflection. The huge crimson pillow was surrounded by the mirrors. The image showed the shape-shifter alone. Laura giggled from beneath her throat. “Be still.” She breathed. “My dear.” Laura embraced her consort. “Worship me.” She was a vampire. “Such a wild chase.” Rosita gasped. “Hush.” Laura had seen them pass. “Then beware.” Laura had found her G—spot. “Keep tight.” She went outside to search for her lost sister. “Dahn Die Tothen riden shnell.” The hunt were long gone before She came upon them. “Eternal night.” Delphina lay in the arms of her boyfriend. “Innocence lost.” He was dead. “Dracul.” Though not nearly dead enough. She looked into his eyes. She fell into the gaze. Then Frederico Bolsonaro made them todo unspeakable things both to him and each other. That was why she impaled him upon her belt knife. “Mistress!” Rosita was upon the brink. “Perfect, little one.” Laura plunged her fangs into her neck upon reaching the climax.

The log really was ancient. Christian got to read it one more time. “That rests with the Lord.” He sighed. The ship had belonged to a band of pirates. Trevor made the sign of the cross. “The last to do.” They didn’t deserve this fate. “Is remorse.” There were none who did. Christian touched the Vampire Killer whip. He would hunt the night. Not for his own glory. “This is an act of compassion.” Trevor felt the tears down his cheeks. “Not a deed of hatred.” Christian would pray for the forgiveness of their sins. “A Requiem for the forgotten souls.” That was what he could do. No. There was more. Trevor continued to read.

Jungfrau’s log. –From Mortvia to Bodley.

11th. Of January: Left Mortvia yesterdaywith thegold.The captain’s death left me in charge.The crew made me their officer. Ruff sea and misty.Kept watch all night to spot Boyar ships. The men are managing their charge.

12th. Of January:Spent the day with the riches we took at the mouth of Yoma.What a gloat. Much more then I expected.Rich reward to everybody. Still misty.The crew is worried, though unwilling to tell why. Discipline have to be maintained.

13th. Of January:There is the red plague aboard the ship.The crewhave found the rats today.How could they get ondeck without notice?We could find Bodley. The isle have vanished. Though I know that is impossible. The compass is lost.

15th. Of January: The Devil is aboard this ship.Half the crew had turned ill. God forgive me,Ihad to hang the master man yesterday.The food turned bad. The fog peruses us like a curse.If only we could reach Bodley. Though will that ever happen?

16th. Of January: The crew deluged out my eye. Three more of them sick and five hands dead. He warned us . Curse that man and all his riches. I don’t want them anymore.

17th. Of January: The new master man jumped overboard.Mishkin told he heard him scream. The red plague. Fear is spreading.God help us. that man killed him.

18th. Of January: Please forgive me. For I have sinned. I confess. I have lived like a pirate. The master manwas right.To die like a man, a sailor,in the deep blue sea, that is no shame.For I shall kill this beast, this monster, if I can.May the Lord help all who are at sea tonight. Help this poor soul to do his duty as a captain and a man.

End of Paragraph.

Christian sighed. He replaced the log. The count was strong. Abbadon got to bend to his will. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Trevor kept the faith. The Lord would guide him. He would watch over the family. Christian inhaled. He put the note-piece into his pocket. Trevor had tocontinue. “Preserve us from evil!” Christian got distracted by the were-panther. The Bolivian woman changed so fast that it wasalmost impossible to follow. He got the whip. “Human slime!” Trevor barely saved himself. “Die!” The panther slashed for his face. Christian stamped with the crucifix. The female screamed. He threw the vials of holy water. The were-panther made a slide. She got beneath. She caught him with a sliding kick. “Die!” Christian stumbled forward. He got to stab her with the silver. She punched him repeatedly. He groaned. Trevorlost the heart. “Then let it be!” The femalehad aimed another kick. Christian struck with the morning-star whip to release the Soul bat. The female jumped high. Shehad survived the attack. Trevor got ambushed by the bats. The swarm went for his blood. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” Christian leached with the flame whip. They got burned. The changeling slashed. Trevorhad caught her around the neck. “Then this is the end.” Christian pulled her forward to might burn her flesh. The slide kick hit him in the stomach. “Oh God!” Trevor moaned. The armour saved his life.He lost the grip. The panther smirked. She was a beast. Christiangot to stop her. He picked the stopwatch. That made her to react. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Trevor doused her with holy water. She shrieked. The liquid burned the other bats. Christian made the sign of the cross. “You belong to me!” The were-panther threw herself forward. Trevor staggered. She landed on top. “Let it be.” Christian let go. The Soul Saint shot her to pieces. He managed to get up. “Then preserve us.” The rats left their potholes. Trevor got disgusted. “Leave me alone!” They brought the plague. Christian threw the cross. The homing boomerangs cut them to pieces. He retrieved the item. “Glory be You.” Trevor found the whip. “Our Father in Heaven.” The rats crawled about. Christian threw the daggers forward. They squeaked on impact. He retrieved the weapon. “Thank the Lord.” The jewels restored his energy. Trevor made an oath. “To hunt the night.” He sighed. Christian got to leave the cabin. “To fight the righteous battle.” He left for the exit. Trevor made the sign of the cross. The hunt continued. “Let it be.” He twirled with the whip. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord.” Christian inhaled. He got to complete the quest. Trevorhad to recoil the whip. “Then so let it be.” Hetold himself. “Stand tall.” He breathed.“Then my family shall hunt the night.”That was their promise, their oath to the people. Christian made the sign of the cross. He picked the gems. They restored his energy. “Right.” He sighed. Trevor felt much better. “Then so let it be.” The boy put a hand upon the door hilt. The wood cracked beneath his touch. “Preserve us from evil.” The sound was foreboding. Christian felt like he had returned to the mansion. He shook his head. “You have great theft.” The chill told of the approached. “ The treasure belongs to us!” The ghost pirate shrieked. Trevor coiled the morning-star whip about his wrists. “Thief! Belmont! I hate you forever!” The ghost then faded into the void. “You rest in peace.” Trevor inhaled. That was too close. The pirates were like a pestilence upon the land beyond the forest. He got to untie the chain. “Then stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” There were no reasonsleft to linger.

They exchanged glances. Owen Hammer was sure he might convince Sue Belnades about it. “You got to listen.” He insisted. Sue looked away. She pulled the black hair to hide her face. “Hemust be dead.” The tears were precious to him. Owen felt taken aback by the discovery. He would do anything to help. Sue smiled. “Peter is crazy.” That never reached her blue eyes. “He killed our father.” He murdered everyone who got in his way. Owen bit his lip. He forgot.They lived with the tribe. Never mind. He saved her from drowning. That was notbe in vain. “I broke you out from the hidden docs.” He reminded. “I won’t let anything happen to you.” Sue shuddered. “You never saw his face.” She told. “I killed him.” He grasped her shoulders. “That was an accident.” Owenassured. He was afraid. The fisherman wasnot like the others. He reached for the tiny crucifix. Owen impaled him with several stakes. Sue didn’t need this. She was barely 18 years old. Owen wished he got other bullets. He still carried the firearm. Sue had touched the Star of David. She still used the staff for support. “The Shadowrising.” She reached inside the robes to unsheathe her blade. “Fine.” Owen got his own short-sword. He would die as a man. “Do not forsake us.” He heard their voices.

The mine, Uta lake. The 17th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The torchlight got reflected by the treasure. “So much power.” Madeline reached with a hand. “Do not touch the water.” The warlock was serious. Roderick got to grasp her by the arm. “Only a virtuous soul might obtain the treasure.” Her brother pulled her away. “Let me go.” Madeline felt the strength. “Not for this.” She felt nothing then the ashes of grief and sorrow. “We do not belong within this cave temple.” The warlock looked about. He spoke the truth. She felt the animosity. “Hail from the past.” Madeline inhaled. “The eye of the world.” Roderick then bent down before the alter. “Hark thy Master’s voice.” The creature of Chaos. “Then I summon the ancient power.” Of course. The genesis of evil. “Be careful now.” Madeline embraced his shoulders. “Blood of the dragon.” Thesanctum was covered by ruin. “The crematory oven.” Roderick admired. “Then the lords of Shadow shall live again.” Madeline became concerned. “Please.” She breathed. “Beware.” They could not control. There were none who could. “You underestimate the power of the dark side.” Madeline told. She had long ago learned to be humble. “By Lillith.” That was a part to how to be a woman. “Do not disturb the grave.” She must convince him. “This is to much.” Roderick had no mind.

Ghost ship, Uta lake. The 17th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The fight waged on. Zabine watched them from the shadows. The boy really was so clever. The Belmont defeated her servants without a sweat. “Yes.” She cooed. “That is the way.” The sorceress touched herself. “Oh Richter.” They had so much fun. Until Anette came along. “Blood of my blood .” Lord Dracula had almost made her into his bride. “My heart to yours.” Then let that be as it will. “ To the eternal lust for human blood.” She had ripped the reward. Zabine was wet and excited. She seldom beheld such bravery. He might be the chosen one. Then that would be so much better. The sorceress would break him. She would bend his will. “Lust combined with hatred.” That was her recipe. “Focus, make it stronger.” She repeated.“ Hark thy Master’s voice.” Death had teached her how to perform. Her skills were complete. She had become the perfect concubine. Zabine would show him the true nature of the desire. “Thy name is weakness.” Shakespeare was wrong about the virtue. Experience was strength. “Come.” She breathed. “Come to me.” Her eyes burned red behind the mask of the aristocrat. “My arms are hungry for you.” She gave a soft laugh about his efforts. That was so empty. The faith, hope and lovewas a waste of time. In the end, there was nothing then the power.

This might be the rightmost cabin. Christian licked his lips. The Decatur was fascinating. Great coloured tapestries hung about the walls. Trevor almost tripped upon the silk cushions. Someone rested on the sofa. “Come to me.” He made the sign of the cross. This was Oriental. Christianreached for the crucifix. The Turkish oil lamps released a great smell of perfume.The incense seemed to intoxicatehis sences. Trevor got to fight. They tried to in snare him. “Christian.” The voice was so softly seductive. “Christian.” They beckoned him to approach. He swallowed. Christianrecognized her features. She lay upon the sofa. “Then come to me.” She might offerhim so much. He leanedagainstthe furniture. The girlthen touched his face. “I have been waiting for you.” She whispered. Trevor felt dizzy.She rose to approach him. The girdled loincloth, and the silk bra, revealed her voluptuousness. “You are beautiful.” Christian got a feeling she was well trained in the arts of pleasure. He didn’t careabout her. “Lament ofInnocence.” Trevor felt pity about her. He looked into her face. “Jesus the word!” He exclaimed. The swarm of bats were almost upon him. Christian leaped from the cushion.The boy got to stop time. The stopwatch gave an edge. Trevor hurled the axe in a high arch. The swarm got burned to ashes. The sisters pulled back. “You are not who you pretend to be.” Christian knew he was right. Their pale grey skin and slightly pointed ears gave them away. “You are the sylphs of the sea.” They tied him up with lilies. How did he forget? “Honey.” She taunted. “The hearts of men are so easily corrupted.” Trevor made the sign of the cross. He unsheathed the short-sword. The sisters laughed at him. “Then let me sing you a lullaby.” The sylph called. Christian had made up his mind. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” He made a glide. The carpet felt like it would tug him to the spot. “Away from me Satan!” Trevor became both angry and frightened. “Only the Lord you shall worship; and Him alone!” He turned on the sylphs. The Soul flame exploded. The girls answered with their own game. Christian barely dodged. The three sisters then became invisible! “They are nothing for you.” The Brazilian hid beneath the staircase. She leaped while shifting. Trevor threwthe dagger. The were-panther snarled. “Come.” The sylphs had reappeared. “Let us share a bed together.” Christian felt sick by their suggestion. Didn’t she know? Obviously not. Trevor threw the vial. That put her on fire. “Zirka!” The sister castthe fireballs. Christian got tackled by thepanther. She threw him on the floor. Trevor got up to stamp with the crucifix. The Lycan vanished. The rat sat up upon its hind legs. It sniffed the air. Christian gave it a rather mystified look. The animal fled. The Soul wind stopped enough time for him to regroup. “You want a kiss?” The sylph cast other fireballs. Trevor hurled the blade like a shuriken. That removed the head. “Let us have fun.” The were-panther gave him the jump kick. That sent him spinning. Christian still managed to strike with the morning-star whip. The Brazilian winched in pain.The Burns erupted upon her skin. Trevor knew that wouldn’t kill her. Her kind got protected. The claws pierced his certainty. Christian presented the crucifix. The were-panther bent low.She began to circle. Trevor couldn’t risk to be confused. He got Simon’s heart of fire. Christian threw the dagger. They split and homed onto his enemy. The woman got stabbed.She got too quick. He lost her heart. Trevor got to use the breather to might carve some space. He found the sword. Then she was on him again. Christian staggered. He got forced away. She got impaled upon his blade. Trevor shuddered. He couldn’t stop her. She fell on the floor. He watched her burn. She left the jewels behind. Christian felt no victory. He picked them up.They gave a bad taste. There might be a way to escape. Trevor went to inspect the staircase. That led down to the cargo. Christian sighed. That way got blocked by the junk and garbage. That left him with only one real choice. “Right.” Trevor must use the ladder to climb on deck. He had reachedthe top of the bridge. The bone-muskets turned around to shoot him. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Christian cried.He brandished with the whip. Trevor then threw himself down. The fireballs burned the monsters. The bullets went above. He got up. Christian threw the axe. The musket got crushed to pieces. Hetook the gems. Trevortried to pierce the mist. He sighed. There was no use. There were only one absolute. The waves clashed against the ship. Christian made the sign of the cross. He got the masts. The crows had noticed. They came to rip his eyes. Christian made it to rain with holy water. The black birds shrieked while burning. That didn’t change anything. The harpy approached. He used the ropes to climb. Trevor hurled the cross like a boomerang. The harpy shrieked. She fell from sight. Christian kept climbing. “Save me.” This was not an easy task to perform. The black crows skill swooped for his eyes. Trevor got to pull off some rather clever mobility. “For great is the mystery of faith.” They burned. That was the important stuff. “Oh my God!” Christian exclaimed. The rat was so big. The mammal peeked from the pothole. “Leave me!” He got no idea how it might climb up here. That was not important. “So help me God!” Trevor grasped the crucifix. “Leave in peace!” The rat squeaked. He withdrew into the mast. He almost began to laugh. Christian picked together. This was not the time for hysteria. “Right.” The other crows still went about. “Bless me.” They were about to close the circle. Trevor made it to rain with holy water. The black birds shrieked. They got burned to ashes. He fetched the gems. “Jesus!” Christian slipped. He leached out with the morning-star whip. Trevor caught the metal ring. For a moment, he simply hung on while breathing. “Thanks.” That was close. “Alright.” Christian swung to reach another hook. He caught the ring. “Fine.” Trevor reached the rope. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord.” Now he got to climb.

The panther was on fire. Noriko absorbed the soul. That made her to feel much better. “Dragon’s breath!” Koji burnedthe bats. “Dragon’s tail!” Kochi had to crush the furniture. The articlesmight counter the attack. Shegot the soul. Noriko slide kicked the gold skeleton. The water drippedfrom the sealing. Noriko threw the bones. She marvelledby the energy. These were the ability souls she needed. “Get down!” Owen told. The pirate got the hookshot. “He is here!” Sue hid her face. “The fisherman!” The words seemed torn from her heart. Noriko pulled away. He tried to hang her. She shuddered. The figure was clad like a fisher. He swung with the hook. “Dragon’s nose!” Koji tried to boil him. The fisherman staggered. Theygot to cry in unison. The fisherman had no face. “Dragon’s breath!” Kochi exploded. The dead got burned. The fisherman reappeared. Noriko grasped the soul. She got the musket. The bullet didn’t stop him. That should be impossible, though it wasn’t. “That is no zombie.” The soldier then tried for his heart. “She is mine.” The fisherman told. The voice was so cold. Iori made the swords to stab him. The fisherman kept coming. Noriko wished she could run. That was not an option. She got to stand tall. Noriko released the feathers.

The dead man was coming. Koji bit his lip. “Dragon’s eye!” That should burn him to ashes. The fisherman staggered. He then threw the hook forward. “The dead man is toying with us!” Noriko threw herself sideways. “Right.” Koji managed to escape. The boy spread his cape. The spell burned out. “Be gone! I wield the power of Dominance!” Koji stopped the bleeding. The undead fisherman was not impressed. “There is nothing here for you.” The boy insisted. “Get back you devil!” Noriko presented the crucifix. He frowned. Koji didn’t know she got it. Never mind that now. “Dragon’s claws!” Kochi cut up the bats. The fisherman pulled away. His image was more then he could handle. “Thank You.” Owen revealed another crucifix. They had to join forces. Koji smirked. “Beware the evil!” The hook made Noriko to stagger. The soldier tripped and fell down. Koji and Kochi spread out to shield them from damage. “Wait!” Sue called. Though it was too late. Kochi got in front. The fisherman tore his throat. Koji ran. “Kochi!” He got stained with blood. Koji didn’t mind. There was nothing left to do. His brother was dead. Koji broke down and sobbed. This was too much. Now he was alone. Koji roared with the pain. He was still a dragon. Koji would burn down the mission.

They were in danger. Owen touched the cross. The twin had fallen. He got to support the girl. The witch knelt behind the Star of David. He reloaded the pistol. Owen aimed for the heart. The mage found her crucifix. Owen got to be more careful. The fisherman tried to kill her. Noriko revealed His image. “Get away!” She cried. He laughed. Hammertightened his jaw. He knew this thing might kill them. The old soldier was so grateful he couldn’t see the face. “Take this!” He cried. “You undead bastard!” Owen fired with the gun. The shot went home. The dead fisherman screamed. Owen tugged upon the pistol. “Oh Peter!” Sue finally reacted. She ran to support the undead. “Brother.” She sobbed. “I am so sorry.” The soldier felt sick.Sue embraced the fisherman. He blinked. Her tears made him to crumble. “You do love me?” He regained his voice. The hat fell away to reveal his torn expression. “Please, forgive me.” The man pleaded. “This is only my fault.” Shesobbed. “You never asked for it.” Peter sighed. “Be happy for me. To the end of the world.” Sue kept weeping as the body finally crumbled. Owen didn’t ask for permission.He kept her until she relaxed. “Here.” Koji gave her the flute. “He left it for you to find it.” Sue could smile. That was so beautiful. “Thanks.” She told.

The water kept dripping from the ceiling. They were alone. Sue couldn’t believe she was free. She put the flute into her backpack. The children talked silently together. Owen was there.“Be more careful now.” Sue guessed they might be inside another cargo area. She let it drop. Koji performedthe ritual. Her family knew much lore. “He is one with the horoscope now.” She assured. Koji looked up. “You knew?” He then smiled, though it didn’t reach his eyes. Sue touched his shoulder. His kind wasn’t included by the Torah. “You are a flame dragon?” She asked. Koji sighed. “So it is.Though my father was a true human.” He then shrugged. “Then the eggs might crack at any constellation.” Sue got trained to recognise the species. “My sisters might tell you so much more.” Koji looked very alone. “If they are still alive.” Sue sighed. He told the story. “I should keep his pendant.” Koji hung it around his neck. “Though I would rather have his advice.” Sue couldn’t help him with that. She was no healer. “Count Dracula is the lord of the dragons.” Koji got up. “Some of my kin do serve his order.” He smiled without humour. “I am not like them.” He told. “I will fight.” Sue knew he would. He also lost his family. “Come.” She said. “We have to leave.” Koji just smirked.

The monsters gave no respite. He hid among the treasure. The Mimic lay open for inspection. The stack was lovely to behold. He ment to leave it to the dragon. Then the casket snapped. The swords cut it to pieces. She obtained the soul. That was no waste. Let her take the gold. He conjured the wind lord’s soul to might freeze them. Sue Belnades fire her bow-and-arrow. She pierced the heart. “Remarkable.” He got to compliment her efforts. She shook her hair. The witch used her wand to knock the candles. Hammer had found a round of ammunition. He got to remove the bats. “Dragon’s tail!” Koji Hakuba used the tail like a battering-ramp. He had absorbed the souls. They fused his power. Noriko made the chain lightning to strike. She released a series of fireballs. The Mimic got shot to pieces. Norikohad trapped the souls. That was so impressive. “Dragon’s claws!”Kojihad to rip the dead pirates. He felt amused.The soldier reloaded the pistol. He shot the rats. He turnedto hurl stakes at the gold skeleton. They broke on impact. Noriko pickedtogether. She released the feathers to takethe ghost.The imagecame to close. The witchsurprised him. She presented the pendant like a shield. That was impressive. She got secret abilities. He would never again underestimate her power.

Icy Mountain, UtaLake. The 17th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The treasure might drain up Gabriel’s curse. That was working perfectly. “Open Hell’s gate!” The blue lord had reachedthe climax. “Then come forth, my servant.” The rite was complete. The time/space reality got torn apart. “The scent of blood.” She inhaled. “You are a Lycan.” The blue wizard gave her no reply. “Such an imposing creature.” The conjurer breathed. “Never could I imagine.” She knelt before him. “Arise.” The wizard told. “Do my bidding.” She got summoned for a reason. “You possess the ancient power.” The tablet layon the alter. “I have such need of you.” The strange markings got carved into the surface. “To translate.” The single moonstone was the heart of the table. “The runes carved upon the moon plate.” That was another inherited artefact. The demon left her position. “If that is what you wish.” She bowed.Her burning red hair fell down to cover her eyes. “It is.” The blue lord demanded. “You belong to me now.” The moon plate was waiting. “This item.”The wizard explained. “Got crafted by lord Cornell in 1047.” The elders later sealed away the source of his power.“Blue moon.” Only the chosen might wield it. The blue lord would break the seal for himself. That would be his finest hour. The Dark Lord would reward him with more of his power.

Ghost ship, UtaLake. The 17th.Of December 2098 A.D.

They fought glorious. Countess Zabine emerged from the shadows. “I beg of you, my lady.” The nymph knelt by her feet. The sorceress merely acknowledged. The Belmont was strong.Like she predicted. She smiled so the fangs became exposed. Zabine might plot accordingly. Such a bitter end. She disliked to waste the resources. There was no gain in such approach. No matter. They would not be permitted to join forces. The countess might translate the signs. That could anyone with the correct knowledge. “Arise.” Zabine looked down into her face. “So it might become.” The sorceress considered about the matter. They might still be useful. “Walk with me.” Zabine finally gave an answer. “As you wish.” The hore had bowed so low. the copper hair fell down to conceal her face. The countess glorified in the suffering of others. How interesting. She might rise in power. The countess would be ready to ripe the reward. “You shall make him intoa slave.” Zabine licked her lips longingly. “Thus is your service.” She made no reply. Zabine knew her predicament. She laughed. The sorceress got a little trap.Shehad in store for the heir to the house of Belmont. “This you are to do.” She then revealed. ”As you say, my lady.” The nymph kissed her hand. “Then go.” Zabine requested.

The mast seemed to continue on forever. Christian felt at a loss. The mist thinned up here. Trevor clung to the rope. He became a target. The pirates hurried about the deck. “Help me.” He touched the whip. The crew was about to turn the cannon. “The mask of the red plague.” Christian knew he got in trouble. The rat peeked down from the pothole. Trevor shuddered. . “Then stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” He was not alone. The rats climbed about. They would eat him. Trevor bit together. He got no pipe. “Do not lead me into temptation.” The catcher was a vengeful man. Christian released the storm. The crosses cut them to pieces. That was a mistake. He sliced the rope. Trevor fell toward the deck. “Preserve us from evil!” The boy would be crushed to pieces. Christian leached with the holy whip. He got to grapple. “Right.” He got hold. “Glory be You.” Trevor hung there while breathing. He looked around. “Our Father in Heaven.” This was not a respit. He felt the strain upon his arms and shoulders. Christian bit his lip. There got to be another way. The mast was ahead. Trevor closed his eyes. He felt the pressure. “Let it be!” Christian made the sign of the cross. Then he leaped forward. The Lord was with him. Trevor felt the wind against his face. The Vampire Killer got hold. Christian hung in the air. “For great is the mystery of faith.” He had hooked upon the ring. The fog surrounded his location. That was not the problem. He had survived. Trevor inhaled. He got work to do. “Nightmare.” The dreams weretrue. The Dark Lord was about to return. The mist shrouded everything. Christian might see beyond the obvious. “Save us from evil.” He got to use the Vampire Killer whip if he wished to continue. They tried to aim the cannon. They might actually hit him. Trevor hurled the axe into the air. He swung to the nearest mast. Christian didn’t waste time. He climbed the rope to might dodge the gunshot. “Hello there.”The sylph was above his location. She twirledwith the lilies to might hang him. “Be gone.” Trevor hurled a vial forward. That burned the flowers. He sighed with relief. “Thank You.” Hereached the end of the road. Christian had to use the mast as a platform. “So Let it be.” The cannon got concealed beneath the sails. “So help me God.” That didn’t change anything.The pirates might still shoot him. “No problem.”Trevor leached with the morning-star whip. John Morris capitalized on this move in 1917. He grappled at the mast. “Curse of Darkness!” The legends told the founders of the family might use that combat-cross in a similar fashion. Christian dismissed. He then threw thethree daggers forward. The banner was a dead cloth. He was sure it revealed another dragon. Trevor climbed up the whip. He threw himself down. Christianheldthe whip. The robed bone-man almost got him. The musket moved to reload. He reached for the crucifix. Trevor got lifted into the air. Then the blue cross burst above.That froze the group. Christian exhaled. He got atop the mast. The breather didn’t last. Trevorbrandished with the whip. The harpy sisters tried to close in. “You leave me alone!”He presented the crucifix. Christian created some space. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” Trevor released with the Soul Saint. The sistersgrasped the wood. They held on to the mast. He knelt to might figure. Christian got up. Something great was approaching. “A bat-shade!” They spread out. He made the sign of the cross. The fighter was shaped like a standing bat. Trevorgot away. He held the rope. The Bat-shade arrived. The fuel burned behind like a flare.The machine guns shot the mast Christian swung across the open space. He threw the crystal. “Blood of the hunter.” The diamond hit the ship. Trevor kept in place. He gotthe perfect aim. His other hand ached.Christian slid down the rope. He didn’t mind. Trevor broke the cockpit. The harpy sistershad returned. Christian got to twirl with the whip. He must defeat their lot. The bat fighter looked beaten:Though it launched a single missile. Trevorhad to destroyher. He thanked the Lord when the projectile missed. “Good Lord!” Then again that was a seeker. The pilots also had to turn the cannons. “Then stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Christian made it to rain with holy water. The missile exploded. The pilot also was hurt. “Save me.” Trevorgot in trouble. The harpies got assistance. The pirates climbed the masts. The cannon ball went through the air. The fighter got in the way. The ship burst to pieces. The fighter got destroyed. Christian felt no victory. He got the perfect storm inside. “Jesus!” The five spinning crosses spread out as the beam struck down. Trevor was breathing toofast. He picked the gems. That restored him. Christian drew sweat of the forehead. He felt so tired. There was no rest. “Good Lord!” The fighters came from both directions. They had to aim. Trevorhad to create the stone shield for better protection. They ceased fire. ”Then let it be.”He threw three enflamed boomerangs. Christian hit them so hard that they went off course. The electric fire made it to spin out of control. Trevor swung himself over to another mast. The second fighter craftkept launching the missiles. Christian was able to whip them aside. That proved the Lord was beyond the science. Trevorbelieved. Only the Lord was the Lord. He made the sign of the cross. The initial Bat-shade had fought to regain some height. Christian struck with the whip. The Soul bat hit the fuelling cells. Then the engine exploded. The fighter then vanished in a blossom of flame. Trevor picked the crystals. He got in trouble. The damaged fighter decided for an alternate approach. “Preserve us from the wicked One!” The pilot held fire his fire. Theysent the Bat-shade on a colliding course with the ghost ship. That would kill them. He didn’t care. “Please!” Hetrusted his soul into the hands of the Lord. Then he threw the vial in a high arch. The wave of holy water engulfed the entirebat fighter. The shade got blasted into oblivion. That was far too close. Trevor felt like being torn apart. He screamed as he got hurled away into space. Christian then lost consciousness.

The hold was partly submerged. Noriko bit her lip. She unsheathed her grandfather’s knife. Noriko sighed. She disliked getting wet. Noriko sighed again. That was no longer important. Shegot to step forward.The dead pirates leaped from the water. Noriko bent to cut the knee. The pirate staggered. She took the soul. “Dragon’s tail!” Koji arrived to smash the Mimic. The gold skeleton hit him above the chest. Koji staggered. The old soldier fired the pistol. That made him to crumble. Noriko ripped the soul. The furniture forced her against the wall. She fought to trap the poltergeist before she might return. The furniture escaped from the web. He released the warg. The dead pirates then unsheathed their weapons. Sue pierced the lot. Her black hair waved while she leaped above the submerged area. “Wait!” Hammer called. “The needles are there!” Noriko had noticed. She captured the poltergeist. The thing collided. She got the skull shield. Noriko burned the spirit before she might gather. She tookthe soul. Noriko used the slide kick to knock the pirate of balance. The knife then pierced his heart. The witchfaced the needles. Noriko ripped the soul. She then hid behind the spiked shield. The bats squeeked. “Dragon’s breath!” Koji cleaned the mess. She smiled. He was a friend.

The bats burned into ashes. “Dragon’s tail!” Koji was on the offensive. He saved her life. Noriko threw the rebounding fireballs. “They are coming!” Owen told. “They lust for blood!” He emptied the pistol. Koji snarled. “Dragon’s claws!” He would rip them to pieces. “Dragon’s breath!” Hammer gothisown blade. He knocked the candles. Koji fought himself. He longed for the gold. Sue got busy with the water skulls. He snarled. They kept rising up. The boy went above. He chased the souls. Koji let it drop. “Demon seed!” Noriko screamed. The submarine put on the searchlights. “They use them for target guidance!” Owen told. “Brother!” Koji roared. He changed into his true form. The torpedoes mightkill his friends. Koji then got underwater. “Roger, Roger.” The aqua-droids got equipped with laser-sights. They launched single harpoons which exploded on impact. Koji exhaled. That froze the area. The robot burst to pieces. The submarine created a wire-pool. Koji fought against the pull. Koji flailed with the tail. The Seahorses hatched from the metal eggs to spew horned bombs. He got to crush them. “Prepare to launch.” Koji spat out the ice pebbles. “Roger, Rodger.” The aqua-droids launchedthe torpedoes. Theyexploded on impact. Koji had to get up.

The explosions shook theship. Owen almost got thrown into the water. “What was that?” Koji fought a pitch battle beneath the surface. “Perfect.” The soldier retrieved the bullets. They fell from the candles. That was impressive. Owen sighed. He tried to hide his feelings. Sue was out there. They knew the ghosts couldn’t be impaled. Owen picked with the cross. That kept them at bay. Noriko tried to protect him. The girl looked like a vampire in the face. He didn’t care. She saved his life. The girl was a hunter. Owen threw a stake. He took the bat. Noriko made a group of zombies to attack the poltergeist. “Blast it.” Owen made a grimace. They might tear each other to pieces. There came a secondary explosion. Owen staggered.The man got caught. “Relax honey.” Slender arms appeared from behind to embrace him. “Don’t worry.” She hid among the shadows. “The time to fight is now.” This was the hour. He despised the lot. They were so beautiful. “Release me.” The man might accept the offer. “Use your magic!” Owen had to fight. He felt at a loss. “Be steady girl.” Sue cast the spell. “The fisherman is dead.” The sylphs disliked her sorcery. The soldier shot them in the face. Owen got to reload. He picked the ammunition. “Alright.” This wasn’t over. He got the silver.

The magickept building up. Sue struck with the sword to might crush the water skull. Another skull was already rising. She released the spell. The water skull got shot to pieces. That didn’t turn the table. “You belong to me!” The boyhad absorbed the soul. “Help us.” The sorceress might read the ecstasy upon his face. She shuddered. She cast an ice shard. Noriko got the distance. She absorbed the soul. They got the power of Dominance. “Beware.” The family had warned her. “ The Dark is everywhere.” Sue cast the ring. “I remember that.” The explosion removed the ghosts. The pirate’smoaned when fading. “Fire in the hall!” Noriko threw the skull toward the bats. Theexplosionforced them to scatter. “Game over.” She created a black hole to might suck them in. “Such power.” The ice shards closed the fight. The bolt of lightning carved some space. “Right.” Owen reached above. She looked for Koji. He hadn’t reappeared. Sue cared about him too. The children joined forces. Sue got to follow. The soldier maintained a lookout. “Oh my God!” The water began to ripple. “This is great.” The dragon had returned. “For the Lord is one.” Sue had become star struck. “Impossible.” Koji was amazing. She beheld the strength and glory. Sue exhaled before she cast the spell.

The lightning struck. He felt her strength. There was something strange about this woman. She got a virtuous soul. Sue Belnades might become a great sorceress. That was important. Noriko Cruz caught the submarine within her web. She tried to pull it in. “Leave the price.” Not even she got that strength. The dragon went to breathe flames. Noriko released the bats. The bone-musket tried to kill her. Owen Hammer impaled the pirate. They leftfrom the sea. He obtained the soul. The light ring seemed to have an impact. The submarine caught fire. “Fire, ice and lightning.” He observed. “Dark and light.” Koji Hakuba smashed with the tail. He burned like a red star within the cargo hold. Hammer made a leap. He reached the dragon. The soldier then replace some sort of metal object. “Dragon.” The magnetic bomb exploded. The submarine got blasted open. Koji breathed. The fire burned the shipup from the inside. “Now it is complete.” The crew was dead. They watchedit sink to the bottom of the ocean. The dragon landed on deck. He flickered. Then Koji Hakuba had returned.“That was brave.” Noriko Cruz went to check on his condition. The boy looked weary. He would regain in time. “We haveto find the Belmont.” He disliked the situation. Though that was the best approach.

Volcano, UtaLake. The 17th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The black smoke obscured the chamber. The three necromancers made up the pentagram. “This is the fire temple.” The brothers formed the triangle. They got to perform this ritual. “Scream for us you little bastard.” He hissed. “You cannot resist the power of the Dark Lord.” The sage shrieked in agony. “You are to be his concubine.” Dracula’s magic kept her in line. “You cannot oppose us.” The dark wizard had to focus their power. He was in charge now. “This is your worth.” They would keep her in limbo. The crystal might hold even her soul. “All who oppose the prince of Darkness must die.” The magic solidified about her figure. “We know who you are.” The spell was complete. “There is nothing then hate.” He recited. That was his doctrine. “Power and hate.” The three brothers then laughed quietly together. “The lord of the dragons might find some better use for your kind.” The sage got conquered. She got captured behind the crimson glass. “There is no life within the void.” She was alive. “Only death.” She would fit within the seraglio. “Then prepare before the combat.” He told. This was only the beginning. “The clan is awake again.” They might bring a great sacrifice. “His last command.” He would give his life. “This you must do.” He said.

Ghost ship, Uta Lake. The 17th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The girls giggled together. Laura had fun. The countess expected she would find her here; This was the harem. “My servant.” She beconed. They came to live at the front of the ship. “Laura.” Lady Carmilla tried to embrace her in 1775. She failed. “I now enforce the contract.” The count honoured her bravery by giving the name to the blondes they happened to require. Laura had morphed into mist. She then left the girlfriends to kneel before her feet. “My lady.” The sorceress grew impatience. She was not a member of the circle of blood. “Rise.” She told. “Come with me.” Laura emerged. The sorceress admired. The pink gown looked nice on her. That was not important. “You are a nice-looking girl.” The countess remarked. “Thank you.” Her cheeks went crimson. Laura kept her arms in front. “Then do we get nothing for tonight?” The sylph asked. “You dined on their blood.” Zabine made it no question. She knew the signs. “They offered me strength.” Laura licked her lips. The countess couldn’t suppress a laugh. “They do.” She shared the mirth. Then the humour died.“Come here, and walk along me.” The sorceress demanded. “I have need for you for a greaterpurpose.” Laura would submit. “Serve me.” ”She told. “As you wish, my lady.” The bride got excited by the prospect.

The heavy fog got moved by the wind. Christian inhaled. The Lord was with him. “Bless me.” The ravens shrieked. Trevor sat cradled against the mast. He finally came around. “Let it be.” Christian knew that he wasn’t safe. “Then stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” He cried. The black birds would rip his eyes. Trevor released the Soul flame. They got burned to ashes. “Take him!” The harpy leader then screamed. “Make him to suffer!” The sisters had gathered. The redhead picked the iron balls. “Preserve us from evil!” Christian presented the crucifix. He would keep them at bay. The harpies shrieked.They couldn’t resist His image. “Be free!” Trevor threw the knife forward. The wind gave more strength. He made it to split in three. That impaled the harpy. Christian retrieved his weapon. He felt no victory. “Forgive me.” Trevor had killed the woman. That was a sin. “Lead me into Your Heaven.” He would repent. He exhaled. Christian had to collect the crystals. The pirate used the hook-shot to get atop. Trevor doused him with holy water. The zombie leaped to unsheat the cutlas. He got beneath. “Let it be!” He used the morning-star whip like a grappling hook. Christian threw the axe. That granted an edge. Or perhaps not. The harpy had survived. “You are such a good boy.” She opened the sack. “I come with gifts.” The harpy picked the iron balls. “Preserve us.” Trevor reached for the crucifix. The deck gun began to fire. The boom went through the sails. He leaped to escape. Christian went through the air. He got past the monsters. That was close. Trevor got hold. He almost hit the ocean. Christian swung on deck. He got to face the pirates. “Kiss me.” Trevorgot in trouble. She blew a kiss. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” She changed to extend the claws. The dead pirates approached. Christian used the stopwatch. The four clocks carved some space. “Then have you missed us?” The harpies had landed. “We are the girls that want to play with you.” She went with a slide. That sent him sprawling. The redhead laughed. “Take this!” She cried. “And this! And this!” She picked the balls. “Wait!” They rolled upon deck. They suddenly exploded. “You fool!” The panther leaped. Trevor cracked with the whip. She gave a claw punch upper-cut. He dodged. “Curse you!” The impact made the flames to burn up. The female shrieked in anger. The redhead returned. She got other bombs. “Get ready to rumble!” The harpy laughed by his misery. “Come on!” He challenged. “Give them to me.” The balls began to rolled forward. Christian got to escape. The panther might inflict a cursed state. He presented the crucifix. The iron bombs exploded. She hid her face. “Rest in peace.” The were-panther began to shriek. “Your sins are forgiven.” His image put her on fire. “You Belmont scum!” The pantherpushed him aside. He staggered. Hekept the crucifix. The rosary hung around his neck. The kick struck the air from his lungs. Trevor got saved by the chest-plate. She might break his rib-cage. The redhead was ready. The harpy threw the balls forward. “This is the end!” Christian hurled the crystal. “Tonight!” The panther might stop him. She struck with the claws extended. The harpy got shot to pieces. Trevor got the whip. He released the Soul bat. The she made a back-flip. He kept the crucifix. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” Hewould stamp her out. “Curse you!” She screamed. The fire pierced her body. She threw him away. Christian used the laurels. He threw the cross. “I am the wind.” The weapon got split in three. “Rest in peace.” Hegot to break the curse. This was not the end. Christian threw a wave of holy water. The pirate got burned to ashes. “Die you bastard!” Then the were-panther leaped through the flames. Why couldn’t she burn? He shook that aside. Trevor had to resist. He got the silver knife. She threw herself beneath. The she got stabbed. The fire burned out. Her kick might knock the head off his shoulders. Christian made the sign of thecross. The were-panther got stunned by the gesture. “Let it be.” She then spat upon the deck. Trevor gave her the crystal. The diamond rebounded on impact. She screamed while burning. “Then leave in peace.” She would be embraced by the Heaven. “I forgive you.” He picked the item. “There he is!” Christiangot thewhip. He took the gems. Theyhad caught up. The sylphs were not alone. “Preserve us.” The harpies carried the bags. “Right.” They hit the deck. “Let it be.” They left the masts. Trevor inhaled. He got in danger. He would fight. Christian hit the candles. “Then stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Trevor threw the four clocks. They got stopped in time. Christian made the sign of the cross. The pirates got shot. Christian got some company. “Nice work.” The fireball burst on impact. The harpies shrieked. Theman stopped to reload. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” She made lightning strike. Trevor got the whip. They threw the fireballs. She grew the lilies. Christian then threw the boomerang forward. He cut the flowers. That gave them a breather.“My name is Owen Hammer.” The veteranexplained.“I am Christian Belmont.” He sighed. “I dreamed that I got turned into a ghost.” Owenlookedso sad. “Please, take me with you.” Heoffered. “My family got killed by Dracula.” Christian inhaled. “I will take you with me.” He sighed. I can help you a lot, because I am so quick and agile.” This had happened before. Trevor shook hands. “”Come on then.” The woman appeared. “Thank you for helping me.” Shebowed. “I am Sue Belnades, the hunter.” Shetold.“I will follow you if you need help.” Christian felt better. “I will take you with me.” He didn’t expect this. “Yeah.” They relaxed. “Our job isn’t over.” The old soldier remarked. “I am sure we’ll be able to pull it off.” “Please, we have to be careful.” The woman insisted. “Then we might hope to be victorious.” There was another explosion beneath the deck. “Good Lord!” They got thrown off balance. What happened now? That was Dracula’s magic. “That was Noriko.” Sue explained. “I see.” Trevor exhaled. “Then we hunt the night.” Leon made an oath. He would not fail the people.

The waterfall poured down the side and into the bottom of the ship. Noriko licked her lips. “This isthe impact.” She got thirsty. The boy kept quiet. “Right.” Koji pulled on the goggles. They made him to look like a pilot. Noriko sighed. They had to split to search for Christian. She hoped they were alright. “The ghost ship got wrecked upon the reeves.” Noriko blinked. The comment made her to wake up to reality. “That is no problem.” That wasn’t important. Noriko fought against her emotions. The rats peeked through the potholes. “Dragon’s claws!” He went in front. The treasure box then snapped together. Noriko summoned the plate shield. The pile of riches lookedmore interesting. Noriko had forgotten about the power of greed. There were none who could. The hold got filled with treasure. The boy threw the skull heads. He absorbed the souls. “Watch out!” Koji tore the Mimic into bits. “You have to be careful.” The toad wasn’t healthy. The amphibian leaped forward. The tongue leached about his torso. “You devil!” Koji screamed. “Leave me alone!” Noriko bared her fangs. She trusted the knife. The toad got burned. Koji staggered. He didn’t look good. “Forgive me.” She felt so helpless. “There is nothing left to do.” Noriko was not a healer. She so wished to help him survive.

The red plague was a pestilence. Koji knew he shouldn’t be affected. “Curse the horsemen.” Theywere immune. He was unlike the humans. Koji tried to gather. He touched the talisman. Koji roared. He became transformed. When he changed,even the plague got healed. “Dragon’s breath!” Hesnarled. Koji had wasted precioustime. The breath burned the bats. The dead pirate aimed the hookshot. “Dragon’s tail!” Koji threw the zombie into the water. He leaped to support them. Koji looked above his shoulder. “Oh no!” The statue was moving. “This is pure madness!” Noriko caught up. “No way.” Koji shook his head. “This cannot be.” The Cyclops struck with the hammer. “Great ones!” He exclaimed. The brute broke the floor. “Die you demon!” Iori made the swords to attack. The Cyclops fired. The eye was wide open. The blades turned to stone. He hid his eyes. “Dragon’s tail!” Koji smashed across the chest. The Cyclops groaned. Then he struck down. “Dragon’s wings!” He got out of reach. “Kami!” Noriko made the force lightning to strike from between her fingertips. The Cyclops moaned. Her electricity surged through the body. “I take your soul!” Noriko released a swarm of bats. They got turned to stone. “Dragon’s nose!” Koji release the steam. The brute met the attack.

The mist was still a problem. Owen had to climb down through the hatch. “Come with me.” He would show the way. “Then so let it be.” Christian told. He made the sign of the cross. Then the boomerang got split in three. “Oh very well.” Owen closed his mouth. “Nice work.” Heslew the bats. The boy struck with the whip to release the fire. “She told he was clever.” Sue slid through the opening. “Yeah.” Owen frowned. “Though she didn’t tell how clever.” She smiled. His heart was beating. “Never mind about that.” Owen couldn’t help the feeling. “Blasted.” He wasn’t entirely useless. Owen threw the stake forward.He impaled the sylph. The hunter got above. He passed the submarine. Christian hit the candles with the ice whip. “Good God!” The needles got shot to pieces. They leaped above. The rats hid inside the deck. Owen used the pistol. They squeaked on impact. Christian met the ghost pirates. “Watch out!” She brandished with the wand. The gold skeletons hid among the riches. Owen got occupied. The bats swept to bite him. “Curse you!” He bellowed. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” Christian made it to rain with holy water. That burned the lot. He picked the crystals. “Come!” Sue was involved with the skeletons. Owen reloaded the pistol. The witch got ahead.

They threw bones into the air. Sue had to glide forward. The bad light made it difficult to see. She cast the ice blast to might counter their assault. The boy twirled with the whip. “Impressive.” He made the skeletons to explode. “Back off you devils!” Owen had caughtup. He struck with the short-sword. The bats squeaked. “Make mercy upon the house of Israel.” Shekept the law of Moses.” The star was her amulet. She kept a piece of the scripture. Christian reached for the stopwatch. The gold skeletons got stopped in time. “Rest in peace.” He doused them with holy water. Christian let her to pick the crystals. He got the short-sword. The rats hid inside the deck.Theboy cut them to pieces. Owen finished reloading the pistol. He shot the needle. Sue got to release the ice. That froze it into place. She fired an arrow. That pined the stinger in place. Sue exhaled. She pulled with the hair. They got back in action. Christian had to remove the rats. Sue got impressed. “We have been waiting for you to come.” The harpies had returned. “Fire in the hall!” Sue cried. “Bombs away!”Shethrew the ball. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Christian threw the axes forward. “Watch out!” Sue made the lightning strike. “Blessed be he who comes in the name of the Lord.” She told.

The Cyclops might be a danger. The boy conjured the wolf soul to augment the attack. “Consume the opponent.” The beast ran forward. Of course. that was the purpose. “Do it.” The agility might be to his advantage. Dragon’s wings!” Koji Hakuba struck the Cyclops. Though the body slam was not enough. The monster tried to crush him. “Dragon’s breath!” The fire rising. They saved his life. The Cyclops roared in pain. “The power of the dark side.” He might tell. Noriko made the zombies to walk abroad. The Cyclops smashed the lot. “Excellent.” That gave him an opportunity. “Dragon’s tail!” Hakuba stepped up the attack. “Good.” The impact carved some space. “Hear me.” He dismissed about the wolf. “Leave us.” He was a good servant. The boy caused a whirlwind. That could not be turned to stone. “Dominance.” He removed the toads. The Cyclops broke the swords. “This I do for his sake!” Noriko leaped to stamp with the image. The fire scorched the flesh. The Cyclops grabbed her. He closed his fist. This couldn’t be allowed. The boy released the bats. The monster got hurt. “Dragon’s wings!” The cyclops dropped the girl. Koji Hakuba saved her before the impact. That was clever. “Dragon’s breath!” She threw the feathers. They might enforce the contract.

The mine, UtaLake. The 17th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The taste of the power. Roderick floated about the discovery. “Then so it is.” He told. Madeline inhaled. “Then they have no choice.” She became excited. “This is too important.” The warlock acknowledged. They had become devoted adepts. “Evil thrives in the shadow.” She then knelt before the alter. “Of the demon castle Dracula.” Roderick beheld her approach. She had removed the glove. “Together then.” Roderick cut her wrist. “For blood is the life.” The sacrifice was worth a king’s ransom. “By the Dark Lord.” This was to invade the temple. “You cannot resist us.” The treasure cracked with the amethyst power. “How wonderful.” They could taste the potential. “We have to wait.” Roderickbreathed. “Do not challenge me.” Madelinerealized the danger. “Do not disturb the balance between fire, ice and lightning.” She recited. “Then you do remember the quest.” The warlock admired. “His last command.” Madeline hissed. “The curse.” She staggered. “Has struck me.” Roderick knew. “The thirst.” That would forever be the problem. “The eternal night.” No magic might remove their need. “The sleep beneath the castle.” He breathed. “You prepared for me.” Madeline whispered. “Indeed.” He cared for his sister. He would summon the beasts for her nourishment.

Ghost ship, UtaLake. The 17th. Of December 2098 A.D.

Theblast shook the ship. Noriko staggered. “By the great!” The Cyclops burst into flame. “Dominance!” She obtained the soul. “So much power.” Noriko gasped. That was a feast. “Blood on the water.” That filled her stomach. She swallowed the ecstasy.”Are you alright?” Koji pushed up the goggles. “I am fine.” Noriko felt more then fine. The soul was energy. “For this is the shadow.” She almost felt drunk. Noriko fought not to giggle. “ Ah, my lady.” Or perhaps not. “Culadra.” He had returned. “What art thy business?”The grim reaper. Noriko had to resist the ice cold influence. “This have to end.” She must charge the fireball. “Thou still befriend the mortals.” The angel observed. “I will nay ask thee too return to us.” Shecould not. “ Though I wish thou to cease thy assault.” Koji growled. “Leave her alone.” That was the sound of courage. “I will not surrender.” She declared. “Thou shall regret.” Death rasped. “ We shall meet again.” He began to fade. Noriko exhaled. “Leave me alone.” She disliked that man. “We are in trouble.” Koji didn’t look happy.”I don’t like him either.” Norikorevealed. He shook his head. “The reaper hate my heritage.” He shuddered. “I know.” He pulled at the scarf. “Where is he?” Noriko had figured. “Don’t ask me.” Koji said.

They had to reach the other side. Christian admired. “Thank you.” The soldierwas that agile. He brought him far enough. “Koji transformed.” Sue unsheathed her blade. “I don’t know.” Trevor reached for the crucifix. “Get away from there!” Owen cried. “The harpies are alive!” The blonde sister retrieved the bag. “You shall pay!” She hurled the bombs into the air. Christian released the storm. “So let it be!” He threw three homing daggers. “Bombs away!” The iron balls burst on impact. “Die you bloody whore!” Owen didn’t rest. He fired a boom. The harpy was dead before she hit the surface. “Rest in peace.” He made the sign of the cross. Sue pulled at her raven hair. “For the Lord is one!” She was left to challenge the bats. “Blessed be.” He was glad about the help. “Never mind.” She blushed. Trevor hid a smile. “Come on.” Hammer got to open the door. He cracked with the whip. “Let us hunt the night.” Christian went forward. The bone-musket fired a shot. “Save us!” Trevor threw himself down. The skeleton got to reload. “He is not alone!” Sue told. The partner fired at his friends. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Christian summoned the light. “Then so let it be!” The Lord would save them. They got protected by the cross. The bats got burned on impact. He picked the gems. “For great is the Lord.” The barrier had vanished. Sue cast the fireball. The musket got shot to pieces. “Alright.” Hammer got ready. The musket fired. “Blasted!” Owen escaped. He threw the stakes forward. “The Lord is with us.” The skeleton collapsed. “Good Lord in Heaven!” The rats might eat him alive. They crawled on his body. “Save us!” Trevor doused himself with holy water. “Then hear the words of God!” Sue made a glide. “You leave him alone!” She got up to smash the musket. Her wand made him to shudder. “For great is the Lord.” The skeleton broke to pieces. Christian exhaled. The fight was over. He hit the candles. “Nice.” Owen retrieved the money. “Stop.” Sue told. “We need the light.” That was right. “The Lord will be with us.” Trevor kept his faith. “He grants the good gifts.” He reached into the backpack. “Believe.” The lamp would shine in the dark. He lit the oil. Christian still got enough for this to work. He hung it upon the bag. Trevor recoiled the whip. He got to lead the way. “There is something alive down here.” Owen whispered. “I know.” Sue gathered to create the light ring. “Nice trick.” The soldier admired. He still kept the pistol. Christian made no comment about their flirt. The rats left the potholes. He bent to whip them. “Look out!” Hammer got his own crucifix. The ghost pirates appeared through the ceiling. Sue got away. She then cast the ring. The ghost pirate moaned. The crew reached to touch her. The soldier stamped them out. Trevor made the sign of the cross. They got to explore the ship. “Die you human bastard!” The Caribbean female morphed into her true form. “I have you!” The were-panther leaped for the kill. Christian emptied the bottle. The liquid burned in place. The Lycan got through the flames. Trevor faced the attack. He cracked with the holy whip. The she panther shrieked. Christian stamped with the crucifix. The fur was on fire. ”Bastard!” Then she kicked him in the stomach. “That is more fitting.” Trevor bent over. “Good Lord.” The chest-plate saved his ribs. That didn’t change anything. Christian fought his revulsion. That wouldn’t be proper. He trusted the knife. The silver pierced between her breasts. “Cornell!” The female screamed. “For the lords of Shadow!” Her blood stained his fingers. “For the lords of Shadow!” Trevor got behind. The female’s claw punch was to crush his face. The knife wound wasn’t fatal. Christian made a glide to escape. He managed to stamp her out. The burns were obvious. He swallowed hard. That was too nasty. He saw death in her eyes. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” Trevor made a back-flip. “Then it is for the final kiss.” The were-panther prepared with the martial arts. “You cannot escape.” He threw the knife. The she got beneath. “There is Time for you to die.” She used the claws. Christian shrieked. The dagger got split in three. The panther got impaled. “For the Lord is my stronghold.” Trevor had to use the laurels. He sighed. The pain subsided. He picked the Belladonna leaf. “Then keep the lamp.” That might lift the curse. “Are you alright?” The others had arrived. He was glad to see them. “This is real.” The fight was over. “The mask of the red plague.” Sue had to speak the words. “Good Lord in Heaven.” Christian made the sign of the cross. The rats pushed from the potholes. “Then get back to Hell.” Owen got to reload the pistol. “This isn’t natural.” He was right. Trevor should know. He red the captain’s log. He sighed. “The work of Abaddon.” He twirled with the whip. The rats squeaked. “Beware of the Dark.” Their eyes went red. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Christian threw the crystal. He made it to break in three. They got crushed. “Watch out!” Hammer cried. “She is here!” The furniture began to levitate. “You shall not dabble in necromancy.” Sue cast the fireball. The poltergeist got burned on impact. “Glory be You.” Trevor made the sign of the cross. “Our Father in Heaven.” Then everything went quiet. Christian inhaled. This was wrong. “Watch out for evil.” He told. “Beware of the night.” Trevor might see beyond the obvious. “Save us.” The ship was nasty. Christian sighed. He felt like a trap was closing in around him. “The ghost ship is like a black hole in reality.” Sue held up her hand. “The gears goes awry.” She tested the air. “That is one way to put it.” Trevor exhaled. “Cut out the chipchat.” Hammer had to reload the pistol. “We got work to do.” He told. “Right.” That was their way. “Then so let it be.” His ancestor also got so practical. “Always on the move.” Sue remarked. The soldier shrugged. “If the shoe fit.” Christian left the argument. He proved his worth. “Black witchcraft!” Trevor bent to strike. The rats got burned. “The mask of the red plague!” The toads might infect them. “Oh my God!” They got other problems. That was the Cyclops.

The waves clashed and leaped against the ship. Koji picked with the goggles. “Alright then.” The mist concealed their enemies. That wasn’t important right now. The girl was so furious. The heat rose like black smoke. “Where is he!?” Noriko asked. Her voice was like a scream. “I will not tolerate thismockery!” Koji licked his lips. “You better try to cool down a little.”The legends told that the anger almost made Soma Cruz to turn to Chaos. “Roger, Roger.” They got in trouble. The aqua-droids arrived to launch the harpoon torpedoes. “Not again!” Koji leaped upon Noriko. “Dragon’s breath!” Hemight turn himself into the human shield. His breath burned the objective. “Fire at will.” The group leader declared. “Roger, Roger.” Koji began to hate that comment. He got upto help the girl. “You don’t have to be stupid.” She snapped. Koji shrugged. She blocked with a flurry of water skulls. That saved their lives. “Ready to launch.” The robots used their laser-sights to pick their position. “Dragon’s nose!” He got to block the snow gun. Noriko screamed in anger. She made the lightning to strike. Koji threw her aside. The bat swarmcame like a wave. “Dragon’s tail!” He got to kill the lot. She barely got up. Noriko captured a droid within the net. Koji smirked. That was a nice trick.

The Cyclops blocked the end of the passageway. Owen had reloaded the pistol. “This is it.” The silver bullets might give the upper hand. “Then stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” The boy struck with the whip. He got to remove the toads. “Alright.” Owen got in trouble. The ghost pirate might possess them. He found the blessed ammunition within the candles. Sue hurled another fireball. The rats squeaked. They got roasted. The soldier got impressed. “Preserve us from the evil One.” Christian made a back-flip. He got to escape. “From Hell!” The monster might turn them to stone. “Then stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Christian used the stopwatch. He leaped while throwing daggers. Hammer got to help them. The bars got torn away. “Get away!” Sue told. “Believe me.” They got in trouble. “Blasted.” The gold skeletons appeared through the opening. “Right.” They threw bones into the air. Owen got hurt. “Help me!” Christian hooked onto the ring. He swung above to hurl the cross. The Cyclops got hit. Owen got taken by the dead. They tried to strangle him. “Eat Him!” Owen gave them his crucifix. “Rest you filthy morons!” The Lord released him. “Take this!” He pulled the trigger. That was the payoff. Owen exhaled. “Fine.” The poltergeist was here.

The poltergeist had returned. Sue pulled through her black hair. She was tired of this threat. Owen threw the stakes forward. That was fine. The bats and gold skeletons got forced away. The poltergeist didn’t burn. He gothis symbol. The furniture rebounded. She hit a barrier. “Then stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Christian threw the axe. The beast got hurt. The blood might inflict a poisoned state. Sue cast the ice spell. She got to stop the poltergeist. The frost spell pierced the invisible. “For the Lord is my Shepard and stronghold!” She cried. The poltergeist twirled around. Sue threw herself down. “Leave her alone!” He had arrived. Owen presented the crucifix. The furniture rebounded. Christian doused her with holy water. The poltergeist got released. “For faithful is the Lord.” Christian told. “You are spoken for.” They got other problems. The Cyclops still tried to smash them. Christian remained in front. “So let it be.” He threw the crystal. The monster bellowed. Sue got to fight. She saved him. The toads hid among the cargo. She made the lightning strike. They got fried. “Look out!” The Cyclops struck down. The black hole made him to stagger. That was enough. “Thanks.” Christian made a glide. He leaped to strike with the whip. The Cyclops shrieked in agony.

Icy Mountain, UtaLake. The 17th. Of December 2098 A.D.

This was the hour. They finally returned. “Guards.” The Succubus slept within to the castle. “You may leave us.” The blue lord had to be alone. The warriors left the chamber. “Dracul.” The concubine had made up his figure. “Come to us.” The page got ripped from the grimoire. The blue wizard had to bend above the kneeling figure. The jewels might amplify the power. “The master librarian might demand a fortune in gold for these pages.” Succubus remarked. He dismissed about the matter. Theevil wizard left her to study. She knew how to translate. The script told him nothing. The language of Hell’s servants went beyond his experience. That was of no concern. She would tell him what to do. They had a binding contract in blood. He desired the magic. The moon tablet might grant so much. The tribe fought for the right. Lord Cornell had earned the right in 1844. No one had dared to challenge his descendants. The ancient force then became a question of inheritance. The blue lord would break the circle. The moon table would permit access without any of those tiresome initiation rites. “Continue.” The wizard was eager. “Specimen.” They were invincible. “They cannot stop us.” The Lycan tribe got armed with the moon. The Dark Lord would reward him for this service.

Ghost ship, UtaLake. The 17th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The aqua-droid had frozen the net.Noriko was furious. How dare they to oppose hermight? She threw multiple feathers before releasing the bats. They had no effect. “Dragon’s nose!” She was not alone. Koji boiled the robot. He threw her aside to protect her from the torpedo. “Dragon’s wings!” Koji spread out to block the bats. She got up. Tears boiled on her cheeks. He was too brave. The dragon fire might burn them to ashes. She summoned the scimitar soul. That might save her. Koji removed his gloves. “Dragon’s claws!” He shredded the seamen. “Great ones!” Noriko used her might to make lightning strike. The robot got shot to pieces. Noriko gave no mercy. This was glorious. “Dominance!”This was her greatest moment. “Dragon’s tail!” Koji swung with the tail. He was a dragon. Noriko staredupon the waterfall. That went through the bottom of the ship. “Cursed be.”Noriko got figure out this puzzle.They went to search for Christian. She had to forget about him. The boymight be herrival. He would not sit on the dark throne. “Koji!” She called. “I know how we might continue!” Koji retrieved the gloves. He came to stand by her side. Noriko inhaled. She had to explain. He listened carefully. “I hope you know what you do?” She touched his cheek. “Trust me.”

The Cyclops got hurt. Christian made the sign of the cross. “Let it be.” He wept bloody tears. The beastpicked together. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Trevor remained tall. He cracked with the whip. Christian possessed the element of storm. The fireballs rebounded.They struck the Cyclops. He couldn’t burn the ship. Trevor got to defeat this monster.“Father.” He dropped the hammer to shield the face. “Get down!” Owen fired his pistol. “Then hear the words of God!” Sue made the lightning strike. He threw a wave of holy water. The electricity combined to blast the Cyclops into oblivion. They shared the gems. “Save us.” Christian noticed that the end of the passage had fallen in. He looked into a much larger hold. The water poured through the side to tumble into the bottom of the ship. “Oh my God.” Trevor made the sign of the cross. He felt strange about the area. “They used much magic.” She kept behind.She leanedupon the staff. “The warlock and dragon.” She shook her head. Christiancleared his voice. “That is not the problem.” Owen approached. “They are faraway.” He reloaded the pistol. Trevor acknowledged.He felt so cold. “The grim reaper was here.” Christian had realized. The soldier went pale. “I cannot feel them.” Sue had closed her eyes. “Can you find him?” Trevor asked. She shook her raven head. “I don’t have suchabilities.” Christian sighed. “Listen up.” Owen said. “I don’t want to disturb you.” He got serious. “Have you noticed the water is rising?” Trevor blinked. “Good Lord.” They got in trouble. “Something is blocking the source.” Sue licked her lips. He cracked with the whip. “Right.” The water had already reached to the planks. Themist kept peeking through the loop holes. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” Christian reached for the crucifix. The pirates got awake. “Burn in Hell!” Owen bellowed.He emptied the gun into the crewmen. The silver exploded. The band staggered. Trevorgot above the opening. He rolled tofind a ready position. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Christian didn’t care about the riches. “Save me.” That was another distraction. They fired the hookshot. Trevorhid behind the circle of crosses. The dead staggered to hide their faces. The others couldn’t help. They fought back-to-back.The pirates withered when trying to breach the barrier. Christian brandished with the whip. The zombies burned like oiled paper. “Glory be You.” Trevor made the sign of the cross. “Our Father in Heaven.” The coffin stirred before another figure emerged. He felt the venom. “The pirate empress.” He didn’t flinch. Christian wished he couldhave curled up into a ball. “I know you.” He whispered. “That you are no ordinary pirate.” Trevor struggled to breathe. He was no fool. “You brought the plague aboard.” Christian felt like he got strangled. “Preserve us from the wicked One.” He might see beyond the obvious. “Whore of Lucifer.” The eerie black smoke shrouded the figurine. “Then so let it be.” Trevor recoiled the whip. The smile made her to look so hideous. “Your move.” Christian unsheathed the short-sword. “Thou shall love me.” The pirate got her cutlas. “Blood of the hunter. Trevor got the crucifix. The rotting vampire had regained her human form. The lamps illuminated her features. Christian recognized the bitter scent of decay. He bit his lip. The hat and robes hit the floor. The redhead wore baggy black trousers and a bra. “Bless me!” Trevor challenged the offence. The jewelleriesshone in the lamplight. “Get behind.” He told. “You avatar of Abaddon.” Christian managed to impale her body. “Then thou do that again.” The woman was ecstatic. She was dangerous. “The mask of the red plague.” Not even the laurels might heal him. “Preserve us!” The empress only had to touch him. Trevor would hunt. She swung to kill him. Christian got beneath. The red braid hit him like a whip. He sidestepped the eerie silk glove. “How amusing.” The deck went lofty. They might drown. “Please, save us from the Dark!” The water might flood the hold. “For we perish!” Trevor got to stamp her out. “Cursed thee!” She got burned by the fire. The empress hit him with the end of her weapon. “Leave us!” Trevor stabbed her between the breasts. he learned that might be a fatal blow. She staggered. “Bring me pain.” She went into closer hand-to-hand combat. Christian bit together. “Never!” She knew how to fight. “I am not your dominant.” He released the Soul flame. “Thou shall.” The empress withdrew. “The pain might be seductive.” She made a glide to impale him. “Thou shall learn.” Trevor removed the head. That didn’t change anything. “Oh my God!” The headless corpse kept the fight. Christian felt so cold. “Then preserve us from the Dark.” The approach made his hair to stand on end. This had to end. He doused her with holy water. That was the final. The empress got burned to ashes. Trevor picked the gems. “Nice work.” Owen reached the platform. “You really are a vampire hunter.” Sue leaned against her staff. The woman looked tired. Christian got to do something. “Curse it!” Owen clutched his head. The scream pierced his skull. “Koji is in danger.” Hammer got no doubt. “Then so let it be.” The ocean was calm. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord.” Trevor touched the crucifix. “The plug is gone.” She had discovered. Christian shook his head. “Don’t wait until night.” This would be difficult. “We have to move up the waterfall.” They exchanged glances. “Nothing to lose.” He sighed. “This is the obvious thing to do.” Trevor got to convince them. “We have no choice.” He made the sign of the cross. “For great is the mystery of faith.” Christian told. “The Lord is my guide.” Before they might protest, he threw himself forward. The arsenal might pull him to the bottom. Trevor fought to continue. He got the heart of fire. Christian would reach the top. He got summoned by the scream. The others caught up. “Blessed be.” He relaxed. They would make it together. The pirates occupied the stream. Their group descended. “Out, upon the deep blue sea.” They had to continue with the swim.

They reached through the bottom. Koji got to hold his breath. “ Great ones!” This was suicide. Then again, he might change his mind. Noriko had been sure this was the right thing to do. She worried to much about her friend. “Right.” Koji had to keep track with the dead pirates. Noriko held onto his back. She hid herself within the coils of the robe. Noriko was drowning. Theygot to swim through the hole. That was a relief. The pirates didn’t followed them out. Koji sighed. He didn’t know where to turn. The fishmen had noticed. They came for the kill. He froze them on sight. Koji finally figured about the direction. “ Not again.” She was gone. Koji’s heart had plummeted. She got to be alive. Koji went in pursuit. He got to find her. “Blast the lot !” The fishmen had arrived. “Burn you monsters!” Koji got to keep them at bay. He still hoped that Kochi would be proud. He fought the tears. Even the dragonmight cry. That was the true. Koji breached the surface. “By the great.” He got to find her. Koji inhaled. The mist still obscured the lake. “Dragon’s breath!” Koji got to burn the fishmen. “Kill him!” The harpies had noticed. Koji spread his wings. He smelled the blood. Koji had to pick her up. He went for the ship. They couldn’t leave the others. The scythe went home. Koji screamed.

The boy went ahead. Owen knew this was impossible. They should be drowning. No way. Christian kept swimming. He foughtagainst the stream. Owen felt the cross around his neck. The thing kept shining. The glow should blind him. Instead, he felt a beacon to continue. “You have to continue!” Sue called. She tied the staff to her backpack. Owen had to breathe. Sue might still surprise him. He shook it off. They didn’t chase him. Owen didn’t feel better. The bats went like a swarm. Hisimage kept them away. He got to believe. “Please, keep us.” That was what he could do. Christian escaped from view. The pull got stronger up here. “Right.” Owen swallowed. He managed to keep his breath. They pushed through the opening. The hunter somehow figured. “Keep on!” Sue had reached ahead. “I know you can make it!” She managed to slid through the opening. Owen kept fighting. He had anotherbreath. “Wait.” Owen dived into the water. The surface closed above. He found the stream. “Here it goes!” That fought to wash him away. They got extraordinary abilities. Owen struggled to breathe. He was a humble man.Owen fought to get through. The soldier might also hunt the undead. Owen fought against the water. That was so difficult. He got to reach the surface.

They had breached to the surface. Sue inhaled. She got so tired. Christian twirled to get hold. He must climb the ship. She looked about. Owen had vanished. The mist obscured the view. The soldier must be alive. Christian disappeared above. He would be fine. He was a hunter. Christian knew how to take care of himself. “What’s up?” Owen survived. “What kept you?” She was relieved. “I got afraid.” Sue tried to hide her emotions. “Bless you!” Christian called. He got concealed by the mist. “Are you still there?!” He threw the rope. “You better get up!” Sue sighed. It had begun again. “You wake up!” Owen climbed the rope. “That is a cannon!” He disappeared into the mist. Sue didn’t wait. She swam to reach up. The fishman caught her. He pulled her down. Sue pushed him through the black hole. She summoned the light ring. The fishmen kept behind. Sue managed to escape. She reached above the water. Get away!” She cast the fireball. The fishman exploded. Sue climbed the rope. They might need her help. The sorceresshit the birds.”Hear the words of God!” She threw the ice shard. Sue got on top. That was not a victory. “For the Lord is one.” She breathed the words. They got in trouble. “Welcome.” The countess was up there.”Then bend to my will.” Sue was afraid of her voice.

Ruins of castle Dracula, Bodley. The 18th. Of December 2098 A.D.

Someone was coming. Mae Lin felt the presence. She could tell. “I can see you, my lord.” The storm might throw someone lesser off balance. “Dead meat!” The black dragon roared. He gazed on the moon. “They were here.” There sat a figure atop the mount. “Yes my lord.” Mae Lin bowed before the rider. The warlock lord had seeked her out. “The accursed blood.” He hissed. She kept her eyes upon the ground. The pale king was not to be taken lightly. “Explain it to me.” He got no face. The black hood was empty. The stare made her humble. He served the Dark Lord. “So it is.” She finishedthe speech. The wraith lord kept her eyes. “They try to break the curse.” Mae Lin acknowledged. “Then they must return one last time.” The pale king rasped. “That is the only way.” The female vampire then exposed her fangs. The presence chilled her to the bone. “Approach to despair.” The warlock ripped the pages. “Curse of Darkness.” He was reading from the book. Mae Lin got curious about the tome. “The Grimoire of souls.” She knew about the rumours. The book might amplify the power. Mae Lin felt the beacon of magic. She got to resist or be consumed. He made it to disappear. “You have to wait.” The warlock told. “Count Dracula shall arrive.”He made her to smile.

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“The last enemy which is destroyed is Death.”

Corinthians: 15. 26.

Battle track: Poison Mind.

Ghost ship, UtaLake. The 18th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The scythe hit on impact. Noriko got slammed into the deck. “That wasn’t nice!” Koji roared. He retained his human form. “Get lost.” Noriko screamed. She felt like her bones got broken. “ That Is thy proper place.” The shadow fell upon her. He had arrived. The angel of Death. “Leave her alone.” The grim reaper looked sideways. “You devil.” Koji managed to get up. He clutched for the stomach. The blood got stained upon the deck. That was not enough. “Dragon’s blood.” Noriko exhaled. She fought the temptation. Noriko had to resist. “Go on.” The angel encouraged her forward. “ Grant her thy heart.” She blinked. Noriko felt confused. “I won’t take his soul.” She was not like Dracula. His first act was to slay the great dragon. The count sent his message. “The lord of the dragons .” Deathspoke.“Echoes of Darkness.” Noriko shuddered. “Then return to the castle.” She got furious. “Thy fury resist my presence.” She would show him. “No!” Koji touched her. “Stop it.” He told. “You stop it right now.” Noriko gave him a taste of anger. He resisted her Dominance. “ I smell the Chaos.” He said. “Let go of your hate.” Noriko shook her head. This was her moment. Then she lost hold. “Black electricity!” Noriko screamed. “Anger, Hate and Agony!” The pain was far toomuch.

This was the middle of the ship. Christian had to climb up the side of the wreck. “Enough..” The pirates turned the cannon. “Hold your fire.” The female vampire gathered from the mist. “Hello there, Richter.” This got to be a trap. The soldier got aboard. “I am my own shooter.” He got the pistol. Trevor shook his head. That was not enough. They got to remove the head. Christian would burn the heart. “Do you not recognize me?” The sorceress pushed that aside. She had no mind. “For the Lord is one.” Sue got to climb upon the deck. “Ich bin Zabine.” “Save us.” Trevor made the sign of the cross. He was not the ancestor. That was impossible. He felt so cold. Christian inspected the vampire. “Then behold.” The bat made manifest. “Zabine Reinhardt, the countess of Berestov.” Laura had arrived. He figured. “Rest in peace.” He recognized the blonde. Her blue eyes got transfixed. She was attractive to his adult friends. The purple gown fit her like a glove. Trevor got the crucifix. He was too young for her charm. The countess was different. “Richter.” She reached for him. The crimson dress was revealing. “Leave these others.” The burning red hair fell like a waterfall below her shoulders. “Come.” She beckoned. “Come to me.”The boyar exposed her fangs. “My arms are yearn for you.” The blue eyes were alive with compassion. “My beloved fiancée.” Her lips shone with moist. “Let us forever rest together.” Christian revealed the crucifix. “Never.” He proclaimed. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” His image burst into fire. Zabine hid her eyes. “Then you have chosen the way of pain.” The countess screamed. “That rests with the Lord.” Trevor kept his faith. The clan knew about her legend. “You was Richter’s mistress.” He told. “Before he met Anette Renard.” That was in 1792. He felt responsibleabout her destiny. “Then you have become an accursed being.” The family was not without blame. “Blessed be.” The crucifix kept shining. Christian made a glide. “Perfect.” He crossed the line. She smiled. Trevor cast it aside. He struck with the whip. The bats got in front. “Richter.” She pleaded. “Why didn’t you save me?” He shuddered. Zabine appeared so lonely. “I know you could.” This wasn’t right. “Rest in peace.” Christian reached for the stopwatch. “I don’t think so.” The smile exposed her fangs. He stopped. Trevor grew pale. “Observe.” She licked her lips. “Black witchcraft.” The circle might prohibit the use of mystics. “Then you cannot defeat us.” She gloated. “I see.” Christian got the crucifix. “Though I submit into the hands of the Lord.” The countess used the demon blood to perform. “The Lord is with me.” Trevor had no doubt. “Then the truth shall set you free.” The vampire snapped her teeth. “Richter!” She bellowed. “That slut has no right!” She screamed. “You belong to me.” The spirits gathered into a skull. “Necromancy.” He made the sign of the cross. “Then bend your knee.” Laura approached. “The skull sorceress laughed in triumph. “It is good to bleed a little.” Christian acknowledged. He would fight. Trevor would be thevampire hunter. “The Phoenix shall rise from the ashes!” “Blood of the hunter.” Christian opened a wound. His blood got stained on deck. “Let it be.” The blood drops became like the liquid light. “Then stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” The fire burned to cleanse the evil. “We shall feast upon your blood!” He broke the circle. Trevor presented the crucifix. “Blast you devil!” Owen fired a boom. “For the Lord is one!” The others caught up. “You human fools!” Sue cast a fireball. “Do not try to challenge me!” The eyes popped from within the sockets. “Deliver us from evil!” Christian tightened the grip. The orbs were magnetic. “Take this!” Owen secured with several rounds. “Leave me alone!” He got taken by the pirates. The spheres exploded. Trevor leaped for the sorceress. “Oh yes.” She would bite him. “Come to me.” The mask hid her features. “The mask of the red plague.” Christian shuddered. “He is Yours!” Zabine reached of the dead. “You shall not touch him!” She made the lightning strike. “By the count!” Laura fell on deck. He struck with the whip. The sorceress screamed. Trevor released the Soul bat. The eyes spew the electricity. “Right!” He managed to roll beneath. “Leave him alone!” Sue reappeared. She block the thunder. “Hear the words of God!” She spread her arms. The black hole held the curse. “Use the gifts.” She spoke through clenched teeth. “I believe in you.” Christian exhaled. “Then let it be.” They trusted his abilities. Sue was not afraid. He used the stopwatch. Laura stopped in time. That was not the end. Trevor got away. The eyes became magnetic spheres. “Please, save us!” He cracked with the morning-star whip. The orbs burst on impact. Christian threw the vial. “Dracul!” The skull sorceress got bathed in flames. The holy water might burn out the Devil. Trevor made the sign of the cross. “Then die you Lillith maggot!” Sue pulled upon the bow. Her arrow almost pierced the other vampire. Laura reappeared to embrace the hunter. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Christian got to help her. The sorceress swooped. The eyes became heavy flames. Trevor made a glide. He got beneath. That was incredible. “You are my boy.” Laura appeared. “Away from me Satan!” Christian presented the crucifix. She snarled. “I got something for you.” Owen threw the stake. He found them in the candles. The skull sorceress then made the lightning to strike down. “For the Lord is my stronghold!” She blocked upon the staff. The holy ring almost threw the countess from her perch. “Richter!” She pleaded. “Help me!” Trevor would hunt the night. He threw the enflamed axe. The female vampire got hit in the side. “How could you?” The blood stained on her robes. She clutched to the skull. “I am your lady.” The countess released the bats. “You be lost!” Owen got obscured by the swarm. “You leave us alone!” Sue cried. “The boy belongs to me!” The eyes became magnetic orbs. Sue got thrown upon deck. “Come with us.” Laura teased. “You want us.” Christian flipped with the whip. She then began to burn. Laura screamed.

The figure remained tall. Koji got to protect her. Noriko screamed. The sickles went home. Koji got thrown far into the night. He shuddered. The impact was so cold. That didn’t matter. The boy had retained his true form. “Curse you!” The demon made manifest. The scally skin was bright blue. That was the sea demon. “Burn in Hell!” Koji roared. The monster charged.He threw the ice bullet. Koji struck with the tail. He got to break the ice. “Dragon’s breath!” The acid would defeat their lot. They might multiply through the blood. He forgot the lore. “By the great!” Koji shrieked. Some demons might only be banished through strangulation. He trappedthemonster. “Leave me.” Koji got a shudder. The frost surged through his body. The demons kept shooting. Koji put that away. The demon cried. He got squeezed to death. He released the energy. The tail ached. The monster tried to possess him. Koji had to resist. The Shadow was a reservoir of strength. The other demons tried to air bomb his location. “Dragon’s breath!” They might pierce his skin. Koji tried to shake them. “Dragon’s claws!” The sea demons might either behead or trap him. Koji had no mind. He had to crush them. Koji might resist the power. “Dragon’s nose!” He got to return to the ghost ship.

The bats squeeked with blood-thirst. Owen got pinned to the planks. “Blasted!” He grunted. The soldier presented the crucifix. That might hold them. “Thank You.” Owen had reloaded. The bullet hit the skull sorceress. He used the silver. The fire burned on impact. “Curse you!” The hookshot might pierce his skull. “Blasted!” Owen got to retreat. He picked the flower. Owen cast it toward the pirates. The wild rose exploded. That granted some space. “Let it be.” The hunter hurled the three axes forward. “I beg of you!” The countess got hurt. “A last kiss.” The spheres exploded on impact. “Mistress!” Laura came to embrace her. “Oh Richter.” Zabine wept crimson tears. “Release me from the curse.” Her remorse was pitiful to behold. “For I have ventured too far into the eternal night.” Sue groaned. Shestaggered to her knee. “Do you still not understand?” Sue asked. “That woman is Zabine.” She castanother fireball. The skull sorceress became obscured. Her bats went like a swarm. Zabine rised from the pyre. The soldier felt so cold. He threw the stakes to might impale the pirates. They got the cannon. The shot might crush the ship. Owen picked the garlic bombs. They rolled along the deck. They ran for cover. Owen closed his eyes. He escaped the flashbang. Then Koji hit the deck.

The dragon roared. Sue used the opportunity to help her friends. “Fire in the hall!” Koji told. “Dragon’s breath!” He broke the cannon. That burned the pirates. Sue fired at the sorceress. “Curse you!” Zabine got hurt. “Take her!” Laura would kiss her. “Help me.” She shuddered. They were so powerful. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Christian made a glide. He got beneath the bats. Sue presented the star. The vampire snarled. He caught them in time. Christian released the four clocks. The evil countess shrieked. The eyes became heavy flames. He escaped. “Jesus!” Christian made it to rain with holy water. “The Lord is my stronghold.” The skull sorceress got burned to ashes. “Rest in peace.” The boy made the sign of the cross. She knew there were something they forgot. Laura knelt on deck. She shed bloody tears. “You Belmont sneak!” She bellowed. “You killed my mother!” Laura let down her gown. “Oh my God.” She had done battle gear. “You shall pay!” Christian cracked with the whip. The bride didn’t listen. Laura tackled him with repeated hard punches. “Leave him alone!” She cast the ice. Christian stamped with the crucifix. The bride hit her with the slide kick. “That is enough.” Owen pierced her heart. “Burn in Hell!” He removed the head.

Ghost ship, Uta lake. The 18th. Of December 2098 A.D.

This was the end. Noriko could feel it in her heart. The grim reaper held him in an iron grip. “Stop this pointless bickering.” He rasped. “ Hark thy Master’s voice..” Noriko had no choice. “Then I surrender. She whispered. Noriko felt so cold. She dropped the knife on deck. “Release him.” She bit her lip. “I am the one you want.” Noriko couldn’t help the shudder. The young master had raped her. “Thou arth nay important.” The voice pierced her mind. “ This boy disturbed the Chaos.” Noriko felt the chills down her spine. That was not possible. Death never lied. “I tried to tell you.” He breathed. “My rosary has broken.” He could be him. “Lord Dracula incarnate.” Noriko wished to scream. He might still make a choice. “Please.” He didn’t have to be the Dark Lord. “Dominance.” Death told. “He belongs in the castle.” Noriko folded her hands. She got no right. Noriko kept Mina’s crucifix. She would pray. “Thou must accept thy legacy.” The boy began to fade. “I know that.” Noriko got to decide. There would be no going back. The others might approach. Noriko felt so alone. “Belmont.” The grim reaper moved into position. “The last enemy to be destroyed.” The echo went cold. “ Is Death.” He was faster then any mortal. Noriko would fight. She got to retrieve the knife.

They couldn’t hide her forever. Christian made the sign of the cross. “Here we are.” Koji said. The dragon retained his human form. “Death comes to us all.” They found her at last. “Right.” Noriko got involved with the grim reaper. They had reached the front of the ship. “Excuse.” He closed his eyes. “I feel so… “ Koji trailed off. Hethen collapsed on deck. “He is fine.” The sorceress put a hand on his forehead. “Let him sleep.” Trevor said. He was exhausted. They lethim rest. “We do what we must.” Christian cracked with the whip. “I hunt the night.” He used the laurels. Trevor would fight. “You are not alone.” Sue made the lightning strike. “Then stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Christian reached for the crucifix. “Come!” Death got protected. “Good luck!” Owen had reloaded the pistol. “I stay behind.” He sighed. “To guard the others.” Trevor got no time. The grim reaper threw the sickles. “Beware!” Noriko got to block. She got knocked out cold. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” He called. “Then so let it be.” Christian threw the cross forward. “This is the time.” The angel rasped. Trevor felt the chill of the grave. Death repelled the sub-weapon. He threw a flurry of sickles. They were so cold. He made the sign of the cross. Christian was the chosen vampire hunter. Though the ritual was not complete. “This is not the demon castle.” Trevor proved his legacy. “Then the Phoenix shall rise from the ashes.” Christian was the heir to the house of Belmont. He made an oat to hunt the night. “The Lord is my stronghold!” Sue took them upon the staff. That was far to close. Trevor struck with the holy whip. The skull burst like a bomb. “ Embrace the power of the Dominance.” The angel of Death was breathingwithin his mind. “Or embrace thy own destruction.” The grim reaper hurled the scythe like a giant boomerang. “Then hear the words of God!” Sue reached behind. The sorceress struck with the sword. “ There is no life within the void.” The grim reaperalso got to defend himself. “Only death.” The angel tried to grab her. Frost got spread on contact. “Look behind you!” The soldier cried. “The scythe got a boomerang effect!” This was their own time and space. “Then so let it be.” Owen was so far away. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” Christian threw the vial forward. Death couldn’t deflect the holy water. The glass broke on impact. Death got bathed in flames. He raised both hands. Death became transparent. This was the moment. Trevor used the whip. The angel shrieked. Christian touched his brow. This was mental. That made no difference. “So help me God!” Sue staggered behind. Death had vanished. Though he could not forget. The angel appeared flouting in the air. He went in at a 45 degree angle to might cut her down. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Trevor threw the axe. “Thou can nay stop me.” Death made it to break in four and rebound backward. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!” Christian made a back-flip. “Get behind!” Sue revealed the star. Death shrieked in anguish. “So let it be!” Trevor cracked with the whip. The skull sorceress left him a plenty of gems. The Light illumined the holy whip. Death revealed his empty hands. “Where Dracula is, Death is his servant.” That was ancient lore. “Death comes to us all.” The hunter repeated. Though not here, not now. Death hit him with the skull. “Please! Save me!” Christian gasped. The force tore with bitter frost. “I am here.” Sue saved him from falling. “You are not alone.” Death shrieked. The mental force was terrible. Trevor had to forget about the lost one’s souls.. He cracked with the whip.. Death became transparent. “This is the time.” He got to hurry. “Then so let it be.” Christian spoke through clenched teeth. The grim reaper threw the flurry. Christian got to defend himself. He threw the dagger forward. The angel made it to rebound. “Preserve us!” He screamed. Trevor got cut by the pieces. The angel twirled with the scythe. “For the Lord is my stronghold!” Sue tried to strike him. They got face-to-face. “Be gone.” The frost was too much. “Good.” He threw her aside. The angel left her screaming on deck. “Then stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Christian used the Soul ice. “Rest in peace!” He threw the knife. The grim reaper got stabbed from behind. He vanished in a cloud of mist. Trevor exhaled. The angel came like a meteor. He managed to escape. “Thy time is over.” Death spun to throw the skull. “For the Lord is one!” Sue cast the fireball. The spell exploded. Christian met him in close combat. He threw the sickles to might throw them off balance. “Save us!” Death reeked with necromancy. “From the Shadow!” He could smell the decay. He was so cold. Trevor got the shudder. “Poison mind.” He accused. “Haunt us no longer!” Christian got to escape. “Return to the castle!” Death threw the sickles. “Thou arth too late.” Death rasped. “Every one hundred years, the forces of God mysteriously starts to weaken.” Trevor got to brandish with the holy whip. “ Thus the power of Dracula begin to revive itself.” He blocked the attack. “His power grows stronger and stronger.” Death mocked his efforts. Christian doused him with holy water. “There will always be those which resist his charm.” He got to believe. Death became transparent. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Trevor got to strike him. “ Belmont!” Death shrieked. The skull exploded. “The Lord is one!” The sorceress tried to stamp him out. Christian almost forgot about her. That was a mistake. “Blessed be.” Trevor made the sign of the cross. “ Dust to dust.” Death raised into the air. “Bone to ashes .” He threw the scythe like a giant boomerang. “Save us from the evil One!” They got to break the company. Christian made it to rain. Death retrieved his scythe. “Jesus!” The grim reaperthen came like a meteor. She got beneath. Trevor made no effort. “Let it be!” He kept the Vampire Killer whip in both hands. “Accursed mortal.” Death tried to nail him. The fingers scratched the chest-plate. Christian screamed. The ice spread about his ribs. “Thou shall die.” The grim reaper rasped. “That rests with the Lord.” Trevor was not afraid. “Death is no loss.” He got the Soul ice. “Victory is to defend your faith for as long you live.”

The mist obscured everything. Koji didn’t care. He finally came around. They got to save her. “Come on.” The soldierpull her aside. “Alright.” That was difficult. Koji touched his chest. The gunshot had almost killed him. “You put her up here!” Owen told. “She will be safe!” The soldier looked about. “Can you hear that?” He asked. “I do.” Koji pulled on the goggles. “There is someone climbing up the side of the ship.” The fog grew even tighter. “Great ones.” Koji really disliked the weather. “Come on you bastards.” Owen breathed. “Come to me.” They got to protect her. “Come on you son of a bitch.” He was not afraid. “Come to mamma.” Hammer checked the pistol. “Let it be over.” Koji got impressed. The soldier carried no gifts. He fired a boom. The fishman leaped. The corpse tumbled into the sea. “Dragon’s claws!” The monster was not alone. He would slice them up. “Dragon’s breath!” That was his dinner. “Leave her alone!” Owen cried. He got ambushed by the pirates. Christian hit the angel. Death became transparent. “Right.” Koji pulled together. The fishmen tried to kill him. “Dragon’s nose!” He would boil the fish. “Give it to me.” Noriko stirred. She caught the soul. “Blasted.” Owen got to reload. The sea demons became aware. Koji had to dodge.

That was a burst of Hellfire. Owen made the sign of the cross. “She is awake. Koji remarked. The demon got obscured. Norikohad dabbled in the dark arts. She picked the soul. “Dracul.” She staggered. “Noriko!” Koji went to help her. The girl collapsed again. Owen shrugged. “Let her sleep.” She had experienced too much. The soldier watched when the angel hit her. Never again. The soldier had promised himself. “For the Lord is my guide and stronghold!” Sue almost impaled the angel. He nearly dropped the pistol. Death shrieked within his head. The pirates showed no mercy. They were the undead. Owen groaned. He got to resist. “Dragon’s wings!” Koji made the life hard for the fishmen. “Burn in Hell!” Owen escaped. They tried to impale him. The dead pirates climbed down to fight. Owen got his own weapon. He met the cutlas. The cross burned around his neck. He made a back-flip to throw the stakes. The soldier got to impale the crew. That wasn’t the real problem. Owen picked the crystals. “Then die you bastards!” He fired a boom. That was not enough. Christian threw the crystal. “Nice work!” The grim reaper staggered behind. The frost pierced both the body and soul. They got back-to-back. “Dragon’s eyes!” Koji fired a shot. “Sorry.” He muttered.

The grim reaper threw the glowing skull. Sue got to block the attack. “For the Lord is one!” She picked up her father’s sword. “Thank you.” She could never forget about the forging. Gregory Belnades was a master alchemist. Although he didn’t approve of her choice in life, she tried to preserve the legacy of the hunter. “The children shall not be afraid of the night.” The blacksmithcreated weapons to resist the blood magic. She sighed. They got to survive. Hegot the scythe. “Thou shall nay defeat me.” There was something wrong about the shield. Sue tried to strike him. “Please!” The sword broke on impact. She felt the chills up her arms. That might freeze the heart. The grim reaper didn’t press his advantage. “Then so let it be!” Christian brandished with the whip. The tool of destruction might banish the angel of Death. She tried to get up. The pain became too much. “ Nay.” The grim reaper shrieked on impact. Sue collapsed. “Then stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Christian made it to rain. Death became transparent. “This is the end.” Christian approached. He released the clocks. “So it will be like this, the rest of the way .” Death screamed as the pentagram sucked him in. “Come on!” Owen helped her to get up. “The ship is burning!” He threw her into the boat.

The flames flickered about the ghost ship. The boy stood on deck. He watched while they left. The Belmont stole the mystic orb. He would like to keep it. “Then he shall inherit the power.” He might gain some influence with the grim reaper. That was unlikely. Death was absolute. The angel kept with the Dark Lord. The boy dismissed. That was no longer an option. “Nevermore.” Things might change. She would not take his hand. “Death comes to us all.” There were other opportunities. Noriko Cruz was important. She got the right. He got to think. ”Curse of Darkness.” The boy was the true successor. He would be there to face her.

Bodley, Uta Lake. The 18th.Of December 2098 A.D.

This was to hot. Noriko opened her eyes. She was sweating. “You don’t have to pin me.” They almost buried her amongthe blankets. She sighed. They made a fire. That was nice. “She is awake.” Noriko knew that voice. He bent to touch her brow. “The chill has broken.” Christian smiled. “You almost froze to death.” Noriko got the shudder by the memory. “Thank you.” Koji had brushed his brown hair. “The fever is gone.” Sue helped her to sit up. “The dinner is ready.” Hehad prepared the meal. Noriko was grateful. They were her friends. “Then what do you remember?” Christian had to ask. “Everything.” Noriko made a grimace. “I remember everything.” She ate the chicken. The carpet fell down to reveal her. He blushed. Noriko shrugged. “Sorry.” They removed her outfit. “Stupid child.” Hammer kept muttering. Never mind that now. “We had to inspect your condition.” Sue explained. “That is alright.” Noriko finished the meal. “You got to be sure.” She hid her smile. Christian got embarrassed. “Here.” Koji gave her the bundle. “Put these on.” Noriko kept the blankets. “Wait a moment.” She hid behind the trees. Noriko had a splash in the pond. The school girl uniform fit her size. Noriko supressed a giggle. The boy was gone. She couldn’t allow thatto be the end.

The mist still lay heavy upon the lake. Christian knew that it was because of Gabriel’s curse. “Then rest in peace.” The fire couldn’t warm his heart. The others kept close. “Forgive me.” Sue had to inspect her broken blade. “This is my fault.” Trevor might see beyond the obvious. “He will always be with you.” Christian reached for the crucifix. The ravenlock met his eyes. “There is some powerful earth sea magic sleeping within that sword.” She acknowledged. “The blacksmith must be a true master alchemist.” Sue blushed. “Gregory was my father.” She pulled the massive black hair away from her face. “Thank you.” She sighed. “I know.” Trevor touched her shoulder. “You miss him.” That was not a question. Sue looked so sad. “He is my father.” She was not his sister. “He might restore it.” Sue resheathed the blade. “The light beyond the forest.” Sue hid it among her camouflage robes. “That can wait.” Christian hoped it could. “The legends tell the devil forgemaster might repair our weapons.” He put a hand upon the Vampire Killer whip. “That is a myth.” The soldier shook his head. Owen cleared the campsite. “You have to decide.” Noriko had returned. This was her choice. ”He is not awake.” Though the power of Dracula had began to revive itself. They got to hunt.

They gathered about the fire. Koji felt nervous. They couldn’t sit about and do nothing. Christian might have a plan. The other huntersalso looked eager. “The time to fight is now.” The Belmont had become the leader. He got to speak his mind. “Right.” This wasn’t easy. Koji might tell. “I have to break the curse.” Koji smirked. He had expected as much. “Fine.” The boy was devoted to his legacy. “I don’t think so.” Noriko spoke. “I have to save him.” Koji looked into his lap. “You are not alone.” He would come along. Koji made a promise. “Then what can you do?” The soldier had to ask that question. “My heart is strong enough.” Hebent to reveal the notes. “This is the “Sonnet of dreams.” The vampire hunter explained. “Yoko Belnades made a book aboutthe dryad lore.” Koji got to hide a smirk. They were cute. He didn’t care about their culture. “My nurse used to tell me about the myths.” Sue remarked. “The lyrics might be a powerful weapon.” Owen frowned. “So that is your plan?” He asked. “You are going to play a song?” Christian sighed. “Of course not.” Koji was not surprised. That would be too easy. “The order had to use Anger, Hate and Agony to reach the source.” He made the sign of the cross. “We must find the treasures.” Koji had told the story.

The mist obscured the campsite. Owen frowned. “We have to settle.” He reloaded the pistol. “”We got this night to fix it.” That was not a question. “That is right.” The boy looked tired. “The Phoenix shall rise from the ashes.” He made the sign of the cross. “That is rubbish.” Noriko sat huddled together. “This is not going to work.” The silence felt like a wet blanket. There were nothing beside the clashes of waves.“You have to believe.” Christian knelt down. “No. I don’t have to.” Her eyes flashed red with hatred. “You cannot decree my actions.” Owen didn’t like that. He should have noticed this much earlier. That girl might be dangerous. “For the genesis of evil is hate.” The boy recited. “Be mindful.” They stared at each other. “Your thoughts betray you.” Noriko snarled. “I am not afraid of you.” He was about to get up. “Leave it.” Koji adviced. “This is their business.” Owen shrugged. Though it didn’t feel right. The soldier felt at a loss. Sue touched her item. “Together we stand.” She licked her lips. “Alone we shall fall.” That was right. “We must work together.” She hid behind her hair. “That is the only way.” Noriko hid within the mist. “Perfect.” Her eyes returned to normal. Owen didn’t trust her. He felt uneasy. “This we must do.” Christian had to explain.

The fire was about to burn out. Sue hated to disrupt his tactics.Though this wouldn’t work. Christian looked up into her face. “Nothing is impossible to God.” Sue almost felt ashamed. The girl was standing. “I don’t care.” She stamped her foot. “I have to find him now.” Christian also got up. “You cannot leave.” He also got angry. “We can’t afford to splinter.” She put the note-piece into her purse. Sue had to stop the quarrel. “Then perhaps we should.” Koji spoke. “I know about the geography of the lake.” He smirked. “We must part company.” The soldier frowned. “That is true.” He said. “There are the three isles.” Christian might relax. He tended to the fire. “Return the treasures.” She said. “ If only your heart is brave enough.” Noriko took it like a challenge. “Then I shall return to the volcano island.” She proclaimed. “Join me, if you dare.” Koji tapped her hair. “Relax girl.” He said. “You have your company.” Sue sighed. He was too brave. Owen smirked. She let him play. “I can redeem the Agony.” She realized. “Though I don’t know the way.” The soldier touched her shoulder. “Trust me.” He told. “Stop it.” She got angry. “Stop stalking me.” Sue got no taste for the men. “Fine.” Owen shrugged. “Let us hunt the treasure.” He smirked. “Lead on.” He at least got that right.

Ruins of castle Dracula, Bodley. The 18th.Of December 2098 A.D.

This was the sacrificial alter. Mae Lin knelt down before His horned image. “I thank Thee.” The vampire was pleased. “My Master.” He granted her wish. “I hark thy Master’s voice.” She licked her lips. “I am Yours.” The girl touched her tiny body. “They hunter is coming.” How could she forget? The ninja was a fool. She would bring Him sacrifice. “I hate them.” Miss Murderer confessed. “I shall kill the Belmont clan.” She then spat crimson on the floor. Count Dracula might use them to his advantage. “The prince of Darkness shall live again.” The order would make it to happen. Mae Lin humbled herself before Hissculpture. “Master!” She would give herself to chaos. “Out of time.” The gave her a mission. “Thou art released!” Mae Lin got her own ambitions. She maintained her pose. The circle thought about the ruins. There was no compassion, only power. The Dark Lord offered so much. “Take me to Hell.” He asked for everything in return. She had to wait. His eyes burned with a nasty blue flame. Mae Lin watched in happen. A wanting desire awoke in her heart. She would submit to Him. Tough he might not accept. She was not the ninth disciple. Kyuuketsu would satisfy her lust. “They cannot defeat us!” Mae Lin exposed her fangs. She would make them to suffer.

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