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Castlevania: Darkness Never Dies


Part 1: Curse of Blood

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Part 2: Legacy of Sorrow

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Part 1: Curse of Blood.

”” I am a voice calling out in the wilderness. Like the prophet Isaiah have said; “Make straight the ways of the Lord.””

John: 1. 23.

Chapter ‘10: Demon seed. The den, Ruvas forest.The 18th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The air was dank. The woman knelt by the alter. The cloak spread out to reveal her clothings. “The mist obscure my vision.” The bodyguard was a veteranknight. The cloak was a shroud. The sorceressbreathed. “The Darkness is generous.” She lit the tall black candle. “Dracul.” The flame flickered. “Satan.” She beheld the knight hail. Her eyeswere like pale sapphires. “Thou want him.” The gentleman observed. “Does thee nay?” The sorceress shook her mane. She was fair, as fair as could be, with golden locks down her neck and shoulders. “Actrise.” He used her nickname. “Giles.” She moaned. “Nay.” He said. “He told us to wait for him.” The countess smiled. The fangs got exposed. “Indeed.” Red flames burned behind the gaze. “We have waited so long.” Giles De Reis turned into a wolf. The tongue was long and red. She beheld the knight with laced ecstasy. Isabella Von Krohnquist never possessed the power. Actrise was a witch. She knew things he did not. The vampire awaited his touch. “Come!” She longed for his arms. “We arth thous!” She proclaimed her fealty. “Curse of Darkness.” The thirst for blood would always be with her. “Resurrection.” Actrise would not surrender. Gilles presented their sacrifice. “Perfect.” She laughed in triumph. They wouldfeast together.

Vrad castle, Warakiya. The 18th. of December 2098 A.D. The flakes got stained on the windows. Anita Fortner beheld the snow. “Approach to despair.” She felt the approach. The witch was furious. How dared they to disturb her resting place? Her sister told of death and betrayal. She figured their intentions. That were of no concern. Anita got to distract the party. “They shall not conquer me.” That would obscure their tactics. The black witch got the perfect tool. The child was her trump card. She killed the undead. Anita dismissed. The little witch got held in a cell beneath the castle. She retained her seat. The black witch would capture the estranged and forgotten son. That was her hidden desire. Anita dreamed of the possibilities. The young master got a price on his head. “Heart of fire.” She would be rewarded. Anita smiled. She exposed her fangs. “Then so let the hunt begin.” The black witch had a sip from her bloody champagne glass. “Display the lot.” She hissed. Her crystal ball lit to reveal the hunters. The blonde looked delicious. She licked her lips. Anita was nostranger to the pleasures of the flesh. “Death fear.” The maid was untouchable.“The crest of innocence.” She might spend some time with this other woman. “Then hark.” Anita hadsubmitted. “The Master’s voice.” The hour of the beast. She would play His game.

The cave cell was freezing. Torah got chained to the wall. The water dripped from the ceiling. The golden chains got forged with sorcery. Torah escaped the school. That gave no comfort. She killed her cousin. The black witch had arrived. Anita chained her inside the cave prison. The girl huddled together. Torah would hunt the night. She reached out with her feelings. Torah gotthe ancient blood. She called for the forces of nature. Torah couldplay their music. The lyrics were mysterious and wonderful. Torah exhaled. She must control her breathing. Torah got to focus on the chains.The sorceress was lost in time. “Help me.” Shewhispered. “I perish.” Torah got the Bible. The sorceress must break the spell. Torah got the stopwatch. She never used it before. “Right.” Torah was afraid about the item. She was not a Belmont. Torah closed her eyes. She was an apprentice. “Please.” Torah reached out with her feelings. She would notbe a shaman. Torah got to know more. This might be the way. She shuddered. Torah might die of cold. The torches were the only source of light. “Good Lord in Heaven!” She exclaimed. Torahthenfelt something move from the great beyond.”The power of one!” Torah possessed strong magical powers. She decided. Torah would become avampire hunter.

Ruvas forest, Warakiya. The 18th. of December 2098 A.D. They reached the top of the ridge. Marcia fluttered in the air. She worried about the others. Alicia was tired.The vampire hunter got stained with mud. The tragic prince looked no better. Though he retained his demeanour. The fairy was glad it ceased raining. Now she could fly. “The curse is broken.” Alucard remarked. “The weather is changing.” Marcia could tell more. The climate was getting colder. “Night is falling.” She looked skyward. He gathered the arts. “I hope the children escaped.” Alicia cleaned her glasses. The fairy looked on the marshland. “This is the border land.” Alucard declared. “Look!” The fairy called. “The bog is freezing!” The marshland got covered by the ice and snow. “In the name of Michael the Arch Angel!” Alicia made the sign of the cross. The fairy didn’t know what to say. “The hunt continues.” She felt sorry about the sorceress. “The end of the road.” Alicia sighed. “We got to find her.” The Boyar afforded a cordial bow. “Whatever you say, my lady.” He told. “It will be yours.” Alicia arched an eyebrow. The fairy hid her mouth. Though she couldn’t conceal the colour. “Keep at ease.” Alucard told. “These arth serious matters.” Marcia settled upon the branch. The others beheld the ocean. The fairy felt the dark arts. Marcia disliked the view.

This got to be the black witchcraft. Alicia reached for the crucifix. “The lake is open.” Alucard acknowledged. “Indeed.” The fairy was changing colour. “That is the Vrad castle.” She touched His image. The tragic prince got lost in thoughts. “We have to cross the bridges.”Aliciacleaned her glasses. She unsheathed the sword. “Alright.” Marcia left the branches. “Thou arth the seeker.” He revealed the blade. “My lady.” The tragic prince bent before her. The ruins got obscured by the plantlife. “Demon seed.” Alucard spoke. She sighed. “Christopher Belmont once searched the abode in 1591.”Aliciathought about their history. He might tell. Alucard looked ragged.Though the man was a boyar of the Walachian nobility. She shrugged. The tragic prince was hard to figure. “In the name of Michael the arch angel!” Alicia remembered what her father told about the half blood in the chronicle book of 2076.

Paragraph from Reichardt Schneider's chronicle. Budapest, Hungary. The 27th. of October 2076 A.D. The window got crashed. I leaped from my bed.“What the Devil!” The figure lay on the floor. I reached for the Undead Killer whip.“You.” He got up to brush of the broken glass. “Alucard.” He was an aristocrat. The wind pulled at the cape. “Silence.” He demanded. “Young Belmont.” I arched an eyebrow. The tragic prince made no notice. He looked grim. “I bring terrible news.” I got an idea. “Tel me.” I went to pick my clothing. “I shall hunt.” That was my duty. The plight of the bloodline. “He has returned.” I knew about the truth. Alucard never changed expression. “Nay.” He revealed. “Though thatguardian is defeated.” I reached for the crucifix. “Then preserve us from the wicked One.” I crossed my heart. Alucard acknowledged. “The order of Shadow is to blame.” The told. Alucard looked so sad. “They murdered the man and his family.” I got to call my brother. “Then so let it be.” The boyar put a hand upon my shoulder. “The Catholic church might tell yourrelations.” That made me to relax. Alucard returned the gaze. “This is our destiny.” He made a decision. “They hide within the underworld.” The tragic prince revealed. “Youmust be more careful.” I accepted the statement. “Prepare before the war.” He requested. “Trust me.” I told.

End of paragraph. This was not the time. Alicia shook her golden hair. She inhaled. “Then let the battle begin.” The tragic prince produced the sword and shield. “Right.” Alicia made the sign of the cross. They waisted too much time already. The marshland had almost killed them. She sighed. Marcia fluttered before her face. “The clouds obscure the sky.” She told. “How interesting.” The tragic prince acknowledged. “There will be snowing tonight.” Alicia touched the crucifix. She looked to the east. The mist obscured the forest. Alucard climbed the hill. “Look out.” The pine trees stood in the way. Alicia inspected the land. She really disliked the silence. Alicia closed the grip. She was not a Belmont. Michael Geilhardt Schneider was a kind man. He married Richter’s cousin. “Ravens!” Marcia shrieked. “Hellfire!” Alucard cast the spell. The black birds hid among the branches. They got burned. The feathers werein clear contrast.“In the name of Michael the Arch angel!” She got to fight. “For Warakiya!” Alucard cried. The zombies pushed through the ground. Alicia struck. She pierced the heart. “Be gone!” !” Alicia threw the dagger. She made it to split in three. The corpses got burned to ashes. “Amen.” Alicia touched the crucifix. “I salute thee, young Belmont.” Alucard held the sword. “You are a vampire hunter.” Alicia blushed. “Thank you.” The fairy whispered. Alicia spun. The dead soldiers might eat her alive. Alicia doused them with holy water. They got burned. She took the gems. Alucard hit the candles. He picked the items. Alicia sighed. “Take cover.” They reached the forest. The snow was falling. Marcia could fly. The shine changed to purple. “This is not the undead weather.” Alicia felt better. “Alright.” She was the fairy. “Mother.” Marcia should know. “For Warakiya.” Alucard presented the shield. The ravens collided. “Get away!” Alicia threw the axe. “Much impressive.” Alucard admitted. She killed the birds. Alicia tightened the grip. The vampire hunter kept the sword. The ravens whirled in a circle. She gathered. “To hunt the night.” Alicia would make an item crush. “Look for the Shadow.” The riders might notice. She threw that aside. “In the name of Michael the Arch angel!” Alicia made it to rain with holy water. “Preserve us.” Alucard made the sign of the cross. “Good Lord in Heaven!” She took the gems. The ravens got burned. “That was perfect.” Marcia settled on her shoulder. “No problem.” Alicia sighed. She hoped that Trevor was fine. She had suppressed her feelings. Alicia felt stabbed through the heart. She remembered. “What is it my lady?” Alucard asked. She sighed. He cared. “It is about Christian.” She told. Alucard was stern. “The hunter.” She told him about what happened at theCastle Dracula. “This is serious matters.” Alicia embraced the boyar. “I am afraid.” She had to confess. Alucard released her. “Trevor knows about the whip.” She explained. “That is not enough.” The tragic prince knelt before her. “Be brave my young hunter.” He kissed her upon the hand. “Only the Lecarde blood might unlock thy weapon.” Alicia blushed. She couldn’t help it. Alucard could be so medieval. She felt his charm. He was right. “We have to continue.” Marcia encouraged. “Of course.” Alucard bowed. The fairy went pink. Alicia hid her smile. The boyar had his charm. She picked together. Night was falling. They got to finish the hunt. The snow fell upon the forest. Alicia touched the crucifix. It wasn’t over. It never would be. The zombies got through the snow. “In the name of Michael the Arch Angel!” Alicia cried.She threw the cross. “Leave her.” His voice was cold like the wings of winter. “It is time.” Alucard opened the cape. “Challenge me.” He offered. “For Warakiya!” Alicia might exhale. That was impressive. “V for victory!” Marcia cheered. The Hellfireballs exploded on impact. The zombies got burned. “For great is the Lord.” They got to share the gems.

The ravenswent in a circle. Alucard charged the sorcery. “Be gone.” The spell got to work. “Ball of Destruction!” The tragic prince released the high shot. The birds got shot to pieces. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Alicia Schneider had rejoined the battle. “Excellent.” Alucard was so proud about her abilities. The lady brandished with her sword. The Claymore blade belonged to Edward Morris. They descended from his bloodline. “Crimson lightning!” He made it to strike. “Grizzly wing!” The bats left from his cape. Alucard might counter the effort. “So let it be!” The young Belmont threw a circle of axes. The zombies got cut to pieces. “Watch out!” The fairy went like an angry wasp. “Mother!” She put the ravens to sleep. Alucard picked the gems. That got to wait. “For Warakiya!” Alucard used the shield like a battering-ramp. Thezombies pushed through the snow. “Hellfire!” He spread the cloak. “Adrian!” She had arrived. Alicia Schneider broke the bond. She kept her faith. The young hunter was not afraid. “In the name of Michael the Arch angel!” The Belmontmade the sign of the cross. Her blade was on fire. She defeated the monsters. Alucard bowed. The Dark Lord was to blame. She reached the bridge. Alucard went in chase.

Vrad castle, Warakiya. The 18th. of December 2098 A.D. The snow fell to shroud the nightscape. Marcia might hear the water leaped against the bridge. “The clashes of waves.” The fairy went in front. She would tell them about the monsters. Marcia sighed. She flickered. The fairy tried to hide. They approached the source. “Shadow.” She got afraid. “There might be a devil forgemaster.” They might imprison her kind. “Believe.” Alicia encouraged. “Then the Lord shall be with us.” The fay got taken aback. “We cannot escape.” The tragic prince acknowledged. “We are afraid of what awaits in the deep.” His eyes revealed an ancient sadness. “There is a close to fight for.” Marcia turned purple. “That won’t be easy.” Marcia dimmed. “That is the way of life.” Marcia spread her wings. They were her friends. The fairy believed. “No! Watch out!” Marcia shouted. “The birds!” The ravens nested atop the sculptures. She wouldn’t be afraid. Marcia would put them to rest. That much she could do. “Sleep tight!” Marcia shot at the birds while releasing the star dust. The people told that only the dream weavers might produce that quality. “Rest for a while.” The fairies also possessedthe ability. She went about the nest. Alicia presented the crucifix. The fishmen leaped upon the bridge. Alucard hid behind the shield. The fairy lined up.

The monstershad arrived. Alucard presented the shield. “For Warakiya!” They got to fight. The fishmen leaped from the depth to spit poison streams. Alicia Schneider got behind. “Right.” She carried no shield. That was not a problem. “The harpies!” The fay was a lookout. The women came from multiple directions. The arrow hit the shield. He arched an eyebrow. That he did not expect. The harpies exchanged their glances. “The curse of Darkness.” Alucard stalked the land. That was a statue of the Centaur. The sculpture held a bow of stone. The harpies shrieked. The trio brandished with their lances. Alucard unsheathed the sword. The blade was left by his mother. The vampire hunter threw the vial. She looked concerned. “They are unlike the others.” He took it upon the shield. “You must forget about them.” Alucard spread the cape. “Grizzly wing!” The tragic prince retrieved the arm. “Get behind.” The lady moved on instinct. She impaled the brunette. Alicia Schneider picked the glasses. She put the blade on fire. ”Much impressive. Hugh Baldwin was famous for thoseabilities. The bats encountered the ravens. The fairy gave support. “Crimson lightning!” He demanded. The fishmen got to close. The tragic prince made the lightning strike. “They have arrived!” The redhead and blonde flew in circles. They changed pattern to might confuse the objective. The fishmen got burned. That was not the end. Some escaped the attack. “Leave us alone!” The Belmont approached. She forged the pyre sword. The tragic prince felt pity about them. “Beware!” The arrow hit the bridge. “I know.” She was the watcher. The ravens cut through. Alicia Schneider threw a wave of holy water. The birds got frozen in place. “Excellent.” Alucard acknowledged. He gave the salute. The vampire hunter picked the gems. “Look out!” The fishmen leaped from the depth. “Demon familiar.” Alucard requested. “Come to my aid.” His familiar arrived. “Summon thy power.” Alucard informed. “Then conquer my enemies.” The demon bowed before him. “Yes my master.” He dismissed. “Perfect, my little friend.” The tragic prince joined the campaign. The harpy air-bombed his position. She kept the lance. The lady was prepared to kill. He gave her the shield. The Belmont was among the fishmen. She made quick work. “Leave us in peace!” The hunter discovered about the mystery shooter. “Get away!” The fayshone bright like the lamp. “I have no price.” The harpy made a glide. The lady glared. “Return to the abyss.” His demon occupied the birds. “Nightmare claw!” Alucard despised the tactics. This was evil. He must do what he got to do. “I claim thy soul.” The spell ripped the might from her body. He released her spirit. Alucardwas not his father. The harpy got rejoined with the flesh. “Forgive us our sins.” The pained knocked her out cold. He made the sign of the cross. “We arth the men of little faith.” Alucard forgave his enemy. “You possessed the power of Dominance.” Alicia Schneider had defeated the lot of fishmen. “Soma Cruz became the Dark Lord incarnate.” She inhaled. Alucard recalled the familiar. “Bless thee.” He saluted. “For thy service.” Alucard picked the card. He faced the hunter. “Then forgive me, my lady.” Alucard bowed before her. “I lost my heart.” She got confused. “I cannot counter the chaos.” He clasped his hands behind his back. “I am my father’s son.” He didn’t have to say more. She figured the statement. The fay returned to encircle the hunter. “Excuse me.” Marcia told. The fairy became green. “Though I think there is time to leave.” The tragic prince acknowledged. “The Shadow might discover about us.” She got released. He dismissed. Alucard got in front. He would protect the group. The Centaur kept shooting. The fairysped like a wasp. Alicia Schneider threw threeenflamed axes into the air. “Beware!” The statue burst on impact. Alucard retrieved the arrow. He picked it from the air. The tragic princefought the pain. “Good.” Alucard approved. The impact broke the bridge. “Good.” The fairy restored him. “Alicia!” She called. The boyarbecame ready. “Let it be.” The tone was freezing. “The sin of Vrad.” Shesighed. “Of course.” Alucard acknowledged. He resented. This was not the time for stories. The harpies returned. They threw a boulder. That was the last impact. “We have to reach the castle.” Alucard demanded. “Come.” He told. “Then this is our responsibility.” The Belmont might change her mind. They got no choice. The fishmen leaped from the depth. “The hour of the beast.” The harpies gave no mercy. “Then let it begin.” They released the feathers. “In the name of Michael the Arch angel!” Alicia Schneider made the sign of the cross. The fairy shone like the sun. “For Warakiya!” Alucard cried in challenge. ”So let it be!” The Belmont shrieked. She presented the crucifix. “In the name of Michael the Arch Angel!” Theyspat repeated fireballs. “Crimson lightning!” He made the chain lightning to strike down. Alicia Schneider managed to blocked the attack. She approached to strike them. The hunter threw the daggers. The fishmen got impaled. “Excellent.” The tragic prince took them upon the shield. “Get behind!” He stabbed the lot. Alicia Schneider then broke her vial. “Fire in the hall!” The fairy cried. “They are coming!” She had noticed. The ravens left the sculptures. They were exquisite. “They are beautiful.” Venus and Diana were upon display. “Do you wish to look like them?” She gave no answer. The Belmont went against the fishmen. “Be careful.” Marcia told. “They are the monsters.” His smile was an empty grimace. “Ball of Destruction!” The high shot burst among the birds. “Take him!” The harpy shouted. “Kill the lot!” She released the feathers. “For vengeance!” Alucard threw himself sideways. “The Dark Lord might reward us!” The woman shouted. “That might be the end.” He blocked the trident. The brunette and redhead came to assist her. The tragic prince hid behind the shield. “Then you come to me.” That was Alucard’s charm. They got confused. “Excellent.” He impaled the blonde. The head then rolled upon the floor.

This was much better. Torah could see. She didn’t have to use the stopwatch. At least not yet. The drop of water fell down from the ceiling. Torah sighed. The drop disturbed the surface. She tried to use the pond like the mirror. The mystical chains limited the craft of sorcery. Torah discovered that she might still practise with some of the magic. She regained the trance. Mathilda disliked this craft. Yoko was strict when teaching. She didn’t want more power. Torah only wished to make them proud. She might feel the curse. The heart was beating fast. Spirit made Hope to blossom. “The magic.” Torah was getting stronger. She shook her head. Torah wouldn’t get lost. Not this time. She blamed the black witch. Torah didn’t Figure.

She sighed. That was not important. “Come to me.” She saw the others. Alicia had arrived. The tragic prince might smell her blood. “Curse it!” Torah struck the wall. This wasn’t fair. She would save herself. Torah got to make her mind. She might get buried beneath the ruins. The stones echoed with Grief and Sorrow. Torah felt it when touching the ground. “Help me.” She touched the cross. Not even the witch might take it. Torah exhaled. She would fight. Torah gathered. This would not be easy. “Alright then.” Torah would use her abilities.

Vrad castle, Warakiya. The 18th. of December 2098 A.D. The clashes of waves leaped against the bridge. Marcia got soaked by the water. She landed. Alicia threw herself down. The fish turned to cry sonic rings. Alucard changed into mist. “Friend!” Alicia called. “Can you see them!?” She searched the tiles. “Here!” Marcia told. She found the glasses. “Thanks!” Alicia replaced them before she threw the daggers forward. The ravens went to pick her. “Leave her alone!” The fairy shrieked. She could fly. “Right.” Marcia shot into the air. The dream dust lulled them to sleep. The birds fell upon the bridge. The huntershook on her mane of blonde hair. She was pretty. Marcia fought to keepairborne. The snow was falling down. Alucard presented his sword. The fish head emitted an acid burst. Alicia threw the axe in a high arch. The top skull exploded into a million pieces. “Watch out!” The fairy was the first who noticed. “They are the sisters!” The harpies dropped the boulder. “In the name of Michael the Arch Angel!” Alicia leaped. The other head cried sonic rings. “Right!” The fairy went for the ravens. Alucard had to open his cape. “Ball of Destruction!” He threw the high shot. The harpy was dead before reaching the surface. The sisters cried. Alicia defeated the fish head. The Centaur fired. That was too close. Alicia almost got killed.

The statueburst. Alicia exhaled. She made the sign of the cross. Alucard threw the Hellfire. That was not enough. The fishmen leaped from the water. Alicia threw a wave of daggers. The beast got cut to pieces. They spat poison. Alicia crushed the vial to might shield herself. “You won’t kill her!” Marcia dashed. She defended against the ravens. “Crimson lightning!” Alucard made it to strike the harpy. “Ball of Destruction!” The high shot killed their sisters. She threw the cross. Alicia created the item-crush. The boomerangs slaughtered the fishmen. Alicia leaned against the bridge. She got to knock the candles. Adrian left to aid the fairy. That was nice. Alicia picked the coins. She found some crystals. The food was the real price. She felt much better after eating the chicken. “Hellfire!” She sighed. The fight continued. Alucard fried the fish. “Theyare coming!” Marcia cried. Alicia made the sign of the cross. The blade burned. Hugh Baldwin would be proud.“Grizzly wing!” Alucard bent upon knee. The tragic prince released the bats.He countered their assault. The brunette got shot to pieces. Alicia pushed forward. She buried the blade in the heart of the redhead. The harpy shrieked. That was the end. Alicia exhaled. The heart got burned. She remained tall. Alicia got sick. The body fell of the sword. Alucard got pressed against the bridge. The fishmen approached. Alicia sighed. “Then you shallrest in peace.” She wore no dress. This was not their tavern. She would hunt the night. Alicia threw herself sideways. The sword was blazing. “Excellent.” Alucard acknowledged. She impaled the harpy. The tragic prince saluted her efforts. “Beware.” The sisters left the tower. Alicia got no more time. She must defeat the fishmen. They perished. “In the name of Michael the Arch Angel!” Alicia got a heart of ice. “Let it be.” She threw a wave of holy water. They broke. “I hail thee, Alicia of the house of Belmont.” She blushed. “Hellfire!” Alucard closed the combat. The fishmen got blasted into oblivion. That was not the end. The hunt might make the magicians to notice. “Protect us from evil.” The order would be drawn to their power. Alicia shuddered. She reached for the crucifix. “They know.” Alicia was certain. She K hunt the night. “Here I am.” She told. “Quite right.” Alucard bowed. “Thy argument is flawless.” Alicia arched an eyebrow. ”Tell me about it.” The tragic prince got a sense of humour. “Cursed be.” She let it drop. The fishmen returned. Alicia shrieked. The raven picked her wrist. The beak pierced the leather jacket. “Blast you!” The fairywent like a dagger. “Good Lord!” Alicia staggered. The fay got to impale the bird. “Rest in peace.” Marcia went pink. “Let it be.” Alicia threw the axe. “This is for my mother.” Alucard got to behead the monster. The axe struck the trio. The harpies tried to reach him . They came from behind. “Timber!” Alicia made a glide. The bridge collapsed underneath. That didn’t matter. Alicia got up to fight the sisters. “Crimson lightning!” Alucard arrived. The harpies got defeated. Alicia looked around. The fairy was still there. The ruins loomed. The snow obscured her view. “We are getting closer.” Alucard told. The fishmen leaped. Alucard got the shield. “Wait!” Alicia warned. “The fish head might kill you!” He bowed. “My lady.” Alucardthen touched her cheek. “Do not mourn for me.” She smiled. “I won’t.” Alicia felt the fingers within the gloves. “Grizzly wing!” Alucard had opened his cape. “Chrismon lightning!” She was about to follow when the Centaur fired. Alicia got beneath. The toads hid within the mire. They leaped from inside the shrubbery to flail with the tongue. “Ordog.” Alucard cursed in his ancient Walachian dialect. “Pokol.” The fairy danced about.She escaped the leach. Alicia threw the vial. She must be quick about it. The fish head awoke. They spew acid liquid. The holy water burstintoflame. That cleared the area. “Preserve us!” Alicia bit her lip. She threw the dagger. Alicia caught the storm. The flurry broke the statue. “Blessed thee.” She made the sign of the cross. Alicia kicked the fishman. “Rest in peace.” The monstercollided against his brother. Alicia impaled the lot. She picked the gems. “Nightmare claw!” Alucard ripped through the fish head. The toad leaped from behind. “Watch out!” Marcia kept tight. The amphibian struggled to break free. Alicia stamped out. The mutated fish spat a stream of poisonous water. Alicia wouldn’t become their food. “Leave her alone!” Marcia shot through the air. She crushed into the chest. “Thank you.” Aliciagot to use the laurels. That healed the status. The fishman collapsed. “That was clever.” The fairy reappeared. She was covered in blood. The gem made her to shine. “Thank you.” Alicia shook her mane. The fairy blazed. Sherelaxed. “Glory be You.” The fight was over. Alucardhad defeated the monsters. For a moment, everything was quiet. “We got to hurry.” The tragic princelooked toward the sky. “They will soon return.” Alicia inhaled. “I know.” The vampire hunter would retrieve her items. Alucardgot ahead. “Let us chase the night.” Alicia breathed. “So let it be.” The fairy fluttered above. Alicia made the sign of the cross. They got to climb the bridge. “Curse it!” The toad leaped from the shrubbery. “Look out!” The amphibianthen leached with the tongue. “Right!” Marcia turned. She released the dust. That was not enough. “Sleep tight!” The fairy went purple. The ravens nested atop the pillar. “Them get behind!” Alicia presented the crucifix. “In the name of Michael the Arch Angel!” His image lit the ruins. “Ball of Destruction!” Alucard released the high shot. He hit the birds. “Then hear the words of God!” The ravens got burned. “You shall make no image or idol.” Alicia proclaimed. “Of any creature!” She knelt down. “Only the Lord you shall worship!” The vampire hunter retrieved the gems. “And Him alone.” They would replenish her energy. “You shall.” Alucard made the sign of the cross. “Come my lady.” He helped her to stand. “Let us hunt.” The tragic prince was serious. “Right.” Alicia got ready. She would fight.

The sun was about to set. Torah was certain about it. The cell felt even colder. She shuddered. Torah fought to hide. That was difficult. She made up her mind. Torah got to find the others. There was one problem. How was she to break out? The chains restrained the use of magic. Torah thought about the problem. She tried to use her spirit to might lift the curse. “Let it be.”Shetwisted the magic ring about her finger. “Forgive me.” She kissed the cross. Torah sighed. God would make His judgement. Torah thought about the final fight against her cousin.


Village of Ondol, Warakiya. The 16th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The door was open. Torah focused her magic. She returned to the dark academy. “Alright.” The sun sent searching fingers inside the building. “Let it be.” The sorceress should be safe. The undead would be asleep beneath the classroom. She licked her lips. “Do not forsake me.” She came to kill her cousin. This got to be her coffin. “At last you have come.” Torah gasped. Gwendolyn Lecarde smiled so the fangs became exposed. “God!” Torah held the ring smash. She wouldn’t retreat. “You have come to slay me.” Her eyes burned red. “I feel your power.” Gwendolyn carried a ring upon her finger. “Join with the Shadow.” Torah hid her mouth. That belonged to Christine. the last Belnades who fought alongside Simon Belmont in 1688. Gwendolyn presented her wand. She gatheredmore power. Torah feltthe black witchcraft. She would accept the challenge. Her cousin lifted into the air. The cloakwas like a shroud. The shade blocked out the sunlight. Torah reached for the cross. “Be with me now.” Gwendolyn Fernandez was turned into a vampire by the countess Elizabeth Bathory in 1917. “Homing ball!” Torah cast the spell. “Cursed be!” Her cousin moved like a liquid shadow. The sorceress stood tall. “Then forgive her sins.” Torah would put her to rest.

End of flashback.

The drop of water fell down. That soaked her forehead. Torah then returned to the presence. The blue ring had belonged to Shanoa of the order of Ecclesia. That protected from the heat. She tried to remember what Yoko told about the talisman. “Help me.” Torah kept twisting. The black witch never searched her for relics. The followers were so careless. She sighed. Torah felt the power. That was like the sun through a window. The tear ran down her cheek. The sorceress wished to be free. Torah cleaned her face. She touched the cross. Torah inhaled. The torch still burned. She got up. Torah prayed the chains wouldn’t be too short. “Let it be.” Torah gathered her momentum. The ring would shield her from the heat. This had to work. She approached the torch. Torahleaped into the air. The flame then enveloped her fingers. “Good God!” The sorceress screamed. “Save me!” Then the frost erupted. “Glory be you.” The golden chains got shattered into pieces. Torah was left cradled upon the floor.“Alright.” The torch went out. “Homing ball!” Torah managed to open her grasp. She gasped with relief.Her spell lit up. The magic shone in the dark. “Thank You.”

Torah sighed. She was in prison. Torah got to use her magic again. She picked the ring smash.

Vrad Castle, Warakiya. The 18th. of December 2098 A.D. The fish head kept blasting the sonic rings. Marcia got above. The glow became bright red. Alicia barely escaped in time. The fairy fought not to snarl. Alucard had morphed into a bat. The tragic prince appeared behind the fish monster. Marcia put the raven to sleep. “Hellfire!” Alucard spread his cape.The boyar release the fireballs. The fish head got shot into oblivion. The fairy might relax. “Let it be.” Alicia made it to rain with holy water. That was so weird. The flames raged although it kept snowing. Marcia shook it off. The hunter clipped the harpy. The brunette burned to ashes before she might reach the surface. The fairy knew that sound. “Timber!” She tried to warn the others. Alucard changed into mist. Alicia kept on running. The bridge collapsed. Marcia shot through the snow. She got to keep up. They might drown. Alicia got across. She almost fell to her knees while gasping for air. Marcia flew in circles.She got to keep the birds at bay. “The Lord is with you.” Alucard retained his human form. “Come.” He helped her to get up. Marcia came to settle on her shoulder. “See for thyself.” Alucard threw back the cape. “We have reached the island.” The castle loomed high above. “The shadow’s stronghold.”The castle lay in ruins.“Something is wrong.” Marcia breathed.

The castle was no longer a distant threat. Alicia got the glasses. “Save us from the evil One.” The entire front of the abode got crushed open. The group got a glimpse into the main hall. “Then let Your will be done.” Alicia reached for the crucifix. The top floor was still inhabited. “What happened with the castle?” Marcia asked. The fairy sat on her shoulder. “Listen.” Alucard beheld the ruins with distain. “Hark mine voice, my lady.” He told. “For I warn you.” His voice became a whisper. “Heed me well.” The boyar folded his arms above his chest. “This is nota bedtime story.” Alicia made the sign of the cross. She had figured that much. “For 500 years ago, a clan by the name of Vrad came to this land.” He finally met her gaze. “They were persecuted from their country, accused of witchcraft.” Alicia tossed her mane. The snow soaked her hair. Marcia gripped the collard. “Their estate was a haven for pirates.” Alucard made a grimace. “The last lord of the castle kidnapped and kept a maiden in prison.” The hunter smirked. That was classic. Adrian was a boyar. “He forced her to bless the fleet.” She frowned. Christopher Belmont told about his father. “The Belmont clan was absent.” Alucard continued the story. He became silent. “The Dinasti family gathered their support.” The gaze never left the castle. “They lay siege to the ships in harbour.” He touched the sword. “a great fire blossomed within the castle.” Alucard made the sign of the cross. She shuddered. “They left it to burn.” Alucard dismissed. “Dinesti believes the lord to commit suicide.” Alicia had read about the event. “That rests with the Lord.” Though she never quite figured. “That is the truth.”Alucard had to acknowledge. She sighed. “The bridges have collapsed.” The fairy scouted the ruins. “Are you sure?” Alicia cleaned her glasses. “She tells the truth.” Alucard declared. “The ocean has created a ditch.” Alicia struggled to see beyond the snow. She thought she saw the flakes above the water. “I guess the fishmen will be hunting us.” Marcia muttered. “Have no fear.” The boyar bowed before them. “The Centaurs are about.” The hunter brushed the snow from her glasses. Alucard made no sign. He leaped on the pillar. The Centaur fired. “God’s death.” Alucard seldom used such language. “Grizzly wing!” Alicia admired. The bats carved some space. “Nearer to Thee.” He made the sign of the cross. “Mine God, Forgive me of mine sins.I do not know what I do.” Alicia reached the platform. She got a storm inside. “Let it be!” The hunter cried.She hurled the wave of daggers forward. The sculpture exploded. “I salute thee, mine lady.” Alucard hailed her efforts. “The harpies!” The fairy cried. “Crimson lightning!” Alucard made it to strike down. “Ball of Destruction!” Alicia threw that aside. “Hellfire!” Alucard blocked the attack. The birds air-bombed his post. The hunter took the gems. She knocked the candles. “In the name of Michael the Arch angel!” She made it to rain with holy water. Alucard hid beneath the cape. The fairy danced in the air. The ravens got burned to ashes. Alicia exhaled. She picked the gems. “This is not the end.” Alucard remarked. “I know.” She sighed. The birdsflew about. “You must use the pillars.” The fairywas on the edge. “Let me guide you.” The light shone a bright blue. “Then lead us.” The tragic prince encouraged. ”This is why the fishmen let us escape.” Alicia had to inhale. She touched the crucifix. “I won’t let them hurt you!” The fairy shot at the ravens. “Let it be.” Alicia leaped. The snow obscured the horizon. The night had fallen. The moon got shrouded. “You Stay with me now Al!” She got to use his nickname. “We have to continue the chase.” The group who fought count Dracula in 1976 had made it up. “Indeed.” Alucard dismissed. He morphed into a bat. Alicia tightened her grip. They would hunt the night. Alicia jumped. The fairy went in front. Alicia landed atop the pillar. She got to challenge the fishmen. ”Crimson lightning!” Alucard had retained his human form. “Watch out!” Marcia cried. “Ambush!” The fish head fired. Alicia got beneath. She threw the cross like a boomerang. “Ball of Destruction!” Alucard got approached by the harpies. They got surrounded. “Right.” Alicia decided she would die fighting. “Hellfire!” Alucard came to support her. “Let it be!” She cried.”For Warakiya!” Alucard insisted. The toads stirred in the high grass. “Leave it.” Alicia shuddered. The fairy shot forward. Alicia knew what they could do. “Away with you!” She presented the crucifix. “Only the Lord you shall worship.” Alicia blazed with conviction. “He is the way, the truth and the life. “ She proclaimed. “For great is the mystery of faith.” She doused them with holy water. Marcia almost became eaten by the monsters. “Oh yes.” Alicia got embraced by the ravenlock sister. “Why don’t you join us?” She cooed in her ear. “I can smell.” The gold and black hair got mixed together as she kissed her neck. “Never.” Alicia inhaled. She closed her eyes. This really felt so very good. “You are just a horny girl.” The ravenlock reached for her privates. “Thou art my father’s minion.” Alucard had arrived. “Be gone with thee Satan.” The tragic prince presented his crucifix. “Let His will be done.” Their blades moved in unison. “Rest in peace.” Alicia stated. The head rolled into the lake. “May the Lord make mercy upon thy soul.” Her body got burned to ashes. “You shall pay!” Her sisters were still alive. The blonde, brunette and redhead came to take them. “Kill them!” The trio air bombed their group. “This is for my sister!” The redhead released the feathers. They pierced her like the daggers. Alicia was forced to take cover behind the Venus statue. “Rapsody of the forgotten souls.” Alucard met the duo. The trident struck against his shield. “Leave us.” Alucard demanded. “The price is beyond thy grasp.” The harpy sisters shrieked. ”You are not invincible.” The blonde snarled. “Count Dracula put a price upon your head.” The brunette smiled. “All who oppose the prince of Darkness must die.” Alicia felt so tired. She was a fanatic. “For the house of Belmont!” Alicia made it to rain with holy water.

The bats squeaked in unison. Torah cast the spell. “Homing ball!” Shecharged with the frost. The chilling mist froze them in place. Torah sighed. The sorceress lost none of her potential. She lit another ball. The jewels replenished her energy. “Then let them come for me now.” Torah knew it made her into a target for the black riders. That was the only source of light. She didn’t dare to knock the candles. Torah felt so alone. She held the ring smash. “Save me.” The cellar was a labyrinth. Although she found the map, Torah still got lost. “There is no try.” She studied the scrawl before moving. The orb revealed the vegetation. “Then so let it be.” That grew upon the walls and ceiling. Torah licked her lips. She found the dead corpses about. She made them to burn. That was a matter of security. Something cracked beneath her foot. Torah looked down. She steppedupon the skeleton. “Preserve me from evil.” She breathed. The bone-man reached to kill her. “Good God!” The sorceress struck with both of her rings. Hisskullburstinto pieces. Torah controlled her breathing.“Thank You.” She took the gem. These caves were too quiet. She looked about. The blue ring got reflected by the orb light. Torah cut the net. The spiders crawled about. “Homing ball!” She made them to burn.

Vrad castle, Warakiya. The 18th. of December 2098 A.D. The wind was picking up. Marcia noticed.The blizzard grew even heavier. “This is the way.” The monsters trapped them atop the platform. “Let it be!” Alicia called. She held the crucifix. The fish head cried sonic rings. Marcia hid her mouth. The hunter threw the sacredcrosses. The shining beam then struck from above. The monsters got slashed or burnedby the process. Alicia went down upon her knees. “Alicia!” The fairy flickered. She shot for the birds. “Nightmare claw!” Alucard was furious. He ripped the harpy. The shade consumed her figure. The harpy got knocked out cold. Marcia didn’t care. “Mistress!” She put the ravens to sleep. Marcia went forher friends. The tragic prince helped her to get up. Marcia flew in circles. “My lady.” Alucard kissed her hand. “I beg thee to take the crystals.” He got to help her. Alicia touched the gem. She regained her strength. ThenAliciamight help herself. Hebowed. Then Alucard withdrew. “Hellfire!” Marcia cheeredwhile he destroyed another of the statues. The hunter retrieved her sword. Alucard changed into mist. Marcia led on.They left the area. Although the light was bad, she might guide. “Come!” Marcia was sure they would get above. The fishmen leaped from the water. Alicia got behind the stream. The fairyreturned to help.

The monsters kept shooting. Alicia brandished with the angel sword. The fishmen fell away. She threw the gold knife. The harpy got impaled. “Grizzly wing!” Alucard spread his cape.Hestruck with the shield. The fishman collapsed. The toads hid among the high grass. Alucard almost got impaled by the redhead. The harpy twirled with the lance. “So let it be.” She stamped them. “In the name of Michael the Arch angel!” They might poison the hunters. Alicia picked the crystals. She then leaped for the next platform. The harpies tried to stop her. The fairy crashed through the brunette’s throat. Marcia got soaked in blood. She hurled a vial. The sister was set ablaze. “Crimson lightning!” Alucard made it to strike. The fairygot a gem. She shone like the stars. Alicia wished she got the stopwatch in hand. “They are here!” Marcia pointed. The ravens went like a shroud. “Leave us!” They hid among the snowflakes. She got Simon’s heart of fire. “In the name of Michael the Arch angel!” Alicia made it to rain. The ravensgot burned to ashes. Alicia sighed. She picked the crystals. “Ball of Destruction!” Alucard returned. He got to kill the blonde harpy. Alicia relaxed. “This way!” The fairy cried. She went across the surface. Alicia noticed. She reached the distance. “That is not safe.” Alucard became the blue wolf. He landed upon the floor. Alicia sighed. She left him to sniff.She dustedoff the snow. Alicia was getting used to the storm.She made the sign of the cross. The ceiling gave some shelter. She exhaled. They reached the castle. “Right.” Alicia relaxed. She stepped on solid ground. “The building got ravaged by the fire.” Alucard looked about. The tragic prince had retained his human form. “Ball of Destruction!” He fired the high shot. The bats squeaked before they scattered. Alicia picked the gems. The fairy fluttered in front. She lit the hall. Alicia brandished with the sword. She might see beyond. “Let us continue.” The monsters hid among the debris. “Hellfire!” The fireballs went ahead. “So let it be!” Alicia reached for the crucifix. “In the name of Michael the Arch angel!” That was the way. The bone-men got shot to pieces. Alicia exhaled. The entire wall had caved in. Marcia shone. “May the Lord make mercy upon thy souls.” The boyarthen hailed the forgotten victims. Alicia cleaned her glasses. He looked so handsome. “I am not her.” Alicia shook her head. She had retrieved the spectacles. Alicia wouldn’t suffer Maria’s fate. “Where shall we go?” The fairy asked. Alicia had to returned to reality. The fairy glowed with purple. “Alucard?” The tragic princeseemed lost. “You have to tell us.” Alucard got to listen. “I feel the power.” He finally told. “Though I cannot locate the source.” Alicia licked her lips. “Then let us go.” She disliked the situation. “Let us find out.” Marcia suggested. She sighed. That was an idea. Alicia would climb the spiral staircase. “Indeed.” Alucard offered a bow. The fay went pink. Shegot ahead. The blizzard kept howling. That made no difference. Marcia soon caught up. “Beware.” Alucard Held up the shield. The bats squeaked with blood thirst. “Away from me.” She doused them with holy water. “Satan!” Alucard presented his tiny gold crucifix. “Peace.” Alicia told. “Do not speak his name.” The rubble got stirred. The dead reached to take her. She made a glide. Alicia broke through the group. The swarm of bats went at her face. “Alicia!” Marcia doused them with the star dust. The bats collapsed on the floor. “Let it be.” Neither paid much attention. “Be mindful.” Alucard reappeared among the broken columns. “Adrian.” Alicia began.Though she noticed. The spiders dropped from the web. “Mother.” Hecut the net. The bone-men pulled her behind. She forgot about their numbers. “Bless me!” Alicia screamed. The flurry of axes struck them apart. She managed to breathe. “Let it be.” The tragic princegot finished with the spiders. The fairy danced about. Alicia took the gems. “Demon familiar!” The boyar called. “Sword familiar!” He held the cards. “Come to my aid!” The bats camein an ambush. “Conquer my enemies!” That wasn’t the threat. “God with us!” Alicia pulled away to throw the dagger forward. The mudmen staggered. “Leave us alone!” The figures got composed by the mire. Alicia almost vomited on sight. They were disgustive. “Sorry, Marcia.” She pulled together. The fairy tried to illuminate the castle.“Let it begin.” The sword and demon went into battle. Alicia leaned against the pillar. “Beware of the Dark.” The skeleton reached to kill her. “Rest in peace!” The hunter crushed the dead man to pieces. “Then so let it be!” This really was the perfect storm. Alicia threw a wave of daggers forward. The eight knives sent the bats squeaking into oblivion. Alicia got to draw sweat of her brow. The familiars fought the mudmen. They kept the monsters from encircling their master. “Together we stand!” Alicia hailed her brother in arm. The bitter frost granted more strength. The gems replenished her energy. “In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost!” She made the sign of the cross. Alicia dashed among the dead. The holy water froze the pit. Alicia had forged the blue sword. She struck the mudmen. They broke to pieces. “It is over!” The fairy cheered. “Leave us.” Alucard replaced their cards. Then he bowed. Alicia sighed. She shook her head. Alicia didn’t really care about his gender. She put that aside. “Look out!” Marcia told. The undermoles hid among the rubble. “When the dead awakes.” He breathed. “Soo let it be!” Alicia threw the vials. She burned the dead. “Come over here!” Marcia called. They got to leave the hall. That was no problem. “Crimson lightning!” Alucard summoned. The garbage stirred. They didn’t stop. They threw bones. Alucard got the shield. “Bless me.” She made it to rain. Alicia took the gems. They got to reach the staircase. This was a mace. They caught up. “Hellfire!” Alucard conjured. They kept their distance. “”Mother of God!” Alicia threw a circle of axes. She slew the bats. Alicia screamed. She got hit. “Leave her!” The fay flew in circles. “Grizzly wing!” Alucard released the bats. “Be safe.” He approached.

The mudmen got shot to pieces. Torah might exhale. “Homing ball!” She charged with gold. Herforceflowed through the magic. Yoko told her power would grow. “Grandmother.” Torah wished she could tell she was sorry. She began to climb the staircase. They squeaked. The bats were awake. Torah made a crisscross attack. “Homing ball!” She charged the ball. They homed onto the enemies. The orbs exploded upon impact. “Good.” Torah got together. She got to leave the cellar. “Homing ball!” Torah lit her path. The stairs went even higher. Torah thought of the abyss. She threwthat away. Torah twisted with the blue ring. “Alright.” That had become a bad habit. The air was getting colder. Torah put on the cap and poncho. Shereached the ground floor. Torah presented the ring smash. The wind pulled with the scarf. Torah was not alone. She touched the cross. “Alicia!” Torah cried. “Alucard!” She got to run. They stood on the staircase. Her friends got surrounded. The fairy sat on a tile while weeping. Torah charged her magic. They were her friends. “Homing ball!” The steam left her fingers. Alicia might know about her sister. She got to tell them. Torah found the source of the curse. “There she is!” They came down the stairwell.”I missed you.” Torah revealed. “So much.”

Vrad castle, Warakiya. The 18th. of December 2098 A.D. They had to caught up. Marcia turned a bright green. “Look out!” She cried. “They are here!” The dryads came down to fire with their bow-and-arrows. “Grizzly wing!” Alucard snarled. The fairy flew in front. “They throw seeds upon the floor!” She called. “Save us from evil!” Their plants were unnatural. “Thorn-weed.” Alucard made the connection. The eyes burned. “In the name of Michael the Arch angel!” Alicia threw the holy water. She froze the enemies. The bats broke to pieces. “Homing ball!” Torah cast her spell. Her steam boiled the sisters. Marcia felt sorry about her. There was nothing they could do about it. “Crimson lightning!” He made the boltsto strike from between his fingertips.Theskeletons got ripped to pieces. “In the name of Michael the Arch angel!” Alicia threw the circle of axes. She staggered. Marcia knew she got hit. The laurels got to heal her. The fairygrew so tired. “Homing ball!” The young sorceresspicked the flowers. “No!” She went for the sisters. “Leave us alone!” They had no armour. “Homing ball!” Torah cast the spell. The fairythrew her star dust.

Sheput them to rest. The rats went through the cracks and potholes. They gathered to eat her. Marcia was about to sob. This wouldn’t be the end. Alicia made the beam to strike.

The sisters fled up the stairway. Alucard acknowledged. “So it has become.” He let it pass. Alucard helped the young vampire hunter to retain her position. “The Lord shall be with you.” He let her to collect the crystals. The tragic prince felt ashamed for being angry with her. Sonia Belmont told the truth about him. The boyar should never have initiated the blood pact. “I have been granted strength to fight your father.” She told him herself.That was in 1476. “Wedecide our fate.” Those words were burned into his memory. Alucard made his choice. The tragic prince believed in her strength.”Glory be Thee.” That she passed on to her family. The moment spent with her were the best of his long life. Sonia had given him a new dream. Alucard was never alone. Not anymore. He should have let her to release him from the curse. “Is everything all right?” The young sorceress looked up into his face. “Nothing.” Poor child. She went through so much. “I swear.” She felt pity about him. He was the son of the enemy. “I thought of an old friend.” Torah Fernandez hid her mouth. “You thought of Maria Renard.” Her cheeks turned red. “Heed me well.” The sorceress made it no question. “Young lady.” Alucard got to explain. “I did not love her.” Alicia Schneider collected the gems. “Tell us.” She and the fairy came to listen. “Though I honour her memory.” That was a true miracle. Maria loved him with a passion he did not expect. “She came to me after the battle of 1797.” The vampire hunter was a Belmont in everything then blood. “We spent a night together.” That he could give. Maria gave birth to a child. “She named him Lysander.” The girl exhaled. “Our child was the founder of The Lecarde bloodline.” She looked so tired. “I know.” Alucard bowed before her. He knew she got some connection to their family. “Do not worry.” He touched her shoulder. “Alicia.” The fay was talking with the hunter. “Let me guide her.” She went dim. “I might be of some help.” The fairy settle on the sorceress. “Then so let it be.” Torah Fernandez had a deep breath. “Thank you, everybody.” She picked on the ring smash. “I have something to tell you.” Alucard became afraid. She located the source of the curse. The candidates could not be allowed to harness such power. “The Dark Lord might still live.” The tragic prince beheld his comrades. “We have to prevent theirresurrection ceremony.” Alicia Schneider was the descendant of Rachel, the cousin of Richter. “I will support you.” She was indeed worthy of her title. “We stand together.” Then there was Torah Fernandez. Strange how the noisy, talkative and flirty Yoko could be the grandmother of this child. Alucard let that pass. He got neither the time nor the luxury to speculate about such matters. Not when the hunt continued. “They are coming!” The fairy warned. “So it might be.” Alucard acknowledged. He might hear.The flapping of leathery wings. “Then let us fight.” The smile never reached her eyes. Alicia Schneider unsheathed her sword. “Homing ball!” The sorceress was the first to react. The impact caused shock waves throughout the ruins. Alucard arched an eyebrow. That was unusual. The rocks tumbled to the floor. “Curse thee.” The stone men pulled together. “They are the enemies of Simon Belmont.” He explained. Torah Fernandez dashed forward to engage the monsters. The stone cracked on her assault. The figures broke apart. Alucard retained his human form. “Impressive.” He turnedinto mist.“Much impressive.” He would aid her in time. The stone men had turned into smaller copies. “In the name of Michael the Arch angel!” Alicia Schneider arrived. She tore with her sword. The hunter doused with holy water. The fay blazed green. Alucard took the first on his shield. “Ball of Destruction!” They must not forget about the bats. “Sword familiar!” He took a card. “Come to my aid!” The sword arrived. “Then conquer my enemies!” He would protect them. “Yes, my master.” The familiar spun around. The stone man knocked the air from his lungs. “Hellfire!” Alucard hissed. The fireballs got pressed into the monster. The stone exploded. The woman used the laurels to heal. The sone men got defeated. The familiar fought the bats. “We should climb the staircase.” Marcia settled upon the child’s shoulder. “Be my guest.” Alucard must admit. The stairway was blocked by cobweb. “The shadow is atop the tower.” The young sorceress completed the ritual. “Then let us go.” Alicia Schneider shared the gems.

Alucard replenished his energy. Then he began to climb. The familiar reappeared beside him. “Homing ball!” They were ready. The sorceress lit a spell. That might be off some help. Alucard could see in the dark. “Get down!”” The fairy cried. They prepared an ambush. “Homing ball!” The sorceress threw her magic. Alucard hid behind the shield. “Conquer!” The boyar commanded. “Fire at will!” The dryad sisters spread out from behind their cover. “In the name of Michael the Arch angel!” Alicia Schneider threw the axe in a high arch. “Ordog!” The thorn-weeds blossomed. “Pokol!” That was a problem. “Crimson lightning!” Alucard spread his cape. The plants might kill them. “Master!” The familiar called. “Never.” The dryads tried to steal it. Alucard dismissed. That was not allowed. “Wenches of Dracula .” The tragic prince announced. “Do not underestimate my power.” They could not comprehend. Alucard was the estranged and forgotten son of the fallen Dark Lord. “Then leave this place.” The voice belonged to a displeased aristocrat. The wenches got no choice. “Dominance.” Thora Fernandez had recognized his form of ability. “You really have become so powerful.” She breathed. “Indeed.” He acknowledged. “Though arth the descendant of Yoko Belnades.” She knew about his secret. “This is not the time.” The Belmont heir would hunt the night. “With pleasure.” Alucard bowed. “For your honour.” This was one of the privileges of a lady. He would not shame his mother’s memory. Adrian was a knight and a boyar. “That is alright.” They exchanged glances. “Then show us the way.” Alicia Schneider encouraged. “To hunt.”

They were not her sisters. Torah made a dual slash before a crisscrossing attack. “Witchcraft.” The thorn-weed got cut to pieces. The sorceress dodged the arrows. “You leave him alone!” They tried to steal the sword familiar. “Homing ball!” Torah charged with flame. “Thieves!” The steam blast collided with the group. “Grizzly wing!” The tragic princeopenedhis cloak. “I salute thee, Torah Fernandez.” He saluted. She bowed at the middle. Alicia threw the cross. She made it to split in three. Torah hid her mouth. The hunter cup up the thorn-weeds. “Prepare!” She even burned the seeds. “For a bitter harvest.” Laura used the laurels to heal. The pope was right. They really came in handy. “Homing ball!” The sorceress cast the spell. She shot the head of the serpent. The monster raised to bite Alicia. She faced the sisters. Torah threw a ring forward. That went with a whistle. “Excuse me.” The body hit the floor. That woke the worms. “Crimson lightning!” Alucard shielded against the bats. “Look out!” The swarm splits into single monsters. “Homing ball!” Torah charged with gold. “Perfect.” The flare broke the stone men into smaller copies. Alicia doused them with holy water. ”Right.” She retrieved the smash. Torah got into closer combat. The tribe held the staircase.

Vrad castle, Warakiya. The 18th. Of December 2098 A.D.

They fought to climb the staircase. Marcia went in front. She got to find the bats.“Together.” The hunters had a brief conversation before they spread out.The fairy felt unsure about that. Alicia spoke of Nathan Graves. He was her relative. They killed the dryads. Marcia was dim. The danger was far from over. The worm raised up to eat her. “Rest.” The fairy put it to sleep. Marciashonetheblue light. The stairway seemed to continue on forever. Torah got ahead. She used the ring smash to cut the net. The cobweb hung down like great ghastly curtains. “Beware of the bats!” Marcia cried. “Homing ball!” The sorceress cast the spell. “Save us!” Alicia was prepared. The stone men hit the ground. The hunter hurled a wave of holy water. “Ball of Destruction!” Alucard fired the high shot. He burned the web. Marcia had to get free. She got caught in the net. The spiders climbed for her location. Marcia turned red. “Monsters!” She threw the star dust. The Arachni fell asleep. “Thanks.” Torah cut her free. The Undermole leaped through the pothole. Torah spun to cut up the beast. “Genesis of evil.” The thorn-weeds shot spiky seeds. “My lady.” Alucard used his body as a shield. Sheblazed. Alicia got to heal him. “Homing ball!” The fairy screamed. The rats had arrived.

The fairy shrieked. Alicia cut the flowers. She made a glide.Alicia reach beneath the worms. Torah got transfixed. The hunter doused her with holy water. The rats burned. “Thank God.” She took the crystals. “Guide me!” Alicia forged the flame sword. She made a complete turn. The undermoles got defeated. “Homing ball!” Torah made the orb to circle about. “Hunter!” The bones exploded on impact. Alicia blinked. The skeletons came from around the corner. How tall was the tower? She shook with her golden hair. “Grizzly wing!” Alucard reappeared. He crushed the monsters. The tragic prince came to shield against the bats. Alicia staggered. The skeleton hit her. Torah got among the undead. She struck them to pieces. “Let her go!” Torah threw the ring smash. “Monster!” She beheaded the harpy. Alucard morphed into a bat. He went to retrieve the weapon. “Let it be.” Alicia picked together. She revealed the crucifix. The skeleton collapsed. “Glory be You.” Alicia relaxed. She picked the jewel. “Homing ball!” She released the freezing mist. The rats were dead. She killed them. “How does it feel?” Alucard got body slammed by the brunette harpy. “My young master?” Hestruck the wall. The boyar groaned on impact. The redhead approached. She carried the lance in both hands. The sorceressgot busy. The fairy put the undermoles to sleep. “Preserve us from evil.” Alucard had dropped both the sword and shield. She licked her lips. “Then so let it be done!” She prayed this wouldn’t touch the others. Alicia got a storm inside. “Forgive me.” She let go. Aliciathrewa flurry of crosses. The harpies got taken aback. They screamed in unison. “Hellfire!” Alucard released them fromthe suffering.“The Lord is with us.” Theyhad united. The harpies got defeated. Alucardburned the net. That didn’t change much. “They are here!” The fairycried. “Skull and crossbones.” Alucard regained his weapons. “They are coming!” Torah shuddered. “We have to leave.” She broke from the trance. Alicia touched the crucifix. “Then permit me to carry thy burden.” The tragic prince crossed the arms above his chest. “Why hadn’t you offered before?” Alicia asked. “We could have escaped from the marsh pit.” She wasn’t amused. “Do thy regret anything?” Alucard met her gaze. “I do not.” She blushed. Alicia inhaled. “Indeed.” He looked upon the enemies. “I do not possess unlimited power.” The sorceress charged the spell. “I cannot fly thee to the top.” Marcia flew before his face. “Then take us as far as you can.” Alicia requested. The tragic prince arched an eyebrow. Alucard bowed.“As thy wish, my lady.” Torah put an end to the argument. “Hit the deck!” She cried before releasing the spell. Alicia threw herself down. The skeleton got the bombs. Alucard morphed into a bat. He picked Torah off the stairway. The bomb went home. “Forward!” She escaped the impact. Alicia got up to throw daggers. The storm raged inside. The bone-man got knocked to pieces. The other skeleton threw the bones. “Mother of God!” Alicia hurled the vials forward. She got to burn the bats. Alicia was alone. She was not afraid. Both Leon and Sonia Belmont were alone to hunt the night. Alicia would make them proud. The skeleton leaped. She got surrounded. “Help me!” Aliciamade the crosses to spin about. The beam saved her. Alicia wasted no time. She took the gems. Alicia climbed the stairway. The bats shrieked with blood thirst. Alicia brandished with the sword. She impaled the harpy. The sisters went from set positions. They tried to pine her. “Let it be.” Alicia cracked a vial. The holy water lit up. The harpies got burned to ashes. The gemstones restored her power. Alicia might exhale. She kept climbing. They got to be around. Alicia looked for her friends. She stopped to clean the glasses. The pieces of rocks fell like raindrops. Alicia got to escape. The stairway got blown sky high. Torah came tumbling down. “I have you!” Alicia kept her. “I won’t let you fall.” She promised. “You are safe with me.” Torah looked into her glasses. “Together we stand.” Alicia told. “To hunt the night.” She put her down. “Come with me!” Marcia went like a shot. “The tragic prince is still up there!” Torah picked up the ring smash. “I warn you.” She told. “The golem is awake.” Alicia made the sign of the cross. “Let it be.” She thought about Koranoth of the Ravenberg. Alicia shook her head. She let it drop. “Right.” Alicia followed them up the stairs. They soon reached the battle. The floor was shaking. “Hellfire!” Alucard cast the spell. He burned the bats. “Grizzly wing!” The harpies escaped. “Climb on my back.” Alicia told while bending down. torah got on top.

She held on with her arms and legs. “So let it be.” Alicia inhaled. She gathered her force. Then she ran to reach the distance. “Preserve us!” The Lord carried through. “Homing ball!” Torah sprang down to cast the spell. The harpies got confused. Theyfoughtthe good battle.Sheunsheathedthe sword. “In the name of Michael the Arch angel!” Alicia called. “Oh no!” The golem roared. The redhead came to pine her. Alicia threw the axe. The item split in three. The harpy got cut to pieces. “Grizzly wing!” Alucard appeared in front. He released the bats. That block the fireballs. The monster hit the floor. Alicia shuddered. “Preserve us from evil!” The impact shook the castle. “The might of the order.” Alucard was grim. “Then let us fight.” That was easy to say. “Homing ball!” Torah charged with gold. The brunette kept dodging. The girl got stabbed by feathers. The harpy reached down her ancle. “You evil backstabber!” Marcia cried. “She got a knife!” Alicia shuddered. The sisters got equipped. Torah got away. “Save me!” Torah presented the cross. “Not Him!” The harpy hid her face. “Rest in peace.” Alicia got impressed. “In the name of Michael the Arch angel!” The five crosses spun about. They became a shield. “Let it be!” The beam struck down. She hit the golem. “Glory be You.” Alicia made the sign of the cross. “Our Father in Heaven.” The spell was still unbroken. “Hellfire!” Alucard saved her life. “He might conjure the bats.” The tragic prince announced.

The bats whirled about. Alucard made them to spread out. The eye was the only weak spot. The golem struck down to might crush the floor. He was humongous. “Crimson lightning!” Alucard cast the spell. Thathit the eye. “The order of Shadow are in control of this power.” The golem made an uppercut which made the stones to fall down. “Preserve us from evil!” Alicia Schneider threw the axe. “Then so let it be!” She defeated the harpies. “Homing ball!” The sorceress got rid of the bats. She cast a homing spell. “Get him!” The fairy encouraged. “Let him taste it!” The golem tried to block the magic. “Hellfire!” Alucard opened his cape.That might keep him occupied. “Ball of Destruction!” Marcia danced like a shining maniac. “This is perfect!” The golem got shot through the eye. “Continue!” Thatwas not his magic. Torah Fernandez had grown strong. The golem released the three-way fireballs. “Hail thee.” The boyar morphed into mist. He got to shield himself. Alucard returned.He flout in the air. Alucard struck with the blade. “Hellfire!” He got to crush the crystal. The golem roared. Stones went falling down. Alucard became a bat. The Belmont threw the crosses. He roared. Alicia hit the eye. “Homing ball!” The child was left alone.Alucard would support her.

Vrad castle, Warakiya. The 18th. of December 2098 A.D. The castle was shaking. Anita Forner retained her status. The explosion threw her off balance. The hunters were to blame. “Display.” She demanded. The image appeared above the orb. “Accursed.” The black witch snarled. The sorceress had escaped.They combined their efforts. That was not important. The tragic prince had survived. “Destiny.” She thought to conquer. Anita Fortner got to consider.“Dracul.” She underestimated their power. That was a mistake. The black witch promised to never do that again. “Witchcraft.” She would kill the women. Alucard wouldhave to kneel before the Dark Lord. “Calysto.Delphilla.” This she must do. “Come.” She beckoned through telepathy. “Defend thekeep.” The black witch also got power. The flare told of their presence. “Excellent.” The black witch smiled. “Whatever the cost.” She twisted the wand between her fingers. “I want the tower contained.” Her eyes burned. “Then kill the women.” The knights became eager. Anita Fortner might feel their emotions. The smile grew to expose her fangs. “Leave the tragic prince to me.” This would be exciting. The black witch would deal with him in person. “Yes, my lady.” They hailed before leaving. Anita Fortner returned to the crystal.

She would observe the battle. “I am only your servant.” This would be her triumph.

The ground shook. Alicia retrieved her weapon. The golem struck the floor. “Then let it be.” She charged with the blood force. Alicia leaped into the air. She reached behind the fireballs. The gems flashed. Alicia struck with the sword. The flames hit like a whip. He roared. “Lord!” The skull got shot to pieces. Alicia landed in a crouched position. The golem struck. Alicia tumbled. She got away. “Homing ball!” Torah landed beside. She blocked the fireballs. “Crimson lightning!” Alucard retained his human form. He made it to strike. That went home. The blood electricity surged through the openings. “In the name of Michael the Archangel!” The giant rock fighter shook while the force burned out. The Alucard got hit by the fireballs. Alicia ran to where he fell. The tragic prince got scorched. Alicia bit her lip. Alucard got hurt. She made an item crush. The laurels healed the poor nobleman. “Homing ball!” She covered. Alucard emerged. The little sorceress got left alone. She homed onto the crystal. “I got you.” The purple orb of plasma went home. “Game over.”Torah must have charged the magic spell. The golem was breaking up. Alicia made the sign of the cross. There were plenty of jewels. Alicia got to collect her lot. She was ready to fight. “Grizzly wing!” Alucard opened his cape. His magic spell collided against the monsters. That was the payoff. “Ball of destruction!” Alucard released the high shot to finish the bats. “Excellent.”The golem got shot to pieces. The rocks got spread about the area. Alicia had a look about. They were alone again. “Relax.” Alucard was restored. The sorceress used her own laurels. Marcia returned to her shoulder. She sighed. They had shared the pile of crystals. She felt much better. The floor was a mess. “The stairs continue.” Alucard announced. “The hunt is not complete.” Alicia acknowledged. This was not the top of the tower. “The Shadow rising.” The fairy was dim. Torah kept silent. They exchanged glances. Alicia touched the crucifix. “Let us hunt.” Alucard went in front. They climbed the staircase. Alicia checked her arsenal. She would keep the oath. “Trust me.” Leon would be proud. “Watch out!” The bats kept hunting. Marcia went into the air. “Rest!” Her dust shone like the silver. “This is for Cristopher!” Alicia threw a wave of holy water. She felt so cold. The hunter got the heart of ice. The bats burst into tiny bits. “Hellfire!” Alucard morphed into mist. He got past the spear guard. The iron man turned to poke him. The tragic prince blocked with the shield. “Homing ball!” Torah released the golden flare. The vampire hunter revealedher crucifix. “They are poisonous.” Torah beheaded the serpent. The ring smash were meant for closer hand-to-hand combat. Alicia kept the sword. “Right!” She leapt to throw the daggers. The spear guard got burned to ashes. Alucard took the gems. The sorceress got her share. She beheaded the worm. Alicia threw the axe. “Leave us alone!” The harpies laughed at her effort. “Do not bother.” The boyar told. “They are out of range.” Alucard spread his cape. “Crimson lightning!” He made it to strike. “By the wrath of Dracul!” The ravenlock almost impaled him. “Homing ball!” Torah cast the spell. “God in Heaven!” She charged with frost. The pitchfork broke to pieces. “Grizzly wing!” Alucard fired. “Great.” Alicia got ambushed by the harpies. The sisters fought to impale her. The fairy got too busy. “In the name of Michael the Arch angel!” The hunter got trained by both her father and uncle. She threw the cross. That split to spin in place. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” The beam struck the harpies. “Thou arth a great vampire hunter.” Alucard saluted. “Right.” She exhaled. Alicia felt exhausted. “Let it be.” The gems restored her power. “Homing ball!” Torah got ahead. The sorceress had challenged the spear guard. The fairy obscured the bats. “We cannot leave her alone.” Alucard decreed. “She needs our help.” He morphed into a bat. That was right. Torah dodged. She got the ring smash. “Homing ball!” Torah was too short. “Then leave her alone!” The fairy tried to crush the helmet. What was inside the armour? Alicia shuddered. She didn’t want to know. “Save me God!” Torah stamped with the cross. The flames engulfed him. “The Lord is with you!” Alicia arrived. She got the heart of ice. Alicia struck to release the energy. The knight got knocked to pieces. They shared the gems. The tragic prince retained his human form. Alucard was atop the staircase. “Grizzly wing!” The skeletons got torn to pieces. “Homing ball!” Torah ran to help him. “Wait a moment!” She got the razor rings. The bats swept in to bite her. “Preserve us from the wicked One!” Alicia shrieked. She presented the crucifix. “Homing ball!” Torah charged up another spell. She threw dual orbs. Alicia inhaled. “You have become strong.” Alucard acknowledged. “Behind you!” Marcia cried. He turned to face the undead. Alicia ran to aid him. “Go.” Alucard told. “Leave this place.” The boyar unsheathed the sword. Torah and Marcia kept up. “For Warakiya!” He was a master swordsman. Alicia got her blade. She crushed the skeleton. “Homing ball!” Torah got ahead. She hit the harpy. “Look out!” The steps collapsed. “Torah!” She cried. Torah leaped forward. She reached the step. The bats came like a swarm. Alicia threw the vials. The holy water burned them on impact. “Beware!” The fairy shouted. The harpy went like a dart. Alicia got the crucifix. “Homing ball!” Torah charged the spell. She fused with the flame. The steam blast boiled the harpy. Then the step went skyward. “Good Lord in Heaven!” Alicia almost fell from the platform. The sorceress saved her life. She looked about. They got to leave thetower. “Save us from evil.” The steps had collapsed. “This is unnatural.” They stopped. The pillar was kept in place. That they couldn’t climb. Alicia licked her lips. She got no clue. “There is another way.” Marcia informed. “Tell us.” Torah touched the cross. “I got it.” Alicia had figured. “We are in trouble.” They got to fight. “I got a bad feeling about this.” Alicia remarked. “I know.” Torah exhaled. “Homing ball!”

The bats squeaked with blood thirst. Torah exhaled.They got amused. That was impossible. “In the name of Michael the Arch angel!” The hunter made the sign of the cross. “Let it be!” Alicia had unsheathed the sword. “I know about you.” She informed. “Kumolo and Nimbler.” She beheld the wall mounted Minotaurs. Torah brandished with the ring smash. “Right.” Christopher Belmont once challenged themonsters in 1591. “Hit the deck!” The fairy cried. The Minotaurs stabbed with their pitchforks. “Homing ball!” Torah charged. “Be careful!” Alicia pulled her away. The homing ball split in two to strike both monsters. “So let it be.” She got up. The Belmonts got their own power. Kumolo and Nimbler spat crystals at them. Torah shrieked. She felt the poison. “You won’t get her.” Alicia caught up. “Leave alone.” She got sick. “You got to fight.” The fairy went dim.“No way.” Alicia threw the axe. “Trust.” The hunterheld the laurels. Torah gasped.She got restored. Alicia smiled. “Keep the faith.” She threw the vials. The bats got burned to ashes. “They got brought to life through magic.” The sorceress read their aura. “I know.” Alicia shuddered. They stabbed with their pitchforks. Torah leaped. The duo made the step to move up. Alicia threw the cross. She hit the monsters.

Vrad castle, Warakiya. The 18th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The Minotaurs spat a crisscross of green crystals. Marcia was red. The fairy went like a wasp. She threw the star dust to make them sleep. The bats fell from the ceiling. “So let it be!” Alicia gotunderneath the onslaught. She made a glide to reach theplatform. “Wait for me!” She came around the pillar. The fairy beamed. Kumolo and Nimbler toyed with the steps. “Homing ball!” Torah cast the spell. She made it to home onto Nimbler. “You be blessed.” Alicia leaped forward.She hurl the cross. The boomerang got buried in the living sculpture. The Minotaurs screamed. Marcia flew in circles. The fairy got to keep the bats occupied. Torah threw herself down. Nimbler stabbed with the pitchfork. He made the step to crumble. “Don’t let the sun go down on me.” The sorceress muttered. Marcia turned a confused orange. Torah held onto the ring. “Homing ball!” The sphere of purple plasma burstagainst the face. The Minotaur spat other crystals. Alicia burned them with holy water. She threw the axe. Alicia hit the monster.She pierced the chest. “Alright.” Torah had climbed on top. “The end.” She presented the cross. Marcia swept to assist her friends. She made it to rain with star dust. Marcia dimmed. That didn’t work. She got spotted. Kumolo turned to spit other crystals.

The monsters got distracted. Alicia made the sign of the cross. She gathered her strength. Marcia was in trouble. She got to help. Kumulo and Nimbler kept spittingthe green crystals. “In the name of Michael the Arch angel!” Alicia jumped. She summoned the blood force.Aliciastruck with the sword. “Then so let it be!” The gust of wind shook the Minotaur. “Homing ball!” Torah got up. She lay flat while casting spells. Alicia dodged the pitchfork. She might get atop of things. “Guide my hunt!” The sorceress leaped from the platform. Torah vanished among the shadows. “Torah!” The fairy went to find her. Alicia fought alone. She licked her lips. Alicia got short on gems. “So let it be.” Alicia made the sign of the cross. The Minotaurs remained quiet. They served the undead. “Then hear the words of God. Soleiyu Belmont left with the dagger and stopwatch. She leaped. The floor had collapsed. “Preserve me.” Christopher Belmont used the other sub-weapons to defeat the duo in 1591. She could do the same. The duo tried to impale her. They used their pitchforksfor effect. Alicia threw the vial. She spun to cast the axe. Nathan Graves would be proud. They got hit. She reached the metal ring. Kumolo spat crystals at her. Nimbler made the step to shoot out. Alicia threw herself at the nearest platform. She hurled the cross into his face. “Blessed be.” Kumolo was breaking. Blood oozed from inside the sculpture. Nimbler trusted the pitchfork. She retrieved the cross. The vial crushed on impact. The Minotaur shrieked.The fires burned. They spatthe crystals. “Let it be.” Alicia managed to restore herself. She leaped to strike. Nimbler got pierced through the chest. She hung on for dare life. Alicia threw the cross. “Bless me.” She hit the twin. Alicia caught her weapon upon the return. “Leave me alone!” Nimbler reached to strangle her. He was too strong. Alicia gasped for air. “Mother of God!” She stamped him with the crucifix. Nimbler got consumed bythe fire. The Minotaur roared.He burst into pieces. Alicia was sent flying through the air. “Preserve me from the Shadow!” She hurled the axe. “Let it be!” Kumulo got beheaded. “Then great is the mystery of faith.” There came a clicking sound. Alicia landed upon the staircase. “The clockwork is working.” The mystic orb rolled down the steps. Alicia picked it up. The crystal ball shone like the sun. She blinked. The orb had vanished. Never the less, Alicia felt restored. She picked the sword. The weapons were in place. Alicia made the sign of the cross. She got to find her friends. They got to be alive. “Right.” Alicia had to clean her glasses. The glow came from beneath . She knew the light. That belonged to the fairy. Alicia reached for the crucifix.”Preserve us.” Someone was shouting. Alicia knew that voice. The rock fighter was awake. She shuddered. “In the name of Michael the Arch angel!” Alicia ran. She got no more crystals. No matter. Alicia got to fight. “Look out!” Marcia cried. “The bats are alive!” The hunter had noticed. The fairy told the truth. The swarm flapped about. Alicia struck. That broke the onslaught. Alicia picked the crystals. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” She cried the slogan. The bats approached. Alicia would conquer. The blood was poison. They might inflict her. They came to bite her. Alicia screamed. Her heart was beating fast. She presented the crucifix. The monsters squeaked. They fled His image. This was a distraction. “Give me strength!” Alicia tightened her grip. She would save them. Alicia got the sword. She was getting better. The swarm had arrived. “Then let it be!” Alicia shrieked. She released the wave blast of gold. The bats got blasted into oblivion. Alicia picked the crystals. She got to knock the candles. She couldn’t do that. The lamps were their only source of light. “A light shone in the dark.” Alicia looked down the stairway. “The dark comprehended it not.” There were no rail. “Approach to despair.” Alicia brushed her hair. The wind blew in her face. “Hunt the night.” She got a glimpse of the others. The golem was alive. “Hellfire!” Alucard spread his cape. “Homing ball!” The golem hit the floor. Alicia felt the impact. The rocks might crush them. That didn’t happen. “Grizzly wing!” Alucard challenged the stone men. She grabbed the ring. Alicia threw herself into space. This had to end. She reached the golem’s shoulder. “Save us!” She impaled the crystal. The golem roared. His body was breaking up. Alicia licked her lips. This was no good idea. The bats were not defeated. They went like a swarm. “Preserve us!” Alicia grasped the monster’s head. The tragic prince had reappeared. “Crimson lightning!” That hit the golem. He roared with frustration. The upper-cut made other rocks to fall down. The boyar morphed into a bat. He picked her up. Alucard dropped her beside the sorceress. “Grizzly wing!” Alicia made the sign of the cross. He countered the attack. “Homing ball!” Torah struck with the ring smash. “Fight!” The fairy danced about. Torah charged her magic. “Homing ball!” The frozen mist went home. She hit the eye. The monster shrieked. “Escape!” He hit the ground. Alicia felt the impact. She got too busy. The rocks contained the skeletons. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Alicia grabbed the sword. “Ball of Destruction!” Alucard had retained his human form. The shot went home. Alicia felt so cold. “Preserve us.” The skeleton ghosts whirled about. “Homing ball!” Torah held the cross in hand. “Believe.” Alicia made it to rain with holy water. “Salvation.” The tragic prince hid beneath the cloak. “Homing ball!” Torah hit the ghosts. The moaned while fading. The golem almost collapsed. The rock fighter released the fireballs. Alicia presented the crucifix. “Crimson lightning!” Alucard morphed into mist. The sorceress made a glide. “Take care!” The fairy called. “Homing ball!” The steam blast hit the eye. The golem crumbled into pieces. Alicia exhaled. They shared the price. “Thank you.” Marcia picked a gem. “The light beyond the forest.” Alicia smiled. The fairy shone so bright. She put that aside. They got to reach the pinnacle.

The fairy fluttered in front. Torah let her fly. The others always seemed to take care of her. Torah charged her magic spell. “Homing ball!” She burned the bat. Alicia leaped into battle. She got the sword. Torah watched her efforts. She wished to be like the Belmont hunter. Alicia crushed the skeletons. “Watch out!” Marcia called. “Homing ball!” Shecast the spell. The girl would blast the harpy. The brunette screamed. She fell into the abyss. “Hellfire!” Alucard kept behind. He was her guardian angel. “Grizzly wing!” He beheaded the serpents. They might inflict a poisoned state. “Ball of Destruction!” Alucard got his own magic. “Hellfire!” He shot at the blonde sister. “The chill of the grave.” Torah shuddered. “Oh no!” She hid her face. Torah met the bone dragon once before. “Homing ball!” She cast the spell. The bats closed up. The swarm took the brunt. “Nay.” Alucard hissed. His fangs got exposed. “Wench.” The redhead brought the lance. “Thy time is over.” Alucard caught her. “Never!” She screamed. “Sacrifice.” Torah swallowed. His eyes went blue. Alucard fedupon her blood. “God in Heaven!” She presented the cross. He would protect her. “This is how things are.” The fairy told. “He is a vampire.” Torah sighed. “”I know.” The dragon roared.

Vrad castle, Warakiya. The 18th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The strength returned. Alucard left the corpse. “For blood is the life.” He knelt in prayer. “Father.” He touched the tiny gold crucifix around his neck. “Forgive me; for I have sinned.” For a moment, Sonia became revealed. “Remember me.” She told. Alucard wept bloody tears. His beloved left him alone. Alucard got to his full height. She would always be with him. Alucard hailed her memory. He would fight the righteous battle. Alucard morphed into mist. “Hellfire!” He reappeared to blast the bone dragon. “Good Lord!” The Schneidergotbehind. She had become a fencer. Although she was still no match. At least not to him. “Alucard!” The sorceress went through the air. The dragon had gathered. The fireballs were a problem. The girl used the ring smash. She block the onslaught. “Impressive.” She leaped for the head. The bone dragon got knockedinto the wall. “Crimson lightning!” The boyar made it to strike. The bats lusted for blood. That he could not allow. “Alucard!” Alicia Schneider called. “Behind you!” The harpies would avenge their sisters. “Let it be.” He took it on the shield. They whirled about to brandish their weapons. “Homing ball!” Torah Fernandez got to retreat. The dragon kept breathing flames. “God with us!” The hunter made it to rain with holy water.

The skeledragon got defeated. Alicia retrieved the vial. The downpour burned the bats. “Belmont scum!” The blonde struck her against the wall. “You are to pay!” Alicia groaned. The air got struck from her lungs. She got dizzy. “Release her!” The fairy flew at her face. Alicia struggled to breathe. She stamped with the crucifix. The harpy screamed. “Save us!” She got sick. That stenched. “Do not treat me like a child!”Torah cried. She broke the spine. The harpy gasped. She began to burn. “Sorry.” The girl toyed with the orb. “I took the gems.” Alicia got up. “That is alright.” She touched her cheek. Torah turned aside. “So let it be.” There was something about this girl. Torah was a sorceress. She so wished to protect her. “The Children that live in fear of the night.” Torah tried to be a hunter. She was like Christian. “Be what may be.” Alicia made the sign of the cross. “Let it.” Torah met her gaze. She turned. Torah crushed the redhead harpy. “In the name of Michael the Arch angel!” Alicia got ready. “Homing ball!” Torah ran to assist their friend. “Hellfire!” Alicia followed. She had to stop. The bats settled upon her neck. Alicia doused herself with holy water. She picked the crystals. The others climbed the tower. “Stop!” The stair reminded her about the ghost ship. “Beware.” Alicia frowned. “This might be a rotating platform.” They kept behind. Alicia climbed on top. “Good Lord in Heaven!” Alicia exclaimed. The step turned about. “Bless me!” Alicia leaped. She reached the next step. The bats came for blood. Alicia doused the swarm. “Impressive.” Alucard reappeared. “Homing ball!” The tragic prince carried the girl. He became the wolf. “Watch out!” The fairy cried. “The skeletons hide within the walls!” Alicia staggered. “Minions.” Alucard declared. “Get behind.” He brandished with the shield. “Homing ball!” Torah hid behind the cross. The skeletons leaped. They flailed with the bones. “The undead.” She made a grimace. They had to conquer. Torah got ahead.”Preserve us from the Darkness!” Torah got above the platform. “Oh no!” There was another spear guard. He tried to kill her. The hunter made the sign of the cross. The dead men kept quiet. She dashed into the group. Alicia would fight. She forged the pyre sword. Alicia got Simon’s heart of fire. “Look out!” The bats shrieked for blood. Alicia looked for her friends. Alucard supported the sorceress. “Crimson lightning!” He made the red spell to strike from between his fingertips. “Hellfire!” The fireballs homed upon the enemies. “Clever.” Torah made a glide beneath the lance. “Blessed thee.” Alicia defeated the skeletons. She got hit in the head. “You Belmont whore.” The harpy smirked. “That rests with the Lord.” Alicia stamped her out. She looked around. The skeleton would kill her. Alicia struggled. The bone-men lined up before her execution. “Leave her alone!” Marcia crushed the skull. The fairy turned purple. They tried to catch her. Alicia fought to breathe. “So let it be.” She struck to break the grip. The skeleton crumbled. She gasped. The air never felt so good. She shook her hair. Torah impaled the knight. “Grizzly wing!” The skeletons kept the offence. Alicia hit the ribs. She dodged the bones. “Forgive me.” She broke the spine. Alicia hurled the dagger. This had to end. “Look out!” They threw bones into the air. “Homing ball!” Torah hit the torso. He didn’t break. “Devil!” Marcia broke the skull. The bone-man fell into a heap. Alicia exhaled. She picked the crystals. She moved the distance. Marcia went toward her companion. “Then so you have returned.” The tragic prince hailed their reunion. Alicia stopped to clean her glasses. He used the shield. The worm hissed with frustration. Alicia threw the cross. She got to behead the serpent. “Homing ball!” Torah kept shooting. She got above. “Wait!” Alicia hurried up the staircase. She shuddered. The steps crumbled beneath her feet. Alicia leaped forward. “Let her be.” Aliciachallenge the guard. She hurled the dagger. The armour knight twirled with the spear. She gasped. He repelled the attack. Alicia retrieved the item. The knight stabbed to kill her. Alicia got away. “Hellfire!” Alucard had arrived. The spell hit the knight. “The girl is mine.” The armour staggered. Alicia inhaled. She would impale him. He poked. “Return to Shadow.” Alucard took it upon the shield. “Malice.” The knight hit him. He got neither pity nor mercy. What was there inside the armour? Alicia shuddered. She didn’t wish to know. No one did. Alicia doused the knight with holy water. That was not enough. “Then permit me this liberty.” The tragic prince used the shield like a battering-ramp. “Accursed thee.” The knight retreated. Alicia hurled the axe. That became buried within the chest. The armour knight was shaking. “This is for my mother.” Alucard impaled the monster. The knight screamed. “Rest in peace.” The armour fell into pieces. They couldn’t stop. Torah might be in danger. “Come with me.” Alucard morphed into mist. They got to be careful. The bats whirled about. “So let it be.” Alicia got a storm inside. She threw a flurry of crosses. That gave a breather. “Impressive.” She retrieved her weapon. “Much impressive.” He remarked. Alicia picked the crystals. “God’s holy mother!” Alucard exclaimed. “I know.” She gathered the force. “Homing ball!” Torah hid behind the cross. The purple orb hit the monster. The dragon struck the walkway. “Good Lord in Heaven!” Alicia licked her lips. The stairs shook. “Ball of Destruction!” Alucard threw the high shot. “Human slime!” The harpies swooped. Alicia got the crucifix. “Look out!” The fairy cast the star dust. “That is the dream.” Alicia sighed. “Then let it be.” The white dragon was breathing flame. Alicia tightened her grip. They got in trouble. “Forgive me.” The life was a weapon. “In the name of Michael the Arch angel!” Alicia struck. She released the acid burst. The skeledragon pulled together. Alicia reached for the crucifix. The bone dragon spewed fireballs. “Hello there.” The harpy landed. “Do you want a kiss?” Alicia threw the dagger. The harpy escaped. She giggled. “Let us have fun.” Alicia shuddered.

The white dragon waved about. Torah got to summon more magic. She presented the cross. His image shone blue like winter’s heart. The fireballs shattered on impact. “Homing ball!” Torah exhaled. The smoke kept the dragon in place. The bats shrieked with blood thirst. “Watch out!” They went like a swarm. “They are coming!” Marcia shouted. She turned green. The bone dragon roared. “He broke the spell!” Torah huddled together. She felt solittle. “Homing ball!” She gathered. The orb went home. The skeledragon broke apart. “Hellfire!” Alucard was here. “Crimson lightning!” He made the bolt to strike. The bats scattered about. She giggled. Torah hid her mouth. That wasn’t proper. She shook it off. Alucard had to leave. The tragic prince got busy with the redhead. Alicia challenged her sisters. “Kill the hunter!” They twirled with their lances. Alicia was too quick. She dodged or parried each blow. “Homing ball!” Torah charged the magic. The fairy looked at a loss. “Get away from there!” The spell hit the redhead. The harpy got blasted into oblivion. “Good.” Alucard took the gem. She touched the cross. The blonde approached. Torah presented the symbol. “Human scum!” The harpy shrieked. “Grizzly wing! Alucard fired. She might relax. The sister was dead.

Vrad castle, Warakiya. The 18th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The harpies still chased them. Marcia disliked the situation. They had reached the castle keep. She became the guide. “This is a check board.” The steps went half-way around the room. Alicia made the sign of the cross. “This look like the Versailles palace.” She was so afraid. The fairy settled on Torah’s shoulder. “That is in the past.” Alucard unsheathed his sword. “John Morris and Eric Lecarde searched the Dark Lord in 1917.” Alicia cleaned her glasses. The great French windows were stained with snow. “Let us hunt.” Torah got the ring smash. She went out upon the floor. The only light came from those huge chandeliers. “Beware.” Alucard told. “My father arth to blame.” Marcia was dull. He was right. “Mother of trees!” Shehad recognised the symbol. “Dracul.” Alicia breathed. “The crimson crest of the Basraq.” The heavy black banners decorated the walls. “Save us.” Torah went pale. “I feel the power.” Marcia didn’t know what to say. The shadow had engulfed the pinnacle. “This is witchcraft.” The source was ancient. “What do we do now?” Torah asked. “We do what we must.” Alucard prepared for war. “We hunt the night.” Alicia replaced the glasses. “That is right.” The fairy got to help them. “Thank you.” Torah smiled. That was worth so much.

The women folk looked at each other. Alucard made a grimace. He could feel it, smell it. “The undead.” The boyar hissed. “Alucard.” The hunter tried to ease him. “What is wrong?” He got to tell them. “The bats!” The fairy cut him short. “They are coming!” Alucard bowed. He presented the sword. Torah Fernandez dashed to meet them. They hid against the ceiling. “Homing ball!” The sorceress released a magic spell. The gold blast took the brunt. “Nay.” The counterstrike sent her flying. “You have to live.” The sorcery girl staggered at the brink. Alucard saved her from falling. “Thank you.” She held on tight. “Then as thy like it my lady.” Her embrace felt so strange. “Right.” She let go. “Homing ball!” She released heavy steam. The bats got scattered about. “In the name of Michael the Arch angel!” The Belmont sighed. She made it to rain with holy water. They beheld the scene while the bats got burned to ashes. “The vampire might dominate the lesser forms of life.” Alucard went to collect the crystals. He felt like being watched. “We have to continue.” The fairy encouraged. “The black arts.” Fire raised from the floor. “This is Chaos!” The sorceress shrieked. Alucard kept in place. “This is not my father.” He went in front. The flames burned out. “Buer.” They were strong. “Then show yourself.” He should know. Alucard felt the presence of witchcraft. “Let it be.” Alicia Schneider made the sign of the cross. “Together we stand.” He accepted the statement. “You cannot win.” Buer were the masters of the inflammatorymagic. “Leave them to me.” The curse was too dangerous. The legend of Cornell.” He would fight. “I do believe in you.” The hunter breathed. “Come on.” The young sorceress had decided. “Let us hunt the night.” Alicia Schneider acknowledged the statement. “The oat of Leon.” She sighed. “Let it begin.” They left for the exit. “Fernandez!” This was a trap. “Beware!” The web fell from the ceiling. The sorceress got captured. “Continue the fight!” She called. “This won’t stop me for long!” Alicia Schneider knelt to cut the net. The fairy danced in the air. “There is other work to do.” They looked gazes. “You have to do it for me.” The girl smiled. That never reached her eyes. Alucard could admire their bravery. “Take this.” Torah Fernandez reached into her backpack. “I stole it from the school.” He lookedfor the Lycan. What kept them? “That is a copy.” Alucard noticed about the gift. “The spell book which belonged to Gwendolyn Fernandez.” The hunter touched the crucifix. “Glory be You.” She proclaimed. “Our Father in Heaven.” Alicia Schneider accepted the tome. Let it be. Alucard knew about the potency. “Thank you.” The Belmont put it in her pocket. “They have returned!” The bats had gathered. “Save us!” Alicia Schneider tapped the power. They shrieked. The hunter released three homing fireballs. Alucard became impressed. They got no warning. The skeletons hid among the curtains. “Homing ball!” The sorceress burnedthe web. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” The hunter summoned more power. She unleashed a flurry of sonic rings. “Get the shields!” The fairy cried. This was no show. Torah Fernandez threw herself down. “To much power.” Alucard then morphed into a bat. The dead people got put to rest. The girl climbed on foot. The hunter regained composure. She made the sign of the cross. They left the room. “Oh no!” Buer had arrived. The flames ripped the surface. “Accursed thee.” Alucard took the brunt. The lioness got armed with their long swords. “Homing ball!” The girl came from behind. “Die little wench.” The Egyptian armour shone with red gold. Her sister turned to kill her. Alucard became like mist to might escape from the fire. “Sword familiar! Come to my aid!” The spirit would answer. “Master!” The blade appeared. “Then challenge my enemies!” Torah Fernandez had blocked their attack. “Do not think to defeat us.” Buer announced. “Such tricks have no place here.” They belonged to evil. The familiar cleaned their glee. “Homing ball!” The sorceress struck their numbers. The mist froze the air. “Pyre ball!” Alucard ignored about theirgestures. “No fate.” That was empty bravado. “Grizzly wing!” The tragic prince proclaimed. The bat swarmprotected the sorcery girl. Alucard saved her. The swarm got ripped by the flare. Alucard got hit in the knee. “Bitch.” He would accept it. The girl licked her lips. “Beware of the dark.” He told. “Do not underestimate our power.” Torah Fernandez touched the cross. “Now you die!” Buer explained. “Thy do nay know.” Alucard met the assault. “Thy shall know when the Lord comes upon thee.” He was not alone. “Homing ball!” Torah Fernandez released the mist. “Master!” The familiar resisted. “Excellent my dear.” The frost went home. Buer got hurled against the wall. “Very excellent.” Alucard became the blue wolf. He buried his fangs within her throat. The boyar then howled. Her blood splashed like a fountain. Alucard wolf faded like mist. The body burst into flame. “This is not the end.” The sister was still alive. “Terminus spirit!” Buer the lioness snarled. The black hatred felt like a titan’s fist. “Terminus spirit!” She reached a hand. “Be gone.” Buer would kill him. “In the name of Christ.” That was not enough. He lacked the conviction. “Homing ball!” She released the gold. Buer burned on impact. The lioness was still alive. “Pyre balefire!” Buer fired a red beam. The girl presented her gold cross. “Then so let it be.” The symbol shone with pure energy. The forces clashed and exploded. “Pyre annihilation!” Buer had gathered. That was spectacular. She released other flames. “Do my bidding sword.” The sword familiar got to impale her. “Pyre ball!” Buer made it to spin. This had to end. Alucard forced himself upright. “Stay there!” The sorceress told. “Believe me.” She assured. “I got her.” Alucard could not leave her. “Homing ball!” The fairy span like a crazed insect. The littlegirl cast the freezing mist. “Pyre ball!” Buer was too quick. Their spells exploded. The familiar stabbed through the armour. Alucard got into position. “Hellfire!” He told.

The fairy flew about the room. Torah felt ashamed. “Do not speak about my grandmother.” She still mourned. “Forgive me.” Alucard bowed. “I forgot thy loss.” He touched her cheek. His fingers felt so soft beneath the black glove. “She was noisy at times, flirty and talkative. Yoko would never abandon those she cared about.” Torah sighed. The boyar looked aside. She had toclean her face. “Do not dismiss her teaching.” Torah told. “This isn’t her fault.” She inhaled. Alucard still knelt before her. “Thou arth in training.” He acknowledged. “Though thee will become.” He helped her to get up. The fairy came to flutter before her face. “We have to help her.” Marcia was blue. “Alicia is in danger.” Torah bit her lip. “Indeed.” Alucard remarked. “Leave us.”He dismissed the familiar. “We have to go.” Torah gathered. They were right. Alicia might be in trouble. The boyar got ahead. The fairy kept behind. Torah kept watch. She would not be captured. Not again. “We should still be together.” Alucard dismissed. “That is not your fault.” He told. “She is a vampire hunter.” Torah sighed. “Even members of the Belmont clan have been known to turn to evil.” She knew it was true. The tragic prince was so sad.Torah picked the ring smash before he might open the door.

Vrad castle, Warakiya. The 18th. of December 2098 A.D.

The indigo curtains got removed by the invisible hands. Marcia felt uneasy. “Pray continue.” The tragic prince quietly closed the door. “I fear nay.” The lamps were lit. Torah got in front. “Even though I wander through the twilight of the eternal night.” She gathered her magic. “God will forgive you.” Alucard gave his salute. “I trust you.” She smiled. Marciawent blue. “This is a pirate’s treasure.” The tapestries were embroidered with the images of the hunt. Torah licked her lips. “Alucard.” She whispered. “This is more silk.” Marcia could tell her. The boyar made a grimace. “A plunder for nothing.” He was tired. “Leave the treasure.” Alucard told. “That is blood money.” Torah put her hands into the poncho. “I don’t want it.” She assured. The tragic prince didn’t seem to listen. Alucard beheld the suits of armour. “No.” The fairy went green. “The Shadow rising.” The sound of the clock picked on her nerves. “The mask of the red plague.” Alucard kept in place. “Do you smell them?” Torah shuddered. The fairy could. “The scent of incense.” Alucard revealed his fangs. “They cannot hide.” Alucard hissed. “Not from me.” The fairy went dull. “Right.” Torah kept her from falling. “We came here to prevent the shadow.” Marcia blossomed. “That is true.” Alucard admitted.

The door was close. Alicia made the sign of the cross. She knew that smell. “Preserve me.” The room stenched of Opium. Gustaf was a scoundrel. Much happened within his workshop. Her uncle did more then to fix the motorbikes and engines. “Please forgive us our sins.” Gustaf dealt with illegal contraband. “Let it be.” He had a quarrel with the rest of the family. The man smuggled both cigarettes and alcohol.Though he never touched drugs. “Deliver us.” She made the sign of the cross. The elders threw the dealers off their property. “Father.” Reichardthad taught them how to recognize that garbage. The family were vampire hunters. She sighed. The Shadow was awake. The deadtried to corrupt her spirit. Alicia would fight. She tightened the grip. Alicia felt their presence. “To hunt the night.” She should look around. The vampire might be anywhere. This was the pinnacle. “Do not forsake me this dark night.” This was not a ruin. The place showed more elegance and comfort then the rest of the castle. “Strong men’s binding.” The moon shone through the high windows. The weather changed. The soft light, and layers of dust, slightly concealed the work of age and moth. Alicia exhaled. She crossed the blue carpet. Alicia barely noticed about the embroideries of birds and flowers. “In the name of Michael the Arch angel!” She searched the dead. “Preserve me from evil!” Alicia blushed. Shealmost tripped on the foot stool. Alicia expected the wicked laugh. “Blessed thee.” That never happened. She exhaled. Alicia felt so cold. “Then show yourself.” She brushed the curtains. “Good Lord.” Alicia marvelled by the scenes picked from the hunt. That had to wait. Alicia threw herself sideways. Nothing happened. She touched the crucifix. Alicia went ahead. Everything was quiet. She barely stopped to behold the collection of arms. The display was impressive. Alicia recognised the collector’s items. “This is too barbaric.” There were an assembly of swords, knives, spears, axes and an assortment of ranged weapons. “The pirate’s showcase.” Alicia licked her lips. The heat roared up the chimney. “Help me.” She could see beyond the obvious. They regained strength. “Save us from the wicked One.” Alicia was the hunter. This was her quest. The moonlight got reflected by the crystal ball. There got to be a magician about. Alicia shrugged. She couldn’t use such items. “Let it be.” Alicia never stepped on the bear rug. That lay before the fireplace. “Then I leave in peace.” The Victorians would never forgive her.”Nosferatu. That wasa bloody champagne glass. Alicia made a grimace. “The night of the living dead.” The recollection felt like the venom. The goblet rested atop the small round table beside the arm chair. “Thou arth that perfect.” Alicia got to present the crucifix. “Who are you?” The woman wore robes like the living fire. She moved into a defensive posture. Her pale green eyes returned the gaze. “Child of Lillith.” The moonlight shone through the windows.“Hell spawn.” The blonde lady cast no shadow. “Thee do nay recognize mine?” Alicia shuddered. “Alas.” The smile exposed her fangs. Alicia closed the hold upon His image. She had become a hunter. “Then look upon mine.” The smile became a snarl. “I am Anita Fortner.” She spread her arms to reveal the figure. “The black witch of Warakiya.” The red flames burned behind her gaze. Alicia felt the power. She sighed. They met before.”That was ten years ago.” The family ventured through Europe. They came to strip at her cousin’s birthday. The children were told to go play in the forest. There might be monsters. Heinrich went to find them. She peeked while Anita kissed him. That was not important. “You cannot fool me.” Alicia kept her faith.She got the sword. “Your charm won’t work on me.” The witch shed the cloak of deception. For salvation.” Alicia would put her to rest. “The Dark Lord Dracula have rewarded me with the eternal life.” She made the sign of the cross. “I know what you want.” Alicia would not be a blood whore. ”In the name of the Father, the Son and of the holy Ghost!” Anita was furious. “Nay Him!” The witch got ugly. Alicia kept the crucifix. “If thee arth nay with me.” Anita proclaimed. “Thee arth against mine.” He was the way, the truth and the life. She would mourn for her. “Only the Dark Lords of Shadows deals with absolutes.” Her childhood friend was dead. Alicia would fight. “May the Lord make mercy upon your soul.” The witch didn’t answer.

The wand appeared in her hands. Alicia licked her lips. The eyes burned. “Accursed thee.” The black witchobtained the fire. “I am not afraid.” Alicia had no doubt. “Thy life is forfeit.” Anita was furious.”Haunt me no longer.” That was the flaw in her power. She kept the faith. “Living scum!” The witch got nothing left. “The last which might be done.” Alicia felt so sad. “It shall be well.” She told. “For the dead.” Anita laughed. “Welcome to the eternal night.” She licked her ruby lips. “Then embrace the pleasure of the flesh.” The witch touched herself. “Or embrace thy own destruction.” Alicia felt so cold. The hunter recognised the feeling. “Thy shall sleep in mine coffin.” She inhaled. “Never.” The Lord should be with her. “Begone.” Alicia approached the armchair. “I cast you out.” She made the sign of the cross. “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth.” The black witch had no other choice. “As thou wish.” Anita withdrew from His presence. “Thy shall pay for this.” The witch vanished like mist. “Thee should never have come.” She hissed. “This is mine abode.” Alicia might look beyond. The moonlight revealed her. “Shall we dance?” The witch made manifest.”Mine dearest.” Anita reappeared upon the floor. “Then so let it be.” Alicia would pray for her forgotten soul. “Into Your hands I commit my spirit.” The vampire snarled. “Thy blood belongs to mine.” She would enforce the contract. “That rests with the Lord.” Alicia told. “I call upon Him.” She would fight the righteous battle. “You lead us to the green fields.” Alicia was not alone. “To drink from the fresh water.” She closed with the sign of the cross. “Death!” Anita fumed.

This had become an ambush. Alucard used his power of transformation. The floor was on fire. “Homing ball!” The skeletons hid among the tapestries. Torah Fernandez cast a magic spell. The fairy was like the sun. Alucard threw back his cape. Glory be You.” He got prepared. Blade struck blade. Buer growled. He accepted the challenge. Alucard was the better fencer. Buer met each blow. She was among the elite. The lion stepped aside to unsheathe the knife. She came for him. Alucard took it upon the shield. “Hellfire!” He disliked such behaviour.This was no dual. Buer dodged. Though she still stabbed him. The blood stain his clothing. She might think to have the upper hand. Alucard would heal. The fire enforced her weapons. Alucard morphed into mist. He brought no protection against such magic. “For Warakiya!”He would pay the price. Though not to their kind. The knight would rather fight to the death. Alucard could not leave the child. They got no mercy. Buerpledged fealty to the Dark Lord. The man was once his father. Alucard came like a bat. He tore at her throat. She screamed. Buer might be worshipped like a goddess.She wasnot immortal. He retained human form. She made the rising flames to track forward. “Thy shall nay.” Alucard hid beneath the cloak.

Vrad castle, Warakiya. The 18th. Of December 2098 A.D.

The forests would burn in the fires of industry. Marcia got the vision. She dodged the attack. The fairy threw dust on the monsters. Buer got drowsy. The tragic prince touched the crucifix. Buer blinked. Alucard removed the head. The fairy glowed like a Nova. They got to conquer. She went to find her other friend. Torahstill kept the ring smash. Marcia shone that bright. The skeletons tried to kill her. That wouldn’t happen. “Leave her alone!” She hit the skull. The bone-bag collapsed. “Homing ball!” The dead kept too close. The impactsent them away. Marcia fluttered in the air. “Mother.” Things were getting out of hand. Alicia got in trouble. The fairy felt the danger. “Homing ball!” Torah emerged from the outburst. She got shaken. Torah held the razor rings. “Grizzly wing!” Marcia turned in the air. He got forced to retreat. “Pyre ball!” Buer crushed the bats. The fairy got terrified. “Mother.” Who were these people? Buer conjured the fire. “Homing ball!” Torah cast the frost spell. Buer got taken aback. Alucard piercedthe heart. “Get down!” The corpse exploded. She exhaled.They survived. “The Shadow always ask a terrible price from those which lust for power.” Torah explained. “I wished I knew thy clan.” Alucard bowed. “They should be proud.” Torah actually blushed.

The black witch would use the wand. Alicia threw herself sideways. The spell might kill her. Alicia threw the cross. The impact made her to stagger. The evil witchcreated a force field. Shecastthe fireballs. Alicia managed to sidestep. “In the name of Michael the Arch angel!” Alicia threw the vial. The holy water went up in flames. Anita left like mist. “Rest in peace.” She made the sign of the cross. “Alicia might see beyond the obvious. The witch returned. Alicia threw the axe. The witch split into a swarm of smaller bats. They went like a swarm. She presented the crucifix. “Burned to thy bones.” The vampire reformed to cast the spell. “Save us!” Alicia got to run. The orb might chase her. The curtains got put on fire. “You!” Anita snarled. “Hellfire!” They reached up. “Look out!” Alicia sighed. “Do mine bidding.” The lions saluted their mistress. Buer had arrived. Alicia got to tell them. “Grizzly wing!” Then again, she could be flexible. The orb exploded. “Alright.” Torah dodged the fireballs. The black witch hissed with frustration. “Homing ball!” Torah released the frost. “Believe!” She got impressed. “You shall see the miracles of God!” Anita left like mist. She returned. Alicia threw the dagger. She made it to split. The witch got impaled. She became the bats. “Thou can nay defeat mine!” Anita bellowed. “I wield the ancient power!” Alicia staggered. The flames engulfed the prince. The witch was careless. She might tare him apart. “Help us.” She shuddered. Alicia got to break the wand. That got to wait. Anita cast the other fireballs. The fairy was dim. “Homing ball!” Torah tried to stop her. The witch created the force field. Alicia hid behind the armchair. That got shot to pieces. She rolled aside. “To hunt the night.” She was a Belmont. Alicia got up. “The heart of the storm.” She threw a flurry of crosses. Anita escaped like mist. “Then give me Your strength.” Alicia wished that Trevor was here. Her cousin was the real hunter. Alicia sighed. He couldn’t help her now. Anita returned. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Alicia threw the dagger. She got the heart of ice. That might protect her against the magic. The ice knives pierced the undead. “Curse thee.” She groaned. “Forever.” The blood stained her clothings. The crimson ran down her cheek. Alicia touched the crucifix. She hadn’t reached the heart. Anita threw other fireballs. “Burn!” She got to live. Alicia ran. “Easy.” Torah crept along the floor. The fairy hid within the bag. Alicia sighed. She was too brave. Alicia picked the spell book. “Save us from the evil One!” The witch capitalised upon the spell. “Ball of Destruction!” Alucard got busy with the bats. The Lord would decide their destiny. She released the flurry of sonic rings. “Curse thee!” Anita shrieked in anger. The blue wolf leaped on top. Alucard wolf brought her to the floor. “Behold!” The witch announced. “The power of Hell!” The orb exploded. The wolf howled. Alicia blocked her ears. The howl echoed throughout the pinnacle. Alucard leapt to the side. He opened her shoulder. “Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!” Alicia kept the blade. “Behold mine.” Anita cooed into her air. “Be mine.” Alicia doused her with the holy water. The witch split into a swarm of bats. Alicia made a glide. She got beneath the onslaught. Anita reappeared. She fired a beam of red flame. “Preserve us!” Alicia hid behind the crosses. The black witch put them on fire. “Then do mine bidding!” She summoned her servants. Alicia was left alone. The others got occupied. “Do nay be afraid.” Anita arrived beside her. “Leave these others.” She whispered. “Come, be with mine.” She covered her with kisses. Alicia moaned. The ruby lips were so soft. She felt warm. That was such a long time ago. “Yes indeed.” Anita withdrew to behold her face. “I am nay thy enemy.” She licked her lips. Alicia gasped. The hands went everywhere. “Welcome mine dear.” Anita revealed her fangs. She open her belt and jacket. “To the pleasure of the flesh.” Their golden hair got mingled. “Eternal night.” Alicia moaned. They were pressed together. “This arth mine finest hour of.” The robes hang open. The white cloth got stuck to her body. “The dark arts of witchcraft.” The lesbian drive kicked in. “Necromancy.” The hunter gasped when she touched her. “True.” Alicia stroke her breasts. “Mine dearest.” The green gaze was on fire. “Touch mine body.” She groaned. Her bosom was heaving with the ecstasy. “Then thou surrender to thy desire.” Anita breathed. “Open thyself.” She licked and bit her nipples. “Hark, the Master’s voice.” She felt the Malice gather behind. “Away from me Satan!” Alicia saw beyond the obvious. The undead witch got tied to the Shadow with cores woven by darkness. That was unnatural. “Only the Lord you shall worship!” Alicia got away. “I fear not.” She replaced her clothings. Alicia presented the crucifix. Although I walk beneath the shadow of the valley of Death.” The blackness was gone. That was not important. “Thou shall pay for what thy did to me.” The eyes were still on fire. “I forgive you.” Alicia had no grudge. She felt pity with her. “Cursed thee to Death and Darkness!” The witch screamed. “I do nay want thy forgiveness!” She became furious. “I shall destroy thee.” Anita beheld her with spite painted upon her face. “That rests with the Lord.” Alicia regained her fate. “Believe.” She stamped with the crucifix. “Then you shall see the miracles of God.” Anita shrieked. The hunter struggled not to vomit. The air stenched with the sent of burned flesh. Alicia got sick. She stamped her on the cheek. “Thy young fool.” Anita had regained her pose. “Thy could have obtained such power.” Alicia kept the crucifix. “Only now, at the end, do thy understand?” The fire burned her skin. “The power of lord Dracula is nay easily thrown aside.” The witch cast her against the wall. “Embrace the Shadow.” She ranted. “Thy skills arth useless against the prince of Darkness.” Alicia got to resist the power. She summoned the ring of crosses. “Then, thy Belmont scum.” The witch declared. “Thy will die.” She released the fire. Alicia screamed. She felt the pain.

The crosses burned out. Torah bit her lip. The fire made strange shadows upon the wall. “Homing ball!” She tried to gather. The orb lit up. “The mother of trees.” Marcia was afraid. This was no ordinary witch or vampire. Alicia threw herself forward. “Burn Belmont scum.” The witch cast the spell. Alicia dodged. She threw the axe. Torah swallowed. She got to fight. Torah kept creeping. “Nay!” The blue wolf leapt upon the witch. “Not thee!” Anita screamed. The axe went home. Torah touched the cross. The hunter retrieved her weapons. “Yes!” Marcia began to glow. “This is it!” Torah licked her lips. She still lived in fear of the night. “Grandmother.” Torah felt stripped of courage. She drew the tear.The others kept her busy. Alicia inflicted the wound. The witch shed some drops. “May the Lord forgive your sins.” The hunter made the sign of the cross. The sword blazed. The blood force broke the shield. “This I must do.” The vampire got hurled away. “May the Lord make mercy upon thy soul.” Alucard had arrived. “Then thy rest in peace.” Anita made no answer. She cast other flames. The tragic prince morphed into mist. Alicia repelled the fireballs. This was her moment. Torah got to break the wand. “Curse thee!” She shrieked. Torah struck. The rod exploded.

Vrad castle, Warakiya. The 18th. of December 2098 A.D. The smoke was clearing up. Marcia had to scream. Her friend lay motionless upon the floor. “We arth God’s madmen.” Alucard retained his human form. “Oh Torah.” The fairy wept. Torah looked so tiny. There was nothing left to do. Torah kept the ring smash. “Forgive us.” The hunter breathed. “For we don’t know what we do.” Marcia got so angry. “She is alive!” The witch gloated about their misery. The explosion ripped her outfit. Her eyes were burning. “So be it.” Anita dropped the rags. “Hunters.” The tunic was pitch black. Marcia felt at a loss. The ivy tattoos marked her skin. “Please, preserve us from the wicked One!” Alicia blushed. “Dawn of Sorrow.” The boyar acknowledged. Marcia didn’t heed. She listened to the music. The jewelleries survived the fire. “Behold.” Anita spread her arms. “The waltz of Weariness.” The fairy recognised the charm. Anita danced. “Thou desire mine.” The voice was soft as silk. Marcia shuddered. She felt the touch. The witch had become the Succubus. “Come to mine.” She cooed. The fairy got transfixed. “Lord of mercy.” Alicia sobbed. This was black magic. “Then I will fight for mine mother.” Marcia felt his compassion. “For I shalldefeat thee.” Anita laughed. “Thou cannot.” She told. “There arth none that can.” Marcia shone so bright.

The black witchgot some stamina. Alucard acknowledged. She got trained for the bedroom. This would be the final battle. He was a fool. Anita Fortner had become more then a mistress. She was difficult to resist. Salome’s charm might inflict even the wise.”Do thy enjoy this?” The hunters got to struggle. Alucard dismissed about her grace. The vampire desired power. “Let me serve thee.” She concealed the knives. “Let me hold thee.” Anita tried to kill him. The Belmont awoke. “In the name of Michael the Arch angel!” The witch exposed her fangs. “Nay!” Anita parried their blades. “I shall stop thee myself.” Alucard couldn’t not touch her. “This is a waste of time.” They got to reseal the power. The people believed in their efforts. “Sword familiar!” Alucard picked the card. “Come to mine aid.” The Succubus danced to kill. “Master.” The floating sword made manifest. “How may I serve?” Her eyes lit up. “Familiar.” She lusted for the collection “Thee still do nay realize their power.” Alucard made no reply. The witch came with a series of stabs. That forced him to retreat. “Conquer the enemy.” Alucard impressedupon the card. “Then so let it be.” Alicia Schneider had to crush the vial. The holy water went up in flames. Alucard turned to mist. The witch shrieked. She burned. “Excellent.” The familiar mightbehead her. The Succubus split into a swarm of smaller bats. The sword familiar turned around. “Thou arth to kill the Belmont clan.” Anita had reformed. The black witch had arrived to challenge the heir to the legendary house of the Belmont clan. “In the name of Michael the Arch angel!” She threw three freezing daggers. “Cursed thee.” Anita froze in pain. “Thou shall regret this.” Her eyes burned like the fires of Hell.” “Begone.”The tragic prince would protect the family. Alucard brought his weapons. “Now!” Alicia Schneider was not alone. “Take this you devil!” The sorceress was alive. “I got more!” She hurled the ring smash. The vampire got hurt. She threw a knife in return. “Impressive.” The girl might save herself. “Hellfire!” Alucard opened his cape. “Thou belong to mine.” Anita dismissed the onslaught. “Then behold!” She beckoned. “I conjure the ancient power.” The witch channelled the black electricity. That might obscure the Light. “My master!” Alucard had almost forgot about his familiar. The hunter struck. They intended for the heart. The witch escaped their effort. “Grizzly wing!” Alucard got to settle the matter. “Hellfire!” The spell almost put her to rest. The golden vampire reappeared in front. “Homing ball!” Torah Fernandez then cast the mist enchantment. “Perfect.” Alucard had to salute her tactics. The witch got slammed against the wall. She got coated in the ice and snow. “I am the wind.” That was not enough. There never would be. Alucard approached to behead her. “Forgive us.” This was the least he could do. “We do nay know what we do.” Anita laughed. He stopped. “Thou arth a fool!” She was certain. “Save us!” The vampire hunter presented her crucifix. The ghost left the ice. “Thou arth in Transylvania now.” Anita released the black electricity. “He can nay help thee.” The familiar tried to nail her. “Brave. Foolish, though so very brave.” The sword familiar screamed in agony. “I thank thee for thy service.” He got to dismiss. Alucard would not leave them to suffer. “I shall avenge thee.” He swore to protect their lot. The tragic prince replaced the card. “Thou being to comprehend.” The evil witch announced. “Thy shall be removed from the game board.” This was not a play. His father was to blame. The prince of Darkness had seduced the witch. “Thou have become an accursed being.” Alucard proclaimed. “Lord Dracula tempted thee with the forbidden knowledge.” He realized. “Thy come from the long library.” The power of evil thrive in the shadow of Dracula’s castle. “In the name of Michael the Arch angel!” They came together. “You never fight alone!” Alicia Schneider repelled the dark influence. “The hypnotism of charm.” How very simple. That was why she could keep them talking. “Homing ball!” The girl got between the women. Her hands smoked with frost. “Leave them alone.” The young sorceress arrived ahead. “Wicked witch of the west.” Where had that come from? He rested the case. She hit the neck. “Nay.” Anita looked down on the torso. “This is impossible.” The hunter came forth. “Remember.” Alicia Schneider doused her with the holy water. “Not to hunt in anger.” Alucard acknowledged. “Only for the redemption of sins.” The vampire burst into flame. “The resurrection of the spirit.” She was right. “Fools!” She bellowed. “The hidden curse.” Anita laughed. “I know things thee do nay know. ” Alucard felt the disturbance. “Menace!” She summoned. “Avenge thy servant!” Anita crumbled into dust. “May you rest in peace.” The hunter went to open a window. The night breathes chill through the broken battlements. “The witching hour.” The sorceress looked outside. Marcia fluttered before her face. “Midnight.” Alucard then went to unit with the others. The tragic prince beheld the Uta lake. “The perfect storm.” The youngling remarked. Alucard kept silence. “Save us.” He prayed. “For we arth perishing.” They looked concerned. “You have to realize.” The fairy flickered. “I feel it to.” Of course she would. “His house can never compare with the work of God.” Alucard solved this puzzle. “The war never ends.” The castle began to crumble. “It is time.” “Come.” He would be the guide. “The abode had become unstable.” That much was obvious. The floor was shaking. “There is no golem.” The tragic prince still heard her laugher. “Begone from us.” The roar belonged to a monstrous beast. “The Lord thou shall worship.” That demon raged against the sunlight. Alucard touched the crucifix. The Lord preserved him. “Nearer to Thee, my God.” The tragic prince would not be burned. “I pray for Thy guidance.” Alucard held no grudge against the house of men. They already received such a hard lot. “What is it?” The fairy went dull. “Be at ease.” Alucard told. “He is not in here.”

The castle shook. Torah felt the Shadow rising. “What is it?” Marcia hid within her backpack. “Be at ease.” Alucard remained so cold. “He is not in here.” The ruins were about to crumble. She didn’t care. . “We have to leave the castle.” Alicia got ahead. “Right.” That was too late. They would get nowhere. The floor cracked beneath their feet. Alucard morphed into a bat. He and Marcia could fly. Torah could not. “I am so sorry.” Torah breathed before she fell. She fell forever. The debris and rubble came along. Torah closed her eyes. “Let me be free.” She only waited before the final impact. Torah knew she could not survive. Not this time. Torah would be crushed and then buried beneath the castle. She got tears down her cheeks. She let it show. There was no point. Torah was not afraid. “Yoko.” She had left that behind. Torah noticed about the bat. He shrieked. “My hero.” Alucard came to save her. She sighed. That couldn’t be right. He should save the hunter. The bat swept into the abyss. “Alicia!” Torah caught a glimpse of her blonde hair. They kept together. The light revealed her face.

She closed her eyes. Alucard tried to save them. He was strong. Though not that strong. “Homing ball!” Torah blew a hole in the floor. “Glory be You!” The pond saved their lives.

Vrad castle, Warakiya. The 18th. of December 2098 A.D. The resurrection room was pitch black. Alucard had climbed from the pond. “Were arth thee.” He got to find the others. “Here.” The voice answered, deep and cold. “I am expecting thee.” The tragic prince made the sign of the cross. “Nay.” Alucardspoke. “Thou can nay be alive.” Then the torches got lit with a sickly green flame. “Then behold this, their ancient sorcery.” Thenecromancer touched the huge stone sarcophagus. “Though thee should remember mine.” His ragged cloak and bandages could not conceal the decay. “You.” Alucard got his sword. He had lost some of his toes. “”Akmodan.” Alucardacknowledged. He presented the shield. The sunken yellow eyes began to burn. “Accursed.” The nose was a crater. He was appalled. Patchesof wiry white hair grew about the skull. “In the name of Michael the Arch angel!” Alicia Schneider appeared from the rubble. She retrieved the sword. “Ah, the golden girl.” The undead litchinspected her hair and body. “Thou have nay right.” He beheld her with lust. The necromancer looked like a moving corpse. His lips were gone. The grimace was forever. “Thou arth so warm.” He still approached the lady. “You won’t dare.” The childwas furious. “No!” The fay cried. “That is thetool of Oblivion.” Then let it be. The litch was his enemy.

The pond was freezing cold. Alicia doubted the quality. She threw that aside. They were alive. “Preserve us.” Alicia climbed on top. She felt the shadow. Alucard had occupied the centre. The tragic prince presented the crucifix. The litch fell quiet. “Begone from us Satan.” Alucard spoke from between tight lips. “Then hear mine voice.” The chant was that horrible. “Beware.” Alucard cast no shadow. “The curse of Darkness.” Alicia figured about his status. That was not important. “Cursed thee.” Alucard held His image. The boyar never got burned. “He conjures the forgotten one.” The tragic prince exposed his fangs. Alicia felt his might. The girl shuddered. “The litch speaks like the lords of Shadow.” Alicia touched the crucifix. That felt much better. “I don’t like you.” Marcia chirped. “Thou be silent.” Alucard requested. “We have other problems.”The litch gave no attention. “Feel mine wrath.” He proclaimed. The rite was complete. “The riddle is this.” He reached for her neck. “Who holds the key?” Alicia licked her lips. “Hellfire!” Alucard opened his caped arms. “I have never met thee.” She was Astarte. “Homing ball!” Torah threw herself sideways. The Sphinx had arrived. Alicia got her own problems. “Get down!” Marcia warned. “The litch is using a shield ring!” She bit her lip. The others got occupied. Aliciathrew the dagger. The litch repelled the attack. The mummy spooked her. The necromancer might conjure even the spirits of the dead. “Preserve us from the wicked One!” Was this how Jonathan Morris felt in 1944? “Let it be.” Only the school girl might tell. “In the name of Michael the Arch angel!” She leaped to strike. “Thou arth a concubine.” The mummy aimed the rod. Alicia disliked that object. “Never!” She could see beyond the obvious. The gem was a black hole in reality. “Rest in peace!” Alicia threw the axe. “Thou arth a pretty flower.”The litchreached to touch her. “Confess.” The scroll kept the ancient power. “Save us!” Alicia almost got trapped in the wrapping. “Thou arth like the hunter.” The mummy cast a triangle blast. Alicia forged the pyre sword. That made him to burn. “Thank the Lord.” She managed to cut free. “How amusing.” Akmodan had vanished. He reappeared to throw another blast. Alicia crouched into a ball. She presented the crucifix. “Thy Belmont whore.” His imagelit up. Alicia sighed. “Let it be!” She summoned the five spinning crosses to make the beam strike. “Thou arth the concubine.” Akmodan insisted. “Good Lord!” He had escaped. Alicia looked about. “Save us from evil.” This was bad. Alucard got involved with Astarte. “Homing ball!” Torah sliced the evil scroll. He chanted. “The scripture!” Alicia got trapped in the wrapping. “Thou serve at the court.” Alicia felt drained of her energy. She got a glimpse of the past. “I will never be like that.” They both had served at her court. Alicia shuddered. “The queen of serpents got banished.”She knew about the ancient lore. Alicia inhaled. That could wait. Alicia cut through his scroll. She made a glide to throw the vials. “Cursed thee!” The glass got shattered against the floor. The liquid burned. “That is nay thy place.” The necromancer might not resist that quality. Though the power of the ring could not be undone. “Thou see.”The fire burned out. “Read.” The scripture and wrappings chained her to the spot.”Do not forsake me!” Alicia screamed. The litch drained her strength. “Thou must forget them.” He gloated. “Thee shall serve me.” Her friends got to challenge the others. Alicia blinked. “Akmodan?” She went on her knees. The Nubian priest touched her cheek. “Mine dearest.” Akmodan smiled. Alicia got to blush. “Mine concubine.” The sword fell on the floor. “Thy time is now.” He removed the glasses. Alicia blinked. She couldn’t see. “Sorry.” That saved both her body and soul from damnation. “Leave me alone!” She could see beyond the obvious. “Rest in peace!” He was so ugly. “Preserve me from the wicked One.” Akmodan was rotting beneath the bandages. “Lord!” Alicia revealed the crucifix. “Cursed thee!” She had retrieved the sword. Akmodan hissed. She forged the angel sword. The mummy blocked with the rod. Force struck against force. Alicia doused him with holy water. The evil litch began to burn. “Thou can nay defeat us!” The barrage of wavy shardsand short-ranged green fireballs then exploded upon impact. “Mortal scum!” He bellowed. “Not when we, the tribe of evil, got armed with Shadow.” Alicia made the sign of the cross. “Bless me.” The necromancer revived the death masks. “Blood of the hunter.” She threw a flurry of crosses. “The black lady gave her soul for me.” Alicia ignored the statement. She got other problems. The masks breathed a chilling frost. “Let it be.” She threw the daggers forward. The pieces broke. “Forgive me.” She winched. Alicia had destroyed some priceless art. “They could be restored.” The mummy reappeared. The mummy reached for her. “Give thyself to Shadow.” The dead hand caressed her breasts. “Thou arth so warm.” He squeezed. Alicia gasped. “Rest in peace.” The hunter stamped him. The holy crucifix shone like a star. “Good Lord in Heaven!” Alicia got to shield her eyes. “Curse thee!” The mummy burst into flame. “Kneel to Shadow!” He fired a triangle blast. Alicia made a glide. “Never!” She got up behind the death masks. “I am a vampire hunter.” She forced it to rain. “Then thee shall be destroyed.” The wrappings trapped her in place. Akmodan approached. “Thee shall see mine glory.” The litchbegan to burn. Alicia blinked. “Hail from the past.” He became the handsome priest again. “Look.” She unzipped the jacket. “Here.” Alicia offered. “Like this.” She had lost the sword. “I want.” She touched the bra. “Then please, touch on me.” She would open her belt for him. “Thou arth mine concubine.” The evil necromancer had removed her glasses. Alicia shook her head. The mist was clearing. Alicia retrieved her property. The hunter got no choice. She struck the wand. “Curse thee!” The black diamond burst to pieces. Alicia got thrown into the pond. Everything went dark.

The Sphinx lay dead on the floor. Torah bit her lip. She was afraid. They were not offensive. “Beware of the Dark.” She sighed. “You killed my sister.” The Sphinx presented the scroll. Torah escaped. The script might drain herlife. The whisp came from both above and below. The text lit up with Hell fire. “Homing ball!” The spell was not a shield. “You little bastard.” She fired from within the gaze. Themagic saved her life. “This is not the demon castle.” Marcia solved the puzzle. “This is not his curse.” The Sphinx growled at the fairy. “Wait!” She got beneath the blast. “This is wrong.” She got up to strike the lioness. “Homing ball!” The ring cut through her middle. “Excellent.” Torah leapt to cut her throat. “You be damned!” The Sphinx gasped and collapsed. “Much impressive.” The tragic prince went for the hunter. “Leave him alone.” Torah breathed. The necromancer was about to fire. “Be with me now!” She pulled the cross. Akmodan tried to turn her into a concubine. The mummy hid his face. He staggered from His symbol. “Homing ball!” She got behind. “Take this!” Torah struck. The corpse burned from inside. The orb saved her life. The castle shook. “Jingle bells.” Alucard had returned. He carried Alicia in his arms. “Father Christmas!” Marcia turned pink.

Ruvas forest, Warakiya. The 18th. of December 2098 A.D. This was not the storm. Marcia beamed. They went through the air. “By the Mother of trees!” The fairy could barely believe this. Father Christmashad offered them a ride. “Good Lord!” Torah screamed. The sledge went above the winterly night-scape. The castle had crumble. The lake side got frozen over. Marcia was so glad.The forest got restored. Alicia was alive. “Please, let them run faster.” The fairy flickered. Alicia didn’t wake up. “Be strong for us.” The tragic prince got worried about her status. “Save her.” Marcia went blue. She got to live. Marcia kept by her shoulder. She mightreadthe aura. The fairy could see the shatter points.“Opposing bloodlines.” The dryad blood was the source of sorcery. The human was strong. The powersbecame mixed together. Marcia went green with concern. She looked on Alucard. He once met the challenge. The tragic prince brought balance to the force. “Leave that alone.” The Christmas pup couldtalk! Marcia got confused. The Reindeers glowed in the moonlight. Nobody seemed to notice. This was too much. If only Torah could speak. Shemight explain. This was human business. “Here we are!” Father Christmas gotto stop. “Merry Christmas!” They reached the ground. The Saint looked upon them. “To heal the sick.” Marcia could help.

The chase had begun again. Alucard still carried his lady. They got to be ready. “Homing ball!” The sorceress cast the spell. “Excellent.” Torah Fernandez had gathered enough ofthe firewood. “This thee have done before.” He had no doubt. The fire was lit to crackle. Alucard admired. His compliment made her to blush. “Thou have become a magician.” That was not important. The tragic prince could stay awake to hear her breathing. “Please.” He called to her. “Awake.” Alucard put the glasses upon her lap. “Alicia Schneider. He pleaded.“Please. Hear my voice.” How strange. “Thee must return.” He had come to care about her. “Then let be Thy will.” Alucard accepted his destiny. The Lord might answer his prayer. Thelady opened her eyes. “Then glory be Thee.” Hethanked the Lord. “Our Father in Heaven.” Alucard felt so grateful.This really was a miracle. She was alive. “The Father is kind.” He should not be surprised. Alucard had experienced the blessedones before. That could wait. The Lord couldbe patience. The tragic prince helped her to slit up. His beloved ladythen pulled the blanket about herself. “Thatreally is you.” The tragic prince acknowledged. The Saint remained within the sledge. “This is incredible.” The young sorceress almost laughed. Alucard could feel her compassion. “Father Christmas!” She leapt into his arms. “I have always believed in you!” She sobbed. Alucard bowed before the giant. “Blessed thee.” He knew she told the truth. “You saved us.” St. Nicholasgave without any thought of reward. “Thank you.” She put a finger upon her lips. He brought them to the forest. “Then I salute thee.” Alucard hailed the Saint. “That is alright.” St. Nickolas laughed. “I forgive you.” Alucard might get a respite. “You deserve this moment.” The lady Belmont struggled to get up. She had figured about his concern. “Here. Take this.” Torah Fernandez then offered a steaming cup. “I never liked tee before.” The child confessed. “It is too English.” She had a sip. “Though this is delicious.” Father Christmas began to laugh. “Of course it is.” The sorceress got interested. “That is Tolkien’s brew.” Alucard frowned. “Charlotte Aulin drank a lot in 1944.” He arched an eyebrow. Alucardmet her descendant. Yoko Belnades was an important ally. They served together at the Eclipse incident of 2035. “Merry Christmas!” Nickolas hit the rains. “Long live the king!” The sledge went into the air. They got left alone. “Tell me the truth.” His lady requested. “What happened in the castle?” The fairy left her branch. She came to flutter before her face. “The hunt is over.” She exclaimed. “The fairy familiar returned.” Torah Fernandez sat before the fire. “She told about the battle.” The child sorceress then smiled. “We severed the curse.” The boyar maintained his position. “The source of the Malice is awake.” There was another riddle. “The group is in danger.” Alucard explained about the matter. “The familiar never lies.” He would not fail their trust. “They got captured beneath the countryside.” Alicia Schneider removed the blanket. “Right.” The hunter would fight. “We got to help them.” The lady declared. “Not in this life time.” Alucard tried to comfort. “They are alone.” He touched her cheek. “We cannot reach them.” That would not be enough. “In the name of Michael the Arch angel!” She brought the sword. “Excellent then.” He admired. The Belmont lady made the sign of the cross. “Homing ball!” The sorceress got to gather her magic. “They found us!” The fairy screamed. “Grizzly wing!” Alucard spread the cape. “I am not blind.” He stated. “I can see.” That much was obvious. “Crimson lightning!” That could wait. “Blast you!” The girl kept her ground before the fire. That was impressive. “Homing ball!” She hit among the black birds. “You leave them alone!” The fairy would help her to fight. That was perfect. Alucard got to protect himself. “Hellfire!” The half blood fired. The skeletons crouched. “They are the elite!” The Belmont heir shouted. That was right. They resisted his strike. “Forsaken arth thee.” He proclaimed. “Come with us.” The dead were not impressed. “ To the demon castle we will take thee.” The leader spoke. “Indeed.” That was rare. “The dead wander were they do nay belong.” That was ancient lore. They were bleak like the curse of Darkness. “Hellfire!” The tragic prince put the matter aside. “Then into Thy hands I commit mine spirit!” Alucard lacked the faith of the Belmont bloodline. The enemies laughed by his efforts. “For Warakiya!” Adrian Fearheight was a true aristocrat. The boyarmade an oath to protect the land beyond the forest. He would uphold that promise. “You slut!” The harpy was the ring leader. “Come. Worship me with your little pink tongue!” She screamed at his lady. “Leave us! Rest in peace!” The women folk got to defend themselves. “For Warakiya!” Alucard stood tall. He repeated the slogan. “Take him.” The trio approached. Their presence might chill to the bone. “Homing ball!” The child got obscured by the ravens. “ Thou have to forget about them.” The voices kept tearingat his mind. “Return to the Shadow.” Alucard blocked with the shield. The trio hit him. They used their bony clubs for weapons. “Traitor.” Their voices were cold and deep. “Thee have forsaken the Dark Lord of the castle.” The tragic prince heard that before. “I know thy evil secret.” He revealed. “Behold the demise.” The sword slid between the ribs. “Return to the castle.” The dead carried the Basraq dragon. “Tell mine father about this encounter.” The crest got encarved upon the skeleton. “Leave us.” The tragic prince got his own power. “Listen to mine. I command thee.” The skeleton fell apart. He almost absorbed the soul on reflex. That was not allowed. This might spoil the chronicle. “The message sent to the Devil.” He recited from the “Sonnet of Dreams”. “The crow witch!” The fairy exclaimed. “Malphas!” The child magician was steaming with magic. “Homing ball!” She made the spell to split in two. That was impressive. “ Come with us.” The skeleton got him. Alucard struck with the shield. “Release me.” The boyar performed the assault. “Get behind.” They fell on the snow. “I hate you!” She killed the harpy. “I am not a lust object.” His lady told.

The tears froze upon the snow. Torah felt so helpless. “You will never become.” She told. “Keep the faith.” Alicia gotto clean her face. She had picked the glasses. “There still is time.” Alucard bent to kiss her on the hand. “This is Ruvas forest.” Torah made a grimace. “Drop it.” The fairy whispered in her ear. “This isnot worth the effort.” Torah sighed. Shewas right. Alicia got to polish her glasses.Shethen folded the blanket so it might fit into the backpack. “The saintalso gave us a map of the countryside.” Hepresented the scroll. Alicia had to look. The hunter would figure. Torah had no doubt. “The Dabi’s path should be on the map.” Marcia flickered between her colours. “I think.” Alucard bowed. “Then of course little lady.” The hunter put the sheet into the bag. “We mustexplore the forest.” She told. Torah got up. “We must reach the oblivion ridge.” She inhaled. Alicia touched the crucifix. “Let us begin.” Alicia picked together. “Blood of the hunter.” Torah remarked. They got to break the camp. The tragic prince beheld the distance. “Then so rest in peace.” Torah knew about the problem. They spoke about the living curse. “Let us hunt.” Alicia unsheathed the sword. “Let it be.” Alucardmade the sign of the cross. They would hunt the night. She would make them proud.

Dabi's path, Warakiya. The 19th. Of December 2098 A.D. This was the moment. Young Malus knelt on the floor. The witch was ready. “Yes, my lord.” Drolta Tsuentez acknowledged his demand. She reached inside her cloak to produce the tubes. The candidate was pleased. He absorbed the power of the marsh. The curse was not enough. That may be. This would grant him control. The apprentice secured the samples for the ritual. “This is the blood of the black and the white witches.” She poured it upon the ground. “Proceed.” They felt the potential. Malus knew this might impress upon the circle of blood.

“Then do my bidding.” He told. The witch bowed. “As you wish.” She had to lit the candles. They shed some light on the stone table. “Good.” Malus spoke. He knew his eyes burned red. “Make the circle.” Everything had transpired according to his desire. “Prepare the blue fire.” The witch would serve his will. “Little mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?” Drolta Tsuentez was beautiful tonight. The candidate knew she was naked beneath the garb. That was of no concern. The witch was not his type. She knew that. Malus reached the spot. “What began in blood.” He opened a wound to stain upon the altar. Malus would heal himself. This was an offering to the Chaos which they served. “Shall end in blood.” He chanted.

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