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Castlevania: Circle of the Moon

Dracula's first form in Circle of the Moon is nothing more than a warm-up for his second, harder form. He can, this time, choose between three separate attacks, and, not shockingly, he'll be teleporting about all the while. The first, more traditional attack is his classic three-way flaming-bat projectile. The second attack, imported from the Dracula X titles, sees the high-and-low release of two large masses--in this case fiery apparitions in the shape of wolf heads--that rev up and blast in Nathan's direction. And, finally, he'll toss out a flurry of yellow flames that for a long period spout in all directions. Nathan's true advantage is that he can damage Dracula by striking his head and the extremities below.


Within a dark realm, you'll battle Dracula's second form--and it's one with which to be reckoned. If that's been said before, it takes on a new meaning here. The demon retains its teleportation, which it will use to effectively appear on Nathan's level for a surprise attack. Nathan's objective is to strike the eye located below its chest (a challenge similar to Legacy of Darkness' Ultimate Dracula battle); the eye remains open only for a limited time after a teleport's completion, after which it will execute one of three attacks: (1) It will project long-reaching lasers and lower them down forty-five degrees, upon impact causing flames to rise up from the ground. (2) Its fang-adorned worm legs will open up and expel poisonous acid clouds. And (3), as its most devastating option, it will summon a long-lasting meteor shower. When damaged sufficiently, it will change color and speed across the battlefield one-four times; it cannot be hurt during this time, and any contact made will cripple Nathan. After a round of these mad dashes, it will reappear in floating-eye form, surrounding by a swarm of bats that protect it as a shield. The pattern of mad dash-floating eye continues until the eye is destroyed.

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