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Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles

Since this is a remake of Dracula X: Chi no Rondo, it should be no shock to you that Dracula is made to mimic the very same attack pattern: Dracula will teleport all about the castle keep throne room and in between release his three-directional fireballs. Added to the mix is his tried-and-true alternate projectile attack: After every fourth teleport, he'll unleash two large pulsating orbs--the first high, the second low--that rev up and blast in your direction. Since Dracula X Chronicles' physics are a bit different, in being 3D-based in design, Rondo veterans may have to change up their strategy a bit.

There are no surprises here, as the Dark Lord will be granted the power to change his shape into the familiar green monstrosity (as colored in the Symphony version of this final battle, for continuity purposes). The attack pattern hasn't changed: Dracula now aimlessly high-jumps about, using his girth to both intimidate and trap heroes in corners should they be foolish enough not to pass beneath him when he's too close to one side of the screen. After every third jump, he'll spit in out three huge balls of flame in three directions albeit not in your general direction; after a number of jumps thereafter, it'll gather itself into a corner and unleash across the way a wide scrolling blast that can only be crouched beneath. His main weakness is that he's a large target, so multi-strike weapons like birds and crosses will take him down quick.

Expecting this, were you? The original game's creators were well aware that Rondo's final battle was classified as "too easy," so they add in yet another hurdle--Dracula in his "true form" fighting out the last of his moments in a fierce way. Now in humanoid-demon form, the six-winged Dracula will blur reality and collapse the backdrop to reveal the veil of chaos. He'll always start this battle by rushing to one side of the screen and summoning a long-lasting storm of poisonous blood that can only be avoided by standing beneath him. The still-teleporting Court has other tricks, like the release of an arching swarm of bats, commanding flame pillars (three in succession) to blast up from the hero's current position, and transforming into a wolf and charging in the hero's direction. When half his energy is gone, he'll fly overhead and release in a concentrated area a collection of large, deadly fireballs plus add in a space-ripping five-part slash, the last shot of which is lethal (also, he'll pick of the rate of his normal attacks and sometimes combine them, adding in a quick uppercut strike to protect against air attacks and a wave of flame that travels along the ground). When desperate, he'll release onto the field a red globule that distracts you while he begins striking in bat-swarm form--in between which relying on his normal attacks. Note that this battle will not occur if you don't defeat Shaft's Ghost by properly saving Annet.

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