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Akumajou Dracula X68000

After finishing a sip from his blood-filled champagne glass, Dracula will teleport in, ready for battle. He'll put to use the usual three-directional fireball attack, but it's not done in a conventional way; instead, the fireballs' flight pattern is dependent on Simon's location at the time of Dracula's cape-opening. If you're in mid-jump, that is, Drac will elevate upward their trajectory. The trick is to stand at a distance and jump to force Dracula to fire them where you soon won't be. Otherwise, you can take the fight to him: You can time a leap and a combined whip stroke so that you strike his head on the leap's descent and thereafter cancel out in one shot the just-released fireballs. After he's been repeatedly damage, Dracula will up the fireball attack to five-directional, but your strategy shouldn't change. In the Chronicles remake (in the "Arranged Mode"), Dracula's sprite design differs, but this does not affect the actual battle entailed.


His second form is the same no matter which version you're playing, and it's very similar to the second form faced in Castlevania. The winged demon jumps very high and with repeated lunges uses its bulk to chase you to either side of the room. With no set intervals, it will after some jumps spit out a number of rebounding fireballs to force a response; if you get too close to the demon, thereafter, it'll send a vicious claw swipe your way. After it's absorbed some damage, it will during its jumps begin dripping from its frame deadly acid, which upon hitting the floor will spread in either direction; this makes it more difficult to work your way beneath the demon during its high jumps. Bring it to its last few energy bars and it'll become desperate: It will now begin spitting out rebounding fireballs in rapid-fire fashion, and you'll somehow have to remain poised in your response if you want to survive what could be a one-shot kill. You've come too far to fall after another of those famed Dracula comebacks.

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