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Vampire Killer

Here we find that Dracula is nothing more than a caped skeleton. He attacks, as you'll notice, similarly to his first form in Castlevania: He teleports in and out, to random locations, stopping each time to release his three-directional fireballs--the origin and blueprint for this specific attack plan. Unlike in Castlevania, you can't jump over the fireballs--you can only duck to avoid contact. You'll have to figure out a way to strike his head before the fireball release; then you'll have to turn, run and duck and do so just in time. When you figure it out and strike enough times his cranky mug, after what's sure to be a long battle, he'll use his remaining power to possess the painting in the background.

When Dracula possesses the picture, the dot on its forehead begins to glow; the dot is its only weak spot. You'll have to jump upward using the platforms on either side of the room and dive off to get a clear shot. But it's not that easy--our boy Drac spits out vampire bats in streaming swarms, each swooping up and around, in the direction of whatever side of the room you're on. There's only a slight rest in between swarm-spewing; you'll have to move very quickly to reach a top platform as the bats give chase. If you have the dagger equipped as your main weapon, you can duck on one of the middle platforms and within precision chuck them one after another toward the weak spot while absorbing the blows from the bats.

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