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Castlevania: The Adventure

Here Dracula employs a very predictable strategy: He continues to teleport around the room to any of four locations--four platforms aligned in a diamond shape--and during each stop fires away; the six-round attack alternates between two four-directional projectile-tossing schemes--one at 45 degrees ("X") and the other at 90 ("+"). Your offense, in turn, is all about positioning yourself on the correct platforms and in some cases hoping for the best; primarily, you'll want to avoid being knocked into the two spike pits placed on either side of the room. If you manage to overcome the odds, Dracula will conjure up another ridiculous challenge.


Dracula chooses a more recognizable form--a giant vampire bat that flies back and forth atop the screen. The bat will halt after every third trek across the screen and release from its care a trio of smaller bats, a group that will flutter about and greatly distract the hero as they fly in from unwhippable angles. Only by quickly jumping back and forth, from one side of the room to the other, will you find an opening. To defeat the giant vampire bat requires many direct hits, and you'll probably be low on energy and whip power. What should you do? Well, try to always stay in motion, which will increase your odds for victory. Yeah, right.

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