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Castlevania: Dracula X

Dracula is the same Dark Lord you've come to know and love, but this battle is a bit different: You'll be holding court on the very tip-tops of pillars--some high, others lower--sandwiched between each considerable gaps. Dracula will surely take advantage of this obvious danger. At your arrival, he'll begin teleporting about from pillar to pillar, stopping to release three-directional fireballs. Though, like his Rondo skin, he'll mix things up and at other times unleash two large pulsating orbs--the first high, the second low--that rev up and blast in your direction. If you can find a good comfort zone, preferably on the low pillars, you can from there memorize his tendencies and strike when ready. But be careful--one wrong move and it's all over.

It looks like a different animal, but this second form very much mimics Dracula's second form from Rondo. It will showcase its high-jumping ability by lunging toward the hero, from pillar to pillar. There's not much you can do prevent being cornered, considering the lack of--oh, I don't know--a floor, so you should avoid finishing off Drac's first form if it's positioned on a center pillar. After each pillar-hop, the demon will spit in your direction two huge balls of flame; after every third jump, it'll unleash across the way a wide devastating scroll-blast, which you can dodge easily by crouching on a low pillar. If you have long-range sub-weapons, use them; if not, you'll have no choice but to take the fight to the highest pillars, retreating when necessary.

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