Here you will find every single boss found throughout the 20-plus titles of the Castlevania series. Enjoy this overview of Dracula's monsters, demons, and underlings in three ways: (1) You can view the Main Boss List, which gives a broad overview of enemy types and basic information. (2) Recurrence, where you can view the forms that repeat bosses have taken in the respective titles in which they've appeared. And (3) Game-by-Game, which includes lists where you can view all of the bosses from the individual games. Each subsection has its own surprises to differentiate it from its cousins, so be sure to enjoy each on its own. Additionally, you can track back and expressly direct yourself to any given boss by clicking on a boss-name link on any of the "Stage" pages.


Here begins a long journey whose length chronicles the hundreds of boss creatures found throughout this enduring series. The large listing analyzes the appearances and basic tactics of boss creatures--more so for one-time bosses, whose profiles are more detailed; recurring bosses are discussed in general terms, their evolutions covered in the subsection directly below.

Some bosses are unique to the game in which they appear, but others have appeared time and time again. As does the structure of the castle, these enemies change in look as well as power. Click here to see the forms that recurring enemies have taken throughout the series.

For boss lists exclusive to each game, please visit this page. Here, the respective games' evils are lumped together on single pages for easy viewing.