Welcome to the marble confines of this castle--a long way to travel to fill your insatiable urge for the sights and sounds of Castlevania and its collective universe. Below you will find several categories of multimedia to browse through, and each category has several options for you to explore. You can find music, artwork, essays, more in the way of sprites (animated GIFs, sprite sheets, custom sprites, etc.), and a myriad of other goodies. While this page will be predominantly reserved for the series' fans, it will not be bereft of my own personal additions.

This page is dedicated to you, the fans of the Castlevania series. Have you created any songs or images that were inspired by the many games? Are you a Castlevania master? Have you collected any memorabilia that you'd like to scan and send in? Do you have a gripe about the series that you'd like to put in the form of an essay? Are you a sprite-ripper or an animator in need of a platform? Or maybe you just want to write your own reader review about a game or even a related movie? If any of the categories below interest you, send along any work you may have. Contact me at the following e-mail address: MrPerfectn@aol.com.

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