Welcome to my Castlevania "Minor Enemy" Library, coined "Lesser Enemies." It's here you'll find information about the hundreds of creatures encountered throughout the Castlevania series. This section is split into two categories: The main list, which is a ten-page overview of minor-enemy types, "and "The Series Unique," an index from which you can select the individual games and view their exclusive minor-enemy lists.

Main Listing

The listing is split into ten different sub-categories: Skeletons; Knights and Armors; Zombies; Ghosts; Demons; Were-Beasts and Animals; Outcasts; Plant Life; Mythological; and Insects and Fungus. Point to a "Page" image for a glimpse into the page's content.

Skeletons: Regular and Armed     Skeletons: Animals and Special     Knights and Armors     Knights and Armors: Guardians

Zombies     Ghosts     Demons     Were-beasts and Animals

Outcasts - Plant Life     Mythological - Insects and Fungus


To check out the enemy lists as exclusive to each game, click the link above. This subsection showcases the enemies exactly as they appear in each respective game.