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Castlevania Legends

Chronologically, this is Dracula's first real battle against a battle Belmont warrior. Still, from your perspective, it's a typical "Game Boy" Dracula form--if anything, more the middle ground between his console and handheld skins. Dracula will teleport all around the room, appearing on any of its six platforms, in a fairly obvious pattern. He will between each teleport open up his cape and release a larger-than-expected three-direction fireball attack. All in all, it's a standard Dracula form that does little to prepare you for the real battle.

That battle would be against this inexplicable demon, a large devilish bat creature that has trapped within its gigantic frame the many tortured souls it governs. While the frame remains stationary, the horned cranium will continue to teleport around to random locations. Each time the head appears in a new location, it will fire in all directions an eight-directional projectile spreadshot that will at any position leave very little in the way of open space. While you maneuver yourself around in defensive posture or in preparation for its reappearance, you'll want to keep in mind the two bottomless pits carved into the chamber's floor. With all of the surrounding madness, you'll have to find a way to score many direct headshots. A little soul power may very well help your cause.

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