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Castlevania: The Arcade

Dracula rises from his throne offering mock congratulations to the hero. The hovering Count will start the proceedings by unleashing two helpings of fireballs before charging forward to deal a striking combination, which will score many hits if not properly defended. His attack thwarted, Dracula will teleport away and attempt to reappear suddenly for am equally devastating surprise attack. In following, Dracula will rapidly circle the hero and release a series of fireballs toward the dizzy hero. Next, Drac will fly high above the battlefield and summon armored minor enemies, whose very presence will distract from the real target, who will be firing down toward the prone hero larger, more-explosive fireballs. The Dark Lord will repeat this pattern until his energy is halved, at which point channel his remaining strength and transform.

The enraged Dracula transforms into a horrifying flaming man-bat. Nevertheless, he'll continue to quickly teleport and reappear with surprising combos and painful charge attacks. He'll soon premier a new trick: The ability to transform into a bat swarm and a wolf, the latter of which will rush its way across the battlefield and attempt to bite the unprepared hero; it'll then shift to bat-swarm form and fly about, snipping away with its own charge-combo assault. When again whole, Dracula will generate a monstrous ball of tortured energy and fire it toward the hero, whom it can destroy in one hit if it connects; less troubling but still deadly, he'll quickly teleport to a new location and release a flurry of fireballs. In his death throes, he'll attempt to overpower you with those same large energy balls, but it's all for show--the Count is finished.

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