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Super Castlevania IV

Dracula's two forms aren't really all that different. He'll start out, as usual, with his basic teleporting scheme; after each stop, he'll release a single fireball that breaks into three either upon whip impact or by the proximity of Simon attempting to jump over it. When about 60% of his energy meter has been cleared, he'll three times in a row after teleports release tiny little projectiles that speed about the room in random patterns; if struck, the projectile will break open and disseminate, resulting in a spreadshot. Though, for Drac, there's an unwanted side effect: At spreadshot's end, a nourishing chicken leg is revealed. When his energy is really depleted, Dracula will use the old trick of commanding two flame pillars to rise up random locations; the fiery tips of each pillar will spawn two flaming entities, which like vultures will chase you around the room and distract from the real target. A few more shots and ol' Drac will get serious.

Dracula, looking more like you'll remember him from Simon's Quest and Vampire Killer, will continue right where he left off, with none in the way of his own energy replenishment. He'll continue to teleport about, yes, but he'll begin to showcase one of his most deadly tricks: He'll command that four bolts of lightning, placed vertically parallel, strike down from the throne room's ceiling. Little space will be left in between the individual lightning bolts, and mere contact with a blast will surely be devastating to your health. A quick comeback by the Dark Lord is very likely. Though, if your concentration and placement are sound, you should be able to calmly dodge the blasts and continue to score direct hits to the Count's bony dome.

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