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Haunted Castle

Dracula attacks a bit differently here than he does in the other, Castlevania-titled games you're likely to have played. The Count will hover on one side of the room and then suddenly throw in your direction two long daggers. If you don't figure out how to dodge the daggers quickly enough to get in a shot of your own offense, he'll turn into a swarm of bats and fly to the middle or to the opposite side of the room. He's invulnerable to all attacks while in this bat form. He'll keep doing this until you've damaged him enough, and thereafter he'll then wisp away and come back in the form below.

Yep--he's a giant head. Though, he's very reminiscent of his second form in Vampire Killer in that all he seems to do is spit out swarm after swarm of vampire bats that swoop toward the overwhelmed hero. That's about it. Of course, energy in Haunted Castle is scarce, so this is about all he needs to do. If you can manage to whip fast enough, or quickly utilize a sub-weapon, and strike his huge melon enough times before the bats eventually kill you, you will have just beaten the toughest game in the series (and perhaps any series).

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