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Castlevania 64

This battle will be fought atop an unsteady castle tower, from where Dracula will primarily use his classic teleportation to confuse the heroes. That is, he'll teleport to any of its four corners while occasionally popping up somewhere in the center, which will keep them running about like madmen (or madwomen). His teleports can be traced, somewhat, by following the progress of the bouncing electrical current; though, the current will sometimes split into four and scatter as to not fully telegraph the Count's next location, which forces the heroes to commit to a direction. He has two attacks to boot: He'll release with homing power three flaming-bat projectiles, or he'll cause explosions that spread outward, all around, as green sonic rings. Late into the battle, he'll begin igniting in flames the entire area, to cause the usual devastation and therein limit the heroes' movements. Still, you haven't seen anything yet.

Dracula uses his remaining power (a) to transform into Drago, a powerful dragon-sized creature, and (b) to transport both parties to a endless desert realm where the next battle will begin. The entire ordeal can be summed up in two words: Mass chaos. Drago has two basic attacks: It'll spit toward the ground fireballs, which will explode and cause small sandstorms, or it will lean forward and breathe heavy steam all around. To keep the heroes at a distance, it will in sensing their proximity sift its claws through the sand, causing it to violently spill over; otherwise, it will attack from underneath the sand with what will appear to be randomly placed nuclear explosions. If you get too close to Drago, it will gather itself, channel dark energy, and with explosive force knock the heroes far back. If the heroes remain too far away, Drago will command two skeledragon-type creatures to further clutter the immediate area while chasing them down. If you don't fight intelligently and with great patience, you'll be in for a hasty defeat.

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