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Castlevania: Bloodlines

Not that it's to him a priority, but Dracula's first form is rather weak (neither his second or third forms strays far from this early challenge). The real test, thanks to the nature of Bloodlines and its multiple-boss onslaughts, is making it to this point with enough energy to spare--five boss battles beforehand have surely worn on you. He has three separate means of offense: (1) He attacks, as always, with the classic three-directional fireball. (2) He'll command forth two heat-seeking flame blasts. And (3) he'll release in a fixed direction a strange spinning lightning bolt. After about five or six hits are scored, he'll try something different.

Dracula's new form isn't all that different from those taken by his best pal, the Grim Reaper. To start the second battle, it'll show you its wares by quickly darting to and fro about the room, dodging your whip strokes with relative ease; it's clear, too, that it wants to goad you into making foolish movements and therein strike for repeated contact and a quick kill. It'll first attack by unleashing two medium-sized fireballs that will quickly circle the room in opposite directions. While you prepare to avoid the fireballs, Drac will atop the room fly to mid-screen, split into four equal parts, and from each position fire down parallel bolts of lightning (as he did in Super Castlevania IV). During this time, only the real Dracula can be struck. And when that's been done enough times, it'll force the Count to bring out the next incarnation.

Special note: In Vampire Killer, the Japanese version of Bloodlines, Dracula's "second form" is instead identified as the amateur witch Drolta Tzuentes. You can read more about that on her Dracula's Allies page.


This is for Bloodlines a very large adversary, so trying to avoid direct contact will at all times be your top priority. It will initially attack by tossing onto the ground a set of four exploding scythes that cause flames to rise up from their point of impact; there are clear safe spots in between that can be effectively utilized. When it's been damaged, it will change color and begin firing long arcing flame blasts (similar to those fired by Hot Dogs in Mega Man 2). When low on fuel, it will once again change color and really begin putting its size to use; that is, it will constantly jump from left to right and vice versa and attempt to overwhelm. After each successful whip-strike, it will release all around a scattering array of dislodged bones; this must be considered as you attempt to move beneath the demon. Since it's now low on energy, it'll only take a bit more offensive punch to put this baby away.

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