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Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow

While Dracula doesn't make a physical appearance in Aria of Sorrow, his power's leaking essence does. Since the leaking powers seek a host, and Soma Cruz is deemed to have powers that mimic the Dark Lord's, it's he who becomes a target of the chaos' aggression. It intends to create of out of the young man a true Dracula successor, and it will do this by sapping away his collected souls and using them as means for the transition. The leaking energy manifests into a portal featuring three winged statues, each designated the task of caring for a category of soul; as the portal continues to rotate, Soma's job is to destroy the soul-carrying statues, which have individual powers: The one blue-carrying transforms into a stone-bat creature and quickly lunges toward Soma before returning to its original position. The one red-carrying accurately fires in Soma's direction three diamond-shaped projectiles. And the one orange-carrying targets Soma with a reticule that drains his magic power.

Now that the portal is destroyed, the source's true form is revealed. Soma's next job is theoretically simple: He'll have to destroy the glowing orb in the center of the screen. However, he'll find that he can cause only minimal damage; to change this, he'll have to weaken the source by destroying any of the four eyes on its sides. When Soma destroys a single eye, the orb will weaken a bit, and he'll be able to upon striking it inflict more damage. Aiming to prevent the orb's destruction is a strange floating skeledragon that flies by periodically; it unexpectedly flies in from any direction. Not to be content, the orb has two attacks of its own: (1) It'll surround with spikes and then fire them one after another successively counterclockwise. Or (2) it will expel small green magnetic blobs that will slowly stalk Soma during the ensuing chaos; if struck without being destroyed, the blobs will simply repel and then continue forward their respective treks.

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