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Dracula X: Rondo of Blood

Though Dracula's look is cosmetically different from the one seen in Castlevania: Dracula X, he's the very same fighter. You know the drill: Dracula will teleport all about the castle keep throne room and in between release his three-directional fireballs. Though, he's added to the mix a new projectile attack: After every fourth teleport, he'll unleash two large pulsating orbs--the first high, the second low--that rev up and blast in your direction. You shouldn't have too much trouble telegraphing either attack and forcing the Dracula to adopt a more interesting form.

Though more fearsome-looking, his second form is hardly the threat it appears to be. If anything, it spends most of its time aimlessly jumping about. But don't be fooled--if not in timely fashion dealt with, it can corner you on either side of the room and score some crushing blows. After every third jump, he'll spit in out three huge balls of flame in three directions albeit not in your general direction. After a number of jumps thereafter, it'll gather itself into a corner and unleash across the way a wide scrolling blast that can only be crouched beneath (if you don't want your energy to go bye-bye). The only true danger is direct contact when you try to run beneath the demon, but, even then, you should be more than equipped to quickly finish this thing off, especially if you have a boomerang in hand.

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